Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1848 Page 3
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pa?t? of the book*. ?>d tb? ln*p???ion t* take kM?r tb? np?tTul?n of th? eoamlwtourt. KurinOH Counr, Oct. 8. Before Jwniet Rtnforil. tfiila ? Tht Aot'A Jimtiican huurunc* Cimpany. V?rdict tor the plainnif $4(116 Cierk or 111 k hircm ' Couiit. ? D??ld floyd *? ? Esq . formerly Stat* Senator. was sworn In this I morning. (Jkrk of the Superior curt, ia th>> room of the lnt?< Ji-tfe Oakley Emj Wh understand that the ritution wax offered to th? former Chief Ju*tn? of the huperior ( ourt (no* Judg* of the Supreme ' 'mirt.) but be declined it Upon which, it was given to Ylr D. J-jvm the pment incumbent. Couiit ok Ovfi amd Tiinineh Oot. 3 ?B?fore Juf'jce Strong and Aldermen Crolim and D >d<? ? The ease of Gilhoolr Indicted for the murder of Antbooy sherrotun.was oailedon, auj postponed until to morrow (this) morning A writ of huhiat coriiui and eertinrmri ??< granted in the esse ot 4 barle* Ooeriek. indicted for burglary, to bring him before the Court, to be diMhuguil The Court then adjourned. Common lYr**. Oct. 3 ? Before Judge Daly.?Henry W. Huoptr and H'illiam bltikr vi. Thai C. Huuki ? Tbie wai- an action of troTer. to recover the value of a eertain quantity of goods ownel by plaintiffs, and slWged to be couverted by defendant to his owr use It appeared that the plaintiffs are manufacturers of laoipv, rei-ldlng in Uo*ton. snd were in the built of rending them to tbeir sgenIs in this ami other oities. for **)e, and amongst others to the Arm of Cotbeal & Co . to whom the; rent large qaautitiea In tbe year 1846, the Arm of Cotbeal It Co dissolved partuerHhip, having at tbe time of the dissolution a large stock of plaintiffs'lamps on hand. An arrangement w?s entered into between Cotheal & Co. and the defendant, (the plaintiffs consenting) that the former should trnnnler to the defendant the lam pi of the plaintiff** then on tbeir hands unsold, and that plaintiff- should send a further fapply, all to be sold on commission. De'endant to carry onbusineSMiu tbestore then litely occupied by Citheal &# Co : defendant to receive a nertain per oentage on the profits. In pursuance of this arrangement, defendant took possessiou of the store in tbe month of May. 1840, and continued to carry on burinets until the month of October following, when he failed having, between May and October, reoeived consignments of fresh goods from plaintiffs Soo i alter the failure cf defendant an acoount sa'es was furnitbed. and tbe pHntiffs allege 1 that there were a considerable <(uantityf At the goods unaccounted for. To recover the value of these goods, tbe present action is brought. After plrfaiiflV eounsel bad olosed his case, a nonruit was si- B*d for. on tbe ground tbat there was no evidence of a conversion; that therefore, trover did not lie. and that an action on the aase was tbe proper remedy. The court took the same view, and granted tbe nonsuit. William h Whithead VS. Edward TV. Phelps and James At. Wallace.?This was an action for goods fold ami delivered, i r<? pla'nun is a lumber merchant, and, in the year 1846. consigned a cargo of shingles to Mr. J B. Benton, his factor in this city, for aale. Soon after the airival of the shingles, Mr. Beaton took a fample to the defendants' yard, and sold to them fifty thousand, at $11 per thousand, at the same time giving an order on the captain of the vessel to deliver them Twenty thousand were delivered, when the defendants, or one of them, culled on Benton and said those delivered were not equal to the sample, and that they would rot take any more unless they were allowed to call. Benton, after pome hesitation, agreed that they should cull them, and gave an order on the captain to deliver. The remainder were delivered ; and in a few days after, Mr. Benton called and ascertained that they were culled ; that there were about 89,000 good shingles and about 11,000 inferior ones, the latter to be sold at half pricc. The goods ware sold ou three months' credit; and when the plaintiff's agent called for payment, he alleges that the defendants denied having purchased the Bhingles; but that they were sent to their yard on storage, aud that he might have tbem back, upon pajment. '1 he defence set up was, tkat the original agreement was resoinded, ard that the shingles were Bent to tha lefendants' yard, and kept there, on storage, and that plaintiff might have 1 them at any time. Sealed verdict to-morrow (this) i morning. General Sessions, October 3d.?Before the Recorder and Aldermen Deforest and Hatfield. Tiie Or Jury.?The Grand Jury of the Court of < Sessions for the term, were sworn in and received thoir charge from the Recorder. The following are the names of the members of the Grand Inquest:?Ellas 1 L. Smith, foreman; and Peter J. Bogart, Win, Bauioh, ' James H. Cook, James Earless, Edward Green, Charles i Gould, John A. Harris. Charles E Hunter, Joseph Jim Jackson, Nehemiah Milkr. John F. Russell, James W. Tice, Joseph Weed, Jas. C. Blauvelt, Ira liurdge, Peter 1 r rnrtulvnn Ilnnrv M t 'ornonf o*? A vnuof E*i nlr lUil Ham Gale, George Hergrove, Alfred K. Lagrave, Daniel C. Fentz, jurors. Outrageous Jlnault icilh a Brick.?A large negro, named John Drown, waa put on trial, charged With having, on the 10th of July, committed an assault upon a little girl named Margaret McAveny, residing at '23 Mulberry street. It appeared, from the evideno adduced, that on the above date, prisoner was in company with another black man, when tbey passed a window, at whioh Margaret and anothergiil were standing. Some words pasmd between them, when prisoner seized and threw a brick, which struck the ohnd en the head, causing a compound fracture of the skull, and endangering her life. Brown s only defence was that he did not intend to buittheg'.rl but only to frighten her. She had called out " Nigger, nigger,as he and his companion passed, hearing which, he threw a biick wbicb struck her on the head and caused the injuries mentioned. The counsel for the defence endeavored to show tbat his client was of a pcaceable disposition, and that his intent was not to Injure tbe girl. The Diatrict Attorney stated, in answer, that there was abroad a dangerous spirit of rowdyism and recklessness in the matter ' of the use of dangerous weapons and missiles, and that he, as in duty bound, was determined to urge the conviction of persons so offending against the law and fafety of peaceable citizens. Tne jury retired, and, after a short absence, returned a verdict of guilty of an assault only. Tbe prisoner was then remanded for sentence. Farf'iUtl Rtcngniznncrs.?Lassalo Chandor, indicted on charge of obtaining money and goods by false pretences, being called, and not appearing, his recognizances were declared forfeited, as wore alio those of George Ottle and Henry Spindler, and William Tbempson, indicted for assault and battery, the latter with intent to kill. Trial for Grand Larceny ?William Stoughton, colored, was next put on his trial, charged with stealing $69 50 from a colored man, named James Titus, on the 6th day of September last. It appears, from testimony of Titus, tbat he and the prisoner had been shipmates some two years since, and on the day of witness's arrival here, on the day before the rob- j bery was committed, they again met at 155 Church street. Prisoner seemed very glad to see witness, and Vw? Aaty hav fnnV fi ouh and wont tr? ?av<>m 1 r places, where they eat oysters and drank two bottles of champagne; paid the same; and had $59 6ft left; but on going to purchase clothing, foand that he had been robbed of his money. As it appeared that Titus was intoxicated when he went to the oyster house, and drank after be bad imbibed bis share of two bottles of cbampagno, it was believed by the jury that he coald hardly know who stole his money, nnU hence, they, without leaving their seats, gave a verdict of not guilty; and so Stoughton was discharged. Charge of Rtcticing Stolen Ooodt.? James Sullivan was put on his defence, charged with receiving stolen property, knowing the same to hare been stolen. Sullivan keeps a junk-shop in the cellar of No 8 Depcyster street, and tbt property, consisting of nine beads of tobacco, was stolen by a blaek fellow, named Wm. Dev. from his employers, Messrs. Alfred Kmanuel & Co , of No. 146 Front street. Pey plead guilty to the charge of larceny, and swore that the prisoner had told him to bring anything to the shop, or that he would buy anything he might bring. Mr. Kmanuel and partner testified that they haj^mlssed tobacco, and that that which they found at Sullivan's place answered thede> scrlption of that which they had supposed to l>e stolen. The jury found him guilty, and he was remanded for sentence. The Court then adjourned till 11 o'clock to-saomw. Corttt C*i.F.NnAh,'i HH Dav.?Circuit Court?Nos. 7, 27 to 33, 85 to 46 inclusive. Sn/ierior Court?21,31 3T, AO M &:t 4:ifl r.Qtn ns. 71. 78. 74. 7ft. 77. 78. 7?. 82. 83. , ?4, !W, PO to Pf, 100, 101. Common I'lrat-r*rt 1. lfii 1 293, 21. 25, 27, 29, 35, 31,37, 3!? Tart 2. 42, 48, 00, 52. 54, ' 290. 66, 55,02, 60, 64. 60 68. 70, 72. I I'olltlcnl Intelligence. OHIO. 1 H. r. Itanney in the democratic candidate for Con- I grew in tbe Trumbull district. NEW YORK. Tbe whig* of Onondaga have nominated for member of Congreia, Daniel <?Ott. MICHIGAN. The whig* of Michigan are making excellent nominatlcDR. George C. Batrx is up tor Congreep in the the first district, and <?eorge II. lla/elton in the third. Naval li'telllgener. The United State* store ship Relief, I.ieut. C'omVoor. from New \ ork, anired in Hampton Koadfl o* Kriday. Lieut. C. D Toindcxter, and ra?< d An?i.?tant Surgeon Iticlmrd Jefftrj. haw been ordered to the Constitution, fitting out at Booton. Hellglona Intelligence. A seneriil anyt'inblv of the reformed church in France, was to have been held in I'aris on the Oth ult., to effect. If possible, a fusion betwe-n the Lutheran churches and those cf tho Confession of Augsburg. Appointment hv tiii: Pubs litis* r.-~C|ih?phu? S. llogardus, naml officer for tho district of New York, in the State of New Vork. rift M'.chacl Hoffman. deCfMtl Atiun Hlnhop itat.?The retnrn of the (.rcat t'Yima Dour.n t" ttil? City, ?ujye?ted to Khot tho i>r<-privty of introJti' Ink to '.t.c notice of tho pnWie ft new style of Hat, w hich bran ill'- a*H>ve title. It ta peculiarly adakted to cro? J?d andlctces. sueh Madam*- Bi?l."P al?a}? attr?et?, and :it it eontain* on tli"' lining of fl>- crown a brantiful pirtrift of the lady, It will l-e no doubt w ora l>y all htr admirer*. The Bent tiolil IV nt in the urld.?The eilehrated Riehel tn Dianioiid d t,old Pen H tne lott and oluapest in the world : and an li>r durii'nllty, ?e warrant tlism to b it five ji art. Sold only by B. E WAT30fi k Co., 15 Wall street. Gold rets repaired. Ulg* mid Tonpctn.-Wt wottlfl nil viae all pertone wiahiig a superior win or s<-alp to cull at Bachelor'! tmnnlactory, No. !i Hall str-et, and examine the best tMjmrtmant in tho ciiy. M < would inform strair;?r? that lib B's. new ly inTented ?fg? obtained a silver medal a: the last fair of th; American Institute. Enough raid,copy the addreM, \VI^?, At lgn, W I#*.?till*?-n? and Mtvniiger* em infurned thai the largest,eheapoit, and best nseort nint of wins, half wits, toupees,braids <>f long heir, and other ornamental hair, U to be l und at Vcdhnvst V Heards -7 Maiden Lnne. The irndo inpplled. The ('hen|H?< null llrni Place In the City to net good Bi?)t?, ehoes and tiaiters, is at II Ann street, near the Amcrii-an Mur:uir i'irst .,oallty ol Frsnoh C:?lf Ores* Bonta, f I .Ml: second .to., 5:1 flu to "J.I: C'?nn;rt?s Boots, from ^3 AO ?<i fl; French Patent Leather Boot*, , Boot*, llnnU.?Tho? who nMi lo nee I* fair ?am[ lu ot V nuns'* French Calf, SI AO, worth Sti and $7. cannot do better ih?n xlstt tho rairof the American lastitnte, where he has also a tinv a*sorim>nt of ratent Leather DuU, (Utters, ttocs, ft?. rut d>) cro*. Four Dollar*.?Tile aUiMtard price of U?iib'ibKta?Itiift of co" *ruiu ?tk?n to ine ?ub?orilMr, that while he haa been iu?i?-f?tig?bl? in bi? eocfeavora to unprova nnon t? e old f?im of the hat, a- d to ii.cre&w i $ u? r neio value, while he m<1U*j u? Ujc bounty of th m?v?t important article of a im'KiiKb'f Uiat f.e ha? &!b? iu?d? ?u? b unpr .v? moma in thr pwcri^e" of mm ufactoriufc that tr.f v have e'.aolai h m to redo* ihe pr 045 of Am qtality ha< h full 25 imr nl a> d he is not with* ut h< pe<? of beir.gaMe to n ake a ?till further reduc ion; for i*.?honld he the aim of e?ery nu iifiMiuivr, A^ricttliuritc, or imp- rer, to le?ae~ tie jnce of necessary cwnotodiiiea, wih'ut del* r.? rating tfceir qoaltiy, N one tut u e^.urlatan w<?nif eudexvor to ftecce a contwiug j-uMic hj perMuidiug them that a hifli price was ao evtdim* o* a superior article, and vary f?w per*ona a ill believe id ao r*?Ji ul? uhan aiyumant I.m no*, invny ve?ra ( mmo t.jat tl e tlri'l quulity of i*av*r hate were nold by tho Rro*l may hatter*at leu dollar* t what would be ihwipht of *njr ha'ier who should now talk aUrnt hie inikmg profit)** in the ar* of haimaking while he ato- k tuat to tho ola pric?? J or what be thought cf ii e " pn>#ro?a" that con tern no benefit up??u the ptJ> he? Tl ere mev be ootl pcraoua who .annot d;ftcrtini at?i i*>twe? n a good articlea> d a had one. and will p y 25 per at-at m ?re for a hat. than they need do, In the expectation of proeoringan article twenty per cent letter, but'he oonMautly incrovoup butii eta of the bubfci'riher fiuoe be has put down the price of ihe finest quality of n k hate from five dollara to four d-dura, ia a | retty o? boUikive pro* f that that oUm of peop'e ia arowinfc nualler at d amaller The coDBtunt tendon.y of all niMiufuctunni art :c ea in to dcareaae ii? price whi'e thay in create iutr naic Jly in vkli e. and to make the hat ao eio pnou u> thia nni veii>*J rule,moat, of courae, auhj??et th- ?e who do it fc* the ridicule Slid suspicion tlie put Hi). II id a Will known principle iu tug I t ccodod y of manufucturing, that the areata r V e amount of goods told, the i-n uller will be tl e p?r rentage of profit wtnoh wil rj | mun* ate the manufacturer. It cannot, the efore, tx-eipecte t t that huunrs which do but a ?tt all hn-inesit, cnipiratively. ?uk 1 ci mpetcin piice, or eveu in the intrinsic qwality ol thmr articles, , t With a h?UM> that dots aver) Ikr^e business; nnd thin will iv- ! . ct.ui t natiifaoiurily to the public for the tact that while the nib- 1 srnhar ?ellH the tinot quality of hatiiat four dollar* that other i ? n anufiK lnr re " progr ? '' by continuing to eel' at the old price of five dotl?n. The silt soriber i-an, with entire confidence, it-sure 4 hi* friend* and the j ublic that a beMer or more elegant hat than ' what he off-rs at the'exiretuely low pneo of four dollars h*. never ' 1 been excelled in Uky of I he iscential qualities, or la bvtiny of I sr pear* nee, ty any hats that have ever been offered in New York. 1 London or Paris It wonld he nn eas) mutter to increase the cost ot a hat, or any oti er article, by the addition of any extraneous matter and ufclesii finery. But as nature never waetes htr n.i<terial by adding superfluous ejos to a man's need, or unnecesssry members t?> his body, neither doen a good meonanic ever enhance the coat of his productions by encumbering them with uieltss ma erial. JOHN N. GENIN. 2(1 Uroadway. COMMERCIAL A P F A I R 8. ' MONEY "MARKET. Tuesday, Oct. 3?6 P. M. This has been another blue day in Wall street. The ' weather has been horrible, and all oat-door business i has been partially suspended, and the stock market has become stL'l further depressed. At the first board | 1 the sales of fancies were small. Farmers' Loan declined J, per cent., Morris Canal Norwioh and Wor- j eefter X, Cianton Co. '4, Harlem Erie II. K., new full, }i. Treasury Notes advanced itf. At the second board the transactions were unusnal- | ly large, but at prioen a shade better. Norwich and ' Worcester Improved H per oent, Long Island X, Canten C . U. Morris Canal fell off There appears to be no bottom to prices. Holders do not put a large amount of stock upon the market at ruling rates, and tome speonlators. able to carry every share they buy, are picking up lots from day to day. aa prices fall off. The National Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent., besides carrying to its surplus a large amount. The North River Insurance Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent., and a surplus dividend of four per cent. The State Bank ef Newark. N. J., has deolared a dividend of three and a half per cent. It was reported in the street, to-day, that the inte- f p<>Rt nn Morrill CadaI honda. dna raaf?>rriav *? /! ?Af J J , U-JtU g paid. ? v The interest on the public stocks of the ?ity of New * Vork will be paid on the 1st of NoTember. at the Me- j chanics' Bank. r The eight hundred thousand dollar loan, made a few 11 lay* since, on the security of Treasury notes, still con- f '.inuts a subject of considerable conversation in the 1 itreet, among financiers and speculators. The whole 'j iffair has assumed a complexion entirely different * rom that generally entertained by the discovery of a b ilaure in a law passed on the 28th of January. 1847. 11 sailed "an act authorising an issue of Treasury notes j, >r a loan." It appears that by this law the Secretary .A >f the Treasury is empowered to issue "Treasury notes' * lix months after the exchange and ratifioation of the ? reaty of peace with the Republic of Mexico." The a ratifioation cf that treaty took place on the :10th of a Vlay, 184S, fix months from which date, makes the issue * >f Treasury notes legal up to the 30th of November, * 1848, nearly sixty days from this. It is, therefore, 1 ilear that the right of the Secretary of the Treasury io issue notes up to that time is in strict accordance t ?ith a special act of Congress. This law also says i 1 bat tho Seeretary of the Treasury Bhall purchase j * it any time, out of any unappropriated iurplug I S n the Treasury, Treasury notes, at par; and thia i 1 s his authority; for the purchase reoently made, i * [f the law of January 28,1847, extends the issue ?, he treaty of peace with Mexico, and the Secretary ef * .he Treasury can show that the surplus deposits in the iub-treasury are in fact unappropriated, and the loan ecently made is returned, on or before the 30th of b s"ovemborknext. then there will be no infringement 2 if the Treasury note law or the Independent treasury 0 ict. It would, however, have been a gross violation of ? he independent treasury act, had not the law 0 s lanuary 28, 1847, repealed several sections of the previ ri lusact, making them for a time?until November 30th, <<48?null and void. It is by this act of January 28, ol E47, that the Secretary of the Treasury has been go" r> erned in all the deviations made from the original in- a' Impendent treasury act. The independent treasury J' illl was passed in the early part of August, 1840, to go nto operation on the 1st of January, 1847. On the 8th of January, only four weeks after the commence- n nent of the new financial system of the government? p he act authorizing a further issue of Treasury notes' ,nd making certain modification* in the Independent leaiury act passed, and a system entirely different from ^ bat contemplated in the act of August, 1847, ha? from m tat time been in operation A sort of an exchequer sys- aI em was adopted, and the'sp^eie provisions of the indeindent treasury beoame inoperative. Inconsequence re if the change made in the system of administering the P' Inanees of the government, thero was no immediate p, rantfer made of the public fun<ls from the different i lanKs 10 me vaults 01 in*- sub-troasury; and an or Jet 1' torn the Secretary of 'the Treasury, ordering the ! h' .ransfer, was not issued until the 4th of February. 1847; ! m ind the transfers were to be made until on. or before. ' he 1st of April, the same year. It thus appears that 1' he original independent treasury act has never been I n actual operation. The act of August 6,1846, never | las been actually enforced, and will not be until after ;h? 30th of November, 1948, four days before the con- i renins of Congress. It has been generally supposed, 1 7.' ;bat the finances of the government havo been ^ idministered strictly in accordance with the special I' provisions of the independent treasury aot; that the disbursements of the government have been entirely in specie, as well as the receipts; but in this there has i been a great mistake. The financial system of the ! * lovernment, as far as specie Is concerned; has been a j goo<l deal like the handle of a ju?. all on one side c Specie has been exacted for payments to tho 1 government, when not made in the promises J to pay of tho treasury department, previously e issued; but there hat not been the same system J practised in the disbursement- of the government, j j Treasury dialts bave been issued to a large amount, t and scattered all over the country, and at times consi- ' derable difficulty bas been experienced by the holder J in obtaining pajment for tbem. This has, po doubt, > t botn canard by the exigencies of the government, and I a after short delays the public creditor has reoeived his . [ due; but this does not come with very good grace from I an administration which has the credit of having es- * J tabllshed a specie system of finance, anl of having separated the public treasury from paper represent*- * Utlons of money, of every nime and nature. We shalY doubtless. have an opportunity of realizing the opera- Jj tion of the independant treasury system. as originally t intended, as laid down in the la?t act of that Kind j ? pasted. as contemplated by the opponents of a connec- , 1 tlon between bank and State ; but it will not bo as \ soon as we could wish. It wffi not be until after every I treasury note in circulation!, or to be put in oirculatlon between this and the oOtk of November next, is f redeemed and canoelled; not ifctjl all laws, altering modifying, or suspending certain sections of the not of J August 6, 1840. expire, and that act is permitted to ti operate according to its most rigld|constructlon. , We are glad that Mr. Walker has a loop hole to get out of; that by a forced construction of the act parsed January 28,1847, relative to the purchMe of treasury | notes out of any unappropriated fund, in the trea- 1] sury, he is authorised to purchase treasury notes. It is Jj gratifying that no law has been violated in consummating the recent loan, or, as It is now called, pur- | chase of treasury notes, with the understanding that ' they shall be issned to the same parties again at the ti expiration of a certain time. It is well that there Is J some eolor of law for these transactions ; and all who wish to take the beneflt of this defect In the law, must do so before the 1st of November next. It might be ^ more correct to say, that there is no law preventing , I the purchase of treasury notes at par. at ? time when ' the market price Is three per cent above, with the < express stjpulation that they shall be returned to the ( same parties, at the same price, rather than that there ' a any law Id rsiataaaa authorising*a?h a transaction; >nd Vir Walker baa taken advantage of thin, to relieve h? tuocey market, by rtrfleTing * law Individual* of mere treasury notes thau they ccrold oonrenieutly carry The State debt of Ohio la steadily da:r*a*itg. Doing the year 1M7, mora than three hnndred and ert-nty thousand dollar* of the principal wan pai t o<T, od it ia eat'mated that tb<a year morj than four huulr?d thuuMiua dollar* will be liquidated. 'aimekts u!? Account o?- the Statf Debt or Ohio, 1847. )omehtio bonds redeemed #110.H83 73 'aid rnrplud rmnufi to several oountiea. .. >1A fiftt '20 'aid Fund Coinmi'aionere, Mo hi ok fund... 7H 'aid on aco-iuut of temporary liabiiitlea, Me. lfl'J IM 97 tnonit of State debt paid during the jwtr 1847 $871,386 6S A large amount of money baa already been paid into be State treasury alnce January loot, applicable to tb? layment of the principal of tbe State debt, which with fce balanced of laj-t year, will payoff more than the .mount named above, Tbe public work* of Ohio have ?en very productive dnriag tbe pa't two year.<, and be rap'd increaa* in tbe wealth and reaoureea of th.i| itate will Kwell the revenue to auoh pointx at W> leave iDuuul'y a ?urpluH for tbe payment of the public iulebiedteaa. fitock Eichan)(c. 17100 Treasury 6b 10.H AO aha ?Janton C<> bau W:0 do MS V 15 Ohio Life ami Trujt 7i ('000 U. &. tig of'?? b30 1MS4 1AO Morria Cuua1 8'V 4< 00Ohio lis of '60 10 Ilhroin KK 11 SOC0 tiate (it of 'CO 106H 17 N. N. Havsu RR,? W'tO do of'01 lOIVi 100 Norwich Si Wire KR 36(0 P?un 8s 73W 100 ilarlem RK bl5 51;; 11(0 Heading Bonda " 54?J 800 do 51*1 10*0 do 55 50 do 5Hi it i'ti trie ifom'K, , h vu H'U lAog isiunu KH ><M) L'l i 26 ihu North Am Tin**- < > 400 do MO 23K 60 Pannrrb" Loan 130 27 H 0 do blU (HI do 2f.ft 360 du 21S, 26 Canton Co. 32ft 400 do 2<}i 76 do 32 26 KrieRR, new, full MH ?l* 60 i do ; UO. 3 J 26 do opg til 75 I do Sift Second Board FlC(:ObTnia>nry Notes, 6* 103ft' 26 ? m Canton Co 32^ i()t KErio Bond", 7s !'5 100Lou* Inland lOt ' 60 Si MIO Not fc Wore KR 11 1<? do U 60 do b?0 33ft 1(0 do bft) 21',' SO do iSU 33 100 do 23ft 1C0 do 33 100 HoitIk Canal h\ CO Canton Co 32ft 2T0 do Xft 60 do (30 32', 60 do h10 HW 10 do (IS 32*4 CITY TRADE REPORT. Tt' kadav, Got 3-2 r M. The continued wet weather puts a Jumper on all out loor business in prodnoe, merchants not feeling disponed to venture out. Cotton continues quiet at day's prices. Western canal flour is without ebaoge, md the transactions are not worth reporting. The whole range of common brands in $5 68,\? to $6 tis\; jure Genesee Is held at $6 To. Meal is nominal at (3 12ft to $3 26 for Jersey. Wheat is without sales tnd in favor of the buyer. A sale of 2.600 bushels round Northern oorn was made at 76c. Rye and oat? ire dull at previous prioes. In provision) there is no novement; pork remains as yesterday. $13 and $1012ft. Lard is quiet, though firm, at 8fto. to 8fte Butter is telling in a small way at llo. to 18c. for the general assortment. Whitkcy? Ohio and prison we quote 25ft :o 26o., with moderate tales. Tuksdav, Oat. 3?8 P. M. The extreme and continued inolemency of the rcather, the rain having fallen for the greater part ef he day, checked operations in most descriptions of iroduce. Flour, however, sold pretty freely, including imucio ivi ?i/ huuui/ yvNttiruay'H price?, confllfltng of this State, Ohio, and Southern brands. Coniderable lots of Genesee, and other kinds of wheat. Fere offering; but, with the exception of some lots of )bio, no sales were reported. Corn was rather dull, rith moderate sales, much at about previous rates, leal stood about the Fame. There was no change in ye, while oats were dull. Fork continued firm, while ird was heavy. Cheese was in steady demand, but ales were moderate. Sugars continued firm, but ales were checked by the bad state of the weather, 'he same may be said of groceries generally, as far as ales were concerned. For cotton, we refer to the tatement below. ~ Ashes.?Sales of about 75bbls. pots and pearls were iade, including pots, at $0 1 2>? and pearls, at $0 1 . $6 UK. Bheadstukfs.?Flour?The sales of the dey, includjg parcels to arrive, reaoh about 15.000 a 16,000 bbls. njong the lots sold were 5,000 a 0 000 bbls. Oswego, at 6 62>iffor export. About 1,000 do. Michigan, in lots, ith parcels of Genesee, at th? same price; 5,000 do. (swego, sold, to arrive in October, on private terms; nd 3,000 do., Western, to arrive next week, at $5 02>? $5 Ofr?*'; Southern was steady, and 250 bbls sold at 5 76 Wheat?Sales of 4,000 bushels choice Ohio 'ere made at $1 19, and 2.000 do. at $1 15; Genesee as held at $1 28 a $1 30. Coro-r-The sales amounted o about 20.000 bushels, in separate lots, including ound yellow, at 75, a 76c; flat yellow, at 70c.; and igh mixed, at 08c.; 1,800 bushels white sold on private erma; and & 000 a 0.000 do., New Orleans mixed, said o be a little out of order, at 61%o.; and 5,000 do., ound Northern or Western mixed, at 68c. Mtal? ;alea of 200 bbls. were reported at $3 18%. Rye? lales of 1,500 bushels were made at 68o. a 69o. Rye ' 'lour was dull at former rates Oats?The stock on ale was large, and the markot was dull; for canal, 33c. raa offered, and 34c aaked. Bkkswax.?Sale* of'2 000 lb*. were made at 21c. Cotton.?About 800 bales were disposed of to-day at decline of nearly a quarter of a cent. LIVERrOOL CLASSIFICATION. If. OrUant Mobile 4r Uplandt. Florida. Tezat. iferior no tie. none. 5 aSK rdinary -'X * u S^ad 0 a6W iddllng 6)2 a 6? 6>i ??H 6'j a 63a ood Middling <&afi? 6\ft a 6ft a 7 iddllng Fair 6/i a(>ji a 7 7)t a 7 V ?ir I aJ 7^a7X 7Ka72 ally Fair 7!B' a 7J? nominal 8)fa8M nod Fair. 7K a 7M nominal 8* a 8)2 ine nominal. none. nominal Kisn were without movement and dull; no sales ^importance transpired. Knpir.iiti.?To,Liverpool, cotton was worth 7-32d. COO bbls Hour were taken at 2s. Od. Corn was taken t 8d. in bulk An engagement was made by a British seel, of 10.000 bushels of corn, at 7)?d. in bulk, and ?00 bbls (lour, at 2s. IJfd. To (Hascow, we quote it ton at J?d., oil at 30s., and cheese at 36s. Fur it.? No operations have lately come uuder our otlee. JIemt was Inactive, without matorial change in rices. Naval Stores continued steady, with light sales. Pr.onno.Hn.?Pork continued firm, at $13 for mess, hile $10 12was demanded for prime. 200 bbls sour rk sold on private terms. Beef?A small lot Chicago ess changed bands at $13 75. Some now mess had Tived in market, and was held at $12 50, without xarantee for> sweetness. Cheese?The sales rearh&l >out 1 000 boxes, a CXc. a 7c. Lard?No sales were ported, and the market was unsettled. Butter was ?nty and inactive Ru t.-We noticed sales of 100 tierces, old crop, on I Tate terms, but ?aid to be at about (3 C2)? per 100 lbs. Svcars, owing to the unpleasant weather, were llet, thougn prices remained firm. The stock of (ids in first Hands, is estimated at about 6,000. TobaccoT? Sales of 100 hhds. Kentucky leaf were sd? at a 7c. Wiiimrv.?Sales of 260 bbls were made, including hio at 26Xc. a 2o%c . and State Trison at 26c. B1ARKJDTB BL8KWI1KRK. STOCK SALES. TIaitimORf, 0?t. 2.?$2000 Baltimore C's 1890, tSO.W.i. l'lin Anni.THiA, Oct. 2.?flr?t Hoard?$9IX) State fl's, SI}& it do. do., fH>f; 466 Lehigh Interest, Aft; f<,!00 Pennsylvania .Ts, K: 100 Oinrd, 10' ; M do., 10',,; JO Lehigb Interest, M; 600 fhigh CI. Sep., H2: >0 Mi. Nay. Int.. 88V; 200Statefs, 73V; >0 do. do., 7*tf; WOO Reading C>, 'fiO, ft.'fc SuOO U 8 ti ?, -o7, 10*l?; l.f-00 do, '68, ll?l?: 960 C. Oasft'n, '60. eh., SO. Secorul Honrdn?H00 State fi>. 73K: 1,000 1'. S. 0'f. '6-i, 101 \; .) Pcnn Bank. 262; 10 Clrard Baas, 10*C.| foreign markets. Kixojtojt, Jam.. Sept 9,1848.?As a significant fact, re ma/ mention, that the falling off in the revenue rising from the duties on articlei imported into this sl?nd between the 6th April and 6th July last, as onpared with the corresponding period last year, is to less a sum than i.10.602. Flour during the last reck ranged from 3.1 to 06s. per bbl., but since the*, our cargoes have arrived from the r. States, which aused a decline in pricee, and now sella at 32 a34s, 6d. leal atill rules high, and steadily commands 17 a ISs. id. Rice?The stock of t arolina Is abundant and is tlaced as low as 19s. per 100 lbs Bengal has been disiosed of at 17s. 9d Bread?The stook immense. and Yattson's commands only 18s.; lard 0 a 7d per lb.; nackerel, 18s. 04 ; alewives, 16s. codfish?The raar:et overstocked, and now sell at 10s. 9d. a lis. in ierces. and 13s. 3d a IDs. in boxes; prime pork, 02s. ,nd mess. 74s.; soap, 12s. a 16s. lid.; ban s. 5to7'..d. >er lb. Cheese, 7 a 8d.; yellow corn, Gs. Od. per bag of wo bushels, and Columbian. Us. l?d. a 3s. per bushel, '.xchange on London, Colonial Bnnk. 9 days, 1 per ct. remium; do. do. OQ days, 1', do.; do. do. .so"days. 2 do. amaica Bank, 90 days, 1 do ; do. do. 60 days. 11, do. Tlic flops. J The Iiunt-rille .l<lr?raie fay* that the cotton in that pgion will be short, compared with that of other yeaM. 'he wet weather during the spring and cummer, and he boll ? oiin -ince. hattj Injured it greatly. [ <?MT OR STOi.EN?SUPPOSED TO have KEEN ta 1 j ken Iron the lliiladelphla I'ont.footof l-ibirty jtrrct.'-n ? arrival Thursday nf'ernoon, by a perjoa doing on board the Empire St?te," f-<r l'all River or Bo?ton, a Lad) ? Siuarc Hark lint Bo*, containing ladiea' alothlng. marked M. J. W. ny person who will return the rime, or iufoim where It can ba .una, will be liberally rewarded, by addre>*lnir WEmoki k CO.. 31 Taiay etreet. I OPT-IN ('IIATI!AM STREET. OPPO?1TF CHAMBERS. I a a .mall Kin? I'l arloi flut, Mack, white and tanned. The ndcrwill ' ? liberally r w?rd< I bj l#u- mg h- r 'it I9S Mec-orat <11 amsimp cherokee.?in CONPEQl enc'E OF the ii'iere north-ea?t atom, this aiiip ii dctatacsd until Thuraday, th ln?tant,at tow o'olaak, P. m I 0 or O. F.-HANtOCK LODGE HO. i:>. TIIK MEML l>er? of thia I/odgc are hereby notified t" incet at the Lodge iootn this (w'ednctdav) afternoon, at 12V; o'clock, I t th - purose of raving the hit tribute of residet to .<nr late Brother ildor Zachariah. KK'II ARO BRADFORD, N. 0. tanon Sii.vanMAN, Saa'vy. I O.OFO. I'.-TUE R. W. ORANDLODl.F.OF DIE ST MF. I of N cw York, will hold a Special Dcmvc Somi.-n thia ev< n> a?, at 8 o'eh-ck. at the l<rand luxhr Roomi, No. SW Br>ad?ay, n jurauan' e of the requirement* of the new < oaatltutlon, adopt, d November, 1 >47. under the direction of tJio U. L. I', Reireientatlves * ill plcaao be punctual. By ortlor, w.h. h. praiiu Grand s..,rotary. i; KENCII BENEVOLENT 80CICT1 I'llE MEMBERS Ol C this Soali ty, in conaeiueni e id the .nat di- r?n* etiming imong that clan* of their countrymen to whom they nITord aid, iavc dcciucd it proper to dlapeute with the annual dinner ani nn> ed for th i'Jthln-taat. uin nirn to mo,ooo to loan in one si u. on pivjvUv It .nd and Mortirlgo'>fimpro\. d Rwl E*V<*. m tbla eity.) tiniatvd d wa town. App'jr to W. CORP, Ve. i tail of Jt??vrl& PaHJL THliTU?WEDNEBUa * TKN1NO, OCT 4 lh? entertainment* will eonnntnM with Um oenwrfieti* [ rall.d NAVAL t Mi A*. RM ? Admiral Ktn?au>?. K. N.,Mr. Cliter; Lieat. Klagaton.R. v., Mr W?|uoi, Mix PnnUfiu. Mm. G'llnt. Btiwmi iha Brat and tecoad a?U of the comedietta, P??M fr> m Dob i? tti'< ?i?ti of L f N D \ OFCIIaMOUNF Uuda, mma Anna blabep. And prior "I the ijnmn.encenient of Um i?u l?r, tht t rt nd }' ? na uii<1 Cavatin& from Taneredi. #111 l?i pro.lured, r. r the i4th (una, ihe gr%>d hallet of KSMBRALO&- I* Fm rialda, Mat. Adcli Morplaitir. IJreaa''irele, 7rt eeate: Family Ircle 80 eenta: Cpper Bojea. 2# ?'?ti Pit,'J7U cent* tilery, 1?V ?dh T>ror? cpe? at 7: enrttia liaea at 7* 'atak. BOUEKY THEATRE-H EUNBSDAY EVENING, OTT. 4, will be >>r wot. d. the bbak?parlaa 'rji<edy of UOfUOLAM !<?( aiu? Mareni Ortolanwi, Mr. HamMibi toiuinin* Mr. J II. Hall: AoBduu, n. li.Clark*, Sletnitm, Mr.TUt-m: Volnmnit Air* Winatanky; Viruiha, Wi-* Mary Taylor- To he i> >11"*?d bi tie extras an?na t.f JEN.\ V LIN I ? Jenny Lind, MUa Mary Tajler. Mr Laurence l.euthi'rlunya. Mr Rob*- Mr. Iraiihy na/, VIr. J. II. llall. Tn roactade with the comedy of TUB YOI.'NU 't AMI ? Jo.eph, Miii 8. I)?ntn; General Boaiimi*, Mr. C. T. Faith, Mrs. Manley. Mr* Browlley; Eli**, Mini) F. Gofimt. D< cri open at t'H~peiforirance to commence at7 o'clock. Boxes, lilt i n la rit, UJj rent* ; Gallery, I2){ cent*. (MiANrKAU'i* NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY > (Chatham?Wednesday Evonir*, October 4, will bo presented tl'i' hpx'tucle drama of KflvtEKA1.DA, OK I HK UI.'NOHBVCK OF .*01 RE DAME?Tho Grand Provott, Mr. I?indca; Ulawlo Frullo. Anhdeacoa of N. D. Mr. Staik; Pho-i u?, ( apt. of Kinjr'a Archer*. Mr Palmer; <jua*im<do, the UanuhUck of V. D. Mr. J>'nc? FfnemM*. a <>\r?v *irl. Miss B. Moitaver. After which, MVSikhlES AND MI?ER'E8 OF NEW YORK? Mo*e, Mr. Ohai frau; ('aptaii Tobin. Mr. C Borke. Mr. Preelaa,Mr. I'ardey; Bi. Lire, Mn McLean; Little Liae, Miea Mesuyar. Coaolodea with the farce ol KISS IN THE DARK Door* open at 7. per forir ane? tenomireno* at 7J< o'clcek Boioa.iS oenU;Pil, I'J)t MIX II AMI'S' HALL. No. <7- Broadway, betw en Grand *nd Broome atrrata. cowmen ed no Monday, Ojtober 2d. and will innili ne every nirht until further notice?The . risnnal a in* well know u OH RIS1 Y'8 MIN'STR KL;^. (ornaniacd in 1K4^) ?h??e concerts In thiseity, lor a period of t?-n niinih*. were re? udwith such distinguished favor and patronage, have the Inn r of atnounrirg to the ladies and gentlemen of New York and >! 'tity, tbatthey will give a idti ot their i<o(mlar Concert*, intr dncing a variety of heir ori*inal Sotu>, OboraMM. Charaot?i Hit l>tM|k It. Adiuinqnn 25o?-nts. Ooorsopen at 7. Con ci rt will ' nt 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Satnrilay c>n>uiencina:at 3 o'clock, P. H., auder the management ai.l dim tlon ol fc. P. Chriaty. q'llB CKKMANIA 111 SIC SOCIETY FROM UK HI. IV, J. n>ni|?<M<l of twenty livu iu?trumental and nolo perforators who have mode 'betnxelvea well tnowuon the continent ot Europe ami r.ui'and, for il pteciaion and aaill in the execution of ti e bra' wor!* of the moat eulebiated masters, as ileetnov-m. Mi iidelaohn,1.Von Weber, Strauaa Lann't ko.. bit., reapeoU'nlly announce to ihtcitlxni of New Vorh, that they have juat arrived in thia country, and that they will make their (lrnt uppeumnoe at Mr. NihliW, Aator Haoe, on Thuraday evening next. After which, they wtend to live several conccrta, at the Broadway Taberiai'lu, beginning Monday, Co?. 9th. For the *"elttv. CARL LEN8< HOW. Leader. TWO EXHIBITIONS.?(iRAND COMBINATION OF HANington'a Saertd Dioramas'of the Creafon of the World, and the Grand Spectacle of the Deluge. Ala , twenty two magnitloent Scriptural I aintiug* by Mr. Baker, ol t ondon ; each one containing about 100 square feet of cauvaaa?the whole comprising one of the most beautiful and in Urentirg exhibitions ever exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall ol' Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, Expulsion from Paradise, Death of Abel. Evening bufore the Oehigc, The Deluge, God's Covenant with Noah, Destruction vf Sodom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moses, The Seventh Placue, Destruction of Phamoh's Host, Moses Breaking the Tables, Fall of the Walla of Jtirioho, Joshna Commanding the Sun to Stand Still, (ko.. (ko.?now exhibiting every wight this week, and Wednesday and s-aturdav afternoons, commencing at three o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, .'WO Broadway, over Stoppani's Baths. HANINOTON'i entirely cow Grand Scriptural Morsinai; of tbe most magnificent Spectacle ever witnhsseil in New i Vork?< rtation of tbe World and the Delnge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompaniments^ Six Days of the Creation.? becrery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament, the Second tav. Dry Land, Hi rbago and Flowers. Third Day.? Sun Moon at d Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fiahand Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve. With the oompletion of the labors of the Creation, the first part o( the exhibition closes Part2?Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets 25 centsj ohildren halt price. Door* open at 7?curtain rlies at SoVlock. Panorama of Taylor's campaign i.n mexico, at tlie Minerva Rooms, 4tW Broadway, shows, natural as life, the Marches, EncampinonU, and Battles fonght by Gen. Taylor. It also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, ho. It is the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at quarter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, oommcncing at 3 o'olook. Admission. 29 oontf. Schools admitted nn reasonable term* No ckarge for descriptive pamphleta. Children half price. Tue races.-union course, l. i.?postponement. ?Tbe Race* are postponed until Tuoeday next, October tin: Kith, when tiny will commence with a Sweepstake, two mile heats, $200. Half forfeit. Closed with three entries, vlr.: Samuel Laird names colt, by Clarion,' out of the dam of Latona; Jos. Tally names oh. oolt, by Boston, dam Maria Shelton; O. P. Hare, names bay oolt, by Clarion, dam full sister to Homblower. The above colts are on the ground, and will oome to the post. Second day. Purse $700. Three mile heate. This will bring to tho post three or four entries Third day.? Purse $000? two mile beats; and a Puree cf $1200, four mile heats, which will bring to the post. Fashion, one from Mr. Hare's stable, and one from Mr. Green's. The fonr mile day Is looked to, by the lovers of racing, to be one of the most brilliant that has nooncred for years, as Mr Hare can seloot from his string, Passonger. I.ucy Tolsnd. and Boatnna, for that occasion; and Mr Qreea has Free Trade and Buena Vista to seleot from. POST P ON EM ENT.?CENTREVILLE COUftSE?THE Trailing that was announced to tako plaoe at the < entrevillo Coune yesterday, has been postponed until next week; in consequence of the storm. Extensive sale of rare and curious books of the loth and 16th cent limn.?Coolcy, Kecso (t Hi I will sell on Thmsilay, Friday and SaturdayevcningH, October 9th. lith and 7th at 7 o'clock, at tlieir auction room, nn extensive and valinhlu library, consisting of the most important works in History, The oli g). Philology, Gr?ek and Roman antiquities. Natural History, Medicine, Mathcmaties, Architecture, Classical Literature, etc., ftft. Vnriniia V?r?ifinvi lif tli? ftnWntnrna Cftmmaii*a.l?? pcdias, Dictionaries, Lexicons In various langumes, etc., together with a large collection in French, Spanish, and Italian liietatnre; including a splendid copy of Voltaire, 70 vols.Kvo, cilf, extra. Rousseau's works, 17 vols, 4to, illustrated. Fcnelon, ? vols., 4to, tino edition. Do MaMy, Boilcau, Corneillo, llarivaux, etc. WANTID-A FEMME DE CHAMHRE, FRENCH OR German. Address E. M., Herald office. WANTED?A HANDSOME, MODERN BUILT. SECONDhand, one horso Kockaway wagon. suitable for fonr person*; mmtbe light, strong, f early at good as low, and made of the best materials. Address Benedict, No. fi7 i'carl street, stating price, and where the article may be retu. WANTED?BV A RESPECT A BLF, YOUNG WOMAN. A sitnation as Cook. 8hc in an excellent Wa-her and Ironer, and has no objections to do general Housework in a private family. Is willing to make herself generally useful, flease to apply No. 4, in the tear of 73 Hammersly street. Can he seen for three days. The liest of city reference van ho given. Wanted?situations, by two young womenone as Cock, who perfectly understand* her business, and is a good Washer and Ironer. Good city references can In given. The other, a Protestant girl, to do Chambcrwork, anil assist in Wathing and Ironing, or to do the general housework of a small family. Pltase call at 158 Wost 17th street, in the '.moment. Can be seen for two days. A LAM FROM IRELAND, AM) OF MUCH EXPEKIcncc in Teaching, wishes for a situation in a school, or as a visiting Governcs.'. Hho instructs in the usual branches of English education, w ith writing arithmetic, I'renoh, and the piano. Hie advertiser would also give lessons in music, at her own residence. Term." and ruferencos to be obtained by addressing X. Y., Govtrnci* >t the ' ffice of this paper. HARDWARE.?A VOl Nf; MAN OF GOOD ADDIt&iS, w?nts a sitnrttion in the Hardware bnsincM. lias boon in the trade tor over se\en years. I nqniriea, era note addressed to Wary, ."'ii Chatham street, will be att< r.ded to Situation wanted-by a resectable protest ant young woman, to do general Homework. Is a good Washer and Can I* seen for two days by applying at 7.'?;ot luli street. Best id' oity rrfenn. e Part of a nousB wanted.?a gentleman and his w ife wish to obtain either the nnner or loaor na*i m Un.? in a'inict ai.d respectable neighborhood. The lo*?r p?rt ?f the sitv preferred. Address H. P. at the Herald officc, stating terms and loot tio#. BOAHDING.-TWO ROOKS TO LET, FURNISHED. ON second floor, with or without full board, private tubW; bathroom for the frro use of the oocu pants. Apply at .'.41 Houston st. X.MNK ROOMS TO HINT, WITH OR WITnOlT BREAKI fast and Tea, at 773Brctdway.^ / \ [TICKS TO LET-TO LET, A FRONT OFFICE ON THE third story; also a Bed Room of house 81 Nnnmu street, near tlio Sun office. Eoquirt of K.FERRIS, 14 Nassau et., in the Boot Storo. J G^ A V, KINSLEY t CO., NO. 1 WALL STREET, CORNER J of Broadway, hare com aeneod rnnning Conductors to Philadelphia, by the 4}i train, ia oonneotion with their Basttrn and Southern Express Line, for the accommodation of the public. Suoeeesto theaa. C1 IIRONICLES OF MOSES.?TIIEV WILL BE FOUND IN / " Ne4 Bnntline's Own," with other rare and racy matter. The peper will be isftiod as Ub-nfti,at309}J Broadway, on Saturday. Only in,WJO extra arc to be strack off to supply the exp.cted demand for the Chronicles. MRS. C. 8TAGO, No. 27.-I HUDSON 8TREET?OPENS ON Thursday, the Sd instant, a largo and well selected assortm'-nt ofPnris MiMicry. AIIERICNNMMIMKT from eirope. forsooth 'Wl.y Bennett rf tho Herald, even in Paris, nerer saw hand s"ttier Ladies' Dress and Clonk Trimmings, whether Fringe, Gimr. Button, Jinny Lind, or Bullion, than ttioic made ard wld st A. 1'1'RDlE'S Manufactory, 4<i Beekman. near William street. nr,| r> promptly executed. Fringo Knotier* wanted. A( \KD TO THE LADIES -MISS WILCOX WILL OPEN nn extemlve assortment of fashionable French Bonnets, at i;;i fptina street, third hloek west of Broadway, on Thursday, the Mh orOctober, ao<l particularly invites ladies intending to purchase to call and examine before apply leg elsewhere. Among tj | , r'ir.'.m i-an entire new ityl.'of Tiewh Bonnets, Misses *i/,c*. ip lit from tJircc to liflcen ; *L?u, From li Flowers, Feather* and Killer < if ti c "fT>i ct ??\!c. ri' BROWN, J"TONE SEAL BNGRAY ER AND HERALD X rtinttr,351 Brciuiwny. nppcr< orner Murray nt., np ltatn> C' Ota of Ann.-. Sir., engraved on Stono or Bras-*; laics' Soal*, ( - !. , I'enrtl (!? eaaiTtd with Arm*. Crvit*. k>:.? Coats "f Arnif found ai>,l painted tVom S- ai ward*. Hook-i of Heraldry, witlMifmurdn'f name*. Information given in Heraldry. 1.MXI C.1NS I OR SALE.? A rii^SrRATi: W EST LEV RMi*rds, l.'> bore. 11?. ke., eomplelo, f 12": k line, l.'l gango, double, with rife larrela fitting intosame rook, a^e, kc, complete, #11?. Mot be ?een, and tnal* hud. by ?ii>'yin ?t WMler"* Gun Store and Snooting Cillery, iW Broadway. Carriage linino*, curtain materials, \nd Fluthc*.?Constantly receiving, by the latent arrival*, a ermldete aaiortment o( tlieee good*. AI*o, oolored silk and cotton velvet*. a?d Flowed for Dagnerreotyii i:>ki, for sale by F.e.fcS. A. MARTINE, Importer* and Jobber*, 1U William street, near John, CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND Gentlemen l aving snperfln.m efleet* to diapoee of, wearing apparel, kc., can obtain a fair price for the tame, by sending for the *tib*criber through the poet oflce, or otherwise, who wifl attoud at their rc*ldene?. Ladle sattended toby Mr*.Loven*tya. J.LBVENS1TN.4M BroaSway, np.Uiri I-vmhish <;as fixtures.-an extensive assort. J ment of Engliuli Cm Fixture*, comprising Chandolior*, Hr?cl< M. and Mantel Ornaments, ke? of new *tyl-* and reeent importation, mannhetnrcd by Thoma* M< oengcr k Son*, of London id Birmingham. Forfule at*U John atrret. IRISH AND SCOTCH MALT WBISKEY, SUPERIOR TO any thin^ in market, and the only pare Malt WhUkoj in America, for (ale, at tw elve wliillinjrw ftirnaw WM?key. thirteon for old, i?r ant over prool, l>v WILL'AM M PARKS, Distiller, So Few-nth avrnuo. Office 11 Stone *tr??t. POWN IATIIES.-FOR SALE, A NUMBER OF SMALL Er-lne l-alh -. TVy wire built to order, and tolaheU in the 1 i*t m* nntr; are rerl'citly new, and will be *>M ?ow. Apply to JOHN B. UYDB dSON^ 11 Maiden l.ane. IvnE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY,CAPITAL MO,000 dollars, with a *nrplua, office No. 41, Fulton street, Brookljn, continue* to take n*kt on buildings, merchandise, niachincry, and property generally at enrrent rate* of premium. Thi? cori.|<any ha* p***ed through the great New Yerk Are* of IBM and and alao the reeent diaaitroa* Brooklyn Are; they owe their oncape from them with comparatively alight loeaea, to the lystcm which they practlie, ef limiting and Mattering their risks. The company Inform their dealere, a?d 'the public generally. that leu than on* third ef their tndnesa la en rt*ka in the eity'ol Brooklyn AU loeaea whiohthe ooa*p*?y may roeUia, w illbe M|n*ted aad naM promptly a* heretofore. V W JDBlAIIATER, fttft A 0. n>N, 8?ey, AJKOACWATTIIMATU.?WID^ESHAV P.VCNI'w'l I XT. O 4 will H partwmod. Hm Irt iiut? in ibi? the itmni 'I BOliV O'nOKt-g rjf <>'M*r?. *r. Calling; SlanDui Mr. D*o?; T? Wcil'kiv. Mr V?lie ; ifcaahta. Mr. Andrvw- ; Mary O'Moic. tin HIMirth ; Katlil??n, Mr*. Abbott: WiioflVliM, k r?. IthtrwriMl lobs followed by lira CIJI.K \ <M>M IQII E. hy Ctfault- md WitthofT Dur n< ih? vomun Mr. Collin* will t?otn) the otory of lh? In b Foi. To atari* witii th? l>rom* of KOHlhT MACAIRB? Mohvrt liicain, Mr. J L?? wr ; Ja>iu?? Strop, Mr Iladaway; Muri" Mr*. Abbrttr; CI.m-nt'n*. Mint leVrwoori. Inu Cir?'e and I'arquetw, 7&oeaU; kiunil; irota, 34ooat?; GalWrj i'i>4 i* n<w.r? oj?p?t7 BIHIOh'B THEATRE. ClIAMUEHK STREET- tTEDNM day Ivnuai Ofltvbcr I, will I hi played the farueef tin1 IRHII hlU*?I'iiWji kyin kr. Hrou?lo?ui, ?ir charlea Lavuudar. Mr. Jordan; Mil* Julia, Mr*. Lod?r, Nanry Mr*. Itron^liKiu. Afli'r which, Ihc drama of tho TI>iiOl ICS?Vr. Timuuiy Toodle, Mr. I Tlurton; Mra. 1 imo< liy Toodle Mr* Vernnn; Purmvr I'ntnh Ac iro, Mr.Lynnc. Toeonchide with tli" CAPTURE Or CAIT.CUTTLE < ? I apt Cuttle. Mr. Burton; Mr Tooth, Mr Ka)inmiu: Jack Huo?- . Mr. Mr. ft'ougbam; Mra. MrStienvr. Vr*. Vernon; Mr*. Hi kinn, M'M Cooke; Suean Nipper Mr*. Hronuliatn; Draaf l.irule and t Pmouat. AO (hik Family Circle 23 ota boon open at tiji; osrtoli Am*7'4 NIBI.U'I*, ASHOK PLACE, IIKUAUM ,\y.-MM. W KIIU) t ha* |iri'? I pleasure In mnn unciuir, for a limited number of . mpbte the tiiKaai'iii>-nt >'f the diaiitipii*ht d tragedian Mr Mvrea 1 11\, win will make tiia timt *|ip. :>rmn:? iu Sliak llmionral . Hay nf M ACIlKTII. The i'ou>|&?y 01 mx< d to rapport Mr. M? ? Mr 0 Vandenhoff, Mr. Nyiier, Mr W. II Crian. Mm M . Jonee, i Mlra K. Wcdi< aa, Mm. Mat-der, Mr. John 'ef'on, Mr. C. W . I larke, ' Mr. T. Plactde, Mr t harW Mr C't. 1 |i|cn'nle, lira. Cramor. Mr?. , < har'e*. Mi?f Kate Horn, Mian > arpenter, Mr. "idnoy Pie'toi, Mr. Mar?l all, Mr. McD<>i>al<l Mr. MeDt uoll, Mmm Coeuor, Proctor, \ m' r". Keller, mcadamea Hood, (JiK'at. I" ri.Kvl'i-. 4e.,liic. i MITCHELL'S OHM PIC THEATRE. ? WKONUOiAT 1 evening, October 4, tli? entertainment! will oommunoe ( with ihc fan e of OBJECT OK INTE <EiT?Mr. Manna t dime Frfmroae, Mr. llolltnd ; Barney O'Dwyer. Mr Nickinaon; . I.intiy Cribbles, Mian Clark. After which, a mimioal?xtr?, untitled ilEkO & LEAN DEK?Leander, Mjaa Mary Cannon; Su > le\ iiian A alia, Mr. Nlckiueon; Ilcm. Mian Kolierta. Atier wlrrli | will I/O pretested, a grand PANORAMA OF BROADWAY. ( After which, a I)ai ce by Mita Partington. To conclude with the Inrletta entitled Bll'l All SPA? Fine or Tcmple'on, Mr llol I land i Mrs Teiapleton, Mr'. Henry: Parker, Mim kot erta. Doora i Of?* at 7?Corttja ttaea at 7o'clnoli Draaa Circle <M> Mill. | BARNUU'8 AMERICAN MUSKL'M.-H. T. BAHNUM, < Proprietor?V. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid i'urloriu t ancci every afternoon at 3 o'clwk, am every evening at half . past eeven. 1 h? Manager h?a the pleaaure of announcing the > moat extraordinary wonder in areation. M^jor Littlcfingur, hold- 1 inn "?> earn# relation to the famona Lilliputian that the little | ttnger rioee to tfiethumb. He. In ten yearn old, only twenty-four . ioonea high, andttruigha only thirteen pounda. llo may be eoen every morning ? 10 to half-ioat 12 o'ulork; in the afternoon ' from 2 till half-p$t 6; and in the evening, from 7 till 111. In addition, the manage* haa also encaged Grea' Weatern, the cele- , bra ted Sable Brother*, Mr. S. K. G. Nellia, the man h rn without arms, the three Blghlanii Mammoth lloya.Ciant oi Mammoth Hsby V Enormnui Bca Conatrictor. AdmiaeioD to tho whole, including c Museum Performancea, Little Finger, Ike . M conta; children un- t. dei ten yearaof ageand ohl enough to walk alone, 12}{ centi. Rerrvri front arete oneahillme extra. (l (101.T1L, VIHEHTV Hf.-I. EXHIBITION or EI RIH'EAN f! T Painting*. i!><9 Broadway? oiitin from !i 9'cloflk, A. M., until I 10. P.M. A'liPittan < &'? renin. S-h < n Ticket-j, ."?o h. II Grand conieri; in bkooklvn -mai kke stkahoK-h, I'ianif t of the F.mjKjror Ku-*ia. ru*p?cthilly an ** I nounr** that he will give a Grati't Concert at tho Female Aea e I ilflmv. Rrooklvn nn thnru^nw ?v?nin? a*i. x w_ Vim Julia U Norllmil, and Mr. C. T,tnm, with whom ho wifl play a duct for two pianos. On tliia occasion M. Strakoach will " jerform several pieces which ho executed at hi a monster Concert < at the Tahernaflle, New Yoik. rn?(rramm?? I Fanta'ia drama Ji tique, "Lucia." composed and executed uy Stmkosch. 2. Vou say > we part Forever, "Auher," Hi,- J. I,. Northall. .1. Tin) Magic " Hell?Reverie?and Mercides Polka, oompoeed and executed by a StraVonh. 4. Robert, Robert, toi quo j'aimo. Mini Northall. ' I'n ;il,' Irom Ernani, unl Monterey Gallop, S rakoc-h. Part II.? 0. Tie Forest t^neon, Mlsi Northal'?Lindiry. 7. Souvenir do Jenny Lind, composed and executed by Strulofoh 8. On the , lanks of (iiiadali|U Tcr, Miss Northall. !>. Dun on Giuramento, J <or two pianoi, Messrs. Timm und Stiakoscli. Admittance 5') tenia. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Tho following new pieces, by Strait of cb, I ave been published l,y Wm. II ill V Son, 2.'5!i Broadwaj:? 1. Adieu d'ltalie; ?tuito i aractevls ti,|ii? pour lo piano. 2. Lucrexia Btrgia, fantasia. X The Storming of Muu terov, grand galop, dodtcated to Major fl?inr?l Taylor, i 8ou .i venir tic Lao de Cotno Melodie pour Ic I'iann. .r> U? Carnival a Naples, Polka. t>. Praytn, from the oi? ra ol Otollo, for left hand o alouo. 7- Postillion Polka. And tho following have also toon published by Andre U Co., 4(7 Broadway? 1. The Magio Bolls, a ll reverie 2 Mercedes folks. .1. Chanson d'Amour, a Nocturne. Carnival Polka, publiphcd by Vnnderhook, MB Broadway. The " pianos are from the factory of Henri Ilcrz. Paris. Depot ami | agency at the Music (tore of Andre it Co., U7 Broadway, N. V. ' fa Dancing?mlle. pachne desjahdins, ok tub i,| Academy of Paris, has the honor ol inrormiug tho public that she will open ft nr different clataeM, to suit tho convenience a ol her popils?uno up town in Br adfruy, onoon the Third Avenue, one in Groan street, between W'averly and Clinton Place, 1" and the other at ber residence, 71 Leonard st. Mile. P. 1). w ill ir rim) imtruotion in all the different branches of dancing. For information as to the days, hour:- and terms, apply to Mile. P. I>. at any tour during the a?y. " Notice?any gentleman who w ill advancetde money to procure a patent for most Important machinery, will have one hall the invehtlon assigned to him. The whole will 0 not txoced SI29 for drawings, model, ?t>ccittcation. He., ami p?. a tent office fees. Address J. W? Qerald otlloe. N.B.?If there is any doubt in tie mind of the person advancing the monoy, as to . the certainty of obtaining a patent, security will be given for the " amount, to lie refunded with interest, in case of failure. NHV YOHK HORSE BAZAAR, NO.81 CROSIIVs MIT.,- ) L. K. Hough, Auctioneer.?Auction tales of hoi harness, (addles, he., this day, Wednesday, October i oingat 11 o clock with carriages, harneises, kc.. and a r with > catalogue of horses. JOHN II. GATF1ELD, I' r FLEECE TAVEKN, Id DM &THKET. AOJ >IN IIF. J Franklin Hotel.?DAVID MONCKIEF, from Lou uld 0 bog to acquaint the inhabitants of Now York, and vi ne- 1" rally, thai he h?B oonmeueed iusinois astfuvi rn Ki i l.y ir unnmitting attention, aud determination't-o Mu It of tlie beat <iuality, hopes to inoiit a share of public Lti . I r a Ronst, St*ak, orChoj>, and other etceteras, they will lie scrud in a style unequalled in Now York. Bieakfaite and Dinaeisat if any hour; also, an Ordinary at 1 o'olook. 1*. 9. Mr. H. would wish 7 to call particular attention to hie tar famed Erg Hot, tin linost / winter dpnk over compounded. Just coiro and try It once. D Horses, kc.-new yokk tatiehsalia-the at- {' tention ol gentlemen having a surplus of Uorses, MWh Harness, sc., who ui?h to convert them into money, are directed If to (end them to Tatterealls. Sales catlied pr mptly. Purchasers it or Ilnrscs, at auction, will Had cvory | rotection afforded thuni, w for horses must prove as represented, or the inonoy returned. , Vohieles nceived on storage,or on ?ale. cash advanced ou veld- CI cles. Horses kept at livery by tho day or month. Sales at .utc- vi tiouevery Monday, at 11 oelock. GEO. W. MILLER, f _ ' >riginal Proprietor of Tat'orsalls, I Hi Broadway. j Mexico illlhtrated.-a most magnificent and tli clahora'cd tanornmic painting of the whole line of march General Scott's victorious army pursued, from his tint iaudltu at c Vera Crux till Me triumphant occupation of the city of Mexico; Rl with a faithful and continuous view of that romantically wonder ful country, which has been many months In | reparation, at an j enormous expense; and will bo opened for exhibition inn few day a at the extensive room, No. JS*- tiroadHay, on the corner of Walker stitet tii I \ R. WHEELER. OCULIST, i"J GREEN VV'ICU STREET J'' XJ devotes his exclusive attention to diseases of tlio Eye and II Ophthalmic Snrgory. Cataraots removed in ton day?, without pain, on a new principal, and eight restored. Artificial Eyes for sale and inserted. Office hours from S, A. M. to 1 o'clock, P. M, ""u Reference.* to the first families in the eitv. Ill Jl>T Fl'BLISllF.D.-DR. BOSTWICK'S GREAT WORK and Lectures on Venereal, and other affootious of tho Urinary Orjans, S60 panes'|"aito. This is tho most complete practical work of tho kind ever i.-sued. It contains .'<7eolore<l engraving!, which delineate this class of dit easts inimitably; 4(1 wood ' nigra vings; and everything known about tl.c modern treatment of these diseases has been carefully recorded, and all the most approved proscriptions and formula?itavo been given. Far sale at the office of publication, 222 Broadway, and of tho author, Mil Broadway. Also, Br. B'a work on self abuse, 261 pages, 14 engravings. with bint* to yonng men. Price $1; for sale as above. |u nvi rowiiii juai tuiuil), UULDS, RllEl'MA e\ XJ tiKm, Inllummation of the Respiratory Cream, fcc., produeed by the state of the weather, are immediately relieved W and cured by the use ?f Mrs. Carroll's Medicated Vapor, Snlphur, ,, and Iodine Bath a, ."{64 Broadway, two door* above Leonard ?treot> A1' DR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE 18 THE MOST EFFECTUAL preparation sold for Gonorrhoea and other disorders of th? to Sexual Organ*. Long experience hat proved that it will radi caHy cure any eat*. This desirable result Is obtained in from ? two to ten days, and at it neither creates nausea nor oOunds the ?]e ]ftl*te, and renders unnecessary any deviation i? diet or interruption to uroa! pnrsuits, sound sleep or healthy digestion, the V>'l nuisance is thus removed as speedily as is contMitwit with the . production of a thorough and permanent cure. Its in#redienta 0arc entirely vegetable, and no usurious efleet, either constlto- i,p tionally or locally, can beoaused by itstise. Prioe $1 per bottle. Sole Agent Ibr tlui city, C. II &LNQ, 193 Broadway, oorner John m Met a Doctor fawcett has removed nis office to si , Dey street .where he can be consulted na all Private Diseases. llir most obstinate yield to his mode of treatment, which is sp en the Non-Mercurial System. Strictures, ao matter of how long standing, are treated by Dr. F., on the most scientific and I1' approved plan. The victims of constitntlonnl debility, brought It on by indiscreet indulgences, can apply with a certainty of enre. ,,| Pro-paid Utters, enclosing a foe, attended to. OAa* 51 Dey HWil. ?1 DR. FOWE1X ATTENDS DAll.T TO DISEASES OF THE Eye and Ear,from 9 to 4 o'clook, at Dtil Broadway, entrance \)i Warren street. Dr Powell's "Treatito on tlic Eye,' price SO oi centa, can be had at bis office. It describes, in language that all (n can iinderKtand, the anatomy and diseases of tho eye; contains i. hints for tho preservation ana improvement of \ isivn, and <!iroetions for the asleetisn of spestaeloa. Jnst received, Artitieial St Kyea which can ba inserted without any pain or operation; and ( an they mo\c like ti 'natural eye, the MM observer MMMt deteet tl.eui. They improve the appesrancc, exclude eold air and dust, support the lids, aud thue render oatcntial service to the healthy rye. H D^HR. BALPB, AUTnOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PR1VATB Treetiae," ?c? 88 Ureenwiob atreet? office honr* 9 to 12 A- W II., 6 to 9JVB. (Sunday excepted.) Thoae who in the oariy ci *uigca win b? *ur|?ri?ed at the rapidity and little inconvcnionce attending their cur*. It I* chiefly, however, thoao who have auf- , fored from a certain claw of pcoilc, who can properly appreciate tr hi* frrvioea. In atriotnrc, from iu lint or incipient, to its more ol advanced and diitrcaalng *t?g*a, (from uncommon advantage* and l, very entenaive practice.) he ean afford a rapid, easy and radioal " enr*. whioh. he hae rrtind toritxUng, ean be obtained from n? ni etheraonrco in America. __________ (I MHOtT BXTRAOKDINARY WORK.-TO MB KARRI BO M r tboN eon tcm plating marriage. ?The Married Woman i to Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Manrioeae. Sixth edt Mm. Price $1. Thia work ia meeting with moat aateandtngaalet (24,1)00 copiee hare already been diapoaed of.) Svery lorna!* it "l getting % cow, whether married or unmarried, although it I* in- re fended e?r?ciilly for tho married, a* it diaclotea Important secrete, hi Whioh (hoold be known to them particularly. Hen ovsry Cental* . ean diaoover th* canaea, lymptoma, and the moot efficient rem*. l(> ilea, and moit oortain mode of cure In every cue Tot axle. tB Broadway; at th? pabliahing office, 129 Liberty atraet, New Yotk| alto, T. B. Pcteriwn, number DM Cbeatnut (treet, O. B. Zeitat Philadelphia; Li ttle k Co, Albany; W. R. Davit. Boeton. Oa the 1 receipt of $1, a oopy will be tranamitled by mall, free of poetage, to all parte of the United State*. AMI ettort mntt be addrnaaii, poet paid, to Dr. A. M. MaCBICRAU. box 12M. New Tort ol?. Ma?1li><n?ttvitmt. BDlCAIi OFFICII?DR. JOBNSON. 1? DL'ANK STRK1T ( ' near <"hathajn itreet, to well known na the m<.*t ancoeeafnl til practitioner in NYw York, in the tn-atmrnt of veucrtal diaeaaee. TT.e DoeWircpiAatloa fortkill in thoae old half-curc deaeee that 0> have existed for jeer*. ia prominent. Gleet, atrictnre, ulcer* _ , upon the body, oc In the tliroat or no*e. pain* in Uie bead and lu.nm n( thu lr?#iL nfofltnillv mmd. rnntHtaMAnBl ' - brought OB by a secret habit indulged in bv y ..<ing men, causing lascivious dreams and nightly emlwdoBi, positive)/ preventaX til Becent eases ourcd in four days, withoat mercury. Noaite ratio* 2a d 1st. or preve n tiou (torn business. W NO Cl'RB. NO i'AT.-DK. (ORBI1T 19 IUrANB STKKKT ' ' member of tlie Royal College of Sorgcona, Londan, may b? It: eonsnlted in treatment of deiioate diseases. No matter how lo^ yen may hare gleet, nJeet* upon the body, or la tb? throat or noaa, V1 pain* ! the head and boMa of the leg* A practice of fourtaw m year*, deyoted to Tenereal disease*, enables Dr. C. to cure tb* wont form of (hit disc***. Jlecon t cases ourod In four <l*ya? i No mercury used. Stricture* cured in one or two weeks wltb <j teareely any pain. Those Individual* who na*o indulged in a oeftain loathaome habit, can fodUvely be restored to health and '' sooiety. N. B. Strangers are cautlonod not to be dccolrcd. Dt lit Cobbett ha* not icinovad Bnasatbar 10 Diuce street, opporfM y; Dr.Johna>*> J *7 ^ ^^ nnn bottles, n?aih.v. or d* kiu tl I linger * U'nn lorftil I.inimen?, haie l*en , sold without a muttnur. ItncsN old feres gauls and bruitoa, in mediately op<>n the h< r*e, and work lilM daily. All strain!, it callosities and lard swellings of every naturo, either or man or c hone, yield before its tn^fc Influence instantly. ?t? a proof of .. the above all our best horeo tralm rs. stable ktvpers. and stage " proprietory hate laid down every other remedy used by many of th.-m iron thirty lo forty yesra, ?ad mo this ?* the best, and de- || eidedly the cheapest liniment In market. In large bot'les at "K) eents. bottles for U "><': M a doien, at 2T?f I'earl, and at ? Tatter**)!'*, Broadway, w holcsale and rctail-audof ihodr 1' gists stire* and lad/ir, generally, throughout tfe? city and il ??MBtry, OITELLIGEm: BY THE IMILH. Wa?b "soro*, <>et. 2, 1818. Mtttrt. Cor tor* A and Rif(g?, %>?i tht lute /yxin ? Mr Stcrttary IVulktr? Examttvilii/n of G IV. PhxUtpt for alltfrd Furf-tt i/, if. ifc. So particulars have, as yet, publicly transpired, as to the success of Mr ('orcoraa'a mission to England. Mr. ltigi>H, however, rece.ved tlie fo reign mail this morning,*nd he states tint "every tiling is satisfactory that Mr. Corcoran .ntendrd to embark on h s return home, by the next <teamer, and that he will probably arrive in Hoeon on Saturday or Sunday next. Mr. Secretary Walker h*s not yet resumed the luties of his office since his r> turn. Mr McCUaock Young continues efficiently to transact the ecretary's duiies. The magistrates met this morning at the court loupe, to continue the investigation of the charge, i(jainst George W. Phillip#, of forcing a power of ittorney and procuring thereby a land warrant. Vlr. Ilelleu, one of the counsel for the defence, noved a further postponement of the case till Monlay next, in consequence of ihe continued absence j| Joseph II Bradley, Km)., the senior counsel on he same side. Mr. Raid fie, for the United States, opposed the mot-, n, upon the ground that uiblic justice denui d>'d the apeedy seitlement of he exumination in some w*y; and, also, because le contended that niHgi.-tratre had no ri^ht to take i bull bond in a postponed case. Their duty waa lo examine the case at once, and either send it up o the court or diniusn it The magistrates, how;ver, acceded to the defendant'* iriotion, and post>oned the furiher hearing of the case until the 9th ristant, the bail bonds beini? renewed. The comnissioner of the land oHine, together with seve_l _l_.l. - C .L J ?i uiciivb hum mi ut-|itt[uii)'ui, were present as witnesses. A veiy pretly little churcli, built by the coneregainn of the German Lutheran Krtorm j?ernu asion, vhs consecrated yesterday. It in the only Lutheran hurch in this city The President of the United States, together with his lady and some members t his family were present, an was also the Seeresry ol State, Mr. Buchanan The collection uen up at the end of the services, amounted to early a thousand dollars. Mr. Secretary Walker's new hat is creating quite n excitement here, as it is the first one he was ver known to be possessed oi. It is confidently sserted thai n wuh made a present to him by the lerchants of New York, as a f>mall token of their teem; whilst others say it was presented by the iew Yoik custom house. He that as it may, he us got the hat, and it bids fair to become as noted s his brother secretary's breeches. Oxxqa. Baltimore, (Jet. 3,1848. Verriblt Accident and tsitu of J Aft.?Meeting of Tavern Keepers?I Abel oh the Steamer ha bet? 'JIte itricals, &c. A terrible accident occuired a few miles from he city, on Saturday night, resulting in the death f four men, ind the injury of two others, whose ves are difpaired of. It appears that six men -ere returning from work on Saturday night, Iroin le quarry of Mr. Patrick Crowley, when a heavy ill of rain compelled them to seek shelter in a ackf lnitli shop,in which there nad been deposited, lew minutes previous, a halt barrel of powder, to rotcct it from the rain also^ The men, not know i? iiie powuer whs in me snop, commenced musing themselves by striking hot coals uj>on the nvil, when a snara communicated with the owder, and exploding, killed two of the unfortuate men outright, and wounded four others, two ( whom have since died, and the others are in an Imost hopeless condition. Two horses that were 1 the shop were also killed, and the materials of, it-building scattered over the country for miles * round The names of the unfortunate men were nry ('. t'rowley, Alex. Mozetta, Patrick Wal? n, Tlioe Mc<?i?mey and Tbus. Newman. The meeting of tavern keeper*, held yesterday, r the |>uipi e of testing the constitutionality or e law prohibiting the pale of liquor on the Sabitli, was largely attended, and a large sum of oney railed to carry out UM views of the meetyg They resolved to employ Robert J. Brent ud Wm. P. Prelton, Esqs., aB their counsel. |A case lias been for some few days pant under arument before the Court of Appeal*, in which^Levin [. Dunkin was the libellant against the ship Isael. It nppears that Mr. Dunkin built the hull of ie Isabel, under a contract for a stated amount, ut that in the course of the building, under the istructions of Captain Rollins, who 8ii|>erintended , deviations were made from the original desijrn, nich corresponded with the Northerner. An liptica! stern and false bow were part of these delations, and were Hiade u' additional expense, he owners of the Isabel demurred to the sum Mnanded by Mr. Dunkin, and hence the libel to nit amount, being $21*000. The argument was [inducted by Johnhon and < ilenn for the libellant; id by Brown and Prune, and Nelson for the reicndents. The decree of the Court has not yet ?en delivered. Our theatricnl establishments, with the e^ceuon of the Baltimore Museum, have all closed, urton's company have gone to Norfolk, and the oward Athemrum has aied by a surfeit of origiil burleF<|ues, of the most shocking character, flicient to have brought to the dust an older ana ore substantial establishment. It 19 rumored at Mr. llurton intends to lease the house. Cumbf.rt.ani), Md , Sept. 28,1848. he Politicul Recamnoitance Continutil?State of Parties in the State of Maryland?Closing Settles of the ll'lug Rally at Iluqrrttou-n. < >ur last despatch embraced an account of the hig barbecue yesterday, at Hagerstown. In the ening the whigs met in the Court House, and pre addressed hv the Hon. Tulin P Kt>nm>ilv ami on Wm. Cost Johnson. Mr. Kennedy devoted Ins one hour and a half a historical argumnnt, going to show that the mocrats cf the present day are the legitimate scendants of the old federal party, and that the including Henry Clay, (who has always en thought to be a Clay whig) are fhe rightful irs to the principles of Thomas Jefferson. He tide out a very ingenious ca*e, and closed with well put eulogy on General Taylor. Mr W. Cost Johnson accomplished a Lively, arkling, Taylor speech, and showed from an old inted copy of a speech which he delivered in >10, that he had prophesied that Van Buren would timately cheat the politicians of the South, and gued that Cass was tar less to be trusted than un Buren on the slavery question. The whole proceedings of the barbecue passed I very well; but all attempts to get up the sympms of '14 on either side, appear to be attended >re, as every where else, with a signal want of iccesf?always wexcei>ting the meetings of the lay whij?s at Vauxhall Garden. We had the good fortune to-day to meet with le of the most active and sagacious whigs of the late. lie thinks, that after a deliberate overruling of the State, that Taylor will carry it ithout doubt; but that his majority cannot ex?ed a thousand. We are inclined to think that Mhe relative strengih of both parties continues le same, to all appearances, as befote the opening ['the canvass, that our whig informant is right in is estimate, and that Taylor will get the State, ot by the 8,0(X> and odd majority of Henry Clay, or Clay was the particular idol of the Maryland liigs,) but by a majority of from eight hundred > a thousand. nr_ i i.,? f,.,. u:.._ irir, will) the hoj>e of intercepting John Van Bun, and llir free -toilers, at the latter place. ive yet to ascertain distinctly what they intend do. V?tcn xabc. The Doctor., Pa., Sept. 29, 1*W. 'if Political Heronnoisuncc of Pennt'/ionia Returned The chances are against a way passenger at imhcrland. lie may pay his fare in specie, Ira1 e ?' through ticket " will l>e very apt to lay him rer for a day or two, mich is the demand for pasnger transportation over the mountains. Stnk" g the nationiW road as a way passenger, or ra" icr out-of-the-way passenger, from Pennsyh anitJ e should have been left behind, but for the inter )Pinon in our favor of the agents of the Good itent Company, who succeeded even to the .f.nt (it secunns us a seat inside. Gentle* en, we thank >ou. The lure to Brownaville, I miles, is five dollar*?stage travelling time om 17 to 20 hour*, including all the night.? ven at this rate, the travel* on the Cumber* nd road fills all the stages that can be eroded. But in two or three years, the Pennsy!vain railroad, the llaltunore Hiid Ohio road, and ir New \ <>ik road;', will end the chapter of ncidentsand ni "lit staging on the turnpike* over the .llrghenie*. The Cumberland road will then be nntined to local travel, and the thousands who ow Mihsist thrive upon its vast transit ot pmrnger.-i and merchandise, will promptly be warned iat their "good time" is going. The rapid rowih of Cumberland will be arrested, and all the i.w us and taverns included in the line of a thro lgh w all

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