Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1848 Page 3
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scaped. Sir H. Smith and ei#bt English officer* were wounded. Captain Murray lulMqstiatl; died. Of tba soldier* engaged, eight or ton were killed. The engagement took plaoe on the 29th August. The reb*l Boers were strongly pouted at a plaoe railed Bloe Plaaa, and, after a sharp eonfllot of three houra, were da feated. Sir Harry Smith waa wounded in the kart, nd bad a home killed under him The laat deapatohea from Sir Harry Smith'* head quartern, six miles northcast of Bethany, are dated Au<uht 31. Holland. The Hti.i t.?In the (.holera Hnapital at this place 44 patient* have been received ; of these 18 hare died, three have recovered, and the remainder are still uuder tieatment. The Cholera. The following Is the statement of cholera oases re. portid yesterday to the General Board of Health. It in made up to six o'clock. P. M.:? Owydvh-Houik, Whitehall,Oct. -'d, 184K. One case in the Model Lodging-house, Glasshouse yard. One oace at Donraster. a Several eases at Peckham?number not yet known. Bank of Kuglaiid. An aeoonnt, pursuant to tbe 7th and 8th Viotorla, chap. 33, for the week ending the 21st day of October, 1848. ISSUE DErABTMENT. Notas Issued ?K,W2,U0 Goverumeat Debt.. .4U.015.1U0 ? Other Securities S.MMJMO Gold Coin and B?V lien. 12.IW2.64t Bilvtr Bullion.SUV.iMt *86.592.640 ?2ti,6HM0 ANIIltO DEMRTHKNT. Fronrietort'Capital. ?14.663.000 Government Securl Bait 3,3.<S,566 tie* (looludiug Public D?i>oi>U (in- Dmd Weight Anoludiiif Kxoha- nuvv) ...... .?13,400, 019 quer, Bavinp Other Securities... 10.8(7,21(1 Bank*, Commit Note* 8,v32,8r6 sionera of National Gold aad Silver Debt, aad Diri- Cola 570,426 dand Account*)... 3,162,909 Other DepoaiU lU.lifll',880 UannDif and other BUls.,7 1,08 VS8B KW./W ?3J,?MUtO Markets* I.ondoi Mouby Markkt, Friday, Oot. 27, Two o'olook ? Public securities hare boea buoyant still this morning, notwithstanding the sedative influence of a thoroughly soaking wet day. Consols opened at MX ,N, havM been dooe at 8bj%, but some of the " bulls ' realizing, has produced a re-aotion to 85% Thi tone of the market in Arm. and the chief bu?ine?s has been for account. The extreme rates for money have been 86?,; %\ the Three per Cent. Reduced, 84>,' ?*; the Tnree-%nd a-Quarter per Cent., 84^4 to 8&J,? ; Bank Stok, 187; the June Exohequerbiii, CO 43; and the March, 4U 4ft. A good deal has been done in Mexican Bonds, which continue in request for money. They have been sold from 20Jtf to U0.7,', Spanish Three per Cents., "J'2*4'; Portugese Four per Cents . 28K; Brazil Old. Ti%; lltisliuu, 98^, Dutch Two and-a-llalf per Cents., 44)i Jtl and the Four per v0u1. UrillUtftlfS DO^ ^ . f , Paris Bouhpk?Thursday. Oct 2.V 3 o'clock?The Baurie ojenud to-day ooostddrably above yesterday's closing prices, and the oentes continued toadrauoe till two o clock, when the news was brought of the intention of the Assembly to reject the decree fixing the election for the 10th of December, and they after that gave way rapidly. A great qnautity of Fir* per Cent Rentes was discounted for the purpose of supporting the Itentts The new* fri.m Italy continues iuTurable to the cause oi 'peace, and this prevented a fall Liverpool Cottox Market, Oct. 27.?A regular but moderate demand for cutton has pr?vailad during this week : the present low pries for all descriptions of cotton do not offer inducement to spinners to purchase beyond the supply of their present wants, and although exporters continue to operate to a fair extent, the total rales of the weelt do not exeeed 29,600 baip* Amernn cotton of atl descriptions is very freely "tiered, and in prices generally a slight decline on Jcct Friday's prices has been submitted to, and the quotations for --fitr" cotton are again reduced H per lb To day the ma; ket is rather firmer ; the improTtd tone In the London mon>-y market apparent yesterday, und favorable intelligence from India, ooneur to impart confidence : the sales ar? 8.000 bales, including 2.200 uplands, by public auction, at steady Srices. In Brazils a 1 Kgyptlans the bu-ine?s is mo rata, and prices are unchanged. Surats are in limited request at former rates. f.uO American have been taken on speculation, and 1 350 American and 100 Surats for export 8008m liUall and loo Laguiras are declared for public Kale on Friday next. Livkri'ool Corn Markkt. Oot 2S ?The lar/e arri als of vthrat have bad a deprorMntg t(Teo.t on our corn market. Western canul Hour is quoted at 30s , Philadelphia and Baltimore 29s. lid . sour 27s. tid p-r barzel, wheat 7s. 3d. to 8s. fid per 701hs. beiDg a daclloo cf Is. 6d. per barrel on flnur. and 3d per 701bs on wheat Indian oorn continues in fair demand at 3ls. to 36s 6d. per quarter, and I odia'i at 17a per barrel. The duty on wheat ha* advanced to 5s. pet quarter, and on flour to 3*. per barrel. London Corn Exchange, Fitiday Oct 27.?A Tory limited quantity of Knglish wheat has b??n reoeived fresh up to our market this week, coastwise as well as by land carriage To day tbe show cf samples of both red at d white was small Selected qualities, which were very scarce, meted iff tteadily, at price* fully equal to tboce paid nn Monday last, la tfiu middling kLd inferior kiud* a very moderate business wan doing atlateiates Only 11.410 quarters of foreign wheat have com* to band; jet ttie tupply of that article on cfTtr this morniDg was good Crime ?aiupl?s were In ready demand, at extreme r?tes of value Otherwise the trade was firm at full prices. V'ur most kinds of barley, especially nulniiR. we M?d a firm inquiry. at fully late rates Tbe show of all kinds was small.? Malt ready for delivery was Arm. and prises were well supported. The forward sales were trillion Although tbe supply of oats *?i small, that grain commanded try little attention, yet the factors refuted to accept lowerpriies. Beans, peas, ludian corn and meal as last advised. Tbe top price of the best town made i flour was 48s per 280lbs. Railway lutclll^enoe. Vermont am> r n\ meeting of tbe Corporation wat beld yesterday afternoon, t which measures were adopted which will insure an early completion of tbe roid. Tim time allowed to the old stockboldt rj to tike new shares at fitly dollars each, has been eitend d to December 1st, and if tile necessary amount sK-ill not be then tnki.n. a mortgage of the property Is to be placed in ths hands of irustees. to insure tbe payment of ,tbe corporation's bonds, wbicb are ta be usued frnm time to time, and either Fold at auction, or pledged as collateral security, for moneys borrowed Tbe guaranty of the Fitch Durg iiKiiiuuu u?s oeeu amuii*?ut-u. very properly ; and it is extremely douhiful whether tut arrangement, even if legal, would, upon the wbole, have rerulted ?o bf Officially to the parties concerned ax the one which ha* now bn-n agreed npin. it >v?i stated at the meeting that twenty-five thousand dollars expended on the road b?d, would grade it into Drattleboro', and that one thousand addition to that already laid or sent to the iine. woull li nish the whole track by January lot. It wa* also stated tha' the Fitobburg company bad offered to lend the company four hundred ton* of iron aud to accept, drafts iii ad- i ance for the balance due on the lease of tne Vermont and Ma^achueettn line to Athol ; and that several thcmaud slim s of the new stock had been sub-crib- ; ed There can bt uo doubt, from the spirit evinced, that the road will be promptly ttuintud?llottui\ Courier. I'hoi.kki's of uhcihuhko ii>? ~ We learn 1 that 270 tone of rail* are daily sent up by the Kttollburg Kailroad into the inter or. to complete the Vermont at d Massachusetts. Cheshire and Railroads and that the tracklayers are finishing eighteen miles id railroad a week. It i? coufldeuMy expected that belkre Cbrietmas ibe ' heshlre and Sullivan lines will be opened irom Keeue to Windsor, and thence to the mouth of White Kiver Iron hat. been provided to complete the Vermont and \1a';;aehusottg line to Northfleld ai d will be latil down b? November 15th. The Northfleld bridge acr?a? the Connecticut i.< now pan-h be and the road bed graded into Brattlebirough. Thr Kitrbburg company have loaned half the iron required between Norih/leld and lirat.le borough, and uratoaidiu for the residue by acceptance und*r their lea?e. Button Cnurirr. a nkw mystery ? 11 is ?t least three months mmt Hie TYtbuni discuve red ;i?iy new isms to in- , trodurx to Ha readers Such a length of time without any novelty in politic*, religion, or philosophy, mtixt. of courae. be exceedingly tedious to its adatlier*. who require a uew faith in ad ibe aboTu departments of human progtei-a at leant I alf jiMriy To atone for the lack of new creeds, It ban in'ro.lured it-* readers, during the week, to a new man In almost OTery couin.iiTf IIiid M.nieimng about one my.-terlous W. E. Rnbluat n No? he In aria'gilug (J^u Cui. no# i he ii< rhtt'ieuging siilue judge to ?ii rnoonntvr of political aiguii.etit un/nr ud Momnuin; again. he la going to I i'ldrcm hut, to deliver a speech there. and in ahort, peril rm all l.indt ot ubiquitous tricks Figaro is ticlip-' dby thin gentleman and throughout the week we liaie greatly who he can be. ilia glgantio name ha* also stared u- in the f*<,? troin blank walls? r> ally he must be a per'on of <reaf importance; and thAi?.1i tii pnnft>hl nnp I j unr u nrit of him lllav hn to argue oui reive* linkn<'* n. \el ?e hHTM a?ke<l Iu vain from a hundred of our acqua'ntanRee, " Who is he?'" In It another hoax ? i" it veiT-n*nimon, or in it but n DBmf, the repre?eotative of *uoth?T Ifm wluoh Urnlcy ftuiuggltng into the world under fait* pretencet' Will no on* reli??n oar anxiety? Who or nhat ll W. K HoMn-oo, ih:tt the printer* in the IWiiiiit (fflo.e have Met up fur ptiblio admiration, nt lra-t H i<? huodr?d Iime.s within the past ten day* ? I< hp a reniatkable man, or I* it an iam? I* it progreaa, or 1* it a nommt ile jilumr. an euianatioo from the koax-cone> ctiDK brain < f the Editor-to go down to portnlty In company with Billy Patteraoa, Juniaii, John h'mith k Co ' Some one ??ya It in the identical parsonage who. an we learm il in our first spelling hook, wi nt lathing with Sailih. Jones and Brown, and that be waa not drowned - .'/sr. Trauk and TitAVKi.-Thr entire number of arrhma in Cinr.lDDati the pu-1 ?e> k. at theeiiiht principal hotels. was 1 fi?# pert mm The whole number of dUamb' M arrivals at that port, for the rame tllua, was 18? !' from Pittsburgh and 4 from St l.ouia I'he number < f departure* *?? 1.1 8 for I'itt^hurg" and 6 for St. l.ouia The steamer Saianae caine down from Pittsburgh yesterday, with Uer kurrlr*De deok completily ewvtTi'd with plauiit'ou wayon* and ploughs? the latler nrtiole goe* to the wild* of California to *al*t in sowing the need of civilisation.? Cincinnati Chroniclt Nov 3 Tiie Fountain oh the Gomni in was in operation I art evening and a^nin ll? I? m'Tning The column of water fioni a ?.hie? Inch jet was thrown up fo feet, ar.d wan very I eautiful. I'he water l< pure and white aa it la thrown into spray from ita apex There la nolhirg like It in thi* country, and our cittienx lira delighted with the exhibition.? Ilntlon Tnnncript. The Allaghray Mountain* Wtra whitened with boow th Wr 4tiotd?y *Ast, TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* Great TrotUng Match For Two TIiomm4 Dollar*. Philai>klphia? November 8, 1848. The great trotting natch for $2,000. mile beat*, beet three in flTe, under the saddle, came off thU afternoon over the Hunting Park Course. The match wu between e. g Zaohary Taylor, of thin city, and the g. g. Grey Kagle, of Boeton. The PniladelpLia ho. te won after four tremendous heat*. This match has created more excitement in thisoity than hu any trotting oonteit for many years; in fact, the present one, may be aoknowled^ed the ohumpion trot of the Hunting Park. (irtat iiumters o* sporting men eame on here from Boston, Baltimore, New York, and other oities, and litr^v i-unif of money were won and lost on the result of the oonteit. Uvery thing that oould be desired to render the affair attractive, had been provided by the lessee of the Course on the occasion, (Mr. M D. Ureeoe.of New York.) anl with a tluu day, a good track, and the horses in splendid order, the match want off with great eclat. The following's a summary of the raoe : ? Mr. . named a. g. Zaohary Taylor 12 11 Hiram Woodruff, named g g Grey Kagle. ..21 t 2 Time, 2:82-2:31?2:M?2:38. From Yucatan.?We are indebted to the courtesy ot a commercial Irieud tor a lile of papers Irom Merida. to the 2d instant, from whioh we gather the following intelligence :? Yaxoaba baa b*en recovered by the government troops from the IndianH. There was little or no lighting in tbebusinesa, and ainca the 11th ult, when the town wta recovered, there ban been some slight skirmishing. In all whioh the whites have bad the advantage. The number of Killed and wounded on etoh aide ia quit* inconsiderable. Yaxcaba was almost totally destroyed by the Indiana while in their po?aerslcn. Oov. Barbachano, in consequenoe of the Indian difficultly and the unsettled state of the country generally. has Issued a decree postponing the electiona in the State. Some political motive which we do not precisely understand is at the bottom of this postponement. It is shadowed forth in the Governor'* preamble and in the official paper. Both are feartul the elections may go against them. The papers are filled with reporta of unimportant military operationa, and lettera of congratulation from Governors of different States of Mexico upon the reincorporation of Yucatan with the republio. THE WEEKLY HERALD. THE RETURNS OF THE GREAT ELECTION, The Wttkly Herald, to oontaln the full popular vote f 1844, and the returns of the great election of 1848' o far as known, will be published at nine o'clock on Saturday. This will be most valuable sheet, and should be preserved by every one. Single copies sixpence. Knox, tlie celebrutetl llnltcr, Fulton (treat, kind s under to no, other dealer id the anle of faahioiablc, elegant and duruble hat*, ol every stamp. and style. and a koook I iluwn argument in hii favor, is, th*t he knocks out a little the harcM mest hat that caa be procured in Uoiham, acoordiug to the judgn cnt or those whose hats hive st od many hard klooks iroui wn d and weather, and who attribute their good qualities to the ni|?!rior*kill of thi(tnai,uf?otnrer. lVew Music at Atwlll'i, !<Ot Broadway,? Beauties of the 0|*ra, in r umbers, or bound; Nora llaoree;Itii tlie Onme; Tournament Waltxea; Pattnr'a Daughter I well reu tmber; Accept this Gift, music, honed; String*: Heed a, (En. Sto.,ofeveiy kind; Piauoftirtes; Guitnr&; Flutes, Ike. Ito. Piaaoa and rcjiaired. The Plaiuhc !Vall?nal Da^uerrlan Gallery on j he upper corner of Broadway and Murray a tree L 3tr?ueota ai d otlura should nut fail to visit, as it la the moat iutcrvsuu^ I )a< e in the oity. 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So says HILL, the Inimitable, at No. 13 Nassau street, whore may also be foand his Infallible Unguent fur the Ilnir. 6 9 1ft 8 B C I A L AFFAIR I. UIMIBV MARKET. Wtdncaday, Nov. 8?G P.M. Quotation* for most of the fancy jtooks experienced a forth*r improvement to-day, and the sales were unusual!}' large. The result of the eleotion gave an impetus to operations, and the advance in prises wa3 taken advantage of to put loti upon the markat. At the flrpt board, Delaware and Hudson went up >4 per cent; Harlem,^; Erie Railroad, new, J,'; Long Island J?; Canton Company, Hi Norwich aad Worcester Rail, road lell oil ,'.k; all others closed at prices current yesterday. At the second board, the sales were large, but prices were not sustained. Canton Company fell off \ per cent; Erie Railroad, new, >f, and Long IMond, }i. The steamer for Liverpool sailed to-day. Sbetakei out a larfce amount of sterling exchange, drawn prln. ipally at a 8J? per cent premium, and $67!) in specie. This advance in exohange is not a favorable feature in tba money market and looks ominous. The Hudson and Berkshire Bail road Company have re!aid their road with a heavy rail, and re-opened It to the junction with the Albany and Boston road. It i? pretty well settled that Oeneral Taylor has been elected Preiident of tbe United States for four yearj from the 4th of March, 1X49. The returns, so far as received, are lufflclent to show a large whig gain in the thirty fir>t Congress, a large majority in the Home, and a Senate pretty equally divided, there I, every prospect of an important change being made in tbe financial and commercial system* of the country. It ii admitted, by all parties and by all classea, that a modification of both I* required, but bj no mrana tbe adoption of measures directly opposite to tbose now in operation. The independent treasury aat ia too stringent in its provlaioos, even with tbe liberal conatruction put upon It by Secretary Walker, and the iaaua of treasury notes under the various acta for raising loana to meet the expenses of the war. Aa yet we have not reallr.ed the eft. ct of the independent treasury aot, as originally pushed, aa circumxtances transpired a few weeks after Its adoption which completely changed Its moat intuitive features, and permitted the government to administer its finacces in a more liberal form. The lime ia now at hand when thoae modifications terminate. and tbe act. aa originally adopted, will be enforced. On the lat of Deu^mber the lsaue of treaanry notes ceases, and the disbursements of the government will be confined exclusively to ?old and silver. Then we ahall feel the full effect of the system and practically illustrate ita benefits and de'ecta. If the commercial classes hare experienced any disadvantaged from tbe aot. as it bas been en. forced since last January, what may they not expect from it when all ita modification* have expired by 11ffiiUtioii The remit of the election limit* the existence of the preeent party In power to a period of three .month' lie ni the lit Deo?mber. tke time when the Independent Treasury act of 1846 oomes into operation, and it la probable that the aol will not. even for that ehort period,be strictly enforced In the event ?f the new administration being atrongly whig. It la possible Dome change will be made In the treaaury ant, even before acted upon by Congrea*. It oan hardly bi | expected that the preaetit goTernmant will permit any alteration to be made In the act. A pure Oold and aiWer currency, so far as the public expenditure and rccelpta are concerned, ha* long been ; one of the leading principles ot the democratic party, ' and in the oourae of about tweire year* the ?y?tein , baa been In operation but little more than one year, I and, even for that time, ao mixed up with a paper I currency that It* specie jro?i?ln*a were nearly lost I of. The democratic patty haa. for th# past tizj t??n jears, bren oppcred to the paper cur-* v? I U li, and hare, fot the wl'c!? .'. m pure epocte currency. Within that time the party bM teen la power twelve yeara, not wit Intending which the pet meaaure of the party hai been In operation bat about twelve monthi, and even for that abort time In it* moat modified form. Should the government carry out the aot aa it will atand on th* flret of December proximo, ita operation will not vary much from what haa already been realised; but. on the oontrary, rather more favorable to all olaaaea than It baa thua far been. After the flrat of December, the further iaaue of, Treaaury notea ia prohibited, and the paymenta of the government will all be made In gold and allvar, while the large amount of Treaaury note* in circulation will give thoae who have paymenta to make to the government, a currency which will oheok the ourrent ef apeoie into the Sub-Treaaury, and keep the money market more uniform. The current of apecle will now be out inatead of Into the handa of tha government and the Treasury notes, as fast u they are paid in will be oaneelled. Thia will drain the market of a currency which bas been foond very convenient to a large claps of merchant*. Theae notes bxve proved very serviceable in answering for remittances from one part of the country to another, aa a sort of exchange, and hare supplied the place, in a manure, of a portion of the specie drained from the market for ihlpment, and suoh a currency la much required The true financial policy of the government is to supply such Currency, instead of drawing from the obann*ls of commerce several millions of specie, reducing the aggregate oapital of the country, and restricting the operations of trade. Government can easily keep in circulation several millions cf Treasury notes, which will afford a safe circulating medium, without causing any inflation of Individual credit, or cauaing any undue or artificial inflation in prioea of property. In tha nvont nf (fiHrov?niiA nf tha Truftmirv ilnnnpfmAnf fiallinty short, at any time, of the expenditures the deficiency oould easily be made up by an issue of Treasury notes, bearing a nominal rate of Interest, that they might be more freely oiroulated. In the payment of any instalment, due on on the pnblio debt, an Issue of Treasury notes might be made instead of resorting to a direot loan. In this way the government would save a lsrge amount of Interest and aid the operations of commerce by increasing the floating capital ef the country. Being independent of all banking operations, there would be no expansion in the shape of discounts, and it would enable the cforernnrent to carry on its financial operations, without oausirg. from time to time, any revulsion in the money market. Hock Kxctianfge. $0000 Tress Notes, 6's 1IK) Cautoa Co hM) 81 ?**) U S (i'n, '67 1<?V sl>0 1HO do, 'ne law llW Hnr'em R R I'lV 1.0410 do.'<>2 11UU0 do i>9() fJU 31)0 Sta'oh-H. -62 ](IH 225 do 40U MUO IHintiilntTm. '47 .13 V :MM1 do 4<J? 31110 do, Int'it Scrip, 19 100 do *30 llOMI Penn6's, b30 71 W Nor lit Wor RR slO 3J 6MIO Kt ading Bonds 68,'f 60 do b20 3J 8?C0?rier? 11 <}o VJi 2(1 ? s rtion Bank 118 2"0 <lo b90 S3 7 Bank of America 91* 200 Heading R R 3!* 17 do 9A MHt do b3f> 33 10 Del Ik Hudson Canal 137 200 do b60 33V 180 do 137W do 32', 20 do scrip 123 200 Long Inland RR 21'? 10 Amer Exchange Bk 95 60 do 21S 10 Bai k of Omm, full 91 100 do 2H? 500 Fatmerk'Trust 28 100 do bid 21* 8W) do blO 28 2.0 do bW 21 MM) do b16 28 201 do bSO 21 ^ 1M) do 130 24 100 <10 bO? 21s era do 21% 2110 do *30 21'? 16i do i60 27* 100 do blS 21* 80 JcffrrtK n Iniurance V.'i 100 Erie RR,ncw,fuUo3t) 63 1( 0 Morri. Canal 7* V> do 75 Canton Co #'?? 25 do slO G2* 100 do SlO 30?, 45 do 62* 326 do 311% 25 do bSO 63* 1U0 do bSO 30;? Sccoml Board. f.'IOOO N Y Stem's,'61 112* 60 tht Morris Canal 7'4 20 ahi Bank of Comm 91 60 Canton Co bflO 31 1UI Harlem RR bGO 50 60 do b60 30* HU no 49* Ml do 30^ HO do 4!'* 60 do b30 30* LOO do bGm 61 60 do 3 <; I M) do ?3 49V 60 do 3<J* lid rannor*' Loan btio 2f* 30 do 30!i tO do KSO 28 25 do 3d* <00 do 27* 25 Erie R R, fu'l aCO f.2', 4(0 do bSO 27* 20 do 62* 60 do aXI 27H 1CX? Long Island R R 21 DO Mi nU Canal 7* CITY TRADE UK PORT. Wkunksuav ArTKHnoon, No*. 8?0 P.M Owing to Us being packet daj for the Kuropa. and n>cr<> cr Ichb excitumeut rfrpcctinit tho renults of the election. business on >chaii(;M was again rather languid Moderate sales ol flour were made, on ratber I better terms than were previously obtainable. Tonrn wan 110 change in wheat Sides of corn were aga.n made at full prices for mixed and round Meal ren>ain<d the annie. Sale* of rye were male at yerterdny's prices. There was nothing near in rye Hour.? Fork *11 quiet. and no sales of moment reported.? There was no change in groceries Ashes? Moderate pales were making at old price*, via : at >b 26 f> r both sorts. Export!Jrum 1 it to 7th November. 1848. 1847. Pot*, bbls 665 1,461 I Kesris. 11 67 ? Bhf.*d*ti>ffs ?Flour? The sales reached 6 000 a 7.<MiO barrels. including straight brands Michigan and Oswego, at $6 315tf. and straight brands lienesee at $6 ai>4 a f!> 37X; 800 barrels common to pureOenesee sold at fb ;il>4 a $6 44, about 1.000 barrels Hopeton mills were cold, part lor the Kastern and part tor the city trade at $5 76; there wia no change in Southern Wheat? Sales of 4 000 bushels Oenesee were made at 126c. a 12tc. Cum?The sales reached about 80,000 to 36 000 bushels, conristin^ chiefly of lots of mixed at 67 a (>"Hc ; also, 7 000 high mixed at b8o., with several lets of round at 78c.; a lot of common mixed sold et 66c. Altai?Sa'es of 101) barrels were mid<t at $3 2.1. l'ye- Sales of 4 000 a 6 000 bushels were made at 66 a 6t>4 in the slip. Kyr l-'loin? There was no change in ryu Flour. tSarl<y- Sales of 1.000 bushels were made at 66o . and 1 too at 0Jo., for two rowed tiic'eijilt down the Hudinn River lince the Opening of Ktver A'atigation. r""Tdl 1849 1817 Wheat Flour, bush ...... 1.669.891 2 449 3 )3 Corn Mesl 3.179 loft 3 >3 Wbtat. bush 840 630 1 643697 Corn 1.794.611 3 441300 | Rye 892,298 277,400 Export fiom 1st to 7<A November. Ih48. 1847. Wheat Klour, bbl* 64 958 45.4U9 1 Wheat, buhb 62.Hi .'U.8H8 ; Corn 187 910 128)121 ' Hurley none. 4 OA I Out6 noon. I! Inl5 fcirokT Of BiiKAniTurrs toOiht Britain amli Irkuhu. tinci S?:rT. 1, 1848. From Flour. Comment. iCfcui, Corn. Oiti bhli. bbh. bush. buth. buth Wiw York, Kot. 7. .'.53,412 9.04S 277.604 1,71 MM N. <>r:?r?, Oot. 28.. 21 M3 ? 35,546 318,395 1,000 Thiladflphift," 31.. 13,2?5 8,714 100,924 289.592 ? 1 nlMjoit), >0T. 4.. *S.<30 1.726 57.421 2H9H27 ? Ili'Ston Not 4.. 3 .V.I 1,1,93 1,126 133.912 ? Other 1'orU,Oct. 31.. 2,245 ? 6,800 1 76.372 ? Total. 3241,518 18,778 479,601 2,918 454 1,1)00 Cotton.?There wm a good demand to- day from the bone trade, which took about 1.200 hale* Prises thi? week haTe been quite steady at <i>,o to O&o. for fair Upland*. Khkh.hii.? Rate* remained alout the *ame, tI*.,2i in Britteh Te**el*, and 2?. 6d In Amerloon yen el*, fit { dour to LiTerpool. A TMxel of 700 a 800 ton* was engaged for Llterpool at 2*. 3d , and corn at 7Xd. cod at $2 26 a $2 44 Hkmp.? We notice Mies of 150 balei American dew retted, at (160 a $166. u*ual time Him:*.? Sale* were made af 3 000 Baeno* Ayre?, S3 b (for tbe Buffalo market), at 10c : 6,000 do., 201b. a 211b , at tbe raot? price, and 346 forto Cubello, 231b. at?*. II ii ? A fa r demand for shipping, with aalea of 1 20<) b?le*, at 4uc a fit)o Ihor- Some 3W> ton* No. 1 Scotch pig bare bean pn'.rt Irom fhip at J>i2, 6 month* Navai. Skohkb? We uotice*ale* of 1,000 bbl? crude turpentine, at fi2 50; I3u do. epirit* at 36>$ a 37o., and some parcdcrf common ro*ln at (1 I2S On* A mil < f 2 510 gallon* Knglirh Milt Soma lot* of American were taatn in bbl* , at b'io PbeTiemN* ? Moderate t-ale* of me** and prime pork were made at $13 and $?. Lard eontmueu dull. Beef?ai dull; 150 bbl*. *old, inoluding me**, at $9 2.r>, and pnuie f 6 liiX- ('brtre remained the rarae Exports from 1 it to Tilt Norrmb r. 184K 1847. | Be*f bbla. fioO 2,086 1'oik 708 5.184 | Laid keg* 10 008 11.504 Si'i.mi -The demand for a day or two pa*t ha-" been i (|tilie tlack. and we hare but to notice *alea of ;I00 libd*. I'irto llicoat ::%o. a 4\o ; 200do. Cub* Vluano' >*(1o at 4n a Ac . and Net Otleana In lot*. ?t 4 a 4S" Tobacco?Sale* 100 hhd* Kentucky at 3X a Oo, 20 bale* Havana, at 20 a luo., time; ana 50 boxea f'dnu *) IthtiIa Mt d. at 4 a " W h ifkkt.- SaK* of 300 a 400 bbl*. were made, including State I'rlaon al 23V * 21c , aii>1 iti tbe above ttit 150 Obio, at 2.1Hc ; and 2o0 do . at 23c. 1*1 A HK K I'M KI.SKWIIKKK. 81<)< K SA I.Efi I'liil.Ari i iinA, Nov ti?Bo nd -$,1,700 IVnnsylTAnia ft, 74; I l?in<? audi) 1. analli., V7 H <-i; 2.HM IUr Kit, M>, ftM! JH. rr < I'tUial 7U; 2 Mruh llitnk. 'M'/i 4 Umrd Hani, 1( V *rtt r #<;/ ?? I'mi nyivanta 6>, 7!'; I'll rivalling Kailtm d, ItINl *? II \\ It*1 I 8 lia ik, /UU N Jerrjr t ,'oj>per, I; ftn N Am Inn, 1%. >rrourl Ho'trd? 7'>o t*?uti J'a, 74, i.Uo'Tenn l/<*l V? || Kktlr<?d *>'n 77J*: il*' Ij" lii<ti .Na* Strip, MJt|, 2(ilrard, 1UJW; ft Hk1i?Bank, 2t V; 7 fht'adi-lph a liana 112. Aftfr Salft?HV Hi dug II N. ll-Tri ' 0 Motrin ' anal, 7 V Haiti rr.r, 7 -f?7?rfc r?> tri ? Jcitt) Mar>land Sterling $1 0 It I'.alt'mo ? >*(!, 1MH, 07*$; ft tin lUlumorc and Ohio Hailr ad. )1Vd t M 27. BonrtfN W#?. 7.-8 afcawa Ivmli n and Vt'niwa'cT Rail Hivl, D tinil rrovldfM'e H K, K7\? "" VannontlVntrti h H, !HI>| ; 4 W -fltrti R k !> S . llldt, Wij, ; ft Ka.U rn RK,1UJ?4, 10 Nct?K:K<und Wo rated (V Ri^l ts f. DOMESTIC MAKKKTS. NtcW IUnr'HD On. M>kri:t, Nnr 0 184S ? Sperm ? tbo marVHt continue* lirm with g< oil demand Thtt Mle* alncn our laM* 1 2i0 ItbM at $1 02. and lOObbla do. at $1 04 per unllitn Whale Tb<-ra in laaa doing In whale, but wn Imrr no ob > nge In prleea to r?port. Sale* ba** bf?n made of 350 hbl-. ground tl?r at XlXe ; 200 bbl? North Waat Coaat *t 36n , and 100 ntra do ,at 37(1 WhaJ?bon? ? Tb? umrHet U without animation, and wa havtt no aale* to report. VORRIQN iVAKKKTS. 1 t T riito, Sept 0, IRIX.? The a?l*a of < .<)1 a', tfjucr d jtnoeB. HmUmouU >-'l , Baltimore $10 Tha market I* very dull; baker* only purchasing for immediate want* in axpnotatioa of now etof. Tba Caffre market hnthrr better supplied, and price# are rather mora reasonable. The re. eipta are IncrvafId*. Vrei||bta are vary dull: 70c pel b?< to any porta la the Halted State* would bit aeaepted If offered, and possibly Ire*, aa thrra are thirteen American Teasel* engaged. and several more d?lly expeotel Exchange la quite nominal at 23d, with aa upward tendrnoy : speoie nominal at 3f|i for doubloon* We are with< ut any adrine* from tha aoutb. European date* are to the 27th July. St Tno?i*?,Oot 11, 1M*.?Me*ab?e?$10a11; prima do. $6 60 a 7; men* pork >13 a 14; prime do. ft) a 111 fit); codfish $3 00 a 3.76 per 112 lba ; do per box $3.60 a 4; salmon $14 a 16 per bbl ; maekrel $4 a 4.60 per bbl ; herrings $1.60 a 2 per bbl; bam* 8 a Uo per lb.; ch?e<* 12 a lRc.per lb. and very source; butter 16 a lie. per lb.; lard 10a 11a par lb ; candles, 7's, 14'* and lfl'a $13 60 a 14 per owt ; perm do 84c per lb ; yellow leap 5>{ a 6*40 per lb ; flour $6.87>? a 7 per bbl ; rye $5 par bbl. and scarce; corn meal $4 a 4.25 and *oarc?; do per puncheon $16 a 17; oorn 70 a 75 p?r bush.; pilot bread $3 76 a 4 per bbl ; navy do. $3 50 a 3 7S; rloa $6 per 100 lb*.; whale oil 40c per gal.; linseed 70 a 75 perg?l ; tobaoca $6 a 9 per 111) lbs ; wauuf do $4 a 10; tar $2.50 ? 3 60 par bbl; pitob $2.75 a 3 per bbl ; roaln $J a 2 60; spirits turpentine 50 a t>0o. p* r jral.; pltoh'pine lumbar $16 a IS p*r M ; whlt?pinedo ti l a 15; oypreat abirglea $6a 6 50. Kioorta ?CotfeeSt Domingo (S.50 a 6 per 100 I ba , rum. 25 d grey* proof. 26 * 'J7o per gal ; iu(iHr$2 50 H 3 p*r cwt Kxcbanye ? Starling govern rOk bllla $410 p?r A'lOO; private bills $400 par X100; bllla on United Statea 1 per cent prem. at 60 day*, and del.ars 2 per cent prem. AhkOTLAK ME fll Nil OP WASHINUTON A <SKMULY. No. 't, U. O. or ll?r??na "ill he held ait le Anaomhij r<xnn. 7N Allan i;ireel, ou Ihurtday, !lth in?f? at 7K '' M- Fiinatual a'tfdaice ia rcijuctt d, a.". Im- nesa ?f importance will ha laid hefi re'ha m< ?thi?. I). *. * IliM ( ? Senrnr.arv. American inbtitutk-tiib members oi'thisiv aiitut?Bre iviiuti-Ud to attend the i'uneml of ThailticiH B. W akrnmi, their late Correapni.ding Seen", i y. from No. I It} Woit Mtb mi et, this atternoon at 8 o'clock. Funeral orvioea at St., MkV Cr.ur K Lau\'? bkat KLBr.- Luyr, ox .iatimn\v evening, it' or in one of the Kignth utrt ut ommhu>i>n, or m w liking from >t eot aim g AuUv ami ?*ooator utr-nt# to the npt?-r part of University Plane ? I??>'| l-rsael?i?. **hfH-vrr retaral iho fame in Mratra. J. Hi <*". (!e-rv, 71H Broadway, under tha Now Ynik lintel. will te?eiva a anitahto raw rd. Lost, in tiie sixth avenuk, bh,tvvkbn tykfrn and Sixteenth aticett., a Mourning Hin, >at round with poara. The fmiler will he iuiabli r?waid< d, and receive the thank* of the ow iter, (who pruea it ?a the onlv memento of a deceased friend,) by leaving it at No. IB ?>" Six'?etith >1^1 ?&0? KKWAKO.-bTtll.EN, ON WCU.NfSDAY MORV. ifftAtJ ing, November ftli, me uold I'atont Lever Wat, h. n<?ktt? K Si O lleeele), Li>er|?iol, N . 1A.IU3 ; xla i. one Silver Watch No., J.W, iMim h k W. F'irei or. Detroit, Michigan; aV" i t"' l it r<>l Hlith t'antalj?i and B :i 11 Satin Veat, The above nward will be 1*1 il on the r rovery 01 the watchei. vyvi W<TKkmM, yt.s Sptin? utreat. WANTED?A F It MUK UK CHaMHkK, Wuit SPEAKS Kpaninh anil Krench or spaniah and Kngliah. and wiio w ill have BoobJecti< n to ro *outh tor three orfjur moutiia. Ad<lr ?? A. B , No* York Herald offioe. UNE FKMMK ' K CHAMbKE. FKAN^AISE OU ALI.E man dp, qui n'aurait auuuie repugnance a voyager dan* le Bud jiendnnt ijuo^quea mum, prut trouver uuu houue place en a'a dresaaut an bureau de ce journal. I/KMMK life* OUAMIiait?A SITUATUtM H WANTED l?Y I a y jtirg Fr'i<oh woman, who ulau tiuderitanda i?*miai\l the enru of children. Can give good rec"iin?eiid&'inn* from tho jiIbco where she now ia. ?od whar ?h? haa Iweu eror eiuou hur nimsl in thiscin- try. ?pplv ur >> Pin* ?tre?t Wants a situation.?a stkadv gul,. who pek tectiv unceri aide the caie of ohildran from their inf-inc), ah>o will do lig'.t Chamber work, or Sewirg. The beat of rcfeteiice can l e given. Apply at 116 Eighth atreet, Clinton Place, for two daya^ WANTED?HY A hE>PEUTAIH,E YOUNO WOMAN, A aituotion aa <'hjinl?rii>nid, or to do homework in a until family. The best of city reference gi\en. Pleaoe cal 1 at Cut Eleventh atrret. Wanhcl'?by a kem'B r.?BL* younu woman, a aquation to do General Huuauwo.kiu a gentetl rnjiall 'anuly. or wi.uld have uu oljictioi a to do < h-mherwork; Hie tiaet of Klty ri fer?-i ce f iven from har 'ae? employer, a< regard honeny and capability. t'ao >? seen for three daya at Pniiip Mo Jallory'a, No. 1KJ Elizabeth atrwt. WAMED-BY A RE3I-BCI ABLE YOUNG WOKVM.A ailaatinn u C'< ok or Ctiaiu barmaid S'la ia willing to mutt io Wealing or Iroiiiuir. She has livid reveral yearn ia London. Pleaae apply at No. 18 Sixth street A ince, quiet family preferred. WA.MK > - \ -ni'AIION FY A KESI'EO TABLE YI?UMa woman, to do the general Uou?rw rk of a auial! private family,-r hb Chambermaid, or to take care of nhi'idmn. M. It. '1 he beat of refrreuuo given^t'ie-ist enquire at 61 tVaitatnet, one d<or from Canal. WANTED-BY A KESPECTABI E WMMA.V, A SITUATION amood Cook. W astxsr, ana liont-r. in a aiuull family, or respectable boarding Lou**. * an i.o objection to giaahortdia tnmeii the roi ntrjr. The brat of cl'y r?l rrnee given. Empire ' at 'J7 Piince R'ltol. on th? tirM (1- or. Can h? wen fur t ?o day*. WAM'SD-A bITUATION. BY A Kt BPBcTABLE YOIJVO w< man, aa Cook, It aaher, and Ir nor, or to do ?lie iien -r*l U mi w-work of a uuull latni'y. Th? heat of city rufirenuo oau bo given. A pp y at 7 Christ ic.rt re t in tin- Mr. WANTM)?A I'tKMiN Willi $tm) TO LO\N OV g'iod atcutity. in cat ('deration lor wUitli Its will be employed at atalary of $ & t?r week. Adurasa ' X. Y. at thla i filer. %??AMEf>-BY A ) K (fit' TABLE WOMAN, A SlIUAV* tion as ( hamlKrmaid: i* a Ilia -r*to W an 1 Irouer, ai d hah no otjea'iob io do waiting in a rasp nuliln proam Ik' mily. The very beat of oitr ref re re given. I'l-a-e ca I at ISt Nil th k<iee-, between the Bo ?try ?nd Third avenue. WAMKD-A SITUATION, BV A RE.-SPECI'ABUE YOU.VO w- man, an a H atter or fnambnrnMkid. hilx*tof o.ty r?f? r> tire Addrera r did to M. I? 2.1 ''iin t'-u r-lace. WANTCD-A SITUATION. BY A KES-'EU PABL.E YOUNG iron-riant wiihid, io do Cham erwork, or t'ie xenrral Housework i f arniall tainilv; i*afir?tr^'? WiuIhtmiI irouer. Can have tl c hiph- at city rrlere ee. Ai y eomoiunioa.ioua ad* di< sted in PI rba. Herald nfli-e. will he attended to tor tw d kvt* M/ANTEO-A MTUATION. BY A VEhY KBi"BJTA H.C ft voung wman, aa Cianihn oaid and Wal er, or to do fctirrai honrew-ork liy a email lam>W. Slia ih a rood Cook it'id an exeljmt Waaler anrt Iromr. Ha< no ohjeotion togo t'> tno country. The best of reference can bjgvena?to chariot?' nud cspuhmtT If rwiu rert. PienHicill at 7!" (range a'reet, oppxite W l it- atreet. Tn* adi-ertiaer cm he a*-?n lor rwxlavs \17 ANTEh-A *1TLA 1 IO*. BY \ KK ,1'K TABI.*! A M K? ? rican girl, sixteen jrara rf age, fr mt'neouatrv, a* * Uhiid'a Ni:rao. Can lie accn lor two day.-, t'.ciae o.ill at No. < V.I U >u>tna at Rev. WAN I ED- A SITUATION, BY A itSi.'fc TA<VLEY<<U SO W oman, a* Nuree and .^etrait >eai. >>ne taau ctce Ion - -nirt milker, and < nn r o any ki d ot fl_e um tb-nrurk. ' he b-jac of utj f leienre w'II tagtvrii. She haa bo ohjovtlut to go Soutf. r ui?> call at A3 Mulberry atreet, iu the rear, cr a (Id real ? line u> M. A. K . at ll.ifc office. W AM Sl>-A WHITE MAV, ?| WilTKi-NONE \KKI) apply unlefa well ree 'iniu'jinled. Aipy at Vo. 7 Nat-ma root IJfd a'orj. hack > Wee.) belarinn thi Imura of I and 2. WAMfcD-BY 1WO KKSPKUI'ABI,* YOU.Vtf WoMSV. tiiuati' n*,oi ca? LlntmLvruikio and Laundn*<, or > hamperBbid and Waiter, or I'laiu "t?l n; tlie oilier to d> 'ia.inral III ii'rwi rk, ia a Rood plain c?ok, i? ? lint wa+her ana imn*r, a . 1 in dm-tand* baking; pr-alui: |'h? h. nf city r for'uce f o n thi ir lart place*. t'lrar* nail *t Frmkiin atreet in In r it. SIllAlloN WANTED BY A RKM'R;TABLC WOWAV ai Conk. Waal er and Iriner. The hat ol oily leferenco urn begivrn. I'l ale e? 1 at^No. .'<8 lljmuier<e y tree'. Can be ae n \< r '?n (Ix3 o oi>b. BOT w ami.i>-Wanted. in a DRY hoods sroKE. an active ko\ ol ij'wwl ?pj?ararcr, of about 14 yearaof aip a tmw IjuMo otni perteaticn will be Riven Apply at 4."' Bmid'tv. rpo UIIIOI STKRERS.-WANTED. IN AN UPUOL'TEHY J. ea'abilai uitDt,a p ra n iliort n* ly a i|ii itnUi I with entail# ai d pot tirg up eurtain w"*k, * li ) i- ti's i n to I doai ner. None bnt a frat-ra'e man reed apply. situation ptrinimeut, Address, with', to 1'.. Post Offlex. Boa'on. AHILATION WANTEOBY A KK-U'E IWIII.K WOM\N aa Jook. Wtabrrand Inter -haa no otyeeilon to do {oneral |om?om in ? email family. Good rity reference Riven. In (|iiir? at 2?7 Rnli?rry at rett ACIIAUbEKMAID, OR A YOU Ml WOM \N WHO WOU IjD do the rn.rral homework of a (tnall lam ly, wmts a aitualin. If ax lived for ano year* ia the family of her late emr.'i ji'if from ? hom ah? oan hare the htahm rMoinmettda'. o a for undoubted tru?t? nrthinei-, na alao h?dc* very aiwn'ive and oWiyfnr. la a Rood plain t.'ook W a-l rr, and Irmier. I'leaae ad dmo "CI amhermaiil, Herald offlc ." lor two d iya. A SHALL PARLOR AND REDKWOM. WITH T>\KD. wanted, by a gentleman and hia w ile,in aro.*i>eetahle orlvite f.inily above Union Hark. Kefeienoaa givi* and requirjJ. Address II" X I2AA. I "Oat ItflM. T'O LET-Til* I.A HUE hOOHS. FORM E t',Y PEAI.E'S Wutaiii", No JflX llrartway pp aite t e f?rk. Si "I pout are 2^ Iv I0t> te< t and will be let H'parafeiy or w*eih<ir. I'fie Willi ft *at? lii?h and triiirr, to ttm a ra t aide. and tin I ratlin rqnal to any in tbe c ty. For terua apply ua the pron.i?f fmni 'en U? two o'elnak. I.'1 Kh ">< tl miLINKMY-NR^ UKOOM. MILMVKt \ VI) I iirrMinaker. 9/k Br aowa', 1*ti" laa?? to intnnn Uta ladie* of New Yort that aha ha> ifeive^ prriteamw ili'x-rnla, fuar raaea of Fnnnh lla-*, ?h>o . ?h? will np<? <? rtiuMd ,jr IKIi i .?t. The tiadr ?iipplted with pattern*, < u??*l. \| A i \ M t N?V*AN, PHUM ?*AKKS. *R< 'IM:i FUI.I.V I SItI f. rn ?the I .di-? f thl? tity that a ? ha* i>p>'i?d a l?r*? a*- i x 1 in oai of Ireuoh Bonnet*, t'apa. tfantien .? fcmhr .1 i?rw? kn, , wl.ic' areTirv handa^me a d will t??n.j at extreme y I >?r pnooa. N" 4'/.' Br. ada*y. nppo-i e Taral atreei, up umitt. fjV'' ON OM T rat LADII&- Bl?S NSiTUM PHOtl J Tmi* l*+* to iufnrtn thr pu lie thit ?h? ?a-lir* nil rta?f rillt. ilrla'nra. il ev r M> much Milled no at t app ar like new, and tt ratiMil]! moilrnK |dM All la I a* wh" ?ia'i 10 I.*** ttir .r dii>M4 ? n( nt.g attain aa in (rn ral will h..?? tli? kin ln??? 11 oall at *22 Brnada ay, third Bolt. SOI luKiS U,AtM? Fit it lint s rt L,\.l>. I IS'I KINS, intra pay,Ik !, collected will depttuh. ll'*h<Mt prion p*id for di?sl4M>r*. Wiaonoa'n and lilin i*l*nd*f r m?'* U . II u Oiiim A N. OMiiMHI'if at 1 a?. 'J Vatiiii at. r|V> ?fUU: M \Nl!FaC11'itBHit,?Tlifc JOUK s KY >4 K V 4 ? 1 mcco Marufeetnrit* t'ompcy h.nm opened nieir atom, N. . 21 /*< 'h ainrt, New V'rk iimw ntfrr* |i>runt ? t?>i ipiv 1*' i t H ark and t'nlnr-d Wor-1 i >., I'll tlir 111 - rt-it uaali '-Tin. 'I I K I tlPABTMCIUIUir lit KKI' .HI .K K\h1l\., 1j tv oi n the iti'mcritar*, nnd?r thi Arm ?f tViliam* & Ford ' .?i-t M.d bnot-tiee tnalM-ra, i< lliia day ill Ived ' ) in i n.I oiannt. CIIMtl.ttl il KII.I.IAdS N y I, !?*?. JOHN t?" puKI). IK III AND SlXITC I) M \ LT W !l I >K Il \ - - II I) . i K WlMKLl tti <1 mi|er>or yiallty, in luckvM U> lit Un- Irada. aim) )m. . r f :ipt?.d fi r their purpo?? tri.?i? ariytutha market. l"'-ir aa't? a: ?i y inuoh Iraa tl*ati tfln u?o?l r>Uin, H ll.l I aM M PArtKA. Malt I'UtiiWr irnnM. Olh.ia, 4J Sn ? i OLD I IfB WHlStBY, I I IBWCklBIK orriw liir ialt- V? 't I l.d O rk ?Vtiii ry by tlio ml I 'lidor., u i ! i lift, in I I'M! Ink, an<i Iw o ?*a c mi ni? ua?lm hac at Ma 1 >.i\ n qnaiitlilce to tiill Dii clit oi k | I'lJ " DAM CI, M)o> VV,*' <lr*?n?rioh litre it. \.\ amimiti AOaIVST uhjasb. mu"< i'akhou, Mcdtoalrd V?|i"r Rulpi ?ir ?i.d lodm ta?i, W Kr .kdw.iy oidi. ihcotratiatii. lharr trit, Kev r and A;ii', Kry.?ip?la , v ! I ri iuhh'm uf the nk ii. curtd l>jr the oI ? .?-??? lltUm. ?>j> n In in I A.U. till llir M I'd' M W OKI fcAVA. \ | .\ HA VA \ A TBI IHANSUIP I* Kal?i>n will nil for thu ahum porta i n her r<-<i>*?r d*y, iVot .Ma). IMli in" at i o'o ioi, I'. M. from the I'm No. I, Virtli Hivir. For fre'*'? m i?kiii?? apply to WltTvMH'. V i KV l>K t. 7* and 74 Sontli ?tii?et, L'dfthAM 4kA.Ni l.iti),(ft.ri'..K CAI IrtXNlAJ. TO* i;i|. I ii'R at Vtli?nlw-It mM lutli otK.'mntrr.-TM piovt. Up Ml VIK It/. lie ASofc, nptelo Kink will p.?itivah ml w th? abore d?vv 'I lien- will Ihi ? awparearan ?u iMta'd, ?;io w.ll uike el.ari* of any r naigriuenU iiiinmieu t i.ini kuiI p>> tabular mtM.ln to th? lamJin* ' deiientiiw n.od?. it, kr. For freight o< light fooda,oi um(i iu In oalnc, or *'?era^ . fxi citlitr ol th? a bare pot IK ?l?v WiU('apMii(m hoard. p(?r No. || Nort'. !(???? nr t" * * IVfNUJtTON nihwIitMt, SiaIBN hUMl rt^KV ?\UM SifcUttfOAT AtA'tHh iMantinr will mo ?* Mlo?? l>?mt h?? Viri at nil,!, H oe\o<;V. (. >?? ?n?n it K >'? IT, '! 4r.d.? tTcluk, PARK TIIZATHB?TilIIR4DAY KVBN1N0, NOTKMBEI y.?Fuurtli ipfuraMtrf Mr. H. KIwKt-fUl be pwhinM I lie lulled; "I t l' fUOl lit>.? IbM -ruliln ?? Mr C. Clarke; Sir K bcrt Ura.i.l'le, ?r. Oil'erl; IrCr.pln-id Mr. tiaw?on; Olltpod, Mr II Iannis; Hlci> ?a Harn>wl>?, Mr T. I'lMldt i Im>l> 4 ii ifc'iift- n Mmi K at i Br*. Lueriil. U,T l. Wr, ill..' II >.* V . v T. ''tli the drama of GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD?OrandfathM M l ittlu-ad, Mr. B. flu-id*; LaniJey. Mr. Ultoa; Lmutw. Mr*i W aloof Dreifl i irol*. 7? oentt; family Ulrele, M oenta; Upper Bout*, 215 or lie Hit. S7K nila; Oalary. I *H eta. Doom 0|mb u X b*f?ra 7; |NrfiiiHM* to imwm M Tij. BOWRKTTURATKIt.?T|||!h-I>?V EVENING. not. > will to performed the May .ntilted TIME TRI IS ALUMr. Ulili. Mr. J. II .-out. ; I Aura i tu?u,M? 11. Wlyinil Af?ir which, the new drama eal'ed I.I PR ? UaatlMUlard, Mr. J. H. U?ll; Mr. Milfird, Mr Ulton. Aucuatua Kmle. Br. Wioaoa. Barbart Mil ford Mra. Tllton; Betty Bright, Mra Sutherland. After whloh Will a[ pear the New Or,una -wrei.adirt id their Ke-n UlintraNona. l'o riloaed by the new onmedy of LOLA HON TR1 To ooMluda with the aooad pari of Nr^ro Miutrannoa, by the New (nli ana s?rrn?.l. ra. U.iora opea at 6k? performance to oommanoe at T preoiaaly. Ooxca,? oenta, n? and (later. 13* oenta. CHANTRAli'8 NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY oi^Muia.?Ilmiajajr E*emu?, No*enib?ir II. He,mil i ,,| Mr CI. Burke, ib? drama of ML'RKEi.L, I'llE LANl> PIRATE?Ivhftbod ml, vi' I! i Mile. Muirell. Mr. Daw,m -'ally. Mi * . j-ittiiiiii """"""'" I " in i MHAU-rinulfaiber Wlilteheefl, Mr Riirka. To ie f IIo?oJ hy tha burleaoua of MR. McCJWtfcDY?Mr.T. A HaiuM, Mr <Tu?lr,?. Mr M.On rfy foil. ; Cat M .Iimij, Mr 8ey? our; Mr. Jnekei Mr TaylorIlfitv M'?? MfH?)t)r; ? on-tanoo, Mr?. ' h*ii>*n. To -r. villi tLe Fair; *xtrav??ania ralkd ril * I \ V[ i[ Bl,l PHINOl? lion i coi.der, Mr. C. Uuike; Blousahella, Mrs. (J. (Jiiipiunn Ex?.> Hie? MikJ. Doors open at 6Jf; pedormanccto i?H r. _____ MfcCUAftlCtt' ilAlX, No. 472 Broadway, uetw u? (ir*nd and broom* alreou, ooounenoed on Monday, October 2d, and will uutiunuu vvurj uight until further notion.?Sixth week oi tnrro opening The original and well-knows CHRISTY'S MINSihKUl (urxmuiJM fc IMZ > THE * IK-T T<* UAKUOUIZK NKURO MELODIES, AND ORIGINATORS OP THE ruK'iBM' huriiUAK y? kiiiioma* *>rr?it. TAIKMP.NTS, wtxiiw concern in thie oitj. for a period of t?a months. writ nor ?ed with auoh distiiurois'ied favor and patro n?ge. have the honor of announcing to the ladle* and gentlamea 01 iNrw York and ncimty, that they will give a witi of thoii popvlar Conoert*. introducing a variety of their original Song* ChorutM*. ('harai teriatio Dauoea. (to. Admission 20 oenta, Door* opei at 7- Coioert will comnuuw at 8 o'olork. An Altornoon Concert evvr} Saturday, oomineooingat 3 o'clock, P. M, under roirnrao m and dlrec'-'on of K r rhristv BAUM M'u AJIfc MLSfclM.-i' T OaKNI'M. PROpiiaior; P H1 teho< ck. Maui^er. Splendid perfnrmanct-a tary afiemuun at aud evening *il}, o'clock. Mr\|ur Littluhagar, tlia smallest huniun Icing 01 earth t.. at can either walk or aunri alone Grviu Wnatern. 'he Vanluio Comedian The ial'le, h iiih?i ?upurh aim mitotan hand of No;rro Singer*, Daaoem .Ike. The Highland Mawnivii Boys. Bn.r ii.mi ii>a Constrictor. LntM ()i?i g Outuna. hl() Family. Infant VaatruL Wux Scripture ^tat.-ary. Mutism Hoc). *eII, trie fun-i a fortune Teller. n a> < private!) emmilled ?i ?u ex<rach?r;o of 25 coot*. Adiiiiwni n tr the whole including Museum. Portnrmau'en, Lit. tie Finger's fce. 2.1 oents; ohildr-r un ter'en yeara >( age, and old enmuhto ??iv alone. I2H ?nU Rrs;rvod trout so -tt, on* Ihlllii c earli extra. MIXk U II.I UHTKA1KD.1N A SKRIK3UF MUSTTKLTHlull) o.ufcuitioer.t and clatmraui Moving I' Vim a, e\u uted under tlis immediate lircction ol Mr. F. Ursin, giving a view ol the var'nns tattles, and a picturesque repraarn tttiou ol tin- ?oiy. ous and romantic scenery ou the lino ol marrh pursued by the American Army, undo, theoommaod of (Juntral Bontt, from Vera t rut to ti e City o! Mexion now exhibiting eirj evening, and on the altera. ona of Wednesdav and Saturday, at Bt.ppuui Hull, corner ol Broadway and Walker strait. l>o..t? op. n at 7 o'clock. The piature will commence u.oving at Price of admission?Sugte tickets Bttoenu: children, half prica. Tickets for a gentleman and 'wo ladies, ftl. Family Ticket, admitting nvo icrsons, f I 7ft. Re?rvod seat* can ho ssournd *t tliv ntv.'c. from f till II. and from 2 till 4. Liberal tortus made with wl ools 1 t |H MOHTfc?HANl.NCIlDVS MAtlNIFICEO-TSACRBD lvv liioranuaol the Creat'on and D< Ingn, nave boeu crowded miiliMy, with admiring and delighted audiaaces lor HIO uighui lin y are one of ?lie n.o?t magnificent sploud'd spectacles o et wilm s* d hi New t oik. Admittance 25 conU; corner of Broadway and WalVer street. Na (ii.K'.n i'no siMi Til a .\ui*a.-Tina ukbat uishurical Picture, by iMlarooho, is now exhibiting at the National Academy of e'eigu. corner of Broadway and Leonard trecu Op n tram nine. A U.. antil ten, P.H Admission, 26c.; season tickets. ftfc HaRI.Em a vorriMJ iouhm.;.?a i-u i.?e o* tiiikty dol.nri t c iii?- nil tlii* da), Tliuraduy, I'Lh iuaiant on t e abmc coum, at 2J? o'clock. Kutium?J. -plcur. b. I>. I'm*i n-ir; t. U} d'. htti. Ct)t>.a 11 ! !; N' dine, p. g. Mill po I; Wm. ** ??Bar, r. K ktetini it! I fctlhi g,li NmaMimi Jll li. BOi.EaT. AUCTION Eh, 11 ? HOT! AM? MTI1N Finiti'ur*Thin <!;.> Ttmivdftv, Nov Hilt, it( til u'uliwk, sk No I5'j G'?tiii?ich atroct, I Bar and Oyster < nunter with ttacr t'nu i>. M'.; I Exunnui 11? i>l?, 11 IVut, ZJmigle Hcdiilo id*; w nil otl i r Uo mmre Stele alia lute. II j W*a W 4.ll>tl<KV. J?. I?. BO.EKT. AimTIONEKk -74 CASKS KKKVOII Fliutluuib era ? l-rday, Nov IDi.Ii at, 10 o'elook, At No 156 L, cenai li atrial. ai lotir lnniiiha credit on minis over one liunirud di llara, 76 <?ita heavy Fiei di oi.r- vf aid oue-llnrd |> n t l'n nt I lira, in lota nl one ceae. wiih ti e privilege I all. Sain ihaolule. ai d wortl y the notice id who'eiaio and letail grocer*. Ily WM. w. sum LIT. DOIUU-tU LtAtm, IIXTOm AK 0 GOO* (TlUt J/ of ti tt old. eala^.b bed Jvvalr) Store, No 7- < hut am Htrret, ih'iaMnJiiu by Joi n Brock duieaaea Andy to lira. Brock, on the pit DiiM-a or II. M. V taloiu E?q., No, .Mi tlr"udw:.y It not told b> tlie 16th Novi inber, it will then I* oflured at Auction. JMII, i-iM-A il/t IN t* I1 N TIE I'll STrtEKr, I1E1 WEP.M t ililnh und Mi. th aveui es, willi lot artJoiT g >o reir, m T<rn y lirataireel, tl.e burner ?| poaitr to Si IV er'a Cliuruli; may ii-main on bond aid tnurtpa^e for a term of jtarv. App'y at llif Iri lit aixw fAI E L'lW.-lllE riXlURBdOr A WELL l.'KJ >TKD J/ Chrui'cai Ka lory. tifeiher witti a live yearV lev> to tlie i lace. Umlera and otlici flxttiri-H almoat new. l auao of a?le ill health. l'liaa audr-aa Hi-nap" at ti ia oflbe. 11 KMX IIESI EK ?AI?MS Kurt BALK.?TH AL T.?\ ;T fir Tv land known aa tm 1 Iioioii* Farm, situated about half way brtwen ^Inie I'ia in and PorUifiaater. will be Hold n: Publio Auoiior. at M Ml* Plain*, in lot*, v ryui< from in >>3n acrva oach aa prr auivey, on Hie lat day of Maroi next, at III o'oloek m the f< rei.oi n. Tt ru a, ?n |<r cent on the iiay iiI j.Ib, 1-nutv |?t e- lit on tin lat ut Apiil abet the decda wi-i bw dtdiv- n*dim I p a Mion H ven. uud ilia run ai di'r on bund and mortgage Mr lour year* at 0 percent linauid lui d are four dwelling*, tiaina. outhi uMia, fcc Being aw near to New Vork lean lie renc'ii-d ii two ??I" ? ?- i,?.f..n. VITL <li'4ii-..lil. u>. I hi. II ?!...? I/...I Koad depot at wi ite riains (abut ?h?.u' ;i>% KiUea distant. 'Ihe Now flavin Kml Head punam* ihn u^h roruheacr (i^ iniles dihtantj will bu in active npvimtioii it * few inunt- : also, euro, boat* M-d xlo- |?d ily to ai.d from IVriclmit r. For furtjior par tir i are apply 'o ' HuMAB T. f'kiirtH, 'JH>ttte Plaoa, wheie * m*p can he nean. BRAlblNtt lUOBUilS FO? ?AI.E-T?VSNTr riR^T rr.te a- vcntccn a-rai.d Rraidii k in tood ord r oa bei ft ca, wiih hlinf'K iia complete ready for itu media u> uaa. Can be keen at No. ifiti V? at*r at. ^ WlltlUK'.S IHnlK' V Ukl'H1', SJ iriiXUM STlirnr N. > Wmli r llo? ery, UIotdh, t> m tor tern, Mmds. Mi is V\ im'lvia, ill lar*c qualititii n ai.d bow teillnc. t > elnsa i.fT >t ck. ytty low AImi a rplaucid aaaortioent i.f Mmlauud Draw era to l? aniii cheep h> tha. a*e ?l aii.g's d **". CBliF CiiriIlM\-B. IiAWKKNUB, u CAM \f. *r? invites ti e aitetifclnt o* per* ita ah ill purchasing to hli Trry I at d? int atock < f Hriiitiela. Th'tv p y i,i|traiu anil Vumtiiu < ' prtirpa, dl Cloih. e e., ?l?icH h? la de'ermmed to - ell a1 prices |L nr\il!K the particular a*tei.ti n ' f the pnhlic. I'he moat uu tin Mtiklac ion will lie the reanlt of a ca'l ?' 47 Ciina street IH. KIlHAHDjON, ENi.K\VBK ON WOOD. Ni>. !-0 ! iiltim Mrtet, lias a vkcancy lor a eiuarl iatelti??nt bay. A(ply aa a bote. It] fcl> HIN1I.IM' OWN, NO. IH.-TUE NEXT MfWHKK .La of Ned'e Owi. wnlka into city lift with a p<rfisct riisli?pi\oa m u e it?uia 'hat wi'lwakevp the Naur*?? piuture oi " 'lainlie'?l M ueryaid " matu ra unn?uaily inUireflbiiMt. Otflca. ,'!i< yH Up hdwaj. Published every Friday al'termioii, at 4 o'oIjuK. Clti lilall' l'. Is H*\ Ry\. JUH.N N Mtl'ill1. TJA r rOitl'HAiT. TUB Natli iiitI fohce i.uiettr of th a week will uontaiu anboiler i'' tlioM n?fil d sn'utt.Mt of the Kev. John n liafr t.tta rillauiea towaids his into briken heart* d wi'n, alao a BIOS' acvuruie and en-garnly en<ravi<l poitra.t of tnal mill runi t? lad), ih? laic Mr.- M-Oil , taken from the onlv cSmkvi rr??-?) 16 of her in rx i'i-mj*. A tuoitfc ititeri-elj ??. citii fi<*% np*?r it tl:e I f of hi<hmd I* K?*>'ii*iton ?tt.d the | .vat? but prfliRftto Ht-kn Jewell. Mean ertpm. hi praoii?!d to k'rortdci.< e. Hh well * the ti u?l fifit'ly oi K?<iet u .*?ti<l *nc vJri n n al N* tr*'Ui ail purl* <*f ih? word. ftirirg >rtp uc dH?crip. t ion* of ail kind ?oi otitiie?auuh &* Up- a Mud m. Kohbert**, S?' uctioi)?. 4io ike. Forna'e*vnr>where ofllce IDi N***uij h'. (U H M A N llfc.ll fcW HR.SbVOI r.N r iO IfcH.-THE 1 trietMM of ti e a^oVt* liifoiiuti* u urn r?wpft:tfu iy inf <rmed ti ?l fcitth Ann??rM?ry will Uj oei*br*u?d <*u Tf.ur* d*y the V h of November at Uie *-poklo HiIo.ln No. 410 way HKN Y wA V.SfcW, I'rsuicni. i urrATV* Rkmmiafii, Pe?*r-tarv CM?/?I - o.\ I.-COA 4-FROM *? l?? 3" TON)! OF Li / high t+u 8 iea i>a'. i?K?>tly dauiagt d. will i*? cold Mt priva?* i?hI*\ il t ? a* e ? u *?e * l??if n.e W-h ??i?'ant, u he*, it uol ad, ii will *?e Uv rtta**d for piiblio ??lt* For tonne. ?*n piire of Hi* MflPt''fcNf ^p.iot. rem I*aud??*i? iJ bokeii, where the 4 oal may be N.b.?The ab??v? (J??al w|| he M?id very muoh Ik I' w HiV P M'k? t f ? riiot All I A l 1S'1?. < AI 1 AIJVIS UMH ?U 3 T( M N V KST J DiOiiU) in tli? iiiil.ti.-ctiiniv oi >n article n**utirel by p?. u i t, hi d ih id km i?t demand. i ? no antics ot lhaa aew in ?<te ot Diai.uUc u??rK i*. th*t i-m ?i ?' eat. d-> ti e work ??t aix on iha * M i?laii aw?i the wotk ei tai -ti|ori?.T to jtoy iu the nnir?ei? It'll h? ac?ii in pr?ct <:..! t|rtn( mii at urn &a?t iiftli near third av* tme N ft?hiRh -. I-r kur i? aod certain aeotioua of ttel'i r?H| *1 a*e- ate f??r mil#. IMm ArilAl.lsr-.?-I LKMIXft HAVING U.^IMPIOTID capiial ? ! ironi W to $ omai, *nl h?v? ^nc to tn?m llinnia- li e mail ?.<1e'*i?d at* ten ei.tof >. pmhtrvh.a inveatiii??ijtt b> addtcaMiHt. p?a? |n??d I*'* I .HI.*4 Nf w York I'itv. (TiTTTv IOM* luA.V Al.ifcS. OK MfcS. UTaUUHT J 011 the Ota* ?>?tetu, enabling to ni?? nil from thu timt k-mn a, ami ? i ai r n* -*** ai u t'.u mc> to upiin wra advannd, but u?. ttcivhi ill ei*?k>ti|t I'rivata tunMu. At iio|||.', $4 |n>r inoath. ?liito In -lafMa *>4 I^-iii . mi.<1 i? uI'hihI.mi addrt>M Mmta hi- -T. I ILfc HE, imtit de I'm*..M M :(r nrfwai (IL'MAlN M.\ kKl .llA CAKKlAUt* LI MMJ*, AND riu?ltr?,? . i k ai i j n>< aivuiK i.y tli 1 i eat ?rr vt?la, a o?mjj* v m/p< riu en' ? f ?He i * ?!*. A 3ilk a><? Colt n Velvety highcobn,Home# .!<-. f raaehy F. B. k a. i. dAHTIVa. Imjvir aft and Jobber* 11J vVii.iiv* n?*ar Juftn. ]i 1 a rRKOKIUCK K. N k ? rORMCN V IftftlVIJVO ! I af ? ii' tli * ?i ? ni* r of ' aiid I. in ? r ?*t?, will f,e*r of t>- * film a advai't4|H>iii t bimMiit b> calling at u.? it?r?, Si i kiii ni vftvi'i rtfis u to cmnrr, ha tit l. til ;?ai?*fo I wu taken ? itfi a tfolant cm<hf i.Lii if rati UK ? " H-<dv ii *t i r. and dilln u > of bro tthin*. I * r in tt e b it .<!?. i? \*r and i itfht <w?toia. 1 ?" i au l Iffi ^tt*. .*) Ii * ?? a.iu? ?t wae-rd ?**?/. k\o y Add h | i fkooiii bate ?n -tin a oi ?lii* kit u a Hi*. I > >u ?i ii >t wrom. \ bt in- I * ! ; i atn iul. ?or.-? . I K I Hi .|:e* tlo i of tf-r?? ?.? ! i r o Hi ri i>' pli>a ti:?n Ir ni ahm/i I #-. ? r .| no icilfc. 'Iir\ a?i d/ini n) liii'KH "?? tadlyalTcit wd. Thu !??t (*no I mi ikiir to f in* *oii ?i?.Una. lie ah ofc hi hoa if a 11 a*-d i h? I i.a ? an n in d aiitt u e i- i^r aliim.'l aa?'?d a?ay. lio u:eMiiUd *<tflilii I*' in<d ' lie. ?lil? Ii lud no ellk*I it nil, tiiii lie i.c?m i-a*i.e t?< mm n.e a ? u. At Una. I iinlu e?l to try N I I < i. r> I niiix tin* | I ' id '.oi M>ivn n/l>?'.iett'. from It III. || I ''Mil t?Ki t. Iliie* lMiiti?f. Mi .1| l#4r*u I ?i?r?e. My i<ir' ? ( * " ',l ' d ry. r aw wi'b a- it nih hit, that | oou'd 1.1. (>tr? My I tei.d u<* to Ii b# ni)aull, ih ui^ t m> lirue wh r.oit III li i? to! rl?'. liut.all at oftre. I ?ua tnKeu Mit'i io of - '? .-I.ii m wiiu mil. L.ii'm k 4?i vtav. tn-i I ?..> VI. It 1.1 . . p _ . ? l?IM"'. f * ? ! ? r I ? uii. If |fl? I ?lf pi *4 ? W i|l. %rt o(K| MlJ V tmitMr ?*?' c 1 r n ?th*? |* atfin I erer . ?r i. fit. ??<?' tf-at irfcf 2 gamed v*ry tafl'. Ic'tri 1.0 i Taiat' y, n.?>n- m ii ^ lor *>me ftin# 1 nttitn?u ukta^ thu inai -me rn 11) I Tad t*i en ?? m v??i Inatki. At (hi* t ma I c> n >d f?J n \ m It %r I ai t Upu'ot'.f* h :i n. Tin* una hi tfitfo.lof IM5, I *.?. icj(Rii.* *4 liijr aur< n^lii and fl- ?:?, *n?l hare or?J > i * Int tfihnltfivtvi atiKfe rtivi (tap ii i|of a| turn*, ?im< la il c ttnlh. p t * ?. ocmc- u further I'Articv.ljii o?b uli lilM ii?aci? y Ill; T?v?*tUi a'reel. Near V ?rl. WM. II ?l, 'JC&. I'n p*Tfd ly J. if. wi'l?inck#> . il.' toutii *?*.'? tfiet. rh.ntaU **? a. *'airi l*j ii"* & ' It* kfu*r# <il il^r h\ hIm ' 0(? Keddii^ i 8 .'vat* h r ?'t fl?*tou; H. ft.Knitb. Min buidlrR'-. lUltim *r* J.Wngh U o.. lil (!*? tftk?ti??i New Oil*una. 1'ilct $1 |*t ha buttle* f t $). Vf k/iktUKAhl ISSTin IO " T III H i Y-if.CoN D hi*lift KT, Tin d avi'M**' ? 'I Ii |. ^ut'U r i?i in. %t>oTo -?'*oiia?im<mt, a a aiiod x!? prcaant r%-- i^n t fnit??n*? p flirifl, a. 4 bo .?:iu tl.* iwi ffr of tartm to niilf thamailvea uquat .i?d with tl.e V*. tertiary IftitUutkii end pr >f?ri '% r. C'lAMLM VVILU*, Vtkriur} Mi in *? Hon *r\ V M*d * aa^ciattvn, ?.?>u i>?, llnr.t* ah< d oa ?* uitillk I it < i|?.rr. Oiru'.are atating parti Miltrt N hula* 'Ii * - ? u\ Hid %? v;t .14 ivenu-j. Ui>*n < i iu uti?h<\ i>\ l mm ?m wn ??ii ?i I tlROAIiWAT THEATRB-B. A. MARS BALL. PlOnaf. 1 JO lor ?'lhuraday areaing, Not. 9, will ba MUd tha ?l WkRN EM?Werner. Ir J Wallaofc. Jr.: U?uti? (. VaeU ; Uabor Mr. E. Bhaw; SwaUahmai, Mr. Fr?den?k? ; Pitt* Mr. Hop*; Mrlncr, Mr. L?nadala, Radoluh, Mr. Malhawa; Ultta, Mr Dyntt; Ertek. Mr. (lallot; Inlnln, Mr. *ri|hl; J? 1 pbina, Mm. Ablmtt Ida. Mtaa llildrath T? oonclnda wiUi tka i dr?i.,?uf IX>N C.?SaR UE BAZAN?Dan C.oair da Baatn, Mr. I oat nr. ? harlaa 'lie Second. of Spain. Mr llaker; Marl tana. Mi? F. Walla.-k : Ouutcx., Mn. l?Ur?"'d. Dr-aa ''irele and Parqurtta. 76 eta; Family ClKla,? am la; Gallery 0m? oj-mi'Si iwiimnn, w e???ai n atT a'alaafc BURTON'S TUEATRt CDtMHERB STRUT.? TIIIIMda* F??n'??. Na??itit*r!l. iha p?rf?rmano<i oiiaimna witM DOMbEY AND SON?Mr. bombey, Mr. R Johaaoa Mr. 'arkar, Mr. Jordan; Major Joe Batatoak, Mr Brougham; Mr T'?i? Mr Raymond; Captain Cuttle, Mr. Rnilon; Jack Ituaaby, lb. Kronaham. Flo?*noe Daiubiy, MiaaJ UUlj B-jaaa Ntppar. Mr a. I Brouaham. At'ar ?hl<h, tlia wMitaled CavaUna of Lingo al Kae'otum, from II Btrblrra dl Sen.I.a, will he a m/ by Mr. Mayor. I To conclude with 'liefa'Ceaf the BM ^ f) M AN A * D HIS HTI E. Price* olidnWoo?DreoaCirolo and Parquet. Mioaatai r?tlf Circle at Second IK*. U Ota. Do?U opaa at naifpart A-eo*; tai n to rioa at 7 o'olook. _ Mitchells olfupic thbatbb.-thu^sdat btbnlna. Nor'r 9, tha eatartalamenta will aommanaa with a 1 rinna dra.-na entitled yi/CENSBUli V rCfA-UDaa Mr. Holland ; CmiMa hoar dale. Mlaa Clark. To ba follawad ky | a arama entitled I??(KAI.DA -Qnaalmwlo, Mr. Nlaklnaaai Qrenftoira Mr. Conorer; Kaineralda. Mi?a Mar/ Gannon. Afier i abiili all oi?ieita entiled tlie LADDErf O*' UJVa-m Mr. tlol and ; 'Jlie S'eieathaJ, Mr i('!/ni/lda; Suranna. M m Mar* OiMinn ; Tie Marchioexfn da Vermont. Mian H' berta. To be ft?|. loaerf ky a fare.- entitled N ATION A I. DEFCNPKH-Simoa Mar fwt .1. Mr ll< 1 and ; Hh.i ba Mitytuk , Mi>a Mokinaon. Dmn own at half-pa*t 6 o'olock?aortain iliea at 7 o'cloak. New Broadwaycircus, neak si-king .1 rKcrr? John l^rjroa and Corporal l'honipaon. M?aa*era?Tliurgd if, Friday, and !-atut.lay Not 0, 1U, and II?rho entertainment* ?ill ?< nnnence with Mnna Murilnmil In hl? tnonnpiraWe parf. rutam u up. n etllta; Le fitit M Hire ( urle, an m'antnl roar y ain. will ealnbit i ha moat beautiful f ata of balancing aver wltinHid en III (1 la Pyramided* Bou'oil ua; Muni lullenani M. Martinet t' In a ipUn'id art of Uymnaatle*, ral e<l l*a Jeux I) ym|i i|iiea tt lea 1 oiea Arademiqiiei; Brilliant llonnroannhlp by Mr, (air dl; Unapproachable .dnpl<y of Still VaulUm by Mr. Maofnrliuid, Mra. Carroll an tho Venetian Maajunra Irr. DoaaiH centa: Ohildrci, under III. to boxea, 25eaeta; npp. r boia* it O'ntl. S!AM?. LENT II I OS lllffOI'K i.K.tN A IKS A. AND ) (ircua.? l.a?t Week?Tlila v .-i.i.-i. I MIT'S t Mild moM rxpenatv* ol th? kind rum in/, '? now'ftpe* fur a short ttmeonl), on ^itchtb titreet, nrttr the Opera ntx'TVfxhlbflioi I are pri?t:o daily, ihn |Mrfonntnufii it Uiii la UMiithment Inuludo the leaut of tlenlianm, Caiuela, iJhiIm llurruii, und an unequalled lnm|? of Triuk HnniM, together ?/i?? tim acti i f a meat aplendid corpe "f fc.i|ueitlrtau and Uymneatta Ar win. A!'iniaaion, 'Hi cent* ( lii'dron under Ten, h*lfpw?. Km re open at 6)4 o'clock. Performanoea commence at 7l4 eiioek. Performance W edneaday and Suturd'vy 2)4 o'clock. W II SON'S ENTItNTAIN M K.N I'd ON TUB SONUS Of iViidiujd. ? Mr. Wil?"n willaiw a? entrrtairoient in th? diiijvivHiit Inntitute Broadway, on Friday Droning, t.he lotii November, at eifekt o'clock, on which occaai n he will ain* a choiie selection of Ml m*(t Mtalred tonga and balhlda, Wia pro. Knm en of wl i' h may bo had at the muaio ilotN. licke(?,Sllo. nk of the Songa. UH6MaOnificknt diorama of Tnn boviukdmbnt of Ve>a Cnir, M)k Broadway.?Heal *'iipr, atean er*. o&naoa, he.?Burning tli* Mexican brig Citoln jlhipw uok f the Somen I ?l.onanm and tl'ln* cannon iy nnohviiual ttgurea -Terrible I bombardment hy day and nlglit? Kt. trance of Uenetai Sontt and thr tro< pi into the city; all movini flinre*. Miia l.a Koohe pra meant tte pianoforte. I.iouUinant McDoi aid New York V. Ian toiTK, gWea an explanatory lecture. Admt?l'?n iftc'a.; children I alf pre. lioora open at 7 : romtnencci at half put 7? WoJna#day and Saturday afternoona attl.roe A 4 V nnn HkRSONS AND IS.IIIHI SUNDAY SCHOOL "It" "jvJvfvJ achoar* have visited iJaningt. n'a Haaied LMora! man id I hu Creation anil Deluge. To a :ot)iEmodHto the gruat roah of tclioo a nd familiea, tlere will to an exhibition etrnry afiar noon. at .1 <> einca. ano evenintr omn itir'nor notice rm itwtng exhibition commences at 7% o'ulook, corner of Broadway aad Walker street. Pill la iki i'h i a a"a.<k.wv ok riNK Asns-riijj w?yniliei-nt group ot Marble <ntuary, executed at Kome. hv trie I celebrated S'ft nbstiMr, rcpreser tin i llcro and l>arnd*r. Is row on i xhttiltioa in the S' utheast (iiMfri of the Academy of Flo* Aits, in Chostnut street, above T. nth. from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M.. being brilliantly illuminated is the evening. Single adraiaaiet 2fi cunts; season ticket* $1. Daniino.-mu.ic ijbsjahuins, or tuk academy of I'uris, ha* the honor to Inlotui tin public that tin* days "t h< r school are Wcdii?s<la\e ai d -tanirdaj? at .1 o olnok, at No. &3V Iirt ailway; Mondays and Tlinr "lay*, at noon, at 2.VJ Ureen street, for terms and other part,icalats, apply at her residenoo, N?. 74 LconarditniL SIN MUTUAL INSURANCE COM ('ANY.?!>< TOKK Not. I. 1H48.?The following statement of the affaire of thi* ( oniphi > is published in conformity with the requirements of iha It th ttctii n i>f tlie Actofitslno rnnration:? ri?ininniB on risks not marked off 4th Oct., 1847.... $219,788 91 frt niinniB ntoived lur the jmr ending 4tii O' t.. rV4K. viz : ou Marine ami Inland Navigation and Transportation risks '. J.?t,R34 9? On Mie tisks li/9.582 70 1,010.407 ? SL370.1M M Earned rreuiums daring the year ending as afora said $1.1*14 KM 4M Leu return I'remium* 44.12-1 Sf Net earned Prrm<nma $990,031) U Lorres during the >auie Period on Marine Inlaid Navigation, and Transportation ricks. $476 920 06 . On t ire litki 0.196.1 HS $M0M7S m ^insurances during the year 20,746 61 t.Mm-cs. saJ?rtes, < Ifico rent, books, stationery, fuel, lights, Ike 27.77H 39 606,198 J Net profitsfor 1P4K $396*31 SI Tho amount ?l ?erip issued for profit* in 1842, 1843 and Its4. and rr<luc?d in 1846. leavinc S12HJ46H 90 Amount of Serip iMucd fir proGta in lnj" Ul Ditto do. 1M7 21W, 171 K3 Nat profit! in ItHO 3WU1I St Total profits. tm.JU W ThekiMia of the Company on tlio 4 th Uotob.T, l!MM, were a* follow h, Til.: bobua m d $3)1.940 40 U S. Stuck, New V rk City Stork, and Loans on 8. Treaaury Notct I0S.S67 (W < aah 86,7*6 Of iiicrot atciu.d on Bm.da and if and Lotfc 8,868 98 BiHk Kec?>vnMe 471,836 OB Pltmium account* uncollected?Strip <f sundry Mutual I in u ranee, ko 7,107 W a The Board of Trustees hare thin day declared a lUti'lend o( forty prrcrtit. on the earned H emiuws of the tear endi- ? Ort. 4th, IMS, Ur which certitioatt-a "ill be irsued on and after the If* Jannary next. Ala", a dmitf nd of ?ii per oext, i . caah on th( Scrip hcretolor* mnned, payable on and after this date. Tl.e'iruaues have limner resolved, That the whole rendu# amount ol cer'iflcatea of profits nu h rin d to be is.ued in the year* IM'.'. IM.'l and IM4, and reduced In 1*45 (ead amount ina fl'.H 6c Mi) be reoeemed and paid te the holdora thereof, o* III- lr lefcul np:e*iiia:iv8n on and alter the Slat day of I) rein be/ next. I m wntuh date all ill ertst will cense thrteon l ie nertililute* to be produced at the time of payu ent, and surrendered. t j l? canaeilnl?the hnldera thereof, when surrendered. to raoeiT* a e*riitu ate that lie or the) wili be entitled t a atiare of what* evrr Mini n ay hep-after h? refund id to the Company ny tit* Qo. vemnent tor du-ie* levied upon goods consumed by the flit is Broad street In .Inly, ln45 By order of the Hoard, JOHN WHITEHEAD, 'ccretary. Titiinaa lloae* II. Crltinell, B. V. Dawson, . < onrad W Faber, Jabot K. Senna, Samuei M Fox. Frad'k U Foster. (tm.Kd(?r flow land, ftlcbard K lljurfht, Godfrey l a'itaon Psiar Foirier. Siiniuet I, Mitchell. Ota. Ifindir p Uiejr, 8>4iuy-er I ivi < gaum, Koaaell iprjfua, r Ptraolan, Oliver Slate, Jr. Author) B. Keilson, Drake M Ml*. A 'frvii -e'oo. Kobert L. Maitland, (.iiarle* Savory, Henry A. I.'oit, Iheodorr I>*h '<n, Julin A. Inelin, V ill am H Macy, Kliae Penrert. (?l|Tr> I' T " I IH'oirim imamm) Ri?ou l i? inHitu 11 HI o Iirira cml} i ?'?) to*v*tt'M.< It ?*rt} P'ie?. Atli Siiituia, .14 i | "rn-r V Ma* hail nl l(i? utlmr > " <;rv?aw1?h r'r??'.?t B *lJi(l %i?kf podt At*on* mniit nt th*>>on|i Ml itaIn ttw- II.i tin toiu?u?Aft1 A...h ro rtii ?... ukn .fli'jt :?u;pi,,pl?uii|( mimx* .?T Sl?rrw<l Wvjuml | iT'Vk'v MwK'flt ti I'uuiuii, by IT. \. U Haur>on?a Si 114, nOV nr l n w ? 1 ri 11 :ni-? inif *nh ni 't mt nudum ??lr? (;1'M fijin I fc? a, ?tT>'?djr h?or M ) Fvacji Kuiaieit >?i| y,?tietucr m?ni? ?t miinnrrwd. ?rth<Mi<h it I* la t?r*ue<t '(^w?il> tor Uw war t?d m 4iwl ini|? runt ?rvfn^ arl.ioh ?h. ? a ? ur.ta t?. if.?ni >?iriio?l?r.jr Ho?? ???r? fan.air *udtno ??r iht tati-ua .i\w|>u>u * mt.d U" oiom uttowat riu? i!e? ki.4 n>ot<? ? ri* 11 u'<* in avarj ?? a. Cor aU BC rtn?"l<*?) ?tt'? puHiaimw I ft ' *r'J atraat, Maw T'ck; ! Mm.* H. r?fer*?n N.. *1< h-w'?ut ItMl U B ZatbOT, I Lattteft l'o.. Air*n> * K l??i? B'wvm. Oa ttw I* OHlpi nl >1, Kill lo irtami tV' 1 ' ? oiail.lraaoi poataga. to 1*1 u'4 Ih 1 mud MlW All littara moat bu ?d<tr?aaad. poi! ?jd. to I*t A. M lll'l tl' *>1 Ilk. Maw Tort #% I OfRr* lTV|l?<i?t|i 1r*e< P'.lVAlfc III! EASES?D*. MOM HI iON.hU W *1.1. KNO*M t. U?n nauaof Vl? Inrt, r.? ku tnwm in ttiia depart. 11 at c. wt itlii luvitr iu iup*n t">'iiiMainr kia ul?< >i.a on t air av? Maic*. T?.? <h.e*?. i'.itaaali,. aiSfM bar*wain aiaw ilafa wtdt 1,(11 irri'iin 1 ?o Lit Li'i?4(.? iliplomai la hit nffl 1. S?K lu>Ur dint. Jcxwpli FwiHir, Ji., I'liwrlu II. Wm. II. iraagli. A)*i M. l..vir?in?. A. B. N HI.HON. t'runtf ?jnu Af.ritici Vice I'roaxiaat. Jl>M1 WHlTrMKAn. S'OnitWT. i/ Aiiiih* < o.vafAN n.v on Wand * n i > r hy CJRKKVWAVSfc llliHSON .11.', I v?rl ntrwl. (lUtUUS AM) < OLDS.-II NKVKU FAll/i-IF Yl?U Alt J <Mipli>ii? Mid * hf iii ft, |>r <11 rr kt oucu a h,ix of Or. Spring'* : I < u*li ImffiRt-it ami in twt-iuy f ur hours ynu will Nj ?hl? to ru , I a uitle " ittmut oou^iiug oi < < . Try tham; ilio pries ia noxt t?no; thn g-'Jft ? n'? |?r I < * Sold ?' c<iri er of llr iviway and I Jtl ii a'net; rormr ' f are "? Dand Third cmi; t HI Ninth araI nna ; at Gnt' i 'c roriirt "I Iii<w*r> and <5r?ud atrcot; and is I 1 n o Ijn, At 188 Fulton at**** I"* 1111*1,0.; I'iLMM: Sll K-M-MA, SI'Hi >II-V AND J f?rn irently oon d. \>y u l?< y * h ? can produnt proof* of mi* ?>* that hi* *rrr di-tit giiiblied h? r treatment of dim | etna, wltm p-vm i?|i l>y t c fe?:irty. A Hue *<ldxeMed to U U Dent Id . v. ill In* atttrded t . Dh. t OOPKK. 14 OUAN E 4TK1I.T. OKTWKIN li A Til \A at d Wil iorr. atfc*ti, has for ?ho I iat fourteen yrara <?nj ynd I u n oat ixtrtikivfl |r&cti<e in i?r vnt* d'aramr. Ha uan ouifi tr* iioat MRraTMed chujh of thir d1* ate; nnrt mild o.t e< c red iq two to tivw flu*. Mriotur*?Dr. < op-r can our? thew.?r*tf rm 0 atrotUitM in from one to two weekr. t o. uti'tlLionel debility btuogl on l-v it Meret he hit indulged in b* youa* inu i. Iht* wit. too frtef) indulged in, heft* dyniepffia. ?r*im m of the 1 n In and mi ail of tht tact, oonfu?ton of t'ie intellect, and *rerM? n to?oenty. A cure warranted in erery ciee, or no oli*Y*fit. wmwy va d. _____ m.r.t a i' _ l ?... ?#av__Iiw itiiMidlt I'J iJllvVt Jf IN*. Iiihtr of the Koytl ? o Uic f SurK^'Ri l^nil -n. mty 14 Mil itittid in In .mount ol rl I cale Hi?am?i *0 mattar >io? i.?* )ihi tuny Imve hart *'Ce 11 i>r? up >1 i/ia ! >dv "r in lie tir>>a* <>r in n., pain* lu u:e I ?? ! and N>- ? f the l'*? A f .mina nf Wur'ecB > am di-toiao tn vaoareaj ili?ea?t?. ensb.oa Itr. j toaurv ti.e ??nitform Hi tiiia ii>*an. It" tit 1 m-ound in r>tird*>ii Ni tieivtiry u.-ed Stricture* eur> d 11. one nr two ?ee<? wiut ibmc h ?i jr |-in. Hoe itidndiMia whe have iiidugnd in a ( eii?tnioati.?"tt.Bh*^l>?"i?i l> ?in??ly t? r ?t r. li. h-alili and j, t \. ft. II Sirai ?>m are anlhln I iiiii In Ui i|?vin I ?T 1 ntto't Hi not rtmuvtd. Mi niaialxr 19 Ouane aiiaat, Inpp .lie Of Jilrm'' __ DK OtOVkK I" CO/181 I.TtH IIUKIAU TUR DAY AND -v mat. at hi? < R)i ?. In Miaa* Jiflk> iitt 4. ! pn/traa?a4 tana nl ui irate rtiMfimj that hav* liaftled th? akill of p.i'iniria'.a of Ittg uirnmM Hi- Eaintot ni lojwvia, 1 'oMila, lie , m> aaioartTtt} pr.rniid phytii I ?i may t? 1 ml at lu? atom ta froat Na.1 Ann ?tri#t< I no* eaih d No 11.) DH, BAI.rH, AllTUOK O* THJt PKAi fKAJ, PHUaI* T-i ni. ?e., W Un-etm io't iitrwt- ulltua houra V to IS A. 1 . n tn I' X (Svndfti exempted 111 who aepiy in ti.arfHj Ft 1.1 imrpriMxl it ttw r?|mllt> and little 11 nnaTmiiaaaa tumidm* thair nun it ia otuotl). ho.?r?a? th- ar who hawaMt Ufi Inn.: n offtiui. ola?* ni po<i,? >* Iw ran pr party !MiaH>| Lin i?tvi ?a It. t.rtcturr Hod m nrat, or uim|v?>.t. tclta sign ?d?Ri ead and durtwemy ?t!W?? 1'i'm ui<i*ivbiob advu?(ci and a?tiy atenmva praeJtea,! ha ran Untd a rapid. aw. as 4 r*dioa i r jt?. wtitoh. h" h?? amnri lor ?%?nt. nan W? "TO?t?a4 Inw no otl,?r ?ni.r... I* Mr . ri<?. nk k \ , . i! - 1 k " IP ,< 1. i'ki V atk TKSa riSk> -n Ma r ?t?P . inp'iiw*, priiRTaaa O'lti eiiaauona, r?m?di?a, aad Line of tie rralta1 "tmit ti'iiltirt. nn tn baturiiatioi, rn vnn aja a.?e T>K liiiililu vii- eal (nivin in no other woik.) *c. *r_ ?jip ?i t tn ??? > indi? hIiikI, ol luith eexea. l'hia ta thv on j truly U?.r... Willi I'll I lie nut jwt, arttin t;. plain l<>i>iia?c the re

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