Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1848 Page 1
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"* ? .. ' TH n u. ow i. AFT|ltN(H)N WHIN. INTELLIGENCE TO 1IIX LATEST MOMENT XECE1VED BY Kleetrlc Telegraph, Kiprt-M and the noils, AT Til* NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. #fw York, XoTrmbcr .11?1 o'clock P. M. AUDITION A L< BXJBOTZOS UJCrtHNS. Vote In Sew York. We have at leDgth the full official Tote on Kleotora In thia State Taylor'/i hikJ- rlty oyer Van Daren, 98 032 Taylor's cifcjorltj ov*r Ca?>, 104.9 V.I V* Btirru w*?r i a h, ) 027 The ccatlerii g vota on Kite oivll i roviWy reunli 8,0'J" A(Jd tb? lu the voteot lb* t ree 1* ail lug cmdioaWB and we have an Hggregate of 406,66.!. 1848 1844. Ot-nfif*. Taylor. {'???. V. II VI y l'nll<. liirnry, Albany 7 068 4<>0l 2 4u9 7.101* fl,oi6 124 Alkgneny ..2 Tk'.i 12 1 2 04) 3 Oil .t.o4>> 41j Brooinx ... .2.400 1,V 51 777 25 8 1 fl C?l arit^ur '1 ?><?4 l.t77 1,244 '.',T4'1 2,631 4.17 Cajiiirt... 4 aiK 104 a,0M? 4,.iu8 > iwi a7<i C ?i? 'que.4 2(?7 1,911 1 621 6612 3 -*u7 314 < h? ..u g. .1 04". 72* 2 1H6 17i?l 2 602 108 ( ? ?o .3 687 2 61(1 1481 4 215 4.105 24:1 ( . IvmbW. .3043 2,121 2 100 4.aii 4 001 11 Con.and. t.l,h79 046 1,803 2.37s 2.3*8 643 OilL to . ..1,041 1,472 1 221 1 010 2 218 410 D?law>.re . .2 >32 786 2 900 3 071 4 230 20 j Lutol?>B . .5.377 3 227 1 204 5,767 5 627 (7 I rie 7 0ii7 3 364 2 350 0 005 5.0 >0 415 K Bex 2631 I.'mi'J 1 110 2,12 1 908 14J 1-rank in. ..1 853 074 Oil 1,624 1,501 ?J Kuiton ? nd 1 amilton. 1.070 8s0 1.602 2,107 2.103 100 Utile* . .. .2.689 1 180 1.111 3 604 2,105 208 <iieri? 2707 1.651 142ft 2,088 3 483 30 litTk>'nor.. .2,4^0 6fc0 8 Hft3 2.868 4,340 608 J ffcrsou. ..4 fe41 2 445 4341 5.570 #;20l 712 K its . . ..7 511 4.8 fc2 817 5.107 4 618 77 Living! on 3 7*9 889 2.100 3 773 2,709 21U Lewis. . .. 1.223 7b9 1 248 1.640 iOM 1.4 Xl'tdipon. . 2 80s 1505 2 739 3,683 3.848 11'IL n,oe... (J,5.':9 1,443 4 ti< I 0 873 5 011 430 Xiotil (T> * 2.924 1.285 1.0**2 2.8 49 3,278 85 N- York.29 05(5 15(198 6,116 2ti 385 28 296 117 Nit 2.828 1, .13 2 0*0 8 100 2 509 310 Oneida.... 6 032 3 5S5 4 810 0 983 7.717 1,144 Ouuuo?,k? 6 4,2 2 229 4 942 6.495 6 878 732 Ontario .. 3 84tt 1272 2.627 4 t68 8,6o9 436 Oiaoiitj... 4 172 3.170 1 434 4.626 5.303 37 OrHfttjf,., 2.405 916 1,726 2 OoU 2 3-1 2(6 3 055 1 1">4 4 25 4 3 771 4,881 851 Vt-tk-. .. 3 929 3,?j74 1,941 4.743 6 OiO 412 i'uluuui.. 816 9'.t0 413 719 1,731 ?? Out eon.. 2 444 1810 800 2.547 2,761 ? H?i ir?!?er fi.Wt 2 M5 2 931 63*0 6.618 181 Htchmond 1,0(0 800 121 1,049 1,063 1 liackitind. VIS luO* 2?6 it>4 1.679 1 SaraU'ti.a . 4 438 2 615 1 406 4,hoU 4 2\H> 110 Nclibeoi 'j 1716 1169 411 1814 1.079 31 Schui ario. 2,724 2.^71 661 2 950 3 523 111 Sent on . 1.707 1 350 1 2 327 2,509 124 SttubfD 4 o57 2 0-5 3.0-3 4 385 6 hll' 24 1 St. LkW'ee 3,607 014 6.r23 4 961 7,0 8 408 Soffn'k... 2 180 1061 1 400 2 4 87 3.175 1 4 8ul lv?n .. 1 6T2 1 804 634 1 739 1 904 3<J Tui<?... . 1 782 1 080 780 1 >99 2 548 90 'i'ompmub .1 I'i'o ii,u ioo o mu iui.i 0?'? lli.Ur . . . 4,ti50 1 ! 70 2 276 4 bl'4 4 7Nil 12 Wmhton 4 4h(J 1 -2o 2 024 6 024 4.2.0 338 Wttrrta... ] 3/0 1010 618 1330 1,7HI 118 "Wa, n?*. .. '< fi 7 T'.'V 3SV0 3 053 4,040 5(13 Wecteb'r. 4.112 2 140 1.314 4 258 4 412 10 Wjomiug. 2.!Hl 13:)7 10W 2754 2,102 442 Yu ?. . .. 1,640 11)2 J 4*3 2 uoO 2 110 2i)7 ToUl. .21S651 114 502 120 619 234.482 237,588 15,812 RECAPITULATION. 1818. 1S14. Taylor 218,5?1 Cluy 2:?,482 CdM 1'olk. 2-?7,?>oi Van buit u 12U.51U Buuey 15,812 Germ Smith ai.d others fl.OOO Total 456,CCD 485,882 Decrease of votes 2!),220 TajlorV vote less than Cluy's 11,9.51 Cass an J V?u 1'uini 1^8.1 thin I'olk 2,477 Majority of folk and Hirney hirairi^t Cluv.. 20,918 Majority of Cuss and Van Bureu over Taylor lt>,5(j.) Taylor's gain over Clay, exclusive of ec ittenn" votes 4,154 It is |iiobab!e that nearly ah of the 15,812 who voted tor Birucv in 1811?also 20 whigs have no^v voted tor Van lijrm?consequently a maoiit/ of y?? flfnin/irQli/? nnilv in fhp Sfnf^ vntfH fnr C'atB. Albany, Nov. 20, 1318. T!ic Stratcriai <}tutrrcl in Albany. ? # ,? ? # # * ? The communication which Mr. Collier has sent to the Journal office, is brief, but comprehensive; it contains a peiemptorily denial of the ass ertion inciUioutly made by Thurlow Weed, !hatJohn A Collier had, like the Em, eror at Notre Dame, put the golc'en laurel on his own bro w ; it also administers a severe r?buke to Thurlow tor getting into buch an ill humor. It is a peculiarity in Thurtow that he stems to have formed a notion thai no man wilt grant a tavorto his tedow m m exctpt liom interested motives; he pretends, therefore, not to b.tieve that tome one of Mr. Collier's I lends might have been the au'hor of the etier which was made the pretence tor un usfctti lt upon that gentleman. Air. i'iiliiiurt has already announced his intention of supporting Mr. Collier tor the otllce of LT. Senhtur. Air. C< llier will take pi sjage (or New York this t'vcnii g in one ot the river steameis ; lie comes lor the jurpose ol participatu g in the testi/al vh eh i- lo or given at the Irving H< us to-nioe low, in honor i t Mr. Fillmore and himself. Mr. J 111?i.ore tinOM I)iuiftn unuwe 10 ue pit-seiu m ct n.-e.ueiice of his numerous ofiiciul engagement*. _ llic Senatorial Unarrrl lit Albany. [H <r the Kvenicg Journal.] So much 01 the editorial departmen of the Evfti n* Journal bm been ol' 1st*- di-voted to tha ' Hon. John A; Collier,' it may u< t perhaps bo a.-king too much of it* boa*lta justice. thaf I should be alu.we 1 sufficient upace in >t? Hinp e oo uinnx, to say, ceita uly nut tor the puijose of either enligiitaning or co je ll tting its " le | oijs ble"' fcditnr, but for the inlorinat on of it) ni " r. no readi rn that I am not the amu.r of auy published o uiii unica ion whim b;tt bet-n m?dn Uie pretext of its on?iaiiuhr. upou me u?r of ?ny it icle in rep ? . O- l.ave I bad the slightest agency in tliel p ib J, hue o' elf. w) er . \,y i a oif-i.ce per ip Le-. deeper in " waking up the ?rong tia'sen^er." at the Pnlladelpi la Convention. and one of a Kindred cua ac er tinue thai t ine, In I elping to prevon' come o. oi.i not iucxpenenctd o .inductors fiom running ifT the track The 8e? lor editor of the Journal boldly assumed what It would be- still bold- r to deny, the ro>e tenpins b lity < i > o? wt-i obroiiic rd Saturday evenint meeting *t the far ol. oa'ied for the vowed purple cfdtaouuuit g (ten Taylor. I in hot vcsused, I believe, ? . Ml) Mi.iMti Oee gi? 10 rib hi of tniN credit so ex clus veiy h,H in n. Af er t r<>p.-ily assuin ng tie patei li ty of t h Id ' Indignation iieetlnx up. "elaqUlte Welcome to e-tabll*'it if to cm, his " suspended ' Ciaim, cf leM j tu con Ily Instrumental in putting It down. V hat* rer humble ?penry I may hive had In averting the thre-i ei.ed blow, or changing the onraoter mi leMilt of th s u<er ting, t ??? it to myself, and to tbe highly r- i>"Otable geuieninn who auted with me in tha'. ia , rlaat cilsie. to say, that I hive never on hi to ilt prlve thcru of 'be credit s? justly nuo tn tii- . \e>r ab e an 1 efficient a<d in awateuing i te ' rot ., nd thought" of 'be (altering | ortlnn of our audiee' If partial fr'? d , or Ill-juJg ng looke-i on. ta n? t; ?/ d i btltsi h*?e, very niuatj i ver a 1 iiy I,umbte services upon I hat. memorsble occasion, J m not quite errta' u 'hit I ought, therrf re. to b<* ?la up in the leading whig journal, as on\j worthy of tripe*; i nt i kmi iiiii tenaoious of tbi< point i' n 8u t . > it teems to suit ibe 'as'*, or may hsst mi ip i te covi it puri osch of the Kvtning Journal, to it.dulse n> w ih- o cation is over, iu ejti rci ing its bel 1 fiwrot Kjii.nnition upon tux, it in eot ibr purport of tbl? brief noi? to it terpof e U e *light?-t < bjlu columns ?'gbt oth?r*l'? b? in irn wt?ehitirou?ly ?aj' h;? harmless pastlm> will belter (It thn abl?- fdlur f ir u*-ful rervtca, ?hfn ht? praorlnecl band n ay be itiiia raqu'nlflon to t<:m*h*wk our pi liti ai fp diifti I oiilv ilf Irn It to l>? undnrntoid, t i*?t I ? m not * n aotor I < till* w*rf?re, cither offaonlTe or d?f?n t?, thin b ln>' my tir-t m l ia*t appearance fur the ?a*on. U bat-Ti JT prouilutt of plory the'e may be In a Ht with tte ' We ' auioorat of tne E tning Journal, I hate 01,ly to ray, tAat my ambition uov* not lt>ad a* in th#t dirtntion JOHN A. COLLIBR. A lbapy, Not. 18. 1849. Wc have 11 eaily oritcnded that another pen was finjiloyed Co trace Mr. Collier's thought* for tha J\'ctv Y\,rk JExprtu. " General Pillow,' when E NE AFTERNOON EI atMi^iied lor wrting the Leonidas Letter, lortuiitti? m Cxleb Curbing ub a judge, patched ut> an ta> ivt r- I defence. Our clur^e w as, that? Th? ' Hon John A Prlllfr," in couTfrsatiina. In fpvciKH in letter*, and by magnetic telegripli. hm OJkia i d till i h>- < rcdit of th? " couv?r ion of a uiHotini; cul t d t'i repudiate General Taylor inti u. h??rcy nna t-n'h' wiiwitie ratification of th? i.omiimt on." Cur specification is, that Mr. Collier, alter the ir.etting retorted to, wiote a letter containing lit* vert-.on of that meeting, designed to tijure u.-<, und benrfthimaelt. whi<*h Utter, ?t Mr. collier's re quett, whs. s ni lo General Taylor, and in reply to whicn Mr. Collier lecMVi d trom General Taylor a letJ<r of acknowledgment and thanks, which letter Mr. C. has freqik-nily exhibited. Aiiiiougn thus maligned in hotels. court room?, stemi.bonis, railways, and li tally with General Tnylor hin self, we mad* no complaints, and utttr d no remonstrance, until tne great conflict was over. Having no acquaintance with General Taylor, we fchi ufd not hive felt at liberty, even if we hid ritsutd it, to obtrude letters upon him in reference 10 ilt>s or Hiiy other subject. Nor have we sought (i> obtiin his ear by indirect aaenei'-s. We Irave buch ni' ^es of warfare to those who are capsule c?t letor ing to them. T.'ie " whirigig of time biintis about Us leveugen," and we have been ci ?ti m to abide our "day Hnd hour." Ai r) m w to the i>sue. Mr. Collier claini3, and bus lec. ived, trom the wtii>? press, lar and near. and tnm (ienerai Taylor himself, credit and liiaiiks lot:? Tb?* r< rtanat' oonTi>reioo of a meeting here at the c?pi al c*l fd to rrpmlia'a Taylor. into a bearry and ttt hutU'to raii'e?<ion of thu noioiDatiou; aud the ci b?? tun t ro >d ft ? Ji g and uarueti effort oil ibe pare > f th* whips of the Statu to a termination of tbe cauTa r. ao tilorioua lor the wnig party, and so fortunate t r 'he country When forced by the Albany letter," p.tblmhed in the New York Exyrut, to advert to that meet* ing, we Bhuwt d by a le.urt ol ho proceedings in the Albany Arum, that the credit ol obtaining the appointment of 11 committee to report at an adj >u n'd meeting, belonged to Messrs. Haswell iV H' nedict, the only |>erson8 who addressed the 11 ee'ing before the adoption of that reso utioa. We then showed, by the same repo;t, that atier the st< rm had subsided, and the whtile subject tia I bt en referred to a committee, Mr. Collier did coine forward and amuse ttie meeting with one of his chaiiicteristic si e> ches. We shall now pioceed to show that insteid of doing an> thing for ibe "conversion" of an "in oigi'i ii n M.etiif g imo a .c rain raiiucauon oi Gn era) Tuvlor't nominaiion," Mr. Collier, wh^n h| | etl d tc by the ?b&irmni of the meeting, again l>y F H. Riig?le?i, Ltq., Auditor ?(the Canal Delailment, and tir.aly by the meeting, re I used to t-^enU, or mke any puit 111 the proceedings. 1 he lo low ing letters were written in compliance wi h a rti.uesi to Judge Parmelee, Alderman Haswell, and Auditor llui/gles:? ALUANT, NOT. 30,1848. 7 huri o? weed, e?q ;? Dear rir-In ooaiplianoe with your request, I tend jcuth' fo lowing brift e a'emrut of what ocourred, ac<o > i it to my r* collection at the meeting at the rapitol on the evening of Saturday the 2(ith August l??r. W'hen I came there I was rr quested by yourself and otbir.1 to pretide at the meeting and to Kate the objict fit ll to tbore as sea. bled. t'pon my Inquiring w it was a 1 about, and what was to be done, a copy oi tie Ttilune cf that morning was handed to me, ccn'lining the Charleston correspondence. and I wat ui*Kt d to read ihote letters and to state that the matting biwi b? en culled to submit them to the oonslderittioD cf the wbigs of Albany, to determine if any aod v) lit action by tb<m was proper In relation thereto Th> wae done as tuou as tbe meeting was organized Vr Ilawtll then'addressed the audienoe, anl ooueluied with moving tU*t a committee bo appointed by B*n? met loloved, urging delay for the purpose of ncre1 eliberau consideration. and mtmd u?s arnendiLtct that the coaiuiiUee report on the next Monday t>* nil g VV Lfn h" had concluded, theru were loud oiiei of l:que? io.i " ''({< estion," and the question wa* put oa Mr. Ueied'ctV amendment. Trie meeting wm large and tuii n t< ous It weB impossible to decice, wan uny nccuiaoy, ft-' to the result of tlie vote, but I thought prop- r to announce >har. tht amendment was eaiiid. There w?re cries of 'no. no," but n4 appeal *u? takt n. and tbe dm i.-iOn of ths chair was aoquiercedin. Judge Carpenter then made a roAs I had not heard cf the meeting until on my way up Stale street, a few rninutcs before it was h-ld. i was nut pr? (ared. at tnce to stlect the committee, and tent to y u to know >f tbe names of any pursoushal l.t en thought of ir su^gesttd fv>r the purpose I rs. ceneu an answer from vou. thiit it ??? no ma ter who ttiy wtre, provided they wete 'good Taylor m<-n " 4V eanv hi e tbe coi e and confusion was grent and increasing 1 then saw Mr. Collier in the hall, aiil t< qui ftea one of th"ie rear me to a'k him to s ly t< nieih'.nfi to the meeting to keep tbem quiet Trio reply brought back to me was, that V1r Collier declintd s^tal. Irg Those standing n-ar_-the stairs w*re thi n rt qui sted to call for Mr. Co lier. which wa? done, and. lifter a while, he made his appearance on tbe Mul Mr C lifer t Id t>iem, In fubs'ance that ad they all keen- b" I ad. as delegate t) Pnliadeiptala, don- all be c u d f r II ury ( lay; and topFITIBt the nomioit oa o O n i ay lor; and be was somewhat severe ou ce aiii polit ciaiib from tins C'ty. nho Were at the Convention. a.though not delegate* and hy ha l exerted all lteir influence to thwart Ms efforts. He intimated, pr>tl> pU>nly, that it could now be seen wno wai; bur. under all tb<t cirouin*tanoes. be tnougbt it bet-t to wait until next Monday evening, before taking any action. 'i lie u.iotin^ bavin# previously arrived at the same ton'lurton a coadjourii wai then made an i carr ed Bei'oie that, howevee, I announced th ' t- cf tli* ri.tniUiUee. having p ac< d .Mr. Collier a 1 t s bend as clairnan. Af er ilin e cheers for Ol tyt Taj'or und HI aore, fctv, aod fevjral oih r Jem >n I stations. whirh appeared to he -un it* fwn h>ok.'' t)i<- dm et dk adjcu.m il. 1 hat i* all I know about the mat er. Yours, fco , W.M. PARMELEE. Naval Intelligence. Sticim Fbioai t. ? I he flue steamer Saranao, the fit > tot f'ur stcatn frigate a, required by a late act of Cot greg- to be built for tbe United States Navy was launched Id bea>:lifi I style at Ports toutn N U , ou 'be 14th Inst. Id the evening. four hundred aod fifty D < ohttiiu'ii un<l other iuvl'eil guests. sat down to a rc.llatinn at. the Franklin Hall, ou the invitation of B. K. L)rlano E?q , tho natal constructor A drat' r.f men for tho U. 8 frigate Raritan arrive! 1 at Norfolk on Friday from Iphia. uuder command of I.ieut Chapman and \1id. Bayard. TbeVuited State* ship Albany. commander Randolph. tiw <1 from Hampton lioajs on Wednesday, for Hsvun* nt| ' the i'4u)f. ( cm m' dote l?sse Wilkinson received order* to take oominand ot U i Mr,me Squadron. U S. brlp ITolj nit) Commander Onden. atrived at the Iile ot Kranoe ud the JTth August last, from Rio Janeiro. U- S. store ship Supply Lt Pennock. arrived at Oib rsltar. Ort. 21. turn Naples. Lt Sherburn was landed at Gibraltar on tbe 'J I lb. to return home on lick leave. I<s?v Inlelllj(nicei Kl'l-m M* rinlm. \nrlil 1'cnu. Vnv "2(1 ? Ttnfnra i jodg** k(!ihdi.uh | fJtcision* ? Jlarnahof Kunell el at. ndsm Jamrj . J<n i?i? - Kxcepuou* t > auawer allowed; motion to dia. ttWr lrjunetlon Um'i'J Ihiflut County huvk vs Jeremiah Jack ton --Mrtion to pItHm out rer, a* Irlvolous dobied; th? conbeing dt leotiv.-, In not averring that pin n'i!f* were frganiied ii? well as incorporated under tae law ot Ma?>erl U' j Itrmy J1 t'auan ? ? h'ichiilai Miller et at ?Motion : to ret ac'de mm 'alnt fur nmr? formal >n tt, ; which plaiDt.Hr offered to correct but the defondant* j refuted to allow. thi< nilatikes rot alTectinyc ttan t.ub' ftnutml rlfht* nf tief'iida otr. on be dl ire?ard>*d. ui. , d?r toutlun 151 of the code. Motion denied, with i cohIk. i Michael . Ingrln n Trrael fan Berch ? Wher* a bill in e<(iii>> *a* bet re the 1st of lu'y last nut tilt* ub; <i'oa issued bu: not aerre 1 "till at'nr tha . day; heiu 10 be a good comm> n~ein> >>& of a ault. under the tirmei pi action Motion to neiuo complaint denied, Without co?t? Moria (inifait t'? .Alexander Oar/ait.?Marriage declared null and void. MIU'l'lNO IN'l'JKIiUUlCNCB. OTIacetlaiieauo. Pa!?imi Sown IIA in bin k Hur?ii, fj"m lletnni Am*. Ann lfi, for Boa ob, waa wr. o;<td maftle por* of Ma. 010 Orjail, awit t < i deg e a m.| 4V r..ainb?ec. ri((h. ul 8 |>' I I. and 111 i on llm "i I nc.iitely. hhe lud * c?r*" ol ft,(Ml hldea 12 b ?i nakir. (.0 da woul i ni >l c?, (Itiiif. Upt.JptW, mn 5*M hiuoa ?'.d a ! I w Iim . i) I ?ep a in were all that litd li lavad II At'mtbii? / t EThomufun, recoiMl ,by li?aai Amer,R?|, fl.r < p'i t. . f Ji'> . i n% to be . o m indi d i.jr <. apt I'ao a-u ; by Mr (. or Tin man. bat k UonTRe T i>m?? oi k1) a !*<?tm to he c. mi a. d> <l by tapt li koj b> Mr lloraei Mfrtiain bar< Tele1 erupt', ol ISO tuna to b? tomma-.fd by Capt Ko'xrt Crockett; l.y 41 t'f r.olird Marre't. bark A U Kimhn I, of JS' una, t-> be comm anded ly ( apt J Sioeper; by M aara 1 i bv St Ki n^all, burk I*, ilu Ipua f i S.ft ti n-". t<> be comm*mle t by ('apt A I'red 'pear. A Ke: i ft ?k, 11 ill it (I., by Meaani I) * H # t.l ill e b.trk of IPS lot a. enlltii il o llxpjrt>n, owned l.y Mra<r< Ward, Cap' Jaeob Mot ill ?i.d otl.tra witn Capt J Uovey 1'vrkina, who will com! mi l d i er. t a * t a Rtz I Ten I Oct 14?i vcve\ apparently American, | ol al out 7'.'leet keel, bottom nppermott. and limber Men, wm I toaid into Uarachtro, on the N? Coaat of thia laland, llm la?t._ P< ?l?0?o POI.MOK, Stdl, aaled from Boatn* All* 24 lor Carocoa. at >1 h.a not Mnoe I ter, heard of. 81.? waa with her earno irmrrc In tint < ity fur a'uint tltt WO. I'ncurH Brio Sarraiii*, from Maraeille? for New York, wai nt Fajai on the -3d (let, iu d.aire, a; waa to hare be?n hove uuL Fr Ri in Bti.l.A Maria, from Hn?nn? fer St John*. NF, waa loM on Sab a la and pn v 10 11th li ?iew eared and with $?> 0 li. apeou taken to 11* ifax lith. I * revenue aibr Dating. the I I arm-. at Ua ifaa. J?th, from Satw lalaud, report* ao Aja brg en tier* at Hollacd'i harbor. W YO )ITION?TUESDAY, N< spoitcn. fhip tnrpo?ed H Jonlatta, of sod Irom Baltimore fur Liverpool, ?>ct SI,'*' <7, Ion I!'. S' p Ai Pnw fwster, Uuwe?,hflnce for Liverpool, Oct 30, lat 49 25, Ion <0 2fi. Iiurk , with a whiteetreak. Mioaini a white burgoo, with lttter C in o?n tre, Oot 7 lat 11 4" S, Ion Si 10. ' Hm i * 'pint, frcm Baltimore far Mobi e, Nov 4, lat 31 4.">, Ion 71 4H. lii .i llotenee. Malerlm, from St Cte? for Rio Grande, Oot 2, Ut I. N. Ion 23 W. ' f)rf?:N?)iti(Vo,"ot'lIal'owell. 21 dayafrom Wilm?ngtnn, N C. for Uienmia, Oct 13. lat ?ft, Ion <12*,rep'tt .1 -vrt 27. durii.g a violent ??! , I ad l< m overboard, William Martin, of Halloweil, 1st < ffietr, ai <1 all handa were ai<-k, except tlic master, foreign Ports. Av?Tir.rav, Oct3l?llilg Chatham, lluftlngton, to loid Cut Co3ton. b*i avia, Amr Ship Sweden, Nott, 47 naya fm Mmila, arr 7tli, lor llreton 9tli rut in for water etoclc. Itc. ilBrvc-.ur. 24th, Jorcphine, Sandatedt, Charlnaton: 2'lth, Trlifer, fehace, N York; 2K?h. J ** 4rdr*wa. Fronoh, Pt an I'la ; Ti.ilkr. Lovi ll, ran i ty z< h Jan e? r award. vna e. Tr 11 da ; >?aiier Rimfty, Baltimore; S'th. Orient. -nrtor u< NV" k. BuriiKKHAVKN?sld (not rr. aar?p"r?od jf.trdiv) Admirul. W it-ti g. and ( allao, Warr??, NOrloma; (iuatav, iautern. B:i tin ore. Marieita. Derniaon. NY"rk, (l-<t er In* be -n re j orted a d 19tl ); !l?', Magdalene Kvlliman do;d, Florida, Vr>om,<iiid Meta. br llar'e. di: 25th. Hoptune. 'rjK.m n , (ial>c >-n; Loui iana. H.t jet>. New Or'enoa; f b'ladil|.M?, Uardea, 1',..itA'x 27th Ann Wilal , Magna, N York. Bki i a?t *'ct 21? Md, Grecian, B*krr. Cardiff and 3idly. Ill km's Avh km. Pept H?Barks Clta cell r. Walktir, fur Antwerp ll1 <#>'?; ? al??h. Brown. f< r V York. unc; hri<n Me1-*, Rluh, lor An'wtrp. 10 daya; Carrier, Hale fir Havana. U'; achr *d?en. torer P?;?el, u?c. Bid about |H, brig E??e Divia Patagonia. Cow ? a. Nov )?Arr Science, IlowUnd. St Mart*. Cl?. Gi:>ua, Oct IK?Ship Eoiirte. (Jrv**. nno; b?rka Ed# F'etchi'r, Holbreok. I cn'c. arr 2lst| Vi Inrt, Finney, nno. Hid 2l:h, l.,rk Rtfotm, Alien, Falencc; nooufe. anip Cain. Winer, MtracHIev, to load fcr N tw Orlranr; lurk So1nni*n Piper. Crarv, ?-h?Ih?. Favai., ot 23-French hr>g X Sarrazin, from MarajiiUu for Ne? Yorli. iibout to be hove out. Pon'?i.ui.u, Juue 10?Uurk Mary. Coex, fin Boatoi, (Deo l!>), arr I' th. 0 aumhg, Oot iW-Arr Oapicy, Ripley, Havana; 21tli, Agm-x Cutur Xibara. tW. Martin* Hot 21?Ship Thoa Pickaaon. nawkina, for New Yorli. 4 da\a: tark Piedmont, itriuiacom, for Bolton, 2 diyp; l>ri< Bunirea. "nice, for Portland, 4 daya. K in<;aTi>WN, Oct 1?Md. Agni f, ^mailman, (tuppoaed for New York.) k?mm->u>rk, Nov 17?Sid (hip Cami'lua, (new, ol NYork) Sy vetier lurks (eland. I.imkbick, Oct 2!'?Sid l ineoln, Avcrill ralermo. N?roM?.-r, Nov IS? lu pott, ??hr Jarvis l.yon, Uti obeli, Ph ladapbia Ntw Ro*h Oot 24?Arr Cberarco, Snow, Baltimore. Il Mnolt. Oct 1(1?Arr Rmi<y, rarnham. Hte nh' lin. Cop>nhager.l r Cotter burg: 2l?t. Vocnn, Trocdy, Stettin.St Seimn. 1 m hos k, Oct Sn? Btrk Mai hattan, Jannev fm Anmtorr'ain, arr ;Pt|i, aud ottitrh an before. (?ld about lSltb, l*rk Kuivia, rr, NYoik. Mai.' a. Oot ?6? Bark Funan Jane, Pri< r. fm Smyrna f-r Boiton 'owid in v::d, villi lorn of f re and nriomaata in a u Iden rqnall i IT Cape Bon; va.? lai dii z hei ear/o in cttiarxntrc, to n> tulidbnasia Arr 2Kb, bark Cbicom, Ilovl-ir.d, lieuoe, and aid 2tith fi r Smjrr.a. Mai.aga. Oct 24?Bark Suran, Bearan from Cadii, for VV^rk, Ms: brifr Jane, Fierce, for do ?uon. nlv Am v<*b*'1. 81d abt Ifith, Vr'P C<o Otla. Vanion, Boatoc: VJ'h. barka Vt'a^rani, E well, do; r-oda'n. Baltic, Inaiabant, New Orleans; Biane, (af) do; briga M?'ljor? t, II II. NYork; Amo^s, Cbna n Balti aore. St. John*. NF. Oct 27?Hrra S'ephen (1 Br.aa Wiiehoiter. NY< rh. 1? lard eld 4th i"Bt for Sydney); Slat, Portland. Scott, do'4 lit ii a'. Volinia. Borun', Baltimore, l.V. CM 27ib. bri^' ElWa Tny'or. JCldiidge Montevo.'ao. Halifax Nov 13?SehrB Aotiv, Nickonon. Vew York: 1.1th, Ili/n Ana, Orowell, do. Cld l'th brig Arvc, Branlitll. NYirk; folm ' - utjer, D 'liphrhy Ronton: V> fn Hjanon, Windsor; E izabrtK IlordiiH', New 1 ordon. (pci-hopa Conn. I.ivkrpooi. oct "'7? En' for Idg k?<*, Elliot., fir Phll*d?'p\la; tf>>h Gianjp'in, Mobile; Bolton Ablfy. (IharleHton; 30 h.Tri'o*, "piitb. do; Ocean Qneen. NOrlenna; 31ft, I/Unrtv. ?orun N*w York It'. Coronation, Moliile: Mont??il Chase, NYork; 2d..I no ruin'ar, Charleston; Al eriVeu. NYork: 3d, Me?rns Smith. M?. b >: Herald,Auld, aOr'aara: Saran O Owers. And Wy mi'ig, PMIadelphl". Alfo inportldc, Biy 3 at?, for B >stow; I. !>nfibin, ar d Prin'eifl Allff, for Phs rVaton; Jn>n f arrow, and Tn". V' r > Or'cuns; Roralindn.and Sir H Smith, NYork ; Native, for No-' l'c. bciiki ut, pet 30? Arr Jf rah L Hryan\ Gay Havana, ) laroN,Oct 2? Arr Florence, Woodward,Crnatalt. VisfiiiA Oct 15?Arr Cnrrn. Pain*. NOrletns. Pai.?hmo, Oct ' I? Barkc Mondar'n, I'olUy, for NVork, Nov S; Alsoira, Snauldlnft. ard Ceontea. Voblrson fordo nno; only Am vrpfpl'. The communication between Palermo and Mussina was inttnnptcd. "ant* Cnrz (Terfrff ). Oct 2?Arr Galindo. Fieneli, lfadf ir?, and sld 17th for anteroitfl. to load for NVork. Bovtav, f*pt 16?Arr 1/c?if. Jacki'.o, Zanglbir: Oct 1, Fran e?s w lii'rey Fik. Boston (Mav 1). 81<1 72d. Oar?in!?ton, A^bot < I'ina. In port Oct 3, ahip Charles, Andrews, terCamon fi or 7 da j*. Calcutta, Sept 17?9!d (supposed from Saugor). Constance, Barn, do Hoxg Kokg, AngK?Arr Cr't", Wlrgman, Oabom.Atmy. Home Porta. Boston. Nov 18?Arr brta? Paulir.e. Riddel! Mal.'za, Oct"? Pari'b C Ni le 8!Wd. Wtmineton, NO: lohra Wolcott Ryder r?.Woo,i,crire: J Q Adatr.a, Norria, and Mar!etttt. Bearto. New York. N'v ?(), f'e?inihip AosdK (Br) R'onc, Liverpool 4'h im?, and T'a'ifnx 17'b, K am, ar'in R^ston harbor atB am- ahijia C'nair. Cboare. Valparaiao, August 10, I'rupiimbo, Angl!'; liOO fhio <"n?hn>an. Talcahnano, last from Va'paraiso, An* HI; T.ilmo. I.ewin, Bnmoa Ayr?*, 3eptV4; B"7nr 5'mpson. do dr; t a 1 ? S ma. Am'ndiw n do Au* ''S: f nliare, Farnh: m. Cronatadt. O t P; Trcn < n'. Bskir, *"1 ilrtclph'a: "en Je??np, Fl. her, do colih. Atktra d": Flk. NIckeriMi*. do, brlga Andrew Hint (of NYork) Fia'Vlin St Martins. 2t>ih Noble, IVmiog. PMlade'nM'; Fric, R^der. d1: fa1! omia. Hiehtorr. do; mlire War* OliHtw, B?lci fn. Poit an Pri> c ; Mary *1 I.oiiIpb, Ad'ma; Geo?va. I'^r1'; n Smith. Weatcf, jir.l JPBi kev, Henderfon Philidip' i ; lew, tin" l. rni' ilfji: i;i I"I ^i wm ri r-ru .nr*n t < If I?1 t Fr?c k?. Al'flnj: Bunker Pill F'eeman. rveiv York: fV>o?. NicV. prs<- , dr. 8'd, ?h p* SopHa Walker Jno rurr>r, 'heflWId, V|.||?>c France; h?*k? I lo'ou. Caroline, Fo er? Lnni< d? M?ria. Pel<?Moil ; t? i;a Bo< ton <, Z?no, (Am) /*jno, ('?r> Flora, A 'mi- ? )'er?. n"d T f Inii. Nothint (r?n? to ?e* on'nndnjr. I i < )>?poj)t, Nov 14?Slil K.1 r Ventorn. Pli'lipa, NV?rk. Ostimc Kct IS?A-r nhir??chii,vf>r. Wewntr. 0 Wer'TCP, f ov 15?Arr whrii rapid. Dwr I Ik. f>>r MVotV: M?r>, J?a port. For Baltlimra lfi*h, (not 14Mi) all bri* .Weoori? V<? IP- s, Surinam. a> d alfrfc lleet of cnimtrre. Niw Haven, *ov 20? Ar- fo' g J'rlnra'on. , PhiNle'nhla; lotilm n>over Tlramh ?<< < . nloops Fwpire. *'ew V?rt; Pmk*ilit, FtMie. do; Gold teaf. .do; IIM Filrty. . Aibmiv. Sid tcMa C.ra<-e Caroline, Jinca, Philadelphia; Oo >nre Hi to! Hap V?y or. i'o. PimTi.Awn. Nov If?Arrnewsh'ii An^utui, Ttlaneharl. Nurtli Y? rr>i ntf- 17th, trifra Munlilla, Polleja, St MioWl?; Ditilia, Farter. <KY (rk I'lVMOfTH N"v 15?Sid ?el r?rr>sidenl Harrison. Niek'rv>n, NY< rk. Ifih. W?. P, >?er, Churchill, Attakapaa; 17th, V ilso?, Atwood. do. PAi.rM. Not If- ArTbr'n RatHcr, I amb?rt, Pata, 17th ult, River, llllli. Sid brig Clinton, PnrUek, Rio Crande. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. TIIE DETAILS (F THE INTELLIGENCE RECEIVED BY TUB Steamship Acadia. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OP TUB NEW YORK HERALD. Our London Correspondence* London, Fridny, Nov. 3, 7 P. M. EJfict of Portion Neus t.n England? Prorogation vf Purltamrnt?Universal Peace Congress? George Thcmjisnn, M. P and his Constituent*? Conclusion of the Chartist ''/Vials?The Cholem? Sea Serpent ? Ltteiary IVorld? Theatrical't ? Railway?Markets?Monetary News, and General Intelligence. The National Guards have left our city, and we have Eettled down again to cur accustomeJ purjuitp, which, at moment, comprise a multitude of subject*. Foreign news occasions much more anxiety than home topics. The state of Vienna efiectB a wonderful change in our money maiket, according, as we hear, whether the Viennese Rre, or the Kmperor i?, in the ascendant ? So does India; for ye'tei day ? ? hnd thn new* from our p05?epfionn In th? Kact. Riving; at but * very rqulvacai account of our tuccrM** ; Indeed, th* intnlliK?ne? w?i muih more i>fartliri< to Kni(1i<h ear* It brought ?dTice* of the d?*'?rtiin of thiup.ind auxiliary troop* from our army. couplud with th? retreat of the Britiah tro"p?. Thh naturally ra'i?? 1 ft : riccHiit* In thr fundc. and mad* a few lou^ f*"?<i an >nt; | ? ..K.nli In 1 >w. rilit Our <rmi> In ?!>.> 1 n.< < u n Kmptrp in Ktown tn V* MifflcUntly strong to retfitn o?r pcsition; eon?e<|Ut-ntly. th? aWr'n that is felt. I* llipht The election of a l'resld>*nt in the United States a* Wfll a? in Krone-1 |? n">st enpprly wntobe 1 1 in K.nijland for there can be no tl'tt in b Hi erniitrle* much vi'l dap-nl u;i'in whom tli ohiin* fall* All the?e fore'pn occurrence* perre to interest ! uc In the absence < f any *?pie of mora im ne<ti?t? In- l tin ft. ard. a* IbaTe before rei.a?ked. rftruiit.* o>imorey market almost as effectually as evnnts in our own country. '11 e f'aumment. hsrlrir been further proro<ru?'' frin the 2d of Nn??inber to the Iflih of December, further opportunities are efforded for display on thx ptrlof Ilellglou* Sno'etles, and a*>ociatinn* of ^ y^rv kin 1 KoreiJ'Ot amongst them at tht* moment (aye, inllriitelv beyond emigration committee*) ftaud< the Ul)iv?r nl Pence Congress. Th?-flrft meeting in I<on don, of thi" plcantle committee, wn* hold at Kx-ter Hull on Tne'dav The olive branch was promln-n'ly b*ld up to vl< win all the peerhe*. none of which. bv the wpy. were particularly worth bearing, nv? that deily*r>-d by Klihu Burrltt. who wa?. u* usual very eloquent Not much vmpathy inf?lt In T.ondon with theeoclety ; iti fact if 1* mora ridiculed than otherwise. The prcM almost universally *neer* at its prece?dlr(t? aid the people. pen>rally are not at all convinced of tha policy of the Unl*eT*?l Peace Con;jr?s*. Geirpe Tlif mfson, tbe member rf Parliament for the Tower Mamie'* called laat nipht, a mee'tn* | the elector*. fir the purpose of 'n<|*lrln? whether > they ??re setihfWd with hi* conduct aa their repr*- ' rentatiye There wa* a pcod deal of speakin* npon political eooromy. and the Inhabitant* exores-ed thnn?ely?? satl'flcd with the conduct ot the member i fieoipe Thompson ha*, within the la*t few years, mar ared to *et himself before the public Hi* adyo. | cacj of tbe c?'e of the la?e Hsjah ofSattara: hi? connection with the antl corn law league combined with I hlf>h?'>l?f In the pnpnWr qneetlon* of th? <1?y. h*T? In- j Hired htm ? r?>?<ly hearing whenever he like* to a?k fir It. The voter* tf the Tower Hamlet*, which pluei he repnrrnt? In r?rli*n?ent. think him (,?ery juntly) * mo>t eflMent member of the Hon** of f'ommo**. He ff> innntrcfil t* he prevent at ?n annlver??ry meetlot ?h'?h will he held on the 7th of November. to erirmemornte the acquittal. on the oher?e of hl?h treason, of Hardy, Morn* Took*, and Thelwall, the W?U known rtformere In George the Tkifi}'* tine. A 1 R K It DVEMBER 21, 1848.? yooDK ?nd rising barrister. Mr. Humphrey* Parry, who lia* drfe ml*- <1 n?uy ot the la'ely tried chartint*, will pr?f'd?. ?tdlt. 1< *xpenteil fo t>? a very gpirlteii affair. I may as well ini-ntinn tbnt Mulliof, the chartift r.f whore trial I apprised yoa. 1ik? be?n (%1 I ailticipated in my la-t) found guilty, and aentenaed to tra importation for lift*. H? wan very cleverly d'fcnded bv Mr. P.-iry. but the evidence wa? ton clear at'iiaat him. and be wm aoco dir.uly convicted. Thin, I be leve, complet< h tile ct??rust (mux. The weather. since my li*t hu been wet, which. I I f??r ha* tended to. inasliglit m*a?nrn. revW? the cholira. In London iwmethinit 1'kH ten or ? 'Iwii b?T? h?-cn reported ?n fut?l within the la*t day cr two, but it Ih in *ome of the country tnwm that the FTratr?t hKTro i* tIsIIiI* I pive you an extract from the report of on* of the commissioners of the town of F.diohurtt. in ord?r flint your reader* may be euabted to form a tolerably cornet idea of ite extent in the three cities to which it refers:? Ci?n Dothi. Hecou:h ir?, Sinee ait Sincc Since lilt Sine* Si arc hrit Since 1'lncei. Report, Oct 4. Report. Oct 4. Report. Octi. R'mv tdiiiburgh.. .11 1.17 4 1(1" ? l'i 41 sewlik'en...? .'Ml 23 ? 8 3 Lei lit ... 1 09 ? 48 ? 2i 31 Total... 12 JSt) 6 16!) 46 7? Revera' ca?e*. that f-ave terminated fatally, are reprrttd to-day in l.ot/don Quite a controversy in being; kfpt up In London resn i tirg the m a serpent, alleged to have hi?n *e?n by the Du'dslus, Opt. VQuhm Many nauMcal men mf*rt thut it in an erroneoun sssertlon that he could have f*e? the monster at the time and place he state*; and that the errpent should hn*e be*u seen in another pa:t of the globe, at a time that would not al'ow tiiifTloient time for the journey It l< asserted by the officers of thn Urcdalui, that t.h>*y wounded the cr?-ature with an eight pounder, loaJed with iron nail*, old iron, &c lis length Im paid, by ?om?, to hi< about 100 feet; others D?mr 14u feet u? heing nearer the rairk. The OHptkln ft* in London, and in fretting a (|iiantity of dinner invitations anions scientific men. m ho are antious to lt-urn a* much as they possibly can about thiH fart'amed innrino wonder The Qu??n *nd I'rinee Albert am about becoming p'aittifTa in the Court of Chancery. It seems that both ihe royal personages are gifted with talent* for drawing, and that they have exercised their abilities in niaktnp sketches of various members of th>dr f.itni ly. A private drawer in one of the rooms of the pilace bu? been opened, and these said drawings soon found t eir way into I he hands of a noted engraver who very industriously went to work and announced them ready for publication. The Queen and Prince Albert Imired'.ately applinl for an injunction, to restrain t) public sale of the prints, alleging that they v?u* sketched only for private circulation, and deEnandii g the same rights against piratical publishers ?k ordinary persons obtain under the copy ri^ht not As Judge biackstoue has luul it down In his commentaries that royal persons nan claim the same privileges hs private persons, the injunction was instantly gtanttd; ard unless the publi'h?r supprefei the publication of bis sketches, he will find himself in an unpleasant position ; for the jury would, unhesitatingly, letui n a i eruict, H me Bimruieuis put iurni ij-> hub, The literary world Is quite alive. Charles Dickens'* Chriitmas tale is 'n the printer's hund-i. It is entitled the " Haunted Man and tbe host's D^r^tin''?not a very novt 1 title i ?rtaiul> but I do oot doubt but tbat h? wili make it attractive Mr. Macauley's Hlstorvof Knglntid ic on the eve of publication, and will make quite a'fixation l>igh Hunt ban just completed a work eal ed ''The Town." a very amu?ing piece of writing 1 caught a burrled glance at tbe proof sheets a diy or to bick, iron which 1 feel certain it will becotno very popular. Then, there are Albert Smith. Horace Maybtw. Tbackeray. and Angus K> acb, with Douglas Jtrrold, and a bo?t of others, alt contributing to maku pbaraiit the long evenings that are coming on. A new edition of "Tope'' is announced for publication by Mr. Murray the celebrated publisher, which Is to be consigned to the editorial .superintendence of Mr. John Wilson Croker. l'ne advertisement states that it will be the editor's design to avoid the diffuse prefaces and utelrss notes indulged iu by all thoso who have preceritd blm in a umilar task. How bvnefleial this arrangement will prove is a very questionable matter. Mr. Cioker had better look twice bofere he leaps once. Jullien ope m his promenade coucerts this evening. IndteJ, I luay say. tbat while I am writing the music of *'Norma, or the Sontauibula," is being played by his admirably selected band. Ho is raid, uflieit nt by bis promenade concerts, of one month's j ii? ? _ i_ _ w ? v.: ? ?v... UUiULIUU Ullljr 111 buti J/rmk <u ivui }> uru iui kiir 40n.ninder cf tbe twelvemonth. Aubor's opera of '*t!a>di,?." which wan to have been brought out by Mr. iiuou at Covent (tardea, on Saturday la?t, has been postponed in coHsetjui'nro of the illoe'i! of Sims Heevi-s. VademolsellH Ue R'Sssy a fotilgn finder, mad*-h?r tint Appearance at trie Princes*'* in - Pforrni,' but her success was very equivocal. Ji nny Llud is at Urijihtoii creating n siniilt? /'iiro'f&n sn? di'l in London. Tbe Adeiphi. Lyceum. lltytnark-r.. auj .Vfrryebope ars drawHg Very satisfactory audiences. The Cambria ano(i<vrd In the Mersey. otr Liverpool, on Tuesday eveuing. tTi* 31st lilt., with sixty.Ave p isst-nyrrs, t ut no specie. Tbe new steam-htp. the j I amiJh bi? been tnk?-u from (Jla<gow to Liverpool to take Iter station with the si?ter ships. She is reported to be moot suo? rlor built vessel. equal In every point to any s'llp on the station. She intkes hur first tlip on tbe 26t.b. 1 be hop leason is said to bav? been excellent. Vou may judge of the amount th*t has been b*en plck?d when I till you th*t i he oiiKrepate duty already paid | has been ? !() flffl IS 6)4. Tbe old duty on hrps i? Id. i'i! "At a pound. The new dut) is }{ H '20 a p'iund to which must be added a duty imposed during this Queen's reign of 6 per ccnt. The blue is sta'cd to be first ra'e Quite arbnnre has taken pWre in tbe aspect of th* railway market sinoe my last. It has been the unceasing defire. on tbe put cf all shareholders, that tbeir respective linen should produce publicly a statement, of the liabilities of the couipsny. Accordingly, the Lot don ?nd Northwestern opened tbe ball liy ! suit g a statement which has had the effect of sendlig tbe line up fifteen or sixteen, and on oae day even twenty, pounds higher than a week btck. Many ot the ciher lines have a'reiuiy notified their inI Until I. In fnllr.w the coilrne of the Northwestern. I Several. Indeed. bave published the ntatementn, and many liuve vhem in preparation. Tti?n, a^ala. *nm? of the newnpnpers (the Tines lor inntanoe) have been ! ' ..riiiDg uo*n'' railway ptock, which had a greit In- j lluence on the market At length, people are beginning to judge for thutiwlvf* In the matter, wbioh han ' entinly restored the confidence thit should properly bare liven ?een all alone, but which his vry unwisely bken withheld The result in that a manifest improvement in shown in rheprieeaof railway stock : j tl e 11 arket i? heal hy and flrtn. and what in more con- ! soling ie 1 kely to continue no. It in reported th*t the in go in. l(ji;n lately entered into betwee u tl?e director* of tbe Northwestern, Great Western and Southwestern coropanits are brought to a cooolusinn, it | being decided to amalgamate the three linen, an far an the working expenditure in concerned, and thAt application will be made to rarliament early In the enI suing Jtnr for power to e(Tect the necessary alteration*. V\ e have no reason. either, to complain of the n <uey , narket The news from India, an might have been anticipated, depressed the fMl dl; bnt HIJ recovered J themtelve* on itn br ini? i ffiiitally at nounced by thu i bunk direo'oi* that ' the rale of iin.munt on threw n:onths' bills had been reduced from 3)^ to 3 per I cent." I omols imire<li?tely rora 1 per cent yenier day. and hare maintained their position to d?y. bnint^ I quoted at ktt to 8f% ; Reduced Three per Cents . 84 J ? M?, ; 1 bree-and a (Quarter per Cents , 8d ; Ilauk S O' k 187 'o 101 ; India Stock. 233 a 23(1; Kxcheijuer Bill*. (Viarcb,) 44* a 47n , June 41* to 4 In prem. In I f. reign stock. business han lieen done at the-e price* : Mexican. 21 to 2"i& ; Chilian. 84X ; Granada, 12J{ ; I Spanith Klve*. 11 a 12; Passives, 3; Portuguese Kour j pi r Cents , 23;. a 21 Our Buhllu I'orrrnpondrnrr, di, nov. 3, l-sl*'. 77it State Prisoners?'Ihr t'ot ito /i t, $-r. I it formed you in my last of the extraordinary efforts which were at that time hein" made lor tiie tnal and conviction <>r Mr. Unify, and I have ri< w to inform y< u that the termin ttion of those extraotdinary efforts 'lasbeen?ridicule uidHof.sip at the eX|>mt-e of the Attorney General. Thef*ct? ! of the case arc as follows :?The hills of indict- j merit found at the ciimiiussion, were, on the application of the Attorney General, <i'i&"hed and put an end to, in order that new hills of indictment sliou'd be fratwd to include the evidence dtduced Irom the letter found in Mr. Srnitli' >*Jlritn> portmanteau, from Mr Duffy, ami a!?n the last number of the Salon, which had been *clxt>d before being published. The new bill of indlotram'. w&< *ent opto the ?ounty Dublin Urand Jury, who found a true bill, and on Saturday lact ihe Attorney General | pplivd to hare tb? prisoner transferred from the 0119- ' tody of the oity to the county sheriff. eo that the prla- i on? r should have hi* trial. On account of Doing law I technicalities. thin applioatiun van refused by the | court ; the prisoner. therefore. cou'd not b? triwd by * county jury, and as the former bill of indictioent j b*d been itmnt?d tfce intttrr murt di * tied ornr to 1 a fun,re coronil* Ion The Attorney <?enerat excuse* hliDM-li by rajing that be wa< In < lonnn*l, whilst all (he preliminaries were conduated In hi* ab eoce.-? 1 w nccTcr ip iu omiue. inn [i|ini nonomuin geubii'man id down f<>r (t. Mr DulTr Is therefore d'-><>?n?"l to a further imprisonment, whlnh. In tin preeent eUte of j niUi-t he highly Injurious On yesterday h? , >?h in?<!? a bankrupt, at the >uit of a Mr. W. A. Drenrun anatt?rii?y Mr J 1) Kit??rerald I* to apply to the l.ord c hancellcr to ruperwde the e<.raml??lon. Mt-dfr* O'Brlm, M?lghrr. andO'DonoLue are fttill confined In Cloniuel. bat It la under n'ord, in a few da) ?, they w II be removed to Dublin, lij a writ of hn/nnt rm/iut. The l.'iih Init . I believe, I* fixed for arguirg the writ of error Ci??? have been laid helora Meefra llenn and Napier, the eminent harrtMem. on tbe 'nlijeat of the writ of error, and they give it an their ipiulona that the result will be eucceMful ; Indeed. Smith O'Brien la very fanpnitie, and la in excellent epItitH, a* al?o the other Srlwnere Mamra Metxhrr, .VnManus, andO'Donoue now occupy the eauie apartment Mr. M??i(h*r li described being the life of theco-npauy, aad in great m?a?ure relieved the dull monotony of their iBprlionmtnt. On Sunday Uat the order from th? [ERA ONE O'CLOCK. Lord l.ii-utr nant, commuting the sentence to traus- | j.rrtatinn for lif*. ?a< read to a!l th-> urWoner* You may Me by the public journal* that Mr r.erin liod O'Doherty ban been for the thtnl time, put upon hiw trial a* ?o? of tbe proprietors of the Trihunr newspaper and found nuiiiy Mr. Uut. and Mr O'lUgati defended biui. But little Interest baa been exoited, tbe public bung by thla time welt tired of the law proending*. Mr Williams. the other proprietor, wm placid at 1b? bar yesterday, on the r-ame charge. It ia htatrd that th? <rown. evun an late ai lant week. intl- , mati-d to O'lJuherty that If he pleaded iruillT the 1 punishment should be enforned. but that hi* should enter Into hU own recognizance to remove out of the country for two yeara. This proposal h? indguan'ly refus? d, and said "that he wouidl rather work At the galiits all hie life flmt." Some perron baa addressed printed circulars of a very treaf onable character to a large number of persona who were connected witb the clubs The circular calls on them to remember the oath of the 2iith May; that although defenti d now. the triumph of the enemy will be fhort, and that an the materials of warfare are in the hand* < f the clubs, an early duy should be fixud for a genera! rising V, r Patrick Marron late editor of the Drogheda I jli;iii;Mr, Wm. VV aUh, late of rim'H establishment, and Mr TaulTe, barrister, have been admitted to hall There are an immense nuuter of peraona lu l-Vance, now on their way to America, who h?ve tied, owing to the part they took In the late movements At a mettiug of the Corporation, held on Wednesday, it was resolved that a uew application ahould b-? made to I'urlinment tor a Dublin imprlnomni-nt bill, an propoaed to be amended in committee last session, and a committte was anroliite] on theauhiect. Alter Tut-sday l??t, no proc?ss or writ against th? penon can ic?ue for arrest for any som under JL'lO, with the exception of actions for seduntlon. llbvl, rxc\'*. ko. Ou Wednefday last, 01 debtors confined In th? Limerick goal were discharged. From tb? aocnunts in all the provincial papers, a Urge number of the small farmers and shopkeepers throughout Ireland are breaking up their e.scbllsh- | nients, tolling olf and emigrating to America; amongst which the Meuth grazing farmers form a conspicuous nun ber. Agriculturalist* agree that tbo potato blight has cea-'t-d, lie*, tbat there Is how no fear of the residue of 1 the crop, which. howeTer. in small indeed. A nieusure It is stated. Is in contemplation tn abolish the ijuiiy jurirdiction of the Court of Kxchequer. nod to tiut.ster it to the Court of Chancery. If such a i erasure be adopted a Vice Chancellor must be ftp- , pointed, and more masters In Chancery. | Oar ParlM Correspondence. Paris, November 2, 18-18. Hii' Utrurxe ami Monty Market. During the last week the funds, which showed i some disposition to a rise during the first few day*, ] took a d< wnward tendency afterwards. Attempts liud been made to work up the prices, so as better to allow of the fall which would almost certainly follow the discussion of the budget ol 18-lS, and the approaching election of the President; but these attempts were rendered abortive by tin; unexpected rebignation of M. Goudeliaux, and Ilia being sticeeded by M. Trouvc-Chauvel. It is not that M. CJoudchaux bad preserved unlimited Inllnenue on tl:?>peculators; but it was supposed, ruht or wrong, tbat he had taken the llrct opportunity which pretented iteell of quitting the Ministry, because th situation of the tinancles offered difficulties which he could not surmcunt, and hi* successor came into office without any[gusrantees, from hi* previous position, of capability. Ilia name wan received with a downward movement, which made new progress whon the question ?.f the Presidency became the order of the day and puttie* began toocoupy themselves with the several candidates. It is generally thought that business will continue in an almost perfect state of stagnation until after this election. liu-iilts what I have mentioned above as tending to prevent a rise, the speeches of (jen. Cavalgnac, on the debate as to fixing the time tor the election of the Pre*ident, have hud their due influence The events of Vienna have opo- j rated but little, it at all, on the nmrket The ia*t weekly balance sheet of the R.tnk of t rance j ebowi>, n? compared with that of the luth of Octobor. an increase of nearly one and a half million* of franca in the bullion in the l'*rl* Bank, and a diminution ft a teut.ii part of that mm in the bullion in the brunch bmk< an innrtaHe of more tbau one hiindied thousand fiaacx in the unpiij bliii*? u diiniriulioti of two million* in the t Mm cbief bunk, and neatly Uklf a ini|'ii?n in thom of tbe brauch banks. The protested bill* areieiii.ced half a million iu tho Bach of lads, and about oneten'h of a million in tbe branches. The note* iu circulation are increased four aal a half Bullion* in the Pari* Bank, and ileotea'ed about a million in tb? brunch bank* There is * diminution of 330 000 lianca in tbe trei<ury tulanie. of 8C0.0C0 franc* in the general accounts current, of Puri*. and an increase of 45,000franc* in thn accounts rum nt of the brftaobM. Thn whole amount of bullion in the principal and branch bank* amount* to tSl,000,000: the whole oI the bill? d pojunt<>d to 176,(K'O ODD: tlx* protested bill* to 23 600 000; tbe circulution 1* 390.000 0C0; the treasury account 10 0(0,0< 0; ibe p,en?ral accounts current 100 000 000.? The advaiicp* to the State and the city of 1'aris bare not varied this week ?. Tbe Monileur ?f the 20th publishes a comparative table of the pitneipal import* and exports duiintf the 1 nine first month* of 1 ts4<*>. 1847. and 18J8 This table i placct in ttrong relief 'he falling off of our commerce ] hih1 manufacture* Oil the import* almost all tbe articles have fallen. and lome in an enormous proper- I tion. This may be seen by the following extract, shewing tbe results of tbe present ) oar and 1817 >?hch. be It rtineaibe. *d, wan a ) ear of commercial calamity. M 1817. Mahogany 5 802 quint. 32 148 quint. Cotton 304 407 833,S20 Copper, 2P429 69 998 Tin,'. 6.V74 10 14.1 I Urn thread, 3 6112 15 013 ("set iron 307.660 724 670 Coal. 11 ti( 4 890 16.730 472 < ol' Dlal fu^ar, 339 !K.>0 * 073 421 Foreign sugar, C;4il9 71.018 I iren cloth, 6.2S3 13009 Zinc 4o .17.'> 124 0fl7 Of thcf* ?lue mou th*, two months, be it remembered. were bel'oie the revolution of February; ro that, act lining the prmeipaj lalliiig ell (a* it uudoubtediy ba?) t.? hut e <.<-curr?l tlnce that period. the propor' Donate d'nuraition wculd. if we were furnished with tbe woccuut, lie considerably greater Naturally the treasury must have felt the influence of thin lerrease. ThiiK wf find that, in 1847. the nine flr.xt mcLtbr produced 100 million'', although the dotted on ccro ai d (ii? n were then ru-(ended. whilst in 1419, the nine period only produced kea million* SUOX'OO francs- v* mi'lioUH lem. 1 he bounties allowed la?t June have continued to support cur exports. a* to surh article* as they extend i to ; tut af to thore which have net thld advantage, there is generally a great filling rIT Take for example: I'.xiut la/iuvi ?J St jit. Krvoi tatiov* ?/ Srjtf. 184S. 1847. Mnchlnery SSBfSrt franc*. OA 1,17A francs. Millinery 24".074 47H.4i;H " I rorc?l?in l(!'l quint. 2 Wit quint. ; l/iii n 711) ' 818 ' Cloth... 168 " 877 ? j Silk* (manuf'd)... 137 " l.SiO " 'I here la hut on? neeption-wine* and brandies. ' Our exportation* in wine* have riden from 90 000 hecl tolitres (in 1 ^?7,) to 13tlu(>0 (in 1818 1 brandies frotn I 100(0 to lfiuo. With this exception, all our export , goods not stleoted by the bounty have fallen in amount. IJut attach* d to ibis, tnud'. be appended thin explanation?the holders of wine* and brandies barn generally been compelled to pelt them at any price ; r nd article't hat do not deteriorate from keep| In/. foreigner* with capital have taken advantage of the htato (if tl.e market We have not. therefore, in this, any subject of con<rat.ulatinn ?iur cm r?*p<nf ?r? iuii in nycrnowiD|T i an jiv*ly*< J consumption rannot ub-orb th? products that Iimh bf<*n f. bt from Ittrrlgn countrim. Thu* In 1P4T. nt rbe end .of Stpt?uib< r, w? bad lu warehou?? 0 <? 0 of cotton. and In Septwnbt-r, l^li, lbO.CIO >|iif ii'ald.* 1 Le bippi rtfr pniTinif and leaTinit our port* has d?crtan a by 7 M.fcjhips and t?3l> 13?? ton?, thu? <11 vid<*tl : f'ren?h vflld toog. FoTTTgn ' ...... fi 470 837 jO " Th- | iI. .h of f. ?<!* and itcurltir# on the Uourre are as folk-" : 3 rrr 6 f t Clf. Upr.Clt. T'tatury Bank Ch. {olit) (l.nan) iandi, Sharei. Oct . ??. ..44 i ,r. 6H>5 (.9 10 ? 161<? 27. ..44 30 CS 40 6H 7ft ? 1600 28. ..44 40 i;H 45 68.15 23 l.'.OJ '.0 3*'. ..44 10 fi8 30 6S 40 ? 1500 31...44 68 30 68 40 ? 1600 Nor. 1?Fete de Teua sulntu? .Ji nrf* oloied. Our Uerllii Corr*apontlrnce., Oct. 20, 18|S. In the meeting of the democratic congress yesterday reports weie preetntcd on the progress ot democracy in different parts ot fiermany. At Ifunover, it was Mated there is onjy one republican club, and th?re aro few In HamSurg, Bremen. Ilol ftcln. and tfco (iianl Duchy of OlJenbarff. All tbe (taken distinctly declared tbat the object of tho club* * 8 tlm retabllrbniviit of tba republic and ooin* add> J the ' r*<J republic, which excited groat applause. A deputy of Kbotctal lleem Mid : ? M a sKall liHve to r tie nntil all the Comma prircft shall he driven fr> m their throne* * Tbl* drew ti.rth tremandora ?hout* of approbation Tbe eopjruK h** re*ol?eJ to nominate a central comml'Uef. r republican pri pa**oiIimu In tiertnany. and other ronimitttft* charged tor- port on matter* atf. eting tbe ri-pilVrmi ranee. Th* ili*eu?.>ioa? of tbe radioal n.enihera of dlff- rent parliament* of (ierroaoy h% ; o< umeneed A eonpn*** of National Uuard* I* to be I.eli! ? B< rlln t award* th- middle of tbe preaen t ni' u t>i i ittlrg on the2Sth alt, the An-rmbly of fV 1 M I'nroh preeldeot, In tbe room > * ? *" Ornlii?,ti' ,i e.l 177 vote*, avMnpt 170give \l "%?. I'lilllpi * ^ 1 U chief of tue tuoi, { \l ( ??? \j O. TWO CENTS. partT; M. Phlllpp* to iv mom ?lv?nc*>l r>*rty. M. W?IJ?ck w?* elected ? *!< ? p'> atilcDt M. Auarawald, formerly ftiiuM'or ih? lat?rtor Onr Austrian Correain-iidenee. I'kaoo, Oct 25, ISI8. The Han Jellachich has just ndiithe following letter to the ScUvrnian aamtciation of Hohemiii, called Slovantka />'/'" '? " Dear rrnirnd'R and well belo**d brothers ' Thn ecniiuct I have hitherto held ).?? indicated to y>u mfllcieut'y my wi?hta, and the objeot towarda which I direct my vlvwa. An I ain animated with tht iamn love an you are f<r the Sclavonicn nationality, and a* jut art* an I am, convinced that StUvonixm la tha ?tronp?Kt fupprrt of AtauU ; a*. on the other alia, Austria la an liidiFpeu?ab!o ooudit on for tho existence of Se!avonl?m. to rnioh mi extant that, if Auatrla were not in existence, it must be created for that and. 1 here Ik not a man of svnre who dues uot know and fteltbat the exUtancs of Austria la closely and rwclI rncaily buund up with that of Soia?onlnm. It waa 1 then my duty a* a good SclavonUu ? and I atn no from the bottom ol my heart?to put ilowu anil danlroy at i'erth the auti- Austrian party which had rlnen against m Hut when I marched against I'esth, tha if cum in ivagpya Krlstrrr ?oy, our common noemy made un irirurrent Ion atVienui. It' they had oon| cjucrfcl In thut capital. a ?irti ry a P?aih would hava i hfen only a half auccec*. hu.i Vienna would have bn| ccinn the cbu I eupport . 11 iir eneml??. Thin Is why I | huvc turcfil with n>y whoV urniy HKuin*t Vienna. in I order to ch?f>ti?n th? adttr-arlen to SolaToninm , in thn capital of th > < uipire 1 have experienced a lively j<y on fh*inn that ""r bi?ther? of ltoh?iui% 1 guided by tbo -anie convin'b>n, which ha* only h?.-ii : ntrrcKtbrnvd by the departure of the ileputieH to the Diet, wfre hu.?tcnio(f to ranire thttiuxrlvcH und?r thn vlctoriruo matxlunl* before Y'imtuu, holding out thn band of fraternity to me. and thn army ol brother* which I eouiiuand. to conquer lifct; heroennrto din with glory. I hi?vn been led to prernnr myrelf heforn Vienna ouly to oombat with the enemy of So|?vonfAtn, and I IIniter niytelf with thn hope that you n". only comprtbcud me but will support me Accept my ralut*tloir. Krom the Head ljuarttrH of the Solarunian arnuy. at Zwoellaxiicen. Oct 'II " JELI.ACHICH, Bawli Croatia." This letter whs rend in the evening of the 21th, at the Bitting ol the Sclavoninn association, and was received with shouts of enthusiasm impossible to uepcriDe. io-uny, me noii<inian uepuueB, n. Piiluky and l)r. Pinkas, went to the Emneror, at (>lmut/, with a declaration Irom the Bohemians assembled here, that th?*y would no more return to the Diet at Vienna, and would not answer for what might happen in Bohemia, if the Kmperor refused to transfer the seat of the Diet from Vienna to some other town of the empire. Our Kalian Corr<H|>oii<Irncc> Rome, October 20, l#i&. For some time pant the road from Rome to Civita Vecchia has not been safe. Several titnea during the last week the diligence has been stopped. Several country houses have been ransacked, and travellers robbed and assassinated. The police having been put on the trace of the authors of these crimes, soon discovered their centre of operations, ftwusthe house of a peasant In tbe mii'illu of a vineyard. a few hundred jar da from the CaHle ot St. Aniri lo. In the place oalled the Meadows of Nero. At the commencement of tbe last nifibt. fourteen br'gands were surprized by the Sbirei, (agmt* of the police of *afety ) at the moment they were prt pajinjr to fat out on ao expedition The number of Ipb Shire* win only eight Discovered by one of ine robberi whili>t they explored the issued of the home, for the purpose of preventing auy exit, they bravely advanced to the attach. Phe brigands receivt d them by a heavy Are; but, no daubt unawar* or ttfl number of their a**nilant.*. they aoon took refuge In the upper apartment* the house. There, it appear*, a quarrel took place between them. At last, having one cead and two wounded, they tlaished by f uirendtricg. Nine men and one woman w?ru conducted to tbe fort of St. Angelo aud the two wounded to tbe hotpital, ?here oue 1? sine* deal] of his wound*, alter having Urst mnde a confession. The 1 utmir part of the etolen property hm b"?a recovered. It required several cart* to tako it to the town. | Amount tbe difgul*es used by thine brigands, weie i tunic* and cap' of tbe Civic Guard*, as well an several costumes of ecolcslahtics and monk*. Our .\nplt* lorn sjionilcnrr., Oct. 21, 1HJH. Although w<; have been daily expecting n change of ministry, which has been reti(ler?*d still more piobable by the recent events at Vienna, no change hits yet t?k? n plnce. Tlie policy ot the present mimrtiy, tint! the distrust felt oi it, and of the flncerlty cf the blip, ha? excited ft'mcst universal diFrathfactW o. The whole country is in a state bor0*111? on revolution and would not improbably be InI duced to it by any event of a siilliciently exciting; nhaI racter We want here a constitutional ministry to i carry out the constitution "worn to by the king The Viog appears to fear an outbreak. f< r the cannons of St. KIoik ar? constantly ready nod levelled on the town, ami all the forts are strongly armed. There lit no important new* fr< 111 Sicily. Tha Neapolitan government w uid fnin per?ua l? th? world that it In only a very small faction that wi?h the dlsmncnlieiment. r.f Sicily; but my advice? from that i"iand represent the mutter In a very different light. The Slotl'?ns with to hare a Sicilian army but the king Ini tbts on garrisoning thf fi rts with Neapolitan troop*. I have just learned that a li-mmiKtration wilt take l place this evening to demand a cltaaife of ministry. ' 1 he Neapolitan lives are to-ilay, at 83?^. Our Geneva Correspondence* G EM EVA, Oct. 2b, 184-S. I have just arrived from Lausanne, where I have left all the population on foot in great commotion, fron. the arrival ol the Bishop ol Fribourir, who was j brought there in the afteriiOOD, rinler the escort of the prefect of Alondon. This i* what bus occurred at I-'ribourK. The bishop was In hettllity with the government with xegp.-ct to , the i uppreeilon of the convents and the oonflscitton | of the prcpeity cf the church. By an ordininoe be : had ordered the curates to induce their (locks to refuso tlecath to the constitution route, imposed on the | canton ol kilbourg by the Barbes and l)lan<(uis of Vnid acd Ktriie Menaces were interred by ttie foI vert irent. which wne met by (vfimance on the part , t f he hi hi p- all whioh ncca* oue 1 great excitement 1 iu the ( aihf lie country of KribouriC .At length, on the evening of tb? 2itb, a rumor was I slloit that the bi-bop had been arrested in bis palace, when the c untrynu n ruse, arrested the authorities, biid niarrbed ou Krihoi;rg with the view of delivering I the bi?hop and upsetting 'h? rr.dii a! government The Yni>drl." pri feet* near Kribourc. ord rul th? tuirralr tn In- I'm If u n ti niled the f r>rc|"t> uuil called out the militia M. Bl?ueh?rny, Councillor of sta'e of Vaud, furiiUlinl with lull powir put htmarlf at the head of the Vaiidoin Protectant troop*, mid pood pueoeejed in dippetMnii the < tttholle. BfPt-inh'age at Kribour*. the greater number of thun arnn'rt with *cy'.hes and 1 atchet*. nince all pu*perted r*?hr lien have Ixwn dl?1 aimed olnre the war of the Nunderhund. M Hlauaberay. who arrived in the night at Krib<mr- hid a con1 f?renee with the ('onned of St.?te It t* not known wliat par?rd nt. thin coi fcrence. hut at t.?o o'eioel* in the evening the gendarmerie surrounded the Kplaoopal puloee rartl-d off the bi'hop, and before the mrninu: thl* prelate ?na In the canton of Valid, on rroteatani. gtooiid h?forn any rnn ?u?p<'ct>d that mob a atep could he t*k< n. On th* n ad the bluhop waa well treated ami he auired al*anne at 8 o'clock in thu alttrtiron, and wis contltiud III the Intel of the po?t. I where I accidentally vim at hi* arrival The new* of the atiei>t of the prelate aoon aprend in the city, and the cute of l,au*annH. followed by hie vi-ar. pr?*?ntet i himself to fee the biflhop, but waa peremptorily refilled. At'5 o'clock the crowd aafembled before the hotel, and the luiir. M nf l.aiimnue Uttered menacing aliou*? Thr hotrl wa* puarded by 20 pMnKdaruM*, and th-r* ?*? gr>at <lifH<ulty in prctarvlug the bmhop from tb? fury ol' tho mob Our KwIh* CorrcxpoiMlrtirr. 151; k nk. < ><:t. 2$, 15jm. I learn ihnt postal communications hnve Mist been re-eaiublmht-o between Lombaidy and theTenmno. Tfn> It-lit rul r?prt i*nthIIti-k aiu.ouncd to the Council of Stat*. ?t \u laft ulttinir that General Woblgraiuth had mode tbfm u ci>n>niuulc*tl' n. from whicU it apptara that Marshal Had?*t*ky had ord?r?d the postal communication to b? iromrdiati ly resumed. Our Spanish t orrt?i>onilcncc. Madr d, (Jet. 28, 1W8. We have little of importance here *ince tha dale ol tny late despatch. The Duke and Duchess rtf XTrti tnfllU'T Will. If IS Kiltil rpliim fit Slndiid <>n 3il November, an<i will occupy tha palace t-'an Juan?(he children of the Infant Don hrat.rifco de Paula, w ho now inhabit that place, returning to apaitments in the royal palace. 1 he Kicfc, Don Kmnrlico, who had ap?ftm?nt? In* part of the palace at ooui" dletanee from those of the Qoe? n. i? about to take pam<ei>(1oii of apartment* Immediately adjoining. The Qu?->'u'k old I'aeortte. (Jan. Serrano, arrived at Madrid the d?y before yesterday, and li about to be *ent with Hon Manual de t.a Coucha to replace Cordova who ha* dona nothing la Catalonia Ciereral Narvaer. I* gone to Alaola fit a military Inopectlon, but Immediately ha hai l*ft Madrid the tnor.t abc rd rumor* tern In etraalattota. Some aaid be wan exiled; other* that he bad e.?a*ped from Madrid on the appearance of (Jvaeral U?*r?no. All le tra*<|Ull hi re on the annane but there U a great deal of tcrret agitation. 1 do not. however thin* that the time I* yet rip* for the agitator* to raUa their btidf. Ntwi of nrlous reT?r?sby the CarlLifci ha? MMk?4

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