Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1848 Page 3
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bis ; the letter ?u received at the bank on the 8th of May, 1848. and is dated May 6 Tit* District Attorney rwad the lettei, which dirootn that the packages be sent by Well* k Co>e express to Utiea, tbenee north by Cuseell'a expre** Th? '"anal Bank to advise by mail, ot the amount sent, and to pay express charges. Ms Jvdioh. again recalled?From the date of that Utter they acted according te the letter's direction* until near the failure of the bank: he believes no other instructions were gi*en ; all the parka**? were forwarded, bnt the one on the 6th of July; he exhib ted Mr. Oloott's letter in reference to that paokage dated July 6 ; the letter was received Ivy mml on fh.? Uth of July, before the failure of the ban* was heard of at Ogdeneburgh ; (the letter was read and charges redemption of 94.208, signed by Vfr. Oloott) ; the package of $4,208, was never received ; by the usutl c>ur<e of business, it should have come t> hand on the l^th of July; be was the financial oflloer of tbe btnk; there was no authority giveu to change the usual direction of the paokage. Croit-examined?He ascertains from hts books, the halanoe that was due from the fltb to the Uth of July, to the bank of which he is the oflioer; the Canal Bank pays an Interest of four per ceut on the balances they have in the bank ; had no money in that bank on which they did not get interest; they redeemed the bills without charge ; the bank that seals up to end to the agency, make* un apprisal of the sealing to the OgdensLurgb Bank; they retain the moaey sealed, before sanding it, twenty days j tbe endorsement an the paokage is usually ''Ogdensburgh Bank, Ogdens ourgu. r?. i .) buii iivuriBuy me amouoc wunin tna package In figures on it; is not sure that mil are thus endorM d. though that is the usual endornement; the arrangement w> do the business with the Canal Bauk, -was made by tbe PreMdent and himielf. with Mr Olcott. about the latter part of June or first of July, 1840; it was net made In writing; dun't recollect the conversation whieh took place when made; it was done at tbe Canal Bank; they were to redeem the notes, and were to bare a share of an eighth of the per centage; the Ogdensburgb Dank was to send money, of -which they were to have the use of for a oertain period of time, either twenty-two or twenty-seven days, alter which it was passed to th ir credit, after which tbey paid interest for the use of the money. Tbe Court then took a recess Friday moknixo, October 13. John D. Ji/mson recalled by defendaut's counsel.? "When tbe first arrangement we made with the Canal Bank for redemption was altered. I don't know; the second arrangement was made by myself; I was in Ogdensburgb when I made it; we have made no second specific arrangement with the Canal Dank; I oan't say that I made any arrangement; tbe proposition came ftom Mr. Olcott; I think it was by letter: it referred to a new arrangement for the redemption of our note*: It waa a printed circular; I accepted the proposition; I have not looked to find this particular letter; alter that proposition waa made and aceepted. the Canal Bank went on as our redeeming agent in Albany; it ia our rule to keep such letters: my impression is that this arrangement was in 1844: ] have no knowledge of tbe redemption of the $4,208, except what 1 learned irvui jvir. uicubi t* lutmr; i nave do Known?age Of the manner in which the business between the Canal Bank and the Mechanics' and Farmers' Bank was transacted; I never saw this $4,208 done up in a package; I have no knowledge of my own that it was left at the Canal Bank; I made no arrangement with the M & F. Bank in relation to receiving our notes; I don't know of any arrangement; I know of no arrangement with the M.kF. Bank as to any 0t our notes which they might reoeive; it would be a benefit to our bank for any bank in this oity to pay out our notes again without sending them to our agent for redemption. H ?Would it not be a benefit to your bank for the Canal Banal Bank to pay out your notes again without redeeming them and charging them to you ? This question waa objected to by the Distriot Attorney. The court allowed the question to be put, cn the ground that It sight be necessary to prove the good motives of the prisoner. U ? Suppose a package of your money had been sent to tbe (.'anal Bank, and the (.'nnal Bank ha 1 put it in circulation without redeeming it from your money in thelrhands, would It not have bf en a benefit to your bank ? A ?ft would." H.?If Mr. Olcott put this package in circulation 'without charging it to your acc unt, and the Canal BanU hadn't tailed, would it not have been a benefit to your bank ! A ? Ves. Tbe banks in this city daily put into circulation notes of our bank without redeeming them.? ~We count over our paokages when we receive them from our agents, before we give our agents credit (for them ; if one of the.packages fall short, I would call on the Canal Bank to make it up ; we used to aend our money by any conveyance we could procure ; did not employ an express previous to the 8th of May. ? uuto bur uiitcuuu in me leiier rerer merely to tbe mode of transferring the notes, and was it so intended by you ? Tbe District Attorney objected to the question, as tbe letter speaks for itself. Tbe court overruled tbe question. A.?We occasionally send down notes, as we had done before, after this direction in the letter ; I recollect sending by Mr. Burnap ; don't recollect sending by Mr. Keep; might bave done so. Previous to the arcangement we sent thun uncurrent funds, and they kept tbem twenty days before they gave us credit for them ; there was a discount on that money of a half per eent. 'Question by District Attorney A.?I have not fully compared tbe acoount on our hooks with tbe books of the Canal Bank; I have compared tbem enough to know that they differ. Q.?Suppose this package bad been sent hojne to you after being redeemed, instead of being sent to New York, what would have been the dlfference?to you ? A.?We would bave been $4 208 better off. Q.?Does tbe balance due from the Canal Bank to your bank still remain unpaid? Objected to by defendant's counsel. A.?There is a balance due from tbe Canal Bank to tbe Ofedensburgh Bank Q.?What is about the balance due to your bank from the Canal Bank ? Objected to. Admitted. A.?About $30,000. including our whole dealings. H ?Was the whole amount due from the Canal Bank ?tall times a fund for the purpose of the redemption of your notes? Objected to. Admitted. A.?It was. We had funds there for redeeming our tills, and f< r drafts, and other purposes. <4.?What amount still remains due from the Canal Bank to the Ogdensburg Bank ? | Joe question was objected to by the defendant s 1 counsel. Wheaton oontended that it was immaterial whether tbe Canal Bank was indebted to the Ogdens- ' burgh Bank or not. The defendant is indicted for j ?mbezzlement. Tbe intent must be shown at the time , tbe act was committed. If the defendant's intent was criminal at tbe time,it is immaterial whether the bank was solvent at the time or not, or whether the debt bas been since paid or re main 8 due The jury must ray whether his intent wan criminal at tbe time of the alleged embezzlement. Tbe Court overruled the ijuestion. Q?Did that balance remain due from the Canal Bank at the time of tbe failure of the Canal Bank Tbe defendant's counsel objected. The court allowed the question, to show the condition of tbe Canal Bank at that time, and Mr. Oloott's knowledge of tbe affairs of tbe bank. Rt-cvosi-txamintd ? We have bad a running account with tbe Canal Bank for the last eight years; our dealings during that period have been perhaps a millien a year; 1 got all our information in relation to that account from my books and papers ; 1 know the balance from the books and business of the bank, and from letters received : 1 can't speak of the balance within $60,000, exoept from the books and letters of the bank; sometimes I make entries in the books, and sometimes the clerk makes entries; I did not keep the account of me t.naai jihdk auogemer; our ouokh containing idie account are ?t Ogdensburgh 5 the letters and other papers Me at Ogdensburgh ; we had a general fund in the Cnaal Bank for all purpose*; we had a right to draw on it any day, and to draw out the whole amount if we chose. Se-ejamintd.? I was conversant with the general transactions of the bank; I knew of the transactions as they occurred; 1 am acquainted with the transactions which form the basis of the account betwflen the Canal Bank and Ogdensburgh Bank, and am acquainted with the account. Q. Refreshing your recollections by reference to the books, but speaking independent of the books, and ftom your recollection of the transactions, can you siiy whether there was a balance due from the Cnnal Bank to the Ogdensburgh Bank at the time of the failure ? Objected to by defendant's counsel.?(Question excluded by the court. q Speaking from your knowledge of the transactions between the banks, was there anything due from the Canal Bank to the Ogdensburgh bank at the time of the failure ? Th* question objeoted to by deiendant's counsel.? The objection wa&^llowed. A.?TLere is butone clerk in the bank besides himself ; he has generally an observation of what, is done in the bank ; does the correspondence: keeps up generally intimate and accurate knowledge of the correspondence with the bank in thv east, nnd generally receives and forwards packages ; does not keep a running account in his head, but depends upon his books A Levi.u vafnirmictprn, pworn.? i* bookkeeper of the receiTtr in the Canal Dank. He wan called lor the purpofe if identifying the bookr. too., which were brought into court. Ave. Iic?rin?, recalled.?Waa employed In Canal Jlank an discount clerk; he had the cuatody and charge of the letter book ; he identified the different hooka of the bunk. K. K. Knnmc*. aworn.? lteridea in thin city; la caahier oi the Mechanics'aud t-armera' Bank the redeeming accent in thla city of the Ogdenxhurgh Dank ; haa bet-n cathitT of the ,V, I' Brnik twelve or thirteen yearn, '.a paper waaaliown me which he denied having written); did notaeal up the package of $4 208; showed the memorandum of the package being Bent, made by Mr. Beach, the clerk ; did not aee it after fwaled ; had nooonvereation with Mr. Olcott relative to the mining package ; heard of the clrcumatancua when an enquiry waa made of it m by the Ogdenaburgh Bank; he received a let let ot enquiry from Mr. Ju taon. hut did not are Mr. Olcott in relation to it j he haa co doubt but that there we a a package of f 4208 re do Bird by the Canal Bank about the 6th of Inly ; cannot tell without referring to hix bor>k? whether he received a draft from the Canal Bank for tile M. t F1'. Jiank. ?!.?Who are the oflicerii of the bank ? [Objected to J A.?Thou W. Olcott. Mr Kowal*ki,0. M. Beach, K K. Ketidriek, Thos. Olcott and Jamea A. I'ratt, and three boys. The court here took a recops until three o'clook.? Jllhary htiii krrhnckrr, Vet. 14. TRIAL OF OKORQF. MIT.I.KR FOR FORQEIU'. Bo^to*, Oct 18?l)i I' M.- t'eponition of Konitn i M. N. Xmvtii-Heside In Camhriilrfeport; do basing* In BoMon, now temporarily absent In New \ ork; known Miller for ten or fifteen ye?rn; known Belknap eonie fotir yearn; Miller wa? Intimate with II ; appeared to be his bnaineM man, met M. at l''atley'g office with regard to the Pearl street hoiine, New \ ork, the la^t i f Inly, 1847; B came in at that tine; vir. Adams win present, and, after writing, pi^aml ii 'ine paperf; which looked like notes ot drafts, B p'gnej ft them, and handed them to M; the papers worn lift on the table, end I saw thrm when I stepped up to d'> my business vuh M., m B. left the office; a fa* diyi alter m? B. with M.. iV Revere llou-m; th?y w-r? talking on bnaliMM; this wae seven or eight o'clock In tBe evening; thle *u the lest time I n* thorn telk on business, prior to *47, M and B. were latimUe; I h?d a bond of Joy farm in Charlestown. of whtuh 0 and M were to take one-quarter; met them at Exchange toflm llouae about January. '48, la reference t > this purobeee; the title having been examined, proved not satisfactory, and the trade fell through. Crott-inierro/iatiun. ? Rlrst introduced to B. ia the Legislature some four years ego; then hed rainy personal interviews with B. in reference to railroad nets; had no other particular transections with U ; flrst spoke on the subject of my testimony with vllller tome three week* ago; didn't went to be a witausj on account of my business; saw Mr Kiske iom? three days ego; didn't say anything to him about the subject matter of my testimony; the papers I saw in vlr. Farley's office in '47, 1 sew B. sign; was but souie six feet trom him; didn't notice aay particular dgurei; was waiting impatiently for Miller; saw no seel ou auy of the papers 1 saw. [The evidence for the defence was here closed ] i'li. a Marr puv iu mr iuuub i u? uuibiug bvstiiuvuj . James H. Kiimodu.?Resided in New Vork any some nine years; am a lawyer; known Miller three or tour years; know James T. Rogers, and Vlr. Alison, the witness who testified this morning; known Rogers eight years; about eight years ago wan bis counsel; his general reputation for truth and veracity is very bad; he is a speculator in general; known Ma-on some three years; his general reputation tor tiuthand veracity is bad; he has been a lawyer and is one now; Mr. Miller and Mr. Rogers have been ery intimate; M has not been particularly mtimue with Maton; seme time last summer mat Miller in the Kxchange, New Vork; Miller said Mason was going to be a witness for him; I said Mason was apt to be free in his statements; Miller replied If he has a mind to go it, let him go it. Cro$t-exawined.?1 testify at the request of Mr. Belknap'B counsel, and the agent for the Commonwealth; sever knew of Rogers being called as a witness, except in the Polioe Court; I don't practice in tbe Police Court; no man in New Vork sustains a womb character for truth and veraoity than Rogers; it has been so nioht vhhth- I huvi* nrnHnnnLml him fnr frail.I* have not had a quarrel with bim; have got in my .hand evidence to pro\e him guilty ot perjury; hare no unkind feelings toward him, but think him a rascal; 1 practice in the principal courts of the State, thu Supreme and Common fleas Court; my relations with Mason have always been amicable; my expenses for coming here have beeu paid; Kogersgot my note from me lor $050. last summer, by fraud. N. Wathom?Knew Charles Stratton; 1 am employed on the Fitchburg road; reside in Charlestown; known Stratton some seven or oight years; have not sten him lately; knew him in Worcester.Charlestown. and Boston; have heard persons say they wouldn't take hie woidon oath; never heard much about him Charles P. Bam ruft.?In commission business in this oity; first knew C. Stratton in Holden; afterwards knew him at Worcester: he was first a clockmaker; afterwards he kept a public house; have known but little of him since he left Worcester; should think people would geneially doubt his word; have often heard people Buy bis word was not to be relied upon. Crots-txamintd.?The house he kept had some effect on his general reputation; it was a drinking house; Mr. Davis, of Worcester, thought him rather slippery. Samuel O Meade.?Know Newell Adams; on December 2. the day Miller left, 1 met Adams in the street, and we spoke something about his writing the notes; he then said he bad frequently written notes by the dlreotion of Miller, but it was curious he had sever seen Belknap sign any; made a memorandum ot this conversation an hour or two af'er it was made; Adums. on the next day, went into my office with me; found he felt disposed to retract what he bad said the day previous; he raid he wouldn't deny he had said it. but must qualify it, as he had thought of something since; he said he had said too much already, and should say nothing more about it; he then said Mr. A. H. Fitke had carried him to East Cambridge in a cab, and he had endeavored to get information out of him. (The witness referred to his memorandum.) My I notes read, " to get something out of me, but 1 don't ! think he did net much." Cross-r rammed.? Bern in Belknap's employ, the last oonversalion with Adams was written the same ddV it was made; thought it strange Adams shouldn't have *een the notes sigued, as he wrote them. Oliver M. Whipple.?Reside in Lowell; powder manufacture*1 known K. M. N. Smyth about four years; be used te *>? ,n Lowell a great deal during tbat time- his .general rt*>utation for truth and veracity is bad; seen a great manr people who were acquainted with him. * Cross-e.iamined ?Smyth's b'uiness, when I knew him, was Belling water wheel*; he w*8 a witness on a trial in whioh I was a party; the t'.*86 was decided against his testimony, and in my favor. ' Li thui Hk hahds ? Reside In Lowell; kn^*11 ?* M; N Smyth four years; knew him at Lowell; his general i butactfr tor truth and veracity is rather bad; heard quite a number of persons speak of him; hear* him t-poken of at Bangor and at Lowell; it was about the time of tbe lawsuit spoken of; 1 was a witness on tbe opposite side to him John J. Soott, recalled?Received $5,040 on Aug. 4th, from O. Miller; I am confident 1 reoelved it from him jierionally James H. Ra> morid. recalled? Since I left the stand, Mr. Mason acked me from what aouroes my knowledge of his reputation for truth was derived; he is a man ot excitable temperament, lively imagination, and likely to be Imposed upon by oeol and designing men; his natural Impulses are generous, and be is Inclined to be liberal to excess; but he is easily led into exaggerations; this is the reason of his character for truth being bad; Jon't think he would maliciously utter a lie. [The Court adjourced till to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock ] October 14 ?Horace Green.?Reside in New York; came here Thursday morning on my private business; know John Mason; reside in his neighborhood; know many 01 bib irienas; never neara anycning againnimm. Cross-examined.?Kaow nothing of Mason's business transactions; met him last evening at the Revere House; know nothing of his earl; history. . Jour* J. Scott, recalled ?I think I received the m?ney on the 4th ot Aug , '47. from the hands of Miller; Mr. Belknap ceased going to the 4th Ward House about the spring of 1847; it was about the time the Revere House was opened; in October. 1846. Mr. Belknap Mgned five notes corresponding in date, payable to Miller; J paid those notes; they were regularly entered in the l>ooks. Wm. D. Weitoh.-Reside in Duxbury; do business in Boston; hnown R M. N. Smyth since 1835; his general reputation for truth and veracity is not good. Cross-examined -Had a lawsuit with him in 183V and 18S8; it lasted some time; it wm in relation to eastern lands. John Resided many years in Boston; known R. M. N. Smyth since 1830; he don't >tand high as a man of truth and veracity. Croas-euamtned.?Have never had any controversy With Mr. Smyth: have had business with him. and have suffered from taking his word. S. F. Belknap.?Have heard the testimony of Newell Adams, and the deposition of J. S. Rogers; don't think I was at the 4th Ward House in July, '47; did no business there then; in the spring of '47 I went to the Revere Houhe; no such transactions took place at tbe 4th Ward House in the summer of '47 as have been testified to; in July and August. '47, received no money from Mr. Adams, or Mr. Miller, except the 10,000 dollars I have testified to; heard Stratton and Johnson's depositions; they are not true, have no recollection of everiroinir into the Federal street; House: never signed any papers there of any description; frei nuentlj wrote at the 4th Ward House; In October, '40, gave Miller five notes, which I signed there; did not giT? him any there in August, '47; there is no part of my previous testimony I wish to alter, i Cross-examined ?I received the money for those five notes through my clerk, I think. (This doses the rebutting testimony on the part of the Commonwealth. The counsel for the defendant I then put in testimony in reply ) James W. Gerard.?Reside in New York; was not i requested to come to this city in relation to this trial; known John Mason two or three years; seen him in oourt; once he was a witness in a oase where I was counsel; met him at the Historical Society; he always appeared like a gentleman. Cross-eramined.? Never heard his character for truth and veracity discussed. Piter Duwrar.?Am a truckman; resided here 20 years; known R. M. N Smyth five or His years; he lived here during that time; know nothing against him; never heard nny thing against him; never heard his character for truth and veracity discussed. H. Wilms?Beside in Boston, a broker; known R. M. N Smyth ssven or eight years; he has been a speculator in land and other schemes; according to my knowledge, his reputation for truth is good; never heard it culled in question. CtossKTaminrd. ? H*T? never had any interest in tlie disputed Swasey notes. Tolma* Willet ?Lawyer in Boston ; have known B M. N. Smyth since he was a boy; have not seen him personally till within u few years; never heard his reputation for truth called luto question. S. C. Maine ?Attorney .it law in Bo?ton ; known K.M.N. Smjth three or four years ; his general reputation for trcth is good. Cross-examined?Heard it said he had a great regnrd for his word ; has been a elient of mine. * LIIAMH.kk.?niiurnfj i?i. i?w ; miui11 ??. m. N. Smyth imme lour yenra ; hit reputation for truth is good. Crom-traminei?Smyth ha* been my client. J. W. Wrathkrbt.? Do busings h?r? ; known Stnjth three or four year* ; his geaeral reputation for truth i h very good. Crnts-rxamined?Have never beard Smyth's oharaoter for truth diae.usaed. |.',H II. Hawi r.v ? Known Smyth unrne twenty year.* ; never beard any thing ngainat Mr. S. S;B. II. Nohtom. Known Smyth aome yearn, never eard bia character for truth ((ueationod. W. W. CRKasK.? Rcalde her* ; known Smyth aome four yearn ; bin general reputation for truth ia good, ao far na I know. J. ('. Bhodhfad.? Knew James S Uogera in '39 and '41. ; never beaid hla leputation for truth <|ueationed. Crnit-eraminftl.?Knew him in connection witn tho Cbel?ea Hank, It waH h broken bank ; my brother ia bia oounrelj I did writing for my brother J. T. Macombkr.? Known It. M N Smyth aome four yeara ; never heard hia reputation fr r truth questioned. Crou-eraniineit. ? Never lieard hla reputation for truth mentioned am?DK his hci|iihI utn nccs. (J O B?a?thw.-Reside in Snmerville ; known It. M. N Smyth fourteen years ; his reputation for truth Is good. M) far to I k now (The testimony on both aide* wit* here cloned. The eour ndjourmd until Monday morning, when Mr. Merrick will kddress to the jury the closing argument for the defence ) ? Haihm Traveller, Oet, 14. Ni.w t'oiiNTKHFKiTS.?A counterfeit #10 bill 011 llie Troy City liunk was pureed yewterduy, m Klfth street, ft Is well jyiecuted, and calculated to deceive the unattspectin The centre vignette is a railroad train nnd tree . the li ft end has a steamship, arid on the right end is it vessel under full sail The pept-r rather light There have been several from the tame plate detected by our brokers lately ? Cincinnati . Cezctle, Oct. 10. .. \ i ?ww?-?? Mklancholy Acoidbni . ? Vn Ko?l ahmao by the nave of Dr Thomas Flifce w? k> U in tba mtit hocking didht, uprn tkt Worcester and NMbui railroad on Friday after noon. Tbr la?t Balloon /iMieiMiwn from Yauihall (Jaroen.?Dr Horn 1 having iwv?H from n? di? i era of ui? former Ascension will make hi* la*. Hrni lour I. m thin oity at 1*4 o'olMik on th* afvraon* of Wedn'wiiy tent. Oct, In. 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Anything tbat depends upon an important improvement in Kuropean afl'.iirs, is in a fair way of remaining inactive and depressed for a time. The sea.-.on is decidedly against any favorable change, and unless some local cause arises, to (jjve an impetus to business, there will be very little alteration for many months. There may be a movement in some of our looal stocks, and | through t*~e influence of oornering an inflation to . some extent may be realised; butauoh is the position ! of holders, and aoarclty of outsiders, that it is almost | impossible to get up much of a movement. The only j thing in favor of such an event is, the low prices ruling for every fanoy in the list, and the wide margin ex i isting for a riae Government and State seourltiea have : not varied much during the recent preBaure in the money market. Tieasury notes have not fluctuated more than a fraction of one per cent., and State seen, iitiea generally, dividend paying and non-dividend paying, have been unuaually steady In prloea through, out the whole of the scaroity of money, while fanoy stocks have fallen five, ten and fifteen per cent., from pricea previously current. The fan?iea are more easily managed by speculators ; and, aa they are more sensitive, there are better opportunltiea for both bulls and bears to make money upon the riae and fall. There ia a very heavy amount of atocka upon the market, most of which is in the hands of brokers ; and they can, at any time, move prices whichever way they please. By depressing the market value, they draw atock out of the hands of the timid; and, when they have secured all tbay want, a rapid advance takes plaoe. The nuI V... .... I J within the past few years in Wall street, should deter outriders from such traps; and if they are satisfied relative to the ultimate value of their stocks, hold on to them; and the very fact of their holding on will bring the market value up again sooner tlian would otherwise ^realized. Theanrtied statement exhibits the quotations in this market for tbe principal speculative stocks, for each day of the past week, and at the close of the week previous. There has been no material variation. Quotation* for the Principal Stock in thc New York Maukkt. Sat. Mtm. Tuet. Wed. Tfit. Fri Sat. Treasury Noteufc's.... 103 103'^ 1U3.'? 103 108? 103? 103 New York StatoG's ...105^ ? , ? ? ? ? _ Ohio 6's 99V 100 ? 100 HJO 99V ? I Kentucky (Ti ?.l/'4 ST!hi ? 97? ? ? "ennsytvania 6'a 73 ? 73 73? 73<? ? ? ~ <">? ? ? Indlai* St?t*6'?- 65 ? ? ? ? 65 ? Readiu* Bonda... 56 86)? 65V ? 5S ? Reading M \'Wl?onda. CO ? 6<? ? 01 6i){ 61H Readlnf Raili . *? ?N 31}* 3'.? S2tf 32 Norwich fe Wort *"*ter.. 83>2 33 322 ?2>4 33 83 Wi Erie Railroad, old ? ? ? ?. ? Erie Railroad, new .... W ? 6-1 69 V 60 Uarlem Railroad 61?i &1'j 60? 61}. 60J4 61)4 SI Long Inland 24 23$$ 23*4 21 24 23"; Farmers'Loan JG1. 2*Vi 2?>b ? 2'>V 2ft\ 2GS Cantfc Company 32K{ 82?? 32 82'4 32U 32)5 31 Mom a Canal?. f Y, ?X nfi W Vickilurg G4i ? ? ? ? ? ? North American Treat. ? ? ? ? 9 ? ? A comparison of prices current at the close o^ the markat yesterday, with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits an advance in Reading D..J. .< 11/ ...? Una>11 hi. llno^a 11Z JJUUUn 1)1 |n> OT?U1?S ~VM?o /(, Reading Railroad 2J?, Morris Canal *i, and a decline in Norwich and Worcester of % per cent., Harlem Leng Island >?, Farmers' Loan X, Canton Co. The aFsistant treasurer of the government in thl8 city has again accumulated a large amount of specie. The deposits sum np two and a half millions of dollars. On the 27th Inst, one and a half millions of this will be disgcrged, and if the imports fall off as anticipated, there will be no further accumulation. Last week the duties amounted to $321 074 83. and the drafts on the Treasury to $371,390 43; showing a reduction of $49,721 00. Several of the banks have made their returns for September 30th, and show an Increase in the lin* of discounts and a decrease in the specie department, but it is impossible to draw any inference from the few reports made. There appears to be a little more ease in the money market, but not sufficient to affeot prices for atooka or any description of merchandize but sufficient to give a little more confidence, and a little more hope for permanent relief aometime hencej The buaineaa of the illinoia and Michigan Cana may be inferred from the amount of tolls received in the month of September. At Chtoago, they amounted to $10,775 32; and at La Salle, for the same period* to $10,000. The tolls received at La Salle are almost wholly on produce, which is brought there by the opening of the canal, and which would have found a market at St Louis, were it not that better facilities were offered in Chicago for disposing of it. The annexed statement exhibits the value of merchandise imported into this district ftr the week ending the 13th inst.:? CoMMKRCK OF thk PORT OF Nkw YORK?Wf.KKI.Y Imports. Manufactures of Wool $140,624 do. of Cotton 82.000 do. of Silk 2!H,788 do. of Flax 40,374 Miscellaneous Dry Goods 6(5.324 Iron. Steel. Tin, &c 342.300 Groceries 72 608 Fruit, Nuts, &c 43.034 Kartbenware, China,&c 26.624 Liquors 10.464 Kurs. Skins, and Leather 27,210 Fish 14,054 Woods, Cork, Ike 3,120 Drugs 56.65i) M.rMu !> ! Klat? K- (' .1 1.16 Miscellaneous 70,073 Total *1,327,8!>4 Withdrawn from the Bonded Warehouse j Iron. Urocerles, $61,840 Dry Goods 03.604 Total - US,434 Total imports for the week ending Oct. 13. . 51,44."..3-8 Total import! for the week previous, ending 1 Oct. 0 1,417.145 Total for two weeks $2,809,473 The value and description of goods, sto , warehoused during the past week, were as annexed:? i Manufactures of Wool, bales and cases, 120,.. $19,425 do. of Cotton, do do. 2!>4,.. 43.057 do. ofSIlk, oases and p'ok'ges. 35,.. 18.029 do. of Flax, balps and cases, 60. . ., 7.099 Miscellaneous 101.831 Total J. 191,241 The importations haTe become reduced to a smal' amount, although they exceed those for the corresI ponding period in either of the two previous years. For the week ending the 13th Inst, In each of the past three years, the Imports have been as annexed, exclusive of those sent to the warehouse: ? Imtort* into thf Post ot Nrw YoHu. ISM. 1817. im Free Goods H'^i.172 08/WJ 58,473 Dutiable Uuods 7.!4,M5 RW.asO 1,214 73* Total merchandise.... 707,0?a 1..W.SII Specie \"7't 20,886 17,.17* fcttticii rceeWei. IHUS'i 1715 iNi- ;UI,l>7*> Avcrape rates of Duty, 2M 4 7 27 %3 2<">4-(i It appears by this that the aggregate win nearly double for the week this year. The imports into tliid port are not altogether. for our domestic consumption ; neither are they entirely on our own account. A larg? amount is entered here for shipment by interlorroutes to < HiiH lft. and a portion is entered here on foreign account, being sent out for a market; but even with these outtrts, our importations are too large for the season. Our exports have increa.^ed for sometime past. and fall now but little behind the imports. This is not so satisfactory as it appears at first sight. We are now at the height of oor export trade, while our mport trade hbould be falling off. At this season onr staple products come forward from the interior more ; r#pItflj than at !?p/ th?, ?nd it Is the most furoruM period for ahlpMat. The exportation daring the p??t week vu aa annexed. dUli ngaubing the value) i ehipmente to each country Kiroara ikiih iHr. Port or Nm Vork. Value of exports to KngUnd $4'K) 471 Do do Ireland 41 HS7 | Do do Kranoe 4s H87 Do do Belgium 7T.782 Do do Hamburg and Bremen.... M.'IM \ Do do Spain 1.(121 DO do Sardinia 8 280 Do do Canada Nora Sootia and N?w Brunnwick 31,SW Do <"o ... 7,'2(1 Do do British Wr? Indiea ^2.7-17 Do do Cuba and Porto Uioo. ... 03 115 ho (!o r:ui non Ayrt*s '! 7<V) Do do Hajtl 11541 Do da Br?(il 21.002 Do do China 13!? I Do do Aliica 12,810 Total exports $1040 570 | Specie 178.000 Total for week ending Oct 13th $1 218.570 Total for wmk ending Oct. tith 1,078,275 Total for two weeks $2,290,845 Value of Imports for same time 2 MW.47" Kxoess of import* over exports $503,628 Among the articles exported during the week. w?re { ' 37.43'.' bkls. flour, and 175 616 bushels of corn. The ' shipments to France hare been to a moderate extent, consisting of cotton, rice, provisions, ashes, ko. The equality in the value of imports and exports, notloed above, for the above two weeks, cannot long be sustained, and we shall soon be compelled to report large 1 weekly balances against a*, if there is not a very great reduction in the import*. Our weekly exports are much above an average, and we cannot expect to sua tain the present mark but a short time longer. CITY THAOG RKPOKT. Saturday, October 14. -6 P. M. The flour market was firm to-day, with considerable ' sales of this State, Oenesee, Oswego. Michigan, &o , at the full price* o( yesterday. A large portion of the j kales effected, were made for export to Kngland. Wheat poniiuuen steuuy, out sales were moderate, and coo- | lined chiefly to lota of Ohio and other western descrip- I tions, on terms slated below. The corn market exhi ! bited no material change, holders were inclined to wait for later news, due per iteamahip Britannia, and 1 demanded prices mostly above the views of buyers ; rales, however, were made to a fair extent, chiefly of mixed, at fteady prioes. Meal exhibited no chance.? I Rye was rather heavy. Oats were firm with more doing. Small sales of mess pork were made at tba asking rates of yesterday; prime was rather dull. There wan no change in lard. There was not much doing in grooeries, nor was there any material variation in prices. The cotton market continued languid, and until the receipt of later foreign news, no material change can be anticipated. JHAHKETS BL8BW1IERU. STOCK SALES Boston, Oot U.?3 shares Northern Railroad, 89; 2 do, 90 ; 25 do Reading Railroad, 16, b .'Ml; 25 do, 16, b 15; 5 do Fitehbnn Railroad, 111\ ; 1 do Old Colony Railroad. 84*,': 10 do Vermont and Mass Railroad, 42J< ; 10 do. 46; 10 do, 42 b 10; ft do, 42U. b .'<0; 250 do Bust Boston Co, 10; 1 do Munuf. Inn. Co, !l I; ,'t do Boston Bank, 61 j 7 do. 6l7t; 5 do, 51J?; 5 do Globe Bank, 101: I $2,1(10 City Sixes, 1853, 91\. Yesterday, at the Broker'b Soooud Board $1,000 Reading Bonds 5fi>< ; *1000 do. S6,'?. WANTED-A1JU91N?8S MAN, WITH OA PITAL IN THE \ notion and Commission business. To suoh a pjraon a very favorable opportunity offers. Address, Auction. Herald office. WANTED?A FEMME DECBAMBRE, WHO IS CONVEtsunt in the French and German languages. Apply at Madame do Finniel's, 116 Grand street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good Cook, Waiherand Ironer. Has no objection to do 'the Hou? work of a small family. The best of city references given. Apply at 108 Mulberry atroet, in the rear. WANTED ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE ; Protestant young women, one to Cook, Wash and Iron, the oti<ei' te do I'hamlierwork and Ukr care of children. Good city reference oan be given. Apply 119 Green street, one dour from Prince street. WANTED?A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do general Dome work or Chamberwork, in a small resectable family. The best city references can be given. No objection to go a short distance into the country- Apply at No 11 Hatavia street, first tloor, Imck l uom. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid and Assistant In Washing and Ironing, or to do general Housework in a small family. The most satisfactory reference can be g.vcn. Apply at 151 Mott street. No. 18, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SINGLE MAN, AS Coachman or Groom; he is u caret m and ktefdy driver, ami understands his business well; the advertiser is strictly temperate. honest, and faithful; no objeotinn to tlio oountry: the most ; satisfactory city reference will be given. Please apply at lit) j | ClintonPlsoe, Eighth street, noar the Fifth avenue, or anota left at tliis office for A. F. will meet with quick attention. Newfoundland slut wantbd-must be a large 1 pure breed, and sold low. Address, Z., at this oflioe, stating I price. A YACHT wanted-FROH THIRTY-FIVE TO FIFTY feet long. Address, stating price, tonnage, age, Ike., to I Yacht,! Herald office. Lost?on Saturday evening, a topaz seal with plain netting, attached to which was a Mack dkmll. It vat probably lost in iho upper part of the city. The fiadcr will , be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 16 Bond, or 66 Cedar sts. _ sam'l. e. frink. i "lmrst regiment new* york volunteers.-.* I X' meeting of tlie members of the late New York Regiment Vo| Inntcers will be held on Monday (this) evening. at 7!4 o'clock, I ft t the Vo'nnteer Saloon, 09 Fianklin street, for the purpos# of orI eanlsing for target .raeticc CHARLES H. INNES. I Late Captain N. Y. Volunteers. NEW YORK VOLT'NTKERS.?TI1E OLD MEM (ICRS OF the First Regiment of New York Volunteers, who wish to i lorm a company for target practice, an- relocated to meet at Central Hall, No. IfiOGrand street, at 8 o'clock, on Monday oven| inn, October 16, IMS. Third congressional district conventiov ? At a meeting of the Wli'j Convention of the Third Con-xressional District, bold at "Duniap'i Hotel," on Thurnla.v evening; i tho ltth day of October. in?t.?rt, it wai unanimously 'Resolved, That Hon. J. PHILLIPS PHfKNIX be, nml he hereby id, tho ; whig ca ndidatetor tho Repr -sontutne of tin Third Congreriooal I District; when nine cheer* wore given for the nomination. | Resohed'That the Convention proceed in ft body to inform Mr. Plmnix of his nomination: pass*d unanimously, On motion, the proceedings were ordurcd to be pnblished. SMITH DI NNING, Chairman. Ja-MKI Gkkfn, > J Ciiari.fji Boktwick. $ INHIBITION FOR SALE.?AN EXHIBITION OK UNIX J ceptional character, which ia now clearing from $3) toflO ixr day ever expenses, and which would make an active man a fortune, will be sold, or exchanged, for good real rotate in the oily or viclt.lty. The ?r*aent proprietor has other business and can | nm uin-nii in|uiron' isi roiton street. Brown's coffee house and dining saloon, no. ! 71 Pearl street, (head of C'oentics Slip.) George Brown, proprietor. Strangers doing business in thn lower part of the city, also those attending tbu Fair, will find this a very convenient j place to get their meala. ACARD.-AN BRRONEOIS IMPRESSION PREVAILING to tone extent In relation to the Tcmporanee Mouse, No. 83 I Barclay street, the subehrlber would correct- the name by stating ' that the house is not conducted upon thc"Gr'h*tn systfm," as under the administration of the late Mr Gnm. hut that lte patrons are served with the substantial things of life in likc.manner, as at 1 other houtcs in the city. Some of the molt desirable rooms for families or single persons arc now offered n>ton the most reasonable tcims. Transient boarders received as usual at (1 00 per day. ALBERT L. SMITH. A LARGE SALOON, WITH FURNITURE AND FIXTURES, to Let, and ae inal 1 stock of goods for sale. To a person with i a eapltal of a few hundred dollar* thin Is an opportunity seldom I oflerod. For further |*rticulars inquire of W. H. I'arkcr, Tammany H?ll. FOR SALE-TUE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF the State Coffee House and Betel, No .'114 Pearl street, corI Her Peck Slip. To a person wishing to enter upon sne.h a busi, neps, the inducements offered by location and respeotability of l?lronage isseldotn offered. For farther information inquire of j the owni-r, on the rremiwi. M. Met'ARTV. N. B.?To prevrnt unneeemary trouble, forms will bo cash. C 1 non t0 *r,.'00.-a\ Ol'POBTl NITV NOW PRE? Jl """ sent* itself to any gentleman possessing $1,U0O in fifi.UOO. in cash, to embark in a sale ami lucrative businctt, which, with attention, will double the amount In a few months. To any gentleman possoieing theahove capital, the bufiaes* will prove in every way satlsfkctoty. Security of the best description will he offered. Communication*, addressed 11. C , at thisotficc, will bo held ttrictly confidential. None l-ut principals, with real name ami address, can he treated with. arnv MrAffV?SI'MAWftla nitinmnai ? on . u/nn ! rv from Chriflty'e Popular Songs, figure* all marked?Sunnnn I Quick 8tf|>? Susnnna for guitar-Lovamy I'olka?Far from my o? 11 native Mountains. a beautiful cjnartett?, by the Orphi ansViola W alt,', by Ifambridge. Snmo bonks of Christy Music, arrai ned for the pianofort", elegantly hound for the parlor. C HOLT. Jr. ?Q0 Broadway, cor. barren. NEW SMAWI, RODM-215 GREENWICH Sl'-Wll,t, BE opened on Monday, Octol>er Ifith inst, a room devoted exclusively to the lain of Shawls. The stock will be increased dallf hy addition? from Auction Sales, and we pledge oors"lve? to sell at. lets prices than any other home In the city. Involoe of M br< ha selling at *3 worth ff>; invoice of H.| cashmere, all wool, at $8, cheap at $10; Invoice of 10 4 do at $10, cheap at #14; Invoice of ticli caahtiiote lonn. great bargains, at invoioeofdo, ?? J.1K, wortli $2.'i; invoice of do, now patterns. at $22, mirth invoice of tpltndid colors, now patterns, at S'JX, worth $?6. aUo, large lots women and rhihet shawls, at decided lar cams. IjASKLI. k MBA DON, 215 Greenwich it. 21 d?or below Birclay. MESSRS. ILAVKI. t. CO., OF PARIS, IIAVK FORWARD ed to Ihi* city a new and Iwautiful assortmert of Pianos from their niannfact' ry, con?i*Hug of Semi-Qtand, Upright, and Pianinos. Th<?? Pianos are for (.ale, at moderate pruws, at the depot, No. 12 Park place, w here amateur* and the |irofes(ion are re rpertfully invit<d to call and examine. NOTICE OF REMOVAk-UBSDEII. : I'EIRSON iif.o to notify their numerous friends an I tin public irenorally that they h?ve removed from the corner of Canal and Mercer striets, to the atore No. .ri2 <-'.iuul street formerly occupied by Me-ars. A. Arnold >1 Co. (one door from their old ,iti\nd.) Their present stock of Fall Silks, Shawls, CI aks, Vi jettes, Merinos, ares* materials, housekeeping goods, he , do.. Is very extensive ard choice, and will he fonnd on inspection well worthy of tho attention of imrehs??r* tjiair or tin: american ivstiti'te-dr poweii;* I Self-acting Eye and Ear Fonntaini can be aeen in operation nt the Fair, nhere can be had, free of cost a pamphlet de-oriblng ihe pei tilinv casiain which tldo method of appliinx water (oither wtrm or cold) is so eminently servk- xhle. r>r. I'nwell attends, as nsnsl, to diiea'ea of the Eye and Eur, at 201 Rroadwav, cor r?r of Warren street. Dr. Powell's "Treatise on tho Eye, prloe ,'itieer.ts.. csn lie procuri d nt hi-< otn .lust Impn'teil a large supply of Artific foil Fye*. f^OTKUNNKS?DRAB, Bt.PR AND CRIMSOV, ASPI.KV V.> did nrtio''1 for Carriage l.iutu*.*, Ju?t reoeived. AI?o a Urge anw rtment of Cloth* rvn*?k?. Silks, KiO.. for ''arriaaeii, togetlmr with plain snd flRiirod r'.nstii'B. Curtain Material*. Sic., I .r mile by F. 8 8t 9. A. MARTINR. Tmp"ft?f??t.d Jol.hoT* _ 11.' W illi:im <-tre t, imrJthn . (VOHSKTS IXC PARIS, NF.'V PATTERNS- 1. \TKS r F ?S .1 Ion. adopted at Pari*. ?raon>:?t the mn?t ln, mn?teom'oitanle and urveful for the form,** wv'l ?? for tlx* I tarty th?y leaye in the movements of the )-r*onwho maki'ium of them Tohehad only of Mme Proepere, (anal Mreet, fi.% up entire, nMf l?T< nlway. N. B The l,adie| will find * new dtyle very eomlTtald* for tiureinn, and a handitome weortmant of Cirieta, for talia, itwly arrived from Parle, at a rury mwiorato pHt. . ______ ri^ALI.OW. I.AMD. AND SODS ASH?IIIIUV I'KIMK 1 Candle Tallow, Troy pit* rendering, and put it v expressly for U?' l<ordon market 1,11,lids, Tnllnw, country rendered?131 liM-N" 1 Tallow, for snap muk'ri-AO hhd. Sod* A*li. and 10) I Ma. ditto?180 ht>l?. I,ard Clrenie?JOB bhlj. No. I Rosin?flOO I f xe? IVarl Standi?I5'l> hbla. Clover Seed. AIbo, a ronsUut n|s ply et Pot and Pearl A'bettfor sale, by ' CI IA Rf.VS 0O0PKR. Tallow W irehoiiO', 10 CuMUe* S|,j, TO MERCHANTS ANI) KillP MASTERS.?THE l*o.-?T ' H Mills ii ??????accmriT? U r\T TnEATRE VO'.DW EVF.MNO. OTTOWBU I* lite t-aiert*'nmenU will o.namenoe with the Karo? of B"X tNU i.OX? Ho*. Mr. W. U. Chapman: Un, Mr IMvna. Mre. Boonaei, Mr? Dvntt To whig* ill ha add-d. new t?i (#, enti'l- d 1.A STOtiATO?Mr. Star lliretar. Mr WaJont; Mr. Frvrtrii k Fi'icodfl/,h Tiptop Mr. Dawaon: Ml*- Ansa Bell*. Mine. , A lliihrp. wtii a rarijty of ??n To oom;la'?? ?l'li the ?rand Ballet t ai.tomiine of I t. Dl ABLE A QUATRI-Ptlimkl, M. Ilonpleieir M?ant.rki. M. Corby; Yvan, M Cor, ?t; Msi^uraa, Mine. Munplaleir Previoua to the Ballet, ft new Apr'[>"? llvnr tur?, iotr?liicin? tfe it ret popular me lot let mnc by Mine. Anns BUh'jV? Dreae Clrole, 78c ; Kaail'jr Cirolo, IIOo.; Upp-?r Boim JSc.; : Hit, Gallery, 12So. hnoreopen at 7?rwaoMoe al7'4IXIHIKV THEATRE.? MON l)A V EVEN IN'G, OCTOBER Hi, i I) *ill I* peif. rmed the national Drnma of PUTNAM ?0*nW h' liihi t' u. Mr J M. (Volt. Gen. I'utaam, Mr. Q f. Bnwn; ialbeit. Mr Tilton. Capt Sapling Br. H'mana; Kneautah. Mr. | N BClarke; Vl'iatah, Mra. .Ionian, kate Putnam. Mra. Sutlierlinrt. A*'?'T whtrh. a frntidHando Detn by Hicnorn ^'ioe -a and ' S,,uir Tj conclude witli the 0|ieruof IN f.OVK *1*1.1.!,? i Doctor Dulcamara. llr. A. Audreaa; Nrtnori .o, Mr. E. Vl'atdao; I fe'^eant l:<'coie Mr. S. Smitl ; Adina, Mi M. Taylor; Uianotta, I Mien HiH'itrd.'?Docra open at fi^ ; perfortnan' e to enmnienee at I 7 preoi fir. I oxen, Sifteenia; Tit and GaBery rntl. In ru- [ Ih anal, tne " Swamp Kox." (>UANrKAU'H.NEH MATIONAL THEATRE, lOKMrfKLY V Chsthan.?Monaae Kvantna, tot'r 10, will be ml rnn-d the , vpt'ctacle i! ruin a of 1VANIIOE? The Black Kniglit, Mr. < han- | fiati; h?a<-< r York. Mr ('artUtoh. To lw followed by the M Y8- ' IKKike AMI Mli>r.KIIS OK NEW YORK-Mow, Mr. Cnanlicu. Cajuia Tobiu. Mr. C. Burke; Mr. Praciae, Mr. I'ardcr. I jtur Li-it, art. wensau, Little I.its, Mia* Meetayer. The p*rformance to conclude with tin- langli ible burlesque called MR NACOKBEDY: Or A Star ut the ((per* House?Mr. Ilainlet, 1 Mr. Clanlrao: Mr -scgrcedy, Mr. C. Burke; Betty, Miss K. Meniayer; Laly Macbe h, Mn> McLean. Doers open at 61.,; I pertojinanoe to commence at 7!?. | MECHANICS' HALL. No. 47'.' Broadway, between Grand and Broome street*. ootumenoed on Monday, (V)tuber 2d. and will continue every night until further notice.?Third | week of the re opening. The original and well-known CllKIStY'8 MINSTHKLS, (oicaniied In 1M2.) whoee con- , cei tH in thii city, for a period of ten montns, were received with euch distinguished favor and patronage. have the | honor of announcing to the ladle* and gentlemen of Now York and 1 vicinity, that they will Rive a aeries ol tlicir popular Concerts, | introducing a variety of their original Songs, t.honmees, Charao- i teriitio Ihincos. fcc. Admiaion 23oenu. Door*open at 7- Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert overy I Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M. under the management j and diiwelan of B. iTchristy. fpABLKNAt I.K-OKAM) I NSTRI'MENTA L CONCERT IIY X the celebrated Germaniu Mutival Society, formorly of Jos. Gung'l. Cupello conip s d of twenty-lour performers. The above company, thankful for the kind patronage they have received at their Concort*, log respectfully to inform the oituens of New Yotk, and strai tiers generally, that their fifth concert will tike plac e nu TuomIsj evening, the 17th Inst, on which occaaion a programme fr< m the lies t composers will be selected. I'art I? 1. Croud Overture, Mau,i Flute, Mozart; 2. Ide*l Artist, IUU W', I miner : S Vsrmtions on Hie Trumpet, executed by llorr llosre, Ginuy ; 4. Matrimonial Blessings Galop. Gung'l.; 5. Kin ale from the Opera of llc'i.-nr, Donizetti ; fi sounds from llome, Gung'l. I'art II.?7. Overture to H ilham Tell, Rossini; H. Ferdinand Qundr.lle, Strauss; !>. Souvenir Pestli Wnlz r, C. Luiischow; 10. Hyacinth i'nlka. Gung'l.; II. Grand I'ot I'ourridc Republican, by particular desire. C. Leuaclow 11. Keisch. Agent lor the Company. Admission 80 ccnts Tickets to bo had at the Music stores and at the door on t' e evening ol the Concort. Doors open at 7, Concert to commence at S o'cloek precisely. THE TWENTY-FOl'K UF.KMA.MA SH'SI \l, SOCIETY ^ will (jive their tlrnt Grand ^Instrumental Concert at the ft iiibic .^caufiuy, oruoKiyn, on niwnuay evening, oetoner Hi, oa which occmttinu * choice programme will *e |?rformod. Organ and sacred music con> krt.?mr. jo pin Zundell, from St. Petersburgh, Organint of the i;huroli of the Bavlour, nan the honor to announce tliat ho will give aconcort, consisting of original and select pieces for the nrgan, Solon. Choruses, &o? at the Chnrch of the Saviour. Pit rrepont street, Brook1 v11. on Tuesday evening, 17th inst. Mr. Zundell will bo anointed on this oteasion l>y several diatli guished vocalists and an efficient chorus. Particulars In a future advertisement. Tickets (SOoenta eaoh. Magic soirers.-renewed attraction at the New Room, 3SJ Broadway, next door above the Broad* way Theatre ?Messrs Miartini ami I^vosaeur announce that they have engaged the celebrated Mr. Ncllin, born without arms, who will appear every eveuing in hit floating performances. I'arlor Delusions, l>y Signor Miartint, with tho wondorlul AntiMesmeric Clairvoyance and Magic Divination, by Madame LevuH-onr. Also, the much admired Astronomical Diagrams au<l Diaphanous Tableaux. Admission 25 eonta?commonoe at >? past 7 o'clock. TWO EXIllBITIONS.?GRAND COMBINATION OFHANington'a Sacred Dioramas (of tho Creation of the World, and the Grand Spectacle of the Deluge. Ale, twenty two magnifloent Scriptural Painting! by Mr. Baker, of London ; each one containing about 100 square leet of canvass?the whole comprising one of the most beautiful and interesting exhibitions ever exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, Expulsion from Paradise, Death of Abel, Evening before the Doluge, The Deluge, God's Covenant with Noah, Destination of Sodom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moses, The Seventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Uost, Moses Breaking the Tables, Fall of the Walls of Jerieho, Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still. Ate., be.?now exhibiting every night this week, and Wednesday and baturday afternoons, commencing i\t three o'clock, at the splendid new lkU, .'SUO Broadway, over Stoppani's Baths. HANINGTON'8 entirely new Grand nio. raniaeol the moet mnsnitioent Spectacle ever witnhssed in New York?Creation of the World ana the Deluge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompaniments. 8ix Days of the Creation.? Beer-cry and Inoldent*?Chaos, the First Dav. The Firmament, tlio Second l;av. Dryland. Herbage and Flowers, Third Day.? Sun. Moon ana Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, 1 Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden ol EdsuAdam led Eve. With the completion of the labors of the Crea- ! tion, the first part of the exhibition closes Part2?Grand Dlnrama of the Deluge. Tiokets 26 oents; children hall prioe. Door* open at 7?curtaia rises at 7% o'clock. MOKOANS CELEBRATED SABLE OPERATIC TROUPE ] will open the Odd Fellows' Hall, at Patertmn, this evening, ' OctoUr Hi, also, on to-morrow anil Wednesday, the 17th M > 18th, on whloh occasion they will.iotrodnee a great variety of Songs, Glee?, Chorusse*, Burlesqued, Polkas, Sic. Doors open at 7?Concert to commence at half-pat 7. Admission 23cunts. An j afternoon performance on Wednesday aftemojn, for the nerom- ( modationof the juvenile branches of families. i UNION COl'RSE, Ifc I.?TROTTING.?TWO OF TtlE trot ting champions of the world will contend for a match j ?ii pi,uvu, vines 111 no ncni,iii?|nF> mm unvers, to woigu oil pounda, over the ?bov? named course, on Monday, October 23d. <1. Spicerjiamca li. g. Amcricus; Alton C'onklin b. r?. Black Hank. Un Thnreday, Oct l'Jtb, thejgreat match for $I,.%0, against time. C. S. Bertlne names a. g. Trustee, ta trot 20 miles within the hour to harness. This feat has never been rorformed in this or any other country. large amounts are already staked on the latter. M._D. GREENE. Proprietor. | UNION CODRSE, I. I.? TROTTING ! ?TL'ESDA V. I)' 'T. ? 2% o'clock P. M.?Hatch for $PMMile heats, l>eat 3 in i 6: between (frny Ka;;lo and Laily Sutton. 11. Woodruff names p. g. Grey Eagle, to saddle ; A. Conklin names br. m. l ady Sutton, to harouHS. In this race the odds are changed, t he owner of Grey Eagle betting to $.'V>0. The cars leave South Ferry, ' Brooklyn. for the tourse, at 2 P. M., and return after the sports t ate over. If. D. QRBEN, Proprietor. HOUSES. &O,- NEW YOKK TATTfRSALIj'3.?THE ATtention of gentlemen having a surplus of Horses, Vehicles. Harriets tic., who wish to convert tliem into money, are directed to aend them to Tatt?raall's. Sak-afcashed promptly. Purchasers of Horaes, at auction, will find every protection afforded them; for horses must prove aa represented, or tho money returnod. Vehicles received on itonge, or on sale. Caah advanced on vehicles. Horses kept at livery by the day or month. Sales at auction evecy Monday, at II o'clock. GEO. IV. MILLER. Oriiinal ProprietiirofTatters*!!'*. Illi Broadway. I Aitctton notice?pawnbrokbrmsale, this day, at W. I.ItfflS k CO'S, 1B7 Ch;vthnin street, corner of Oliver strict?a very large assortment ot Winter Clothing. Over Coats of | every description, Pants, Veats; Cloth, Merino, and Velvet Cloaks, 1 Beds. Pillows, BMsiers, Blanket*. Quilts, Comforters, Cartvti ! Fuw,Mufl>, Brisa Andirons,Kit-,Ifcc. SOLOMON J. HART, Pawnbroker, Kcurl stro. t. I JACOB P. PLATT, Al'CTIONEEK.?GOLD WATCHES AND Jewolry.?lhla day, at a quarter pan twelve o'olock, at 23 Piatt atrcet. peremptory sale ot Watches aod Jewelry, viz :? Knpliah patent levera, IS eorat gold anchors, L'Epines; aftir which gold jewelry. The salo of hardware commences at tan 1 t'oh ck. J Jacobs, platt, acctionebr?Birmingham, siiep- 1 field, and American Hardware. Gold Watches, Jewelry and Fancy Goods.?Jacob 8. Platt will sell this day, at ten o'clock, at the Auction room, as above, via ?an assortment of line padlocks, till, chcatand cupboard do., knob do.,curry combs, brace and bits, iron wire, cast steol shovels, brushes. (Ilea, compasses, framo pulliea, butts, parliament hinges, 4 cases lustre, 2 cases slater, slate j?ncils. 1,1**1 dm, knives and forks IOf> pair carvers, !*> cards kciesors. a ease of military Roods, by tha lot, cost J.I.VI; UK) nests fancy straw satchela, six in each nest; London steel pens, 2110 doz. segar eases. Hat and high brass candlesticks, watch keys, tw?eierf, pencil cases, thimbles, shirt buttons, WOcards pocket and penknives, fce., fcc. n.b. The sale will commence wi h an Ercliah ir?n lire place, with urate, Hie , and 3 fendors 1 mahogany desk, 2 pair store enrtains, and A cheat* hyson tea. Wst'hei and Jewelry, at a quarter past twelve, conaiatin^ of 8 double 1 IHH-UMU..I (.aicui miei*, Iinmion, Liverpool; lu u Eptne, and 7 pold (IS carat rued) anchors, warranted anil regulated for use; i alw, general assortment ut G?hl. Jewelry, ko he. 4L 1 O OHO T0 LOAN AT 8IX AND A HALF PBR 1 yp I V)UUV cent in wrest, on btnd and mortgairn, on productive real estate in this oity ; also, the sums of $5 (MM) nail $1,1*10. Apply in the bank note excliange olfioe to JO UN F. i <i.vRE"\, No. (',() Wall street. Like assurance?national mum fund life Assurance Socioty, of London ami New York. Capital, i $2.500,WW. A large, guarantee fund invested in New York, in the names ot three American Trustees. Present annual income from American policies, S 120.0(H). wrw YORK I,Or A I, DIRECTOR.*. C. Edward Ilabiclit, Chairman. John J. Talmor. Samuel M. Fox, Jnmes lineman, Williarft Van IIo?k, Jonathan Qoedhne, A<|uiU 0. Stout, George Barclay. Fanning C. Tinker, Samuel 8. Ifowland. MCniCAI. kx amik tm Doctors J, Kearny Rodger*, Alex. E. Ilosack, and S. S Kelne. J. I/eander Starr, General Agent. K. T. Kieh&rdson, General Accountant. Frederick H. Starr, Travelling Aront, For tlie United States, and llritUh N. A. >,olonloa. Chief OMce for America. 71 Wall strest. New York, where prospectuses, and all information desired hy applicants cm he obtained. J T i iVllfU UTIOD f ...1 A A OFFICE OF TflS NKW YORK (JA3 LIOIIT OOKPAIfT, October Pth, 184tf. The President and Director! have this dsy declared a dividend of fonr and one half per oont on the Capital Stock of till* Company, for the nix months ending lit August last. payable to the Stockholder* on and after Wednesday the 1st November nixt. Thu tr.mslur book will be olorcd from the 2.1th Inst. to that date. By order C. L. EVKRITT. Secretary. <41 |UWk U K SALE, A MANUFACTURING BU8Iyj? I jV?V?" ness In thiacity, paying a large per centage on t'm capital invested?it* Rales cash. business and term* made known upon application to Roman, R< < 13S9, Post Office. ?uting name and nddres*. All other commnnications will not be noticed. IIVMl SALE. aiEAV-THE WHOLE. OK PART or A leauiiiul country residence, | !ea?an?ly situated on Long Island, within live minute* ride of tho steamlioat landing. at Fleshing, containing iw u'.y tluno asres of land, in a high statu of enl'lvatton. llie location fa perfectly healthy, and admired by j all. The house it in cottage stylo, and suitable for a w*nt?cl family reslderoo. er as a boarding house. The place contains fmll ( tiers and sK-nbbery of various kinds, a well of excellent wat'ir, rlose liy tho door, i*rven house, stab'e, ice. fowl and oarriag'? honwa, and also a aaiiimodinua Dam. This pl*Co affotd* many ndvanta^n, and is aduiraldy calculated either lor a gentlcmna doing businea* in the city, an nma'cur farnur. or a nurseryman. Immediate i posse sion given, if seqaired. For further patticulirs, eiujniro i on the premise*, or by mall, at WIf. r> T1 n s. Flushing, b, I. IHIsn \NDS 07CII MALT WHISKEY, r.MSi:RPA8MUDIN | iinahty put up .n package* to suit tlie trnio, for salt at about one-hall the usual prices, by WILLIAM M. PARKS, Distiller, Sfi avenue: tXBce, 42 Stone itreet. Ths highest pi ice paid for empty punaheen*. Doctor fawcet r has kemovkd ins office to m Dey street,when bo can be consulted on all Private Dinaoe*. The most olxttinue yield to his mule of trenhnent, which if rathe ?..n Mercurial fljrsum. Sir mores. no matter of how *>n.- ii!iiiair?,nT inaitii it/ i/r. r? on tho ninHt ieioatilio and approved pUn. T? viotitM of eojwtit\it,ior,al debility, brought on by indi.*ivet irJulacnoea, can apply witli a *crt?in?y of pure. l*ro-|i(iid hit I on, enclo*hi? a foe, attend d to. (ifftee, 51 Dey itr > t. \| T r\TRA<)KD1 NARY WORK 1 () TBS HAJMUE0 It I '.t tho?c> contemplating marrts^e.?Tho Married woman'* * rival* Medieal Companion, by Rr A. M klauricotll. Sixth' iitii n Fits* $1. This work i? meotln* with tout a?t '"indiiu sal" (24.f*'0o<i|ii?th?V'.nn already been di?po?ol of) Bvery feiu ?le I* Kotlin* a copy, whether married or unmarried, ?lthou*h it in inUiidul i'n|t'o:n11y for tho married as itdlaeloiMM Important iot<t wblcli ?h< uld be known to them particularly Here every female j can dli>rrvpr tho oauiet, ejmptou ? and the moat efficient reme. dlea and moft crtnin mode of enre in evary e. f?*?, i I Broadway; at the rnMi?M?? office. I."' l.lKr'y ?trcot. *? ? \ rk, , l alao P. I'eteraon, No. ChMtnnt vfreat. (1. II Zci'or hill delpbia; Little HI... Albany; W K l>?via, Boston. Onffter* ctptnl $L | copy will ha ttanitrlttoo hyinail tree P'to aU part* of the United Staler. ?AJi letters miwt lie a.?dn ee?d. twel paid, to nr. A. M MA I HtCFAl. toi N?W Vort?ity. | I CLi'-a JJ'Wt Bioadwat theatu.-Monday i tining, OCT. IL will to performed ibe (tread opera, 10 (Am* Ml*. c?ll?4 M a kITANA?Chattel II . Mr Loach, Doi rnu4a "?1. Ha W II. Rpmi; Dob Joae daSantaram. Mr Saguln ; Maniaaa, < So. uia; Marchioneaa Mua < rmu The ?D tartainaaanta to ao*. e'ude wihthe IWr^eof TBE OMNIBU!*? Mr Ijedgir, Mr. Mat tl.??i; Old Dobna, Mr. Pom, Tub" y IMKbe. Mr tiadaway. ""at R'onty, Mr. B. Shaw: Julia. Miaa Koaa CUaa; Mrn Dnbba, Mra. Uherwoc>d; Mi?a Damper. Mlaa Carrnoa ; Jemima Oananer, Mum TIi. bi|hiub. Dreaa Circle aad Parfjouite, 75 oeata; Family ''trela. cuitir Gallery. ir)^ enu. Door? open at 6)?. Psrformanoat > hmnm at TIio'mh. nimoNH TIIKATHK, CH AM BARS STItEST.?M'fDAT avi'ttiiiK, (mi IK, Kill l<e iwrforuied tha burfeaijua opera ?t LI.I 1 1)1 h .SHAM aMOL'K '*oun' CdjardoTaateiitme (tareniwocd, Mr Johnnton ; l.tieia, Miaa ( tiapu. tn. After whieh, tha farce of J0I1V JONKC, tha moat Unfrtunale Man in 'ha V^orld - John Job. ?. Mr. Jordan ; Guy Uoodluok, Mr Barton; Khaa McltoB. Mi? M ratio To conclude with NEWT VORK IN .u! M I - Mr CraUII, Mr l(ii.iil?>.n; Mr. Nabem. Mr. Oraaa: J.-k? Hlyhut', Mr. Jol.naton Mr Tumltlaf. Mra Varnon j Uia. Mine Sinclair I'tlcca of ndml?rion- Dri'ii f'ircleand Parqaat, All etc; Family CirolaotSaoon.l Tier. 26 ota. Doora pen at aalfpaat 6. curtain to rife at 7 o'clock \T IBM'S, ASTOR I'LM'K. 11 ?>AI>WA V.-IN COM9IXN qiicuco of the vaat ontlay tn tliia oanaaion. all prtvilejpi on Mr. Mai're?dy'?nighta n.uat be nunpendi-d, and t),? prinaa will ba. Boxi-a and I'aniuet $1; Amphitheatre.40 oaata; tin other at*hu will continue to fee AO uenti to all parti of the houaa Seventh night of Mr Macrcady, w ho will perform Shak?|>ear?'* Itrutiu. M lnt?? Bv?nin? lint IH Hhek lil?M?ln?l ?.!?? n ?'KSAto- lira tin. Mr. Ha< iead> ; Mark Auth'.ny. Mr (i. V.nderu koff; Calphurnia, MiuK. Horn ; V rtla, Mm Wevmaa To nooi-liiei uithtlic r?n? of bljots AT TllE SWAV? Frank Priakty, Mr.Cripp; Jacob Earwlf, Mr T. Placlrfa; Mia* Moonahtoe, Mn. U in. 11 i . | II l4 to 7 ; comment ing at a'4 paat 7 oYI<?;k NIBI.o'S-MISS ISABEL DICKINSON S BENtriT AND l.iut Night, Tueaday. Dot 17?Laat night but Saved of iIn- Suaaun.? liouplaii Jtrroid'i new and highly atieoemfui Comedy, in li a' ta. which haa had anoh an extraordinary nin in London, entitled TIME WORKS WONDERS. Sir Ollbert Norman, Mr. C. W.Clarke; CUr-noe Norman, Mr. Criap; (ioldthumii. Mr. Chipptndale; Felix Qoldthumb, M?. Char ea; Profrwor iTiiftlrt", Mr. T. WarMe; Bantam, Mr J Sefton; Florentine Mix I. Dickinson: llrmy Tulip, Mir* Weymsi; Mian Tneker. Mis.; Mrf. Uoldthumb, Mra Chailea; Mltlcken, Mlxa Carpenter. After which, (2d and laat time,) the new Farce of VENUi IN ARMS. Arabella (alias Col. Melville) Mi<a I. Dieklnaon. Adn luiou (Ml rent*. Places may be secured. Box Book now opan, at the ofllee, Aktor place. Mitcheli/8 oltmpic theatrk-mondav even. in*, Oct. IK, the entertainment* will oommeno* with a new Iotat comedy entitled the CUSTOM OF TllE COUNTHV? ?ch ile Townaend, Mr. Nickinaon; Handle Hohbf, Mr. Conover. Aft? ha Bloomtngton, Mrs. Henry; Penny, Miaa Roberta. After will li. a new extraviwrania entiled T lEsEUS AND ARIADNE? Hr lulus, Mr. Conover, Bacchus. Mr Nickinson: Minos Ir, Mr Ari old; Theseus Mi* Mary Gannon; Arta.lne. Mian <Marks. After which.anew Tarce called GOING TO THE tACE-i?Mr. Jeremiah 'I Middle, Mr. Holland; Mr. John Jttmo* Chuck*, Mr Nickinson; Mis. Twiddle, MIhh Mary Gannon. To conclude with a faroe, entitled FAMILY JARM? Oelpli, Mr. Holland. Door* opea at 7? Curtain riseeat7X o'olook _______________ New broadway CIRCUS, NEAR Sl'RING STREET.JohnTryon and Corporal Thompson, Managers ? Monday evening, Oct. 16th,?Hc-engagcment of the world renowned lint ifh Acrobats, Lavatcr I,ec, hT C. I.eo, W. Walker, R. Stewart, for tw? evening* only, in a number of now acts. Splendid full-drem entree and cavalcade, the Nobles of Persia. The British Ao o* lain will nppenr in a double act of horsemanship, called the Olympian Giimc*. Mr. II. C. l-ee >nd his infant pupil will anpcuriB :i ncwund classical ontertiilnment, entitled the Qambol* of Puck with the Eltln King ; Mr. Shiudle, us the Dying Moors; Slack Rope performance; to eonrlude with Tlio Hunted Tailor. Doors open at half put t>- performance tocommeneeat 7. Barnum's AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARN UK* Proprietor??. Uitohooek, Manager. Splendid Performances every sfterneon at 3 o'oloek, and every evening at half. past seven. The Manager has the pleasure of announoiac UM most extraordinary wonder in ereation, Major lJttlefinger. holding the same relation to the famous Lilliputian that the IIMl* linger dona to the thumb. He is ten years old, only twonty-fow inches high, and weighs only thirteen pounds. Ho may be mm every morning from 10 to half-past 12 o'oloek; in the afternoon from 1 till hall-past 6; and in the evening, from 7 till 10. In addition, the manager has also engaged Great Western, the famous Yankee Comedian, the Sable Bait hers, Miss Emmn Leslie, vocalst, three Highland Mammoth Boys, Giant or Mammoth Baby Enormous Boa Constrictor. Admission to the whole, inolnding Museum Performances, Little Finger, Ike.. 28 oents; children under ten years of age and old enough to walk alone, 12)? oonts. Reserved front seats, one shilling extra. Grand DioRAtA?bombardment of vera cru% Ike.. 67H Broadwav.?Soen?n in th? Gulf Rnniiiw th* If R Creole; Shipwreck of the Somers ; Arrival of tha Fleet; Steamerf and Ship* siesming and (ailing along; Koal Cannon loaded and fired by moving Figures ; Grand Bombardment by day and night; Pnlordid pj ro technic effect* nnd bursting of Sue la Every Kigura. Ship, Boat, Itc , la moving. An Overture avi ry evening. TiokoU. AO cents. Children half price. Family and s asr.n tieiets on application nttheUall. Open at 7, commences at e, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon nt.H. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S OAMl'AION in MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 400 Broadway, shows, natural as lift* the Marcher, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor. It also givosoorreot views of the country, towns, oities, fco. It i* tho most l?-antlft\l painting ever seen. Open overy night a* quarter before H o'cloc*. Afternoon exhibitions on wedneaday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'olook. Admission. It eeata. Bohools admitted on reasonable term* No ohariefor "tanrlptavi pamphlets Children half price. It will noon leave th? city. HVI)K0>AT1IV.-AN AMUSING IND INSTIJcriVK ENTERTAIN MENT.-Dr. E.A. KITTREOOE, the Yankee Leoturer. from Boston, at the urgent request of many friends, lien leave to announce to the Ladies ai d Gentlemen of New Vor*. that he will give one of his edifying and amusing Lectures upon the general xnbj ectr of Health and Longevity, as connected with the Water Cure, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Monday evsn- , ing, October '6tfi, 184X. Tickets 2ft cents eaoh. Fi r sale at the Astor, American, N?w England, and Croton Hotels. Also, at SnxUm'H, 2l'fi Broadway, and at the door on the even 'tig of entertainment. To commeneo at 7X o'clock. Dr. Kittredne has laken rooms at the Astor Uouso, and may be consulted between ihn hours of !' A. M and 2 P. M? lor the rresunt week. DELA ROCHE'S GHEAT HISTORICAL PICTURE OF NApolcon Crosfing the Alps is now exhibiting at the National Icademy of Design, comer of Broadway and Leonard street.? >t?n Irom 9 A.M. until 10 P.M. Admission 2ft cents; season lickets, 60 cents. Phonography?new classes.?several new Claws in Fhonograrhy will be framed on Monday, lltth. to meet at different hours of the morning, afternoon and evening, so as to make it convenient for all who wish to attend. Those anxious to join are requested to oall a* tho Phonographic Reporting Academy, corner of Broadway and Cnnal street. Terms. Five Dollars per course of twelve lcsMns (whiohwill give a thorough knowleijgeof the Art). ANDREWS It BOYLE f2 RAPES?'0,1*10 ISABELLA AND CATA WIJ A Q RA PE vines lor sale, a.uuutnree J?;ir old, two year old. 2 (K*7 >ne year old. JA8. B. WIER, Nuraery Uarde'n, oornor of 20th itrret and 2d Avenue. _ # US. MAIL UNI FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN The steadier Hermann, Captain X. Crabtreo, will leave Pier No. 4, North river, for Southampton and Ilremon, on Friday, Die 20th iust, at 12 o'clock. Passengers will please be on board at II o'clock,and send all baggage, not wanted on the voyage, on Itmiday, marked below. An experienced surgeon on board. All letters most go through the Post Ottioe. For freigtit or paa>aRi', apply at the office of the Ocuan Steam Navigutioa Company, No, Mi Broadway. BEWARE or COUNTERFEITS AND IMITATIONS.?THE unparallclled and astunishiag effieacy of Dr. Wistar's ltalsam of Wild Cherry, in all the diseases for which it is recommended? curing many oasea after the skill ol the best physicians was unavailing?has effected a lane and increasing demand for it. This fact has eou-ed many unprincipled counterfeiters and imitators to p?Im off spurious mutures, of similar name and appearance, for lhe genuine Balsam. " Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry," is the only genuine. The rest merely Imitate the name of the original, while they possess none of Its virtues. Look well to thu msrks of tho genuine. T1 e genuine Balaam 1* put np in bottle*. with the words " Dr. Wistar's Ilalsam of Wild Cherry, Phil.." blown In the glass; each bottle bearing a label on the front, with ti c ii? nature of II. Wlstnr, M. D. This will be enveloped with n>w wrapper copyright secured, 1*44, on which will always appear the written signature of I. Butts. Be oarefal and get the genuine Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. None genuine unless signed by I. Butts. Address all orders to Seth W. Fowle. Boston, Mass. For sale, wholesale and retail, by Messrs A. B. It D. Sands, UNI Fulton street, corner of William; Henry Johnson. 27.'! Broadway; Penfold Ik Co., 4 Fletcher street, and by the druggists pMHllfi DVSPEPSIA.?DR. TOWNSEND'8 SARSAi'ASILLA WILL cure any onse of Dyspepsia. No fluid or medicine has evar bien discovered which so nearly resembles the gaatrio juloe, or jslva, in decomposing food, and strengthening the organs of direst Ion, as this preparation of S&rsaiarilla. Bank Department, M it if III lHiA llr Tnwn annit f I. V. _WI.-.--l or several year*with the Dyspepsia in Its worst forms, attended vith sourness ?f stomach, loss of appetite, extreme heartburn, and t irreat aversion to all kinds *1 food and for week* (what I oooid lat) I have inen unable to retain but a Ricall portion on my ?tonach. I tried th- usual remed e?, but tliey had little or no effeot ii removing tho "in plaint. ( wan Induced, about two months liner, tn trv your Extract of Sarsaparilla, audi mutt say vith ittle continence; but after uirtnft nearly two bottles, I found n? ippetite reitorrd, and the heartburn entirely remoredj ardl sriuld < arr.enly recommend the use ot it to those who have 1MB itllicted an I bars been. Touri, Sic JW. W. Van Zandt." I'll*iiipal Offie a, IM Fu lton stree t, CORNS, BUNIONS. HAD NA1I.S, RADICALLY KXtractedbyDr. 8HIRIAKOFF, from St. Pctorsburnh.?Dr. 8. bene lea'e most respectfully to inform those who are in any way afflicted with corns, ca'lBHitiei.' If ; that he oan irivo immediate rtllef licensures himself to any one who would honor him with a visit to cure the above by his delicate and particular treatment, which will perfectly cure. In tssuraaoe, he wilL with treat pleasure, show hundreds at Hettors and oertiflnate* whioh he is wnstuntly receiving from his patients. Office (k'lChamber* street, opposite the Park. __ 1/W* /WW\PEHSON8 HAVE I1KKV CURED, BY 1 U' 'jv/Ul " Dr Tobias'eelebratod Venetian liniment, of rheumatism, quinsy, not" throat, coughs, head aohe^ mump*, oioup. pains in the limbs, liaek, and chest,cuts, burn*, old sores, to. It is warranted to ?ivo relief in half tho time of ary other remedy, rr no pay, as over 1,1*10 eertilicates will, prove, which enn he seen at the principal depot, No. 1 Murray stnet,oc at 3 East Eleventh utreet. VETFR1NAR V Pl'RCKON - MR. I'EMX R. N ASH, T.8. nit later Royal Veterinary College, London, nay be oonmilt< d at any hour upon the various iliieasea of the Home anil their cores. li?nlli.m?n and parties pnrchaaiua horaea, will And it to their interest to have his profeeaioaal opinion aa to aoundneaa, ft':. In which ea?e only ran they reel confident ofnet being imposed on by the seller. Professional opinion $2fi0. Operation* perfirned finally cheap. Paid letters address A to nlm, poat office, Chatham s*i? .ire, punctually attended to. Doctor Morrison continues to ns consulted on deliinte diaeaaea, which he cures without mercury or hindrance from business. The iiseasc in its early ataca he core* in a few days. r?Mlity of the ncrvca Ir m early indiscretion, nc. .mpenled will a gradual crMtratiDn of mental powora" ia ancCfaefufly treated hylir. M. The most obstinate atriotume yield to his me'liod 11 curing by absorption. See hie Londoa Diploma, in hia office, -'XX Fulton atreet. N. II.?A perfect cure or no ehanie. _ __ DK KALI'II, AUTUOROF TUB "PRACTICAL PRIVATE Treatise," lireenwioh atraet?office houra'J to ISA. M , (1 to !) P.M. (Sunday exoepted) Thoeo who apply in the early at.i .'os will '? mirpriac?4 at the rapidity and little inconvenience attending their cure. It ia chiefly, how.ver, thoee who hare suffered from a certain alaaa of people, who can properly appreciate hi:i service*. In atrietura, from ita first, or incipient, to it* more advanceiiand distressing ataara, (from uncommon advantafoa and a very extensive practice,) he c*n afford a rapid, wwy. and radical enre, whfah, he haa ground fur stating, eaa bo obtained from no other eoaree in America. ______ NO CI'RE, NO PAY.?DR. CORBITT, la DC AN E STREW member 'J the Royal Collnga of Surgeon*. Londeo, may ? eonjnlttd in treatment of delicati diaeaaea. Ne matter bow loaf yeu may liavo gleet, oleera upon the body, or in uie throat or noa^ pauna la the head end bonca of the leg*. A praotwo of fonftMl veara, devoted to venereal djaeasoa, onab.?a Dr. C. to cure tot wont form of this diseaan. Kecent caws cured la foar daya No tnoroury use'J. flfriotnros euretf in >>ne or two weeu wiia carccly \ay fain. Those lnJividtisls who have Indulged in lowtain lo&ihKomo h.iblt. ran positively Ni restored to health aai ociety. N. B- BtniimtnoMMMd not to bo deooWed. I>* Col 1? tt has not reini/md Kame?ih?r lu Dnane street, oppo*tw Dr. JohnaDo's XT 1> ( I KK, NOCHA?G*-DR. COBBKTT, M. H. C. S., L.. lv hasremoved hiseflko to 06 A1111 street, (near William.) where ho Is corsult?d on all diseases of a private ohtracter. To th>? who have heon under his cart, self lamlation it nnni'owMry. To those who havo nut, and who are afflicted with |?ins of tlic head. Units, ulcers on the body, threat, or now. aieetj, Strictures, seminal debility, inditcod by Improper habits, 4i<.. he warrant* a perfect and speedy cure. No tnorcory u#o4. cent caw* cured in four days. I>r. CobbeH'i snoots*. (th? mult it 14 years cxjpevicnce,) IndnoM a compeer in trad* to deny his removal and Identity Those who know t?r. C., o?*>i but give him a call to IkUity Uu* assertion. Sec iris IMplrtM. tatters, postpaid, attended to. MEDICAL UFriCft-DK. JOHNSON. I? I"1 AN* vTUKT neai Chatham street, so well known as mo*? sncoa^ul it-' tiHoner In Now Tork, I* the treatment el vcuerval disMH*. rh- Doctor-i reputation Tor skill in thosee'.d half-nwed oaan* that lavefor yoars, i* pre-nninanL Uleet, siriewra. nleen uprn the body, ot In the thr >ul or uose, pains io the bead and liopes of the te*s, offcetiiall) urei. C<institutional w-aVn *i KrMijht on l.v a ?jer?t h*H? liuhilired In liv franc mnn. riuau IbuivicMdr ams Mill nightly emission#, positivalv prwvantad. decent canea cured in ft>ui<l?y*L without iBStourT. N0?lWCa*?t iadist.erjirvttit/on tto? fcislaew.

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