Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1848 Page 3
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TELE?RAPHI< ICTELLHMMB. Krom the Soatk. Wamiimoton, Nor. 6,1W Owen Connolly, an officer at the capltol, at Washington, *u somewhat injured by tbe &ate falling on him. The injunction cam of Hugh MoKlrath ?#. SeoretaTJ of tbe Treasury, wai eonotaded oo Saturday. The inunotlou in a similar oase, pending, is to bo heard aext Saturday. A beaif gale bas been exprrlrnoed on (he Chesapeake Bay. No serlons damages, however, are reported. 1 he Southern telegraph has been broken by the torn, near Raleigh Signs In Ohio. Colu,\ibus, Not. fl?T r.M. Sign* of ft stormy day for the election. The whlgs Hill fight desperately; bo will the demoorftta. Political JkCxclteinvnt. Baltimoke, Not. S, 1848. Th? city, thia evening. is in ft yreat state of exoltement Both parties aro breaking up eaoh other's ''coops,'1 ftnd liberating the cooped loafer*. Some Surd fighting is expected, if these things oontinue. Markets. Cincinnati, Not. 4, 1818. There ftre moderate sale* of flour, at previous prions. Sales ofWhiskryat 10 ? lrt^c ptr gallon Sales of 2,000 kegs Western but'ei II 9ft 6>?o. per lb. It has been raining most of the^lay. Ai.bant, Not 6,1848. Beoeipts by canal since Saturday's report?Flour J ((h) wheat, 12lXR)bu-b; corn. 24 2<j0 buah.; barley, 22,bur-h. Sales of 2000 bbU of flour wet', a if, including good and straight brands Uenesee, Western, &o , at $5 25 a 5 37.V Wheat? Sales of 8,000 bnsh went made at $1 09 (Ohio; to $1 15. Barley Sal?-a of 3.200 ouch wtru made at 01 a 02c. Rye ?S ties of 2 300 bunh. were made at 02c. Oats?Sales Of 3,0 X) bush, were offered at previous ratn. TUeatrlcul and Muilcal. Park Thkatrk.? The comedy of "London Assurance" wan produced lant evening, with Mr. H. PUoide as Sir Harcourt Court ey, Walcot as Dazzle, and Mia, Mary Taylor as Lady (jay Spanker. The play went Off well, with the exoeptton 'hat on* or two of the characters were sightly lm| erfeot in their parts. (We tnay be mirtaken, but we rather imagined that part of the embarrassment was the fault of the prompter We hare leen ptople helped out of worxe straits without the audience being made so painfully aware of their deficiency ) Mr. H. Placide is so long identified with the oharacter of Sir Harcourt Courtley and his excellence uso universally kuo*n. that ?? htve no naed to cay more than that be was as good a* utual. Miss Taylrr made a very epriahtly. dishing Lady (Jay Spanker. All she needs is a little mire study, to make ber perfect in the part. The conraoter of Veung Courtley is ratbir lnHpid, but t.larRe really gare I ist to it by hie very capital acting Accustomed to see Mr. Tom Placide in Medale, we expt'Ot-d to be disappointed with Mr Chapman h deliu>ation of it; but he W.H quite an fait in the part, and hi* excellent actLng Sustained the spirit of the piece throughout Waloot's Dur.ile was capital Tonight Mr. Piacide appears in t"o pieces, the -'Comedy of Krrors"and "Grandfather Whitehead 11 In the first, he and hid brother appear as tfe two Droning. MifS Mary Tavlor annea ax i-uciana The performance conclude with ttie l'aroe Of "Anything for ft Change " Dovtkhy Theatre.?This house was. last evening, filled with a most brilliant and fashionable aadience and never have we teen an entertai ument pass off with more iclat. The new piece of 'Time Tries All," was most raocestful. and we must accord the most unqualified praise to Miss Wnymw. for tier ni.U-Ddid aitiaj ia it. The plot of the piece is briefly this?L ?ura Leesoo, {Miss Wejmss.) a spoiled child, ful of rouantio ideas M to what a lover ought to be, ilrdaiuH tue id*a of wedding ber father s partuer and adopted son. Matthew Bate*. (J. H Hall,) though he is a mist estimable person, and lias doaied on b*r l'rom her infancy. She accordingly dismisses him witn the injunction never to return, uutil he can m-rejy consider her an a sister, lie accordingly leaves her, and no** abroad, afi?rwards, however, she repents, and time, which Atrioa all, tries ber sorely. She find* out, too late, ih Superiority of the rejected one over the crowd of cox<vjtn'<>* that solicit h?r hand, and the climax is put io>he&ref)Hntance when ?be he rs that he is about.t<*returniJ'.otwed{another The scenes in the refund a 5. art-jHOsi iaiereatlng. and Miss Weyuiss' aotiog ?<< reU y euperb She is. indeed, a star of the tir.-t luhku tude in the th iatrloal beralsnbers. and the thunder* of applause which Were given her, were but dne tribut- to hrr merit The peiee oonoludes happi y for an parti -s and we must eon for Bihwy a day. Mim Conway, (bar drst appear anoe In America.) and Mr. Winaus Iibvl- each a part in it, and Mr. Jordan, as the Hon Mr. Yawn, who falls asleep whilst offering his hind to Laura. w*s very amuetng Miss Conway made a most favorable impresses, though her part did not afford tier much Moope; still, ?? saw eioigh to be eouviucfd hat the will be a great addition to the company. The drama of Life," ; the conceit ot the Se eua ier* and a ball t d'vertmeinent, concluded the euterta:nm-nts. To-nig at the came interesting bill will be repeated. Bboadway Theatre?Bui?tr'n play. the ' Lady Of Lyons." was performed last night, at this theatre, in fine style, and with an excellent oast. This play owes all the favor it has met with from the publio, to the novelty, singularity, and interest of the plot, which is taken Irom a well known French t ile. entitled ' The Btllows-Mnuder *' Ico*es soareely any tUiug to the autbcr. except the almost mt>obanlual stitchlag together ot the events of the story, in a dialogue remarkably dn-titu'e ot genius, dramatic variety, or b-auty. Miss Wal.ack, kh Pauline. add*-d greatly, last night, to her previous good lame TLis young lady, in spite of the disadvantage of a rather flat physiognomy. has. by evident study and attention. attained great talsnt in the mimic art. If she has any fault, it is in b"ing to) lachrjmose. In the *cene in Melnotte's cottage, .Kaa ikat sko Km?>. /lnna/4 ..% ,1 married to her gai diner instead of ber great prince, her playing wa> magnificent Th? struggle b?tw??n her pride and her love tor Claude *?< a di-tinnuished ?ffoit Her exclamation. "Oh! how I loved thiw man ! a serf ! a tlave ' " wait aduiftable and etf'ctive The mingled motion* of a recent love. stri>ggling wifi a present deoeption. of pride without bound*, shaking (I! in spite ot herself. a lor- almost without b >uads and lore at laat evidently prevailing over pride, was altogether beautifuly pictured Mr. F Wallauk, jr , performed the part or Claud-* with great skill , it was a line study. As a counterfeit prince, a degraded peasant, and a noble soldier, be a->suued ea^h v?rieiy ci cbsracter with much propriety ; it waa an elaborate effort?peih at too elaborate. Mr. Fredericks, Mi Beauseant. and wr Shaw, a' (Jlavm, were the most interesting and amui-ing characters in the piece, and performed ibeir pari* to perfection Kor suoh a night Mlbe *>th November. 1S4S. it was a wonderful house. ' National Theatre.?The audieno at thia house lart evening, was quite numerous, and. as usual, the performances were most enthusiastically applauded The favorite domestic drama of the ,;Go.den Farmur' was the first pit ce, and Jemmy 'l'wlioher, Old Mobb, : tbe Golden Farmer, the bibulous H>irry Hammer, and all the dramalii perton* of this ever popular piece, were as interesting * ever Mrs Woodward (from the Bostcn iheatres. we believe.) appeared as Klicabeth, tbe farmer's wife, and made quite a hit; eh* was much applauded. as also were the rest of tbe per for tier* Mr. ! Dawes, as Mobb. in the first piece, and the Prince Fu- | Frinoe," was much applauded. he 1* ft mo?t exoellent p?r?THl actor, and does everyihing he undertake* with judgment and intelligence The extravaganza wan re- 1 ceived with immense applause It is a very funny affair, and very tasteful y got up; and C Burke, Taylor. I'ardy. Herbert, and tie rent, ail do their paita mo?.t funnily, the Ingin In it i? exoellent. and the whole piece wan entirely kiio e-eMil The little 1 piece of the 'Widow's Vic'iu.'' whb pNved between the dianin and the ex'ravegan*?. Mr*. Isherwood appeared in it a-Mm. Hattleton. she was received With mu.ih enthusiasm. Of Mr ( baulrau's iaiuiitable imitation* < f eminent actor* ax give* in this piece, we can only *ay they ar? the mo<t ex'riordina.y pirl'ormhoi - we have ever seen Tot y are exact and perfeot ' imitation*. To night the hill is in. st interacting Bubtom1* Thi?t?i.-The performance at this en 1 ticlng place of acsusement waa again greeted with a highly respectable audience, tn ?itn?<M the much admired play of "Dombey k Son,'* which piece appears to Jnoteast' In attraction on each night of its represent*tion Mr Burton, an Captain < ui tie, took the old sailor charaeUr to perfection Mr Brougham, as JaoX llunsby, ' a man as own give an opinion as i- an opinion ' was ezeeidliglj well played M rr Bougham,a?Suaau Nipper, a> usual. very good, keeping the house in contlnual m- rriment at the imuiUab e manner she repre FfUUd tin? iriMi Ht*rYMit jorl lo.?ln. ih? unr >rtun?tu | Toot*, who i? d?vot?d to VIim D-unhey, mid ihfou: of Ma )>tnttlooii?. wft-, on f*?>in.?-r ouo?*ioai, l?k?n by IVIr H?yiuond. ?ud purwlj \ir tt. iim nuil- (juitu a bil in tbt* character. by lii.4 droll and wil.ty Dimmer k??pinn thi- ai'd r?ot> delighted dU' ink the ?h lt> of t,h? purformanrn Tb(> p1ee? is g>odin feelf, sod well c?*f, m <-*ch |?rlormi r ?u min 4 hi? putt in ? pttrfest m?ujjpr Tbe eveuing!" ouit ?ujmt-uic ooneludod with Via*- ?ttrartiv? comedy oi "Ufeiiftb of Proron? Kl>?tuLfii hv \ir Hurt n m ?.*L oti'mI l*-nt, who with Vr? v"t-rt?-?ri k vir- Trapper, knpt ik?t ?v.dt?-nce eoHVU]flrd wmh UtiL*hti*r from ht'ulnoing to end Mr llurtoii now bi'ln fur t?? h?v? * profitabit) vowoo, on ?.li? produ 11 no a of good hg.1 ftufoMimtial J>lfC?P. ?' tllONC abovn MilII Jt d lo. SiNB'. Lvni ft Co'nH ir fi KvN Oihcai ? Th? attraction* to thiK popular ?c-iu-ot "ojoymont tfintin uud>miii?<h?il a? tin outflowing auJIouou, and their long uid l"Ud aoolauiatlon", ?ti ob a Ii a i rfO*lr?d, fullj teftiflid l ut night A itfw ?nd diTi>r*lfl>id programme f rm^d tli>'c p oliig -orn>' of Ltii? Wfok x p?r* ?**cOt< d wi'h --.ill and wduiiii, munry aot, m.d a'd raloolatt-d to cx'nb't to thn l>tt?r tho announci-nuiit of lh> bi I fhix ?? ? !% must rounlude the regalement ot tbl(> ' a ? i'' I c inpany, and w? oannot t *i% nn .t? the K es to I Ii public that omit ensue f >r mgWcting to w|i i he mini anmaiog and ratlou*! f nterlalnmentr (jliablf t? all a^i-h. bat o.h be produced Th'i ft>nind f < ntertal riment* will of a r? petition of thoee ant* th>kt l?*t nigh'. d*v?'op >d the l>owe't< of thin taleutrd uompiny, t,:> tin ArR'.ilcatlon of i. nioct f.?f hloaabli- audience Rno?n*?T ('inert Taron I'lirt^riji -At an evidence of ttaa popularity of tli < iir.-tii, under etioh r.atiegenieiit si* ine lJr?iitli*? Olfrii* I" n <w oiaduoUd, tl.r app?nrnbu<> of th? "hou??, it ugh'., In dl<?'t>d filly tlit* pTrd ailiu^t t? i "T the p.iijllc <it?>lttif11cdlng tle i *o ' no . t to a p dl. Ilea. .?i !!*? Ibe prttvi.' t . xUibitrd ft 1'ar | 1 ~>ore than naval aaeemblsge, atttaotad by th? Boat r. ?ad irawft ft eqoeatriana that oould posaibly be !*T* '?> the raeouroaa of tbli and other conn^,'eyrtit Hut In the short spaoe necessarily 'rr, . ,m lV* our oustomary oriticism, we ar? comIvln.H f? .ui?" ?u* B"u#1 P*l?U?g8* to a at tin of State " tbU we muit aver, that In all our we and diversified entertain ?? the ?r<?*d7hV ?\*out to any exhibition we ha.'? witnef^.1 la J1'11'' The equestrian feats of Mrs '-wroU are n?* ~ ?e described?neither the still vau 11.40K of / Only witness the reality to-night, au 4 every woe*. * sire night thia week Christy's Minstrels.? No excitement of day kind, political or any other, can draw off the attention of the public from the oonoerts of these most inimitable performers, aa their room is crowded night after night. They are in fiaealnging order now-a-days. a ad now is the time to hear them They will give their usual conoert every evening of this week. Gunol's celebrated band has arrived by the steamer Washington, and will give oaa of their gran>2 instrumental concerts in a few days. M*Loneos.?White's Serenaders, as usual, are having crowded bouses nightly at the Melodeon it is a moet genteel place of amusement, and well worth visit 1d?. Campbell's Minstrel* are waxing rloh in fame and money, too. we should think, as they have crowded houses every evening Their songs are always applauded in the warmest manner, and the various members of the company all prove themselves to be thorough master of their different instruments. Smith'* Minstrel* ?We are informed a new band of n?gro melodists has recently been formed, and will shortly make their appearance in this city. Report speaks favorable of their abilities. Stjiytmant Institute.?A large assemblage of the most fashionable citizens were attracted, last evening, to this place of amusement, to hear Mr. Wilson's inimitable delineation of Scottish character, In a variety of his most pleasing sings. His introduction to each ballad was happily arranged, and delivered with the utmost humor and pleasing expression The song "My heart's in the Highlands," was rendered with exceeding sweetness. This was followed by another delightful ballad, called " The Skylark." the words and air of whioh are truly melodious. In fact, It would be difficult to make a selection of any one of his songs as being better than another, as all reoelved that attention and skill which a sweet voloe, scientifically managed, would impart to them. Thr Italian Ofeha.?The chorus singing at this theatre is a specimen tf bawling and noise, almost equal to a dozen troupes of negro minstrel* ; and the scenery Ibe veriest daubs ever stuok up in a shilling theatre. They would not be toleratsd at the Bowery. ?BmU, The Herald does the negro minstrels and the Bower* Theatre gross injustice by the above comparison. j ne scenery at tn? Bowery lias superior to that at the Opera House a* is a picture by Salvator Rosa to the veriest daub oa a tavern sign ; whlla the muiiio of the negro mi Detroit, tamborine, baojo. bonei, and all, is perfect harmony compared to the yelling and shouting of the Opera. They hare set apart one night for the " upper tea," and one for the canaille. Such an invidious distinct! m would not be tolerated an instant, even in Russia ; but our oitixens art too wise to get angry at suoh nonsense.? Star. Mr. Frv's LKOFfom.?If this long threatened epera Is to be performed, " an 'twere well done, 'twere well it were none quickly." for poor human nature couldn't stand two such Inflictions as .'Leonora'' and the Cholera at the same time. ? Ibid. The Rccordershlp. A publication appeared in the Journal of Commerce of Saturday mornlnir laat, which I did not see unlit thii afternoon, ohargirgthat, while Reorder of this. city. I tendered a watchman of this citv fifty dol ars to iuduoe ins not to appear and testify be fore a grand Jury against "certain ffntecl vagabonds who bad been charged with a fWrant breach of the peace." Thiaohsrge I pronounce to he utterly false, and without the least foundu tion: and I shall take immediate attpa to bring the libeller hifore a jury of his country to sustain the charce. November 6. F. A. TALLMADQL Jlr. Unmet An editorial of the Krenlng Post yeaU-rday, asserts that Mr. O. Law is a Government contractor at d is ftarful, if elected to Congress, (as he certainly will be,) that he will "run his head against an indictment. Sc., ko." Ti ie is all pure fiction, aiid the rost man knew it to be afresh Mr. has no contract with the Federal Government, and the trail contract to wbloh the Poat allude*, hat never been knuwn as "Law's oontr "t." On the contrary, it waa (riven by tho Government to Col. A. 0. Sloo, of Cincinnati, and Mr. Law has nvHi'rp thatavcr to do with the contrast to the Government. Be builds the steameTS required bv tho contractor*, the aame aa ??y other sMpfcmiMe o mfcht do, and makes the same arrange mcnt? as he would do. it his boat, the " Oregon," wan furnished to Col. Sloo, or any other contractor, for other ntcimhoit contracts. 11TH WARD. To tlie Electors of the Sixth District.? The undersigned lave the pleasure to say, that the handbill intended, no doubt, to create tho belief that Mr. George Law waa avei e to riving aid to the enfftring poor of Ireland, is a base lander. We invito our friends, who donbt, to oill on us. JOHN LYVCH. w?. BOWLAVD. TllOMAS A. (JU1N. John Hecker, the free soli candidate of the Fourth CongressiouiJ District, ia reported, by the enemies of the o*i ac, as havii g retimed Fellow cltiiena of the 7th. 10th. and 1.1th, it ia utterly base and falte: he hat not resigned, and Will not. I'll Bet a Hat.?This, fortunately for hatters. Is tie most comro on wagi r during election times; and as there most be a great number or bats lost, the losers will be gainers by tho Vnowledge of th* faot tha? Knox, of lZft Fulton tier* ouly uharges for his best hats (I. "Overhaul your sporting books, and when found mate a note on it." Governor Young, corner of Fulton and Nsseau ttreets, sells tine French Boots for $4 SO, mnally sold for $<> aud $7 ; fine cull, sewed, $3 60, usually S4 &0 and in other cheap st<res All our friends should got tbeir boots and I g*i<ers of Ynn?g, otrner of Fulton and Nunu *treet?, if the/ . want good articks. THE DOCTOR. Men's Under Shirts, Drawers, U loves, Half How, fco., for Winter wear ? A l"rn assortment of nil qualities, for ea ? st very low | rices, st "Soott's Cheap Furaishing Stores, 1?7 Fulton, cbs door from Broadway, sad w Nassau stroet, opposite the Herald office. The "Richelieu" Gold Pens are warranted to wear five years. Tbey are lino, (mooth and elastic, snd are asknew lodged to Ve tho Vast and cheapest I'eua in the world. Sold only by B. K. Wstaon k Co* Mo. 16 Wall (treat. Ooid pens repaired. The Ptnml>e National Dagurrelan Qallery, on the upper comer of Hioadway and Murr&v ftrwta. Btranxert and ot^ern, ? ho may wish a tine specimen of the daguerreotype art, ihonJd sot tail to viait this ce obrated gall-ry. Wlgt and Tonpefi.?-We would ad-vlse all persons wishing a superior VVig or Soalp, to examine tlieexteoassortment st Batebelors trarulaotory, No, 4 H all street, old No. !. Ills new-invented wigs obtained a diver modal st ths fair of the Amerir?n Institute.?i op? tjie address. Hair Dye?Batchelor's Instantaneous liquid ol tniLed the firet pieniiatc at the lait Fair of the American In stitute. This i> a new articlo, cntire'y freo from the iran/ objee ti na of o<her dyes, and mote easy of spplicatinn. For tab st Baleheler'a wis manufactory. No. 4 Wall atreo', old No. 2. Tuil Is decidcdly the btet article in tio market. Copy the address. W lien one's hair or whiskers are well and neatly cut, the entire person is thereby greatly improved. IIill, the iwmitable, at No. IS Nhum street, does either, with a skill peculiar to hin (elf. fa ia infallible Unguent, known orer tea j ears for promoting the growth and beautifying tlx hair, oan be obtaii ed as above. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKV MARKET. Monday, Nov. 0?6 P. M. There was an improvement In the atook market to-day, with larger galea than naual. At the first board, Long Island advanced >4 per cent; Canton, X; Morris Canal, }{j Erie Railroad, Reading Railroad j Farmers Loan, All others olosed at prices current on Saturday. The amount of duties received at Boston, for the \ quarter ending September 30, 1848, was $1,433,977 09, against $1,808,396 83 for the corresponding quarter last year, showing a decrease of $369,388 14. The number of arrivals from foreign ports for the quarter wero 820 more than in the same quarter in 1817. The amount of merchandise deposited in warehouse in the same distriot during the flrct three quarters of 1848 was $4.5(12,802. The amount remaining In warehouse. September 30, was $1.3431,4435, of which $134,437 was of dry goods, $1045,2&4 of sugar, $101,038 of molataes and $224,810 of iron. The amount warehoused during tbe last three quartera was $l,2t)0,()00 more than during the whole previous year. The return* of the Board of Trade of Oreat Britain *bowlng the declared value of manufactured exported from the United Kingdom for the eight month* ending September 5th. in each of the pan three years, have jufct been made, and they exhibit the annexed comparative statement:? Commerce or the tinmen Kinohom or Oreat Britain. j lhclarcd Valttr of Kzvorlt Artirlrt. Ifjltl. H7- 'MR. C'tton manufacture* ?n,7W,6?J ?i2.:*fr<2W ?10,79? 7*1 C tli.n yurn V .1 Ktfti iW7 ,3.lW,7."fW llaidwrre ami cutlery. .., 1,.m/1,4!'I 1544 i:-s 1,2.1k Iiw linen manufMtnre* 1/A4.(t>2 2,l?>.ft.ti 1.H47.6' 1 l.iixn )t>rn 6ik,iji 44>,u?> Sitl.Mifl Mivtiinery 74HV9.1 80-.,!ttl .15177# lion null ?u*1 l,v.u,?n .1,142n74 X'.i', 2.U . ilk mat ulatturM 6U,7iO jjfl 371,8 <1 H'oollon manufacture*. 4,001 5,12iMi7 3,7'>9,liil Woollen yam fxftf-.NM 643,?M 410.KI8 XSn,2tl.BH) ?31,(>77,550 ?2?.2MJ.^ The total decrease in the exports for the first eight month* of the year. wa* In the return of imptrt* into the United Kingdom there appear* no alteration of importance, The greati'Rt decrease in the export* in phewn In cotton and woollen manufacture*, cotton yarn, Iron and ett el, *ilk manufacture*, hardware, cutlery and machinery. The tailing off in Hie exportation of cotton murufacture* and yarn ha* been a large per cent; i' 'rij tine 11*11 vi nit* itKKrt'K-ti** u"nrp?^i* lor iu? rvh* mootha hating been in article* eompriaed under thefe beada. If there ba* b-en *i.rh it drrrxaoe In the value of manufacture* exported In eight month*, when that eight month* covered nearly the whole of t?o wanon*' bn*lnep*, we mint expect for the year * n ui'h InrRt-r prr ?eBt deficiency; particularly, a* the Ir.flutncea at work, affecting the export trade of Knpland, are increa*lng is intensity. The aborc compariMre table la Oiled with dreadful importance to the people of (ircal Britain It I* nat tl.e mere amount. In pound* sterling, that I* of so much oiueqiieuoe, but It I* the faot, that the mar het* on the rontlm nt cf K.urope, and other part* of Uie wrrid, are ateadily falling #??), leaving the Induhlry of Great Britain, upon winch hor vary as istenoe depend*, to the maaufactare of fabrlai for de. meatie consumption. The deoreaae in export* to the continental market* i* not shown In the above table, as the aggregate 1* aeon without distinguishing the destination of export*; but a* the ahlpment* to the United State* hare thie year been larger than usual, the shipments to the continent mu*t hare been muoh lee* than the (total decrease, ai exhibited in the above table, make* apparent. The position of England, amidat all the revolution* -nd revulsion* of the continent, is by no means so strong cr 86 cure as appear* upon the surfsoe of thing*. The leading journal* of London have already commeb.oed tbefcr exposition* of th* evil* nder which the peopte labor, and oall Upon #Va | > #li* m HnwMftfi r\t *n?k ? cure* M wilt alleviate, If not entirely remove them. Thia M uaeless. England mut wait her destiny. All the legislation fn the world cannot arret t the progreea of that. The revolution which Is at this moment going on within her limita, will sooner or later ohanga the entire complexion of her institutions. We do not look for auch a revolution in England as baa taken place on the continent. The loyalty of the English ia too deep rooted to be ao easily eradicated as that of the French or Germans; and whatever revolution takes place in that oountry, will be entirely diffe: rent, and mixed up with different elements. It will not be brought about ao much by any opposition to the government, aa by a gradual but ateady decay in her commercial and financial supremacy. England baa reached her gieatneas. her power and wealth, by the employment of her population in manufacturing for all the reat of the world. Her industry has drawn countless milliona from all other nations, and made all aubaervient to her immense mercantile resources.? Her physical strength has forced her commerce into the remotest cornera of (he earth, and natlona which have refused to trade upon amioable terms, have been orced (o open their ports, at the cannon's mouth.? These things hare passed away. The times have* within the past year, been thoroughly revolutionized, and England finis her supremacy on the decline.? Other nations are awaking from their lethargy, and in the United States she finds a rival difficult to oope with, even in its infanoy. Great Britain never has had, until within the past ten or fifteen years, a competitor in the same branches of industry which have given her so muoh wealth and power; and our ability to compete with her in the markets of the world is daily becoming mere apparent. If we have thus far been able to draw away from England any of her ou?~ tomers, what must be our sucoees when our oapital and population, our industry and our facilities, have reaohed a point whioh will oempare more favorably with those of Great Britain? It has thus far been more like a pigmy struggling with a giant for a prixe. When we consider the relative resouroes of the two countries?Great Bitatn and the United States?it is by no means strange that their relative positions should be undergoing suoh a rapid ohange. as a manufacturing nation we have advantages immeasurably superior to England, or any other country on the surface of the globe. As an agricultural nation' our reseuroes an unlimited, and wa otn produce eneugh to feed the population of the world. We raise th? raw material for all manufacturing purposes ; our mlnea of gold, silver, copper, iron, coal, and lead, are inexhaustible ; onr climates arc suitable for the growth of all the luxuries and necessaries of life ; our ports are numerous, and afford the safest ingress and egress; our magnifioent rivers drain erery portion of our territories, and are navigable for our splendid steamers thousands upon thousands of miles into the uninhabited and uncultivated portions of the country; our people are enterprising, industrious, well fed, wel1 clothed, well housed, contented and happy, untaxed, untrammelled by any restrictions of the government, and in the enjoyment of the largest liberty. What is, then, to arrest or eheck the progress of suoh a country' ?what to prevent its being the wealthiest and most powerful nation in creation ? Let us now look ?t the | condition and position of the only rival we have, and see if there is any equality in the oontest gelng on for eupremaoy in the commerce of the world. The agricultural resources of Groat Britain are unequal to her own consumption, and she is compelled annually to import largely of breadstuff* to feed her own population. Every pound of cotton used in her manufactories is imported from abroad, priaeipalty from ike Untied States, and a large portion of the , ? -a- i - ? ?* iuBvu?ai ivi bw v?uoi uiKuuiaubuicH in recmrea from foreign countries. All the luxuries ef life are imported, and not even a pound of sugar is raided within h?r limit*. Iier territory is so limited that thu climate is the same in all sections, and It is so variable that the cultivation of even the most hardy crops is precarious and uncertain. As her population increases, her produotions are less in proportion, and lamlne has become bj no means a rare oocurrenoe, even among those who were a few years since above want. A frightful per cent of her population am paupers, and a large portion of her laborers and opeatives are unable to provide themselves with many of the actual necessaries of life. The wealth of the aristocracy is over-rated, and taxation falls almost entirely upon the middle olaaiws. It will be seen, therefore, that the seed* of a revolution are sown broadcast over the land, and have taken suoh deep root that they cannot be eradicated. It is impossible for a nation to sustain itself in prosperity with such a complication of disease* in the fcody politis?with suoh derangements in the politloal system. Stock Eishange. $1(00 Trras Notes, It 3 ISO shs Island K R 21 1UUI do IOTA ?U do 21 11WKI U S (/?, 60 IU'iH do ?i% 2?iU Ohio C'?. 'AO 87l< 2iM do bCO 21 6<1II> "itj G's, 'fiO 60 do bJS 21 .*50 Farmers' Trust 300 Beading R R SM H<1 Hn TJ l-Jl J- - .1" |i? <0 ?15 SO do bo J ,12 Harlem tt R 4hS 100 do ,t>* AU do (30 ?8V 26 Bri? R R. new, full (il>2 3*0 do 50 do aGO 61K 126 Canton Oo i?H SO do s60 filS SO do b30 :u 175 Nor * Wor RK t3J 52 M 29J{ SO Mum? C?n?l, - 6% Second Board. $1000 Ohio 6-i, 1866 W I'M tk) Fwrneri" Lo?n 27'A KHI Canton Co (60 30 SO do *10 37* MO liaricm IE 40 CITY TKAIJK HKPOKT. MonDtT ArTitnoiiR, Nor. fl -ft P M. Owing to the near approach of the election of State f fllccr?, and for rresident of the United States, businec? on 'change ?u rather slack. Moderate sales of flour were made at about the closing rates of Saturday. There was a steady business doing in wheat, and fair rales were made at about the current rates of last week. Corn oontinued steady at previous rates, with hales to a fair extent at about Saturday's rates. Meal Bhowed no change. Rye was steady, with fair sales, ?n rligbtly better terms than those previously current. Provisions were unobanged. Sales of pork were inado at the full prices of latt week. Groceries were inactive. without material change in prices. Fair sales oi cotton were made without chanue in nrions Asms ?Sales of 76 tolOO bbls both aorta were made at about $6 25 Ha r* run:rri?Flour?The sales for the day footed up about 0000 blip, consisting chiefly ef Miohlgan tin* State. Oe"ii?see. Oswego, common and straight brand*, at f 5 26 a *6 tl 1 \?. Among the lot* were also 1 600 blla Ohio flat ai.dlround hoop Ohio, at $6 25 a $5 31>?; 4 a 600 Bakers' brands, at $5 37 H 5 fi3X; 000 do straight bran da Michigan, fold at *5 31^; with some lcta of pur* Oenegee, at >5 37X ? $5 44 a $5 0, according to quality Whtat- Sales of abont Hot) bushels Ohio ware mada, at 110? a 112c ; and 3 800 do Genesee were made, at 125c C'ttn? The sales footed U|> about 35000 bushels, including about Ifta 20000 bu-hels common and high mixed, at 66o. a COo for the former, anc|67c. a 08c. for the Utter, with some lata of New Oili ant, at fi6c.; and 4 a 6,000abusheli of round yel'ow at 73c ; and 1.000 a 2 000 do. at 72c Some inferior New Orleans was reported at 64c. Mral?New Jersey ?? quote at S3 2f> Hyt Sales of 6 000 bixhels were made, including lota in the slip, at 66c a 6ttc. and <1eliieied at 67o a OHo. kyr Flour ?a< quiet at $3 60 a fS (5Ki. Oati were Felling at 36c. Cotton - The market eontinnea steady, with sale* of IMiO bales., ohieliy for home use. Vii?ii>ht> - Some 1 200 bbls flour, were engaged in a llritirh rersrl, at 2s. for Liverpool, and some lota were ergagod In American packets, at 2s. fld ; liquids 27s t'd. and corn 7>&d. in bulk; for cotton, Xd. was U> mended Khh ? The market for all descriptions is heavy; we notice rales of 800 bbls. Mastacbusetta mackerel. including Nos 1 sad 2, at about $7 1'2){ a $6 12^, and 3 000 boxes herring, at 36c. for soaled, 23o. for No. 1's. and 20c lor No 2's. PkVir. Transsctions embrace 1800 boxes raisins, at J.I fto M)c . 45c i and BOO half Kegs Malaga grapttn at *1 W5 11 *'2. K*i.- Salt h wi re making at 40aft0a Nuvdi. HrtMi.-Wi report *al*a of 200 bbln. ordinary w)itt? roan at J>'2 Vft. and '200 do. pltoh. at private bargain, mppoaad about $1 '26. Oit*,? Limerd mnrm along alowly. at 53c. for KngII-b. and /.3c. a f>4? for bcrt American. Of whala tb?r? wt r? ralax of 1 000 barn-la (?bip|>ing) at .Tin On. Ca?k.- Salon were mada of % ton* thin oblong at **28 1'iinviMonP?Nairn of Aa700bblx mm Pork weraroade at J.JS, and lH)a2<*? ditto i'ltm* at $9. Th? markat, 1 ow***r. i^ld not cloMt yrry atlIT at thapa prtoaa. Bm?f : al?tn ol 4< 0 bbla w*r* n-ad*. Inftluding M#??. at '.f.ijll t?i ?ad Piiwaat J>.ri '2f> l.urd ? fltlaa of 300 bblM *i-r? ntdtat < hecaa Salan of 1,000 box?* wire n.ada at Thara waa nothing now In Butter lima ?Tba markat rontlnua* *t.-??y, with an np* atd ttniknoj In prloaa. Skii> Itiuph lln* baa drolinfd. 1,000 btiftbali Autrhan ohaitgt'd hand* at $1 MM. * St SAM Waft latter quit l, and no anion of Imparls Mttml 11 'r? I. Wit unit Si ;*a of Ifnt Mt) b\il? wer* rapnrtra, In c'uuing Obio ?tat i Mato 1'rlaon At ilo. # I I, >, ??? I I MARKETS 1L8HWHEU, TOOK BALM. Raltimoib, W?k "T"^'r4J??'"W * !? ?? h Ohie Bailroli Dl?'d Boa da, 70; $SK <*0., da.. 7a P>i 11.ADB1.PMia, No*. flcxtrd?State fi. 71\ BOO U. 8. # ?. 6>. 104; 4 fi00 ?*' <*> "A I,?W do., 87. Ill*; tin ? ft. OS. 94; SH Wllminttna Ballad. VI 3,1)00 Madia* Hulnu fi'1,581MJU0 Schnykill< iOh #'*. 64 X*, fierimd hoard.?4UU War Bunty ftofip, W: I,I00U. S. fl'i, 4.* 94*; <MXKI Reading Railroad fa HU; * 000 do. Wfc, 7 PliilAd*l pin a Bank, 199; 100 Wtr Bonntj 8enp Wi?MB.BKOOKS NEW'flfA HKR (TBI MPkMX TBSrBIIdajf contained a notice to the public, pur> rung to l.are hem tlgnod by Mvcral |?r?one in that ofll.'e (iunj It. % tliit t li ir ? **? wara roduoed laatweek. It hit not beau chv rxed that their ?age* vera reduced la*t ?o*k ; although, il moli mm tlia fact nrn i wh" are noiinalnted with fcr Br-oH. or the l/p"" ettabliahment, would ha aurprited. The advertisement puN.'t?hed yesterday in the iiarald, *igncd hy a Ur.e number oi the oWe?i and mint respectable printer* in thecity allude* simply to Mr. Brook*' general character a* an employer, manifee ed in all hi* dealing* with Journeymen printer) during*r?ertl yatralwt rant, aid e?| r*a*?* the hope that meolianlu* and laboringmea n.xuuxun iuiiiiu. ??i iuuim, 1'ie puMinatlnu wadinuruded to i |?rmte ?*?innt him ia llic Sixth Congreiainnal Uinriot a\d, for that matter. wliere*?rel?e he may preaume to uk the pooplr'n (alTrtgi'f. At leaot one lull ot the peraoua whi>eenaai?a are mini I . d to the advertifetnent published in t'ie BmH ai# whig*, we I known tu be moh by aoquainta icaa throughout the oily ; and while thoy would generally auatain thu nontnatioua made by their party, thoy would alwaya prefer the eleotion of a lull freed-locorooo to a moan whig. Mr. Brooki hold* his notioe tnihe puhlio yeaierday, "aloo.ifoeo lie ua'Ied to the oouuterf Thu only lie he hu mcoeeded In naiHng origin-ited with and waa published l>? tin ff If. an tho?e who run may roid. f| '1IIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, COMI'RlSI NGTI1E X Fire', Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Ward* ? Domaoratie Rernhlican regular nomination for Conerrnn. KM \NUEL B. II ART. PATRICK H. m aguike, Chairman. s:: Tiiird congressional district. comprising tub Firet, Second. Third, Fourth and Fifth Ward*?Regular Whig Nomination for Congrcaa, J. fUILLIFS PIIOENIX PubUahsd by order of Nomination Conrention. SMITH DUNNING, Chairman. JAMKK Grken, ia?,_?--u. CH A R I.KH BnkTWICK.J 1,^ 11 Til CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.?OLIVER UOLDEN. Jr., iitl e I'oople'e Candidate for Member of I ongreaa In the t>th, 9th and Uth wanJa, irreapootife of party V-oluuteera may obtain t ckota at 61M5 Ilndaonatreet, or 651 Broadway, IOST-ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON. AT FOUR O'CLOCK, J in Greenwich ft met, a Blank think aatm Cravat, with aoma nutin atripci in tl e miild e, and cherry color border We would be ?erv thankful to the ono that fluda it, to bringit to Madame llOITBIiniJ Kin IN mi? ?~ ? , ^.w. V- sue... UK TBIUO OI U1S l/ISTU * ill bo paid. WANTJCD?A FFMMK I>K ClIAMIiRK, (FRENCH OR German,) who will have aoobjootion to to South for three or four months. Apply at tho Now York Herald offloe. UNE FKMMB DC CUAMBRE, FRAN^AISE OU ALLE m&ndo, qui n'nurait ancune repugnance a voyager dans le 8ud pendant quelquM moia, peat trourer una boaiie ploco en s'a drcssnntau bureau de oa journal. WANTED?BY A WOMAN, A SITUATION WITH A family or a lady going to Now Orleani. No compensation renured but I rr p'asage pain. Apply at 72 A a tor House. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIHL. A SI ru. ation aa oook, and to aaaiat m washing and ironing. Tha b?atof city reference liven. Please oall at 1U6 .'-OTouteonCh street, between 6th and 7th avenue*. WASHING.?WANTED, A FEW FAMILIES OR GEVTLR men's Washing on reasonable tenne?got ap on tha shortost notice. Good reference. Address Mrs. Downs, 35U fourth arenue. WANTED-AT223 BOWERY?A SITU ATION BY A QERman girl, who speaks English and Frenoh aa Cook, or to do Cneral Homework. Has got good reoommcudations from her st ilace. WANTEB?A SITUATION. BY A RES I'Et TALK YOUNG woman, as Chambermaid, Cook, Washer or lroner. or to do the (enoral Housework of a small famil}; has no cbjeotion to go a bIurt distanoa in the country. The best oi city referunoe osn be g<ven. Apply at 8 Ka? street WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A REiPECABLE YOUNG woman, to do general Housework; is a good Washer and lroner, and plain Cook; oan give good oity rtferooco; is willing to go a short distance in the ooantry. Apply 34 Oak street, 2d floor. WAN.ED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do general Housework in a private family; she in n guou tt utuier ami ironer, ana the Mat ol city r< Teruuoos caaJ>e ko given. Plcaio call at bti McDougal it., tn the roar. WANTID?ACTUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG w omsn, an Nurae. tSoamhtrcw, to take oars of ohildron, or aa Chambermaid; has n? objection to (o a short distance in the country. The beat of city rvloronoe van be given. Apply to 419 WssMmtnn ?L WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, A situation ac h i liiner and Dressmaker. Would have no objection to attend a lady or family going 8<wth. The beat of oity references oan be given. Address person ually, or by note, to IL M.. S3 Claiksen street, New York ; will be attended to for one week. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNJ MiN, 24 yrail of age, ai a Porter in a Hotel or good Fires man, or a Warehouse Porter; can take ohirie of a Mor e and oan and drive well, and make liimielf generally useful to his employer. He is a Protestant. Please to toave a note at this office for Z H. WANUD-A SITUATION. BY TWO RESP*i,TABLE young Girla?oat to Cok, Wash and Iron; ike other aa ( hatrk?rniBid and to tako oh?rgo of children, in a respsotablo fsmily. Can be seen lor two days, at No. DM Thompaou street, between bpring and Prince. Wanted-by a uksi ei; table young woviav, a situation aa Cook or Chambermaid. She U willing tn 1 asaist in Wssliingor Ironing. She has lived several years in London; Please apply at No. 18,Sixth street. A nice, quiet family ptcfarred. WA.N T E D-A SITUATION, BY TWO RRSPKCTABL* yourg woiueD use aa^ook. u4 USeshilrr and Irouiug. tbe other as Chambermaid or Waiter, or assist la Waihing and Ir. ning. or general housework. Best of oity reference given. Please call at No. t'X Fourth avenue. WANTED-BY TWO GENTLEMEN, O.V* OR TWO Rooms, with full or partial board, in the upper part of the oity. and in Uw vicinity ol Broadway- l'leaie state terms toT. M., b?i J21 Post Offioe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RUPEJTABLE YOUNG ?T woman, u Laundress. Chambermaid, or to do general housewo>k in a private faintly. Lias no objection tu do either, and can give good oltjr reference. Please app'y at No. 8 fifth street, in theTuread and Need la Store. WANTEC-BY A KKSI'E -TAULK YOUNG WOMAN. A situation to do General Qousoworkiu a genteel umill family. or would havu u? objections to do t.himberw.rk ; the bast of eity itforenoe Riven from her last employer, as regard ho*e?ty and capability. Can tie seen for three days at Ptiili p MoUafTary'a No. lbS Elisabeth Urnet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid and Sewing; unde-stands all kinds of plain sewing; or to take care of ohildran and sew; good city referonee from ner last place. Apply at 17 Tbirteunth street, near Sixth avenue. No Dtyeotlon to the ooantrv. AYOUNO RESPECTABLE QIKL WANTi A SITUATION to do general Uouaework, Chambework or Waiting; oan take fare of ohildren; and has no.objection to go to the oouatry. Apply at 1M H alter street, second floor. Cm be sten for two day?. Hest rlty refarenoes oan be given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN MAV, IN A FEW DAYS, acquire the knew ledge of a genteel and very profitable i>mlueas, which may be oarried on advantageously la any of the Ntatea. The article* are beautiful, innumerable, ia general use, aud the aeoret is oonhned to so few ia thia country, as to be almost a monopoly. Premium $90. Address, postpaid, D. W., lie raid Office. SIK?THE BEAKER 13 A YOUNG WOMAW THAT CAN be nail rto'jtnmended Irom hor last plaoe. She want* a situation with a respectable family. to do oooking, washing aud iruninp. Whoever wants such a jnunr woman oan have aa interview with her at 2U Talmon street, Brooklyn. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH SITUA. liots, one to do General Homework, the oth?r to do ChamIit Work or Plain Sewing. Please apply at .'HIJt Krankfort st. TO CA PITA LI 1T&?CAPI TALI STS D S? IR') U 3 TO IN V *3T money in the manufacturing of an artiole aecnrod by pi tent, and ik io gTtat demaud. IVc advantigta or tbif new inode oi manufacturing if, tb*t one man can do ti.o work of six on the old plan, and the work loin* far tupurior to any in the market.? 11 can be Men in practioal operation at 100 Eaat IVih atreet, near Tliird avi nue. N U ? Right* for Carope and oar tain notion* ef (be i;niied State* are for eale. TO CAPITALISTS.?IEKSONB HAVING UNEMPLOYED capital of from (?01) to (10.000, will have aent to them throng# the mail aide tailed atatement of a profitable inveetmoot, by addwuing, poat paid Boa 1.1*13. haw York City. I MPKOVKD STVLB.-THE SUBSCRIBER IN VITEJ AT1 tention to hia improved atyle ol Fall Hata for (Jentinman, and ia uoufident that, notwithatanding ba (alia them at a) per cut lefa than the regulnr prioe for the baat qaality ol Silk Moleikina, (try will be found tupanor in etagtnoe, and fully equal, la all the cneatial qnalitioe ofa hat. to thoae aold by other Broa Iw.iy hooaeaatIwdollar! J. N. OE.NIN.2U Broadway. (M'llNlSHEV ROOMS. WITO OK WITHOUT HOARD. ARB to be had, Miitable for a gentleman and In* wife, and for a ati cle gentleman. In a convenient and pleaaant location. Apply at No. h7 Ct>? Htte at., near Grand. AFUHM9HKD BEDROOM TO LET, IN A PRIVATE in in i ly. with breakfaat and tea. Terma moderate.?18S Fulton atreet. ^ \ SKA LI, PARI.OR AND BEDROOM, WITH BOARD, wanted, ly a gentleman and hia wife,in a respectable private family above liniou Park. Kefeiencea gives and required. Ad- I dreaa lioi 1266. Peat Oflioe. RfcV. JOHN N. MAFI1T?IN CONJSytJENCK OP Till prat tletir* to rend tlio deftuio* of Mr. Mafflt. thn pulilultar ol th? Mindly ' Moi ning Ncw?" will continue to print ?n.l lowp a supply ol the piper on band during the vrMk. OlAuu, W N'u- ' rah Min t Price, cents. (CURTAIN MATERIALS, CARK1 A(iE IJNINOS, AND 1 Ploehta.?Ona'antly receiving by th?* Ireatarr raU a oomI lcteawortiuentof theie good*. Aiso, Silk and L'ottn Vulruta, high color*, fflorenoe* Ito. For asto by f. & k. S. A. M ART I N K, Importer! and Jolhera, 113 Wll'lin street, noir John. (1 EKVAN PUBLICATION Of BOOKS AND MUMO, 07 Jf u e firm ol 8chul?erth * Co , IJambargh And Vew York.? We have the honor to anuounoe h< rewitf, to the pnMto, und especially to our collwffiei, the book and musio toiler', and to tiie direotors of srhoole, and leacher* generally in tha 1'mted Stat-a, that ere hate Just puMial ed a complete catalogue of ouruwn publication#, i rocta ning, principally, Manuals, in all Ur>Kua-'?",vnd knowlod^ a ?a well as ilie master works of ?on pwiern of all new classic, modern and favorite antnorm, for tie piano, violin, violoncello, fcc., t i4 !< t OB# or move voice*; inetnods or oompiOiUMBt I ?r very favorite instrument, via piano, in tar, flute. violoaoello, aoooidcon, orfur, for aocg, ko. Ti.i catalogue, (noarly JIM) p4**s,j is not a*- the cemmon price current^ for it nirea the severs or tint am a to all the mom important work#, which have appetred in the pubUo papeie, (liter* ure time.) hy which it gains awrenliflo nnd mui in wIIith, ei de?|Kii tally to the pr>'l>M?ra. Talnuai ?hn?e IK aim w cntilicill) munffil, and, Ueiefore, will n<> doebt lie louiid to ni.iiMei k*1*" interrit. Our puhlioMtnne are eo woll known in E'>r"r? and the Haiti d Siatee of the Now World, that iliri rrnnm no further O' lDDiendalirm Pinnllr. ?? Mm ?> t'ja I uMifl tlat we mil oartftilly ai d puectually attend to aid n;m| every order, large or miall, (but not in n-t? I ) at ha l?wa? jmct i<. To the prof. ami wlio Intend to introduce ore or tin otin tH*k ?f the rein ola here, a *r<?t reduction in the pricn will bo nude. The catalogue ii to he bed ffra'ifl St'IIi: KTH It Co.. IV! Mflirre i f Bike and Mumc, hamturg end 6,1 Nassau ntreet, N f* Yor>. _______________ KO0F1NG-TUK CHEAP, LIGHT AM) DURlBLB ROOf. in* ij GOODWIN"? l-auiit Cement Ahrafiiin*. New route otrough bnaid? covered for 4)t cvi.te a foot, end warranted, done iiver tin, linn, or ahinglee. irom i\i to 3i{ rout" per f<iot. Oflioe. 36 College t'lece near Cheaten etmt, / t A" FIX Mors. J. SKUIVENEI. & t O , NO. 7f7BK>\l> of entire!} naw p*twri)?, ?n?l warranted, In nrary nwpool, t'>o Nvrt and plif*p?*t l? thiii Hty. Ala", I't in*. plain and dnnciratcil, u> n.atcf. ?n> patter n. Ultum war*; cut. and mouldad. <>i ??ory itwn'pl on. of t*M if or 11 maniifartnra. 8ol*r Lampa <JU ruiKlolM, t) amlalirra, HiackMa, C>?d.:?ht??, H.'laaran ariio>?\ ' ??. All Vin<]?off|i>*4a loam <1 tor No. 7SI Broadway, No. 3 Jol n, Va^torr. Ko. 29 Gold ?tr??<t, N. T. 1.11AHIKH!' ( <)NSfAN1I,Y ON HANI* AND rt>R 8ALI. 1 by OBIKvwaVAHi HUDSON, ll? Paartitn DR. I'trWM.U OCULIST, a cm IT, kr AlTKs DS TO rtlwfiscn of t!if I ye aid Ear dally, a Wil Broadway, n irnoc of Warren utrcat. Tho second adiUan of l)r. Pvwr'.l'a * T,a? im I r *l.e Kjn," artaplrd ? th?i fti, tral reader,am >>a had aa ahiee, i rW flO*ant?, Alao.hla < Ituitliic ay* foaaMun lar Iranftltaning fc) y??. A;Utt?al ?;? ? in*?r'.tA. PARK TH?AT*B-Tl'RM>4>* V^THKa. NOVEMBBRT ttMond iprHitm ?f Mr. H. rW?rta-W.|| ? *< , COM BOY <?r I?ft<iKa-Dr^mlo at *' ? ? ?* ! 1 Deal to of Dr. T. PUoxU, Loo,V> *,?< - Mary Taylor, Att?r which. GRANDFATHER M/FUITB^^D-praadfath.* ? WMttbNd Mr. H. Plaeid* l-angley. Mr. V'1 Wx > | Wileal. To oo??*ude wit* anew taroe, utlU?. ANVTUMU. I I OR A CIIaNGK- Mr. Hnneyball. Mr. Dawaou; Swoppim | toa. Mr. O. II BartOtt: Mlaa !l>>neyb*ll, Miaa M?*7 , ! T>rete circle, 7ft rwU; Family Circle, M oanta; Uppn* I 28 ocnta; Hit. .17^ oe&U; Gulary. I2H ou. Doori opea a? * I Mora 7: perfenaaaoe to wimm ati)^. BOWERY TBBATRB.?ON TUESDAY RVBNINO, NOV. 7 will be perlonued the flay t?Utled TI"K TRl 14 A I.I,? Mr. IiCtaou, Mr. J. M Sooti ; l,anra LfMea, Miae C. W#;m?. Alter which, the new drama called I.I FR-JtamlMilloM, Mr. J. H. II til; r. Milf<rd, Mr Ttltna; AtiftuaUie Fnila, Mr. tfiaana Barbara MUfard. Mr*. 1 iltoo. IWtty bright, Mra. Sa'BUrland. After whioh Will atpcax tl.r New Or.catu ^ermmtWa iu (hair Korti UluatraUoai. To be followad liy the ballet diveriianifat. atvlrd l/a ellt' Ta oonclado with the si omul part of Negri) ftltutrationa, by tiie N?W Oilratu Serenader*. Dnnre open at <*<?p-wformanoa to oonmeaoa at t preelaaly. Boiea, it cent*, nl and (iaHaiy, MX?fc CIlA-NFRAIi'S MB? NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY Cbathaaa.?Tue<*oay Inaini, November 7. wilf be acted. we larce oi in.s uul.' ? encnewr l.'alf Mr. Ilurke: Old H oiler, Mr Herbert* Cap! Smith. Br Utwtr. Mr. n(*?n. Mr. tfcvmoiir; Carolim, M'U Mile*; Marjr, Mm. batman. To bo followed by tha drama Hi'JACK SHEPP.\RI>? Jaok Shsppar't, MIm Emi'y Moult} et; IlH'ctkln, Hr. l.'hanlrao: Jonathan Wild, Mr. Il?n<: Sir lowland, Mr. O. Chapuan; Mm Wood,. Mr*. 0. Chapman; Winifred. Mia* Mile*. To oonolude with the Fair} oitr??ai{eu?? na'hul THE If VISIBLE PRINCE?Dan leander, Mr. O. Burke; Blouaabella. Mra. Q. Chapman; ExiiuUitelittlepe-t, Miaa Uilea. Doon oi*n at OH: performance to oomtnenoe at 7. MECHANICS' HAI.L, No. 472 Broadway, between Grand and Broom# atraeta, oonunenoad on Meaday, October 2d, and will ountlnne every night nodi farther notio*? Sixth week of tha ro opening. The original and well known CHRIST VI MINSTRELS. (organised (a 1KU> THM frflUT TO 1IARMONI7.E NECRO MELODIES. AND ORIGIN ATOMS OF THE PRESENT POPULAR STYLE OF ETHIOPIAN ENTE#TAINMENT8, wh<*c concert* in ttiB city, for a period of ua montha. were reocivod with anob diatinjruiahod favor and patronaca, have the honor of announcing to the ladlee and gentlemen ofNewYork and vicinity, that they will give a aerie* of their popular Concert* Introducing a variety of their original Song* ClioruHwe. Chararteriatio Danoee, Ike. Admiaeion 29 oeuta. Doon i open at 7. Coneert will oommenoa at 8 o'oloek. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, eonmeneing at S o'olook, P. M, under I Mia management and dire?"ion ofE. P. OhlM}. I BAKNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARNUM, PRO. prietor; F Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid performance?every afternoon at 3, and evening at 7X o'clock. Major Littleflagor. Uio malleat human being on earth tt at oan either walk of atand alone Great Western, the Yankee Comedian. The Sable Brother*, amost superb and talented band of Negro Singers, Daneer*.tie. Pete Moms, Coiuu) singer. The Highland Mammoth Boys. Enormona Bon Constrictor. Living OrangOutang. fairy family. Inlant Veatris. IVm Scripture Statuary. Madam Rook well, the famous Fortune Teller, may be privately consulted at an extra charge of 26 cent*. Admission to the whole, including Museum. Performances, Little Finger's, ko.. 28 oenta; ohllilren uinter ten years of age, and old enough to walk alone, 12)f oenta. Reserved trout scats. one ahilling ea-li extra. TWO EXHIBITIONS.?OMAN I) COMBINATION OF 11AMingtou'a Sacred Dioramaa |of the Creation of the World, and the Grand Spectaole ol the Deluge. Al*\ twenty two maguifloent Scriptural Fainting* by Mr. Baker, ol London ; each one containing about 100 a^uaro leet of oanvaas? the whole oompriaing one ol the moit beautiful and lntenwtinguhibftiona eve* exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, Expulsion from Paradise, Death of Abel, Evening before the DaInge, The Delage, God'i Covenant with Noah, Destruction ol ffedom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Mo sea. Th? Seventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's Host, Moses Breaking the Tables, rail of the Walla of Jeriaho, Joshua Commanding the Snn to Stand Still, Hic- &?.?now exhibiting every night this weok, and Wednesday and Satnrday afternoons, oommeiioinjt at three o'oloek, at the splendid new Hall, SS6 Broadway, ever Stoppanf Baths. HANINUTON'S entirely naw Grand Scriptural IMoran\as of the most magnificent Spectacle ever witnhssed In New York?Creation of the World ana Ute Deluge, assisted by powetful instrumental aoeompanimenta. Six Days of tlie Creation.? Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the First Day. The Firmament) the Second Lay. Dry Land. Herbage and Flowers. Third Day.? Sun, Moon ana Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl, Filth Day . Creation of Animal* Sixth Day. Garden of Eden? 1 Adam atd Eve. With the completion sf the labor* of the Creation, the first part ?t tho exhibition closes Part2?Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tlokets2Socnts; children halt price. Doer* open at7?curtate rises at 7% o'clock. Grand diorama-bombardment or veracruz tec., WH Broadway.?Scones In tha Gulf; Burning the M. B. Creole; Shipwreck ortheSomers; Arrival of tWe fleet; Steamers an< Ship* stosmingand sailing along; Real Cannon loaded and Used by moving figures: Orand Bombardment by day ud night; ttolcndid pyrotechnio tffeote and banting ol Sheila. Every Figure, Ship. B< at, fco.. is racving. An Overture every evening. Tickets 60 rente. Children half tirioe. Family and seaion tickets on application at the Hall. Open at 7. oommenoee at 8. Wednesday, and Saturday afternoon at 3. Napoleon crossing tub alps.-this great hi ahorioal Picture, by Delarooho, is now exhibiting at tho National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street. Otx-n from nine, A.m., until ton, P.m. Admission, 2S04 wason tickets. 6O0. VANlYKEfc HOLLA It V, AUCTIONEER?, WILL SELL at the Irench Furniture Warehouse. 06 Beekman, corner of Gold street, on Thursday tho tftli instant, a splendid assort mentof rosewood, black walnut, and mahogany Furniture, tnanurac turrd by L. Germer, cubiuet maker, in the stylos of Louis XJV. and XV. Warranted I FOKSALK-THE LEASE. FIXTURES, AND GOOD WILL of the old established Jewelry Store, No. 7? Chatham street, rstablibhed by John Brock, deceased. Apply to Mrs. Brock, on the premises or 11. m. w estem. Esq., No. iti Broadway If not iwld bv the 16th November, i<- will then be nflerod at nuution. WESTCHESTER FARM! FOR SALE.?THAL TR17T OF land known as the Thomas Farm, tltuated about half wiy between H liitu i'ia ns and Portehester will be sold at Puhlio i Auotion, at White Plains, in lots, varying from 10 ts6l) aor?s | each, as per survey, on the lkt day of Mareh next, at 10 o'clock in the f> rei.oi n. Terms, fen tier oen? on the day of axle, twenty per cent on the let ot April when the deeds will be delivi rcdand p sMssion given, and the on bond aud mortage for tour .. (! .... ....... <i.. ...;a i i r j?i,: r ? fiouws, Ito Being s? near to New York (can bo reaohvd i a two t hours) render these siiuwti-ms very desirable. an the Mtrlam Kail Road depot at white Plains is but about 3H miles distant. The New Havre Kail Koad passing througk rortches'er ( > S inilns distant) will be in active operation in a few innnt> si also, s'caroboats st.d s!o?p*daily to niid from I'ortoliestr. For further |*rtlf j'are apply to THOMAS T. FJEKK1J, iM Lafayette i'laoe, where a nn p can be seen. Braiding machines for bale-twenty fir^t rete seventeen strand Braiding maolii .es, in soodordtr on l?i cite, with t-lia 11a, he . complete rvadj for immediate u.?. Can be aeen at No. M'fl U at?r at. Tin I?'opak'inekship heretofore existing heteorn the lubscribere. under the firm ef " Will.ami (K Ford," Isst and boot-tree makers, ia thii day dissolved by mutual consent. CH*HL?S R WILLIAMS. nov i. ih4a. joun w. ro?r>. COAl?COAL?COAL-FROM 180 TO 2JU TOV3 OF L*' high Egg S:?ea l>al, slightly driinaued, will I* sold at private rale, if the ea'e ii made b. fore the Iftii instant, when, if not sold, it will be advtrttsed forpublio title For terms, enquire of W. w.shil'pen, Ag>at, Ferry Landing. Ilohoken, where ihe Cosl may be setn. n.b.?The above Coal will be suld very muoh below the markt t price. IRISH AND SCOTCH MALT Wll IHKEY?I1K; II FLAVORED and superior ?iuality. in packages to suit the trade, and butter adapted for their purpose than auy in the market For aalu at ety inacli less than the usual rates, by W 11,1.1 M. PARKS, Malt Whiskev Distiller. 8t> Seventh avenne. Office, 42 Stone ?t. SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COM PAN F?N|f YORK Nor. 1, l?4?.?The following statement of the affair* of this Company is published in oonlomiity with (be requirements of the lt th teciion oftlie Aot of itt I uc rporat'on:? Premiums on risks not msrkvd on 4 th Oct, 1W47.... $249,736 98 1'ri n.iums received lor the yesr ending 4th Oct., lfe4M, via : on Mari n? and laland Navigation and Transportation risks f*?>.f04 !W On tin rixks 1W.KO 70 1,030,4117 IW $L270,1?J 04 , Earned Premiums ilnrlng the year ending as afore 91.V.W OUO 10 l?? return I'rtiuium* 39 Net earned Premtvm* $lt?o.ijjo U Lorfuti during tlie udw I'eriod on Marine Inlaid Navigation. and Transportation neks. ?470 920 08 On Fire rMia 61.963 H3 ? M0K7 .? w Fe-inenrarvwi during tb* year '46,1*6 61 Kai?niwa. naUrier, i.ffire rent, book*, tattonery, fuel, light#, Ho 17,176 39 69ft,!WH 79 Net profit* for 1H4K. $395,iil 31 The amount Seiip wciied for profit* in 1H4J, 184.1 m.d IHI4, and reduced In lKtf>, leaving. $12H,HAH SO Amoukt ot Scrip Inucd for profit* in lMfi J(i7.4Nt) U0 Ditto do 1.-47 ?<*), 171 83 Net profit* in Utoi 39SJII 3J Total profit* |fl!ia,741 U ' The bwu of the Company on Urn 4th Ootobtr, 1?4?, wure u follow*, Ti*.: Hond?and ll.Tttfig??. $391,940 40 I I,. ?\ CHOCK, Pliw I i III V.liy 3KHJ*. *IKI on Stock* Mid U S. Treaaury Notee 403,W W I j Cuh. 86,746 57 | Inuriht acorn*d on Honda and Mortgagae and Loan a . K.868 9R | Billii Koonivablo 474,H6<> 68 i Prtmimn account* unoolJeetcd- Scrip cf auudry Mutual luauraiOKi C'otnpamea, K.e 7.HJ7 M 1 The Board of Tru*tee* hare this day dcciarod a dividend <>l j i forty percent on the earned P mini una of the jear ?ndi a Oct ill, 1M8? for fbkbOlfliAl btM Will hi Inm4 oil and alt?r IM 1 tl\ next Ala\ a divi *'nd "I cix | r cm, in caah o<i tha j Scrip heretofore ia*ued, pay.-tMe on and alter this da'e. I'iriinUpa have farther rea?>l?ed, That (he whole reatdue | amount ol certificate* of proftta authoritod to be i*tfu?Mi in the yara IM'J, 18iS ai.d 1H44, nnd reduced in 1415 (ta d amount be*. In* $1*K ..?>) ?? n tieethfd ?ud Mi4 It DM IwMilVHHWtf, fl| ! Ibi ir legal nDNMlUdTN; on and After the 31*t day of I) ceinier ?H*t. from aniflh data ail intereat will oe%*e ih^reon t'ie onrtiAoatee to be prodn< e.i fti th?. t Hi - t pnrani aa4 nmn4nvd to be caneeUed?the holders thereof, when aurrcndend t?? rvoeivo a oertificaie that !ve or the) wili l*j *?.titled I. a ahare ??! ?rr>au ??tm i ay m at ' ? nli i 1 d ti "<? I mpiai "y theGib eiiiniont for dutiet levied upon good* oorunfBM-d Gy the flro in Broad etreet in July, 1W? liy order of the Board, JCIIIS kVIIVTKIIEAli Tkvma. Miwtt II. Grimi< II, I). Y fawaun. Col.rml Ur Fahur, Jitwli K. Nciin^ Saimir' M Vox, t rwd k O Fnatar. Wm.Edgar HowImhI, VinhaH K llanht, Godfrey 1'a.ttiaoa. Pater Poirter. Hamiivl I. Hiukel!, Oeo Wiuihr p On J, tVJmyer livii?>iU't. Ko???ll tynipi., P. Ptnohati, ()lii?r Sl?l?, Ji AntliotiT B. Noilrnn, Drako Mills, Alfred ntim, R >bert I.. Rutland, Ch?rl?? fipirj, llanry A. < ? >. Ihc.lort. Dehon, John A. India, Will in. U Unay. Mlian P?u??rV Fred'k. Wlmmnii, Edwin ISerU'tt, JoKcnl^f, Jr., (-hnrtn* II. Mnrihtll, Wm. it C'reagh, Ale*. M l.auron.a. A. B. N?n.?nr?, I'raai. iint A I.rum S?roi?, Vi<;? ("rviWI. ut. Jiimi Wkitmiaii. SwiroUry. Sol DIKKK WARINI.S AN1? 11IK RKI.ATI V l?r rttOSl . <kr. nrrd, oil l ?T? Ihrir clnimf for Bmnty I,unci. fc.tir* ?>ny, fco , x-ctirrnl without delay, by A M. R09V7I N??**n riMIK RTEAHJIIIP El'KOPA WTI.I, NAM. FK >H TilK I d.n k?. J< ??ry Cily, on Wrdnoadny, 9tli Inat., >1 t*?lT? (12) (.rlrrk. i . m ly iii'K M? I/KIHNS vi \ IIAVANA TIIK->TKA^^IIIP J will tail fur th? above porta on h?r ri<iiinrd?y. >trd to fday, Iflth Itst, at i o'clock, I". M , trum I'irr 4 North U.rtr For (t> l*ht or ? apply to V? ETMofcC h CRVPEB. 73 and 7? Sunth at. DOIRlVOUIiNMIlt UAt-TUISVPIIIOII UT F nailing pa. kci. aliip AU>?, (.apt,. I-ehaiider, will mil on t*>< Jih N' veoilwr. Fi r palnn, cabin, and t'oangtt* "jmionawiiF, til* mil ot oo flutpsu-wi an'l n inw * 1 r j orflrttht *|rl? un '"ot of (> ??> >.wt -mr, or to K W. KIHBAI.I. * ?'<> H4 ?t>li STATE* If LAM) I'HRV?TtlK ST*AM5t<AT at Aim lulindrr will run ft* Mlowii t?!.?** Nrw York ftt 9, 11,1, , M wl Ck 'nloofc l*n UstmaUim ftt 8, 10, IX t ftnd t oVlo^. 'IM AI'OibtuAKlK, fco.?i Y(HJN(1 MiN I who lini I*?*? in tli? Unn tni?io*?? for the Imr nlns .v??r?, in tin r< unhl> l wth ll?! ro.Tiix nndin* and di?p*n-ln* or n cdl' inm. Ii?? sit*! dml t!w> M>'<1ir?l ?<! Snr* "* olsaarn thrr* rf,ton? Imp* Mid Wihiry diploma, u< Iim Iwtit m|>l?v?<l * ? Ti/llinf ?i.rt <lli prnrln^ Mrii tail to it twpMUlii* modii-?l pnoti itoro'lf. ihr ?xl of taotl*r<] ill* iftut two yaftr* ? i?h?? t > b.i i'i.H?^d i* ?n in th? ftlioT* U? (! om irodiioi ??*#. fatiif) i< twi,unmlp. ?nrt would rnUnror tym%ki ol^rilf ^n?r?J1> iiMful. Addia** J, B., iMscUct, - ' Vxvm S5 Ilirabeih. M. -^f !r,ih L*<1/ Aon?. ?. '? ,ffc?or tTallMk. AfiJ whmh, Urknd i " J?n5T5l ?t ~*'**t* *ou To?onelo4? wild ih. fare. , \??? JU*r AWC?Jon*''nut Juaki m7 IlM)???yi ObI A, **" 8h?w; ErnwUoe. AM*** Winnirrrd. Mr*. 1,1m, ^"jC Diw. Olral* ?nH PtHaMU, M*U.! r?mil) Ctreit IB e?i.t?, O*"*** I ?Kf ntt BwinhMMM MBBir* ' ?l T O'clock. BUKTONTB THAATRB. OH*MaiRB STRUT.?TUHDAT Lvrnlsf, Noti tnbrr 7. % " |wrf?nii?iniM will nommaoM wi'Ji ."'OMItlV AND."SON?Mr. D* llh?*. Mr R0r,rl?p< Mr Cark<if. Mr. Jonlin; Mijor Jnt ? Br' Mr Tuou, Mr. Rhj vtond; <'*pUU? Cuttlr, Mr. J?ek Knmh*. Mr. RniUf'him; Plortno* DvabeT. Mtak . ' *??n Nipmr Mr*. Broiui.air. Afwr whirk, tfta cm* '**M,f BKKACH or PRO. MISE-j'^n*?r ?ud<1ff?. Mr. B?rt<?i : JL. 5 i2j?V ti.n; Mr* Trapj?r. Un Ternnr; < ?k ' " -A * Prioaa otadi^Mion?I)i*a?C1rel? iX P. I*?!* Circle ov IWcoad Ti.r. 20 a*. Doaw * * P"? - ?? taiatoriae atTiroloafc. - ___ Mitch ell* otmnc th*at**-* t??. No*"*?. th<*anterta?amaiitirirll>?J?k aital extxavagauia enUjed T HC3EUS AND *1 (11( * lua, Mr. Coo over, Baochva. Hr. Nloklnaon; Mtwi. Theaeua MinaMary (Jnanoa; Ar? *??, Mia* I'ladba. r i i j a i-ooilo drama entitled tjll'.EM-HJtlh V TKTIL-*H. V,, "l4, Mr. Hollar! . CouBUaa huarda'n ItwClark. 1v ka . drama entitled ESMKHAl'DA-Qnaaiinorfo, Wr K Or"n*?ir? Mr. Conovrr; Enwralda. TaaMaryOBhtiffa. - ?,*1" o'ndfl with a faroo entitled JAMfJlT J AK* - I>?lph, % ' '' land; Plioilw Mayduka, Mia* NirK'naott lMot* oHl % fa<*< o'clock- curtain nara av 7o'Hwk. _ _ NEW BROADWAY C1RCUR, NBA? Sl'RlNO NlHi'Joha Tryoa and Corporal Thoiupaon, M*aa?crr?Miwula ' ' Tmaday, und We liwaday, Nov. 0. T. anrtn. Macl'arlaadi the V 1 ? lauiiet Man, will appaar in con|* ti?> m with Mr. CairoM aoA ihii other Vaaltera of tlia Troupe, in hia matohlaaa a*?rc'?* af Btill Vaultina , limn Carroll will arpoar in a beautiful w.t af Ilnrnenianahip,calh-d the U?<hjiiin Maid; Vr l>an (lardrw. tea Mnaieal (,'lowa. a'.d hia ?mat do* liufl ir, ha"* alif > beaa en/?(p?i, LiUla Bob Williaina will appear aa 'he V-ung llivhlandar is Training; Principal Act by Mr Jn.m Hnindcl Mr. J 8*aei an ifca Indian llimter; Cl"wn, Mr Rimain. Ilnaon J> ceuta; Chi!dtM under 10, to hoaea. lift mint*; npp> r bo*-a 11 tint*. Sands, lent & co.s iin-roi B <.+',%n a-ieva, and t'iretw.?Laa? Weuk ? Thi? Matnrev'h H '.ahltahmcnt, tfes Inrgtat aad moat rxpai>aiv? ol the knM rxia n . m nx iya I r * ,liiwl limn ftnl. nn fci.rhth " " - . ? - -n - !<? ? i in vpijTt uoaao, v> h?r? exhibitior a are given duly. Tim |w rfurn, < t|,ia E? tulilikhuirnt include the lout* of Ele''liatita, U?ic u? llnrM'H, and an unequalled troupe of'I rion Ponir*t feather / Id. th? an In if a inoai *pl?ndid corpa f Ki|ae?trian ind (i)tniw?iie Artinta. AdmiaaioD, 2ft runt* ( hllilnin uxlar 'an. htlfpioaL Dwri open at o'clock. Perl'urmanoea coi.wienoe 7Vf' " k. Performance Werfiieadny and Maturdry af'crnoon ?l ik( "'0 unk. WILSON ENTkNT.UNMKVM ON TIIE -O.ViJt OF Ccoilanil. ?Mr Wlla.n will ?iv<t nut*rtainmviitN iu tha lit 113 vcaant iDalituto. Urondwai. on the evening* of Wod and Friday, the Hth and llith November, at ek'it ..'uluck, on which ncouiona ho will< ohi'iie nlaudo.iaur hl?m?at adair <1 ?>i>ita and ballad*, tlia i>r grammes of whmh ma* be ha4 nt 'he irnmo atore* Ticket*, n"c. Book of the Snnge. rilfa. C'KMKAI. HAI.I.. COKNICK fJOWtitV AND DIVISION / /treot, over the Muaaura. ? BMki *'? Cl'lii "dan -liinrntlMB, are 1 ivn t a aeriea of entcrtainmenta at the above plana, wbtoh pri'diwn great excitrtna'it. MtXl l? ll.l.UHTKAl ED. I N A SEKIBSOF MIMTTRUTHhillj magnified, land elaborate Moving Panoran/io Vi-wa, exe iited under the immediate direction ot Mr. P. drum, giving a view of tlia vam>ua lattlra, uud a picturneiitie repmaao totion id the Korgi one and romantic ornery n the line of maroh puraued by the Amerioau Army, under the oomtnand of Oenanl pcn't, from Vera t.'ru* to the City 01 Mexioo. now exhibiting eiary evening. and on tho afterm ona of Wodnei>diM and Saturday, at Sti'ppMii llall, cornrrT of Broadway and WTalkar atreet. Uooa open at 7 o'clock. The piotnee will comuiunou moving at 7J^. Prim of admlaaion?Single tloketa Ml cent*; oUldren, half priefe. Ticket* tor a gentleman and two laiiiee, f 1. Family Tiokat, admitting live penrnna, $1 7ft. Rewrveil aeati can ho wonrad al tlia I'flii*. from II till 11. and from J till 4 l.ihnrul i?n?? m?<t? witheahnola. Aii nno PKKSO.VS AND l.\IUI SIIM)AV SCHOOL ochoiam have vitiied llaningi n'a Saamd l>i >r?ma? of ho Creation ami l>.h.?? T? aoon.modate th. *reat nilh of ichoo'a nntl familiea, there will be an exhibition every afiac*. noou. at .'I o'clock, and evening until furl (Mr DoUoe Tlie evaninu' rxlnlntion acmmeucee at o'olock, oomar of Broadway and W alkor atreet. 1 <Uk NIOIITS-iiasingvon-.H MAI.MH :e*tsycr? J \t\f Dioran ax ut the Creation and l>. ln*?. have hoou ornwdad Mainly. * uli admiring arid dvllghtrd au.lionoee. for HW night* They are one of the moat magnitioeiit ai d ipleudid apeutaeke ?*?c witneaerd in New Yoik. Admittance 2S oeiiu; ourner of Bre*&> way and Walker ntrwt. PUI I.A PELPill A A AJUIV OK f INK AKTS.-rilK H 10nittcent group ol Marble mtuary. executed at K?mn by the celebrated 8>e nhaumr, te|irem tmx II> r > and l?*n<ler. ia now onexhlbiiina in the Smitheiat Caller) of the Aoado ny of Pin* Arts, in < lioitnut atree' above Ttnth.frora9 A. M. to I'l P. >1., Iieii-K brilliantly illuminated in the evening. Single adiniaaion 2An nta; aeatou tioketfM. Pill LADkl.l'UIA AGAINST B'MTOJT!? BUMTtNQ PAKE Trotting Course. Philadelphia. ? Wednesday. Novin'ier It, M 4-7H " . >., nmuuuiu 'ii %rio K1" i.. uliujll I T JI6.IA1', KM ' Ileum beet thrco In five, batwern ihc two c? ohrvnd tr?tlir? champion*, Z*1 hary Taylor. o( Philadelphia j ind fhx Bh;I<, of Boatou. Mr. namench. g Z?nii?rv T?yl ir : II. *.H.dr?i nan.oe f. g. Grey Eagle. Tin culobratvd Philadelphia Brut liul will be in a'tendunce. W < <> <KV. Prnnri* ?f. G1KKMAN IIKI'.UW hknuvolknt SOC.iEl'Y. -rul I friaiitia ?l the uNjvc I ni.'ltutinn aro r jap *>lfn I* irif tio?4 that itn Filth Anniversary Dinner will he aelabrated in Tnariday the U.h of November. at tlie Apoilo SaIo na, No. 4IU Hroadway. IIEHY MAYrftR, Pri-anlent. t,rsT*vra BtnmiAiiii, Secjvtar*. DANC1NG.-M IXHJAKDIN*. OK THE ALIA UKMT of Pari*, ba* the honor to tntorm tlxi public that the day* >4 hi r achool are Wedneadaia and Saturdajx at 3 o'olnoli, at No. &3I Broadway; Moudaya and Thun-d^ya. at nnon. at 2V5 Green a (root Jorterroa and other partioalan, apply at liar p.'.-ddenco, No. 1% l.ccnard a tree t. DANCING AND \f Al/TZINU A' AI)KM . 21 HOWARD aire bL?Sigo"ra and (g. Peaaero'liave re"<peaed their School i.d art) terming a now Wal *ing CI i?a fur neot l*-m"ii in tbe evening, and one at I alf-paat .1 o'clock for ?<>uig ladina ind maitM The i e? Haiti Napolitain, and all tho faahmuahl dance*. w.ll t? taught ilntirg the t- rm. Private loaiKina and olaa*M uttonled ta, and private Soiree* will l?Ki< enna nanal. OKGAN FOR SALE?A VEHY HANDSOME FINE TONED org.'ii, aai'abi* fur a imali church or a priva e parlor, reoaafc ly imported, Is olle oil Tor aa'.e at a very mo^crata prioo, udll well worth the atuntion of Dutcrs. Apply to A *\JtINI>KRKO, IW Weat atr?at From t)ia Montreal Transcript, Jul/ .2, Hi'. II/E THINK IT BUT DUE TO Dl. WIIIAK THAT WB tt i.houldaildoiir'e(ilm' njlu liumcroua othrraas wihcai'rv ordinary n.critl of hi( rued cine in otirtain curea, particularly wl ere the patient ha? complained of pun In tho ?ide, or in cim of an aathmatlcal ohitraotor. W e are p? rsonbHlly ac<|nain?ed with many peraona who hurt ex|erimceo immerne r'liut from Uie uiw or this n.ediuiue whoa laborii K under the difeiana above mentioned ; and as in tha ohaic-able climate of Canada Iheae d It oases are mnra than usually common, any ned oina calculated to o jontiraot thai moat he of ra ua. We are aware that it ha* a larae and still incr'aian# sale. and liHH lean vary generally and tieoetii ially used eiuua its iotroc aotiua into I ai.ada thiw years a???and t'i# ?*ry fiot of ita having atoo4 tfw teat of three j e ra>'xpmienue la pr of of ita vain*. We are not in tie habit of reomni'ndin* piient mediiina^ nnlciia llic bei etita onnferred by Uiein have coine tinder our o?* obwrvation; l>ut in the fiwcnt Instm co we oao recommend WUtar'a IWlmra of Wild Cherry, aa a moil o ne w ir hy f the c<m&dinoo of tlie pill lie in diseases of the Cheat ami ide, and 'n raauy cure* in thl? city mvere Coutha have welded to iU iuflaenot. To he genuine it must signed I. BUTTS. For sale wholeaalo mail ' y Mcnari. ABk D u inda, WW Pillion (tteet, e< rner of William; U. Johnaon, IJ1 Broad# y: Win. Burgher,*1 Coarilandt street; mdhy Uia draggitta gees rally Ihriiiiflinnt Ihr 11 ni t .1 1? If .?/t <...-.1. rfA | ONLY I?WHO WOULD 00 WITHOUTTKBTil WHClf Tp I they oan have thorn inaertwl Tor on* dollar and *arran t?4 ti l fITc year* at the office aatubliahsd ?n 1114, for th? redaotiaa Of O'iom. nilfiK wiU> auregojd 76 oenta to $1. Extraotiag V ointe. Ofllr?*,l'l???adwa?. NJfcW TORK ACAliKVV OK IIEDI''INI?TUB NIW Yolk Acadetny of Maaicino will oelehnto ua anooa I analvi nary, at the Church of tha ( ruoiflxio , ( Eighth atraat, hjail of I?fa>etto Hlaca > on Wouendajr evening, >hi rfih mat., at I o'clock. 'Ihe rever ud clergy, the mambera of th i har, tha mWic?l i*o'emiun of tl o city and na vicinity, with t air ftnitli*ia, ant the paMie generally, ar? rw"p?otlul y lov i?.l u> attend tb? Oration will bo del.vcrtd by Jatnan K. Ma ley, W D. james i a*r?>v. m. d.. Chairman C. mintttoo oi Ariaiigemen'A Mabim s I,. Taut. M. I), -Wretary. Medical card- dr. kuiiardson, late constjltinn fbyaioian to tha Naw Vork o'olie;?ot tfalrauio aad I'ha.mkfli iiinlw nniianlturl ! hi. IIAn M .. I.I 1??k place, ob all di?eaM?H nt a private nature, via., primary and tncundary Syph'lia. lionorrl osa, Uleet. .striatal* iemin*l tfej? dim, and all alhotioni of ihat.enilal Organs. Strio . atteation u thie olaca of d>n:?.e* for the lam t?n y?*r?, enah-js Dr. K. to tuaran'ee a radical lure. Ofllor hour* from 9 A M toHl'.M. lava.ida living in the country not ?talinc to make persona1 appli ration, can have fotaardod to them a on?e contaiii'nt all Ladi cineo ri <|iiiaito to purfortii a rail cal unro. tiy a aJi' g tli'lr oa?a explicitly in v lit inn in> enclosing fid. addreeaod t Dr. Hiuhariar>n VeoMmlOlftee 'It ' hK plitce MOST LXTKADKUINAH> mukil-TU THK MAKUIKD or thote oealempltting mama*. .?Trie Married Wnuu'j Private Medical Companion, by Dr AM H&urtoeiu. tji*ti. tion. Price $ I Thto wort is meeting with moat a*t?nndiur, mIh (21,0(11 oopies having ?tT< :?dy bocn dispoaed of.) Hvery fuuialeit getting a t*npy, whethar married or unmarried, although it ii ft.tended cffx-c.aUy for the married a* it iliMloaei import* 'twin which should lie knovrn to them particular y Here every (email can discover the came*. sytnptnn s and tn? most reraadies and most o. nam mi?l? of cure in uverv ?.?. for ?aie, ill Broadway; at t' e publishing offine, I it liberty arrets, New Tort; all*' Y. B. I'etersou, V Cheeu.ut eirvot. (j B Zaiher, t kit*. delnl.ia; Little Si Co_ Alhany, W. R Da via. Boston. On'?v>r? eeipt I if $], * I-'T* will h? tramm-ft-wi liy mail ?( ? ol |?'?tinw, M all |?rU . f iba I'nifd ,utat?a All l?K?r? oiuat ba n.liirmij pout paid, to Dr. A. M Ma I'ltlrEA L'. hot lilt, Naw V>r? nji^ I'aiow >?? ?* S IKK URIC Of Til K I.KETIIRa ITS OrflUI.M .iY ! Yi ma and cure.? HviI-cwIb. Yanc"??le Sto., ara >?irtKui*rty well treated vi il. I'r Inxuii'a p?p lar in'w on UiwamM >1 tia Scjiiml Hyatem. " 1 ha ?'a ac -iowI-.i^I originality and ia irciioity.iii.dt r Irvine nir*i"al (nnio wHiw. >i.Min t?in wot* wub unoi'irn.on < wr>? .' f ttoatuu Mwlical uud Suryionl J?ir.J Kiit'iUj cditi"ii; ZT5 i<u?? f I K* f, W f r T % DaV t, S !*<>IT. THhnn* Un iMIng, 1 \(M T ELI.HT'. Ill VI,1ST. it) HmuillfA?. iH % JtJ tionm fr<m I" >" '< c'?l"*4i. on tlinrta' Wmuv j 'H fSaNOllK* M) Ml R. 0 i -i KTRJUH taamjwr ?h? Rnyai v oli?*r of Surn<?in?. L^udau nay k? Ocn?ult?d1?> treatmwit of Wlcita timwi Xo outnrliou k?) 7< a may have gleet. nlr- r? upon Uw hody, or la tba ??>r>.*t or nm, palbi in tba hand and tl ?..? Is*-. A pdMittac- of fourtew yaafi, d?Tow<i tc ??r?re*' imMk Di. C u> ia>*. *w tram form of thia dn s* H?nei' "a? ? onjntt in ?.>nr Uy? ? >To irrroury ua*d ttnmril orrM in ?*? "? fwo wneka wi?j BJvecly any pain Thaw<ndlTidiialf who ham indnlftnd in aaat K. li 8tr?n*?r? f.'? cmi onoit ??' to b? ilwdTtl, L"*f C'>bN>tt hu i-1** ' *N*?- '*"?V kihmvi* |>r Iflkwr'' D1L< QOI ?>. H Dl l.MITIUT.Km* I. UN I'UiTilAl and M tllmc itr-^u. Iju< for Ih .iut f>i<rVMti jvmn ?a}3/<t4 ? most ojw?i t pjnofoi in pr ?mt ) Iikimi. Ilitkiicnntlit moil :hi? ; M.d u ild uu??.< cut-h; in t*? to tl*? c:iji atrictmv? Dt Ooper oun o 't> the wurnt fo*rj of trii tiir-K ir from ?n? *< t*o C?n?tH?tii>n?l i.HMlnj, brought ?? *>J * we ret h?Mt lurtuiitud in by Th^% mo Irw i lmtvl?*d in, h*p-tt wmfcn ?? ot ?M llrrbmnd ?tr?N of th? NkoV,oobiuiioo of the tuta'.imt ind ?? ? r?c to fvi'ty A t?r ??rr*pfHl In n???t of *(o "hwM fcl o TO?V' NO CURB 10 FAY-DJL I (JBBRIT IM1IIOI9 HI* r *r<l ttrAvr.*''* tH%f. hr hu removed w? $i A n>. etr< -%, (i?'*r VMII ?ra.) *hwv Ui m nonsuited un >>i 4? iuh [iim'wtA An ft>prri?nc* ot ft urnn jcur* ci ? i? I'r (!. to ?mttaut th> touch m.d ?{i?N)7onr? I*. tl ea-i ? of"tr1. tnm. ?m inl pain*, ulerr* flu. rail'"* or whiiu.s k? Nnrow (.?!). kficj i i?h? ?-?r>il ui four diya. h J diplomfc. Uv ter?. p? "< >< > ), mijm'.ad to. PKIV.M t IlSEAMt?-I>H MOW KIM'S, So W !:i LKti)*,N to M? <'itir?ni ot Ne? % or*, tor hu wccum id tfii* d?ysti II. lit. would u.V lit- ?tnu.lP'T? 1...BWIII no bin cl? u,? on t \?tt 0<iero?. Tlic dli*ii*>. initjinttl) iiKfn hooiit??m?fc* *i)? wltrv utii iP' KHT.f. ! I* hi? I niid-M d.f'lom?? Hi hia nOot, 11.Hi* *>? ? DR. KAI.KH, AUTHUHor t:I?. J-HAOT'IAL PKIV at* TrMtMW,' ? .. Ni ttrmawidh tr?*t??.?<*. t?>u4a? to IS A. M , (i to H I'M (*>uaiift| ?io?p'.eO ). Thvac w'.o ?l>>) ui Mwmx% ugM *U1 lw tu^.rlarj ?t ti\q rupitMcy und U'.iln it hviukhn ?tt?ndtn( thalr cur*. It f* oMAfy, h?w???r tW ?Kdh? ml tonxl from n aartnii elaaa ot p*?|>K wk? oa? pr>i?fW upvivrt?W hii bottio*. In (tridtai*. t>om ut "ir?t, < * iimipN>. t ? it? mot* nod ...?r??jn* (from uncommon - * 'run M.d a Tntjr Mtormva |,T*o(a*>*.) ho -Kr nff .n) ? r?ptd. ? *?, ut; mdiflnl ?vf?, which, li? **? ?ri u*d ?a bo .tk?v from no vtbar h0.t** ft Auaritft.

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