Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1848 Page 3
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TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. of Harrison Or?y Otis. Bojtom, October 28, 1818. The Ttnmblt Htnitan Gray OtU la no mort. H died iMt night, aged 8a. Buuneui Cincinnati, 0?t. 27, 1848. The flour market, with moderate buaineei, u tq faro of the buyer; sales of 2 000 bbla. Weitern flour at $3 7 te (3 81,'i The grain market is without ohange, an the quotations for grooeries are unaltered. Sales c whiskey at 17'?o. to 17>?'o. Sales of L&guayra coffee a ?? . Pitt?huiuj, Oot. 27, 1858. The reeeipts of flour are large Sales of Western to 4?y have been made at $4 43 to $4 60. I'rime re wheat Mils at 80o ; yellow corn at 40c ; oats 26o ; bai ley 54o. to ?>Tc. The provision market is withou change. There is live feet of water in the ohannel c the ilrar. The weather continues pleasant. Bi kkai.o, Ootebnr 28, 1848. Receipt! within the past twenty-foufrhours Kloui f> OOObbls.; wheat, 23 100 bushels, oorn, 13.000 bushel) Sale* of !I000 bbls flour were made at $4 37>i a $4 6C "Wheat ?ShIi'S of 3000 bushels Obio, at 87o Corn wa firm at previous prices. Freights by oanal to Alban continued firm, with an upward tendency in rates Flour at T6c. per bbl. Wheat at21o a 22c. Cornl8e Aliiany. October 28, 1848. Receipt* within the past twenty-four hours Fioui 11,200 bbls.; wheat. 8 700 bushels ; oorn, 18.400 do barley, 13 000 do. Flour was dull at yesterday's prioei and sales light. Wheat? Sales of 2,500 bushels wer made (Uennfee) at 122c. Barley?Sales were light, a 66 a 09c. Beef?Sales, bbls and tieroes, prime mese wen made at $12 and $18. Whiskey was steadj There was no change in other ai tloles. Boston, October 29, 1848. Cotton?The market was steady, and sales of 1 00i bales were made without change in prices. Flour Sales of 1,200 bbls. were made, including Westeri Canal, at $6 62X; and straight Oeneaee, &o at $5 7! Corn?Sales of 10.000 bushels were made, ohietly hig mixed with round yellow, at 74 a 76c. Kye?Sties c 600 bushels were made at 7?o. Oats - Sales of 2,00 bushels were made at 38c. There was no ohange c .mement in other things. i>?i i...i VERMONT. The Houm, to day, panned the Senate bill, provldinj for the election of Presidential elector* and member of Congress, on Tuesday, the 7th of November next Constables arc required to put up the notice for elec toral election, now required, by the revised statutes only six days before the elect on. Members of Con gross are to be elected by a plurality only. The bil will undoubtedly become a law, and will be publishei as soon as approved.? Walton's (Montpelier) Journal Oct. 26 OHIO. It if said by the Taylcrites that Weller received th< free soil vote, us take a few of the counties tha we have reoeived officially and show how false are thui statements ? Ford Writer. Whig. Dein. Frte Soi Champaign Co. 1,940 1446 1.007 1,42'J 319 Summit 2,489 1,820 2135 1 8i5 376 Clinton 1.949 1.108 1.238 1,080 795 Trumbull 3 069 2 028 2 078 1.968 1,091 .Lorain 2 155 1,661 667 1 396 1.950 Miami 2,435 1686 2 322 1,669 194 14.037 9,045 9.997 9,396 4.725 9,C16 9 396 4,392 601 Thus it will be seen that in the six counties, above named, Fords majority over Welter is 4,3P2, while oc the oounty tickets where there were ' free soil'1 oandi dates, the Taylor whig majority is only C01, showing clearly that nearly the en ire vote was cant for Ford This is too clear to admit of an argument With I (> free soil" or liberty caudidate Weller would hart beaten Kord 1'iom fifteen to twenty thousand votes.? Ohio Slatetman. An Ohio paper contains calls for eighty democratii meetings in the Buckeye State, to be a ldressed bj Senator Allen, Col. Weller, and other democrats. The Pittsburg Gazette says:?It now tarns out tha !Mr. Ford from hi* somewhat equivocal position, die ... t ... .n.Hial .. ...? ....I.. Th.. ?1. liberty men would not vote for him?the free soil (1* iQOcrats almost universally voted against hiai-aoc many wbigs refused to support him. because he would not openly support Tajlor. The Mount f'trnon (Ohio Timet, a tree noil paper, saya that a number of I'ayloi whig* in that couuty Toted for Weller, rather thai support Ford. Thiags are different now. ('he wnig, are all united and hard at work, and are determine! to carry the State for Tajlor. Per contra tho Knox County (Ohio) Banner says " The Lumber of tree c>oil votts cast in thin county i about (SOU nearly all of which wer? given to Ford In this (Clinton) township, there were about 100 fre< oil voter. 11 of which were given to Weller, 21 t< Chase, and 69 to FitJ. If the free soil men preservi their organisation an.I vote for the nominee* of tb Buffalo Convention, the democratic majority canno fall far short of 1200 at the Presidential election " So it in over nearly the whole State. In some fei counties the free toiler* became disgusted wltl Ford, and did not vote for governor at all Tin trull la, the Taylor party is doomed in this state.? Cincin nati Enqutettr Again, on the Taylor side, the Cincinnati Oazttt (whig) gives the following opinion :? ' How wiiu Ohio Oo ?- she will go for Taylor am Fillmore. '1 he result ?f the State election lias no weaken<d our confidence in the least, in this result Many a good nnd true Whig, who was misled by thi false lights and fal'e promises of the Locofoco frei Boilers, baa discovered the wicked devices by whiol be became temporarily alienated from the good Wbij party. Again, although (Jeneral Ford was known to suppor General Ta) lor as the whig nominee, yet there wen hundreds, if not thousands. who refused to vote fo him, simply because he did not make public procla mat ion that he should vote for " Old Zaok." While, therefore, we admit our disappointment a the result of the gubernatorial vote in this State, re lying, as we did, upon the vote of the free soiiers fo General Ford, still the developemcnt* and disclosure which this t lection has made, and the consequence which are resulting therefrom, strengthen instead o impair our ccnOdence that Ohio will go for Taylor am Fillmore Few. very few indeed, will be the whlgs, who wil now withhold their votes from Taylor and Fillmerr and give them to Van Buren. Johk Van Bvar.n.?After addressing the people a Columbus. Prince John fraternized with Colonel Sao Medary, editor of the Ohio Statesman (Cass and Butle paper), and partook of the hospitalities of the colonel PENNSYLVANIA. The Hrn. Isaac H vvrigui. Coionel of the Massachu setts Volunteer Regiment. has gone to I'ennsyivanii to speak in favor of Oeneral Tayior's election, Novcnicnt* of Individuals. Tbe arrivals, yesterday, comprised, amongst others the following:? A?toh ? J. e Oarilner. Rio de Janeiro; Capt. Riy ley, packet ship Yorkshire; Mr. Cayley, Canada; Rev D.Stoddart, Persia; D Fitihugh. do; W W Coroo ran, Wafhtngton; Capt Lunn. It Navy, Canada Judge Wilson, Rome; i:apt. Wright, B. A., 20th Re giment, <'atmda; 11 Gibson,U. S A Amfrici*?T. H. Baker, U. S. N ; J. L. Parker Natober.. Ilsley, auxiliary steamer Sarat w Sands; Marionald llrydges. Scotland; It. Holmes Kngland; J Kylund, do; K Kannival do; C. Bonham U. S. Navy; D Parker Scotland Hows ki>? S C. Parker, Castleton: R. P. Randolph Boston, Her J. St art, Mount Auburn; Dr. Steele London; lien Lore/, tuba Imiwi. Hm? ?Col. O. Wright, U S A ; L Paine do: R Roys. r S. Engineers; W. MoCockle, U S. A Lieut. Col Walker, do; lion. A. Hunt, il. C. B. Ste fens, Albany. Among the passengers in the Cherokee, at Savan sah, was Dr .1 M Cuyler, of the U. S Army. Dr C is accompanied by his family, and is en his way to th< Military elation of San Antonio de Bexar. Capt. Andcrron's company of U. S. Artillery, whiot arrived at Savannah on Wednesday la?t, from Nea York, rn route for Aug ?ta left the next day for iti destination. Mlrrniy ltcvlcwu. " Notices of a Mil.tiny Itecouii'iiHsance from Kort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California inclndliig pert ot I he Arkansas, Dal .Verts, and Oils Rivers." By I,t Col. W H Emory, mailo lu '46 47, with tbe adi Htioed guard of the "Arniy of the West '' This is a vsluable and Interesting wotk It is a contribution fr< m government to the geography, science, and literature of the country, something similar to the course of the lloman armies, which in their victorious march into distant lands, opened new fields ol discovery and brought to light tbe resources of unknown lands On looking at this, and similar works of similai utility and e,dimral>l? execution, wh feel but ona regret. wMch. a< a regret, is. perhaps, however, unwise ana unji'-t ana mat regret is, that the book in too large Hni1 hfv too sbott to bo able to swallow, or eten to take l>ut h little ta<te, of the vast number of big dishes. excellent In their kind, which nre piled lip upon the groaning tab* of science and literature. We for such useful anil instructive works hi the above are nc.t read and appreciated so extensively as they well deserve to be The enuravmg* In thin work ?re beautiful, especially the botanical drawings of new plant* "Shandy Mo(Ju1re,or Tricks upon Travellers, a story of tbe North ?f Ireland lly Paul Pcppergrass, Ksqr.. New York Punlgan and Brother, 151 Fulton street." This la a religious novel, the character.' and incidents of which are taken from Irish life. The Protestant* have long slurs been In the habit i.f setting themselves off, and exalting their own system and practices, by tales and etoilra written aiainst the Catholics. The latter have, within a few years past, followed their plan and tshen to wilting religious novels, in which superstition Is painted In glowing and cn'lclng oolora, and the Protestants ere handled In much atiout the same way tbey have handled the < nt.holics. We can neither praise nor ailmtre either party in their nonduot We think they both widely stray from the true faith of the Scriptures, and exhibit nothing of the character or spirit of Ilim who la love, kindness, goodness, and virtue, If a man hates anil does evil to his neighbor, all his religion Is humbug, be it Protestant or Catholla. If disposed lo make comparisons bntwten the two. we should say the Pretest ants are undoubtedly the wor?t and most Impure in their religion, because they appear to be. and believe themselves to be. the best and the most pure, "Frank Forester's Field Sports of the United States and llritlsh Provinces of North America By II W. Herbert. In two volumes New York: Stringer #t Townsend. U22 Broadway " An ornithological work of rare beauty and excellence abounding In beautiful engravings of the featheied trlba. with text and elucidations, of corresponding merit 1 he Astronomical Atlas By Professor Mitchell, o' Cincinnati."?A full olear, copious, and pleasing guide to find oat th? (tart and their names. Great Newspaper Enterprise?Report* ot Cony? Mr. KiohardM. Hoc, on* of the greatest mechanical geniuees of the present age, hu juat completed mag, nlflcent i approvements in machinery, and otherwise, tn the establishment of the Nrw Kerfc Htruld, and is now on his way to London and Tarls, for the pnrpoae of Introducing some of his magnlfloent preasea Into r the newspaper establishments of those oltles. During 5 the last six months, we have expended about forty jj thousand dollars, in machinery of all kinds, and va,t riona other improvements. We are sow enabled to print a double-iheet Hrrald at the rat* of from Keren to ten thousand eoples per honr, and could throw off 4 ft hundred thousand ooplM In twelve houri, with lb* greatest mm In the world. Having now the weapon* ^ of a great movement i? oar hand*, we mean to apply them aa aoon aa possible, to praotloal purpoiea. On the opening of the nest aeaalon of Congreaawe mean to plaoa before the Senate and Home of Re|? presentatlves. propoaala forgiving full reports of the j debatea of both of thoae bo diet, to be published every T day in the Herald, and give them a circulation ' throughout the world, of from twenty-flve to thirty thouaand per day. At the opening of the aeaaion, we . ahall oommenee giving tboae report* on our own ao; oount; but aa it will require a double aheet to embrao* *> the debate* of both hou*ea, and a vaat expenditure " for paper and reporting, we ahall propoae that Cani, greea pay a portion of the additional expense, in the ' same manner aa the Krenoh republio pay* a portion of the expanse of publishing their newapaper organ, q the Moniteur, The advantage* to Congresi, to the government,,and Q to the American republic, of auch a plan, would be nujj meroua. The Herald la the only Amerioan journal if that haa a world-wide circulation, and a circulation 0 too among the higher statesmen and lntelleet* of the age. There are aeveral journals in this and other olties, called penny papers, tbat have a large local circulation, but they are without ability, and not eompetent to give a high tone to the newspaper presa, g auch as we are able to do by the extraordinary facilities of our arrangementa, organiiation, and preparations of all kinds. The new printing presses whloh i. .. .. . ?.j, .i . Mr. HOD DM couiiruowu lur us, ?r? me oniy ones or 1 the wn? form and oapaclty in the world. The pub1 lioatlon of eaoh day's debate* of both houses of Coa' green, on a double sheet of the Herald, in the same way as tho debates of the British Parliament are published ) in the London Timet, and ether Journals there, would 1 elevate the tone of the country, and of our statesmen, and oiroulate their fame and influenoe far beyond any I other mode that oould be adopted. The local journals published in Washington have little circulation, iind lens influence. Probably, the party papers there have not an aggregate circulation of over two thousand, more or lees; while the Herald, as we have already said, circulates nearly twenty-five thousand per day, as oan be perceived by our returns ; and when the next session commences, we, probably, shall have thirty thousand over all this continent and the wide world > besides. 1 This is the practical movement which we have had ; in contemplation in expending largo sums during the last few months. A proposition, embracing these views k will be presented to both houses of C o ngruss, no matter ' what candidate shall be elected, or what party shall be in power. We shall endeavour, even at our own ex3 pense, to conmen'co the plan we have deicribed at the J opening cf next session, and trust to the good sense ^ and sagacity of both the Senate and the House to conj our in our views, after they shall see their practical I 1 efficiency and general merits. 1 Marine Affairs. i Department ok Static, Oct. 26, 1848 ) The decree of which the following is a translation, r has been officially communicated to this department:? 1 LEOPOLD. KINO OF 1 II E H K L(i IA N8, TO ALL PhESHNT AND 9 1U COME. URKETINO : i Having considered the sanitary decree of July 18th. 1631?the order of August 17, of the same year, for the execution of the above decree?the order of July 18, " 1K43, resp< cting the organization of the sanitory service on the Scheldt?the instructions gir?n in the 6 ports of the kingdom on the 31st of July last, and the 0 2d of the present month of August : 8 Upon the report of our Minister of the 1 nterlor. we 8 have decreed and do order as follows : 1 Art 1. All vessels, persons, and things (provenancet) arriving Irom ports in which the epidemic * choleia has declared itself, are placed under the re>l gime adopted with regard to Huspected bills of health, 1 (patenle suijiecte) and are subjected to a sanitory examination, (tit.'le dt sante) unless they shall have obtained freedom fr< m suspicion (Hire pratique) in a | < country in which the sanitory police is well enforced. [ Art 2 The quarantine to be imposed on such arri- , I are Dot admitted to entry. 1h fixed at five days, ualrM otherwise determined by the health authorities, agreee ably to tbe powers conferred on them by articles 34 II and 36 of ?he order of August 17, 1831. On the expl1 ration of the quarantine, they shall be again examined { Ait 3. The local sanitory commissions established at Ostend and .Nieuport sh%ll d-termine, under the | ' Approval of the permanent deputation of the provinB cial council, and after hearing the opinion of the mer dicai commission of the province, the places where the vt fsels bound for those ports shall be visited, and | placed in quarantine. They will also determine what t measures of precaution shall be taken toward* those vcstels. r Ait 4. The provisions of articles 4 and 7 of the . R order of July 13, 1843, relative to the sanitory service ' of the Schel it, are made applicable to arrival* in the , ,f ports of Ostend and Nieuport. 1 Art 6 The decisions of our Minister of the Interior ; shall terminate tbe application of the measure ordered 1 in the 1st article of this decree, when tbe cbolsra shall 'i no longer prevail in tbe places from which the arrivals i come. t Our Minister of the Interior is charged with the exea cution of this decree. I r Given at Brussels, August 22, 1848. LEOPOLD. By the King: Tbe Minister of the Interior, ch. rooikr The Parlfie Mall Contract. ' [Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun ] Washincitow, Oct. 26, 184S. The Postmaster General has concluded an arrangement with Wm. H Aspinwad, Esq., president of the , , Pacific Steamship Company, for the transportation of mails, monthly, across the Isthmus, betweon Chagret 1 . | aud Panama. This completes the mail communication fr< m New York to Astoria, and is to go into operation on tbe 1st of December next. ^ i Minute Expenses of the Uniten Stat* Gov* ) I ermmknt. ? The following curious statement is | fiut forth. The expenditures, per minute, of Wash i ngton's administration were $3 8i , | Adams, the elder 2 68 J?(Terson y 96 Madison 34 88 Monroe 26 18 Adams, the younger. 24 .>5 Jackson 36 16 Van Buren 66 78 i Tyler 43 ?5 ; Polk 146 88 1 I Growth op Wilminqtom.?We clip the follow- ' ! ingIrrm the hlue Jim's Chicken?'''One uundred year* ago,'Wilmington contained only thirty foi r hmues, { i j vi?: Fourteen houses on Mark t street, one on King 1 strict, one on Willing (now French) street; three on ! I Walnut street, three on Shipley street.ane on Orange r I street, one on Third street, one on Second street, j , 1 three on Front street, six on Water street and one in 1 i an open lot between French and Wulnut, S?nond and Third streets. Now, our c'ty contains at least threw ! thousand houses " We think there must be sinie mistake in this. Fifteen hundred houses would be iicarrr ine n.?m 1 A Card.'Wiv. H. Ik?he At Co., Hotter*, ! re-1eutfnlly announce to the.r triend* and the pnMic. thattha tetu|orary interruption to their limine*! oo?*equ*nt upon the ' late tire in their i-Mahlifhment, at lftfi Hroadwat, will oont nw i hot fur n very *!iori )<iriod. active exertion* are miw mining to rapnir the dan>a?*e?tiie arrnnfrmont* will aoan he completed, t and in a venf few d*y* their btii-ire,i will he riann.od 1 , WU. II F'KBnF,. IV, Hroadway. I NB. W. II. Bee he k Co. deaire r?-|*-ot?ully to r. imn their ' ti?r>n to tli* tin IV partnunt for tl.>ir active and efficient a*. I a'aiat.ce upon the oeoaaion rttorred to, wherebj they ?ere saved l j much additional lot* and damage. F The ltlcJielleu Diamond Pointed Uold < Pen*, are aeknow led*ed to lie t e mo*t inperior ar.tiole of the p kind n<'W in nae. The point* are line and raovth, and hare the 1 elaitioity of a quIB hold only hy U. R. Watann h Co., No. 13 _ Vail *trect, Oold pena repaired. Tlio Clita|H?t and lli at Place In the Clty to net good Boot*. Shoes aiid Cnitera. in at JONCl'fl, 14 Ann f tract, ie?r the Amwican Mu-oiun ("irat iinality of French Calf Iireaa Boot*, (4 SO; append do* S3 60 to $4, ),innra*a llouu. ' fri m $.'< A0 to $4, French Patent l<oather Hoota. >7. l,INN) Over t'oalM, ltlrli Iilnliig, ? to 10 dollaia; SWI t loaka $2 to I I J; Mrn-a and Irock I'oat*. French ' cloth aud Irinimfnra $1 lo ftlft I'anti-, 'anny oaaalmerea, $1 tn j $."> Veata W o< nta to f t?th**e aru all unredeemed pledgea, I / freah fn iu auctli n an at harnain*. Suit Store, corner Nu l no anl Beekntan a treat*. g Ilratly'a Uallery of Daguerreotype Por* j p traltaand I ami' v Ormtia, No*. JOB and vir7 Rrinilaat, U door 1 i aouthol St. raul'* Church, 2d, fd, ami 4th *toriea llourf fr. in H in the morning until aia in tha evening. ^i a COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. NONKV IKARKRT. d Hat unlay, IM. '4*4 O P. N, * There wan con*ldaralil? aotivlty in the atook market '' 1 to day. and a general Improvement Id prion* At tbo ] Aral board, United State* A'*, 1808, advanced !, per j i c?nt; Treamry Note*. M; KrloHallroad bond*,K; Mor- |i tia Canal,'a; Canton, Norwich and Worcaater, Harlem. KI 1-onn Island Heading Railroad, Vf, At the aecond board, there wa? no PhanK?from prloea |j current In the morning, with aalra to aome extent of ft ( antaa Co. v The Prealdent and Director* of the Raltlmore and Ohio Itallroad have declared a dividend of three and a half per eent, payable In tha stock of tha Company, r The Board haa alao daol*red a ball yearly dividend of ' three per cent on the stock of the Washington Branch. The London Oazitle, In speaking of the lata rail' road panic In Great Britain, says : ? " The impraation has sot abroad?In many oases too wall founded-that dividend* are paid but of capital. A dividend la declared and a call aunounned at one and tha same time. 7 ha dividend is at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, for Inataoaa, on the paid up capital, whilst the call la at the same rate on the amount of the ahare ; thna, a? we a few days hack remarked, one pocket is enriched in order to abatraot in an equal degree from the oontenta of the other. The I old proherbof 'robbing I'etrr to pay Paul.' is, 11 all 1 Intents and purposes, fully illustrated by suoh a proceeding. There must be, aa we have before advooated. a thorough reformation in railway management. In- ' telligible and honest accounts must be presented at , half-yearly meetings, dividends must be paid out of profile, capitals must not b? Increased, nor so manv I 1 'calls' mad* In auoh rapid Huccesslon. anl econ <my must b? praotls?d. When these matter*, that briefly alluded to, are attended to with care, and the future and present Interrata of abareholdera sedulously looked ! after, then a charge will take place, and railway property attain the position it should ocoupy in the I estimation of capitalists, both great and small " . These remarks will apply with as much truth and ' i force to some railroad ooupanles in this country as in Great Britain. The depraelatlon in prices for several of our railroad stooka, has been caused partially by this system of paying interest on the instalments, as ast aa they are paid in, out of the capital, or, in fact, robbing Peter to pay Paul. W? have no wish to a Id the slightest fraction to the burdens which already are depressing these oompanles so low; but as there are many who are daily tempted to purchase these stooks, la oont-equence of the great reduction in the itfioe, it is iwcessary that the actual condition and prospects of eath of these companies should be understood. These work* are all necessary for the develepement of ! | the Internal resouroes of the country, and it is neoesnary that they ahould be completed at ai early a day j J as possible. Thftre la no doubt they will be; but in ! 1 accomplishing that dta rable reault, many of the oil. j ; ginal subscribers will b? ruined, and those who come ' ' n at the eleventh hour wih make fortunes out of them ; ' These things are sufficient to deter all from aubscrib- ; ing to the capital stock of any contemplated railroad I 1 oompany. and it will hereafter be almost impossible to i fill up the ttook of any company which may be formed. The quantity of coal transported on the different lines connected with the anthracite coal regions of Punnivlmnli. for the week ending the 14th ln?t as annexed Awthracitic Coai. Tkahf. Wivfcending Oct. 2(3, IrtlH. PreiHoutlu. Total. Philadelphia &od Rending R R, tote. 2S6I4 1,023,4><7 l.QSllui Schuylkill Coal Co do. 12,ll*? .W2314 .174,423 Lehigh Canal do. 13,179 WWW tw.m [Total do. 89.902 1,1)66 79a 2,U26,52() There was, at the date of the last return, nearly a week's navigation left in Ootober; and as navigation in these latitudes usually continues through the month of November, there was at least five weeks left of navi gation for the season, which, at the rate of 00,000 tons per week, will increase the aggregate 300,0C0 tons, making the total more than two and a quarter millions { of tons, transported by there three oompanies. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company will bring to j tide water this season, between four and Ave hundred thousand ton*, and the total from all sources, will not 1 vary this year much from three millions of tons Second Board. $-W0 U S G'a ll)4Ji 100 b1i? Canton Co btiO .10J," : 500 do '07 1(M yt S00 Farmer./ Trust 25 150 shs Canton Co 2VJa UH) do s:j0 itfi* 150 do V?N. 60 Morris Canal 7I :JK) do 2?X 11)0 Harlem RR IhV I 50 do b!5 29X 250 do 4S?! 50 do MOSuji 80 00 Long Island 20'j ' CITY TRADK REPORT. satfrdat, Oct 28?2 P. M. Audi are in fait request at $0 25. Cotton continues to sell to i. moderate extent, at previous quota- , tions. Sales this morning are 300 bales Ki.oua. &o. I ? Western oanal flour opens at a slight deoline. and with a good demand The range of quotations is $5 12X for round hoop Ohio. $5 25 a $5 3'*i for : straight brands Genesee and Michigan, and $5 37? a ?6 60 for pure Genesee; the latter figure, however, is rather above the market Sales foot up 5 000 bhls. of rye flour Some email lots wer* picked up nt >3 60. Meal is held at $3 31"^ a $3 37>{ for Jersey. In wheat we can hear of no transactions The demand for Genet ee is fair Corn is in brisk request, the sales rt aching 30 000 bushels, at 65c for N. t). heated. 67o. ' for handsome do , 62,lio for inferior Southern yelloiv. and t>7,sc a lor mixed western; round is nntnlnally 71c ft 72o oats are as before, 33a a .n.4n p?o- ' visions? Pork is selling in a moderate way at $12 50 a $8 f.2>i Beef in dull at $9 60 a $10 for country mesa. I I.ard is steady, but not active, at 7^0. Saturday, Oct 28? (1 P. M. i At the late reduction in prices, there<?vas more doing in"fli.ur, and tales were made to n fair extent, including common brands this State, Western, &c , with straight Genesee, &c . at about yesterday's quotations. | Some pales of Southern were made at ye-terday'a prices Small rales of Ohio wheat were mad* on terms j stated below Fair rales of corn were made, in la I ug : chiefly lots of mixed, with some parcels of round at j about yesterday's quotations. Meal exhihited no | change Rye and oats remained the same. Pr vi'ions ! , were (differ, ar d moderate sales of pork were m?le on 1 better terms I.arifr ccntinued dull. Reef ? as only 1 1 selling In a retail way to the trade. Groceilei oon- | 1 tlcued inactiTe. while prices of sugars remain-d about i . the fame, (iood molarses were steady, with mo lera'e sales There was no material change in qiotitions j 1 for cotton, while sales were made to a fair extent. I ' Atuct ? Sales of 100 barrels, both sorts. American, j were made at $0 25, and 100 do. Canadian pots, on j private terms. 1 Br? adhtlth?Flour?The sales for the day foited | up V,CC0 to 10,000 barrels, in separate parcels, inoluding 1 some for export, among whioh were 2 000 b trrels Western canal, to arrive next month, on private tnrms; about 1 500 do. Troy at $6 25; 4.COO to 5 000 do. Ojwego common, at $6 25; and straight, good brands, at ' $,'."1l4 to $6 57H; 1.100 straight boands Genesee, at ^ $5 31,1*; 500 do pure Genesee, at. $6 50 ; 500 do. bakTs' brands Ohio, at $5 37to $6 62ki IKAraf?Salei of ( 1,000 butheis of white Ohio were made at 116o. Corn? 1 1 he rales t< r the day reached abeut 40,000 to 50,000 J bmhels. consisting chiefly of sound mixed, at 67c. to ( 6Sc ; 6 500 do. New Orleans mixed, part a little out of order, were made at (iuo ; and 2 600 do do at 64* ; 2 6U> do round white sold at 71c , and 2,000 do. Jersey round yellow, at 72c. Mml? Sales of 200 barrels New ' Jersey were made at $3 81V Ryr -Sales of 6 000 to i ] 8,(KiO bushels were made at 6Pc delivered. Rye Flour? I The market was quiet at $3 60 to $3 56 V Cotton?There is a steadier feeling in the market to- I ' day, and the sales,which were 1 200 b*leg. were effected at slightly better rates, hair commands 6J," to G.^c. Kbeiciiti?1 000 bbls flour, were engaged for Liverpool at 2s. 3d In British bottoms it was taken at 24. j Corn ranged from 7d to 7>?d. in bags, to 8d. in bulk. t We heard of nothing new, to other ports. Kkatiikhs.? The last sales of prime live geese were ] made at 87o. c??h. Hemp ?There have been sales of 1,600 bales Ma- I nilla. to arrive at the Kast for this market, at,So , 6 months, deliverable there, and 60 do Amerioan dressed. , I at $180. usual time. In undressed we have heard of ( < uo movement. 1 | Iron,?Sales were made of 300 tons Scotch pig. at 1 $21 a $21 26 cash and $22 50 a $23-6 months | j Naval Storkv?The operation* to-day oomprlse 700 bblr Wilmington rosin, at $1 18H, and 350 do. white, at $2 60. Oils?We have no change of moment to notice in k y dercription, and bnt few transactions to report. fj Provisions?Sales of 100 bbls mers pork, were made | kt $12 <)2't. and $12 76 was afterwards asked and 100 io., prime, rold at $8 t>2X ; ubsequently $8 75 was de ' nanded I.ard was dull, aud no sales of moment reported. Heef Sales of 100 bbls mess were reported [country) at $i) 50 There was no ohange of moment f n butter oreheese; the latter was steady, with fair la'oa tor export I 1' Kitath at Auction?House and lot 66 Anil i i.j atroet, '.'2x75. #2 725. Pew No 4 North Church, !! M\ f Tomcjo.? ltAT?MrWT MIOWIRO Til F SaI.KB, RkCEIPTA, I'nnrA. AJ?n ^ Ptoch on IIAr>i>. ron tub Wkrk Oot. 2Htii. I'ricei. Sol A. Kfc'd, Stork. ' teniurky,Vlr*inla> SV?7>< ^5hda Mia iouri 12 tub B,l!l5hd? ri and N. Carolina. ) 6% (aryland and Ohio,, ? ? ? 16 do ' /onurctiwil feed.... t *12 StioaaeaStll ? llrt nu-oi . 'mimylvania Seed.. 6 a 15 ? ? 720 do ' Plorida, 12 Will IRoa'eaPT ? W) do " Invnm 211 aKT lOOblal'T 1IN) bit l.tkVI Ma , :nl? Halt 150 bin Ha ?81 1,211 do \ Iilt* 28 aM ? ? 4V7 do It. I>omln?o 6 al2 ? ? .Wdo j' B) auction. '21ft hhd* Kentucky, Virgin!*, and North iirrlin.v .IV Beatdea the above we notion Haled of ' 16 bbla Mexican, at 11 a 12c. Buainea* wa* llrelj, j ?lt.h a good demand for almoat all kind* and Kradea. r rhe market ma atradj, with an upward tendency In iricea. 1 Wiiii rjiona.?6,000 Iba South Sea har? been aold or export, at 27c , eaib Worn. ?The operation* in fleece thi* week hare cached about 50 000 |S? . at our quotations; there were I Jao ralea of 130 halea Buenoa Ayrea at private bargain. ' rhe a<ock ot flieceia at 250,000 Iba. The '|| ollowlrg are the price* ? J1,, km, Paxn'jr. U a Nn. 1, pulled City,... 21 a 22 im. full I'lood Merino SH a :U South Amer waahed. ? a 12 1 km X and J? Merino 25 a 27 8 A waahed * picked. H a 31 ' im i.ative anil k do. 21 a I South Am. nnwaahed, 5 a 7 ' upertino pulled C'try. 2ft a V. African .... 5 a 7 ** lo. I. pulled Country. 2l' a I Smyrna 10 a 1.1 " u|Miftnr pu'led City.. 24 a ' > Mexloan 10 a II win*?rT?Salea of 200 bbla Ohio wars mad* at 1 N* ai RIAKKKTN KliSKWIlKHK. I, rtoce MUM. a Rai.tivorr, O I 77 > Ml Mar>Ivul Sfrlini 5'a, 74 V t2Vl 1 o.dn. 71',; JtllM Rilili, ore t> a l>Wl. <.6: KXl dn do., Hi I. , ha I'm.m Bank, t>2; M Baltimore anil Ohio Railroad. 24; 10 do . o? *8. ,, I' rt.MiiA, <>. t ? >V?I Hoiir'l- Jt-Uiki State li'a. H4S: H1 nv Headinc 6'?. '60. 62; 50 I^hlgh Sot In, MI't 1,000 <taui ft'a, ; ? 1,1 <0 NaT li'a '68, c. 2-1; 384 8ta* 5'a, 7.1 W; ,W0 LaMfth 4 i ?l feiip, MX; ^ M .rrta, 7; Ml do, ?S, 7, 1 Paau K. 0; 40 Mead W ng Uftlnt, 16. Bi hkin, Oet. 27 /Jr.Jicru' Hoard 2 aha Boilon and Wor \ fHi r RR, l? \; 4 do. do . IWTf. 12 V t. Centril Kailr >*?, 91: 15 1 0 51 b 7: 't I nn Hirer RR <17; * Fall Riter RH, K4\. I K?? / Mil HH. I0VW III do dn. I(I2]|(. ft Fitohhura RR IIUH. 10 do I o., Ill 4 M.rtern Rt, ffiji: I Boaton ai.d Maine Rii, < RoeMui and I raTldanae RR, nliX 25 Readlm RH. I5S; 3 H"? . > D* F?< hanne to., M0; $6,0141 t:5,y Si?.?, 1853. !I7X. ,, noMRSTIO MARRKT4. Bon on Krlday. Oot. 27 2 I'. M Flmir - A good *, 1 rtiaixl haa been experienced at Tiater.lny'a clo?lnf( atea <>eneae? >f>V- Michigan $5S per bbl (train? / h? markot U aotai what lower, owing to lnarnaied ar riralf 8%let of jellow flat corn 70a77o , *nd whit# 65 AAo KrttK.I MA??W ?< 1U.J i w k.i WW. fV! HI Mirvt W?w UUIU9J Biiuhtok Cattle Mabekt, Oct. 20 ?At markal 1,500 beef cattle, 1,000 store*; 5.500 sheep and 2 70 a wine. About 1.200 a wine wars reported last week ITieea?Beef oattle? We quote extra $5 75 a >1 2i first quality $6 25 a 96 60; second >4 76 a $5; thlri $4a$4 50. Store#?Yearling, $7a $10; two year old, $1 a $16; three year old, $18 a $26. Working oxen Sales at $00, $70, $74, $86, $92, and $100. Cowa am Calves?8ales at $16, $22, $27. $31. and $37 SheepDull. Sale* at $1 42, $1 62, $1 75, $2. and $2 SO Swinn?Ohio hoK", 3o , 3^n. and 3>ic.; York hogs, 4o und 4'4o.; fat hogs, fctilln 3\'c. and 4c. At re'.ail, fron 4c. a 6H0. |k?reion markets. Maian'ai, Out 10?The market Is entirely oVared of molaaaea? not a oaak to be bought. Sugar* ar< scarce, and price* tend upward. PARK. TUEATR*.?MONDAY RVBN1N.1, OCTOBER 3U will be performed the Tarce of POUNDED OV PACT.*Paptain Harwood Mr. 0 B*rmtt; Mr*. Skep'10. M'na Mary Tar lor. Artor which tho comedy of the IRIill AM BiSiADOR-811 l'atrirk O'Plenlpo. Mr. Manrioa Power, Grand Diike, Mr. Ilimll ton; 1'rinee Rodolph, Mr. Dawson; Baron Loweneroft, Mr. A Andrews; I abella, Mm? Mary Taylor. To conclude with toe faroe

of TEDDY THE TILER?'Toddy Malowney, Mr. Maarioo Power. Tun, Mr. Povoy; Itombaniine, Mr. Hunt; Mr. Lawraaoe Mr. Warwick: Lady Dunderlord, Mra. Gilbert. Dies* Circle. 75 c a; Ksmily Circle, M cents; li|?per Boiua, 25 rants; I'it, .'17cent*; (iallety. IvK eta Doora open at. l4 liefore 7; | erf irinamv at 7^. BOWERYTHEATRE.?ON MONDAY EVENING, OCT. ? will bs performed the new a ram a sailed LIFE?Raul Millord. Mr. J. H Dull; Mr Milford. Mr C. T. 8mi li; Hawketo. Mr Jordan; Slanty Jim, Mr. C. Warwick; Augustus Piuile, Mr. Winana; Barbara Milford, Mra. Tllton; Betty Bright, Mrs. Su theiland. After which will appear the New Orleum Seronaderf in their Ne^ro Illustrations. To conclude with the comedy uI the YOU No SUaMP?Joseph, Miu H. Donin; Artdur, Mr. Dunn lEliza, Mitu F. Gordon; Mrs. Swanadown, Mra Sutherland; Mrs. Mauley, Mra. Broadloy. Doors open at 6S|?p*rform\no< to oommonoa at 7 preelsely. Boxea, 25 cents; Pit and Gallery, 12fc oasta. _____ __ Chanfrau'b new national theatre, formerly Chatham.?Monaay Erenlng, Ootober will bs aotod Sliak?p*aro'? tragedy of RICHARD III?Rioliard Mr. J. K. Scott Knhraond, Mr. Stark; King Henry, Mr I'Ardey: II lokiiigli'im. Mr. Palmer (.'itealiy. Mr. Richardson, Stanley, Mr.Taylor: rrcs Fel. Mr Linden, Sir William Itrandon; Mr.Tnrn?r; Evl of Nor folk. Mr Seymour; Pembroke, Mr. Willi*; Sir Robert flrarksn limy, Mr. Thompson; Sir James Tiire! 1, Mr. Morton; Lady Anne. Miss Emily Montour; uucon fliiabeth, Mrs. (). Chaoman. T<; conclude with the faroe of tlio MIJ M MY?Ginger Blue Mr. T. O Kite; l)r. Union, Mr. tarihy; Lucy, Miss Miles; Susan. Mrs Chauman. Doers open ?t performance to oommenne at 7. NEW BROADWAY CIRCUS, NEAR SPRING STKKET.Jolin Tryon and Corporal Thompson, Managers? Mondaj evening, Ootooer ?Great Triple'cr Hernandez, in Napoleon, tlie moat antonishiug rider in the world. Dam-inn horse and pony, Uaidee aud Komeu, and tlia acootaplianud trainer. Mr. Ltariua. Laughable Sayings and Funny Trickx ol John Gcesin, tho Yoriok of ti e l'Jth century. Mr. B. VV. Carroll, with l.H Potit Sylphide, In a variety uf itxtraordinart attitude* The celebrated Tri.k florae, Andalitaia, and the Co-nic Twin Poniea, Romeo and Juliet, will give an exhibition of tlieir won' derful skill and training. Boxes oO cunts; upp*r boxes *5 cents Dooraopen at half pait A?performance toooramence at 7. MBCIIANICS* BALL, No. 472 Broadway, Urnni and Broom* streets, commenoed on Monday, October 2d and will continue every night until further notion.?Foartl week of there opening. The original and well-knows CHRISTY'! M1N8TRKLS, (organuod la 1K42.1 TUB FIRVT TO IIAKUl) NIZF. NEGRO MELODIES, AND ORIGINATOR OP TillPRESENT POPULAR STVLE OP ETHIOPIAN ENTKtt TAINMENTS, whoso concerts in thii oity, for a period of tei months, were reoeived with iuoh distinxuisiiod favor and natro nsge, have the honor of announcing to the ladiea and gontlemei of New York and vioinity, that they will give a soties of tli&l) popular Conccrta, introducing a variety of their original Songs Chorussee, Characteristic Dancos, ho. Admission 23 ooiite, Door open at7. Cobeert will commence at K o'cloek. An Atternnni Concert every 8aturday, eommanoing at 3 o'clock, P. M? undoi th? msnasetrent and direo'j on of B. P. Chriaty. Sands, lent, andco.'S uippoff.r.kan arbsa ani Circus, rtie largest and most expensive establishment of tlx kind existing. will oper on Monday, Oct. : <>t)i under an immeas) pavilion erected for the purpose, and capable of ooinf rUbly ar comuiodating upwards of WKJO people, on Eighth stioet, nuai the Opera Uouse, for a short time only Siuce tiiis mammoth establishment was lsst in this city, the proprietors have addad many i.ovel and most attractive features to tt.eir exhibition, prominentamong which Hand the celebrated 1'orlortning EleK'ants. Hotneo and Jenr.y Lind, from tlie theatiov Drury line ndon.and National, Paris, which have been purchased and imported at an immonso expense, and are introduce-) in I'utii wonderful pctfoimsncea at each exhibition; the trjupe of ten Epyptiiui Camels, introduced in an oriental pantomime, an 1 other attractions of a sterling nature. The stuj uf i*crformitui Dorms and Ponies is unequalled and unapproachable, com1 rising, among others, the magnificent dancing horses May Fly and Bucephalus; the (airy ponoy Cinderella; the twin poniea Dull on and Pythias; the fy.h'.ing ponies. Deaf Uurku and T?in fcfrit p. and the oclebrated trotting pony, lilack Diamond Tho corps of performers, seleotsd w ith Kr^-at care from overy ijuartei of the glot o, Includes, in their various departments, many of the most eminent aitis s living, and the tiainea moot .< nod below will be a sufficient guaranty of the Strength of this D rtioa of the establishment. Mr Richard Sanda at d his children. Maurice and Jesse; Mens Con<5, tho great Froncli equ'lihrist; Mattel Walter Arntsr, the Juven.le mmMmi Mr. W. Stout, m greit polyn'pr";n e.|ueetrian; Mr. Q. Gardner, the inimitable scene rider; Mr. *1 Ki'.g'c?, tlie unsurpassed performer on the eorde volant*; Signer Penex, tho contortionist, ftc. Iko. &c, The uncscepti'nable humor of tho popul-r clowns, i'cntland and Latlirop, is not the least attractive feature of tho entertainmonis. M?:?*r of the arena. Cant. J. A. Decamp; e<pie*trias direct* r. Ur H". Stout; n nsical director, Mr Eaton; treasurer, V r J. W. Fat.ioy. Admittance 23 cents; no half price. Dun ojsn a' ( J4 performances commence at 7Mrjtwo EXHIBITIONS-GRAND COMBINATION OF 11 ANJ. inatou's Sscred Dioramas 'of tho Creation of the World, and the Grand Spectacle ol the Dolose. Als , twenty two magniflcs&l Scriptural Faintings by Mr. Baker, ol i.ondou ; oach one oontain in? about 100 stmara leet of canvami?the whole enmnritlnr nne r>i the most beautiful and iiitereHing exhibition* over exhiKitod in America. The Creation, Fall i>f Man, Judgment ol thn Almighty Expulsion from Paradiae, Doatii ol Abel, Evoning before the De lugo. '1 Im I>clur*. G"d'? Covenant witf. Noah, Detraction of Sndum and Gomorrah, Daughter cf Pharaoh Finding Mow*, Thf 8'veuth Plaiuc, Detraction of I'haraoh'* Uuat, Moaea Breaking the Tabic*, fall of the Wolia of JerK'.o, Joshua Commaiding the Bnn to W ind Still, fto? ftc.?nowexhibitingevory Oglit thi* week, and Wedneaday ami Saturday afternoon*, oommenelng at three o'ulock, at the splendid new flail, SW6 Broadway, over stopnaoJ'i Bath*. UANINGTOV'S entirely new Orand MplUN !>io ramaaof tin most magnificent Spectacle over wltahaacl In New York?Creation of tho World and the Dn'nre, axrfated by power M iu?trumc?tal aeoompnnimenta. Six Hay* nf the Creation.? Jor.ery and Incident*?Ohaoa, the Firat Dai. Tl.e Firmament, the Second ? ay. Dry l and, Herbage an<". rlowrrn. Third l>a>\? Mm Moon ai a R'*r(. Fourth I>ay. Croation of Fish and fowl Filth Day. Creation of Animal*, Sixth !>?y. Girden "f &d*?r. sr.J Eve. With the completion ef the labor* of the Creation, Uu tirst jiart ol the exhibition clo?e* Part2 -Grand lm>r? ma i,l the Delnge. Ticket* W rent*: children hall prioe. Doeri ?pen ?t7?rurtain rino* at 1% o'clock. (A HAM) DIORAMA?HUM BIRD MR N'T OF VERA CHI'/. * fcc . VJH Broadway.?Sowie* in the Gulf; Burning the V It Creole; Ship?rcck of the Somen; Arrival of the Fleet; Steam rt *nd Ship* (teamingand nailing along. Real Cannon leaded and SkCd by moving figure*; Urand Bombard ent by day and night; Splendid pyrotechnic < fleet* and burning ol Shell*. Every Figure, sf ip, Bi at, tee., i* m> vtng. An Orerture every evening. Tic\ei* ill cent*. Childicn half pries. Family and traxn ticket* on api>lic*tion at the llall. Open at 7, commence* at H. Wednesday, irid Baton)*) iilternocn at 3. IF TtallSIIOULDMEBTTHE EVE OF MARUARET TARR, widow ?l the late William larr *he i*re juesod to 'end her adIre**, or call I ern If, at the Planter'* Hotel, No. 1 Albany *treet, miner of Greenwich fret. N?w 1 ork, when nha will aee her lie biml a?d'? I r i her. Gil more Tarr ^TOLEN-FROM MLSSKS. WOOD ft EKItlNGEft, PHII.A3 del I'll I*.* Note, drawn by C. A Towntend ft Co.,and endonoid iy Mr. Joel Odburj. for neven hundred and thirty-eight dollar', >!> oent*. at H monthS, from June 27, 134*. Payment ha* been itepped. BROADWAY ilIEiTKE-NOTICE?THE ( < PARTNER hip heretofore exiating between the robacriben, under the isme and firm ol Mann ft Mondial), I* thia day diaaolvrd. bv m.i,i :il consent. The bu*ine??of the lirm will i* o|. ned up oy Mr. Karri all. ALVAII MANN, Datvd New Yoik, Oct 85, 1HH. E. A. M \Rill ALU Tne bucines* of the Brvadway Theatre w ill hereafter he conlii ited by the ?iibi. ribcr. E. A. M iKjlltLU New York. October 2? 1N4S. pOLLEOB Of PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF TIIK KJ Fnivtn-ity of the State of New York ?The forty-*econd seanou of th'i the College will bv openel on Monday, .Jll'i Ootobor.? The Introductory Addnt** will be delivered by Profe??or Joaeph W tmith, -t Imlf paat 7 P M . in the College llall. Tho profei don and the public are re*pectfiilly invited to attend. The r?gu ar OoartM will be commerced on Tucuday, 31 at inatant, at 9 A.M. R. WATTS Jr . M.D, 9?Vy t? tha facnlty. College of Phy*iciar*and Snrgeona. ?'7 t!ro*hy *t OFFICE OF TU? NEW VORK GAS LIGUT COMPANY, Octoboi 8th, 1H4H. The Preaidant and Oirrctori have thia lay dedan d a dividend of four and one h*lf per ovnt on the Capital Stock o< thia Company, far the six month* ending lat \ugnat last, payable to the Stockholder* on and after Wedneeday he I*t November next. The tranifur book will be aloaed Irom lie i'.tii inat to that date. By order O. U 1FERITT. Seoret.ary. MhEMMI BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. -THE GICNE4AL t; ni-ftcmbly of the trember* for the election ot the "Commit'eo I Admibi*tratioa," for tlic year 1.1tH-49, will take place on Mon l*y, "llith October, at 7 P. M. preciaely, at Measr* DelmonlcVa >y order. It fOLHIOM g oreUry. I^illsri.E BALI*.?TIIE MANAGERS OF TIIK THISTLE Benevolent Atiociation re*peCkfully announce that their i*t Ball of the reaaon will take puoe on ThtiraUy, tKo llth ??l )ccember, at th? i)?ciou* and elegunt new A**ouibly Re ims, Ireadway. Board wanted in a private family, by a gentleman and wife. The gentlrmau will be abwnt (except vening* and Sunday*). Tlie location inu*t be near market treet, and apartment*furnialied. Pleate ad4rer* 1, R, meaner Hmgira, foot market *ttert. eta'ing Inoation *nd t*rm* [17 ANTED- BV a rf.-PEi.TA B li OUAS.AS TLA i JON fT an ' ook .111.1 lino Vaehnr Tiki heat city rc.areniie gi?.>ii. I *'o oil at No. M Spring mreet, >ow Yora, or No. 40 Jo . ni' n aw it. Bn.okljr 11J ANT BU- a SITUATION, BT A RR<rK JTABI.C I'll- N <i FT W"innn, a* Chambermaid or Nurw. I'loam call at 191 autetn at real, in the roar, near Hnaaton. To be ?e?n for two ^ ,? .\NT? II- A SI rUATION BY A KBS' K 'TAB ,IC YOI'NO Fl ? 'man. a Prote<i tnt, ait Sea in ?tre?a, l.aly'* Maid nrCliilrci Un give inatraction to ohildren, write a fami'onaMa mil. No..\r Can he Keen for three dnya, a". 22f< Htidann atrwl 1v> .ui:m HANT.-t. INK FUNGI'S RfcCORD AN DOOPYmg Ink *ii te naed either in the Book a ur Copying Praaa, kd adapted lor geicra one. For sale, wholesale aud rot* I, at i - mth M ilium airaal. J|' .\VTFD-BY A riiOTBiTANTlilKI., A SITUATION \S Fv Cham>? maul or Nurae, aud (o aamat in waalung and wnit i*. if rt jnireC City references To ha soan lor two day*, at 647 ml-<i n street, up atnira. J|7ANTKI>-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A SI I I ATiO S AS Ft I lain Coik, W'aalier and Ironer, or at fiouac ,v. rk, in a mail I irate family "the boil of olty refereoroa g Ten from Iter ?inojera, at h?. 4fl fourth a tree t, oorner of Hammond Can he i n fi r turn daja. j^'amrd-by a ionnmorAWiiniauii toFT man. a ?i ma lion aa .Surao. S: o can taka cliarga of a bahy om iiabirt'., <r ?o chant' orwnrk and aeartng. The beat of o if i?rei ce giita. Apply at 17 I'rinco it real, Drat floor, front Ma. I an Iw >?en lar two day ilT ANTRO-HV A RRSIPF.CTABI.1 YOUN4 WOMAN, A FT ' .uon aa Nnrae. Ilmlemanda all kinda of plain ae?ia<, id making olnidrou'a < lotl e?; or aa Chambermaid aa.l *e?er. O-Kl reltronov Ir.m her laat plane A pply at 47 1.1th ttraat, n?ar I aviube 1,'AMKII- BY A Y'MJNO MAKKlKO M I\, .1 .11 I I.A FT t. ii an I'ortar or aaamaut Clerk in a atoia. or in anT po/i n in wli.uli hiaa<rTieee woul.i baiiaeiui; <an pro.uin nbdoahta I atiimniala ni to capacity, I ?i eaty. and fait'ifu nnaa; ia a go id 4'lt aae at idy by LOte, or oiherwiaa. fjr U.K., KiHiath M |)|j|| WA ?TAD ON BOND AND MOKT j ^ iK. ON unim umUiriNl luiproTad property, in tfea ni:? of i. iikijL, ?' tin I. u- time, t ? amount. Apply to i'. !>. >i/)A>R, >i hnnge lifflce, 2.1 Wall itreei, N. V. N. B.?No oom nia ion I* k I.A t* % UK Tilt r OTKSTA NT RI'lSC r*AL. 0 dll ROB, a v hi l ad long ox|*ri?i ce in tcaohlug. having a few huura engaged ill.ring III" day ia if o rtvning una ..r two ar.inenia, either la pri.aia fumiliea or ach .oia. tlaroonrae matt Ml ion oim nrieaa Rnghah in all Ita hrMtchoa. Frennh. Ita in. rianrfotta. Singing ai d Oraving. An* Httarf,, idi??<d to " R. l.l)., at thit idltco, will uuiat witn proutpi H>*|i l. tt.ANH ?<i llilil I'tftlliOlA.I MK HI.* HV * JUliN t. MORBilON, I? Oraaawioh ttmV Naw Turk * ! RR0ADWA7 TUtATKC?I. A. MARSHALL, PROPRU- I I mJ tor?Monday e?*nlnr. Ootolwr t>, will h? ant'd ttuplayaf | I th? l,%DYOF LrOV4?Claude Melantb) Mr. Mtirdoofc; Colonel ! t. I'imu, Mr. Vaohe: P.eiuifeant, Mr. FrAderiokc G'ariit, Mr. K. 0 Shaw; Mon>. D'4eha|>|wNe?. Mr Matthn**; Pau'lno, M'?? f. M'allank. MaJame n. wliapnellt-a . ?MU? 11 lid re th. To conclude I ' with Um furco oalled il>e ARCADE? Win ton, Mr. Iladawajr; i j Ready, Mr Baker: O SUck, Mr. E. Shaw; Loncataff, Mr. 0 An I f : drtiw* Mr* Olood Mi? Illlrfrrto; Mi M??. Mm Watt* " Dtcm :irrl? and Parqnette, 7* <-en'*; Family f'lrol* tfoe-ta; I j ' ?W. Doom open al 6^?pertormancB to oom j Burton a tueatrb. chambjmu strebt.?monda y evening, Oct. 3U, will he played the farco of the WINDMILL . . ? f*ir|?n Lowe, Mr. T. Jfltinaw ne; Marian mas Chaom m. I Afierwhuh the now f.roe of ANYTHING roR A ClIANiir, I Mr. UonuybaU Mr. Raymond; Mia. Iloueyball. Mrs. a. Knight; I , "W1:. "! Br?n?h?m. After wbioh Prof. Rialey and hit torn ' in their >.ri?l KKith'a at-d Claeaiea' P. pen. To mtield'l" v t'< ' DaN K K\ SER 1>K liassol IN - I>uu Kuyier, Mr. Julmatoa. nit- | i i poleon Lillvwhite, Mr. Hurley; Mary Tanner Mim Chapman. ?Prices of adiniasloa? Dress Circle end Parquet. 60 oenu; , Family Cirole or Second Tier, 26 crts. Doors open at half put ft? j siytain to rtfe at 7 o'eloek. MITCllELL'SOLYMPlC THEATRE.?MO.VDAY.'ETBNINO October 30. the entortainmenta will uummenoi wiu>|tU ' I JACOBITE?Jshn Duck, Mr Holland; Major Murray, Mr Arnold: Lady Pomerford, Mix* Philli|ie. After ?hioh, a drann entitled ESMERALDA-Qua?imodo. Mr. Niokinaou; (Jrenjoird, 1 < Mr. Connver; Esmeralda. Midh Mary (lannon To be followed by the fareo of the YOUNG SCAMP- Mr. Mil l, w, Mr Holland, Joseph, Miss Clark; Ueseral Boauroii. Mr. Niokinao.,; Mm Manly, Mra. Henry. To conclude with IIUNTINd A TC KT1.K?Timothy Dandeliun Mr. Uofand; Mr. Turtle, Mr.('lark; Mra. Tor le, Mm 4 Ri berta l>oon optn at 6 o'olock?ourtain naea at hair paat 7 o'clock. TBI PUBLIC ENTRRE INTO NEW YO.tK Of SANDS, l.?nt A Co ' Uippoferaean Aran* and Circua, with all the Elephants, Camels, IIora-js, Poniea, Chariota and Carriages, belonging to that iiumenM) establishment, will take plaoo on Moni day morning,October *Uth. The procoaaion will huye the head of f Broadway at 10 o'clock, and will pat* down tTthe Battery; thence through (ireenwich atrcot to Vcaey; up Yesey to Park Row; nplhatliam to Crand street; down Grand stroet to the liowcry; up Bowery to the plaoo of exhibition, on Eighth strnet. BAKNLM'S am e -IICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BaRNUM, PRO- i prieior; I* Hitchcock, Manafor. Splendid performancesi every afternoon at .1, and ovaning at o'clock. Major Littleflngor. the smallest human being on oarth ti at oan either walk or stand alooe Creat Western, tlie Vankno Comedian. The Sable Brotheis, a must superb aud talunted band of Negro Singers, Dan- 1 cers.fee. lvte Motrl-t, Coinio -singer. The Highland Mammoth Boys. Enonnona Boa Conatriotor. Mm OrangOutsnn. fairy | Family lufant Veatria. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madam Rook ; well, the lamoi a Fortune Toiler, may be privately oonaultod at ' an extra charge of 28 con to. Admiaaion to the whole including I ' i Museum, Porfermancea, Little Firgor'a, Ao. 25 oonts; children under ten years of ngt, and old enough to walk alone, IZX oonts. Hem rved front scats, one shilling eaoh extra, 11ABKRNAULE ?THE GERMANIA MUSICAI, SOCIETY, 1 (twenty four in Dumber,) grateful to their friends a'id Hit , ; public of New York, and particularly to the pre-*, for tin1 suppert [ witli whioh, during their slay in 1110 city, they have boon ho ' r nored, have the pleasure to announce Hint, liy very general de, i lirr, they wi'.l remain another week, during which they will pr> I dnoe many of their eh'ioett. selections On Tuesday evening tie . L I .Hist instant. at the Tabernacle, thoy w ill i? i t -nil the follow, ing pro?raronie Hart I? tyrian Heimweh? March. Gung'l; Grand Overture to the Magic Flute, Mo/.art; Philomelan Walti, Htrauta; < avattna Irem Hubert le Diablo, Meyerbeer; Tho St- rmine of Constantinr, l.anner. Part II.?Van* us Juliel Overture, 1 I.indpainter; phcrd'sQuadrillo, Strauss; Finale?Tho Siego of , Corinth, Roarini; "Mv Fatherland," WalU, I.miner . Grand i Pot-pourri, the Kepubliciin. O* lieniicbow. l/oader of the Com I I l)?ny, C.L- nirhow ; Ageiitfur the Company, II. Heich. Admission | ; fiUceiite. Tickets to he had at tho Moaiu St ires and at the d-or ! on the evening of the Concert. floors open at 7; Concert to oom- f roencc at 8 precisely. The above Company beg reapeetiully to in> form the oitiit ns of Brooklyu. that tliey will give a tlrand In- 1 ' stmn cnlal Conci rt at Uie Female Aeademy, on Friday Evening j l next, .'Id Novi ml it r ? 1 k 11AYM0ND & WAKING'S MENAGERIE NOW EXUI- I I XV biting at Niblo'a Garden?Mr I'ieroe and Minn Adiliua, the < l i Lion King and Queen, will appear during each exhibit'oo. Doors 1 t open from 10 to 12 A. M ; 2 to 4 and 7 to U P. M. Admission 25 ' | cent*?Children uider 10 years half prioo. j , ' ' TV/I *X" ? >1.1 I VTKA'IED, IN A SEKIKSOF MOSTTKlITil- | ' IvI fully u agniliuei t and elaborated Moving Panoramic Views, ' exeiuted under the immediate direction of Mr. F. Grain, giving; a faithful and pioturesipie representation of the liuuof U ' nmelt pursued by tho A mcrican Artny, undor the command of e | Git-en 1 Poo't, trom Vera Cmi to the City ot Mexico, now exhthlt1 ii g evtry evening, and on tin afternoons of Wein-sday and Ha ' furday, at Stoppani Hall, corner of Broadway and Walk;r stroet. Synopcis of tho geographical and piniuresi|ue,p<irtions et the Mexi t! oan territory so intinvitoh connected w ith tho hiat irv and glory i. of onr country?1 anning of the American Ariny at Vera Cms? ; Bombardment of the City and Castle of fan Juan do Iflloi 0 by Gci.oral Scott?Fonnal Sutrendtir of the Citt of Vera Cruz, I and ?lie Castle of Sau Juan de Ulloa to General Soott? l I Environ* of tlie City?View of the Sea?-Native Fishing . j Boats in the dis-ance?Villige of Santa Fe?National Br dge? ' I I unite Nncional. once del Hoy?Rear Guard of the Army on tlnir t 1 muich?Queen's llr'dge. I'uet.lo del Revna? Pass of sierra Gordo ? Battle of Sitrr* Gordo?Retreat of Santa Anna, and Capture n( his carriage?Maginfioentview of the City of Ja appa?Romantic " and gorgeous Scenery?Remains of Volcanic Eruptions?Village I of Los Vegos-Hacienda. Mexican Farm House?American Armv , on Uic march?Town and F'urticss of i'erote?Ci fire of i'erote and Mountain i f Orizaba Voloanlo Mountain of Pixsra? Din Mirage, ' ; most irHpbical delineation of t is extraordinary optical illusion? *] Gallai t Cliarge cl the American Hingot ns?t.a Pncbla de loa An- t 1 gela?Tlie l'ajf of Hto Frio?Troopi unending tho Ktdge of Land 1 which wparates tlie Plains of Pnehla and Mi-xieo?Village of llu?- S 1 Da Vitit?Lake and Town of Clalco? Battle of (Vintr-raa?Battle r 1 I olChutubuaoo?Molin^s del Key?Tho King's Mills-Sunning if I Ct n| uUcpi c?Crund View of the Cit. of tfexioo? Mujor General W ititicM f'cott, tl.c Commander in Chief, furrmnded by his StalU ' nt d hit bruvc associates in the Great Sipiareof tho City of Mexico. ' f Price of admission?Single tickets, 5(1 ci nts; ehildron, half jirice. j j 1 Ticket* for ono gentlen-cnfend two Indies, f>l. Family Ticket, . admitting live persnrs, fl 76. Door.-i will be opened at 7 o'eloclt. " The pieture will commence moving at a quarter l?fore 8. Ke. > | served feats can fce secured at the office, from 'J till 11, and from 2 j j till 4 o'clock. . OANORAMA OF TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN .N MEXICO, A1 r 1 the Minerva Rooms, 4tHJ Broadway, stiowa, natural as lilo . 1 U.e Marches, Encampment*, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor It also gives correct views of tho oountry, towns, cities, fce It la I the most boaatiful painting over seen. (>;en every night at i I quarter before 8 o'eloeV. Afternoon exhibitionu on Wedno?iay t and t'atnrday, eomtneneing at 3 o'clock. Admission. ZA nvuis, ' Sohools adml ttei* nr ivaaonahie terms No ehuwfor 'eeerlrtirs I yainphlota Children half price. It will soon leave the city. a UNION ('OUR*!, L I ? TKOTTING ? MOMMV, SuTH i Oca. at 2)4 o'clock, P. M. I'uruo S'iiNl. Mile heats, l est ,1 i in ft. in hart-ess, P Hunt enters b. g Jack Kossifer ; A. Conk. '' lin enters br. rn.> Sutton, The cvrs leave South Ferry for I tlie Course at 2 o'clock P. M. and return after the sp .ru are over. j, M. D. liitEdNR Profit otor. _ 1 EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE Oil, PAINTINGS. - I A I OOI.LY, EFfcSE & IIII.L will rel! on Monday and Tin a I. day evenings. Oct .n'th and 31st, at their Sales Room, 1 11 Itr adway. cor erof Bey street, at seven o'cl ock, a very large and ev *" ceedingly valuable Collection of Oil Paintu gs, Just received fr ra Europe enil racing many works of distinguished Wasters. AICIION NOTICE TO BKUQlilSTS. A I'OTIIF.l A HI F.-t, ' J 8t c ?On Monday, at l(Jl< o'clock,will Ik- sold, rain or >hino by j Older of C K.Ta)lor, AssiKoee?the entire stock of a wholesalo ' anil retail d tug atore, a suporior asjoftmoat of artii clou in the line. Alto, the fixtures at.d fitting tip of the How, counters, shelving, drawers, scales, glass caaes, perfjmery, (He. ! n THUS BELL, Auctioneer, j CTATEN ISLAND FERRY.?THE STEAMBOAT STATEN | l>' I Iklsnder will run as follows :?Leave New York at 9.11,1, O I S 10m.. 6 and 6k o'clock. Ijoava Uuarantina at H. 10.12. 2. 4 and 1 6 o'clock. J ?' 1.1 OR NEW ORLEANS. VIA HAVANA.?THE I u . kniwn etearoahip " United State#." burthen 2,WW tone, W. ]( U. Ilackatalf, Coir minder, will leave fur New Orleans on Sntur day, Novembtr 4th, frum Jndd'n whari. upper aid* or Catharine V Maikvt. Eaat River, at 3 o'clock, I' If., and Irom New Orl ana. < n the IKth November. Wmall parcel* and p tokairvn received at II*m- ^ den (It Co'a Exprcea offlco, b Wall a'reet, until the day of aailiii?, i.d delivered immediately on arrival at Nrw Orleana. No berth meii'ed until paid for. < ?l in pa*si|ie. $7^; Sterrp i-wyc. g Postage 23 conte, on letter* ?oinhing halt tin ounce. N .freight I will be received on the day if nailing. I.?tteni will he recuved > , at llarnden h Co.'a, fi Wall aireet; R*ehan(r? Ne*? Kooiii : Ilale'a Letter office, 7? Wallatreot: and at Konyou's Jturna! of 1 Commerce offioo. Ker freight or paaeege apply to T CBARI.h.S II. .MARSHALL. H Barl'oK .Slip. [ On her return ?h? will rjeume htr regular tripa to liuvro, leaving b New York on the HKh ue<-embcr, and llavn the Hth Jannart. j InuMllf rtSnothampf n both wava. I ? FIOR NEW OILMAN'S, VIA IIA V.\ N V -TIIF. HNK NEW 11 steamship GALVESTON, J. R. Crano, commander, will leave tl for the above ports on Saturday, the 4th of Novmuber, at 10 o'clock, A. M., from pier No.4, N K. No berth secured until paid ** for. letter ha^a at the ueual places For froi&ht or passage, nav- II Ilk *ery auioticr accommodations, app'y to '> s J HOWAHD & son. 7.1 S mth stro v AC* HP- MR? REMAN II AS JI ST RECEI\ ID OHHI \I. t notice Irom John W. Chain bora. Kc |, that the American | Institute of w hich he in the accomplished hecretary, ha, Jin'. I aw aided to Ixir a di(l< matic premium for the heat Hitched bo I fon.s The Inttitute awarded lirr a ailvcr medal la?t year for the | | tritihitu tnd a? the tn"ii?y market tea little ti?M iu*tn<>w, i , tl ey have given her a dipltnia this year. But Mr. Chanib-ra f?y? ' the diploma ahall be done up with a beautiful blue ribbon, on c double gilt edtod paj*r, and niijMy ?ce. ted with ''Odour do je t t ne taf? |Uoi," which Mr*. Brn aii i* ?uie inuft be aitnsthing very 1 (i nice; and the ha.", therefore. determined to let the puhlio amell of it praila an eoon a.- It ihall l*i eent to her stora. 121' Naaaau street. Farlient nrtire will ba k van of Iti arrival. ll (4 RN1 I.EMEN. IF YOI Willi TO SAVE $2">, Ta KB YOI'R lj .j Overctiti to Mm my street, near llr>adv?a\. where " you can tl em cleaned and repaired, with collars, cntts trim- tl tnirga buttora?in fact. I make them look e |ual to new. A call #, or iii o attended to t y tiio general tailor. A. COK ClSSJf, 6 Mm ray ? i'Mtt, I J rpo MERCrant taii.ors ? II. pcih i.tinu, 187 wu/ J] X liam street(barn-ment) h?? received tbilweck from notion' over $iOW> worth t f freah ?i>od? rmiai.tini of elotb*. caaeimeree. C drcliin*. beaver* and vcetinga. which he aclli to the trade at co?t j, price 'or net cash, ('articular bttlntlon la rallei t a lot of ,i ranvaia duck, which I.e tella at tli? piaoa?regular prioo ?HX to ?7 f TO (iENTI.BMB.N ? r. AUHIN8, S2K ANN SI uhl r. BAfl " lately vec?m*d from aucMon, a lar^a piaotity of < l.?tna / Ca?in < iw?s Dce#kina, and Veatinva, all w? 1 adapted for the k*a- v on, which he make* np to order in th? best and m >it fAi'ii -n- jJ able at>le. and mt least 'Jf? per cent under Broadway prica. it at Ann ?t"??t. ' j ri ' 1 Shawls from ai chon.?a. arnold AXDco.rrrrY al ( :i?.al ititet, having made oxtensirc pur ha*#* it the recent t auction si lea, at tnuch l>el<iw the coa of importation*. they ar? " euaMcd to ifrtr great indue?mrnta to the ptarcnaanri of thoee arti 11 clea in both I/orp ai d Harare alar\ from uteamaMp Kuropa, a de- .fJ aiiaHe eaa? rtment of Loin and ftqnare IMaid 8haw la, insnlxlued e lonrim. _ 11 ("^ KAPB VINES,?HMW Of I3ABKLLA AND CaTA^BA ^ vinea for am'a. fl.WO (hm jeara old, two yn*rii ? M, * :i Wit ne y em old Theae vmei a re very flu# JAMRS li. ?* KIK, Ml iiur?^r> man, corner of 2Mih *treet and '} 1 avenue. Hi ? ?? tk FMIK 3AI.B--A ftftfJAR WOKK. IN TUP! BUST FART i)V , thcM ify, doing a nrat rate retail biHneaa, For p&rtiouJar*, 1(1 I ply in thf !? ?.iuing home, 61 Greenwich aireer, r?? >m No. .Ti), till 9o'? Im I In t f to ott ing. jf Oil) IR1MI W 3 IMC fcY. ?AHKIVKD BY THE SlUAtl < San da, |i? punoheoi a ?f Wiaa'a celebrated Cork ^hiwhej, rt wMcli ill l?w landed on Tueadaf or Wedneelay next. Apply to DANI, NOOVAN, U2 (Ireenwiob srre/t ! ?' f| f|MIIS AOHF.EMF.NT MADIi AND EXECUTED THIS 26TU w A day of October, If**, between Hyeraon and lyiaee. of the 1 , lirat pert. aed ?orphy and Kavananli, of the amend part. ''' M ituaaaath? W hereaa. the aaid partita are mutually engaged ia reiming Ottmihu* Staftea thrutigh the Bowery and Third arenno, (il an>, win-nun, t?r the public accommodation, large additional ox per, a am incurred in running line* on Hiiadaya, and the ?*itl pnrtlee, with a view to their mutual hei.oflt. have agreed that the ls I rice ol f?rr on Sondapr*', on all the IInea run by them reapect 1)1 mly on that day. rhall ha one abiding a pa*Bei,ger foranydl* (|l tain*. And, thnefora, th? aaid pariea, of the Hrat ai d a <mtd . inrt, hen by mu ually protu ae and agiee to add with oaoh other, [M lor the fl< naid-ration aforexaid, ihat the nvuUr fira f<r all ojh ri( nibi K run by either of the raid [>arti?< nn Sunday! ahill, |(, fri m and after thie date, t>e one shilling fur e?eh full |M?? pat- ; mrrer. ti r an; distance the iaid pa<?en?er ahall be earrted. and >? for each half pa teenier (child > ore-half th?t price I OI rvrtho.n * u)sif. vf HUKKHT > KaVANAQH. p' BKW AR> OKtOI.ix A I. \ KI i H t'K(?fl)KTI"S or 0 ?N (c auwiitite r*?i a are eactied >r amraratc'l by nold<, and the (.auie ol thia nnhappy and fnqueol evapfatint 11 to.i often o?er- ' ' i. m euc'-'i. t'ulnouti' iyruf aiwaya aue,.e?d? in ourinn (h ?\> r) iu?e ot cold avd hundrtile of oaaea ol ooBtumptioa mlglit |H be|reien'td ?y the nee of thN inedii'ioa. Ita ln*ri'.ltenW am |rtii?ly\?*ei?bl? and N-itt* an li.dian rmedy. < therefore differ * entand iui?il i toallottera Very mauy eaaei of o inanmption, lt\tr n i'l-'iit, and iiya|? pe'a lia\eb. en run>d whloh had hafli id VI all other reinediee, the i-eritt>ale? of which can b? aean at the i Wi(,, mid refrn nee liren to peraona of nnlmpeaehable Teracitir, , ? ho ha*e i ?| i riencod t^ie heo'Hi* of ihia medicirio. Prepared by Hll J. II StlltN'K, No. ,'M iiuth Siath a reet, Philadelphia, | Hhoiaae a^*nta New Vork-Bnah k. Clickener, Hi lltmlav atnet; Boati n?Redding It o,H Stats atraet, Halttmere S a i At Smuh.Sun R'l'ldlnfa; New Orleana?J Wright ft Cv , 151 Aartrea 1 ar aneeu Pric* >1 |?( b?itla, tlx bottles for |t. s INTELMtfEMK BV THE IHAH.8* Bai.timobk, Oct. !W, HW, Pi Jit teal Temperature? Offict-hddert m Trouble? F er S?</ owl Runaway Slavtt?Fatal Acridtnl ? TTie Opera, fc. The political temperature of this city at present is decidedly Taylorish?that is to nay, let the result be what it may, Taylor's chance* are conI'dered by all parties to be daily improving, and ihe oHice-holders are beginning to smell brimitone. Free soil is causing a great many slaves to eiert hemselvea to escape from Maryland, and cro<M he IVnnnvlvania line: and ll is helicv#-rl th-i ik? 8 a goodly number of the " free dirt" men here secretly operating among them. The other night. 10 less than eleven walked off Irom Harford :ounty, which, being on the Pennsylvania line, tnd near the famous Peach Itottom, waa not a kery difficult matter. In fact, there is hardly a dozen slaves now left in Harford county, ao great ins been tlie emigration from that region to free loil. A party of ten also left home in Miridletowo, with their master's horses, on Monday last. but they were overhauled and taken b-icK, and am now locked up in one of the dealer's gaols, waiting ship tor New < >rleans. All that are caught making btritl? a towards the North are bound to travel to the South. Kut. shaking ot free soil politically,it seems to have lost considerable of its vitality in these regions?even the (Quakers having thrown up their hats for old /srh, in preference to throwing awaf iheir votes on Van liuren, and contributing thus indirectly to the election of tlie great " inevitable destiny" Render. A littl^duughter of Mr. Frederick Harold, about five years of age, was yesterday thrown down bjr a dog running against her, which fractured her dkull, and caused death in almost an hour. The opera company at the Museum improve on icquaintanee, and are drawing good ho uses Mr. Mail vers and Mr. Brough are decidedly good, and Vlits Mrienti, prima donna, was in bad voice on he first night of her appearance, but is now <juit? t favorite. PiiiLAUKi.rnu, Oct. 28,1848 Temperance Celebration?Death by Urmrmng? 'lite Fine Arts?'/Vie Cheater County Mink Robbery 'IVialt?The Franklin Institute, frc. The boys, associated together asC-adels of Teni~ ?.II_?. ??--J l .L n. mute, iiiouc n gniiam ouun jcmciUiiy Willi IflfMT nusic, banners, i eq-tlia, and other insignia of their irinciples. They marched seven miles at leant ind, being deprived ol their dinners, became rather inpatient and unruly l>y the time the procession Tached the Musical Fund Hall, where the order jf exercises, embracing two orations, were to b? ;one through with The singing by the Cadets, ind an ode from the Sisters of Temperance, were >erlormed with credit, and the first address by Dr. 'ickardt was listened to with pleas jre by th? boys, nd hailed with great applause, which was, how*er, exceedingly boisterous. Dr. liryan had not roceeded far with his oration ere his young audince gave symptoms of their desire to "get out," so liat the orator could, with dilliculty, make himself leaid, and at last he was forced to omit th? contusion, and the malcontents were dismissed. John McMullin, a hand employed on the tow?oHt Rappahannock, was drowned m the Schuyltill on Thursdsy night. He leaves a wile and amily, who reside at Wilmington, Del. A beautiful group of statuary, by Steinhauser, he meeting of lleio and Le under, has lately been laced in the Academy of Fine Arts, and the direcors of that institution art- nuking an effort to raise he amount required to purchase it by sjbicription. L'lie lovers are ol full size, graceful in all their iro|>o;lions', the laces classical, and the entire [roup fo perfectly beantiful that our artists are in upturns. A re-wrgument for a new trial in the case of 'ence, f'rait A: McGowan, convicted of a conspiacy to put the stolen Chester County Hank notfH nto circulation, is to take place before a full tench of Judges on Monday. Tne indictment on vhich they weie convicted is said to have been mproperly framed, and the <|ucbtion now is, whether it can be sustained in its present shape, nakiug it a common law offence, or whether they ihould not have been tried under the statute law The Franklin Institute made their award ofpremiirgs last evening, ai d the closing addn-ss will ernnde this evening by Joseph K. Ingersoll. t??]. 'lie inventors here, who have been in attendance t ihe lair in your city, are loud in their comlaints of the unfairness which thev say was exibitt d in the award ol prem urns there, and they ave actually piojected a rival exhibition close to astle (larden next year, at which they say, that mple justice shall be done to the claim* of the ew inventions presented for the public notice. )ur Institute also comes in for some share of lame, in overlooking entirely some articles fairlf ntitled to honorary mention at least. Hda70S SANTiArjn. ()rf "fie Kio (iratuic Bor'/er?Flowtthing Settlement!? lYadt?Agriculture, $r. A short visit to the Kio Grande enables me to ive you some account of the condition and proaL-cts of our new settlements. Like magic, a ,'own f considerable pieteribions, and destined very oon to be of commercial importance, has sprung ip directly opposite Matamoros. Streets are regunrly laid out, warehousi s have been erected, forvaidipg and commission merchant*, dry goods endcrs, grocers, and mechanics of all trades are lready in active employment. Hotels, of high ounding names, whose tables groan under the est the market aliords, and whose bars are suplied with the "choicest liquors," are not wanting, "he river navigation, up to this point, is practicale at all seasons Fort Brown is within a quarter f a mile, should protection ever be required, an 1 othing apparently can prevent the rapid growth of 11 ih tow n?variously named, Freeport, Mansfield, nd Brownsville. The latter, I think, will prevail, n memory of the hero who fell gloriously within ight of the new town. It is a singular fact, that i? progress is the order of the day on our side of fie river, an opposite tendency is apparently on he other. Trade in Matamoros is dull in prolortion to its briskness with i>s Indeed, thin >roportion should be observed, for there is irecisely the relution of cause and effect. Menana are shrewd in money matters, and the inland ladershave little idea ol buying in their own rwiis, and paying the heavy entries, while it is so asy to cross the river and avoid tbrm. A river ke the Kio Grande is a feeble obstacle to the. nd? r, impelled by the instinct of gain ; and ! fear, lat so long as Mexico continues her oppressive *iifls her people will evade them. The inevi*l>le consequence must be a rapid decay of every lexical) town on, or in the vicinity of. this river. rom we raso uei rtorte 10 me inoum. i learn tiHt many Mexicans are coming to thiaside. Mexians, loo, of every class and occupation. Some re men of wealth, who bung their money, their ocks and holds; and leaving, as they do, their wn country, to eccape the evils of a bad governneui, will make ninnni; us quiet and useful citin.8. Though no admirer <>1 their race, yet, ,h?nl find a Mexiran intelligent enough to me le evil* ot a bad, or more propeily, n? umrernleitt, and spirited enough to abandon, if he canot refoim it, I would welcome him nmonj us. hew people have learned much by our sojourn lining them. We were by no aieaft* welcome at rM. but finding, as* they did, that we were ot aciiilly lauoibals, and won by our moderation and stice, they learned to b? content with our rule, nd now heek to enjoy our politic*! blessings, *nd idenvor to adopt our manners and customs Our en-nee among the Mexicans, the simple cunUct id HC(|UHintnnce ot our people with her?. was a lore fatal blow to the slsbilitv of Mexico than all le haider ones she received from Scotland Tayr. It b is been given tlieni to see. That immortal field, Palo Alto, is now within a ule ot a Hourishing plantation, where com and otton are successfully cultivated. A gentleman, c ntlv from Florida, Major Taylor, has erected a rmmo'dious habitation here, and brought his nnily,and about twelve or fifteen negroes It Mb no< until the month of April that lie opened hia aniaiion, an?l yet a very lew wetks showed a iop which demonstrated most fully the great inuiemenis oflered to enterprising planters to ule in this part of Texas. Very little lab >r required The bard and dry s irfac* bus it to be pierced a tew inches, and sufficient chness and moisture is found. Nu uerous tnieiH are settling in the immediate neighrmr>od slanderers ot Texas, who never und an inch of toil "worth having," are advised make a journey hither, that their < ves may be a ned, and their prejudices removed. Hy a sury, it is ascertained that the present road from niiit Isabel to Fort Brown, now ?7 miles, mav be ? chained ss to be but twenty. Here then, durg m greater part of ilie year, will be a th<?rousjhre as smooth as any of your avenues, end thi cilitirs for merchants and others will be incalhable. Some fuither remarks upon this portion oi 'estern Texas, with accounts of other fl airis'uni? ttbments on the border, must be deferred till lother day. A neuro has t?k?n his cent la tb? Krtneh National urmbly, repr??enUtl?? of Uuadaloupn T?o t)?o?a tiro mulattos hare b?en slectad.