Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1848 Page 3
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s CITY TBADB MNniii Ktitiif, September 22?0 P.M The floor market wan heavy, a?d sales moderate. Tbe^lot* disposed of consisted ohiefly of thin State brands. including common ami pare Qeuesee, Oswego, he., with a decline of 6t,j a 12H per harrell. compared with previous sales. Wheat waa heavy, and buyer* were offering lees than was previously paid, which feller* wrie uot disposed to concede, and hence sales were limited. Corn was in moderate demand, with ales within the range of previous quotations. Meal waa in some better demand, and sales made at a slight improvement in prices Hye and oats remained about the same fork wan some less flrm and sales made at a trills less than was paid yesterday ; but, at the oloee, holders were pretty firm at the previous adv.tnoe. There was no change in lard or beef. Sugars were in fsir demand, without material change in prices. Molasses were firm ; coffee was quiet. Amiss ?Small sales of pots and pearls were made at $0 a ^0 12*. Bkkadsti kf>.? Flour?The galea footed up 6 TOO a 7 too bble , to varioUH lotn, couhihtin* eliietly of this Slate. Osw?go, and other couiuiou brands, at f>6 76, aud pui v (jenene at ?6 81.'., a $5 S7fa i "75 bbla. Outario ill Us, said at 55 76, and 400 a 600 Ohio round ho'ip, in li ts. at the rauie price ; Southern was quiet, and we Oui> heard of 200 bbla. at $5 hi1, a $5 04. H'heat? of 1,OQO bushels eouimon (ienesee, were made at 13lc ; 2 600 bu-ht in common ( on private terms; and 1 600 buihels Ohio, at 12do. Corn?The sales footed up about 30.000 bushels, in separate parcels, among which wire about 8 000 a 10.000 bushels round yellow, at 00c. a 70c.; 1,000 a 2 000 do. high mixed, at tele ; 2 600 do. do. at t>5o . with several parcels tlat li MlinUr uf. fiAft uAmu lftfn r\f mtminnn ?r?i vuil uf *?' Altut?Sales ot about 700 a SUO, chiefly Southern, were made at ?3 26c. Hye? Sale* of 2 000 a 3.0o0 bushels, were made at 08c. a 09c. Kyr Flour?The market was quiet, at yesterday'* price*. Oats? Sale* of 6,000 bushel* wi re mude at 3to Lard?Was quiet, at $4 3i>g. Cotton.?'1 be tales, to-day, amount to 1,200 bale* at quite firm price*. The bulk of tbe operation* were , for export. Fiih.?'1 lie inquiry continueE active, with farther tale* of 1 000 barrel* Ma-B.rchusetts mackerel, at $9 26 a (9 60 tor No. 1. and $7 60 for No. 2. Dry cod bare impioved, and sold at $2 76 to the extent of Soo quiuti.l*. lu box herrings tbere is not much movement, romu 6,000 are on tbe market, and can be bought right. FauiT.?Sale* have been made of 100 case* Canton pretervtd ginger, at $8, bix month*; and 200 boxes French lemons, at $4 60. Fheiuhtr - Cotton in Fquare bales, to Liverpool, were reported taken, at 7-32d.; 7>?d. for corn in bags was refused; tor Hour. 2s 3d was demanded; for lard. 27 . fid., nud cheese. 32*. fid. Rate*, however, were slack, on account of the prevailing disposition to wait tor later strainer's news. Ukmf ?The ha'ance of the cargo of the Cincinnati, 1,401) Dales, was taken (600 of winch was taken for export,) at 80. 6 months; 200 do. American dew rotted, at $>147 SO; and 40 tons Kussia, in lots, at $205 a $210, same time. Lime ?Sales of 2,500 barrels Thomaston were mads, at 70c a 72o. Naval Stores.?The operations of the day comprise SCO barrels crude turpentine, at $3 25; 200 do. spirits, at 46'-. a 47c , cash; 300 do. North county rosin, at 05o.; and 150 do. white do . at $2 07,'a a $3 12'X. raoviAioNs ?dales of 700 barrels mess were made, at * $12 87)?. There were buyers of prime pork at $9 87>4, and tellers at $10 Lard was quiet, and we continue quotations at SJ.Jo. a 9c. Beef?Mess, we quote, at $13 50, and piimr at ?0 23 a $.0 50. There was no change in butter or cheese. Oils.?Further sales of 7.000 gallons natural winter sperm at (1 14 a f 1 15, an(1.1200 baskets Marseilles olive at $5 a $3 12#. 4 months. Kick continued nuiet, and the market firm at $4 a $4 0b/4, lor good samples.' Sucars?Among the lots disposed of, we noticed 200 boxes brown Havana, at t#o. a 6#o.: 200 lihds Cuba Muccovudo, at 4% a 5^c; and ISO do. Porto Rico, at 6>bc. r ftJuo ; all on the usual time. Spicks?Cloves were selling in lotsat22o.; No. 1 nutmegs at frl 12.V'o ; and tyacu at 90c. Teas.?At the sale to-day, there was a good attendance and the bidding spirited. The catalogue was mostly all disposed of. at very full prices, and on the common grades at a slight improvement. Imported in the bark Caudace?terms, notes at 6 months?Hyson ?12 hf. chests 08#; 74 do. 07; It) do. Co,',,'; 30 do. 00; 20 do. 59. 10 do. 4<J; 19 do. 48#; 42 do. 37#; 21 cht.i. 94; 50 01b. boxes 33#: 76 131b do 33; 39 ohts 30#; 37 do 29#; 107 do.; 173 131b boxes and 160 61b. do. withdrawn. Voting ilyson?10 cases 59; 30 hf ohts. 49; 4Si do. 48#; 10 do 48; 35 do. 46; 5 do. 44#; 12 do 44; ?6 do. 42; 15 do. 40#: 03 do. 40; 37 do. 39#; 33 do 3b#; 60 do. 88; 98 do 88#: 80 do 35; 49 do.81#; 31 do. 31; 40 do 30,4; 33 do 29#; 83 do. 24; 15 do. 27V; fit) do 26L2( <10 ifn ltd 2H- i.'lt tin 9.r? 798 .In nnU M-i cans withdrawn. Hyson Skin-'JO hf. cho.-ts 25; 30 do. 22; 86 do. 2u,';; 36 do 18,'a'; 20 do. 17; 20 do. ltJX; 01 do. and 100 chests 10; 316 do and 310 half do. withdiawu. Twankay?77 half chests lfl}?; 552 do. 10. Gunpowder?o ?^esls *?i do- 10 do. 65; 21 do 6430 61b boxes 64; 15 hall' rh?at? 47i 52U do. 46; 22 do 39>*; 62 131b boxes 20)4; 127 do. anu 42 o. o. do. withdrawn. Imperial?14 half clients 68'i; 12 do. 63; 37 do. 01,'a; 24 do 48; 11 do. 44; 9 do 42; 00 13:b. boxes -41 ,lj; 7 Half chests 30; 40 tilb. boxeB 29; 87 do. withdiawD. Oolong I'ouchong? 65 half chests 42,'*; 20 do 36; 115 do. Souchong?101141b. boxes 50; 47 do. 48; 35 do 47>4; 83 14J,lb do. 46. Ningyong-130 half chests 31. Ningyoug Oolong -10 half chests 20; * 72 do. 251i. Oolong?9C ?? chests 25. WiiuKtr.? Sales of 300 bbls. State prison were made at 26c. Wines.?Sales of 70 ?jr. casks port at GOo. a $1 10, and 40 do. sweet Malaga, at 42c., usual lime. Wool.- The business of the week has not been large and has been contined mostly to domestics. The stock oliering is rather small, and holders are somewhat stiller. Transactiots embrace 8.000 pounds No. 1 city pulled, at 2lc.. and 20 000 do., fleece, at 23 a 26c. cash The current quotations are as tollews:? American Saxony, fleece, per pound 33 a 35 Amercan, iuii d.O' a nurim a ou American. >? an I \ merino '24 a 26 American. native and >4 merino 20 a 22 Superflue, pulled, country 23 a 20 No. 1. pulled, country 21 a 22 Superfine, pulled, city 24 a 23 No. 1. pulled, city 21 a 22 South American, washed 0 a 12 South American, washed and picked 18 a 20 South American, unwashed. 3 a 7 African, unwarhed 3 a 7 Smyrna, unwashed 10 a 13 Mexican, unwashed 0 a 10 Knmlly Provision Market* Waihikutow Market, Sept 22, 1S48. Meati? Beef Steak?Torter boure, 14o. per lb ; sirloin. 10c. a 12>ic. per lb.; roastin*. best quality, 12l?e per lb.; inferior. 7c. a 10c. per lb.; c<rned 0c a 8c.; tongues. COc. a 02'a'c. each. Pork? Fresh, 9c. per lb ; salted, do.; smoked, 10c.; hums, 10c. a 12,?o. per lb. Lamb- 7o. a 10c. per lb. Mutton?Oo. a 0c. per lb. t rai?uc a nc. as per quality. Kim ? Salmon (fresh), lHc a 25 c.: do. smoked, 250.; do. pickled, 10c. a 12}ao. per lb.; bass (striped). So.* 10c per lb.; do. sea, tc.; weak fish, 5c. a 6c.; eels, 6c. a be.; blnckflsh, 8c.; halibut.5c. a Go ; blue tlsh, 4c. a Sc.; codfish. 6c.; porgies, 4c. a6c.; flounders. 4c. a 6c.; mackerel, Sc.; shad (smoked), 10c. Shell Fith?Lobsters, 6c a 6c. per lb; clams. 60e. a $1 per hundred; oysters, 60o. a f 1 a $.3 per hundred, as per quality. Toultrv?Turkeys, $ 1 a $ 1 26 each; chickens, 37>fe. a 76c per pair; ducks. 60c. a "6c. per pair; geese, 37>?c. a 60c. eaoh. Ciikesk, &e.-5c. aOo. per lb. I.ard?7o. a 9c. per lb. Mutter? 18o. a 28c. per lb. Eggt?10 for 12'a'o. Vccctabi.ks?Beans, string. 8c. a 14c. per peck; butter, 8c. a 10c. per quart; egg plants, 4c. a Co. each; carrots, 3c. a 4c. per bunch; squashes, 3c. a So. each; onions, 31c. per peck; cabbage, 2c. a 4c. per head: tomatoes, (1 per basket: beets, 2c. a 3c. per bunch; potatoes, Irish, 50c. a 62)ac. per bushel; do. sweet, 25c; a 37V.c per peck; pumpkins, G\c. a 25c. each; poppers, 18J4c. per hundred; green corn, 25o. a 44o. per hundred; cucumbers, 256. per hundred; okra. 25c. per hundred; radishes, lc. a ]>ac. per bunch; leeks, 6c. per buneh; turnips. 3c a 4c. per bunch. Fa*it?Teaches, $2 a $10 per basket; pears, $100 per basket; apples. 25e. a 37,'ao per bushel; grapes, 60c per basket; plums, 25o a 50c. per peek; pine apples, 37kc a 50c each; water melons, 3c. a 15c. oacb, uut megs 2o aCc.earh., 37>?c. per peck. Hkhh??TerMey. 4e. per bunch; thyme, 2o. 4e. per do; lage, 2o. p< r do; mint, 2e. per do. MAiUtU'rS KI/*KWI1KIIE. STOCK SAKKS. Bai.ti s'on r. Sept. 2Work Hoard?I ?har:? Baltimore & Oho Ri.i m ad Co . .'in. fmi.i i t.i'iuA, Sept 21?FJrat Hoard?23 Union Canal, 9; 20 do ' >: Ill <ln,15 M ilitiin u, k"X; JiUHSl Tr ?>nrr l>'? ni wn, 10 ;.k; Ml N O U I2P; $1 I'M) i cr.n P't>. SA; *1000 d .,'8'; $2300 do, 83; ft N OCu, 12P; y|l2;< Nov list, 71; $70 I.ohig'i Sflnn, .H2>4; $:AimTeni iVe lat July, 7f '$30il Lc'iijh Cl Scrip. S2W;33 3 Nav Sti ck. Ill, 10 do. 10; 211 do. IP; ,'toO Clrard bJ, |nJ?; 30 ifo, 111=,,; Pal do, II 1 p'miai Slute B'r, i$500 LuhUls t'l forlp. 82>4; 200(11rtrsl 15. U 210 do. 10?,, ?"i? SiaP- 6'a 73?: S?M) do, 735t. 4/fcr Salt*?WOUO 1'tnr f't. T.'!3..: 10'I fceitgli ci Strip, 82U; ?IOdo,5.'; 11.1 "eh Nov. 10; 6*>0 Cimrd Ilk in-... Strnnd hoard ?11*1 I run 5> 7: sf: WOCUy a 07, H730 l-clii,Tb N CI Scrip, ?2}?; 47 I 'nil n Ilk jetm. 42><: 6n Now Jcr,ey Copper, 154. Afler Half?131.00 1'tnu t'i, J.'1,; 50 Union Canal, 4. Dnernn. Sept. Ul.r-F.ri horor Hoard.?60sharesReadmit Railroad 13 1.1 II,. ft. do. Mil.- Kill: oil do. 1,4.',: Z'. do lit. 25 da. If.C.US; .IS do Vermont C:nU il Railroad, Ill d" 64\: 10 do 5.1^: 13 do, F.adleni Railroad, ll)2Ji; 2 dc. Boston and Maino Kaiiii iid, 110; 6 <1 >. 1'i rtlaii l, faco and RorOmont'i Railroad, S8K: $10011 do. City Sixes, IMS, fftjf. Hrriind Un ird. .VI shares Reading Railn ad, IK, MO; .1 do. Enslem Railroad, .'i sdr., poyable Monday; I ilo. Western Kailro.d, WIS; 9 do. Vcnaont Contra! Railroad, 5.">X;f> do. Northorn Railroad, 91; .10 right* Vt. and Macs. Railroad, .10c.; $1090 heading Railroad Bond;, .VI If. DOMESTIC MARKETS pHiLanr.i.rim Catti.k Maskkt, Sept. II, 1848.? Oflermgs consist of 1050 beef cattle, Including 600 taken for New York; 300 cows and calves; W20 ho^e. and 2CO0 sharp and lsniba. rrlco.a?Beevea steady at $5 60 a $0 60 the 100 lbs.; 120 head left over. ( own and calTes?Sales range at $7 a $12 for dry, $12 a $20 for springers, and $18 a $30 for fresh cows, lloga? Dull at $5 a $5 75 the 100 lt-a . and 250 left over. Sheen and lambs?Mostly sold at $1 26 a $3 25 for sheep, and $126 a $2.10 each, for lambs, as in quality. Hay Is scarce, and prices tending upward. Sales for the week have generally been at 86 a 05c. the ewt . for good Timothy. Straw brings $5 a $0 the 100 bundles. FORRION MARKETS. Mata(.i ? P. H , Aug. 28 ? From this part of the island we hare Tery little news to cnmninnieate ; business of all kinds is extremely dull. The cane Is all r, .1 41,., , n.l ? ? I . ? .W?.t ? t iI w shipped away. It la almost useless to quote the priori of American produce, a* no rale* of anything but codfish hare been made for the past month? prices ranging from $1 a f.T,, per quitftal?all other articles of import are but nominal. Sugars have been told In small lots ; prime, none ; full 2d*. 21* a 2X; ordinary 2ds 2a2VjSds. 1*? a 2 Molasses, $0 a $10 per 100 gallons, and scarce. Exchange on St Thomas 7 per oent ; exchange on the United States 4 per cent. Ha* ana, Sept. 7. 1848.?Since our last report, the English steamer of the 1st of August has brought a sore favorable acoount of the position of sugar In European markets This has enenuraged our planters to Increase their pretensions; and as the stock here Is much reduced, and but little remains In the country, they hare succeeded In obtaining a further ad ranee, particularly for the lower grades of yellows and browns We p! rec our quotations as follows:?Assort? ad kinds. Oak and a 0 rials; ordinary whites, 7 a7.'?; i ! mwm i ww?'w M m ? i " in wi i mmmm ? i in too ' to flue whites 7J? a 8 '.4'; choice white* 9 a nilpwier anil floret"- y< llowe 8 11 tOj ; good to Hub yell)*h 5 a brown* 4 a 4'^. ami cucuruchos nt^ a 3J< rlah. 1 he weather has continued unfavorable in mtnvimportant districts, and tin) opinion gains ground that the growing orop will yield lo.-s than wan anticipated. During the past uiouth 91 890 boxu* were shipped from here a nil Ma'atir.a*. of which 3G.OOO boxes went to the United Statm. The exports fur August 1847, were only 64.Cl'9 boxes The hu-iness In molasses i* very limited. We c|uote l)i a 1\ ti ils. Imports-Fish is wanted. Lard continues to rell steaddv, at full prices; ttock equal to 560 kegs. Beef 12 a 16 rials per arrobe; codfi.h $5 a $5 50perqtl; haddock $3 50 a $4; hake, $3 50; rice, ll1^ a 12 re. per arrobe; lard. <112 50 a $15 per qtl.; bams. $19 a 15; tallow candles. $16 a 17; sperm do . $39 a 41; whale oil, 12 a 16 rs. per arrobe; itierin do. 32 a 34 rs - cheese. $14 a 15: butter. $15 a 18; yellow corn, ?5r* per arrobe; hoops. $34 a 30 per iM.; floor, $16 60 a 10; lumber, $'31 a 22 per M.; Portland do.. $18 a 20; do. pitob pine. $18 a 24; box shook*. 6 a 0,'a per box; molasse* hogshead*, 14 a 10 rs. each; sugar do., 16 a 18 r* each; empty casks, $2 60; potatoes, $2 60a 3 per bbl ; Onions. $6 a 8 per 100 bunches; nails. $6 25 a 6 50 per qtl ; tar. $5 a 660 per bbl. Freights?Two Amerb an barks were chartered for Antwerp at ?'i 15 to ?'i 17s. Od. A small Spanish bark (or Hamburg at jC.'I, and a .Spanish brig for Falin luth and a market at A'3 8s 0d Vessels adapted for sugar to F.urope are scarce, but the inquiry also is very moderate Two vessels were taken for the United States iif <1 n?r 1*' Thlianorn?A larrvu nmniinf tttahauii placed on London at 15 per cent premium, and holder* are now asking higher rate* Bill* of the United State* are scarce, and we quote 1 ! ? to 2?? per cent premium. : ?North American, Philadelphia. Ctf k REWaRD.-LOST visterdav morning at the J/lt" Tcmpkiu's Market, three Ten Dular New York City Bill* The finder, a entered waiter, who is known, will pleaou leave the , Ssmoat ISO Broadway, and receive the above reward. | LObT.?YESTERDAY MORNING- A I.ADY'3 BLACK thread laoe Veil, between Fourth street and Wavorly Place. V? hoover will return it to No. 23d Washington s rout, shall bo ibt tally rewarded. VIEW OF NEW YORK?31 LENDID BIRD'S EYE VIEW ! of the Empire City and Environs, from opposite the ea?terly side. I resenting the en t rc length nud breadth of the great o.ty of New Votk, showing >he c inline of the Jersey shore, Jersey City and iloboken, the North River, Governor's and 3tatcu Island, the extensive Bay Mid the Narrows: on the left, a 1 rge p rtion of Brooklyn, the Navy Y'srd, and Williamsh rgh, in the I rectoi no. Being the only comptchensive and accurate view ol New ! York city and environ a it i oiubines an admirable view and an interesting jicturc. For sale by WILLIAMS fit -tTEVENS, No. SS3 Broadwsy Wholesale by E. ANTFONY. No. SOS Broadway. F|*11E NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE.?IN CON5EJL auence of the great demand for this week's number?containing all the testimony in the great seduction euro of Willium A Bayley and Ann G. Robinson, of thiseity, with editorial review of , u e tunic ; ana tno conclusion ot the Elves of the pirates Uihbg and Wansley, who were hung on Gibbet Island?a Sesond Editiun has lean issued. No more will he printed ; therefore, those who have not purchased, will do well to do so at once, as the number is limited. Ofllee, IPS Naesau street. Prioo four cents PRINT DEALERS, ATTENTION .'?AVOID IMPOSITION and misrepresentation. Look at the lata issues of Barilla's Prints, and judge for j ourselves, if they arc not the best and clieai>est in the market. Price only $i30 per thousand. Also, tho funniest. Political Caricatures issued, at $li per hundred to the trade; For tale by JAMES UAlLLIK, Publisher, S7th street, ntarlil Aventte, New York. SCOTT'S CHEAP FURNISHING STORE.?GENTLEMEN in want of Shirts, Collars Cravats, Under Clothing, fee. fee., are recommended by us te call at Jno. P. Scott's eKta-ilishment, 1ST Fulton street, one door Irom Broadway, or at lit Nassau st, opposite cur ofllee, where th?-y will not only tind a vi ry largo assortment of the aliove goods, but at an advance in price of only live per cent from cost pri< es. Call and judge for yourselves. COLORED WAITER WANTED?WITH GOOD 11STOMmecdations, may apply at 2S Reaver street, front office, up stalrr, from fl to 11 A. M? or SJj to 1% P. M. WANTED?IN THE VICINITY OF BROADWAY, BB tw ccn Blcecker street and Union Park, one very largo, or two rooms with foldisg doors. Address L. L, Herald offioe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GERmun Girl, as Chambermaid, ChiMre. a' Nurse, or to do the general work ot' a i mall family. Apply at No. 14 Collage Place. WANTED ?TWO SALESMEN TO TUE DKY GOODS business. To avoid trouble, nono need apply but erperienced persons iu city trade. Apply thin evenii g to M. J. DITTY it CO.. 1M Canal. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A fitnatinn as chambermaid, and to assst in the washing, irtnirg, vaiting, and to take care of children. Good city reference. Please call at Ns. 93 Third Avenue. \\T ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE. SOBER AND INDUSTV trisus Protentant young man, a silua'ion aa Waiter <>r Coachmar, in a private family, hat no objection to go a abort distance in the country. Sa iafaetory reference oan begivon. Please call at 61 Watt atreet, after 8 o'clock A. M. Wanted?at a bachelor's house in new or. leans, a man and hia wife as waiter and cook, who are with nut encumbrances; ptvfeotly undcratund their duties, and are willing to make themselves generally useful. They must havo the mi st unexceptionable characters and coute well rccommouded, without which nono need apply. Scotch preferred, but no ohjeetirn mrde to Germans or English. Apply at No. 31 Dolmouico's Hotel. Ilrnadw ay, hot we n lit and 11 i>'rlook, A. M. A W IDOW LADY, RESIDING IN A PLEASANT SITUAlion in the up|ier part of the city, would like to receive t so or tLrae children, to boird and educate in tke English brauches, with music and French if desired. They would receive parenVu care and attention. Terms very moderate, but payable in advsnce. Enquire at 8? Christopher street, corner of Bleecker. IU1A WANTED. AT 7 PAR CENT, FOR ONB,TWO ? 1 ,UUU or three tears, cn two good brick ItouKS. wis* Pare of lot, fr m Trinity Cbtirrlh With 19 ysara ?- ntI)i wlt|, ltm t.t'tal covenants of renew al, l'ho Louses are insured for $3,31*; will rent for MOO per anni?-n. A small bonus will bo givon. For fnrtheT particulars, address Lea**, li araid office. 000 T? LOAN ON B|}SP AND MORTGAGE, or more turns. Apply iu tho Itank Note Exchangi Oifloc/to JOHN F. CONREV. No". 80 Well fL cfti n nnn to $311,000 to loan in one amount yp A v/ j V " v / v 7 on bond and mortgage, of improved real cstcte, situated down town. Also, $i,0UU to loan on a farm in West Chester county. Apply to WM. CORP, No. 2 Hall of Kooerds. Board wanted, in a private family, by two Gentlemen, where there are few boarders; location to be belc w Chambers stroet. stating terms, which must be moderate. Address K. Ik II., at this office. BOARD.-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE Acer mmodutod with board and pleasant rooms, in a private iamily, at No. 71 Eldndge street, botween Grand and Hester streota. References exchanged. BOARDINC.-TWO LARGE SIZED ROOMS, W1TD ROOMY pan trios suitable for a small family, with one or more small rooms, may he bad, with fnll or partial board. lor terms, tec., apply at No. 80 Commerce, between Hleeeher and Hudson streetr. A RARE CIIANCK.?REFECTORY FOR SALE, TO FORE closo a mortgage. Ths well-known and long-establiahod Refectory, No. 11 Ann street, city of New York (formerly conducted by Daniel Sweeny, and la'ely by Ilcnry Uanter), now doing a profitable and extensive business. Apply on tho promists. T.3 0R SALE?THE GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES OF A -F Dining Saloon, well established and doing a good busiuosa, si turned in the lower part of this city,and in uno of tho most principal quire at I.T6 Water i.trcst, New York. 1AOK 8ALE.-A THOROUGH ItREO SADDLE HOiSE, iourd ai d free from vice; goes well in harness; fast, and of tin* appearance. Apply at BARK'S Stables, (ill Franklin street. 1j>0R SALE, A NEW YORK PILOT BOAT, ABOUT 85 TONS, now lying oil the Battery, N. Y. Apply on board. Bounty land, extra pay, prize money, me.? Soldiers, Seamen, Marines, and the representatives of those deceased, can have their claims secured without delay, by applylac to A> M. ROBS, 71 Nassau street. Land warrants for sale, by w. u. wuitmarsu, Nc. 16 Wall street. Lots for sale at hoboken.?building lots in the most eligible situations for business purposes aud dwelling hoarse. For price, terms Ac., inquire at the Hoboken Compaay's Office, ferry landing, Hoboken, of w. W. 8HRPPERD, A*ent_ Removal.?j. u. myeks respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has removed his Hair Dr.FSirg Saloon from No. 127 l'ulton stroet, to the spacious and airy Sab on No. 21 Spines street, where kis friends aud the publio are kvitcd to call. Also, at the above number, may be obtained bis justly celebrated Liquid Cnre, and at No. 127 Falton street. A ARNOLD A CO., HAVE REMOVED TO TUEIR NEW st' re, No. 60 Canal street, and arc now offering at exceed ing } low priecs,a choice and ex tensive stock of fashionable goods, eeicc ted in Europe by i partner of the house, comprising? SILKS. EMBROIDERED ROBES. RICH CASHMERES,- MADONNAS, mekin0k3 and tuibxts, vis1tes. french prints, Together with a great variety of Taney and Staple articles. N. B. Their new style of Paris Cloaks will be ready for inspection oa Monday next. 25th lastsal NC i ll K- THE COI'AI TV EKSIIII'HERETOFORE EXISTing under the firm of POWELL A CO., is this dsy dissolved ny mutual cot-tent, All acute, up to auto, to bo palil to T. Doioy. 8. T. POWELL. TOD'S doney. Tho 00f perflate printing loudness, In nil ita tirnnchen will hereafter he carried nn by tho eubseriber, and nil debts against tho Into fimwiU U paid by him. Newr York, September II, 1H4K. SIDNEY T. POWELL. IMPORTANT INFORMATION.?GENTLEMEN WISHING thoir Winter Clothing Other Cleaned, Dyed, Altered, and rtpn red w ith n< w oollnro. cult*, liuio.', mid button*, are informed that No. ti Mtiiray iitrrot Is the only place to get their work done well and el cop. Prepare your overcoat* in time. No coloring u?ed in cleaning. A line addressed from nuy part of the city will bo attcLdrd to by tho eeneralTailor, A. CORTISSOS, No. 1 Murray street, near Broadway. Charge for claning oreret at*, $1; others, 8s; pants, do. No disnppo iittjicnta AST-OfT CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FIRE ARM?, ho. Wanted.?Ladle* or Uentlvmcn wiihing to convert their raporfluouacAei ta into rash, will obtain full value for the same by addressing the (uheeiil.or, thtough the post-office or etherwin, who will attend them at their residence* by appointment. R I.EVETT, J Wall-street, New York. My simmer coat is too chill y.-why not goto G. ft. Clarke, 118 William street, and buy oao (uitabls to lh? seaion 1 I tonght this one at Clarke's; and at , tliey neted tne three dollars more, and not so good in quality, t lathe's *lothing dee* ?rodit to him self and justice to the wearer* Y?nr Vest i* not warm wnongh; go to ('LAKK.E S. Pants, Kc., Mo PAI't.K HANGINGS.?JANEHVAY ft CO, MANUFACturera. and dealers iu Paper Hanging*, No. ItMMsidenLane, all the attention of oonntry dealer* to tlieir large assortment ot I'apor Hanging, borders. 1 Ire Print*, Curtains, Ac., which they offer for eels at tho low?st msnnfaet nrsr's prices. 1'aiSil AND SCOleu " WHisKEY. M I'KKIDK TO any thing in markot, ai.d the only puro Malt Whiskey in America, lor sale, at twelT* (hillings lor i.sw Whiskey; thirteen for old, 28 peroeut over proof, by WILLIAM M. PARKS, Distiller; WiVventh Avenue.?Office 42 Iron* street. (Mll.l'S, Klli.1 MATISM, ft c. M IS. CAKKUI.I.S Mh.Dlt'AV led Vapor, Silphnr, aod Iodine Hatha, 1)64 Broadway, are reroirmfi.dHl he Dr. Mott, h'tetenr. MeNetrn, and other*. a? a euro rtnc in all complaint* arinin* fioin a cold. l'oruhl* Batha aent to my part of the city. PllHBMHiOtiir AM) ASTHUUUQl To know l.y signs, to Judge the turn* of lata. 1* greater than to All tlio naaia of state j The ruling star* fthovo, by ?cM law*. Determine fortune in hot >0001111 cauae. 1 hoe nre a book, wherein we all mar read. And nil should knw, who would in life mured. V hat eorrtapondina a'cno In man display 111* future uc1W.11*. point* hi* derioua way. Ti na in the heartn*. hi* futnto fete to learn, The pnaent, pnrt.and future to discern, Correct hi* elep*. the hour* of life, And. thnrnlitg error, lire devoid of ttrife. MADAME DI'IWlVCK I* at pveaent in the city, and can he c ndied on ti c ahevo science, In reaatd t<> Health. t? oalth. f mi d>, Knernier. I,eteiiiit*. Ure, Courtship, Mid Marriage, at at )<(rcantenec. No. It,it Division etrcet, at any lime (tur n* the day rod evening- Teima, Irorn .'O to -J> rent* lor ladle*, and Ad on'# fur jontienun. Uk" uuTtrjtitla titiNSUDTftb duuinu tiib It ay and owning, at hi" ortlre, No. 2 Ann *t.?aet, (now No. I.M on all dine.tsra of n deH.ate natura Ilia crtraet of copeiea, "ntvhe. ftc * pi rtft'n itnt In tlelkau d?t:*?", may '? had athisatuwd In frnt, P?KK TUB TRP- . ri'ltUAV EVtMNU. SKIT it, will In pr"durvd lur f fitli time lit aiuoiich, liie iraud hal I It t of P>M KH A I. f>A.- la e.wnrrti'la, Mati Adolo Metiolal dr; I Flour tie l?ye, M'lle Anna llnlaii: Pierve <;rln*>ir? H. II Mou- | ulaiiir, (JouahooOo, M. Corhy: Kolmrt D"E*t<iuvillo. M. Fleteher; ' Kruandr. M'lle Wal .1 r * ve. The eai'Ttwiiuinnta will nim mtM ' with the lam-hat le farce ot TIJR\1N'(I THE TA IH.F.* ? Mr Knibba, Mr. St&ffi rd; Jorcminh Rum|<a, Mr. Huwaon; Jack limn- ' T.hreVK Mr I hnrmiaii: Urn KnililaL Wi-a llvi.i. hit... i !,. Ta cento; Fkroily i'irrle, Woenta; Upper Boxes, 2S?nta, Pit, Vt? cenfa Gallery. 12>tc. Doors oreu at 7; cortaiu ri?-? ly. 'clock. BOWERY THEATRE-SATURDAY BV BNINQ SEPT. 2\wlll bepeifunued ihe Grand Kom.nwo Spectacle ?t?l?d t.? NAUD yUkN- Barou of l.oruliao-on, Mr Duff; Itrlaoda. Mr. , Jar. Du iij Naied Queen. Miex Mary Taylor; Idex, dm Sotherland. Tl?j Yt 'UNU SC aMP?Joseidi Miss S. I)i,in: Mr?. iwxnadown. Mrr. Bothrlxnd. B LENt > DR CADIZ, by SotuT* Dl eoa ai.d Signer Nerr. T? ancelude with BRl A N UOkOIMIIE? Brian Boro'nihe, Mr. J. M SeottjO'Douohue. Mr. V. B. Clarke: IVreree, Mr Wiiiane: Erina. Mire Mary Taylor: Emma Mrs H'lo.rr, Doorr oi" r, ?t 7 - performance to commence at 7^ o'clock. Boxer. 1 lltlt; Pit,MX eta. CTUANFRaU'S NEW N vflo.sai. illtAiiii FORtfEPM > Chatham?Saturday'eveninx, September i.'t, will bo acted the domrrtic drama of the UOlI'E s farmer? Uo'dca Farmer, Mr. t liar frnu; Jemmy Twiteber, Mr, C. Burke, Alter wuioh, eighteenth time, will be produced the popular rumu entitled r.bc MYS'lKhlR.S AND MO EKI&S OF new lORK-Moeo, Mr. F S. Chanfrno; Cap tall Tobin, Mr. G. Burke; Mr. Precise, Mr. Par do); Big Liie, Mrs. McLean; Little Lite, Mine E. Meirtflycr To oonckide with the military larre of rbu PRETTY Ol.tLS Of ST 11 BERG?Krncat.. Mr. Stark; Maryot, Mies Emily MeoUter. Foot* open at 7, performance to eommenoo at o'clock. Boiex 26 cento; Fit, I2K KU8ST GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL OF THE SEASON.? X The dir ctor of the Ital an Onrri i f the United .States of America tests otlully aj man ces. that, i.avion made au arrangement wt'h MAURli E STKAKOSCil. I'iauistof <hu Ent|ieror of Russia, tJie tirst fraud Musiea) Festival of the season will lie Riven at the liroad* ay Tabernacle. on Monday, October 2. I.SW; on which occasion the prineti>al artists, an t the largely increased chotus and or. h?stra of the Italian Opera Company, tteio .Iter with other eminent artist-, end also the gr ater portion of the t ertonnins uientl er? of the I'hilhamionie Society, and the entire Licdtiknuts Vocal Association, under the direotion of ll-.-rr II edit. w ill appear. The whole will form an orchestra of til per formers, and a chorus ot 1A0 voices; which will give, with an effect altogether till run ailed in this eouutiy, a choice selection of Popular nod Classical Music, The festival will lie under the di rectiop of M. Wax Maretiek, Musical Director and Conductor of ti e Italian Gpeia Company, and lwe Musical Director of the Italian Opera, Londi n. It ia ri'spentfiillv a?notiuo?d thai this will ho Ute only opportnnity of hearing Mr. Strakosch, and the artists, orchestra and cl nrtis of tie Opera Company, before their departure for Philadelphia, whith will positively take p'a e on the Sd of October. On th'e occasion the Tabernacle will he illumfciatrdwith 1000 llint ligh t? STTYVESANT INSTITUTE, CM BKOADWAY.-MK. J. I, Ilatlou (Pianist and V. oalist from London I i>?gH to aunnim'ii that ho will aive hia popular entertainment at the ub >ve Inatitu e en Monday, Wednesday, and Friday eveuinira. Sept. 25. :7 and 2!'. in'he course of these concerto, Mr. flatten will intr dime several entirely now songs ; also, specimens of the classical pianoforte mueic of the celebrated Dr. Felix Mo- dehsohu Hurtles riy, Tickets 50cents. To he had at the music stores, the Institute, and of Mr. Il&tton, At tor Douse. To oointnenoe at H o'clock. A change in the programme each e'enng. Last week positively*of ban vakd s great panorama, of the Missouri and Miseismppi Risers, (ok it leaves for Londou on the twenty sevtnth.) showing a country of twenty-three hundred miles, being by far the largest painting in the world, and of the largest rivers on the globe, extending more than twenty degrees of latitude. Hew every evening, at Panorama Ball. W8 Broadway,adjoining Ntbln's Garden. Adinissioi BU cents; children half price. Jauuraroa will commence moving at Ho'eloot Afternoon performances on Wednesdavsand Satrdays. atS o'cHMk. Ball to let. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Koouia, 4?6 Broodway, chows, natural as life, the Marches, Encampment*, and Bottles fortfefrt |,y <;,.n, r:,. i,,r It also gives correct views of the country, towns, ei tics, tto Itis the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open eyuri' night at quarter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on trcihiesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission, 25 cunts. Schools admitted on reasonable terms. No charge for descriptive pamphlets. fTiUlS EVENING AND EVERY SUCCESSIVE EVEN. X ing, will be presented to the publio, at the Apollo Rooms, Broadway, a series of representations ol the Antediluvian World, designed by the celebrated JOHN MARTIN, K. L., painter of the Fall of Nineveh, Helehsxur's Feast, the Illnstrations to Milton, tie. (to. These rsprei-eiiiatjons hare been executed in Rome, within the Inst fifteen months, by and under the direction of Mr Charles Martin, assisted by tho beat Italian painters. Manic will bo selected and arranged expressly for these representations by tlenri lien, and oxeotited upon the piano forto and harmonium bv the distinguished pro. feasorM, Edonard BiUard. from Paris. Doors open at 7J? o'olock ?To commence at 8 6'clcck. French language.?prof.riciiakd&dubutsson will orgariie their Evening Classes, in French. Spinlsh, and German, on Monday evening. 2oth inst., at 7 o'clock, at their Academy, lefi Leonard street, ft doors from Broadway. POK CALIFORNIA, MONTEREY. AND SAN FRANCISCO. ?The very superior and fast-soiling packet bark. John W. l ater, Rcgcr>, master, will sail as above in. ail, the month of October. For freight, or passage, having good ocoommoilatioas ftr fifty passengers, apply to FERNANDO WOOD, 1C2 South street, comer Dover. A competent Supercargo will go out iu this vcx>cl, who will take charge of consignments. 1AOR NEW ORLEANS, VIA HAVANA.?THE SPLENDID steamship JRESLENT CITY, Chas. Stoddard, cominandor, will leave pier 4, N. K., on Monday, 2d October, at 4 o'clock, t*. M. No Worthsecured uutil paid for. Letter bags at Kenyan's, 91 Wall street; Ilsle's, 70 Wall street; Exchange News Ro un. and at tho office, 73 South street Postage to Havara, 2,1 cents per half tunoe. and uo letters forwarded unless pre paid. No freight except specie token on the day ot sailing. Bills lading signed by the clerk en board, and to be presented for signature before 12 o oiucb, n., on one uay 01 naturg rreignc tagen 10 .NOW Orleans only. For freight or pannage, epoly to J. HOW AkD k SON, 73 South street. 1 lie Crescent City will agioa leave Now York on Monday. 30th October. TO I IT.?SPLENDID ROOMS FOR BALLS, CONCERTS. Military Drills, Saloons, helectorits. &c? at No. i.'Sl Broadway, just below Prince atreot, (Inrmcrly the residence of John O. Coster.) The buildirgs aro now bcingcxUndtd through toMeroer etroct?will bo completed about tlio 1> t ol'Novctnbor, and ocoupied in part by tl.e Chinese Muceum. The hall and concert room Will be 121 fee t by t(', with coiling* 23}( feet high, built expressly with reference to pound; ventilated in the moat perfect manner, and have spacious and elegant dressing and supper rooms attached. The room for military drills, public uicotings, No., will bo 121 foot by SO, with ceiling lft fret high. Tho parlors and ba*emants,frnnting on Broadway, aro acmiiably adapted lor saloons, rotcets rice, or stores. The whole or parte will he lot on reoeonablo terms to tenants who can give good security. Application to he made on the promises, from 8 till 12 A. M., and from 3 till 6 P. M. TO LET?A RESTAURANT CONNECTED WITH A FIRST class hotel, doing an extensive business, the furniture, fixtures, Ac., King now, and Httcd up at a cost of *,2,500. Any person who desires to purchase, a lease will be given of the same at a moderate rent for the location. References given and required. Communications addressed York, and loft at the Herald office, stating where an interview con be hail, will receive attention aud satisfactory information will be given. AU ROCHER DE CANCALE, 13 PARE ROW?OYSTER Saloon, French Restnurant, wines, liquors, pre servo-, No,? This nest establishment la supplied with Massachusetts Bay, Shrewsbury, York, and East River Oysters, received every day, and senedup in every style. AU kinds of French and other for French potages, tea, coffee, ohocolate, patf-a da Tore gras, and oU kinds of preserved meata. &o. UDSON RIVER HOTEL. CORNER WEST AND HOBO ken streets. opposite Canal atrcet ferry, is open for the reception of transientaud yoarly hoarders. This house ia plesantly. aituatcd, coromauda a hue view of the hay and harbor, nlao, the Jersey chore, ineluiliug Jersey City and Uobokcn. Those in want of a quiet homo, pore air, moderate chnrgea and good fare, are requested to call. Horses, ke?new yohk tattkrsalls.?notice.? The subscriber respectfully invitca the attention o! guutlemen having a surplus of florets, Vol itlcs, llarucsa, &c? who with to convert them into money, to send them to New York Tattcrtalla, where sales are cashed promptly. Purchasers of Horses at auction will find every protec tion afforded them by the proprietor, aa he is determined that every horse sold by him shall be as represented, or the money returned. Vehicle# of every description re| coived cn storage, or for snle. Oath advanced on vehicles when required. Superior accommodations bv the day, week or month, lor gentlemen s liorses and Vchielea Baloa at auction every Monday at 11 o'clock, rein or Bhine. The wholo under the direction of GEO. W. MII.LER, original proprietor of New York Tattersails, 446 Broadway. _ CARRIAGE LININGS, CURTAIN MATKlilALS, AND Moshoa.? Constantly receiving, by the latest arrivals, a complete assortment of these goods. Aim, oolored silk and cotton Velvets, and Florences for Daguerreotype Cases, for sale by F. S. St S. A. MARTINE, Importers and Jobbers, 1111 William street, near John. Nails, twine, shoe thread, sic.-.t?w casks cut and wrought nails, brads, and spikes; seine, sail, baling, gillnet, and manutartnTrr's twine of every description; shoe thro id in every variety; cotton, aelr.e, sail, and carpet twines; Manilla and hemp cordage; 2 and 8 cord India tv inn for lishin*. Ac.. Sto. For sale by CEBRA Hi CLUING, lctiPoarUtroet. LU BIN'S riKFl MES TOR HANDKERCHIEFS-D'JCT. Coursed, B7 Walker street, first store trom Broadwuv, has a choice assortment ot Lublu'i Extract*, Jenny Lind, West End, Jockey Club, Milleflenrcs, He. Ilia Italian Medicated Sca|i. it ia known, la a glorious ruiipiund for curing tan, pimp'ea, trochlea, redness, and sll skin blemishes; whilst Ma Pondre Subtile ia aa well known lor crad eating superfluous kair from any [art of tho I frame. Rcimnulcr 67 Walker atrect, first atore from Broadway, ( MIRE OF CORNS. BUNIONS, CALI/>SITIEJ, fco.-Wim J out cutting, and without tho least [atn.?l?r. Jnlius Ilirwoliflcld, from Berlin, can be consulted at bit ChntnU-rs street, c rner of Broadw ay. (Office honra from V to 1J A. M., and from J to 6 P.M.) I'ndertakea the eradication of Corns, Bunions, Nails, and every bard substance, on or between the tons, without cutting, by means of an elixir of his awn com position. Tho operation is f\ crfoimcd in the space of fifteen minutes, without the least pain, 'ertons incndulona as to ti e radical cure of Corns, enn, upon agreement belt re the ojoration is performed, have nino months' crwit. PROFF.8SOR PARRY'S TRICOI'U EROC?, OR MEDICATED Compelled, is now acknowledged by thouMin a, who nse It daily, to be the only remedy to prevent baldness, and to restore the bair that has fallen olt. or btStM thin, to prevent grey hair, to cure and remove every appearance of s-url or dandruff from tho hair, mid to keep it in tho most healthy, aoft, nnd glossy state, yet frw from all oily ard greasy apt o,i?n:o. binee I a general adoption, I have received numerous testimonials of its clttcacy, among whieli the following is a brat selection "ClTV lloTsl., Sept. 4.1.ddR. * Mr, Bsnnv?Sir You have permission to use my name as having r\|eriuno<d tlie groit utility of yonr Tricophorons, for dressing the Imlr. I have nlwnva found the naa ot nilsandm. mamma to occasion a harahii'** to my hair, and for three ur four 3 eora it was fast fhlling off, and much changed in cole r; hut since using 3our Trlonpbtrous, I lc I my head always ennilrUble. and my hair is grown airong and thick, to tho mont of nil my Inends and acquaintances. I haic invariably found it gives the moat fern ral must action. Please to send three hotf.les ty hearer, a ho will pay 3 uu. CATHRHINK NKLSON." ' nrnaow rtrsst, Aug. 39, 1SVA. "To Mr. A. C. Bah n\?Sir: Having had rv]>ent.'d calls f >r your Trloopherous, 1 was i d to get a supply, ar.d I am happy to say that it* success ha? hern astonishing. One gontlemnn. whoae hond has h<en entirely hald, had hla hair roe,,void, uftcr continuing lis nrt tor about three tnoutlu; audi am requested iiy /evervl Indies ard gentlemen to nrkrowhdfe the obligation tliev own you lor the invention of an article so useflil for diwssing the hair. I muat nqniat you to aond. on receipt of thia, an immediate aupply ' Yonra, tmly, J. CODDINHTON. We confidently a sen re ladies and renUi men that the heat and chra|e*t attiile for the human hair is Barry's rrioojiherona. It is told, price only 2A cents jcr hotile, at the principal office 1 .'I'd Broaonsy.?Fxprrsa. PncrrssoR Harries Trio ipimnot One of the test articles for constant use upon the ha r. which wr have litely met with, is Barry's Tricopherooa. 11 reeommenda itself withlut a single trial.-Min. Barry's Tnniii'Hiaorn.? For scurf, dandruff, and, indeed, all discacs of the head and hair. Hani's is the test article evtr known.? llcrald. The above arc a few, piloted from a groat number of a similar i'i scription, and, of la'e, It- Itnitrial efforts hate become so gei.etai that tl 1 rc is si art c a rvif cctaldr doctor who dncsnot know numerous instances of a like nature. To imposition, tho will lis of Barry's Tii opinions f a the Hair, Mew 11 rk." w ill tie loui d Mown on acb h. ttle. ai d soil by all the pnnnpal druggists tl>n u.l out the Uniti d Hta'ca DK. HAI.I'U. AUTHOR OF TUB "PRACTICAL I'RIVATR Treatise," ko., RH Ureeuwich street?office houre 9 to lii. M., titoUF M (Sunday excepted.) T hose isho apply in the early tares will I e surprised at the rapidity and little IneonveMetaa attending their cure. It is chiefly, however, thoaa who have auff. rtd from a certain rlaaa of people, who nan prop?rly appreciate hu'serv ies Inalru ture, from Its flrat or inmniant. to Its mora adtanrt'd end riletn Ming etsgra, (fnm uncommon advantage* and ttry ertenelre (neU?() can uffrird a rapid, eney and radical mm, * he haa groandfor Mating, ran be obtained from thrrannroe In Arnerica. NO Ct'Kl ?W CllAKtiS.?Oil, ML'Kl'UY tf (VIOi'LD fr.rt, u Mafidaatialiy cocualted ou all tonne of privatedt* eaten H event e*of gorerhhtra he owree In 1 to 4 dnyn Coat tttn'ii.nal di1 iit*> and Impoteaoy eoeoeealnlly treated by Dr. M, No tec, eery nwd it. any nana, or hindrance Ir im burl tea OSkM DC Oe)u at/eel, cjeu rwii. ! A. M. to W if. M. iJROADWAY TUi.ATHfc.-S A TDK PAY KVr.N'INO, SEPT ll y.i will he. priicrti S eMail tti n.i e' | v ani.i'loei 'he IM'M II PACK? V?. I?r 'A'alur, Vr Frct.Ti-k : Mir I'lionue < liflVnd, iijotti Mi'iluf, Mr.; Leenl inn I, Mr. iJ. Sliaa Fa'leni. Mr. Ilaelawae; Julia Miaa i Walbul; Hole* . Mrs, Abbott Grand Par Seul by M'llr O'ei" .nd M n?. VVi thulf To coi.rnda witli the n?w fare# of RI SMI \ 0 0"RS KV Fa Vi?rt? T'liii-ilo Ham-uipi. re. Mr. E. 'haw; J an Gulloei Mr. Iladtw.y Man h<< utm da Laurie y, Mr* Peon. ? Mr*. W e't; Ser. vai Mifi ( nnrrin PrrM ? ire-la unl P- r<iiietf? 7? nenu, F*. mlly airrlt 2*canta; Gal'rrv I2X acuta Poora ope? at J, fe-rformal... t< eromnronco a'7H o'clock. Ql K'MiN'P Tlli.ATKL. l.'iMMIIH:- MfltKlcr ?SATI K MJ <luy Kvunint Seit. the perforin wll eoitimeneo with tl V ballet of THE St 1R1T OF AIK-.Erien. Mil* M.ithille; lly mipir, M'lle Adtlaide; Bnreaa M J. ttaeretti. After which, the fit ret uf I'OOK I'lLLICOI'DY?Mr. I' tor iHHooddy, Mr. burton; Mra. Pillicuddy, Frr. Itrouyhum. After which, Mr. Cf.arlca Winther, will apt ear in hm ct'e oateil p.m oriel mi the HOLT HOl'E To conclude with Hie ? niie pantomime ol Vl I. All VUNT -he Fere Fe ix, M. Airnne l.eliuiao; Thurwae, M'"e Vn'hilile 11 Imiiin Preaa iSrch and l'ar<|iieMc Silo. | Fami'y Circle, 26cte. Foorf openst7: curtain rim-eat 7X. Nlbl.U R, AsTOK t LAC A, MKO.MiW AY.-FOURTH aiyht <f Mr. II. Placide. who, in cm. junction with liii Iroiher. Mr. T. Placide will appear in tliu |>>>oular nod ain<u ar ft an mere of tie Two bromine. Fourth i.i^ht of Mifa leah-el lnrkitfot , * ho will repent her fnmoue cl nraetcr of Sir Charles Colde re> in, received hy a full end fai'iotoelv'e au.tieuce, with ini1-oULded applniii-e. Mewrs Charles. O. W. t InrKc. and Phillip*; I'.rr. < r. nier Mre ( littler, and Mine Kate Saturday Evenley, Sept. i.1, will he performed the COMEDY nK EKK' (Its ? Iir. of S>ieenne, Mr. 11.; !)r Olio of Epherur, Mr. T. l'lueiCe; l)r pifieh. Mr Joha Selton. Tocouolude with die aiim?dv of CM! I) UP? Sir ClinrlcaColditiman.. Mire I.-uU'l lliultinioo; Hon I r. d. i ui 't, Mr. Cl aries; Ma y, MMs Kale Horn. iVI i?R. K*|>tJtuir 23, the euiertMioine. te will oomineaoe wi'h a nt v rente cujptdy entitled the CUSTOM OF TtiL tJOUNTHY ? A<:K?fie 'Iom stem). Mr Nickrneon; Bundle llihbn Mr Con over;

Iralella, lliva Phillip*; Charlotte, Minti Niekimon. Alter whioh vllle printed, a grand PaNOKaM a OK HKtlA OtVAY. After whchFOCJ^ TILLKOIiliY- J? hu Peter iMiioo idy. Vlr BoUand; lHrf. P llicoddf, b\\m Kotj|rt& To conulute with ?h** LOAN OF a LoVKK?Htter Spyk,"#*r. Holland, <.y,r,n,dc. Mi*? Canton; Fine at ii e, Mi** Phillips. Dress <hrelo^oOo ; L'p|?er Boxes, 26c. Pit lvHc. Door* open ?t 7 o'clock?curt4itn r'^Mit I all pant 7. Siii.J. i NpUti i.hi'.N iM> AT7RA? FMTnS M' TITEOUD I run VI in, <hatlmu Hiuure.?- J he uumor? dm.tod, chusre, ami rh pant en ertsiimitniw, ut thin f-ihhionab'e iwenof resort, continue* undiuihiTiud The porJorinani ch tire a* unexceptionable h.h tl tv aieciih rtuinir.R; and, if thus pi-fto utei. wittTcnder thixtho UM Ht attrat t'Ve. an'uning, und rational foriib of lunnaemootiuthia city The Tableaux have rtivivid unbounded pph#u*e. The Arab I'&i'uhtoia, vsiiintrd hy the Olintl i ?r? Hron) r- together with the F? n.ulo Scrvuadern, mill he astlF'<d on evening by the c. I. 1 i i .I TVjtn I hninh. i" : vnrif \ < !' t.-i i ii'iivn'-, BaKiN l mt a AMhhli A.N mim-jm i I BAR Milt, Proprietor?"'". llitohcoc k, Manager. Splendid Performances every afternoon AfcbalH aei 3 o'olovk, ano every eveiiing utlmlfpaat seven. 'J he Mftrnger h a the pleasure ??f announcing the most extraordinary vender iu creation, Migor Ijiulctingor. noldinjr tiie name relation to the faihou* Lilliputian t at the little flnper does u> the thumb. He is ten yearn old, only twenty-four iuchev high, an^veighs only thitleen pound* He may he loen evevy m'iruinjK nrriu id to buiM-ast 12 o'clock: in the afternoon Ironi 2 till hull-past fi; audiu the from 7 till Id. In addition, the manager has also engaged the celebrated Sable Brothers, Mr. S. R (J. Nellie,the three Highland Mammoth llo>it (iiantor Mammoth Baby, Enormous Boat oiiatrictnr. Madams Rockwell, the Famous F. rtime Teller, r ay l-c privately Consulted at an extra charge of 26 cents. Admission to the whole, including Museum Performances, little Finger, &c,'.\f> cents; c.ildrcn under ten > cars of age and old enough to walk alone. 12^ cento. Reserved front eeats one shilling extra. 8;U K L I? b I b l( A M A S?No\V fcXHlitl ilNt; FVERY Mgl.t tin, week, Bud Wednesday Saturday afternoon, commencing at 8 o'clock. at the epl ndid new Hall. 3'.W llroadway, over it' ppani's Hatha liaiiiiinjtton'a entirely u?w Uraad Hoiiptoral Diorumas of the mi at U|iMMt SpeetMl* ever witnesred in New York. Creation of the World and tiio Deluge: Awibttd hy powerful Vocal and Instrumental Accompaniment*: Mr. (I. Ilaunington has j lift completed a magnificent Diorum,. intended to illustrate the sublime spectacle of the 3ix Day a of the Creation ! cvhibitinr, by nicane of moveable figures, soenery, and t"iw' rlul optical effects, ail the proprowive change*. Iro t tlie Cb*cs and Parknosaof the unformed Universe, until the final completion of the great work ot CMtln. *s described in the first and rccond ehaptcra of Genesis, terminating with the uppcaraiceot Adatn and Ave in the Gar-Vn of Eden. The Diorama in the result nt along cherished idea and of a lifetime of study and experiment in this department of the arts. It is th4 moat costly, beautiful and perfect work of the kind existing, and combine* in ita exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the moat astonishing eecnie eflecte, maimed by superior poetry, and musio. Scenery and Incident*?Chatia the First lay. The Firmament, the Second Day. Dry loind. Herbage and Flow era, Hiird Day. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Crev tion of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Kdcn?Adam and Eve. With this completion of the labor* of the Creation, the first part 't the Exhibition closes. Fart II,Grand Diornma of the Deluge. Tickets 25eti.? Children balf price. Doors open at 7. Curtain uses at rt o'el'k 1 n nnn ROSES AT PUBLIC! SALE.?JAMES B. WE f II 11/^ V7 vV/ olI%ra tor tale, his largo and extorsive ccllootion ofMundaid and dwarf rofci in tin: ground. My standards nro oil worked upon American tweet brum. Catalogues (an Ih) hail n: W. B. Griffith's c ffico, No. 12 Wall street, and "t Dili lap's seed store, Broadway. and on tlio ground, corner of Jrith street and Second avenue. Sale. Oct. lOo'alook. HENRV II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?EXTENSIVE SALE of lAatli Hxturw, nllhtM Tubs, of miirhlo, oast iron,copper, and tin Uallis, Load Tines, Boilers for liori ine water, Cisterns, Furniture, Ac?lleory II. Leeds Hi t'o. will fell at auction, on Tuesdays With Sept . at III o'olnek, all tho tlxtures, furnitnre. Ac., i f the extensive bathing establishment of C. U. ^toppanl, who is ah' tit retiriugrrom the business, corner of Broadway and Walker at ect. consisting of nisi l ie, cast iron, copper and tin bathing tubs, boilers lor beating enter, cisterns, lent and other pipes, ins tixtuns. brass tope, brushes droidng hoses. Cro on water fbuataiaa,ho. run iturc?eoeeisting of Totddag (hMaiki rs, tables, carpets, di ennters, glass ware, (tores, transparencies Ao; also/two silver pitchers: also, some splendid pictures and mirblo busts. Lii|uers, a complete assortment, selected expressly for privntesa'c. repair,8;e. JACOB 8. PLATT, AUCTIONEER.?KM GOLD AND f liver Watches, 15 cams German Toys, 12 cases (2*8 dot on) fhsvii g lb xcs with glaiscs by the case, tUU card i 8"i?oor.s, I'M csrds and PtiiUnires, a general assortment faney goods, WO dcten Kn ves and lor Is, II U lots Gobi Jewelry, 3 cases Bitot Strops, Ac. JacobS. b'latt will sell this day, vomme..clng at ten o'clock, at the Auction room, 23 Flatt rcet. as nbova ; also Lead Tonsils, Powder F aiks, Hazirs, Scissors, Ivory Combs, Brilxriiiii Tc" spoons, 1 cask Cmc.bles, IJair, Shoe, cloth ami Taint Bfttshce, Dusters, Frarl Shirt Unttons. Tweeters, (lerraar Bilvsr *tor.point i'erdl Cases, .KM tine Accordcona t to 1: keys, Flntcs, V lolins. Curses, Wallets Ilexes. Fine Tea Trays In sets, I.athi r fBrushrs, Bosp, Cologne, Tooth Brushes, Cosmetics with a general assoriment ot Fancy Ac. Also, ai eleven o'c.oek. a general assortment of Gold and Silver Watcher? IVEpiros, Levers, Anchors, full and extra Jewel d; also, a few Second hard Watches; also, 150 lots city made Gold Jewolery, part of wbioh Is of fine quality. N.B. Catalogues at the Auction r0"r' ADMINISTRATORS BALE.?THE CELEBRATED FAST preiug mare, Cayuga Moid, will be olferod at jrivato sale until luc tfui nrj'tniiii-r tllll. 11 not Bolu at mat <lat?, MIC Will then I e fold lit Tattersall's on Monday, tlie 2d day of October, at 12 o'clock, to tho highest bidder, without reacrve. 8h? may bo eon at the atablea of Messrs. Reynolds It Weart. For further infonr.atior, enquire of Administrator, at 226 Fulton street. CALICO ENGRAVING, AND OTHER MACHINERY, AT auction at Jersey City, corner Washington and Wayne streets, on Tuesday, Oct. 3d, at 10 o'clock?6 engraving machinea. aide and top; 3 pairs clamps, power and hand; slide and foot tallica; vices, grindstone*, pin and other ground mills ami diem shafting, drums, I elts, benches, forge, fee. tic.; can las ieen any tiino previous to sale. Sale positiie. The buildings and .1 lots will be sold on the 10th of October, at 11 o'clock, on premises. KJvAT SALE OF l.AMJS, TOWN LOTS, WATER POWER be., cn the Illinois and Michigan Canal?Notice is hereby given that, under the authority gnnted in tho 13th section of the law of the State of Illinois, of February 21, lt'43, the lloard ol Trustees of tlie Illinois and Michigan Carat will offer lor salo at public auction, on the 1st day of September next, all the Canal Lands, Town Lota, V. atcr power, and Ilmldings which are included in the deed of trust executed by the Oocenior of the State ol Illinois on the 26th of June, 1848, in pursuance of laws of tho said State of February 21,1843, and March 1,1x4.8, enacted for "the completion of the Illinois and Michigan car si, and for the payment cf the canal debt:" That ie to say, about 230,0U0 acres of land, all lying upon or within a distance of five miles on sithec bide of said canal, and extending the entire length of same, 1(M miles, vis., fr< m Chicago, on Lake Michigan, to the tow n of La Salic, on the llliroie nvor; also, town l?ts iu the city of Chicago, Lockpoit. Joliet, Du Page, Kim Valine, Morris, Ottawa and La Salic, in eluding watyr powerat scvcral points on tin canal?Look port, J diet. Kamkakce, Sic. The rale will commence at Chicago on the let Jay of f colemher next, and will he continued at that place, and, successively, at other towns on the canal, from dr.y to day, until all the said lands he. ahull have hoen offered for sale, aa directed by law. The terms of tulo are : One fourth cash, the residue of the purchase money in three unreal instalments, bearing in tercet at ? percent, per annum, pay uhle annually inodvaiioa. Those lands constitute upwards of four tilths of the grunt made in l.sjff by tbc United States to the State of Illinois, to aid said State in the construction of a cnaal to unite the tenters of lake Michigan with thtse of the Illinois river, and are the samo which were conveyed hy the State to the Hoard of Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan canal, for tlie purpose stated in the deed of trust, executed in due form by the Coscrnor of the State, and recorded in the eleik's office of the counties of Will and of Cook. A list of the lands, lotr, kr, to he sold, will be published for disirihution before the day ol sale. Meantime, any information which may be required by perrons wishing to purchase, osn be had by applying at the Canal Othse In Chicago. W II 1,1AM H. SWIFT. Jtvosim.. nii?o<.a?A DAVID LF.AV1TT, > ^ CI1ARI.RS OAKXEY, ) M,ol"?:ul <*?" Office of the Board of Ttnatees of tho Ulinoig and Mrohigu Canal. June 1, IMS. Nti CUKE, NO CIIANGX.?DH. t (HiltEIT, M R. C. 3., It, late of No. 19 Donne etreo'. has removed to til Ann street (near William,) wheru he is consulted on all diseases of a priests character. To those who have been under his rate, sell-laud* tics is unnecessary. To thoie who hato not, mid who nri afflicted with pains of the head, limbs, nicer*, strictures, stmical debility, lie., he w hi ranis a perfect and sp.-cdy < ure. Nr mercury used. Recent ratios cured In fonr days. Dr. Cobban's rueceas induces a compeer in trade to deny Ins removal aud identity. Those who know Dr. C. med but give him a call to remove their doubts. For Dr. C. to reply further, w-uld bo to reduce himself to a standard to which he has no aspirations in tl? present Instance. See his Diploma. Medical office?dr. joijnson, it; duankstreet near Cbatliam street,so well sm.wu as ike moot sucOcnoful nroitttionsr in New York, in t^ie treatment of venereal diseases. have existed for years. in orninsut. O'^ct, stricture, ulcere upon U.i body, or In the throat or nose, rmm in tl;o h. ad and bond of the leg*, effectually cured. ( rttstitatioaal weak neat, brought on by a noorv hatit Imlulgod In bv young men, causing lascitionsdreams nnd nightly 'tniM v. poeitivaHi prevented, Fecent taieaoared In four day-, without morcury. No alteration In diet, or prevention froeu huainasa. */) OST EXTRAORDINARY ROKK-TO HUB RAKRIKD IvI or thoaa contemplating marriage. ?Tl.e Married Woman'l Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M Maurionau Siith od) tine. Price SI- 'H?is wora It meeting with astoundingm',a, (91,11)0 eopiee have alrecdy been disponed oi l Ktnry foniele ii getting a oopy, whether married or miniarrtcd. al.hough it la in tended eapeciaUy forthemarrird.aeit disci ??important secrete, which should be known te them particularly. Here every lomaJa oan diecover theeauaea, aymptoma and the nioet elSoiout roma dies, an J meat certain mode of cure in every cars For sole, 2.S Bread way; at the pnbliahing ofllcn, 129l.lberty irrect New Y orki alac, f It. Peteraen, number 98 Cfcostiit strut, (I. B. Zcihoi Philadelphia ;Little ft Co., Albany; W. Ii. Davie, Boston. On tha receipt of Rl, a oopy will be transmitted t y nun!, tree of prjtagn, te all parta of theT'rifed States. ft 111 ettcre ncc' be nlciree""'' poet paid, to Dr. A. M. MAURIOMAU. hew \M. New York ottr h?wtM libevTv sto~? DR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE IS THE MlPT Ei'l'St.Tlin pre; oration aold for tionorrhtea and other diaordera of the tonal Organ a. long experience haa proved that It will radically cure any caae. This desirable result ii obtained in from tv o to ttn days, and aa it neither creatca naun-a nor offends the pr late, end rendert unneccaeary any deviation in diet or Inter r. ptirn !< usual purauiia found sleep or healthy digestion, tha ni isanci m ti ns removed fa? siwedily as is ooiudstcnt with the production of a tborongh and permanent cure. It* in?redimli arc antirely vegetable, and no injurious effort, cither constitutionally er locally, can he caused by its ate. Price $1 per hottle. Sole Agent fer this eity, C. U. RINU, 192 Broadway, corner John f VaMKI HRWARD?CRDSS'S SI'Ki IHC Ml til .<E FOR yptt\)\J the cure of gnnormtra. <H all rcmed'cn yet dlwevired for the above cemplaint, thiais the mosltcer.aiii; itmnkeg a iprojy and pcqnai cnt cure wltliout ilioleast frnnctionIn dint, drink, exposure, or change in application te business. Tho proprietor challenges a single instance < f rwent g..norrlin>? to be brought which the mixture will uot cure, under for* el t are of V"?t), Meay are cured in two days. Sold by Dr. JOHNSON, at'JTS Broadway, corner of Chamfers street, (iranito Buildings, and by RANTS, WO Fulton. corner ol William atrecr, Iftj t? t I lift M) PAY.-iPR. IOKBITT, 1M 1)1'ANE STRRET, i v member ?f the Royal' ollege of Surgeons, londen. nay be eomnlud in treatment of delicate diaeaeea No matter new long yen may have gleet, nlcert upon the body, or in the throat or noaa, paina in the head and bonea of the legs A practice of fourteen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to cure the setnt form of tliie disease. Recent caeca cured in four daya-No mercury need. Strictures cured in one o? two woeke with Mfcely any lain. These individuals who have ladulged in aoef tain loathsome habit, can positively be re a to red to health aad acnieiv. N. U Ptrangers ore cautioned not te be docuivod. T>? fot.Utt has not removed Remember IV Duane street, opposite Dr. Johnson'* . , r|Ml? EMPORIUM OP ART DI3TRIBl T:OV FOR AV. i -1 du'cn'a frcat work, the Birds of tmerica, is about ?? in* i 1 c!o*ed. Cir< i I*r* hav in* been forwarded to the ar-nr* in various ; i tarts of the l'i itt.d Marra to return th? n t - e ?. <! money hv the lf/ih September, bavin* watbd a reasonable lime, the i r? *prietor 1 will tlank thoic win ha?e It ft their name*. t<? nud in the amount ; ami those who have premised to luhwrihe, are now l? H<eC folly solicited t< eave tli ?r name and t! e mountj for, ao fto? ih the first lint of 11*1 names la fill* <1. and tho sum paid in, Hie divhion will take place, under the directl?n of a committee cmjpoM<1 of subscribers. W ho will not. fcivs $10 for that joa$bitlc* nt work, which cost $1 12.'>? W. A. COLM AN, Proprietor. 404 Broadway. NAl 111 I > 1.11 l IN Si ANt ? < iK v V OFPI i: No. f?S Walt street; aooumuluted fui d $13.1,000.?The eporationa o| Lkia ccinpuii> are |iur ly mutual, the assured Ixjin* the only pro prist ore. Pirty p? r ent of the premiums for three yoare in auctcHMoii have been returned to the assured in scrip, fearing i an ai nual interest of hx i>er cent. Oflke Inure fr ?m 0 till 8 f o'clock, Medical examination* from 2 ill 3 every d iv !.<*?* pr<iDpf'y raid. A. M. MKK< IJANT, l'rvtideuti 1'i.iav i ii k. i'm a iv( Actuary. rrm liGU U7B AND nULTH INSURAJfCB OOflf* A I'ANT-Oflic^No. 40 Wall et? .Manhattan Dank Uuiliing; i Nw. 3 Montgomery St.. Jersey City; No. I JI Washington ft. it ?m ?n; capital, One II u;. died Tinu.and Dollars. To (hose who are , desirous fit* elite! ing a Life insurance, this Company offers more I fnvorsMe indm oDjci.U than m* *t other I stituti'its. The capital authoiired by the hgifdature, is Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, of which one hundred thomaud dollars r as been paid in and socurtd. No dividends will I* paid to shareholders until the assets nu omit to two hundred thousand dollars. Tho Directors are parrot ally responsible to the insured if the capital is unpolled by iii)i r? per iraunpfin cut Advantages w hioh this Company hoi Is ; out to Insurers 1. An ample paid up c ipiral to meet whatever * xtraordinary ri*ka may true 2. Premium* lower than Mutual Companies. 3. No responsibility to insurers other tli&n the pay* r till of tlM pnmiuin. 4 Nomfc0#pMlHllhipiWith all classes i ot | etK iis. and its serious come que noes. No liability to liavo tbt mini mured reduced, or to make further contributions iii cane of iroriality beyond the estimated average 0. 'Ihfc .stockholders i iiiiu inmuT^ ravirg u?rn?* imtr nisin uie ? ompany, unnran a soentity to the iiiuireil that lt? afTaira will be oo ducted ao an to eH'ety aiability. f. l'roni|?iieB? and liberality in acttlenient i.t olaniis. Iiitittranre will le eflioted with or without pr.<tita. Huh |?rtic |>a<ion?nay aixtv |?rrei t.orthree flltliaoftho prolita returned to ihe ii mrud. Without participation?a material reduction of ihe irimiiiuia. I-ohcica loaned for any amount from $11II to $.'1,(100. Inturanee may be made on Ihe lire of a hnaband for the fceuett ol hit wife Irie'lrom clain a ol ereditorr. In ca?e (enmua holding policies for life wiah to caooel them, a large nr. |' itiou ol the joeiniuin will le returned. haNM may te effected for one or nior ytam, or for lifo, on tlpi lite of a aingto |ieraon. or on the Joint live* of tw o jwroona. the ohm i mimed being pa.i able to the nun ivor. Preniluran may ih tnado p tyable i|irartcrlv, wmiamiua'ly. 'annually, or in one an ra both. Toe proaTei tun may be had aratia by applyina at either ol tho principal olhcce, or toai.v if ihe audita. ClOKCK W. SAVAOE. Emi-.I-rcoldent JOHN MoCI.BM.AM>, M D. Medieal Ejtarainar. HICHAM) H. ItUI.I., A.M. Act.ary. W. Rf'TUKItKIPKl) Ea>i. .ConaaeL HIRST DIVISION NfcH YORK. STAIR MU.ITIA?DIV1m. b'oii Oniric. Nuw York. September 12, im.s Tiie uininlh>rrned Militia cf the city of New V> rk, (whfoi) imbraoet all the aide bo> died w Into mule cRUeiia In t ween the area of IS and ye <ra. who have not commuted, and w ho are not membernuf n unlfi rm oompui.y, or exernp Iy law,) will lake ion. ee Of tkolbllowiac ro?im&UlordarB, to lam w for aobpuj iiiiKlt lad ci?e, on Mnijih.v, t! o 2d of October next, at the Lime and place therein staled. in compliance with a > act or the Leg stature of the State ofNcw York, entitled "An act lor tha organization of the First Division of the New York State Militia," parsed May 6,1S47? and they are hereby notified ot their enrolment. Commandants of Brigades, Regiment sand Corn panic a will direct all?llicer* and lion communionc d oHic. of euch unitorined company to attend the pa rude in uniform or undress. Subalterns and non eoturoitbioued officers will u (1 the commandants of companies in the exercises of tho day. No iiereon will l?e permitted to leave his company, without perm Usi on of his commanding otlioer, until sun down. Pursuant to i aid act, each cominandant will atlix such penalties for < hemes and delinquency as the -tatuto requires, opposite the name of pernors so delinquent or offending. A Court of Appeals, for each regiment, to hear excuses, will lwi held at the time ami place stated a'. the end of the Kcguneotal Urders. IJy order of 1 H A Hl.ES W. SA N 1)1 OKII, Major Ucaural Cuiuimuiding. K. C. WkTMDRi, Division Inspector. StOOM) REGIMENT NEW VOIlK STATE MILITIA. rOVRTH ANII HIXTII WA11 DA. PuiBtuint to the above Division Orders, and tho act thorein mentioned, tho uminiformed privates of tho several companios of thin regiment will assemble within their respective Company Districts, on Monday, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'clock. A- M.( lor c< li pnny parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed and ei|Oiped according to law, at the places designated for each diatrict respectively, a a follow s: Company A. Db trie t?Joseph Cxalg, Commandant, within a line hoiiidiFg ( prune. < lill, Hague. Pearl, and Chatham streets; known M the first Election DwM #f thctih Ward, opposite SliiiLapcare lloiul. ton er of l)i ane and U'illimn old. Company 11, District-Alexander C. Castle, Commandant, within a line hounding f erry street, 1'eek Slip, South, Roosevelt, Oak, 1'earl, llopie, ami CliH streets, known us the Fourth Elootlon District of the 4th W ard,at the enruer of Dover and l'earl sts. Company <1, District? lliomus W. Mcl.e?y. Coinmamlaut, wilhin a line hounding lie meruit, front, Catharine, ami Oak streets, km wu us the Thhd Klectiou District ot tiro fill Ward, will assemble at the oorncr of Oliver and Oak ntrocts. C'mpany D. 1. is I l'lot?Alexander Eagleson, Commandant, win in a line bounding Chatham, Pearl. Oak, and Catharine streets, known as the tecond Lkolion Diatrict of the 4lh Ward, opposite the Catholic Church, James' str ?t. Company E. District?Robert McLeod, Commandant, within a line In,moling tho Park, Chatham street, Pearl a'reet. and Broadway, known tin he First Election District of tho (ith Ward, will assemble at the comer of Centre and Dunne streets. Company F. District?Wni W. Parsellf, Commandant, within a lino hi uudiiig Pearl, Centre, mid <' streets, and Broadway, known as tho Seocnd Election District oi the (ith Ward, will asscinhle at thu corner of Elm and Franklin streets. Company 0. Dlslriot?l/enr.v Parsons, Commandant, within n line bounding I entre, Walker, Mulberry, Chatham, and l'earl slice's, known as the Third Election District of tho (ith Ward, will assemble at the corner of White sad Cuatre sts. Conlieny II. District?Alex. McKc?/ie, Commandant, within a lino bounding Chatham, Bowery, M alkcr, and MullicTTy streets, known as the fourth Unction Distiiet of the titlt Ward, will aseemhlt! at tho corner of Bay at'l and Mutt streets. The Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from tines or penalties imposed, will he hclil at tbefthaksp aru Hotel, oorncr of i William and Duane streets, ou Friday evciuug, Juth October, at 7 o'clock. lly otder of C. li. SP1CF.U. Col. Commanding 3d Regiment. I THIRD REGIMENT IS. V. S. MILITIA. IIR ST AtVH SECOND WARDS. t In compliance with the above Division Ordor and tho Daw ( therein reietrvd to, the uutirifnrmed privates of tho Btvcral comiantes oi this Kcgitrent will assemble to their respective company istricts, on MouiJay, the 2ii day oi Octohtr next, at IU o'clock, A. [ M., lor company puride, inspection at.d drill, utnted and equipped according to law, at tho places designed for thu following dis tricts, vis:? . 1st Company (A) commanded hy Captain John Jagcls, district bounded by Nassutt, Wall, Broadway, hector, Vest and Liberty sticcts, will meet in Lilsirty strict, at tbu corner eg Greenwich. [ 2d Company (U) commanded hy apt. Audtew Reiser, districts boar ded by Nassau, Maiden Lane, South and VI illtaui streets, will meet in Cedar, at tho corner of Nassau streets. 3d Cosi|ony (C) commanded by Lieut, commandant D. C, i Yanghan, districts bounded, beg lining at tlie Battery, by Whitehall. Mnrkotfietd, Broad, Wall, Broadway, hector and West its., to the tflace of beinnnincr, u ill ukitinl.iA r?*? thu KaLbirv. atni.taLo to Greenwich street. 4lli Company (D) Commanded by ("apt. Uenry C. Marx, district hnundtd by W all, Broad, Karkutlield, Whitehall and Pearl at#., Will asN mi le cn Hanover Square. 6th Company IK) commanded by Ilent. Win-Sullivan, district bounded by H all, rtnrl, H liitehall and South eta, will as em lie 011 ti e Battery opposite to Front et. toll Company < 1 ) commanded by Captain John Hnycr, district bt>tinded bv Broadway, Park How, Spruce, William and Liberty stm ts, will aescmhle in I'latt at the corner of Gold st. 7tb Ctmpany (11) comtnandod by ( apt. Wm. Uutchinys, dif trivt bounded l>\ Maiden l.ane, LiLcriy, William, Pulton and Sootb atrects, will attemble in Pluitatthe corner of Gold st. S li Company (II) commanded by Captain Joseph Lonati, dla; triet bounded uy Fulton, William, Spruce, Perry, Peek Slip and South afreets, will atstmlle in Bcckin&n at the uoruct ol Wilt li- ni street. Officers will attend tliia parade in undress (frock coat, sash, sword and Lelt ) | Tl.c Hi (tiu.cntal Court o? Appeals to bear appeals from fines i or pi-rnltus impi red, will be he'd at Stonvall s 1.11 Fulton iL, on Aiondny, thu Ililh uay of We tuber, at 4 o'clock P. M. 8. Bill HIKE POSTLIT, Col. Commanding Third Heguncnt, N. V. B. M. Cn Altera Si ii >:a, Adjutant. FOt'HIH HH.IMKKT K. T. ?. MILITIA, rot BTSKNTH AM) FlSTKi aTH W AKDS. i ursuani 10 me am ve urncra, and the act therein men:i"no<j, tlie ununiforTOtd privates of tlio several coir, panit s of this rogiineat Will tier mblo within their reepectivc t ompuny Distrii ta ou Monday, the I'd day of October next, at 1U o'clock, A. M , for company parade, impaction and martini exercise, aroint nnd o.|tilpipoii aocoroiug tolaw, at the places designated for oach .district rospeotivi'b, us follow f. i(a:? let Company District (A Treop) commanded l>y Captain Edmund ( liarlcs, Jr , and boundud by Houston, Wouster and Fourth streets, Sixth sveiuie, Caroline, Bherkernnd Hancock Btrci;t?,at the ci rner of Thompson and Kourtli streets, right on Fourth at. ;d Company District (U Troop) command d l>y Capt. Garret Lucrsen, sud boundi d I y Houston, W ouster, Amity and Great Jones streets. and tlio liuw cry, at tlio corner of Mercer and Amity strte's, right on Amity street. .'Id Company District (Company A) commanded by Lieutenant .lilm F'uwlir, Jr., and hounded by Great Jones, Aunt} and Woostirs'reels, University Place, Fourteenth street, nnd tie Bowery, at the corner of Woottcr etrtet and Wavetly 1 laee, light in W averly Place. Mti Company District (Company D) commanded by Captain PeterFetl er, and hounded ly Fourth street. University Place, I'ouiUtnth street and hixtl avenue, at the intersection of the centre walk, running North and South, with the.North walk of Wodiingtun Square, I ompaii} District (Company C) commanded hy Captain I Philip 11. /eipt' r. snd boumU d by Houston, Mulberry and liroomo streets and Broadway, at tho corner of Crosby and Prince streets right on Pribci street. , bth t'i n.pany District (Company D) commanded hy Cnptain , James Paulson, and bounded hy Houston, Mulberry and lJriome l reefs, and the Bowery, at the corner of Mott and Prinee streets, right on l'r net stieet. i 7th Compaey District (Company F) commanded by Capital* , Dewey Faj. and bounded by Broadway, Canal, Centre, Walker, i f iisi go ami Droouic streets, at the corner of Grand aud Kim sts., i right on tin at. ."UhC'n pnny District (Company F) commanded hy Captain K'lward llibcken, and l i \i'ded hy W alker. Orange and flrooms streets and the Iio?i ry, at the corner ol lleater and Mulberry Rtrcln rislit on Mult* rrv street. I be Regimental Court (f Appeals, to hear appeals from flora nt -l penalties imposed, will be r.<-1 d et t'onstftu, ion Hull, No. tifitj llnauwny, oo Wedbeeday, October lsth, IMS, at 7 o'clock, P.1L Uytrdtrof CIIARlES YATES, Colonel 4th lteir:. N. Y. S. SL FIFTH RF.niMI'NT N. t. I. MILITIA. FIGIirH WAII). rureuant to the above Division Orders and tlie art therein mentioned, the ununil ruieu privates of u.e roTtral compmles of thin Hi, I).tut, will uretmble w.thin their refpeottve < uuipany Blatrieta. on Mon<'ay, the 2d day of October neat, at ID o'clock A.M., i lor Con |?ny parade, inspection, anil mar'ial eirroiae, annul and eqwippi d according to law, at the place designated loroaohuutriok , reallelively, a? followe:? 1i,e lat Con per y District, Company A, under command of Capt. Kb pp'iiHitk and bounded by liro.. da ay, Canal, Croon, and U< ualon Ma , In Mercer at, right on 1'rince r\ ! T1 e 2d Com pen J Dlatrlctfn | any B, under eouimand of Capt. ObctlamleT, and bounded by Creen, ( anal, Lauraua and llouetoj ate.. In Vt i i*ur at, riehi on ' Tineu at. The 3d Company i istriet. Company C nndcr eomntand of Capt. Konnlc. and bounded by Ijniiena, Canal, Sullivan, and Uotiston , sta, in Tl. urn peon St., right on 1 rlnce at. The 4th Company l>>Btrtot,Company I), under command of Capt fehaaruwavlaM. and bounded I j : uilttan., Watte, Vtrick, and Spring ate., In Watte ?t r gut on Sullivan at. Tl ebih t ompany 1' . .it, ton, |any K, nndcr command of Capt. I'm pp. tt. HI d bnii. id bv Sullivan. Canal, Varlck, and Houston at. in Kms; at. rig' ton VcDoupal at. Tie tith Coin piny District, Company F, tinder command of Capt. Elttmau, und bounded by Varick, Watt, Hudson, and Uouaton et in Kii g el, tight on \ ariik at. | The 7th Ci mpnny Die'riot, Company O, bounded by Bud eon, ( ana1, Creel wieh. and llooiton ate., right on Uudaon et, and unit. r the reinniand of Lieut. M eye; bole, who la thoreby detailed for the t purine. II e e, b Company Patriot, Company H, bounded by Greenwich, Canal, W est, and Houston eta , in King at, r glit on Ijresowieh at., ar d be ni.dt r the ei niniand of Lieut. Rust, who is hereby de tailed tor tka1 purpoic. Tl.c I eg uier tal Ci urt of Appeals, to hear appeal! from flnea or jenaltite nnpoeid will be bi'ld at Centre Market drill room, on Monday, lotF- October neat, at 4 o'cloi k in the afternoon. By order of AND UK. IV WAR MR. Colonel of Sth Ilegt lltth rfiiimfnt 1?. t. stat* militia. thikii ami nrrii waiha l'nranant to the above Division Orders, and the est tberain rtentii ned, tl e unnniforflied privates of the aeveral companies of tbia Regiment will aimmble within Heir rvspceiive Company Diatneie on Menday. tl e 2d day of (V-toltr neat at 10 o'clock, A.M.. for Ci n,|any pi,rsdv, laip'olion, and martial eioreioe, ermrd aud eqnipp d according to law, at the platen dealgnaUid lor eeh dirtilct feiprrtively, as follows Cimpany A ? < attain W. Fianoia. Commandant, bounded by 1 tleriv et. Broadway. Fulton at, Writ at, at fulton, oppomw (.'lurch atreet. Company B ?Lieut. M. B. P. Acknrman. Commandant, bound d by Fnlw n. Broadway. Mi rray, and Creenwloh aw., at fulton, of ( berth atreet. Co Adam Milderberger, Commandant bounded by Fiiltm, (.remwirh. head, and Meet eta, at Chambers, crucr of Washlneton stree'. Co, D ?t api. Jamen W. Fair, Commandant bounded by Mnrrev. Hreedeay. Kudr, and Ortcawiefi eta, at Murray, earner of College Flaee Co. E.?Lieut. W. A. Illnehmaa, Commandant, bounded by 1 cede St.. Br. edwey. Franklin, aad Uudjon eta, at rart side ef 1 i.deun it .eirnir tf Duaae el ? .... _ .. r Ce. f.? Captain John J Saom*. <. iujm.!h.i hounded ky i Heads ?.??< !, Iluon n atreet. F etr?e?, ?t weal j aide ut llu'lx ii ?tt? t, t'l n er > f i?u T 1 Co. C ? Captain WilHun, I. V r ?ndan?. hnnaded by i Frankim itnti, Un <d? ay.' aiiah ?? d H?mht etroeta, I] ud?<n at, at Undo n at rtt Jonij'o < "r Co. II.?Cnptnin J tin Ciegnry, i each ?trwt, Ifudann ?'.!??t, I ainlit at., I anal ?t., A'eat at., at 11 1 terni at., oppoalM tit. John'a Park. Ap|i*a!it will lie heard at Theme" Kj'ey'e notuie, at the corner of W?i>t itr udway and 1'rankli' rue , tor ui|>>uioa A. IS, t', and P, on Friday. Oct : h. at TW, l?. M. For < '11 1 ar. ? K, I, W, and II. n Oct. lfith. at aaiaa hour. By order ot I iUH I' I'KKiM, i .d din do<t. N. Y.3. U. aarcHTH Br.<ii?ir.?T erw iokk <i?rt militia. aKVENTH AHt.TBITII WAHInt. Purrnant to the uhoee I itm nr>. , .,,,i tl.o Act therein inenlic iitd, tt? aininili.n.ied i rna i- m i.. .. vcral eomnaeie* of thla K< ain cut, will aunt m Ida iu ihcirr ?{ ? "r?Company uiatrieta on Mouday, the I'd "!u> of Ootolier nem, at ,i| oclmk, A. W.. for pi rii|otiy parade, irn prction uud martial eaeroiaar, armed and ci|iii| l td norordiiiK to law at iha | ?e irna'cd furnu i, dio. triet re?|a:ctivrly, aafolluwa :? lli* First Company District ia bounded h? I mharine. Madison, anil hotyrrs Blrtrl* aid Fast Km r I* will f .trade u> U'wr e at met, rialit on I'lke stieet, and lie commanded by Captain A?mil Morton. llie'-M Com pany Dlitrlet is bounded ) Knt -err, Mtdiaou and Cm <1 street* ai d Knet Htver ; will le cnwuiainied by i uptain Willi.,in II. WiIIUiik, and will |*rad< in Monro* t,, tha nc'it on Jefferson street. 3d t>in|uny Dmriet?Bounded by Catharine, Division, Butters and Mad, on atree'ii; nillte c mnim.ded by I apt. Jainei I'rica, and will laimdc in lioi.rv ?lr< ct, H e rigl.' On Murbet street. 4tb Company Dndrlet?Bounded l.y Kit(p r*. IMiiilon, Grand and Madiaoii rtrenin ; w ill lie ei mmaadud l.? Capia n Charles IV. Smith, and will parade in Henry ?ir?et, ihi r (jln on Clinton street. 6lli Coturany District?Bonruled i > Dvi?ig,i, Norfolk, Grand and Fldridye streets, will In 'ed bv Captain Janioa b, Wan|b, and w ill parade in Orchard etr. i t. ilia ri^lit on Ilester street. bib Company District?Bounded!,) tl.e llnwrory. Orand. Eldtddjre and Divhion street*; will te o ii.manileti liy Captatu Cyrua H. l.oiitrei, and will paiade in Fumytl. timet, tbe rigm un Walker strut. 7th Company District - Bounded b> Norfolk, Rivlngton, Allen and Grand Blrett? ; will lu Commanded by Lieutenant ? .ruu*l, and will parade in Grcliaro etrect, the rnrbt on Rmcma street. nth ComjMtny District?Ronndsd by tlm Bowery, Kivln^ton, Allen and Grand sittx ts; will t o comma dud by t aptuin lie.try C. bituinwsy, cud w ill parade In liroouio struct, the right ou Christie ttreet. The Commsndantof this Regiment wtll ufond at the Mercer Home (corner of Morcer and Broome srwts.) on Monday, tha Kith 11 Octobtr, DOs a' ,'i o'clock, I M and viill then and there hcarall appals that may bo made to him for tlio remission of any ttr.s or fesalty sgainst any parson or |cr-ot,s unrolled aa uunniformed nit ml oil of this riAimeut. By order of AN DUE W a IKtr.UNBR, Col. 7th Itegiioent. eighth regiment new tohk state militia, ri rvnrn ami rru vkkitii waiii.* Pursuant to the above Division Ord i s. ,.nd riio net therein mentionod, 4lie iiiiULitormi'il pilisten of tlio tcsrrtil ooinpnnioa of thia Kraiuient will aoaeniblu n ulna their rea|*> live Company Di urictj on Monday, the I'd day of October next. at III o'clock. A, M., for Compnny parade, inepoctioa, and in riiel, armed and equipped ai i t rd ng to iutv, ui the places designated fur each diviner, icppt etlvcly u.t lollov/a :? Company A, Capt. Ccorge Lyons, (' mmamlai t, at tlio eorner of Clinton and Grand streets. District bouoihd by Norfolk, Rivingtcn, Kidge and Divisionstreets. Company It, Lieut. In D. l.awrenr?, corvmnnlant, at iho eornvr of Grand and Slieiilf streets. Tlii* dietric s bounded by Hidgu, lUvinaton, Cannon, Grand and Division a'ii:ets. Company C,Capt, M. M. Van Dyke. t . m mart! ant, at the corner of Geerek and Grand streets. Tnis rbatrlot is bounded by GTWd, Cannon and lUvington stru< t? and tlio thuit Hirer. C| nipiuivD-l. upt James l.ittb Cominandant, at the corner of l'itt anifllbuaton str. els. 1 hi., d-s' run ,is hounded by Uivington, Clinton, lloueton and Hicrifl streets Cuinpany E, Capt. George H. Ilrowno Commandantiat the corner of Cannon and lium-ton streets. This district is bounded by Rivington, Shcrifl and Houston slieets, and the East Hirer. Company F, l.ieut. Albert Demiireet, Commandant. at the corner id Filth utrtet anil Avenue Ik This district is bounded by Houston street, Avenue II, biltli strict and toe Eu.t Hiver. Conipinv G, Lieut, (.buries II. I'ier.on. Commandant, at the corner of 7th street and Avenue 11 'I his district is bountlsd by Fifth street, Avenue II, Ninth street, and riie kast Hirer. Company II, Capt Yt iliiam A. Pond, t ommandant, at the corncrof Avenue 11 aid Ninth s net. This district is bounded by Ninth street. Avenue It, Ft urteenth street and the Flint Hiver. Appeals will be heard at the Military Hall. Nt. IU3 !!o>vory, for the remission of any penalty incurred by a y pcrsou liable to do duly in the district, as followsFor Companies A nnd It, Tuesday. 17 tli Gotober; for Companies C and D U'edncsduy, Irith October; Companies E and F, Thursday, ll'th October Companies Q and U, Friday, 20th October, from li dock, F. M., toll), o'clock, P. M , each day. By order "I" CoL JOHN W. STILES. Dt vn. Acting Adjutant. ninth regiment sf.w vopk static militia. SEVENTEENTH W A II D. Pursuant to the above Division Orders ami the Aet therein nientionsd, the unnnlfornicd [uiva'es of the several O iiniut its of this Kegimcnt v ill astemhle wiitim their rest?ct|ve Company districts on Monday, the 2d day of Oatoler nut, at 1U o'clock, A. M., for e, innaiiv narude. fnsnootioti nr.,1 aimed fend cpnpptd acci rling lo luw. at thu | Uce dcsignaunf lur each dictxici. respectively as foil ws:? 1. Tho District of Cor. pnny a, commanded by Lieut. James W. I'ik. innn, who is hereby detail) <1 for that rurpose, and bounded l>y the Bowery, Hiv lngtoo, Eldrldce, First avenue, and Sec cd street, at tho south tint corner of Houston and Christie streets. 2. The Dislrlet of Compsuy R, commanded hy Capt. Stephen II. Cornell, and boundi d hy Lldridgo, kivmgtou, Essex, Aveauo A. Second street, ai d first avenue, at the south west corner of lloiislon and .4 lion si reels. 8. I huCiiliiet of Company C, commanded^ by Lieut. P. W. I.uIT. who is hereby detailod for that purpose and houudod by Esiex, Kivington, Clinton, Avenue B. Second ctreut, and Avenue A. at the south east corner nf Houston and Norfolk streets. f. 1 lie D strict of Company D, cuuimandoii hy Canutin Charlce Dulwiuhlcs, and bounded hy the Bowery, Second street. First avenue, and Riiili Street, at the south oast corner of Second avenue nnd Fourth street. 5. Tl.e District of Company E. commanded hy Captain Marvin Pitman, and bounded by First avenue. Second street, Avenuo It, and S'.x'h street, at the south eas- corner of Avence A and Fourth stTcct. IS. Tlio Distriotof Company F, commanded by Captain John J Ireland, and hounded by the Ho very, sixth street, Avonue B, Seventh street Avenue A, and Eighih street, at the south east csrncr of Second avenue and S?v. nth street. 7. The District of Cuupany U, commanded by ('apt. Richard II. Thompson, and Founded by tie IF.aery, Eighth street, Avi nne A, and Tenth street, at the feouth cost coruer of Second avenue and Ninth street. S. The District of Company II, commanded by Captain Henry B. Hclvil'e, and bounded by the Bowery, Touih street. Avenue Bai d Fourteenth street, at the south east conisr of Siooon avenue and Twclfh street. I I e Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from finee or p< rallies Im pored, will be held at Ifiluary Hall. FJ3 Bowery, on Thuiidsy, the 2tith of October. ISfl, at 7 u clock. P. M. B. CLINTON FEKH1S, Col. Comiu'g 11th Itegt. N. V. S. Militia. K. Van Winki.i, Adjutant TENTH niOIMKNT N F W VOtI STATE M1LITI4* NINTH WARP. Pursuant to theabovo Division Ciders and the Asttkereli mentioned, the i:nunilonn>d es of the several Companies of this Regiment will a?i-cuib'.o within their respective Comieuiy Divisions, en Monday, tho lid day oi October next, at HI o'clock, A. M., for Company parole, ItlMlilca and martini exorcim, armed and cpiifped according to law, at the places designated for etch district respectively, as follows:? j9v I'm mi vonnunv i\, oouj.aca ny tno Hit.I on Itlver. liamDieralfJ, Bedford nnd Barrow stricte. coumandcd by Edward Jones, Lieutenant, at tho northeast cnrher of Hudson and Loroy atn eta. id District, Company B, bounded by Bedford, Hammtrsley, Hancock, Bhxcker and Carmlno streets. 8ixth avenue and Barrow streets, rndooDinanCcd by ll<riry I* Uoelnio,Captain,at the northeast corner of Bloeeker and Cornelia Btruots, Sil Disijlct, Company C, bounded by iho lluduon Hirer,Barrow, Hudson,and Terry etrreta, and commanded by lienry Uruucr, Captain, at tlie northeast turner of Washington and Amoa atn eta. 4th Dlatrict, Con paty D, bounded by Ilndaon and Barrow ftieeta, Sixth avenue, and Am. a streets. c minanded by Cornelia* Clack, Captain, northeast corner of Fonrth and Christopher atice'a. 6th District, Company E, bounded by Hudson Kirer, Perry aticct, Hudson and Iroy street#, commanded by James MoCrath, Captain, at tho atoitheaat corner of Washington and Bank sheets. (ith District, Company F, bonndod by ffndaoa, Amoa, Factory, Bank street*,!, icon wit h avenue and Troy struct, commanded by James H. Dodge, Captain, at the southwestcornor of Fourth and Ferry street*. 7th Distilii, Company CJ, bounded by tbo Hudson River, Troy street, Eighth avei uc, and Fourteenth xtrei t, and commanded by Cornelius Vandrrveer, Captain, at the northeast corner of Urecawichand Il'.ratio streets. bill Distilet, Company B, bonndod by Eighth avenue, Troy itreet, Greenwich avenue, Bank, Factory, and Amos streets. Sixth Avenue and Fourteenth street, commanded by Jacob Raymr, Captain, at the northeast cornor of Seventh avenae and Twelfth stroet. The Btfimental Court of Appeals, to bear appeals from Ansa and psnMtie* imposed, will be held at the Northern Exchange, No.278 Blotcktr street. For Ompanitd A and B, on Monday, Octol it Iti, at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Companies C and D, on Tuesday, Octets r 17. at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Con panies E and F, on Wednesday, October lb, at 7 o'o'ook, P. M.; for Companies O and U, on XI.ur,day. Dctr.ber Ik, at 7 o'clock, P. M. By order of WM. UALbEY, Colonel lhth Rug'u N. Y. S. M. KLEVrttTSI REGIMENT IfEW V0R1 STATE MILITIA. SIXTSERTII ASI) RIUIITISINTII WARlS. rnrninnt to the alovo Division Ordere, au<i the Act therein mmtloi i d, the tinumfnrincd privates of the reeerai Com panica ul Uiie Itegiacnt wtllsucmble irltl in ihi ir reepect/ve Company Dietricte, on Monday, the Id day of October nrx-, at lUo'ulovk, A. Mfor Company parade, ineiecunn and marlial exercise, armed and equipped according to Inw, at the placta designated for each district respectively, nafollowa: I at. Company District of Company A, commanded by Captain Wiiliam M. MiArdle, b< undid by the llurtsnn Klver, Foureenth Itiwt, the Eighth annuo and Nincoonlh atreot, on die corner of Fourteenth alrcet and K glith avenue. 2d. Ccmpvny Diatiict of t'nnipai.y B, commanded hy Captain John C. llo'iue, bounded I y die Eighth uvcuuc, Fourteenth atreet, tilth avenue and Nineteenth street. on the corner of Fourteenth trcet&nd Sixth avenue. ."id, Company District of Company C, cnmmandod by Captain John Seufort, bounded by du> Uudmn River. N'ineteeuth street, the Eighth avenue nnd lain y eighth street, on tiie comer of MccUtuth itrectand die Eighth annuo 4th. Company Diet rift ofCimpuny D. commanded by Captain Frederick Flcrst. ether. bounded by the Eighth avenue. Nineteenth street, the Sixth avenue, ard Thirtieth street, on the corner of Thirtieth street and F. ghtl: avenue. 5lb. Company District ofC( mpary E. commanded by Captain ThirosaS. Murphy, bounded by the liuoiou Kiver, Tarouty.ei^kUi Itieet, the Eighth avenue. Thirtieth strfct, the iiath avenue and Fortieth e'rvet, on the corner of Tuentyc glith street and the Eighth avenue. 6th. Company Diatriet of Company F. eommarded by Lietttennut William Green, hounded by Mxtli avcDua, Fourteenth itrert, f ait Hirer and Nineteenth street, on the corner of FiiurU'-ntii Mrtet and Sixth avuttts. 7th. Company biatrictof Company G, commanded l>y I/euUnant Peter lirurer, imutided by tl.o Sixth avenue. Nineteenth atreet. the Faat Htvirand Twcutic )i ixth a.rcet, on the ourrer oi Twenty aix'h atreet and "txth avenue. bth. Company Diatriet of Company II, commanded by Captain John I*. Kills, and bounded by Siatli avenue, Twenty-sixth a'rvct. VI, II, ? 1:11 lUIUCig SirtO'., OD 1110 COmCT 01 1 tree t and Sixth avnce. Tl o Repimentstl Conrt of Anneals. ,0 hear appcala rrom flnt* nnd penalties iit.postd, will be rigid xt th# Madison Cottage, corner #1 Fifth avenue and Twtn'p-bird street. on Wednesday the lblh day of Detoln r. at ?i? |u?k in the afrtrnoou Hy or-lor of KOIiLHT C. MOkKIS. CoL. llth Kegt. N. V. 4 It. TVTRLFTIt IKOrMf XT ??? TOII STATE MILITIA. rwri.rTH wA?n. Pnnment to tho abnre lunaion Orders, and the Aet therein mentioned, the un uniformed priritnof the several Compaadeeof thia Regiment, will atMmblu within their respective Company Distiicte on Wotdsy, tt> I'd d?> ?f Ooti.t?r next at 10 e'vloek. A. R? for C'omr?n) panda, it spection and martial exereise. arrant and I quipped according to law. at the plaeea designated f each district respectively, aa follow a:? Company A. Capi. Yinrenr, Cotnuiandaat, botsnded by the Fourth avenue, litl/tli street. Eighth avonueand Eighty fix th wee t Company B, ('apt. Ta. HcCrea, Commandant, bo tnded hy Fourtli aventie, llarltm Hirer and Kills Last Bivrr, and Bightysixth rtrcet, at N. L. turner of Fourth avenue and l.ighry-aixth Street. Company C, Cart. Mtyher. Commandant, houn led by a line tru Dt yrel ( reel ard llail ni Kit if. to the High Brilge, o? KirK'l'tidpe Road, < | p aite iUs Hi .h Undue (iniai.j I), la 11. FruJ on -ale, l.ut maadhut, bonnd-d by Eighth avenue, Elghty-i itth ai .lludaon Riv.r, Manliat an atr.wt. and I2bth ifrect, at N. IV nn <x Ei?hth avenue and Rightyaixth nroet. I (01) at y T., 1.if Tit. f.etiyl f, Conimxni'mt, bounded by E ghth avenue, ligoty aixtf atmt, thelibdeou H'v,-r and bortielhttrtef. at N. M . corner liyh It iviMM and I(.rtiethatreet, timpany F, onpu French I' nitrate int, b. ouded by Fourth avenue Fortieth aimf, Eiahth avenue Mid Eighty rixth s m-t, at?. tV. corner of K. urtl umnno aid Thirty-it tth atmnt Crln patty (J. rapt. Boyle, mttiawl t.t, bounded by fortieth atttef, Vaat Hirer, iigbty-iiach afreet, and Fourth aroL tn. Con )?ry li. I apt Aytca l ot.n mutant, bounded by Fourth atom t. liatl m liner, to litph Bridge, .bet cc due weir, to Under r Rjvtr, and ah t.gia d titer to Manhattan a trout, libth atruet, ( iybih avenue, ai.ii IJitit atiwr, on 1 emit arrnue, near Trim ty Cm etui. dpt. ala will H heard at the Branch (lottl. X* 3d B-wry, >?w York lily. ?n Tuetday, thy Il)th. Mednerday, the .1th. and Tl nr.-day, the )2tb tiny of lb tuber next, between tlia he ore of 7 aati 1> I'. y? . I e*uk day banted. n? otd r, U. a SOABlX&CelaMl.