Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1848 Page 3
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I Weald you know ?k?n lo go for ? liftt, W llli a dapper bright up. ai-d ?U toatf I'M teal Uu th.t .m ?..ld l? C4 tlad ? Knoi'a 1? "hop ?lie'???c?il ia,at hlW9 rwat, cd? t*w B?aver? rare. that will w?r for aa afk And divtMBUka thi' if.ltit!?a ' t ? rat' ? T'>e rtry beat tia'a that aru an 4 <b the I tad. War 'galuet a'l ureal. and tin el L ? will ?a<*? Fultoa itml un? taaaty-eight Hambcf can't, and it ahau'i hold it* t <tad liaii'ao Iiith, ? hi la we're by initae'ead. The rerjr beet htt* that are fid in tb? la ad. Top of all, tbou?h it'? ?iu?U 'he Mud Fulton atreet. one twentv.eight i.Vj?a. th*n, ard land a band tn friend Kaoa, At hie neat Fulton a'reet ohmp hit )?i, Tha Tirr ba*t hata that arr t-otd la the land? Aud you'll And to % our mind all t.u alMiA. fru'foi ofi?*w Vooli! Hoot* ! All Him ? ? in want of an krticlc ilist cannot I* ?urp??*'<J f r b?M(y> Hi ? >? durability, e (herald adviae them to r >H on Uovar irVn n( earner of t'ulUs and Naatau sirrftt. Ha ha* Krenoh <'ulf Bmb, f 1 .VJ; Fine L'alf, f.'t Hi; Water proof Boots $1 SOuifli. U uta 1'erc a Solei Boota, Pataut Leather Boot*, Galteri, Sho ?, Tilt DOCTOR. MIIBKC1AJ. 4 K If 4111. JiORKY MARKET. Friday. Nov. 17?0 P. m. Worefnment securities oontlnue tn improve. The transaotlons, to day, worn only to a limited extent; tbe prevailing impression being, that the Secretary of the Treasury will not call far so n uob money as has been heretofore reported. Holders are. therefore, net rlIaoaaa/l ?a m?.\\ an.l ?>? amall -?1aa -W? - - ? provetnent of several per oent witblo the past week or (two. The fanoiea appear to be looking up, but it is Impossible to tell bcwlonzt>? advance will be susjtained. The moaey market is eligbtly easier, which |no doubt, is the principal caure of the favorable change 'n prices. At the fln-t board, to-day, United States Ilea, 1848, went up per t?or. Ohio slx*a '4, Krie Bond* IV4 K.rle Railroad fe'l off U, and New Huven Hail load all otters olotel at |ricea current ye? Lvday. At tbe Moond board. Treasury No tea advanced per cent, Norwich and Worcester >?, and Harlem The steamship Acadia, from Liverpool, with seven lays' later intelligence from all parti of Europe, is about due at Boston, and therefore hourly expected. In jonsequenoe or cms, transaction* to all or the markets iLTe b*en to a more moderate extent than uaual, for a uy or two put, and will be until tho steamer arrivesIVe do aot expect any thing by h?r of an important or avcrable oharacter, commercially; bnt operators of all tinds are anxious for further advices from the other lide, and are diepoet d to keep rather quiet until re, jeived. The following dividends lave recently been deltred: Sank of Chester County, 3 percent; HarrisburgBank, !per cent; Bank of Germantown, 3^ peroent; York Bank,'4 per cent; Doylestown Bank, 8 per cent; Far. ners' Bank, Bucks county, 3 per cent; Gettysburg Sank, 8 per cent; Chambersburg Bank, 3 per cent; Columbia Hank and Bridge Co , 3 per cent. The annexed statement exhibits the number of ves. tels and amount |of tonnage employed In the foreign trade of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, in each of the past two years r'nuuo,.!. ... n-.-.-r Br .. f ?.. ? in Fobkion TRADK. Entered Inwards 1847 , 184H , Shipi. Tonnage. Bhipt. Tonnage Dai tad Klmdoiu and doiniodeuoica 11,62ft 2.6.14,417 10,017 2.H6.8S5 Other oountrise 7,WW 1,3211.675 6.293 #02.784 To l?l 19,4KS 3,y64 9J2 lG,i50 .'(,319,710 Cleared Outwardi. , 1847 , , 184* Shi;i. Tonnage. Ships. Tonnage. United Kiarlom ?nd dcpeadenoiM 10.863 2 2II.IX.4 10,<Hi1 2,415 920 Dthcr oountries 6.422 931,330 6 611 MMJil Total 17,*76 ?. 145,794 16,677 l.^.tMl It appear* by this, that in 1848 there were entered Inwards 3,238 ships, representing 605,2,i2 tons lea* than In 1847; while the outward entries in 1848 were G98 ship! less, bat 179 847 tons greatnr, than in 1847. This table exhibits some curious factn. The outward entries hare been larger than usual, while the exports hare been Tery muoh reduced. It would appear by ' this, that the additional tonnage could not har? bean ta>ployed in the transportation cf merchandise, and Dust hare cleared in ballast. Daring the past year the Importations of many articles of foreign growth and manufacture taTe been larger, showing an increase an that of tha previous year, so far as quantity La concerned, but it in a question if the total value it not lee* than It was last year. The depreciation In prices for some of the leading Items of import has been tnormous, as will be aeon by the annexed table of prlcss ruling at the close of September, in each of the past two jears:? Prick* Curbkkt in London, Skpt. 1847 isn 184S. 1847 1848. Flax, per ton '?46 to ?54 ?34 to ?40 Hemp " 38 to 40 30 to 84 [Hire oil, per tun. ... 48 to 60 36 to 27 Doffee, per owt <26 to 40 20 to 82 Tallow " 44 to 48 42 to 44 Cotton, per lb Hi to rf5>? to 3}? Sheep's wool, per 281b. >26 to 28 10 to 20 The decrease in prices is by no means made up by the inoreased quantity imported; but we doubt whether the consumption is greater, notwithstanding the reluced value, as a corresponding eontraetion hat t>eea reallied In the rswarces of consumers. A renewed application, it is stated, will be mads to the Legislature of New Jersey for a charter to con* 1 'tract m railroad from Morristown to F.lizabethtown, The Elisabethtown and Somerville Railroad is In tetlrs operation ten miles beyond the last-named place, to Whitehonse, cn the line to F.aston, Pennsyl rania. The length ia thirty-six miles, and it will no ionbt be completed is the course of another year, rfce track is now laid with a heavy rail, and ia In 1 jood order. This road opens to this city the trade of k large section of ooantry, and when completed to ?aaton, will eecnre an extensive trade from the northirn and eastern part of Pennsylvania. New Jersey llaa made quite a movement within the past year or two in railroads; and In a few years, at the same rate, that State will be as much covered by them aaMassathneeU, or any of the New England States. Within the past two years, more nrlcs of railroad hare been constructed in the United States than iver before in the aame period In addition to this, several of the old companies have relald their tracks with heavy rail. It la estimated that at east one hundred thousand tons of railroad iron bave been used in this country within the past two fears, about seventy-flve thousand tons of which have keen Imported from Great Britain. This, at an average lost of forty five dollars per ton, would make an aggregate of thn e millions, thren hundred and seventy-five houeand dollars, indepenJendont of the charges. These expenditures are moderate compared with thope bade in Kngland for iron for roads; bat all the ixpenditures on roads in that country are made unoag the*selves; they don't s.-nJ millions of pounds iterling out of the country for the purchase of mate, iala, aa we have done and continue to do. Kallroada n the United States, notwithstanding the difficulty ixperlenced in their construction, to,, pay much bet ker In proportion to their cent than in Kngland. The iverage earning* per mile in Kngland,in 1817, waa X't',5. irhlle In 1848 it was ?55, showing a dorr.'inw of ?10 In their productiveness in one year. ThU in bat th? . beginning in the redaction of earnings. The Increase of railroads In K.ngland is so rapid, and the iompetltron ao great, that th.'jr mast ultimately be very poor investments. In this oountrj It la jnat the reverse; we hare everything favorable In the perspective, with such an immense extent of i>ountry. such a rapidly is^resMng population. It lannot be otherwise than that railroads which are ro intimately connected witu the growth of the country. and the developement of it* reKOurces, must ultimately become the mast profitable investments in the Bonntry. The amount of eapital wlilch will, in a few year*, be invited in these works In the United Statea VillexoMd the aggregate of all our publio debts, and ill our banking capital, and everything In relation to them, will, therefore, be sought after with muoh avidity. The annexed statement exhibits tbe tons of wheat and flour shipped at Buffalo and (lnwego from 18.16 to 1847. and at Black Hock from to 1M7, and th# iKKregate quantity which arrived at tide water in each Df the pant thirteen years :? Mot ?MK\TH Ov I'l *?v A*|i W lirAT IN TIIF STAT* OT Nl W YOH K. Huffiilo. n RorU. On'tfo. Tot il. .V. Y. Shitt. Tottn at font. tout. to nil lith \ I VIA... I6,!'.V> ? 14.PHS ,1".S21 97,729 828,f>12 ! IK16... :i,IM ? M.MM .1*74.1 *7,137 121,'Ml I IS7 . S7? 7.4'i9 .'-1,635 HI.HM 110,191 IH.-IN... P7.!?77 ? 1? "10 ?.7.!W7 ?:.M !'S IXMMt ; I8."9. .. 7,ti!T 16,1)8 82,' '7 11,7"J 124.6M mo... "rvv* u.Mf ir.,o7# i?.'mm iji>? 2i?,*fi2 -41... 1I0..-7I ^,S|J 1S,?77 147,7!M M.W-9 101 *0 ,M2... I.VV'tA 14..W 131,"jr. B3.3M 198,2.11 I PIS ... l?(i I2fi 12 23,858 1N4.MH HI !>I4 244 7H0 1 |844... 146,510 14 l>?l 4229.1 20S472 71.3JI 277,80S si.',... 118,614 17,077 41,581) 180.2M1 140,211 .1*1,4%) 1846... 247,WO ir,..v?4 M906 328.129 !>',037 41 !).>;? 1*47. .. #0,1.VI is m 87.349 4*5,MM 66..U7 Bfll.ltt'. In 1M&. the ahipmenta from Buffalo and Oswego war* nearly equal, and the tnor?4uie aince mark* the growth >f each of tho?e placea It will be aeea at a glance, hat atiMaa Buffalo haa taken, and what har preaant EMW.ltIon is, compared with Oawego. Th? geographlaal S location of the lirnt la ?o muoh ?u^?rior to tL? la-t, (bat a ocmparlfon for the first eight years it hardly fair ; latt?rly, tbo IsoreaM in each baa been nor* equal. The f nlargeo ent of t^e Wetland Canal has bees of vaat benett to the commerce and groirth of Oswego. .Sto4k UxthaiiKf, Treas Notos, 6"s lt'^X M' ttul'-i intri'i Tr *60 6t00 U. 8. 6's'SB coup 107 100 do f7S? mm ir. tsweaft'*, 'U !?i so do b3o v- Z awo Iudiana 5"s (W 10 Ohio Llh fc Trust 77 SulOArit^'s MO !?> 15NY*v.l?#*d 10CO do "4) ^ 75 Canton Co #ij< JSKO OIJo Tt liX>* 100 Mohawk RR blO 7S iUtt Kruoiij Bonds 67>g 100 do bttO 73^ SMI do 67'? 300 Harlem RR ?y fill) Ohio fcVW 101? l<0 do blO 4'' SflOshs R>>adtn<KH 31 y 200 do <1^ ro do SCO .HI 60 do bio ??V 60 d) tL?> 3IW 160 do 4#? 60 do S.W XI 2V) Loo* 1*1 RJl ?>)2 300 do Mm09 .11V 100 do Mmos >1 !><? do .11 17 Brif RR n*w full i!it 66 Fuiton Bar.k 116 60 de d* bS3 ft) CO Natimal Esnk 102 10? do do bi)\ a Amer Each Hack 9? Swotid Hoard. $5< 00 Trwu Notes, ITs II <>, 60ths Resd RR, pfd, st)0 36 Co tlm Nor fc it ore I'll) 'S3 160 do blO 49>< too d > utiU .'<3 2H N Y fc Navon BR # do M SKrieSS full W CITY TRADK KKPOHT. Fnuti, Nov. 17 -0 I'. M. In the nbtfDi'f of the steamer's news, now fully due by tlie Acadia, at Boston, there was do change of moment to notice in the flour market. Moderate sales of this State, Oswego, &.c , were made, including lota for export, at about yesterday's rate* Sales of Oen?see and Ohio wheat were made on term stated below. Old sound oorn. for shipping, was voaroe, and full ^rioes were obtained ; while new wbtt? and mixed was in better supply and heavy. Meal remained abjut the sane Sales of rye were pretty freely made at yesterday's prices Oats were a shade firmer. Mo- I derate sales of pork were made without change in prices. There was a good enquiry for b?ef. and better prices were demanded. I.Rrd was Inactive, without : men rial cbaDgu in rates There was no ehange in groceries, with a moderate businesi doing in sugar and molasses There *?? no change in cotton, and the market continued rather stilF a-hi-s.?Suit's it M) bbls. pearls were mad* at j. c ]( *?; snd 40 a .10 bbls pots at $fi a >0 12,l%. Bk? iBiu'r?? ?yUur?The sales only footed up abeut 4,1)00 a 6 001) bbla., including 2 000 a 3 000 bbl?. Oewego, in separate lots, for the east and for export, at $6 37>i, with some pnrcels of Western canal, ate., at tJ e same price; 200 a 300 do , fancy Oeneoee, at $5 75. Sale* of 400 a 6(H) bbla. Tillage ground, were made at 9?& 87>?. Sale* of 100 bbla. Baltimore sold at $5 50; and 160 do I'eteroburg City Mills, at $b 68\ ff/ieatSttlea of 4 000 bu?bols Genesee were made at 91 27; 2.600 do. common do., were made at $1 23. and 1500 do. prime white Ohio, at $1 14. Coin?The sales ri'sroed about 12,000 a 16,000 bushels. including 2 600 white, at 60>i; 1 500 do. high mixed at 70c.; 1 900 do old Pennsylvania white, at 68c : and I 500 do Northern.! routd yellow, at'oo.j 800 New Orleans, sold at 67c ; new ml*ed and white were dull while fr#m the limited amount offering of old, the market for that description olofed iirm. Meal?Sales of 200 a 300 bbts. Jersey were mnd?* at $3 25 Kyr ? Sales of 6.000 a 8 uuO bushels were made at 66 a 60>ic , delivered. Kye Flour ?Sales of 400 bbla rye flcur were made at $5 31#; and 800 do. do were reported at S3 15 Oult? Sale of a cargo was made at ;;& a C5>Jc. ( otton.?The maiket, although firm, was rather dull to-day; the aalen only amounting to 600 bales. The outside nuotations are the present line of the market L|V> RFOOL I I 111171 CJLTIO*. m. tMtan* Mobile $ Upland*. Florida. Texut. Inferior,, noiie. none. 41.'a ili Ordinary 6 ? .r,14 5','r>'1t Middling PX?5S 6^?r.? 6* a 6? QckhI Middling !>\ aa6)2 (> a6 Middling Fair... Va 46 Vi ?ti2 fi V ?-H; fair ?S'a?? 6.S ab-J ati^ Fully Fair 6Sja6^ none. none. Good Fur 6}?a6V uono none. Tine .. ti?4 a 7 none. non?. Dr?'g?.?We notice sales of 20 cases prime madder at 8y, a 1'c , opium in lota $4. and crude camphor 14o. 14>ic. * x?n.?A speculative movement in cod to-day took up about all afloat, embracing Home 4 000 quintals at $2 06>4 a $2 12>f. which is a flight decline. Maasaohu- , fcttf niackcrtl continue dull at $7 a $5. Kriit.?There is rather more doing in raMns, ' though the quotations are kept private. We notioe 1 Balm of a cargo, consisting of 5.300 whole, 1,000 half and 1600 quarter boxes, on terms not transpired; 1.800 do. in lots to the trade at $1 40, 76 at 42>?c ; 400 i boxes Malaga lemons at $1 75; 100 barrels Baraooa oraages at (6; and citron in lots, (which is dull and 1 heavy), at 18 a 20c. 1 Fiikikhtj!.?I.ngagfmeiitB to Liverpool were moderate. including email lats flour In American ships at 2s. 3d. corn and cotton nominally the same. Shippers were inclined to wait for later news belore operating freely. Honr.v.?Cuba strained, has become quite aoaroe, and the little lots in first hands are not pressed upon the market. Wo notice a sale of 60 tleroes (to arrive) for export at private bargain. Hair!?Tbtre bag been seme movement in this article. and Rio Grande has sold to the extent af 25,000 lbs. at 18>{o.. time Inuicjo.?There have been Mies of 26 eases Manilla at 00c .and 10 do. Madras at 75e. time. Lime ?About 2,6oO casks common Thomas ton have been taken at 63c a 70c. M tRBi.E ?By auotion. we report sales of 25 blocks, black and gold, at $3 50 a (6 60; 15 do. statuary, at 76 a f 6;160 do. lrltb. at $1 26 per foot; and 18 boxes block Siena, at $3 50 a $7 6n, G months MiHm.iNT.?The sale by Alessrs.rell & Co. embraced the following:?227 crotchet St. Domingo, at ll>?c. a 18c., and 100 do at 10c. a 28c , 4 months. Molassks ?There have been sales of 200 hhds. Cuba, for distilling, at l?,luc., usual time, and tome parcels of New Orleans, at S8o Naval Stor*?.?Spirits are 33e., and dull; erode wa quote at $2 60. In rosin, there is but little doing; the market, however, in consequenoe of light supplies, ] Is very firm. Oil.*.--In whale oil we have heard of no sales; linreed continues to sell freely at 50o. a 61c. for Knglish, and 51c a 58c. for American. To-day, of the former, some 6.000 gallons sold, and of the latter. 2,000 a 3,000. ! We understand some parcels of Knglish have been sold at 49c. pBo?isior??.?Sale? of loO and 200 barrels mess park, in lot?, were made at $12 02>f, and 100 do. at $12 60. I i Ham*?Sales 30 barrels Jones" Utlca oared, were made at 12c. Pork-2,000 barrel a prime pork sold at $0. 1 ! Beef?Sales of 102 tierces (T. E. Jones' Utioa brand) wt re made at $18. I.ard?Sales of 200 bbls. were made ' at 7 a 7\o.. and 120 tierces new at 7>?o. Cheese? j i Sales of 100 cask prima to extra sold at 6\' a 7c., and a ' lot in boxes do. at 7 a 7.s0o.. all for export. IIirs ?The demand is fair and market Arm. Sales 16o cask*, to airire. at $3 60 a $3 0*V ? The only lot we hear of is ISO hhds. Cuba Muscarado. at 4e.. 4 months Sues*.? We note sales of 1 000 mats Cassia, at 10^' a 2oc . and 6 000 lbs No. 1 nutmegs, to arrive, at U5e. On the spctthey a re worth $1. So*r ? Of Castile there were sales of 100 boxes red mottle, at loo , less 8 per cent foroash. Tias?The following parcels were disposed of by j Messrs Haggetty. Draper & Jones, at full prices. Importations per Vhlps Horatio and Samuel Hosseli. Terms- Notes at six months. Hyson?7 ohests at 68o. ' p?r lb ; 60 do. 28; 33 do. 23',. Young Hyson?10 half chestn 86JJ; 18 do. OP1.,*; 20 do. 30; 10 do. 29; 81 do. 28',; P0 do. 25; 41 do 23.\; 20do. 21>-'. Hyson Skin? i 20chests 17!60 do. 101,; 110 do. 16; 80 do. and fio hf. ! do lf>>? ; 93 chests withdrawn. Twankay? 68 half I ehests 10; 20 chests lfiX. (Junpiwder?40 half ohests I 61S; 23 do. 80; 28*o.27: 63 do 25>f; 135 do. 26; 30 de. | 22; 11 13 11). boxes 17>.; 1 f3 hair chests withdrawn. I Imperial?211 halt chests 441,; 10 do. 41; 22 do 27)-,'; 3 I da 24; 104 do. withdrawn. Oolong Souchong?7 hulf cheat* 88; 20 do. 37. Powchong?10 half chest* 23',; 81 do. 23; 12 do. 14S. Congou?AO chest* 17,balance j wthdiawn. Taii ow ha? mnvfil to the extent of 100 000 lbs.; at 7.':,o lor inferior, and R'^o. for prime. Wiimi v.?Sales of 120 barrels State I'rifon were made at 2-">7{c. Wooi..?Since our last, there has bee* an active demand end market well gufltained. The sale* are 100,000 lb* ordinary and fair grades fleece, at 24 a 2Sc ; 60 bales wafhed Mest'/io at 15 a 17c.; and 200 do washed and unwashed South American at 7', a 12c. We quo'e as follow* Am. Fa\n'jr., "I a .V No. 1, pulled City,... 21 a S3 .Am. full blond Merino. !i* a .11 South Amor, washed,. 9 a 12 Am. % snd % Mrrinn. 'J!> a 27 S. A. washod Ik picked. IS a SI Am i stitc and }i do. 23 a 24 South Am. unwashed,. 5 a 7 Hup?rtinfl. pulled C'try. 2."> a 1W African f> a 7 1 No. 1, polled Country. 22 a 2S Smyrna. Ill a 13 I < Sup rfine pulled City.. 24 a 25 Mcxican 10 a II MAKKICT9 RliSKWIIKRR, | j STOCK SAI.KS. Bai tuiokk. Nov. It'.?fl.W 0 lleiied State* Treasury t>'?. b till ! ' day*. H'4, Hi 0 MfirjInndS's. Rfc1! ; iMMo Quar^ily 06'.; l,!k J i Baltimore o p. IKS', rw no, no., w.; i.iasr an. ao? ?);: I'lin muA. N< v.17.?first Hninrf?I*1 Philadelphia Itark, | 1 li'Vj: I.'. Harrishnrp Railroad, 3T>; ft.(MI State ft's vA?rn, 74', 2,t*fl do., 14,000 do., 71\'; 20ul?hi|(h Coal Scrip, S0>J; .ft Union I B&nfc, Trim., 43; rrfllinigt; Sloek. 20; 9 Giraid Bank, 10%'; flOO WilmW'on fi i, 78; 300 d?? 7?; 2,000 8'0te 6'a < . 74**: SOCIO do. i M"n, 7I\; ?r. Olrit.) B.mb. ? &, 10V; IflO Morris Canal, 7'-,. ,1/trr Siilrt?H,{ 00 Pron. IV's, 74.'4 7,'">w do.. 74 ,; Will Wllminnten Railroad. t'a.78; 2.'< Cirard Bank. 10; 110 ojiria Canal, 7',; ]MI Now >rs?y Copper. *?. Str.nnl Hoard?7U0 l'ptin fl'a, 74',: I JOOOdn.. 74'v l,."mO Connty ft'a. '60, 81; f.,000 R.?din* Ka Iroad 1 fi,W I.OCOlrh.NaTlRatlen #' ,'CM, 27V'; .'WIOLehigh Navl??lion , , (Va 1'"' (lirard Pnnk, 101{; 21 Mechanics' B ink, 14; 2.r> I'.S. ' Bark. 2'.; 10 Minci.ill Rnilmad. firt. Alter S.t/ci?3,(XJ0 l'enn. . Ss 74Vii 114' Diamond Cool Company, ll. Bcithi. Nov lf>.?Nrrnwf Hnorrf.-n aliarra VrrmntitCentral Rii'Ircod. S!N ; 17 rV-ht.1 Fi'chhur.' Railroad. $1 21: .V do. *1 2T? ! 3(harts Western Kai'road, fP*,; 10 do., solm, !WV ; 2."> do. blO d, I 1(11; 1." do. 1(1; fi Vermont Cemral Railroad, 8L"?: 7 Boiton and I'n.vidrnrs Railroad. 2 Boston and Maine', ; j 10 Northern Railroad, W, 26 Philadelphia aid Reading Rn Ir. ad. K7i. DOMESTIC .>1A1:KT!T^. Nrw Brurosi.Ou Maiikkt, .Not, 1;5.?Sperm?The market remain* firm, with on upward tendency. A rile of ftnO borrels was made since our lost. ot lP5o. V hale la in good demand, ot steady prices Wo notloo coles of POO bbls N. W coost ot 3li0 ; 200 bbls selected South Sea ot the same price, ond 830 bbls. handsome elected N. W, coast ot SOc. rash Bnrr.iiron Makokt, Not. 10.?At market, ft fin beef rottle. 47ft stores. .".,8:>0 slieep. ond 1,126 swine Price#. ? Beef Cottle.? We odTonce our ijuototions te eorrespond to sales. Tlx : extro, >0 25; first iiuolity. $5 ftO o >ft 76) sieond. $5 2ft 0 $5 00; third, $4* ftO o (.*>. Stores ? In pood demond; yearling, $7 o >10; two yeor old, >10 o >10; three yeor old, >18 o >2.1. Working | Oxen-Soles ot >C0 >7ft, >88. >100, >112 ond >12ft. Cow* ond CoItos.? Soles ot >23, >20, >27. >83 ond >42. Sheep. ?Seles from >1 42 to >2 2ft. Swine.- Smell lots to peddle. 3?{e. 0 4\o ; old hogs. 4So- At retoll frcm 4)ic. tof?,%e. Phii *r>ri riiia Catti r Maoxtt, Not 16.?OfferIrgs of the week were 1 4ft0 beef cottle. including 800 lieod for New York, 200 cows ond oalTeo. 1 030 hogs, and 1.200 sheep ond lomb?. I'rioee? Beerea sold ot >4 7ft to >0 26 per 1()0 lbs Cows ond eolres Holes ronged ot >T to >12 for dry, $14 o >28 for springers, ond $20 $88 for ftesh cows Hogs?All sold ot $4 76 >5 60 the 1 ji) lbs. Sheep ond Umbi mostly brought - 10 cash for t 91 a $3 for tb? forntr. and >1 M ? with rtlea latter as id quality. Hay nearly aUM, ?Uaw, (> ? itrxd tivnlhi at 70r l Mn t),H r?t tkA f6 60 the 100 bnndl?(. _ HHHHSH * ( LECTLRK ON FHONOUKAPHr AND EXHIBITION H*ptd Writing.?A. F Boyle nnproiluU) u .uuacn < ^ ciuaena of New York, ud lo a: ringer" vtiHiag the citj, iM* he will |ln a Lecture. explaini i? the rh?racu? nni ,.f Phonography. it tlx t)>rn? following place*. and on the three follow in/ tiigh'a. via : On Monday, the 2IHn in?t , at c' I??ll; oiiTo?*Iiiv the lift, at the Stnyveiunt ln?'itnt.? *i><l or, ?,>drer<Ur, the 2Vd at Hutirer'a Institute. A thorough knowledge of the ?c entifle baain or Phonography a^d of the mode to l? puriutd in procuring a praotjoal knowledge or it will be inparted at each or tl.jae leoiorea. It will not bo nooeiaary to atu nd mere U.iui one lectuir. aa tho t'aroe will bu >un jti.u?i<y tue Miir*. Before anil after ??.? 'reture apeoiniena f verha'ira r?. fu rling will bo Rivun by fre viral pbonographera. Among the I^iop' )fra|ihic wiiHre [reaent will be a lad o Iv ioiihm,,, w ,r, ?f a(re,fr< m the Pliilade'i-h'a Ulgh School, (where phonography ia UuKht ae a renular I ranch ol ioatruction, I who. although he h*i prac'lie-d phonographic writing O'ly six montha, challenge* to a trial or fp-?d at > itenograp'o writer in tl ia oity or in the I'nited Btetea. wl o way hart ur<d hia qa'em of writing twentv yearn or e> en Door* njen rar each lecture and at each plae? at ne\en o'clock Lecture loe'mraence at haifpatt nevon. Tioke*? rf ,,inil??ln?' "B oe"'? to l"?il i* tho door on ?vh e'oilnr. IO*T?WEWIIERB IN OK NRAR BROADWAT A J Black Mor'ivn PocV?t-bonk. o*nt<lnlng from ninety to one hundred and twenty dollara. A falrdWiaion of tlie o>ntcnta in only reqoeaUd witb the Under, who will, I hope, he pleawd to leave it with Mr. J- M. BANDERSON, Union Cl?b, No. Vtf Broadway. LOST?LAST THURSDAY NIGHT, IN THK TABERNACLE, taring OuLg'I'e Coneert, or at the Park Theatre, botwron !i ai d UK o olcck. a nnall brown leather Wallet, with apriog elaar. containing two Five Dollar Gold Pleoen and two Five Dollar Billf, with anndry pnpera, valuable only to the owner. Tho flnihii 1. r/\ rutuin KbIavop (M.rtifin nf t > ? Uona. u. .li_l . projw, arifreturn tb? reminde/of the cnnwntii to (V. Corby a, t the Park theatre. or No i Barclay atreet. WANTEO-A SITUATION, BY A RESPEO"AHI.K CIRU toiln the Costing. Wajdi'nc nnd Ironing,ofa?n>?ll family, N.I AV(?Ttl< ? t go to <l>e country. Innu're a* IS Pattern ?tr?vt. WANTED? IIV A RF.8rBCTABl.E YOUNG MA SRI II) woinar, a obild. to wat nnr?? at her own rofidoute. The bot-t of re'ereneef given at 177 Yarn-It ?>reet. WAN1KD-A SITUATION. BY A VERY KBSPECTAULE Protectant vcurg woman, as <1iam>>ermaid, or to do gene, ral Hmuework; tJic bihtof city releiume given. Apply at 'too Eighth BTerua. _ BY A RESECTABLE YOUIU, A hi TUV? atl< ii lu a wholesale or retail Clothing Store or any other rrercuntile luiine**. Han had oomidorable eaperienne in the clothing bofineea. Go<d city reference given. Nn objuotion lu r?? I.'T, ,r W. ?t. A.lilr MjVA??i?t?nt.'' Herald nfflre. ?*/ A MED?A KESPECTABLK WOMAN. TO UO SOUTH TY ^-ith a lady who in in delicate health. She most bo fully rompetent to t?*c charge of her waidrobe, and to attend unoa her IT ill. One speaking the Trench or Spanlah language would he Aril) at Ml Broadwuy, between the hours of 11 and 11 o'olock. A. M. TO PRIMERS.?A PiRKJN OK EDUCATION. I.ATKI.Y arrived in thiacountry, who haa had n anyjeara'esperit-nre In In land, both on r.twi papcri and book work, would tie g'ail to derote the whole or a portion of hie time to eorrcoting for the pre*, and on rtttonable term a. Addrtwa, "Reader," olllee of thin garer. 110 YOUNG IIIN.?AN ENTF.B PRISING YOUNG MAN. . of b'j infn habite, having a capital of $SJO, can meet with an agreeable 1-itiiatlon and a ealerv of $1,1 per week, by addroti in( R < ote to " Thea're ' box No If7!l\ General Po*t Ortlre. "| AW. ? THE^A DYERTlSKR, A BVKRHTEK OF I;IR ban had much sraotice In Conveyancing, and understands h>s business thoroughly; write* a puod Iitind, and would bo williug to make himfeU generally useful. Addresi F. C? at the office of this paj*ir. ST. PETER'S CM'KOII, BARCLAY STREET.?T>'K VEKV Rev. Dr. Ryder, president ot Georgetown Collet, will preach in tlii* elutvh on 8ui.da> morning next (Hie 10th ion jut I'lii o'clock, and in the evening at 1 o'olo-k. Collections will l? taken up on both im'vks or ?. for tlir | oor of the thnroh. C> PRESS III I L. CEMFTERY.-TilIS CEMETERY, 31IX'. nted about live miles from Brooklyn, on tl e Brooklyn and Jamaica Turnpike, near the L'.ng Island hnilrnad. v ill l>e dedf. ran d on Tuesday, November 21st, at 12 o' I-ok, M. Car. w ill leave the depot at thetoutli Kerry, at 'J'i. ll fi and ll?o'.look, A. M,. and arrive at the ground in about 1.1 minutes Free nan. I*ire ticket*, to go and return, may he l ad at the office of the C\ meteij, 2Ct Broadway. By order of the Board of Trustees. R. O. NFL1 IS, (ler.crfl Atn'iit. ??2 Broadway. Rev. j. n. MAEriT.-w fi ll report ok the proccodinxsagainst the Rev. U. C. Weld, wko has been acoused as a eonspiratcr against Mrs. Maffit and the Kev Dr. Peck, will be given iu the Sunday News tomorrow, with other interesting matter on this subject, *nd a fund of choice Heading, News, kc Sic. Office ID Na*Mn Mreet. Price three cents. MYSTERIES OF RUSSIA?BY FREDERIC LA CROIX From the French?illustrated. Price 60 cents. "Iti?i work wh:cl h?s created a deep w nsat ion in Europe, and glvei more in'rimation and of tetter authority tt-an any other known to us."?Boston Cbronotype. Sold in New York by Lougfc Brother; Stringer, Towr.feid & Co.; Dewitt 4t Davenport; Berford b Co..and stall the bookstores. 1:1 dwahd rox*a city ca#h tailoring establish. J ment. 202 Broadway.?The undeisigned, being about making i chanse in his business, ard purposing to dispise of hii superb itock of ready made Clothing, at a great reduction from the ordl nary rales, wou'd announce to those who may be aboutto pur rhase, that a fashionable article of crean, manufactured from the linett fabric, ai d ef superior fli ieh. can lie obtained at a much less rate than chaiged for that of an inferior ijna'i'y, ofTereH for sale at houses located in the by streets, and may be depended upon in view of scouiirn the ?**??" ' ." onmiv EDWARD FOX, 2?2 Broadway, Opposite the Franklin House, New York, BROADWAY PROPERTY.?TO LEASE, FOR A TERM OP jeais, the building occupying the two full lots of land, Not. !tl4 and3l6 Broadway, and known as Gothic Hall, being one of the rnott, spacious, eubktantial, and well finished buildings in the city. A full lot <f land, with additional buildings, in the ro?r, ar d fronting upon Pcsrl street, may be added, if required, alloi ding together large acvemmodatitua for a put lie npuaa, mukcuin, laxaar, cr fancy f.ueir.ees. The recent improvements surrounding this property renders it one of tho most prominent positions on Broadway. For particular* apply to WII.LlAM HI RRY. Mo. 1,'iWsll street. M0RRIS1ANA TILLAGE.?ALL PERS0N8 WISHING TO purchase a handsome Bmlaing Site, within a convenient distance of the city of New York, are respectfully informed that about sl.xty four aorta of Uie lands of Governeur Morris have been added to the new village of Morrlsiana, and ia to be dispeaed of upon a plan aimi ar to the 2U) acres ncentlv purohased for and row owrtxl by the New Yorkand Morrieiana Village Atanciation. For partic ulara, inquire o?_ N Mot;RAW, 4.v> Broadway. PROTECT ION INSURANCE CO. OF N. J , SOMERVILl.E Chartered 184S. Fire, marine, and inland inturanoe. Directors?Wm. Thomson, Peter J. Stryker, James Taylor, David Sandirson, Wm. J. Bowne, G. F. Power, Matthew Rudtd&le, Ed. >om( Pannn Jn R Ifrlntvr* Wm Thnmann Pmi'? I V Voorhees' Pee'y. Tbe sukaerif ere are prepared to liuuo polioien. on fayoruMa terms. Loaaoa promptly adjusted and paid attha offioe; 72 (Fall stieet. THOii. N. UA/.NEAU, > . WM. tt BIRD, j * _ Salamander and other fire proof safes.?we are ie.|U?sted to call the attention of those that are In want, to attei.d the sale of them, at 11 o'clock, at No. 7 Wall, norner if Sew atrret, ibis day. (Saturday,) Not. 18. 1SB SYWNOT RESPECTFULLY INFORMS TUE PUBLIC tint she has now received tba newest fashions for this wu? n. lor Dresa, Visits, Cloak and Habit Making. Orders punatually attended to, on the moat reaaonabla terms. No. 30 White s?i*et. _ CT AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND J Gentleman having superfluous effeet* to dispose of, wearing apsml kc.. eaa abtaia a lair priro for the same, by aaitdlM I or tba?nbaenher through the noat office, or otrarwiae, who will attend at their rddenoe. Wissattsndcd to by Mrs. Levanatya. J.LEVENSTVN.HK Bwadway. "* * ? CTURTAIN MATERIALS, CARMIAOE UNINUS, AND ' I'lustu s.?Constantly receiving by the latest arrivals, a oom plete assortment of these goods. Also, Silk and Cotton Velvets, high colore, Floroncea, kc. For sale by F. 8. k S. A. MARTINS, Importer* and Jobber* 112 William street, near John. vm kancy coons.? Frederick a. woodworth, 1 v Broadway, opposite the theatre, has received hy the packet ship Admiral, new stylos of Card Cases, Porte monnaiea, foiivonire. Variegated Claea Paper >V rights. Colored Ulna* Vases, Decorated Porcelalre, Portfolio!, Card Receivers, Work Boxes, Dterting ( aae>. Irk Stands, Toilet Bottles, Watch Standi, Broaae Ornaments, ke , kc. IRISH A.ND SCOTCH MALT WH18KIY-UIGHFLAVORRD and superior quality, in i?ckagea to auit the trade, and better adapted for their purpoee th'nn any in the_market. For sole at very muun icon wan UH ura?i uj f? j uLilAM u. FAKUB, Malt Whiak*y DUtlller. 86 Seventh arena*. Office. 43 Stone it rpUE CELEBRATED BARRV8 THICOrillRors ISTUE X only remedy to prevent baldnese and reetnre the hair that haa lallcn c-ff or becctnc thin, to rreveut gray hair, to core and remove every appearanc* of eenrf and danfrulT from the heir, at d to kef i> itin (he moet healthy, (oft, and gloaay (tat*, yet fr*( from *11 oily andireaey appearance. Cnv Hotki, 8ept 4, lim-Mr. Barry?Sir?Ton hare permirsion to u?c my name a* having experienced the great utility oi your TrlctjJu reus lor drceeing the hair. 1 have alwaya foui.d the ?:>e of oil* and |>omatuniato occation a hamhnem to my Par, ?t,d for thtec or four yar? it wa? fait falling off, and much changed in color; but til ce uaing your Tri" plterou* I leelmy bead ulwuja crmfi rtalle, and mv hair ii <n*n atmng and thick, to the amazement of allmy frlcnde and acnuaintanc-a. I have InvarlaVy found it givea the mint Rene ral aatlxUetion.? Please to eend three bottlea by hearer, ?lm will ray you CATUKKINt NELSON, We < nf.uentiy *?jnir<' ladl- ? ami ^ontlcroen that the beat and ehvai-?t article for thchnioan hair in Barrv'e TrloopherouH; it in H< lit in largo bottlea, price only 2* cent*, at th.> principal office 1."!' Broadway. fxpre.?< Hgente?Wright, ?3 South atreet, Philadelphia: Brown, Wiudiington street, Boat-on; and aold by |t| t* o in tl 1 United Stalii. ri! JlK ORKATEVT CT RE ON RECORD.-RICIlAKDL. COX, X ot Evefham, Burlington County, N. J , eeriillea on oath he fore Aldermen Chaunccy Bulkley, ot this city, thj.t he aullored for a long time with all the a^mptoma of a dfatroPFlng malady, which hi> phyftcian declared to he a 1'nlmonnry Consumption, lie lad a ehort, dry cough, a burning actuation in the palm of hia nod theaoleeol hia lect 1 he eunk lotoaitateor infantile JeVllty ; he waa wasted away almoat lo * sko'eton ; hia brea'liirg wnf -hott uiid laborioui; he waa contlned oonitantly to hia bed ; mid tl>e leapt change of position oanecd him exeeaeive pain. No lioie we* entertaiLcd ol hia recovery ; he could take n.uiouriehment, when he ccn.menied the nae of the Sjrnp, abandoning all oUior medicine. After taking ten bottW a lame gathering formed i" hia left aide, which brott and diaol ar^ed a v&at qnan ..>J v. . >? < lira 1 i|ni..ur?inn continuity for irvoral w-rli, ho bepan t" (rather atreni!th, and recovered bieappet-te. lie eontimii d the uae of the P.vrnp and after tikmn twenty-five l ottlca, found him* II "o sound dim nod In the enoj n i nt of pmod I cijth." He i? now able to attend tohladntie* in a town?hip officer, a* well ae at any former period of his life, lilt lut ,'P have l<cn< xaiuined b) a medical man, and pronounoed to 1? in a ' unit rendition. Pec Ma affidavit?Pamphlet, pa*e tf. The following U Jlimonial ia added:? K? Miii?, liurlinx' n County, N.J,) AprilZ'id, 181 J. \ We. ti e tutu ril?ra. rreldMt." of tl:e towrahlp of Kvcbham, do I r?ly et-rtity t),at we are well acquainted with Mr. Hi'l.ard I,. Co*, and tri tl\ vlinted Inn in ti e la*t ataje of iSilmonary ( i rrvn. pti( n, whhli we believe waa cured l?y tho ltae of Schenek'e I nlirntur Fjrvp ami ftel it our duty to rreoiDinend it t?> the Con ti.tnfim. in the atrt.rfcent j i.aaible terms, hat in* l.een eye witIK Meat- one el the f.rcatcit cures erer perfciuied in thiaeeetion of the connlry. Bcriamin Ilucman, Thomas 11. newllnjcs, AndrewOrlecom, Wilt:ni>i I.. Itrown, J"?e|h E. Ilewlinfte, William Ilnmmltt, l'ravklin B Cox John l/ee^a, jr . Joseph llha, J< hn B. 0">, John H. Elite, Jacob Howling*. 1't< ptred by J Tl. Hobenck, No. S2 South Sixth xt, Phitadolphia. fo'll whoVeale at d retail, ly Bu?h h ClieVener. 81 Bari lay at., New Vcrk : Koddti ? ft Co.. H State at, Boston ; S. E Smith, Sun Rulldirna, Baltimore; 1. Wriaht ft Co, l.M ( hartres ?., New I'r'eana. Price f I per l>ottle, six Vottl.e for IH OHO ('ASK5 ?r <-*NEKM, I'KRI MTy AND ' I'jvUU want of >ervou? Fmr.-j. Norvoua Deblllt*.-I'r. Towi cord'a Parraparilln ia iirformim tliouaanda of enrea in Nervous Dlsearee, especially in Nervous 1'roatration and General Debility ef the syatem. It effect* tne moat astosialiiax resulte. Die patient frr<iucntlv fetla relieved in ten minute*. Tt.e Ml?wn* proof, fnm a highly reepoctable gentleman, ia in point -Nrw Von a, I)?c. 28, lu|fi. PH. TowDear Blr : I have been aeverely attliofed for a j<HRth of t me, nilh frreat physical debility and prnatration if the whole tervouaayatem. At time* I ha\e fallen in tl.e reels by ittaokf* of di/vlneea in the head, accon,panied w i'h lin^'nit in the ?ra. 1 a'ao mfTerrd withdyspepela, aicknraaat the atemanh, and eot-atioae of faintneae I read that your Saraaperilla* a* naed r<* >uch complaint*, ami procured a bottle, and to my aatoniahment knd surprise. before I had uaed the bottle, I ? aalike another mtn. ndced, it cured me entirely; I have never been ao ,-urnrlecd at. >nv reault In my lift*. I oomider j i ur wedloiee a ([real lileaelrR, mi* will r? ten.I ita naa aa far aa p<,alible. Ton are at liberty to nnliliah Una If yon thoow. 1 live anil can be aeen at No IW Prince Hi**. TJIOMAS liLOTI), Ptiaoi|MU CiB?e, 1ft fjitca suoet. h* PARK THEAT??-JfAT*JHDAT 1TIN1K0. NOT. W?1 nf 1 wUl ba prodtctd KDinf.arDMHBCl withUeamof Do*. bey aud tt?n-CapUua Cutue, Mr n. ruo.tK; Mr. U>uibev, mr 00 (jitUrt; Mr Tovi*, Mr. Waloot, M*J?r Ba??w>ok, M -. Q LL Barret, Mr arker, Mr. C. W. Clark* Jack Buiub/, Mr. J. M. Scott; v TuwMdkid, Mr Buflld, MliLrl d'Hoti-l, Mr. F.>tvli-r; Edith, Mr* ?ha*r AtuAB Nipper. Mm Mary Taylor Mr*. K^tnnr, '* M'm1Iui><; Mm. Mi-s Gordon. Mr*. Shaw and Mr H. ' P'ufl'l* ?III rvrft nn ??n ?* ?<-? kht? 7V-t?; Tastily Cirola, Mo?aU; Upper Bom, U coat* Pit, 57H e*ot?; nailery, 1?X ata. Doon o|Ma at aait paat It ; performance to ! v -wonee ?tT. _ ***!_ w.BY THIATUt?SATUKDAT RTKNINO. MOT. 11 Bow ^ performed TBI MAID AND Till M Ad PIE?' ?|y k Mr. j. U. ???; ? > or ??ull. terald ?r >. "kna: Annftt*. Mm* C. W'?id)ii?. Aft?r wtieh Martin, *r. Ik. BOV?Prttrty Mild* Mr. It Will|?m?: H?nry TUX I iMEHII k Jane, Ml?? Lrrityr. *h?? f?w ('< aim, Mr 1 Dnnv ''00D0,ud0 MARTIN SCHERTILLK Orlnna S^unadur*. J, *)r-J. Mai tin ^ eilo Mr? - Cfcarku the FilUi o ftp. M Latido, Mr J. >l llall; Mar<|uia<l? >. B Clark*: Sir UaM.-a *>r* i?)n,ir. |om: 0'*r<?r? ->w?oij. mici,?o?DM;niiBa at ftHMNN *t 7 o'oloc# rw <MC rr.lIfKowU. THKATRE, FORMERLY (i UaNFRAU"8 NEWNATIONAL e?uri*> 'foiiiuK, y ctm'iiKni -Itfiiflti ot Mr. J. n. Vx Rolla, Mr. J. R. Nuimi?*r If, *111 be i**t- rtnea I'lZlRh. *" ? Scott* Hrarro, Vt McFarland- Alonio, Mr. 'ooal drama of Mint Meal art r. To b* followed try Mia popular ? Mr. Burka; NKW TURK A8 1T IS?Mom, Mr. Chantran: J+t, Herbert; ('lulled Meadowa. Mr. Ricliardaon; William Twill, Mi noluda ciiulev Batoe, Mr. Sajmour; Eaty, MIm M-etaj^r. To * Mr. wttf, TIIEFATALBNOW Nert?of.n?k. ?; 0. <'h?i?r.?r; RcminoH. Mr Til'on; Count Unrrif Mr. IHWv 1 owina of Tobolaki, Mn. Woodward. Boxea 2* contn: Pll li.S ,ei) - D( oTfopee at 8K; perfonaanoe looommsno* at 1. | Mil iiamcb hall, no. 472 hroadway, between Grand and Broumo streeta, commenced on M m Jay, Oct I'd, and will continue every night until lur'her notice.?'Vtrenth week of the ra epenltf. Theorulnnland well-known CHRISTY'S MINSTKE1.S. (or??nitcd in 1H12.) THE lltfT TO U A HMO M/.E NEOBO MKI/ODIF8 AN1> ORIdl VATORI OK T?? PK?8*NT POPl'LAB STYLE OF ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENTS, whraa ooiioerta in th'.a oity, for a |?rlod of tea month* wen received with ?u?h distinguiahed favor and patroimse, have the honor of announcing to the ladies ami gentlemen ot New York and vicin't?, that they will ?lve a ae.iim of their popular ConivrU, intradnciru a variety or tl eir original Sm^a, Choiuaea. Characteristic I>anc*a, &e. Adtnienion 25 cent*. U.iom open at 7. Cct oert will commence at h o'clock. An Afternaoa ? onoert every Saturday. commcnoiut at ."I o'olook, f. M . under the roT*r??r?nt nnd direction of F P. W ri?tT. ffM bfchNACl.E ? 11II KU CONCERT Of JOtff til'Vd't, X Saturday tveiit>|, Noveaahar 1H.?Programme. Pan I ? 1, Overture to Ufirit I-adra. Rokaini; 2. Peather Walti. I,aai,cr; .1, r nulinen Pclka, Joe. Gunn"'. Part II.?I. Yariationa on Me? ?lioven> ta*otlt? air ''Lo nef.r," Mr. Branr, Servain; 5. Ginay Oimdrille, Straum; (\ I'oe lleur de danne?Galop. Joti. Gun*'!. Part 111.?7, Overture to " Freialnti,-' Weber; 8, Sileaitn Me. i-j:... UI..W, IJnmrlr 0 V?mh nf Ik. n._.. .... . VUl< g w - ~ ? r* "? w" ? " w??U?U LVgmn, JO?, | Guig'l. To ownmeurc atH oc'o k precisely. Ticket* 60 o*nt? ! euch,to I* had at all <be princiaal music stores and at the d*>r of tlie Tat .rraole on the evening of the Cor cert. No postponemerit en aeeonut <f weather rrVABKRNAOIX-tiKKAT SOJ.KMMTY MISICAL1, ON 1 Thuitday fcvtning, November .'tilth. Henri lien ihi? first ttutl )bbt tripeeranee this mason in New York) will a Grand an<( InMiumMtai Concert. fi r which oco sion he lias secured the i?? Htanee of the entire Italian Optra Company. including Signeri' a TnitTi. Mudarre Laborde, Signorina I'attl. Sigimr Benedettl M. laborde. MDu1 r ul, 8;g. V? tellini. Siguor ftotl. gignor Oiubilel, ai d tl<e full orchestra of the said Italian Opera 11 nipiuiv, !i-a<*er, M MnretreV Henri Hen will r, .rf. rm1 A CI-Miid I oneertu, in tl ree p:irU. 2. A new Military Fantasia I (m&oii?Ci'ipt) ('n favorite mirrh from Doni/cKi's opera of "I n I'illecn Reirin i-ni " Impromptu Burled,jiie mi m,> po. nnlnr wn.irs- ' Oil! Su?ar,?a:' iind "Oh! oarrj mo l.*ck tnOld Virairi<!" witli variation*? pianoforte ulo,,e. 'rim orehe-itra ? ill i xeeute tfce eeklruUd Overture fr< m H il jam Tell, b> R,>?. Nni; nnd by general rwrm-ft. "'I.'Invitation a In Polka. eomp,,? d by M. Marjtrek. Tickets >1?to be had at the mu<ic stores, principal hotel*, fnd at M. Her/b. 17 H arren sttfet. O,. ttiisoo oasion Oiilv, peats may l>e secured, by applying to Andre Sc Co., 147 fi roadway and at tl e Tub rna- io. Doors cpen at 7, m-torm ance to eommcnee at ^ o clock preoiiely. N? pnntpuueuicut ou account of the weather. The grand rvnno. rmm iW/'s rr-mii faetoi v, UM (I on this oooaeion, la one of the rcecntly adopted form In rarie I r-gremrre In small hills R~ HMOVAL. Of aAM>.\ th.NT I* CO.jt U IPPOfKRtKAN Arena utid i.'ircue.? * "is iinm< use establishment ig nm ru opened on the lot known as Niblo a Gardi-n. Broadway. Per loimincrs, including the feats ?l performing elephinte. hori-i-a, <a Die's, and poniis, with the acts ol a splendid equestrian and rjmnartic troupe, are given every evening. Admis?lon ?5 cent*: children tinder ton, hall price. Door? open at OX-petformam i-s oonmenoe at 7M* A on Wedueseay and Saturday &f>e noon*. at2^? NAfOI^EON CRO-.HINO TIIK ALPS.?THIS GREAT H'3 horical Piotnra. by Delaroche, if now exhibiting at the National Academy of fcoign, uuruer ol Broadway and Leonard 1 street. Ore* Iro n nine, AM., until ten, F.M. Admission, Vo.; season tickets. fiOo. NTUONY J. tliSECKBR, AUCTIONEER.?VALUABLE I nal_e?(ate in the jriciiiit> ??t Mmii? n j^iuaiy, on Madison ! avente, Thirtit ui ana mirty i.rnt streets, lor oale, on Hednes ' day. Not. 22d. at It o'oloek, at the Merchants' Exilian^e?2 lota on the east side of Madron a\enue. commencing 2.r' feei south of Thirlhieth street; 1 lot on the southwest corner of Madison ave- i one mid Thlrtj-tirJt street ; 2 'ota adjcfi i: g on Madison avenue ; 3 lots on the south suit of Thirtieth street, 17.1 feet east of Mad) (oi avenue; 3 lots on tha north side of Thirtieth street, 225 feet east of Madison arums, rear tie Fourth : 4 lota on tin s.iuth si lo 1 of Thirty-first street, 125 leet cnet of Madison avenue ; 5 Iota on the north side of Forty-luurtJi street, 131 feet east of Sixth avenue, between the Fifth and Sixth avenues The above lots aro all 1 beautifully ailuattd cu what u a> be cilled Uie back b<oe of the island, between the Fiorth and Fifth avenues: afford in? the most com enlent facilities to ihe lower par of the city, as well as a beautiful prospeot ot vessels pessinyup and dawn the North and East rivers. HOMER MORGAN, Al'CII NKErf.?PC'HOOl- FURNIture, Philosophical Apparatus. fcc. Sic.? Uv order of the afti|rc>'et, the entire Hchool Furniture or Rev. It. T Huddard. oomprl ing a very valnablo assortment of School, Tlieologioal, and Mlsocllancous Books. Philosophical and ('hemic ul Apparatus. Dtakj- and Sea'*, for lSVbojs, Tati^e Globe, Air 1 utnp, kieotrioal Machine, he kr , n.ade in a superior manuer by Meeks and others Will be sold at auction on Saturday, N.vember In, at 111 o'clock, at the school room l.'ith street, between University place aid Fifth avenue, or 22 K.*v 14th street. Also a very supe rior fletmsu Gymnasium Appnrvtva. ________ At'.RKAT SALE OF ARTIST'S PAINTINGS IS PRIPAriagftrfxb'Wiion and sale, fn.e, at No. 20,'f Broadway. A few n oroverr good "one*, in frame., will te received there, if sent in with invoice, this week. As manv thousand prions will visit th? room to see Father MaUiew'sOriginal Portrait and Splendid Banners, kr , it is desirous the picture*, for the exhibition and shic of, sh'i ld be upon the walls this weok. For terms and further particulars, please iaiiuire at the Emporium of Art Rooms, No St*4 Broadway, or at No. 21)3 Broadway, at 10 o'oleck, oaoh dsy ?btswr?k. Harps.-wm. uali, ft son, broadwav resfKCtlully invite the attention of the admirers of this beautiful and hlfhly fashionable Instrument, to their choice selection ol splend d Double Action Hart's Just received from the celebrated Mantifaeturefs, Pitt. Lawii ft Co. Tf-eee instruments are constructed on the most approved principles, combining all the modern iirprovemfnts of European makers, and In power and brilliancy of tone, fineness of tomili, and elegance of finish, are eijual to any ever maanfastnred. These Harps are warranto! to stand the Met of any climate, and havtrx l?een sutniitiod to the ooit eminent vnofoi-sors in the I nited State*, have raoeivud their decided Approbation. Astronomy, phrenology and astrology -madime Du Boyoe ha~ the plca-ure of assuring tier friends ibsl the Science t-lie unfolds is ??invariably sitistvtory to all, that slit drmn it wholly ueneoessery to give ?ny ilIiiMtrnt<on of in ?v founding results, but continues as usual At ber residence, 1?W Division at., where she may be consulted at any time during the day and evenlto, in regard to health, property, business, friends, enemies, law suite, love, courtship and marriage, and information given with a defrxi ot aeouracy Hurpiesing all eonoeptioo. Term* HO cents. INll.lSNZA. COUGB8. COLDS, RHKMAT1SM, he.? Tenons who are afflioted with either of the abors eomplaints can ot tain iron ediate relief and certain cure by the nse of Mrs. Carroll's Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Baths, 3J4 Broadway. These Baths have been ia operation si nee lu25; and liar* been reoon tr,ended by the first physloiana in the oity. DR. ING, DKNTIBT, 451 BASCLAY st.. CALLS ATTINtion to Ms new material foi tilling decayed teeth, being the best tu (1 cheapest article in use for large caritiea It comblnee the herdnees of ivory with the duribitity of gold, and puesee pes properties which causes it to attach itself to every portien of the Cental cavity with asmnch tenaoiiy asm >rtar clings to brcbs. Plastic when introduced it soon hardens to the consistency of the tooth, ai.d converts the shell into a solid tooth, astlnn as liomogeneoos, aacapeble of unification. as tree from pain, tu inodorous and as valuable for all practical purr ??? the soundest molar. __ _ R. WUEFJ.F.R. OCULIST, ? GRKINW1CQ STRKT devotee his exclusive attention to dieoaaee of the lye and Ophthalmic Surgery. Cataracts removed in ton days, without pein, on a new principal, and eight restored. Artificial Eyes for tale and ineerted. Omoe hours fretm H, A. M. to 1 o'elook, P. M. U.I. .. il? ?- > r.millo. In !,. .It. TO IMMEDIATE POSSESSION QIYKN.-T1FO parlor* aud three Wed reomi suitable to a mpwi'ilt family, withovery tecesaary convauienee, and moil elighly aituatod, brine within a law atepa from Broadway. Enquire on the nrnaiat No. B4'J Pearl street, or at the ' Wright House," 22 Ann ft. A FURNISHED room AND BEDRO0M, WELL SITtJAled ia Brcadway, is to lot He who will buy the furnltura of tier* rtoms.can (ret them both at only $fi par month. Call in the :id iitery. tl e .'Id deor, room IK, Broadway, 3?'4. Drug store for sale, now doing a good busineaa. Rti^n for clling?other basinesa, repairing all the time of tl proprietor Enquire at 721 Houston itrHl 1.1 OR SALI-ON REASONABLE TERMS, THE BTOCC. tiNturca.and gaod will, of a oonfeetienary and salo.u. Enquire 71 8 Broadway. 1,1 OR SALE?A SPLENDID PAIR OF BLACK HORSES, 1 hvti and right year* old, of superior style and action, llftocn hsrdsthjee Incline in lioight. aound, and kind in tingle or double harness. A l?o * number of-fkat singlo horsm. Inquire at W. It T Van Con's f-tsl le, S.r>tli Btreet. neat .'td avenue. T.10r BALE?A FIRST class THREE STORY ATTIC UNJ; d<r Cellar House, ai tinted on the north ride of Twentieth Htttet, hetweun Brosdwavand the Fourth avenue, known a* No. Hi East Twentieth meet. The honte has g?s Fixtures, Marble Mantels, Water Clout, Bath Room, and ia replete with every oouvi liience. Alan, a three storv attie houee on tlia northeaet corner of the Fonrth arcane and Thirtietn atreet, being a valuable Maid for any kind of huaineaa. Alao, those three CetUte !<oi'p?? en the aooth aide of Thirtieth atreet, between the Fonrth and Hadiaoa avenuee, diatant 100 feet weat of the Fourth areane, being appropriate dwriling* for small families. N. B.?A larire proportion of the purohare money oan remain on mortgage. Inquire at 12o'cleek M? or in the evening, ol JONATHAN FURDY, 117 Orchard atreot. _ __ Anew pong, to a very old tlnf.. (>: where, and O! w here hat your dreadful heart eneaa rote.' Ard where, and O' where haa yonr dreadful hoaraeaeagonef O. my hoanenoss ia gonr, ana it novsr will return, Ard my hacking <xugh haa disappeared, aa you full soon ahall learn. O! how, and 0' how did your hoaraeneu disappear' It had fettled on yunr lungs, and had troubled you a year. 0' iry oough had settled on my lungs, and braaght ma to death's door, Rnt O' it baa rone and left miv and will trouble me no men 01 where, and 0! where haa your bronohitia gonef And where, ai d O! wl err waa the wonder-working donef M> Lionel ilia it hasgone. and it never will oorae back, ALd my voice ia liV.e a mocking bird * without a hurr or eraok. O' a ho, tell me who, waa it did the wondrous euref Who drove away your racking cough, and brought yon from death's door? O! it * a? no uitlr doctor, hut a lady aood and fair. W ho iul< d me o"l my rat king eotisfi, with her modiolus ao ran. O! white irdO: wh?re doea this fair physician dwollf O ! wW-re, toll me whirr doe? ?1 ? her mcd'cine sell? (>' phe duclls upon the c< rncr of H hit* atreot and Broadway. And cnitt thronging round het collator ninht and day. (3 ! hot", and O ! how in thin cough curernamec? And * hat Is the cost of a medmine an famed? o! It'a rfertla'i C<<ugh ? andy; It Ig dclicate ard purs; The i oat in nrxt to ncthinv, and It never fails to oor?. 0! whew, Mid O! where baa your dreadful hoarcnesa gone? O' where, andO! where ha* jour tronchitl* imf ?>' my hoarsenfa and bronchitia thai I ao long atidurod, Have d.iapj oared. I'm well again?by Mr* Jorvia outvd. O' flrst they called (he doctor, who gare mo naaiy pills. And thsn my nmthi r made me take a syrup made of But my father brought a package from Wra. .lor* is'a store, And now my atng h and horraeteaa will trouble mi no mora, (lo'd wbolexele atd retail by MRS. W. JERV1S,.T79 Broadway, corner ot ? hl*e ?trea' Agents- Redding It Co . B >st<i.i; X*iher It Co., Philadelphia; Wan. Taylor, Baltimore, and by iru<gt?te general1*. NAIIA TWIN It, Sill >K T1IREA X>. fco.?SUM CASKS CUT and wrought nails, biada, and spikeaj aaine, aail. haling. gillnet, and manufacturer's twine o( every description; ahoa thread in every >?neti; cotton, aeti.e, aail, and carpet twiner Manilla and hemp ooraagf. and .1 cord India twine for ttahlng. ha.. ko. For safely < ERHA II I I Ml Ml. IOA Pearl atmi. L^I>?Akl> rfc I ME HAS RF.SUMBD BUSINESS A3 W.? JTi taJ Kasbanji Bnfcsr, UM Will sU .'it k IJ H?iT7.i7 THS.VM-1. A. MARSHALL PROPRIR */ tor?Saturday evooiii?, Not I*. will ko parfmuipd J AUK CADI?Jock (Mi, Mr Forreat; Lord CI nor*. Mr. Djrott, !> ikoof Brftolk. Nr. Binma, Wat Worthy. Mr Widow 0*1*. Mia* BiMmL, Marian do, Mim F Wuilark. To notouda wuh ilia i<l?;?r dnB> of DuN CMtR DR BAZAN?Ch?rl?? tho Brtood cf 8|>*ln, Mr. Bakrr: Don Mr Pope; Don C?-nr do Patan. Mr Leator Laianllo, Mlaa Colut*; MarUna. Min F. | Wallack. Mr. Maoarthy, the Iriah Comedian will *| p-*r ?n Monday evening. Dtoanrirolo and Parinotto, 76 cenli: Family ( IrfV and I'pforTler*. V< otnU; Qall*ry. I2W w?n L) <ora opoa at baHpoat k?porfunnarn* t icommreoo at7o'olook. BlRTOM-THEATRf.CUAMBIRS STRUT.-SATURDAY evening. No*. IH, will bo p?r*?rmed W INTBKllUITv/M-i . Mr (loViUd Mr. Hamilton; Frank Jekyll, Mr. Jordan; Jrnr-v. i Mr. JohMtan; Do?a#?r. Mra Vfrnnn. To be fallowed l>? PAS DE F ASCI IIATION?Count Mutkmiff, Mr Jordan;, Mr. Hamilton; Mukwita, Mr Re*; Ma)Or Cutloff Mr Fradoriok; ; TittU-Uii. M'X ( nh?n. Aftor wtich TDK IRISH EVQAOR. MINT?Tim Ralfcrty, Mr. Brougham ; Mr. Bnllttnoh, Mr. UamlU i tvl>; Julia. Mia ('h?i?n?j< t.. ??? ? . _ v WlWil BC.I ANUNA- I ?.pp.V Mr T. Jobnaton. Me lam >ra. Mr. Umoghnm; T?F"*T Urni??>?ni Drtxu Circle, to.;.; Family Cirel* or fecndTier 8?o. Doonopewat % pwtti?onr'ain to rn? 7 n'c*. ] MITCHELLS OLYMPIC THEATRE-SATURDAY EVP. J ' r1" >? Perform* TIIK I'KIDK Of Turf MaREET?laadore Farm*. Mr. Holland; Mtrpiia de W , .'auge, Mr. Arnold; Cbeva'ier de Ilalleri-ve. Mr Reynold*: Marton. Mix Clark*. AfUr which TUt INVISIBLE {'RINL'I-Do. I earner. MIm Man daunon: The Infante Furibond. Mr Conover X,ui?itelt>tleret. Mia* Robert*. To be followed by "toe <?m.^ of TUB UL'KltBBURY FRTK-Olle, faired. VrUo.Un,? 1 Lord Ltatberlaad, Mr. Nioklnaon; Cnunteaa Ho?edal* lliaa Clarke. To conclude with TIIK GOVERNOR'S u 1 tV?tTH CoTurni r. Mr Hentnr; Hickory Short Mr. Uullandi Lettv Urlcci MiaaM. Cannon. 6oo.a 0M?at kalfpaat ?-ourUta ^ ^ - -.oauhav cikcio, ai.iiamhra.RF.TWKEN si-kino K* '' ril!.c* atreet*.-Jobn 1 ryon and Corporal Themption ?Vn. ? -Th<"*?ay. Friday, and aauirdaye?, ?in*n No, lUrb' MaMr.arv 'h, and en Saturdaj afternoon.?The now fcatureafhr 17th, and U MM. J. and P. Martlnnti, aa tha Olympian \i' *11** r * ' heroic dirjJay tjr Julien. wto will m.'E i l,pon t,,e ^ht iu her ^rlal Car; n if. th?rl,e. with 'heir tutor, Mr Ju NUon, he IW"*e? WroteMk ,od {><??, j,, Frarel Martiueui c.^o pmt"mjm?f w b carfd"' mr Sweet. Mr. Snlndell, H"r.r^Uof boracnu.? I ?rd 0*il.r? ?.'?. nt?. Children _ '>mtrenoe S paat ;. BAKM M'd AMERICAN M U S KU*?A RN''* pR?irlftor; F. Hitobcook, Manage*. . B|perfonnan<ie? every afternoon, atS, tvni cYenin* at 7V P?'"0"* J**J"* Littlefinp'r, tlie smallest human being ? eartu ")*t can nther walk or atard alone. Great Weetern. the Yankee l? omodUn. The Sable 1 Hrotiiera. a moat auj^rh ainl talented ban* Negro Si Die re, . Dancer*. 0. Fete Motrie. Miae l<ea!ie. Pr<v ' 'r Aacherfi Id. Tim- lluhlavd Mammoth Boya. Baonaoua ft>'? Conatrictor. ' Li\inx Ourann Outang. Fairy I amily. Infant V??tri>. Was 1 IVirpt'ire Strtuary Madam R< dwell, H.e faow'** Forioaa , T?.it?r, n ?y be pri?atly oonaultcd ?' an ex'ra o'larg" ??* 25 cent*. Adm'Mion to tiie whole InoludinK Mn*nm, PciU rmancra, ( Littlolinfcr'a. lk<' . 2."> centa; children under tea years of and 1 old enough to walk alone, li>a cent*. Kcaerved lr?nt ?< *?. una } gbllUnt ea*h ntn. I ANNOI'NCEMENT.-/t)OIX)(llCAL IIALL, NO. V B???T- g ery ?The public are reapeotfully informed, that the abort eaiahliMiment will bo o|?eni a to th* public on Monday avening, November 81th, with tlie largest and moat oomplete oolieotion of C livirg li^aata and Blrda ever oxh bited in New York, Inoludinc ( the entire collection* of Van Anilxirgh & Co. ami June, Tituals u Co. TI11 interior of the building h.u been entirely rebuilt, and ia now being fitted up and decomted in a ctjle of inacnifleenca " far eurpa.wlng the old /oologieal lnatitut iu ita pa'mieit Have. v the pMprietora being determined to eatabliah itn Aoademy of Nntural Ilintory worthy of the city, und deaervin^ of the natronaM of an enlightened oommunlty. full in future M- V vertiMinenta. TAN AMnUROlI Ik CO. ti Anew band ok minstrels in hie viri.d-aill < Open, on Monday, the aith instant, 1M lt>. We take |iltuurt I I in annonneirgto our numi roua readers, that nn Monday evening | a new Hand, Older tbe ooanomcn of' Sn.ith'a Mlnetrele," make , their titat bow to the public, at the splendid New Room atty'iin- ! ' irg the lit midway Theatre. Tho Hand la under the general r diiection it Mr. Km. E. Smith, formerly Treasurer of Christy's ' t Minx'ivln. Muaical Director, Mr. Abbot, unt 1 quite recently the j conipoicr a.d nrranger of music lor the same band. The room ' k?lr:ied by Mr. Smith i? one oi the moet beautifully fitted up i iIbhj In line city, find moat admirably arranged for Musical t 8olr*f-. Thoie who hate beard this Band rehearse, pronouuee i).. r. hmtK W e l- ak for them a profltab e campaign. S 1(<I jam hall CORN EH OK BROADWAY AND . Walker attest.- F. Grain Ik Co.'a Orund Muring Kanorama of Mexico, illustrating the Fiotnreaque and Romantic Nenery 1 ol that wonderful country, and the glorious Campugn of the i An.eriean Army, under the command of Otnenl WinHeld Scott, , fr> m tie I- uibar-'tuunt ol tint City of Vera Cru> to tlie planting ol ili j An> riegn ling on theDallaof the Men lemmas. now en- , ' bibit'Ofi <\t ry e>ci lug, and on tho afternoons of Wodundiy and \ SatBrdsiy Doors open at 7 o'clock. The pioturo will oummence . novirgata quarter before eight Price of admission, iUocnti; : ' children nnder ten year* of a?". half price. Unserved Keats can ' Ik> secured at the office from V till II, and from 2 till 4. Liberal \ tcrira made with schools. MMR Aimi.l E IMOKMf hek KRIEND< AND Tli* . public that alio will lioglnlierdauclng les?)nsat Iter saloon, I ' No. Ci V Broadway, the Iftth of this montli. The clarecs will open | at half paat .'I o'clock on Wednesdays, and at .1 on SaUrdsys. Persona wishinc to form private classes will pleaie to on lint ' Uic aboie direction ev? ry day, between tho boors of 4 and ti j n'cloek Tuesdays and TI orwlays eveeptcrt. f T^l W YORK RIDING SCHOOL. KOS. 69 AND 67 IT ATT 1 1 1^1 Htrcet.?Mr. J. II. Meiiann rcfiH-ctfully begs leave t ?lnfiirm , his friends und the public, thut he will re-op?n hiii Evening Class, in connection with lii? Dnv School, fir tuition and exercise j riilinr. on Saturday e\iiin?, Dceember 2d. Acnlie*ii,m m h,? lit Hi* flirt- >>r eel, ...1 room. t STAHN ISLAND Ff RRY ? TUB STEAMBOAT8TATEN ? Inlander will run an follow*,?l,e:?ve New York at 9, 11, I, t' :!S, and b\ o'clock. Leave Quarantine at tf, ll>, 12, 2 and S | oolock. _ UNITID SlATrS HA Mi STEAMl'.R WASHINGTON, J. f Johns-ion. luaeler, wlli positively Irate Pier No.4, N. K., for Southampton and Biuinen, on Monday, November 30th at | [ 1 o'clock, P. M. PatH'tigem will pluajc l*> on board at 1 , r o'clock. and send all bafw> not wanted on the % n;a<e,un Satur ) doy, marked below. An c*|*Tieuc?-d Surgeon on hoard. For flciiht or BMMM apply at the oilier of the J OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION C0..60 Broadway. I TTNITID STATES WAIL STEAMSBU* t-OMt'AN Y?FOR L New Orleana, lluvana, and Cha^na? landing at Charleston and^-vvannah?Tne Steamship Falcon, W. T. Thompson. ooin- i miiLci.r, will aail for the above porta on Friday, December lit, at 12 o'clock M .from Pier No. 4 North River. No berth* ceoHred until pfld for. ' r?RH-? to New Orleans in Saloon J.7S I Do do lower Cabin GO Do to Havana in Saloon 70 Do do lower Cabin, 60 ' Do to Cl.agres In Saloon l.HI I Do do lower Cabin 1'JO Do from New Orleans li*) Do do in lower Cabin 80 Fieinht to Chanrts at 7" cents r foot. Do. to New Orleans 25 ceiitii per foot. l'as.<engcrs to (hagrcs will 1* chared freight onallexiept weai'ng apparel, and on this when it exceed* V*) pound* abip will connect with the Ptuama line. For freightorpassage, apply to M. (>. ROBERTS, 111 Wett s'roet. Bill* of lading signed by the clerk on board, and to be presented for signature by 9 o clock, A M., of the day ?f sailing. Take it in time-yes, take yoi;*couoii in time. To-day ?tingls package of Pease's flrarhound Candy may relieve yon of your difficulty in breathii g, remove the pain in your cheat, ubd restore you to health. A week heme you ma* be beyond the reaok of even thl* powerful leniedv. If you ha\e a eough ?r cold, di u't wait to ?? if it wi'l be better to day or to-morrow. Ai ply th> remedy now. Peaee> Hosrtiound Canny Itken in time, Um viv *&l?n In vain. IfAntifantnrari . I at.; Rutbton & Co, 10 Astor House, lit) flroadway. ' r TfMl nnn BOTTLES, NEARLY, or DR. KKLI.IN- 'r I VV)UVU ger'a wonCurtul Liniment, have beon aold !' without a mnrmur. lthealaold aorea. galls anu bruipes, imma diately upon UiehnrM, and work him daily. AU stratus, callosi- c Ufa and hard swellings of every nature. either on man or horae, . yield before its magie influence imtantly. Aa a proof of tha above, all oar best horw> tracers, a'able keepera and atage pro- ' priators, have laid down evory other reiuody meJ by many of them f< r thirty or ftrty, and nned thia aa the bostandda. / cided'y the uhesp-at lininent in Diurket. In large hottlea at ft) cents; 6 bottles for J>2 AO; f.1 a dozun, at ZN> IVarl at root, and v at Tattersalla, Broadway, KaMdin# fc Co., Btata atreet. DoaV>o, L wholesale and retail: and of the druggiati' atorea and saddlers generally, thronghout the rity and c untry. T~ ItK GKNU1NE HEAVE POWDERS STi I.I. Tit I CM I'll- . ant.?While daily grievons complaints are made about the ' l.umbag "heave cures," Sic., which inundate the country, our oti;iinal remedy i? doubling in sule, and scarcely a day paasea wltiout our eettin* new certificate*. GOIGH & KET< HAM. 14!' Fulton street. Proprietors fold, also, by DR. KETt'll AM. 121 Fulton afreet. DR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE IS THE MOST EFFECTUAL preparation aold for Gonorrhcra and other disorder* of Utt Sexual Organs LongMpcrienca kaa proved that it will radically cure any case. Tbia desirable roault ia obtained in from two to ten daya, and aa it neither creates nauaea nor offends tha palate, and renderaoanceeaaary any deviation in diet or interruption to nana] pursuits, mund sleep, or healthy digest on, the H nnlsance is thus rumovwd aa speedily as is consistent with the production oi a thorou^ and permanent ours. Its ingredient* 1 are entirely vegetable, and no injurious effect, either constim. tionally or locally, eta to oaticd by Its use. Prise tl p?r bottle. Cole Agent for this city, C. H. BIN 0,192 Broadway, corner Jota Owl NO CURE NO PAT.?DB CORBITT, 19 Dl'ANI ST. I member of the Royal College cf Snrxeon*, London, may be | consulted in treatment of delicate diseaaes. No matter howling yon may have had gleet, ulcers npon Hie body or in the throat or net*, paiai in the head and bonea of the legs. A practice of teurtevn yrari, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. 0. to cure I the worst form of tkla diseaae. Recent aaer cured in fonrdaya I No mercury Mod. Stricture* cunnf in one or two weeks with ! acarti ly any pain. Thoae individuals who havo indulged in a : certain loathsome habit can pcultively bo restored to henlth and nciaty. N. B. Btranmrs arc cautiontd n?t to to deceived. Dr. Cobtott baa not removed. Remember 19 Duane street, oppodtt I Dr. Jehmen'a DR. COOPBk. II DI ANE STREF.T. BETWKRN CHATHAM and ttilliam street*, ha* for the last fourteen yearn enj yed a most extenidve practice in private diseases. He can cute the mnet aggravated cases of this disease ; and mild cues cored in two to hve d?ya Stricture?Dr. Cooper caa cure the wont form of (tricture* in from one to two weeks. Constitutional deliility kvAHnht nn Kv a Khkit tn/ltil nd in Ka> vAima Tl.u when too freely indulged In. beret* dy*per*fa, wnnkarM ?f the , [ limbe and Hnutll of the back, contumon ol the intellect, and aver. ion to aooiety. A cure warranted in every cue, or no oharga. ! No mercury uaed. NO CURB, NQCBAROK.?DR. COBBKTT, m. r. c. S., L- j ha* removed hi* office to 66 Ana atreet, (near William/) where he ii coneidted on all diaeaaee of a private oharaeur. To thnie who have been under hie care, anil laudation ia nnncceaeary. Te thoae who have not, and who are afflicud with pain* of the head, limbe, ulcere nn the body, throat, or noie, glceta, atrioturea, arminal debllitgr, induced by improper habit*, he. be warrant! a perfeot and (needy cure. No murcury ueed. K*. oent ca*ea cured in four daya. Dr. Cobbett^a bucccvk, (the remit of M years einericnoe,) induce* a coinjfer in trade to deny hie removal ana identity. Those who krow Dr. 0., need but give him a eall to fklaifytliii awcrlioo. Bee hiiDiploma. I.?ttert, postpaid, attended te. Most extraordinary wore-to the married or tho?e contemplating marriage.?The Married Woman'* | Private Medi'.al Con.panion. by Dr A. M. Mauricoaii. Sixth edi I Uon. PrW $1. Thi* work in meeting with rooit aatounding italea I oople* having aire* y b?en Jiipoeed of.) Ever) female ia [ retting a copy, whether married or unmaricd, although it i* in tmded eepecially fur the marriod. a* it diieloeeiiaiporUn'. aecret* ' hit h should be known to them particularly. Here every female can discover tl.e rau*ee, eympt.m. and the m?*t eflMwt remo- j die*, and moat ctrtain mode ol cure in every cat*. I'or anle at 'ill Hroedway; at the publishing (.fflce, 129 Libertv ttrret, v w Vork; aU?. F. D. I'etcrnon, No. I'l Iheawut street, O. B. Zleber, Khila- | ceiptol f>l, * copy will he trnni-mltled h* mail. free of poatage. t<> ill parte ot the fnitoi Statm. All fetter* molt be addressed, port paid, to I>r. A M. MAI'tUCEAt", box l,&!4, New York tity, tifltre 19 l-iherty itrret. MK/W1 RIWARI>.?CROSS'S SPECIFIC MIXTURE Fog thoonre of?onorrli<ra. or all ri'me'lirn yot diaoavin-d for the above complaint, thin <i the mo?t ocrt tin; it makea a ( ely and ppiman.ut cure without the leaat r*atr otionin diut, drink, e?pumrr. or change in application to btiainma. The pro. prietor cba lenae* a (ingle inataiiee #f rvr?nt ^unorrhira t.> be brought whit h the miittira will not cure. under forfeitar'i of gfiUQ. Many ar* curcd in two daya. Sold by A. B. Si I}. SANDS, lt?i Knltun. ai d at tl.e Drug ilore, 2V.t Broadway, Irving Ilouae, corner ?f Chambera Mreet Dr. kai.*-u. author or th* "practicai. pkivati Treaties,' fcc.. 88 Greenwich atraet?offrw hnora V to ll k. M., ? to b P.M. (Hun lav aaoepU'd). Theae who apply In thaearly *t**e? will be mirpriaed at the rapidity and littlo inoonfentoaa* attending their our*. It l* chiefly, howerer. thoee wbo hare nl tered fr?ito a c"T'?in claaa ol people, who oan properly appreciaM hia aervirra, In atrietnrw, from It* flrtt, or inoipient, to it* mora ; advanced and diitroeeinn ttafna, (from uncommon adrants?e? and a very eitenaire prMtioa.) be can afford a rapid, ea?y, and radical Tire, which, bo haa *rcund for itatin*. oan ho obtained Iron) no other aonrce In America SKMINAL WKAK>K-? I Ml" O'KVCI, fco !>R. R M.PB'S Pnctiral Private Tnatiae. deeply interMtln#: the only tnu treatment atnl core, viith reolpee, nnwle tl living, #o. *c , fjith. ( fully glxenj tik edition, M2 po., prici *l . may he had of Uie ?u U c,?8C;rw>uw(cfcat*w.ii -t<>y poet. rrw. I ' BTELLIttRIICE BT THE MAILS. Nkw Obi.kan*, La , Oct 2t, l^M. Capt S F. iUman, U. S. Army, and NwtkwUmm Mr ant. Amor.gtlie arrival* of troo;.a within a few day*, destined to tlie newly assigned jx>Ht?, is the com, pany of the First l(egim<*nt of Infantry, commanded by f'apt S. Kaatman, the diHtiDgim!>?4 painter of Indiana, and illuatrator of tlieir manner* and customs. Unlike every other who han sought ' profit or reputation in this line, he haa never drawn from the imagination, but lnn pointed frona life ; the war dance, the scal|>dHtic, the council, nrp nirtnroil Kv ?n ?v? 1 , **iviiri^, nuu while th? fcene wan actually in progress. IIin collection, comprising several hundred pieces, delineation j ?veiythingof inteiest in Indian customs, contains likewise the most accurate view* of the gritsd scenery of the upper Mississippi These pictires have a* yet attiacted comparatively little of national attention; but the time, it in hop*d, is nrt distant when they will be exhibited. Tnose ac-quaiuit-d with their merits, and familiar with the fcubject?, do not hesitate to assert that they wifl furnish a truer record and history of the features, the manners, the habits, the costume, of an intsr.esting portion of God'* people, rauidly pasaiaf away, than was ever before the wmi of pencil *r of pen. And (wrhaps no man has in our country, pre viously enjoyed like advantages. I lis in ? won uui uu'ninra in >i "Tour ij ion the 1'r.iines," or a" Summer in the Wilderness," bnf ia the result of more than seven year*' daily and hourly observation of them in their verjr midst. .Stationed for that period ia command at Fort Spelling?familiar wiih the language of all the neighboring tribes?this officer became personally known to almost eveiv individual composing them, and acquired an iulluence_among (Ih*h more [>otent for good to our government t?an tho >ayonets of a division of soldiers 80 powerful -van litis, that the repoit of their agent, the trader, [generally the cluefest man in their estimation), or ven the word of their great father in Washington, vas little regarded until lhe> had asked the comnandantof Fort Snelling M if these things were oV A striking exhibition of their attachment wur iven when they heard of the order removiac Captain K.'s company to another poBt. A councu /as instantly assembled, and several chiefs were n the eve of setting out on foot to the seat of goernment, to remonstrate against an order so nurh to their dissatisfaction. He, however, p?eented this, explaining to thein in few word* the nture and caute of his orders, and his duty as aa flicer, ol prompt obedience. The white settlers n the neighborhood, likewise, appreciating Oapt. 'lat.! me all's Breat influence in r?nwaiiinir >an<es, hihI preventing wars among the tribe*, nteted n foimal protest, addressed t<> head quarers, u<?ainst hi* removal, pleading the entire m:urity to themselves ami families guarantied by us presence It is greatly to he deplored that the ittnple fact of the removal of a regiment to another >tntion should involve the transfer of a public . r lroni the performance of duties so immeasurably important to his government; and it ip earnestly hoped that, knowing some of the ihove facts, as they do, at Washington, the ?errices cf Captain E. tiny he required as comrii*sioner, whenever treaties are to be formed vith those tribes. The present numbers of the >riiicifal ones are as follows The Sioux, or pr?erly Dahcotahs, :u>,000, (Jhippewas, 6,000; and Vinnebagoes, 2,r>00. Sr. Lorrs, Nov. 1, 1848. "olitia?Tom Benton a Free Sailer?Diifracefu ( A/fair. The f w barnburners thut we have aiming us term rather downcast ut theirprospeota. They enertain a lingering hope that "some howorother" hey rnh> get the electoral vote of a State, and tha* leither of the other parties will get a ciear majoriy; hut it is doubtful whether the contest was enrred by them with the expectation of getting the lectir n into the Houte. Most of them, out here, all; with confidence of ]Kr>2, hut seem toentertaia to desire to fight on the Kinder-hook aqain. iTnrtm Vnn Buren will he ns certainly repudiated ifter his defeat, by his present supporters, as that ic is already repudiated by inneteen-twentieths ot ns old suppoit? rs. There is a squinting, 1 think, among some of the ree soilers, towards a chhtnpion in the person of a W'es'ern Senator?not the Ohio Tom, but him of. Mistoiiri. They consider the Missouri Senator m secretly favoring their views, and hope to get him po fur committed during the ensuing session, mm |o render the transition an easy on*. Whether [heir hopes are well founded, time will shotr. A most disgraceful affair came off in our streets asi night, in which a hitherto respectable steamjoat captain figured rather disadvantageous^. It eems that lie had decoyed a yountr girl from the ountry on board his boat, (the Mary Mane,) and brought her to this city, under the promise ofmar'iage. Arrived here, however, lie manifested no jisposiiion to redeem his pledge; but ladt night, ust as the boat was ready to leave port, started with the girl to place her under the care of a " fenale acquaintance," He should plv the river, the two set out; but they were followed by a rival >f the si duced girl,'in the person of ahuge negress, vho had been the ladylove of the captain previtusly. At n public corner near the theatre, the vencli attacked the younggirl, arid notwithstandng ike presence of her "protector," beat heruancrcifully, denuding her entirely of every stitch if clothing. Svrne members of the guard being iear, saved the girl from further injury, and loaned if r an over* oat, in which she was escorted to the nlaboose, where, on learning her history, the aptain of the guard issued a warrant for the arest of the assaulting party. H horrible murder occurred here on Sunday last. Vn Irishman named lohn Mcl'boore murdered his v 1 fe by beating her with a bludgeon, breakiag her nick in two places, and fracturing her skull. { Ai.bant, Nov. 10, 1IM8. liferentm% Movement* at Albany?Ex-C/ovemor Stward and Thurlow Weed, fyr. tfc. Now that the election lias passed, confirming lie loredoomed result by crowning the whigs as ictors, tfie cnpitol of the State becomes a point >f new interest. The apportionment of the office*, lie new und delicate responsibilities, which auo'csh has thrust upon the victors, and the gTeat ind varied importance of the triumph, conspire o render this the focus of politicians, as it ia he locus of political power in the State. The whigs of this State have had power just enough !o know its responsibilities and vexations, and te use it >o badly as to be deprived of it again at the ir?t nnKS'hle moment : and it in to tip hnn^il fnr iic'r own sakes, that experience has taught them, n addition, something how to use and retain lower. That a portion of the whig party hav# :onsidered these thing?, and are disposed t? ;uard against a re|>etition of the catastrophe vhich followed Governor Seward's administraion, is quite evident. It is well known that hete administrations were controlled by a class >f politicians who, from that day till this, have ie?'ii tailing into disrepute ; and who, though they nil attempt it. will scarcely be permitted to seize in Governor Fish as their property, and direct lir.i in adminibtering the affairs of the .State as >et>t units their purposes. The most important local result of this elecion will be the choice of a whig United .State* Fenator, in the place of John A. Dix, whose term will expire on the iih of March next. This will "ngni>e the first attention of the whigs. It is mown that the friends of Governor Seward are let* rmined to use all the power they possess to .nid him to the Senate, while there will be those. uid |erhapsa majority, who will strenuously opioee his election. The friends of Seward enjojr he advantage of being old managers, and by some jelif veil to be unscrupulous as to the means thejr mj'loy to produce ? desired result. It is underitood Gove 1 nor Seward made a mission to Ohio, >efore election, at their instance, to make speeches or Taylor, in order to give him a position in die iarivass. Ii has turned out, however, an unfortulate movement for him, as in those places where le made speeches and labored most, the whigs lave done the worst. Some are so uncharitable is to think that Mich a result is all very natural, ind to believe that while lie rowed one way, he sokwd another. Such an idea is not inconsistent a ith the attitude of his friends here towards I'eneral Taylor, up to a late neriod in the canvass He this as it may, it is nevertheless certain no uood rti.wwk f !/ l Vtiunnl's iniiisKin fn Ohm* nn tK* 1-ontrary, where he is known to have labored, the ?vliigs have done badly. I n Ins published speeches, all ol which he wrote out himself, Governor Sewniid scrupulously avoided making any mention oJ Mr Fillmore, when to have done so would have trenjither.ed ihe whigcause, inasmuch as Mr. Fill nor* was known lo be nil rii;ht Hnd acceptable to sIiijes who thought fieneral Ttijlor was wrong md unacceptable. Governor Seward evidently .rHtrrrd to lose a strong argument in preference o making any mention of Mr. Fillmore's name. \t best, these things look bad, and have attracted he attrition o( ihe whigs of the State; and tt will ?e iure<>sary tor Governor ^-ward's Iricnda to nake some defence ot Ins ronduct bclore they an expect to elect him to the Senate. I am not awaie that there is yet any organised ippTMtion fo Governor Seward, though several )tner names are mentioned. They are John A Collier, Wa.siiiBKion Hunt, Joshua A. Spenoer. i) L> lUrnaid, and, perbaj>", Governor Y Ol

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