Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1848 Page 2
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1 "Ba^WWia???? Mriitii '.Ud.tW uiqiWt pewpie Bot *t'.h either or I rl K th cf thane motlees we hare no donbt there ! ?om- , II povaded, ot th? part offone?>Ui| lUtermto a strong i b desire l? multiply nud eitend an tar ai p.miMr th'?r j t cntbts ?t.r ? -c. uiriil and ree'lessness which are the o eery lung* of th- Ain-bcan body politic. and to post- ! a pane t? the remotest practicable period that mo- ? aieut when the rushing stream ef expansive popu- I f lalou nuit at leugth be 'becked, and with a aud- 1 a dad aid lei | What emigration ia. or j I to be, I (' rea Britain, migration is to the i failed S'atea. 1 heir colonies arv in their western pt< ainere. All opinions concur in stating that the tacrine, afforded by the wilderness of the far-west to the spirit ?>l adventure or ch.vug- have proved the sai alio la ul the government, aud have been the chief \ means of pres. ri'Bj iutact. for eeaen'y j ear.", a constitvtion which, by the side of more rueent incarnation* of d- mocracy. sterna to wiar not a tew of the features I f? steady and consolidated monarchy The efforts of the American government to perpetuate the existent-, and ra cure the fra e action of this political safety mire, have been commensurate in success, not lee* ?1.V-.1 -1.1 1 .w- ..... Taken with the pritiuail) rn-nut territories of the I'nited . States proper. we way say that the annexation of 1'axas. th? .v.juMt ions from Mexico. so J the awards in f>te*on. have ptacrd at the ili-posal of the authorities I at "tVa*biug?on. a tract of land at least twice aa spacious as the whole ptesently inhubited portion of their possessions In tact, taking the whole breadth of the con- I tinent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, between the j fc'th and "alb parallels as representing the present do- ; io'ons of the t'nfted States of Amirica, it would be substantially eoriect to ??. that the whole space west of the Missouri, or, in other words, two-thirds of the entire teiritory. is }rt untenanted, aud lies in reserve for the caprices or nec deities 01?generations to couie It is particularly instructive to observe with what ' summary ??'d bnelnaM-llke promptitude. every acre of this comn'ated property is secured in the govern- j u ?Dt store*, and stamped as it were with the national mark, for th? undetermined purposes of the nation. Ylrtady that coast, to the capabilities of which we Mem to pay such little heed, has bten brought within call of "Washington, and the ports of the Pacific Will be arpt well in band by a cabinet sitting on the shores cf the oppoiite ocean A line of mail steamers Is forthwith to run between New York and New Orleans; at New Orleans it will join a second line from that port te-ChagTPs. on the Isthmus of Panama; from the Isthmus a third lii-e ot steamers will traverse the Paclflo to and from the Colnuibia River. The ink of the treatise is scarcely dry, and yet, in January next, the diTee*. and regular communication betweenNew York ! and Ore#<n. will be such as. at ibis time last year, ! had not b, en ostablirhed between London and , Ascm-ion. The Americans want no shitrescien in their opt rations. The terms of the convention left , pertain pneres-ory rights to the Hudson's Bay Com- i pany. within the frontier assigned to the United States TbeV? rights the States are anxious to purchase immediately, and it is probable that the President with- . cut waiting for the re-assembling of Congress, will negeeiate during the recess, at no illiberal valuation, his bargain tor ih? whole of there possessions How much j of ibe j lice paid frr I.cui.-iaua or C alifornia would the government rf Washington give for an Island which seems to have gore begging fi>r twelve months in Lom- I don ? 'J h'-re is this peculiar interest attached to these i transactions ou the American continent?that we ; Ihere tee in actual operation the course of those events | ?d which in our own world, we ran only read. We i tray look at the North America of HM8 as at the North- j e.rn Knrope of a thou, and years before, and may watch j with our ow n eyrs the territorial settlement of a eantinent. There are the Spaniards of the Isthmus, the r*vel Saxors in the centre, the Slavonians in the north-western angle, and a powerful element ot Celts j inters persed. We may imagine a new race of Franks j establish! Dgitpelf in a Transatlantic Caul ; a new co- | lony of slave." struggling up to a new Fomerania, or a j new swarm o! iluns settling upon a now D-.nub*. We ! have civilized, in-tea l of barbarous, races to deal with; and therein eon-ists th > whole difference. With this variation. we in..}' Ux our speculative eyes upon a con- < tinent of which the distribution and occupation is its j uncertain and fortuitous as that of Kurope in tha lays of < hnrlrnjagce There ruay be one euipiro or , two. of one or two races, or there m.iy be kingdoms or i republic? innumerable. Nobody can yet calculate thB I member* of the American family, when tha partition : and tenancy of the continent shall be at leDgth com- | plete The interest felt in. such a prospect as this is j not diminished by the ooiiMieration of ths extent j to which our own natioualfuredit Is involved. Oter Mlf of this vast territory u" hare at leant manorial sights audit it indeed fitting that th> institutions of W l he company to which wt delegate so important it tenancy should t-e introduced to general notice. It should not be overlooked, that our remaining portion in these possessions is mainly deficient in those very alvan- j tages which we have recently proposed to bargain away, i be immense tract of British North America lias on the Pacific but a very inadequate proportion of seaboard. The Russian territories straggle half way down onr Western coast from the North ; and South , of the Columbia river, all will soon be subject to j American rule. Vancouver's Island is not only the i n.?.t rrnnlri.! lnrU. >> I ..n iCn.. in lh..i.. n.rt. I ? . .... Uv, >un ,.>.r, ??. it if literally nearly one-half of the Western seaboard ! < f our whole dominion .And yet this is the settle- i ji:?nt on -which we set so little store 1 Spt? h of tlie Itueen of Knglnittl. Parliament was {rorogued on the 5th ln?t. The Lord Chawceli.or. kneeling, then presented the ! Queen with a copy of the royal speech, which her Ma- j jeety proceeded to delirer in u lull.clear .and melodious tone, rendering her words perfectly audible in the ! furthest part of that largo area, where so many practised orators have failed of success in this respect. The following is a copy of the royal speech as delivered by her Majesty :? " My Lottos ami Geisti rwrs:-l am hanovto be able rracrea session. " The act lor the prevention Of crime and outrage in lrvlr.nd. which received my assent at the conimecenientof the session, was attended by the most beneficial effects. The open display of arms intended for cniuiRui purposes cneeK? a?liie course of justice ?t no longer interrupted. nud several atrocious murderers, who bad spread terror through the country, were apprehended. tried, and conTicted. " The aistress in Ireland, consequent upon sucees- ! sive failures in the production of food, has befn miti- | gated bp the application of the law for the relief of the poor and by the amount of charitable contribu- 1 tion* raised in other part? of the United Kingdom. I " On the other band, organized confederacies took ; ndvuntage of the existing pressure to excite my sul- ' ferng subject* to rebellion liop-.-s of plunder and confiscation were held cut to tempt the distressed, whilst ti e most t isioBary pro-pccts were exhibited tothe ainbitiou'. in this conjuncture I applied to your loyalty and abdom for increased powers : and, strengthened hv yonr prompt concurrence, my goterumcnt was enabled to defeat liya few days machinations which had | been prepared during many months. The energy and : dechion shown by the J.urd Lieutenant of Ireland in this emergency deserves my warmest approbation. " In the miust of these diMlcultles you haTe con- 1 tinned your labors for the improvement of the laws. The. act for facilitating the sale of encumbered estate*, will, 1 trust, gradually remote an evil of great magni- ' lude in the social state of Ireland. " The system of perpetual entails of land established in Scotland, produced very serious evils both to heirs of entail and tothe community; and 1 have great satis- ; faction in seeing it amended upon principles ahich j hate long been found to operate beneficially in this part of the United Kingdom. " I bate given my cordial assent to the measures which have in view the Improvement of the public health, and I entertain an earnest hope that o foundation has been iaid for continual advances in this bene- . ficial work. "(jESTI EMES 0V THE HOl'SE 01 COMMOJtsl ?1 huVC to tbank you for the readiness with which yon have granted the supplies necessary for the public service. I shall avail myself of every opportunity which the exigencies 01 u? Mate nruy allow for enforcing oernomy. "Mv Losna >vt> Oestutmkn-.? I li?Te ren-wrd. in a formal manner, my diplomatic relation* with the government of France The good understanding between the two countries ha* continued without the slightest interruption. Krentfcf deep importance have disturbed the internal tranquli'ty of many of the Stateg of Furope both in the north and in the south. Thc*e event* have led to hoetilitiea between neighboring countries. "lam employing my good offices in concert w th other friendly powers to bring to an amicable settle- j nent these ddt'ert-nce?. and I trust that our efforts j may be successful. "I am rejoiced to think that an increasing sen** of j the value of peace encourages the hope that the na- I tiona of Kurope may cent nut in the enjoyment of it* , hi? - sing* 'Amidst these ootvu'?von" I have had the satisfac- j tir-n of being able to preserve peace for my own dominions. and to nwintatn our domestic tranquility. I The strength of our institution' have keen tried, and has not been found wanting. I have studied to preserve the people committed to mi charge in the enjoyment of that temperate freedom which th-y so justly value. My people, on their side, feel too (-.-nuiiiiy the j KimumpvT vi uwi*uu prcurn; iu anuir ia? ( romo- < tera of p U?e? and confusion any chance ol sucuess in j their wicked designs 1 acknowledge with grateful fceUn.s the many tuark* ot loyn.ty and attachment which I hare receired tr?m all elnaets ct my people It i'tny earnest hope that by cultlT*.ing n tpi ci to the law. and obedience to tha precrots *2" religion, the liberties of this paopl* .may,toy tbei>lee?a.v of Almighty < iod be perpetuated Tbtnthe LotfrCmsi hi /? ) y Her M^ji sty * comjmand eaid "My i.erU- nn?i <.ent!em n It U h-r Misjeety'a royal pleioire that this rarliaoient be prorogued to Thursda . the ? 1 dry of Now tuber next, to be then here holder: and tL?? furliamcot i1 accord ugly prorogued to ay the tld lay of November ncr aja.epiy i no i r nc i in ri, jc m; i. up j v>y t,h? j upual roval attendant*.then retirei and the r to! j i the or Nimbly ebortly after geparatid ; , 'l*be royal confer lett th? liourc in the .-.en" order in \ , ahieb it bed arrived T*w loiu I'raiii of KnrofM . {Krom ih? London Mercantile OiMttc Sept 8 ] j A ??ry dnrid-d reaction ha? taken place in the grain 4rad* within the la-t - ight day*, the apprehanaion? j which th?. preTlon?ly espericncod wet weather had given riae to/and the coi?ciuebt cpccalatlve fouling.1 I having in a (treat de reo been chocked. During the la-t fortnight aery little r^n ba- lailen. and. baring I had powerful iin-hic the grain ha-become thorough- j ly drj< d all tbnt boa been !*wly aarrb d liae therefore, I ] teen ? -tired In capital order and ih- probability >*, . that the h irveit in the later parti of llu kinrdom will i tw nueh better than ha?b<rn the laeemlhe eouth. j That the loag continuance of wet cauwd ?<ry eaten- i el Te mirchief cannot be ',n.-tioncd and but forth" t euaptclou* ebangv our pro?p>-cte wanld certainly have \ been rufliciently gloomy. .Many lanu-re were begin ting to it-pair of ever getting their corn carted In f anything like good order ; thmo who bided their time | are beet off. and the produce will not. we trait, alter r all. prove *o bad ar w?< at one time feared. In k.uju of \ lk? itrlbri diatri -t- ? good d a! of wheat waa got uj, ? before the weather b- cauic decidedly unpropitioue, ? >" portion ia of line quality ; and w< trunt that each i wil aleo ir- ve the nan.-m the north, but it ia > - r'.a'n hat a very levy, pi -portion ef ti.-- grain eartad to* I ?t'ln eP < .hud ?-i it !? . iwd'.l t - - I Mil?N til Ink very unsatisfactory Bitaoir. Tne quality of bis yeer's growlh of wheat will bo more various than i of born the ease for some ououi pact, and tho qttanIty will, we think, fill short on on a virile, ittll wo too j to T> a>on to expect high price*, aa there is unquestlnu- 1 ,bly alarperstore of old Lnglieh wheat remaining in the lountiy than i? uaual at tl?ia time of tho year. In re:*rd to the state of the poUto orop, much uncertainty i xlsts; the expect of tho flalda ia aa bad as poss'ble. but | the pplead of the disease appear* to hero been eUeeke J. tod in many plaoaa where the late aorta bare boon dug, the liil-trx have,It Is stated, turned up hotter than rotild bare bten expected, from the blaokaned and alluiat putrid atata of the haulm. The change which nubile opinion baa lately undergone on thia aubjeot, 1>?* unquestionably been more or leaa influenced by the Ptate of tho weather; but, independently of the eheerirg eflectproduced on the mind by eo welcome a variation, there e notbiDg unnatural in supposing that a dry atmraphere might arrest the progress of a disorder which wet Is believed to encourage All dispoaition to speculate in breadstufla haa, for the present, it teemx. ccaaed, and, though a material reduction haa taken place in prices, much difficulty has Iwn experienced in making sales At Mark Lane, on Monday, there was a good show of wheat by land carriage samples from the home counties, consisting mostly of new of inferior to moderately good qualities.? Some time elapsed before factors could make up their minds to accept the terms the millers appeared disposed to give. Ultimately, however, a decline of fully five shillings per quarter was acceded to, when a moderate amount of business was done: but a considerable proportion of the supply ronained undisposed of. On "Wednesday the opera- I tions were on a restricted scale, and no portion of the J reduction could be recovered. This morning there was certainly no Improvement in the demand, but prices were quite as high as in the beginning of the week. The fall on foreign free wheat nas not been quite so great as on that of home growth, but purchasers have aoted with extreme caution, though they might have bought without difficulty at rates 3s. to 4s. per quarter below those current last week. Bonded parcels, on the spot, have been oirered at a similar abatement, and cargoes to arrive at a still greater decline. Polish Odessa wheat, which was sold, when the excitement was at its height, at 52s. per quarter cost and freight, has this week been freely offered at 45s. per quarter. The top price of flour has remained nominally unaltered. Barley was quoted 2s. per quarter lower on Monday than on that day se'nnlght,and has since moved off slowly at the reduction. The arrivals 1 of oats coastwise, and from Ireland, have been scanty, I but, as we continue from week to week to receive plentiful snnnlies from abroad, noscarcitv of this grain has been experienced. The tall from Monday to Monday ! amounted to quite le. per quarter, but no further decline has since been submitted to. Beans hare given J way Is. to 2s. per quarter, and the reduction on peus may be estimated at 5s. to 6s. per quarter Indian corn has been offered at reduced rates, but has within the last day or two excited attention. The duty on wheat fell to 6s. per quarter yo?tcrday, and will probably recede another step next week. [From the Mark l.ano Express. Sept. 4 ] The thunder-Etorm, with which the neighborhood of the metropolis was visited on Thursday evening, appears to have extended some distance into the country; j but the rain having been succeeded by drying winds and wnrm sunshine, no great mischief is likely to result Harvest operations have, however, hern temporarily suspended by the wet in those localities over which the storm passed, but, on the whole, the weather lias been favorable during the week. From Monday to Thunduy hardly any rain appears to have fallen in any part of the kingdom, anil a considerable quantity of corn was consequently carried, in telrrably good order. In the south there is now, comparatively, little remaining abroad : and us the weather has lately assume 1 a more settled aspect, we trust that what is still abroad uiay be got in without i ustaining further injury. The r?ports as to this yitld of wheat are still very various; the quality of a large proportion of this year'sgrowth will unquestionably be inferior, audthere if reason to believe that the produce to tue acre win prove short of an average. Whether the deficiency will, however, be no great as to cause a high range of yiices. we rtiU question ; and if the month of September should proTe tolerably propitious for securing the northern harvest, some reaction in the trade would, in our opinion, most likely tuke place. Much less has been said lately about tue spread of the potato disease than was the case a few weeks ago; whether this arises from apathy on the subject, or whether upon digging the later sorts they are found to turn up better than the appearance of the hau'm had led parties to expect, is not easily duttrmincd; we are induced to bote the latter, as the growers are not generally in the I tabit of observing silence when they have reason to | complain of their crops. The disposition to enter into , speculative investments of grain, which was becoming somewhat prevalent, has certainly received a check this week, and the wheat trade has been luuch less excited than for some time past. At some of the provincial markets held in the early part of the week enhanced terms were demand t, but these were paid with great reluctance, aud the advance temporarily establish1 d was not long m lintainud. lower rates having been accepted towards the close, than would have been taken in the commencement of the week. At Liverpool, for instance, holders of wheat and 11 our wire film on Tuesday, but afterwards they manifested more anxiity to realize, and on 1'riday the former article was offered -Id. to 6d. per 70 lbs., and the latter Is. per sack, and barrel lower. 1 ndiau corn was also dull of sale at that pert on the last named day. the hi.-h demand having fallen off materially ; yellow was freely offered at a reduction of Is. per4&01bs. ! the trade ha- Mt the influence of the comparatively fine weather with which we have this week beeu favored ; and unlets circumstances ehou'd occur to give rise to renewed apprehension respecting the harvest ; in the Ij-ickJcwd?iUst'i"'6 '? nv..:? The advices from Scotland generally agree In stating that the mischief likely to result from the late wet weather will not l>e very gn at, if September should prove a tine mouth. Harvest work had however, been much retarded, and eeTcral weeks must still elapse before the crops in the north can be placed out of dangtr The potato ditran> appears to bo less serious in S( ot'&nd than with us, and if prices of the article should rive later in the year, we should probably receive supplies from til- north 'The arcounls from Ireland, though sufficiently bad. are not cf quite so melancholy u character this* week as hi fore, and vie are inclined to think that the extent of the potato failure has been somewhat exaggerated, a* well on that as on this side cf the channel Supplies of potatoes were coming freely forward in the Irhh markets and the demand ior Indian corn had consequently fallen off so greatly as to affect its value materially. The arrivals of wheat, coastwise, into London, have been moderate since our lost. 7,lS'i quarters having bee n reported up to this (Saturday) evening. The quantity brought forward nt Mark Lane, by land carriage samples. from the neighboring counties has not been large indeed, hardly any thing has been shown on the Kssexand Kent ?tands since Monday, beyond me lew iot? then left unsold The millers, bare, howmtr. ecttd with extreme caution throughout the week, and the ti ndency of p*.ices hug been rather downward.'. On Wednesday scnrcely a bargain was closed, factors being then still unwilling to make the slightest concession ; but on Friday rather more anxiety was manifested to realize, and in partial instances sales were made at prices which would not haro been accepted in the beginning of the week. That the inferiority of the quality ol a large proportion of the wheat of this year's growth will hare the effect of causing an extensive ure of old for mixing, is certain ; and holders of foreign have consequently manifested no particular anxiety to press business : but as. on the other hand, there has been a decided unwillingness on the part of the millers to add much to their stocks, the transactions hare been far from important Meanwhile, little is being entered for home consumption at present, and the quantity in granary is rednoed Into n very narrow compass, which renders any material decline in prices rather improbable. The trifling sales made on Wednesday and Friday were at much the same rates as those previously current. The arrivals from abroad have not been large, only I I),113 quarters having been reported this week; considerable supplies may, however, be calculated on later in the year, as large orders were sent out during last month. The duty fell to Ts. per quarter on Thursday, and will recede another step almost directly; but it has become somewhat doubtful whstber the very bad quality of much of the English wheat may not keep the averages too low to admit of the duty falling to the point at one time expected. Bonded wheat has certainly excited little attention < this week, and even'tloating cargoes have met less en- j quiry than of late; full prices were nevertheless insisted on by sellers till Friday: but on that occasion . considerably lower terms were in some esses accepted. I as w ell for parcels on the spot as cargoes to arrive iiiTircimriiniB m? mue 01 nourou certainty | bad the effect of cheeking the demand, and the Bale j umong the bakers ba? been exceedingly alow through- I out tbe week. The nominal top price ha* not under- | gone ?ny change.and slip samples hare also been held pretty firmly at last Monday's currency. For foreign Hour (free as well as bonded) the demand has fallen off. but high prices haTe been asked for the few small loU of really line quality remaining in the market Of Barley, of home growth, we hare been almost without supplies, and the arrivals of this grain from abroad hare been quite moderate The i nquiry has not been particularly actlre. but the smallness of the inpply bus caused sellers to demand full terms, and ford qualities, whether hngllsh or foreign were certainly not lower on Iriday than in the commencement el the week. Malt v as likewise quite as dear on the former as on the latter occasion, and a further advance is expected in the fine sorts, as it is the prevailing opinion that | iut iittlf of tho barley of thl* yea r a growth will be fit or n.aking line malt. 1 he market hat> been very "rantily aupplied with lata ? liomr growth, aid of the It?,747 (jra. reported, .12,1C!> ijre. are from abroad Notwitn-Unding the amallneao tl the arrival* of Kngllsb and 1 riah, and the reduced Kate of the rto<'k on hand the dealer* hare acted with i Ntreme eaution, and oome difficulty was experienced n M'< dnci.duy a< well a* on hriday. in making aales at Monday's enhanced rate*, I!< an* have net excited much attention ainee our last. but the advance then established ha* been steadily maintained. 1 he high term* a?ki <1 for pea* ha* checked the demand and comparatively f?w sabs hare been made since Monday 1 h* nmcwhat improved account* received from Ireland relative to petKc in I the off in the do'uaad from thence for corn,ha* occasioned this .rta'ie t" rer, de more or i-.<* iu value and purchase* night, no doubt. have been made on f rldar at leas oor< y than in the beginning wf the week the duty n barley oat*, loan*. p< as, *ui ;ye, fell (id per <|r. on (bur*ilay. 'J br late fi*r here in the value of wheat has been ollourd by * corresponding advance at m?*t of the ading runtinciita! markets, and by the latnat ascents front the Baltic, we I, trn that business had .* n jood deal impeded by tbe high pretensions of tellers. Our Danaig hitter* are of tho :Mth of August Kino ?r( ilb". Wheat w?? tlicn held at equal to .'d*., iud high-mired, of?l to dl.'f lb*, weight, at i7* todKs. rrijr r o on board. t'ee*el* were scarce, and in per j'. he ?ht h&4 Urn pfcM 'c *nd Os, VI per ir. to Liverpool. The vi?Ui?r had (or mm day* boon ex set sod cold. ? At Stettin, on the S8th nit., extravagantly high q prices were asked (or wheat, eajr 46* (or new, and 47*. ?( Lo 48a. per qr (or the beet qualities of old. pa From Konigsberg we learn, nnder date of the 27th Ie( August. that fair supplies of wheat had arrived there from Toland, a hleb, with moderate deliveries of the *' new produce from the neighboring farmers, bad aff >rd- 72 ed a good choioe of quality. A tolerable extent of bo- w sines had been done, prices being more moderate there than at some of the neighboring ports. Fine Tollsh 01 wheat had been sold at 40s. to 42s , and good red at t? 38s. to 39s. per qr. free on board The quality of the M new wheat Is well spoken of, but the yield would aot. it was thought, prove large. The crops of lent corn a and pulse had turned out very satisfactory. a At Hamburg, on Tuesday, the demand for wheat was not quite so active as before, and the extreme rates paid the previous post day were no longer obtain- " able. For fine qualities on the spot. 60s 6d. to61s 6d. f per quel t<-r, free on board, had. nevertheless, been de- a mended, and tho offers from outporta had been equally high, ray 47s. Cd to 48s 6d. per quarter. 1 In the Dutch markets the valne of wheat has ad- f vanced considerably. At Rotterdam, on Tuesday, the ^ advance amounted to 3s. to 6s. per quarter, and at Amsterdam to 30 to 40 guilders per last. ' At most of the Mediterranean ports the tendency of a prices has also been upwards, owing partly to the gene- ( rally rvduoed state of the stocks of old, and pertly to the belief that Great Britain would require consider- 1 able supplies. i Cotton Circular. , Ln kri'Ool, Sept. 8lh, 1848?11 Exchange Buildiwcs. Sih?Ws have had a quiet market throughout the 1 week.and as the supply offering has been fully adequate i to the demand, prices, though not quotably lower, are 1? -s--J- ? - ? ?...?*?<! am ITwMnw lest In PCBIUBJ)' DO BVCBUJ *D WD rO|)UlVVU VU ri.wwj ? Home instance* \ tb pd.has been conceded tu effect sales of middling qualities of American. Speculators have taken 1,000 bales of American, and exporters 3,390 bales of American, 250 Pernauis & Co., Madras. Of the 2,169 Sea Islands offered at auction last Friday, 210 bags only were sold, 7\ a 11.'*. and of 382 stained, he., only 40 sold, 3>* a 5. The demand to-day is moderate, sales about 4,000 bales of all kinds. WM. CLARE k SONS. Markets. Limchfooi. Markets. Sept. 8. P. M.?,1mri uan Proiitiaiis.?American beef by retail, has gone off fairly at steady prices The sales of pork are 1050 barrels, at a further advance of Is. to 2s. per barrel. The prices of baoon have been somewhat irregular, low qualities having been less in demand, whilst the higher sorts were sought after. The stock is now very light. Hams and shoulders scarce, the latter much wanted. The sales of baoon are 700 boxes. There has been a good business done i n cheese at full prices. The quality of the last arrivals have been better than formerly. Beef, I nlted States prime mess, per tierce of 304 lbs., 85s. to 90s.; ordinary, 80s. to 00s.; mess, per barrel of 2001bs., 00s. to 00s.; ordinary, 40s. to 40s.; prime, 38s. to 40s.; extra India, family, he., per tierce, 336 lbs., 000s. to 000s.; ditto, per half barrel, 100 lbs . 26s. 6d.to35s.; pork. I'nited States prime mess, per barrel of 200 lbs., 80s. to CCb.; prime, old. 35s to 36s ; mess, family mess, hv., old, 50s. to 56s., bacon, per cwt .western, 30s. to 45s.; shoulders. 27s. to 30s; hams, dry, per cwt., 81s. to 42*.; In salt, per cwt., 30s. to 34s.; cheese, fine, per cwt.,48s. to 50s.; middling, 40s. to 45s.; ordinary. 30s. to 88s. Imports frotr. 31st August to the 6th SeptumI btr, 1848 Beef, 110 trcs, 00 brls. ; pork. 000 brls.; I r\V? u.oa it O OTO Kvo Knffnr HfWl <>lra hamj lnnao i ?23. Lard oil, ?87 to ?39. Turpentine, per cwt., ! 7s. 6d. to 9s. Spirits of turpentine. 38s. ltoein, common, 4s. to 4?. 3d.; transparent, 3s. to 12s. Tar, per barrel, l-ls. to Ills. Linseed cake, thick, ?7 10s. to ?3; thin oblong. ?8 Cs. to ?8 10s. Hemp, ?91 to ?23. | I'ig lead, in bond, ?13. ltice. Carolina, per cat. 20s. j to 22s. CloverseoU, 28s. to 30s. Flaxseed, per tierce, none here. Timothy seed, per cwt., none hers.. ItnI ports l'rom the 31st of August to the 6th of September, ! 1818:?Lard, 1.8D3 barrels. Previously this year?Lard, > 2.104 barrels, 09.812 ltegs, 1.03-1 cases. Tallow, 2,910 j hhds , 2 021 barrels. i Tobacco.? James' rirer leaf, faded. 2(4d- to 3d ; ordlnary sound. 3d to 3>?d.: middling. 3l?d told.; good anui tine, 4.'4<1. to3,' d ; do. ste-iuined.f..ded, 2d to 2,Sid ; ordinary sound, 3d. to 3J.,d. ; middling. 44. to 4l4d.j good and fine. 4);d , 634d , and Gd. Kentucky leaf, i 2){<1. to 4d. : stemmed. "'-A,'/y'"! , i been chiefly confined* B*?aL? uJ" ; amounting to 2C0 hhds., but of the former 7,iuu hhds. | had been taken at rather lower prices, and the markets | I close dull. Kortign.?The sales arc confined to about ! | 100 hhds. l'orto lfico. at fr.>ui 37s. to 41s. Gd. per cwt. | The sales of molasses are 400 cask", without change in I price, viz , f..r Antigua. ISa. tid. ; Trinidad, 17s. 0d. ; I and Demi rain, 17s. per cut. Cclloe ?The business of , the week is almost exclusively on export account, the | I supplies for home cor6umption being still mainly taken 1 from the London market ; the sales consist of 1,000 j La Uuayru. at CO*, to 33s. CJ ; POO bags Jtio at similar ; rates, 'and 4C0 bags Costa Itisa, at 28s. per cwt. 30 ' bags I imento brought 0?,.d.perlb , and 300 bags Uuya- > quil Cocca, 20k per cwt. Hum.?Tha business is I I sinull, consisting only of 50 casks Plantation, at 3s 4d. | for Jamaica, and 2s. 8d. for Demcrara, both 30 per | cent. O. P. with a parcel of Sautiporo. 33 percent. 1 O. P., at 2s. 4d. per gallon. Ten.?But little business has been transacted during the past week ; the public 1 FaIpA- VBi.tprdav wppb not vp** cmrUrd Kit* nwUan wawa ! I fully Supported! Guano.?About 100 tons were sold ' j at ?31?e. Cd. for Patagonia. and ?4 10s. per ton for | I Bed Sea. Tiik Mam facti m.m. Distrk vs.?Business has been pretty brisk during the last week. The Manchtittr Cauritr states, that the fnilurc of Messrs. Stewart Rnd Co., of Penang. was adrised from Scotland, a private letter from Glasgow remarking tlict it was likely to ailect that city considerably There was a report i abroad that it would have an injurious operation on i Manchester intere -ts also The amount o^ing to the ; firm at Glasgow is placed at ?25 000. and it was feared that the assets of the estate would not be o? large extent. Our Latest Correspondence. Lonoit, Sept. 8?Afternoon. It was curious, at the prorogation of Parliament, to behold in the same gallery the sons of I.ouls Philippe, ; and the socialist Louis Blanc. According to accounts received to-day, Austria ha> at length accepted of the offered mediation of France and England, but you may be sure that it G an at- j /tinjit to gain Hi,it, in the armitlict txpiitl on Ihr 'Mh in it. The war in Denmark is likely to be renewed with greater acrimony than ever. 1 do not see how an European war can be avoided much longer A telegraphic despatch has just been received, announcing the landing of Frtneh traoptat I'tnict. : MOVEMENT. 1 Lm oaroOL, Sept. P?2 P. M. i iie Duromeier is railing, and I tliink we .ball hare j a gale to night?we had one laet night. There is an lmprorod demand for cotton to-day. , and not quite so much ofiering; no change in prices. ! The sales are expected to n ach 4 010 bales. ALBIONM. J ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE. ONE DAY LATER, ! J RECEIVED AT LIVERPOOL.!, BY TELEGRAPH AMD SPECIAL EXPRESS, 1 i FOR THE j , NEW YORK HERALD. | . i 1 Liw:?rooL. Sept. !??? T. M. | The weather at Liverpool to day is wet and col<i; 1 , wind weet-south-wcst. fresh To noon, to-day. we have nothing of tha incoming ateainabip Cambria. She is now ten day* out Nothing further of the Hermann Di a Lin, Saturday, Sept .3. j Ou r arrivals from the provinces, received this morning, state that the police are an active a* ever, in their efforts to capture the chiefs of the insurgent leaders, who are still at large. What an slTsct the bribes of reward and promotion hat upon the loyal feelings of the Irl<-h constabulary From all we can learn. w? believe the gentlemen who ue io much looked after, are safe and may bid defiance to iter Majesty'* Iriih attorney general, an alio to the felony net of My Lord John Iluieell. In connexion with the new movement, we muat not omit to mention that Mr. Jamee U rattan, the brother of Mr. Henry Grattan. member for Meith, ' | bai written a letter againet the present attempt at obtaining a domeitlc legislature The Lete?i Continental, (emmentil atirt Nonrtaiy Intelligence. Our Amsterdam letter*, which are to a late dAte, inform ui that the fundi there were very steady, and ^ little rhangr bad taken place in the rate ol exchange ; on Lngland. Th" Austrian fund* were In demand ; I hut had. at the date of our last advise*. declined ? ' Active Debt, Tao and a-ilaif per rents. 41 . to 44}* ; | , Knur p-r t ent*, e& to G&&. i r - During the week, ending >*ej>t. 8, the rate of j * change ? London kti wM bat tittle,and is mow loted at 16f 36*. for paper, and 26f. 32?Sc for money* i? month'* bit)* Tho rate* for thr*? month* are? .p*r, 2lt. 26c.f*rpap?r, and 25f 22\<s for money. The sdingaecuritiee bar* fallen considerably daring the prk. On the 4th, the Fire p"t Cents ware don* at If. 60c ; but, In eoneequeno* of the uneasy feeling htch prevailed re specting continental affair*, a de ine took plaee ; and although itrong hope* were curtained that Aac* would be preserved. they were not iffleicnt to keep np the price ; accordingly, on that ay the quotations were 70f. to 70f 7Sc., firmly closing t 70f. 26c. ; the Three per Cents, 44f. to 44f. 60c. Our advice* from thl* eity represent >oney a* being abundant. The funds, hewever, were lat; bills on London stood at 13 53>?, bnt were oaree. Gold was qnsted at 43>^. The fHnds were, on he whole, steady. Our commercial advioesgenerally, rem this city, wonld be of an encouraging character, rer* it not for the tenor of those from Frankfort, ['be blockade of the Elbe, the Weiscn. anl the Jahde. >nd all Baltic ports, have been.ralsed, aud declared free Our last advices inform ns that the Roya 'russian Consul had given notice to the oaptains of ill the rrassian ships in the Elbe, that in consequence >f the armistice between his government and that of Denmark, there was no further obstacle to the free lavigation, by Prussian and all other German vessels. FsiiikKoaT.?The news from this city is of a more ihoering character, consequent npon the news of the atification of the armistice between Prussia and Dennark. The funds bad not, however, recovered their lepression. Stettin.?Complaints have reached us, from this ilty, stating that the war had operated very injurl>usly on trade and commerce. The grain trade was reported to be steady, but not advancing. 00 cka. 00; bacon, 174 tixs. Previously this year beef. 10.110 trca , 199 brla.; pork, 00,507 brie.; cheese, 4 118 eke, OS,022 bxs.; butter, 700 eke.; hauls. 1,800 Iojsc, 2 052; eke.,bacon. 39,727 bxs. American General Produce.?The demand for Montreal pot ashes still oontinnee, and 100 barrels have I in only limited request at the quotations, but. being ' ] in few bends, are firmly held. No United States here. I Kor quercitron bark tbero is very little enquiry, and prices must be considered nominal. Lard has been in better request during the week, and 200 tons said at : full prices. Tallow continues in demand, and is again 1 6d per cwt. dearer. The stock of beeswax Is accutnuj laling, and. to effect sales, lower prices must be sub- j I mitted to. In sperm, lard, or whale oils, there is not the slightest alteration to notice. The sales of turI pentine are 1,000 barrels, at 8s. 4d. to 9s. Id., as in i quality. Spirits of turpentine are rather more difficult j to sell. Rosin has again advanced; commcn is now 1 worth 4*., but of transparent the market is still bare, i In consequence of the weather being more favorable, tbero is less disposition to buy rice, and prices have declined Is per cwt. The transactions of the week are about 200 tierces. Ashes, U. S. pot, per cwt., 26s. to 27s.; pearl. 01s.; Montreal pot, 28s.; pearl, 02s. to CO. t^mrcilron bark, Philadelphia, 9s ; New York. 8s. > to 8s. 0d.; Baltimore, 7s. 6d. Lard, fine, 44s to 43s ; ' fair to good, 42s. to 40s.; ordinary to middling. 37s to ' 41s.; inferior and greato 28s. to 06s. Tallow, 42s. to ! 43s. Beeswax, jC3 10j. to ?G. Urease butter, 43*. to fit's. Sperm oil, per tun, i.'70 to A'80. Whale. ?22 to Copenhagen.? We nave letters irom mis cilj, which itate that the admirality oourt there had determined not to auction the oondemned German Tessels which ladbeen seised. Madrid.?The state of affairs in this city is re. presented as being peaceable; trade was dull, and the ate of exobange on England, 90 days, 48 for oa:h The last quotations of the Three per Cents were 19', o 19 1-16; Fire per Cents, 10>i, paper; after Bolsa, LO.'a, cash. London.?In London, this morning, in the fordgu market, exchanges on Hamburgh are rather Higher. On Tar is, the rates arc without change. IIambvrcii.?Advices in London, this morning, 'rom Hamburgh direct, report that the business oa the bourse was good. Money was very abundant, and commercial matters generally wore an improred appearance. Dublin Corn Market, Sept. 8. By express, we have the following report ef yesterday's Dublin corn market:? "In consequence of the continued fine weather, and larger arrivals of new grain, our market to-day was dull, and we have to report a decline of '2s. in wheat, and oats 6d., than obtained at last Tuesday's market. Samples of last year's growth maintained last Tuesday's rates. The supply of Indian corn was but small, and an advance of from 2s. a 3s. was obtained on small transactions. The railw ay share market was .juite inactive " Hull Corn Market, Sept. 8, The supply of English wheat at our market to-day, has been very large. The weather continues very line, and in a few days our harvest in this quartor will have been secured ; and, generally speaking, the crops are reported good, and a full average is anticipated. Our market to-day has given way in prices, and for new wheat the sales made were at a decllae of from 6:u a 6s. per quarter. Samples of old, and. also, foreign, were cold at a decline of 4s. a 5s. Barley sustained firevious prioes. Outs Is. lower. Beans and peus 2s. ower. The aspect of the market was heavy, aud lower prices are anticipated. The reports here of the potato crops are a little more favorable, whloh had a slight action on our market. Hull Trade Report. Sept 8,1818. We are not active here; and although money is to be bad on easy terms, the commercial transactions are limited The arrivals of linseed are very large, boing, during the week, 17,788 quarters. Some Konigeberg sold at 02s. a 34s. tor inferior, and 36s. for fair to lino; Petersburg. 38s ; good crushing, 30s.; Black Sea. 40s. The crushers arc largo importers. 'The market continues well supplied, but the purchases are very small The business is small, and prices have an upward tendency. Oils?The market for linseed is doll, and A'22 per tun is the ruling price, ltapo is in good demand. Of olive no stock, and prices nominal. Stookholm tar arrives in small parcels, which are immediately taken by the trade at 1-1 s a 14s. Cd. per barrel. Tallow?Y. C. tallow sells at 45s. Cd. a 40s. Bones?Few arrivals, and the sales are made at 85s. per ton. Glasgow , Sept 8. The weather continues fine, and our reports from the chief agricultural districts are of a very favorable character, rig iron is in demandholders are lirm. and not willing to sell, unless at much higher prices. The advices from the continent being better tn.itay a higher quotation is ashod. and expectAll to he realized, Tn? cmt?.n*?y of yesterdoj i>*o not however, changed up to the departure of our exprcswith this report. In our market for colonial produce, there was not much activity, and the same report apfilics to the chief articles of American produce. There p a steady demand, but prices generally remain without change. MiNCHttTtR Cons Mahkut, Saturday, Sppt. 0. At Fome concession, in the price of flour, a fair business has been done, and oilier articles, nl-o. hare met with a fair demand without much change in value ? Our market, to-day. though without animation, exhibits a tinner feeling, nnd our quotation for ffbur now Is. per sack lower: wheat 3d per l>u -hel. at which decline there is evidently mere business doing In other articles of broadstuffe. there is not auy particular change, with the exception of Indian corn, of which there has been sales at an advance of from 'is. a 3s. per quarter. In oats, barley, peas and beans, we have no remark to make. New wheat brings 3d. a -Id. less, and and flour Is. a 2s per sack less than the old grown samples. Ma.veilr.sTr.a Quods i\n V??> Mi nvr-r j September!)?3P. M. ) The tenor of onr continental advices. combined with the splendid harvest which has prevailed for some days past, has given a much firmer tone to our market for goods and yarn. To-day merchants and manufacturers are not very willing to effect rales, and demand rather higher prices ; altogether our prospects are brighter, and we expect, should cottons remain as they now arej a good amount of trade. Tl?e I .a test Shipping Intelligence. Livmrooi, Sept3 oclock, p a-i-Off the j?urt, bark John Audi win, and the Fatinia. Cobk?Arrived, Industry, from New York; Aion. do do; Velocity. from Alexandria, Va. tfATiP ront>?Arrived, the N?w World, from Norfolk, Ya. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. K scape of Boh Sutton from tlie Albany Jail. Albany, Sept. 25,1818. Hob Sutton, the notorious pickpocket, under indictment lor robbing Judge Harris, e.-c;r>ed front the city jail this evening. 01arket?. Cincinnati, Sept., 23.?There is a targe demand for flour tor shipment, and the market is firm, with upward tendency ; sales of 400 bbls. Western at 3 Sl'i a 3 *7. Sales of 2 000 bushels red wheat at 07 to 71c. per bushel. 400 bbls. whiskey sold at lfl>? to 17c. )><*r {nil. Sales of 300 bags prime llio coffee at 7>??. per lb. In provisions tbpreare no sales to-day of any articles worthy of report Timothy seed eelle ait *2 50?i a 52 02 per bushel. The weather is remttikably pleaeaat. Bali iM?nr. Sept/26.? Merchant* not having received their private letter*, were not prepared to operate to any extent. Flour wu offered at lower price*, but the transactions were light, not exceeding 1.200 bbl*. at $0 for Howard street and City mill* t orn meal was held at $3 l^V In wheat there was a fair busine** done, the sales reaching 4 COO bushel* including white at pi 11, and Maryland red at $1 Ob : white corn we (UOte at 02 a 54c. Whiskey is dull at 2GV<e. Beef rattle en the hoof are selling at 52 o')i. 1 n provision* (here 1* no change, excepting more action in pickled meat*. BrrrAio. Sept. 25.? Receipt* since Saturday?Flour, Z0.0C0 bbl*. ; wheat, 170.00b bushels . core.'2b.000 do. The Acadia'* advice* had a tendency to unsettle the market for flour, and no sales of moment transpired. We iiuote the various western brand* at 54 82. Corn continued Arm. with sales of 8,SCO bnshels at 50c. In wheat no sales were reported and the large receipts pressed heavily on the market Albawy, Sept. 25.- Receipts by canal since Saturday ?Hour. 11,000 obis'; wheat, 8.000 bushels ; oorn, 17.800 do . barley, 7.000 do. Hour, since the steamer, was dull, and no sales wers reported Corn ruled steadily with sales of 7 500 hulhel* mixed at (e" a o4c Barley, sales 5 000 bushel* were made, at 78c. Oats were In demand ; the sales rea :hing ll.GOb bnsh.-ls, at ?2?; a bl'ic. Movement* of Incft virtual*. 1 he arrivals Yesterday. at the Astor House, included? C apt. Shield*. I' S. Army; II 1 "gan. I.?_u?vra; O.lelin aon, V?.; Col. (alder, 'Bristol; II. Temple, I S. Nary, J. Stuarti. IS. Army. At the < Ity Hotel?Geo. Twile, I . S,X?v;j (. apt J'otta. Philadelphia; Lieut Butler, Major Kretraau Capt. William-. and Major Whiting. l:. S Army. At tli* Howard Hotel?C Blanchard. New Orltasr: T. Young, Toronto; Jordan Mott. Motteille; IV. Crates, Scotland At the Irring HouseDr. Barker. Kingiton; Col. Whiatos, (ieorgia: Col. Bid-tie. Philadelphia; W. Itobinaoo. Lngland; W llejidereon and W. MrKenxie, Canada: T. C. Hamilton, Kngland; Mr. Lovrll. Boston; Mr. Hooker, roughkocrnle; Hon. Mr (Illib. Montreal. P'i he Aradla. at Boston. had !>1 paaaaenaert. inclu.< .? i r....... i,. ii.ii#.. ...i * i f - - ? - - UII>? tmry IV j BUU HI nn li'UII IIRlllSl bU DOHtoo Among them were Captain Murdcok, of the late Ocian .Monarch. Mr. Maeready. and Mr? (?. .Barrett. Fun Vi.ita niK I\vrtKi( .? Notice is liernby (jiv ii that Mr. John J'ahtiot, Consul and Navy Agent of the I'nited Statra at Mar.atlan, will leave Wachington on ?r about tba ilSih inot , ami Now Y ork cn the 1 at of October, for Vara (Jruz. and thi-nrt overland to Die Pacific All official eorreepondeticn from [he State, War, and Navy Department* will ba ennrav'd; al-o, letters to officer* of the army and navy In .aJlfomiaor Oregon; bnt from the nature of the jouri?t ov?rland through Mexico, newspaper* and pant ihfata uaunot be conveyed. Xutfonul /,..,r/'i>a>f re, lept, % NEW YORK HERALD. SoaU?-W?M Corner or fat Urn mul Kum* Itk 1 JAHK8 GOHJDOR BBKXBTT, ] PROPRIETOR. , THE DAII. Y HERALD?Three mr? *<-l, l?M emit ' ter .epy?tl ? V 'tuMM. TV MORNINU EOftlUH it puJr W id .t e'clnck A. M. anA distributed before break/ait; the j trit.AFTERSOOM E0IT1UN can be tad of tht newsboys at 1 i olcnk.t.tL, and the second AFTERHOOHEDITION at I tfcLo*(4k /'MS WBRKJ Y HERALD?Ovary Saturday, for circula Hon on tht American Continent?6% cents per copy, f3 UJ/ytr OiuttMn, Every steam packet day for European circulation} (3 prr liitnuai, to bx-|u4r the pott ape. The European tm Hen ted I be printed in the French and English lung ueges. ALL LETTERS oy mail, tot subscript* no, or u-th aiveru?.nt. iA koouutiviut ?r fL* toi/ ' be dsdlAttsd ffMM . th: motes rcmSted.' ' VOLUNTARY COKKLUH'iNUKNLA, :onteu.inf important nesss.soUeited fr sen any quarter ef the world; if need will ' be liberaQymsid for. dOVRRTiRKMRNTa {renewed terry morrdnp, and put- , lie hod in the atornint and afternoon editions,) at reaeeeiable s rv;i; to be written in a fdiiin. legible manner; tilt proprietor not responsible for errors I.I manuscript. k"HIS TING of all kinds ssocuted beautifully end with donatch. Orders received at the Oflcs, corner of Fulton and Rtitau streets. SO SUTR'R trtken of anonymous communications. What ever it intended fot insertion must be authenticated be the namso ?< d address e f the writer; not necessarily for publication, best as aeuartiuty of his feed faith. We cannot reisern relected , sommssjsleeetiene. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. FARE TUEATKK?Ebmicbaijia?oi'b Mary Ann. BOWERT THEATRE, Bowmj?Viboiviv*?'Tub Abduction or Nina. BROADWAY THEATRE Bro*4w?y? Bobn to Good Lvdb? Ih iah I'osr?KirniNO OobIBT Favob. NATIONAL THEATRE, CliAthAm StroAt?Miutaby exbcvtio.n? llrtTIBUB abb MlBSBlB* 0? Nbw Yohk?captain i* Not A Miss. NlBLirS, ABTOR PLACE?Rivai.s-Eton Boy. BURTON'S THEATRE, Ctuuabcn Itmt-dubi.b a QvatEb ?Wobab Uatbb?Lot Lkoauorba. CASTLE GARDEN?Musical Bntcbtainbcnts. SOCIETY LIBRARY?OAHTBKLI/I HiMTllIA M1NBBYA BOOMS?Taylob'sCAMPamm. MILODIDN-Tiinxii Sekbkahers. NEW BOOM, 332 Broadway?Pmi.oaorHioAL ErtiBTAibMBBT. Mew York, Tuesday, September MO, 1848. Actual Circulation of the Herald. 8tpt. *>, Tuesday. 21,883 Copies. The pablioatten of the Moraine Edition of tho Mtrald soumoaooe yesterday at 3 o'clock, and finished at 15 minutes before 7 o'olook; the first Alternoon Edition coirBiended at 5 minutes before 1 o'olook, and finished at 2U minntes before 2 o'olook; tho seooad at 3 o'olook. aad fialahsd at 20 minntes past 3 o'olook. State of Kurope. Our renders will find in to-day's paper a large mass of foreign intelligence, received at this office by the steamship Acadia, and a portion of our extensive correspondence from all parts of Europe; the remainder of which we shall publish, from day to day,in instalments, until the whole shall have been laid before them. The European continent is in any but a settled condition. Indications are apparent of a series of struggles, eruptions unu convulsions ucuuinug, before that quarter of the world will be as pacific or composed as it was before the breaking out of the French revolution. A general war is by no means improbable. Although by some it is supposed that the acceptance, by Austria, of the mediation of France and England, in the Italian difficulty, will set that matter at rest, ft is supposed, on the other hand, that this mediation was not agreed to in good faith, but merely for the purpose of delay, in order to recruit and gather renewed energy for striking a decisive blow, which will crush the Italian cause, and fetter that beautiful country for perhaps half u century. If the latter supposition is correct, much trouBle is brewing, and it is justified, to a certain extent, by the intelligence which we have received of the lauding of four thousand French troops in Venice. This certainly looks as if France had > confidence in the willingness of Austria to submit the Italian question to mediation, and intimates a (^termination to interfere by lorce between the twopower3. 11 this be the upshot of u; nailer, then, the danger of a great war w imminent By the next steamer, we shall probably get a solution.^ the difficulty.? * England approves of this armed intervention, but her doing so does not amount to mud), one way , ui ilie uilici. Bh?- cannot, very well, oppose the new republic in anything, at least at present: I) it if the domestic difficulties in France, of which we ! have some inkling by the steamship, end as it was feared they would?that is, in the defection of the National Guards, the great bulwark of the new republic?and there be a reasonable probability of anarchy succeeding, to the accomplishment of which England has no doubt exerted herself in a I secret and underhand manner, she will not then j be found so ready to join France in her movements. The difficulty we refer to is certainly one of moment, according to present indications, and we { shall look with much anxiety for the result. The Schleswig Holstein question has assumed again a warlike shape. The armistice of seven months has been disagreed to, and the probability ! is, that hostilities will again break out. Almost every other part of Europe is in commotion ; in fact, the whole continent resembles a boiling cauldron, and changes that will affect its destiny, perhaps for all time to come, are in embryo. j The commercial accounts from Europe, by the I steamer Acadia at Boston, although but one week later than those received by the Europa at this port, are much more favorable, and, on the whole, I exceedingly satisfactory. The fine weather rcJ ported in all parts of the United Kingdom, produced a wondeiful efiect in the corn market, and prices : fell off full as much as they had advanced during | the speculative movement, caused by the wet I weather of the latter part of August. From the I manufacturing districts we continue to receive more favoiable accounts, and if the harvests are j safely secured and the yield proves a fair average, I we may look for a healthy and decided improve" i ment in that branch of industry. In financial affairs no change of any importance had taken place. Consols tluctuated a fraction, from day to day, as political intelligence from the continent came to hand, but the closing prices rang" j ed a little below those current in the early part of j the week. No alteration had been made in (he rate of interest by the management of the bank, and although the demand for money was more active, it was not supposed any advance would be declared. For reasons, which had not at the departure of the steamer transpired, the Dank of France had omitted its usual weekly report. According to 'he last returns, there had been a steady increase in the amount of bullion on hand, and a ceneral improvement in all the other lendine departments : nnd we cannot believe that the omission of the weekly repnit was caused by an unfavorable change in the affairs of the bank. Ii may be that the necessity lor weekly exhibits having parsed away, they will not longer be made. Great DKvrRvcTio* or Lifk and Property.? The severe hurricane which passed over this city in the early part of this month, and felt so sensibly along our const, has, by all accounts, proved most disastrous to shipping and property through the West India islands. We have already stated, in brief, the destruction of Antigua, St. Kitts, and oilier places in ihe (lull. The arrivnl ol ihr brig 1 JVdraza, yesterday, from Nassau, furnishes addi" tional proofs of the seventy of the storm alludecU' to, nnd ot the lo.-s of ii number ot American \ei wis. with their crew.*. The fruit crop on the Island of Nassau, and those to the windwurd stith-rcd irrnlly, a* also did the salt manufactories in the neighborhood ; 20 to U0,000 bushels, it is said, have In en destroyed, which caused an advance in irices. A li t of the vcsIm-Is lott and di eibh d will he fi niul in the tiiiji m wi coluiuna. M . I'o.mimjo.?Intelligence from the city < ! S>tDomingo Iihn |?e< n received by the arrival ol the brig Ahh h.non to the Ut Th I're.tiden^, f!iolrt?;?ie) it is said, had abdicated and A ittcc or waa about to be elected* The island was to' rablyviKf. 4i Marine AJTalrs. Si ka?.?mip IlkiKMANN?We beg to refer to a letter Vtiia our Southampton correspondent, giving a full ao. ount of the accident to this splendid sb'p, while oa Ivr la?t pasrege to England. The following abort, bat ipiiitcd end complimentary letter, wus aliresaad to laptiln Crabtroe. by the pataengeri.? ^ l'attain ?. Caaeiaaa:? Sir: We, the pa.-?eugera on board the Hermann, rauuot have your noble hip without teatifying ?o you gk t_ - ? ? ? -I - - I l.fn .,i ir.m uthlil h Oli lluva oil uk LUC jucaourc at u u Da.ufii?u??u? ?"?vu nv ???o au ?;u- ?jo}? d on board. \IokI of us bave made frequent passages across the Atlantic, both in steamers and railing packets, during tba part ten years and wo oan truly say that we hare never before net with a vessel that combined, iu so bigh a degree, ujl ike requisites of safety, speed, ease of movement. cleanliness, comfort and luxurious living, whlcb. with tbe kind and gentlemanly deportment of f'ourrclf and officers, bate leudered the passage more ike an excursion of pleasure than otherwise, notwithstanding the strong head winds during the first fire day* of the passage. SrKrwsiiir United States.?In cousequenoe of the unfortunate detention of this vessel, her owners are under the necessity of withdrawing her from the contemplated New Orleans voyage. A list of the passengers that were on board, when she left Southampton) on the 3d, will be found in another column. She would leave for New York about the first week lu October.? Our Southampton correspondent, in a letter published in tn day's paper, enters into most of tbe interesting particulars concerning tho accident, and although Dome four weeks will be occupied in repairing the defect? many of the passengers have determined to remain that time, as the extract from a private lettet which we annex. Mil show:? boo rii.tMPTon, Otii Mo.i i n, 7. 1848. We sailed from Cowes at 10 minutes past 4 in the afternoon of First Day the 3d inst., under the moatfarorable auspices, and in nineteen hours we were to the westward of the Isles of Sellly. making a run in that time of about 240 miles, when the engineer discovered a defect in the condeneer. A meeti ng of the engineers and officers was at once held, at which Fwas present, and after deliberate consideration it was their united opinion that the ship should go back to Southampton. A meeting of the passengers was then called, and the situation of the ship clearly stalod to them, when, on consideration, they unanimously came to the same conelusion. to go back This situation of things, thou wilt naturally conclude is a great disappointment to all on board, and by no means least s o to us. I consider it now my duty to say a word for Cept. Ha-kstalf ; that be has behaved In the most handsome manner throughout, not only to his passengers, but to his ship and liis owners. He has been faithful to their interests. The paftsenger* held a meeting last evening for the purpose of giving an expression of their views on the present occat-on, the purport of which will this day be transmitted to the London Times, which will probably appear in to morrow's paper, and to which 1 refer thee: and though the delay of the vessel here i* likely to be somewhat inconvenient, we think we shall rimain for her. Thy alleotionatcfather, (Signed) ABRAHAM BKLL. Knox, Hatter?This name lias become a household word, out only in Gotham, bat also in the regione rontid about, so far that the ingri uity of man cannot define the extent. Try one of his $4 t.los,ju?t to "try it on, " and if yen do not pronounce it a little the neatest, lightest, most stylish and durable beavers you cv er d d wear, then you may take our hat? and we'll go and ' trv" another. Tlie moat beautiful Silk H its ever oflerett for sale In New Yorh. The subscriber has the gratification of an. Bouncing to the public that by muan* of his greatly increaaed baskets at J important improvements ?fleeted in Ids mauniaetsring ettaliliehmcut, that lie is uovv prepaid to offer his Fall stylo for 1.S4H, at the very low iTioc of Four Dollars, Gentlemen will find that his Silk Bats aro equally e'egunt in appearance, and comjiosed of at. tine materials as the si'k hats sold by other establishments, not possessing his facilities, at Five Dollars. J N. OENIN',214 Broadway. The Cheapest unci Heat Place in the City to got good Boots, Slioea, and Gaiter*, la at JONES', 14 Ann street, near the American Museum. First quality of French Calf Drew Boots, St fh second do, $3 CO to $<; Congress in uts, from $3 Ml to 44; i'renoh Patent leather ltonta 47. Important Notice?iM. tVlse, Optlrlntr, *37 Broadway, informs histrieads and customers, and the ( ukliegenerally, that lie has returned from Saratoga, and is nmv ready bo attend to persons suffering from defective vision, iiis superior glasses and correct application of the same, are suit ieni to recoo mond themselves. lli? assortment of Gold, Steel, end Silver Spectacles and ?ye Glasses, is the largest iu the city. Kemem bcr 4.37 Broadway. Be aUo has received a large assortment of superior Opera Claisca .Diamond Pointed Gold Perm aofil by B. V*. Watson a Co.,15 Wall street, wholesale aid retail, at redueed prieca Gold Pens and Gull and B Ivor eaees in every variety. Toe celebrated "Kiohelicu" Pea sold exel naively a* abort. lit point* warranted five years. Gold Pens re naked. To Stmi&ciw Visiting the City?If you with to dine euncrbably, go to tlil Broadway, near Fulton street. the only house in New Vork which can fcivo the rta! Iudian Curry The other made difbe.-' ave not to be su-pissed. Unredeemed Pitdgta ? 30O F. ovK unit DttH Coats, French clot'i, well tunis. 62 to $12 ea.-h; 1)1 pain Pants, casritnere, til to $.'! a pair; 4t'0 Vents, 5U cent- to S'l c.xhj (>Tcr Coats ami Cloaks, $2 to $10 each, rich lining*. t'anh paid for (tout's Clothing, oornur of Nassau and Bcvkmau street*, Fire DoHm 8uit Store. Scott's Clicoi> Km nltUliiR Store?.Ucnlitiiteii in want of Shirts, Collar", Cravats. I ude. Clothion.1. , be, are lecuinmcndcl hy us to call at John P. Scott's estao'lshaent, 15? Fulton atreet, one do'r li nt Broadway, or at !'4 Nj-.rau attest, ippt bite our office, where it oy w ill not only liml a very larje assortMwat of the ai'"Tt gunus, out at an adramoe ir. priesof only lire i>er omt. from cost prices. Call and jmlp. for youisctvoa. \Mr? and Toupcs.?We would advise all' persons wishing a superior wij or scalp to eal". a C.'.te helot's manufactory. No. 2 Ball street, ?nd exninino tti- '.est .: rtraent in tic city. We would in Tom: stranger-that Mr B'-. newly invented wigs uhtaired a silver medal at the las'. ?.r?. Ui -American Inetitnte. Luouyh said, copy the address. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Monday, Sept. :ir-C 1'. M. Thtre n as a alicht ImnroTi-mnnk In the ?ii,ek m.r. ket to-day. Several ot the fancies advanced a fraction, and the sales were larger than use a: At tho flret board. Treasury notes went up Jf; Karmers' Loan Canton, Ji; Norwich and Worcester, Jf; Harlem, 4: Erie railroad, new, S' Heading railroad fell off.If. The European news appears to hare bail c fa t or able effect upon stocks. Advices relative to the success of Mr. Corcoran, iff London, have been received. He had not completed hie arrangements at the time the mail left for the steamer, but from the position in which tie negotiations then stood, be had no doubt that bjr the next, steamer he would have the pleasure of announcing that he had completed the loan for the whole amount wanted. As soon as this became known in the street Treasury note* advanced, and there wm pla'n.y visible a better feeling among operators. Tbe demand for foreign exchange for the packet leafing this port on AVeUnesday, has a' yet bee a limited, and the rates remain without alteration We quota bills on London, 9 a 0'< p?r cent premium: on Pari* Of 27,?< a Of 20. The Hartford and Providence Uailroad company have called In all tbe subscriptions to their stock? the payments to be completed en the first .Monday of Septcmbtr next. Ten dollars on a share w.ll be called in monthly, from the first Monday of Novcmbor, with the exception of three months, February. March and April, when five dollar- will be called for. At a meeting of Mexican bondholders, held In London on tbe 8th inst., a lengthened discussion took jiiai-a on me various points connected with the corretpondence which had passed between the chairman of a committee appointed at a previous met ng, and the Mexican Minister at London. In the course at the dobate. it tran-pired that the committee had taken counsel's opinion upon the question of the whole ol the Mexican territory and revenues standing pledged as security for the debt, and that the btnlholdere ought to participate in the indemnity f. nd now in the progress of payment by the I'nited States government. We annex one of the re?f lution- px'sed at the meeting:? " That It appears to this meeting that the v>irs putforth by his Kscell -ncy . Senor Mora, in ;he s.?,t communication, are at variance with the piiuo.piesof law and justice; that th? Mexican g >re mount, bring now In receipt ol a lsrg? sum of m?n"y from the government ot the U niled States, is bound, by e ery obligation of naticu i honor auJ good l'aith. t. provide for the immediate I!,nidation of the arrears of dividends due to the bondholders. and f?r 'he p>- a -tual payment of the tame in future." It was agreed Ujx>n to d< -patch a speci.f i eouimi-sioo to Mexico, to tf'o-operata with the aircnt of the bondholders. to secure the payment of the dividend* in arrears, and the adjustment of th* debt. Tac object of this BlMlla? ?" ' _ ?U. nppvintincni o: s special ionroi.vsioner, appear* to 1>? aolely with a view of scaring the fund* paid to the Mexican gorernturnf hp tbr I'nlted Ntatea?Ihe bondholders evidently being of the opinion tbnt if they do not Ret that amount immediately upon Its payment, they stand very littie rhvnee of getting it at all. >? The annexed returns exhibit the condition of the i Rank of Vnglami at four periods. lie >k or faceA1". Avg.r>. A'ty in. X'pt. 2.f N?im iaauad CM ilb-VO A.frji.UlA ji.WJ.i j) Mold coin k bullion 11 ^To.V'il T? 1)77,'''1 l:M77,Vt7 Silver bullion .... l.ftli.bou 1,U4V?3 7711#7 7mia?' \ 3M1.M0 3.530,13! : KJ6JK /. Pitblic deposit*... tf.0?f.3W U*VM vl?i ,'.,U2l,?H // trthet do. ... WIUW !>,i?fr<,?!? 8,7 U, 8b-' ".'771,007 // b??rn oay fc oilier ' I.HU *.!',7?2 l,0)?,:.7ti t.01'1,021 V-< Gov't KootlUea... 1U7XHI 12.K<4.7.1* 12,'*3.,:M UKi2,73B (IlLrr <0 I 'k>,i r, 10.W5l.7tsn Hl.i4W.dM 1 ,XK8U \i.lea I".:*i7,'.7? 7 ;'A?K) "(ll.iio 8,784,71*3 Gold a silver C'?le. /t -,7>i TW.'VW tiiJ.ilJ G>sl&7 Oiltn i vtio\ oi ti:k JIvm. or .1 lurr/t l\ Aug. A Aug. il. -S'W.S. Notes istned 2-1,i'1,12!) 2 i,ytl..iuf, .Notaton hand... . If.0ii7.x79 TWJD *,781,181 8,7-11,706 /l^alcirculation.(U;,44?,UM IMVMI5 im,iih,s*o l-inmjio hi-' last week's return!. compared with th- sc fir tha v>?< k previous, give the following result* : ? Public drj.oeiU !. >,021,3011 In-cease, XI61,217. Oth r deposits >y-2l,fl07! facrcaee, K-'?. V'.?VT?t Inep'tsc I

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