Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1848 Page 3
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I . Kwiiie, fb?* authorities doero'd It thnlr duty to ftcp tb?ni and neurit that qn(?t xhould bo ob trytd. Tbti |:criti-njfn not tVriing duyonml Co obvy tb? demurred to thu r jiht of tun i dt luand, anu wsu'td to kao* thn harm don? by ioging 1'hf polio<* batterer thought other#in??, nu t requested tbem to walk to thH station h<?uar, wb-n tbty wire deia'cad all ntcbt, ao<l in the inurutair. *t 8 o'clock, brought Uefoin the nitliug uia<i-t! *t<? for a tearing The Captain of P< I < ? wude (ho oh*r<-? against the porty, of bring dUorUnrly in HroAd'Hf; which complaint, win taken uuler o?rh, and 'H ' h> n< rab'e member md one of hi? f.iend- -vert* h -Id to b ill In their own recognizance to keep lb? peace tor sis m<otba. The of Iht old Female Pickpocket Again.? Sevtrai eon>p':aiutk have beeu main of iat? to the police, by reapeeubiu ladiea. in couaiq<i? nee of having neen robbed cf their pur*?a and pi'ik-t book*, nout >iulo< money. and wondering at the rauiw ii?ch'>? it ?u pi skibie to be robbed,a? no man or boy h*.l hem guar them ; atd a l they tecolhct wan ?eein< a little oil woman to be turfing arouod thorn, but b-i->g 40 olj ant apparently treble, lliey did n<>t hive th-* leant ni-p eiou On Wednei-uay last, a Mm. Julaouah Ctjtirun wai attending a public auction at th? Crot >n Uall. in the Bowery, when rbe suddenly niN-ed her pur<-e, oonuioing $&0 in bunk bills, and the only pnr.iou i?t?i? na? pur hi tigagainst bur wai a little old n irntn Thi< internal ion wait given to officers A M. C. Sutirh and Sha Jbolt. of the lower police, who at once from th^desirip tlon, felt eettuta that tha little old wo>naa ??< Kliz* Nlierwood. *> > year* of age, wbo, somi lour uianth? ano, wan defe cted in Washington market in picking pocket i She wan arirfted. and her residence searched at Mo 43 Clarkson street, and part of the proDerty found together with pc me twenty purser aud pocket books the relies of her nefarious busmen* ; tbix oM ?mn?n arrested yesterday by the above named ofliisersaud was at onee recognised by .Mrs. Cburuh a? the muw old woman that waa puebing about b? r dress at tha tlma ahe lout ber money. This old creature i? now uud-r indictment for a grand larceny curutmited in picking pocketa. Charge of Stealing a IVatch.?Ofllier MeManm. of the Sixth ward nrrested Testerilav a man anil w nmn I called l atbaritie Davis and VVui Thoiupxon, chanted with ?t< aling a wntch auu gold Key v*ui?.l ?t |t0, belonging to Archibald McKlnny, residing at Vo ".2 Orange street. Justice Moiir&tb locked them both up for trial. Quick Jlrrrst.? Officer McM&nus, of the Sixth ward, arretted jesUrday luornlnit three notorious thieves, called Tetcr Boyian, 1)111 Thompson, and Juhn Simpson, on a charge of stealing from the pre mired No 82 Orange street. $27. tbe p:opirty or Jame.-i < ;?-..idy : bout two o'clock yesterday morning, (Ja?sidy tell .asleep In his store, and while thu.i sleeping tbe three thieves stepped In and stole tbe money ; soon afcer the offloer was informed of tho fact, and in lesi\than an hour after, te had them all in ouatody. baring found them down at Catharine Market, taking their coffee and cakes on tbe stolen money. On searching the prisoners, $21 of tha stolen money w?i recovered. Justice McUrath committed all three to the Tombs for trial. Changesm Man's Life.?About five years ago we -aw h man light hie cigar with a twenty dollar Bote of tbe Farmers' and Meohanirs' Bank. At '.hat lime he was full of life, and in the possesion of real estate In tho city of Thilapelpbia valued at $80,000 ? Alua I ?liaf ?K. ..doa Hmu /l/vlh m?l>A f\.. ....... .u.> ?>" " ? ? ??> w u o. u.u.j last this foolifh man ?u seen btgxiBg alms in our publie stieets. Mr looked wretched. was ghastly pale anil miserably clad.? Penntylvanian t?inr St. Gcoiuis. off Sandy Hook, ) Not. 2(5. 184S { We, th ' undersigned. pamen,?ers on board the snip St. George, bound from Liverpool to New York, cannot separate at th* termination of a most successful T03age without expressing bow very deeply sensible we are of the unprecedented kindness and atteotion evnced towards us during our passage Iro n Captain lllrd. his mate Mr. Allen. and crew in general We do feel, that we chould indeed be wanting in gratitude to (.apt. Iitrd, If we did not come forward and testify, in the most unmeasured terms, bis anxiety and solicitude for tbe convenience and comfort of ail on beard We found every matter tending to morality highly appreciated, while, on the contrary, every subject tending to an opposite oourse, w*i severely reprehended. The economy, coupled with trlot regularity, has met our unbounded approbation, proving that where Capt Bird commands, tbe moat salutary measure* would be resorted to for the protection of all, and we therefore trust and hope, that ue may umn roiuiDun 10 earn innse priceless gam* of publio opiiiirn not to be obtained by plausible pretext or anticipated echo, but by unremitting kindleia and attention seasonably administeiad as an official, matured by private amiability of disposition. We now nay, in conclusion, tbat be carries with him our best thank* nod earnest solicitude for hit welfare. and only regret our Inability to give a more lasting proof rf the lively sense of gratitude we entertain towards him. Signed, on behalf of the passanKirs, llui'h >lcT.<-an W.S O'Brien Wm McMahon Richard Richards Martin Mo Win. McKiliops Who Wants to go to California!?Plenty of gild in "thoif dig^ins" A paniphlut containing aoescription Ivt < aliform*. it* mine? mid productions, is given away ai th? Oauclialsgua depot, Jti Broadway. The Ghaapeit ami Boat Place In the City to ret good Boot*. Shoes and Gaiters, is at JONEi'S. 14 Ann atrret, isir the American Museum. First quality of Fro ,oh Calf Dress Honrs, ft 6th seemd do, |3S0 t-> $li Congress Boots from $3 M)to$4; French Pacnt l?a>h*r Rons. $7. The " Uli hrllcn" (Jold fi ns are warranted to wsar five ytar*. They are fioe. imo tt and elastic aan arc aokn"Wled<ed tc t* tits best and cheap st p ns In the world Mold only by B. fc WATSON fc CO., 15 tV.ll street. Gold pens :epaircd. ____________ The Blortl who was In ho bad a Fix, at one of our tai>M< nat V hatters the ether day, ixtricatcd himself by following tht advice, to iret ttiu inimitable, at No 13 Nassau street, to oat 1.sir a'd v hirers, vh ch w an d no so sdn.irahly ihatbe wua immediately suited with a liat. Bill's Infallible Ougtunt lor tiie Lair, as alove. The Plnntbe National Dngucrrran (iallery, en the upper corner of Broadway and Murray street, none ah'old omit viai'ioir, as it is one ot the most ioteremin* p'aees in the city, i n 1 is aluo the best p'acc in tho woild 10 pro urca line dagncnett) pe. 1 ivrs there a man with soul co dead W ho never to himself hath seid? ' I'll no nmre wear this?hnp-le a Hat, IM boy a better one?tba'V tint!" To aiieh we wouiil nay, take a ahort walk into Knox's, Izh Fulton street, and jon will 'ehold one of the most beaotltul assortments of Batx and Csps rver nffired to the flit sod oootom of an admiring fu?-tic. Th< ir exeellonce is only equalled by their o) espnefs?and both are not excelled by my abop ia New York. Knox is also selling now a flue lot or Pur floods. Portable nreialng Canes?In all that the Dame Import*, containing in the sna'lert spice the meet awful articles, among * hieh is the Metallic Tub let for k< epinir ra?.or? in pcrfect order. Manufaotared by O. Saunders k Son. H7 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, aud 3s7 Broadway. Wig* ami Toupees.?.We would n ft vine all per-' us wishiuu u superior Wig or Sea p, to exsmino the oxicnrire liPSOtin.'nt at liattliolot's maititsctorr, No. I W:ill street, old Mo. 2. His new-invented wins obtained a silver uiodal at (lie lair of the Ameiicau Ir.stituto t'opv t'n ad Iross. llalr Dye?ltuteltclor'H luatautanrous liquid obtsined the tirM rremiom at the last Fair of th? A merle in loatltnte. is a new article, entirely free from the many o'.ieot'ons ef d)tf. and more easy ol appbea Ion. For sabi at Batchelor's w<k nMti'.itactory. Mn. 4 Will street, ol i No 1. Tai? u dc< idedly the U-st urtlole in the market. Copy the address, C 0 DII E I CI A L A g F A I Aft. RIOIfKV MARKET. Thursday, Nov. 30 -0 P. M. The upward tendency in quotations for stocks still continue*, without any obange In the extent of transaction*. At (he (list board to-day. treasury notes advanced \ per cent ; Heading Railroad, X ; Canton Company, '4 ; K.rie Ra lroad. ; Long Island. 'V- All others c)om >1 liim at prices current yesterday. The improvement realized on government securities during the pott two or three weeks, has been greater 'ban on any other stocks in the list. a->d It is the imjresMon that tbe adTanoe has been too rapid to he sustained and that it has not keen the result of legitimate cauaea. It is true the demand for invest ment, both at home and abroad, has been pretty active; but t must be borne In mind that there is an immense atncunt on the market, and that the financed of the government are not in such a favorable condition as ia desirable. There must be an Immense mr.unt f\t Mmtinir di>ht unnrovidcil for. tnd if. is not impossible but that anoth-r loan may be required to liquidate these liabilities. to that the ordinary revecue ?f the government may be appropriated 4* the pnyment of tbe ordinary expenditure* of the Treasury Department. Prices now current for U.S. rixrs, rule within a few per c^nt of those realised for similar rtcnrltlea when tVe public debt ?m trilling eompared with the present amoont. and th? currency cf the country much more expanded. Compared with gifd (Kmnd State ttceks, they are much higher than they bare ever been before; and notwithstanding their safttyas a permanent investment, it mint be admitted they are above their real value. Wall street I* full of rnmore relative to the financial movement* of the Kccrstary of the Treasury, all, or most, of whloh, re without the elightest foundation, and orlginatol In the minds of tho?e who have some motive In giving them currency. Among others, there i< a report that the Secretary ii using the lurplua fundi in hand for tbe purchase of government five per cent*. This is ?flt Inth.llpit nl.f< h? has no fntida that cm be legitimately appropriated in ancb a ronnner; and In the aerond place, it Ia not t?rj probable that he would pay par for a flte per reLt Mock, while hn wax paying all per ! ci Dt on a ?tr<?k ranging from one to three per cent above par. Wp put down all theee riimorn, there, /oie. a* a weak Intention of thoae lotcreated in inilatl ji'K prloea lor internment atocka to m point beyond where they can lx> legitimately auatalued A Mow and et?ady Improvement Id there atooka.lthen the flnanoea of the government hnd haeome established upon a rnnd ban if, the expendlturea reduced to the ordinary atandard, and the financial a 11*1 ra of the world r?" Jleted from the embarraaamenta which now aurround th?m, wonld baTe been reallred. aud it would hare been biaitbj at d permanent, but we cannot look upon tbe preaent rapid adranea In tbi t light, and beilara that eoon after the meeting of CongreM, a reaction will ate p'ac?, and purchaser* at currant ratea luffer a loan Tbe accumulation of Interest on all etojka dituraily eaurea an a<2va&ce to that extent; but tha riue in tbi? baa already been several per oent beyond toe additional value created by that circumstance. Any gnat fluctuat'on in tbe market value of onr goveraui nt stock*, will btve a bad effeot on the other aide of tl>e Atlantlo, by destroying conQdence \v. their Derma nency, and by inducing holders to part with them in anticipation of further depreciation. The Torti-mouth. Saco and Portland Rallroal Com. pany Lave declared a femi-annual dividend of per there, payable on Monday, Deo'r 18tb, to holileta of stock, on the i!5th instant. Tim Mecbanlch' Bank of Baltimore, has declared a semiannual dividend of throe and a half per oent fjr the la.-t fix months, payable on the 4ih Dec. A larne portion of the grading on the Central Railroad of Pennsylvania, between ilarrlsburg and Lewistown, Ik bear > completed. At the Harrisburg end about four mile* of the rail Inlaid, and the entire track on 1} at side of the Susquehanna will be ready for use in a few weeks. The stone work of t ie bridge will b* Hutched by the middle of December, and the work up. on the Mipe^tructure is progressing rapidly. Of all the bridges that span the Susquehanna, that will be the roost stupendous. The message of the Governor of Arkansas, to the LogUlature of that State, gives a more detailed repsrt Of the public finances than we hare noticed in any prc> | viou> message for several years. 1 he revenue laws parsed at the last session of the Legislature Lave fully realized the pabilc expectation, aid it is confidently believed they will, if judiciously enforced, re-establish the credit of the State. The amount of $25 000 or $.:0,0<>0, derived from t*xa'ion under the act of the 6th Maroli, 18HH, has been increased under the provisions of the aot of the 10th December, 1S48, to $70 41'8 72, during the fir^t year of its opeiation. and $74.:>40 00 this year, during the aeoond. The amount of outstanding treasury warrants on the 30th September, 1640, of $37,781 20, whioh has been augmented by the issues from that period to the 30th Sept 1848. of $107,001) 47. making a total of $144 850 73, has been redaoed, by the redemption of $22,037 65 of them with specie, $00,080 80 of warrants paid into the treasury by the State collectors, and the sum of $20, fl'ju qz receiv?a dj inn ireaaurer inu state i.anu Agent in payment of State lands; $2 026 91 received in tr< Hfury warrants in redemption of forfeited lands, aod $27 63 treasury warrants, as State tax by non-residents-making in all the sum of $114 $93 21, whioh be Dg subtracted from the above amount $141,850 66, leaves $29,967 34 in circulation at the olos? of the last flfcal year, ending 30th Sept. 18(8. it is estimated that most of this balanoe has, since the 30th of September, been taken by tax collectors, and wilt be paid into the Treasury on or before the 10th December. It appears by an exhibit of the receipts and expenditures of the treasury on account of the State government, that a surplus of t.bout $17,349 25 will remain jn hand on the 10th of Deoember, which will be sufflcient to meet the entire expenditures of the present General Assembly, without resorting to the neoesalty heretofore imposed of issuing treasury warrants. The probable receipt* for 1840 and 1860, includl ng fu nds now subject to be used for ordinary expenditures, are estimated at $170,189 56, and the expenditures at $152,242 18, which, if realised, will leave a balanoe unexpended in the treasury of $23,941 42. The receipts of the financial receiver of the State Bank, and of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Real Estate Bank, present a very favorable exhibit. A much larger amount has been coUeoted than during the two years preceding their previous report, and they are in a fair way of bringing their affairs to a satisfactory settlement. The State Bank and branches collected from April 0th, 1846, to September, COth 1840. the sum of $80,667 29,and for the two years ending September, 1848. there wis collected in every description of funds the sum of $301,556 18 this amount. $285,684 69 was in State bonds, with coupons attached, vis: 124 bonds sold on account of State Bank, with $42 464 69 interest, making on this account $116 404 09, and 82 bonds sold on aooount of the Real K.Kate Bank, with $37,120 interest, making on that aocount $119 120. The Governor recommends that saoh laws as nay be comisteut * t'a tie interest of all par. ties conoerned, be adopted, as will aid those charged with the eolleetion of debts doe tha Real Estate Bank their duties. by releasing the land mortgaged for stock upon payment of stock, money, and interest, and to authorixe the trustees to foreclose the mortgage to such stockholder as may refuse to pay hi* regular instalment. The Real Estate Bank has taken in payment of debts several State bonds, a portion o* which was obtained by the financial Receiver of the ] State Bank, in exchange for Real Estate Bank paper. According to the Governor's message,there wasout' standing on the 7th of November, 1848, for the pay mi nt 01 which ice iaim 01 ine siate is pieagea, 1,023 bonds, fold on account of the State Bank, with interest to date, amounting to $1.467,784 14, and 1,506 bonds sold on aecount of the Heal Kstate Bank, with interest to date, amounting to $2,100,180. These two items make an aggregate of $3,617,904 14 ; but a small s?m larger than the amount estimated tiro years ago. The Governor reoommenda that the proceeds of the sale of the 600.000 acres of pablle domain be applied to tberedemptlcn of these bonds, or whatever deficiency may be ascertained after the final liquidation of the arft-ts of the bank, and other means shall hare been applied. The report of the State Land Agent shows that of i the 600 COO acres of land donated to the State for the | purposes of Internal improvement. 490,809 acres had been transferred by the general government up to the > 18th rf Sept., 1848. Of this amount, 238 70S acres have been disposed of by the State ta individuals, and the ! amount received in payment up to the 13th of September. 1848, $29,820 42, had been borrowed by the State, | for which a bond Is to be issued in favor of the internal improvement fund. Slock Kuhangr. (> Tree* Note*, fi'a 6tt ahs cant* Co !WX j Ml*! do s30 IUV? AO do bT.O SI 60.HI do 10b 100 do mi :iiv I 11K10 do L10 ll*> lUlMnhawK RH 7? | 6C11II' S ( '? '17 H? KXi Heading Kit blO IK O do'(? 1 ('.->% 1110 do alO H I'll U f* 6'a '68 : !' 2? do 60< i' Siate 6'? 66 4im Harlem RR VM'ii Erie 7 per cents S.VI do <! *, HtO do W % II*) do i'.% 60 sh* Mechanics' Bk 106>4 >00 do af.f) a J6 Utwery B?nk !'l 60 d'. hlit 4'.))] 6li ( by Bai k of N O ? "'>? 6 > Long Ulaud RR *10 1111* 11 o Morris Canal b30 7 60 do 1!>': fd N Y & N n RR 86 do 1!?* in HadVn St lndiatiB|>T* 120 CJI E.le RR new full fio'i 26 Canton Co .10 1? do 6"?? r> do 311 ^ 60 do 60 'i 76 do s5 %% Second Board. J?K'(0 Treat NftcsB'a l(W?i f." th.iiarlem RR bfi# iV, l.yi *he Reading KK *M?j 60 do stiO 4'/ 60 do WO 25 Norfc WTorHR :.2S 11*11 anton Co IHiV I-Un l UR Ml do |30 ?tV 160 do blO 2.1 4(0 Harlem RR 4l',\ 60 do VI) '.'0 CITY THAIMC 11 KPOHT. Tms?n*v.Nov 30- 2 P.M. A?hks? Small sales of pots were made at f6 87% a >6. and pearls at $0 n$OI2V ('onon -The market remains much as yesterday. *ith moderate sales. ! Fl<u r. &c ? Western flour continues to favor the buy> r. and tfce transactions nre mostly for the supply ol ibe regular trade: pome put* foi shipping have been reported this morning at $6 26, but we do not authenticate them; sales add up 8.000 barrel* at $6 ;i'4 a $6 37), for the whole range of common to straight brands, and $6 60 for pure (Jenei-ee In rye flour there were sales of 200 barrels at V> !%' Meal tends downward, the sales are 400 bbls. common Western at $2 87','. and 160 Jersey at $3 06*tf. In wheat no transitions are reported,and the market * l? limvy Corn arrears te be nealei ted. sales <lo not exceed 6 OOO bushel*. e.t quotation* current yssterday. Out* remain at 34 a 85o , with a?iM of 2.000 1iu?h*l*. P*o> moMt.? We (|iioto mew and prim* pork at $12 44 a $12 to. and V 2ii; tlie wale* are unimportant. Beef continue* ^steady nt $10; $?i for country mass and prime; some .'!00 barrels have been taken at quotations. I.Bid iK dull at 7 a Be for prime in bnrr*U. Wiiiikft Sale* lu<) barrel* prison at 24\, a V ftc. Thumday. Not. 30?0 P M. Another steamer being. about due at Boston with aw>ek's later Intellbence. h?d the effect of checking i ope tat ions in breadstuff*?many dealers preferring to wmit for it* receipt before operating. The amount of 1 produce in lrnn>ilii on the canal* being ll^iht. and tlxin'f.n having arrived when it i? n?u*l to make repair*, tbe con> miss If ners hare ferma'ly given notice that na' >'f(Htion will craee on the (tth or December The market Tor flour waa henry to day, with moderata sale*, chiefly to supply Kastern order*, on term*. In soma rare: rather in favor of buyers. 8mall sales of wheat weie n'*d? on terms stated below. New corn nan In good rnpply and dull, while old was soaro* and firm.? 1 Meal nan dull with small sale*. There was no change in rye < r oats. Provbions were, comparatively. ijnlet, without change in quotation* There was more activity In sugars, with mot* steadiness In quotation* ? t ot'on w** dab, with moderate salea. Ami??.? Sale* of 100 barrel* pot* were mad* at (5 17,'n. ?hil? pearl* wi re quiet at old prte**. ItRtsnsTt.'i'P* - Flour? The aggregate *al*? reached about ft COO a 0 000 bbl* , Including 8 000 a 4 000 bbla. stra'ght brand* Michigan, with ()*wego, Troy, fco, at fb 31?< a $5 3*X; 100 do pnrs Oene*ee at >5 # '?; 400 do do . some better than common, at 9644; ftOO do. do., common. $'< H7i?; and ftOO do, Lockport straight tirsnd* at $6 if> ca*h. H'Aeof?Sale* M about 2 000 bushel* (ienesee were made at 12#c a 121(0. Cera? Tba sales reached about l.r> 000 a 20,?00 bo* In Mparat* irts smorg which were 2 000 a 3 000 bushel* round, fint and yellow, at Oft* a 7la ; 8.000 do , roand do , at 72Ho ; old mlied sold at fl&o a Mo a 67c ; 1.000 do for diatiUlDf, sold at Wo , with sales of mw alx?4 it CO*. 6!r:, ltd of wbtt* a?d yellow <io , ?. prrrlou* rn'pg. H\t? Nalr* of 2 (00 ? S 04Xi ba?b?U were mud* at hy hlniir?SmWt of 300 * 300 w?r? tuadn at >3 1 a*f3 Th? l??t k*I? of ba'l*y w?< m<d? ?r. <U?. Ouit? balM of 8 0(0 a 4,0C0 bukbeliwnre made at3lo a M. (Jiittow.?Th? tnarh<>t rem aim quUt and dull; prio?g pl'iil tly favoring lii? buyer, tb? ealM noi oa^-jojuk 600 bales. LlVKHTUOt. CLUilFICATIOlt. N. OrUnm, UplnruU. FTorita. T-1?, I nferfor none none nuat. Ordinary S'M a f>% BSj a b 'i 5l? a AW MhIcIIuk.. ti ? ' V' l> to a t\'j Good Middling... 6l.ia?? 6\?6V 6\'a1W Middling Fair 6!-, a k? 6-^ afiks Fur .. es a rS Wins ?H a 7 Fully Fair <*% u. 7 uou* 7*4 a 7X Kauir ?The market for hunch Malaga ralalns oon I tinuea firm. with salea of 3 O'HI boxei Including whole, at $1 46 a $1 00. halves ut 70c. and nt 4JV, i Ki?h wcie without movement to-day. and no mile* cf mtment transpired The market re nal m>d ?'n |y Kmkkiiit* were s'eadv, at yeaterdny'H rata*. hut not quite an active \ cargo of corn ??? en ?*"><! for B?ltaat Ireland at 7d. in hulk, and 1.000 a 2 000 bbU. flour were engaged f< r Liverpool, at !!<., with citton at 6 321., and btef iii t ercea a'4* Fo Havre, the pallet of the lot va? filled chiefly wiih eotton. at *?o. Tha auoceeding packet waa a'kiiiK >?c. per Ih tor ootton. There wa* ?ochange to London or Ulaagaw. Limk.?Kor ecnim< a Tf.oraaston a alleht improvement ban been realised, and some 1,200 barrels were dinpcaed of at 70c Hay ?galea wore made of 1,000 bile* North Rlr?r at 40oa46c. Fine aweet Tlmo-hy wis in good demand at COn: ci mmon to fair quality at 40n a45e., on whleh tarma about 300 a 400 ba'ee were aold. Miuum.-In nttine Kreneh there bare baen saleg of 60 eaahs (KX. KK.) at aud 20 do Ombre at Bo. usual time Naval Stobh.?The demand continues moderate, and prloea i-teady, sales 150 bhl*. apiritn at ."Uo.: 1.000 d? North county orude, at $2 44. and 200 do do, at *2 25. On .?.? English linaeed in something lower again today. with ra'ea in sn>all lota at 61 a 62o ; some large paicela are offered at 6<>^e. Dent American baa alao declined, and iu oa?k* cau be bought for ftio., and bbls. 0"e. In other deanriptiona we henr of no operation* Psovi?ioi??.- galea of 2(0 a 300 bbls of pork were made in unall lota, cblelly from store, Including meal, at $12 00. and prime at $9 25 Beef was quiet for country roeFS and prime, at $10 for mem. and $0 for prima. Lard?Salea of 100 bbls were made at 7o., and 200 kega were made at 8c. 20 bbla hams were sold at 8c Cheese?Sales of 200 boxes extra were made at '%c. Butter?Sales of Ohio were made at l%o The ijuomtiouff r?Dgca iron iuo a i^o. i nera was no cbange in tbif ptook. Haita" - Sales have been made of 20,000 ibi, at 2'..o. a 8J?o. time. Bkal KkTAiK?Two lots ot lund on the south side of V8th street. between 9th and 10th avenues at $1 f>M). Ric k ?The ma>ket is lower for rlc?,whloh sold to the extent of 100 t'eroes. at f3 26 a $'l 37>?. Prime lota can only be quoted at (3 44 Srictfc ?A decline in No 1 nutmegs hat again been submitted to, end several thousand pounds have been disposed of at 87%n Tallow ?We notice Bales of 200 bbls . at TJ^'o. s H}? 3 .the latter quotation for choice parcel*; some Intel lor lots sold for something less. Touacco ?There was nothing of moment doing, while the market whs steady Whisk**.?Sales of 2 000 a 3 000 bbls , chiefly State prison, were made at 24%o Small sales were effected at 2?c., which was the asking price at the close. MARKETS EL8KW11ERE. STOCK SALES. Baltimore, Nov. 2P? $>CO Baltimore 6*>,'SO, 06V; It shires Vui< n Bsi.k, t>2. I klvv ia, Nov. S".?Schnnge f-'o ird ? $12 Kentucky Bank,)-G; 4N*? State .Vs. f.ri*n. 74? ? 100 l^oliinh Loan, O-ISi; 100 Citj ti'a. H(I On f>'?. MX; 40 MecbM.ioH' Bank, e., 21M; 200 K< nil nir. M, 14^; f-.(* 0 I chub 6>, '.1 )4, 5 Merhatiiot' Hank. 24 K; Hi) State6>. 74Jf! I,11)0 Wilminntna ?'? 7ft l.ot'7 Conntv 5's, oa, 81; SCO Morris, 7K: 100 '<" ?5. 7!-.'; 2.1**1 State 5's, o., 73; 5 l?H) do., 7.'.; 16.000 S< h. Nav. *'s. 'HX.| O 0 dn.. 't!5, .HI After 8/let? 7,010 I'et mylvanfa t>'?, 75:19,00?> Soli. Nav C'?. W, 3'1; 8(W Morrli 1 anal, 7Si Second Board ?1 9 0 (J. 8. G'?. *?<7, 4X1 Pennsylvania Vs. 74*4: 1,2.'o Phllsdilphla (T?. '68. W; ,'tOO Soh, Nav. l>'?, '08, 2!'; 30 Lehigh Nav int?re?t, 52; U Plilladtlphi.1 Zxohange Co , 40. Bcstom, Nov. 20.?Broken' Boird - 6 aha. Portland,Stoo and Portsmouth Rsilmad If.'Ji; 82 Koatnn snl Worcester do , UK1*: S3 dn. do., 10PW: 5 Eastern Ksilrmd, IOii^; 2 do. do , 101; 4 Old < oloi y do., ^ I; 10 Vermont Central do.. 55; 4 Woa'ern do., 1WW; 10 do. 00., 1C2;V,: 1 do. rlo., W.V.: 3 dn. do.. 101: 10 do. do. s 10 103, 2 linsinn ard ?*ruvidence <tn? I llnaton and Maine d>? 110 2 dn. do 111*; ><> Fall f ivct oo . 85\; iS Rending do, 1 IK: 10 do. do.,14 7-lo: 5 C< ncord do , 5$%; 12 East. Boston Co., lliV; 3 III >. > no. V llll I/- >9 ! ?!?- J.. ML g? J-L.. I>?. J Woicetter !i*iiro?d. .'JTo.: ifll do do , 31e : Ml Fitchbwrg do., SI W; 41) do. do., $1 67. (i Old Colony do.. 84. 6 Northern do, SI 10 Cpt* frd Rr?i eh do., fll><: 17 (!w r*' Kink, biUJ; 10 Boston do, 4 do N. Fnpland do. W'JfsS1 1*0 City fi per eentf, ?*.?nk.'M, ItiX. Struritl Hoard. Nov.VX? .0 Vermont Centnl R. R. 55: 2 do. do.. H%: 5 WiMim do, II' Old Colony d<>., KSJf; 32 right* FiU-LLurg Jo , $1 W; 1'; Boston and Worcester do., .Ho. FORKION MARRKT3. Bkiizf, Honm-ras, Nov. 4 ? Klour, new, $7 4rs. ? $S; pork dicm. nr. a $14; do. pr'me, *11 a $12; do, tump. $10 a $10 4rs Beef mess, $13 a $14; do. prime, $11 a $12; do, family. $16. Lard, per keg of 60 lbs , $6. Butter, per 100 lbs , $23; cheese. do, $10a$12,<*; sugar, do. white loaf, $10 4r? ; do do, crushed. $8 4rs.; do du, brown. $r> 4rt> ; do do. Pt rto Rloo. $0 4rn ; oof. fee. do. $10 4rs.; rire. do. $6 2rs.; rait fl?b, do, $4 a $4 4r? ; tobacco, do, la leaf. $12 4rs a $13; do do. in box. $12 a $14; mackerel. No 2 per barrel, $8; do, No. 3 per bbl , $6 a $7; pilot bread, $6 4rs : nary bread, $5; corn, per bbl . $3; lumber, yellow pine per 1000 ft.. $30 a $.12; do, white, do do, $26 a $28; shingles. per 1 (ICO, $6 a $7. exchange ?On London. 90 day*. 18 per cent prem. on $420; on New York, 30 days, 4 per cent premium ; on Havana, 30 days, 2 per oent premium. Havana, No*. 21.?The 200 casks rice brought by the Ual>el have been placed at 10*?. ao that we hare only in flrat bands a few ca<ks from your port, and the cargo per Lin nett. about 390 tinrcea, arrived yesterday.ftom Savannah. A cargo of steam sawed lumber. from Wilmington, has been sold at $2S){.? Freights remain very dull, and a good number of vessels have come in within the last day or so from the States. Kxcbange on New York and Boston Is up to 6 per cent prem. 8t*rling bills we quote It*1, a 17 per cent prem. Nov. 17 ? 8ince our last report a few thousand boxes of sugar have ohanged bands, at rates comspondicg with thore we then named. We therefore continue our quotations:?Assorted kinds. &X rials; ordinary whites. 7 ?7'i rial*; good t4 fine ? bites, a H>, rials; choice whites, 0 a (<'? rials; superior and iterate yellows, C\" * 7 rials; good te fine yellows. f>V a riale; browns, fit* a rials; Cucuruehos. 4'j a f> rials. The prospects for the yield of tbe growing orOD have not imnmml in anv at'd it ia the general opinion that it will produce considerably leaa than the one which id now concluding The traneactioua in molaasea are too inslgnifloant to notice, owing to the email quantity left The dealer* have been contracting with planters for the earning crop at high ratea, which indicated that they have sanguine expectations a* to the prica* the artiste will fetch. and are likely to aasuma an elevated tone at the opening of the next campaign. There M a fair enquiry Icr coffee, at $A a $6>4 for good quality, but the supplies are an yet quite restricted. Lard haa declined. owirg toeonte lurreil salea, and we cannot quote aborc $ 1 'Jl< a 513,1,. with a preference of $l(, for bbls. over kfgs The stock is 7 000 kega. The greater part of the -o0 caeks rice named an on hand in our last report, were placed in amall parcel* at 1 IS? riala, with a trifling proportion at II,1,' riala. Another oargo arrived fr?m Charleston and waa sold at 11 riala. There are about :t0 caeka in first haoda, but our dealers are well supplied. FOREIGN MARKET*. DrMKKARA, Not 6.?Flrur, $7 pt-r barrel; bread. #3 to f>4 p?r do.; K. I rice. .T-,c p?r lb.: cod $2% a $3 per barre ; mackerel, f-I'? per do.; pork. $11 per do ; cl fese. 12o. per lb W 4NT ED-A HOT FKOM 14 TO 16 YEARS OK AUK, WUO rai> wiite n fair hai.d, and Is a> quainint with the city.? At ply at 3u City Hall place, (rim 10 to :i i/e'ook. YV AN'I EU-TH*. Al> V ERTISKK V|:1HE3 TO KMM.OV AN vv jWiiiiiInipiinllasasatikkaiiasaa.wh<iwiltmii on tl c Usi i f atcnnty, ab< ut J.'tto Tu audi he ?in give a very b*1 del it ! mlnrj. Adilrcn. I,. V. D . llera d ofTi e. WANTED? BV A RBSPETTABLk YOIIN8 W<WAN. A ! titration as Cook or to do general hoiteework; the heet of | city reference given if required, Inquire iuU4tli street,2d d.>or [ frotn Vd even'e. W*NT1.U-A M I CATION, 1(Y a GOOD ST K A F)V UI il-. it> Cook, W atl or. aud Iron. r. and to do gnncrai hoiieewnrk, ! and wniM {o in the cuiii try Thr Ik at city relortnoc. Appyat j Nt'. Ml Ontre str ct, * here fha will attoi.d cal e if noteng>g?d. \\ .\NT?n-A srn\\Tio.\, by a iiKAi/mir vm s<j I Tf (Srrirnn woman,aa Wet Nnrso; milk now. tiood r>-ffTi-nea ; givrn Inquire'at No.4 Weat Twuuty-fourth mieet, fnurtb house west ef Broadway IL'AMIID- IN A KREN U IMPOHIINO BU.? IN A T? Mnart aud Intelligent Boy. frota 14 to IS veare I *e, xhe wri'es a g"d l>*od. (ix,d rvfcruucoa required. Add ma Poet I Office, B' l 6WI WaMEi ? A MTUATION. bY A vBhY COHPPricST Gill, with good city referenc. a* Chamberm-id. and to asust ub l.eni drraa. or to do the VVaitmr. Would gj to tli* I couiit'y. Call at 74 8l*th avenue, in the booh at' re. Wanted- a SITUATION nv * RBSPI T?i;t.r, *01 NO W'i roan, ae cham' trmald, cook, waaher or ironer.or to j iln the general liMirfwotk ot a email family. Th-be-ti.f crre ' fert in e can t? given. Apply at tliccormr ot Smith and Barker *1*.. I Brooklyn tl' ANIED-* SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE votTNfl ** \?i n>an, R? Cook. .Mho h?? lived in the nut ro-p'i-it hi" fa mill* ul tlill country. 1 he belt of o(>y re'i reiice, a.i to . haraotrr ?mt capability, cau be fctven. I'Ivkm apply at N?. Hf VVarrun i atrret. _ **,'AMRI?-BV A KBSFECTABL* Wir>OWr WOUVN A T* lituatiou *a W'ct Nun-o in a Rent's nan a ftraily. City rtf< given. Any Inmily w*nt<p? ai'O* will ploae* leaves | not* et the r>(Soe ot tbia paper, ami it nill be attended to. AdI dirk M.A B. WANTRK-A MTV AH ON. HY A KKM'K' TAlll.KVOt N(J woriar, to do K>n<Tnl hoti?n*r>rk. and plain ennklnR, wa?blrn ai.d iroii?i. II ?e<iuire<l; in *Ulin* to aa..|itln everyI tbii and lae no o,jcot|on to po a ?hort diMnncc la the ejunvry. j Plra>c call at IP1 > fir ck dmt. in^tfie l>natin"t,t. I \1T ANT1D?A MTVaTION. BV A I'RO TT tettait yonnp w<>tuan. a* ChnmU r;i>?i<l ami to take care of rhlldtrn. (km ((" il plain aewer.) or to do tlx general huaae work of a ?n>all prna'e family. Thu lut of ci'y r>forrno*. On to Fwn for Uir? day#. i'leue call at 47 C'hr)?tie *tr.xsr, in lb* btirnie t. WAMID-A Mil Alio v. I.v A Vol'NO WOMtN-A firMrale Cook Wa.h.r, ?iw Itorer, and a good Baker. Ltr?d In oro |l lor tliref yearn. Tlia lo<t of otty refurenct* Riven. < an be feeti for three daye at No. 44 M' nroe ?:ri?t, n<?t dior to llNCimt > f Naiket etreet.ln the front hutldii ft, on tiie Bret tto<.r. Ill a rn oi i#ctir>n to try part i.f the nmnitjr. \1/.\N1H>-A BITVATNN, bV A Vi'lINO WOMAN TO TT uoCliaml'eiwork aiidFewin*; alio ii aiool plain aownr, and Wi.ulc have lu <hjrciinn to tato <are i f ililldn-n . ?h? ha- he n taking eate of?hildn n for ttela(t eleven month*, for whio^tiie hu a gooo iroonni rda'inn; ? agra not m mtioh an oU<mt to h*re a < < mlortable lion n. I'leate call or addrnea A. K , No. ft Union < < mt, ievot il Boor * hero ?ne ran l>? ?een tor Into day*, Iwtweon F'fvontli and Twelfth atteeta, Unlmwity Plcji. XT El> BUNTI.INK'S OWN. NO. 21. CONTAINS "A NRW Trinwiph," "Trihnte tojaMlron-i-n/ HnatellandCnatcllo," "Ont of Favor with the ori Atnal article*: "The Rent Collector." fce. A hattar NMn TjmaL i'nkliahed Friday, at ? r M ..VP* Broadaey. Board, a parlor to i^ct to onr or twoornttonaa, or a gantmman aa( lady, wit* fall ec par'.ial beaji | Apply at 104 H V PAKX TO EATRIL?FRIDAY ETOVIMG. DECEMRKK 1. j I tii? entrrtalnmei ta ?iil oemm-woe with the tracndy of , 1 K'N-AiliW'U, Mr. Oil*?rt; Ciythei, Mr H.alllm; flmgirn, I K< Mr. 0. V?, C krkr : Ctaeiptoa, Mr Moorhonae; Caaaander, Mr. ai 4?rwi(kl Med. u, Mr. J. M. Sowa; Agenor. Hr. -Uff rJ. Cleoa, fi Wr. h Itlcler Ttnurlti. Mr. Ilimt: lor. Mr?. Hh\w; Irua Mini fr?n; K l'l? n afhr, Wrt. Wa'eot ti r?, Mr*. Need ham To whieh wli be W kdutc lle ex r rayautn entitled fOHTUM^?Haron Dnuorer, cli vr A. At drew*: Hoi orah ? Mi?a M.r'ina. Visa M*rv Taylor. * Drraa Circle 78 oantat Far.ily Cirola. BP eenta; Upper Boaaa,tt L* <*>rta; Pit. S7)i eanta; Gall?ry, UK eenta Daoca opaa at half . Ti | iw.'tft- iK!itorii.?i.<-< to ooi-iiiienoa at 7. P? HOW El'YTHEATMt?FRIDAY EVENING, DEC. L Wf'.L II I e |*rt'rnifd the aVrliiip ma i n ent tli d IIOFKR the 1'*- A" ] iriot ot ow'l*' r mid? An teaa Holer, Mr. N B > lar^e; Hnm?'vr, en i'r * .W i rdi'i; < haateUr, Mr. 0. * htmioh: F. rick. Mf. J. II. Uitll; J1' Joh >p-lcHo|>pon, Mr Jordan; Marie Mi?a C. Momya*. Alter vhtli. lie AbbU1 THIN OF I* 1 v A ? Kila.rd, Siguor Gietano J" N?ri liclaid, isr. G. W. S" ith Nina Hi mora Glova iniua Ciocca To lorcneludowith tin-drama of MR Jl ID-NUt' I- ?< ? Ceroid, Mr. 8'cvtn ; t.vimd Mr. DiifT; Martin, Mr. Winanaj J* V a'cour Mr K v ardir: 'njainin, Jlr. J?rd>n; s.i.w nv Hie* J> i! H(biih *1r? ernUI. Mro- wtlterland. Doora m-?at I'-J ? *' rotrwam-a at7 Box** llcmU; Pit and Gallery; ll)f oanta ' ' CllANFhAUU MM NATIONAL TIIFATRfc, FORMERLY C ha'fcam. ? I en' fit of A tl. Puidj.? tri my Kv 1 li-e. ~ I will U acifd, the I t end 1.1 acta, of tita TWIN BR THCRHWettii a'U de Larry Mr. MoFarund. Sir Edmund de <7IHoa. Mr ? Vlcl.aiuaoa,: M iou kin t.imhi, JJr. Burke; Mild Mao of the ?' M' uMain, Mr. CautieM; Bettiia. Mrs. Woodward. Aftartihiri the drama of NtfW \ORK \ S IT H-Moso, Mr Chtufi-au To "1 l? fo'UwMl tv 'he foror cf THE SK0H4T?Tli >inan Mr flrn i "l ('e<i<-. Vt'. Irlierwood. To cini-lii'ia with tlia .11 act of tha i^FlhlTOF TllK WATKRB-Sir tlulle'rand, Mr. UoParluait; Ktidolfh. Mr. Pardi}; Oodi ie, Mm* E. Mottaytn Door* open jJ.'.' a'' 1-l, nrtuinriaraat 7. Ui ?. ? 4fv..\ Pit, 12Xc. T>< MfctUA.NlOB IJAIJ., NO. *Ti b:t(>AUM"Ar, BKTMTIEN IGrand ana Broome atnx-ta, ooma.onoad on Muuday, Ov\. . 2d, and will oonuuua ever) night umil lurtfier sotioe.? Sinth b<'1 week of tliera op-'Bii*. Th?ori*iaalan'l well-known 0 IRI*TY8 uri MIN3TRB1.3, (oritan'.xed in ) THE KI hi ST TV) HAUMO ?l'l NIZE NEGRO MEU>DI*S. AND OKIQISATOHU OF TUB ?" PRESENT POPULAR SlVLE OF ETUIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENT8, wlioaecunoerta in thia oity, for a period of too 10' moatha. were rnoeived with auoh dl?tlnffuuJied favor and patronuEe.hsve the hou'>r of announoing to the ladies and gontlemen ' of New York aud vicinity, that they will give a aeii.-a of tueir , r no;iular Conoarta, introduoing a varioty or their ori-,in?l Sonfa, ' Choiurra CharaoteriBiio Dauoea, Slo. Adminaion Z> oenta. Doore xoj?n at 7. <. oi.oert will commence at H o'olook. Au Afternoon I" t onoert every Saturday, oommvnevng at 3 o'olook, l*. R., uuiior the manaaraient and dirwunn of E. P. ChrlatT. {'j' Broadway circus, ai-uambka, between spring f": and streets.?John Tryon aud Corporal Thorn peon. *' Maragi'TK? fnda? evening, Decem'r. 1? Gosain, the Vioa of , Clnwna," will li-ad the comie doi'?r nioi.t-Graad entree of eicht r" hortaa; tl* Keireatuf theAraha; Pictiiraaol Ancient Soulntura, _ hv the Swim Hri thera: Dislocation and Posturing Feats, by Signor / BU Hi Still Vault leg; Superb llassio Poaea and Groupings, br / Mutbro Minie and UDSNey, aatlstcd by Mr. J.Nixon; Sprtcsof | j? the SdverShower, performed by children and Mr. Carroll, on two , y Iitk'k; Ground ami l.otty Tumhllt g, the troupe; Wrestlers 0I nt OljO'pia, bv the trmi|ie of Acrobat*. kr, Sio. B xu, 60 otuti; |0, Upper Circle, Vfircnta: '-hiMr^n halt price. jn| MX. MA ^READY'S BIIAIC-PE IREAN READINGS, FOR * t* (i nights only at the S'uyveaant Institute.?In accordniii i! vitli applications which have been madt) to Mr. M&eready, to y, Hive come ir'u' lie Rending*, previously to tho e me of his prof**- (j| sicnal oner in this couiitiy, it is refpw tfnll* am nnnoed that he ! #x linn i r-ni>i'il to give, at tho dtnyvcaaut Institute llaadingsfrom | jj, Stiiikppeaie'a most popular work*, on t?o evtulngs in the ? isning ; of week, the firm ol * hit h will he Tuesday, Doceinb?r 5th, when he ?. will re*d the hiitntical tragi dy of MACtikril. The leading will ? eomrrenee at half part 7 o'clock Ticket#, (1 each, rosy be ob- c taiw d, at nn? time, at Mr. Crowen's bookstore, corner or Broad- J3 way m il Bleecker Mreit and of the Janitor ol tlielns ltute; and, Gt on the above ev< ring. at the door of the I.eoture Ho>m. to 1\! LW ORLtANS SEhENADtR:1.?ETHIOPIAN OPERA {5 ' i ropwny at the Stuyvctaiit Institute, every evening Dk ^ o|-on a' 7 o'clock, to ofn>menoo at 8 o'cliok pr olaeiy. The oam- 0r i uuy ci r> ii-li of S'ignor BUM, 8 gaor II iNJONl, Sen., Signer ?,ii HaN."'NI. Jr., Mgm.r OLE BULL, Signer VlObA, and Signer p, TAMBOR1KI Fnoh evening's e- teitili IB?n twillembrneegrxnd )M icetne (rem !<a 8' rauanhal, I.ucretla Born, and the Italian j*,, (>1? rna. with imitation)' tfJi m I linn, Madam* Qmsi, Mad tree . p, Aibom, S>nor I aui.aciik. SignorM a mo. Signer Oar mom, Ma inl dtnje lliMin r, ano ethera. Saturday Afternoon Cenoert?Door* open at 2 o'clock, concert at .1 o'ul ek. Thl a company wl I appear at ^ the Ruirort' lnatltute. on Tuesday and Friday eveaiugs, 6ih and t(? Mh of Dtctmbtr,and nillgive their Ethiopian Operatio enter! 4m- ? mint r A CARD?CAUTION TO TBK MI'SWAL PUBLIC.?0. VT. ' lvalue, bone caaiunot player and lmi.ioi.-t ol the New Or- ,1, leans Ferenaders, (lately returned from a moat Kuceeaaful totir through Europe,> and now |?rf?ruiing every evening, until fur ^h< ther iiotice, at the Ktnyvesant Institute, Broadway, deems It his duty to the public anil h m?elf to respectfully inform tnem that {Pl he alone is tt:e w le oripiuattr of the ceUbra'cd itnit.v ions of tho gp drum*. h?n?" races, nnd battle field. Mr G. Swain* would not hare ca led tlie utti niion of the puldiv wore it not fer the ilia ? In neat Slid unmanly cominctof a nuuilier of would le imitators. F2 WIIU, nuv im'unnsu wnn eopjirg nr. u. swalne'a Imitations in #. every particular, have al.?o the late tared impudence to attempt lr< to docnivB tlie public >7 diamine the orijrtmilitT of an ?nt rtaln- gr< mint whi< b tliov never ?* or drcaropt if, ui.til Mr. Swaine liad tin the honor at introducing it fi r tl>? first time to the ladles and ri>n- eu tleinen of New York, & montb ago, at the Bowery Tlieatrs. [dM Pc Advertlfcmtnt] g*i COLLYBR'B CLASSIC WUfrEUM,2SJBROADWAY.-OPEK ? every evening thia week. Performance* at7U preelaely.? t Dr. Collier's erigiral Artists, in their celebrated Iavtng Tableaux; X Mr. Nelaa will peirorm on ten different instruments at on* |t| time. An efficient Oichestm. Illuminated by Dmramood an Lights. )'r"|-rm mo changed every evening. Admission, 0 r* otnts? psr>iu< tte. CO cents. tI HARLEM PARK TROTTIN8 COURSE.?FRIDAY, DEO. f 1st at 2K o'clock, a porta v ill come off. mile beats, best S A in ft. for whioh ?re intared?I. Woodruff enters b. g. Pa-trager; ?' I>, Kebo* enters b g. Champl >n: J. J. Bevins entersb. m. Modes. tt ty : F J. Ncdiie outers s. g. Bill Po-l ; Wm. Whe lan enters b. * HartyBo)d W M. FUN NEW. Proprietor V GFFATfST SPORT OF THE SEASON.-A PURSE OF u $lf, to be walled for blindlolded, on Friday, 1st Dee. at th* Ked lli 111.c, at2 o'c'<m>h Entii'S to be made at the Red Uooseon n ihctsiredsy for the ' ursc, f>l eaeh. ? LO?T_ON TUESDAY MORNINQ, IN NINTa STRBET, between the Fifth and Sixth avenues, a black Sruwela ~ l.sne VeiL The finder will le lilierally rewaided by leaviag it I ?t the house on tho corner of 17th street snd fttli a?ei ue. * JOST-ON SATURDAY. T1IE luril UI-T, A NOTE OF ~ -J M. Oathcim, cndortied l>y himself. dated November V aix muntha. fur ?r.? hundred a d alxtv-flvu 1 ollara. aixty two Jcenti.. pajablo at the North Siver Back. All peraoasire cau "* tii ned apainat negotiating or diae'unttng 'his noto an payment of the aame haa been etepped. A liberal reward will be given If ? returned toSchndiardsand 1'ebhard, 21 Nassau stroet. | f| EN DOLLARS RkHARD?8701 EN FROM THE HALL cli J. oi li uac 0. lifi Woat 1'onrteomh a recj, ob Friday evening if), last, a light drab ovfrfnat, rnado fiom one ficco of cNth. having re, no team in thi hack, ?nd but ore Mitten and loop in front, faced and lined with llsht silk. The above reward will be paid for IU r recovery on urplicat t n at the above number JL INFORMATION ? ASTEP.-TN THURSDAY, THE 18TH J" ot No\enil cr, Wm. H. Ruts Uft hi. home, No. 12 8tau> atreet, 0>< N. Y? ostensibly fur Fchoo', t-inre which t'roe no information cun U> had of him He ian smart, active, intelligent hoy ; hail a ?7 good ('duration?!.<? gooo penman. He la fifteen yearn of age, live fret two to four inches In "height, brown hair, n cow-link on eu rigl.t side, dark Muecvea. a ittle near aighted. (hut so little that otl n 1* hardly rTeecptiMe.) Ilfhtcomplexion, span-fuce, dimp'ea in l.ia chei-ka whr 11 he ta ha or latigl a, vrnre a?:iy a Mack cloth cap. me Maikalapaca ronndnhont, rlondrd ' luoand uhito vest striivd wiili one thread of Mark, black woollen Jiantc, Mark silk uock tfj handkerrblpf; but had sufficient meana of own to purrliaae w other clothes, s? well sa to pay hia exiiensea to anv neighboring nle dt> or port. Any fer?oii gt\ inciiifonnalh n what li.-a iiernine of ?it Mm. or where he is, will be liberjll.v rew orded, and will groatly pen relieve the anxiety of a father. If thisahould meet th* oye ?f la it M illmin. hia father entriats him to letura h"ine. or if he ia t' In bus'tiefS and iloea not ?iah to retnm. tr writo and let him Inota where Imj la. ao tiat ho eanoommunlca c with h'm. and there thall tn no obstacle pu' 'n Ma w?> to pmeot Ills a'aylng. k II R1SS, 12 Stale a tract, N Y. (, fJ^O MERCHANTS.?-AN ACTIVE, HIDDI.E AC.SD.SI.VflLE ' m. est), or tooer and inUustri u? titbits i? detirou* of obtain* I' H ? (ituati' Ti ia ft warel.onte to auperiiit'bd (lit menipt, or dr. lt' li\?ry an- elii]nier>r of pornla ; U kci|uaintod *ith thi i'tppinir, "uwriua a fair hand, nnil knowa aome aco.'Unt'; alao t'.o k)tlerin( niui nisrt irjt'f ?o"di*; ran bine * Rood refeivnee ai to charaocer ? II r I.' i u?ty: would he willitu to devote n I t'i? time 1> the inter- ?1 CFt of l.Urwp'oyi'rand irake l.iniH If pe nrtllv meful,ftnd, if re- 1 united, depot-it $4<> an (ecurity for liin iui?*fi'y. fleam all uiMrefn K H. W., tlcra'd offlm-, and it will be punctually attend- wr <d to. ^ Ma rpo LAWYER?.? WANTS A SITUATION, * YOUNO MAN, Vi X who f< r a ni<in'er of yeara liae been in an, and who \ w ill tnke entire m-'incemest of bit emPloyer'a oQJoe. Addreaa a., II N K.. ll.r.M oflVa il.ix HAHL.WAHf.-W AN IKD-A SI n? ATH >N. A * S M,B?AN w In the Hardware In ke?s, by a young man. who ^eeo in J ti n boftlt w> f< t a number of year*: would not object K?ii g louth or W ent, nr would be vlllina to join a ynuni< tnvi with Miflioiaat ,ja D <-an? to eatahilab a at're in any part of the United State*. Addr h- (yt i vi li! h, BitlM(Hfct, poet paid. NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS' HON L" MEN P.- QRNTI.EMRS hnldiip inbeerip'Jon lis'a lor tl.e nmnnmcnt, to Vie oflcera of j** tlm New York Vi lunienra ar-rvi)UMt.d to make a return to the !?, Tieaanrrr, on or bufore Monday, December \ by rwiiiait uf thj cnmniiite*. MohnM VIM, kR, Ohm r"nai. Monument TO OKNKKAl, woudhui.l?thk ora- ? tli n on the Life and ' har?ct?>r of Ceueral Woodhull. Firat II I retii'ent ol the Prnviocial Conprw, preliminary to th? lavia* of Jthe nori er itone ct lia n.cnu neut a' < ypru* III I, will be d ilivarrd 00 ?l if i te> ii t, at 7 o'clock, in the Brook I) n Intitule, by Luther K. Jo Uaieb, Ki 1 The public aie invi?ed to attend a? Nmirr.-THE okruan adopted i iti/.c^b will meet*'the Apollo Saloon on Saturday e\ei,iiig. the Id I>e N< oinlor, at o cli nk, t# which mei iln/they rorptc.fully i ?vi'? eel their numernua tcllcw oitir -na. Tte o>ject of the meeting ia to oei n.i-ke arcoui.cenii ntafbra J>ympothy Mooting. in o d' r to eneour- ?w an** tl e revo ut unary moTtui'iiti in (Germany. Turther p run a. C? larsviill be jnhllalitd is Satnida) uiutuiux'a | a peri. Uy ordtr of Di the Committee: _ H. EICKK. Tl p. w. s J-" PII. UERLKLR. ^ IO. or O P.?ATTKMHON t LOOK THIS WAV!! "WIR- tin r< r of tbe 1'nner,'" a new paper tlcvot d to tne adeooaey of up ?nr pr'nclplee and mnaeure^ of t^-e Orand Uodn.- of thi? .S'a'e, ko nt.c'i r tl.e i i niirtiintien n lonti d bj; aa.d b..dy. Not. lH7i alao bn to it niTai li telll^enee mitcelmnroua mu ter, Uc? will be pub- lai taled >n !<a'nr<lav. Hen 2. at |l?l Br ftJway. corner of Pine R< etnet. Trrme, ^ per year ha f yetrly in adrauce. Single In crj it f, fljia nertfa ? T^hc mkvrrr? or loiItian IKOaMPIIIMT, KOlML A 1. 0. of O. ?., are reqnnKted to meet at their room. No. 71 j-|, Divimoa atritt. nr Friday Evuntfjr, Hen raber lit. at hn'fiaat? o'elmk.a? tuaii eae of importani;* will be t anwtnted. By order eftlM C. P., "V r He ?._ JJ, SCANPINAVIA ?TH* Mr.MBER^ O'TIIIJSO IKTV AK* l.creliy ih t?fl?d th?t, tbe Library nf tl.e AA*ocit'i.?a ha? hoft m i i I Htl Ro( ' m MV rf Broom? &i.d il i i ^ ?In re alto their lm( monthly mectlrK will Iw held, on Monday WMitlH. DfWgl*Itih. P. G. HUSt'H, 9sanitary. qb MEHCANTII.I 1.IBKAKY ABSO I <TION.-MK. BUCK- I*,' IrRlitir'n lictiins en t>a Midfll* A*f s?The Foir Ji Leo, tvte f the almvd Cc.niae will tw delivered, thia (Friday) en-alnj lit rlv.'rn Hall. ci'mraeneln* at 7H o'elo. k. Sni>)?o?-'Pio ?. Bil'ln in ll.e Middle Aged TioVeta admitting l,?dy and ijantla. M innr. to Mi mhers 25 cent*: to Din-mcmbcra. !*' eema?f. r mleat ?n I r->rv. ^BAVAttt. |? CMKilKKA IHCII KK8. -I>K. HIIKW W 11,1,1.RCTI'RR <>V JJJ J ll i' WaUr-Treatireiit %? i? meansof jwrentinn ?nd enreof r?^ tliihrn lit Clinton Hall. J<atnrdey and Mm.dar erer.ln**, t'i? 2.1 n d I h int. a ikneloik. Ticliote twenty-live >enta, admitting ? a per'l n a' ?r<1 lady. m C1 I Kl: ANI> MADMCAI. SINHIMi A < l,t*S FOR Til* p I practice <1 (I era and Madrigal* "til V' f"rm i.I a-, the ronme ' f >1 o An tiian Muaioiil Iiivlitiite. .'?>.'t Broadway, nnder iha dl- ... ri< tii n of Mr. II. W. Otealorev, I t'e wain t lat l> cum Set, at 7h O'elort. Ternia, ono ihllliiig jot week-free for all ou tha ? flrat eatnlnf. II. MRI'ltlS l*ri<?ol|i?I w DAM INO AND WALTZlN'l, AT MR. SK.SHINtl* INH- " va'e Academy No. Ni I'.ini at. where all ih* n w Dwou ~: ara aught with iha kIih. and private given dally. ^ ]\T| 11! F-OI.NTI K?r,N, DI-N T HMGKT 1.IA.T M? 6 ? 1* Murray at.. Bear Broadway, ta thaon'y and l*at plaoo where ito pc?t Ftook or Bra** tVata lu'deomely Cleated and a i'ltiad, f< r fla. ; I'antg, 3a.; Over Coa a, Ha. R?pa>Yin< Altering, * at d lying dl no at aiiart notice, cheap. ^c te -No coloring of ? * CORTMHOt ? Murray at 1 1 Ann S OF POTATO**, ? Rl?? PRIM * K[>I ot ItJvFW warrt'a liUaad, for MOa < * toarU tha brig Coagraaa, o< tuotof Vtrry itraet. PUZ1 MONK I' TO Til K OFI II KRi INI) CRIW OF TUB 1 I'. S aMylyane ia now being paid. Offlcera will forward ? ttielr addreaa, at.d rraw (and their powera of attorney, pro perl J 2 authantioatad, aad tha atmnnt a ill le renltted them. R M. PSICB, Prlia Anaat, (Ity Haul Naw Y'Jk. [The I hi'adel|,liii Ix-dgar. HalUnoie .iun, aad Norfolk Vlurald, ^ pivaaa eofy ai d puhliah iw?oa - m.ri Nll? J ^ ad W CiilU FUR SALK-A LAROE I.OTOI;. NBW A.N.J JjJ O rt-?nd laid Sl.on Caara will be (old afcaap<4 oaah, ??'"' Utibia t^aan. alter 10 A. PC ?! Ml I IIMWIl Willi ? 3KOADWAT TH1ATKB?1. A. MARSHALL, W '; J mi.- Kridajr Evrmu*. Dm. 1? HvnetU of Mr. ?4?nl WiU ? Mi'id <li? |il?j i*UM tha MOUNTA1N "Sk oT id Mhiti.r*> -OoUTun, Mr. Murdoch; Buleula Mu'a*. rci'crtaka; (mtnia. klr. Bakttr, Count Viro at, Mr Mul)'>ua4lj ilm Hook. Mr B Jt.iw; Sa<n, Mr fTa<iawa>; Floraatha, Mi?a f. aPark; Zoi-ayda. Mr*. lalinrwod: Avnea Mra. H aka To oonuda ?iili tha rumcily calltd TH B I> (A M ITIST, or St?p Him I oC an?Vaiid, Mr Miird??h; l/?ui?a?'<iiir1ii?y, Wl?iin o'a'f. raaa < In I* and l*ari|u?tt* 76 oenta. Family Circle aid t ppor Ta.#?ili, Onlierj, I2K ceuta. Doonopanat haltpaato? ri'frani* u nominmi* at7 o'oloek. ITCH UX'b OLYMPIC TH EATRC.?Kill I'AY EVBMMf!, rl l>?v l-Mr. Mikiiieou'a lUni lii? V? ill l? nm> nfrrf?Hmm? tit rit iOt. or (lie Veteran anil hia Progeny ? Phitp (iaboit, r Niokinnon; Vmlunie I-eroml", Mr*, Henry. AfP r which. ! kVA'IKR lilt Ki oto mi ?Montittir Brtiuan, Mr. 'lollmil; hu 0?|>?r I av?ur Nr Niekiuam I.oulae. Ml?? Nie'tinr n. ! 11 lowed l'? LE COO DU Villi * (! ?, nf Joaimutt* ami Jeant? Jen I. not, Mr. Onnfr; llerrule gt. Mr. Nlokln?on; uni t"*, hlaa ( laikr. To conclude with KiMKR.M.DA ?Claud# I'K Mr.lni'W; yiun-io.oon Mr. Nlckinain; F.-miraM*, Mi-a ny C?i)Htin. Doom o|?n at h*ll-p**t r>?cutttin ri-oo ?t7. Drosn roV. WlrrntK 1' | |?r <' ! ?. '. a r, !!'?; Pit, I JV4 cent* I LKTON'b THKATHB, CUAMBKHB (STRUT?KRIDAY I I Ivi D'iif. L>.c. I. will ke pla.1 i d l.UTTLB'3 l.A t*T(' KK, ? 4 in?b}'? Wcdoli>??Cnptnin ( int'e. Mr. BnrUn; Mr Too1* Mr. 1 i)ir<nd; Mm Me^tiuaer. Mr*. Vernon; bimn Clipper, Mri. j luctnm: Mr*. Roknm. Mil* Cook*; Mrn KeJ^e Mr* W'il.ioo. ' l?r hinh.TOM and JlRhY IN AMERICA-Robert Logic, 1 Jordan; J* me* Hull Tro'lupe Diukiu* i'ullcr Uruen, Mr. itton; Ye Bleeding Nun, Mr*. Co?nthe*u. To conclude with JHCAL ARRIVALS?J c?ef Jiugl, Mr. T. R. JohnMom Mr. iiiohi t. Mr Rajuond; Manaptr Burton Mr, Jordan Jenny >g'l, Mi** Thai n an. Pre?? Clrole, SHo.; Family Circle or Hocoad ir. few OonRnpen at H I*1* R? "nrtaln ria?*at7. HOADWAY TUKATHK.-A C'ARO?TIIK MANACEtS I rei|ect fully anxunce an eugafrcn-*nt, for a llmi>rd mini of ikli'i Willi tie fRat wonder ?f tbc day, the rou>wiied 1 orglial (Jen'ral Tom Tliunib. The public will hav an porunMy of wili.tHit r, for the first time in aty Theatre in w York hi* catrai idtnary perfotmaricaa in an entirely new roaulio and Muiiral Burletta. writteu e.xpreaaly for him. and led in linden aid Pari* for Hundred* of Nighta. wi'h unprlev led rueccM, known ** the chronislra of IIOl* O" MY IUMB Tie piece will be produced, with New Hoenery, Dr**cj. o|cities, etc , (n Mi n<l?y evei lug, Pee. 4(h. M. B ? The Hoxk i* ? ow open. **!? n>*y alio lie ?ernr?d in advance (I RION'S TUKATRE.-TII1 fOMPMMBNTARY BlffB. I (it of T. B. Joinatun will take place ou Saturday kveuiuK. cembi r2d,on which octiosikn theotifri' al dram 1,written 'or Mim rlotte('u-lnrmn,entit'ed the I'Hl >TKR'S aPPKKN I ICR,will produrod,<n which Mr Burton. MiMt'hartntn, it"d Mr*.Vornon, II rvataio Hie principal character*. Al?" MI'Slt'Al. ARK IV 4til wlich Mr J'hrrtoo will *u*uiin hia 1 riginul and celebrated urncter of JiUM-f Juk'I?with ' titer enter ainmt nt*. which will tsr-flRPlI in thr Nlltnf tin lilt. Rrt Km W m.m otuin k HKHII AN HlbfcLM.? I'. T. IMKVI1M PHUtrUKTOR a. F. Illlcficock, Manager. fplenilid performances eviry rnorni >t Ilk, aflenin<.ti ml 3. and erasing at hatfpa*t7 "'clock, nnday, November 27'h ?Tli# original Gen. Tom Thumb being i his wsy South. has consented to open levees at the Museum ra f. wduya, and will give hii entire performances every monr, aftemoon. and evming. at li%. .1, and 7H o'clock Great estein, Ystikce Comedian. The .-able Ilrothen, a moatsup?rb d talented l*nd of Nearo Sli gere, Dancer', ho Pete Morris, olwlie. lltgMsnd Mammoth Boy* l.lvir.g Orang Outang. .iry family. Infant Ves'rla. M ax Scripture Statuary. Ma me kookwoll fortune Teller, may be privately consulted at aa tra charge of 2ft cents. Admission to the whole, including jMjt m, I'erfninnnoes, ko . 23 ornti. ( hlldre i under 10 yean sga, and old encugh to walk alone, 12>? cents. Reserved front ila on* ahillTgeftch antra. TOPPAN1 Uf LL, CORNER OF B HO A I) WAV AND Walker atreet. will aoon oloae.- F. tirali. Ik and Moving Panorama of Mexico, illustrating the PioreaqM and lomantio Scenery of that wonderful couuy, and tba glorioua Campaign of the Amerioan Army, der the eommand of Gtnerd Wlnfleld Scott, from the mbardment ol tlia City of Vera Crua to the planting the American flag on the Hall* of the Montexnmaa, now axbiting ever* cveiina, and on tfco afternoons of Wednesday and torday Dol ing the paaaing of the picture, an explanatory t?r? will be delivered by Captain R. A. Carter, lata of the iw Vork Volunteers, woo participated in all the battlj*. >ore open at 7 o'clock. The picture will eommenoe tnorrata quarter before eight Prioe of admiaaion, 28 eenUi ildren onder ten year* of ace, half prioe. Reserved scats can secured at the office from 9 till 11, and from 2 till 4. Liberal rtns made with tohoola. BILUAKMOMO SOCIETY-SEVENTH 8EA?ON.?THE public, tnbs< ribera and the associate memlwrs are respeot lly informed that their Ural <;oucvrt will take place on ^atnr > evening. Dee. 2d, 184P, at the new Arnutbly Rooms, Chinese uldinga. (.'19 1 roadway. Pubs-Ttpttons for the four ooncorts of sataaon. (three tiekrta to each concert) $11); asaoclve memrs ti'ket* (one ticket for each concert, and the privily of atidlog all reh< arMle) 16. Subset ption received at tbe store of baienbeig k Lull, 483 Broadway. By order, john a. kyle. Secretary. rOOLOGICAL BALL. 88 AMD V BOWEHY.?TBIS MAG I nl fleet t estaalithment la now open daily fton 1H till 4, and m bjf tillP. M. The ball of exhibition ia fitted up with >at elegance, and tle)oolleotlon of living Beasts and Blrda ia b laryest and most perfect In America. A performance Is giv at eaoli exbibltiou, Including the Feats of trained Elephant*, mite and Monklea. Mr. Brooks en tors a den of I,Ions and Tlia AdmissionIIoeata. children under nine half prioe. Sea. MioketaW. VAN AMBUROH k CO. Proprietory ) Af OB AM A OF TAYI.OIt'S CAMPAIGN IN MEXIOO, SO popular while exhibited in New York, la now at Knnklin ill, > Mladelphia. It la not only tbe larg' at but tlu best painted d most interacting exhibition over placed before the American opla. Open every evening at half-put? o'clock, aad Wednesday id Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clclook. Admission '.'ft cent*. tfOTlCE.-PACB RT SHIP CLIFTON, FROM NF.WORv li-aur, Is at Tier .No 44 North River, bet*pen Henon ond Ku'ger strut*. Consignees arerequt* ed to rtceine ?lr *oed*withmt d?l*y. EAMMIII' UNITED BTAT?9, FOK HAVRE. T1K3DAV, 5 Deo. 6th.?Ii< consequence ul the new draw back law on cer tin description* of cxpuru fr> m Frinrr, enaring on the last day f the presen' year, tl e oweer* ol the -'United Stated' have deterilied to dispatch Icr for Havre dlrpct on Tuctday, Dw. fith, and nm Havre Friday, 2'th Deocml<er. Pwaa*e to Havre, $12U No irth secured until paid lor. For freight ur paaaage. anplv t? O. H. MA_K3HALu. SH Iinrhng Slip. )A<KE19 FOR HAVRE.?SECOND LINR.?TilE 8UIP Oneida, J. Wlllard. master, will nail oa the 1st December BOyp ft HINOKEN. Agent*. HK Wall street. 'TATEN ISLAND F'RKY.-TUE STEAM ROAT 81 ATEN I Inlander wlli run as follow*? Mm New York at V, 11, 1. (. and SV o'oioek. Leave Quarantine at H, 1U, 12. J and i (look MXUENZA, COCGlIi COLDS, RllKUMATI8M, fcc.Persons who are afflnted with either of the above oom plaint* q o' tuin immediate relief aud certain euro by iho tue of lira rroll'i Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Bathe, &M Umadway. ese Bath* have been In operation sinro 1825; and hare boon wmmevded bv the first pI ymciarein theoitv. \ H. JONES, DENTIST. 7 Bl.EECKF.R STREkT, NEAR ' the Ituaery, insert* whoic aud half set* of teeth, ol a newly <ovired principle, and warrants th?m thlry per c-nt better d cheaper than anything ot the kind made in tin city, martiit n being rendered unite earv hy I>r..!.'? discover*. 'RUPTION8 ? F THE SKIN, KIltl KAtlSM. Ki.-VU.i i M. Uarri ll'a Sn'plmr Bathe. established IH2JI, tro r e tomendby our tint phjsician*, Dr*. Mott, Stevens, lioyd, Smith, aud >era lor the cure of all diarares r.f the akin. Person! aif-ot d old save mri.ey aud time by applying to Mr*. C.'s e*tablisb t,M Broadway. 1 / W lit-AN I N FX AllPI.F.D OPPORTUNITY IS ROf IV/Uvf op*? for a capitalist to establish a biinincsi etpv ol immtnte eateat, which will rvalue a hundred per eet t, Inut any pt.sible liek Application to be made by letter. ' mmi to Mr. Farmer. IvS i'earl itre t, I ft. Fl"CH?Llt VONST\l>E. II PIATT f*TURET OFFER lor >al? Ami man Live (>ee*e Feathers prime quality ; Rio ni'e b'rs<-hair, miied : pure cutied llcraehair. IMMMU& SOI.AR LAMPH. 'TAINEO HALL LANr thoiB*, Me . Ormuia, Bronzed, Silvered and Ruby Ctderanad ludo ee ard Solar Lam p? ot various tew pa't r .a ('b.tndas. Bnokat, Hall 8'ore. and Church Lamps, fur oil; Camphene I Cai diet in gteat\ariety ; Gothic 'tea fraya. Flower \ a*ea, , at reduced price*. JOHN W. MOKtiAN, ! IS I Fulton st., oued-oreaatof Broadway. , KISI1 AND3COTi II MALT WHISKEY- HIGH FL vVORED i and superior quality, in pack aire* to auit the trade, and better ipteri for their purpose than any in the market. For *ale at , y much leae than the uaual rate*, by WILLIAM V. PAKK3, 1 1* Vt l.iak 1.w I),.,.IU* KJ'. . .V . nit -- * ?, ?, w uumujmm, I7 1ND0W flLASS. FRENCH CRYSTAL 8UBIT WIS * dow ?>d Picture Ulat*. tingle ami dmble thioknea*, In all lirable *i7.e?, ft r talc by K. W UlKI.AGt.W N.-w ktraet SoV Ag?nt for the UnlMPUtN. IOI.VDAY GOOD'.-EKED* KICK A NO iJb Br< *cway, oppoeitr theTteatre, dm by the la'# ivit packet* hi* urnal atippiy ?i tioh I'anov Aitielea, for Uoly- I y riwenti, t? which lie invitee the attention of pureba- I *. Tbe eelectioT e hare been made with the urea ten oar*, ] the feme t*M><nl and exprrierced e^-ente in I'erla, who, ruuwardaof thirty yrar*. have been oonneo-rd with c*tab. hn.rut, and tbe pnrchaariin all naee* made for cash. The u rtnent eom|iTi?e? new etylee of Wotk B>?*, Dr aaing t'aw*, pier Mocher and E'oiy Tab>i, Pap*t<riva. rich Porcelain ue* Fine Bronte*, colored Glaaa Ware, Mechaatoal Tableaux, i, atd all the aovcltia* of the en aeon. JO CURB hO PAY.?DB. CORHIT?, 19 PUANE PT. * number of the Royal Col.'tga ef Surgeon*, London, uirt o* neulu-d in treatment of u< lira to diecaeca. No matter how ]r>nf n may have had gleet. ulcere upon the bod* or in the ".ftroat or ?e, pain* in the head and* of tho lege. A prae'ic* of artucn year*. devoted to venereel di*ea??e enable* Dr. (!. to cur* e wont form o< th(*di*eeae. Recent *a*e* oured in four day* -> men ?ry need Stricture* <rored in one or two we*ka with :rccly any pain. Thoee tadmdual* wh> have Indulged in a rtainloatheoiti* h?bi? can positively be rvatonJ to Sen I th and siety. N. B. Ptrtnger* are caatinned not to be denetved. Ot ibbett ha* not removed. KetM mtar If Duads stre?t, opp- riw , r. J"hre?n'* J\ EDII At.Offll & I>B. JOHNSON. Hi 1>1\NE STREET 'M near ( 'la'J.nm ?trei. *o w ell known a* the uiopt mioceaal al aotitiunor in few Y?jik, In ti c trvnTmont of T<-n?rual diH'?"ca. * lXoot reputation fur (kill in those old half etipd oat* it at to rxiatci for year*. I* pre minent. Gl?c!, tincture, nloir* <ra the 1 ndy, or in tl?< throat r net*, pain* in the head and neeof the leg*, tlftctn?IIy cured. Comtitntfonal weakne-tt ought on by a ?*orat 'iabit indulged In by young men, caneing icivion* dreani* and nijtVtly ?rn<Miun*, p<e1tn?N pr*v en n <? j ?e' t oaeeecured in four day*, witliout mercury. No ait* ttioa ' diet.01 tTttv- n ion from bnidM** flDlCAL 'ABO.?DR. UOnABMOM#(<ATI OONRDIA M ing Physician to the New York < olle^i of Medioiac a id 1 larmacy, na b? ooi milted at hi* M*dioal OlBct, No. In Park ?oe. ?rt.m V A. M ton P. M , en all private dl^'a^*. vi*?(jnno*. . a-a, S) plulu. lilect. Strictnre. and Seminal we^krer*. Term* derate, aid a cur* guaranteed, wiuiout rnan*, or inlnrv Hw nMititgMm, JIM'I KI M' ( u.u-.cfc. DK. DVIflll Di- oj UOUD ' airreuia eonMant.lally csamlttd on ?M rorroi of pmat* d'adii. Kucant. CMr* of jinnorrt ck hr ctroa In two to font daya. uatUutlonal Jel'kllty 114 taipotcney tuooaanfallv t?????d >,? . II.-f'o mfr-tiry n^<l in ?nj oaaa, or hindrance ?onkoj r* <**?.?? OolS ot?*> ?m?n T A II to U I' W vocros rAWcrrr ma.- rkmovbu uih uhncito *l ' Day troet.whm ho can b<- oomralu d ou all 1 P'.nra Tha m..?t cbatnata yield to hla iao4o of trca'mmit, whtoh It th? Non-Karaiirial Syatom. Btrtotnrat >0 mtitw of how 1* Uuidn*. wf> tr?sted by Dr. F., on it* ttoji acioatiOn ar4 |fOT?4 Th? vlotlma of MnaHtntionM loNl.ty, troUfcH by Indiaoraatindvlaanora, can apply with a, jartalntr of en r\ a-pM4 lattwa, ?noloMn* a fee, attended to. Oftoa. 01 D*# rw>t Ji OUT KXTftAORDIN ART WORK. J!) T.iK MARKUtD Im. ntl.mi ooutaanglatiag Tu? Married Wumvt't i riratn M*d> .al Coni|?l>ica. by U? A. M. Uaun.'riii. Si*til nit>n. Vnco fil. Tlii? wvrV l? mi?tin? with moat a?toun<li?* a?l?# I,I'OU ao|.io* Itavio* altv* y bu?n dujoied ot-) Urorj "o*1' ' ttjag a oopy, whathyr murvted or aomnriod, aliiimuit " " aiWJaapactally for tbn marrWd. ajit <li?cl?a?io I" r""1 hirh ahoaM l? krowa to thain twUoaUrly. _ *v IB diaoovwr tha rp/mphmn, aiil tti# mo?t afVioiu ra.oa?*, and mot ocrUm frsJo ot raw In ??ary c*"*' V''V** vAlh, roadway ; at the ?v'jli*hn * offlce, 1? V^a?L' Little ? . n. r?tf.rao!, Nu. W < hwnnt >mu uwe * n.,Al?*T>y; ^ R Dari., B??toa <>" * Toft itti V tK III N> tmiw.UM by mail. frt. JJJJ* t~ altrd ftatwi All latta* waa> ?* ogwIYi Libor?? . M. MAt RH'SAl/'. b?i > &* Ntw ^otk l,y T*?i. ? n p..(uf 1 \ i*K8 III*' OFFIt'K AT No. 2". IM^ a*M.L M ? P*??Mtad a,4 dim- | u 2 Lr Hl? laritf ' ti'rall* kuo?n, and rri|ulf?> no z:::r -. tSdiaa tfe^i wn It la ehMlv. howorar. thaaa who ha?a aaf rtdlr^oi a etrtain olaaa af pmbIc. who oan proparly aracoalat) r?r?V^a la .tnoltirn, Itora ita ferai, or loolpianl to lea m<?. Itaaaad a?d diairaata* i?um, (froaa aBooaaioa adTMtavM 4 a w utw?n fnaUea.) ha au afford a rapid, aaaf, ut ftaalawa, wMak. b? baa grmmd tot *m*m.* ? oMmm< MMMkatwMlk 4a*ciak ... ' i,i . ' BTMXiOTCf BT TIIE JMIILH, * Pini.ADfci.ruiai November 30, 181S. Atrrtt of liur% r?.? H-nl'oaU 7h* Chfiirr Ccu*ty Bank Rabbtrt? Political Mow*, mtuti, tff. Rmo.II - r .l:_ i_ m _ i * ?i>w . .. /t.uivii, ui hiib uiij, ii^s iniia an important captuie of t ao youusj I English burglars, who hail as William Suii ey unci W n Hariis They were arrested in a house at Thirl trcn'.h end Federal, in which were stored ths products of two burglaries recendjr committed ia this city. John Brannan, n men in the employ of Kinder., ten Smith, IJnq , was killed la?t evening on tba Morrinown Kailroad, by a locomotive coming ui col lit K n with a eait he was driving. Til'* shocking accident occurred at the intersection of H-oad hirert and the Kailroad. The driver is believed t? have been asleep at the time, as he p*id no attenj turn to the alarm given by the engineer. The I hoiee wns also killed i Hen. Prat', char?ed,with a participation in the I Chetter county hank robbery, was a day or t?m 1 t-ince liberated on $10,000, jiiven during the abI ?ence ot the Attorney General from the city ()a his retain, he made an inquiiy into the s ifFiciency ot the ball, arid not being satisfied witii th<" secuiity given, "lienny" was Jarres'.td again, and committed to await bis trial. McGowan, who, with 1'ratt, was all >w?*d a new trial, ha* been nominated iih police ollicer by onu of the Commishtoners ol Moyamensirig, the post he loimerly held. The ntiz>;ns ol th?t district seem to have un abiding confidence m hu innocence. The ?flbrt to found a Taylor Republican Ahaelation, with ihe Alison letter as their platform, seenia to shock a portion ol the whij; p-triy leaders. The most of these stood aloof frcrii tlie meeting of last nmht, whilst others. Mo ton Mr Wichafll umioii" the rrnt. i'o mtii ihe nii<nuiir>> lip?rnl? ?? o 1 r* - ?? The i'ttiiny K.?-inMe lluilt-r Ulvoire Com PiiiLAUKi.rniA, Nov. 3') 184S. This morn log. the court room wan a* full as urer. The respondent's counsel bad it pretty muo > n.eir own way. Meters Meredith and I'hoate bain ; ?shent, Laving p? rtcrirea their duty. Bkmj. l>?rhsrd. Esq., counsel f.>r the respondent, cited Several oases tu the court. bearing upon ttie vinta of law assumed upon thetr aide of the ca e. After tain, the Hon. G?o. M. I)*i ls? commenced the closing argument upon the part of Mr Butler, the libeilaut. lie laid that it was fortunate fur the county. ?ule??n for the court, that areoens had taken place, yestsrday, until this morning. It had relieved not oniyth* numerous hearer*, but the court, somewhat from th* effect of one of the nioit beautiful displays ever iuii le In a court of justice Let those words have been HCiered by whom the} may, the diotion was so beautiful, classic? the argument so imposing, that I cannot but feel that it was a most impossible not to have been impremed by the streng almost irresistible, effort of the oounsel who last addressed the oourt, and to hare been ltd away by tbem, in spite of reai-on. There are in tfe* F.nglish language cei tain words wQich.almost of themselves. and by constant tepetition, constitute an eio(juetu e which goes dlreoiiy to the heart There ere certain words whioh directly affect tbe feeling*: no man can listen to tbe word ' mother'' without a thriU whioh softens tbe best feeling* of h'S nature ; It t? on* which canDOt but most powerfully affect him, whea aocompanied with the intonation of fcelint and th* power of graceful gesticulation Mother, wife daughter, hlsttr- these are words whioh, In the mind of every human being, summon up the moat fond emotions, and have only to be heard to produce the moit thrilling effects Mr. Dallas then alluded couipliinentarlly to the high moral and intellectual character of Mrs. B utler. and tbe many virtues which distinguished ber as a woman. Mr. Cboate, in his address, said that Mrs. Butler telt that she never could live again with her busoind. She oculd not live again with her husband?tin adujis; sion was frank? it was honest. Why, then, is It right, la | It mrral, la it just, ia It legal, that that which is wrong la : itseir should. by a oourse or law, be legal? If It is true that they can never live together, a* man and wife, In j Hod's name, let us not give the sanction of law to an 1 application no utterly inconsistent. On that point I am the colleague of my friend in carrying out the | wishes of hia own olient, and we hope to do so effeo* : tually, by the Judgment of the court The aot of As- _ eeiubiy of the lS'h of March. 1810, U the lar upon I which we found the proceeding before the court, and oomniHDd? the first contlderatlon It Is a practical law, aud must be practically exeouted. We say that Mrs Duller, in the language of her counsel, Uain* convinced that these parties can never lire together, has renounced and denounced the mirriage tie; and we Mmply aek that, If the lady will not lire with her hu?band, the tie that she has broken shall be broken by a competent tribunal. Mr. Uallas then alluded to the answer, and the an* tore of the allegations, and pronounced it to be a venomon* libel ?the dletilled essence of bad feeling. 'i he letters are tar more beautiful than those (torn Heloit-e to Abelard; but they are studied? studied? copies of them treasured up; for when a wife keep* copies of the letters she addresses her husband; wbea every 1 ttle ?llusi<<n Is carefully hoarded, copies kept ia the eecretary or portfolio, the inference is irresistible ? they are studied. Now, what is the character of the answer T There are uo uenial* of the allegations of the libellant; with ail these (arts, and all ilieee transactions set out upon the record, there is no nswer to the allegation* of the libel U it poselbka tliat to an allegation of a deserilon without reassnable c?ust>, lDvie inn Dean Answer whioU otnita the ' reasonable cause" altogether Where is the alhuion to pirt able cause In tbia entire piper T It deale* merely the epitheta wilful and inn lie oua." Wnat if tli? meaning of the word " wilful?'' IVhat aayaJadM IlUfh. tbe former President of this court? " Wilful" nmns on iiurpoce." lie who kill* into wilimly, kills on purpose. Mrs Li a tier lelt ber husband's bouts on purpose - she left to g> abioad-ahe left oa purpose? she, therefore left wi,fully VVbat la malicious?'' It la a n.resi-.ary epithet to b< used anil li lerred, from the very act of desertion II th? wife abandons the husband, wbo beritatat la eaylng that it is maliciously done? It is a necessary iaftrence. The court can inter malice from the taut*. Take the case of Major Oli.ey The jury tHere found a v? ruict specially setting fortb the fsots, w.tliJUi any finuiog to establish malioa atoretbougbt, uul yet the court aojudged him guilty of murder, and he waa biiDg. In tuix case, it id not necessary to hare a jury trial; the court may infer from the aosirer tbat the desertion win malicious. The court must determine, if cause* for desertion be alleged. whether thosecause* support or contradict tbu allegations of will'ul, malicious Utserlion. llut what are the caueeit set lorth M a juMifieation ? Are tbey % ju-utirxtlou ? Is it a causa, as H-toutin this libel, ' beoause 1 wearied ot hi* Impeiturbable calmness, it tat me wild " la that a oruelty ? Is it a caufe to say. that I left bncaaae he r 'fused to take me to my distant friends ! la it a oauae to say ha retun d to cr< as the Atlantic, to p:are aie In the a'a* 01 uiy father? ?tbat It waa a orudiy, and I want a K.H by jury ? Is it a cause to ray be wanted toe boat* painted;" *1 cnu't rtand tlie smell of paiut," and "I must have a trial by jury ?" or is it a onu<a to say. " 1 am a woman of acute, excitable f-nling* ? th*t u anothvi rtsain why my cue should go to a jury Bull miii not only a wkdiiu of acuu* ami excitable feelings, | hut n>> husband is In the haoit of o >ntradictiag m? , 1 c an't bear coutradicll' n , and that in it reason why I rbi-nld go to a jury " Or is It a cause to nay, I aa f wxn sn i f bi uualeM affection ; I i?|uirv a <1'liriua oi love; I require that my liusoand snail dNsoi'e In an eCftaoy ?i attucLujeui. ; my coji is all are?hi* all snow ; I therefcre require the privilege of goiug b*for* the jury?" Jim answer a<l<uits tnat Mr* Butler, at the tiae i pccifit din the libel, left her buitiau<ia*A slu:d a?ay tnd she dies no more than deny the adjectives "wilful Mil malioioua ' Uut ttke the reafon, vb.rh ?* the main out* ao powerfully arguoi ii(< n by Mr ( hcate It *u iner. ly tflns ; tlia' IQeaa pnrties, ticm the fall of l&i* until the fall Of lb4i. by their own agreement, were not man and wife. Wall, ti.lfl III# a In tk uc.od flBt) it \t i I LP Ilia I?II? ?r? t ha asl^a llmt iljt-y were never warded, and it will bt au ans*?r Hut to ray t bat tu? ftu?li4iid ami tint wif? o ?a, by ibur own agr. erne lit, nullify the marriage tie, u a I>i"P*?ltW<n in t'tbiox to lh? correctueaa of whlah I cannot Mibrc.iiba It but teud-noy lo violate the Inw rt tfce land, and to tender uuil auj void tha mar* r n<I- coi tinct, and will enable ihe parlies to any matriuii Dial contract to piny luht and loo?e, aal 1.1 *aoh a* cannot L? recvgan. d f'>r on? moox-ut Ybe bietory ol tlit* can* divldai lteelf Into throw (fiOi ba hint, tbe period *h?n the parties were in fengland. ;?n'J up to the fall of 1X43 second, from tbo f?<lor 1*4.) to rb? 3d of March, 1*46 ; and thirl, fro* tb? 3d if Match. 1H4.'. to the llth of 3ro;? ut>?r In the Finm jeer. whan the ?o-n? eloaei.? The oolj time really worib oonMdiriog was tha la*t, for Ouni>R the previous time the parties in o'.bar - people's houses They never *>rn In a bowa they could control Mf. liutler only removed to mow* boi ee during the 'aat epoch <lo to London while tho pattivh *>tm ibere, In tbe fall of 1M-I )nL>nd<n, iiiiuiD ber own friends. nn<l abcro ho a utran^er. | abe dt verted him Her latter, wrttren to him whit t ttey ware there, ebows it, forahe^^a. ' coosaquelM* of jour refural to be reconciled or to li'e wltb ma, I ujon any bvii ltopcaeible terms, I hare coon to niy al*> . Ut'n home. and having been herw some ilay?, I mow i again address j.n " <?"' whJ W**U l???? "J>* '?f% ' hiiii' Why because of 'ho wayward, lotraotabte aud usuiift r sable temper which .he acknowledged, and ' wbieb was the caure of all the bittcrueai between tham. Take op the correspondence between the parti>-?, a?(l we can arrive at the teal rea?on of thl-. difficulty It vtni< Ueau-e ehe wa> disposed to make publication* wbieb be disapproved And whatw<rt> theae publioatl( n! They wrre upon the etibgect of slavvry. Mark Mr ilutler k pwltlon. Inheriting a Urge fortune fro* ceilrd thla lady to ahare hl? fortut.e aud heart, frrm a prolvaaion aba rhtraoteriiaS, _ rm "diaiaati-ful " Out tha\ fortune eoniaa from the South i bat Trry wife la tbe one wftorn the labor that rfce di?Hkee freda" aud ck-thea. To hiin it ??i f?ery thing 11 in proper) j waf all la Oeotgia, derl*ai from bia iiianulath.r What could ha do or aay . b itthla* It ?U1 not dofor you 14 nay here in Loulua.that thai Itbir ir a n rre. It w!li mt do f.-i joa. m aj pier tut m a predicament Ilka ihia. My po'ltioni* involved Id It. and it would be a* Inconalatency for)Mt to ao eo Tbe letter from Theodore Se^fwtafc to Mr. Butler In l.ondoa, aay*. ' ?# naderatand that yoi* demand tbat nba will oot publish any thta* yo* tiny diaapprete. and abftU not avow herawU as abolitloni.-i, theae are the only terma," H?re la tM f< iiLdattou of th?a?< dlflWalUee, ?mi the faot li?, that the flrtt prof> iltion for a rapai&tlo* ra ne firoaa Mre. lintli r. Ilow wrre hat complatata followed? Why they were followed bt aubmUaion oa the part of Vlr. Butltr. He catua baok on terma dictated by her, of a? enOr* avparatlon The reparation aad tenna are of ber own < ht onog. Thua thing* continued until tfc* vf iltag of 1H44 when they returned to miladalphia. ai,J down to NoTCBber, LIU3, and the* there ai.oiber >tpara:ioo, dictated aud elfented br her. During )< u>-r '.hi-7 ' tU \ -eu .iviag >a

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