Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1848 Page 1
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TH NO. 5244. Mlftcellmieous Political Intelligence. IALTPKTIR AT THK V? r.lTKAN M?MHlK OF > coituliu DEMOCRATIC ACCOIHT (From the St l.ouis (fnii u. Oft. 2 ] The Sangumo Journal itrd Or. Ileurj. m lmdiDg Till-..!. v...... ?i,...1*. I...? Li.;,.. ik. democratic member of Coagrers ! ? Iroin the Sangamo district Not content wth tb? calumnies they propagated during tbe canvas, they have si nee charged that he skulktd at the battle of Cerr* Ourdo. The various official Hpordoftbtl hatile. by < '0I0u.1l Baker and others, Haie that h* here a gallant and distinguished pait in that action. Knragi-d at the success of Major Unrrit in that district, the wh'g detractor* are now feekinu to h-*?k i|om hi* military reputation, which th?j < o*' jerud au important element of bis success. A criticisn on any <>f the whig officers who served in lh*t war cit'la f irth a torrent of indignation from whig journals and orators. Notwithstanding the mb'gs. thicuhoit the war denounced it, and, by lni?>lic?ti<>u. .. I * ho contributed to its success, they now ar>k that the Presidruny may be bestowed un one of lis gororal: who is a military man merely, and who nevi-r would l>av? b en thought of for that offioe but for his cniifouon with tbe war. They have no heritbtion ir ( .a mferlug democratic officers, but are indignant if th- truth is told of whigs Major Harris published the following in the Minim State Hrgitler, meeting hi" smndirers in a manner that they will not be liktly to foriret:? Amcuic'An ilituSK. Sjirinnti'ilJ, > *| t 2S. 1p4? S Mi ssbm. I.AsriiiiiR & :i :-i>r A, <J Uenry of ilit* city, maud publicly at Be^ru i<>?n. ? me dtts siuce, that I ikulked at the battle of 0,r<i U'-r to, aud that li? co-ild pruve it by wliict and democrats, urd Mint ho w uld be in this olty no Jesteraay, srd would 'I"; <" irv- to m< t*ce. I arrived ereyetteidiy, sn<l endi hvi ltd , h ?, ' t vi him. I addressed a note to him, dmiriog un ii: t* rv It he re'uaed to mo iub. Ttua morning, as I am info, ir ' <> it ilie ootmty witlinut making h: < promise good. Tlio Let a the mt e, and tho c rrespondtnoe, I will arra-.g* for jour ne<t. f lieret>v prunouuoo Mm alt_r, ? scuundiel, and a cow-id and as h. r? him i? <li? world* Ta< S. L> HAttKlS. Murnr is Sim FbA*ou, thk,\c Si it-ih or tiik Joi bI culled at bis oftke this afternoon. and wai told that be ?ii at hia house. 1 went tu hi- hemand lii<jur-d tor ht a, and waa old that he was at Mb Wi.ete is lie? Das lie stalked" too ? t?pt 28, 1K18. TU JS. L. HARRIS. whig account. [From tbe St. Lou's Republican. Oat 3.] Within tbe lMtwe.-h.i-">' ml ><tv severe articles hare appeared In tbe tfrinaf.tU minute) Journal ag i it M?j 3r Harris, recently elected by he I . focos to represent tbem in Confess. In the?e publications Mijor Harris in charged to have skuilted at the battle of Cerro Gojdo; ?nd tbe writer. a volun err in Colonel Baker's regiment, and who make* thy accusatioa under bis tun name- tel.8 how it ua (June The oiiarge was also alluded to by Dr. iieury whl* elector, in a sieech at Beardstown Muj r Hatri'Jiiosied to Springfield, and one of his most couHpiruous f at? is thus defer.bed in tbe The democratic war horse, who has b?en showing himself as large a? iile. and twine us natural, in this city? cavorting, blustering, putting ito ? to 'prove bis bravery and demonstrate hi* courage, this morning paid a visit to our bumble self It so happened that this time we were in?though we rather calculate the Major thought we were out Brw'it and early (lid the grtat Mexican killer enter ou sanctum? that same big cane, which he flour.abed so proudly, and ?ne Lieut. Scott, along with bim. "Gocd nioruiu^. vlr Francis," "Good morning. Major'' "A few words with you, Mr Frsncia." "Well, sir, here I am. *ay on." uVou must deaist puhli bins jour libellous, personal a-tioles on me " ' We snail puOiirh what we please." You must stop, sir, or I shall force you to do so with thin big cnue " "And are you ready to do so now Major? I am"Good morning, Mr Francis." (making for tbv door) "Suppose, Major, you try it now " "Good morning, Mr. Francis"?still makirig rapidly towards the door "Major Harris, I have heard >< ur threats. I want you to execute them now?(the Major still moving off) ? Major Harris, you are a low-lived Mlnw?a contemptible puppy and coward'1 '1 b? champion who proclaims himself a hero, at la*t actually did?don't deny it?we believe he never did so before?did actually screw bis courage up to make a bl"W at us with his oane?that same cane?we warded off the blow; and before the Major, tbe gallant, tbe noble, the demo> cratic Major, could repeat the warlike attack, (which. by tbe way, he aid not at'emnt to do.) with a small mallet we endeavored gently to knock lome courage into hia cowardly bmd, and kii eked him so far towards the foot of tbe ptairx. tbat he tho.ubt it prudent to march down Into the hullo#-tint of '-Cerro Oordo"? and after him. in doubU quick time, his Lieutenant, who stepping in a pooition to seeuro tbe retreat of kis bullying Major, was quieted by a blow with armali poker, in five tti^ou'*- after, the bero and hi# V.iuienant. without j-baking off tbe du<t of \a*ir (il-'-ry. jumped into their binq'y, alri-ndy fixed for utarting, and without farther talucing his oemooratic hretbien. i-kulhcd not of town Circular Instruction* t<? Collector* and other Officers of the Custom*. Treasury D> pa hi mum t. Sept 29,1848 Aa the 14th Motion ?-f the (arid ant of 3'Jth Au^mt. 1842, enact* that tbe drawback to be allowed upon the exportation of foreign mg?r refined in thu United Stated pball be equal in amount to 'he duty tbat waa paid on IDe foreign cuear irom wmcn trie n unea was manufactured, and no mere to be ascertained under such rt gulalions a* shall te prescribed t>y tbe Secretary of the Treasury; and it bring found "p"n due investigation of the subject. that the 'lrawbaok of ' two eents and one sixth of a rent." authorised by toe circular Instructions of the l7tb k: February 1847, i? "Teater in amount than tbe duty pn!il on foreign sugar from which tbe refined it no being, ant hereafter Hay be uianafactured, owing to a reduction In the foreign market value cn wb! h tbe import duty of thirty pir cent in assessed under the tsr'ff act of 30th July. 1840. it beconus prop-r further to regulate the (natterin conformi'y with the law Tbe drawback hereafter to be a'lowed on due exportation of foreign sugar refined in the I'nlt-d States, imported since the tl-st day of January. 1848. Mder tbe present tariff if exported wl hiii three years n<xt preceding the uay of importition. l-> fixed st one crnt and one bnlf cent (1%) per pound, subject to the deduction from said drawback of two and onehalf per c<nt. prescribed by tbe ISth tec'.lon of the tariff aet of 30th August. 1K42 : Provide-i always, that tbe exporter of such refined . ugsr shall by his own affidavit and other eeideWe prore to the satisfaction of the collector receiving the export entry of said refined sugar for tbe b> rieflt of drawhaok. that the foreign mpar from which tho same shall ha?e been manufactured, ?aa impor e<l flnrw thn drat day or January. 1848. Mc< M.VTOCK YOUNG. AcMnu Sec e'o'v of the Treasury. h<-]|?1?uh Intelligence. [Krom the Button l'rave ler. Oct.O ] Park .-treet chunh wbp crowded last evening, to witneaa the ceremony of bl Kltnjr farewell ro a company of mi-wionarieH about to<mi<?rK tor Africa and thn Tatnul Diln.xion ; and to hpxr fr it; a returned veteran, who ha* spent thirty-thru' yea-- in the service Dr A hup:mow, in hebalfof the fnnieiitial Committee of the Brard, read to the inlMianariM their ioetruotioDH. and bads them tare we II In doing this he to ik ? rtview of mii-sitnxr; operations from the time of theApotlles He reverted to the early missions to turopc. the mi*?ii.nsto Fravce Ireland. Saxouy. Norway and tiw?den, and walled ilie audience to witness the great result* which hni followed > - effaots of the h missions. but at that t uie they had noue of the facilltle* allorded by the prese. by railioad* and t> amLrats. and by the Interuourrn nnd acquaintance trh'oh ci'Diinerce had open'1 wit'i every part of the globe In all the>? a> peel.', h new era Mas dawning upon the world. K?T. Vr. Po<>r was then introduced l>v Or Anleraon. who faid that he did lift < nn to lnu I hem ta> e .veli that waf a word which wan never prenonnced in hia Father'a kingdom ; but in the name of hi- brethren remainii g in the field, be wr.ii 1 oi l t'.em welcome. In railing up the Bay of iiei.'/al. tl'f y <vou'd perceive the lalaml of (eyloo, lying in the stupe of a hell pear. On th?r.t-ck and KU'm <>l tliu* | i-*r w?< tii? wmionary Arid and Matlon. H? would introduce to them the people an they were In lbltt ami in their promiuent charactering they were e* eittia'l 'fin umiw no?r On the ban- of tbat pear w< re a million of people, embracing the Uudbititrt-litfion. t? wbl. h tbi y ha.I noacnem; but on lhe ?t?tn ai'd neck ?tr? ."OO.O' ii i-peatlng a dif ft-rent lunguaue -a ditVen 11' laiv *i> I haviiiK a d'fTerent rel gicn the 111 v !.n nir?l th.n people ?t< tbelr field of labor 'I f'e: j people w>-r? polyihotHtM womhtpptng thiee hundred mil thirty ini lion* of godf pan'. belet*, fata'leC*. and ?'hetf>t?. Beridti* thin, they held iliteterate pr- judir*, atlaiu*' I tin white men. regarding Ibrni an impair?, xiti. :iud ctniiibaU' because they eat the tle*h ?: arid oxen, mi <*hl<'ll dwelt the K?.:rit of their divln.i,e?. litre indued, mil * gteat gulf. MThe di -tin* tin, ol H.? eii rm uiiHoionnfo a to the Tamil niifBlcn*. i* ? folio" ll< ? W. D-tlles and wife, with Mr?. Wlntlow on l^r return to the A adi h? in Psion; Dr. i I Sn?-llon and wife, to tte Madura DiiMion; I'ev locipli T \?.yeo and Wife. Re?. Cyrus T Mill' Ml 1 wile and Mr l'h"nuii S hurnell t<nd wii'e. to the i ej Ion uiiiieion l'heee art i a pt cttd to enibaik iu tl> Uovditch I >r Madrw, to-ivm* (Tnefday) rorninpr. tin* u?u<il rolUloua (fttlfM will lie b< l?i on honril ti-? tt - I at 10 o'ol ink The boaditch lien at ludi wl.atl Ui \ VVui. Irelnud and wife ere declined to t!.< South Airirai nil?.?u>n, and will mail in a tew days. 1 h?. hftiitn In It.,. .. ar. MImV 1T I hl|r<*h'*) mm |dck?il la.'t ?T.?nfp?t t" i'l. nr! ihi f?t" ???!I -.?rv>oe* CO!) D? Cl m ?llli t til- (Irlil'lllto to dllhrmt I i<Vt*n millenary nation*, uf nlno u..-Monarlt-4. ui i a i.l It n aif, under ih?t cl'S'i'" i f 'h? \m-r.iiiil MidMinfvy Init.n as tinlow !(. ? Ltnvin * to lit Mgualrd t" 1 el. i /mi .iMiloa. lra? t'r*tldtiicy; 11 v Huury I. V'lti \l??t?r unit ivife. i<> ? ? m*n anil Anacun IXifwdon; H?v i tioni. \lnnri* tad ?if*, Kmtn nii'l ,\iraunn J i.-mh , R*v. Judnm ti illjam iii a nil wfe, k*iin iV. tf; iim. Tafoy, I eu*?.<t*rini. A la., number of 111"n were pree nt Th? Kuril, u Bn-rrinrj. hla i manic Morn to tho MUMciim it n. dw<-h par1 it'.ii'any <t i tlio trial* >n i tnnptfclinna to which they wOOliM)!" exj I Ml their tcii 'ti" ti* Itif of la>"?r. An ' np other dlinoiiltln* to lie rncnatiti red tli? J orrt-tai > nipcdf ?ti'd tV it uf hi t'liipt ii|< in ; tmttiii uii"Vt? th?* iiuili ?tl ihe (i ft-l in |hiiK'ivK'"'- ""t ooly Mr'flH* lo il.t m. I.m dettli uif td *oidtto'!tpr?*- thu ide 'i tbr (>o prl. O: lie niin?lon.irlf4 j,re;efit. th.* It't-T. S. S l? ?. of till* Tellt II VI It Ah, II, ,ilt I I I ,,l \ J I h. . ? #t?tt ?lrt? I t| | I'tl tl l1' Mt I I M'l | ff . 1 , V : h I ??. t ll f I'll . . . <11 n?ttrit l ar.?T i f thu A 11 'J. 1- M 1 hi> other*, with Mr* fir"wo. of Akhui Mi4, hiti, *'X* wrt t(< rail on iVis 17i.i for (.aU'%-?> u ?i> y Cato, 4?p;. I lut u t?r. E NE MOR Waihinoton, October 10, 1848. I The .lllrgtd I^ind Warrant Forgery Can. The Justices' Court met this morning at tan o'clock, anj the examination was rauimed. Thomas C. Kasquahar, a olerk In Stattiniua's offioa, examined for tba detenoe on a former occasion, was re called and croxs.examined by tba oounsal for tba United States, witb regard to conversation ba bad witb Morgan and Hinet. after the night of tbe fip&t avaminaMnn tVtp?a nablrc u<*a a# 4I>U nf the counsel for the defence he made the following exploitation :?I was taken Mok on Saturday afternoon after Phillips had made the purchase of the land warrant. I came to th"> office ou Monday, but was obliged to return home. I again caine to the office on Tuesday. On Tu?*sd*y, or Wednesday, I met with Mr. lilnes ; he a.->?"d ma the nature of the charge against Phillips ; I told him I knew nothing about it; he laughed, and said that Phillips had been arrested, and held to bail ; 1 informed Hine* that I had heard nothing of the rat-e ; I raid, that if there had been forgery, it mui>t have occuired by some one stealing papers from tbo Tension Office, and imposing them on Phillips; it was merely a prophecy of my own, as Col. b'.dwards, the Commii-sioner. could noc know everybody at aigbt; my conTercatiou with Morgan, was to I the time effect ; I did not know whether Phillips or i StettiutUH had b>en charged with forgery ; I heard of both ; 1 will state how I came to bear of it. Mr. BaaDLKv.?Do, if y u please. Mr. When 1 got wrll enough, on Thuisday morning. I asked Mr Stettiniusall about it. and he told me. Kitber Mr. Phil ipt or vlr Saunders, asked me whether 1 recollected a man mm ng into the office on Thursday night and sellinghia warrant; and 1 state" what I subsequently gave ? evid-nce. The Coubt.?The first examination was en Monday evening. How long after this, wai it, that you had W?... 1 Mr. Faiu{uahaii.?It wan Wednesday evening, or Thursday moiumg; I think in the morning. Croit-examined by Mr Radci.iffc ?It might have been on Tuefday, tta?t I bad the conversation with Morgan and Hlues; I was not at the office after that, I think. unt>l Thursday. Mr Bbai'lev.? And until that time, you did not know what it was ? Mr. Kamiivahar.?No, sir. Mr Rabci-iffk.?Yon tell the Court, that you heard of the max, and made no inquiry ? Mr Monday morning. Mr. Hadcliffk.?I say after the examination before JUftice Ym^l.tne Mr. Fa?i<uaiiar.?I have just stated the inquiry! made. Mr. Radcliffk.?This occurred on Monday,and you bad the conversation < n Tuesday On Monday morn ing, did you make an inquiry into the character of the ca>e ' Mr Farhuahak.?I think I a<ked Morgan if the charge w? s true Mr. B adcliffk ?Did you tell him about the cam ? Mr.FARttUAHAB.? He told ne. Mr. 11 adcliffk ?What did be tell you it was? Mr. Far<)ua><ir ?Forgery. Mr Badclifff.?The* von made no inquiry? Mr Faki^i-amah.?I think tasked Morgan about he waspassiDg upanddown the streets doing business. Messrs Morgan and Hines were not examined It war net permitted, under a decision made by the Court y*>rtt?rriav. There was here a long pause in the proceedings- -all the witnesses summoned not being in attendance. Witnesses were called by the United States to impeach the testimony of those tor thy defenoe. Mr Bari'ch Hall sworr. Han know a Samuel G. Kneller for ten years, principally in the district; tbo?e who know him -ay that hi* gen<-ral chtrai-ter for truth is not good; would not believe him on oath; this was founded on personal knowledge. Cross-Ezatninrd.- Had heard John A. Donnho and George Stettinius, and others, so express themselves as to the reputation of Kneller; had a difficulty with R neller In lb40 or 1842, he did not threaten to whip me; heard that his character for truth was not good before the difficulty; yesterday, Donoho spoke of Kneller; George Stettinius had spoken ot the want ot veracity of Kneller frequently; beard of a quarrel between George Stettinius and Ktieller; have spoken of Kneller openly and freely; spoke of him yesterday, in Parker's store; my hostility arose from the feeling Kneller showed towards me in a business transaction. In reply to a question of Mr. Radcliffe, the witness said that the character of Kneller for truth and veracity. came to him after be had the transaction Mr BRADLKV?.DId not the difficulty between you and Kneller result from your writing a letter to a mem> Itr f Mr Kneller's family ? A r. hart'liff* objected to this question Tamri. Howlakd took the stand. He said that he bad he?rd Kneller spoken of frequently, and his truth una vernc tv doubt*d A discussion arose a? to a question propounded by Mr. Itadcliffe; finally, it was put bv the Court in this form. vlr.:--Do you know what in Kneller's general reputation T A ?His reputation, as far an I bare beard, is not good. The Col'ht.?What is bis reputation for trutb and veracity ? A ? It Is rather unfavorable. The t'oi nr.-What is it where he is best known ? A ?I don't know whore he i? best known. Q. by Mr Radclifkf.? Would you. on the reputation jou heard concerning Knvller. believe bun on lath ? A.?Taking what I heard t? be true, I don't think I would Crnsi-rraniinrd ?Can't say how often I have been in Virginia since Kneller ha* lived there Terhaps I may have been there three, four, or Ave times. During my vitits to Virginia bis characterfor truth was spoken of ; I think Dr. Locke spoke of it ; i cannot re ember any other person who spoke of it; I account for my being summoned because 1 stated to Mr Kadeliff?, that 1 beard Kneller's cnaracter wa* bad. T. M. M< t'.i many, affirmed?He was called by the tided Id Virgin!*; never hear.I anybody there nay anyi thing against Kneller before this trial; mi surprised | and express?d astonishment that he wan in vol red in ! any d fliculty; n>y father reside* within a few miles of : Kneller'* residence ; I have visited liioi and all his neighbor* in Clarke county, and never heard his character qoe-tiom Crott rx*n.int4?Nev?r h<ard his veracity questioned hetire : if I had I never would have darkened hie doer; I have beard Kneller spoken of * a kindhearted neighbor; the flr?t gentlemen associate with him. Jon* Ri< iiari'ion, sworn. said :?1 reside in Virginia, in < larke count , three miles from Kneller's. Me iirfoi-iatiM with all the respectable men in our neighborly d. He tells tome joking taies sometimes, but Mands 'air in the community Son >:l Bitown testitWd as to the two land warrants liarirg been issued to the same person Judge \orn<i. Commls?loner of the I.and Office, wts examintdas to the n ode of transacting buMness In his buienu, etc.. and faid, in rpplv to a question of I Mr B'adley that Charles White his not yet received i thertolen land variant and th ?t he could not return I it to White, 11 cauMi he had loaned it from Corcoran | S; Rtggs * ho bought it frrm Phillips. Ki >yam> IUhi testified that he fiad been to the Ten! lion Office on business, and that, from his observa\ ticnf, t e considered it in-possible for a person to go : t ere, and to get a warrant belonging to one of the I . -1.1 II.. w... .... |f difficult to practise a fraud than on f'ol Kdwardn C<1 Edward* mad* a statement iu relation to hi* manner et transacting bu-in.*,. and said: The paper* in tie ca-e of Chir en Whit* wre died on the 31st of .July laet I remember White well. I hafe no recollection of the p?r'on ot any Charle* White who filed hie paper* <>n 'b 14th ot vugjiat I htv? no recolh ct on ot any 01 her caM of a Charle* While, nor if imy otlur peift<>n tianieil < haile- Unite being at the office to look after hi* ca?e If, at the tioie I acted | on Whit*'* cafe hy one hud *te pped forward, 'then I cm 'led <ut "I h?llen White' and ai" wered '"I am ( h*rle? White." I would have deli\e|i d it to him; ttatt lr, It I did not know the party to be no! Charle* White. %ir Rhmii.kt offered In evl li-nee ihe paper* In th? cn-c* of t harle* W hit*. filed October 10, 1847; < liarle* i A White. Oct' b< r Ilu. 1847; Claris* K White. Not 1<?. 1K7; ("harle* V Whit*, miy 14, 1848, Charle* 1 Whit*. July ?, 1J-48, alid (. harl-<< WUte. August 19, 1848 Iti thi* )*?t cafe tho piper* ?r>re Bled bv th* Hon John Jam' son, of Mis* nri, 1'he paper* contain a request that the notification ho u nt to J'hn Crag, care of ( hohb Ik Sohetick; lu fact, th" n tlflnatlnn ?a* tht t t<i the Hi n johit Jameson. The object of thi* w*? to *how. that It WA* possible that th( Charle* v* bite In thi* ia*t nam-d ca-e had "ome to WaihInutoii lad attended the IVneion Office had received the notification heloi ging to the t.harlc* Whi'e, In the <a'e tn which thin prosecution i* f i. ndeit by mistake, a I'd innocently and hone-ty oid tl at n> tiflcatlon to i'riilli;>* A compart ton of tie hfttidaiHiog of thl-i o?w with that to t.h? p<.?ero1 attorney given to Phillip-" wax made, a xinilatlty being staled to exist. Toe Charle* White in bo b ca es are lieinut* Tl>'> paper* In th1*o*?e are vl di r??d. that th' iiotii ni?n w? sent t') J?ine*?n; ill the case of rhi ie?l ( hnrli Whi'e, they ar? endorxd " Dtlivried to Wb>t< >n per??n ' Col Kd ?M? r TOfliPfii ' I r[ , . r ,.ii i n ' ... o i nn oourn* aelt ?ll) foil' In either >n youi t.t:n endor?? f 'l'i tl nH| .r? Hi? ii!f? i-tntril tliHt th>-r?< ??r?' i Iioiif: 11.; cn>. uot Jf 't nnli I iip'm. A It HT'H hi> ?-f?uid rmt. >?? Ui>? CD ID)' it ?iiv, I I ?rl? - W'liitt- ra.- y ,ny(.f iLium were rrtfijtereJ, I t'l' ? -I ml * ? re nr.t I J.Uiif n fltfrbnracj mldirr t?*' that h<< aold Ji dtM li-'tpr " Sfittm-l Sti titfilu* nn rli* Vii| ?tf Ax H t lit i Xi rnti-il a liUnk itnim-nt before the war' it.lit i * If i"1 'Mid H ?m l.>?uvil, hn iuh.Ic lh? trmnti r H- reri-viil 1 i . r i? ? iV?i.<tiin H(li-rh>< rfcil h Idler. bin >ll*ntinrg? i In SH'itiuiii- t? r f06 hnd *>rut< d a blank n.??ij(n. d tt r i Crif'-i - ,.iriri> Wm> f-IT r? d f'n for It after It ?#i In Mi tnr III. : lini'd \?|||| dv told hltn that h? could Mi >i rmiNt. W hirnnlo ?t lli*l ' me wrtf m-IIhi* for | ??VS I ? I nii iN? ?'?<> n dipt harped Mi d1'r. twaMflnl tbat lio d ?.>? dli i I'm I'tilll<l>? for * '?. and rie"ule<l a ! . i n! I.. u'tort r in dr?? thu wnmnl. i . ii .' u ri*1.1 ii>' U roldli r wm r?anlD?d tf> tV | mnn it! ft. it i ( n ivvm. II, V Mifi>i.rTO>, noil .lin?rii II. 1 | It ai> {< nr "I tho mm ?el I r tb? decline), t**M* I it*a Ut ?u<U..;s tX U. clasrnctcr itf ?uuuvl U W YC NING EDITION?THU! Kneller a witnea* for the defence I'hi'jr oev, r ui-.u d bis character for truth and veraoity impeached, and would believe him on oath *1 be evidence wan bare clOfed on both sides. Mr. ItAucLirrc led off with tbe argument for the If Stat?*. Hi produced, among othrr pap*r*. th* power of attorney. (said to have b?en executed by a Chart** White, in favor of Phillip*, an that he inijht secure the land warraut belonging to the true Charle* White ) and the land warrant itself, on the back of which wa* the essignment. The signa'urea were un like. If one offence had been committed, there had haan tk... ^.U.ln. ?? . I . J "R" '"B " Dim? i? a forgery. First, there ru tfati obtaining of the power of attorney, aecondly, the assignment; aud, thirdly. the p<We?don of the land warrant. Thin Utter KM getting good* under false preteoces. The whole defence wai- a fabrication, to avoid the penalty of violated law Mr. lladoliffe reviewed the testimony, and. in conclusion, iusiited that the Court should satisfy themeelves of the probable guilt of the parties, and tend them on to the Court of final adjudication. Mr. BkAi>Lr.v.-W? (hoand his colleague.) have conferred together; we have listened t? the argument with areat attention, aud we propose to submit the question t y< u at once. The members of the Court put their beads together to make up a dtciMon. Mr. 1 r?M t.?I hope that no d oision will be mad? to preclude me from saying something Mr. Bhidlky.? We shall hear you with great pleasure. I t-ball ask leave to reply and the Court will have it in their power to give permission. Mr. Tvrm.v.?The 'aw and the pruotine flx the opening and clc srg for the prosecution. The gen'leman declines making an argument, And be will have no right to answer me 1 be other ude now bave in opportunity to make a defence If they decline to do it, it is at their own rifk. When I make the conclusion therein nothing after me. Mr llxiini.r Y - It will be the first time in the whole history of jurisprudence when two have addressed the Court fcr the prn?ecution, when the other aide has declined. i never heard of an) suoh proposition as that. Mr Turnk*.?I said that if the Court would permit me to go on. the other party would bare no right to answer me, becai '?> 1 would oonclud* the argument. Mr BRAm.Fr.? I insist there can be no other argument without s r*?>ly. Mr. Tcbnby was about to make some further remarks, when The Court laid that they would like to hear both sides. Mr. Ti n.-vicr desired Mr Bradley to go on, but he declined, and Mr. Hkllkn then opened for the defence. He reviewed the testimony, and endeavored to show bow utterly the prosecution had failed in their efforts to convict bis client of fraud. He said that the aocused parties hrd been concerned in upwards of five thousand oases of land warrants, and yet no man h id come forward to accuse them of fraud'' In alluding to the testimony taken before Justice Van Tyne, be spoke of ' the noise aid confusion," a quotation borrowed fmm a distinguished gentleman belonging t? a party?the a'andard bearer. Mr. Turkey.?(Quickly.)?Do you mean a party in this suit? Mr. Bradlkt.?Th? same party that General Cass belongs to. Mr. ? I heard the gentleman (Mr. Turney) make an eloquent appeal in behalf ot tie poor soldiers, and I really thought that my veteran friend waa coining out flat-footed for Old Xack. (Laughter.) Mr. Ti-fney.?(Earne?tly.)?No. Mr. Mr after begging pardon for the allusion, resumed hie argument, and concluded. Mr llRAiiLtv said that the two preoedlng gentlemen had each occupied two hours, and he would avail himself of the same latitude, if the Court determined to conclude the case. Thk Court!?If it can be concluded by twelve o'clock Mr. Tuanr.y said that It was now eight o'clock. Mr Bradley would speak until ten o'clook, and then it would devolve upon him to speak until the midnight hour He asked the Court to adjourn over until tomorrow morning. Mr. Bhiulili expresst-d apn at anxiety to conclude the cape now: he would take but one hour, andgivo Mr. Turney three. He bad been willing to aubrnit the case without argument, but the counsel for the United States would notoonsent. Mr. Radl-ldte inquired whether ha would submit the ca?e now. Mr. Bbadlky replied in tbe negative. Mr Turkey raid that if Mr. Bradley made his speech to-night, be (Mr. Turney) would ask leave to reply tomorrow morning. Mr. Rradlky said that if tbe Court would fix an hour of adjournment to night, he would agree to it ; tut be was determined that Mr. Turney ahoald not jiave mt) rigut to renect upon itta speeon. Mr. Turi?ky.?Just an the Court please. The member* of the Court, after consulting. raid that ther teemed to be some difficulty of getting through to-iiight, and therefore, they wojld adjourn. Mr Bkadlky said that he would, rather thin not, hare the caw entiled to-night, waive the privilege to speak, and give an opportunity to do so to Mr. Turney. One of the magistrates said that he could not git here an hour longer, being unwell. Mr. Tubnkv ?What! you don't ezpeot to limit m* te an hour ? 1 won't get through In an hour, or two bourn ! (Laughter ) Thk Maoistrai k.?I'll sit here as long as I can. Mr BdADi.r.^ ?ntd that it wa< now twenty minutes pant eight o'clock, but be was willing to go on until the hour tbe Court might tlx for the adjournment. TbeCourt named nine o'clock. Mr. Bradley then commenced his argument. He stigmatized the prosecution as battelesa as any dream that ever passed over the nose of a drunkard after bis di-bauch. and said that tbe man who pursue < the a? eused now. after such testimony as hat bean offered, is beneath bin fellow men, and is a demon He spoke until Dine o'clock, and the candles baring burned down to the socket*, and there being no more within reach, an adjournment took place until to-morrow ten o'clock, when the oase will take the last jump in the cunclusion. Law Intelligence. Circuit Court, October 11 - before Justice Strong. ? Julian t t. Il'estrrrelt. Thii cau-e, which >u begun on Saturday, was not concluded when the court adjourned Before Judge Vanderpoel.?%1leiander r$. Francia.? This is an acilen on theoase fora breaoh of contract in the sale of 60 boxen of Spanish paste liquorice. The ca-e was tried btfore, and reported Upon that occasion the jury disagreed. It now comes on again. Adjourned. Common Pleas.?There were only two casea (one in each branch) tried in this court. They were both uuimp<rtant except to the parties concerned I'mited States District Couht.?Before Justice Betts.? Charge of Revolt.? Charles O. Gray and William Butler were put on trial for an attempt to create a levoit on board the ship Vicksborg. on her p.isia;;e from New Orleans to this port. The jury acquitted (iiay and disagreed in regard to Butler Tine Hi Hi.?Tlie Grand Jury came into court yesterday and banded up a true biil agaiuat Cupiaiu BertraLd aiid W. Wat.-on fur the murder of Albert Burgess on the liigli feas < aptain Brrtrand. who ht'l been out on bail. ?as immediately after the tiud ng of the bill airested and committed Couht or Uknkhai. Se*>Iun?. Oot. 11 .--Plead Guilty. ? W n inm Mnith. ?li? h?u previously plead not guiny to a charge of grand larceby. appeared In court, this uiurniDg, ituu wiuiurt** uim picn. mh idhii pieuci gut>ty to the rhiirpf ot uteaiing a pook-t book, cimtaimng bank note* and valuable papera. amounting in va'ue lo $117 50 from hdaurd .1. Strang, ot <Jra?*y I'oint. Itock'nnd county. while at Clark'* Kxcbante, H<7 Chamber* strict The court sentenced him to tne Mute prison lor tlic term of tbre? yearn. Tiiul fur Gra..d Larctny ? Jawe* II. Uauteun was put upon tiial, cbarg.d wmi rubbing Win Winner, a ''relurut d volunteer." of a purre containing gold rou and bank note* huh unting to *;il 05. Tin* compli nant, V\ inner, h.i- since dud, nn i In- teetliunn), taken before 'be nmgistiate. *?* read to tbe jury; and tbe policeman ?bo nrri'Hnl Inn. swore that the prmoncr intornifd him vhire th?- money uii^lit be found lie ConfeeseU that be bud stolen the imney. and al?" mull a C?ihtK#fl< n < f ibe crime when he \v*? exaujllle<l before tbe pi.lice court The jury returned a verdict of gutty. end the court sentenced the convict to th? Mate ptin.n for the term of two year* ... ~ m. ..f <ia, ! ?i- i? v., . * "" ?y rfinr Vrttti'cn?t tariff K liuckhil.z wa? put U|>on bU d'fence Imfon* iliin court, charged with hivic; oh- I tanu-il $ 10<) worth of <)ro|(H from Sherwood Ik t'olfln, ot No. ?>4 I?-?rl finer, rn or abojt the iloth of Aii^iici, 1147. 1>> Im 1 ft* Mncl fraudulent pretence*. It nan aveirtd itiiil proven by the prosecution that the prisoner came to tlif mutt i A ih? roiu plain an m, at the I ntf above spirihed, and pup hnseil one bundled dnll?m Wor>h ol drugs and lit didoes giving thr* m a not* li r tbe cnu e. i ndors- d h> it man naund Swerlit-ubiirtf. at>d BliO'b<r nancd Marcellus, t.h*? l??t endorsers b. ii>k ri pif-i nu il an in pn-wMon and In ownership of a a hour'*' and lot in South Fourth stree', VViliiaiii'bur^ I be not*1 w?? not paid. auil onelil not h.- collected l>y rotDplairantf, as n eut>Mi|n. nlty proted that the endofreiswirt not in pi ^esricn of the property, a? alI' fi?u wbt u tbe tiotr wa nmilo ; aud. in fact, that it t?as a fraudulent tint Helton. Tin- jury found a ver illi 111 (iinlt i.Liriiitt th? | r ?niier. but recommended blm to 1 be n.ercy of the court. i\* he way a'i old mat, m>il in il beeltn 'lh? cnutt M'litrrct'd lilin to lie pi i.lti misty fn ?i>; month remm king, when they j.i'Hil niii' no?'. tl at. bml it not liwn tiir th* recomII i LiUliiiii ot tbt li?_\ till' oi'lilt would ll ivi' felt Itself I i l i d to m i il the convict to the .Stare prison. '1 In c ourt tii* n adjourned till Thurt>'.ny morning at II o'llocl (' mi I'ii i M'in firth;<d?y rm.i'ir < ot'HT ? I li.r hs ) -r? r<>n> Si rrKiuM ' (>i 11t?till, Hit !1H 4il Vh 14V 114. 147 16.1 t > Ift'i, 4 140 " !) \ l" fti 4Sti. \>i li.', 1.H4 ><', lei! im?. i? i l >7 ifl't to 174 17?. 117 "0 " 7ft 17S I art 117 < OMM' "i !'i.r*??!? *1 rt. Itl iv;t i 7. r ' tM M SOT, .vn. -jii tit 217 21'.', C-l 'ml t?f. 172, 174, 17H '.'4 ITS lfcli, U- 1M lstJ lf? l! ti IPS 1V4 IVtt, Wi Tkhi 01 (itokiii. M11.1.1 d, >011 Kori cnt.? In the Mu )(< <1 it Court, jmicfiliiv. 11 ? t rin 1 <>f (Jvuivt> Utilir t.r i<- no 11I <H tl.f ojirolnpt of thv court. * 111 itlnn *? v I * tlir d?l? tid>?tit'K roun*?|, Mmtlti to lh? ' . v 11 ; riv thv piy b- lore, tn hhi v hoih tlin 111 Jiotmvnt* *iutil. n'n.t \ii M .Vr triiil by ihj? ?n<l t'i? *?inv jii?> 11 v Dutitrl V11?1 n?\> not taing willing tonon i.? tu tlii*. mi? Bi'i'imnt. thi? motion ftjriln ofprII till 111- ||l ?l llllivilt KltUI>IM-F, MIIIIH l"?vlHf or tint* i?i ruti I it n-ri' then ctiifU to lis nwirn, iml .Imnri .'ui.t 1 fi |in curdi it Mr llotmi l- ft ?>r>Kcr in SUV* t?*M* IRK I IISDAY, OCTOBER 12, 11 a list the U rrt? nolct umiu-il iu* .hi sin m, w>re not?? which bn had rt-c?iTed troui Mr. Millar. In Augunt, 1M7 He utat.-il, a)?o, that h? bail at o liar i KmfM iwrfivcd nntn* frotn Mr Miller riiirnnrti rnr tn hit lit d by 8 K. Belknap ao that he had in hN poa*e?fton. on the li>t of December. ten notes, resembling in ppea anoe the tbiee described in the in ictaient. all nude payable to (ieorge Mill* r. aod by him endurfed Au objeotion waa here made by the flefendaut'i counsel to the testimony relating to the aeveu notci not mentioned in the indictment. but it wan admitted by tb. Court, at tending to ahow the fact of forgery. V.r S K. biLtnir, the gentl'mau whw# uauie in lUgedto have been forged, testified that at there- j qucM of Mr Miller on tlie la?t of July, 1N47 he give h in hid two noted, for $2,600 each, but he waa ountl- | dent that neither of the three notes described in the ind'ct n>?nt were the genuine onea; a.s to one of them, be knew it waa not, by a oertain mark io the letter p of the 'LM.u'un lie thought likewise that he bad never signed either of the otber seven, but could not awi ar pofl'tvely. He had given Mili*r two other nolex da'eit tht 0th Julv one for $2,000. the other for f3,0J0' | and these we>e m>1 he had aigned of th.t de-ciptiou Mr. John J Scott, the cluk ot Mr lielkuao. tes..l fled.tbat t>e usually ancompinied Mr. Uelknap. wbeu he chuic to Boton on business; that he received and disbursed muDr} fur him, and kept bis cub account ai.d D0ir-b"0k. aodrntcred i<U hid inobev ran>-?cti<>iin. He stated that the four noted mentioned by Mr Belknnp ?ete all of ibat detmpti >11 which he ha known Mr lit-lkiiap tosign He wad acquainted with Uelkuap's band writing, but could not kwear positively whether the three notee which ?ere handed him were signed by Mr lirlki ap or not?two of them, he wad conv.noed. were not?a* to the other, he cou'dn't say. Several other Witnesses testified that they had bad in their possesion noted purporting to be signed by lit Ik nap which bad been t^ken up by Miller, soma In-fore, and others when they had become due. Tne court then adjourned ?Boilon Jitlaa, Oct. 11. Pallet- Intelligence. Thr Gamt if "Thimble Offloers Shadbolt and Herd arrested yesterday the celeo ated George Rice, on a wariant imued by Justice Lothrop, wherein he standd charged with huvi'g defrauded one Wm. Kobe! is. residing at No 68 Lmght street, oat of a gold watch and chain, valued at $ltO, under the followiug circumstances. It appears that George Kioe was, on the Oth instant, at the races on Lonu Itland, and wbile there, between the raced, he kept the bystanders amused with a little betting game called the ' Thimble Rwhich are three little cup* turned Id wood, about the sl*o of a thimble ; the-e three cups, George placea on hia knee, which is supported by liin walking cane. piopped under to keep his lex up; th?ae cupa are kept moving backwards and forwards with much dexterity, and troui one cup to the other ia pasaed with I astonishing rapidity a sra.ill ball, composed of apiece , of bucktkin rolled up a little ieca than a pea; this ball is culled he " little joker." and beta am made by the j lookers-on. ax to which cap the " little joker " is under. It was at one of there exhibition* at the raced, that h< berls made hi* appearance, peaking hia head over tcvcral of George'a friend*. seemingly quite taken up wnh the simplicity of betting uader which cup the "little joker" ?an covered; George, aeeing at once that lit berta was ? green,'1 told the boya t? make rtom, ai be (meaning Roberta) wanted to bet ; tbe cupa were than Nourished around, and the ''little joker" waa aeen moat positively to remain under cne of the cupa. George at once caught the e^e of Roberta, and observing he whs ready to bite, bet him $100 Hgainat hia gold watch atod chain, that tbe "little joker" waa not undir the cup Tha greenhorn felt satiad-d It waa, for be aaw it go under aad kept hia eye on the cup all tbe time, and didn't see it come out again The bet was taken by Roberta, who placed bia watoh Into the build* of a bystander, together with Georne'n $100 'l'he cup wag then removed. and lo' the " little joker" waf nine. It ?t< decided by those pro?ent. that the bet was fair; and an Robert s had no $100 to redeem hi* watjh he whh compelled to sllow George to keep it a* collateral security until he could raise the money. Thia passed off until Monday, when Roberta met Kice iu the Bowery, and a*ked him about the watch lieorge said he could have it for $60 ; and after much p? rsuasion be agreed to take $30. This Roberts agreed to pay in order to get hold of but watch; and to raise the money. Rice took the watch and chain, accompatJed by Robert*, to Simpson's pawn offloe. in Chatham street ? procured $'2!> cn the pledge, gave Rofeeits the ticket, and took hi* promise to pay the other $S as soon as possible. Roberts after receiving the tickets, not feeling exactly satirtled with the operation. laid his ra?e before the sitting magistrate, (Justice Lotbrop,) who toek bis complaint on a charge of larceny and issued his warrant lor the arrest of Rice, a* above stated. The aocua-d waa held to bail In tbv sum of *000. to answer the charge. Fa/ftr Prttmctt.? A man by the iiame of Henry Williams, nas arrested yesterday, on a charge of representing himself to be the captain of the rchooner Argus, at the store of Charles K. Thorn, No. 11*3 South street, and purchased a quantity of rope, valued at $7, when it was subsequently ascertained that the representations weie all false and untrue, done merely to obtain the property. Justioe Lothrop committed him to prison for trial. Jtrreit of a Genterl Hat Thirf.?Last evening, at tha nl..>u (V... r\m I. of the 2d ward. brought before Justice I.otbrop ijuite a genteel good looking joung mail ?tall, blank hair and whilkers. He gave his name as Wm Austin, hut since is at certain* it 10 be Wm. A. Arnat. from Bloomsbury, Warren county. New Jersey, where he has relatives retiding. He war charged with stealing a bat, valued at | *6. the property of Mr. (Jeorge K. Payne, one of the I boarders at the Astor House, under the following clr- 1 cumstauces It appears that the accused took dinner attbuAttor House yesterday afternoon, alter whloh, on leaving the dining room, he picked up the hat of Mr. Tayne. as it war much better than his own. This hat, however, was rather too large; and seeing that the maker was Wat nock. No. 2tt3 Broadway, be proceeded to tbat store forthwith, in order to exchange it for a mialler one. On the hat beiog shown to thn sali.' man it was recognized, at once, to be the bat sold to Mr Payne only the day before yesterday Thli created t-ome surprise and enquiry, when, just as the accused wan endeavoring to persuade Mr. Warnock that he purchased the hat himself, a I'a\re weariEif a cat.. for the purpose of purchasing another hat, &? he said some one had carried off hid, while at diuner. The hat in the possession of the accused wait then shown and identified by Mr Payn" as bin property. The prisoner was then taken into custody Vy the i fflcer ai d conveyed h ick to the Astor House, where be raid be had dined with a Mr Austin, but as no Mr Austin cruM be found on the register, it ?a? evident that he bad taken dinner without invitation, and for such liberty Mr Stetson charged one dollar, which the prisoner paid, clearly showiug that be had told a falsehood, obtained a good dinner, and made a nt w bat in tbe bargain; but as Mr. Payne being so clone on bis heel* at the hat store, where the prisoner was endeavoring to exchange it off for smaller one, was the means <f discovering his dishonest intention* On searching his person at tho police ofllne, about six dollars in tuoney waft found, together with file fa?n tickets tor coat* and a treast pin; four pcoket Lamlki rchiefs and two pair of gloves weie fount) in his pocket and several letters, on* directed to Harry Went, Kr?nklin House, written inav?ry neat feniaU hand. ar.d signed l.onlsn, requesting bioi to call ni*d n e h? r. reminding him. at the same time, of some part pitamres, on last Sunday D glit Another l?-*t?-r w an evidently written by the prison-r directed to lit? sifter hut not mailed, in which he state* that he has b>?n out of business for six month*, during which he b?s taken to drinking and dissipation, bringing on the horr<.ip. and possibly, bin utter ruin This letter wah d rn'ti d to Vlre Bird. Illoomsbury. Warren County. N lersey who appear* to be bin married i-ifti r A tailor's b!ll for fi:!. and one or two hotel bills unreee pted, were found In bis pocket, one was from the r rot on Hotel It In possible that many chnrues m?y be brought agains him to day. upon thia publication from hwtel and boarding house keepeia, vho tinvc been robbed durwg the last few months. It would be *el! for them, to call upon Justice I.o'hrop, and tek>-a look at him The magistrate committed him to prison, for a further examination. Ckingrnf (irand Laictvy ? A young man of rather l genteel appearance. named John I) Williamson. was . errested \e?Wrday on warrant issued by Justine l.o i thrip. wherein he stands charged with stealing $H0 In pell), from the possession of Mr Win. B Mann, dri'gRi>t. comerof Chamber* straet and Broadway It Minis that about the 22d of August last, the accused was In the emp'oy of Mr. M?nn. an cl?rk In tht? store aD<l accidently. Mr Mann left the abo*-* amount of i (fold, lyit>g on one of the show oa e?. rolU-d up in a pisre f t blue paper The other clerk. Wo- Armstrong leeollects seeing the roll as described by Mr. Mann, lying i>n the i-ase.tbr money disappeared "ry suddenly and strong suspicion* rested" upon Williamson an l.nitng IhKhii it < ou?r))uently, un'iir thi*- su-plcion, (be warrant wan indued and the acrused held to bail in I he mm of fSt'l) to answer the charge The ease will undergo n hearing. when possibly Mr Williamson na> explain *w*> the suspicion llruoklyii Intr llli^eiirr. Mi nut n.? A most tragic soetif occurred in South |i rookl> u. on Tuesday night, by which a woman named Hayis ?*s murdered by h*r hunhand. The murderer, I'd ward Mayes, sn Irishman, made a kind of support ( y gathering swill trom the houses In the city, hut. was ndulct'd to ii.tempetance, and hi* wife, in that ret(?it. was hut little bitter than himself They have I e> n 1< i'g M i wn to and Mrresti-d by the poitce for (lis orderly ci ndnct. aid llnje* las been s?-ri*ral tiin?s i i nvietednnd | imi>li?d tor maltreating bis wife. I)d lie night in i|iiestion. it appeal* that the wife sra-i driirk when lh? n'i?' ?ri(l wrtit Dome. who wa- nlno In. *tc?t?il, wh'ell Ifii to ii di?|>Ut? between th?m. tin Inun r fur^Rnl ?nil struck bur a hti>,r wht-h felleit I tr to the 11'; r which be ft 1w. '1 up by statuplng ni til'be mhh di'itJ l'l rn win two pcr-oui ia th" -u it e Jin in ?t tl.i* tili.c. v bo t^titird before l! coroner to thr !'i;ia In tl c t'?-' ?, ?birli i unite I In bin oo nn.:tt?l 'o prUou. Thl* 1* another of ih? liorrlMo rifee.'* i.i iniriup vhih c, and in >-aid to btar all the horrid fca titich of f ilful iimrtler. AcilPKNT IO 1 tit: rMKAMKK Ul.Ut STOVn. ?The id (in (.1 t! ? mi nTi:rr I,"ivh ! '. Lmn. in lu?t ul^hf. t; pert tbit .be "trainer, I!*ard?tr>? n, In tleneei.dUK 1|? Illinois ;itir, Mtucli :i log about two tuilart ?t(.<eib n'OMtb of .^p le Crtek. Sunday afternoon, ? W.i 1 ni"?-tt hn-to (-i ilim n le'ik, and nearly tilt with ?ater. She hi d on b, hi d .% heavy fr-Ulif th?l%-yr,t . i ttioii I which *: < i ore or I- s .|?uvi" I hil' the rat hi> mv.'l ft< fltikii'i; by wn"< i.i fpT? Hud t:? r t'tifiM" 1 li? Lftin t l.lnti pa* ill do >o aftt r the at c drot, tot !i on ^oatd mo#t ? I the 'r< i? i', and reu dittd otfci-r aitltUncr Si Vet, V 1 IE R A 1848. <u> IntclU|(MM(i 7 II a i .loon Akdcnmow.?S> vrral tbouminil pruoua mhltid VMtitrrlxv a(i?rnrnn nn thu aifa nf VI old garden, to witness the hm-?i>moii Of the .eronvit D. . Morrill, with hi* nplentl.d balloon. Tb? tops of nil the house* in the neighborhood were covered with fieixinf. *' d from every wind . where anight could be obtained,*petred Ihe head* of several of the f*.r pr . t.on of election. At two o'clock, the inflation c< ir.nieneed, and the grealert excitement prevailed I until the cord ?ua cut. and the halloon floated'' I villi the brrtze. At half pant f nr o'clock the earn . i H-curi ii to the balloon, and at the word the rope w*i rut. He then ancended slowly to the distance of ab^ilt had a mile, all the time etauMing and waving his colors V hrn about half it mile high, the wind carried it gently to the ea tward, but ah it reached the upper current. neat in the Miuth-eaet direction Ascending ntill higher, aud tbeu barely perceptible, another current took the then apparent aiom to the eastward ? In about forty tive minute* from the time he out looge, he wan entirely loct to fight The Right wan, indeed, most beautifully gmnd. and the deligbt of those who wil ncmed it. w.?w b? yond expression The balloon in said to contain about tive thousand cubic feet of gap, and if a most beautiful one. All the principal iero- I nmits of the couurry were prem-nt, and expr'i?<ed tbiniKelves hiirhlv cleaned with the nut*in>ss (if th? un. dertaking. I)r Moirill ome dovn outside of Sandy Hock, midway between 'he bench ami the li^ht ship, and was ptckt d up and taken to the uhnre in eafety. Diigrackfi l CortuL'c r?While Dr. Morrill wan infidtiuK bit* ball jou yeeterday afternoon, at Nublo's old garden, the uioct disgraceful scene took place which the oity has ult nef-Fed for a long time. Thai* were several thourand persons outxlde the oiamii, among whom were a great uumber of bo;*, who acted In fcuch a manner a* at onoe to relleot dsgrace upon the ony, and more particularly upon the police who were on duty at the pluoe There wim ijuit* a sufficient number of polioemen precent to have kept order, if they bad felt so disponed, but the ruoHt careli s* indifference war manifeHteil throughout Instead of taking their portions outside the canvasa, where they could keep the mob off, they tauntered in the circle, and though at every few feet they could see the canvas* cut but ore or two attempts were made to i,top it; and no the dli order progressed, until nearly the whole of it wai torn into hhreds rendering it for the future utterly worthless An attack was then made on the oarpenter hop of Mr. Rockwell; and thounh he begged of the police to interfere and ftop the depredation, the only reply be could get whs that they could not help it, without making a dingle effort to htop it. Kvery pane ?f ftI:vkh in the rear ot the building was broken; nod, unleM the proprietor can obtain damages of the oorpo ra"< D, iu consequence ot tne culpable negteot or to* police to do their duty, be must miller the loss. Amoug the mob were tonic very respectable looking men. but the look whs all. for certainly no man possessed of tbe slightest self-respect would be guilty of such contemptible conduct 'l'he city is at this tine thronged with strangers. who w>ll doubtless leave with a proper idea of tbe inefficiency cf the police of the greatest oity in the Union. The Cat ilk Show.?This interesting exhibition opened yesterdsy miming, at the Wasbiogton Drove iard, ou Forty-fourth street, Dear Fourth avenue, 'here was quite a number of choice breeds of horses, c it tie, shi ep, hogs, and fowls; but not more than one half of the stock hail been received, which precludes tbe possibility of giving an adequate description of the exhibition this morning Among those already reeeiv? d, were specimens of the Durham, Devon, I'eeswhter. una Dutch stocks of cattle, and theirappearance plainly indicated the great care which is taken by thelatmers of New York, in rearing cattle Of the sheep, there were handsome specimens of the Merino and Leicester stocks, tbe latter of whioh was much the larger, and presented ? more handsome apEeurance. Ot the hogs, the cross of Derksbire and lutch. were most admired. There were several splen Trustee, aire of Fashion, stood fere most. though there wc e several others which were greatly admired. Today the show will be complete, and a better opportunity will be bad to give a description of thestook. Kirks.?A tire broke out about 10 o'clock on Tuesday night. In the roof of house No. 195 Sixth Avenue, occupied by Tnoma? McKensie kh a stove storu. which win put out with trilling damage. The roof of house No. 21 Madison street, look fire on Tuesday afternoon, by the upretting of a kettle of tar upon the furnace, which was in use by some workmen, who were repairing the roof The damage wan triflin/. A Bra broke out about 3 o'e'rek ye?trrd*y morning in tbe hou?e No. 110 Leonard street, which was put oat with trifling damage. A fire broke out in tbe basement of house No. 85 Lndiow street, on Tuesday night, which wu pnt out with trifling damage. Accidental Death?Coroner Walters held an in queit yesterday, at the Ciiy Hospital, on the body of IVIary McGuiness. a native of Ireland and 115 years of age, who came to her death by accidentally falling through tbe batch of the store No 08 Pearl street, from tbe 3d stcry. It seems tbe deceased was going up stairs on Monday evening, at the above store, ana as it was quite datk.she fell through the batch to the firor below, breaking ber arm and fracturing her skull. The unfortunate woman was taken to the City Hoe pital. and died tbe following morning from tbe injuries rs?raiV*- ri A rot-dirt. ua pandurah uncnprli n f a f above facts. Si oocrt Dkath.?The coroner held an iB<iuest yes- | terday at the Shakspeare Hotel, on the body of a German i;etiUiuian, by the n ime of Christian Schepler, aged 05 ytars, * ho came to his death by dii-ease of the hea1 t. It appears that the dcceated was playing billiaids with a Mr. retrowlcb. and, suddenly turniDH round at the table, he Ml on the floor, and In a few minutes expired. The deceased has relations living in Philadelphia who were not fled, by telegtiph of hi] sudden death. The de?e.t?ed had been lu feeble health for the laft six months. The jury rendered a veidict that the deceased came to his death by di.iease of the heart. Ki n Oveh ? A little girl, named Catharine Smith, war- run over by a baker's wagon on Tuesday evening, and very seriously injured. The wagon belonged to, and wa? driven by a man who does business at No 228 William street. KffAi'H) ? The villain, John Kenney. who was arrested on Tuesday for the rape of a little girl, named Sarah C Clarke, on Stateu It-land, has escaped from custody. He was handcuffed at the time, and It Is probable will be n-arrer-Ud before he can make his escape from tha island. V*if I)r< k UvAto.?This corps pa-sed the Herald office, yesterday al.ernoon. ou their return from a 1 target excuis on. They made a line appearance, and were ncc< mpan'ed by a bind of excellent music. 1Sk<>? r?r li. Liuht Ocaki) ? This target corpi. commanded by ( aptain Mound parsed the Herald office, yettetday afieriioon. They number about thirty muskets, and are one of the finest looking target companies of the city. Armv IntelllireiMT. It will ba grntify ing t<- the trie ml< of (General Kearny to learn says the SI. Inuit KtpuhUcan, of the 2d Inst., that t)ie symptom* of bis direa*e have taken a decidedly favorable turn, and confident expectation* are ne w entertained of hi* recovery. lie I* yet, however, very w? ak and greatly ieduced. 1 he steadier Tamerlane fron the Mi??ouri river yesterday. brought doa n and landed at Alton, ('sptaitrn ('in. niiigbani and Adam*. Adjt. Snyder six lieutenants, Or. Heath and 130 private*, belonging to Col. Nswby'a lonmandof Illinois Volunt* ers We learn from the officers of the hi a*, that there were a great many troupe at Ki lts l.eavenwcrth and Independence, and i thers were ei.uhtantly arriving from the Plains ? St. Louis Krptibtlran, Oct. 4 Naval 1 I.e ir'pm e an* HI) n nu i* nci inufi uuvu vm itb urn New \ or* Navy Vard. It l? r? in- r?--l thitt ?h?- la going aa fl?n ablp for the home R|Uidrnn; aonie pay ahe is tniii.di il i?i lake the | lace of the < umberland, which ha? bo ii brought up from (Quarantine to the Nary > ?m1 It lie not been thought (.rudent. us yet. to take off the batcbeii of the ( umbeilmd ; but It Is expelted that ahe will be open' il in a abort Mm* I'rofe*n r (..ri nt rle|>' on hi aid of her fo;- several ulf^htn after "IP'j I K bit ilifltiifctiiut 'I In ahip of ear North Ca'olina ha* been hauleil in j fr ui tl e uiiildle o the Kant Illrer t? her winter uioorin? . ami the Macedonian in laid up in ordinary The uM-nblp I redc r,i? iaexpec ed to arrire .shortly (torn N'tf'lk. Va to take In store*for the Oregon and Pac .Pc i iju idrt ii Order* have been received to tit out the aloop of war VlDceiinef, but her dec ti rat'on u ?h jet unknown ]<epi rt aaya, that, at last, the frigate >abiue i( about to he launched 'I be aa'.e i.f *eanH belonging to the (?ulf S'|Uadrtn a to taV e place nn t) e 18th in t. Two achoouera, the talcen and }<?ef?r two Ninth iirlg'. the Strotuboliand Hei la, and tl ?'fteamer Scorpion *r" to he diapoaedof. An mint* receireii Irr.m the Kaat Indie* atate that I apt. Uuyalngrr, on that atailon, ia in very ill health, uliil I ih aid he ia to be re'ier. it t>y Capt. lleDjatiiln ' ioprr 'I he I nit?d Sia t?a pliip jan?. Commander S K Du font, firm the I artftc. ar irtd at V rfi'lk on Monday, after ? paeaage id al*fy-two a'"l a half daya from Val- i pHtaiio. 'I he following la a IM. of the officer* of the ' C?ane ?('ciiiii.'andi r. N. H Lni Tout: Lieutenant*, S. t 1< * an <n I, Seld' Il <it'ir^' W. Harriaou. (Act.) ! \ viiRui ; Maattr. I>. Mc\. H?n fax, Surg'on Daniel | h gN ri ; i urn r >\ a \ nn?iian. hh ?mi \i??i? nip 11 in. j !; ub? 11 llariU ; MtJfc\ii|>iiieti, K. S and^rhoml A'tvrt 1 MIichdiI Kdcjunil Shtplierd li I . K I,? ?!?. .Jo*. l'?-- j Hell. A lilch Sttninonn Rmj. K. Well-, W Mltohi II ; < on nuniipr s ? !*rk. Albert I. Miton; Artln* I! at ?M*ln J< lin Colllr.-, Carpenter M V l>oJd. Ki r Itobi rt Hunter r*'ea' r? bmni th" ? I it i t. (ieoiKO Balley. lute r< mm:>ndir nited StaNo ?tor> ibij> Lexington : Carpfi tn U. Mmple, trow the I I nlliu Sla!r? ?hi|> lr:di'|>'iM< nee. /\ Hoard for the examination c>f i D)|in*'rr< in 'he Nmy lor pri.n o'JTin. and of rai.dldnteii for ?dmU*l<>a tnti' thi I* in . r ocri In no* Id *i ?i>ir,u at the Navy Vurl rortfmonth V>-intier* of th. Uoard KralneerIn rt it f, ( h;ule? II Ilnmrell, IV udenf, and l hlef Kn(iiif<;N \vm. r Willftiwon, wil vv w, sewull.jr. 'I b. Client. i rutltrti m. flfttR nnt at Boston, re. ' .?-J I < i- m ?iti ? (fi'?r<> h!?? ft noon f.*i Monday T'i? :_g:?r<1, to Ihc < iil-mrrl'ir m'i?l? ?f the 1r?ii i ?n<1 flf?. >.a- ii'kk h?il on t.tiiid thefht^- I > I ot li W. (Jn?.n. in the tenifori iy ?t> enco i f t:?| t I) I) li liter ?n o'H't UV ' j -ri 10 cW-Umiti ti Juriiig t!?i 9l'u c. LD. TWO CENTS. 'llIK ttKKAT Pill IN W.UUi, MaH.?About Iff o'cli'ck on Tufsdi.f night, 0?-t? b?*rS, a lire i> ?kout in ilia fho* atmtuf J. V UiIh in th? ?r? i 1m bo UliiiK ??d lb at, with i? ooth?r building" on Maine i rwt Mi out- Maall < n?< in tha i?ar. wax *>atlr?ly <lr?trojr?d Tin- tread* not ta>nrd. K??l<Jr? th? atora of Mf (JU?, i 'hc? and clo'hiiiK mora kept by Demond St Kurfgieit, a jewalltr'a i>bop kapt by I. /Nbnoek, a miilini-r'a nbop kept by Mm jjquircii and threa ramillxi Notbipff w-t-mTed Iroui I he Ktora of Mr Uaia ; the good* in llrniond It ItuiiglpH' itwa wera moxtly noted, and ? f'HIt of thi* miult utj< itf Mr luK^f.^h'u iK/itt ?"? out. Mm Squire* ni..l all ihe famttle* In the building )?t>t Dt arly t tt-rytliiuii they hail and 101m of the Inmate* fearrely cc?|ikI with their night clothing. Tl?? two Other h?n>- hlnlillDK" dentrnyed wrfn occupied by S. K. I'epper and W. S Brackenndg- ; the former kept a book More and the latter an apothecary'* (bop. Their propetrty ?? lnontly Iavp'l rb? other wan occupied by K NewbouerJk Brother an a We<t India ami ilry pood* etoie. The ?tock of gnodt ?? pr'no! pa ly saved At one time the furniture and hardwire " re of VV lie Wi*t. which adjoined the la?t mantioni d buildirg, ?ti on lire, anil for a while the flame* thi taiencrt to eweep every building on that nide of the tr??t The con'eiitH ol the ( tore* anil office? in 'he Merchant*' Kxchani^e were hurried into the ?tr?et. a ad among them the type and nearly all the priming mateiiale belonging to ourofliae were prnmiHuu >u*ly acatteied. 1 he arrade tmildiiw ?? owned hy Warren (J. kay, and wa? Valued at about $4 00,1 It wan in*ured 1c. ^2,400 Mr Gale wan lUKUred lor $1 000 -prob.ihly nearly all hi* et'Ok waw worth. Demoud ?t Rurgl** liad 1 he.r good* damaged probably to the auiouut of >1000. They were al-o iu*ur?d Mr Uahoook'* I?m wan i bout tJOO Mr* Suulrea'rf 1o*h cannot fill -hurt < f $600 Shu loht J'JOO in money. and all h?*r good' and cloihiug Her little boy < arne very near being burned up. I'oner Kair field nnd w.fe <Jij not nave a whole garment Mr. Therrill and Mr Adam Tbayar, who lived in the banemviit, naved a I'mr article* 1'he Masonic Hall wiim In the attic, and all the paraphernalia connected with It destroyed Mr ('epp?r'ti good* wera daniaited to the extent of $400 or JifiOO fie wan not innuied Mr Hrackeniidge'ii ntoe It *i< injured to about tbe same amount Injured The building which they occupied wan owned hv \ln Lyon and I'htlp', and wa? worth about $'i.0U0-it ??i in ured S N?*wl>ouer It Br? tl-er n gooiin are damaged considerably. They veie imured for $4,000, The building w .ich tbey occuped wan owned by OenWon I'ouverne. and ?an valued at between $2 000 and Vi 000. Not tnBUiid. W. l)e Witl'M goodn were d*mtg?d by being mi ved. to the amount of $t?0O. Thw building wh'oh be ocouplen in owned by Lyon fc Phelps and ?ai damaged considerably. The building iv d goo In therein were injured. The Commercial K(change. owned by JoH>ph lUrtwell. I, Drnper. anil Waricu (I Kay, waa damaged badly. The go. d.i in the otore of I). Converfe t Co., were greatly damaged by being moved. Othern in the came block fullered booi* Ion* by having their good" moved Into the afreet, (ioodn ol all kind* wireMolen. and one of the light flngered gentry waa ki.crktd down while carrying off a piece of broadcloth. The fire wan undoubtedly the work of ao incendiary. It wan but a little morn than a week ago thiit a fire wan discovered and extiuguiHhed in the name ntore where the la*t one broke out. Suspicions resieu upon .1. r tia'e. me n?nnr or the Htoni. tod he wan arrest*d Ills trial oame off on the aftoroo >o and evening of Wedui aday. wblch resuted in his acquittal. Several of hi* workmen testified that they had found things arranged for a fire In the front chop, a few mornings previous, and that a flow matrh had been applied to a considerable quantity of combustible material*. wbleh were partly burnt up There la a myat< ry about tbe matter wbloh we trust will yet be brought to light And tbe villain, whoever he is, be dtalt with according to his deserts ?Ware Gazette. Two Mukskrkii Women in Ho-ton ?Coroner l'ralt wan called yetteiday to liul:f no iUf*dt upon tbe body of Eliiabeth McPIke, of kast Boston, who was (tabbed by her drunken husband, John McTIke, on the night of the 4th of July last The wound was in tbe side, jus' above the hip Mol'lko wa? arrested the same night and committed to jtll: and. after lying there a month or more, was sentenced in the Municipal Court to pay a tine oi $60 and costs, and to give bonds to keep tbe p.' ace; which, with the help ot his friends, b- complied with, and wa? set at large. In the moan time tbe wuuuded womtn was exrried to the Almshouse, where she grew w r and waa taken to the .vlaMachusette Hospital.? Here the wound healed over, rind she recovered sufficiently to visit her husband la jail Afterwards the wound opened afresh, and she went back to the Hospital. where she died yesterday. Tbe Coroner, npoa learning the facts, made a complaint before Justice Knapp who issued a warrant for the arrest ol Murine The warrant was placed in the hands of Constable Jones, who, last eight, with the assistance of th? watch, succeeded in arresting MoPike at or near a stable in Kast Host on. At one o'clock yesterday. Coroner Pratt wax rsII. d to hold an tuquest upon the body of Klliabeth Kuweit. who dixl from tbe etf?otsof a wound indicted by a knife In the hands of At \naon uuuriwuu, vuiitvu. tun nii.mj uiT.urrfu in ^vp'U? street, and wax th? result of a>(U?rr?l between i .,j partie*. who were both denraded characters Courtland wan brought up on Saturday In the Muaicip-1 Court, and tente need to a tine of $50 and costs; but on an Intimation to the Judite that the woman wax probably near her end. the sentence wan cu-|>?nd>-d ?Boiivn Tratrlltr, Oct 0. Hiot and Hloodshkd?Skvkn Men Shot!? Our city Iiub been (Ji&gmcrd l>y miothrr shameful riot. About 8 o'clock a la.g? number of persons proceeded to Caroline street, above Baltimore, and nommeneed a violent attack up- n the tavern of Mr. John Appleby, at the corner of Caroline and IlampUead streets,demolishing nearly every window in his hou-e ?otie ii{ the brick* striking Mr. A. a (ever* blow on thefotehead. Pistols were freeiy uied Kiudtng his hotue surrounded, Mr. Appleby thought proper to defend himfelf as he best could, and accordingly fired several shots at them from hi? windows, mme of whioh tooktflVct on his araailants, and caused them to retreat. t During the progretn of the row the parementa in the'neighborhood were torn up with axel to supply ammunition The following are tba names of some of those who ware injured in the affray:?A mau named Ott<?,re?elv?>d ? ball ill bin left leg, ami a load of shot in the right thigh Another named Woodali. had also n severe (hot wound in his face. A man nanud Lambert. and a young mau named Richardson. were also shot in the arm the last named while in tb? act of loohirff out ol the window of hi* dwelling. Mr Stan?bury also received several spent shot in his brea?t, and also bad several of his windows shattered by brick* thrown. Officer i'ieri-on received a number of small shot in the side ofhls neck and face. Swerai other*, whore names we could not learn, bad a number of shot taken from different pjrts of their bodies by Dr. Rusk who was very active in tenderirg his services to ti c wounded. A young mm n?m<"l Weems reoeived a severe w< und in hia abdomen bj b un s.ruck with a brick. In addition to the injury mstaloed by Mr Appleby, feveral otb<r dwell nsrs in the vicinity had kheir window glass broken?Halt. Cli/>fier, Oct. It. Knval General Ord>r. N'*v* Di rtnnitnT. Oot. 7. 1RI8 A? a mark of reflect to the m mory of Commodore .Inn <'H Diddle a d'SHngniubcd rftlcor of the l.'nited States Nary, who died in Phiiadelptr* on the lat inas , the Hhgft of the tinvy yard*, t-timon*. and re??ela in commission of the I nlted State* nary, will h<> hoisted t1 liall ma*t. and thirteen minu'e guns flred at noon, on the day afu r the receipt of this orde-. Officer* <<11 he nary and n arine coi p* nil wear crip# on the left arm for thirty day*. W ij M VRGV, _ Acting Secretiry of tta* Nary Tin- Wrathrr. The Spartanburg (s (J.) Spartan, of last Tu^-day, s?yt:?Since Saturday 12 o'clock, till Monday morning, theie ha* fi.Ilei. a great deal of rain, and in some parts of the country con-id?r.?ble hail Some t *elre unles below here fell hail't' uei the Hire of ?? nut*. which riddled the It ares on the tr>rD to a great extent [From the Milwmikie Wisconsin, Oct 2 | The wind couinienci d blowing a gale from the eastward on Kiiday night last. ari'l ntill continue*, accompanied to-day with drenching raio i eeterday <ra* a our and disagreeable day aud thi.f morning w? are drenched with rain At tne api? araoee of er?ry c oud, our citizens tnroluntaH'y think of tho roads, an upon th?-ir condition a jit-nan ine prosperity or me r?n btUineM. [from the Newburyport 11i-r%14. Oct 10.1 Tbeie was a beavy front on Sunduy night fee t?s formed i f the thickness o< a dollar. (From the Chicago Dein.. Oct. ) j The w<*?ih<r hat. been very uupr far." me weeks It In nth< r extreme!/ nold accompanied b/ ? diriigie? able wii d troin the eai.t or rior'.h or chopping lound to tbe Miuth ?u l wet, lb* eimn^ briri.'i w tn It a deluge of rain, that puts a derided rets upon all butlt:e?s operation*. Such ?a- the f ather of ye*terOay which caused the pulne of trad" to biat with <0 lamt a puUa.iou 'hit it 111 :tht bw m?ii a unt?c"al atrophy bad seized upon the late b iy fr?.ne of commerce. Tim < ??!? 'I he H'inyah (8. C ) Ohm of Ivt W< ilntMiUy, ajn;-?An old Black rivr pUnt-r *?U t* u< ia?t wiek be had n ' so bad a >>.t >>n In tw-nty yiarsl'orbM rice have.., haviuf hvd r.iin tor every dt-y for eiicbteen or twenty d ,js. \V? un4ernt?nl Ci 11 e f mall inland planters MTe t?*.*a Inconvenienced it to from th? tame cai-ise i't e ruin seems to have fr.?vtli?d thtoORh partii-u <t leoti n?, and nottohtve ejnbrtredniore iban m\or embt tnllcs In width r^" jt, urai hai*> ?t ha< V* a i?< ro thin or >tu?rily good, hi 1 a majority ft tin planters have ftnisbwd " Tie Sprtngju'it (tin,) On rife sly - Notwlth-ai . -11 ? - ? ?? 1 - - - >Hil ?<ir?Hu 11 ri iTA mull H >11 IIII UUI?.> n I" |. i ...... .... ? r?" p i i i K th. potato .t. |i 01 thi i >< ir, h? iittJ "n tri^nliy annus cur fnrm??ri> fha th- rot h.*?hir.lly l>"ti i''C?pt(l .c in tnH region ll'fs fall. ThuyteH is drumially mdhII but tba cr p la ?utind aud in g >od c<>L<ittion. hi thn ea.-ti rn r.??-dm of thl< county, iinj cn itc tnonntalna w?*t. the cron Is oimp:?r Ulrely , trail, but i,i ti?<_ 11> jood. OurfaritnV f?*r-\ *ay? tlio HaUcwtU Ha: rtie, hava d)i ally tlcrgatnl fine* ih? roi-un-oc. m-pt of thapoiHto lunt'it 'i 1 >t rpep. ?'?? believe. i* found to b? unl* ?eraally dlf. a-.-l and tl,? rT >porttcn of tollon lubera much greater la*t yeiir PoptXATM V ?i '< a.?The tot il vote ol Iowa iv lb* trrrnt Staff elect! a. Wn 2l,i'il Tha luirn Cn/tiltl Ft) nrlti Ultra tjvm Iht" V..IH ' U.'I* lu? p-?pni?Ioij nl m i Si. te l? al'.'ul l.i'jcu'. t n* dopu'aikim of \V iicf>Di>in in JJec*ail*r laat, w *. ilU.67i, md U U9W but ilUie II any, nhott vf li.W,l)?W.

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