Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1848 Page 3
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g1 The Weekly Herald. The Wttkly Iltruld will, an usual, be retdj thia Morning, and will contain Mr. Webster's great speech on the Presidential candidates, the foreign news received bp the steamships Washington and Hibernia, election returns up to the lateet moment, and a variety of interesting miscellaneous intelligence. Single copies, in wrappers, sixpence. f Look Out for (he Engine while the Bell IB |!?I ?-ill sell for $Sa first rate pair of French Calf Boots, of my i'?ii manuiui urc. which 1 will warrant to outwear two pair ef i he common slop shop Boots, usually sold at $4 AO. I will sell for tf a first rate pair of French Patent Leather Boots. tb? bare W->rk i f which cost fit AO more than tho Patent Leather Boots, a?nal)y sold at $7 ami JR. Also, a larae assortment of Congress Boots and Gaiters. Taylor ami Oxford Tics, Brogans, to.,.which I will sell cheaper than any otherestntilishment In the uity. GEO. W. FBEN CII. IB Ann street. Four Dollars.?Tlic Subscriber takes tills method to inform las friends and the public at isrse, no alb ration has heen made in the prices of his fir t ipiality lists; and that the impression of his having sdvanved his prices, in confeuuence of the superior elegance and beauty of his Fall Style, 1. ?,! 1,,ls I... 1,1.. U. .sr.,i.. ,.l htrnfl,.,. Bro.idnav houses telling the same styfe of Hats at 'St per oent. higher. (lonin continues to sell Lis first quality cf Silk Moleskin llata at th? low prise ot four Dollars. J. M. DEN IV, 2U Broadway. Hiss Melton.?Wc ace toy Advertisement elsewhere, tLatthis talented and accomplished lady has forsaken, as is usual with all nightingales at the approach of winter,her oust mary summer resorts, ond is now nestling in a mora congenial lime If the duties to which she intends to devote her talents in future, deprive us of the Pleasure of again seeing her at our theatres, as was anticipated, wc, in commou with the public, ahull have much reason to regret it. Any j oung lady who dosires to accompany herself in singiug, and anyone, ospccially, who is learning the accomplishment with a professional view, will find in lira stcKenna, (late Hiss Melton.) a lady of tho most elegant accomplishments, and varied experience, and one whose assistance will prove of incalculable value in acuelerating her lingers. Wm. H. Becbc A Co., Hatters, 15fl Broadtray, New York, and No. Ills Chestnut street, Philadelphia, are bow selling their (all Lstvlo of Gents'fine Moleskin and Beaver Bats, and what they particularly desire is, that every gentleman purchasing, or sbout 10 purchase, a Hat, will take the iroublc to look at ir, so that he may know precisely the kind of Hat he is about to wear. A beautiful aseortment of Beaver and Castor Hats, reoeived direct from Paris, will he found at ti.elr establishmeut. A s , Indies'and Misses'Castor Bonnets. Ladies'Hiding Bats and Caps, Gents' and Ladies' Riding Glevos. Cmbrellts, Canes, Portmanteuas, Co.. Co. Tbe Plum lie National Dsruerrean Gallery 1 the upper corner of Broadway and Murray street, is the place whrir. the best srecim ns of tbe Da'suerreotvnc art miv be pro ured. The veiy large number of proofs on exhibition at thii Gallery will sritlsfyar.y one, upon examination, of the correctness of our statement. Hats! Kxcclslor Hats!?Hayes, 810 Broadway, corner of Fulton street, would inform hie cnstomere, and the public generally, that hia fall style of liata is ready now lor inspection. They wilt be found to possess all the latest elegancy and improvements. Do you Want, a Hat, a Uood Hat, a beautiful Hat, a fashionable Hat, a real atylish Hat, of exquisite model, lexutifuUy trimmed, accurately formed brim, and, withal, an economical hat, try one of the $1 Hate sold by WARNOCK, 203 Broadway. Beautiful Hats._Amot<K toe numerous Manntacturera of this indisi eus&hle article of dress. KNOX, of lit) Pulton street, is deserve l.y pre eminent. For elegance of ehape, exec lie, ce i f ipiaHty, and pecu'iar adaptation to the physiognomy of the wearer, hie Hats arc superior to any we have ever w.tnersed, and for durability, lightness, and cheapness, arc excelled by none. The lifetallc Tablet Strop, for Keeping Raters in perfect order, invented by G. Founders, year 1816.?'This article has been to long and favorably known, as to neod no com mcnt on its virtues. Suffice it to say, it has never been equalled for the purpoe s intended, the inventor having been awarded the usual premium at the Fair of the American Institute, on ?aeh seensimi that the article has been exhibited for competition. Certificates, as well from tho first geutlemen in this and other countries, and on tier a in all parts of the world, acknowledging its wonderful power, can le seen at tb? Factory, 117 Broadway, oner of Liberty street, and 387 Broadway. Wigs and Toupees _A11 persons wishing a superior Wig or Scalp should not tail to call at BACHELOR'S manufactory, No. 2 Wall streot, befire purchasing elsewhere, and sse his newinvsntcd Wigs, unequalled lor lightness, natural appearance, and durability. N. B.?Private rooms for fitting Wigs. I'mbrellas?Country Merchants wishing an assortment of well-made Umbrellas, ore requested to examine the Stock of ISAAC SMITH and Co., 236 Pearl street, near Fulton. The Cheapest and Meat Place In the City to get good Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, is at JONES', 14 Ann street, near the American Museum. First quality of French Call Dress Boots, $4 fit); second do, S3 SO to S4; Congress Boots, from $3 60 to $4i French Patent Leather Boots, S7. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens sold hy 11. B. Watson It Co., 15 Wall street, and J. V. Savage. 92 Fulton street, wnolesale and retail, at reduood prices. Cold Pons and Gold and 8 lver rosea In every variety. Tae celebrated "Richelieu" Pen sold exel uiriely as above. The points warranted five years. Gold Pens repaired. F Shoulder Braces, Trusses, Abdominal Sup* Krters, Body Belts, Suspensory Bandages, &c. The largest and st assortment in the city?all of the most nrprored patterns, together with an extensive assortment of Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, tic., wholesale and retell, by CHA?. J. RING, Druggist, 192 Broadway, cor. John. The beat Food for Invalids and Children, snd those puttering und<r Bowel Complaints, is Hooker's Prepared Farina?recommended by the (acuity generally. To be had at the p-ii:ci|?l drug stores. Wholesale, by flecker & Brother, 201 Cherry street. _ _ _ _ We call attention to Dr. lieveU's Enamelled notes, corner of Broadway snd Warren street, who has invented and patented tlds remarkable improvement in the way of te-th, the utility nnd Iwanty cf which can only bo under stocd by its actual inspect ion or use. ne csn touch lor 11 ueMrving great pulse ?A V. Exprtm. Timber and Timber Land?Wanted to Par. ohaic a tract of lard, heavily timbered with oak, maple, ash, or bceet,?or the tinier without the land? convenient for transi>ortati< n by water 'o New York. Addrew, post-paid, IUCKLR i BROTHER, 201 Cherry street. New York. Two Reasons tvlty those who are In want of French Calf B ots should get them at Governor Youug'a our * o'.d worthy friend, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, opposite our oilier: French Calf Boots f i 6(1, usually $(i and $7; Calf Boots $3 SO, usually ?4 SO and $S; Gaiters, to., equally low. T11E DOCTOR, Cllnhugh'a YYI^s and Scalps.?Stra liters and eitiicns will find the largest assortment of Iheso articles in thia countTy, at CLIREHCGll'S, 170 Broadway. They still hold pre-eminence for their peculiar lightness and elegance, their superiority of material, beauty of flnish, and, withal, their natural appearance. An examination will piorc their character. 179 Broadway, opposite the Howard Hotel. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONEY HAItKKT. Friday, September P 0 p. M. It was announced, early this morning, that the steamchip Hibernia, from Liverpool, with six days later news was telegraphed below Boston, and that despatches from her would he receired about noon. This at once arrested all business operations, no one feeling disposed to do anything, until the complexion of the intelligence now at band was known. The transactions at the stock board were consequently limited, without any material alteration in prices. Krie Bonds fell olT }i per cent; Heading Bonds, 1?; Erie Railroad, C?. fanton advanced At tbe second board, Harlem advanced per cent, and Norwich and Worcester >?. The sales in the afternoon were not large; but the improvementin prices shows the effect of the European advices. There was considerable excitement to-day in Wall treat, and the greatest anxiety existed to get the malls. The telegraphic despatches report an Important advance in prices for breadstuff*, notwithstanding the improved state of the weathor. There were small sales of Indian corn to-day, on 'Change, at a alight advance ; but operators held back, preferring to wait private accounts. Flour and Indian moal were most active in the London market, the demand for Indian corn being more limited. There appears to be no doubt but that tbe potato crop in Great Britain and Ireland would this year be almost a complete failure; and it had become fully certain that the grain harvests In the United Kingdom would be below an average. Reports from the continent, relative to the crops are satisfactory, and there will probably be an abun dance in most of the continental ports, for shipment to the markets of (.reat Britain, at moderate prices With the usual surplus inplaceswhlch have heretofore beendepvnded upon to makegood any deficiency in the crops of England, and the surplus of two immense crops In this country, prices cannot reach very high shipping points; and speculators in our markets may inflate iiuotatiocs so rapidly, and to such an extent as to nrrret. at an early date, shipments, and leave the Jlngli6h markets to the more reasonable speculators of the continent. The receipts of the Little Miaiui.Uallroad Company, lor lue nil n' 11 ui im ...... .... ? yeari?, were as annexed:? Lit n.i: Miami Railroad. A-nrift, W7. Augmt, 1848, Inerratt. Reetipti from r*fsengtril . .911.017 'JO I1* WO (Hi T.Dfi. 67 Re. Frleght #,27.1 *i 0019 OS 2,746 72 Totals 917,201 S"? 27,909 04 10,409 10 This inert una Is r.[ual to about sixty per cent. This road Is eighty-four miles long, and runs from Cincinnati to Springfield, Ohio. A connection has been made st Springfield, with the Mad River Railroad, which t< rminate* at Sandusky on Luke Krie. This opens, to the Little Miami Railroad, one hundred and thirty.four miles of road,running through the interior of the State, and gives It the whole of the through business from the North, from Springfield. This connection, and this immense Increase in the sources of bnaincf*, will give the Miami Company, a very great Income from this time forasrd. The connection just made between the Miami and the Mad River Railroadwill be of Taat benefit to Cincinnati in a commercial point of Tiew, and of immense importance to the whole section of country through which the road passes. Ohio will soon have a very extensive wet work of railroads covering its surface, which will develops her resources as rapidly as these works have the reaonrceaof New England, The yuaatJty of eertaia articles exported front Bos ton, for the years ending Sept. 1,1847 and 1848, was as annexed:? Cohhkbob or tiii Pout or Boston?Awvoai. Export*. ! Year utiiny Sept. 1, 1M8. 1847. Arples, bbls 9.8t5 lt,5M fceeswsx, pkge 367 734 Butter, kigs *'" ll,fiU7 1*4W Beef, fable, to? loreifii ports 8,391 Coast* ite ports 818 2.W9 BrtsU, Ibis 17,?8 17.38S Boots anil shoes, rtuos 82.007 BH. 12t! Caudles, texts 39,113 37,181 Lsshia, wait 82! 1.0U1 ?. assia, cutis 44 360 Cheese, to? l areixu ports, boxes 9.712 12,069 Coaatwiie porta, bores 560 373 Foreign ports, i asks 343 175 Ceeoa, bags !.<>? 1,763 | Coffee, bigs, to? Foieigu ports 36,676 25,920 Coastwise perts 68,613 127,782 Corn. Lntbels, to? Foreign potts 393,!M7 583,741 CeostwiM) ports 30,506 10,152 Corn meal, lels, to? Foreign pot ts 10,522 31,705 ti'easiwiee port* 833 657 Cotton, bales, to? Foreign ports 9,570 2.520 Coastwise ports 5,061 3,316 Dyewooeie? Logw ood, tons 1,990 l,373ta' S?i an wood, tons 726)? 239 Fustic, tons 191 101 Demesnes, pigs, to? Foreign ports 13,620 37.691 Fish, Dry Cod, el rums 2,030 1,162 Dry Cod, boxes 1,051 1,655 Dry Cod. ills 72,603 133,381 Mackerel, bbls. 87.017 82,919 Herring, boxes 36,653 32,019 Fleiur, W heat, bbls, toForeign ports 122,321>a 160,566 Coastwise do 21,626 17,015 Flour. Bye, lilds, to? Foiti|li ports 7,383 5.507 Hn 150 M G)ufh?ure, pkpB 2,443 3,794 Gunpowder, keg* 22,H9.r> 4,764 Granite, tone 2.780 4,020 C;!', piece* 1,012 2,382 Gunny Cloth and Bag*, bale* and bdl>... 14,403 10,902 llam?,hhd* 947 809 Hams, tierce* 373 477 Ham*, bids 624 222 Hatuf, No 6,233 6,098 Heni|>,balec 7,887 9,297 Hemp, ton* 1413a 319 llidc*, bale*. Coaitwiae 2,297 807 little*, number, tc? Foreign port* 4,841 10,900 Coaalwiic do 116,019 1U3.225 lion*, bale*, to? Foreign port* 362 463 Cowiwise do 376 363 lee, tot*, to? foreign port* 21,709 19,920)? Constwite do 37.070* 31,252 Iron, ton* 6,416,'a 4,480 Iron, piece* and bdl* 11,876 14,137 ludigo, 627 363 Lard, keg* toForeign Port*.,.: 43,709 36,737 Coastwise do 3,103 2,600 Lard, bbli, to? Ft reign 1'orta 13,820 3354 t.'oaatwiru do 2,430 1,218 Lao Dye, case* 90 18C IJnieea, Inge " 30,030 31.036 Lead, white, keg* 1,679 1,312 J Lead, pigs, to? Foreign Port* 3,014 6,230 Coaatwire 10,889 3948 Lime, cask* 17,617 10,217 Lumber? Shook*, box, and hhd, II 376 394* Board*and plank, M 9,470},' 7.29*>2 Stave* anil'leading 618* 168* Boope, H * 13,318 1,665* Shingles, M 1,737 2,196* olaite*, to? Foreign Fort*, hhd* 3,560 6,237 Coastwise do do 11,666 18,635 Foreign port*, tc* 382 1,312 B Coastwise do do 361 1,701 Foreign poits, bblt 199 85 Coastwise do do.... 336 216 Nail*, cask* 38,086 10,105 Naval Store*? Koain, bbl* 19,535 21,103 Spirit* Tnrpentine 3,152 %192 Tar, bbl* 6,513 5,060 Filch, bbl* 7,215 3,912 Turpentine, bbl* 6,127 1.217 Pepper, bags 12,971 17,347 Plaster, ton*... 10,053* 6,336 Pork, bbl*, to? Foreign ports 23 609 27,255 Coastwise do 7,061 9,375 Oil*, bbl* - 8.807 10,501 Rice, tierees, to? F reign port* 3.901 1^215 Coastwise, do 149 317 Biec, barrel*, to ? Foreign ports 8(0 831 Coastwise, do 10 816 Rum, Lhda, to Foreign ports 906 1,456 Coastwise, do 305 701 FoieUn ports, barrels 7,936 1,773 Coastwise, do. do 5,517 5,249 Raisin*, boxes 23,511 36,818 Raitins, casks 568 2,339 Salt, tacks 46,550 26,477 Salt, hhd. 10.732 10,023 Shellac, cases 790 1,205 Snmae, bags 4.271 6,659 Ssltpetrc. i tgs 17,796 35,482 SaisapariJla, bales 332 638 Sugar, toForeign port, boxes 6,863 7,822 Cosstwrisc, do. do 4,851 5,455 Foieign ports, bags _7j 285 Coastwise, do. do 7,707" 1,876 Foreigh porte, barrels 4,056 1,774 Coastwise, do. do 2,857 5,926 Foro gn port*, bhds 863 126 Coaitwisc, do. do 1,403 3,863 Soap, boxes 74,896 JAM2 Tin plate, boxes 966 1,106 Tobacco, leaf, hhds 1,101 1,888 Tobacco, bales and catei 3,419 3,772 Tobacco, kegs and boxes H.542 9,261* Tallow- barrels .J?15 Tcs, chests Wheat. Luthfli i/,izr Whalebot.f bundles ti 1,941 Wool, bale*, to? Foreign porta 5H 215 Coastwise, do 4,520 3,149 There has been an increase in the exportation of the principal manufactures of that section of the coun try, such as boots and shoes and domestic cotton goods but the bulk of the exports was in agricultural products. The export trade of Boston has not varied so much in the year just closed, compared with the previous year, as that of this port. It has not beon so much affected by revulsions which have swept over Europe. This is attributed to the difference in the course of trade. The principal foreign markets for shipments from Boston are the West Indias. South America, Eastern and Western shores, British North America provinces, and Africa; and they have not fluctuated so much, not having been so much influenced by the revolution in politioal and commercial affairs as the markets of Europe, the foreign trade of Boston is not subject to those financial speculative influences which have such a disastrious effect here, and in more Southern ports. This is the grand , focus of speculation; and as it is also the depot for about three-fourths of our foreign imports, and nearly one- j half of our aggregate exports, the expansions and con- 1 tractions in this trade arc more felt here than in other : parts of the country.' The variations in prices for cotton < influence the exports of our Southern ports ; but there . is nothing important likely to transpire, calculated to have any very great influence either way, upon the foreign trade of Boston. That port enjoys almost a monopoly of most of the foreign markets to which j it makes shipments ; and its trade consists of such an ; endless variety of articles, that the aggregate very ! seldom varies any important amount. A steady in- , crease has been realized within the past ten years, and I there is not much donbt but that the commercial (lasses of that section have gone beyond their depth, ! rte system 0/ internal lnjproY?m?nt" has been 6C ex- I tensive that an immense amount of capital has been , drawn from the channels of commerce, without that diminution in the operations of trade which should follow such reduction in the means sufficient to ensure I safe results. The enterprise and energy of the people | of that portion of the Union have carried them forward j too rapidly .and the linaneial embarrassments they hav" ; experienced during the past year will, we trust, teach them a little caution. The manufacturing Interest of New Kngland has been slightly crippled; but as the manufactnrers have determined to make a clean sweep, and start new with clean warehouses, there are hopes that they will speedily recover from their losses. The railroad mania has been checked a little; but the works in process of constructian will probably be completed Stock Bichtnge. V"Hi Trcas Nts, 6's in* 103*4 SO -In Morris Canal .% I lf)8U0 do 1U??4 00 _ do bJO | 1UI0U Uu nm llfl'. in jersey nn i"i WOO do WO lOSjT M Canton Co 700 U S 6't, '6H 104'4 125 do '000 Indiana ,Va 61 260 Nor k VTor RR 1(100 Erie 7 rcr <-. Bond* !WP, 1U0 do bfiU .77 1000 do 9.1,'< ?1 do (dW 36K 2000 Reading Bond* 6S 100 do nw 36W 106 lint Manhattan Ilk Ml 26 do .VP? 25 Kk ol America 0I\ 60 lUrUm KR h'W 61 20 do 01 >4 60 do Imw 03M 60 Heading KR .72'4 60 Erie BR new, full 01 100 do 1)10 72>d 40 do 67* 100 Morris Csnal ?>Z Second Board. 160 eha Nor h WVr RR * 25 Brie, full 'JO 6.7V 26 do 76^ 260 llailem KR 51V 1(10 do Idim 10 do 54>? 75 do 30K 100 do 54 700 do .76,S 100 do *00 64 60 do UiO .77 60 Canton Co Hi lot) Reading Mort Honda (>V)n 100 Reading RR J2'% 200 Horde Canal bCO t??, CITY TliADK HKPORT. Nan York, Friday, Soptamber 8-2 P.M. 1 bo markets generally phis morning, are unsettled, owing to the arrival of the foreign advices. The business done was therefore small. Asm *?Are firm, at $5 60 a J.5 87,'?' for pots and < pent Is. Cotton?Is unsettled by the news, and it is thought a decline will be submitted to. No sales transpired. h i our. Re.? Before the u?wr was made nuhlio, about 2600 barrels Western flour changed hands, including the various common brands. at'fO 00 and $0 o?U, showing an advance of fl'^e. per barrel over the cloning rates of yesterday. Holders, after the news, pnt the market np to ?0 25 a $0 01'4 ; but whether any sales were effected at those figures wo eould not ascertain. South*rn continues firm, with moderate sales. In Wheat we conld hear of n? operations. In Corn there is but little doing, and the only sales reported are 6 000 bushels Southern white, at 65o . and 1 000 ditto round, at 77c , both of which sold before the steamer; the only sale sfter was 2,100 bushels damaged New Orleans, at Ole. Rye Is fteady, with fair (alee at 72c. a 73c. Paevistowe- There is a moderate demand for pork thin morning at til 75 for mess. and $9 00 for prime Bert i? firm at $12 76 for City mew. in Cut Meats the market is dull, and nothing of moment is taking place. I.ard is held firmly ut yesterday's <(u?U:iona; but buyers rhow little disposition te operate. ^Krid4T Ai rrssoos, September 8?8 P. M. The week's later news received by the iliberoia, and published in an Extra lit raid at an early ho .r, had the effect of making holders of Breadstuff* more firm in their asking rates?but. In the absence of letters, buyers did not appear inclined to enter the mark't freely. Sules of Klour, before the news, were made at yesterday's prices. On 'Change, holders demanded an advance of 25c a 50c per barrel ; but there were no buyers at the prices demunded ; and, hefere the clqso, sales were made only 0>fc a K'SJc advance ou rates current before the news. Wheat was unsettled, and prices nominal. Corn was held at an advance; but with the exoeption of round yellow, we heard of no sales above previous prices. Meal was unsettled. There was no change in Rye or Oats. Provisions were firm, with an upward tendency in Pork, Lard, and Beef. Sugar, Molasses, and Coffee continued firm, with a fair amount of sales. The news appears to have exercised no decided influence on the market. Brkidjtish? Flour?The sales before the news ^uj?ataictvumuiuu UDUDOVV, t/nTr^w, **u. , a III Jll U L?*U to about 3.000 bbls. at $0 a $0 0?W: after the receipt ! of the news, about 2,000 bbls were disposed of at $6 t a $6 16\, including some small lots pure tieuesceat i the latter figure: 200 bbls. City (Croton mills) sold at t $6 26: there was no change in Southern. K".?-,*t? P No sales transpired, and prloes were unsettled. Cam I 0 ?Before the news, sales of 6,000 bushels Southern white ? at 66c; 2,000 do. New Orleans damaged, at Olo.; uad y 10,000 do , round yellow, at 77c. After the news, 20 000 h bushels round yellew sold at 78o.; 2,600 do. at 80c ; ft 4,000 do. Southern white were sold at 67>?o.; 2 700 do.. P high mixed, at 71c.; after 'ohange, some lots brought 71 a 74c. Rye- Sales of 2,000 bushels wero made at 73c. I Hye Flour? Sales of 200 barrels were made at (4. Oats 1 ? Sales of 10,000 bushels canal at 34^',c u 35){o. ? Receipts down the Hudton River. a "Wheat flour, barrels 1.087 f corn, Dusneis 6 331 u Wheat 7,823 li OaU 11.88S . Rye 6,4.24 i Coffee.?'There was a fair demand from the trade, J very at full prices; St. Domingo was said to be >4 of a a eent better. 0 Cotton.?The sales to-day were limited to about 500 '' balvs. The accounts by the steamer do not appear to * have had any effect on the market. We quote , Liverpool Classification. N. Orleatu ' Mobile and ' Uflandt. Florida. Tixat, Inferior......? none none BWaBV 0 Ordinary bit abU BV %bji 6 a f. < Middling ?jjatM 6K%6& , Good Middling 6% aliii 6\a6^i (,% a7 1 Middling^-ait 6jJ a tifj 6jJa7 7# a7K ,J Fair ... 7 a7 7*a7X 7&a7m I Fully Fair 7V a 7K nominal 8a K? 1 Good Fair 7*4 a 8 nominal V^aSU 1 Fine nominal none nominal f CorrER.?We notice a sale ol'50.000 lbs old, on terms 1 not made publie. J Fish?The operations embraeed 1500 boxes herrings. 0 including No. Is, 2s and scaled, at 25, 05 and 00c., and ' 300 quintals eed, to arrive, at (2 02)f. 1 Freights.?Rates were unset 1 led by the new, and, in the aosenee of letters due by her, quotations were nominal. 1 Fruit ?The market for raisins was firm at $2, with ' sales of 500 boxes; sales were al-o made of 50 cases ! Canton preserved ginger at $6,0 mos. e Ginseng.?Sales of 4,000 lbs. were made at 80c. II?.nr.?A sale of 100 bales Manilla was made at S.'^c. 1 ?time. Lime.?Sales of 4,600 barrels were made at 76c. 1 Moi.askks continued firm, with salen of 260 hhds. tart J Cuba, atl8)(0.; and 120 do. Porto Rieo, at 27c ., 4 mos. 1 Naval Storks.?We have but to notice a sale of 100 7 barrelp spirits, at 42*4c. cash. Oils.?The market for linseed was steady, with ? moderate sales, at our prey ions quotations; manufactured winter sperm has advanced 2c. per gallon, and is now held firmly at $1 16 a $1 20. ^ Provisions?The sales reached about GOO bbls of pork [, at $11 87)* for mess, and at $0 for prime. Some small lots were made by retail (in one instance 30 bbls) at 1 $12. Beef?About 100 bbls Mess Chicago, sold at J $14. Lard?Sales of 400 bbls and 100 tierces were made at 0c. and 60 a 60 bbls at SJio. The market closed firm, 100 bbls extra grease lard sold at 67?c. Butter? 1 Bales of Ohio were making at 10c a 11c, and extra do J at 11c a 12c. This State was selling at 6c a 7c. '' Cheese was worth Go a 7c. I Ric k.?The Hihernia's advices had a tendency to ? strengthen prices, and sales were made ata U of a j cent advance from previous quotations. n SoAr.?100 boxes red mottle Castile changed hands v at 11c., short time. SroAit?Continued in fair request, with sales of 200 a bhds. Cuba Musovado at 4)4 a 4)4c, and 120 do. New " Orleans at 4 a 4>4c. } Tkas.?At the sales, to-day, the attendance was fair j] and bidding spirited. Prices ruled much as the previ- # ous one. importations per ships Heber, Saxonville, t Samuel Russell and Panama. Terms, notes at six a months. Hyson?10 half chests at 34J4 cents per lb; 72 do 34. Young Hyson? 35 half chests 06>4; 10 do 64; , 27 do 6S>i; 10 do 56X; 10 do 58; 30 do 53; 30 do 48*; 267 do 47; 10 do 41X; 00 do 41; 10 do 40)4; 15 do 39)4; I 20 do 39)4; 162 do 37,'..; 55 do 37; 124 do 36,V, 235 do i 36; 173 do 35>4; 60 do 83; 25 do 31; 116 do 3014; 53 do 28; 100 do 27','; 321 do 26; 30 do 25; 55 12 lb boxeR 24; | ! 20 do 23.','; 77 half chests 23; 130 do 22; 86 do 31)4'; 27 do 20,','; 17 do 20; 548 do withdrawn tiunpowder?82 i half chests 60; 15 do 41J?; 30 boxes 20; 227 half chests i 28: 10 do 27),; 132 do 27; 25 do 20; 50 boxes 22)?; 66 I half chests withdrawn. Imperial?64 half chests 49; 10 do 47.', ; 40 do 47; 10 do 31; 88 do 20; 42 do 28'.,'; 100 I do 27 : 34 do 26>?; 47 do 26>?; 33 do 24*. Hyson Skin? ) 165 chests 20; 48 do 17J,'; 13 do 16,'.'; 380 do 16. Oolong ( Souehong? 30 half chests 30; 101 do 31; 45 do 30.','; 20 ' do 30; 169 do29* ' Whalemore?The last sales Northwest were made . at 26c. Whuksv?The market was firmer. Sales of 125 bbls Drudge were made at 28c, and 100 do, State Triscn, I after the news, at 27),c. J WiNtt?We notice sales of 100 quarter casks sweet , Malaga at private bargain, and Maraschino In lots, at < $8 per dozen. i Family Provision Market. Wahiiincton Market, Sept 8th, 1848. ' Meats ?Betf Strak ? Porter house, 14c. per lb ; sir- j loin, 10c. a 12',c. per lb.; roasting, best quality, 12','c. per lb.; inferior, 7c. a lOc.perlb.; corned 7>o a 8c.; I tongues. 50c. a 62,',c. each, I'ork ? Krcsh. 6c. pur lb.; salted, do.; smoked, 10c.; hams, lOc.perlb. Lamb? ! 7c. a 10c. per lb. Mutton?6c. a 9c. per lb. Vtal?6c. , a 14c. as per quality. Fun?Salmon (fresh), 18c. a 25c.: do. smoked, 25c.; | do. pickled. 10c. a 12',c. per lb.; bass (striped). Sc a lOc.perlb.; do. sea, 8c.; weak fish. 5c. a 0c.; eels. 0c. j a 8c.; black fish, Sc.; halibut. 5c. a 6c ; blue fish, 4c. a 5c.; codfish, 5c.; porgies, 4e. a5c.; flounders, 4c. a 5c.; mackerel, Sc.; shad (smoked), 10c. Shell Fiih? Lobetere, 6c aOc. per lb.; clams. 60c. a $1 per hundred; oysters. 60c. a $1 a $3 per hundred, as per quality. , Touli nv?Turkeys, >1 a $1 25 each; chickens, 37>?e. i a 76c. per pair; ducks 60c. a 76c. per pair; geese. 37,'ic. i ft Ht. IMbi 1 CiiKKtc, kc.?5c. a 9c. per lb. Laid? 7c a Oc. per J lb. Latter?16c. aL'jf, per lb. /.'?gs?10 for IS)jC. ], string, 8c. a 14c. per peek; butter, Sc. a 10c. perquart; eggplants, 4c. a tlo. each; car- I rots, 3c. a 4c. per bunch; squashes, 3c. a Sc. each; onions, 31c. per peck; cabbage, 2o. a 4c. per head tomatoes, 25c per basket; beets, 2a. a 3c. per bunch; J potatoes, Irish, 50c. a 02,'jC. per bushel; do. sweet, 25c; , a 37>jC per peck; pumpkins, 6b,c. a 26c. each; pep- , pers, is;(c. per hundred; green com, 25c. a He. per 1 hundred; cucumbers, 25c. per hundred. okra,25e. per hundred; radishes, lc. a 1,','c. per bunch; leeks, 0c. per bunch; turnips, 3c. a 4c. per bunch. Kbuit?reaches, 25c. a $1 26c. per basket; pears,25c. a 10c. per basket, apples, 26c. a 37Sc. per bushel: f fages, 51Uc.? per peck; grapes, 60c. per basket; plums, ? S^c a 26c. rr peck; pine apples, 12)*o. a 37)?c. each; ~ water melons, 3c. a 16c. each; nutmogs, 2c. a Oc. each; nectarines, $4 per basket. v Berries?Cranberries, 37jfo. per peok. 1 K Hkbjis? Parsley. 4c. per bunch, thyme, 2c. ft lc. per t)o j sage, 2c. per do; mint, 2c. per do. ? S1AHKKTS EL8BWHERG STOCK RAI.SS. 1 Boston, September 7-?At the Hrokert1 liotird?100 shares t Rending Railroad, tV, 10)4; 2 do. Boston and Worcester Kail- 1 road, t) do Bunion nnu Maine Railroad. 10!7 >1". Old t'o|. ny Railn id, 1-7 a r7117 do. Vermont and Miuwn iiuv-tts R.iil- j read. Ml SO do. Nortlssra Railroad, b90, flfe 2 do, do. 4 do. Kit. 1. org Railroad,111)*; J do. Western Railroad. 100b,; .VI d 1 do., sll'ni, 100; 6 do. East Boston Company, 11?.,: I do. Eastern I Railroad, 1U1 '4; 3 do. Fall Hirer Railroad, 86'In d >. It J,"n nnd 1 Sandwich Ol.if.i Company. 80: 0 East Boston Dividends, No. 3, S,'4; 06 rights Vermont Central Railroad, $3 a 3 26; 17 do. Boston and Maim- Railroad, $1 23: $2,nut Reading Railroad Honda, IojO, 36)7 a 63ft; M.OUU Boston City G>, 1863,00, At t/ir .Second Hi i/ i.?2 shares Mi reliant,.' Bank. % udr: 12 do. Cheshire Ka'lroad, 73 a 73)?: 19 do. Boston ami W op ester Railroad, 9,'Ja lv; 63 rights Vermont and Central Railroad, 2'4 a 2Ja. I'mt.A nri.riiia, Sept. "?Real Unorit?It*' State l"? sfi; HWi>Lehigh 0 a 63*; -'*? L' 8 b >, '<.7101 %; 123 Lelugh CoalS-rlp 82'? i 32> do 82; 2000 Reading Mort Bda t)2>4 : 20 1'enn KK!I; ho Median Uk2d'i; 11 N Otiaa I2U Hecoiul Honrd-100 Stat- 5's 7SX; lono BubTna* Nta "08 38 W ; 1250 Lehigh Coal Scrip -2; l'JOO Reading RR Mort Bdt M1,. Baltimoas, 6?i-t?mij?r7.?f3000 United Sutler ? u.' ljili on . time, 106KFORKIOX .MARKETS. ( Kingston, (Jamaica.) Aug 7. Flour has baen chiefly . under the control of one holder, and tin- stock not bar- 1 ing been rery large, the price I* steady. Among the rales arc 1,600 barrel* at 38 a 40*. Corn Meal?'l'ho stock Is ample, and some parcels hare been offered at auction whlrh brought 10s and 2<K) bid* I'hilad-lphi 1 i at IP*. Carolina Riee, of which the stock is hoary, sells J at 20s. Bread?Waf son's rang.-s at Irom 1'.'n'21-i .with | an abundant supply. Butter a lod , and COO kegs Nora Scotia has brought only 8'ail I.aril is scarce. Miid now readily commands 7d. Candles are in cxees- i .1.. ..,..1. . n ,1 I..I.,- r u.i , m.i. -nl... 1 n.??. n.|irj, " ? ' Wllll'U-Iire stock cf this description now on hand is about OtX) 1 tierces, and "ells at 10 a 21s. Mackerel IS a 'lis. Her- " ling 18 a 20*. Salmon 48 a 66*. Pork OT a 72a. I!am? &)? add Beef 48 a 52s,and t ho descriptions of Amerig can product* without change in previous quotation*. Mavaokk*, Aug. 18.?Our mnrkot ha* been awept : clean of everything outward, and no goo.l parcelit It ft, , ven of very inferior quality A email cargo could not 4 be made, as the demand within a few days lia* h *eu great for Knglish orders received by the last steamer, and everything mode engaged at$2a$2&0. Vessels J are expected to takeaway the sugars bought, ami we n suppose that In two or three weeks hence creryihing g will have been shipped away. We have Trry little t change to notice In our Import market Supplies continue small, but owing to the great scarcity of money 4 the demand is very limited and dealers will only buy * for their immediate w auts Flour and Meal are still i abundant and dull?no sales. Of Lumber and < oopcr J Stuff w e have a large supply, and there will be no de- 1 mand for three or lour weeks. j IASKE BOIL.?THE I KINCII'LES OF THE FREE SOIL 1 M: Fattv will ho diautwed to morrow, (Hund.iy). at 24 Delasoy street, commencing at JX o'clock. I arsons ul all political (pinions nil' inviti il to mli o l. Scvoral eminent s,suiters will he present. Tor part cnlars, see Age of Reason, p ibl. tied at 21 Aro street _ mo TBI BOLD niMDfl or I1AKRV CLAY. vow is JL the time to strike In the enthusiastic, spoiiUm'sus, and Inreprtssiblc movement of the pocple, w hkh is spreading like wild hie threngh the aeuntry. Croaking and toward!; fricmla are ? csmsfly requested to go ovrr to the eaerny, at victory if in view. g I^IKST wakr- AT A meeting ok TIIK r?r.M??''iAno . wl igl U tl.e liit wsrd, hi'M at i' e Atlantic uarden, imouaot 1 install on Friday evening SepLSth, f*r th? mirpomor c.toeing ol 'nur de'egatcs t" the 1st Assembly distr ct, ana to ohoo*e a dels ii ;ate to represent the district in the Suite convention, to beheld ? it I'lieB on tiie 14th it*y of Sorotomber, iu?t. Edmund Ortifta, Eeip. was esl'ed to Uie Chtlr, lad Th' A W. Jcro tie and Jaooh Kooivelt were unanimously app .inted Secretaries. On motion it sssrciotoed to go into bullet for delegates, whioh reralttd in J Ihe ele ice i f Jeicpli Jamison, James Duseiibcry, Wm. Fl !?; and ? Peter W. Vanboughton. On motion, rcolred, tint the do> pites lave t??*r to till vieancie*. Tho meeting wa* ably addressed hy J; Ice-1 rt Blunt, Esq , and great cntliusi nm was maaifhited for * I'u j I' rajid Killinorc, Tho I ,llow ing resolutions were im toiiiioua J' idoptcd;?Resolved, That a? a part of the old whig guard we ' uond by our Hag. and our principles in supporting an onrcandi- " late for President. Gen./whury Taylor, a nan who ha* givei 2 .heword of a tried soldier and true pit! lot, that he is a whig in rcinriple and opluion, and ae inn h would have given hit vote for li nry Clay in IP44. We hi* brtve.ry. hie modesty, and hi* *} ihilily.anil a* ?nch will use our litmnstcxortion* to plaoe him In ~ he executive chair. Resolved, That in Milliard Filltuore we tind *' >ne cl our own home, Bute, aud heart*: one who has been twiee n the eottnsils of the Stale and country, and who in all the rela- J1' Iol* of life, private and pnhlie, han proved himself lioueet, cipa> PJ ile, and worthy of the sullragcs ofsnenlighte cl iieople. 1 EDMUND (JK1FFIN, Chairman. TllOW.IS A. J FROM E, ) o,?., Jacob RagVaIX. i Sectaries. J ATA MEETING OF THE UNION R1 TUBMEN, OKI.DAT *! *1. their Armory. National llall, on Thurwlny evening, Sept. 7, a lie following reeoluliona werounanimously ad ptcd, and oraored 11 0 ?e pufcli?hcd:?Resolved, That the thanks of the company are . tninently due, and are hereby tend red to the Proprietorof the I lanrion Ilouee, Rockawny, Mr. 1>. Mullins, for hie politeness and rnly literal entertainment, duriug tho reoent stay of the com- r,? any at his house. Resolved. That the eini ere acknowledgments J. f theeomnunv are also tendered to the ladies and gentlemen? ties'* at the Mansion Ilonso?for the cordial welcome manifested f y them towards the company. Resolved That tho company * mild also return ackuowledr-tneut* to the inhabitants and oarders of the several residences at Rockaway, for their many ut Ivors, and for their flattering reception of the company at that laee. CapL JDllN T. El,LIS, Chairman.

J. C. Pih.i.ahp, Fco'y. i I^ASSENCERS BYTHE STEAMER FALCON WILL TLT.AaE 1 be on bonrd at Pier No. 4, North River, at 'J o'clock A. M., I the ship will sail precisely at 10. w "t EI.F.BRATEI>TROTTING IIO tSK. RIl'TON, FOR SALE.? , ^ This famous nag is i ow In the market, and in as line ooudition i,j .. ..v ?.?. ...v?.rr, rut-mi i?na Ol Slii'CIl UOrSCS, aU'I 11| ingle driver*, and afew Cart Horses. To be seen at ? MARSHAL*. Hi WILKIN'S Stable, 21th street. VAUTILU8 LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.?<HTICK, '] No. lis Wall street; accumulated fund, $135,0(10.? The epor- ce lions of thla company are purely mutual, the aaaured Isting the (,t uly proprietors. Fifty per cent, of the premiums for thru-- yean xi n succession have heon returned to the assured in sorip, hearing 0| n annual interest of fix per cent. Office huura fruit 11 till a 'clock. Medical exaiuinstiona from 2 till .'I every day. losses L romptly paid. A. M. MERCHANT, President. t Pi.inv F??:man, Actuary. m rITIAN'S VENUS.?THIS Ml CU ADMIRKD PAINTING jj has returned to this city, and is now offered for aale. It may e seen at tlio exhibition room, in Broadway, tirst entrance above f 'anal street. I PICTORIAL SHOW BILLS, CARDS, fcc., FOR COUNTRY e mercliants, printed in the neatest manner, and nt low prices, y THOMAS B. SUTTON, oiliue oi Sutton's Yankee Presses, 113 1 mltou street, corner of Nassau. All kindB of mercantile, com- J nertial, and ordinary business printing, doae at the lowest cash F irices. Specimens may l-o seen at the olfica. IF THIS BIIOULD MEET THE EVE OP JOHN ItlJRK OR I I Arm Maria Burk, from the town of Woodford, in the county ti f Oalway, ho or she is requested to call and see Jerimnh Twoliy, A rom the sb-vo place. IB' i* at present at the Planters' Hotel, ~ b Albany street, corucrof Greenwich itrect. T New York. 8eptW. 1848. 1 A VIOLIN CLASS FOR BEGINNKR& AND ALSO FOR I [V those who have tome knowledge of the instrument, will d oiumenco at the rooms ot the American .Mimical Institute, Slid c H roadway, Saturday evening, bthjinst., at 7 o'clock. Terms, a Five Dollars per uuarter, in advance. Free for all the tirst o vninp. H. MEIGGS, Principal. Stilt Broadway. l/f RS. T1I1BAULTS BOARDING AND DAY SCUOOL J lVJ. No. 15 Washington place, willro-opcn on Monday, Sept. 11 e R8. MACK 1NNA (LATE MISS MELTON) WILL RE- , . X commence her Tuition in English and Italian Sinking, with i 'iano ai compan uiciit, on Monday, Sept. II, at 410 Broadway. t Notice.?ir oans springer will call at the j office of Richard Watson, at It Exchange Place, lie will hoar t if something to hia advantage. \TOTICE?GEORGE ELL1NOR, WHO LEFT ENGLAND , La twelve yeara aince, and has rocontly resided at Galena, 1111ioIs; also, at New London, Conn., may hear of his uster by tend- < ng his address tE. ELLINOR, .12 Broad sr., N. V. NOTICE.?AIL PERSONS HAVING BILLS AGAINST J La the Steamship Fnlcon, will please present the same for set- c lement, without delay, at the office of a WKTMOKE & CRYDER, No. 7.1 South stroet. B NOT1CE-OF SOME IMPORTANCE TO THE PUBLIC.? ( LEARY h CO'S Moleskin bilk Hats, of the finest i]aality and itect fashion, emtrae ng all the most recent improvements, and P n?xcelled by any herctofori produced, will henceforth he sold at 'our Dollars each. The additional prepnrxtiois made for the ' lanufacture of this article, the increased facilities enjoyed for t r 'curing from France and in this market, the choicest necessary j latcrials. and the greatly extended sales anticipated hy L. h Co , . i arrant them in affordi ng the article as above. J I.F.AKY Si CO., lluttcrs. N'os. ii, 4, and "> Ast ir House. ? r\II! SUSANNA'?ANOTHER EDITION OF THE ABOVE ? LF lieautiful Song of Christy, is Just issued. Also, ' Giro me " l:c Gal with tho Blue Dress on,' "Dandy Broadway Swell," " 'We'll have a little Dance to-night, Boys,' "Uncle Gabriel," F Old Pee Deo," "Carry mo bock to Old Virginuy," I soon her , t de Window," " Suko of Tennossec," "Way down 8 mth in ilabama," Ike.; also, "Ahhot'sBird Polka," " Lovary I'elka," ** nd some new songs,, Ike. C. HOLT. Jr., 1 200 Broodwav. comer of Warren st. 0 i. r Bounty land, extra pay, prize money, be.? Soldiers, Stamen, Marines, and the representatives of those 0 le ceased, can have their claims secured without dcluv he wnnlvins t ;o A. M. ROSS, 71 Nassan street ? ' & reward, lost, yesterday, in goino i'kom 1 Jl'lv the Ameriean ExchaugoJlank to Messrs. Drew, Robin ?>n i a Co., u tote Of the above bank Tor Five Hundred Dollars. The f idvcrtieer, who is a poor but honest man, hojws this will be thh c means of its being restored, to prevent suspicion froin his cm- 1 ploj( r. Apply at the Ameriean Exchange Bank. C rftin RE W A RD;?LOST, ON TIIE 22n OF AUGUST LAST t fp 1V a package of papers, on the comer of Mercer and J Broome streets, or crossing Mercer streot, near Broome, directed i to Mrs. Helena R. Kearney, or Mrs. Juliana Smith. New York. i ind written with a pencil, A. Chandler's power of attorney and rertif.oate of Dr. MoKnight The |>apcrs arc of no value to any me, and the finder will roceivo the above reward, and no ques.ionsasked, by sending them to J. M. S. SMITH, _ M6 Woostcrst ( ftl T() l,()AN ()N C,TV I'SOPIRTi', (ITIIICH f P 1 jUUv must le worth at least double the amount oaned )?Tvro sums of $l,U00 each; the one for three years, and h he other one year, at 7 percent. Apply to L 1'. CA.VDER. at c .'rook, Fowkes k t'o.'s, corner Liberty and West streets, from 10 d 1011. A.M. _ fi nno to i/)an on boni? and mortgage j fflOtEgV/v/vJ on productive real estate in this city or Br i >k t [yn, in one or mt re sums. Apply in the Batik Note Exchange n Office to JOHN >. t.'ONKET, No. 60 Wall at. _ , TO LET,;TIIE EASTERN HOTEL, NO. 27:' FRONT ST.. \ one door Irom Rosevelt?Immediate possession given. It , 3sn te kept on the plan of Tamtnanv Hall and Lovejoy's Hotel. < For terms apply to Dr. THOMAS llOYD, No. 201 Fourth atreot, . kt*K A.M.. ordl'. M. J COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE, OR TO I.EASE?AN ELE- J gant residence, entirely new, with p'easant grounds adjoin- ' tig. handsomely laid out, situated on the II udson Riser, about twenty miles from the city. Terms favorable. Apply to DJL SICKLES, 79 Nassau strct | For sale.-"the place," no. ho Nassau street, i long and favorably known as a Public Uouso. The cntiie, * >r a one half intereit of the aame, ia offered for sate. There is a Jj ong and very favorable lease. The house is replete with fixtures ' uid luiniture throughout. Mercantile engagements prevent the idveitiscr from devoting tho time which "Tho Place" requires. r [le would prcler disposing of an interest to a suitable person. For T particulars, inquire of LEWIS S. FORD, on the premises, be. " ;wten 10 A. M. and 1 P.M., or at 17S 8outli street, any other hour I >f the day. J| THE QUEEN'S HOTEL,OPPOSITE THE GENERAL POST V Office, St Martin's le Crand, London.?This magnificent Ho- 1 iol, having recently undergone extensive alterations, and a great portion or it newly furnished, will be found on trial to have no iral in the metropolisjboth In point of accommodation and molerate charges. Tho Coffee room Is one of the largest and r>"jt lomlortable in England. Board, $2 per day. Hot and Cold Hatha. THOMAS SPENCER LENNEY, Manager, r Formerly Chief Steward of tho British Queen Steamship, Releroneo in Mew York to Mr. G. A. White. 66 Cedar (tract n Window siiades?tiie largest and cuoicest ? took in the world, gilt cornices, paier hangings, cord, tux ' elf, brssicf, (to., at the lowest market prices Parries will call Q wfoic pup basing. BARTOL'S, 177> and 177 Willi tna St. I P Window suade depot, no. 7 spruce street t ITrihune Buildlng?.)-fiU,OUO Window Shades, rrom 1) cents " irwarda The largest ?fck in the United Pouthotn and ? A esleru purchaser* arc J?rti'.?;lirly mvitod to examine the a'mvo ' lock ; also, a Urge variety of i'a|>cr Hangings whieh the sub- " ctilcr oll'cri at groat bargain*. OTIS OttMSIIKK, I Manufacturer and Importer. 1 |A INE JEWELRY. WATCHED AND SUA ER WARE, AT o V moderate price#.?CH AS. STEWART, mannfacturer, No. ? .T John street, up stairs. Strangers can aolcct with conti lence, * a there are no imitations or interior goods made at this cstuh- * it hmenb ' CAST-OFF CLOTHING, jiwzlrt, FIRE iUU, lie. r Wanted.?Ladies or Oentlemea wishing to oonvcrt their anHrfluomfflctti into c.wh, will obtain full value for U?c by ifUlrcwiing the wlwftll. UbmA Um potl ojw (?r otherwise, d rbo will attend them at their residences by appointment " II. LXT1TT. 2 wau-ctn et v n Fait. n Books GRATIS-Asmodeus,or iniquities of NEW 5 York, will positively lie published to-morf w morning, at II ci I'clock prcrisely, and every perron to buy a copy, which ei annot be supplied, shall receive gratis any 23 cent bo ik in the b tore he maywUir. For talc at 3# Ann t'.tcct, New York, one Inor from the Star nfRee. I m Baling twine, bale rope, shoe thread, manil j It anu hemp Cordage, carpet warp, trine twino, "f every do- a iriptlon, wrapping and manufacturers' twines, cut aud wrought ^ laila, oakum, K icking, burlaps, gla'S, kr F r #alo by p CEIIRa ft CUMINi.. IIM P. ri street. { n OSIER Y DF.POT, 57 WILLIAM STREET NEW FORK.? * JOHN WHEELER. Jr., Isuccer#"r to The. Nicholls) hnl ? n store freth imporU.ious of Woollen and Cotton Hosiery, com rising everythingia the line of Gloves, Dsdwy, undershirt*, # Jrawers, fte., ke , which he will sell hv the case or single d ncn, | t the lowest market prices. - ? a I ) A h I STYLR SHIRT?, OF finb< I WORKMANSHIP. C I mule to inns Hire, l.j the hall deceit or more : uusmptseel n eountiy. ,'U) per cent less Dan pncj n?tiVly i dianrrd. I. C. FaKskLLS, of 1* ) -are Orr.a.lo?y faehiunaM' celebrity, uperlwt?dawl H. C. OOIOW. 118 William ?t, upstair* J UANCIfS - PIERCE'S 81'PKRIOR IMPROVED TWO OVEN I Ranges combining economy, convenience and durability. f rht-f run,tch are pronounced l>y tlic public os the most subslao- I ml and eftvetivc apparatus lorculinaiy purpose and lie tling of sa'er. over offered. Hundreds of references, of tic first respect- -t iMIIty. In all caws warranted togivr anti-faction OF OR UK PIERi K. an: Br Iway. i N. R?Pierce's Ranger repaired. ( 1AOR SAI.K?A MODERN, MOHT lllll.T. INTENSION J top wagon two scats, and nearly uew; was Imllt ttorderby J! 'landi an, of thl* city; cost novr to bo sold I >r $17-' Can e uron at TATTERHAl 1/8, ?ti Broadway. Designated a? No. J, Cb, In that establishment. IMPORTANT NOTICE.?M. WISE.OPTK I AN, 117 BROAD- {> I may, inform his friend* and customer ?nd the puhllt gen- " tally, he has returned from Saratoga, and is new ready to ~ ttcr.d to pcrrontynfl< ting from defective vision. Uis superior last re and corre> t application of the same, are snfllcirat tor-. tumend themselves. Ilia nsanrlment of Oold, Steel and Silver J' tsKtae'cs and Eve Glabra, ia the largest in the city. Remember !. 97 Broadway, lie also l.aa reesiveda large assort'nent of iu- " ictior 0| eta Classes. DR. CLOVER IS CONSULTED DURING TIIK DAY AND I < vfmiifc, at bis office, on all distance of a dolkate nature. . lis extract of eornlva, ooliebs, kt\, a < exiausivBty prescribed by I1 -hyaiciana, mi be had at hii store, In No. 2 Ann etrvet. " New No. 12.) * DR. JEFFRIES* ANTIDOTE IS TDK MOST EFFECTUAL " prrraial'.on aold for Oonorrhira and other disorder* of the * lexnal Orpsra. I-onp exrertenc* haa prettd that it etill radi- ally core any cam. "this desirable remit Is oMMnel in from " v o to ten days, and as it net ther ere n ten nausea n r offends the , lalate, and render* unnenassnrjr any deviation tn diet or in tor- '! nptlon to neuat pirMvta, eout. I sleep or healthy digestion, the j ititaanue in thns removed aa npeedily as in oonntment with the redaction of a thorough and i< nnanent lis insrodieut* re entirely tegetalie, and no ininrions eflcct, either eonsutntotally or loealljr, ean be tanaed tjr it* ute. I*rt?e SI par bottle. ? inle Asset lor tbie city, C. IL KING, 1W Breadway, eoraer John Wtet. " am iimn mirn k \" vsivn sm.k or choice m furiiitnrr. thie day. at U>'i ./clock, lit the old I'humli, corner > t Franlcinrt and tViliim atr-e'-e. includmn all the tinefurniture i the place. Ihan.forte, Oiyuu. Guitar, l\u itinjts, Re., torlose ill t and ny expenses. Alan, 3 splendid Book cs-es, THOl BF.I.I. Auction -r, I ACO.l*. I'l. ATF, AUCTIONEER.?F1NKGOI.D IE t'El.dV ' sud silver Wate I es, of a dealer declining l>u?in i.?Jacob S. latt will .vll this day, at 10 o'elou . at the auction room, ii'i latt uticrt. ai above, consisting of rich, ttue gold, lit Icacat tine wt'lry, viz: Chtii a, Sea's and Keys; t?uard Chains, Cold encils, l.ockeff, cut and fine (iiilil hi itce'eis, rich Uloun'lDgs; ink at il straw colored Topat Galley Sec logs, Silver Hea l niarr.'iite: t luster and Basket F ir-ri )g?: Gurnet, Pearl aril >ianond Kings; Snare, heavy Gold Guard Chains, ain -'e and oulle G"ld Spectacles; boxea of Silver Reives, Forks, anil 1 noons. N. li?The above are worthv of the city ro'ail trade, hi I II the article* are of tine quality. Aim, an assortment of line t oktmirn Class Cologne Bottles. and other toilet furniture; 1 iintd< les vlsntle Ornaments Fine Cutlery, Re. \l*\atllW J clock II eiitely, about#! Gold I .over and Anehur WVrhes nirt 1 r which are of IS karat fine ease gold dials, fu I and extra t tie's. Re. Ao. A' II), o'elnek, u splendid hrilliant l?ia- 1 ond Fin. very lane; also, one largu single a'onn, real hrilliant I in mind Rirr, nnd so vera I other rinirs and pins, some of which 1 every tlilltolf, ard coat $12110 or $300 MM h. f .liO iSKT.Al'crUINK.KK. I.AKCF BALI I 'ASHIO*> ahlo foniiiute This day, Saturday, September it, ID o'elnek. ; No. lis Broadway, up staira. Parlor and bedroom furiiitur< of IdoscrifG' Ui rosewood, walnut, and mahogany, in silk, plush, id hair oloth, TNE FEMME DE CIIAMliKK FliANCAHE OU Al.t.EJ mande, enchant coitfer et (aire des robes inuiile de bonnes onlinendatiuus. (suit trouver une plane avantiigenso en s ad meant on No. till Broome street, de 11 d 11 heurvs du matin, ou ipria nidi de S A fl henrea. ~1TANTED?A LADV'S MAID (TRENCH OR GERMAN). ' T wlio understand* hair dressinr, nail is also a good dremt. nker, will find a perm uncut nint desirable situation, l.y applying 4.Hi Drooine street, hetw con the hour* of 11 ami 11, A. M , ami 3 id .1, l\ M P. S.?Ootul reference rc'inired. JIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY?SIX SCOTCH GIltIA A 110 FT have heen accustomed to spooling cotton. Apply to IIORSTMANN, SONS fit DRI CKER, H Maiden Uni. MTANTED.- \ vol N(i MAN OK KM'BKIKNCB AS ft SnVmuu, in the dry goods business. It will also lie noaov lor him to write a good hand, and he willing to tnnku n self gem rally usclul. The It rality la one of the most healthy i town. A lite ral salary will let given to a rompeteat person, tidy by letter (po?t pain) to Box flwH. Poet Offter. no CITY ANDCOCNTRY MERCHANTS, tic ? WAN 1 ED I. hy a young man, having a knowledge of the Drier and tirory buaincsa, a situation as Assistant Itook.keeper, Collootor, or it-door Clerk. Is a good aeeuuutant, and writes fair hand, be beet of references given. Has no objection to go to anyjsirt the l imed States. Address, hy letter, A. V. K.. at thi- dies'. JITI ATION WANTED?AS WET M'RSE, HV A YOUNG * and healthy English Daily, who has Just lost her child, four ontlis old. Slie would neeept of such a situation in a family, ui produce excellent references. A line addressed Cuthoriue, i raid ( thee, giving address, Ac., will he attended to. I a OOK WANTED, FOR THE COUNTRY-A M1UDLE AGED ] J Wonn, to tako entiro charge of the Kitchen, and tin; wash- . g and ironing of a private family. Apply immediately at 1M h ambers Htrixt. 30ARD WANTED?in A GENTEEL FR1VATE family, 1 3 at Brooklyn, by a lady anil eon; near Fulton or Cuthciiue crry preferred, l'lcam addrr.-s A. M , at this other. Board in chamber .street, uk.-a large hion parlor on the second floor, handsomely furnielio l. with panry and cl< rets; will be let to a family, or to Bing'c geuReinsn. lso, a single room. Foeeoteion can be had immediately. 11 RS JAMES (j. DUGAN INFORMS MBit FRIENDS AND vA the public, that tiio Undertaking business of her Into husliand, a all its branchee, will alill bo carried on, for her benefit, at (ill Iroadway, by hie brother, Mr. John Dugau, who thoroughly uneratande tie business, and will giro hie personal ntteutiou to all alls she may be favored with, and ueo his beet endeavors to atisfy and please; She will be most tliankful lor the patronage f her late busbsnd's frionds. HLBEIK TAVERN AND 1'IIOF HOUSE, No. IU DEY r street, adjoining the Franklin MotcL?The subscribers beg to inncunce to the inhabitants of New York, visitors and foreigners, morally, that tbey have purchased tho lease of the above premies, whero they intend to carry on tho business of Tavern Keepers n every particular, and from considerable experiinco in the bush iese, trust to merit a share of public patronage. The house is at promt undergoing extensive alterations and repairs, and will he pen for business nn Wednesday next. Fartioular attention will a paid to the comfort of lodgers, Now York tit h September. By 1 MONCRIEI'F Ik DALLIMORE, fiom London. r() SFDRTSMEN.-H. RU93ELL, SIN) uts men's HALL ' lirooklyu, begs to inform the Members of the Brooklyn ( :luh, and the Sportsmen of New York, that on Monday, 11th I qSt, then will be a nninlicr of matches and sweeps shot, (at | 'Igeons) on the Bedford ground. LI. R. has provided 500 extra irds, in case of gentlemen within;; to decide" private matches, tagesleave Jackson Ferry lor Bedford every fifteen minutes, lit'..ting to coiumt 1 re punctually nt I'l A. M.ff M BEAT SALE OF LANDS, TOWN LOTS, WATER POWER Jl Ac., on the lllinoia and Michigan Canal?Notice ii hereby 1 ivca that, under the authority granted in the l.'jth aection of the ' aw of the State of Illinois, el' February 21, 1843, the Board of < 'rvstcca of the Illinois and Michigan Canal w ill offer tor ?alc at ublic auction, on the 1st day of September next, all tho Canal rinds, Tow n Lota Water power, and Buildings which aro inolncd in the deed of trust exocutcd hy the Oovcrnor of the State of , lliuois on the 2tith of June, 1845, in pursuance of Iaws of the said J tate of February 21,1W3, and March 1,1315, euacted for "the omplrtion of the Illiuols aud Michigan canal, and for the pay- f lent of tlio oanal debt:" That is to say, about 230,000 acres of J ind, all ly ing ur>on or within a distance of iivemilcnon either ; de of said canal, and extending the ontire length of same, 100 * dies, via., from Chicago, on Lulte Michigan, to the town of La alio, on the Illinois river; also, town lets in the eily of Chicago, 1 cel. purl, Juliet, Du Page, Kamkakne, Morris, Ottawa and La ] allc, including water power at several points on the canal?Ijockort, J diet, Knmkakec, Ac. The sale will oooimencc at Chicago j n the 1st day of September next, and will be continued at that lace, and, successively, at other towns on the canal, from day to ay, until all Uw said lands Ac. shall have been oLit-red fur sale, a directed by law. The tenus of sale are ; One fourth cash, tho esidne of the purchase money In tbreo anunal instalments besrug interest at 0 percent, per annum, payable annually iu advance. These lands constitute upwards of four fifths of the grant made in 827 by the United States to the Stato of lllinoia, to aid said State n the construction of a canal to unite the waters of Lake Miohi:an with those of the Illinois river, and are the same which were unreyed by the State to the Board of Trustees of the Illinois and tioliignn canal, for tlie purpose stated in the deed of trust, evented in due form by the Uovcruor of tho State, and recorded in he clerk's office of the counties of Will and of Cook. A list of he lands, lots, Ac. to be sold, will be mihlishod for distribution icfore the day of nle. Meantime, any intormation which may be eipiired by persons wishing to purchase, can bo had by applying it the Canal Ofiive in Chicago. WILLIAM II. SWIFT, )-iv?.i.?am?.?t. DAVID LEAVITT, J ^i?' notaand CHARLES OAKLEY, J Michigan Canat Office or the Board of Trofteee of the Illinois and Michigan ?anal,June 1. 1MH. rllK E AUIjK LI KB ANI) HEALTH INSKR A M !'. COMPAN V?Office, No. 40 M ali si.. Manhattan Bank Building; lo.3 Montgomery St., Jersey City; No. 11*1 Washington ?. Boston; apital, One Hundred Thou-ond Dollars. To those who np? lair* us of effecting a Life Insurance, this Company off :re more ivorahle inducements than me st other I.-tetHntfons. The capital utlioiiied by the legislature, is Too llundred Thousand Dollars, f which one hundred thorn and dollars has liecu purl In and ?cund. No dividends will he paid lo shareholders until the assets mcvnt lo two hundred thousand dollars. The Directors are perNll^tMponlHe to tin hunnd if the is impair'M by | mjroper management. Advantages which this Company holts , rot to InsurersI. An ample puia np capital to meet whatever , xtraordinary risks may artse ? Premiums lower than Mutual ,'ompanics. 3. No responsibility to insurers other thaa the payncut of the primiutn. 4. No risk of partuerabipm ith alloliisscs if pcrsi ns, mid its serious conseipienccs. \ No liability to have ,bs tnm intured reduced, or to make farther contributions in ca*e if mortality Icyond the estimated average, ti. The St" klioldors tod Directors having large inter ds In the Company, affords a soli rlty to the intured that its affairs will be eocauotcd so as to nfely and stability. 7. Promptness and liberality in settlement >f claims. Insurance will he effected w ith or without profits. Vith participation? say sixty |<rcci t, or three lifthsol' the profits eturucd to the insured. Without pirticiiation?a material reuctitm of the prcminnis. Policies issued lor any amoiuitfroin ;ll)(? to $.1,1)0(1. Insurance may be made on the life of a husband or the leiietit ct bis wife, trio'ft'in claims of creditors. In rise persons holding policies for life wish to cancel thein. a large rop-itfou of the premium will be returned. Instiramos may | e effected for one or more years, cr for life, cm the lite of a siogle | eibon, or in the joint lives of two |? rsmis, the sum injured being i arable tc tlir niriror. Premium*. may ne made payaUe qoar> i sriy, scmi-nnous'iy, pmnnnnj, or in "no gross sum. Toe prosectus may be Inid gratis by applying at citlirr ol tlic pciad|>al Bices, or lo any cf tho agents. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Es.p, President. I JOHN llcCLtMAND, II D. Mdiuil Eiumurr. 1 RICHARD H HI 1,1 . A.M. Actuary. 1 W, RUTHEKFLKli, Esp, Conniel. < Iaravei.ung trunks.?joiin CArrNAfir, trunk, i Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, oortier of Broadway, I no ow on liand, and constantly making a good assortment ofTrunks, alisea, Carpet Baas and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a iperior article ol Sole leather Tninks, suitable for American or tiro|iean travel, and Portmanteaus for tbe French .Malic Post*, ifj'.rs for the Went Indies, South America, kc., tilled with deaatch. nnn B0T7,'E3 0F DR.DEWITT c.KKUMNJvyV'jV/v/vr ger's I.inimcnt have been sold without a mtiraur. Paina, Sores., and Callouecs of every charueicr are cured ' n a few days. In Diarrlm a, Dysentery, Bilious Colic, c'ho era- " mrbus. it is as certain to cure iu one day as it is taken; it is : sit up in large bottles, is mild, fragrant, and agreeable, according | 0 doses; Is ton times cheaper thsn any other embrocation. Sold till cents, $4 pcrdn*., $1J |>or gross, ten itm?* at $.%. Principal . llii e l?k) rear I street, of tlie druggists, sadlcrs, an I stores rm- J rallv. N.B.?No agenoics out of tlie city on coin: nasi on. vV'e j rill forfeit S1WIIU if we fail to satisfy nuy respectable inerilmnt | rho will call to purchase. For cures of tho must astouniUrg ' haro.-?ir, and of every oiass. see " Spirit of the Times." It II E GREAT DESIDRRATI M. ?-LVUN'S MAGNETIC . Powder for destroying Bed Bugs, Co' kronchs*. and his puis ir the destruction of flat s and Mice, have lapalifu a pi at Heelcratum in utility, comforl and cleanliness. Perfectly hamlets 1 our families, yet certain in their destroying cfTc.ts on the oxious insects nnd vermin. Tin above prepe.ra'lons have, hapilv. snimlicd the nlacc cf Ir-H . -nimw.,,..;-!. ..i ay* duugeroux, ami lrc(|UejUy latal to children. hnmeroua rrlifieate* froiu hotels and pnva'e individuals, a. :e?ihp the ample tc eu? cm of the above in wot and vctrnin ue. trover*. may e wen at the proprietor'" ofiice, 4'J> Broadway, fro e 50 oenta. IkRAA REWARD-CROSS'S SPECIFIC MIXTURE FOR ptlUv' the cure oT gonorrhea. Ol utl remedic t yet di?coervd for the above eomp amt. thin ia the mo..t certain; it make# epeedy and permanent euro without theleait reatnotionin diet, rink, eapoMiic, or ihango in applica'ion tobutinc**. Tl.c pro tie tor aUhuM a tingle instance of recent gonorrhoea to i*) rought which the mixture will no' euro, under forf< it una of $AUU, 1 lauy are cured in two tint *. Sold by I)r. JOHN 'OV, at 273 Iroadway. corner of Chamber* etreet, Granite Building*. and by ANDS, It*) Fulton, corner ni William etfaet. j n OATS' IIAlR I'LUSIIEV-JUST RECEIVED. A LARUE LX lot of plain end tigufrd nintton Plffshe*, for Car Onuitneea nd Vnriiitute. I real* at reduced nice*; a!*?>, Cam ore Lining", lurtain Material*. Ac., for ta'c by I' *. )c .s. A. MAR 11 ^ E, Importers and Jobbct* 11- Wiilintu street, no tr John. | v k. WlltllH: tn'l i 1st, '> GREENWICH theft, I J devotee M* exclusive attention to do. "*e? of the Eye an I (jlithu'rmo Surgery. Cataract" removed in tcu day*, without in, on anew principal, and sight metered. Artiibfal Eye i toe ale and Inserted. Om> ? hour* trom *, A. M., to 1 o'clock, P. M. tefricccee to the firet fatnilic* in the city. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR OF TUX"PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treitiee," ho., HBt.roenwtchatreet -office houra J to la A. IE. to? P. M.. Ciiio.liiy excepted.) Thoee who apply la the early tugee will be *urpriae<t at tho rapidity and little ineonroi-nee trending their cure. It ia chiefly, however, thone who have rut :red Iroin a certain viae* ol people or otherwise, who can proerlr appreciate Uie arrvicca. In atrictnre, from it# lire', or luoi icnt, to It., more sdvancd and dietrereing atigcr, (frion unoomicr advantage#,in addition to a veryeateniive practice in thi# , Jinplnnt,) he cun aflnrd a rapid, exiy, and radical cure, which, 0 na? gronnn lor eiatm*. Oku be obtained frnm no oUiot eonroe A morion. ['RAVI1.LER3 WILL I IM> AN INVALUABLE SECL*. i fit j in Dr. Ralph's I'mi I c il I' i i v .i t I i. r ".ire I laiily given: alio the instant." n< >r preventive tree meat. i 1 in Intended to le equally available in every plan. Kifih edl- I on,.' 142pp. Trior $1. Hay U had of the author, M Greenwich i treet, ot by poet, mail free. 1 |\R. UillAMS TILE ELECTUARY.?Ttlii MEDICINE Ij ; nairantod to < urc all ce-ee of Piles cither bleeding or blind i iteriat or external, and ail inflammatory diacaaea found In eon. motion with the Tilea. Those afflicted with thia dii'r ain,< i ' mplaint are p?rfretly aafo In tubing thia remedy, for, if a euro | i not effected, the money Kill l.e retorted. Sold wholesale and i tail by KKTt II VM V UKNMIAIV, 121 I ultou street, N. Y.; I lao ly UK. A. UPHAM, i Bowery. 117 t aK SIGHTED PERSONS, OR TIHtSE WIUWE RYES rT arc falling, are relocated to ex .mine Dr. PoarH's .<?.t >cr.- 1 r.g Fye fountains, which obtained the premium from the Aine 1 on luatitutr. W ater la the moat InvalnnMo r ly tint < m r nied far rmerrni the eyra; tut in no way Ultaam.Hi .nion ilencthial M whan a continncnt abower from thia little m: ! 'line la allow< d 'o play on tlic closed ryo and lurrniedln ; jvirro. '' I. Powell attend!a mwah to dim ?a i f the Kyc aud far, at i l J roadway. fiiiniee l>? W arren srect, where can he had bu ?vh ob the Eye; alio, a variety el bountiful artMcbl eyra * PARK THEATtE.-BATCHDA V KVES IMJ, SKIT THE ?Di?rt*tniti*nis ?(II comii ? ! -r!i trim'ispaaru's irt/ody T M A I 'll KTII?Duncin. Mr Start rd: boii'tuo Hr. Tilt m. Waafcrth Vr. Ilain* 'in Msi'duff. nr. Nulcolm, Mr Dawson; Tjlwit ic < kptam, Mr (fou dsnn Hunts, Mr. Andrews L.-nn>>T, Mr. Wknrton; I rdf Marln/h Mrs. W'instanlrjr; On'I'tw 'man, * Mrs., Tu Im f< I towed by a Grnn'l da Dans, liy (Hgw.ra Gincrn and fl'.nor Nrrl Attar whith tha laayhal.e tares of Urn I.HIV ItDY?<ul. ( ,?rry, Mr. Swll ir I ; Tarn, toe Eton Hoy. Ilia* Hi.hi Tal in: Air. Da st?r, Mr. ( Iiapman; Cape. Fti]!aui,llr. Btnelt. IJoscs. $!; I'D, 5"c. j ualltry, S5j. I)tors open st 7 ; uir'slr rise. atyij BOWIHY THKATRP 8ATI KD \ Y MVEXISG, SEPT. rill In* performed U,? Din I'KI OI'TIIK I'BTfUOAl.-C Fau . Mrs. Ha ,t. I l? v?H?r St IVrro, Mr J. H. Mall: (nl. Bellair, Mr C. T. tTnith; j. ,*,. Mr winnns; Julia Miss f. Gordon. fuims. Mrs. Uibt.ard.Mv1 Itramra Mr* liuker. Afar ?liich. the nan tool dram i ct TOM CHI Mil.E?T.m Cr ogle dr. J. M. Sroit; Stamitrn, Mr c T. Sniltfi, Matntthi lr. n Han i! Jr. iron, Alfrt d. nr. Jirilun; Oin'ei Ja. k, Mr. Win-ann: Ehailiath, Jr?. Jordan; Fanny, Mra. SotheiUnd To conclude with the ouantkrpfctaclo of It 'IAN Bob III IIME?Brian, Mr. Tilt .o; ' li ner, Mr.Hliiini; Frina, Mix* Vt Tmlnr Dnora open at 7: etferwaaee to commence at 7X o'olock. Boxes, 2A cto* Pit, 2K err t?. I) RtiAI'tVA V THEATRE.-SATIMDAV EVENING, SEPI> tnnU-r will Ik) preaautcd tJio tragic play, called Mt1AMORA I.ugliah: I.oril Fiuaruold. Mr. I redencm; Sir Walter Vati;-hun, Mt Bernard : MorUaunt, Mr. MihiIimh; Ern g'on, Mr. M aw ; Waller, Mr. Oy tt; < upiain Church. Mr. Pope, W nlfe, Mr. Ital.'-r ; I run p. Mr. I.-iisdwlo; Ocat.a, Mr? Ahiiott. Iniiaif: Mela ?.a. Mr. P Treat ; Kaoabine, Mr Kingjley; Anamam ah, Mr. Wii;:ht; Nahmcmk'r, Mlaa I' Wal'ar-k. la o.nrlnii Willi the I' tite comedy, eallml |M IIE JKAl/M $?-Mr. Helnvmr, Mr I)y<lt; Harriet, Mia I. IXcklneon. Dree* Circle ami Pariuit", V> centa; I mily rdrile, 41 eonts ; Gallery 1 rente. I nure open at 7. perform" m r to commence at 7X o'clock. / 111A N KM.MS NEW NATIONAI. THVATKB. FORMERI.Y V> C'liaUiaiH.?Saiiu lay evening September!), wiUbe acted tha laughable lane of A KHS I M TllK D\KK?Mr. 8ehm Pettibone Mr. C. Iturlie ; Hetty, Miwi Milne After which. wrill bo produced ths popular Oram a entitled ibe MYSTERIES AND MISERIES OF NEW VORK-Moie, Mr F. S. t hanfran; Captain Tohln, Mr. I'. Iiurke; Mr. Preriac, Mr. Pardey; Hi/ Lino, Mra. Mi l can; l.ittlo l.lae. Mian K. Meataycr To conclude with tha farce oil Ilk. 1.11 II.B Nl'N?t'npt l/atiinar. Mr. I'a'mert .Vlele Mite MeKiayr; Patience, Miae IlilJr.tii; Gidiclda. Mre. Stioknoy, Toore oten at 7. icrforuiaace to commence at 7>4 o'clock.? Bolt*,l# mute; Pit, 12)4. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?BENEFIT of Mr. Raymon.d?Saturday Evening, Sept. !<?Will be played, fir th( laet tune, the p-.polar dramaof litigBEY AND SON ? U. II....O. u. VI. n ? - . - ..v......,, ?... ..unwu , .i,?.irncr. m r. jorti&n . Minor Joe Bagstock. Mr. T. JotiDst>n; Mr Twin, Mr. Raymond; Captain Cuttle. Mr Burton; Edith, Mr, A. Knight; Florence Dombey, Mirs Nl.-kinion ; Mrs. Bkewten, Mm. Vernon; Susan Nippur, Mm. lit- ughum ; Homers, Miss vsiliam*. Tn nnnchid.' *iiii the successfulcomedy of OLD IIONF.iTY?Michael Bmddiaw, Mr. Nirki??on: Tol'V Perch. Mr. Raymond; Dame Brsdahaw, Mm. Vereon; Mary, Mhe Nickiosnn. Press Circle nr,| Par inc t te, .V) tents: Family Cirole. SSeta. Bo?no|?n at 7; curtain rises at 7HNibi.os ahiok pi-ace, bkuauwa y.?ijrvei ir of Signorn Lietti, and final appearance, on which occasion Hi,' rule lira ted artists bignori Ardetti, uud llottoaini will exemio one of tl.eir extraordinary duets on tlie riolin and doable ass. Fit'. Vietti, his laat appearance ia America Slg. Saiopieri!0, Sly. Kosai Corel, Ins lit .r api?.<aritnca, 9ig. Biondi; m morn Ivagailro. Leader, biguor Lieifi. Saturday evening, Sept. 0, 'or tlo tliird nudism time Rossini aromieOpera, ILBAitltlERB 1)1 81V 101.1 A!?Figaro, 8ig. RoFstRorsi; Count Altnatlva. Slg. Vietti; Dr. Hxrtolo, dir. Sawjueri, o: Bosnia. Signora Liotti Koiat; l).,n tlnallto, Sig. Hnnui; B?rta, sh-nora Avagrado. ttASSTLE GARDEN.?DO<IKS tiPKN AT PA3T SIX, * nerfu'fiance will oommencc at H o'clock ?Admission liV-onta. Decided hit. Triumphant success of the original Ethiopian Melodists, universally acknowledged to b< the beet hand of minstrels in the city. Tim company consists of the following well known and taltnted artists?Cool White, II. Edwards, P. J.Hioe, W. Howard, D. I.eon, 8. Clarke?Wednesday and Thursday evenings, September tUh and 7th, third and fourth ooueorts, on which oetoaion they will offer a variety of new Hongs, tilers, Parodies, Love Ditties, Refrain- , ond Qems from popular Operas, interspersed with Burletipie Lev tares, Queer Say lugs, Dances, fce.; in two parts. Barn en'8 American museum.?p. t. baknum. Proprietor? F.Uitchoock, Manager.?splendid Peiformaaew every oiternoon at half past.1 o'clock, sod every evening ar a ;uarter before H. The Manager has tlie pleasure of announcing the mast extraordinary wonuer in creation. Major Lit tie finger, holding the same relation to tho famous Lilliputian that the little finger does to tlie thumb, lie is ten years old, only twenty-four inches high, and weighs only 13 Iks. lie may so seen every morning, from 10 to half past 12 o'clock; in the afternoon, from 2 till half-past 5; and in the evening, from 7 till 10, In addition, the manager has a J so engaged the oelebrated Sable Brother* air. jerry nrmneio, uie j uigmana Mammoth Boye, (Hut 01 Mammoth Baby, Knorumu* Boa Constrictor. Madam Rockwell, the famoua Fortune Teller, mar b? privately consulted at aa ntra charge of 2b ccnte. Admission te the whole, including Mnteum Pcrtonnancce, Little Finger, he., 25 eeote; ohJldrsn, ender ten reariof age and old enongh to walk alone, oeata, Rcecrved front eeate, one shilling each eitra. L'Myi'E AND SELECT EN'TfcRTA INMENTS?IN THE I very elegant nnd entirely new theatre, Athcnaium, c >nsrucled r"rt osoly lor tliem: new Miireee, at VI- Broadway, nex t door t<> tlo' Broadway theatre. Hick entertainment* eniLrao" all lliat science and art ran oiler, a* rational and intellectual amusement, and will begin next week, wlieu full particulars will be July announced. I trixilE CAMPBELL'S ARE COMINQ."?IMMENSE SUCX ceaa? Fifth Week?Society Library Room*, Aid Broadray, corner of Leonard atreet (under tlte direction of O. A. iimbcrly.)?Campbell'* Minimis nave the honor to announce, hat encouraged by the very Mattering manner in which their lonoerta have been reoeived during the laat four wcoks, having teen nightly orowded by highly respectable and toaldonabw muses, tli-v will have the pleasure ?f continuing their inimiable and highly popular muaicel entcrtninmonte every evening hie week, Introducing at each ooucert a fall and varied trorrammr; including eovoral new nnd original songe, with a rariety of cbaste dancing, Including the celebrated Statue Dance, and Highland Fling by Mr. Luke Week Door* open at 7- commence at 8 precisely, Admieeion 25 oenta. N. B.? On Saturday afternoon, for the convenience of familiee, there will bo a performance commencing at 3 o'olook. Admieeion, 20 eents?children, half-price. _ ttri-lHK CAMPBELL'S ARE COMING."?8ATCRDAV X AHernoon, commencing at .'I o'clock?Campbell s Minstrels icept' tfully announce to their numerous friends and patrons, that they will have the pleasure of giving one of their inimitable Musical Entertainments no Saturday atteruoon, the Hth in s'. Adinlssbm 2"> cents; Children half price. (1 RAM' VOCAL AND INSIItl MENTAL CONCERT AT I the Brooklyn Female Academy.?The Moravian Minstrel* respectfully leg leave t" announce to the ludiej and gentlemen of Br oklyn .<ud its vicinity, that tncy will give theirnrst and only Concert at tlio Brooklyn Female Auadcmy, on Saturday Evening, the tftli im t, when iliey will present u choice and. pleasing |>r>gramme. Tickets fill cents. Concert to eminence at a <iuarter bcfoxe s o'clock. , Sacred diohasiab-now exhibiting very night this week, find Wednesday and baturdaT afternoon^ oonmieiicing at o'clock, at the aplendid new lull, IKXi Broadway, ever btorinani's Hatha. Llauuingtnn'i entirely new Grand Scriptural Dioramas ol the meet Magnificent Spectacle ever witnessed in New York. Creation ol the World and tha Delude. Aadntcd by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Aucompanimenta Mr. IL Uanninjrton hue juet oompletod a magnlflcunt Diorama intended to illustrate the aublime spectacle oi' the Sin Daya oi tho Creation! inhibiting means ol moveable liguroe, scenery, and powerful optical effects, all the progressive chtngee from the t.hoos and Darkness of tho unformed L'ni verso, until the Mial completion ol the (treat work of Creutlon, as described iu the first aud secord charters of Genosig, terminating with the appearance of Adam and rive in tho Harden of ftdia. Tho Diorama Ls the result of a lone ohenshed itu a, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this department ol tlie arte. It it tho most eoetly,leuutiiul and perfect work ol tho hind existing, and combines in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the most scenic effects, asetstod by superior poetry, prink Inr nrd music. Scenery and Incident.?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land, llerhage sad Flowers. Ttdrd Day. Bun. Moon and Sure, Tourth Duy. Creation ol Fiih and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden?Adam ana live. With this ooini lotion of the labors of the Creation, the first part of the Exhibition -l?*ea. Part II. Grand Diorama of the Deluxe. Tickets 2,1 :i4. -Children balfprioo. Doors op-u at 7. Curtain risen st Ko'clOt*. BAMAKO'S NEW DOl'BI.E MAMMOTH PANORAMA of tiio Missouri and Mississippi Hirers, showings couotry of twenty-three hundred miloe, being ly far the largest painting In tlie acrid, and of the lancet rivers on the globe, extendi ?g more than twenty degrees of latitude. every evening, at Panorama Ball. oUH Broadway, adjoining Si bin's harden. Admission V) eents; children half price. Panorama will commeucc moving it 8o'clock. Afternoon pcrformancea on Wednoadayt and SatuxUyi, at S o'elook. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IM MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, He; Broadway, shows natural as life, the karchcs.F.ncampmcnte, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor. It blso gives correct vicwa of tlie orwntry, towns, cities, li s. It It kliemoet beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night atS l'clock. Afternoon exhibitions Weduesdxy and Saturday. eommenoicg at 3 o'clock. Admission, 2A oenta. Schools admitted on ro?ior,arh terms. No charge for dtncriplive pamphlets. CtONGD M1.NOTR1L8, (UNDER THE D1 RECTI'J.N OF J. J Gourgus, Jr.) This unrivalled Band of Ethiopian Singcri having jus. returned from the West, will give Four Concerts at St. Lilac's Ilall, corner of Glove atd linden street, nixt week. Monday, iiiiitna y, rriasy ana Saturday evening, Sep ember lltb, Mtli, Vtii and ICih. I^ok savannah. Havana, and new okleavs.? Xi<? P?w ocean steamship falcon, W. T. Thompson, comma! '!or.. will on Saturday. Hit 11 ta September, at in.i cluck, A. M., frtm liter No. i North River. Tho Falcon Is provided with tu iron Safe It rptrte, Jewelry, A ' . Fright taken i'or N. O. arily, nut ii" fr-i-. ht (except apart*) will la- revived after Thur-day, Om 'tii ins'. AH liilla of lading signed en lxiardby tlioclerk. Nobeitlu lecurcd until paid for. Letter llr.g* at tin: Exchange News Room ; venyou'e, SI wall at; UttU's, 7u Wall street and at the olfiee of he vessel. Pontage to Havana, tic [>er half ounce. Puree's will jv taken at Adatri St Co.'s Express office, lti Wall it., uu ill !>M /clock on the day of sailing. tor freight or paa-asc, apply to U ti MOKE .V < ICVDEIt, 7't -M.i'l, at. IAOR NEW ORLEANS-I.OEMIANA AND NEW YORK Line ol Packet*?Toe mr* and Splendid fast sailing packet bark Genes'e, T. Dtlhnghegn, mater, will sucoeeii tho Indiana, antl tnil on or before Monday, S pfember 18th, bar regular day. tor I wight <r possagi, Paving handanma forniaiied aecomnioilali'us, apply un botrd, at Orlean s Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS, 6tiSouth street. Agents 11 New Or'cans, Messrs. IIHVAN k CUAHtV V, who wtQ promptly for* ard all goods to thrtr add* ?*s. 11 OK MARSK1LLKS. ? Till WliLh known ship MI. num. Drown, master, will meet with dispatch. For freight or postage, apply In t liAMMLilLtlN Ii I'llKl'S, 1 t < r to BOYD k U1NCKEN", SB Wall street. AOK MAHSKILI.ES.-THE VtELUKNOWN UaKK g.Mt f C'ELl.A. C'apt. Ingham, is low loading, and will meet with prompt doapatoh. l ot freight or p*state. apply to UIAMUKKLAIN fc PHELPS, ... ntkVIl 1. III VI, 'O L' v/ ,I_. I/C'K SAIX?TUB SOBM RIBSll OPTUS fOB 3A1 ' iliS JC Interns. m tho l.'.tKrpvol Li, o of Packet*. consisting 01 the Roectue. Ciarrick. Siv ridan and Sildona The ?u|wrior ty ?| themea!iipa ii ton well known *? need description. Apply to K. K. t'OLUNS. 6f.ftmth atDR. COOK I, OP ALBANY, N. V.. PA9HEN0ER BV I KS Niagnia Steamer, Irctn after* brief ubsouce on the Continent of Europe, nas returned to the l ot of gomoraeu t of We Imp're State, where |>T' ti'?sioual correspondents may, as litre! oft re, address him, pes; paid, personally or by letter, at his residence, No, 3 Norton street, Albany, N. V. J LSI I't'llLIS11 i.L>?JJK. Ilool'ttaaa UKEAl W'lKK and l ectures on Venereal, sod other aHcciions of the Crina?y Oryan?, . id pages ijnnrto. 'l ots is tho most ovmplce (raoticnl w ork ot the kind ever issued from the proee. 1c e. amiss thiyty-scvin colon d CBRravings, which delineate this class of dire,.ecu inimitably. It also contains forty wood ea, ravingss eunnlly w'll eanented; und eTcrythtny known ahoat the nitidis* tprtsoiK o#*bese diseases has been cirelnily reoordiM d al) tho most approved prescriptions and tormnlas have bt i ;-tv n. For rale ' the office of publication, 2"2:! Broadway, a: J of the author, W4 Broadway. Price flu. This work is ieteuded sx fatrB, 14 t"*iuvijig?, with bintt to young men. i'nit $1, tot M c M * "VO. Muaj kxtkaokdi.naki vtuitx?k> wit m^kkibd or those couteinplntina mama r* ?The Harried VForoaa't Private Medical Companion, )iy Dr. a. m. Ifaurluean. si* .1 edition. l'rtcegl. 'ihia vrorkia intoting with moetaatom .Jicgsalet [J4,lK'tl copiie have already teen '1U;k ?<1 otl Ev ry female it letting a ropy, whether married or iinmunird, although it U intruded f?r"i iiVy for thf mSTTied.aa It dm lueeaimportant eorrot% Which enomit fce known to them particularly. ITirw every Curate san discover the can**, eympton.* .md the moat etfu cut T'meSk*, anil n.<> I certain mode of onto !n cvury cued For awe, 223 Brra twav; at the publishing ottice, '29 Liberty etrc. t, N0 . \ I>tkj also, F. B. lV'ivraon, nomter f.s Cfcoatnul aOrct, FhtUlel. phut; Lutlc tt to., All,any, W. 11. Davis, Doelon. Oa the receipt of *1, a copy will ho tranamiftcd by mall, hee oi p- u?*e, to all porta of shol-niced Sl?'#<. All lottrra emit be ado .eeodL poat on id Dr- A. M. MAT RICK Ail, boa 1324. Naw F'.rk c'ay. HTiur 12W I.ii rt* street. ajiui n'.Mi IMI Dat. COMUilT, IV IHJANK ; :;ST, In mcmler of the Keys) 1 oiler, I Surueona, Lonilen, n av he onr'ltul in trvalmrtitcf delicate ilisevacn No mat er how long on r uy have gleet, ul< aru upon tt<? l >dy, or in the thr at or none, dice i : I he 1. .4 a. U I vae.- of the k ,.1. A pnot,. ? of < ,t am vol*, devoted to '.encreal i t ' .1, 'U J Pr C. to c I-1 the >nrst form ef tbia dbeisrr. Kcena aaesenre<l in four uays.? fn riric.ity Bull. P. i rnrrs cured in cue or two ?< .a with ofciccl) any | aii.. I hate iudi vidua la who have Indulged n> a oar. a so loathmobt habit, ran potitivtlj U iwuttd lv iirui'.k and eaiaty.