Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1848 Page 3
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which an owr.eri?*wM A pp'y at the ab<>?H offi w. (hand Lareenj ?A ibh.i rullej Art?a> Snyder, w<l kin lut? cu-'rdv jedouji lijr oflmr I,;oim. on large < f c?r?lti')t a pl?re of purpla nieriao ?iia>?d at 60. lie wax I hi ked up for a further eiinlnation Pick itrkrt in an Ouiiii/iui ? Some of the expert >lekp t'klr'a who frequent oain'bu<ue* nucoeeded ?e?t?rday In |.ir)itf* the pocket <>f Vlr. Har-htll. of We?teb?it?r c<utitj, nft hook conta'nim o?er (>1kj la ItoiiK hi<* live pr?mi*ory note* of il/KiOeach. together with chtoke and ot her valuable paperp2auv>uutlof( to DpwardK of J>S (MiO Tl.era *?*. aluo. in thepoikat h<>? k.a will executed by a rain In VVentrh'*?tercounty wfcod'edon W*dne?d?y lant Krom th? deanrlptl^n fl'm, tha thief i* known, and if that ll^h'-tlnnerei pej'tl* niKn wWheK to ?a?? blm<elf further trouble ha fcml better enrlo?c all the note* and p?o-r?, together wllh the will, and rtir?rt. theai to the loser, Mr. ttarihall, New York Pott DAW SjtoitliiK IiiteUlgriiCfi Union col'RkK, L. I.?Tkoti i!?u ?Much anxiety baa been prevalent for noma time to wltnefi the performance* of that weatarn trottinn phenomenon, Jack *? _ 111 hi n*u?,l in non'icr. bu .... .... vu?... .v gratify the defires of the sporting fraterniiy, as h* will nuke bis drbut on the I n'on in a onofc-*t with tLe famous Lady Mojbd*. f>r a pu'se of mil*) heats, be?t in five, in harnes?. Something UQcmnnDn may bu expected, a* the track Is In fine o million for ?petd. A match will come off ironiedtately after the tlton. between i. g. Trmtw, and hr in Vlr^ini* \l*id, three mile heats, in baroesp. for (350. These attraitlons. combined with the charming weither muKtht>i< a tendency to induoe many to vi?it the nonr??, and, do doubt, the atteadaoee will he largo The alvertirenrent will explain further par lculirs. Louiitillk (Kr J Raci.h?Oakland Coi'iisk? V hrlo account of the sprrt expected to lake pUre next week at this couree, may he acceptable to our nu ueroua readers The first day will bring together ( n tne Bradley stake) J as L Bradley'* b. o. John Blank, by imp Trustee. out of Maria Black, who l?-at the celebrated Doubl-on. at Lex ngton. last week, runnin; the second b?at in 3:42. and F (J. Brengaiati'sali. f. K nma Wright by imp Margrave. ut of the datn of Tlheriu*. a fine active 3 year oli : both are doing well, an 1 are backed by tb? ir re-pective owners. Tuesday is th? two anile day and will bring togethar four or Ave of the b int hcr-es in Kentnoky. Thur*Jay is the three milt lay, wbirh will probably bring out Denmark. Diu'>l?oa, Bald Hornet, and Yletcalfe's Wagner horse, fril iy u tbe heft Sard 6, which will bring together f >ur or five, among which we may name Jlgg. Kred Kayo, an 1 Col. J U Child's Shave Tail. The lat'or hor<? rn cently beat on* gentleman'* whole sttble who a Lh-t coloLel jocularly a?ked if be bad any more of tha tame scrt" Saturday will be tbe day of the w?-?k- four milr*?whi-n Red Eye aod LIU e K-nlly will come together. Before their late meeting, at Lot lngton. it van thought that Red Eye wan invincible. But he was beaten in what is nuid to have been "no of the most exciting race* ran. wince the race of Wagner and Grey K.Hgle, in 1840. There will. doubtless, he a g'aod turn out. nt-xt week, of all those fond of exciting (port.?Louitvill* Jnumut. Oct. 7. Brooklyn lnUlilgriice. Attempt at Suicidk.?A ui?n named Daniel Cutler, attempted to destroy himielf in pri/on. yeiterjay morning. He was insane. To the Kditoh or thk Hkrald Sir? My attention nas directed to a communication in tbe Journal of Commerce which took a grett olfenna at the xptrssion," bloody banner of the social republic," used in the (Molutions ofltftd by me In the Ger man mats meet ug ou Mtiuraay nignc. I am aim lulled at the cry ra'M d about it. TBI word "bloody" mnst apply to ?*Tery terolntlon maJc by foree?such a me lor which the filth, rn ol tbe American rejitib io pledged their live*, their fortunes, and their sacred honor?such a onu for which Mr. Heckerand bin bravy companions f .ught, bled and diid! None but a sentimental blockhead. or a hypocritical traitor, con amort that the despot* of Kurope, wl o answer the jui>t demands of oppressed nations by such r? neons as a Itadetzkl, or a Jeliachlch, with his barbarians, employ?or the Kaiperor of Rusxia the Woody destroyer of Poland?will ll?ten to justice and r*afon. As to tbe words ''social republic," no mm who knows the lea-t about the misery rf the masses in Knrrpe. will fay that without Important social reform-* a repbhl'c in Germany cnul i stand hut a fortnight. 1 he intuit oHered to Mr. H"cker by the anonymous wiiter in the above paper, need* no answer at my band; the unbounded enthusiasm with which that ftr*at niait; r to tbe can** of freedom iu our f&'.herland. is lecemd every where by his countrymen, Is the bt-st refutation of tbe slanders of one who clatse* himself auioi g?t tbe " most respectable Germans." hat who is. without doubt, one of those hireling'* of petty ire'tnan tyrants, who are afraid that their pohle b'i*lnen of ' fples " *111 he spoiled by the crumbling of the funl thr nes r.f th* r ma-ters?to which consummation, 1 ichiy to b>- de-bed t e m.iT -ments of Mr. HeoRer in thic rouiitry will contribute a great deal By 'nserting the above an- r in your far spr?a 1 pa p?r. you will oblige an immense majority of your <i?r man frll"w cittz? nf>. With high respect, yours. fc<v. OKO. D1F.TZ, Editor of the Staali Ztilung. Four Dollar*. Is tlir Standard Prlcc of our Bath? Ai d a better or finer. > ever ?jt on the tend of a M >jor or minor. The lubreribftiide i of "pregrea*" i? 10 improve the totality of the lia*. * ln)? he b-nten* tin iintv; atul t>?? nas this Bit*ifiictio'l of that, v hili- hi? f?11 h"t ) a? bc-n umv in illy p^i I omircd tln-n" ft Ieautifnl hat fnrpentlonieu *var offered in v>? Yotk, ?)ia' tie fee of it. m 3*?. le?? tluuthuaskud by othor liotite? for an urt'ctc cerfa'tily to i rtf r, nnrt bv hie nuar.*rout cutti neii pioi.ounoed inf rn r J N. tiRM.V, 214 BroaJw.y. Clrrlrnl D?pi avlty ?Tin- Poller Cia7.ctte of tMs ?e k i on i iti* an ? trm.ritin rv rievih.pemeut in mUtioti to the<au>>e* of the recent ileitn of the you ig and l?*iu tful Wife ol' the Kev. John N. MafU\ Every budy aiivuld read it. Ethiopian MlniiltflNy, tlie popular niUMir of tl.u uaj, wttii the other apituatd attraction* of i '10 place. as Cttat Wea'trn, th? popular Yankeo. Sc., i<i dr?? inn cr.i *d- 1 houw* at tbo Aucrican Muieuin. Tie minstrel baud at this htm* ii no wai iufenor t ? any othtr in ti e ':itv. wh'le the r vocal jcv em aro ol t ' e !?r*t or it. 'I hoj gue their perform lace* \ery ?flrri<otiat tlr>ei 'e! ck,a?tvell as every ? eiirg. and the deli. hted audience*. an will uh crowded lioum*, fully attest their*> The Muteum bill pnfentl u combination and vi.rici> or n?tt e.urs, as wen ts hiuuh rnuiuis wiiicu insure im-un* tiiiuea liberal patiotiape. f,ndlt-h% MIkmii1 mid Chllitrru'rt India HuU1 ec U?er?hi e*. (t?oodje*t's l'atcnt).?The very best kind* uiann. faetmtd, and at a* low pricua rs any * ore or la-tory In Vew ^ rk-together with a complete ns?>rtment of l.:uli? Missy' and t liiloion'n ' aiter Uo ta and Shoe*, of aO kindj and pr cas, at J. B XIiI.Ek'S, l.-J Ciuil aire.t. near *Vt!st Broudwuy. Tlic Metallic Tnlilet Strop, f>r Keeping J>??i n> in order, invented by (j. s* inters. year loltf. Chin article I as be it so Ion* and favorably kui-wo. as to nee l no comment <>nil? Tirtni s Srflice it to'say. it never been equalled fur ti o purpotes intended, t'o inventor having bi- ti a-v^rued ?h i umal |rcuiMMli at the fair of the And can Institute, on men . ocea-i- n that, the article has lue, cxhibi<el lor o inp'titwn. Certif icates, as well Ir m the first gent amen in this a id other ci untrier, at d cutlers iuail partaof iho world, acknowledging its wr> detfn' power, can I c seen at the Factory, 147 Hroadivuy, oormr ofLiberty ttrcet. and >7 Broadway W l|(i and Toupee*. \lc ivould ad viae all pinion- wiahitiR a supcrnr wig or acalp to call at Batchvlor'i naiiuiaotory, .No. 2 W all utrctt, and uuuniuo the bout aaaor-.metit lntt.ecitj. M e would lbform stra..iters that Mr. BY uo*lv in vented wics obtained a s lvcr modal at th? l?st fiirof the Ams ricnn Inatitnta. Enoiuh said, copy the address. Diamond Pointed ({old Prna, If properly made, am much cl i?u|icr than qmll or steel pens, vt e invite the attint on "I onjerp to ?nr ni-iujncu ihhu riin cviu uj t?. ? W ATMJh s > (>., 15 ul auoei. 'I h?y ?r? the perfection of Uold P.ui, at U aio warranted (o wear live year* (Juld iV'at repa rod. Boot*, lloolo.?-All who nr*> In want n( a cl t?|>.u??rll >k ? ?<od Htiinn and Otitallc Hoot, we would adviae to call on Mir ft"iid Yutinn i>|<|?itttr our offlce, e rn r f'utt u ai 1 ^aamn Uriels. Itta fine Fiench calf two'*, St AO, usually Sti irnd *7; tine calf, hl? malic. J-'iGO, ti m!l> $J AO and $.V waUr|iio< f lootr, nil) | era fail.ra. *e. TUB UOCTOK. ( liirdirnV Beaver Unix. Kail Win Bai io. I anal, enroot of Wwiater atrec a, liaa a ric i and vulit d yrkof ( h l?ir<fi.*H pearl, drjb, winta and Mm k ffaaver lljts. tiimn.oil in tlit I.mat taitelitl manner, witt rloh and bi*u fnl n.."'ena s Ilia pries! arc ntarlj 25 (er cent li:r( than Br' idnay pilot a. Anrn Itlahop llntfl.?l>\vln|( to the uii|>r?? et d. iiteil aalv ot ti l? N-nnt till Hat, Knox ha< dr orrnino I upon a Improv- p-<-nt. naan additional indu eiuent to tfinae who wtah to rhott tluir udn iraiion of our great prion'l m a by throwing ll.cir hata at hi r loot ilia Anna Buhop IIat now < nl itnt a loi.u1 Inl -'eel I'll ti >"ii?r?vln!! of tlii ?wect ' ng<*)e??. whn:h li )iroD(ut i-cd in aaniiral In 'ik. ne?s Now where are our rail deal n'lm-iana, and ail uthira, iuiUcd, w ho liko a nnc hat at a (rice ? llnrhcr1* Crrmi! dr I'nlitiu Clirl<ill, or C'n?Inrt i i r am, Ik adnut'oI Iw a 1 to lm tl.e lieat proaerva'ion In II e tinir extant The genuine a'tMo i? to lw had only of W, J, llurVer, a' Ira Hair Dr- tint and U'lk Wri'dng K ) > ia M'J nro^.1vay lur'pean Apney. Biiktr k D.,l>M>n,75 1'arAdtn, oppoaitt th? I'om Otl-ce, Livirpo I. l> U iU lu ci K li I A u A f f A 1 tt S< mo\ey1iarkkt. Thiirsdny, Orti 1*4?0 1'. M. The stock market opetieu mote buojant this morn ipg At the first board ilnrli m advanced X per oent I.hi g l:l*od, Norwich and Worcester,Morrii Canal. >4; Heading Itailroad, 'i; Treasury Note*. At the second board Harlem went up'i; and Nor with and Weiceater, Although the transactions at ciihrr boatd *cr? not large. there was a much bet' t?r f?eling exhibited. Money Is decidedly mor? abnndant. I,"mis are easily made at all p?r rent og government secu?Uie?, and the pressure upon th< stock market haa been much relieved. There was a general meei Ing nf the stockholders and ftonunolilrr* ol urn acnujiKin .-ohvikkuoii < uni|><iny held a lew da}* Fine* in Philadelphia. the object 01 which wa?, to agree upon mum plan calculated to r?. lle?c the Company from the rmbarr??aments wltt which It la now aurrounded. The substance of th? propositions submitted for conMd.?ration w?s a* fol l.iw* That the holders of the l?an of 18OS, whlel amounts to about $1 400.000, should a?r'ee to oommnct It at the rate of 76 per cent. In new bonds, and 2!> pei cent. In stork at par. That la, for every old b >nd ol $1,0<!0 sn< rendered, the holder to reoelve a new bond for $760. and f2.r>0 In the fharea of the company al their par price. Thla would reduce the loan of 180S t< about $ l,t u0,000. The nan of 1S08, which amounte tc $3 000 too. to be commuted at the rate of 50 pei cant and 60 per cent. In the ahnrea of the ?o pany at pir Thla would rednce that loan to $1 800,000, and lesaen In the aggregate the company'a Indehtednesa $2 IM),(00?reducing the company'* present liabilities foi loan* from $7,010 000 to something ie*a than $6,000,000. Til* annejsd statement exhibits the amount of Colli etlUetrd on *aeh of the State eanai?, for the month of September. (a eaeb of the put two )itn. Naw \ OBK Still: Ca?ai.? - Awoi'HT or ToLM. Hrpt 1H47 St,it H48. Frle Canal f-lio 1ST 81 $478 974 ft'i 1 Mamplaln IB 130 12 15 387 02 Om ego, 10.62150 II 338 2t ('a)uga und Seneca, 4.4'ii 10 4 02S 70 : Chen nop 2 761 65 2 084 03 I < rooked Lane .'KiO 01 344 70 Cbananfcn 4 07ft 00 4 217 45 Oeoete* Valley 3,223 31 3.057 41 Oneida Lake 89 31 137 81 Oneida Ki?er Improv'ta,... 2*2 96 32 07 Seneca K. Towing path,... S3 64 4'J *1 Total* $451 756 90 $ 620 853 42 The increase in tbe month of September this year, over tbe corresponding month last year Is, $?'.l?,O'.?0 43. Tbe total amount of toll* rewired tbi? year, from theop?b)Dgof navigation to the close of September, Ave months, la $2177,837 OS Do, lor laat year, 2,OO7.2i0 00 Dfereafe $489 418 as Tolls ftr 1st week In Oot 1847 $121 537 CO Do do do 1848, 128 241 78 Increase, $'j.701 18 It is very probable that the decrease will be muc^ 'v?? at the cIom) of navigation. There ha< been a fair increase every wn>k for the pa?t month; and, as there are about nine weeks more of navigation oatheoa nai?, tbere Is a chance for a considerable increase, compart d with the corresponding weeks in 1647. Last jrar was unprecedented; and a* the same causes for bringing cut supplies of produce from the interior do not exist this year, it is hardly fair to compare the movements of the two years. The tolls received thus far this year largely exceed those of any previous 3 ear except 1S47. The report of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, for the year ending the 30th of September, 1848, has juft been presented to the stockholder*. The re ceipts and expenditures for that year were as annexed Baltimore ahd Ohio Railroad. lleceived for the transportation cf passenger*, malls, and mercDandhe $1,182,942 68 uur *Jj mr j?ur v uiuvio unpatiwent and indiyidual* . . . 30 721 09 Making together 1,213,644 67 Expeneta tor working Lh? ro?<l and machinery, and keeping tbeiu in repair, *n For espentei of trannportatlon $219 902 40 Repairs of railroad 167 306 06 Rrpaiia of locomotives. . . 02 388 62 Hejalruof pawenger oars. 24 491 07 R? pairs of burden cars. , . 74 014 10 Repairs tf bridge*. ..... 69,609 18 Repair* of depot*, to 14 990 86* of wa'er station*.. 3 946 83 Wutcbitg bridge*, and pumping water at water station* 12,012 36 Lom>?b by accidents, fire, fco 4,022 61 Office and incidental ex. ptnses, including satori *. fees to counrel, boufe rent, be 16,003 74 Stationery, machinery, and sho^s. 219 74 Making an aggregate of expenses of $062,100 60 Acd showing the net earnings of the road for the year to be $561,668 07 It appears that the gross income from tho main rtoin, fur the jeur ending September 30th, 1843, had bten $1,213 001 67; the total expenditure properly charyralle ibertto $602 100 50; and the not revenue $561 658 0.'; bhovr ng an increase ovur the preoeding yiar ol $>111,727 19 in the grots Inouins ; $71277 62 in the c-ifiHDditure, and $40 450 47 In the netrotenue. Wi.b the nut revenue of $561,56802, equal to aboit eight (or cent, on tbe capital stock, tho board might bave dec'ared a handsome dividend in money among tbe stockholders, but the direction determined,in lieu ot dividend, to increase the capital stock of tbe company to the amount of the recue applied during th? yeai to reconstruction, including tbe extent-ion to the south side of the ba?in, the alterations in the b'jd of tbe read, and tosurvejs and right cf way. aud to give to the stockholders certificates or <?crip tberefor. Of tbe whole sum expended during tbe year, on account of tbe reconstruction of tbe track ordered in previous y?ar.?, $13,838 02 ?as paid in bonds. $200.ui0 for tbe alterations In tbe bed of the road, ao4 $8'.?.004 on account of tbe ex ention of the track to the south ride of tbe basin, are payable in like manner; and in < ach care the^paymenta a'e made in bonds at par. and for amount) within the estimates of the chief engineer. Up to tbe 30th September, there bad been delivered seven engines, sixteen passenger and one hundred aud ie*enty-one burden cais. on account of which there had been paid $150,663 37. The reconstruction of the track may be said to be finished--on account of which, bonds falling due January 1st, 1867, for $13,$3<S 02. and $ 164.646 ?3in cash, had been paid during tbe jear. About two-thirds of the graduation and masonry in the " improvements " in the road bed had b?en completed, on account of which $113,062 74 in bends, falling due January 1st, 1867, had been issued; and $16 634 60 bad been paid in money on account of rght of way and superintendence. Tbe extension to the routh Mile of tbe basin was about three-fourths completed; and on this accouut bonds to tho amount ol f.>2.150 76, payable as above, had been issued, and $22660 11 paid in money. It appears that the outstanding en :agements of the company for the objects above enumerated, amount to about $270,317 60, to be paid in bonds and money. Tbe part to be paid in money, amounting to ab?ut $166.tOO 16, will to that extent be a charge ou the revenue of tlie star ending on the 30th September. 18 and if to this bu added the rum duefor borrowed money, My $3r),000. and to the Washington road, nay $211427 11. there would be tbe hum of $214,230 28 in rath, charm-able upon the revenue of tbe name year. The total amount of tbe bonds of tb* company, for all purposes, n w outstanding, exclusive of the old lean for the construction of tbe Washington road, is $4(0 346 20. d tor tho final payment of all the engsgtment* on account of theobjecta already adverted to. the aggngate amount of such bonds, isxued and to be letued, according to the estimate and report of the chief engineer, will not exceed the sum of $0J0,173 71. When the rnglnei and cars ordered, as herein stated, ball all be delivered, the motive power and machinery of tbe company will consist of 23 engioes of the 1ft clam. 4 of the 2d, 15 of the 3d, and 20 of tbe4<hclafs; ti&^ai^enger cars, 37 coal cars of wood, and 203 of iron, and 001 burthen cars of all other description^ and with the road entirely renewed with Mrgle track ofheavy rail and improved construction Irons Cumberland to naltimore. and extended to tbe Scuth Mde ot the basin, thus stocked, it is believed that tbe company will be ab'e to do any amount of buMn< fs w hioh they. it present,, have reason to believe | will b* tfft-ri'd. During the last year there have been transported on lbe uiatn stem 290,098 parsengers. and 271,20'i tons of freight. The proportion of expenditure properly cbargtabln to revenue, has beeu 64.'.. per cent. The niimber of miles run by the enginea on the miln ?t?m and Washington road, has been 1,039,4^0; and , of lbe 67 engines belonging to the company, during that lime, 4H have been k?*p*. in eoa'taut use. The crrt(f tiaiifp< rung a pas?enger. per utile, during the mme period, l.a? b?-?n l.u?2 o?-nts, and a ton of freight. 1,820 emts. 1 be financial condition tf this company was, according to the rec?nt report, as annexed:-Uai.iimokk ami Ohio Railroad. : Stock f>7 000,000 00 I.< an ?t clx per ceut 1,000 000 00 I.oan No 2 Ht nil per cent 42WH'il ;!S I ndmiuifli (1 bond* Otflo.'i 12 State c f Maijland five per cent. sterling bond* 3,200 000 00 Billing. Brother* & Co 53,708 05 Bill* jmjable 80,017 42 Fotfrltfu itCOk 183 4."i iirh 53,405 11 Revenue. . $1,993 075 0'2 ] >? expect*! of working the road and i keening it in repair. 662100 50 1,241 50!' 42 r $13 130 040 85 Thi>- amount Include* (he ?to<ik in the Waxhlngton ! bra i, eh road, ol *1 U3.',t>o0; utook in the 1'ittiburg and < onneiUville ia lioad. $1,750; Mnkiog fund tor the ' redemption o?' 11 -million loan. $WJ,000 ; New \ ork aiid Vary inn i lunimd Coal Company, $13 028; and , ail the expenditure* for construction, reconntruotlon. fco. Ntack Kxrltangc. r $f('0 TVa'iir > i ol?-<, ?>' lit* 62oh* *>raauii fc Vtica 110 t .'to on do liji^ 75Cant<>nCo 3."? c 1UII0U 8 ?>'?, 67, lo 25 (10 blO :u?t | M <1 do W, m?t M Jo nw 8 J(0Ohio ti n,'<?(, 1UU li'iNork #or# 32 t IIU do ?>, 200 K' -idiun RK ,1H, , iW'tii bio7'?. loa ioo do k?i :m? 11 itN> Ilitniita fundable, 4 >4 liK) do Khl ^ > 1H0 Rnadlng Rl'g Bvnd?, t> 10U do *41M IIDIKt e |>, W,\, 10 N" Y fc N tlaren R !*i\i ' 2li?l ? Am Fx Hank !4H 1" N liafnfc llnrt/ rl MlW )(Ul * Hi?kof X* ?? do 1U1>J 1(JU J atn.nn Truat 2 \ 1&0 Bailem Railroad /v*Z 1 M) do nw 27 do blO flOV 7Ohio l.ifc t Trui 7?X *?>. ?>> , _ ?'* M do 77>4 IftOlong Island nv IS to (7 1?? do U 101'tlca Railroad lift, lot) do blO it lftu Muria < anal "X t) Cii? Hailroad MK I W do b? ? 4? t?\ Hrrond Bo*nt. $3100 U P ffa, M 1II.X IV. i las Citotoo C<> X!>i SO aha U.rUm KR 51 ino do 3-iK m do fli'i 5? do 32V \W <lo bOO AS tt Nor k -Vor RR 35 160 do ?l* CITY TKAIIR KKPORT. Thiikid**, Oct 12?2 P. M. Jtshtt are quiet, at yesterday Vprt?-a Cotton ? Wo can hear of no traoaaetiona in thia at-tple worth reporting. Flour, 4-c.?Tbe market for W?at?ru ilour I* beavy. and quotations are mostly nominal The r?ceipta continue large. Tha range of price* U * > 2"> to *5 60 for tbe whole range. pure branda included Southern in in moderate inquiry, at $5 01% to $f> rtS amino 100 bbla. Hye (lour. $3 6?l'? Meal ia iu steady j inquiry, wilh MlM of 200 hbla Jerney at about 31', Tbe market for wheat in drpref>??d aod no pperatious I ba?e cone und>r our notioa. Oeneaea ia nominally held at $1 26 to $1 20. Corn ia dull, and lower ; 1.600 j bnchels round ^ tliow fold nt 7l'?c Rje ia as before, with imall pairs. Sale* 3000 bushels canal oara, at 36? Provitinni ?The demand for pork ia not aotUa. Moderate aalea of prime and niei-n at $10 to $12 75. Of beef there have been aalea of 200 bb a new mesnand prime, at $12 $12 25, and $0 Lard ia in fair request, at 8\|0. to K>?c for good to choioe parcels Whiskey 100 bbla sold at 21\,o to 2oo. TxL'HiDar, Octohkr, 12 ?0 P.M. The market for flour waa hea*y. and aalea mode. rate, at about the closing rate* of yesterday, with (mall nlta of rome common mixed brand* hi a fraction Iris. There was no change of moment in Southern floor, while sales were quite limited. Thero wait a steady demand for wheat, with i-ales ot Genesee, on terms stated below. Corn was heavy, and rale* moderate, without change in quotation*. }l?al exhibited no material change. Hye and oats sold at y? ?terday's prices, l'^rk was IsM Arm, and sain* of u??ns w?re made at a decline. Theie ?a? no change in other articles. Sales of sugar* w?re light. Tbe siIch of coffee made by auction, to- day, embraced chielly middling qualities, and which were effected at a elight deoline. Ashcs.? The market was inactive, and small sales were making, including pots, at $4 12,'i, and pearls, at $0 18,a $0 26. Breadstuff*?Flour?The sales for the day footed np 6 100 a 7 000 barrels, consisting chiutly of thin .State common <iene?ee. Oswego, round hoop Ohio. tec., at $6.11 >*' a $6 37>i. with some lots of Michigan at 96 31 ; sales of pure Oenesea were made at 96 64 a 96 (US; and 800do Ohio, baker*' brands, sold at $6 tUtf; Petersburg elty mills, with Southern generally, was quiet and nrices nominal, at ?6 62). a 46 76 Jf'Ae.i/?Salts of 10,000 bushel* Genesee were made at $1 -0, aud 1.300 do. common, at $1 il2X. Corn?Sales of about 10,000 a 12 000 bushels vm mtilr, including rouud yellow. at 74)?c.; 3 000 Hat yellow at 70a ; 6 000 do New Orleanp, ou private term*; 8 000 Southern do . white, at 65c , with some lota high mixed, at abiut 08c M'al ? Sale* of about 100 barri-la white were made at $3, and 200 do. New Jersey, at $3 3U<. Aye?Sales of 4 000 a 6.000 but-hels of ryo, were made at 09o. Ryt Flour? Sales of 2^0 barrels were made at $3 59a $3 'iiii. Oats?Sali'a of 2 000 bushels North river, were made at 34c.. and a cargo or two of oanal at 34 a 36c. Barley? Sales ol 4 0C0 a 5.000 bushels, in two lots, wer? mtde, 1 ncluding part afloat, at 70o., and part delivered (two rowed) at 72?. Cokkee.?Tbe public sale, to-day, comprised 4.17'i bags Kio, (middling descriptions.) at 5J*'c. and 6}?o , wblcb was a decline oi about an eighth of a cent. Cotton.?Tbe business continues small, say about 700 bales ; prices as before ; and occasionally a parent is dicpoced i f, at a small reduction from the rate of the pr?-c?diD? Bay. Fisii.?There were further sales of 100 bbls No. I Mars, machtrel. (from store,) at $9; and 100do pickled t>alnion, at $13 60 Cod continues in small supply, with an upward tendency in price. Freights.?llates were Arm. Flour was engaged tor LWfrnool. at 2? 6d. Corn was ennairml liv h. Itritwh vesftl, at b>id. Wheat was also engaged in a British rlttl, at 8d. To Ireland, acoording to tbe size of the vessel, and the port rates for com varied from Ud a 12d. IlkMP.~We have only to notice a sale of 60 bales uddressed American, at $185 per ton, 0 months. Hides. ? A sale has boen made of 4,000 Orinoco, at private bargain. Moi.auks? Continues dull, and no sales have lately cone nnoer our notioe. N>v*i. 8tobks?There were sales of 400 barrels white rcsiu ?t $2 60 a $3, and 200 barrels tar at $2. Oil s.? 1 he market tor linseed is not very active,and to effect large m*1cm a decline would have to be submitted to ; some 3,100 gallons English nod American h*vu chi.hged hands at <10 a 5So. and 3,00u do of the foraier at 65o. lu wlia e wo bear of iio operations, the market continuing firm. Sales of ittiO barrels skipping were made at 88c. ; natural fall whs worth HOo. and winter do. at 115a. PhovMioM.?Sales of about 750 barrels mess pork were made at $12 62^. which was 12,','c. below the pre I vii us sales, and nt>out 50 a 00 barrels prime sold at $10. 1.,,,,I Since our last report about 500 barrels changed hands, the most of which br- ugbt 8'4c , witb some lots prime do. to extra at a ti>,c Beef was 'iulet. There was no charge in cheepu or butter. SuiiAMt?Are generally dull, and the market loss film. Tobacco.? Sales of about 130 barrels were made, Including Kentucky leaf at 3), a 7c. Wiiukkv?Sales of about 200 barrels were inn le, Including Ohio and Stale prison at 24 a 23o. NAllKETN ELSKWI1ERK. STOCK SALES. Baltimore, Oct. 11.? $i,UlSJ Murylaiel Defemd ifs, 7ii^<: I,'?* I 1 do.,7t'4i tWI ao., 7t,li; 111 4U lull HalUaiure(i's, IS.;U. !>7>4, l.iilKJ It.. It .>>il III In II k i.i i iU Ml- K thai-...! Hum ' si; 2Co.,61; b Bull. aL.i Oi.iu H. H. Co., 30. I'liii.aun.rinA, Oct. 12.?fir11 lionrtt.- ifm state f/?, 7.'!'.,; I !,U.U h"?ilum Honda, SB; 14 1'ainiern' ami MeclianiiV B?nk, M; i 5t 0 I'. S. Treasury t>V, 104,'4; I.OnO City i!?i .Vn. Ml; Lciiigh 8'rip. BlrH; 1'" Mutria Cauai, f5<; 2(<<i Wilni'jt ?'*, 77,V !*< Ui> lard Ba. k. 10U; Ml Morria ( anal, Kr>, flu <;ir t.I Baurf, 10}?; 7.UUU S. Nav. t, a '< 6, :> ; 2,1)00 a<i. '?), Ci. Trea-my No eg, b'iS lo;-1.,; 2.I1U ttnto &' , ouali, 73! j; 3 * Hit) do. do, 7.1 >tj; .VJU on. (lo? 73\, 2IH?) do. do.. 73}?; 8Oihl tl.< do., 73><; 5.IKW .K, Uo? 73\;; M) Mori in OanM, t5, fc*,., 200 do. do., .,. After S tc-i.? I'eiib. 6'b, 73^f; 3i 0 Morria Cnntl, *'u, 2U) KmmtiK KK, Id. . Siiond Litiint?I ISUfJ fcnu t>'?, M.1^; uiO Putin, fi'n, Ill,INK) I rto.,7:t*t; 1,010 H llnjirKti'U Hit, 77>j IMiUUSoli. Nav. to'ii <S,M'A; 3,01.(1 do. 'OS. 31'; Sib l.cMoh Nav. lut., M; SfOdi. Coal tor ! I'm Heading KK. 10: 'S> I iraid Bank, H': 'J l'liuter?' Term. 43. After Stilt . ?,?,itoO IVnn. 6V, 7i3 I I'll I s<' h. Nav > '*, .'Hi'^.Jko M'admg Kl(, 16J(,; Sodo , 16)i; lui Morri* Cm ml, K'4. Boston, Oct 11 ? At Auction?.* ihar- s Biatnnk Worocner R?, l'Kl>j; I d? lionioii U l,o?<ll Km, Mil4i 5 do I itcli'iur,{ ??. 112; 12 rto city liai.k '.II' 1 a1: 30 do ttoaton Bank, ( par t'< I ) it do Vt uLii miim* hr>, H do North Bank, 110, do llrvab f alia Mauut't o, |fc<; 3 hauk, 5 do Atlaniio Bank. !;l llrokeri' Hoard?1 share Boston and Maim! Kri,(iiuw,) I'Jj, JA do HeadiuK KK, l.''n: 4 do .Northern tiK, !? > ?; 6 do Piccni ir^ KK.II2; 10 do E\ctiau<c Bank. Ill; $l(W0 City SiiO?, WSJ.! $2W heading K K Bonos, 1"60, f*\ O. oV O.F.?TBI MEMBbK.S OrOONOORDELODOB, No 43, I. <). ol O F., nro requested to aieet at their l.od^o Ko"m, is lunal ftievi, < n Saturday, lith mat., at l)f o'clora, 1'. M , to l>ay the loat tril>u;e of Rapevt toonr lats wort: y orothur, P. 0. Al Cl'SI K 1.EsH1N ASSk. lhe order in Is invit ,il to nt tend, lr>m hif line ri'fldenou, No. 31 1'earl o'rret, at .'I o'clock, 1'. M. By order, J. MAI'UIEt, N. o. J. B. Pt'ioitRrT, Secntary. WA.NTfcD-A SI'ACID! S KOOU, IN THE LPi'B# 1*.\KT of the town, for tlio urn) of a Magiug Clans d?liool. Adtiltn A. B., 403>, Broadwaj. "117 A>TEl>-Ai5l4UATION, BY A KfcSPifiCTAOLE YOIJNG j ?T ?D?li*!< woinun, as Couk ana lluutukecpur, or jook in a re* spulat'ie liiiiiiiy. ono m.iy unuor<it.tuias cooling in all Us j Ltaiuhes. Apply at t'J Bctkman street. WANTED-A BASS SINGER. USE Til AT DHDII maul* arianmt g renaio, him a thorongn and powi'rtul Dm I voice, ai-d it a jicrtect other* need u}>|'ty. A'ldrcss I 11. U. F , office o! thin |?y<er. # WANUD-FKOM TiJE l.t NOVEMHEK NEXT A -I IT of ro< m?. for a tingle gcn'letnan, on iLe lirnt or nocoad Moor. I 1 be location to be in or near Brone way, am not above Caial ?tr?t flnni1 mMkm P. O., Box 2477. WANTLl -BY \ SMABTBBSPBOrAB BTUITMOUIWL a tituation ?* Lt.umbcriuald, and liu no ohjti:;i<iii to ai>m>L > in ? l.ingauU ironing, or to tlu the gci.eral hou .* >r.i of :i maail I ]>ii\aiu family. 1* eate to call at No. lb sixth atreer, first lljor, Iwck room. B>'?t ol rtferci.ecB Riveii. I DI/AN1EU?A MTU ATI UN AS UKUUM ?>it CUAUIMAN, ?? "> ayoungraan laieiy iriiin irei.iii, wnu nan lived lor u no? her ol yearn in 'bat ea|aeity vritti one of the bust famitie* in I ti at country. 1 tie be.t ol telerenoe *ivun. A notv adtfruiucd to I thm i.tboc, tor FKTEK lilC&fcV, will meet with imuiiHliaiu atttlitibll. UfAMKD-HV A VOl Ml I.AIIV, A WITIaTIwN \ T1 (jovrrncM in a irivato famil>. U fatly omnipotent ti? Itti'b tbe uaual I riBclicn of tCi gliah education, ai?>> toftiveli*| Hons upon tha |<iano. Winld prefer a fainily when) tliTj an' ' children not over 14ycar?nl ?*e ; or would like a situation u? ! 1 ompanlon to a lady. Ua? 110 object or to leave the city. Addmi M. K. S., fiat Office. Newfoundlandau t itaktid?mi *r bb a i \roi pur* brotd, hl?I ?old low. Audrctr, 'A , at t run w flier, sLUtti* I trim. At. mwaii tco, bkmdvat, want a uw man t'??r their (urtain Material Ik-|*rtiiieut, abo, a comI ifiei.l i?r?on to cut aiid la\ down <urprfa 4 ncn tARTiiKfioi raiftn titi ronrri - /V tact Jonjr. Additj*#, stating price, toun**v, Kc.# tu \ m ht. Herald olh<p. A YOUNG WUHAN 19 |?|ft||Ul I Of OMAlMlffv) k situation an a Sempatru.-v and to ma*o ohiUn u'w dtentei, or to do ifcrht chaiiit^rwora. ba*t of efttv m('?*?nMa* u ill I . iyfln )'l<MueiL<|tnre ?l 701 llrt>ad?a), Mm. ?III. land Umia jlun, \H fcSPF.C IA bl.K YUUM1 WOMAN W A > Ti A SITI'Alion to du general houacwork in n mutll lauily mid hu no djoclion* to go to tlio cuuu'ry, Han ilia he? of city ivtvreitea. Hiw call at No 2 7 ""iillivn irect Int'inr AhM'Ii TAHI.K YOtMU HUMAN M'ANTI A SlITA t on it.* ( and to nund oh Idren. or in aoamatfe**. Imn (o<>d city lelnoiK-o- Urawcall at Vfl duflivau <trc t. in th t?W( A ht?hk?.lrtlJLfc ritwHMANT WOMAN WANK A 1a mmnfiMi ? t ooa, W *'tnr, aid liontr Sne thir uglily nu iieistatida I ft liUflti'M, uud cau giv good rcfeniirea. Can be la en at Ik2 Molt tiNtt \UKNTLRM\N KK RNTtV A'iKIVKOTKOtl EVJ'.WD Wml.rnnn fpKWiv tit M Fluttat. H mi d t>? g .id to Join a 1>'? mi r>. gi di !"iii> n lu lug cvoe?(U throughout tho ojuiitry. Addmra hilMBl, lurxld offltu. \PAKTMEMB TO LET. WITll BOARI), IN A FitCXl'H lauiily. A front |>ari"r ai.d a Imd roon>. tumbled, irtwo | lid rooBii>, with Oiomt aojo ill f. ou Wo !*?..Ed II .or. AU>. a l?iK|aror and a I 'd ft < in, unliirtilahrd, with rloa>-t adjoining; I also i/i. tl v to ond (I .>r. Apjili it!<l rt.'Bdn a*root O1 fFICE HOOM ? AiNTBo. \N OMH K OC IIUOJ SIZK ( r ?nli r-rt of# lull ) on then- ?nd II or.tii, or la thenui^d I I ..I' . r J.ltn i.r I 1.1' t *. ri't. 1- IM 1A II I. t?.d l . ?>m t ll? ttr-*! ..I I vi-inbar ivxl at ? mi"1 ?bl? n",t. Ani |?T'"u Imviufc | j ] nl lli? *1)U\(MloirriHi' ft t<> . ut,iu?y 1 udaftoud lei.aut, oy ndiliTHf. In A h it x M fon (mic . 1/w\lo A YOl'Nf! MAN. WITH THfc A?<>\ t ypiv*" " < n ooituuh lit |iur uin* f)00>n liijut t*? I-I't it .t mm.i?? in ll.i? oily. *lih ? pet?nn jimJ; e>ut> uln d ?nd which mmc luri Ish kolAviant -n|>p>?rt in e?nni-?tl i with tin j i.n In'of I ui * '! |? it u- bio i?*ler? u ''a Tei|ulnd iw mtHi L'hur ?itervd lu.iiuef? c?|?cliy. Andrvu it , ?i liin o'Vo, w ith r. ?|| nil " Ml I.lulu tin im turn of in bu?i ?c. Clllll -WANTKUt*) IlUKNOVr, TIIHKK IIITSimR'* yJOVJvN JMt?r? f T * Khort lliti?, f? r uliliih rnurtiy t? *>x 1 i ii i> il p ifU'Unt will bo rivpii. AldrtM Mun 'mni, B.>? K, | ?nn IdtUli* AMICM'lTh (HANDY, M?* LANDING.-IM llAl.f <|tiirt*t *b<t pljiliih c??k? i f th? old una ir,.*niiinu t*r?nd land* | ii i>, tii in ttiv I n I.UCH-, ju?? Imm K ol clla, inn I'or '*!? I nn th? whftrt, by .s I NICO' L > CO.. W> IW I runt it. | Ii l bHALL S M I'I hlOfl IKON ? t>HN BMfcLl.tKH AND ; X> h-pm?tcr?. w?n*ntvd to wirk w?ll. Krquirpnf I Ufl? * CO., 1M U(v?J tml PASK TIIEATRF.?TMDaY K?ENI.Vfl, ?tCT. t l-it .SK at of Mit'law- Mien Hi?ti in'-TIim Li "U ii n mu villoitnmeiM (lihUiiiKatn nt jWlMBBODV BMat -II tn? M.pu, Vr, Ila want* Emm' Waldhur , Mr <t oihomw; Mill' it), tfiM K >m M Mr. Af cr ? ' irh, Mnu. Anna lluh"|> ? ill (wl-ir ? a *r i i I *.:"ua fr in il o Aura T> wht" Hill b? ? I ! 'I a n* v t i.-?, n.tiili d 1. A SMHi AT*?? Mr. sur Uunt?r, Mr W'*! > ><: Mr. f n erich VI irndfl?h Ti|>t>'p Mr. I)m n. MU Anna n*'il* M n . A Bukop. w lb a varirty ot * Torwelti''* ?itJ? POtTY AND F P; Y?Vr. ' il y wi lt?. Mr. GU "r?; A'Umont FiUw'nii. Mr. Da?>nr: Mra. l<llf;*Ulr, Mm. Gilber*.?l?n?-? '"inlH. 7V; > ' <ra? hi tI'l pir B- m ;6.; Hit, S7)t"" HuMkkY THEATRE. - PHIDAY ItVINl.MJ, tM'lVUhrt IStli. will be p?ilut rni 'l die --r?nd m*-i > drama, la >lin? inrta, mi!! Ill (JKW'OU. i r Ki.'lmrd Tur i :> tl.i UighmurmM? P?U-r Bradti-y. Mr J.M. Soott; Dirk Ttirpin, Mr. <J. P. Brawn's IcmK'i.p. kr. J Dunii: Jurry Juilpar. Mr. Wii.?mk; Sybil. Mia Mar> r?slfiT. After which, THE AitBUCriON OC NINA ->r. tin) Briguiidn fnniatvd Edward, nr. Canano N>rl; Nlua, Si/'r-i (iuwnina C orca JV oouclude triili t!,< mu?"il cxtravagaa't if J?N\'Y L1ND J'nny UuJ. Mim Mary Tayt r; Mr.Sri*. itoir Bern, Mr. W'tidm IVor* oprn at 0^ ; p"lf,irtaaiK? tj 01 nuiuuce at 7 pnei e'y. H * -, S? cnuis; Pit au I Ualljry, L'S ?t?. CBAN?KaUS NEW NATIONAL TttrATKt. PORMEHt.Y Cliatbam.? nday Evcnini, (hj tuber 1,1. will be praf rui.'i ili'i la-gli-blr Iiur1rl<;iie I'ullrn MR. MACGHEEbV:Or ASiirU'ha <>|?|? Brad?Mr. Ill n.l?t, Mr. Cbantrun; Mr. Mt- ^P'idy. 'Ir. I'. Hart*; llatiy. Miaa B. Mritayrr: Lady Mailwfh, Mr?. Mo'yiti Tobcr.|l.w?dlyth? MYXrEKIKS A.M> MMEKIES OP NEW YOKE?Mom, Mr. (Jbanfrau; Cap tail Tubin, Mr. (!. Bnr'te Mr. Praim, Mr JP?ri?j: Bit Lite, Mr*. MaLeau, Uttla Law, Miu I . The |? imrtiiuuce to conclude with thodrtinaot 1' * UHTM)N?1 nk>. Xr. < titllteh; Squire Chiro, Mr. OiwetsChu?, I Mu)d< w, Mr. 1'a'uier; I ime Wurortn'd, Mrs Stickney; Jcmy, Mi(.M'le?. Poen open at perfownano* to<uniimeno? it 7\ MKCUAMCS' II .M L, No. 172 Broadway. betw eu Ur?n 1 and Broome atrecte, oomnien:ed on Monday, OutoNir 2d. and will continue ev?ry night until further notice.?Second ? ?-k of the reopening. The original and we'lanowm (111KISI V'8 MINSTHKlS, (organited in 1HI2.) whoae floncerta in thia cit), for a period of ten inonuia, were reoe.v. ed with auch diaUugniafced favor and patronaze, havo the honor "f amiourcing 10 the ladieaM|NWMI"fMV Yori. t Ml vioinity, that they will give a aerita ol their popular Cone ! la, introducing a variety of tueir original Sonzs, Ohoruaaca. Chirac, ter atic Mances. ke. Admiaeion ZTaoenta. Dooraopon at 7. Oo?? " r; ? ill oomiuence at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert o\ ;ry Saturday commencing at.1 o'clock, P. M? under tho management ai'd dim*"..-.n nf V. P.Chria'v. TABEHNACLK-CXAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. The ceicbruted fiennan Muaioal Society, formerly of Joucph f,uua'l,brg reapeoifully to Inform Uiecituenaof New York, and atrai geik generally, that their Fourth Grand Conoert will take V'ao ? I ridav evtning, the 13th inat., >n which oocaaion a moat choice Programme will he introduced. In the pr-i^raium* will be found the Overture to Freiachuti. tho Uvcrtura to Zimpa. a (tr?i d Polo on the ciarionot, and a iranJ Pot Pourri " Republican*." composed ip-atal v for thia occasion, by Carl Lenschow, Leader ol the Po-leiy. Tieteta 50 eta. Deora epen at 7. Concert to commence at 8 o'olock. Acent fur the company, fl. RUoh. The above Company will give a Urard laxirumeutil Concert at the Female Acad-n.v. Kr?"klvn. o- Mond iv evrninc. M \t,K.AI. MilKhKS?AT TDK NKVV ROOM, .HI II.It)AOway, next door above the Broadway Theatre.?Signer Miarteni and Madaiue Levaaaenr, continue to give tbuir very beautlul Soiree*, Interspersed with the mo?t aitomahing experiment! in popnlar Magic, Cla<rvojnnce, and an exhibition ol the Dlaphanou* Tableaux, or Magic 1'icturen. which havo been re ceived with unbounded applauae by faahionable and delighted audience*, and t?> which ban J nit been aided a oorrect view of the aactnt. and periloua dencent of Mr. Oypaon'o balloon, at lx>ndon. Aiiminalon 25 ocnta. Doora open at 7, oommonoo at )?p\?t7 o'clock. 'I'?U LAUIMI I IUN3.?UKANU I'UaUlNATKW Ur UAHA ington'a Sacred Dioismas'of the ('rc&tionof the World, and the Grand Spectacle of the Deluge. All , twenty two mafnlttoeot Scriptural I aiutiugt by Mr. Baker, of i ondou ; each one oontainirg about H>0 square leet of oanvaM? the whole comprising out ef th" most beautiful and ii.t*renting exhibitions ow exhibited in An.erica. Tbc Creation, Pall of Man, Judgment ol thi Almighty, pulsion frmn Paradio?, Death of Abel, Ivoaiog before the 0?luge, The Deluge. God'* Covenant with Noah, Destruction of Sod. m and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Mosea, 11m Seventh flague, Destruction of Pharaoh's float, Hoses Breaking th? Tables, Pall of the Walia of Jenoho, Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still, tec., do.?now exhibitingevery sight this week, and Wednesday ai.d Saturday afternoons, commercing at three o'clock, at the .inlerdd new Util. -!!W Broadway, over Stoppani's Ba'be. HANIKGTOM'S entirely sew Grand Dioramas of the most magnificent Spectacle ever witnhseedin New York?t'reatlnu of the World ana tie Deluge, assisted by [ jwerI'nl instrumental arcotupanimcuta. Six Day* of tho Cre?tion.? Hcerory and Inoidcnt*?Chaos, tho First Day. Tho Firmiiment, the Socond i av. Dry Ijnd, If rbage and Flowers, Third D*y.? Min Moon ai d Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Pish and Fowl, Filth Day Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Sdcn Adam at <1 Evo. With tin* completion of the labors of the Creation, flit first part ol the exhibition closes Part2?Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets 26 cents; ohildren halt price. Door* open o? 7?curtail rises at Ho'clock. DELAKt CIll S linEAT tilSTUIUCAI. rlCTUriE OF NApo'con Cmiting the Alpa is n.w .-.h bitiun at the National Acudeny of Deiiirn, comer of Hrotdw ny aud Leonard str.iet? I> ?n from !) A.M. until 10 P. M. AdtnUtii.jii 23 tents; seaaon tiul e'f, AO cenif. T'HE GREAT FAIR OF THE AMF.RI UN INSI'l I UTK 1 ia open every day. fiorn 1) in tho naornin; until It) o'el ,ck KM. <'n Satimlai o>e j0g there Mill be a splendid display of fire worUd lor comjotition. hKNKY II. LIKD0, AUCTiONKEH.?OIL PAlNTIXa*.? IIF.NRY II. LKEUSfc CO., will ?.II at their nu gallery. No.'Wull street, Leir Broidway, on Friday morning, Oi-obur 13. IS4*. at II t'clock, aver} eh* ice coUfollon of Curior Ploturus III nrli frames, men aa are ta1 ely an-t with at auction. In Una hair will le lonnd paintings liv l>otighty, laik-ir, aid Rr<wn. of Londcti; tine landscapeby vtichelonand Verne ; ?!? > a'i original fatiaktio, totctlitrwith otherae>|ual y <leairt\bie, both Inoxc uti?n ttid suljfct Th" part ol the e pibturea foruiod a gentleB>i n> private collection, anil are well worthy tho pirtioular att'lilioni f onnnnissenrs uud othera who may bo in ?ant of lino ilra*ing rotni orbAmebtn. Can lie seen on W'cduejday with catalogue. SA< AMANDLR SAFES AT AUCTION.?VAN A\f?VEK'' & I'ilc will tell, vh'a iiay, at % past II o'o.oek, in front of their Olfitc, Kn.SH Wall aircot, eight d"w Saliuiauder iron fafei. nunufactDn<5 by F, G'eslcr \ Co, aajortod sii.s. Alao, four iprnBil huol Iron Pafea. "Ifrni", cash. |.1INK A ll'l> ? A FAIR OF VERV HEAI.'TIFI'L AND UlUE r Cabinet Pictures, bv t' e celebrated FrenoU Ma*t< v, Uuu h"ra, may he. a.'ep nt Mcsara. II. II. Leeda \ Co, No. S W ill si.teit. this morning. Their prefont, owner (who rcie-ved Oeao oarlv luv?s and combited ceich c of a va uatlo onlle' lion, which he uiap i i.f a few jeers since) was told by a dealer that tliesa oxiiuin'te genm once graced the walls of the TuiU.iiieis aod f irtnod apirt of ita pluixii r. lli irg about to leave the olty, they will bo brjnrht to ti e hamn <r'?rto*po iam f*.dnv. at I V< o'clock Us. mail limb for soutuamfto&and b ucm km The ncan er Hcnuann, Captain fc. Cnfhtire, will leive I Fiet No. 1, Nir'h river, li r Southampton and Bremen, oo Friday, I lli. "Ill i. iiikt. *t l'> o'clock Pa- ??i.i. will i... ., i. ' il o'c <x k,ai <1 winl all beprage, not wanted on the vojairo, on Ttnraday, walked l?lo<r. An experienced imwrn 01 boirl. All IWtfl Mlt|ttlll<whlll FoktUAoe. Ft r ffl '-'III or p.n. saic. apply n' the cllloj of tho Ocean Sunn Navigiti ju Company. No. M' lliomlwev. Losr.?laruk < OIMI, HKWH.LT. WIm HI II Hu il. w nil li it.-rii 4 U. 9. engraved nn it. Tni" tlnd, r * ill netiw ii >i ward nt SIS by leariog tho same with lUMCKIIN M Ml nil. HI Front n'twt. LUST, MtSTtltl?A?, FK'tH ,\N OVNIBC-I n\to; I IK " Ki|i|'fc Brown" I lie, two lioot<a. one of them Or. Vt'nrdlaw'a Led urea, and tie other Thora|?>oii'al<tcturea to Young Men. A UU-ral r?warn will ha mid if ttey aro retui-uoil to f. ilt.S NfclT.lli Mingdon Place. / " I.OaT, UN 1UtiDAY, IN GOl Mi FKOM r#"KN IVJp'iif atxoud btrti't, by way ot Eighth avenue, Uleecour aireet ai <1 bioadway, to Rr.oHlyn. by 8 .mil Ferry, a fnnk-tci of l<nnk H.lliS containing $66. The tinder w i IJI -o III ;ri ly rewarded, ly leaving II c .-amo with B. F. all MtW *N, Comuellor at Law, 19 William it reel I OtX Ktw AKI'.-M PPOSED K> HAVfclBEEN STOLE V I ip*J fnitn ti.e Uuwatd Hotel, a email package O'intaiiiing tw.i | pnlr i l rente. Said package vaa Itrlt In charge of toecltritof I the office of taid hotel, 4m theSitn te|itember I wr. Any poiitiv] inn rmaiiuu rtrptourg mcauuve, uiat mil lead to t?io ti??n 1.1 the t) i?t mid ncovtiy of the |.r-[u r j, will untitle too hearer to the atov*- rc-wanl, on pp'yii'K t? Lul fallv\v. |< i Fallot street. <nin hK?Ahl>?Lot; Losr, FROM rUMINGVB HOyp 1" / U l, tarly on ytfienley roori in;.-, a Ni wfouudland I'up, I, ur montha old. ilad a leather 8'Tap ur amd hi* neck, witli tl nin allai liu'i to it. Said l*ui> in n atkm thus:?Hmly neutrally bia<l>; ?liite lwllj ; tlio It ga wbito , tip of tic tail ; rej', of ail black; heed li ark, mill white laco; whi'o underneath, m l nine white ou tic top of ilie ?eik Tl o above rewnrd of $10 willtoptid lor hia d> llxory at Flun'nce'a Motel. No. 4<K> Broilvay, ao v at his owner may /''t htoi tioloro Saturday, twelve o'dook, M. Ned own.?k0.M0r this paper will lit: the best Ned l.i<evcr is>ned. 1; containsi? bitterd "*0f >r i.i,ciiemiea, ai.d l?tf ot luii lor lii? f loudo?a d'liib'H I| lautny of the Mystcriet and Miseries?moiv of that Muaaiu rt urk, iic. ko. I ublithed Frii a) cvonins ticxt, f llt'H Broadway. SCORPION, no. % WILL bK loaiiko wini a ki ii ind ruri" Ircidht to nut tho fancy and ti<-klo ihebraia. Tjt-i iplcndid letter* Iroin Brooklyu, showing up tho city in li in color*. 1 tlda morning. For ?l? every where, price lulf dime. Bkuwn'S c.nfrf,b iioi'sb and; saloon, no. 71 1'iarl etrc?t (head of Cot;uti< . < Ilip ) G?orgu howl, rro. prutor. Slraugt fa doing I tisine?a in Uio lower p.rt if the city, alao ihoto atte ding tlo F?lr, will tind t.iis a very couvcjioiit I laci la get ti eir Bitglft L>OR*ALfc?A BL.U K HORsR, PONV BUILT, CANTROT X a ii.lie in tl.rtc Diintitea. gentle, kiud, and sound, tuo owner lulling with him tiacouni ol giving up liojaes. Apply at pri (1 litiltl'IlANUES tXt MAKE HONEY.-ONK O* THE HE-' f > l.rocny 8toie? lu hew Voilt, fur aale, uiodrrato r?at. Alan, ? 1'urn r, a? nfeolionerjr, an (>>?>er Salmon, ai.d Oil and l.a:u|i Mi re. All I' i?> ?.- lti wauttfgood sUnCf, or to soli out, may omnng,aMPw rpHAVEI.LfcRS SlKAfcOBK* ANU 011'1/fc.NS WH 'MaV JL l? Miflvrmg wil h t-!old>, Cough*, Hli'muiatism. S ire Threat, fcr.(kd.nay Nnd immediate rellof in Iht) uso ol Mr*. Carroll* Krdleatnl Vapor, Sulphur and Iiditio li.ltho, .'(31 firojJwa), .No <lun;ur ol mkhis; ould. 'Ilia Sn plitir BMhi, br 'lueMos of t.'.e akin, m Trry ifrwit \1 OSH*. I L.\ I'LL m. CO., UP PA It 19, HAVE EOKffAKD if I i d to ilr.i nty a i ew and beautiful ana irtwut >f I'ianoi from their tiiatmUetorj, ron intuig of Semlli and, I'pright, and Pianino*. 'I h. to hkioi>t. for?ale,at mod. rn, No iJ r?r!> r <*?* atnatuur* and luo prufttiiou aro ro f[ci tluly luvittd to oail aud examine. Ml.?4 M U.UaKLT WUKLM *N HAS I'llB HONOR fU IN. to!in Hie Udi > ol Ni v? \ ork. tii?i -- - - - ? V?i.rh k?f ii IHtimi ut, it >o 671 Broadwuy, ana' tulivlu tiieir kM ptttolH*. l^llliHUl.KhlK*, Iai B V KI LS It IKK rK.lit KTS I j J73 Uroadw?y, hujutl tw?i?.d ti'im kttotlun, knu win ?iiloouiin<i<r?bly i iifl?r 11 e iiu|.ort i,? priori, th? following I1W1U til kml li ideiffl l.tllu*; Ctwinfietlc*. and tulli, KmirotiUred heviete, UvniiiitchM, tt<J Tape tH>rd?ri'd runtinu klimUrr chicu; ?Im>, ? oliuloe iw^rcmcut uf Denii, nad loo? BLmfc L*oe Villa. I>\HIS &TYI.K SillKTS. OF H.NKVT WOKK MA.NSII11', wtiinnud ttutur|?uud ill thia euanuy, mo le i.i in-- a ir i.y li,.' I a I di'icu or i< 'To, hi. thiitj i?r ouut W.vt priii? n u illy rlikitrd. J. I'. Panel.!, ' f Bri?il*?) lj-liunable aeleontv, ?up>r li u i.u?i.t, il.? .UUli'N, 118 Hil l?u itlMl,up iluri. bAl.l? T???rKI.NSk bl.ACK, I.ATK MAKi'l/k.VD ?t OO. Imvi'iMiionA io f?o, M7 ttru?d??y, aouthooruerof Xurr.y nr II, ?l re l ry cunULi** to hi uiutaciiii<. dianio d( ati'loilicr ri. li liy, ?nl niter* re ot e*?-cy vtrliiy. Also, to Imp r? mv i |>ikii'ii wniv, j* ? Iry, < lockn, watchei, i?blq cmler*. ( will, a a imei platid habdlaa, j Ike. rha ItaNi m ?e I ar tl>'! lamer | "ilioiiol their r cb J*weir/, i* m uiiifW'turwt ?.ti tfie |*? in ui"l?r 111' lu.ii.e'ilaie Miperi ision, not "~S,* hy wi.rkatn h i* ?nipl<)<-diy their pred-< i?.i? ?i..i u,>ul",J;v?? I lit! lit) ia?. nc..11) ?idrdtoU.?iri.ui.,nl^-(.Ml 1 i>. tng n. d, f and Uetm??.*\ who,! the r < .it i in.! lcs in B'lti |?. ''HJf ** ? ""^P'ey of the tnixt faahionfito joclhntu them-Hol ttonclnutri... n e rsi'titol uiiwt Hi*iuotiu?." jd other preeiutu itoner, a^ioe and rlt'il raiitei' r*lk Tmwalea, 8i<', alwuya on h tnd, vuutne* II., r. fk I ., ulautntii, at ?lort notice, aimoiit any arlil' .il'Jmvl. 1?, v lit n tli* UJ'8 or any Individual uiin?inrreann..t b* tj.tad by ie ettl aa li' U. the flock 0U hand. 1 lit ir cxieuMVe amurluieut of i h< t ttirti nm >tlli| >lt I art of tea ?!?, t?>? ki tt'ua, e dT'o and t?a nine, ? aT'i*. eakvand Inm havkrta. kntrea, for* *, tpo ni It<1 <r. fell knlvia, ciumb -?r?per*, I rri am kiiivea, ve?etabl il.i hot, t'H b?,KOT?i eM'om, kbit ceitnra. miutud pot*, i it?i w<i, r un. u in,lib wale, *?. Sto . it not to lie equalled in thia ?r? y otii. r II _< in il.e I nurd Mater; lit) r4ui?l|iy of tin allvv r mauul to tared I.) * I n> i? * arraiiten to In tv repiu?eoted K< deiitelujena und lirai f,mk aiu mpectfully invited 11 rail and ia?pe?t Hit rlen Ft'I kill n nil anil a.* i 3.*i?id at tl a |tr<.w n Stoned Morv, 0|.p?i?. ui tli Ctt> llali, * (in of the Uoli'en Eti*W. Nolle* or kk.iiov AL.-i u nbi i, * rt,ht*i\ utu to uotily their nun rn i.a fhet da ai. 1 th . puM.c generally u at l!i?) li*vo i' d trim tl.o c.raer of Canal and Hero r Mr, ei?, totha low No. 6i knbtl unci, furu.trly oovuptad hy trnrii A. Artii'lo M Co. ( or.t d r from t nr<i|.iaund ) Tuwll iitiebt rtii'k ol Kali Bilha, sbawli, CI alia, Viaettea, aentva, iinw mairriaU, bcuaokmpinc Rood*. fco , bo.. la viry anienaiva at <1 rliOK*. aad will ba round on luapaouou w?U worUty ?( UM lUBlton of pwebbwr*. Broad* A V Til E \TKE ? FKI OA Y EVEVINQ. OT H Third MuM of lli? Enal?li Oprraiie Tr np? Tb? per li.minute will coamenre witn the <ipe-? of the n KIKMIAV <;IMI.?Tlieanrua Mr Rrever Deril.liM.f, Kr - gaia; 0.,u?t An l? ;m, r. I nch; Tli rva.elB, Mr ii <1UI in. Arl tta, Mr?. Stini u; (jut rn of 1 e fiitiM**, M? Phi'llra: Hil l*. ?ri laker?o ?1. 1c (01 uluo>- < >: fine of tlie CAP 'A IN III-' THE * \r II? Marquitde LignT. Mr I.Ado plied* Punrt'itia, Mr raker; Burn Vond. imi'ar, Mr. Vaehe; Kmti'ia. Mi*. A K*tryn, V?? HVts. I'fr?'ire'-'?rd P?r'|?u-ti'. 76 Cfntu family Cirite, I'.'icn if; l all?r\. II)i ieota. D<nra o|?*n at 7. I'erfunumce t" n u ) at 7^ .vim h. BUK'iU> a'lUKATHK. CUAMKtHH STREET. K<1 d y evening, del. 13, will U> iierlortiii-d the far*i of PO't t ll.l.liCDOl?Mr. Joiin IVter >*i: In oddy Mr Bar*"!! ?;apt. l 'fcuttle, Mr. Ji.linitnn; Mr*. IH'Icodd*, ?<ri. fir twliain; Mm. 0 pii i|?., Mti. A kniyht. After VIhiah, the drinia of NEvV VORK IN M II f.S- Mi (Jrut-all, Mr lljiiiilt u; Mr. Nii. m, Mr. Ciuce; Jak* Ml.thuta. Mr. Jiihatton Mr?. roruktna Hr*. V?rn in; I. iv. Mira Sinclair. To eonolude witl the luir e*iue oi-ti of 1 I CY 1>I ' > Mil aM AMOI'H ? Count K irdo Tin'elstrui Rivi-naw. rd, Mr. Ji'hitfft' n : I.ucta. Mtaa I'hnpu. in. Priori of adiniaaion ? In n< licit and I'uripK't, Slota; Family Circle or SecondTier, 24 eta. Duo a . pen at 1 alf-paat ?, curtain to riao at 7 o'clock. NIItl.o>, aor ruct MQADfif-JllTB Nir.lIT *>f Mr Marreid who. la compliance with uio dtunre of maiiv who ?no ntabii: to procure tcata on Wcdaaaday, ami tlie urauinn.uaapproUtion niamfia'ed by ihat audience, will rv |aa< Ilia ?rvat of Kii.? Lear. rrt.lay (renin*. o. ,|? r 1.1. Ilie pavfoniianoa will commence viiHi ttie t.i?oly ol klN(l i tfA*?1'ar. Mr. Macic*. v; Kent. Mr. K>der, Dinar, Mr VanHi.i I I II- Kitimii. .1 k> I' W I Ur],.. II.-.I.I II' II (1 I'll a, Miiw Woyineti Cnnrril, M. Jdvhk Hp^u.O, ('liuniiin, 'locnrludewith loots at T|Je sw an ?Fr?Ilk Fri-klr. Mr CH')> Ja<'bl> Eorwly. Mr I Isridx: Mi M'"<i>?hme, Mr?. ' iar!i'?lull/. Mlfi Hi rv. Doora ores ftt hefnrw 7?cotumeniim at X ii*I7. mid P?n|ue*ie H: Amphitheatre 8" cent*. Mitchsll'bolimficthkatml-faidw e vknino, Oitober 1% the entarMdwnenta will eoinm?nee with a now i*t te ciuitdy entitled the cum km Or the counrry ? Ai lulls lowiuend, Mr. Nickinwu; Handle llitib?, mr'Cunoyor; l etgy, Mite h"l<oita. After whleh 7" ? 17? (Japuin Vifid. Mr. Art old: wn'ht ?e Cirrii (jton. misa c.'arkc. alter which a milniral rilnvtriim en'itled IIKKO ANl> I.EANDER - l/tan ier, Mid mary Uauntin; Alocterna. Mr. i'ouovor; Uero, mi?? eofctlm Vomic, m>-< Nickinmn. To conclude with the laughabla fareo, entitled done on both sides?Mr Pwmalion PlilbhH, Mr. il< Hand; frr Wli'lhe*. Mr. Niekinv n; Lydia, Mill Phillip*. Door? opn >17?CvMli rtiml tm ?'wifc NEW HKOADWAY circus, NEAR spuing STRUCT ? John Tryi>n end Corporal Tlioinieou, Manafcra?Friday eveniap, Oct 13th. the entertainment will comtucnoe with a full dim rntne entitled THE return OF THE greeks; Indian u?>it> nianphip. in which Camanclm warrior, frenli from thn rraiiie*, will ride ft Mexican Mnntanz horne: Infantile bowman fttiin, by Liulo Boh illinma; Olympian Examine*: Shepherd una SlirplierdrM, by Mr. Shindle and Mme. Avwer. Auileiic CnDin by tho Britieh Acrobat*; Mr W. Walker* TourMMion Krolution* >u tfco Flying Rofe; Great Dislocation Aot by M?ni>r Bllae; Jnvetil* lluwirsnship; to oonolude wi'h a rimio iif'^jrpiico. Door* open at half paatC?perfonnan.-e to commeneeat 7. BAKNUMH AMERICAN MUsEUM.-P. t. BARIUM, Proprietor??. liitoheock, Manager. Splendid Performance* every afterneon at 3 o'oloek, ane every evening at halfpeat aeven. Hie Manager haa tho plearare of announcing the moat extraordinary wonder in creation, Major LitUeflngwr, holding the hw relation to the tarn una Lilliputian that 'ho little linger duea to tho thnmh. He ia ten year* old, only twenty-fon* inone* high, and weigh* only thirteen pound*. Be may be aeen every rooming from 10 to half-rast 12 o'oloek; in the afternoon from 2 tUlhalf-pMtS; and in the evening,from 7 till 10. In addition. the manager ha* al*o engaged Gmat WoNtern. the fanvm* Yaukco Comedian, the Sable Brother*, Minn Emma Leslie, voealat, three Highland Mammoth Boy*. Giant or Mammoth Baby Enormona Bo* Conttrielor. Admiadon to the whole, Inolnding Mnaeum Performance*. Little finger, (tc .23 cent*; o'ildren under ten yean or age and old onongh to walk alone. 12X oentt. Re erved front Mti, one (hilling extrk Grand diobama?bombardment of vera cruz, kc . 37H Bioadway.? ?oen"? in the Gulf; Burning tho M. (?. Creole; Ph'pvrvek of the Somer* ; Arrival of thn Kleoc; Stunm erf and Shi|w an-imlng and nailing along; Heal Caution loaded arol firt d b> m< ving Figurva ; Grand BomtoirdintHt by day and nizht; f |>'ei did pjrotcchi i? eflects and bursting of Sfie In. Ivory Kinure, 8b'p, Brat, &c , is moving. An Overture ev ry evening. Tiuke'c, cent*. ( hllaren half price. Family and * * < n tiultoU im a|>plication atthe Hall. (pen at 7, commences at o, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon atS. PANORAMA or TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN . N MEXICO, M the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, shows, natural as Ufa the Marcher, Encampments, and Battles fought by Uen. Tayloi. It also gives correct views of the country, towus, cities, lie. 11 is th? nictt K>autiful painting ever soon. Open overy nijrht M quarter before H o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission. 2ft oeu\s. Schools admitted on reasonable term* No qhanre for "encrtptivt pamphlets. Children half price. It will soon leave the city. WILSON'S ENTERTAINMENTS O.V TUB 80NU9 OK Scotland.?Tbo public are respectfully inf"m?d. that Mr. W ilfi n. lam of the Tlientres Royal, 'ovent (jarduu, Dtury Line, ai d Eugli.-li 0|*ra House, is about to psy a visit to the U. itod Suit. p. ami will give a seno* of his entertainments 03 tli? So ^ ofScotlard. in New York, during the month of October, tlw par tifobM of which will be giveu in future mKerUnemeiit* Mr. M 1 I t. 11 wan til* tint vocalixt who gavo this Kpeeius of entertainirents, which combine* wedotc and inf nna'ion con ccted w th l> e kci *> and their author"; and during the la?t eight yc>r<<, Iks lis* given ili -m with prrat tnicuem. in London, and t!-.e principal tow 11s in E'g'snd. Scotlai d. au<l lr land. UMuN <OUn6K. L. I.?THOITIN J.-JACK RIIS.1ITRR and l.ady Moacow in the Field.? Villa Day, Oet. 13. at 'JV? I*. M., a Purse of $fcOO, mile heats, boat three in Ave, in harn^aa, will he trntlfd for. P. ltuntcnterb h. p. Jaek ftnuniter, of i hiotgo; aid H. Roberta enter? k vn. Lady Modflowr. Imtncd otely after, a natch for JfA'O, will Oome olT, three mile heats, iu harnem. between a. g. Trnateo, ai d b. in. Vincii*ia Maid. 'Jhe ear* l< avo SM-utJi Ferry, Brooklyn, lor the Cv?ri?e, at 'Jo' c!o k, P.M., au?1 return alter the ppoit? aro over. M. O. QKSINi, Proprietor. MK. raiDlftlCS HOFFMANN, PH0F1*80R Of lUStO* leijuctfu^ ii. forms the Parent* and (joardiat s ol YotiUi, hia having Vfened an Academy lor InatructIon on the Piano fvito, r^.tt viii n ceiTO a few nor* pupil* in a ton ion to hi* preMiit. j.uu.btr. From Mr. Il? flTninnn'ri l<>ncc t X|*:rienc:o in the tui* tftm of tli ibon Mmipl)fl)iBiiDl he Batt i htm Mil ootn potent loti mi \\ > OD&dotHtad av|r Iitionof i ii'B their children to hia eare. For terms aud part leu Ufa, apply at No 'it 7 Btoadwny. nAM INO \M> WALTZING \ a1>F.MV. SI HOWARD Hreet.?Siiiunra and Si^nor F? rn ro * ill r*-<>pen tneir aahool 1 ontle'-latof Onol'T, and the Gontlemnn'aLUmi on th? ?kl, I fJl m ill attend to Pr vato Lesaousaii i Private t )Aaaoa,aud give I *f^*a ay un?al. DAhUNG.-toll.JB. PAU.1MS DK3JAHUIN3, <iK nil A''*d? u>y of Pari*, has tho honor ot infort.tiuK the publto ni<?; M ill t'l'-n four tfitfcrvnt cla?*t"?. to muii the ?foMV?M*a<* i \ Mi J ; i i!1 IM "| tOWtt to Br ftdwajf* OHOOB th- Third |Tt nue,oLeiu drwu street, between Wnvorly and Clint<>u Place, and the o?l er ut ter rcsidenoa. 71 Leonard at. Mile. 1' D. will (rivu Initruetion iu all the uifft rent hruuch^N of dancing. For nifoimation um to the day a, houib nod tonus, apply to Mite. P. 1). Bt toy 1 o?r dorms the d:iy. OFFICE or TBI K1W Y<>hK<,\s LIGHT C0MP4NT OutoUi 9th, IMK. 1 he Pre ?iil tut an'I Direct'ri have thi.1 day declat <1 a UiviU- i.d of four a> <1 one half |*;r cent on the Capital block ot this Cotnpauy, for the six inonthacn^n* 1st August last. payable to thaBtockhelricr* on sod ?if ?r v* ndnfday tho 1st ftoneii'ber i?ext. The tn "Mir book \% id bo ch^.d Iioui the 'Si ih iiu t. to that da to. By or ! r C. L. EVERITT. SeereUyy. Hakmv \uk. hair sk mini;. \vaI UBS hi -r II ~.'i Haple Jlirtninzharn and Sheitn ! I goixI?, to the trade and large dealer*. at a trifling advance on the tfterling lint prices. All sires of nii|4-rinr Hair Cloth at about Importation cnt. Also, Watrlic* aiid W atch Movement.*?all rocei\ed since the threat re di.ctlon of prices in England, and for salo at a < <?mmisAi'>n profit,by JuilN A. NEWIlOULlJ, ?5 John street (up Htuir*.) IblMt \ND8 OTCH MALT WHISKEY, 1 - (JIP18 ED IN . uitBtiu put op itt paduan to sol ? ind% for IBM oLc-l.atl tie usual pi nop, by v\ ILi.lam M. PARES, nit-tiller, ^7th avenue; Office, 12 Stone street. Tie highest price paid for empty punchton*. At hie faik op the amrkioan institute, dr. l'o*eli't Mil acting Eye ?ri(l Ear Fountain*can l<? won in i pt ration, ai d a |ani|>h!et can l?e had, tr ? of uo?L d?r-ritui tie ??m h in ?ii( h this method of cnjiMtjg ua er (either w?*nn oreold) is?o hvDtttctaL Dr I'owell utteiiUs, a* u>ml. to <ii?MMlii Im Fje ai.d JCmt, at 2?:I Br idtrav, mr of Warrentl, vi ne hi* Vle^tike cu the fcye," f-ro^-^cU, cm Ikj |>r?car.d. IfHfi >! F? rsjum if* ported. q* | OMV!* HiJO WOULD GO W ITiJOUT i thl'Jl VVIIEN Jp J thev cau have them inserted, and warranted tor tivo yearn, atone dollar?*ach? at the office established tor the reduction ci l?t l*H4 Fillin# w4tS Tjure fold flu tn 7Ar??nt? .*? ftroftriwuy OK WHMUUL 001I48T, Mf GUftftWICB 8TIUUS1 devotee hiK exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and ln.htl ?tuii. Snu/.'iv I'atarf&rtA r??n?.v?H ir. !>!'II.,on u I). ? (irnieipal, and sifcht restored. Artiflcial'fiyea for m c m et iiiiHTted. Olneo hours tr m 8, A. U to 1 o'oli ck, P. M, Keto ret,pa* to the Aral famiUe* in the oity. DK OLO\ Kit IS CONSII.TED DI KING THE DAY AND evi MLir, in thow difficult a .1 pmtraoted earn* vi delnatc din-urea ilmt have t.afti. <l ih? skill ot phy?icnt m of lew experitvee. His Extract of Cupavia, I'utu I n, fc.0 , no extensively funrifctd l> i hj ncianp, mny tu 1 ail at Ills ttuio in front, No. i Anr. Miei tin. li nk hi IM> IIMV tiFHt.E Is No ill lit ,\NE STKEET, IW" d> "r? W eat 111 lift'htm Klrret, ? hero he e.intiniie? hu (i:i mini tr* Htu ei.t uf Si i>l.ill<ic, M-rc.irial .*er fuloue, chtmtic, ai.'l u-licr DeteaHS. Alao, Stnc "re*. &;? , &o. Dr. il. in a IIf mltr til' tlm Med i al fcocioty of tl.u Oily and Couuiy of .N'eur Dtx TOR riVCBTHM EM (J V ED HIS OPfJC'B io si Dey ?treot,where he ran be cinifulted uii all 1'rivate Diaoaa ea The niKHt obstinate yield to hia mode uf crentiunu', wliioh la on tho Non-Mercurial Syftein. Stricture*, no matter of how Ion* stuiidin;, are trvalcd by Dr. f., on tho iuqm scimitluti and ai i nmil plan. Tl.u viciinia ofoonatituin debility, brought on by iudim rectlcdulienc* ?, can apply with a nertaiuty ot curs. Pre paid lattvra. euclotin* a fen, attended to. Offlro, 61 Otf Mil DK kali II, aIITUOK Uf TUli i'KAUTK'al p tIVATE 'Iiiutiao." Uu., *s limnwieh triet? ofllo?hours 'J to 12 A. M , 'i to !l I' M. (Minds} excepted) Tlu mi who apply in t'.t early aia^ea will lie Mirpns< d at the rapidity ai d little iuc riveuienmi at i ndug their euro. Tt is clueflv, ho*ever, tiioan who hav ?ufhred fruni ao?r<aiii ' lime ol people who can pr> pcrly npprt 'lata hie m-rviei a. Insttictnre fri m ita tlrat, or inoip e .t, to it* more advi- lid and einiesiipg staiea, I li i.. hi m :i, -r, PI i j T7*>w..r.?u I'IB-HLV, / I.v ? nil nuoni ? rn|?iu, -?jr, aii'i p?<i cu euro, which. h?j haa ground ! r h at iupc. ?m bo < btuiued lr? i? nn ot? fr foiirrr in America. NoilKf, NO rnaki h - I>? CoBBEff, M. K. C. U ) as t? nivYt-d t. ir*ttfl><o to lift Ann it'i'Ot, (ii<*tr H*ill am,) *h%r<'te ihcut Mihfd on Mil direa>ca of rt private ch*r?otor. To Ihote nho ha\e Wen ui.dtr hia cam, Uu-uuon ta aiiitxvmry. ! ? thi m v I.?? hate not, and who um aflliciod with jkuhb of the Lead, 11ii? >. olren <n the body, tin tt oi n. -i , ttri fur**.*, inimai debility, indured l?y impri|>"r nahita, am., I ?avr?tifH a ^effect and fpredyeme. No tueruurj uaed. K-j. ui?t. vaK'4 ? ui?-1 iu daja In. Cobhe t'a (tre r fi?lt tf )4 jcar* H|)? ri^nw ) indncea a romper In tru<l* to di iij iiin tciiiovh) and id?-ntt>. Tfn?w who kn"# l?r i,'. n? ? I t1 t |l^? bin u mil tn 8n M Diplomat I rttira. vd attended to. |iiO LlKK.hO I Ai.-Dh. U>ttA>*TT. i'J i>0AiNA iTAAltl l^l roam bar ol the fcoyal' olle*? of Surge ona. linden, mav na oroanlud in treatment of delicate diactaoe No matter how long y*u tulj have |lc?t, ulcere ipoa the nody, or in the throat ot nog , pafna in thv head And bono* ?f the l^a A practice o! fourteen yo..ra, devoted to venerea I dieraaea, etiaMea l?r C. tocurotbf wfTMtfona ot Una diwaa*. K/oent caaai cured in four d*ja. * tir, mjrciiry nvd. ?trieu:f? onrea in one or 1*0 wwbei witc r urccly smjt Tlio? Individual who h?v? induced is ? >?ttlit. loithaooj* h?Wt, r^. potitivtlr t* N*tor*d toWl*!>?n? '*>c>rty Pi It. ;-rr*nter* ?r* fl*ntlnnod not to bo dr.uTPd. lit Ot hett ha? not r?in?T?d km?igl?T IV Ifciane nreet. npp>(itt T)r 'n*'nd#.n'i? \| CUK Al. OFllCfc?1>N, JOUMSUN, 10 DL' A N h 3 i Kc.k'1 irl ne?i thailam hirI, to wpJ k? ? u a* the ukxi rrnctitmiior .n New A ?rk, m the iRutmeulvf venerral dinoaee* lie H'K" ?r'!>!> ( ui*tio? lur ?kill ill Ujomuld hll!-oi;rt.l io?t ha*r 'edited lor year*. K pr? eminent. (Jioet, tincture, tken ?^n tlii- l?i <l)r, < ? '? tin tl.nut or nnse, (mii in tlio anc b?ne? of thi- liy?. olfegtMlljr cured. Couititiitional weakneM bron|rht <,n t>> a eeoret hunt indulge') In tiv yonng men, uamiaj liaoivioti* dtMUM and nightly cnnMi' B', ,?'HiiWoly pruvtntcf K*ornt wm eiirei1 in four daj?, without mercury. f?o alteram* orne? ven* n t+rmi bwmtie** \i OOl IAU.1\,|.U1L *Uiilk?lu TUi MaKiUBU if I or Urn* couWuplatuit ?nnma*i.?The MarrirJ rn??u. Meuieal Couii?uiub, uy Dr. A. M M?unoeai?. Sitih e* lieu ^noe ?? Thin work U n>c :'..lui< with wmtaat <ei.<1in/<*i? (;/?,'??! f"Pic? have mrejily been dtap.Md of ) K?er> temaie i? Hotting a O'ipy, wi.ether intrrW or unmarried, ?|tei,i>fh It M !? Mudi i oepu:isl y tor the married, wi it diwlijamimpor'ao: "iirol*, whioh ah'mld he known tm theto partkv.larij "ore eror/ ternaw ?an discover tnetauera, oiuptoibi and tne ino?' r"<Li itiaa, Mid tioet oerniiB nmd? ot eum in ererj "?' 'nr ?*>". tn Ureadway: >t the pnblifhu i oSice. IX? IJI*rty iti-eel, New \ ort, two, r. ti. mrnia, aoinrcr ?" ? ww ?? Phll?d? vhia . Littlo a Co., Albany t?. A. K"MM On IS* tfw pl of >1, ? t#|,T will be ?r?n?rottt*Kl by mall. Ir? i>l to *li wrta ol Ui* Cal'ad Sura* Alii ?l?er?in>i#t Xe |>o?? Mid. to ??r. A . * * ArmJf'**r. ?? ? 'SU Vrr? nit* QN? IftTi^Mvfv fllHMi TO HtNt HAMS AMI SHIP MA8TBRH?THE PORT W ar4*a O*o* ?H.H 1UI W all ?twtt 2d Hoot INTELLIGENCE RV THE JHIL8. Oct 11, 1WH Conclvriott of t\r %Hlrgtd Forrrry Cm?Xsctral Kr. citing Sccnti in the Court R >m?Thr Ur.tult ?f iKe Examination. It h?s br?n ibint * Dnntb Ibm ( harte* White * dlccliar^ni soldier wan defrauded of hi* land warrant In thin city, and which (ieorg" W Phillip* allege* h? purehared of an entirely dtf-reut in liriJual. ratlin* himself by the tame name, and. a d ty or two aft?r, tbw rare wan brought l?f rn Ju?tlM Van Tyn.% but not rntcluded. It wa* discovered to bo of More eoaw* (juenca than wan at fir-t t-upjio-ed and acrnrJIngly three magistrate* were mmnr.ueil t?> bear tho test i mony, and to determine wli'ther, from the testimony to be adduced upon both aides, <;? ..w Phillip* should be *ent on to a higher tribunal, to answer to Iho charge of obtaining a land warraut with * forge 1 powtr of Attorney, to which Samuel Settintos and Samuel O. Knelterw?re wltce?-rea, trie f?r.i>er having xflUid Ilia notarial teal, an auuened oy 'hi L'n.Ud Mateo, to a forged paper. Of ecurw, tD.-se three in li j viiluals turn niixci] up In the business. hu J w>>m tli? chnif lt?ery, but a? Phillips pronurtxi and xu*d th? land *in?ot bi? cm th? tlr?t tr?Df?otion to Iw impaired Ifcto. The e xnuiii<atiua ha* been continued trow limn to time. The Hciu^fd bad able cnunwl in Messrs Brsdley and llellen and thn United Mate* lo Messrs D Radclille. and Uen Turkey, who In ? nl-rk la this Laud or I'musIou Ofllrr ami who win offu'ed ami declined ajudgeiibiii on thi< bench of Oregon Upwards ut fight; wr. Deftees ??r? rumuioui-.d, but Lot more tbaa halt tb?? number testified. In tuy last letter. It ??? stated that Mr. Bradley ei uimenced an arRumeot tor th? accused. Phillips; todsy. he resumed, and ooncludrd it General Tnroey then uddrt-vHi-d the Oi.urt. U h 11?- h- wa< e >mui?atlnti; on the testimony. he made an aduston to tbii course of Stettinius. Mr Bradley dauied the correctness of lh? remark, General Turney adhered to It Mr Radclifle slipped in a word, edgewa}*, to the support of bin colleague. when Mr Bradley said : -It Is wantonly false." Mr. ItadclilTe qaiokly re?pond?d : ' I throw It back." There was much excitement, and the Court, railed lo order. Mr. Bradley remarked :-I h?TM salil ..11 I __r.? mmm " Th.f. --- 1 -I storm abated, General Turney obiervMd. that if be ha<l do in- injustice to Stettlulu* ho begged tn? Court to oftrlmi it If ho had d >n? wrong be was sorry fur It, but hn did not think that he had When all the argument bad been conoluded the learned gentlemen settled their difficulties amicably, and laughed and talked together. The Ceurt, aftei a brief cousultation, do ivered the opinion, via. : ? " It I* the unanimous opinion of the Oourf, that tho probable eau?e ban been removed l>y the testimony on the part ol the defence. and that tho defendant be dincharged without bail. J P VAN TYNE. I. P. TIIO ?l \S C DOW, J. P. WM, F. PURCKLI. J. F. ' October 11, 1848." The rra<ling of thin opl Dion wn followed by applause, which the Court promptly repressed. At this point, ajoung mau named Saunders, who had testified for the defeuce, and who l< a clerk la the office of Stetlinius. was seen to approach Mr. lladcliffe, the pTOHOutiDg attorney. Judging from hie manner, he was highly excited, aud made u?e of language which Mr. HadclilTe appeared to consider highly obji ctionable. Mr Raimlipkk, amid the crowd standing at tho table in front of the jury box. sa'd : " May it please 3 our honors. this witness has n?ed Indecorous language towatds roe. I have discharged my duty faithfully. If I have f hi J anything improper, in reviewing the tefttluiODy, It was an error of tie head and not of thf heart. I would Dot designedly do injustice to any man. I have spoke n according to my impression*. ami honestly. It 1 thru Id be asked what, Iin* been the decision In thin ens- ' I will say that the Court has t>l okt d. and that silences on'.'' Mr. Dhaduv.-I think that it 11 th? duty of the Court t<i cay whether there la the least shadow of nuspioion of a charge aga<D9t Saunders that he acted a dishonotabiu part In this transaction: of thu remark** if Mr lladcliUe ho thinks h>< hn a ri^ht to complain. He Is hem almost astraujier lie c iuih here with a (ioc d character and with letto.s from gentlemen of h'gh lef pectabtlity. Me has been in Mexico, and also brings letters to his credit from that countiy Mr. lUiklifl" thought it to b<- Ins duty to say what he did) ard we tbiuK that the Court cannot tind mult with him. Mr. Uadc likfk ?It would afTorJ me great plnii'ure to bt ar ibe Court What I tmve said may be an error of jnrign.tnt. if so, 1 trust that time will remove It. '1 he Court having trade their decision. I am silenced fotevtr Mr. Bmd ey is light. If I oould submit to an attempt to cast a statu up-?ii my character and motives, I would he unworthy of the name of iu<a. Mr. .Siu.h ik? ?I wmh to sav soaietliinir. 1 be i xcitmi*ut J to b- on the Thu milliters (?ot lip on thu rail* to look over; the Chief JuMice ? justed bin Bpeclacltii*; old father lireeali-ft h n feat ana Colou?*l .v1irn>: w. ut. up to se* what W4& going *>0. K.very one w*g ou his leg*, on 'iptoe, storing at the ri'vn?. andwilh mrs stretched wide op<>a. to ??ei hi.'I tear uU that ?:ir got 1.3 oo. Mr. IIk At>L?'v.?Mr. Siiiiuler? wiihoR to bu heir a. It is in the power of thn Court to permit him. Mr. SRuijiltrn was near >!r ltadelifle Words wero 1 utteicd by gel>tlen:en in the <-rowil Mr Stettiuluri ruf-bi d up. mijIdij to Mr lla iel ffe,' Vou rascal, doa't ! dare to mite jour bend. or that stick." Mr. IUr? i.iri-K.? It jou dare to repeat otiob IsngOMK** ' wl" "D'.V u"" ? etlek, but somethia^ ?d??. [ firder, ' order ' ) The Court?Ofllcer*. take tho parlies In ebargH [Tb? excilnuiut was tlie explosive p iin* J Mr. Stktiinii ?l'i?U t* an orphan hiy.aud I'll prot?ct b?ui. [''Keep c/Uir," " till ncu." There's (iotrp to b-- a tight.''] i Haibtr ? iikkn.?Come,brothers, don't fi^ht. [Ila h ' ) >lr. n.u i in n: ~l htic no filling ?<r?lnft him. Mr. S 11 n tail's ?He is * n <rph?ii boy. u ti t I'll proticthilu. f" Saunders looks M.I if li? CI>ul I prolm b'infi H : be s b??n to \J< xieo'' Ila ' h* ! | Tho Court said:?Th* i < urt l.< willing to believe that whatever Mr. ItaiicliflH said, * at from ? "eme of <li.ty. rstb?rtbaii from it wish to ilu personal injury. I'be < ouit hopes that whatever difference!! of opinio i ex'st, may be settled out of doors Mr. Nai ndkrs, (th?i witness impeached by Mr. R*dcl ffe ) in a firm and loud tone, spoke an follows, viz : ? "If a *. it t If tlie n will In. friletil I will .uir u fj. iu.. (curt Lttft night, while fittirg under the protection of the Court, an a witni-o". h ivmu le* gued my rights Hf u ei1ir.?-r> for the tlnie being to be protected by the Court, the Attorney Oeoerai lofitiuu'ed that I hal Mnlen the noiiOcatlun. and then committed forgery. 'I here was not the r?mntei>t eircumstaua* to << i*t nueh a khudow 1 afterward* ?ent to Mr Ki<lciifTe lmt niglit, aid aeked him whether he wm willing to retiaet lie rt fnped to do ho, an J I called blui .1 mean, contemptible villain " Tho Court promptlr Interposed, aod th? aon'table* wrapped to order The court tben fluid :?Thirf kind of language rannot be need here; it iuu*t be used out off curt. We ai- k that a* a (.tvor. Mr Radcliitk.-I will a>.k no proteotlou fir what I have caid and done in th's cif?. I h.iro ?a!d that the Court have decided against me. and Mr Hi ? .Are jou contented to di.-oharjo t'i" ot>ir partie* (S'ettiniu* and Kneller)' Mr. H?m i.ii'H,- I hav.? aaia nothing about them 'I I ..i XT,th?.?. '---ill >' w._<. v.rv? t J.IVIMI.- j Conie to order, gentlemen Pariial quiet ?a? restored Tho flufh of anger that; bud mounted to nioie than hop i hfi k hid by tbiNtimv Oi'H|i|i?-:in <1, and * an auccieded by a pal jr. and nvrvou.i MDilillitj. Tbe (. <>i kt declared the following opinion, vi* : ? "The I'ovrt, after h?ann? all the ?vid?no? inth> rust* nnuin-t (>. W. Phillip', who is chared with ooaiuilttliiK a forgery. have cooim to tin decision that, a-" MctliiilnnilKl Kneller nie ohar,?ei| a< neoe?iori?M, and ax the Court ba*? discharged Phillip*, fhey discharge tbe two otbcr purlieu. without requiring bill " There was an attempt m?>le to applaud, but it wan cut ?hoit by the frown" of tlin Court 1 bun tax been brought to a termination this important rate Mffetx I'fcillips. Ktettiuiu*. and Kneller. worn appr< achtd by the r friend*, who shook their hand*. It vai< expected that there would b? a ?tre?t tight bet aeeti lie paitien who bad tbe muMi in Court but there ???. I appii) , a oUappointDieut. \ eMtraay, during the examination of Judge Voang, t on Oiirrioner of the Land Oflloa. he ?al i tnat mem ih-fh vi i nugrer* are ihwmj? upon at the departd<> iit? before cither* w|j im nut in publio nu'ioi. Wo do not know why one el**? of ineu are mora pri?il> ? il tban another, and we ar- ignorant of any law witch auti orir.?-s th?< precedence I -a<e may have patnliinedit hut it in radically *ron.<; anl the indication of tha people should be exprerfed with r? gard to it. < barles White, the soldier who wan defrauded. bw not jet r?oet?nl hi* land warrant It wi.i oe reooiltct d, lioni the tf?tiiuoojf. that Ihiliipn ?oid it tu I orcor*n !? King* and that the^e K?nMeiu?u, sii-pwating Mii.tihiij^ *r< DK< *>nt over to the l.ari 1 Offlaa aul exhibited It 1 be * ai faut wa< borrowed .if lamo by Judge \ oung, to bo niade u-e of on the trial; an I h?> .1 j ji t.uiday. iu repiy to a i|'iMli >u. that he did uot feel aulborixed lo b?ud it to Wni ? ! but that h?> would reiur? It to Corcoran fc Rigg"i;?in a.vloaer kd?a<d* I.a* dour nothing in the preaai-e*. to aw.rd jesnce to the potr 10 diet, *h<> baa btfnu k pt i.ere, at h * own i Xt ?Ufe. tor tour aeeka (them teiu(jnoia? to pay I mt*d State* witiesgea bei-re tu ?i-tr?t*-), waiili k the actiou of the I'm ed S'a'e. j'he i?t?//eo wanaiit was iu Court: ivlit not lestor* it t-> the o*ner. ii.fttkj o? I oil or>D fc R'ltt' But Unci* line O'bt.f folk* 1h Mnir ltot-s ?nU th .t??li h? ilirt.vijih COIID tl, UjUrb ab nil ng it, b? "??, ft too Kfcuiv time, Uiiug diuna wr<ia^ i? ooo of Un ClUXi UAi.ri.Munt, Oc r 11, 1--W? Election?DtmfXTiit>c I'uttry? U wr/i/tim?Firemen's fifflil--1 Uatrirals, $c. Another d?y ol ???'Ht |??!itical excitement has patted. The election !<>.- Mayor and City Council, lor the city, came oil" to-duy, and resulted jn the election of h democratic mayor, with a 8|>nnkltiig i<l both i artiea lor councilmeu. The nnjor.ty lor Col. liljah $tan*bury, the democratic nominee, m MW ; a hetivy gain ovrr the recent election, though h loss since the ln-t election I >r < Governor. I In tin' si !? ? >Km til iIn- ulilrer elect. tile ci'.v* teemed u man tully conijcieut to his d.ity, ,\n 1 tn*d l>y the tx|>rrieor?* of mi?ny year>' in the Stale legislature. The present <:1. oliou 19, |tiht<| ?, a fair cuter:, n by which t> jn.l <1 the Nov?nil>er election, when the-d?tm <ur;tlic iimjiiit) w ill | robubly b*- 1,000 over tiotn |mm?? *. ffi n.e Iii-hI C? u??-? mllueiicrd llie vol- ??*i, which will (>? out ol ti.e <|>i. ?lum in the i.-\? h; >?. The New iVUikct utui tinted Fire coiiii?v?.e*?

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