Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1848 Page 3
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1 : f - 1 TELECKAPHiC INTELLIGENCE. Army Ordtn. Washington, SepT. 9, 1848. The Ainiy Orders have assigned General Winfield Scott to the command of the Eastern division of the army, and Generul Zachury Taylor to the Western. The Ll){btnliig Case. Frankfort. Ky., Sept. 8,1848. The argument in the celebrated telegraph case was completed to-day. and the decision of the court, it is believed, will be pronounced to-morrow Alexandria, Va., Sept. 7, 1818. I learn thnt John Cobey, Esq., of Ponionkey, C liarles county, Md., came to his death on Wedsesday last, it is said, by the hands ot his brotherin-law, a Mr. Atchison. The accused has been arrested. Markets. Eo.i os, September 8, 1848.?The market for flour continued firm, with fifties of 700 bftrrftls, mostly ronimon Oswego, Kecbester, he., at (6 25 ft $0 50. Corn was steady and in fair demand ; sales reached 12,000 bushels, at 66c. for white, and 70o. for yellow ; llye remained firm, with sales of 900 bushels, at 80c Moderate sales of fiats were making at 36c. a 40c. provisions continued in good trade demand, and at full prices. Albany. September 9, 1848.?Reoeipts via Canah within the past twenty-four hoars : Floor, 7,800 bar. rels ; corn, 2.400 bushels. The flour market continued firm, with sales of 3,000 barrels, including the various Western brands, at $0 a $0 25 Wheat?The sales reach 2 6C0 bushels prime Genesee, at $1 37>?. Barley ?1,000 bushels changed hands at 70c. Oats are in demand ; tales 10,000 bushels at 34)?o. a 35c. Whisky ? falee, 280 barrels at 25;a'c. a 26c. PiTTsBi.'ai:. Sept. 8.?The receipts of flour are light. Sales at $4 87>? to $4 94 per barrel. There are more sellers than buyers. Sales of prime wheat at 82 cents per bushel; prime yellow corn at 81 to 32 cents; oats 18 cents; rye 48 cents; sales of whiskey at 28oentsper gallon. In provisions there is no activity in any arti cle; quotations are steady. The market is bare of lard Tbei e are two feet water in the channel. The weather continues dry. Political Intelligence* vermont. Returns from sixty-nine towns give the following vote for governor; vir.:? fcoolidge, (whig) 0,678 Dillingham, (dtm ) 4,318 Sbufter, (free soil.) 4,679 Total 18,678 The same towns last year stood as fellows, viz "Whig 0,418 Democrat . 6,068 Abolition 2,170 Total 17,646 The remaining towns voted, last year, thus "Whig 14,616 Democrat 12 001 Abolition 1 4,003 Total 31,609 There has been no ohoice for Governor, by the people?the same result as the last two years. Legislature.?The Legislature, upon whom will devolve the choice of State offioers. none having been elected by the people, will be whig In both branches. The Botton . Ulna claims a gain of three Senators In Orange county. In the lower house the whig majority of last year, will, according to present appearance, be increased. The Representatives elect, as far as heard from, stand thus Whigs 80 Free soil.. 43 v'wd l/ciuubl blioi ? m No choice in 13 towns. The Boston Atlat (whig) says The whig plurality lor Governor will probably be two or three thousand greater than last year. The whig Senators are elected in Windham, Rutland. Addison, Bennington, Windsor, Chittenden, Franklin, Orleans, Essox, and Grand Isle counties, beyond all doubt, while we have a good chance of electing the Senators in Orange and Caledonia. We certainly have, if the Cass locos have cared in to Van Burenism in these counties, as they hare in some of the others. Hon. William Henry (whig) is elected to Congress. So we believe is Hon. George P. Marsh (whig). In the other two districts there has probably been no choice. The Van Burenites will claim that as a great victory. CONNECTICUT, lion. John M. Niles is stumping the State in favor of free soil, and his friend Van Buren, for which his old pape^fthe Hartford Timet, rebukes him, saying ''the democratic party has run away from him," as the Hon. Joel W. White, of Norwich, complains that it has left him again. NEW YOKK. Fai r Soil Indications in Canal and Sikam Boats. ?Boat Votino.?The following vote taken on board the Ithaca and lluOalo line boat Gem. on Monday, and reported to the Buffalo Republic shows how the hard tinted feel:? Martin Van Buren 25 Lewis Cass 2 /..Taylor 0 27 The same paper says, on the last up trip of the steam boat Empire, the vote stood :? Van Buren 45 Taylor 35 Cass 13 93 A Voti:.?On tbe packet boat Mohawk, Capt. Brown, between Schenectady and Utica, a vote wag taken yesterday, as follows Van Buren 95 Taj lor 3 Case, (by the cook, a person of color.) 1 99 William U. Skwabd on the Stump.?Governor Seward has taken the stump for Taylor and FlUmore. lie made a speech In Jefferson county on the 1st Instant. The nilrrlovn Journal says:?On Friday, lion. Wm. H. Seward, being in this place on professional business, consented to giro ua a political address. At an early hour of the evening the court house was crowded to its utmost capacity. T. Dewew, Ksii., was called to the obair, and I. II. Fisk and A. "Wilson, F.sqre.. were appointed secretaries. The addreuof the distinguished speaker was of course able, eloquent and convincing. Clay Mextinc at Foi*i.hkeersik.?The Clay meeting at Foughkcepsie on Saturday evening, 2d inat., called by the whig young men of that town friendly to Henry Clay, was well attended. Colonel Wm. II. Tallmadge presided, assisted by twelve vice presidents and five secretaries. A committee was appointed to draft resolutions, which were unanimously adopted, two of which nominated Clay and Fillmore for Fresident and Vioe President. Mr. Finlay then introduced Colonel Frice, of New York, who made an eloquent and able address to the whlgs of Fonghkeepsie?stating the feeling that existed in the city of New York in regard to this movement, a'suring tbo whigs rf Fonghkeepsie that the whlgs ol New York would go with them. After he had eon-imUri. a resolution of thanks was voted him. and nine wore cheers given for Harry Clay. Mr. Flnlay then moved that an executive committee of fifteen be appointed by the president, which waa carried. The following persona were then appointed raid executive committee James Yassar, William A. Fanning, Cyrus K. Corliss Henry D Myers. DeWlttC. Marshall,C. W. Adriance' Harvey Fettltt. William Wilkinson. William Hunt John II. Barnes, John McLean, Norman M. Flnlay Charles K. Bowne. Michael Kelley. John W. Llllie. Mr. Jaycockes favored the meeting with a Harry Clay sang, after whloh the band struck up "Hail Columbia,' and the meeting acljourned with never-ending cheers for Henry Clay and Millard Fillmore. The Poughkeepsic Journal and Eaglt, (whig,) of the 9th that., remarks on this subject as follows:?"We understand the whlgs of several of the country towns were a good deal alarmed at the state of things in this town la?t week. There was a strong excitement for a spell, bat it has passed by; all has become quiet again, and we are satisfied that the stirring up will result in ultimate good, Instead of Injury to the whig cause. There Is an Improved state of things already; but whigs never have been distracted, as many suppose. If we may judge by the language of some doten papers we have before us. and which speak out with great plainness, several other plaees were in the same condition. But among them, as with us, all is In order xgsin. and things are going forward as usual. Albany had the only rxplesion. new jersey. Kskk Soil Mass CowvRNTiov.?The Free Soil State Convention of New Jersey meets at Trenton, on Saturday. the ltlth instant. Arrangements have been made for a great gathering of tho people. John Van Barm and J. I- White, an U, wo believe. Willi* Hall, will be present and address the convention. The fare by the New Jersey ladrnsd has been reduced half price lor persons attending the convention. pennsylvania. The following shows that the native American party in Pennsylvania, intend to support Mr. Johnston, the whig, or Taylor and Killmore. candidate for Governor. This increases the chance of Johnston's election very considerably. The vote of the 8tate, last year, for Governor, was a* follows Shunk (dem) 14*1,081 Irvin (whig) 128.148 Reignst inative) 11.247 Aggregate vote 139,306 IH-mocratic msj over whig and native 6 *180 Abolition vote 1,801 ItwHl be reen that a union of the Taylor men on one candidate lor Governor, renders the coming contest a elose and exeited election certain. It will come off on the second Tuesday In October, and exeroisean important bearing and influence on the Presidential election throughout the t'nion. The free soil nomination for Governor, should one be made at the Headihg < ouvctillon next week, mil render the State <|i i'tion still more ? xciting. A*?vnwn No I'ht* Ckdiiui x.?Wm. K. Johnston ie the candidate of the Taylor party, lie has alwaya Inn an active d< merest ; he Is about 43 years of I tge; he represented Armstrong etunty a number of 1 jrrori in the State Legislature. one of the strongest d> niter a tic counties in the State ; be wan the Senator of that district at the la?t session. Ilia father, who Is still living reprereut'-d the >an? eouuty many years in the Legislature, and is a leader in the democratic rankt Wd. K Johnaton la a Tory independent and popular man. lie stands h'gh in hm profoMatoo, and it a itateaman not Inferior to any man in Pennsylvania. 11* wi 1 carry the Weet by a strong vote, and will make Ihe beat Governor we have had to many years ; he will be a General Taylor ; he will do the best he can for all parties, and will be the Governor of the people. He was not nominated as the whig candidate, but as the people's candidate; the convention which s ttled on him was composed ol all parties, and as such he will be elected ?Philadelphia Sun (Native). Issae 11 Davis. K.s<] . was nominated on Thursday evening by the whig city conference as the candidate for CoDgreis in the second district (Philadelphia city), to succeed Hon. Joseph K. Ingersoll. Bets on the Kentvcsv Klectiowi.?We understand, ssys the l.ouitville Journal, that the democrats in Washington city have lost over (60.000 on the Gubernatorial election. is said, lost (ti.ouo. The bets ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 majority for Critteuden,und, of course, the backers of Crittenden have won all The Kree Soil State Convention is to be held at U mm rfinw Rerlfa rnnntv nn WtiiinuaHnv 13th Inst OHIO. The Cincinnati Chronicle (whig), of the 4tli inst., speukB thus confidently of tha prospeots of the whigs in Ohio:? 'We continue to receive the most encouraging accounts if the growing popularity of gallant old Rough and Ready, from all points in the interior of our State. Thousands who were wavering and undetermined as to bow tbey should vote, and many who had actually renounced the whig party, have arrayed themselves under the old whig standard, and are now doing battle for Taylor and Killmore. The best spirit now prevails among the whigs throughout the state Meetings are being held in eveiy county in the 8tate, by the whigs ?meetings which, in point of numbers and enthusiasm, will favorably compare with the popular demonstrations of 1840. Senator Corwin, and other distinguished whigs and popular speakers, are canvassing the State, and rendering efficient aid to the oause. The Woosltr Democrat, of the 31st ult., gives an account of a large and spirited meeting, held at Reedsburgb, on Saturday, the 26th, at wnloh about one thousand whigs were in attendance; and the enthusiasm and confidence manifested, says that paper, gave evidence that the fires of '40 and '44 are not extinguished. The whigs of Woester hold a mass meeting to-day (Monday), which will be addressed by Senator Corwin, and on the 6th inst., the whigs of Ross county are also to have a mass meeting at Cnlllicotlie. The work goes bravely on. Our friends abroad need have no fears for the result in Ohio. Her electoral vote will be given to Taylor and Fillmore." The Cincinnati Gazette (whig), of same date, edited by John C. Wright, an old and shrewd politician, says: ?We are of opinion, and have often expressed it, that the effect of tne third party organisation in Ohio, will db 10 sirengwen tiw, inougn it cannot elect him, even should he get the vote of Ohio, which, we feel ure, be can never get. The effect of the Buffalo organization in other States will be different. It makes It probable that Taylor will obtain the votes of Pennsylvania and Virginia, and renders it uncertain whether Cass can get the votes of Michigan and Wisconsin. We do not think, nor have we ever thought that General Cass can be elected President. , Virginia can only be carried for Taylor by a reaction against Cast. On the other hand, the democratic party seem confident of success. John B. Weller, their candidate for Governor. Senator Allen, and other distinguished speakers, are stumping the State. Of the visit of the former to Ashland county, the Jhhlaml Democrat thus speaks :?* Col. Weller, and the distinguished gentlemen who accompanied him, sustained the high reputation which they have justly gained throughout Ohio, as efficient and accomplished speakers. Their efforts will tell at the polls in October and November. We never saw a democracy better united? more proud of their principles, and more sanguine of a signal and unprecedented victory over the factions and fag-ends of federalism, than the democracy of Ashland county. MICHIGAN. The first free soil meeting, under the banner of Van Buren. in Detroit, took place at the City hall in that place, on Friday, 1st September. The Detroit .ddctrliter (whig) says " Several speakers had been announced from Ohio, but only one,a Mr. Briggs, of Cleveland, was present. The meeting was very respectable in numbers, filling the hall to its utmost capacity. The crowd was composed of all parties, but those who took part in the meeting were principally the bcltlrg locofc cos, who refuse to support Cass, and the old abolitionists. The Cass men were there in considerable numbers, watching with gTcat anxiety the i movements of the scctders and abolitionists, now the I friends of their old standard-bearer, Martin Van I Rnrnn ' After Mr. Brigg* closed, Mr. H. K. Clark, the great leader of the democratic party of Calhoun county, took the stand,and told one truth, namely, that Gen. Cues hud been on all sides of all questions He also stated that he was sensible that a great " change" had been > going on in his own mind" for some time, which bad resulted in a determination not to support Cass any longer. The meeting broke up between ten and eleven o'clock. INDIANA. Fat* Soil Movement.?At the State Free Soil Convention, on the 20th ult., the Hon. H. L. Ellsworth presided. A series of admirable resolutions were passed, accepting the Buffalo platform and re-afflrmlng the nomination of Van Buren and Adams. The Free Soil Banner. published at Indianapolis ; Free Soil Sentinel., published at Centreville, Wayne county; the Free Soil Democrat. Madison ; the Tippecanoe Journal, Lafay| ette ; and the I'ioneer, Jonesboro' Grant county, were also recommended to the support of the friends of free soil in the State. The following electoral ticket was presented :? Senatorial Electors. Henry L. Ellsworth, of Tippecanoe eo. John II. Bradley, of Bartholomew co. Contingent Senatorial Electort, E. Deming, of Tippecanoe co. S. S. Harding, of Ripley co. Dietrict Electors. 1st District?Nathan Little. 2d " John R. Cravens, of Jefferson co. 3d " James H. Cravens, of Rider eo 4th " George W. Julian, of Wayne co. 6th " Ovid fintler, of Marion co. Oth " Milton Short, of Lawrence co. 7th " Albert O. Coffin, of Par he co. Sth " Samuel A. Huff, of Tippeeanoe co. ( th " Joeeph L. Jernegan, of St. Joseph co. 10th " Lewie Beecher, of Allen co. Contingent District Electors. 2<1 District?John Brazzleton. .Id " John P. MUliken. 0th " K. J Sumner. 7th " Ahiathur Crane. Sth ' John i;. Pettit. 10th 11 Daniel Worth. WISCONSIN. A late Wisconsin paper has the following account of the Wisconsin Free Soil State Convention :? CHEAT HAT AMONG THE BARNBURNERS?THE PR ARIES ON [t* I R E, AND THE IIII.L* MEETING WITH FERVENT HEAT. The Barnburner State Convention, to nominate an electoral ticket, in favor of Van Buren and Adami, assembled in Jonesvillf, on Thursday. It was the most enthusiastic gathering that we nave witnessed since the great time in 1840?larger than we expected, considering the season, and full to overflowing, of that confident hope and active spirit which always augur sucoess. The proceedings were not prepared for publication by the secietary, in time for this week's paper ; but we may say the Buffalo platferm was adopted, and the convention was ably, eloquently and efficiently addressed by Mr Washburn, a New York barnburner, who had travelled across from Lake Michigan, to respond to the barnburner feeling and enthusiasm, in the valley of llock river. The officers of the meeting were?F. 8. Lovell, of ltacine, President: E H. Utter, W. H If. Bailey. Milo Jcnes. and Oeo. Paddock, Vice 1'iesidents; C. E. Jenkins, Jeslah Bend, and George Giile. Secretaries. it was thought best to postpone the nomination of electors until the last Wednesday in September, whioh will be the 27th day of the month, and a resolution recommending the holding of a State convention, at .Madison, for the purpose, on that day, was adopted by the convention. The reason for postponing was. that notice cf the moviment might be w.dely circulated, and the nomination of electors made by a full convention. representing every county of the State, A State Central Committee was appointed, consisting pi ivieFsrs. a vv. stark*. K. Cramer, I. Codding, Miiwaukle ; A. W. liandall. Waukttha ; Kmory Thayer, WalacTth ; Charles S Wright, Kaeiae; Moses 8. Pricliard, Hock; L. 8. Angus, Dane ; Milo Jones, Jefferion. in the evening a large and enthusiastic meeting of the citisens of Joneaville, was held at the Court Ilcuse, Ira Miltimore in the chair, and T. T. Farmale secretary. The meeting was ably addressed by Marshall M. Strong and I. ( edging, and Anally adjourned with If nil Columbia by the band, and three cheers for Van liurenand Adams. .Several converts were made, and hundreds are now on the anxious seats. Votini; ron psrtidkmt nr Tsa\, le.?The C'trcinnati ,1llas of the 4th Inst., has the following : ? Somktiiiso roa Quids Birr*. ?Wo furnished a return of the votes taken in the month of July, on steamboats, Tail cars, ranai boats, ac. We now give the Angnst retnrn. It must be observed that we hare taken all we eould And, Indiscriminately, without favor it is the aggregate of ll steamboats, 4 railroad cars, and one town meeting :? Taylor 70? Cats 2SR v?u ?urr u OOO Scattering 67 k By comparing this with the July vote*, we And that Taylor ban held hie own, while t an Huron ha* gained largely on Cap*. The July vote* were a* follow* : ? Taylor 1,766 Car*. 966 Van Huron 254 Scattering. . .. .. 80 The aggregate of hoth month*, giro* the fellowing reunite:? Taylor 2.462 Car* 1,265 Van Huron 690 Nattering 143 The rratterlog rote* are for Clay and Hale. Taylor bar about 53 per cent more than both Ca?* and Van Huron. Votinu on tiia Kaia Can*!..?The KteKtiltr .Imtrican taj* :? A rote wan taken on the 4th September, on board the rannl packet I.onlidana, Capt. Warren, which rerulted a* lollowr Taylor 66 Van Buren 48 Car* 14 t ahi? a' t ctk. Taylor 10 Vnn Buren 11 t'?M 1 Th*re rtatcment* are euriou?, a* remarkably ooin aiding with the remit! of the Vermout elmstion. whinh fhow that the free toil more taunt In operating to traoffer votee expected lor Cih and Butter to Van Eur< ii sod Adamr, !?? '.:? the whig tote for 'Jajrlor lid Fillmore Ktt aiuililji Coinl>rln - ???'poitautc ol a Single IVord. Dkar Sir.?You state in the lit raid of this morning that? "It was the Cambria, Captain Harrison, from New \ ork. that passed the wreck of the Oeeun .Monarch feiirioui lvuuenny asMFianri' Yell wil^olil'pc me by stating in your Sunday and Monday nicruinp paper* that it wan not the Cambria, ! Captain Harrison, from New York, na that Meani-hlp wa* lying iu the dock, at Jtrny City, on the day of the melancholy accident 1 our obedient aervant. K. CL'NAHD, Jufi'a. New York, Sept 9 1848 Kkmahkp.?Tlio paragraph taken from the i He told, and referred to in the above note, should j have read?" It was not the Cambria, iVc., iVc.' The word " not" was accidentally omitted, and makes all the difference in the world to the chalacter and reputation of Captain Harrison. We take the lirst opportunity to make the correction. It was a coast steamer, called the Cambria, whose captain was guilty of the inhumanity. fcvrKAMMnr Falcon.?Thisnew vessel, belonging to some gentlemen of this city, in connection with R. B. Forbe9, Esq., of Boston, sailed this morning at 10 o'alock lor New Orleans, touching at Savannah and Havana. She carries out 70 passengers. Jamaica.?An arrival from Kingston, yesterday, | brought us files of the Morning Journal, to the 14th ! ultimo, which are many days later than the rej ported outbreak on the island. The papers contain not the slightest allusion to such an occur rence, although some disturbance was anticipated on the 1st, on the occasion of the anniversary of the slave emancipation. The Journal is filled with the debates in the legislature upon various subjects, referring to the better administration of the government. Business matters were still much depressed. City Intelligence. Destructive Fiek in Brooklyn.?a very destructive tire broke out in Cranberry street, Brooklyn, about half past eleven o'clock lust night, which raged with such tremendous fury that, in less than an hour, at leust twenty houses were demolished. The spread of the flames were from Fulton to Ilenry and from Cranberry down Henry, back again to Fulton laying waste nearly all the building* in Middah, the intervening street, and In fact demolishing all the houses in the three blocks. Forty houses probably are destroyed ; and at the hour of our going to press, the destructive clement was defying the exertions of the firemen. A number of fire companies from New York went over the river, t? lend their aid; Visf fwnm f tin enanoUn * uu>| ?u? vt natci. Llimi CIIUCHvois to suppress the flames, proved almost abnr.ive. In the saving of private property, however, they distinguished themselves; in that way, their services were of incalculable valuo. What amount of property is already destroyed, and where the flames will stop, is, at this moment, beyond a surmise. Things look fearfu'. A Wire Mvrderf.d by her Hi'siiaxo.?The Coro ner held en inquest yesterday, at No 101 Ilauiraondetreet, on the body of Mary Slaight, born on Staten Island, and 35 years of age, who cane to her death from the effects of a pistol shot wound in the neck, perpetrated by her husband, John Slaight, on Wednesday afternoon last, from the effects of which she expired on Saturday morning. It appears from the tes'timony of the deceased, taken by the coroner, the next day after her wound, that she had been married to John Slaight twenty years, and a mother of six children; and that within the last five years Slaight has been much dissipated, threatening on several occasions to take her life with an axe, a gun, and a knife; during the last six month* she has refused to live with him, and last month she left Staten Island with three of her children, came to this city, and hired a front and back basement at No. 1C1 Hammond street, where her husband visited her several ! times, beecina of her to llva with htm <? (?, I if be reformed. On Wednesday last it seems he called for a final answer, when she declared most positively she would never again live with , him. He then spoke some few words to his little daughter, drew a pistol from his pocket and presented ' it at his wife; she immediately closed in upon him, | when a desperate struggle ensued; the wife endeavor; ing to wrest the pistol from his hand, but without i effect, as be discharged it at her, the ball taking effect ' in her neck. The moment he fired the pistol, the ui1 fortunate woman fell and fainted, and the murderer made his escape from the premises. The little | daughter cried and made an alarm, which brought 1 the occupants of the upper part of the house i to her assistance. Medical aid was sent for and Ibe wiund dressed, but to no effect, as the poor 1 woman lingered from five o'clock on Wednesday afI trrnoon, until Saturday morning, at one o'clock, j when death relieved her sufferings. On a post mortem I examination being made, the wound was traced to the ' sixth cubical vertebra-, and a pistol ball found on the ! ripht side of the vertebric, through which it hud I passed, dividing the spinal marrow, which evidently caured death. The jury, after hearing the testimony, rendered a verdict that the deceased. Mary Slaight, came to her death by a gun-shot wound in the neck, wilfully inflicted by John Slaight, her husband, on the afternoon of September t>, 1848. at the house No. 101 Hammond street. The Coroner issued his warrant far the arrest of Slaight ; but as yet no cine has been ascertained of bis whereabouts. Kiaas.?A lire broke out, on Friday, in a small wooden building ou tith avenue, between 10th and 'JOtU/ts., which was put out with trifling darauge. A Are broke out on Friday night, in the refectory. No 4 Fulton Maiket, which was also extinguished with trilling damsire Dean.?Mm. Sleight, who was (hot at N'o. 101 llarnir.oud street, on 'J hursday, by her husband. John Sleight, died on Friday morning, from the effects of the wound. Vol'kb Dhow i?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday In the Alms House yard, on the body of Michael Collins, a native of Ireland, aged forty years, who was found floating in the dock foot of Cortlandt street, it seems this man, on Wednesday last, while endeavoring to put a barrel on board a vessel at the foot of Vesey street, fell overboard Into the river, and yesterday the body was found. The jury rendered a verdict that the deceased came to his death by drowning. Police Intelligence. .fl?rest oj a llurglnr.?Officer Ottignon, of the 3d Ward, on going his rounds, on Friday night, saw a man emerge ftom the house, No. 5 Barclay St., carrying a pair of boots in his hand ; this circumstance I created the suspicion ot the officer, who at once took i the fellow Into custody. On examining the premises, It was ascertained that nn entrance had been effected by force through the front basement, and the barroom robbed of $20, $!> of which was fouud on the person of the prisoner, the balauce having been carj riedoffby bis accomplice. On bringing tho aocused I before the magistrate, he gave the name of Michael Fyan, alias Davis, and as the evidence was vuty conclusive against him. Justice TimpeoB committed him in full for trial. Day Thieves again.? On Thur?day last, some thief during the day. entered the dwelling house, No. 423 Oreenwich ft., occupied by Mr. John Iteed, and carried off $25 in gold, 0 silver table spoons and a valuable gold ring, valued in all at $46. The thief escaped. t ting Threats.?A man by the name of Evans Evans was arrested yesterday, on a charge of writing threatening letters to a Miss Conner, wherein be declared he would expose her in some disreputable way, if the did not send him $80. Miss Conner, not feeling thus disposed to be levied on, applied for relief to the magistrate, who sent an officer with her at the appointed place designated by Evans, where he expected ! to obtain the money ; Instead of which he was taken | into custody, and committed by the magistrate to aiswfr the charge. Arrest on Suspicion.?Ofllcer Leech arrested yesterday Wm Jones and John McManus, on suspicion of being concerned in several burglaries. On their per| sons were found several skeleton keys, and a slang ' shot. Implements of a burglar's trade The magistrate committed them for a further hearing. Hefort Justice Timpson.?The police office, yesterday morning, was rcmewnat crowded with petty thieves, and i|uite an assortment of loafers, bearing black eyea, bloody noses, and cut lips. Tbe female portion were remarkably Interesting, with their long hair flowing oyer their red eliouldere, with one eye bunged up, and the other scarcely feeing daylight ; and taking them, altogether, they presented an awful scene of human deptavlty. Sitting amongst this lot of ragrnnts. was a little, deformed old man, with a heau resembling Grandfather "Whitehead, and legs like Tom Thumb, for. when lie stood up, be measured about twine the length of his face. His countenance was rather peculiar. baying a long nose and chin, amnll eyes, a little turned at each other, and rather weak, besides. On his ht ad were a few straggling grey hairs; and whnt gave him a still more comical look, was in consequence of his wearing a short cloak around his shoulders, which gave him. when he stood upon his legs, an air of Importance not to be seen every day. This little man, on being called by the magistrate, said his name was John Moore, or more commonly called ''Johnny, tbe Fiddler.The policeman who bad Johnny under sirest. said he ws* an old resident of the Fourth ward, and went from dance-house to dance-house, playing the fiddle. Fast night, the policeman said, he was | called upon to take Johnny into custody, on a charge I cfstabblng and cutting a man by the name of Bernard ! Mulholland. who, it seems, attempted to rob little Johnny, nnd break his fiddle; and, to protect liiinsell, Johnn.v dr> w out a knife, and Inflicted a severe gaelt on Mulhollsud's cheek, in two places, causing the blood to How so profusely, that it was il, imcd necessary to fond him at once to tho City llofpllnl to receive uiedlml aid. On Johnny being nski d by tLe magli lisle what he bad lo say In his defence, he spoke as follows :?"Judge, I never tronbles no nan ; 1 s a pcacenblo man- wrny. This man i mulched bold of my fiddle, and tried to rob ma, and I i i. ly di fended myself, otuiin I considers my permit and Ifily leered I di lu't menu to cut him in lltu face. I lit M niehi v ( r Clin-, he>, I his bead ttotvn, and IL kt.Ke ci.1 lii? is e ! iidn't wi-h to h irt Mm, but 1 ntn-t and wi<l d< ieioi ti.y i wn p-'fson " Vet,''said tLe n.ssl-trale, it l< a 1 well enough I >r you to deirnd yotir own p^rr n, but still jcu murt not i tisw unlawful dii mis wh?-n i h? cwp did not warrant it. , 'i kit iLalt, it ii tur,)? r.ut bwlljr. therefore I must be i bt.d< r ths ntcetslly of cotumlttlM you to prison to awsit your trial " At this decision the little men J Jfllo d up his fuouldns. flourished ills hand', and said ' be tbourbf. hcwsver right the low might be, that th? ! justice iu this esse teas decidedly wrong However, at there was no appeal from this docisiou. the little man p?in d between the policeman's leg*. threw lii? cloak over one shoulder, and resigned himself to his fate, like a tine hero, by walking ahead of hie guide to the cell down below. Tiik Ckuiu C'?ji "nty Hank Koi.hf.ry.?It it now rendered certain that the officers ol the brink have, by the aid of the police, and the vigilance of the prosecuting officers of the commonwealth, got uju a the track of the real perpetrators of the robbeiy of Dr. Darli' gton, and the probability is that most of the money will be recovered. Tne testimony of Lackey is highly important, and the recent arrest ot the notorious Hob Pinkerton has thrown additional light on the matter; for in him both Dr. Darlington and the car agent recognize the nun. who cnme into the car aiul took a seat by the ride of Dr. D. n few minutes before the robbery. The testimony of Lackey, if substantiated, will astound the community.?Phila. Newt, Sept. 7. Hl.viohkd RkIIOVAL AND Ari'olntmi.nt. ? It was currently rumored on 'Change to-day, that Hon. Ilcnry Crocker, (President of the State Convention at Worcester), had been api>ointed Collector

of this port, in place of Ma'cus Morton, removed.? flatten Trnorl/cr, September ti. Wlgi and Toupeea ?All person* wishing a superior Wig ?r Scalp should not toil to coll at BACIIKLOK'3 manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, bef-re purchasing elsewhere, sad see his new invented W igs, unequalled lur lightness, natural appearance, and durability. N. B.?Private rooms for fitting Wigs. The Cheapest and Best Place In the City to get good Boom, Shoes, and Gaiters, ie st JONES', 14 Ann street, nearthe American Mutatum. First quality of French Celt Dress Boots, $4 AO; second do, $3 AO t? St; Congress Boots, from fin SO to (4; French Patent Leather Boots, (7. A scene of surpassing magnificence can be enjoyed, from the Temple, at Mount Morris, iltt-lcm Village. It cannot be equalled in the world, embracing, as it due*, a view of the Sound, Hurl gate, llarloin, ami the Hilda on and East rivers, the High Bridge, and many ubj eta of interest and beaut v. As the reason of flowers li rapidly panting away, wo advitc gttiiens an<< atrangera to take the Harlem railroad car*, and pay it a visit to-day. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS, HONEY B1AKKKT. Saturday, September 0?0 P. 91. The stock market opened heavy this morning, and clnaaA !,.?!? Tli. w,.o ???.-?t-..l-- -w ?. i prices; but the sales were small and the tendency downward. Everything connected with financial and commercial affaire is in a very unsettled state, and peculators generally know not how to act. Breadstuffs will doubtless be in such demand in our Atlantic markets this fall and winter, that prices will materially improve, even in the absence of any very important inquiry from abroad. Our domestic supply is by no means large, and unless the receipts for the remainder of the season are unusually extensive, we ball not have much surplus for exportation. The fluctuations in quotations for stocks show the feverish state of the market. The upward movement commenced in one or two of the fancies within the past week or two, has already experienced a reaction, and prices have fallen baok to the starting point. The current quotations in this market for foreign and domestic exchange, specie, and uncurrent money are as annexed. Hates for foreign exohange are slowly declining; there is so little doing in domestio exchange, that our quoted rates cannot be considered otherwise than nominal. The movements in specie have nearly ceased, and uncurrent money is quite active. Country merchants coming to the city to make their fall purchases, bring large sums of uncurrent money with them, most of which finds its way 'nto Wall street for redemption. Foreign Exchanges. On London HU a 1U9V On Amsterdam,,, 40'4' a 40 V On raris Sf 23X a5f 21)2 On Hamburg .... 35^ a 36 On Bremen, 79>a a 80. Domestic Exchanges. Boston. para V die Mobile Sp., a 2 dis Philadelphia par a \ dis Now Orleans 1 a 1)? dis Baltimore )i a % dis North Carolina... 2 a? dis Richmond 3 a 3^ dis Cincinnati 1^ i 2 dis - . 4 uw 4 XKUI I Savoimuk IJ4 a IK dis Nuhville ? a 2K dii Augusta ? a I.*4 ilii St.I,ouis 2Ua2Kdls Columbus ? a 1}? dis Dotroit 2K a 3 dii Buffalo IK a ? dii Pittiburg x a 1 dii Mobile (bk notes). 2 a 3 dii Uuotations von Specie. p?r Cent. Value. gfcieT. (told, old.. .10G a 106 Carolui doUi.. 1,(W a 1,05 do do new.. 100 a 100'i Five francs... 94 a 91K Half dollars par a 1U0K Doubloons.... 10,211 a 10,40 Portuguese gold. .100 a 100'4 do patriot.. 15,60 a 15,70 Spanish dollars.. .102 a 103 Sovereigns.... 4,HO a 4.H7 do quarters.. 99K a 100 do fight... 4,82 a 4,83 Mexican dollars., .look a lOC'K Heavy guineas. 6,00 a ? do quarters.. 99>4 a 100 Napoleons.... 3,83 a 3,87 Treasury Notes... 103 a 103.' , uxcure est Money. Bo't at. SIda'. Bo't at. !fULai New England.. K dis par Mobile, sp. pay'g. .2 dis IK dis Alhauy, Troy, He. >4 dis K dis New Orleans.... 2K dis ?dis N. York country.. % dii >4 dis Ohio 3 dis 2 dis New Jersey die JJ dis Indiana 3,'4 dis 2K dis pbiladelldiia.... X dis per Kentucky 2% dis ? dis Baltimore Xdis K dis Tcnneasee 3 dis 3 dis Virginia IK dis 1 dis Missouri 3 dis ?dis North Carolina.. .3 dis 2 dis Miohuan. 4 dis ?dis South Carolina.. ,2K dis? dis Canada 4 dis 3 dii Georgia 2 dis ? dis Wheeling banks are IK lK'r cent discount Tbe quantity of coal transported to tide water on the principal coal linei of Pennsylvania, from the coal regions of that State for the week ending tbe 7th inst.i and for tbe season, was as annexed:? Anthracite Coai. Trade. hbr the Week. For the Semon. Schuylkil Canal, tons 11,8.87 288,812 Heading Kuilroad, tons 23,388 H7ti 5(8 l.ehigh Canal, tons 25,57(1 482,167 Total tons 60,788 1,624,527 If these companies continue as actively employed for the remainder of the season, as they have been thus far, tbe aggregate receipts will not be much short of two and a half millions of tons. Amount of tolls received on all the New York State Canals in caeh of the following years, during the 4th week in August, and the total up to the 1st of September, as annexed:? New York State Canai-i? Amoi-vt okToi.ia. 4t/i H srA' in Auo. Total to l?t Sept. 1840 f67,879 61 $913,730 23 1,-41 74,433 77 1,138,130 28 1-42 38,616 43 914.906 96 184 3 85.010 79 1,12755178 184 4 105,569 61 1,412.446 81 1846 83,824 81 1,378,074 84 184 6 83,787 47 1.807,778 00 184 7 134,918 23 2,215,423 78 184 8 122,782 88 1,656,98126 The aggregate this year, np to tlio 1st Inst., was $558,420.52 less than that up to tbe same period last year. This exhibits a slight improvement; and we nare no uouui, Deiore tne season closes, the deficiency Kill be much reduced. Stork Kxrlinnsr. TreanXot?e,Ca lftiw 10alia Syracuse It ft RR 111 Jl.UtO do 10,W loo Canton Co us' tb.iuoli E Cs, ef '68 104>4 100 do iv4 5.( 00 do |60 104 200 do 060 &' J.JJV do jn 104 126 Nor & Wore RR MK 2,000 do coupon 104 (4 2.10 Reading RR t>i f.,(0o Kentucky 0? 07 100 do 2,000 Ohio t* of'60 100 80 do aflO it!'" isa:,;*issu*x,'"s? !Snv;?i"""r" SS ^ im h"'70rr raw l-w do JBJi AO do 64 160 Morris Canal 8)2 00 Lons I.Iand RR W AO I'ilea k Boh RR ,nw Isg 10 Eric RR nfw, fall &J o0 H)5 50 do 6'l 25 Mohawk RR 72 83 Second Board. $1(00 Readies Bond. 66 100sh.HaileraRR9eptl2 MV 10 shs Manli n Gal Co 114 200 do b?0 64 V 100 Reading RR 32 V 2AO do S3V 100 Lantoa Co 3A?; a". Eric RR, full 62)2 25 do hnw 38jk 26 do 62 V 100 Harlem RR too Kfi 26 do C 100 do .uw^ 63^ CITY TRADE REPORT. ? Nrw i?fSeptember 9-6 P.M. 1 he fUur market opened firm, and with a good home and export demand, prices were well sustained until towards the close of Change, when the market drooped, and scarcely any disposition was manifested on the part of buyers to operate at the current prices. I n wheat the transactions were to a fair extent, at prices ??irapin">?"???>?innj ,1-iuiDfra nour tuo soiu at an improvement. Hye flour was firm, with light salos. Mral was scarcely so active, and tha market leaned In faTor of the buyer. Sales of Rye. both on the spot and to arrive, were made at full rates. The business in ccru ?m large and done at fair prices, which, towards the close, however, were more or less nominal. Oats were firm, with good demand. The private letters being less favorable for cotton than the printed accounts. the transactions of the day were done at prices bowing a decllnn of of a cent, in provisions the operations wore not large, but the prices obtained for ihc various descriptions showed a well sustained market, (iroceriea continued in fair request at steady rates. Kor the full transactions of the day we refer below. Asnr? were without change, and dull at $5 60 for pots,and #0 for pearls. I ones The letters by this steamer are hardly as encouraging as the printed accounts, and there was, consequently, but a small bnsiness transacted to-day. The sales did not exoeed 600 bales, and prices might be called an eighth eaaier. Has Aimri ? ?.?flour? The sales reached some 7,000 1 Ids , including common State, mixed brands western and pure Uentsec at $0 lfc1, a 6 26; fancy Ohio at 0 37', and extra at 0 60 a ti 76 ; the latter figure for 3(0bbls. new Railroad Mills. About 4 000 of the above I was br export. The demand f ir south rn was fair, end ss'i s of 700 bbls wtrc made, consisting of Peters- ( burgh city. Alexandria, tic., at 6 00 a 6 Hi, Of Hy Hour, son e 2C0 bbls changed hands at 4 00. Mnat wns scsrcely so Arm, and sales of 600 bbls were eflecti d at 3 4 a 3 60 for Jersey In H'luut there was n good demand at better prices; operations embraced 4 600 bushels prime Uenesee at private bargain, 6 000 do. do ill 38; 6 700 do. ordinaiy to oholoe southern at 1 1 '2}i a 1 I'd, and 13.000, mostly Uan??*e,oa terms we did not learn lor Cera lbs demand was large, the operations reaching some 80.000 bushels at 7H a 81c. tor rouud northern yellow, (part of which was for future delivery), 72c. for common mixed; 76a 70e tor Hat southern ytllo* ; 60 a 7Pe for southern white, and t6 a Cf^r. Ur New Orleans heated. In the *!?* were 22,0(0 bushels for distilling. and hohim lot* of round yellow at prliate bargain. Of Ifye th?M ?"r? ia'?s of fl,< 00 bushels, to arrive next week, nt 7ll,o., ii nd 3 Oil) do. on the spot at 74 a 75c . showing an uu proreimrt The demand for Ojii wan active, and la'es of 35 000 bu?tu Is an* effected (mostly canal) at 36 a 36>(C. Uttr fh duuii I\e JJuJsnu Hhrr since tAc tpening of Nr.: igtthan. Wheat Hour bhl*. 821,06* tern Meal 2.5->U ? < rn bu?h. 1.0K4 H37 Wheat 337.970 Rje 223.406 Conn -The demand for th? past few days has been pood, which t< gi ther v, ilh a light stuck has put the market up full >,o. Transactions embrace 6 (KMI hsgs Rio, at t \ ai ?tr 1 too Jura, at H a *);c; and Hmi Sumatra, at >', a Hav.?About 4t.O bales North Hirer changed hand*, at -111 a dfa Hidkh ?We notice rales since our last. of 3<MH) Sin Junn. at 7'4c ; C,600 Carthage na. on terms net made public; 960 Hio Grande. 30 lb , at K^c . II months: 4 000 Matemoras. at 7c . time: and 4,300Santa Martha on private ti rms. I ii ort ?There have been sales of 00 tons Swedes, at f i-O: tiO do Kpglisb liars, at <.40 50; aud 100 do No. 1, Scotch pig. at f'24. ti months. Lr?n ? A sale of 3 0C0 pigs soft Missouri, wag made at f 4 37>,. cash Mourn.ks.?Wo hare but to notice a sale of 100 hhds Porto ltico. at 27o. Oils Sales wera made of 1.500 gallons Knglieh Linseed, to arrive, at ftti'^c. There have also been sales of 1,200 baskets Marseilles, at $3 a $3 12'-, cash and time. Phov isioks.? Kcr pork the inquiry was fair, and holdem were enabled to realize better prices. The soles reached 700 barrels, including mess, at $12 j and Srime, at (11 n 0 12),. The stock of beef was not enry, and the market was well supported. Sales of 150 barrels city mess, at $13 ; and some small parcels of prime. at$* 25 a $C 50 l.ard remained Arm. with soles of ?00 barrels, at 8,'.( a Do. ; and 300 kegs, at 9)?c. Of salted meats, we noticed sales of 100 boxes sides, on terms we did not learn. Butter and cheese ore as before, with steady sales Rick continued Arm. with a fair amount of sates. Sr?iAH?.?The demund for sugar, to-day, was active. ' and the following parcels were disposed of: 220 hhds. ] Cuba Muscovado, (to go out of market.) on private terms ; 250 do. do . at 4}a a 4',c. ; 160 do. Porto Rico, | nt 6 a 5'jC ; and 500 boxes brown Havana. Ik a 5>?o. Ta i.low. ?In this article there is a good demand, and sales have been made [of 50.000 lbs., (part to nrrive.) at T\ a 8)40 , cash. Whiskey was firm, but not active. Moderate sales ! of prison, at 27}.t a 28c. Wool.?The private transactions of the week amount | to 4O.0G0 lbs mixed Western fleece, at 20 a 24c. ; and I 16 000 lbs. Southern pulled, at 15c. ! MARKETS KL8KWUE11B STOCK SALES. Philadelphia, Sept.!??fV?f Hoard?200 City Gas.Ts, 'tin, HI 60 Norristnwn RR, 11; 126 Resiling RR, 16%; 5do. 16%; 70 Lehigh Scrip 6's, H2.1,; .100 do, H2%; 1?I)0 Sell Nav 6's, '6H, .18%; 100H Reading RR Mort 6's, 62',; 5 Pcnn RR, 0. Srroiul Hoard?1 Fenn Bank, 207; 2(kl) Reading RR O'o, 66%; 221 tahigh interest, 64; 1800 do Mort 6't, 79%; 1000 Tress Notes, 10,% 1000 Sell Nsv 0'a, '68, 3H; 8t0 City "50,91; 1540 Statoffe, 71. Boston, Bent. H.?Exchanvr Hoard?5 shs. Exchange Bank, 95; 6 New England Worsted Company, HO; 2 Boston and Lowell Railroad, 548%; .1 Boston and Worcester Railroad, 10!)%; 1.1 Western Railroad, 109%; 1 Western Railroad, 100; 27 Boston and Maine Railroad, 109',,; .9) Vermont Control Railroad, b,5d., S3; 25 Vermont Cental Railroad Rights, 2 17; 10 do., 2 5-16; 10 do., 2%; 62 Beaton and Providence Railroad, 90: 65 Ea-t Boston Company, 11 69; 16 East Boston Dividends, No. 4, 4 66; 100 Reading Railroad, 16%. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Boston. Sept Holders of breadstuffs ask fifty cents advance in flonr, in consequence of the foreign news and the short stock here. Buyers, however, will not operate to-day. WANTED?A PARTNER IN THE GARDEN, FIELD, Flower Seed, and Agricultural Business?one of the partners, in consequence of loss ny fire, and his advanced age, wilt dispose of bis interest in said concern. The remaining partner having a twenty years'experience. Address by lotter, post-paid, box ' 156. Newark, N. J., Post Office. j WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN OF EXPERIENCE AS Salesman, in the dry goods businesa. It will also ls> necessary for him to write a good hand, and bo willing to maks himself general1[? useful. The Reality is one of the most healthy in Tennessee. A liberal salary w ill be given to a competent por 1 sou. Apply by letter (post paid) to Box N97, Post Office. WANTED?TWO MEN, TO DISTRIBUTE LETTERS IN j t ho 16th Word; they must have becu resident* of the Ward, J at leaat two years: and not over 35 years old. Apply at tlio office of Boyd's City Expreis, en Monday morning, between the . hours of hslf-past 9 and half-past ID o'clock." . WANTED.?TO 81111' BUILDERS OR MACHINIST!?A smart, stent Boy, 17 years of age, of good repute, wishes to bind lumsclt to either of the above trades, l'lease address a line to T. M. O., box A, this office. I f'Oh! Henry Clay, you're dearer every day, i Yonr prospects bright We know yow're right, And we'll vote for IIany Clay." THE DEMOCRATIC CLAY W11IGS OF TIIE ELEVENTH Ward met at the corner of Honston and Columbia streets on Friday evening, Sept. 8th, in aocordaine with the Resolution passed at the groat Clay meeting, hold at Vauxhnll Garden the evening previous, whioh recommended Clay clubs tobe forme! in every tow n in this Stale. Whereupon it was resolved, that we invite all the democratic Clay whigsof the 11th ward to joiuiH 1 in tho formation of the Eleventh ward Clay Club, to support Henry Clay and Millard Fillmore for the Presidency ami vice Presidency of the United States, as the only tmewhig candidates before the people. We will meet for the purpose of organisation at Tinkham'e nail.' orner of Avenue C and Fourth street, on Tuesday evening, 12th Bepteuiber, at 7'.. o'clock. By ordor, CEO. W. RIBBLET, Chairman. P. V. Ut'stt it, Secretary. 17URST WARD AWAKE!!?A MEETING OK THE FIRST * Ward Rough and Ready Cluh wi 1 ho held at the Atlantic Garden, on Monday evening, September lith, at 8 o'clock. Several distinguished speakers av?becn invited, ant are expected to address the meeting. Whigs of the First, turn out. Co<nc one: come all.' EDMUND GRIFFIN, Chairman JOHN II. WIIJTE, Vioe Cha rmam. ROBERT SILVIE, K. & Tow sran. > H. II. Tiiavi-n, J oetretariea. SOUTHWARK ENGINE CO., NO. JK?NEW YORK, SEPT. 10, 1M8.?The Active and Honorary Members of this Company are invited to attend the funeral of the late Theodore Berrien, from tho residence of his father. No 'J.'7 East Broadway, this aitcrnoon, at 6 o'clock. By order. E. V. FARO IS, Sccr-tiry. BRADY'S GAI.I.ERY OF DAG I.'ERR EOT YPE PORTRAITS , and Family Groups, Nos. 81.1 and 2U7 Broadway. 3d door Sonth of St. Paul's Church, 2d, 31 and 4th stories, liours fro in I 8 in the mornirg till 7 in the evening. Gt THOMPSON'S 8PAWHG fauiiiition WILL TAXI I place, at the Shakspeare Hotel, on Monday evening,Ser'.. 11. Sparring w ili commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets So cents. di -t CAA OR *2,600 WANTED, ON BOND ANDMORTOl.tlu" gt^e. Apply at212 Spriag street. 1st finer, to _ Mr. GEORGES. rpiJB orange hotel, at newiii rgii, to let, for J. a term of years, w ith ex tensive Stables attached to the same, from the 1st of May next. Apply at Newhurgh, to the Ageut, at the Orange Bof I. POLICE REPORT?THE PUBLIC MI'sT NOT BE 3URpriscd, if they Knd, under the Police Reports, an account of the ussasaination of the publishers of "Asmodoous. or Iniquities ' of New York," as it gives the Gamblers, and all other transgres- j aors, their just due. * Board and lodging wanted in a respectable t private family, within a few minutes' walk of the Park, by a I inglt gentleman If at a greater distance, or in Brooklyn, Ircakfast only will be required. An English or French Catholic I family preferred. Terms must be moderate. Address D. :st this office. i BOARD WANTED?A GENTLEMAN AND LADY. WITH 'j Hire# small children, w ith board with wni? private family nr i bearding house, in oruenr H road way, where they could feel at > home. Address 8. A. Co., per mfcil, New Itochefle, Westchester . Co., N. Y., w^th [-articulars, , ( Rising academy. 1:17 and i.b mkkckk street -11 1 F". Joues' horses having returned Inm Newport, ha will OM his school on Monday, 11th tnat Ho will ho happy to roc any of hit former pupils and others wishing to patronise him. PAllIS MAKBLE MA NT EES?12 SPLENDID STATl'ARV j Marble Mantels, finely sculptured, of the purest marble, and | of the latest Parisian fashion, just n-o-iied from PartA for sale . by ? EBEN'R. THAYER, ti Wall -t. , Mmk koit, no.w; Leonard street, latelyprom } Dans, w asher and plaiter of muslin; also, of Mond luces and ( ball drestes, on a new Method. , NO! ICE TO SPOR TsMEN?FIRST MATCH OF Till ROBIN 1 lleod Shooting Club, held at Ml* Robin Hood Tavern, 96 Prince J Street, Brooklyn, Id door firom Myrtle Avenue, w ill some <>ft on * To.' 121 12th 1*. M; after w lu? !i, ? vsral sweepstake-. ' will lie shot lor at 7'" w ild Pigeons. The shootii.gwill take place ? on the old ground ut Bedford Stages leave Fulton l'erry every half hour. UNION COCRSE. I* I.-TROTTINO-MONDAY,SEPT. II, J atSo'cloek P M.?Stake and Purse, fdSC; 2 mile hen's under the saddle. W. Whelat d enter? s. m. Jenny Lind; J. W'belp Icy, do. b. g. Passenger: J, Somerindyke, do, g. in. Lrvlv Emma C. 8. Brooks, do. r. g. tjnaker I. Woodruff,do, a.m,NellOwynuo. The Cars leave South Ferry tor the Track at half past 2, and retnrn after the sp Tts are over. M. D. GREEN, Proprietor. NOTICE-GEORGE EI.1,1 NOR, WHO I.EFT -ENGLAND tvdlvfl mil lint'A anil hu mamtlv miIiIii! /! !?.? Illi noie ; also. at New London, Conn., may hear of hit alitor by Jend- i ing hit nddrces to E. ICI.LI NOlt, XI Broad it., N. Y. ' FOR SAI.E.-'TIIE PLACE," NO. 88 NASSAU atman^ long and favorably known mi I'nblio House. The on tin, j oraone half intereit orthe tarn", la offered fur sale. There ii a long and eery favorable leue. The homo ii replete with fixtures ( and inrniture throughout. Mercantile engagements |rrereut the c advertiser from devoting the time which "The Place" require a , Do would prefer difpoaing of an interest to a luitablo person. for ? Krticulsre, Inquire of LEWIS S. FORI), on the premiaea beten IU A. II. and I P.M., or at 178 South street, any other hour 1 of the day. J \l/ INDoW SHALE UK POT, NO. 7 spruce STREET, TY (Tribune BuUdlnga)?6i),H)0 Window Rhades, from ileenta . upwards Tlie largest it-eh United States. Southland Wee'cm purchasers are partcularly invited to examine the above . iteck ; alio, a largo vai icty of Pn per Hanging! which the aub- j seriber offers at great bargains. OTI.S(9 RUBBER, MnnnfaWurer and Importer. ' A INE JEWELRY, H'A I I1ES. AND SILVER WARE. AT 1 At moderate prices.?CH AS. 81EWART, manufacturer. No. J l.'l John itrcot, up stairs Stranger! can aclect with conhdenoe. I an there are no imitation! or inferior goodi made at this eatabliiliment. I TCOR sale?a MODERN. I.Kill T BUILT. EXTENSION I At topwagon, two seats, and nearly new; was built to order by r Hnroll au, of this eity; cost ^.T!A; now to be sold for $175. Can bo seen at TATTRMaLL A 410 Broadway. Designated ru No. I IDS. In that establishment. J Ill) TAII.UK3?TUB I'KMS.M 13 AN bXCCLI.sNT Or- i poitunity to theoe who with to cut ele;taut rarmonts in tho u prvnliDi Ktvlo, 1* obtaining a copy of Mlit-nut 9 now work on H L'uttlrg nukindooi Clothing, which U nnlromaily allowed to bo w ?u|< rit r to all other method*. For ?alo by t!io author, eornof of ?1 Ct urtlandt ttreet ami Broadway, a d ol A. Wl color. Rcjiortcr of tl laohieua 4 Conr'landt itrwot, Frio: p> r copy, $ti. ** 1'aiiohs- fashions #6k run iai.i. and \unteu , of 1Mb and 't'J.? Tito only I'late of tlio 3c??..u to jint lorttod, | ind for ?ule by A VVhoohr. Frica |ier copy at tho office, one , dollar, including explanation tint patron aheetaj arall' tho only comet troaUae oa Garment (Jutting, at oi* dolUra porcop.r. A* , Iivm A. tVfIREl.FR, Reporter. 4 Courtlnndtr. j( -ill 4W Ilk WINDOW SHAD?i-roR SALF, MOM S7K _ OVf.uVv eonta upwnrd.-Met. hantiy peJIera, Ac aunpllod; by KhLTY St HIK1.K, manufacturer* and occluolro dealota in J nud material! for tanking and hanging !had. *, 131 Chat immwi, ? /niAi 1 All DSUVBRIKO TUB WW PKACR OR. 4 thrr (redmhjt ool, wall tcrooatd.attha foHowloBlew pri * coot'iri,:?h, ria. .Wt R4 Ntand ?lo?o *od?r.' at j,i, i.,o 8 yard ...rncrcl R r,and (3l.?M CmBWE" w?uJ?wyw?11 ? ??? PARK THEATAB.-MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. II, TUB eniertainirn n'a will Commence elth 8h?K?i?iare'? tragedy f ViCBITH?Iturran. M?. Hamiuo. Mr. Tilton. Mm lull Mr. Ilcni'lin; MardufT Nr. ili-ld; Malcolm, Mr Datraon; Rlwdii t ( ai .(am, Vr.Gf Iterate, Mr. Andre*i Lennox. Mr. W hurien; I ad) Ml< Ufti Mre. Wlr .'anlcy: Hentlewraan. Mia, D)nit. To Ic followed by ' rai.'l I'm do Deux, lv Miitira floe-a 11 ! Pl/unr N?r'. After whiih the lanrha'da farm of |U?\ AN (> ( OX? It"x. Mr. W. B Chapman Mr l>s??"i .)li . Bi uiH'cr, Mr*. Djmtt. Tna wlmle to eonolude nitlill 1'lro <)c Cadi/, liv Xlglioru f'loecn aii-l M*n>r Neri. Dftr.M iiule, 7.'n > ., la>n11) Circle, .VI It?.j l.pper lloac*. Z'? rts ; Pit. 'IH ct-; Colliry, I2>ic. Lloori oi?-n at / ; curtain riaer at 7S o'clock 9 ' ' BOW I KY THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER II, ttill be [a-if armed, II rat time in America, the now hittori, al drama, In Ihne acta, ityle.l tl.e HE.dTRI CTION Of THE BAdTH.E, or Terror'i Hurn Maximilian Robenriem, Mr. N. B. llarlir; Frederick Danton. Mr. Slme Jean Ma rut, Mr. Heath; Unman liuylay, Mr. C. War nick: Victor Kollande, Mr. J. H11r 11: M. Pe I.iuoay. Mr. T. Duff; Flcur .le 1,1?, Hire Mary Taylor; Marjot, Mre. Sntheiland; Ernenloc, Mr*. \v afoot. Prcrioaa to tl.e drama will I* acted < IIARI.K* TDK TWELFTH ? 1 Ifirr, Miaa Mary Taylor; diarlm Ml. Mr. J. II. Ilail _IW? i>i fit at 7: peitorn.aaee to oommeaoe it 7X o'alock. Iun, 7t -*ntr Pit. 12H ocutt. BROADWAY TIIF.ATKE. ?MiNIMY EVENING, SEPtea.lur II. will tw prt'HiifMl t'.f tiutly i>f J A Kt'AllB? liuV.1 of Suflolk, Mr. Bernard; 1.01(1 May, Mr. Pope; links of Bucklnirl.&ir, Mr. I,. Bernard; Lrl C? llr. Dyott; Jnek Cade. Mr. I'lTrwi. M ai Worthy, Mr Vael.e; Km lnay, Mr. Baker; Jack Strew. Mr; R.yrr Sntton, Mr Walton; IRck Pembroke, Mr. Kinirsley; Friar I acy, Mr Fredrlcks; Widow Cade, Mrs. Ab1 ntt; Miriauur, Win I*. Mulls-k: Kate Mrs. Watts. To oonelude wiih the petite riiniedy, nailed IS HE JEALOl'if?Mr. Eelmonr, Mr. liy. i t; Harriot, Mita I. Dickinson. Dress Circle ai.d I'?r.|uet.i?, 7.1 cents; F-u.lly alrrle, 2.7 cents ; Gallery. I 2>w cents. Doors n|*n at 7. performance le commence at 7H o'clock (A IIANFRAU'8 NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, roRMIRLT J Chatham.? Monday oveninr Septemlwr II, will be acted the saw faree ntltled a MISTAKEN STOHY?Mill Williams. Mr. C. Bnrkc; Itcttry Miss E. Meetayer. After whioh, will be produced tilt populirdraina entitled the MYSTERIES AND MISEhllS OF NEW YORK?Mote, Mr. r. 8. t'hanrrau; Captain Toliln, Mr. C. Burke; Mr. Ihreciee, Mr. Pardey; Ri( Lhie, Mrs. M< l ean; Little Llie, Miss K. Mestuyer. To conclude with the drama of II F.I F.N OAK I Elfill? Dick Viteh, Mr. Palmer, Sir RobertOaklol^h, Mr Ward; I.adv Ellen Oakley, Mrs. Mclean. I oers open at 7. |?'>fonusnee to eommenoe at 7X o'clock.? Bosee. 15eente; Fit, I2H. BC It TON'8 THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET.?On Monday Evenh.r Sept. II,will bo played, 1st time in America, Milton's marine of ( OMf'S. t'oinus. Mr. I.ynne ; the Eider Brother, Mr. Grace; tie Ycnnirer Brotle r. Mr M-ars ; |jplv. Mrs Kni.-i.t liaccnanola, jvssers. Mtycr. T. Johnson, K??. Hurley, lain, Andarton, llamiH n. i liristian. Powling : Kuphrosyne Mi l o. I.odcr Dane-- > f Satyrs, *? ??. Fr derioks, t,\ Psr-loe, Marshall. To which will - added the farce of POOR PILLIUODDY. Ptllieoddy. Mr. Burl' n ; Mrs. Pilllcoddy, Mrs. Knizht. Toconcludi with TUB CAPTURE Of ('APT. CI TTLE. C .pt. Cuttle. Mr. Burton; Mrs. McStinger. Mm \ ernon DrcsHCirole and Parent to, Wlc.; Family Circle. Sacts. Doors open at 7 ;cnrUin rises at 7)?. NIBLO'S, A8TOR PLACE, BROADWAY.? POSITIVELY the last night but two t f opera, Last appearance of Signor llcnerentano. Madame Lahorde, Mons. Laboruo, Signer "aooaerieo, Siguum Murra. and Siguor Lletti will ap|war.?Monday, ;ept. II. will lie given, for last tune at this theatre, the nninu; q>era or L'EI.ISIR D'AMOKE? Adina, Mad. Lahorde; Gianetta, jtgnora Murra: Nemorino, Mods. Lahorde; Sergeant lieleore, signor Beneventuoo, (his last engagement in America); Dulcamara, Signur Sani|iierico; Peasants, soldiers, and full chnrns. Doors open at a quarter before 7, eouimcuciug at half past 7. Admlsaion 60 eenta, CtASTLE HARDEN.?ORPHANS' BENEFIT. OF THE / Prince street Aaylnm. On Monday Evening, September 11, the entertainment* will commence with Grand Overtures by Lothian's Brsss Bund. The Ethiopisn Melodists will then sing a number ef Melodies. After which, the faroetta of BOX 8i COX? Bos. Mr. Holland: Cos, Mr. Conover. Mr. Ilood will exhibit the pow er of equilibrium on the Tight Rope. Half an hour's latermission for Refreshments and te view the Cosmoramaa. The Ethiopian ( ompany will sing some of their Melodies, and conclude with the Burlesque Model Artists. The wholo to oonelude with the comic hallet, called HURRY SCURRY, or the Love Fa Ghost. Admission, fillets. Doors open at 6.^ ; to commence at H o'cloek. rTVAIlERNAcL*?THE LAST WEEK. POSITIVELY-THE A Moravian Singers, grateful for the liberal patronage they have received from the citisens of New Pork, would respectfully inform them that they will havo the honor of giving live more Vecnl and Instrumental Concerts during the present week, commencing on to-morrow (Monday) evening, and which will positively be the last prior to their departure from the city, on which occasions a choice and seloct programme will be proeented, when they hope to meet that success which has attended their efforts in l'nris, London, and in all the principal cities in Europe. Tickets fit) cents each, to be had at the principal music stores, and at the door <>n the evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7. To commence at 8 o'clock. \7"PCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL ENTERTAINMENT-MR. v j. ju iiuium, I'lumat anil vuoulist, of Londun, liege most respectfully ti> announce that his first entertainment will take place ii Tuesday F.veningnrxt, R< lit. 12th. at the Ap-dlu Rooms. Ticket* Hi rente (in h, tc tc liail at tnc principal music etnree, the Apollo R.mnii. and of Mr. J. L. Hftttnn, Aitor ll< nee. To coinmruce at d o'clock. (1ASTLE GARDEN.?DOORS OPEN AT X PAR BIZ. J performance will oommence at 8 o'clock? Admission X oenta. Decided hit. Triumphant rucceee of the original Ethiopian Maindiets, universally acknowledged to be the best band or minstrel* in the oity. The company consists of the following well known und talented artiste?Cool White, R. Edwards, r. J. Rioe, W. Uoward, D. Leon, 8. Clarke? Wednesday and Thursday evenings September 6th and 7th, third and fourth concerts, on which tosasion they will offer a variety of new Songs, Glees, Parodist Love Ditties, Refrain', and Gems from popular Operas, intenpem>d with Burlssqut Lectures, Queer Sayings, Dances, Be.; la twa pari*. BARNUM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUK. Proprietor?F.Hltohoock, Mr eager.?Splendid Perfosiiisneel ivery afternoon at halt past 3o'clook, and every evening at half|.ust seven. The Manager has the pleasure of annonnelng the most extraordinary wonder In creation. Major LittleAnger, (voiding the same relation to the famous Lilliputian that the little linger does to the thumb, lie is ten year* old, only twenty-tour inches high, and weighs only 13 lbs. Ilk may oe seen every morning, from IB to half-past 12 o'elook; in the afternoon, from 2 till half-past. 6; and in tlio evening, frun 7 till 10. In addition, the manager has also engaged the celebrated Sable Broth ere, Mr. Nellii, the Three Highland Mammoth Hoys, Giant! or Mammoth Baby, Enormous Boa Constrictor. Madam Rockwall, the famous Fortune Teller, msy kc privately nonsuited nt an extra charve of 2ft cents. Admission tc the whole, Including Museum Performances, Little Finger, ho., 2S oenta; ohildrcm, udcrtvn yearsof age and oldenoagh to walk alone, BM eentn. Reserved front seats, onesiiilling each extra. ? SACB ED DIORAMA I?NOW EXHIBITING ITMBT night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* commencing at 3 o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 306 Dioad way, over 8toppani's Baths. Dannington's entirely new Grand Scriptural Dieraass ef the moetMagnileent Speetaola ever witnessed in New York. Creation of the World and the Deluge. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments. Mr. H. DinningUm has Jut oompldted a msgniSeeaft Diorama, intended to Illustrate the sublime spectacle st the 8U Days oi the Creation! exhibiting by menna of moveable figure*, eoenery. and powerful optical eOeot* all the progressive ohaagca from the Chaos and Darkness ef the unformed Universe, until the final oompletion of the great work of Creation, as described hs the first and second o hapten of Genesis, terminauagwith the appearance of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama La the result of a long oherlahod idea, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this department or the arts. It is the most WnllSil ?v. .1 a. Li.. ? Una* Id itsexhibition the highest meohaaloal ingenuity, with the Oft astonishing soenie effect*, assisted by mperior poetry, painting end muiio. Scenery end Iaoidenis?Cttaoe, the ffrit Day. The Firmament, the Scooad Day. Dry Lead, Herbage aad Flewire, Third Pay. Sua, Moon aad Stan, Foarth Day. Cieatiew of Fifth and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animal*. Sixth Day. Q aril on of Idea?Adam and Era With thi* completion of the labor* of the Creation, the flrit pert of the Inhibition eleeaa. Part II. Grand Diorama of the Deloge. Tickets 26 ct* ?Children half priee. Door* open at 7. Curtain riae* at 8 o'clock. BANVAKD'S NEW DOUBIjE MAMMOTH 1'ANORAMA of tho Mieeyuri aad Miraiseippi Rivers, allowing a country of twenty-throe hundred mile*, being by tar the large?t paiutlag in the world, and of the lcrtbit risen on tho globe, extending more than twenty degree* of latitude. Open every erenlng, at Panorama Hall. oiW Broadway, adjoining Kiblo's Garden. Admiaaion 60 rent#; children half price. Panorama will commence mowing at b o'clock. Altcrnooa performance* on Wednesdays and Satnrdaya at.i o'clock. PANORAMA OF TATLOB'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO,AT tho Mioarya Kooroa 406 Broadway, shows natural a* Uio. the Marches, Eaowmrmcnta, and Battle* fougnt by Gan. Taylor. 1| hi so gives correct viowaof the Ohantry, town*, oitiet, he. It 1* the moat beautiful painting ever aeen. Open every night all 'clock. Afternoon exhibitions Wednesday and Saturday, eomnentibk tt f o'clock. Adinituinn, 25 School* admitted on easoaanh term*. No charge for descriptive pamphlet*. The cheat pesipehati m.--lyovs magnetic Powder for destroying It. >1 Bug* Coekroache* aud hi* Pill* or tho destruction ol Kiiio and Mae, have implied a great deaiicralum in utUily, comfort and elctnHi.eaii. Perfectly hariuleee n our families, yet certain in tluir destroying efleets on the noxious insect* and vcituin. Hie above preparations have, happily, tupplied the place of | oiconous, iisefficisnt mercurial* adnays dtim tour, and fre'|netiUy taial to children. Nutnerout t.-rtilieatce from hotela and private individuate, atteeting the complete moot** of the above tmect and vermin destroyer* may be aecn at the proprietor's nfll < . 431 Broadway. Price 80 ceata. ttriMit CAMNiEIJ/S a KB COMING."?sixth WEEK A continued suceeiw-Society Library Room*, 348 Broadway. The original and celebrated Campbell'* Minstrel* fonder Hie direction of O. A. Elmberlvl? the nM?i i.?.i - United Slate*?hiue the honor to announce, that in consei|iience >f the Itrnieiice rgmn which hoe attended tlicir effort* the Mlt ire nccka, hiring been nightly crowded hy the elite of New i'nrk, they vill liere the pleasure <f continuing their iniminlile ud highly popular musical cnlertaiumenta ererj erening hie week, intrniucing at each concert a fell programme ot heir m"?t r Tular I'icoeej Inc hiding the eelebrated Statne iancc and lliibland Hu g by Mr. Luke Weft Doer* open t 7- at 8 precisely. Admisjion 7ft oenta. N.B.? )n Saturday afternoon, fi r the eonronience of lamiliea, theru rill he a Br rfonnanc* commencing at 3 o'clock. Adtniadon, M entn?children, half-price. JUST ITT.LISHF.Ii-DR IK'STrt ICR'S GREAT WORK and Lccturea on Venereal, and other affection* of the Urinary Organs, MoU pages ipmrto. Tliia if tlie moat complete practical v.ork of the alndoer la?ned tr> m Uie pre*#. U oontalae thirty-Be-.>n colored engravings, which delineate thia cla*a ef iiecaaea iuimitably. It aleo oontaina forty wood engraving*, t.|t>ally well executed . and everything known about the modern treatment < i these d it. use/ h" i > ru > urelnlly p corned, and all the moat approved prescrip'ioiis and lorninlaa hare Wn given. For aalc at trie office ol pui-lvotion, TEl Broadway, and of the luthor, .'All Broadway. Pric?'$lo. Ilia work ia intended ex irtaaly lor thtproh-aaion. A'ao, Dr. B.'a work on felt abise, 261 l-agca, 14 engiavings, with hinta to yonng men. frioe $1, 'or Ale aa above. Mrs. jamesc. dcoan imorks usr friends and the public, that tlie Undertaking bushiest of her late husband, n all tla branches, will atill be carried on, for her benefit, at 614 [(roadway, by, Mr. John Dugwn, who thoroughly nlIrrstand* tlie buain. aa, and will jive his |?rsonal attention to nil alls she mny be favored with, and use his be?t endeavors to ptisfy and phase; She will be moat thankful lor the patronage f her late husband's friends. N OTK K.-if HANS SPRINGER WII.I, t ALL i r Til* office of Richard Wateon, at41 Exchange I'locc, he will hear l something Ic his advantage. Irakis style shirtr. or finiat workmanship. I made to riettenre, t>y the half d"i?n or more; nnanrpnassd a this country, ;?) j? r cent, lose than prices usually ciargod. '. C. PARhKIXS, of 1M years Broadway fashionable celebrity, uperintendent. II. CJUION. 1M W illiam St., upstairs. vf r3. mac un*a (latb m1m melton) will rk ITI commence hrr Tuition in Rnrlish and lialiau Singing, with 'ttuin nceonipiiu ment, on Monday, Sept. II, at 4Mi Broadway. ttl ONLY!- WHO WOULD GO WITHOUT TBBTB WHEN R 1 they ean hat them inserted, sad w arran'ed for Ave years, .tone dollar each, at the office established for the redaction of it ices in l-.'T. iiUilht with pure /old .'SI to 75 cents. 808 Broadway. Fob new orleans-loltsiana and nbw rou Uneofl'aokcts?I'o'ttitcly the tirst and only regular packet 0 snil on or hrioic Monday, September Ihth.?Tne now and t, lei, did fast (soma packet bark Uenesee, C. T. Dill ngham, tatter, Is now loading, and will pos'tirely sail .is above, her tgulst day. For freight or passage, having spkndi I tarnished 1 comnoslstleng apply on board, at Orlean s Wharf, foot of Wall met, or to B. K. COLLINS, M Seatli street. No poodswiI! Ie received on b<atil after SntuiMsv sveninr, p'. 10'h. Arentsin New Orleans. Mt-ssn. BR VAN A CM A K if, he wit promptly forv ard all roods to Uieir addre- . I-JR. COOKE, OF ALBANY, N. V.. r*S3KNGiR BV TUB U Magira !?,esmer. from Erghird, altera hriet absence on tha nfinei t of Europe, lilt rctuiued to tint scat of government of e k to pi re State, where professional o.rrespondenU may, a# rc toft, re, addr-te Mm, poat paid, personally or by letter, at hi* eideiiee. No. .'f Norton street, Albany. N. I, ItHK qUEA.V* HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE QBNEBAA POST tpttict.SL Matun'siat,rand,London.?Tbla magnt'cent lloil, bating recently nndcrgoua sxtenmve alterations, and a great write, of It noalj turn slied. will be lonad on trial to have no rv?! in themetropoiiAjmoth In paint ol >oectniuotiatiea sad no. crate charges. I '.oCoftee ro.m is ore of the largert aud m *et wntortnbl" to l,>,terd [Marti, S2 per day. Hot wad Cold totes. TB0JU8 PENXRR I EN NET, Wanar*. Chwl dttward of the British Quern AtcmcaMg. Bsfcrtnct.n New Vorb te Mr. 0. A. WM e. do t.'odar ttreoC