Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1848 Page 3
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change in beef. Sugar* continued brnfi"! prices unsettled. Molasses remained about the Operator! in cotton ?fte iuciium lu wan tut i*ier ua ami sale* consequently were light, without ?ny change la quotations. Aihks -Sales of 75 to 100 bbls., both sorts, were nude at *0 26 Exporti from lit to 31 it October. 1848. 1847. Pots, 62J 1 4 JI r?*?U, " lit? none. Bkiud.tiihi ? flour?The sales for the day amounted to about 10,000 Dbls , in Tariouoseparatelots, among which ware 2,0JJ b >N s.r?igit braudt Genisee, at $6 31'.j; 1 luO do. pure Genesee, at (5 44 a $5 60; 4 Ouo a 6.00O common brands this State Mtchgau, Oswego, Ohio, &o , at (5 23; 1 000 a 1.100 straight Michigan, at $5 31 , loO Hopttun Mills, at $5 75 Sales of 2o0 bbls Southern were mads at $5 02>i H'htat? Sales of 11 000 bushels Western were made, including 6 000 bush. baudsunie Ohio white,at $1 12%; the remainder consisted of connnon Chicago and other common Western description!), at $1 03 a (I 00 Corn?Tlie rales for the day embraced about 25 000 a 30 GOO buehels. includiug round yellow, a'. Via. a 7Je., and mixed at Otic a t'8u ; for mixed, including panels of New Orleans and Charleston, at 65c Mr.ul-aales Sales i f 2,000 a 3.000 bufh.-lh were mailt- at 6tc , delivered; it parcel ?B? aim reported^ oa private terms. Jiye flour was dull, at f.i 60 a $3 Out* ? Sales of two or three cargoes were uiHite u( 34>?e a 35o. Rtctipli down the Hudson, mice the opening of ffaoigation. 1847 1348. 'Wheat tlour, bbls 2,30i!.:;72 1,513,801 Corn meal lo.'? 000 2 857 Wheat, bush 1.5,25,864 757,o^O Corn 3 368 382 1733311 Rye 251,415 373 2?0 Kxuortt fiom 1st to 31 it October. 1847. 18-18. "Wheat llour, bbls 35,036 IAS 734 Corn, bush. 8j,3G8 MO.500 Wh?at 12.400 159,953 Barley 4,051 4,377 Rye ? 203 Oat? 3,695 00 Cotton.?The salts were quite small to-day?say COO bales ooly. Prices were generally steady. CoKrcr. ?The salesrince our last comprise 2,000jbagi Rio at 6>,o at,,c.. him! 600 Java at 8\o. By auctioa to day, 600 bags stained Kio sold at 6>cO. a 6J?o , oash. Fiih.?The market continues heavy, and prices declining. We notice rales of 404) barrel* No. 1 and 2 Massachusetts maokerel, at $7 25 a (7 50 for the former, and $5 37>? a $5 50 fur the latter. Cod ranged from $2 60 a $2 6^>, and dull. FauiT.?Tram-actions embraced 30,000 Sau Bias eocoa nuts (received ooaitwi.-e), at private bargain ; 20 0C0 Baracoa. do , (on the spot) at $35 ; 1,000 boxes raisins at $1 60; and 1>0 boxes Malaga lemons at $175. ritKiwM i*?r iir Liivrtjiuui. j,iuu oum. Hour were engaged by an Americau resFel at 2s. 3(1. ; aud 1,000 do , in a British vessel, at -js Grain, in American vessels, at 7>?d. In ba,;?, to 6d (asked) in bulk. Heavy good* 2it (id. a 25s..? I'o London. Hour ??< engaged at 2s. 6d. There was doiiw better feeling in rates which Closed with a firmer tendency. Hint* ?There bave be?n sale* of 1,300 Porto Cabello, 22 lb a 23lb , at 7&. 0 mod ; 1.000 Buenos Ayres. 10 lb , at lOo . per cent off for rath; 980 dry salted* Mobile, 30 lb , at 6>io ; aud voo green salted do., 4b lb., at about 4c , lesn 4 per cent. < IT MoLisici.?We notice a rale of a cargo of Cardanis, (as it run*,) for the Boston mark*, .at 17>?o., usual time. Natai. Storks ? Sales of 100 to 290 bbK spirits were reported to-day at 37o , caOi, but they were probably out of order. Oils--Linseed is without change to notice. The sales embraced 3,000 gallons Kogheh at 53o., cash, and ecme lots ot best American, in ca?ks and barrels, at 64c a 66c. The following is the state of the market at N..Bedford, for'the week ending Oct. 30:?Sperm?The market, with-a good demand and moderate receipts,is ??ry firm, aa.d prices have experienced some further advance The tales since our i?u amount to upwards of 6 CCO'bbls as follows ; 1760 Ibis, at luO cents ; 6o0 bbls. at1C3 cents; 2 260 tbls (part for export to England) 4t 102 cents; 600 bbls at 103 ceotf, ca<h. and 1,1C0 bl.U on private teri. s. The amount of sp-rm oil in first bands, in all tbe ports exrept Nantucket is 8 600 bbls) -besides which about 2 500 bbls. remain in the bands of speculators Whale ?The market is firm though quiet, and tbe transactions of the week have been confined to a few small parcels,in all amounting to about 900 bbla , 700 bbls. of whioh sold at 35 cents per gallon. Whalebone ?There is more inquiry, and pale* of ahout 30.000 lbs. have been mtilii on nrlv iiu terms. ~ ~ *" raoriMcws?Sales of 300 bbla. mew were made at $12 75. and 200 do pilm? w?r? reported at $8 75. LardNo sales of moment transpired Beef- Quotatfons for xcefi* tanged from f'J a $ lo, and for pr'me at from $4 75 a $5 2"> to $5 60; sales were conUaed to small lots to the trade. 200 blls. beef hams sold at $12. Thero was DO material change in cbette or butter Export, from Is/ to 31*/ Octoher, 1848, 1817. Beef, bbls ,, ?. 2 032 1,229 Tork, " 4,789 3,186 Lard, lbs 10,404 22,3*0 Rick ?The sales add up 300 tler?ea at $3 62>i a $3 76, including ir>0 for export at $3 OS'* . Kkal Kstate, at Aiction, ix Bhooki.yfc?House and lot on State, near Nevins at 20x117. $3,250; do. en Washington, near Tillary St., 87 6x121, $3 800; do do corner Adams and Johnson sts , 2iix?5, $2 050; do do. adjoining on Johnson ^.,^25x65. $2,825. do. do . $23,25; 2 lota on Jay near Tillhry st . each 20x102, $1,400; 1 do. adjoining, same size, $7-40; boune and lot oa Tillary, near Jay ft., 25xiro. >8tiO; 5 lota on llarbarin. near Tillary ft., each 20x107, $4,000. 1 lot opposite, 25x115, $1,(50; house and lot 102 High St., 25x72, $1,900; do. 1(4 Tillary st , 25x 5. $810; 2 l?t* on Barbarin near Tillary at., 26x108, f 1.2*20; house and lot on Tillary at., 28xP0, $1,530; 1 lot on Wuphrngton ?fi. netr Greene l>t., 25x1(10, $225; 1 do on rear. 25x121. $225; 1 do. on Livingston near Hoyt st , 25x100 $1,100 SriiAR - i?V operations f,>r the past tbreedays comprised 600 hhds. "Cnoa at 4 a 4\ ots ; 350 Porto Rico at R\ a 5c ; 100 NVw Orleau., ?. * 0 ' and 800 boxes brown Havana at 6,'? at 6c. usual time. I The stock on band. Tuesday, *ai an follows: -3.685 I bhds. New Orleans, 1,820 I'orto Rico, 1.376 Cuba. and 100 St Cr?ix? together 0 8H1 lihds. against 2,415 in 1847. 464 in 1846. aDd 2.72u in 1845; the present a took or bAiC* in 11 ?00 against 6,450 la-t year. Tallow ?We report sale* of 15,000 lbs. prime rendered at 9o. Whiskey ?Sales of 100 a 200 hbls. Ohio and State priaon weu> made at 23% a 24c. For drudge, 24c. wai aeked. MAltKKTS ELSEWHERE. STOCK WALKS. "Boston. Oct. SI? Kxcha nyr Ho i nl? I! nb? FitnVnir* Railroad, 11()f; & Boston Hi W' rofS'.er ltnt r art. 5 B'iston & I'rovidenoe Hailr ?d, W4 ; 2 Bout- n It M ,jne Kait.-oad, . 8 do, 101H; 1 Itut.rn K?ilrnad, liriW; I XV.stm allroud. 2 do 99: 10 Vrrni' ijl C ntial Railr" d f-H1, 4 Vemont ft Ma-me'iuf.tts Railroad. 4.11? 26 E*?t Button Co.. It)'*; $I,5U0 Cheshire Railroad Bonds, hS. f mi.*im rni*. Nov. 1.?1"r?t limn!.? jut 73) State 5>,73V? 1,0011 Tenr es ee 6'a. 76: I,!**) United Stn'es 0's.'<i8, 1115; 3 GOJ do., do., 104??; 3.HJH hendirK Railroad, (m^rigigt,) 7.000 do., fi'r, 69; 1,000 Schuylkill Navigation, 11'*, 28; 1.000 L'high 6'?, 81K; 410 Willi.iogton Kailrnad. ti's TK: shares Qirard Ilank, ICHl 1" Catrden Bank. 5<>Vi: 1> 0 L>-M*h Navigation. 20. Second Hoard? J.KVOO keidiac, h'?, f9; .'fni L*hl|?h Scrip, H2; 700United Stat/'H 6'is 63. 94; 1 share I'm B?nk, 283; 5 Kenjuoky Bark, 8S)tf; lf-0 Notris own Railroad. U>i. ruHEiun M.\khi'.IS BntDriKTovrn. B (nnnotn, Oet 6 ?The market l? well supplied with 'very article of American produce bat meal, a lot cf 600 bbls. would r<?i?l?zo at this time $5. The last roles of 1,000 bbl?., pir bark Cordelia, brought t4 76. Our'niest accounts from Deraerara were to the SOth ult , which represented from 8,000 to 12.000 bbla. Of flour afloat, walling to be admitted, on tho 12th Inst, free of duty, the Court of Policy having parsed no tax ordinance Flour. $7 26; corn nual. f4 76. and in great request; yellow rorn. 90 eta per bushel; blaokeyed peas 96 cents; crackers. *6 per bbl : pilot bread, $3 76; prime pork $11 per bbl.; bams, 10 eta. per lb ; butter. 18 cts ; lnrd. 17 a 18 cts ; tallow, 16 a 16 eta.; white pine lumber, $15 a $16 per M. NOnCS.?QBNTL1MBN wib JOINED T in TOKQHll*lit Procession of November 1K41. with th* "Croton Young Hickory Qnh," anil all other democrat* who intend to Join the Procession tivnlih', nn Iv r cluck, fro invited to meet In Park J'laee, at <>K o'clock this evening, to f.rm an escort to General Wro. Glbbs McNeil, Assistant Qrnnd Marshal of the Fir?t Division. By order: W. T. CU ITKIl Presi'leut.U U. W. D lsor, Samuel Coulter, C. S. McXulty, John Aaderaoa, B. P< meroy, Jr.. Marshals. A T * II L L'rl M! I \ f 'f .. i III'. tifT*l* *Tll.' Ml]l-I<liva4 llf A New York, hold nt the K I'. II. limit*, on Tuesday evening | on motion- Resolved, That the dem0T?ti0 bntohcia are r*epnctfully rei|unted to unite v illi the torch light troccasiin on Tnurs dsj evening, mounted on horn-buck, with npron and sleeve*. The line will 1* formed on tho Second avenue, in front of th? K P. H;, at 0 o'clook, P.M. li. order of JOHN SHARP, CluirmiB. C"*?. 0. Corniii i? Pee. ROVfitI AND HEADY (.HANI) I\ DEPENDENT MA<*8 rally.?The friends of l.ctorsl Taylor for tho "reaidenry will rslly in ti.clr might nt Yanxhall (Union, on Thursday, N*t. 2, at 7H o'clock. Scviral popular or tors will udduis the mootli t, )lv order CoDimitUe of Airaiin'ts of t!,e N. V. Rnfjli and R?'vi? Club. OEO. A. II tl.SEY. Cuairman. JO?. W. nAVAftF, 8>cretary, THIKD ( ONfiRECIO * VI, HI T,|| r. ( <>M1? M-UNO TUB 1'irat, Fconnd. Third, Fourth and Fifth t* aril .? Ksgu ar Whin Nomination f< r Coneress, J. /Illl.'.ti'S PUOK.nIX. Publ.ili d by older of Nomination Convent on. SMITH DUNNING, Chairman. Javf< Or r?-?, . Cn*mr? BosTwrcn. 5 Mcratarlea. 13 K I K N D S Of I'KFF. 8011* ATTENTION!?TlIE Norttern I,i| lit A"? ci tion hold a Protracted Ms?s Al etinf atVanxha 1 Harden. on Friday. Samday aui M"mU; Evininca next, November ;td, 4th,and if. Il"iis. John Van Bnrjn, fliml. Young, Henry B. Ptant'n. MI'i h. l! Svinlf..rd, Wllln Ball, and other distinguished speakers will aldic.s the meeting. liy ordor of ths Con tni"eo <1 Arrangements. All R> WAR D?LOST, AN A COV NT ROOK, I \ PAS M NO ypif from tie Fifth War.l U >ul to I.*wia street, or from the ice to th?Olympic Theatre. ihc Under will rcteivo tlii abo?e revaul, b> roos t:* les ''oil snins. 2(12 *outfi stroot; or Saml. B. Bnnnard corner of Grand and is s' runts. n^m COPARTNERSHIP SKRKIUPORI F.VIS INfJ UNJ der the Hrm of yogi >y k I'arro it this day di solvo l hy uiutnal com tnt. Th? of the Urin will be cloa-id up hy Oil. S Mil) '.Y, Nr w Yoik. .list October. 1H4K. ' J P. BARRE. CI O-IWRTK KXSII] I' l',.S.-o .Vr. I. rilfc O-l'Al! N BR ' ahlpninAar the tlrm of A It. I'akker a d RiiimU !< ?v, is thi* day il f "hr-J hy mutual commit. All aooinnt* f said linn ?ill b? ljjr A. 11 I'afctur A. II. I'AKK F, New York, Nhvhii. her Is'. IC4H. 1IARVRTT . F.VV. Nil.?A. H I'akknr St?> Hrnlwav, return* hi< thank* to th? imbllfe, fur the lihial pairuua?e he h:m rtMwd fr un thi"TV Tie Imrineiw of ?l e ennhli.Mn it, of Oil 1'amtir^. and Anti'inltiei, V 111 he ountinned in lieiot" or? with ti e iridium uf ml?? at aurtion. Tl.o nm lion liildneM will I* eonduoted hj Anmn l/ery, Mid All Meminte fettled by A H Pnkher Broauh ay iH*vri?I.-N'n ice-tiik om'aktneh hip hereUf?re cxi?ln>x hcta-eii tho auhimriker*, tinder th? p?mn aud Hiin rl Maim it Mi.reluJI, I thin day dimnlvrd, hy mutual c O until t. Tlit< but I mm "f the tlrin will !? :! ml up hy Mr Kendall. ALVAII M\NN, Dated New T< rV, Oct JR. 1K|?. E. A. M tKMIAI.U TliO butiui'M uf the bruadway Thwatre will hrroatier he noivdueled h> Ilie >ul ? riher E. A. M* Kill ALU Ntw V<th. <'ct? 111 i'ih. (CURTAIN HATRRlAlf, *RRIA0R, AND S Phihw,-! fMUttU recriti i * i, the Intent arriva a, a complete aiai rlm?tH of tho>-e |o>al? Ami, Silk and Cot'on Vel vct?, higli < oiora, Florence. J o. For tale hy F. S ft 8. A. VAKTINF, lirporier* a>d Jobber*, 112 William ?treol? near John. Grand democratic touch light pro je:hion.? In compliant* with the following resolution, adopted at Tammany Ual), by the Dmnocratis Republioan General Commit IN, tfci. 1?. 1H4H, TiLt Rewired, Tliat tiie friend* of Cm* and ButWr, Walworth and O'Connor. hare a n ieral torch light pri-oesrion through this city, on Tbaraday evening. >d Novtmber oex I - the Grand Martha), and hia Aaeistint Grand Marsala ap pointed for chat purpose. and to oonduct the procession, hive arranged the following programme and route:?The probation will takeplaoeon Thursday evening, th< 7d of November, and ihi Marshals ca'l upon tlie democracy nf the Wards, the aevor<l clubs and associations in this and ueiihbtring p'a^ts, to carry the ar r*ngementa into execution with determination, spirit and good Older. Democratic clubi and associatieus ef neighboring cities, towns and villages, who f el a lively int?reat in the toooess of thi democratic came, are invited to b* present. Posts wilt be at igied tluui in tho procession. 1h< prooexion will be divided into six divieton* Th? order of marohing will be ranka by fuura. 'I lie teueral rend zvous, tl.. Park and viuiuity. The hour of formation. 7 o'clock, P. M. The particular roiideivoue of divisioni aa s ated in the programme The aiguttl of formation will be by bugle. The signal of oommenoiog the general route march one gun at Tammany llall, A Drummond light wilt le<d the pro cession, and twelve pioneers, with t'>rohes, will lead itohdivision, BLd precede the band* of music of tlie divisions. OKDER or PROCESSION. Twelve Pioneers, with torohel, lie. Two Drummond Lghta. Giand Marshal, GEN. HENRtT SIOIM3. apcniAt. a 11>m or thk giaid si a rhhai.. Colonel Joseph A. Scoville, Lieutenant C. S. Storms, Colonel Jmsph T. Sweet, I<it inennnt K. H. Flay J, Colonel Wm. E. Dennia, Colonel II. 0. Petri* Colonel Win N. Burlihoad, Captain J. I.. Brown, Colonel N. Dinni'ind, C?ptaii F. W UaliU'jhammir, MiOor J. A. Divver, Bon. Daniel K. Sioklen, Major G. II Dyckman, Colonel ?. 8. Churoh, Captain SI. Fairuhild, Major Joseph Hopkins, Cap'uin C. (1. Iunos, Lieutenant Jotiu <4. Kip, M?ior Thomas W. Brennu, Colon I J. A. Steamier. Colonel Daniel NorrU, Cohnel Cli-rloj Brown, liouuuant J. J. Ha^&n, FIRST DIVISION. Gen W. GIBBS Si WElUi. A* bunt Grand Mau'ul, And Aila. Cap*. J. M. Turner, Lieut Jumos Un^n, Col. W. U. Bolton, Co'. June* 0 Ruth rford, Col Wi'liam Blain, Col. Jo. Elliott, Mnjor J amen t urjr, Democratic hepubLcitu Uou?r>l Committee, Johu <1. Ciaco, Chairman. Democratic Reiublican You in !?en'? Gon. Committee. II. H. Byrne. Cnnirtnau. Tammany Society, Elijah F. t'urdy. Grand Sachem. German General Committee, flu ip Morkl., C'lairiniin. Stmnp r-ard lnvit-Hl Uoeats, Democratic Candilates, Band of ii uk o. Empire club of New York. Franc i* Stewart, Marshal. New York Voluuteer Democratic Association. Ciotcn Yuing Hickory Allocution, oa horseback, B. Pomeruy, Mar. I ml. Democratic Sons of 7#, on hr.raebock?escort to the Grand Mara'al, Elijali Fialicr, Mttrahal. The Firet Division will assembleia the Park, and arrange for the march in columns on tin) several walks in front of the llalL The Grand Mara al will fix hia right near the raat gato, facing North; and the several part* of the First Division, iu the ordor named, take up the line of march on hia left at the signal gun. The Empire Cluh will occupy tho largo walk on tils east bide of the Park, and lixits right near t'i? nut ontrance. 8KCOND DIVISION. Constitute! the id Cougruriijual district. Twelve Pioneer* with turohea. Band 01 Mu.iic. Gen. GEORGE P. MORRIS, As<,i-itant Urand Marshal and Aidl. Col. Elijih Ward, Major Cooptr. Plulhp Coliiuf. Major V?. Dinman. Richard J. Smith, William Blain. J. A. Weatenuit, The Cass at d Butler Democratic Central Union. Jr ir-t Ward Cass ana Butler Association. Dennis Mullics, Marsha*. Second Ward Cass and Bii'ler Associations. Thomta Malone;, Marshal. lliild Ward Casa aLd butler An-ociatious. Ctpt. E. A. Kn.g Marshal. Fourth Ward Uass and liu'ler Associations. William Story, Martha). F.flh Ward Cans and Butler Association!. C. B. llart, Marshal. Young Tammaoy Association. Geo. Kicliardr. Mur.haL Diamond Club. Win. Wilson, Marshal. Tlie fecond Division will firm as follows, uuder their respoctive Manhalf. ... Ca?s and Butler Central Union, in the ParV, on tie walk, west tide of the Register's ollice, iu column, lacing South. iIrtt Wuiii. iu Centra street, right nuar the Hegiatur'u offua, faio East in line. Beooiul Ward, in Kmsw street, right on Csntre, facing North in line. Third Ward, in Part Eow, right on Centre street, faoe North in line. Fourth Ward, Frai.kfurt, right on Chatham street, face South in line. FiMi W ard, Chambers at rest, right on Broadway, faoo North inline. , . Young Tammany an J Diamond, same place. These Wants will move into co'umn of inarch, in their tum-rical order, as soon as the First Division is en r ute. anil their respective Aids will call protnpt attention to this movement, at the proper Um?. THIRD DIVISION, Constitutes the Fourth Congressional Distr'.ct. Plotters with Torches. Band. Gen. 11. WALBEUDC.K, Assistant Grand Hir?hsl, And Aids. Msjor A. J. MaoarUij, Col. J. C. Potter, Col. C. W. Newton, MuJ. B\r in C. Daniels, Waior F. D. Kohltr, Oeu. W. W. Frearn, Major P. G. Moloney, Lieut. Jamea D. I'otter. bixth Ward Casa and Butler Association, John McUrath. Mar.hal. Band of Music. Sixth Ward Casa and Rutler a inner Association, F. K Vnltee, Marshal. Seventh Ward Cass and Butler Aisooiation*. John Q. Seoley. Marshal. Tenth Wa'd Cassa.d Butler Associations Col. Alex. Ming, Juu. Marjhil. Thirteenth Ward Oasa and Butler Aasjciatioaj, Captain J?. Witherell, Marshal. WilHamatiurxh Democratic Aasiciatlona. The Third Division *ul form on Knit Broadway, rlf hi on Chatham atitot, and Jrom thence tho column will movo into Centre btriet, aid tho head will halt mar Chatham street. FOURTH DIVISION, Constitute* th? Aisociatiuns of Brooklyn, Wuiiamsbor/V Hio1 mouJ County and New Jnr??. Co). J. J. MANNING, Assistant Grand Marshal. Aid*. Oxniren. Col. Cbas. B. KI'll, I Mi. a * Cant tin Sharp, Capt. Iraae Capt. s. Vout*; Col Chaa. B. B.rgen, \.ut Vf. Fallen, Col. Daniel Norn*. v . ^ Man r Daniel W hiolan, L. Dutlon. v Band of MasioThe Cans and Butler I'oion of Kings County. Newatk Can and IlntUr Ass elation. Jersey City Cass a id du.ler A<s >oiat<>n. Richmond vonct;' a d Luiler A.^-ociation. Firit Wiliinn tburg Cat* and Butler Association. J. A. Uaahiooeli. Marshal. Secmd WUlian sbirg CasaaiJ llutler Association. A. 3. Mnith, Miinha.'. Brooklyn Second Ward Car* and Butler Association. Jt hn a. Devlin, Marahal. n?coHin Fifth Ward t ??? aid Butl.r Aiiosiation. Thoma? J. flenld, Marshal. _ .. _ Oitb Ward Cat* ?ad But or Association. I Brooklyn8?\^ _ --omber, Marshal. * Brooklyn fo,":.* Aoro f'3t Association. ljfViB Dun-"* . Brooklyn Siath Ward Cass an- I.ntler Association. Aaa SteLbluR, M*r?li?..Brooklyn Third Ward Caaa and Butler Association. George S. Conner, Marshal. The Fourth Division will form iu I'eirl ttrset, the right resting on Chatham strtet, ready to fall in ?? tho prxxaeiosi pastes. FlFTII DIVISION, Constitutes the Fifth Cougr. ssi >n?I DUtriwt, Twelve l'luneors with Torches'. Hand of Mimic. B. B. FURDY, Assistant Grand MarihalAids. Col. Thomas Wheo'an, Lieut, F. Boyle, Timothy Daly, Lieut. I>. Sjanlan, David O. Broderiek, Daniel E. Sickles, John B. Haskins, Ficharl T. Compton Wliit? Etgle Clnb of Ve* York. Mijor John A. Bugart, Marshal. White Kjvrlc Artillery. Captain Wil iam UCaitlei, Marshal. Jllghth Ward En, pit* Club. K. John Evtrott. M<r?hal. E'ghth Ward ^ .uw ami Bntlor Association. William Duffy, Murshal. Hand of Mtuic. Ninth Ward lass and Uutler Associatloa. J. S. Brownell, Marshal. Fonr'.eenth Ward I'tv and Butler Aiioslat on. 1 D. C. B. Archer. The Fifth Division will form in Spring itreet, right on Dudron str i t. in the order rsmod. The diviilon, in ooluTin, will march u> Readu street, and its rear will halt near Oontr; street. SIXTH DIVISION, Constitutes the >ixtli (.'on(national District. Twelve Piontors with Torches. Band of Music. THOMAS II. JENKINS, As.ustant Grand Mar?lial. Aids. ltal. O. H. Striker, Cel. O. Kip. M?J. Tnos. Mc.Speddon, Oen. E. B. Camp, Col. James 1*. Duns, Copt. K. J. Ttioker, C' l. Isaac Moras, Col. Wi|lia>o <ia?u, Capt. Felix tjuinn, ('apt. Ch tries Corno'l, Captain J. Edwards. Butchers Mmintod. Capt. Wm. Borches Marshal. Capt. Torri*. M inhll. Eleventh Waid Can and itntler Association. Slep^tii Mooro. Marshal. A Car drawn t>y eiplit h. mr, tot>taiLiig the implement* of the traili' of tlm Jngineirs in fall Want. Twelfth Ward Csss utid ButiiT Association. Col. Wm. U. trait, Marshal. Fifteenth Vi ard Cam and Batlar Association. I). It. Mi'i.e, Mnrslml. Sixteenth Ward Cam and Bu-ier Aasooiation. W. B. I-awronee, MarslaL Seventeenth Ward Oaa? an I BuMer Association. F. H. Lee, Mat. ha'. Eighteenth Ward Cituiml Bn'l ir Association. Col. W. G. Wn<d Mnrshal. Tlio Sixth Division wil form in tin- Fir?t avenue?ri^ht on Houston jiift, in tne order of the W?rd< uimtM.and will miroh to Broadway, and tl e head of the < olutnn will halt mar Chatham ?ti?et. ROUTE OF TUB PROCHSIOX. l.eaving the Pari at the entrmoe opp isito Ta'nmtny flail, the Framaion will march up i hi'ham atr?)t tolliwiry. tip Hi wry to Grand strret, throngn Grand atrxM to l*"?i? streor, thr u.<n I-ewts to Houston allot % down Houston to lloworr. up Bn .very to Eighth attwt, through E gli h ftrci't tu Sixth Avi nne. down Mxth Avenue to Carmine street, down Car nine to Ilu jaon, through Undo, n to < anal. up Canal to Broadway, down Br adway to tie low* r and of tLo Park and sr uind to Tammany Hall, wUro tlu-y will dixmua. CENEUAI, UKNRY STORMS, Grand Marshall ORN. Wtl.GIIjm vi >n KILIj, GtfN. GEO. f. MilHHIJ # UK.>. II. Al-Urtl IJUi'i, 11. u. ruttov, THOM AS M. JENKINS, COL. J. J MAN MINI. Aj.ii'an'. (Jrand Marshall. .io?KPn A.sco?n,i,E, >_ JOSKHIIT.S H Err. s Beoretarleg. Ijixvn* CTA? NUHBI i. -j it K ririNTnura MM a her r.fMNeo Hin?ll' e'e Own" eont.iin* artlnlea troin twenty orlfiiTtnI end lel.ntoa oontnlotore: two cpMidid Onji r*l FngraviDfP; # 'hi'cl of II|. Town Meal Life, entit.eJ Trnrtod lij ft IV ?f *Vi< ow:" "The '? ay to Sm.e an Iriahmv.;" "A Thrilling Tale of R< ill Lib In Brooklyn;" "Pan In the ? >ii >fry;"' Th? AmtTlcnn Flag ih I aimcle;" Picture* from Wall nt. No. I; & ml Mirn tlimnlrlf* "I Vo-en Rvrry article In thin weeV'a paper la orlgii al. ?Ml the paper U. hy l?r, h? bent Ned hgaever IfmimI Ilia ao'nal rir<?iletloti III no# I8.WJ0. Foraao at Br"?iw?),mid at all Newa fHpta Ri v. joiiN N. m \ r k n si t,i mas and iivk*.- tub National Police t?a??tt?, oflhiaan'k, will cinia'n : ? ftlll tillili?r iptoili<lii g dcvelopi n on In of the hoiri-rcndinR Villan'o* cf the Rev. John N . MeflHtohla late InTelv end hMely-s'ttnder.'d Wife?An in enaely exrl'ing Chapter in the l.ife of Ktohvrd I*. Robiifon and tie bfMtlfnl, Imt |t lllgate, llelen ( ill?A fall Amount of the Coi dnini k 'f llaGlta1 Flxhl botfMi Suiiivtn end lljer to conic i fi in Fe\ 11 *?, tor ten ihutiitnd d >1 are?A m.'ii' ilien tonal emmit 1 of F- n inn end l>onie?tio Criminal 'atell'fe me, giving account* of mice. In Nedorilona. Murdrra, Forgetiee Police llailni. aril everything elm in the oriins nal line, oilier, IOU Natuu ntnet.?JTcr talc ovcryv lure. CO & REWARD ?STOLEN. OS TUE 1STOf SEtTEIIBER' Jp?>l9 a (old doiaohod lever Watch and Chain, M. T. Tobiai I imdun, maker; No. 13.UH4, 13 JeweU, gold'dial and gddcap. ? WMM will return laid watch and ol.ain. at the bar 141 v* ?l Bin-c ht nil reoeive tho above rewarJ, and no >n? aeke-l. LOST?ON TUBHDAY LAST, 1SETWEEV PATER3')N and New York, a book on the lWnk of Having!, ChamSera Irret, in thii city, and No. 1(KL7)>1. It i( of no urn to thu Under, ai the payment i? atoprod. IIOUND. ON OR ABUi r TUB IMTH OF OI.T. A SHAl.l. Bum of morey. whiehtl.e owner "an have by ideilifying tho (nm<.-'ai>d payirx Apply at 7i Wate- atreet. II. - Ml I'll WANTF1> -A KOOM. IN T1IK VICINITYoP MKOADWAV and Canal btroeta, to he well lighted, with a ceiliii{ II ti 16 feet and 40 to HI feet Ion*. Apply to (I. SARl.ES, Wll Br arfw*y. WANTED?A VTHME DE CIIAUURB, (FKKNUii OK Carman,) who will have ao objection to go Mouth fur three orfour month*. Apply atthe Now YorkUtrald nfflee. UNF. rCMME HE CUAMORE, FRAN^AISE OU AI.LRm, |Ui n'aurait auuune n'-pugnance a voyag-r daue le Pud pendant qiie'<iuoa mole, p.'ut trouver une bonne place en t'a dreeeantau buitau de o? journal. WANTFD-A SITUATION BY A VERT COMPETENT girl, wi b?i.\ jcari' oity relereooe, a? Oook i i a pr vjie fa. mi);?would help at the Wlulling and Ironing. Call at 74 autli avenue, io tli* book etoro. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A YOUNfi MAN 1!) YEARS of age, in ft wholesale j ibbin?< r imporfna house. Suiiry Dot so much an object m * p rn ?n ut situ iMo?. Cnexeeptiouable refervLCe gii?n. Adiireiis J. II. W., i flUv of this pajier. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN', A si tuition in a private family, as Cook, or Chamberniiid and I launditKi. Best city reference lroin her las' place. Inquire at ! Wi Buck man street. WANTKD?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE WO- 1 mar, an Cook anil toan.i'tt in Wan ing aid Ironing; thimont nt exceptionable rcierenees given. Appty at Hit .Seventeenth I iilreet, between t'tb and 7th aimiue. Can Id si.en f >r t*o dafs. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RfiSPEC TABLE YOU NO ! Woman,, fea:nstres?, or Chambermaid. lias no ! objection to go a >.liort dsa'ancc in 'he country. The bo.tot ri y ri fi n lire ran be given. Apply at 57 Beekman street. WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO MOST 8 EWE !TABL< \ young w omen, both an firitt cooks. They oan produce the moit uatxcep'.lonable refcreLCss. App'y 222 Iludson stioet, up Hairs, stove the bnkir'iistore. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MOST RESECTABLE young woman, as ohamhermaid or waiter. The in ist nn. exceptionable references ax to ehxractir and capability. Apply tttS'i Tl street, be'wieu ,r?th i nn flth teii'iea. WANTED?A SITUATION BV A RF.SPECTA BLE YOUNG W< mm, na Cook, Waaler or Ironer, or todotho general Bouse* ork i f a email fa'oily. IIns no objection to go a short distance in the countrv. Ihe beat of uity roleronco can bo^ivcD. ApjHy 14 .Inniee ftrcot. WANTED-A SI rt'ATlOV BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as good Cook, and would have no objection to ttiili at.d Irtn in a unall private family, or Cook in a icspeutiMe boarding house. Good city reference given. Apply at 27 Prince strict, fourth floor WANTKD?SITUATIONS, BY TVt'O PROTECTANTS tlie mother mid danghter; the motheras Plain rook and liauDilrti-i. tlie daughter kx Cliaml t ruia'd, Waiter, or Nurse ; tie test of refcruiice from their last place. Apply at U Teutli street, in tie rear. WANTiD.-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, to do ohambtrwork, waiter, or housework in a Mhull fnmily. lias no c.bjrctior s to go to the country. Wages not s<> much an oVject a* a permanent homo. The beat of city rclerence given. (Tense call at(;i!J4 Green street, in the rear. Wanted?a situation, by a young mav ot eighteen or twenty years of ago, as[a Cluik in a Urocory or'Li'luor Store; can write a good hand and koop accounts ; \va^?a not so maoh an object aaa permanent situation. App'y at MIS (Jester treet, third door, in tVo rear. Wanted-a situation, by a youno iiCALraY w?nian with a frash breast of milk, as Wet Narse, i.< a good ton;jhrvd quiet wrinan and most desirable p"r.?on for any one wanting a good nurje. Good city reference. Please oall at 74 Sixth avenue, in the store. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE3?E0TA BhE YOUNO Woman, as Nurse aad chambermaid; has uoobjection to do gtier*! hMisework in a small private family. le uiu oi!l at !>5 BlcecVer street, rear Broadway, the place the has lived at for the last fifteen months. WANTF.D?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH Woipcp, a situation, as Seamstiem; advertiser is a good Dress msker and needlewoman. and is williug to oblige when called tti> n Phase sddreis C. P. D. (lenld iiTi_ j, wliioli will meet with attention; ifb' letter, post paid. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG ENOLI311 1 jdy, in a Store, the is oonipj'ent to take c'nrga of almost I any kind of business, aa mo6tof her time luu been engaged in i mercantile pursuitr, in England and is a good accountant. Satis- , fsctoiv rclerence given, by apiilvinea". No 1115 Fulton WANTED-A SITUATION rv a RESPECl'a IJI,E VOU.vq 1 Woman. l? Uoufekoepes or Nuri*, in a rc?pe tablo limi It?If a protestunt; would e no ohjeotion to wait on a lady ? The tent of oitv references can be gleun. I'loase to aildro-s a note to U. A., Herald otlice, for two days. A pious family prefetrcd. \VrANTED?A 8IIUATION, BY A CAPABLE STGADV 1V woman. cf many yearn expeiience, with gotrl oity referenco, n?Cork ; i^aUv competent at ary kind o' pastry or oookinn; would undertake a titration sa Il'iutekeorer. is a i exoellout Waihcrand Irouer, hei t.o objection 10 aaalat in the washing. Please call at 74 "ii*th &v?nue, in the st'.re. WAN TEI>?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RBH'ECTABT-E yocug Girls?one us Cook, Warhrrand Ironer, iind'jrstan Bakirg, ana has to objection to do general housework in a small Eilvato famly; the othor aa Seainstre?a or Nurse, has a good nowltdge of DrcsnnaUoir, and has no obi?ctioa to do liRht chamlxr work; both can produce the heat of city rcftrence. Please call at 24th street, tlire- doo?? caM of Sixth avenui. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO C1R1., ABOUT 1H year* of age, a s tuation tod.) g-neral housework, in a tn.all lamily; is a pood plain Cook, W asher, atd Ircner, and accustomed to take charge of children. C'un gut iveom-.nondationa from her former and late emr.lojcrs, an being strictly bonert, iiidustriim. obliging, and good tempered. Any eonmunieations, addicted to"Uatia," Ilvrald office, for two days, will be punctually attended to. WANTED?BY A RE^PECTaBI.E l'ROTESTANT man a situation ns coachman and groom, one who thoroughl) understands tlie mbnai.Fu.ent of hotiea in all its branches, can prodece ti e mosttaiisfaetory rcforouces an t< oap^biliiy, sobriety and industry, l^an be seen tor two da?s at N^>. H Third atenue, beta eeen 7 th and 8th s tree'a. from B A. M. to 4 P. M. Wanted?bv a resi'ectabi.e, steady you so woman, a situation as plain Cook, and assist in washing and iroting. or Laundrvi or general housework in a small private r.milw Tim .f ni<vmfcn*nnpn men P!pa? nunl# nt N'n S 'iliird avenue,"between 7th ?nd ?th Birteta, from a A. M. to 4 J1 )( , fi r two day*. WANTIt'J-A Ml DDLS AGED WIDOW, H'OSUN, OR other i|u?iilii-?l female, in wanted to accompmya tamtly about to lcavo tot San Franeiaeo. ( alifornU, to take car-' of the ebi drer, >"d bo a companion to U<* lady, to sail about the Ift'h lnitant 'in tho U. S. rtuam packet. This ia an excellent opjor city to io out with a family of the hlihost renpaciabilit*. A''.dean I.w^wi'h n t?Tcnc*a, tkc , care of cd.tor of tie Golden I?u(Ci wet Ann aui<.vt . I.1RKN( H GOVERNESS WANTKDA LADY, SPEAKING the French lannunpe correctly, and capaMt of teaohioR En?I ah innate, (to ,oeairioua of a peimanent itluation fn a private | family, eau cull at No 15 E??t 1 ourteenth Creet, letn jan!' and 111 o'clock, A. M. None r.eed apply unh .a with complutc teatiroo! nixie of chancer and eapieitjr. TO AMAlElriS OF 1IIK FLUTE.?FOR PALE, A FINE tonod e|ght keyed flute, made by Riidall and Knn, l^ond jr. I CwdtTtetr. -" rth'Moywy. TO FAMILY 0R0cEtl9-Tfl* ADVIRTISER WISHES TO exchange > now and sp!endid Piano I'orto for 'Jrooerios; any mptottbl* Grocer vflibkg to trade, will nlealo address Exchange, at the office of this japtir. To orockr?.-wanted-a young man, who nAS bad exjeriince In the ?rity trade, and ean produce the best of rifsreree. May ?ppl>, this inornin*. at7'> Na? a-i -tivet. TtBSUECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITl'Atlcn aa Cha t bermald and Waiter?or to do cliamWwork and plain sowing, or to take care of children. City reference given. Plea>o to call at 1H5 Twelfth street, corner of University Plnce. first finer. Can be si'en for two d?y<. <tu itoo wanted. on bond and mortgage, on SjiOjvUv/ unir.cumtercd improved properly, in the city if Brovklj*. worth four 'time* the amount Applv to C. S. ?1.0A ME, txehaMe office, 23 Wall etreet, N. Y, N. IV?No commission charged. 1 pl nun to LOAN ON- TIOND Al$> MORTGAGE, <fp M W.Ul/V on productive real e?tn?o In thiselly. Apply In the hank note exchange cilice to J011N t. cosd&y, No. 00 Wall atroet. Money to lend.?abraiiam j. jackson, pawnbroker No. f>K K*ade ttreet, near Broadway, loans mon-y? in large or tmall sums, ss inny be required?on watches, lewelry, silver ware, dry goods, clothing, and p.runal rrooortv i>f ? ? 4eirrlption. " " 4iorsf.T3 dk Paris, new fat terns?latest tas:i ion. adop??d at I'aria, amongst the mult fashl:>Dab1o lid ion, ntott?m.i'orUMe ard rraceful for the form,an ?o!l aa for the l<bri ry the* Itare in the mi'Tementa tf tho person who make* ufe of thiflJ Tofcehnd only of Mum Profpjre, Canal atreot, 6.1, up ntnira, near Cmadway. N. B The Laditf will find a now atyle ery romVrta. le for nrrflnc, nnd a hnndtoma Manrtmcnt <1 Coweta, for balVJ, wwiy arrived from Parii, at a very in<>drra'-c prfco. _ _ ________________ Rooms to rent-an Ki.nEKr,T gentleman wishiru the eomfor'a of a horv, ean he aeci,mnio4a'.'d In n centre! private fumi'y. roeidirg In a new tiret-olasa liowe, within on# l,l((k of Union l'ark. Abo, a prctt eman narl Hdy wcnld find ndositnl le realdenro ?* ahova. A note left at the HitraM office, d>rected to A. P., will met prompt attenfkn. Retsmces exchanpcd. rpo l.F.T.-A FRONT PARI.OR AND THE WHOLE OP TiiE A leonnd fl >"r. in a nenteol hiuiw. App'v at 51 Sixth nvrnue. A ROOM AND t EI.I.A rt TO I.KT, WITII STEAM POWKIl? Oie brge rorm on the firnt floor, 2ft hy 27 feet, light and plfsnant; alfo a oeHa" underneath; in hnildn rear of 70 and 72 llowery. a i 41 Klinatx th atreet. Theenriuo -a now, and the power will he ?teady, and rent reMoi.ahto. Entrance by alley from the Howery. Mid cartway fnnn Kl.jaloth s'rtet. Inquire at Pavi ^r'* R< ? V store, 76 Power?. DGll'STI It CO. HKbPrCTFlII.LY INFORM TflFIR friend* and the public, that they have opened a Billiard Sili'OB, Willi tar room, at No. 1*7 Fulton street, gruind floor. N. B?1 lit ch every day from 11 A. M. to 2 P. M., alter Uio flrst day of Novcmlier next. Railroad notk-e.-tue patkrson and kamapo Railroad loin* tiniahed, the Oar? will oommcncnrun> ln? TT)iiil?rly OB W edne*day, the l?t of November. leaving Nuw Vurk by ti e Jeirey City f'cr y Bn?u, f>ot of . onrtlandt ?ir?ot, at H A M. end t> I'. M? and it.fTcrn'i Depot (on the Erie Railro.ii) on Itin ei-rlval oMhe C?r?, whtoh leave P<-rt Jervlp at OA.M. and 8 1*. W. The acormmndati'pn train will leave SuTern's tX pot at 7 A M , ?nd Cour'landt Hrret, hrrj, Now York, iyx P.M. 11,? mori.ii'K iratn to nnd from Fatermn. will leave I'auraon at ntf, and New Vurk at 'X.nnttl further notloe. STatrn isi.and rXRKT.?THE stkamhoat STAT Wi Inlander vlll rm> as MI?wb l.?eve Now York at 9.11,1, 8 l?m.. /> and 6)4 o'clock. Leave Quarantine at 8, It), 12,2. 4 and BoVlfiok FIOR NFW OlUtANS, VIA HAVANA.?TIIF. VDfS NEW teatrahlpOAl.VISTt'N, J. K. Crane, eommamler. will leave for the alove p rt? on Saturday, the 4th ?f November, at It) o'olook. A. M . from pier No.4. NK. No lierth soured nntil paid for. Let'erbiwe at the n?nal p'aon Kor freight or paetiaKo, Fiav. ii.R very ni|i?iior cci.n;nio<lau?n?. i?t l> y ?o J. UPWARD It SON, 7.1 S.mth s'ro t 1.1 or Ntw OdlliNft t IA HAVANA TRI f|U Kruwn Mf-ainnhip "llnltcd S*t?t'-? " burthen 21**1 ton?, W

(i lliu k?'?tl, Con mender, will leave f,,r New Or'wnis on S.itnr day. Noveinli r 41i,fr ni Judd'* ttharl, i'p ?r ?< !? "t ''ttlmrno Market Eaat Rivrr, at 8 o'cWk, 1* V., und Ironi New Orleana. en the ICth November. Sma'l pare, i? nnd p ,el a rea rer ivi d at llirn den fc ' o'a Fxprew office, b M all a-rcet. nntfl the da\ of a?ill:nt and deliveted immediately <,n arrival at N,w Orleana. No berth ecu ed until |*iil lor. Cahin pxtawe. flti\ Steerage pii??>n . $J>. IV-' ? iiIh. < ii lottiTK veivhini iift'l en nnnee. Notniiht will I* r?w<>ivcd on the dny of wiilin*. Irt'.-ra will be received at llamitrn fc Co.'?, fi wall mrri t; Npitrt Room; llnli * letter 'ffloc, 70 W'all ativot; mil at K"nyon'? Journal of Commttce ottieo. For ftolirlit or |Kiiwa*? nri' y to CIIAKI.M II NAKlllAl.L .X n?rl n? Slip. On li*r return th > will ro?i*n? hir r> cular trip* to Harro, Iraviog New York on the lOlh Dt-nnVr. u id lltvn Hi* hth Janua#y, ? whine at ?Mith*n j>t>n both ?n?. pORMVOILIiNS NK* list ril F. SII t'KHKIl PAST r raillr* pnrkrt uhlp Albania, I apt. flo'imder will ro4sl?<-lj Mil HI tlii-Ylh N< ritnU r. Kn? on bin.'i <1 oahin, and *to?ri><* a rommodallona ?he <?nnot he (m'p?-n<d and at low r\??, r r ne?t*rr (it ?|Tlj r,n I o rd. 'ool of D"vrt i tr??V *? ? rlrnr, or la *. W KlttlUU, ft Vo.,?k Wall* PAUL TUB ATBB.?TilUB80AY BVBNINO, NOVBMBBR 7, will be performed Ibt faree of PUUNDBD OX FtCTH? Captain Barwood, Mr 0. Barrett; Mr*. SkepMo. M>a Mujr Tarlor. After which the oomedy of the IK1SII AM n \34 \ DOR ?Sir Patrick OPWuiro, Mr. Maurioe Power; Orand Duke, Mr. Ilamil i ton; Prinoe Rtaolpb, Mr. Dawson; Baron Loweuoruft, Mr A. An drcwe; I a be I la. Mlaa Man Taylor. To eonelude with the f?roe of TUK NBRVOU8 MAN?Mr. MoSlana, Mi. Maurioe Power, Mr. Aspea, Mr. Gilbert; Lord Loom*. Mr. Andrews; Lady Leech Mrs. Gilbert: Betty, Miss Flynn. l>re?s i irclw. 7* cents ; F?nily ( Circle, W cents; Upper Boies. 25 cento; Pit, S7>{ oenta; Gallery, I lif)< tU Doom open at lwfor*7; ferfirmance at7S(. I BOWBRYTHEATRE.-ON TIII BIDAY EVENING, NOT. 2, will be performed the new drama called LIFE?Basil Milturd, Mr. 1. B. Uali; Mr. Milford, Mr Tilton; Uawka.e, Mr. ' Joidan; Slanty Jim. Ur. C. Warwick; Augustus Kuiilo. Mr. U inanc Barbara Milford, Mrs. Tilton; Betty Bright, Mrs. Su i therlsnd. After the drama, Mr. Wood ? II appear and lag the I graatly udmired song f ' 1 h? White &|iiall.' Alter which will I appear G>e New Orleans Serenade in their Negro lUuntratioaa. I After which, the new oomedy of GOING TO TUB THOT?Twi l- I lie, Mr. Winana; Mra Chtuks. Mra Sutherland. Door* open nt 1 ?performance to rommenoe at 7 precisely. Boxes, lift oeuts I Pit and Gallery, 12H ooato. 1 CUANFRAU'B MAW NATIONAL TUFATRE, FORMCRLY Ctatham.?Thursday Evening, November 2, will be anted j the Ilislonual Play of Da VON AND PYTiilAri? Damon. Mr. J. i K Scoti; t'ytliiaa. Mr. Siaik : Dyon'siua Mr. Dawcv; Pliiiistiui, ] r rartiey; nainneies. kit. laylor; rrociea Mr. Beymnnr; Lti- ' J cullua, Mr Rchanlion; Calautho, lliaa Me?t*yer; ll?rmlou, 1 ( Mia. (Titjimait To conclude with the ' iik-isickl bu'leixiue j of OTS.LLO? Otelle, Mr. Rice; Iijo Mr. Burke; Dnku Mr Hnr- < belt: Montano, Mr. Taylor; Caaaio, Mr Seymour; l,udovicn, Mr. I Willi*; llrnhantio. Mr Pa nicy , Roderif j, Mr. Riulurdjon ; Do*. I cerioi.a Miaa MeaUjcr ; Knit-lift. Mr? Chapman. Doen opoa at < 8X: pcitolmance to oommecce at 7 j MECHANICS' 1IA1X, No. iTi Broadway, betwea Urand and Broome itrecli, commctioed on Monday, October 2d, and will omtinuc every night until further outloo.?Fourth | t week of the ro opening. Tlie original and well-known CHRISI'Y'S i i MINSTRELS, (organireJ in 1*42.) TIIE FiKHT TO II \ KUO- | NIZE N KG HO MELODIES, AN1) OKIGINATOR OF TIIK ( PRESENT POniLAR STVi.S OK ETHIOPIAN KXTE t- ( 'J'AI vMEN'TS, whow coccerta in tTita oitj, for a period or ten I mo- tha, were rece.ved with ?uch diaiingunbed bwiid pa fro ( nagc, have the honor of announcing tn the ladioe and Rentloraen i ol New York vicinity, that they will give a eeriea of theit ( pop-.'lar Concerts, lulrnuioing a variety of thoir original Song a, < I Cborunca, Charaetcrletic Dances, Ike. Admission 2fi o-n'.o. Door* open at 7. CoDccrt wiH commenoo at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, commencing at .1 o'clock, P. M? under j the management and direeMan nfB. H. Christy. < TABF.KNACIE.-GHAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCEKT ! by the celebrated Cern.nnia Musical Socie'y, composed of 1 twenty-lour perforin era, on which oocn ion Si?. Novelli and llerr < lirialow hav. kindly voluiiteerel their services. Thursday ovo- 1 tiing. N ov. 2d. l eader of 'ho I cmpany, C. Ia naohow ; Agent fur i the C< iripany, H. Reinh Programme 1'urt I?Overtnro, 1,'enlcvenitut du derail, Motart; Cheerful Brother's Waltz,,Strauss; i Grfcnd Concerto for the Piano Forte, by Bristow, C M. Von Weler: Kailroadihare Inrcr, galopade, Leutner; Ovurturo, i AlVxuudio Strndella, Flotow. Part II ?Overtnro?Kyrauilio, Welt r ; Grand "cor,a and Aria of II Parin, mmg by Hig. Novelli and lull Orchestra, Donivetti; Souvenir do Pcath, Walt/., Ltnachow ; Cavatina, from Robert In Diahle, Meyerbeer; PotPourri. l.;i Killo du Regiment, Doniioti. Ad<uia>i?u SO contj?TiokeU i to bo had at the Muaie Storm and at the door on the evening of i the < oncert. Door* ojien at 7; Concert to ocinmui ce. at 8 I' o'clock piceiacly. Sands, mn7, AMOft'l blpporirjun akena and 1 Circus, tno largest and in out expensive establishment of the kind existing, Mill opcr on Monday, Oct. St)ih undor an inunahse povihon erected for the purpose, and capable of comf rtably accommodiiting upwards of HMK) people, on e'ghth stieet, near I tho 0|?ra House, for a nliort time only Sinro this mammoth ) ectnblishment was lout in thin city, the proprietor* have ti Ided ' many novel tnd most uttraativu features to tl eir exhibition, prominent among which stand the celebrated Performing Elephants, Koiueo and Jenny l.ind, from the theatres Drury lane, tendon, and National, Paris. wMch have been purchased ana imported at an Immense expense, apd ore introduced in tWr wonderful reifoimanoei at each exhihition; Ute troupo of ten Eny ptian Csmels, Introduced in an oriental pantomimo, and ] other attractions of a sterling nature. The stud of Performing Horses and Ponies is unequalled and unapproachably com1 prihirg, among others, tho magnificent dancing horses May Fly ' ar.d Bucephalus; the fairy poney Cinderella; tho twin ponies i Dan on unii Pythias: the rghling ponies, Deaf Uurke and Tom , fciriig. and the celebrated trotting pony, Ulack Diamond. The coris- of performers. seleotsd w ith groat care from every quarter of the globe, includes, in tholr various departments, mviy of the 1 most csdnont aitis's living, and the names mentifnod bnlow will | : le a sufficient guaranty of the strength of this p rtion of the estahlibhiront. Mr Richard Sands a.d his ohildren, Mauris* and Jesse; Mona Cone, tlie great French equilibrist; Master Walter Aymsr, the Juvcn.le equestrian; Mr. W. Stout, the pjeat poly hlpplan equestrian; Mr. U. Gardner, tho iniinitaMo scene rider; Mr. II. Rutglea, the nnsurpasscd performer on the enrde volante; Signer 1'enez, the contortionist, lie. (ke. fco. The unexceptionable humor of tho popular clowns, Pcntlaad anil La throp, i.< not tho least attractivo feature of tlio entertain- 1 moots. Mar'fir of tho arena. Curt. J. A. Decamp; equestrian dirictr. Mr W. Stout; n<usical di roc tor, Mr Eaton; treasurer, Mr. j. W. Fat.ioy. Admittance 25 cents; no half priee. At tornoon and Evening Exhibitions. Doors opai at 2 and ti?4; porfonnanccs commence at 2)f aid (% i^emal.e academy, brooklyn.?grand tn3tru. m. inciimi vunCTri, >y mu uermama utijicxi soototy, , ("4 in number) Friday evening, ,'iil Inst. The ahovo Comptny beg mr*clf\i]ly to Inform the citiicrn of Brooklyn. that. they will give a Grand Concert nt the above nlaoe, on Friday, Hd Nor. inst., whtn the following Programme will be presented Part 1. Overt uio, l.e Mui d'Yvetot, by Adam; Biuder-lu?tig (Merry Brethren,) Wul'x, Straits*; Aria roin ttiaOpera Hubert le Diablo, I Meverbeer; Violin Solr, Praise of tears, executed by llerr Sehult20,'David; Tourblllon Calop l.anner. Part II?Ovorture, The Elopemoi.t. Mozart; Bluppards' Quadrille, Straus*; Iduale Wnlttcr, LbIII)it; Musical Telegraph Grand Pot Pourri, Conductor. C. I.ei'SOhow. Agent for tho Company, II. Reloli. Admiieion 50cents. Ticket* to bu had at the Muiio8tires and at the d>or on the evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7; ConI ocrt to oommence at 8 precliely. 1[1 AREW ELI.APPEARANCE OK DR COLLI ER'j OR ICINAL (Tarsia their inimitable personifleatinns of Sculpture I and Psinti->g, at the Coliseum, 451) Broadway, on T.iur-dav, Kri| dny and 8aturday evenings, Nov. 2d. "d and 4t\ This exhibition will retnin its original character for cla?sf? >1 axmracv, purity, and poetical clcgance formerly recommended it to putilic favor, Programme varied every evening; commencing at 7>? ('cluck. Admimion 00 oer.ta. NAIOLEON CROAB1NO T11E ALP&-THI3 GREAT HISborioal Picture, by Delarw.he, ia now exhibiting at tho NaI tional Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street. On n tri m nine, A M., until tin, P.M. Admission, 26c.; season tickets, 60c. PU1LADELPHIA ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS?THE MAOnifieent groupe of Mi.rble Statuary, executed at Home, by U* celebrated Stelnlmutcr. representing Hero and Le mder, is tivrf on exhibition in the Southeast Gallery of the Academy of fiat Aru, in f hesi.ut s1ret. above Tenth, trom I1 A. M. to j. y _ le Egbrilliantlyi'ltimioated in tic ovening. Siugle amission .'i cents; icason tickets $1* UNION COURSE, UI.-.T"" . .. ZTTxr a AT half pant 1 o'clock ? .?? .-/iTINO-V BtpAY, NOV. % AT 5 in harness. C. 8. ' Match for $2<Xl, m'le lisatp, best J ?? G M I,tu* naaei tt>H O. Sj.raa*?- ^ ^mot, barrets C. H < Ellen. Also, Match (-* j>lU', mils heats in son names ?0i;tii.e names Lotg i?..?a O'rl; Mr. Mendrick Courie ? ; Jo".n- Cftri leave Sotifi Fen' fur the sion ' . - 0 c,< ck_ ?nd return after tho sporUure over* Almie e *11 parti of tJic Course, 60 cents. ' i .1. i " u.OIHBV, PrtipHstof. | Uarj.em Pari trotti no course?a pi kse of this dly ^^Jv Not" a ?tt^l50,t, ,thr;n fi7' wi" nnm" j. ir.ur.a$\. Nor. 2, at 2^ ? clock, for wh cli th? follow. J tOR?u..?Cr tbc bV*d!o '?3 Hr ?oks unt)re n in. Ut ile ; C. P. Bartine rntcrs s g. r*utt bt*Jr: J- ^pic>r ontera I t. m. Long Iriand Qirl; W. Fonder cnte-ii $. g. Yonu * C nt^'loao ?. ! ' fijfcWILMsM FOWNKR, Proprietor. JACOB 8 I'l.ATT. AUcTlONtEK.?SPLENDID SET O? fjiettielrt pattern Urts, hardware. and cutlery. JACOB 8 I i 1<A1 Y ?ill Mil. tliin mi 10 o'clork, nt the Auction Koom, 2'< I riMt street, and with which tho rale will commence. consisting cf tutl* knives nud forks of iro y, self tip, Lliik tip, stag, bu.ik, white bone, lie.: (5ogant poaket and rvnknives, richly silver mounted nrd solid ptnrl. iv ry. seashelf. inlni-J, with ailrer;Conprroff, WlnTDPhtfe, Smators , ami Instrument knives; Southern i ami Wiitern hunting and sportmcn's knives, tine scissorr, razors, : shearc, tancrs, suitable for retailing. After Width, tlie us itl nworimeat of hardwire cutlery, vi*, books and hinges pow/er Csfkr, braces and bittf, carveis. SOU dm. taMe kna is and forks, of all doteiipiions, in lots to suit country m woll as oity dealers. Alto, fsnty goods, gold and silver pen and pcnoi eases. W. BROWN, AUCTIONEER.?JXTEN31VE SALE of ' Cabinet Furniture, by order of assignees, at a orndit of three ' niontlif.?J. W. Ilrown will sell .at auction, on Thursday, Nor. 2, ' at 10 oMoek, in conttuua'icD, by ordsr of the* of Mr. F. ' Fh'e, at N'o?. llrt and I2U Wooster street, the Untshcd stook re ' ma>nlng unsold, consisting of HJO Sofas, lt>i large and small hslrs, fit) Frmch Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Bookcases, Centre : Tab'es, Watlistands, mahogany Cluirs, Hurvans, Ottomans, Dll vans. Ike. Terms, three months' credit for all sums of flUOand tv< r approved e* dor fed no tea 1 T E^V EXTENSIVE AND VALUABLE HW IIHRIKYy Cucley, Keefe k Hill will sell, Wednesday art I Tlmrs dsy evenings. Nor. 1st and 2d, at 7 o'clock, at the Auotion Room, I'll Broadway, corner of Dey street, the largo and valuable Law ' >brarv of the late David 4. Jones. Es<|..embracing all the Keand American, and the best and m?it desirthle ports, ' i'tofrssinn. Catalogues of tliis important Library Mcrks if the , Salt* Ro^in, where the Ilooki can beexaare ?ow r-.sdy it u.. - "niONKER?SPLENDID llf AIjTEK CKKENOUGU, Atv ^viiih fit Co. will to I ?? furiii'uro. it Auction,?Walur ? rosewood anil Tbia Day. *t 1') o'clock, at I0S attorney ktrn... ?*rb!o top el ony thalm ?i.d Sofa a, two largo tlegar.t Loung-a... -?iu ( rntre TabUf, Fr.tch Betlaleartf, itrut'.ela Car^tta luh. C niU'tn, \c. he.; also. Kl'i hen furniture. ? c Terma Caah. I ? K V A M1N IMOONEY. At'UTIONEER-EDW A KD l'AV I) con will icll, tbia day, al 14 Piatt arreet. at ten o clock, a atork or Ilurdwa.e, Cullcry ?c, c<nalating.of knivos and fork*, |."okat knivia, shot lelti Lu'ta, latolica, fcc. Fur particular', aeo cets1"gnc. i^orsalf.-tiii:stock and fi vri rksof a grocery 1 F Stoie, up t.v n, well chtaflial <d f>r aome ycara Rent low. A. chat rc ran >f me' v ilh, for aiiy |>eriton wial.lngto engage In the ' bu.filch. Ej'inl""1" the preniiiwa. aorthweat corner of S??on- 1 1.1 r. 11. K'n I and 'third avi-i ue ] Ii^OR SAl.E-TIIF. LEASE. BTOt'K AND FIXTURES OF I ti e State CoOi-e Ilunte ?. d Hotel. .111 Pearl atreet, corner ] feck altp. To a pcraon wiahlng to engage in atteh a busineea, the 1 |nOuien.i nta offered by Uie looatlmaud rcapea?M!ity of p?tr?n- J a<o aro a>5lili'rn offer?<I. For farther Information Inquire of the " oannrtntle rTtmiaea?M. MoCAKTY. N. B.?To prevent un- ' weee^ry trouole, tenna will b> eaah. j I/OK FAl.K? A VALUABLE TRACT OK LAND IN KM) JT rid* b>ng on the eaat ride of tlia St. J ho'ar ?er, eonalattng oi about t)?i hundred aorea ; la twenty.five tnllaa from Jackson- j \ lie, Iblrty from St. AoguaMne. The soil la welt Adapted to 0? J t ultimo!' aiany of tho tr.j.loal produoitoaa, *!?:?Sugaroaae, i n oacco, ami awe?v or?'?F". R'?'J ootion. 1DI lud u e??er?d with I vnlinli e limber, for which a ready market may, at all lime*, I*J c fi.iind ?t tha aeigh boring uw ml'la. for former pa t oulnri en 1 yiiieof J. J. BBOWW. 6i K?? Itralw.ty. LM>B SALS ? A VERT t>'' ?R|OR SADDLE U0K1B, ] 1 io?nd,aiu>agood goer Alto, goad light Wa?on Apply I t ay. W. Ml til, tit. Tatt-riulH. I Bll I.UHI> SALOON PO* Bal.K?THE IIA % D1'?K EST " i.r.d cue f t the larg?atln the c ty. Can be alterrd <> hil l t l,Al I t- Wee,at a amall upeoae. T) UMr. (live) will b? old , ? . r I in p main in U>? roam i r taken a?ay, a l the ujiliun uf ,, the | iucli??iT Fur t?rma Ao , apjilr to C\ H. HOWt-*. K| Hmni >1 net, up atuirn. () Ol H< K UK THE P.FW YOKE OAS LIOilT WWI'aST, f Octobor 0th, If18. The Hreaideml and Direotori have this Jay dpolarrd dirid-'nd of four nil oaa half par cant on the (,'v piui ?u?k ol thia Company, f?r the at* raoatna ending lat Mignat Inat to the 3ti okholilem oil and after "Vedni-iidajr the l*t NovrrtHir rent. The tninefor book will ha aloaed from 'he 26th tout to that date. By order C. I.. EVER1TT. Secretary. (^IIKAV CAKI'KTINWB? B. LAWKKVK, <7 CtNAI. J itiK?t invitej the attention of p-rn na, a^nu*. pirahMiag. to hie v> ry handioms rt'K'k i t uriiipida, threoply. in; mn. and Vrr f>ti in I'arpctiiKa, Oil C'hittia, ao. fcc., wh'ch he la determined toarll at pniwai'li de??rviiH; the pirioulur atteititm ?f Jia pa I die. 'the moat entire aaiiafactioa will bo th? remit of a rail t <1 < anal a r et. Ol \t IRBII M'NISKSl -LANDINU Till i DiV, rHOB I SioaiM r Sarah fundi, ton punch* ni* of eele'iratoJ ' Loik M hiekaj For ??> hy ^ ni? . . . . ? '""""It- a iUIMI AM> SCOTCH H.1LI' # lllSKf V?II Hi H K.AVOUtl) I. ltd ?uprri"'T quality, in nntkaftti to Nit thu vrvln, |?l btn?r I ttfnp'cd for th*i? pnrjK** thun any In the marlift f'.>r r*le %l ? r?>y iniirh I'm il.aii tli? mil by I M.I \ M M I' iKR I, ? Milt W liitku) I'itMllnr. 8?l Se*?i.U? innnn. r / ' aw orr uLuvamu and ruRNiTuit* >ladijm *n? \y Cii'tilUjiisn h*T.iif rllM-ix to'Uhixm* o\ vaaiiup ( apparel, c?n oltatn fair pri?? lot tlir Mint, by ?n liiu 1 fo tli* mbneriber through lh? p?m "fftct, or otbtrwlM, who will t MmJ?t th?tr T?i*<no? l*dit <atti-iiitml to by Mr*. l*r?n*tyn. I J. l.FVBNK'i v \ ,iw itriiixIwkT. aputMim d**f|f|011AI l.BN(!F. Nl.1l K I <) <.E? IXKItN tV 10 wut lltilro'd clethei to loik lik? ?? . U?ii at thu nitiinf, ijnm tainting, Knit rrpiiiing . ?>b?nhm?nt. at Mi , Gold iirwi, w. err yt.o o?n ppt all grtiM fr on your I olollisi kt Ut4 shortest notice by J It NO til, ft: L.oi i ?tmot, indoor* from ttiitau. i BKOAUWAT Til (ATMS?B. A. HtiUHlLL PKOPKIStor?1 hui?dav even (dr. Not 2 vOI he mud the ?iom?d / of SI'KtU TUB -Sir A hi* Handy Mr Vaohe ; Rub llnn<iy, Mr. letter, Sir I'hilip IJIamlford, Mr. Frodericka: Jlwnrf, Mr. Dyott; firm r Aihtmld, Mr. H?dt<>r: Mjn* HltnfurJ, Mrt. Ahbctt; futan Anhiiuld. Miiu I'. Wallack ; Lady.Uandr, Mr>. Wtltr lo conclude with the firrc of AM OBIICTOF IVUBIST? Mr. Sydenham Simmerton. Mr. Baker. Mr Martuaduke I'rin rr?e. <I.Ar iruw?; Mr*. Tieyor V?rnon, Mr*. ?bh'itt; Funny [Jri'Mee, Mrr. W in a. Drera tMrc'a and P*rquatte.75cnnt?: Family Circle tt cents; Gallery. l-H aenta. Door* opo? at 6U?por iormanne to tomntuci at 7 o'clock BURTON-B TUEATRB, CQAMDCRH 8TRMT.-THUBS day ?*Vg, Nov.'.', will U |4ay?d the new farce eat, t>i AWIIIINU KOh A CHANCF,? Mr. Iloueyball. Mr. Kiymini, M?p. Hoi ejlall, Mrs. A. Knight; Harvard. Mm. Chuiuuan. Ma r.otirka, liy MaMnrfl Rii-lcy After which, the Mimical Kurlo?iut of LUCY VID 811AM AMOIIR-rnri^o .11 Mor?f,t. Mr. V Mijer; Lucia, Mian Chapman. Alter which Prol. Hialey and In. son* in their aerial Flights ai.d C In ideal Hi tel. To ooaclude with KKINUT11E ftblPHANT?Prte 8 Mel; em a,'Mr. T Johrnton Mm Eliia ''i.rciran, MIm Mnrpan. Prioe? ofailumaion?lirnss'Hrnla tad Parquet, 60 r?Lt?| Family Circle or Second Tier. JJ ota. I ri. . renrci at halfpaet t- ourt ilu to rue at 7 o'clock. i MlTCHELI/a OLYMI'IC TIIKATRt-TIIUR I).VY KVInltig, November 7. the entertainmonta will vummenoa with l.e cctnio drama of tl.o PKII>>. HF I'UK M A HK Bl'?ludoro I'arinc, Mr. Holland; Mar>iui* do Vu'au?e, Mn. Arnold; Mar on Mini Clark. After which a ilrima entitled ESMP.KAMM ? iKiiiniidlo Mr Nicklnfcnn ; Rmn-oirn klr V ii. diss Marv <i?i,non. To he followed by a f?rre en tilled FOUNDRY )N FaCT8? Mr. Skeptic, Mr. Holland: Mra. >kepti<i. Mm* lolert?. To conclude witli the tiree called NATIONAL 1>K rkNl'kS?Simon Marrow at. M . Holland ; J-(Tr-jr 'demit. Mr. Vtlvfr; Pbo bo Mti\doke, Miss Niokin ou. Doors open al hilt'* Mat f o'nlock? rartain lire* at 7 o'clock. NSW BROADWAY CIRCUS, NEAR Sl'KINO SritKKT. John Try on and Corporal Tboiiiiieon, Manasrers?ThtiriML'.y ivenivg, Novemter 2. Mr. B. W. Carroll will appjar in his thrillin ; if'.rtnaiMc, with the infantile phenomenon. The Co iio Trie* Ponies, Womeo nt J Juliet. John Gossin, (ho Yorink of the I'.Hh i entury, will keep the table in a roar," usainted by tho?o very ' ccentiir and ready wilted Jcjtora, ilewra. flock* ell and Wii >sms 1 he oelebre'ud Tri. k Ilorse. Andalusia. Mill exhibit In* JiorttiRh training. under t!.e care of Mr. Dariu*. A superb full Iresa avaleade ?ill commence tbo exercisesof tbeciiclo Boxes HI tenta; Children under 10, to lionet, cent*; upper boxef 25 enta. BAKNIM'SAMB&JCAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, PROpti.-'cr, r lIitc)iC>'Ck, Manager. Splendid performance# ITCH |lUiaOO? al 3. and naitf uTK OdM. Mnj.r Lillb'tinter. tbo smallest human being on earth t' at oan citlier walk or Hand alone Great Western, the Yankee Come liau. The S.ible Brothers, a mort ni|?rb and talented band of Negro Slnjrota, Dnnsora, he. Pete Minis, Comie ringer. The Highland Utunnoth Boya. Enormous Boa Constrictor. Living OrangOnUns. hairy Family. Ininnt Vestris Wan Scripture Statuary. Madam Hock a ll, the tiinx'i t Koriuno Teller, uiaybe pr.valoly consulted at extra charge of 25 cents. Admission to the whole, iio-'.ultng Museum. Penormnntes, Little Finger's. kc. 25 eouts; children tinder ton yeara of age, and old enouih to walk alone, 12>? aunta. Reserved ?r"nt lentr.. shilllr* ?n"h extra. 117 Il.SOVS FIRST EN'TIlKTAINWENT ON' THE 3'>N(.S Tt ot Scotland, at the Taberww'o.?Mr. M ilaon oega to &U nounee that he will five liia first, entort'iinment on Friday even log next, the .'id of Nov.. at eight oYIock, when he will ilng a rariety of the molt popu'ar ana oharicterist o Songa and llallada ofSoolland the pr-iar itnmo of which may be had at the Music B oioa. Tickets 60 cen'a. TWO EXHIBITIONS.?OKA Ml COMBINATION OF 11AMington's Snored Dioramas tof the Creation of the World, nod l"ie Graud Spcotaclo ol tho Delugo. Ala , twenty two mignitieent Biripturrl Fainting* by Mr. Baker, ot lotidon ; each one oonltunIn ( about 100 miuar* loot of oanvasa?tho whole compriuing ono ot tha most beautiful and IntcroBtingejI.jhitione ernt exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall of Mau, Judgment ol the Almighty, Expulsion from Paradise, Death ol Abel, Evening before tlx Delugo, The Dclugo, God's Covenant with Noah, Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Monet, The Bcvonth Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's IIout, M oscs Breaking the TaWto, fall of the Walls of Jericho, Joshua Commanding the Sun t<> Stand Still, &o? to.?nowcxhibitingevory right tillsv,-oek, aud Wednosday and Maturdar afternoons, oommencin* at thru o'clock, at the sidendid new flail. .' WO Broadway, ever Stom^ni's Baton. HANlNGTON'tt entirely mw Grand Scriptural Diorarunof the moat magniticont Spectacle ever wUnlwcd in Now York?Creation of the World and the Dolugn, assisted l>y powerful instrumental acitompnr.iments. Six Days of the Creation.? Scenery and Incident*?Chaon, the First Day. The Firmament, tlio Second l ay. Dry Lsnd, Herbage and Flowors. Third Day.? Bun, Moon and Stare, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, FUth Day. Creation ot Animals, Sixth Day. Csrdon of Eden- I Adam ard Eve. Kith the completion of tlie labors of the Ore* | tion, the first part of the exhibition closes Part*--Grand Diorama of the Del nee. Tickets 28 ccrts: children half prioo. Doers open nt 7?nnrtain rise* at 7W o'clock. M?.\K(? ILLUSTRATED, IN A SF.KIESOF MOST TRUTH- fully magnificent and elaborated Moving Panoramic Views, exec ted nder the immediate direction of Mr. F. Grain, jivii g ? faithful and pictures-pie representation of the linaof intiren pursuod by the American Army, undir the command of cueri i bootf, from Vera Cnn to the City ot Mexico, now exhibitt g evt ry evouing and on the afternoons of Wednesday and So- I turday, at Stoppani HalL corner of Broadway and Wulksr street ?yno|?is of the gtoiiraphical and pleturf(<iiie;p?rtfons ef the M"xl :an territory so intimately connected with the hiitorv and glory if oor country;?landing of tho Amcrioan Army at Vera Crux? ] Bombardment of the City and t'sstle of fan Juan de lllloa by General Seott?Foimal Surrender of iheCitv of Vera Cms, md the Castle of Sail Juan do Ulloa. to Genera! Scott? F.nvlrous of the City?Viow of the Sea?Nativo Fishing Boats in the dis'snce ?Villigo of Santa Fe? National Bridge? Puente Nacional. OIK e del Re)?Rear Guard of the Anny 011 their mutch? Qnei?n'? Bridge. Puei te del Revna? Pass of Merra Gordo ?Battle of Sierra Gordo?Retreat oT Santa Anna, nnd Capture of j his carriage? Magnificent view of the City of Ja appa?Roinantio 1 and gorgeous Scenery?Remains of Volcanic fcrupuoiis?Village I ofl.os Vcgos-Ilociendv Mexican Farm House?American Army on the march?Town snd Forties" of Perote?Ci fire of I'erote and Moniituns of Orisaha - Volosnic Mountain of Piiara? l'he Mirage, moBt practical delincati in of this extraordinary optical illusion? Gallant Charge ol the American Dragoons?La' Pueb'a da lot Angela?The Pass of Rio f Ho?Troopj aaoendlng tho Kiilge of Land i which separates tho Plains of I'liebla and Moxloo? Villaie of Bne- ! na Visla?Lake And Town of CI alci>~ llattle of Contrerae ? Battle I of Chmubusco?Volin?e del Rey?Tho Kia<? Mils? storming of Charultepec-Grand View of the Citv nf Mexico?llulor Gennral Winfield Scott, the Commander in Chief, aaiToundcd by his Stall, and liio I.rave awociates in tho Great S<iiiaroof tlio City or Mexico. Price of admisaion?Single tickets, 60 cents; children, half rrica! Tieketa for one gentleman and two ladies, %\. Family Tinket, ' admitting five pcrsni>a, $1 71. Poors will bo openod at 7 o'clock. The pieture willcommence moving at a quarter >>efor? K. Honerved feat* ran bo secured at the office, from !) till 11, anil from 2 till 4 o'clorV GhZND DIOKAMa?BOMBAKDMENT UP VKKACHUZ Ice., Wti Broadway.?Howes in the Golf; Burning u>* M. B. C'.cole; Bliigp reck of the Sowers; Arrival clfW Flu*'.; Steamer* an f Ship* teemirir and aiilinr alunir; Real Una'.on loaded and flsed tv moving figures; Grand Bombardier' jay a(1,| ?i,ht; S.dendid pyrntechiiic < fleet* and bursting e* sh'etk E'cr> Figure. Sfip. It' !>t, kr.. is rri'.vin*. An ?v?t?- _ fvt,rv even)n^ Ticket* Vii i? ? fPr'cc* * ""ally ffjiaon tiokeU on apSlldBaiurd.y Mt?nL * 7- oomm,noe,at * rr"l, LECTVilEKS AND EXHIBITIONISTS.?TIIE APOLX lo Saloon, corner ' I i'edido and Car >n Jel-t Biroots, New Orleans.?1 he mbtcriber would inform thine ergoti d in the above ptofeuiiona, that he has neatly fitted up a Saloon capable of Mating k x hundred prriona, *ltut tc in Hio central pirt of Clio oitv, and n ti.o Immediate vicinity of all the hotel* and place* of amuecmort. For t?rms end particular* address rjbscriber, nost raid. and it will meet with prompt attention. 1 1 ' _ II F. SMITII._ W PLAID RHAWI.S, RECEIVED I'F.K EWKOt?.V-PKB N'vd Staten. new Silks, Cautioner ?, Cloaks, .Merinos fcc.? tk. ""tb have jupt opened the sb ive Rood.i, and arc now The suWrrK. ' ,* prler*. The sonon hslnn so far advanced, ?e ling them at . ocxamHe our prloes before puroWng rlso liners will do * )> . JAM KS BECK &. CO. V>H Broad way' ^ 'ST, &: & BROADWAY-OFFICE DOCT. ELLIOTT, (JO'\ on Monday, Wednesday and Friknn dm If to f M ' Dr. rowkLL A'm?ri/8 T<) asjm <>P Tiff, etr nd Far. at *61 l$r<rv?t w witrt^col^ Hnirun. Ur. Fowe?i'? 'IVeitjffi on tf?e Eyv," bA*. to the ?,< n< n i ruidor, ran l<o had Ms above?price, ft0 renin. Ak ?\ ro,u,u,n aclf-Aetinji Eya anil Ear Fovntataa, ine meet uvea *swul ever imxI fur our* ing affection* of the ?)e and Ear ?Jaf 6 Jni|>orte?J, a large nuj>p!/ of Artificial gym. NO (Jl'KK, NO CUARGE.-DR. <\ 'BBE1T, M. R. C. S., L, hns removed hisetfice to 65 iln street, (noar WillmiL) where he isconsiJttd on all diseases ot % private ohsroetor. T# thorn* vho have been under bia care, aeiftlwi Nation i? aunecj?tarj. r? those who have not, and who art aifK with palm of the head, limba, uk-crs on the body, throw!; wt nose, pica's, strictures, seminal debility', induced by ftapr. 'I*r habits. fco., I he warrants a perfect and sreedy cur*. No nv 'renrj used. Ko 1 rent cams cured in four aays I>r. CobhttC1 success, (th? remit of 14 years experience,) induce* a cn?ipk 'r in trade to deny his removal and identity. Thoae who know Dr. C.. nfted hut give him a call to falsity this assertion. See his Diploma letters, postpaid, attended to. MliDlCALOmCE-DK. JOHNSON, It) DUAN K BTslEJST nuai Chatham street, so well known as the most (OOOMafui practitioner in Now York, ia the treatment of venereal disomies The Doctor's reputation for skill in those old half-cured caao> that have existed for yoars, is prti-ominenl Ul-ttt, stricture, ulcers npon the body, or in the throat or noae, paiua in the head and bones of the logs, effectually cured. Constitutional weoknwa, brought on by a secret habit indulged in bv young men, oam nj lasciviousdreams and nightly oruissioas, positively prevented. Keoentcaae* cured in four days, without mercury. Noaltaratics to diet, or prevention from business. Most extraordinary work-to the marked or those contemplating marriage.?The Marr<*> * frivate Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. *- jnoMn- uJSSSl ' tion. l'rice $1 Thin work is roeetin- ?lti, most nstonndiny miu "M.ULUcojiiosbavMgalready bv.a disposed or) Every f?m?leif i * oopy, whether or unmarried, although it is inr"tiin* *U> for tlwi married as it disclose* imp-rtantaocretj, . ?wn to them rartioaiarly Here every female which should be a*. 'wDpto?Ij(, and the in0*1, cflioient reir.ecan discover the eauso*.. " ln fivory - , ,a|e jsl diea. and most certain mode o> "? ....*>, f?rkBroadway; at f o publishing ofiioe,... .{ '&?* New also, F. if. FittHOi, No. 9H Chestnut street,. ^eiber, Hili* dclphla; I>ittle U Co,, Albany; W. R. Davis, ftosu..". Ontber#- | ooipt of jl, a copy will be transmitted by mall, tree of pos.^s,*'!, to .n . _ , r ,i? >ii v. _ a pot! Mid. to Dr. A M MAUIUCJCAL'. bux 12-1, New Yonoity | r)flir* ml.fWlt* ?treet i STMCVDM or THK URKTIIRa-ITH OKIOIN. SVMP- ' toms ard core.?Hydrocele, Varic c^Io. 8io? ate particularly *ell treated *f in I'r. Ulxmi'i |i f ilu tn itin on Oiw.t-cj of the 5c-nal Syntem "The author'*!"rtned originality and Int< Diiity, iii.d'r Irjinn inrgfcsl rircnir.i'mii'ea. tump thianork ?ith unornni on interest.' ? f Bolton Meuical and Surgical Jcur. ] Hiiibtii odilion i 27* pnirea; Pr on SI." DEM irr It D\VES-rOST,Tribune Blildin*. PHI VATIC DISEASES?DR. MOKRI O.N, ?(I W M.I, K VOW H to the <iti*en? of New York, for >ii* ttioerw in thin d.-[?rtnmt, would Invite etrarirrri toex.itnlne li:? cl.vma i>n t'.elr o< nMence. The dli oaf, in Ita early ata^r*. he cures in a few dnya withmt merenry. iee hie Loudin dipli mai in hie otfice, 2i>IX fatten |I)?K Vf EDICAL. CAlf>.-DR IlirUARDSON, I.A PE OOVJULT L?I in* I'hyaioian U> tlie New V<r* t ol'ejo of Hn4ieineand I 'hannary, o?nl r.u-a tn d> v<>)? Mi MMIlot l? UdlMMi?fft aivate Mttnre. together with aalt rheum F'r tula, rlie I'natiem, I d all oiaeawi 'ii |>'i.dins on an impure ftate of the blond. Frnu ) il?HTiat experience in lira city and Europe, during the l?at fit i 'a jraarr, tir H. c*ti premier ao pert" a uppl>in?: to him. nArtii I n??not to bv inftt with el" wtxre, and ?lt:inu<fi he il ? n t >n miee a cure of th?<><t compliant* in two or tlirec d?,a, lie-flu- | eta liiMin if that bin ireutmeut will hi ?nii?ruotoiy t<< t'i*?e rv i lirii K a radlenl cure. ('iinr.'.liiri- r? in". No. Id Park flue*. I loura if HAM to-ft I' M Communion iotuftom | nc country pm.on ?ily attmdol K>. No CURB, mi PAT.?DM, UOWTT,jk ul ami itmi: monitor of Ml' K<,j*l colbye of Snrivorn. liordnn. tuny l>? Bntnlted In trmmentof drllcatv iliac*!** No siatMr hn? h>ng mi may have *1 "<t, oletrt upon thabody, or in to* throat or ncir. ?in? in >b? '<o*d tud bono# ?f th? Ip.^i A prnifcooof fou ,-?j **m. deToted to vsnert-al 4'Kimi, enable* ft?, C. to cure tM ront for.u ot tUt ilanarn.- patetouFMl Id four '. .ya. fn TToory arid Ptricturm cnrad 111 on? or two wu?-.k? wtf' *ri-)ly any l*i?. Tboao* who have tadnlgtd In ?o??> kin loatfaoma habit. o?n pnait'Kly *a re;to-nl tohnaUfctaid vl?tv N L Ptr??if?r? ar>- mut'oned ?<".t to V? d<"oolT.M. in !| I>l<?tt h?i D0? rrm???d ,R?i?;iher l? >n*r>? utrMt. ovcoaito I \ll MAI.HI, AUT1IO" OK Tll? " PRACTICAL P IT.VaTB \t Trinl ?i\" fco.. H* lim-nwiUi .itrwct - ofl'ufl hocr? II M 12 A I , 6 to fl I' M. (Kordaj excepted V The?o who trnlv In t' tftg-'A * ill V* surprised tt tl.e rar?ditj and Utile ineonnu?cn?f trending tHoir wire. 11 in chxrii?, however. those wbo fcarti mf | rr?d fr?-nn actnain class ol who can properly anywcltiw 10serviot-o. Id stricture frou, fa first, or ircipient. tol* motf | drapeed and distrain* (Ir^m or? -*umon arfvauta#?i# *>?amy oatcosJyc prtotk*,# h? ran afl< rl a rtpid, aay, and mciil cvr?. which, hi) kflV k^'WikI forititiiiv. oau kf ob^inod porn rfi olfcor "niirrc A ^rminai. w RAKNr.xy. *c.-dr. ku,>'irs I'lMtiNl I'rivate Tr-ati*. Deeply is erexi' ft; the i nly t*u? fHHiint end cure, with tvelpo*. nu de of livlus. *o Ike. faith toll* Rivcni fith (dlt)0n, 3li pp. P"1'1' f ' mlt! l,a'1 th* lu'nor, W (ir'tnw ny nn-rt; or vy post, in tiled free Nocvm t?j cuaruk.?uk. Mtumi orjsooui *tn-ei, ia CMiBdeutiaUy torimUcd on all orwa ut piivata dut**ea. Rermt u>< ? ,.l (i norrl-o'a lie cures in twu to four diyt. jonatltatinp al deSjlii> mi l impitei ojr uicocMtully treated "h* l>( M. t', nier ur> u.-id in ftnjr pom, ot hiudraMoj frou bail>?*? Q/jte UlUold rtect; opes (run 7 A. K. to 10 i'.M. IKTKUJW M fc BY TUB HAILh* Wauhnotoiv, Oct. 31, 1S4B. Thf Prrtxdmiial F.ltdirm?8i*it of Fetlin^ her* ? Hm T. II. Bfntim?The tVaahington Mmwmmt?lhr Stat* of the Cau?Tite J turn U of C tin * merct ami Unvtmmtnt Cltrkt, iff tfc. A description of political interregnum prevail* here just now. On the eveningof the seventh d*y from this, the great question will he derided as to who will be the President of these United Hta'ea fof the next four years? that is, it th<- freesoilera and abolitionists do not succeed tn throwing the election into the House, which is not very proba ble. People have got tired of guessing at the re suit, and are now quietly resting on their oars. One self-evident proposition, however, presents itself to the minds of all, and that is, that if General Taylor is not elected, the whig party, as it now exists, is dow n for over. A new party, with new issues, and more enlarged views, wdl take the place of the piesent party, which even now hangs to/zetRer will) a ro|w? of aand. It in said that, in ctihe fi?neral Cans is elected, Mr. 1'enton will he Secretary of State. This is a position which Mr. Benton is eminently qualified to fill ; one of the bent read men in the o >untry, possessing u mind capalde of grasping the most difficult questions of diplomatic policy, and withdrawn from personal clashing in the Senate, h? would l?c n worthy successor of such men as Buchi nan, Webster, and Clay. We perceive that Mr. (irn. Waterson, Secretary of the Washington National Monument Society, lias seen lit to contradict the truth of a statement made by us some tiine much, with reference to the manner in which the work was being proceeded with. Our statement was as follows " We rather admire the philnntrophie mode adopted for hauling the stone on to the work. Iustead of employing n horse, hs is usn illy done, Home forty or filt> men man a rope attached to a small truck, and haul away." Mr Watereon very llatly, although^ |ir-| Jitlj'n, UUi vrij t;uiu nuilMy, U1C inilTI OI 1 his He enters somewtiat at length into a hi-ttory of the manner in which the stone is hauled lrotn the wharf up fo the foundation oi tbe monument? a maiter wnich we never even alluded to?and concludes, by saying: " Alter the stone is deposited, some hull dozen laborers draw it upon a truck to the place where it ia to be laid, abr>ut eisrht feet high, because it cannot, Ht present, be done in nny other way." Now, we think that this statement in itself proves the truth of what we wrote, namely : that laborers were employed to haul the stones on to the foundation, instead of n horse. As to the number employed , although a matter of minor importance, we fancy that half a dozen men, unless each one were endowed with the strength of a Samst ?n, would make but slow progress 111 hauling a ston " of eight or ten tons weight up an inclined plane, w itli a rise of eight feet in about twelve. As to the a fsertion that Horses could not be employed, the fact a hoise was employed immediately after our letter appearfd?and continues to be used, prove 9 conc.usively that the secretary is mistaken. M " Waterton is a very worty gentleman, and, dou' illess, zealous for the prosecution of the work ; b at his letter evidently shows that he is not a practical man. lie may never have heard that horses i ?ould be used to haul stones on to a building; b'it, n< <verthelcfcs, fucIi is the fact; and if he will pay u viait to the monument, he will see that our sugges tion hue been acted upon, and that a single horse now does (lie worn wnicli, at the time we first wrc >te, required a lurge body of men to compass. We were actuated by no other motivcp, when vre noticed the monument, than a sincere desire th It that great national work should he prosecutod economically and expeditiously. We have n* other motive now. Were we inclined to carp, we might pertinently ask why it was th it the castings for the trucks were not ready we?-ks ago, and the huge amount expended lor mnnii tl labor thus savt d T We might ask why U is Hint a crane is not yet finished and in operation 1 We put none of these queues, because we feel convinced, frorn the tact of our first suggestion as regards the horse, having been acted upon with such ulacrity, that the committee will now do every thing in its power to push on the work. In dismissing the subject, we must ex press our regret that, iu seltdetence, we have been compelled to answer Mr. Waterson's letter (which, we understand, wa^ a kind ot circular addressed to four or live New York paper*). We stated a fact, siMcipicnt of no denial; and the grievance of which we complained was at once amended. Had it been done in silence, and without endeavoring to falsify our re? minks, wc would have been spared the paiu of. again advening to it. In a late number of the New York Journal if Cotumerci, the editor anathematizes government clerks a? being insolent and impertinent, and e gsiens as a reason that thr\ are noi immediately responsible to the public. Wc do not know what* lie tirui imr of tVe rlrl ks in L'overnriient einolovm rnl in New York is, hut from perFonnl experience, we must deny the applicability of the editor's rem* itltB to the heads of bureaux and clerks, in th? p blic i dices in tins city. They are always ready t< ? afford every information consistent with th interests ot the departments ; and it it is out of tlicir po er to nnswer ini|uirie*, they are invariably courteous in thfir explanation of the tfficully. We consider it is rather a hardshi p, because one or two clerks in New York may have been insolent, that the whole class should J>e donoiinced The employSt* of government heft- nm genth inen, and us uuch thry have always coaduated themselves in the intercourse which we Uare a hadwiththem. Baltimore, Nov.BIO, 18J';. n . r" " * *** * - | am, jwirtifr?i eifgraphic Arrasgtrt**** - iirutal AtsaiiJi ? Mrchaniu'' Funr-~ <^l/ i Quaker i-^-TheatncaU,^r. I The month of November, 1818, has bc?n uAered | in?the monih, of all oihers in 1818, maet big with importance to the people of the United .'jtatea. I I learn tiiat the arrangements mart* ?i._ ._i_ -0 ? >m?wv j mi iciograph agents in all parts of the country for the forwarding for the prese, correct and reli able returns of the Presidential election, are such ns will prove nr.06t satisfactory to the public. Major French, the President of the Washington and N ;w York line, in view of the immense business th it w.ill be done over the line, hns ordered it to be kept op?n all night during the week ensuing the election, without any extra charge to thoee d isiri ng to s-nd messages. The Great Western I ,ne of O'Ueillv. us well as that of Morse, and the branch line of the American Telegraph Company, h ive also been ordered open, and I have no doub: if ,it the whole Southern line, to New Orleans, wi'il receive th<j "a colored man, named .lohn Hifg <ins, yesterday knocked down a dioverfrom Ohio, named Ivearns, with a brick, and fractured his sk nil. 1 he Mechanic!* Fair, at W aalnngton Hall, opened laM ni|fht; and the arn ty , | machinery ni:d new inventions is inm:h jer th in at either ihe New York or Philadelphia 1 air. The number ol Northern inventions now hare is unexpectedly large. , . Tlie Sciruins commence an ' r'foment to vight. ' " Holliday street Tht atrft. Trie 1> aveU cl>. sed jyj*,'B,'n,ent 'JBt niti,ll? W),h ua owrfl .whig n.mlirr meeting, nuW bnnjj hold in thi# ? larffell att- bv fiom Ohio, Pennsylvania^ New ^rsty, fvl.wa.e and Vir,,,, 1 1 Thev Will not n-tu.-i ?" 'heir home* nntil tftrr the election, a:?d do *?l to care about ^Taflam* Foster Brornm-ll was yesterday ful'y .nmmillKl (nrlrml niifh.' I'hariri* 111 k idn vwiiiuiiiiiu ' and selling o a negio biiy-w, u tree colred maa, iiom Delaware. I'llJ.ADKI.fHIA, Nov. 1,18If*. A Taylor Pc?invftrah$n ? A M'lnShot?Suicide? Election Fraud*?liaUorm Atrcnsion. The Trtjlor demonstration la9t night was in every respect a grand affair, though this portion ol our citi zens are not apt to tliowout in processions ol'this character, from a gcneial indisposition to participate in tiie laborious trudging over the stone*. Chestrut street wiis blocked up with an immense imsA <f persons, and, w ith one or two exception*, eveiy tiling passed < fl harmoniouslyThe p-oce.*ficn. of course, cheered as as they 1 a^ed the whig newspaper offices, and, in pursunnce cf a very objectionable practice, groaned those of the opposite parly. A difficulty occurred at Sixth and C i?snut sts , in consequence < f an attempt to l,reak the line. At Sixth and South streets,a piste,1 was lired from a crowd occupying the side-wijlk, which took effett in the fortliea^ of Charles K'-tm, a turner, Ik in the Sixth ward, Serine. Oarden. If-' was tnken home in a cub Dtvij Mu lio and two or ibiee o'hev persons were arrested, on suspicion of hiding fived the pi?tol. Mi'jlin lias since been held )(<>t>rrt Stfvm*or>, atewarii of the rairine hopjiitul, commuted f tridf yeaterd iy. by throwing nirnat-lf into the Schujlkill, near the Permanent bridge. He h id been r"bbed ??| a considerable simi w hilc on '.us ??v to the hoapital Imm the N?tvy Airnt'u f'.icp, and the mortification tht< ocCBMoaed induC'd the rafh act. The mwn-y has since l>een nearly all recovered. Nine of the election oHicrm of Pennfdistrict, am tied ?a charged of paitictpatipg n thr alleg-d

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