Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1848 Page 3
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Marine AlThlrs. stumtm Cambria, Chiioiii, and Nkw?bo\.? Tbe two bushel mail W for the News >v. war, on Satnrday morning, thrown from the Cambria to windward, at the Newnboy, and Into the so*. 1'he Newsboy being utder toil .-tarn, sbat ahead of tn-big stopped, backed, fished up the bag *nd, at 7 28, started for the oity from IX miles we?t of the , the Cambria having, in tbe mean time ?dranoed at Isast half a mile Tbe Newsboy pasted the Cambria at or about the point of the Hook, tbe Cnerokee having overhauled her at tbe aame point. At a *7 entered the Narrows abreattef the Cherokee At 8 .iI 3u, tbu Cambria llred tbe tecond of two uun<. i < seconds, or l.H miles astern of the Cherokee and Newsboy. At 8 48, opponlte Red Hook, tbe Cherokee about 300 feet astern, and sheered off w stward At 8 64. tbe INewtboy was opposite the Custom House dook. Total time, 66 minut*. Tbe writer, who took these notes for his owa satisfaction, being in no way interested, either in ths Newsboy, or any of th? papers by whom she is einDloTed (exoept as a subtoriber receiving the new* when published), and having acoid.n tally >?ha present on a plt-af ur? excursion, both on thia and the last arrival of the Cambria, has observed, at least with surprise, that on neither occasion were the wheels slackened for a moment to allow the Newsboy to oom* quietly alongside, and receive tbe mail bag. while under full headway. Tbe Newsboy being inuob the fastest boat, there la no difficulty, exoept from the powerful eddy from tbe large wheels diverting the rapid course of the smaller boat, and producing au unavoidable and injurious collision It was probably for tbe purpose of preventing a recurrence of this diffloutty, that occurred on tbe former ocoaslonjihat tbe mail bug whs thrown when tbe boat was tit far that there was no ebanoe of its reaching her. Shutting off steam for balf a minute, would be sufficient to stop the eddy during tbe time of receiving the mail; the speed of tbe boat would not be seutibly diminished; but. even If balf a minute should be lost, common oourtesy would seem to demand that this little time should be spared to furnish to the public ail tt)e facility desired, sinoe it Is (or the bbneBt of the publio that the Newsboy is employed by a few enterprising papers, exclusively for the purpose of gaining time on the arrival of news. Great Run and Narrow Escape.?The Portsmouth Journal says that, "the British schooner Teaser, Capt. Hankinson, left Briar Island, Nova Scotia, on Saturday night last, at 8 o'clock, in tbe short time ?f twenty-eight hours, was inside of Boon Island. A.t 2 o'clock, in a thick north-east storm, let go her anchor to leeward of Whale's Back light, and rode out the gale.? At tbe time the gale was so violent that the spray rose above tbe Whale's Back light-house This is probably tbe first vessel that ever rode at anohor in that place in such a gale.'^ Tbe Weekly Herald. < Those desirous oi receiving tbe Weekly Herald In this oity, ean bare it regularly served to them every Saturday, by leaving their names and address at this offioe. Marine Affairs. stramitiir Uhitkd States?Wegive with pleasure tbe card which follows, addressed to Captain Haokstaff, by the passengers which came in the United States on her last quiek trip from New Orleans :? Steamship United States, Sandy Hook, Nov. K, 1H4S. The undent (Bed pastcngeri on board the steamer United Btate* from New Orleans to New York, return their siaoero tnsnks u> Uajr.aln Utclt an, ior trie uuiturm courtesy the; have received at his hands, and bear temiraony to the (kill and uuwea ried attention with wliioh he his diwcbarged the responsible dutie* imposed upon him. For admirable discipline, sumptuous (are, and oomfortable state-rooms, Ue United State" is not surpassed in this or any other country ; and the undersigned entertain the hope that she will become a regular packet between New York and New Orleans. HlSS HYLI.KftTZI>, If 18* WVnrRSTRANDT, ihaac E. Morsk, Wm. H. Gwin, Thos. D. Cawmach, W. f!. Timpi.kton, W. F.Tvnuard, V. Brk-t, Thos. J. Oakley, Isaiah W. Welm, A. 0. Blows, Charles Andrew Johnson, James W. Cray. The United States leaves again on Saturday for Havra direct. G> B.Clarke's Overcoats,of all colore, give universal satisfaction. Ihe price generally is Sid. b'aok French clotli Dress Coat?,made to measure. $10: Vret.i and Pants at equally low prioes, My goods are all bought for cash?my proti is are proverbially low. I can cell a better garment at a lower prioe than most tailors, therefore 0. B.Clarke, lli William street. N. B-Broadway tailors supplied at-the usuti pcicj, but not trusted. 1,000 Orer Coats, Rich Unl. K, S to 10 dollars; 900 Cloaks, $1 to $11; tOO dress and tr k Coats, Frenoh loth and trimmings. $1 to $13; Pants, fancy asslmeres, $1 to ?6; Tests, 60 oenss to S3?these are all u ( deemed Podges, fresh from auction, peat bargains. |f Suit - ore, oerner Nae M aad Bf<ekmas streets. - ^ The uRlchellen" Uofi Peni-are warranted to wear Ave years. They are lino, smooth ind elasUe, and are acknowledged to be the beat and cheapest Pu s in the world. Bold enly by B? M. WaUec h Co, Wo. It Wa-1 si root. Ooldpeasre important to tue 1'uoiic.?All natters or celebrity refer their patrons to the Inimitable, No IS Nimi street, for one of bio elegant cuts of the hair and wMskers, ai betag indlspemable to a oorreot appreciation ot their hate. AIM Obtained as above, Bill's Infallible Onanent. for the hair. Portable I>rrssliig Caeca?In all that the name imports, containing in the stralleet apace the mcstoiwful ariii lec, among whioh in the Metallic Tablet for keeping razors in perfect order. Manufactured by O. Sanaders It don, 147 Broadtray, cornor of Liberty street, and 3e7 8read tray. Autodialling Bargains are to be had at the celebrated Cheapest Carpet t Ataklisliment ii the United States, No.W Bowery. HIRAM 1NDEH80NS. Vou ean select from the largest sworto-ent of Emi'th and American Carpetiugs. Axmiste or Tufted Rugs, Matt*. Table Covers, Window Shades, Oil Cloths, tie., at a sat log of V> per cent oa every article. The Plumbe National OaguerrlanOstlleryJ on the upper comer of Broadway and Murray street.?3trann?r Md ethers should not fall to visit It. beini tv.e most attractive plaoe In the city, for no person can visit this oelebiatcd Gallery without meeting some familisr face. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HOMEY MARKET. Sunday, Nov. Id ft?6 P. N, There baa not been mnoh activity in the ttook market during the past week, and with one or two exeep* tions. prloea hare experienced very little alteration ? Fanoiea appear to have been deserted, and th? attention of capitalists and other* directed more to the securities of the government. These Investments have, no doubt, been much benefitted by the want of confi* dence in others and the anxiety exhibited to plaoe money wnere lis sareiy is unaout>iea,r?mer man engag- : in any thing speculatire. While this feeling lasts; the ' fancies will stand a poor chance, and the broker* will have to oarry then along the beet way they oan. There i in T?ry little prospect of any relief being realized by the appearance of outriders. However extensive the mean* of outsiders to operate, the season i* against them; and a* prieee de not begin to revive before the opening of the spring,thejr will most likely wait until some move" ment Indicates an upward tendency in the market.? Although prices rule unusually low, the impression that lower points will be touohed, deters even moderate purchasers for Investment from ooming Into the mar' ket. It matters very little In Wall street, what the present or prospective value of aiy fanoy stock Is ; if it is not properly held, prices must fluctuate from time to tlOM, and in times like these, sink to very low points It is impossible for the brokers to sustain them, and it Is a wonder where all the fancies whloh are now in existence remain week after week. The loss of interest ! very year must be immense, and runs up the oost Of these stocks very rapidly. Some of the fanoles now on the market have been knocked about among the broken for ten to twelve years, and in the Item of Intereet alone have nearly doubled in cost. Notwith standing thi?, the market prloe U now lower than bu b*?n known for year*. and purchasers at onrrent rate* have a wider margin for an improvement. It may be a question with many who are GMinately Acquainted with the position of the companies representing these stocks, whether it la probable that price* oan become muoh further depreeeed ; but unforta" nately, they cannot reason from such premise*, but are governed In their conclusions by the position of things in Wall street, and the strength of holders. Tha heaviest fall during the past week ha* bean n Long Island, and that stock now rales lower than has been known before sinee the completion of tha road. The gross earning* of this company In 1847. war* f 168,706; about one-half of whloh was net This wonld be sufficient to pay tha Interest on th? debt of tha company, and a fair dividend on the market value of th* stock, at the present market prloe. The par of tha *tock Is. therefore, about twenty dollars per shara, and If the shares could be consolidated so a* to reduce the capital In proportion to the reduotlon In tha price of the stoek, holders would at once receive dividends, and the losses many of them might experience would be partially made np by returns on tha investment. It appears to be the policy of most manager* of railroads, or any other oompanles, not to pay dividend* at all unless the full rates of six or even per cent ean be deolarsd. In some concerns they are not so particular about earning so mush ; but for reasons best kaown to themselves, prefer ranking among the fanoias, rather than dividing the snrolu*, if it 1* below an amount sufficient to make a gond appearance In the market. The only way to relieve the mar ket of these stack* is to consolidate the shares ot each, at son* given tims, at a rite to be regulated by the post* tlon of the company's alfsirs at the period appointed * o that they oan commence paying dividends at ones, that the stockholders may receive some remuneration lor their capital. Unless something of this kind Is resorted to, many of these concerns will linger along ytur after year, and ten years hence the stockholders will be as far from dividends a* they are now We do not allude ta the fancy railroad stocks more particularly than to those of even a more d??perat? character, M it U about tine fonething waa dons to relieve the market of the lament* mount of such (mk whiok I floating about, draining money from the nninltiated it Wall street tact lea, and absorbing a large a a on at o capital which might otherwise b? more usefully aai profitably employed. There are more than a doaei fancy storks in the (tract, not one of whioh U worth i broker's commission ; and yet there are plenty of par chasers at high prices, and more speoulatlon in thea than in good sound dividend-paying securities Most cftbaan concerns should have been c oaei np yn>n sgo; but their earmngn *? Just enough to glre abo'il bslf a dozen individuals good salaries; aQd so loo* ai 1 Vitav nan liv? nnt. nf thum thaw will nftt Im. ai a p?nt in* state of liquidation, or, rather, they will ?0| perforin the duties for which they were appointed. The annexed statement exhibit* the quotation* fo: stocks in this market for eaoh day of the past week and at the close of the wee c previous. Prices hav< fluctuated on* or two per cent in some instanoes, am on the whole they have been pretty uniform: ? Quotations roa tmi Principal Stocks in thi Ns? Yoke Markkt. Sat. Man. 1W Wed. Tht. Pri. Bat. Treasury Notes (Ti.... 1(M 104?.' mx 104 ?<? - luf>': m Ohio tf's. 101 >? ? ? Mm, ? 101)2 ? Keutuoky 6"s S>7V ? ? ?8? _ _ _ Pennsylvania?* 74 Vi ? 7i% ? ? 7*X 7i\ Illinois 41*2 UK - - - ? ? ludianaState 6"a 64 ? ? B4>? ? ? 6t>< Rudmc RR Bonds... 67J? 58 ? ? ? ? Reading Ii'Imii Bonds. 61 62ft ? ? ? 61W ? Rtadmg Railroad MX SI 80V 2:)>? ? few 29 Norwich Ik Woroeater.. 8.)* Wi 32% ?iyt ? 32 Erie Railroad, now.... W*4 6IV* 6l ? WW 60^ Harlem Railroad C'H ?>'? *'J\ ? 49* ??* Long Island *)% 20 ^ 19* - lxX Mohawk ? 78 ? ? ? ? ? Stoninaton 43 ? ? ? ? ? ? farmers' Loan 27V SB J7tf ?7tf - 27 J7>i Canton Company 8'X SIX 3"? 3U* - 30 MorrisCanaTV; TsJ - 7)5 7 - - 7 North Am. Trust.... 8 ? ? ? ? ? ? A comparison of prices current yesterday, with thos ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits ai improvement in Treasury Notes of 1 per oent; Pens rylvacia fives, Y% ; Indiana fives, X: Erie Ilallroad, new \i; Farmers' Loan, \i\ and a decline in Reading Railroai of 2% per oent; Harlem, Long Island, 1% Cantoi Company, ll4, and Morris Canal, X. The money market Is steadily improving, and an; amount of canital can be ohtalnaii at ?U ?*wt par oent interest, on the best securities. In fan! nothing but the best security will oommand money a prices below ruinous points. This shows the abseno of confidence. The banks discount freely ; but ther 10 not a large amount of business paper offering, and i a ihe impression that money will be unusually abun dant in a few months, In consequenoe of the limited dc mand for it. Our latest advioea from London atat tbat money was so plenty, at two per oent per annnn hat but a small portion of that offering could fin employment. This is the result of the little d'sposltioi exhibited to engage in any extensive commercial opt rations, and the contraction going on in all depart ments of business. Shrewd, cautious, calculating mei will not borrow money to engage in any movement unlesstbeysee almost a surety of making profltabl returns; and as the prospect, at present, is by no mean favorable for auoh operations, capital goes a beggin at the most reduoed rates of Interest. The Baltimore market is represented as being mode rately easy. Money waa in active request, but no grea tightness existed. The rate of interest out of doori was about one per cent m month. Tbe fohooner Oregon, at New Orleans from Tampioc brought $96,&06 00 in specie, consigned to the mex chants. The report of tbe Secretary of the Treasury present a more favorable view of the finances of tbe govern ment than has been generally anticipated, even in th 'ace of additional expenditures. It appears that to tbe year ending June 30,1849, appropriations amount ing to $10,287,336 are required. Nothing is said abou any reduotlon in the other estimates, made out previ ous to the olose of the Mexican war; but now that w have peaoe.and the expenditures of the government ar reduced to the peace standard, the appropriations re quired for the army and navy are much beyem what will aotually be wanted. There will be a re duotlon, in these two Items alone, of more than thlrt; millions of dollars?an amount equal to the dell ciency, after including in the expenditures the $10, 287.835 named above. The deficit for the fiscal yea ending June 30.1848. has already been prodded for b the loan of last June, and the expenditures of the cui rent year will not exoeed the revenue from ordinar, sources, it being estimated at $86,100,000, and th probability at present is that it will be fully realised Tbe importations thus far, this season, have been un usually large, and it is the Impression that they wil be heavy in tbe spring. The continental markets fo Brlttrh manufactures have been much reduced by th revolutions, and we have no doubt our markets wil be crowded full, they being about the] only plaoe where anything like cost can be realised. It is there lore highly probable tnat tbe most liberal estimate o revenue from customs this year, will be realised giving tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury an opportunit; to exhibit a very satisfactory state of the publil finances at tbe close of hi? administration. CITY TRADE REPORT. Saturday, Nov. 25?fl P. M. The news brought by the Steamship Cambria, an( published at an early hour in an extra Herald, produ ced very little effect upon tbe markets. Sales of thii State and other brands of flour were mads at rates cur rent before tbe news Wheat was quiet. There was I fair demand for old corn, with pretty free sales, inolu ding round and yellow at old prices. New oorn w? neglected, and prices drooped. Meal was nominal.Rye *old at previous rates. There was no ehange ii rye flour. Oats were steady. There was very littl movement in provisions, and only small sales of porl were making at previous quotations. Lard was hel( firmer Beef was quiet, and no sales of moaient wer reported. There was nothing new or important ii groceries, which remained without material ohang* Moderate sales of cotton were made at iormer quota ticnn. Ashes.?The market *u quiet, and no salsa of mo ment were reported. Quotations remained nominally the same ; dealers had not had time to digest the news The receipts during the week have be?n large, an: the market closes heavy. The stook on hand, Norem ber 26th, is as follows :? 1st fort Tot Ashes. . . 905 1st sort Pearl Ashes. 1,31 2d do do 336 2d do do 83 3d do do bO 8d do do 8 Condemned 93 Condemned 9 1,438 1,83 1,43 Total pots and pearls, 3,25 Hair ?A sale of 8,000 bbls. mixed llio Grande ha been made at 18\c. time. IIidk* ?There is but little movement in the market and the only sale we hear of Is 1800 Rio Grande, 2 bbls. at 9^c.; 4 per cent off Iron.?The market for bar being lower In England unrettlcd prices here, and no sales tame to light afte the news. Lath'?Are again lower, and hare been sold to th extent of 800,000, at $1. time. Lead.?Pig Is held at higher rates, say $4 19X Th laet sale (16,000) were done at about $4 03 a $4 00, oash Leather.?The demand for sole continues active and the rales of the week will not fall much below 66, 000 sides at th* annexed quotations : ?Oak, (slghtr light, lb 18 a S2c.; oak. middle, 19 a 22c ; oak, heavy 18 a 21c.; oak, dry hide. 16 a 30o ; oak, Ohio. 19a31o hemlock, light, 12>i a 14>?o ; do., middle, 13}j a 14Xc. do, heavy, 13 ? 14c ; do., damaged, 11 a 12tfc.; do. poor. do. 7 a 8c Moi.asse* ?The demand is only for the supply of th< regular trade, sales embrace 110 hhds , Cardenaa, a 18c ; 100 Porto Rioo at 20 a 24c , and 3 a 400 barrel new crop, New Orleans, at 28c., usual time. es pflis slowly, at $2 25 for Eastern. Rite.?Sales of 160 tierces, fair quality, at $8 50. Si k es.?There have been sales of 1,600 mats cassis at ld^o ; and 1,000 bags dried ginger (some days ago) at f>c. $< oar.-Sales have been made of 600 boxes browi Havana, at 3.Vc- ('*<>'; 300 hhds. Cuba Muscavads at :<Xc a 4'?c. (the former qotation for very common) and 200 do , New Orleans, at 8\c a 4.1,'o.?all 4 mos. T?i.i.ow.? Sales of 10,000 pounds were, made at 8> cents. Tobacco.? Kentucky is the only artlnle In the to baooo line which is well worthy of speculation, as ther cannot the leant doubt exist that in the spaceofsii months, onr rates will run higher for the finer gradei than they have for the last ten years. The nsworo] may be considered as having entirely failed. Th French contractors will take a large quantity, so tha after the Ailing of the same, hardly anything will b left for our own demand. Havana, of which the las crop was so poor, continues, notwithstanding:, to b bought at high price* For Vara there la but little d? maud Ha?anaregard continued to be bought at wel euntainedratea; our manufaoturera are doing, at pre aent. a languiahing buMneaa a* the enormoua qnantl tie* of (l?imaD aetata interfere materially with thai trade; and it in, therefor*, to be hoped that the oli duty for aegar*. of 40 per cent ad wiU be re-iaatated Priret. Sold. Kte'd. Stock Kentucky. Virginia ) l\ a?X &0hd?3\ aftW M hhda. 6,497 M and North Ca- > 601)d>. on aeot rolina. > of i't. ountract. Maryland and Ohio,. ? ? ? 18 de ConneoUout Seed.. ( f all 41 pa, old, 7 a 8 ? I.? aam t 32 do., n?w, 1U>{ export. PennKylranlaSeed.. 6 alfl ? ? 831 da Florida 12 aH) ? 456 01 60 do Havana 20 a'flK 22 l>l?. 43 en. - 7<? bla Cnba 11*16 Il7blal3c?. 84 bale) l.&D-l do Ynra 3H a36 !>1 bu p. t. - 3 Id do St. Domingo 6 all ? <M) balaj 1M do Whimcky ? Sale* of 180 barrel* of State Triton wen n>ad? at ii4V a 'J4?, cent*. Wool.?The demand through the week has beei good, nod we notice sale* ot 40 00016a fleeoe at 2 a2He lf?o bale* unwaahed Buenoa Ayrea a 12o and 100 ditto Cordova at private bargain Annexe* are the current quotation* ?Duty, 80 per eent ad val American Saxony fleece 34 a 30 per lb. : Amerioan ful blood mxrino 81 a 33 do ; Amerioan H aod \ merin2K a So do ; American native and X do 2ft a 27 do auperflne polled country 20 a 27 do ; No I pullet country S3 a 24 de. ; atiperflne pulled city 2? a 26 da. No 1 pullkd city 22 a 23 do. ; South Amerioan wa*he< 9 a 12 do. ; South Amerioan waxhed and ,picked 18 t JO do ; Ni nth American unwashed !> a T do ; At'rioi I 6 a 7 do,; Smyrna 10 I'do,; Mexican IV a 11 do. a 0ABKBTS ELSEWUBM, STOCK BALKS. * B')(Ton.Nor *?nMt?r R?ilro*<, inp t 303 liort' n and W.. 'oef,l8*li*?,' f, T*A 61 ,3? t B aton *ud MaiiwiRa. 1*^ k A * W. 241 fitchhn 1 Rai'road Rlfthu, l?ti 10. '."tff ! ^vrTJl}/'7l?,*r''- 7i- 7 n I ton hunk. M-. II ronooro ? Vernw??' ??, . Ballr?a><l, .W?; H do., blw. M: * ?'d Colony Railroad. KS^: ti ,| 1 ftV; I E .siero K?ilro*(. < - "f**1'"* R"'lr'iw)' l4*: 7S d . alud, 14*,i 24 do., bM, '4V ... '<X: -W do., n30d, U?? 1 Coal Trade. ' Pittsburgh. Not, 24.?Tbequaath',* Mnt by railroa I thin week Is l?,l?.'i<>7-by canal 8 106 iK' ? '? 111? ?oH S8.2?* 16?total by railroad. 1.1SP.11? 07- * \ ><? "i-"* 420 424 04 Oar correspondent quotes tU? follotrin rales of freight from Rlohmond to eastern porta:?I l N?w York IK) a 86: P.nvirienr*. $1 211; k"*U Hit r ? l 20; New Bedford. $1 20; Salem. $140; Portsmouth, N ' H tl 4f>; Portland Me., $1 45; Boston NHaven, ?1 n*?, Hartford. *2 00; Troy $125; \|baoj r $1 2D, Baltimore, 7&t Washington, $100. The prlo of ooal oil board, at Rlokmond. for White A?h Luo( i Broken, Kirn, and Stove, 1? $3 87>tJ. Red Ash frou * $3 66 to $3 76. aocordlng to quality. I . TBK FRIENDS OF MR. HIRAM ARENTS WOVLD MOS' r. *i?-milly susgest to th-- oltu rs ul the Fir* t>U|i ir, .ueu the |>tii|Ti?ty of taking a separate hallo' in their o mpo ie?. wit regard t<> thealter?tion ol the tire law* t > I ave the Chief ami Ai eintsi I Kl ?i' e<"? e eo'lve for a Urn of three eir*. and hand th eame in with their other retnrni at Fireman's Ball HOWARD X. COATS, Chairman. t W.C.CoNNrB, flforetary. , mil ||||1 HHK l>EPARTtlK>T.?ALL THOSE W KM IKR ? J. of the Fire Depertmeiit favorable to an alt?-ntion iu the pri sent flu- laws, in oidfrto havo the Chief and Assistant Kngincwi elective every three > tans are requested to meet at (,' ntral llal ore *"e Centre Market, on Monday evening. 27th lust., at 7} / o'clock. _ J j?he F Kirliy, H. H. Ta'lman, O W. 8. Reins, H. M Smith, L. Le Bnrs, ' W. C. Lyons, If. Balden, Johnlgbert, II. KiibiiiHiu. H. bi'iauey, Doweru u, ^oat , Timothy Walters, Aim B. Pnrdy, K J. Lappin. ? Wm. McKibbin. 10. or O. F.?TBK R. W. GRANO LODQB OP TH Stute of New Ynrfc, will hold a Spe cial Session, at the tiran 1 Lodge Room, National Hall. Canal street, this evening at o'clock, for 'he purpose of receiving aed aoting npox applToiti'i 1 fer n-Instalment cflodgeaand individua'a letitioas for charter lie., anil report* of s'andirg rnnimit'ee*. and nnm ?i same By or^er. BENJAMIN J. PENT/ Grand Secretary. 4 O. or G. r.-THE R. II. G. LOuOK, A > D TI1K OSDK J\.rn in gen ra), arc resreottully invited to attauil a meeting 1 ih? ticrmai Lodges, to be held at toland Ledge Room, iVi ijrar street, on Monday evening. November 27, IW48. atH)$ o'clock?? wliit ho-oafcli n a gold mirial will bo presented to brother Him r Mcisitrlin, D. D. O.M. of the German lodges, by the Lodges unit his juried otion, as a testimony of their respect, and h* a rribu ? ft r Ms mit i oos rendered to tue oraer. ay order of ilia Cor '' ""jftui*, P'Oi'ttlJ. _ JO TV AIN'T, Chairman. 1 1kJOTICE.-TBE MEMBERS OF WASHINGTON ASHBMHL 8 1^1 No. 2, B. O. Hereans, are requlitrd to roeit at th(>ir Aunt e bly Rooms, 78 Allen streo*, at >i pact 11 o'olook, this day. Mouda Nov. 27th, in full regalia, to p?v the laat tribute of respect to oi ' late deceased trotiier. Thos. Klrkpatrick. Rv order of B. M. HULL, W. P. The order in general an resreitfully invited to attend, also tl Brooklyn Protw tan t Library Association e Br } H M. WILLIAMSON. Ponbe. l, fT'RlNITY CHURCH.?1TBE DESCENDANTS OF ANNEK X JanteBogardns, will meet on Wednesday evening next, 2D 4 instant, at Ne 29 Beoond avenue, (a short distanoe from Housw a I treat.) A goneral attendance is deaired. Tlie mooting w: commence it hall pMt 7 o'olook. i- B. Rumancp, pec. Dr. C. C. KIERSTED, Chairman. R1T1N0 or ARTISTS, IN V1KW OF THE VARIOC designs promulgated. and in aotHal experiment, a few i tha artists of New York (at a muting held In Ur. Dough tj > rooms) have determined to appeal te their brethren of U "Brush " to ostatlish an institution calculated to elevate tr and legitimate art, and. at the game time, to promote the int M Icit kDd welfare of every artist. Fo* tl at purpose, therefor ? they are Invited to meat at No 79 White stmt, on Friday nsx lit Daoeiiber.nt patt7 P.M. Editors of papera, friends to the arte, are mort oordially iuvit* to attend. __ n^UTOR WANTED, FOR A GENTLEMAN'S SON, 0 J. aeven years of age. He must be acquainted with Englia I Fieneh and German. Applications, stating oharaeter, refereno ' qualification* and term), addressed to "B. B," and laft at tl Herald office, will receive immediate attentien. '' WANTED?BITUAIION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUN TV woman, to do general Housowork, or Chamberwork, Waal ing and Ironing, or te take care of Children, and do the Waitii and plain Sewing of a prvate family. Has no objection to go short diatanoe in the oouatry. Please call at 481 Pearl street, t stem. \HI ANTED?A YOUNG MA.V, AS PA&TNER, WIT TV $11U in a aafe and profitable business. in one of the best I r cations in tb? ci'y to make moiny. The business pays a Ian profit, and no risks to ran. It isteldom tliat an opportunity this kiiid is offered to th? pnblic. Apply to Mr. CLARK 95 t Dunne street. _ WANTED-BY A HDY, 8M#RT YODNG GIRL, A sin a TV ationaitbam*>er-maidsnd8?amstress, or to takeoare children; is an xcal ent Washer and lroner : oan give good cv reference. Address K. K.. Herald Office, for two days. - Vl/ANIED-BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, i Tv situation as Chamber maid <r None ; has no objection waiting on a family ; has lived two years with her last employe " can give the best oity reference. Plesbe apply at 268 Mo j sttret. \\JANTED?100 AGENTS, TO SELL FIRST-RATE ART FT ties, which will sell readily, tor oath, in all parte of t '* United States; and an aitive n an oan make from tfiU to $1 r ptrtnonth. This is no humbug. Call aad see at 87 Cedar strei rt~an No. 4. A small amount of monev will be wmt?l ui? 1 lot tl.o goods M they are rae.eived. ^ WANTED?A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT SCOTC Kir), in a respectable private family, u Chambermaid . Nurse. Can Uma at ,U0 Bowery, corner of Bond it net, I three days if not engaged. D|7 ANTED?BY A REFUTABLE YOU NO WOMAN. TT situation to do general Homework. Washingnnd Ironii 1 She is a good plain cook, and haa good city ref ronoe from b r laxt p'ace Pleare call at No. 1P9 Elm atreet, in the store. a \\J ANTED?A SITUATION BT A YODNQ WOMAN,TO E 1 TT chamber* ork and aeainq. 8he ia an ezoellent hand the needle. and would have no objection to take rare of childre Wages it not ao much an obleot to her as to get a com'ortab " hone. Also, by a young woman, to do general Ilouaework. 81 w ould make bcTselt ureful in evary reapeot. PleaM call at No, li Union C< urt, between 11th and 12th streets, in Univeriity Plac f where they can he seen for two daya. J 1*7 ANTED-GRAT1TUDK WILL BE PAID TO ANYTRD TT andhoneat American who will procure for a fl* poo tat young man, who beara a most noble character, a permanent ait ation. where good oonduot will be encouraged and rewarde Theyeung nan ia active, a good accomptant, writes quick, ca I give unexceptionable city reference, and security in oath or oth< wise, if required. Addrges R. W.. Herald offtoe. ' toJ ANTED?A COMPETENT MUSICIAN, TO ENGAGE A TT Leader of a Band of twenty n u .iciana. to be organised I k the regiment of mounted riflemen, and intended to go to Ca! furt ia In mediate application to be made at the muric store I 81HARF?NBERG It LEWIS, 183 Broadway, whore tbo partic lata may be learned. _ 1 WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABL TT young woman, to do leaeral house work or the waiting i t chamber work of a large boarding house, or wuld wish to trav | wilha lady, as children's i uree. The beat of city reference give . from hcT last place Pleai-e applj at No. % West Nineteen! J street between Sixth and Seventh avenues. in the store. WANTED ?IN A RETAIL DRUG STORE. A RE rcetnble Lad, of about 14 years. One with aome know!?di of 'he (milieus preferred. Apply to WILLIAM B. FREF.MA! W frd Avenue. r r>OARD-WANTED, BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAI i. Din a Private Family, where he ean have the oomfotta of 1 tome. Location near the Bowety, aad not higher up than Grai street. Address, O. H.. this office. ^ , 1) OARD ON BR( OKLYN HEIGHTS. ?A FEW OOO 13 boarder! can be accommodated with pleaaant rooira for ti 6 winter, at B3 Willow street, within three minotes' walk ol Ft 9 ton ferry Reft rences exchanged. 3 i 1 % linn TO I'0AN 0N BOND AND MORTOAG ~ yp 1 WjVUV/oa productive real es'ate. for a terra of vca 3 In 'Jie or more suma. Apnlyln the Bank Note Exch?rgo Offic O I (MilM V fVMJDPV M. at ?-i. 1. m M, . WI1 nn I! n u, w wmi Rirnilt. A jnOLLYKR'S CI<AH8IC MUSEUM, 25i BROADWAY.-OPE " every evening thia week Performance* at 7** preciaely ' T>r. Collier'* origital Artlats, in their celebrated l.iviag Tableau Mr.* Neiaa will peiform on ten different inatrnment* ?' o< t, time. An efficient Oioheatra. Illuminated bjr Dram root 1 Programme changed every evening. Admiuion, i wnta? porqnttta SO cent*. I. "IJ 01.'0H ANI) BEADY CHAMPAGNE, AT AUCTION.r XV ? UK) banket* quart* of thi* new brand and obcice quail' tl ampagne ?ine, juit nednd ax ahip John Cookrell, froi a Havre wiU be aold at auction oa Tueaoay, 2Hth inn.atl'iK < clock, by GERARD I1ETTS It CO., within their *tora Thia li voice i? the firat importation to thia country of the cclehraK 9 bouic of "Tliomaa," at Rheitna, and ii put up not io much I l- el'ow in the atyle of tha label and toil, aa fidelity and care I i, preparing tha wino, aolely with tha view of introdnoirg it int thia market, it being their intention to have aami annual aa'ea t \ auction, and the quality uniformly tha tame. Thia wine will 1 , acid pt remp'orily on four month* credit, and cannot be treau ' (er by trlvate co> tract Satrplm may be aeen at the office of tl i iubacrit?ra, or at the auction moin ; AUGUSTS MASSON 99 Wall itrwt. np atair*. ' pURTAIK MATERIALS, CARRIAGE LININGS, AN V ' 1'luahe*.?Cona'antly receiving by the lataat arrival*, a cor J pleteanoortinentof theae good*. Alao, Silk and Cotton Velvel t l high colon, Florence*, fcc. T"t aale by I I S. k 8. A. MARTIN E. Importer* and Jobber*, 113 William atreet. near John. SUM* CHAIJ.ENGE.-N01 ICE TO OENTLEMLN WU yJlJUU want thtlr alJ clothe* to look like new. Call at tl I cloning, dying, talon ng. and repairing eatabliahment, at 66 Go , *ti*et. wl ere you oan gat all graaaa extracted from your cloth at the *hotU*t notice. b? J. B. NOAH, u 66 Oold atreet. two door* from Beekman. rpo TAILORS.?THOSE WHO HAYC HAD WHREt.ER i X Report of Faehion, will pl*a*a call and get tba ropplemet *ry rcpoit, with the Uteat adopted atyle* of pattern*, withoi f chert e A. WllEEl.fR. 4 Courtlandt Jtreet. 1~~joK SAVANNAH.?REGULAR LINE.-TBE NEW AN 1 very (uptfior Ooean Steamahip CHEROKEE, Thoa. Lyo B Commander, will leave on Wedneeday, 29th Inat., at 4 o'clock, I t M., .rem l ier No. 4, N. R. For frieght or ranaaga to 8AML. L. MITCH 1 LL.JM front atreet. ? TTMTO'D 8TAT18 MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY-!*) a U New Orleana, Havana, and Chagree?Landing at Charie*t( t and !-*vat>nah? Tha StaaTiahip Faloon, W. T. Thompann ooi a mat dnr, will oil for the abort porta on Friday, Deoomher l*t, I ? 12 o'clock M, from Fiar No. 4 North River. No bortha acoun nntil paid for. ? Panwge to Now Orlann* in Saloon $' - Do do lowarCahin ( 1 Do to Havana in Saloon ' Do do lower Cafeia, I Do taChagraata Saloon li Do du lower Cabin li i Do flrom N*w Orleana. II 1 Do do in lower Cabin I I- Fieight to Chagrea at 7" cent* per foot. Do. to Now Orleai ? v> cei.ta ret foot. Pneaewrcr* to Cha?r*a will ha f? ?! M on all aekttag apparol, and on thia wh*n it txoooda J Kttrda T>.t? ahip will ooaneot with th* Ptitan* lis*. Pi >icht or nm?i. apply to H. O. ROBERTS. 1 IK W??t *tre*t. bill* of l*<'in* ri*i *d by t)i? clerk on hoard, and to b? pmMti 4 for iHfi'Hm* kjr 9 o clock. A M.. of the day of Milln*. KAMMlll' I'MTID *TAlF.S, FOR HAVRE. Tl'ESDAl C5 Deo. ftih ? la oonatqiirnf* ol the aew drew b?ek l*w on ce lali rit'Kri iption* of e?p. ri? fri m France. coai-in* oa tho l**t da tf tla preaen year, tt e owaero of tho 'United Sta'M" bar* dole tnli cd to diapateh for for Hatrr direct 011 TttinxUy, Deo. 6th. an fr> m Ba*re on Monday, Jan. lit Kor freUht or pmaage, appl t* Q. B. M ARflHAtiu, 3M Bnrlm* slip. i, riMtF. At.F.N T ()? THE STEAMSUI1' FALCON NOTIFII 1 r toaT<nft f..r New ??rlr?u?. fltvao* and Chagre t tli*I it ia ti?<? aary for them to ca.ll at Uia office and oniopc tiair arrangement* about berth*. -hat no d?l*y mar occur, a* tt * (tilp will poaitiealy **ll on tho day advort'MHl Tito pa*e?ng* ; fi 11 liagit? *ru notified to apply tor their paaapou* to th* 0?i ' 1 ot il r HepuMic of New (Irraaa* at hia oflkcc M Somth atree | Ireialit tak.n friat Monday nntll Ihurtday. Naw York, No ! *. I>4f. ? f>AlKET3 FOR 11A v K f. sK< i >N D LINF. TDK SHI j I Oneida, J. Wlllard, manor. will a*II em the l*t DeeaoibarI BO*Ok I11NCKEN, Agent*. W?*U*ti*at j QTATEN IHI.ANU r.HRT.-MB STBAHBOAT fflATK P Inlander will rua ** follow*- I,ear* New Tofkrftt % nil .*c and SX t'oktk. U*ro QaaxanUo* at 8, 1(3, 12, 7 ul * 0 clock, m>~-' -.aA ' . " * PikK rniATHk -?KN*riror *? >. sua-.-mu.iu/ : ? V * *7". U>? nU'Ulun'CDU will uaim'asr 12P' !"*? " 6 Lovh.or I y bl?tw?? Kacwly .uie, Mr Oilrwrt. tlu n. Mr J,?0""* m4'? *??-* Pn-M, Mr. H?.oilt,.n; Ou.t, Clirkr; uptrlt Mr. imwmiik Italy T?jrkr; Chii?tlt>?. ? * HH 1. * th* f,r"' ' nwruii Dl * S^<)bth'"iJioui- *'15,"ftv ^:err:-" ocata; Pit, 37H oenU; Gallery. 1?K Mk. 0p*" M * put ? : parfornitnor u oommenoe >1 J. 4 pdiih ini'aiMit.-A o?*o.-TrttPir>. ** J lully iDtHTN cd I tat TH r HEN RUT of k J6th o? wli J- Ukt p tot tl i(. MONDAY SVENINO, Wot. "VmS;V.Ti; II. . ...... ..? ill .nn.M t? h?r n. i- A, x I E88 in PhfHdtn Know lea'celebrated flaviiitHM. *?v. 0 4 v H?"jr lil>X BO<>K NOf O \ * |?OW EM 1 TUEATBk?Monday Evening. Nut. 27, wW * * ' D eeuteU, fur tlit Ural timr, the tragtuy ul JEN t V la.V* BkamaNT?Henrj. Duke uf Brabant, Mr. J B. 0?H; Aru. r. C"?nt Hananlt, Mr. M. B (-lurk; t.eneviev*. ('ounwn nf liriHaa. e Mis C. Marguerltta, Mih Gordon. After whieh, Grind Ihvor'ia einent, in which Signer* I |NM ;n l Signor Neri ' will ai'|*"*r. " <1 l*r 011,1 '-rand Pa? de D?ux. A"i?r ?hi h. "ie n vi gitd) tf THE housi DOI Mr. Clinkkealea. Mr. Rom: CapC Harare, Mr. Dnnn ; Dart, the house don, Mr. W inane. To eon* elude ?ilh the FLYING i"'UT :H VIA''?Vanderk i?i Mr. Steven*: D?or? opes at ?oewrmeaoe at 7 o'olook wwlielr T Brief 15 neat* Pit and Gallery, 12ft oonta. hl ipaANihAUHNIWNATIONAL THEATRE,FORMBRLY V-/ Chatham?H< uday Evening Nuvetub t H, will t>o inc. m an eufreiy new romantic talc uf chivalry, entit'od I TU'IN BR' Til* HS?Reginald da Lani'v. Mr. McFar and; lir Edmund Wilton, Mr Richardson; Wild Man. Mr. t'antieU; Barmen de l?nc),Mra Wood?arJ. After which. theIN VISIBLE PRINCE ? Don Leander. Mr, fcurke; Infant Furibond, Mr Dawn; Bioua*. s bt-lla, Mr*. G Chapman; Ex<|uiait?littleprt. Minx Milea To eon1 chide with the runiantie drama of the SPIRIT OF THE WAr? Tk RS?Sir UuWebrand, Mr. MoFailand: Rudolph. Mr. Pardey; 1 ( ndine, Mi?? E. Mo.taytr. Olinda Mm I herwood. Doom open ^ at f ft, curtain riaca at7. Boxes, 26c; Pit, 12J<o. tCUAMU) IIAuL, M>. 472 ilKUADHAY. BKTtVfcKN Grand anu Broomo atrceta, commenced on Monday, Dot. 2d, and will oontiuue ever) night nntil turthor notion.?tfinth ? week of then op'nirg. The original and well-known CHRISTY'S MIN3TREi.S, (organiied in 1W2,) THE FIRST TO HARMO MEB NEGRO MELODIES. AND URIOIVATOR8 OF THE PRESENT POPULAR St'YLK OF ETHIOPIAN ENTERK TAIN MRHT8, whore oonnerta in tht? uity, for a period of ten ,j mouth*, were reoeived with anoh distinguished favor and patro7 nage, have the honor of announcing to the ladle* and gout Wan ,n of New York and vicinity, that they will give a scaioa of their popular Conoerta, introducing a variety of their ori?in*l Songa, le Chorutwi, Cbaractcriatic Dauoe*. tio. Admission US oenta. Doora optn at J. Conoere will comtnenoe at 8 o'olook. An Aftornooa Conoert < very Saturnv. commencing at S o'olook, f. M., under g the management and direction of X. P. Chriaty. id SMITH'S MlN8TR*LS AKK AT THE S%W BOOM, Xtl in O Broadway, uett door to the Bruadway Theatre.?Concert thii ry Ever inc. commencing at 8 u'olook.?The director of Smith's Br Minstrels, W. E. Smith, haa the ploaeure of introducing to the to publioot Hew York a ocmpanv oumpoeod oi the beat acoesaibl* u- uieni in uw wui'wji biuuhuihi iu? unw ni wme 01 [tie troop# which have hitherto stood hunest in p pular favor. He hat taken the New Boom, one of the moat beautiful and oommodioot rooms in i?wn. for the muoh. and it determined to expunge from V hit eoneertt everything i-n tie thane of oRentivo vulgarity, u Among other well known and talented mueloUnn and tin gen In y. kit cob pan y are D. O Abbott, late director of Chriaty's Iliau strtls: 4. P. Carter, late of Campbell's Minstrels; O. it Sowel 1, late director of tho Sable Harmonist*. A Concert Every Evenir* duiingthe week at 8 o'clock. Ooort open at 7 o'clock. An ie Af ernoon Concert every Saturday, oommenoing at 3 o'clock. P.M, rp A BEBNACLR.?A GRAND CONCKRT TO SUPPLY E J. F? ndt for the erection of an Orphan Atylum, on the ground 'h piuviounly granted by the corporation of the oitv, will positively >n uke place on Tuesday evening, Nov 28th. Leader of the Orcher 111 trn.Sigiior Ra petti. Maestro at the Piano, Bignor BariU. Tioketi 00 centi. Tabernacle.?great solemnity musicals, on Thursday Evening, November 30th, Henri Uert (hie first >f and nly appearance this season,) for whioh occasion he has se's cured the assistance of the entire Italian Opera Company, inoludie irg SignoriLkTruffi, Madame Labord& Signorina Patti, Signoi e Benedetto, M. Laborde, M. Dubreul, 8fg. VaitcUini, Signer Roai, o- Bignor Ginbilei, and the fall orchestra?leader, M Maretzek. J. e. Gutig'l and kit oeiebrated Band. Solo on the Hate, by Hen :t Seide. Mr. Henri Hen will perform several new pieoet. Tioketa 11?to be had at the masio stores, principal hotels, and at M. id Hen's, <7 Warren street. On this occasion, reserved seats may be secured, by applying to Andre li Co.. 447 Broadway, and at tie Tabernarls. Door* cpen at7, peiformauce tooommenoe at 8 J o'olook precisely. No postponement on acooant of the weather. "> The grand piano, ftom Hen's manuffcet-ory, used on this ocoa* sion, is one of the reoently adopted form in Paris. Programme in 18 smail bills ~ M/ILSON'B ENTERTAINMENTS ON THE SONQS OF J" v ? Scotland?Opening of the new Assembly Rooms, Coster "" Mansion, Broadway On this evening, Nov. 27th, at 8 o'olock, 8 Mr. Wilton will give a grand telection of bit mott popular Songs * and Ballads in the above rooms. Mr. Wilson will be aooompunied 'P or tt.e Piano Forte by his daughter. Programme:?"The Spot _ Where I was Born; "Go, Fetoh me a Pint o' Wine;" "The _ Skylark;" "Tak' ycr Aald Cloak aboot ye:" "Tho Postillion's Song," from the Comic Opera of " The Postillion of Loqjumeau;" ?* " Come, Friends, and Listen to the Story:" " A Man's a Man for ^ ' that;" " Aald Joe .Hioolsou's Bonnie Nannie;" "Lord Ullin's ?: Dauilter." "Tell me how to woo thee:" "Yoiinir Loehiuvai:" X "John Andernon m> Jo," " Get up and Bw the lioor," " Wont you Lave us a Look of your Hair I " Green Grow the RushosO!" rr* boor* open at 7M o'oU.ok. Entortuinraont* will oommtaot at 8, r and Uncinate about 10. Ticket* SO aents. Books of the words 12k oents. Programmes at the Musio Stores and Hotels. Mr. * ft iTsob will give his entertainment on Sir Walter Scott's Poem of "The Lady ef the Lake" on Tuesday evening. A to 111 ILSON'S EN1CRTAINMENTS ON THB SONGS OF r; TT Scotland.?On Wednesday, Nov. 29, Mr. WILSON will give tt an entaitninment on the Songs of Scotland, in the Brooklyn Famale Academy. Jorolemnn street, when he will king the following ~ popular song* and ballads:?Weel may the boa tie row; Wa'll buy I- caller herring? My boy Tammie; The Flower* of the Forest; he Young I/ochtnvar; Love wakes and weeps; Get up and bar the 00 d?or, Woo'd and married and a'; Soots wha hae wi' Wallaci Bt> Had: The l-and o' the I eal; Alister Mo Mister, There i* nae luok ay about the houio. .he door* will be ope ?1 at 7X, and the en tcitainments erminate about 10. Ticket* 90 cent*. Book o 'H "" words. 12K rent*. or mjAPOLKON CROSSING TDK ALP&?THIS GREAT HTS or JJ| borical Platan, by Delaroche, is bow exhibiting at the Nt tional AoaBemy af Design, oorner oI Broadway and Leonard . street. Op. ? from nine, A.M., an til tan, P.M. Admission. 26o., A season ticks**. 80a ? . i i . ANTBONYJ. RLEECKER, AUCTIONEER.?VALUABLE Rial Estate in theoliy of New York, and in Brooklyn.? jV Anthony J. Bleecker vill sell at auction th'S day (Monday) No* ven lor 27 instant, at Ito'olock. at the Merchants' Ixc-hange, nnless previously disposed of at private sale, th'. following lots of * ground, vix4fth street?Three Gore lots *n the nor.h side of J ?Kth street between Sixth and Sevnnth avrnus*, avorsg'ng aboot 63 f?et in depth bj feet wide, N. E. oorner of Broadway and ' Sixth aveiiue -One lot on the northeast corner of Br adway and nxth aveMie, at their junction with ,'i3d St., about 26 feet on g Broadway. by abtnt 65 teat in leiuth. 23d street?Two l ite on 1. the iouth tide of 23d street, 78 feet from th* new College between ? Lcxingto' avenno and the Third avcune; eaoh 25 feot by 10O loet. j Fifth avenic l ive lots lying together on the wt-?t aide of tho ' Fifth avenue, between 44th and Ifttli sts. commencing 40 feet from 44th it.; each 25 feet by 10(1 feet. Lexington aveuue?Five lots lying i- a body on the west side of Lexington avenue, between 32d a> d 33d sts.. together with two lots connected therewith on the north tid* of 32d St.; for dimensions soo map. Also, B;ook. jT lyn. Atlantic Ftreet?Twslots on the south side of Atlantic st.. j. betwei n B. nd and Nevin* sis.; each 25 feet by 106 feet. Pacific nf strr?*t?Si* Inia nn (hunnrfli aiHn nf Ptnlfln ?f t? tU*a?a ku?i j. and of lite dimension* The rata wilt be positive, and the terras a< con modatirr Title indisputable. Map* of the above lota may be obtained at the talea r< om. No 7 Broad at. ? I I II. L.E1 DS, AUCTIONEER.?kXE^UTORiJ SALE OF e] II a lane and valuable atock of costly jewelry, belonging to D, the estate of the lata John Brock to be told without reaerve, la th eluding a Urge i|ua?tity of Diamonds Preci?u* Stone*, he. Kerry II. Leeds k Co.. will aell at auction, by order of the Executor* of the late John Brock. deceased, all the ooatly and va9 luable atoek of that well knowi eatabliahmeatat No. 72 Chatham is ft tret, betwien Chambers and Pearl atrceta, on Tuesday, 2Nth and Wednesday, 29th November, 11*48, at 10 o'clock, and continue each cay afteiwarda until oomplete. Conaittiuc of a largo assortment of Diamond! and Pruolou* Bt^nea. Stiver Tea Seta; f, rich plated Waiter*, with real ailver edges; Castor* Coffee Pain; a Silvir Knive*. F> rk* and Spoon*, of every deaoription, p"arl id handlta, fcc. ; Silver Candle-ticks; punch, butter, andereim ladlea; every variety ef costly plated goods, with rloh silver roountirg* import! d exprestiy forhisown tales ; a large sasort" | of valuable Clocks in hronfe ormolu and marble, some of which ie are of freat value; W?tche* of tine gold, of the most celebrated >1- maker*: richly jewelled silver ditto ; rilver and gold thimbles; S[<ctaclee; Finder rings with diamonds and preciona stones of even kind ; together with every otter article* in the line Sale K' positive. Sixty day a credit will be given on all turns of 130 dol lorn and upwards for a jiprovod end' rsed notes. The above la an *> excellent opportunity for the trade to supply themselves, as e wry artiole ia manufactured xprvatly for private sale in the heat ? manner. The gooda can be examined ono day before the tale. r f * ' BROWN. AUCTIONEER ?CROTON HOTEL FURNI" ?l ture at auction. Wednesday and Thursday. Nov. '29th and ?1 ;*ith. at 1U o'clock, at the C"ot<n Hotel, No. 142 Broadway.? 15 J W. Br< wn will sell at atiotlon aa above, by order of Assignees, all tlie furniture comprised in the above i otel, eomprlaing a mmplete anH-rtment of parlor, chamber, and dining room furniture, ? t< gether with the kl'chcnfurnilare. large mangle, floor, tile grates, y and varioni other fixture* of the house. Catalogue* wll 1 be ready m on Tuesday. '' U*OR SALE?A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY ATTIC UN ,j F der Cellar House, situated on the north itde ef Twenties . street, between Broadway and the Fourth avenue, known aa Ne. i. 2t' Kaat Twentieth street. The honae ha* Qa* Fixture*, klarbi* 10 Man tela. Water Cloaet. Bath Room, and i* replete with every IT convenience. Alae, a three (toryaltie hoa*e on the northern! /. corner of the Fourth arenne and Thirtieth street., being a valna j. hi* itaad for any kind of bmdnea*. AI*o, thoe* three Cettaos Bouse* *n the eoeth ride of Thirtieth *tieet, between the Fourth and Madiaoa avenue*, diataat 100 feet we*t of the Fourth a venae, being appropriate dwelling* for (mail families. N. B.?A large proportion of the purohaae money can remain on mortgage. Ia D quire at 12o'olookM? or in the evening, of JONATHAN PURDT, i 117 Orchard atreet, * /\r>ICE8 TO LET.?A LARGE FRONT OFFICE AND ' * sm*ll room attached, to l*t. on the third itory of houn No. SI N*a*an street. n<*r the "Sun" office. Apply to EUUEN E FERN IS, 44 Naaeau street, in the boot More. ? '|^0 LET ?THE MEW AND CONVENIENT THREE STORY Id Y dwelling house, si'uated on the we*t aide of the 7th avenue, ea between 12th and 1.1th etreets. having conrt yard, bath, range, and is in every respreta very desirable residence for a rerpaotanle rsn ily. Apply on the pre-Maea. g |\| EV? RESTAURANT.-" BROTHERS PERKINS," RBt. specttully beg to inform their friend* especially, and at the publio generally, that they have leafed the entire baaement of odd Fe low'* Hall, (105 by 7S feet.) corner of Orand and Centre ttreeti, and. regardleei ot expenw, have furnlahed it, and D intend to keep It, in a ryle they an confident will meet the a, wi*be* of the moot faatidion*. A. B. H. PERKINS, p. t. H. PERKINS. WHM M. I. SHAW (JAMAICA ROAD, ADJOINING THE Union Race Conrte), would inform the public that hit R house is at all time* supplied with an abundanoe of an be tan tl alt >n and n?lioseles to rait the mo*t faatidion* spieure and of tueh a- a iiialit) a* cannot fkil of giving aatiafaeuoo to whomsoever may kt hdtirr hla hAE?? witil E tirit Visa ?<<l1 .rn.?ar?aa ?a aa..i *K?s? a. id tlolrway rvjoiring Mr. Snllivan and tils attendant* lave mad* thii hone* their hone, where tho former will to through hU trainrt icf. preparatory to hi* fight with II) er ; aad a* tha backer*. aad W ott er* interested in the result of Ux tight, will ha anxious to see rO Sullivi n fiom time to time (who, by tha way. ia always happy to V meet his friends), tha urdrrsigred pledges himself to hava on SO bund at all time*, a bountiful supply of all that th* market alii ford*, including a good " drop o' nimmut" to aid digestion. V Wl. I SHAW. " I MI'oH'l ANT TO BAlR DRISSBK9.-A HAIR DUEiSlNQ ?t 1 and Bathing establishment. In an sllgib* loeaiion in Broad>o way, wi'h llxlnr** attached, I* now lor aale, and possession may if he bed any time hatwaen thl* and tha tint of Maroh. Tha oonn-rr i* fr^iuentad by tha flrat claa* of *?*'otner*, yield* a hand4 k me inn me. and will hw disponed of on eery reasonable term*.-IiiMirt* I r B. I II Al.O.N, rI llraadway. niidiir Judnnn's ll"i?l. r. /I U AND - I.IW BAKKI1.S I ATAtK IN I A N, IV OIKID r. nrder. for sule low, In lot* to (uit purchasers if app'lcd for !? immediately, and taken from on hoard. ClluNTKAt, MRRL.I r- ant SANFt'RD, 51 >tiwat 1 [Comikuaioated for th* Georgian.} Satanhah, Jan. .11. lim. MISSRS RDlTORSi-JIAVINO BEEN KkyiJ *STF.I> TO tentl'y to the proprieties of Winer's Balaam of W lid Cherry, a, I take great pleasure ta atatlng tftat I have frequently used it [a myself, and acmli Uwrvd to ottiera daring tb* paat ?wo year* in i* < a ea of r,ti?tirate couiha, colds, sor. i.asa of the ofceet ke and rs iviji with the nv st happy result, aud eneh iatny unbounded il cbuf denra In It* merit*, that I proscribe it for my fry>?ds in ?aoh t i f tha above oaaea, aa th* Brat and most elldsMows rena-dy. I r. i* also fo ly convinced U at if aaed la the Ineipient atages of t'ooMimption, it would ha found a a peed y rera.dy and ?nra prw vantlve of thatte'al iu d mm* dreaded ma'a^p. w Ishlng it*pr >r ptiator an enter slve tola. and ragi?ttia? tUt It* virtu** era not m< re univanall) Known. I km your*. fee. I P.B, Bnv none n-^last, signed I. BUTTS. ? "?.*???" V**"'"' * P Sands. t? L Aorrerof WUllam; LHnry Johnson,'<73 fe roadway; | Tenftetd fc y,, 4 Fletcher *tr*et; and by the briuist* geaa. tally i\ DBUADVAT THEATRB-E. A. MAK1HAI.I, PKOPKli 10*1 XJ tor? Monday Eveniuc, Nov. 17, will ? p?.t> n?<id um ??.-j k" by O'Kerle, imlivd WILD ()Al9: or, Tie air<iUii>|>i?rl?iiiu W Juk Rover. Mr. Mnr1*o4>; Mr Oeoig* Tlm ider. Mr Vaclu; Hi ? ry Thunder Mr. Ilaker'; Ephraim Smooth, Mr. Shaw; Frt n r?, Mr. Mathewi; Ltd; Amarimt'i, Mim r?nny Wnlla* I, Anrlia. Mi-e Hlldr-Ui. To I* foLowe 1 tiv tl>? iom?dy of 1II n LITTLE DKVll/n SH ARi: or,Aanudeu< in''pai i*-Kia< trrd nud of Spain Mr. ?rederKikic Corlo. Minx *rk f>r?? ^Iro SS and I'ariuette, 7ft acuta; Family Cirola and Upper Ttow. 9 klf centa, Gallery. 12X eenta. Duoraspeaat halt pa?t??pefforn aner te oomvenoe at 7 a'aloek. T- DURTliM! TUKATKK, CBAMBERB STRUT?MUNI)A' Ul EJ HvpniDn, Nov. 27 will be praarnted the oelebrttcu uuu? :J oh called the OlK>D OLD EMIl.llll GEM TLB*\ S-Suiiir N Bri udlanda Mr. Hnrton; Borneo An elias Selwood. Mr. Jurdiia th (.oorfe Selwond Mr._J?r*oe; Sparrow, Mr Kavtnoml. Tmrie""" ?"1> . -U-" ranny arkoain. ma* is. Uliaptnan. Afl?i wMch tf e liualiable faroa of Uie IHI31I ENOAUkMBN T?Tin ? Haflany, Mr (Iri ugt am Julia Miaa Chapman. To conolude wltl <f MUPICAI ABRI?Al.J-Jo?ef Jlntfl, Mr. T. B. JuhaaWn; Mr >r. Ciatehet, Mr Raymoud; Mtniftr llurtoa. Mr. Jordan; Joaaj Jii;g'lL MiaiCharraaa. DreaaClrelf. ?*.; Family Circla or Beooni Tier jDe. Doows ppea at ft paat ??curiam riaaa at7. \fITCHELl.S OLYMPIC TIIFATRE.?MON DA Y EVEN K 'nF? " ?. V, win be iiraaented fur the tint time In Atnerioa r aical drama, entltir JEANNIlITk AND JEANMOT.ur tin >"j. " tbo V illage?Jaaiiruit, Mr. C'onorer; Herou'a St. Clria, l, ja.'-idaoii; Jeaanette. Mim CUrk. Altar whioh t!ia extrava. S- _ titled LiH>a MiWTES, or Oatoh*nK a Governor? L 'IH? ?aki, Mr. Holland; Coast Mufleoufl, Mr. Nickin?m: amherine Kk "P*T' MlwrMary Gannon. To be followed by a iww naVnnau entlt/ed WO.SUW8 A1*P AKIADNE?Da>dalua Mr C'onoVtr IV ???"? Mi* Mary Gannoii? ArUfair. Miaa Clarka; Tooo.Xfiwtlh < JAHIV-ltalnA. Mr. Holland. Doora own h?k gg{ ?Oh MM ?t K BROADWAY UR?.,L'?, AI.BAMBRA BBTM ?N ?l-RINa and Priiioe atrcata. -John TryCn aad Covporul Thompaon, I Manager*?M?n day aTan*.-*. NoTnoher 17-The pt-rntBtauooa will commence with The JpiflU ' of ,h? ?JJJ?r?bwerr?e.???(l?men1 of the French Brathera, Juh ? ?nd rMnf^re? Horwmaasiiip hy all the great rider* tha Clm,' (.oaaln: Fioturea of Aarient Seulp. tuiv, by i lie Suiia Brotherat IK *>loatioo and Poeturinff ItoMa, by S (III. r BII-n Still Vaulting; B^-wb ' laaaifl Poaea and Otouptaffa, by MacUra Willie and Charley, .? ' *<? ?/ Mr. J. KUon; Wraat. lara of Oljiti|iia, bytbe troube af Acr"h?ta, *c (kc. B^*ea. W?'?'nt?, l)| l?>T Circle. 2f>cent* Children b* f prion. C?tMran?a>i paat T. ZOOI.Ot.ICAL BAIL. ST. ANDi'<7 BOWRR7.?TBIS MAttui licit t catablitlimeut ianow o|At daily from 1*< till 4, aidl In ni till!', P. M. Tha hall ofrxfl'Mlinn ?? tilted up with great elegance, and tteVolleotlon of Uvvng Beaat* and Bird a ia tlit larpoat and moat perfect in America. A performance ia g<*en at caol> exhibition, including the Praia .of trainod ticphanta, Pouieaani Monkiea. Mr. Brooks an tare a ! ? of Liona and Tlgeia. Admipaion 2A ceata, children under aVne half price. 8c? eoiitlckcUJA VAN AMRURflFI k CO. Pr nrietora. STOPPANI Il^LU CORNKH OF HUK'ADWAY AN? Walker atrcet.? r. Grain Ik Co.'a Grand fc'oTiac Panorama of Mexloo, llluatratiHg the Plctnreaqua and Ro\ lantio Koencrr of that wonderful country, and the clorloaa Ot mpklaa of tb? American Array, nnder the command o? G?aeral H intield Soott, I xrum uie nomoaramem 01 uo city 01 vera urni to tne planting of the American flan on the Halls of the MMMHKs, now cx' hibiting every evci.iux, and on tk? afternoon* of WedVMday and Saturday During the pat kid* of th? piotor?, an explanatory lecture will be delivered by Captain R. A. Carter, late of the Now York Voluiiterra, who participated in all the battle* Door* open at ^ o'clock. The picture will nmmenoa meruit; at a quarter before eight Price of admission, 29 usnt^ children under ten yean of ago. half piio*. Reserved Moats ran be secured at the otfioe from 9 till 11, and from 2 till 4. Liberal term* made with schools. TO THK LOVERS OK NATURAL fill I.030PUY, SCIENCE, Design, and Mechanism.?The Artist* Association. Diorama Ball, Arch meet, above Sixth, Philadelphia, offer for sale, to a oonoern, at lets than one-fourth their original ooet, those splendid dioramas they have been exhibiting with se much eclat, and which have elicited tho moat unbounded applause and commendationi from tbe press, oli>r*y, he. A series of view* renr< senting the Six Days of the Creation, with the Delu*e, no. I Bcenes in Mexico?Vera Crus, Island of Lobos, Monterey, Matamoros, C'crro Gordo. Fort Brown and the Bio Grand", with all the moving asd mechanical figures, representing navies, armies, and every other deecription of animated creation, with a good 1 lec'urer; and very little exertion, they will make a fortune for the proprietor; also, the lease of the celebrated saloon, which it one hundred feet long, by twenty-six feet wide, handsomely seated and cushioned Rent, $600 dollars a year. Apply, br letter i>oHt|?id, to the agent. C. JB. JONES, 18 North Second street, Philadelphia. ACAHD.-TUE GKRMANIA MUSICAL SOCIKTl' (FROM Berlin) respectfully beg leave to return their most grateful acknowledgments to tho punlio of New York, for the very liberal patroinge lesioned at their concerts which were honored with large and highly respectable audienoes ; and have the honor to announce that their Farewell Concert, on tho most magniflcentscale, will positively takep'aceon Wednesday, 29th November, in the New A> sembly Rooms, Chinese Building, Broadway, on which occasion some new and graud compositions, by C. Lentchow, will be introduced by the orehestra Souvenir to New York; General Taylor's Triumph March, and the now grand composition : Grand Musical Pat orama of Broadway, a grand pot poutri, descriptive of the different p'aoes and loealitie* of amusements, beginning from Battery up to Union Square, arranged by BerrC. l.ensobow. The publio may be oonvinoed that no pain* shall he geared to (how their appreciation of the kind reoep ion and liVeral patronage h- stowc<f upon their former appearanoea before discriminating audience*. CTUYVKSANT INSTITUTE, BROADWAY, ABOVE H Bltecker St.?The New Orleans Serenaders Operatic Company, Meters. J. Swain, J. p. Collins, J. C. Rainer, Master Ole Bull, J. Burk, and J. L. Sandford, most respectfully anneance to the l?die* and Gentleman of New York, thai they hare retam-d fr? m Europe, where they have been giving their entertainments, for the la*t two years, to large and applauding audienoes of the nobility; having also performed at the White Uouae, in Washington, before the President, Mr. Clay, and other distinguished oititens, they flat'er thcmeolve* that their eoneerts will surpaaa ary thing ot tho kind which ha* yet appeared. A series of enter lamuion.i xi? ?? vire ??"??> I ""in, ?n muimsy evening. November:#. IS4H, when they will give a variety of burlesqueana operallo music, In Ethiopian obaraoters. For pirtiualam, see bills "f the day. Dcoie opon at 7 o'clock, concert oommenoe at 8. Admittance 25 centa. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY-SEVENTH SEASON.-THE public, subscribers and tlis associate member* are rospect ' folly informed that tbelr flrat Cono<rt will take place on ttatar day evening. Dec. 2d, 1H48, at tbe new Assembly Rooms, Chinese I Building*. Irosdway. Subscriptions for the four oonoerts of tbe n aaon. (three ticket) to each concert) $10; aaaociale mom bers tickcts (one ticket for eaoh concert, and the privilege of attending all rehraraals) $A. Subscription received at the store of Scbaftsnberg Jk Luis, 4M Broadway. If j ordor. | JOUN A. KYLE, 8<cr0tary. PBONOGKAPBIC CLASSES.?MESSRS. ANDERSON k Boy to will oommence several New Classes in Phonography on Monday, November 27. at the i'honographio Reporting Acade my. comer of Broadway and Canal St. MorningClasses irom 11 to 12, Aftencos, from 3 to 4, and Evening, from 6)? to 7>? and from 8 toil. T.ckets, per course of 12 letsont to either claaa, (5, to be purehafed Nfnre ncciving the flrat lemon. TL'ITION.-A GRADUATE OF TRINITY COLLEGE, dl/blin, whe has had very considerable experience in preparing lentlcmen for universities to, and ia imparling a s Jld and substantial classical, mathematical, and Huglish and French education, wishes for an engagement as resident or visiting Tutor or to fi rm a Class of a few respectable pupil \ letter* addressed to Sigtrabor, at the offlse of this paper, will be promptly attended to. The tattehsalls ueave powder* are nowrecognisedas theborseimdicineof the age. Its wonderful effect* in the cure of U eaves, Coughs Colds, bo., la Horses, hat gained for it an increasing popularity, which overpowers opposition. GOL'OIl k KETCHAM. 140 Fulton street. Sole Proprietors. Sold also by D. Eetchsm, 121 Fulton stieet. DR. GREGORY HAS BEEN TWENTY YEARS IN THE I treatment of Private Diseases. If you want a speedy and perfect onre, without inoonveniencc or charge of diet or pnrtuit. oall on him. at 214 Church street, at any hour of the day or evening, at bis private consulting r< cms. DR. JONC8, DENTIST, 7 BLKECKER STREET, N1AR the Bowery, insert* whale and half sots of teeth, oa a newly discovered principle, and warrant* them thirty per ont better and cheaper than an v thing of the kind made in tlx city, mastication being rendered ,,uite easy by l)r. J.'s discovery. Eye and ear.?dr. powell devotes bis atten. i tiun exclusively to diseaees of the ej e and Ear. at 291 Broadway, entrano* 1)? Warren, where can be had his "Treatise on the Eye," price 60oenta; alao his self noting eye fountains for strengthening the eyea. Artificial eye* jnst imported. Medical notice.-dr. richardson can beconsulttd at his Medical Ufliee.No. 10 I'ark Pluco, from !) A.M. to M P.M , on all private direawa, viz : Primary or Secondary Syphilis . Uonorrhira, Gleet, Seminal Emissions, fcc. Hisc insulting rooms arc perfectly private, so that patients applying to him neod not tear exposure. Dr. K. waa the first regularly educated physician, in this city, who ha<l the courage to oppose the host of Nostrum venders and rjua*ks In thu brauoli or his profession, byeatab'inhing an oflloe for the purpose of sffirdlag sound medical trca ment In those complaints, In connection with a >me of the most experience phjsictans in this qtv; and daring the seven years, he was at the head of that establishment, baa had more practice ai,d experience. In every class of private diseaae, than any other physloian would be likely to have daring hi* life. By continuing In thosnme course. Dr. R. Ilatteis himself that he will be able to hold the medioal position he has acM'iired, in defiance of til repetition. Communications Irum the country attonded to and medicines forwarded. as usual. Most kxtraordiniht work?to tub karrird or those contemplating marriage.?The Harried Woman's Private Medical Companion, ay DrA.IL Mauri rum. Sixth edition. Price fl. This work ii meeting with most astounding sales (IH.oOU oopiea hating alrea <y been dlipoaed of-1 Rrury fomaia ia getting a oopy, whether Married or unsnarled, although it la i? leaded especially fur the married, aa it discloses important aeoreti which ahould be known to them particularly. Hera ?v?ry female ean discover the oauaea. symptons, and the meat efficient ramadiea, and mod certain mode ol core in every caaa. For sale at 221 Broadway; at the publishing office, 129 Liberty ktrret, New York: T. B. Peterson, No. 9H chomut afreet, Philadelphia; Little k Co.. Albany; W. R Davie, Boston. On the reoelpt of $1, a oopy will be tranamittad by mail, free of postage. to all parte af the United States. All letters tenet he addraseed, post paid, to Or. A. U. MAURICEAU. has I JO*. New York eity. Office 1JV Llbertf itraei. Medical offue.-dr Johnson, isdimnestrrrt near Chatham attaa, ae well known aa the moat suooeeefel practitioner in New York, in the treatment of venereaI dissassa. The Do*tor'? reputation for skill ia thoeeold half cured eas*sthat have existed for yean, la preeminent Gleet, stricture, ulcer* upon the body, or ia the throat r noee, pains in the head and I bone* of the legs, effectually mired. Constitutional w<?knes*. brought on by a aeoret habit indnlgad la by young man, canting la*eiviou* dreams and nightly emlaaioaa, positively preveato? Reeeat eaaea cured in four clays, without mercury. NoalUtaUoa In diet, at rrevMwtina froen huainaea NO CURS NO PAT.?DR. CORBITT. 19 DUANR ST. member of the Royal Collage of Murgeone, London, mar ba consulted in treatment of dr lioate diseases. No matter how long y ? may have had gleet, uk-er* upon the bodv or in the throat or noee, palna in the head and bono* of the ! **. A prattle* ot fourteen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. O. to cut* the worst form of this disease. Recent saaoe cured in four day*. No mercury ueod. Strictures cured la oue or two weeks wltk (caroely any pain. Those individual* who have indulged in a ocrtain loathsome habit eaa positively be restored to health and oeiety. N. B. Stranger* are cautioned not to be deoeived. Dr. Cobhott hu not removed. Remember 19 Lhuuae atreat, oppoaita ti Jnhnaen'a NO CURB. MO CHARQR.?DR. HURPHY OF es QOLD confidentially coaralted on all forma of private diamm. V?vnt cum of gonorrkM he can* in two to font 4tn Conatitational debility and im potency ancceaafnlly treated M Dr. M. -No mercury seed ia aay caae. or htndraaoa from but ana*. ffiw K< dtlil atrwt: mm Ima T A M. t* 10P.V NO CIRE. NO CHARGE ?DR. CORBETT HAS KRHOVKD to 06 Am atreet, (new W illiam,) whan ha iaoonenlted on all diaraiwa of a pi-irate character. Hi mat eaeai oorcxl in ( laya. No meicvry. Dr C'aaucoeaafthemalt, 14y?m' ezp^rtcnoe) indnoea ?<>rrc tnvioneadverti?ert<>deny liiareaioval. Theatadioa fa'mty of UiiaaaaerMoa baa na parallel, nnlaeat* lta anMuahinx ITroniery. 8m tha Deotet'i diploma. La Mara, pott paid, atlanded lii, DR. RALPHS PRACTICAL PRITATRTKSATISR. Ml tha nature, tjmptoma, pmcreee, oanaaq?aac?a, reoaediea, aad ear* of tba aenital ornana, laoladia* maatvnrbation. atrictare, di? eaaaa resamWin* venereal, (icivea \? na other work,) *?., *?, adapted to every iadividnal, af both aama. Thta ta theenly tawly naeftil work oa the mtyert, written In pWia Unca-wra, the raeipea for all mediciaee ftlthfnily Ktoaa; it u intenl'd to be practically uaefal to every oaa, ia erer? place. #th edition, .It* PHtea. Price $1. Hay ha had ol tha author. 88 (Jreeawien atreeCot mailed(VoehTtvoet Alaoofrr*atefthehonk eallmtathe H.I DR. RALPH. AUTHORitr THR " PRACTICAL PKIVAT1 Tre?ttee, Re., 88 feaoawiah,twet-o?oe how*? to lit IL, ( to 9 P H. (Baaday tioeptedj Theaa who app\y la thaearff Magea will be avrpria-^ at tie rapidity and llttlo InconTeoionej attending their oor A It ia ehiafly, however, theae who hare aaf tared from aoerlMn elaaa el people, who oan pyoperiy appaeiakt i hiaaervteaa. Ir, itrietnre. frim ita frit, or Uteiptent, to it* man adraaoed and diatrnaainc ?ta?a* (from ar?om*eB edvaetaget aad a very .it ten aire practice.) he oaa afford a rapid, earn, aad radical or^a. which, ha haa nr*?ad fov atatiaa. oaa ha ahtataW km* math* <MwKl?*a?rt? jkwssswh* iisjfcTC&ti'aas TVm Batlia k*T? w?n in opn^tion fin** 1rt*s Mid bw? M^?tmcnd?d bjr U* ix? rhyMttt in oitf, 5 orreiiUVKiiCK ?? TUB *( Wash^otow, NOV. 24, 1448 k; Utnnal Tayiot't Cubmit?7V ' Yintng lt<mcr i. crary" of H'hi%/;try and the " Hunker IVhtgt"? J 'lit* * i' Administration Bunkrrt?Corn/ran ( - nnl Riftm?Vlhe Mmwn to Rmir, SrC Of all the subjects which huve formed the y groundwojk ol newspa[>er articles and letters for ? the last few weeks, none lias been more fruitful than that of cabinet-making; and yet upon no subi ject have the writers been so t,ir astr.iy. lu our ' 1 ibt, we ridiculed the absurdity, and we did [ because in no one instance tliut wr have seen have tlu> /laltinafa fnr?n?^ n 1 "J .... V.U.HVO .viwvuvx.k ?lt""'?i uru |>r(ir>4t)llltf( much less tmth. livery prominent whig, and ; many democrats, eJbo, were duly installed as component parts of the next administration, and to mo*t of them the news of their good luck ratut bare been u astounding aa It was doubtless gratifying In this stats of things, it is with some trepidation, we confers. * e venture to give to the public the rsal state of affairs, as connected witb tbs new administration j I but. baling received our information from high and ( unquestionable authority, we feel emboldened to gi" > 1 a list of the members of General Taylor's cabinet, well tor the purpose of setting at rest the idle rut rs in dlreulatlon, as to put the oountry ia po-weeele' of the real composition of ths body. The following!' the list Jompi M. Ci.ayton, of Delaware, State Departs at. Abbott CswaaacE.of Mara . Treasury IK-part is at. B*n i* Pievtow, of I.oaleiana, War Uepartmr jt T. Buti.e" Kino, of Ua.,or ) .. Rewt-nd Bat*., of Mo , s N?T* t>?P*rtn>. nt. Th<ddivi Sti'tiii, of Pa., rojtma*t?r <Jen?;al. John J. caittkhukw, of Ky., Attorney Ueneral. Mr. Crittenden will not, because be cannot alTord te be, Secretary of State. He has stated (bat he Is to* poor for the premiership. General Taylor desires te hare bia' near him, so Be will aooept tbe Attorney (Jeneralsbip- which will enable him, at the same time, to make a respectable living, as he can practice in tha Supreme Couit. Mr. Clayton, aext to Mr. Crittenden, is General Taylor's choice. Mr. Clayton was to bare been Secretary of State, ia case Clay had defeated Polk In '44. Mr ??? * ? ?,J * - ? jravava ItV UWIU BIO <#IU RlftUOBf Of Uatted States District Attorney fee Louisiana; ia which ivmt John Boll o.* Meredith P Gentry, of Tennessee, ?voch Intimate polli'.oal and personal friend* of 1'ejton, will doubtless fill the position of fieoretary of War. Mr. Bate*, of Missouri, *h president of the ChlcagS convention. He waa formerly In Congress, at whiik time be aent a challenge, tbroagh Col. lluraeU, late of the army, now ia Washington, to Alexander, then* member of Congress for Obio. Alexander shewed the white feather, and made an ample apology before a large oompany at dinner. Bates ia a native of Virginia, aad ia believed to be the eminent sta'usmaa upon whom Tbnrlow Weed wishes Old Zaok'a" mind's eye'' to reat upon, ashe make* up his eablaet. Truman Smith and John Ball, must remain in tlM Senate. Mr Webster will go te England. Ttla la a flied faet. The talk of hla being too poor to go t Wo npon a salary of $9,000 la absurd. He has $75 00# tended. It ia all moonshine about Gods den, or Holmes, of S. C , receiving any Important appointment. They ara brothers inlaw. The rumor that they were to be flavored, is the work of Mr Holmea himself, who, with the Hon. Cost Johnson, have ths entire control of lt? thoughts of one of the Kev. David Hate's Washington correspondents. Seward will go to Boms. Tlives, to France, rrestoa. ofS. C., to Spain. Evans, to Russia, where beeanget oool. Wefdo not like the appointment of Abbott I.awr?noe to the Treasury Department. He is too ultra In his views as regards a practical policy, bnt it may be ia accepting a seat in Taylor's cabinet, that he will agres to adopt a moderate course. Ths New England States have done so well, that It seems a measure of j antics, they should be represented in the oabiaet, and they are almost unanimously in favor of Mr. Lawrence A great many whig*, also, in other parts of the Union, will press Mr. Lawrenoe'a appointment; and it will ba a difficult matter?should it be thought advisable, which we believe will net be the case?to resist olaiaM so well grounded. The " young democracy" of whlggery is now in ths asoendant. The old hunker whigs will be pnt down tf tbey attempt to rule Proscription will reoetve no favor. There will be an eiTort, and doubtless a strong one, on the part of the extreme whlgs to get the npper hand, bnt toe " young democracy," embracing, as it does, moderate wbigs and Taylor men, wlU be fully nrenared to nherk th? -vi?? ? down forever. The intelligent portion of the whig party, feel, that the time hm gone by for the advoeaoy of* high tariff and a national bank, and the/ are determined not to throw the government into the hand* of the extreme democratic party again, by urging meat-urea, whloh, perhaps, were wise in '36, but are unquestionably fallacious In '4l?. That portion of the whig party, which General Taylor will rely upon, Is aware, that to urge a proscrlptive policy or extreme measure*, would be to out its throat. It U aware, that upon ultra party grounds, the whiffi never oan nuooeed in retaining power, and common sense, if nothing elae, wilt point out the true course to be adopted. The amount of rtook issued on foreign aeoount. s# far, this week, has been large. By the way, it In generally understood, that Messrs. Chubb and Sohenck. twe enterprising young bankers of this city?ana whigs, withal?will supersede Messrs, Corcoran a ad Itiggs, as Government agents, under the new administration. It la more than probable, the latter gentlem** will be very willing to retire, as tney have made handsome fortunes by their reeent operation*, and will feel Inclined to " let well alone.' We understand that Mr Kdmund Burke has declined the misMon to llome, which we stated was offered aim a few days since. Mr. Livingston is spoken of now; but, in all probability, no appointment will be mad* until after the meeting of Congress A statement has appeared in a Baltimore paper, that the President's mansion was 11 handsomely lighted" upon the occasion of the torch-light procession, on 1 uefds.v "evening. The statement is, of course, as error. It la not only highly improbable that Mr P*ik rejoices at General Taylor's suce*sa. but It w*old b* grossly Indecent in the President to participate, either one way or the other, In politloal processions, or illuminations. At all events, in the ease la question, h* is entirely in nooent. Thanksgiving day was duly observed yesterday, bf tbe surpension otbusi ness and the destruction of fat turkiea General Worth and his lovely daughter dined with Mr. Secretary Maroy. The oonversation naturally enough turned upon that worn out toplo, th* governor's breeches. After a few remarks therenp->a, Miss Worth arohly observed?" Ah. Mr. Marcy, 1 wish I had known you were ia a dilemma, I would hat* been too happy to have patohed th* bree?what do y*a call tbe m T-for nothing!" Th* Secretary laujhed heartily, whiUt Bowden, whs ?m preien't, bluihed like a peoney owl, and swallowed half a tumbler ot brandy, by mistake, In hi* con/union We have seen a letter from a leading gentleman I* Ohio, which states that there is every probability that the failure of the oitles of Cinoinnail, Columbus and Cleveland to rrgiater their vote* will be fatal to their legality, in which oaM H'eller will have the majority. The whig*, however, deeiare in that event that th?r will retire from the Legislature, and thus prevent Welier from being installed We do not know upea whom the duties of Governor would devolve daring the inttrrrgnvm. The prefent Governor'* time expiree aa the third of Deoember. and It in probable the Proaidtat of the State Senate would act aa Governor until* new one was inatnlted. Uai.timukk, Nov. 25/184B. Drtadful Accidtnt?Joint Stork Company of Iff vtntori?Mmt. Bi$ltoj>, Dooth,4rc. A most melancholy accident hapi>ened yesterday. Igniting in ihe death ot Mr. Wm. II. Soper, of the firm of Soper ft Co , auctioneers He fell bukvui through trap deor, from the first floor of his wan* houce to the cellar, causing a concussion ot the brail) from which be died in a few hoars. He was a* active and upright business man, much esteemed by nil wh* bad the pleasure of his acquaintance A joint stock company ha* been formed In this oitf, by the Inventors in attendance at the reoent fair, ia conjunction with a number of capitalist* for mntaat encouragement In their business, and for faltering American genius' The fact, that lnventiona fail mostly fn m the want of meana on the part of Inventors U bring them into use. la nn undoubted faot. Good inventions are valuabto. nnd when natenUd thsr b*> com* good property. Madim Bishop aonwieM t aeoond tnmMint the Holliday Street Theatre. on Monday nitfbt. <*ha will prove a good card, iftd being una'-oouipsnled by an tiffn-ln opcracoapaDj, a prolliabiaaii|i|*MM to the manager*. Maenad; and t amit art to oobimdci oath* ?. ruing Monday, when ths front itfNt will rs ?pta fac Mattcadj. Collin's ent?rtalnment< are moat popular. NotwHhstandlng the bad weather, he bad a good bona* teat night. Booth play* Richard, to-night, at the Museum, aa* U to play there all next week. I'iiilaoxi.phia, Not 26, lfM8 Thf Nnr York Lif(ht Uitardi?Strioui Afr9 f? Railroad Acrident, j-r. The New York Light Guards took thwr d^parture yeeterdHy morni ng, havin br?n escort* d to the boat by the Wafhingtoa < 5rey?. For the icharactec of the elty, I trout the guests have bean w?y entertained; but their naornmente ham not bean heralds! it our pnblle print* In the oaual style, to the eiclusiTenes* of the arrangemeata triage Kjj tha companies who took tham In oharge. Tie reporters have b?n treated rather shabbily. in Twlatto* la tha entertainments at whloh theOuard" were p,?este James Kelly, a house carpeoter.. was uat>bed twice la Pluaa street, last Friday night. induing wonndi that will probably prove f ital. Tte aana'jH w*s made by party of fltetnen. headed ?j Joseph Newman, tha keeper of a low kooae In tK* victory. NewmttTa wifa bad left him. and take* refuge with Kelly, h*r brother. The wounded man taa take* to the hospital, and it it'll living, though hla reooTv/y is deemed almost hepslata. Newman, bis toother la law who infl ated Um ?t she has been arrested ud oommltud to priaon Tbongk Bob Pinkerton was aoqaitted of a partlalpa-' *n in tba Cheater Cownty Bank robbery, by the refit of tbe jury, read*rod laat ewal^fatka k nfc .< fee a pretty long eeattnpe, as the Qowthai a oharge afl

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