Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Ekim 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Ekim 1848 Page 3
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1 till* tm the Buk.t. We ifwoU bills on Loadon ttti *k P?r cent premium; on Paris; 6f 36 mbt. 8S>?; Am. tttrdam, 40 a 40X; Hamburg, 36U ?8?i Brenen, 7? a The loan from the Treasury Pepartinsnt hu not relieved the money market *o mneh aa anticipated.? It baa not all been let out yet; and, after m day or two, tile effect will not be visible. In the meantime, tbe accumulations in the sub-treasury ef tbie city will be going on, and Mr. Walknr will, doubtless, hare other application* for loani and diseounts. Now tbat tbe independent treasury bae become an e.-tabliihment of issue, and lor loan* and discounts, it U as much a bank as any institution in Wall street. It manufactures and issues money, in the shape of treasury notes, and finally loans tbe gold and sliver it has obtained by tbe isnue of those notes and other ways, upon tbe security of its own promises to pay This is the actual operation of the independent treasury act under the present dynasty; and. in separating the government from the State banks, there has been created a financial power greater than that destroyed.? In the destruction of the United States Bank and the distribution of the government deposits among the State banks, M was from out of the frylng pan into the lire; it was no more nor less than taking away the life of one great monster and giving life to a hundred little ones; so in the case of the independent treasury and the sfato banks. It changes the matter back to where it originated, with the additional evil, that now the government has the handling and use of the public funds. It before wan merely an accesstry to the act, now it has become a manufacturer and lender of money, and the Secretary of the Treasury is president, cashier, directors, and all hands. His decision is absolute, in the face of all laws; and any clique of speculators can. without much doubt, obtain facilities from him to inflate prices of stooks or to shave notes in Wall street. It is no wonder that our stocks are not more sought after in Europe; that foreigners genexally have no contidence in our public securities, when LUty tee Hpcci41 Htm Ml *. WUftltrn DU lie^QDUViJI KUU BU openly infringed, when they see the executive and one of bis secretaries taking the responsibility of making inch upe of the public money as tbey please, without the slightest regard to the law. It is such things more than any others, that have destroyed our oredit abroad and compel us to carry the bulk of all our securities. The issues of United States sis per cent stock on the loan of 1848. on foreign aocount, in each of the past eight weeks, were as annexed: ? Issi'rs or Govr.RNMrwr Stock on Fureicjc Ai couwt. For thi week ending August 12th, 1848 $428,000 To. do lbth, 1848 34U.000 Do. do 2tith. 1848 (100.800 Do. September 2d, 1848 423,800 Do. do 0th, 1848 09,300 Do. do lOtti, 1848 130.500 Do. do 23d, 1848 43,200 Do. do 30th, 1848 181.100 Total $2,215,700 Of the issues of the week ending September 30th, the largest sum was on French account. Of the last loan of sixteen millions of dollars, nearly two and a quarter millions have been issued on loreign aocount. The annexed statement oxhibits the amount of capital, semi-annual per cent dividend, and amount of dividend of each bank in Boston, according to returns made up to Monday, October 2, 1848 Capitai. ami Dividends oi Boston Banks?Octobe*, 1?48. niinkt. Capital. Dividend. Ain't, Atlantio $5U0,000 8? percent $17,600 AOtl 600,000 3>? do. 17,600 Boeloii HOO.OOO 4 ilo. 36,000 BoyUton 160,000 4>? do. 6,760 City 1,000,000 3>* do. 36.000 Colombian 600,1.00 4 do. 20,000 *?Kle 800,000 3>i do. 17.600 Exchange 60t ,000 1 for8mo?. 20,1)00 Freeman') 200 000 4)^ per cent. 9,000 Globe 1,000,010 4 do. 4^001) Granite SCO,000 Ml do. 17.600 Hamilton 600,000 3>J do. 17,600 Market OCO.OtO 6 do. 28.000 Massachusetts 800,000 3 do. 24,000 Mechanics, South Boaton .. 120,('00 4 do. 1.800 Merchant*' 3,000,000 4 do. 120,000 New England 1,''00,000 4 do. 40,000 North 700,000 3 do. 22,600 Shawmut 600,000 4 do. . 20,000 Shoe and Leather Dtulera'.. 600,000 4?i do, 22.6UJ State 1,800,000 do. iVi.000 Snflolk 1.000.000 5 do. 60.0IU Tremont 600,000 3>i do. 17..MJ0 Traders* 100,000 4 do. 10,000 Union HOO.OOO 3>? do. 28,000 Washirgton ?00,000 3 do. 15,000 Totals <M8,9S>0,000 $725,5.VJ For feveral years past, the Boston banks have shown a steady increase in the amount of semi-annual dividends, and the per cent, profits on their capital. This has been the result of greater activity in the employ, most of their resource*. and the improved value of - -?-* X ! nun miiMnn Via a Konn ovarii oarl In moVr Inw lOiVir iUU40Va???ivM ^vv- v"v? ??"mO loans and discounts, and fewer bad debts hare been made. The average dividend for the six months end. ing October 1848. is three and seven-eights per cent, showing a very handsome increase on that for the corresponding period in 1847, and being equal to seven and three-quarters per cent, for the year ending April 1849. The capital and semi-annual dividends for several years past, were as annexed:? JlOKTON DANKINU CAPITAL AM) DlVIDKXDN. Kate per ct. Coi'iliit. October. April. Tot. Div. tr.nn. 1812-4... 17.010,1)00 i 17,MO 426,3110 843,300 4-9 1844-5... 17,480,Of 0 4,TO,8flO MI.2.VI 1,031,059 5-9 lmfi-tf... 17,4*0,000 561.NW ?8,ooo i.kmx* m 1846-7... 18,1 HO, t'OO 60.1,000 621,000 ],^s000 {>.7 1*77-8... 1!S,9H0,(*0 65f,3HI 702.S00 1,361,100 7-1 184t-9... 18,580,000 725,850 ? ? ? The increase of banking capital since 1843, has been but $1 670,000. A new institution, called the Groeers> Bank, has just commenced operations in Boston, and there is every prospect of its doing a prosperous business. Since 1846, the dividends of the banks of that city have been so small, compared with those of railroads and other corporate companies of that vicinity, that very few new institutions have been formed, and a very moderate increase in the capitals of those in opera tlon ha^ been made; but. in consequence of the rapid in* crease in the growth of Boston, the augmentation of its business, through the influence of its immense railroad system, there has been a demand for more banking capital, and that already in existence has been more profitably employed. Railroad? in that seetion of the country have doubtless reached their maximum in profit*. Their earnings may increase from year to year to a moderate extent; but their expenditures ^ will increase more ropidly. so that their net profits will show very little improvement. Within the past few years, an immense amount of capital has been iitomted ia these-works*of Internal improvement in Massachusetts and other Kastern States : and such has been the mania among the people of that section, that expenditures have been made faster than the capital has been paid in. and the result has been that many of these companies have been in the market for loans at enormous rates of interest, and great sacrifices have been made to sustain these works. The cost has_ therefore, by this been increased, which, in connection with enormous expenditures for magnifioent depotshave swollen the capitals upon which dividends must be made, in many instances, n large per cent on the original amount. Rival lines, parallel routes, those which intersect and draw* any loeal travel, sod the increase of roads generally, divide the business and must reduce the dividends of all. As roon as the dividends of most of these companies be. come reduced to six and seven per cent, there will be an increase of capital in other methods of investment and doubtless a more rapid inerease in banking capi. tal. until that business becomes, in its turn, overdone and a collapse compels people to seek other ways oi rinployiDR their means. The annexed statement exhibits the movement and condition of the Bank of Tennessee and branche* on the lit of July; 194*. compared with two previoa* period* :? Bank OI TKKHkiik>; ?MI BRAM'HKI. .V|>(. April, July I, i<4(i. 1M7. 1848. Difeoitnlcd n?tc? 91,821,* <( l.SJWVW 1 .r???,r.H? D?mrstie billf P3H.1W 521,283 Bills end notca in tuit m ,'VW r,.r<,3l2 T7H..W Stale bondediseountcd... . LTJJ'.'O J73.X9!' 271,S90 KxpcnM account........ ;,BOJ 13,117 25 213 Peal ettiM anil Mnnrliss. 21175" aXi/XO 2rr?,007 Intoieit on ?tate lends... . 4111,660 Do. internal Improving at ii?>. I72!'ll ( ' l,i.?,-???? Appropriations to improvement <f rltcr? ... 152,.*><2 161.130 17l,3fW Bnefrom banks t77.Ut."? CJI/VOl 540,980 Note* of l>rai,chw and i>thcr bank ... 712 253.082 106,640 Gold and silver llM^'tll IM2.8M Total 1*1,315,152 ?;,6I r,,397,103 Total capital 3.176,8,16 .:,1V..:?!? 3,I3%7UI Trcutirtr of linnesuc 170,07'* IN,181 29,?>5 Public offices 1,471 222 21U Sinking or contingent (un I 22!>,820 2fi7.i;72 2901M9 Dividend account .Vni,7J7 Ml,727 <>12,810 Exoliango account 26,104 IN 61,000 Discount# teccived 25,(j58 ? ">2,210 Interest account 7,012 ? .'4<;,40n Damag'-i 2,1*8 2,2S8 ?.17d Preflt and ioss account ... . 657 02,112? (77.51% Internal imp. dividend 7,1'WI f>,260 8,266 Cemmon ?< liool (iind 33,674 121,07(1 2iN!,.IW Internal Improvement tund.. 11.703 IIJUI 11,703 Duo te other banks 312 781 210,I* 2 213.745 Circulation 1 ,'175,918 1,7!'3,745 1,251,736 Individual depositors 281,806 243,801 247.1*U0 Total 0,348152 6,614,002 (1,397,103 Besides the assets enumerated above, the bank return* for July, 1848. show due, from the State of Tenneicee, $125,000 ; from the IliwaMce railroad atook, $26,000; and due from the school fun?, $10,480. There baa been no material variation ainea September, 1846 In any of the leading department*, and the aggregate aowpeat remains about the Mune. Stock Eidi%?ifft? immTiwO 108 2& tha ruvm Oc b 10 13 J 0 Obi* o'auf W 60 do 115 M :.V'0 <to 9C.? 50 Reading UK 31W 6U*0 do M ??? 160 do 31.V 10WI Illlaob rnndaHe 4<>S 10-V) UarUm RR .HV 1000 do # '.? 200 do aciO MU l.WrtU P 6'n of '5S !>3>? 2V) do bit 500 nhi City fi ?of '60 'Xi 100 do t?w 52? 30 Hce> anio n H?nK liri^ 1WI do ?15 ?2 260 Farmcr'eTiUtt b 12 a 30 1U0 do 110 5f?W 1U) do btfde 27-j, SO do a JO 62$ 2T0 do 27 2110 Long lal&r.d RK 2) 23<l Hnrri* Canal !? 16 do 2%? 17 I'tii a RR llu 60 do 24'. 25 Nor and Wor RR 33 50 do 1 30 25 25 do b 10 33 100 Erie new full 14 in tit 5fl Canton Co 32\ 13 do 01J4 25 do 32*? K*eonct Hoivrtl. $MMO T-ea? N' te* b20 IU1'V 500 lbs llariem HR 41 Ti 1(0 flit Long Iflsnd RK 24 260 do #N 41 (l do i(mu 24 JW do b 3D Ai 1(H) <lo h 'K) HU Ml do Umoa 82? l.VI do b9U 24 Si) Erie HR, full b .M til ^ 1U0 do b M 21 50 Canton Co 32', ltn) do 2Wi 25 d> b.'M JK%J 1(0 Harlem RR .'iI\ M Nor U W\r HR s (HI 3) 1(0 do 160 61V Cotton Trade. Tb< movements In cotton. thuH far, this season, oxreeil those for the corresponding period in eaoh of the previous two. as will be seen by the annexed c>mparaSH statement:? MoTtMKtTS It COTTO* IN THK I'lflTED STATF.i. Exports to G't Britain, fince Sept. 1,11448, boles 41 RIO Corresponding dates last year 32 178 " " year before 10,301 Stock In shipping pons of receipt 131 023 Corresponding dates iaft year 129 912 " ' year before 71319 Receipts at ports, since Sept. 1, 1848 67 872 Corresponding date* last year 23.107 ' " year before 24.053 Exports from U. S , since Sept. 1, 1848 51 159 Corresponding dates last year 49,471 '? " year hefore". 22 544 The receipts at this port since Sept. 1st have been 25 000 bales Exports, 14.000 bales. Taken by spinners, 14.0C0. Stock In city unsold. 28 000. Amouut on sale. 7.000 bales. In relation to the movements In this market. Stewart's circular of this date pays :? 'There has been a steady koo<1 demand for thi* article since my last circular of 19th ultimo, per llibernia, until the receipt on Saturday last of letters by the America, which arrived the evening before, which brought the market to a complete staod?the particulars of each day's business being as follow.-* Wednesday. 20th. the market had gcne?ully a ^uiet appearance, and holders were disposed to make sales, even at a small reduction, the business closed at KKH) bales, at an average of an eighth easier. Thursday, 'ilst? This fact brought out more buyers, and holders later in the day exacted fuller prices, the salesamountingto 2.100 bales, 7,'?' cts. being paid for >100 bales of " fair" Charleston, of a well known brand. Friday. 22nd. 2000 bales were sold, prices being well up, and the grades below good middling, dearer. Saturday. 23rd?There was every indication of a slack market, the general raits being only 600 bales, in addition to which, a list of 1700 bales of low grades was disposed of Monday, 25th?We had the letters by the Acadia which arrived at Boston the day before, and although not changing things, had the cttVct of slightly depressing the market, and only 1C00 bales were sold. Tue?day 26th?The sales were 1200bales, but few parties being in the market, and prices tending {ownwards, on the lcwerstyles especially. Wednesday 27th ? i ne operations were very similar in amount, with rather more steadiness Thursday 28th?Tbero was a revived feeling,- and 2,300 bales were sold, included in which was about 1,000 bales resold of the list of 1,780 ; prices this day were steady, and by some oonsilered to he higher than those of the preceding day. Friday 29th? Dut few buyers appeared in the market, and holders lost the advantage they bad the preoeding day, the sales only amounting to 1,000 bales at some reduction from the previous pricesT When science, in her giant strides, can bring forward some method of picking out cotton on the buih, with the rapidity it is now giuned, wo may look forward to the production of the article to an extent greatly beyond the consumption, but at present, planters having to rely solely on their negro Jorce, there is no possibility of a greater amount that our last crop?which was picked with every favorable cironmstance, np to February last?being picked up to the 15th November, and not at all probable now, that this picking will keep pace with the other up to the 1st of Jaqpary. This oeing conceded, is it at all probable our crop can roach any of the large|e?timat<~s so freely put intoclrculation? In the absence of any impediments by storms, and with barely remunerating prices, say Middlings at 6>? cents a? New Orleans, a portion of their feree may be employed until the time for breaking ground for the next planting, say 1st March next; but we cannot judgonowof the amount it is possible to pick within that time; we must first know now the fields appear in November, after a killing first, and when the foliage is ofT. The weather yesterday was quite stormy, whioh doubtless had its efTect on operators, as there was but little movement either way. The sales only amounted to 600 bales, on which but a slight reduction was made. Th'e closing quotations in this market were as annexed :? LIVERPOOL CLASSIFICATION. N. Drltant Mobile <J> Uplandt. Florida. Trzai. Inferior none. none. 6 a6>i Ord<nary 6Va<i Si?a6 6 a6K Middling a 6>ta?S 6>ia6X Good Middling 6* ad* b*a6X 6U a 7 Middling Fair ?S a7 7)'a7K Fair 7 a7 7>Ja7K 7>ia7X Fully Fair 7 ^ a 7'? nominal a 82 Good Fair 7X*75t nominal. 8)4 a 8)2 Fine nominaL none. nominal CITY TRADE REPORT. Mondav, Oct. 2?2, P. M. The wet weather has put a check on operations this morning, and scarcely any transactions have taken place, .itAn are dull at $0 12X a $6 18p? for pots and pearls. Cotton.?The cotton holders, as yet. have not shown any avidity to make sales, the only operations since the steamer have been under circumstances that would not admit of their being taken as a standard by which we could judge the future probable line of tho market; buyers can be found for moderate parcels at a small reduction. Flour, 4'c-?In Western flour there is not much doing. The sale* of the morning do not exceed 1 200 bbls at $0 fl2*i a $5 08*? for oommon State, mixed Western, and Oswego, and $"> 08% a $6 70 for pure Genesee, in Southern, no operations have taken place. Meal is without movement and dull. There are buyers of Genesee wheat this morning at <<1 28. but holders refused it. Corn continues firm, but no tales have transpired. Rye and oats are as before. with small sales. Pniriu'ons ? In VMfc we can henr of no transactions; the market is firm at Saturday's prices Lard remains steady nt 8% a 87,'c.. with Faiea 01 l*uu Dins, uef I is net plenty, ana quotations .are steady. Whitkry Is lower, 40 bblf. prison sold at 26)it. MoMbAv, October 2?6 P. M. The weather throughout the day proved exceedingly Inclement, and checked all out door operations. Tne flour market, however, continued steady at Saturday's ratrs. and considerable sales were made for export. Southern was also in fair demand, and sales made at the full quotations of last week. Considerable sales ol betli lienesee and Western wheat were made on terms stated below. Corn was heavy, and sales comprised two lots of round Northern, and high mixed and Western mixed, on terms that did not vary materially from Saturday's quotations. Meal was steady, with sales at about previous rates. Rye was dull, and oats without chandpi- Tork continued firm, with sales Bt full prices. Lard*fold at about Saturday's rates. Sugars continued firm, but sales were light. Molasses , were inactive. In cotton sales were moderate, and the market ?nsier. Ashes ?Small sales Pots were made at J>3 12,'a. and of*6 12>?' a $0 18.;4, and 25 asked. 89 bbls. do. Canadian, in bond, were sold at $5 87>?. BiiKADsTtn ?.?Flour?The sales for the day footed up about P 0C0 a 10 000 barrels, including 4,000 a 5,000 barrels Oswego for export, at $b t!2>,': also. 1.200 do. fancy brands (ienesreat $0 87,1$; .r>00do pure (ienesee at (5 76; 75 bbls. extra brands, afloat, sold at $0 12'^; 1,000 do. Ohio sold at $!> 02)f, and 500 do. Petersburg City Mills at 7o. Wheat?Sales of 8.000 bushels fienesee, which were made on private terms, supposed to be somewhere between 128 and 130c ; 4,000 do. at 128c.; 2.800 do. at the same price: 2.500 Ohio were sold at 118c , and 2.500 do. on private terms; nnd 1.500 do Illinois sold at 115e. Corn?Sales of about 8.000 a 10,000 bushels were made, including round yellow at 7(ic . and some lots of high and common mixed at 08c.: some portions of which were said not to be in good order; we heard of no sales of flat yellow. Meal? Sales of 500 barrels were made at $3 18V, a $3 25. Rye? Sales of 1.000 bushels werejuade at 09c. Oatt were dull at 34 a Mytc. Catti.k.?At market. 2200 beef rattle. 4200 sheep and lambs. and 60 cow* and calves. Beef Cattle?The number of cattle at market last week exceeded that offered for many month* pant. Prices have given way a little, aiid sale* liate been made as low as $5, and from that to $6 76 per cwt. There was a tolerably good demand during the week, but the severe rain storm of to-day has done much to retard transaction*. 160 head Mm to Boston. I rum the appearance of the yard, toward* evening, we judge there was quite a number left oyer tow* and Calveg were in ordinary supply, and meet sales at prices not materially varying front the quotations current last week. We quote the market at from $21 to $28 a $38. All so'd Sheep and Lambs?The market continues well stocked.? Rales of sheep at from $1 25 to *3 70 a $4 So. Lambs, ?7>i a V.' 76. 200 unsold. < of 300 boxes were made, including prime at 7c., and extra at 7J?o. Cotton?The inclemency of the weather put a stop to operations in thii article, to-day. The sales reported were about 600 bales, at a small decline. Kbkiuhi?.--0000 bushels of wheat were engaged for Liverpool, in bulk, at 9d. Cotton was engaged at 7-32d. Kor flour. 2s 8d. was asked. Kor corn, in bulk,to fork and a market. 12d. was offered. To Cilafgow, cotton was engaged at '?d. Hav and S i raw?The rain prevented the customary mjiplies reaching market. The last sales of loose were at CO a 70 conts percnt., for good Westohester and Long Island timothy. Wheat straw at $2 50 a $3 per 1C0 bundles. Hump ?The only sale reported w.ii 100 balea Manilla. nt Sc., 0 mos. N'aiai. Si ok ks were dull, and no sales of importance trathpired. raoTtsiows?Sales of .">00 barrels pork were made, 100 of which were bought at $12 04, and resold at $13; the remainder brought $13; prime was firm at $10 12}?. Lard?Sales of 200 barrels were made at N ,c. a 8'?c. There was no change in beef,and very little in market. Hic?: ?There were sales of 132 casks new crop, at $3 76 per 1001 bs. of late have been very aotive, and full prizes realized. On Saturday, the transactions reached 1,400 hhds , includiyg Cuba iMuscovado, at 4% a Terto Itico, at S,li a 6V j and New Orleans, at 4*? a .%e. To day the inquiry was scarcely so good, owing, partly, to the unpleasant weather. Some .100 hhds., nowever, changed hands, at 6>,o. for New Orleans; and private terms for Muscovado and Forto lUci>; but taid to V? at ;i of a cot Improvement The stock oa band la not large, and holders do not press the market. R>:al Kitatk ?Two lots of Und, with the batldlrg? thereon, on the east side of 3d avenue, and louth side of :tfith street, *2 82A ; the one story briek and wooden buildings on lot 243 GHraud street, 1100 Wiiuke) Salus of about 2S0 bbls were made In lots, Including State Prison at 2tie. ; and Ohio, at 25)te. MAHKBTR KLMKWHBKK TOOK SAL*. IIaltimoh r, 8?pt 30.?f lUuO Baltimore Vl WO, JW; I't Mi*r,? fi tapco llanh, 18. F?ii.?n>:i.riiii, Oil 2.-Hri: SMri(-(Vl Hnimi G\ >.V l')>> Meehaii'cif Itank, 2fl; $LT'i<l Tr> aaury Note*, lUSftf: *1 Noirtil"wn Kallrrad. 11)4; 7 Kar k Mach llu.k,i.'l; WW Uliigh Coal S. n|i | W; 2 N A Itnik, 116; H4 N"rri.-t<>wn Huilrrad, 11^a; Km I S lik, | 2,'<; 6ti Norriato* i. Hsiilriunl. 1.1, II).. After SiiU*?'Hi Morrtato? ii Bailread, 1IU; llGir.mi Ilk, 111. Second Hotrd $MK) U 8.6 ,h. %*, llMMjflO do, l?4 10ft U S Uauk. 2J,\ FOREIGN MARKETS. M*r?<;rv?, P. R., Sept. 11.?The cane is all ground and the little that butt remained of sugars and in.'.tuffs is shipped for foreign porta. It 1b almo?i useless to quote the prices of American product*, as no bales of (mythic# but codfish have been made for the laHt month ?priced ranging from $2 a $8 26 per quintal, and all oilier articles of imports are but noruiuat. Sugar1- have been fold in suiall lotd?prime none ; full seconds (2 25 a $2 50; ordinary do $226; third* > #1 "o a $2. Molasi-eg ${ia$10 per 100 gallon*!, and I quite scarce Exchange on the I'nited Stated 4 p^r j cent, premium. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Chick.o, Sept. 23 ?The tightness which existed in the money market for dome weeks back, had been almost entirely relieved by the receipt of fundi from the Ka?t and the pre;ence of eastern buyer* from Oswego, Buffalo, and different points in the Hast and Canada. The market, consequently, at the close of the week, was considerably buoyed up. At the commencement of the week, spring whnat was do low as 60c. for one while in the street*, under the pressurr of the tight money market, And a slight panic caused by the news from Kurope At the close, however, spring wheat roue to Too. a 80c., and winter went up to 85o. The receipts this week are not so largo as those of last. and will not probably reach over 80.000 bushels. This is on account of bad roads, and low water in the canal. Flour is $4 a $5 for fine, and $H 25 for otty superfine Coris.?What comes In by canal ban been purchase*! principally on the' river, on acoount of house* here, and shipped immediately on arrival. Corn is 37c a 4Cc Oats are lHo, a 20c., with but little in market. Freights are 8c., at which rate vessels are loading for Buffalo. 15c. a ltic. are the rates to Oswego. At the oloso, on Saturday afternoon, on aooount of a panic among buyers, on light receipts, the market nnm to I 60c. for spring. Tlie Crop*. Of the orops on the Upper Mississippi, the St. Louis Republican says :?l> The wheat crop, which has been gathered, is unusually abundant. A small portion wm lost or injured by the heavy rains, but the bulk of the I crop has been harvested in good order. The corn crop. , we nave reliable information, was never butter than it I is this season In the valloy of the Mississippi, and every where, the reports agree as to the abundance of j the product. The same may be said of the grass crop; it has been very abundant, and furnishes u large supj ply for the feeding of stock, and also for shipment In the couth-eastern part of this State, and in southern 1 Illinois, the raising of hay (or the Southern market has i become an extensive business We know many farmers who will bale their hay and send it South, realizing. in proportion to the labor and risk, nearly as much per acre us the cotton planter The crops of oats, barley and spring grains, suffered some from the rai ns of June and July, but, nevertheless, are very abundant and equal to the demand." The Savannah Georgian, of Tuesday, says " The accounts continue favorable for the Upland orop of | (ieorgiu. The Seu Island has in oiost localities suffered much from the intense heat and dry weather since : the middle of August. The Sea Island crop cannot, I by all the it formation we can obtain, turn out to be ! greater than the very moderate one of last year." The Memphis Eagle, of the 15th instant, nays :?" A i jaunt of a few days into the country satisfies us, from : observation and inquiry, that, barring further casuulI ties of weather, our cotton crop, comprising an area of | country producing, say 200,000 bales, will be fully an : average one The chief complaint is, that the plant | is not well boiled; but we find it is much larger than ; usual, which makes up for the thinner bearrtig." According to the lilue //en's Chicken, the corn in I Delaware will be 16 or 20 bushels less to the acre than | last year, in consequence of the late drought; the oats 1 are light, and late potatoes will not be more than fourth of a orop. There will be hardly any cabbages. The Buton Rouge Gazelle, of Saturday, nays ''The ! continued rains have been very injurious to the cot; ton crops in this parish. Such a season is not within I the recollection of the oldest inhabitant," A Santa F< (Now Mexico) paper statos that the crops throughout that country are said to look | line, and to bid fair to yield a bountiful harvest to the growers. A much larger amount^ of grain has been planted this year tLan in any previous soason. ' ft 1 nn REWARD.?LOST, AT SMITH'S EATl VU HOUSE, ! yP .1 \Jvr in the Bowery, a Wallet oontaimag $130, and<a Not* J for $31". The above reward will bo paid by leaving it at Smith's I Saloon, uowery, nini no incntions asked. Lost or stolen?sufposid to iiavk bebn ta ken from the Philadelphia boat, font of Lib irty stree'.on | its arrival Thursday af'oruoon, by a person going on bonrd tin , | "Empire St?tf," for Fall Hiver or Boston, a Lady's Square ' lila'fc Uat Box, confining Indie*' ctothing, marked *1. .1 W. Any jor-on who will return the ".am*, or inform where it < an be ! found, will to liberally rewarded, ly addressing W KTMOUF. & CO.. HI Vcssy street. IF WILLIAM PERRY, son OF WM. AND ELIZABETH Perry, of Bradnach. Devonshire, England, who left for i America, about nine yearn azo, will send to Itr. g. 0 , I.'j Little ' Chesterfield, Loudon, England, he may hear of something to his j advantage. CAUTION.?ALL PERSONS AB1 FORBID HARBORING or trusting any of the crew of the Brit'sh Bark Barbara, Macky, fr^m Galway, a? no dcbt? will be paid by the Captain ur 1 consignee!. Notice.?the "crescent citv will leave pier No. 4 North River this (Tuesday) morning, at 9 o'clock. | Passengers will ploase be on board at a o'clock. WILL MR. C. VANDERBILT PLEASE INFORM THE citizens of Staton Island, through the medium ef the pub lie press, why tlic steamer Huguenot made no trip from New V. rk after half past 3 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, thoreby depriving some hundreds of the inhabitants from going home. < >ur accommodations are bad enough, without depriving us of w hat few we hay. 1 NORTH HHORE. Une dameirant. aise parlant bii'.x la lang ie. ct oomiaisant la couture en goat'ral, desire trouver uno famille pour voyager au Sud ; pour prendre soiu des Enfant*. ct do la Toi. lettc dc'Dame*. Aussi duns nn mugasin cnmmupremiere ouvricre p..ur la confection. 8"adres?er No. !#) Amity street. New York. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A REPECTABLE YOUNG girl, as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do the general housework of a private family ; the best of city reference can be giren. Pirn c apply ?t SI Mull., rry ,-trert. secondtloor, front room WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8IT1Ation as good Cook, Washer and Ironer; has no objection to go as l aundress ; the liest of city reference given. Apply at No. | II Third avenue, in the basement. WANTED-A SITUATION as WET Nl'RSE, BV A healthy voung Germa-i womin, with a Iresh breast of milk, I in ii resectable Geiman family. Bot of reference can be riven. | Pleaae esquire at 2W> Ilous'on" street,in the Sc(r?r ?tore. HI \NTED? \ 8 ITT'AT ION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG TT Erglish iromin. a- Cook ami Housekeeper, orCook, in a re( peetablc family. Fully uiideivtanda rnokinnin all iu tranches. AddreFt K. V.. or call at Cl< Beckmun strct. fir anted-a scotch or English oirl. to do the | TT penem! wrk of a small fnmily. Good wanes ai l a jut; maucnt situation insured. to one who is competent and well recommended. Apply to No. 10 C?urtlandt street, iu tlic rear of the j Jewellery store. *- Wlf AfrSo-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE VOTNQ t TT Woman,aH Nurse or Chambermaid, and assist in Washing I and Ironing. Best of city reference Riven. No oMectlon to travel. Cull at No. 17211th etrcet, between lit And 'il avenues. 2d j floor,front toon. ' 1IT AN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A TT situation In h rrivat# family. Is a Rood plain Cook, i nr.d a flrrt-rate Washer and Ironcr. Can ptive pood city refcrence. Please call at 8)i Tliird a\enne, opposite Tompkins | market. _ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ; ironiim. or to do genera! house work in a mall family. Guod rofercnec can be given. Please Enquire at 21 Frankfort street. I UrANTID-A 1KMME DE C'BAMBRE, FRENCH OR I TT (,iman. Addres- F? M., llorald ollice. At. STEWART It CO. want two EXPERIENCED SaJcmen?one for their Curtain Material, and the other | for tbeir Carpet departmentthey alto want a person who has bad evj-eiiince in the cuttit u and laying; of Carpet-. Acmi.d tu xi rm:-a respectable married V'cmni, with a frt'-h breast of milk, wishes to take a l?by * to nunc at her own residence, having lost her own. Undoubted 1 ntaweton be (iren ts to chtf&cier. Please apply at No. (7 B> rire?. cornet of bmitb street, South Brooklyn. The advertiser can oo hoard l>om (or a week. AI.ADV FROM IRELAND, AND OF Ml < II EM'ERI encc in Teachinc, wishes for a situation in a school, or a? a visiting Governess. She instntot-" in the usual brunches of EngI lish education, with writing, arithmetic, French, and the piano. ! The advertiser would also giro b.'sson < in mu*ie, at her own rest; denfe. Term - and references to be obtained by addressing X. Y.. Gov era ess, at the office of this paper. I A ('* Kl) Til TB* l.*nm -HIM Bll/viv Bin no?? /V an exten?l\c a?orUn*nt of fashionable French Bonnets, at l.'M ? pi ins street, t)>ird hlqek west <1 Broadway, on Thursday, tl.e !>th of Octnfcer, nnd particularly Invite* ladies intonding to ]>uroha*e to call and examine l>cfore applying elsewhere. Among the assortment is an entire new ?tyle of FreneJi Bonnets, Misses si/ee. to fit from three to tiftcen ; also, French Flowers, Feather* aad Ribbons of the newest style. ACABD-MRB II. BOEDER, FORMF.RIV RESIDED NO' ?11 Division street, and Nn.42i! Broadway, has removed to 223 Wooster ftrect, two door* from Amity street, where -Ho receive* calls "ii Fhreii'd -ig-. Altroloiyr. Pa1mi?trvand Science, mid give* tine and intlsffcctory Information of all iotcreatin'r aff iirs through life. The period of our life ij marked with peculiar cir<nmilances, which llr*. Boeder truly explains. and she answers all la<> ful and Inter ftiiu question*, and give- particular Information with re ;ari to health, wealth and mnrriiiic, lova uffaira. journeys, lawsuits, hii?ine4. friend*. fraud, siekn ' and dcalli. Tonlulling hour- from ? o'clock in the morning till 10 in the c niur. An KM f.RA IN TIIE HISTORY OF SEM.INC DRY (ioods.?A gre*t e.xeltcmcnt, a greai rush, and argur sales of 1 >ty Cowls at The Bowery 8avin < Stora, 120 Bowery, during the last week, than haa 'nfore lie-.n made, or caused, in years, in any otahlls! ment, in New Yrrk. Wo ha\e aold 10,(WO yards of 1 lannel.over^'.iHW yard* of Calicoes and as many, or mora, yarn* of bleached jnd br*?vn Cottons, hundreds of yarda of Alpacas, Fluids, and other Dree* flood*. And why have we soldso muoh ? J>eean?e we have sold good I latincl at la: Calico worth la., at (id. per yaid: a good Alnaca at la I'd, and extra at 2s and 2s. Gd.i HOI (I tine high colon d tie I.aner, at l.">d.. an l Cashmeres at 2a, ! worth Intiiiltely mote nioniy. Wc sell blcaohed and browu I Sleet inns and Shirt inas At leas prie* than many in the trad* hay the same goods. We sell a good Kentucky Jean at 2a, and a first I rate Satinetat <a~an excellent hta\yand hne fancy Cashmera at f>*.?gold black Freaeh Broadcloth, at $2 and S2 Ml, worth at least vT a (A, and richly w orth that money. Tlio above may seem a boa.-t, but tie realitv exceeds the story we tell, and all 1 I you need ts prove the abou facta Is to drop in. Our advertisement* tre not vain blasts, hot sober reality, aad the public arc 1 reali/irg the troths and benefits arising from onr system of doing | 1 iifinefs; wherein by importing and raceifin.; our goodsdirx,cl frcm the faeteries, we rare the profit* of the joliber*, and an thas , i unbled to give our patrons a share of tlx savings. Our Shawl Department la one of the most exteaaive in New 1 ork, and when wc say wc have a stock of Shaw ls from which no person can fail to make a satisfsctory selection, either in kind, style, .{iia'ity or price; we tnciely say what can bo realised ly any person who may call. Our Shaw-l saloon is entirely separate from our other business, and is attended to with mnch ear*, and is doing a hu-Im ss we belies* never hefora approached In amount in this eonntry. Befer* yon bny your Dry (foods, look In at th? Bow*ry > SuT"? 8,W- tv. F. oiLLEY: i ^rristors. Manage T.McJLAflON, S PARK Tflltll * ?TUESDAY ITKMlMti, OOT. \ lbs taUrtliiiMiti will oominence with the kirkttt r FORTY AND FlfTY-Mr. L-liyw i'e. Mr. Gilbert; Mr* U'Jrwhite, Mr*. Gilbert. After which. Tor the 13th time, the (Mad hM~ let ef aSMKRALDA - La Eemcralda. Mid. Adele MoaplaMn n?ar de Lya, M'lle Ana* Balan; Pierre UrloR'.ire, M. B. MmpUirir Qaidm^do M. Corbv "nbttr* rvr.? n?<ile. M. Fletcher finaaae, Mile WaMefrave. Toeonolode with the enelMtt of OUR MARY ANNt? Jonathan Junk, Mr. Chaixaaa, Col. Albeit, Mr. Da* eon; Mary Anne.Mia* Flynn; Ernestine, Mln Telbin. Drew Cirelr, 7* ceatit family Circle. 10 eeata; Upper Boiee, V eent*; fit, 37% <-enf?: ' allery, 11H eaate. Deore opea at 7; etrtair die* at 7X o'elook. PAHK TUEATRE?THE MANAGES IIA9 MUCH PL?Anure in inncnncin? an rnffac?i?ent?ith MADAME ANNA BISHOP lor a limited auuiher of niiih m. Thin oil? rnwil '"4 impti'ar voealilt will amvar for the Drat time on WEDNR4DAY

EVENING, (lot 4. Iull particular* to morrow. BOWEKY TUEATRE -MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 3d. will be acted, the IftON CH?-T? Sir Edwurd M ?timer, Mr. llauiblin, (.apt, FiUlarding, Mr. I. M. Sell; VVItford, Mr. J. II. Ilall; Adam Winterton, A. Andrews; Tjvly T<den, Mra. VVinetaiiley; Blaavbe, Mim Mary Taylor. POLK \ N \TIO >1 ALE, by Sinn"ra Ciocca and S'i< Neri. Alter whirb, the uperi cl AU'lNOF A LoVF.rt?Jertrudr, Uiaa Mary Taylor; Cap'. An erelrrt, Mr. B. Warden ; Peer *PJk, Mr. J. W'l ,ant; Erir-a. liir Mini F. Girden. To conclude with the drama of TOM I'RINLl.K'K lOG? Tom Crlnile, Mr. J. M. Scott; Kliuibrfi. Mr*. Jordan. Doort opep atGX?peilormance to commence at 7o'olock. In: Pit. It)i conta ; (.all.'ty. liJi cant*. CIIIANFRAU'S NEW NATIONAL THEATRE. FORMERLY V Chatham?Tuesday Evenun. October .'id. will lie nr owted the p.etaclo drama oQSSMEKALDA, OK THE HUNCBB.ICK OF NOI h E DAME?Tfie (Jrand Provo#t, Mr. Linden; Chuilo Fiollo, Arihdeaoon of N. D. Mr. Stalk; l'1-o'i us, Cupt of Kin^'a flrcmn Mr I'aimor; yuasJiuodo, tho Hunchback of N. D. Mr. Jcaei: Enrcialda. a ftvnsv riH. Mlsa E. Mestaver. After which, MYSTERIES AMD MISERIES OP NEW YORK-Moae, Mr. Chanfrao; Captain Tobin. Mr. 0. Burke; Mr. Proeiee, Mr. Pit lay, Bit Ijiir, Mri McLeaa; Little Lixe, Mill Mcstayer. Conoludos with the hm M I ATCH1NU AN MEIHESS. Doer* open at 7, pertrrroaree ?t'K o'elorl Boies, J6 oent?; I*tt,12){. MECHANICS' IIALL. No. 472 Broadway, betw-en 'In. d iind Broome streets. ooinmen ed on Monday, October 2d, aiid v ill contiuuo every uiuht nntil fupher notioe ?The original and well known CUKISVY'S MINSTHELS, (organiied in IH42,) I whose concerts in this city, for a period of ten month*, were ro1 coved with such distinguished favor and patronage, have the honor if announcing to the ladies and gentlemen of New York and ! vicinity, that they will (rive a series of their popular Concert*, I intn diicinga variety of iheir original Songs, Chorusees. CharaoiiTrtic Pances, ftc. Admission 2.1 cents. l>oor? opeu at 7. Conj cert ?111 commence at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Conoert every | Saturday commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M., under the management I fciid direction of B. P. Christy. TWO E\ II1 BIT IONS.?(iR AN D COMBINATION OF HAN ington's Sacred Dimamas 'of the ('reat'onof the World, and the Oratd Spectacle of the Deluge. Ala , twenty two inagaitloent I Scriptural Fainting* by Mr. Baker, ol i ondon ; each ono oontaini inpr about 11)0 siiuaro feet of canvas*?the whole comprising one of tie most beautiful and intrrvetipgexhihition* ever exhibited in I America. Ibe Creation, Fall of Man. Judgment ol tho Almighty, Ejpulsion from Pitradis?, Death ol Abel, Evening before the DeI luge. Ibe Deluge, God'* Covenant with Noah, Destruction of So| dom and (Joniorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moso*, Tho Seventh Plaaue, Destruction of Pharaoh's Ilost, Moses Breaking I the TnMeH, Fall of the Wall* of Jericho, Joshua Commanding the i Sun to Stand Still, fco., tec.?nowexhibltijigevery ulght tliiswcek, faturday afternoons, commercing at three o'clock, at the splendid new Hall. .'Wti Broadway, over tf toppani's Baths. HANINOTON'8 eutirely new (iranri Soriptnrairtty rainasof the moat magniticont Spectacle ever witnhmedln New York?Creation of tho World and fie Deluge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompaniments Six Days of the Creation.? Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, the Second L ay. Dry I.and, Hi rbage and Flowers. Third Day.? Sun. Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden Adam and Eve. With the completion of the labors of the Creation, the first part of the exhibition closes Purt:2-Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickots !i(i cents; children hall price. Doors | open at 7?cnrtala rises at So'clock. ! 1]|7 ILhON'* ENTERTAINMENT.' ON THE SONUS OF ff Scotland.?'Ilie public are respectfully informed, that Ifr. Wilson, late of tlio 'theatres Hoyal, Covent Harden, Drurv l-nne, and English Opero House. is about to pay a visit to the United Stan's and will live a lories of his entertainments mi tho S >nga of Scotland, in New York, during llie month of Octolwr, the particulars of which will i t* given in future advertisement#. Mr, Wi'son wax the tiret vocaliat who gave this rpecioa of entertainmints, which combine anecdote and information connected with the song" and their authors; and during the last eight years, he has giicn them witn great sueccas, in London, and tbo priuci|ml towns in Fnglard, Scotland, and Ireland. kw~ht)om, 7?2~broadway, mext dook to the Broadway Theatre.? Tucday oventi g, 3d October, the Clairvoyunte, Vine. LEVASSF.UR;?tho French vaudeville, I.'V MOMBuOl IT UNE I'AMK;?the beautiful and udmired Astronomical Diagrams and lHaphonous Tableaux, Sc. Trices of admission? Reserved teats, SO cents; general admission, 2."> cents. Commence at 1% o'clock. Ti1e races. postpoi^ement or the sweepSTAKES.?The Sweepstakes at the Fni>n Course, announced lor To-Day, is postponed until To Morrow, on account of tlio weather. The meeting will commence with a Sweepstake, two mile heats, $200. Half forfeit. Closed with three tntrics, viz: Samuel Laird names colt, by Clarion, out of tho dam of La ton*: Jus. Tally names oh. colt, by Boston, dam Jlaria Shelton; O. P. Hare, names bay colt, by Clarion, dam full sister to Iloinblower. The above colts arc on the ground, and will come to the post. 8ame day. Purse $700. Three milo heats. This will bring to tbf post three urI"our onirics. Timrauay.? Puree J-.VO?two mile heats; and a Purse cf $1200, four mito beats, w hich will bring to the post, Fashion, one from Mr. Hare's stable, ar.d one from Mr. Green's. The i'onr mile day ii looked to, by the lovers of racing, to be one of the most brilliant that has occurred for years, as Mr Ilare can seloot irom his string, Passenpcr, Lucy Toland, and Bostona, for that ocoaaicn: and Mr. Grnen bos Free Trade and Bnena Vista to select from. N. B.?The cars will leave theSontli Kerry. Brooklyn, at o'clock, and continue running every half hour until ha'f past twelve o'clock . 1ACOB B. PLATT, AUCTIONEER?CROCKERY, CHIN4, I Class, Earthenware, japanned Tea Trays, Knives and Forks, Plated Ware, rich cut Glass, fancy Glass, kc.?Jacob 8. Piatt will esll ilia day, at 10 o'clock, in the large Sales' Room, over the Auction Store, S.'l Piatt street, by catalogue. 1,000 lots, nasorte I as al>ovr. to suit country as well as city dealers and grocers, tic., consisting of C. C., tolled, dipt, piinted, whit* granite, tlow'd blue ' and tlow'd Mnll>erry Ware, part of which is from the best manufacturers in Staffordshire, viz.:?Dinner and Tea Ware, Toilet, !vc., Ike. Also, l.'iO packages, by tho case and barrel, picked in titles suitable tor country mcrchanta, consisting of all kinds of Tumblers. Safe. Cruets, Decanters, >pjclc and preserve Jars. | wine and Ch?*pagno Glasses. Lamps of all kinds. Commodes, Nappita, Dithsa, Lantcrts, ILc. Also, in lots for rotailera, a general u-sortment of Glass ware. N. It.?Tliia sale consists almost entirelv of tirst oualitv Ware, ami attention u to an ans'irtment throughout of 111 antes superior llow'd blue, TnB<|iiin pattern, all to match. Also, several crates fliw'd mulberry pattern. white granite, kc , 4cc. Also, M sets lino Japanned Tea Traj s, plated Candleatloks, Qirandulis, Knives and Forks ami Tknoy Class Ware, &c., kc.; to >11 of which tha attoution of purchasers i? directed. Every lot offered will be Hold without reserve. At one o'olock refreshments will be prepared for purchasers. VERY EXTENSIVE AND VALUABLE rRlVATE LI" brary.?Cooley, Keese k Hill will sell this (Tuesday)evening' October 3d. at 7 o clock, at their Auction Room, 1PI Broadway, a very large and valuable Private Library of choicc bonks, mostly fins London editions of standard works. Calico engraving, and other machinery, at auction st Jersey City, comer Washington and Wayne streets, on Tuesday, Oct. Sd, at 10 o'cloek?8 engraving machines, side and top; 3 pairs clamps power and hand; slide and foot lathes; vices, grindstones. pin and other gTound mills and dies, shafting, drums, belts, lynches, forge, kc. kc.; can be seen any time preylous to sale. Bale positive. The buildings and S lots will be so<4 on the 10th of October, at 11 o'clock, on premises. TO I.ET-A THREE ?TORY BRICK BUILDINO, NO. 2> Abintdon Square. In'iuire of Burns k Trainee, 15.) Broadway^ r? M) MX FOR A TERM OF YEARS?SEVENTEEN LOTS X of Ground on the Third Avenue and 01st (treat. Omnibuses run to and lrom the place. Apply to W. C. k A. A. UI'NTER, 20 8onth street. TO LET?A nOl'SE CONTAINING H ROOMS AND Kitehen, with furniture for sale, (furniture all new,) suitable lor a Hoarding house, near Broad? ay. Will be disposed of on ea*y terms. Address C. B. A., Box K, Herald Office, r INK ROOMS TO RENT, WITH OR WITHOUT BREAK X fcst and Tea, at TT.'i Hrosdway, 1,M)R SALE?A VERY SI'LENDID NEW TIANOFORTEX Two-third* of the amount will be taken out in board by a ringle man, in any genteel private family, or in a hoardioghnuse, where there are but few persons. Apply at No.7 Thompson Illttl. " !?) "V " """ ' <=" '? ?"? > ? I . Noticf.-THE c0patrnzr8h1p carried on at no. Ill Dey street, by Monerier fc Dallemore, U diislved by mutual consent, and tlic same will be carried on by DAVID MONCRIEF. as heretofore, and all debts due by tbe linn paid by Mm. Dissoh'tion.-the copartnership heretofore rxistirc between the undersigned. In this city, ?n>ler the firm and style of "Bui--es?, Sirin*rr K Co." has this 'lay been dissolved bv mutual consent. All debts due tlie late Crm are to lie l?id toStrinjrcrk Towmend, who are alone authorized to receive their, ard who will piy all the liabilities of the late firm. W. F. BI ROF^S, JAMES STRINGER, Now V?.Mk t. J. IS-. W. A. TOWN3ENI). COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?THE SIBSCRIBERS HAVE thin 'lay formed a copartnership, un< er the lira and style of 'Striniir k Towtseud," a*Publishers, Booksellers,and Dealers'n Ctunp Publication*. at No. 222 Broadway, in this etty, ooniinuinp tt.c lminc*s oi the late Arm of Bur*cms, Stringer & Co , at tbatplaeo. JAMES STRINGER, New Y'.rk. Oct 2, 1*4,*. w. a. TOW'NSEVD. Mexico illustrated.?a most magnificent and elaborated janoraiuic painting ol tba whole line of march Gem nil F.oti'* victorious irny pursued, from bia tirst landing at Vera Cru7 till lis triumphant occupation of the city of Mexico; witli a fniUifnl ajid continuous view of that romantically wonder lul country. which has leen many iiviflhsin | reparation, at an enormous expense; and will be opened for exhibition inn few days, at tbe ertenshe ooui, No. Broad? ay, on the oorner of Walker street. BROKEN BANK NOTES I'OK SALE-fl,V? OI NOTE? OF tl.o Bank ol West Florida ean V purchased by nddressing a note t(|r.U, at the cflice of this pipe*, statin* what amount will he given for the Notes. Tnt LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY,CAPITAL Ll*i.i"HI dollars. *itiia turrdus. office No. II. Fnlton street Brooklyn, continues to take rf?Vi on building* merchandize, machinery. and property generally at current rates of premium. This romjony his jassad through the gTeat New X^>rk lire# of lKVisnd 1(H.?>, and alto the recent disastrous Brooklyn fire; tliey owe their escape lr m *hem with comperativtli slight losses, to the system wliieh they practise, of limiting and scattering their ri?k.?. The oomnany inform their dealers, a-?d the public generally. that lo?? than one third of their l>ualn< M il on riaka ia the city'ol Brooklyn. All losses which the oom|*ny may sustain, w ill te adjusted and paid promptly ait heretofore. signed, B. W. DEI-A MATER, Pres't E. C. riNX. Sec>. CtllEAP CARI'ETINCS.?R. LAURENCE. 17 CANAL y> str et, invites the attenti .n of person in bout purohaaing, to his very handsome ?tock of Bruaael-, Three p'.y. Ingrain and \ enntiau Carpeting. Oil Cloth.he . which he lias Moire 1 to * 11 31 pri'-tit deserving the particular attention of the public. Eutirc i-stl-faction * ill be the reenlt i?f a visit to 17 Canal street. CIARPITING. CARPETING, CARrETlNO.? WM.LIAM J M ORORTV, IS! William street, oppositeWasliington Storea, l^ctween Fult"ii nnd John stmts, oilers to lh? public a large assortment o< carpeting and oil cloths, comprising all the v arteties. Cheap lor cash. . ' IJNOI.ISH OAS FlXTl'RBS.-AN EXTENSIVE ASSORTJ ment nf English Cus Fixtures, compri-iug Chandeliera, Bra> ki ts, and Mantel Ornament". kc? of new *j1?s and recent importation, manufactured by Thomas Mossenii-T It Sons, of London and Birmingham. For sale rtflUtla KsttC IRISH AND SCOT* H MALT WHISK'EY. SUPERIOR TO anything in market, mid the only pure Malt Whiskey in America, lor Mile, at tv elve shilllntt* for new If hiskey, thirteen for old, Z'i per cent over proof, by WILL'AM M. PARKS, Distiller, So F<-vcntl. avrmie, i Iffin. t; Stone street. DR I'OW El.I. ATTENDS DAILY TO DISEASES OF THE Eye and Ear,from !> to I o'clock, at 261 Broadway, entrance I1, Warren street. Dr Powell's "Treatise on the Eye," price SO cents, can 1* had at bis ofliee. It deseribea, in language that all can understand, the nnatomy and diseases cf the eye: contains hints for the pronation and implement of viaien, and directions lor the selection of spectaelea. Just received, Artificial I j i ( * hu h can I* inserted vi Ithout any pain or operation; and as ihev move like thc'natuml eye, the closest observer c\nno? detect tncm. They improve the appearance, axclade eold air and lust, support the lias, and thus render eaaential servioa to tha healthy ?y*. DR. COOrER, 14 DUANESTREET.BETWEEN CHATHAM snd W illiam streets, lias for tha last fonrtoaa years snjojred a moat extensive practice ia private diseases. Ha enn ran Mm moat uggravated eaaae of this dlaaaaa; aad mild eases rand ia twa to fire days. Stricture-Dr. Cooper can ear* the worst Ssa^al strictures in from one to two weeka. Constitutional debUk, brought on by a aacret habit indulged 1b by yonng men. Thla, when too Iroelr indulged in, begets dyspepsia, weakneea af tha limbaand small ol tha back, eonfnaion of Uka intellect, aad aversion to society. A cure warranted ia every case, or m etaip Ne meicery used. UIOiSWAl T1LRATM.?TUE8DA V IV1N1 K<l, OCT. 3 1J will Le parfoimed, Ui? ooiuedy of Ki>U ii'NI?IL-L??li XV, Mr. Frederick*; Duke dc Hlrbelten, Mr. Baker fir INnry Aruodle, Mr. Stew; Captain '?'N*U, Mr. Colli**; Counter* DIUoa, Mix Hildreth; Mainhiou*** de Clairraont. Mr*. Abbott; Duehea* , 4* Mtllly, Mr*. Uberwiood. To U follow?l l? tbe bnHttlt "f the j 1RI6U rOf>T?Terence O'Grady, Nr. Collin*; Mr Mr. L. Bernard; Mr. Cap*io<>mb, Andrews; M>*. Capaicmnb, Mr*. Abbott. Tu conclude withlhe farce of SHO 'KING KVENTS-Dr. Ortfftnhoff, Mr. Vaobe Mr Paw*. Hadaway; Kilty, Mr*. Wait*. I rru Circli and Parquette. 7B otiUj Family drsR Kaaator OalleryUK't*. Doon oyriat7. }, BUHTttH-fl TUEATKE. CUAMUKR8 STRMMT?Tl B8DAF t Evening October 3, will be playnd. ibe drama of OOMriEV AM)(SON ?Mr. Dombey, Mr. Lynae; Captain Cuttle, Mr. Ilurton: C Jm k liui.*' y, Mr. Broil ham; Fhreuee ltambr), nr. ? .!, >l-r, i Sii^an >i|i|*-r, Mr*. Brougham. After which, the hurlnttn of the WOMAN Ua'I KK?Huron K.wenf-l'unr, Mr t I.-Im wrt fi Kui*h?. To eondode with tlw CAPTIJ RE OF CAIT.U TTLE? Capt. Cuttle, Mr. Burton ; Jack llnn?ly, Mr. U**uirhan,. Mr". tl Mi Stirrer Mr*. Virnon; Mm. Hi kum, Mm-1 )ouke; Sunn Nipp.'r, >t Mr*. Brougham; Mr Toot*. Mr Rat numi. 1'ren i.ire. i..<> 1 Faniuat. /u e. m?; Family Circle 20 oti. Door* op?u at t>\: w cuTtaiDTlKiat7\^. jj NIBLO'S, AKTUB PLACE, BROADWAY.-SBAKSmiAN " Cimedj rait with strength. The pith iu > , , iim , th iiif< rmed that Mr llackett i* enta^il f,,r a linilted period, v,l nl Hill aake I,in m coi>d appearance lie e. tr ll tvenii In lr* pop dwteUlofflblliriiLm, Alao, to give more complete off ct Rl to care's MFKhl HIV E< OK H |v|n >k Mr ; Vaiul?u- ll h> (I will appeal aa Ford, the Jeulou* 11 unbuild. and thereby, in conjunction with ilie aumerou* other artist* iiftlo e?al> i-Mneut, iral ling the propriator to p.eicnt this favorite OOUMdv with a de- " *ice nf streagth iu it* east, onite unprecedented in tin* country. n Mils I wile I Dickinson a? BilCliarle* I oldmre*in Mr ('hippen<ta>e, j| Mr. John Bcl'ton, Mr, T. I'lacide, Mr < liarles Mifi Kate Horn, Mr*. Craiter. All** Carpenter, Mr .1 harle*. " ? . ?a. 0 MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TIIEATKE.?TI'liSDAV EVEN 1 in*, October .1, the entertainment* will commune* with ? >. comic dr:in:a, entitled GRIST TO Tllfri Ml 1,?The I'rtnee de Conti, Mr Arnoidi the Mar<|u|* de Kiche?llle, Mr. Niikinaon; *ravicit;t*. aiitn t/iarn. Atwr wmoii, a musical ? xfruvutfan/n, en II titled HKKO b LEANDIK? Leander, Miw Mary Gannon; Suley |, II,U Agha, Mr. Nickioton; Hero, Miss Rolicrta. After wlnoli will i be prcaeiiUd, a grand PANOHAMA OF BROADWAY. Alter " which, a I'aree liy Mits Partington. To conclude with tho farce, I' entitled GOING TO TIIK Ka< El ?Mr. Jeremi.ih Twiddle, Mr. Holland; Mrs. Twiddle, Mir* Mary Uauron Doors open at 7? Cuitain lises at 7>? o'clock. Droit Circle AO cent*. BARNUM'S AMERICAN Ml'SEUM.-P. T. RARNl'M. I Proprietor?*. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid Perform- c ancei every alternoon at 3 o'clo?k, ano every evening at halfpan even. Hie Manager has tlie pleasure ol announcing the most extraordinary wonder in Croat Inn, Major l.ittleflngor, holdla* the same relation to the famous Lilliputian that the little |] finger does to the thumb. lie is ten yearn old, only twenty.four i. indict high, and weight only thirteen pounds, llo may I*) aeon every morning from 10 to half-rant 12 o'clock; in tho afternoon tc from 2 till half-past 5; and in tlie evening, from 7 till 10. In add! |{ tion, the manager has also engaged Crea' W itorn, thu celebrated Sable Brothers, Mr. S. R. G. Nellis, tho man l> in without arms, the three Highland Mammoth Boys.Oiant ui Mammoth Baby Enormous Boa Constrictor. Admission to tho whole, including . Museum Performances, Little Finger, kc . 25 cents; children nnder ten years of ago and old enough to walk alone, 12X conte. Reserved front leatj. one shilline extra. (Kil'IMI., VIIIEKTI* CO 3. EXIII III I IIIN n| I.I IMPEW X Paintings, 2SI II road way? open from !' o'clock, A. M., until It'. P M. A imittan e25 cents. Season Tickc*. 5H cc it*. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN iN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 40ti Broadway, shows, natural as life, ' the Marches, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor. c< It also gives correot views of tho country, towns, oition, Ifco. It Is the most Wantiful minting ever seen. Open overy night at quarter before H o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission. 25 oonta. Schools admitted on reasonable terms. No oharge lor ilosoriptlv# \ pamphlets. Children half price. I^IIE (i HlvV'I' F.\ 1111 F Til K AMXRICAN INStin l E. AT Cast!'' Garden, will open to the public this (Tu i?Juy) morn ing, Oct. 3d. at!'o'clock. The great unh of exhibit! r> with their 1| article-: during the iiay? for reception, ban to fsr '.welled the an ticipntions of tho managers, that they feel onutident this exhibi II tiMi will mipass all that have preceded it In QBBWqtWBBtcf i the incessant rain yesterday, the managers liavo rosolvod that ' articles intended for competition will I o received today. This II ovi nilg an opening addn t.* ?ill bo delivered in tho saloon at 7'u i| o'clock, by tbe Rev. J. O. Chowles. A band of music will ba in attendance during tkfl nata and there win be as exhibition of * tin works at !( o clock. Wedresday, tho steam engine and ma- a utiinory w ill be in motion, and continue through tho fair. Thurs kI ,1,iv if.. .111. il.ll till- I 1. ,,,.l,i.?,r .. ...? 111 nlaccat White Plaits. Freight trains ?ili Iiiivc <h "ti ? i dntsday at 1 o'clock, !'. M., and also on Thursday at It o'clock. Thofe trains will tuko tlio p ouahs. ploughmen. teams free of charge. Passenger trains Jeawi the Oitv Ilall on Ti urWay at 7flndl> A* M., and ,4' past 2 P.M. The e\'iil<iti"n., addrc^os and interrstinir dirplujs occurring from day t? day. will be pub liilicd in the daily papers. HARP AND SINGING, Af> D VIOLIN ?MR. ST. LI KE, late Director and Composer of Music of the llroadway Theatre acquaints thepublic that lie inlands to devote hit attention extliisively to tbe above brandies of accomplishment, nnd will give Unit King lessons on the Violin. Cards 0! nddrom h it at the following storth in Broadway ;->Schaufenberg ki Luis. 483; J.F, Itrownc, Harp Manufacturer, ISO ; Win. Hall Ik. Son,ill). Would like to engage as onanist, ami to instruct a choir in the city. Besidtnce. 88 White street. ONVMSATI ON8 FRANCA18KS, OK FLE.M II TAUGHT > on the Oral system, enabling to ;q>eak Irum the first lesson-, anil ensuring ea?u and fluency to pupils more advanced, but deficient In speaking. Private tuition at home, $4 per month ; ditto in clasiea, $2. Families and Schools attended. Please address Mons. de St. Pierre. ,'IUN lltoiidway. Notice-the grand fanc? dress and civic llall.?This magnificent affair, which is to come off at Magcr's Concert Hall, 101 Eliz.alcth street, ou Tuesday evening, (1 Oct. 3, will be under tho strictest order, and every attention w ill bo raid to the oomfott and harmony of all those present. J W.. J. M . Manager-i. French benevolent 8ociety.-ti* annual DfBncr of the French Benevolent Society, v. rfi lake place on Monday, October tfth, at Delirmnico's. Persons dosirous ol attending, are requested to inscribe their names with the following members:?E. Lentilhon, 44 Broad street;A. Selcnette(Sfi Beaver street ; N. Noel, 42 Broadway. The subscription will remain open until Thursday, 3d <)ctober. FLEECE TAVERN, HI DEV BTRF.ET. ADJOINING TilE Franklin Hotel.?DaVID MONCRIEF,from London would beg to acquaint the Inhabitants of New York, nnd visiters generally, that he has oogkinenced bimiucis as Tavern Keeper, and by unremitting attention, and determination to keep every article of the best i|Uality, hopes to merit a share of public bii'iness. For a Roast, Steak, orClwp, and other ct ccteras, they ?ill l.e served I In a style unequalled in New York. Bn akfaats and Dinners at | \ any Hour: also, an ordinary at l o'clock, I'. S. .Mr. H. wonld with j.' to call particular attention to his tar famed Erg Hot, the finest *' winter e\cr compounded. jM,t comennd try it once. fll Hl'DSON RIVER HOTEL, C ORNER H'KST AND HOBO l) lien streets, opposite Canal atreet ferry, is ojien for the re- '1 ception of transient and yearly hoarders. This house is plcsan tly- n altuatvd, commands u lino view of the bay and harbor; also, tho Jersey shore, Including Jersey City and lj olio ken. Those in want , of a quiet homo, pare air, moderate charges and good fare, are rei|n?Med to (nil. J] Dr. elliott, oculist, bud broadway, informs his " patienti, that hia office hours are uow from 1U to 3 o'clook, b Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. m JIM ITBLISHED.-DR. HOSTWICKS GREAT WORK '? and Lectures on Venereal, and other affections of the l/ri- ci nary Organs, .'160 pages quarto. This it the most complete prac- ., tjcal work of the Viud tier i sued. It contains 3" colored engraving, which delineate this class of dlteascs inimitably; 40 wood I'1 tnicravii>is; and cverytfiing known about the modern treatment t|] of these diseases has been ca??fuUy recorded, and all the most ar- I. proved prescriptions and formulas have been given. For sale at the office of publication 222 Broadway, and of the author, .'>04 Broadway. Also, Mr. U'a work on sell abuse, 261 pages, 11 en- tl graviogs, with hint* to youiut men. Prloe SI: for sale uaalove. enn CASES RHEWMATI8M. TAINS AM) STIFFNESS 1 OUv of the Joints, Scrofula, Disease of the Skin, fcc. Ring's ri c mround Syrup of Ilydrodate of I'otasu. 8arsa)?iillaand YetI low l)ocb. This medicinal remedy is published for the sole lencfit of thoie sv fieri ng from rheumatism, pain- and snffue- of tho II joints, Mvelling "f the muscular aub?tan< e- near them, eruptions h of the skin, and disen?es arising from an impure state of the l>loo<l, ? kc. M'c do not publish any long certiBcates oteiinculous cures 1 ? the medicine shall speak for Itself. It Is wairanted t" give sa- fl ti^faitien, and need* >-ut a trial to convince the mint lucrcdnlous ]) of?ts surprising properties. Prepared und for sale by ,i CHaRLES a RING. Druggist, 193 Broadway, corner John street. tt DALLEYS MAGICAL rAIN EXTRACTOR.?THE ONLY |f genuine artie-Ic for the core of burn-. scalds, piles, rhenma- " tism. Sc., for sale at the Troarietor'i only depot in thl? oi'y. 4I "> Ol Broadway Dalley's Animal Oslvuni. Cure All, fcrh rws. ?(. (J, le. fi>r sale as al.ov c. Tatter ill's M1 It uaii'-. PROFESSOR BARRY'S TRICOPUEROl/S. OR MEDICA- si ted Compound, is now acknowledged by thtu'ands. wh u i, it dally, to be the only remedy to prevent baldness and to restore the hair that ha-, fallen i ff it Income tliis* to prevent gray hair. ' > to cure and rimovc eviry appearand of scurf and d.indniiTfr m the hair, and to keep it in the lioalthy.tolt and glos-y state. p . ... ?? ? (V,?. nil n! IV .1,1 v., ., I'- {.. V York Kxprei- ? We rimtidcnt'v assure Indiee :ind ijeiitlenion that Ci thclwst and cheapist article for the lmroau hair It Biirry u Tri w copbeniua; It is fdd in large liottlos, j ri'-e only ?1 cents, at the j nncipal oflke, !;;! Broadway. From the 8un ? Profesatr Bar* ' ra'sTricepheruus.?One of the best ai tides for conetant u?c upon a the hair which we have lately m> t with is Barry ? Trioophcrous. It recommends itself with but a single trial. From the Herald ? l' Barry's Trtcophcroue.?For icnir, dandruff, and indeed all dta- : tai-c* of the head and hair, Bum s Tricophcrons is tlio l^cst arti- ' clcevor known. Agenfa?Wright, 23 Nouthitreet.PhUad. Ithia; tl Brown, Washington street, Bo-ton; and "Id by nil the drug- ?. Ii.-ti iii the I tiled State-. Most rxtraordinart work-to tub marjurd or those contemplating mania**.?The Married Woman'! Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A/M. Maurioean. Sixth e4i- ? ?len. Price $1. This work Is meeting with saoet astonndingsale, * (24,(XW copies have already been dtopoaed at) ivery female if getting a cony, whether married or unmarried, although it Is latended especially for the married, as it discloses in)portalft secrete, Whloh should be knows to them particularly. HeVe erery female can disoover the causes, symptoms, and the meat efficient remedies, and moat certain mode oi care la erery oaaa. For sale, 2tt Broadway: at the publishing office, IV Liberty street, New forks also. F. B. Petersen, annJigr W Chestnut ctreet, 0. B. Zelbex ] Philadelphia;Little It Co., Albany; w. r. Davie, Boston. Oa the receipt of $1, a copy will bo transmitted by mail, Area of poataca. a I to all parts of the united State*. Alll otters must be addniL post paid, to Dr. A. M. mattricrau. ws 12m. New Tort sttf. Ci OAml?Ln?rt?a?w?t. _ ju NO CURR N? CHAKGR.-DR. MVRPHT OF S3 oold i. street, is eonSdendally oouulted on all forma of pnrate disease Sk Reoent cases of gonothhaa he euree in J to I days. ConaM- .N tutional debility ftad impotenoy fucooaafclly treated by Dt M. No maroary aaad la any oaae, or hiadraoce from business. Ottoe Bi 0.1 Sold *? ?': open frcm 7 A. M to HI P M. Dr. ram'h. AiTnoRor the "practical prttati ... Treatise," fee., 88 Greenwich street?office hours 0 to I.' A. M., 6 to !U>.H.(Sunday excepted.) Those irho apply in the early ui (tages win be surprised at the Tepidity and little Inoonrenlence attending their cur*. It is*hiefly, however, tho*e who bare nf- Cl fered I mm a certain class or peuMe, who can property appreciate his #erv>oe*. In *tricture, frvm it# first or incipient, to its more 1 advanced and diatrciaingatajMi(from uncomm on advantages and |,. a rcry cs tensive practice,) he tan afford a rapid, eajy and radical , car*, whioh.he hai groaad for dating, oast be obtained from a* theraource in Ameriea. *1 NO CURE. NO CIIAROE ? l'H COBBETT, M R C. 8.,L, ? late of No. 19 Dunne street, has removed to 85 Ann street, I1 (near Willium,) a here In it consulted on all diaetact of arrivat* A character To those who hare been under bis care, selt-lauda- . tion is unneccsfary. To those who have not, and who ire f a (Hie ted with pains of the hoad, limb*, ulcer*, on tha body. II throat of nr-e, gleet, stricture*, seminal dcblUty, induaed by itn- a piopartaMtf. fcc? he warrantsa perfect and speedy cur*. No tacrcirrj uacd. Rarest caeca cured in four da> a.. Dr. Cobb ctt's succen induces a compeer in tnde to deny hi* removal " and Identity. who know Dr. C. need but rive him a call tl to lu'aify tlila aa?< rtk>a. Sec hit Diploma. Lcttert peatpaid a Immediately *tt*adcd tt. NO CURR NO PAT.?DR. CORBITT, 1# DUANESTRRRT, ' member of th? Royal Collar of Surgeoas, Londen, mar b* ' consulted In treatment of delicate dln-aeea. No matter how loa| M yen may have (leet, ulcere upon the bady, or la the throat or bom, ci paint la the head and bone* of the leg* A practice of fourteen ,j year*, devoted to venereal disease*, enable* Dr. C. to cave tht ., wont form of this diteata. Reoent cases cured la foar daya? f No merenry used. Stricture* enred la on* or two week* with ' scarcely any paia. Those individual* who have Indulged ia a oertain loathtom* habit, can positively be restored toh*althaal tv oeiety. N. B. Stranger* ar* cautioaoj not to be deceived. Dr ? i C?bb?tt ha* not raa*v*4 luata It Duaa* -.tree:, oppo*it* llt D*.Joka**a'a (IIW1 HOTTI.ES. NEARLY, ?>F DR. KCI, I " "" *3 linger'* Wonderful Liniment, ha?t he*a fii told witlicat a murmur. Itheal* old torea, gaol* and braises, Ul ia mediately upon the horte, and work him laily. All strains. rg callosities and hard swelling! of every nature, cither oa man or hone, yield before its magic influence instantly. As* proof of the all our best horse triaincrs, stable keepers^ and stmrc fl proprietors, have laid down every other remedy used by many ot tl them from thirty to forty year*. aaduac this ?? the beat and lo- m eidedly the chesrest liniment in market. In large bottles, at >0 ,i cent*, fix fcottf** for %i AO; *1 a down, at Zt) Pearl and at . Tatterssll's, Broadwav, wholesale and retail-and of tliedn*gists store* and sad'ers. gererally, threaghout tbo city and ?' ceuatry, ' INTELLIGENCE BT THE MAILS* Baltimoke; ^ct 2, 1848. Pii' Ttmperanct Societut ami tin Tavern Kttptr* ? The Sunday Luw?It? Constitutionality to be TetteU, ireThe temperance folks and the tivern keepers lave goae to war in this city in good earnest, and lie conflict will gite considerable business for the ourts. At the lust session of the Legislature, a ill was parsed imposing f? fine of $100, and a for;iture of license on the second offence, on any lveni keeper who should sell liquor on Sunday, "he law was generally obey?-(| lor two or three reeks, and has since, witli i**rhapa a dozen excepons, been totally disregarded; mid there is now lore drunkenness 111 our ttrrei* on .Sunday than lere was before tin* days ol temperance societies nd the Sons of Temperance; lor the reason that >r?e, to evade the law, rtceive no money from letr customers on that day. The grand jury, which has just adjourned, has turned upwards of one hundred true bills against ur taveiu-keepers for a viulation of the law, and t is the intention of one of them to confess judglent, and cairy the case immediately to the Court 1 Appeals, and it the constitutionality of the law s sustained there, it will then be carried to the Supreme Court of the United States. A meeting of the tavern lieei>ers is called this Homing, and it is in contemplation to raise a fund, y the contribute n ot $2 troni each of our nine mndred julep venders, to defray the expenses of esting the constitutionality of the law. On the iiher hand, the Washinittonian Temperance Solety have contributed $500 to employ able counel to detend the constitutionality of the law, and t is said that the Sons of Temperance will silently ontribute the same sum for sustaining the proseution. If the law for preventintr a man from l< is dry goods store open on .Sunday, mid vending is goods, is constitutional, there ih no doubt that ivern keepers, confectioner# und oyster house eepers, ure equally lialile. Philadelphia, Oct. 2, 1*18. hath of Commodore Diddle?Sketch of hit Lift and Career in the Navy?The Criminal Courl ?David l'aul Broun a Candidate for Corxgrett Commodore James Middle died at his residence i tins city last night, about 10 o'clock, in the 66th ar of his age, after u long and painful illness, jntrncted while in command of the Pacific luadron. lie was born in tliiB city in 1783, a m of CharleB Middle, and a brother of the late lcholaa Middle. lie entered the naval service n the 12th ol February, lHitO, and received his ommiBsion us Captain on the 2-tth of February, S15. llurirg a cureer ol forty-eight years in the avy, he maintained an enviable refutation tor ravery; and the many gallant actions in which e participated luis rendered his name celebrated i the annals of our navy, fie entered the service s a inidbliii man, on board tlie frigate President, nd was subsequently attached to tlie frigate Contention, during her cruise in the Mediterranean > protect our mercantile marine from the Tripoliin cruisers, lu l.SUJJ lie was transferred to the igate Philadelphia, und was, with the crew of int unfortunate vessel, captured by the Trillins, in consequence of her striking a rock on the >ast. This occurred on tlie Hist of October, 08, and he regained his liberty, aftft nineen months' imprisonment, by the peace with ripoli. Middlt* was then promoted to a lieunancy, und attached to the uun-boat serce oil the Southern coast, wfijre he relained until June In Hi, when, obtainiag a furugli. he made a voyage to China, in a merohant peel. In 1809, Captain liainbridge being apjinted to the command of the frigate President, b selected Mr. Middle as his second lieutenant. e was fcliorlly afterwards transferred to the tem<rary command of the Syren, sloop of war. Ia II, he was despatched to France, as a bearer of spatches to the American Minister. Upon the caking out of the war, in 1812, he endeavored to >tuin active service, but was unable, until the arval of the sloop of war Wasp, at Philadelphia, hen he procured an order to join her, as first lieunant. lie participated in the celebrated action iili the Frolic, and took charge of th? prize, after ?r sui render. Lieutenant luddle's part in that lion procured him the thanks of the Legislature 1 his native State, and the presentation of a sword, le was subsequently promoted to the rank of Mas r Commandant, and assigned to the command of le sloop of M ar Hornet. After enduring a vexaous blockade by the English squadron, at New .ondon, in 181-1, in company with the frigate? iHcedonian and United .States, he passed the Bri?h squadron in the night, and arrived safely at lew \ork. In January, 1813, the Hornet, Captain iddle, proceeded on a cruise to the East Indies, iid on the 2IJd of March, captured the British rig of war Penguiu. During the action, Capiin Biddle received a severe wound in the eck. After joining the sloop of war Peacock. I Snn Salvador, the two vessels sailed in company ir the Cape of Good Hope. Shortly after starti", the celebrated chase of the Hornet by a Brisli ship of the line occurred, and being crippled y having to throw over her armament ia order to scape the pursuit, he put back to Sun Salvador to fit, and relumed to New York in safety. He rerived the greatest applause for the persevering itllantryana nautical skill evinced in escaping the irsuit of a line of battle ship, maintained during iree entire days. The citizens of New York give im a public dinner, and those of Philadelphtapre nted service of silver plate, as a testimonial of leir feelings, lie had been promoted to th?* rank I Post Captain while absent on the cruise in the [ornet. In 1H17 he was sent to the Columbia iver in the Ontario sloop of war, to take possesion of the Oregon territory. 1 Ins, and a cruise i the Pacific, occupied him until 181!). In 182? e was sent to the West India station, in the frigate lucedoniun, and subsequently placed on the same tation in :he lrigate Congress, remaining until 324. From 1826 to 1828 was spent in a cruise on le South American station; and in 1832 he rcirned from Constantinople, whither he had gone ?r the purpose of signing the commercial treaty itli Turkey. From 1838 to 18l2he was in charge F the Naval Asylum near this city, but waB subselently placed in command of the Pacific squadin, and returned in March last, on board hi.* flag lip, the Columbia. He will be interred on Thurs?y morninc, from the residence of Mrs. Nicholas iddle, on Pine Mreet. The Criminal Court is still occupied with the ... i- ? nrrici ri uiiiy tuer, /\n rutin is tu oc iiiauc iu unclude tlie evidence (or the defence to-day, 'hlcli will probably succeed. Tue general iinression is, that the defendants now 011 trial will II be convicted. David 1'nul Urown will be the independent tough and lfeady candidate for Congress in the rst election district; but the fact of th'ur b'.'inff iree candidates, will undoubtedly secure the lection ol Colonel Florence, the democratic nidulate. L'tic a, f ept. 30, l&tti. he Elopement from New Jersey?Arrett of the Lover*?The Ifavghter Ratored to her Father? Recommitment of Sullivan?Pu^ilismjn Co?<rt? 'flic Enraged. Futher?The Public Feeling. Cur city of late is becoming a second irotham ; opements from and to this city are becoming mo8t daily occurrences; but the most exciting ise of eloj>ement, abduction and seduction, has istbeen arrested in this city. It appears a man y the name of Michael Sullivan, resided in lewark, N. J , became acquainted with a young nd innocent :?irl by the the {iame of Mary Emelin* ichmond, and after some pronuseB, persuasions, nd pretended love, they agreed to elope to parts uknown. This villain has and had a wife and lild living in Newark ; but having won the affecons of this innocent girl, she was induced to ave her lather's happy home. They left Newark >r the limpire city, took the steambost for Troy, ud tlience to I'tica, where they arrived at _8 clock, I'. M They immediately took up their uarters with C'apt. Clapp, at Itio tine hotel, the verell Ilou-e, pacing an man and wife, and bo mained for some days. The girl's inconsolable itlier having received information that they had one West, immediately telecrnplied to this and ther western cities, to arrest them it they were >und Great credit U doe to police officer Barnes of Sis city, for hi* promptne<sin this case. He obtained warrant from Reorder Hackley. and arrested the so lovers. Th? srrest *t' immediately Bade known 9 the father of the girl. who soon started for this elty. udge Root was then applied to by Messrs. Murphy k litchel). (counsellor* for Sullivan ) for a writ of habea* nrpu- which he granted; but tlie judge would not lscb*rg< Sullivan, and committed him to the charge T ( fleer Barnes, to await the arrival of the girl's ther. The young girl was then put in charge of aa [celient lady of this elty. The father arrived in the it Ivr o'clock train last nkht snd an examination 111 take place before Judge Hoot at 1 o'elo-'k this ternoon. 2o'cLoca, T. M. The otlice of Judge Root being :uall, it was soon led to oveidowiog with spectators to witness the eiainxtlon of Miss Richmond, an l other witnesses The ther the girl Sullivan, (with officer Barnes) an 1 the >un?ellrr?. all appeared and took their seats, en^iri d by the crowd Mad the examination been held at iecourt hou" would have teen crowded by the ass, who are alwa>s latrer to witness such Scenes as lis. The father. (Mr Richmond) and one or two hers, were >?orn, but nothtug cfaiy importance waa icitvd from theui to aairaut tl.e judge tocomoii: SiiU van. 'lliis th'. Kill (Mary EaeUat Ki:hinjnj> <vaM