Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1848 Page 3
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?????? forth ; and u the performances are to be for the benefit of the orphans at the Prince street Asylum, we trust there will be a full house. The folio wine attractions are set forth, viz , Lothian's brass band, Mr. Hood In his wonderful feats on the tight wire, the singing of the Ethiopian melodists, and Mr (1 Holland, Messrs. Conover, I'arsloe, Fredericks, and other artists will all appear. The farce of " Box and Cox" will be played, and the comic pantomime of 44 Hurry. Scurry," with the performances of the above-mentioned artists! will make up the bill. We need not urge the claims of the orphan on the generous public of New York, but feel confident they will have a full bouse at their benefit. Campbell's Misitieli are the minstrels of the day if we can form any opinion of the judgment of the public by the eagerness with which they patronize them. Night after night, their concert room is crowded with the elite of the city ; and their refined manner of singing the most popular Kthlopiau songs cannot fail to please all who bear them. Nothing approaching coarseness is heard at their concerts, and family parties will find this a most amusing and genteel performance. They will perform overy night this week. Moravian Minstrels ?From their first appearance these talented singers bare made a most favorable impression on the public and their beautiful singing and extraordinary musicul attainments, have been the admiration of all who have heard them. The great success they have ruet with has induced them to remain Tone week longer, and, accordiugly, they will sing every night this week at tne Tabernacle. This evening their coneert will comprise all of those songs and performances whica have beensomuoh applauded lately. The Grka+ Russian Pianist.?This distinguished prodigy of musioal excellence is every day busily engaged in selecting all the sterling talent of the oountry, preparatory to his series of monster conoerts, which will take place during the winter Reason The first, we are informed, will come off on the 2d of October. It will be under the direction of the celebrated master and composer, Max Muretzek, late director of the Queen's Theatre, Italian Opera, London One of bis overtures, that to the opera of'-Hamlet," will be executed by an immense orchestra, consisting of the fifty artists which compose the next season's orchestra of the Astor Place Italian Opera Company, and the principal members of the 1'hilbarmonio Society, the whole forming the largest and most complete orchestra ever arranged in America. The great Russian pianist will plsy Weber's chef d'auvre, the "Concert Stciik," the most classical and elegant composition that has ever been arranged for the piano. He will be accompanied by the great orchestra of eighty persons, under the direction of Maret/.ek. This, indeed, will be a novel feature, and, no doubt, will attract an immense assemblage of the admirers of musical science. The Congo Minatrkli will commence a series of concerts on Monday night, at St. Luke's Hall, corner of Orove and Hudson streets. This band has had great sucoess in the West, and have gained great celebrity. A Grand Mi-mcal Entertainment?David's "Deaert" will be given at Castle Garden, on Tuesday next by the New York Musical Institute. Sporting Intelligence. Union Cot use, L. I.?Thotting.?Some six or seven weeks ago the owners of the trotting horses. Jenny Lind, Lady Emma, Nell Gwynn, Quaker, and Fassen" ger, formed a sweepstakes of $100 each, to he trotted for in two contests?one in harness, and the other under the saddle?to which stake the proprietor of the track added $100 to each contest. The first trial, in harness, took place the week before last, and the one under the saddle will come off this afternoon. Con iiuenuio uunucmi pjjvuuikiiuu uu uitea place ua wie result; and it will be a splendid race, beyond a doubt, aafallthe nags are well matched. Jenny Lind is the favorite against tbe field; Passenger the next favorite. Cars run from the {South Ferry to the track, and return when tbe sports have terminated. Target Excursion.?The 5th company of the National Guards, under command of Captain James L. Waugh, will leave this morning on a target and pleasure excursion for Amboy. Law Intelligences United States District Court, Sept. 8?Before Judge Betts?7Viaf for Rrrolt?Christopher Morse, and lour others, being five of the crew of the ship Henry Trowbridge, of New Haven, indicted for an attempt to make a revolt on board, were put on trial. It appeared from the testimony, that on the 20th July last, while the vessel lay in Carlisle Bay, off the island of Barbadoes, tbe prisoners struck off work, and positively refused to unload the vessel, on the ground that the ship was leaky, and that tbey could not live in the forecastle. The captain went on shore; complained to the American consul, who came on board, remonstrated, and offered to discharge them, provided they assisted to unload the vessel. Four of tbem consented, and went to work; but struck off again and refused to proceed. The captain again complained to the consul, who ordered them to be put in irons. This they resisted; said they were British subjects, and, under their own guns, and would not permit themselves to be arrested They were, however, put in irons, and brought home. The defence set up was, that the vessel was not seaworthy, and that the men were not bound to remain in her. Tbe jury, after hearing the Judge's charge, and after deliberating for about two tours, returned with a verdict of guilty, but with a recommendation to mercy. The court ordered the prisoners for the present to be remanded. Adam Hayes, another of the crew, indicted for tbe same offence, pleaded guilty, and was also remanded. The United States vs. Nelson C. Marselis?On application of defendant's counsel, his sentence was postponed until the next term of the court, his sureties consenting to remain bound. Marselis was found guilty, acme months since, of malpractices in the postoffice. The grand jury came into court, handed up a true bill against Joseph U. Corwin, for cruel and unusual punisement. and ignored the bill against Kobert Smith, charged with an attempt to create a revolt. The jury was then diccharged for the term. The petit jury was also discharged. Common Tlf-as, Sept. 0-Special Term?Before Judge In graham?Franci B. llart by his next friend vs R llolloch. Ordered that it be referred to Henry Looms' Esq. Same vs Samuel Birdsall.?Like order. samuei McUurnty vs 1hot. r. Petri?Motion for rebearing demurrer. Hortingion ads Thayer admer et al.?Motion for new trial denied, with costs. Joieph E. Edtsaill vs Tompkins Halcomb.?Appeal dismissed. Before Judge Ulshoeffer?John Early ~,s Thomas Ore gory.?This was an aotion of trespe.ig on the case to recover damages for the loan of a horse, and injury done to plaintill'i waggon. It appeared that on the 21at of December last, the parties were driving in Twenty-first street in opposite directions. The plaintiff, it was alleged, was driving at the rate of about four miles an hour, and the defendant at from eight to ten miles in the same time ; the latter run into the former at the corner of Broadway and Twenty-first street, the shaft of the defendant's waggon perforated the plaintiff's horse in the breast, passing through the lungs, and causing his death next day, and injured plaintiff's waggon also The defence set up was, that the plaintiff had crossed from his own side of the street unnecessarily, and was himself the cause of the accident. The judge charged the jury that the rule of law was, that each party was to keep to the right of the other. The defendant says, that in crossing to the right, in the usual manner, the plaintiff drove into him. Now, if you are satisfied with that, and that the plaintiff was driving agasnst the defendant in a headlong manner, the fault is not defendant'^, but his own ; but a man has no right to do wrong, even though be is on the right side ; he would 1 .Uk, A? . ?lir.,1 Ul,,-. t- hi. though he was on the right side himself. It is also a rule of law, that the party bringing his action must establish it by evidence and show that the fault was entirely with the defendant, and not with himself. In considering the evidence, you are to give greater weight to the witness who appears to tell the truth without prejudice or partiality in preference to a witness who appears to be prejudiced and partial If you are of opinion, from a full and impartial consideration of the testimony, that plaintiff has proved his case, you ought to give him damages ; but you ought to go farther, and give such damages as will punish the defendant. The jury retired, and in about an hour returned with a verdict lor the plaintiff for $80. The first branch (if the Court, in which Judge Daly presided, adjourned early, no business being ready 8trsbmk Court.?Oisihjl Tf.rm, Sept. 8, 1848.? Present Justices Hurlbut, McCoun and Edwards.?No. 4 on the Calendar.? Leavctt Htai-tr vs MlatchforH, et alt , was taken up, and in part argued. Court of Appeals?Tuesday Morning, September 6?Present: Freeborn O. Jewett, Chief Judge; Judges Bronson, Ruggles, Gardiner. Jones, Wright, Gray and Johnson. The time of the Court up to the hour of adjournment was occupied in hearing motions. Wednesday, September 0-Present: Chief Judge Jewett, and all the Judges above named. At the opening of the Court this morning the calendar was taken up in order No. 1. Josiah L. Dow vs. Jonathan Kent, John Van Buren, of Kingston, for plaintiff in error; M. Sehoonmaker for defendant in error. No. 2 George Burr vs John 11 Wood. Mr. F. Reynolds for plaintiff in error; M. Sehoonmaker for defendant in error. No. 3. Cornelius M. Van Leuven vs. Thomas G. Lyke, etal. M. Sehoonmaker fer plaintiff In error ; T. R. Westbrook for defendant in error. Thursday, 8ep tenmerv ? :<in ? afr narvey v* viary cumifaa ana other*. K Miller for plaintiff In error ; H. II. Hogeboom for defendant In error. Naval.?I*. S. sioop of war Marion, Captain Simonds, sailed from Gibraltar on the night of the 12th ult., for Boston. The steam frigate Princeton was at leghorn about the 12th ult., and the frigate United .States was expected there. The store ship Supply was on her way to Malta, and would proceed thence to Beyrout, Arc., to take jpn hoard the persons engaged in the expedition to the Dead Sea. U. S. sloop of war Dale was at Guayamas on the 1st ult. Cai>t..lohn Gwmn has been ordered to the command of the frigate Constitution, at the Charlewtowp navy yard. Api-crrance of Gnu. Taylor in a Crowd.?A letter from I'asragoula, dated Aug. UO, says :?As I was stepping on board the Creole, to-night, whom should I encounter but "Old Zack" himself, coming from a brief vlelt to Pm? Christian, whither he went .a few day* ego on private business. The old gentleman had on that drab beaver, and It wns crushed down no far on his hssd. as to leave the presumption that he was apprehenelve of taking cold In his ear*, or wanted to stop them against the humble suit of so ins beggarly politician lie pushed hie way through the rroed without thv slightest eeremony, and nnbody could have thought, without foregone information, that there wae n candidate of a great party for the presidency. There were no shouts, and no committee to receive Ulm. Tint Stork Chip Knur, at the Navy Yard, will ready lor se t tlii* w*rk. Common Council. Bosbd or ASSISTANT Aldermen ?Stated Mectino, ?Sept. 8,1848 ?Wilson Small, Esq.. President, in the Chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. | Petition Referred- Of (Jeorge Ilueken & Sons, for | flagging sidewalks in 16th street, between 6th and 7th avenues. Of t has Lent, and others, to alter grade iu 7th avenue, between 21st and 24th streets. Of owners In 27th street, between Oth and 10th avenues, to have the same paved Paptrifri m the Hoard of .1 liter men?Report t concur- | red in?01 Committee on Streets, in favor of concurring with the resolution from the Board of Aldermen, for the appointment of an Inspector on curb, gutter, and sidewalks Of same commitiee, recommending a concurrence with the Board of Aldermen, to regulate and set curb and gutter stones in 26th street. Of same committee. In favor of concurring with the other Board in a resolution and ordinance for flagging sidewalks in 16th street, between Irving place and 3d avenue Of same committee, in favor of a concurrence with the other Board, to regulate and set curb and gutter stones in 38th street. Of same committee, in favor of a oonenrrence with the other Board, to set curb and gutter stones, and regulate Lexington avenue. Of committee on wharves, Ac., in favor of extending the time for building pier No. 2. North river. Report! referred.?Of committee on streets, with or- | diuance and resolution, to grade and pave William street, and set cuib and gutter between Fulton and i Chatham streets' Of same committee, relative to a Superlntendant "of pavements, with an ordinance in favor thereto. Of the same committee, with a resolution and ordinance to fence vacant lots I in Fifth avenue and Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. Of same committee, with a resolution and ordinance to pave 28th street, between 4th street aud I Madison avenues, and flagging a space four feet wide, { through the side walk. Of same committee, with resolution and ordinance to pave avenue A. between 13th and 14th streets, and set curb and gutter stonea therein. Petition? Of the Camden and Amboy Railroad Company for the continuation of exclusive privileges at pier 2 North River. Concurred in. Communication!? From the Comptroller, in reference to additional appropriations on "trust accounts" during the remainder of the present year. Concurred in. Thirtieth Street?Apportionment of assessment in the matter of building sewer in 30th street, from Broadway to 6 th avenue. Adopted. Reiolutiom?That an additional sum of one thousand dollars be appropriated to furnish additional 1 iiiru?ir ivt >> ? uint ir);iuirut vt now x urn. ruuiutonn, t That 13th street, from Avenue B to C, be filled in to a , proper grade, and curb and gutter stones set therein. That vacant lota in the block bounded by the Fourth ' and Madison Avenues, and 23d and 24th streets be immediately fenced in, under the direction of the street commissioner. Concurred in. Regular Rusiness.?Reports of Committee on Roads and Canals adverse to the construction of a sewer in 16th street and Rutherford I'laoe, asking to be discharged. Adopted. Of same Committee in favor of constructing a sewer in 8th Avenue, from 53d to 61st street with resolution and ordinance therefore. Adopted. Communication from Street Commissioner, with the assessment list for paving Stone-street, between Broadstreet and White Hall. Confirmed. Reports Adopted ?Of committee on roads and canals, of Board of Assistants, concurring with the other Board in a resolution and ordinance for a sewer in Sixth-street?of same committee, in favor of conferring with the other Board in the adoption of resolution and ordinance for altering the grade of Sullivan-street?of same committee in favor of constructing a sewer in Oak-street, from Tearl to Rosenvelt-street?of committee of Board of Aldermen on roads and canals in favor of constructing a sewer in Broadway from the present sewer in said street, near Bleecker, to the apex of the grade of the said street, south of Houstonstreet. with resolution and ordinance therefor referred. Report of committee of Board of Assistants on roads and canals, in favor of constructing a sewer In Twentyninth-street, from Eighth and Ninth Avenues, with resolutions and ordinance. Communication?From the Board of Kducation to the B( ard of Aldermen, asking for an appropriation of $2.0(0 for the use of the Commissioners of Common Schools in the 12th ward. Concurred in. Petition ? Of Corns. M. Harring, to be appointed one of the city weighers. Concurred in. Iietolution ?By Assistant Alderman Webb, that the 16th Ward Station House be lighted with gas, and that the Superintendent of Lamps and Oas be. and he is hereby, directed to carry the same into efTeet as soon as possible. Adopted. Resrlution.?That no member of this Board shall be allowed to speak or occupy the floor for a longer time than Ave minutes on any question, except by ananimous consent. Adopted. The Board then adjourned. Letter from Mr. Calhoun. Kout Hill. September 1,1846. My Dkar Sir :?Your report of my remarks, considering the circumstances under which it was made, was as good as eould be expected. it will not be possible for me to write out my remarks in full, as you desire. 1 find my engagements, during the short interval until the next session, are such as will ftally engross all my time, and leave me no leleurs for relaxation, which I greatly need and desire. Among others, 1 have a speech to write out from notes 1 brought with me from Washington, which will, in part, embrace the views 1 took in that 1 delivered in Charleston. There is, I think, but little excitement as to the Presidential question In this quarter. I fear it is not the case with you. I see, after all the pains I have taken to be distinctly understood as to my position, I have not esoapedf misconstruction . which I attribute to party teal. If my friends, on both sides, would re garu me as taxing no pare Detween me two candidates, and as standing on independent ground, ready to support or oppose the successful, as his measures may, or may not, accord with the principles and views of policy which bare long governed me, they would avoid all misapprehension. I see much to condemn, and little to approve in either candidate. Yours truly. J. C. CALHOUN. Tiie F.arth<juake.?The earthquake of Friday night was felt at Sing-Sing and Tarrvtown. The Newark Advertiser of Saturday says The same thing was noticed in all parts of the town, with a general conviotion that it was a jar of the earth. We felt it sensibly ourselves, and the windows of the house rattled dlstiuetly. Many of the inhabitants with whom we have conversed, were awakened fiom sleep by the jar. The county jail on the bill was shaken from the top to the bottom ? The shock was felt at Jersey City, and also at Belleville. It was probably not felt in Boston. The Traveller of that city, of Saturday, gives the following relative to the weatherThermometer en Tuesday, when highest, 74>?; Wednesday at sunrise 60, when highest 76; Thursday at sunrise 64J{. when highest 71; Friday at sunrise 62, when highest 74*; Saturday at sunrise 67. Barometor at sunrise on Wednesday, 29.89; on Thursday, 30.03; on Friday. 30.09; Saturday, 29,90. Total F.clifsk ok the Mooe.?During the night of Tuesday next, the 12th inst., (to-morrow,) there will be a (so called) total eclipse of the moon, which will be thmiwhnuttha United States At Boston itwill take place as follows, in mean time : Beginning of the eelipse at Uh 47m. P. M., Sept. 12th. > " of the total eclipse at 0 46 A. M.. '* 13th. End of the total eclipse at 2 24 A. M.. Sept. 13th. ' of the eclipse at 3 22 A. M., Sept. 13th. The eclipse will begin at a point on the eastern or left side of the moon, 78 deg. from the northeraost point. Although on this occasion the moon will be totally Immersed in the shadow of the earth lh 39 min., it is probable that she will not altogether disappear, but will remain risible, of the color and appearance of tarnished copper?the light of the moon will, however, be undoubtedly so much diminished, that an occnltation of a small star (of the 7th or 8th magnitude) may be seen, which otherwise could not be observed.?lioiton Traveller. Sad I:?TELLinK!?cE.?Wo regret to learn that letters were received by the steamer yesterday, announcing the death of Mr. Y. H. Weed, of this city, at Singapore. and of Lieut. Dale, attached to the Dea Sea expedition.?Rotton paper of Saturday. Steamship Cambria. Deae Sis,?You state in the Herald of this morning that? " It was the Cambria, Captain Harrison, fTom New York, that passed the wreok of the Ocean Monarch without rendering assistance." You will oblige me by stating in your Sunday and Monday morning papers that it was not the Cambria, Captain Harrison, from New York, as that steamship was lying in the dock, at Jersey City, on the day of the melancholy accident. Your obedient servant, E. CUNARD, Jus's. N?w York, Sept. 0, 1848. ( ovsrtior Young, The Governor of the Boot and fthoo trade offers for fiis Fronclt Boot Kmpnriinii, corner ot Fulton sod Raeteu streets French Calf Boots at $4 M. usually $fi ami $" in other stores ; fine Calf Boot*, $3 .'si, usually *4 and V! Waiters ?c? equally low. All milltaty men, -tranters and citiieDA should give liim a rail. THE DOCTOR. Four JJollnrs.?'The Subscriber takes this motlind (A inform Mk frism.ln mil that litlhlin At. Ill reft. tilflt DO all- ration ha? )<ron made in tlie prices of hia lir t quality Ilata; and that the impression of Ma having advanced hia prioea, in t-onreqnem-e of tha anperior eiepsnoo and beauty of hia Vail Style, ia entirely eiroe-iste, and haa, prolahhr, boen occasioned hy other Broadway homes selling the aatno style of tlata at 2ft per cent, higher, ileum continue* to soil hia lint quality of Silk Moleokin Data at tlie low priac ot Four Dollars. .1. M.JilBNIN, 214 H road way. Wlp and Tonprea^dll jM-rtioiin wlahlng a enperior Wig or Soalp should not iail to null at BACHELOR'S manufactory, No. 2 Wall atrcet, lief ire purchasing elsewhere, and aeo hia new invantod Wigs, unequalled lor lightncaa, natural appearanoe, and dnrablllty. N. 11.? l'rivaio rooma for fitting Win. Irlah and fieotrh Ulnlt Whlakey, anperior to anything in market, and the only pure Malt Wbiakey in Ameritm. fer aale, at twelve shilling* for new Whiakey: thirteen for old, 2ft Kroent over proof, by WILl.IAM M. I'ARKS, Distiller, Boo 42 SWino otrret. 86 Seventh avenue. Diamond Polntedtiold Pens nold by B. K. Wataon k Co., IS Wall afreet, wnoleaate and retail, at rcduoed frtoea Ooid Pens and Gold and 8 Iver eases in every variety, he eel a bra ted "Richelieu" Pen sold exclusively aa above. Tha pointa warranted five yean. Gold Pena repaired. Wigs! W'lgai W tgil-ltrniigera and tUlMtil are itil"iniC'l, the left place to get n natural head of hair is at Mtt'lll'KST ft lJEARb'8, 27 Maiden La n e. whore tliey have on hand the largest assortment of Ornamental flair of all kiuda. Die trade supplied. 27 Maiden Lane. No fliarge until IhrHnlr In Restored ? Beni n llair Ee?torntive ia applied on tha shove terms, at the efllce. 1K1 Broadway, aeeond floor. N. B. For thoeo who apply it themselves, it la for aalo at t he Boaton agency. 129 Washington atreot. The PI nan be* Natluiial lligtaerrean Gnlliiy, oil ths np|?T corner of Broadway and Murray atreot strangers and others should not faiitoiialt, eapeclally those wh<> wtab to see the perfection of the art in the heads ef the most experienced artist ia this rutin try. l ite-4)file-era and Rlt mbe-raof the Sent hwnrk Engine Co. No fid, roapoetfally bag letnve to tender their grateful neknowiedgmanta to Aldermen Beets- n and Redding, and to Mr*, and Mr. Nye. of Brooklyn, for the liberal supply of refreshment* fprnJghtd tt them*'. thtfr* in th?v c'tjyh-ter- aynrnaing. COMHBRCUli AFFAIRS. ON BY MAHKBT. Sunday, September 10_fl p. 31. The stock market, (luting the past week, hu been almotit completely neglected by speculators, aud prices have been fully sustained. In oonsequenee of the anticipated speculative movement In breadstuff^, stock operators have been undecided bow to act, and theresuit baa been a very feverish atate of thinga. It was supposed early in the week that advices by the steamer then nearly due, would be sufficiently definite to re. move all doubta relative to the harvests in F.urope; but tbese| anticipations have not been realized, and there is at this moment as much uncertainty as ever. The effect of this upon the stock market has been rather unfavorable, as it has arrested for the time the return of confidence?which was rapidly taking place otthe distrust which has so long existed?a probability of large importations of specie, in payment ot our breadstuffs, had created. Several of the fancies advanced one per cent, under the influence of that and local causes, but prices could not be sustained, and they fell hack to the starting point. It will be perceived, on reference to our comparative table of prices, that Erie railroad stock has, within the pact two or three weeks, advanced six per oent> and fallen back five, closing within one per oent of the lowest point. This, no doubt, seems extraordinary to those who do not understand the causes of these fluctuations, and the reason why prices rule so low. It appears that by the terms of certain contracts made by the company for the construction o( its road, the oentraeters take a certain per oent. ot their pay in stocks, which they throw into the market and sell at the best prico it will bring, for the purpose of raising money to pay their laborers. New stock Is issued to these contractors on the first of every month, and it will be noticed by speculators that this stock has made its appearance in the market immediately after its issue. The market price of this stock is therefore regulated almost entirely by the necessities of these contractors, and has no reference to its value as an investment. The low prices ruling for the seven per cent bonds of this company are another item, which, unexplained, may tend to the injury of its credit. When the company issued proposals for a loan, quite a number of banking institution!) in this State, anxious to get a circulation of their bills, offered to take the bonds of the company at pur, provided the company would take the proceeds in the bills of the bank, and pay them out among the contractors and laborers on the railroad. This the company agreed to do. and in all cases where the credit of the banks has continued sound, it has adhered to its agreement. A large amount of these bonds conse. quently fell into the bands of these banking institutions, but it unfortunately happened that they could not afford to hold them. The rapid contraction which took place in the circulation of these banks, soon after they came into possession of these bonds, compelled them to throw them upon the market, and force their sale at any price. Several institutions, in the interior of the State, held a hundred thousand dollars' worth each, the whole of which werethrowu into Wall street and sold. The banks to which we particularly allude were oonneoted with the Canal hank of Albany the suspension of which compelled the other banks to strengthen themselves for any emergenoy. These bonds are now falling into the hands of capitalists, who know their value, and as soon as the banks gut cleared out, they will find their proper level, which is at least, par. There is not a safer, or better paying investment in the country. 1 hey are secured by a ieln upon the road and property, which will have cost, inrlurlincr th? loan frrun t.ha Stat a mnrn than nlnvon millions of dollars, which is worth that sum as much as the Western Railroad of Massachusetts is worth what it cost. Our object in placing these facts before the public, is to do away with any erroneous impression that may exist relative ta the financial affairs of the company. In less than four months the road will be completed to Bloghamton, a distance of two hundred miles west from the Hudson river, leaving two hundred and fifty to oomplete to connect with Lake Erie. A large portion of the three million loan from the State was expendod on the line west of Owego, in grading the track, in the construction of bridges, and in stone work on viaducts, ho., all of which is as good now as it ever was, and will reduoe the cost of that portion of the road very materially. We have not, and we do not know, that any one has any idea of what the aggregate cost of the work, when completed, will be; but we know that it will, for its length and location, be one of the cheapest roads in the country. Its importanee to the producers of the West, and consumers of the East, is Incalculable, and its ultimate productiveness to the stockholders is beyond all calculation. Those who understand the position of the company most thoroughly, and are most intimately acquainted with its resources and the prospective value of the stock, are not influenced in the least by the temporary depreciation in its market value. The opportunity for making profitable investments at current prices, will not be permitted to pass, and the stock will get into the hands of capitalists who will average it with that which cost them par. and make the price so low that the rate of Interest realized will be several per oent above the legal rate paid by the oompany. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for certain stocks in this market for each day of the past week,and at the close of the week previous. The tendency of prioes throughout has been downward ; but there has been no alteration of any oonsequence in but tw0 railroad securities. QUOTATIONS FOR Tiff PRINCIPAL stock* IN the NsW York Market. Sat. Man. Turn. Wed. The. Fri. S it. Ttetsnry Notes, ffs... 103;', 1<U>? ll?? 103? 1031$ 1U3K 10.l>$ OhioS's H9>4 - ? WW 99L ? 100 Kentucky 6's ?7H ? ? 07ft ? ? 07 Pennsylvania 5's 73* ? 7t ? ? ? ? Illinois ? ? ?1>$ ? 41)$ ? ? Indiana State A's 54 ? ? ? ? 51 ? Reading RR Bonds... <54* - ? 55*$ 56>< ? ? KfaainiMoriMKe ?nas t>2>4 ni* 01:4 ? ? 02* ? Reading Railroad 32^ 33)2 53 ? 32 32 U 32V Norwich & Worcester. 39? 37$ XIX VU 37 3(1? V.*, Erie hail road, new .. . KM? tf>X 66$ 64$ ?W>? 64 (52 I Ilarlom Railroad 63$ M>, A37, M 54 51'* 64 1 I.onK Ieland 27 26?, 27$ 27*,' 21% ? 2li7i Mohawk 72* - - - - - 72 , Farmer*' Loan 28,', 28>* 281, 27*i 28?2 ? 2S?, ' Canton Company 36 36 .36sn 37 36* 36 S.'iV : Morris Canal 8."* 9\ 9?2 MX ' % 9? 9)2 I United States Bank... ? ? 2\ ? ? ? ? J North American Trust C% ? ? ? ? ? ? A comparison of prices current at the close yesterj day, with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits a decline in Norwioh and Woroester of 3?, percent; Krie Railroad, 3% per cent; Long Island. X per cent; Kentuoky O's, >, per eent; Mohawk. )i per cent, and an advance in Treasury Notes of ',; I Ohio O's. >? ; Reading Bonds, X ; Harlem,.1*; Farmers' I Loan, X; Canton, \ ; Morris Canal, >?. ; The value of merchandise imported into this di<I trlct for the first week of this month, exclusive of that sent to the warehouse, in each of the past three ! years, was as annexed:? j CoMWRncx or tiik Port o? Nrw York?Wucrlv Exports, Wftk rniiiiiti Sfyt. 8. 1846. ]8|T. 18(8. | F?ee (roods 576.631 33.3.2 (? 43,421 Dutiable goods 1.477,760 1,841,313 1,888(172 I Tatal merchandise.. $1 363,231 2,174.662 1,931.403 I Specie *. *106 8,7.31 16.7(1 Duties received 430,28A 486,4.32 904,87i | Rates..f duty 29 1 6 26 X 26 13 1" The value of merchandise Imported during the I month of August in each of the past three yesrs, was as follows:? Aug. VrrtGoodt. Pufkle (roods. 9vceie. Totn/. IW $826,816 7,686,427 44.882 8.462,12" 1847 404,290 12974.106 11(6,6.66 1.3.674.IMI 1848 1,128,866 9,7!W,778 1.33,886 11,089,438 The ?mount of duties received in August. 1840, *w | f>2.108.630; in August, 1847, $8,837,341; and in August, I 1848, $2,333,343. The rate ot duty in August. 1846. was 2A4-T percent.; in August. 1847,2.">\ per cent.; and j in August, 1848. 26 per cent. Tbe fulling off in the 1 value of merchandise imported In August, 1848, compared with the corresponding period in 1847, waf ' $2,314,863, and the falling oflf In the first week in September, this year. $236 100. The value of merchandise warehoused, bonded and withdrawn from warehouse during the past twc j weeks, was as annexed :? Warhioi simt Bi or rui: Tout or N't* Tuna. Waithoiiird, linndrd. II UHdrnwn Manufacture" of Wool $0.m,hKi $111,21!) $118,14', do. do. Cotton .... 800,330 72446 124,22! do. do. Silk 731,2ft '24..Mil !>6..t? d?. do. flax 271,234 11,220 30,Wi M iteellancoui 1*3,463 I*,.'!*! 0,ti.v' | Total raine $2,086,243 $'.77 834 $408,7* This leaves, of the goods warehoused within the last two weeks. $2,363,317 still in warehouse, it is encouraging to see a diminution In our Imports, and a probability of a very great increase In the raine of om ; exports. One branch of our foreign trade has been i depressed about long enough, and we have been obliged tc part with a large amount of bullion to liquidate the I alancn against us, tbe result of large imports and I mlted exports, liven if no more unfavorable accounts than those already received, come to hand relative to the crops of Oreat Britain', there Wilt he extensive shipments of breadstuff's from this side, and a change in the current of specie. We shall get baek j than has fc-?n taJtva ad, CITY TRADE HKI'OKT. New York, Saturday, September 9-6 P.M. The Hear market opened firm, and with a good home and export demand. priee* were well (attained until towards the close of Change, when the market drooped, and scarcely any disposition waa manifested on the pert of buyers to operate at tho current prices. I In wheat the transactions were to a fair extent, at prices : which ahewed an advance ; Southern Hour also void at an improremeut. ltye Hour waa Arm, with light sales. Veal waa scarcely ao active, aud the market leaned In favor 01 the buyer. Sales of Kye, both on the spot and to arrive, were made at full rates. The business in corn waa large aud done at fair prices, which, towards the close, however, were more or less nominal. Oats were Arm, with good demand. The private letters being leas favorable for cotton than the printed accounts, the tram-action* of the day were done at prices thowing a decline of X of a cent. In provisions the operations were not large, but the prices obtained for the various descriptions showed a well sustained market. Groceriea continued in fair request at steady rates. For the full transactions of the day we refer below. Tohacco?Statement, exhibiting the prices, sales, receipts, and stocks, for the week ending 9th September:? ^ ^^ J'ricet. ^ ^ Sold. Rec'd. Stock. ' neoiucHy, ? irriuiH r j-4 iki unu.1 ? M A ? uil N. Carolina. J 18doKy4>;aM li?4 h<la 8,405 hdi Maryland and Ohio.. ? ? ? 11 do Connecticut Seed.... B al2 CUcaeei llal2>4 ? 420 cnoca Pennsylvania do.... 6 a 19 lido 7), ? 200 do Florida 12 aoO 3 do IB ? OH do | Havana 20 a?7)4 37 bbls 14a!)0 ? .ViO big Cuba 11 all 173 bis S'vWltf ? lfiSO do Yam 28 a38 - ? 130 do St Domingo 6 a 12 ? ? 1431) do Kentucky and Virginia tobacco in in demand, but buyers are not willing to submit to the rates asked, in consequence of which we have only Kmall sales to report. In the other descriptions of tobacco, particularly those kinds apt for segar manufacturers, a good demand was experienced. MAHKETB EL8KWHEKE STOCK SAI.KS. Boston, Sept. B,?Rxchnnot Ho-irrt? 1 Boston and Maine RR, 110: B Western KH.'.SIJ,; 0 Portland, Saco aud Portsmouth Rtt. 9C!4: 90 Reading HR h 6(1 d, I6\; fill do, lf,'4"; 90 do. b 3 d. lt>'4; 29 do. bin, 16)f; BO Vermont Central RR Rights, $2 50: 10 do, DOMESTIC MARKETS. Brighton Mahkkt, Sept. 7.?At market, 6*25 beef cattle, 800 stores. 4,300 sheep, and 800 swine. Prices ?Beef Cattle? Prioes have advanced? extra 0 50; llrst quality $0 a 0 25; Becond quality $5 50 a 5 75; third 4 76 a 5 25 Stores?Vearling (8 a $11; two year old, $11 a 20; three year old $18 a 27. Working Oxen? Sales at $00, $02, $70, $86. $95 anil $115 Cows and Calves-Sales at $23, $26, $20. $30, $33 and $42. Sheep?Small lots at 1 60. 1 75. 1 80, 1 02. $2. 2 25, 2 33 and 2 60. Swine?Kntiru lots Shouts 5 1-10; small lots to peddle 6%' and 5)40; old hogs 4)4 and 4)4c. At retail from 6 to 7 e. The Flour Market*. T?i.kdo, Sept. 2.?Market active tnis morning, lieported news by the last arrival from Kurepe has imparted new life to a market reasonably active before, and the sales yesterday, of wheat especially, were quite large, at increased iates. We have not been informed of particulars, but report the following as an index 2010 bushels wheat afloat, 05c; 3000 do. to arrive 08o; 00 bills flour $4 62),'. Hai.timork. Sept. 8.?The prices of flour, wheat and corn, have been advancing throughout the week, in consequence of the advices from Kngland. The prevailing prices at the time of closing our review were $5 76 for flour; 117 tollOo for best red wheats; 63o for white, and 06c for yellow corn. The tenor of the accounts subsequently received by telegraph, being a week later from England, and showing a further advance on that aide, will he likely to give an additional upward impulse to prises here. BMOONEY, AUCTIONEER.-E. PAYSOVWIM, SELL, this day. at 1U o'olock, at 14 Piatt street, flats, Over Coats, Frock Coats, Vests, Pantaloons, Cloaks; Counter Scales Sugar*, fee.; Fancy Goods, fee. JACOB S. FLATT. AUCTIONEER?HARDWARE. CUTlcry, fancy goods, rich steel goods, luUUg.dd pons and psncil cases, fee., consisting of patent platform scales lis.(I and 1500 lbs., 14 Bull's patent counter scales, 100 dozen P?meruy's razor strops, Britannia lauips and spoons, rod and black lead pencils, 100 dozen Herman pipes, dominoes, thimbles, powder Masks, 6 boxes woodtortus, rim, and padlocks, bed-screws, iron squares, measuring tupet, closet locks, till do., bolts, latches, handsaws, all kiuds of table ard poclet cattery. JACOB ?. ri.Al l will sell. tins day, at 10 o'clock, as above, at the auction room, 23 1'latt street. Also. rich steel goods and fancy articles, viz, Berlin iron coinhs, work boxes, pen holders and pencils, breast pins, embroidered cashmere bans, crochet velvet do., silk do , steel parses, bronze candlesticks, satin wood French mirrors, head ornaments, rich steel rings and tassels, steel, Kilt, and coral do., plated do., 1U0 spools silk and gilt turn twist, silk watch guards, gold puns snd pencil cases. Also, at half-past 10 o'clock, an entire and valuable sett of Sheffield pattern cards of cutlery, in lots to suit purchasers. consisting of the Ix-st i|ualities and highly finished Hobson's, Wragg's, Barber's. Westenholm's, and other celebrated makers; solid pearl, shell, ivory, stag, Ike., Congress, Senators', Whnmelitfe, Virginia. Alabama, and other kniies: razors, tine seiners, tic., of every description, lie. N. 11,?The attention of country dealers is directed to tho same. First ward awakje::?a meeting of tub first Ward Itongh and Ready Club wi 1 be held at the Atlantic Garden, on Monday evening. September 11th, at 8 o'clock. Several distinguished speakers -ave been invited, and are expected to addrese the meeting. Whigs of the First, turn ont. Come one; come all! EDMUND GRIFFIN, Cliairinan. JOHN II. WHITE, Vice-Chairman. ROBERT SILV1E, tfcTOSgi? Excelsior engine co_, no. 2, beg leave to tender their thanks to Seth Low, of No, 48 Conoord street, and A. Low, of Washington street, Brooklyn, for the very liberal supply of refreshments furnished by them at the tire in that city, on the morning of the 10th instant. By order <if the Company. W. 8. JENNINGS, Foreman. SAML. P. TITUS, Secretary. Notice.?the members of the 2d company of Washington Volunteers sre requested to meet at their Armory, 100 Washington street, at 10 o'clock on Monday, Sept. 11, 1848, full armed and equipped, without further notioe, for the purpose of paying tbe last tribute to their late Secretary. Edward Crowley. By order, P. MULLEN, Captain. AT A MEETING OT THE MEMBERS OF THE WASHiugton Fire Engine Company, No. 20, held at tho Engine House on the 10th September, to pay a tributd of respect to the memory of their late associate EDWARD CRONLY, HENRY ROBINSON was appointed Chairman, and JOHN SHKl'ARD, Secretary. On motion, it was resolved that the following persons be appointed a committee to report resolutions:? Henry Robinson, C. Monahan, J. Shepard. and J. Donahue. The Committee having retired, on their return reported the following:? Whereat our lamented and zealous associate, Edward Cronly, did, on the morning of this day, while in the discharge of his duty, lotehis life in the iwrformanoe of a praiseworthy act of suecor to our neighbor city,?Resolved, that wliile we deeply lament the melancholy and unexpected bereavement that we sustain in the lostofonr associate, wc bow with submission ts the will of an all-wise Providence, who hat thns called to himself, while in the discharge of a humane and Christina act, our Moved brother. Resolved, that by the active and energetio performance of his duty, and exemplary conduct in his intercourse with his fellow members, he has endeared himself to us ail; and we shall never cease to remember him with a/Teotlon and regard. Resolved, that we sincnrely condole with his bereaved relatives in the sudden and unforeseen end of a life of such promise and usefulness. Which resolutions were, on motion, adopted. HENRY ROBINSON, Chairman. JOHN 8UEPARD. Secretary. THK MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF WASHINGTON FIRE Engine Co. No. 2U, end the member! of the Fire Deportment in general, are requested to attend the funeral of Edward Coely, at 1 o'clock .Ml P. M., from hit late resilience in Washington near Rector street!. Card,-the LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY are hippy to Inform their dealers, and the public generally, that theircamtal, *2)0,000. Is unimpaired by the late disastrous tire; they still retain ?small surplus. The company aic prepared to pay all their losses in oasli, the moment the amonnt is adjusted. B. W. DELAMaTER, President, _E._C.FINN, Secretary. Information wanted.?a vounu man (rather verdant, never bavins read the Mysteries and Miseries of New York) left his place of residence ilireo days since, and has not been heard of up to this time. His friends begin to feel alaimedfor his safety, believing that he has been foully dealt with, l<y having been decoyed into some of those dangerous dona of iniquity which are found in such great abundance tn this city. As he is subject to tits of mental alienation, he may be wandering about the city with a "mind distraught." lie is tall ami Btooji-ahnuldeied, garrulous and fond of argument, always ready to dispute any point, upon any subject, with any pcr.ou. His name it Mike, to which be readily answers. Any person giving information of bis whereabouts, "dead or alive, shall lie suita, bly rewarded, and no questions asked. Please call at No. 23 Park Row. New York, September 11, 1SK Fleece tavern and chop house, no. iu dey street, adjoining the Franklin Hotel.?The subscribers beg to announce to the Inhabitants of New York, visitors and foreigners, generally, that they have purchased the lease of the above premises, where they intead to carry on the buiinessef Tavern Keepers in every particular, and Irora considerable experience in the Imslness, trust to merit a share oi public patrousgc. The house is at present undergoing extensive alterations and repairs, and will be , open for business on Wednesday next. Partioular attention will be |?id to the comfort of lodgers, New Yotk. 6th September. By , MONC'RIKFF Hi DAI.I.IMORE, from London. rtOft/t OR *400 WANTED?THE ADVERTISER IS DESJ. yptrv vr reus ui norrowlng Jdtu or lor ono year, ana win gTve good wcurlty for the roymcnt of the same, with interest, In monthly instalment*, If ileidraMc. If it wonlil he agreeable to , the lender, board would bd furnished him on rcry advantage >, > to, ms, in a genteel hoarding house, downtown. Address T. IV. , J.. Poet Office. N. V. I dA I IHin Tu I<OAN ?>N CITV I'KOPERTV, (WHICH I ? l)VVv muat he worth at least double the amount I loaned)?Two suma of <11.000 each; the one for throe years, and the other one year, at 7 percent, Apply to L 1*. CANPER. at ' Crook, Fowkca k Co.a, ooiuer Liberty and H eat streets, from ID I to 11. A. M. sfA I W**0 WANTED, ON BOND ANDMORT? gage. Apply at 212 Spring atreet. 1st floor, to , W 7 _ Mr. GEORGES. Fink clothing, at a. b. clark .s in wu>uav ttieet:?black, Blue ami lirown Sacks, Dreas and frock i Coata. I'anta and Vcate, suitable for any gentleman, kept ready made. A rcry tine Black Dress Coat, Crunch, made to measure for J>lh . the very flueat (Sim"nil) for $*1. As my gooda are all bought tor cash, I <"?n afford to aell lower than those who take ' eredW. Gf K, VI I.KH EN - NOTICE. ?NOW IS THE TIME TO LOOK t en yonr Winter Clothing, and ha\? them either cleaned, dyed, altered and repaired, with collars, cuds, linings, buttons, at reasonable rates. Coata cleaned for h shillings, pant* I do. Call l or line attended to in any part rf the city, ?.y A. CORTISSOS. No. (J Murray it., near Ttre adwav. Nr.W YOKK 1IOKSF. BAZAAK, NO 311 UOSBY STREET. The next regular auction ale at ill (akeplaoeon Wednesday. I. ith Instant, at 11 o'clock, with Carriage* and Harness. and at i U! o'clock with a catalogue of Ilorse*. Gentlemen having prol?rt) to dirpoec o', eithti ly am-'tcn or private sale, will please to give this ritabililinient a call, where sa'ea arc made roadily ami caihtd promptly. Itorrea taken "n livery, and I if aale, by the day. week, ornonth. .lollN II (.AIFIKI.D Proprietor. An elegant light focr in hand ph.i.ton fob an lei; bnt little ueed, waamade to order by Wood, Tornlin1 con It lor Smii. and will now he a dd for Jii'sl. It n f ill light I i nongh for two lioifea, holda aix persona comfortably, and will I make a good family carriage, having a calash top to the tack eeat . the holme, fco. nrc aslrosli a* new. Can '*? ac*n at I WOOD, TOMLINSON It CO. ?, 4IU HraMwtkjr. CI OAL-f I 76 PER TON FOR Tlltf BEST HE AC II ORCHARD J nut Coal, large aire, dischuri ine thi day and to marrow, fn m tlie M'hoontr Niagara, tin t or I liird a'reet, East Kivar. -VI eenta added f?rcartage. Yard- Ilk> Second strict, near First. Annua, and We R aslungt.n atreet, ncarSpring. hy P. REKRMAN, NO tlHB, NO CHARGE.-doctor cobbert, M. R. P., K, lutonna i he public, and his patients in partlcnlnr, l that ba has removed to 60 Ann street, (near William.) where he la confidentially consulted on ail niatiarscouncoted with his pro. I fe*?n.n especially on diacascs ofu private or delicate ohara-t?r, to which 'ie peculiar attention has hnan directed Ihr the last 12 tearein t tie city. To thoae who hava lietn under hdi care, he flattara himacll to a* v. that self laatlatiou ia nnuac-eeary. To timet who ham hat, ano who arc afflicted with pain* of the head, limine tarsa. urwmloaldwiiUty.he giterwairecnafc-k'^ ifVtn ipcedy enre. or no charpft. No mercury uaeil. N. B.?The apartn rata of his off. ? are in arranged, that ration's do no' aea en?h other. I'ty >f klJltkUtfiir,Usf ftt1 i'f'sm, UNION < OI'RSK. L. I.-TROniNO HONDA V. SKPT. II, at 9 (/clock P it ?Stall* and Puree, E^At1; 2 mile heat* under the aaildle. W. Whelatd enter* ?. m. Jenny Llnd; J. Whelp, ley, do. b. *. Paaeengtr; J. Uoroerindyke, do. g. m. lady Emma; 0. ?. Brook*. do. t. r. Quaker: I. W'ondrnff,do. ?. tn. Nell'lwynnu li e Cere teeie South Verry lor th* Truck at hull pa?t 2, and return after the tpurl* are over. M. P. GRIKN, Proprietor. 1MIK NEW YORK SPORTSMEN'S CMJR -TUB REGITlar monthly meeting of the New York Sportamen'i Club w ill te held at the Klorence flounc, corner of Walker atreet and Broadway. on Tucaday e?ei i >k- 1-th iiiktunt. at d o'clock. Hornlira arc particularly re^uea'cd to be punctual in their attendance. By order. WW. A. VAN IM'/ER. Secretary. BOARDING-A Sri.ENPII) SI IT OK APARTMENTi TO l?t, with or wilt out lull liuard, in an Knglieh family, which, fur clcanlincea ai d comfort, cannot lei excelled. Hath rcom for the frte use of the occupant*. Apply at Ml Houston at BOARDING? WANTED, BY tWO GEM I.KM K.N PLBArunt Kooina, with partial Hoard, between t'hamber* and Vetcy street*, aear the Park. Addreea, A. and C., Box 2,732 Pobt Office. BOARD WANTED?A GENTLEMAN AND I.AW, WITH three email children, wndt hoard with some private r.mnly or bearding houee, in or near Broadway, whero they conld foci at W. ..... S V I',I nor touil V. ir l<.?dirll.. Co., N. Y., witli particular*. ' Wanted imhediately-six scutch girls, .vho have been accustomed to spieling ootton. Apply to HORSTHANN. SONS A DRIVKEK, - Maiden Uni. WANTED?A PARLOR AND IIEDROOU ADJOININO, with or without breakfast and Too, within flvo minutes walk of the City Hull. Address, A. ,M? this olliue, stating locality. _______ WANTED.?A KIND AND EASY S \DDLB HORSE, that noe* alto in singlo harness (pacer preferred), at a moderate price, ss it is wanted only for twu or three month', on account of health. Or, If any person hu- a hone of the kind, for which he haa no ute at present, it would be taken in board by the advertiser, and kept well lor the ute of it. Address II., at {lila office, immediately. SERVANTS. BIRDSAI.I.S AGENCY, FOR TIIE ENci'urnKemcnt of faithful domestic Servants, No. 422X Broadway, near Canal street, East side. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITI.Ation as Cook. Waaliur or Ironer, anil no objection to do general housework. Please call at U2 Amity street, at the corner store; ami has the best city rtt'ereneo. Can bo scon tor two days. A RESPECTABLE YOIINO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAtion as Waiter or Chambermaid, and has tlio best city reference. l'leate to call at 3J Amity street, at the corner store. Can be eeen for two days. AHINGI.K. man has at HIS COMMAND *2,1*11 that he would like to invest in some lucrative business already established; a Hotel would be preferred, aalehas an idea of that business. To save all trouble, none need address without they arc olear of debt, and want a person for his help and capital. All communicatit ns confidential. Address B. A., at this office, stating where un interview can be hud. Bounty land, extra pay, prize money, rc.? Soldiers, Seamen, Marines, and the representatives of those deceased, can have their claims secured without dclsy, by applying to A. M. ROSS, 71 Nassau street. NOTICE-GEORGE ELLIN OR, WHO LEFT ENGLAND twelve years sines, and haa recently residid at Galeua, Illinois ; also, at New Loudon, Conn., may hear of his sister by sending his address to E. ELL1NOR, 32 Broad St., N. Y. FUiM.-hld KOOII- TO I.KT, WITH HOARD, WITH every convenience that is required. Apply (73 Hudson at. Reference* exekangod. RIDING ACADEMY. 137 AND l.TD MERCER STREET,?H. F.Jones' horseB having returned Inun Newport, he will OMR liisscliool on Monday, lltli lust. He wilt Is) happy to see auy ol his former pupils and others w iehing to patronise nam. Mrs. tiiiraults boarding and day school No. 15 Wssliingtim place, will re-open on Monday, Sept 11 */! HE. HUM, KlU. OO EjfcUIN AKU 31HEEI, I.Altl.l IIUIX ill Paris, w usher and jilaiter ol' muslin: also, of blond lacea and ball drcBses, on a new method. PARIS STYLE SniRTS, OF FINEST WORKMANSHIP, made to measure, by tlio half dozen or inoro : unsurpassed in tbis country. 30 |?r cent, less than prices usually charged. J. C. PAKSELLS, of lb years IIroadway fashionablo celebrity, so|*rintendent. II. (' Gl'ION. 1is William St., upstairs. PARIS MARBLE MANTELS?12 SPLENDID STATUARY Ifarhle Mantels, finely sculptured, of the purest marblo, and of the latest Parisian fashion, just received from I'aris. For sale by EBRN'R. THAYER, ti Wall st. TO SPORTSMEN.? . RUSSELL, SPORTSMEN'S HALL Brooklyn, begs to inform tho Members of the Brooklyn Club, and the Sportsmen of New York, that on Monday, 11th inst, there will boa number of matohos aud sweeps shot, (at l'iyeons) on the Bedford ground. H. R. has provided MX) extra birds, in ease of gentlemen wishing to decide private matches. Stages leave Jackson Ferry for Bedford every fifteen minutes. 8hooting to commence punctually at 10 A. M.x Kirkbride s tattersalls heave powders are warranted to curs in a horse, the worst cough, in a few days; will permanently eradicate Ueavea.and if the bast addition medicine that can be nsed in tight hide, worms, Xtn. _^waw of the ebeip and paltry imitations. uough Ik KErCHNpuO Fulton street, proprietors. Also, sold by _ _ KETCIIUM fe HENSHA W, 121 Fulton street 1AOR SALE?A MODERN, LIGHT UUILT. EXTENSION top wagon, two seats, and nearly new; was built to order by Flandian, of this oitv; cost $.'12.1; now to be sold for $175. Can be seen at TATTERSALL'3, 440 Broadway. Designated as No. 4b.\ in that establishment. IXINK JEWELRY, WATCnF.S, AND SILVER WARE, AT moderate prices.?VIIAS. STEWART, manufacturer. No. 13 John street, up stairs. Strangers can select with conAdenoe, as there are no imitations or interior goods made at tun estubliihment CAST-OFF CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, bo. Wanted.?Ladioi or Oentleman wishing to corfbert their superfluous cffocts into cash, willolitain full value for the same by addressing the subscriber, thiough the nost-offics or otherwise, Who will attend them at their residences by appointment. II. LEVETT. 2 Wall-street. NewYoA. CI AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND J Gentlemen having superfluous effects to dispose of, wearing apparel, Ike., can obtain a fair prito for the same, by sending for the subscriber through the post office, or otherwise, who will attend at thoir residenoo. Laniesattended to by Mrs. Levenstyn. J.LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, upstaira. (ft -jWl CHALLENGE.?NOTICETO GENTLEMEN WHO ?tlV/vr want their old clothes to look like new. Call at the cleaning, dying, tailoring, and repairing estahlislmcnt at 6ti Gold street, where you can get all grease extracted from your clothes at the shortest notice, ny J. B. NOAH, CO Gold otreet two doors from Boekman. INTERESTING TO SOUTHERN A?D WESTERN MER chants.?Mr.'.Jervis's Cold Candy is pat up in neat, square, and pocketablo packages, with the most beautiful show-bills, yet executed in this or any other country, and pamphlets containing certificates of the Hon. Henry Clay, Martin Van Buren.and other readable arenmsnts, proving the remarkable efficacy of this really good article for Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung complaints. Merchants wishing to sell again, will be allowed a very largeprobL MRS. W. JEKV1S.379 Broadway, comer of Whie street. Window shade depot, no. 7 spruce street, Tribune Buildings.)?St),UOU Window Shades, from 9oento upwards. The largest stock in the United Statea Southern and Western purchasers are particularly invited to examine the above stock ; also, a large variety of Paper Hangings which the rub exibcr offers at great bargains. OTIS ORMSREE, Manufacturer and Importer. MRS. JAMES C. DUGAN INFORMS HXR FRIENDS AND the public, that the Undertaking business of her, late husband, in all its branches, will still be carried on, for her oeneflt, at 614 Broadway, by his brother, Mt. Julio Dugsn, w hs thoroughly understands the business, and will give his personal attention to all calls shs mav be favored with, and use his host endeavors to satisfy and piesse; She will be meet thankful for the patronage of her late hmbtad'e friends. ONLY l-WHO WOULD OO WITHOUT TEETH WHEN ~ff> M. thev can hare them Inserted, aad warranted for five years, atone dollar each, at the office established for the reduction of pi ices in INK. filling with pare gold 30 to 75 cents. SIM Broadway. DK. fcOOKE, OF ALBANY, N. V., PAS3ENHER BY THE Niagara Steamer, from England, aftera brief absence on the Continent of Europe, has returned to the seat of government of ti e hmpire State, where professional correspondents may, as heretofore, address him, post paid, personally or by letter, at hit residence. No. S Norton street, Albany, N. Y. A WORD TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND DRUOOtSTS, Ac.?Tho genuine Tricophtrous, prepared by Professor Barry, of l.'S) Broadway, is rapidly aupurcsdlngcvery othcrarticle in tho market, (as a preventive of baldness and grey hair; a cure for scurf and dandruff; a restorer of the hair; ana a means of rendering it healthy, soft, and glossy. The best proof of tho excellence of this compound, is its large and rapidly increasing sales, both in Nsw Y?rl< end in the eities ami towns where the pioprietor hae established sgents. There is, in fact, a demand for the article in all parts of the Union. Country msrehants and druggists, of whom there ire now many in town making pur chases, will find it to their sdvantage to give the subscribers call, when he will be able to give them incontoitible evidence of the popularity of his compound. That popularity is not ephemeral, Ills that ef the thousand and one bttm essencea Ao. which rise and sink every year. The Tricophcrong.will unquestionably cuie ill diseases ot the hair, snd every bottle used will surely lead to the sale of ten. Sold at IB vents per bottle, at No. I .'Si Most extraordinary work-to we married or thorn contemplating marriage.?Th? Married Woman"! Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. m. Maurioean. 8iath edition. Price (1. Thie work It meeting with moat aetonndlagaale, (24.IKKI copiet hare already been ditpoeed ot) Every female It letting a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it la intended especially for the married, ae it diaclotes important aeorete, which ehonld be known to them particularly. Here every female ean diteover the causes, tyniptoma and the meet efficient reme dice, and moet oertain mode ol cure in every oaee. For salo. Z11 Broadway; at the publishing office. 129 Liberty atroet, New York; alao, F. B. Peteraen, number !W Cbeatnut atreet, Philadelphia; Little h Co., Albany; W. R. Davie, Boeton. On the reeelpt of 91, a copy will be transmitted by mail, tree of poetago, to all parte of the United States. All letter* mint be addrneeed. poet paid, to Dr. A. m. M AURICEAU. box 1*84. New York oitr Office 199 Liberty street. J CRT ITB1.ISHED -DR. BOSTWICK s (JURAT WORE and Leeturee on Venereal, and other affectiene of the Urinary Organ*, .%0 rages quarto. Thia Is the moat ootnpleie prae tical work of the aind ever is*u?d from the pro**. It oontaia* thirty.eevt-n colored engravings, which delineate this clam of disease* inimitably. It also contain* forty wood engravings, equally well cxeented; and everything known about the modern treatment of these disease* has heen carefully recorded, and all the iintt approved prescriptions and forrnnlae have been given. For sale at jno offiee of pnMicatlon, 222 Broadway, and of the author, (KM Broadway. Price 9IH. Thia work i? intended ex I resale' for th' profession. Alao, Dr. B.'a work on self abuse, 2A1 paeon If entrravinga, with hints to young men. Prion >1, lor sale as above. ____ Doctor fab cErr ius hemoved his office to ai Dry Itrert,where he ean be cnMilted on all Private Dianasea The moat obetinata yiald lo hi* mode of treutmenr, whicli is en the Non-Metcurlal System. Strictures, no matter of how long (tainting, are trealvd by Dr. F., on the moat ariantilio and approved plan. The Tictkna of constitutional debility, brought on by Indiscreet in'l?lgen<v a a*n apply with a certainty of sure. Pre-paid letters, enclosing a foe, attended to. Office, 61 Day treat. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR or THE " PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatiae," As., H8 Greenwich itr?et office hours Wto 12 A.M, 6 to V P.M., (Mnn lay excepted.) Those who apply la the esciy stages will be mirrrieed at the rapidity aad little inconvenience attending their care. It it chiefly, however, thoee who hare mI fered from a certain claee of people, or othcrwiee, who ean properly appreciate hie services. In atrietnre, from Its first or lati pient, te its mora advanced and distNsaing itagee, (from uncommon advantages, la addition to a very eatenrive practice iatMii oomplaint,) he can afford a rapid, easy, aad radical care, which, he haegronad for statins, oan he obtained from ao other eonree In America WEAK UOHTBO PERRONS, OR THOME WHOSE EYES are foiling, are requested to examine Or. Powell's Self acting Eve I uuntau.s, which obtained the premium from the Ame rfcen Institute. Water is the most iavaluahle remedy that nan lei uieo fer r-rererving the eyes; hut in no way ii ite application so beneficial as when a continuous shower from this little machine ie allowed to play oa the closed eye and surrounding parts. I>r. Powell sttendsse aeaaL i<> disceeee of the Eye end Esr, st A'.l Broadway, entrain e 1)? Warren etreet, where can be had his Booh on the Eye; aim a variety ot hesntiful artificial eyea Dr. GREGORY 2U CUURCH STREET, HAS coneinrd himself, for the last t?enty years, to the treatment of prii at# ditrases in this city. Any r' alttictc-l oan readily pcreelve, that it will # to their advantage to select a physician whotaaaot inly skill ehtained from books, hut wheat- knowledgs ia haicd upon experience, whereby he mgy rightly direct his skill to an if an# that will nof only satisfy hie pSnonta, but is a coerce of pride aad gratitieati'-n to himaelr. Dr. (l.'a pattenta are always sure to recommend him to their frfan-Ie, leoaaae he ia nnwcarirdln bit etfer's' deserve their goc-i will. Cull and ftlld?. - 4 PARK THEATRE.-WON OA V KV'FMNfj.8EPT, II, TIIE entertaiumcnta will coin ojbwcnj with fthaiap?fa'a (ra e<lf of MACIiKTII?Duncan. Mr Sfa?T? rd Han juo. Mr. TllU'ii; Macbath. Mr. liamMin; Macduff. Mr. Hield; Malcolm, Mr. Dawaon; RWrdtrg Captain, Mr.Con'daon Hecate, Mr. Andrew*- Lennox, Mr Wharton; I a?ly Ma? h?'th. Mr*. Wina'aulny; Gentlewoman* lira Dyott. To I** f? (lowed by a Grand Paa do Deux, ny Minora 'I ?* < % and SHrnor Neil. After which the laughable farce or HOX AND ( OX-15 x, Mr. XV. B Chapman; Cox, Mr Paw ton: Mr*. R?m:??r, Mrs. Dyott. The whole to (Atidnlf with kl llnkfo d.- radix, by hign' ra Ciarai and Si/nor Neri. ,e' 76.c,,, family ( ir?50 cts.; I'poer Boxen, 2Acl?.z Pit, XJX eta; Galh-ry, 12 V. Doora onon at 7; curtain riata at 7)a o clock BOWEKYTBEATRK-NONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER II, will be performed, lint time in America, the now hi?lori'al drama, in time acta, atyled the DESTMI.'CTION OF THE HAATlf.F, or Terror'. Kaign--Ma*imi1lan I'-'.he-plerre Mr N. II. Clarke; Frederick lUnton, Mr. Shaw. Jr*n *iar?t. Mr. Ifeithlloruian Duplay, Mr. C. Warwick; Victor Holland*. Mr J If! Hall. M. Do I.aunay. Mr. T. Dull; fenr du I.O, Ui.. Mnry I lylon Htrsot, Mra. Snthetland: Krne.tire. Mre. Widoot. PreeUm, to the drama will I* acted CHARLES THE TWELFTH ? Ettina, Miaa Mary Taylor; (baric. XII, Mr. J. II. Hall.?TV,nj, '[en at 7: peif?rrna*c, to oommenc* al 7X o'olook. Boaea, Moent* Pit, ll^oenti. BROADWAY TnEATRE.? MONDAY EVRNINO, SEPiptnler II, will be preaentod the tragedy of J AC'K ? A I)E? Dnke of Snflnlk, Mr. Bernard; t.ord Say. Mr. Pope; Duke of Buckingham, Mr. L. Bernard; l,ord Mr. Djott; Jack Cade, Mr. Format; Wat Worthy, Mr. Vache; Moabray, Mr- linker, Jack Strnw, Mr. Shaw; Roger Sutton, Mr Walton; Dick Pmnbroket Mr.1,King-hi; Friar Lucy, Mr Fredrloka: Widow Cade, Mm. Abbott; Ma limine. Mir* F. Wnllark; Kate. Mra. Watta. To conclude Willi thenctite comedy, called IS HE JEALOCt? ?Mr. Hrlmour, Mr. Dyntt; Harriet, Mi,? I. Dickinaon. Drcaa Clml* and Panpiette, 7b centa; F?mtly uirrle, 2b oenta ; Gallery. 12)6 centa. Doori open at 7. performance to commence at 7)6 o'clock CHANFRAU'S NF.W NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY Chatham.?Miuidny evening Septemlier 11, will he acted thA new force entitled a MISTAKEN STOKY-Bill Williatna, Mr. C.Burke; Betrey Pat-tone, Mine E. Meitayer. After which, will Ha produced th> popular drama entitled the MYSTERIES AND MISERIES OF NEW YORK?Moae, Mr. F. S. Chaafran; Captala Tohin, Mr. C. Burke; Mr. Preciae, Mr. Parlay, Big lore. Mra. McLean; Little Lire. Miaa E. Meitayer. To con lude with tha drnma of IIELBN OAK I F.IGII -Dick Fitch. Mr. I'almer. Sit Robert Oakleigh, Mr. Ward; Lady Ellen Oakley, Mr-. Mclsiin. Poora open at 7. peifansanoa to communed at 7)6 o'clock.? Boiea,2/i centa; Pit, 12)6. Bl'RTON'H THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?On M -fl.iy Erening, Sept. II,will be played. In tiiue in America, Milu?.'a marque of C OMf'S. C'omm, Mr. Lynne; Uio Eider Brother. Mr. Gt> e; the Younger Brother. Mr Mean; lady, Mra. Knight ; Itucclianala, Vtaarn. Meyer. T. Johnaon, Rue, llurley. Kmn, Andorron, Hamilton. Chriatian, Pnwlinj ; Eiphroayno, Mra. ii. l.oder. Dance of Satyra, Metara. Frvderiokn, G. Par-loe, MamhaiL To which will he added the farce of POOR PILI.IOODDV. Pllliocddy. Mr. Burton ; Mra. Pillicnddy, Mra. Knight. To conclude with TUP. CAPTURE OF CAPT. CI'TTLE. Capt. Cuttle. Mr. Burton ; Mra. MoStlnger, Mra Vernon. Drea* Circle and Parintte, Me.; Family Circle. 24ot*. Dooraopen at 7 icnrtain riaeaat 7)<NIBLO'S, ASTOR PLACE, BROAD WAY.?POSITIVELY the laat night but two f opera. I,ait appearance of Signot lieneveiitano. Madame Laborde, Mona. Laborde, Slgnnr Sanouerico, Signora Morn, and Signor Llettl will antwar.?Monday. Sept. II. will bo given, for lut timo at this theatre, the comlct opera of L'EI.ISIR D'AMOHE?Adina. Mad. Laborde; Glvnet'a. Signora m?m: Neisorino, Mom. Laborde; Sergeant Iteloora, Signer Beneventnno, (his laat engagement In America); Unlearn nr a, Signer Sanquerieo; Peasants. soldiers, aad fill) ohoua. Doors open at a quarter before 7, eommoncingat half paat 7, AdmisMon SO era to. I FRANKLIN THEATRE, CUATliAM Stjl AltE.-TII E MAuagvrs have the pleasure of announcing to the public, that) tliey will perform a new scries of Burlesque Tableaux VivanM w lueli have never before been exhibited in thia country?and id the only place in thia oity whore the above pictures are represented, iti a atyle far tupeiior to any that haa yet ap|*aretl in thia country; together with Mr. John C. Vail, who will givo hia imitations of distinguished actors. The Female Screnad-'rs, assisted by the justly celebrated llarmonron Melodi <t*? unci pmitixely the last wisik of the Arab Girls, as they ,.|?ar ire Philadelphia on Monday next ? Paraquettc I2>{ oc ,s; Itoted 25 Cents. CASTLE GARDEN.- ORPHANS' BENEFIT, OF TUB Prince street Asylum. On Monday Evening, September II, the entertainments will commence with Orand Overt urns by Lothian's Brass Bund. The Ethiopian Melodist* will than sing a number of Melodies. After which, the faroetta of BOX it COX? Box, Mr. Holland: Cox, Mr. Conover. Mr. Hood will exhibit the powerof equilibrium on the Tight Rope. IJalf an hour's intermission for Refreshments and to view the Coamoramaa. The Ethiopian omrnny will sing some of their Melodies. The whole to conclude with the comic ballet, called UURRV SCURRY, ng the Lover's Ghost. Admission, AO eta. Door* open at ti){; ?<j commence at 8 o'clock. CASTLE GARDEN.?DOORS OPEN AT ? PAST BIX* perfotmauce will commenco at8o'clock? Admission 2Acento. Decided hit Triumphant success of tho original Ethiopian Melodists, universally acknowledged to bs tho best band of minstrolO in the oity. The company consists of the followira well know* and teltnted artists?Cool White, R.Edwards, P.J. Rlee, W. Howard, D. Leon, 8. Clarke?Wednesday and Thursday evenings September (ith end 7th, tiiird and fourth concerto, on which ooeaeion they will olfcr a variety of new Songs, Glees, I'arudio* Love Ditties, Refrain , and Gems from popular Operas, intorspersed with Burlssque Leuturcs, Queer Sayings, Dances, Ac.; in twQ parts. _ _ The desert will he performed at castlb Garden, to-morrow evening, with It. O. I'aige ae principal tenor. Ticket* AO cents?yearly tickets $1 At hair past y o'clock, the Institute will adjourn, and Dodworth'a band will play, fog those who desire to amove themselves, until 12 o'clock. Full rehearsal this evening. Members will please attend TABERNACLE?THE LAST WEEK. POSITIVELY?TIIB Moravian Singers, grateful for the liberal patronage they have received from the citirens of New York, would respectfully inform them that they will have tlic liouor of giving five more Vocal and Instrumental Concerts during the present week, commencing on to-morrow (Monday) evening, and which will positively be the last pi ior to thtir uc|>arture from the city, on which ipccasions a choice nod select programme will be presented, where they hope to meet that sncccrs which has attended their efforts in Paris, London, and in all the principul cities in Europe. Th'keta AO cents each, to be bad at the principal music stores, and at thia door on the evening of the concert. Doors opeu at 7. To commence at 8 o'oloek. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUKEUM.-P. T. BARNUH, Proprietor?F.Hitchcock, Manager?Splendid Performaaotfl very afternoon at halt past 5 o'oloek, and srery evening at liaifpast li ven. The Manager has the pleasure of announcing tha most extraordinary wonder in creation, Major Littlctingcr, holding the same relation to the famous Lilliputian that the little finger does to the thumb. He it ten years old, only twenty-four inches high, and weighs only 13 lbs. lib may la seen every morning, from 10 to half-past 12 o'clook; In the afternoon, from 2 till half-past A; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In addition Vie manager has alio engaged the oolebrated Sable Brother* Mr. Nellir, the Three Highland Mammoth Boys, Qlantf or Mammoth Baby, Enormous Boa Conatrlotor. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may be privately nonsuited at an extra charge of 2A cents. Admission U tha whole, including Museum Performances, I.ittlc Finger, Mo., 25 oents; children, under ten years of age and old enoagh to walk alona, iljg oratn. Reserved front seats, one shilling each extra. VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL ENTERTAINMENT?MR, J'L. llutton, pianist and vocalist, of London, liegs most resi* ctfiilly to unuoiince that his first entertainment will take place on Tuesday Evening next. Sent. 12th, at the A polio Rooms. Tickets AO cents each, to bo bad at the principal m usic stores, the Apollo Rooms, and of Mr. J- L. Uutton, Astor House. To commence at H o'clock. (trpns CAMPBEIX'S ARE COMING."?SIXTH WEEkJL continued tu cess?Society Library Rooms, 3d? Broadway The original and celebrated Camubull'i Minstrel*. Iim,w the direction of Q. A. Kimberly) ? the oldest band in the United Slates? hare the honor to announce, thatin conse'iuenoo of tlie immense iur,es? which haa attended their effort* tlie past five week!, having been nightly crowded by the elite of Neve York, they will nave the pleasure tf continuing their Inimitable and highly popular musicrl entertainments every evening this week, introducing at each oonrert a fall programme of [ their m<?t popular nieces; including the oeiebrated Statue Dance and Highland Fling by Mr. Lake Weft Door* open at 7? commence at 8 predtely. Admission 28 eenta. N. B.? On Saturday afternoon, for the eouvenirnre of families, there will be a performance commencing at S o'clock. Admission. SB cent*-children, half-prior. ST. LUKE'S HALL, CORNER OF HUDSON AND GBOVB streets,?C'oogo Minstrel*, (under the direction of J. Gounra*. Jr.) will aire Four Ethiopian Concerts, at the above Unit, oil Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September Uth, 14th, 15th and 16ih instant Admiasion 25 cunts. Fur further psit culnrs, tec smalt bills. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to eommenco at 8 o'clock. SACRED DIORAMA B?NOW EXHIBITING IV ERF night thia week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. commencing at 3 o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 306 Broadway, over Btoppanl's Hatha Hannlngton's entirely new Grand beriptural Dioramas el the moet Magnificent Speetaola ever witnessed in Now York. Creation ol the World and tkn Deluge. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments. Mr. 11. llannington baa just oompletad a magnificent Diorama, intended to illnatrate the subliiae speetaola of the Sin Days ot the Creation! exhibiting by moans or moveable figures, socncry, and powerful optical uBouts, all the pregroaoive ohangee from trie Chaos and Darkness of the unfirmed Universe, nnttl the final completion ol the great work ot Creation, aa deeeribed in the first aad second chapters of Genesis, termiuatiagudth the appearance of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Edea. The Diorama Is the result of a long cherished idea, and of a lifetime of study and experiment in thia department of the arte, It is the moet eustlj, Vesutifnl and perfect work ot the kind existing, and combines in ttssxhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with tha most astonishing scenic effects. assisted by superior poetry, painting and music. Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, tha First Day. The Firmament, the Becond Day. Dry Land, Herbage aad Flowera, Third Day. Son, Moon aad Sura, Fourth Day. Creatioa oi Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals. Sixth Day. Garden of Eden?Adam and Eva With thie completion of the labors of the Creation, the tint part of tha Exhibition deem. Part II. Grand Diorama of tha Deluge. Tickets 28 ou ?Children half prise. Doors open at 7. Curtain rites at 8 o'oiot t. BANVARD'S NEW DOUBLE MAMMOTH PANORAMA ol the Miasouri and Mississippi Rivers, thowiega country of twenty-three hundred mi lee, being by tar the largest painting hi the wrld, and of the largest rivers en the globe, extendiag more than twenty decrees of latitude. Open every evening, at Panorama Hall. AMI Broadway, adjoining .Nibln't Garden. Admismosi fit) cents; chHdrvn bait price. Panorama will commence mivi^ at 8 o'clock. Afternoon performances on Wednesdays and Saturday* it 3 o'olock. Panorama of Taylor s campaign in mbxico.av the Minerva Rooms <"8 Broadway, shows natural as lite, the Marches, Encampments, and UatUm fought by Gen.Taylor, lb also gives correct views of the ooaatry, towns, eitine, Me. Ik if the most besutiftil painting ever seen. Open every night akB o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions Wednesday and Saturday. ieumeuoiog at S o'clock. Admission, 25 cents. Schools admitted oa ressoaabli terms No obargo for descriptive pamphlets FO* KBIT ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NBW TORS Line of Packet*?l*i ?iti\ely the tlret and only remilar | u k?t to tail ?n or Iwfote Monday, September iSth.?Too now and t|ilondi<l fkat nUing packet bark Genesee, C. T., matter, ia now loading, and will poou vely nil ax ahov. hoc regulai day. Tor freight or paaaage, having arlendid fnroiahed ateommodatiaaa, apply on board, at Otloan'a Wharf, foot of Wail treat, or to E. K. COLLINS, M Sonth at root. No jr> ?>de will be received on board after Saturday eteninj, Sept. 1Mb. Agontaln Now Orteana Neaer.. BRVAN A CHEE V *, wb" Will promptly toraard all gooda to their add row. The oleens hotel,oppositethegenebal post Oftee, St. Martln'ale Grand, London.?Thla magaibcen t HotoL kaiiDK rtictntlj undargon# liunooai iM i PMl portion of it newly furn Jhed. will bo Mmd on tri2 to bar. no Seal in the metropoliajbott in point of aeeomnodatton and moderate ohargea The (Wee room la one ot the Urmt and moot jomtortablJ in England. Board, ? wr da*. Tlot ant Cold tiiom tH SPENCER I.e.N N et, Haaagor, Formerly Chiel Steward of the Brttiah Queen StoamaVp Roaylirr in Now Tork to Mr. o. a. WMto. m Coda* atawot MedicalorricE-dh. joiinson, i? duanestreet near < hatham afreet, to wall known aa the moat tuceeaafal practitioner in New Tork, in the treatment of reuoreal dimaeem The Dootor'a reputation for akin in tboaoold half-cared eawe that have txi-wxi ior year* '? pro eminent. lileet, stricture, iilrom upon the b.dv, oc in trie thru*! or none, puu in the hen<l aril none! of the legs. efTctonHy on;. J. Constitutional weaJtneae^ brought on t>y n ferret habit indulged in he young men, causing lascivious dnama and nightly emissions, positively prev*at?? Secant eaaeacure.I in bur days, wit boat merenry. No alteration in diet, or ireventn n troni husineee. DR. SYDF.NII AM'3 SPEf'IPIC FOR DISEASES OF A PRIeat* nntiira.?Th.^ortrn-irdinary remedy, now offered for tlw nut tine In America, hna l?en long known in Europe aa tho mott a(e?dy and detailing rnre for the above com plaint*, whether acute or chronic. In moat eaaaa one bottle will aufllce, but in till 10 of long standing, two or three may be necessary to effect a complete euro. It does not contain mercury in any shape, not dm it interfere In any share with attention to business. Agent for Now York, II. U. JONK3, 170 Broadway. I'rtoe tl pet battle. ____________ . STRK TURF?IT? N ATYRE, SYMPTOMS, (.'ONSEUURNCMI ?the remedies and reel pea, mode of doteeting, end only per* anent sure. No Oie possessing this work need be loan troubled with Striatum. Fifth edition. 342 pp. Price $1. May be had vt the A utiles .fMH Creenwieh street, or by post. nailed tree |\H ULOVER 13 CONSULTED DURING THE DAY AND JL/eveaiag, at hie eBeo, en aU diaaaeee id nriMbahe uaWen Blmlneisfieglht, fktrtk It, eo el tonal vely praam nod by jihyaioiaBa, ^ayh? t ?tt, No. 2 An# r.JCttfe

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