Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1848 Page 2
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pry ten t their ioIm ifjrtrtUi| tha uiirmtioa of tha 1 li? liuita patriot#. at the b?d ofvkw i) WlW tl. eonix-ntrate an tbrlr eflnrt* at Turin, to laotta the King of NiHitit tn recommenne the w?r against Autrla Yielding t? the ImpuUloa of thi* warlike party, the Sardinian cabinet dMidw) on making a panalng deeietation to the Ki |lt>h and French government* that If Mia negotiations resulting front tha Anglo Krenoh mediation ? re not nofflolenUy advanced to allow of a hop# nf thair bei og *peedily oonoiudad by an b?n< rabie i*?? for the Italian arm*, Sardinia wauld again awvaf the offensive With a view to tbr curving oat tha design* of thi? party, the Varqui* Kirct who it the personification of the party, bar been rent a* Envoy to TarU Although M. Hloci ha* aot yet bet-a admitted to present hi* credential* to General Cavaignac. he baa In asemlofllolal manner, made known to M Ba*tlde the Minister of t-erelgn Aft?>r? the declaration of thl* government.? Before the French government oould reply, they V* obliged to consult the F.ngHsb cabinet The reply of Lord Palmeraton was. in sub*tane?, that K.nglaaO lad d?-ue all et.e could to induoe C Wlea Albert, lu tbr tlrrt p'ace, not to enter into an unequal straggle against AuMria. The issue of the campaign baa proved bow correct wrfe the opinion* ?f K.umnd. Tha resumption cf hostilities would Wad to a war of extermination in l.ombardy *inre Marshal Rsdetaky wnnld uerlUm bin tut man before h* would at andon the fortified position which he hao taken up on the left bank of TeuMn to the beait ?1 Venice Lord ralmeraton added, the late iu-urrt-onou at Vienna prevented hut hope that ib? negotiation* relative to the pacific solution of tbe ItalinD qui ?t;on could b* renewed with the Austrian government fo noon as could be desired, And tbat consequently, if Sardinia refused to confide tbe d*t-tini<s of I <aly locker to the w'sdrnn and if>al of her two powerful fri-rids tbe Ilritii-b cabinet would retire fr< d tbe mediation. leaving to the cabinet of Turin. with it* liberty of action. ali the respon Ability of a new defeat to tbe Sardinian army, the rosu.ts of which ci nld not to but fat?l to the cause of Italy. The French gov. rnment baa replied in other, but analagnuN itini that cince it undertook tbe mediation, it had rent into I'ieilmont several staff officers, with a fecret mission of investigating the real military situation of Charles Albeit Tlie conclusion Of their Pevtral rep<rts is. thai if the Piedmontese soldiers considered individually merit every euloay. tbe army is defective in organization snd wants i fflrers and capable generals, and does not contain the vital elements ot success. Under fu< h ciicuraitanres. France cannot partake in the eonfidetce of the Sardinian oabiaet. and Mill leer can she encourage a recommenoemont of tbe war, particnlarly at this season.wben I.ombardy is no much i xpo?, d to inundations. As to the question a? to bow fxr Sardinia may reckon on the material assistance of France to continue the war. tbe oabinet of Paris can give no explanation or reply.and still less can Jtenter into any enn?p>-nent Tbe reason is. that the course rf eveuts in Germany menaces to produce diplomatic coapl-oafion the most grave, for which France must retain all ber liberty of action. Decided VADtiou in Germany the French n >v<rnm?Dt flnda lU^'lf ccinpelled to conform itnelf to it in Italy. Advices from Venice of the !ith unnounoH th*t an adjutant had arrived with orders to General Welden to to direct the Austrian fleet not to maintain a strict blockade We have advices from Venice of the 10th, stating that the blookads had theu been raised Our Ilollaiifl (orrcapoiulfnce. Amst kruasi, Oct, 17, 1848. The ordinary section of the Status general of Holland *?? opened on the lGth with the following speech from the King :? " Bi*h and Oiijiiity lords ! You will do doubt approve, at the r[?biii? i f tliis ?et>ion, of toy abstaining from following the e?tabli*b'd OKif e of tracing out an an introduction to vmr le^is. Istive labours, the state of the oountry and the different bill* which are to be presented to you. lu fact, the mi?*i'in of thi> Assen.bly is exc-p'ional. and these two Cambers of the S'ate:-(!?'.real will in ? short tim-j l>e replaced by other thainUrs, eonipoitd ard e cted Recording to thn provisions which, after the revision of the fundamental law passsd in the session which has ju>t cWed, hive be?n Inserted in tl at law, snd wheh will shorty be solemnly pro rrnlmied. Ncverehe'ess. I c?nrot on this occa-ion rifrail, bigh aid mighty lords, from expressing to you my conviction that, although ti c c. nejal state i f t uropp is of a nature to give birth togieatdisquicindes various favorable situs are man Ten' in the i situation of curccuntrj. *'(ether 1 consider our relations with foreign powers, or turn my atttrtion to our possessions in other part* (f the world, or to the interest.- of cotumeTCeand navigation, to those ( f ?|ftiouit lire snd the other or induetrv, by the aide r f scree threa'enins sj uipton a, I find a (treat many causes for oonsola ion and encourarccitnt. Amoag t ese last, I appre clste a'oie nil, th? exen pb.ry manner in wheh tl.a iropntant work of the rtvi?.on of the fundamental law has been commenced, contiiiicd, and accomplished. While so n any states of Etirotv are shaken to their very foundations bv violent-shocks, while ti e street* of many cities aw djpd with the llood of their eitiwns, our country has preserved itseli from ihe furnr of civil ' <iii tuMOi.saiidcalttmit:es*hicheiid .inly in disorder at. dauaro!. jr. Moreover, our country hns eijojtd the ndvnntape tha lagis- I latire power, with enure indeictidence, nr.d in perfect harmony, I cvei i when d'ffi tercet of opition have prevailed, bat fulfilled in I 1? sr? Its vaet ir.uMoii ?l i h must lie fc< decisive of the destinies oi tl.e w.\!itiy On the tuMectof the him issue ot the csmp'.ete | rovikion < f the fuitdttiienthl c. n pact if the state, a w rk alurtyi ! critical, I espm.-rd at the close . f the latt session, my gratithdo to tie two htmietfi of the S'atea gener?l for the;r toti?eand vigilant concurrence. But f. r my owr acc ust, I havote?er?ed fot this aoletrii dccifim tt c rxpicssicn oi try neVnow'e.i{? n.ents to all my well lclovid fellow-citiiena, for the moderation, the con* dei-c , the retpeot tor the |a?g and f r public order, as well ?s attachment to my person and dyuag'y, which, during the lone period required for the acc.implishm nt cf these important leci-lalive ? oiks, tlcj have manifested without restriction and witli ao much constancy up to this pres?nt day. It it thus, high and mighty lorda, t~at our political edifice, remaining rtlaMiareri or the fame haiea, ha? aes?i its intcnal proritiona mortified n cording to the wan'? the age. and'ao ordained that ihe amendnn nts whicht'e (ntu'e may re ti re may be intr dueed wiilioat earning the tightest shock To enter upon thi* new |crio<i your en? currence, high aid nrgl, tv l'-rds. is still necessary t< r me, and it ia wit*i fu'1 confidence that I thia day come to irvoVe this concurrence for the go>d <f our country. That the Netl" rlandu msy prosper in this new path opened to them, each inhabi'ai t must have a conscientious fee ing of hi? dutiea. and be animated with that lore of one's country which males ? man ever ready to n nke the gieateat sscr flees tor it. The |aat, hi,h at d mighty lorcauses me to ent?rt ?in the full o t hope* for ti e future. It. In t-pitc of a'l theeflor's made to reduoe the i upcnaea of the Mate,< demand new snK iiitiet toireet the nanla <1 the moment, I shall applr for them with eonlidci oe to jour liigl. miirhti'ewes If n-w trials arc renerved for us. I am co??vn c?d thu' escn, with 'he hle?si g of Provident. will male e?uiageoua -lf'Tia to ? >rmr<unt them, We 6ha 1 know how t? divert frort tho soil of our ooentry troubles, disorder*. i.nd dia ei ?'Ods of whatever nature, and ?vill transmit intact to onr .ii erendma the charre which is intrimi..d tn u? tfco Almighty btjlow his blffsiug upon the cjtietano/ ot our ondtmrr/re. Our Sw l<? Corrosjiondcneo. B? iim. Oct. 10. 1848 The differences witij Pa<fai*l<y and the Court of Austria miiy now b>> considered as nettled. By an order of General W'blji-muth. th? blockade of the canton ol Tecino is raUed. The former communications between canton and Lombard; are, or immediate); will be. restor?d. Our Frtnili Correspondence. Pari., Oct. 19, 1S48. The Bourse anrf Money Market. My report of this week will be. of necessity. Tory short, and wholly uninteresting There lias been a ooirplete stag nation at the Hours* occasioned by the ministerial crisis which, from day to day. wore a differ- i ent aspect, leaving spectators c,uite at a losa what ; oourae to take. On Tu< sday some animation wan ex- I peoted to be given to the market, on account or the | rote of confidence in the new ministry having thown I 1 tLTotk it miifiTit v At 1 Vi?* nm-ninir otnrb van in pa. <|U?x>t. and there wete very few sellers; but the post of ibe eveDitg bringing newH from Vienn* which annoucced ibat ban Jellacbich wan under ita wall* with bin BiH'T. and that I'rmce Windishgrata whs marching on Vienna from 1'rague, and this news w-antirg confirmation, the market again rersumei Us previous (tup mi tint 1 be letters from Vienna forebode some serious failures. arising Mil of the revolution. The week's price* are as follows :? iijm- cts. bjicrct*. bfirrcti. Tr.Iiom. Tlk. old. loan. Sht Oct 13.. t ?4 50 i 09 f 69 25 ? 1.570 13. . 44 W> 68 90 f.9 20 ? 1 570 14.. 44 ?6 68 85 69 05 f 22 23 1 555 18. . 44 40 08 86 68 90 ? 1 545 17.. 44 68 65 68 95 ? 1 550 18. . 41 40 68 75 6* l'5 ? 1 640 P S ? Coneiderabla exciti m<-nt has been produced at the Bourse by the action of the Yliuirter of Finance. allowing lie ii.sialmehU on the new loan, and the Lyons Hall??y to be paid by anticipation T is 1* supposed to exhibit great dearth in the trea?ury, and a toleiably c ear evidence that without sumo extraordinary m-aris it Is net in lunds to pay the rent kinder of the di? ideiide etill unpaid. Tfcr Kreneh K<]ntbllc. Ti e Kr? nrb National Aseentby. on the 19th ult , tl r, * vi i infilii. \ atrtiii-hefj ihe stale of niece nn Fane rn the !^4th of June laet The article* on the Conrtitet <'D ?n? then deh>?t?d. pome of which were I fkMM d The eliction of Pri-*ldrnt of the republic j will teke pi* r about the 25th inft Several eandi- ' date* me cprkt i) of, but the only mm likely to Ftand 1 aelat;oe 51 futwn ire. gid'Til (;>tiI?d?c. Crinee ! Ltui* Napoler d llfDnil Uugeaud and M Lamartine. j 1 General (.ataiguar *taiid* high in general t-*teem at 1 j the pteaent & onjt tit owing to the great majority he Ob ftiDfd upon the <j'u-?tlon of tbf vote of confidence; but m> fickle bj* tb? l i<-uch people, acting more from ' the impure of tLe moment than anythiog el ft, tbat 1 we rannot m?*ir be will hold the hmm petition in ] Eubllc favor whfn tbt day of election *hail arrive. j I. Marraet hee again been t-urted Incident of the 1 Arn nibly for Ih> . n. uing month The I'rrttr cor tain* an important communication 1 relative to the Apglo French mediation in Italy, according to which the Sardinian U'???-mm> nt i? pre**, ing for an int*rv? nticn The reply of the Knglinh governs* Bt ha* been, that it bad warned the King of 1'iedicont of hie iirapac'ity to m**t the A u?iri??,* in the field, and will now, If b* renew* sohopelen* a *truggle withdraw from th< mediation. The an*wer of I-1 ance, founded on the military report* of th?in*uffl Iiouci ?1 nit r ar'iiuihtj n uiy. 1* no iei"i u ifcouragi og It it stated however In the diplomatic circle* of rari* Out tlie Marqulu K'rcl the Sardinian Knroy, having auTjouijcid to th<- 1'iitUh and Kr?nch government* tbat King < h?irl>e Albert would return* boatllltir* in ert? the /,ngln I- r. nch rmrtinlion bad not eufllcirntiy advanced to u"' hope* ol the conclusion of an btsoi able peace !,?>rd laltneraon io raid to have replli d tbat the Britifb go>i rnmeiit would lo auch caao, wit lid mw |t> i lcl-?eiid leave tbe entire responsibility to the king The Kr< nch govenuo n* In said to bar* de. rllni d to ln'? H<"i In I'aly alleging ae a reaion. that an J-Ytnrt v ai dr nniintH to comi 'l Huh a to rtiptct iht jHlUCtflf tf f'ftiitlrt ler.tict villi rufti! to Geimti) ly. ilutmltllr nhlif-td to ton/am lo //rmciple with rr$ff I lo Italy. Tilt-ale n Rtpulillr. We have aeeonau front V?-i?Icb of the Tth Inflt , 1 which roei/tinn thai an insurrection had taken place at 1 Urate, which had provtd sucreeaful and lb at a ft public bed afi?raaid- been proclaimed C onmd-rId ft tbonuice fiom ? hi nre line elaleuient proceeds, we conaider it very doubtlul authority , and therelore null ktrr It confirmed befoie wa brllm it. NjMln and I'oilngnl. In Spain. li?eie bat n s< me trifling waefarc in I* ( a'alonlan |iro?lncoe, but notkibg of adecinlre Character 1 bcra la bo particular nati from Portugal. iulite. OwWMtUvitNwtwtbflfrthilt.gA.M. TktEapwror. la reply to'* drpn'tUoa fiom tbe Dtot, (whtoh held a confen-nce with bit Imperial Majesty at 8elrvtta.J n?e a pMtUn aworanon that hi* two Generals, (Jellachicb and Aner?brrg.) weuld not attack Vienna. Hie Majesty, however, refured to record this promise la writing liombanly. 7be Coii inr BincantiU. of tbe 14th. announce* that, afler receiving the reply of Marshal Iladetaky, upwards of 4W H unitarians abandoned their quarters, and procvedfj in tbe direotioa of the Lakes, aaenapsuwd and encouraged by the population with whom ttff fiatetnifd declaring that the oaoae of Hungary and that of Italy were the same. They Intended to msreh to Switserland The garrison of Milan oonrlfted of 2& 100 men of whom 11.000 were Hungarians The Creation troops had been obliged to quit that cityJHn order to avoid a collision between tbem and tbe Hungarians. Tbe tame Journal state* that King Charlea Albert bad declared that he should be in possasslon of Milan before the rlofe of tbe month The A'oftnro/ Savertien of the 16th ult., announces the arrival at Turin, on the 12th, ef General Oudinot, Crmman^er-'n Chief of the French army of tbe Alps, on his way back fr< m Milan. v? aunt ma ana moiii?ti?. The proclamation i?tutd by UoDrrtl Luders, wb?? entering Wallachla. conla'n* the following oai?*?g'?: ? " Di? Ifsjcetjr ilia Kirpt-ror of all the Ku?-ia?. in mx'ir?i?nc? with Su'tift hir nvivid b|<?nli!y in | ut ft ?t?p to tho?? uia'tnbaine*. and to le etUMi?->, on inhii fuui.iUtionH. a l?*?lgnv. i run mi in Wal aol la. I wu comnu??ioned. accordingly, miK terilj to (?r?\>j > % n'lacM*. together with thetroopiof tr.e Sultan, in order to clienk the in urrecil in?r* p* paganda and to t?*t< le to jot r coxMiy ?tr l**fi I gov romont" Kutrian troops have mtfred the city to take up their quarter* b?re. The si Idler* hare bee a quartered upon Auetrian tilkjfctn The latter complained of 0|]ires*ion, and on the irWrfetenee of the Austrian < oruul he van maltreated by the Moldavian!) and Russians The Aui-trian Consul, upon this, repaired to rrince Staurdza. to demand sa'isfaction ; bat he wss answered erldly that the Kupsiano were there for th; c"ue maintenance of order. Upon this he withdrew hie (Ins reaped from hi* official duties, and sent a report to Vienna by erpre** The Ku*sian General, Lauder*, who ordered the Ruffians to enter W?llarVia I* ccw at Bucharei-t. Here he has arrested tha Birliop the Aga, and the lent of I'olioe. and has Sent them to Oalatz. According to the JW%rmrinr Zritung. the number of Pu**lars who have ent?red Wallachia amounts to id vvu Dim. bub w in u oiuern u>tc crueeeu ibc i rum. Bavaria. Accounts fr< m Munich, id th? Jlugtburg Gazette, show ihat a very bad spirit prevails in that oity. On the 13th inet there was exhibited in all the crosa-way* of the oity. h> the venders of tl> ink sheets. the figure of a mil suspended to a gallowp, with supdry sedition* inscriptions, detcribine in detail the manner in whi"h the ia<e Count Latour was aftea-inated. and menaelrg all "burt-aucratio" Ministers with a similar fate. Ilia murder was declared to be "an act of necessity >' This inflammatory publication was nippre-st d ky the authorities tfcu t-ame evening. Advices from Kranconia anncunce the resolution of a large body of citisnns to fcrm a defensive association for the protection of property and tbe maintenance of publio tranquillity. The members already enrolled invite thtt co-operation <1 all good oitir.ens. Prusala. A mob assembled on tbe 12th for the purpose of burning Grntral Wrangel iu efflgy. The Burgher Guard persuaded them to disperse. se that there was no necessity to have rrcourse to force The jiVKkhury Gazette publ >lies the following extraordinary communication from Leipsic : "Q luce members of t e Saxon Chamber (M M. Ilelhig, Pwana, md Ttcheri er) Save [nrref(ltd In Herlin to take ineaairea in ac cenlmue with F use and Hie " L*l t" lar'y <>1 that capital for the cMahl ? ! me t ot a ntw (ierniau i'u'lianicut. Several > f them I ave Iff'fi r Frankfort for the same pti'pose If they find themselves nuinerr us. they * i I declare thtuielrea en permanent*, outliiw the Diet of Frankfort, and order new election* to he nn<VfortIi8 creation or a National Convention in (he interim, ltc if* Farhiitnert will constitute a l>ramitteo if Publio P?ftiy. dtrofe the Kinjr, ai d proclaim the Republic. All recistairrwill be tutted nx high treuoc andpunished with death. 1 he ccuiitry is in dai gi r." In the sitting of the German Parliament. at Krankfrrt. on tbe 16ib. ? question was put to the Ministry whether Imperial troops had alr? ady been ordered to march for Austria. It was answered in the negative. 8chlt?wlg>Hol?Ulii. Our advices are to tbe 12ib ult. On that and tbe day before, tbe deputies from Kiel arrived at Scbleswig Tbe first Pitting took place at ten o'clock, and war heid in the future ball of meeting of tbe Diet- the Scbleswig Senate Hou?e. It was opened by a concise speeoh by tbe President Bargun. The discufsion of the government measures ta regard to the ministry was tbe crder of the day. but was postponed till to-morrow. Then followed tbe election of tbe bureau, tbe result of which was the reelection of tbe former functionaries, except M. Samter. who will be succeeded by the advocate Griebel as secretary. The Senate House has been quite deserted by the civil authorities, and placed at the disposal of the Diet. The meetings aie held in the great hall, which is as large as that hitherto used in Kiel, it ig quit* suitable to tbe present oVj?*ct. it appears that steps will shortly be taken for carry ing c ut a change in the govt ruinent. for tbe utiion in* troduced by Kiancke and Stedinann is not at all ap' proved on the German side. Tbe persons who are de'ignated as memb'ts of tht Frenzer ami Moltke?are all with the Provisional Government in Schleswiir Poland* Tlic intelligence from Cracow is up to the 11th.? The city was in a great state of excitement, as it is now certain thsta considerable number of Russian tr<>< ps arc assembling at Micbaiowice, distant about * German mile. I llBKSla, Tbo Jt-vrnal of St Petrrtlurg contain* acoounts Of a mccession cf brilliant engagements from the 31st on July to Ibe Ihth of August, between tbe imperial trocps, under Major Hennmg. and tbe mountaneers. The tribes which submitted, and which dwelt in the Koubsn and the Lab* Tit . the Nogbai". Cabardiens, Temirgh< is. Makhns<bs. and Beplmiies, sent deputations to salute I'rince Woronsow in his passage. Tbe tranquillity wa* general. The Abadsekht rebels cannot again make another attempt alter tbe severe defeat vhicb they sustained from General Denning. Sicily. I.etterp from Palermo of the Cth inst. state that Admiral Iisudin. in rrder to prefect surprise on the part ot tbe N? apt titans, had guarded all tbe seaports of Sicily. loiilnn Islands. HIE RtMOFKD 1NM ERECTION IN CnrHAt.ONIA. The Riformt quotes a letter from Tepbalonia, of ths 2d ult, anniunclng that a serious insurrection broke cut in tbe Ionian Islands on tbe 26th Sept ? " 1 he peasants of Cephajonia," it says,'- rose en matte. and with arms in tbeir hands, entered the t>wn of Argc&toli. crying ' Viva the Union!"" Viva Greece and Liberty tor ever ! ' The Knglieh girrl*on tired uj on the ?nsur? ?. ntb. and some lives were lost An engapeiiifLt alro took place at Ltiuri. Th - people are Determined to free their country, at any price, from the absolute op|.re?-eion which Kngland eierci'es under the name of Protectorate o?er the Ionian llepub lie. The J'rettf adds, that the insurgents after losing t? n men in an engagement with the British troops, lad tied into the movntalns but that, it wa? feared they would return on the following day in greater force. The lntr.'t Knglluli View of the Presidential Kleeilon In ilie 1'tilted Slate*. [Firm the London Times. Oct V!0 J It i? not very ea*y to take a fide in American politics The difficulty ia rot ours, tor the whole I'uion ft els it. Party spirit. of eoum. ia a weed that grows anywhere, at all reason* and on all soils. When the jack is once on the scent it will follow unto death ? A !*re?ideritial election is a subject which certainly will be bunted to death if by any people, certainly by our trar sa'lantic cousins Once in four years ttey bold tbeir Olympian Gaines, in which, among competitions of rather less interest, two or three of the best sen in tbe Colon run the great course for a Presidency Some interest must and will be felt about so critical a >ace. If the Candida ea were simply Mr A and Mr 0. if one were shorter thun the other, or one were a jellow jacket and tbe other a blue, men would take a side, and become vehement pirtisann of Mr A. f>r the'little one. or the j ellow jsc Ket. (s caprioe n iiy ) five guided their selection Without going *0 far ?* to charge the American* with an utter oblivion of principle crof party we must say that they exhibit an approximation to this casual choice and fictitious j artist, ln-liip They ha'dly know whom to vote for, yet they are poing about it with as much pamion as if they bad been bred and born to the quarrel, and bad come into the world with their "ticket" tied to th> ir leeks Tf ? decided favorite is " that stern old locust stump," Xacl kiy Tajlor As to the sort of man he is, there appi his to be little difference of opinion ''General Taylor's cbaiscter " fays a warm admirer at a great Thj 1' r meeting at Vauxhall (iarCen New York ? ' Is as familiar as s household nan e. In IHI2 he received the I Br?t Lrevtt ui dor President Madis<ii; then lis retired and wui i lest siflit T til) strain limn lit up t'v tun present administration, > and p acrn st'lit head of u lunc army. Victory honored hit at , Pal Al'o and Risks dc a alma, and he cr?wned his glory at liuera Vista Not on his militaiy success ia Ms nomination fourr ed?rot on 11 at ui d is his name presented to yen. The ! trn ii.|iis i t I is pen I avt e<|uslltd, if not surpHiscd. those of hit J* ro The M.iw of victoiy did net make, tut illun inate. It tli'Vtd the ii ii-n ai d held him up to <he view f countiimen. H'1 ia nortesetd < f iciiiHicsn |Tirciples. of a nlain denrrtirent, an a i f s str< ng niii a A leioi th?sei(ueliflcetiotiefortf>ntofllce7 hut ) is <>; pour lis say l.e is not leari.ed- that he owna himself in ii.n|etii,t to |eif iin l.e cimes of list office. I wtild ra her I a\c. I ci ertj of por|< .-e smI integrity of mind than all tha learnirp which was ever i aught" Oi tiutk! Tiamt vith hli Uatilnflkt wsprlnrt AM the ?< rk in Veilco and If the capitulation of Monterey did not <|Oite pull the tnate of hla countrymen, and *aa sharply criticiaed by Le?U Caaa. It only allowed a bun atie cou?ideialie n for the women and children Id that city. >lfx military carter ban even migrated a c< d p?mon with W??hinpton; and that Idea once all< at, it ii> not rurpiia ny that hi* political lettera and bia | r<fetilona of faith should provo to be on the aam* n.f eel. But tbouph all men aieak of him with pa^eot, ft w di. with ci.thiKiii-in lU haa l?een taken up by the w bigs. n' t as the p? rsonntlon of their preaent opinion*, but as the bond of a n mi lehensive party He ia the type cf f oliiical ejpedli iipj and la pledged juatenoogh to teevre support, but not enough to take away liberty f action Accordingly the purr whig*? that i*. tha vigorous tradition lit* of the Union either aupport fctm with a prot-at or diaown h<m altogether ? 1 cannot prets rd to support blm with enthiiaiaern," aaya one of tbeBi, at t be above mention* d meet log. "for I do not tn I ii y I lr?i My aio? tbat I wou'd doliltla merely to n ake fjenerel Taylor ('resident " ;asa la nothing more than a military rival. Olory ju>t i.ow ia in faehic.n and the Provident muat, at least be a dietIr guished Oentral The ?bi|? h?ri ait up one. and the democrate a rot her The achievement* of 1 be two candidate* ara compared, atep by itep their killed and wounded reckoned up. th.-ir niarcha* tinied and meaaured. and the valne of their cap'ursa nrnod ?o|.ardca>h The whig* vtryap propriately a*?en<h1ed to worship their Idol on tbe anniversary of the battle of Monterey; whereupon the dewocrata celebrated a day glorlona In the annala cf Caaa Another aingiilar ai d leaa agrftable nutnoarlaon haa been Instituted The "eitraa" of Taylor and ( aaa have been rearohlngly invmti (ttrd by the hoot lie ptrtlMU Tha la th? irmy of tb* I'nion n-eflm i?a?r>u? oitrw ov?r and ?bow their regular ptj. which U very tnnufItltnt In time of war two-thirds of the real pay o?dn under thia bead. Mr Caa* bu narand extras in the courts of bU publio eervi ? to th* amrunt <<f $03 000 But no aooner ta thia Agar" ran np *gain?t bim, than rival accountant* make tha timely discovery that General Taylor, wiiblo the iaat forty year*. bai> drawn >87 (K)0 on hi* own aooouot, over and above hit regular pay It would argue a falling cause that Ca*? ia obliged aa it were to go out of the Union in ijueet of a party, and appeal to foreign *j mpaibie* and a*s<>clatioi a He can no longer promi?e direct ae?i*tance to tba Irleb rebels, or a diversion in their favor aero** the St Lawrence. HI* fri?odi. nevertheless, offer some indefinite pro*p?cU to tha Iiith which mean either something or nothing either substantial assistance or an insul'ing mockery Tha n'ashtvgton Union, tha official organ of the government and employed moM unscrupulously in favor of General ('?>?. publithe* an els borate manifeato to the natuialized Irish It charge* the Tavl< r tarty lid British affinities, and particularly polntaout the whig pres# a* the enemy oi Irish independence " Upon tha lri*h question,'1 saj* the Union? W Moli olTeit d * field t. r ayn>| a'hy broad *nd ?i#e, sufHeiant to iflcc* the whole dim of Irian voters in t'ennajliama, Ohio, and iMWl.tlc. these jourial* took ih? v-ry same wiuo.i hi violent anti-lri?h |onri k1> to k in l.oiid' n and other IV *, it It vrtil iH'niui'M that the number of Ini-h natnral'aed oitim* in rtmsvlvanla, Ohio, and u* other dehatibla Mutc'J i? quite lun.: enough to dtcide a ch ie election ir> favor ot the *l<!e in<y take. Itut. lnM< ad cf conciliation tl it clam hy tne ooiiim i' py have purtiicd, il*y have, wilh tlir angle eaoeption of tho Titlunr?t>hi< n, however, rendered iisclf ^nite ri hy it? fill; and credulity?opp ?ed and insulted every tneurar* ai.d I reposition calculated to hiing about a revolution in IitHrd, or to edxaiue the great cause of iepuhl>caii principles ou the oootisent Mr Clay, to tbe grievous disappointment of a devoted party, ha* persevered in bisrefusal to stand Hvm* that tbe old "whig platform" was not wide enough for tbe feven million voter*, and tbat something w>n modern and attractive was necessary t- countervail apairst >bo mixed forces of democracy lie showed bis patriotirm. therefore, by withdrawing from tbe field. HI* trierds are animated by a feeling which is cither religious or prof"De. In a string of resolutions in wbich ' principle*" and ' exp?diency" occur much with tbe tame frequency and sense as an old tory or protectionist manifesto we find it resolved.? ? Hiat wc r: nmireLd to iho trends of Henry Clay, whn are hit friends "Umugh suns) Ir.o ai d through a'orm." to b Id luit to thnr belie' in one anothtr? to uct in ttiit oonteit like nv u ho in pnUie ??lk b> aight.oi d not hy fnith?ai behonve? th-se to w' i in coaxtrg flatter}, cr tlnente are alike onbeertod?to stand hy tlieir p'iticiplis and bid thnaevho revile, to rimemb-r " that Henry 1 Clay ii dc aier cvtrj da> W hatever oourse Mr Clay's follower* may finally ! take, at pjesent tiny preserve wbat they call ' an armed neutrality.'' They are watching their appor tunny aid win at imh improve uieir value r>y Holding together, and not declaring themselves for any of the candidates. Mr. Van Buren is still on the list, ready | to by an opening in bis favor Standing on pt-rropal ability und personal ties, he claims nei'ner ! the high ftellig of Mr. ( lay's friends, nor the reroluI tionary ardor which supports Mr Cass, nor the enlarged tit ws of policy which haTe chosen tie- Taylor. In so great a chaos of party it is hardly worth ouh's | while to make a cboice and cberish an interest We I only discern a certainty that the successful candidate wil I disappoint bis supports. General Taylor will not j satisfy either the piejadioes or the selfishness of his j friends. He will not be able to give them the proteo' tion they deeire ' from the pauper labor of Europe, and from their ill-fed ill-olad, illhnu-ed, starved ooin ! petition;" or to feed the commerce ot New\ork with the fundscf the Union On the question of slavery, whether " Cuba black, cr Yucatan yellow," we have little faith in election promises. On the other Hand, ( ? neral Cass will not soon draw his country into a costly war after the dear experience of Mexico, and hit Irish supporters will have to dele.- thi ir hopes till the federal exchequer again begins to till and Ireland to rebel. Bank of KnglniMt. An acoonnt. pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Vie., chap 32. for the week ending Saturday, the 14th of Ootober, 1848. II1UK DKFARTMKIVT. nuvo* IWUVU!*. M . UUTX(liUiCklVl^V?,,,Jbll,UIO,lUU Otlittr Securities.... 2.9&LSHXJ Gold Coin mm) Bullion. 12,2tf>.23# Bilvbr Baiiiuii. 6W.yu9 *26 7S&.165 ?2tl,7iy,lM BANKiko pimITMEVT. proprietors'Capital.?14.663.000 Government BoonRon i. 3,3:5t.C-?6 ritiet (-including Public Dcvo?it? (In- Dead Weight Aneluding Kxche- ntiit u ?1.1*19,012 quer. 8a\ in/si OiliarSecuritiea... . 11.2U.V280 Bank*, Commfi- 8,4(5,405 Bdrtr* ot Katiunal Gold tad Silver Debt, and Divl- Coin 620.051 dend Account*)... 4/P7.8H6 Other UepoliU 10,t74,9KJ Beret Day and other ~ 1,0*4,707 ?33.W2 72l ?S.\W17U Tlic Corn t inde of Enrope* [From the London Mercantile Gazette. Oct. 20 ] 'i he ai rivals of toteigu (ifown corn continue on a very libeial rcale. and acme fear? are beginning to be entertained bp to the i fleet which may hereafter be ptcductd on the trade o the country by the export of the precious metals in pajment for theee large importations of grain Our prcspeot* are certainly far from cheering, as there can be no reasonable doubt that the deficiency in the produce of tbe wheat crop and the los* of food, caused by the potato disease. ?ill oblige ve to import on an extensive scale The manner in which cur wants have hitherto heen supplied is, however, a tolerablj good proof that so long as ( Jreal Britain is capable of paying in gold, tne foreign proi ducers will let us have corn in sufficient quantities. | During the week ending Monday last, the imports | bairele flour, 5 147 <jra wheat, 15.4'K) qro Indian corn, and 2,000 brls Indian corn nral; whilst from the contii rut of Europe upwards of 13.000 qra of wheat were ' reieiTtd. The t>upp!ies into London have been on ft A till mote liberal ccale, tnd notwithstanding the all but ULiiTeiwl conviction that tbe ret-ult of the harvest at botue has teen far from rfttitfactory, and that ultl mutely all that can be obtained (torn abroad is likely to be wanted, prices oontinne to tend downward!, larmtrs air evidently alarmed at the prospect of an entirely free trade in grain; and though the new is not in fit condition to be thrashed at present, they dej liver lather freely. On the other hand, merohauts aiid millers fir d it to their advantage to buy from bind to miutb, and, under this combination of ctrcumstances business remains ?xceediogly depressed. The aniTals of wheat coastwise into Londun have been modtiate since the close of last week, nor has the quantity brought forward at Mark lane by landtauiage mnples from the home counties been hy any nj<am- large. On Monday the show on the Kent aid L^sex stands was decidedly small, bat tbe quality and condition being bad. great difficult} was exptriecced in efTeotlng sale*. and though Itally fine qualities were scarcely to be had cheaper than cn thai day week, the common Forts were freely cflejea at a n duetion of 2k. per quarter. The great i (all which has tal.en plHce in the temperature within ; the last few days will, it is calci lated. lead to an in eiT.rr-ivuruu.1...... ?. ? - " ? ??;n>?o u in|J n J t;u { moiefitmneFR on Wtdnts-day and this morning than : Ibty did in the commencement of ibe week, but no | poition of tbf dec.lnt noticed could he reoavered We ! ba*e leceivtd upward* ct '21,< CO quartern of wheat front abroad mdc? Ja*t Sat urday morning, and there I It- now a very large quantity on board whip at thin pert, which in.j orttrs arc ani.ioUH to place without incurring landing espenpea Still there baa not been to n nth prenure on the market as might, under the cirrvmptaicep, have been riptel?d. aud the (all in j rio p bai-fcarcely been no great a* on Kngli*h. The buMntpp U< nt- on Monday wan at rates about Ik. to 2s per qr. below thou* cuirent on tbat day ne'noight, and plnce tbtn felbrp have reln?ed to make auy furibtrcinctii-ion. The top price of town made flour b?e remain* d ncminaHy unaltered, other ports h*v? ralber recid?d in talue. The quantity of Kngltoh bailey bi ought forward baa been final I. and really Ann n.pltmg tan plea baring been ec-arce. hn? commanded tnll Umip. Tbe <-oiLoion descriptions have meanwhile. bten d fficujt cf db|>opal though freely olTereJ I at foimer tatrs 8<>p? rior o)d mitlt h?? riren la tn 2? 1 I l*er quarter Tbe arrivals of cats coastwise and ftom i | lr< latd have been khiiIj but with conli ucxl largti j mpplies In m ebtoad the dtalers have h*d the turn In | their tarcr Ob M'nday bud tn submit to i dec ine ct fd. to If. per quarter and thisreduction ban ! Dot hince been recovered Lian?ati<l grey and mapla pi up bare been placed in retail at much tbe name pilrm ai> b<fn? Vbite pias barn receded 2n tn value. We have heard of no tear fiction- in Indian corn but previous rates contluue to b* a-ked fo. float- , lug cargoeR The duties remained stationary; on T hurt-day nest wheat will rise a step Liverpool Commercial Snrnmarj. iKilrML, Oct 20. Friday Evening. Cotton - There has been a modrltti trade demand during tbii week, wbllit the inquiry for export baa been good. American deicrlptiouH bare beon ?*ry freely < fTered and a further decline of >{4. per lb. bai bei n HFtablu-bi d ; all other tort* partake of the general | heaviness, and am likttwife \d. per lb lower The rail s of tbe week have coinpri.ed 24.660 bales, of which 1MI American have been taken on speculation, and 3 H80 Ann rioan, 2C0 I'ernam, 80 < arth?i(ena, 630 Surat, and tub Bengal, tor export 2 200 bales I plandi will l?e oftend by auction on Kriday ne?t The sale* toi day are 4(00 bales, aud tbe market cloaea very heavily. I 1 be ci n niiltee's quotation* Jor the fair action am ! | Hewed. ;?,d ; N'iobll#-. i>\ . arid Or;.-au?, d. The

import*, tblh werk. arc 4.323 bale* , thli fMr. 1,379,P30 ? mn e .iroe laM jur W27.410 Tha e*UBiated atooka are fio8 470 ; rame time lai-t year, 4X0 070 I'here were | Ink# it thin jmr by the tra.le, ] <i73 1<0 , by speculator*, | 6V tiLO ; extorter* 130 620; rame time lnr-t year by the I tudr. fe42 r&0 ; by fpeculatorr, 270,ICO , by exporter*, | 1(4 SCO. brtmiilvffi ? At our market. on Tuesday, ther* wa* it fair attiiidance cf t?.wn mid neighboring miller*, ikI there wa* rather a good bu*ine*r done In wheat nt reduction of Id a 2d per burbel, on both old and new. Kiovr (JjiJ not Bote so fr?< lj, end wax In p?r rack and bd. per battel lower <>ood mealing oat* n?ie icarre but tl e st eondary qualities were Id per bi.?hel cheaper Oatrneal declined (id per load Maltlig and grinoii g bailey both in good demand, and fnl'j a* diar No change a* regard* bean* and pea*. Indian corn d< clim d fid per quarter, hut there wa* a g< (id rale fur It at tin clnie ol the market. There ha* buna gord den aid for Indian cnrn tbe I aft two day*, and la'ber better pricer have been obt*iued. but In atiy othi r article of tb? tmde no change ha* ncrnned. 1 hero **e a good a'u r d nee of hu>er* at this mornli.g* Biarket, and there ?ae more dih|>?Ritloii to purchaie nmrt article* of the trade V?ry full Tuesday > prices were obtain* d for whi at and flnur, and in Mme instance* a rmall advanca wa* paid on tha fiiinir Grid Bneal'lg oat* were rearer, and Xd p< r burhel dearer Oatminl wne in large denand at tull prices harley supported late rater Beanr and pi a? < ai h hnuiiht an advance cf la. par quarter 1 bi re ?a* leiji little I. corn flerlng. and the prion improved 1* p<rijr American ?hit* corn brought 30*. a 3C* , and jellow 87* per 4>0lb> 1 nierert tor hom? eonrnmpilon at l.tTerp<?>l. in m l*t March IMS to 17th Ootobir Uhiat 124 f>6ft qrr ; oat*. 4.423 qrs j oar Icy, 20(>26qr* ; bean*. 60 b'Ui ?j r:? ; pea*. tifi/Oijri ;. Indian corn, 412304 qr* j Indian meat, 32 (r3o brl* ; floor, 47,678 brla. Rnililiw un<kr b""d li ?i?bouse it Liverpool 17 ih Oetober. 1948? Wheat SO AM qi?.; flour. T,819 brla.; Indian corn. 8 288 qrs.; Indian n eal 1 itlObrls.; oat*. 908 qr* ; barley, 619 qr* ; beana, 11,400 qra.; peas, 10 qr*. The import of wheat, flour, tic. tlito ].t\H(Col ft on foreign port* for the week ending IVih in* I ant, are?8,774 qr* wheat; 0 706 brls. fli ur, acd 37 t06 hag* Indian oorn. TUe import* of abeat tc frnm Ireland during tba lame period are ? 17 tone, 401 barreli. 444 bag* wheat: 2 666 barrel*, 1,M0 bap? and Ml quarters oats; 1866 aaok* flour; 3 ( 36 toad* (Hi ton* oatmeal. At Wakefield, to-day, Um week'* prices prevailed for wheat; fine hurley scarce, and Is. per qr. dearer. Nocbtnge In other ertjcbs. At London the wheat trade wa* decidedly dull but seller* we*e net inolined to give way, and price* were nominally a* on Monday. Barley oould only be placed in retail qaantltie*. and the inquiry w*s coiflntd to tbe flner sort*. Oat* went off very *lc wVy at previous rite*. In bean* aad pea* there wa* bardly anything done. fro fit' <>'* ?The small stook of beef, of necessity, causes limited operation*; tbe few sale* n sde are at ab< ut farmer pricee. which the dealer* pay with reluctance There be* not been muoh movement in pork; tbe sale* reach about 600 bbls . comprising 200 bbls inferior prime mes* tor export, 200 bbl' mes* for lieland, and tbe remainder for store* The demand for baoon ha* not improved, and. in the abaenoe of rales, we do not alter our quotations. Hams and shoulders are a little inquired for bat the market I* clear We ant again out of obeeee. the late receipt* 1 avin? found fie* buyers at tbe tale on Tuesday, at lull prices Beef. l/ni'vd Statin prima mess. per tieroe ' f 304 lbs , 87*. Od. to 86s ; ordinary 80s to8fi?.; ordinary mew, per bhl. < f 2u0 Ib8., 40*. to 40* ; prime, 38?. to 40*.; rkln India, family kc , per half bbl. 100 lb?., 26*. 6d. to 38s.; pork, l ulled States prime inn**, per bbl of 200 lbs 36*. lo 60*.; prime old. 3?>? to 384 ; miss, f* mi y me**, fcc., old, 60s. to 56*.: bacon p-r owt.. western, 30s to 44n.; shnuldsrs, 26i. to 30* ; bams. dry. |?r owt . 30* to 42s ; In salt, per owt . 30s. to 84e.: cl eese. fine, per cwt , 46s. lo 62* ; middling, 40s. io 46s.; ordinary, 30s to 88s. Imports from the 12th lo tl.elRb October, 1848:?Pork. 2 hhla.; cbess*., 20 boxes Previously this year:?-Beef, 13 495 tiercss, 2.064 bbls ; pork. ?2311 bbl*.: cheese, 4130 casks. 66,082 b< je*; butter 1 180 ra> ka; Dams. 1,800 loosu, 3,003 ra*ks; bacon. 40 6(8 bo*ea. Gi ?i? rul slvieiii an Product - There is only a mode* rate deniand for Montreal pot a*hes, but the stock beng lijiht an sdvanre of Is per owt ha? been obtained ; in pearl* there i* no alteration; quel nitron bark continues nep ected. and m?y be purchased on ea?ier turns 1 he improved demsnd noticed for ard at. the close of last week has been ?ucceeded by a oorrespondinu deptession. and sales cannot, now be m?de unless a further >e notion is submitted to Ta low la less Inquired f r,aud 6d. to Pd per cwt. lower. The season for (ma>e butter being on r, the quotations must . be considered nominal. Kor sperm and whale oil | there Is rather more inquiry, but priced remain unj changed In lariJ oil there is nothing doing The i value of rough turaentine i? barely rupportad; the 1 saw s are about 610 barrels at 8s 6d. to 9s ; spirits are j quite mglected. Ilo*ia continues in moderate reOUest. but hei?,? ofiVrpd more freel*. has sold from t.h? gt ay at a decline of 3d. per cwt on the common qualities, and Cd to Is on transparent In hemp or tar there are no transactions to report for war.t of stock. Several pareela of linseed oil cakts having arrived the market ha* become dull ? It>ce remaina without the slightest alteration. The reported partial fai ure of the crop of oloveroeed. baa csum d n few speculative inquiries for foreign but so far nothing has transpired; the heavy atnnk of old feed will, for the present, tend to check any material advance AiIm, lotted States. p>-r cwt , 2N*. to Ma j peail 33s to 34a; Montreal, pot, 2Ps to 30a.: pearl. 34s to 30a (jueieritron bark. Philadelphia. 8a. 9(1 to Pa; New Yoik 8s. to 8a. 3d.; Baltimore, 7s 6d. Lard, fine 42a to 43a.; fair to good. 40a to 42a.; ordinary to noddling 85a to 30a ; inferior fand grease 30a. to 34s, Tallow, 42a to 4f>* Cd Beeswax, ?!> 10* to ?6 Greasa butter, 35a. to 40a. Sperm oil per tun, ?70 to ?76; whale ?24 to ?27: lard oil. ?3.1 to ?38. Turpentine, per cwt.. 8b 9d. totto 3d ; spirits of turpentine, 37a. to 38s. Rosin, con mnn 3a. 3d to 3?. 0d.; tranaparent, 4a. to lis Tar. per barrel, 13a to 16a Unseed cake, thick, ?8 to ?8 10a ; thin oblong. ?8 15s. to ?9 fia. Hen.p. ?24 to ?20. Pig Inad, in bond, ?15. Uinn, <"arolliia, per cwt , 18a. to 21a. Cloverseed. 28a to 3,'iB. Flaxseed. per tierce, none here. Timothy seed, per c?'. none beta Import* from the 2d to the 18th of Oct ober?Lard, 61 bbla., previously thl* year, lard, 76.766 bbls, 70 608 kegs, 1.638 cases, tallow, 2,371 Ltd*., 2.7T6 bbls 7'Ae Manufacturing Districti?The Manrhestrr Covtitr again reports a more contracted market, with lower prices. The insurrection in Vienna has occasioned the withdrawal, to a oreat extent. c f the Oar. man houses. The reduction inpricps has not tempted any extended transactions on the part of purchasers, whofMtii very little inlclined to operate. In the oloth U Hihrt tew i>urcha-e* have been mtde for India and tbe I.t-Tant. elthoujih in the ca?e of the latter the prices oflcrtd were so low as not to meet with very general acceptance at first ; lessstability was. however. shown afterwards. The yarn market has been in a Tery dull state, and short timo has been commenced in srme of the neighboring towns . and in the pre?ent state cf tbe market;it is the only reasonable course to take. The Iron Tradr ?The last of the npual quarterly meetings of tbe iron trade was held at Dudley, on Saturday L'p< n the whole a fair amount of business 1 was done duiing the weik. but at the same time a cer tain degree of distrust was exhibited as to tbe future piospects of the trade Tbe demand may be considered good, but not excessive ; hoops being the article in which tbe greatest ectivity exist*. Pig iron maybe (juottd at ?3 6e. hot blast to ?3 10s cold blast : bars 4,'C ](> ; hoi j>s. X~ ; sheets ?7 10s tojEH. Krom Sootland and from Wales we cannot report favorably, tbe only feature of the iron trade there being a downward tendency. Market*. Losdon Monft Mabkkt, Cot 24 2JK I". M ?Very interesting accounts have just been received by the Haroluryh mail. At Vienna. on the '6th instant the idea oi a pacific arrangement seems to have h"en abandoned. Theie were Immense pivparttions making for a Bilge, and the Hungarians had advanced to within a sboit distance of the town. The five per cent me " vr ..o.. imiru LU uo HUH HUDOUgU IU? UOUTSO WaS re-opened no one would deal In Bn Iid, alto. a restless spirit prevailed among the work pei pie Barricades had been erected and none lives *eie lost. but on tfcn 17tb order wu restored. Everything must be unsettled ttrn by these attempts at rioting 1 be Belgian Minister of Flnancebas made a Tory satisfactory leportupon the foreign trade of Beldam during tfce past year, and it is worthy of remark that, while fcrgland bad to complain of a falllna off. Belgium enjoyi d a larger ftbateol foreign trade (ban in any former year. The official valuation of merchandise was ra>i?td la>t year. The general imports and exports excoded iboft* of JMGby 16 and 27 per cent., the total an.ount being 708 600(HHf. The consumption o< foreign products increased 7 percent Tleteii now little attention paid to anything but Ifce foreign u? *a. and in the city business is dull. Tbe funds are affected by the news above .girsn. Cmi.tIs op?ntd at *4"i to K5. but have receded since to >?'; tbey are now about fU\ Zi The new threeand-a quariir per cents here reali-ed 84io >? India ?trek is at 237. Exchequer bills of June are 32s. to 30s premium Tk? rn>ul->? V 1 .1-11 - ??? >?V BTv-.M.rn untp urrn UUII h^hiu, uu?. urn firmer in noin fnstarces. Spanish three per rents., 2VV?. Rid Portuguese f.ur per cents Mexican J me rallied in II %, Brazilian email arc 7'J%. Dutob t?o-Hi d a ball per rents have been 44.V SI aies are rather better on the whole. A few money purchases have (riven a little tone to the market, which, bowivt-r, t? neither very active nor firm Loner ft. Oct. 20 ? Novol Storri?Spirit* of turpentine have met a dull sale, and the distillers are more illii g fellers at rat ner lower rates; beet British drawn in iti puncheons 37e to :>7a 3d . and for Aineriomn, the nominal price ia "8a. Gd. to 39c , casks included. In rough tuijeiitine nofalt* r*pr rte<l. and l bn prices are l< n.inal at S'n to 9s. :>d I h? dealers are well supplied bj the late arrivals. The market for tar is very helm. and 18'. to Is*. 6d. for Arohangel A cargo of ( 10 bbla St< tkholm. lately arrived told at 16*. Bd., hiid another c; 1000 bi<rrel* at lb* 1)1 per barrel. Tbtin are *uppo*ed to fini?b tha tca.^ou a arrival*. K.i plifh eoal I* k-rUk at 7h Cd. per barrel 'ftarnom l'i ot iit'vm ? Bacon ha* Iven rather nepltcted fincf out lant report \iiodle* have be?n cold at eaaler rates Tit- * middle* of pork we quote 30*. to !>?? and 35* to 46*. fi r e*?t?rn and wo*tern middle* oj Urcou Hhid> arc dull and prior*are'2* to 3a. lower, the felling rate* being '24a. to 30a for plcklo, 1 ard ia in lerjie supply and trade dull at lower prioea, tk ; keg* 44*. to 4*e ; aud barrel* 41* to 44*. Beef annpdkare in limited request, but In tba prion* of tie torn i r we cannot make any alteration I'ork U 6* per tii'ioe lower. The quotation* for ehip*' u*e rule a* followa: India beef, 1'20* to 12.'>* per tierce of 8'l6 Iba.j > **, 1(6* to 1)0* , prime me** (M>*. to 100.; I. d? pork, 1W?* to 110* per tierce of 3u4 lb* ; and prim* net* pork, 40*. to 76* per barrel Cbeera ia c< mlBg in more frtely, hut It meat* with a g iod *ale a* hoot) land) d, at h rmer t?rm*; pood and fine, 48a. to fc2*.; o?d Interior and middling, 40*. to 40*.; 3,109 bene* bare arrived Itith Prorations ? Theetoek of butter continuing on the Increase topethi r with large arrival* cau*e the tr*de to be ler* anxiuu* hu>>r*; a fair extent of bualnie* ba* however been done at I*, to 2< lownr prioea for the middling mark*, but the fine qualitie* support lata latee. The market an the wbole ha* a dull and d< wnaerd tei dt ncy, the trade allowing no disDoaltlon to |>tri btF? except for immediate want* Carlow, C li Mi l I. aid Kilkent j flr*t brand* landed, 78* tooOs ; ? <rk. 71'* to 80k , l.iiftrick 74?. to 76* : Waterford, 74*. to7fl* ; and Sligo and Tralee, 70* to 72* percwt. NMlltf (1< no Iftr on tv.ard or for future ehipinent. 1 he ??>j ply of prime new baron being quite equal to t !.< d> u ?tid. the market bus a dull tone, and the dealer* (UK t aie with much caution, looking for lower prion* afMOba* on naif rou e in All other d?*?rlption* I nut a alow rale, and priced are a tilde in favor of il e buyi r*? prime fi*? able Waterford. landed, 68* to 'Ur ; oih?r Hindi", CO*. to6t)c , and ptime Mont heavy u< at. (tie to I hi percwt Nothing done on b>ard or 1< r fniuie iMpme i.t. buyer* not being disponed to glra tht ratiearktd, ax laipv aupplie* are e*pe??ed No hale ai.d tii rre middle* here. Maine of prime quality n i et with a steady eale but for etale and iDferlor par i l l* the deOieiid I* vt ry dull. I.ard ha* lieen *blil to a fair e*tei t fi r fine bladdered at 74* to 78* . but In other kind* tl < re i* no i.hange, and the market i* dull BarMlid bi * f *iid pork unaltered Id di mand or value. Hicr.- Dealtr* operate with great caution in Kaat II r la. a od on tie i art of holder * a derlra i* manifest d to fell ill a reduction on former lnm? of from Od. to It j.trrwt ()t 14.1U b*g> Bengal at auction the great ?r | mt ton lid b>i>?te at 14h tor fine cleaned hold white, pi id I'I <*Dii|iid On 6d to 13? (id . ordinary and ulririiitp fa'Ceil >ello?l>h white to On. Ad Seller* ?n willing to accept M*.toSt? per ton for dremied ( arc lit,a The n>|'|ily of all *orU In large and the deUTtfli > much n ote limited than la?t year 7allow ? 1 l>e merlet remain* ti ry dull, and thara are few buyer* to be met with, although holder* ara ore williig teller* at eaaler ra?e*; FV i; on tha apot *11 rot fetch more ll an 4Ik (Id Kor the laat two dm nthe there na teller* at 46* to 4lk? 8d.. and for Jaiiuary and bruary neit year 4?? , but no buyer*; tlx Mock nnain* vir> heavy Home made ia qutat, hut a* the *upp'y doea not Inereaio, 4&?. la paid for rn>all lota ct prima maited. TBS V11T LATZSf. IrtlawL Litbbpool, Oct M-1K r M. Wa baTf j?*t bean put in poeaeeaion of the letters of otir apeclallreportere, at Dublin and Clomnel. Can- | falsing. as they do, rob* item* of interesting intelli- I grnce, ?t subjoin ft precis of their content* The entire week bu been occupied by the trial o' Mr. Francia Meagher, at Clonmel. On Monday morn" i?p, he ?af placed at the bar, and every day aiaotha* occupied the came unfortunate position. Ills trial, it U exited, will be over to-night. Wa seed not her* give you a report of tha proceeding*. The papers, I w! loh go out by tha Hibernia, furnish fall detail* > thereof. In the prooeadlngs of Thursday last, there are n few olrcumatanees to whlob it may b* wall to alluda. On the preTlone day tha orown chiefly oooupied them. r<>iTea in obtaining Ignorant and Illiterate polieemen'a rr porta of fpeeohes, aald to hare been delivered by Mr, Mrspber.ontbe day following, Thursday. Xheyproduo" ed a woman named Keenan, who was ?*peot?d to prore flat Mt-aghrr waa at tbe Common* of Baiiingarry on the evenirg before the 'battle!" if not to prove. that he took | ?rt in it Mrs. Kwenan. however, foiled Mr. Attorney General, and on taking her plage in the witness box. she told the judges and jury, with the utmost tut if; fruid imaginable, that she hud been bribed. That the national puree bad paid for some of the articles with which she was beduoked. Notwithstanding thin declaration, the crown oounsel insisted, and she w.n sworn; but, unfortunately for then, tiny could not get scything from her to strengthen their cause; but, on the contrary had it published, that through their agents and subordinates, they were bribing witnesses tc swear away the life of a fellow being The judges have laid down a very stringent law. and one that, with all due respect to their lordships, is, to ray the least of it, unreasonable and oontrary to "common sense" and the first principles of '-justioo," vis : that It a person assists another who oomiuits an act < f treason, he is equally guilty, although not of the treasonable intent of the prime mover. Consequently the court holds that Mr Meagher is accountable for the deeds of Mr. O'Brien, although he may have been one thousand miles off at the time the overt acta ' were couiml ted. It was by virtue of a direction to lhat < fleet that Mr. O'Donobue was found guilty. If suuh is law, it is a disgraoe toourglorious constitution. The general opinion is, tb^t there will be no verdiot in Misgbtr'.s case; but the Attorney General must convict acquit, or continue to prosecute The publio are most activa, anxious to have the royal cieaency extended to Mr. O'Urlen and his fellow convicts Memorials from all quarters of Ireland , ri, lipiiiff M'ntfnrffarii tohill KrftfllHHnv unit in <iHV?.riil I of I be leading towns in England a strong, respectful, I but emphatio demand for ineroy is beiDg got up to the I Quern imploring ber to spare bin life. The Orangemen of Dublin bavo touched bis Excellency not a little on the fore place In their memorial > on b? half of Smith O'Brien, aud fully proved that the government have been guilty of some very naughty acts in suffering certain priests to esoape punishment fci the part they took in the alTair at Uallingarry, &o The Lord Lieutenant baH taken hia departure for KDgland, and will reach London on Monday. All the mibiKterf are to avemble on that day. when the fate . of the Mate frifoners will be decided upon. Lords | Jut-tices have been aworn in to administer the affairs of Ireland, in the absence of hit Kxoellencj. Sellout* UlaturlMinces at Ilavro. Hathk. October 19?P. M. By arrival of the Fteamer at Southampton, we learn that the decree of the Council, published by Prefect Dueard prohibiting the export of potatoes and other articles of tood. has led to a very serious disturbance in the above city. It appeals, that previous to the prohibition. mobs of people had assembled at Keeatnp, and assailed and ill-used the persons engaged in the ship merit After tbe decree was published, the custom bouse authorities declared it tebe illegal, and refusing to obey it. it was recalled bj the Prefect, and the shipment proceeded Upon thin the mob became greatly exofted. and having assembled in a large body, proceeded to attack two Knglith and two French vessels, Ijirg nt the quay, and speedily unloaded and relanded their cargoes Tbe National Guards, to the number of eight hundred, were called out to disperse the rioters, and. upon appearing at the quay, were received with a volley of stones and other missiles, and were finally compelled to charge the rioters at the point of the bayonet. The mob aided and inor ased by a large number of women, resisted and fought desperately, but were at length driven ' away It appears that about fourteen of the Guard, and at.out twice as many of the rioters, were severely i wounded in the affray, and carried to the hospital, i Tbe emrute commenoed at ten o'clock in the morning, i and was net suppressed until six in the evening. It was agreed that the reloading of tbe Knglish vessels should be au pended. Italy. Advices, dated Florence, to tbe 14th of October, have come to band. They Ftate that a new ministry had | been formed, and give tbe following list of members of tbe new cabinet: President of the Council. .M. G. B Nloolani. Interior M. Guerraxxi Foreign Affairs M. Mootanelli. War M. Mariano d'Avala. j 1'ublio Work* M. Maizoni. Public Worship Professor Pigll. Orace and Juatice. M OiDdn Kontani. KitBECCS M. FeDgl. The niemtxrs of the new oabinet all profess the most libera) opinions The announcement of the change of ministry ww received with gnat satisfaction at Leghorn. The Cholera. The accounts from Amsterdam state that the reported cases of cholera, and the alarm caused thereby, had been greatly exaggerated. It appears that the whole of the cares that bare appeared, are only seven, of vibich four bave proved fatal. The AVeathcr. Onr telegraphic com muni cations from London, Kdln- < burgh. Glasgow, and Birmingham report?cold, foguy and rainy weather here; also, In Liverpool it Is of the came character. The l.a?e?t Commercial Intelligence. Londo*, Ootuber 21 ? A M. In the foreign exchanges. yesterday, the amount 1 of business dene was not large, and the rates hardly \ differ in an; instance from those of last post day. I We learn fiom Berlin that the riots at Vienna had | produced an unfavorable effect upon the public secu| rities. Belgian papers received this morning contain a re| view of the trade of that oountry for the last year.? : 1 he general result (hows that it ha* increased 16 to I 27 per cent, ocmpared with the year 1JW8, and the ave>age of the previous fiye years. The export branch ; man fests great improvement. letter* from Bordeaux state that the via tags , throughout the wine districts haa been abundant ? | The prices of wises were never known to be lower. Letters from Leipslo. of the 14th mention that the ' banking house of Hammer b Schmidt were paying a second instalment of 26 per cent upon the claims upon them at their late stoppage, making a total of 58X per I cent, which they have paid altogether. The transactions at the celebrated fair of that city are stated to have been rather dull during the pait week. German goods bad sold readily, but both the I'nolUh Mfirt were ??r? dull nf ftln Thnralatl 1 trsde for most descriptions of good* was pretty active < at tlii* commencement of the fair, but had fallen off grmtly during the laf-t week. From St. Peterfburg. under date of 9th. we learn ! that of Jtoherncffs 14,WO cafks of tallow, whioh have i stood in tryloirm CTrr the market, only miery (mall 1 poitlua will come forward thin fearon. Liverpool Cottoh Markrt. Oot. 21. Our cotton market has opened steadily thi? morning, bet the demand continue* on the limited scale which has ttretailed lor several weeks uast. The state of affairs on the oontinent operutes heavily against Manchester market, and tends to make the demand even more limited for consumption. Trioes are not lower. The tales will, it Is expected, amount to 4 000 baits. Liverpool Conn Markrt, Oct. 21. The trade Is quiet, but steady. No change in American wheat or (lour; but there Is a brUk inquiry for lnaian corn and meal, to supply contract* In Ireland. Maivchritkii Ucoix Marrrt, Oct 21. The business for manufactuied goods and yarn continue without any rhange for the better. The bui-iness done this morning wat at a further reduotion in prices. Marcheitkr Corn Mariit, Oot. 81. Another dull market day here for breadstuff*. The trsnractions were very limited. In prices there is not I any material change?if anything, lower. Huli., Oot 20?P.M. The foreign supplies of corn are liberal this week? i ju re ip, noweier. less 01 norae growm in iu? market than any week aince the harvest. Id our wheat market, only a limited business ha* been done thin week, on account of tha generally soft condition of the supply Old and choloe samples of foreign bad a brisk tale. In some instances at Is per quarter in advance. Kor hi * ard damp wheat* the re was do Dale, except at 2-. a 8 . per quarter decline. We quo :? good Baltic, and Hamburg rod. at 53s. a Cop.; white and mixed, at 64a. a 60*., up to 68s. a 60*. h gh mint d IiaLtilo Mali dg barley whr In request, at 32s. a 34s per qusrter I.ower pamples, for feeding, met a brl?k sale, at 26s a 28s pet quarter for Danish, and small Baltio, 26p. a 27s Oatp and bean* unalteredln demand or ?alue There whs peine inquiry for fine white bol'ing peas, whloh are rath? r higher in price. UlaioOw, Oct. 20, 1848 Our trade transactions here are very dnil to day, aDd United to hi all n tail nflalrs lu no cape, alinont if tDfing*ment* entered Into, except to support the in mediate want* <f bujer* who h*T* generally the turn (1 the maiket In their favor. In yarn*, and, indeed, to all description* of good*, thin renmrk al*o applies In the Iron maiket, the eanie languor prev?iic, the hmintPH l? nniall. In prices, there in no material change. Di Co*n M?**kt, Oct 20. The proceeding* at our market to day were rather dull and languid, and price* chow a declining tendenoy Indian oirn hah a dull *ala. and prloe* vary Irt'Di 84*. to 3Ts. per yr. American flour meet* a dull ?ale. Havbk, Oct. 18, 1848. The cotton market baa been extremely dull, and a great want of confidence ?xlotn Tbe *alj? are 8,U00 hale* of U State* descriptions, *lnce the 12th ln*taut 1 b?re ba* been no import. Notwithstanding the dulne* of tbe marki t we cannot quote any^bange In pricee Tbe middling gradea (Irei oritiruiirn) are wi rtb 6# a fiof , and fair terminate*) 63 a 64f. We are hourly expecting the advloe* by the steamer Acadia at Liverpool. In other artlole*. we may observe that pot*?b la worth fM?>6 and only a very small quantity remain* on hand IUc? i? in llttla demand, and quottd 28 a 31f. The atookli about 009 tUroes and 14,000 bag* Tbm to m demand for vbaleb->n* Tto aooUtln fat It to If 90 k lf.MV The (took a aounU ( r 0 toe*. I grain there baa b?n a Mr inongtaf bmlnMi dot eg the ararage prioa of home bheat, at Uil mu%M day, taa 40f p?r rack of *00 kUogr?mai?? which it coobidarad a low price. Lar<a quantity* of pot*to??bare b??n shipped from henoe to Ureat Britain and Ireland, during tane week* pa?t, and tbeoircainataao* ban great!]* inert-need tbe priae ; the c >uueil however, looking upon it with ji-alouny. have Juat promulgated u V( UOI, piVllKlltlOK BU/ 1 UlkUVl nHipiUOUH, ? -? raid that th? came precaution will b? taken with n pact to wheat fco., if the export demand ihould increase. The weather that hae prtvatlod here during the p?'t week,ha* been extremely bad, so muoh *o, as to hinder much out-door empiojuieot. NEW YORK HERALD. Herth-WMtOemcror Knllen Mid JAMK8 UOHUON HBNNKTT, PROPRIETOR. Tf/#? DAIL Y lihiKALD?l'hrrr edition* every day. two omtR per coi'W?$7 25 per annum. The MORNING hJH'lIVN b I'"!""'"" " " ?r?niif?o error* oretlKJOMtl the firel AtThKNUUN Kl)l'l lUfr am be hud of the rtnMftnf. at 1 o clock. P. M? and the eecond AtTKJUIUON EDITH IN at I Jelock. /'HK H il?XL V HKKALD?tioery Suturilay, for circui#* tin . ?n tfii American Continent?C4 eenteper copy, fit 1 ?wr annum. Hwr? ileum vnckt-t day fur Kuropenn cireulatvn% t6u*r aunum, to include the fxutuyc. 'l'h* liuropean -rflhra U7i I be primed in the French and Kngluh /1 ,iymi ges. ALL LKTTKRS bjmuil, lor lubtcriytione, or with nJwrtUroie-nti, to be po t paid, or the poitu;* toil' he deducted from the mof.ry remittal. AL)VKKTlVtMENTS (rtnetoed every morning, and to he publtehedin the mommy and uftertuHn. eititinne,) at rrneonabi* to be written in a plain, legible m tenner i the proprietor not reejjoneible for erroru in mnntiecrtpt. AMUSEMENTS T1US EVUMNU. PARK TI1EATKB?Fouwbsd on Fact*?Tiib Ncnrova Mam?PAI IIY CA?V. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery?Pi? 4mo -Riw Oui.bahs 8> b kk aii k a?L irr. BROADWAY T1IKATRE, Br?*dw*y?Olai it tub-Valk* dk Sham. NATIONAL TITT.ATRB, OhsthMu Square? J >ctt Shui-I'AR* -Bom Sviuakh Kim in tub DaukBURTON'3 THEATRE. Ohnmhen ?m?l-*iiTiRm)TT1l? ?PBOnaaoB Kiaimv >?r> Hia Suns' I'k .ron hahobs?ahv. THING lilt i jHAHGk? N*W YOUK IN Sl.l *1. BROADWAY CIRCUS, nest Spring it?Eui'KvriiiAniiw.kc MECHANICS' flAl'U Bronlwsy. ?a?r fln?nn-Christy's Mln?trm.s? Ethiopian 3and H, r. m. MINERVA ROOMS?Tatlob's CAMrAiana. MKLODEON?ViKoiniA 8khrnai>brs. STOPPANI HALL, Broadway?Mrxioo Ii.i.utra atkd. SANDS, LENT & CO/8 CIRCUS, 8th itrwt an<l Kowory.? MlI>A<.>KlK, EQI'ESrBIAltUM, &0. HOCIETT LIBRARY.?Cajupuei.i/s Minitbblj, (it 3 ft ad \ P.M. New York, Snturdajr, November 18-18. Actual Circulation of the Herald. Nav'r 3, Friday 2X760 oaplas Tie publication ol the Morning Edition of the HrnOJ commosoM yesterday ac f o'clock, and ttniaited at 10 minutes p.\<i <) o'clock ; tho first Afternoon Edition con. in . c d tt ii ninutet Wore 1 o'clock, and rtnished at 1" minnter pist 2 Volaok: IM leooud at 3 o'olook. ind 'ini<t.?d *tl5 miuvitoa cast 3 o'olook. Circulation of the otlicr Leading Morning Journulw. Courier ?nd F.nqulrer, (daily) 4.S00 Journal of Comineroe 3 5( 0 Daily Express 2,500 Tribune 11 600 Aggregate 22 3t>0 Krrnrg :n the above eetimite will bu corrected on dt'iuate authority The Foreign Ncwa?of Kurope. By the arrival of the steamship liijerma, Boston, we were yesterday placed in poasession of one week's later intelligence from Kurope. Gre?i anxiety was felt tor later news by the public, tu consequence ol the precarious position which General Cavaignac occupied at the previous dates, and the probability that was apparent of his not being able to maintain himsell as President pro Urn of the French republic, much longer. The transition state in which Germany evidently was, at the last accounts, induced us to look for later intelligence from that quarter, too, with much interest; and great desire was manifested to bear whether or not the English government had carried into effect the barbarous sentence which wa* passed on the patriot Smith O'Brien, of hanging, drawing &nd quartering him, and placing his bleed ing limbs at the disposition of the Queen. Italy, likewise, in view of the remarkable and interesting event* which have recently occurred there, occupied much attention. In fact, the sUte * of Europe has been such, since the breaking ou' of the French revolution, as to make the receipt of late news, fiom every part of it, a welcome and eagerly looked for event by the American people. France is in much the sam? state as she was before. General Ciivaignac's inlluence is still on the wane, and the exuberant spirit ol republicanlem which retvadm her people, is eager for an opportunity to occur which will allow of its bursting forth. This opportunity will be furnished by the election for President, which will take place within two weeks. In the meantime, we do not suppose that nny outbreak will occur, or that Cavaignac will be ousted from the post which he occupies. Germany is in a state of fermentation, and every day of her history ie an advance towards the time, not very remote, when she will be one grand republican confederacy, which, on account of its wealth, population and resources, will rank as one of the first in the world, ltussia, we are infotmed, stands prepared, with an army of two hundred thousand men, to take part in German ettaim, and the moment she does so, will witness an effort by France on the other side. Thea would come the grand clash so often predicted, and to confidently ?xi*-cted to take place, as a natural result of the onward march of liberal and democratic opinion in the old world. Fiom Italy the intelligence received by this Fteamfchip is very important. The efforts Frnncc and England to secure a peace between that country and Austria, by wny of mediation, having failed, hostilities were to be renewed on the twenty-second of last mouth, the day on wuiuu uic niiiiiButr unwrru inr uciugrreni partiee would expire. Indeed, with the exception of England, whose t ime of decease i\s a moriircliy, has not yet come, although it is evidently not far off, the whole of Europe is in the throes of revolution, nod every arrival from there, for a long time to come, will bring ua intelligence ol the wasting and crumbling of old and corrupt institutions, and the establishment of new and pure one* in their place. Smith O'Brien'* fate is still uncertain. After the delay which has taken place, and the answer which was given by Lord Clarendon to the committee who waited upon him, we would not be surprised if the sentence of death passed on him !*#? rmt norriPf] intrt * (!# /?! from mofiv#**of nnlinv MV V",,IVM """ Vi VVM v> !'? *?/ A glance at the condition of the old world wrilj satisfy the unprejudiced observer that inind has at last burst the tetters which have for centurie? bound it, and is about to ri??e in it* might, and assert its power. The revolution in France was the commencement of the struggle, snd the movement will not cease until the system, not only of government, but of commerce and finance, which has prevailed in Europe for centuries, will be ut terly and completely annihilated. mis we navo always maintained, despite of the taunts and railery of telf-constituted seeis, and this we shall con. tinuc to maintain, until all of we have predicted shall have been realized, which it wilTbe befoie long. One of the first fruita of ihe great re" volution that is now convulsing the old worldj will be the repudiat on of ail the government* debts of Kuropcan nations. A commercial panic, the like of which the world has never seen, wil1 succeed, out of which will arise a new ayau-in, based, not on a fictitious and falae foundation, but one th<it will be solid, secuie and tangible. Then will Knglnnd's last hour nrrive?thm will she bn revolutionized?and a mighty change come over her. Her haughty aristocrats will then be hurled from their lofty eminences, and the masses of he' overtaxed people will nae superior to the privileged1 fntnii.f anrl Inrdlv few We ?hall place full details of this newa, and a poition of our extennive foreign correspondence, before our readera to-morrow.