Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1848 Page 3
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happy? (Laughter and cheara.) Why, thora ara tha Old huakera? they're extremely happy. (Roar* of laughter) They eotisole ? wtth the ret!> ctiou that ifcey bare put Mr. Van Burnn into" tha nice holes," where he cau't get out' by honor*," sui mutt rely solely on tha > odd ' ric * " (Orent laugh ter and hiding o! ooika.) Ueneral (Jaaa h;m?e f U a happy man?yt-ry harpy! (Ri?arfi of largh'er ) lie is happy 10 etstpe ftoiu * the noipe and coafonioa" of an inauguration! (Hoars of laughter). Ctr.-um tances will preyeni" bi<atrenlanre upon that. eatlng or cat'ion. fConvulclre laughter, In whioh iTjU I the waiter* heartily joined) Heridei*. the General h you knew, of a literary turn, and onie wrota a book about the Court of Louis PJiil>pp-, fiat it now somewLat out of fashion ; b it he oan di-vote hi* leUure hour* to the preparation if a work that ia mre of an unparalleled ale?111 The Court Ktiquette ot old Rough and Ready!" (Shout* of apBleuse ) There 1h the barhliuruing party This. alio, In happy?yery happy. In the first plaoe, they have helped to defeat Casa-that in a great comfort to them! (Roan of laughter.) But more than that, they have swallowed the entire abolition party?they lay# taken it down whole?are happy?very happy! and now they etrut about a* proud and a< nappy ai If they were all in the family way. (Convalsiye laughter.) They look yery like a whale. (Iltneweti laughter.) Well, there is Mr. Van Uurt-n himself He i* happy?yery happy?for he told you that he loyed retirement. (Laughter) He begged and entreated to be left in retirement, and we have helned to k?en him there. (Chfers and laughter) Yes, Mr. Van Buren is a very harpy man. The abolition party are happy?very happy. They were a little like a bund ot Uhiuaelites, hud It wan very comfortable for them to reach a 'snug harboi" in the Inside of the whale. Once safe tlit-re. they don't eveh denlre that the animtl should turn a little nick at the stomach, for there they are holding mass meeting, and loudly insisting that they are thi whale (Great laughter and cheers ) Well, there in mj oid f. lend, Gerritt Smith *11 that is left of the old abolition party- and he is i happy. He was originally tbo head of the party, and now he is both head and l&U. (Roars of langhter ) He was a little jealous when Martin Van lliiren ntole all hU eggs, but be now ruffles up his feathers and dares the '-little magician" to show chickens with him. (Renewed laughter) Mr Polk is happy, very happy. - (Shouts of laughter.) He oame in with a little grumbling, to be sure, but he goes out with Universal applause. (Loud Cheers.) Gentlemen, you appear to be happy?I'm happy?we're all happy tocruthm /rhooM \ Tha U ' " o- v-??/ ... u>p|)j lUH I B about to conclude?( -Go ou ! go on !") No. gentlemen. I heard so m?" *<nts about in-- ?nHeoijag when men were addressing you that 1 must ndw close -with a sentiment. I give you?" I'he union and harmony of the whig party?wo have stood shoulder to shoulder In the glorious contest: do not let us fall into disorder in the bour of triumph !" Drank with enthusiastic applause. Then oame the next. t. ait? " The Newspaper Press - An instrument of tremendous and augmenting power. May it always be in bands worthy to wield it." Here some yelled '' Robinson others screamed for l' Gre'ely others for Boooks and other* f?r Bennett," and one man with a nose like a Philadelphia mob, called out in the voice of a Stentor, for somebody cite. In the midst of this uproar ? Mr. Ra*. mond, of the Courier, advan:ed to the viol nity of tbe Chair, and addressed the assembly. He spoke of the rights. duties, and sins ot omission and commission of the newspaper press?pointed out the true war to reform its abuses?and after dwelling nnm. placentl'y on theshvre wbtob It had taken in the elevation of Zacbary Taylor, concluded amid general applause by giving as a toast? , ? The dead prinoiples of the whig party-they may tiave sunk, but so sinks the day-star in the bed of the ocean, only to replenish its fires; and, with renewed glory, to flame in the forehead of the morning sky." " Good for Raymond !" exclaimed a dry goods clerk from the regions of Cedar and Pearl. "That's from Moore's Melodies?" insinuated a ' tallow-faced youngster who sat near the reporter " It's of no consequenoe!!' oblmed in another. "I'm almost dead for want of a drink?do pass that fcoUle?" " And my toast's not out yet! "sighel the Individual. " Good heavens, will you not give the Cha rm in a chance!" implored a Vice President?an J amid the noise and eonnision, the Chairman stammured through tbe next regular toast:? " The Union?May it ever be preserved from all peril, t>y the same spirit of patriotism andforbearaace whioh gave it birth." Mr. OaitvpvELL responded. His voice had failed him. , bnt not the spirit that animated the great Taylor party. (Cheers) He came there not to olaim any peouliar position there or elsewhere, bnt simply to Anmrr&tnfatA Wuhata* man and Taylor men oil their victory. (Cheers ) He came to glory in this mighty victory. They might talk of what they had done, but it was the Union that had done it. The East had nobly done her duty New York had done her duty. It bad reverberated from Krie to the oeean. The South had also acted nobly. He wished he oould go on. but, as Old Virginia never tired, he would introduoe his friend, Mr. Preston, who would shew them what the south had done. Mr. Prkjton accordingly presented himself, and was received with moderate applause He npoke in a lew tone, at the end of the table. He dwelt with pathetic tenderness on the demise of Henry Clay; but h? consoled himself with the reflection, that.'-being dead, he yet speaketh."' His spirit still animated the Amtrioan people. "Old Orimes is doad, tbat good old soul, We ne'er shall see him more? Oh! he ured to wear an old brown ooat, All buttoned down before!"? aung ont a fellow at tbe end of the room, in a very doltful voice, ''Put him out"' " out with the d?d locofoeo !" was shouted by pereral. and a general rush : was made towards the door of the ante-room. The ' disturbance was epeedily quelled, however, and the i eloquent yeuDg Virginian proceeded. He would not j ' detain them; he would give them the President eleot? i the stamp is but the coin. (An old gentleman in brass . anutiKlu Tk.l'. It " The gourd is but tbe guinea stamp; A man's a man for a' that!") (I.aughter, in the midst of which the speaker vanished.) "Come, come, old Max?give us a word!" was screamed from the end of the room. "Bring us some ice. here !" "D?n you, listen to tbe chair !" "Come, Draper, fire off !" Mr. 8. Duns, Jr , then started to bis feet, and in a flue manly voice, addressed tbe exoiteJI company. He said be would fellow out hU prlnuiples in tbe "draper and tailor line," and measure out every man ccoiding to his merits. (Cheers) Old Zack was the people's choice: and they owed it to him to ssy that to himself alone he owed tbe glory of his elevation (Loud applause ) The Mexican war was an evil they thought, but it bad brought forth Zacbary Taylor. (Cheers) He was happy to see so many good whig* together on suah a glorious ocoasion. lie started with a few and took | the off track in the nomination of old Zank. (" The i on track.Yes, fo it bas turned out now But at Fhllaielphia all started to do what was be.'t fr>r their friends, children, and posterity and therj was a little difference of opinion. In tbe noise and confuiion." I he did not know exactly what to do ; but at Ust be resolved to go for" Draper and Tnylor," (cheers aud laughter,) or, if tbey liked it better, ' Taylor and Draper." and now be bad reached tbe climax of all his wishes. (Cheers.) He now found himself, absolutely, in spite af all the cliques, Vioe Presi !ent. (Laughter and cheers ) He concluded a very humor- | ous and spirited speech, by calling on a disiingui-hed Whig of Indiana to respnn i to the ninth regular tov*t . Mr Isaac Baknktt, of Indiana, then addressed the company in a panegyric on the adopted citizen*, whom be regarded a* the most glorious boiogs that : ?ver breathed the breath of life, and weie the special darlings of tbe great whig party. As for the : " free toilers, " they were a miserable set of ; devils, not worth talkiDg about. (Groat deer- i tng and bysteiical laughter) He hoped that ; the debasing, sneaking, cou'etnptibUl gams of bamboozling the citizens of foreign birth was done away j with forever. (Cheers ) The tree of Hb?rty was planted in a tropical climate. ( ' The devil it wao,'! | " Draper, wasn't it on the rock of Plymouth?-' " Harry | Fc'.som. why did he pa.'s that toast '?its a bloody cbame. lleybran abd rome oonfus;on.) The couu- | try bad suffered mere from American demagogues ! than it ever had from th?* votes of Adopted citizens. (Cheers and some contusion.) The Chairman then rope, amid a scene of gieat contusion. but could not b? heard for some minutes At length the chairmau obtained a hearing. au<l said that the disposition to rail on tbe gentlemon who had I just spoken, had been entirely accidental Here there were loud calta for ' Reybum,'' "Rey- | turn," wbich were fllonred, for a moment, by the ehair reading a letter of apolcgy, from tho Hon. Geo. j Etms of Maine, which ??? received witv4 loud cheers. | Mr. Dsapkh then took the chair, and the calls for Mr Rev tmn being renewed that gentleman ro?? and | .addiatscd the company H? xaid tbat the meeting had been addrecaed ?lo<i<iently by s ntl?*m?n of New Yo k. But other State* had materially contributed to the election of General Tayler and he wan desirous of recalling ta the notice of the assemblage. a distin?gulthed gentleman who bad argely ontributed in : ttii* own State, to the election ot General Taylor He * -wC***0 propoae the health of Thomas Butler King, ? ?*.?* patriot ?nd an honeat man!" (drank with ?M) an at appia. Mr Bli'mt then .. tc u treutlmont -' The humanity of Oencral Taylor." Thin wai received with all port* of feeling, for it was BOW pant one o'clock in the morning. and lief h in weak. Still nobly did the druper auntain himrelf in the chair. 1'nmoTed amid the etormy element* he vainly tried to maintain tha aceptre of order In that troubled crowd. But it wonld not come to order g'< We hare been Bulled exclaimed one. " God help Old /ack !" prayed another. " What doe* It all mean ?" afked a third. <> All the old clique* and pftitiei may an well go to the dence decently." " Ob ! carry me back to ole Virglnny?" " Never mind ? Old Rough and Ready la the Tresl- | dent of the peopl* !" ? ,, " IIuTrah for Kill more?for Killmoro-for hill " " Shut np !" " Bah !" ' 11a! ha' ha!" I'lnr ArtH. DanttEnnoTvris or Oai??:**i, Tavi.ob.?Shaw'a cele- | btated painting of Oeneral /achary Taylor, freiident elect lor woicn lOf ?iu i "i tm ?ir nu.w, ? Rouge, In January l*?t. If no* to be neon at Murrenner * Loekwood'a. 459 Biomlway. Thla beautiful painting. all th? frienda ai.d compitnlona of General Taylor pronounce to be a perfect likeness Colonel Drag,;. Major O'Brien, Colonel Dunoan, and several others, hare expierted a h;gh opinion of this painting It niay be reen aa above A daguerrotype from thla painting now lying before us, is an fine a bead as we bare tver seen, f<iKi t Cor.. Ij(x).mis, Dili United States Infantry, j la at preaent in command of the slith Military Department bead-quarter.* at St. Louli- lately held by Oo- j nerai hearty. dtccastd. TELEGRAPHIC mTELLMEICI ImpaiUnt P?Ur.t UKlllan. WiUHiNuroj, NOT. 21, 1848. 1 he Commlwirner of Patent* fupportei by the A'torney General, bus dno'dij an nst lUlns' obtain'nx a patent Tor b's elfetr'c tele.rjph. anil lays th?t Mirt.e 1* entitle'] to It by caveat. Utall) of Levi Aiortti, ttie Kt|U:.?trlan. VV ASHIWfiTOPt NOV. si, 1SHJ. Levi North, the celebrated equestrian, who "t?J souii time Bin re ?bot in A rencontre la tfisFUHippl, died at Memphis on the 20th instant, from the wounds received in that affray. Marine DUaati-m and Lota of l.<ire. Boston, Nor. 21,184S. The schooner Olive, ( apt. Oliver, from New Brunswick, bound for Boston, went ashore, during a gale yesterday, on Nantuoket beach, and All hands perished Two of the bodies were washed ashore thu morning. The British brig Anglo-American, from Nova Scotia, is asbcra on " Outer lireuster." Iter rudder has coma abhore. but nothing is known of the fate of the orew. The steamer Ilay State was disabled oil New Ilaven last night. Her passengers were taken oil by the Cornelius Vanderbilt. The Hhow Storm. rooT01*' Not- 2I' 1848 The train of cars, last night, from Boswn to Norwich, did not get beyond Worcester, on accouutof the greatb depth of the snow, which was reported, at two feat on a level. Sale of Public Land*. Ai.bant, NOT. 21,1849. The Comptroller's pale of public lands for the payment of the State taxes, opens to-morrow, with lands in Alleghany county. Marietta. Buffalo. Not. 21,1848. Receipts within the past 24 hours.?Flour, 2 OOObbli.; wheat. 27,000 bushels. The flour market continues firm, with fair demand. Wo notice sales of 7,000 bbls. at $4 Wi a f4 (52>a. In wheat there were sales of 10 000 bushels, including Chicago, at 77c., and good OhloatOlo. In freights thi-re is an active business doing, without change in rates. AI.BAWT, NOT. 21, 1848. Receipts within the past 24 hours ?Flour, 18 800 bb!s.; wheat, 4.500 bushels; corn. 13.000 do.; Barley. 8,3 ''O do. The market for flour is without chang-*, and dull. Barley r? mains about the same, with sales of in 000 buebels at C3 a 64>ic. Of oats there were sales of 5,000 but-liels at 34>4. Pittibcso, NOT. 20, 1848. The r ver business is brisk. There is now G>? feet of water In the channel. The foreign news unsettled the markets. MAILS FOR EUROPE. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The steamship America, Captain Leltoh, will leaye this port at Boon to-day. Her letter bags will close at 11 o'olock this morning. The Weekly Htrvld. printed in French and English^ will be ready for delivery at nine o'clock this morning. Its contents will, ?s usua', embrace the news of the wee\ from all parta of the Amerioan continent, including a fall commercial and financial summary to the latest moment. Single oopies, in wrappers, sixpence. Men's Under Sltlrta ami Drawers, Wool Half How, Gloves, Sto., for cold weather?A Urge assortment of all styles, uualitiea and ?iiea, oil hand and for ax'.e at very low f rices, at ''Scott's" Cheap Furaishing Store, 187 Fulton, oie door east of Broad way. Memoir* From Beyond the Tombt By Chateaubriand.?Part one of this astonishing work will be issued in a few days, and as every body will wish to read it, early application must b? made. Williams Brothers, Publishers, Mor nine Star Office, 102 Nassau street The "Richelieu" Uold Pens are warranted to wear flv* years. They are fine, smooth and elastie. and are ae ksowlodged to bo the best and cheaticst Pons in the world. Sold onjyby B. K. Wataon fe Co, No. 16 Wall street. Gold pen* i?To have one's I lair or Whlslcers miserably bntchod in cntting, is no jik-3; therefore ire would aJvisa all who admire approj>n*t*neJU of style and neatly executed work to patroniw the inimitable. 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Making the Fur Fly,?Knot, of 12S Fulton street, has a tar^e assortment of MufT.1, which be is sailing at low pricea, and about as faat an he e in hand them out Valuable Real Instate?llleeckcr sells at auction to day, at 12 o'olock, at the Merchant's exchange, a number of lota In the vioini'y of Madiajn Square, aicuated on Madison Avenue, and ,'IOth and 31st streets. These lots afford eligible sites for building. Many fine homes arc going up in the neighl orhood. The Railroad atlords c?y aoces) to the lower parts of the ( ity. The streets are all graded and reiulated ; the sewer* are luilt, and, in ttne, everything in connection with these lots, pitatnts them as desirable fur nn investment, either permanently or lor buildiug. Thanksgiving Day, (lo-morrow.)? O. 11. Clarke h*s beautiful sack Coats ' I all colors, which ho is abi->lutnly giving away for from $1- to till. Tlie poor liroadway tailors are buying them of him and retailing them at $3). Why not buy them at the fountain head, llli William street, inventor of the "Lamartine," which aoqnind such groat celebrity! COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS HON 1?V MARKET. Tuesday, Nov. '41?0 P. M. There was a reaction in the stock market to-day* and n?arly every fancy In the list fell off a fraction. It was our impression that the improvement of last week could not be sustained, as there was no basis for it, and the right kind of operators were not in the marKfi. ai nrsi Doara, liariem aeciioed per cent; Canton Company, X; Farmers' Loan. >?; Norwich and Worcester, 1; Hrle Railroad, ){ , Reading Railroad, New Haven, )?; Ohio 6'? advanoed X. Government securities closed at prices currcnt jester, day. At the second board. Long Island fell off per cent; Mortis Canal, .V; Reading Railroad, ??; Erie Railroad' ??'; Norwich and Worcester, X. The demand for exobacge for remittance by the packet leaving this port to-morrow for Liverpool, has, as yet, not bee* very active. The best bills on London we quote at 8}?a8X per cent premium. On Paris, 6f. 25 a 5f 22}*; Amsterdam, 40 a 4u>?; Hamburg, 35* a 35}?; Bremen, 78}? a 79. The Boston money market is represented as having materially improved during the past week, and the outdoor rates are daily lessening. The banks were discounting more freely, and there was more activity in business. The amount of tolls collected at Oswego from the resumption of navigation to the lfith of November, thla year, was (208,COO against $222,233 for the corresponding period, last year, showing a decrease of $14,233. The improvement reported by recent advices, In the railway speculation* in Oreat Britain, is nothing more or less than a reaction after a long period of depression, and is the result more of the movements of the managers of certain leading lines, than of any real or permanent Improvement in the value of the property represented. So far as we can see. the only foundation for the changes is the faot, that one of the largest companies made* U6re favorable report of its condition than was anticipated, and the impression becoming general that the other lines would make exhibits equally favorable, an advance in prices was realized It is our opinion, that another reaction is not far distant, but that reaction will depress prices full as much as tue one just experienced nas intuitu mem. i ue fact* is, the railway business In Kngiand Is overdone; more than one-half of the lines never can be made to pay. and the moat productive will be much lean profitable than they have been. Returns recently reoetved show a steady falling off in the weekly reoelpta, in the face ot movements in merchandise, but little less limit, ed than those of last year. If this is the ca-e now. what may be expected when all the contemplated llnea are completed, and the amount of capital Invested in these works is double what it ia at present ! This is not a a difficult question to answer. According to tables published in Kngland. upon the boat authority, it appeara that railway bills have been granted by Parliament, authorizing an expenditure of ?32fl.043'117. Of this amount. A'H'5 .117,100 had been called ia up to the end of S? pteml>?r. Waving liabilities still resting upon the public to the amount of ?'131.326.111. A moderate UI'PM'CIUIWU "U ? ....... .. r..r..v, inrolT<? the ruin of thousand* ; but when a depreciation of flfly per ot nt taken place, the most fearful dUantern mmt l>e experienced. It la estimated that the-<? linen, upon which nearly two hundred million* ot pound* st( ring hare been expended, hare depredated in value lull car half ; their owners hire lost not l??e ttrnrne hundnd millions sterling Of the one hun died and thirty-one millions still due, the property re" prateated is not valued at u ore than one half the ameuot;*and the line* upon which Urge payment* are rCijutr?d, monthly, aie we. klj tailing oil in thvir receipt#, as will b ' ?ten by the annexed table Railway! or Gskat Bhitaii*.?Wimi t Thakkio. H'etk Kmhne October 14. IMS 1817. Birkenhead Lan.. and Cheshire ?927 ?877 Dublin mid Drogbeda 80 1 803 Dublin and Kingstown 8ti3 16U4 Du? dee. Perth Hud Aberdeen, Juux. . . 1,^'trt lima East Laucatbirn. ................. 1.1115 !?0?5 Edinburgh and Glasgow 4,1:17 4,011 Edinburgh and Northern 14,077 UN Glasgow, Paisley. aLd Greenock 9SD 1.002 and Ayr......? t Stji z.fui Great Western. .21,201 20,091 Kendal and Windermere 179 151 l.arcnrhlreandt ?r lisle (exclu of mails) 2 520 1407 Lancashire aud V orkshin 11,537 10,089 London Brighton, and Sonth Coast. . .10,506 0,005 London and North Western 44.1611 43 504 London and Blackwall 804 9 33 London and South Western 10.942 8 078 Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln. ... 2 '.>27 2.343 Midland 23,857 22,S?2 Midland Great Western 1.201 1,058 North british 2,142 2.4H2 Shrewsbury and Chester 889 030 South Eastern and Dover 11.302 10.031 Ulster 823 812 Whitehaven Junction 201 181 York. Newcastle and Berwick 13.964 11.569 York and North Midland 10.003 9,732 The amount of traffic for one week on 4.110 miles of railway this year, was ?226,801, of which jC'"6,402 w?r? for the oonveyance ot passengers only, ?4A ?>o fjr u importation of goods, and the remainder. ?5^,949 for passengers and g6ow* together. Last year, the amount of traffio on 3.290 miles, was ?214 273, being but ?11,528 less than for the sauie Reek this year on 814 miles of road less than were in operation last year. This shows an average earning per mile, in IP 47. of ?6>, and in IMS, of ?65. This i* a c'.ear lilts ration of the steady decline in the earnings ?r.all>/'...!a in k'nfflnnif finr! Tiftfhinrr i*o? awuo* U Ml iautv,auo ih B""?1 -???-Q w"? i?. The increase ot roads is likely to be much more rapid thin the increase ot jtrarel or freight; and the competition which must arise. ?J'> sooner or later. binkrupt many con panies which are noT moderately productive. The cost of the lines, completed and contemplated, will amount to nearly one half of the public debt of brent Britain; and the immense sum required to pay even the currant expenses of such work*, managed, us tbey are. without much regard to economy to say nctbing about dividends, is enough to destroy the confidence of ttockho!ders, and induce them to submit to large, rathir than hold, at the depreciation in prices, wLich hes reduced the oj^rnra'.e value to about one half their first cost, the lines now in operation may pay moderately, but an increase in lines will even destroy this hope. The influence these works 1 ave upon the business of any country in which they are located, is immense, and. to a safe extent, should be encouraged; but when they are constructed beyond the means and resources of the people, they exert a disastrous inlluence upon the business of the oountry, by drain iDg capital lroui useful and legitimate employnunts, and putt'n? it icto employments partially tainted with : peculation. The railway movements in Great Britain have bad this effcot, and nearly every interest in tbat country haa suffered very much from the restrictions placed upon them by the drain of capital. This evil has been exptrienced to a slight extent in this country, but as yet has not become general enough to do much harm. Within the past three years we have made great progress in the extension of railway*; but the limited cost, compared with those of England, the greater economy of management, and the favorable prospect for productiveness in the rapid growth of the country, make them more desirable nnd more profitable investments here than on the other Bide of the Atlantic. Kngland cannot expect to bo much greater than she Is at present, but, on the conry, must rather look for a steady decline in her resources and means of wealth. Her population is already greater than can find sufficient food and rail mest, and every increase must reduce the condition of the better classes, and restrict them all in many of tbe luxuries now enjoyed. Ah her external commerce declines, ber internal commerce must experience a corresponding reduction', and ber works of internal Improvement will find lees employment, and their earnings consequently be less thun what they are at present. Great Britain has no new resource to be developed by the extension of railways, while the development of our most important resources depends almost entirely upon the construction of such rapid means of communication. Fortunately for us, we have not sufficient capital or credit to rush headlong into the building of these works, as they have in Kngland and we shall therefore escape tbe losses and difficulties which have been experienced abroad. Several of onrmost important lines are but partly completed) and are lingering along for the want of means to extend and perfect them; but even this is better than the evils which have been brought upon thousands in Great Britain, by pursuing an opposite course. Stock Exchange. $6001) Treasury Notes, O's l(Ml, 2/V eha Morris Canal 7'V ?0U do 1M,S 10 Ohio Life* Tr blO 7* JOUOC8 6 ?.'67 107 600 Ilarlem RK SO 4100 Ohio fc's, '60 Vtli 100 do s20 4!*?. J MX) Ohio 7's 100K 00 do b30 WJi MOU Penn .Vs 74 75 do 49m i'lOO do slO 71 100 do blm 51 lit 0 Erie bonds b3u !HJ 50 do preferred 91 20sh?City P*nk 104 10N Yk N 11 RR Hti 2S Bowery Bi-nk 03 10 do 85 W 126 tantcn Co SUV 25 Hudson River RR 5.s?, M0 do b60?m,J 100 bond Island RR 20', r.0 do *10 S0J'? 40 Erie RR, ueir ?tock CI ?0 do bit) 31 65 do 00% (O do Ult) .HiIV 6 N H at flartford RB 101U Ml do b45 SI'S 125 Nora Wor RR S2'Z Jtli Farmers' Trust i7H 50 do MO S2* li'n do H2in .Hi luo Reading RR b4m? 3lJi lIHj do S30 27*4 50 do S30 30*2 4i0 do WO J7't 2tl) do 30'i 114) do MO 27y, Sccond Beard. $50(10 Trcsmry Notes K#? 104\ luo ?hs Mohawk RR 71 3600 do tPO H.? COO Reading RR :io 60*10 Reading Bonds 5S 1(1) do b3 J1)1. 110 shs Lon* Island RR 20 5 Erie, fall fin1, SO do 12 20 2il ? > * Ml do 19',' 25(1 liar 1cm RR 7.1% Ifit) Morris Canal ?P0 70 50 do fil Kcrhanifs' Bk 1<V>'{ ft) Nor Ife Wor RR i30 3Jli lSOHarlem, Pre, full !?!? CITY TUAUK 11KPORT. TuEiDtr, Not. 21?6 P. M. The flour market was some less firm to-day. with moderate sales cf this State, Oswego, and Michigin. at a alight decline, in some eased, on yesterday's rates. A tale of fancy Genesee was made on term* stated below There was no change in Southern. Wheat wa< hardly so fitm. Sales of Genesee and Western were made on terms stated below. Corn was loner, by about one cent per bushel, with moderate sales. Meal remained the same. There was no charge in rye or oats. The weather was more moderate, which lessened the fears of a speedy closing of the oanal. Prime pork firm, with further sales at yesterday's prloes; mess remainedthe Lame. Beef continued firm Sales of lard were irade cn terms stated below. Grooeries continued quiet, and sales light For a report of the cotton marki t, we refer to the atticle below. Alio a.?There was vciy little doing in American pot*, which were sold, in a small way, at $6 a $6 12%; and ptarls were quiet at $6 Sales of 400 bbls. Canndian pots were reported at $5 76 (in bond). Bkeai BTirrri.?Flour- The sales for the day reached about 5 000 a 6 000 barrels, in separate lots, among which were 2 000 barrels fancy Genesee, at f5 87S; 600 do tlraight brands Michigan at *5 44; 400 do Genesee at >6 44. and 280 pure do at the same price, though | the article was generally held at (5 50 a $a 58)* ? i Sales M0 barrels < a Haitian flour, in bond, w?re made , for expoit at $5 25; sales 400 a 600 barrels Baltimore and (ieorgetown were reported at *5 60 a $5 82Jtf. Petersburg City Mills wan held at $5 esX- Wheat? Sales of , 4 OUu bushels Generea were made on private terms; { sales 2 0(0 bushels Ohio at 116a . and 1,000 do South! ern, old. at P8e. Coin?The sales for the day amounti etf to about 20,0CV bushels, in separate lots, including 6 CCO 1>u.<be's LlgL tn!jC?? at t?6 ; 6.COO do. do. at ' and about 5.C0O do. common mixed do. at 07o and 1."00 do round yellow at 7-lc. M>a/--No sales of moment were reported. Uj/s was quiet at COc. Kyr flour? Sales of 300 a 4ii0 barrels were made at $3 12X a $3 26 BarUy i ?Sales of 4 000 bushels were made at 029. a 04e. Sales ofransl Oats were reported at 35c a 35Xe. Csmii.cs?We notice sales cf 2M) boxes sperm, at 32a Silo. Judd's patent are selling at 38c. I otion?The demand to-day from spinners, joined to a moderate inquiry from shippers, took off 1,00* ba'es. trom the already Terv reduced stock PrloM are > full '46 up on the steamer's news, and ropeaW purer!* noli), establish un advance of -".thi on good grade*, 1 especially Uulf cotton. We now quote? Uplands. N.Orleant. Middling 0S>'?6^ (iocddo tiii aO'j 0J,?6% Middling fair 6','afl* 0V?a6'g Kair OXaC^ 7 a7 4 Fully fair Uocdfair 6J,a7 7>?a8 Stock. 16.0l>0 balm ; on sale. J3,000 do. Fur.iiiHTt,?1 <'00 barrel* Hour were engaged for Liverpool. In nn American ^ip. at 2>< ud. Beef in tierces at 4* , and 40 a 60 tone cheese at 30* Kiu'it.?The demand I* only moderate. Sale* comprise 2ro ca?ks tew crop entrant* at 7c ; ;10 frail* date* by auction, at o%c , and 2 000 boxen bunch raisin* at $1 40. 76 a 4-Sc. Toward* the clote of the day. however. tte market became firmer. a nd speculators hawing the advantage. would not meet buyer* under $1 46 1 tie lot* offering are noiv held at that figure. Kim ?In ccd. the market I? quiet ; $2 i* about the current price. Some Albany dealer* took 400 barrels No 1 and 2 Mats, mackerel on terma|wt? did not learn Of scale herring there were sale* of 700 boxes at &!o. Hat.?-Sales of 1 100 halea were made at 40 a46c. Lean was held at (M 12H Oiis?Holders of linked sre anxious to sell before the clore ot navigation, and consequently shove their supplies on the market. Sales to day include 12 a 16.1 (X) gallons Kn|llrh at 60S a 6le . and 4,000 do be?t American, at 51 a 63o There were also sales of 60.000 1L?. palm oil at ptlrkto bargain, and SO,000 do. U.low oil at 7#e. Id manufactured "perm wo notice a f*li inquiry at $1 22 for bieaohed winter, and $1 17 foi natural do. Bl-acheil winter Northwest Const whale It quoted at 63c i'RovuiONa Sales of JCO barrel* prime Pork were at 1-9 I2K Toward.* the close *'J Ih w*? a*ked. Sa:?? of 100 barrel* me<K were n ade in lot' at 5'). Lud. Sale* ot 300 to ton bbU. were mn'la* at r,\, ? n 7 c. A njiall lot of prime cpulity wa* reported ?old a* 7'a'o Beef ShUc of ICO fierce* prime me** ww? mat** at * 18 Ilojt* were felliuK at S,ljc., but wt-r<Mt<H* plenty. Sulep of 100 burrela ruity men* Po.-k *old at 10 Hi Th<ri* wii8 no rbati j* in <;hee*? or Butter Tallow.?Tbe market i* <juiet; sales of 15.0i.0 lbs. o mmon to prime at 7*^ a Slic. W ooi..?1 btre his b? en eome considerable more. j U'rut in iua innmrt, uut tut) puuuuimr ???" utk trtii^d Viiism v.?Sale) of 200 a 300 Vbla. State prison were made at 2-io. JHAHKETS KLSGWIIGKB. STOCK SALES. Pun Am i ruiA N'ov. 21 ,? t'irtt llmiril?f.l.'VI Stato-Vi, 7IV? flO.I WIdo., Id 74?i: tf-l.'wHJ do., i'. $?4'? I ehi?h lot.. 63; Jl I nirn Bank, Tenn. 43 ?v0 Wur lJouu'y, 9 17. 8. Bank. o. */1.: r* C.irarJ. r. U'3^ ^-1 100 Tenn. 6'a 7'i; $2,00(l C. W'a, 't?7- o. 1117; JfiO l*hi?h Int. 52W; 10 l'liintorb' liank, Toun , 4J>j: i.1,000 PluU'ft'a, 2dn, Tl\\ t21N Bteim Navi;*rm Int. b.r> .VI Virkiborn, 2di H%; fiOO KeadU'i aSwn IS$3,000 do. Bonds, do., M; It'll Uinrd 2d*. 1P??; I1"' ?o., bft I0?a'; 3*1 N. J. Copper, 1 lj,; 100 Girard, b6 1PJ?; $1^ Steam Navigation Int., M#n &IJ; 50 tioadint, SdilS; $?4,UC(I Steam Navigation (Ta, "6H, c. 119; $J.000 do, K'iwii 30; ?5.100 d"., W> :?); f4W: Lvh'r'i Coal Scrip, HO. After Soli *?J,000 Keadirg itai.'ruad, b'B, '40, 5S; 2,1100 Schuylkill Nar. (,',,?, 2 . Ii'.ltt) lie., do., do., 3>; 4J-I do. Int., 50; 150 Lehigh Na*. Coal Scrip. '0; 000 Reading Kailn ad; 15.'.{; SO do,, 15: .'t o (lirnrd Bank, 11% 2W New Jersey Copper. l)i. Scroiul Bourd ? l.ootl Finn. ft'* 7lX 10 Mmehill Railroad, ->7. After ti.ilen?20,0>KJ ! >' t.'a OH.:*'; lHOGirard Hank. l()Ji. i 1Ti?*on.Not.201?Broker*' Board?2 shamEasternRailr >ad, I | f,_ , j, M OBtf-rn do., It"; 14 do. do., 'Jltifc 20 do. iln? '.KIJ, Readmit Railroad, l'Xi 28 do. do, 15. 11-16,a HI; 15 di ?nil Co., I'1''ii; 9 do. Fitahbur* Railroad, l(?X; .1 do ta.-t 1W Wi.roetUr Kailroati, l0h*M; $3,(00 Keadit.g Kailron Ilnetonnufl , e j(,| yr,,,,,/ n(?,rd?1 -hires Boston aw d?- ^ ' I, 810,108W: 8 do. do., lftS??. M orccatfr Rai!r->^ . Ma ,, '.vrn/N WILL KUT AT Till 'ijiKMOl!! AtfbOi,. "orcer street, ou Wednesday eve VI itrrtn House. 7 k, on Thursday morning. Nor. 23 limr, Nov.I'l', at o'clock; a!i?o, . 'in ?r thine, (ientlomor ai ooiock, for targ3t practice, t. ~?tin? as above. I"ni ff "usni the excursion, must be at the n*v Mto gloves. Mus Toun In kJack coat ltd pants, blnck hat and v *h? armory I kets, belli, and a-umuMti-u, \T1II he furnished at v cult. Th( tl C wtati-tr is cold, uentlemcn wtll hrinn dark ot?h 1 aftei com prey v ill procttd to lloUilen for tar^ft practl^ iae whiidi they willretuni to the uity and dixn at the Howard t>b at.IK o'clock. C. 8. Tl'itNUCI,L, Capuln, C. B Ham,, OrderlyX' O'llil III V'lllhiSAMA VILLAGERS - A MKKTINfl will l<i' field tlii? cvtning, at 7 o'clock, In American Hall, corner of Iltoadv ny and Grand street. to decide tho number for choice of lot* in Upper Moriitania. Subscribers are reiiuested to b- punctual, and a!l others who lVel interested ar? iuvited to attend. WANTED TO PURCHASE A LOT OF GROUND, LAYlug somewhere beeween 27tli and ,15th streets, and 3d and 5t' avenue*. Addr'as Lot, at tlifa office, statin; loweat cash price. WANThU-A LA D V'S Mill), O\R WHO U.VDERTANDJ

necdluwerk, and oantake oare of ohildren. Apply at70 Warren ktue'. G#od refercice will lie rr<|iiiro-l. WANTED-A 811 uatio.n, IIY A VLKlf 0 JMPJCTENT Cir', with good oity rcf. n nee, to oook waih .ino ir_>c, or do the housework if a private lurnly. P.ta e ca 1 at No. "i Oth avenue, in the bookstore. WANTED.?A situation BV A RESI'ECTAIIE VOIJNG woman, to do general housework, plain cocking, and washI in* and Ironing. Please apply at No. 17 Keetor street. Tho beat ol rt fereiie t can he ir?v.-n. ? an be iwn f>,r t?'" day* Wanted?a situation, by a respectable vor no woman, to do general liousewor* in a private family. Tne j best of ci j reference, iiaa no objections to go a short disimeo in th>' country. PleMO call a' b'.'H <ir- on street, in the ro'ir. Wa.NTED-a PARTNER, EITHER ACTIVE OR SILENT, with from to fcft.iWU cash capita), in a business that ! ia already paying ;<U) per cent profit per a innui, and can be in. crva* d to any extent. The most satisfactory informition given, by addressing box 2,740Post-office. WANTED.?A SITUATION BV a rksl'EC TABLE PROtestant Girl, hs C laailnimaii?is a i*o...t wasncr and ironer. Can take o*re ol c'iihlrei>, and do piain ajwii g. and willing to make herself r< mi ally uieiul. Please a;>ply at 3'J Rivlrgion t'., in the rear. Wanted-a srruATioN, bv two re-ite ;ta bll Protestant young women, one as Cook. She understands her buaiLcie in all its branches. Also, a young woman Wishes a situation to do general h >usework. City reft rences given. Thy bave lived two years in their last places, i'l .ass oall at 3f Rivingtou street, in the u ar nn ft-.irt. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT 01 tL' twelve yiara ot age, a a tuation to wait on a lady, aud t > i aasiat in llgl.t houtewoik, if ltunircd. Can have her for four or I live year* it agnod tip >n None but a first rato lady n?ed apply. Please to call at 07 Li hth avenue. Can be ??ea for two d lys. WANTkP?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE IN A GEV tleman'l family, by a healthy youci woman or reap eta" I bility. having lost her huaband vcrv recently, and ta desirous ot i obtaining a situation in a respectable family. The most roup '.etaI hie city itferenco given. Any person in want of suon will please leave a note at tho office ot this paper, for D. H. L, which will be attended to. Wanted-by a respectable young woman, a cituatlon to do general housework for a small family; or aa Chambermaid, and to help with Washing ami Ironing, in which work (he is perfect. Beit of city releren<:? oan bo given lrom tte last place that ahe resided in for two years and a half. Kr.'ioiti at Mo. S28 Broadway, ietween 11th and 12 th atreota, for two daja. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ man, as Waiter or Ptotman, in a private family. The Ix st of city iclerenoe. Add rets to J. C., at tho office of this p*l** WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, aa Plain Cock, lb a good Waahcr ?ud Ironer, or to do the general huuaework of a small family?haa no ulijectioa to go a (.hurt distance in die oountry. The beat ot city reference can be given. Apply No. 14 Franklin at. tlrat floor, in the rjar building. *17 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv young woman, aa Cook, Waaler, and Ironer, or to do chamber-work or waiting, or to take care kf children. Beatef city inference can be given, by applyii g at No. 46 Elm atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Cook, Washer, an I Ironer, "r to do the geneial hcuse-wcrk or a (mall private family. Can give the Cvatof c t) leferanoe, from her laat situati"n. Lias no objection to go a ehort distance Into the country. Pleaae oall at No. 43 Bpiiug aticct. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS Light Porter in any kind of ator i or offioe, would be willing to n<ako himself generally useful; can write a |o >d hand, and haa aome Inowledge of accounts; lie refers to hia late p'aor, whore he baa been employed the laat aevvn )eara; oan givenny aeiurity that is iei|iiired. Address to, or ik'iuire fur J. v.. 241 Broadway, which w ill meet with attention. Wanted-by a respectable young woman, a situation ?.< Cook, Wtahirg and Ironing, or (>'humboraiaid. FletM) in<|eire 27f>? Bowery, ahoe store. Can be aeen fjr two daya. WANT1D-BOARD AND APARTMENTS IN TUB UPPER pan of tho city, by a gentleman and lady, in a comfortable houte with modern improvements. Addrea Q. 0. L? office of thia I W?J WANTED?A SITUATION BV A MIDDLE AGED REspectable Scotchwomen, to tend Children or mike herself | generally 1' fill; a comfortable home being wanted wagus not so I ninth in object Addrtss, post paid, to A C, SH Hudson street WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A MOST RESPECTABLE jourg woman, as Cook, Hasher and Ir>uer. Tho b?st ef tity reerence Irom last place. Apply at No. 40 14th street, between f?th and Kth avenue*. Can tu K en for two dsys. WAMKD-I1V A RESPECTABLE V i|"Nli IViUHV, A situation as S?atnstreaa. Children'* Nurse, or Ch-imbermaid. Ad>ertiser world go, for moderate wages, in a private family whi r* she coold gtt home iuitrnctian. I' address cr till to "M. V.," 112Clinton PUce, near McDotigalstreet. ll'ANTir-A SITl'AI ION, BV A VERY RESPECTABLE Tf mtestant yonng R rl. todoCh.imbir Work and ifaitinR. orniind rlnldien. The nest of city reference can be given lor hoiesty, sobriety, and truthfulness. Please call at .16 Gr"at Jon?? stnrt. in the fear Can l>o tern f"r two days, if tot tngtged. TAI1.0RS.-WANTK0 A BPSIlELIf AN, ONE WHO IS ci'inpe'ent, may apfly at 12 Park place, botwecn soveu and e'fH't o'clock in the evenlnr. \Kf SPEC TA(il,E PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS Nurse nnd ?t amstiesa, who understand* both, anJ would n aVe herself useful. Ca>i g've Rind city reference A note adc'.p i-Mid to M. C , and left a' tKe Herald Office, wi.lbaat'en led to. AMU'ATION WASTED?BV A KESI'ECTABLK YOCMU Woman, as Clanibermaii or Wai'er in a small respectable tunnly and can give the best city references frrni ri'Sp-fCtihla families, with whom she hai lircd with for more than two yeirs. Apply at No. A2 Sprirg street, front hasement. ri'tlHH DAnilU, t"K A t.H> I l.tMA'i a SON. OF J. micu jeara ?f ii,'/'. He be acquainted with English, Fiench sod German. Appl'caton.". stating character, reference, niialificntiona and terms, addressed to "It. B," and loft at the HcraM office. will r" five immediate attontiio. A FRENCH COOK, WHO PERFECTLY I"NT KH8TAVD3 her prr.leseion, is desirous of anengagement, either in aorao Inr^o public establishment or in a private family. Apply to " Cniaaim or Cook." at the office of tlx N. Y. Herald. DENTIST-WANTED?BY A YOU NO M AN, WUOSItAS a thorough knewlfdge of all branches of the profession a M uatinn by the week, in the meohanbal department i>f a lienlift's i flic?. A lino addressed to lK-ntiit, at thii office, will te attended to. TO WATPBMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.?EMPLOYMENT wartedbyan experienced Watchmaker, who undervsnda Ina Imsiree*. For particular* apply to V. J. MAUN IN V C J UKDIN. No. l!< Maiden lane. c "W W I REWARD W II.!, BE PAID TO ANY PE'.S'IN ipt/\' \ f wl owill open a Padlock, at the People's Bi/iav and free Picture Qal'ery, MH Chatham street, corner of Mulberry street. N. B.?Tw o large rooms literally covered w ith ohuice paintings and engravings. & in nno To ,,n bond and mok.gage I 'vU?n gr od Productive Reil Etate >n tlisctty ? This mm h longs t an ratatc held In trust, and wMtie loaned for a terra ol years, and di> idi'il in''i <uma to mit applicant'. App'y to 0. S. BROAD, No, 11 Wall street, in the Cruton Water oili e, basement. ft AUTION.-ALL f BR SON 8 ARE HF.KEBY CAUTIONED \ against trusting any p run <in my account, as I will pay no debts unless contracted by myself, J03EF QL'NGL. ,\e w A rV, Ni \< tuber 22. I Is. r|M> W1NF. AND GENERAL MERCHANTS?TilF, ADVER1. User, w ho pos>c?m.'?a thorouglfknowledgi ef his bn.inesa is deiiront of aci eptit g anengatooieat as bookkeeper or clirk with a najectnble l.ouae; he can, if deairabla. obtain aMpmentt of witealromOp rto and Cadia, and in other r.'ipocta make hlsservicfa valuable to any house engaging him. Apply to 3. N., office of the Herald |V><? SAI.E-AN EXCELLENT SADDLE AN ' PAR \DR I Ilcrse. long till, fn t showy; price Alao. a second hand t-mliv Carr^ige. and aaeoond hand KreW*?a* Anniw T,?ir?. ton To?uaeud'e*t?b'.e#, 7J Rtade i&eot. ' r' * TWTKWSPAPER FOB 8ALB IN BOBTov. \ WEEKI.V Nc^tpaper. ol good emulation, i? ollored for eale rhe*p for .ah, For further information, pie a* addreae ' Weekly Newa,.if*r ' I- > K H"V "J. Boron, Mnee., with true name. fl IKANDOLES. WITH RIIWV A N l> t K VSOPA COLUHNS. V> on entire new article; Malned ll.ill Lanlhi'rn". S > Clundalier*. table and bracket Lntnp?, oferery deeeription, for oil auti <tui|>liine; bouquet stand*, te? trays, he., at roduoed prices. JOHN W. MOItUAN. Wo. l.M Fulton street ono door Mat of Bwwwtway. It'OTK'B TO OENT1 BME.V -AN E3TADI.l8ilUF.NT FOR il tlecxprea* (nrp ae, line o|?ned ibNo. 6 Murrey etrejt. r??r Bowery, forelennlnf, dyeing. repairing, and altering. Oentlctren'iClo'.hing. itJhe thor'ejt poeeiMe notice, en I a ttie lowest (rices < oat. e!c?ned, and 1 and sou ely pressed, for #s.; p uita .V. Bear in mind, I nee no itoam or dieagrcenble coloring. A eall or line at'ended to In any pari of the city, by the ge iernl ,ml. r, ol No. f, Murray etmet. A.CORTIS <H New restatrant ?" broth ess pefkins," re. speotfully l*? to Inform their frienda esp-oinlly. and the public cev.erelltr, that thoy bare leaaed the entire basement of Odd Fu low'e Hall, (11)9 by 7& feet) cornni of (Jnnd and Centre atreeta, and. rxardleee ol eapenK. hate ftirniahed It. nnd intend to keep it, in a ityle tUey an oonfl lent will meet the withe* o( tiie moat futldwu*. A. H. H. PERKINS. i. a. perklns. - ? ? - w- - - - ?- -- . ' I DARK THFATRr-WEDVMIMT IVININO, NOT. ? . M will be prodoord EDITH, or Dsalingt with the Una of U >m, I bey and Soa-Oaptain Cattle, Mr . Mr. D'rabey. .Mr. (iiltxri; Mr. Toota, Mr. Hakut, M". H*uu.?'-u; Mr. 1 ?ii>er, Mr. t. <*'. Ci*1 * >> J* * Uuu*t>y, Mr. J. M. 9c ??; Tow!J"?' ii. Wr. Staffer); tilth, Mr? Rhaw. ivisau Nipi?ir, Mi? Mury T?-lor: Mr*. Mc.stnv.or. M *a Hunt. To oonolndi witii TII#()I.borARD ?Hav?r?iPk. Mr. II. Pla^dr; l.ori UmarlHo, J Vr D?wa?n; l.ady Bean ill* Vr? Dyitt; M"'tni- Mr* i Dr?aaCircle 76 cent*; Family Cirele, (fc* wrti; Upper Bo*?f, 3fl emtr; Pit. 37)t eenta; G.? lcry. liH 'eat*. Uoori oi-).i at n^lf I put 6 : perlonni nee to commence at 7. BOW'BBY TIIEATBB.? BENLFIT Of MX. B. WILMAIM ? Wtdie*l?y, No*. 2., will be i> rformed K<?-r CMNI TOv ? M heMiiclii, Mr. ??. II Clarke; li dwtrd M'alt n, Mr i J II. lla'l: Ntd tlauk, Vr Uiifl; How Clinton. Mirt 0. I W>)usi. After which, ti e I III- !l AH!l\WilWK-iir Ca'rick I tl'l lompn, >'.r II. Vt'i.liamn, I'linre h"d.ilp*i.J II. Ilall: l^'ly ' Ip'i'otlla Mus C. It eyirm To U I l>f UOHN T')ttOOJ l I'CR ?1'nndecii o'R:\!T> > y, Mr IJ. Willian : Utunt 'W?ni, Mr. | h<>?? ' oui ' Hiretitl Vr ' (' Dunn: ''mj 'lr'. Urnjid'ey. To contfud* with the NU\r <)KT,E*VS SE^VV DtKS. Drort open at oommenoo at 7 o'clock prudnlr. Bcxci,2S oenta, l'it and Ualicry, '.>a oonta. CUANFKAI'S NEW NATIONAL TUKATKE,FOKMKRLY Clm'tium -Third tiijihl of Yittikco We Incmlay eTi'niuK. No?enil*r if-'d, will be porturnicii the GRKeiM .MOUNTAIN BOk ? Jcdmiah liimiottc i. Mr. Ilili; hamliicl.l, Mr McVa laud; Bdwaid Mrmton. Mr Ttltota; Mim S h Mr?. Oha-man; Fi'en Tmnpkir.? Mr?. Ifhcrwcod. After whi. h NF.W YUKKAi IT 18? Mosf. Mr. Clianfran; Joe, Mr. Burko; Charlan Meadow* Mr. Kichaidion; W ill,am Twill, Mr. J|. rbcrt; K ity. Him Metayer. To conolu'e with NMV NOiION??M?j >r, I Oil UUJ, ini. icupn, int. ?jri'ir; air. .>nirnnam. Illtont *rt. Ledger, Mra Chftpman. B'X'a JS 'ontfl; Pit litV. oen'a. Doom open at o'clock i porformanc; tco'immcncu at 7 MECIIANICB' IIAIX, NO. 47 ' DMIDVAr. BKl'iVEEN Crand and ilroomo Htroet*. commenced on Monday. <lot. i 1 '.'d, and will contiuue every night un'il hirther l.otloe.?Kiubth I wn'k of tha re-opriing. The original and well-known OMItf rys I MlNSTKEiy. (orjamred in 1W2.) THE 1'IK-T TO I1AHUO1 MZF. NEUKO MElAIDIES. AND UKIQIVATORB Of TUB ' I PKUBfNT POPULAR STYLE OF ETHIOPIAN KN'IKR' I TAINMBNTS, whoao conoerta in thm olty, for a period of urn i moetha, were received with audi diktiniruiahed favur and nat.roj nage,have the honor of announcing to the ladies and guntloraen i a New Vork and vicinity, tha; they will give ? seiiea ol their popular Concetti, Introducing a variety or tbolr original Binga, Choiuwa, Characteristic Danoa*. ike. Atlinituiiwn ?5 cent*. Doors " open at 7. Conceit will commence at H o'olo >k. An Aftoruoom ! Concert every Saturday, cominonolng at 3 o'clock, I'. M., under tlic management and direction of E. I*. Christy. On Thursday, , j?ov. 2.3)1, riianUppviiiR I ?> , au afternoon ouijaert, oon?moaci.?R i at 3 P. M. ___ '. CTOPPAN1 IlALI, CORNEA Of BROADWAY AND t k? Walker street.- >'. Grain St <'o.'n Grand Moving 1'anoruii.a I of Mexico, illustrating the Pictcreaque and Komantio Soencry t of that wonderful country, and the giorons Campaign of the , American Army, under the command of Q< ner*l H iuHul 1 Scott, from the bombardment ol tl.e City of Vera Cru7. to the nltAtinir if ll.n Air,.ri.^?? lln- I,n II . II- ...... 1 *"""!? . .... ... --- ?? .uunusiumaa, now ex1 Inn every ever ins:, and on tfco afUruoona of Wednesday and j,iV T Doora cj* a ni 7 o'clock. Tlie picture will oommeiioa j golTv * inartor before eight Price of adralaeion, 25 eenta; I BttvfnR - '?n yoara of Me, half prion. Reserved seat/ican ' chlldien ?w>"*r ? ^ from 9 till 11, and from 1! till 4. Liboral be a?* ined at the oiw I term* midV\? ItTi jwlv,w??. T~~ ,, ?? P. T. HA.KNUM, PROBAKNUM'S AMERICAN 'nlendid performance* priotor; F. Hitchcock, "Inn at 7,'-? o'clock I every morning at ll>{, afternoon, at 3, anrf ?t?. oth, hat con' The ojiglnal Gen. Tom Thumb, bolng on hiowa'r*. and com, tented to open leveea at the Mnecxiii for a few i.***., _"nai oea mcnelug Monday, Nov 20th, will give his entile jiow' '.jjcei. i every roomici. afternoon, and evening, at 113, and 7>j " ' Gruit Western, tlie Yankee Comedian. The Sable Bryth* V , moBt euperb and tulentcd hand of Negro Sin era, Dancer*. I Fete Moiris. Mite Lcalie. Tlie llighlan! Ma-nmoth Boy*. B>ormoun LivingOurang Outang. Fatry Family. infant Veatris. Wax I Scripture Stntuajy. Madam Rockwell, tl.o laiuou* Fortune Teller, tr?y be privatly consulted at an mc'ra ohargi of 2' cunts. A(imi"aion to the whole, including Museum, Peifurmanoos, Gen. Tom Thumb, Ike; 2A oenta; children untler tea vearsofa^o, and j old enough to walk alone, ccnta. Reserved front nuata, one billing each, extra. Removal of sands, lent & co/ij nippof'EKfKAN Arena and Ciroua.?This itntii- nse establishment in m?> m. opened on the lot known an Niblo a Garden, (.roadway Per formances. including the feats of performing elephants, horse*, conic!*, ?ud rnuica, with the acta pf a splendid e<|uuatrian and gymnastic troupe, are given every evening. Admission H oents; onildien under ten, half price. Doors open at li}?? pcrfit minces corenee >t 7li- a performance ou Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at 2J4Ty A BERN ACL E? A GRAND CONCtRT TO SUPPLY V'jEdifor the erection of a:i Orphan As.lum, on the ground previous!) pranted by the corporation of the city, will positively take place on Tlreaday evening, Nov 2Hth. leader of the Orohiwtrs.Signor Rapetti. Maestro at the I'lauo, Bignor lUrili. Tickets 50 cents. ___ | rZOOLOClCAL HALL, NOS. 35 AND 37 BOIVBRV.?TUii JiJ elegant cstablishn ctt opeus Monday evening, Nov. 2lKh, Willi the largest collection of living Beasts and B'rds in Auier ' ien. I'erfniinaijees ?ro given by Mr. Brooks, the lion oonipierof; i performing Ehphants, and trained Monkeys and Ponies. Ad- | mission,25cents? children tinder!', half price. Open from IX till 4, and from (' % till 9?poitorronni o at .i and rt. Season ti keta $y VAN aMBI'RGN Sl CO., Proprietors. Bombardment or vera cruz, mm brovdway, near Niblo'a oil Garden.?Thia mngniiicent Diorama will 1)0 exhibited thia afternoon, and to morrow, < Thanksgiving Day) at .1 o'clock. Admi'tance, 25 cents, children halt' price. A liberal I Usance to nd oola. _ Napoleon crossing the alps.-this great hjs horic&l Pioture, by Dolaroohe, is now exhibiting at the tfv ! tional Academy cf Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard treet. Open from nine. A.M., on til t?n, P.M. Admission, 2So^ leuon tickets, 60o. ANTHONY J. BLEECKKB, AUCTIONEER.?VALUABLE real estate in tho vicinity of lludis n B|uiro, on Madison avenue. Thirtieth nnd Thirty-first streets, for sale, ctt VVednta day, Not. 22d, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' E<ihan(p>?2 lota I on the east side of Mad'son avenue, commencing 25 feet south of Irk!-!!.!.*!. -I..?, . 1 1?? ,1... .1 - tuitiuicwipiifvm i iuvvu WHjnifuunKlltunifr <>' MtllllHOU HYQnuc and Tliirtj-lirat street; - 'otn adjoli irg on Madison avonu* ; 3 lots on the south aid* of Thirtieth street, 175 feot east of Jl^dl sot avenue ; 3 lots on th? north utile of Thirtieth atrvot, 2j'i l'eet east of Madison areBue, near tl.s Fourth; 4 lots on th? south side of Thirty.first street, 125 feot east of Madison avenue ; Mot* on the north aid* of Forty-Iourth utreet, 12U feet east of Sixth avenue, bet?een 'l.e Filth and Sixth avenues The above loti an all beautilully situated <n what may l>? oalled tho back h ne of tha island, between the Fourth and Fifth avenues: affording th? most convenient facilities to the lover par of the city, as well as a beautiful prospeot ot vessels pasaingup and dswn the North and East rivers. JM. B. BOCERT. Al'< TIOX EER ? MASON S IRON'S TONE l UML?TMs day. Wedr.i s.lay, 23d Nov in her. at 12 oViook, at No. Hi Maiden lane, an entire Invoice of Mason's patent ironstone China, of nineteen hogsheads, comprisingCollso Cups and Saucers. Plates, I. 2. 3 and 4 lb. siie; pitchers, various sizes; Tujrefable dishes, &?e., Ate., suitable for hotel and steamboat use; will In ojwnod and sold in lots to suit imrcli?s*>rs. AUo. 4(1 cases heavy flint tumblers,1! and tj pint. The sale is to closo a concern. and will be pertinpti ry. FNI30N, T11I3 DAY.?FRANK 1.1 N COFFEE IIOI.'jB, 80 Maiden Lane and 15 Cedar. Threo superior saddles of Vrni on will lie dresied this day, and served up Currant Jslly, at 31'4 cunts per plat?. Ready at 12 o'e'ock. JOHN r. BSOWN. I job sale.?an elegant rosewood cased piano Forte, ol ??? (JoUrea, of l:?ht touch, rery brilliant tons, and ?iih all the latest iujirncmouta, made by Stodart Sf Dunham, of this (I y, Wh?M name alone in a anft ent warranty ol it* excellence. Any one delinks of obtaining a good initrauient, will do we'l by ea'iine to eie the above, at 2!"< Bowery, private e ltranre. Notice is iiereiiv given, according to law, to all peraora ' avin* cUitna acairat Joa?ph 8. Merrill, late of the County of Richmond, rtccea*-d, that they are le.juired to exhibit the tame with the vonchera tlienol, to the aubanriben', the executcra of the laat w II and t> a'.an.ent of the aaid do ?a<ed, At the dweliri hotifo of loaac Merrill, one of the aatd executora, iu tlio tov n of Northlield. in the connty oi Riihinoud, on or before the third Monday of May next isaac merrill ) Da'ed, Nov. 1.1 1*?h. ai.stin TOMHN3QN, \ "ocotora. Fine jewelry, silver wake, diamonds, Watchea, fee.?Charles Stewart, manufacturer. No. I.) Jehn afreet, tip atalra, offer* for aa!e a ae ect Maortinent of Tin* article! onl* at moderate fixed |>ii< . No imltationa madi or Bold at thia eatabliihment. A peraon of good addreM aud education wanted to axa'at in ti e retail department. Ned bl'ntline'8own.?toeastomshim;six-cess of thia Paper aiablea the Publiaher and Kdi'or to give hia patrona, thi3 week. Two fplendid Original Engraving!Monea and bia Golden Dnam; Peter Funk and hia Coualua. Double olliwatce of the " Mjaterea," and tie "Life Yarn:" Senteno? of llanit, the Gambler, anda>me Forty ( riginal Article*; beaid* much intereatingOlty Itetr-izlng. Publifhed on Friday, 1 P. M. Office No. Stf'H Broadway. Travelling trunks.?joiin catt.nacu, trunk 1 .Maiiiifaotxrer, No lWallatreet, corter of Rroadw?f, has > now on nam., ana loniuuivy niaKinfc. a goon runout or Trunk*, Valises, t arpet Its.-. ai.d SuUheli, wholesale and retail. A'no, a mpcii"! article of sole I."ath*r Trunk*, hi liable for American or Etrop an tiavi I, anil PortmuDteaui for the French M?IU Post*. Ordetafcr the Wen Iudles, Soutli America, Sic., tilled with del patch. CRth KERY ICR TUB HOLIDAY*. AT LOW PR I K<, No. I.'l James Slip, i.ear South tree t. Tea, Coflte, Dinner and Toilet tefi, Gla-w Celery Sunls Lain pi, Tumblers C?s\or Hottles, Salt Standi Toy Tea Setti, Toy Platen, Earthen Pic and Pudding Dishen, Lamp OlasKi (or storea, Hie., ttc. _____ OkOKUB W. ROSS. HOl'SI TO 1ST, IMMEDIATE P03?E*<I0N, CORNER Twenth-tiftn it tret and Fourth avenne.?It ii a denrablo residence lor a private family, coatsini most of the modern iml rovenier.ti, cold and warm lathi, &c. and ii in exce'lent order, hav i g tton painted throughout in the spring. A learn mr?y be had Ii r a term of yean Apply to D. Ivans, 10 City Hall Placi, or at hs reM-'enc#. neat door to the hon?. IM:RS AT WHOLESALE AND RE1 AIL.?GEOil'iE STEUirt. No. 47 John It.?A ver? large and handitonie assortment | cf Rnssian and Hudson Ray Sable Muffs. Victories, C'nfTi and j trlmmirfs. Ktone. Martin, Chinchilla, Mi' k, Fitch Siberian i 8'iuiirel, blue and cross Fox, very tine, Isabella Bear, Natural and London Pyed Lynx, Call and see. TD. J A< K?()? PATENT AN M, Nl 1ATOKS? rili 8UB critwrxmaniifacture the nbjve machnes for hotels, stoamtni|?, and private dwelling!, and are the only anthori* d maker* ol them. All perioni are cautioned agaiait fnlnni$ln* the patent. either as makers or u??M of them. Orderit>r>niptlyexecu!?dand i warranted. T. D. JACKSON ft. CO., 132>{ William street. New Tork. STATIN I.UAND F.RKT --THB STEAMHOAT STAT1K ' Inlander will run at follow*;?Leave New York at !?, II. 1 j .'VVi, and 0% o'clock. Leave yuarantine at 8, 10, 12, 2 and 9 ; o clock. | THE STEAMSHIP AMERICA WILL SAII, FROM TIIK deck*, Jirary City, ou Wedm-sday, 22<1, punitutlly, at twelvt (12) o'clock. PACKETS FOR IIA VRB.?FF.CON D LINE TIIK SHIP ' Oneida, J. WUIard. master, will sail oa the 1st Decembernovo It I1INCK.EN, Agents, fM Wall meet. IRIMI A N D SCOT i II MAl.T WUI3KEV- IIICII FLAVORED and su|?ricr quality, in packages to tuit the trad'-, and bettor adapted Tor their pnrron than any in th" market. For ?!? at i very much leas than th# usual rar>'l, by WILLIAM X. PARKS, Malt n hiikey Distiller, f<< Serenth avenue. Olfloe. < Stone it. Medical offu k.-dh. johnson. ih duanestreet neat Chatham stre', ?o well known u the most siuiMMftil aractitioni r In Now York. in the ir -anient of venereal 'liaMaoa. Tho Doctor'! repotatien tor skill in those old half ctind naari that have existed for years, is pre eminent. Oloe;, stricture, uloert upon th? hody, nc in the throat < t note, pains in t?ie head and v.,>,,?> nf the lein >-f!i,?tnmlIv cured. Constitutional woaknem. brought on by a (rent habit Indnbred In by youn?t men, caning laaciviooi drams and nightly em:eeion?, poaitirol* prevented! Reoe: t oawaeured in tour d?)?, without mercury. N<j alteration in Hint, o' PTK*ntt(on from t,u?ipee? Dr. JKKfRllS ANTIDOTE 18 Till MOST EFFECTUAL preparation (old for Gonorrhoea aud other disorders of the Suxual Orxana I,?n# experience kiu (roved thnt it will radi cally cure any oane. Tbu dctirab)* romlt it obtained in from two to ten d?y?. and aa it neither ereatea nauaea nor oSenda the palate, and render* unneeewary any deviation in diet ot interruption to uaual pinuita, aound eleep, or honlthr digest on, the nuisance it thus removed aa speedily aa ia oonaiateut with tha production ot a thorough and permanent (Mire. Ita ingredient* are entirely vegetable, and no iniuriuua etfeot, either constitntionally or locally, oan l<e eausol by ita uee. Pri.-e tl per b? ttla. Bole A (tent for thia oity, c. U. RING, 192 Broadway, eornor John ttreft _ i Doctor fawcett uas removed m? office to m Day street, win re he oan be consulted on all Private D.aeaa- ! aa. The moat obstinate yield to hia mods or treatment, which U en the Non-Mercnrial System. Strictures, no matter of hew long tandina. are treated by Dr. F., on the moat Heatirte and 1 approved plan. The victim* of constitutional debility. breiwht I on oy indiareetindwleencta, can anplv with a eertalnty ot oora. Pre paid latter*, eneloting a ha, attended to. Offloe. II Def Hurt Strictures-its nature, symptoms, consbocencen, the rvmedics and recipee, mode of detecting, aud only permanent cure. No one, poeeeMin* the work.aeed long lie truobUd with stiicture* Fifth edition. .VI p?. Frioe H. May be Ud of Ute author, 35 orcenwioh KMti or *7 P-** Cm r roadway theatre?e. a. marshall. peophvij jot?w <"lnf?da> Evening, Not. 12. will be porf'irnmxt BaJwai'a lay #f K1? UKLltlJ?Riohrlito. Mr. Murdoch; the I'harmlMt Via a prat Mr. Ojott; Joarak, lb. Vaohe; Julia 4a M.irwmit. JtiJ? F?tn<y WaJUck: Mart >n (MEarat*, Mlna llildrcth Alter the nlaf. hr Mitii 1 yriwll wl'l perform acvanl f?vortt? airi ibe Belli. T > r artailr wiiii tha faro of un UST I.KOV (, Mr. Maoarthy; Mr Hlrera. Mr. G. Andrawi: Chirlm Mr. Baker Mr. TUok*, Mr. B*n ?rd: Mr?. Moxtarna. Him MlldraMi; Julia. Urn Uhrrwa'd. I>r?i?e Cinla and Par<|ua'ta, 7S oenta; Fairll) Circle and t'pper Tl' rn. ?'i nrnta . (Jalitry. at*. Um r?M?i'*e hall-pxn ?>?performance u nmmmfi at/ o'?luak. Bl.RTo.Vi- TUKATRE, CiIAMBEKB STREET -WEDNK8 ? ) i veniu*. Nov. 22? benefit of Mia* O'liai nun -Will tw (ailoriuM thecoiuvdy of THE OI.D ENGLISH GkNTLEMAN ?S*?;?i4r? kr< atiland?, Mr Burton; Tomporaor.), Mr? Vertiou: Miaa )'? ?> Vaiil am. V!i?? c. I harmar. Afier whluh HU1I 'At ARKiVAF..-' J'.wf Jiuk'I, Mr T. It. Juboatun; Mr. Orofoliet. Mr. Ha)m<>nd; Bur n Mr Jordan: Jenny Jir-^'l, Mia'U. CI aim .in. To onncluV with BKvUTY ANH THE BEA1T? Aldpate I'mnp, Mr Burl' n; John Quill. Mr. C. BurKe; Meliaia, MiwC. Ch; piran; UarynkU Mr? A Kni*tit. DreaiCircle, .Kfe; Family Circle or *??ond Tier, i>o. Doora op-u at k tia'at 6 -curtail, to ri? at 7 o'clock. MITCHELLS (JLYMl'K THEATRE -H EiiN Y KVL i ing, **ot. 22, will U performed ASMODEUS? Kordluand. Mr. OUrkj Don Kafuel D'Rutanago, Mr Arnold ; Gil Vnrj,i,Mr. NioViimon; Carlo Oroaehi. mim Clarke. To i>? follow# J by A GLANI K AT NEW YOKE?Mo??, Mr. ConoTer; itiVnuy, Mr. 1 Bli < kor; Harry Gordon. Mr. Arnold, Gc irui fiirwlin, Mr. <1 irk; Jul f. Mr Ninkiuaou; Jane, lUia> Roberts. After whi n.TH K4KIJ4 1 AM) aKIaUNE?Miclalun, Mr. Cenorer; Boeahua, Mr Niokio. ! an; tl?sens SmllKiOiannn; Ariadno Minn f'lurWn To rob. i elude with tho farce of NATIONAL DEFENCES?^itnon Marrautat. Mr Holland: (tinilv. Miaj Pliilliiv. Doord own at kur I put 0?curtail data at T.' Broadway cuci a, ami am bra. between sarins and Krii.oo streeta. - John Tnron and Corporal Thampao.^ Mana^ci ? Mi.n dar.Tueadajr and WVdneaday evening;, Nor. JKfc ll?t, and Xfd.? Brilliant triumph of talant.?01y*.?ip c Exm-jim ! > me tint itrtuta ?t Eur<.tw and America. jioreemenafaip. fcf Maflnr W. Nix n. *a?tcr Williami, Mr. C?;roll, Mr SIiimMm Mr. 8-indell. Acrobatic Fcata, by the Vrenob Brother* Mar#| netti in their Yov* Aoadaml.|iwia. P>-.imid *n ine Kl^vatnl Co with Madamo Julien, and Cnuiio Vaiitomiroo. Beautiful mi'l'vUr .lea Nixcn and >ap !?, lifter* WHlie and (Jbat^jt The Clowna Gosnin ?r d Our lner Si-,? Doioa, IV) oont^ l/aptr j Circle, 26 cant*. Children halt priuo. Commence yt paat J. ; f FK^TIVAi, CONCERT, AT TUB FEUtLE A'JAr , Brooklyn, on Thn. sdav eveninr, the o' Y6^ Mt, bv tlm Ueitnania Mnairal S&clu'y, C. Louech.;vr, leader and with *h? kind aaaiatance of Mr.* Antoinette Ot(A. I'roiram'ma.? Mlmt.-l Overture. MiUKaniello.Alibor; 2. Walts. Tli<; l'e?Uwit L?ni er: X Crar.d Aria, liy MrK. Antolneito Otto; 4. Grai d .Sol* overa their,n frcm Kolert Ic Li.ablo, executed by Memra. ?rrnhn and I'iaiter. Furstenan ; 5. General Taylor's Triumph March,ooapowd a'pro?al.v for thin i.?caaion by C. I^naohow. II Tart?I. Overture. Tha Hebrides, Meudelaaohn : 1. Souvenir of crmpoaci by C. Iieniohow, aud executed t>?r tlto lirjt timo; 3. Cavuline, by Mrs. Antoirette Ott>: t. Qoadrillc, The llarnonskir.dcr Ntrauss; S Republican, (Jrand Potp .url, C l.<ns<ihow. Tick. tf IWc nti?. Pit formate to romme-ici- at H o'clock. SMITH': MINSTKKLS A KE AT THE NEvV KOOU, VU ihoadway, next door to tho Broadway Theatre.?Conoort U??? Ewrinif. commencing at 8 o'clock.?Tig director of Sini Ui'? M n.Mrw, W. I. Smith, lias the pleasure of introducbg to tit* public of New York a com pan v composed ol tho bast aojessibta talent in tho oountry,' embracing the cream of sumo of the troops which have hl'hertn stood highest in popular favor, lie Nm taken tho New Room, one of thu moat beautiful and comtnodioM rooms in town, for the season, and iB determined toexpungo frooa his concerts everything in tLe shapo of offensive vulgarily% Among other well known and talonted musicians and ungera Ik his com par y ato D. C. Abbott, late director ot Ohrryi MisItruls; J. P. Carter, lale of Cauipbell's Miuntrols; (J. R. S" laic director ol tho Sable Harmonists. A Concert f ,.,fy | ivg duiingtho wcok at S o'clock. Door!) ..pen at ? o'clock. Am Mieninon Concert ovory Saturday, commencing at 3 o'clock. - < ( n Thursday, Not. 21 Tuukagiring Day. an AfUrnOM Vmh*tV?. v'cbkt Vr?^"tB ban.-,. (iiATiTSr i i ? nny)?Mclncsday Evening. 22d November ? nEHMANNnkchTlTA^ DT' Cu?(,,uct:'r411,1 Manner. Progr*i?5 il,ifmi-l Ourh."'' , ' ? M"?tte de rortioi"-Auba*. 2. Vacations brlllantea pour v.." H. Eckbardt. 3. W' Kreutrcr .' 4? from ti e Midsummer Night's Dream?OndelMohn. Pari 8?oond?6. Quarlot'e for four horas : Ada?io, ly " *' khardt, and Vinalo, bi Mendelssohn?Me??rs. Eokhardt, frti*, Kluge, Uaoo ; inarm. 0. Farewell to Dresden, Galop?Eckhardt 7 Fantui* : tor Trombone, executed by Mr. Schuster. l'art Third?H. Ovar| ture. " Midsummer Night s Dream"?Mendelsohn. 9. Somtnevfieudcn, (Jojs ef Summer,) Wulte, by l.abitiky. 10. Fiaaht I from I'apu'ettie Montccchi?Bellini. Ticket*, AO oenta oMk, to bp had at the principal Music Stores, ami at the door on tin onm~ inn of tlie oenrert. To commence at * o'clork precisely. Tabernacle.?jomt quno'l has t<u iuhm to announce to the ladies anil ?niUemna at New York. tfciU Ma Firth Concert will take placo at. tire Tabernacle, on Thucadjy evening, Nov. 23d. PROGRAMME. I'abt I. 1.?Ovetture frcm the Opera of Euryanthe Weber. 2.?Grand Concertino, on Flute, by Mr Sie le RriooialdL 8.?Meadow Flower W'alU Sirauw. I'ABT II. 4.?Flraln of the Opera of Lucia di Lamtuermoor.... I) inUet'i. 6.? Elite ijuadrillf J. Oung'L 6.?Pauline I'olka (by request) J. (iun*'L 7.?Responding Alpine Spring JubiVo (by re.|U0Jt). .J. Gung'L 8.?Foiewell to Berlin ( waltz) J. oung'l. P.?Carnhal of Venice (Hurleapie) J.Gung'l. C~''TA?SUJ MUSEUM. I?2 HKOAI>?VAV.?DR. Cul.liVBK'* Origiral Artist# exhibit this evening, a olioice collection of Livlrg Tableaux. The programme will lie changed every iwooad night. The nubile may depend on correct personifications, and nothing to offend the most fjs'idious. The^irtists have l>vn p.v trcniwu by General Zach. Taj lor, llenrv ('lay, J. C. Calhoun. Dauiel >V obiter, audall the m?ml>ers of Congreu. Almuuou 2.1 cen la. VOCALISTS.?TWO LADIES AND QSNl'LEMKN, COM verrant with Irish melodies, will hear of a permanent eaEafenicnt by addresalrg B. D? Herald office, None but good nitisti need apply. MME. AClllLIE INFORMS1 UER FRIEND1 AND TUB public that ihe will l>e/inhordaucing leeamsat her saleaa. No. Broadway, the IfttJi of this monvh. The clasees will op?a at half past o'clock on Wednesdays, and at 3 on AaWrdaya. Perroni wisHng to fnnn private classes will please to call at the above direction cvtry day, between the lioura of 4 aadi o'clock, Tuesdays Mid Thursdays excepted. Sports at mr. red house, third avevub.? Ihere will be a Foot Itall Mutch, on Thanksgiviug Day, at lb* above house, to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M. E. IXFF. Propria tor. UNITED STATUS NAIL 8TEAM.SHIP COMPANV-FOB New Orleans, Havana, and Uhwtu?Landing at Charloato* and Savannah?The Stca'nship Falcon, W. T. Tnompson. oomnmrder, will sail for the above in rts on Friday, December lit, at 12 o'clock M., Irom Pier No. 4 North Kiver. No bcrt.'is souroil until paid for. l'as?age to N ew Orleans in Saloon $Ti Do do lower Cabin M Do to Havana in Saloon 7t Do do lower Cabin, M Do to Chaaroain Saloon M Do do lower Cabin IS Do from New Orleans M Do do in lower Cabin 8> Fieight to Chagrea at 70 cent* per foot. Do. to New Orleana 25 cents per foot. Paseengors to Chagres will be ohargtd freight onallcxiept wealing appiarol, and on thia when it axcaodaJBt pounda Ttis ahip will connect with the Panama line. Fsc fieuht or passage, applv to M. O. ROBERTS, 1H Wost atreet. Dills of lading oknea by the clerk on board, and to be pr?*oato4 for stgna'itre by 'J n .-lock. A M . ol t/io day of sailing. 1/OK SALE-A Fi K3T CLASS THREE STORY ATTIC UPTI der Cellar Uouae, situated on the north side of Twentieth (tnet, bciwticn Broadway and the Fourth avenue, kaown as Now Ha East Twentieth ttrcet. Hio house has Gas Fixture*, Varbls Mantels, Mater Closet, liath Room, and is replete with inn convenience. Also. a three story a! tie house on the northeejl corner of tho Fourth avenne ami Thirtietn street, being a vihM bloiiaidfor any kind of business. Also, those threo CottasM I: o; *ri en tha south >i>le of Thirtieth atreft, between the Fourth and Madison aveuuos, distant 110 feet weit of the Fourth arena*, btinp appropriate dwellings for rmall families. N. B?A larga proportion ot the purchase money can remain on mortgage. la (jmrf nt ) 2 o'clock 11., or in the evening, ol JONATHAN fUROT, 117 Orchard street UNITE!) 8TATF.S HOTEL, WASHINtiTON.-THE 8UB?libers respectfully iniirm t? s publio that they hare within a few fnjs past undertaken the mauagfineut of this establiahmcnt, iitnated on Pennsylvania avenue. hetweeu Toird and Fnr aud a Half streets. The locality and interier arraisemonts ef thlK Hotel * il1, ti ey trn't, recommend it favorably to vi iters am business or pleasure, and (particularly to travellers. as it is witUa a ftw steps of the Baltimore and Washington railroad depot If go<d a oomnudations and the utmost oxertioGS to pleaae MM ontribu'e to the comfort and con>eaience of tlioir guests, thegr liope to icour* a liberal patrorage. I). H. BRANCH St CO., late of Petersburg, Ta. IRVING HOTEL, (LATE FULLER.) WA3HINQT0N. D. C ?The above elegant Hotel, erected within the past yaar, Ml Pennsylvania Avenue, (Jorner of Twelfth street,) isnowiatha im+tti uiplote orler, having been puinted, papered andemkallithed throughout, with the addition of a ladies' ordinary aa4 other Improvement*. ?o that its general arrangements feroon fort are not surpassed by any establishment in trie city. It will ha ready for the reception of oompany en Monday, tbe 13th of Navcmber Initant; and t!i? subscriber, in resp^ctfally soliciting tha patr<>nnco of the public, assures them of his best endeavors ta make the honse worthy of it in every respect Washington. Nov. 11, N-4S. J. THOMAS, late of the Howard Hotel. New York. "7nil tuu\ bottles, nearly, or dr. kelui*I UvjUUU grr's wooccrlul Liaimnnt, have been soM ?ithont a ennrmur. It heals old sores, galls and bruise*, imoMdlatdy upon the horse, and work him daily. All strains, oallositien and bard swellings of every nature, eitbar on man or hoiaa. yield tu fore ita m*gie influence in-tantly. A* ft proof of UN at* ve, all our lent Borne tra.ner*. stable keeper* and a:a?* proprietors, have laid down evety othur renmdy uaed by many of them It thirty or f< rty ye rn. and uaed thla an the beet and te> cidudly the cheapeat liuinent in market. In large bottles utM ecnta ; ? bottlea liirt.'M; M ? dozen, art in Pearl atreet, aa4 at Tatteraa'la, Broadway. Holding St Co , State atreet. Boatea, whole^alt ard retail; and of the drnggiata' 'tons and aaddlcM get i rally, throughout t':e citr and e untry DW (OMSKM K. U( 1.1.1 ST, No. I; l'.\HK ATtetda to Hf?ir?a of the Fye, from o'clock, A. M., ta 8 o'clock, I'. M Ilia ccethod of restoring aigtit to the blind, aid health and sight to dis?a?Mt Eyra without an Oraratios.ia of l?> o?'nt dl-c. Ti ry. and th tviiilta have elicitcd the fervent (ratitate ot patient*, no ct-ar*e for examination*. A. Dncton MIUIMON iikink, FOR*Kl?Lr or m IV ( liaoiberi atreet, New York, l.aa removed hi* Modiral <>tlo% li nee the 2d <lay of September I act, to Mo. M North devest* atreet, above flreen, Philadelphia. MWT KXTRAOKI/1N AR V HOKK-TO To! Ml KKIIB or thoae contemplating mamm-The Married Wooaa'la Private Medi .al Companion, i<y Dr A. M. Maurioean. Sixth edition. Prlcc J>l. Thia wrk I* meeting with moat aatoundin* *al?a (:' ? it HI oopica ha>ing air-a ly been diapoaed of.) (very female ta getting a copy, whether married or uDnaried, althovgh it U l?t*ade<Fe*|*ciaIly for the married, aa it di*clo*et important awHI which should be known to them particularly. Here every lemala ran dinccver the cauae*, aymptona, and th* moit effieiaat laaadira, and mo*t ccrtain mode ol < ure in every caa*. Por *al? al H> Broadway; at th* publishing oflice, IX) Liberty itreet. New Torkl T. B Pcierao*. No. SW Chcraut atreet, 1'hiladalpUia: Uttl* fc Co.. Al?>*ny: W. K Davia, Boaton. On the receipt of$l, a oawf will be transmitted by mail, free of po*tan. to all part* *f la* Mtllf*'* All lntti>P? mnat Im BiiiiMaaaJ nnaf auiJ ??a YW A J'. MAI UmTn?w York itj, oiwTii liber* NO (IKK NO PAY.?DR. tORBllT, li? Dl/A.VM ?. member of the Royal College of Surgeona, London, maj to conaultcd in treatment of delicate Oi.tew No matter howloac jon m?j have had gleet, ulcere npon the l?>ily or m the throat ec no*, pnina in the head and bonea of the lega. A praotioa oC fourteen y ara. dovoied to venereal dianaaca, cnaMee Dr. 0. toovM tha wnrat form of thi? dianaae. Recent cared in fiar lui Nomercory aacd. Strictures cured in one or two weeka with cartel; any pain. Thore iadivutuala ?ho have indulned in* certain loathamse habit can pcailively b<i rwtored to health aa4 aociety. N. B. Btranffrjare cautioned not to lie deceived. Bt Coblvtt haa not removi d. Kemember 1? Duane atreet, oppaatt* Dt JnliiiMn'a _______ Medical pari'.-dr.hicuardson, i.ate ionhhltin* Phy?icmn to the Ne* Vor!t < ollene of Medicine and Hiarn.acy, c.n be cot.aulted at Ida Medical Offlee, No. 10 I'wk Place, fr<ni ! A M to* P. M . on aM private diieaeea.Tlt: ? Oonoa. ihira, ttjphiMa, Gleet, Sttlctore. and Seminal weUineae. Tanaa moderate, and a curc guaranteed, without confinement, or injary to ti e eonft'tnllon. IN Til EN/A, Col MIS, t'OI.Dt", KiihUMAriSH. ??.? Pcrtcna who arn tttliated wi;h cither of the *h >v? eom?l?inl* can oMain immediate telief ar d certain enra hy the aae of Mr*. Carroli'a Mtdioated Vapor and Sulphur Ba'lii. 3X1 Headway. Tin?e Batha have been (a operation ainee IHJSj and have beaa rec' nuT.dfd hjr tin first p>yai"iar? in theoity. | II, ...11.1 II, AtTtlUH ur lti* -I UAlTllAli PKirMi jk 1 " Treatite," ftc., MS Urconwich etreei ? oflioe boon* K> UA> M . 6 tc 9 I' M. (SumiAT e*e?rt?4) Theeo who appl? ia th?e*rt? tvii will be imrprtaed^at the rapidity and little inconjenlaaa# mhimubi vneir cure, if ib onwiy. uuww**., ? tfV*4 trom actrUiD cUja o? people who ?*n proptftj*TO*MlMi tun ?or?icet. in itrUcuz*. Inm in or uiu.p.<u.t. to im MM <li?trr?ing .u?e?. (troo rncrttmon tnd a ??ry Miami** fTte'-c*.) D?_c*n Afford * wpf ?fT. * ndic&t cam, which, h? hM Rrflnd (?l ?t?tinj.OS* kt MrtM* uom bo ?u>?( fosiw in as*|i<fc 4 9 *

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