Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1848 Page 3
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r Frofeitaor Barry's Wonderful Trlcophetoua, or Medieated Compound.?Am ?>g tbu numerous rvpeoitMa oerUflcaUt received we infer to the following gontlemoo?Dr. Laooak, fci; Ju Clark, Dr. Frrguai>D. W. 0. Ball, Br. Fleming, Dr Boatouk Dr. Alliaun, I'mluw r MluuieiilMok, Pro'ear rUu ville, M. Bichat. II. Chavulier, II. Ri' her i|i t he celebrated Bar Tjr'l Trioopbvroui ii the only remedy t<> pirmt haldnaaa, and re tote tbe Lair that hu? talleii off or l> come tliiu, to prevent gray liair. to core and imwve everv tppe>rance of aeurf and dindruff from the hair, and to keep it. In the mo*' h.akliy, soft. an t kIomv tate,yetfreo from al< oil) and *rai?y ?ppearanoe. Itia wild in tap bottles, price 2t> cents, at the prineiptl utAoe, 139 Hroaiwav, Ajrenta? Wright, 23 South atieet. Philadelphia: Brawn, W-iahincton ttreet, Boston; and sold l>y nil the druiwista In the Ua tad BU'et C 0111 ft C I A L A P PA 1ft I. HONKY MARKET. Friday, Oct. '47?0 P. SI. This ?m another blue day in Will street, for the bulla. Nearly all the fancies fell off from the closing prices yesterday, but the sales were merely to a moderate extent. Harlem declined 7, per oent., Long Island X, Norwich and Woroester Morris Canal 1, Reading Railroad Pennsylvania On >4', U. S Os. 1883, >4, and Treasury N V. H is Impossible to give a satisfactory reason for the depreciation in the market price of fancy stocks, which has been experienced within the past two days. The money market Is easy, and, as far a* we oan judge troin operations in Wall street, is likely to continue so. One of the oauses of the falling off in quotation* for some of the fanoies is, no doubt, the timidity of holders, aud their inability to bold. There is a large class of speculators in Wall street who purchase fanoy stocks entirely on time, without sufficient capital to take them up at the maturity of their oontraotn, and who are obliged to ell, and pay or pooket the difference, whatever it may 1>*. This keepa the market constantly suppliod<with Stock, no matter what the state of prioes may be. There are, in the list of railroad Btocks, some which the ahorts, at present prioes, will without muoh doubt lose money on. unless they take them In at once. There iaa limit to the Btooks to whioh we refer, below whioh It would he difficult to foroe them, as there are, in the market, plenty of buyers, who would absorb every share afloat, at prices but little lower than those now ruling. The board of brokers have, by a vote of 41 to 17, de. olded that Mr. Morgan t-hall p*y Mr. Cutting one thousand dollars for negotiating the sale and purohase of $800,000 of treasury notes with the Secretary of the Treasury. The amount claimed by Mr. Cutting was $2,000 ; but as there was some doubt in the minds of the committee, relative to the employment of Mr. Cutting, in the earliest stages of the busines88,lt was deemod beat to compromise tbe matter and give him half the amount. Mr. Morgan vacated his seat before the final TOtt upon the question was taken, and adheres to his determination not to submit to the decision of th? board. Another movement has been made by the Erie Rail* road Company. An arrang'meiit has been completed looking to the diversion of tbe Eastward travel to the Erie road by the Seneca I.a'te.and a connection with the Erie road at Elmira. To effect this diversion, the company have a contract for ten years with the road running from the lake to Klmira, and with an enterprising steamboat proprietor. These arraugementfl carried out, will enable them to land passengers in New York, from Geneva, in fifteen hours, or eight hours sooner than at present. Upon the lake a boat is to be placed that will run the distance (40 miles) in two hours and a quarter. The cars now run regularly on the New York and New Haven Railroad, between New Haven and Bridgeport, a distance of eighteen miles In about three weeks that portion of the road between Bridgeport and this oity will be opened, and regular trains commence running the whole length of the road. The New York and New Haven Raliroad Company have purchased, at a cost of $75,000. the property at the corner of Csnal and Centre streets, nowoocupied by the Oas Companyand will soon erect a large and commodious depot on the cite. The Harlem Railroad Company have received ftom the c ty the privilege of laylDg a track in Canal treet, from Centre street, to within seventy-five feet of Broadway, for the accommodation of the immense increase of travel expected from the connection with the Naw Haven and all the New England railroad companies. This will give a very convenient starting and terminating point for the through travel, and relieve the track from Centre street to the City Hall, of all but the city cars and city passengers. New York la rapidly building up an immense railroad system, which will, in a few yearj, be as Important as our numerous steamboat lines, and will give this city an impetus so great that it it will saon outstrip every other in the Union, and make all others tributary to us The Erie Railroad ; the Harlem, when finished, and the Hudson River Railroad, if it is ever finished, will open the trade ot an immense section of country to this oity, throughout the year, and give us the whole of the trade which has heretofore partially been drawn to other cities. At the seoondboatd there was a slight improvement on prices current at the first board. A statement of the foreign trade of Franoe during the eight months of this year, compared with the corresponding period of last, shows a great falling off in the number of vessels employed. The arrivals, com. pared with the like period in 1847. were less by 770,508 tons, and the departures by 164 614 tons?an extraordinary decay, even allowing for the extraordinary circumstances that occasioned it. In the stocks of produce in the French government warehouses there was, at tie end of August, notwithstanding the diminished arrivals, a very great increase?the strongest possible Illustration we can have of the derangement 'Of business, and its effect upon consumption. Tb? quantity of flour, wheat, corn, and barley, left t tide water duringlthe third week in Oct. and in the jear* 1847 and i??b, is as roiiows Flour. hih. When t. bu Corn, bu. Rarity, bu. 1847 126,717 milSB 14.V!* 101.637 lt>40 156,837 102,'33 114.7*4 140,948 | Increase 23,120 88,044 Dee. 3.02 31.3M) j The aggiegate quantity of the same article* left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to to the 22d Oct., inclusive, in Aft follows':? Flmir. bblt. Whrnt. bu. Corn, bn. Barlru.bu. 1847 3,02 l.att 3"71 (ilia 5,5c4,432 733.HI 1815 2,(101.410 1,006,819 2,aV?,7.16 712 t?3(i Decrease 1,022,823 1,074 *.">0 3,<:12,(i97 .VI,678 By reduoing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter left at tide water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows a decrease equal to 1.237,795 bbls of flour. The receipts of barley up to the close of the third week in October, during the present year, compared with the corresponding period in 1847, show a decrease of 60,678 bushels, and from the 1st of September, to the 22d of October, inclusive, compared with the same period in 1847, an increase of 110 630 buxhels. The following table shows the quantities of some of the principle articles of produce left at tide water, from the oommenoement of navigation to the 22d of October, inclusive, during the years 1840, (ISO days,) 1847 (176 days ) and 1848, (175 days) llfct BIFTi OF I'HOOUCK AT THE Tint WiTCl. 1849 1847. 1848. Canal open. J]firil 10. May 1. 1, Vlour, bbls 2.178.77(1 3 024 235 2001,410 Wheat, but-h 1 $86,708 3071,(109 1,HUH,819 Corn, " 1.394 006 5 509.432 2 350 78."> Baney, " ' 884 9U7 793 184 742 (K>6 Beef, bbls 85 500 20,378 29 893 < Pork, " 79.421 71.4(ifl 83 688; Aches, " 42,080 28.743 29 520 1 Suiter, lbs 10 620 440 11.601,874 13 909 200 1 I,srd, " 6.213,100 5 048,250 174.41*6 Cheese " 16 910,61:0 18 778 935 23.2U3 802 Wool, " 7,244,266 10 079.720 7 26 1702 Bacon. " 1.776,000 8.439.430 8,029 543 The receipts of flour up to the 22d of October, this year. Dave tieen aDouione-mira less than for the norresponding period last, and there has been about the name falling off in the receipts of wheat. There Is a large amount of produce ia the Interior to come forward, and we bavo no doubt but that, bi-tween this and the close of navigation, the receipts will exceed those of an j previous year. The receipts at tide water, for the remainder of the .neaaon last jear. were an follows:? Flour libln. II A ml, hu. Corn, hu. Hirlry.bu. 4th wffk In Oct.. . |4H,Mti l.'.l.W laft.&U III do. Nov..ltff,7ltf 117.1 'fi S-',27S JM,fl7 l!d do. N . .190.KV7 1511,*>4 ft.t.114 1:0.0-7 td daw " ., 176,tM 2IP.2M 07.'I'.".* 164 7uJ 4lli do. " ..974,MS 4C7.W2 4B.VI 1U5..W Total WU.94J 1,08f>,.)l 1 aTft.iTTir 7~l^7 There were some small receipts of flour and grain in December in addition to the above. Theee receipts of flour, added to th?|rece!pts up to the close of the third week in October, made the aggregate for the season, 3,916,178 bbls. Should there be a handpome increase for the remainder of this year, in the receipts for the tame period last, there will still be a great deflcienoy In the Aggregate. There will not, however, be that deflcienoy in tolls collected on the caaals of this State, which the falling off In the reeslpU of breadstuffs generally would Indicate, as?th?re has been a very great Increase In the receipts of othor articles of produce, particularly provisions. The following table shows the amount of tolls reoelved on all the New York State Canals In each of the following jMn. during the third week Li Ootobei and the total up to the 22(1 of October Naw Yobk St at k Canal*?Amount or TtLU. 3J IVerk in Oct. T-ilal to Oct. 25 184 0 $90 642 33 $1,430,604 Kk' 184 1 05 812 30 1 877 823 T8 1&42 97.316 38 1.432 670 36 1843 92 639 90 1.703 498 01 1M4 95 8(16 46 2 028 847 35 1846 133 926 71 2 080 482 82 1846 121.120 93 2 219 295 54 1847 141.103 11 3 051 450 48 1848 165 721 94 2 622 378 96 The loot ease of the tblrd week over 1847 m 611 83, and the total decrease up to the 22d of Octobui wai $429,071 62 The weather looks favorable for a lengthened navi gation thla season; and In the event of Its oontlnuin) as late as last year, and an Increase in the weekly re< ceipts anything like the abore Is realized, more that one-half of the present dedolency In tolls will bi wiped out. The aggregate tolls for the year 184ft wil ameunt, in round numbers, to about three millions o dollars. Stock Exehnnge. ; (5000 Treaa Notes 6's b.tO 102V tuu aha canton Co 29 lW'OO do ltiv,'. 25 do auw fi?O0 Fenn'a 6's WO 73?4 100 do 2H>j 2000 de 73 50 do 2!t', 1000 Illinois Fundable 40l4 SI) do nw 2!)1. 6(00 Erie Bonds 7'? 100 Nor 4 Wor BR 30ds 31V 16000 U S 6's.'69 104% 60 do 3lk 3000 U 8 0"?. '56 103?; 1(M) do 3l3 60 bIis Leather Bank 9S .'150 Reading RR 31v 1?0 Farmers Trust 26 50 do 31' 200 do 2 !<\ 200 do 31' 60 do >10 2.VV 50 do 3|?; 260 do s 10 25)3 41 Nil 8c Hartford RR 101 410 do Umi 27 7 N Y St N Haven SR 81k 60 do 2J*? til Harlem RR 47 k 5 N O Canal Bank 05 760 do 47'k 200 Morris Canal 6X 100 de sl5 100 do f.?; 360 do 47J< 100 L Island RR 20 50 do 41 60 do bio 2<)'i 300 do nw 44 150 do 10>2 36 Erie RR, new, full 6S>( Sccond Board. 100 shs Morris Caral s3 7 280 Harlem RR 48k 60 do 7 60 do b.1 48k 150 Fanners' Trust 2W 300 do 4S' 400 do bfiO 20K 50 do Snw 4St. 'S5J do slO J6?i 150 Canton Co b30 30 ' 100 L Island RR 20* 100 do 2')^ 300 do 20? 25 do 820 2!) 200 Nor& Wor RR 3IS 10 Erie RR bt\ CITY Tit AUK REPORT. Friday, Oot. 27-2 P. M. Ashes are quiet at $6 25 for both sort* Cottoi* this morning, is in good inquiry, with Hales of 60( bales at previous rates. Flour, ffcc ? The market foi Weatern flour opens with a good demand, but at t slight decline from previous prices ; transactions add up 5.000 bbls. at $5 25, for mixed Michigan and oom> tnon State, $6 31,V a $6 for straight Sta.e, and $i> 44 a $5 50 for pure (ienenee ; included in the sale! are about 2 500 for export, at quotations. Meal if without material change, and dull; for prime samplee wheat there is a good inquiry, but poor lots are heavy and hard to be disposed of. except at considerable reduotion. Corn is in good reouesc. at B8<' a fiOn fat mixed and 70c. for round white. Rye is as bufore with small sules. Oats are dull, at 33c. a 31c. for rirei aud canal. Provision*.? The market for pork is firm at the doting rates of yesterday. Beef is drooping: 200 bbls country mens and prime changed ha nd* a) $0 60 a $5 25. and 25 bbls. beifhamH. at $12 l.ard i' without movement, and prices unsteady. Whiskey.? Sales of 250 bbls. prison, at 24o. Friday, Oot 27?6 P.M. Fair sales of flour were made, including the usual variety of this State and Western brands, both foi export and to the trade, at about the rates currnui yefterday tor straight and good brand*; while common and mixed lots were dull, with sales, in some cases, at a slight decline. There was no ohange in Southern brands, while the market was dull Wheat remained about the same, with fair sales of Ohio and Genesee on terms stated below. Corn continued steady at previous prices, with rather more doing, including lots for export. There was no change in rye ?r oats. Provision* remained about the same, with moderate sales of pork aud lard. Groceries exhibited no mHt-rUI change. Cotton continued steady, with sales both to the home trade and for export, without change in quotations. .Ashes.?Sales of 500 bbls. of both sorts were made, at $0 25. Breadsti ifs.?Flotir?The sales footed up about 8,000 bbls, including mixed brands. Michigan. with common brands of this State, at $5 25 a $5 31l4 , and straight brands, of both luud* at f53 7j, a $5 4'Sii; and pure Oenetee. at $5 43?j a $5 50 ; with small lots of fancy do., at $5 02^ a $6 87>?. Southern brands continued quiet at $5 (12>?. Whtal ? Sales of 5,000 bushels of Ohio were made at 116o ; and 2 000 Geaesee. at 120c. Corn?The sales for the day footed up, about 40 000 but-h., among whiob were considerable piroels of common and high mixed,at 67c to 69c., purt of whioh was taken for export. In the above aggregate were some ioik ui rouuu yciiow at vie a J2o. Mrul? rhera was nn change; t-aU g of 400 bbls. New Jersey were made at $3 31a $3 37X Kye? Sales of 8.000 bushels were made at 67c a 67^?c , delivered Outt?Sales by the catgo were making at 33o a 34o. Hyr Fl*ur ?Sales of 400 bbls. were made at $3 60. No sales of liar ley transpired. Com-kk.? There were sales of 350 hags St. Domingo, at IftJic a 6*,c., and come lots of Java, ut 8>?o, usual time. Cotton?The rales to-day were 1,000 bales. Prices remain steady. About one-half of the purchases were for export. Km*it.?The sales by auction oomprlse 120 cases (containing cartoons) fresh Bordeaux prunes, at lljio. a 17c , a Tic . the latter figures for fanny; 200 qr. (wood) boxes do , at 9,l*o. a ItJ.c ; 30 frails dates, at 4>ic ; 360 boxes French lemons, at $2 25 a *2 60. all 4 months; and SO casks Zant* currants, at 4,?o a 4\c , carh By private sale, we notioe 2 000 boxes bunch raisins, at our previous quotations; 3 000 drums Smyrna figs, at 11c. a 12c , 4 months; and 80 bbls. oranges, (received coastwiee.) at $6. cash. Fish.?There continues a fair retail inquiry for oodflsb, but mackerel are dull: sales 600 bbls.. No 1 and 2 Mass .at $7 76 a $8. and $5 75 a $6; of cod, ther? were sales of 1.000 quintals, at $2 60 a $2 56.'{ In other descriptions we hear of but little movement. Freights?We have no material alteration to notice in rates ; further engagement* to Liverpool were reported at yesterday's quotations. MoLASkKit.?Sales 00 hhds. Porto Rico at 27o., usual time. Naval Stobvs ?There has been rather more doin;, and we note sales of 1.600 bbls. ordinary Wilmington rosin at $1 12X, delivered; 1,000bbls crude turpentine at private bargain, but supposed about $3; 200 do. spirits at 40 a 42c , cash and 4 months; and 600 do. white rosin (low qualities) at $2 12',' a $2 62)< Oils.?The transactions in linseed comprise 1,600 gallons for export at 46>^o , short price; 1.200 do. at 63c ; and 2 000 do American pressed at 64 a 55c. Provisions.?Sales of 3oo bbls mess and prime pork were made at $12 44 a $12 50 for the former and at $8 62>i for prime. Beef?Sales of 200 bbls oonntry were made at $11 50 a $9 76 for mess and at $5 25 f<>r prime. Lard?Sales of 200 bbls were made at 7>fc Butter? Ohio was selling at OalOHc .and this Sta?e at 12 a lfic. Cheese continued to sell for export at 0>{ a 7c Hick continues scarce, which, in a measure, checks operations; sales 50 casks at $3 75 a $3 8Uf SricES.?We notice sales of a carao (consisting of 800 bags) Jamaica pimento at 6J<o. cash, short price. WHithtr ?Sales of 160 bbls. were made of State prison, at 24o. MARKETS EL9EWHERG. STOCK 8AI.ES. Baltimoiif, Oct. Ifi.?H27 ft1-100 Maryland Qnnrterly Ts, 6B; 1410 Baltimore fa's. lXtO, fl7J?; !'77 B?ltinn>re and Ohio Railroad Dividend bonds, 7t'X? sham l*atapsco B*nk, I7H. 1'hiiaih em a, Oct 27.?hint Hoard?$Va Lli Cl Vrip, 81%: $1,1 00 U 8 Treasury 6 p o, HitV,'; lift IM J Copper, k; $12,1*10 If 3 CV68. 106; $500 Stue fl'#,733i; $50O do, $J.0I0 do. IVi; $6,000 1' a Treasury Notes 103; $5,000 U S H't'M sAwn, 105; tWW Scfu> 1K111 Nsv Inr.fiO, 50 MorrU Canal ton do, fiJ<:60do, 6S^; IOC Rondin*, 1#%; 80 do, 15Jf: $6,U(Ai Lehigh Coal Scrip, bl lj; SI.-t.lN 0 Treasury > p 0 Notes |o3. Boston, Oct. 2H ?10 shares Vermont and Mass Rai'r'aL s .Ih 5 do H esters Railroad, 5 d? Hoiton and Worcester d? lOfi^i; 4 do Fall River do, M. Srrtmii Bear'.?3 shares Western Railroad. 15 do Raadlnn do, 15X, s 15; 35 do Cast Bolton Co, 1U 1 10. _ DOMESTIC MARKETS. Boston, October 20?2 P M ?FloirThe Europa's advices will probably exert an unfavorable influence on prices No sales, to our knowledge, have yet heen made at any reduotlon; ami ire continue to quote. as th? current rate from stores, G?*nesee $6 76 a $5 87, Western brand* $5 AO a $5 75 per bbl Grain? No change Yellow Corn 77 a 78c., and white (S6 a 07c per bufhcl; but not much doing in the latter. Steamer's advices an favorable as before. I'll11 anri piii* Catt i.k Market, Oct. 20. ?At market, 1 4()0 beef rattle; 400 cows and calves; 000 hog* and .1.0( 0 sheep and latnba. Prices ? Beeves ail aold within the ranie of $4 f>0 to $0 .'17H the 100 lba , including 600 >*eid taken to New York ("own and calves in demand. and talea were rooatly at (8 to $10 for dry, $16 Jo $2f> for springers. and V20 to $38 for freah cowa. llog- all aold at $4 76 to $.r> 60 the 100 lba Sheep and I,amba?Sales ranged at $1 to $3 each for aheap, and $1 60 to $2 60 lor lamb', aa In quality. Hay ?No ohange to mention?the sales of good Timothy ware generally at 70 to 80 the cwt.; and atraw at $6 60 to $7 the 100 bundlea, 1'OKKIGN MAKKKTS. Kii?i;?ton, Jam , Sept. 20 ?Floor?In onr last we noticed that pricea were tending downwards Aa low aa 80s had been accepted for New Orleana and 32s. for Baltimore, while Alexandria and Georgetown had hem disposed of in lota at 35a., and fur a lot of 350 bbla , to arrive In the Glamorgan, from Baltimore, 31a. was accepted. After the mailing of the last ateanrer the prioea ranged asfollowa : ?New Orleans 30 a 31s ; Baltimore. 32 a 33s ; Georgtown 35s On the arrival of the home packrt, which brought the news of the potato dlrease having again broken out tn Ire aad, some little excitement occurred In the flour market, and holders of Baltimore and N?w Orleana are no* apkingfroto 2 to 4a advance on the above pricea We have not. however, heard of any aalea at these rates Meal- Salea of 100 bbl* Ge< rgetown at 18s The atock la light. Bread?The stock la enormous and It Is extremelv difficult to effect aalea owing principally to (he inability of the laborera to pnrchaae, the want of rmplojment. compelling them to subsist on the prodm e of their grounds Sales of 376 bbla New Orleans navy and pilot have been made at 13s. per bbl. The article nuiv be quoted excessively dull at 12 a 14a. for pilot, and 13s for navy. Butter? The atook of United States and of Nova Scotian la heavy in hismoved at 11Kd. per lb but only In very small quantities ; Ka8>sd and Od have been obtained for the United States, in amall lots. Nova Scotian may be quoted at 8d The last mentioned description la much complained of, as having been put up with too much aalt I.ard? \ small parcel of a very superior quality brought 7d. per lb. There Is not any now In market hut what is soft and Inferior. Prime is wanted and would oommand7'id peril) Tand'es-Soft are dull at fl a 7Xd. There is only a light stock of good quality. Pork ? American prime rumps have been placed at 00a. per bbl prime mesa at 00s , and mere at 70s per bbl There is nothing to report in Irish llama American, of superior quality, have been sold in small lots at 7.*< per lb. Cheese?Doable Gloucester Is worth lid. ant American Od. p. rpBIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.-AT A MEETmo X of WhiaefkTorab'e to fair regular aominatlone, held at Duo l>r'a Hotel. No. ? Fulton iltnil on Thur?ilay e\?uiag. and pur uant to adjournment, on Friday evening.Ortnlwr 27. Solomon D. . Willi*, *u oa'led tn the chair. and Jamva (I. Ilol inn. app iint?d ' Seoetary. Tlie d?legate* 11 the wardi< which wore deo'ed a toioe in th* late convention, hating stated to the mcetibg fully the mode ai.d manner ul di'poung of their credeatialai by Urn action of laid convention?it wm unanimously heenlved, That th numeroua iai t< efici 'ed at the meeting were quite eiilluient to rat'afy a< y diaioinea ed party thai the entire doing* of thu friend* (if In. nomi' ee of raid convention were c >m memrd, carried or, and ended, in downriilit raanncement. and in vii lation of the rigfi'a piivilego* and inU-reaUof the whiga of the district. Therefore. the meeting onanimouaiy Reenlved, Ihatit ia tlie duty ol a'l good oi'.liinitn arm', to [ raa the) have the power to do to, all sU< mpta to destroy a fiir " and impartial exsminatin \ of the character, claims and fltnsssof r ti e suveral csndida'ea, previous to the'nomtnation. I>e("l> e<t, Hit? do 8'iCh 0|p>rtunity boivpallowtd bytli# friends of the present nominee. but an unuaual. unfair and tuig nary mode of thrusting him upon the distrle*, being exer-ised in disregard of propriety. justice and right, and contrary to the usages of { uil previ ii? as-4-iublages if a similar character?he it, therefore. Resolved, That Col Florence Mahoncy, be and hereby is. nomi* natcd ai d declare'* the I nds|?iident Whig Candidate of the Third I Congressional District, for whom w* IM|IWmMrChm and lor whose election we will uae all fair and honorable means. ' Rom Ived, That in presenting our candiiate for the suirr&ge* of . the elector* of thin district, we confidently claim for hiin, and ex' pvet the support of all who are sinoerelv pledged to houosty and f light, aa well as decided in their preference fi r a free expreaaion of of all i ln?t ' I rt? Soil," and a free exercise of all the rights of free citizenship A Committee of Vigilanfle, (whose names wil' he published , hi reaftor.) having been appointed, It was raaolved that the pro. i oeediogs 1* signed by the itlioers. and published in the daily paI |>erp. Signed, SOLOMON D. WILLIS, Chairman. \ J??n n.noi.HKN. Secretary. Wanted- bv a hes ectable young woman, a situation a* Plnin Cook, Washer and Iruner, or to do the [ general house w ork of a small private family. Good city refei rence can be given. Please spplv at No. 'J1 Sixth avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITUATIONS can do plain Cooking; is a good Wa'lier rind Iruner: can get good city reference; would like to git in a good family. Please' ( call at No. ,7J Rivington street, in the rear, second iloor. WANTED TO PURCll *SK?A FARM OF FROM FI FTiCKN to one Hundred acres, with a rjspectaMo house and otlVoes | on it. within from two to twenty miles of the city. The land must be naturally good, but a farm partly improved would not bo objected to Appication to he made in,in diatoiy, stating pir' ticuUrs, with uie very lowest price post paid, to W. E. R . Commercial Exchsnge, corner Cmirtlandt and Washington streots. |) O A RI> WANTED?BY A YOU NO GENTLEMAN?A ( Room, with II eskfastsnd Tea in a private family, Ameri- ' i can or trench, occup> ing a house with the modern improvements, i References given, if required. Terms must be ramleriM. Pioaie addicss. Btaiing location, 4io., Merohant, 'lera'ii olliee. Board wanted in a private family, bv a gentleman and wife. The gentleman will be absent (exuei t evenings and Suudai b). Tho locution must bo near market street, and apartments furnished. I'leaic addrers C. R, steamer Niagara, foot market street, stating location anil term". ' TO *10.10 wanted, and a man OF RU<I- I ) nets habits, as partner, to take the principal management ot a travelling business for a professional man. ' whose duties0011 tine him at h< me. It is highly respectable, and . will yield a profit of $S0UU or *10,00 iu a few months. Address 1 Scfllel.t, this office. I Wf ANTED?THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE, OR FOL K ii or nve roomr wittiin nrtccn minutes walk el Howard's Mute), rent not tu exceed one hundr'd and til'f.y dollars. Addrets Jon es McLaughlin, hasement Saloon, 17'.# ftroadwav. STOLEN?FROM MBSSK8. WOOD & E R III N G F. It, IMIII.Adelphia, a Note, drawn by C. A Townsond & Co.,iiud endor-od by Mr. Joel Cpdbury. for seven hundred and thirty-eight dollara. 60 cents, at 8 months, from Juuo 27, 1848. Payment lias boon stopped. LOST-YESTERDAY (FRIDAY,) A HEAVY GOLD PEN oil oase with a amall watch key in the form of a hand aila'lied to it. The tinder will confer a great fivor an1 receive a librral reward by returning the same to W. O'Keli'u otQoe, 3U Wall street. IOST-IN WAYERLEY PLACE, OR IN FRONT OF THE JL Park Theatre, a small doable case enamelled Gold tYat'li, wiili enimelled chain, key, and coral charms attached. The 1 finder will to very liberally rewarded on returning it to Messrs. Ball, Tompkins Pti Black, Broadway, oorncr of Murray street, : ; where afull descrio'inn ?f the watch may be ?e?n. 1 O'lOl EN NOTES <?F TUB HANK OF CUE-.TEH COUNTY. This lank bus now iMMiud nearly all its laMM that were in i circulation at the time of tho robbery of the President, in Do1 ceoiber la>t. Itbas. at a large expense, advertued the robbery in all tho oiiii-s ol the Union. It has, also, given widely exte ided notice of the Issue of new ii 't^s, ami that none ol a d ito prior to 1-is have been circulated by tho bank since tho robbery. It has r< ason to Ixlieve that attempts aro making to circulate aome of l the stolen notes; therefore, in order further to guard thiba k sg dust rong, it now gives notice that oone of tho old issues of a date prior to the year lMh, will bo redeemed, unless upon satis' factory evidence that they are honestly I?id, with information when, where, how. and ofwtom they were obtained, and t'ia* the | holders l?l;eve they are not a pnrt of the stolen money. Thiaovi- I denre and inform tion to be accompanied with proper affidavit! | of the ficts. Had 'he public lefusfd to reoelvo the old i-sues,after notice of the robbery, those in whole hands they then were c mid readily have satisfied the bank they were mot a part of tho money j stolen trom tho President, and the hank would long since have been able to detect the robbers, and all tlv se who ? ore cor.oerned in passing the st len notes, ami neither the communi y, nor the bank, would have suffered loss. It is hoped tho public will still i assist ii, tracing a1) tho.?e notes yet in circulation. Neither banks or brokers will receive them. By ordor of the Direot'ra. ^October 19.1HH. DAVID TO # N8F.N P, Cashier. HATS, MUFF8 AND FUR^-TIIE SUBSCRIBERS. IN eonncction with their latest Fall Fashions i >r Cents' Hats, which for stylo and quality are not surpasied by any in the ci y, have on hand a large and splendid assortment of Muffs and Furs, selected with gr-at care, which they now offer to the public at astonishing low prices To th' se purchasin* any articles in out li'e we invite their early attention, and fully guaraty sales to their perfect satislaotfi n. ARTIER St BROTHER, 2G0 Greenwich street, Rev. joun n. maffit.?a refutation of the slanderous charges against this reverend gentleman, will aptear to morrow in the SUNDAY MhKNIMU NEWS, crabraoi .g Letters tiom Mrs. Mufiitt, and also from her husband, with divers other information touching this delicate and exuiting subject. Newsmen are requested to send their orders to day. Oftioe 99 Nassau str?et. Price- three cents. Nautili a life insurance company-office no. fi8 W all street; accnmulated fund, $136,000 ?The operations of this eon puny are purely mutual, the assured lieing the on'y projrietors Fifty per cent of the premiums for three years in succession have beeu returned to 'he assured in scrip, livaringan annual interest of six percent Oflios hours from U till 8 o'clock. Midical examinations from 2 till 3 every day. Losses promptly P*id. A. M. MERCHANT, President Pi iky Frkvmak, Actuary, CHEAPEST ESTATE IN THE WEST-I OFFER FOB SALE about acres * f I.and. situated on Little Sandv Itiver in Carter County, Kentucky?twenty mile* from the Ohio Kiver, upon which tho connty >uat l? located, through which the State r ad paves leading to Va., and the centemplated railroad will pa?a, aiid upon which there li an ahundanco of atone, coal, timber, four welts of salt water comfortable dwelling and out house* on a part ot 1,200 aerra, c*llod the Homestead. with about 600 aorea or more enolosca in fields, and in grata and clover; and tho timber, being cut cflT part of tl e large tract, for making salt. ia down with blue grata, and ia highly calculated for sheep huibindry or dairy business. The lard ia well adapted to the various grains and Krohfen. and there ia a oonstant demand for ita production* from the Iron W orks in the vicinity: and there ia navigation for flat boat* down Sandy Hirer to Ohio, making Cincinnati a market if , required. In point of health it ia not to be surpassed bv any in this section of country. For the above property I will take , $15,01 o. Address, post paid. R. O Carter. Or*vson P. 0? KyX or apply to WOODWARD k DUSENBURY, 4A William etreet. New York. ' Door of entcrprise?working men ark coming to the Tenneisce Land Office, 112 Broadway. New Vork, I nd buying land of the llrat class, anil In the very neat looations, at less t'isii government prioe, and on 7 yeara' credit. Improve the opportunity while it laaU. ARNOLD BUFFUM ft CO. Notice.?the kockland cemetery.?notice h hereby given that the appointment of Mr. Robert G. Nellie aa an Apent for the sale cf l.ota. haa teen revoked ; and the offloe of tlie Sii|eilntendent ia at 170 Broadway, and of the Sucreta.y at 15 Wall street. By dirtction of tie Board of Trnateea. H. y. ALLEN, S'oretary. WE UNDERSTAND A SHOOTING MATCH WILL TAKE | place at Mr. Louis Becker's splendid establishment. Vauxhall Card'n, Ilov.oken, on Monday, 6th November. 1848. The j frienda of aport will find something new. by shooting at a bird made of wood, on a pole HO feet high, with riflei SPORTSMAN rrtRAVEl-LERS AND EMIGRANTS. BV APPLYING AT I JL Tanner's Map store, No. 156 Fulton atreet. may be supplied v ith Mapa and Guide Hooka for every part ?f the United St*tea, and alio verba'information regarding the varioui route) to the West, mi de. of conveyance, tie., he. Highland nirseries, newriirgh, n. y.?late a. ' J. Downing a Co?Tbe aubperiher* would intoim their pa- I tronr and the pnhlie, that their atock of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs. Jtc. fcc? for autumn planting, is uniinially large ' and thrifty, rfpeciallv Peara, Plnms, and Apples. Several thousand Trees, three and four years old, of largo rise, together with a general assortment of Cherrv, Peach, Nectarine, and Aprioot Trees, Gripe Vinea, Small Fruit a, tic. Tho ornamental depart ment is full and complete ; f<r particulars aeecata ogn?, furnished gratis to postpaid applicants. Freight paid to New York. A. SAUL ft CO. This agreement, made and executed tiii325th day of October, 1848, between Ryerson and Losee, of the first part, and k urphy and Kavanagh, of the second part. Wttnssseth? Whereas, tho said parties are mutually engmed in running Omnibus Stages through the Bowery and Third avenue, anr, whereas, for the publio accommodation, large additional eipcns'i are inotirred in ninning lines on Sundays, and the aaid pnrties, with a view to their mutual benoflt. hive agreed that the f rice ol fare on Sundays', on all the lines run by them respeT, vily on that day. fhall be one shilling a passenger foranydia' tanoe. And, therefore, the aaid nar'iei,oi the tirat and ijoord part, hereby mutually promise and agree to and with eaoh other, lor the oonsid, ration aforesaid, that the regular fare for all omnibus stages run by either of the said parties on Sunday* aliall, \ from and after thia data, be one shilling for e?ch full grown passenger, for any distanoe the laid passenger shall be carried, and for oacli half passenger (child) one-half that price. ryf.rson tt losee, . murphy ft kayanaoh. Tub 1RI?. A drawing room ALBUM. DEVOTED Exclusively to the Modes and Fashions, National Industry, Tlieatiicil*. and General Literature?Published in New York on tie- l.t, 10th and jQtb of each month, in the Eugl'sh anl I'r-nch languages F.ach number illna-.rated with word outs, ornamental letters, and one engraving on steel, elegantly colored. Termi of S'lbn riptio- ?Eight Dollars a jcar, payable in advance. No subs-ription taken for less tiian three months. Advertisement* re. c 'ived on liberal terms. OfBoe of the Journal, 4.'! John street, Ntw York. JKST rubi ItfllED,? FORGET ME NOT WALTZ, BY Maurice Strakoseh Jns> published, aid for sale hy KERKSlKti & HRKU?1\i;. .?75 Broadway. Newfoundland Don.-rt)R balk, a handsome bla<k young N wfotind'and Dog, welltr ined.good hoiua deg, and *< customed to children. Apply at 305 Wat- r street lint U , I IV TO L' I L> l DTOi'r , K' n A. ?? > oivv ? nnu ri.iiunna ur r the 8t*t? Coff.'e lIougt> Motel, ,114 Pearl strwt, corner Fork Klip. To a jtfrson wishing to wiK?Kn In such a htuinee*, the inilmon enls tlTered by the location and respectability of pitren age are M'ldom oflrrea. For farther information Inquire of the onneron the premises?M. McCaKTY. N. B.?To prevent unnecessary trouble, terms will lie eash. f.V)K SAI.E FOK SAI.E. CHEAP FOR CASH, OVE entirely new (largo s?rc) Fnrte I'iano. Persons wishing imh in Instrument will And it to their advantage to oall and tee it Cell at any time this afternoon. F. W. C. wEDKKlN I), 122 Cedsr at. IjVlR SAI.B- A l,lyt:oH 81 ORE. IV THE ItEST I A KT l)K thocny, doing * brut rate retail htHnese. For pirtloulars, airly in the boarding li< me. 61 Oreenwich ttreei, room No. 30, till !' o'i lock in th? nioraing* tJIIAWI.s FROM APCTION.-A. ARNOLD AND CO., flFTT < anal et> ret. having mede extensive pur hnaes at the recent and on Mle?, At much below the roe ol' imp nations, they ere enabled to i fl< r great inducements to the pnsh<Mrt of these artl cles In both I,ong end Square also, from steamship Bump*, a deniable ? ? rtmcnt ol Long and Square Plaid Shawls, Id auhduod o. lorirgs. NAIIJt. TWINE. SHOE THREAD. ?io ,??r? CASKS CUT and wrought nailn. hrade, and spikes; seine, sail, haling fill net, and manufacturer's twine of every doeoriptlon; shoe thread in every variety; cotton, aelre, eafl, and onri*t twin**; Manilla and hemp ooraage; 2 and .1 cord India twine for Ashing, he., ko. For eale by CRURA fc (jl/hing, IIM l>arl street. I K1SII AMIS1 OTCU MAI.T W IIISR EF, INM RI'A^KMM 1 aualtty. pntap in package* to rait tha trade, for aal* at about one-hall the usual priors, hy WILLIAM M. PARKS, Distiller,HS nh arenoe; Office, 42 StoMttroei. 1*e hlebaat twice mid Ihremnt* nanehenna Guano?mo n*cs pataoonian.for sai.h by JOHN C M0KRI40N, 141 Urceuwioh .UMl, New Yrrk. PARK THEATRE.?BENEFIT OF MOVE MONPL I9IESaturday ermine. Or*. 28. will b? aoted the farce of 10 It SO? Mr Lilll white, llr Gilbert; Clementina. Mr*. Walo?t>. Man. Ami Bitiiop will prii-rm * eoena entitled KECOLLK TIi)N3 OF LINDA, introducing tin admired ion* of "The Bankaol CJu*. daloniver." AM*r whlohthe diremMoment entitled &UHORA. A fur which Madame Ann* Bia> op will emit MARY BI, iNE. La Ziuarillawitl ciieoJie danoed bt M. and Mme. tfooplaixir. After which, LOVE, dHTaIB. AND CHaMPAQNK ?Lord Crack ! ford, Mr Corby. A ecene in the Frenoh Camp, n which Madame Anna Biahop wi'l appear in the coatume of a Vivandiere. To oo. elude with BOX ? N l> < OX-Mr B"X. Mr. ?. B ' hao'nan. I BOWEKVTUKATKE. ON SAIl'KUAY EVEN IN U.OCT. | JH, will be performed the new American play, railed TUE , SWAMP FOX-Fwncia Marion, Mr. N. H. Clarke: ?MKeaut Jaa- 1 Br, Mr Q. ? Browie; Ned Ilnmy-hrwia, Mr. J. II. Mnll; Simon 1 fg?, Mr. J. M. Koott; Colore' Proctor, Mr. Tiltoo; Andrew Jack- | aon, Miaa 8- Denln; Mr*. Matte, Mr*. Jordan; Kate, Mia* Gordon. I After which * Ballet DWertiaement, by Signor* Ci?o?* *nd Si*. Neri. To conolude with the EAST RIVER CRAFTSMAN? , Fanlkland, Mr. Tilton; George W*taon. Mr. liaall; Tom Swallow Bonnikrr Bo#a, * r. Winuna; Fanny Maryland, Miaa Mary Taylor. n~... .> ?L-_.?r .? ? ? - V/| Kv..v.u..uvv vv uvmuiguvs M? f |I|WUWI/,? Bniea, 25 cent*; At and Gallery, 12){ CUANFKALI H new national tukatke, formerly I OUatham.?Sot may Evening, Oct 2H, will b? acted the , drain* of JACK SHiPi'AKD?Jack Sheppir.l, Kim It roily Mac- \ taier; Blue Skin, Mr. Chantrau; Mra. wood. Mrs. b"ivnin>n; Poll, Miss Taylor. Ta be followed by A GLANCE AT NEW i YORK?Mote. Mr. Chanfrau; George Paraetls, Mr. Herbert; iiio. . Mica E. M?f layer; Mra. Morion, Mra ?J. Chapman. To conclude with the farce of Plttn Y GIRL-'OK STILKEKG?Ernest, Mr. i Stark; Adrian, Willia; Margot, Miss E. Masuiyer; Crittle, H u . Mlljg HIM. Hi Davis; Henrietta. Miss Franklin;Christina, Mrs. 0. Chapman. Doera open at 6X; performanee to oommeoee i ?trx. J MECHANICS' HALL, No. 472 Broadway, between 11 rand J and Broouie street*, cotnmenoed on Monday, Ootober 2d, and will eontinue every night until further notice.?Fourth weak of tha re opening. The original and well-known CHRISTY'S . MIN8THELS, (organised in 1H41) the tiret to harmonise nop*" ] melodies, find originator of the present popular style of Ethiopian n entertainment*, whose concerts in this city, for a period ol ton j months, were received with auch distinguished favor and patro j niie, have the honor of announcing to the ladiea and gentlemen oINewYcrk and vicinity, that they will give a sones of their popular ConoeTta, Introducing a variety of their original donga, i Chorusees, Characteristic Dances, ko. Admission 25 oon'.a. Doora J open at 7. Concort will commenoe at 8 o'uloek. An Atternonn e Concert every Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M? under , the managairent and dlree'ion of E. P. Chriaty. B Ntw BROADWAY CIRCUS, NEAR SPR1N0 STREET.- ' John l'rvoa and Corporal Thompson, Managers?>ntui J*y t evening, October SKth.?Double Tr- up*?"Seventh appearance of | Metna.' Welch, Delavan It Nathan's splendid Equestrian Troupe, ( Hewnth appearance of Matter licmandci?Dancing Mare, II ii- g de, and lie accomplimied trainer. Mr Uanus?Exhibition of the , world fr'-rowned Performing Ponies Romeo and Juliet.?An iui- J posing cnvaloadu, entitled THE COTRTIKKS OF LOUIS MY? ., The SAlLOK BOY, by Master Hernandez?The Comio Twin ' Poi ies. R"mco and Juliet, will give an exhibition of their won. dc rtnl ?kili r.nrt tinii ing. Boxes 6(1 eonta: uppt r boxes z.ri cents A Doors open at half pnst K?performance to commence at 7. I I.EN T, AND CO.'3 IIIPPOPER.K.VN ARENA AND Circus, the largest nnd most expensive establishment of the k.nd existing, will opcr on Monday, Oct. 30th under an immense pavilion erected for the purpose, and cnpable of oomf rtably accommodating upwards of 'SMIO people, on Eighth street, near the Otiera House, lor a short time only Since this mammoth establishment was last in this oity, the proprietors have added many lowI and most Attractive features to their exhibition, prominent among which stand the celebrated Performing EleEhunts. Konico and Jenny Lind, from the theatre* Drury lane, oudon, and National, Paris, which havo been purchased ana impiirted at an immense expense, and are introducei in their wonderful poilotnianoes at each exhibition; the troupe of ten oigypuan panics, introunceu in an oriental pintomimo, and j other attractions of a sterling nature. Tho stud of ferforming ( I IIuma and Ponies is unci]tiallcil and unapproachable. coin- i pricing, m?om others, tho magnificent dancing horses May Fly n a id Bucephalus: the faio poney Cinderella: tho twin ponie* c, Damon and Pythias; tho ^dating ponies, Deaf Kurko and Tom ,1 j t>i ring, and the celebrated trWting pony, Blank Diamond. The ' 1 corps of performers, selected with great caro from every quarter I of the globe, includes, in their various departments, nimy of the t fiioBt eminent attis s living, and the names moil tinned liolow will lie a sufficient guaranty of tlm strength of this portion of the t establishment. Mr Richard Sands and his children. Maurice 8 mid Jesse; Mon? ConC, tho great French equilibrist; Master i: | Walter Ayraar, eijuo-trian; Mr. W. Stout, the t 1 groat polyliippian equestrian; Mr. U. Gardner, the inimitable t \ scene lider; Mr. . Ruggles, tlio unsurpassed tierformer on the I enrde volante; Signor I'oneii, the contortionist, He. &c. Ito. 1, The unexceptionable humor of the popular clowns, Pentland d and 1-uthrop, is not tho least attractivo feature of tlio entertain- R meiits. Master of the arena. Cant. J. A. Decamp; equestrian i director. Mr W. Stout; UiiiBical director, Mr. Eat in; treasurer, 8 Kr J. W. Fathoy. Admittance 25 cents; no half price. Doors a open ?t ; performances commence at 7'4- 0 Sands, lent & co/s hippoferoean and ? Circa*.?The largest and most, exponsivo establishment #xint- y ing, comprising among its immense resources, performing ole f, phants, camels, horses, and the most compete and thoroughly g, trained collection of trick poniei in tho world, together with a i tl coipsof performers, embracing, in their various departments, ' g< many of the most eminent artists living. Kiiuestri*n Director, jr Mr. W. Stout; Master of the Arena, ('.apt. j. A. Decamp; Job a Pentland, Clown. This well Unowa oompany will exhibit, after tl coon and evening, nt Newark, Tuesday, October 24; at Jenny u City, Wtdsesriay. i5th; and at Brooklyn, Thursday. Friday, and Saturday, 2<>th, 27th, and 28th inst. Admittance 25 cents. No half price. | The public entree into new toe* op sand"3, ' Lent & Co'* Bippoferaean Arena and Circus, with all the {1 Elep'ants, Camels, Horses, Ponies, Chariots and c'arriagos, be- u longing to that immonfe establishment, will take place on Mon- ?, day morning. Ootober I'tlth. Tf.e procession will I09V0 the head of ai Bresdwny at 10 o'clock, and will paia down to the Battery; & thence through Grccnwioh street to Vesey; up Voscy to Park p, Row; np Chatham to Grand street; down Grand atrcot to the ? Bowery: up Bowery to the place of exhibition, on Eighth street. T Raymond & warings mevaoerie, now ex hi- f? biting at Niblo'a tinrden ?Mr. I'iurcoand Miss Adiliua, tho Oi Linn King ?nd ({ueen, will appear during eaoh exhibit'on. Doors 0t open from 10 to 12 A. M : 2 to 4 and 7 to y P. M. Admission 25 cents?Children under 10 yearn half prioe. j Napoleon crojsino the alps.-this greXt hishorical Piotnre, liy Dclaroche, is now exhibiting at the Na- Di tional Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Loonard o street. Op'D from nine, A.M., until Un, P.M. Admission, 25o>; p season tickets, 50c. (1 RANI) DIORAMA?BOMBARDMENT OF VERA CBUZ, ^ I *c,,6Sfri Broadway.?Soener In the Gulf; Burning the M. B. *' Creole; Shipwreck oftheSomers; Arrival of tho Fleet; Steam- cl ers end Ships stetiiningand sailing along; Real Cannon loaded and J" fl.ed by moving figures ; Grand Bombardment by day and night; Li Splendid pyrotechnic (fleets and bursting ot Shells. Every Figure, be Snip, B( at, Ike., is moving. An Overture every evening. Ticket* as 50 cent*. Children half price. Family and mason tiokets on ap- id plication at the Ilall. Open at 7, commences at 8. Wodncuday, and Saturday afternoon at 3. th Union course, l i?trotting.?monday, 30th 1 Oci, at 2% o'clock, P. M. Purue $200. Mile heat*, best 3 J iu 5, in hamenf. P. Hunt enters b. g. Jnok Roisiter; A. Conk- ?T lln enters br. m. Lady Sutton. Tho oirs leave South Ferry for ?" the Courue at 2 o'olook P. M. and return after tho sports are over. f' M. D. GKKEVE Propr etor. oel CERTAIN MATERULS.-JU3T RECEIVED, 2 CASKS of^ y Satin de I Jiines and Cotton do., new style*. Also, constant- fol ly receiving a complete assortment of Carriano Linings, Plusho*, Velvets, tic. Forsalcby F. Sl * S. A. MARTINE, ~ Importer* and JoMiers. lft William St.. near John. I TO R?NT?SEVERAL OF THE THREE STORY DWELL- on in* Houses in the ranire on Hpvrn til HVITIIKI I^I 'A-I'i'n TU...If> V| T) and Thirteenth streots: having oourt yards, baths, rinses, ami Pi every other ronvpniem o required to mnke M very desirable ro.-idriicrs for respeotablo families. Apply on the prem 1 tel. I Apartments to let.-a few gentlemen can be ? aocommo.iatrd with furnished or anfnrnishod apartments, fi< ill the elegant homo, newly fitted up. Wo. 120 Chambers street Hcfoienoe required JM UNFl'RNISHED ROOMS TO RENT-A FRONT AND f hack p?rlour to rent, 'HI Mereor street, near Waahiugton *plate. Breakfast ran be hail If winhed. da STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?THE STEAMBOAT STATEN Inlander will run as follows Leave New York at 9,11,1, :P 5 10m., 6 and 6K o'olook. Lear* Quarantine at 8, lit, 11,2,1 and 6 o'olook. FOR NEW ORLEANS, VIA. HAYANA.-TnE FINE NEW I steamship GALVESToN, J. R. Crane, commander, will loave for the above ports on Saturday, the 4 th of November, at 10 > o'clock, A. M., from pier No.4, NR. No berth secured until paid J for. Letter bap at the asual plaoes. For freight or passage, hav- be in* very superior aoeominodalions, apply to I HOWARD fc SON, 73 South stw t "j| It OR NEW ORLEANS. VIA HA VAN A.?THE WELL !!: : known steamship "United Stutes," burthen 2,WW tons, W. n 0. Ilarkstaff, Commander, will leave for New Orleans, on Satur- J day, November 4th, from Jmld's wharf, upper side of Catharine >u Market, Kant River, at .1 o'olook, P.M., and from New Orleans, on su tho lHtli Novunber. Small paroals and pickaxes received at Uarn- .) dm & Co.'a Express office, h Wall street, until the day of sailing, aiid delivered immediately on arrival at New Orleans. No berth 1| nocu-ed until puid for. Cabin paesig*. WS-, Steerage passig.% JO. |lp Postage 2ft cents, on letter* weighing half an ounce. No freight r. will be received on the day ef nailing. Letters will be reoeivoi at llarnden Ik Co.'h, 6 Wall street; Kxohauge News Room ; .! Hale's Letter office, 70 Wall street; and at Kenyan's Journal of J. Commerce odirs. For freight or i*s*age apply to ,. cbariiks u. Marshall .is nariing sup. r, On her return slit will resume ber regular trips to Bavre. leaving u.i New York on the 10th Oeoomber, and Havre tho Ktli January, touching at Southampton both ways. j[JJ PHRENOLOGY AND ASTROLOGY? ^ To know by signs, to judge the turns of &U, m Is greater than to fill the scat* of State; P The ruling stars abovs, by ?ocr?t laws, gt, Determine fortune in her seoond cause. * Tin M are a book, wherein we all may read, * And all should know, who woold in lift- sucuood, JTj What orresponding signs in man display ' Ilia futuie actions, point his devious way. E,, Thus in the heavens, his fu iura fate to lcar>. The present, past, and future to discern, Com ct his ati |ie, improve theIwUI?f life, ^ Alio. shunning error, live devoid of strife. , MAPA1MF. DCBOVlE is at predentin the city, and enn I* pp consulted on the above science, in regard to H<:itltli, Wealth, ? Friends, Enemies. I.a?*uit?. Love, Courtship, and Mart.age, at |a. her residence, No. 169 Division street, at any time during the day J.T and evening Terms. IW> cents. pra 11^1 II) HAIR DYE?NO EijL'AL-ALEXANDER'S TR1A c.bsphe Improven.e it of mt6. Th? ni'.si surw a*ful Li'pud Hair I>< i'rver known for dyeing the hsir, whisker', (to., a natutjI I row nor Mark, so exactly r.iemMim tho netuial color of j,ro ti'r hair ns to di fy detection. It* effect is instuituno nis and |Ktv lermnnent It ran be used witl) tho nr?*to?t eas>. It is alro g, 11 i.i tbo*?IfSMfU**(Mm1 in all imitations(f this rilo- j0, 1.rnted | reir.rmtion I of giving an nnuatural red or pirple tint to ? tli hair. Thegi nuine article Is for sale by most of t lie reapec- T" tah'e Drngg *t? throughout tho United States; and hy Rush ton, 1 t la lis fw < o.. Ilrosd* ay ; Thomas it Maxwoil, Wil'iam stroet; Sei A II .V 1>. Sands, or Johnson. Moore Ik ratlor, M iiden Lane, ral N*w York , or B. It 0 a. Wright, PMItMpt, tw kik /i|io horses have been cured or iif,ave\ Chronlo Cough, and other di?ejs??, within the nl, last y?ar, by Kirkbride'* Tattersall's Hoave Ponders. One dol _n Isr's worth is sufficient for a our* of lloavt s, and a doien rami of Catairh,Beware o! imt'aiions. ti0 (.on,|| ta KF,TOfl AM 149 Fulto* st. Proprietors. g,, |J NIVERS1TY OF^ NEW YORK-MEDICAL DEPART- ",f w 1111 iiv-?inn iiiLiwiiiivMnjr Mjvibiiix-n iai vim rnfuinn winie r wv courie, will commence on Mondaj evening (hit. 30, at 7 o'oluck, tffc I*. M , nod l?s continued at I he came hour each day, in the follow- J;, ing oider: ? Monday, Dr. Mot'; Tuesday, Dr. Pittersoe; *edne?- . ? day, Dr Pi'knon; Thursday, Pr I'aim; Friday. Dr. Bedford, Saturday, t)r Draper. The jrofoision a?d publie imierally nro nr, respectfully invited to attend. JOHN W. DRAPER, M. D? {.J., Secretary of the Paoulty. u, (lOLUOl Or PHYSICIANS AND sirof.on j Of THB R J UnivtrtltJ r>f the State <f New York ? T^e forty.wcond Hon- _ ?ion of the the College will be onenel oa Mouday, .'.Otn Ojtober.? 'I he 1 ntroduetory AadreM will be delivered b> l*rofemor Joseph R M J-mitb, at half peat 7 P M in thi Collide Hall. Th? prof??? j # ion and the public are renpfctfnlly invited t'i attend. Th?? re*a ^ lar conriei will l*c? minor oed on Ttiepday, .31*1 in*tan*, at J) A.M. . 12. WATTS Jr., M.D , Sen'y to tho 1 aoulfy. niH Coll* re of rhyeiclanaand finite on a. Ooaty st npo DENTISTS.?FOE saI.K-TIIR PRACri 'Bur A DIN. ^ X list, with or without Instruments nnd furniture, and lean fnt oiifllee at a low rent, eatnldislwc several jeers in tils ei'y; it i? (0 an o| |Hirtunity reldom oflered to Ihw'tsts. i r Dental itudeuta. r,. For |?iiko'?r? ennuire of J. W. REID, M. O, No 3/7 Fourib Vreat, next to corner of Rowciy. OR hAI.I'll, AUTUOR OF Til It "PRACTICAL PKIVATS j\ Treatise, Ac., HA Oreenwioh street^ otftoe hours y to 12 A. 1.1 M , 6 to 8 P.M. (Sunday excepted). These who apply in the early ,jn stages nill I* surprieed at the rapidity and little inoonrenlenee tttending their cure. 11 it chiefly, however, those who hare suffired tr"m a ceriatD claaa ol people who can properly appreolate J,., his services. In strletnre, from Its first, or inoipient, to ite more wt advaeoed and dtstreselrg stages, (frem uncommon advantages ? j and a very extensive practice,) he oan afford a rapid, easy, and j., radical cure, which, he haa ground for etatinc, oan bo obtained p. tun we nw? anwrne h AeMrlca. Jjj S1BICTURE ITS NAT! RE BFMITOMH, CONSKQUBlf* *" we. the remedies and icoipee. mode of deteotlig, a id only iieimercet cure. K 0 < e poseresi ng tho work need lung Iwtrin>led with strictures. Fifth editi, n, .Ml pp. I*rtcc Maybe had of Ue author, ?8 Greenwich street, or by post, mailed free. B10AT1WAT THEATRE E A. MARSHAL!*, PROPI ' >r?Satnrday Mem tiff, October 2M will b*fcct 4 tWoi . * '.ON 01 iN A83URANC*-air H*i ?j?rt Courtier, Bl.Ifc- i> 'lrk Htikaway. Mr. Taehe; Oharlen Courtley, Hi w.Iu Mr HI*nk?r, Br. Iladaway; Mark Mcdlle, Mr T rfll. I JHI\ "P?nl?e'. M'? Fanny Wnilack. To oone with 8 " 'M ^ AROAI??-Wi.ton. Mr. Iladt MX "r- O'HIack. Mr. E. Shaw; foncttaff, Mr. 0. 3mn Mr. fV '! """ U'ld"!t"' "?' *?* Mr.. Mr. lh?. Clwta ar.d". *r'ln#,t*- 75 rKn" r*railJ ??? X uH cU IK ?X-I?n?mAn?. to mii at 7 o'olock BKOAUWAV illEATtw E~,N,()T,('ErTH* ''"fARTMl fhip heretofore exiati*. ' the ut>??ribere, under name and tirn nf Mann ft. Man .V f' da? lyr i tonl consent. The businuasof . <? Inn will ba cl'>aed up br Marshall. ALVAII MANN, Daied New York, Oet 28, IHW. *. A. M \K1tJ AIJ Tne busineea of the Broadway TV **tr* *"1 hereafter be e Juried by the nubecribur. K. A. MARSHALL New York, October ?5. IH4&. BURTON BTHEATRE CIIAMBKRS?k 'R"T.-3vri;RI> ' eveniug, Oct l\ will be played TUk' 8 lit IT?! Hi ctor Timid, Mr Raymond; Chatter, Mian ^'inolair The opt Df DaN KEYSER DE BASSOON ? l)*n Kejk?r, Mr. T Jul iton; Napoleon Lilly white, Mr. Hurley: Mary ,Tanner. Miin L'hapman. The hurletta of MISCHIEF MA.^'NO-ller DcaaraiW, Mr. Orac*; Oliver Quint, .Mr. Hamilton; Ja 0'|U?ttn, M Sinclair. To oonsloda with NEW YORK IN 8?'<ll'ES?1 lira hall, Mr. Hamilton; Mr. Nabwn, Mr. Graoe; I, uMU " Sinola -Price* of admission? Ureal Circle and Parquet, oen Family Circle or Beoond Tiar, 26 Ota. Dooriopun at half-fastt jurtain to rise at 7 o'clock. MIHIIKI l/S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?SATI, IIDAY EV ning, October 2S, the entertainment* will cnminenoe wi i'USS IN HOOTS?Puaa in Boots, Mr. Connver; Ralpn, Miaa Ma jannon: Chatterina, Miss Knlierta. After whioh, a urea, entltl FOUNDED ON FA(rTS-Mr. Skeptic, Mr Holland To be f. owed by > classfoal extravagant*, entiled T IESEU4 AND AH tDNK? Bieciiliis, Mr. Conovor; Baoohua, Mr. Niokinson; Min I, Mr Arnold: Theaeu* Mil* Mary Gannon: Ariuina, Mian t'larl To'WDCludo with anew farce, entitled POOB PILl.lCODOY ohn I'eter Pilliooddy. Mr. Holland; Captain O'Si nttlo, Mr. Nil neon; Sarah Blunt, Mias Mary Gannon. Door* opt n at 7 o'olo -eurtnin rlaea at half-pa* 17 o'clock. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. HARM M. PR prietor; T. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid performanw very afternoon at 3, and evening at 7X o'clock. Major Llttleti er. the smallest human being on earth tl at can either walk tand alone La*t week positively of the Giant or Mammo t*by, who, though only 16 month* old, weighs 'JO pounds. Ore Western, the Yankee Comedian. The Sable Brother*, araoat * >crb and talented hand of Negro Singer*. Danrerx. (to. The Thr lighland Mammoth Bora. Enormous Boa Constrictor. Livii InuigOutang. Fairy Family. Infant Vestri*. Wax Soriptui ItaWaiy. Madam Rockwell, the fumota Fortune Teller, m:iy I irivately OOMlMlt an extra chargo of 28 01*11, Admission I he whole, including Museum. Performance*. Little Fiugnr'*, iii 5 cent*; children under ten year* of age, and old enough to wal lone. 1?H cent*. Reserved front seats. one shilling evb extra. nilKPitHlS MIN.STKELS RESPECTFULLY AN.V.I'VC ^ that th?y will give 'heir usnal Concert, thii (Saturday) afiei oon, at the So iety Library Room, commencing at 3 o'clouh ud to night at Williamsburg Garden, commencing at o'oloel nlmitsinn 25 oints. rABERNACLE-GRAND 1NSTKCMKNTAI. COM fit hy tlie celebrated Oermania Muaieal Sooietv, compoM-d < wenty four pcrt'ormei*, will give their last Concert previous t litir departure for Havana, at the Tabernnoln, on Saturday evi ,11V. O. tol:er -jsth. on which nn, will I., nr. -I ttrantivo proara? me?the pieces selected from the must, cm net issters. Mimical Director, 0. Lensiliow; Agent of tlmCompany I. Reich. Programme?Part I.?Grand* March I!. Lenaohov iverturo?la Muetto de Portic.l, Aubcr Flottcn Walt?, Laiine: 1nalo, finm Lucia di Lammermoor, Doniietti; Overture? R< 'Yvctot, Adam. Part II?Overture?Jesaondn, Spohr; Vsrii ionB frr.m Bohemian Melodies, Atrhnneok. executed by S iliulU llieinn Polka, C. Lentchow : Finale?I.a Sonntimbula. Ti-llin he Miifical Telegraph? Grand Potpourri, Straus*. Admission S cuts. Tickets to be had at the music stores, and at tho door o liot\enlng of the ct iieert. Doors open at 7; ooac rt to ooti lence at H o'elnok precisely. I^WO EX1II1UT10N8.-GRAND COMBINATION OFHAJ . ington's Sacred Dioramas fof tho Creation of the World, in he Grand Spectacle ot tho Deluge. Ala*, twenty two magnified toiptnral Fainting* by Mr. Baker, ot Loudon ; each one oontaij ng about 100 square leet of can vase?the whole comprising one < he moBt beautiful and intcrcstingexhihirious ever exhibited i Lnierioa. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol tho Almight] ^pulsion from Paradise, Death ol Abel, Evening before the D< age, Tho Deluge, God's Covenant with Noah, Destruction of tic om and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moses. Th evonth Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Host, Moses Ilreakiii{ he Tables, Fall of tho Walls of Jerioho, Joshua Commanding tin an to Stand Still, &o? 8tc.?now exhibiting overy sight this week nd Wednesday and Paturdav afternoons, oominenuing atthre< 'clock, at the splendid new Hall, XH> Broadway, over Storpani'i laths. HANINGTON'S entirely new Orand Scriptural Die amasof the most magnificent Spectacle ever wttnhssed in Nov ork?Creation of the World ana the Deluge, aneUtud by pawn ll instrumental accorapanimcnta. Six Days of the Creation.cenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament 10 Second l ay. Dry Land, Herbage and Flowers, Tliird D*y.un.Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and F?w ifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden ot Edendam and Eve. With the completion of the labors of the Crei on, the first part of the exhibition oloscs Part2?Grand Di'irt la of the Deluge. Tickets 26 cents; children halt price. Door pen at 7?enrtnin rises at 7X o'clock. PANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN iN MEXICO, A1 1 the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, allows, natural as life io Manxes, Encampment!, and Battles fought by Gen. Tayloi t also givos eorreot views of the country, towns, cities, fco. It I le most beautiful painting ever soon. Upon every night a uarter before 8 o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wodnesda] id Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. Admission. 26 neoM jhoolsadmitted on rnaaonableUrma. No ohargefor' esnripthri tmchlets Children half prioe. It will soon leave the oity. i OBIRT MORRIS, THE ANCIENT BARD OF TOE NINTI V Ward, 76 years of ago. Iiuh the honor to announce a Concert r his bene fit, at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, on Monday evening st..'to. 1K4H. Sianor Valsntini, the celebrated Ventriloquist, ai>i her emiront performer", will preient. )ESCH'a WALLUAliLA, NO. 36 CANAL. STREET (LAT1 Temple of Musei). Open every night for the xoason. Pal net, 25 cent*; Orchestra Boxes, no cents. Intellectual Impr >v< cut, most talented Singers, Dancers, &o.; Female Sereuaderi lympian Harmonists, Arab Girls and Chiefs, Tableaux Vivanti rofefn r Trexter's Greek Gymnastics, Ike. r]IE ROLLASON FREE PICTURE GALLEKY AND I'KO pie's Buraar, MM Chatham itieet. Tho large new extra roon ill no ready for exhibition, this evening, filled with the most loice collection of pictures and in the (icy The pro ie'or, to competo with the spirit, of tho times, has established a 'erary Union, giving wonderful aooj?e for obtaining valitahle oils for a mere trifle. Tlioso persons who have not visited thil tahlishment, would do well to do so, a* they can form tut a pool en ol such an amusement being thrown opon to the public free iffue it to pay. that it has been open twelve weeks, aud this ii e first paid advertisement. MHE NEW MUSIC HALL AND ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 63! L Broadway, (formerly the resldeuce of J. V. Cos tar.) will en on Nevember 26, with tho concert of the Philharmonic So ity. The Concert, Ball, and Supper Room!, which extend rough te Mercer street, and also the Ladies' Dnwingand Reption Rooms, will be tarnished in the most costly and Iiixurinut tie. The Music Hall, built expressly for the full development tound, will teat 1200 perron. '1 ho rooms can now b? engaged r balls, concerts, lectures. Sc., by applying to GEORGE W. ANDREWS *0 LeornH street. DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMT, 21 HOWARD 9 itrn?t ?SUnnrft tnd Sisrtiftr Porra.rrt will M.nnon Ikaia ?knAl the 21st of October, mid the Gentlemen's (.lam on the 2.'id. ley will attend to Private Lessons and Private Classos.and nave rivate Soirees at usual. CONVERSATIONS FRANCAISES. OR FRENCHTAUGH1 J on the Oral syeteni, enabling to speak from the tiiat hssous id ctsuring cane and fluency to tiupila more advanced, but do :ent in speaking. Private tuition at home, $4 pur month; rtitu clarses. $2. Families and schools attended. Please addreai oris Ih St. Pierre, natifde Pari",.tl>H Broadway. \FriCE or THE NEW YORK OAS LIOUT COMPANY J October 9th, 1848. The President and Directors have thil y declared a dividend of four and one half per cent on the C* tal Stock of this Company, for the six mouths ending Isl agtiat last, payable to the Stockholders on and after Wednesday e 1st November next. The transfer book will be closed from a 26th Inst, to that date. By order C. L. EVERITT, Seoretary. yKIT. ELLIOTT, Oill-LIST, 6.13 BROADWA V.?OFFICE t hours from Id to 3 o'clock, on Monday, Wednesday and Fri"kR. POWELL ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF TUB EVE f and Ear. at 2?il Broadway, entrance IK Warren, where can had h<s " Treatise on the Eye," (wire ftp conts. also, his prelum self acting Eye and Ear Fountains, the most sureessful aplarre ever used for curing affeotion* of the Eye and Ear. Artiial Eyes Inserted CO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LA 1>I ES.? DR. S.P. TOWN. . .~eri<l'n Extract of Sur uparill tj lias been expressly prepared reference to female coir pluiuta. No female who haa mason to I'lxjte she is approaching that critical period. ' 1 h* turn of life," auld neglect to take it, as it ia a certain preventive lor any nl n numerous and horrible direnses to which fi-males are jilt ijtot at is tin c of life. Tliis pericd may be delayed for several yeais by iig this medicine. Nor is it Icks valuable for flow who are ap osching womanhood, a* It licalcula>td to assist natnrr, i.y ickimug the llood and invigoratiag the system. Indeed this ;tlicine is invaluable lor all the delioate diaeates to which men arc subject. It bra^e* tho whole svatem, renews permantly the natural energies, by removing the impurities of the ily. net so far stimulating ua to produce (ubwquent relaxation, liiih is the caso of most medicines taken for female weatness d diseife. Ily mirig a lew bottles of thil medlcino, many sr vera d painful snrgical operations may be prevented. Principal ice 126 Fnlt"D atnet. JO CURE, NO PAY.- DK. CORBITT, 19 DUANE 3TKEKT 1 member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, may N united in treatment of delinate diseases. No matter how fou( n may hare gleet, ulcers upon the body, or in the throat or no?a, In* Id the head and bones of the legs. A practioe of fourtwa irs, devoted to veneroal diseases, enables Dr. C. to enru the rst form of thi* disease. Recent cases cured in four days ? i morenry used. Stricture* oured in one or two week* witk reely any pain. Those indivMusI* who have Indulged in aoofu loathsome habit, oa* positively be restored to health and iety. N. B. Strangers are eantionod not t? bo deceived. r?f bbett ha* net removed Remember It Dnane street, opposite 1F.DICAL OFFICE?DR. JOHNSON, I# DUANESTKEET near Chatham street, so well known as the most rmcocrslnl petitioner in New York, ia tho treatment of venen al disease* s Doctor's reputation for skill in those old half-oured oases thai re existed for years, is pro-eminent Gleet, stricture, iileeia in the body, or in the throat or nose, pains in the head an4 es of the leg*, effectually oured. Constitutional wnakneaa, ught on by a secret habit indulged in bv young men, causing oivioas dreams and nightly emissions, positively prevented Lieut cases cured in fanr days, without mercury. No altera tica <irt. or prevention fVom brtsineas VR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE IS TIIE MOST EFFECTUAL " preparation sold for Gonorrhoea and other disorders of the lual Organs Long experience has proved that it will radily cure aoy oaso. Tl is deairtbls remit is ohtainod in from ii to ten ilaya. and aa it neither crcatea nauaea nor offendsth? late, and rendersunnecesiary any devistion in diet or interptiuti to uaual pursuits, sound sleep, or healthy digest on, the i-ance I* removed as speedily as is eonidtViut with thu wnotion of a thorough and permanent oure. Its inur ln-nta i entirely vegetable, and no injurious ellect., either oonslitu* nelly or locally, can lie caused by it* n?e. I'rii-a tl per bottle, le Agent for this olty, C. U. HINU, l'-'i broad way, corner John ?wt rjwt REWARD. -CROSS'S Sl'E 'M IC MIXTURE FOR the cure of gonorrho>a. Ol all remedies yet diseored for IliO above complaint, this ia the most certain; it makee I<w ]} ai.d pwnianrnt rnrc wittv-ut tno ioa*t r??tr ctlou in dial, nk expoaure. or chanpu in n|>|>lio?ti<>n to busin?as. The pri>etor chu lenses * amnio imtaoop ?f recent Kooorrhrea U. h? iiiitit which tie mixture will out cut* undor forfeiture uf iVM. n> are cured in two day*. Sold by Or. JOll >SON, at 273 oa'dway. corner ?f Chaml*rs t troet, Uranite Buildings, and by N l>H. |(W Knllon. come' ?f WlUiam at t*et VR GI OVER 18 CONSULTED DURINQ TBI DAY AND ' Ktcoh s it liit Office, No 2 Ami at, (now No. 12,) in tlcae Rcult and protnoted > aacj of rt<*lfc*t? ilia ?? ?, th*t liars bafI tl.e akill of iiliyriciana ot laan experience. Ilia Kxtraotof pavla t tibeba. ?c., ao eiti'tisivcly prescribed by Physicians, i> be bad lit Ma store in front. TO CURB. NO CIJARUE.? OR. MURPHY Of M I atrcni, la confidentially consulted on all lorins of private dia*?. Rcernt caeca of KonotThrra he cares in two to four Java. ruititHtional debility and impotency sncooaafully troated oy . M. ho mefdry used in my mm, or hindranoe frrna busiia. Oflfa KtOold street' open from 7 A. M. to 10 P.M. ifoST EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO TUB MARRIED A or thote oantemplating marriage.?The Married Woman irate Medical Companion, by Or A.M. Maurioesn. Ulithedin. Price $ I This work ia meeting with m?t ast??nding sale* I.MV copies bans* already beea diapoa?l of.) Every female w ;tin? a copy, whether married <>r unmarried, although it n inidea especially for the married, as it diaolosae important socreta, ich ahontdbe known to them partlcnlarly Here erary female n discover the catuae. symptnn s and the moat effloientma* it. and moet ofrtain mode of cure in erery oaia. ror a*la, 221 ttadnay; at l*e pnMiahiBii olfiffl, IW Liberty street. New Y<?rk; ?. F. R. Peterson, No. 1* Ch?sin?t strwet, (J. B. Zelber, PhlUlt*ia; Little k Co., Albany; W. R. Oaris, Boa ton. Ob the t? ipt of $1, a cosy will be tranamittet by mail, tree of poataga, M parte of the United Slates All letter* must be addroaaei, at peld, to Or. A. M MAURICBAU, box 1XM, New York oity lice city itrwt. Ill, 1 INTELLIGENCE B? THE NAILS, Mr. ? p,* Wasiihotok, Oct. 2fi, 1K41 |ud? Vie Af ir? from Ireland? The AWi*f Here?W*?f a*? on'^ Urmnrralir Barbecuei?Fighting anl Bttr l,^j ltnK?Major Pol 't Chargethip?7V Sena tort >no? from Alabama, Q-r Q-r. ? I he telegraphic news from Ireland, publiakcrf I* tho this morning's papers, stating that Smith O'Brien had been convicted, and wan to h?v? k..? tlie 14th, has created a profound sensation here, on. We cannot believe England has adopted Bueh a course. What! to hang a man in this Christian ~Y age, in that most liberal and enlightened country. It. lor a merr political offence ! to take a fellow-rreain ture'a life because he vainly uttempted, after years lj of opixreaaion and injustice, to place his country on a level with itH tyrant; and to avert the thousand* i*. ot horrible deaths by starvation which yearly take J5 place?because, in 11 word, a bloodless effort wan made to avert the doom of Poland from his native ~ land, and to make it in truth, as wefl as in form, an'* integral part of the British empire?" Forthi? ry struggle, unopposed, as it whs, to any law of (rod l!"t or any just law ot man, he is to bn judicially mur'j. derecf, UBder the fiction ot having compassed thr '? Queen's Aath. Ho, then, after all. < I'Brien was to> be hung on a fiction. We would fain believe that |h. helms not suffered "the ejrtreme penalty of the ck law." as it is daintily termed; and yet, we know _ well that Kneland has never adopted a merciful (>. course when her ' |M>licy" prompted otherwise. We suppose plenty of traeh will be written?as B" has been before?about Irishmen not deserving "h liberty if they tamely submit to such oppression, >t <fcc. Hut people who write thus are ignorant <>f the u" subject upon which they treat. We believe, the j! individual bravery of Irishmen is undisputed, rs Can it, then, be imagined that, as a nation, they lack cournge 1 The fact is, Ireland is a small ;* spot?its limits are circumscribed, and the overit whelmingarmy of Kngland canstrikeiteverywherc at once. There is no retreating from one portion I of a fertile country to another, as was the case ia r- our struggle for independence. They can certaio' ly retire to the mountain fastnesses; but of what u ava>l is that! They must there either starve or succomb Ireland may struggle for her righte; ? but, in the eftort, English bayonets would tear o | her to pieces before the first step towards liberty >- ! wou'd be gained. It any successful elTort is made '5 in Ireland to shake off her volte it mn.i r, England 1* engaged in a war with Home powerful adversary?she could then make her own term*; Jj but not till then. ?. The whig barbecue at Bladensburg was a vety s hne affair, several ladies adding beauty to the ^ scene around the spa spring We did not hear, n however, that any new ideas were brought to ?- light. Maryland was given, of course, to Taylor. In the village, several fights took place, we underf stand; and the beauty of these pugilistic displays 4 1 consisted in the fact, that democrats and whigs j. fought with, cjuite as much as against, one another. >f Our informant asserts, that he saw one of the proprietors of the Rattcry, a Taylor campaign I paper, published in this city, dodging blows quite ? : scientifically. A great many bets were made J | upon the result of the Presidential election Mr. 5 Alderman Lennox bet $1,000 that Taylor wot Id , receive a thousand majority in Maryland, and Mr. J Gideon bet a hundred dollars upon the same re. i suit. The democrats are to have a barbecue tot morrow, about eleven mil?s from this city; and a L_ large deputation of the democratic association , will be in attendance. It may be gratifying to the many friends of I; j Major Bill Polk to know that that gentleman Ins I settled his account with the State D^pirtment for ?- 1 his brilliant services in Naples, as Charge; and I flint there is a balance due him of thirty-three j dollars and thirty-five cents. ' It is believed tnat Mr. Dixon If. Lpwis's death II j will pnsure the election, by the Legislature of i i Alabama, of W. R. King, (familiarly known as i Miss Nancy,) who now (ills Mr. H*gbv|s seat, by J appointment of the Governor. Mr. King's eleci ti >n, until now, was considered as a very doubti ful matter, as he belongs to the same portion of [ ; the State as did Mr. Lewis, who, by the way, de, | feated him at the last election, and it has always > been the practice in that State to select the j Senators from different localities?giving one - I to the south and the other to the north Both jjj the Heats are now vacant. Omboa. i, Bai.timork, Oct. '?7, 1HW. * Whip; Mass Meeting?CoI Hamtrumk and Otn. Taylor? The Ra velt? The I 'tennone? Taeairtced. j Movements, fyc. The whig mass meeting at Monument Square, ) last night, was large and enthusiastically attended, ! and did not adjourn until nearly midnight. AddtesseB were delivered by Senator Pearse, Wm. Cost Johnson, and Colonel Hamtramk, of Virginia. The speech of the latter was listened to with I thrilling interest. In his youth he had fought ua! der Gen. T ay lor aa a volunteer, in the engagement at Hock 11 iver, which saved the then infant city of St. Louis from pillage ; was with him in the Florida war, and held a command in the gallant hand with which he achieved his memorable victories on the Hio Grande. He spoke of him an his old commander and friend, and dssenbed his eminent qualifications, his habits of deep study and patienHinvestigation, until the enthusiasm of , the Hssembfage knew no bounds. lie told them also that a revolution was progressing in Virginia, ! from which he anticipated the moat glorious poli' tical results. 1 The H.ivels are drawing splendid houses at the Holliday street Theatre. Their performances are [ undoubtedly very fine. An ope;a company, with Mr. Brough, Mr. t Manvers, and Miss Brienti, as the principal actor*, [ isdoi/igun the operatics at the Museum. They have good houses. The Front street has been put in prime order, nnd opens on Monday evening next, with the Viennoise Children, under its old and popular manager, Mr. Burton. They are to be followed, 1 learn, by Mr. Macreadv. Mr. Owens, the popular comedian, haa purchased the Pioward Athena-urn, and is preparing to open it with a good company. He haa an unbounded popularity in Baltimore, and will doubtless do well. I)r. Collier has been here, endeavoring to pro| cure an establishment to exhibit his naked women in, but has ho far been unsuccessful. It is also said that Mr. Peale, of Philadelphia, intends bringing Peale'n Museum here, and Iqh | eating it in Washington Hall. I fai: Risr.i r(i, Oct. '25, 1548. T%e Presidential Campaign. There has come down upon us to-day the warm sun nnd the soft atmosphere of June. The broad and fIiuIIow Susquehanna and its islands, the distant mountains in their fading autumnal draj>ery, and the intervening hills, make up an interesting subject for the landscaper, and quite as interesting to i the practical spectator, who looks for the capacity i of the soil, and the raw materials that are excavated from the hill sides, those elements tha* to go to sustain an active |>eople in bread and employment. A good many years ago, when Daniel Webster made his free trade speeches to the farmers o New Yoik, at Rochester, on the night of their festival, to the committees of the State Society, he tonk occasion to say, that excepting the island of Orcat Hritain, there whs no State of an equal area to Pennsylvania, which the world could exhibit posseted of the same elements of wealth, the snme raw materials for agriculture, manufacturer, arid commerce, as the Keystone State. Just so. Ho w will the silver mines of Mexico compare with the iron deposites of this commonwealth; and how insignificant are all the gold and diamond waxhuigs of .^oiith America, contrasted with the coal i beds tf Munch Chunk, and the region roundabout I it ; to say nothing of the bituminous strata stick| inp out on both sides of the river, all along the hills of the Monongah>la ? More recently, in his first coo! acquiescence to the Philadelphia nonunion, Mr. Webster gavo it ns his opinion, wax a "nomination not fit to be made," pleading, however, tlie pleaof a choice betwe? 11 three evils as the only alternative of the great v hig party of Massachusetts. Sinco then. Mr Webster and thousands of others have come to the decision that the election of Gen. Tim lor would be the election of a whig, and the maintenance of whig principles; and the illustrations aflorded in the recent elections of the increasing and steadily absorbing popularity of Gen. Taylor, have brought the wliisrs from a state of (lipid mdifVerence t<> a most enthusiastic sup|x>rt of Ins claims upon the party Hut, from the beginning, the name of General Taylor was well received in this State. Asa Northern man, and as the chieftain of the Pennsylvania volunteers, in the glorious nure'i from Vers Cruz to Mexico, General Scott would havo been a more available candidate in this Csmmon wealth, and perhaps in all the North; but, from the beginning, tne * higsot Pennsylvania believed that Gen. Taylor was preferable to Mr. Cliy on the score of availability among the sturdy Germans of this great sovereignty. The elections that have since come off. North and South, and the late well-contested ? < rtest, resulting in the election of lolmMon, ss Governor, have given to the whig* of lYnnsyhania a confidence aad an enthusiasm

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