Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1848 Page 1
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TH NO. 5239. BT SPECIAL PIGEON EXPRB88 TO B08T0H, THINGS TBLEQR&FKZC TO TUB NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA. THBEE DAT^tATER NEWS I PKOM ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. The Cambria, Captain Harrison, with three j l.A? * _ 11 r. ..II auys iaier liucuiptrnce i;?m uii p?n? 01 i^urope, arnved at Halifax on Wednesday, at eleven, P. M., and sailed for Boston at one o'clock on Thursday morning. She arrived at Boston at half-ppat nine o'clock yesterday. Our special express pigeons were on the wing early this morning, and reached Boston about thirty minutes in advance of the steamer. They brought the markets and a part of the Irish news. The advices from Liverpool, are of the 23d ult. Continental politics continue to exercise a mos1 injurious influence upon the commerce of thi8 country; and the strange turn that events take on the other side of the channel is so sudden and unaccountable, that the most experienced find themselves in doubt and uncertainty as to what is to follow. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising to find gradual diminution of business in the manufacturing districts, and tendency in prices to recede. The feeling prevailing at the Manchester market on Tuesday, was inore gloomy and desponding than for some weeks past; and a strong opinion was advanced that many of the factories would again have recourse to short time. Our uccounts, received up to the moment of the steamer's leaving, report a continuance of the de pression, notwithstanding the ratification of the armistice between Denmark and Prussia, by the National Assembly at Frankfort. Manufacturers and spinners are firm in their demands as regards prices, and, in consequence, there has been no general reduction; but, in some cases where forced sales have been made, lower prices have been accepted both for goods and jrama. The feeling ih Liverpool is not much less gloomy than in Manchester. The business done in the cotton market has not been animated, and prices have had a farther downward tendency. Fair New Orleans and Mobile are quoted at Jd. per pound lower; but, with these exceptions, . the quotations remain unchanged, and, at the seme time, the demand is so freely met by holders, that it is impossible to sell a quantity at the ujrrent rates: Fair Orleans are quoted at 4|d; fair I'pland, 4Jd.; fair Mobile, at 4d. per lb.; middling, 3|d. a 3$d. per lb. The sales for the week are 25,030 bales, ot which exporters have taken 3,ZtO, and speculators 500 bales. The corn market lias been somewhat more firm, but this arises more from the fact that the prevail;r? oub(a?Iu u'inrl?i Iidvp It put nut hiii m>I than "* """"'J r- ?rr from any other cause, and the intelligence received by the last steamer from the United States is calculated to check any tendency that prices migh1 otherwise have to advance. 100,000 bushels Indian corn may be expected to be landed in this country withia a month from this time, to say nothing of flour and other articles, large quantities of which we are advised of having been shipped. Indian corn is quoted 35s. a 37s. per quarter. Indian coin meal 19s. per bbl. Sweet Hour, 33s. a 33s. (xl., and sour, 29s. a 30s. per bbl. Wheat, 8s. a 9s. per 70 pounds. The duty on wheat is now 4s. per quarter, and on Hour 2s. 6d. per barrel. The weather has continued tine during the week for securing the balance of the harvest, and the ripening of the potato crop: and the fear of the deficiency of food, and the necessity of very excessive imports,is much less genera' than it was a week or two since. Tallow fully maintains the advance noted in our last. Kather more business has taken place is rice, and in some cases,a few days ago, a slight improvement was effected, which, however, has since been lost. The position of the money market has not ma I teriaJly changed since our last, but tnere lias been an improved feeling in the share market. The following are the quotations for English securities: ?Consols for money opened on Thursday at 86J a 86>4, and after having touched t*?J, closed at their first price; for the account they left ott at 9ti,j aH6j; and exchequer bills, June, 27s. to 30s. The halt-yearly meeting of the court of the proprietors of the Bank of England was held on Thursday, which the thus notices:? "The result of the half yearly court of proprietors to-da v was, what the rate of dividend to be declared will be by ballot. ' The recommendation of the directors was in favor of a distribution of per cent, free from ! income, on the ground that the immediate profits for the halt year did not warrant a larger amouat. A numlwr ot proprietors, however, took another view; and looking at the conditio ol the rest, , supported, an amendment for increasing the dividend to 4$ per cent, which was put, and earned by a considerable majority." At ttie time ol the sailing of the America, there was considerable excitement in Ireland, and a attong leeling prevailed in some quarters that a real rebellion had broken out in the tfoutli. We Houbt but that the disturbance would turn out to be unimportant, and that its character would hav?* more of a social than a political complexion. s'uch now appears to be the case. As to the i rohable result of the trials, various opinions are hazarded, and a variety ot reports are put into circulation an to the course which the government intends to adopt, in case it ahciild he successful in securing veidicts. Ireland. The belief entertained that a |>ositive rebellion ha* broken out in Ireland, is, to a certain extent, without foundation: but it is nevertheless true, that predatory bands ot armed men had turned out in hostile array, encamped in almost inaccessible }>ositionSj and openly defied the military authontie* Numerous attacks had been made upon the police and non-sympathising residents. Those demonstration*, however so purposeless in themselves, and so well calculated to inspire alarm, particularly in Kngland, have in a. considerable degree subsided, though the rash insurgents are far from being dispersed. The last accounts from Ireland state that the neighborhood of Carrick-on-Suir is still much disturbed; that the insurgents occupy formidable localities npon the mountains; that signal tires are liuhted every night, and that the utmost vigilance of the military and police failed to crush the display. fearch is kept up after l>oheny and other leaders who are known to be with the insurgents, but as yet without the slightest effect. The Commission wm opened on Thursday, whan true bills were found against Mr. O'llrisn and Mr. MoManus. and three other* of lesser not*. Coping of tbs Indictment were then delivered as well as an assignment of counsel made to the Traversers. The train are fixed to take place on Thursday neat. Considerable exciteineut prevailed in the neighborhood of < lonmel. hut the preneace of an overwhelming military fores will be found safflcient to suppress the xsrcUs of any physical nympathy for the accused. Much diversity of opinion prevail* a* to the probability of th? conviction, and It i? confidently slated In hi^n quart ersthat ia the event of each an l*?Ue. It In the Intentien of the government to carry the capital pun rnnent into Immediate Reel l it* agitation for the holding of annual parliament* E NE MC in Dublin, is rroeiviu* dally aooeaaionj So far a< an opinion may b? haiarded In the present immature ?-ta#e of the movement, it ia likely to prove uooeasful though probably at a remote period. The nrnvMPtUH of a naner tonunneed the Marion hu been iMatMl; it i? to be oalled the National. Mr. Doheny. the Irish refugee, hu arrived In Pari*, he landed at Bou'ogne after many hair-breadth escapes, and seems to be heartily rejoined that he haa avoided the fate of some of hi* fellow conspirators. Strong hopes are entertained in Ireland that Limerick will vy ntually be oho?en a* the paoket station bT the Admirality Aa influential deputation waited on the Lord Lieutenant on Monday, with a memorial recommendatory of the project. England. Lord Ueorge Bentinek, well known as the leader of the pretec.ionist party in the House of Commons, and the greatest sporting character in the world.died suddenly on Wednesday He is said to have amassed upwa ds of ?bt 000 sterling on the turf within the last i two months. ! The Queen is still eojeurning in Scotland. Intelligence has been reotti red from Sir John Ross' | expedition, whioh went in search of Capt Franklin. ! It is dated from Whale Island, Davis Straits. 29th June hut utatvil that notbinir had. UD to thtt timn h?nn heard ot the hardy and devoted explorer. | The British Iron trade ia extraordinarily active at prevent, while general htagnatiun prevails in almoit | every other branoh of commerce. Divers are at work on the wreck of the Ooean 1 Monarch, and it is expected that a portion of her oar go will ppeedily be recovered. The French Rrpubllc. [From the London Globe, Sept. 22. P M.J Paris, Thursday Noon, Sept. 21. It 16 almost impossible to describe the gloom which has come over the public mind here. Kverybodv seems to think that General Cavaignao and il e National Assembly will find it impossible to establish the republic yet nobody knows how it is to be got rid of, without a conflict, in which none of the friends of order are willing to engage. If it is to be overthrown, it will probably be by some sudden event, probably a military conspiracy. '1 lie intentions of Gen. Cavaicnac are1>elieved to be excellent, and such a republic as he would give us the enlightened naen ot the country would willingly accept; but they liave not the energy required to second hit* efforts. The great obstacle in the way of the republic is the peasantry. The men who proclaimed the republic in obedience to the orders of some 15,000 or 20,000 of the nopulace of Paris, forgot that although they might get up a good deal of enthusiasm in the city, ana in u few ot the large towns ol the provinces, the agricultural population,who are by far the most numerous, must be consulted at last. The tanner has had 45 perct. more to pay in taxes and the farmer's man has had his wages reduced to enable his employer to pay the taxes. Put your hand into his pocket, and draw out his earnings to pay for the republic, and then see whether he will support it. it iB declining, although the government organs tell you to the contrary. The low Btate of the treasury, the difficulty of getting in the taxes, and the general complication of politics, have a tremendous eflect ou the Bourse. The funds to-day have fallen considerably. The five per cents to(?74, and the three per cents to 434. The ultra-democrats Bay this is the trick of the rich, to kill the republic; but the rich, as they are called, would be glad to see the funds 20 per cent higher, for they would then have a confidence in the pavment of the dividends- trade would revive, and they would find tenants for their houses. No; it is not a conspiracy of the rich. It is the resi'lt of the general mtlaxsc. The general opinion is that the government will be unable to establish a system for which there ly hostility on the other. The numbers for the successful candidates for Paris were declared officially to-day at the llotel de Ville. They are? Lou in Napoleon, 110,762 Koulii 78,891 ltaapall 6tt,9?3 A statement has been published to-day by some ol the deputies who were to have been sent by General Cavaignac into the departments. The instructions given them show that the General bad never for a moment abandoned the cause of order and good government. [From the kuropean Time*, Sept 24] Pa mi, Thursdav, 8o'clock, P. M. The fears of the government nave happily proved, at least for thin day. groundless. The traa<tutlity of the capital has not been, so far as I have learned, disturbed; nevertheless the greatest agitation prevails. The Boulevards, from the Port St Denis to the Bastiie, have been the theatre of numerous assemblages of the populace to day The government continue- under apprehension of a movement, and the troops are ail consigned to their '(uarters. The town will be overrun to-aight with strong patrols in every <iuarter. A great multitade was collected in the neighborhood of the Hotel de Ville this morning, at 9 o'clock. The mayors of all the arrondissements as?eml>led there under the presidence of Lamosec, mayor of the fourth arTOiidissement, and president by seniority. At noon i the results of the election were duly proclaimed. When the name of Prince Louis was announced the greatest I enthusiasm was manifested by the populace. Military ' music was played and shouts of-' Vive Napoleon'' rent : the air. The name of M. Konly was received with the mo?t profound silence, that of llaxpael wa? saluted, but not with the fame enthusiasm as that of Prince Louis. A meeting was htld at the Rue de Poictiers last night. 1? th?f nft nnnnnil.lnn .should he made to the admission of I*rinee Louis to tha Assembly. A meeting of the Club of the l'alals Itoyal wan also held, which appointed a committee to confer with General ; Cavaignac on the state of affair. The propositions made to the General consisted of an offer of the support : of the meeting on the following conditions first. a diminution of the tax on salt; second, a creation af paper money, secured; third, the changa of the ministry. It w as reported in tha early part of the day that (Jen Cavaignac was disposed to accept the?e terms, and that he would lay his programme before the Assembly in the course of the day. There w?s howeTer no ground for this?the truth is. the chief of the government is oruelly embarrassed at this moment, drawn, a* he is. in different directions by different parties The Hue de Polctiers (club) demands, it is said, the appointment of M.M. Dnfauro, (J Millevllle, and General Bedeau to the ministry. The elub of the institute baa also decided to offer no opposition to I'rinoe Louis, so that no doubt remains as to the verification of hit powers. A resolution has been taken, it is said, to demand that the question of legality of Ilaspall shall be referred to the Minister of Justice Considerable attroupements have been formed in tha Kaubourg St. j Antoine, at which the toroible liberation of Raspail. siid a triumphant entry for Prince Lous, were the subI jeots of discussion. The irovemiu?nt is in full crisis, and we are in hourly apprehension of a movement The Assembly diM-usM-d to-day the9tb article of the constitution relative to the liberty of instruction. Several amendments were proposed and rejected The article was " ? * * ?-*i-l- 1A AM .KAIUU. A# II IIHI ly ?lll>]> Aim;ir IVi uu ?iw- nu.'iiu.Ml ui titles was aleo ndopted. The 11th article. on the inviolability of property, tin under discussion when our reporter left The London Timet, of the 22d. say" the Bourse hits been in a lamentable state all day. Kvery moment brought one or another new fact or report to depress prices. the situation of I'aris, a? it was said, re-assuring, when compared with that of Itouen. Again, It was stated that the ehief of the Executive having called upon the Generals commanding throughout France for reports on the spirit of the army, had received on the subjrot very unsatisfactory information. To these discouraging allegations was added, later in the day, the resignation of the Ministers of the Interior, and of Justice MM Renard and Marie, with the addition that the department of the Interior had been offered to M. I.edru Kollin. 1 he printers of the pretended proclamation to the people of Kranoe. published in th? nnme of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, had been arrested, and were yesterday morning interrogated before M. Vesnoyers, the examining magistrate Napoleon, the son of George Bonaparte. the representative of the people, appearing as rompiainant Ucrmany. A pnnnuinnry insurrection broke out in Frank! fort on the Kith ult. Upwnrdn of thirty barricades were erected throughout the city, and defended with desperatr courage by the jn-ople. i The revolt had not been etleetually suppressed at tlx- departure of the latest accounts. I he of life was considerable. Saxon jr. A revolt took place at Chennutse 011 the 11th. barricades wen- formed, and the operatives, re; infoiced by numbers Irom the suburbs, had attacked the troops; but were etleetually overcome. Aiutrla, Vienna haw a^ain been the scene of tresh bloodshed, and still continues in a most distracted state. Ilamliurgh. Some local distmhances have taken place in Hamburgh. Hungary. I The affairs of Hungary are becoming more and more conflicting. Northern Italy. ('wing to the accepted mediation of France and fcnglaiid, this coiiuiry is in a state ot suspended hostilities, but it is feared that influences are at woik which will lead to a resumption of arms. '1 he army ol the Alps, meanwhile, is 10 be re| duced by one-half. Na|tle? and Ntolljr. The King ot ^itules ha* prorogued Parliament till the 2nd ot November, and the utmost W Y )RNING EDITION?S i n)nmi and anxiety are felt for the ihbi 1 hostilities It is said that th? French will o| unv ilirthar a lj rtf Vniilua ?a aitkiiirtati Sicilies. India. A sanguinary iiwurreetion bu taken place at In the Dutch Kaat Indie*. n?Mri. Barlnf('l Cirrnlnr. London, Friday, Sept. 22, 1! The unsettled state of political affaire on the C nent continual to have a very depressing influ not only in the manufacturing districts, but in nerolal operation* generally, and moit descriptU colonial and foreign prodnoe have, this week, cheaper to sell. The weather, since our last, has moet favorable for harvest operations in the and the crops are being rapidly secured. Ilegai potatoes, however, the acoounts continue extra conflicting? in moet districts great apprehension iog entertained of their not keeping nound ' pitted. Monty continues easy. The overland nia not jh HniTca, dui u ioos?d lor Hourly. tithes steadily maintain th(>ir price, with a mod demand. Branditt oontinue to be very linn, and the vintage* somewhat more in request. Cochint at ? Honduras range in value from 3*. 9 4s. 8d. for silver, and 4s to 5s. 5d. for blaok. Mei silver, 3*. 7d. to 3s. Od ; blaok, Si. 7d. to 4s. 3d. public sales have taken plaoe this weak. In Cocoa soaroely anything doing. Coffee.?350 casks, 0,100 bag*, 8to., of varioui scriptions. have been brought to auetion, and mostly found buyers at former rates, Including barrels waxhed Kio, from 28s. fld. to 29s.; and bags Costa Rioe, from 29s. to 51a. 6d. per cwt. Middelburg, on the 13th Inst., the trading oompanj 18,7C0 bags of the 25,012 offered, without ohang value. Copper without alteration. The Coiton Market rul?s dull at Liverpool, while desire of holders to realize oontinue* unabated. The Corn Trade has been steady, full prices ha been obtained for all descriptions of wheat, both 1 lifch and foreign; but there was certainly less incl tion to purohase shown to-day. owing to the i having receded yesterday to its minimum, 4a per q ter. Barley rather cheaper. Oats, rice, beans, peaa, maintained their value. Barreled flour ' scarce. Improved inquiry for Indian oorn, and and even 41s paid for Oalatz arrived, floating, c freight, and insuranoe. The duty on flour in now 4Jjd. per barrel; oats, Is. 6d per quarter ; barley, I beans, and peas. 2s. per quarter. We quote duty | United States red wheat, 45s. to 50s. per imperial q ter; white, 50s. to 66s. do.: flour 30s. to 32s. per bai supertine best brands Indian corn, 34s. to 3Gs. per lbs ; li dian oorn meal, 17s. per barrel. Drugs ?At public sale yesterday, 86 chests ?i peppermint were offered at 8s., at whioh, howe buyers were only found for 10 chests. Gum Ar was cheaper ; selling from 67s. 6d. to 62s. Oil of niseeu taKen in at os. lOd. Quicksilver, 3s pel Turkey opium, lis. per lb. China Camphor, 46s pe Hemp.?Russian, without change. Of the 2000 b Manilla at public sale, a few bales sold at ?37 to; but there were no buyers in quantity above ?34 to ?36, which holders would not acoept. 360 bales, were sold for ?17 to ?10. Hidei continue quiet. Indigo.? The near approach of the sale prevt buxiuexs. The position of the article is favorable, we anticipate that some advance will be established the July rates. Iron ?Welsh bar* and rails in very limited requ and with orders in baBd. might be bought frei board at ?6 10s. and ?6 15s. per ton, reBpactiv Scotch pig. a current sale at 4,r>s. 0d. to 46s. 6<J Glasgow Swedish, ?10 15s. to ?11. Archangel, i Lard continues in request at 44b. to 4&s. for Ah can. Liad dull at ?10 10a. for British, and ?16 10s. Spanifch. /.inured Cakei go oil readily at ?8 6s. to ?8 10s New Orleans, up to ?9 10s. for best New York in ' Oih.? Sperm rather more enquired for. at ?7( British; American would probably bring?80,lnclu the doty of ?16 16s. Southern very scarce, the being worth ?37. Pale eeal, ?26 16s. Cod, ?! Olive tanges from ?47 for Spanish, down to ?4< Levant. There is no Qallipoli here. Linseed, 9d. Cocoa nut 40s. to 46s. Palm, 32a. to 32s. fid fine. Praviriuna.?American?There are no altera! worthy of note *ince last mail. Some arrivals of cl are expected, which, if of good quality, will meet a ready sale. Rice?There is very little doing at sent, and prices remain nominally as last quoted Saltpetre, in the absence of public sales, sells rea at 268 to 27s. for Bengal Sjirl'er? Dull at jt'14; sheet zinc, ?20. Spiers remain without material alteration, I having been offered at auction. Rau- Silk?China and Bengal descriptions in fai quest, at steady rates for Italian; rather higher p have been made, but no general advance has ai b?en established. Sugar?We have had a firmer market for plant* sorts this week and further decline has been arre The transactions for export have been limited t< boxes low white Havana at 27s; 2,000 boxes Klore at 22s. fid. to 23s; a cargo of Bahia at 16?. for br with a few whites at 20s. The Dutch sale has got well, the whole quantity, 78,924 baskets, finding n buyers from If fl. toH fl for standard No 4 i No. 70; showing an udvance of L, fl on the wh other kinda bringing an average, the prices of J Since the result was known, there has been more quiry. and fid advanoe has been refused for a car* yellow Havana. 7 allow.? Prices have again improved with a gooi mand for consumption but the market closed fl this P. M. at 47s fid on the spot, and to end of j while for later delivery 48s. is asked. Tea.?A moderate demand prevails, without chi in value. Public sales of 7.000 packages areannoui for 27th instant. Tin.? Knglish block 73s ; bar 74s ; refined 77* ; at 73s. to 74s ; straits 70s. to 72s pei cwt Little d generally Holders of Tohuccv continue firm. with rather i inquiry for the better qualities of Virginia and I tuuky leaf Turpentine, rough, is held at 7s. fid. to 8s. landed, would probably bring 8s. from the vessel. Spirits In American. nominally, 3'.?s. ; and British 37* (id Whalrbont.?There la some Inquiry forexpoit, buyers of North West, at ?121, but holder* insis X'130. Of Southern there are still teller* at .?130 In American stocks the business continues bul fling, and although occasional bargains occur, quotations cannot be relied on, either for large ? or purchases. United States stocks, sixes, 1*0; Vork State sixes 04>4 to ?6K; New Vork Stat* f CO to 111 with div.; Pennsylvania fires, 68 to 67; 1 lilM) 87; Massachusetts sterling. i'O to 9H; Ind State Stoi. 42 to 44; Illinois, 34 to 37; Alabama, fi A3. exdlT.; Kentucky, 87 to 8!?; Maryland, 66 tc Mississippi planters'. 50; ditto I'nion Bank, 16 tc Michigan, 25 to 30. Market*. Liv?KrooL, Sept. 22 ?Klour?Best Western Ci per bbl., 33s. to34a.; Richmond and Alexandria, te33s.; Philadelphia and Baltimore, 32s. to 34s.; Orleans and Ohio. 32s to 33s.; Canadian, 33* to United States and Canadian Hour, 29s. to 30s. Whi United States and Canadian white and mixed 70 1bv. 8s 1(1 to 0s ; red. 7*. 7d. to 8s. 4d. In Corn?Ter quarter, white, 35a to".6s.; yello* 3ti 37s. 6d. Ol'Jt TELEIiKArillC k EXPRESS DESP.V FROM LONDON AND DUBLIN NEWS TO THE LATEST M0ME/ Ae? Ar., die. I.alr and Important from Irclaittl. KY Sl'EClAL EXPRESS, VIA 1IOLYUEAD AND CHKS Ln KRrooi., Saturday. Zld?3 P, . Although much anxiety prevails amnag all oil of the people of Ireland, for the ultimate fat* of Smith O'Brien, Mr. Meagher, and the other S prisoners, whose trials for the crime of high trei ha* commenced, it is gratifying to be able to in: you that the diltrlcts in whioh the disturbance* place last week, are now comparatively tranquil, people at present exhibiting no symptoms of resisti to the laws. The commission, as you are aware, op< on Thursday last. After the usual formalities had I gone through, snd the grand jury sworn, the I Chief Justice of the queen's Bench. Blackburne livered the preliminary charge It was on the wl coining aa it did from such a high tory, mods enough True bills have bi>eu found against Smith O'Brien, Mr. T. B. M'Manus. Orchard and Donnell; they are oharged with the orime ol treason. Mr. O'Brien has had Mr Whitesida, Q. C.,and Kitxgeraid assigned as his connsel Connected these trials, we are informed that the Government determined to send over one of the knglish judg watch their progress, and that tbe flon Baron Pi baa been named for the mission?he will, it is i set out for Dublin, on Monday next. The l.ord ( liief Justice fixed Thurxday next as day on which .Mr Miitib O'Brien will be called o plead sad taoi- his trial bis lutdship peremptorily ORE I IATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 10 <>t Harking to the prisoners. 11 Voa are bow perrwetly ap)K >He prised by the court, a'jd, take nation that you will bo the called upon to pluad on Thuraday next, and the trial will then be immediately proceeded with " As respect* an Indictment wc may obsemi that it Slam, contain* alx separate counts, all tall and explicit; but wo suepect that a flaw oan be found in the indictment, and if not allowed by the presiding judges will enable Mr. O'Brien's legal adviser* to go before (48 a superior court. '. it baa been decided that Mr. Charles Oaran Duffy ontl- wl|j trje(j tti** next commission of Oyer and Terenoe, miner, but at present (here is an uncertainty as to the oom- precise nature of the oharge, whether for felony er high m treason The Attorney Oenerai will, it is said, bn puided by the result ol his prosecution* at Clonmel. bean It is al*o said that the Crown, exercising a power oonbeen firmed by statute, will. no matter what the charge .. may be, try him by jory, not of the city, but of the l0n ' county. Mr. O'Ucgberty will also be put upon his rding trial a tbinl time, also, before aoountyjury iuihIj Tliusit will be seen Mr Attorney (General will spare do uii anr be ran adopt, In order to *eoure a oonvlo1 tion Should he be tucoessful. and ultimately baniib when the gcntl? men from the land of their nativity, the law mail *'" 11 '* be vindicated, but we fear without any moral itlect whatever Mr. John ()'( onnell haf written a very bold and ernt* spicy letter t<< my Lord Clarendon respecting certain expressions which he made use of in hla reply to the Anti.. ltepeal Declaration He quietly hints to hii excellenolder e j tj,B( jje j or,i Clarendon, should have been cautioua in designating the repeal oi the Union as criminal, d. to whilst he belonged to a party, who. In183'j, did not sorn' pie to connect Itself with even violent measares to Liosu carry the Reform bill. Mr O'Connell demands a reNo traction of the expression* or claims of Lord Clarendon to try bim before the country for the criminal effoit* which he has made in endeavoring to repeal the act of I'nion Lord Clarendon has not sent any reh de- ply to Mr O'Connell's demand, but we presume he did have not expect any l auv The newspaper to be published in Dublin, under the i,4?* title of Tht National, is not. it is said, in any way con- 1 2,600 nected with Mr. Dully, or his friends At L?>rd Clancarty has addressed a letter to the seoretary

of the society for promoting the periodical sitB01d tings of the Impetial Parliament in Dublin, in whioh in he deolines giving his adhesion to the cause, on the ground that he can see no reason why legislation In London should not be conducted as beneficially for Ireland as it is for Scotland. Much fuss is now being i th* made by certain discontented spirits at the manner in which Lord Clarendon has spoken of the Pope, in con. nectlon with the government college'in Leland. Their T1DK Protestant spirit oversteps the bound of discretion. Enjr ?. Tlie LiutfMt from Pniis?Vrry Important. Una. jut^ The excitement in Paris is hourly Increasing?mat- | aw v"? -w? *? "?? ???anJ arrived, nor. from what we know in Kngland, was he vety likely to do io. Still tb* report that be bad left London and was on bis way to the French capital, pre8t" vailed io strongly that crowds of bis excited admirers r 2a. continued to congregate round the Hall of Assembly, 'lee, The news of a further armistice between King Charles paid Albert and the Kmpcror of Austria, for a period of six rr?l; weeks, is confirmed; and further, that the three go480 vernments of Kngland, France, and Austria, bare ii of ss^sed that tbe city of Venice shall remain free and ITer< unoccupied during the term of an armistioe. abio Tabu, Friday Kveuing. The capital is in a very excited and feverish state, fib! Crowds much greater than usual are assembled round ales the Assembly, and tb? election returns form a constant topic of conversation. It is said, on authority jute that Gen. Cavaignao has decided not to objeot to Louis Napoleon's taking his teat, it is also reported that ints ^a8 extensive precautionary steps to prevent an(j another insurrection, by the movement of a large 1 on body of troops towards the capital. it appears that the report ol Louis Napoleon's havlest been returned for the Department of Orne, was in- | 9 on correct; the legitimist candidate ban been declared el? elected in that Department. I ft The election of Count Mole, for Bordeaux, U considered certain. lsr[l In the Assembly, the debate on the inviolability of property was prolonged on Thursday to a Late hour. for This question involves the right of the government to impose a property tax. it it xhould hereafter be found for ucct-spary or~ desirable. and is a very obnoxious raea- | bbls hutu to a large party in the Assembly The debate , for was adjourned after much irritating dismission. The weekly account of the Baa* of Kr?*ee la very 1 favorable. Tt shows a credit of upwards of ilfty-slx ! 24 millions of franes. which fact puts an end to any j for doubts shat existed as to the payment of the dividends now about due. for We observe that the I'aris papers pa-.a over with very slight notice the prevailing rumor of a change of lions thp administration, without either confirming or deleese D? 'DK 'tB authenticity. with art" K'ad to l"arn from theae papers that the dispra> turlwnces at Kllreuf have been aompletely quelled. The acci unts reoeived from Algeria represent the idilT insurrectionary mevement which had broken out there ' as not of an alarming or important character. The election for the department of the North was lone n*t decided. Colonel Negrier had still a slight advantage over Louis Napoleon in the Moselle. r re_ Changes of an important nature in the Ministry rices are spoken of, and a crisis is looked for t avaignac, , ?#t who is a shrewd man, has seen the weakness of the Ministry, and the necessity of getting rid of them ition He must throw himself either on the left or right. A sted eombination of parties is spoken of? one Dufaure Vi> 640 and the M.M. de Ledru Hollin and klocon. To mtes l^e 'alter, however. ( avaignac inclines. own The news principally stirring in I'aris relates now to le orf tk' state of Venice, which the governments of Kngi-adv France, and even Austria, are agreed upon mainin to taining in slnlu i/uo. that Is, free of an Austrian garlites "fl,n The armistice prolonged for 4o days. will thus lulv understood throughout Italv. There Is no doubt of KnglanJ and France having in o of terpased in the Sicilian wstfare fc The leadMMu bject of conversation In the, lobbies I of the A amfili .iueiulilt f Sallrt dt? Conftrencr, i t>" on l-ridtty, was the ministerial crisis. The club of rear deputies of the I'alnis National decided in its sit. ' ting the previous evening, that a committee chopen from amongst its members should wait on need ^e head ot the executive government to submit a new programme, which, among other things, should propose the suppression of duty on salt, the creation ?l " ot mortgage paper, the removal of a great number of 8 prefects, sub-prefecta. and other administrative funcnore tionaries. The new programme probably could not be carried into effect but by a new ministry. The deputation and un Friday to the hotel of the ('resident of the lull ' 0UD0"- IHas Bi/.oin spoke in the name of the I meeting. Gen. ( avalgnac declared n change in cabiwitb then be inopportune, but the movement t on *ould come when the eminent talent in the Assembly mi(ibt lie made useful. L "lbe 1'alrie says :?"We believe we are well founded ' our In saying that the ministerial combinations have been lalea 'D "H'1*1'""- between the (executive Government and New several influential members of the two principal |TeR i elapses of deputies There waa a question of forming a Ohio ministry to be composed as follows :?(ieu I)e l.amo riciere; m.>i unuucnaux, /, \ iirmnl)nc ami Thou ret. t0 were to retain their posts. and the other portfolio* fts were to b. held by Ueneral BeJeau. foreign alfu'rs: M. , ,-! Dufaure. interior, and M. I.eon de .Malleville, public 1 initruotion Tbia combination failed for want of coming to a programme." Tbe same paper add* tnal. .. ^t the commencement of tbe sitting in tbe \ssem3-^. bly on Friday there was a talk of an arrangement be*** tween Cavatgnac and Ledru Kollin to furm a new 3**- i ministry, taken exclusively from the club of the Calais ? National*, and from that of the absolute democratic P''r party. Thin combination has also failed ; end it has dian been derided that things shall remain as they are for IS. CO the present." 80 strong nan tbe opinion of a change being likely ! to lake place In the ministry that all eyes were dircu reeled to hear fiom (Jen lavaignar In the \ssembly, some explanation of bis, in regard , to tbe litli article ot the constitution, wan creating 1 much angry discussion This article varies the knotty question of property and taxation Mr. Uoudchaux is an advooate for progressive property taxation, as distinguished from a general unvarying per centage or incame. and it was thought the article in <|Ue>non had been so insidiously framed, as to commit the Assembly to a principle, the opponents of which regard as not only spoliatory, but ronllscatory. Piegressive taxation, means that a man. Instead of paying ho much per cent on his inceme. without r reference to Its gross amount, must pay a per centage tated. aii'l pet hups arbitrarily rated, according to his M. weaitn tsses Since writing the above we learn that Louis Napow l?on has been beaten in the Orn? The legitimate candidate having 10,UtHI votes and be in l.yons Itate Itat-pail, the Ilea Republican has twice the amount of Mon votes of an\ other. 1.. Napoleon had but a t'?th of his ... number It In now certain that L. Napoleon has been returned for the Moselle, and Count Mole lor the <ittook ,onil, aleo, M tient for V auclese, and as all l>ut oer The t?ln, M. Lac*aye for L Hermit Thin place, ii will l>? renicmb* red, ?h* made vacant l>y the previouM election being quarlied. on account of intimidation praotined >nad |>y ihih Lae*aye. Ill" opponent wan the Abbe Oeftaen nonde Tbe paper* comment freely upon koaeutb'* or'l ret-1|<nation In Hungary, countering It a preventive of rtvolutian ' Latatt account* from Klbronef. mention tbat the lole. dlrturbance* bad been oompletely quelled, and the rate u"'n h"J *" 'lut,,,|y returned to their work, on the condition which they had at flrit refused The troop* - r marched to that district hare returned to quarter* I O'- 1 he account* fn m the other manufacturing dl*bigh triot* wtre favorable. Con*iderable order* had been rtoeivt d, and bunineM wa* again beginning to look better. Mr. A l? tter from I.ondo. itate*. that tbe writer met trith Lout* Blanc at the home of Loui* Napoleon, In Hichmond, London, eeated between two protectant clergy. "** men. con*er*iiigon the organisation of labor lie goea e* to abiut London In tbe carriage ot the I'rinoe. krfc? Pari*, though tran<|Ull, i* in an inflammable *tate. siLce tbe June insurrection, It waa never in ao ex aitl (tied * elate; and thoee who long cling to hope, in expectation of a better ttate ?f thing*, look forward ulth the doubt to tbe next *cene in tbe drama. 1 he reotolt of the election* ha- had a uio*t depre**ing n to fleet i n even the ntoet rangulne They call on the r re- government to contradict every report current that an IER A 1843. att*mpt was discovered to blow up th? bouse in which 1 tb? olub of tbf Hue de I'jtiers tHwmblrd I Nome run of erdlnary cholera hud created alarm. * The news from Algeria in favorable. Kraiikfbrl. This olty remains quiet. Hermann haa, hitherto, " altogether failed to form an administration, and the ll pro?p*ot of bin doing ho ha* rather diminished than 0 increased * Spain a ltd Portugal. ' Madrid mail*, of the 17th September, have arrived, n but the new* received does not poeaess any feature of " importance General Cordova haa been appointed generai of Catalonia. I t< We have later advices by thin morning's mail, but 11 they are not important. t here in nothing later from I'oi tugal | tl Vidian. jj Account* one day later have reached Paris. The " uitywH* trani|uil, and it wan reported currently that the difference* with Hungary may be considered a* su.lcably Mettled. *' IVaplex. <1 Late accounts from Naples furnish n? with Home 01 particulars of the proceeding" at Mea?iaa, by whioh 01 we learn that when attack commenced no succeeding A or any previous notice was given to the Sicilians, and i the flr.nt operation wa? that of throwing Nhells into the " city froai the citadel Both the Britinh and French remonstrated aga;c><t thi- mode of proocsdlng. O Latent t'oinmrri-lnl Intrlllftencr. ^ London Monky Marrkt, Sept. 33. ? The market tc opened rteadily, prloes pretty firm with a fair amount ! w of business doing. For prices see elsewhere. Lukhpooi. Corn Marrkt, Sept. '23?2 I'M.?The Si price* of ail artloles reported in yesterday's circular are to-day fully sustained. We have had a very healthy demand for present consumption, for wheat. Hour, and Indian corn, and the character of our corn exchange k1 up to this hour is that of flimness. Manchester Corn Markkt, Sept. 23, 1848.?The fli tranractions at this day's market are not marked by 01 any change. In prices, of importance. We expeot t4 t| have the details by electric telegraph, whioh, If we get tt in time, thall be enolosed in this despatch. Dublin Corn Mahikt, Sept. 22?There Is very lit- ai tie that is new to report. Prices opened about the ^ same rates a> on Tuenday last, bufr towards the done w the market for middling and inferior samples was ni lnwer. and not easy to (ell. Dublin Stock hxchange, (t 3*4 per Cent. Stock is quoted at 8&V Bank Stock, ( 187>?. V CONTINENTAL MARKETS. tl Our Hamburg advices inform us that a considerable business was being transacted in the exchanges. ^ There was an active ilemand for paper cn London, at ? longdate. Money is represented as being abundant) ?> but the funds had rather a deolining tendency. ?' At Berlin the funds had shown an improving ten ci dency, owing to the deoision arrived at by the Frank. B? fort Assembly. However, at the date of our last ad- ^ vices, there was not so much activity, and prloes had *it rather declinod. tw uf | The Paris Bourse has lately been muoh excited, and prices within the last few days have fluctuated very ph much, and the latest quotations are 3 per cts., 5 per ' cts., exchange on London 1 month, money, 25 27>i; S months, money, 2u 22)|. w| We have intelligence from Kiga, dated Sept. 13, by which we are informed that the grain trade continued ^r, brick; the value or oats waa OOe. a 62o. per lo?<l, 74o. a thi 7 5c. It r rye Flax was in steady request at full prices ,l" Ireights were rather active and the supply of diapotable ships was small, the deficiency of which was much relt. thi Breslau letters announce that the wool fair was pro J greeting satisfactory, with a fair ilemand. and fair attendance of buyers. hii Our Madrid advices represent business as dull and kn 4tl languid. Kxchange on l.ondon was quoted at 48. ))( The fund* had fluctuated. The three per centa 19 'J: 10 Ki buyera; 1111, sellers. (n Shipping lntrlllgemr. !*' Amstcbiiam, Sept In? Arr Xdintnirg, Conway, K York. 11HIM) riiavi'n, Sept 16?Sid Oil Bias, N York. I'RiiirsTAii,Sept S? Arr Bront>* Mataaiaa; 11, llulnaie; Bos- ln t?m, Heraatia, NVork. dl UrAi,, Sept 1!>? Paased by Maaclnater, Rotterdam, for Pliilad; bi A F Jcnn'A from Havana and tow oa, tor Antwerp. I ( Ddtkr, Sept <# ?Off Juniatta, from Antwerp tor N York. i.. Eijiimirk, Sept 12? t Id Saone, (from Boston) Cronatad; 17, R?et,, lit, (ti' in Cronatad) N' York; Fred Wairen, do for Dor- ca deaux; Baltic, do for Boston; At Io ns. do do; (iilbert,do for New Orleans; Han ia, do tor Boston; M N Kendall, Cronstad, for N' w (I Yotk. II a.mhi m.. Sept 17?Sid Lii lmiti,NYork. i ;n llAvnt, Sept BM Oincua, M York Limiriok, Sept l!f?Cld Ocean Bird, lor Malaga; Hayford, Oil>- ' raltar. ft, Clarissa. N York; sld IS, Bouvenicr, do. Dl London, Sept 21? Cld Kuiubow, N Orleans. : ri Livkbpoui..Sept 25? ArrEurope, Mercier, 1'hilad;21, Coluiu- ct bua. MeCcrran, Ywrk,2t>, Britannia. (a) Boston. 1 n, Off |>ort, bound in Liverpool, Eldridge, Columbia, Kurkxr, and , Enterprise, Funok, frem i\ York; Tuscarora, from Philad; bouud , in on t)it'24tbl Mia** , (si Ryru, from N York. 01 Fid Iti, Isaac Wright. Mai shall, N'York; lit, Indupendenoc, tri Kii'ulit, Boston; Se|>uhlle, Uliven. do; Raisbeck, do;(J.-n 1'arkhiU. of Mi Kown, NOrleana: 21, Jt i-or'. Cobb, N Fork; Concha, French, gu do. MilUn. Oortum, Boston; 22, W'oodside, Iliggma, .N York; Dib- ex ken, Kenn, NOrleana; 23, Aahburton, Bunting, N York; Francis , D> tau, Mulford. do. N ?:vvport, Bi pt 21?Cld Jenny Lind, Boston; 20, Mary, do; arr cn Peru, Harris, Boston. *oi PuMtigen Arrived. tt)l L v> rpo<>i.? St?ainrhip Cambria, at For Bostoa?Mr :U( un'l Mia Bur baft, Ml and Mrs lli^pn-i, Liaut Herbert and lody, . ,v Mr and Mrs Ut r'deteli. Rev Tims Uaiuli and lady, Mr and Mr? I Smith and cliild, Mrs C I) Pitt, Mr and Mrs Bow, Mr and Mrs Hagee Mr White, Mr White, jr, M:ister Kea, Moaara Tupper, lit , th /an, Hamilton, l.t UiII, Zeale, Dawaon, Troup, y, Lamar, i du Crookvr, Green, Troup. Uuthel, Bow>, Corduks, Corduks, jr, nr Morrell. Blakoley, Taylor, Evans, S.llar, Loekhart, Uosbun, Hot- i . ter, Kennedy, lirtmwood, Moor . Umpnelbaek, VV i, n< ken. Bat ' . tan-by. Nnsli. Pearee, Emi raon, Anduraou, Arnold, Bell, and 10 I in seeoud eabin. in, ~~???? , pr, Lsw lnteillgriicc, Si i KRioR l ot m. Oct. 6.?Belure Judge \ anderpoel. io1 ? Tin Corporation o) thr f'ust Pmhyterian Church . ?a Jtiffih Ci'tiAhii This cause, which was an eject- PfJ ment to recover a email piece of land on h orsytli street, J'11 was concluded today when the jury tendered a vordiet for the plaintiff*. , Before Judge Sandford.?bou rn rt at. vs. Steward.? This cause. which wa- an action on the case to recover r9' damages for an alleged injury done to plaintilT'ii good*, in the store IS William street, by the erection of a 1 i machine oil the lourth story of the premises. was de- i y, elded, the jury rendering a verdict for the defendant. I ou btnjumin b\ II ordirtlt iV tir?rge llastnn vs. tTalen- i line it. A etchaui ?'1 his was an action lor money had ; th und received. The plaintiff* are grocers in this city. | and it appeared they sold goods to a man named j0' Heeler, redding in Ohio, for which he gave his note. er payable in four months. Shortly before the note ma- c, tuied. it whs sent to Ohio, to a man named Warner, to 0| collect. Warner sent word that he was unable to col- I4 lect th? amount, and that Keeler had no means, ' Kr it was then said that plaintiffs wrote him back j it word to dispose of it in the best manner he 1 n, could. Warner then gave the note, after it was m due, to the defeudaut. with whom he had dealings, in th payment of a debt for $100. which he. (Warner.) owed to Ketcham. The latter afterwards came on here, and the defendants held him to bail in the pre-ent action. The defence wa* that defendant was an in- on nocent holder, and gave value for the note Secondly. te that Warner had authority to dispose of It And. Si thirdly, that be accounted for It with the plaintifls, sll there being a running account between them, and <'b that he gave them credit for it in his account furnish- be ed Iht- .ludge told the jury that the first question 1 dil for them to ooiwider was. did th? authority of Warner 1 th extend beyond the mere collection of the note; If it j Ni did not. the plaintiffs would be entitled to their ver- ?ti diet; but it they found that it did. then they were to wa ronMdei whether he applied the proceeds of It properly in or not. If they found that he did not. then the plain- I "? tift* wt.uld also be entitled to their Terdict , but if they ac found the atllrmative of these two questions, then the mi defendant would be entitled to their Terdict. Sealed 1 verdict to-morrow (this.) morning. w" t ir< t n Coi RT, Oot. 6.? Before Judge Strong.? | (;| Jnhn M. Julian Vi ./ J. f. IVeilerrtlt.?This Ir an pj, clion of replevin, biought by plaintiff to t??t bin title j i to certnln property levied on by defendant. under an thi execution. in his character ax *heri(l. One or two j & , witnesses only were examined, when the court ad- I gol journed wa Common Pi ka>, Oot. ti,?Before Judge Daly?John j i E /ijr/irr va. John Bin at.?Thin was an ai'lion lor asxault )J(.| Hi d battery and fal*e imprisonment The defendant . kept an emigrant boarding houa>- at No. H'J lireenwioh ?n trn;t I ant lieceDibfr. and the plaintilf boarded wttti hln> It appeared that one night during that month, the defendant turned the key iu the platntilT '? room ?n door and locked him up ail night. The plaintiff now seek* to recover damage* for the trespa**. The defence < was that plaintlll owed defendant i-.'? for board, and s0i that be locked him up to prevent him carrying away bin trunk, and In anointing other* to carry away thelra. , hoi in order to pre'erv* hi* (the defendants) right of lien on hia boarder*' property The jury rendered a rer- gin diet for plaintiff, *li cent* j Srr.ciAi Sr??ioi??, Oct. 0 ? Before the Recorder. Al- fto dtrmen Libby and Fitzgerald ? The corner approprl- liei ated to culprit* wax, this morning, pretty well Oiled by bill the u*ual motley orowd ol thieve*, rowdies, bruiser*, for and brawlera. Intermingled with whom were several in the nocent pnriion*, who. having unfortunately come un- bef der suspicion. were thrown intopricon, and only re- *ai leaned after their innocence wax proven.and all notwith- * b standing that the law suppose* every person innoceut J'"1 tiuLij tun j^uiib ur |in)Tru ? vi Hail lathrr go to Priton than to Sea.?Daniel C. <>ffl Whitfield wu convicted of stealing a coat, worth (10, the from a fellow boarder at the Sailors' Home Thr K?corder told him be would let him oil If be would ?hip In the I tilled State* nervine; but after conalderiDg the Oe thioK for half an hour. Daniel ?ald he would rather run bui bl? chance* at a sentence than go In the (arvioe ?ur he wae therefore aentenoed to the penitentiary for 30 nal day* aui Mt/y F.jf+tjiltJt'i ?A rather good-looking *1* Irinb girl, named Mary i orbit, wae brougot up after Bai being a week In priaon, on a charge ot ateallug a petti- Hrc coat and two or three pair* of Hooking* from Kdward am Sharp, ot No. 10 Day Street The girl told a quite *ui probable atoiy, via that Ota petticoat whinh waa "* LD. TWO CENTS. found OB h?r body wai taken by hrr through mtatatoa, iiifpoalnff that It bWonft*-d to i fallow Mruat, ua ran only aaautned whan nwrowa w?r>. by a mlMhtsM J1 wtt. Aa to tha atockinra th*v vara found t? > ort of common r*oaptul? in the servants room, a*4 he disclaimed any knowledge of the Duninr In whioh hey came there The perfeol nton?r of iogenloaa>?-?ii with which tha girt Mary anawered every q?a? Ion put to her, oonvinoed the court and every parr>n present except the complainant that she waa !? oc> nt of the charge <f larceny, and tha court, thougfc tiey ware obliged on the oath of tha principal witnaa^ a convict, ntlll reserved their right to suspend M? nce and the girl was allowed to go oa her 0*1 pr?ilse af rectitude .4riolhrr of tin Sam* S,trt - The following oa?a Wa4, iIh morning, presented with ail due ceremony. Wa Ive a copy of the affidavit ax it came into tha hat4t the clerk of the court. It 1-" as follow* ? aowt H I UII'KRr. Slutt of N*w York. City and County of StwYorh^ i.- Stephen K I'luckny, of No. 119 Bowery, baiag uly sworn, depone* and say*. that on tha third da* r October 1H4H. at the oity of New York, in eta ounty of New York, the following artioles, via: ? | I'uut half a ]>ound wf white im?ar of tt>e value oil Ibw cents. $00 M ll>. of l>rown Map of the value of 0V ( |N ff 1 the value of seven cents, the property of thla <lepasnt waa atolen and oorried away from depoaaatt >f session. And that the deponent nan probably eauaa > suspect and doe* suspect, that the said artiolM ere so taken and stolen by Julia William*, in ?b*M xsession said article* were found. _ Signed. SThl'HKN II PINOKNET. irorn before me this Jtb day of October. 1H48 U. XV. Oiimiii, folio* Juatiee. hrom tha evidence, it appeared that the prisoner *M servant in the family of complainant, and whea en with the article* in her possession, she frankly 'ow?d thut she had taken them, but with the perate>1), hs ?he supposed, of her mistress The court cool# id in the evidence no ground for supposing that ft iminal interest existed in the mind of the priaoner, >d she wan discharged Th>> remaining oases were or te usual complexion? petit larceny, iissa Jit and bfttry, fcc., fco Ocnkkal Sk.??iom?.?Oot 0.- Before the lt?corder Dd Aldermen Deforrest and llatfleld.? Tht Oair*/ fart in McNulty.?ThiR caee wan brought to a stand.111 this morning, by the absepce of one of the juron, bo wax devalued from Court by sloknnsR. The retaining jurore were, therefore, of neoeRsity. discharged cm the further consideration of the oase. and th? ourt proceeded to the transaction of other business, k'ben the MoNulty case will come up again, or wke* a?T it will be tried at all, remains to be RHen. Trial for Bigamy ?Jo hn J. Ingersol Mil pat upoa Is trial, charged with bigamy, in having, on the 4tk ?y of July laxt, contracted marriage with Ann (Iriy, hile hlR wife. Betsey Ayers, to whom he wan married I the 27th of September, 1*43. at Long Itidge, tow* Stamford. Connecticut, wax fltill living. Jamb* L. Avkri, of No 21 Newark avenue, Jeraey ty, being sworn, testified that he wax tha brother of itney Ayers, and that he saw defendant married te r. an above set forth. The marriage wac fully prove* the witness, who stated that lngeraol lived with hie tor some time after the marriage, and that he had o children by her. both of which, he believe*, are II living ; he Raw one of them this morning. Mart, sworn?Knows John J. Ingereoij e saw him married to Ann Oray, at St. Patrick's kthedral, in thin city, on the 4th of July last; ah* joil up at the wedding ; prisoner and Ann Oref ed together ns man and wife after the marriage; tnegx has Reen a oertiflcate of said marriage. The oounRei lor defenoe objected to the proof of the -1 marriage in the manner pursued by the Distrioi torney; as it bad come, out on oross-examtnetioa. a! there wits in existence documentary evidence, IM i) couiuel argued that in *uch rase, the written wu u only admirable proof, lie, therefore. moved that e evidence of the witness Ayrus be iitrlcken out. Tm urt refused to grant assent Cnunwl gave notio* it be should exoept to the rule of the Court. \ number of witnesses were examined on the part at t prisoner, nil of whom concurred in stating that lasol wan under the inlluenoe of liquor at the tin* of i second marriage K.iiza Ann Ames testified that ah* ,ew prisoner. Shi- raw him on the morning of th* ? of July last, and that he wan under the iutlueno* liquor, more no than Bhe hud ever seen him before, edertck liarnvy testified tbat he naw Ingersol in hi* 'itn< ss's) store on the morning of the 4th of July it, and he agreed with the other witneHsea. that he id been drinking William Wales, (colored) ?*ora I know prisoner; 1 *aw him on thp 4th of July 1m^ i de forenoon, 'bout haf- pan -leven a'olock; I had beea inking wid 'im ; 1 cannot zackly say he ih drank, it if 'e felt us I did e want werry sober (laughter;) ould'nt smell Ms breff, not at dat time. (Kenew4 lighter ) ? Was he so much intoxicated as to inpacitate bim lor transacting busings? A. (witk numed dignity)?Dat I cannot possitirely say. .aughter th.nugbout the Court.) Kdmiimi J. I'oktkr. AWOru?Is a counsellor at law. the State of New York The defeuctt proposed to ove by the witness, who in a commissioner for ConJ . ecticut, the law of that State in relation to matage. A book was produced which was alleged to be ft ppyof the laws of Connecticut. but the District Attor~y opposed the introduction of such evidence, oonndiug that thb law must be proven by a counsellor the Slate in which the law prevailed, or the copy iaDduced must be certified as correct by the Secretary said State, under the seal of the State. The Court stained the District Attorney, and the defence took ception* to the decision After the evidanoe had en summed up by counsel on both sides, the Recorder urged the jury, who retired, nud after an abaence of lie fifteen minutes, returned with a verdiot of guilty, te District Attorney then moved lor judgment againat ? prisoner Counsel for defence prayed for a stay of Jgment until Monday, in order that be might tako ? necessary step* to carry the case up on a bill of captions. To this the District Attorney objected at be could not consent to abate any part of his ty in this matter; he felt called upon he said, to ge the judgment of the Court in tliis case; he was termineii to do his duty in these matter*, although ? Slate executive did, by the exercise of the pardong power, let out prisoners by one door of the Slat* ison ns last a* he could get them in at the other, lie Court finally sentenced Ingersol to the State prill for three years. Alter hearing a few motions, and arraigning several lsoner? for trial during the present term, the Court i*ed its business, and adjourned to meet at 11 o'olook morrow morning. Uourt Calkmi>aR, ? os Sati h da v. ? Common I'leat. rt 1st? Hi, K'.?, 101. 103. 105, 107, 10?. ??, 1U, 501, ii'<. in. in, in. i mi in - iv, an, nu, owl, 2, 114, lie. 118, 304. 120, 122,124, 120, 128. Ol eh and Tkbmim b I* Wmti hkitkr Co.? Tk? iul of Korlhr<>]i for Munler.? The trial of this nil, i an indictment lor the murder of Miss Good hart, mmeiiced on Thursday, the tith at White Plains, la e Oyer and Terminer. held by the lion. Wm T. c< uun and Justice l apron and . K. K. Win*w. Ki>i| . of New \ ork oily, is counsel for the prison. and the District Attorney. Mr. Scrugh?tn, baoaMOiited with him his predecessor. K. K Voris, Ksq.t Osinmg. Several days were occupied In procuring jury. A double pannd was originally summoned, id ailerwiirds oue hundred talesmen were summoned, was not till yesterday morning that the requisite inibiT ??? obtained Another trial for murder or un?laught?r is expected to come before this Court at e present session. Police Intelligence. liurtin Smith brought on far Y'l ml.? Officer Norrla, te of the Chiefs principal aids, arrived In town yesrday, troni Providence, having in custody Harrla nith. whsm he brought on to this city, upon a re?|ul.ion granted by Governor Voting. wherein he stand* anted with forging a certitlcate purporting to har* en signed by tile cashier of the Newport liank, and rected to Hanforth ,v Ihifty bunk note engravers ot is city requesting them to engrave a place tor the iwport Hank, of the denomination of $ 100. and t* 'ike off two hundred impressions. This oertitieat* s diseo\ered to be a forgery and the matter placed the hands of the above named excellent officer, who >rked up the business in a complete manner. Tht cured whs taken before the i hlef of Police, and oobtted for a further examination. HoMinc " Strangri.?Officer Wade, of the loth ird. arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of J*. >h ? arson, keeper ol a boarding house at No 8T i- rry Htreet on a ointrne 01 ?iei?iiug f"IU in gold, Mm ty of Janiei Hamilton. one of tin own l>oarden. id evidence and HU-plclon against the toeuind ii, ?t Hamilton placed hi* trunk in the car* and posi?ion of i arcou at the time containing eight $6 id piece* but on receiving the trunk back again. Ii f ascertained that the money had been extracted, ider these suspicions the accused wan arrested and d to bail by Justice Tiinpson, to answer tha oharga. rirrrit on Sut/ncion.?A man called Wm. Carhart, an Money, wax arrested, yesterday. on suspioion of ting picked the pocket of Patrick Brenniff. of a ilet containing >76. while in a junk shop together, the corner of 4th and Lewis street*. The aoonaed s taken betora lustice <>sborne and committed shartt of Healing a Hortr and It'agnn,?OfflMt ilherland. of the 10th ward, urreatad yesterday % n called Sullivan Ball, on a charge of stealinga rse and wagon, valued at $*&, the property of A1?S4er Long The accused wan held to luwtr tb? irge. ft..!,,.I >/>? P.,.? <1/1... A VI. u - ***' ? - JJ *- ?ou/iavr, m Troy, tu ye?terday at the 1'oct Olttoe, and ?m r*> red of bin povket book, containing fi.wo In bask I*. by itmiic one of the expert pickpocket* who ara ever prowling about the l ont Office, looking out for > chances Mr. Snyder made an affidavit of hU loea ore the ( hiff of Police, wherein he etated that ha aware ol bin book and money being in hi? pocket ile at the I'ott Offloe, but ahortly after leaving ha covered the low. It would be well for the Chief W Ice, to ctation nonie efficient officer* at the font Ice. in order to protect our oitinene, and drive 00 ne thieving rwcaU iKK in Pbniiacola.?A fire in IVnaacola, at t lock, Munriay morning, occurred in one of th* ildinge on Palafox street, fronting on the bay, eo?> uing all the houaee In a westerly direction, termiling at J Inneraiity'* houee, that also bein? canned, making a level of all the houeea on the tw* tatea. about *ixty in number Sufferer* - U If, rkley, J t^uiglM, J. Koreyth, the Ulobe lloane, J. . Miahajn. ( 1 lo, the hlorlda Houm, J. Innerarlt^, 1 cevereJ othtr* A number of poor fauiilie* aM nil out of d??r* by the Hre ? Af?*W? Jeml, Jl<p>;.m w.