Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1848 Page 1
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% T H NO. 5256. Th? Overthrow of (lie American Govern, ment?The Dissolution of the Union. [ Krom the London Standard, Sept 19.J Our kinsmen at the other side of the Atlantic, no many of whom are warm sympathisers with the Irish repealers, appear to be in a very fair way to have a " repeal of the anion " iiuestion ol' their own. without the guarantee against violent separation which the monarchical principle in oar own government happily affords. As we have lately seen, when a leparatist party rises In the United Kingdom, the whole power of the kingdom can be almost at an instant brought to bear for its suppression; the division that declares itself is moral, not territorial. It is the division of the " loyalr> (a word, by the way, that they have net in the United States, because they have not the idea) against the traitor party.not Kngland against Ireland, or Ireland against England. One good effect of this distinguishing characteristic of monarchy is, that it protects men in their own opinions everywhere, without the danger of their being overborne and oppressed by a contiguous majority. This protection id necmarily wanting in the United States, as in every ether republic. What the majority of any considerable distrlot command, all within that district must obey; and, therefore, when we find a very large division ef the confederation talking seriously w of a repeal of the union," we may confidently predict that a disruption ia not distant. The faot is. that there is no principle of cohesion in the American commonwealth to counteract the many tendencies to repugnance that threaten to separate it into at least three several States. There is no neighboring enemy of Fumctent power to force them into, or to hold them in I union for a common dtfence. The use of steam na- I vigation. which has, as it were, welded the liritinh inlands into one. bridging over the sea, that now draws them closer, instead of separating them, has had precisely the opposite effect in the United States. Formerly the inhabitants of the provinoes west of the Allegheny range, having deseended the Ohio and the Mississippi with that produce which was their srle subject of traffic, were accustomed to avoid the delay and other inconveniences of a return voyage against the stream of these great rivers by a land journey northward, through Georgia, the rarolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, &e. This constant intercourse, of necessity, led to connections of commerce, marriages, and friendship, but this occasion of intercourse ban bten superseded by the return voyages by steam, and the Kentucky man now really kuows as little of his f?)low-citizens eastward as of the people of Kngland or France. The case is still stronger with the men westward of the great rivers. To this, which may be regarded ss an inert cause of separation, more active repugnances are added?the Northern States are, in gteat part, manufacturers?the Southern States, exclusively agricultural. The Northern States are wisely resolved to protect their manufaeturing industry.' by high tariff*, and being sutticiectly agricultural to supply their own wants, they are wholly independent of the States of the South, upon which States the high tariffs of the Northern States recoil with Injurious effect. Thirdly, the Northern States have abolished slavery in their own territory, and are manifesting a strong disposition to compel the Southern States to abolish it also. The people of the Southern States, however, nave long believed that, to emancipate their slaves, would throw their land out of cultivation, and render it perfectly worthless. We may believe that they are mistaken in this opinion, but questionless, the late practical proclamation of the British Legislature, that slave labor cannot be dispensed with in not climates, must tend pow erfully to oonfirm this opinion in those once possessed by it. Meanwhile, the abolitionists of the Northern States are as violent and as intolerant as eyer. Now, our opinion of the righteousness of abolishing slavury has never, for a moment, wavered. We believe that the Creator has destined all the earth that he has f oi med for cultivation, and that he has destined all his rational creatures to freedom; we, therefore, cannot admit that there is any portion of the world, least of all the richest portion of it, that can be cultivated only by slaves; ana if our abolition have failed to any extent, which we doubt, the failure is, we are satisfied, due to the neglect of raising the West Indian negroes to the rank of rational beings, before making them free gents. But though our opinion of the righteousness of the abolition of slavery has never wavered, we are bound to confess that the last few years have greatly modified our opinion of "abolitionists." These few years have proved that at least three-fourths of those who most loudly clameied for "emancipation" In 1831 and 1832, were nothing better (Quakers included) than disgusting hypocrites?men who cared nothing for the happiness of black men or white men, or anything but their personal popularity or per. onal profit As men are not found to improve by crossing the Atlantic we must conclude that the proportion of honest and good laen among "the abolitionisis" in the Northern States is sot "Mater than it has proved among our own "abo litlonUtia, ' ana II lucn De iub we mime tiling. i if th? Southern republicans believe (a? after our ex- 1 ample they well may) such to be the cate, they must i feel Insulted aa well as endangered, when threatened, a* they are, by their northern fellow citizens with a compulsory abolition of slavery. We hare been led to these reflections upon the almost ctrtalnty of the speedy dissolution of tbe American republic by a very remarkable speech of undoubtedly the seoi nd man In the States?Mr Webster Icizu the first?Mr. Calhoun We find the speech, -which was delivered at a general meeting of the State of South Carolina, in the Charleston .Mercury of the 21st of August. The purpose for which the meeting was called wgs to consider the part to be taken by the people of South Carolina at the approaching election or President. I'pon this point Mr. Calhoun gives the following excellent advlee, which we should wish to see followed universally at English elections?namely, in a contest where no ooicpetitor worthy of a vote offers, to give no vote. Our praotice of voting for the less bad in iuch eases, only serves to support, by the sanction ot an honest man's vote, one who is confessedly a bad man :? "To tbe question of the Presidency, his attention (said Mr. Calbtan,) had been early and earnestly directed, and the conolnirion be bad arrived at was, that the proper policy of tbe state was to stand aloof from the contest; and in this sentiment he had th< concurrence of all his colleagues of the South Carolina delegation in Congress, w ith perhaps out one exoeption. There were several leacous for this determination - among them may be I mentioned that neither if the candidates oomes up tojour requircl ments of principles or policy; and j-y entering into an active and H heated political contest, each party abusing the candidates of I' i heir opponents, and praising their own as exemplars of perfection, I the state woald be degraded to tbe level which they occupied." I This, we repeat it, is excellent advice, and most worthy of being followed by British elector*. Whoever, on any ground, votes for an unworthy candidate, degrades himself to the level of him for whom he votes. Mr. Calhoun, proceeding to particulars, speaks of the abolition party thus :? " Since I addressed you last in ttis place, a great change has taken place in the position of parties at the North. The aoolitlon party, which was then a mere handful, has now grown to be a mighty party?a party above and beyond the Presidency?a party that haa cast aside both the candidates of the old parties, and nominated as the representative of their free soil principles, Mr. Van Bnrea, who was formerly President of the United States. Fnch a man would never have consented to be pi toed In that position unlets he was coavinced there was a firm foundation for the ' movement, and aaw that tbe Ntrth hail determined to rally on this great question of sectional supremacy. lie referred to tbe action ol tlie Senate on the Oregon bill; and lamentable as was tte defeat of the S uth <>n that (uestion; it wat still more lamentable tfcat it a as accomplished by the votes of two Southern eaators. Trie action ol the North in inserting theJWilmot proviso into the Oregon bill was a mere wanton assertion of power. Itwaaunivi rsallj admitted that the climate and soil ol Oregon unfitted it leva slave population ; but the North determined upon tin asser: tion of tbe right to excludc slavery from the territories of the I'men, without conditions or restrictions. It was the first time It wns so applied, ami the determination is manlfirsi so. to apply it tsrealter In all crws?even in Cuba, should that ialand ever be annexed to our Union In the old confederation the ordiaanca tor the government of the north-western territory was proposed for thiei. years, and wss only adopted then when the restitution of fugitive slaves to tl.< ir owners ? at coupled with itata condition.'' H?re is th* foundation laid for a deadly quarrel. Let us sea whnt Mr. Calhoun predicts of tbe result of the I conflict, whenever it shall arise " By ralliing a great Southern party that will support no man aot pledged to the maintenance oT the righta of the South, and the guaraateas of tlie constitution, a party will be formed iu tbe North, who will co-opeiatc with us. But if this fails to arret tlie spirit of aggression now to manifest, and the alternative is toreednpoa as of resietance or submission, who can doubt the result? Thoiurh the Vaiou ia dear to us, our honor and oar liberty are dearer. And we would be abundantly able to maintain ourselvra Tbe North Is rich and powerful, butshe lias many elements of division and v eakness?Pourieriten?the vote younvlfa farm m-n?the strife of labor with capital?spirit of anarohy aad misrule, already developed, w hieh, sooner or later, will tad In ber overthrow. The South, on the coatrary, haa a t omogeaeous population, and a|conmot boat ?f union, which ? onld render as powerful and united. Wherever Southern men have been placed npoa the battle field, from the eloalng event o. cur revolntiomry w ar, dow n to the entrance of our army into the iltyof Mexico, tliey bave shown themselves in ^enera'sbip and soldiership, at least eiual to thoae of any ether section of the Cnioa. Our custom lious< s would afford ua a revonae ample tor every purpose, almost as treat in amount as that now collated by the federal government, The South now exports to the Northera States more than all the exports ef the North to foreign inn trie", and it ia a well establiahed principle that the imports of a community arc based upon its exports, and that they nearly e<iual saeh ether. In whatever aspect then wc consider it, we will be aa well prepared for the striata as the North. He did not court it, h?t be w tula uot shun it, and old aa he was, he was willing to go thrnagh his abate of the eontest" It canat t surprise any one that the conclusion of this speech was greeted with enthusiasm, not by any party or factious meeting, but by an assembly representing the population of the St?te. This speech is. liowavor, a complete -'repeal" manifesto; railing for a dissolution of the republic, irthe Northern States do not cosafly with terms with which assuredly they will not comply. The reference to the acquisition of t uba cannot hate escaped the notice of tba British reader; bnt this doaa not mueh concern the main consideration, namely, the future prospsots of ths whole oommoswealth, as a whole - a question we take leave to say. propeily much more interesting to us than the result of toe convulsions of (Jermany or Italy, or even of Kraaoe. Whether the dissolution of the commonwealth would be beneficial or injurious to British interests <we think It would be injurious, not only to British Interests but to th< Inl rents of mankind uenerally) is a question upon which men may differ but that that event must etrrcise a vast influence upon the interest of this oonntry, whether for good rr foe evil, is a proposition that no rational man can doubt, and yet I <at dissolution seems to be almost inevitable. f Tutmw.i: ? At four o'clock Friday afwrnoon, a keg of potvdrr e.\|?l?>ded in th?- stop' ef Mr. f'rastu* lltiblard. of Montprlier, burning several persons In a most shocking mariner, and In.Hiring the ballsing slightly. Mr. Hubbard himself, tieorga Blake, Asro Bancroft, and an Irishman in Mr. Hubb*rd> employ are dangerously Injured, end seven i?T?ra?y ? JMrKwgfsn t' '0 * 'rfit*', '>( jo Vermont 2 ? 2 ? Mala* 2 S 1 i Pennsylvsnia 16 9 17 7 Ohio.. 10 II 11 10 Florida 1 ? 1 ? Georria * * * * South Carolina ? 7 ? 7 Total .....36 50 37 48 36 37 In faror ef the dsmosrats 18 U TACAItCIFS. Vfimont, no ehoice * state nominations. n#w York. Election, Tuettay, November T. STATE HOMINATIOWI, Democrats. Whig). i Governor.. . . Heu'n.IT. Walwftrth. Hamilton (-lib. ' Lt. UoT?rttor..CbarlM O'Conor. Geo. W. Patterson. : Canal Com ... Sherman McLean. Charles Cook. S. Trlion 1m. .Curtis Hawley. Ale*. H. Walls. f\ee Soil. Jtnti- Kent. Governor.. . .John A. Dlx. John A. Dl*. Lt.Governor. .Seth M. Gates. Geo W. Patterso n Canal Com. . .Cbas. A' Wbeaton. Chas. A Wheato n S. Prison Ins. .Wm. P. Angell. Ala*. H. Wells. Liberty League. Governor William Goodell. I Lt Governor Robert Anderson. Canal Com John C. Harrington I S. Tr ion Ins Hiram Pitta. flOMIftATlOla ?OS Tlia AMIMILT I'otintiet. Ihit, Dtw. 11 Am. Free Soil, Albany 1 Hiram Barber. Thos. Buxton. 2 ... D. Van Ankin. .1 ... R. H. Prnyn. ! Brooms 1 /. Hyde. ... ... I Clinton 1 O Stevenson. I Chemung 1 ... ... Alvah Nash. Chenango I A.M.Ray, A. Johnsoa. R.N. Bourae. 1 I. L. Cotwn. ... O. J. Tracy. : Cattetaurua., . 1 ... 8. R. Crittenden. A. Adams. 2 ... H.C. Young. A. Bushnell : Cayus* I J. W. Carr. E Curtis. Chautsu'iur.., ,1 ... 8. Teriy. ... J ... E. B. tiurnsey. ' Columbia I W. M. Miller. Jas. M. Strever. 1 W. Strever. ... i Cortland 1 ... Ira Sheet. Delaware. ...1 ... ... JEThompeoa 2 ... ... D. Row land. Kile 1 I, Barton. B. Thompson. 2 S. Beemnn. A. Raynor. H.B. Ransom. ? ... M. MrS'eal. Wm. Mil la. ? ... I.. Buxton. A. Warren. 1 ... J. Cnlhert. titnr^ee I T. P. PeadelL ... ... 2 J. Deshonir ... ... '.reenf I ... A. H. Bailey, 2 B. MoCahe A. Tnttle. BtrVinur I ... C. WIlMard. F.P.BsUin(S( 2 ... ... Am. Wlleoa. Klnta I J. A. Voorhis. J. Born ton. 2 0. H. I'armelee.E. D. risk. :i R. S. Church. J. A. Cross. Litinztton.... I ... P. woodraf. 1 ... A. B. MeLean. Leala 1 ... . D. Psase. Msdiaou I I. P. Chirk. ... ... 2 Sll Pott-r. ... f. Daas. Montgomery...) W.A.Mlllmine ... ... 2 J. Gardiner. L. A?ertll. Vi nr<r 1 ... L Eelisy. I 2 Edw. R.>g??n. I.. W Smith. ... .1 J. R. Smith. E. Harmon. J.J.Unii. K<? Y>?h ....I ... P-H Hudson. 2 ... Jiiree Bowea. H. V- B. Me Cbllough. :? II J.AIID. 4 ... A. Waaeaaan. * ... H. T. MeKianey. ... f ... J. * Bahama. ... E NE MOI | IMPORTANT POLITICAL MATTER. THE RESl'LT OF TIIE ELECTIONS OF 1848. THE PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST. At', Ac. <Vc. State Elections. THE RE5l.LT OF THE ELECTION9 AI-READY HELD IN IS18, C'OMl AREI) WITH THE SXTTlUtS OF Is* 11 Stale. Prm. Il'%, Free Soil. Ih't'l. Whin. Abn. Miicc 40,1*7 30,241 48,719 34 378 4.SJ6 Veimoul 13,420 22,007 14 Ml 2ft,770 3,9M Connecticut.. . 26,699 .'HU'Sl 1,773 29,Ml 32,632 1,943 Delawite ? 66 ? ? 287 ? rennfylvmU. 156,836 167,063 ? 167,833 161,203 ? 1 N. I aid ca . . 41,486 42 380 ? 39.2-S7 43,232 ? Uetivi# 36,940 36,697 ? 44,147 4 2.10(1 ? Ohio ? 296 ? - 5,940 AiUurnc 14,4^X5 9,?2I ? 9,646 5,504 ? Kentucky.... ? M-l ? ? '.',267 ? Illinois ...... 13,081 - - 12,392 ? _ IliMcur; 48.921 33,968 - 41,-i69 31,281 _ Total 21M.4I6 371,1!'3 26,797 407,877 392,764 10J33 371,19.! 392,764 Ocm. tnsj... 23,286 18,113 23 256 nniii IUJ MlJt Free Boil, or abolition, YOtc in 1848 Abolition vote in 1844 10,.'33 Inereaee li.Ait The above result giveB us the following view o i the Thirty-First Congress, whiclf begins its ex istence on the 4th of next March.* It will be seen that, thus far, the democrats have gained in the Congret^ional delegations, as well as in the popular vote. THIRTY-FIRST CONURKSS. March 4, 1849. Senate. Whins in Italia; Natives in Small Capitals; Democrats in Roman. Term Term Majnk. Br fires, A), a ham A. Expires. Ilinnibal llamlin Dixon II. Lewie I,"53 W. Bradbury 1853 Democrat 1855 nlw mississippi. John H. llal? 1853 Jeflcrson Davie 1861 I'noertain 1853 HenryS. Foote 1SS3 Vkrsiost. Lovisiawa. Samuel S. Shelve 1851 S. U. Downs 18M Whig ISM Pierre SouUi 1855 liA.ssAciireiTTN. Arkansas. Pntiirl Webster 1851 Win. K. UcbMtiau 1853 John Davis 1853 Democrat 1855 RllOIir Isl.AMD. TKNNKSStE. Albert C.dreene 1851 Hopkins L. Turney 1851 John H. Clarke 1853 John Bell 1853 Co.nnkcticvt. KknTI'CHV. Roller S.Baldwin 1851 JoHcph R. Under icood .,. 1853 Truman Smith 1855 Whig. 1850 NkwYork. Ohio. Daniel S. DickiluOn 1851 Thomas Coririn 1851 Uncertain 1855 Uncertain 1855 NbwJkrkky. * Michigan. II vi. Dayton 1851 Thoma* 1'itzgeruld 1851 Jacob W. Miller 18S3 Alpheug Fe loh 1853 PKtnSYI.VA*!*. INDIANA. Daniel Stnrpeon 1851 Jesse D. Bright 1851 Whig, probably 1865 Deuiotrat 1865 DCI.AWARK. Ili.ihois. John M. Clayton 1851 Stephen A. Douglass 1853 Presley S^ruanet 1883 Democrat 1855 Reverdy hthnion 1881 Thomas n. Bcutoii 1851 I Joint* A. Pea ret 1865 Dcmooiat ltM VlRGIKIA. Fl.llRIDA. James M. Mason 1861 David L. Yulee 1851 Kobert M. *J'. Hunter 1863 Whig 1855 North Carolina. T?.\ah. I lt%i P. Mnnyum 1863 Themas J. Ruak 1861 Wbig, probably 1866 Sum Houston 1853 Soi'th Carolina. Iowa. * Jolm C. Calhoun 1863 Uncertain 1851 Democrat 1856 Uncertain 1863 Georgia. Wisconsin. John MP. Berrien 1883 Hc.nry Dodge 1851 W. C. Dairion 1866 Uncertain 1856 Total number of Senators 60 Whigs sue, thus far , .26 Democrats sure, thus far 29 Uncertain 6 House of Representatives. ZJiif. Illinois. Florida. 1?Wm. H. Bissau. i-U. C. Cabell. 2?John A. M'Clernaad. Pennsylvania. 3? Thomas R. Young. 1?Lewis C. Lkvin . 4?John Wentwottli. 2? Jot. H. Chandler, b?Wm. A. Richardson. 3?Henry D. Moore. f?Eduard D.Baker. 4?JJuhn Robbins, Jr. 7?Thomas L. Harris. 5?John Preedley. Missouri. ti?Thoa-Rosa. 1?James B. Bowlia. 7?Jrtst C. Dickey. 2?Wm. V. N. Bay. ti-^Thaddtut Stevens. V-Jame 8. Green. !>?Wm. Strong. 4?Willard P. Hall. 10?M. M. Dimmiek. 5?John S. Phelps. 11?Cheiter Butler, | low*.' 12?DavM Wi'moL 1??Hm. Taamjwoa. M?Jo?epk Catty. 2? Sh^oerd Lelflcr. 1??Charlet W.Pitman. Arkansas. 16?Henry Net. 1?Robert W. Johnson. lii?J as. X. McLanahan. I Vermont. 17?Samuel Calrin. ! 1? H'w. lltkry. 18?.4. Jack ton Of It. f?No ehdea. 19?Job Mann.i Iv?Hcoroe P. Mari/i. 'JO?ft. R. R'ee. 4?Mo choice. 21 ?Motet Hampton. Ma ink. 22?,to>n II". Ho ire. 1? Elbridgc UerrT. 23?James Thompson. 2? Nathaniel S. Littlefield. 24?Alfred Gilmore. 3? John Otit. Ohio. i?KuJut K. i.oodenote. 1?DaTid T. Disney, ft? Cujkn Sawtelle. 2?L. D Campbell. 6?Charles Stetson. 3?K. C. Hchenrk. 7?Thos. J. D. Fuller. *?Motet B. Vorwin. Gkor'.ia. 5?Emery D. Potur. < u L-J I 1'? M. J. Welborn. 7? Jonathan D. Morrij. 3 Alien T. (hren. 8?John L. Tahlor. 4?H. A. Uaralxon. U?Idaon B. Olds, ft?Thomaa C. Uaoketk 10?IjCbarles 8weet?r i li? Howell Cobb. 11?John K_ Miller. 7?Alex. II Stephen*. 12?Samuti F. I'tn/an. f?Robert Tonmbi. 13?W. A. Whittleeey. Sovth Cahoi.ina. 14?S'atluin Emu. I 1? Darnel WaMacc. 15? li'm. F. Hunter. 2-1 J. L. Orr. lt>?Mote* Uoagland. .1?J. A. Woodward. 17?Joseph Cable. 4?* "John M'Queen. 18?David K. Carter, ! F?Araiatead Bnrt. 19?John CrotetlL. I ti? tIsaac 1. Uolmea. 'M?Jo*. R.(iidAinf>. ; 7-W. F. Colcock. J1 -Joteph SL Root. ? Tkia N?t ii te to c*at?ttod kp Daniel F. MHlsr, whig, ia ' consequence of the rejection of the poll book of the Kanerrille I precinct. t alerted as a Taylor man. i This aeat ia to b* contested by John S. Little, Jr., whig, on ee, connt of alleged fraud in the return* from Riohmnnd and the <li? ; trie t of Pons. I' This teat ia to b? contested by Mr. Duncan (whig) for alleged I fraud*. T Cal'ed a whig, probably a Moderate democrat. * Elected in op|>ositton to Alex. D. Sim, the member of the I Thirtieth Congress, a decided Caaaite. THE RESl'LT IN KIO!rRE9. Nkw Oi.n Colours*. ll'Jky, Dem. Hhit. /Vm. Illiaoia I 6 1 t Mtaeonri ? ft ? 6 Arkansas ? 1 ? 1 I Towt ? 2 ? 2 W Y O 1NING EDITION?TUE I C'vutiliet. TH?t. Dtm, H'iUf. Frtc Soil, New Ytrk,... 7 ... A.VanOrden. H ... Wm. Jones. J. Mitchell. 9 ... Chan. Farley. 10 ... O. II. Striker. 14 ... R G. Campbell. ... lfi ... M.R Brewer. J. K. vt hit-. 16 ... A. Gilbert ... Niagara 1 ... H. White. R. White. 2 ... M. L.Johnson. Ontario I C. Uorton. D.8teph?n*?u. 2 ... J. Porter. Oneida 2 ... ... D. U Barton. S ... ... J.M.BlwootL Oswego 1 W. I,?wif, Jr. II. Pitihnnh. .,. 2 O. House. E. Brewster. Onondaga. ... .1 O. Higelow. ... 2 S. II. Greenman. 3 C. L. Alvord. ... ... 4 K. Dunlap. ... ... Onrgt 1 ... D. C.Bull. ... 2 ... D. K. Moffit. 3 ... M.Uoyt. OUcgo 2 ... ... S. Doubled*/ I'iiImiui ...... 1 ... . T. 11. Theal. Qneen's 1 W.8. Smith. ... Keun-e'aer 1 ... A.B. Hartley. ... 2 ... B. Allen. ... 3 ... W. H.Budd. Richmond 1 F. U. Uaaard. G. I'. Disoway. Selie uectady... 1 A. Conklin. Ja?. R. Green. Schoharie 1 1'. IIafter. D. B. Dantoitb. J. Ncrwlan. 2 P. Hind?. ... J R. Babbitry. Suffolk 1 ... Edwin Hone. O.UUuntft'a St. Lawrencc. ...1 L. I umphcrc, E. N, White. 2 C. Abornetby. ... J. S. Chapin. 3 J. Stevens. ... ... Sollivan 1 M. Dean. ... C. Thomas. Saratoga 1 C. Hollistor. R. R. Kennedy. ... Tit fa 1 A.C. Stodmtn. ... ... Toapkins 1 II. Brewer. D. Ball. S. Miller. 2 C. llumphrny. C. J. Rounsville. ... Ulster 1 J. B. Davis. ... J. Cooper. 2 M. Uillspaugh. ... R. Dill M aihington... I ... i*e K. Howry. 2 ... A. Robertson. ... Wyrmirp 1 ... P. Richard*. P. M. Ward. Winchester... 1 ... W. H Robertson. ... H. Kidd. Vfttc* 1 J. It. Andrews. ... H. Lawrence Liberty League. Anti-Kent. j Sullivan 1 ... Jamei F. Bach. Oui ida 1 I camlet 8. Wood. 2 William Lawson. 3 Aaron SuMlman. 4 David Clark. CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATIONS. Dili- Dtm. Whig. t^ree Soil. 1?Wtt XJ Jirown, John A. King, Henry F. Jones, i 2?1\ Meimttu, Jr. David A. Bokee, P. 8. Crook, 3? ... J. Phillips PhoenU, K.Smith. 4? ... Walter Underbill. ... 5? ... ... ... , S .. Horace Greeley J. Town send ( ... James Brooks, D. D. Field 7?Abra. J.Blauvclt. Wm. Nelion, John C. Blauvelt, S? Chas. Ganun. Rllallovay, B?nJ. Bailey, y?Cbsi". Woodward,Yhoa McKissock, ... IK?T. 11. Wheeler, Herman D. Gould, John Edgerten, 11?I). K. Olney, P. R. Silvester, J. P. Bcukman 12? ... Geo. B.Warren. 15? ... J. L. Schoolcraft, B. R. M ood, 14?F. 11. Cutting G. R. Andrtws, 16?Wm. Bedding, J. R. Thurman, lC?D. D.Campbell, Hugh White, Patrick (Jowen, 17?S. gammons, II. P. Alexander, J. I. Nellie, 18? ... BenJ. Squire, Preston King, ID?Edwin Dodge, C. E. Clarke, WiUard Ives, 20? ... ... Chas A. Mann, 21?Biram Walden, Thomas SmitA, 22?Wm. Mason, Henry Bnrnett, John Noves, 23? Daniel Crouee, Wm. Duer, James W.Nye, 24?II. Baldwin, Dan'tl Gott, C. B. Sedgwiok, 28?F.Hyde, B. S. Conger, U.S.Ballard, 26? 8. G. Rathaway, ... John M. Wisuer. _ ( tCullcn Foster, E. Bluckmore. Ja?. C. Smith, 21 ~ ) J. L. Bigelow, W. A. Sackett, Ansel Baacom, 25?E. D. Smith. A. H. Schermerhorn. II. R. Selden, 2!)?Geo. R. PerWt, Robert L. Rose, J. Garlingbousa, 31'? ... 31? . X. Risky, J. D. Hammond, 32?G. W. Clinton, R. G. Spaulding, H. J. Stow, S3? ... H. Putnam, 34?3. M. Burroughs, L. Burrows. Liberty League. .lnti-Rent. B? L. W. Hyekman, 10? ,.. Almiron Fitch, 11? ... John S. Anaale. . , . vnucun mjboiui. | IS? , ... Charles P. Bouton. 20? Berifth Green, * For the iliort term; to supply the ilu? of Jackson. (democrat) whose seat was contested and made vacant. t Kor the short term; to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of John M.HoIley. VOTE IX Sf* TORK. 1847. l&l Democrat IX),#2.1 237,?38 Whig 170,072 233,482 Abolition 8,51H 13,812 ii Anti Rent 4.911 ? ? Land Beform 1.709 ? ' Whig plurality 30,449 Dcm. plnr'ty.. 8,106 New Jersey* Election, Tuesday, November 7. DOMINATION I OI CONGRESS. Di?t. Ikmorrat, IVAj>. 1? ... Andrew K. Hay. 2?SUuy C. Potts. Wm. A.Newall. 4?Henry Hilliard. John Van Dyke. 6? ... Jas. G. King. Lit?rty free Soil. I- ... I?GeorgeB. Ivans. ... Z Mn'vl Stout, n i 6?James Bans. Will-am Wright. \ 0 T ? IN NEW JI.RSEt. 1847. 1*44. Democratic 34,785 37,4IKi Whig 3**1 38418 Birney ? l.'il Democratic majority 2,614 Whig raaj.. 82J , Alaittaebnietts. Election, Monday, November 13. NOMINATIONS I'OB GOVERNOR. Democrat. Whig. Free Soil. Caleb Cuibiig. George N. Biiggs. S. C. Phillips. KOR L1KUTKN/NT GOVERNOR. B. W. Cusbman. John Reed. John Hill*. NOMINATIONS KOR CONGRESS. Z>i?(. eurocrat. Free Soil, 1? Benj. P. llallett. Robt C. Win thro p. (has. Sumner. 2?R. Rantonl, Jr. D. P. King. C. Stetson. 3? Geo.S. Boutwell James H. Dnncan. C. L Knapp. 4?Fndk. Robinson. Benj. Thompson. J. G. Palfrey. 5?Isaac Da via Charles Iluasor. Charles Allen. 8?W. L. Griswold. George Aahmun. D. W.Alvord. 7?T. F-iPliinkett. Julius Rockwell. Charles Sedgwick. H?B L. Wales. Horace Mann. lioraoe Mann. 9?F. Boo per. Orin Fowler. Nathaniel Merton. 10? Jo*. Grinoell. A. H. llowlaad. VOTE IN MASSACHUSETTS. 1847. 1844. , wh%... .::v:.v.v.:::v.v:.".v.wffl ?7,oo9 Abolition 12,30!) J(\830 Whig plurality 14,060 13,970 Michigan. Election, Tuesday, Novemitr 7. NOMINATIONS FOR L'OMSRKSl. Diit. Democrat. It'Mjr. 1?Alex. W. Btiel. Geo. C. Bate*, 2? Chan. E. Stuait, M m. Spragut, 3? R- S. Bingham, Geo. N. Unlet**. VOIE IN HICHKliH. 1844>. 1K?. Democratic 2&W4 37,705 Whig 20M) 34,237 Abolition 2,H8T> 3,132 Democratic plurality 1984 3.4W1 Wlacoiiftln. Election NOMINATION FOR CONGRKSi. /Hit. Democrat. Whig. Fret XoU. 1?Wm. P. Lynde. Aeahel Finch, Jr. Charles Dmrke?. 2?A. II. Smith. Oreatnui Cole. Stoddard J odd. 3?J. D. Doty. ?OTK IN WISCONSIN. 1847. 1?J. Democratic 9,648 1,364 Whig 10,670 M Abolition S7.H _ Whig plurality 1,012 Bern, phrrAity, .959 VlMhont. Election to Fill Vacancitt. NOMINATION! FOR CIM1HKM. Dint. Dun. II hiii. Fret Soil. 2?1. Weston. Stephen S. Kej es. ... Aeahel Peck. City Nomination*. li hi*. Dent. I.ibei tu l*afut. Recorder.,. Fred. Talmadge, ... Geo .Adam. Surrogate.. .A. W. Bradford. ... A. B. Hauptman. Reciter C. V. Anderson, ... W.J. Morgan. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Tnendaf, Kovrmber 7, 1948. THJt CANDIDATES. Purtiei hbr Pretidcnt. Foi Vice Preaidtiit. I)< mo< rat Lewis Cam. Wm. O. Butler. W hig Zachary Taylor. Millard Fillmore. Free Soil Martin Van Buren. Charles F. Adams Liberty league Oenit Smith. C. B Foote, THK Nl'MBIR OF ll.*CT9R* Statti. Eleetori. FJcctor*. j 1 Maine 9 17 Tennessee 13 ; .? kl.? Il.minahiMi K IK Ohio 'W I :s Mataacbwietti.V..iu 1? Louisiana .. H 4 Rhode Illanri 4 ? MlaaMppI t. ,r> Connecticut. B 21 Indian* .12 6 Vermont ? 22 IlUnola 9 7 Mun land * 2."! Alabama !l fi Virginia 17 24 Mii-url 7 9 North Carolina U J? irtuw ;i JU New York ;? ?S Miohitt* t> 11 NewJereey 7 27 Flarida 3 12 Pennsylvania 2U 2* Toxai 4 I.H OtlHiri' .'I Iowa 4 14 SouthCarolina .. 9 '*) Wi*oon?in 4 l.'i Get (gift ?10 Hi Kentucky 12 TotftlEleoton 290 Ntcce*ary to a ehoic* 141 NAMES Of ELECTORS. ALABAMA. BKM?CftAT. *mn. At Lnrft. At Ijirt*. Nath). Terry. (i. W. Um, R. B. Withal I, T. II. Watti. IHitritt. Diitrict. 1?T. B Beth*. I),Anders**. j-ji hn Cochran. jaaee l. 5?. . # . T) naia* J. Judge., Vm. M. Marphey. 1* p * alker, K U. Townee ?D. C. Humphry*. A. C. Beard, 7?A. J. Walker. Nnnuel V. R>ee ARKANSAS. ?MI?. At l.o rrt At l.iirt/t. Joi n S, Rume '?ha fienutu. Jibn Ihriin. Jim Tiner. iVin t. t>JtLt. Veil. .Mi, W. V*ie. i ; RK E SDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1 CONNECTICUT. DEMOCRAT. WHlfl. At Large. M iMtue. r. (levoland, T. a. William*. T. H. toDw T. W. Willi km a. Dtntriet. Dbtriet. 1 ? Loren P. Waldo, Solomon Olmsted, 2?C. A. In*eii>ol|, Ebeueaer Ja< knon, S? Steohen Fitch, John MflCIallan. <?C. B. l'helpe. Joshua B. Ferrif. PRICK SOIL. LIBKHTf LEAOUK. A t 1m I'lit. At Lart/e. A. 11. CVlina, Lyman W. Case, W. Alexander, franeifl Sheffield." butrut. IHntrut. 1?K, Ciillette. John II. K< j-er, 2/?II. WLite, Henry B"tmy. 3?J. Wilson, Henry J Visit. 4?1* Phclpp, DELAWARE. rtMOOlT. WHIU. FHEE (OIL. At Imrfft. At Large. !( Lart/e. . ... ... J. W. Duncan, ... J. Lindney. ' District. IHktiUt. District. ... A. II. Dixon. FLORIDA. Dt'.MOCRAT. WHIII . It La rye. <{ La rgo John Miltun, . ... t. B. Dnpont Ihntrict. District. I?C. F, Fairbanks GEORGIA. IIKMOCR4T, WHIO. At Large. At Large. H'.T. Colonitt, Wm. Turell, M. II. McAllUur, S. Urantlawl District. District. 1?J. W. Aiderson, Hamilton Sharpe. 2?L- B. Mercer, W. II. Cnwfordi* 8? Allen Cochran A. W. Ridding, 4? John D. Steel, Wm. Uotcley, 6?Lewis Tumlin, Warren Akin, 6? It. E. McMillan, Aebiirr Bull, 7-W. McKinley, Y. P. Kinp, ! If? J.iiuetiGurdenor, Jr., O. Stapleton. ILLINOIS. DEMOCRAT. WHI?. At La rgt. At Im rge. Ferris Fi rmsn, Wm Brown, C. Laming. lien). Bond IXitrict. ' Diitriet. 1?Wlll'am Martin. A. Met;alien, 2?B. S. II are a, U. F. Under, 3? II. M. Vandevotr. <>. H. Browninr, 4?M. E II ollister, Silas N oble, 0?Lewi* W. Row, 9. A. Ilurlbut, rt? Juliua Manning, A.O.Henrv, 7?W. I, Furguson. L. B. Know!ton. KRT.V. (OIL. LIBERTY LEAGUE. -4t Large. * At Large. H. B. Evans, Thomas filer, Lewis Kirbv. Walter Filer. Diitriet. DUtrut. 1?Wm. B. Cgden, R. WaUon, 2?Thoe. Hayne, L. B Nichols, A bra. Hats, N. H. Bolles, 3?LeviP. Tenry, ?? Nugent, 6?Jona. Blam hard, C. T. Oailtn, 0?Geo B. Arnold, F. H. Taylor, ! 7?John W. Buffuni. E. Smaller. INDIANA. DEMOCRAT. WHIG. FREE SOU.. At I.urge. At Large. At Large. J. Q. Marshall, 11. L. Ellsworth, < Uedlove S. Orth, J. 11, Bindley, District. Diitriet. Diitriet. 1 ? ... J. X. Blythe, N. Little, . 2? ... John 8. Davis, J. B. Craven.", ... Milton Gregg, J. B. Cravens. 4? ... David P. Ilolloway, 9. W. Julian, 0? ... Thomas D. Walpolo, O. Butler, 6? ... Lovel H. Roman, M. Short, 7? ... Edw. W. McGunghey, A. 0. Coffin, H? ... James F, Suit, S A. Ilull', ... Daniel D. Pratt, J. I. Jeinigan, ] 10? .,. David Kilgort. L. Beeeher. IOWA. j DEMOCRAT. WHIG. KREE SOIL. j At Large. At Large. At Largt, A. C. Dodge, ... Wm. P. Clark, i Jot. Williams, ... *V. Van Antw?rv . Dutrict. Diitriet, Diitriet 1?John J. Selmnn, ... Wm. Miller, 1 2?Lincoln Clark, ... Dr. Dayton. ? Sinredeelined. KENTUCKY. DEMOCRAT. WIIIU. 1 At Large. At Large. j Robert N. Wickliflo. Arch. D. Diion. Francis P. Stone. ' Manlhis V. Thomson, I 1 DUtrict. bit t rut. j 1?Isaac Burnett, Livingston Lindsey. 1 2?11. J. Stites. Jam*# L. Johnson, S-James P. Bates, F. E. McUan 4?Junes S. Chritman. TbomaiiW.Lisle, fi-Jamea W. Stone, Bryan R. Yonng. (?Junes H. Garrard, Wm. Chenaalt. 7?James Guthrie, M. D. Ms Henry, < 8?A. K. Marshall, Leslie Combs, 9?Junes VV". Moore, Androw Trumbo, 10-W. T. Reid. W. C. Marshall. J.OI'ISIANA. lkxocHAT. wmi?. At Large. AtLarpe. Charles Daunoy. Jwpies TouUnt. J. B. Planck. J. P. Benjamin. VUirict DUtrUt. ] 1?Imac T. Pre?ton. Mannel J. Garcin. 2?Tlics. W. Scott. C. A dame, Jr. ] 3? Audrtw Martin. John Moure. 4?Henry Philip*. /a-. 0. Campbell. MAINS, democrat. ?hi?. rm soil. At La rye. At lArge, At Large. Hush J. Ai deison. C. 8. Davci*. M. B. Townscni . R.Mclntirc. B. W. Hinkley. Joseph Adams. Uittrict. DUtrict. IMitrict. 1?Edw. I/. Osgood. (Jidcon Tucker. John J. Perry. 2?O.L. Saubnrn. Thomas A, Deblois. James Apple ton. 3?Andrew Master*. Jann-s U. Br^inard. E. Holmes. 4?T. D. Robinson. J<.Keph B. Bridge. Calrin Gorham, ft-Asa Clark. Charles H. Pierce. D.Farnsworth. 5?0. R. Straw- Isaac Uodsdon.) F. Mussey. 7?Arno Wiswell. Andrew Peters. W.A.Crocker. MARYLAND. DKM0CRAT. WHTO, KRKK SOIL. At La rye, AtLnrge. /t Large. William Ii-Qaithcr, David Gamble, Joaeph S. Cottman. J. Reynold*. DUtrict. DUtrict. DUtrict. 1? ... J.M. 8. Cansin, D.Thoma*. 2? . J. Philip Roman, K. B. Cnnnin&haia V- !*. Andrew G. Egc, K.U. Lewis, 4- ... J. M. Harri*, J. H. William* 8? B. C. Wiekes, Ellis B. Howard 6? J. C. Derricks'n. S. S. Stevens. MASSACin;8ETTS. DKMOCKAT. WHIO, l'*K SOIL. At Large. At Larue At Large. Chas. f. Greene. LeTi Lincoln. Samuel Bo*;. Benry II. Childs. Edmund Dwiglit. William Jackson. IHihict. DUtrict. DUtrict. 1?James Cheevcx. Albert Fearing. Joetph Wlllard. 2? Iben. H. Btacey. Ba\id Pingree. John B. Allay. Edwin Lawrence. Daniel Adams. John G. Whittier. i 4?Tim. Fletcher. Isanc Livsrmorc. Nathan Brooks. 0?J.S.C. Enowlton. BcnJ. F. Tboma*. Ale*. De Witt. 6?Joseph Smith. Myr?n Lawrence. James Fowler. 7?Samuel Gates. Asa Unwland. Thomas Robinson. H?William Ellis. H. A. 8. Dearborn. BenJ. V.French. 9?Foster Hooper. Wm. Baylies. Philo Lcaoh. 10?J. D. Thompson Wm.R. Eatton. Isaac V. Tabor. MICIIIOAN. DKMOCKAT. WHIO. At Large. At Large. John S. Barry. Jacob M. Howard. Loren. M. Msaon. Heiekiab G. Well*. DUtrict. DUtrict. 1?Rj* Robinson. Henry Waldron. 2?Hot. C. Thurber. Henry B. Lathrop. 3? Wm. T.Howe]L Birsm I,.Miller LIHERTY LCAnVI. mr.EIOIL. AtLarfi. At La rft. J. G. Birtay. F. G. Iittlejohn. Cht Adanr. Jamti 1\ Jot. Diitrirt. IMitriet. 1?Tilmon front. J. P. ClinaUaney. i?J. G. Dolbear T. B. Tr?adwelL 3? Kban Curtis. Tn. Qilm"ur. Missoimi. DKMOCliT, WHIO. run 10IL. At Larft. At Larft. At Larft. JohnC. Welborn. T. L. Anderaon. A bit. McKlnney. A bid Leonard. IHttriet. Dulrict. Diitrict. 1?Epb. B. Kwiaf. A. W. Doniphan. 2?G. D. Hall. John C. RJehardaon. :i?B. F.Maeaey C.N. Bandy. 1-Jne H Relit AlvahCooW. Traitor Polk. I'riel Wright. ., . MI*S?SS!ITI. DKttOI MAT. Wllltl, Iff. At I.* I ff. Al. \?U'l?T (}. Ml Nutf. lamit W. CbalmcrN niilricf. nittrirt. 1-P. B. Wright. 2?0. W. I.. Sniith, 3? William MrWUM* 4-J. Al> xander MKW IIAMrsillKK. d;moihit. whim. rim toil.. itl.nrgf. At Isirft. At Larft. Sanl. Tilton. JauieaBell. John Pace. Jtmt Bowerf. Wm. Hale. Daniel Iloit. District. Phi f let. DUtriet. 1? Jowph H. 9?ith, J. B. Wentworth, Job* Dow, I?Jura bitnti, Ri. hard Bradley, Sahna Hal*. :t?Rmhard II. Ajrr, kdmand Parker. Thotnaa PeritiM 4? Biaiton Warni i. Joua. Kiundue. John H. White. .NEW JERSEY. j dkmio BAT. WNI?. At l.mrf*. At la Iff. \ PaUr n VMfin J?khn *?MkW 1 John S. Dun, Jnum V. Brown, IXitrift. Dutrkt. 1 ? II W. Oodlrf.r, Jo*hu? A. Brii-k. 2? *?. N. Sliina, Chaa. Barronclu. :i?Km, B. Sloan. R. V. Ananrong ' l~B#nry A. ford, Call in BowaU, ft?Rirli. R. PkuliKin. P. I. Arkrrmaa. ?R?:K mil. '.iltllTY l.tAnvr M lar<M. jt Alt*. Wuru, Mom, A. R. Wftllii, V. C. Stewart. IHttrkt. Viitrit. 1?Jacob IlaiTtj, fa. Height a 2?Id*. D. Weld, Jhm U*. V I) Rj?r??n, Rtehard Coracll, 4? J.B. Muna, Tiomii t? BaWwa, Jam* Hotter. .N*W YORK. PRMIiliT. Will#. Atl.arft. At l.oifr. Canplw'1 H- While. Hear; II. Roee, HfniB J. RfdHeld. J oh a A. Collier. IHttrkt. IHitrkt. 1- Biifth llalnej. At rmliem T. Row, 2-John A. liOtt. J * ibm M. Crow. 3-Fraauii B. Cnttiaf. Daaial Lord, Jr. ?- Altxaadar V. V?< be. Joeeph Hone. I.?Tewaeead B?rr?, 'liinotliy Wbiiteraore. t -J?ha U. Clfro, lieorjM GrieweM, 7-Beaj. Ilraodreih. George Beacon *? Daalel D. A Ik in. loha C. I'rvMr <> Ale?*tder Thonpeea, Jamee D Birtl. 10-Fhl lr Dubois Marrln Whealer 11?Ollvar W Uwafi, RoWn Derlea. ia?B?ary ValL lnaei *eya??i.T. -'1? Feter VfMtll, t'aibeei f. cr?*by, f?im IW W1 BWCTWWWJWKWWWWWWWMl' I [ERA 348. 14?Timothy Eildy, Jairen McKit, U-I??vid Roix Hill; J. Clark*, It?Wm. L F. Waritn, S*mr>?l Ft- ?nitn; v' 17?Tbo?. I>. Mitchell, am Ch*ttt?ld, M| if? Aiourn rosier, juu i;. uull, 19? Joeepb Ciavet. Charles . i luke, v. 10?John D. I.daud. Wm. B. Wclln, Ml 11?Lyman flanfoid, Daniel Larklo, 42?Stspben Strong, Charles B liarstow, I <0 23?Samuel rreiirh, Oliver Poole, I Nf H -Miles W. Bennett, Dors?:us Kellcgx, 29?John Thompson, Sle|>h.n Fancher, ; >, X? Etc neatr Ma> k, Kli Sl.eldon, | u, 27?Thomas Armstrong, Joseph W. oates, m. florae? Cny, Rrwum D Smith, y. a>? Lucius Werner, Ben). F., ()j Hirsm Potter, Samuel RimaelL, k( jl?ftbeneicr A. Ijratcr, Deles K. Sill, 12?CashingSwilt, Win. Ketohnm, a. ??Hurt's tf. Smith, Augustus I'. Hascall, j.( 14?Natl.aa Dayton. Solomon Parmalee. A >BEK (OIL LISEHTV LKAtiUB. I? At Im rjr. M La rgt. Robeit Emmett, Joseph Oaboru ? lamest S. Wad?wrrth, James C Jack ?on y IH$trict. Oiitrict. I J 1?Thoe. B. Jaokson, Jotfjih W linnet. 2?Hiram Harney, John Harrison. * 3? Faniuel Waterbury, Ilaary Wrlaht. A 4?Bernard J MfSJerole, ?nas Hrockett. 6? Tli#mnk H. Tappen, Norman Kimball. <1?Wm. P. Haven oyer, lllram P. Croiier. F 7?Samuel B. Fcrtif. Austin Ward. p 8?Thomas Kater, MoulKimery Merrick. 9?Nathaniel Jones, Charles Smith. 10?A1 ruliam A. D?yo. Alunuii Hutchinson. I. >1?John A. Bcekman, WsshinKton Stick nor. 13? Hliey Loomix, William K. Sheldon. | v l.'t? llarwoins Oleccker, Hiram Oauiels. , 14?JamesS Whalon, Hamilton Minefield. 1*1 10? Wm. B Failin, Gideon Uemlcrson. 16?John Gilchrist, Hiram Gilbert. 17? Waller Booth. Hiram Corlis.". IP-A. W. Doac,, David Plumb. 19? Chan. B. Hoard, Myron Hejilln. 20? Richard Ilulbert, Olio Simmons. . ?] U - F.llukim K. Ford, I. M. K. (lien. ! b 21' -Tracy Robimon, John U farewell. ; ,? S!?Jas. !\ Chandler, 1'roneiH Leslie. . 24?Samuel Bobbins, Joseph Trevor. i 1 28?Artcmas Cftdr, Abel A Leaton. I ?" 30?llenry B. Ilartwell, Ah ram Fennel. I ot .7?llenry B Stanton, William Shattuck la V? Freeman Ed son, Benj. L. St* dman. j ri LH?John Dleksor, John W. Sawyer. .. 30? Otto P. Marshal', Btillman Siiooner. 1' U'.n II T?W I Pnutlmi llux 01 32? ftllver Patch, Klini 8. Gilbert. : :i?ThomaeC. Peiar*, Darius Skidmore. wr 'M?Jae .Van Horne. Wm. W. Chapman '>i NORTH CAROLINA * DKMOCRAT. WIIIO. " At I-arg*. At Large. T) <m*f BragR, Kenneth Kayner. o All'. Bif??. Edward Stanly. H IHttrict. Dutrut. t| 1?Perrin Busbee, Henry W. Miller. i. 2?Oecrce 8. Stcvenion. W. U. Htvrrlaon. V-William S. Ailie, George D.ivin. u 4?Samuel .1. Pearson, John Wina!cw. <t 8?Cadwallnder Jones, John Kerr. ( ft?Junius I. Clemm?DS, Raw lev Galloway. ft 7?Green W. Caldwell, J W Osborne. / 5?W. W. CaldweM, Todd R. Caldwell. K? Willi*c II. ri omu, John Baxter. ^ OlMO. J,, Vf MflCRiT. WHI?. to At Lat;it. At Large. ril Lt G. Byington. Wm. Olf?er. I S. Starkweather. Wm. L. Pctkina. , I Hit rut. D'utrict. i 1?Jehn Srjrder, N. G. Pendleton, ' th "?George Keiling, Isaiah Morria, , sii 3?Joro. Kenney. Aaron Harl&n, 4?G. Voiney Dorsey, John G Telford, | .j, fk- C P. Godfrey, Samuel M. Young, 6? Samuel Myers, Isaiah Kcott, 1 80 7?John W. Bell, Owen T. Fishbaek, j P' 8?Daniel Cockerel), John L. Green, | ab 9? Sam.Diflenderfer, Charles MoCloud gl 0?Stephen M. IJttle, Sherman Finch, BO il?Dan'I.J.Swinney. Rollin C. Hurd, I , 2? Lewie Anderson. Joaeph J. Coomb*. K 13?John Lidey, John fl. Younir, ] P* ,4?Wm. Lawrence. David Chamber*, of i5?Wm. I. Try, Daniel Kilrore, el Uj?Joseph Burn*, Nathaniel Haydsn, | y, 17?Wm. McDonald, Anson L Brewer, It*? D.A.8tarkw*ather John P. Coulter, rr 19?Joel B. Butt'es, Fred. Wadaworth, j l0_ 9L*?Ilcnry B. Pay no, John W Allen, . w" tl?Abjjah Ives, BUneacr Lane, : of LIBERTY LKAGl'E. KRKK BOIL. j lot At Large. At Largt j Pp r. B. Iludsor, Jaa. Lymar. I. MircricGc*. jvawamei sawyer. Dittrict. Dutrict. H". P. II arris. Charles Cist nl *. Ilia ;bijmn, ... I tl C. M. Bturtevant, William Kills, I fe r.B.Ptatt, Obad Dor, K.Roberta John Paul, , ,v K. Morie, ... u I. H.B,\ddletun, Samuel Kerr, N. fa*T?r, James Mc'Jonnell, L. D. L. Weeka, II. Sage, Joeeph R. Swan, jD H. HaJc, Jamea McClibener, ?i . ehnCurure, ... r? i. W. Leach, ... i' C. B. D. Mill*, L'. A. Coolty, Itaoc Hollo way, yo 9. S. Barry, ... tic I 8. Brews, Robert George, [.. i. Bum 11, Henry Breed, . D. K Barry. rriendUook, ?T N. D. Burtlett, Rcnben Hitchcock, 1" P. Barry. Luther D, Griawold. tb PENNSYLVANIA. m:>i6i Rat. whig. free soil. . Atari*. *' Lnrije. At Large. " William Biglce, Jno. 1'. Sanderson Wm. Larimer, Jr. n< D. D. Wagoner T. II. T. McKennan. BcriJ. W.Riohnrda. m Diitiirt. DUtrict. Dittrict. tl 1?Henry I,. Bcnner, Joseph 0. Clarkson, John Aahton, Jr., e. 2? Horn R. Kneass, John P. WethergiU, David C. Skcrrit, 3?Isam- Shunk, James M. Davis, W. B. Thomas, i?/. L. Ronmfort, Thoa. W. Duffteld, Jns. J. Bobbins, cl 6?Jacobs. Yoat, Daniel O.llitncr, JnredDarlington ti? Robert E. Wright,Joshua Duncan, Levi Buckner, w 7?W. W. Downing, John D. Steele, Jacob Sharpie** ! fj f?Henry llnldemau John Landia, Henry Carter D 9?Peter Kline, Joseph Sohinueker, E. II. Mason. ' 10?B. S.Sehoonover, diaries Snyder, John Kelly, 11?Win. Swetland, WilUam (I. Burlcy, W. Donaldson 0 12?Jonah Brewster FranoisTyler Aaron Chubbuok. 1 tl 13?John O.King, Henry Johnson John M, Patton, ti 11?John Weidinan, William Colder Joseph Gray. j |( 16?l<ol>ert J. fisher, William M'llvainc, .Allen Robinctt, { . 16? Frederick Smith, Charles W. Fisher, Jason W.Iby, . 17?John Cromwell. Andrew G. Curtio, S, W. Miffln, 18?Charles A. Black,Thos. R. Davidson, James Slocum, " 19? G. W. Bon man, Jtseph Markle, John Power, I tl 20?John R. Shannon Daniel Agnew, Matthew Elder, , g< 21?Geo. P. lliimiltoD,Andrew Lonmis, George B. Riddel. n 12? Wm. H. Davis, Richard Irvin, W. w. McDongall, t 23?Timothy Ives, Thomas If. Sill. W.F.Clark, r' 21?J. G. Campbell. Sum'l A. Purviance. S. A. Mara hall, ^ RHODE ISLAND. jl itrmoclat. WHIO. FREE sou.. f| At Large. At Large. At Large. e< Wm. Sprague. Joieph Veaile, v George G. King. Robert R. CarrIfutrirt. District. Diitrict. 1? ... James T. Rhode*, AsaSiason, Jr. P 2? ... Rowae Babcock Geo. H. Church. p SOI'Til CAROLINA. The ( lectori are to be chosen by the l.egulature ^ TENNESSEE. nr.K?( hit. whir. At Large. At Large. Aaron V. Brown, JametC. Jonea, William T. Brown, John Netherland. LHitrkt. Diitrict. 1?L. C Hayes, Thoa. A. R. Nelaon, 2? B. H. Stephens. Albert G. Watxins, O! 3? Samuel A. Smith, Reeae M. Brabeou, t< 4?Samuel Tsrney, John L Goodall. I k R. l"ar<iuaharson, Wm. Keroboval, I . 6?Leonard n. 8imm?, Solon E Roae, 7?Jonae E. Thomas, JohnS. Brien, , 01 8?H. HolliDfCWortJi, Wm. CrUum. i P' 9? laam G. Han is. A. U. Goodrich. Bi 10-John A. Gardner, 6. D Searcy, i se 11?David M. Currin, C. H. Williama. ; A TEXAS, j wl mwoclir. ?Hi(?. 00 " u- ? nJLlZrff- i !! f.D.aiurr, " " .. T.C. Brook*. Jamee Webb. District. District. I? W. C. Yoii?n, Samuel Yruer. ?' l?M. A. Dooley. B. H. Epper?}ii. ee VIRGINIA. MMOlliT. WHIO. VRK.KSOIL. tB At Large. At Large. At La rot. ? ).?. llllUos, John J. Jonea, 8 n. Pitt*. 01 P. E. RiTtn. Ueorge W. Boiling. J. Qilmorc. hi 7<f?frirf. PUtriet. IMitrict'. w 1?H L Bopkiai, Henry P. Irvinf. 0?o. Craig, . > J?W. P. Bo< ock. Jowm K. Irving, D. NottcL 3- W. M. Treadaay, William Mar'in. J. Bitkahurr. <?8 F. Lrake, William C. Ri?", J. W.Steffy, K< >' ?J. S. Bat hour, 8r, Robert K. Vot?, J. Parkinson, b' 6? B.A.WaabiBftoa, llenry T. Carnrtt, S.M. Jauae;, oi 7?R. O. SootK John A. Meredith, ... * 8?B. A. Wi?e, Robert Sattndere, D. H. I"r>-n<h. .. 9?Thoma* Blcan. Andrew Uunte , E. Kenna, 10?C. B. faa>oel?, Alex. H. B. Stuart. Geo. Rye, 11 ?John thicker, Samuel McD. Mouie, J. Sloan, ' * I-? John B. Kloyd, Conaaly f Trim. T freeman. b; IS- A. O. I'md etoe. George W. 8ammera, W. WaUa<e, oi Id?Semuel I-. Baya, Oideon D. Camden, J. V A-herlunt, ! 15?0. W. LangS it. Francii B. Pierpoat. Tliomai Wood , ^ VKRMONT. i gt titnoiiiT. wiiio. iBit (Oil. P' it t.nrpr. At !.arie. At l.arft, * lotn s. Nobiaie*. T. Pollctt. ... i HI Let I B. Vilae. I. Palrtankn. ... bi IHttriel. IH'triit. District. | e, I?Jol.n Rol.ern. U. T. flodgo. ... j .. !?RivalBalel. A. Trtrv. ... I *? I?P. C. Tneker. A. L. Cat lie ... i P' I - Otn. C. C'abonn E. Cleveland. ... I gi WISCONSIN. DLMO' KIT. WHIU. f?M lOl[.. At Large, At I.nrgt. At Ijktft. I. Bnebec maun, Barman Reed. E, W Din?i<ldle, Rafuj King. D. Uiddinga. 11 Ih'trut. District. Dklrict. i t 1?8. f. Niehol* Jacob J. Enoa. 3. D. Rayiaert. J-D. P. M?k?, Jamca Maxwell. S. A. Tappaa. I ' The Legislatuie of South Carolina is to meet, in | * extra se ssion on the first Monday of next month, ! E the tith of November, for the purpoae of casting u ilie nine elective votes of that S?ta?e for President and Vice President. 1 ? The Liberty League have selected electoral tick. b eta in six States. Thia party is composed of na- I tional or land reformers, and ultra abolitionists, p They appear to l>e in favor of the enure freedom " of land and the aegro population. a The Free Soilers, or Van Bureuitef, have norm nated electoral tickets in seventeen States?four J teen f-ee. and three wliivr-holdinR. Arrangements >i are mak ing let Loniiiiate tickets in N'i'ith < 'arolina and Vermont. ' 'wr liat, it * ill b'' ' en, is not yet complete. 1 t] I L D. TWO CENTS. 1HK TOP! LAR VOTE FOR 1-RKSIHF.NT r? I8it. WMI?. nnw. Ah tiUi. citiy. Wuik. ttiniry. line 34,37* imi'J 4,H,Vf w lUmrcbue . .. 3T.1W ilci rmoBt 2ii,77U 18,1111 1,1'M i?ftch?Mtt? M.iWl lOv'iO lodo Inland 7,322 4,M7 ? rcecticiit .12,8.12 IS), SI 1,94.1 wTork 212,482 257,88- [3,812 iwJemy 18,.1|8 S7,4!<5 1.11 nn?ylvaum. . ... I 111. 20.1 1M7.M3 11X ii?i?*if. i. aw i Uylmd 33 !N1 .11 H7?". 'Kinia 4.1 ?>77 4",A70 ? iio 133,1137 I4!?. 117 P,?lf,J jntueky 81,2M 31UM ? i rth <'ar?lina 1.1232 .HI >7 utb Carolina ( By Laglilatare.) ?or)[ii 42,11X1 4414J _ laloaa Jll,l 'HI .17,741) ? 'liana >7.*?>7 70.181 2.MI8 li??i? 43IV2H 37.!)2l) ,1,3jo li hinan 212.17 27.703 1,?33 imimippi lS),20t> 23,l& IXI, ).'?) 90,919 onhill ? 1.1,08,1 1.%78'i ? li??mirl .11,231 4l,3ti0 ? rkanitu* 3,3(14 !),34ti ? T<(?1 1,288.33.1 1,327,32.. O k u pluiality?< vcr ( lay . 38,792 olk't miueritj?umlei Clay and Ilimiy 23,471 The popular vote of South Carolina, it' it had een polled, would probably have increased Polk'* ote enough to oflset the 2:1,471, which appar*. utly laces him in a minority. foli ii Ynii Hiircii In Cincinnati. [ Krom the Cincinnati Denpatcb, Out 18 j Ahhivai. K* i HAoiiDiNARv.?According to previoinf ppointment, the long looked for arrival of John Van uren. took place lact evening. The barnburner? &*in bled in tolerably strong numbers at their bead jurtem, at the corner of Kighth and Walnut, and roccedtd to the railroad depot, to 11.wait the ? Irene ' the great free floller. The ears being detained '.on. ttr hour than usual, the interyal between their ?rval and (hat of the procetxion *111 filled tip with )eechee from Mumr*. < h the, Taylor, lloadley and Lhera The cars coming in, and the announ :?tnenu lat 'John ' was aboard going forth, a welcome about ?nt up which mule the welkin ring iohn. srtio in one of the b'hoys," scorning the elegant carriage in alting, like a true free Boilt r, trudged on foot, at th? ead of the procession, to hin lodgings. A* the crowd passed along Third street, the throng f spectators assembled to witness the incoming, trained their eyes to discover his llighueiis In one of bu state carriages, not dreaming that he was walking ito the affections of the people, among the bumbie o?-estrians. Upon the arrival at the -Trine* heailuarters, the Iltnrle House, there was a gen'-ralrasii ) see the shcw.and tCerc whh no little " and noision" on the occasion. Hurras for old AmK, *od ass and Duller, were copiously Intermingled with le shouts for Van Duren; while some few runniug le thing into the ground, loudly gave iu their adirsnce to " Jo Kite" and "Jaw Done Dlsfc."' \ gether, the free soller's reception appeared to b? ther a ''free thing." Order being measurably reore d, Mr. Chase brought thu " I,ion" out upon th? .lcony of the Ilenrie Honse, and exhibited him to e crowd. John, being a tall npeuiuun, elicited h cinlerable applause from the assemblage. Mr. Chase and Mr. Van Duren being near of a size, le latter being rather the tallest, the exhibition methlng on the SiameteTuin order, John bring etented in due form, addressed the assemblage in n tort speeoh, returning his thanks, and expressing his atiBcation at seeing the light of the countenance* or many barnburners, (thrown Into bold relief by the are of the torohes.) and the great gratification be exirienccd in having '-thus far marched into the bowei.s free soil, without impediment," and after anaotiong that he would address them at full length on aooer occasion, he made his bow and retired John hi*, an old gentleman near us expressed it, -n tine, ioui ned, sonorous voice,' and speaks right ahead, but lb a shade of the conventicle sing-song a: th-. o1om? his sentences, lie holds up bis head and (peaks iid and plain. He speaks at Klfth street in-trkec ace to-night, and there will b? a tremendous crowd hear him. After the conclusion of his remarks last night, a jmber of our citizens called on the lion and bad a ig of his paw. They rather thought John a good llow, with something of the wag in his composition He lett for Hamilton, to address thu free sci.ers at latplace to-day, returning this evening. Another Letter from General Taylor. The following letter from General Taylor, concernw Tnvan rnlnntut?rm u-c flnil In !.*#?/. t wt, of the 3d instant: ? rivate J U* ro.N Rot'i.c, July, H, 184*. Sin - I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt o ur friendly communication of the 7(h Inst., in rcU>n to a statement, represented by Ginera! Hendern, in a Fpeech recently di livt red by him. t.? hive en made by me to tha vt Ww, t.UK e discharge ?f the Ttm volunteers. shortly before e battle uf Monterey. In reply to your inquiries on this point, I have to y, that the terms of the remarks attributed to mo r Gentral Henderson are incorrect, and that, if <?-eral lluhk or any one else, saw such langua/e over y pignatcre in tbe War Ottlce, it must have t,een pat. jere by hiinftlf. I enclose you, however, tbe extr* -t. <m the communication to tbe Secretary of War. In hicb. I preriimo, (General Henderson refers, ao.i you tn therein pee tbe language need on the occasion. The diaobarge of the Texm troops, there reported, as order* d by nie, at their own solicitation, in wbtcn leneial Hendernon himself joined; and agreeably ton. rimite maile to them at ( auiar^o The misconduct Iso alluded to in this extract, consisted in the deprivations committed by some o( them upon tbe inhabiinte of Montery and its vicinity, after tbe capltulson of the town; and whatever might have (wen tb?? tngusge which General Henderson held to tnes? roops respecting this oonduct, it is <iuite cerU.n that bere was no one who used, when addressing m< on th? iibjeot, severer or harsher language in the ntnun^iion of it, than did he and the officers about his perdd. I am, therefore, no less surprised ttian mortified n the General1* account, to lrarn that he i? now atrmpting to torture, lor the purpose of iqjurin^ me, an IHcial statement of mine made to tbe Secretary/if War In tbe discharge of my duties to the irovamneflt, the justice of which statement I believe that be illy concurred at tbe time, aad which was, at .all rents, partly based upon information off! jially AdtJ efore me by himself. , I have no right, of course, to object to the General'* oiltical hostility to me; but I cannot refrain from exrrssinf, In conclusion, the regret that. In yielding to > feelings on this score, be should have become so trangaly forgetful of events and circumstances of comparatively recent occurrence. I have tbe honor to be, very respectfaliy, Your obedient servant. T.WLOK. Pollcc Illtclllgciicc. .1 Singular Robbery ? Assistant Captain <>*nt/, and Bicer Jeffrey, of the Tenth Ward Tolice, urresMd ye? rday m woman by the name of Ann J ana Gavney, nd likewise a man. who the says is her husband, by le nam* of John Stafford, a waiter at tbe Aster Hou*?, i suspicion of stealing a valise containing money and operty, valued at $1,826. the property of Mr. John radbnrn. Ann, It appears, was in the employ, a? a reant, of tne family oi Mr. Jonn ura<y>urn, >o. t>s Hen street, and in a bureau drawer, in Yns b?d-room Sere che slept, on Saturday night, ?a> a leather vaiisa, ntaining $285 in American gold; treasury notes, dned at $800 ; of Michigan treasury warrants, Talari $640, together with notes of hand, worth $400, and feral deeds and paaars ?' value. Daring th? ght, Ann was heard to be moving about, and .rly in the morning she left the house forahur-b, ?r did she return until Monday morning, when Capin Uanu took her into oustody on the charge. Taa ost singular part of the story Is. that about daylight; i Sunday morning, as oflicer Kent was on bis rounii, e found the identical thIIsc lying on tha aldawa'k, Ithin a few doors of Mr. Br? Jburn's house. Th* illie was conveyed to the station bouse, and found to tntain all the property with the exception of th* >ld? that was gone, and the police, as yet, hare not en able to ascertain its whereabout*. The spion against Ann is very strong, in conrequenre of blch Justice Ofborne detained them for afurth-r lamination. t'Aarge <>/ Stealing a II axon.? Officer Kearrien of ic third district police, artested yesterday two in-a r the names of Cieorge B Stotwell and D. A. SJ>o*.?ell, a warrant issued by Justice Tim peon, wherein they snd charged with obtaining a wagon valued at $73, cm Peter J Henderson, blacksmith. No 32 Sprue* reet, under false representations. Th* wagon waa aced by the owner,Wm. Uarmore, to be repaired, sn<f bile there, the accused parties called at the *hop. aadl kid that tbs wagon belonged to ( ole* * Shap'er. toleco dealers. No. W0 (Jold street and they were *en6 ?r It. Mr. Henderson supposing alt to be corre-t. alwtd then to convey the wagon away upon those rareeentation* The case will undergo a full in'estiittoa. Sporting Intelligence. Umoi Coisis.?Tsottism Match.?The trctt og natch between Black Hawk and Americus, for $l,o00, hres mile beats, eame of yesterday, over the I'nioor ourse, and was won by the black horsa Atuericus ron the first heat, and Black Hawk the ?.jbees<iea6 nes. Time, 8:28?1:80? 8:34. [I'etails to-morrow.J letwren the heats of tbaaboTe race, atrotting eoot'H >r a purse, twok place between s. m. Janny L!nd, b. i. Philadelphia Sal. and b. g. Passenger, mile heats, st tbres in five, which was won by Jsnny Unl, m lost excellent style. Time. 2 MS; Passangee eing distanced in the flr?t heat, and Sal in the ? ? ond. iliioi m P*?k Tsotn><. ?There will bag a< ing contest at this eourse this afternoon, which ill well repay a risit to the ground The proprietor as four entrlrs for his purse, each one of which bag hown under 21,; and it Is expected that those wh? re opposed to magnetic telegraphs and locomotors enines, and In laeor of the perfection of horso-r.*ah. will ttsnd at the track, and sustain their favorite bobliea. VoLtvrA*\ Starvation?It is statrd ti-*r a nan died in ihe town it Weston. Maw mte.j. ctf olun'aiy itanstkn lis it reprrfen'eo to t*?e ! tsebe.

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