Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1848, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1848 Page 5
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baiter, mixed, Wentern, And pure Q?hm. Thare ware alro rales of 2 000 barr?Is. Western muI, 4e)ivtrable in November, at $6 12X. Southern is dull at %!> 62% a tb 76, for Alexandria, fee. Rye flour we qnnte at $3 87 V and heavy. In meal no sales are reported : Jersey is h?-ld at $3 18i, a $3 26. For wbaat there is a fair inquiry at the rates current yesterday Rye continues Arm at 69oa70?. Corn rules dull but firm ; rale* of round are reported at 80s. In oiner ascriptions loo sales rem-u vuuu ou?mi?, >1. 00 j for Mixed W??t?rn, tod 71c for flat yellow. Outs are m before, with sales of a couple of cargoes. M?m pork remain heavy, at $13; prime is firm at $10. In beel 160 bbls have bmn cold at $12 75 to $13, for dim, Sales of pickled hams at Cc. Lard Is In moderate Inquiry at S.^e. to 87-?o.; nome are asking 9c. for strictly prime samples. Of cheese there were sales of 600 boxes for export, at 0>fc. 100 bbls. prison whiskey sold at tOc. New Yore, Thursday, Sept. 28.? 6 P. M. There waa no change in flour. Sales of this State, eommoo Genesee, Oswego, Michigan and Ohio were made within the range of yesterday's quotations. Further sales of Southern were made, without change in prices. Considerable lots of this State and Western were made for future delivery Wheat was rather heavy, with tales of Genesee white, on private terms. Hound yellow oorn was in limited supply, and small sales were reported at a further advance. Flat yellow and mixed were sold at yesterday's quotations. Rye was dull. Further sales of oats were made at previous rates. Fork continued firm, and sales were made at fall prices Lard was also steady. Cheese continued in good demand for import, with further sales. Sugars were in good demand, with an upward tendency in prices. Molasses were quiet. For cotton sales we refer to the article below. Freights continued firm, with engagements to Ireland at a Might advance. Aatics.?Sales of about 100 bbls. were made, Including pots, $6; and pearls at $012)iBnKAD?TvrF?.?Flour.?The salerfor the day footed up about 15,000 bbls., including parcels to arrive the eoming and following months. The lots sold for immediate delivery oomprited about 7,000 to 8,000 bbls. thia State, common Genesee, Oswego, Ohio, and Michigan, at $6 Ma$a"56J<; 1,400 a 1.500 df straight Genesee sold at $6 62>?; with some a little better than common, at $6 68?*; 600 do. superfine sold at $5 44; 2.000 do. sold, tp arrive between tbe 15th October and 1st November, at $6 and 500 do., to arrive by November, at tbe same price; 3,000 do. sold, to arrive next month, on private terms; and a lot of 2000 do. was also to arrive next month, at $5 50. Southern was also steady, and rales ol about 500 bbls Georgetown were made, at $5 02},. Wheat -Sales of 0,600 bushels white Generec were made, on private terms. Com.?The sales for the day footed up about 30,000 bushels, in varioi s separate lets, among which were some parcels o| round Northern yellow, reported at 80c. a 81c. The sales also embraoed common and high mixed, at 88c. a 72c.; and flat yellow, at 72c. a 73 ; and 6,000 to C.OOO Art flkt ??1ln* nhanfroH Viu rt <1 a nn nvi?ota turmi ?Sales of 400 bbl*. were made, at $3 25. Rye wis held at 69c. a 70c., but no sales of moment were reported. Ryt Flour.?Sales of 100 bbls. ware made, at $3 87X. Outi.?Sales of 16.000 bushels were made, at 35?. Cottom.?The market to day was steady, with sales of 2,000 bales, nearly the whole of which was for export. LIVKSrOOI. CLASSIFICATION. N. OrUant Mobile if Uplandt. Florida. Ttxat. Inferior none. none. SM a&V rtinary (i a6 6 ati 0 a6K saftutt\v:.v.v.v. Middling Fair 6^ a#>J ?2a7 7*a7M ?Wt 7 a7 7Ka7X 7Ka7jJ Fully Fair 7U a 7>* nominal. 8){a8M Good Fair 7Xa8 nominal. 8^a8S Viae nominal. none. nominal Corn*.?The lot disposed ot to-day, by auction, consisted of 3.700 bags Rio, at a7}ac , 4 months. Fish.?The transactions embraced 1,100 barrels, No. 1, 2 and 3 Massachusetts mackerel, at private bargain, and 800 quintals dry cod at $2 82){. Fruit.?We noticed to-day the first arrival of new foreign this season, consisting of Malaga raisins grapes, &c., which will be offered to morrow by L. M, Hoffman & Co. A sale of 50 casks /ante currents wai made at 6){c. Freights.?About 20,000 bushels of corn in bulk were engaged for Cork and a market, at 12d pel bushel, and flour for the same port at 4s. To Liver pool, wheat in bulk was refused at 8,lid.; cotton wat taken at 7-32d.. and flour at 2s. 6d. For naval stores U London, 3s. was asked for small barrels, and 3s- Gd. foi large do. To Havre, for ootton Xo. was current; foi ashes, $8; and for quercitron bark, $10. Hemf ?Farther sales of 150bbls. American dew rot, ted at $142 50, and 150 do. Manilla, at 8c., both 0 mis * Limp.?Sales were made ol 1.500 bbls common Tho maston, at TOc. Navai. Stohics.?Sales of spirits were making fron store at 46c. We also note sales of 100 bbls Tar ai AO OX f* mv. Oils.?I'or whale there continue! to be a fair demand apd BOiae 600 bbls selected were taken for export, a 35e. Of olive, there were Mies of COO baskets, at $3 i $3 12)i, leu v3 per eent.; and of lard oil 40 bbls, oi terms we did not learu. Provisions,?The pales of pork amounted to abon 1,200 barrels, including some <00 a 800 bbls. mess at $1! and the remainder, prime, at $10 a $10 l!i>i LardSales of 400 bbls., in svpunte lots, were reported at 8\'o a 8\c. Cheese?Sales of 700 box** were made, for ex port, at 7o. Beef?Small sales of 20 a 80,bbU. mess wer made at $i:< 50. There was no change in prime. Ther was a steady demand for butter, without materia change in prfcea. Real Estatk at Auction.?The buildings on th southwest side of Franklin St., with the southeast std of Centre St., and the lots together, 46 ft 2 ins by 67 f 5 ins, $8,400; gore of land on the north side oflTth at, 66 ft 7 ins east of 6th avenue. $2,600; house and lot No. 118 West Broadway. $3,800; house and lot. No. I North Moore st., $3 6;">0: leasehold premises, No. 3 Laurens St.. and lot 25 ft by 60 ft, $1,860. Kice.?The transactions were rather mall, not ex ceeding 50 carks, at $3 75 a $4. Srr,Aii<?Since the 1st. hare advanced full lc. pe lb, and the tendency is still upward. The operation comprise about 1.200 hhds, at 6c. a fi'?c. for Torto Rico 4>;c. a 6\c. for Cuba, and 4>?c. a 5)*c. for New Or lean* In boxes, the sales are 400 brown Havana, a 4' iC a 0c . all 4 months. Soaiv?From a recent arrival. 300 boxes red mottle* Castile have been taken, at 10'ec. 4 months, or less ! per cent. Snrvi Caida r>7 OtlVd VnfmAM ' v?on.. ?' M nuvgo nviO UIOpVDOU U| UJ auction at $1 a $1 6c. time. Tb? balance are offered* $16c. In cassia there was a morcment. but we couU not trace it. Tallow. ? ^ parcei 0f inferior wa? di?p?sed of ? 7\'c , cash, Good tallow commands 8'*' a 8,'ic. WitK.s, fcc.?The following lot# were disposed of bj auction. Terms, fonr and six months. Brasdy1 bbl. Cognac at *2 55 per gal; 1 half pipe do. $2 40; ] qr. do $2 30: 1 half do. ntard $2 17>?; 1 qr do. Cog nac fl 97 ' .; 1 do Rochelle $1 10; 1 half do. 51 07,'i: ] do. and 1 qr. do. Bordeaux $1 02',; 1 half do. '.)2,'sc Sherry?1 qr cask $3 05; 3 do. $2 82'j.; 1 do $2 77>?: ; do. $1 80; 1 do. $1 76; 2 do. <\ 05; 2 do $102??; 2 do $1 60; 10 do. SI 50; 2 d* *1 11; 1 do. <1 10; 5 do $1; ! do. 96c ; 3 do. 92,'a; 6 do. #0; 3 'In. ?4; !> do. n0; 8 do. 43 Tort?1 hhd +1 20; 28 qr. ca?ks US; 5 do. 60; 5 do and 12 lihds. 63; 5 qr. casks 37)<; 1 hhd. 39. Cham pagne?5 cases $0 75; 55 baskets *0 12,lj. Whalkhoik.?The last saios of South Sua were mad at 2i">c. WnibKKv.?Sales of 200 a 300 bbls. State prison wer made at 26c.. and 00 do. Ohio at 25.n4'o. MAHKFTS KL.SKWHERE. STOCK SALES. Bosiov, S?pt. 27. 1?48.?f(nif Mo./rd?S shades Fiich'oir Railroad. flVormmt Central Railroad, MX; 20 do.. Ma, CO Jo., U'it'J, 36; IS Western Railroad, ro.'i; 2d Bo?t"ii aud I'ro? leiiee Railroad, 8!>Ks I Th*n >nt Haul;, 90; 10 Winni-dmmrt Co 70: St ilo., M,0d, 70; I Veimont and Massaolmao, t.> Railroad, 63j( 18 Vermont find Massaclm*-ft.- Railroad Rirhts, .TJc; .VI Ear Hoatou Dividend", No. 4, 4 .12: 60 do, t AI): 12 II a lina Railroad 155<. At Auction?1 share Boston mid Lowell Kailr nd, (pn Mii.jil'i advance 5 Eastern do.. Spcr cent advance: .'I RoUu and Woneater do., itji |?r con' advunoe; Now England Wonto ?'o., S<'' per eliar*; 2 Nashna MiguIactiirinK <.'o,$l27)?; SGreu l'alls do, S1S8; 10 State Haul.. .17'i for ft': 10 Manufactured Inmr.'ioco <o., |>or eliar. ; It" Ontaaajton Copper Co., $; $1000 V ennoot :ind Mar<a'imketti Tl nd, 80; SNotes, > 1 j:)0 oaol aiiaebaMMaClHUdtable Mechanic Association, pur. Pun aiii i I'HiA, Hopt, 28.? h'irit Honril?$1000 8tate .'>V. "!?.1 1000 do., 73V, ??? do , 7oJ?: ."iMldo.. 7.11,: .".fO State d'H.atV. 4WJ S. Nav. CV, 7S, .% *; Ml LiUfch c al n-np, 8")J: 1IHI llewinito J'.i; 200narbomity urip, !i*?: lioTrea*. 0 p. e. notes, lOIi; i Morris canal, 9: ICt'O I". S. O's, V,s, lOI,!^: 70 Lehigh coal sorll 126 4o . 80M; 10 VIolul nr.\ 11 AO I". 8. Bank c., 2 2 Fleming on, .1; lo l.idilsjh oral -oviv> o? Ml)?. After Salet.?$211 I^hlirh co?l fori p. HlW ; 11 t'nlon oanal, 0: lo Vieks'inrg, 11". ?)U. 8. Bink 2?i. Seemul Hoard.?'*.<000 U. 8. ?VU7, 101'j 1.VK1 Pcnn'a ft'?,7;i^; put do.. 7."i ,: im l>a?. iiotca, 102',: 7" <1 raid bank, ll> ?j llkt Morri* i kusi,!'. After S.tlei.?$100 V.! hank,100 Mortis oai nl,!', Ciheat pair-toe managers of the great pai * at 1'iutlo Garden, are now pr parcd to rictive eontributioi from exhii itori ol all ani l s prepared to if xhihitcd, and r tint all nncli :i^ intend t 'exhibit, will foruard the artioli in the oour?o of to-diT or to-mrrron, (Friday and fattirday,) i order t at tl.oi miv bo arranrivl nio?t advantsKeonsly. TtM'APTAlN JAO>H MM IKS. OF THE SHIP l)AVI Cannon, of St. .Tohr.?, No v llronnwlok.?Sir? Wv, th-' ni darsigned, a-ithorifed to represent t'>e 5-d a lnlt fn#ni'rs fro l.iverpool to N>w VoiV, by your flilp, hei thus to reenr l oi t 'diessof ^r\'itud? iu'v.i -r! yon for the prompt and snwcfcd'i ineasnret yon 1i?to nsod for < nr fafoty and comfort, dnrint; a n mostMiiprecedcntedly rt'tuli p.if a;c of lorty d.iys, to whif .'xoitioti* and ni ant, tinder Iiivin'1 1'rovMenee, we owe tlio pr wrvallon of eur liven and f roporty. 1 our coolness, .'..rro. i ii'i ircn'. and pr#rap?l'oit .) a lion.i,i the m:4?t of twrlla nr niftv nltieaot nrt fnmtn'-n il''*tM?:ioit, mat S" flh as lo iniMic t with ike ??iiilde?re ofaemr.iy, whin, othei?l<i', w n jtild ha\ despaired nfsaf*'t>. Y, t:r lily, wl-on yon I. in,I jhtob exertion was r<- i <:iuy also > ii <1 ?nr w.Mne?t iJiuiiiii. ti an Krailuil*. \ our mr "ii . n? ra1 ..mfurU m l tl efl-rts Jim made ?? behalf i'i ?o wtrns" 11c?p>rI v wis in dangi of bun* do?treyrd, l.iv.< rini' ii v our ^ anil uit,|inllfl< (linnlti*. Permit nt, all. " ? un .pr.' sion >! o ir .M-.ijr-ttiil thm te I he i l-a- ra'ie !r Imt y?u mtiat ln\. tc.nirianoc I c acting )"?r > tli-er? ai.l * -antcn l'nrfuvn iltrir i>> r-i u'i h-Iii duties, in the rlic rink I' ?M'- pTn.-iMit m 11 ir i**> ilhl: aril ?la tn intimate I > that". thro rh this tiiedi In) uitr ,rift'f acbxe of the inlv nt'thfir :i,;n? "ii "iir hvliulf, V, ton,) ?mr he- * lain:* lor ymir <10; nit'r.n I prusi ' rl'y na I happing and wh< n the Morni-and M ;? 01 111 in Il'-j ha' driven y>n tbucUta ol' an tumoralold wn y?? tin 1 t'i?'. h?\ >n rrnt for the anil. where l!'C tr..u''o? and < ir'i of '.Ma wjrl.i a rx h?r,-?<l for that i?a?i'wl.i' :./..all D'tir |'U aw.iy. IV ar ?i.. >Ogr i'hlino'1 at <1 ntn Mil enAnts, John Moore J". J{. A.P K.(fcr. Chaa llowrll .lohnanr., M. I\ 1'. L., S . .1 Im Randell Ii o'aij Amio < 11 John Dunear Mi C'imiiocliie Jamo* Ctmnhuh mi John Kit a Charltia Conway .lohi' ti'D. urrll Jorcpl. Rots Kodtriuk O'Coni er > i ;nck I all John Kafrail J' n MoGtinnrs" Patrick Flanuinau Rob-art Holland *11! am RHeh)< John I'lidlev John J. Sluut Tlmou.* Sl.unks .'' hB Fairlairn John Ilnntci I i?epli Foster Mcallylno MraM'iwer Ka'h<rino Kollar T S Wall .lu'.n MeOonnoll Wl 'h.m Johnsir 11 Hobert Little W. D. I\-?' IVi!ham IfMtlalur John i'larheni. Morris Th< mm White John Su.we'l Adnan Gntr Altx'r Ma. d' liulJ Ttie?aa Viclery Haviil Connn .l>m<? Lockhan Riehar>) M< lloy I atrich I'lerff .Ir.eei'li Willis Irabella Dunean MaryLarai Ana Murray Ann Coiidi tu New Vork, 1 1- i TO HOUPEKHtPIRS.?STRKI. HRK9ETA, KR\^3, JIM and 1 <>| per Coal Hf-ila. Ju?t reeeirail a lull supply of 1 altce *?a?flna>le rood a, together ? ill. an intensive assortaenl mipfrier TaM* Ontlery. I.amp?, Uirandolea, Plated and Berll OMrsaan; all ol whloli ia offered at the lo*"a) ninea, at tlx Nt Yotk Oeaaral FuraJch.rg Warcho.i'e, No. Br' ,id?ay, n The fall racks at the union course, u i?tue Ml mteting will cmntm oa Tuesday th* M of Ool.with a Swt?i*Uke, two mil* heats, fJOtt. 11 alf forfeit. Closed with thres tntnes, ?i?: Samuel Laird uim? oolt, by Clarion. out of the Ism of Latona; Jns. Tally nam eh. eolt, Bocton, d?m i Uaria Shelton; O. p. Hare, names bay Colt, by Clarion, dam full airier 10 Iioinblowcr. The above olu are ou the ground, and will come to fhe post Second >lav. I'urse $7"". Three nitle tifa'si , Th<s will bring to the post three or fo\ir entries Third day. I'urre $800? twa mile heats; and a Purse if $ 121*1. four uiila htaU, which will tring to tb'3 uoet, fashion, on* Iron) Mr. Hare's (table. and one from Mr. Greens. Ttx tour mile day is ; d lo, by the loTers of racing, aa one of the most brilliant that has oo curr'd for years, aa fir Hare ian select tram his string. Passenger, Ln< y Inland, and Bostona. for that oeoaeicn; and Mr Gr^ n Das Free Tiadeand Buena Vista to wleot I'rmn. t'Oil.I'M HI A lodge, NO. lti. u. A. o. I*.-THE mSMBKRS > ol this Lodge are raqnestrd to mept at their Lodge Room. No. 142 Hester street, on Saturday aftetnoon, September 30th, at hsJf-put 1 a'cloek, for the purpose of paying the last tribute of restcet to our l?t? worthy brother, John Randall. johntrancis.n.a. U'tDDrv P Smith S?oi?tEnr Cmi'Rt'H NOTICE.?DR. ELLIOTT'S NEW CBl'RCU, AT I * tlliotUville, Staten Island, will be opened for divine wrvioe on Sunday, Ootober lit, on which occasion Rev. Mr. Wiulow, Hector of Bt. Paul's, will ffieiate. NOTICR--THE NO CONTRACT AS?X'IATION."-TUIS Association will bold their first poblie meeting at Mr. T. Brent 11 Munrue Ball, corner of Centre and Pearl streets this (Fridat) evening, at IK o'clock. The Mechanics and Laborers from the various parts of the city are requested to be pro'ent j ol<o, all other penoni who are oppoted to the iniqoitious system of contracting and letting out the public works, or any portion of them. P. S.?The laws and by-laws of the association, u adopted, will he read at the meeting, and persons qualified ate invited to deliver addresses. Signed. JOHN McGHATII, l'res't. Thomas Whitk, Vice President Jehn 8. Sullivan, Peter Dawson. Secretaries riRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?THE ANNUAL JT Dinner of the French Benevolent Society, will take place on Monday, October 9th, at Delmonioo'a Persons desirous ol attending. are requested to inscribe their names with the following members:? E. Lcntilhon, 44 Broad street: A.Seignette,Stf Beaver street; N.Noel,43 Broadway. The snbseripuon will remain open until Thursday, 3d October. INFORMATION WANTED?ANT PERSON KNOWING the residence of Patrick Dixon, lata of Belfast, ImLand, who i eame to this country in 1847, with his son William, ana daughter i Uannah, will eonfer a .favor by forwarding any information to JANE BIXON, Lenox,' Mass INFORMATION WANTED OF CATHARINE MOLLABV, of the parish of BAtbcline, county Longford, Irelaud, who landed in Now York last April. Any information of her will be thankfnlly acknowledged by her Mary Do ad, Clinton. Tille, N. v., or by M. Urennan, curner of Little and Water streets, ( Brooklyn, N._Y. IF BOWNES, OTHERWISE JOHN RADOLIPF, SON OF John and I'leaaant Radclitf. of Salfori. who emigrated to . Amerioa about the year 1H28, and followed the busineee of bread baker in the city of Philadelphia, but who, it if supposed, In 1KJ8, ' removed into the interior, or to the Canada*, if he will apply by letter to Peter Scales, Esq., Bank Ottage, CheeCham Hill, near i Maneheiter, England, be will hear of aomething to hie advantage. , If deceased, any information of hie death, the place stating I where he died, and the time when he died, will be received by W. C. Pickersgill fa Co., 49 Wall street, and all reasonable expenses paid. (An WANTED, ON GOOD COLLATERKL SEKURITY yj<""v for twelTe montts. Address A. C., BoiNo.|l, Herald office. WANTED?A FKMMK DE CBAHURE, FRENCH OR German. Address P. D. V., Herald office. WANTED TO HIRE IMMEDIATELY A HOUSE, NOT Exceeding $40U or $460, per an nam, between W arren struct and the Battery. Letter* addressed box 3ti7, Poet Office. New York. WANTED?A D AO I' F.RRETYPE OPERATOR.-AN KFlicient and experienced young man may find employment by tod 207 Broadway. WANTED?AN HONEST AND INDUSTRIOUS YOUTH* about 18; one who writes a Rood hand, baa some knowledge of bookkeeping, and is -willing to make himself generally useful, can call at s4 Cedar street, up stairs, from 10 till 1 o'clock. WANTED.-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as Washer or lroner. otdo the general housework of a small family. The best of city reference can be given.? Apply at 710oerck street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, in a private family to do General House Work; ii a good washer and ironer; has lived four years in her la.*t place, and can give good reference. Please apply at 17 Rector street. W~ ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, in a private family to do General House Work. Tho best of referenco can be given; has no objection to go a short dlftance in the country. Please call at No. 18 Canal street. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, A RESPECTABLE, WELL educated Young Woman, as seamstress and companion for a lady in the country. None need apply but English or American; best of reference required. Inquire at No. 9 Llspenard street. WANTED-A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as Nurse or Seamstress, in agenteel family. No objections to goliyt South, Inquire at 275 West Seventeenth st? t or two weeks. The best references given. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Cham*>ermaid, Washer and Irouer, or Chamber Work and Sowing. The best ^f eity referenec given. Please to call at ISO 9th street, bet* een Avenue* B and C. Can be seen for I three days, if not roited. . * ma/ apiMtU?a DUX A11UM 111 A KKSfKCTABLiK VOUNQ ft TV woman, to Jo the general h,oiisewirk of a (mall private fal wily ; is a tint rate wadicr and itoner. No objections to chamberwork and plain sewing. The best of city reference from bet ^ last place, rlease call at 64 Greenwich avenue. t, IT AN TED-A SITUATION. BYA RESPECTA BLE YOUNQ TT Girl, as Chambermaid or Waiter. Has no objection to do the general home work of a (mall family. Can be seen by calling at 105 Broome street, for three dnys. The best of city B reference can bo giTcn from lier last employer. 8 WANTED TO immediately, by a SHALL JTA>1 TT mily, without children, in Broadway or near it, in a crossstreet, between Broom* and Teath street h, n neat two story, or n e small three story. House, or the lower part of a private nouso. # Addrees "House, at the office of this paper. t 11TANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ,, TT situation as food plain Cook and I?undreae,'or to do ChamL tanrnk. and Plain Sewing. Can be seen for two days. Pleaso ^ call at 162 West 16th street, in the rear, between 7th and rtthaveg nue*. Best of city references can be given. WANTED.?A PARTNEIt IB WANTED IN A CLUB Stable, where a capital of $10,000 it* furnished. He must be Able to pay $>tt0 for the privilege, $300 will be required in ad_ vanoe. Apply at the bar of the United Btates Hotel, this creniag, between S and 6 o'olock.forG. JONES. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE WO man, as Nurse: understands the entire charge oi a baby, or t as Chambermaid, and to do ttm- Washing and Ironing. Best of city reference given. Apply at No. 243Mott street,between Prince ana Honston streets, up stairs, front room. WANTED?A MACHINIST, FGLLY COMPETENT, PRACtically and theoretically, to put up and keep in constant , order, hand and napicr presses, the latter cn the newest And most \ scientific principles. None but qualified i>or?ons. and of nspoaai* Ble recommendation, need apply. Further in'ormation maybe 1 obtained from Mr. Raymcnd, Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED ?' man, a situation as wet nurse, or to take care of children, atl .J do tewing it required: testimonials from a respectable physir e an n> to character, k(?., lc produced. Please address to A. 11.. box 2,661 lower po?t office, New York. WANTED -A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman ft3 Caok, Wat-her and Ironcr, or to dothegcnoial 1 housework of a tmnll fatnil}-. Also.^ a girl of lti years ofjnse, to i:im' care pi ( iiiiumi, ana man' ncrwu generally useiui. mcnest i ot oily reference can l.e Riven. Apply in the greeery store, cor. of Columbia and Baltic streets Brooklyn. 5 TEA U1WUH WANTED? FOR THE CITY AND M. Country Trade. A person thoroughly competent in all its branches, axd whose expectation for salary is ni"d?rate, m\y appl> to Ilowqlia, office 01 this paper. with name and reference. ? X YOl NT. MAX, WEI,I, A' CUSTOMED TO TRAVEU IS A. desirous to obtain a situation with a travelling gentleman, or family; and having travelled forcten conn tries, lias no objoction e to so abroad, l'loasc address to E. 0. C., at this Ottieo, which w ill be immediately attended to. 4 COMPKT1NT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION V as CooV, Washer aid Ironer in a priratc family. The best of city reference from her last situation. Please to in'jul.e at Zi i Trey street. Can b<-se<n tor two daya. A GREAT CHANCE FOR MAKING MONKV. BY INVEST? X\- icg in an Oyster and Eating-house, which does a flrat-rate [; night business, may be had by applying to J. Carlisle, corner of t l-consrd and Centre streets. Terms libera], and half the purchase , moniy t<i remain on bond and inortiajte. n KKRV BUSINESS. -WANTED. A TOOKO MAN I V who has a thorough knowledge of the Crockery Busint-s,and t Who etn product undoubted r.'coinsondstions. Such a person ,< tvsy of a sood situation ' y addressing I'. M , at G. F. Nc?t>ii'?, >. stntiomr, 8> Wall street, corner of Water street. ' rito I I'i ?UAI*T OF A GOOD SIZED TIIRF.E srciHV A lioi ic, eituated ill Broadway, near list atreat,not fur abotre i Union rn,'l? containing tno ltuy jtrl rs, with folding J>v.r?. ^ I' m m adjoining, bath room,attic r?Ms, and ba-emcnt, with Cro. n ten water, suitable for a small family, or fi r rentlennn whofnr" r.irli their own rooms. Rent low till lirst May ie\t. Inquire at k N". M!' Broadway. I riMKMlB THREE I'I.EASA.Vf ROOMS TO I.ET, WITH 1 board, fronting on Broadway, for families <<r single gentlei; men. the roo-nsarcl?r?v, the bed roomsattached. Also several t- single ones. Apply at Broadwav. L ? 1 l)Rrtl>vs OALI.ERVOF PaGUI'URKOTYPE PORTK1IT3 I I . , .1 t.?n? II.-.,,..c V?'. ??t* - ? J O,.- Tt I. - -J > ? it mil f I St. I*:>nl'n church, 2'1, 'M, and iili stork*. Hour* from " i. I t In II." uinmlni till in tin1 ctenlir. it I/KF.NCH < IiASSKS.?PROFKSSOR J. 1*. EDWARDS, A. SI.. K l?-*s Itave to intorm 1 i* friend*, former pupil*. and the pn?>lic n v^iicially. that he has removed to 611? Broadway, and that hi* llrrt I'rrni licla-? will commence on Monday next, October i. PriTRte r. ! f-onfi given at the Professor's house, or at the midoncc of jmpila. The nni<nie *y*tcm ol Prof. Kdwanlsha* recu.v*d the cof ' dial commendation of the mo*t distinguished men of the country, and the public are invited to examine the proof*. il DII MAR PS.?J, PURDV. JR., 112 GRAND STRICT, COR n X) net of Rroadwwy, reapccVolly return* thanhato hi friend* ih anl the public, for tne very liberal patronage bestowed upon him ') Ill* *alo..n I* now relitted and redeooratd, no>l he jdcdgoq himself that nothing shall be wanting on Ida purl to make it the pleasantid e*t ies?rt in town. > i A ASH : CASH I CASH -THE HltiHRST PRICE PAID I OK il V/ Oentlemen'a cn*t ofl Clothing, mint-lit* or job* lot of ready i l made Clothing A li?e, by post, will be promptly attended to, in corner of Nassau and Reek man atrceta, to Milt store. *i DORKS, MODFS, NOWRAOTia?V. GODITROT, .T4? x. iV Broadway, lip stair*, will opon on Thursday neat, lli? !Wth hi instant, a rich axertment of Pari* Good*, inch a* nilks, wiutei i? hita, oloak*, eaabroidarlf*, and fanoy artislcs?j??t rectivod by ? ffie Havre paekata. rpilE COPARTNI HSHI t' OF OR MOTT fc DF.TOV IS THIS J. H.'iV ili?Bolvod. )iv mil' nnl rnn?ftnt Th? nf th.? !?* ["! tirm wtll t? Mttlcil f v W m. .1. Oo Motl, who ia only authorltefl ,>( to oolleot nil due tl o late lirm, nml whj will contlnm tho ty >>? -int.* oa hi* ownacooniii, ?i No,*< Houston Mtoot. ! w 11.i.iam j. pi varr, Now York, 3*pt. IS. 1?K M KHAKI, DKVOV. P ARTNERSHIP.?TBK ADVEHTI3KR MYINO ON LONO I-land, * 1th J.M) a<re? ofl.snd at. !.<* ili?|io>nlf in doslrom of meeting with a |wrf?a lia\li>g "f?l.?ww> or ftl.toO, tortrry on the l uImt* of markf tgar.l-nini for the Now \ ?rk market. All -?ch |j?rty * fold lie re<|ttlred to to, wvnUI M to reoel?<; caah for produce Font 10 market. Addr.-?i S. J. U.'ox 1'^W, P?it Offlen, N.Y. i? W.TRVON k CO., 'J.17 BROADWAY, HAVE JUST RK* Jt eii'il from l!nro|>o an entire now arti>1e lor (ientleinen'a (MeKoafa, whleh th?y i :in sell a' an unmnally low |,rico. Maimmf. j. finikin, AnitNr, iiroadway, kntrain* llti (irand at.reor.will t im on Monday, October 2, 1MH, her a??rt?ent. of I'ana KaH Millinery. oto. I) ARIS STYLE SHIRTS, OF FINEST WORKMAN 11111*. 1 maHc to maarore, ly the half doien or more, iin-i>ri>a?^d in (Ma ountry. .'?> per <?nt. le^a than pri-e< iwaally charged. J.C. I'ARSEM.*, of I# >?ar? Broadway l.i-hionahle celebrity, ?n|? rintrmlent II. (J. tHIION. I|H William ?t? opatalra DNOUn (JA9 riXTURBO - IN EXTENSITE ASSORTr.J moot ?f Kn?h*h (j?a Fixture*, Comprise* t haodolWra, Bra-kc'a, ?n'l Mantel Ornaments, fce? of now atylei and reoent importation, maMifaolvm d hy TNomaa H'M?n|?r Ik Suua, of London ?B'l llirmir'd'mtv. for ';0e at /'J .loi.n ?tr*'t. v nOMftUMNATBl- \ Vl.RY si PUIO* l/Jfl nv FO|R ho 1 *i. natea, juat reeelv,id from Oharloaton, and for tale hy S. of rOAl EH, at A. Bell Ik Son'a, No. 117 Falton atr?eu "w 1\R. I!I.MOTr, 001 I 1ST, MS BROADWAY, INFORMS HIS ?r MJ ra l'nta. that hia oflko hoi r? arc am from 10 t?4v'et*?k, Moailaj, Wvoataday, m?t h PiiiTHiiTiK-ntiiuy ivu-inu, i?rr. will b? ptvdoowd for the i 1th time in Amtou, Uia muid b hi of XtsMllRAkDA.- U Ma4. A.lata Mouuiuw rbm da Ljt, M'lle Aiu Balan; Ptarra Oriipin. M. B. M< plailir, Quasimodo. M. Corky; Robert trEatouville. K. Fletah Emmie, M'lle Waldegreve. Th? eatertainiMata will oonamer with the ?omedlet?? of the LADOEK OK LOVE~-Tba ?*BMoh Mr. Moonhnuw; th? Chevalier Dm*?l. Mr. Dawsow; Franoola. B. Ch?|>iu?n; Siuftoae, Miw Rn?e Telhin; the Ktlohionrn Vermont Mra. D>ott DreM Circle, 76 oanU; funllj Circle, centr; Upper Iioxea, IS etmU Pit, 31H oentau Okllary. W* Ma Dmti open at 7- onrtmir rlea# U Tjf o'aloek. DARK THEATRE hUTICE?FAMIUE9 WISHING 1 X vtalt thia theatre during tne pTeacni excite meni w wnn the new Grand Bullet of ESMEKaLDA, aud being detorred the crowded atate of the Dreaa Circle, are respectfully iuKinu that the Seeond Tier, or Family Circle, ha* been beautifully flu up and luminhtd for the eipreae accommodation ef Ladiea ai Family Parties. In the advaaiagea of seeing and hearing t performance*, it U unaurpaeaed by any ether part ef the thcat There are pep*rate entrancea to the Dreea and Family Circles, t only difference being that the charge far admiacioa u> the latl ia rrcac d to SO tenia. DOWm THEATRE ? FRIDAY EVENING, SEPT. ! JD will besoted tthakapeare'a Tragedy ef HAMLET. Pnnoe Denmark?Claudius, Mr. Tiltvnj Hamlet, Mr Haiublin; T Gbott of Uamlet'a rather, Mr, J. M. S>ott: Horatio, T. Du <lertrude, Mr*. H'inataaley; Ophelia, Miaa Mary Taylor. All the tragc.ty, will be per formed, the ballet apeetaele styled Tl ABDUCTION OF IHNA-Edward, Signor Oaetoao Neri; Nia Siinora Giovaiiiaa Ciocea; A dele, Mra Dunn; Bibona. Mr. Warden; Roland, Mr. G. W. Smith. Door* opem at 9H?p fonaanoe to eemmeace at 7 e'eloelt. Boats, 23 ceata ; 1 Itjj cents. CHANFRAIT8 NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMER] Chatham? Friday Evening, September 29 will be preeenl the drama of THERE3E ; or, THE ORPHAN OF GENEVA Canvto{ Mr. Oianlrau^Fontaine, Mr^Starh ; Count de MorVil ?r. i * inn t . ncaro, mi. lurrar ; iienH, am ft. ?sukj< Counten de Merxilie, MUa Blldreth. After which, MY9TEKII AMD MI8KKIK8 OF t>EW YORK-Mow, Mr. CfcaaftM; Oapt* Tibli, Nr. 0. Bark*; Mr. Ptmih, Mr. Fat da;; Big Um, M McLean; little Li**i MIm E. MnUiw. To oonclude with I fareeoi TUB SPECTRE It HIUKG ROOM?Dicker*. Mr. a Barl Paul. Mr. Herbert; Misa Lamina, Miss HLdreth. Doer* e>pena< ftrfgnuw tocommon o* %%7% o'olork Boies, IS cental PM.H First grand miijcal. festival ok the sea so ?The dirtctorik of the Italian Optra of the United State* Amtrica respeott'uQy ajuiqunoe, thai having made an arrant ment with Maurice tUiakpscb, ( pianist of the Kinperor of Russl the first grand musital festival of the Season will be Riven at t Broadway Tabernacle, on Monday, October 2, 1M8; on whl occasion, the principal artists, ana the largely increased ehoriv and orchestras of the Italian Opera Company, together wi other eminent artittLaod also the ireater portion of the perfur ing mem>?rs of the Bfl|iarmonic Socfcty, and the entire Mod krants Vocal Associ^on'under the direction of Uerr Hecht, ? appear; the whole wilpWrm an orctrtstfa of eighty performers, a a obotus of ISO voiceilwhioh will rive, with an effect altogetl muqualled in this eodhtry. the following programme of popu and elauical music. The festival will be under the direction M. Maretiek, musical director and conductor of the Italiau Oj? Company, and late musical direct, r of the Italian Opera, I/>nd< It is rerpectfully anaounoed that this will be the only oppor nity of hearing M. Strakoaoh, and the artists, orchestra a chorus of the Opera Company, before their departure for Phi delpMa, which will positively take place on the 3d October. I this occasion the Tabcrnaclc will be illuminated with 1,000 ex I lights. The festival will positively take plaoe on the even! above stated. No postponement on account of the weather. I' gramme?Part 1: 1. Overture. Egrnont. Beethoven; 2. Di Semiramide, by tUgnorina Truffi and Signor Pioo, Rossini; l'antAnbi dr&nilinllft. Luflift. mmnnMwfl uiil Km Ht kosoh ; 4. Ekglith ftallad, by kiu f/orth*ll; 4. Grand Finale, fli Mt Linda di ihamounix, by S'gnorina Truffl, Bignora Piao, 8 nari Valtcllina and Rotfi, and full ohorua and orchestra of t Italian Optra Company, Donizetti: 6. Celebrated Conct Stueck, by Strakoscn, Von Weber. Fart 2: 1. Overture, Riii Marctzek ; 2. Trio, Lucrezia Borgia, by Signorina Trufti and 8 nori Benedcitiand Roai. Donizetti; 3. Duo on theme* ofGiui mento, for two |>ian< s. composed by Strakoach, and performed Meosrc. Tlmm and Strakoeob; 4. Das Deutsche Lied, ohorua wi aolo, by the Liederkranti, J. Andre ; 6. 8extuor Finalo, Bmai followed by the Monterey Oalop, performed and composed Btrakoach ; 6. Grand Finale, rtrat act Ciuramento. by Signori ( Truffi, Signora Pico, Signori Benedetti, Valtvlliua. and fi ohcrua and oreheatra of the Italian Opera Company, Meroadan The following new pieces, by Strakoech, have been published Wm. Hall and Son, 23'.) Broadway: 1, Adieu d'ltalie?Etu caraoteristlque pour le piano: 2. Lucre/la Borgia, fan toaia; The Storming of Monterey? Grand Galop, dedicated to Mac General Taylor; 4. Souvenir de Lao do Como melodie poai piano ; 5. Un Carnival a Naples, polka; 6. Prayer, from the ow of Otello, for left hand alone. And Uie following have also m published by Andre b Co., 447 Broadway: 1. The Magio Bella reverie; 2. Mercedes Polka; 3. Chanson d' Amour, a nocture. Strakoscb, on this occasion, will perform oa a grand piano, fr< the manufactory of Chtokering, and also on one made by Era All the pieccs in the above programme will be accompaulod the orchestra. Ticket*. (1. For sale, at the music stores, and the New York Ilotel, Delmogico's, and at the Tabernacle on 1 night of the concert. Doors will open at seven o'clock; psrfor ancei will commenoe at eight o'clock, precisely. SACRED DIORAMA 8?NOW EXHIBITING EVE! night this week, aod Wednesday and Saturday afternoo eommractng ^ 3 o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 3W Broi way, over Stoppanl's Baths. Hannii|gton's entirely new Ora eilpturat Dioramaa of Vie moat Magnificent Spectacle ei witnessed in New York. Oeation of the WotU And the Deli: Assisted by |>owerful Vocal ahd Inntramental Aecompanimoi Mr. H. Hannington hasjnat e(Mapleted a magniftoent Diorai intended to illustrate the (ubUmi apectacle of the Bix Dayi the Creation! exhibiting, by mean* of moveable figures, soent and powarfol optical efiects, *w \he prognaaive changes, iron Chaoa and Darkness of the unformed Universe, until the fi completion of the great work of Creation, aa described in first and aeeond chapters of Generis, terminating with the pearanoe of Adam and Bve in the Garden of Eden. The I rama ia the reaaltot a long clieriahed idea, and of a lifetime study and experiment in tola department of The art*. It ia moat costly, beautiful and perfect work of the kind existing, I oombinea in i ta exhibition the higheat meohanical ingenuity,* the moat astonishing acenic eflects, assisted by superior poet Minting and mnaio. Soon cry and Incident*?Chaos, the Fi Bay. The firmament, the Second Day. Dry Land, Herbage i Flowers, Third Day. Bun, Moon aad 8tars, Fourth Day. Cl tion or Fish and Fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, 91 Day. Harden of Xden?Adam aad Ere. With this com plat of the labors of-the Creation, the first part of the Exhibit closes. Fart II,Grand Diorama of the Deluee. Ticketa25efa Children half prioe. Doars open at 7. Curtain rises at B o'c Jw. brown, auctioneer.?gentefl hou8eho furniture.?Friday, Sept. 29th, at 10 o'clock, at No. 45 OU street, J. W. Drawn will sell at auction, as above, the furnltur a family dediting house keeping, conaiating of sofas, divj bureaus. bedsteads. dining and card tables, oentn taMes, look glasses, wastelands, mats, chain, carpets, gkraadolea, lampa, n ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE.?THE CELEBRATED FA pacing man, Cayuga Maid, will be offend at private i until the 28th September inst. If not sold at that date, she 1 then be sold at TattersaU's on Monday, the 2d day of October, 12 o'clock, to the highest bidder, without reserve. She may sen at the stables of Jfeaaro. Reynolds It Wonrt. For farther formation, enquire of Administrator, at 226 Fulton atreet Calico engraving, and other machinery, auction at Jersey City, comer Watdungten and Wayne stre< on Tuesday, Oct. 3d, at 10 o'cloak?A engraving machines, s and top; S pairs clamps, power and hand; slide and foot latl vices, grindstones, pin anu other ground mills and dies, ahafti drums, belts, benches, forge, fee. fee.; can bo seen any timo pit ous to sale. Bale positive. The buildings and 3 lota will be on the 10th of October, at 11 o'eloek, on prcmUos. 1 ft nnn R0SES at public sale.?james b we IUjUU" offera sor sale, his large amd extensive colloeti ol'atandard and dwart rosea in tho ground. My standards i all worked upon American sweet brier*. Cat alognea can be h at G. B. Rollin'a, No. 27 Wall atroet, and at Dunlap's at atorc.KS Broadway, and on the ground, eorn?fet&jlh street a Second avenue. Sole, Oct. 10th, at 10 o'clock. Flower bulbs.-a lot of choice dutch i-lowi Hull s. in ruall and large packagoa, just reoeived per < ronce. and for sale by r. w. bl rb age. No. .'>2 New st Beware op the sudden changes of ti neither.?Hn Carroll's Medicated Vapor, Sulphur, a Iodine Baths, 3M Broadway, two doors above Leonard stre are a pertain cure for eoids, rheumatism, chilli and fever, inl nmtion of the respiratory organs, diseases of the akin, kc. . danger of catching cold after taking these bath*. d* 1 ONLY .-rt-no WOULD GO WITHOUT TEETH WH1 wj? A they can lifive them Inserted, amd warranted for flvo jm atone doHar each, at the office established for the reduction prices iu 1834. Filling withpnre gold BO to 76 cents. SOS Broad* Drug store for sale.-a first clabs drug stoi located In the moat thriving portion of thin city. To Ph; < ians or Druggist;- wishing to establish a permanent busim the 'tand cflers inducement* seldom to be mot with. Apply tc nddie-\ post paid, J. IJ. noWLAND, 83 John ntree DO YOU WISH TO GET STOUT AND STRONG >-TH ge daily to 20.'! Broadway, near Fulton street, and e.'ill f> ehillin* bowl of roost dclicion-- 0\ Toil Soup. It will Btlcl ywt rii s and make a man of j ou, and no mistake. CARPETING. CARPETING, CARPETING.- WILLI McGRORTY, l?i William street, opposite Washington Sto between Fulton and John street*. oilers to the public a If assortment of carpeting and oil cloth', comprising all the va tie?. Cheap fer eaek. IRISH AND SCOTCH MALT WHISKEY, SUPERIOR any thing in market, and the only pure Malt Whiskey in A I tica, for sale, at twelve shillings for new Whiskev: thirteen I old. 2T> per cent over proof, by WILLIAM M. PARKS, Distil ?> Seventh Avenue.?Office 42 Stone street. SAMUEL C OCKER k 8<>N.?THE PORTER STEEL WOI Shctlield, (England.) Steel converters and Totincra, umnu I turer." ol east steel tiles, edge tools, saw*, kc,: importers of SI I field roods; card cloth and tiUeting, gills and hackles; steel w i of every description; needles, gill pins, and haeklc pins, Xe. I nnl IV <t hUlBV A .-<* ? Ttie old fashion tree and easies revived the Hermitage, No. 47 Bayard street, tJirec doors wesi the BtfHf. The Mihacrihera be* leavo nost respe.-tJully to I form th<-lt Diesis and tho public, that they intend to re-o ' th ir 1 roe and Eaalea on Saturday evening, Sept. .'W. 1(M?. nn ttiM management of that well-known favorite, R. Mncdont i I'i<-Jd"Lt, where he will ba happy to ece hla old frlenda and i ipialntames. 1*. A?The l*st of Li.iuor* and Se_'ar< always t had at the bar. Rooms for Drillsand Meetings to heist on reM I Me terms. 8. DONALD, M. REORDAN, Proprlctori HI DSON RIVER HOTEL. ^CORNER WEST AND 110 Ken street*, opposite Canal street ferry, is open for the I caption ol transient and yearly hoarder*. Tliis house ij plesaot Ituated, commands a tine view of tlie bar and harbor; also, , Jitney siiore, includin* Jersey City and llobokcn. Thoie law of a quirt homo, pure air, moderate charges and faro, I rei|ue*ted to rail. Horse,KO.S2AB1 NOl)OX I'LACE, TO LI.I, AND I' setrton Ri\en immediately. Tlie hoti. els new, and built | the mi st cUyant style, with evry modorn convenie?e'\ ll->t i I cold l aths. An undoubted security for the punctual ptiymen the rent will bo te^uireU. Apply to BURNS n TSAINQt'E, Broadway. rtOR SAI r.-THE W.IIAM1IR v, with tiie <;<?>n wi J/ and Hjittin'S of a Dining Sa'oon, well establish d, and d< a ,'ood hasiness, situated in the lower part of tho city, and in nltlioio?*t piinoipal streets or thoiouirhfaree of tho ity. particulars, inquire of I*. & P., No. l.iii tVater street, New Vi 1.^'IK HALE OR TO LEASE?THAT LONC AND I'AVOI bly k?o?n public hotine, the Ameriean Hotel, situate'] the ," l avenue, between llOtli an.I 110th streets, Harlem, i nt.'rapii 1 by llenjamln O.irno, nowdeeeased. The stock of Hqi! bar furniture and tixlurrs, together with the kitchen an lair utensils will ho disposed of low, If applied for aoon, as his wii wiihes'to i-tire from the business. For pnrtl<;ijlan in>iuir .UStl 1' fc FOX, 17* " nth street,FRED'K KAMAN, CI9S street, or on t>? premises. CIORNS, III NIONS, AND B\l> NAILS RADICALLY I J traded by Dr. Shiriakolf, from St. Petersburg)). Dr. ^ hare most respootfully to inform thO!-? who are in any \ afttiolod with Corns, Callosities, &e.,thath? ian ei'.e immod T' lief, lie enfsi^ea himself to any en'\ who would honor Mm % avlait, to our* tho alms, by hij J'Uioate and pvi'taalar tr Bicnt, which will perfectly cure. Hit offie# if at. l>3 Cham' ( ri ft, nppoaito ilm NI^HO UUK1 N? CHAKUK.-DR. MURPHY Of BOO 'r.-et, iaoontidenlially emaulttd o? all fonni ot prirata nwDtctm of(onarhhwt ho euro*In 7 to 4 days, I'-or i lotion*! drbflrty asd Impotonoy anaocMfwlly treated by Ut. No mercury Ued la uy eaae, or hindranoa tmn borinaaa Ot ?'? n?W opon from 7 A. II ? III V M D| HK. RM I'U, AUTtlOKOF TUR "PRACTICAL I'RIVA Treaties" Ac., Mi tiroesw ieh atredt?office boura J to 1: M.t 6 to 'JV.H (Sunday eie>ptc<l.) Thoao ?ho arply tn * a'ajra ?tl bo aurpriaed at tlio rapidity and llttlo ineonvrak at tending their curt. It la chiefly, liowcvar, thoao who hare ffcnd from acrUia claaa of iconic, aha oan pr>p*r1y appro* hn per* era In itriotuts, from Its Hrat or incipient, to Hi n advanced and dial rcaaloga'a^aa, (from uncommon ad.unta^a a vary it?nniv? practice,) ha can aff?ml a rapid, aaay and rad mra, ?hieb,he haa (tvoandloraiatiiu!. can no ubtainod Iron theraonroa in Amnrica DIM OCTOR FAWCKTT HAS KKMOVED 1113 UITICI TO Dvy atreet, where bo can bo conaulted on all Private Dii a The Boat obatirau yield lo Ma mode of treatment, able on U?a N?n-Marcor>al Nvitem. Strictnre*. no mailer of 1 lang at*ndinit,ar? treat-'d by Or. K. on tho moat >. lentitle arprorad plan. Tha victim* of oonatitniional deMlity, b?x ' on by infcarractlBdulfMiioi* can apply *tch a orrtaiaty of a Prepaid kttara, ?*>*? a fco, ait<?4t? to. WOea, ?i 1 W. jJIOiDWiT THKATltK.?f?I DAY KVKMlmi, a I al iJ ? . ? 11 I* |>iM?bUii lb* fnotl <a a<?nady in two ul ir. H ell-rMI ATTOHNKV-Mr. FWIdiiur, Mr. U IWrtur.l: Mai n Mr Dakar; fylii, Mr. Matihawa; lirat urro.r. tr 1 hni| er, < li?rl?ite. Mr. Klar?l*); I'lero d'nara, Ur. C'oilln-: 10* ? lailc Hit* I'lrmin; S-all), Mik. Jim* To ??? .1 t.; *1, lauihsllo iiiltrludf <f the IiaI'pY MAN?Paildy Uurpliv W. ( i Kkbi Ruali; Mr Vtehr: Fnxi Fun., Mr Pol*; Hun I d? tar. Mr OaLlot; ttoltara. Mine 1>.omMo<>; K.'kat, ilt?? Can HO T?. I* lollowrd k? tf>e BOLD DIH(ifK).H -l.eou StUrtuh t\ I e*ur, K<-?ln?, lii?i F. Walmk. Prvw ""ire's sad Partpiatt MiUj Faatt) airale. 24 emu , Uallery li>4 U. nrniraopaa ."O Dill TON 3 TUCATKC, CHAM UK ltii rirrfKKT I Kl I el mJ k??niiiK 9?pt. '.9th will 1m pleved. the popular dru by LOMBKY ANDfcON?Mr. bainbey, Ur. Lyuot, Mr.Oarkar td J< rrtan, Major Jet B*g?t?ck, Mr. Uinaghum: I'apUin Cut'le ad bart??; Jaak b unity, Mr. Brougham; IMith. Mra. A. Hul ad I Klorenra Doahay. Mr*. G. Lodar; Mra. Skawtna, Mrs. V?r he ru?*n Mpper. Mr I. nri.Ufiiam. Altar which. the new ?n? la re. able fare*, aal'ed POOR PiLLIOOODY-Mr. John Peter I he coddy, Mr. Burton; Captain O'Scuttle. Mr Joliiut >o; Mr*. I ler eoddy. Mm Broupham: Mra 0*8onttle, Mr*. A. Knight,' Hi Hlnnt. Mix Staeklr. Drew Circle and Parquet. fiU cent* Pal Cir?)e3tet?. Daer* opea a* fi!i:?nrtainri?M*t7. of XT I BLO B, A8TUR PLACE, BROADWAY.-COKEDY A he 1' Hi* tone Skt teb. Benett of Mr. H, Pluei'ie and laet n ft ; kul three of hi* engagement. Third week of Mis* DirkinwH* Mr 0 Vandetihoft Mr.John frefton. Mr. T. PlaoM-, Mr. Cbarle*, IS C. W. Clarke, Mil* Kat* Born, Mr*. Charle* Mr*. Cramer, a,: day, ?ept 29th. An Overture. After whioh, Sheridau* oi E. a) oi the School for SondaJ. Sir Peer, Mx U. Piaeide; Sir if. v?r, Chippeadak; Crabtiee. John Sefton- Chur'e* Snrface, 1 'it dtnhoff; Mom*, T. Placid* | 'Lady Teazle. Miu Dickinson. curlud* ?ith the historical sketch of Napoleon'* Old Gu ? Darrtnek, oorperal of the imperia guard, Mr. II. Placide jV morrcw evening Mr H. Piaeide and T. Piaeide will appear. ^ W MBLO IIAS THE PLEASURE OF ANNOUNCI le, ?? that he ha* succeeded iu engaging Mr. Maoready, tr; will beain hi* la)t professional toor in this country previoi BS hi* Unal retirement from the stag* wiih a leries ef hi* prln< da Shakrprr'an ohaiactera. The lint ap|>ear?uce of Mr. Mam-?> r*. flird for Monday next. it- H/f ITCH ELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. - FRIDAY EV 17' IT1 in*, September 2ft. to commence with, a new faree < v tied POOR PILLICODDY?John Pater Pillkoddy, Mr. land: Cantata O'Seuttle. Mr. Nickinaon: Mr*. PiUteoddr. ? HoUrtt; Mr*. O'Senttle. Mix Philip* Ailm which will oe rcnttd. airand PANORAMA OF fitOAJtlTAV. Mkr wl ?' for th? fifth time, *n utnitom, wtttM UHJk MONTI! 5?. Catching a Coventor?OustMaMaff. MrWintfisiB Kytxx V Mr. Coaover; Miohaet M?i?nH. Mfc, wBiiii <Ui. Kjrbot Urn lUniv. To cotcM* with farce, ?alli*l QO TO THE RACKS?Mr J*re?iah Twiddle. Mr/Haltand. 0 iUi Qf*? *t 7?Curtain >i?e? at 714 ?'?*<** Draw qwl|M? ?- DARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T\B A*N *; D Proprietor?*. Hitefaeoeh, Mut|?r. Splendid Performa r"J evtry afternoon at hall-past 3 o'clock, sad every evitii( at I 11(1 pert seven. The Manager has the pMamre of announcing ier most extraordinary wonder in creation, Major Littleflnger, I llr. ing the aeme relation to the famous Lilliputian that the 1 01 linger doe* to the thumb. He ia ten year* old, only twenty>ra inohea high, and weigh* only thirteen pounds. lie may be ?? every morning from 10 to half-past 12 o'olock; in the alien to; from 1 till haft-past B; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In i ?<? tion, the manager haa alao engaged the Great Western, the bra ted Sable Brothers, Mr. a. R. 0. Nellie, the three High Dn Mammoth Bovs, Giant or Mammoth Baby, Enormous Boa < ** itrictor. Madame Rockwell, the Famous Fortune Teller, n>s nS privately consulted at an extra chargo of 25 cents. Admii r?- to the wool*, inolnding Museum Performances, Little Finger, '"> 26 cents; ohildren under ten years of age and old enough to ' 3. alone. 12H oants. Reserved front seats, one ahilling extra. rst CJTUVVE8ANT INSTITUTE, 859 BROADWAY.?MR. ig O Hat ton (Pianist and Vocalist from London) begs to anno he that he will give hi* popular entertainment at the above In*ti >rt en Monday, Wednesday, and Friday oveningi, Sept. 25,27 an In, In the course of these conoerts, Mr. Hatton will introduce so* ig- entirely now *ong* ; also, apecimens of the classical piano ra music of the oelebratod Dr. Felix Mendelisohn Barth by Tickets 50 oents. to be had at the musio stores, the Id ski th and of Mr. Hatton. As tor House. To oommenee at 8 o'c ?i, A change in the programme each evening. na XT EW ROOM* 3.T2 BROADWAY. NEXT DOOR TO ' ill 1 v Broadway Theatre. Messrs. Miarteni <k Levasseur b? te. inform the public that they will give, on Friday Evening, Sep by b?r 2'Jth, a lerie* of entertainments embracing all that sci 3. Hydraulics, Magnetism, Electricity, He., will contribute jot these entertalnn ents. Vo?al and instrumental enter Is m. nts. Signor Miarteni will have the honor to exhibit his i ira nifieent Astronomical Diagrams, and Diaphanous Tableaux, ten have obtained such an unprecedented sueuesa. (See bills.) Pi , a of admission, reserved seats, AO cts. General admission 23 c< M. Children half price. Performance to begin at 7>i o'clock. Dm - ? Id. WILSON'S ENTERTAINMENT.} ON THE SONGS by " ScotlandL?1 he public are respectfully informed, that at Wilson, JnW of the Wwatres Royal, Covent Garden, Drury I. the ? ? Snglieh Opera Bouse. 1s about to pay n visit to the I'n m- States, snd will give * series of his entertainment* on the Si of Scotland, in New York, during the month of October, the titulars of which will be given In future advertisement*. ny Wi1>on was the first vocalist who gave this species of entert 00 mci.ts, which combine anecdote and informanen connoet-d the s^ngs and thoir author*; and dnring tlie. last eight year _ j ha* gi\en tliem wltu great success, in London, and the prim ,er towns in Englsrd. Scotland, and Ireland. ige: 1\/| ECU AM US' HALL, No. 472 Broadway, between G tic i"X and Broome streets, oommenslng on Monday, October na, and continuing every night until further notice.?The orii 1 ol and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, (organited in 1 Sr. whose concerts In this city, for a period of ten months, wer e eeived w ith such distinguished favor and patronage, havo nal honor of announcing to the ladles and gentlemen of Now York the vicinity, that they will give a scries of thoir r>opular Cone ap- introducing a variety of their original Songs, Chorusscs, Chi Mo- teristic Danoes, &c. Admission 25 eents. Doors open at 7. i of eert will commence at K o'clock. An Afternoon Conoert e the Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M? under the managci ind and direction of E. P. Christy. ith - ? - ' rr, PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXICO irsi * tlie Minerva Rooms, 106 Broadway, shows, natural as inj the Mirehes, Encampment*, and Battles fought by Gen. Ti e*. It also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, to. ith the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open everynigl ion quarter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wedn* Ion and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission. 25 < i? Schools admitted on reasonable terms. No charge for aescri l'k p?wp"?ts, LD TJIANO FORTS INSTRUCTION.?MR. T. T. E.FSS1 vox X Ifrom Yienna, would inform his friends aud the public , oof rally, that liecentinnes to give instruction on the piano I ras, upon an improved system. Address at Mr. Soger's Music ? jog No. ,'iOl Broadway. l_XARP-.\ DF.t'lDED BAFdAIN, FOR *2.W.?TO BE ? _T XX a very suptrlor and brilliant toned, double-action Bar _}" perfeot condition, nearly new. and none the worse for nsc. Jul yOW?price ?ai>. Apply nt No. 5?!i Broadway. _ ?' rpo PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS.?THE SUBS be X ber would call tho attention of Piano Forte Manufaot in- to a new and superior article of Bnokskin, made express their use, by an entirely new process. A case of ssmpleswi open for inspection at 10 o'olook this morning, at No. 173 V AT street. U. F. RAYMOND,AgentfortheManufactui id? TV/I RS- JERVI8SCOLD CANDY. >es; i*X When coughing or wheeling, nc, Or snnfHing or sneering, V: Or panting wlthauhma, and that's just as bad, ?* Nothing of servieo is, Save Mrs. Je:vis's Candy, without which noeaso can be hud. IB No longer heeded, ion Despised, superseded, ire Are nostrums for colds that were once all the rage ; iad Nothing of service is, led Save Mrs. Jervis's ,nd Cindy, for childhood, and manhood, aad age. If hrnnAnlHa nr min Or lung fever plague you, ER Or a dry hacking cough nhow?*coniumption is near. >V Nothing of service l( . Save Mrs. Jervia'n ? Candy, the throat and the windpipe to clear. IK Ere n a stick of It, nd Pome jay a lick of it, ot, Baniihee hoarseness and sore throat afar; ]?. Oh ! of what service is >0 Kind Mrs. .lervis's Candy, for cough, influenza, catarrh. fold, wholesale and retail, by MRS. W. .1BRVIS, .'179 Bi iu way, corner ot White street. Aokxt* ?10 Aator House ^ Brcadwsy; Mrs. Hayef, 183 Fulton street, Urooklyn ; an Jj Druggists generally. A NATURAL IIAIR DYK.?BALLARD'8 IMPRO II, /a. Liquid Hair Djo ii the best preparation that we have ysi- Hcen tor coloring the liair. It will positively restore grey hi tss, its original color, whethc* auburn, brown <>rlilack, mrpasai i ot Uanty even the roost natural looks, retaining the gloss and t. noes of the original. Sandy, light, or red hair can ho mat ? with any darker ahade. I'rom nnm^Kua laudatory testimoi EV which may be seen at the manufacturer's wholesale depot, ? r u Cortlandt street, New York, the following, from the celcb . to Cristadoro, of<he Aator Uoure. is presented:? No. 6 Astot House, New York, Sept. 21,18tf.-Vr.OiM. ? lard?Dear 8lr?It ia hut justice to > ou to say, that of all thi AM filiations for dying hair I have tried, none has answered <> re?, tt c purpose, as your Improved Liquid Hair Dve, and with a it*e d' nl less trouble in using it than any other. I give yon thii ne- tlmony upon iny solemn conviction that it is worthy the pn sec ef all who may w ish to exchange grey, light, or red hair beautiful auburn, brown or black; and from the peculiar sol aid lustre which it imparts to tho hair, the ladies cannot bui "y' it a decided preference. Yours respectfully, ?? JOSEPH CRI8TAD01 l"r sale ly Rushton, Clark & Co., No. 110 Broadway, a: A?tor House; Joseph Cristadoro. t> Astor House: Ketch: K~ llemJiaw, 121 Fnltou street; Dclnc it Co; E. W Gulon, 127 J13, iij; and l>y the principal dru pgiits throughout the country. K* o. m. BALLARD, Chemist, fce, !eI" 31 C'ortlandt street, Now V( fare, - . < ?.?M Win n Venn*, tho thin-ckinncd, made earth her ahJde, k To giveWaoty it-fullness aiel sect*, - She Mire muf t hire give* to Doctor ii >nr*??', A , The sccrct of makn>z her mp. 'of * glorioih com poind, in trith, is ooura ln* 1a Italian Medicated Scap, for ciirlnr pimples, freckle*, f!?n nes?, totter.ealt-rlietim merphew, worms in Tie skin,'Imps, cl clicks, Mid all blenii.hes and injuries to the skin. Hi* P u 8ui tile, for eradicating lialr from all parts of the human f Y" Viurdonly at 07 Walktr street, tlrni store from the con Bi tad way. lienaie of counterfeits and imitations. ontwrt) si iue< t possesses more interest than BO irii-nrc of rl?io?: on ni'ne are the public less informed. r?. Powell'# "Treatiie #n tl\e Eye," describes in plain lanjniag" jo. ?U ran understand, ti.e anatomy, physiology, and dlaease < < the eye; contain* hints, lor the preservation. improvement. unl ,?t ratfou of sight, remarks on optics, on near sight an lr# sight, ob the nxc and abuse of spectacles, with directions for ?Tcction. Snd edition, with plates, price 5ii cet'ts. Dr. 1' ? attends exclusively to disease* of t'ie eye and car, at Stil fl OS" way. entrance 1J, Warren itrtst. A larfie soptly uf art : in eyes recently imported. ind tof l\JO Cl'RI, NO PAY.-DH. t'ORBITT, 19 DUANESTR lv member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, m eon*nlttd in treatment of delicate diseases No matter ho* ? yen may hare gleet, ulcers upon the b?dy. or la the throat or ILL paiu* in the head and bones of the legs. A practice of fou lag years, devoted t? venereal diseases, enables I?r. <1 toon one worst form of thii diwaee. K-rent cases curei in four ill For No meicnry uwl. A:rictnreg cnred in one or two weeki jrk. icarrJy any p*in. Thoee Indirldnala who hare Indul^d in tain l"?tii?ome, can poaiiiTcly ho reitored toboalt HA- inelety. N. B Stranger* wo ctutionoj n?t to be decalre< I on fcublwtt has not reuovei Renu mber IV Duane atreet, opi ,.|y Dr. Johnaon'a SSi IP COOPER, 14DIANF.ST*F.RT,BETWEEN CHAT i1>w * " and William ltrccti, lm?for the faet fourteenye?r?en , a meet e*:.naire praetico in piirats diiea?e?. Me ean couth ,n0" *y5T*Ta,51? < ?* nftbli ttisoaw ; and mild caie? cured ii toftTodaja. Stricture? Dr. Cooper can core the wornt fo Itri'turei in from one t? two week*. Constitutional del g^ bruwht on hy eecret habit indtilH-I in by younjt men. yjn when too ti- ?ljr iodulacd in, begoti dyspefs^a. weakneae < llm>?and etr.aH ol the TOiV, eon6nlon of the intellect, and [4ta (ion to atcicty. A cure narraulod in every caae, er no nth No mercury ?sed. JJJh ^lo Cl RF. NO CM \PUE.?DR. COBBETT, M-. B. C. I late ol No. 1.' Duanc atrcct, haa removed to i?5 Ann a (near Williaa,) when he i> onuolted ou all dleeaaee ol arri ii.a chart'ter To thuae nlio hawtaen under hi? care, Mlf-la tion it unticica.ary. To tliote nb > hate not, and who ail'oled with paint of the h??d, llmhe, ul'-er*. on tin 1 ~J tbr??t or no-e. gleet, etri turvi, anninal debility, ioiiuee J b; pro|< r nbite. ht., he narrantaa perfect aad apeedy enre. mennrj used. Be-ent oajea cured in four dnya. Dr. < elt'? auci-eae induce* a compeer in Irmdo to deny Ma ren iTE and identity. Thoee who know Dr. C. tied lmt fcire hisa t I A- te lately llila amertioi. Soe hia Diploma. I* ten p*>? uly attended to. 'D7 M OOT EXTBAORDINART WOBE-TO HIE MJUU ... Ifl er those eentomplatlni mima|t-Th? Married Won "2 Private Medical Companion by Dr. A. M. Mawrioean. HUtl ' Men. Frioe$l. lhie w. rV la meeting with meat aatenndinj ~Vj (M,iiOU cop lee have already been (Hapoeed of.) Every fonai ~ cat lief a copy, whether married or nnmarrlen, although It tended eepecially for the married, ee it dieeloeee important m which ebculd be known to them particularly. Man every M aan diaeorer the IMmtWI and the meal eBcieat diee, and noat certain mode ol enre In erery eaee. For aJ h ta Broadway; at the pokUdUna oAee, IV Liberty atreet, New how aleo. T. B. Petereen, nnmner N Ckeetnwt atowt, O. 1.1 and Philadelphia; Little Ce, Albany, W. B. D?ri% Beata*. O aht teeeipt of >l,a oepy win be traa?l?ted ky ?if. >n in. teallpuMef the United Sutea. A IB atteramnaaka j4*r< >?V ^ NKMNffa tlT CtOR MBIT OHLEANB. VIA HAVANA.-TIM SPIaBNDID ?. '* ' immM; i KIBl OIT CITY, Chaa. Stoddard, commander, idon, Win U?T? |Ur 4, N. R., on Monday. 2d Ootober at 4 o'clock, P. a ya*i M. No berth eemrad uaUl mid tat. LatUr barn at Kenynn's, 91 Miaa Wall atreeit Male'a, 70 Wall itroat; Ejichanrw % Imm. and " irtWe at the, Jt !<.nith mp-?t I'<.?t.i;e to llavana, 23 oanta per * . Mr. half Mince, end i.o letter* forwvdrd unleee pro paid. Ml frtifhl huv ejccpt specW takaa nu the day of Bailing. Kill* lading *ic<ed I y I. man. the clerk oa board, and to U> praaeuted lor nirfuature l>afor? 1 i T o'clock,M., on the Jay of wli?n Freight taken to New Orlcana _ a, 7# only. For (ratflht or paaaaga, apply to R J. HOWARDR U')N. 71 8"uth-tivat D *?v r? "WkKiu* leave New York on Monday, 3lhl> JAY October. * h( *Wr. IjlOK CALIFORNIA. MONTEREY. AND SAN rRANCISCO. Mr. M. -The vary auperior and faat-aailia* packet hark, John W. |?ht; Cater. Rogere, maater. will Mil aa above In. all. the month of noo; October, For Iralght, or imurc, baring good accommodation* uah- for fifty paaeea?cr* apply to rERNANIM) WOOD. 'Ull 162 South itraet, corner Dover. illi- A competent Burmawo will go out la ihia veeerl, who wiU ?* mh take rhtrec of etoninintnU. "J I^OR MARSEILLES?TO SAIL ON THE 10TU Or OCTO 2 JF bernext.the ShlpMINE4V A, J<'nniBgs master. Forfreiitii ,ND or paasage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS. 11 ight cr to BOVl) fc. IIINCKEN, Brokers. ? fOR NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA.-TUE NEW O JEAN itrt". -T Steam BhipTALCON, W.T. Ihompaon. commander, wilt Mil " >me- fOT the tb*v* port* Monday, October 18th, Irorn pier 4, N. K. ' oh Paiaan to New Orleans if saloons, f>7">; possago to do. in low- 01 ran- tT oabin, #40; passage to Havana iu saloons, $7<i; passage tq to do in loaer abin, W). No berth engaged until paid for. 11 <lrl Freight taken for New Orleans only, for freight or an- a: "i plj to WETMORE B CAYDEN.7.1Southstroet "&JEW TORS AND NEW JERSEY VOLUNTEERS?TUE 8 (4q 11 thrse months' titra pay allowed by act ef Conueas, will he whd pnid on application at tha riaj master's oflloe, No. <W Greenwich, a ? to discharged yolunteem and to the legal heirs of thooo who have V lipal heen killed or died in the serrioe. V <yif VTOTICE. -TUE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED a i^l not to nsgotiate a Note, signed by tiie undersigned, lor One I. Epi- Thousand Dollaia, payaUe siiteen months alter the 24 th of Sop- |i enti- t?n*ber, 1MB, at 6 per eent per annual, pay 4 bio to F. Do Boy* aa h0i the same was fraudulently obtained, and will not b? paid when a; Miw matured. September 27, 184H. j pr" 9RON C. BURR. No. 324 Broadway. ( T*** LONG INLAND INSURANCE COMPANY, CAPITAL A A?? X 2UO,U<)0 dollars, with a surplus, office No. 41, Fulton struct, c [jrCj Brooklyn, continues to Uke risks on buiUlings. merohandiie, c .\7(; machinery, and property generally at current rutoa of premium. This eompany has passed through the great New York-tiros of D . 1836 and IMS. and also the reoent dlsastruus bruuklvn tire: t f U' v 1, owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses, to hi ITM the system which they practise, of limiting and scattering their Hi nae? risks. The company inf"?n their dealers, ?>d the public done- Co Lit rally, tltat I cm than one thlpd of their liusiuiea ic on risks in the tb? citifof Brooklyn. All losas which tho company may sustain, .old. will be adjusted and raid promptly a* heretofore. itui ' Signed, B. W. DKLAMATER, Treat. fiJS E. C. FINN, Beo'y. p ssen CUMMT DIVISION NkW VUKK 31'aIK HlUTl.V?DIV1?oon Jc rion Orders. New Vnrk, September 12, IKiH. The ununiformed H kd<U- Militia of the city of New York, (which embraces all the able bo- ?> eel* died white male citizens between the ages of 15 and 1ft yctrs, who C< land have not commuted, and who are not members ef tn unifi rra oomCob pany, or exempt by law,) wilt take not'ee oi the following regi- ti y be mental orders, to assemble for company parado and martial exerisioa cise, on Monday, tt o -d of October next, at the tirfte and place Ike., therein stated, in compliance with an act of the Leg slaturo of the H walk State of New York, entitled "An act for the organisation of the First Division of the New York State Militia," passed May 6,1817, 01 TT and they are hereby notified of their enrolmont. R " Commandants of Brigades, Regiments and Com panic* will direct unce sU officers and non commissioned officers of each uniformed com- n l*?J? pany to attend the parade in uniform or undress. Subalterns and 0 d ?non commissioned officers will aid the commandants of companies J8 in tfie exercises of the day. No person will be permitted to leave f his company, without permission of his commanding otlioer, until C >ldy. sundown. Pursuant to taid act, each commandant will affix sash tuto, penalties for oflenees and delinquonces as the statute requires, op- c look. posite the name of persons so delinquent or offending. A Court of b Appeals, for each regiment, to hearexcuscs, will be held at tha time paw and place stated at the end of the Regimental Orders. By order n ' of CBARIJiS W.SANDIORD, Msjur General Commanding. 1 J R. C. Wktmobk, Division Inspector. tem- ci "'"J SECOND REGIMENT KIW YORK STATIC MILITIA. r , FOURTH AND SIXTH WARDS. tsin- Pursuant to the above Division Orders, and the act therein *' ul_ mentioned, the ununlformcd privates of the several companies ot " th*t this regiment will assemble within their respeotive Company Dl?- .. rices tricts, on Monday, tho 2d day of October next, at 10 o'oloek, A. M., J for con: pany parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed and , eqniped according to law, at the place* designated for each district respectively, as follows: l' Or Company A. DUtrict?Joseph Craig, Commandant, within a "J Hr line bousaing Spruce. Cliff, Hague, Pearl, and Chatham streets; .,11C' known as the I irst Election District of Ike 4tli Ward, opposite it4.,i Bbakspearn Dot?l, corner of Dnane and William sts. inn Company B. District?Alexander C. Castle. Commandant, J.r within a line bounding Ferry street, Peck Slip, South, Roosevelt, ^1" Oak, Pearl, Hague, and Cliff streets, known as the Fourth KleoJin tion District of the 4th Ward,at the corner of Hover and Pearl sts. n Company C. District?Thomas W. McLety, Commandant, ? a hn within a line bounding Roosevelt, Front, Catharine, and Oak j .j'j, i streets, known aa the Third Election District of the 4th Ward, j, ' 1 will assemble at the cornor of Oliver and Oak streets. t ?- C'mpany D. Listriot?Alexander Eagloson, Commandant, f, ?ua within a line bounding Chatham, Pearl, Oak, and Catharin* f2d. streets, known as tho Second Election District ol'the 4th Ward, \ rinal opposite the Catholic Churoh, James' stf*t j. Company E. District?Robert McLeod, Commandant, within g 8 ro- a lino bounding the Park, Chatham street, Pearl street, and * the Broadway, known as the First Kleo tion District of the 6th Ward, and will assemble at the corner of Centre and Dnane street*. X ?rts. Company F. District?Wm. W.Parselis, Commandant, witbia / irao- a line bounding Pearl, Centre, and Canal streots, and Broadway, i Con- known as the Second Election District of tho 6th Ward, wiU Mvery tcmblc at the corner of Elm and Franklin streets. j; sent Company 0. District?Henry Parsons, Commandant, within { aline bounding Centre, Walker, Mulberry, Chatham, and Pearl ? _ stroets, known as the Third Election District of tho 6th Ward, . A* will assemble at the comcr of White and Centre sts. J Company H. Distriot?Alex. McKenzie, Commandant, within j * l>ns bounding Chatham, Bowery, Walker, and Mulberry streets, . . V known as the Fourth Election District of the tith Ward, will *t". * semble at the comer of Bavard and Mott streets. J "rj The Regimental Conrt or Appeals, to hear appeals from lines or j !e?~ penalties imposed, will be held at the Shakspesire Hotel, corner of j pur? William ana Duane streets, on Friday evening, 2l>th October, at7 o'clock. By order of C. B.SP1CER, I ~ Col. Commanding 3d Rogbnent g LBB, third regiment r. t. s. militia. c gone- FIRST AMI SECOND WARDS. rorU, In oompliauee with the above Division Order and the Law 1 itore, therein referred to, the ununiformed privates of the several com- i MniAA ftf thin Hf?crimr>nt. will lurmLl* in thair mmMMvA flnmnnnf districts, on Monday, the 2d day of Octobtr next, at 10 o'clock, A. OLD M., for company parade, inspcutian and drill, amied and equipped 1 p, la, according to law, at the places dceigaed for the following uia- I Coct tricts, vii:? a lit Company ( A ) commanded by Captain John J * '!?, district ~~T bounded by Nassau, Wall, Broadway, Rector, Vest and Liberty ? ICRI* streets, will meet in Liberty street, at the corner of Greenwich. o urers 2d Company (B) commanded byiCapt. Andrew Heivor, districts ly for bounded by Nassau, Maiden Lane, South and William streets, will ill be meet in Cedar, at the corner of Nassau streets. rater .Id Company (C) commanded by Lieut, commandant D. C, ?r- Vaoghan, diatricta liounded, beginning at the Battery, by Whita hall. Markctflcld, Broad, Wall, Broadway, Rector and West sta., to the place of beginning, will aaeetulle on the Battery, apposite to Greenwich (tract. r 4th Company ID) commanded by Capt. Henry C. Marx, d iatriat ? bounded by Wall, Broad, Marketticld, Whitehall and Pearl at*, * Will aaaemlie on Hanover Square. A 6th Company (E) commanded bv Lieut. Wm.Sullivan, district ?' bounded by Wall, Pearl, Whitehall and South ft*., will assemble an the Battery orpntire to Front at. 6th Company (F) commanded by Captain John Mayer, district f1 bounded by Broadway, Park Row, Spruce, W illiam and Liberty ' atrecta, will aeaemble in Piatt at the corner of Hold at. " 7th Company ((.!) commanded by Capt Wm. Hutchings, dit- r trict bounded l>y Maiden Lane, Liberty, William, Fulton and South streets, will assemble In Piatt at the coruer of Gold nt r' 8th Company (11) commanded by Captain Joseph Lonati, dis- D trict bounded by Fulton, William,"Spruce, Ferry, J'eck Slip and , fouth streets, will assemble in lieekiuan at the uorner ol WU- ,, liam (treat . Officers will attend tliis parade In u&drcss (frock coat, sash, 1 suord and belt.I The Regimental Court ot Appeals to hear appeals from fines f. or penalties imposed, will be ncld at Stoncall s i;il Fulton at, on Monday, the ltttli day of October, at I o'clock P. M. 8. BROOKE I'OSTLEY, Col. Commanding Third Ri^ment, N. Y. 8. M. " road- Charles Stiles, Adjutant L ; 110 FOURTH DEftlMKflT I*. T. S. MILITIA. 1 ll by fourteenth ami fifteenth wards. i tl.n !.. .va . r, ,I , I,.. / , 1 the unuuiformed privates of the several com panic* of thi* regiment VED will aiscmblo within their respective Company Districts on Mongol day, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for company .. ilrto parade, inspection and martial exercise, armod and equipped ao- < iff in cording to Law, at the places dctignalud for each .dintrict respeo- _ oft- ti*ely,a?followa, vii:? tched l?t Coaiany District (A. Troop) commanded by Captain Ed- . nial*. wo*d Charles, Jr., and bounded by Honiton, Woo* tor and Fourth u <o ."I atreeta, Sixth avenue, Carmine,Muckerand Ilancm k *trcot*,at ? rated th? corner of Thorn pson and fourth streets, right on Fourth at. .. Hd Company District (B Troop) commanded by Capt. Garret jjul. Lucrren, and bounded by Houston, Woostcr, Amity and lireat . c pre- Jones streets, and the Bowery, at the corner of Mcrctr and Amity > , cll ttreets, right on Amity etrcet. ; l^nt .idComi?ny I>i*trict (Company A) commanded by Lientonant , teg. Commanding John Fowler, Jr., and bounded by Great Joins, < >tron- Amity and Wooitcr street*, University Place, Fourteenth atrect, < lor a and tic B'.wcry, nt the corncr of Wooitcr alrcvt and Wavcjly tness H*cc, right cn Waverlv Plaoe. tgive 6th Company District (Company B) commanded by Captain PotorFarber, and bounded by I ourth street, University J'lace, HO. Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue, at the interdiction of the nd 10 centre walk, runuinn North and South, with thc.-N'orth walk of im k Washington Square. Bow- 0thCompany Diatrict(Company C) commanded by Captain Philip II. Zclgtr. and bounded by lloti'tori, Mulberry and Ur ome atreete and Broadway, at the corner of Crosby and I'riuoe siroets >rk right on I'rinoestreet. ? tith Company District (Compsny P) eommauded by Captain Jamearattison, and bounded by Houston, Mtii'-crrr and ltroome streets, and the Bowery, at the corner of Mott and Prince street*, I ritcht on Prince street. 7th Company District (Company E) commanded by Captain CD'S Dewey Fay. and hounded by Broadway, Canal, Centre, Walker, J low- Oraiige and ltroome streets, at the corner of Giand and Elm its., hale" right on F.lm st nndre *thCompany District (Company F) commanded by Captain rame. Idward Ilincken, and bounded by Walker, Orange and Broomo nrr of atrects and the Bowery, at tho corner of llustor and Mulberry streets right on Mulberry street. Tho Regimental Court ef Ap|?a1s, to hear appeals from fine* tii r and penalties imposed, will l>e held at Constitution Hall, .No. O.VI I), Broadway, on Wednesday, October 18th, 1-C<. at 7 o'clock, P. M. ,1,; By order of CHARLES YATEd, JS.' Colonel Ith R. gt. N. V. 3. M. rclt0. flfTH RtfltMKNT !*. r. 9. MILITIA. f&r KIOIITII WA?n. I < th,jr rurtuant to tnc anovn uiu><i"u uracri ana tne .act ti.Tein mi u- j '"wall tinned, tbc un uniformed private* of the n vcrtl c-.mpnii'? of t'n* J iroad- K?gl?ont, will araemble within tJieir rcipoctlve Company Dlaihcial trtrn, on Monday, tb? M day of Octot?r next, at in ' Mel A.M.. I lor Company parade, in?p>ttn>ii, and martial eioroiM, armed an J equipped according to law, utiie place dc?i*uatcd ior eaulj ilU'.riot, BET, roreectively, a? followi:? , , . ay b? 'Hie l<t Company District, Company A, nnd'r earn man J or 'long Capt. Kloppcnbur*. and bonnded by Itroadway, I anal, Grvon, aad no#?, IKiutcin ?ta, in Mercer ?t, r?*ht on Prince firteea Tbc2dCompany Dtotrlat. Company B. under command of Capt. ^ rath# Obwlander, and bounded by Or?<n, Carnal, Laurent aud Houatua ^ ,'55 ''Thl\d t>mti iomJ*n/ C undidMmulof Capt. < aw MS^STJSSii* Sullivan, aad lluuaton band ?t?.. In Thompson ?t.,rl*lit on J rin<-e *t. . , . i Tka itkCnmntn* l)iRtricf.('oDr&uy D, iin,if'r^oiBinniil of Lftpli ' portt* acbwartiwnelJS. and h,"inJ"d I v >ufl.van, Ctail. Waiu, Varic*. 1' _ ,nr( e'vth tompa'ny IM'tri't/com ranrB,?nder command or Capt. HAH fU^nTW by <W V?k* ?? *??* w'ht "t?? ? h"c^75nv?DI?trict, F, nndct command of ? Ttw! Capt. Khnnan, and bounded by Varirk, M ait, llu ij n, and lioua- t, 55* 'Ind'nnt * >r ih? der tlie < omiuan?i of Lieut. Me>oihol?, who ii thereby deUiledfor el tire*. that rurpoiw. ham* Th? Win Company IMatrlct,Company H,*boTlB<l>d Vy OHWwieh, p C*n?l, Weat, sixl Hooaton Km* at.rinli*. on (invnwloh |t at.. end be iiader the Command ?l Lieut. Ruat, ? Uo la hereby da 1. U. titled f?r that imrpofe. f tieet, The Regimental Court of Appeal*, to l.ear *rj*ali from (Inea or ? rata penal tic* lmp<?vd will be h*l<l at l>ntxe Market diill room, oa , mda- Monday, ldtn October n"*t, at 1 o'clock In the sftrrnoon. 1 are ljy order of ANDREW WARNER, ""ly- Colonel of ith Heat. t( I' II1TH nr.OIMItl?t 1?. T. JTATK MILITIA. ?K ,fl' Tllimi AMD ri?TH WABIi*. ? .i P?miant to tha above Diriidon Ordrr*. and the nt therein j ,! nenXIrned, tb>' nnanlform-d prh atn of the aev-ral r.inir*iii,5? ef ? ! r*'J thi* Regiment will aiwmhle within tbelr reapeotiT"! Company , D.etrlcta on Men<tay, the :6 day of October nut, at 10 o'clock. A. M? for Company perada, mention. and menial eierel**, , tian ?rmed and c<jui|'i*<l accordla* to ! ?' attha placof f?i n ..... eaeh dieukt lollowr:? Company V?Captain W. FianeK Commandant, bonnded by . I il ertv at, Br- adaay, Fulton at, Weit at., at Fulton, opp jam , i" Chuich atreet ? J"", C'on.|uiiy U ?l.tent. M. B. D. Aik'nraa, Commandant, houad**'* C(J t.y fHlti n, Br.'adwoy, Muray, and Gr???wioh ate., at rult"*, Z.*T cornir of Church atrcet. . a 5!? Co. C.?l.knt.J Adam Mild. tl>cr*cr,Commandant,tound'-d by a rult. n. (in n? i. K Head, and Weat atn., at Chamber*, corner of f 3 . Waehington atrtet. _ _ _ I EJJ2 Co. ft?t'apt. w. Farr, Commandant. bennded by Mur"22 ray. Broadway, Rtade, and Green*kh ft*, at Murray, corner of > aP Collaae riaca. j C?. E.?L'erf. W. A. Minehman, Omiutniait, bncwM br , Re%da at, Br .adwav, Prank It i, an a tiudaea i'a,a;iaiii.4t(f HrtHark.ccnuM VIM*? 4 f Co. K.?t'aptaia Jufca J Swru, Conmaadaa t, boondad fey eade atraot, llodaon atraot, Uwili kimi #Mt Hr*?t, at ? Ida <A Hudaon ikm L eerner of fhiaue itrect. C?. 0.?Captain William I. MTlkr. <"inmandant, hounded fey 'rnnklin Hnn, Broadway Canal,and HairLt a'rccta, IludaoBat., t IImiaou at<e?t, at Hi John'a rark. Co* H.?Captain John <irag..ry, Rcach tract, llndaoa atMi i^t at. Canal (1, Weat it., at Ilulaon at, ?ppuai'.? it. J<>1ta'l A!!> *> will te heard at Tlionian Riley's h.iuaa, at Iha corner of Feat Broadway and Franklin reot, for Comrauiei A. B. C, ud i, on Friday, Oct. 13th, at 7)4 H. M For < 'ompanlea E, I", U, and U, on Monday. Oct. 14th. at mj>? >ur. By order of T,iml.ts f. i-gm, Col. titb Keqt. N. T.sTll. EYI5TH BKblllKNT H?? TO It H IT ATE MILITIA. IAVE3TH ANDTCSTII Furmant te the alKira Liivition Ordrra and tha Act 'Jtortla nuoaed, tiio anuaifonaad privates of the acveral 'innaama if iia Ri-fimuiif, will assemble in tbcirrespective Com pony District* I Monday, the 2d day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., ftn ui|?n v parade, lunpejtloa and martial exercises, armad and luipped according to law at tha place* designated forcaeh dialotraspaetivoly, aa follows;? The Kirat Company Diatrlct iaboundod by Catharine, Madiaon, id Rutftr* atreeu and. East River. It will parade ia Monro* h n,l't on 1'ike hi cut, and be commanded by Captaia Tho>aa Morton. The 2d Company Diatrict la bounded h? Rotifers. Madiaon aid rind itroeta and Eaat River ; will be commanded by Captain Killiam 11 Willi* ma, and will (trade iu Monroe atreet, the right i Jefferson (treat. 3d Company Dialriot^-Bounded by Catharine, Division, Hainan id Madiaon streets; will In commanded by Capt. Jaines Hnea, d)' will parade in Henry atreet, tr-a rinht ou Market street. 4th Company DJftriot?Bounded by Kutg'm, Division, Graad nd Madiaon etretfu; will ba commanded l>y Captain Charlaa W. mith, and will parado in Henry street, the nclit >m Clintonatratt. 6th < 'ompany Diatriot?Bounded by Diuaion, Norfolk, Graad nd Eldridae street*; will ba commauded by Captain Jamea L. yaogh, and will parade in Orchard atreet, the right on Uestoc treat. titk Company Diatriet? Bounded by the Bowery, Grand, KMddgji nd Divition streets; will be commanded by Captain Cyroa H. .ontrel, and will parade in Forsyth atreet, the right ob Walker treat. 7th Company Diatriet?Bounded by Norfolk, RWlngton, Alien nd Grand street*; will be commanded be Lieutenant Samuel onea, and will parade iu Orchard atreet, the right on Breema treat 8th Company Diatriot?Bounded by the Bowery, RjTingten. lien and Grand street* ; will be commanded by Captain Bear? . 8liumway, and will parade in Broome street, the right oa hrjttie ttitit TheCommaadantof tbliRorlment will attend at the Mereer ouav (cornerei Mercer and Broome streets,) on Monday, the !th of October, 184M, at 5 o'clock, P. M , and will then and there tar all appeal* that may be made to him for the remiuiou of any ?e or penalty against any persou or jcrsous enrolled aa anuni rmed member* of thi* regiment. By order of ANDREW A. BREMNER, 1 Col. 7 th Regiment kiohth rkiiimknt iflcw voi1k statu militia. ri.kvkstm ann tmi 'tebnth warim Iirtntnf (ft ?Ka aKnwa /u ' ' lL u ... , .rmrii \srutrs, UUU ine HCl [Ijcrein men nned, the ununitnrmed privates of the several oompauies ol'thli egiment will a**tinblc within their respective Company DiitdoW i Monday, the 2d ilay of October next, at lOo'olock, A. ML, foe umpany parade, iii?|*ctio?, and martial eaeroise. armed aid nipped according to law, at the places designated for each direct, respectively as follows : # Company A, CapL George Lyon.", Commandant, at the eoran r Clinton and Grand streets. Uintrict hounded l>y Norfolk, ivlngton, Ridge and Division streets. Company B, Lieut. E. D. Lawrenoe, commandant, at the oornsx [ Grand and Sheriff streets. This diet net is bounded by Ridro, .ivington, Cannon, Grand and Division streets. Company C, Capt. M. M. Van Dyke, Commandant,at the eorer of Goerck and Grand stteoU. Thin dlstriot is bounded by irasd, Cannon and Kivington streets, und the East Hi ver. Company D, Capt JamesLittle, Commandant, at the corner of 'itt and Houston streets. ThiB dlstriet is bounded by Rivingtoa, Ilinton, Houston and Sherifl streets. Company E, Capt. George B. Browne. Commandantlat the orner of Cannon and Houston streets. This district is bounded y Kivington, Shcrift and Houston streoU, and the East Hirer. Company F, Lieut. Albert Demurest, Commandant, at the eorerof Filth street and Avonue B. This district is bonnded by louston street, Avenue B, Fifth street and the East Ith er. Company G, Lieut. Charles If. Pierson. Commandant, at (ha irner of ftb street and Avenue B. Thin dlstriot is bounded by ifth street, Avenue B, Ninth street, and the Bast Hlver. Company II, Capt William A. Pond, Commandant, at the corjrof Avenue B ai d Ninth street. This district is bounded by inth street. Avenue B, Fourteenth street and the East River. Appeals will be heard at the Military ilalU N e. 193 Bowery, foe ie remission of any penalty iacurrcd by any person liable to do ity in the district, as followsFor Companies A and B, Tnaoly, 17th October; for Companies C and U. Wednesday, Hth Oc; Companies B and F, Thursday, l'Jtli Ootoben Cwstsslw O nd II, Friday, 'J)th October, from t> o'clock, P. M., to 9\ o'clock. . II .each day. By order of CoL JOHN W. STILES. D\ m. Acting Adiutant NINTH BKlilMKNT ItKW YORK STATE MILITIA. arVENTKKHTII WARP. Furiraant to the aliuvo Division Ordera and the Act therein icntioned, the ununiformed firl\atea of Hio aoveral oompaaiee < bit Regiment will assemble within their respective Com May iatricts on Monday, the 2d da; of October next. At 10 o'clock, L. M., for company parade, fnipctiog and martial exerolfe, rmcd and equipfied according to law, at the plaoe designated ?r each district, respectively as follows 1. The Diatriet of Conpany A, commanded by Lieut Jamee IT. Dikeman. who is hereby detailed lor that rurpoee, aad oiinded by the Bowery, Rivington, Eldndxo, l'irat avtnne, aad econd atreet, at tlio aouth cant corner of Houston and ChrlfUe treeta. 2. Tlie District of Company B, commanded by Capt. Stephen I. Cornell, and bounded by hldridge, Rivington, Eaaei, Avenue k, Second htrect, and First avenue, at the toutli weat earner of I?uaton and Allen atreeta. 3. The Diatriet of Company C, commanded!by Lieut. P. W. ,ufl. who i? hereby detailed for that purpoac. and bounded by iasex, Rivington, Clinton, Avenue B, 8oeond atreet, aad Areicc A, at the sooth eaat corner of llouaton and Norfolk street*. >4. The District of Company D, commanded by Captain Charlea Iiilw inkles, and bounded by the Bowery. Second street, Fir*? venue, and Sixth street, at the aouth eaat corner of Seeond ,venue and Fourth atreet. ft. The Diatrict of Company E, commanded by Captaia Ifarvia 'itman. and bounded by First avenue. Second atreet. Avenue I, and Six'b atreet, at the south eaal corner of Avenue A aad pourth atreet. 6. The Diatrict of Company F, commanded by Captain John J relind, and bounded by the Bowery, Sixth atreet, A venae B, ? vinth atreet, Avenue A, and Eighth atreet, at the aouth eaat rner of Second avenue and Sev. nth atreet. 7. The District of Company fl, commanded by Capt. Richard 1. Thompson, and bounded by the liowery, Eighth itoMt, kvenue A, and Tenth atreet, at Uiu (south eaat corner of Seeond venue and Ninth atreet. s. The District of Company II, commanded by Captaia Henry t. Melville, and bounded hy the Bowery, Tenth atreet. Avenue 1 and Fourteenth street, at the aoutb eaat corner of Seeoa < vnnue and Tw*ll'1li itrwi Tho Regimental Court of Api*als, to heat appeals from ItM it inualtic*. imposed. will be held at Military llall, 191 Bowery, n fours day, the JBth of October, lt>4K, at 7 o'clock. P. U. b. CLINTON pekris. Col. Comiu'i Uth Rett. N. Y. 3. Mill tin. S. Van Winkle, Adjutant tenth kkoimknt new tork state militia. ninth wann. Pursuant to the above Division Order* and the Aetthtreln icntioned, the imunlformed private! of the several Coin panic* I this Regiment will assemble within their reapeotlvo Company 'ivisiona, on Monday, the 2d day el October next, at 10 o'oloek, . M., for Company parade, lupeetion and martial exercise. rmctl and e<(iiipi>eU according to law, at the place* desinatad r eirh district reirectively, as follow*:? 1st Dia> riot, Company A, hounded by the Radios River, Hamlersley, Bedford and Barrow atreeti commanded by Edward ?nes, Lieutenant, attlie northsait comer of Ifu^son and Leroy reeta. *" 2d Diitriet, Company B, bounded by Bedfotd, Hanmeniey, rocock, Bbt< ker and Carmine street", Sixth^venuo and Bar iw streets, and commanded by Ileary L. U<*Me. Captain, at the ottbesst corner of BleenVer and Cornelia stfteta. ,-)d District, Company C, bounded by the Iludaon River,Banrew, ludson.and I'erry atreeta. and Commanded by Uenry Bruaer. aptain, at the northeast corner of Washington and Amo* trtct*. 4th District, Con pany D, bounded by Hudson and Barrow trceta, Sixth avenue, and Ami s streets, c mmauded hy Cornens Clark, Captain, northeast corner of Fourth and Christopher * treet*. 6 th District, Compsny E, bounded by Hudson River, Perry trcct, Uudrwi and Troy streets, commanded by Jame* McOrath, ai tain, at tho northeast corner of Washington and Bank lieeta. titli District, (Company T, bounded bv Hudson, Amos, Factory. tank itrteu, tircenndch avenue and Troy street, commanded y James R. Dodge, Captain, at the *outhw**t corner of FoartA nd I'erry street*. 7th Disttict, Company C,, bounded by the Hudson River, Trey treet, Eisbth avenue, and Fonrtcenth street, and commanded by . melius Vanderveor, Captain, at the northcasteorner ?' Dimrich and Horatio atrvctu. 8th District, Company B, bounded by Eighth avtnne, Troy treet, Greenwich avenue. Bank, Factory, and Amo* streets, lixth Avenue and Fourteenth street, commanded by Jacob Rayior,Captain, at tlie northeast comer of Seventh arena* and clfth street. f>e liegimcntal Conrt or Appeal*, to hear appeal* Iron fine* nd penalties imposed, will be held a* the Northern Exchange. <0.27." Bleecker street. For Comronies A and B, on Monday, k tola* Hi, at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Companies C and D, on Tueslay, Octeber 17, at 7 ?' 1 "cli, I'. M.: t -r Cospanie* E and F, on iVednesdsy, Ootober I*, at 7 o'clock, P. M.; for Companie* G and J. on Thursday. Ootolwr I'.i. at 7 o'cb ek, P. M. By order "f WM. HAL8EY, Cohnel loth Reg't N. V. S. M. klevr5th bkoimknt sew v9kk state militia. sixteenth a*? uoHTrwvTii wi?i* 1'urmant to the above Division Orders, and th? Act therein n< ntioned, tho nnunifnrmed prlvat's of the ? veral Companies of his Regiment mil a.-." ruble within their r ?i tlve Company Di? :ricta, on Monuay, the i.d day ol Oc'obtr n< xt, at IUo cloca, A. .. for Company pirnde, irsp><tifn anil martial exorcise. armed ana :<iuip;c<l according to lair, at the plac^i designated tor caeb district rt-Ficctively, an follow*: I ft. Company Dutiict ot Company A, t<mminded by Captain William M. McArdlc, bounded by the Hv.d??n River, Fonrteantb itrci t, the Eighth aV'iuie nnd Nineteenth street, on the corncr of Fourteenth street and Einhth vrenrve. 2d. Company Diftrtct of Company II, eouiraaiidod by Captain Jobs C. Uclino, bounded by tlio Eolith a'. uuc. Fourteenth street. Sixth a\cnue snd Nine teenth street, on thccoracrof l\ urteenUi ttrectand S ixthavenue. 3d. C'onii*ny Pistri 't of r?mpsny C, enmrnsnded by (.Captain Juhn Seufort, baundi d by the Hndnon Kiicr, Nineteenth street, the Eighth a\enn? and T?'nty eighth itrect, on the corner of Nineteenth street and the Eighth annua. 4th. Company District of Com|any P. <"mmanded by ' aptain Frederick I'iersaeckcr.bounded by tlio Kighth avsnne. Nineteeath Itreet, the Sixth ai nne, and Thirtieth struct, on the corner of* Thirtieth (treat and E ghth avenue. fttli. 1'oinpany IHstrtct t,f Comt?ny E c remanded by Caataia riiomai 8. Murphy, bonnded by tl.e Hudson Hirer, Twenty-eighth Itrect, the Eighth aveuue, Thutilli I tret, the Sixth avenue and Fortieth striet, on the corner of Twintj cIghtU street and the Eighth avenue. 6th. 1'wnpa'iy Distrlet of Comrany F. commanded by Lieuiiiant Millism Green, bounded by Sixth avenue, Fourteenth trvct, East Hirer and N iiictecu ill itrect, on the corner of Four i. nili street and Sixth a\ctue. 7th. Company District of Company O, commanded by IJen cnant Peter Brtraer, bounded by tl.e Sixth avenue, Nm- taoath trcet, the East River and Twentieth ?ixth street, on the corr of Twenty-sixth street and Sixth avenue. fth. Company District ofC' tnpany 11, couirc inded by captain olin 1'. Ellis, and bounded by Sixth avenue, Tvrentwdxth street, ast River, aud Fortieth street, on tho corner of Twenty-sixth jottsnd Sixth avnne. Tlie Regimental Court of Appeal*, t? hfar appoala from liw ml |" raltlen impoaed, will I* bcltl at (lio Madij'in Cottage, sot or ol Fifth arcane and Twenty-third mrwt, on Wodnaaday the Slli J?y of October, at ai.t o'clock in the ale-moon. By onkr ol ROBERT C. MORRIS, Col. Uth Rc|t. N. Y. S. KL TWnTTM flKfilMr-.^T new TORK ?tatk militia. TVfri rTM WAR)>. Pnmiant to the above IHviaion Order*, and khe Aft therein lentlined, thouuunifenmed private.of tl ? <c\oral Compaueeof ria Regiment, Kill aaatoble within their respective i inpan> i|at'i<"? " > Monday, tl* .'d Jay ..t Oo toiler next, at 10 o'clock. . ? lor C"mi*ny parade, infection ajid martial exereiae, arm 1 *?i e lulpi'd ac< ..rdin* to law, at the place* deaignaved f ieh 41?trict re?pe< ttvelv, ai followe:? C"tnj?nyH, Cupt. > ineent, Cumraandaat, bounded by the otirth avenue, lJBth atreet, Eighth nvsnuoand Eighty auth reet. Com| any B, Cart Wm. McCrea, Commandant, boond?4 by omtli avenue, llaikm River lnd Killn. Ka?f River, and ttghtjxth itrtet, at N. E. eorisor of Fourth avenue and Eighty-aUth imt Company C, Capt. May bar. Commandant bounded by* line unntng due w cat from tlia High Bridge. the fin laoa River,Spoyn Du)v*l Creel at.d Harl-m River, t? the Olfb Bridge, on .tn|>l>iidge Road, vppe-it* the High lln J ?> ( "ianay D, Capt. Priidbosala. Commandant, bcnaled by ?ith a\ 'tine. KIghty.iixth t.HiiJ'en Rivtr, Manhattan atreet, ISStla atreet, at N. W corner of Eighth avenue and Eightyixthatreet. .. , , . . , , Cunmay F? li?ut. I.e?*M, Commandant, bounded by Eighth irenr, F.?<btytltt? itreet, thelludam River and Fortieth atreet. ,t N V> , i,iner Ei<lithav niie and Fortitthatreet. tiiBMRT T. ??|>?- 'r*Bt? > * nrammi, donoia oy rourrn ivrsae Kotticth ?ti?et, Kiihkh *venu? ?nj Kighty-riath tiS. W. tori-' rofl'ounk it??u? M'l Thinj ilith slnwu t - mp*r>y (;, Cart Il-iylo, c<m??n1*n?, honadcd hj Fortieth treet, Kwt Hirer, EfgbtjIUth ltrc*t. ?na I'onri-h ?*e?u*. I initny If, Opt. A) m, I' itmmdant, bounded by fourth rente, H?rWm Rivrr, to Hl*h Hridftt. tbeo-e duo weot to Hndon Riltr, tlm to M?nbfttt?n fireet, ilmi, !ighth npnue, ?nJ liSth itreet, o? Tenth trcnue, n?*r riitKjr I'tBCiMTi *ilt l-? hrtr.l *t llto TSrtneh Hotel, So. ttH'*ery. >?w Vork eitr, ?n Ti? ? ?? . Ih? HXb, Weiln?od*y, the llfh, ?r<< 1.ur?l?y. ti e UtJ? Jty < ! t>o?o(?r n?it, Iwtweon ibe tn unol 1 bi! P. M? #t '.tel. d?j B>?ed. C?' . kLU.i rtBRl.N V.JU*

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