Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1848 Page 3
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% TfcLfctJhAFHH INTELLIGENCE. A flair* In Pltt?ti?r|(. j I'lITSHT'HO, Oct. 7, 1H48. The Pittthurg firemen's annual jwrade cimf of! ! tc-day, and pioved to be a splendid affair. The democratic party of this city and surround- 1 lbp country have a great torch-light procession* j o-mght. 1 The whips have appointed one also for Monday night, for which great preparations are making. Thp river in in lair boating order. MlttccilaneouN. Baltimore, Oct. 7. The bark Rauibow, troin KTo. has arrived, at this port with six dates later advices. They we, however, impoitaut. The brig Brothers, from Norfolk for Liverpool, mi ashore off the Capes. Our market for breadstufls is declining, and holders are willing sellers. Market a. Albany, October 7, 1848. Receipts by canal within the paat 24 hour* ?Floor. 10.700 barrel*: Wheat, 18,000 bu*helf.; Barley, 12 200 do The market for Hour waa inactive, and we have no change to note in prices C?rn?aalaa of 6 700 bURbela were made at 07e. for good tnised, and at 7&c. for round yellow Barley ? Sales of 20.000 bunheU ware mad* at 72c a 78c. I'rovinion* were inactive Whiskey was quiet. Buffalo, Oct. 7th, 1848 Receipts within tbe past 24 hour*:?Flour, 12,000 barrels; wheat, 2'J.OOO bu-hcla; corn, 33.000 do. Sales f 650 barrel* Hour were made at $4 75 to'*|l4 87>? WHeat?Kales or 2.400 bushels were made (Ohio) at Vc. Corn?Sales of 8,006 bushels were made at 52c There was no change in other articles. Rates of freight toy canal remained the name, PiTTsni'Rt.H. Oct. 0, 184K Flour market quiet; sale* of Wextern at $4 SO a (4 bt '.j per bbl. Sales of red wheat at 80 a 81c per bmh:?l. Yellow corn fells at 39 a 40c Sales of 1100 bushels oats at 26c per bushel. Whiskey sells at 19c. per gallon. Stock of bacon small. Sales of butter at 10>ta. per lb. Cotton?I'plaud sells at 8c per lb. Sales o timothy reed at $2 18.V per bushel, and flax* eed at Oftc. Rye fleur sell* at $3 2.r> per bbl. There are 3 feel 8 inches water in the channel. Boston, Oct. 7, 1S48. The demand for flour is only moderate, the sales being confined to the regular trade. Transaction* um up 1 600 barrels, including Michigan and Oiwego at $6 87>?.and pure Generee at $6. Kor corn there is a fair enquiry, but holders are above the view* of buyers ; sties 7 000 bushels at Otic for mixed, and 78c for yellow. Of Rye. 400 bushels changed hands at BOo ? Oats are dnll ; 2 000 bushels were disposed of at 40c. The Election In (?eorf^ln. > our whig members of Congress are certainly elected from this State by increased majorities. Georgia is lafe for Taylor. ? The telegraphic accounts make it certain that the following members have been eleoted :? Diet. 1.?T. Butler King, (whig.) ' III.?A F. Owen, (whig) i " V.?Thomas C Huckett, (democrat ) i " VI.?Howell Cobb, (democrat) " VII.?A H Stephens, (whig.) , ' VUi.? Robert 11 Toombs, (whig ) The report that J S. Calhoun (whig) was elected in the third district, needs confirmation The last accounts state that he had gained largely, but that 6re counties remained to be heard irom. in which he would have to gain about two hundred votes to be elected The result doub'ful. It is al?o reported that Haralson (democrat) is elected in the fourth district, but by a much reduced majority. Maryland K lection. C * mi o i i, Coi sty .? Hanson S. Webb, whig, is elected Sheriff, by a majority of 127 votes, ov-r Gore, demo crat. Well done, young Carroll! Harikord Coi'nty.?Hubert McOraw, whig, id elected Sheriff, by 170 majority. Cetil Cown^ ?The democratic Sheriff elected by 80 majority. Five whiga elected out of the seven CouiBtlMloners. r*iNrF. Okori.e'i Coi'ntv.?John D. Bowling. tb* whig candidate for State Senator, if elected lie had n* opponent. This is a whig gutn The w.*ilg candi date for Sheriff, J. J. Chew, is elected by a small majority Annk'Ari'sdkl i.oikti ?Hammond, the democratic cand'date for State Senator. In said to be elected by 77 najoiuy. The ioco tickets for Sheriff and (umiuislionrrn are alao said to be elected, both in Anne Arundel county and Howard district. Kent CorwTv.?The report is that a whig Sheriff ii> elected. Marine Alia I is. . Steamship I'mtkp Statu ?Letters hare been received. stating that Captain Hackstaff has appointed the day of sailing for Thurrdny, the 12th of October, and not the 10th. as published. Twenty of the passengers, who wtre on board at the time of the acci dent, have remained by the ihip. and will start with ber for New York. f'lty IntclllgcHcc. Thi Whio Warp MiKimai, om Friday The whig ward meetings on Friday night to elcot delegates to the several nominating conventions, were very crowded, very noisy, and some of them broke up in a row For Register, the d? legates picked by the friend of Mr. Andenon, now Chief K.ngiueer. were elected, i is said, in a mnjority of the wards; but there are mtay , independent n.en amoDgthem. and some of the ward* , broke up the meetings For Congress in the Third , District, tlie friends of Mr Phu-ni* marie a desnernte elTort, in conmjuence of whioh splits or rows took place in the 8ccon*l, Tliird. Fourth and Fifth Ward*, leaving the Kirrt Ward to Mr. Ph? nix, whose friends also clmm two of the other wards where row* and dirisions took place/ Mr. Jamej Bowen wan the opponent Of Mr. PbceBlX bnt as he was of the BtWfd clifui in formir times, be is unpopular, and, probably, a new i man will be taken up Mr John <>. Sargent i- talked of. i'rom the Third and Sixth District*, we he?r no particulars as to Congress. In ilie Kifth District? i Kigth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Wards?the candidate* Here Mr. ll< deriok N. Morrison and Mr John W.Satson. formerly a Mormon preacher, but now one of the i whig executive committee. The Kightb Ward wa?, we presume, carried by the filetids of Morrison ; the Ninth Ward elected SaUon's delegates under protest againtt bis nomination, and the Fourteenth Ward eleotcd an old-fat-liioned. unpledged wh'g ticket. Tbe , ward . liquet, aided by the police, with those of tbe Kmpire Club, who hare turned Taylor men, ?nd "undry scientific gentlemen, carried all bt-fore them Tut. Wkatiikr ?The weather still >-ontinues delightful. and the s'reets are thronged with pedestrians. The Fair seems to draw the att.-ntio a of every one, and the city is in a state of dnlness almost unequalled. Notwithstanding the beautj of the weather, there is a greater dearth of local news than there has been <or a long time. Hkhr Frederh IIk< km ?This gentleman yesterday accompanied the committee of the Common Council to the Tenitentiarv. Nursery, and High Bridge. He expresFfd himself delighted with tbe arrangements and conducting of the institutions, as well as the magnificent strueture, which is undoubtedly the most magnificent of the kind in the country. Hiohwiv Hommkrv.?A young man in th? employ of Drew. Robinson Co . of this city, was knocked down by a party of ruffians, at raterson, N. J., on Friday night, and robbed of $*000. belonging to tbe firm. Fir?' ?A fire broke out about ten o'clock on Friday night, in the window of No 382 Bowery, oooupted by S. M. Stenier as a dry goods store. It wa? put out with trifling dxnger. Found Dxiwkio.?The ooroner held an inqueat yesterday at the Alma House yard, on the body of an unknown man. found In tbe dock foot of pier No 10 Kiiht Hlver. He appeared to be about 30 years old, and was dressed in a striped shirt. satinet pants, patched en the right knee, and oloth vest. The jury rendered a verdict that the deceased csrne to his death by drowning. Poller Intelligence. Erttntivf Kohhrry in Xrw Jeraty ?On Friday evening. between 0 and 7 o'clock, a Mr. K. O. Crommeliae, a clerk In the employ of hrew, Robinson fc Co., a2 Wail street, was v'oleutly assaulted by two ruffian* in I'a ten ?n. New Jersey, knocked down, beaten, and a package containing $8,600 stolen from his pnxsnsaion, with which the raicals made good their escape. It appear* that Mr.' rowmeline Is in the habit ot visiting Pater on every two week*, on a Friday afternoon, with a large amount of money, for the proprietors ot the different factories, to be used the next day (Saturday) fur the payment of the hands employed in the factories ; and. accordingly, Mr. Crommelina left New York on Friday afternoon, a* usual, having in his possession a pamage of mnney. amounting to $10,600; and on arriving at Taterson a little after all o'clock, be at one* proceeded to one of the faotorles. and there let't $2 000, and when on his way to the other factory, between 6and 7 o'clock, and not much more than 100 yards from the former, at a short turn in the road, which was soniewat clouded over with large trees, two tulPans suddenly turnsd upon him. and one said nun ?Jt a o- ?. MIMI v bun w?uin uicuiHni i truck him a <fviTf blow on the boss, whicb sturt- i ad tha blood profusely A clinch then ensued And down they went together ; during thin time the other rascal ?e /ed the package winch wa< under hla arm, containing *8,.>00. and rati off , the other picked himself up and starlad off llkawiae ; during thin time poor Crommelina *i? no much taken by surprise and ttunued by the blow*, that he was unable to give the nace sary alarm before the robbers had made good their escape. An alarm ?a? at onee given over the town' respecting the Iom, and aearoh made for the thieves , at ten o'olook two young men of auspicious character were arrested In * tailor'* -hup In I'ataraon. on suspicion of being the robber* I'he suspicion against one ia. that be was seen upon the arrival of the car*, to hurry off in the direction of the factoring, and in the direction ol where the offence wa< com mitted The uther In aupposad to hare a spot of blnod ou hla Jlothtug j neither, however. hnv>< aa yet been Identified, only from their general appearance they 1 are believed to lie the men ; they are both young men ol about twenty year* of age. They are detained at present, by the authorities for a further examination A reward of >MiO is offtrdP^Tor the recovery ot tha money, which wan in New York Sta'a bill* k'tnlnii *ti<ault and Roihtry,?Officer t '.roliu* of the I ith Ward, arrested yesterday a man by tha name of Hichard Blauveit.ona oharga of violently assaulting a colon d man bj the name of Abraham ( 01. (or more eoaimonly called Dandy Co*.) residing at No. 40)^ Baekman (treat . ami during the asaauit aoma one ito\* a wallet trom th> person of Cm containing $10 It #*.*" ji 'he.t ' o* wa-" with his horse and wagon on tha ?OT ,Brt ' hnreb atraeta when tha aa- J betwren them, when one of the party benause Coi vould oot treat the party to drinks, (truck bin a violent blow on the right eye bone, cutting bim severely; tnd during the mtltt one of the gang carried off Cat's wallet and money Upon this state ot fact* being Mated to the magistrate. Blauvelt wan lock?d np, and arrant* were issued for the other parties. Vitriol .4<ai'n. ?Officer O'Brien, of the Sixth Wwrd, srrested a we man called Jane Ann Thompson, on a charge of throwing lot of vitriol on James T. Armstrong. burning bis perran, and otherwise destroying bis clothing. She was detained in prison by Justice l'impson. tor trial. Law liitrilliri'iirr. llmrtD Staie* Dithict CoiraT?In Ahmiiiltv.? Before Justice lletl* ? Sylvttler Baxter and tlKtri, Libitlantt, vi I lor act Leland and u then, HrnpondtiUt. ? '1 bin is a libel on a maritime contract, made at New Drleana iuiIic montb of January, 184S. between the libellanta, owner* ol the abip Cleon, and the respondent*. doing busineaa under the name, style, and Arm of I.eland. Adam* Si Company, by which Leland ,V Vla on. of New Orleans. shipped on board *aid veaaei 1,490 battel* of flour, marked " Kwmg Mllla," to b? tranapoited to New York and there delivered to the respondent* or to their a**igna, the dangera of navigation only excepted, respondent* paying freight for the *aid Hour, at the rate of forty cent* per barrel, and five per cent primage; the flour waa delivered, for which the master signed bilia of lading. The libel Hated, that at the time of the delivery of the flour on board, it waa in bad order, the barrel* stained, and the state of the flour unknown to the libellanta, or to the master of the ve**el, and that exception* to the atate of the flour were endorsed on the bill or lading; that said ship railed fiom New Orleans aud arrived in safety at New Votk, and the flour wan duly delivered to, aud accepted by, the respondents; that upon delivery of said flour, the libellants became entitled to demand and receive from the respondents the sum of $461 02 for freight and primage, wbi-h the defendants refused to pay, on the ground of the flour being damaged. The respondents bled their answer to the libel, and, alter admitting the several allegations of fact therein, except as in their answer is excepted, they dmy that the bill of lading annexed to the libel iB a true oopy; and that more than ten burrels of the flour was stained or damaged, or that it was delivered to them in the like good order in which it was received; that, on the contrary, from 600 to 000 barn Is were stained, heated, and musty, and that such injury was sustained by negligence <*n the part of the lebellants. their master, hic , that for a week before the flour was shipped the libellants allowed it to remain on the levee at New Orleans, under rain, fee , by which it was moistened to a considerable extent ; that they improperly stowed about /i00 barrels in a close, damp, ant' warm hold of the vessel, together with a quantit y of sugar and corn, placing the sugar upon the flour, and many of the hags of corn amongst it, and that by such stowage it heated, became damp and musty ; that the respondents had sustained damage to the amount of $531 60, and by reason of such injury, the libellanta not having complied with the bill of lading, they had not earned the freight sought to be recovered by them in this suit; and concluded by insisting, that in case the freight was decreed, the plaintifTs ought also to be decreed entitled to set olf the damage sustained by them against said freight it would reem that the principal question to be decided in this cause is. whether the flour was damaged by the sweating of the hold of the vessel, and if so, nbt-mtT me snippers or ttie owners of tbe vessel are to bear the loss Judgment reserved. Common Pleas* October 7 ? Before Judge In^raham. Louis De Iloiia et al. vs. Jilfrtd Clap/i et ul. ?Thin was an action againi>t the maker and endorser of r, promissory note for f>?K)4 37. The signature of the parties was proved. The suit wan defended by Mr. Rice, the endorser only. His counsel stated, that previous, to ! 1846 Mr. Clapp. the other defendant, together with two other persons. carried on the dry goods business in this city very extensively under ttie Arm of Alfred Clapp & Co.; that in 1846 the failed for about $'.M>.0()0; that a negotiation was entered into between themselves and their creditors for * compromise, which t-ndi'd in an agreement on the part of the creditors to take forty cents on the dollar, to be secured by Mr. t'lapp's own notes endorsed by a person named Ebeneier Clapp. and Mr Rice the defendant in this suit; the notes to be payable, on an average, in eighteen months This agreement wasentered intoin October. 1840, and it was agreed that the composition deed and the whole matter should be wound up by the middle of December following from which time the notes were Jo commence running. Fie further stated that during all this time Mr. Rice was out of the city, and I nd no intimation of the arrrangement between Mr. C<app and his creditors. That about the 14th or loth of December he arrived at his residence in Brooklyn. hi.d that on the 16th Mr. Clapp and a youn/er brother of his went to Mr. Rice's house to arrange about tl a endorsement of the notes; that they left tbe house icgethtr In a wagon, and as they were driving tbrouph Myrtle avenue, the horse took fright ran down the avenue. Mr. Clapp was thrown out. mill had hoth his lees broken Mr. Ricn wan oUn thrown out. hie head coming against the curb ?,toue, ! and both were so severely injured that they were carried to their respective residences, in Brooklyn, in a elate of insensibility; the counsel went on to state that Mr.Clapp'd faculties were unimpaired; and after he had got his legs set and put to rights, which was two days after the accident, he being anxious to carry out his agreement with his creditors, he sent his brother to Mr Hice's house, who still continued, from the tll'ects of his wound, in a state of insensibility, with a batch of get them endorsed While Vlr Rice wa? in that state he ami* prevailed upou to endorse :he notes, one of which is the note in suit. Under these circumstances it was contended that Mr. Rice was incapable of entering into a valid contract, and theref re he could not be made liable. -Adjourned to Monday. tjoi ft ok Uknkbal Skssion.hj October 7.? Before i tbe Recorder and Aldermen Deforest and Hat! eld Million Day ?To-day being motion day, no causes re tried. Several motions were made to put off trials release on Cast of Marvin Mr Sully.?The defendant in this I ease was admitted to bail in the sum of VJ.500. being one thousand dollars on the charge of embez7lement. lind five hundred dollars each on three other indictments. Crandall Rich, of the Seventeenth Ward, is bt.imd for him. 1 he court adjourned at an early hour, till Monday at 11 o'clock. RrllgloitN liil? lll^< ine. The Rev. Beni. 'lappan, Jr , will be installed pastor ot the Winthrop Church In Charlestown, Mass.. on W< dnei-dny evening. The Rev. Dr Ryder has resumed his post as president of tbe Georgetown College. The academy adjoining St. 1'atrlck's < hurch. went into operation on Monday ; aud the association of St. Matthew's Church, for erecting a ?teeple for the bell, continue to receive accessions to their fund for that purpose. The assessed value of the real estate of Rochester Is f.3.717.161 : personal. $1,051,600. Total. 4,768,661. 0 ft II 11C til AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Saturday. Oct. 7?0 P.M. The stock market opened a lit-le brighter to-duy. 'rices for most of the fancies improved a fraction, and the sales were larger than usual It was announced lu the street this morning that Mr.Coreoran hud satisfactorily arranged the business of his mission; that he had sold Government stook to the amount of thre** millions of dollars, and had obtained a loan of three millions of dollars on the hypothecation of I'nlted Slates stocks. The terrna of the sale, and length of the loan, have not transpired. At the tirst, board to-day. Harlem advanced 1 per cent; Canton, ,V Long Island, X; Norwich and Wor cener. \i; rarmern i.uhn.;, r rie naurntu, new, iuii, fell off Heading Hailroad, There were large sales of Treasury notes at prions current yesterday. Several failures hare occurred among the dry goods dealers in Philadelphia within a few days The money market at Boston continues tight, and the demand I* greater than last week, at higher rates of interest, and this. too. when the banks of Boston and vicinity have paid out nearly a million of dollars In dividends. Prices of best railroad stocks have given way during the week, and the demand being small, sales are made with difficulty. The exports of domestlos from Boston during September, 1848, reached 1 211' packages, valued at $62,006The amount for nine months is 34.183packages, valued nt $1,600,270. agninst 28,010 packages same time last year. The export of ioe for the last nine months reach ed 47.718 tons, against 41.11' tons The amount of canal tolls received at Rochester in September foe three years past ?1840 $30,462 01; 1847 $27,080 79; 1848 $33.022 76. The receipts of 1847 were $3 .'W2 22 leas than the amount received In 1846. and the tolls lor September, 1?48. show an Increase of *2 .'>70 76 over tltoae or IH46 The Auburn and Kooheattr railroad is now flniahed Hirou?hout it* entire length, with h heavy Iron trackthirty mile* of whioh weigh* aixty pound* to the yard' tnd the remaining forty-seven milea ssventy pound* to the yard. The oxpenae of the new structure haa fcveraged $10 (KX? per mile, malting, with the additional fixtures and running apparntua that wilt be required, in expenditure of n?arly one million of do!lart<. Twen. ty-twc mile* of the road between <anaadagu* and Benefit are graded for a double tc?ok. Formerly thi runnhai; time front Auburn to Kooheater waaalx hour*, stit it ba? been gradually raduoad till the apaoe la now -un over in four hour* Tnla time will eventually be ibortened to three hour* and t half The Schuylkill Canal Company tranaportad last reck to tide water 1:1.489 tona of eo?l. making the total or the aeaaon ;M7.071 tona. Mtork Kirhangr, KXMXl t; H6? |S(',.'cou 108^ 1WI ?h? < union (Jo MO .12 2WIU do lranil*'iablv lli.'l 160 do J2 , .M (HI do V bl2m 1W UN) do lMIOOrto KM AH)Canton 8' rip 2'., 1( urn uo KM1, I AO Bm lent Kit a?i .M IfMiMi Tn*> K?te? bto lirt SUO do 51 2H*(I do lot do MO .il ^ l'?<" do MO M|.1k 'MO do ?>tl 60 V IN 00 do Ni<l un'i VMI do **) .ViS|| Umi Kentucky hh* 100 do 51 ? VMi I i*iina>l?*n<a ft'e 7.1 1411 do 51Ji |l?iN?w Ynrk7V?!' 101 'VW d '>!,'? Hum do &' 7H> IIK) Kill do >X<0 ft|<i "HI ?h? Vtrli??ii>r| SHI do "?*) 41 * bk ofAnxirlo* Sft K file* ft Soh RR lift Mi Pel a ud ( aaai 14V III .-yr<tcm? la 11 Una III I" Imni "linal l/l Auhnrn a lt?<-h >?>V ID do Ml ? III do mi * 14 Obi* 1 >fe and Traat J* ill io Mk 2(0 Morrii Cukl *S AO Nor Ik W?r RS vtO .Yt'st 100 do HO H* V> uo ,uw 300 do MO "42 60 do MM) 28 Erie. n*w, full *60 .V'\ SI do 17ft do a?0 ti'\ 6M Reading RR ? 10 do M 60 2& do 2?W 6 do B0 Heoond Board, *2( (k'O U. Statea 6,a, M 93* ho Bktlaa Railroad MO SIW 60(0 do 6V'bb lr?H M < ? < " bwl M% Ad ahan hi or. and W or. 3.1 >.? 60 do do b3 61', l(Ni do do S3>, 1(H) farmer*' Trui 200 Readiu Railroad 20 100 do Mmt'g 27* st'0 do do M0 TJf'i 200 do Mmoi Z\ 200 do do btiO ?.U 200 do 27 260 do do ?>S, 2ft Canton Co 311* 60 Mr.,na Canal blO (<H 60 do UO 32* 60 Biriui lillrwij ilj CITY THADB KKPORT. StTimuiv, Oct. 7?2 P. M. Jit lit t areas before, with xmall H&leti Cotton?The n'arket open* euny for the buyer, with light mil en. Flour <Jv.? Wentern ( anal tlour is tki lower thin morning. ami parties feeui but little dUponed to operate. 1 ranmctioDi- reach 8 000 bbls. at $6 50 a 5 for the whole afsortmeut of common brand", anil $6 6M? a $6 70 for pure Geneae*. In Southern, we can bear of no operation!. 1600 bhU. told jeHerday at (6 a $6 76 for Howurd utreet, lirumljwine. Sic. Meal in dull, and no calefl of moment transpired The xaleit in wheat are 2600 huaheld good Ohio, at $1 17. Corn?Trade ia heavy, and we believe no tale* have been made this morning. The atking price* are 7?c. for round, 06 a 70c for mixed, and72c. tor flat yellow Ry* is held at 68 a 00c. Oan are as yesterday 03 a 34c, lor river and canal. Proviiiont? Ohio perk is without movement. We quote an before. $13 a $10. There prices, however, cannot be obtained for large lots. Beef is not very active; mess is held at $12 60 for new Lard has declined since the arrival of the Cambria, and 300 barrel* prime told at 88.J4C. Whiskey?Sales 100 bbls. Ohio, at 26c. Satvmdat, October 7?fl P. M. The market for breadstuffs generally was dull today. There was, however, a steady demand for flour and grain, at low prices. The former was not quite so firm alter the receipt of the private letters brought by the Cambria, a* it was y< st.erday. Though fair sales were made, including lots for export, there were considerable sales cf Ohio wheat for shipment, on terms slightly in fav< r of buyers, compared with previous rates. Corn was held above the views of buyers, and transactions were not quite so large an on some days previous. It was generally held abttve the views 1 of buyers. Jersey meat was nearly out of market, and ' confined to a few hands, and for which higher terms ! were demanded, Kje was heavy, at previous rates. , There was no change in oats. Barley sold on terms stated below, Provisions were dull, and small sales 1 mens pork were made at a slight decline, prime stood at about the same; lard sold at previous rates; sugars continued tirm, with light sales; molasses were | steady; cotton was depressed, and sales made at a slight decline, freight engagements were molerate, without matt rial variation in rates. A*mkb ? Sales of about ICO bbls. were made, including pots, at $0 12>?. and pearls, at $6 18**', and small | sales Canadian were made at $0 IShk.aksi ukks ? flour?The sales embraced from 6 to ti 000 bbls., chietly this State, mixed brands, Miohigan, Ofwego, fcc at $5 50; with 6 to tiOO do. Ohio, and 300 do. New Orleans, at the same price In the above were also included seme lots pure Genesee, at $5 02*, to $5 P8\' Southern remained about the same. We quote Petersburg city mills, atloat, at $5 75, and at $5 81.^. in store Wheat? Sales of 10 000 to 18.000 bush. Ohio mixed, white, aud red were made for export at 115 a 110c., and 2 600 do. white sold at 117c ; 2,300 do Genesee sold at 127c , and 4.500 Chicago, at 103c. Com?The sales for the day reached about 20 000 to 25 000 buthels. a large portion of wbichj consisted of Jersey and Northern round yellow. at 70c.: 2 000 do. Southern white solilat H7? tut yellow and high muwl were held at 70 to 72c. ? New Jersey, being scarce, wan held at $3 37}*'. fii/r? Sales of 3,600 to 4.000 bushels were made at 75c. Hyp Flour wan inactive at 13 02>, to $3 tib. Oat*? Further mlee oanal were reported at 34c to 34){c. Hariri/ ? Sales of 2,000 bushels, two rowed, were made at 76c Btiawi? ?Sales of 2,600 lbs. of prime Northern yellow were made at 22c Kratiikbs.?Sales of 1,600 lbs. Virginia were made at 81J?c. Con on.?The business has been ijuite limited today, and the market well supplied. The sales, which were 600 bales, show a decline of a quarter of a cent since Monday last. CorrKK ?There have been sales of 2.000 hags Laguayra attic, a e., and 1.000 Rio at OUc. a 6\,c. Kseiuhis?500 a 700 bbls flour were engaged for Liverpool at 2s. tid. There was more offvring at 2s. 4)?d. Other articles remained nominally the same. To Havre rates were steady, at half cent for cotton. $8 for ashes, and at (10 lor quercitron bark. Fruit,?The second cargo of new M?lagn arrived to-day and will he disposed of on Monday. Canton ginger has advanced in consequence of limited supply, and 210 changed hands at about $0 18", a $6 25. Hemp.?We notice hales of 150 bnW's American dew rotted at $146, and 100 do. Manilla at 8*41: at-ix months. Hmn.-Salee have been made of 8 000 Orinoco at 8>jc. a 8Jic., or thereabouts: and 4 027 dry Tarapico merchantable in Philadelphia, for thi^ market, at 7 '4, less five per cent Prc ?KiONt,?Sales, in lots, of 200 a 306 bbls. mess pork were made at $12 75 a $12 87>?. Prime stood at about $10 offered. and $10 0B'4 a $1012)* as <ed Lard. ? Sales of 300 a 400 bbls were reported at 8 .'4 a 8V a 8J?c . according to quality Beef?Small sales new continu< d to be made at $1250 Small pales pickled pork hams were made atO^-- Cheese ?Sales of 160 boxes prime to extra, were made at 7 a 7A?o. Butter exhibited no material change IIav ?Sales of 600 bales were made at 45c. a 50c. ?Since our last, there have been sales of S00 hhds. sweet Mariel and Cardenas, nt 20c. a 21c.; and 150 Porto Rico, at 24c a 20c , four months. Kh r..?200 tierces were disposed of, including 50 by auction, at $3 60 a $3 87'a Tohacco.?We submit the following statement, showing the prices, sales, receipts and stocks, for the week ending October 7th rncci. 00*0. air a, shock, K7ndNyr.lX,lI! | S>? 120 Mi 3*a7 135hd. 8.5S9bdi Maryland and Ohio.. ? ? ? 16 do Peoui jrlvaina Seed.. 6 alS ? ? 729 oasoa Connecticut do...... 6 a!2 24 caseB C ? 3<i8 do Florida 12 atiO ? ? ffl do Uavnna 2(1 a87 ? ? 778 bis Cuba 11 al# 1"!' Mf, P". ? 1695 do ahort pri<-i for expoit. Vara 28 *38 ? ? 805 do St. Domingo 6 a 12 ? ? SOW do Id addition to the above, CO hhtls. fair, to good Kentucky leaf, sold to-ilay. at There was a fair enquiry with a steady demand through the week. Whiskey.?Sales of '200 l>bls. were made, at 25c for Ohio, and at2.r>>ic for State prison Wool. ?Besides the lots reported in Our last, there were imles of 50 hales washed South American at 10c. a lie. time The following are the current <|Uotation? Am, Faxn'y. ,1'i a 35 Nt, 1. pulled City,.. . ]0 a 22 Am. frill blood Merino. 27 a 'to Sorith Amor washed. 9 a 12 Am. X and % Merino ?'| a 36 S. A. VMM & picked, is a 21 Am 1 ative aid l..; d0 20 a 22 8011th Am. unwashed, a 7 VuytrtM, palll d t try. a M Atri<-:i ." a 7 No. 1, pulled Country. 21 a 22 Smyrna . 10 a 13 Superfine pu'led City.. 21 a 25 Mexican 9 a 1" lAllMM EI.SKW11ERE. stock salks. Phii.adki.phia,?Firtt Hoard?$2n0 County 5's, '60,85; 1000 State Vs. 78 V '' 0 H w Bounty urip. 97^4i 25 do. 97; 70"0 U. H. ? ? t!8. ll>4>4; 1000 State ?>, M; 35UO State 6's, 75'?j 220 do. 73 21 shs Cnioii Bask. Term. 12J<. Second Ho'i rrl - *_( tn' Tr. a>nry notes, t.'a It 3: 50(1 do. |ll;??; KMWI I.ehi^h Hort6's, Ufc 90011 8ch. Nav. 6> ,68, X'; lnOt'shs Harlem RR., 82, 22 do. Cand< u Lank. ^ 4# Boston, Oct 6?Fjclnnige Hoard?5 Northern Railroad, I1!; 15 Kt adim Kailr .ad, l4j? ; 20 do I f ; 3 Boston and Providenoe Railroad, S9; 80 Kaat Boston Compuny, H'X ; 7* do It)1* ; 100 do llijf; 15 Western Kailroad, 1<>\V 8 Vermont and Masnachueetta I-ailroad, 47 , 5Wdn. 47; Ct do, 4N 3 Boston and *taine Kailroid, 111 I fcaftern Kailload, lt'2; 5 Kaat-.rn Kailroad, N. H , 102'4 5 do. 102. 5 YcimontCcntml Kailroad, 52W. Hr< ki rn' Honrri?15 Western Ksllroad. 9"U; 5 do Northern Railrond, 91; l.ri Reading Railroad, 1 l\i 20 do, 14J,; 3 do Boston and Providence lal road, 811; 50 Eatt boHon Co |l 1^: 75 do, 1(1*^; 100 do I0)fj S Vermont and Mars. Railroad 17'3 .V.i do, 47. 39 do 48; 3 Boston and Maine Kailroao, 1|0J?; 1 Eastern Railroad. 102; 5 Eastern Kailroal, N. H , I02>>; 5 do do, KI2; "> Vermont Central Railroad, 52>?; 52 r'phti Vermont as.1 Mass, Kai road,5e. aitM. On Sunday. XJctolier the Int. at hln re?idence. No 10 Amity *tret t, New York. by the magistrate. Alderman L. W Steva-n*. K*n , Profe**<?r Vh ion Jititkr Z. K. M IIkmkk, Kf<( , cttlr.fn of the lotted States of America. to Mi*i Luktta Rr.>.it* Bail, of /weibruoeken. Europe. t>led, Of an affection of the liver, at a < uarter past 12 o'clock on Saturday morning. the 7th tant.Ki.irv HK.TH A. wife of Merdacia 8 Powell. in the 32a year of of her are The relative* and friend* of the family, alao the member* of the DivUlon. No 41. Son* of Temperance, and Washington Chapter. No 2. United Amerinan*, are reapectfuliy invited to attend the funeral from her late rerdd?nc? No. 34 Hidge street, on Sunday, the 8th in*t . at ao'clook. P M. without further invitation. On Kriday, September 8. at 4 o'clock. P.M., J?*i? B*pti*t N*tt>in. in the 4th year of hi* age. Hi* fuiural will take place thin day. Sunday, at 9 O'clock r M . from 4?th *treet. Bleomingdale road. Carriage* will be in waiting at 2 o'clock. P.M., in I'ark row. On the 7th in*tant, of bilioua fever. Johi? T. Bah< a oft. aged 28 year*. Hi* friend*, and thoaa of hi* brother-in-law, Joeeph Drown. are invited to attend his funeral. on Monday, nth instant. at 3 o'clock. from hi* lata residence, No. 80 Adam* street. Brooklyn. On Saturday morning- 7th Instant, lit. nn., relict of th? late Ueorffo B MiUer Her friend*. And those of her son-in-law, Andrew H .Vlickle. ti.l William E l,awrenc?. re respectfully Into attend her funsral. on Monday afternoon, at 3o'clock, frem her late residence, No. 1 Broadway Suddenly, on Saturday afternoon, 7th Instant of anoplt-vy, Mr Thkouork (' B> < h. Hgrd 33 years. His friends and acquaintances and particularly the nt-mbers of tfae Metropolitan Lodge No 33, I. t?. () K., are respectfully invited to attend his funeral. from his late residence. No. 4 College Place, on MoBdny, flth instant, at !i o'clock. Mis remains will be taken to ( reenwood Cemetery for interment. t In Boaooke oounty, > irginia. on the ?2d ult., Miss <:ath4Sikk L. Tmriw, La the !Mth year of her age Kdueated to grace and adorn sosiety. few possessed that tssean.i eltgaace of mmner wjiicb won all hearts, without eiriting even the envy or the jealousy ot her own sex Amiable and lovejy as stM waa. Death was Ineinrnble ; and she obeyed the stem mandate with that cheeit'ul rehlgnation which characterised ber through life. PA< KET FOR HrtVitE, SKtlOND I.tNR.-TilC SHIK B*llimore R. D. Conn, master, wilt sat.' on the l?t Nnr-mhsr. IlllVDk H1NCKKN Agents, >o. Ws. ?all*tr??r, L>l?R BtLrAfcT, IRfcl.AND, WITH Dl MP nTUll.?TH B I erst ds?s. tset ssiling. ei'pjiered arid copper fastened, M, British ahtp Constitn ion, t apt K? I. hurthsn.s&t*t UK will meet ?ith imaifdtate dlfpstih ti r the shotrs port, i or fr* gtn, or |SSiSgf. spply VrMVKhAY, Conor of I'imi sml S.olh struts , 1"*<? MRHIIIANTS AND SHIP HA*TRRS. THE PORT W nrden'K < lHlct isst No. Itn Wall sfteet vdfionr PARK THMATV.?MONDAY KTBIflNO, OTTOBKR 8 Uib enUrt*iuiueui* wil> wjmiD?n? wttb tk* died NAVAL fcNUAiG MINTS. the Urat ftua M , ? nd acta ol the tomedittla. * kdh from DuWMiti'* opar i o | I IN I)A OF CHAMOC.N1?Linda, Mm*. Ann* Biehop. in which luraeier fIm till tlir Bank a of Quadalquiver. And praviont t' the ballet. IhI time a?c**e entitled TH K BaRRIi;A1/ES, Intro- | Irix'nrinn the air. 1 a Maraaillaiie In which Mini Anna Bu m will ipinr y in ofleer of the PkiaIi Nattnaal Uaanl. A1" winch, b? l.allet of ESMERALDA- La EameraJda. Mad. A (tela MerrUkir I>re*? Cirele, 7? ^aota; Family Circle. 80 oontflUpp** Bnxee 'It oent* Hit, S7H canto; Oallary, Ilk oanU. BOWERY THKAIKE.-MONDAY IV1NINU. OCTOBER I M, will be acted, tlia drajna, in thraa part*, entitled HOOK- ! H COD, or Hi? hurt] TurinQ tlia Highwaymau? Pater Bradley, Mr J. M. Seott; Dick Turpin, Mr. (i. F. Browne; Turn Ring. Mr. J. Dunn; Jerry Juniper. Mr. Wisaua; Sybil, Mia K-ry Taylor. A CKaND Pa9 MMOtTS?Signora Cl"flc* and Si*. We ri To

conclude with tha grand fairy axlravagania of KORTI'NIO, and hmSveu Giftid ServatU?Fortunio. Miaa Mary Taylor, li mn Dun' rar, Mr. E. Warden. Kin; Allouri'a, Mr Steven*; rha Bin P*ti r W,iia|?. Mr. J. Winaiia; Priaoeaa Vindica, Mi-m F. Gordon. Dourtopan nttiW--p*rfonnanee to aommaaca at7o'clock. Boa**, 16 cei.ta : Pit. 11)4 oant* : Oallery, 12)4 cant*. BOUEKY THEATRE?BENEFIT OF I. P WAl.lROM, ' raanurer,' on Wednesday neat, October II, IM-* ? wo will be rv| eatail tha grand romantic drama of ROOKIVUOll.? Dane ng l v Signori Ciocca ai d -ignor Nari. ?Ith n further cum blnat on > f at tract i> ns, tn Iw fully annonreed in the hill* of th? day; and tn which Minn Mary Taylor, Mr (5 F. Browne, with the en'ire strength of the aompnny, will perform(tllAMKAUS NEW NaIIONAL MEATRE. F'iKMKKLY J Chatham,?M. ndaj Evening, t !>, will ba pniaented tha drama of the MISER OF SOUTH WAhk FEKKY?John Ovary, Mr. Cartlitch; shot holt, Mr. Stark; M?ryOvery. Miaa E. Meii ayer. To be followed by M H. MACOREKHY ; Or AStarat the Opera House? Mr. Hamlet, Mr Ctiantrau; Mr. Ma. creedy. Mr. C I'.urkc; Hetty, Miaa E Meatavrr; Laily Macbeth, Mra.Mci.aaii. To .-one U'l. wlthtlm MY81 Ell IKS AM* MISERIES OF NEW YORK?Mom, Mr. Chaufrau; Tobln, Mr. C. Burke; Mr. Hreciae, Mr Patday: Bl* Liv, Mr*. HaLaan: Littia Lisa, Mia* Mettayci Boon open at tik partormaiae to nommeoo* at 7'? c'llirl Boiea. J# oantat Pit. 1JH MECHANICS' HAI L. No. 472 Broadway, licr.w an Unu.d and Broome atreata, commanoad on Monday, Ootoher 2d and will continue every night until farther notice.?Second ?cek of tl.e re opening Tha ordinal and well-known ( HK1M Y'S MINS I K ELS, (organized in IK42,) w'u-i- conletta in th>a city, for a period of ten mouuia, ware ractived with auch dlatjiigniahed favor and patronage. have the honor of awi.muring to tha ladiea and gentlemen of Nnw York and VMaity, tint tl ry will give a sarlm ol their popular Concert*, intn diicmg a variety of tnair original Songa, <.hi.ruaaea. Charme tar atie r>aocea Ike. Admiaaion 2A oenta. Oooraopeu at 7. Cnn curt will at H o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every ' Saturday commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M., under the maiuigument ai d Hirer''.-.n ofR. P. Chrilty. New hoom, :re Buoadway next door t?i the i Uroud?ay Tlt.atre. Tba nun vroua aid natronK|ie obtained by thaaa ??bct Boir ea, have iud< cjd Mg. Miartcni ti. give, ou the 1'tli mat., a inoa' va iadami lc\el aar'ea of i cnti rta nmanta; on which oixv-ioH. he will appear in hla Myatlc I lul. ratoiy-and lav* the honor to iiartorni hit nmentittr d..luaione of Modern Naciomancy, illua aatod by nett and apl-udid apparatus and extra rdiuary piecea cf mechanism. The ent? rtauuneuts Hillembnicc neltiiiom in Popular Ma^io. Ami-Maamenc Magie, rii.irvo. an. e, the keautiful Aatronomical Diagrama. a. d ihe mucli 1 aumired ua Tah'eaujt Embracing tlia hurtling of th> C'oi i ict SI,ii> Ki nt, which haa bean p cmyed nightly with immenae ap| lauae. Tha Aacent ard Per lotis D?? > nt of Wr Uy|?ou'a Balloi n. at Londcn. which fell a diatunee of 4.tUt> feet alter collapaiKg Thia piuture pieaenta one ol the moat perfect deluaiona ever aeei mpiiahed by the ha d of art. and rcprtwant* the acene with fingu ur exai taca*. Admiaaioi IH) ttnta. Doora 0|?n at 7, to n inmcnce at , NF.W BROADWAY CIKCI S. NEAR SPKINU BTitEEV John Try on and Corporal Thoinpa. n, Muniut. rx?(>|icaiuK niulit, Monday, Oct U, 1S4M,?The aeenra in the ciriile will be eont.ii dulmia-t exclusively to E.|?eatrinn nnil tiyinnaatlc Excretm^, aulive- ed by the drol'*riea of tha well known .ieater', Mr. A'exul'I.t Rockwell, the American Clown and Mr. R. illiains. the ELtlith tiri.ten.|Ua hiding Master, Mr. Whithy. from Kngli>h A in | hithfutrea. Monday Em u're. the autartainment will cmn en.i with n full drees en tree, entitled the' Return of UiaGc^luL" To he fallowed by Athletic Uameaby the Rritisli Aorobate lioraa, manahlp Dancing, ?c &c. BexeaW) canta; children under in, in lu xet,M'enta. I'ppar hnxea 2^bull fliHii EXHlBlTiOML?GRAMD COMBINATION OFilANX ingtou'a Sacred Dioiainaa'of tha Creat'onof the World, and tlia liraud Spectacle of tha Deluge. Ala , twenty twomagnitioent Scriptural 1 aintiug* by Mr. Baker, ol i ondim ; each one containing about 1110 ai|uarc feet of canvaaa?the whole couipriaiiig one of ti e moat bcautifnl and ii U-reatingexhiliitiona ev? r oxhitiiUid in Air.eriea. Ti e Creation, Fall of Man. Judgi.ant ol the Almighty, Eipulaion fr-m Pararti*-, Death of Abel, Evening before the Deluge. Ihe Deluge, God'* Covenant with Noah, Deatmnfinn of jodi m and (Joniorrah, Daughter cf Pharaoh Finding Moaea, The Seventh t'lauuc, Destruction of Plmraoh'a Hoat, Moaea llrvaking the Tablca, Fall of tha Walla of Jericho, Joshua Commanding the Sim t . Stm.H Still k>i\ ?', ...hihlt. l.l...~.k ' and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at throe | o'< lock, at the splendid new Hull. ;tHi Broadway, over Stoptmni'u Baths. HAMMlTO*'8 entirely new Grand Scriptural I ioramasof ihcmott magnificent Spectacle ever wltnhseedin Now Vi rk ?' Nation of the World and the Deluge, assiuted by powerful Instrumental uicompanitncnta Si* Days of the Creation.? flret ery and Incidents?Chaos, the Firtit Day. The Firmament, the Second i ay. Dry I .and. Hi rbage and Flower*. Third Day.? Sun Moon ai d Starti, Fourth Day Creation of Fish and Fowl, i Fifth Day Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden "f Itrten Adam at I Eve. With the complolion of the labors of the Creatiot,, tin first part uf the exhibition closes Part2?Grand Diora mn of the Police. Ticket* 2A cent*; children half prioe. Door* ' open nt 7?cnrtalt rises at 8o'clock. VifTMiK. CAMPBELLS A KB C1JIM.NU."?dUCJKTV < AJ. ry Rooms, .'MS Broadv.ay. Teuth week. Unabated tuc i <. * !!! Increnfeit attrar'ion' The original and cclel.rat. d ! Csmplell's Minstr 1* (under the direction and nMiuk>< muni of j 0, K inlerlv.) W11M6 concerts, the Inst sixty.fivt tiinlite, linve 1]??D crowded to ovfillowlni: by (he fashion and elite of the ?*ity, | j beg in Mitn unc. that they will have the pleasure of eontmuinir 1 I tlit-ir veiy popular entertainment* every e "iiirg this and j tl.r- uiihont iho season. D. ** i i?n at 7?otumen-c at H pr>-< inely. \tlini>?ioi ,'iS cents. PANORAMA UF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN . N MUX ICO. A'l the Minerva Roans, 400 Broadway, shows, natural ae life j the Marchef, Encampments, and Rattle* fought by Gon. Taylor I It *l?o rives correct view* of the country, towns, cities. It is | the most beautiful painting evor seen Open even niaht at i quarter before H o'clook. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission. 2ft oenta (School*admitted on reaaonahl*term* No oharrefor*e*onpti?t pamphlets Children half price. UNION I Ol'RSK, L 1.?TKOT71 N'tt ? MON D \ Y, Ot I ODER i'th. "t:!\ o'clock, 1*. M., will come oft the grout match for 1 ??,(N!0, mile heats, best ,1 in 5. Iliriun Woodruff UMine* ft. g. Grey I Eagle. of Boston, under the saddle. Albert Conklin nainos hr. m. Lady Snttrn, of New York. In harness. Immediately after, a match and purse of f4A*i. mile heat*. I est .'I in 6. Mr. WheelauJ names s tn. Jennv Lind. of New V' rk, wagon and driver to to w< igh 30U pounds. Jacob Sometindyk" names blk. g. Sirtiny, of Boston, to harness. The cats leave South Ferry. Brooklyn, at 2 o'tlock, aiidtetnru a- soon as the sports are ovsr. M. D. OttltENB, "ropvi. tor. I^KtlC SOI!,, HUE I..VLOK, I it EE Mi.N, p.i t*? KR Mass M ting of the friends of Van Bureu and Adams, and oi the electoral ticket headed Roliert Fmmet at d JaraesS Wads worth, and the entire State Ticket of the Free Dumocracv, in the Park, m<nda\ Eveninj, the 9th inst., at 7?? o'clock. P. M Uon. Jno. m. Nile* of Conn., John V?n Bnrco. Denis B. Gaffrey. nf All*ny. James Kilhourne, the "Albany Carpenter,'' Slc . are to s|icak. The Williamsburg Glee < luh wid sins their Fret 'oil 8< IlgS. By order of ti e Committee of Arrangement*. A I (> RISANIA VILLAGE TEMPF.RANCE FESTIVAL IT It i. the Villain) Site.?Lot owners arc'Informed that th< Festival, in commt morution of the consmmna'ioli of the pun 'uise. will take |ilao? on Thariil.y, tin- 12th day of Oi tober.? Cars will leave the t ity Hull ai U A. M.. and rotum at I'. M. Fate for the exclusion, (to go and couic in the above train-only) 2A tents. 1 h< tegular trains that leare at Iv o'clock will titlte |.?... i p'rs at the usual rates. Tin Temierame Societies and the 11 |ile of the town of W ettfarniK and Westchester,with the friend* oi I oui| erance generally am, invited to attend. A'ldresies from Hr. Bin her, hev. J. L. tlo-lge. ( iptain Kniirht, if the |?wket ?hi| New W rid, and other distingnisl ed friends oi the cause. IHiHT gvar l> armory no 9M BtOAnw.\ V, Ol-TO^ let 7, IS4s.?Tto mtn liers of the l.ighi 'luatd are hereby ordered to sst>mble in full uniform, st their Armory, on Monday ik xi. (?ui 11181.t at in o leu, 1-. m .. t" attend tho runcral of > ur late associate, John T Bam toft. Uy order of the Commandant. ALLIEN U. S. I O. OF O. C ?TUB MEMBERS OF Till OR'?Ktt IN Till' 1 city of New York, favorable to a vigor .us support of the authority of the R. W. Gran I.odg. of the United States. and all measures calculated to advance the Vat interests of the (>r11 -r. are retpectfnlly invi'ed t, attend in general meeting, at tht . rand l.< dge Room, National Hall, Canal utreet, on Mootiay fc\ei,ing, October 9tli. ISthH. at 7)4 o'clock JOHN A. KENNEDY, ) J K. T.tYLOR, > Commii'ee. i; ii. .wDn ws. _ \ J'HEM II BENEVOLENT SOCIETY-THE MEMBERS OF this Society, in consequence of the gnat distresa oxiating anmr.g that claai, of their conntrymen to whom they afford aid, deemed it proper to diapeme with the annual dinner an ronr red for the !th instant. 1091?LAST EYININU, IN BROADW AY, A FINEliOI.D A Enamelled llrsoelet, with tho ownoi'a nainc engraved on the The (iuder Will lie liberally rewarded lty loading the name with N A. FREEM\N, ?>!'I.roadway. ttHILf)LO*T? A H<>Y BETWEEN FOUR AND FIVEYFARS y olo. has disapf ured this (Saturday) in. tiring, Oc\ 7th. in West llih stree , while playing with another hoy, also misainir He wandr??-ed in a br.'wn liren sack, crnhroided: In white panta1 aliU; latent leather allots and s'raw hat. Ilia name is Adolpl no. and his parents rcaidc at No. SO We t Uth street. A hands' me reward in offered y iK.MhU A* AV FROM TIIE H BSI KIIIER'S t'REM I O hi on t'.e night of the titli ef October, a br.iwn pacing hi.rx., al ..ut f. orlci n and a half or tift?.n hands h'gh with atar j In fate, and two ahite rings below hia on the i fffute leg, Any ptraoa that wll give information of hi* whereabouta. or deliver him to the owner, oh*11 receive a liberal reward. f>A Ml EL Wli,LI A MS. 27*Ffth street. \X AMEO-A IEMME I)E (1IAMI1HE, USE 1'itOI F.KI.Y T? qualified will And a permanent aitaati n and good wagea, by addreaaing II. L. I)., at tiiia oflu*. 11' AN'I El) A FEMME HE (,'BA 4RRE. ( French or German), Tv who will have no otjeition l?. go South for three or fout worths. Apply ?t 4J?> Broome street. 1. A.VIKH-UV A RLSmCTABLE VOI Nil WOMAN v \nieri. an, a situation aa child nur-e. and to .to tl* light Work of a small family The beat ol city reference given. Plea* call at 2<i Catherine slip. 1*' ANIED-A VAIKT 1)1 I IIAMlmr?ONE WHO TT Spanish and English, and can "'.me well rocora* mended. may apply at Pelerm'a Hotel, 9 Whitehall street, betwetn the honra oi'fl and 11 A. M? and S anil .1 I' M. AHESIM TABLE I REN(11 WOMAN WISHES A SIT1Ation as u-t Nurse and Seamatrrae, She .-an he teen at No M tidh w I'liee?Houston at AUENTLBMAN WHO IS t.OING TO HE ABSENT FROM tlie oity tor tome time wlahea to get h*ard lor his wife in a an,all private family In Jersey city. IMraae to atnte terms uid location. Address W. 8. at thigomqa rtllAHI) W?Nlin-? ll*?ITI *M?ai ?I?U.. ___ - nidUM t<? "I?D tain Roard for Jonn? lad/, in a pleaaant location. wbere tl*r* ?rr n? other boarder*, and where hit frrnnont Tiidtt will ... . I I M n riroara*. AiMr--. Kim. nr at the ol thu paper. ONE OB TWO sincik OBNTLBBBN CAN OBTAIN A olioite Of forni?hed ai artmrn'?, with or with^nf hre:ikt*-t and t-?, in a private *rtit<el f< tally, where therv t* every famit\ for a' iiairim ? tlnrounh krowledae "f Itf French laraua#*. Different 1 i m < r-ia?'<'> |*m wilhin a f?w aitpa lr?m th? home. Appl) at ;il North Mi nr#. l)?'?tfn ,'ludann ?nd Varck at net*. Board in new yoke or Brooklyn? mnoi.e gentl-men. or a jtntleman and lit* mfr, . an ho aefl. mnri 'U'ed wilt pleasant room* al .IK Sydney I'lace, Br. >kyn, and jX No. II Amity (treat, New York. Apply at Uinee plaeea, .,r t.. Dr. IlolIon. #1 the Pnoreon, Vt> Broadway, N. V. $ 1 lilin ?WANTED IV BORROW FOR TWO YEARS AAV iiotUia on B?al btau. Hitnated in the c,tj i.? N>'? urk, N.J. Worth three Um? tlw above amount. Int?net t?id nromptl* ha'fyearly, Ifdeaired. Plaaee addr?m N J., S'ewar*. left at thi* office, will tw attended to. TIIOMIWiN'O BANE NOT* LIST.?TWO SHILLINGS per copy wtll paid for .' rtam ooptea uf thia Lie' pnMl.hed he i wean June, IS4.1, mid January, J Mt>. on application to J. (>. FAY, lamp Stole, l.'W aid ITi rnl on Hull, where the I em red eopien will V eeleeied A very liberal prtea for flleaaf theamne dmipt any porttoa of th? above period Pobkb lathes h>r ha i.e. a nib her wr small En*iaa Lathe* They ?m built to urdei. aad Aatahad in lha boat Biiaaef: if perfectly ne? . an I will koauld low Apply to JOHN E. HYDB'SSONi II Maiden lam EOfllJII UA8 FIXILBE.v-AN EXTENSIVE At.HOKT mint of Engliah llaa Fixture*. O'ltiipriMii* Chandelier* HraiVete. and Manul t>rnaai?nta. Be, of new at|t>?> and raoeat iBipuriation, iiteetund by Tlmmaa B*aaen|er a Sona, at Un di n add Bimit fham For -ale at TV John etreet. C1 Aft FITTERS? WANTED IBBEDlAfBI.*-0\B TO UO F a ebort dU'?aoe l? !! ' eonat.*. A ftr*. rat* workman will will W ie?|UirtA An?>> t? JOHN JOUNSO> '8_F?. tor/L "D ROADWAY THEATRE?MONDAY EVENING. OCT. a mJ the p*rtorm*iio? will *<>iuni??et with OLD 1IEAD3 AND YOUNG ii Ba IlTfl?Tho Curl of Pom pi oq. Mr Pr*d?r.rk* Jrm? r?l Mr. Bl?ki: Bob, Mr. Uadawty; 8trip#, Mr. Bernard; ImAj A Ik* Hawthorn, Mum Walla* h; Mim Kooa*-t, Mn ahhdcr. To coittlade with the LOAN Ofr' A LOVER?Pet or Sp>k. Mr Had* wtty;5>wji?i, Mr Andnwi: Cipt Am?rifi rt Mr. RkMr (*?rtni?iof Mil"1 Clfne; Frnestin*; Mia* I'ildretli. Dress Circle Mid Par jpette. 76 <*nU; Pasty clraW, 26 oeato. Oallery, I2# Do< rt op* b || 7. BURTOl". H THEATRE. CHAMBERS STRERT ? MONDAY evvaiDf, October J, will tc performed the lane I UK. LOB JOIT?Mr. Oven|>hor?ua *. Mr. Bnmuhum; Mr. Luhjoit, Sr, Mr. Haaiilton. Mr. Delano Mr.Gra-*. MnOfttimontemar, 4n Vernnn. After whieh. the dram* of NEW YORK IN SCLICES? Mr. (ira^all. Mr. Hamilton; Mr N?h??i, Mr. Ora>'?; Mm. Tonkin*. Mm Vtriinn: L to, Mim Sinclair. T> conulndft with Hie farce ol TOODI.ES?Mr. Timothy Toodlna, Mr. Burton, FranJt Acorn. Mr. I.vuik; Mary A. an, Mrn, A. Kuight; Mm Timothy Toodla, Mr*. Vrrmm. 1'noo.of admiiwion?Drena Cirvla and Parquet, (SO et?; Family Circle or Sccond Tier, ct?. Dooib epep at i nlf-rn"' curtain to ri?> at 7 o'clock N I it !.<?>, AMOK CUI K. BROADWAY?IN CONSE queuca of the ia|?turoun and tuu wltuoun aptvlauav with wlicli Mr Mticrcady Mil* received in the ctuuurtor of Macheih, i a} l??t, he will' in ply with numerous rv (iie-tn and ;e|-eat 'hat ' haracter this even'u*. Monday Evening, ?> ?.!? h. will l>? |*>rfum ed Nliaki.p??r?'s historical play of M At Bfcl ll?Ma. heth, Mr. Macrtady; Macduff Mr. Ryder; Lady Miobeth, Mrs. M.lindu Jones. After wluch, the farce of P. P.?Splasher. Mr W. Q ( risp: Pub Rw'Vi-kin, Mr. T. Plaoide. Door* open at '4 before 7. e. irnmeing at 1)4 pant 7. Admission, B?*eii and Parquet fl A tr<pl ithratrr M> i In. MITCHELL'8 olympic tueatke.?MONDAV EVEN Ilia, Oct. 9. the tnter'ainu.unU will commence witli the faree of MY 1.ITTI.B ADOPTED? Frederick 8 mem, Mr. Arnold; Isnrette Sevnii nr. Mina Clatk?, After which, a newaid original sketch entitled WHO'S GOT ma< KRADY 7? Mr. Maeready. Mr Nickinsun. Alter which, a musical extrav* gai'ia. iltitled HEhO AND LKaNDEK? Ijeander, Miaa Mary Camion; Sale)u,an /?gha. Mr. Nickinw>n; Hero. Miaa Roberta. To ei nclmls with the fuice of I OOK PIIXICODDY-John Peter p.m. eddy. Mr P .Hand; Cant. O'Seiittle, Mr Nlcklnson; Mrs. Pillic ddy, Mian Roberta; fai-un Blunt. Mils Mary Gannon. Doors open at 7?Curtain liaea at 7K o'clock BARN CMS AMERICAN MUSEIM.-P. T. II.\ KM M, Proprietor?Ultchcock, Manager. Splendid Performance* every afternoon ?t .1 o'elovk, au. every evening at halfput aeven. The Manager h?s the pleasuro of announcing the nioet extraordinary wonder in creation, Major l.iuletiuger. hold in* the same relation to tlie famous Lilliputian that the little finger duea to the thumb, ile ia ten yuan old, only twenty-foui Inches high, and weighs only thirteen pounds Ue may lie seen very morning from 1H to half-past 12 o'eloek. in the afternoon from 2 tillhall-paat 6; and in the evening, from 7 till III. In add! tion. the maunder hits also engaged Urea Western. the famous Yankee ' om-dian t.hi Sable Brothers, Mir.- Emma I.kIic vocal-t, three Highland Mammoth Roys, Giant n Mammoth Baby Erioimous Boa Coiiftrictor. AdmiHsioij to the whols, including j Museum Performances, Little Finger, 5tr, 10 .-ents; children uti- 1 Mr ten yeanot agoand old nnongh to walk alone. \'J% nonts. Re- I ier?e4 front srnta. oneahillinx extra T.AIU RNAt'I.E- GRAND INSTII ME .HI, IHMTATlltimJnv evening. October!). bj the Musinal Society, formerly Josef Gungl* lapelle. Tickets Monti?to lie hail in ill ilie inmic stores. or at the dm r if the Tabernacle Doors op B at 7. The concert commences at H o'cbick. BANVARD'S PANORAMA UAI.L, NO. 0!?M BROADWAY, adjoining Nihlo'a old Garder ,w lire open on Monday, the 16th October, with a magnificent Panorama and Diorama of the BOMBARDMENT OF VERA CRUZ, by the Uulted States forcua? Ti e (irat acme is in the Gulf of Mexico ; men of-war are next Win lailiug majestically along, until tliey urrivo opposite the oily of Vera ('mi. Splendid Panoramic Viow oftlieCity. Mugniticent Nticlit Scene, and arrival of the U.S. lirig Sonicrs, on the blockading f-rvn e. English ships of W..T Rndymion, D .ring. *c , ai.d other lor c gn vissels arc seen at. anchor, ?hen l.ieutenant Parker, with Uynaon, Rojora and a boat s crew leave the Somen, and arc teen to r"W to the Kndyinion ; and ax soon as darkneaa favore theru.the) leave that ship, and arc observedrowing towaida the ( aatle ol St J una d'l'lloa. They arc text seen boarding tho Mexican hrig Creole, which had run the blockade the day More, and was now salely moored to the very anils of the castle, the crew little dreaming of the fate that awaited them, Tliey iwun the 'Tew, frke them priaonera iy their boats and act the brig on tire. 1 bey ihen low back to tie Somen, having performed one ot the mostduring feats of valor ever recorded in hintory. The flan.m are *. n In aril"', the gentry ia alarmed, the castle dniras leai to amia?but too late? the gallant Americana have done their duty too *? !) at .1 tl e brig anon becomes enveloped in flame*, and til.all) Mows up. This scone and the follow ing arc the moat lifelike c\cr feci in ai.v nl.ihitii.n iu the world A atorm aris.v; the. lea Htm tarcugh.and tl eS.riiersisseen heavingalKiutuntilsheitrikea and I eeomM u inplete wreck on tl at terrible coast one of the g .ll-ii I spirit- Bynson, and halt tho .'rew being drow ned in that dreadful gale. The hoata from tl" Br.dymion and the other foreign vessels proceed to tlia wreck and rescue the remainder of the crew '1 lie not view ia the arrival of Geical S. ott In a steam i r. to n connoitrc the place. 1 hey enter the harl" r, and llnally return to the am.lior.igc ground witkout receiving danuiga- The ihips-tf-war, transport*, s'cntui rs and gun-Mints, arc next i,ocn ta an ive cpis site tl.* city; aorre of th" vessels neareat the spectators are of great magnitude, and are crowded with soldiers and sailors . Everything i* moving; and ia the nearest, representation ol nature tv t acen in tlie United States. 'I he iroopa arc ihen orilt red into tl e sutf I outs, and a lauding is afflicted at sunset. The howitzers. eaouon. Sc., arc landed, and the bombardment comrrencec. 1 he dioramtc fleet bv daylivlit and In night is truly mngnifloent, giving an opportunity for the moat beautiful day and nightcfltoi? and grund pyrotechnic displ >ja? tiring of shells, oannon. tie , bursting of shells as tliey tall iuto the city. Real cannon, loadi il and lired by mechanical llgurea,ia a triumph in tho art f mechanism r served for our Now Verk ai tirnns to accomplish. The city and tas'.le surrender; the colon are presented to General Scott and suite, the victorious army enters the hitherto impr-gliable i ity and cast's, ant) tho Vof'ed States flag waves tnuro- I pl.antly from the anleand forte, under agctcrul ia ute. The whole is the worn of native artists and artituns, and is got up on a scale of n agnitude bit' erte unknown in the United States. No ex|iensc has been spared to bring before the public a vivid representation of tt e deeds of their fellow oitiicns ; and the llall, which is the largest in New York, will be renovated, and made the moat comfortable ot any in the city. Th>- scenes will bo described by an officer of volunteers uhe -ervtd through the campaign. A lady, a papil ol Tha'l ;rg, will the piano-fort-. at d theloven n narmony win nave :i musical treat as wen ana pyrotecnnic ami diorumic exhibition An overture will precode llie perfi rmanco, aii J nn ic between tljo parts. Ticl eta jO cents ; children half price. Dtori- open at 7, and the enrtain risen at 8. a 11 exhibition a.' !9. m Wednesday snd **tnrd t afternoon* C1CUPIL, VIBERTfc ( O S. EXHIBITION or EUROPEAN T Pniutln??, &i!> Ilroadway? open from '.I e'clook. A. M? until 1(1. P. M. Admittan e 25 cents. Season Tickets. SO centa. 4 L'CTioN NOTICE?TO Tlllt GENTLEMEN :iF T:IE uX Theatrical Profession, and u>hers.?Oil Monday, at :lo'el ek, will be sold in tlm Old Church, corner of William ai"l Frankfort atreets, the ( erional Effects, Wardrobe. Books, Mimic, and other pmpertv of the late lamented Mr. Hammond. who>e career with us has liecn unf?riiim<t")y too aoon ended His wardrobe is *nporior. inolud npralmost all iet|Ulred in his line. The best selection of Wi*s. H caring Apparel. i. . k<:., will be ready fur examination on Monday m<Tiiii!|r. TIIOS BELL. AiiOti nr. lit nilH Ro^fs or the rarest varieties now in full bl'am, will be sold at \ lotion oil tli? wesatsca Ot the tuNcnW, ny O. B. Hollinn, on the WkiMti ut 10 o'clock To tlinee rose fancier* who are c.mvinoed by exleiicnco that imported standards will nut thrivo in our climate (l is tile will sffi r>l an indneomjnt, as every r>ie to lie ottered is budded on the Amebian sweet btiar. which re inire no protection against our coid>?t winters i ?t atomics to l>e olcaineil at T. Dunlap'l, <>35 Broa<lway ; U It Rollins. Auctioneer ?'d of the subscriter, JAMES B. WF.IR. Florist, Corner of Twenty-eighth atree* aed Second avenue. DAAC1N0.-MI.LE. PAI'l INE OESJARIHNS, OF THE Academy ot Paris, has the honor ot informing the pnblio that ahcwill o|*n f?.tir different claims to suit the oonvenienoe of hit pupils?one uptown in Br adway, one on the Third Avenue,one in Green sttec', between H avcrly and I lintnn Place, and the o>her at her rrs'dence, 74 Leonard st. Mile. P D. will give Instruction in all the different branches of dancing. Cot infoimation as to the days, hours and terms, apply to Mile. P. D. at any l onrdnrin* the 'lay. |^A1K OF THE AMI RICA N IN.S TITCTE?DR. PMWELI/g x Se?f acting Eyeand Ear Fountains, can be seen in operation at. the fair, where can te had tree of cost, a pamphiot, describing tbe | evuliar .-afts in which tbi* method of applying water is s? el, inenily leiM'ealde. D*. Powell attend* a? usual todiseasc^ ol tl? Eye and Ear, at V?>l Broadway, corner of Warren street, can I * had hit Treatise on the fcye. Price AO cenia. Artideal Eves i j< -ertt d. rpi ') II t SPORTING pi; BMC - l>l( K SAI SF . THE WEI.I. J kn-w n (utor of the manly art ot sell defenoc. will gi\e a Grand Sparring Exhlbiti< n, at Matter's Concert Room, 101 Eliza, fie1 h street, on 1 net-day Evening next. October loth. The I. ? !inn ttaw of the ring will to reeewt. and take part Ticketa 2 V. I'OR S.iKF. I.OW ?THE f I \ I'l 1US A\I> PARTIAL X stock ot a chemical and color factory. Also some valuable im tl nd? of mani.Iacturkig. Address, ChcmUf, l<ox U. Herald office. rtORSAl.E. \ BOW1.IM, SM.iMIN. WITH FOUR Al.I.EVS M. No. 9*i4i Broadway. Inquire on Hie premiaes, or at I IS Ca nai eirt?i. iUBMMoon *111 lie rvtitod ii required. Ijlok h.m.e-a sorrel iiorse; also, a lie it one 11 r* v tMcl" Apply at the de-k of th?- CatHot, u m* (1 hand action piano for sale-from lowd1! E uleliatod 1 iiiiu faotory, Philadelphia, outimly new, and i fplendid iiiftrument. W ill be aold at a ureal hn??ain. May b n at Iti Pllie rtreet. For term* apply to Pflenaor Oeor*' BrIMnw KJ Leonard iUmi. MISS HAKOAHET WISKEMlN HAS TIIE HONOR To IN lorni tlx: Lndieaof Mew Tork, tliai she lia? opened a Fa my Woik F.-t i li?' nrnt. at N .VI Broadway, and ?oli<it? their kiid (atroH|f. f.-* UhliOIDFHIES I .ACS VEILS, K..-PEIKR HOBKKTS J S73 Broadway, lias ju?t received from auction anil will hi told nnd' ioM) vndrr tl iir) i * prie?i, tli* Mli,? imr <; <hU vi/ Embroidered ( olltm; Chaniiuvrtes. and Ctiftn; tmMdrni jipvltif, Heirmitched, ncd 1npc bordntil Cambric Mun iker ehie'l; aN< a clioiee a ?aortmcnt <if Demi, and lorn Illa- k l<ac< Veilf. PMNCE'S Nl RSF.RIF.S, \T FH SllINQ.-I>ES< ItlPri VI alab inea. with prior, of ?hi? gieat collection of Ti?e? 8hrvb?and I lanti, may b? obtaimd (rati*, of < I.AItkK IV Al'sTIN, 21IA Rr.adway. Order? promptly ?iei:ut?d. t*M K. PRINCE ? Co. Bhal V - OAl.LERY OF DAOI EkRHiTVPE PORTRAIT! and Family (lio*| , N? 3H aid ?H7 Broadway, tt.irdlio outh of Si. t an I'd . im teli. :'nd. kl. and 4tli forte*. Il"ur fr< tn Kin tie mi ruin* tlllii in the '-vening None a or naur^u?uridrjli, * wihom bec to notily I h-ir tmmerona Iri-nd' and the public gmarallj tlattbay have nnmvid trom the orner of laukl and Men 41 atr.*t?, ? the Hor Ni Ail vanal ?trr?t formerly "ocnpiail hi Me.sir?.A Arnold k Co. (ona do?r lr"tn their "1(1 atand ) Theil Jratent ?tirk or Fall ilkt, shawla, Cloaks Viiett??. aenno*. r?M material!, htorekeepin* ir^ 'da. Itc , kc.. I* ??ry e?t*n?lr? at <i chcica, and will he f"und on inspection well wort hy ol the t ttaaM? af pqrehaaara. The greatest bargains orrehed in \merua.Ked and White Flam il. at >ne ahtlling ter yard. 30,mm yarda briahi Varlat I'an.eolored Flaneel. mi.Oinl yarn* Hue toft wool ? '>ade<1 White d<>, at ?n? aiiillina per yard, and offered for aale thia morning, at TMEbO*EHV S\VINOS STORE IMS I^U COUNTRY MlkCU-tNTS. HOTEL KKEI't.KS, AND rwlW.-The Huh-fiber has the 'icit an J chea|i?et ettakliihirif't In ti l? eity for l'uini<hirn mil kind* of Groeeriel. A great variet) o! the very tlneet |iialltics ot Lli|iiora, Wines, Heidaick. Mar im.*. t rown. < hampa*nes; mate very line ?!?! Irlah Mil i tcli Whiskey: nil kinds of I'marves, Ptokles, Catsup*, Aauo ?, Jellies, Iresli Oil* tin?i in, eitraeti, Freneh and K.iikIhI. Milliard, I miiv Powders, C'?|*ri and Olives, Sardine* ko? kc., all n whi< l. ?ill li* fnrnish-'d wholesale anl ret.ail, at the v.-ry lowest market prlcea A. B M I 1X8, Nn. .1.1 st. 1K<?N fi I MiRI A\i> MA) III.NF. KHOI', H ITII VARIOI'S . utlnlldll.ys, to R?ut, at the of Tuaoarora. Schuvlklll < ouuiy. ?'m UMlvauia iiieotly at the head ?.t the Philad..'phia. Keadii K and fottsville Railroad. TI.e foundry ia a new atone hnildlnr, Mi leet ?|uaie, with * side building 20 feet square, cove oven. *c Ik* man Ire ihop.Vi >) .Ml, and blacksmith eh.p SB by 70 A ten li'?r?e power steam t-tipinr, turning lathe, and sundry tortla, Abthrm it* .-oal delivered at the works at Iroin '"I cents to fl 7B cent! i?r ton. l'lg metal rail lie delivered at the ehe?|*'?t rile. Would aiikt an excellent a*e or shovel factory for pa*. tienlan, apply to JOS H t LTIK V M . Rlythe T Offl.e. Sohujlkill Co.. I'enn. Jim PlBUUtl&"M BiwrwitK I UREAT wore and Lactures en Venereal, and other alhc'.ione of the I'ri nary Oryaaa, 360 panes .piaito. Thulatlie moat con plete prao tical work of the kind ever leaned It oootalni 37 .-olored ea (ravinga, which delineate thleelaae of diseaaw laimiiably; 40wood ngiaviiiie, and everj thin* know n about Itie modarn treatment ot these diseases has keen ca/eftilly rv> Tded, and all the inoat ap proved prescriptions and formulas have been glvea- For sale at the ofllee of publloatloa, tit Broadway, and of the anthor.MM Btoadwa). A'ao, ?r. B's work oa self abuae, WI i*(*e. 14 en gravinaa, with Mate to youaa men. I'rioe SI: far ?a)e aaabove DH.< ('Oi l- K. 14 DLANE#T*EET,BETWEEN CHATHAM and H illiam streets, has for the laat fourtaoa yean alloyed a aioat eatonsiv praetioe in private disease! He aaa cure the most>aat?ravated cases ot this disease ; aad mild oaaa* cared la twa totivedaja Stricture?Dr ( 00par can ear* the worst form of #trl< 'ures la fr-nn una to twa weak*. Coartttutioaal debilMy, brought ea by a secret habit tndnlgad ia by yowag men. Thin, when too treely indulged la, bwata dyapepaia. weak a aaa of th? lisibaaad mall oi the back, eaafaaioa ti Mm iatallaat, aad ava? lab to aaetaty, 4 nr-vumM k> rrary mm, er aa afeatgt "* Ttt 1UI UVTELLHittlSfR BT THE WAIL8. Fiiii.AMi.niM, Oct. 7, IH48 jlma<numatK.n of the Iflugn and Nativtt? A Italian itprru The candidate* nominated hyth?- N'ative American Convention, whoa*- nam* a are not euibnc'd in the Taylor and Fillmore tiekrtH fur the city nod ' county officera have generally publi*h?-il th?-ir declinations, tliia morning, ao tli?t th?- two |?artie? may now b*- coneidered aa joined into one. Whether the disaffection which his been created among k portion of both parties by tins course, will defeat the object of the junction, can only be decided by the election. The democrats are, ] however, alarmed by the chance which this amali gamation gives their opponents to defeat the whole , ticket The audience hi the Italian Ottera, last evening, whs completely electrified bv the exquisite style in which Donizetti's opera of "L'Klisire d'Amore" was presented. The |>hrt ol Adiiiii was sustained by Madame l.aborde, and elicited the most rapturous encores at nearly every piece she sang. Monsieur I Laborde, as NemoriiiK was also wor'.hy of much iiiHise. and Huaquuico, hs Dr. Ilulcamara, proved himself the best of butlos. Lienedetti was to have taken the part of Helcore, but becoming aflior.ted, refused, and Monsieur |)iibreul took the role at eight hours notice, and sustained his reputation most admirably. The audience went prepared for disappointments, but were so delighted throughout, that the house rexounded with "bravas,1' the result of their enthusiasm. Madame l.aborde seems to have raised a greater furor than Signorini Trufli, was ever able to create. The ? jieia will be repeated on Monday. Truflfi is advertised for #the concert this evening, but her serious indisposition will probably prevent, and the new favorite, Madame Laborde, will take her place. Eai.timork, Oct. 7,1848. Haltimort Aerarianism The Poor Arraytd against thi Character as wtU as Riches?Theatricals, 4*r. liiiltimore is. without doubt, the most city of the Union. NewYork cannot compare with it. The poor art* arrayed against the rich as well as against the honest, industriooa and thrifty, who have built up for them selves a character-and reputation, and incidental ly amassed a little wealth. If a man is brought forward for oflice, of the last mentioned class, the very pot-houses of the city are ransacked to find a suitable competition for him, and when found, if he lias so mining# <1 his own affairs as to appeal ot'i-Hsionall) to the assistance of the insolvent jaws, to rid himself of the importunities of hie ereditors, his success is certain. Indeed, I have known men to lie elected to high and responsible c flices 111 the city, such as the character of the city demands should be in the bands of men esteemed as good and valued citizens, through the effect of patty drill, and have seen those who voted for him, alter the deed is done, hang their heads with shame and mollification at the very mention of what they had assisted in doing. In short, is there another city in the Union into which )OU could walk into a tnird rate tavern and fall for a whiskey punch in ihe presence of the wife of the Becond highest ?f!icerof the city as proprietress of the establishment 1 Baltimore is tin- place for all these things, and she defies the world to equal her in Iter ugrariamsm. A malt named William Armstrong, laboring under the effect of mania a polu, yesterday had a respectable and orderly citizen arrested on the charge of murdering his sister, a woman that he had never seen, or knew to be in existence. It was ijuitea laughable case. The muieum is monopolizing all the theatricals of the city again, and is dome, as usual, a tine business. This is one of ?lie very few moneymaking eslablibhiiients in the country. II HfT* Iff l'tTTSittTRO, Sept. 30, !848. Prn Htylvuniu ami the I'midi vtiui EUctutn?Continuation of your fir/?>rtfr'* Hi'/mrt. Your reporter, in his last despatch from this mtei prising fcoal-liole, woundup the evidence adduced in his examination of this State, on the subject of the Governor's election. lie would now ask the indulgence of your readers to abuef exposition ot the apparent workings, tendencies and probable results of the Pre ideniial canvass. Fiom tin.1 .State capital we had the honor trom the best couuhel on all sides <>t tliin triuugular contest, to give you, with some particularity, the calculation* of the wh'gs, democrats and tree soilers, respectively From the evidence collected it would Hi|>etti that the whigs are working with the greatest industiy in canvassing the counties in visiting 'I"' voters, in addressing the people, <n distributing documents in Kuglisli and O'rman. and in despatching colporteurs or missionaries into the remotest and least frequ? nteil hole* and coiueis ot the cimmon wenlth, with all thute!ectioneeriDg elm Hap, coming under thee ipnon of "plain tinihs tor the people '' We have shown, v\ ith the unlive and abolition vote united with th? wh'gs, tliat Join bton would have but 5,000 majoniy to oveic< nie to secure his election. The abolition vote will not be given to Taylor; and his native vote, so culled, will prohalily not be t qual to that foi JohnMon. Dot what he lo^es of the abolitionists and natives, he may uain on the tarifi question Apart fr? 111 tnissubject, which 18 operating ugainst Cass in (lie iron counties, along the not the i n border, there, are scattered over the State, here and there sundry democrats, who, committed to Taylor in advance o| histnomination, will, to gome extent, stick to their candidate, though he ha*, since their commitment, changed from the position ot an independent to that ot the whig nominee. We are also constrained to say, tliut (>? n Cass does not ..personally command that admiration ot his adhe\ rents in 1'ennsylvaiua. which is so plainly evident l on the purt ot the leading Taylor men in support ot their nomination. Farthennore, the old party , lines are so nearly obliterated as to leave the supporters o! Cien. Cass little more than the potential abstraction of democracy as the element ot cohe, sion. < in the yet unsettled question of protection, they aie mauilestly lighting on tlie defensive. I Here, then, is a string ol contingent advantages i calculated to justify the impression of the success ' of Gen. Taylor ui Pennsylvania, it we stop at this Huge of the investigation. ISut there are other contingencies to be considered, and another party, whose claims as a go-between are entitled to the lirst respect, in view of the verdict ot the State. These contingencies are mainly involved in the slavery question, anil this party is known as the i "free s?ul" organization. It is an organization with tin electoral ticket, a central Statecommittee, hihI corresponding committees in the several disi trictg. It lias aleo several papers along the east j and along tlie north, one or two in the centre of 1 1 the State, and several scattered through the wes : tern counties; and, as we are informed, with no i less than five campaign pajiers in this city, one of i which is printed in (iernnin another, the Chronirlr, is a dmly, with a lur^e circulation among I all classes and all parties of men. Such is i ! the organization of the Pennsylvania "free I soil " party. Among its leaders are aiea who i liHve heretofore l>?-en active whig*, or active and ' j influential democrats. The nucleus of this organ* i/ation is the liuflalo Convention,and its managers ure mainly the dissatisfied Harnhutners. or Van Huren democrats. Its rallying point is Wilmot's district?its urea test strength lies in this region? the prime object of its founders is the defeat of Cast? the ultimate object is to hde itself intopower. on the gathering wave of fie? territory. Iiu*. the problem now to he solved, is. what will lie the effect of this organization, in tne election tor Presidential electors ! Will it subtract from either of the two great parties a vote sufficient to leave it in a minority ' If so, which party is to be the loser I These questions are difficult of determination. Whig and democratic presses?Case and Taylor organs?appear to l>e equally distrustful, if not equally alarmed. Hut there are many whig free soilers, whese o| position to Cass is stronger than their affection for Van Huren, while the democratic recusants would prefer the Buffalo nominee to any other man. The free soilers have the abolition hnd Jibeitv parties to begin with?these were ori (IfllMllljT .......VI. ,,y,? Lit ,?,nK trnilT. ... burners come next in order,?next, the party expect ?omc considemhlr accessions from the Qnaaera Mini in<liBnant Clay men, w ho are not to be appeased. Individually. (ieneral Cass and lieneral Tay'or are equally unacceptable to a regular tree toiler. The democratic candidate is understood an pledged against the Wilmot proviso, and the whig is well known to be one ol the jargest slave, holders of Louisiana. Hut, in voting for Van Huien, the " free soilers" may defeat Cass, and Mill he laithful to their platform This we believe to be the object of their leaders in Pennsylvania, ah well as in New York. They expect to five in this .State from 2A,009 to S(),flUO votes for Van Huien 1 heir main strength is exacted from tue rtt niocratic counties along the north; but tins county will give them their largest county v?v??, which they estimate will not tall fhort of thr-e thousand. Fri tn all the advices in our (>o*s< i, it is probable that the deduction fioni th*' dei. ocisne patty in support of the '-free awd" lUkct,