Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1848 Page 3
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of the world than any other, and Ik the grand regu- i lator of oar foreign trade. Everything connected j with this article is, therefore, of great interest. We , annex a statement, showing the movements in the J staple for the year ending the 31st of August, 1848, . and the total crop of the United States for that year Movements or Cotton in the fun-en States? Yeab End. ino septimkeb i, ims New Ob leans. K.i port? Bait*. TctuL To Foreign ports 0?9.}t5H t'rMteiiie 2B2,lfl9 Moek, 1st Stpicmbtr, 184*4 37,401 1,239,298 Dcdurt? Stcek, 1st September, 1847 23 493 Received from Mobile 19,897 Received trom Florida 4,3W Received from 2?xaa 10,007 48, 1,190,799 Mobile. Ej: portTo forewu i>orta 319,OH CtWtliM 118,158 Stock, lot September, 1848 23,684 *WJ3 Deduct? Stock, let September. 1847 34,172 Rcoeived from New Orleanf 276 Received from Key Weit 50 21497 436,338 Florida. Export? To tvrce?n pirti 60,060 fflentwiie 106,327 Slock, lot Septv lubvr, 1848 607 166,894 Deduct?Slock, 1st September, U47 2,108 133,776 Texas, m Export? TTo foreign port* 772 Cottstwiie ?11265 Stock, lit septem'ier, 1848 747 39,774 Deduct?Stock, lit September, 1847 32 89.742 UaOBMA. Export Jnmi Savannah? To forvuin porta? U plan tic 120,602 N * I*lan<l? 7,'/68 C'OMtwUe?UpltMle 1W.22H Sen loluiuls 1,263 243,233 Lxport from Uarten? To New York 9 Stock in Savannah. September 1,1148 10,060 Stock in Auguata and H amine/ Svpleinler 1,1848 36,663 ?? 96,612 279,8*5 Deduct? St< ek in Savannah and Angnsta, Scpt.l, 1847 35.030 254,825 South Carolina. Export from Charlttton? To foreign porta?I'planda 183,601 Sen Islands 16,345 C\a;twis?? Uplands 98,061 Sea Islands 665 297,692 11* rut at Charleston 1,392 Export from (leoiyetoicn? To New York and Boston 328 Stock in Clutrleston, Sept. 1,1848 14,085 14,313 313,297 Itrduct? Stock in Charleston, Sept. 1,1S47 .... 29,666 Rewired from Savannah %>,S61 Received from Tlotidn 1.039 61,645 261,752 North Carolina. Export?Coastwise 1,618 1> IHiilMi, Export? To foreign ports Mo Cosstelse 539 Minnfarturrd (taken from the ports) . 7,8!O Mock, September 1, 1848 444 y 400 Deduct? Stock, Soptcmbcrl, 1847. 448 yjjj Total crop of tho United States 2^47,634 The total crop in eaob of the past twenty years was as annexed:? 1828-9 ...bales 857,744 1838?9 . . .bales.1,360,532 1820 20 970,845 1830-40 2,177.835 1830?1 1,038,848 18fo?1 1,634.945 1831?2 987.477 1841?2 1,683.674 1832?3 1,070.438 1842?3 2,378:875 1883?4 1,205,394 1843?4 2.030,409 1834- 5 1,254 328 1844?5 2,394.503 1836- 0 1.360,725 1845?6 2,100.637 1836- 7 1,422.930 1846?7 1,778.651 1837- 8 1,801.497 1847?8 2,347 ,i34 There have been but two crops in|this country larger tban that of tho present year, and the excess of these was only 31,241 and 46,869 bales. The excess of the last crop over that of the previous year waa 668,983 bales, being an increase of thirty-two per cent. The exports, however, have more than kept pace with the productions?the increase over those of the pre' vious year having been. 617.039 bales, equal to nearly fifty per cent. The points from which shipments op cotton were made, the destination and extent of ex ports during the past year, were as annexed ? j.vroKTATio* OK Cvttoi* rltotf TIie Un iTfcb Status? ViwAn K.miimu Sept. 1, 1848. Todrent To loS.of Other From It ril a in Franco. Fu rope, Fnp'ti. Total. Kcw Orleans, bales... 654,(#3 140,968 8??,056 104,751 949,868 Mobil#, " ... 2iTS.I7!? 6I.M2 16,153 12,917 319,081 1 lorirta, " ... 42,370 2,212 1,782 3,730 60,050 Tsxis, "... ? ? 772 ? 771 Ueergia, " ... 121,172 5.177 424 987 127,760 8. Carolina. " ... 163,090 29,579 11,390 4,787 198,-46 N. (.'an lina, "... ? ? ? ? ? Virginia. "... 208 ? 254 31 55 i Baltimore, "... 60 ? ? ? 61 Philadelphia, " ... .3.375 ? ? -0 3,455 Nc? York, " ... 116(4.1 37,992 37.541 6,650 194,241 Boston, " ... 6,061 1,112 2,026 540 9,570 Total. 194H 1,324 023 279,172 128 348 134.47# 1,858,261 Total. 1.-47 836,909 211,4.86 75,689 93,131 1,241,'222 Increase, 1848 4.88,016 37,686 44.650 41,338 617.03* The per cent increase in shipments to all foreign ports but those of France was large, while to France it was limited. This is attributed almost entirely to the prostration of the manufacturing interest by the po4itieul revolution of February last. It is hardly probable that the aggregate shipments of cotton flrom the Inited States, for the year 1848, would have been much lar. or had prices ruled higher, as the stock on hsndinall the ports, at the close of the year, was snail compared to that of the previous year; but the aggregate value would have been much larger. When we take into consideration the immense increase in value a small advance in price for this staple produces, we ran form some idea of what the value of the last crop would have been at prices current the year pvevious. According to estimates made, it appears that the short cr. p of 1846 and '47 was valued at about four millions of dollars more than the long crop of 1847 and 48: or.ino her words, that the Increase of 668.983 bales ' in the erop of the pant year, has not only been sunk, loet, but the value of the came quantity as produced last year, line depreciated more than four million* of dollar*. Thia show* that large crop* are by no mean* the most profitable. As an illustration of this, take the large crops of 1842 and 1814. amounting to 4,773..r>00 bale*, which, at six cents pur pound, make an aggregate value of $121 713,740. while the medium crop ef 1843) and the short ersp of 184 6. amounting to only 3,800.1(K> bales, which sold at eight and ton cents per pound' made an aggregate value of $144.627,'>00, being a de* ereaso of 064.400 bale* in quantity, and an increase of $22,613.760 in value. The consumption of cotton, during the past year, has been about 660.000 bales less than in the previous tear, which, with the increased production, makes tho excess of supply more tbnn a million rf bales, cornpan d with thnt of 1*47. Kroiu the appearance of tha crop now approaching maturity, the yield is likely to be fully equal to that of tho ln?t year, aud the consumption as limited ; in the event of which, the | stocks on hand, at the close, will be a* large as ever known. The WM?IHW on tno continent ni r.urnpe, and In the 17tilted States, iieteadily increasing; but the Increase In these section* of the world reduces lb* consumption in (iriat Britain, which, with the local cause* likely to operate upon the manufacturing interest of tliel'nlted Kingdom, will tend Tery mnch to a reduction of the demand fo^the raw matnrial In Kogland daring the yrnr 184H and '4!>. It la, therefore, probable that prices for this (staple will rule low this year ; it la possible tbey may range below those of 1847 end '48. lock Exchange I2S"*' Tress. N?(?r tfs l'PJ,' 1*1 el, e Canton Co it" 4V< VI do 1U3V, 00 do 36'., iua>o do itaos lnji'j 75 do imw av? I Ho tw 10.3'j 70 do h:w ,8?!4 0.7'Jtl Illinois Int. Stock 2>' 136 Ncr * HVr nit :i6 3IIU0 II. S. (->, 'W l'>4 '4 00 do ,?K) ;|6 /il'tM do lot's 2S0 do Hanoi ,18 2f(W V, 8.0's. '41 91 ?0 do aiv ia <1 Kentucky f. ? "7l? N York li N lira HR *l 'JtXkJ Ohio l>'?, 00 MO <70 llarletu KK M?, tKKKl do IS'l 36 do 03's 000 Ohiod's 70 U> do too 64 kill do ID'S 100 do eoijn 64 - * ? ^ * An Jul fWJ J I mribcr* i ran. - v* )u0 do Kit) 2V,, ISX) !.ong Islnml RR 100 Morris ('and Niu 1/SOErloRR. iiiwWI ?? i:? do 1**4 r*?t(lhio7'? 102 jAulnru it Rueh. KR ci li*?i Erie RF 7 per coat >*l?t ICO Keadln, KR ePO .12 20OU do W ItH'tict It Srlmi1 OR lift Scrond Hoard. j.'iOroO Tr??? Notei ll'S'f HO ehe Icwr Maud RR KV 1(010 do sfl) U S<4 850 liar .m RK MK 1100U do Wat JOS'i 7A1 anion Co U? .Ti\ .'0*1 Read U.m.lj ?fi0 54'J 100 do el .15 3i National Rank loo A*) Fnnncr* Tmat flfldi < ITY Tit A UN REPORT. Wk:r>r??.?ii?v. Sept 18?2 I'. .M. continue Arm, at fo C'2>% a p.? h7>, for pota ??d pearl*. Cortoa.?Thn market ft?r cotton remain* Innctirc; nnnir small purccl* wore tnkrn by manufacturer*, at nrltc* in thtir favor. Vim a, ko.? 1'bc reeeipt* of we*t#rn canal flonr oontime large, though prie s are without material change, 1'r'inrnotiona of the morning reach 4 000 barrel*, at V0 "0*4 a $0 12.', for common Slate. Oswego, and mi led Western; 5? J2>? a JO l"1, far puio Gouee.u. and $6 2ft for fenoy Included in the *ale* art 2.000 for export, at $0 00% Southern ia in moderate request, at $<1 a ffl !?!>? llye flour continue* scarce and firm, at M ((',. Veal ri-roalna much a* yeetarday, with light lif wheat, wc notlcn sales of 5,ftt>0 bushel* prime t-Mfpenee. at fl >12. Hy# continue* tteady at 7>l a 74o.. *Hh fair rale*. '1 ho demand for aora ia fair, the ralea retching 20,000 buehele, at ICe. for round, 70c. fbr flat jfll.-w afd fl2e. for high mi*?d Weetern. showing a ftight dcehae Uat* are dull; a earga ahangad handa et 37a. f< r caaai. r*ou-> nM.-Tbt ttarkat lor pock opens m; Arm, it the cloning rate* of yesterday. with sales of 300 bbli. T Beef la without particular change, and in modarata * request; wa quota (13 a (0 60. Lard la inactive, the J'f aiea not exceeding 160 barrels, at a 9c. In cut s> meats no aalea transpired Whiskey ia held thia morning at 30e., but we can ? bear of no operationa. I New Voxk. Sept. 13?B P. M . The United Statea and Kuropa, being both now dally y expacted, with later news, had the effect aomawhat of r checking operationa in breadetufla. and in aome other * article! of produce. Sales of tlour were, however, made ' at about previous rates including a lot for export. Wheat was firm, and sales of both (Jenesee, Western, sod Southern. were made at steadv prices Cora eon- I tinued rutber heavy, at yesterday'* prices; sale* were. I however, made to a fair extent, including the different *' grades with tone lota for export. Meal wan dull, at J' previous rates. Sales of rye were made at previous K ratee Oata were duller Provision* were tirm. with i m sales of both mess and prime pork at improving rates | ~ In groceries, the market wan firm for all kinds, with J lair ealea. 1 lie cotton market was nuiet, with sales . v rather in favor of buyers. 4, Asms?Sales of 100 barrels were made, including A pots at $6 75, and pearls at $6 87,','. Iteceipts down F the Hudson river, 54 barrels. Exvot from the 1st to the 1215 September, y 1848. 1847. J Pots bbls. 1552 700 , ii l'earle 9(5 none. J? Uhuiktihi.?Hour.?The.'sales reached about I * 10.C00 bbls., in depurate parcels, among which 1.600 bbls of Oswego, to go Hast, at $0 0.1^; 2 000 a 3,000 1 do, this State, common Genesee, Oswego, fee., at T (6 Cl4 a $0 12),', part for export; 300 do Ohio, and . 3o0 do. Michigan, at $0 I'iX. Sales of Southern were J also mitde. including 1.000 bbls. Georgetown, at $0, ? and COO bbls . said to be Petersburg City Mills, at $6; i oi 1,000 do .Western made, to arrive, being on its way frouj | <li Buflalo. at (0 and 600 do. Toledo, to arrive, at the same price; and 260 do Western scratohed, at J $5 81,'4. fVheat-- Sales of about 10 000 bushels of n Gem see were made at 138c. a 130c; and 4 600 do Ge- 8 nesee and Ohio, on private terms, and 1.000 do good J-1 North Carolina, new. at 116c. Corn.?The sales J? reached about 5\060 a 00,000 bushels, in separate lots, including 18.000 bushels northern round yellow, at 76c., with some lots reported at 75c ; with various / lots flat yellow at 70e. a 71c., and 8,000 do. mixed, at * 08c. a 60c.; 2,500 do. southern yellow, for distilliog, ? at COc. Meal - Sales of 200 bbls. were made $3 37', a , (3 44. hye. - Sales of about 6.000 bushels were made k at 74c. hye Flour was quiet at $4 a (4 0*4. Oalp Sales of 6,000 to 6 00t> bushels were made at 30c. Receipts Down the Hudson River. Wheat flour, bbls... 4,119 Corn, bushels. ... .28,788 Rye, bushels 2.600 Oats, " 3.870 J Receipts Dou-n the Hudson Since the Opening of Savi- 6 gation. ti 1848. 1847. I Wheat flour, bbls 860 688 2.009 207 \ Corn meal 2,689 94.306 ; t Corn, bush 1,112,137 2 843 841 t Wheat 370,071) 1 403 404 8 Itye 233.400 192,635 I 1 Exports from the lrl to 12th September. J 1848. 1847. 1 Wheat flour, bbls 20.660 21,604 r Corn, bash 386.846 6,424 Wheat 33,318 67.622 c Kye ? 0.490 ' Exports from Sew York, from September 1, 1847, to t September 1. 1848. t j o ureui/iruijin, <jt. rranrt. ' Flour, bbls 102.430 013 < Corn meal 30.501 ' ? ' Wheat, bush 199.174 3,392 ' Corn 2,343,092 ? J Oats ? 10,690 Rye, from New York to all foreign porta, bush. 20 491 J Do. last year, same time 914,820 fc Beeswax.?Sales of 2,000 lbs were made at 21c. U Cotton.?The market was very quiet to-day, and * prices continued to favor the buyer ; the sales wore 1 900 bales, one half of which was for homo use. i .Fai'iT ?The transactions embraced 10 000 San Bias J ccroa nuts at $25 ; 2.00 cases Cantou preserved ginger si at $0, 0 mos.; 400 boxes raisins at $1 90 a $2; 200 bags k African peanuts at 90c ; 500 do Brazil nuts (the bal- * sure of the lot offered by auction) at 4e cash ; 60 casks currants at 0), a 6?i'o, and 500 bushels southern ( peanuts (reported) at $112>j". k Featiiebi.?The last sale (1,500 lbs) prime western J1 live geese were made 4t 36c; cash. ,,V Hides.?There have been sales of 9,700 Orinoco, p from store, Including a portion for exports, at 7>tC, ~ part 4 per cent, off, and balance 0 mos ; 700 Savanilla 1 alt), less 4 percent.; 1.450 Buenos Ayres 201b at 8'?o j* less 1 per cent. 0 mos., and 3,COO Madagascar, 2500 ft Mnrunbau), and 1.253 Maracaibo on terms not made ? public. We quote for ltlo Grande and Buenos Ayres, / *>4 a 83n'c pet lb.; California S)4C ; Orinoco 7 ; san * Juan 71?c;^pbtbagena and SantaMarlha GJ*c ; Mata moros 7c; Pry Southern 0)4 a 7c ; Manilla and Cal- J cutta Buffalo 4>x a 0c ; Calcutta Dry, per piaee, 06 a n. 85c ; Calcutta, green salted, 80 a $1 05. 4< iif.k?The demand for sale exceeding there- j ceipts, prices have still farther advanced. We qnote J the market firm at the annexed quotations :? C Oak, (slaughter) light, per lb 18 a 22 n Oak, Middle Ida 22 ? Oak. Heavy 18 a 21 Ej Oak, (dry bide). . 10 a 20 Oak, Ohio ( " ' 19 a 21 t irmlcck. Light 14 a 16 ' Hemlock. Middle 14 a 16 ? Hemlock, Heavy 13 a 14 Hemlock, Damaged 11 n 12)? Hemlock, Poor do 6 a 8 Lime?Sales of 1.100 bbls. were made at 76c. ' Molasses?Was dull, and no sales of moment trans plred, d Naval Storfi?There was scarcely any movement c in the market ; prices of moet descriptions ruled firm. d Oil.*?Linseed remained steady at 00 a Clc for English and American ; shipping Whale was held at 33c, 32'i offered ; of Olive 160 baskets were disposed of at f $3 a $3 12),'. C Oil Meal and Care?Sales of Oil Meal were made r at $1 3114 per 100 lbs., and 35 tons round oil Cake at J$25. 2 Provision!?Sales of Pork reached about 1.000 bbls. r including mess at $12 44 a $12 60, and prime at $9 75 _ -fx cec i i u.u. oha vu. ? ?.1 a n- 1 Eeef? Sale* of 100 bbls. mem were made at $13. There 11 was no material change In tbo quotations for Dutter * and Cheese. * Jfcportsfrom lsf to 12tk Stptrmbrr. 1848. 1847. 1 Totk. barrels 1,080 2.267 ,J Beef. ' 427 868 I 1 .mil kegs 7.807 700 Ku r. continued very firm, sales waro about 100 I tierces at $4 a >4 OO'* per 100 e wt. J Set.ah ?The demand was fair, and market tending upward: operations comprised 400 bhds. Porto Rico at 8 a 63^'e.. 200 Cuba Muscnvado, at 4 '< a 4\e., and 150 New Orleans at 4 a 4^,0. Tonacco ?The sales, fur the past few days, hare been unimportant; they include 230 balee St. Domingo, at c private bargain. 68 rases Pennsylvania seed leaf at 3', a Sc., and 40 hhds. Kentucky at 2X a 4>,'c. NAHKKT8 EhSKWHKHB STOCK SAT.KS. ! Fmi.AiiM.ruiA, Sept. 13, 1848.?Hirst Board?60 U S^laak, I . 2 V 100 Oirard e6,10'.,; $600 T S 6 s ?7. 101',': $160 do, 104: $380 1.4'hieh CI Scrip. 82fc; $1U0 U 8 tie (17, 104; $300 do *68, llll'.,; 10 ! JUr a Man P sc. 4.1; $600 U S l"? 67, 104 U; $200 State 6'a, 73).; $160 8ch Nav fnt, 7CV $30001: 8 O b 07, 104'.,; 21 Trenton lla ! I C'e b6,33; $600 State 5'a 73Vj $2800 U S 0V67.1U4V; $ lots I Tray I N 3 2 6 per c, 102'i. $200 Bute 6 s. 73\; $1000 Tcnu 6's, 70: 100 1 Girard Bk h6,10.'.,; 100 do, 10'.,: lUOdo.'idg, 10'.,; lot) do s5. 10'4; \ 100 do rw. 10'.4ftff Sale*?1000 V* 8 6>t.7, 104'.,: 1000 C S ; ? Trsy N 6 2 6, 102%': 11*10Trnn 6 s, 76; 200 Pena 6>. 73\; 310 S< h ] Navlat,71; 400 (Jlrard Bk. 10'.,; lOOdo. 10',. Serond Board? ( f60 P, 1:11 6's, 737?i 176 Lshigli Nav 4 1 Scrim K2)A; 1410 Soh N*v ? Int. 72; 406 de, 71%: 320 Cirard Ilk , 10'4. I * Hoston, Sept. 12?.41 Broker? Board.?St) shares Roading ( Railroad, 10'A ; 20 do. Vt, Central Railroad. 64; 23 do. do. do. 6..' - Itliln On. do. 63S.'. h 30 : 25 do. East Huston Co. 11 .30 do. i * Emit Boston Co. Dividends, No, 4. 4,75, bSO; 25 do. do. do do. ] 1 No 4.4 65; do. Boston ml \Vmt?itcr Katlrogd, 109*1; H do. 1 M'fit ro Hnilrtnd, i*'i; 5 do. Fltchburs Railroad. IIB|{ .14o, , I do. do. Il2't; 3 d". Boston k Main* Railroad, luh7*: ado Fitts 1 lurgt'upper Co. 76, a CO; 10 do. do. do. do. NO, a 6 in ; $3000 Read- I * log Railroad Bond*, 1*60, <d><. Sri owl Hoard.?lOUttharoa Read, i ' ing Railroad, 16'.,. 30; 25 do. do. do. Hi1., : 21 do. Vt. Central , ? Railroad. 64; 4 do. Boston Ik Main* Railroad, 111). t J . ! f|NF.STIMONY TO MERIT.?ANOTHER HAN I)?'IMF. TF.?t I " J. limonial to the merits of captaiua of vessel , sailing Crura , Europe to tbla jiort, has be n generously conferred upon Captain . i George Fieker. of tlie liark "Lisbon," trom Glasgow, by the pa*- ' cngtre, who presenled bim with a lilver enuR l-ox, hearing the * following imtiiptlon:?'"Promoted to Card. George fisher, of i ! tint barlt ' I.isbou,' by the paeeengera, for bi, attention to them ' during their voyage Irom Glasgow toNow York." j I LET IT NOT liF. FORGOTTEN THAT TO DAY M llir, I annivomary of the Oeruratlon of the cify of Mcab-o, by Goo. v Scotland Ida army, lifter the brilliant victories won at ChapnU I t*|*e, and before the gates of the Icty. Whv should no not have some public ceremonial in honor of so glorious an event? W e ! ? understand that MoCBI'RF. k Co., trltli the same pralsew r.rtliy t spirit of its former proprietor, will, this evening, illuminate their ? B autitul hotel, corner of Broadway and Walker streets. (lnimta SMITH, EJtf.. Civil, ENGINEER. BATE OF J J London. England, will henrfroa hlsecnsio, William Emery, of h l.iverprol, by directing a letter for him, to the eare ot Henry h Davenport, Int. New I ork. a Card, the LONG ibland INSURANCE COMPANY t are happy to inform their dealers, and the public generally, It that thcircnpital, JUDO,MX), is unimpaired by the late disastroitf fire; they mil retain asraall surplus. ilie remp.iny are prepared 1 to pay ell their loHes in tush, the mi ment the amount is adlnsted. J B. W. DEBAMaTRK. i'rcaidaat, r E C FINN, Secretary. BRADV'R GABBKKY til DAGI'ERREOTYFK ITIKTRAIT8 ' ? and Family Ur?ni>s, N na 2N6 and 2U7 Broadway, third door s.'iitk of Rr Paul's (lirir.h, second, third, and fourth at rie-.? ' "I Hours, from 8 in tlie morning till 7 in the evening. I The national police gazette, 01 this week ] no* in4j Itr dlllvdXieonltim a perfect reput of all the' n testimony in the remarkable trial ef Loitlea Br iuoivI, for tne , murder of her hurhnid, a ith far siniile ropiea of live ,.( )>i mi l <t her Into letter*. lien r helote publiehed: a oot reel of (.111. j Kccno, the hotel thief aril wwtoh etuBar, Philadelphia ruMcrie<, , kleUowan. TVondrod, Slappv, Dots, Long Boh, Red hi:-. Old Kn- r fan, B'hm, T U? o ,la> k. itr., he., Fi fv'gn and Donjon 101 r in . ?e., Re, Vt r mIo at H'h Nit-annreet. andhyalt rnni agent*. Matrimonial-ip toi wisn a neat midoino, i i Flailing. or BnsincM Card. elegantly onrraved and 1,only * Vtinted. jn ehotld go to Valentine * En* avlo* and Printing Jl Xahliuhmi nt. 17A Broadway, near Conrtlandt n root, and ex. , imine hi* arcrimeiio. lie eieente* thera tu n vary euporl r etyle, ! at moderate prirea; ho alao prtuU caida iron eo* platca, in the neatest manner. J STEAM MOP I .MATES.? litis FOLLOW INO A I'- v poinMnmtr for the railing of the steamer I nlted State* will 1 j Is promptly adhircd to, vlr.Leave New Fork tor New Orle.tua, 1 f, JIj nday, Oct. 16. Lenie New firleana far New V01 k, (Pxidiin- at | . llama.) Monday, Not. Leave New V.rk I r Havre, Tuc? ' day. l>rt ' I eat Hai r? for New York, Friday. Jan. .\ L*.avw I v New i . rk fur Mat re. Tlmraday, Ea*>. I. I.evr? Havre for Naw y Vcok. Pnmrdny. Marsh 3. The I nitcd Staler will touch at w t oweaon the paaaaiic to anil from Havre. Proc of pnaaaie to I and from New Orbem, for fn-.1.1 1 r fk-jtr apply to 1 (h H. MAKH1AI L.txHnrlinirSltp. I I P~A*SAi.L ma MVOMK JdM.IKO, VALPARAISO. LIMA. ' W ?The Vailed S?' small atenmer "('allfornla. of about linu *' tena burthen,w II a.iil f r I he above port" en the 2d of October, ? aid having w all (Tiniiet td ala'e roet.ia, olh r* a favorable oonvfT- I' anrc for the ehoio weired porta. An e\|*ileneed ant,;oo? will P aeeompaay the atea-wr. For naaanre apply to " HOWLAM' It ABFINW ALL. No. m Sowth rttmh. ? 1,"M>R NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND NEW TORS 1 Line of Peokote?Poaitivaly the but and only regular paoket tu rail on or Iwtoie Monday, September IHth ? Tba new and 1 ephndid that aelllna paeket hark (leneaee, C. T. fhllaghana, I ajutir I" m w loading. and will peaitiveljr mil an above, hat 1 n regular day. for freight or raataga. having aptendid fnrniatied I a aroommodntioaa apply on board, at (Vienna Wharf, foot of (Fall gl moat, ?r to B. E. COLLINS, M Sewthatreee. .* No roods will ha rooeivod < ? uvatd aft- r Satnrdas evening, S Sept. If,ih. Agaataia Naw Otleana. Meaara. BBTAN fcCRMEf f, h who win promptly forw ard all good* to tboir 4dva?. r TNION rot'USE, U I.?TKOTTiNO.?A I'URHK OF $100 4 I J will ke given, three mile lina's, te harness, free far *11 tr?t- * re hersrs that never won a puree over that ameunt. Tucoinc ' P r Sep traber 36th; will close Saturday evening, September Itith, M i o'elot k, tt Greene k Jeiatls, tin PM Chatham ( pf. M M. I>. UKKKNK. I'r", eietor <1 JLHI1C RALB-ON WEDNESDAY, *KP1 EMBER 20rfl, ? IfciH. tt 10 o'. lock A.M., ?t the Masonic Hall, Chesnut i ( I net. above Beventh. Tie extensive and valuable collection of ] P literals, Blrda Shells, Pishes, and Animals,a?d the N rhAme- 11 can ludiau Collection, known sa Puale's Philadelphia Mnwini, ! 7) lied and taken into exe ntiou, and to be sold hy IIKVKV K.I.AH, Shertf), Philadelphia. MierilTa oltloa, dept. titli, ISK 1 1 .B. The sale to he continued at that hour, on the following ' * y." until tl;? whole are diep.<-cil of. . it ) RN JAM IN MOi'N E Y, ALdlO> EER-l.N PER WRITER ?' N J 8a cof Wrought halls Edward Payson will sell this diy, . ten o'clock. .'120 ranks Nails, damage! on the voyage of Imp r- | H ition ; alto, for account ot whom U may concern. A ca-es and I dt hognheads, i on tail log 400 dot. horse, 32-1 do,, shoe, 114 dot, ct rt.u bntshek; also. f>4 dor suck, nail, carpet, aud shoe hum- i U era: also. 4 caeee doulilc-bsiTc'li d soi.s M JACOB S. Pl.ATT, A I CTION EER?TO*KORROW ( K It I - " > day), 10 o'clock, at the auction room, llarlware, Cutlery, j t ancj Goods, flue cold Jewelry, gold aud tilver Watches, IIM) " >i n Knives and Forks; n complete assortment of all kinds. t i..? i ? , ~ t.... l- ....a., iihui n.j.i i? i r> encil ("h#o?, ike. The whole iu lots to suit country as well as / ly dealers. 4 , II ? K Ltihl?A CI R E E N! BOX, WITH A BKASS HANDLE. I d< lockid, containing a Coinopcan, which is % br.iss musical | n istrument, inado liy Robinson u [SqsmII, Dublin. [iralshaws j U aunt. Any person returning the fame to 374 27Ui street, 4th v rruue ihall he handseincly rewarded A BLACK LEATUAk Thl NK, MARKM) "C. M.. BALTO."' 1 n. was It ft al 3a Broadway, ny a porter, shout tbe ' to lust he owner can obtain it l y proving nropcrty, autl paying as pusf | rvlAMOND PIN LOBT-ON TUESDAY EVENING, IN * IJ Broadway, Iwtwsen Wall and Frankliu streets, a circle of * is II diamonds set asn breast pin, with the owner's nttmeeugru' ed it the ins'de. A suitable reward will be paid by the owner, on C t'ivery 11 his office, No. 19 Wall street. ? l| US1CAL 1NSTR1MEN.S?TUB IUNDERSIGNED OFf I tJ. fers f> r sale, at very low prices, a very large assortment n ( and G rman Violins, Guitars. Accordeous, and Violin . trtngs, asalso Bohemian glassware, tumblers, bird bones, gig,* J cads, spectacles, locking glasses, snutf boxes, medicine scales, Co>gne water, and other fancy articles, to which he calls the at ton- 0 on of purchasers. C. F. GRQSUKIM, 97 William strenr, up stairs. 0 "1 UITAR3.?MARTIN'S GUITAR DEPOT.?STRANGERS ' JI in want of a good Ouitar will find it to their advantage to ill and examine Martin's Guitars, bei'ors purchasing elsewhere. * he superiority of Martin's GrMtars, as regards finish, tone, and I what is the moat important) Neility in sxecution, is too well g ikiwd to seed any recommendation. Sold at manufacturer!' ? rice*, wholesale and retail, at Hi* Broadway, np stair*,only by ( JOHN B. COUP A, Promisor of the Guitar. | ' No connection with tie mw below. 1 a SPLENDID ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR SALE. AT . rn. a Great Bargain.?The Pianoforte is made by one or the ' ret makers in Germany, just importsd, C<\octaves, gottiic pattrn, of superior tone, touch and finish. The owner leaving the ity, it will be told for rash, orexohangcd for dry goods orgroceus, and a good serond-hand Piano taken in prt pay. The 'ianomay be teen at 16t* Spring street (three doors from Laurens treet). Alto, to be disposed of at above, a lease of a pleasantly ilnated house, rent moderate, and part of the premises let to nod tenanta Hats and caps, fall fashion.?wii lia* banta, i'4 < anal, corner of Wooster street, is uow ready tor the 'all Trade with an extensive assortment of Hats and Cape Hit aoletkiu, silk, and beaver hats, of the new style, which, for sternal appearance, durability, and cheapness, he holds i p for ompctition with any sold in this city. The style of trimmings adopted tlds season is particularly recommended for effectually >reventing injury to the hat from perspiration, or oil applied to ho hair. Also a rich and vaticd stock of children's hats und ape of the latest and most apfroved patterns, which he oflora to ell at nearly 25 per cent, less than they have been sold at other stablisbmcuts in this city. W. B. w ould respectfully beg h ave o return his sincere thanks to hit numerous friends and the iiiblic at large for tho liberal patronage extended t hiin for tho ittt ten years, and to assure the public that no effort will be pared to merit its continuance. Por sale-a well matched, beaitifcl pair bat Bortes, 16), hsnds high, gentle in tingle and double harness, een used by a private family the last three years; sold for no lult, only ss the owner wishes to buy a larger pair, Price $175; ost $50<1 three years since. Can be seen at Tattfrsalls, 440 Irr ad way, by Inquiring for Mr. BUSH. For kale.-the bark alpha,burthen bv regis. ter, fit? tons; not three years old; copper fastened, and lieathcd with Muntx yellow metal; well found in sails, rigging, ;c.; very heavily fastened, hns a light draft of water, and carries elL Apply to BOVD L IIINCKEN, Room No. if Tontine Buildings. JJAIL BOAT I CR SALE.?A SLOOP FIGGED VACffT, OK = ./ iv iinn uuiuivu, ueariy new, inn a very m-i patter is uncr?"i | r '?> at k g rest bargain Tor easb, as the owner MM no use I r her. The yacht may beseem on application to CHARLES M ROMAS, Boatman, kt the Rough ana Ready Pier. Intwecu ? i?r No. 1 N. R. and Castio Garden bridge A OR SALE-A BLACK MARE, WELL BROKE, AND A ' % . Tut trotter. Is to lie aold because tho owner hat no use for % ' >r?e. May be seen at the stable of Choi. Stewart, 140 Liberty ,i rest. _ ? 1 BEALT1FIL ARABIAN PoNV FOR SALE. ENQIIRE X Vt i,irery Stable, corner of Cliff and Beekman streets. y TtCLlPSE SADDLE HORSE STABLE, 15TH ST.. NEAR -i Sixth aTciiue. The detachment of horses from thin establish- " cut, lately at Saratoga, having returned, ladies and gentlemen n tsirous ot hiiing can be supplied on application at tho -table. , ,A INE CLOTHING, AT G. B. CLARK'S, 110 WILLIAM * street.?Black, Bine and Brown Sacks, Drass and Frock " oats, Panta M.d Tests, suitable for any gentleman, kept ready :. iade. A very lino Block Dress Coat, (Fmnoh, mads to measure y, ir $16: tlie very finest (Simonis) for $31). At my good* art all aught for cash, I oan afford to Mil lower than those who take roan. ' ^ AST-OFF CLOTHING. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, AO. i U Wanted.?Ladies or Gentlemen wishing to convert their so- trfiuouseffects into oaah. will obtain full value for tjia tame by ddrtssing tlie subscriber, thiongh tho post-office Ot Otherwise, rho will attend them at their residenoee by-rspeintnaent. ? IL LEv ovr. 8 Wall-street New York. v rAILORS' FASHIONS FOR THE FALL AND WINTER 1 of 1Mb and '41).?The only Plate of the Season it just issued, i nd for tale by A. Wheeler. Prioe per copy st the office, one ulltr, including explanation and patron sheets; as also the only p crreet treatise on Garmeut Cutting, at six dollars per copy. Ad- u rest A. WHEELER. Reporter. 4 Court'andl st. rO TAILOR??TBE PRESENT IS AN EXCELLENT OP- ^ portunity to those who wish to cat elegant garments in tho j, re voilini style, by obtaining s copy of Stinemct t new work on fitting *11 kinds of Clothing, which if universally allowed to bo 7, nperlor to all other method*. For Mle by the author, corner of louttlandt street and Bmidway, ard of A. Wheeler,,Reporter of he I acinous, 4 Csnr'landt street. Prioe per copy, fd. r() thk ladies.?peter roberts, :!7.i broadway, hex Just received a i]<1?udid assortment of real Vateucian aces, Lnco Caries (new style), Muslin Capes, Chimozcits, Colin and Culls, black Lace Veils. ' ftm ric llaudWerchiefs, Muslin itid Imec drefws, black and white Mounting l-soes, Ac., which i ill be sold at 30 per cent below the usual prices. Hosiery and i loves. _____ Riding academy, iw and i:? mercer street.?u. F. Jonoi' horses having returned froin Newport, ho will open is school on Monday, Utli inst lie will be happy to see any of his oinicr pupils and others wishing to patronise lum. t.ARENt II AND SPANISH LANGUAGES.?CILEREMBACD P., lately arrived in this country, who lias been teaching or the e|<ace of twenty years in several French and Spanish Ool gas. where he baa obtained the most splendid success, has the icnor of dieting hisservioes to the Direetors of all f.iterary Es ablithtnciits in particular, and to the amateurs of living lsnuagea in general. Should any person desire to take some logons in any of there languages, he would oblige him very much hy ailing at "No. I9f> Ninth street, near Broadway. [FRINGES AND GIMPS?JI ST RECEIVED, A FINE AND " large assortment of the latest and most beautiful styles tl loyal Bilk Bullion Fringe*, and rich hand made Gimps. for trimningt; black stlk Laces and Thread Laees, every sort of Buttons, 'rout Trimmings for Dresser, and many other articles of the rade too numerous to describe, all of which ho offers at reasonible prices, at wholesale and retail. ABRAHAM KASTOR, _ _ _ Importer, J01 Broadway. r RAVELLING TRUNKS.?JOHN CATTNACU. TRUNK Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, corn or of Broadway, has low on hand, and oonatantly making a good assortmentofTrunka, fall sea, Carpet Baas and Satchels, wholoealc and retail. Alto, a uporior article of Sole Leatlier Trunks, suitable for American or 'uropcon travel, and Portmanteaus for tlie French Malle l'oete. ' l-.l.f?- ,k. W?l T.,lia. ?... ?I. A _ b. Mil I _:.i. A toll [ nn nnn BOTTLES OF DR. DEM ITT C. KEI.LIN- I UvUjvUv gei's Liniment have been Mill nithont a innr- < nur. I'm its, Sores, and Callouses oi every oharaeter are eared i u a few day*. In Diarrhera, Dysentery, liiltem Colic, Cho era- ' norbus, it ie ae certain to cure in one day ae ii ie taken; It ie at up in large bo: tin, ie mild, fragrant, and agreeable, according o doses ; ie tea times rheejOT than any other embrocation. i-old it to I enls, $4 pcrdo7., $ I. |>er gross, ten (trose at $J8. Principal i dfire Uli l'earl street, of tlio druggist*, sadlcxs, and etnres gen- 1 telly. N.H.?Mo sgcnoiss eut ot tlio city on comtrtiaMna. We I > ill forfeit *U'HU if ne foil to satisfy any respectable merchant rho will call to purchase. For etireaoftlie most aatoundlrg hares* >r. and of every olass. ace " Spirit of tbe Times." 4 U FBI SONS WITH DELICATE EYF.S, OR IMPAIRED J r\ vhi. n, ought to procure a copy of Dr. Powell's popular { icati'c on the Itye. No subject possesses more interest, on none j re the public less informed. It ts writton in plain andconoi?i | uDgtiajc, which all can understand. It describes the hitman eye, ta physiology, anatomy and disease*. Contains hints for tbe reservation, improvement, and reiteration of sight; remarks on ptirs, on near Bight and aged sight; en the tite and abuse of-pes. c nrles, with directions for their 8'deetion. The 1M edition, H to., a ritli plater, has been recently publi. lied. Price, oil cent'. Dr. v ' well attends, na until, to disease* of the eye and ear. at i1 til Drtndway, entrance IJ* Warren street, w here can b? had liis elltaetion eye fountain! for -tr? ngthning the eyes, which ob. ained the premium front the American Institute. Just received, htrge nipt ly of artificialeyta. . DOCTOR MORRISON CONTINUES TO HE CONSULTED J cn delicate disease*. which Le cures without mercury or Indratice from httain. ss. The disease in he early stages he c'urti t it a few days. Debility of thejiervae frotn early indiscretion, vctuianied with a gradual prcstratlcnof mental power, is sue. t tsafuUy treated hy Dr. V. The m et obstinate atricteres yield 0 his method of curing by alaorptloa. Sec bis London Diploma, 1 hls' fl'tt c. Fulton street. l.ett?-s,post paid, attended te. , \TO CURB NO CHARGE?DR. MCRPI1T OF ?8 OOIJD L a strut-1. Is cenAdcn lielly conmlted on all forma of prirats dig- " tura Rteent evaee cl gouorhhmahejiures in 2^to f day*. (,'onati- ' Mil. u?uLvu?;?iv iwyvwM"/ puwvpauuj UTRWM uy l/L M, f 10 mercury caed In any rue, or hindrance from btudneaa Offlot It Oohl from 7 A. M. to 1(1 P. M. t DK.MolM.lltUi.-GKAIM llKIUIAdNfincMAi I1INB.A * -Tl'ir now on'I Irtuiilul InRnimute ooml'ino adtan- j antarie not pweid by any other*. In a neat nr.d portii'dc ompeMi. an ample sujplyof l''? BfaaW it* Inttue.icoa ..f eleeirolsfncii-in may ' InaPuilly nhtair., T. I u ill nervotu dbc.Te.t r 11 . ?! t of tl.c*' in: tn:mcn?? i? truly wonderful, and our lprat iftlnRiilihrd phyol.:i?n.-highly iwomtnrnd them. They are n't n imI t 'Rrt out of order, niol nro ?rcon.|?anird by anew manual. p ith lull dirtcti'nn for uw. I'ricr $1- complete. nuil war- , anted. Manufactured m,d " Id wholerale and retail hy , l>. C. MONF.IIEAD, M. IX, 1S2 llr .vlway, N. V. ? -- - J I mi ortakt anxoi nckment.-a pp.rhid or jput I thvc has elapr d '.rEr. Clirbtir ? Galvanic and H i .-- r itle Curative-, ware intraductal to tJ># |iuMie of the I nib,I tatca The extraordinary d mand f r tlwac article* hea only ? n quail, d bv their unjwralh led *uce,?a. Dr. Chrlatie crata- a illy a, km,wit tuna thin remit ; and in return for the ennndoueo I nd patronace el the public where hta invention, wrr,- unknown, < i Into ilrtr niiintd to place them within (he reach of all. now their e Irtuc* and exrellunec atv universally acknowledged. fmm thio ' a(?. therefore, the retablift ed pricee of the article* v\ 111 be a.< I illowi. btin( a deduct ion of nearly one haiflrom the orldnnl rice?, kntli in thle c. mitry and in Bur pe -Dr. i:),rt<tle'? ()a|. , ml" licit. Il,i, e dollar*; Oalv ante Nt, M t e. two dollar*; Gal mi, lime Ins Dr. Chrietie'a Mag?, tie Hnld. ono dollar. I). t!. j? IORKIIEAD. General Agent for the United Siata?. IDread- ' ay, New dork. Beware of Counterfeit*. * )k. ralph ai thor or tiip. "prai tipal private , Treailce," Kte., PS Greanwieh ttroet?o(Iie? bonra tt t>> 11 A. * I., 8 loP P.M. (Sunday eveepttd.) Thus alio apply In the early '< aft e will le nrprired at tne rapidity and little laeonvemanee ttendfng their cure. It I* ehietly, however. tlio?e who bare iufrt d frrm n tertain elan of people, who ran pfoiwrly appreciate / leerrvec*. In atrieturc fr?m in ftrat or inuipicnt, U tan more , tvanced aud dietrtnelnj*tage?,(from tincommoa advantage* and ' rery entendre practice,) he ran afTnrd n rapid, easy nod radical "J ire, whlwh, he haa grownd lor Mating. ium attained from no ? ihereonrce in America. _______ t, ' M I OUT A NT NOTIt F.- M M IsF., OPTO IAN, ?7 BROAD ? I way, Infvrma hie frierda and owatonicrn, and the puMtereiw " illy, that he hue r, turned fp,m Marntoaa. and it aow ready to . itend to p"r*ot>a lulferirg liom defeetivc virion. file aupnrior I lateen and correct applieall, n of the ??e ?. ere raflleient t? ru- . > mead then mltra. ill. a*.?rt?cnt ort.i id. Stud, at d Bllnr pee tub* and bye Clone*, ia the target iathenty. Re ??m ' r e.(7 B.oawway, He aln haarni'ad a l?rfua"crtm ntof j. ip*loT Opera Oboeee. )Ahk THEATRIC - Tr ' RSDAY IVKMNO, SBPT 14. t!.? eit??t?irnimU will coiiiluh with the pl??, entitled l/.tH-l>?Roll*. Hr. Ilanthlin, I'iierrn, Mr. HieM; AUlll*, 1 r. fctuSi.rd ; Orou ink Mr Tilton ; Da?ila, Mr. Hamilton; Ola i in Mr lithe; K vim, Mr?. Winrenlejr; Boy, (Topae) Kim Da psoas ; I nit *ri U)?u ig oe n.llcweo oj 1 n* i>mo ; i ue Lrur, I y bigiura Ciorca and Slanor Nen. To conclude i'h the ee'ebratcd farce of Bt'X fc COX? Boa, Mr. Vf. R. < !.?4'u au; C'x, Mr. Dawson; Hri Remirer, Mrs. Draft ; ! reis Circle. 7A eta.; Fawiily Chela, 3D eta; i'pner Boxes, 1* eta; It. MX ete.) Cillery, 12H?- Dooreepen at 7; curtain rices at , o'clock l yovery THEATRE?thursday EVENING, SEPT 14, J mill be tcif. rn eit, the it* htrtorical drsms. in tlura acta, yitd tic HEs'l?l'OI ION OF tllF It A STi I.E. or Terr era 1 nrr--Mux'niilten Robespierre, under the uame of Paul Qirard, I U Clarke: Frederick Damon. J. Dunn; J. mi Marat, Mr Hsaob; < tit'iN Duilay, Mr. C. ttarrok; Victor Rollantle, Mr. J IL uH; Pier I'lmlico, Mr. Winans; Flcur de ljs, Mise Fanny Gor- I ip; Manor. Mr*, ttuthelland: Ernestuie. Mrs. ll'aloot. tFith the I meily of til K PET OF tub PETTICOaTS? Pan I, the pet, I re. Vlaj gt: Chevalier 8t. Pierre. Mr llall; Captain Cannonade, ' r. I ami; Mm.II. Mi?? I'hillipa Donr* open at7: perfermaaoe < eemverra at 7H e'oleek Boies, 24 ot* Pit, 11)4 c?. ' IIANFKAU'8 NEW .NATIONAL TUFATKF., FORMERLY J Chatham.?ThurtBkjr erenini Meptamber II, will be acted I h? laughable faree!entitled KlSn IN T1IE DARK?Mr.Seliin 1 etiiboiie, Mi. C. Bn4k%J4ra. Heliin Petti hone. Miss E. Met layer. i It. r which will Ft prwriged ths popular drama entitled the I YrTEhlES AND mlhetmawfitw YORK-Meee. Mr. F. 1 . Chanfriin; Captnu Tobln, thr. .TWRie; Mr. Piweise, Mr. Par- i i): Ilia Lite. Mia Mclean; Little Liic, Miss E. Meatayer. To Mkclude with tbe farce ot THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM? i dppry, Mr. Ilutkc. Doors open at 7, performance te coin'ence at 7X o'clock. Boxes. 26 oenta; Pit, 12)4. St iti.a > s.? madamk labordk rhus to annoi:.v:e l't'r Rciietit and laet spuearauce on Friday, September lft, hen will te siren, for the Atn and lost time, tho French oiiert of A 1 11 I.K DU REGIMENT, in which Madame l.abordo, Madane 'oul, M'lle. Far nail, Messrs L horae Mordant, and Join Sulmn, ill appear. A solo on the Violin, by 8iguor Norontu, Violinist o tho Emperor of Brazil; his first appearance in New York. To eticitnle with 'he last act of the Italian opera of LUCIA D1 A M M BR MOOR. Panorama of tayloics campaign in Mexico, at the Minerva Kooma, 406 Bread w ay, shows, natural as life, l.e Marches, Encampments, and Rattles fought by Gen. Toytor. ' aiso giver correct views 01 me country, town*, clues, ?> It is bo most beautiful painting ever seen. 0|<en ovary night at H 'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday au<l Saturday, onin,cueing at 3 o'clock. Admission, 23 oen'i Solioolsadmitted n reasonable lernts No charge for descriptive psmplnets. rllE I ast W EEK OK BANVaRD'S NEW DOUBLE HAHmoth I'oni rama of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, howing a country ol twenty-three hundred miles, being by far tee inest painting It the world, and of the largest rivers on the loLe, extending mote than twenty degivet of latitude. Open very evening, at Panorama Hall. &!W Brood way,sitjoining Niblo's iaracn. Atlmissioi fit) cents; oiiildren half prion. Panorama till ccmmence moving at 8 o'clock. Afternoon performances oa Eeduesdaysand Sat r days, at 8 o'clock. f \N IBONDA V EVENING N*XT, WILL BE PRE SENT LF cu to the public, at the Ap llo Roouie, Bieadway. wnes of representations ef the Antediluvian World, leeigned hy the celebrated JOUN MARTIN, K. L, paintr ef tlic Fall of Nineveh, Uelahaiar'e Feast, the lllusrations to Milton, Ac Ac. These representations have icen executed in Koine, within the last fifteen months, by nd under the dirootion of Mr Charles Martin, assisted by the est Italian painters. Music will l>e eelccod and arranged exircrsly for these representations by Uenri Here, and exeontod ipun the piano forte and harmonium by the distinguished profmitM. Edousrd B'llard. from Paris. J A t lir.ll D I OI< A MAS-NOW EXHIBITING EVERV J night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, ommonclrg at 3 o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 39K Broad ray, over Stoppani's Baths. Hanninston's entirely new Grand Iciiptuml Dtoininas of the most Magnificent Spectacle ever ritnesaed in New t oik. Creation of the World and the Deluge. Insisted hy powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniments, ir. 11. Ilanmngton has just completed a magnificent Diorama, nti rded to illnatrato the suldime tpeetaclo of the 8ix Duya of he Cieation I exhibiting, by mesne of moveable tigure-, eoenery, it.d powi rl'ttl optical cfleets, all the progressive changes, from the haes end PnrKuessof the unformed Universe, nntil the tinal ompletloncf the grtat work of Creation, as described in tha irst and eecond chapters cf Genesis, terminating with the api o( Adant and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Dionrr.a is the romlt of along oherished idea, aid of alifotiiue of tudy and experiment in this department of the arts. It is the nost costly, teantifu) and perfect work ol the hind existing, and cmliues in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with ho most artonirhltg scenic effects, assisted by tuporior poetry, winllng and music. Scenery and Incidents-Chaos tho First lay. The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land. Herbage and Mowers. Third D?y. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth l)ay. Orealon of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation rf Animal-, Sixth )ay. Cnrdencf Edeti?Adam and Evo. With this completion f tho labors cf tho Creation, the first part < f the Exhibition lores. Fart 11, Grand Diorama cf tho Dcdugo. Tickets 23 eta? lmdren I air puce. Doors open at 7. Curtain ri-ss at 8 o'ol'k. information wanted or margaretmurphy, wno I left New Vork about (onr months ago. and went to Newburgh. 110 has nut been hoard of since. Any information respecting her 111 I* thankfully received by Dennis Murphy, No. 272 Twenty. r?t street. 117 ANTED?NEW OR SECOND HAND GUNS AND PUTT tnls, by eminent London makers. A liberal price in cash Yin for the same. Address W , Now York Herald (Wire. [17 ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG TT man of colo to travel,can Iring the best of rcaoinmenda ens, App'y atA8 White street. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A rv situation to do pencral housework or ehsmberwork. in a 1 nail private family; can give the host of city referenoe. Please rply at 214. 16th street, between the 8th and 8th avenues. 117ANTED?BY A WOMAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNrv derstandshsr business, a situation as meat and pastry cook, i a boarding house. Best ol' city references given. Inquire at S'.j New street. IF ANTED-. A FIRST-RATE COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS TT bar business; English or German preferred. None but .otestants need epply. Inquire at 718 Broadway, on Friday aorning, 16th Sept., at 10 o'olock. 117 ANTED, BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, A SITUAFT tion, one to do general house work in n Small private lanil v, tne other as chambermaid and walteress, or to assist in radons and ironing Please api ly 174, corner of Mott and lester streets, up stiirs. Best of cliy reference. 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA BLE YOUNG TT Woman, as Nuree or Seamstress in a ?mnli family. The est ol city reference can bo given, Apply to 11 Bcokinan street, p stairs, Irrm 1U to A o'clock, 117 A.NTEl -A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE VOI NO TT Woman, ns Chambermaid, waiting, or to do the general ctiscwork ct a small family. The best or city reference can l>c iven. Apply to 11 Beckmau street, up stairs, from 10 to 5 'clock. ?7 ANTED?A COjl'ER, WHO UNDERSTANDS THE YY making rf white Mnn tofotaihg country. To ono iho is manor of the brrsinew, constant employin.nt will bo given. tppljr to BATTELl.K & REN MCK, Ibt Front street. WANTED?11V A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. A SITUA tion as cook for a amall family; hai lived in Iter last place ;en yoare, to which the will refer tor her oharaotor. Apply to Km. Woods, 232 11th atroot, aoeond lloor, front room. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOt NO WOMAN. A situation to do got. ral housework in a amall private f.imiy; best of oily reference given if required. Call at W McDougal itrcet. in the rear. WANTED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS (1IRL. A SITUATION! is willing to do general housework in n amall family, or ii t illing to go as chambermaid or waiter; can bo aeon at 2.'.' 21st itrcet, in the rear. Good reicroncea given; ran be icon for two laya Wanted.- a respectable kken<ii woman wau'a a aiiuallon as wet nurse in a respectable family; she aalao a grod teamatreM, and has a healthy and fresh broast of nilk: tLc best of references can be given. Please call at No. 223 3 o very. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOI Ml MAN AS elcrk in a dry goods store, orss assistant clerk in aoy oflloa sin re l,e would make himself generally useful. A note addreesed j. to this office, or to 32 H ilict trvet, will mart with aten Hon. Wanted?bya respectable harried woman, with a i'rrsk breasi of iiillk, a situation as Wot Nurse in >ome respectable family. To lie scon at 118 Washington struct, r|> stairs, lor two dnvs. Wanted -by a BBsrsi table girl, a situation to do tho genual horn,, writ, particular in tine sewing, ironing, K.c? aim has no objection to learn ehildron in it. Ealuiro of Mr. Rohrly, No. II Frankfort street. WANTED?A PERMANENT SITUATION WITH a FIRST rate Architect, hy a young man who now has a good situa;ion, whore h< has teen for seven orrlghtyears, hut is desirous of blaming a larger field for study and improvement. The l> -t of ,.f, ..?/>>!>> ..ii I... .inn a, I,, filttllfv o... oil - .JJ. 1 ... 00 ii. 11., U<t#M Ofliee, will be promptly attended to. WANTED V SITl AT ION 11V A PROTESTA \ T V'MNfl TT< man, n? Chamlierraaid and S> ftniatreaa, or to VYaxli inu Iron fine things, and malic bee elt'generally n ifcL W ill to eciromendcd from tie last place *hc lived In ,1'or honesty, ao))iciy. and rend c< nduet. A note for A. T? lid Bowery, will l-e ittcnd d to ; or ran to seen from 12 o'clock till 2 Wantf.p-bv a very respectable you no per. aon, who eon produce nncxceplienablo tentlni mills as to d.aracUr, abilitlea, ate.,a situation. to travel with a lady to tlie Southern or Northern State*; would have w olfaction to eroas tiic Atlantic. Inouirefor Emily, at Barclay Street Hotel, private ftrlnr, from 10 to 4 o'clock. Wamed-a situation, as PORTER, BV A vol no marrhd man,who la well acquainted wiUi the city, and w ho &u K'Vo ti e best of reletenoca an to integrity, tcaoinenv and .I'lliiv. Advertiser writes a fair hand, la a cut accountant, and rot Id he willing to' make hlinrelf generally uaeful. A note adIrrestd It., Herald uflic., will inert wall jroinpt attention. 117 ANTED.?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WO. Vt man, ?achambermaid, cook, waahcr or irouer or todoshi corral lionacwprk of a small family. 11 av eo objection to go a hott distance lb the country. Tim beat of citv refhr.noc c?o b iven Apply " I2T OrccnwicS atreet. d It() E\'l EBI'RISI At. CAPITALISTS-ANY A" I HE III tineas man having from JdiOO to $11* who would be willinf 0 invert it in a Slmw speculation. may tidtlreaa X J'. O.. U.rald fflcr. To aave tronble, none other* need app'y. ro ITAQE PKOPRBKMUL?1w anted-a stage, TO tun twirea day, tea d?va in the weak, between Union a plan nd li e lower r*'t of the city, to collect pupita f. r a sehooL Ap dicathns may be made at tti Broad aticet, np steira. ISO WISE M: ROHANT8.?A TOi NO MAN. just AR rlvcd frmn Europe, who pessasaea a thorough knowl?dg* o' ho handlivg and improving of red wtna. hock*. and winoa iu tntral, who haa aowttlred a good taate, from gn at experience, 1 |e? re a Mtualiert in a wiae eetahlUhmont or other bnalnoes; he ?,lk It,,. I i. nrl, ?.. ! II II... I I nrt speaks it little rnsiiah. Apply at S2 Oreeawleh strectN II0 l?r')UTSRS AND JOBBERS IN DRV HOODS.?A Young Won wtio haa recently arrived from Kaglaiid, in u*lona of T nnisigan arjtageiiifn: with some home in the al>ov? ine. II" bit-' had twclvt rears' experience, and |orfoctly ur.dertsm's il.e t iieii i > in aH It* dcpartm. n's. To any party who lOuld ii-wire liia crvices, he would feel happy in iii?k'aghim> rir?<piiully ratiill. City ntot I-nee glTen. Addicas Dot A, loraltl Pfflen I'd PROI FSSORS OF kit MC. -AtiF.NTI CMAN.II.Yt I NO a lias* of ore of O.a handsomest Saloon* In Broad* ay, In itdy fltli J up or a Concert Saloon, wiili scats, tahlaa, bar,&o.. Isles toninko an Engagement with a Pianist ami four or live erfornicra (say one male and two or three females) to ot*n in a * days; or would lake a gentleman, thoroughly (inallfted to ondnrt the tamo, liia coual parti of, on the roost reasonable irms. Apply to Howe * Agtniy OHice, Ne.S.'l Nassau street, be- i vr. i n 10 ami 12 o'clock, this day A N ELDERLY LADY, TIIF. VI lHOW or A I,AT* PHI".-1 A riiin, aud i f the lil?heat re?pect*M'lty, withe* a aitnatiou a* I on ikeeper, or in some other responsible capacity, In a jranteel ] neily. The moat iesp?< tal l* reference* gtren. No objection to ( o in the country or to travel Addresa "Matron, "at this oflh a. i A HANDSOME VICTORIA PHiKTON, MARLY NF.IT, J A with florae and Ilarnats complete, for salt nimn rwaaonable it bin tan te aeen at tin Livery atable of JOHN llt'KflJON, 12th atreot, near 1 nirsreity place. \LADV .II ST ARK1VED FROM FCKOI F., IS DEHROC8 ol getting employment in a Confectionery, milincry , T IIBney store. N. B. Adrortlier I as been successful aa , tlesw?man, writes legibly, ia af aetive business tiahita, and en).I darolt her cat r* time to the interests of har amph.jer. liahly re?peolabla referaneeaenn be aired. A nata addressed sM.E. (1., at Win. Unll and Son's, 23s? Broadway, will meat liiailon. r. 8. Salary let ao much ma oltfect aa a eomfortebla MA _____ |\h. tlliMH.Hl, OCULIST, 2!< UN UN MICH STREET 1 \J Octotcs his i-ietvati# attention todiseeaa* of the Kjt aa 1 }di' lintaiiie Srrgrty. Cataract* reihovad in ten days, with* it ) sin. cu a new principal, and sight restored. Art p. i*l i >t lie and Insert id. Ofnro hour* from A. M. to I e'ekek, P. M. chreiioea to the flrii'Nnllieiin t .a city, 1 N (EDO'S, ASTOE PLACE, BEOADWAT.?EXTIUOKdiaary noeelly.?Fliat ap| reruns" in Amanita of Urn aatonifhin# dwarf brother* IJeort and Satnoel, from the London the* Irep, where their uni |ne performance* attra tad crowded hon es. II e eld, r it hi year* of are, .14 >4 in'has hiirh?Ilia yoniuepu IS y?aj? of arc 3,'i luehr* hi?h.?Firat night uf peeiurareoieit of Mr. T.I')Mcide--Ptrpt ipiwiranoe of Mr*, (.'ruuier.?Mr. Char!*.*, Mr. n ip|. n*0e, Mr. John Stfton, Mrr. Charlee. Mre. Cramer. Mine RoWilr. Thurday cerninr. Sept. U. Grand Overture After which, Hr i MRS. FbTlR WHITE. Followed by ihe Dwarf Rrolhert To rone hide with SKKTi IIES IN INDf 0. Door*open at auuartrr barer* 7. eoruniencinr at half-pant 7. Admt-t" nhti eenta Broadway tiieatre.-tiicr9day cvrninu, bipt. ]4. will b? praarntrd the tragedy of K INC, I.EAR?Kin* I ear, Mr. Earl? f Kent, Mr. t ache: Edgar, Mr. Dyott: Edmotd. Mr. Fredericks; Oswald, Mr I.eatet, Old Man. Mr teruard I nrdtlia, Mira F. Wallack; Ooueril. Mm. Abbott: Aranthe, Mrs. Irhcrwood; Reran, Mrr Wntte. After the tratedya Pan de Dent, t?y U'lle Celeate and t" n a Wietliotf. To conclude with Die arce of TBE IRISH TCTOR-Dr. O'Toole, Mr Shaw: D . Flail. Mr Andrew a; Rore, Mrs. Jsherwood. Dreea Circle and Parpwtta, f? cent*: Family tin le, 26 eenta ; Gallery 12k cent*. Doora tpen at 7. performs!** to rommenre at 7k o'ofock. Blh'lt'ICb THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?TUIR8day Evening, Sept. U, will baplayed, the bulletin of the Ol.l) ul ARB?Baecrjae, Mr. Nlchmeon Kswui, Mr. Rae; Melanin, Miss Nickinaon. After wl ioh, 4th time in America, Milton'a nask of COMUF?Codiup, Mr, W.ynne; the Rider Brother, Mr. Grace: IteYouncir Brotinr. Mr Mears : laidv. Mra. Knirht: I Raceliana'a, IHcisrs. M.yor, T.Johnson, Ran, Hurley, lain, AnIcrton, Hamilton. Christian, Bowling; Euphrosyno, Mrs (1. I.oder. To conclude with the new fame "f SLUING THE El>F. FHANT?Jndge Corcoran, Mr, Marshall; Cap'a n. Mr. Grace; F.lita < ni, oran. Ural-odor. Dresa Ctrolo and Parynetu, .Wc.; I am. V Circle, 28 eta. I) core open at 7; curtain rioesat 7>?. Barn cms American kusei m.-p. r. harm m. Proprietor?r. Ilitchcock, Manager. Splendid Performances every afti-meon st halt-past .1 o'clock, and every evening at a quarter before 8. The Manager has the pleasure of announcingthe moot extraordinary Wonder in creation. Major I.lttlstlngor, holding the sonic relation to the famous Lilliputian that the liitlo linger docs to the thumh. Ho is ten years old, only twenty-four inches high, and weighs only thirteen pounds, lie may he soon every morning fremiti to half-rust 12 o'clock: in tho afternoon from 2 till Imlf-past 5; and in the evening, ffom 7 till I". In addition, the manager Ims also engaged the c.lefrated Sahle Brothers, Mr. Jerry Merrifield, the three Highland Mammoth Hoys, tiianlor Mammoth Italy . Enormous Boa Constrictor. Madame Rockwell, the Famous F-rtnne Teller, u ay he privately consulted at an extra charge of 25 cents. Admission to the whole. Including Mummiiu Performances, Little Finger, .Sic,2fi rents; children under ten y eurs of age and old enough to walk alone, 12)4 cents. Reserved front acats ouoshil) ng extra. CASTLE GARDEN-SECOND WEEK OP THE ORIGINAL Ethiopian Melodists, Messrs. Cool White, K. Edwards, I*. Rice, W Howard, 0. I .con and S. < larke. Thursday, September 14, they will oSor a variety of now Songs, Glees, l'ar<diss, Lore Ditties,Refrains and Gems from |sipnlar<>peras,lntorspem ed with Kurleaijue Lestnrrs. Queer Savings, Dunnes, Ao.; in two pxrtg. Doors open at half past ti; pcrfo'manco will eommenco at s o'clock, Admirsion 2& oonta On Sunday, a Grand Sacred Concert. TABERNACLE?LA8T NIGUT BUT ONE. PRIOR TO their departure for Boston, Immense snccosi of tho Moravian fingers, composed of the emineut artists:?Mile. Lovarnv, Herr Zorer, Ilerr Kraus, Uerr Kaln.and llerr 8to pel. Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert at the Tabernacle, Thursday, Septemher 14, on which occasion a most choice a'd pleasing programme will ho presented, whon tlirvhonc to meet tliat mti-nitu winch linn attended their effort* in l'ari*, London, nnd in all the principal oitie* in Enr po. Programme?Part 1?1. Grand Qnintette, by the Moravians. Zorer; 2. The Standard Rearer, lint rInter ? "ci*. ' Du, du, liegst mir im Ilsrxen," Mile. I?i arny; An'.ante and Allegro, with imitations of the French Horn and any instrument Zorer : fl. .Hootch Air. Mile. Lovarny; ti. Pema from Berlioz, and variation* on the Xiloeordeon, Surpel; 7. Quartette. " The Moravians," by the company, Zorer. Intertetniission of ten minuter. Pa t If?8. " Look forth, my fairest," hy Rerr Eneas*. Balfe; !?. Son*, " Oh, ean I smile, by Mile. Lovarny, Baker, 1(1. National Song, "The Moravian House, Zorer; 11. (Irand Overture o-i the Xiloeordeon, Si u-pel; 12. Molly Bawn, hy Mile. Lovarny, Lover; 13. Quartette hy the < 'orapany. koallur. Tickets 60 oents, to be had at the prtuei|?l musio stores, aad at ti e door on the evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7. To crmmenee at a quarter before* o'oloek. The Piano used for tho accompaniments is from the celebrated manufactory ot Henri Ilera. bROOKLYN INSTITUTE.?I UL'RSDAY EVENT NO SEPT II.?CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS respectfully announce to the citizens of Brooklyn, that tlicv will give one of their inimitable and highly popular Musical Entertainments, at the Brooklyn Institute, oh Thursday Evening, Sept. 14, the proceeds of which they will give_to the sufcrert hy tho late tiro, lloors at 7? commence tt .*. Admission 26 cents. 13OCR NFW COMIC SONUS?" WILLIAM TELL,' KINO Canute," "Simon the Cellarer," and " Kohin liood and the Aht?ot."?Mr. J. L. Batten m< st respeottully l>egs to nnnounco to the ladiesand gentlemen of New York, that lie will repeat his Entertainment, with an alteration of programme, on Friday evening, the 15th, at tho Apollo Rooms. To commence at H o'clock. Tickets, 60 cents each ; to he had at the principal stores, the Apollo Rooms, and of Mr. J. L. Ilutton, Astor House. Board wanted?by a gentleman, his wife and two small chi'dren, either in the lower part of this city or near tho ferries in Brooklyn or WUliamahurgh; a large room (or room and bed room) in second story would ho reunited, and meals furnished roperste if desired. Pi*. In but neat living is desired, and terms must be reasonable. Board in s private family would be preferred. Satisfactory references will ho given aud required. Address 0. II., wi'h r?sl name, fce., at Box 2H8. Post office. Board wanted.-thk advertiser, a gentleman of the highest respectability, is desirous of locating himself iu a genteel, private family, in New York or Brooklyn, where his services, in instructing ore or more pupils on the pianoforte and singing, would he rohdsred equivalent to his board. The best of references, as to oa|<ihility urd character, can he gtvon, and the same reqnircd. Address T. 11., Herald office. Fl KNIS1IKD IlOt'SF. WANTED. WITH ALL 'IIIK Moslem improvements, fur a private family, In a healthy part of the city, from 1st October, or the presout time, to 1st of May or June l ext. A ddrcsa, with terms, l.tedti, low er Post Utile. Handsome apartments to let, furnished us ut furnished, at 31 North Moore street, Tt) LEASE, OK TO LET-UOCSF, AND PREMISES, No. 14 I)oy strret, third door below Broadway, well calculated for a Public house or Refectory. Inquire of Mr. CROMll ELL, No. 140 Nassau street. Omen TO I.ET-ATNO. WaLI, STREET, SUITABLE fnr lnsuranco Companies, Hankers. Brokers anil Lawyer*. Apply on the premiss*, to JAMES MOM'KIEP. CONVERSATIONS FRaMaISES, OR FRENCH TAb'tlllT j on the Oral system. enabling to speak from too firm lessens, and ensuring case ami tlue,noyto pupils more advanced. Iiut <lo Acioet in sp bking. Tuition at home, in classes, $2. privately, f I |? r mouth. I an ilirs and school* attended, i'leaso addict! Hons, de St. Pierre. Natif do Paris, WIS Broadway. PAI'ER HANGINGS.?JANERVAY SI CO, 1IWUFACtmxrx. and dealers in IVptr llaniriiig', No. In.) Maul' aUM call the attention of country dealers to their large aseorltncut or Taper Hanging'. Holders, l ire i'rlnta, Curtains, ttc., which they oiler for rale at tic lowest manufacturer's prices. IRISH AND SCOTCH MALT WHI-KEV. SUPERIOR TO sny thing in market, and the only pure Malt Whiskey in Anierea, lor aalo. at twelve shillings for new Whiskey: thirteen for old, 2T> p?r cent cvor proof, by WILLIAM M. PARKS, Distillsr, (k> Seventh Avenue.?Office 40 Stone s'reet. THE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY INFORMS HIS li lends, and the piiblto in general, that ha will open his new lulliard saloon, corner of Broadway and Foltun street,on Thursday mornirg, September 14th. The saloon was closed a few wcoks since, fcr tl e purpose of making repairs, which are now eoinplsttd. The subscriber alio takes this opportunity of returning his thanks for the very liberal |*tronsge bestowed wpon him during tie past years. 1 he tables and tails are new, and the bar sup. 1 lit S Willi the best. VIt TOR 13TEPHM, IAOR SALE.-"THE PLACE," NO. Sli NASSAU STREET, long and favorably known as a Publio House. The entire, or 1 one half interest or the same, is offered for sale. There is a long and very favorable lease. The house is replete with fixtures sml .urniture throughout. Morwntile engagements prevent the j advertiser Irom devoting the time which "Tnn l'laee" requires. He would profit disposing ot an interest to a suitable person. For portico tars, inquire of LEWIS S. FORD, on the premises, between 1(1 A. M. and 1 P.M., or at 178 Bcuth street, any other hour ot the day. Beware of the sudden changes op the weather.?Mis. Carroll's Medicated Vapor, Sulphur, and lud'ne Baths, SM Broadway, two doors above Loonurd street, lire u ceTtain cure for colds, rheumatism, cnllls and fovur, iuflu motion ot the respiratory ortane, diseases of tlo skin, he. No danger of catching cold after taking these baths. AIX THOSE WHO ARE TROi ni.F.I) WITII THE PILES, csnlic ciit*(1 by tlie u e Uphum a Pile Electuary, fur which certificate* of eures trc received daily. The Medicine is warranted to cure in every care. Sold whole ale and i etui I, l.v kefcbam I bens haw. in prim nt . n. v. \|7 BO HAS NOT BEAD THAT WO ML WHICH U < RBA Tl tmj inch cxiTtrinciit am^iw tlio u| f? r' in tie Wo would say to all wbo Imve not. to procure a copy of " Asmilieus, orIniquities of New lorlt," at nnco. It in rich, racy, rate, funny, ami sarcastic, For kale at > Ann rtrc- U 4 1 O A I.? I AM DELIVERING THE ItESi' 1'KAt II OR. v/ rhard (red ash) t'oel, well screened, at tlio following low priceaforeaaJi. via: Nut $1 Go.and stove and egg at Si, trrun the yard corner of King and Greenwich streets; cents loss from boat. piter CLINTON. Window glass?itltiw boxes American window (lints, cf Fulton, Delaw are and Morrisjbrai d?, comprizing a full assortment of sizes, fr? m t?xS to ,'lftsi botes Frenoli crystal sheet glass, a sp endid article for show windows, oases and pictures sixes iuehi-ive to 31x40; ilfO boxes Rod ford cronn glu.'s, cot si.-lirr of a general ft rr crimen t of sizes, from Ins to jfxSS. Orders lor any sue promptly executed. Forsnlcby MOi.GAN, WALKER fc SMITH, Mannl'aetnrers' Agents. 48 UlifT etroet. oik nnn window suades-for sale, from ,t7? UVjvUU cents upward.?Merchants, pedlera, kc. supplied, by KILTY fc UIKEK, manufacturers and exclusive dcators in linden and materials for making and hanging shades, 131 Chatham street. CM-KNS. Ill NIONS. AND HAD NAII.S R\ TRADED HV J Dr. Shirlahod, fr in St. Petersburg!). Dr. S. bogs leave mo?t respectfully to inb nn those who are In any way tfllieted with corns, wart*, kc., that lie nu bo consulted daily at l it olficc. |(c engages himself to any one, who would honor him with a visit, to cure the a'-ovo by his delicate and particular treatment, which will perfectly cute. In assurance, ho will with great pUvvuro ?t ow hundr< da of letters and certificates, which he has eonalantijr re i\> J froin Ills iwticntA (Hiiro, (B ( tiatiibers str. e.t, IMPORTANT INIOK.UATION. CF.NTI.EMEN WI-MIN'I 1 their winter clothing cither cleaned, dyed, altered, and n paired with now collars, < nflr, limn-., and buttons, nrc inb . n d that No. G Murray struct is the only piaco to gat their work done well and cheap Pre; uw your over coats in time. No color, nr mod In cleaning. A lino addres cd from any tart nl the ,-icv will be attended to by ti e general :ailor, A. CORTISiH)*, '1 Murray stieet, near Hroadway. Cliargc force. in.'ng overcoats, f I; others, (is; pants, As, No disappointments. DK I EVETT'8 I' A TENT F.NAMELI ED PLATES F-*KAR tlficialTeeth 'the public ate directed to this beautiful invention, which dllYcrs entirely from any in use, and patented I t the lnipri w incut of entirely torn g t Id pUl s i clarps in tho mouth, and numerous otlie* advantages. All p r. K-ns w earing or requiring Artificial tech .ue invited to ,-all, > so. mire, anil satisfy U.iiiisfclves. Dr. 1.EVET1', Dentist, I'at- ute , Id1 Hroadwsy, corner ofW airan street. Mbdloalomck?dr. JOBHBOH, i* duan1 st re 11 near tliatbam street,so well known as thy moat sncw^sMU prat titionor in New York, In the treatment ol vencvesi diseases. Tl.r Doctor's i, imratiou lor skill in those old hall-ssarvd oesos that hiive existed for years, Is pro eminent. Ol. ot, e trloture. ulcere open the body, or in the throat or now. pains in t'.e heal ? .!& bonce of die hv?. effectually cured. <' wool rrpg, brought on by a M' ict lo?bit Indulged in bo f nm racn. cammf fcucivinns drtuins and uigluly iMniwioBf, pontile!/ prevented, Fvtent caicaeured in four -lays, without unwary. Pio alteration in diet, orpreventicn from Iratdneas. X] II (.'If KR, >0 FAY.-PH. CORfU'lT, 1? Dlf ANB STilRF.T, 11 member of tf.c Koyal< allege of Sitrgeong, Inind?n. vr?y be rnnmllid In treatment of delicate dnegsen ;?o mtt'er ho* long ytu tuny have gleet, tikire upon the body, or In iJ Uin tivr n **, paint in the head mid boom of th? lege A practice of fourteen |rar*, devoied to venereal dtaonaOa, Cnhbte* Ihr. C. tu cure the (rent form of thla die- an*. Recent rasee cured In four dayn.? Ni men toy used. Sirtclurea enred in one cr lau vr.cke with learonly any pain. These individual# who hate Indulged in a certain loatluioine hahit. can poeilivelv lie rc-Uin-d to health and lociety. N. 11 Strangeraar- ratftlon-ul not to l.o devolved. Or Co)belt has not removed. 1 cniimV r IV Duanc olieet, uope ite Or Jiihneoii'n. MUST EXTRAORDINARY KOWK.-IU TIIE MARRIED er those ocntemplatieg marriage.?The Harried IVmnnn'l Privet* Modieel Com | an too, by Dr. A. M. Hantieoao. Sixth edition. Price $1. this work Ie meeting with meat utonndiagaaie, (M.UUU ropiee hare alreody been diapneod of) Every fomaie ie letting a copy, whether married or namarriod, although it b In (ended etperially for tho married, a* it dieetoeee i mportant secrete, which eh cold be knewa to them pertk ularly. If era every female mm dieeover the enneea, gymptoma end the maet efficient rem* Ilea, and meet certain mode of euro in every oaee. Per ante, ?B Breedwnr: at the publishing eflee, ISP l.iberty street, flew York! alee, P. B. Petersen, wnmber W Ohoetnnt street, O. ft. Zeibcr Philadelphia j Little ft (!?.. Albany, t?. ft. Davie, Beetaw On ftie receipt of $1, a eefty will be tranemitted by mail, free ef peMage, ie all pwc.? ui the v o,'?u ru es. Al l otters emet be addMMC I -jgggy INTELLIGENCE BF THE MAILS. Uric*, Sept 12, 1848-3 T.M. The Fret Soil and II'Aig Stale Contention.??l(n4f*' an Ike Vtica and Syracuse llailrnad. Our eity to-day I. intiu scene of confusion and bu.tle,! with the arrivals of barnburner, and whig. to attend the above convention. Tbe first I. that of tbe barnburner., which *u appointed last February to meet in thi. city, on Wednesday, (to-morraw.) 13th September, to nominate pre.idential elector., governor and lieutenant governor, and the other State officer*, for the race next November. There have already arrived in to-day', car. a number of delegate* from New York, Long, Dutches., 1'lster, Korkland. lieiki. mrr.te. The next i. tbo whig State convention, which meet, here the day after. (11th September.) to nominate their candidate.. A* yet, J believe. not any of the whig delegate. have arrived A number of barnburner, will arrive to night in the twelve o'clock train of cirn. John Van Uuren. Benjamin V. Dutler, and other distinguished free roil men. arc expected bv this train One of the most extraordinary accidents, and escape without loss of life, happened thia morning on the I tica and Syracuse Itallioad coming from the Went. When near Oneida, a Mr. (Jrldley, from Philadelphia, in stepping from one oar to another, while the train was in motion, slipped and fell between the eats. Fortunately for him they wero just going over a small rrossway. under which ran a stream of water, and Mr. , Oridley fell through cars and ero-ssray Into the stream, aud wan not the least injured, only greatly excited. The careful conductor. Mr. Fellows, Immediately stopped the train, and Mr <1. was soon safe aboard the cars again Such an escape from loss of life is seldom heard of, a* bad the car from which he fell been three feet further, Mr. (?. would have been crushed to death in an inMuut. This should be a warning to tailroad passengers not to be moving from one car to another, when the train is ruuuing at full speed. 1-IUHI O'CLOCK, P. M. The second train of cars has just arrived, and quite a crowd of rtgular delegates to the free soil State convention are on the spot, together with a great many others, to visit this convention. All the hotels here have made preparations to receive their guests and entertain them In the best manner, Uaggs' One hotel is headquarters to-night The following regular delegation trora the different counties came in this train ;? Jillany Co.?lleuben Stanton, It. Bennett. V. W. Broeck, C. T. Valentine, T. B. Redder, aud T. B. Van Buren. Columbia Co.?Theodore Miller and Wm. O. Mandervllle. Vvtchru Co.?J. Buttciph and Wm. Klton. Lrwit f'o.?Lyman iiroea. I'utnam Co.?A. L. bean and?axton Smith. Rockland Co.?Daniel Johnson. Sullivan Co.?H. R. Morris. Uhter Co.?T. Seymour. Half-past F.ioht, T. M. A telegraphic despatch was received here this evening announcing that Gen. Leslie Comha would arrive in this city on Thursday morning, to attend tha whig Stata convention, which meets hero on Thursday, September 14. At present we are unable to say who will receive tha nomination for G ivernor An informal meeting will ha held to morrow morning, at llaggs' hotel, whan the delegatss will probably make a selection There are soma strong objections to the nomination of (Jen. Dlz. one of which is that ha voted against the Irish appropriation bill last winter; thut was un error, whioh ha probably regrets, but which it is not in tha power of this convention to repair ; it would lose him tha Irish vote?a vote which w 111 be very strong, aud which it is, of course, all-important that the barnburners should try to secure. I am of the opinion this evening that Col. Win. C. ( rain will bo the nominee for Governor, with, perhaps, Robert Kmuiett, of New York, for Lieutenant (Jovernrr. It is, however, possible that neither of them may bo nominated It has been suggested that the barnburners should adept the policy which they recemmended to the Buffalo Convention, and nominate a Clay whig lor the office of Lieutenant Uoveruor ; but 1 hardly believe that they will do it. ? A good deal of cordiality and unanimity soenis to exist among them, and there is evidently a disposition to nominate the strongest men. whoever they may be. A number of Clay and Liberty delegates are present. Judge Addison (iiirduer. of the Court of Ap|i?aU, lias hi en pressed to accept the nomination for Governcr, but he lias positively declined ; one of the reasons which bus constrained htui to refuse to allow bis name to be used is that he in a Judge of the Court of Appeals ; if he is nominated for Governor he would feel bound to resign the seat which he tills with ao much dignity ; he does not believe thet the vacancy which would thus he created could be filled without retarding the business of the court n<r without injury to the public interests. The judge has had time to familiarize himself with the business of the court; he has not done so without application and study, and it he should now resign his place could not be lilled. Onk o'clock A. M. The third train has just rrrived with a great man.r to visit the Free Soil Convention, from both east and west. Ainoag them are the following regular delegates: IVeilcheiltr Co.?Jared Crane and K. Barrett. Utnnttlarr Co.?Alex. F. Wheeler, J. A. Comstock, iuu.1. i,i? Many mur? delegate* will arrive lu the 12 o'oloc'c train to-morrow. Uniini.. Tu.. Si-pt. 11. H4S. I The Hun up to Hmding?Pitl'tninartj Proceeding* t the Fret Soil Slate Cnnreiltion Four thousand majority ha* been given In Berks county for Martin Van liuren. Reading Id the capita of Berk*, and licre, day after to-morrow, the free noil Van liuren State convention i* to be held. How will it affect the fturdy Dutch free aoil democracy o the State of Berk*, a* thie creat county Is often distin guiehed ' How will it operate upon the regular, or irrcguiar. nomination* of Baltimore and Philadelphia ? We ihall m e. It may do something. Who know* ! We had a pleasant run by rail up the Schuylkill thle afternoon, through a fine cultivated oeuntry, teeming with the rich product* of the Dutch farmers, and beautiful in it* repletion of subsistence. Dread-bread, the bill* and valley* wore smiling with their abundance , of bread and meat, butter, milk, honey, oorn, cake'St* ' and clover. A clear, fre*h water, sparkling river, winding down a rich and garden-like valley, bounded by wooded hill* and mountain*?with ever and anon, along the w*7, a town with it* mill* furnace* and fbundriee ? Mich in the valley of the Schuylkill. The great charm of thi* valley Je it* subsistence. Here lie* the 'eeret of good government, (live the people bread, and plenty of it, and constitution* and government* are easy of administration. Thank (lod for the rich harvests that bless all tbc land. Amen, ray all the people. What wealth, even from the famine acroM the eea, shall How In again upon u* from the rich produets of the year oyer the broad acres of this broad empire of I ncle Sam. As an evidence of the substantial fare of Heading and llerks county, wheu called in to tea this evening, at the .Mansion House, we were not limited to a cup of N oung Hymn, or I.a <>uyra and a plate of chopped beef, ns lit the cities of the r-cahoard, but we had a good old-fashioned, reentry Pennsylvania supper, of beef steaks, veal cutlets, ham and eggs, fried chickens, tea, rolTie 10ilk and toast, corn bread, preserves, schnlts, tchmi.erkaes, and doubli d and twisted doughnuts, fried in fat. That's the way to do it. That's the fare which, in Berks county, produced your medium sized men of two hundred pounds avoirdupois, and rosy young damsels of sixteen, of one hundred and fifty cil valorem. Some of the county delegates are already on the giouud A preliminary town meeting of the free sellers, was In id in Beyer's Hotel to-night. Five deli gate* w i re appointed for flu- city, to attend the State convention here ->d the llith. After which, there being a crowd of a hundred persons, more or less, in front of th? house. Ur. Kdward l> (ianzani. of Plttsliuig, caino forward and addressed them for au hour, taking the lit.Halo platform as his guide. .Mr. OstiiM contended tint neither Cast nor Tayfor, and that neither id the conventions nominating the one or the other, was sound upon the question of free toll. It was the slave power which had ruled out Mr. Van Burcn in -14. and tho slave power which ruled out the New York democracy from the convention of '4*. lie then d> scribed the Buffalo convention at a congregation of "f>0 0 freemen, champions for frew labor, tree speech and free toll. He-read the Buffalo pisiform, ai d ecininented upon It. section by seotlon. Ii demands that there shall b? no more extension of sis very, ilenry 1 lay. like Mr Van Bwreu, was b?ii*ved to t e. in m ?n -i.una upon thin question; but the dare io??r tail ostracised him, and the whigs ct'the .North had truokled to tlic South, ana taken up a elareholdwr. The doctrine of free soil was the true giouud. We want these in w torritorli ? tor troo labor, for our own children, and the cp| rcssed of the old world; and we e r.t giants i t land, In limited >|uaiititieR. to actual settlers. We want to keep the public domain out oi the hand* of sordid speculators we want it for free labor; for it la that aloue which can extend the glory and prosperity of the country. We want, a-f?r as practicable, the officer* of the federal government elected hy the people. We want thw posters* reduced?the Southern State* are an expento to tho l'ost Office Departmuut? thw North pay* the revenue, and tho fro# North way. thureIcu'e, demand a reduction of the postage*, to encourage and sustain the social (if* which bind* us together. Si ' h are tho Jo.;rii.#s of the Buffalo platform; and whe*n that convention declared for the repeal of any act admitting slavery into the te rritories, how did It tell in ''ongrrsa It told like the warning voine of the people it came upon them I'ke the deep thund-r of Niaaara. It was this which > cured freedom to Oregon ...... p.iim.ui pi. v i .. it uhk ii>iH ?iiif ii p. r-oi i?u James K. I'olk t' - ;n tlint bill, iti express eoudeinoatlnn of tho Nlrh ilMin letter of i.?u i'hkk. \fu>r thla fsihlcn Vr.fiar.zttm continued f. r en hour, winding up with a direct challenge to the I ass or Taylor men to refute him. If thoy could, for that he wm feady to meat them on tbc spot It was tlnw for free I'ennsTlva. nla to !,<< ii|. and delng Virginia a slave Ktatc, baa a trie soil electoral ticket : Maryland I:** done ilia same tiling ; anil tree soil meeting* have been held ifra in the city of New Orleans tree soil, free labor. and fie* ?pte< h, public economy. election of officers by tha people, cheap postages, and harbor and river improve* Hie 11 te this is the platform of the free poll candidate* Mr. Doiiaart, of llnatington county, was n?xt brought forwatd. and spoke for half an hour in support Of the views of Mr. l?a?/ani. and particularly in expo* fltion of the trickery of the democratic and whig aatlenal conventions, and the necessity of an independent ticket. The Pennsylvania delegation at Buffalo, of about one hundred and fifty, had * dented bp acoident. In the Tarh, a -ma.l button-wood tree, to designate their poeitlpn. so as not to he utterly swallowed

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