Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1848 Page 2
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better qaalitiM of Awrl?t are. prhapt a point lowerand ilmoul unsaleable, eirept a certain quality for aip<Tt. of about fair Id Upland! at 37,J to 4d.. an J dtNl* Orlean# at 4Sa<t to 4Sd The aid A kg qualitlef at S^d. to >Sd , ?nd the (food ordi na?t at S^d to S1, >1 are ttrady Long stapled <*< ertptlon* are the name but of limited sale in propor tioa to the quantity urged upon the market Probably there li> not a lot of lon|t atapled cotton id the port that if Dot on rale at a fair market price No circuiu stance* ba?e transpired daring the past week to gi?e a turn to the article, or present It In a n?*w point of elew The trade and transaction* in the .Manchester market are much aa before ; . fair home trade, with a very limited continental demand, and low prioe*. A* to the crop and probable -upply. it is just the ruu> Ptople *r? guessing at what it iu*y turn out to be. and that Is nearly all tbey can do In the meantime, our tork id this place will decrease for loma months to oome Kair Cplatds and Mobile stand at 4d , and fair Orleans at 4.Sd t<00 American have been taken on Sieoulation and 27HO American 340 Sural, and '100 regal for export Sale* for the week. 23.7W) bale*. Lirasrovi. Co an M.kiii, Oot. 0?Holder* of prime foreign wheat, on Tuesday, steadily insisted on rates of l?ft w. ek at wblch ? moderate business done ; whilst lower qi all tie* foreign were taken spari ogly on easier term* On farmer's new wheat. a decline ot 2d.; best dried Irirh receded 2d. a 3d . and raw damp. 4d a fld per 70 lbs Best hnglisb and Irish fllour declined 1? , and soft 2s a 3s per pack. U S. and Canadian also little noticed, ai d fid per bbl lower Indian corn, although still meeting a tolerable inquiry, lost the advance obtained 2?ih. and reverted to rates of 26th. C?rn meal steady at former prices At yesterday's market a good demand, generally, for present consumption Old wheat and bei-t dry samples of new, maintained the prices laat Tuesday but damp 2d. a 3d. per bu cheaper. Klour no oheaper Oats declined roily, 2d. per bu. A large sale for I ndian corn at fully Tuesday's prices, whioh wore 36a a 36* per4S0ibs., for Am mixed and whita, and 3f i a 37* . for yellow. Soaroely any Indian Meal offering. Oct 7 - Old wheat, both foreign and home-grown, maintains last week's prices; but new receded 2d. to 8d per 70 lbs W. C and Canada flour declined 6d. to la per bbl , top price of both being 33? per bbl ; other sorts sell at 31s 6d to 32s A good demand tor lcd<an corn, and present rates are -yellow 8.ii to 36h 6d white 36e. tkl to 36s , mixed 34s to 36s. per 480 lbs Both sorts of Indian meal bring 17s 6d. to 18s per bbl. ^laon Market, Liverpool, Oot. 6?Prioes remain almost statienary, but the oontinued stagnation on the ooaticent. and its consequent effect on the consumption in tbe manufacturing districts, has tended to produoe some depressien, which continues; but at the present low rates at which it is selling, any considerable variation in prise is improbable InStafmiut tki. .A>tli,n. f.,11 nt but Id Wale* and Scotland it may be obtained at a slight rtduction. Foundry pig a shade lower, bat pig for forge purpose* retains it* price. Merohant bar, ?6 2a tid ; nail rod. ?T; hoop, ?8; sheet, ?8 10a.; Scotch pig, ?2 16s Livmrnoi. Makkkti, Oot. 6.?Ashes?Some trifling al< s only made in Montreal pot and pearl at previous quotations Coal- The demand has been steady ainoe our la>t, but for the season of the year the business done is small. The prices show a considerable reduction in Wigan coals which is accounted for by the communicaiion which baa recently been thrown open from the dooks to the canal, so that boats may bring their cargoes alongside vessels, which heretofore bad to be csrUd aoross the town Hemp?No ales reported in Baltic hemp 100 bal?s Jute brought ?18 6e. to ?18 10? per ton. Hide-?The market is heavy, and there are no transactions of moment te report. Iron? Prices lemnin almost stationary.(but the oontinued stagnation on the continent, and its consequent effect on tbe consumption in the manufacturing districts, has tended to produoe some depression. ?hich continues; but at the present low rates at which it isselliug. any considerable variation in price is improbable In Staffordshire most of the makers continue full of orders, but in Wales and Scotland may be obtained at a slight reduction. Foundry pig is a shade lower, but pig for forge purposes retains ibi priov. i iprrui nuuiiuuuo?mriuuaub u?i, A.U *B. 6d ; nail rod. ?7; hoop ?8. sheet. ?8 10a ; Scotch pig, ?2 If* Lard ? American is lower this week folly la. to la 6d.; very floe, in barrels.has been sold at 43s. to 43s 9d. Mr cwt. Linseed Cake?The stock being almost exhausted. American has been sold at the advanced rate of ?6 &a. to ?0 10s. per ton, a price that would not be maintained on the arrival of fresh supplies Provisions ?In consequence of the extreme scarcity of beef, an advanoe of 2a. to 3s. per tierce has keen established during the week. There is less doing in pork, and prices, exoept for very fine parcels, are more in favor of the buyer The demand for baoon has not improved, and the sales for the week have been on a retail scale. The stock of bams and shoulders is quite exhausted. At a decline of about 2s per c wt. there have been large sales of cheese, the late arrivals being nearly all taken. The demand for lard has fallen off, hut holders generally being firm, no positive deoline in prices has been established; still our present quotations aie in a great measure nominal. Tallow is lower la. per cwt Grease butter is a dull sale. There has oontlnued an active demand for Indian cern, the liberal supplies lately received, having been freely taken for Ireland. Wheat and flour, although in good demand. may be quoted the tarn lower. Rioe?5,000 bags Bengal sold at Be. 3d for yellow cargo, and 10s. to 12e 3d. for broken to good white Salt.? Owing to the stoppage in the canal for repairs, there is but little doing. We continue the previous quotations, but higher prices have been paid in some instances. The following are the exports of the Week To the United Slates Baltimore. 105 tons; Boston. 4000; New Orleans. &08X; New York. 1978X; total, 3,292. Saltpetre without ohange; 1,200 bags sold at 24* 3d to 26s per cwt. Seeds.?Nothing ia reported in cloverseed or linseed. |Spirits of Turpentine ?Nothing worthy of notice has taken place. Tallow ? The demand has become extremely limited ; Petersburgh V. C. has been selling throughout the week, in small quantities, at 47s. Bd. to 48s. ; > ft* asks of North American brought 46s. 6d. per cwt. Tea?There have been but few sales made either in blacks or green; price? remain without alteration. Turpentine ? The demand continues very regular; 400 to 500 barrels have been sold at 9s to 9s 3d. Wool ?We ci>n only report a very moderate extent of business In fnrel n Pnces are. in some cases a <hade in favor of the buyer, but. in general ther* ia no change. i F'khighis at Lmi nrooi Oct 6?We have no change of con*equ? nee to notice in freights, which remain very inanimate tv.e quantity ot measurement goods offering being extiemel} limited, and even deadweight by no meant etmndant Passengers do not come forward freely nnd the difficulty In filling vessels still oontinues Kor New \ ork?Deadweight 10s to 12s. (id. per ton ; fine pood*, lfts ; coarse, 7s. to 12s ftd ; earthenware 6a Boston?Deadweight, 90s to 22s 6d ; fine goods. 20s. ; coarse. 16a. ; earthenware 6s Philadelphia--Deadweight. 16s.; fine goods. 25s.; hardware, $0a. to 25s. ; rait hen ware 10s Baltimore?Deadweight. 16s ; tine goods. 26* ; hardware. 25s ; earthenware, ICS. New Orleans?Deadweight, 10s to 16s ; line goods 16s. to 20s. ; hardware. 15s. to 20s. ; earthenware. 7s. Pa it n Botshf. Thursday Oot. (?3 o'clock.?The Bourse was in a state of great agitation to-day. in consequence of tbe rumorp afloat. It was said that fighting was going on at Lyons; that the Austrian! had refused the mediation ; that General Cavaignac was going out Still the fund*, after noma slight symptom of weakness. became firm, and then the report waa spread that General Cavaignac and the club of the Rue de Poitiers bad come to an understanding and that be waa to be elected ('resident of the Conncil for one year certain A fact wh>ch is considered as showing want of confidence in tbe present state of affairs, is the price to which gold has risen To day, atone period. Napoleons were at a premium of 20. Kcr the account, the F rench three per cents have risen 60.; Are per cents have fallen 10c ; loan has fallen 10c.; for money, tbe three per rents have risen 16c.; fire per oents hare risen 10c , loan has fallen 26c.; . bone <Ju tresor not quoted ; Bank of Franoe shares have risen 6f Belgian Bank rhares and stocks not , quoted ; Spanish active not quoted ; three per cents at yesterday's prices ; Roman bas risen l)i per oent.; ' Rothschild's receipts have risen per cent Kxchange on London (30 days,) 25f iOc . ditto (WO , days.) 261 20c Kailway share* are nearly the 'nine as yesterday with tbe exception of Kouens. which | have fallen of., and Northerns, which have fallen 2f. I 60c Stats o> Tudk?At Halifax a few job lots of fancy 1 goods purchased for the American market, at several ' shillings per piece below tbe cost at which they could be niituufactured. even at the present low price of wool With this exception, scarcely any businv?s done. At Leeds, cloth halls well attended: but owing to the trifling show of suitable winter goods, the actual sales proved insignificant. This scanty sup- 1 pi) of goods speaks in favor of the general well-doing j ol the clothiers At Manchester, more enquiry, and a j go d nsny orders of moderate amount gives out. Although 1I1* business doing is not large, it is more 1 gei.erall) diffused than that of last week J Prices however, ar* still exceedingly low. and. in most cases jn< re unfavorable than ever to the producer. This applies to slmoet all descriptions of yarns, and also to 40 inch shirtings transactions i* which eannot be fleeted unless at a reduction upon the rates prevalent tbe last ten daya Long cloths and T cloths In good demand and firm in price 30-inch printers rather scarce. Contracts fur domestics cannot, in fenetal, be renewed, except at a aught reduction tiitil a de?ld4l improvement in demand takes plaoe, a rwconraa lo FUliri ?ui >IU| " "IIII- U) Df (Or wirii and bMt policy for producer*. The vary unfavorable atala of exchange between thl* <ountry and India ftlmoit entirely counterbalance* the rather better ao ooudU of trade juetreceived from the Kut At Koch- l dale. the market etill continue* improved, and a fair bu? d?m done at laet week'a price*. Httai, Oct 4.?Cotton?The deairw to raaliaa promptly continued up to-day. and caused a further decline of If to 2f on U. 8? "fbi* evening. however, price* have become regular. and there Ik generally'* bet'er I** 11 tip nmntteated. the Intelligence from Pari* being of a eatuta tory nature Sale* of the weak 4 000 baiea at 6H! tobTsi a*ain*t 100 bale* import. Stock | l>~ &00, agalnM 40 MX) la*t year ( ar rloa neglected At Ml to 3If I'oiatb *rllr at f>4f to !>6t in amall lota. I 1 aliow scarce. and l.elu at 7of. I.ard in fair r??jue*t at Slf to 6^ Stock V OOObbl* Whalebone worth If. ?0 i (elf W /I'tr. Sept 11 Th<- crop of currant* ha* bean I *afely aecured, and yielded about V (kai HOO lb* No I Cirt ti*ed Of la-t year * praduce about *00.000 lb*, etora wbicb would #carcely lind purchaaer* A ' go< d Ceuiand for oil for Kngland. and price. in con. i sequence, fliin at >8 per la>iia The olire tree* pri mite a rich *upply of oil, e*timat*d at about ikiuoo bar lla A mai ** >?*>. Sept Jit# ?<-oflea?Market firm without | bring active , no alteration in price* tor any *alet> if inipoi UBoa At Rotterdam a c rgo of <J 000 bail*. ?old at lie to lti'tr. Cotton Nothing doing Sugar? White Java* in demand for Hui<?'a Oi refined a gooo deal wae done for the Mediterranean, ooo bm?? yellow Havana ?oid at MS* I > baot o?J?eie? of 26u lihd> Keatuckj S\c to li 4c l?o hbd* Virginia, t *'?c fe 11J?o. Jtoaln U about fr?*li *ui>plie?, nai Met vtry fitni. and holder* holding out for higher ''iTav'wtar Sept :t0?' fl-a Mala* not >-xten?lve , 204 0 bag" Uracil *oid at 17?<c to U?*c ; l.MHJ St Uo iniico at *'Hi Sugai ? Knui without being aotlie Arrival* rather eitenaive during he wee* aoinprirmg | SOO hoie* lltnnt HI 7,000 dried B A sold at 19r t 34\c ; BOO (ailed, ltki. Room 060 bbl* Am iiold price not tranapired Rice, nominal Pimento ? Nonr in market HiMNikt. Sept. W -Coffee- Stl?? Ttry exUiialrK itt tirm pricea Demand principally for colory Br*ill ; MO?0 l>ai- Brarit aold at 3* 7-10 In 3)j ; 3.000 Laliuajra. !'. to5^; '1 6(>o St l)<>mingn, *3 1-1 to 3lf. and 100,001'lb*. P. R ,*3*4 to 4'* Cotton At previous rate* ?13 ball-* Am ??*t* dlap aed of Siittar Very firm , 3 0CO boxea brown yellow Havana rold at mils tn 13 fr>r former, and mlSIf to lfl'i for latter; *00 bo*f? white Haun? found buyara at m20 to 2jJ ; 600 cha. lUliia at ml 1( , to la for brows and aiU1, to 1BV{ for while Pimento iu good demaud ; 1 500 haga placed at I to4??. < atu->a Lignea higher on account of the reduced ato?k. Bimmv Auk 30 ? About 10th of Auguat. better aocouDt* wela received from the Mofuaail of the atata o( the weather and cropa. and dealer* entered the market, evidently dWpoaed to lay in atnoka for tba aeaaon. Prioea have not, however, improved; indeed, making | allowance* for 'be deoline in the ratea of exchange, the pricea obtained tor ntarly all deaenption* of import*, aa yet. will prove anything but remunerating. ; t otton? Purohaae* chiefly for the China market Prioea well maintained o*iag to the dealer* being inI .I.,..-.! ? V,?l.t * w_ tV. 1 ?# /w-l-h* ..J ... change Opium 1 f>25 a 1.579 r*; considerable excitement for fob? time pant. consequent upon the receipt ' of favorable intelligence of the demand for the drug In China. Freights very low; ?'2 10k to Great Britain I and rupees f>S to 6\ for Cbina; scarcely any prospeot of an improvement. as tonnage In superabundant i C*lh i r* Aug. 20. - Our import market exhibits nc sympti ms of decline, but continue* in a satisfactory position and pr'ces in Home few instances show a email improvement Our export market baa experienced no material change, and tbe bulk of tbe business done il confined to tbe object of remittance In Indigo no transaction* Sugars are the prinoipal artiole availed | of for the purpose of remittance; prices steadv Salt; petre in go<<d demand, and a small advance of 2 to 3 annks in finer In Ssfllower little doing, and prices must recede before sales can be effected For Shellac and Lae Dye no demand for Britain, and the little business done is on American account In Raw Silk, transaction* limited Corahs latterly in bettor re, quisition. and have be?n placed more freely. In Lin1 seed, operations continue on a fair scale Freight* i show a decline from last week, in consequenoe of nul merous actual arrivals, and others expected Exchanges? Little change this week; rather more in favor of drawers; Is (*Hd to Is. 9d. per rupee for six months' sight bills with documents. Shipments of bullion have been on a considerable scale latterly, amounting I Co s rs. 32 64,112. Tlte Latest Ntwi from Ireland, BY EXPRESS, VIA HOIAHEAT) AND CHESTER. Liverpool. Saturday, Noon. We have just this instant received, per the above route, our reporter's letters from Clonmel, and are in possession of accounts from all parts of tbe island, brought over by our special messenger now landed. When our reporter closed bis letter, the trial of Mr. Smith O'Brien bad not terminated; but he was ol opinion that it finally terminated this afternoon, and that tbe jury would retire to oonsider their verdiot, and probably return into court with the issue of their solemn inquiry before the Sabbath morning. You will have full details of the trial, at least the oanc lur tuv pructTuuuu, id iue pftpfra wolCll go OUi a the Niagara It is therefore only necessary te ude to the defence First, then, there was th? speech of Mr. Whiteside. It ha* told powerfully, and produced * wonderful sensation on all who heard it? tbe judges themselves not excepted. Mr. Whiteside sought, and to many, it appears, successfully, to show that bis client, Mr. O'Brien, never contemplated re< bullion?that he was only anxioua to avoid arrest; and I that, from his earliest days, up to the very hour in which he appeared at the Common of Baliingarry, he was the bitter enemy of anarchy and confusion. His conduct at the soene of the Insurrection he explained | as not amounting to treason. He showed that the I witnesses had prevaricated, and oontradicted them! selves in many instanoes; so much so, that they were unworthy of being believed on their oath, more particularly where tbe oase was one of life and death In I alluding to the evidence of the policeman Moran, the learned counsel waxed wroth, and most awfully, but I in a most eloquent style. thus castigates the ruffian:? | He i?id : " if you had any doubt ot the value of i Moran's testimony, it should be conflicted by the base j and cowardly statement he made on the table. He told you. on his eatb, that he would have shot any woman in the crowd, though they did no more than pick up noble force to wbioh he belongs. He is a ooward and i an assassin. on bis own showing, and I call upon the jury to reject the testimony of a man who. though armed for the protection of the public, and paid by a free people, tells you that be would shaot down sveiy woman who came within range of his muiket. though these women might be there to foroe away their husbands from the conflict. I call upon you, gentlemen of the jury, to reject the evidence of a man who would i imbrue bis band 1 n the blood of a fellow oreatur* ; nol I because be was himself shot at. but that he would fin upon feeble and defenceless women, who were rushing j about the country to reicu* husbands and chiidrei from death. The man who naid he would shoot down defenceless women, is a base and cowardly miscreant and I call upon you not to believe a word he has said.' After sifting, with all the logical and legal acumen , which the learned gentleman possesses, the several statements made by tbe witne-ses, who deposed that Mr. O'Brien had called out, " Slash away, boya !? slaughter them all !' be showed that the evidence was ! glaringly contradictory, that no relianoe oould be put ! upon it. and called upon the jury to disbelieve It. The Informer, Doblin. came in. and justly too, for a severe and stinging lecture Future generations will remember tbe portrait drawn of him by this most el?i nuent m.j,. and execrate to the utmost extent the infameus deeds of such a base and lying hypocrite. After toushing on every topic, fact, and Incident oon; nected with the case, as made out by the Attorney' General, he concluded with one of tbe most touching and truly eloquent appeals ever delivered, either in ancient or modern times. " If,''said be, ' his country now condemn my client, he will be ready to meet bis fate with the faith of a Christian and with the flrm: ness of a man. (Sensation ) The last Lcoents of his lips will breathe a prayer for Ireland's happiness, Ireland's constitutional freedom Tbe dread moment that shall precede bis mortal agonies will be consoled if through his sufferings and his sacrifice some system of government shall arise?which I aver has never existed?just, comprehensive, impartial, and. above all, consistent, which m?y conductto wealth, prosperity and ' greatness tbe country he has loved, not wisely but, per| baps, too well.'* The learned counsel was completely exi bausted when be had finished this magnificent ad{ dress, and sank down into his seat After about three minutes hi* from v I ? ?uru ur wm bailed with the most rapturous cheering from all part* of the court | Connected with this most important trial.there were two very singular circumstances, namely, twice, when the prisoner, who had watched the case with the great| est minuteness, had actually to charge the Lord Chief [ Justice openly with partiality. The first was when he requested the Chief Justice, Blackburne. to take notes ot all thai was favorable to him, as well as what was unfavorable. And tbe second was on the examination of witnesses for the defence, when tbe Court were ruling against hearing a conversation that had taken place between the prisoner and Mr. Maher. M P., Mr. O'Brien interrupted the Court, called on his counsel to give up the case, as the trial was a farce, and the judges were against him. and tbe whole affair was a substantial violation of all the principles of justice. Ultimately, the point was yielded in favor of Mr. O'Brien. The witnesses examined forthe defence were Dr. Orey. of tbe|? reman't Journal; Mr. Barrett, of tbe Jjvhlm 1'tlol; Sir Durham Norris, M P.: Mr. Maher. M. P. j Mr. Monsell, M P.; Hon. C O'Callogh, and other gentlemen of standing, who all distinctly swore they disbelieved Mr. O'Brien to be a rebel. Sir Charles Napier was called on tbe table, to prove the doings of tbe wblgs at the tine of the passage of the reform bill, but tbe Court disallowed the evidence. TMs eloeed the case for tbe defenoe?Mr Fitzgerald, as already observed, was speaking when owr reporter despatched his letter. 7 be Solicitor (reneral will reply on the part of the crown Mr Duffy is preparing for bis defence with great assiduity. Several arrests have taken place this week, and the government continue unabated in their exertions to bring to justice all who are implicated in the most distant manner with tbe late rebellious movements in the South. The oountry is tranquil. CHE LATEST. London, Saturday Morning. 11 o'clock. Tbe advices from Amsterdam,received this morning. atate that bualneaa ?u more active at the Bourse, and that Mexican, I'ortugueae and Brazilian atocka wwt quoted at better prlcea. The advlcea from Havre are one day later, they report a continued and more active trade in cotton; bat pricee are weak and generally a shade lower. Mauritiui papera of the 20th July, state that the firm off ktpman k Barclay, who auapended payment aome time ago. and who are intimately connected with the firm of Barclay k Brother*, of London, will not only pay their ereditora In full, hut will hate a surplus of From Vienna we learn that a mlnlfterial criaia appears to le inevitable. H M packet Heagull arrrived laat night at Kalmouth' from Rio de Janeiro. Thi WitHiftuiop.?Our Liverpool correapondent atataa that, in a private oommunioatloa which he bad junt received fr"m Southampton, It la reported that the Washington iiad a aucoesaion of heavy head winds and bad weather The I nited Statea will positively leave Southampton on Thursday, the 12th mat Ireland. Our commercial advtoes up to the latent moment, (roi. all parte of that country. were of a moat gloomy ebaracter The potato fal'ure will be great and the general agricultural report a bail pelitlca, agriculture and comn;erre seera ?o to clash mrid the present feverlt b state of the countty foretell that poor ireland i? destined for another winter of sorrow ami starvation [From another torrespondent J Satutuay *'oraing ? The Dublin evening papera of j last niybt do not cental n any news of unpi rtance ' N r Kitf.gerald's addrear would he the first business in I it e trial of Mi S OB?len. and waa expected to oc' etipj about four honrs In delivery . he will be replied toby th- Solicitor <?e?eral. wboae speech will probably (oMpy ihe re?.t ot the day The summiug up of the J (.lis* will telle place on Saturday (tbia) morning, I though it will vetj probat ly be late tu the <tay, when a ! wrolct la given We neeil hsrdly say that the result ; is lc ktd lor with the utU'oat anxiety Several arrest! have taken plaee of persons who had | fit 'hetl holt ? s II; ron-eqi of he part they took i. the late tiiithteaW slid ha?e now returned Tranquillity, howeiei, pre>alia eveiywbare fnwcf< Tbe Monitrvr of y eater any (Hriday) evening, 0<>ntridlot*. upon authority, the xtnteinent th*t iurtria ha? refut-ed the mediation of Kruno-an l Knglan 1 | We may remark tbat although thin may be literally true yet we believe tbat Austria intends to throw every obrtacle in her power, by delay and di'appointment. to the mediation, till Bhe feel* beirelf >-ure of the powerful am>i?tanoa of Ruatia, when she will probably refuse it altogether Thf rmrutr at Lyon* bad bfrn entirely auppreaiied, | and ?i the latest accounts order waa quita reatored in that ciiy Prince Louii Napoleen hti dignified, by * letter to ; i the President, that it ia his intention to elect to ait for Pari*. the city in whicb he wa? bora. There will consequently be a new electien for Yonne. Theie are report* of Rerioua mutimea in the Krenoh troop* from aereral quarters The adoption cf universal auffrage, a* the form ot election for the fir*t President, m urn ceitain In the Assembly. Gen Cava'gnac pronounced against thli mole. a* well aa generally against the pretentions of Louit Napoleon The aasaaainatlon of Count l.amberg, at Pestb. i* : confirmed A piorisional government bad been established in that city ' In the returns of the bank there is little alteration thU week; the account of the treasury ia reduoed about one-balf. A serious occurrence hax taken plaoe at Madrid, between the American ambassador and the government. relative to th? protection to be afforded to his rervantF The American envoy had demanded aatistaction, which waa refused. Italy. An important address haa been made to the AusI trian Deputies of the National Assembly of (iermany, ; 1 v A aisbal KadeUky. upon the affairs of Lombardy. I He stated that it id not aa conqueroia or oppreaaora 1 that he ha* entered Lombardy. but only to regain the legitimate right* of Austria- that he doe* not bring the people despotism or oppreddion. but liberty?perj haps he add*, more liberty than they know how to bear consistently with their welfare ; he treats Lombard; an a fief ot the (ierman Empire, and thus paused into | tbe possession of Austria "To renounce our in| fiuence, be continues. " oTer that country, would be I to ot'iuniit treason, not only against Austria, but I against tbe whole of Germany," and he intimates tbat I he will do everything in his power, by command of the Kmpeior. his master, to maintain their right over Lonibardy It would therefore, appear that there is I little hope of successful mediation, if these sentiments 1 rule. Markets. Liverpool Cotton Makhkt?October 7, 1 P. M.? j Tbe sales of cotton up to this hour amount to about 4000 bales'?all for consumption. If there be any change to report, it is. that tbe market is rather more steady. Liu.hool Corn Makhkt?October 7, 1 P. M.? There is a good demand for Indian corn at yesterday's i quotations In t-ther articles of breadstuff's the dei mand is limited, and in prices thereis not any change. Tbe weather is wet and stormy. Hull Corn Market?October 6.?The quantity of foreign grain reported since last market day, ia light. ' The tai mere offei wheat very liberally at this day's [ market which this week is less tban that of other articles. There have fallen great quantities of rain during tbe week, which has materially affected the progress of the later operations of farming, and also impeded the getting in of the potato crops. Up to the close of to-day the temperature is light There was to day an improved demand for wheat, ' and tbat more particularly created by the inferior con' dition. and the unsaleableness of new English; old and fine samples of Knglisb and foreign must be quoted from Is to 2s per quarter dearer. There is no new foreign yet in this market Hamburg red sells at 62s to 64s. Baltio ditto mixed at 63s. to 56s. Dantzig fine 56s. to 60s. There is a good demand for fine feed barley, and extreme prices are paid; malting 30s a | 83s.; grinding 26s a 27s. Oats, little sale, prices unalter1 ed. For beans anl peas there is but little demand; : prices are steady and well supported. Oi.Atoow, Friday Night.?We have had another heavy business day here. For pig iron the demand was less, and our quotations for that article, at the olose ef business, stood?for pig, mixed numbers, 43s 6d. per ton Future prospects are gloomy, I n the eotton and yarn market there was also less animation, and prices generally at a lower figure. Dublin. Friday Night?By our express from Dublin via Holyhead, we learn that in the corn market la tbat city yesterday there was exhibited a very large supply of wheat samples, and also of barley and oats; 1 the quotations for these two articles were unaltered; but i for the lower qualities of barley and oats there was a decline of 6d; for Indian corn there was but little demand. and prices generally receded Is. i White wheat, old 23 a 29s. I Red, " 22 a 28s. 1 Second flour 18 a 20s. i Indian corn, per 480 pounds 34 a 38s. j Liverpool. Oct 7, 1848 In consequence of a very heavy storm, accompanied ! 1 with thunder and lightning, which ocourred last night, i ; and the highly electrical state of the atmosphere whioh [ has prevailed all this forenoon, it has been almost lm- 1 possible to work the telegraph at all, the wires having become frequently deranged, and the power too feeble i to denote with accuracy. This must be our apology i for not sending you more on the present ocoasion. We are now within half an hour of the time of sailing, and as no news bas reached us for two hours past, we fear we shall not be ?ble to give you mere by this departure. YOUR CORRESPONDENT The Latest Shipping Intelligence. i 1 ivirpooi., Oct 7, 1 o'olock?ArrOsceola, from St John#, NB. , j 81(1 Robert Fallon, for Baltimore. TELEGRAPHH INTELLIGENCE, The Ohio Kleetlon. Baltimorf.j Oct. 20?10)$ P. M. A despatch bas just been received from a respou*'1^? souroe, in Columbus, whioh says that Ford's majority will w*. caa Tl?e Pennsylvania Hlectlon. The Philadelphia Daily Kevi of yesterday morning give* the official returns, full votes or majorities, from every county in the State, and makes Johnston's ma, Jorlty 236. The number of votes polled ezoeeds that given at any previous election. Steamboat Collision, die. Baltimore. Oct. 20, 1848. The steamer ? pit fire came into collision with a ferry boat, between Norfolk and Portsmouth, Instantly kill- : ing Thomas Butler. I Nothing official baa since been received from Ohio. The Niagara's news has depressed and unsettled our ! markets. Sailing of tlie Crescent City. New Orleans, Oct 10, 1848. The steamer Crescent City sailed from her wharf to day, with a good complement of passengers and * respectable amou nt of freight Markets. New Ori.eaiu, Oct. 17?P. M. The cotton market is dull, with a downward tendency in prices The sales of the day are 2000 bales Flour has declined. We notice sales of 3.100 barrels Illinois and Ohio brands, at $4 62S Corn is in good demand, with sales of 40.000 bushels, at 60c A sale of 40 hhds. new crop sugar has been made for the Philadelphia market, at 4J.,c. Cincinnati, Oct. 19, 1848. A cold rain has been tailing all day. The flour market is steady bat not active Sales of Western $3 81)?. Beef cattle on the hoof sell at !'4\ per 100 lbs. Sales of whiskey at 16X to 17 cts. I n provisions I hear of no sales, aDd the market is very dull foi all descriptions. No change to notice in grooeriea. Sales of linseed oil 62 to 64. Pittsbcku, Oct. 10, 1848. There have been moderate sales of flour, at previous prices, but tbe market is dull, and holders are stiff. Sales of oats at 2ic. per bushel. Prime yellow corn 1 sells at 40c. Sales of prime red wheat at 78c. per busbel. i 8al?-s of N. O. sugar at 6e per pound N. O. molasses 1 sells at 30c per gallon. Sales of Kle coffee at 7J*c per pound The stock of bacon is exhausted. Sales of ' upland cotton at 6 to 8c per pound Timothy seed sell* at $2 12}, prr bushel, and flaxseed at 90c. It has bu n raining uiost of tbe day Buiealo, Oct. 20, P. M. Receipts within tbe past 24 hoars Flour, 12.000 barrein ; wheat *>4.000 bushels ; corn 3H.OOO bushels. Moor continues steady, with sales of 2 000 barrels at $4 50. ! Whrat is in good demand : the salvs embrace 24,000 bushels Obloiat C0c Of corn. th*rr were sales of lu.umi Duiiirin ? ioc ? ??<: r rn)(nij oj L anal VO AiDa| ny remain the um? Ai.ha*v, Oct. 20?P. M. Receipt* within the paet 24 hour* Hour 19 000 barrel* ; wheat 8.000 bu*he|*. corn 12X00 bu*hela; barley I 18,21)0 hur-h?-lf. No *ale? of flour arc reported Whwt if without change to notice ; 2.000 bu*hel? (ienesee were dinpoeed of at 121c Of barley, we notion Kale* of 14.000 bu*hel* at 72c. Oat* are In fair demand with aalee of 8 000 bucheld at 38c. Whiskey, sales of 200 barrel* at 23c. The Foreign Mails?The mails of the steam- | chip Niagara did not reach here yesterday morning. Owing to some delay, they did not arrive

at the post-oHice in Hoston till after the mail train had left that city. They were received here last , evening. This was vexatious to the public. The Depaktube or the Hermann.?The steamship Hermann, Captain Crab tree, took her departuru for Southampton and Bremen, at 12 o'clock yestentay. She carries out about forty passengers and $114,787 in specie. Consul ok Peru.?-The President has recognized Juan Vgnacio de Owna, Consul of Peru for the city of Washington, District of Columbia. The Storm.?Since Tuesday last, we havs had a severe rfalr, bio win# with almost unremitting violence from the north-rant. i aeterday. at twoo'cloak, the wind hauled round and Mew great gun*'' from the north-weet, *ub*ldlng somewhat at nightfall At nine o cloek yeeterday morning, there wan one of the highest tide* we ever remember to have aeen. The I1 astern whirf and the (iaorgia *teamboat whart were both coveted with water at nbout nine o'clock A. M. Several of the rice field* on the Savannah river have Wen overflowed end we ?re aware of one in*tanca In which injury ha* been done to some rise stacked in the field. We appn hend that both on the Savannah and the Ogeerbee. the rice not lemnved to the highland i before thraehing may h?ve *u-taine<l more or !< *? daI n age wherever the hank* have b?ei broken.? Mm or?| n?A lirfiiihhi an, Or t. 14 NEW YORK HERALD. I lonth-Writ Cornerof Kulton mOhnkku ata. JAMKS (MIRDON BKNNKTT. PROPRIETOR CHE DAILY HERALD? Threeedtlum every day. tw cent* *r copy?$7 V6 per innum Th. t/OKMMi EDITION u III blurted ur S o'clock A. M.. and din Intuited before breakfait; iieflrit AFTERNOON EDITION can be hud of the neutiboy, it 1 o'clock. H. M.. itnd the tecond AFTERNOON EDITION a I uTeltc k. THE WEEKLY Every H,Umrday, /or ctrcula- ' im On the Ante> ten n ( outwent ?6*4 cent* per copy, (.t 11){ per innutn. Every ileum packet day for European circulation, I titer annum to include the poet,tsi' The European edition | lUl fx printed in the Frcneh and Enplith lit n fun get ALL LETTERS b y mnHt for lubtrriptioni. or tmth aehoerunru-nlt. to be po I paid, or the pottage mil he deducted from I he money remitU*. VOL UNI AR YVORREWONDENVE,co?t*tnun> important | lewt, lohcitnl from any quarter of the world; \f u eJ, will bo I 4iber oily paid for. AU Vt.ti J IBKMKriTa (mm<cd every mornvif, and to k? mbtuhrd in the morniny and afternoon eaih*u, t at reaeonablo tricot; to be written in a plain, leyible manner; the proprietor sot retpontibie for errort in manvtcript. PRIbTlHf} of all kind, ezecvted beautifully and with do patch. Ordert received at the Office corner of Fulton and wattamttreett. SO NUTH'E taken of anonymout communication,. (Vhatvrr it intended for intertion mutt be authenticated by the name md addrett of the writer; not nocettarily for publication, but it a guaranty of hit food faith. W* cannot return reacted mnmuntcatiom. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. PARK THEATKE-8i?M'iii * Co?Madame Bishop in Pcenas rbom anna Boi.k?a ami Lin a i>k Chamounix? Naval Engagement*?The Barricades. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery? Putnam - Dm Yor Ever Send Your W.r? to Hamlvm?Chemby and Faib Stab. BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway?Ova Mart Annb ? Daughter cr tub Bb?ime?t?Lbi?d Mb Five Shilmnoi. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham &iaare?Itanhob?Mb. Macorbeiiy?Mysteries and Miseries. NIBLO'S. ABTOR PLACE-Loiwion Assub ??ci-Comedy or Error*. BURTON'S THEATRE. Chambers atreet? Ok ad Shot ? Living Pictvr.s?Lucy Die Sham Am jur?New Torb in Slicks. BROADWAY CIRCUS, near Spring St.?Equestrianism,Iko. MECHANICS' HALL, Broadway, near Broome? Christy's Minstrels? Ethiopian Singing, ac., at S and 8 P. M. MINERVA ROOMS-Tatar's Campaigns. MELODKON?Virginia Serbnaders. SOCIETY LIBRARY?Campbell's Minstrbls. at 3 and 8 j P. M. NEW ROOM, 333 Broadway?Philosophical Entertainments. TABERNACLE?Gbbhania Mutio Socibty'h Or and Con- 1 OCR p. New York Saturday, October Ml, 1848. Actual Circulation of th? HeraJd. I Jet'r. 2(1, Friday 20,976 copies. The publication of the Morning Edition of the Herald oom oeaoed yesterday ai 30 minntes |>a?t 2 o'clock, and finished at IS minutes before I o'clock; the first Afternoon Edition oomueaoed At 20 minntes past 1 o'clock; and finished at & minutes I<et'rc 2 o'clock; ths second at 5 minntes pant 3 o'clock, and finished at 25 minutes past 3 o'clnok Foreign Rewv-The State of Europe. We give in our columns this day, a full rctumi of the important intelligence from Europe, received by the Niagara steamer at Boston, of which only a brief synopsis was received by telegraph and published yesterday. Our private correspondence is especially full and graphic, presenting the affairs of Europe in a plain common-sense and sensible light, without being blended with those theories which so much disfigure the various correspondence of the press. The great movement of the nineteenth century is fairly begun. The revolution of February, in Pans, was only the commencement of a period of half a century or more, which will be crowded with social, political, and religious changes, of a deeper and more interesting nature than whatever has taken place in the old world since the subversion of the Roman Empire, or the reformation of religion against the domination of the Church of Rome, at another period. In France, this new movement is begun ; but events repeatedly taking place in Ger- j many, England, and Italy, indicate the depth and ' comprehensiveness of the sentiment of chan^e which pervades the great mass of the per.j.ig Our last accounts indicate that the monarch and princes of Europe are alarmed, and th?u a European Congress has been suggested, for the purpose of adjusting the disputes between monarchs and ! their people, or of presenting a check to the fur- ' ther march of popular opinions an?* This 18 one of the which the contest assumes at 'vi,e present time. A congress of European sovereigns will have no more effect in stifling the spirit which has been aroused in Europe, than a congrtfBs of old women passing resolutions for the purpose of stopping the falls of Niagara. Every circumstance, and all events, portend the breaking out of a great and general conflict in Enrope, between the different classes of society. A general war is almost certain. England and Russia, at the two extremities of the continent, will be united in conducting the campaign, with such additional aids as the fragments of the German or Italian monarchies may i be able to lend them. The French republic is at J the head of this great movement ; and the local contentions now taking place in the National As- ] sembly and among the people, turn upon the poin1 1 whether tht- government of General Cavaignac shall stand still and present a barricade to the march of public opinion, or whether France, clearing all obstacles out of the way. shall not take her . natural position at the head of the liberal masses of > the European world. Our own opinion is, that no j individual in France, not even Napoleon, could he be called forth from his grave, can withstand the spirit of the age, urging on the great, final, and general struggle between monarchy and democracy. It is true we hear a great deal said in various quarters about socialism, red republicanism, conservatism, and a variety of clique doctrines and i sectional or local parties; but all these different elements will soon assume a general and comprehensive character, and be arrayed together against the feudal and monarchical spirit of Europe, for | tka imrnnu nf tmlinn 1 ?! * 1 HIV. |.u?,?'?v w. ?V0?iMg niv ?|UCBWUU uj |ilijrsiCOi force. France, whenever she assumes her proper position, with a new direction and with a fresh energy in her government, will be found arrayed against the British power, as wall as ageinst the Russian. She will, however, have on her aide the sympathizing masses all around the central existing point of European civilization. In Germany, probably, the democratic sentiment is more prevalent and promising, as an active and |H*actical principle, than even throughout the departments oi France, ftaly piesents similar features, leading either to full democracy, or blended with the visionary frailties which affect the French intellect to a great extent. The impending itruggle between these two great principles is gradually devebpiBij itself with every fresh arrival. In this new situation of uflairs in Europe, thn American government ought at once to assume a new |>osition, and infuse new energy into her diplomatic and foreign councils. The contest j between monarchy mid democracy >a Kuro|>e I may last for many years?who can say it may not | ' cumuli^- iui iittii it criicury i inc oiu war, |(rowing out of the fir?t French revolution, comprehended in itB duration a period of nearly that length ; and the opening war threatens to be a* leant hh It ng, and perhaps as bloody. In this position ol ntlmrs, the United States ought at ones to prepare for maintaining her ne'itral i>osition with dignity and determination. In this fearful contest, whu h ib coming on, the commercial, financial, and in an u I ad u ring interests of Europe must undergo a terrible revulsion. The American government f-hould take care to protect the interests of American commerce and trade, which must be as deeply aflected by the rusults of the struggle in Kurope as thev were during the great war at the beginning of the present century. We reiterate our Srm belief, that our navy should at once be increased, and negotiations opened with the various maritime powers, in order to ascertain what their purposes may be in regard 10 neutral nations and neutral rights, for all future time. Fobkion I'apkrs ? We are indebted to Mr. J. W. Sullivan for the latest Irish and Knglish pupeis He receives large number by every steamer Theatrical and Mualoal. Park Thutki - A* usual, the pcrforinaaoea it tb? Park wt-rr ol *o ui.?xoeptiouabl? ctmraoter li^-1 nik*>t and were witbebbed hy a Ur^r hu>1 htfbiiuuMe audience Madame Bithop appeared in two grand ?oen?a io h ih of which ebe waa reoei?*d with the imwt fluttering demouatrationa of approval. To toll how hi^uI aiiely i-he executed ' O I'a'ri*." from I'ancredi," and hoK well nhc kuiik the " \1*reeillai*?,M *u<i h >w raptuoualy it wax received, and how ahe wan encored, would only be to lepeat what baa Iwao'o often and au trot) fully 'aid The comedy of ' The Follies of a Night'' waa performed io the early part of the erentng. 1i1ib ib cw... an .v t,..d really a treat to the lovera of comedy. Mia* Ron* Telbin, k.8 the Duehesa de (.harden, could hardly be excelled ; while Ml. Dawson a< tbe Duke. aod Vtr Wttloot. an Pierre Paillot, Mr Uilbrrt a* Dr. Druggeadrttt, end Vi??. Iijott an Yademoh-rlle Duval. w?r? rul'y up in thet part* The .Vlonplalira followed iujth- ballet ot " fcsmeialda," which passed off with the usual eclat. Bow?ht Thkathk.?There is but ooe thing to be said about (hie hout-e every eveuiog, aud that ia. ttiat it ia fully attended and the performance'' go uff in ti'al rateatyle Never haa ' Putnam" been better performed. and tbe equeatrian portion of It ia really urn-tad mirably done. It ia certainly something of a feat foi ever ao good a horaeman to ride down a steep declivity at a moat >apid paoe. and l?ap over a barrier mme flv? or nix feet high in his dw-oent. We say this ia a most daring feat, even In the open air. but when it is dou? on the stage of a theatre, with tbe full blaze of the foot-lighta in the horse's eyes, and the ahoutaof an immense assemblage ringing in his ears, it becomea most wonderful ai d the horaemaa aud hia eteed arc entitled to the greatest credit for courage and firmnee*, spirit and docility. Such a feat ia performed nightly at tbe Bowery, by Mr. Browne and hia ateed (iazelle, and tbe enthusiaitic plaudita of the audience are always bestowed on them The other parts of thla drama are also most interesting The fortunes of the limping tailor and hia ahrewiah wife; thefamoua sentinel rceue; Winaus a? the valiant Yankee eaptmu, whoso liberally diapensea hia "sentiments;" Oneactah the noble Indian ohief, all are excellently done. Th< beautiful apectacle drama of " Cherry and Kairatar," and the dancing of Signora Ciooca and Signor Nuri, were tbe other entertainmenta of the evening. We need nut say that they all went off well. To-night Mr. Browne takes hia benefit. "Putnam," an amusing faroe and " Cherry and Fairstar" will form the oil! Broadway Theatre.?The interesting opera ol " Marie, or the Child ol tbe Regiment," was. for th< first time, last night, produced at the Broadway, translated and adapted expressly for the company, from the celebrated French opera of " La Kllle du Regiment." It is an opera of Donisetti. and must, under judiclout management, attract. The story possesses many powerful incidents in themselves, touch)ngly piling and the airs are so lively and telling.thougboocasiOBally noisy and superficial in their structure, that t.le feelings beoome at once enlisted in behalf or her who, found while anj infant on the field of Marengo, u adopted as the ohild'of one of the Frenoh regiments and grows up the favorite and companion of the soldiers. Her parting with the regiment, when, as the niece of a Marchioness, she is recognized and placed in a portion of rank, more envied, but less happy than in her original sphere; her discontent with her elevated position; her desire to revisit the regiment, and affection for blm, who, to win her regards, bad joined the regiment;?all these formed a the me for tin- lyric drama, which the composer has worked up with his acknowledged skill. Mrs. Seguin, as the heroine played with animation and ability, and sung tne airi assigned to her with great taste, tact, and spirit. Hei impersonation was greeted with the warm plaudit) of a discriminating audience The frank and honest old sergeant was faithfully represented bi Mr Seguin. Mr. Reeves, who (-till is severely suffering from huskines* in his voice, sustained bin part with hii usual ability Mrs. H. Phillips and Miss Carman flUec their respeotive parts with much judgment. This open possesses every feature to render it popnlar and at tractive, and will be repeated this evening. The fo de Deux between Celeste and Wiethoff was admirable und the night's entertainments closed with the faroi of the "Valet de Sham." one of those pieces whloh th. author seemed to have specially designed for the cha racters who so inimitably represented it upon thi oceasion?when the principal parts were judiciousl' assigned to Mr Lester anil 'Miss K. Wallack. and ad mirably sustained by Mrs. \Vatts. and Messrs. Hada way. Mathews, and Lon*jale. Natiow?l Thiath E.?During the oast weak, th audi?nctB at tkU h.oune bare been very Urge, and th three plee? of 11 iTanhoe," "MacGreedy," and th 'MjdteriteB *'ad Miseries," hare served to amuse thei greatly. The drama of "Ivanhoe" has been pro J ace lath* most magnificent style, and we have never see elegant dresses and armour than that worn by th various performers. No sham armour, but real stee richly inlaid, adorns the stalwart knights of the stag* Chanfrau's helmet is one that would have been deeme a prize worth fighting for in the days of knight erran try so beautiful is it Miss Mestaye and Mr. Carl litch ate peculiarly happy in their personatiens of Re becoa and luaao ; and Burke, as Wamba the Witlesi performed the tool in a most philosophical style. Th burlesque, and -'Mysteries and Miseries ." have als b?en applauded ; the burlesque especially ha betb quite a 6it; ChacfraU'9 imn?vi9n? the moe remarkably correct ones that we hare 6Vet seen. A for the " Mysteries and Miseries," it has had a mot extraordinary run. and though this evening is state to be the last one it will be performed, we trust that b his it is not meant that it will be laid aside for good Be thHt as it may, though, this is the last time it ca; be seen; so tho?e *ho have not yet witnessed it ougb not to procrastindtt any more. In addition to tb 'Mysteries and Miseridf." '"iTanhoe," and "Mr. Mac Greedy" will be played. Bl rton't Theatre ?The amuMfflents at iJ?i* thei tre, commenced with the local drama oalled " LJJc Did Sham Amour," which, as usual, went off exoeed ingly well. Miss Chapman, as Lucy, made some cap! tal hits; her ease and graoeful movements en the stagi together with her talent as a vocalist, brought dowi from the audience renewed applause. Mr. Meyer, a Enrico di Morefat, is a good actor, and plays his par with great effect. The dance between Miss Walter aud Mr. Frer ericks, was well reoeived, and exceeding ly well executed, after which, the farce of the " Iritl Tiger." raddy Ryan by Mr. Brougham, was a pei feet piece of genuine IrUh character, keeping th audience in one constant roar of laughter at the man; witty and droll Irish blunders. The evening's enter tainments concluded with ''New York in Slices,' whiob was received as on other occasions. The sere nade soene was very good, in which Mr. Rae, as th< fire b'boy, and Miss Sinclair, as one of taeg'halfi. wa encored ; Mr. Rae is very clever in this character. To night, the same bill will be presented, with the addi tion of the " Dead Shot." Niblo's, A?tok Place.?That dark, and wild, anc right royal tragedy of '* King Lear," associated wit! the name and fame of Macready, drew together a mosi elegant and remunerative house last night The light airy, and fairy-like magnificence of the Interior, a< seen from the parqnette, the numerous beautiful facei presented to the view, duly interspersed with gallant attendants, sporting their irresistible whiskers, and the brilliant chandelier overhead, were, of themselves a compensation for the visit to a stranger; but the Lear of Macready ia something to be remembered? something to be taken as a standard of judgment upon future actors of the name kingly character. The poor old man i? there, in all the force of his dotage, affection, freniy, credulity, and despair. Lear was ably sustained by the K> nt of Mr. Ryder, white the Edgar of Mr. Van denboff displayed the beauties of that impersonation In tb Ir strongest lights and shades The king's fool, generally omitted, although a character affording the boldest medium <>t relief to that of Lear, was wall lone by Mrs. Maeder?perhaps, with too much of deliracy and tenderness for the rough wit of a fool; but yet a most pleasing and grateful accession. The Corielia the sweet and loving Cordelia?as personated by Miss Weniyss. made us wish that she might have more to say. The haughty and heartless lionerll, by Mrs Jones. In person, in voice, in oarriage. and bearng, was strongly pourtrayed; while the Kegan of Mrs. Chapman might well have puzzled the old king as to s>hich of his two daughters was the greater villain, rhe difficult parr, of (Hosier by Macdonald, added to ihe general smoothness and harmony of the piece; and t there were here and there some small points over* lone or underdone, in any part of the play, we were :oo well pleased with the general fidelity of the repreentatian to nottf them Of the faroe, we oan only ay. that " Boots at ihe Swan," as done by Messrs. I^rirp, Flacide. Yarnold, Keller. Mrs. Charles, Mrs. Rogers. Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. MoNesMt, and Mrs. Welle, to something to neutralize# n good hearty laugher, the oppressive gloom of the tragedy Mr. T. Pla ide, in ' London Assurance" to-night, for a benefit. It is one of the very best comedies of the age Broadway Circus.?The popularity of this really detghtful place of amusement increases with every performance. Last night the house was orowded, and the whole peformanoes passed oil with acclamations of applause. The riding of young Hernandea was received with delight, while every one looked in astonishment at his wonderful and daring feats. He is decidedly the most perfect rider in the country, combining ease, beauty, and the most graceful movement. Master Tom Neville Is also a beautiful equestrian, and his riding was received with great applause. Little Bob Williams still continues to be a great favorite, and deservedly, for he stands foremost In the rfcnk of Infantile equestrians Mr. Khindle. in the Indian Hunter, was received with greart favor. The British Acrobats repeated their wonderful performances, the most difficult of which-the balancing of a boy on the end of a pole which rested on the chin of Mr. Lee?was performed with the utmost ease. The performances of the ponie s Homeoand Juliet, were excellent. In fine, the whole performances wAe of the first order, and received throughout with thunders of applause. There will be an afternoon performance to-day. when the celebrated danoin/ mare Haldee will be introduced It Is a fine opportunity for families and will no doubt he embraced There is no place in the city where an evening can be more pleasantly spent; and we would say to all. go to the Circus Tahikhai i ?- Grsmania Mi:?ical Socibtv.?This talented band gave, last evening, another oonosrt, which was very well attended, and In the issembiy we remaiked many very prettv ladles, which induces us toll li ve thattl e fame of these excellent performers is makiog Its iouts, and ha* already reached the best circles of our city. This was to be expected j we foretold immense success for the (inrmanla band from their first appearance among us, and this has aires ly been partly accomplished The overture of " La Wazza Ladia." was beautifully given, a* well as the Suburban Walts,'' and the overture of ' l<ra Diavolo " A morg the pretty pieces performed by these able ma sirlans. we must mention the /adran Polka " oomposed by the leader of the sooieiy. lien Leusuuow, which U very original. and will undoubtedly, btromi i popu'ar nri't winter Id the balls of New Ynr* Wt bope to It noon printed by one of our eut?rprt<<iaif pnLlhhersnf new musical composition*. The fla?le of the ' Son nam bulk " ?as rendered with gr?*t mill nil rHkrmhtr The great concert of th* Itttrnuijli \ Society at Brooklyn will aomr off to night. We *r? sure that the Kenmle -Vcadeiny will be qnwded bf all the bean srxr and th?- liiUilanti who have al??ys attended the concerts givi-n in that hall (hhiktt'i Mimikkij will today ^1 tp their usual > Saturday afternoon concert In addltloo to tb? usual ' mniiin odd at eight o'clock These afternoon ' tertal omenta are arranged eipressly for the ao'iommodatlon of family parties. and are unite an full and 1 entertaining ae the eve ing ou?< l'? rents and other*, having young folks under their charge, cau jot give them a gtrfttet treat in the way of amasement tha* to take them to hear thene very oe|*br>tt?d minstrels, who have now for more th*n ? Kuan <i>Ihj >>> greatekt satisfaction to th?ir thouaanda of patron! ami admlrera. Nc? Room?Of all the varioua exhibition* in New 1 York, (end they are not few in number) none, perbape present more attraction!* than that of VIM. Miarteui and l,#Taw?ur, who<e elegant fuatn of legerdemaio. scientific displays In astrnunray. and b-autifnl dlnphanoua tableaux, make up a delightful evening a entertainment, not to apeak of the moat surprising feata of Mr Nellie. the armless man, who likewise goea through his p?rforiiiauoe? every evening. Campbell's Mifutbels will to-day give their adi mirerf a double ohance to bear them. aa. in addition to their evening perlortnanoea, they give a concert at i three P. M . to acootnmodate thoae who, though dei airoua of hearing t hem cannot make it convenient to i be out at ni|ibt. Their room ia crowded every evening l at an early hour and their flinging ia declared on all i gi dea to be most elegant. Their new songs are all well received, and have beaome very popular. [ ' Mklohkon.?The Whitea, with their blaok faoea, 1 melodious voioea, elegant dancing and witty saying*, ' are reaping a fine harvest at this house, which in 1 crowded nightly. 1 Mm Jvlia Nortiiah. will give her farewell ooaoert at the Female Academy, in Brooklyn, on Tuesday ' evening next Mr Maurioe Strakoa h, Mr P Mayer, [ and Slgnor Antonio Barlli will asaiat on the oocaalonMr. and Mmk. Lf.ati. who hnve lately arrived ia , tbia country, will give their flrat conoert on Tueaday evening next, nt the Apollo Kooma They bring ? ; high European reputation with then, and their con; cert will doubtleaa ahow they are worthy of it. Vlessra. Burke and Hoffman, the violiniata, will aaaist nt tbe , concert. Mt-nr ?A n<tv And hAAnflfiil nniAlrutAn ' Tk* ' Queen," is published by 8. Pierson, 82' Bleecker street, near Broadway. It la the Ravel family, and not the Lehman family, a* erroneously stated a few days ago, who are to open at the Holllday street Theatre, Baltimore, on Monday 1 next. It is probable, however, that the two oooapaaiee will shortly unite. The Lehmans are at present in , Boston. Board of KdurulLon?Special Meeting. Robert Kelly, Ksq.. President, in the chair. | The minutes of the preoeding meeting were read and , | approved Report 1?Of flnanci* oonuiittee, in favor of appro, nriating $1000 for leasing and acting up premises in L Thames street, in the 6th ward, for the education of oolored ohildren Referred back to the same committ tee, to change the report, so a* to recommend that the lease of the premiere may be made to the Mayor. Ai| dermeik. ana Common Couneil. instead of to the Soj ciety lor Kduoating Colored Children. Of advertising committee, in favor of paying Win C. Bryant his bill for printing, amounting to $320 Accepted. i After some further unimportant business, the Board f adjourned. I ~~~ Movement* of Individual*. r TlTe following gentlemen arrived in town yesterday, r ?Astor? Major Harris. U. S. A : H Gibson, U S. A., 1 W. O Temple. U. S A.; Capt. Kraser. US E.j Ur. L Maynard, London. American?Major Graham. U. 8. k A.; J. H Lendrum, U. S. A.; Major Hayner. . U S. A ; Mr Smith. IT. S. A ; Lieuunant t Moere,U 8. A.: Major Whitty, U. S. A. City- Messrs 1 Porter, Mom, Nicholson. Gill, Henderson and Ckeevers, b U.S.A. Irving House (Howard's?Capt. Cnllum, U. s S. A.; Professor Morse, Ploughkeepsie. The Hon. John Black, late U. S. Consul at the city of Mexico, left this oity yesterday for the southward, f en routr for VeraCrui and the Mexioan oapital, to re-assume the duties of his late office, to whith he sal * been re-appointed. Law Intelligence. Cov?T Calendar kok This Da v.?Superior Court ? ? 67,66. 93. 36. 148. 164 to 157, 159, 4. 140. 8, 129. 62, 458, e 92,113, 184, ?0.106, 160.163. 164. 166, 167, 169. 170. 1T1 _ 173, 174. 176, 177. 70, 67,175,136.117,48. 62, 145,19,151. " 162. 149,12. 27.11. 6. 15. 106. 79, 83, 16, 89. 118. 1, 168 <* 30.33. 34. 36. 86. 3.17, 26 69 60. 71. 119, 138, 82. 84, 148 n 160, 55, 82, 81.78. 100, 429,40. 61, 98, 8ft, 99.102, 5. 43.10 11A 1AR e ___________ '< The Weekly Herald. ?. d The following embrace the contents of the Weekly !* Herald, to b? published at nine o'clock this morning COMTRWTs: ' European News, received by the scenmships Britannia e and Niagara?Foreign and Domestic Correspondence? 0 Letter of D'Arcy McOee. relatlTe to Irish Affairs? J Speeches, Resolutions, Address. Jte., of the Whig * Young Men'* Meeting at Vauxnail, on Tuesday last? 1 Election Returns and Oenerai Poiitioal Intelligence? t Miscellaneous News from all quarter*?Commercial and d Shipping Intelligence, fee., fee. { Single copies, in wrappers, ready for the mails, six X P*nce __________ 8 The Sunday Courier of To-morrow wl'l contain Another portion of tlie eicitin* local story of Cor* Linn?A Histoij ot Ned Bustlim-a Nashville Affsir?Hoarding u house Bipetienoe?Gleaning* from the Diary of a Travuller ? Murder will Out?The Mysrtrions Husband Hunter, or a Widow y Bewitohed?A Time-keeper, but not a Watoh?A Frightened , Ileum hold?Local Items? Foreign Intelligence?Spirited dketolie* o' 8cen*s and Characters about Town?Lively Editorial*? i- TheitBval*? Bssence ot Evetything, he. for all that can amuae or instinct, " overhaul the Sunday Courier, and. when found, ' make a note ot. _ J Wig* and ToUpi?' W? would adHssall person* wtitling a superior wig ei so*lp to call *t Batchelor's manufactory. No. 2 Wall atreet, and ezaiufne the beat assortment ' Intheoity. We would iafom ttrannrs th*? Mr. B'*. newly invented wig* obtained a silver medal Zt the last hit of the in* h dean Institute. Enough said, copy the addi*** e The Cheapest and Best Place In the City tm y let good Boot*, nhoe* and Gaiter*, i* at JONES'S, 14 Ana mat near the Amerioan Museum. First qaality of Franab OalfDiaa ,i Boot*,$4fiO; aeeond do, $300 to $i; Congress Boots, from gSfl to $4; French Patent Leather Boots, $7. 9 The Metallic Tablet Strop, fjr Keeping 8 Basors in perfect order, invented by G. Skunder^ year 1816. Thi* krtkleha* be. n so long and favorably knewn, a* to need no comment onit* virtues. Suffice it tofcay, it has never been equalled for the purposes intended, tbe inventor having b*en awarded the usual premium at the Fair of the Annucan Institute, on each occasion that the article ha* been exhibited for cmpitition. I Certificate*, a* well from the first gentlemen in this *ud other oountries, and cutlers in all parts of th* world, acknowledging it* t wonderful |<ower. can be seen at the Factory, 147 Broadway, ootncr if Liberty atreet. und 387 Brosd??v i A very flue French Cloth Drtu or Kraek , Out,mad* tu order, from French cloth*. $16; tome for $14; *oim for Alio, Sack*. Ovircoat*, 1'aiit*, and Vesta, very finely made, *t |>rica* which moat aitonish natives, 1 orwignera, and i other* Pei+apa. mine ia the only atore where good* art all bought for caah down; therefore, can he aold low > O. H ( l,\KKK I lfi William *traet. Dr. KellUger'i I.tnlment hai rnnd Air. J. i ti Burger of acrolula. of ten yearn atanding, No. 136 Jamee atreet; Hx E. Blakemau. of aciatic rheumatism, of twenty yeara, re it near Cato'a four n ile house. C ?to has been ra ?ed from death's door by it* magic inllueace ; caae, infiammttory g*ni. Ulcer* of twenty yeara ha%e been cured In a ahort time. Thousand* of certificate* ean lie show*. The following highly diatinKtiiahtd individual* any that it i* the heat geuoral remedy la market:?Hon. M. II. Gltanell, Hon. K. F. Carman, Hon. K. IL Morrta P. M. of New York city. It 1* use* by the Irving*, Co*tor?, Livingaton* Suyd*m* Hamiltona, Ixirrilarda, Scnermerhorn*, *e., ac. Office 2311 1'earl atreet, Tatteraala, Broadway; Redding k Co., Sta e street., Huston; of thedngglat* and **ddl*r? generally. Price M eta . f4 per do*.: $42 per groa*. 33,000 Peraona and 1)^000 Hnnday School Scholar*, within Uie|la*t three montlu|nave visiied'lianningtoa'* Sacred Diorama*, and Wave imii dolightei Th* houae i* ciowded with fashionable aodience* nightly. Twenty-two magnificent ralnluiga. by Mr. Baker, of lionden. Bjth exhibition* are combined, and make on* of the mo*t brilliant and beautiful exhibition* cv?r witn***ed. There will be a performance thia afterncon at 3 e'elock. The evening performance oommanoen at 7)4 o'clock. Admittance to the whole only ^Aoenta. i 'Winter OH.?11. AMwro & Co., 106 Division ' atreet, corner of Eldridge atreet, and 240 Grand atreet, aeoond f block caat of the Bowery, are idling pure whit# winter oil at only "ix ahilling* per gallon, warranted to Ktand the oold weather l without oongeallng, and Imrn all night aplendidly. The Hlchelleu Utanond Pointed Oold 1 Pen*, are acknowledged to be tr.e moat auperior artiole of th? kind new in uae. The point* are fine and (mooth, and kav* the i laaticity of a i)uill. bold only by B. B. Wataon k Co., No. 14 I Wall atreet, Oold pena repaired. \ Hat among lUti^The painter'* art La peculiar, ao n the hatter'a. A i*>eti* choice and fine in hi* Idea*? | a hatter la the aame. A mathematician oombinea reaaon with hia problem*?a hatUr doe* the saint in hia styl*. coapoaition and arrangement. Knox, hatter. 138 Fulton aUeet, San Building*, m*ke* a durable, profitable aad. beautiful hat. Bay ohm, ui yew will buy from him often. HpnHamm, Attend.?All trn? loveraof the noble pastime f sporting might to procure n copy of " Krmk Fcret ter'a Field Sporta," Juat pnl.ial.ed by Str.nyir Ik Townsend. It i* allowed to lie the only c mplctr work on N"ld (porta that wo have in the country, uniting, aa it doea, Ui?<|U*htiea of a perfect manual of instruction wiui Uic utmost cluamvaa and accuracy ofdearriptlon. It will be the of every true follower ot the dog and gwn In the eonntry. Beott'a Cheap KnrnUiiln|{ No. 1.1} ... ?v? my ?<ot?n t luvnen at tout tmr<'hB?ti>K Shirt*, Collar*, Cretata. rndur H .thin*, fcr f?r fall and winter wear. ?te reap* ctftnly iavited to call hi tin* jtore ? 1 In ) ?ill not only ttnd a Urge and aplmidid u*-<irtin?nt, bat ad |>rto?-ntli?t cannot tail to ?uit thu moat counxniral |*r?.ina. CaJ anil .iiii'iw f"r yotiTWlTW IIimiId, IIimiIk.?liotcriKir Voting, rvrnerof Fullm-. and .Nafi-aii mrfota, ( mmxitt t*i>- di ral I l<iiil<Un<s hat (or niilr wati-i rri'of limit* from >1 (Ml ?' V> Fine Fn-nch Calf II mu ai f>4 !*, uawally t'< and fi7. Ktn?* lloota, hi* make, f& All, upiiall) VI Ml and I'alent l/alber Uouta (.aiinra, Mhnea. 8iipjjer?, 0?c r>t i et, Sc., equally low TIIK DOCTOR. II 9 1 I K t I A I, I t P I f |i | NONKI IHAIIKKT. Kiltlny , Orl. IMM) P. M, We have nothing naw In the atock market to report to day eithar in the ??} ot i peraliona or priiiwa Thu fluctuation* ironi day to day ir? to trifling >< to ha hardly worth reporting The Knrop?an new* ha* had no influence np<in the market; and the bulla and beara ar* ko?*?4Ui?li> matrhid thai w? look for do Important rhi ege either way very aoon. At the (lr?t '.nard ta<imy Newark and Worroater advanced >,, Heading Mallroad V Itlaud Krle new, full Karqara

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