Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1848 Page 3
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\ and unexceptionable management can earn a reputation, theirs is indeed a high one. There ia a fine field (or the poet and painter here. Some able pen or pencil might find a rich mine in Aharon? " A gentle hill, Green, and of mild dsollvity ; the last As 'twere, the cape of a long ridge of eueh, Save that there were no sea to lave its have, But a most living landscape, and the wave Of woods, and cornflelds." * * * Jessamine. KeypOET, Sepi. 1, 1848. Urn>ul Annwal Ball?Summer Visiters?The Ladies' Flair?Fair Ixidics'?Progress of Piety? Peaches, Sfc. One of the most fashionable and rtcherchi balls of the season caine off, at Keyport, on Friday evening last, in a manner which reflected a world of credit upon all jmrties concerned, more particularly upon the worthy host of the Chingarora House, who was unremitting in his exertions to make everybody comfortable. Lothiun's cele. brated band was engaged for the occasion. The weather was very fine, the ladies very fair and full of fun, und, in tact, a score of circumstances seemed to combine in order that the affair should pass off in a becoming manner. About one hundred ladies were present, and many of them very pretty, and more particularly among the Monmouth girls, many of them very fat. The belle of the room, or, more classically, 'the "presiding beauty"of the room, was admitted to be Miss A********, from New York, who was very tastefully costumed, and floated through the mazy dance as gracefully as if borne on the wings of Zephyr. Miss \V. E. T.,from Virginia, was, also, a perfect impersonation of Hebe, and danced in a munner which would have conferred honor upon the veritable Terpsichore herself, among those who danced well, looked well, and no doubt felt well, were Miss E. S., of Canada, MisB M. T., Mrs. M., Misses II., Mrs. C. and sister, and lastly, the Monmouth " Medicts." The gents numbered in all about eighty.? Among them were to be seen Lieut. C. E. D , 1J. S. N. ; Dr. S.. New York : B. K. S. and K. C.. besides a host of otherp, who are justly entitled stars in the hemisphere of fashion. An appropriate supper was prepared on the occasion, atter which several baskets of champagne were broken into, and a variety of patriotic toasts given, as well as a sentiment now and then more especially adapted to the ladies. Through the kindness of Mr. Thompson, of the Pavilion, and Oapt. Arrowsmith, a variety of valuable banners and Hags were procured, which gave the room an appearance quite a la militaire.. Keyport has been visited by more summer visiters this season than ever before, owing ts its increasing popularity as the most nealthy and agreet able watering place adjacent to New York. While some of the summer boarders have been improving the health of their bodies, a number of the Monmouth brethren have been endeavoring to lmnrnvp flip otnfp nf fhptr cnn 1 a 1}rnflior Pnlun/l of the M. ?. Church, has been laboring for some three weeks past, during which time lie brought many over to the true faith. The ladies of Monmouth, quite recently, held a fair, the proceeds of which were devoted to the erection of a new church, which is to hold more than two ordinary Keyport churches, and the devil is to be chased beyond the confines of Monmouth county, at all hazards. This being the first day of fall, the remaining boarders begin to think about home, and the season of fun and fashion, in this place, must soon close. Another ball is to come off, however, previous to the general wind up, which will be duly reported for the Herald. Omicron. News from Halifax.?By the steamer Buena Vista, at Boston, Halifax papers to the 29th have been received. From the Courier of the 29th, we learn that a disgraceful occurrence took place in that city. The facts are briefly these. A foul murder has been committed in a house of ill fame, situated on " the Hill," (a disreputable part of the city,) which so excited the indignation of the citizens, the soldiers, and the sailors, that they took the law in their own hands, and proceeded to destroy the premises. The torch of the incendiary waB.applied, and when the engine ascended the acclivity the members were met with groans and lusseB from a crowd of six or seven thousand persons, who effectually prevented them from making any exertions to arrest the progress of the flames, by cutting the hose, tcc. A shed in the rear was also partiafly destroyed. The Courier reproves the city authorities for suffering these dens of infamy to exist so long, and calls upon them to clear them out, as the only way to prevent similar outrages. The Beat Dining; Saloon._Tlic best of nU the If it Breakfait and Dining Saloons in Now Vork, it Mercers', 1U7 Nassau, cor. of Ann, a low (loon from the Mntcum. N. B. Call and tea. E. J. MERCER, Proprietor. Irish and Scotch Malt Wniskcy, ati|>crlor to anything in msrket, and the only pure Malt Whiskey in America, for aale, at twelve shillings for now Whitley; thirteen fur old, 25 per cent ovtr ptoof, by WII.LJAM M. PA RKS, Distiller, Office <2 Stone street. H6 Seventh avenue. Dr. Powell, Oculist, Aurlst, die., attend* to diseaiet of the eye nnd car dailv, at 2*11 Broadway, corner of Wsr?en st. The second edition of f)r. I'ou cl 'a "Treatise on tho Eye," adapted to the general reader, can be had as above, price SO cants. Also bis telf-aoti~g eye fountains tor strengthening the eyes. Arti* ficial eyes inserted Diamond Pointed Gold Pen* sold by B. E, Watson fc Co., IS Wall street, wnoleaal* nnd retail, nt reduced prices. Oold Pens and Gold and 8 Ive^C'.tsrs in every variety.? The celebrated "Riohelleu" Pen sold exoFvuivoly at abovs. The points warranted five years. Gold Pent repaired. Baby Jumpers.?" A fond motltei-'a first thought is the happiness of her child." She can place it In the Baby Jumper, out of all risk and danger, and attend to her ordinary occupation; Hie little charmer itself will be happy. No article sells more readily, both in the city and country, than the Baby Jumper, and its popularity is well deserved. Country merchants are invited to cull nt tht ventral depot, GEO. W. TUTTLE, Patentee, .ill Broadway, N. Y. The Finest tiunllty of Moleskin Hats, at Tour Dollars.?The subscriber, having go perfected his mannfacturicg proceisea as to cnnMe him to otter his Hats at a rate lower than a simiiar style of goods were ever before offered in this city, takes pleasure in tisnuneing that lie sells his Fall Style of Gentlemen'! Silk Moleskin lists, whiuh ace unsurpassed for elegance of finish and lieauty of form, at the low price of S4, which ti 20 per cent, lcsa than similar hats have heretofore lieoa Sold by other houtea in this city. J. W. GIN IN, 211 Broadway, COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKY NARKKT. Sunday, Sept. <1 <1 P. SI. There has been considerable excitement in commer cial circles during the past week, particularly since the arrival of the steumthip Niagara. The accounts she brings relative to the harvest of Great Britain are con aidered favorable for an extensive demand for oui bread stuffs, and an important improvement in prices but speculators, both holders of tiour and grain and purchasers, appear disposed to wait further ad. vices before parting with their supplies, or purchasing to any extent. There are a great many orders in thl1 market,while many received by the Niagara have beei fulfilled in other cities by telegraph. Our telegraphic despatch frem London by the Niagara, up to the latest moment, stated that at that time It was raining hard which induces us to believe that accounts by the steam er of the 20th of August, relative to the crops, will be more favorable for our interests than the last. In thl market there has appeared for the past few days mor disposition to purchase than to make sales, showing at anxiety en the part of those holding orders, to fli them, if possible, before the arrival of anothei steamer. In the event of later accounts being mor unfavorable as regards the harvests, there will be ai aotivlty In our corn markets greater than we have ex pcrlcnoed for more than twelve month*. The receipt of produce from the interior will increaie with th greatest rapidity, and the defloienry in the toll* 01 our public work* will soon be made good. All thl* I much to be desired; but it is by no mean* deslrabl that (peculation In breadstuff* should be pushed t such an extreme a* that of last year and the year pre vioui; for the reaotlon which followed that immea* Inflation In prioes, was attended with consequenoo more disastrous *v a arge portion of the commer . ctal community, than favorable results to an; portion. A moderate speculation, and a moderate ex panslon of prioes, will, as a general thing,do fa* vast dea of good,as it will relieve theprodnoers of a part of thai surplus productions, and preserve a. healthy state o things; while, on the other hand, an excessive speon lattve movement in breadstuff*, and a corresponding inflation in prices, have a tendency to depress prica for all our other staples, and materially restriot the! consumption. This has been oUarly illustrated wlthli the past two years, in the enormous depreciation ii the market value of ootton, and its limited consumplinn. Thu wnmont nf i- i- - foreign demand for our breadstuff*, to an extent suffl dent to advance prices to a remunerative point, with out unfavorably affecting price* for cotton. When tk< peculation in breadstuff* commenced,in 1846.prtrea to cotton ruled high, and the consumption was much ex tended, and there was a wide margin for a contraction The deficient harvest* the first year had not much in fluence upon movements of this staple; but the secom was suflloient to check all over consumption, and re dace prices very rapidly. Breadstuff* continued ti advance, until they almost reached famine points; am cotton as rapidly declined, until prices wsnt beloi producing points, when tho corn bubble burst, am prices for breadstuff* became as much depredated ai any other of our staples. A speculative movement, ti a aodersts extent, la brtaddufl* this year, we?14 no be attended with similar results, so far as our other ex- s porting products are oonesrnad, and perhaps not with 6 similar results in regard to Individual credits. We 8 itand now upon a different foundation. The commer- ? cial world has been pretty thoroughly purged of thoee 0 rotten concerns which have, for so many years, man a- c gedtokeep their heads above water. The oonsump- c tion of every thing, either as a luxury or neces sary of life, bas become reduced to the smallest amount, and prices stand upon a healthier and more substantial basis than bas been known for years. The value of everything has become reduoed to the lowest point, and there is hardly a probability of prices becoming more depressed; and it is. therefore, with considerable satisfaction that we see a strong probability of our breadstuffs being in extensive demaud to supply the actual wants for consumption in Kurope. The manufacturers of Kurope force their fabrics upon our markets, in whatever quantities they deem proper, and it is no more then a fair return that the ; j people of Kurope should be compelled to take our breadstuff*. Nothing bu' a deficiency in their har- j vests will do this, and we are in a fair way of realizing , ^ the benefits of such an outlet. If we can turn tbe | If tables upon them to a moderate extent, it will enable 1 us to restore the balance of trade to its natural posi- ! tion, and to bring back some of the speoie that has II been drawn from us in payment for the excessive 1m. ! w portation of foreign manufactures. We do not desire ! to 6ee a very great speculative movement, but a de- P mand that will be steady throughout the season, and shipments sufficient to meet that demand, without 1' causing such fluctuations in prices as will prove disastrous to any class of speculators. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for T certain stocks in this market, for each day of the past T week, and at the close of the week previous. With one 1 exception?tbe Norwich and Worcester?prices have been very uniform, most of the stocks not having vu ried cne per cent in tbat time Quotation* for the rnutcirAi. Stock* h* the New si York Market. a Sat. Mon. Tun. Wed. The. Fri Sat. w Treasury Noto?6**....lU3V ? 103 V 103V 103'. llBM 103M ? New Votk Ssateti's... .100 - - - - - _ n Ohio 6'8. ? Wit 9H% fJli ? 9UV ? c Kentucky ffa - ? <17 ? 9ffi ? - - c Pennsylvania 6'a 73^ 73J. 73% 73% ? ? ? W Indiana State *5'*..'*,*. 64 * _ ? 64 ? ? ? ? Reading RK Bonda... 55V 55V ? MX ? ? ? tteai nc M tcage Bonda 62 V 62% G2X 62% ? ? ? Reading Railroad 33V 33% 33 32 31V 31V 32V Norwich k Woroe*ter.. 33V 34 35V 3637>. 39V *>V w Erie Railroad, new,,. 63V ? BOM ? 66 65 530 S Harlem Railroad. 63V 68V 63V 53?,' 63% 63% 63V 1, Long Inland 26V 26V 26% 26% 2626% 27 Mohawk. ? ? ? ? ? ? 72% Farmer** Loan 28V 281, 28V 28 27V 28 28 V Canton Company 34 34?? 34V 3SV 33% 33% X> u Morri* Canal 9% - - 9% - 8% 9% g North American Trait. '.<% ? ? ? ? ? ? y A comparison of prices current at the close of the h market yesterday with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits a decline In Treasury Notes of ( V per cent; Reading HR., V; Erie RR., new, full, V; ' Farmers' Loan, V; and an improvement in Norwich and rrwittatcr ttj j/cr tciu, uaiitm, ;0, uuujj iomuu,;4j | o Canton 1. The value of merchandise imported into this distriot, excepting that sent to the warehouse, and the j * amount of duties on the same, during the week ending a September 1st, in each ef the past three years, was as | * annexed:? . c Value or Merchandise Imported into the Port or New i j York. J li'crfc ending Sept. 1st 1846. 1847. 1848. Free goods $81,411 15.578 2i347 I Dutiable goods 1,560.644 2,506,755 3, 121,306 j v Total Merchandise $1,642,055 2,522,385 3,14.3,7 ft j ? Specie ? ? 14,323 i p Cash received 441,580 543,342 806,785 The imports for! the week this year exceed those j of last year $621,413, and $1,501,088 those for the | jj week in 184T. t The amount of money to the credit of the Treasury I t Department, with the assistant treasurers and dcposl- | ^ teries, according to returns received to Monday, the ; y 28th of August, was $4,855,850429, of which $2.344,- { p 606 18 had been drawn for but not paid, leaving subjeot 0 to draft $2,011,264 11. Of the deposits. $1,493,000 89 * I vpfa in thft niih-trftaoiifvr r?f itile iLoin kaa no i i in New Orleans. r Since the arrival of the Niagara, large sales of bread- t stuffs have been made for export, and the quantity of j t flour and grain offering for shipment has been so large I * that an advance in freight has been realised. En- , gsgements have been made for the shipmont of about t 100,000 bushels of Indian corn; and we have no doubt < hut that double that quantity will be, afloat this week on its way from this port to England and Ireland. An advance of one or two shillings has already | < been submitted to on flour, and three to j six cents on corn. The market is so unsettled 1 that cperators are undecided how to act Ship ' owners are closely watching the corn markets, and any , advance in prices for breadstuffs is immediately followed , by an advance in freights. There has been, during [ J the past week, more activity in cotton, in the way o; I J shipments, particularly to Havre. Altogether, our export trade is rapidly inproving. and the returns for J this month will, we trust, be more satisfactory than ( those for August, which we annex : t Commjbcr or the Pout or New Yon??Exports in ' avai'tt, 1m8. (loode s I'nlue of not en- linotit America tUCilto entUl'd i produce, deben- to debenture. lure. Tot ul. Great Britain 1,221,MS 7,907 1",869 1.240,394 Mexico .11,820 3,984 25,778 61,.582 t British N. Am. Colonics.. . 159,888 2 976 2,398 165,252 , * Ol.r-M -IA.-VV . St. Domingo 5,94* ? ? jyii* S|?in 18,672 ? ? 18,?72 BnenosAyres 13,899 ? 2*6 14,1*5 K?st Indies 27,237 2,*02 30,'iOI British West Indies 101 704 2,134 012 104,750 West Coast 8. America 151,004 1,478 14,217 106,7*:' France 28,411 16,459 7,462 .12,.127 Bras its !t3,996 6.5.11 6,4*0 107,010 Bursia 24,7*7 3.012 ? 27,*29 ! Spanish West Indies 70,*77 4.407 3 593 *7,877 Ilansc Towns 13,431 ? 5,071 18,502; Dutch West Indies 19,.105 IS* 73 19,631 i Africa 11,UW) 141 ? 11,141 Norway, Denmark, he 59,111 237 911 60,259 1 Danish West Indies........ 17.984 378 ? 18,382 1 Forts in Mediterranean 7,896 13,0*1 1,4*1 21,95* j Belgium 31,953 15.096 16,459 69,50* Spanish Main 9,162 ? ? 9,162 i 2,172,445 79,865 101,83d 2,360,146 : 8 peels 331,001 ; Total $2,091,177 ; More than one-half the value of merchandise exported, was shipped to Great Britain, nearly the whole of which was domestic preduee. The rest of the exports ' i have been much distributed; the amount shipped to j i any country not reaching two hundred thousand dollars. Our export trade with Franoe, continues as yet f very limited. CIT* Tlt.VDK RKFOUT1 Saturday, September 2?6 P. M. > The advance noticed in flour, yesterday, was main> tained to-day, and fair sales were made. The lots dist posed of were chiefly confined to parcels of this State, i < common uenesee.uewego,ac..witnunio, at tun prices. i The demand for wheat continued good, and sates of I Genesee and Southern were made on terms stated be- I low. Corn continued Arm. and sales were pretty free- i ly made, both for immediate dellrery and to arrive, at s steady prices. Sales of meal were made, including . i both New Jersey and Brandywine. at better prices . than those current before the news. Rye was also j firmer Sales of rye flour were made without material r r change in rates. Oats remained about the same. . s Tork wm in some better demand with more doing. 1 , I,ard continued firm Transactions in groceries were , J moderate, without material change in prices. Per the ( state of the cotton market, we refer to the article ; v under the proper head. Freights experienced a further improvement, and better terms were obtained for corn both to Ireland and Liverpool. , ThcCosl Trade or 1??S. (From the rottertlle Journal, Sept. 2 ] The quantity sent by railroad this week, is 25,078 W ; ' 0 by canal 12,MO 12-for the week, 39,018 18. Total by { i . railroad, 862.874 15 ; do. by canal, 273,054 10 . The falling off in this week's shipments is over 3,000 f tons. This 1s right. The trade is in an embarrassed i ' ' and truly wretohed condition Coal is now offered and sold on board lower than it was before the advance | . took place on the railroad at the beginning of this j ] UUUU1 , BHU UVhWIbUBMIllUllU lllfl IOW r|lf|, vnere U 1 [ no demand, and ooal la rapidly and fearfully aeeumu- | ' latlng at the wharves The cotton factories, and par- ; j tlaularly the print works on and near the sea board. , are all stopping, those that are in operation only run 1 ' about half the usual time and maohinery. The iron works, except those rery favorably located, and those < . whloh were fortunate enough to secure contracts at ] prices which rule much higher than the present rates. ; " must all stop ere long They cannot compete with the t r foreign manufactures at the rates at which they are at ! present thrown into our markets. To show the rapid increase in the importation of this species of manu- , 1 faotures, we extract the following ttom the offleial reports of the Treasury department at Washington ? ? t SxATSMisr or thi: Imports or Iron at tiie Tort or i ij New 1 o*i oi*i,? , ? or the roi.i.ewisii utsi, rsor ] Jam art 1st ?o Jurr 30th 1816. 1847 1848 j ' i Bar Iron, tons 6 090 11,230 13,000 | . rig do 7 700 IP .lOO 23,060 I t Sheet and hoop bundles 20 428 67,000 76.632 j The well informed dpalers Incline to the opinion that i ' the market will not requite more, if as much as was ] mined last year. Thus far. we have increased about < 160,000 tons from all the regions. It is also admitted ( that nearly every ton of real now sent to market from J Schuylkill county, is sold at a loss varying from 10 to 20 J > cents. To continue will be utter ruin to nearly all I engaged in the trade, as no improvement In prices can t take place so long as the market Is thus overstocked. I ' r We are well aware of the embarrassment and difll- J 1 rultlcs it would occasion our operators, and the hardI ships It would Inflict upon the operatives; bnt there seems to be bnt one opinion among both miners and * purchasers of coat, and that is, that a general stoppers t of two or thpsf Wtski Ja the only alternates-the only alvation loft to the trad*, and the largo mass of those ngaged la it. It is a sad alternative We learn that six or seven oollerles hive recently i topped, among which are several of the most extenive ettabllshmentn In this region, and that several >thers have partially stopped. Out, to be effective, the uspension must be as general as possible. The Inreaae in the supply must be reduced before any inrease In the price can possibly take place. The railroad company adhere to their published ates of toll and transportation, and have charged the 0 cents advance since the first of August notwithtandtng the rumors to the contrary. Mr Tucker, he president of the company, admits that it was unortunate, under present circumstances, that the ad- ! ance was published to take place ; but in justice to hose who were induoed to lay in their stock early, nd to maintain good faith with the public, they are >ound tojadhere to the published rates. The Navigation Company give, as an excuse for not dvafcing. the depressed state of the trade ; aud also, hat the change they have made in demanding cash ' or tolls, in lieu of the usual credit. Is almost equiva-Dt to the proposed 15 cents advauce, iu the present i tate of the money market. The price of coal on board, at Richmond, for white Lsh l ump, Broken. Kgg, and Stove, is $3 37){. Red i ish from $3 56 to fa 7o, according to quality. Our correspondent quotes the rate of freight frotn i tichmond as follows :?To New York, 80 a 85; Newrk,80 a 85; Providence. 1 10; Kail River, 1 10; New Bedford. 1 10; Boston,1 25; Salem. 1 25; Washington, 0; Portsmouth. 1 25; Portland, 1 25; New Haven, 00; Hartford, 1 40; Troy, 1 25; Albany, 1 25; Baltilore, 66. Amount of Coal sent over the Philadelphia and leading Railroad and Schuylkill Navigation, for the eek ending on Thurday evening last: II All.ROAD. C'AVAI. Hrrfc Total. Week. Total. t Carbon 7.491 17 261*045 ?9 7.1M 12 172.227 07 ottsvillc 4X7 J 0 1.'.0 1(15 IS 1,158 00 19,700 1.1 . II a von 10JI33 1!) 354,079 10 3,0*1 16 74.501 (U t. Clinton 2065 01 90,34.3 00 990 15 7,415 15 25,978 06 852,974 15 12,940 12 273,951 19 273,954 19 ?t?l 1 y R. R. 1* Canal... 1.125.829 14 o wine periodlaat year by Railroad .883,951 05 " " Canal. 136,375 06 1,019.429 13 The Cropa. The Natchez (Ming.) Courier of the 18th says: ? During our recent visit to the country we had oecaion to observe, as well as to enquire, of the condition nd prospect of the growing cotton crop. On the hole the accounts are very (tattering, although in any places the boll worm hud done, and was doing, onsiderable damage. All our planters now fear is a ontlnuance ot the rainy weather. Clear and sunshiny eather is all tbey require to make excellent crops. A aost bounteous crop of corn has this year almost every, 'here rewarded the labors of the farmer. The Port Gibson Herald of the 18th says :? From all parts of Claiborne and adjoining counties o tuiu|iiuum UI WW ?? ""J "fit nuiu.? hould they continue their destructive operations much )nger. the crop in this region will be very short. Tne Canton Creole says :? We have had several showers since our last. We nderstaud that the boll worm still continues itsravaes, and that the crop must be less tban that of last ear unless they are soon checked. We have not yet ieard of the catterpillar or cotton worm. The St. Francis (La.) Chronicle says : For several days past we have had considerable rain. >ur planters will suffer, as they are at present gatherng their cotton. We have heard it asserted by those rell-informed about such matters, that there will be a ailing off of at least one-fourth in the cotton crop, iwiug to the very unfavorable season. The Coos (N. H.) Democrat says :? The potato rot has. everywhere in this vicinity, gain made its appearance. The wheat crop, also, so ar as we can learn, throughout the county of Coos, ,nd the northern part of the county of Grafton, is 'ery much injured by the rust?some fields so much so s to be scarcely worth harvesting. Ono man in this ounty. lrom a field which in ordinary seasons would 'leld 100 bushels, thinks that he shall get at most but 10 bushels, and that of an inferior quality. The Savannah Republican last Monday, says : ? The rice harvesting has gone on very well the last reek. The weather has been most propitious, and the ppearance of the sea island crop of cotton has imiroved very much under the recent good weather. The New Orleans Times ef the 2oth ult. says From the character of the intelligence of late, from he cotton region of South Alabama, we are bound, ays the Mobile Tribune of the 2,'ld instant, to believe be prospects of the planter are far less encouraging ban they were a week er two previous. In the black mds much rain has fallen, causing a too rapid growth n il n t\ rnnni n tr nf thn forma hnsidaa vlitith iVtn Knll. roTm has appeared in formidable number* on several ilantationa and la doing considerable injury. These omplainta come from Sumter, Marengo, Greene, Pery, Dallas, Montgomery, Lowndes, Ike , the best cotton :ounties in the State. In regard to the latter, the layneville Chronicle says the worm is making fearful avages, having already greatly injured the crop, and f it continues a week or two longer, one half, it is hought,will be lost We have before us a letter from he same connty, dated 15th instant, which says, up 0 about the 1st of this month 1 had not seen for years 1 finer prospect for a cotton crop, but of late the bollrorm has made sad work, and already the crop in this ricinity has been very much shortened. The worm is laily becoming more numerous and destructive. married. At Baltimore, on Tuesday, August 29. by the Rev. George Holt, Capt. James Advms to Miss Sarah M. 'almer, youngest daughter of Miles Palmer, Esq., both if New York. DM, On the 2d inst., Jamki Mrucr, aged 30 years, of i short but severe illness. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully inrited to attend his funeral, firom his latefresidence, No. m. Orange street, this day. at 4 o'clock in the afterloon, whence his remains will be taken to Brooklyn. On Sunday morning, the 3d inst., MARy, wife of 'arnes Hunt, in the 27th year of her age. The friends of the family, and those of John O'Brien ind John J. Grace, are invited to attend her luneral bit (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from No. Ill division st. On Sunday morning, the 3d inst.. Charlfs Marhall, youngest son of William H. Mary. The friends of the' famliy are invited to attend the runeral. from No. 47 East 21st street, this afternoon, at I o'clock. On Saturday evening, 2d inst., of consumption, in ihe 19th year of her age, Miss Eliza Manning, niece }f John Sheill, Esq.. of Castleblayney. county Moaaglian. Ireland. Her friends, and thoie of James and Geo. Harrison, ire respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this [Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the residence )f Mrs. Margaret Harrison, No. 130 Bedford street On Sunday morning, 3d inst., of consumption, Mrs. Hannaii Tli-mh, widow of the late David Plumb, fornerly of New York, aged 68 years. Her funeral will take place this (Monday) afternoon, it 3 o'clock, at her late residence, No. 2 Railroad Avenue. Jersey City The friends and relatives of the ramily are respectfully invited to attend. On Sunday, the 3d inst., at his residence in South Brooklyn, Capt. Thomas Cottrkll, aged 70 years The "funeral will take placi thi- ufternoon. at 1 o'clock, from his rosidencein Smith street, second door from the corner of Warren street. The Marine Society, of which be was a rneinbjr. and his friends generally, are invited to attend it without, further notice. His remains will be removed to Newport, .It I , for intrrment. Carriages will be in waiting at the Soath Kerry, on the Brooklyn side, At half-past 12 o'clock. The Rochester papers of the 1st inst. announce the death of Hon. Petfr Price. one of the oldest residents of Western New York. He died at his residence in Rush. He moved into Western New York from Frederick county. Maryland, in 1801. and in the nest year settled in the town of Rush, where he continued to reside till the day of his death,in the enjoyment of extraordinary personal respect and influence imong his neighbors In 1821 and '22 he represented, in paTt. his county in the Legislature, and was repeatedly afterwards electeR to the same trust. In the *ar of 1812, he was first lieutenant of volunteers, and lid service on the Niagara frontier. Under Clinton's ldminlstration he was appointed a county judge, and llled for many years the office of justice of the peace, for eighteen years successively he was eleected sttperrisor of his town. BY LIVYI8 AND MORTIMORE?STORE, 1*7 CHATHAM street.?Pawnbroker'* Palo, this day. Monday. September 4th, it 111 itVl/Wtlr A w.lln,.,'-...1.. Z.A .. ... I ~i_ . none overcoat*. dre** coat*, lanti, gov ni, shawla, \unketa. beet*. pillow*, kc. By order of A. GOODMAN, 31 Centre itliw. ( O. OF O. F.?THE MEMBERS OF EMPIRE LODGE,NO. I* 64. arc requested to attend their regular lodge meeting tolight, a* important amendment* to the By-Law* will 1<v acted ipon. GEO. MURRAY. N. 0., _0. W._Sf HR AMM, Secretary. NOTICE-GEORGE ELL1NOR WHO LEFT ENGLAND twelve year* einee, ami bat recently resided at Galena, 1111loia; al*o, at New London, Conn., may hear of hit water by eendng hianddreaa to E. ELL I NOR. 32 Broad it., N. V. Notice.?the creditors of james m. miller, who have not aignsd the |>etiti*n in 'avoT of hit taking the !-n? it of the two-third act, to reloa** him from his debts, are re(netted to tend in their names, address and amounts, to the ofice of JOHN COOK, CotinaeUor at Law, 111 Nassau (tree*., withmt delay. * CARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER TENDERS HIS GRATEFUL fa. ecknowlcdgmenU to the members ot tbc Police and Fire Dejar taunt*, and other oitirena who so promptly aatlttcd in renovini hi* *toek of good* from the . (tore No. til Fult n etreet, while the building wae on tiro, on Saturday mprning. Id inatant. rhc mannfacture of Wire Cloth. Bird Cagea, kc. ke., i* removed or the prctent to No. &'i Fvlton, otrner of Cliff street, up stairs, ind IDS Bcckman atrect. THOMAS C. MOORE. 1UW Heekman ttreet. ? REWARD. AND NOOEESTIONS ASKED.-STOLEN, on the 2 3d ot July. A. M , a Gold hunting tut Duplex * ate!., made by T. F. Cooper; cases made by Jennings k Lander <o. It:?I. The above reward will tie paid to any i>cr*on who will rive Information that will lead to the reoov ery of the watch, by ipplying to JOHN UAWKES. ar JOHN GIBBONS, Washington FUli Market. rWENTY-FlVE DOLLARS REWARD-a BLACK lea tbernTrunk, bond with iron, with brass rivet*, marked on he aide* A. B., in white letter*, with owner * name in front, WW* Jlkcn from ItAimhOlt John PftH/w An Tii.tfhlaf "WsK last rhe above reward will be paid if returned to Dolmonico'a'uotel, 3road*ay, nnlajnred, and no queatlone naked. rANNER's ATLAR AND MAI'S-A UNIVERSAL ATLAS, containing Mapa of every country In the world, and one nt aeh of the United state*. Man of the World, 6 feet by 3; map of he United State*, 4 feet by 4; North America. 4 feet by I: Europe, lain, and Africa, each 4 feet by 3>4; for aale at the Map Store, in. US Fulton atreet Dr. 4'ooke, of alrany. n. v., passenger bv tiie Niagara Steamer, from England, after a brief abeenoe on the Continent of Europe, hat returned to the aeat of government of he hmplr* State, where profeaaional oorreapondenta may, aa leretofore. addraaa him, poat paid, peraonallv or by latter, at hi* eaidenec, No. 3 Norton atreet, Albany, N. \.a fAORSETS DE PARIS NEW rATTERN-LATEST Ft U ehinn adopted at Pari* amougit the moat faahlonablo edict, moat comfortable and graceful for the form, aa well a* fbr he liberty it lee tee In the movement* of the peraon who makea i*a of tham. To lie had only of Kmc. prospers, op atadra, at fo. A3 Oanatatreet- N.E.?'The ladle* will And the new atyle try eemfortable for mining, and a handaome aaaortmant of ther Cojwt*. newly nxrvta torn Fagia, at a very mod tin ie dt* A PRINTER WANTED TO GO SOUTH?ONE WUO CAN f work a cylinder pres* aud als i w irk at cane. Apply to X B HOE X C- >.. 2 1 ami .11 <; .1.1 it. a, WANTEO-k SITUATION BY A EE4PIOTA HI.K YOUNB Hi man, as porter, in n wholesale or retail house. Taatnno Tt niala. a? to character, honesty, Ac., given. Adlre >: Q. M. L, at W Bwpi oft hi I papir. M WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE FRENCH (ilHIa? \ *' situation aa lady's tnaiil, or to take cam of children. She a, oan furnish exco'lent reference, and wonld have no objection* to travelling. Address L. B , at the office of the Courri ir dee Etats I Uaia It! Park plane, basement. I WANTED?A YOU AO HAN, ABOUT 18 YEARS Or AGE, {J of active business habits, in a provision store, who can c0 write n good hand, and would be willing to apply himself strictily re to business. Address "Provisions," nt this office, In own liana- jtli writing, stating where an interview can be had. dr WANTED?A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A respectable protcstant GirL as chambermaid and se unstress; fo, can wash and iron first rate; has no objection to travel with a e lady. I'lsase call at No. 2 Ball place, bitween 8th aud 7th streets, opposite Tompkins' market, three-story back room. The best of i; city refereasA will ke pres. f WANTED?FIFTY AGENTS, TO SILL A FIRST-RATE jl" article, wanted in all parts of the country; and an active man ean make from two to live dollars per day. A small amount J), of money will ke reauired to leave as security for the goods re- e0 reived. I'leaso apply at 87 Cedar street, Room No. 4, on the 3d ?i floor, from V o'clock A. M. to ti P. M. ^ BOARD B'ANTED.-ONE. TWO, OR THREE GENTLEMEN c'l want board in a ree|?'ctahle private family ; location in the ? i eithlorhood of tbe i ity Hall preferred. Address, stating terms l lunl full particulars, A. B. C. at thla office. jj( A LADY, LONG ACCUSTOMED TO THE INSTRUCTING f,[ of youth, wonld like to make an engagement witli a family '' residing in N'sw York or Brooklyn, to instrnot and take charge 5, of two or threo little girls; would be willing also to render ooca- . ' tionel assistance in the housekeeping if desired. Reference to G. , i F. HERDING, No. 78 Mniden lane. {I1.' CUTV COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, NO. 108 FRANKLIN ST., ' adjoining the hutch Church.?This Inatitution ro-o|>ens, I'er ' 1 the reception of Pupil a. on Monday, the 4th September. A Card of Tarma, (to., can be obtained at the School. -r JAMES B. QUICK. Jt MRS. J. J. BROWN BEGS LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE TO P? her friends, pot rone, and the public, that the dutiea of her ^ Seminary will be reaumed on the firat Monday in September next. ?! at her residence, 62 Eaat IIroadway, New York. For terms ana references, Mra. B. refers those who would exteud her their pa- [!' tror.age, to her circular, or Mrs. B. would be happy to ace them at h*r residence. __ JJl TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.?A CLERGYMAN, ?{ residing in the eountry, (ubout a hundred miles from Nuw " York, acccsetble directly by steamboat and railroad,) will receive into his family, two, three or four boya as pupils, to whoBe educa- ( tion auditraining he will gives peronal attentiou. To gentlemen , living in tho city or from tho South, who would give their children or wards a thorough pty|>aratory education, with the advantages cj' of parental care and doincstio life lnacouutry place, this odvertircinunt is commended. Address Box 1,24.1 Post Office, New f.r,' I0*: To GENTLEMEN :-NOW IS THE TIME TO LOOK UP Y'OUR J1' winter Clothing. Iam now ready to clean your overcoats 1,11 for $1, and repair them with collars, cuffs, buttons, linings, at "ii vny low rates. I clean frock and dress coats fords; pants .'Is. Altering and repairing oi every description done with despatch at V No. (i Murruv street, near Broadway. A call or line attended to It in any put of the city. Pierre in f me. A. CORTISSOS. ^ I[6 W. TKYUN fc Co., 2.17 BROADWAY, HAVE J( ST RE- wt J reived an extensive assortment of tho nut fashionable no 1'lotl I, Catsimeres and Waistcoating. roleoted by Mr. E. W.T. in Europe. Baving established a house In London, we shall he con- 'r tinuslly in the receipt of the newest and moat fashionable Hoods. *r Gentlemen wishing fashionable garments will tlnd it to their in- Vl tcrest to give us a call. IMNE CLOTHING, AT G. B. CLARK'S, 116 WILLIAM nil street.?Black, Bins and Brown Sacks, Dress and frock tic Coats, Pants ai d Vests, suitable for any geiitleuian, kept ready mi made. A very tine Black Dress Coat, IFrench, made to measure F? for (16; the very finest (Simonis) for (36. As my goods are all bought for cask, I can afford to sell lower than those who take creoit, FOR SALE?EIGHTEEN LOTS,ON THE EIGHTH AVENUE A and 101st and 102d streets, comprising the whole front on the aTI West side of the avenue, between the above streets; and Ten Lots in the rear of the above?five on each street; also. Nineteen Lots n" on 1114th and If 5th streets; commencing 166 feet West of the 8th 'Dl avenue, having also a front on Cleuaenning lano. The abovo An property is well situated, the most of It being even'with the >DI grade. Apply to JOHN H. POWER. 126 Pulton street. tn< FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE-THREE Til REE-STORY thi lirick Houses, two of thsm situated on the s.uth side of2bth Mi street, and one on the north side of 21th street, near the 4th Ml avctittr; they are in good order. 2U by 40 feet, with ranges, baths, tin ktc., and will be sold on easy terms. Apply to em _ _ WM. Ik JAS. CTJRR1E, 45 Wall street. set VALUABLE FARM ON STATEN ISLAND, FOR SALE? fU situated about two and a half miles from Port Richmond and ? Factory villo, known as the Cubberly farm, containing AO acres, ( ('? acres of good tillable land, and the test woodland.) Upon the w. mi in is a large double country-house, in good order, and good 1mm Ad and outhouses. The land is now in a nigh state of cultivation. pt< One half of the purciiaae money may remain on bond and mort- >!< gage. For particulars as to terms, to., apply to JOHN WOOD, be on the premises, or of IJENRY HILTON, 44 Wall street. PILOT BOAT FOR SALE.-TIIE NEW AND SPLENDID ^ yactli or pilot boat, YANKEE, built of the best materials, Ml coppeted and copper fastened, and warranted to sail aa fast as ha any boat of her class; about B4 tons measurement. Apply to >< FOSTER fe NICKERSON. 26 South atruet. N. Y., or to HOLBKOOK It ADAMS, Commercial sL, Boston. -h Liverpool orrel coal afloat.-received per {;" Niagara and now ready for delivery, superior Liverpool i' Orrel CoaL The subscriber will receive by regular vessels v, throughout the season, supplies of this exoellcnt coal, purchased )} by his agent in Liverpool, who attends to its careful stowage, ? It will lie delivered from vessel! large and clean, in i(uantitles to Iult purchasers. Orders punctually attended to. . e. CANY, 41*Broad and 177 Wooster sta. 'f'j( Beaver meadow, leuiud, coal afloat.?tiie k subscriber will deliver from barges. Beaver Meadow Coal q, prepared and screened, or egg and range Bite a in quan titles to suit .. purcbaicra. This ocal is recommended aa the veiy best for fa- ?<j milics to nee in stoves and furnaces, being entirely free of clin- en l:er. It is also well suited for ranges. Orders punctually attend- M edto. ?. CANY, 177 Wooster and 41 Broad its. at Turning latiie for sale?an excellent *< Geeied Lathe Heads, 10 eh.; sheers, 17 feet, with side rest th and other tools; also, a few pairs of Stocks and Dies. Apply at en ('HAS. CERY's Lock-Smithing Establishment. 302 Division St., ni| junction of Grand. ^ GOATS' HAIR PLUSHES?JUST RECEIVED, A LARGE lot of plain and figured crimson Plushes, for Cars, Omnibnsss wi and Fnrnlture, for sale at reduoed prices; also, Carriage Linings, Ki Curtain Materials, kc? for fa'e by F. 8. Si S. A. MAR TINE, tin Importers and Jobbers, 112 fFillism street, near John. ooi bet MRS. JAMESC. DUGAN INFORMS HER FRIENDS AND ho the public, that the Undertaking business of her, late husband, tal in all its branches, will still be oariied on. for her benefit. at 814 thi Broadway, by hisbtothcr, Mr. John Dngan. who thoroughly*un- pr? deTstands the business, and wllhgive his personal attention to all trai calls she may bo favored with, and use his best endeavors to Da satisfy and please; Site will be most thankful tor the patronage *t of her late husband's friends. On American mutual life insurance company.? oei Premium reduced twenty Ave per cent. 0?ce No. 40 Wall ? street, New York. The leading features of this company are'1 1.?A guarantee ol capital of $>50,<AH>, which together with the -1 accumulating premiums is deemed adequate to meet every con- m< lingency. 2.? A rednotien in tho ratea of premiums?payable anDually, semi-annually, or quarterly, as may lie preferred. 3.? m' The assured participate annually In the profit*. 4.?Insurance lp may be effected bv any married woman upon the life ef her hus- 0 ( band, for her sole use and benefit, free trom any claims of the representives of her husband, or any of his creditors. 6.?No be personal liability of the members beyond the amount of ev Liicu Miiiiuui I'lvuiiuiii vi lumnmi'ti. u.?vreuuora may linure the Uvea of their debtors, or debtors themselves may insure uu for the protection of their creditors. A prospectus has been issued To (which can be had at the office of the Company, or any of its tin agents,) explanatory of the terms and conditions of insurance. thi Officers, New llaven Benjamin Sillimnn, senior, President; 7s Norris IV ilcox, Vice President; Benjamin Noyes, Secretary; S Caleb Mix, Treasurer Local Boatd "f Trustees, New Vork :? _ Ambrose L. Jordan. Gold S. Silliman. George Hall. Cyms P. 001 Smith, Samuel Leeds, George D. Phelps, Frederick T. Peet: Am- *' loose L. Jordan, Chairniaa of the l<ocal Board; William Wads- UI worth, Aetunry : William N. Blakemnu, M.D., 193 Bleecker at., and Alexander B. Whiting, M.I) , S4S Broadway, Medical Examiners. _ gj Price, fifty cents?general observations and d? Dissertations on the Growth aad Proper Care of tlie Uuman Hair, by A. GRANDJEAN, Ne.l Barclay street. New York. trc P. S. Booksellers supplied at redueed prices. thi thi For the face and skin.-church s vegetable p I.otlon, a highly valuable cosmetic for eradicating eruptions, " pit ticularly pimples, blotches, tetter, tan, ringworm, and freckles. r~ The use or the Lotion for a short time will clear the ekin and establish a brilliamt ooinplexion. Sold iu bottles at 7n cents each, at 1?J Bowery, corner of Spring street. Dr. glover is consulted during the day and evening, at hii offioe, on all diseases of a delicate nature. 0t Ilia extract of copaiva, cubeba. Ac., so extensively prescribed by Qa physioians, may be had at his store, in fnwat, So. 2 Ann street. i?i (Now No. 12.) pa ? vi'VT>VCT*TV/I , ha 1" .o'/wiui.nn A-?u nx.3lc.Kl> JCC.K chant*.?Mjy.JervUa CoM Candy u put up In neat. fl |U.irc. f* and pocketaM* jackasea. with th? moat beautiful ahow-biUa, yet f executed in thiaer any other country, and pamphlet* eon taialiur TT certificate* of the Hon. Henir CUy, Martin Van Buren. and Ik. other readable anumeata, proving the remarkable eAoacy of this 3u really ?ood artiJe for Cowhe, Cold*. and all Throat and Lung ru complaint*. Merchant* wiahiar to eel) again. will be allowed a So rery large profit. MRS. W. JERVI9,379 Broadway, at earner of Whie etr-et. ^ KIRKBRI I>F. 3 T.VTTERSALl/S HEAVE POWDERS ARE Wl warran ted to cure in a horae, the worat cough. in a few daya; V will permanently eradicate Heave*, and ia the I eat condition m#I f, dicine that can be uaed in tlfht hide, worma, kc. Beware of the nla cheap and paltry Imitation*. OOUOh k KETCUVM. 119 Fulton th< atreet, proinietora Alao, aold by "V* KETCHUMItHIENSHAW. 121 Fulton atreet. a* Most extraordwart work?to the married ? or thoae contemplating marrtaea?TTie Married Woman*! f| pt- a. M. Maurioeeu. Siath adh 1 tion. PtIm $1. litis work if nMitiAc with Moirt iiitininiiig-1* tel to all pet^oftheUnited Stat**. AI11.&5mintW ndS^Stt If, DR. RALPH, AUTHOR or THE PRACTTUAL PRIVATE P" Treaties," Re, HQmeawieh street -other hoot* 9to IS A.M, ItoP P.M., (Sunday eaoepted.) Thoee who apply 1b the early IU|?| will bo eorprtmd at the rapidity aad little inooarenlenee attending their oar*. It t? chiefly, howeesr, those who here ml fered from e eerttia cUee ot people, or otherwise, who eu pro- ? perl) appreciate hie eerrioee. la stricture, fro* Its Aret or ued- w; pient. to ite more adtenoed and diet timing etages, (from unoom- JT ton advantages, la addition to a very alienate practice In tUa hei complaint.) he oan afford a rapid, eeer, and radioal erne, whldh. u. ho hassrwnd for staUag,otato obtained from bo other season oa In America. MEDICAL OmCl-DR. JOHNSON, 16 DUANt STRUT, ,l* near Chatham street, oo well known aa the moot weoeasfhl ?r practitioner to New Tork, la the treatmeat of veaereol diseases. Tie Doctor"! repatatioa for ekllt la those old half-onrod cam that L hare existed for years. Is pew eminent. QleeWtricture, uleero * npcu the body, or la the threat ar nosey pais, in the Itead and f" bone. of the legs, effectually cured, Lonatltuttoaal weakness, ?< brought on by a secret habit Indulged la bv youag men. oatisiag I*" laeririonid roams aad nightly, emlesions, poeitlrely prorated. am Recent osressnrsd la four daye, without maroury. No alteration fo" is diet, or prevention from basinets. ?*1 TV J car PUBLISHED?BR. R06TWICK ? GREAT WORE lKI end Lectures oa Venereal, and other affections of the Uri- 1/ nary Organs, ABO pages quarto. Thie la the most eomplata preo- J; Ileal work of the kind over issued from the pre as. It oontnlns or | thirty eaten colored ea grating a, which delineate thia clam of disease InimLtaMy. It also sontaisa fcrty wood aagratinga ,, equally well executed; and ertry thing known about the modern (I treatment of tfieee diseases has been ear-eft. IIy resordsd, sad all * the moat ?rpro ted prescription, and formnlaahnrs been giren. Tor mle at ihe oSos of publication, US Brondwaqr, and of the ?, author. NH Broadway. Price $10. Also, Dr. B.'s work on ssU _ abuse. 2M pages, 14 engravings. with hints to you* man. Prise D 41, for mle aa shore. This work Is intended expressly for the * profession. _ Ft" NO CURB N? CHAROR-DR MCRPHT OF 68 OOLD street. Is ssnffdsatlally uonsultsd sa sU farms of priests dls- E1 arsra!"? " - % JAKKTllEATtt* - HIIJ. OIT.N F < { THE SEASON MONd?jr ''T'uibh, hpA 4, 1H*H?Ihe perfurmuoe will coin. Mice Willi the lr?|i> dr nf IIA HUT?llemlet, Mr. Ilainblin; aniliu*. Mr TilfAii- PAlonim tt.?l anv- iValrrtt' fth'*r. I*ld; Gertrude, Mm. H'iufftauley; Ophe'ia, Mima Mary Taylor. > which will he added, the popular oomedlettn of LA DIBS RE- (Jn Ah E?Col. VftWJMiur, Mr. G. H. Barrett; Sir C. Vavasour, his |?h?w, Daw*ou; Matilda, Muta K<?*? TelMn; Lady Ueaurhainp, rs. Hhumauley; Grace l*e*h<?dy, Miaa Mary Taylor. Boxes, $1; H t. AH cent* i alltry, 2ft cents, Doors open at 7; curtain rises V ^ Jh IOWERY THEATRE.?MON DA V EVENING.SEPTEMBER the J, 4, will l? performed the BOHEMIANS OE PAKIS-Chnrla* idler, Mr N. B. Clarke. Mon*. Montorgiutl. Mr. T. Duff; Mon*. vle roaierMr. P. Smith; Paul Didicr. Mr. T. C.Smith; Manx. Fran- nor nier, Mr.? M, arwiek; Crevuet Bsgnolet, Mr. J. Wi sails; Creve- 1 Ur'?!!',.ii Jt?q?ea Chain mean. Mr Jordan; Louise, vaii r*. r! tllips; Armiihelse, Mrs. fcutln rlanl. I'revions to the great SSv? ? acted the favor t? piece ..f THE KING'S GAB- Ca? KNER?Golochtrd. Mr Wlaans; chevalier Do bu y, Mr. Warch, Madame Galoohard. Mrs. I'hillipi. Doora open at 7* per- "1CI rnuiace to commence al 7H o'clock. Boxes, 2ft oentr, Pit, 12)f woi ? ROADWAY THEATRE?MONDAY EVKN1 Nil SE1T 4 1 ..W||U"' I,r,,e,lU'd 1,10 trugeily of the GI.AUIATOR?Spurt* be I ?, Mr. runout; Marciua Lucioius OraMiid, Mr. Frederick*; LuaiOvllino, Bernard; Phasariu* Dyott; Julia, Mum F. Wallaek 'ree nana, Mr*. Abbot. To conclude with the farce of MY AUNT? un? ick Duahall, Mr. Leitter; Eredurick, Baker; Kittle, IIudaway berlovc, Andrew ; Mr*. Corbett, Mr*. taherwood; Emily, Mr*. F. bboll. Dm* Cirri, and P?r.|iirttc, 75 rent*; Family elrcle, Klir cent.; Gallery, 12J{ cents. Doom open at 7, performance to n.n.cnco at 7>* o'clock. w J IBIXFS, A8TOR PLACE, BROADWA Y.?COMIC ITALIAN ?ili " Opera?The public are respectfully informed that Signer ?/ .neventauo will pUy a Farewell Engagement, previous to hia Ml psrtuie from America, and that Mgmof Saaqaertoo will make sle # lirat ap|iearance in thin establishment this evening, being en- or, ged for a limited number of night*. Fourth night of Mufaniu ibordo, Mod*. Iscborde and Slgnora Morra. The celebrated 88 ider, Signer Lietta, is engaged,and the orchestra will be coin- Til ?te. Monday Evening, Sept. 4, will he perfonned I. EI.I3IK (., AMORE?Adinu. Ma dame Lnborde; Qianct n, Signuru M'.rv.t; moriao, Mon*. Laburde; Firgeant Beloore, Sig'r Beneveniano; l,r< ilramara, Sig'r Snn>;nerico. Doora open at ipiarter before 7; nil inmcneisgat half past"7. Admission 511 cents. ,n, lURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.-MONDAY ?V ' Evening, September 4th, will lie played, last time of the \v) pular drama, in two acts, of DOMBEV AND SON?Mr. Dom- !, y, Mr. Nlokiueon; ('apt. Cottle, Mr. Burton; Major Joe Bagitnck, . Brougham; Edith, Mra A. Knight; Florence Dombey, Mis. "" ckinson; Mra Skewton, Mrs. Vernon; Susan Nip|>cr, Mr*. sit 'ougham. After which, the fairy ejUravaganta called the ,,, ILACB OF PLEASURE; or, the Invisible Prince?The In fan le Furiboad, Mr. Burton; Don I.candor, Mr. T. Johnston; nfi oudabella. Mrs. O. Loader; Abricotina, .Miss Chapman. Dress bl< role and Psrquctte, BO cents; Family Cirols or second tier, ,ra o.nts Doors open at 7 o'oloek?Curtain rises at halt-past 7. hj" A HANFKAU'S NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY y ChathanL?Monday evening September 4, will be acted the ,_ rce of the WIDOWS VICTIM?Jeremiah Clipp, Mr. Cfiaiifrau; iron Trcmnine Pclhain Podge, Mr. Herbert; Mr*. Rattle ton, Mra t III Lean; Jane Chatterlcy, Mis* Mestayer. After which will be poi nduced thi popular drama entitled the MYSTERIES AN DIM IS- |i? UES OF NEW YORK?Mo*c, Mr. F. S. Chanfrau; Captain d0 bin, Mr. C. Burke; Mr. Preeisc. Mr. Pardey; Big Lire. Mr*. big Lean; Little Llie, Miss E. Mostayer. To ooaelude with the len eoofTIlE WOOL I>EA I.ER?Deuteronomy Dutifu' Mr. C. nf, irke; Amunda, Miss Ilildrcth. Doors open at 7, performance I commence at '% o'clock. Boies, 25 cents; Pit, 12& hel A RAN KLIN TBEATRE, CHATHAM SQUARE,?THE UN- J?? dersigned, Mausers nnd Proprietors of this popular es- * }** Idialurcn y which has attracted thousands for the last few Mr ekp, in gratitude for the patronage they hare received, an- nio nnPA tliRt. Ihov l>AvPtnfi.lpnrMn>.im..nl4 f.,r ft, ^ nience and comfort of their friends, that will render tlio > anklin not Inferior to the largest theutro in the city. The Wit rangements of Mr Pcs< h wi th hia snlendid trout*) of Tableaux try vaiita, which have excited the admiration of the Southern ' d Western States, and llie whole of Europe : hia Arab ft1" mghtera of the Desert, French Scr.-naders, Hungarian Ilarmo- day (ta. hinging. Dancing. Ac., giro a charm to this accnc of rx- ft el inal entertainment, which has given this establishment the _ iritcd title of the " Gem of the City." Boxes, 25 cents j ,, irquetto, 12)4 cents. A iVILUAM HANDCOl K. i Pr"Priot"r^ lAKNUl'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?I'. T. BARNUM, say t Proprietor? F. Hitchcock, Manager.?Splendid PerfoEmaaoel giv try afternoon at half past 3 o'clock, and every evening at a i|uar- f r before 8. Tlie Manager haa the pleasure of announcing the 1 ofc >st extraordinary wonaer in creation. Major liittletinger, hold- on (the tame relation to the famous Lilliputian that tho littlt |{e ger does to the thumb. He is ten years old, only twxnty-tour , . Shea high, aud weighs only 13 lbs. 1th may be seen every ' '0l irninc, from 10 to half-past 12 o'clock; In the afternoon, from phi ill half-past 5; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In addition, I a manager has also engaged the oelebrated Sable Brothers, :. Jerry Merrifleld, the 3 Highland Mammoth Hoys, Giant or "J_ iromoth Baby, Enormous Boa Constrictor. Madam Rockwell, onu ! famena Fortune Teller, may be privately consulted at an Th ira charge ot tftconta. Admission U the whole,including Mn- tn , im Performances, Little Finger, Me., 2ft cents; children, derten reanof age and old enough to walk alone, Hl)4 oenta. nai served front seats, one shilling eaon extra. dot tASTLE GARDEN.?DOORS OPEN AT )4 PAST SIX WO > o'clock and the performance will commence at 8 o'clock.? cai mission 25 cents. First night of the popular Troup of Ethio. ? ? in Melodists, >lio arc engaged for a limited number of nights. -ndsy 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 8th, of August, will wa presented a series of Ncgr<i Melodies in two parts. yo\ 1 RAND CONCERT OF THE MORAVIAN SINGERS AT w'' F the Tabernacle, on Monday, teptcmbcr 4 th, for tho Benefit of I lie. LOVARNY. In ooBK'iucnce of the immense success which pvt s attended their concerts, being crowded by the elite of New pi. >rk city, tho Moravian Singers respectfully beg leave to announce the citircns and strangers generally, that they will give their Wll xth Grand Concert at the above place on Monday Evening, on lich occasion a choice Programme will be presented. Mdllo. vsrny, /orcr, Stocpel, Kraus, and Rain, Moravian Singers, ogrtmmc: I.?tjulntetto song, by the Compiny?Spirer. 2. ng?" Socman's Liebclien," by Mile. Lovartiy?Krehj. 3. " Mci Rt rn'rl," National song, in national costume, by Ilerr /orcr? , rer. 4. Thema and variations on the xilo eordeon, by llerr ' trjel?Meyscder. ft. Song?" The Banks of Guadalquivir,"?1st . ne and by particular desire, by Mile. Lovarny?Lavenny. II.? tjuintetto?Song by tho company, arranged by Zorer. 7. Aria, | >tu the opera " Nachtlagcr in Granada," sung with immiutlon the French Horn, without any instrument, by Ilerr Zorer? . reutier H. "Avft Maria." bv mI'a I.ovornv?o rami Valtz, on tho xilo cordeon, by ilerr Stnpef. 10. Serenade? look forth, my bircst," by Dorr Krnus? Hallo. 11. Song? ' Saiga Girl, a* sung by her in London 85 nights with the most ithusiaatic applause, by Mile. Lovarny?Lindly. Tickota fiOeta. lit* ch, children half price, to be had at the principal Music Stores, id at tho door on the evening of tho concert, Doora open at 7, Pel commence at 8 o'clock. Tho room is beautifully painted, and ia ]!0 sll ventilated. Owing to the great success which t us attended e previous concerts ot the Moravians, they have been induced to "ol gage the Tabornacle, where their concerts will be given every jut during the week. pA' irpiIX CAMPBEIX 8 ARK COMING."?IMMENSE Si'CX cesa?Fifth Week?Society Library Rooms, 818 It road- .pe iy, corner of Leonard street, (under the direction of 0. A. mberly.)?Campbell's Minstrels nave the honor to announce, JOu it encouraged by the very flattering manner in which their , aocrts have been raoeived during tue last four weeks, having <f? :n nightly crowded by highly respectable and tashionable n _ urea, they will have the pleasure < f continuing their Inimi- i 1 ile and highly popular musicrl entertainments every evening Mb a week, Introducing at each concert a full and varied (he gramme; including several new and original songs, with a ncty or chaste dancing, Ineluding the celebrated Statue nee, and Highland Fling by Mr. Lake Weit Doors open ota 7-commence at 8 precisely. Admiaaion 3D oents. N. B.? mo Saturday afternoon, for the convenience of families, there 1H ? 11 Ik: a performance commencing at 3 o'clock. Admiteion, 25 its? children, half-price. _ 1 5UE VOCAL CLASSES OF THE AMERICAN MUSICAL . Institute, under ttio direction of Mr. W. D. Comn, i ,ira- - u", inting Monday, 3ept.4th, will meet as follows, viz.: The Mon- VIM y ami Friday evomng classes will be united, and meet every pipu jnday evening at 8 o clock; tlie advanced class, which has here- w ( re met on Tuesday evening, meets every Friday evening at 8 wu dock; the afternoon classes, for ladies only, will alt bo united, Stfi d meet every Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock. A new class for \o gl oners, under tho direction of the Principal, evBry Tuesday ening at 8 o'clock, at the Lyceum Building. 868 Broadway. Tins tor either Class?Gentlemen two and ladies one dollar per Hia arter, in advance.?N. H.?Ttia Dkscrt will lie performed per eiday evening, September 12. The ladies and gentleman of t choral dejartmont will please be in attendance at rehearsal leavening. H. MFIGflS, Principal. 5<i3Broadway. stir ACRED DIORAMA B?NOW EXHIBITING EVERY 1 night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, " nt mmcncing at 3 o'clock, at the splendid asw UsU, 396 Bread- the iy, over Btoppani'e Bathe Hannington's entirely new u-ii and Scriptural Dioramas of the most Magnificent Spectacle , er witnessed in New York. Creation of the World and the 1. 1 Inge. Assisted by powerful Voeal and Instrumental Aceompe Flo mente. Mr. U. lisnnington has just completed a magnlfioent 0(>i< orama. intended to illustrnte the snbhiae spectacle of tho Six iys of the Creation! exhibiting by means or moveable flgnree, '',H , inery, and powerful optlonl effects, nil the progressive ohangee Col im the Chaos and Darkness of the unformed Universe, until ' t final completion ot tie great work of Creation, ee described lu ' s first and second ohanters of Geneeie, terminating with the ivp- V. trance of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama Htl 4V. e-uunlf nf m 1/tttw nkawSaleiul Ua. -f - Hf-i! ' ?? *v"? ? vu?wv? Wi UiVUUB 01 KMT ron d experiment in this department of the arts. It it the moat ,i itly, beautiftl and perfect work of the kind existing, and oom-' . mb in ltaexliibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the IOP i?t nstoniihing toenie effecta twisted by superior poetry, paint mm ! and music. Scenery and Iaeidenta?Cluiot, the First Day. e Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land, Herbage and Flow- 10 1, Third Day. Sun. Moon and Stare, Fourth Day. Creation rasi Fiah and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creatlomof Animals, Sixth Day Sta rdenof Eden?Adam and Eve. With thia completion of tba Tul iora of the Creation, the Bret part of the Exhibition ol seen J i it II. Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets M eta -Children " If price. Poore open at 7. Curtain rieee nt 8 o'olot k. reft LANYARD'S NBW DOUBLE MAMMOTH PANORAMA muI I of tlie Missouri and Mississippi Rivera, showings country of 71/101 enty-three hundred milaf, being by far the largest painting in (\'ol s world, and of the larAft rivers on the globe, extending more in twenty degrees of latitude. Open every evening, at Paao- rlun na Ball. ?W llroadway. adjoining Niblo's Garden. Admission sna cents; children half price. Panorama sriH ooramence moving frf)I 8 o'clock. Afternoon performances on Wedaetdays and Satur ra at 8 o'clock. mO| IANORARA OF TATLOR'S CAW Pa ION IN MEXICO. AT 2! the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, thowa natural aa Ufa, the 1 rches, Eaoampmanta, and Battles fongnt by Gen. Taylor. It WP give* correct view* of the chantry, towns, cities, he. It la rail 1 most beautiful painting ever teen. Open every night at S _ lock. Afternoon exhibitions Wedneeday and Saturday, comnoing at I o'clock. Admission, 26 oonta Schools admitted oa s< jo? ai l'terms. No charge for descriptive pamphlets. fpg VU*E QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE GENERAL POST ou' Ofbee.SL Martln'a UOtand, London.?This magnificent Ho- bp , having reoantly undergone extensive alterations, and a great ? 1 rtion of it newly furnished, will be found on trial to have no al In the metropoliafboth in point of accommodation and mo- I rata charges. The Colfbe room Is one of tha largest and meat cm nfortabia in England. Board, A2 per day. Hbt aad Celt |,e >tha, THOMAS SPENCER LENNtT. Manager, . Formerly Chief 8teward of the British Qneeu Steamship "f ! Referenee in New Fork to Mr. O. A. White. 66 Cedar street. of > tOR HAVRE, TOUCHING AT COWES-TBE WELL known steamship United States, burthen 2>ki0 tons, fa. O. I ru lekstalf. Commander, will leave New York far Havre, on Tuca It W y. Octoler .'I. touching nt Cowca, to land passenger* and mmla mm a United States will leave Havio foi New Voric.oa W'edoeedty, . iv. 1, touching nt Cowaa also, on tha return trip. For freight or *U. MARSHALL, 38 Burling t-lp, New Tork. or to rf p| A. 0. SMITH fcCo., Havre. 1. ' I .ATE. LARSON fc Co? Parfa ?eI DARING BROTHERS C#., London and Liverpool, Whf J. R. CROSKEV. E?'i, Southasnptoi. a M 1 OR NEW ORLEANS?lOlIISf AN A AND NEW TORE HI I Line or Pnckete?The new and tplendiil fast sailing packet Sail rk Genenee, C. T. Dill ngham, maatat, wiUtucoeed tha India, and sail on or before Monday, September 1-ah, htr rt filar ?. , y. For freight or postage, having handsome famished ae- Olgl nmodationa, apply on board, at Orleans Mhnrt foot of Wall filty set, or to E. K. COLLINS, 06 South street. . ?? Agents in New Orleang Ream. BRYAN A CREEY Y. who wBI mptly fov? ard all goods t<> their ad<b?aa nra tO*l.lVERfN>l)L-NEWJ.lNE-REGCLAR_PACXEr OF We' UI> 1'IUI I'. ...? Bin auu I)?iq|g lilt MUltng i|ua ket ahip Sheridan, George U. Corniah, nwur, U bow loading, penl I ?ill jodttvn'jr ?all *? abnee. her nfuUr day. For freight or Mgr. hating tplendid furniehed accommodation* for both lit ? J 2nd mMi paaeenger*. Apply on ^oard it Or can* Mhart ?*! < t of Will ?t., or to E. K. COLLINS, HOSouth ?t. Price of nufll .In ntairfTo; eeoonddo. do. $V\ The packet ihin derrick. r_m ntai Shipley. mauler, irlU moored the Sheridan, aad oail 26th >' 1 lober, her regular jay. _________ OR MARSEILLES.-1MB WELL KM)* N SHIP MI- "I'''1 norva, Brown, muter, will meet with dispatch. For Irelght WOU aaingr, apply to CHAMHERL i IN \ I'll EPS. or to BOYDtt BINCKRV. hm Malt rtreet. JV OR MAR8R1LLRR?T1IR VTRLLRKOITN BARK MAR. . ^ CELLA. Capt. Inrhan. li now leading. and wUI matt wttk Ult 1 10 BOYD h HINCEEN. Broken. >ACEET FOR HAVRE SECOND LINE-THK SHIP ST. f, Denia, 0. W. none, Maater, will wU on Mm 1M tifkalet "t, "^t Atenu. V.. ?? w.? aim*. I OR SALR.-THR SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE H1R cr0> Internet ia the Unmel Una ofPnekaU, emulating o. Mm to' If Miaa, Garriek, Sheridan and Siddoaa. The anpariorltj af n,bj " "" " "SacSESk tfKee. ?|J INTELLIGENCE BY THE MiIL?. washiwoton, september 1, 1818. irt/iortcrl Proceedings in the Semite. during the Lust Three Days of the Session, Sfc. tf<. rhere are doubtless a great many readers of the rahl, who have never been inside the doors of capitol, and many who, although they have wed the assembled wisdom, have not had optimises ot observing the various freaks and ;aries indulged in by honorable irentlemen oc ionally. To a const,mt looker on, however* re are some strange scenes presented, winch uld puzzle even our friend, the stenographer to Senate, to depict faithfully. The public will prepared to believe, that in the House a sort of and easy bearing is occasionally indulged in ; h,for instance, as the Hon. Mr. Pendleton, I''. V., sitting comfortably in his arm chtir, vtying lus boots, which are invariably <nmced on the top of his desk, or Mr. Houston, of tbania, jumping around the floor and bawling t, "< lad, that's first rate?hit him again !" Or 1 Soils, the gentleman who had the honor of eping with Capt. Tyler, with his boots on, iculotisly informing a choice knot of friends to Mr. Clay's private opinion of public affairs. iih is all right in the democratic branch ; but in : Senate a more dignified feeling is Bup|H>sed to :vail. This is, however, a mistake. Man is t, naturally, a dignified animal, and it is as ich as Senators can do (and they very often fail en in that) to keep up their grave character ulst engaged in debate. It is not anuncoinmon ing to see an honorable Senator approach anoer, and give him a scientific dig in the ribs, or a ip on the back ; or to hear an audiblo invitation go over to John Foy's and have a drink ; and ither is it a very uncommon th ing to see hnnora 5 Senators, on their return, vainly endeavor to in their seats without tumbling over half a dozen sks in the effort. We have seen a book of autographs, collected the Senate during the last two or three days of i session, and never did anything more clearly urtray the sufferings of an unfortunate body lean some of the remarks which nccorupuuy the natures. Here you see un.expression of conduce with other Senators at the extraordinary gift uab which appertains to Mr. Foote:?" Lord p us, Foote's at it yet. 2 o'clock, Sunday morn." And again, over Mr. Atherton'e signature, commandment to keep iioly the Sabbath day. . Duyton thus writes on Saturday:?"A hot ht and dull debate?an impatient Senate. At noon, on Monday next, we will have done h it all, and hone to be clear of it, as the counwill be clear of us.'' We commend the hon.? itleman for his yumen. Again, on the Bam* 'f Mr. Tom Corwtn gives vent to his excited lings:?"A dark day. The last of a long Bton. A furious, yet dull, debute going on at 6 M. Three calamities that woulcT have made ? half yield to his frail wife's advice, ' Curse d and die.' " Staid, sober Governor Metcalfe s, at 4 o'clock, Sunday morning?" Foote is ing us a lecture on Jewish institutions. I supe he imagines it's the most appropriate subject the Sabbath day." But, to cap the climax, the v. Mr. Slicer writes that he is "the friend ot d, and the friend of man for God's sake !" Can lanthropy go further 1 fow, there is no harm in this. All men are tty nearly alike; Hnd if one has some uhining iracteristic,he insure to be wanting in some other e only man whom we believe to be an exception :his is Mr. Calhoun. His lignumvita counlelce seldom relaxes into a smile, and when it ?s lis u very grim one?he is the great man al,ys. Webster, lienton, and a host of magnates, I laugli and talk like other men. and often a at deal more loolishly. Alter all, Shakspeare s right,?" All the world's a stage." And when II peep behind the curtain you see the tinsel, lether it be in the Senate or the theatre. V grand democratic outbreak is to come otf this ning. Among the inducements held out are inese lanterns and a band of music, together th several distinguished speakers. O.ueqa. Washington, Sept. 2,1S18. movals of Government Officials?A Novel Scheme?The Florida Everglades?Senator IVest' ott?Great Destruction of Snakes, AUigaors, etc.?The Democratic Assemblage Last Night?A Dialogue Betireen Tiro Members of Congress?The Steamships. rhe removal of D. F. Jiutler, for his political resies, does not surprise us. The walking pars of Marcus Morton, collector of the port of ston, were made out to-day. A dozen others, f the same sort," will shortly keep them coiniy. Vn interesting report was made by the Commiton Public Lands, two days before the adrnment of Congress, and has just been issued m the preFS. Tne navigating interest, and the rcanfile interest, of the Atlantic cities, and of ibile and New Orleans, should not lose sight of valuable suggestions contained in it for the vention of wrecks on the Florida reefs.? leinenis 01 nn aumennc cnaracter snow tnat re than a million of dollars' worth of property nnually lost on the reef. 'he draining of the everglades, or rather the sion of that region to Florida, ia the primary jeet principally treated of in this report; ana onarv as the scheme was thought, when lator Westcott, last year, iirst brought it forrd, he has, in our opinion, made a case so :>ng that Secretary Walker, Commissioner ting of the Land office, and the Senate com:tee on public lands, by Judge Hreese, its chairn, have yielded, ana endorsed his project. A ort by Mr. Buckingham Smith, of Florida, 0 was appointed by the Secretary of the Treay, in 1SI7, to examine the glades, figures con- . mously in the document, and is a well written 1 able paper. A dozen of the first officers of army and navy, and of citizens acquainted h the /ocu? in </no, have given letters speaking he most favorable terms of the project. The rida Senator, if he succeeds in effecting his ;ct, and if his scheme proves triumphant, will mown in history as "Old Kverglades," just as . Benton is as "< 'Id Bullion," General Jackson 'Old Hickory," Colonel Johnson as "Old Teiseli," General Tailor as "Old Hough and idy," and Father fljtchie as "Old Nous VerMIf one linlf of Ilia nrediefinnu he realiv?rl distinction of having conceived and brought vard the measure, will be one that any statesn of any country might envy. It is to create, manufacture, out of a region of bogs, moles, swamps, fens, and sink-holes, a new te, greater in extent than Rhode Island and aware put together, and larger than the choolmaster State," Connecticut, and no.v the >rt of all kinds of imaginable reptiles^ from the lite, or sea-cow, (or walrus, a species of the "a weighing two thousand pounds, one of which . Harney killed in 1810) down to the tiny muso and sand fly, and including every variety of kep, and a choice assortment of alligators, ;s, and terrapins, lizards and bugs, and transgnfy it into orange, citron, lime,lemon, pinele, and banana groves. It is an extraordinary ject, even in this day of wonders. What are coming tol Steam engines, lightning telegraphs, roads, and the daugereotypr, have been invented nnexation is pretty well understood, and is now pttled principle of the laws of nations?and now have a plan to make a new country, out-and, ab ova, or rather ah wampoWe should not surprised were some irenius to propose to make new planet, and set it agoing in " ethereal ce," provided Congress will grant him a preptive right to all the lands in it, and if it can arranged and settled in advance that there shall no dispute about the Wilmot proviso principle ree soil. It is said that the chief drawback to senator's feelings of exultation at the fair ipect of the good success of his scheme, is that ill cause the cruel destruction of myraids of >cent " varmints." The extermination of allies and snakes that will he occasioned by the ningof the everglades, will be beyond conlion. They will be unewamped by ine process uoposes, and tumbled, not into the Potomac, re he wanted to tumble President Polk about ar ago, but into the briny ocean ; which, it is i*?sea, would bo as disagreeable to them as t River to the vanquished politician. A geolo has hinted the draining the glades ot seven or it feet water Irom a region oi a hundred and ' miles in length by fifty in width,may possibly asion an upheaving of the limestone rock belli ; and ihus relieved from the superincumbent glit, it may occasion a kind of deputy earthke. " I don't care a fig." said the s-nator in y. "for your earthquake. If Congress wil! my State the land, or drain it at the public ?nae, they may pass an art directing an eai til* <e to occur once a week. It wouldn't stop >!e from raising limes for the punch-drinking kees j and, upon the whole, I prefer a si gat nklingot earthquakes and volcanoes, for th?y Id give us j-oine variety and scare off the hbo mats." tiould nothing more interesting be presented as substance for a letter, I may again udveit to subject, in my next communication, n Thursdny, the Rough and Ready Cub, as have alrer.dy been informed, held a meeting in Olympic theatre, where General Taylor was ttf, iind (Jen. < ass abused, by the whig memi of Congress. I.a?t night, ;<er contra, a Urge vd whs on the " free soil" in front of the plut1, near the I'man office, where, among other rets, the "federal party's ancestry" were fully ned by twoother members oi Congress, Messrs.

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