Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1848 Page 3
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I ' TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. i'rolu Nnlro and VucatMi New Obi.eahi, Oot. 21,1841. We bare just received advices from Vera Crux t the 13th in*k.. Account* from the eitj of Mexico re] Teeent public affaire to be rerj unsettled, and tha another revolution is impending orer Herrera. An express had arrived at Vera Crui, with lettei and deepatches stating that the city of Tampico ha proclaimed independence to the State of Tamaulipai and advising annexation to the United States. Later advices from Vucatan have also been receive! here. The garrison of Texcaba. had been attacked b; a force of about 10,000 Indians, and 200 of the garri eon had fallen in the conflict. The loss on the part o the Indians Is not stated. Later from Ilaytl. R?>r/? r>~? n* <1 n w Advices from Cape Haytien to the 7th inst., report that President Soloque wan lying dangerously Hick, lie is reported to have been poittoned, and has lost hli Bpeech. Th? island was in a quiet state. Ohio Kiwi ion. Columbus, Oot. 31,1848. Krrors have been discovered even in the official returns, and no one oan deoide who is Governor until a full official canvass by the Legislature. In the Legislature a democratic joint ballot is certain. Several seats cue to be contested on both sides. Washington, October 23, 1848. The Ohio Statr Journal says, that Ford is undoubtedly eleoted Governor of that State, by from 800 to 400 majority. The whigs celebrated the viotory by lliuuiHations. 1c. ' 'Ihr Kiff Soil Convention?fc'nllurr*_Accldents, ?ke. Boston, Oct. 33?P. MJ The Free Soil Mass Convention, held in Bristol county, on Friday and Saturday last, was attended by 2>etween 2,000 and 3,000 persons. Tbe convention was addressed by the Hon John P. Hale, ana others. Great {enthusiasm was said to prevail. Considerable preparations are making for a whig torohllght procession, on Tuesday evening next, also jtfor the water celebration. ' The free eoilers have nominated Charles Sumners for Congress. There were three failures here on Saturday last. Two per*on* were burnt to death yesterday, in Woonsooket. Rhode Island. Accident In Baltimore. Bali imork. Oct. 23, 1848. Mr Henry Smith, a well-known and respectable grocer in this oity, was seriously, if not fatally, injured by falling of a wall, this afternoon. Markets. New Orleans, Oot. 21,1348. j Cotton?Sales of 2,500 bales were made to-day. There |i no change of moment in prices. We quote fair at Co. The sales of the week loot up about 31,000 bales. [There is no change to note in the flour or grain martlet. Provisions ruled the same as per last report. Nothing new In freights or exchange. Cincinnati, Oot. 21, 1848. , Sales of 653 barrels Western flour at $3 81>i per bbl.; '.here are more buyers than sellers. The grain market * without change. Sales of prime whiskey in barrels :?t l>V?c. per gallon. Cheese is scarce; sales were made it 5.l?c. per pound. Sugars have an improving tenlency. Coffee and molasses without change. St. Louis, Oct. 21, 1848. I.esd is dull at $3 S2 per 100 lbs. Holders of hemp isk $108 to $110 per ton. Sales of 1000 bbls. Western tour at $3 50 to $4 37X per bbl. Bacon?Sales of Western sides at 3>fc. per lb. Western oured hams ?U at OSc Sales of lard at 6 a 6^c per lb. Depth >f water In the channel 6)i feet. Pittsbi ro, Oct. 21, 1848. Moderate salts of flour were made at previous prices; /he supply is small. The grain market is at a stand; he reeeipts of corn are small. The market is well sup>lied with grooeries. There is a moderate supply of lsh. In provisions, the tales are only for the supply >fthe regular trade demand. Molasses and sugars lave an improving tendency. Coffee without change. The veatber continues wet. There are j feet water n the channel. Albany, Oot. 23. N,"c,! ol"uru?J ? repon. uy oanalFlour. M.OOO bbls ; corn, 7,900 bushels ; barley. 40.000 do i ?*le? of about 3,000 bbls. flour were made at $5 31V a i >6 62^ ; the latter for pure Oenesee. Barley ?Sales >f 28.000 bushels were made, (shipped.) at 70Vo. Oati -Sale* of 3.000 bushels were made at 33o. There was 1 io change iu corn or other articles. Arc yon troubled with coarse, stubborn ' lair, or Hair that looks dead and continually dropping off? If 0. v.m IWk<. ? o? ? ny.i.,, vr...JTo? itL." rliich quickly imparts new Iifu to the most decayed roots. To V Halted only ot W. J. Bnrker, at his Hair Dressing and Wig 1 dakisg R >oms,:'i:' Broadway, opposite the Carlton Ileus". A Hat and Hothlne Else.?"if it Wrre done ! hen it it done, it were well it mi re done qnickly." Thus says ! Ihskipeare. and thus says Knox, at his establishment, 12$ Faloa street, Sun Buildings. He sells a hat quickly?yon hnjr a bat iniskly and hence both parties arc fatistied quickly. Short bargains male long tripods, and this you will find, if you dtal with vnov Flint Premium hoiUe*' and Gentlemen's Wigs.?Bourgard. of No. 5 Frankfort street, (under Tammany Hall,) l?ops leave to infers the public that his Wigs, and his alone, x)<>k tin- tint premium of a Silver Medal, at the last Fair of the Am- >n Institute. Mr. Bachelor only took the second pre-niuni?a diploma. Ask for Uourgard's Wigs and Ornamental llair Work. Bourgard wishes Mr. Bachelor to exhibit the Silver Medal which la- says the Institute awarded him this fall. 'The Pluinlie National Daguerrean Gallery, No. 261 Broadway, upper oorner of Mnrray street, shoull l>e visited by all Mrsngers and others, it being the most interesting place of thi- kind in the world ; and those who may wish to se>-?re a fine pi. lure can make sure of doing it^there. The Cheapest and Best Place In the City I 'to get ^o?>d Boots, Shoes and Uaitera, Ik at JONEt'S, 14 Ann ; street. ic?r the American Mmeum. First quality or Frenoh ll Calf Press Hoot.-. ?1 Ml; second do, $.'! .'HI to $1; Congress Boots, 'Yoni i Stl to $t; French Patent Leather Boot*, $7. The Hlehelleu Diamond Pointed Gold Venn, are acknowledged to be fe most superior artiole of the hind new in use. The points are fine and smooth, aad have the Wsstlrity of a quill. Sold only by B. E. Watson ll Co, No. 13 "Will street. Gold pens repaired. Wigs, Wig*, Wlfi^Ciltxrnt and strangers ore informed that the largest,cheapest, and beat assort nent of Nri?s, half wl*s, tonpees, braids of long hair, and other ornamental Jislr, is to be found at Medharst Ik lleanls, 27 Maiden Lane. The Wade supplied. IOOEBCUL AFFAIRS. MONKV MARKET. Monday, Oct. ?:i?O P. M. There was more buoyancy in the stook market to- | day than we hare noticed for some time, and thli la ' pomewhat stranse upon the|opcning/>f the week, even ' In speculative times. At the first board to-day, , United States C's. 18C8, advanced ?, per cent, with large rales, upon an order, it is said, from Wash, ington ; Harlem Canton. Reading Railroad *4; Farmers' Loan }i. The Fales of fancies were not very large. The improvement, however, does not amount to much, neither are there any indications of Its being permanent. Money continues moderately easy, and the demand moderately active. Stocks are depressed, more by the absence of all disposition to operate, thnn from any scarcity of money. The demand for exchange for the pttcket leaving this port on Wednesday, the 26th inst., has thus far been limited, and the rates far sterling bills have fallen ofT Tery materially. We quote the best bills on London at SaSi-j' per rent premium^on Taris 5f. 22X a&f. 20; Am pterlam 40 a 40','; Hamburg, 35X a 36\; Bremen, 7&S a 79. The I'nion Bank has declared a dividend of five per cent for the last six months, payable on the first of November. A telegraphic despatch from Boston states that there were three failures in that oity on Saturday last, one which was Messrs. Ilenshaw, Ward fc Co., druggists} Some of the partners in that house have recently been engaged in copper speculations. The Ueorgla Railroad ha* declared a dividend of three per cent on the profits of the last six months. Counterfeit twos on the Mohawk Bank,| Schenectady, good imitation of the old plate?vignette, an Indian in a canoe?register's hand badly written, are In circulation. The genuine notes of this plate am nearly all in. Also Commercial Bank, Lorkport; throes altered from oneii? vignette, femble Hitting, holding a large jSgure 1. The amount of tolls received on the Wabishand tfrie Canal, Indiana, during the months of August and | September, in each of the three years last past, was as amiriru: ? \V ABASH AMD K.RIt: C.ANAI., IfttllANA. 1840. 1847. 1848 August $8 8CU lit $13,108 70 $17,437 73 Septemb*r 12*012 3# 1K.30? K2 30.107 3>.t Total. . .(20,021 SO 531.415 53 $47,545 12 The trustee* of thin canal ba?a nailed for the pay ntent.on the tint of February, 1843. of an Instalment of two r?r ret I by tli* nubMTibcr* to the $800 .000 lonn; that i* $10 on each bond of $1000. The nnnnpii Mafi-i*ent txhiblt* the receipt* anil iportat mh of cotton, at tb? fnrt of New (>rl*an<, in achyiar, from 1^22 23 to M-i, 4?, inclusive, b?iuij ? parlotl oMw^nty flTa ye*ra.> or Cotton at Nsw Oblean*. Yean. Racrimd. g*port 1322 23 bales.. 161 969 171,8' 1823-34 141.624 143,8 1824 26 206.368 203 9 ? 1826- 26 849.880 *>0 61 1820- 27 336 575 326 61 b 18*: 28 295 863 304,01 X 1828-29 268.639 267.72 1829-30 392.977 351,23 1836-31 429.392 423.94 1 1831-32 346,640 368.10 d 1832 33 40* 833 410 62 ? 1833 34 467 984 461.02 1834-36 536,172 536 99 1886 36 495 442 490,49 i 1 ?26-37 605 813 588 96 ? 1837 38 742 720 738,31 1838- 39 578.514 57'.'.17 " 1839 40 964.446 049,32 f 1840 41 822,870 821,28 1841-42 740,155 749 26 1842 43 1,089.642 1.088.87i 1843 44 910.864 895.371 1844-46 9S4,6H 1845 46 1,053,633 1.064.85' 1846-47 749 669 724,60' ' 1847 48 1,213,805 1201,89' Total 16,134,591 14,877,41: TVl? uiroruiratu *? - -V? :- ' .de..0?v .vw.j/w ivi miv ?uuto jroliuursoeei the aggregate exports, 267,178 bales. Aoeording to th< average value of cotton, $40 per bale, the aggregat< alue of receipts was $606,383,640, and the aggregat, value of the shipments waa $695,0ft6,.VJO. It will b< perceived, on reference to the above table, that, in seve ral instances, the shipments exceeded the receipts which were drawn from the stock on hand the prevlou' year?the excess reoeipts averaging, for the twouty-flv< years, only about ten thousand bales annually. Nearlj an average ofone-balfofthe total crop in the country ii received at New Orleans, and about two-thirds of the annual phipments are made from that port. The in crease in the trade of that port, in this single staple within the past twenty-five yearB, has been immense. We oan hardly anticipate a corresponding inorease in the next twenty-five years, as there is not the same room for improvement in the growth of the artiole, or likely to be such a per oent increase in the consumption. A smaller per cent of the produotlons will be exported to foreign ports daring the ne*t ten years, a? our domestic consumption is increasing more rapidly than the prodnotien. The reduced prices now ruling for the taw material, will have a very important influence upon tbe production another year, as the planters will be forced into the ooltivation of other crops particularly that of sugar. Grain of all kinds will be raised on cotton plantations in greater quantities, to the exolusian of cotton. Tbe annexed statement exhibits the quotations for government and State stocks, in this market, at three periods : ? Pricks or Stocks itf the Nrw Tors Market. Redeem- 1848. 1848. IMS. Rate able. Aug. 29. Sept. 26. Oct. 23. United St*U?6 1867 104 *104* MM *104* 104**106 6 1862 103**103 103**103* 1U3**I08* 6 ISM 103 *103* 103 *1030 ltti alltf1., 6 1863 ?3*a 93* 93*a 94 9.'S*a 935* Ttm-v Nate*, 8 103**103* 102**103 103 *103* New York .7 1849 ? a? ? a? 100**101 - 6 1860-64-60103 alUS* ? a ? ? a? 6 1861-62-67103>-4al03* 102 *103 10,; alO.1* ? 6* 1860-61-65100 a ? ? a - ? a ? " ft 1846-7-8-9 97 a 97* 96 a 97 96 a 96 ? ft 1860-1-3 ?Va 97* - a - ? a - S 1866-8 V7*a 97* 98 a 98** 100 *100* ft 1869-60-1 ? a? 98 a 99 ? a ? - 4* 1849-88 ? a? -a- ? a Ohio, 6 1866-60 99V&100 99**100 99**100 ? ft 1860-66 Jw a 90* ? a ? - a 7 1866 1W**102* 102 *102* 102 alOSSi Kentucky wja 97* 97** 97* 97 ^a 97 ^ 6 83 a 86 80 a 81 - a Illinois 8 1870 41 a 41* 41 a 41* 40** 41 Indiana, 6 26 yuan 30 * 32 30 a 31 30aS2 Arkansas, 6 20 a 24 ? a ? 33a35 Alabama, 6 68 a 60 61 a 62 61 a 62 Pennsylvania,9 73*a 74 72** 73 731?* 73* Tennessee. 6 97 a 98 93 a 94 92 * 93 N. York City, 7 1867 106 *107 104 alOft 103**104 " 7 1801 101 *108 ? a ? 103**104 - 6 1860 93 a SB Oil - <x<"- > ? I|i 1868-70 ? * ? <H Z-l sal" Bk Cojm. N. Y. full 8pu? 90 00 a 89 a 90 N. T. Life Ins-kTrust Co. 1U5 Il07 m ilCH 9? i 94 f6 :?* mi* Bank of U. S. in Fennsyl'a. 3 a 3?i 2Wa 2V 2fca ? uen?yJH.R fc Trans- Co. lOOXalOl lOOalOl^ 100*101* Mohawk k Ilud n Railroad. 72 a 70 72>?* 73 72 a 73 ytica k Schenectady Rail'd. 113 alU lit all4V UlVallS Byracusefcl/tioa Railroad, ill aL12 110 alll 110 all? \uburn k Syracuse Railr'd ? a ? ? a ? a ? Auburn k Rochester, 87 a 88 86 a 87 8tiU? MU Reading Railroad, ,1*5Sa 33V 31 Ka 32 ?V? *> Delaware k Hudson Canal, 160 al66 160 altt 110 alls Reading Railroad Bonds, S6?a 5fi 641,'a MK fiS I m Beading Railroad Mtg Bdj, 62>ja 63 6l?a 62 61 a Gl>? There has been no change of consequence in prioes either way. Some securities have slightly advanced, and Borne have slightly declined. The interest is accumulating on most of theee stocks; bnt that appears to make rery little difference in the market value. The effeot of the tightness in the money market Is not seen so muoh in the t.j .v.? .. 1- >1 more fancy character. During the present pressure upon the market, government and State stocks have no ?uh pne per cent ; while some of the fanoy railroad securities?wmen ?n>, m ??? v.?t*r investments?have depreciated ten. fifteen, and twenty per cent. This shows the state of public oonfldenoe; and a similar state of things exists In Great Britain. The London Chronicit, in speaking of railway stocks, says" The panio which appears to possess the holders of railway shares does not seem to be in the least abated, bnt rather to have Increased. It is a strange anomaly that government securities, paying a much lower r?te of interet, and, in our opinion, leit safe, should remain so steadily at a comparatively high prioe, when, at the same time, railway shares, yielding six, seven, and eight per cent, should b? so depressed." No one can for a moment doubt the ultimate productiveness of even the most depreciated railroad property in this country, or the safety, as permanent Investments, of those now paying i good dividends. Railroads are much more profitable investments in th? United States than in Great Britain or any part of Europe ; and those whleh pay dividends, even in tae present state of population must, long before the oountry becomes as thickly peopled as most of Kurope, be immensely productive^ Their business is almost unlimited; and as most o them have been constructed at small cost, their dividends almost annually increase. Government and State securities, on the other hand, are limited in their dividends, and their value as Investments is as great ono time as another. It Is true, they do no t fluctuate in value so much as railroad shares; but there is no sounder basis for the security of State stocks, than of railroad shares. In our opinion, private oredit and responsibility are at all times more de. slrable than public faith. We have ha J the value Of each practicrllv illustrated in this country, and, in faot, In all parts of the world, and at all times, and under all circumstances, individual liability and prl. vate credit have proved vastly superior to that of government. Stock Extliajiftr, l. Statel 6"?,IW ICS UK) ?hj Uarien RR WO 51 W Trt'nmiry Notes ICS1# 280 do 60S 2000 Ohio 6 s 60 100"* 80 do rtO 60Vi 1000 Kentucky, fc's !?7>4 ?*> do b30 61 18W0 Illinois hind I d.- 4(1}-. 8<I do ?0m 50 10(10 do I"1* M do blO ROJf 250 !>b? F?rmer?' Iui'l 27*4 50 do lit M*> M\ I ](MI do bfiO 'JT-k 5 Ct'ca* 8clm'jr Kit IIS I ui Fr i. KP new. full G(l 100 Lon* Isl ind Hit i.fii 9 do" ' t?}i 1U0 "do b.W t\y. 1 l'JO di> 00 ?0 do blU 2:V4 11HJ Canton Co. I>!<0 26 Nor St Wor RR 11 ; 2r0 do litiO XiH 1<I0 do hfm 3S 60 do e 'M\ 160 do ((Ail* (.1 100Reading RR b30 "?1X 1"0 d'. btfO .K?X I ioo do 33 iuo do ?*i a: ISO do < ??h 81 & 10 K Iiavon Si Hartford 101 I 40 N. V. k N Uar KK Sl>? Secontl Ho a ill. $,10C0 Erie 7 jit et bd, ICO 91 l'?t hit Lou* I?l RR. ?? ?* 2' [ 60 th* Harlem RR.il2ma 4!' 60 do l>fiO 'i.lVj, j jo do lM>u 51 100 Cant-m Co .'IIV, ? ? CITY II*AUK UKIMUIT. MoriDav, Oct 23?4 P.M. There was no material change In the prion of flour, : anil sales of all kind* weie moderate, at about the closing rates ol .Saturday Souther n was steady, with further sales of Petersburg city at lout week'? rates i Salt s of Ohio and other kinds of Western wheat were made on terms stated below There wan a better inquiry for corn and holder* demanded higher rate*. Sales, however, were pretty freely made at about last Saturday's prices. Meal continued firm There was ! no limterial change iu ry? Oals were dull Provl sions continued heavy, with moderate sales of pork j and lard on terms stated below. Transactions in groceries were moderate without chunge worth notice in prices. Cotton exhibited no change sluceSatur, day; while fair sales were ri.ade, chiefly for export Ashk* ? Kales of about 100 barrels pots and pearls i were made, at ftf If-1, a $0 'lb for both sorts Sales of I 'J00bairels( anndian In bond, were made on private terms. lln> a nsti h j.? Flitur?The sales for the d?y reached about '.>,000 barrels, in separate lots, consisting ohielly of Ibis Stnte, Oswego, and Ohio brauds, &c , at >6 31 i-i n fib 14; <H 0 do good brands Oswego, at $6 31)*; 500 do. Ohio, part at fft 41, and part Cleveland Ctt/ Mill.*, at $5 66' i; hOt) do New Orleans, part at $6 60, and part B bad,at $6; Southern continued steady anil sales of 5C0 barrels Petersburg City Mills rere made at >5 62Jtf. H Araf?Sales of U o? 0 bushels common Weitern were inhde, at 10So ; and 2,4"0 do. Ohio red at 110c.; and 4,ClO ao. Western, at 107c. No sales of Oeneseo transpired. Corn - The sales for the day amounted to 36.10V a 40.(00 bushels, Including about 2I 000 run n j yellow, chiefly Jersey, at 73o , with soma small lota re ported at 73H?.; the remainder consisted of 1 700 Mat yellow, touched by the weevil, at OSo ; 8 000 do mixed, at 07c . with Borne lots of Bat jeilow, at 0#c. a 70c. j ftftal?Sales of (SCO barrels were*. at J<3 Ml'- Salts Of li.500 bushels w?re made, delivered, at ! 07c, On/*? N?l?s of fi 000 bu-hels w*t? made, at ale Hat ley - A small lot of 2fi0 bushels wer.i made at 73* ( rui.w -\v<i notice a sale of 30 buM Marachlno, I st $8 per ii rro t oi ton 'I fce niarhet continue* langnM, with sale* i cflWOV^ea wiet 'V which was bought for i. ?port,. i nmffraMmnMaHHMHHBMMnHMMk *. *? ixxm Pkoiiiioki.?Bile* of 300 bbla pork were m?J,> at $1 !? 37>i, and 100 do. prime at $8 6JS a $8 76. Lard-Salt 7 J of about GOO bblx were made at 7>i a 77{. Beef -SaU 13 of 160 tiarcea prime me?* were made at >18. CheoaeM Salea of 100 box** prime quality were made at 71fc. tl Si'f.A* remain! without material change A aale c 16 1(0 boiea brown Havana waa made at 6'^o.a6'lii '3 upual time. 16 Tall?w ?There were aaiea of about 20,000 lba. prion 17 rendered at Be., and some lota of ordinary ?t 8\?. 1-2 ^ W ANTED.-A SITUATION BV A RK8PKCTA1ILI YOI'NC tT woman a? Waiter or Chambermaid. B *t <>t city reti>r?nce t6 <:in lie (tivep. Apply at HI Lainht street. ! "11TANTED?BV A SINGLE MAN, OF SOBER HABITS. A 0 tT tiuution aa Gardener, who thornngMy understands lii? J buiMN, Add VMS 10! Twelfth itfeet. 9 \Lr ANTED-- BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS EXPE n Tv ritnto iu the bulines', a situation iu a OrKierv atom, g Satiaf:u tor> city reference ^ivm. Ad Irus box, II, Heralil i.Hi. . T ?ir ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A VEltY COMPETENT 1) TT girl, will. ten years' citv reference, lu tuok lor a private 5 family. WouM help as lauuar.its. Please call at 7i Sixth ave. a nix, ia the book store. r W ANTED? BY A GENTEEL FEMAI.E. A SITUATION A3 < TT Scmpstres* In a private family, wage* not bar oojeot no T much lit comfortable home. Can give g>>o.l relorence.-i. Can he awn -or thr?-e day*. Apply at No. 4ft3 T.i<rd u- ir .TW ?t Wanted?a situation by a kkm'cctabi.k yo? nc, Woman, as Cnambemi iid, ami to assist in tha Washing and Ironing. The bejt of city reference can be given. Apply at > 5ti Dunne street W ANTE D A SITUATION, 1JY A RESPECTABLE \ OUNt; Woman, as Chambermaid, or to do gwieral llourcwork in a small faaily. Good city reference can be given. Apply at .'(? Henry street. WANTED-A SITUATION. bv A MIDDLE AG ED I,\1>Y as Housekeeper. in a small family, who o:in give the bt-st of I nati-factory references from her last plnoe in this city, wlu re she vas ten years anil upwards. Please cull at No. H Tenth striet. W' ~ ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO Cook, Wash and Iron, or general housework. Can p ocure I r< od city references from her last places. Can be seen at :<U Whitehallitreet. _ W' ANTED - SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, one to Cook, Wash and Iron, the other to do Chimtieiwork or Waiting, or tako care of children. Please call at 'J7 At1 lantic atreet. South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BYA RESPECTABLE Vol, NG w oman, to take charge of a baby, and do plain sewing, or to travel with ladies going Soutb, and do uplinery. City retuience given. Please address at 117 Monroe street. Now York. "IITANTED?BY" A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation as Cook. Would have no objection to assist in Washing and Ironing Can give the best of city refereuce. Pleas* call at ft! Factory street, between Hammond and Perry. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, as Chambermaid or Waiter. The best of city reference can be given. Apply at 30 Thirteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general housework and plain oooking; wash ami iron, if required; and willing to assist in everything. Please call at iiUU Varick strtet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Cook, understands baking, and assist in Washing and Ironing. Best of city references given. Apply at No. f.rnttt .InnM '? 'k" ?' ? " ma igu,ui> suiiri. v;an oe (ten for two days if not eagaged. WANTED?BY A GENTEEL FEMALE, A SITUATION as Chambermaid, or to do general lloumwork; she is a pood Washer and Ironer. Good reference from the place ahc now lives in. Can be seen for three day*. Apply at No. 4M Thivd avenue, near ItSd -treet. Wanted?a sitiation, as ni>use and seametiCfci, by a j oung woman who lias had considerable ex|ierience. She perfectly understands the management of an inltnt. Can procure the best of city reference. Has no objection to go a short distance in the oountry. Can be seen at JO Whitehall st. Wanted-by a respectable woman, who is giving op housekeeping and has lost her own children, a situation as Children'* N urse and Seamstress, and to assist in Chamberwork. No objection to the country. Can be seen at her own residenoe. No. IK) Monroe street, fourth floor, front room. WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A sitnation as Coaahman, or to take care of Horses, in a pri- i vate family, or to maka himself generally useful with any thing reqniied. Good city references if required. Address W. M., at this : office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do general house work in a respectable s^.all I family, or Wduld have no objections to do chamber work, viood reference can be given from the last employer, as regards honesty and oapaMllty. Can be seen for three dayi at Mrs. Carroll's, No. 201'rince stmt, in the rear building Wanted-by a respectable MAN and HIS wife, situations, together or separate; the man understands the care and management of horse and carriage, and gardener or porter in a store; the wife as chambermaid and sculptress, and is a good washer and ironer. Has no objection to town n? "7 ; < aa te well recommended. Address J. I. ?t this office". 1 WANTID-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A situiuon is Clumbermiid, ?Ut i? Wishing mdltnint 1 or take oare of children, or to do ttie general houneanrk viU family; lilt no objection to go a short distant in theoountry 7th ann 0*' glV"' '" - T'r#l^t,1 "wet, corner^ WAN MED?A SITUATION, BY ARBSPECTA BIjTvOUNQ woman, to do General Housework in a small ?enteel ramtiy; is willing to do chamberwork. Or tike care of? baby I, a good waiher and ironer. Bent city reference can he Vir. n w Kerf die has lived for (be lait eleven yean. Call at 146 Fourth I street. in the rear, first Moor. Can t>e Ken f >r three d-ys.; I WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, WHO ' '* l,oU' fi*??ically and mithemiiioilly educated, and alio a goto penman, aiituitjen where ponmmship is requisite, or if ] otherwise, would like to work in store, or travel with a Lan t toman. A line addressed lo W. K. Herald Office, will beiuended ! WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NG woman, asa good Cook, and a good Waahcr and W^or city references. Pleaso raii~avtA\>."*v-M*_UwU~-t Brit floor. WANTID-A PARTNER. WITH A CASH CAPITAL. SAY from $3,MX) to $S.IW, in a safe and profitable business, and now doing well, already established. Any ration having tlia above capital, and desirous of commencing business, will find this an opportunity seldom be met with for safe and profitable investment. Call at 093 Broadway, for C. II, between tho hour* of eleven and three, and in the evening from five to eight, for three days. WANTED?BY A FIRST-RATE COOK, WHO UNDERsMnds her business perfectly well In all iti virions branches, and understands the making of fancy and Household Breid, is i go"d Washer ind Ironer, md is a memlwr of the Temperance So cietj, a situation. Can give goad testimonials. Also, a small Girl. 15 years old, wishes to obtain a situation to take oare of Children, or do Chamber* ork or wilting. Can give good city references. Apply it No. 263 ElevenIh street, noir Second avenue. Can be seen for three days. A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO ANY PER son wishing to enter into the publio business One of the olceit established houses in the city, in one of the prinoi 1*1 thoroughfares, is to be disposed of at great sacrifioe. For particulars, apply to J AMIS UPTON, 241 William street, corner lhjane. _ ACU1LDTO ADOPT-RESPECTABLE PERSONS, WISHing to adept a female child as their own, where it will meet with kindneM, and be brought up In a proper manner, may find an opportunity by addressing M. r., at this offloc. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHE8 A SITUAtion ss Chambermaid and to assist in the Wishing md Ironing, or to tike oire of children md do pliln sewing in irespectable fimily- The best of reference cin be given from liar last plaoc.tyjipply'ng at IBS Twelfth street. ~ " I A FAMILY GIVING Ul' HOUSEKEEPING WISHES TO roll oat the entire Furniture, which is of the latest and moat { faaliK ruble atyle , the Ilouae oould alio be obtained for $560 | jear; is two minuteswalk from tlio Park, and would suit to let out In Ictnirhed apartment*, or private boarding house, by whion a comfortable living could be made. Application will be received for two cb>f< at tli" Herald office. Address F. P. I CJTOLEN?FROM A BARK AT PIER ?, E. R., A GOLD ?3 W atch, mada by Robinson. Liverpool. Any one finding Uie hanic, will l*> pa'd aie*ard ?f at No. .11 Sooth atrce'. LOST?ON SATURDAY MORNING, 21ST. INST., INGOING from Broadway, through Fourth street and Bowery, to Uouaton atreet, a small cold hunting watch, the initiaia G. P. cut on the caao. The finder will b? liberally rewarded on loaving it at No. ."23 Fourth street WILL THE UNDERWRITERS OF THE BREMEN BARE Pacific, bound to Madeira, and returned on acoount of leakage, please rommunioate with J. F. P., at the Clinton Bote 1. 1 as tin- paMcngera have returned with the Itark. NEW YORK YACHT CLUR-A 8PE0IAL MEETING j will bo held at the Club House, Wednesday, the 25th inst., at ! o'clock. Dinner at 4. By order. O- R. J. BOWDOIN, Recording Secretary. STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?THE STEAMBOAT STATEN Inlander will run as follows Laava New York at 9. II, I, 1 S 10m.. 6 and 6K o'clock. Loave Quarantine at 8,10, It, 2, 4 aad 6 o'clock. THE 8TEAM811IP BRITANNIA WILL SAIL FROM TIK dooki, Jersey City, on Wednebd*y, the 25th iiuttnt, at 12 I o'clock, precisely. d> 1 anil ?A YOINQ MAN IIA VINti ONETIIOVS \ N 1) yp 1 )VvU dollars cash, with a funeral knowledge of busiin -a, ? ishe.a'n engage in something respectable and profitable. Would have no direction t.) go to moat any part of theoouutry. n>?vr. . . ?.?ihkii njui mini nog mod lake the trouble to answer thin. BROWN'S COFFEE HOI KE ANI) DINING SALOON. NO. 71 Petri street (head of Coenties Slip,) George Brovn, proprietor. Strangers doing business In the lower part ?f the oity, alto thoM attending the Fair, will And this u very convenient I place to get tlicir meals. (~1 RATES-'!) (XX) ISABELLA AND ( ATA Wit \ GRAIK % tines fur win, !>,IJOO three joar old, i,UKI i*u year old iSmi) one year oW. JAS. B. WIEK, Nursery Uitrdeu, corner of i?fth ! street and Id A v? nne. t . XJ ED 111 Ml.l.SF. 3 <?WN No 111, CONTAINS MORE | 1 of tl at sniati ry corre impendence, I-'tween two yonng tvjel'ils cf upper tenilom. More about ^d's particular mend ' Mom*, 'and rnitraits taken from llf.> of a llobokcn Pleasure I l'artj of Ihric?whete cne too many wts along. offlco;?ft(S Bmsr way. VI.W MAI' i>F THE VICINITY OF NEW YORK.-IN JL^I piogrers. a i.ow Map of the country IJ miles around New York, by the .ititlor of III Miles Kound Philadelphia. &o. It is Nirg i \reftilly rnnejed fir the purpose, and plotted mi a large w all.-. s?> as to sl.o* all the roads, lanee, country seats, ohurches, tic. The names of the owners of farms, country seats, He., will be inferted in theirptoper positions over the whole map, ax well ps the loeatti n ol buildings. Itwill he i<*ui d a* early u IHI'as i - compatible with coirnrtness, and will lie supplied to subscribers at t! p*'r c"|hai.daemoly colored and mounted, or in boo* loim The inhabitants < f the region delineated will be wsi'ed upon by agent.i of the mbscriber, or ran regiMer their subs, riptions at Tanner's Hap Establishment, 1M> Fulton street. J. C. SIDNEY, Surveyor. OHCE.-TIIE 81 i?JCR!!!F.KS TO THE ADVANCE OF 1^1 eight hundn I thoui-anrt doll, re for tin1 completion of the Vt and Eiie Canal, are hereby notlHe-l that a second Instalmin' upon the ui ription, of two |*-r cent, on the subscriber*' bonds, that is t>. i?y,twent> do.laraupon each subscribed I* nd of 11,HH, if re.|Uind tone paid on the lirst day of February. I'f.l 11 c payment to lu insde at llietfliteof the Trustees of tl Walnmli nitd Erie Canal, in the city of New V^rU, and for v hith <ertifieates uill at t>.. time l>e given. In case of def?ult In mailingri.t li pourent, 1 l,e payment rl five per cent, hereto loie made, will l e 'forfeited, tofotl rr with nil ti c preference and priority tlcrety foctired, of ti e bonds ntilnicri.ii! ttpim by the tiefstiltii t l?r<* Byorterof the It'ail. <;ilA RLF.S BUTLER. l'rcsilent ol the Hoard of Trtnteesof thj W ahr,.h an.l Eric Canal. PaUdOet 10 I'M" MKS CaRHOIJ/S MFD.CATED VA'OR, IODINE SUI . pint, and Mwwer Hith?, .1M livendwuv, for amrte com | ii,iiiii i f tie l ungs and Bowels. CWoa, HI. umi'Uiu. It *? Ihe) t?i ite 1 he ?kln produce a p cfnse and ileliglitfal per'plr 1. t;t 11, a nd v ill general'} elRcta ump'eta cumin a single application No fc?r of tak i,g cold alter the tve of thrs" hittn, MA DA UK T.MIIN. FROM I'AKI? nm* |,K WE TO l.V fciiu the ladies nl New li rk, that she will 01*11. for In i|t tloi., 1 Hiuwdu} 11." Vttili Infant. 1 rlt 1 a ui Ivr.tilil 1 collection of Frvnti k'liinei.v, 1 iMsting of Indira' hats, drem csps, aid l ead dteiMH Hlth % l?rre?ari?*y ol Fi-i'iiek I 111 henA, Hover . ke , well worthy tl u aiui. > ia A Uie p'iM -, at Til ,J 'ttrai.C*) W lute I'retK IS QARK TBI A TK?.?TUESDAY EVENING, OCT. 2t, TDK ,, I entertatanen ta will commence with the Fart e of 40 Sc frill r. l.illywhita, Mr. Gilbert; Mr* I?illy*hito, Mn. Gilbert After which, a Grand Secna. from tho Opera of "Rmnen," hy Madamo ~ Ami* Biahnp. To Im followed by the comaJiotU of DR. 1)11. W ORTH?Dr. Dilirorth, Mr Gilbert. After whioh, Madame Ana* if Rmhop* ill airg the udnired Scotch ballad. "John \nder??n. nir Jo." To conclude with tlie Kraml ballet pantomime entitled I K '' LilAHUC A UIJATKE?I'olintki, Madame M?nplaiair; Maiourka, ! M< na. Monplaiair?Admiaeioa Dreaa Cirole, 75c.; Family Circle, 9 i fiOo.; Upper Boxea. 25c.; Hit, S7>{c.; Gullerp. 12^0. Doora open at ; performance to oommence at 7>? o'clock. ' |?OWKRY TUKATRE.--ON TI KiDAV EVENING, OCT. U 74, will be performed the new Amarioan play, called TUB ' , KW.WII' 1'OX?frai.ciii Marion, Mr. N. II. Clacke; Sorbet at Junior, Mr G. I' Riowie; N.d llumf hriev, Mr. -I. il. Hall; Simou , Miw, Mr. J. M. Scott; Colona1 Prooior, Mr. Tiltou; Andrew Jackinn, MitaS. Denin; Mrs. Motte, Mr*. Jordan; Kate, Una Gordon. ' ! After which aRallet DiirertivMnunt, by Sltirn'ira cw?n 'itvI Sit. Nui. 'Io lomlude null tim LAsi itI', Lit C'llAt'TSU.YN'? Faullilanit, Mr. Tiltoi; George Vt'at..on. Mr. Ilall, Tom Swallow Boniiiker Ron V r. Winftns; Fanny Mori la nil, Misa Mary Taylor. I Doom open at C>??performance to eommince at 7 prooiaeiy.? I Boxes, SBMBttl ritand Gallery. lr-, em t CnANFRAf? MKVt NATIONAL TUFATRE, FORMICRLY _ Ct^tham.?Tucjaay, Oct. ttth. ?m >? ?* I AliLANCE AT new YORK?Mote, Mr. Chan trail; Georg- l'ar- ] ! sslls, M. C. Burke, Kliia, Miss E. Mc?tayer: Mrs. Morton, Mr?. G. | Chapman. T? l>e followed by Mia oi?ratio drams of ESMKK ! ALDA?Tho Grand Prut out, Mr Linden; Claude Frollo, Stark; I tjuatimido. Jones; Executioner. Stevens; Rsmuraldv Miss E Miftuver. To conclude with the faroo of PKEITY GIKI.S I, Mr. Start; Adrian. Willis; Murgot. Mi.s E Mvttayer; Crittle. Miss Miles; Mina, Mrs. llavis; Henrietta, Miu < Franklin; Christina. Mrs. G. Chapman. Door* open at 6){; perfoimanoe tooommence at7i<- _ MECHANICS' HALL, No. *72 Broadway, botwcea Grand and Broome itreets, commenced on Monday, October 2d, 1 and will oontlnue every nieht until further notioe.?Fourth i week of the re opening. The original and well-knowa CHRISTY'S 1 i M1NSTHEL8, (or^aniaed in 1812,) the flr't to harmoniae negro melodies, and originator of the pre-^nt popular stylo of Ethiopian I entertainment*, whose concerts in this city, for a period of ten 1 , months, were received with such distinguished favor and patro| nire, have the honor of announcing to tho ladiea and gentlemen ' i of New York and vicinity, that they will give a series of their popular Concert*, introducing a variety of their original Songs, | ' Clioruaaes, Characteristic Dances, ito. Admission 25 oenta. Doors I 1 open at 7. Conoert will commenoe at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon ! Concert every Saturday, oommenoingat 3 o'olook, P. M? under the msnMetreot and direo'ion of E. P. Christy. New broadway circus, near spring street.- ! John Tryon and Corporal Thompeon, Managers?Tuo sday | : evening. Oof , 24 th.?First appearance of J oha Oossin. Fif h ap- 1 pearance of Messrs. Weloh, Delavan It Nathan's splendid Equestrian Troupe. Magnificent Cavalcade, ontitled the COURTIERS ! or LOI IS XIV. Fifth appearance of Master Hornsndei, the premier horseman of the new world. LaughableSajingsand Funny Tricks by Goaain and Rockwell. Mr H. C. Lee In hti magnificent Temple of Magic. Mr. Darius in four characters, the Danoicg Mare Haidee. Mr. Devere in his Rope Performance!. Exhibition of the world renowned performing ponies, Romeo and Juliet, Sic. Doors open at half past fi?performance to com mence at 7. Tabernacle- grand instrumental concert, by the oelebrated Germanla Musical Society, formerly of Jos. Gunpi'l, composed of twenty four perform rs.?Tho above company beg respectfully to inform the citizens of New York, and siruigers generally, that they will give their last Three Concerts in this ; | city,vis; on the evenings of Tuesday, S4th, Thursday, 26th, and ' j Saturday, SMth,ng positively their last week, previous ! i to their departure for Havana, on whion occasion will ho perform- i | ed Ly particular desire?I'aht I.?1, Overture of Wilholm Tell, I Rossini; 2. Soldier's Walts,Lanner; 8, Grand Solo, (on the FagotulThlede; 4 Finale from Belisar,Donnizetti. Paht II.?6. By | i particular desire of the musio loving people of New York, will be . ! performed on Tuesday evening only, the Grand 8ymphony D'Dur, I Beethoven. ltotT III ?6, By particular request, the Orerturs, I MidsummerVnTght Dream, Mendalaaohn; 7. Duett from Jessanda, 1 i Spohr; 8, Grand maroh?Pot Pourri, Massak. Leader of the Com- j pany, C. Iieusohow. M.Reich, agent for the Company. Admission. 80 fonts. Tickets to be had at tho Musio Stores, and at th? ' i door on the evening of the Concert. Doors oj>eu at 7, Concert to | commence at 8 o'olook precisely. Grand concert of vocal and instrumental Music, at Apollo Rooms.?Mr. and Maiamo Leati havo I miu |>iowun bu imurin uioir irlontla Mid tho public of New York | I that th#y intend giving a Graad Concert at the above rooms, 1 on Tuesday, Mth Ootober; on whioh occasion they will hare the | honor of making their first appearaaoe in Araerioa Principal I perform) rs- Madame Leati, Mr. Leati, Mr. Richard Hoffman, and I Mr. Joseph Burke; conductor, Mr. Timm. The programme will I comprise selections from the most celebrated Italian, English, French, and German cnmpoatrs. Tickets SO oents. To be had, ' with programme*, at the music stores, and at the doors of the < concert room. Doors open at 7 ; concert to eommonce at 8 l o'clock. No postponement en account of weather. TDK NEW MUSIC HALL AND ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 539 s liroadw.'iy, (formerly the residence of J. 0. Cos tar, I will i open on November 26, with the concert of tho Philharmonic So t cietv. Ibo Concert, llall, and Supper Rooms, which extend v through to Mercer street, and also the Ladies' Dressingand Re- a ception Rooms, will be furnished in the most costly and luxurious 1 stjle. The Music Hall, built expressly for the full development g ot sound, w ill seat IBOO persons. The rooms csn now be engaged p for balls, concerts, lectures. &o., by applying to It george W. ANDREWS,SO Leonard street. F TWO EXHIBITION*.?GRAND COMBINATION OP HAN- ' F ington's Sacred Dioramas (of the Creation of the World, and T the Grand Spectacle ol the Deluge. All-, twenty- two magninoenl a< Scriptural Paintings by Mr. Baker, oi London ; each one oontain- ing about 100 square feet of canvass?the whole comprising one of I the most beautiful and interesting exhibitions ever exhibited in J America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, M Expulsion from Paradise, Doath oi Abel, Evening before the De- II luge, The Deluge, Ood'e Covenant with Noah, Destruction of So- U dom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Mose*. Ths qt Beventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Host, Moses Breaking ai the Tables, Pall of the Walls of Jeriaho, Joshua Commanding the 8< Sun to Stand Still, fee- bo.?now exhibiting every sight this week, p and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at three ~ o'clock, at the splendid new Hall, 396 Broadway, over stoppanl'f f Baths. HANINGTON'8 entirely new Grand SoripturalDioramasof the most magnificent Spectacle ever witnhssedtu New York?Creation of the World ana the Delnge, assisted by power- " ful instrumental aooompaniment*. Six Days of the Creation.? * Boenery and Incidents?Chaoe, the First Day. The Firmament the Second Lay. Dry Land, Herbage and Flowers, Third Day.? 1 Sun, Moon ana Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl) ? FlHh Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden ot Eden? Adam and Eve. W Itb the oompletion ef the labor* of the Crea- J1 tion, the first part ei the exhibition close* Parti?Grand Diora- , ma of the Deluge. Ticket*36 cents: ohildron halt prio*. Doers I ?! epen at 7?ourtaia rises at 7>? o'clock. j ti Grand concert at thb female academy, brook lyn.?The Gennanian Musical Sooiety beg respectfully to In- th form the oitisens of Brooklyn that they will give their third hi ooDcert on Wednesday evening, the 25th inst *t ih* 5t Mil? BeatJ: l>est three in five n<>Wn>*s; free for all trotting hor:es; two to start to make a race. T. come ?ff Monday. Oot. .10; to close Tussdsy evening, at P>? "at Or**1. * "J.??" p soil's. 11* Chatham Square. M. D GRF.KN, Proprietor Harlem parr trotting course -pacing pi;rse ] of Twenty five will coine off This Afternoon. ?t 2 o'clock Isaac Woodruff enters r. h. MeUmora; o. II Lewis eu- " urslg-Sk^v j.n,Kline enter, a g. Bill Poole, W. Whelan ? enters b. g. Harry Boyd. W. TONNER, Proprietor. BENJAMIN MOONEY, A' CTIONESR EDW. PAYSON di will Mil Tlila Day, at 10 o'clock, at the store, II 1'latt street, _ a gintral assortment of Pocket and Table Cutlery. Fancy | Goods, double and mi gV barreled Guns, Fiali and Chalk llnea, " nml. tark and carpet Hammers. For particular*, see catalogues. ? JACOB S. PLATT, AUCTIONEER.?CKOCKKRY. FRENCH 1'white nd fancy China Eartheuwarc and Uoekingh?m H are; pi tine Japanned Tea Trayg, Brass Candleeticka, >*) fee's Knives and Forks, common pmaed and rich Cat Class Ware, fcc.?Jaoob J. Piatt will sell this day, at 10 o'olock, in the large sains room over the auction store. No. 23 Piatt street, in lots to suit country as * well :ts city retailors and grotera, from the shelven, the contents * of 1211 crate*Earthenware, vis ?CC dipped edged, white, granite, J light blue, printed, flowered, blue and tlowend, mulberry Dinner, * Tea and Toilet Ware, of all kinds; also, Frenoh China Tea Sets: ' also, 1W1 small packases Class Ware; a full assortment Tun.biers, P Wines Champagnes, Lemonades, GoMeta, Decant erf, Dishes. 'alts, J Nappies. 1'latea. Lamp* fruits, Smelling Bottles, Sugar Bowls. d Clobea. Venison Dishes: Iko. Also, rrOs^t Hneand rich Japanned * TeaTraya and Waiters, Brass Caodlestioka, Knives and forks, Jj Spoons, and such other artioles of use M arc required by *> crockery dealers to make up their assortment. Tho ware can be 11 put i p by esperieooed packers to go to any part of the country. ? Catalogue* to be had at tlie anction room, where the ware can be examined at any time during the sale. Terms?Under $WI, cash, I without d'scount, over and under $1(11), two months t over suo, and under $200 thn'e months; over $4*1. four month* for * notes to be approved by the suctioretr. either city oi country. [' F. wry lot oflered will be sold will.'.tit reserve I IW. 11ROWN, AUCTION IBB.?ASSIGNEES' BALE OF \ Cabinet Furniture.?Thursday, Oct. 26, i?t 10 o clock, at No?. 1 lf< and 120 Woost *r street. J W. Brown will -ielt at auction, aboi e, by order of the assignees d' Mr. F. I'lute, the large stock * of furniture <w ntalnod in tlio wardrooms us abov<, consisting of J| Sofri i Parlor Chairs, Rooking Chairs, and French Bedsteads, of % I variety of styles; Sof* IbslstcsdH, Warlrolies, high-post Bed- ? steads, Bookcases, Ottomans, narbi'-top, sofa un-i centr Tables; ; do. Drc-viing bureaus, fc.-. < atalogues will be ready on Wwlne<- i day, when thofnrnitur1 may l>e examined. 1 EXTENSIVE I. (ITS A I.E.-BOOKS, PA PER, STATIONERY, d J h ?Coolej, Keose ft 1)111 will sell, on Wednesday, Thurj i day Friday and Saturday afteroons and evenings, a large numls-t of very valuable and desirable invoioosof Books. Paper, Sta- j tioncry. Annuals. II >liday Presents. Sic. Sale to commence each ( day at'I 1'. M. and continue during the eveninas. Tortus, 1 and G ( months. < iitalognes are now ready ut the >al -a room. I 1 For sale-a coupe, nearly new, and in com- ! plvteorder. Apply to fox fc i-ivinoston, Mo. 2> Broad street, ijlOR 8 A LE SLOOP CYGNET, OF OYSTER BAY, 11 tons burthen, ?ell found, will bo sold a bargain. Apply to Ed- ' mund Kirby, foot of IVilancy street, New Yoik, or to the captain, on board. For sale-a pair of chestnut brown mares5 *nd fi years old. warrantrtl sound and kind In all names*. They sre full kr-d and very beautiful animals, and perfectly ', and received the tin-1 premium from the New Jersey I Apii 'ul'ural Fair, held Oct 11, IS4H. They possess uncommon 1 ei dunroe. m. J are fast trofers. and well worthy ihs attention of ' any gent en sn la want of a superior driving establishment. Ad ' dress. P??? paid, EDWARD I>l'(lDALE Burlineton, N. J. 1 I.10R SALE-TIIF. LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF , JT the Stat* Coffee House and Hotel, .114 Pearl street, corner i i . i lip, To a person wishing to engage in sti h a business, tl>? i inil offered bv the lot sti n and respectability of patron- ( h, i' in seldom offeroa. For farther information inquire of outer en tie premises?* MeCARTY. N. B.?To prevont unncrosary trouble, terms will be eash. riV) IET-1UBFE \tX\ HANDSOME RioRE". WTIU J tie dneliinss over them, well calcnlat?d lor the fanny dry i B, ...1, i i fim mot ready to occupy, <>n tte corner of 19th street | at <1 " (. :.ven?c. Apply to S. W R A V, c .rrer ot Murray and West streets. Abo, two [is do .-llit g houses in l!<tii street, tLree storks h'ch. modoiM i ijakis style shirts, or FINEST WORKMANSHIP, I warranted tinrm putted in thlaconntry, made to menjurf ly the l a I down or mro, at thirty per cent Inns than prior# uaually chained. J. C. rMPfll!*, of Hi adw ay faahionahle oelabrity. awp?cir tonrt<r.t, H. P. OUIHN, 1l.? William ptreet, up staira. IRISH ANDS mcb MALT W HISR EY, IINSII RP ASSEDIN ait*lit), put ?|> in parkagra to rait tin trade, foraalaatahont one-half the u*ua) imcee, liy WI1.I.IAM ii. PARKS, Diftlller,Hfi7th arena*; Office, 42 Stonettreet. The hiaheat rrlre P?id for empty pun?hmra nR rOW ELL ATTEM>9 TO DISEASE* OK THR KVR pud tar. at :f.l llropdway. utinnce IX Warren whera ( ?u l? ha<i Ilia " Treatise on the F,yu," pric* "ill ce ita. aW \ hi-t premium folf aetlM Ejr# and Ear Fountains the moat nicceatfui appliance < ?er used fur ourinj affeotkns of tho Eye and Ear. Arti Wrtal Ejef inmlti. nK 01.OVKB 18 CONSUlED D1 R!NO THE D VV AN D F.tcnlnfi at his ofllre, in th<>?e difficult and pro'.riot" 1 caa' ui delicate dia 'lacs, that have baffled tho skill of phyaioiam of 'are tapwtw.O. nil HAI.HI, AUTHOR OF TI1E " I'KAtTKAl. PKIVaTI Treatise,"He., W ( reenwtoh street?office houraK to 12 A M , e to y I'.li. (Sunday carep'.pd) TVae who apply in tlieenrlj staRim will It surprised at tne rapidity and little Inconvenient itH loilrg tl.iir out1 c i < < liielly, however, those who hav* mf hr> d fn-m actrtain dnss ol peunjo who ca-i properly approetMl hia mtvi"" In stricture fri m Its firs', or incipuiit. to ita more advmcedand diatrcs>in|( ptapeft, (from uncommon advsmagof at.d a ?ory e*t? n?l?? practice.) he ejn afford a rapid, easy, nrd ndinal cure, which, he hap ground for stating, can be obtained freir no other forrre It, An>'<rif?* SIM IN Al. V I AK N fc>M. I MPOTRSt'F., lie.?DM. KtMMI'S Irur ileal I'rivate Timt'ae. Deeply in or^p.i' g, the only true tinttti II I aid mi*, with reeijea. luode of livlt>fr. If K fiith fully |t v n trillion, Mi pp, |?tce $1; tony lie had of tho pa-for, H< Cietiiu icli p'reel; ori> popt. mailed free NO ( HUE N" CJIAHfir -DM. HtlRPIIV OF (U HOLD air> ai, la e,,iif leMially consulted on all -inns of private dh eii.,ia lirtia; ea*r? of itum ri ?>? he enf < In t>"i i,i t'oir <l<#a. (ol s'i'?tfcr?f I debility mi Impotniiey necr'nfuliy tr><it? , 1 ? Iir M N n r #? uiyuwd in Buy ??pe. >r hli drane* tr >'n hn?>. nei? I th 0 lUU^ld a'n-rt. nm Iron, 7 A M. in |H I'. w. /'IWU M ATI fi! I.J ,'ilit III l.,EI>. : C.vS^l v/ f*'in '? -and t'? t' ? du , I "W atiloa. Alj >, c?u,:, ly rei in iiifr a i * ui4 'ele a. vltiMll >1 l'itrng.'i< Ualt;;i, llu V ., . ,'Vv. 1 .r.,?VU> t ?. fcN A.HAKIi.NE .' iuj n' )rs ani l i l-bei i, (12 WtUiain I'-i IV?r/'4)|k BROADWAY THEATRE.?BENEFIT or MRS. seouin.Tueaday"venli)z,Orto?erM tho perionuano* willmmnwiif with the firat art of CINDERELLA?Prtnre, Mr. W II. ReeMv Dan.lini, Mr. SeRtiin; Cinderella. Mrs. Segtiin. CUrinda. Mr. t'liillii#. Af'er wb.oh. tor the liurtli time. the oomio opera ntit). 1 the DAUGHTER or TUB KKOI 111'.N'T Mario, <l?a*l? I trr of the regiment, Mre Safttiin; Marchloneaa of Borkoofelt, Mr* II. I'hilUpa; Tun in, Mr. W II. Reevee; Sergeant Cartouehr, Mr Senuio. To ooarlude with liia .leoond ant ot Aubcr'a opera ol MaSA.MI1 I,i> ? Elvira, Mrs. Pegu in. Platro, Mr. Sn*uln. IJrem ' Cirolo and Paniaette, 7# oent*.; Family Circle. 25 eta.; Gallery, 12X ota Dooraopenal #K?perturaanofto oom<n?neeat7a'olock. Burton s tiieathe. chambers street.-Tuesday evening, October JM. will be performed the ootnedy of the ' WOMAN HAl'F.R?Uaruu K.\* rnapur^, Mr. L>qdo; Lolia. Mri. Loder. Afu-r whUh. a ntw burUe-iueentitled DAN KEV.HF.R l)K BAS'OUN?Don Ktytcr, Mr T Johnaton; Mary Tanner, Mia* I Chapman. To be followed )<y a aketoh, cntitlod COUNTERFEIT I PR ISKNTVENTS?Br ti PUatir. Mr. Hrmnthw: An line, V; , Sinclair. To conclude with NEW Yolik IN SLtiCKiV? Mr. Grnhall, Mr. Hamilton; Mr. Natem, Mr. Cn . I. xo.Miaa Sinclair. ?Pricea of admiaaion?Drcua Circle and Parquet, 60 centa; Family Circle or Second Tier, 1?3 ota. Dooraopon at half-put 6? ourtaiu to rise at 7 o'clock. NIBLOf. ASTUR PLACE, BROADWAY.?MESSRS. rill I* pendale and Solton'j Beirut.?Groat Gala Nijht ?l/'npre indented combination of Comic Talent.?Tnveday evening, OotoI*, ai ?iii i- . " ?I ? -? " vrcTn?n m.omMy. in tl?e *ct?, uf tli.> POOR ORKTLKMaN?Sir Rot^rt Bramble, Mr. Burton, Dr. Ollapnl, 111. II. Placide; Frederick. Mr. Crisp: Humphrey Dobbin.., Ur. Chippendale; Lieutenant Worthington, Mr. C. W.Clarke: Stephen Harrow by. Mr. John Softon, Sir <'Inirl''I Cropland. Mr. C<o|?r, hia first appearanou in Amcnca: Corporal fop, Mr. Mo. Donald. Farmer llarrowby, Mr. Boon; Valet, Mr Ryder; Mini LucretiaMiTabli, Mrs. Vernon: Emily Worthington, Miss Weymss; .Mary II arrow by, Miss Kate Horn; Da mo Uarrowby, Mrs Charles. After which an Instrumental ooncert- Stuck, by Von Wuherwith Orchestral Accompaniments. executed on Enrard't grand piano and violin, by Messrs. G. Briatow and Alfred lloucher.comiioied by Mr. Bnstuw. To ronolude with the celebrated local ketch, railed A GLANCE AT NEW YORK?Mose, Mr.Ctianfrau; Sykes. Mr. Seymour; Harry, Mr. MoDongnl; George ParBella, Mr. \ arnold; Major Galea, Mr. Keller: Jack, Mr. Phillips: Lire Mrs Maeder; Jenny. Miaa Carpenter; Jane, Mia* K. Uoru; Mra. Morton. Mr,. Charles: Woman, Mra. M. Nesbitt. Wed nonday. laat night. Mr. Macroady's Benefit in (he colebrated cbararterol Shjlnck, in tlio Merchant of Voloc. I)oor? ojien at a quarter bofore 7?oomnionoing at .|uarter paat 7. Mitchells Olympic, theatric.?Tuesday ivining, October 2*, tiie entertainments will oommenoe with USS IN BOOTS?Puns in Boots, Mr. Conover; Ralph, Miaa Mary Gannon. To be followed by QKHT TO THE MILL?Mar i|ulu de Ri heville, Mr. Niokinsott; Fratrine. Miaa Clarke. After which, a new olaasioal extravuganza, entiled TdESIUti AND ARIADNE?Btcdalus, Mr. Conover; Baochna, Mr. Mckiuaoo; Minoe II, Mr. Arnold; Thesoua Mint Mary Gannon; Ariadne, Miss Clarke. To conclude with the farce of GOING) TO TDK RACES?Mr Jeremiah Twiddle, Mr. Holland; Mrs. Twiddle, Miss M Gannon.?Doora open ut 7 o'olook?onrtain rises at half paat 7 o'cloek. B ANNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, PRO piictor; F Hitchcock Manager. Splendid performanougevery afternoon at X and cveuing at 7 V,' o'clock. Major Littletlngur. the smallest human being on earth ti at can either walk or ataod alone Loft week positively of the Giant or Mammoth Baby, who. though only 16 months old, weighs 90 pound*. Great Western, the Yankee Comedian. The 8abln Brother^, a most superb and talentad band of Negro Singers. Dancers, 8c#. The Threo Highland Mammoth Boya. Knormoas Boa Constrictor. Living OrangOutang. fairy Family. Infant Veatria. Wax Script" r? Statuary. Madam Hookwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may I* privately ooiiMiltedat an extra charge of 2ft rents. Admission to the whole. Including Museum. Performances, Little Finger'a. If. 23 cents; children under ten years of age, aud old euougn to walk alone, 12H rents. Reserved front seats, one shilling each extra, STOI'PANI HALL, NO. 30(4 BROADWAY. SOUTH-EAST oorner Walker.?Mexico Illustrated, in a series of most truth- j fully magnificent and elaborated. Moving Panoramic Views, in two parts, covering an araa oi Four Miles of Canvass, giving a I faithful aud picturesque representation ot the lines of maroh pur . sued by tho American Armies, under the command of Generals Taylor and Scott, through the two prinotpul wot inns of that romantically wonderful oountry, which oombinoa in Its own characteristics, the grandeur, sublimity and simplicity of all parts of the world. The first part, embracing a continuous view of tkii dlveraitted landse?n* frnm nit?t ir " * * 1- tmavnw 10 tno v.liy ol Hexioo, being completed, it in now open for public exhibition, at Stoppani Hull, No. ."CM Broailwar, aoutheait corner .of , Walker street, in a ?paoiou3 saloon, leased for the purpose, and commodionxly and elegantly prepared for the accommodation of visiter*. The second (Art, which is in prepai I ration, ?111 pvrtray that portion ef country, traversed from the I sncampmeut at Corpus Christ I to the battle field at Baena Vista, rbo sketohes, drawings, and corresponding descriptive informs:ion, have been furnished by gentlemen amply qualified for the responsible task, and expressly engaged to travel for the purpose, I rhe Painting has been executed by and under the immediate aireoJon cf Mr. r. Grain, whose high attainments and long experience I ire presumed guarantees of the superior order of merit to which 1 t belongs: ana the large amount of oapitalembarked in this Nfv- 1 ional Exhibition, it is confidently believed, will be considered rerthily employed ss a means of perpetuating oa the memory, by 1 work of art the geographical aud picturesque portions el the . lexioan Territory, so iatimntely connected with the history and lory of our country. During the passing of the pioture an ex- I Inflatory lecture will be deli rered at intervals by Mr Joe Laathsy Cowell, long and favorably known to the American public, 'anorsma will oommenoc moving at half-past 7 o'clock. An | ftpmoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday, at S o'eioek. 'rice of admission?Single tickets, 50 cents ; children, half price. J iokcts for one gontleman and two ladies, $1. Family Ticket, Imlttlng five persons, $1 7ft. I [) AN ORAM A or TAYLORS CAMPAIGN iN MEXICO, AT L the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, shows, natural as life, , i M Marehee, Enoampments, and Battles fought by a en. Taylor. t also gives eorreot view* of the country, towns, oitie*, Mb It U I te most beautiful Minting ever seen. Open every_ night at I | natter before H o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday id Saturday, oommenoiag at 3 o'oloek. Admission. SS oento. | * thoolsadmitUJ on reasonable terms. No oham for neaortptlrt | I imphlets. Children half prioe. It will soon leave the city. I LJ A10I.E0N CROsSING TUB ALPS.?TniS GREAT IIIS- ' I horical Picture, by Delaroohe, is now exhibiting at tho Na- < anal Academy of Design, oorner of Broadway and Leonard reet. Opep from nino, AM., until ten, P.M. Admission,26c ; ason tickets, 60c. JkMI.SON'S ENTERTAINMENTS ON THE SONGS OF FT Seotland.?Tlx* public are respectfully informed, that Mr. 'ilson. late of the Theatres Royal, C ovent Garden, Drury Lane, ad English Opera House, is about to pay a visit to the United tales, and w ill give a series of his cnt?rtainmonts on the Songs r Scotland, in New York, during the month of October, the parenlurs of whioh will be given in future advertisements. Mr. Uxor was the first vocalist who gave this species of entertainents, whleh combine a;eodote and information connected with t le songs and their authors; and during the last eight ynars. lis is given them with great success, in London, and the principal ' y c i the 21?t of October, and the Gentlemen 0 CUm on the Lv\. 1 >?y will attend to l'rivate Lessons and Private Classes, an l give 1 rlvate Solrecsas usual. l ^ANCINO.-M'LL* PESJAHIDNS, or THE ACADEMY I , J of Parle, hat the honor to Inform the public that the d.iys ot it school ur Wednesday s and Saturdays at .1 o'clock, at No. M'l , roadway; Tuesdaysand Fridays, at 4 o'clock, at 73Thirdavo | le : and Mondays and Thursday*, at noon, at 25o Green street. ; r terms and other particalais, apply at her residence, 71 Looird street. -1 i;iTAHS.-PERSONS Will) INTEND PURCHASING A M Guitar will llnd it tj their advantage to call andevunune artlb's assortment of Guitars. MHm who cannot jt.<lgo for icit selves, Var tin's reputation of twenty yean in tills country, U hoped will l>e autlioien guaranty. Sold at manufacturer's rices, wholesale and retail. .SM Broadway, up stairs,only by JOHN B. CUT PA, Professor of the Guitar. No onnc-etlon with the Music Store below. 3CHGOL FOR YOUNG LaDIES?TBtS SCHOOL IS LO' cat'd in achanuing village not far distant from New York, .very facility is here cflered for the acquisition of a thorough ! nowltdge of the English ttudies. Tho French language is taught y a Lative French lady, resident in the family. Muiio, the mno, singing, drawing, painting, and fancy needlework are ; inder tho chatgc of the principal. Parent* wishing to place their adulters at tchool, With the care and comforts of home, and void the heavy expenses of a modern boarding school, are repectlully invited to call at 99 Chambers btrcet, between the our- of one and tour, P. M.. where an interview with one of the i cachors can be had, and every information relative to the tchool btained. CONVERSATIONS FKANCAISE8, OR FRENCH TAUGHT L/ on the Oral syatem, enabling to speak from the first lessons, nd ensuring ease and fluency to nupil* mole advanced, but dscient in speaking. Private tuition at home, $4 per month; ditto n clast.cs. J. 2. Families and schools attended. Please address Ions De St. Pierre, natif de Paris,.'KM Broadway. FKENC" AND SPANISH L*NGUAOKJ.?PROFESSORS Richaidlfc Dubuisson have the honor of anaouuoiiifr to the mbllc that they will begin a new Coarse in the Frenoh and SpaiAh languages, on Wednesday evening, 25th inst., after a new nd very ingenious nysttm, by which a scholar will be able to teak in a short time. For sdoiistion tiokets, pleise apply at 1 he Academy, 106 Leonard Btrcet. live doors from Broadway. Doi t. ELLIOTT, OOULI3T, Wi BROADWAY.?OFFICE hours from 10 to 3 o'clock, on Monday, Wednesday and Fri lay. PUIMllNARY CONSUMPTION, FROM ITS HAVING almost always battled the most skilful medical treatment, ia? very juitly been termed the "Opprobrium of Physicians;" j ind, until within a few years, been generally considered inc urable, ilthcugh many medical men of tliu highest standing, among whom He may nention I.uennoc and hi* friend Bayle?both distinjuisln d auth >r??admit that thl.< much dreaded dlicaso may lie :ored, even in it* advanced stages, when the lungs ara no? com pletely dlsorijanued. 1 ho remedy which we now offer, Wistar's bale.m < f M ild Cherry for, the cure of this disease, not only ??a hates from a regular Physician hut lias also b?en well tested in all the complaints for which It Is recommended. A Physician In Unite saysI hare recommetded the u?e of Dr. Wistar's Balam of W ild Chetry, for diseases of the luncs for two tears past, | and many bottles, to mv knowledge, have been used oy my patients, all with beneficial rti-ults. In two cases, where it was thought oonflrned consumption had taken place, the Wild Cherry . fleeted a cure. e. Hoyden, Physician at axeter Corner. None lonuite un'cNi signed I. Butts on the wrapper. For aalo, wholelale and retail, by Messrs. A. B. It I). Sand?, 100 Fulton street, i rner of William; Ilaviland, Keese & Co., Hli Maiden lane: Henry John.-on. *7.'i Broadway, and by the Druggist*generally throughmt the United States and Cai ada. si I oNi/r i-wno would oo withoutteeth whin fp I they oan have them inserted, and warranted for five veal*, atone dollar each, at the office established for the reduction oi pvleesln IK34. Filling with onre lold SO to 7# Mnlt .W H road way Most extraordinary work-to the marrif.d or thote contemplating marriage.?The Married Woman ! Private Medical Companion, by Dr A. M. Mauriceau. Sixth edition. Price $ I This work is meeting with most astounding sale* (24,1*10 copies having already been disposed of.) Every female ii (citing a copy, w hether married or unmarried, although it U intended especially for the married as it discloses imp rtant secrets, which should he known to them particularly Here every female osn discover the causes, symptons. and the most efficient reme rjntB aou mom certain moao ui cure in every eve. ror aaie, en Broadway; ?t ?*e j>tiinjt nflico, IIV Ub?rM ?tr?et, Now York; Imi, F. It. I'rternon, N' . fK Choainnt afreet, (J. B. Zollx-r, Fhila delpfcia; Little fc Co.. Albany; W. R. !>a\ i? Button On the reeeipt < ! $1, a copy will b? trandnitted by mail, tree ol |k.<u<?, t? Kll parte of tho United Stitee. All letters mint be addroaaed, poet paid, to I)r. A. 11 M AUKICK.M'. box 1224, New Yortoity. Office 1 ''' l i U rtv ativet nuitAsasofTBi SK\I alststmi, ADAPT* D ?ro pillar and Profcsaional He.vlingand the Exsoaltioa ol (Jaaclier). ibeimif* of early Ileeajp from K*rc?*. vlfArmae, hr., fce? by Kdward M. Dixon, u. !>., 77 < piMim eighth edition, price $1. Joranle by DhW I'l 1 & DAVKN t'OKT, Tribuna Build'ng. I rom the Uinton Medical and Surgical Journal. "llr Dixon ha* written much and ?cll on various tranche^ of Sur^-ry ; bin hook aliow* a thorough reqtiaintance with modern practioe: Stricture, Uooor rni-n, Vnrio ce'e. Hydrocele, and liatulaaro particularly well treatol at. The author'a aoknowlfdjred or>gl riality and khgmi'h devotion to th? rat onal piiticlp'en ol medicine, and hi* 'ngemntr, under trjing aurglcal cltcumttanOM. ntamp it with mure than ordinaiy Intoittt Mo con*. ftu * A*.?UK tUHiiirMiiutAMtmikt l^i rier.iUr of the Koyal Uoileg* of Surgeon*. I-ouuao, may U? oonanlltd In treatinentof delicate disciuoa No nutter how'in# yeu ir.ay hare gleet, ulcer* upon tho body, or is the throat of no*/, pxin* in tbt head and bone* of tho le*;*. A practice of fourt >? ytare, devote! to venereal diaeaw t, enables I>t. 0. to ouri tb? furst tour of tliis diaoaae. Kcoeut camoured In fonr day* - No mercury used i'.triatnrct cored KI one or two woeka Wnb (i-srcely any pain. Those individual* wiio liavo indulged in a oar tain loathsome habit, can poaitivoly b? restored Ui healthand aoolety. N. B Ktrangor* are eautionod not to be doel'jd. I'l Cobhett baa not remnvad Kememher 19 Duane street. OfrotlM Dr. Johnson'* MfclHt Al. tllMUfc? KM. .Hill NMiPi, le DIIAAK ofKiski neat Chatham I tree t, lo well known a* the ?aost *itcoe?stol practitioner in Now York, la the treatment of *enere:il d(?a?r\ TTie Doctor'* reputation for akiil in tho* old half-ourvduaar* that have existed for yearn, i* pre eminent Uk?t? stricture, ul'-n upon the body, or in the throat or nose, pains in the head and i linen of the log*, efleotoa'iy cured. f.'aoatiwtior al w??nc*?, brovght on by a aecret haul Indulged In b? young man. causing lascivicua drvann aud nightly emiMiioM, p.iaiilvoly pre verted, ttecanleaacieurod in four 'lays, without in^rourT- No a!t?ra?io? ia ifc t. or ttf'iveof .i ? frow b iNineaa PWV ATI DI?JtASkS-Dtl. ?<?KKI HIM. M? WKLL KNOWN to t)>* < iiizena t>f Vork, for hie kud".<aj in tiiia le|iar?, ! < 11. *> mid luvlto at" in ^ r? tocxaaoina hi* i'laiinj_)n t eu oon l.deree. 'IV tMi?a? inl'aaarly n<a|!?^haour-tlnafew without metonry let tin Iir.lfu Jipliaw # hi* ?"i'3. Jfls . INTELLIGENCE BY TIIE MAILS, bai.timork, Oct. 23,1mi. Ohio m a Fog?Omtuming of a HriU?Ttu JaIh^ Cat* Stttlid? ITxeatrieah, tf f Ohio seems (o b? still in the fog, though moat . persons are under the impression that Ford is elected Governor. The great will case of Isaa* (Him and others vs. Isaac Ramsey and others, was brought to a clo?e in Haltimortf County Court, at a late hour on Saturday night. It appears that the old gentleman died and left all Ins money, about J?:$0,i)Qi), to his personal friends, cutting of! all his blood relations The suit was brought by his r<*lati>ea, to overturn the will, and the services ol Attorney General I'icharason procured, whilst Senator Reverdj Johnson was secured by the defendants. After one of the most powerful speeches ever delivered I in our Court by Mr. Hichardson, ocoupying seven i hours, the jury, on Saturday night, overturned the I will. The lib?l on the steamship Isabel, by her builder, ] Mr. Levin H. Duncan, was settled on Saturday, by the decision of Judne Heath, who entered his i decree dismissing the lit?-l rr,t-~ w ----- ?*iMt twsiB. Klf | amount claimed by the libellant was $'2:t,()??. ' Tin- exhibition of the ?iullery ot i'aintings, at the Athena-urn building, commences to day, and I i? represented to be one of the greatest collections ever viewed in this country, nothing but works ot decided merit beinn admitted. The colleotiou comprises two hundred and fifty paintings. A tine pair of twin boys were lelt in a basket, on Saturday night, at the door of a |>oor mau named Chaney, in Sterling street. The Holiday Street Theatre opens to-aight. with the Havel family. Puii-adkli-hia, Oct. 23, 1H4H. Political Movements?Fatui Acculent?Suicide? Movements of our Correspondent, "The Doctor" ? Thratricab?Division of the Body of fang fit lit among the Medical Men. The meeting of the whigs, on Saturday evening:, fairly opened the l'reaidenti&l campaign in this city, and the democrats commence, this evening, by a meeting in Independence square. Governor Johnston is to stump the State from now until the 7th of November. .lohn 11. Winters, a returned volunteer, wu knocked down and run over by a chaise, on Saturday evening, at the corner of Seventh and CheMirt streets. Tlie vehicle passed oyer his head, causing concussion of the brain, which produced death a short time afterwards. Abraham Morgan, a man aged about !X>, committed suicide, early this morning, by hanging himself, in the yard ot Thorp's Hotel, (where he was- a boarder,) in Third atreet, above Noble. H? was a car|>enter by trade, and a native of MancheMer, England, where, it is said, lie has a sister living. The "Doctor," the Herald's well-known correspondent, starts, this afternoon, for Ilarrisburg, t? commence his tour of the interior, in order to give your readers some idea of the |>olitical camn*wr? now in full Must. The celebrated Count GustavaB Vasa Smith, i<* now in town, making prenaratians to ap)>ear u Itomeo, before a Philadelphia audience. lis is in treaty with Mr. Marshal for permission to appear at the Walnut Street Theatre, and hopea t? secure Miss ] isher to sustain the part of Juliet. The announcement will undoubtedly cram the house, particularly when it is know that the proceeds are to be given to the poor. A9 he justly observes, "the occasion will attract all the Hilt and ton of the city, and give the house a tone that will increase its [opularity throughout the season." The doctors have got hold of poor I.angfeldt'i* remains, and apparently made minced meat ot' bim, i-o numerous are tne relics of mortality thai liave been distributed among the surgical claM hat secured the treat, by their rapid movementa. Another physician of similar propensities, arrived it the scene too late by a couple of hours, thougliiie >elieved he had a better right, having obttiD<M a >aperto that ellect from Langfeldt previous to the execution. Philadkm'Hia, Oct. 22, 184*fr 7V Campaign of '4*?Steiynd of Pennsylvania, 4'r \ our repoiter, detailed upon a second tour 01" examination into rJie political complexities, per>le.\ities, and profpects of the canvass of '13, in he States of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and such ther StuUrf as he may be able to visit, w:thin the nn/niohr intervening to the election, has the That lie lias conversed wirti him. to ielphia politicians, whig and ueT.."' lhat, cn both sides, they ?pi>*ar sanguine ot ??.cess ; that i.e has not, as yet, seen any ot' the tree soil leaders, and is, therefore, uniformed of their i\iirtiAapu anil ptiu'/'totinna * ?<? *' 1 f"'r wnllr<| and the democrats the light is to be as Greek meets Greek, knile to knife ; ail the ackers and' documents that can be mustered on bottj sides ar* to be called into activ service, ami are now being put into operation. One word with resj>ect to the late eVction. Schuylkill is a mining countv. In 1KM, it g<ive a majority of 827 for Shunk, democrat; in kH8, it gives a majority of T1f> for Johnston, whig, a difference of 1,55*2 votes in four years', in a single county. There is nothing to compare witii Una change in the history of elections by ballot, that we know ot. In this late election it stands most suspiciously conspicuous by itself. The democrats, as we are given to understand, charge that the employers in the minea and factories of said county coerced their workmen to vote for Johnston, under threats of discharge, if they failed to comHy ; and, in respect to the result, the democratic State central committee say, in their last proclamation In despite of all these unfavorable clrcumstanoes, the majority for the federal candidate lor Governor is merely nominal. In a vote of probably more than 300,600, h's returned majority cannot much exceed, If it reaches, 200. This is more than counterbalan-"l by the alleged palpable frauds on the elective franr :*e la Sobuylktll and other counties. which defy a ^nation on fail and honeat principles. In o? "-n f the mining district* of Schuylkill, the Increase of tt fed* ral vote, compared with last year, is seven hui. ir?i and seventy-one, whilst the ilemooratic inertias* is barely seventeen. When it Is remembered that cur opponents allege that the ruinous tariff of 1846 has compelled them to discharge hundreds of operative*, this increase is as extraordinary as It 1* improbable and unnatural. We do not say that we will ''treat the election as if it had never taken place." We do not advise a resort to the soldiery of our State, " armed with buokshot and ball but we do attlrm, that the peaceful provisions of the law will be resorted to, for a thorough and searching examination of these inexplicable results. It is onr deliberate conviction that Morris I.ongstreth has been chosen by the lawful suffrages of the people of Pennsylvania as their next Governor; and if such result shall appear on the legal investigation to be instituted, neither the civil nor military power of the State can prevent him from exercising tor the next three years the executive funations. An investigation iw to be made belore the legislature into the alleged frauds hi Schuylkill county , and a.-> u means ot enforcing such an overhauling of the i*>IIh, the democrats of the Hon*- will perhaps refuse to go into an election of a United States Senator until the whigsagree to .said investigation. We e.xj>ect, however, that there will be no difliculty in obtaining the absent ol the wings, and just as little difficulty in proving that fraud Hit ill VOW .1 Mcri1 ca.M oil oom Moe 01 uir >|ui'?uun; Imt upon the lac of tilings, 'I looks .is ii th" alleged frauds in Schuylkill county ?o tar ahead or ihos-- < barged iijHui ilie democrats in Penn township. M all event , we consider the vote for Paini'T ,iiid Middleswaith iis die democratic and whig test in the State in tin- latf> ele.-tion ; and this r I '.c?-s the wliiith some 2,000 yet Ix-hind hand Coining then, to tli<- examination of the relative strength of parties jn the Presidential canvass, the w Ii ? are in a deficit ol IS.UtJO votes to begin with ?then there are at least three thousand whin ?boitioi'ifts in the .state who will vote tor V'?n Jiuii n. T heve abolitionist*, though assitnil ited witii the free soilers. me not the otUpring ol the Mullalo Convention. 1 Ind there been no ISnllalo nominee they woulc have supported Hale. W e observe, from an interior paper, that the barnburner* ar?* beginning to (all into line; it i-s but lair to suppose th: I the free s-oil whigs are drooping off into the support ol Taylor in a corresponding degree, and that in the absence of any facts in the ca.-.e, tli flee toil vote lor Van Ilureii will be nearly equally deducted from the other two parties, exclusive of the ; aboliiit uitis. The whigs, then, to give the Slate to Taylor, ?ill have to overcome an apparently existing deficiency of ">,000 votes?to wit, the 2,000 nisjoiity lor I'ainter, and the X.OOU abolition whig*< v? ho voted lor Johnston, and who, in any event, will not vote for the Philadelphia nominee. Now lliere is no telling what the personal i??pulanty ot Genernl Taylor may not accomplish; there u no ascertaining now the ell'ec ot this tree soii question in this State and in other states. The popularity ol General Taylor aud'the tree soil qutstion has yet to !<e tried. In the former, w<? know there is strength?from the latter we arequally well convinced there is a great deal of apprehension. Atid though this thing of free territory I mi#y 1 e largely invested w ith the elements of an i empty homing, we have heretofore regarded U, 1 and we now r.-gard it, as the very" thing which u ; to dctetinine the Pre-idential eieetiM. Tak# j ^.-tion of fr?c soil, sad the ui

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