Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1848 Page 3
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Boot*?HootfwAll who ir? In want s. t trtlcla whioh, lor i-haapneaa, duntmiiy, anil haatitr, oa ' > < nurpatud. we would ad viae to call ok our filand Tonv. corafcrof Fulton and Nimu ?tr"t? Frenoli caf h.?o'J, 99| Ium ea", tS M>; v a tar-proof I oou. $1 90 to ft - pa'ent lo ttharhratai I*M* pwola soled boots; dancing gaitex; allp:?>r* ihhi. _TUE DOCTOR. WnltV, Tlpprtu Mini fc'iirw.?W? would iul 1m our ladj fri?L<lr, who want Mi-lfn <r V rt, 10 give lla-i'a No. 1*4 Canal ?tree t, a call. He hss Ju?i oionad with a b?.iu Jul assortment of llulfi. Tippet* and other I ur Goods. Kur?, If old Dr. Johuaoii, whodtUiUd a Ca aa he did a inn-maker, w? ?t punt Wine, bow h? w.rnM wl at thr innumerable wittieirni* jwrpatri ?d upon tha nairni of tt>? untortuaate undi nigne'l avd name having teen ku okad about without stint. 10 tie lilinito * m?1 ement ol good "at irad and well meaning fri?lids. It however is tirhfrfrona hi? th <u;ht to ofler the tliahteat oflwee t? U11 to who ontsttsi* s similar iliaIlka totSc D ietir: bu' in oalling atw .tion to hia -p'endU a???rt oieot of MrlTa, Tip|?t?, *.c , h? must arid that Ulnae laiies who y, luruur will mio worn. ana no truata mey win au urop lu oa KNC'X, at 124 FolUii (licet. Xhankw^l vlnDay liti liecuntc one of tHe Bolide}* .1 N(? Yolk, ill tn-.e New I upland atvle, anil tho ^ineriern Miwom liu made arraniiemi i.ta fur grand gilt liiuea tbue, niTitg |?ifonnai cea at T?ii'.u? hi.U'a <1 urithe tunning, iltinnon, ard evrrinr, at eaoltof which tho rnoovned orifnal (*enaral Tom Thumb will aip?ur in h'n f innua and interesting I Jhaructera ai d at intervals tuay be a en n^uttt the Mumwtu Bo uidet. a aplcodid company of jwr "itinera is eacxed. indudtii^ the popular Vau^ee oonirdian Creit lYiaterv. tho Halilo Brnther*, ob? of the beat JUutttcl Ban's in tl.e oity, the lkfant Vontna, lkc..fco. Thf Plumbe National Du^urrretn Galleryon the upper ooruer of 3roadw?y and Muna/ anreet. oonUiiaa ?b* largtat collection ol Portraits of dhlinpuiahed iwraoua in the United Slai<!?. Oor readcra, who hay? leisure. anould not fail t> viait thia juall/ celebrated gallery. 11 will be open to day, A Card ? Dr. Levett rctm-im hU very ginoeie thanl a to th'Be eminent U'nHata. Hrsara. Charles U. Allen, Wra. Arnold, J. Family and Georgu B. Hawea. the cmiimittun nn Dentistry, at the la to Fair of the Amrican It>?tituto, tor their i?l?rt and the award o< a Dipl' inn hr Dr. Levett'a Patent tu knelled Plates (or Artifloial Teeth. Ilia thanka ore alao due thn aMcompli*bed editor of the New Yo-k Dental Rtoonler, for hid >TJ fla terlna oommendatlcn of " a'i improvement whfoh pro. t ilea to be of great service to the profession l" and alao to Prof. Chilton anil t? the Den tints generally who hare riven this enamel u.etr sanction and spprobuiion. LmIIm, If you wlih linndaoine Clatter llooto, Buakina, Slippers, or India Rubber Over-Shoes, fur younwlres or children, ru to J. B ?>i1Ici'k lateral, where you can obtain thi-rn is coed in ifuality. and as low in, as at auj tore in New York. Make a n>te of w ia. IadlaRublwrUverthorit?Uoodyear'i Warehouse, 100 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church Yard, continues to keep, as heretofore, the most purtc and eitensive auortment of OTacahoet, maaufeetartd upr u for iU reuil onstomoH. and of the latest Froneh styles; yet sold nt lover price* than elsewhere obtained for a muoh interior article. Metallio Rubber doles detached to Boole and Shoes, nor* durable, and in every rospect tu i perior to Gntia Perrha. To hare one's Hair or Whlsken mlaeraMj botched in cutting, is no |r>kt; therefore we would ad rise all who admire appropriate sew of style and neatly executed w< rk to patrenisr the inimitable, .No. 13 Nassau strest, when may be (bund his infallible Ungent fer the hair. ^?s?^a??a COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONBY MARKET. Wednesday, Not. U'4?0 P. M, Ouotations for fan.*'* atnnlra i>nntlsn> -- ? moat of them now xule lower than prsrioua to the re' cent Inflation. At the first boxrd to-day. New Haven Railroad fell off \ per cent; Hudson River,; Morrii Canal, ; Farmers' Loan, X ; Canton Co , % ; Nor* wioh and Worsester. X; Reading Railroad, J* ; Erie Railroad, \ ; Long Island, 5a; and Harlem, The oales of the leading fancies were large. Holders of Erie Railroad (now) do not feel dlsopsed to pot their took npon the market. In about forty days the semi. Annual Interest of three per cent will be paid on the new stock, and purohases made at present prices wllj net a profit of Ave per cent on the investment in less than six weeks. A hundred shares of this stosk. purchased now, would cost, cay, $6,000, the par value o' whioh is $10,000, on which three per oent will be paid on the 1st of January, 1819. This will give the holder $800, equal to five per cent on the eost. The publio do not look npon this in the proper light, or they would oome in and take all the stook out of the market. The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad will deolare, next month, a dividend of per oent, making 7 per rant for the year. The reoelpts of this road, for the 7m ending 31st December, will be about $176,000, gainst $100,000 last year. The running expenses are bout $45,000; the Interest on the debt, $36,003; two -4 ridends. $7,COO?total, $165,000 ; leaving a surplus o* $25 000. This road occupies a position which muit always oommand a large business. The new arrangement bj which the equipage of both the Utioa and Seheneotady and the Mohawk roads are owned by the Mohawk, is working very favorably. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain articles exported from this port for the week end. 'ng the 90th inst., distinguishing the extent of shipment to caoh country COMMKXCB or THE Po?T OF N*W Yo?l?WeKKLT Kxro*TS. To hivtrfoal.?Flour, bbls , 25 422; apples. 760; tur eaMaei, M*t p*ck, It; fcoef. te?,4?7; eera, baah , 2 75<>; wheat, 84 017; lard, lbj , 324 807 ob*ese, 514 796; ham*. 134,640; tallow, 06,667,; fcilks. pkgs , 40; orackers, kegs, 320. T* Land**.? Skins, pks.. 14; sperm oil, galla , 01,870; applet, bbls , lu6; beet, ten.. 2A6; tallow, lbs., 5,131; heese, 114.73'J; hams, 21.720; lard, 29,140; tobacoo, mfd.,12 600. Ta Briital.?Flour, bbls.. 8 OOO: pork, 96; pitch, 200; meal, 200: beef, tcs.. 145; stax v, No , 8 000; cheese, lbs., 08 789; oil peppermint, cas , 4 To OUttaw.? Klour, bbls , 612; rex In 291; apples, 617; corn, bosh., 4,691; wheat. 4 000; lard, lbs., 66,835; oil cake, 37,$46; cheese, 118 396; bams. 2,371; beef, tos , 100. To Ireland. Corn, bush , 16,225; meal, 1,646; wheat, 28,128; flour, bbls , 500; rosin, 100. To Havre?T otaeh. bbls, 121; tallow, lbs., 24 043; vhftlflkOn*. 1Q/ iOt Cfilmr. Inai 9ftA? t^Kannn KV><4a a. I biTk. 101; stares. No , 5 000; oar*. 1.535. To Hans* Ton ns ?Tobacco, hhd* , 4; do mf<l.,lb*., 9,190; do. sterna, 65 620; lard, 11,130; tea, hyson. 41,223; wbakbcue, 8.706: beeswax, 2 841; tallow, 2,604; rhubarb, oaifR. ; whale oil, (calls . 41.102; extract djewoods, bis., 431; riee. tea. >00; hopa. bales, 2ol; pimento, haga. 1 .311; eolTee, S50; potaah.bbls., 279; Hour, j 100; rosin. 97. To Denmark, Sweden. and .Voru ay.?Logwood, tona, 100; mahogany, loga 80; pimento, bag?, 100; pork, bbls., 30; varnish. 40; potash. 36. To Spain ? Stares, No . 85.000 To Ireit Coast of South ,imtrica?Pig iron. tO"*s, 100; copper, sheathing case', 60: rum, Am , pant, 25; steel, pigs., 242; domustios, 2,756; tobacoo stems, balos, $69. To Brazil.?Hour, bbls., 600 ; rosin. 100; tar. 60; b<e',28; spirits turpentine, ga'ls., 2 0*>; linseed oil, 363; shook*. No., 870; palm leaf hats, 35; cordage, ooils, 40: silks, pkgs , 4; powder, keg*. 800; crackers. 100; paper, reams, 500; ptpper, bags. 20; lard, lbs., 759; tea, byaon, 342; oodtt^b. 5,120. To Madeira ? Flour! bbls , 500; rye flour, 100; mackerel. 150; herring,bx* .100; rice, to*., 20; oorn. bush , A,69S; butter, lbs., 2,0(0; oheese, HW; dry flab, 2,990; | lumber, ft 3 0 0, etaves. No.. 17.000. To SI. Dominto ? Klour, bbls., 15; mackerel, 60|; rice, 6 ; soap, boxes, 100 ; cheese, lbs . 120 ; dry flab, 1 2 760; sugar, refined 680; lumber, feet, 10.000. To Spanish H'est Indiei.? Mackerel, bbls., 200; alewives, 80; perk. 74; flour, 166; potatoes, 342; be?f, 19; , herring, 10; herring, boxes, 160 ; candles, 100 ; ale. 25; oider, 900; soap, 100; salt, sacks. 000; drugs, paokages. ! Hi; domes tin. 6 ; lard, lbs . 19 897 ; dry flab. 63 884 ; butter, 6.706; hams, 15.623; cheese, 1,076; tallow, 10.882; tobacco, manufaetured. 3 492; spirits turpentine. gallons. 470 ; wbale oil. 2 320 ; ellre oil, baskets. 100 ; rice, tierces. 66 ; nails, casks, 20 ; lumber, feet, ; 22X00; hoops, No., 62 000. To British ""??( Indies.?Pork, bbls , 827 ; flour, 1,760; meal, 1,205; bread, 160; potatoes 360; apples 62; beef, 10T; mackerel, ICO: oats, busbtls, 626; oorn, 3i!0 ; i oaf, boxes. 200 ; cat dies, 1 035 : cheese, lbs . 14 078 ; | nuiwr, 10 7 19; nimi, sao; oil meal, 27.650; lard. G 137; | tobacco. manufactured 41 616 ; tohasco, hbds . 36 ; rioe, tieroea. 10; stares, No., 11 000 Livestock?Sheep. 140; pigs, 31. I To BtHiiS NorlA Jlmtritt.? Pork,bbla ,78; beef,138; j Mtl, 1.248; flour, 1 &<7; rje flour, 7S; apple*. 100; tar, 10; bread, l.'O; rice. 1 ; mm, bu?bels, 100 ; oandles, boxes, 80; che?*e, Iba , 400 ; tobacco, manufactured. 1,782; butter. 610. The export* of breadstuff* amounted to 34,892 lbs flour, 62,040 bushels wheat, and 2T, 038 bushels of Indlan corn, of which there were shipped to Great Britain 29,634 bbla. flour, 62,040 burhels wheat, and '20.81 <i bushels of Indian oorn. It appears by this that the bulk of the ahipmenta of breadstuff! from thle port is ; made to the porta of (Jreat Britain and Ireland. Considerable quantities of lard, cheese, hare* and tallow, are weekly exported to Liverpool for diatribution to the various markets of the kingdom. The shipments to France during ths week were limited. For tho season, the aggregate exports are onlj to a moderate extent, while the Imports exceed thoae for the corresponding period for several years past. For the week ending the 17th inst, the shipments of breadstuff* from Philadelphia amounted to 6,511? bbla fleur, 6,887 bbls oorn meal 47,202 bushel* wheat, and 16,690 bushels of Indian oorn If it was not for the movement in bread' i tuffs onr foreign export trade would be reduced to the lowest point, and we should be compelled to restriot our Imports, or suffer a larger drain of speele than we hare already experienced. The quantity of breadstnffa exported from thl* oonn~ j try to (treat Britain aad Ireland, for the 1st of September, ltUS, up to tbe latent d?te?, ? i< 411 i>30 bbla. flour ; 27,764 bbU. Indian meal ; 64B.3M) bushel* wheat, and 0 44 7.818 buihvli Indian oorn, ag<iln?t j 48,Ml bbL?. (lour; 32 8.18 bbl* oorn meal; Hi 314 bushel* wheat, and 103 781 bush. Indian corn, ihlpped daring the mme period last joar There largo eh p" tent*, in the face of more limited receipt* from the Interlor, hare reduotd the utoofci in the different port* to a Tirj low ebb, and glre an upward tendency to price*,'Srhleh wai not realized at a period *o netr the claee of navigation 1mtyear Ifthe shipment* throughout the winter contln-ie a< large a* they bar* been for the paat three month*, our donn-'tld supply will bo reduced to inch a low point that an Important air**:* i IB pilot* would b? re allied. ThU, to a oertaia axtent, 1 moat b? the can*, mi In th* aba*no* of aa extensive foreign demand for our breadatuffa,?a onr o?a eonsamp on baa reached an amount that re^ulree very large w >lea to satisfy and keep price* do an to a reason abfe'le*.. *' W* h*T* a,rem<1J *Mn' thia **on, boa Brni<!tire tU.m,rk,,t ,?l bJ the fluctuation* in prioes with the chani*"* V t*>a wua"ler' ani1 '*?? proapect of an early oloalng rt the ,n(J,c*tlD8 a permanent advance when that c?v Dt Plllc?. The annexe J statement exlilbita the r<celpts and experts of cotton at the di?fe? 151118 Port* of *ha United Statep, from the opening of the y.18* '*r0 e*!")ns, up to the latest datts Mjikmi .mi ok Cotton i* thk KwrTk aT1TME.r,?rUd to ^P?rteJ to Hoi ti. Received ft.enl hritaim /r<'i>ee line* Hept. 1. tincc St';-t. 1. niite% *l7^-' T848. 1H7. 1*4* 1817? 1818. 13K' N?w Orltwi, Not. 11.2W.404 18U,.I?6 87,103 11,21# U 4W Mclile, Nor. 11 40.555 2\2U6 12 lid l.-'iW 1,420 H.rida, Nov. 4 l.t.M 2.7N3 ? ? ? ? Texas, Nov. 4 3 047 .%M8 ? ? ? iit! Itfa, Nov. 15 6H/.MI 18^-24 10,112 1,519 1.H99 ? 8. Carolina, Nov. 10.. 87.1WJ 29,244 29,24.3 l.V'M.'l 7.052 6,7S| N Carolina, Nov 18.. 447 28 ? ? ? ? Virginia, Nov. 1 l,GfcO 560 250 ? ? ? New York, Nov.21 ? ? l&.NW 18.315 13428 Sn,#>2 Other i'orta. Nov. 18.. ? ? I,Ml 1, >23 173 1,026 Total, bu Lee :-i'7 546 258,960 10",!W 90,743 35,013 52^1 Increase Ill,.''Hi ? 70,247 ? ? ? Detnue ? ? ? ? 17,.3,'tS ? Exported to Total ExExported to olhi r foreign porta to N. of Europe fortt ui/iee Foreign ft) Port! lince Sept. L Sept. L lince S,trpt. 1. 1848. 1M7. 1848. 1.-17. ^1818, 1847.' N?w Orleani, Nov. 11. 4,663 2,102 6,;i27 8,215 109.J09 7l,8ii0 Mobile, Nov. 11 018 ? 2,60:) 305 i7(038 Florida. Nov. 4 ? ? ? 1,040 ? 1,0111 Texaa, Nov. 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? Utteiyia, Nov. It ? ? ? ? 12,311 1,649 S. CaroliLft, Nov. 10... .3,1! W 140 1,501 - 40,901 23.1W7 N. Ca olino, Nov. 18.. ? ? ? ? ? ? Vi.drla, Nov. 1 ? 20?i ? 34 W 210 N?-? Y<xk, Nov. 21. ..1P.349 15.7S2 1,J54 2.-21 43.HUO 67JNM Otuer Port* Nov. IS.. 169 49 74 419 1.917 *717 Tut*), bales 23,887 lH,i-*9 11870 9,304 231.798 171,217 Increase 8.058 ? 2,1112 ? 00.679 ? Peci ease.. ? ? ? ? ? ? Shipments to Northern ports this season, bales.88 807 do do last season " 52,025 Increase this season " 872 The receipts thus far, thin season, have been more than fifty per cent larger than those of last, while the exports to foreign ports have been in the aggregate about thirty-five percent larger. To Graat Britain, the shipment! this year show an Increase of more than seventy-five per oent; but the decrease in the ship* ments to France has reduced the aggregate to the point named above. The large reoeipts this year ifl extraordinary, in the face of the great depredation in prices, particularly when the prospect of the orop is not favorable for a larger yield than In the year previous. The planters are not usually in the habit of bringing out their orops so rapidly, unless prioes are remunerative and the demand active. The large supplies this year, compared with last, no doubt have had an important and unfavorable influence upon pried, aa they create the impression that the crop is going to be much greater than in any previous year, or than It In fact will be. Stock Exchange. S12TC0 Tress Notes, 6'( 10l*a 800 ?h? Heading RR COOO do 104?J 60 do b?0,su 4000 Alabama S'( 100 do blS TiK WW U S 6's, 'G8 1H7X 300 d> 20 U 1U? U 8 6's, *53 98 SO do bfiOdi 29'? 11W) Kentucky ti's fleK ISO Nor & Wor RR Mm 35 2(**i Indiana State 5| 64K SO do 32 1000 Ohio ? ?, CO 101)2 60 do (SO .'<2 SI (lis Mechanics' Bk lOS 'i SO do n'iO 32 40 Leather Bank 97 SO do *30 .'12 SO Bk of Com Scrip 9SK 32 do 3i^' li>0 Farmers'Trust. slO 27 li 100 do x>>2 200 do bl2ms 30 50 do (60 .'I!li ICO do >>1S 27100 HarprefStk, fall, MO 92 SO do blO 27"< 100 do b?0 91 200 do S7U 226 Harlem RS 49V 1(!0 Morris Canal 7 100 do bSO 60 25 Hudson River RR MX .ISO do 49\ 22 N York It N 11*t RR US* 60 do b90 SO 92 do 85 65 Erie RR, new, full 60'? 60 do U>0 85>,' SO Long Island RR, bOm 2(1)2 100 Canto*Co MP 30* 60 do 192 fO do SUM 1U) do 19 100 Mohawk . b4m> 7->H Second Board. $16040 Trf as Notes, ti's H'4\ 275 sits Reading RR 29 II00 Erie 7's Bonds 8!>I SSO do -JStW 100 shs Harlem KK b60 4'JK 23 Nor Hi Wor RR 31>? 250 do 19* 25 Erie RR, full blS 60'V SO do sl5 49 23 Long Island RR 50 do b3 49>? GO do blO 18 100 do preffnll. MO 91 CITY TRADE REPORT. Wednesday, Nov. 22?2 P. M. Asms are in fair demand, at $S a 0 12X tor pots and pearls. Cotton.?Parties being busy with their correspondence this has ohecked the transactions. Flovk, Sc.?For Western flour, the market is a little easier, eaused by the favorable change of the weather; the demand is mostly for the Ka?t and home trade: sales add up 6,000 barrels, at $5 311, a $5 4i for mixed to straight brands Oswego, Troy, Michigan, and State; and $5 60 for pure Oenesee. la Southern, rye liour, or meal, we hear of no operations. Wheat is In fair inquiry, at prices favoring the buyer; sales of 3,000 bushels prime Genesee, at $1 27. For corn there Is a moderate demand, at 67 a 68o. for mixed Western, 70e. for flat yellew. and 74c. fbr round: 'sales add un 12 000 busheli Oat* are 34 a 85c. and doll. Rye remains dull at 66%o. delivered. Pkotisions.?The market for pork ia steady, at $12 SO a $12 56% for mens, and $0 12% for prime. Beef continues firm, with fair amount of sales. Lard is quiet, at 6% a 7% for good to prima quality. Whiikct?120 bbls. Prison sold at 24c. THURSDAY, Not. 22?6 P. M. Tbia being tbe eve of Thankfgiving day, 'change was rather thinly attended, and the markets generally were more or leas dull. Salea of thia State, Oswego and weatern flour, were made at yesterday'a prices. Thera waa no change in Southern. Further salea of Canadian, in bond, were made at yesterday's rates. Sales of Oeneaee and Western wheat were reported on terms j stated below. Cora was dull, with moderate sales, at yesterday's piices. Meal was dull. Rye was lower. Oats were better. There was no change in prorisions; prime pork continued firm Grcceries continued dull, with limited sales. Quotation* for cotton remained ! about the same, with greater wilingness on the part of holders to aril. A>hi>.? The market was quiet, with small sales Tots at about $6. Pearls were dull at $0 If";1*. Kxjioi It from 1?( to 21 it A'ortmher. 1848 1847. Pot* bbls. 1,748 460 Pearls 87 none. 1 BsKAPj-rurri.? Flour.? Sales for the day footed up ] about 6,000 a 6.(<0<) barrels, in separate parcals, including 1,000 bbls. Miehlgan, at $5 37%, with paroels of Otwego at the Fame price ; 500 do, Brooklyn, sold at ; $5 37%, and 300 do, Tillage ground, at $5 00; 125 do, 1 pure Genesee, a little fancy, at $0 02%, and 400 a tKO do bakers' brands, Ohio, at yesterday's prioes.? Salea of about 11,000 a 12.600 barrels Canadian, in bond, were made tor export, at $6 25; 2.000 do, Wea- 1 tern oanal, were sold, to arriTe in Kcbrnary, and 1,000 in March, at $5 75. Wheat ?Salea of 2.200 bushels (ienesee were made at $127; sales of 1 500 do, damaged Ohio, at $1 09. Com?The salea reached about lt.000 a 20,000 bushels, in separate parcels, among whioh were 1.300 old white, at 07o ; 2 800 do, high mixed, at 6Kc ; 2,000 do, flat yellow, at 09c.; 1.600 do, New Orleans mixed, sold at 67o., delivered, and 800 do, at 0<?o.; 000 do. Southern white, at67o. New yellow 1 sold at 67c ; old Northern round, waa dull at 74o. Mtil waa dull at $3 lb%. Ryr Flour was quiet at ! $3 18%. Oafj-Sales of 8,8o0 bushels canal, were ] made at 8Cc. Sales of about 2 800 bushels were , made at 6fio. The receipts down the Hudson since i ' 1848. 1847. 1 Wheat flour, barrel* l,y;>7.4Sl 8,682 407 | Coro Dttl, S,406 106 325 ( Wheat, bushels 079.130 1.604.404 I Corn, 1,9*7.911 8,496.782 1 II j a 467 496 326 335 ' Exjiortt. frvm lit to 21t Nox-i mber 1848. 1847. 1 Wheat flour, batrei*, 149.419 18,820 Wbeat, bushels 140,16:1 22,418 Com, 3f.7 SSi 60,664 Barley 1856 none. ' Oats 625 none. Cot row - -The tali* to day amount to 700 bale* only, and holdern generally were more dl'poeed to sell at the annexed quotation!. The only buyer* ware manuiacturers Uplanii, X. Orleans. MiJdllrz V'.afi 0>?'aOJ< (iood do 9k* , >,1 , Middling fair 6*a6?f Kair 6Hafl% 7 a7*< Fully fair 6\%tl'? 7WX Ucod fair 6\*7 7,lta8 Cirmsmo* We notice a Kale of 12 baleg (Ceylon) J for export, at voc .short price. j Cor? ek - The demand continue* moderate, and the ( sals* unimportant. < Featii?:hs ? Therehavebeen sale* of 5.0C0 lb*.prim* Western, at 32 >? a Fat-it ?A speculative demantf for bunch raisin* ha* i prong up, and took about 30X00 boxes off the market j at prices ranging rrom $132X to $1 37X, now selling at I M 46. Five carge* more, however, are on the way from ( Malaga. There were also sales of 10,000 West India j orange* at $16. < Fiim ? The mackerel market is a shade firmer, and ] holder* *re less anxion* to realize. Dry cod are lelllng in a smail way. at $2 a $2 6^. ( Freights?Lard was engaged for Liverpoel at 25*. Vir flour. 2s. was offered, and 2s 3d. asked. For corn, 7d. was asked, and l,d do. for cotton Kngagement* of *11 kinds were light, and shippers were Inclined to wait for foreign news, now nearly ?ln?. Hides -Sales have been made of 852 dry salted Mobile. at 0o., 4 pt r cm t off. IIotr.t ? The Isst sales of Cuba strained. (90tleroes,) nere done at oo . cash. i Isoit.?There has been a fair demand for Scotch pig, and we notice sales of 800 tons No 1. at $20 60a $21 60; 1 Ttere were alto ralu* of 100 tons F.ngllsh bar*, at $42, doiq pi a mcnm* LiMr.-CrDimnil Tbomnntnn cub be bought at flfic. j The *alr* ttr .< <X0 barrel*. including a portion at OKr. ' Navai. Stobi.v?The only *ale we hear of Id 100 bbl*. . pirii* st 3In. Crude continue* to be held at f'J60, but buy< r* ate rather tby at tbat prlro | Oil* ? Knull-h l.nteed wai ?old to-day to the extent of 10.(100 gallon*, at &! { a f>2Ho , which ia a shade better Dent American we quote aa before, 01 a &3s , in rank* and barri 1* On. C?kr. waa worth t'24 a $'25 for round, r?o> ihiom -Small rale* mee* pork were making at J f 12 M> a f 12 6Gl.?. and prime at 18>?. Sale* of both kind* about -.TO fcbl*. I.ard wa* quiet at 61*' * 7 oanta for fair ouallty. and ICO libla prime cold at7'|0 Beef? Sale* of itO l>hl*. were made. Including mea* and prime, J at $10 and JO. ('been*- Sale* of l(rf) naak* were made , at 7a. Duller- Ohio mi telling at *3. V2o , an t thU j i , Stat* at l'io a 20c. acccrdlif to quality. Export from lat to2Ut NoTfmber, 1848. 1847. Beef, bbU 41,388 Pork itfUU 2 1KJ Lard, keff 2J.5T1 3,8?l Kick ?The market oobttcuea poorly aupplfed, and qu' tatlon* verj Arm A parcel of 127 rahltn. received to-day by the Southern, was diapopoj of at $3 60', a $3 f(> per lCOIbt. Sate*.? Tb?re ba?ebveu sale* of l,ft)0 buahM* rongh flax at f 1 20 a * I 23(package* extra), aud 4,0o0 Calcutta. at private fyarcain. St ii*K? ? Tbe dt tnatid for the past three day* baa bet n hi(.?orate. anil we bar** but to noticm sale* of 375 hbd*. Cuba MiiFonvado at 3Ho. a 4l?o ; 200 do. New Orlfarc at 4r. a 4**0 , MO boxe* brown Havana at 3,\* a 5e . usual tin.e, aiid '.*00 white Havana on private temia Toncro ?Sale* were made of MObalfx Vara, at private bargain, fuppo?ed at about 'J7o. a 29c. ; 60 ht>4?. Kentucky at 8&o a 6>?c , CO boxes old Connecticut - ........... .~(j u'bi l?c. ? ib. m oc. h<i khomc.? Tfcer* haye been f>?lwx of 40,000 Iba. North Went anil South Sea at 2S?. which la a Might decline. The JatUr, honeTrr, ie a Irlfle over that figure. Wool.? We notice salee of 35,COO lba. Chill, at 9^0 , time. Win 1*1 \ ? Sa><r? of about 20) bb>. in lot*, ware ma<le at 24c. MA11KKT8 MWWWMMB. DOMKSTIC MARKKTS. B*i.timor? . Not. 21.?*2,1)00 it. S. Treasury 6'*. KM; HSlf.TOO 1 Man land ffr, hf-Xi MOO do. 89; $JV O Baltimore Ha, 1HJO, n'i S2.Pt) do. 'Jlfi. $1.1 tJO Baltimore and Ohl" Railroad II >ndn. 13-i? 20 tl>prm Union Bank, CI; 10 do. Farnior>'a and Planter*' ilnik,2.'i i' 1 il.i'miA. Nov. 22.?>Vr?f Hoard?0i?K)U. 9. fi'a. "68 < filkint., Itl7i<: It.UIOdo, 107*,; ,H 000 Suta tf*. m?>i; Wo Ci?y f.'a, < '7ti, I5wu 9Vft; 11)0 City Ciia ii |.er cent, 101); I, MM 1.0high Int.. HI; ' fill U. S*. G'a '?i7,1(*7; 11 Commercial Bank,40)^; A Union Hank, 1 Tom.. 4,'ti 100 I eh;nh S?rip. < N>; 10 W'nteru Bank. 1"^; ttiO 1 l.ivh lit , ll'a, WJfc; 4.000 U. X, ffa, '.VI. c !),*; WO Peuna. 5 ?, 7'\; 150 1 liirnrd. It 10 C'an den Bank, 50^; l.WX) State 5'a, o74Vi: 100 Ki>?dirp6??.. HXi 100 do., a5, I4Vj 1,000 State .Va, 1\},\5,100 It. 8.C'a. 08,5 fclnt. 108. Atwr Salti?1,000 Ponxa. !> ? 71 li; 11110 ; (lo, 71\ 200 Bendinr Bank, . Sfinnil Hoard?WOW, S fl h, 17, It; ft; 1,000 do, 107?*; 6.000 P. a. Tro?e. titles, 11 j; SnO I'ona. fi's,'4t>. <tft; 1,1(0 Lolu^t, Aav. Interest. 53; i Pann. Bank, 2S7. j'llcr Hoc i d*?20,110 f. 3. Trcanury Kotos, li'n, 105; 8,000 do., 0'?. '(>. lt>,1^; MO do.<lo?'07,1I7??; 1005 orriatown Bank, 11%. ll< htok. Nut. 21?10 thareal'ity Back 92; 10 Ronton and Pro. viiWce Railroad,K'.'i; 12 Fitchl-urc Hui'road I0!'S: h do. 109'i; 14 KitciiVur* Hailroud Ki(.hta fcl % SB do, fcl .'<0; 2K do. $1 .;t; ? | T WANTED-BY A REFPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, A 1 cituatlon to do general housework for a small family; ot M Chan>bc:maid, ami to help witk Wathirg and Ironing, in 1 which work she is perfoct. Best of oity rut'orenco can he givea J tri m tte last place that she resided in tor two years and a half. tu Kuquirt at Mo. 038 Broadway, tetwoen 11th and 12th streets, for c two days. _ WANTED?A SITUATION BY A KF.SPICeTABLB YOUNG 1 Woman, as Plain Cock, Is a pool Washer and Iron?r, or to do the general housework of a Huull family?has no ?bJeciioa J? to go a flu rt distance in the country. The test of oity reference can bo given. Arrly No. 14 Franklin tt. first floor, in the roar ct building. ^ WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY C3MPETENT <" t irl, with good city roftrence, to cook, wash and iron, or *' do the housework <,f a private family. Please call at No. 716th r avenue, in the bookstore. WANTED-BY A RESFECTAB1.E YOUNG WOMAN, A P situation as Seniustrcea Children's Nurse, or Chambermaid. " Advertiser wcrid go, lor moderate wages, in a private family ] ' w hi re sht could get nine instruction, i'letse address or call to * ' HI. F?" 112 Clinton I lace, rearMcDougal street. j f WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WIN i ^ man, at Cook, Washer, Ironer, or to do general Housework, * where she can have with ler a child, (a boy of two years.) Beat '< of city references can be given. Please oil] at 54 Frankfort at. P PARTNER WANT ED-WANTED, IN A MANUFACTURING ti buair-eta established in this city, a partner, with a catli capital $ of from $3,114) to f4,60t>. The profits will yield from 5(1 to 75 per ~ cent per annum, to the tarty advancing. The business in for [ ctsh. and without risk. Commun.catioui confidential. Address Y. X., at this offire. ti ? c( mnTft* iriNTin PrilJ A n?vn ru ? wu ?r>?, JL atven jenrs of uge. He must bo acquainted with Englith, p] Fiench sud German. Application*, etatiiig character, referenoe, Ii qualification* and term?, addressed to "B. 1)," and loft at the P Herald office, nill receive immediate attention. TO DKUOOISTS.-A YOUNG UAH, VllO HAS A ~ thorough knowledge of the ding and prescription buainera, 1 can g've the bett city tcferercca ana produce satisfactory teiti- * monlalr, both u to moral conduct and capability, wixhea a situ- y atinn in a wholesale or letail store. No objection to the oouatry. F Plcarc address P. B. B , this office. ' : t TO WATC BMAKER8 AND JEWELLERS.?EMPLOYMENT J naLtcd by an experienced Watohmakor, who understand! " his buaittts. r or particulars, apply to V. J. MAUNIN at QUE- ? PIN. No. 1!) Maiden 'me. TO WINE AND GENERAL MERC ANTS?THE ADVER- V titer, who pcarcaeeaa thproogh|kuow ledge ?f his business. ia detirona of accepting an engaiement as bookkeeper or clerk with *' a respectable house; be can. if deaireble, obtain ihipmenta of winet from Oporto and Cadin, and in other rcspecta make bisaer- ices valuable to any bouae engaging him. Apply to 8. N., office I of the Herald. * A FRENCH COOK, M HO PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDS *> her profe?sion,ia deaiioua of an engagement, either in some ' > large publio establishment or in a private family. Apply tJ '< " Cuismiere or Coek," at the office of the N. Y. Herald. ? A1RENCH I ADY, HAVING LONG EXPERIENCE IN THF. ff, art of teaching, oflera her service as Teacher of the French and Si anish I.tuguagts, in some private families. Address or enquire ' ?t M. M. Brnarrt't, or Mondon's Library, 31."> Broadway; or at Mr. * Pekrin't Botel. Whitehall street. M 1*1 ual accommodation.-ant person having Furniture to diipoae of, atd ia w illing to take in exchange the K? k-rvicts ot a DtntUt, of established practice and reputation, may *l n,< ot with fair and honorable dcslinf, by addrorsing Deatift, D x, Herald Office, vhii h will meet immediate attention. | ? OARD WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, IN K PRIVATE dc J ' family, at a reaai nable charge. Address IL L. N? at this th s BOAIir.-TWO GENTLEMEN and TBEIR WIVES, ALK) . E two an gle Gentlemen, can be acocmmcdaied with board in : in i firiva e family, reiidii.g in Henry street, near the Rubers Ei ficet chinch. For tonnn, Stc , adcress. with teforenccs, II. M , rn ['on Office. Boarding wanted?bt a uerman pianoforte ! i player, in a reipectahle family, who would taka loisons In | th in (?}imnt. Good references given, If reqnired. Plea.10 to ad. \ of !ret? a note, nr.iler tbo letters A. O. to this office. I C< IJOARD1NG, 148 CHAMBERS BTI-EET.-A PARLOB, AND i *5 ) in o or thxte teen oral, suitable for a family, or ping!e gentU j NED el nilim'8 OWN.?tdk astonishing 8COCESS j it tMs Pajcr etablea the Poblitl rr and kditor to give liia at| jatrnis, this wtck. Two Splendid Original EngravingsMoses 26 ard hf* Golden Drtnm; Feter funk and hia Cousins. I>ouble y nil winced tl e " Mjstcr'ee," ud ti e Life Yarn Fenterce of ^ Hauls, tho Gsmbler. and soma Forty I riginal Articles; beside 00 much interesting City Itemizing. l'ublisiied on Friday, 4 P. M. 1,1. Office No. 8Lt)4 Brtadway. U, TliANKSCl V1NG NUMBER?THE NATIONAL POLICE Gainte e,f this week is the richest number ever issued. It Ontair.a Uo most ast"iiniiing din losuroa of the horrid Crimea of he Kcv. Jclin N. MuflHt. iDclucliig the charge brought amnat J,' niip, by the Methodist Episcopal Conference, of lnceat with liia _i iwn daughter. also, fuithcr develcpeirenta of the conduct if leveral if hia coadjutors, in the peri-eontion of hia late unhappy jj Mid lamented wile Alto, an equally astonishing Cetfessien of f,, Ruasrll, the En&Uah burglar, allowing the awful iniqn tiea of t01 lem Young. t>e Ix High Constable or the Philadelphia Police, _ mil tthcra high in authorit); the Life of Lyman Parkea, the l>icat Counterfeiter; another exciting chapter in the Life ef Ro W Dinun and Helen J< wett; a full account of the Exhibition riven *. ky Ti>m Ilyer, in advance of hia (treat fight with Yankee Sullt *' rai; aa well aa the usual vaiietv of Foreign and Domestii }~ L'liniml News, from all parti of the world, of the moat e*- "J jiting kind. For aula e\cr>where. Office KM Nassau street * Andrew t davis and animal maonetish.-an T extrarrdinary article upon this ru.j.-ct appears in the * "People's Own." thii morning, at 40 Ann street. Alan, Ralph * Bnrton. the Broker'! Clerk, a thrilling atory of city life and city temptations. 4'rice 4 cents: $2 per annum. " NF.V8PAPIR FOR SALE IN BOBTOX.-A WEEKLY >'? N cwr pa jer. of good circulation, la offered for sale chenp far ' car-h. lor further information, plaraa addreaa " Woakly New* 8? paier," look B<.?, 71, Bna'oe, Maas, with troe name. *? 4 n 2 |flfl TO LBND U.N BOND AND MOKIUAGE MU,UUUo? good Produotlra Rasl Estate in thUoity ? _ Phis mm h, longa to an estate held In trust, and w 111 be loaned for -? a tetm of years, aad dl\ided into sutne to cult applicants. Apply I to B. 8. BROAD, Na. II Wall street, in th? Croton Water office, M| basimrnt. raj A1 ONLY !-WBO WOULD CO WITHOUT TEETH WHEN J? fa J they can have them inserted for ona dolls* mrttni?ii no ' r five yean, it the office eftabliahed In 1CS< for the reduction >r (Tire* Filling with pore gold 78 ooatt to $1. Extraoiiug, J# ? ent*. Office jrH Brotilway, J] LOET--1N WALL VTiBBT, BITWIIN WATIK AND tin Btuth atrceta, on Wednesday afternoon, a no all Gold Loo!i*t Ai >nd Welch Key, with a ehort chain atteohed. Whoever bae un 'on a dlthc aame shall U roitably rewarded, by leaving them at f? Vo. 14 wall etreet. ? A A(\ REWARD.-STOLEN. Til* 23D INST.. TWO GOLD (p'iyj, two gold Chain*, one Key, one Pencil Oaee; mi ?ic Watch, Fngllth lever, Thorna* Blnndnl. maker, Liverpool mi ?Jr. ?,IS.\ with A. Maaon engraved oa the outride of t'ie ceeej *1 -tie other, anchor lenr, By. Parrigaax, maker, No. C.MO. The cu kbtverewird will be raid for the reioverr of eald property, or in ou proportion lor avy rart of it A. MaSON. 63 Pike atreet. yo TIM J1W IL R Y, SILVER 1FARE, DtAMOftpft. M VI atcbe*. fcc.?C harlea Stewart, m annfaoturer. No. 13 7?' Ji hn itrcet, tip etaira, oflere for aale a ee pet assortment of fine art id** only, at modtiate t.*rd prkaa. No imitation* made or told'tt tbl? catnMlalmant. A person of good addrca* and eda- g~ ration wanted to asi'tt in the retail department. ^ IBIJII AND8COTI U MALT WHISKEY- HI01I FLAVORED ?' ard*uperi? Tonality, in package* toiult the trade, and better J)?1 adapted for their purroto than any in the martat. for (ale at jV' rcry much leaa then the nsual rate*, by WILLIAM M. PARIS, l c Malt W liifk* > Distiller fti Seveeth avenue. Offlae. 4j| Stone it. . CUIRTAIN MATERIALS. CARRIAGE UMNflS, AND * i Plushea ?Coni'antly receiving by the lateat arrivala, a com J*1 [leteaeaortiErntof theie gi'oda. Alio, Silk and Cotton VrlvtU, ' ' iigheolon, Floreiicea, ke. Fcrealeby F 8. k S. A. MARTIN E, Importer! and Jobber*, ** 112 William street. near John _ (M ALTION A I.I. IJESONS AHE IIKKKHY CAUTIONED 1 againat trusting any person on my account, aa 1 will pay no no lobt* unles* rontiacied l<r myfclf. JOM.F OL'NiiU V? >.?w 1 ?.jk. Ni.v. mher ]& f-4". au| BRAIiVS OAI.LF.RT OF llAGlERNEOTTPE I'OR r trait* and Family Group*. Noa. 2tJfi and VT Broadway, third Iicraouth <.f St. PauVe Church, 3a, .V, and 4th eiorea. lieura, >r r> * in the morning till 6 in tbe evening. I] A CARD-TIIE UNDERSIGNED HAS nAD SEVERAL OF hi* molar teeth (mere ehella) pliigaed with theaewlm- ? }<eiIrl able filling, Invented by Dr Ing. Dentist. 41 ttarolay (treat ^ irrt grateful far their ?r--. rvatlor. talcathi* public method ef O Utli ? that he consider* tho artlole tl.e belt yet dleooveraJ for St. < i*Ti in Wtl. B, "MlfH. Att'rniy a; Uf, 14 *F?U?lr?t? o PARK thiatb e?Till! BSD a v btcnino. nov. r? w?JI ka prvJaa<U KDlTIi.ur Daaliaii wWA the tram ? '? bey Md Bob?Captain Cuttle, Mr H. Plaaidr; Mr. Dotubey. .Mr GiiUi., Mr. Tcobs Mr. Maleol, Mijor M*. Ilauiiltot; Vr. < Drier Mr. C. W. Clarke; Jack Raubr. ?r /. M. Molt; I Tu*lin?on, Mr 8ttIT"id; Ctlilh, Mr* Hhaw; .Siiiig Nipper, Mix I Mary T:.j!dr. Mr*. MtHi>L?*r. Mu Hunt To ?iv"i w.j;| bo added. the Iur1cife]ue trngieojera of BOMRASTES F0RK)4(KGrn. Bomba?t??, Mr. U. P'aridi, DiataAna, Mm M*r7"f,yloT. Drew I"liele. 7b F**nily Circle. W cert*; Upper Boxm, 18 tiLte; Pit, .f)i ecrU; Oi lnry, I3K (wait. Door* open at h^f l ?>t M : performance t? commence at 7. BOWMTTUICATBE.-TnUR1l<AY EVTIMNC. NOV. . ; ill fc pxwiitcd tie draui* of Til K IIAIOA.I f> Tll K MM. 1'IF?Ceiald, Mr. Steveua: Martiu, Mr. Annette. M'm VI i'iutu. To be a: iitjeOrd liy tl.o eonjilv of OKI M80N CHI MRS -fMk Mr J Wis Ml) Ita Funk, Mr*. Sunderland. Alio, durtnthe nebtrp, ? ?raid National All?*<?ry will b gnen, in honor or 0?r. Ztoh*ry lavlor? I apt. Welti*. Mr. J Dhqo. To I* f.illo wod ! vrl..MfV OIiLICaNSSSRENAUKKS. To < unohidi w>th KfHN LIMO' ? Fuiii or H lieatl.eld, Mr. N. It.Clarke; Edward Walton, Mi. J. II. iliM; Nad fia?k, Mr. Dull; u?n Cliatun, Mi.n 0. Wonjm. Ccors open at >??comia*t.ce at 7 o'olock prootaoly H< xr?, 2S t, t. to I't ittiil (ial.'-ry. 12)4 mu. Cdamuau* lilt national tukatrk, formerly t lui'haiu -Thfnkniiviin Day?1'wo I'eif rroaiioae. Afternoon and Evening?Thursday altcrnooa, Noromber 21, will be pro- \ Miirrd the linm of kl RKF.M/?lohabvd Crane. Mr. C. Durlte; 1 Mtirtcll, Mr. I/a?c>; Hirhard SttlyaixD. Mr. Joiie*. Portion, Mr. ; Kit! artsoiv Fiord i?, Mr*. Wo.?l?.'ird; Sellv. Mia* II1 14 wonnBter Kadrotd bights, 2ft\: V Nor thorn Rail- 1 road, !X)W ; 17 Wc^ni Helipad, 100; I do. lUO)f : 1ft Wrniiit I Ortr*l Kuilread : 3 Fall River Railmad, K5>i : 75 Reading 1 Hailrmd, 25do. iflM l?^: 50 Ea*t Boston Company, bSvf J 11 i to do. lot d. 11 J-,': $3,IW Mich. Central ttaittoud Bond*. H ??r , cent, ltKt, SO Second Hoard ?7 I'ltMiburx <kilro*d, 109W; ; 60 do. Retdinc Railroad,!) II, lfiJi: ,'tdo. Wratern Railroad, HlO'jj ' 2<>do. lifO, ]0I>?: f.O do Salt Boston Co., 10*: lUOdo.blft, 10K: M Virroont Crstral Railr ad, rok: I Oil ri^liia Fltohbar*, . (I 'Mi $1 SI; S de iloilon and Worcester Railroad, 2ic. <j DOMESTIC MARKETS. ? Nkyi Bfdkoid On. Market, Not 20.?Sp?rm?Tfce I mantel dm oeen ijuiet fine# our last, and we have bo ' * vales to report. Last sales at 106o. Whale ? There is ; \ a fair demand at tteady prices We notice sales, nine* ?; onr lart of COO Mils, at 36c ; 7f>0 do at 3.'>*<e , and4UU 1 do. at 26o. Whalebone?We have no change to nc- I I tice in the market, whioh remains doll and without I '

transactions. J WANTKD-BY A RESECTABLE GIBL, A SITUATION j C as Nurse and Seamstruu, or Cbainbetmaid and 3o'm?trn??. ' > Can be seen for two days. Good city rcforeaoa if roquirwd. At>- I 1 ply at 87 Weat 19th street. 8 WANTIT?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE IN A ORN" I tleman'l family, by a healthy your z woman of resoecta- r bility, having lout her husband very recently, and is dclroue ot ! obtaining a filtration in a respectable family. The most refp-jcU- ' i, hie city jeference given. Any person in want of sncli will pittas* j b, leave a note at the office ol this paper, for U. M. L, whioh will bo , n ' WHKUWM |/|. n (iviiviiuauvt VH r? tliUDUVmj HOU OKOXI1B/ | rtemooDS commercing at 2X- I _ rABKKNACLE? A GRAND CO\C?RT TO SKPPLT ! T F/ndafor the erection of in Orphan Asj Him, nn the (round . reyioiml) granted by the corporation of the city, will positively I * ike place onTueedny evening. Not. 2Hth. Leader of the Orohei- I '' a.S'gnor Kapetti. Maeatro at the Piano, Eignor Barili. Ticket* , ) ocnt*. _ ? /OOLOGICAI. IIALL, N08. 35 AND ST BOflri(RV\-THI3 I d iJ elegant ?at?bUihn.ei t cpena Monday evening. Not. 20th, uh the target uolleetion of living Beaauand Bird* in Amor * a. 1 rrfenrarcra are given by Mr. Brook*, the lion oon>|ueror; erf.miii'K Eliphanls, and trained Monkoya and I'onlej. Adlieeioii, 2?> cent?-oh):dren undei y, half prtoe. Open from l>j ' 11 4, and from ?>K till I1?peitornmnce at .1 and 8. Seaaon ti kau . j. VAN AMBl'RUH ik CO.. Proprietor*. t UEW INVENTION.-ON EXHIBITION, AT 113 BROAD. \ 1 way, up ataira, one of the most uaelnl and profitable iovenona of tliia age of wonders. Thi* elegant and desirable dia- | >\ery iaajplicable, rnd doitinvd to cotne into general use, io J rory lituae in the city and country. 1'er.tonH dtairoua of o m- b loj Irg th?ir time, ana a little money, profitably, oan mooopo- I io the patent right within the States of New York. New J?ra?y, 1 euiu-ylvania, Delawaie, Maryland, or Miohiran. by cilltrg on I l.EROW k CO , 112 Broadway. LTARLIM PARK. IRtiTTINO COC RSR ?Pl.'RSE TJf MO. I . LA nnle fceate, bestH in IS, to harness, will come ott This Day, 1 lov. Vli at 2>4 s'l-lock. F. J. Nodine enters b K Unknown; C. < Irotla unters bik. g. D.amend. M m. Fonneiteutt-rsblk. g. Morgan 1 iMtkr; 0. 8. Bettine entera b. m. Susannah; Thomas Johnson i ntcra np. g. fatta Anna; J. B. Hendriokson entersg. m. Helen; 1 ohn S?-ott enters b. in. Now or Never. Immediate!* after, a I latch for $10", two mil<s and re feat, to harness. F.J. Nodine 1 ames Polly; L. I. Laines blk.g. Anaconda. WM. FONNER, i Proprietor. I 2PORTS AT IDE BED HOUSE, THIRD AVENUE.? r 3 1 litre will he a Foot Ball Match, on Thanksgiving Day,at the a bovo house, to oommenvu at 10 o'clook, A. M. c E. LUFF. Proprietor. MRsT BRIGADE NEW YORK STATE MILITIA.?BRI ] . gade Orders.?New Yt-rk, Not. 30th, IS4H.?Id o >mmem?ra- 3 [in of the Evacuation ei this city by the British troops, in 1783, t id accordiag to gentral stages, that part of the Brigade located c this city, will parade fjr Review on Saturday, the 2flthiust. t te line will form at 11 o'clock. A. M? in the Hark. The several p mtuacds will report to Brigade Major John A. Bogart for posts t line. The hegimentawiUdodaty as fullowa, vlt:?The lat Re- F: n er t will mount a battery of tlx pieces, and the remainder aj f ivalry. The 2d R<gt. of Infantry, consolidated. TheSdRegt. c ussars. Ihe Veteran Corps of Artillery, Cupt. Raynor, will tire 0 National Salute on the Battery at sunrise. Col. foatly will di rt the hoisting ol our Flag on the Bat.ery. The Command will 1 reviewed by the Hon<-rallies the Governor elect, the Mayorand t itoDun Councils, at 1 o'clock, P.M., and distnittcd. The Bri ? te Staff will aiwmNc at the Volunteer Saloon, ti'J Franklin r reet, at ll?)? o'clock. A. M. By order of Henry Storms, Brig. i rn. J. f?. MUMrORD, Aid-de Camr. b JOHN A. BOGART. Brig. MaJ.and Inspector. p f Route of March? From tne Psik, up Broadway to Grand at, iwn Crav d to the Bowery, down Centre to the eastern gale ?f ePark.] n 'YNAGOfilFF., CROSBY STREir.-SEtVIC* WILL BE ? K held this afternoon, at half post .1 o'olook. in the Synagogue, j, Crtsby street, and an address will be delivored by M. M. Moth, tq? in aid of treeting a Synagoguo on an extensive ecale at ,F? j, talrm, peimission having been granted by the Sultan ol Turkey. n lTKI# BR8TAITRANT ?" nHflTllltn* pen ir IMS I ?' ^1 sprctiully Ug to iufrrm their triends especially, and I Co e public * liemlly, tint they have leased the entire basement ? OddFelrw's Ball, (IHA ly 76 frit) cimcr of Qrand and | Mitre streets, and. reiardlest ol expenst, h.ive fnrnlihed it, and -I tend to keep it, In a stjle they an ocnhdent will meet the wi itiiM of the moat futidloui. A. H. H. PERKINS. E; J. H. PERKINS. ei f OR 8AIX-A FIRST CLASS TI1REB STORY ATTIC UN- 1 der Cellar House, situated on the north side of Twentieth - reet, lietwsen broad war and the Fourth avenue, known ai No. di East Twentieth street. The home hai Qas Fixture* Marble aji into If, Water Closet, Bath Room, and ii replete with every < a nvculeno*. Alae, a three etorvattie houee on the northeart ~ mer of the Foortfa avenne and Thirtietu street, being a ralaa I g Maud for any kind of budnesa. Alio, tlioie three Cettags ' juees on the touth side of Thirtieth itreet, between the Fourth * d Madison avenues, distant ICO feet west of the Fourth areaua, m ing appropriate duellings for small families. N. B.? A lam lJ [ portion of tbe purohaae money can remain on mortgago. fa ?' ire at 12 o'clock M., or in the evening, ol JONATHAITFURDT, tjr 7 Orchard street. *j 108 oAI.E?AN EXCELLENT SADDLE AN si PARADE ei. Hone. Ion* tail, ana showy; prloe J22.V Also, a second hud N mliy Carriage, and a second nand Kockaaay. Apply at Tour*. ~ n fc Townsend's stables, 71 Beads iticet. I 1(IE SALE.?AN ELEGANT ROSEWOOD CASEB PIANO ff Forte, of t\ Octaves, of ll'ht touoh, very brilliant tone, and f. ih alt the latest improvements, msde by Stodart k Dunham, ef Is city, whose name alene is a sufficient warranty of its excel- El see. An* one desirous of obtaining a good inttramant, will do a II by calling to sco the above, at 29f Bowery, private entrance. Jt TN1T1D STATES HOTEL. WASIIINCTON.?THE SUB- p! J soiiUn respectfully inform tfs pnbilo that they have within ,h Tew days past undertaken the management of Uiu establish- ' snt, ittuated on Pennsylvania avenue, between TUrd and Four id a IJnf itrccta. Tlie locality and interier irrMmmniti of _ It Hotel *11), ti ey trait, recommend It fftrorftbly to Tt>iUri o* intM or pleasure, ana particularly to traTellere, m It U whhla 1* Ikw aiere of the Baltimore and ? mhlo|t?n rairoad depot If pj <d aicommodationa ud tha utmost exertion* to pleaae ou t4< ntributa to the comfort and conreaiaac* of thoir p?M, thaf pa to moot* a liberal patrop*ge. ? D. H. BRANCH It CO , lata of PetmtmTg, VtL t, )ERKINS RESTAt RANT.-TIIE SPLENDID &ERVICROF M Platfcprrrcnted ey the member* of the Order, to l'ut Craad di liter J. V. Taylor, U to U aren at the Brothers Perkins Rettau- H Et, Odd Fallow'* Dall, corner of Orftnd and Centre street*. T te>?ed to-day. from Pennsylvania, by Lirtncston aad Weill, a C e Bock of 210 lb*; alaa, a 1ft lb. Trout, from lUe Straits o. ? >ckinao. U RARE CUANCI KIR A PORTER AN D OV3T1R HOI SE ? L situated la one of tie best looatl' na la the flrst ward The tort*, furniture Mid lein, for aale ohaap. if applied for eoon. 1 i excellent chance for any young man of moderate aaana, who 1 dtrstands the business. for particular! inquire of L. S. FORD, c< Nimi itrtal between 10 and 12, A. m yi TBI POOR BROADWAY TAILORS'' WILL NO ?! longer employ tha neat "Laaaartlna inventor," fco, to u >nnfactnra clothing ordered by their customm and, though ad- N tting that he haa dona hie beat, nasi ftarare him that gantleaam ? II not toleratealop work; Lance, Uay ara again oampellad to c< I and mannfaotnre for thernvelve* Si rioaal) apaakiac, (with- ?c t blowing about "cash payment*," "giving away coatv ft*..) If (;< u want a good garment, and on* cut in atyle, go in Broadway? d d to St Broadway, (mind the number;) there you will find what ii want, in price and quality, and tun no riM of getting a alap 11 :.iol*. Peraoca buyiac one*, alwaya call to boy again, or 1 CD aKI.KS COX. -? flroftdwnr. t? tONVERBATlONS PRANCAISEH, OR FRRNCfl TAUGHT / on the oral qittn, raablii g to ip?U from tlx lint leaaona, tr i fn>uri?(? cat* ud flueaejr to pupils mora ad?? eed, hut da- he lent in itttftXlDR. Private tnit/on at ham*. HI per month; L< to in cltrrei. $2; pup la at their mlrtftcf, $7. Plaaaa add Mae >na de St. I'lrtra natif da Pari*. JUb RrnadwaT. ? M 1.1 FN 7.A. COUCH#. COLD* RHEUMATISM? Prraonawho are ifllle'ed with of tl (above eomaiauite ?J a n'tain immediate ralief ar.d icrmin tort by thi km or Mr* T, rrolVa Rtdieatcd V?p?>r and Fnlf l nr Bs'h?, SSI Bmadway. ^ tn Bathe hara V cn in opera'ion xiBM aui have beea t 1 u . 1 d. (I liy th?? f.rwt p? yule tor?ill t^e r>ity. ?e tRAVKLLINO TRl'NE!* JOHN CATTNACD. TRONIC 001 MaL'.ifartvrrr, No I B ?I1 itml, e< v er ?f Bro?d\??j, hai w on hard, ar.dci ni'irt y making.? * ''?l aieoriiiient uf Triulta, ?*" Ii?e?, < irpai ?i d'" eM.el*, wl. Ii-eele ar.d rrtai'. A'ao, a , petiot artirta if I mhtr Tt>tn??, mi able f>r Amertr^n or ' * rupi ?n tn? J, and I'l tUmii'tJinf r FVnPh M*'le t'oete. . derefot the W ft' lu'l >?. Sea til Amni<?. Va, tilled with d-i 1 !* . y AikkT.i rOM IIAVR>.-*K< ONt) I.INF-TIIE SHIP * Otiotrfa. J VI illaH. ina?'*r, will x?il on tt? |?t Jhvem'fr- V IOYO> HlhOEEN, A??aw, ? WllhaH, M TATKN MH.AND r KHT-THK 9TKAMBOAT U'ATKN' ?< 1 inlander mil mn folio**.- U?-a N?? Vnr? ? C, |i j at .. an i ">\ /.!>*. U" j V a i 1A y. i n'| j n look. ;1 Virginia, Jfri. ( hapwan. To Is r?lo<ed h/MW ToKK. A3 i IT IS?Mrk', Mr. Cbanfrani Joe, Mr. liurko; Charlee tfdidowa, Mr. IlkhaiiLrOii, Willatn T?U<, Mr. Ui rbcrt; Kity. Mim tleatejer. Tocourliide with the laughable laroe of the OM SIB LiPa t ho<n } Mr. Seymour: Mi<eiii'ia I i-dger, Dim Mile*. Afternoon tariforaiaiuie?Doo a open at half pact I, euitain ri_e? at i o'cluok. ] VI.Hindu) i veiling Nov. 2.1. will he ai tod tl.o flr>l ai t or the laugh- ' tile fur# of < LT AN D SOME AGAIV?Return Strom. Mr. Hill, Mnjor Tuiker, Mr. Pardij; Mr*. Tmkir, Mrr. v'hapmaii; IWt cy I'tickcr, Mina tf ilvfc 'Jo hi- Inllnwed by JiEvV YOtri A3 IT H? I More, Mr. < Imilran. After *hi h, t'o lure# of the YANKEE I'EPLaK? Hiram 1>< die, Mr. Hill; Col. UitiiJin. Mr. lierlxtm Sowi-eta. Mr. Taylor; Pom|wv, Mr. C< M na Nano/Banair, Mma Miles birali. Mr* Davia. To conclude with TilK tpfcflMK URIDEGRODM-lNckorv, Mr. U. Biinto: Mr Nlomlon on, M r. Daweir, M is? I.t iniv Chapman. Evening pnrformin< t? Doi rs pou at half paat 6, curtain r.tea at 7. Boxes, i't 1 en Li; fit. 18H oea'i. MECHAMCB* HALL, NO. i-I BROADWAY, BETWEEN ] Grand nrirt Broome street*, commenced on Monday, Oot. Id, and will continue every night natll lurthor notice.?Eighth ?tek of the recpi-nirg. The originaland well-known CHRISTY'S 1 UlNHTHEiK, (organized in 1M2.) THE ?'IH-?T TO u.lRMO- I *17.11 NEGBO 41EIX>DIF8. AND OHI11NATOK8 OF TUB | 'B?3*NT I'OI'ULAK SlYLE OP ETHIOPIAN ENTEBPAINMENTS, who?e eoi,oerU in thia oity, for a imrlod of te* ] nontha were received wlthfuch diit'.ngumtod favor and patromge, have the honor of anrounolng to the Ivlica and >t New Vork i>nd vicinity, tiiat they will give a m'jioe of their > Mtrular Concerts, introducing a variety of their original 3'.i ga, I .'homrel. Characteristic Danoe", Iko. Adminaion 2A centa. Dtori 1 >I< nat7. Cmcert will coratuonce at H o'clock- An Aliemooa ,oncert every Suiurday, ooinmenolng at .1 e'oloek, I'. M., nnder ,l.c roar.agement and direction of K. P. Christy. On Thursday, ?ov. 2."Id, ihmUigiviug Day, an afternoon eoneert, commencing jtSJ^JM. _ _____ I I BARM M'!? AMERICAN MUJEUM.-P.T. BARNL'M, PRO 1 Mm 7. IHtohctok, Manager. ftaakMivtag l> i;, Tliur*1 1 lay, Nov. *.'1 ? Magnlllcoiit preparations li.i?e bwn iiud'c it thU | ' it tat li.~l.11. fnt for the due ccleliratli.n of thin Annual t'entivity, j I rliiob tlic Manager tua det< n&iiicd nhull U> the Mo.'t Brilliant | ' |..lidny of the neu.-. n. aril Ihlftftvi Mil arnitigomonU to I ive Pivu i pknoid I'crfunnaiieOH. In thu morning at 11 o'cli ck. I n the Afternoon at 2. and again atV,. and in (lie Evening at if. and rcain at S o'clock?and rhonld thu ' u-Lipm require it, i hey a ill t* repeated every hour day and nir l.t. ani for the *nt\mu gratHlcaiion of ail?old and younK grave and gay?the , 1 Iknngi r Imeciigaged the ren wni'd original Uen. Tt ni Tliumli, Alio ' t ill n|Tear at each imrformaniv ivi ri? Variuiu lnt< iv^tlng Charctcni andat intervala l e Ham aliout tho Mintcum Alao engaged, he celebrated Minstrel Bainl, The Talented Sable Brothor*,? 1 Ireat Weatern, Yankee Comedian, Pute M.irru, Comic Singer. I 1h> Enimi Leiilfo, Vocalist, The Illghlawd Mammoth Brothers ? ' IJv ng Onrang Outang. Fairy lamlly. Infant Veetria. Wa* | criptaro Statuary. Madame Roc*well, Fortunt Teller. Admiaion 23 lent.-; children under ID half price. I ; I'linnn.-KIT >n? i?a i ? < ijABnii; nuaiuw, Z.'/J rlttOAIV- i , way.?DH. 0 I.LYiKV Oikiral Artists exhibit this wen. ! )(f. a elioioe collection of Living TaMoiv'x. Tho prngrammu will I i) clunked every second night. The puMio may ill jiond on oor- I i t pmotiMMMMt nnd n'othiPK tu ?.lU-nd the m>ct fiMUdloWL J heiiu tihU have been patronised I'J General Zacli. Taylor, lien- I i' Clay,*}. O. Calhoun, Daniel >V ebater, and all the members ! r Congress. Admisaioa k hbU 301IBARDMKNT Or VERA CRUZ-59* BROADWAY. { n?or Mblo'sOld Garden.--'Thil magi ill;unt diorama will ! 9 exhibited this afternoon, at three rack* Almitianoe, 25 * cntn. Children,bait-price. A liberal alloaanne to sohouli, j * ) EMOVAL Or SANDS, LBNT It CO.'S UIPPOFIRIKAN f LV Arena and Cirous.?This immense establishment is noir re- ' 5 perod on the lot known aa Niblo'i Garden, Uroadway. Per I J" irmsnees, including the feat* of performing elephant*, horses. i i. imelr, and ponies, with the acta of a splendid equestrian ana | .. >znnastia troupe, are given every evening. Admission 76 cents; | ]r tiildien under ten, hall pricu. l>oor* ojjen at <>>{?performances I ^ % BHOADWAT TUEAY1W-I. A. MMfttM.U Un- tlfc> Niafct- 1i Iinlj) Ercilug,A\ '-'u,. I lo i* rf< rn>< d. Till IN JONSfAS'l-V'?ni M.nfc-I k> ur 4 ch; Old UltliUI Vfcch?i Ori^ua, Miaa F Mailauk. (Juarra, , i ,4?'b' tl; laniore*, Mi?k Htldie'h. Tu ern#lfdo witA U" eon?i ! of Ik* MKVOrl MAN- Vrl<UlK Mr M--C rHi M-, , Mr Varlr; Vivtar. Me. Malllawr 0-r4 L<ue*', t.. B'u?; M?r tor. He 1>om 'II; Tov fc'?t, ';al>ot; l*dy f>*?uh, Mil. AHWt; Croily, Mr* ru*1; Hit. f luiki?, Mr?. Watt* I'roM Circle aid r?mMtle. 76 cei4?; family Clrclf and I'rpir Tim. t6 Mnd Gallery. 12K rwlt Duor*c[eoat halt put j?putf^naHM h '.ontrtret ??7 oVo?S B1 TIMtATkr, i'I ! t.S?B t>-3 9 CHUT ?T1UrtlD \T Evoi it .a, Nuv. ai'l '< MiftnMd 'hi ttntdy ofTHC (JOoo 01.D ENGLJMM GMM'il.EMJN-Sniirj broMlandj, Mr Burlis; Ten:peni in, Vf? Vernon, K<? hnn MarkSam. MI??C. [kiwu. After wi.iah. ill MCA i. AKItlVAM- Jotaf Jiotp, Mr r n Juhraion Mr Cfotoli t Mr.Xajmnnd; M?r-a*?r lldr'oB. Mr. J. pi Ml lini .Hi ?'. Mir* f'h?jn? *', To *Mk la with Ti?M AMI IKHk Y IN A*I!*ICA?Jan ?r Hall Trollop* Oiilem I'ul or tiietn. Mr. burtni; t oriiitl iur. 'i horna., Mr. Urviihim; Mr* lli-*ih. rn, Mrs DiwSnj;. Driv.iC.-e!* a*.; FamilyCirsU or H?co*4 Tiir. ?m. Du. r? #jta at W p?.H tf?oarutin to nm at 7 ?Im It. Mnctllll.'B OLYMPIC THRATRK.?TIIANKHfllflNO Night?Thnrtday I'v. ni"r, Vo?. ?*, will !> i-rfrmod Kl IllNfiO.V < Hl'Sf'K IHK ONI>? Mur.AU'liiko Snott^riva, Mr. Ilolla-.d; H'nl Mr*. Conover; Clementina. Mimi Mary Gannon. To Iw f,flowed I f ? OJ.ANCE AT N1W VOIiH. ?Mom, Mr Conoror; Hikity, Mr Bicker; llarry riurdon. Mr. Arnold: C?"r*? l'ui?ell*. Mr. < Ujk Jake, Mr Mokineon; Jan*, Ml** KuU-rt*. After which. AAMO0F.U4?Ftplinand, Mr. <lnrk; Gil V'tpc* Nfckinacn; Carlo Urturhi, MinaClprko, To oonoluda will! DEAF AS A I'OST?Tristram Sarpy. Mr Holland; Cant. Tom pie ton. Arnold: Snl'v Mi. u<? a "''-a'-" J - f ? ? - nun, MIIII IUI- i liI s. Poora open at half, paal ni'rtila tUet at 7. Broadway circi b, ai.iiauiira, between siring i aiid I'rii Of! aticeta.? Jobn 7rymx and Corp"ral Thompaon. | klirwm-Thankapirtoi; Day?'Throe portonii!in.>ee, mornii.g at | It), alteruoon at 2, evening at 7.?'Thuraday. No*. It? Morning I and afternoon? Retreat of (he Arab*, Young Niuirmi, W. K. Carroll a* Hidi r of the Hippodrome, Sculpture by the Swim Brother* I Vnvn( Highlander in ^raining by Maatur Vt illiann; Superb Soona j < f F'nicMi'iariif'in. by Mr*. Carroll: Creek Her i, by Mr I. Sweet; Dislocation and Poiturirc Feat*, by Blffnor Rllaa: ni.lll Vaulting, hv Mr. Mai farland; Olaaaio Grouping*. and Acrobati K?roi??i, by mr. Nixon and I'u pi la To corn hide with a Comic Aficrpieoe. 1 In th?cTu'iiiii( will be preaented Sprite* of the Silver Shower, by i Mr. Carroll and Children: Ground and Lofty Turn hi in*, bv the Troupe; Durii k Act cf Horamanahip. by Little Bob William*; ! >1 iTMlera (d Oljmpln; the Kurtio Lover*. by Mr. Shiodel ami Mra. Carroll; Shlpwreokod Sailor Roy; t'ammanclie Warrior, ' y Mr. lxaao Sweet; Superb ClaMio I'ows and Grouping*, by Maatcia V illie nnd Charlej; Ctmio Dance, by Maatur Williama; Giaat Principal Act of W illie Nixon. To conclude witha Comio Pantomime. Boxoe, SO einta, Cpp<r Circle, 25 oenU. Children half price. Com were* % pa?t J. rji.\nkiinacm -ju.ikk gi:ng-l has tuf. honor to i X annouuoe to the ladieaand feut'euiea of New York, tha hia Fifth Concert will lake place at tlie Tabernacle, on Thursday evening, N or. 23d. proorammk. Pa rt I. 1.?Overture from IheOporaof Kuryantha Wilier. 2.?r,rtud Concertino, on Flute, l>y Mr. Siode RnocialdL 1?Meadow Flower Walti Sirauaa. Cart II. I?Finale of the Opera of I.ucia di Lammermnor..,. Donliet'L 5p- Elite (jnadiille J.Gung'l. k?Vaal'co Polka (by rei|ncit) J. Gun*'I. r.?Retpocdinr Alpine Spring Jnbi'ee (by re ,ue?t). .J. Gung'L S.?Farewell to Berlin (Walti) J. GungL Carnival of Venice (Bur'eeqne) J. Gnnc'l. TABERNACLE.-GREAT SOLEMNITY MUSICAL* olf I Thuraday Evening, November .'Wth, llenii llera ihia flrat nd (nly appearance thia aoaaon,) for which oooaaion He baa mcared tl o ol the eutire Italian 0)?.r? Company, including bignciira Truffi. Madame Laborde, Si*ncrina Patti, Signor , Bt mdetti. M. Labordo, M. Dubn ul, 8ig. Valtollini, Signor ftoai, ! uiftw.r uiuuugi, uu<i inn iuu orcnasira?leader, M Miretaok. J. Uui g'l and Vis celebrated Paiid. Solo on the Flute, by Ilerr Pride. Mr. Henri lien will perform several new piece*. Tickets SI?to )>e had at tha musio lU rta. principal hotels, and at M. flcrzV, 47 Warren sti'et. On tbia occasion. reserved seats may l>? secured, by arplyiug to Andre k. Co.. 447 Broadway, and at L) # I :.t 11 :i. le. lloora r pen at 7, performance to oommenoe at (1 i'clock precisely. No postponement on account of the weather. llie irraud piano, from lien's tnantifhotory, used on thiaocaalion, in one if the ricantly adopted form in Paria. Frogramme in 'mull bill), fjlEMALK ACADEMY, AT BROOKLYN.?GRAND FESTIval OoiHri given by the Germania Musical Society, with he kind of Madaue Antoinette Otto, ou T'-ankngirinc lay, oreuibir JX Leader of tbo society, C. Lease how. ProntonK?I. Overture, Maaianiello, Aubor; S. Wultx. The feather ' dinner: .'1 Grand Sk-t-na, by Madame Antoinette Otto, Bellini; 1 I a 1 iv?1 ito, Grand Solo, fur two flute', (Kobert la Dialde,} j xicuitii ly Mesrt*. C. Zerrahn and E. I'ltifer, Furstcnau; A. leneral Taylor'a Trirmpli March. composed by Lenschow.ex- ! ressy for this occasion. Part II.?1. Overture, Tha Hebriilen, I ! udoltsohn, Bartholdy; t. Souvenir of New York, ootnpoaed br t !. Leniohow, and |erf<rmed tor the flrit time; 3. Cava tine, one I)oloe, by Madame Antoii ette Otto, Roeiini; 4. Qi ad nil e, ' lie Haimoutklndcr. Strauss; 5 Republican, Grand Hotpourr*. . LinscUw To commccco at 8 o'clock, pruciw-ly, Tickets Ml j nts each, ttrbo had at the door of the Female Aoademy, on the | renii v of tha concert. No postponement an account of tha ' aather. I I ^EW TOhK, NOVEMBER 16, 1S-18?TO THE INQABI i Jj * tatts of this city?Mr. Canfleld, so well known in Europe J I'll) American Samson, n.?|ectfully informs you that he has t itely anivtd in thin c ty, alter a long curios of performances in .., England and Belgium; aleo, otnir parts at Europe, where e has net with the most unbounded oppluuse. lie now intends * i> exhibit at the N ew Naticnal Theatre, seme of the most v> on- c i-rful Herculean feats ever performed here or elsewhere, and t icetrely hopes he will give iatillac tion and Rain the appKura id patronage of kia friends and counbymen. Yours, most re- I peitfully, F. A. CAN FIELD, the American Samson. \ NAl'OLKON CROS8INO THE ALPS.-THIS GREAT HIS- ! horioal Picture, by DiJaroche, is bow exhibiting at tho Naional Academy of Design, eerncr of Broadway and LgonaH 1 treat. Open from nine, A.IL, until ten, P.H. A dim salon, 26a.; o eaaon tickets, SOc. j DANCING.-M1.LE DEi-JARDlNS, OF THE ACADEMY p of I'sri*. bra the .honor to infom U.e public that the lays of \ ,er school arc WedntuleyhHud S-aturdajn, at 3 o'clock, at No. 639 Iroadway; Mni.flajs and ll.nrsdnys, at noon, WOlMlM, 11 Por terms and other particulars apply at her resides.*. No. 71 t' eorard btnet. j PKOribSOR BAltKY'S WONDERFUL TilG01'aER0U3 or Medicated Compofcnd ? Greenwich sine*. Not. 15, 184M.? r Ii'icavr uarrj?oir. l it-h le leiuru you my M< knowlodglnents 1 Fir the great bent tits 1 have received (torn the u?e of ,oor Trioo- I phtrona. Having loot uij lair during my service in Mmioo, on it rehrnto New York, I trkd wverol articles torioiverit. t Hithcut elicit I wss induced, thr< itgb tf.e advke uf Dr. Auder- ' ion, to mike a trial if your Trici plierous, wbluh 1 thought con- V rejed a comfortable pleasantness to the head that J liail not ,, lelire experier.eed, though 1 aid ?ot in, mediately peroeive the isir ti> ^T"W. Ihm induocd ne to have two more bottles and s efoie I tad finished the third bottle I had my hair perfectly A iMMfd. 1 I ave continued ;o u-e it fhyre, and have now a< nao ,. i heud of I.air as I had in my yonth. This letter ym art at lib- r rty to uie it you pleatt. I maain, yiuri. Sic. MAni- kl uuanss. n F.iciitii Ptrkst, March 6, lf*47.? To Professor B?rry, No. 139 n Jrcacway?Sir: In justice to the merit* of your Trioopheroul How me to acknowledge the benefits I hive < xperienoed from ita JJ ice in ny own family. Mrr. C.. after an aocouehment of her first 1 hilt*, perceiving her fcair suddenly fall off, ?ai inductd, through ho ittormation of her lister, to buy ) our Tricoptinroiis, whioh l he repicsented as a meat useful and pleasant articlo for drcaiiig n ha hair. After the uae of a bottle her hair recoversd its former < trecpth aud appearance. 1 have li ce recommended it to my v tier.d-, and always tind it* iweptii n sucL as to prove it an article t rtuuine merit, Plesse to send by hearer two bottles, and Ug.. Voare, THOMAS CAMERON. From tt e Evening I'ost. B*n m's Tr icoriiKRot ? ? We have often befort noticed thij < tuly invaluable trUcle for tlio hair. From repeated trials we 1 re constrained to add our own testimonials of ita virtues. As a W pmcd) for dandrnlf, and for promoting tfe growth of the hair, it ; t,| k really excellent. 'I he genuine Trieoplierons i? told in large J cttlea price only twenty-five cents, at the Principal Office, J1 (o. 139 Licnd*?y. Fiom the Journal of Commerce. 0 Bakrv's TmcofHKKOt'e.?This renowned artinle iiwinning t uerited applauie by its superior effect in removing scurf and ' It is alsojustly celebrated for preventing baldness or a rey hair, ar.d keeping the hair in a healthy and glossy state, || tidering it indisjiensible to the toilet. 1 he above are a few selected from a great number, of a i nilar = rcription. and of late itj tentllcial effecti have become so gene- li >1, that there is scarce a respectable doctor who does not know a un erous im tancesof a like l ature. To prevent imposition, the . ords, " Barry's Tricoj>herou? for the llair, New York," will be ' end Mtwn on each bottle. 0 TtYE AND EAR.?DR. PCWELL DEVOTES DI8 ATTEN^ Cl A ti' n exclusively to diseases of the I] e and Ear. at Ml Broad- I'1 ij, entrance 1X Warren, where can be had his " Treatise on Um at pe," price GO coots; also his self aoti ng eye fountains for strength- a ilng the eyes. Artificial eyes Jnst imported. yT JOKER DENTIST, 7 BI.KECKER ^STREET, NEAR |v -* iiiq uwnci;, iu?crv? wuuto mu nan acui 01 teem, oa m newiy Vj covered [ri triple, and warrant* them thirty per o?nt bettor ' . id cheaptr than anything of the kind made in the city, maati- if tion bHug rendered quite eaay bj Dr. J.'a discovery. (|, K. COOPKK, 11 LUANK STREET, BETWEEN CHATHAM in J and William (treeta, Iim for the la.?tfourteeu ycareenjoyed U moat eitcnslve practice in private dieeaaee. Ha oan oun tha eit aggravated caeee of thii dineaae; and mild rate* oared ia r ro to live dara. Stricture?Dr. Cooper can oun th* wont font " atriotuiee in from one to two weak*. lonetitutional debility it ought on by a Moret habit indulged in by young men. Thii ti tien too freely indulged In, beget* dyapepefiu weak now af the , aba and imaJl of the baok, coahudon of the lnttlleoL, and aver- sl >n to eooiety. A our* warranted la every owe, or ao oliarga. ; ri o mercury seed. 0 kTO CCU, NO CUAHOX.?DR. MURPHY Of 83 GOLD tt /I (treat, ia confidentially oonmlted on all forma of private dia %\ eel. Raoent cam* of gonorriMea ha uuree ia two to fot* dare. _ oaatitational debility and impotenoy aucmoaefally treated ay ! t. M. wNo mercury need ia any eaee, or hiadraaca from h? gl tea. ?ae ffSOold etnetiocen from TA.H. to 10P.M. > w i/f BD1CAL CARD.?DR. RICHARDSON, I.ATR CONSBLT I' rJ. lng PhyeJoiaa to the New York I'ollece of Medioine and liarmaoy, oan beooceulted at hie Madioal Offloe. No. 10 Park laoe. from V A. M. to H P. M , ea all private dlaeaeea. na:?Oaaof. ma, Byphilie, Ulaat, BUiotare. and Seminal weakneaa. Torme u oderate, ard a can guaranteed, without eoalaemeat, or Injury the conatitutioa. J| OflT EXTRAORDINARY WORK.?TO TOR MARRIKD il or thoea oontemplating marriage.?'The Married Womaa'i tl lirata Medi .al Companion, by Dr A. M. Maurlcean. Sixth edi- < on. Price $1. Thie work ie meeting with moat aetounding aal** 4,000 oopiee having alrea iy been dlipoaed of. I Every female I* f, itting a copy, whether aarrled or unmariad, although it If ' ailed cepecially for tha married, aa it diaeleeae ie. pnrtA* t aeorell >1 hi oh I'.oa'i br fcr*?? fartloularty. Her. every femaia ia diacover the caoaea, oympiona, in' ,h? mtdt efflot*at ran*- CI ?a, and meat certain mode ol re-re ia every eaee. For eala at SB roadway; at tha pabliahiag oftoa, IV liberty ttreet, New Yor^ , B. Pf tenon, No. M Iheaaut etrvat, Phila4elph&: little k ri o.. Albany; W. R. Davia, Boet< a. Oa the reoeipt of 91, a oecy ill be tnumittad by mail, free of poetage. to all part* af th* I aited Ciatai. All lettan ainet be addreeeed, poet paid, te Dr. C . M. MAURJCKAC, boa 1.2M, New fork aity, OSoe 1X9 Liberty ^ ? ??. .. ? ~??r | tc WTO Cl'RR NO PAY.?DR. CORBITT. 19 DUANR 8T. ,|, v member of the Royal College cf Surgeon*, London, maybe mralted in treatment of delicate dieaaaee. No matter bow long >u may have bad gleet, ulcen npoa tha body or ia the throat or tr ea, palaa In the head and bona* of the leu. A praetlo* ef |? urteen yean, devoted to venereal diaeaaea, enable* Dr. O. to oar* ~ ie wont form of thiedieeaaa. Raoent eaaee cured in four day*. 1 o mercury aaed. StHotnna eared ia one or two waake with pi arccty any pain. Thoaa ladlvidaals who have Indulged la a '/ irtain loatheome habit eaa pcaitively be netorwi to health and , ' olety. N. B Stranger! are cautioned not to b? deceived. Pi ? ' Dbbett ha* not removed. Remember 19 Duaae atnet, epfadt* f. Johne?a'a. __ of EDICAL CARD-PR. MORRISON IS CONSULTED ON d> ri all form,? of rrirate dieresefl with that mruwaa *KUK ua* 1. naive praotic* of nearly thirty teara muat vunot Beoent fatton*. particularly aonorrbu-a, he ourea In a few dayi Strte- H rm, denied incur*!* by ?thoia,y1tld to hit Improved method of atmsnt. To thoie aufferina from the cfTi-ota of a aecret habit tf prom l? H a perfeot cur*. Le.tcra prepaid attended to. See hit .1 ?idon diploma,la hia offlce, 314^ Pulton street. " J O CI, RE, NO CUARUJL?OB. UOBBETT, M. R. 0 I L * haj rem??ed hUeffice to 66 Ann atreet. (new WillianvJ O Mre he ror?*d on all diaeaaee of a private characterTo oaewhe hive Lj*n under hia oar?, Mlf landrftion la nnn??mr i th"?e who hare not, and who are afflicted with luina ol t In. ad. limba, ulcere on the body, throat, or now. glee.*. ?Ui<v 1 roa, aemlaal debtlitjr, inducwl by improper habita, *c? I t|< warranto a prrfeot and ai**dy cure. No mer> ury u?d. K> ! at cim oured la four daya. l>r. Cobbotfa Merew, (the U< ?ult of If yeare exnerienr* ) Induce* *uenvtoino"iup,Hitnr to I ny hia nttoval and Identity. Thoee who know Dr. C.. axed j 1,1 t dive hHn a rail to fhlaify thla aaaereion. Bee hia Diploma I Rr MM r<x"r*.d attended to. | t|, )tt. KAIJ !l, AlITUOK Or Ttl* " PRACTICAL TRIVATB m Trtatlte, lio.. (8 (irrco*i>h ?t??et?office hfora# to 11 A. bt ., fl to l? P.M. (Stirday eicr*?<l). The*> who aprly in tNe.artj u kgee will b? mrpritmn at iho rapidity and little iuconvni.-net w, toudli * U.?lr cur*. I til chiefly, bowavr, thoe-j wl.ohavorit M rod I rout ort?iU ola^i ol pu?.tla wbo oan prcperly *j)i-rw.'iah 11 * acrvlce*. In nU latere, (fuw lit flrat, or lrol|,c,t, to iU naor '.rnnoed "nil dltMMtiaff (t"tr rnn<nn??on Mvant^get , pd a T4tj ait?>uavo prutioa] ha mii altard a rapid, eaatg tn 1 * 1 idlcal, whi< h. he h*t nrrmad Jot nation, ?? Ve ft ju yo i'&X ??*;?*? kmutu*. MTmrcKNfi; ?f THE nAiuO r. I v \ I!*, S. c., Nov. 18, lgi& \ I 7Vjal fur Myrdrr A tr.'dl lor murder, u: der very myirterioua cir* ^ "nHtancrs, attracted a large crowd, and oce'tpirt4 the C\ ,,,r' of (Jeueral So??ion, on the wrbok ?tf tha tiny of n? * r?)h mutant. Hi* Honor, Judtpr f>ans, I'rrnidid. Tl^r |>ro*eculion was conducted bjr Clns. l?rew*t? r, fc*q.. and the prisoner, Jon? Pons, w?? nl'y and eti>qu>|jtly defended by C. B. N</rthI rof?, Ek|. The nidirtirirni cKnr^>^d (hat the prisoner killad f Vincent Fojmna, by indicting ui-on him tw? I rouiidn with a cook'a lartintj knife. The owt* di*-e addneed wa??the dym? declaration of Portun* : the iidmi?non of th? nTi??n..r <?. ?u- -?l. , - - - - i?-j?- ? *uc guvK ; ! the t of the prisoner, arid otuer circuiiittaiHMM. No evidence was introduced on th>- purt of the prisoner. The defence rested uj.on ihr absence of dircet proof. The drrensed ami the prisoner werv rn irinera attached to a Spanish brig, consigned U/t%e hiiffalf espected house of Cay tfc ilfeilhe, on #a?t Bay. * >n the night of the minder deeeaaed left the brig; and on his was?to the privy cm the wharf,he w*m wounded by a blow, from behind, with a Knife; lie turned, and received another in the abdfemen. Fortuna Mutes he saw the man as He ran, an?ittiat it wus Pons ; but lie otnMted to stale, and lirvu not so questioned, how he identified Pons. Th? cootl, the principal witness for the State, Hwtrt that Pons told him (the cook) "you need tot ?? ireh for your knih'?I threw it into the dock." Por.s la Htill young, his head would l*i*s muster as a flue one with our phrenological friend*; hi? features are good; h's eyes beam wiih intellipence; just below the middle size, nther active than fctrong; Ins modest bearing and gentle, expressive countenance, impresses you in hia favor, and hence you may account, in some measure, for the interest which all elapses felt in the verdict. Hut he &*d Irom justice, and was captured. Yes, and how often has not innocence fled, at the idea of being charged with crime; or to prepare for defence, or await the conjunction of expected favorable circumstances? How often have !>rav? men lied at some unaccountable panic, and returned and proved their prowess i>n the field! These are but a few of the items of this mnit mysterious murder. The jury are now, while L write, eighteen hours unagreed in their Verdict, be it for or against the prisoner. I feel satisfied his counsel has done his duty. There can be no doubt of a new trial, upon the ground, that after tiic juijr ruin aworu, nnu pari 0! me evidence heard, one of them took sick, wus discharged, and th?judge directed another to take his place, which was done, and thus permitted the case to go oa. This is an error. Anew jury should have beoa sworn, and not thus amended. J have no time at present to speak of general matters here, i may do that at another time. Washington, Not. 20, AJJ'airs tn the Capital?71ie Efltcl of the r.UcUon? The Preparations fur the Future, $%c. 4*<"There is an air ot subdued, quiet, pious resignation to fate and Taylor on the face df almost every man one meets here. With a most reverent defr rence to the will of the majority, the people in office have modestly given lip tJieir harsh notions of UnerHl Taylor, and he has increased wonderfully n favor since his election. Whatever is the rea>on of the change, the adherents of Mr. Cass are nuch fewer than when 1 left here in September. Another strange phenomenon is observable. Vmong those whigs who entertain a laudable amuticn to serve their country, there arise fearful loubts as to the fitness of the General to do the luty of a whig President, now that he is elected, ["hey are, in consequence, extremely shy, and hey Mar.d ready to worship or denounce him, iccoiding as he behaves towards them. Proicription or no proscription?that ib to be the ritenon of his fitness If he proscribe, he will >e to them a second Washington?if he do not rofenbe, he will be worse than John Tyler. This verdict will not, however, end with the i-ords " so say we nil." There are, fortoately, many honorable men in the whig party, eady to sustain the President elect in carrying lit the policy which it is already apparent ne la imposed to pursue. 1 mean a non-proscriptive oliry. And it is not improbable that upon thia ery question there will be a serious dissension ia fie party shortly alter < teneral Taylor's inauguraif n. In thia struggle the politician will doubtless tave the best of it. The more respectable portion >t the purtv is con|>osed oi men indisposed t? wrangling, and who rare nought for politics, except us the medium of carrying into effect tka lonest principles they believe in. It is supposed here that General Taylor will b breed to adopt the proscriptive policy, because t fill he impossible for him to choose a cabinet lb najority of wh'm will not be in favor of a wholeale removal of their political opponents from office. Inch, of course, will depend on his choice of a iibtnt't. Much, also, will depend on his owl linnets. The whig pulmonis are very hungry nd thirsty. Year alter year, the stream ofpatronee has been flowing pist their lips, and no dro f it has been allowed to cool their parched throat*. The fruits of office have been ripening before their yes under successive administrations, and they iave been cruelly precluded from tasting them. >nce, indeed, in 1840, they believed they had them within their grasp, but the results of their victory re re '-Like Dead Sea fruits, that tempting 1U, But turn to ashes on the lips.'' Agnin, they cherish the belief that the fruita ars itlun their reach, and it will drive them to de?air if they be not suffered to revel in their eaijinent. Already there is a most important morement riginating among the democrats. They are ngaged in preparing for the promulgation of set of atticles which they design to make le basis of their opposition to the incomiac dministration. Alter the revolution eflectea y Luther, the church of Ilome entered upo? rigid relf.purificHtion, and resolved to put om it all laxity of doctrine and conduct. Tha pmocratic party is about to pursue a similar t>urse. The fact is, on the bans of the democratis uty has been raised a most anomalous auoer ructure of anti-republican practice and belief, gainst thin, the young democracy, which is oermly the most pound and healthy, are about sternto protest. The movement has commenced ia hiladelphia. Should it not be suppressed in its i fancy by the efforts of the older politicians of the rmocratic party, who are altogether conservative i their notions, this new movement will sweep ie free Boilers out ol existence. Those of the democrats whs still cling to the ee soil movement, will soon be forced, by ths tore solid coalition and cohesion of the democrac party, to join the whig ranks under the leaderlip of Mr. Webster, who will in all probability be "gaided, for the next tour years, as the champioa f the unti-slaverv portion of the whig party. And iuh, although the young democracy are organing nn active opposition to General Taylor's ad* iniftrution, they may, after all, be compelled to ve hun incidental support and defence against a >rtion of the party who now claim him as theic resident. Washington, Nov. 21, 1848. tvtral Scolt't Furniture?tVh if; Firing? Taylor Men?Curt for A gut, etc. The furniture of General Scott was sold by aa? on to-day. It was not of splendid style, but com rtable. He had kept bachelor's hall while his imily resided at Ehzabethtown. It la said that IterThe fourth of March, he wiU agaifi make Uus 7 auijuai itrio. The whigs fired one hundred guns to-day, m lebration of the election of General Taylor, lie powder came from the arsenal, bjr order of ol. Talcott. This would not have been done beire the seventh of November. To-night there ia i be a great procession, and speeches are to I* rlivered. The sycophants in the public departments, who emlilt-d in their shoes when they heard that Tay>r was elected, have been cored of iheir ague, he dose consisted of swallowing their former maples, if they had aay, and hurrahing for oI4 ark. Such creatures should be the first tvsafr the operation of the guillotine. The proprietor of the Natitnal WhiR. who sns* *nded his paper during the canvass, and took own h s sign, has put up the latter within tho ist we?-k, and gives notice that he intend* to print daily neper, commencing in January next. The democrats have rem >ved. plank by plank, leir rostrum, near the ( nt'on office a id the buraft leatrr. Washington, Not. 22, 1&48?2 A. M trat Torchlight Procruwn i? Honor of tfeo Poyio'I Eltction?Co*gyntvlatmy Atidreu, 4r. Yesterday, last night, and this moraing, up to v hour of our writing, ha* been, without excep>n, the noisiest time we have ever known in this ty of magnificent distances and capital of tho ritCKt nation on the luce of the earth ; and ail ia noise and confusion, we have been given to iderstand, were intended as a "torchlight cele>ation r.f the victory lately achieved in the eleonn of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore to tfio Vces of Prtsideat and Vice President of tho nited States." V. a.-liington?and the fact i?, in a measire, erolh|,I,always possessed a whig population. i i ,1..: i. ...-I..: i i l. O. I , . g , , ;?4A / / I

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