Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1848 Page 3
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r The Steamboat AI Ida will, on and after 1 Wednesday, Sept. 2)th, leave New York at half-pait 6, instead of 7 o'clock, u heretofore. Pua(? to Albany SUcenta Important Notice?M. Wine, Optician, 437 Bnudway, informs hie frierdi and customers, and the publie genemlly, that he hie retimed from Saratoga. and n now ready to attend to persons suffering from defective rfslon. Ilia mperior glutei and ooirect application of the Mine, ere lufllcient tor aou mend themselves. ilia assortment of Gold, Steal, aid Mirer Spectacle! end Eye Glastee, is the largest iu the city. Remember 4.17 Broadway. lie aUo has received a large assortment of arperior Opera Clasers The Bletalle Tablet Strop, tor Keeping Ralorn in perfect ore or. invented by 0. Saundere, year lHltv This article has Iteen Bo long und favorably known, as to n?ed no eommcnt on its virtuee. Suffice it to say, it liae never bono equalled for the purposea intended, tlie invenUir having b??n awarded the usual premium at the Fair of tlie American Inetitnte, on each oecatinn that the article has been exhibited for competition. Orti locates, as well front the tint gentlemen in this and other countries, and cutiere in all parte of the world, acknowledging iti wonderful power, can he seen at the Factory, 117 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, and 3S7 Br'adway. U..I .# Ilatu r,? ran. umiiii rim ai/ir*ub .v. -??drtn.?The subscriber ro?|>cotfully informs the ladie* uf the city that he it bow prcpar.d to exhibit hie fill styles of Cbvdren'a fanoy UuU. anil requetts thcr attention to hie rich and extensive stuck. No (wins or expense has loon spared to ronder this hrancli of bit business complete. and eminently worthy of patronise, by employing the b< st ta'ent.nnd importing the richest material', lie haesucceeded in producing the most beautiful and novel hate for children thath .verier been i;:en in Broadway. J. N. G1N1N, 2U Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. For Sale?A New First CI ana House ami furniture. The liouseis loccted In Itrevoort Place, (south side of Tenth street, lietwccn Broadway and University Place ) hag keen built the paxtyear. and contains gas ami Crnton water tc the third story, and every other necessary convenience. The fit niture, which Is very complete throughout, is entireiy new. and ?f the best ciua'itv and newest style. Letters addressed N. B., letter box No. 2221. City Post OWcc, will receive attention. Notice to Housekeepers.? Just received, and telling at great bargains, who'eiale and retail, 2D0 t ieces of Eng. liah and American Carpeting, at the ohrnpest ear|<ot establish mcnt in the United Mates. Also, a large assortment of Table cm Piano Covert, Door Mats, and F.mrlish Druggets, (to. IRAK ANDERSON, No. 99 Bowery. Wigs and Toupees.?All persons wishing t IS peri or Wig or Scalp should not tail to call at BACHELOR! manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, before purchasing elsewhere, ant see his new Invented Wigs, unequalled tor lightness, natural ap jismi sin in. and durability. N. B.?Private rooms for fitting Wisr ^Diamond Pointed Uold Pens sold bjr B. B Watson k Co., IS Wall street, wholesale and retail, at rednoei prioes. Gold Pens and Gold and R iver cases is every variety Wva aaloKssls/l "HohflliAn" ?old uol UlhllT U ftbflVB. Thl points warranted five roan. Gold Pan* repaired. All prrtom wrnrlnK or requiring Artificial Teeth are respectfully invited to examine Dr. Cevett'i Paten Enamelled Plates; office lift) Broadway, corner of Warren-street 1 hie invrntion. being soeured hy letter* patent tor imnrovomenti in artificial teeth, producing the greatest comfort to the wwucr. Patent Adhesive Water Proof CompoundoI Qntta Pvrcha. for Ilattcr*' use. Manufactured l>y 'he Gutta Pereba Company, and aold cxclniively by Wm. H. BeeU A Co., Hstters, lftli Broadway, New Vork, mid I.Vt'hejinut street Philadelphia,and hy William T.Cook, llatt?r,at l.'iami 17 Cotirl street, Boston. The subccriliere having fully tested the merits o the above article, as manufactured bytlic American Gutta Perch! Co., and hedng entirely -atistted of itsgrrat snneriority over every other kind of a e hitherto used in the manufacture of Silk Hat* arc now applying it practically in their manufactory. They bav? also recently discovered a new method of making a Seed Lat A arniih, far tupetior to any varnish which has ever been used hy lixtters. Tills is urcd in connection with the Gutta Perclia Com pound, and the result is. that the body of the hat is rendered much lighter, softer, aid more elaatie, while it adds materially to the durability of the hat. The abovu article will he sold ex clurfvely as above stated, in quantltiee to suit the trade, and will bo forwarded to every part or the Union, u|*>n the receipt of or tiers, uddrcBsed postpaid to the subscribers, at 146 Broadway Ntw York, nod l.'IS Chcsnut street, Philadelphia, or to Win. T Cook, IS and 17 Court street, Boston. Receipts for the applica tion of the Cutta Perclia Compound, and the Seed Varnish with the mode ofpreparing a new size to lie applied to the body previous to the application of of the Compound, ns pmoti-od by the subscribers in their annfxetory, w ill lie furnished tn Un pur chasers. It will he pr r to remark, that although the h&t i vastly improved by e of the I U expansi remains tne same. Comnotiml, V: and ;.e oo?t* n< more than the Siri c., hi- I. WV II I'.EBI . Co., 146 Br .? ay. N. Y.. Ami 138 Cliesnut strut, Phil idclphia. T'nrcdfcmrdJPIetlges, iroin Anet IonOregi t rock Coat#, silk trimmed, French cloth, nude in elcg.ti r'ylo, $1 to $10 eai h ; I'unta, Ccu'iinere, {>1 to St a rsir ; Veits to culi to $8 each. 10C0 second-hand Overcoats and Clocks Mil orb lining#, $2 to $11 each. Five Dollar Suit Store, oorner o N.vsau at.(1 Beekirmi streets. 991111011* AFFAIRS. HOfTK* M ARKK'Fs Monday, September 18?fl P.M. There were moderate sa'es In the stock market to day, without any material alteration In priced. Harlec advanced U P?* cent.,aud N o.wich and Worcester Beading Railroad declined Ji. On the 27th of October next $1,600 000 of the Gavern Yneut mears, now in the yaults of the Sub-Trrcasu here, will be disbursed among our citizens on accoun cf tbe claims against Mexico. There bas been very little enquiry for foreign as change for this packet. Sterling bills have jeen i moderate demand, and we quote 0 a D.V per cen premium. Bills on Paris, 6f. 21% a 5f. 26 ; Hambur 35>? a 35,'2 ; Amsterdam. 40 a 4011. The amount of specie exported (luring the past wee and its destination, was as follows : ? flwermk enriiutvn rno.m thk Port or New Yonit. Shir Westminster, London, Mexican dolWs $3.0, Bohr. Vi?i'rnt, Montevideo, Patriot doubloon* 8,6 Ship Splendid, llavtc, Mexican dollars 89,2 Pi . d<>. Fieneli coiu 24.'J Do. do. sovereigns 2,4* Do. do. American sold 10,(1 Sehr. Oathcrwond, St. Jrx" do Cuba, Spanish doubloons. I,'.1 Stesuicr Severn, Bermuda, Mexican dollar* 28,(1 do. do. Patriot douVoons 4.3 Steamer Niarara, Liverpool, sovereigns 41 Tota', September 9th to lbth fl'l.fl The receipts of the Harlem Railroad Company, f the first fifteen days in September, in each of tho pa two years, were as annexed :? N?:w York. Uabi.xm, and Albany Railroad. Receipts, first tif.ecn days in September, 1847 $1.1,1(7) Do. do. do. 1813 ...... 16,881 Increase for lo days in Scplctn' cr, 1848 3,681 This increase is etjual to twenty-two per cent., an if continued at this rate for the month, the receip will be neuly thirty-four thousand dollars, again twenty-six thousand for the corresponding month 1847. The receipts, thus far, tit's month.hareav aged eleven hundred and twenty-four dollars per day The annexed statement exhibits the receipts for tl month of August, in each of the past two years, several railroad companies in different sections ths country, showing also the number of miles of eai road in operation in 1847 and 1848. Railroad T?aitk\ Reetipll, Reeeip MUe* Opened. Aufutt. Auuu 1847. 1843. 1817. 184 N. York, Harlem A Albany.. 63 63 $30,060 $33.; Long Island '.<5 96 21,871 22,1 New York and Eric 62 78 24,(176 27.4 Little Mv.mi 84 84 17,291 27,1 Macon and Western 101 191 9,441 12,1 Sou tit Carolina 134 136 38,503 48,4 Bousatonic US 98 16,130 19.4 Madison and Indianapolis.. 84i 8)1 7,54)3 15,1 Totals 716 732 $161,827 $*>7,( The aggregate receipts, in 1848. show an increase twenty-five per cent on. an additional length of ro; of only sixteen miles. This is about a fair samplo the business of most railroad companies in this eou try, for one month this year, compared with last. T fall months are generally the best months in the ye for railroad traffic, particularly for freighting, and prices for produce have taken a start, we may exp< large receipts for the remainder of the season. The value of exports to each foreign country for t week ending Sept 16th, 1848, was as annexed: ? Value or Exports to Foreiov Countries krom t 1'ort or New York. To Sweden $11,17:) To Portugal $5, To Holland 69,478 To Gibraltar 1, ToBr'iium 68,618 To Trieste &V To England 183,206 To Madeira 4.1 To Ireland 74,W7 To Br. North America. .14,! To France. 47.Oil) To Mexico 18, To 8wcd. k Dan. IV. I. ui, i.',7 To Br. W.I. k llond'as 22, To Cuba k Porto Rico 19.978 2>i,l To South America... 3,482 Total $003. Amount of specie exported 171, Total |777, Onr exports to France are increasing. The bt of the exports to that country for the week nam above, waa in ootton. The shipments of Urea stuffs to Great Britain, last week, were 3,1 bbls. flour ; 26.090 bushels wh?at ; and 187,1 bushels corn. The total exports of breadatul for the week, was 10,818 bids, flour; 32.000 bush wheat; and 130 240 bushels of corn. The ahipmei of cotton amounted to 4,066 bales. The returns of the banks of New Orleans, for t month of August, compared with those for July, p: sent the annexed statement dims or ni:? uii ijxi. I.iabilitin. July, m*. An unit, IS Circulation $3,063 (IS!) $.18 06 7 Deposits 7,320.070 7,020 4 Other cask liabilities 232,270 #H,1 Total $11,536,047 $10,045,4 Jlsirtt. Specie 7.500.655 7,507.3 foreign and domestic exchange. 3,005.193 2,327,3 Other cash assets 377,806 877.8 Total $10,073,654 $10,302,5 In addition to the above, the banks held, on the 26 of August, discounted paper, payable at maturil for $0,401,246 ; loans on mortgages, $3,306,407 ; loa on stock, $1,366,040 ; and real esta te, $1,544,805. T returns for August, compared with those for Ju show a very trifling increase in the amount of spei on hand, and a small reduction in the circulation, a: in the aggregate, a decrease at $671,080 in the asse and of $500,640 in the liabilities. There has been i increase of $168,887 in the line of discounts slnoe Jul and a slight decrease in the loans on mortgages at on stooks. The annci' d statement exhibits theJ.juj'UUoaj ^^? gorernmeut and State stocke?la thla market,at three i period* Paioca or Sroesa m m New Torn* im*r. Jtelenu 1N& WM. I8H I Rat* able. July 19. Aug. 29. S?pt. 18. Halted Stale* 6 1W 104>ial04? 104 aliH.VJ 104 aI04V , 6 IMS 10?S?ll?? lOStfallH lOStfaUB* - 6 1866 103 alOSK 103 alOSltf 103 aUU'* ? s 1363 US y:t'4a 93 >-4 93J^a 94 Trea'y Notea 6 103&1IU 103>,al03'a 103 alU3>4 New York. 7 1849 101 alOIW ? a? ? a? 1 - 6 1860-64-00 102 alWl'J 103 al03? ? a ? ? B 1861-02-07 102 al02'J 103>4al03X 102 al03 - 6? 1860-01-65 99 alHO 100 a ? ? a ? ? 6 1840-7-8-9 97 a 97K 97'.?a 97K 95 a 97 ? S 1860-1-3 97 a 97tZ 97 ??a 97? ? a? ! B 1866-8 97 a 97? 97^a975i 98 a 98*4 6 1869-60-1 97?a VJM - ? - - ? a ? 1WU-3H 97> VJ& _ , _ _ ?_ Oh o, t 18*6-60 99,ija WV 99\all>0 9U?alOO " 6 1850-60 90 a 91 90 a 90W * 7 IMS# 102Wal02J4 193J4al02)4 102 al02l4 Kentucky, ( 99)Je 97 Qa 97)4 97V? 97* # 8<T a *8 83 a 8ft 80 a 81 Illinois, 6 1870 41 a 41)* 41 a 41)^ 41 a 41)4 Indiana, B 26 yean 33 a!B St a 32 30 a 31 i Arkansas, 6 20a 25 20 a 22 ? a ? Alabama, 6 fin a 81 58 a 80 III a 82 r?nnfylvania,6 73%* 73X 73J<a 74 73)4 a 74 , Tennessee, 6 9ti a 97 97 a93 ? a ? N.York City, 7 1807 100 aloft 100 a!07 104 alOB 7 1862 102 al04 101 aluS ? a ? I B 1800 95 a 96 93 a 95 90 a 92 " B 1888-70 93 a 93)4 ? a ? 94a- i Bk Co'm. N. T. full 93 a 96 89)?a 90 ? a ? I " acrip 94 a 96 93)4a 94 91 a 93 If. T. Life Ins. (I Trust Co, 105 alOH 105 al07 ? a ? Farmers' Loan Ik Trust Co. 27Ka 27X 2" a 28'* 2S:l11e 28)4 Ohio Lif* Ina Ik Trust Co. 76 a 76 75 a 77 75 a 76 i Bank of C. S. in Pennsyl'a. 3 a 3)4 3 a S'? 2)4* 234 I N. Jersey R. R. & Trans. Co. 104 alOt)4 lOOValOl 100 alOl > Mohawk (I Ilud'n Railroad. 72 a 73)4 72 a TO 72:4a 73 Utica k Schenectady KaiI'd. 120 al21 113 all4 114'7*115 i I fyTucuseIk Utica Bailroad, 119 a!20 111 a!12 ? a I , Auburn Ik Syracuse Kailr'd 105 alOO ? a ? ? ? Auburn Ik Rochester, 89 a 90 H7a88 86a87 I Reading Railroad, Mfi^a .37 33Xa 33X 32 a 32'4 1 Delaware It Hudson Canal, 168 a!70 160 al65 160 alt>2 Tecding Railroad Honda 58Va 59 MUt Hi 5l'4a5'14 i Beading Railroad Mtg Bds, 66>Ja 67 62)Ja Ii3 GlXa 02 ' There baa been no material alteration in prioes during the paet two weeka, and the tranaactiona have only been to a limited extent. Toe wno'.e amount or united l States six per cent, stock, Issued on foreign account) 1 since the &th of August last, is nearly two millions of dollars, as follows Issues of Government 8tOck on Foreign Account. For the week ending August 12th, 1848 $428,COO I Do. do. 19th, 1848 349,OfO Do. do. 2fiih, 1848 800.800 ? Do. September 2d, 1848 423.800 Do. do. 9th. 1848 50,300 ; Do. do. lGtb, 1818 130.600 I ' Total, six weeks $1,901,400 1 This amount has been issued directly from the Treasury Department, and Is independent of sales made ' r to foreigners, of stock issued on American acoount, > which have been large. We hare no doubt that more than five millions of dollars of the last loans of the ' l( United States government.are now held on foreign t account. ' The publio works of this countvy have not been so ! productive this year as they were las t ; but the def\ ciency in receipts has not been sufficient to embarrass any of the State Treasury's in the payment of interest 1 r on their debts. The publio works of Indiana and II- j | lino's have been highly productive this year. This j being the first year of operations on the Illinois and I Mirhiirun vh Iiava no c.nmiin.ri?nn nf rnvunno t.o make ; but, thus far, tbe income has been greater 1 than anticipated. Tbe rale of canal lands has not r progTcr cd so rapidly or wilh inch results as expec'ed, , and appraised prices not having been realized, a great many lots have been pissed and remain unsold. The Talue of all canal lands and lots remaining unsold. the commencement of the recent sale, was. accordir;; to the appra'sment. $2 125,001 05. This includes toiv a | \ lots in Chicago, but not the wharf lots and the water ' power of tbe oanal. The sales have been principally of town lots in Chicago. What course will be pursued f relative to the canal lands, or thore whlnh do not bring the prices appraired, we have not been officially informed. Stock Eichin^ti $1000 City 6's of'tVl MH 6J she Work WorRB *30 3V',, C5(.0 U. a.6'sof'53 04 25 do blO 35 '. WO do do !?3>? 50 do .'W,'* K jUO Penn'a 5>, ICO 74 50 do ICmos 31 100 Bhs Mechanics Ok 106W lot) Reading RR 31,1! j 50 Farmers' Trust stO '>% 100 do 1>C0 Si's a 5 N V Lire k Trust 104 100 do 3l?J 100 Morris Canal M0 9}? 50 Ilousi'anic RR 30 * 17 Utiuak boheu RR 115 100 Harlem RR 030 Mid 150 Canton Co S5Y* 50 do blO 53)ti 5(1 do 030 35>4 60 do s30 53't 100 do 020 35)5 115 Erie RF. nov.,full 03 v ? accord Board. ' S10W 0 Trran Notes b3 103,'i 151) slis Canton Co 060 .T5?4 ' 1WJ Erie 7 p c B'nda 05 50 do bl5 35,2 10 ehs Erie HR, full 6.1 30 M'chts Ex Hank 0'.) 60 Canton Co 36)4 60 llarlem RK 53.'4 ?0 do 36)4 n . ' CITY TRADE REPORT. gi Monday. Sept. 18? 2 P.M. Asm s?Are without change; moderate sales of poti i at $6, and pearls at $5 87)4Cotton?The market continues firm, with sales o ! 300 bales. Flour, to.?The demand for Western Canal flour | is active, and considerable operations are going on for export and the home trade. Round hoop Ohio sold at ^ $5 81)4; common State, Oswego, nnd mixed Western, at $5 87)4; and pure Genesee at $5 04 a $0. The transJ> actions of the morning reach 7.000 barrels, 5,000 of M which were for export, at prices within our range. Southern is without movement, and dull, at $5 87)4 a 12 $ >. In rye flour there is but little doing; 100 barrels N5 changed handBat $4 12)4, at which the market is firm. ? Meal is without sale, in the absence of which we omit Oi quotations. Of wheat, no sales arerepored; prices are much as on Saturday. The corn trade opens dull, r the only sale reported being 1.000 bushels flat Western ot yellow at 64)4c. Rye. we quote nominal at 70c. Oats are better; 6,000 bushels canal were disposed of at 35c. Provisions?The transactions in pork this morning 2i are small; holders, however, are-firm at $12 76a $12 lit 81)? for mess, and $9 76 a $9 87)4 for prime. The sales ? on Saturday reached 2.000 barrels at the above quo93 tatious. Beef is steady, but not active. Cut meats continue Arm. and in small supply. Lard is held at 6 V- a 'Jc., with sales of 1">0 barrels. " Whisrey?Weqnote at 28e., and dull. New York, Sept. 18-8 P. M. ,n The flour market wis steady. with more doing, iner eluding considerable lota, which were purchased for , export ; the market closed Arm at Saturday's prices. Wheat was steady, and sales of Genesee. were made. 1:0 with a small lot of Southern, on terms, stated below, of Corn was in fair demand, at Saturday's prices Rye of was quiet, without material change in quotations. There was no alteration, to notice, in the price of oats. :b I'ork was steady, with moderate sales. There was no change in lard worth notice. Sugars were in good demand, and the market closed with an upward tenh dency in prices. For the state of the cotton market, ,t) we refer to the article under the proper head. Ashes ?Sales of lOObbls. pots were made at $6 04 a ^ $6. with 50 do pearls at $5 87% a $5 01. 159 Breaiiitvfi s.?Flour?The sales footed up about '!*) 12,000 bbls., including 7.000 for export, chiefly this State [JJjj brands, at $6 87%. The sales also embraoed about ' 1,000 a 1.600 bbls. strait and pure brands Genesee at 34 $6 87% a $6; 000 a 700 da. Michigan, Indiana, he. at ? $687%. with 800 a 400 of the former at $6; 450do.Brook173 lyn at $6 87%; 2,000 do this State and Western,to ar. rive in November, at $5 60; Southern was steady, and Petersburg city mills, with Georgetown. Alexandria, he., held at $6 60 Sales of round hoop Ohio were reef ported at $6 81%. IVhtat?Sales of 5.000 bushels of Genesee white were made at 134c. a 135c.; 1,600 do. Western at 103c.; and 2,700 do. Genesee damaged, in he store, at 67c.; 2,200 do. sound Ohio, to arjivo, at 125c.; !a. and a small lot of North Carolina new at 114o. Corn? . The sales reached about 40,000 bushels, in separate parcels, among which were 7.000 bushels Southern *o. white at 66c.; 2,100 do. North Carolina mixed at 60c.; 6,000 a 6,000 do. flat yellow at 64c.; 3,000 do. common . mixed at 60c.; 6,000 a 7,000 do. Jerseyiound atflSc.; 3,000 do. were reported at 70o. Rye?There were buyers at 68c., and sellers at 70c., but no transactions were he reported. Hyr hleue?Sales of 200 bbls. were made at $4 a $4 06', a 4 12%. Oats?Sales of a cargo or two were J*? made at 36%c. Mral? Sales of 800 bbls Jersey were "|i made at $3 12%, to arrive, and at $3 18% to $3 25 on the spot. ?13 Cattle.?At Market?2 000 beef cattle, (about 1.000 Hi head from the 8outh and West via Philadelphia.) 56 335 cows and calves, and 6,600 sheep and lambs. Prices, I,1' Sic.?The arrivals of beef cattle from all quarters last JJJ Week were unusually large ?larger indeed than we have lit);-, known them to be all summer, but, contrary to expee052 tation. prices remain very Arm, and fully equal to former quotations. This may be justly attributed to the II,t cold weather, which, coming suddenly after August, led never falls to operate to the advantage of holders ? Sales were made at from 5c to 7c per lb., according to quality. Trobably about 200 head remained undisposed *'' of. at the close of business late in the evening. Cows 184 and calves brought from $20 a $28 to $37 60, all sold. nr?. Sheep and Lambs?Market abundantly stocked, and ' sales as follows: sheep $1 26 to $2 76 a $4 25; lambs 0 0 87%c. a $2 to $2 7 5. 160 unsold, its Cotton.?About 1,000 to 1,200 bales were disposed of to-day. There is not much of the low styles in the . market, and the chief Inquiry has been directed to h* them. re- Fish.?We notice a sale of 650 oulntals drv cod. at *2 62X. Km-it ?The only aale reported, was 220 boxe* Malaga lemon*, (in poor order.) at about $1. Frxiuhta.?Cotton to Liverpool we quote at about J*- 3.16; for I.ard, at the aaraeport, 26a. waa obtained, 34 and 2?. 3d. for Flour. For a direct port in Ireland, lOd. waa caked. The ratea to Liverpool for grain were unaettled. Ilotb ahlpper* and chip ownera were inelined ~ to wait for later foreign newa. Giw?ri?o?Salea of 1.000 Iba. were reportedat 28e. Horkv.?The laat aalea of Cuba were done at 48c? oo CMh' Li air ?Sale* of 1.400 bbla. were made at 76c. ,)0 Navai. Storki.?Tranaaotlona embrace 100 bbla apirlta, at 46c each, and 100 do. white roain, at $2 <12<<. '4 llicr?Continued Arm, with fair demand; about 100 t)l caaka changed handa at $4 a $4 12", per 100 iba. PRoriaiona.?Salea of 400 bbla. Pork were made, inly, eluding me** at *12 76 a $ 12 87)4. and prime at $0 87X n* n >9 94. I.ard.?Salea of 600 bbla. were made at S^c. a ha 8'?c . including 200 bbla. at i)c.,anl and a email parcel p'.dme quality, at 9H|0. Grtait Lord ?Sale* of 200 If. bbla were made on private term* Htef.?We have ;ie only'to notice a amall lot of prime, (30 or 40 bbla.) at Huller waa in ateady demand, while there waa no change in Chrrte. Oil Meal.?Sale* of 100 beg* were made at 61 311* per 100 Iba. an Sknc?American flax waa not plenty, and ateady at - $1 26 ; 60 tierrea were dlapoeed of at that figure , St'iiAR* were In active demand, with an upward ten1(1 dency in priee*. We underatand. to-day. that on* or two of our largeat refiner* had dlacoatinued aeillng for 0t the prevent. In con*ei|iienee of the tlrmneaa of the marAit, lit* e?U? W?>? tVOWU li*TMh| l?o?- I mon grade*) at 4%e ; 80 do. white do , at 6X<>i and 100 bhd*. Cuba Muscovado. at 6X0. a 6X? Tallow?Waa firm at 8X0 for good, rendered, with 1 tales of 10 000 lb* " Whukey.?The market waa unsettled, while holder* Jemanded 28o., which waa above the view* of buyer* i Cotton Trade. The reason bavingijunt opened, we hare no return* to give from the Southern p?rts. to compirn with pro- j vious year*, the movement, thu* far, having been too limited to report. At thia port, thu movement* have ^ been a* annexed :? . Movement* ok CoTroN in the Port oe New York. ' ^ lteoeipta aiuce lat inat bales. It ?M0 Kxports do. do do. 0 000 1 Taken by apinncra do do. 7.000 Taken on speculation do do. 1 000 ? Stock in city unsold do. 30 000 Amount on sale do. 6,000 i In addition to the operations and course of prices " in this mnrket, Stewart's Circular, of this day. says:? n ' In my last circular, under the date of 5th Inst , I ci quoted a firm market on the preceding day, which . continued the case the next day, and 1000 bales were ' disposed of for expoit aud home use; the following B day there was less disposition to buy, and holder* 1 o found it expedient to change their position, to make I _ sales, which were again about equal to the previous 1 day's business, in amount, but an eighth easier in the ! . range of jirioea. Early on Friday morning, the Hi- 7 hernia was reported at Boston, and u telegraphic sum- t mary of her news was received at 11 A. M., which be- , ing favorable for breadstuff*, had a corresponding depressing effect on operations in this article, and only e 000 bales were sold at easier prices. On Saturday I morning, the letters were received, and sales of the day were barely 600 bales. The amount offered for sale was light, which assisted the steadiness of prices, holders feeling that with our small stock, and the re- I duccd amount at the Southern ports, and the free consumption in England, that the present rates were safe prices to hold for the chanoes of a change in the weather there, and more pacifio dispositions on the Contineut of t Europe. On Monday, 11th inst., the market continued languid, with sales of 600 bales; on Tuesday, 800 bales were sold at prices establishing a decline of a quarter of a cent since the preceding F riday, holders feeling anxious at the continued upward tendenoy of freights. On Wednesday, mote buyers appeared, and 1,000 bales were dispoted of at steadier prices. The Kuropa arrived about 0 o'clock on Thursday morning, and by her we have bait the pleasure or heariug of tine weather the last four (lays in F.L-gland, which enabled the grain crops to be generally satisfactorily housed, and. strange to say, it seemed by a little sunshine to be suddenly discovered, that Itiie injury to the potato crop was a delusion and that even if it should finally turn out a melancholy truth, the enormous increase of planting of this vegetable, it is now stated, would in all probability enable an average crop to be saved, and that, at present, a demand for our surplus breadstulfs, at famine prices, must not be anticipated; but what will be better for all interests, a market is offered for a portion of our two last corn crops, which will insure for a season, plenty of cheap food to the million. The buoyant effect of such intelligence was at onee apparent in our market, which was scon relieved of about 1.200 bales, atfprlces decidedly in favoi of sellers, the chief enquiry being for low grades. On Friday tho business was < extended to 2,000 kales. Cotton, below good middling being scarce and held stiff, the demand being mainly from Continental buyers. On Saturday, 1500 baBs were sold at very full prices, the enquiry extending to cotton about fair, which was sold, to some extent, and 1 the market closed with that grade, still relatively the cheapest. There was not so general an enquiry yesterday, but the sales amouuted to 1.200 bales, and prices were quite firm; my quotations on the low grades are slightly advanced. "In regard to future supply, It is all sufficient at present to say. that the weather, this month, has not been so propitious for the crop as we would wish, and it must be borne in mind, that it is absolutely necessary for a yield equal to the last, that we should have hot and dry weather at the Southwest forjthe next two months. So far. the weather has been changeable in Texas So, Alabama, and Louisiana. From MississiD pi and Tennessee, there are less complaints, and from the Atlantic States, none. From this last section there is every indication of a yield larger than lost year. For a crop of 2.000,000 bales, it will be requisite that the picking season should at least be good until the 1st January next ; nnd whether there is negro force enough in the country to do it by that time, is extremely problematical In the last crop many holds were advantageously picked as late as 'February but such a season, so continuously dry. and with a 'total absence from wind-storms, has never heretofore been experienced, and oughtjnot to I e calculated on. About 3.600 hales of the new crop have been received at the ports." HARKSTS BUBwiiKitei 8TOSK SALES. Baj.timote, September 16.? Stock Hoard?1,000 United States b's of ! OS, 101'i; 150 Baltimore and Ohio K. It. Bonds, 1W4, 03. Pllit.AOFi.PHiA. Sept. 18.?f'irnt Boaril?$1,000 U. S. Trs'y (i per cent., lit?1,100 1 chigh Mt. Loan, SO; 8 Commercial Rind, ol if; 200 Lehigh Coal 8crip, 82l4; 2 Prima. Rank, 202; 1IK) Tra'y. Note, 6 percent , 1031.,; 100 do., ll"% 21*0 Nav. Interest,74; 2,221 Ches. Hi Del, 6'e, *2; .'<0 Girard, lo'.,; 4 N'tli. Lib. Bank, 43; 111 8. Nav. Int., 74; 20 Mechanics'. 25; 50 Read's R.R.. bSwn., 'flJsi 5,000 leans. 6V, 737$; 2U0 Lehigh Canal Scrip, 827,; 10,000 State 5's, s5, 73'0; 250 Morris, Witint., .">000 State 5's, sS, 7'ijf; 6,000 do., tsikinh, 74; 5.000 do., e5, J3V All, r Sal't?5,000 C. S. Treas. Notes, 6's, 103',; 25,000 Penn., o'p, 73??; 200 Lehigh Nav. Coal Scrip..82J|,; 50 Reading R. U., 1 Second Hoard?1,000 I'. S., 6 s, 67., iu*?4: 1.200 l'enn. 5's, 73 '4: 350 County. 5's, 83; 103 Sob. Nav. Int.. 72; 2.50 do., 77; 50 Girar.1 Rank, 10t4. After So let?28 Girard Bank, lokj; 600 do., 10Ji. 50 U.S. Bank,2^. FOREIGN MARKETS. Rio of. Janeiro, August 0.?The heavy arriva's of flour, in addition to the largo stock previously en hard have depressed the markets for all sorts except Richmond city. The sales and exports during last month have been large, amounting to 23 500 barrels at a 7% for Richmond city ; Baltimore. $5!^ a 61,; and Triesto. $77?. The stock at present, in first bands, is estimated at 21,000 barrels, and in second hands, at 26.000 barrels, with & very limited demand, as the bakers buy only for immediate wants ; therefore. 1 think the article must decline, as a general opinion prevails that the arrivals of the new crop will be early and abundant. Doi^stics have arrived in large quantities, and some sales have been made of brown drills at 5 cents; blue do. "Ta'c.j thirty inch shirtings. 6c.; nnd striped do, 6>ie. Kven at these rates few purchasers can be found, as the stocks on all hands are heavy. All imports are excessively dull; sales are made with extreme difflcnly, mostly at very low prices, especially teas, of which the old stock is very large, added to which, the unexpected arrivals of 440 packages from the United States have tended to make the market worse than ever. Some sales have been made at 10 a 33c. per pound, and to bring ovor this the quality must be very superior. Lumber is plenty, and brings $14. Hams, 5>ic. Mess beef. $9 50. Sperm candles. 28c ; wax do, 24o. Manilla cordage, 10c. TurpentiDe, 38c. Coffee?The supplies have been very moderate, and the stock reduced lower than tor many months. The quality also has generally been poor. The new crep has been later than usual, and from present appearances it will be far Inferior to the last in quality and quantity. Superiors sell readily at 4% a 4,?, on board ; good firsts. 41, a 47,'. The total export during last month was 113.170 bags, of which 63,370 went to the United States. The stock on hand now is 10,000 bags. Hides?The stocks having become milnnpH t.ViP nri^pn Iirtp nilrn.n<?t?<l nnil aalou nf 1 Buenos Ayres have been made at 125 a 130 rls, and liio Grande, 160 rls. Freight!) very suddenly dcalined, in consequence of the scarcity of produce, and a large number of vessels coming together To fill up for Baltimore, 50c. has been taken, and we cannot quote them over 70 a 80c . and quite nominal. There are not many vessels unengaged, but the reports of many expected, and want of produce, keep them down. Exchange has gradually declined to 22d , with appearances of going lower. Specie has been in demand. Dubloons, |)33.&00 to l|34; pat. dollars, ||2200. CI w.PINE, AUCTIONEER-HANDSOME FURNITURE. f ?Van Antwerp and Pine will sell tliia day, at ten o'clock, tho entire parlor. t o<l-r<Kjm, and kitchen Furniture, contained in the >suae, NO. M Livingston street, one door east of Iloyt street, Brooklyn. Terms rash, in current money. EI.EOANT FURNITURE, PIANO, 8II.VEK WARE, BEDS' Bedding. Linen, Sic.?A. C. TUTTLE will sell at auction this day, at 10 o'clock, at the oomcrof 20th street and 10th avenue, the entire Furniture and house furnishing articles of a family declining housekeeping, comprising a large assortment. Full i>artlrulars in catalogues now ready. Benjamin moonf.t. auctioneer.?sheriff's sale of the (took of a French and (lermin Fancy Goods importer, bv Edward Paysen, on this day, at 10 o'clock, at the store. No. 14 Piatt street. The stock ? mists of the usual assortment of Fancy Gcods, imported from France and Germany. Catalogues low ready. On Thursday, at 10o'clock, at the Auction Room, hy order of tn in<ninLBM rrmtiiinv. 71 nnr)iR7M of fl+rman HafiU ipp H* mined on the voyage' of Importation. Catalog nesom lie had, and the goods naminil. early on the morning of the aalo. J W.BROWN, AUCTIONEER?MANUFACTURERS STO.'K of Elegant Furniture?Wednesday, Sept 2Uth, at 1HM o'clock, at Lite ware room* No. 21S Broadway. J. W. Brown will sell at anciinn, aa above, the entire stock of elegant cabinet rural tore, consisting of softs, tetc-a sets, oouche*. divans, ottomans, marble tops ana other dressing bureaus, plain do, warJrobca, bookcases, and secretaries, spring seat and other chairs, in hair cloth and plash, rocking and easy chairs in do., Creech and Qothio bedsteads, hair mattrassos, palliasses, marble top centre, pier, side, sofa, and work tables, mah 'gany dining, sofa, ijunrtet, work, and fancy tallica fancy chairs, Ike. Also, ou? elegant rosewood piano forte. Sals peremptory. Catalogues now ready. Purchasers can hare goods packed on the promises at moderate charge. JIHACOIl 8. PLATT. AUCTIONEER-CROCKERV, CUINA, and Glass. This day, ten o'olock, from the shelve* in the large sale rooms, over the auction store, 2.1 Plstt sliest, oonstating of the eontcnts of I A) crates c. c. dipped edged, print ed, white granite, and flowered blue wire: 100 sets pure white end enamelled China; 44 pieces and seta tlowero l blue and other dinner, ten and toilet ware ; also, 12 crates, a complete as aortment of John Ridgcway's flowered mulberry handsome scenery, to match throughout; also, I'Jl cases, a complete ass rt ment 01 glassware, consisting or 280 rich cut mirror dishes, i lit salts, decanters, tumblers. goblets, wines, hyac inth gloss, hir?l boxes ami fount*, specie (era. castor hnttlea, lanterns, Ac.; also, SU barrels anil oases tumblers, of ail descriptions; a hvid?or?i? s-sertment of to il rays. AIho, an assortment of Rockingham warn, vir jngs, spittoons, hed-fans, Ao Also, with whioli the sale will coininenre, a quantity of Rockingham toys, vU: theatricals, watchtower, cottages, masquerades, Sc. n.?A supplementary catalogue of various kinds of ware thst was not in time for catalogue, will bt ready previous to commence neat of sals. The sale will bo peremptory, in lots to snit purchasers. IO. or O. r-MOXTAOUI LODGE. NO. la-TBI MUM hers of this Lodge are requested to attend the regular moating on Tuesday (this)evening. I'.tth Inst., at 8 1*. M., when measures will lie taken to relieve our brothers and othe-s who have suffered by the late Are in Brooklyn. Other important hueiueis will be iresentid, D. T. w aLDKN. JR.. Seerotarj Globe lodge, no. ft:, i o o. f.-the members or tlie above Lodge an- hereby notified to attend at the lodge Room on Wednesday evening, Sept, 20th. A foil attendance is retnwctfullyrequested. JAMES NAS1I. N. 0. Joseph Wsi.i.wosk, Seeretary pro tern. Aiiomk K>R tiif- IRISII.-MR. MOONIV (AT dior til Uio History of Ireland) will deliver a Lecture st the Shnkspeare Hotel, To Morrow (Wednesday) Evening, Sept. 20th, at o clock, on the Lands and Rceurcos of tbo West, and the h et means of settling there. Admission IB cents, to defray expjnse of this meeting. /"10NV1RSATI0N9 franciaisks, OR FRENCH tavuiit on the Oral system, enabling to speak from the lirst leamna and ensuring eare and fluency to pupils more advanced, but deficient in speaking. Tuition at home, in elassss, 12. privately, 14 per month. Families and selioole attended, Please addrees Mons de St. Pierre. NaWf de Parla 90S Broadway. CAPTAINS AND PERSONS GOING TO SEA SHOULD poetess Dr. Raid's Practical Private Treatlee. Every recipe is faithfully given, in plain Itngnage. equally useful io every place, er medicine chest Ash edition. .'112 pp' Price fl. May L? had of the Author, M Greenwich street, or by post, milled I lv'u ' ,, SH-i WANTED A hi IliAtlO.V liV A hfc->i"E AHI.K YOUNU w?iu in. aa nurse and chambermaid, or waitar. Good city eftrcno* airon. I'le .? eall 4IW Greenwich ?'r??. 2d Soo-. WANTED?A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE YOU .40 whiuftn, to do oh?iuh?rW'>rk and wailing or aes-st in wading and ironing. Can l? .*' 11 at her laai plana. 10*1 Eldridg* at. (ITANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN. ?A TV aituat on aa cook, tea list id war'iiug and ironing, or do rnt-ial housework in a email private family. Beat of city raft rnee glWi. Apply at liMI Variek atrrifc (ITANTED A SITUATION. IJY A RESPEI TABLE YOI NO TV w. man. in do houto work or chamber work, or w jhing and roning. Cood .eference shall be given. Picaao to apply .Til Uulerrv *t iet, in the rear. ll/" ANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE VOi NO WOMAN. A TT aituatiou todo chuml rrwork or waitin;; would hare no I'jectinn to doing the cutire hou. .work **1 a k-nnll family. Beat lorrence from last place, Impiiicat 12 Watt struct, tirst floor. LIT ANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO VERY COMPETENT TT girle. one to ceok. wash, and iron, the other na ohamlierlaid, and to helpas laundress?has good ci'.y relerenoe. Pleaoo I ,11 ..i No. 71 Sixth ii\. nii... in Ilo-l'""]<it*'Tc\ I*; illSilU-AN1TUATIUN BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNfl ' *? fir', aa aesiatant iu a family, or children'" maid. bout II yeara of age, and produce good references. A0\y : urner of 90th atreet and Broadway. J IITANTED * HI'I'ATION AS NIKSK AND SEAM ' vv stress,hy n respectable person, who uuderstanda the care | nd management of a hahy. tlaj no objection to the country.? ho best of city refereneea given. Call at t>5 Franklin atleet, fur wo day*. Iff ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Vol NO vT woman, UK chatiihcriuaid or? amstrwaa. The beat of city referlice ran I s given, if required Please call at ltii? Mulberry atreut, lick room, lirat floor. Will wait calla two iluya. WANTED-A CI.EI1K IN A I.AWYKK'S OFFICE.?TO oue who iscotn potent to take charge of the demila of huai eta In nucha i office, a moderate aalary will lie paid. Add re a" :t IfdSI, Post Odiee, with references. WANTED -A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOI'NO protvstant woman, to take care of children and do plain owing. The h at of city reference can be given. Apply to No. Ml Ln"rht airoet, ,kd story,frr nt room. WAN I ED. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A (itnat'oii u: cliaml*rntaid, or waiter, or to do plain sowing, in a small private fumily; Rood ' ity reference can l)c Riven. Pic ,w call at No. ISO Mott street, in the rear. WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation aa conk, or to wash ami Iron, iu a small private fimlly. Pic at e call at 195, or 107. corner ofEorjyth ami Stanton Blrrot.". WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A cituatirn. in a small private family, as cook, washer and i/oner, c-r &cmral homework. En'iuire at .17S lith atTcct,"near Avenue d. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG girl in a small private family, as chambermaid or laiind'ew. Inquire for Margaret, IS Christopher street, up8tu:"j. The best id city rcfereneo can he give n. WANTED- A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG w oman ns plain cook, ninl understands baklnz and is a good washer ar.d ironer. Good city rei renccs given. Pieaae call at No, It Third avenue, third flaw. YITANTED?A SITUATION, IIY A NEAT YOUNG 01KL, Yf to do cbaiiiberw'ork, or plain sewing, or waiting, or assist in v ashing and ironing, or assist in taking oaro of e'lllnrcn. The I est of city trefi ren t s to be had. Enquire at nits Fourth at, eorner }f .Meroor, ."d floor, up stairs. Wanted?a situation hy a steady man, a ?-ko. testant, na coocbntan; ia willing to make himself generally useful; will iiave no objection to go u abort distance in thecutintty. Ti e best refertroe given. I'leaia call at 4"t Canal street, a lew doors Irom the sub Us t Ofllre. Can be seen lor t wo days. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as cbambcrmaid and waiter, or won'd have 110 n'tjcetion to do general house werk; is a good washer and ironer. I lie rest in cny reicrcncc can ( 3 given. Apply at 'I'ZZ 1' 'Velft'i street, between Bmodway and the Buwery, Can be seen fur two d:.y 8, it'in,t engaged. Wanted? HV TWO VERY RESPECTABLE PROTESTant girls, situations, me us chambermaid ami waiter, or to assist in washing and ironing, the other ns children's maid and plain sewing, or to do eoucral housework in a small family. Please roll for two days at Perry street, No l.'tjf in the rear, up stairs. The ' cit i f retereioc ifrc<piirrd. I1 a Perry street. WANTED, BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOIJNO WOMEN, situations? cno as cook, first rate washer and ironer?tho other m chambertnaid and waiter, or would assist in washing ami ironing. liave no objection to the country. The bestot city refcrcnee can beg.veil. Call at No. 191 Mott street, near Spring street, tirst floor. Wanted?by a oenfee., yodno woman, a sit untion in a private family. She is a good plain nook and an excellent and ironer; has lived one year ami a halt in her last place, and can give goed city references. Enquire at 15, <; h at., back room, tirst floor, \\T ANTED?BY A PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, A PARLOR " or drawing room, neatly furnished, in the upper part of Bit udwa* or VW&lty, fur four or five hewn daily* ani lor the lt'o o( w hich musical instruction will he given as an equivalent. Ad(111 : I'O Finclli, lit this ..tti o. WANTED A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO w oman as cook: understands pastry and baking; would have BO objection to assist in the washing and ironing, and would have no objection to gi tn'o the country. Tho best of olty rcfo ercc can bo given. Please apply at l!lt> Eliiaboth street, in the I'OTC. WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid and to wash and iron; has no oh jeetion to wait or in taking onc.f children, Of do p'aii tewing; can produce unexceptionable city referenccr; has lived two years in her place. Plcocc call at No. .11 Third avenue, corner if Ninth street. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE FRENCH GIRL, WHO eiicaks Englith, wants a situation us chambermaid, flamstress, or to take e:.roof children, to whom she can talk French. Alio, a nice Cletuian tiiri, as chambermaid, or to do general house- I w ork. Both can bring tho belt el recommendations. Please call at 893 Bowery. WANTED?A SITUATION 1IY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ' to cook, wash and iron, inn private family, understands her business pcrcfctly, and can give the best of city reference troiii her last place. Also, t v a young woman, as nurse and seamstress: understands dressmaking. Please call atlltl 13th street, in the store. Wanted?employment by a man familiar with the English, French, and Dat h laugusgos, as assistant cherk, rr pyist, or as out door collector, or in any capacity where he could make himself useful. b.Jary not so much an ebjoct as a I jrmancnt situation; tlie most s .tisfactory reference could ho nrodurcd frim his lasbeinnlover ; has no objection to ?o a stao-t distance in the country. A notuaddressed to J. B. M., at the office of this pu|*r, w Ul oe promptly uttonded to. WANTED. IN THE OFFICE OF A PHYSICIAN OF Extensive practice, and who dis|iensee his own medicine, a young man?ohf country preferred?ol steady habits, who nr.derstands pharmacy, the minor operations in surgery, and it he has some knowledge of tho practioe of msdieine, bo inuoli the better. A licentiate ol the Apothecaries' Hull, Dublin or London, would about suit. A pply, by letter, to M. D., at the office ef this paper. WANTID-BY A NEAT. TIDY YOUNG WOMAN, A 8ITUatlon as chsmhermaid, and to us?is? the washing and ironinc. or as nurse and seamstress, in a private family, with good city reference. Also wanted, by a rosi?-ctablc young woman, a situation as lnnudress, < r ns plain co-.k and washer and irnnur. or chambermaid in a private tamily. The very liest of eity re'erttce. Tliey hava both Lvcd in one plaeo, and would like to live in one place again. Can bo fen for two days at 71. Bcekman st. Nl KSF, WANTED.-A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN, ENG. Huh. or Scotch woman, accustomed to the eare of children to take charge of an infant. Good recommendations required. Apply at 137 2d avenne. PURSER'S 8TEWARD WANTED?FOK A UNITEOSTATES 8tore Ship, an active young or middle aged man, who understands acrouuts andean write a fair hand; preference will lie given to one who has served in the capacity, and undoubted references will be rc wired as to honesty and sobriety. Address Fredonia. at this office, statirg where the applicant may be fonnd. OVERNESS.?A YOUNG I.ADY. WHO is ortnnrn u to teach English and French, wiihes to devote a portion of her time as a day governess; or she WOO'd accept of a situation 0' an assistant in a school, for the morning hours. Address S. N., < nice of this paper, or the office of the Christian Inquirer, 2S2 wriny. _____ SITUATION 13 WANTED IN TUB (TIT. OR ANYWHERE in the United States, by a man that knows all at out t ho confectionery, wastry, e kc bakery, ke. He has been employed in the lancet places in Enro|ie. Uia employer will flnd aim a steady and gftod workman, Please apply at the Netherland Agency, 114 f tt en with sticet. AC ('< >K SITI 'AT ION WANTED BV A RESPECTABLE . woman, in a private family. She understands her business peifketly. Good reference given. Apply at I'.HI Mercer atrest. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wants a situation as chambermaid or waiter, taking care of children, and plain sewing ; no objection to go to the country. The beat of city teferencea given. Can be seen for two daya. Pleas* call at 2ft. Twelfth atreet, in tbe basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU Ation at cook, washer, and ironer, or aachamlermaid and to do general housekeeping, waiting, and to take care of children. Good city references can be given. No objections to go a short distance in city or country. Apply at lft4 Walker street, at Mr. Laarer.i e Hangs' l>< arding house, on the 2d tioor. TO MANUFACTURERS, fco.?A YOUNG MAN WHO IS anxious to travel north and west, would lie willing to act as agent for a wholesale house. A line addressed to M. U, at the office of this paper, before 12 o'clock to morrow, will lie attended to. Tiie most respectable reference give a Tli CAPITALISTS AND ENTERPRISING lit SINESS men. A partner wanted, with a cash capital of E-'i.OUO, in a patent right, and ti n mufacture a new improved machine, by which the value of raw cotton inay lie improved twenty iier cent l?ll,.. ... i? v ? - - ? |<cnn> |i3ci nnico 01 air. Ilnyd a, at C'litre street. iettween Read eand the Park,'naming tlie place and i time of interview, will he attended to. TO MANUFACTURERS AND MACIIIVIST8.-AN IN Dividual, having at hia dltpoaal ahont $ >,<** , ia willing to luteal that sum in a concern where he could take an active part, b ing well acquainted with the practical and thi orotic pnnciplca of mechanic* lie ia capable ot undertaking the m .nageinent under the. superviaion of the proprictora. Contain nlcatiotia will be attended to from principal* only, which maybe put in hox 777, Poet Office, New York ; if bypojt, prepaid, when a further ex| lanation will he afforded bv an interview, LAMES' BOARDING- \ LADY, Willi A GENTLEMAN of retoiireea, can be accommodated with board and well furnielied a|?rtmenta, in ibe rcighhoihooil of Spring and Wooater etteetn. A line addreaned to Mr*. A. B. C? and left at the oflioe of thl- | iiper. will receive the intention of the writer. nlRDSAlil/S AGENCY, BROADWAY. NO. 422Haide, near Canal atrect, for the enennragoment. of faithful and competent domcatic aervanta. via.: cook*. honae maida, nurse*, aeaiiiatn * ? . Ac ; alao, coachmen, ganlner*. waiting men, luborit?, and boya for atorea and trade*. Rcriuctfnl and prompt attention will le given at thla ctfice to call* or ordera aent i y mail or otl.i iwiae. ' "TMIR ONLY PLATB OF TUB SEASON."?MR. WflCK _ * w'' I1 at?,'J "1' Mi? only one that eontatns figure* which 7?Msa!?tJd'Za" '"hieaFUte. The cloak. moraine Sf,w J *u: f ? b*t,0r ?">* "?. thltt the r.u?e of fir on??. Jtf* ' ot,he crooked cloak lo. . oTiti!in. inulM.P?' whlcf> ?" honored with oooipica R V Pl?" ?. .V1'* ' on- Madison A Sonr" rir r'V/h,Pn and Winter of ISIS and 1), 10 published >nd for sale at 167 Rroalway. np stairs. rr,hf. r,.T.vH ^it ^HUKKV. SL-pkkiok TO realtor ?a!?f it *^ ?.nl? I " Malt WhUkey in ArnenldiL^iinteJIII! ??./'" un* Whiskey; thirteen for AvcMh Avi^-ETSS^ M. PARKS, IMstiller. NiNm mil Amiiui. Offio* 4j Stone utreefc. Nu2Sd5?S2 ?A*TNSHeEIP IIEKh ETOFOItB F.X 1 "tln* b*l'r??n Arrowsmiih & Uarnar.1, Is dissolved. S. Y 1>. ARROWSMlril, The ?tii v, . TU01IAS BARNARD. Her o V? 8 ,hl" dtJr ?ntered Into en partnership, uaA"' "Hitlb. liarsard A Rait,for the transition UnloH eO. he in an u factor! nc Jew cllera. The business will be eonducted as formerly, at No. 7TJ#y street. S. Y, D. ARROW3MIT11, Ke. v -a a . .. THOMAS liARNAKD, New Tor*, Sep1. IS, g|), DAVID RAIT. MEMBERS OF I'lKKNIX ASRBMRLY. NO. Idvroom'eori- rs"** *K ?'!<<? <> to Attend at their asnem. lufhulr' e/?iL- ? " u"{ ,n(1 !ir*nd ?<"*'?. on Tuesday, the snret tn Vhete A '2}??l V"'1"1 * 10 W U'C li-l tribute of reth'i'd' teased brother, Qeorge Clraham. Likewise, the 'ili/V Washington Assembly, No. 2. and Monnt Joy A-.jin. My, No. S, arc reefwetfully invited to attend. By enter of Rohkrt Jons*. W. P., Davlv Tout), yf. jj, ft ' * ft. / Mr etJk ,f*nLLA Kill ' a. PAKK THE THE? I I'KiUa V EVKNINU, SEPTEMBER 19. *111 b? produced for the 2d time la America, the grand hal let of ESMERALDA ? La Esmeralda, Med. Adele Monplaie'r; Hear d*, M'lle Anne llalen: Pierre firing >ire, M. II Monpiaisir; (Juaaimodo, M. Corby: Rol?-rt D'Estouvillc, M. Fleteher; Ernandc, M'lle IVuldecreve. The entnrte>nnente will cimaieace with the laughable farce of I, till EM HEWARk ? Col. Vera, ai.ur. Mr. U. II. Ilarrett; Mir 0. Vareiour. Mr. Dawson; Mathilda, Mies Roee Telh n ; Lady Beauehemp, Mrs H'inalanley : Grace I'eabodv, Mary Taj Inr. Dress Circle, 76 cent* ; Family Circle, 31 Mate; Upper Iloxta, 29 oente; Pit, !f7W eta.; Gallery, 12><c.? Duore open at 7 ; certain rise# 7H o'elook. BOWERY THEATRE-TL'K?DAY RVENING. SEIT will be aottd the etartling drama entitled tile CO v.Si'l it \ TORS?Mo'oatoc<|, N. B.Clarke; (loloffk'n, T. Duff; Demetrius Lnpoukfu, J. II Iktll; I lualieth, Mrs Jo|Aan. To vMeMl with the DESTRUCTION OP THE BASTII.E, or Terror'* Riigo--M?ximilian Rnheppierre, under the name ..f Paul Cirard, N B. Clarke; Frederick Oanton, J. Dunn; Jean Marat, Mr Heath; Herman Outlay, Mr. C. Warrick; Victor Rnllande, Mr J II. Hall; Peter Fitnlico, Mr. Winaua; Fleur de Ida. Mis* Fanny Gordon; Marrot, Mr*. Sutherland. Doors open at 7 perf..rmaioa to tommenea at 7H o'elook. Hoaea, /?.-- Pit 12VA CIIANFRAP'S NEW NATIONAL THEATRE KiR?f"|.y Chatham.?Tuesday evening, September 111, will be acted the Inrccof the IH'M It BELLE?O Smirk. Mr II. P Oritfop; Vivian, Mr. Palmer; I lira. Mrs. McLean; Mary, Mine llildreHi. Alter which, l ltli time, will he produced the popular drama vutitlcd the MYSTEltlES AND MISERIES OF NEW YORK?Move, Mr. F. ?. C'banfrati; Captaia Tobin, Mr. C.llurke; Mr.>!, Mr. Par ley; Bir Lire, Mr*. MeLeau, Little Liac, Mian E. M.ntayer. To .unci oito with I he milifnrv fur,... ,.f Ihr. I'UFTI'V Oliil 1 lis* CTII BERG?Ernest, Mr. 3turl>; Margot, Ylisa Emilv Mostvycr. Door* open at 7, perfnrmanoe to oommenoe at 7H o'olock. Boxes. 2noenta; lit. 12XBAR Nl'MS AMERICAN MUSEUM.?1?. T. HARMfll, Proprietor?v. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid Performances every afternoon at luill-post 3 o'clock, and every evening at half pant eeven. 'J he Manager has ttie pleasure of anmmpcing the most extraonlinary wonder in creation, Major l.ittletingor, holding the same re'ation to the famous Lilliputian C at thu little finger does to tho thumb, lie is ten years old, only twenty-four inehos high, and weighs only thirteen pounds, lie may he seen every morning from iO to half-past 12 o'oloek; In the afternoon Ir<-in 2 till half-pest A; and in the evening, from 7 till III. In addi tion. the manager has also cngagi d the eelehrated Sable IIrot hers, Mr. S. K ti. Nellie.the three Uighlund Mammoth Hoys, Giautnr Mammoth Ilahy, Enormous Boa Constrictor. Madame Rockwell, the Famous K> rtune Teller, nay he privately consulted titan extra charge of 2A cents. Admission to the whole, including Muiritui PuleruMMj Little Finger, it a, IS cents; ohildrea u udor ten yea's of age and old enough to walk alone. 12>, eeute. Reserved front seata one shilling extra. TAIIIRNACl.t? GRAN I) CON< KKT, t'\ FRIDAY EVE ning. September 22d. on behalf of the French Benevolent Society of New Y'ork. The following distinguished art is's will kindly volunteer their valuable services Mine. Labonle. Ylisa Northalf, Mono, laherde. Signer Novelli. and humeri Bottesiai and Ardlti Tiekuta one dollar, to l>e had at the office of the Courrier due Etnts L'nie, 12 i'ark I'laee, and at the pr.ucipal music etorea, I'urtieularsin small hills. THIS EVENING AND EVERY SUCCESSIVE EVEN, ing, will be presented to the puhlie, at the Apollo Rooms, Broadway, a aerms of represcntationa of the Antediluvian World, designed l>y the eelehrated JOUN MARTIN, K. L, painter of tho Fall of Nineveh, Belshaxar's Feaat, the Itluatrations to Milten, Mo. fee. These representations luive ami under the direction of Mr Chorion Martio, assisted hy the best Italian paluters. Music will lie selected and arranged expressly for thim representations > y Uenri Hem, anil executed upon the piano forte and harmonium by the distinguished nrnfesxorM. Ednuard Biliard. from Paris. Door* op. n a; 7'^ o'cloek ?To commence at 8 o'clock. Last week positively ofbanvard'8 cheat pa. uorama, of the Miaaouri and Mississippi Rivera, (at it ltuvca for London on the twenty ?ev,nth,) showing a country of twenty-three hundred miles, being by far ths lamest painting in the world, and of the lament hvcra on ths glole, extending more than twenty degroea of latitude, ctpen very evening, nt Panrrama II *11. M*s Broad way,adjoining Ntblo's Garden. Admission SO cents: ohildron hall priee. Panorama will oomtaence moving nt 8 o'clook. Afternoon nerformanoe* on Wedneadayaand Sstraaya, act o'clock, llall in id. WILL POSITIVELY (T.OiE ON StTrSDAY, SEI'TEMler 23<l. Banvard's Mammoth Panorama of tlia Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, as it sails for London oa the '.'7tli. rj^TlTAN'S VEMS.-flTlS Ml Til ADMIRED I'Al NTIN'fl X has returned to this city, and is now offered lor sale. It may be wen nt the exhibition room, in Broadway, tint entrance above Canal street. RlSSKLI/3 COLLECTION AND NEW VARIETIES OF American Flowering Trees and Plants? W. Russell, Florist, lletrv street, rear Atlantic, South Brooklyn, L. I., Ins n iw for sale, tine large and elegsnt plants of his new and s poriorcollection of Rhododendrons. Atalias, Pelargoniums, Cinera-las. and hardy climbing roses; this splendid new collection of plants, have all been uised and grow n by Mr. R , and cannot be obtaiucd at any other establishment in this or any other country. Orders punctually attended to, ami plants carohilly packed for Europe, or elsewhere. Terms cash, and prices low. Who has not heau that murk which is . kha ting such excitement nmong the "upper" cruet in too city ? We would say to all wli i havo not, to proenro a onpv of" Asm..detis, or Infi|ulties ' f New York." at oneo It is liuli, raoy, rare, umy, and sarcastic. For sale at .W Ann street. nfllij I OR SALE.-A Lt iT OF DOC?, COMl'Rl jl.VO N .... r..? ..ltn.,.1 \l..n.,l Bl ?.,.l &...1..1. T?._ riers, King Charles Spaniels. Italian Grey-hounds, and ull nllier kinds of dogs. Tim Italian poy hounds are tho most splendid tl.ut were over offered I' r talc in the United Stales. ?iore alio the King Charles 6|*oiils. Inquire at Kith street and Itloomingdale load. \V. MtiOSE. H< >R>ES. It0.?NEW YORK TATTKRSAl.LS.-NDTIi.'E.TUe subscriber res|>eetfu!ly Invites the attention of gentlemen having a surplus of Horses, Vehicles, Uariicss, &e., who wish to convert thein into money, to send them to New York Tattersails, wheio sales aro cashed promptly. Purchasers of Horses at auction will find every protection afforded them hy the proprietor, us lie is determined that every horse sold hy him shall he as represented, cr the money returned. Vehicles of every description received en storage, or fur sale. Cash advanced on vehicles when required. Superior accommodations hy the day, week or month, lor gentlemen s Horses and Vehicles, rules at auction every Monday nt 11 o'clock, rain or shine. The whole under the directum of GEO. W. Ml I.I.ER, original proprietor of New York Tattertails, 440 Broadway. Eclipse saddle horse stable, ictu sr., near Sixtli avenue. The detachment of hotstnfrom this usttbUuhmcnt, lately at Saratoga, having returned, ladies and gentlemen | desirous of hiring ean M supplied on application at the stable. FOR SALE.-A GOOD FAMILY OR DRAFT HORSE. SF.venteen hands high, coven yean old, perl', ctly sound and kind. Aim. an express wagon, with tip neatly new. 1q<ju!.Ij el W I, llnll. |S| chat ham sonar*. TOR SALE.?A RARE CHANCE FOR ONE WHO WI11IE3 I to go in the grocery business. A good old established stand, doing now a good cash hosiness, the proprietor having two stores unexpectedly throw n on Ills hands, and wishes to Sell one. Tho stock is light, snd the stand is a very desirahlu situation. Apply at 17 Grand street, corner.Sullivan. A RARE CHANCE NOW OFFERED-FOR SALE, AN OLD and established Porter House and Bowling Saloou. It has Wen occnpied in this manner fur tho list twenty yearn; it js a go. si I 'cation for o Grocery Store. Boarding and Lodging liaise A lease ot tive years and a half, stork and fixtures, G to l? sold low, as the j.rsp-ietor is going into other business. For fur her particulars inquire on the premises, No. 401 West street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE.?A DESIRABLE island conn try ? >, corsisting of HI acres rich land, a genteel house, and appropriate outbuildings, and a choice variety of fruit ftrdshnde trees; situated in Westchester and convenient to tho city by railroad. Apply to C. T. ADEE. 40 Wa'I st, 2nd story. N. IS. The place is in good order, and possession may bo had immediately. TO MAI IIINISTS AND MANUFACTI REUS -FOR SALE a valuable Foundry and Machine Business, n -vv in a fiourtihing condition,located on the New York and Now Haven Railroad line, and tear the depot Steamboat landing, and ccvcrol largo factories It is the best location between the t wo cities, and tho only i-tatTshmcnt of the kind within 1.1 miles of the place. Terms PbraL For particulars, enquire at the Industrial Agency, No. 3 Spruce street, New York. Ae/Wk CHALLENGE.?N'ftTICETO GENTLEMEN WHO yptfyJ vf want their old clothes to look like new. Call at the cleaning, dying, tailoring, and repairing cstal llsimcnt at (id Gold street, where you can get all grease ex traced from your clothe# at the shortest aotica, by J. B. NOAH. no Gold street wo door* from Bookman. CAST Orr CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND Gonttetnen having superfluous effects to dispose of, wonrlng apparel, be., can obtain a fair price for tha same, bysoudina for the subscriber through tha post ofllce, or othanriae, who will attend at their residence. Ladireattended to by Mr*. Levenstyn. J.LEVENSTYN,4M Broadway, upstairs. PARIS STYLE SHIRTS, OF FINEST WORKMANSHIP, made to measure, by tha half dozen or more; unsurpassed in thia country. 3U |?r cent. Icaa than price* usually charged. J. C. FAKSELLS. of IS yeara Broadway faahionahla celebrity, aopcrintandent. 11. ('. GL'ION, lis William at., npataira. CORSETS DE paris?new pattern-latest Fl rhion adopted at Paria amongst the moat fashionable ladies, moat comfortable and graceful for the form, aa well aa for the liberty it leave* in the movement* of the person who makes me of tliein. To he had only of Mum. PROSPKRF., up stairs, at No. M Canal street n.B.?The ladies will And the new stylo Tory comfortable for nursing, and a handsome assortment ol other Corsets, newly arrived from Paris, at a very moderate pwcei CARRIAGE LININGS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, AND Flushes?Constantly receiving;, by the latest arrivals, a complete assortment of these goods. Also, colored silk and cotton Velvets, and Florences for Daguerreotype Cases, for sale hy F. 8. A 3. A MART1NE, Importers and Jobbers, 112 William street, near John. Gl'N8, RIFLES, AND PISTOLS,?SINGLE AND DOUBLE guns, rifles (flint or percussion), pistols (n great variety), powder Husks, shot lefts, pouches, game bugs, percussion-cups, genlocks, and gunsmith's ar'icles in great variety, on the most favorable terms, by A W. SI'IES. Ik Co., !'l Maiden lane. Paper hangincs-janervay a co, manufactiircrs. and dealers in Paper Hangings, No. llJO MaidenLane, call the attention of country dealers to their large assortment of Paper Hangings. Borders, Flro Prints, Curtains, *c? which they offer for tale at the lowest manufacturer's prices. CI USTAVl 3 BAIK'S PAPP.R BOX MAM FA( TORY HAS E t een removed to No. .17 Ann street, (tld nuinlwr ) Building timber.-buildino timber or all kinds,sawed to order,on reasonable term? and at short notice, which can be transported from the mill door to New York, la flats, hy tha Tide Water.t'hens i*ake, Delaware and Kuritan Canals. Address JAMES PORTER, Agent, Lancaster,Pa. Steam Saw Mills, Lancaster, Pa 1 ONLY!?WHO WOULD GO WITHOUT TEETH WHEN yp X thtv can have them Inserted, and warranted tor hve years, atone dollar each, at the office established lor the reduction of prices in 1H34. Hilling with pure gold 80 to 78 cants. ,?M Broadway. Doctor morrison continues to be consulted on delicate diseases, which he euros) without mercury or hindrance from business. The diceass, in its early stages, ho cures in a lew days. Ik-biUty of the nerves, from early Indiscretion, accompanied with a gradual prostration of mental power, is suecessfully treated by Or. M The must obstinate stricture* yield to his method of Hiring by absorption. See bis London Diploma. in lils effiec, JU1, Pulton street. Letters (post paid) attended to. DR. MoUEIIEAD'8 GUAM AT KI> MAt .NETIU MACHINES Tliois new and Iwautiful instruments r -tnline advantages not possessed by sny otlicrs. In a usai and portable compass, an ample supply of the life giving influences ol slectro-magnetism may be instantly obtained. In all nervous diseases, the effect of theft I n?l rurii'O tf it truly wonderful, and oar moat distinguished physician* highly recommend them. They are not liable to get out of order, anil are accompanied by a now manual, w|ih full directions for use. Price complete, and warranted. Manufaetuted aa<l told, wholetale and retail. Iiy D. C. MOREIIEA I), M. I)., I S3 Broadway. N. V. DH. RALPH. AUTIfOROP THE "PRA<TK'AL PRIVATE Treatise," *' ? MR Greenwich atreet? office houra 'J to I.'A. M.. 6 tod I'M (Sunday encepted.) Thoae ?ho apply iu the early stages a ill he surprised at the rapidity and little ineonvontenoe attending their cure. It lachiefly, however, thoae who haee sufhnd from a certain elaea of people, who can properly appreciate hie servcea In atrictnre, from tie flret or Incipient, to ita more advanced and diatRseing stages,(from uncommon advantages and a very extensive practice,) he can aftird a rapid, eaay and radical cnre, whieh, he hae ground for stating, can be obtained from no otheraonrce in America. Doctor pawcett has removed uis office to si Dcy stri ct .where he can be consulted on all Private I hemeea The moat obatinate yield to Ida mode of treatment, which la en the Nnn-Mercunal System. Strictures, ao matter of how long standing, are treated by Dr. P., on the moat mientitle and approved plan. The victims of oonatitntional debility, brought on by indiscreet indulgences, can apply with a certainty of euro. Pro-paid letters, enclosing a fee, attended to. Office, 61 Dey atreet NO CURE NO CIIAKUE-DR. MCRPUV OP SS UOLB atreet te oonfldcntially oonsnlted on all torma of privatedim earns Recent eaaee cfgimerhhesa he outea in J to 4 daya Conatttotlona! debility and tm potency succeeetiillv t?.. ??,i nV I>T P( IN e n croon ?e*d *a any naao, or tundra oue Iniiu tukLaaa uuu W tteld ?t-f s ?*' 7 A. M. to W P. M. Nihi.uj, astor place. br ?adway-mode in comm. dy. eotiihiD'o* tut of chariot to than hat yet be t. praaaatcd is tbia country. Flrat night of the engagement of li,? l-ahcl Dickimmn. Flrat night of the re-oiyrremon'of Mr II. PIa ciile. Fecund night of the ra rata "ncnt <f Mr O. VaadeatnlJ. Mr T Plan do, Mr. John lofton. Mr. <\ W Claatca. Mr <'harlot, Niu Kato llotn, Mra I'rttner. Mr' rhatlea, Mom Carpenter Turaday oveitinr, SepUtnl er If. t.ra'il Overture. After whic'i the comedy of DON DON A'-SI'IAVi K?*ir Haro-nrt I'onrtty. Mr. M plaeide. To conclude*'uli tbu o't.ant comedietta of Id IIK JEAI.OI'!), Admittance. SOeenta. Doora open at* purler et'ore 7i commencing at half paat7 Broadway tiieatr*.?tiesdat eyenino.ten. \<i, will l>? Lerforttad the trnpedy of jack I'aDE ?Duke of Fulfolk, Mr Bernard; laid 'ay. Mr. Pope: I>ult? of Buckiogllam. L. Ilrrnard: Jack''ado, Mr. rorrtat: Widow (Jade, Mr- Abbot; Mariomno. Mi?a Wmllta; Kate, Mra Waita. Af"*r tha trng-dy. a Graad New llallet Daoaa, by M lie ( cleat* aad Mona. WiethniT To conoluda with the hurlatta of the I. \ btiElt OF bOVK-The nevauer. ar. r. snnw; The r mew-list. Mr. FrM-ru k-; Frimoic Mr. Iledaway; Maruhmnew. Mra Abbott Susannah, Mr*. 1Tatt? Just ire, Mrs Cur mar Ilrere fire'.. and Pariuette, 78 rente; Family elreie. 29 conte ; Gellen \2\ rente. Door* open at 7, perform* dc* to commence at7)% o'clock. Bl RUIN'S THEATRE, ( HAMI.1I, STUEET.-TI KM DAT Evening. Sept. Ill, will ba plated tlia uni of Milton'e mark of (X)ML'S? Cumi^ Mr. Lynac; the Elder Brother, Mr Orace; the Younger Brother, Mr Meat*; Ijuly, Mra. Kaight; Bacchanals, ^aaant. Meyer, T. Johnenn, Rao, Hurley, Earn, Anderson, Hamilton, Chrtatiaa, Dowling; Eiu>liro?yn.>. Mra. a. I,<d#r. Alter wlicli. the new fhrcu of SEEING THE I',I.E. Pit ANT- JtnJ,e (Vreoran, Mr. Mat shall; Capta n Mr. Grace; Mi-a Elua Corcoran. Mra. l.-der To conclude with the grand ballet ofTllE St IRITOF AI K ? .I'lrien. M'Hn Mathille; llyininic, M'lla Adt lalde Be rear. M J. Varzettl. Drcsa Clfle and Par<|nrtte, 6 c Fnniiiy Circle, -'.lets Poors npen at 7: curtain riaeaat 7 If. MITCHELLS Ill.tMPIC THKATH*.?T< K1DAV EVEN ing. Scpteiuter IS, the cntcrtainine' tswill cotununo.- w.t'i anew |eti"e u< medy untitled the CUSTOM t IF T.'-E COUNTRY ?Achilla Towiinei.d Mr. Nh kintoi; Handle lllhhs, Mr. Cniover; Mr M itty. Mr. Ilenr>, Agmlui Bh-omington, Mra. Ilenry; Peggy, Miss Rot arte; Cliailnttc. Mm* Nirkin*?n. After which will ?e presented, a grand PANORAMA OF BROADWAY. After wlueli. a new farte entitled FooR I'll,i.II tiDOV?John Paler PilliooJdy, Mr Holland; CaptainO'.-tcottle, Mr. Nickiaaon; Surah Blunt, MisttOsnn'-n; Mra. Plllicnddy, Mire Huberts. To conclude with the laughable furce of the W' AN BERING MINSTREL? Jem Bug*. Mr. Mitchell. Dreea Circle, VIente: I'ppar Box a 25: Pit, 12>f. Doorso|>eii at 7 o'clock?curtain risen at half- paet 7. SACKED 1)1 OK A M AS -NOW EXHIBITING KV UK V l ight this week, and Wednesday and Saiurdav afternoons commencing at H o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, ."Ski Broadway, over Sloppani'it Hatha llanuington'a entirely new Grand Scriptural Dioratuua of the most Magnificent Sjwctacln e rr witnessed in New Yoik. Creation of the World and the Del : : Asstsicu oy |?iw?riui vocal anu Instruniental Accompaniment: Mr. II. Ilannlngton hasjnat completed a magnifioent Diorama, intended to illustrate the sublime spectacle of the Six Days of the Creation! exhibitinghy nieaue of moveable figures, scenery, and powt rful optical effects, all the progressive changes, from th? Chans snd Parknessot the nnformed llnivarae, until the final completion of the great work ol Creation, as described in 'ho lust and second chapter! ol Genesis. terminating with the ap* pearance of Adam nnd Eve in the Our en of Kden. The Diorama ia the remit ot a Ion* cheriahed idea. a?d of a lifetime of study and eaiieriment in thia department of the nrtu. it ia tno moat costly, heuiitiful and perfect work of the kind existing, ?nd coniHuca in ita exhiLi'.ion the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the uioat astonishing scenic effects, aaai 'tod by superior poetry, painting and music. Scenery and Incidents?('liana, the First liny. The Firmament, the Second Day Dry I,and. Herbage and Flowers. Third Day. Sun. Moon and Stars. Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, filx'-lx Pay. CardeDof Kden?Adam and Eve. With thia completion of the labors of the Creation, the first part of the Exhlhiticn closes. Part II, Grand Plerama of tho Deluge. Tickets Vt ots.? Children half prloe Doora onen at 7 Certain rn"? at. H o'cl'k Panorama of Taylor's campaign injmexico, at tho Minerva Rooms, 4tH> Broadway, shows, natural as life, the Marohes, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor. It also giveseoircct views of the oountry, towns, cities, Ac It is the meet Iwautltiil painting ever se-e. Open every night as i|unrter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exliibiteina on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at !i o'clock. Admission, cents. Schools admitted on reasonable terms. No obargo for descriptive rainphiels. A card.?having received numerous apl'mcations from heads of families wlte have been un-ihlo to visit " Bunvsrd's Panorama," the pnblio arc respectfully lnfnrtred that It will remain open foi one wook longer, and positively close on Saturday, Sentemlier 23d. P. S?All fills against the above are rc'inested to he presented prior to tho above date. Lost?a pair of gold speciaclef, with tub ownet s name ot graved in full The tiader will be rewarded. hy leaving tlirm Front sheet. Ci (t REWARD.?LOST, VBSTEKDAV MORNING. TWO ypit black and white Spaniels. They had two chain collar* on. coupled together with a swivel-chain; Whoever will return fhenx to fijol n stnet, will receive thcabove reward. A OKIKl K. Thomas kerr.?the conwonee of two iior3ES and a Light Wagon, from I'hiladelphio, is re-nie itcd to rail at Pier No. 2. North Klvor |AOR THE ( I1Y OF >T. DOM IN 0>. -Til E Sl'I'ERluR X Frcach hark, I amil'e. Captain Dellrnna For freight ?r passageapply to LiOTU & lll.NCK.EN, Brokers. Room No,1) Tontino Building. PASSACE FOR RIO DE JANEIRO, VALPARAISO, LIMA. ?The I'nlted Statesman steamer "California," of about lltll) tons burthen, will tail for the ab?vu porta on tho 2<1 of October, and having well furniahed statu- rooms, offers a favorable conveyance for the above named porta. An experienced surgeon will accompany tho steamer. For passage apply to ROWLAND St ASPfNWALL, No. M South street. 1AOR new OH IE A NS.?FIRST AND ONLV REtiOLAR Packet, to sail tliis day, litth Heptombcr. Louisiana and New York Line. The regular packet hark <1ENE*EE, Captain Dillingham, will positively sail as above. For freight of measurement goods or passage, apply on hoard at Orleans w harf, foot of IVall tlreet, or to E. K. COLLINS, 68 Smith stre'". Shippers will pi -jie send In their hills of lading linmeflately. Passengers will please bo on hoard at, Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ptreet, this day. Tuesday, at 1 o'oloek, p. m.; nt which timt tli? bark will sail. ' _____ 1AOR NEW ORLEANS, VIA IIA VAN A.?Til E SPLENDID steamship oKKsl ENT CITY, Stoddard, eoinmanlcr, will leave pier 4, N. R.. on Mornlav, 2d Ostober. at 4 o'clock, I*. SI. No lierth aeon red until paid for. Letter hags at Konyon's, 01 Wall street; Hale's, 711 Wall street; Exchauge News Room, an I at the office, <il Month street. Po.tago to Havana, 25 cents per half i unco, and no letters forwarded ual? s? pro-paid. No freight except specie taken oa the day of sailing. Rills ladimr rig ,ed by the clerk on beard, and to be presented for signature before 12 o'clock, m., on the day of sailing Frui ht taken to New Orleans only. For freight or russagv, apply to J. HOWARD fc SON. 7,1 S -uth street. The Crescent City will again 'cave New V--rk on Monday, TJtli Octoher. THE UK1TISII AND NORTII AMERICAN KDVAL MAIL Steamships lw ween Boston and Liverpool, and between New Yi rk and Liverpool, calling at Halifax, to land and teceivc mail* and jaster gers. are intended to sail as follows: -IIRernis, i apt. Shannon, from Boston. Wednesday, S? pteniber2<>; Europe, ('apt. Lott, fr> m New York, Wednesday Sep'etr.ber 27 ; Acadia, Cajit. Store from Boston, Wednesday. October I; America, Capt, Jud tins, irem r*ew ioih, nsnnnflsy, 'hi. mt ii; *.nmurin, i ip. Harrison, from Boston, Wednesday, October 15: Britannia C X p t. Use,from Sew Vi.ik, Wed cwlny, October 36; Niagara, dipt. Hi lit, from BobtF.n, Wednesday, November 1; Hibcrniu, Cap",. Bhannoti. from New York, Wednesday, November 5; Enr-pa. Capt.Lot',from Boston, Wednesd v. N ovembcr IS. l or freight orpasfage apply to E. CUNARD. Jr., 35 Broadway. TO TAILORS.?TO I,F,T. A STORE AND FIXTURES FOR tailoring. Inquire of O. U. SCOTT, No. IP! Broadway. TO IET OH I.KASE?A HE3TAL'RANT, CONNEt IED with a Hotel, situated in a ve-y favoral.le place for husinc-s, anil conducted on first class principles. 'IT.c P mu-ant is fitted np in the best stylo, and now doing a profitable business. Tho Fixtures. tic., are complete, and oan ho purchastd by the applicant for $2,800. The premise3 w ill he let for ioven cr ten years, on nu ll terms as may he agreed upon. The time and attention of the present proprietor being Wholly occupied with tho Hotel, a tare chance is now i (feted for a safe and profitable investment. The best of reference required and given. For further particulars, enquire of GEORGE VI. MORSE!.!,. No.? Chambers ?t, New York city, between the hours of !l A. 11. and .I P. M. rpo LET.?3PI.EXD1D ROOMS FOR BALL'', CONCERT3, X Military Drills, Saloons, Reloctortcs, kc., at No. ATI Broadway, Just below Prince street, (formerly the residence of Jo'm G. Coster.) The buildings are now being extended through to Mcr r stieet?will b?c"m[leted ahout the 1st of November, and occupied in nsrt by t!u> t hinese Museum. The bail and concert I on w ill I e 124 feet l.y ft), witli ceilings 26J{ feot high, built oxpressly with refeience to sound; ventilated In the moat perfect manner, and have sraeious anil elegant drestingaod supper rooms attached. The room f .r m lltary drills, public meetings, kc , will be 121 feet by 60, with ceiling 15 feet high. The psrlors and basements,fronting on Broadway, aro admirably adapted for saloons, refectories, or stores The w hole or parts will be let on reasonable terms t > tenants who can give good security. Application to be male ua tie premises, from fi till 12 A. M? and fr..m 5 till ti I'. M UPHtIL8TERY GOODS AND CERTAIN MATERIALS ? The suburbs rs respectfully call the attention of Soutlura and Western visiters, and the public in general, to their extos-ve assortment of Cnholstery Goods, which they are constantly rereiving from Paris. One of the firm having jnst returned from a tour through Europe, where ho lias made some very handsome (elections, we arc now prepared to oiler an assortment wiiioli will be found nne<iualled. and lower than can lie purchased at any other establishment in the city, comprising, in past, rieh BmoatclleI. Satin do Laines, Lampas, Plushes, Velvets, French Silk?, ?&<miiv uirv jniirnu vnruiinK, riixnnn and rranrn furniture . Chintz,Cordr and Taaaela, Loom, tiimpe, Fringe#, together with Hilt and braae Ornicea, I'ina, Uande, and Ornament#. SOLOMON Ik HART. Importer# and Manufacturer# of LVtolatery Uouda, 21.1 Broadway, (oppoalte the Park.) Artificial eies-jcst rickivbd at is barren atreet, a larxe aepplyof Artitirlal Eye*, direct trim Paria.? Tt ey are inferred without any pain or operation, and aa they more like tt* natural eae, the oloaeat ohaerver cannot detect tie in. Dr. Powell devotea hi# attention, aa uauaL to diaoaeea of the eye and ear Ilia popular work on the eyo; price 3d centa. Alio, hit self, actio# Eve Font.talna, for atrengthenlng the cjo, can be procured at hiat thee. DR. WHBELEK, OCULIST, 2U GREENWICH STREET devotee hia exclusive attention to diwaeoa or Uio Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery. Cataract# removed in ten daye, without pain,on anew principal, and eight reatored. Artificial Eyev for ealo and ineorted. Office hour# from H, A. M to 1 o'oloek. P. M. Retereneea to the ftreVreninea in the nity. Dl(. ELLIOTT, OCULIST. 316 UROADWAV, INFORMS hi# patient# that, on and after the ISth September, he will ha In hia office from ten to threo o'clock, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. NO (IKE. NO PA v.?DR. CORBITT, III OUANE STREET, member of the Royal College of Surgeon*, Louden, mar be oonaulud in treatmeolof delicate diaeaaea No matter how long you may hare gleet, ulcere upon the body, or iu the throat or note, pain# in the head and bonee of the legt A practice of fourteen year#, devoted to venereal diaeaaea, enablce Dr. C. to cure the worn form of thie dieeane. Recent caace cured In four deya? No mercury need. Stricturee cured in one or two week# with carcely any pain. Thoee individual# who hare indulged in a oeraain loathaome habit, can poaitirely be reatored >o health and anciety. N. It Stranger# are cautioned not to be deceived. Dc Cobbett baa not removed Remember HI Duane atreet, oppc tiki Dr. Johnaon'a NO CI'BR, NO CHARQB.?DR. COBBRTT, M R. C. i.. L.. inlorma tbc public, and hia patienta in particular, that h? hoa removed to 6o Ana atreet, (near William,) where lie la confidentially conanlted on all diaeaeea of a private or delicate character, to which hia |*-enliar attcniion haa hcen directed far the laat twelve yearn In thie city To thoae who have been undec hia oaie, he tlattera tumult to my, that aell-laiidation i# tiuneeemary. To thoie who have not, and who aro afflicted with painn of the head, limb*, ulcere, atricturee. or ecminal debility, ho guarantera a perfect and apeedy cure, or no c harge. No mere-.tra ueed. N. 1L?The apartment# of hia office are ao arranged, Oiat patient* do not aee each other. For <puaU6catlona eae tho Doctor"* Dlplnana Medicalornct-dr. jotinson, i? duanestreet our < hat ham etroet. to w ml known aa tha moat euceoarftal practitioner in New T?rV. in the treatment of venereal dieeaaoe. The Doctor*! reputation lor akill in thoeeold half-oaredcaaeaUrn* have Minted for ymra, it pre-eminent. Gleet, atrictnre. ulcem open the body, or in the throat or noee, paiae in the head ana bonce of tl e lege, effectually cured. Conetitntional wvahoeea, broocht on by a eecret habit indulged in bvtyonng men. caneiu laaciviooe (Iname and nightly Mniwrinnr, positively preventeC Seoent caioa oured in fear daya, without mercury. No alteratioa a diet, or prevention from bueiaeea. MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORR-TO THE MARRIED or thorn contemplating nuwrlaga-Tho Married Woman's Private Medical CompanionTby Dr. A. M Maurleeen. Siath edition. Price $1. Thie work ie meeting with meet aetonndingeal* (K?*) copiee have already been diepoeed of I Every female la getting a oopy. whether married or unmarried, althoagh it I* Intended eepecially for the married, ee it dieoloeee important accrue^ which ahonld he known to them particularly. Here every teranl# oan dieoover the eanece, eymptoma end the moet efficient rem? dice, end moet certain mode ot cum In every oaae. Tor ante, hit Broadway: at tha pnbliahing office, 139 Liberty etrwet, New York) aleo, T. B. Pct*n?n. oumWr 9S Ckeetnet etreet, O. B. 7-eibe* Philadelphia; Little A I'o.. Albany; t?. R. Davie, (ioaton. On tha receipt of $1. a eopv will be tranamittud by mail, frra of p wtag^ eHp?rrn of tv l*n''vd <'ii?. *11 ? ? V eiMy - i ... e l.r i * * ""! r VI . '2 *, Yvlx *tfe j Uikee idk hiMfll tuvvk

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