Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1848 Page 2
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arrioasly, on the probability of hisiaaagaraUon on the 4th of March next; now, hi* cbencea are, at Watt, eqaal to thoae of Ge?. Cam, and with the oteof Prtnsylvahia, which every day seems to faroith lew proofs of the likelihood of its going , for Taylor, we consider that the probability 'oecemra a certainty of hia election. While descending the Ohio in a little two-boiler steamboat, with a good swell of four feet water in the channel, let us take a passing review of the whole field, and see how the opposing partieaare marshalled? the points where lies their strength [ respectively, and the importance of the vote of Pennsylvania, as that of the reserved corps which la to decide the late of the day. Maine and New Hampshire are pretty geoeral'y conceded to Cats. We shall not interpose an objection to this general opinion. Ver.nont will be good for Taylor, no compromise of consolidation having been t fleeted between the Cass hunk crsand the baruburn ni? free soilers, or the State might have been traded ofi'to Van Buren, as preferable to the Cass men, to seeing its suffrages enrolled among the electoral votes Jor Taylor. Massachusetts go.'d for Taylor; Mr. Webster, for is services, win pernaps ne secretary 01 state, if the chief of Monterey is elected. Mr. Crittcn- ] den expects it. Mr. Mangum has said, that Mr. Crittenden is to be one of Taylor's cabinet. Mr. Clayton wants it, but if Mr. Webster wants it, we iiippcBe all other competitors will give way, for Mr Webster deserves, in the event of the success of the whics. to stand in the attitude of the ladies among all men ofchivalry, that is to say, we suppose, " When Mr. Webster is In the oa*e, Of eourtc ?ll otharr will gire place. So we suppose?unless the princely merchants of Boston make it all square with the distinguished champion of the North, and of the fame, the name and the interests ot the North. And in sayinsi this we mean to sav that such an arrangment would be equally honorable to the parties immediately concerned, and satisfactory, no doubt, to the great whig party at larce, which has very generously come out to help the independent Taylor pirty in ihe elertu n of their candidate, and ouzhl to have fome share in the organization of the cabinet, and in the proceeds of success. If, then, the wliigs are to name the advisers of Cen. Taylor, if elected, and Mr. Webster wants a place, he can't he denied, and the first place, that ia, the place of Mr ll'iehanan, is the only place 1 or Webster. But that berth is already emraited, and was engaged before Mr. Webster failed to make that speech at Baltimore, which the reporters of the lirrnlrj went over from Washington two successive evenings to report bv telegraph, and were disappointed. The berth of the Secretary of State is engaged by Mr. Crittenden ; for, if Mr. Webster has come out at last the strongest, Mr. Crittenden came out the first, and has been out the longest in support ot old Xack. Mr. Truman Smith will have to he sent abroad, perhaps bb Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Poi>e. lor his 3ticcesstul efforts in blending the Native Protestent, and imported Catholic vote of Pennsylvania. Truman haa been a true man, and has handled the proviso like a magician. Jwiode Island, good for Taylor. Connecticut will perhaps admit of a doubt, though we think the free soilerp will unquestionably give the State to Taylor. New York/good foi Taylor, by a heavy plurality. If the General fis elected, New York must be attended to. Gov. Van Ness, ex-collector, has been a eood Taylor man from [the battles of Monterey all the wav through. He would, perhaps, expect the place of Mr. Lawrence, if he expect* anything; and we see no reason for excluding him as a Taylor man because he was a Tyler nun. Watson Webb,to be Naval Collector; and the Post Office to rest between James G. Bennett and Horace Greeley, on the samp terms as the list of letters, or to him who first of the two proposed Old Zack as a suitable candidate. New Jersey, good for Taylor, because we do not suppose the alleged Quaker defection in the whig ranks, on the negro question, will amount to any- ' thing. Pennsylvania, doubtful. A good Quaker observed the other day, in speakingto Thomas M. T. | M'Kenran, the head of the Taylor electoral ticket, as follows:?"I cannot vote for a man of war, ! inomas. ana a sneaaer 01 Diooa, ana a man wno holdes his fellow men in bondage, Thomas; but 1 can vote for thee and thy associates on the whiff ticket; for ye are men of peace, Thomas; and T ' leave it with your discretion, Thomns, to do you j as ye please A gentleman from Westmoreland | county testifies to the validity of ths?t statement; | and 60. we suppose, the mass of the Pennsylvania Suakers and the < Quakers generally will vote?for ey have great distrust of the principles ot the i I regressive democracy, and know not how soon thy may come to a division'of property, if allowed to go on in the control of the councils of the country. The Quakers are a long-headed people. Delaware coed for Tavlor. and Marylard too. Virginia, Cass; North Carolina. Taylor; South Carolina, Cass; Georgia will admit "of a doubt; Florida, for Taylor: Alabama for Cass; Louisiana, Taylor. (Democrats from Louisiana say that thi>t State is extremely doubtful ) We think not. Mississippi, Cass; Texas and Arkansas for Cas?: Tennesffe for Taylor; but the democrats will fight hard in Tennessee, if we may believe all the reports we hear; Kentucky sure for Taylor, so sure that the has sent out some half dozen whig miB?ionarie? to help the cause in other States. Ohio, pretty sure for Ca?ss. Corwin, tne lion of ' the Taylor men in Ohio, is working in the North, among the proviso people, while Gov. Letcher and Gov. Metcalfe, of Kontuckey, are working ; among the Southern Buckeyers for thB redemption of the State. All the available Btump spp.iktf?TH nf flip fhr*?p nnrtipc r% rp out with \fr I Ciiddings, at the bead of the five goilers?John ! Van Buren having returned to look after the hunkers ot New York. Indiana, tor Ca^e. Whigsthfnk it doubtful. Illinois for Cass, though, in Wentworth's district, i Van Buren will do some little mischief in the j democratic ranks. Missouri, rather likely to go for Cass. Mr. Francis J. Grand, lately returned Ironi a , lour of Michigan, Jowa and Wisconsin, uavs, that , free soil will not change the result in eitlur of those .States. We suppose that, even in Wisconsin, this question of free soil has dwindled down to a ba pa telle. We know not how either candidate can be elected without the vote ol Pennsylvania, though it is possible the result may confound all calculations end laugh all prophecies to scorn. The direct personal"popularity of General Taylor has yet to be tried, for the first time, and no nrnn knows to what an extent it may operate in his lavor, though, to all appearances, parties remain 1 divided pretty closely upon old party lines, out-.ide of fhe free soil region. I We shall strike into Ohio to-niiht. PiTTSniBan, Oct 30, 18 W. | Cloting fitat( tncut of y<ur Reporter'* Sccotul Ex- \ j'loraitov, for the Campaign of 18-19, of tlic State of Prnntylvania. Your reporter, to whom was committed the agree- i able, but dillicult, duty of ascertaining, as far as pos- | etble, by a tour ot the f?tate, the probable result in Pennsylvania, in anticipation of the general election of the 7th of November, havingposaed through j the interior of the Commonwealth, stopping two days at Philadelphia, one at Ilanisburgh, a.ul two in this city, with three days passage along the line of the canal, and havmgireely consulted all parties^ and all the si'-ns una indications of the popular sentiment available along the way, asks leave to reixirt ?Ttiat at Philadnohiahe sawnoth'.ng from ihe result of the October election to warrant the 1 invremi<n that the democratic majority in tiie i State hud be*n extinguished; but that the result in .November depended upon h new element in the i canvasn, the strength and effect of which could not there to the least satisfaction be ascertained?that j at llarrisburgh, owing to the ine fliciency of the free soil Organization, and the exacted enect of old party associations diminishing the vote of Van liuitn to a mere bigitflle, it was miposst- ( Me to make up an estimate plausible u,?on it* face, without further information upon thin third clement in the contest, ltsprob-.ble ag/regnte vote, and the probable draft it would make fr in each of the two |?rjncipiil candidates in the li |,J: ! but that to th>' extent of tlie evidences presented from the result in Octobei?the apparent fart tint the democratic strength lud not b>-en polled . and Irt m the presumption that sundry extraneous fac- 1 lions or parts of factions voting for Governor John* aton would coalesce with the free soi'ers in the \ election at h?nd, the chances for Pennsylvania 1 nil appeared to be most favorable to Gen. Usss. Mi.... <i.. i ., . .. ......... i... W'V ?W I V 111 in JIM.I li jiuiiri 1(1 Iil'ntli/, ir J has had the opportunity of it lull consultation with several ol iIih inort . iniofiit * ip|K>rter8 of Van Bur? II. as well ai> with wh ga ana democrat!, and Having canvassed with deliberation the several aspect* ol the election which th? y huve presented, the cnn'i operating to th- daterraination of the verdict oI this State. and th'- presumptive inlltwnc*soI personal Hvailah.l ty, In would a*k briefly ?n eipoaition ol the eontebt n? it appear* in bis jud^'im nt to be shaped, and of the causes and prospective cooaequencea ol the existing division and suh-division ol pirtie*. First, it "^ould err'?1" l^at nn examination mf the vote given at the l*te election in IVnnsyl- | VuaiM. and comparing jt with the vote ol )S|(i and ol 1H4, shows thai the whole vote wai not nut , hv many thousands. In 1HI0, Harnaoa had 144 - I fllf?; V an Burea, 149,67V: Birnev, SIS s total, In 1*4-1, MK had l?7.ft:?: Clay. 1HL- | IDS ; Biniey, 3,138; total. :J31,K71. Increase in lour year*, 43,8m*, vr u Jilt;* more than filtaen j*i eent. A', this rate the increase ol the vote this year ?\iould have been 50,503, which, added to '331,Fjfl would make 382,87+? what the whole vote h juld nave been. Now what ia it 1 The agurebate vote for Johnston and L<ODgstrelh is bnt 336,744, leaving 4ft,^50 votes not polled. The expectations of the democrats depend upon this vote neld in reserve, and it is unwarrantable to suppose that of the 40 or 5(1,000 votes not (tolled, there is a decided majority of democrats; but whether they will vote for Cass, after having been sufficiently indifferent to give Longstreth the goby, the election alone can determine. The 10th of October, however, wns a fine day, and many of the farmers could not nfl'ord to lose tt, from the necessity of getting their wheat and rye into the ground tor the next autumn's crop. In November all this work will be done. From the vote yet to come out, the democrats expect to turn the tide of I victory on tlie 7th of November. Tl,. .U- u...C? TV._1~. u.. * *4V tiouu mr C11IC Itfi i njiwi , uj iium five to tm thousand majority. They expect many warlike d? mocrats to go tor Taylor?they expect many barnburner democrats to vote for Van Buren?they expect to gain largely upon the tarifl question. We had the curiosity to-day to go inrt ugh the Penn cotton mill in Alleghany Gity. It employs Bome 220 operatives in all the processes' of the cotton manufacture from the raw mate| lial to the plain coarse cottons for shirts, <Vc., for which there is a large demand in the Wrbt. The gentleman acting as our pilot said that upon the ten hour system, in addition to the Himsy protection of 1KW, the factory, as well as hII other factories of cotton is doing but a starving business, and only living in ho|>es of better times. We ejfpect, said he, some good yet to come out of thu Mexican war?the heavy debt it has created will comt>el an advance upon the Fchedules of 1846; but we have no laith in Cats. The reason we have not felt Booner the mischief oi the law of Mr. Walker, is, that the tamine in Ireland opened a large market for our produce, and returned us a lar^e surplus in money uatn iu uui iniiuriP, (C1%lll& 1111111 u,c ui liberal purchases of goods. Hence, under this extraordinary state of things, our home manufactures, from tne surplus consumed, have continued in operation. But the evil is now beginning to be felt, not only among the cotton mills, but among the worsted, tne jeans, and the woollen factories, iron works, and glass works. In all these arts we cannot yet compete with the pau|*er labor of Eurojie; and, owing to the revolutions there, and the consequent reduction of prices from the derangement of exchanges, we "fcre now really beginning to ieel the necessity of protection. Depend upon it, sir, the naked question of protection will array all its strength in this contest. Manufactures in this country an- no longer a secondary incidental business?they are a great interest of the first class, commanding in Pennsylvania a balanced power which, when united, decides the opinion ot the State. In 1844, this interest was divided; in 1848, it will be united in support of Tnjlor, because he has promised to sign any bill of protection which Congress may pass. The State, said our conductor, will go for Taylor by from five to ten thousand majority. He will be elected; and once elected, the necessity of meeting Ir.ntK will (in fli#? rlntv nt nrnt^pfmn YVifli Cass, a direct tax might be resorted to, or an excise. or a tax upon^gold watches and silver spoons, and that sort of thing would leave us with ruin staring us in our faces. Such are the views cf the conductors of the cotton mills. Item.?The l'enn mill is a model of its kind. Ite steam power, its caruinsr, spinning, cleaning, drying, and weaving machinery, is of the latest ana most improved inventions, better than that of the old worKs at Lowell, and after the style ot the new mills at Salem and Newburvport. The discipline of the operatives makes it all work together with the system of a beehive. In this respect, however, the only improvement upon the system at Lowell, or, at least, the inott important, is the ten hour system. When at Lowell, on the summer of '46, the day's work of the girls was from twelve to fourteen hours, and, as far as we know, at the same prices. We do not as yet feel assured that, after the act of '42, the compensation to the operatives in co lon mills, was increased, though we know that the profits of the stockholders were enhanced. I3ut, it we could only be warranted in the hope that the labor would be better paid for, in an increase of the tariff, we might advecate protection lor the soke of protection. At all events, a revenue larui upon uiipons is preieruuie 10 a wniskey insurrection. The opinions of llie manufacturing interest in Pennsylvania are clear. First?that the act of IKUi is a democratic measure. Secoud?that it is an inadequate measure of protection. Third?that if Cass is elected, this measure will continue to exist, or that any . improvement which may be made will be insufficient. Therefore, we cannot support Cass. The taijnirg interests, on the other hand, are still getting fair prices for their cropB. They were, to a great extent, supporters of this administration, and, as their interest has not suffered from its policy, they may be considered as equally disposed to the support ot Cass and B'ltler, as the representatives of the democratic party. But the military glory?the plain, honest, and simple republican diameter of Xachary Taylor? h s moderate wliig notions?the charm of his i 7u_ u.. .r L. 11 ttcuir Yemenis, a nu uie uuveny ui iiib { usiiiun, win win, to sonic extent, upon the prestige of democracy. The main difficulty is in ascertaining the extent of the drnft which the unquestioned popuJai ity of General Taylor will make upon the democratic ranks. The whigs expect it will be overwhelming : the democrats believe it will be insignificant. we know not what to e.\|?ect;but we do_ know that the democrats will lose something from this cause. The fite sellers suppose, here ia Pittsburgh, that Taylor will get the Suit.?that many free soil whigs will vote for him?that the <iuakers will vote the whig electoral ticket, and that the barnburners, wl'o are bound to go for Van Buren, will subtract sufficiently from Cass to counterbalance the free soil abolition vote, which went for Johnston and which will go for the Bufldl" nominee. The free soilers have reduced their expectations to 12,000. votes for Van Buren in the State, and they say that the decision depends upon 1 )avid Wilmot. If he and his filends, some 1700 of them, go for Cass,or half of them, the State may go for Cass ; but they think that Davy will cariy his whole strength for Van Buren, and that that will give the State to Taylor. To sum up, ther? 1. The democrats expect to carry the State by from > to 10,000 majority. 2. The whigs expect to carry it by 5, 10, or 15,CKiO minority. 3. The Iree-soilers expect the State to go tor Taj lor. 4. We are compelled to five our own opinion. We ore not at all certain of the jesult. It may be from two to five thousand on either side. The popularity of General Taylor may sweep over all obfctructions: and while we have no interest in the plec.irn ot either candidate, wniie we wouia not ha/.ard a pair of boots on the success of eitlier, while we have ftronp suspicions that Taylor may si'cceed, our original opinion, though reduced to a doubt, is still an opinion that Cass will carry Pennsylvania. niul the main element of this opinion is tlie unjolledvote ol October. The I'norosED Mexican Tariff.?Accounts diller as to the probable late of the tariff measure proposed by the present Mexican Government. W? think the probability is that it will become a law. We propose to give a very slight synopsis of the bill as wo find it in the Mexican papers. '1 he port* of entry are to beh. thritiilf nf Me *irii?Tht mouth of the Rio Urande, T?mptco. Vers Itm, T?l?irn. Cam puchj and glial. In r/w l'ar[fir?llnfttulco, A'-apolco, Maiua lil<, 8aa 111 ; 3 and Kautlii. iii thrdulf of Cniiforiiii?Guyamsp. TV'en fruowr a list of places which are only open to lb* coastwise triide. Korthc due collection of the revenue a steamboat Is lobebnilt for ev?ry port of entry, the exoxanei of which is to be defrayed out of thefevenues ot the cmcms. Tire following articles arc admitted In the porta of entiy (Jetton, ginred or in ?i*d, bre-.* wire, swords and mijfk?-ts, caft nai's of every description, articles of tortoise-(hail and baekborn made entirely of thou* material*. cotton twist of every kind and color. eotton thread for rewipg of every kind and color, thread jilaticlwth, thread rf linen and cottcn mixed, floe reap*. plaything* ?t evtry description. wood of crery kind. (I'Um' n or One; powder, flu* and common; fixtures of etlton f t en-ry Kind. pur* or mixed. The article* of which the Importation Is permitted, will pij the following duty Kaw cotton per cwt. gross, f i! CO ; wire per 1UU lhn . *w tH> ; ftwordx and enmmon firearm*. $4 CO per 100 lb* gTos? ; cart rail* f 1 ('0 per 1(0 lh>. grow : tortoi??-fheli and buckhorn manufacture*. } 12 p*r 100 lb* grum ; all articl"-* of falne jewelry Hirudin ia.) 62>fc. per pounl net ; unbleached cotton twift, l'i'jc pt-rlb.; white cotton t?l*t, IB?, per lb.; ci< reritn i*t Si.'/c per lb ; fewlng cotton of all color*, 76: p?rlb ; thread ]iluncha<l<> of all color*. $1 per lb.; thnad of linen and cotton hilled. 75c. per lb.; One tlo per K0 lb* ; plaything*, (toy*.) ll'i p?r 100 lb? (iroi*; wood of every description, 15 per c??ut on ti e >alu<- of the Invoice: lard In the State of Tabasco, 2*' per real on the invoice eo*t; powder. eoara* or Mne, f-i rtrlOO lb* ; texture* of eotton will ha 6 ccuU per f]uare yard A * i. 14?Tha duty on other article* will be r* faced .<0 per cent, with the following exception* : liood* of *ilk and* mixture of *!k will be entitled ?o only 48 |>er cent. diminution ; ehrjstaJ and glass will also eny j the reduction of M> p?-r cent dl* lucr?|?n.?-;?. iiirpifc, 'I* m?r.?IP Will 1)1 B* f( lUw* : gold, coined or io?Duf?itur.d. 20 p*t o?nt rllver, coined, 8X per cent; pUt?, eUaned. 4Ji uer c?it " Cope (la " 1 he circulation duty of money fa redneed to 2 per cent piyablt on entering the p >rt The import duty will be pay*bl? In e??h allowing thirty working day* for the UnHntf anl tiamlnlog the good*. Aht. IV.?The government I* prohibited from drawing any order* on theeuetom-houaee for dut.l?e already dae, or about to b?enme dm. The Tn?'urer-General or AdmlnUtradftr of the envtom-hoiKe*. who transmit there order*, or the Adralniatrador, Comptroller. or , Cthtr tttc.alt whc rbculd obey them, wlii be d<-prl*#d of tbair Mplojnnt, tad brought Wort a cowrt if Jaatloe. Aar. 23?The gownut will pabiiah thl? law within thirty teji from iti fate, making *aah alteration In the management and accountability of tba enktom-boufcR aa may be ntetaaary, without altering tba (ptrlt of thia law. Thia law will go Into operation on tha day of Ita publication at tha eapital, and Teaaala arriving will cttla accordingly. Ait. M.? Neither tha tariff, nor thoaa articles which rtmain la force of tba tariff of 1846, can be altered nor modified, except by a apaaia^ aat of tha General Congress. Wfette upon tbla subject, we may mention, for tba information of merchant! generally, that tha Mexican Treasury Department ha iasued a circular to the following rflect: That those Interested in prohibited i:ooda introduced into Vara Cm*, '1 ampioo, Matamore*, and other porta, before the 30th of August, ( hrn tbe three moDtha designated bv prior Treasury order*, Allowing Mich good* to be re-exported, terminated,) may still leave their good* la the eiulom house stores until Congress acts finally upon the removal of noise prohibitions, as suggested by the Government.? But the Government is in bo way to beoome responsible for any damage such goods may sustain, the parties interested, an 1 the custom house officers being allowed to take such precautions against damage as may be just and expedient.?N. O. Picayune. City Politics. The RccoRDEaaHir.?There seems to he less excitemrntintbe city about the sieetion of the Recorder tban any other. Each of tbe parties has nominated a candidate, but from wbat we caff learn, there will be a strong vate from both of the democratic faotions for Mr. Tallmadge. One of the most prominent of the berabnrners has asserted that Mr. T. can be elected without the aid of a single whig vote. This may be ro, but tbe election alone will determine the truth of the assertion. It may assume a different aspect altogether when the time for voting oomes round. Assfmbly Nomination.?The whigs of the 3d Assembly district i4th ward) have nominated Joshua Tbureten, Ksq., as their candidate for the Assembly. National Reform Nominations?Tbe national reform party of tbe Oth Congressional district have i 11 - wl rui.l V mr, fni-thulnn ,? t 1 Horace Greeley, Esq , forth* snort term. A Sm*?hino Taylor Meeting.?The whigs of the 12ih ward he Id a meeting on Kriday night, in the ball100m at Manhattanville. which is the upper story of % ( table. While the meeting was about ita organization, the lioor gave way and the whole meeting wan precipitated into the stable Dr. Mandeville had one of hia ecu broken by the fall, and so badly that it ii thought it will be necessary to amputate it. Several others were slightly hurt. The acoident put an end to the meeting fortbe time. Mr. James Mitchell is the barnburner candidate for the Assembly, in tbe Eighth district (ICth ward). Mr. M is very popular in tnat district. He is one of tbe oldt-st retired New York pilots, and be will be as good a pilot in the sea of politics in Albany, as on the ocean off Sandy Hook; that is more than can b? said of all tbe randidates. There is a sollt in the whig tioket; Mr. Jones, Jr , is the regular candidate. J. M. Bell is tl~e hunker nominee. It spppears that we were mistaken in saying that Jonathan I. Coudlngton would vote for Oen. Taylor. He will vole tho democratic free coil ticket at the enluicg election. City Intelligence* The Weather.?The sun roue most beautifully ye tterday morning but in a short time a heavy cloud arose from tbe northwest, which soon over-spread the cVvf 1'hu winH <>hnno?H tn tho oukf *>tnu t r?r? n in.) the clouds gave every appearance of train. Toward* Eight the n In began to fall, and continued at iu^r vbi* up to a late hour. There was ev?ry prospeotfor foul weather to-day. Fibei.?A Are broke out about four o'clock, on Friday morning, in the (pice and coffee mill of Messrs. Beach & Cumining. wliirh was almost entirely destroyed. The fire originated intbea'tio and raged with violence, and it was not extinguished until the upper part of thebuilding, and the greater portion of the stock, which >ras very large, were dettrcyed. There was an insurance of fo,COO on the building and stook, which will probably cover the loss. A tire broke oat about two o'clock on Friday afternoon.; in room No 9 of the Astor House, which was caused by the bursting of a gas pipe. It wac put out with trifling damage. A Serious Fall.?A man named.Bornard Kourke,residing at No. 100 Dank street, accidentally fell into an area at the corner of Orange and Chatham streets, on Thursday night, by which his head was badly fractured. He wax taken to the City Hospital. Hi n Cm eb ? A unall boy was knocked down and run over about noon yesterday by a light wagon, opposite Taismany Hall, lie was very little hurt. Mercer Street.?The respectable portion of the inhabitants of this street, between Prince and Canal streets, have grown weary wlih petitioning the Common Council to have that street lighted with gas, but to no effect. No street in the whole city needs good light more than Mercer street. The disorderly conduct which is nightly enacted therein by lew"i women, and the wanton dereliction of duty on the part of Feme perpon or persons, have become so flagrant that strangers cannot but notice the nuisance which exists so near Broadway. The property in this street, it is stated by those who own it. has depreciated in Talue at least titty per cent within the last five years. Houses, which in any other street so convenient to Broadway, would bring tlx to eight hundred dollars per annum, now only tent J'or from two to four hundred dollars; yet,the taxes are the ease. Mercer street might be m?Ue one of the jno-t respectable street* in the oily, and the lighting of it with gas would add much to ensure that desirable object. It is high time something were, done lor the people of this street, that it should no longer be the constant scene of such disgraceful proceeding*. Police liitelllgeHre. Ckergt of libel ? Officer .Shad bolt arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of Thomas Taterson. on a warrant issued by Justice I.othrop, wherein he stands charged with publishing a prospectus of a pap*r. propored to be published, called the -Avenger;1' in which prospectus the name ol ' Ned," meaning ' K.dward C. Judton," publisher of AVd Bunlline'i Own, was mentioned, together with the uame of "Green," mean ing ' Jon. H. Green." the reformed nimbler. Thi* prospectus contains libellous mattir, rejecting on the character of the complainants in a very outrageous manner; and) in consequence, Justice Lothrop held | the accused to bail in the sum of $1.00U, in each case. lo inb?(rr ice cnarge ?<- court; iu aimuu oi wilicil, lie was ccmmttted to priron Watch Htturnt ?The prisoners brought yesterday morning, before Justice Lothrop. from the different police stations, arrested the nijjht previous, by the polictmvn. were of a small potato grade. The first prisoner called was Klizabeth Howard, as black as the ace ot spades, who war charged with being drunk and disorderly ; (he begged hard to be let off. said it wis , her first olftnee and promised never to be brought in again. The Justice half believing her story, allowed ' her to go under that promise. The nest was Mary Davis, a white woman, of the ; olden school, who said she didn't eare a damn, for judge cr jury, as all they could do was to give her six months on Blackwell's Island, and no more, let them do their d? ndest. The cfilcer said she was a very troublesome woman and abusing every one when the was drunk. The magistrate gave her six months, according to her expectations Honored Johnson was the next called ; she was cbargtd with stealing a shawl,-from'oae of her fellow lodgers. In the fame cell, she was sent below. ?r?. ;vww5 utwu vtvu^uv up ?v fcuc i>?r, UttliVU , Maurice Ferris. en a charge of stealing (200 worth of { copper, at different timer, from th? Brooklyn Whit'; Lead Company. The next pr'soners were Matilda MeGtfty and Kphraim Newsan. a kind of ehirt amir toMns Matilda. Now this Matilda was very good looking, which operated an utual on the Court with ii?toniRhinj< elfect. The policeman charged her with being desorderly in the ftreet, but as he did not seem willing to to pugb the charge, the magistrate allowed her to go, accompanied by her male friend who owed his liberation to the good looks of Miss Matilda. Thomne Smith was charged with stealing a trunk, containing a lot of clothing valued at (&U, the property cf tVm. Wings. Smith was committed for trial by the magistrate. During the day. a man called John Devoe. was arretted by (nicer Mager. of the Kightenth ward, on a charge ot burglary. Detained by the niagibtrute for a further hearing. Holtl Thief'.?A fellow called Wm. Hepburn, alias Howard, alias filowed Hunt, wag arrested yestorday on n ftif-plclon or ronoinn fwdp or ine l>oaraei* at the City Hotel He was detained for examination. Tlie Knlagemeiit of the Uattery. Mb. Kpito* N?t?ilh?t?nding the argument!, 1 am not willing to bellere that 2000 sloop lead* of rock oan b< brought to the frout of tbe Battery, and thrown overboard for notbirg. and lor tbe mere pleasure of the thing Neither can I be mad? to belief* the heavy cut store inperetiuctnre can be put upon it for nothing. Tbe after-filling, by means of tbe rubbish of the city, tray be proeur* d for tbe privilege of dumping, and perhn|:f a trilling pr?nilutu paid. But I am not williug tbe city shall pay ha'' a, million of dollars, nnd my property in the Nintb, Seventeenth nnd TweKh wards, be taxed for tbe purpore of making a few mora ncrta to the Battery. I rati upon tbe Aldermen of all the wards to procure ertimates, andrcotive contrasts, bufure itnallj passed uptn. 1 be Aldermen ot all the upper wards should oppose tbe thinp a* uncalled lor at the present time. ILere u trick at the bottom of the n,<vdn<nt. The t ltizec* of all the upper ward* should awaken to till* matter, tod g?t up petition* *gain*t It. If O e rorporttion wsr.t to speid half a million, let Ihem lirild wharves on tbe Ka.<-t and Noith [rivers, tit.f v? l-ourteenth 'treet. llat tre lire *nfflr.lentty in debt, atid no iui/Ley should b? spent that is not Rrently DMU'd. FOURTEENTH WARD. IJa\ana.?V.y the ptenmnhip Falcon, Gaptnin Tl.onipft.n, In in New Vork, on the evrnine of the 10th. na Havana, where the wa* detained twenty. l(ilt hour*. leaving that port on the 23d inetant we l.i.vt files ot the Unrtta to the date of her departure. 'I be papers teem with manifestation* of loyalty from corporate bodies on tbe occanion of tbe anniversary of Queen iMtella's biltb-day. wbieh we* the 10th Inst. Kignorina 8t? fTnnni and 8l.(00r Marinl, of the opera, at tbeir debut on tbe hoard* of the Tanon Theatre, the 1< rn <t a* tbe chief soprano, and the latter the bacfo ndo. fully justif.i-d tbe high reputation tb?y brought wivh the in fiom hurcpe. The market* lemaln the mme a* at previous date*.?N O. Com. J if* t#, tyc( iti. Indian Co?.'jba? j>.?The iirojiosulu received at tiic office of ihe Coniiriftmoner of lodinn Ai'airn, under the adv<-rtlr?-nieiit cf 30th September Ivt, for proposal* for kornt*hlnj[ good* for the nerrle? of the Indian Derailment. were oj n ncd on the let io?tant. i.d the contract* to the following ptrwsi a* the lowiet bidder* Orant tad Barton, of N?w Yoik, (or the bltikttoMddrjr food* ; W. Irvine HjMop, of New york, for the hardware, agricultural Implement*, and P. Chouteau, Jr. h Co , of New York for tb# *crtbwrrt gunr?fl mAi'ngtnn I'Nl'vN, A?v. 3, Brooklyn Intelllge ne?. Amthii Okit Fihb ik Btoouiit?Svrrotii> Lots or Lire.?A lire broke out about half put nine o'clock, (art night, la the large four story brick house. No. 84 Kulton street, occupied by Mr. Htilwell. as an iron store, which was entirely destroyed, with the greater portion of the content*. The tanea communicated to No. SO, a three story brisk house, oooupled by Mr Jordon, as a hair dressing establishment, which was also destroyed; also to No 34, a four story brick building, occupied by Mr. Valentine Bergen, as a grocery store, which was dertroyed. The greater portion of the contents were saved. Also No. 32, a four story briek house, oooupied by Mr. J. R. Simonson, as wholesale liquor store, whioh was destroyed. The principal portion of the stock was saved. The Art waa supposed to be got pretty well under, when the (tames werH seen hnrntinir from tbi> rosf nf \o. 40. a four-story brick house, the lower floor of which was occupied by the North American Kire Insurance Company; the upper part wan occupied by Dr. Gardner, which was alio destroyed The waliii of nearly all the buildings fell; and, it in said, two young men, belonging to hose company No. 16, of thie city, were consumed by the flumes. A young man belonging to engine cOtiipany No 24, 01 this city, had both his legs badly broken. The bodies of the others had not been recovered at two o'oiock this morning. But for the exertions of Engine Cos. Nos. 22, 21, and SO. of this city, it is impossible to tell what would have been the result. By their prompt aid the flames were subdued. A most Vhameful proceeding occurred at the f?rry, on returning. Many of the firemen who bad labored hard in th? saving of the property, were obliged to pay their fare at the ferry ofllice?quite a grateful return for their voluntary kindness. The whole loss is supposed to be about $60,000. The insurance was not ascertained, nor to whom the property belonged. A Discovery of Sh.vkr Pi.atk.?On Wednesday last ft lady of Brooklyn, taking a walk on Bergen Mill, discovered ayoung man,who bad beeaoo agunningexcursi.m dig up the tarth with the breech of his gun, and take up a large silver dish, wbieh be carefully wrapped in his handkerchief and carried off. He had scarce reached the foot of the bill when two others went to the same place, coming lrom a different direction, and found two lrrgesilTerspoona. There 1b something mysterious about this finding of the plate, which looks very much as if they bad a knowledge of the matter beforehand. That it is tbe proceeds of some robbery there is not ft doubt, and the finders of tbe plate must have been concerned in the perpetration of that robbery. Law Intelligence I'niud Status Circuit Court?Before Judge Nelson.? Win, tl al ! #. CorntUut iV. Lawrence.? This action was brought by tbe plaintiffs against the defendant as collector ef this port, to recover baek the difference, between 'M and 40 per cent, on $700? being an excess of duty paid on imported glass. It appeared the plaintiffs imported a iiuantlty of alass tumb'ers in 1840; in pacing through the Custom House they were app?aised as cut glass, and 40 per cent duty charged; the plaintiffs paid the excoss of duty under protest, and now seek to reoover it back, on the ground that the tumblers were plain glas;; the question involved was one of fact for the jury?that is, whether, under the description of the article in the act of Coigrees, under which the action was brought, the tumblers were plain or cut. The jury found a verdict for the defendant. Court ok Spkcial Sks.honBj.N'ov. 8 ?Before the Recorder, and Aldermen Fitzgerald and Croliu-t.?About thirty unfortunates were summoned to appear and answer to sundries, acts of violence against person*, petty thieving, fte . ke. The ccurt was in good hup or. and the convicts, for the most part, got off with the lightest sentences. The excuse in most of the esses was '-drunkenness and incompeteucy " to judge of right or wrong. Jane Smith was tried for stealing a three dollar bill frtm Kdward A. Brown It was in evidence that Jane and Brown had been holding a prNate conversation in the street; Jane's hands got coid. and she obtained rermistioii of her friend to put them in ii. i'l.; . . JJIB JIUCBCl, 1,"" OUC IJUl riU 01 her cold fingers, and strange to tell. Kdward got rid of bis t' ree dollar bill at just about the same time. Suspicions were certainly somewhat against Jane, but as the gallant Kdward did not appear in court to give bis testimony, sbe was acquitted the court advising her to find some other place to warm her hands in futnre. James Gallagher, alia? Pat Merwln. was brought befote the magistrates to answer to a charge of having stolen a piece of pig iron from the side walk, in one of the streets near the East River. James is the oldest regular customer at the Court of Special Sessiocs, having been, off and on, serving the city for the last twenty years. When he was first introduced he was a black haired, stal worth vagabond, and as good natured as a thief need be. The chances, in fact, were that unless he was caught by some one who knew him. hit little failing wonld go unpunished; for his iuflnite good humor would lau*h him through, and ho wonld joke the sufferer until he let up, that Is refused to prosecute. Pat has now got to be white haired ; but ho still looks hearty and good natured When appealed to, this morning, to say whether he was "guilty" or " not guilty" he stoutly claimed Ihe whitest ianccence. Prisoner.? Oh. yer 'oner. I was just going along th# street when I seed the bit of iron lyiDg there, an ov ccorre 1 picked it up, just as another honest man would take up anything that was of value to him. Ai d CaoLius?Why, Patrick, you've been picking up things for the last twenty years : ain't you tired Of it J?"t? / Pruoker ?Long' life til yer'oner, an on me word now. its a long time since 1 whs here before; may it please ye's. that's the troth. (Probably he had been up to BlackTrell's Island for a long term.) Gallagher's picking op propensity procured him a sentence of sixty days' imprisonment on Blackwell's Island. Next Tuesday being election day there will be no court, and. therefore. Friday next will bring the culprits of a week's gathering before the bar of Special Sessions. Steamship Washington.?'Tiie London Times, of the lStli of Oct., has the following paragraph:? SorTHiMfxoN. Tuesday evening, Oct". 17.?The ship VajblYgton, Oaptal* J. Johnston, Jr , has just arrived from Ert-men, which city she left at 2 P. M., on Sunday, with 92 passengers, and a considerable rurgo, for New York. Professor Joseph Gungel's celebrated German band, numbering 52 persons, are passengers by the Washington from Bremen to New York, intending to take a professional tour In the United States. The U. S frigate St. Lawrencc would leave about the 20tE inst., fir Cowes and Southampton. On her arrival at Bremeibaven. she saluted with 21 guns, and the fcrt replied with 42 guns. There wa* no commercial or political news of importance at Bremen. The Clill.r.'tt u?u ?v> ?>"?' - uiu?IJ--B ui kQ as,;ravut?-a character was prevalent. The Washington brought a clean bill of health, and,inconsequence, obtained immediate pratique at the quarantine ground clT Ryde. Ule of Wight. Dle?l, On Saturday morning, the 4th Instant, after a short but severe illDesg. Gkoimik Kobi:rt?o!*, aged 2l? yearn, 8 months and 2 days. Hit friends and thoK* of his brothers, Thomas and Alexander, in New York, and William Hector and his brotbyr-jn law, John Forrest, in Brooklyn, are invited to attend his funeral, this day, (Sunday.) at two o'clock, from the residence of his brother William, 67 Tillery street, Braokiyn THE LATEST ADVICES RE< E1VET1 l'ROM all parts of the world, AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Antwerp .TTT.Oot 8 Oct 3 Arti'T ^ Molajni...... Oot 'i Af?ic?' ,<j Mauritin* July Aix la Cl.ajello Oct 1? JJimioh Oi t 13 ? Sfev:::;::: Augsl 2 A OX Caje* ^P? W lUdrid Oct 13 AupiHice Iloy 4 ? ij ui ,,iY? 13 *1 x JlrctUu ?! }|a,iwin|ll* Oct l Berlin Oct IS M?tanra? Oct 2.1 Ba^I* S.e,,t2$ 21 Batavia Joly 25 Mazailan Au? 27 Bay of Island?, NZ... . Juno 2 Matamorm Oct 9 Brescia ?cpt24 Mexico (City) Oot 13 Bermuda Oct 10 Monterey, Cjl Jnty 4 Bucno?Ayrc? Ann 27 Monterey,NM g^t 3 Be'lie. lion Cct 9 Montevideo Au? Bartwloec Oot ? Menda, TmucaUa An? 24 Bocota Jn'y H ?*?*<?. M* Sept 14 BoliTla Art ."1 Naples o^t ]| Bonaire Ann 2B Neovlbw Oot IA Bnhin A?'n IS J'aliu.SI June 10 Bombay /?A"g 31 Orep.n tCitv) May 2 Butt"' Ssmtiago tict !> J*a ' '? talifcmia.,.. . Auj 13 Brut ?l? Oct fi J =ira Oct <1 Berne Oct 13 J . . Oct??. p. m. B' <? arcit rent i, au I rince )>o( Canton JulyiUS Porto tat>ello 4 Copenhagen Oct 7 'aicnnn Oet g Cape Town, CG1I Aug H '"lit I etre, tJuad Sent 27 Calcutta Aug 13 J emam'neo figpt 10 ConkUnlinoi le Kept 2S [ nnama cf? C?|.?.ilon;? Oct 2 { - 111 Caril' iiun Oot ill > e?th, Hungary Oct ? < 1 n An? "!_? rosen 7 Cliihiiiiliua . . Ftf?t 7 * ur,,,a Sunt ! Citr'ticgo* ...Oct 11 J r?n?ie Met 1*2 Cape I In) lieu Oct 7 ?? ??, P K . rol .iir Oct r? I r,*?J?urpf *3 < ' a< a 8cpt 19 \l 1 1 urg ? , C?rtli*g<n? AugiW f);l ? CnnipcB^lij Oct H Km.lanefro. Sept 12 < iiuitnl-o An* 7 ? Or?nd?, SA Aiif 14 < Aun J? 2*n Juan, CA Ant !? Cracow Cot II Jon Wi-uo Jun.)27 llac.tirj Apl 7 *"n rr?nc|?-o July 1 t nwil A pi 10 B?n?A Muriliii Sept 16 C'i?t? Kkn Fell 10 w ' elfrnburj Oct 6 Dan I lie Sept !' Out 12 iHmtnru Oct .'I J' Helena *vpt 19 Drcrdcn June 17 JJtllwiBiaa ott 111 Pullin Pept 15 g' -fan'idc Cut.? Oct H LiHlm.rv Oct A gt John*, PR SaptlW ??ti?d..t . July 21 ?w? la Oran.le Oct Fuyal Oct B |J*Cn>U Oct ]?; Flon b(*i? 8cp? 17 2* Domingo Sept 1 Florrii'f Oct 14 J'Ulie* Sent 38 Fr? Oct 17 Jlntgait Sept 11 Calvert on Cct 11 Surinam Sep! 22 Gibraltar Oof 2 |Siip?por? \ng J (Jnajin a. I'll An* 12 Nual Oof ft (Inutamalu Stptltfi SantaFc, NIC Sept 12 Ctnea Oct II Sydney. NSW Tunc 12 GoMivcr Oct 4 Smyrna S?pt M Guayaquil Aug l? Stmikho'm Oct 4 ' - > .- i 1,1 Ul I >.,4.. Hmw**"" "" ' ' * 0''t PlitW, Mnrt An* 73 I Oct 2t St llortli<ilni,iew? July 1ft '//////..Vo* 17 Rtr.uni.un s,r' r. ||?nitnfZ .....Oct 14 Turin Oo? l.'J ll'luri To*n, V 1)1.... . M?y 31 TrimMm'1 ?1?> C'ul>? Oct ft llftlioTt r ? Of* 1 Tnl( ;i)iUlnft ? A'H I ncn?>iiiiti,B.i ? Totiitl aim 7 j?,, v Sept 24 T umi'ioo ( ?'t It Ji n ni'lc Ar* 71 T. ' fcl>l2j{ Jndni I Jiify2S J?ly H KinMt?i>, J'"" 2"' Turk* lalnnd <>"? * K- I."?l 'inr Sept 2fi Trieste. Oct 10 Lnndi'Ti C'ci2l, a.m. VulpcmlM) ft Mvi r|H "I Oct 11, p.m. VcmCwi J*01 " l^>pn*yr? BcptlS Vienna 0?J l.minriK "ct 1 Vcnlc? Oct 10 u?f ?lc R?pt 2? Tcrona. S*P' 7 U.kon Oet : WimM-lcii Rjpt 14 l,.f, 0?t 7 W?r?*w O- t 7 MunlU Jnlr l!? WalHwhU 8?Pt li Mxlrnr An* 2ft ZoiulW A?'g * 2 Fbom Bilio.?We are indebted to the schooner Th??a. P. Penoyer for file* of paper* from Belize, Hoadnraa. He detlrea ua to report that the Joho R. Gardner, Capt. PtdiMOi, would Mil for New York on the 8th. Tm only thing Had in our 111m 1> the following fiom the Okttrvtr of tha lflih Frum Central Janiti.-Oar advice* from tha city of Guatemala are of the most dtiaatreua and deplorable kind. All government and order are at aa end within the city, and without It I* aurronnded by the inaurgen'a under command of Serapio Crua. The ineurgenta demand lour daja' aacking of tha city, or one hundred thousand dollar*. Fifty thouaand had been offered, but it wu refuaed. and It ia feared that uuleoa the whole amount demanded la given them, they will put their threat into execution, aa there ia no authority or power to prevent f?em. We learn that aohoonera were da (patched on Thuraday to Ycabal to bring back the gooda recently ahlpped from thin port for the interior.?O. Picayune, Oit.Tth. HARIT1UE INTKLLIOEKOB. Movement* of the Ocean Steamships. To arrive at Una York. To laU from Neio York. ijvcb pool. uvnrooL. America, Harrison, Oct 28 ?arah Sands, Thompson,Nov 17 Cambria, frhannon, Mot 11 Europa, Lott, Nov 8 Canada, Judges, Nov US America, Ha'rison, Nov 22 Eur<'l ?,, Doc 16 Cumbria, Shannon, Sec 6 NOI'THAMPTON, fco. SOUTHAMPTON, fco. Washington, Juhnton. 8eptJ0 Washington. Johnston, Oct JU To arrive at Host on. To i ail from Ho* ton. IJ VIM POOL. IJVESPOOL. Acadia, Dcugl&fs, Nov 4 Hibernia, Stone, Nov 1 Britannia. Lane, Nov 18 Acadia, Douglass, Nov 24 Niagara, Ryrie, Dec 2 Britannia, Lang, Deo '8 Movement* of the galling Packet*. SAtpi to Arrive. SMpi to Sail. I.I VCH POOI.. LIVERPOOL. Columbia, Furber, Oct 16 New World. Knight Nov6 l'atrick Henry, Delaao, Oct 21 John R Skiddy, Luce, Nov 11 Waterloo, Allan, Oct 26 Fidelia, Yaaton, Nov IS' New York, Cropper, Nov 1 Hottingner. Bursley, Nov 11 Uueen of the ft eat, Nov ti Roscius. Kldridga, Nov 26 Sheridan, Cornish, Nov 11 Isaac Wright, Marshal), Doc 1 portsmouth, portsmouth. Sir Rol't Peel, Chadwiok, Oct 8 II Hudson, Pratt, Nov 8 Devonshire, Mi rgan, Oct lt> Wellington, Chadwiok, Not 16 Prince Albert, Meyer, Oct 21 Mgt Kvant, Tinker. Nov 24 Westminster. Weincr, Nov 1 Switzerland, Fletcher, Dec 1 HATllt, KArillC. St Dearie, U owe. Oct*) Bavaria, Anthony, Nov 10 Splendid, Crawford, Nov 1 Havre. Ainsworth, Oct 20 New York, Line*. Nov 10 Oneida, Funek, Dec 1 Port of New York, November .1,1848. ic* mitt R 57 | moon sets 12 ('4 UB MCTB 5 3 | HIGH W?T*H 2 13 Cleared. Stcamihips? I'nitcd State*, Haeksufl, New Orleans, C Mar shall: Northerner. Budd, Charleston, Sp< fiord. Tileston fc Co. Ships-rMtuinon. Cordon, Liverpool, t A Delano: Disdain, My. rick, do, Dunham fc Dimon: Spur tan. (Br) Fhher, do; Franeonia, Barge, Savannah, li Riebartlt; Charleston, Brown, Charleston; Ridenut, Brown, do. Barks? Maria Louisa, (Belg) llullenbroek, Ghent, J C Kun* klcuion; < lio, (Nor) Hovels, St Thooius, *c. Schmidt & Balchen; Elisabeth, Young. Galveston, Uusiey& Murray; Brazilian (Uam) llecchson, Uavana, W Wei.?er. Briga? Joseph Ham, (Br) Fullerton, Windsor, N S; Osceola, Baker, Mobile; Can line Clark, Uoflman. Philadelphia; James Reach, Broun, Boston. Lird Nelson. (Br) Cunningham, Cork aLda market. Metropolis. Reniett. Richmond. Schs?Eliza Ann. Reed, Mobile: Pamplico, Milford, Washingtni; Charles Wells, Frames, Wilmington; Fairtield, McMath, Noif<>lk;Founty, Lorgs'reet, PhiladMUilo; S Towasend, Ludlaui. Frankliu; Cordelia, Sim peon. Bostfwj/Tlonteiutna. Fauhrothcrr, Philadelphia; E 8 Powell, Powell. Washington; Eagle, Stnl'h, Bath; Extra. Terrill, Bridgeport; Governor, smith, Philadelphia; American Belle, Bsaston, Boston. Slot'pc?Juno, Alers, Providence; Gaielle, Ferguson, Providence. Arrived. Packet ship Liverpool, Eld ridge, Liverpool. 11th tilt, with mdr. and I'bssergers, to wootfhuU & Mintarn. 2lstult, lat 17 31, ion 43 44, taw the wreck of the bark l^ord CTcnelg, of Liverpool, fore mast gene just above the deck; mainmast just below the top milen mast, cloro to the cap; the sea washing across her dock. Packet chip Sir R< l?rt Peel. Chadwiek, London and Portsmouth, 22 da\a with m<lie and pa-scagera to Qrinnell, Miuturn k Co. Oct. 10th, iat 4h 4ti. Ion >3 30, exchanged signals with ship Independence, li radish, lienoe lor London. Oct 20. lat 47 40, loa 40, a* a ship staLding to ihc eastward, with tie lossof inn u and mizzen topmast. At the same time passed the figure head of ashipnainted nhite. Oct 29, lat 41 08. Ion 6J 12, saw ship Richard 0 winthrop, standing to the westward. Oet 30. lat 40 30, len CS 30, tnoke hark Kate Kearney, S/i day* Iron Grcenook for StJohni, N li. The R P was up to Georges Bank iu 17 dayi from Portsmouth. i-acvet nilji JMoaorn cods, uvsrpooi, net 13th, with mdie to Sp"flV.'id,TilMton V Co British ship Viotoris, Brig**. Liveapool. 3ti days, with ceal and tilt. 260 r>aH?tKer? to W C Picktrsjill it Co. Oot 2*, lat 42, Ion 64, tpoke Br ship Intr'nsic. from Liverpool for N?w York.? The day previous in a gale, lie hr.d iprutg !iis foremast, and lost a man overboard. British ship Oregon, Sinnott. Liverpool, 31 daps, with salt, to Barclay fc. Livingston. 315 steerage jassenjera, to Haritden fc Co. Ship Sntton, Eckcrman, Charleston, 8 days, with ri> a, kc. to Thos ? ardle 31st ult, olT the Chesapeake, exchanged signals with ship J alia Howard hence for Charleston. 1st instant, lat JS Of, Ion 74 SO, lignalised bri? Excel, hence for Savannah. British ship Liverpool. Ratebook, Liverpool, 4(1 days, with salt, to Williams tk Cuion. No date, lat 4913, Ion 31 30 west, sp ike bark Louiba Blisr, (of Warren, K I) 18 days from New York for Cork. Ship Lady Ar'e'la, (of Boston) Glover, Antwerp, with mJse to Nttmlth fe M'alsh. 29th ult, lat 40 09, loa <14, fell in with and boarded Sptnish schr Clio, of >nd from Cardenas f >r Ualiux. who had on the I6th and 27th experienced a sever* gale, hid decks swept, lost all mils?supplied them. Snip Columbus, McSerrcn, Liverpool, SI days, with md;c to D k A kinssland. The C has bee? 4 days to tbe westward of George's B ink, with s'ronc northwest wind. 17th Oot. lat 20 19, Inn 17 21, exchanged signals with packet shir Liverpool, for New York. N Smith, steerage passeuipr, was killed by the fulling of a studding rail boom. Ship HepuMic. Biiven, Liverpool, Bert 19, with mdso, to Hatbeck ft Co. lias lost sails, spars, kc. Br ship Victoria, Briggs. bom Liverpool, with salt to order, and 217 pasteniters. Ship He public. Blivfn, Liverpool. 4.'> days, with mdze and 3A2 b <? ui. u t... ?..I > we?t?rlj ga!< s the w hole passage, off Capo Clear; lost ttio minne topmast, and nearly two stilt* cl sail* on the paui?v?. Ob the 27th Oet: in a revert rule. D Bmitody, a lad of 18 years of ago, a native of Liverpool, fell from a loft overboard, and wag drowned, esiip Elinlia Denison, Graves, from Antwerp and Flushing Sept 2Stb, with mdzc and 150 passengers t" K L> llnrlbut. 1st lust, ofl South Shoal, Naatu.ket, epoke brig Phoenix, from Bath for Havana. Ship Rosooe, Riker, Antworp, Oct 4. and 23 days front the Dowra, with rrdfe to Zercg* k Co. Saw at anchor in the IXwrs. bark A J lli'.l, bound to westward from Bremen. Oct Jj, lat 43 .V), Ion .*7, sp< ke bark Maicia, from St IVtcrobutv for Boa t< n. tnmc date, was in eu with a packet ship bound wes'; same date, exct arged sKUals with uow Arairican ship, b"iini K. shewing a yeflow signal with a black eroai. 2?th, on the 11 I part < f Sable Pauk, experienced a v.ry severe gate from ?38, ibilting to SW\ and blowing with great violent for two hour->. thipTi cuota, Collins, New Orleans, IS days, with cotton, fcc. to J Atkma. Sailed lu co with thir Loreno, from Liverpool.? FpcVe, no date, lat 3D 25, Ion 2S 10, bark M?panz, from Galveeton for N York. Baik Urrlin, Welch, 9t I'oti irbur?, Aug 30, and Elsinore.lSth Sept, with tnd.e tn Nrv.Vdd It iruft. The M experienced a leavy rale rffCor'1 Raoe. from SIB, the barometer down to231 '. 'tli September, in latitude SO. longitude IS, spoke Hamburg thip H ymar. froa Newcastle. Eng. for Philadelphia, 11 diys ont. Came timo, exchanged signals with hark 4 ino?'janee, Meleher. from Newcastle, for N York. 12th nit, lat 47 M, Ion , 32 Ml, ported an American f hip steering east, showing a white , tug, biue cross. ;9th nit, lat 40 SO, Ion 65 20, n*>ke bark Jnni , atta from Antwerp fi r N Ycrk- 27th and 2Rth ult. lat 41 01, Ion ' fti, experienced a heavy gale from IM to Nff., saw a number of j vestels with lrss of sails and span. Biitith batk Caroline, Bell, Halifax. 7 dajs, In ballast, to or- 1 dor. Bark Clatirra. Rich, Vnlagn, Oct 6, with fruit, tee. to Howes It (; dfrey, Oct 9, lat SJ 2, Ion 15 25, spike brig Ann Maria. Bark Mar Flower, Hitchcock, Amsterdam, with mdre, to S D ' llnrlbnt Jfc Co. Bremen bark Orient, Bremen, 44 daji, with mdie and 131 | MM|n Bremen bark Caroline, Strieker, with mdae, to Pavenstadt & Brig Olive, Sumner,8 days from Eastport, with lath, ke, to Bturgexfe Co. Swedish bark Augusta, Damburgh, 8 days from Boston, in ballad to Jchmidt k Bolchen. Br IH* Grace Darling, Parron,!) day a from Halifax. NS, maokm 1 to Hiram Smith. Oct 30, lat 40 ;i5, Ion ?, spoke Br Khr Materia, 10 days from Halifax for New York. Bitg Amaum, Moore, Machiaa. with timber, to 0 W Slmpxin. brig Lauretta of ProTinretowo, Cook, Havana, 23d Oot. with tu<ar, to order. 30th instant, 60 miles oorth of Batteras, apoke K-br 8arrh, of New Bedford for Charlo*ton. lit instant, l'-0 n. i!os north of Hattcraa, spoke ship Julia Howard, honoe for Char!ettoi>. Swedish brii John, Bookman, <8 <lays from Gottenburg, with SM tons iron to Itoorman fc Johnston. British brig Rio, Moore, Halifax, 18 days, with eoal. Brig Aomian, Simmons, Calalf, 7 days, with lath to Smith fc Benton. Brig George, Shuttock, Bragdon, Marseilles, 63 days, with mdse to F Lord. Brig John Dukin, Bnrkett, Calais, 7 days, with lumber to master. Brig Extra, Cooper, from Baltimore, fox St John*, N F. put la in dittK'ss. S< l.r Amelia, Smith, Baltimore, 5 days, with mdM to Mailler k lord. Scbr J P I.of ar.J, nallet, Boston, to N L McCready. 8<1,r Francis Hallett, Church, Pmldenco, with oil, to Grinnell L Miumm. Eel r Amelia Smith, Baltimore, mdse. Schr Frank Mc Math, Norfolk, 3 days, Pr).r I)n? irl UVhkti r. l.iHinhlir*. LuIiAiV with Hsh MirMaito, Uall. with lime. Behr Berry, Niikereon, Providenje. Relit On?< Dillon, Fall River. Pehr Ann Onrd??r, Iloopcr, New Haven. Sctr Woleott, Kfdcr. Baton, to Uay'.on ki Sprains. Srl.r M M Klott? l'tter.'on, Boaton, m'l*\ B<Jir nitwit I.a? riTH, Allen. Boston, miiM. Scl.r Corhtli*. Blimey. Driindywlre, corn meal, Ifce. Sehr Julitm I'rlnale, Carter, New l,ondon, in bellMt. M r Old e, gmalley, Salem, w ith mdae. Pehr K U Nash. Rnn,?dcll, Georgetown, S C. cotton. Mir Imelin*, Patterson, Calais. ? day*. Xel r PUarro, Ckace. liofton, with t>?h. Mir Rnai ell. Con*. Portland, Ct With rtrne. Pebr Ariadne, Grin'm. Newioit Pot r Byron, minlv, Boston, with nah. Pchr John C'ooieT k Cn, Voting, Borton, v ltli mdic. Hark StnUi rd, Prewott, Benton, 8 day* Sehr Erie, Chamturlaln, Ilift m. Hi )ir Verity. Mon'romery, Ca?tport. tkhr Meiart, Held, Cabin, with lath. Below* 2 ihit>? and 21 arkf. Sailed. 8tf?m?hlpi Inlted State*, New Orleans Northerner, CIuuImt<-ti; C.ahcuton, New Orleans. At ai.<J>< r. at Riler'n l?!and, a new harX from New l,oadnn. Herald Alarlne Corr*?|x>ii?lenc?. Paut Cf'iik.r, Bkhxi'MA, Oct 2A?Br ?Mp Gla*(|ow, Hamlin, 7C ilayn fr>'ni I1?v?b?, forCowea, arr on Sunday, in diatn-M. On tKn .Inli* i.f ll r I'III, i,,at r.ft ll.,l..r?. ?l f T r? rlMI I Oil H m> ViTO fiilc, or hurricane, during which, lo?t spsrn, mils, bulwarks, and 11 *ni(5 leaV. Pliecontinues to leak very bitdly, and will haro to discharge cargo. ISr fiTlK Btardnrd, Newman, from Philadelphia, bound to Triiidnd orr PunJay, In diitrees, having,on the lAth Inak, in i>t xlot 7^881 itwiiaaoed a hurricane whichttnv mt w it) on Itr beam ends, obliting them to out away tl.a forctop. most Tin- StMidaid, on the lClli inst, In latiM .VI len Tl> 40 s|M>he the I rig K wis, of and for daltli, from Jamaica, in the loss of mallimrstand saila. Vessel leaking ladly ami out of provisions; wM nuu'litd with some by the Standard. Ilr. fehr Brilliant, flntcMns, frrm B?rmnd? for Tar south. I A, out ten days, returnid on the Jilt, havirg sprung l.i r fnrtir < st dnrint the gs!e of the 15t!t Wail Bfetme* Creat M'taUrn, arriv<d an Friday from ?t'ti<han.ptoii. and aailrd oh Punilsy for Nassau, lljvans, ko. In port, hilts May Flower, t f St John'i N B. an I Blue NoM, of 8t Stephen*, N B. Arr on Monday, tchr Susan, Bray, front A l<u at.dtla; Br. brig Falcon, for N York, anils t' -day. Tl e hull aid cargo (box shook*)of a dcre'ict vessel. whl' h was towed into pert two roor Uti ago, art to he told tomorrow by order of the Vice Admiralty Court, 'lit* hull la of no vaiue?the tern Is gore, and nothing waa found on board to indicate where ?le belonged. Pi c waa bottom op when lound, atui appeared tn have b?en a l<n.? tiraein that condition. The aliooki arc branded ,*P. P. Wlnf." An Am built yaul boat wia found on the south aide of Bermuda on Friday last. She haa no nama on liar turn, and does noO a| i > nr to have b on long In the watrf. 7nr Am ? hb M*vrix>wri?. Fo?tcr, which left New York lOtli inat for Bermuda, with cat tie, hat not Jot arrived. MliMllanrow. Bni?i Earw*. Cooper, Baltimore, forSt Johna, NF waa towed lalo this port yeaterday mcrnlng, by pilot boat R K C .'ijns. Cap'am V'vo|*s ttatei that, on Friday, Oct ittlli, at 7 r.M., la( ty I SO, Icd M. while ljt?? to is ipU Mtiek nod raiay at the ItM via* rua iato by ft ?hip (the peekot chip Argo, at thlvp?rt^He ber report oa the flrit Imtoax) carrying away hi-t ' bowrprit, jib boom, tat head*, topmaata, and of foreyard, tudau.g nil boom*, utavir* la oat bow*, ripping ap th? deck, capdiiBi wludlais, oombjng* of foraaeattle, and otherwi** iajBi lag ua. The captain of the brig Citra take* the enrlieet opportunity it repurili g liia ea'e arrival la thla port for the purpo*e of toothing the contcienee of the mulri ?f tee "hij who lo ofuelly abandoi ea a* under r>oh clicuraitnuoo* Oct a>th, lat ay UT, lonfiS S3, (poke ihip Kockal, 40 boar* from Bojtoa, who kindly tendered ua antataoce. Juniata, of oboro (Me), MortA, from Baacor bound 10 New Haven with a eargo ef lumber, oa Kridfty the 27th nit, exparieaoed a heavy gal* >rom NNB, a very heavy aearunDingat 4 PM; ?nppo*ed to berltarof Nautuoket South Shoal*; Dove to under cloeed reeled main to pen I at 8 PM; our deek load hipped to leeward. Kvery effort waa made to get the brig betote the wind, tut could not eucceed, when ahe filled her waate full of water, cleaicd away her deok load aa aoon a* poajible. dating whioh time the brig oapeized; oat the main Itnrarda, ml all tianditgot on her aido. She lay an bour, an 1 rxhted, with both meata gone, and full of water; boat* gone, hatehea waabed f B. ciiliin warhed to pieces, aud everythiug gonu, book charts, rrnpair, quadrant, clothing, aud provisions; fcand out barrel of hiesd, alter being in the water twelve hour*. and abouttsven gallons of water cr?w remained on the quaruc dook four dajs. with no clotting but what they bad on. On the 31st nit, at J PH. the ship Oregon, ('apt Sooontt, of and trow Liverpool, bound to New Vork, linve in sight Captain Sennot went on hoard, and ttok from the wreck Captain Morton and crew, who begs to return thank a toCspt 9 for the kind treatment received while on board of the t)regou. I' b hehh Ivmvu. Oapt Davis, sailed from N Orleans, 29th f rptcuilt r lor Philadelphia, ai>d haa not since b?ea heard ot 1 lie wrtok fallen in with on the '22d ult, in lat 29, lone 79,by ths Louisa, at Philadelphia, aa mentioned on the 30th ult, it it sup* pon d n.ay have Icon tke Eufaula. Brig Merrimac, Goodwin, abandoned od her voyage from Newbury port to St Jag", was a good veaeel, of about 160 tons. 5 year* ol?, valued at JKk Oil, and insnred at the Bolton office foe t62tt>. The cargo was valued at aboit (A,000, and was shipped by vaiious personr, some of whom were not Insured. $1200 is injured on the csr?o at the Mutual Safety Olftos, New York,and SKCO at the N E Mutual Boston. The freight money is also ia bund at the Mutual Lafety otfide, Now Yorlt. Ship Katharine Jackson.?Captain Stafford writes to the ow ners of the ship at Btltimoro, tl>at the had bilged, and a heavy swell driven her to within (O yards of the beaoh. But little hope is entertained of her getting off. IIrig Cvanar e, from New Orloais, for Boston, wti at Ed raitou, on the Slit, with lots of boat, mainsail, nnd other da wtl). Whalemen Sailed from New Bedford, 2d, ibip Lancaster, Almy, Indian Ocean, BpoKen. 8chr Sam Slick, from Boston for Dominica, no date, iat 33, loa fti, two days out, cut *wny foremast. Bark Virginia, Ami, Turner, of Charleston, Oct 90, off <Jeor,<town. ffonign Porta* Abe.ndaiil, previous to Sept 2y-Cld, America, Stephenson, N Orleans. Bn mlHATH. Oct 7?Sid Qaston, Blancke, N York. Bhistoi., Oot. 13.-Sid Berkeley, Trotter, Cardiff and New Vtrlr. Cadiz, Sept 30? Sid Lochinvar, Wcstcntt, Castlne; Oet 1, Clara, I'enliallun, Portsmouth. In port, Oct 6, atiip Meteor, Lawlenoe, Boston, same day. Sid, ship Otomoco. Brown, do, CnoftrrAiiT, Oct. liith.?Bark Brontes. Curtis, for Beet in ; Gleaner, innith ; liulnive, Dodge ; and Princeton. Hoed. unc. Cahi.i:nas, Oot as?Burks Ranger. from Matantas for I'ortA land next day; brigs linidce, Iloyt, from New York, ar lftfif (lares Ferdinand, (Lrctn) lor do, 1 or 5d?. Sid, lark Burntiam, Boston; liii 1 on<|uin, Sawyir, New Yotk. Conn, Oot lb?Eliiin liarrn, iirambaH, Phi'adclphia. (and slnkl7tl> for Limerick ) Sid 12tu, Arthur Pickeriug Niokerson. (fr m Norfolk) New Hose; Utb, Charles, WoJge, (fiom Balti mow,) Limerick; 17th, Jenny Lind, Me Kay. (trum Liverpool) Uoson, witli emigrants. Dimuv, rot 12?fcmiannn.Crockfr, New York. Dovtk Koahs, Oct. lh.?Moaette, Sonierby, from New Orleans, and 4 da frnm Cowta foe London. lying with both anchofs bead, all the chain a out, blowing a heavy gale from eastward. Sailed from Hull, Oct.JU. Adept, Burn*, Moli.le. I)kai, "ct 17?Ait Stella, Oliver, London, (and bailed tot the teaman!) oottenhi'Br., Oct 3?Arr Isabella, Merrill, Cronradt; Undine, Bouiidy, Bremen. tiK.toA Oct 0?ait Eclipse, Crosa, Sumatra Gihraltar, Oet 3?Cld Amaioa, Chason, Ma'v*, Jane. f ii ioe, do; aid 5, bark Adeline and Eliia, Hillcrt, Button: brigj Reitdei r, W ina?r, N York; t'ulaiki, Norrit, Now Orleans, and a fleet of vends bound weft., Oct 23? Barks Childe Harold, Rich, for New York; diag; John Btison, Wcldon, do, do; Cumberland, Woodbury, art 2lst; LyTa Remington from ?Ld for l'hila, diag; ship Ttiorndike, fluids, from Boston, diss; brigs Eliaibeth, Goodwin, from Newport, do; Adela. Lunty, from Charleston, uac; Pur est, Quod win, from Motile, diag; Shawmut, York, from Cienfuegot, arr dismasted; Charles, Lot*, from Bath, disK Commerce, Sab talis. fr< m Charleston, do; Julia Clifford, Staples, from ?l*ucor. di?g, Sutton, Brazier, from Porland, do; Lucy Ann Dugan, Trotr. Laguns, repairing; G W Knight, Monroe, from Portland, rwuly; Oatoricus. Baton, from andn r Boston ready. Ka NSO,Oet7?Arr Aquilla, New Cronstadt. I Livcrfocl, Oet 2u?From our correspondent?Cld, Orphan Williams, Mew York, now in the river, and will rail this afternoon. Very few vessels remain in this port, the North and Esat winds havii g clcared our docks. In port, loading, Robert Watt, for ? pnlaihic la; Elizabeth, Brazos de Santidge: Triton, Charleston; Tlietis, City Po-nt; Cass, of London, and Lady Milton, Mobile; ileiald, Jol.n Garrow, and Ci?y of Lincoln, New Orleans; Belen, Savannah. Madeira. Sept 17?Arr Virginia Ann. Turner. London, (and Id 21 for Charleston. Mai.acia, Oct 3? Bark Maris,Baker, for Bolton, 2 days. Mai.aga, Oct 9?Left bark Maria, Baker, for Boston; tith, brigs Wolcott, Nortbam, N York; 9th, Arabian, Dawes Chirle* tor, 8C. Rothray, Isle of Bute, Oct 11?Eld Ansa. Black, Boston; Madagascar, McKin.'er, New York, both from the Clyde. ris Jakiiso, S?i>t 1j- Brigs Aiorcn, Ameabury, from n York via Cadiz, unc; Emma Prcatcoti, Loo, from do, via Cape Verds, do Southampton, Oct. 1!>.?Washington, ( ) Johnston, Bremen, for New York. St Johns, N F, Oct 13?Brig Eliza Taylor, Eldridjce, New York; achrs Nautilus. K<lley. do; Babe, Billingslsy, B jston; brvMary Griffin, do; lHtJi, brig UsJdemnna, Miller, New York. In port, lilg, bri.'n Kliza Taylor, for Bniil; aehre Bebe, au<l United, Brother, for New York. Vlik, Oct 11?Arr Odd Fellow, Pomroy, Hamburg. Bomt Porta. Fobton, Not 3?Arr steamship Bibemia, (Br) Shannon, Liverpool 21?tult, Halifax (whirs she arr at 11 am.) Bark Apphia Muria, Hillings; Malaga 31, Gibraltar 5th alt.; brig Dukvon, Sheffield, constsudt.i Viu ^uarautine, bri^ Velocity, (Br) Anderson, Cork. Sid?Ship Arie'.Oopp, liong Kong and Canton; bark Oiantha, Blown, Cliarleatou; brigs Am phi trite, (Dutch) JanMt, furinam, Virginia, Tread way, Savannah; aohrs Tellus, lladl^, ' uonaivef; i icior, i>eny, i or*. snipa .\nci, stAiesmtu, Rockingham, Walter H Jores bark Mary, H'helJun, PhiUtijl) hi*; brig* Clement, Selmi, Zoaobia; icbn Tellus, Brigs Boitoa and Er e tailed lust nighr. r, Not .1?An Br ?hip T-nly Peel, .fonei. New York; 1 atk K II Ch>[iin, Collier. ? diya from New Orleans. The brie Glamorgan. t ccke, tin Kinpaton, Jam was In the hay. Sclir Michigan. Terry, New York. Cld (hip Stephen Luroian, Clarke, Livtrfol; bark Baltimore. Le Br u, Kiode Janeiro and a market; Br kotoh Comet, Hauling*, Tri.n l id: tchrd Ar'owiif Mors", Areelbo; farah C Meirill, Strong. New York. Sid ship Cantf.n, Packard. fur Liverpool; hark Itiura, Nickerson, Bt atou; hark Fainl rw, Cator, Bio de Janeiro. Bfikast, Oct2!l?An. bark F A Kvereit, (new) Carlton, Sedgwick., Oet t1?A it, ihip Adam*, Gay, Liverpool. l iiaiu katow, Oct 31?Air. str Southerner. Berrv, New York; l ark Randane (Br ) Hutchinson, Liverpool. Cld, itr laabel, Rollins, Havana via Key H eat and Savannah; ihip Sonth Carolina, Hamilton, New York, t.rig Clarendon. Cowell, Jcrv y City; sehr Tuted, I'etty, Bnrbor Island; nchr John Kan dill. Lodge, N Orleana JSld.ichra Atlialia, Purnell, New York; W II Uaiuurd, Saur.dcri, Franklin, I.a. GABi.ixrB.Oet 2G?brig Lar.-h, , Savanna*; schre Enda, Kv'ly, NYork; ,'*)th, brig Forester, (new) , Bath; aehr CIJriida. Perdleton, NYork. Md, . R<e?ey, Breaking*, Franklin, La; 27th, hrigi W ildes P Walker, Edgecomb,'MaUu>ia?; 2t-th, brig Cuaimack, bioknun, Kaltimore. ii)f;\HTowv,Oo. 31?An bri.' Gulnare, Ellmi, N Orleane.for Boiton; Gen Taylor. Fnlea, Norfolk for Portland; 2d, ?ehr? Mji tie,, New York for Hin-'iam; Kanawha, CUmin, New * uin ht rrauamri* Uoi.xra'a Hoi.i, Nov 1?Art?<h? A rude, Mc Curdy, Baltioo-a f<r Boaton ; Grand Island. Post, NYork for Newbury port Puwd by last evening, bri* Ohio, York, from Boston Tift lljanuia. for Mobile. Maciiiam Port, Oct 25?arr ach Irani p'c. RobMna. \Yrrk. Norkoi.k, Nov. 2.?Arr bri* 0 W Kendall. Keed, N York: Icl.ra AdriftD, H'alpo'e, N York : St Mftry'a 1-ake, N York ; M*rf Johnson, Johnson. N York. CId brig J Crandoa, Cftttot, B<irbadoer. Sid achr Volunteer, Tale, Boston. Nantitkkt. Nov 2? arr, ichr lKsry, Thoracika, Portland alp Clio, Mitchell, N York. N>.w BroKORr, Nov 2?Ait, ahip Timolein,Shearman, Bre? Sept 2t); achr J Kuslirg, Smith, I'lnla; aloop Sarah und Ca thatlne, t haw, New York. Nkw 3 avi* (no date)?Arr, aloop Empire, Smith, New York. Failed, aelir Alexander, Ncalo, Phil; Sam Lewis. Burroughs, do; I*' Brothers, Spury, do. N> w Onu:AH?. Scj?t 27?CW ?chr? William s Mtry, Robert*, CerpimChriMl; Sarah tt Elizabeth, Webb, Hen?aeolo. NmnicRK, N C, Oct Aitiohr Ann Ilfinan, Johoaon, New Vrrk. Cld 2H, sohr* lone, llarticli, Mew Vert; A K '.'L mf'3 II, Salter, do; S L Mitchell. Artnmn, do. PnoTirncsrr, No* 2-Arr. ?bhr? Abel Rtory, Cam, Norfolk, Btlcw, ahenn brig w ith deck load of bark; and two fore and af. ichr m ppoaed ona(laden. forti.ann Nor 2?Ait, ?chr? Coral, Nickeraon, NVart; John Dalian, Burkett,Cail<i>, for NYork. Cld bark John Brouer, Tolford, Apalaehicola; briR Bortland, Safford, Tardena Md; brill Financier. Bait; Ealian. (new.) Joriau, Philic; achr Caller do. Pohthmovtii, Not 1?nhip Danube, (new, 7">J ton*) Chase, Mobile. Sai km, Nov 3?Sid, bri? On mil ton. Africv Thomaiton, Oct 2s?Arr, hirk Mary H Kendall, Crocker, Cronitadt: ichr* E^Ie. and Leo, NYork: 2<th . tclm Trenton, Wo>d; Zephyr, Croakctt, anil Brule, Prewty, NVork. 8,d. , urlR Jo ?|'h, *i''lar. NOrlenne; >chr John, Sleeper, NTork. IVu MuniToi*, OetSl?Arr brlR Annanon: Almoy. Newport: r< hr K w urown. Jor.e.i, r??w ?or?- nov i, on: t"i.r vary Oao!^, Gilohriit, for Portsmouth. N IF. Famtcii^ein Sailed. Davasa And N*w Osi.mns-Stcamaliip United Bum?0 I.awton. B Halloo, Jr, and lady; n P Duncan ami lady, C R Qr-ien, < lady, two children. aud two sorvanta; Mr Ma^ee a ad lady, J Dixon. D CunnlEgluim, Mr Kelly, two children and imnia; A Nicholson and lady, Mr and Mri Sixer. Mii? Hi omder and servants tjol J Winthrop, D A <>tden, Mis? Kidler, Miaa IH*oa, two Miaac* I.iin| her, A (>raeie, Uuy, two children k id nnrw; J u Voa Bergen aad .ady, two Mlwes Bronion, Uaaior Rronnon and rei'Tan'-: M Wl|. lett. J Ten clean Pedro Uabcllo*, W J Dewey, J ft Marshall. .1 U Wctmora, Mr?C Adam*. Mrs MiCall. Mlu MeCnll. twoohildr^n and two nurses; Madame Ueredia, Mr Matthew*, I. Chittenden. * M 4 eel u. Mr* Qart and two chtlro i| Mil Id ly; two M mcs Kddy; Mini Mhllory MrMontant D Eoheneodta, Capt I 0 fliruird avl lady, D Hutihaid, N A Burnhatn, W C Anderson; W P Bibcock. K liurnl), Mtdawe Pioo, R W Ureaory. C Millard, J L B 'pird, J B Wright. TC CI'mour llln Madder, Mr? O'SulllrAn and servant. J L 0'jnlli?an, Mr Southard C Yale, Jr, W 1" lied look. Capt tV I'erler, Mi?? Jehn on, Mfbter Levy, Mr* Hod, Mrs Wilson, J It Teueh, II, ,r. J A KJwarda, I'luef Justice Oakley. J <! I arli ar.d lady. E Turk and Ijiii, Mratochriae, ICaOmlirav, A V L'otliranc, B L Stena, Don Joaa Barnett, lady; fon nod antlitcr, A T Dunl'iir, child and mime; C S Digraa, t.' A Poole; II f. Hoardman, A Montgomery K Rrownaon, E >?1l, 8 M.arro d * i 11 i_ ti v a d r r ir.n denhc ff. Mr* J KoMaatcr, child and itivaot, C Tobias D Uoacaa, M t> Stetun. I* A Ml Han, R S llinea, J I)odd, R P 0 llortlett, 8 lrufmit, A Dnf'ar, J II Fait, W B Biwlcl, A Ncel, B VYV JohnroD, Mrs Van Bibtan and Krvant, and two Mia* Van Btb'en, Mra lAnch. lltvAM tin N ? Ob i ? *-.??Stratnthlr Oalvem?n?'Tho? Prili taid, Ed Pritrhurd, M IVocdhoijr. New Orleamt?Mrj Martinand family; Mra (lariitnrd family; Mra Starr *r? Ler, nnr*t, ?rd cMMren; J Unfit, J V riabt. B n Porter. US N| *rS?l'rr, JMr* faltir. and lami y; J li Wartar, Mn Warner, nurno, and children; Mr II Mnr;/aii. Mr and Mr* Martin, Mri Ularkmlr*. aurae and infant; L Bandet, K J Bliih, J no T M< U>?n Genr^e II T Cole, J fiirdon.Wni Mr?< n, Thoi Kv?n? and Win the ntwri*" I.dwt<fiN?I'aclet fliir Vorttown? Fall* Ravin; Miw l/ont<lr% Viiif M liPtirdcK Waller Crow In; Vrancia IJoji.; Janl?? Lloyd; M ?St l.uke ntiii 'In.; Mir. 11a >nr? Fhip BaltiirnT*?M Lemareplc'iiist, P.trif; Paul Di ret*, Arlje: FA Lohae, Jr, HWtlnrr. Pa; Br Ilriit-?t Allium.NY; I!cni> Oil.ani, l.f.n* Mand; J-feph Rlnprer, New Yotk. f*a?ai-iigera ArrlTod. I.oi?i>oji?Shiii Kir Kolrrt Feel?Cbattaa Briftn, Mia? R 8 BrlKfi', MIm A B Mrlrnti. of New (itWtw; II D Wayer, 8 Iyjvln nn<t Isdy. Mtrnter K Levin imd Miss C Levin and Mrratfl; Janci Mutter, George Marr, of London; Mra A Riofi de K'>n*rii. Maitar fntloa <*e Keicrp. Ma/'cr Jitan da Roger*, of Havana; Rev I, M tear*, of Iiitcl ft?ld, I'uam J.-t. n Wykmanl lady. 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