Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1848 Page 3
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fete TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Interruption of the Telegraph by the Storm RbiTON, Deo. t, 1848. The Boston and Buffalo line were interrupted by th torm to-day. The southern lice was down, sauth o Washington, owint?. it wan supposed, to the violeoc of the storm in the forenoon. &'? P.M.?No steamer in sight. Fire nn(I Lom or i^lfe. Norfolk, Dee. 1, ISIS The howe of William Hardy caught lire yeaterd*j and before the flamea could be subdued, tbe kitotei ni destroyed, anil one cf Mr. Hardy's chilJren j er jthed In the flames. Snow Storm. Cincinnati, Dee 1?8'. P M. We had quite an old fashioned snow storm last night bat as it hat rained very bard all day, it nearly all disap peared. The river has risen fire inches since I las telegraphed yon. Markets. Boston, Dec 2,1848. There wax no change In tbe 11 eur market; sales a ) Min tihlt nf W.iturn N.i Vnrlr I.ton inad? at $6 B2X a $6 76. Corn?Sales of about 16.00 bushels were made, including new. with some lota o old, at ttOo . and old at 63o Rye?Sale* of 1.000 bushel were m?de at 72c. Oat*? Sale* of 5 000 bushel* wer made at 38o. Tbere wan no ohange in other article*. PiTTinrun, Dec 1 -8>? P. M. Floor?The market !* dull. Buyers auk larger con cessions than holder* are willing to yield Sales wer made in a regular way to-day at $3 87!^ a $3 04 Wheat?Sale* of prime red at 70o In other grain* notice rales of rye nt 4Qc. per bu*hel; barley at 57>?o. oat* at 25c Corn The demand i* mnch less than 1 was. and prices are unchanged l'ork, in bulk sell ffeely at 8'^o. a 3)?c. Seed* ?Not much doing in an] de*cription. Raisin*?Small *ale* from store at $1 71 a $2 per box. A*he*?Pol*. 4c. ; pearl*, 0o. a O'.'o Barrelled Apples?The market overstocked; sales a 02}?c. per bbl. Cincinnati. Dec. 1?8J? P. M. Flour?The market is heavier than yesterday, arc the business done is at a slight deoline- -sale* beinf made to-day at $3 81. Orain?The market In al kinds is nteady. and there is no change in prices Hogs?Holders evince an anxiety to sell at last quota ticiie. but buyers refuge to meet then, owing to thi larpe arrral*. Tne Halt * to-day range from $3 25, $! 31Ji to $3 :i7>i per 100 l" nett. Lard?Steady, al 6\c. lcr No. I. and .SaSV^o for No 2 in barrels, prime keg lard* *ell* at 6,lia7o Beef Tallow?Sale* of 100 barrels at 7a"J^o. Cheese - Sale* from htore at OaC'jc for Western Reserve, on time. Butter-Sa'es of good and prime rolls at 12',al4o. \1olasnei remains scead] at26a27c. Sugar?Sales of New Orlean* at 3?a'o. ot time Oile?Small sale* of lipped at J>2 certs pel ^allon. Yarn?Good stocking yarn bringj 16 cants. City Intelligence. Mish Mametta Smith.?Quite an excitement wai caused, a few night* since, in consequence of the gup posed discovery of this young lady. One answering hei description, In every particular, called at a house o: doubtful character in Mercer street, and sought board The mistress of the house immediately informed ?e veral persons that a girl of the description of Miss S bad called at her house for board, and that she woulc be there the following evening. At the appointed time Several persons interested in her discovery repairet to the plaoe designated; but, to their disappointment she-did not make her appearance. They then west t< reveral other houses of like character?at every one o which they heard of the supposed Miss Smith, but shi could not be found. At a latk hour, they gave up th< search for the night, with a determination to prosecutt their tilorts until she wa* found. The following night th< search was recommenced and, at a latn hour, the objeci was found at a house in Houston street. So perfectly die eheanswerthe description that, but for an acquaint ance of the lost Misi Smith, who was present, sht would have been taken to the house of the disconsolate parents. The girl proved to be a oa?e similar to the om they sought. She wasvery much frightened, snppojint that she nad been discovered by her parents, and thai the officers of the law were about to restore her t? them She stated that she was from Connecticut, and hat been seduced from the house of her parents but a short time. That since she earns to the city, she discovered her paramour to be a married man; but as he had promised to support her, she would remain In the city.? Upon being asked if she would not Ilk* to return to th< house of her parents, she replied that she would rathei die. She refused to give her proper name, or the location of her late home. This is another of those casei in which a married man, a man who has a family o children, has been the ine-ius of seducin* from boraand happiness an innocent an 1 thoughtless girl am t-tiried torrow to the flrrtie'e he so wantonly invaded It is a pity that the names suoh men are not fount -oat. and they held up to public execration as previni wolves upon innocence and virtue. Hi- name will bi known despite all bis efforts at concealment. and pub licly embla/oned, that one of the gang of apparent^ gentlemanly libertine*, may receive the reward of hi' crime by deserved censure and reproach As tbe gir in question did not prove t? be Miss Smith, the genera impression ii that ?he has either left the city or is ye reoretsd in some vile hiding place unknown to th police. The Weather. The morning of yesterday was a stormy and unpleasant as any of the season. Thi wind blew heavily from the East, and the rain pouret 1m torrents. This continued until about 4 o'clock ii the afternoon, when the wind changed to the West and the remainder of t he day and the evening were a beautiful as could be desired, save the mountains o mud which were every where plied In the streets. Not withstanding the heavy rain, the mud was at least thre inches deep upon a level, besides the heaps which hai been scraped together for the apparent purpose ot re moval. Killed by the Falling or aw Awjrmn Post.? The coroner held an inquest, yesterday, at the citj hospital, on the body of James Siglar. a^ed 23 years born In New Jersey, who came to his death by belni stiuck on the head with an iron awning post It seem that the deoeased, about seven o'clock yesterday morn lng, during the violent storm of wind, was passini al'-ng Broadway, and when near Chambers street, i sudden gnat of wind broke the iron awning post ii front of one of the stores, and a piece of the iron struct the deoeased a violent blow on the head, knoekini him down senseless ; he was picked up almost imme diately by some cltlaens, bleeding considerably fron the ear. He was conveyed to the city hospital by th police of tbe Third ward, where he died in about ai tour after the fatal accident. The deceased reside* at tbe corner of Hudson and Dominick streets, am was employed by Messrs. Blunt and Sims, in Chathan street. The jury rendered a verdict according to th above facts. Unknown Mis Fovnd Drowned.?The coroner hel< an inquest, yesterday, at tbe Almshouse yard, on th body of an unknown man. found floating in the Eas river, foot of Thirty-seventh street. He appeared t be about thirty ) ears of sge, heigbth about six feel dressed In a black cloth body coat, sattinet pant! over which was a pair of dark checked pants, gre socks and brogan shoes; dark hair and heavy beard in one of his pockets a thimble was found, whioh ma indicate he was possibly a tailor. Yerdiot, came te hi by drowning. A Narrow F.scape.?About nine o'clock on Saturda morning, a large piece of the tin roof ot bouse No. 11 Nassau St., wa< blown off by (he storm. It was taken considerable distanc* into tbe air, and fell immediatel in front of the door, and within a few Inches of a ma1 who was sawing wood. Hid he stood a fsw lnohes far ther to the right, the oonseqflene* would in all proba bility have proved fatal to his life. Fire ?A fire broke out on Prlday night in the cab1 net shop of Abraham Dennis, rear of No. 43 Pitt St | which was almost entirely destroyed. Police Intelligence. Charge of fraud.?Officer Shadbolt, of the 1ow< police, arrested, yesterday, a man by the name < James Bogardus. on a warrant issued by Justlc MeOrath. wherein be stands charged with obtalnln $25 from Mr. D W. Hollister, of the North America Hotel, on a cheok drawn by Bogardus, purporting to t on the Merchants' Exchange Bank. On Mr. Hollisfc prerenting the check at the bank he was informed thi no funds were deposited thereto meet suoh check. Vi rious other falre representations were made h aocused at the time the eheok was offered. Justl< MoGrath committed Bogardus for a furthet bearing. .Irretl on Suspicion ? Officer Keefe, of the Flfl ward, arrested, on Friday night, a man called Peti MoOarrell, whom be found In Anthony street, bavin In bis possessxoa a black leather trunk, iron boun with braes nails, containing one overoeat, two dre coats, three pair pantaloons, a vest, in the pocket > which was a three dollar bill on the bank of Bristol, I J., and several articles of under clothing. Valued I 11 at about (25. An owner is wanted. Apply to Cap Carpenter. of the Fifth ward Police, No. 4S JLeonai street. Jlrrett of a Female Pickpocket.?A very gente looking woman wm brought into the police court ? terday afternoon, calling herself Jeannette Cunnln bam, in owstody of offloer Rider, of the Third ward, c charge of ploklng the pooket of Mra. Maria Louii Watson, of No. 113 Liberty street, of a purse oontat ing #6'.' 07>i. It appears that Mrs. Watson was Washington market, and the accused was observed I Mr. Smith Haynes to push olose up against Mi Watson, and from the movement of her hand, he fe oouiiurut tu?t eur wnb pivaiug urr punnet. /liter vi accused got few steps from the side of Mrs. Watso be askedher if she (Mrs. W.) had lost her parse? 81 immediately answered, on feeling in her pooket, thi she had lost her purre, containing the above naoai sum of money Mr. Ha;nes followed after the prison nd taxed her at once of stealing the purse. "Oh said she, ' ! hate not got the purse; you had better to< Along ob the gronnd, may be toe lady has dropped it Mr. Haynes commenced to look on the ground, ai the prisoner walked on a few steps further, when tl Jiurse. containing the money, was found on the grout ust where tbe secured was stopped by Mr. Haym She was then taken into custody and conveyed befo Justice Mctirath. where, on her examination befo the magistrate, she said she was a native of Snotlan 10 years of age, and w?? a dealer In lace, residing the Third avenue. On searching her person, a pur containing $:;0, together with a little memoraudu book, were found?probably the proceeds of oth thefts. The went part about the business was tl poor woman being rncirnte, and within, from her a pesrance, a tfay or two of her conflnemnnt Ind fault of bsdl she was committed to prison for trial. Chart* of Pt aud on,I Conspiracy.? Offloer Burley, the lower pMloe. arrested, yesterday, thiee men by tl mines rf Samuel W Cronk, MoDonough Bricklln at Washington A. Cronk. on a warrant Issued by Justl< MeOrath, wherein they stand nharg'd with coroblnli t.ogrth^v for the purpose of cheating and defraudli Alexander MoCurdv, of No. 214 West street, out of lot of hats and othir property, valued at $'JOO I August last, it seems that Bueklln applied to >ln(>urd and said he knew a man who wished W buy him oi k and the next day he brought in 8amuel W. Cronk, who agreed to take the stock of hat* Sic. for H200. The bargain ?u utiuck, an Mr. Cronk waa recommended * w> WIU| r?v|/v. mj ^ .unrt* up and sent to the store of f'ronk, In Bleecker street, and the bill of Mle made accordingly; but Instead of being e In the name of Samuel W. Crook, It was Washington t A Cronk, tbe sou ot the former, who at present U a minor?therefore the pajmrnt wis refuied Subsequeatly. however, $50 was paid towwds the debt, and aa tbe other $150 waa not paid, the above complaint waa made. The whole case will be heard and passed upon on Monday. Supreme four I?At Chamber*. Before Judge Kdmonds. i December 2?The Penult r j Mn nj Martin an J ' Caroline Martin ?Habeas Corjius Case?Thla eauan, 11 which wan adjourned on Thuraday last, to 12o'olook, this day. was further adjourned to Tuesday next, in consequence of the illneas of the judi/e. Common Pleas?In Banco. Dec 2?Decisions.? Samuel foster ft. Thomas J. Coleman.?The referees, report Is set aside, and the '> case is opened and sent back to the same referees, to hear further evidence, according to the opinion; but t tbe proofs as taken to stand. If the further evidense justifies it. Costs to abide the event Samuel Ingerioll, etc mis Hamilton Peck, {v ?Chat. 11 baiter ailstn. the S'ime ?Wrdlcts modified, and defendant's payment of ground rent allowed. George Jleecher adim. Levtrett Rawion, <f-c.?Nbt * trial ordered, and costs to abide the event. * Edward II. White. <Jv. adsm. Robert J Saunders. <J-:. u New trial ordered. Costs to abide the event. The ' case can )>e carried up, if parties so agree, as upon a 8 non-suit. 9 Mathias B. H'ard, vs. Michael P. Hfason, <$ <: ? Judgment for plaintiff, on demurrer, but defendant may amend. Plaintiffs' costs to abide the event. T'vilt?>cl Sinftf'H ('fiviimlxtklatiifl*!-1* OfHes. Before Alexander Gardiner, Esq. I Dec. 2 ?Charge of Oj/enini; Let ten ?Tha Investigation of this cane wan finished to day, nod Mr Lynch ? van bound over, in bis own reiognlzances, in the sum s of $i<)0, to appear and answer the oharge. ' Court Calendar for Monday. Circuit Court.?The first sixteen cau<m*. Supk rior Corrt ? First twenty-five causes. Common Pim ? I'irst part?1. 3, 5, 7. 9.11. 13.10, 17,10. Seoondpa:. -2, 4, 8, 10. 12. 14,10,18, 20, 22. 1 Court of Appeals?November Term. [ Nov. 80.?On coming in of the oourt, this morning, Hon. James R. Lawrence resumed his argument en part of respondents in cause No. 20 Mr. B. Davis Noxon was heard, on part of appellant, and closed. J No. 27?Samuel 1). Dakin and other appellants, agt. . Jamea Baily, respondent. E.J. Richardson attorney for appellants ; A. Coburn attorney for respondent. ' Cflure called, and decree affirm <d by default, on motion of respondent No 2K?Samuel D. Dakin and j other appellants agt. William Baily respondent. E j J. *RichRrdson attorney for appellants ; A. Coburn. for respondent. Cause culled, and deoree af' llrmtd by default, on motion of respondent. No. 29-Samuel D. Dakin. and other appellants, agt. John M. Baily, respondent E. J. Richardson attorney for appellants; A. Coburn attorney for respondent. Cause called and decree affirmed, by default, on motion of respondent. No. 30?Samuel 1). Dakin, and other, ' appellants, ngt. Thomas Baily et al . respondent!. E. J. Richardson attorney for appellants; A. Coburn att torney for rerpondents. Cause oalled and deoree aff firmed, by default, on motion of respondent. No. 31 ? Asenath Aikin adm'x, fcc , respondent, agt John Mathews, and others, appellants. Messrs Noxon aid Leavenworth attorneys for respondent; Gardner LawI rence attorney for appellants Mr. B. Davis Noxon, - of counsel for appellant, opened the argument of this I cause; Mr. Geo. K. Comstook. of counsel for respondents, was heard until the adjournment of the court. - ? oyru.ujc ciot^ * Law Intelligence. ' Af.otiier Habeas Conrvs Case.?Somo tim? Binoe ' a man from Michigan obtained from the (Inn of 5 Haw*. I.ockwood &. Company, dry goods merchants J on Main street, by the tale of a draft on New York, 1 which he induced them to purchase by showing them a letter of credit from a respectable tlrm in Miohigan, * the eum of $226. The letter prored to be a forgery. > and the draft came back protested. Mr. Lockwood ' proceeded to obtain a requisition from Governor Bebb, C upon the Governor of Michigan, by which he was ar' rested on the ground of obtaining money on false pretences. and brought to this city on Friday. On Satur1 day he was brought before Judge Wiseman, on a writ J of habeas corpus, and discharged, on the ground of inl formality in the requisition; although the Judge declined to state in what particular the informality was to be found.? Cincinnati Drspatch, Nov. 29. t Religious Intelligence. Calendar for December.?3. Advent Sunday ; 10. ' 2d Sunday in Advent. 17. 3d Sunday in Advent. 21. ' St Thomas. Apostle and Martyr. 24. 4th Sunday In J Advfnt. 25. Christmas >lay 26, St. Stepen'a. 27. * St. Jobn, Evangelist. 28. Holy Innocents. 31. Sunday after Christmas. | The Rev John M. McCauley will preach, this even* icg. at 7 o'clock, in the German Reformed Church, in 17ih street, near the 6th avenue. f An agent of the Foreign Evangelioal Society In 3 Franoe, lecenily found in one department of the na1 tion. sixty vacant parishes. They said they were fori merly I'rotestant, and n?w were not Catholic.?they t had no religion. Of one hundred and fifty missionaries, a one-half had been Roman Catholics. Ten years ago, colporteurs could be obtained only from Switzerland, ? but now they are furnished In France. Of one huni dred and twenty colporteurs, one hundred and ten i | were once Roman Catholics, and one-half of the Board a { 0f the Evangelical Society were formerly Catholics. * ! The following statistics as to the comparative capacig ity ofthe moit celebrated churches in Europe, will be f i read with interest Pert out. Sq. Yardt. e I St Peter's 64.000 13.600 i Milan Cathedral S7.0iK) 9 250 St. Faul's, at Rome 32.000 ft 000 St. Paul's at Lendon 55 <>00 6,400 St. Petronia. at Bologna 24.400 6,100 " St. Sophia's, Constantinople. . .. 23.000 5,760 r Florence Cathedral 24.300 0.076 ' Antwerp Cathedral. 24 000 6 000 St John, Lateran 22.900 6.726 Notre Dame, at Paris 21.0(H) 6.260 ' Pisa Cathedral 18 000 3 250 * St. Stephen's, at Vienna........12 400 8,100 * St. Dominio's, at Bologna 12,000 8.000 I St. Peter's, do 11,400 2 860 Cathedral of Vienna 11,000 2,746 * St. Mark's, Venioe 7,000 1,760 " The Piazza of St. Peter's, it is added, in its widest 1 limits, allowing twelve (persons) to the quadrate mee Ur, (square yards) holds 264 000: allowing four to the ? same, drawn up In military affray, 208.000. In its nari rowest limit*, not compriilng the portico* or the pi? im Rustlcuonr, 474,000 orowded, and 138,000 in mill" tarj array On Wednefday, Nor. 22, Rat Horace Lyman, of K.aat Hampton. Ma?*. under appointment a* a mlii sionary of the .Ameiicau Home Mi?*ionary Society, * with hi* lady, sailed in tbe bark Whltan, Capt. Oelst j ton. lor San Francisco. on their way to Oregon. 0 i On tbe 1st Dee., Rev J. W Douglas and Rev. 8. H" | Willey,rnnder commission from the ?am? society, em' barked by tbe new line of steamers, via Chagre* and 7 i Panama, to be stationed, tbe flrat at San Francisoo ' i and the other at Monterey. ^ The Rev. K D. McMaater. President of thn Miami Univeraity, at Oxford, Ohio, has accepted the Theological chair in the Seminary at New Albany. ? In the Theological Seminary, at Princeton, there are 49 students in each claaa, and three resident licentiates, making a total of 160. J The Synod of Memphis has adopted an overture to tbe Oeneral Assembly, requesting that a missionary * be sent to Rome, to demand of the Pope that he should open tbe door for '' the free and untrammelled preach^ ing of the gospel." , The Execution of Amos Kortbrop. This unfortunate man suffered the penalty of the law, on Friday of last week, in the village of * White Plains. There were about 2,000 persons ae? sembled in the vicinity of the court-house, to l|f witness the tragic scene, but many were doomed n I to disappointment. Tbe gallows, erected in the >e morning in front of the prisoner's cell, consisted >r of a platform elevated about one foot above the 't ground. On either side of the platform were two upright posts, Becurely braced, and a cross piece extending lrom one lo the other, about ten feet '* above the platform. From the centre of that & cross-piece hung the fatal rope. About 200 persons <r were assembled in the yard. ig At a quarter-past 2 o'clock, the wretched culf, prit, preceded by the sheriff, marched into the ? yard. With an unfaltering step he placed himself iinon the platform, and seated himself in a chair, * clothed in the habiliments of the grave, with the t halter around his neck. The attending clergyrj man addressed the Throne of (rrace, invoking the Divine blessing, inasmuch'as he had confessed his el fault and repented himself of the same, and ac* rriitcd thp nllVrn nf milvnfmn ihnt ln? iniirht also g- be accepted of Him in that world to which he >n was hastening. The wretched man seemed to |>e much affected ln during the delivery of the prayer, und a alight I,- convulsive tremor waB visible. >?. He rose from the chair with a pale countenance, ilt Ilia arms, at the elbow, were pinioned to his side, be and his hands were nearly purple. lie was a large, heavy man, and, during his confinement, 11" accumulated a mans of flesh that must have increased his weight to more than 200 pounds, lie er stepped forward, and made a short address to the ? bystanders. From the position we occupied we )k could hear hut indistinctly, but it was, in snbstance, hs follows:? id He felt It hli duty to make ?ome remark* In regard lie to the unfortunate family, ot which the girl vui id member, whore life he bad taken That he had camit. mitud the act he did not deny, and having tranare I Rrrtted the law." of the country, woe now to tulTwr the re i penalty, and be of neoettity aubmitted. That the had d. been the meant of bringl i k hlin where ha wa?, hut the In d<ed he had committed had been the meant of aavinit *e bit own foul. He had no bard feeling* toward any of m the family, nor any one in the world, and hoped that r nobody had any ngaintt him; and If the? htd. that lie tliev might be abandoned. He had provided for hlmp telt tlno?-he wa* teven year* old. Thlt day had been e- a painful (lay to bim. and he tuppoted it had been to n.otictbir* Hit heart"* prayer to Hod waa. that ihe of atllieted family, and all other*, might repent and belie eome converted a* ho had. lie wat prepared And not id afiaidto die and oloted by taylng: Brethren and co fellow-cltlceBt, I bid you all an alTeotiontte Here his feelings overcame him, and he made a ** rrcond and third effort, and in the fourth said :? In "Ibid you all an afTentionata and <-verla*tlng farey, well " '*> He then stepped back to the centre ol the plat ? ?I Hill ? M MMB?B? ?? MMMH fo?ni, bhook hands with several, bidriina: them farewell. The noose was adjusted?with one stioke of the axe the rope was severed, the weight fell, and the criminal hung suspended in nnd air. A blight shrugging of the shoulders aud hands, i und and stretching of the !eg-?, the body rem tined passive. The coffin was then brought in nod placed upon the scaflold. In about twenty minutes the noose slipi*-d, and he fell upon his Knees on the platform,'but death had already claimed his victim. He was laid upon his coffin, soon the ! cover was removed und his body pUned in it. The crowd flocked to see the corp?e; our heart I u;?L?r,...l ... |U I,. .....i ......... II. I was very humble and nenitent, previous to exeou- 1 tion, anil stated that he had always been what the i world called honest, and that every wronst a.t he had committed had been done under the influence of liquor. Ainiy Intelligence^ War Dei'autmknt, Adj't G*kkhai.'s Oith ) Washington, Nov 28.18 13. ^ gxkekai. okiikm-no. 88. The following instructions of the Secretary of War ar? published fur tho information and gui.Uuce of all concerned :? wah department, ) Washington, Nov. ISIS, i, It in known that considerable mnn of inrrney have keen received by tflloers of the etaff and line of the army of the United Statin In Mexioo. from irrrgular sources. which have only been partially accounted for. It In therefore hereby required that all officers who have been in the military service of the United State* iu Mexico, and all agents who hare been connected therewith, will, within ten days aft r receipt or notiee of this order, render to the heads of their proper bureaus, and if attached to no branch of the staff. they will render to tho Adjutant (ieDeral of'he army, an aeoount of all money and property received by them during their service in Mexioo and not heretofore accounted fur, (except money and property received from officers and agents of this department as pay and emoluments.) Including all suidh and property received by tb^m from municipal. State, and other pupllc authorities or corporation* in Mexico, hi *a1arics or compensation for any fervice whatever, or as gratuities or presents, or from any citizen or publie authority, for the peiformance of any service in any way connected with their official duties; and all sums arising from fales of public property, and from premium, per centage, and exchange on draft* or money. W. L MAKCY, Secretary of War. By order, R. Jokes, Adjt. General. Tho best place In the City to Rft good Boots in at Jam', 11 Ann street, near Ilia Museuir, ur lienus the largest and test assortment of Frenoli Wat-r Proof and Dir#j Boots of any one in the city, and his prices are the most reasonable. Any one troubled with corns, tail withina a Boot to fit. nn 1 ourj their oorns, would do well to call on Jl)N?3, H Ann street ???????? r, n IH m r r r t a i. a r p a t r s HONEY MARKET. Saturday, Dec. 4?0 P. HI, The upward tendency in prloes still continues. The gales of fancies, to- day, were unusually large, and there appeared to be a disposition among holders to take advantage of the improvement, and force up all the stook possible. At the first board Treasury notes went up X per rent; Canton Co , Xf Norwich and Worcester, ; Harlem. >?; Erie Railroad, g Long Island fell oil Reading Railroad, At the second board there were large sales of Harlem' at a decline of X per cent; all others closed at prices current in the morning. The annexed statement exhibits the gross earning* of the Erie Railroad Company, for the month of November, in each of the past two years Nkw York and Erik Railroad. From freight $18,167 13 Tafsengers and mail 10,852 00 $29 019 79 Same month last year 23,038 ol Increase 25>, per cent $5,981 78 This is a much better exhibit than that presented ! last month; the receipts averaging more '.han one ' thousand dollars per day, for each working day im the { month. The quantity of coal transported on the Reading | Railroad, for the week ending the 30th of November, 1 was 22.142 tons; previously, this year, 1,139.140 tons; : making a total of $1,161,288 tons. The Schuylkill j Canal Company transported in the same week 7,645 tons; previously, this year, 420 424 tons; total, 428,069 tons; making the aggregate transported to tide water, by the two companies, this season, up to the 30th of November, 1,689,367 tons. Stork Exrhan^e. SltTO Trcas Notes, 6 s l'f.Ji 2" Shu NYitNHBS *1 1110 U S (i'e. '(7 l"r,J6 7 Utica3cnii 116 *00 do, '69 1(16'? 75Nur&WotRH fl-JliO do, U5 lUiQ .VI do MX 1000 Ohio 7's 101 '.J 1 ."iO Canton Co .11U i'O She Amcrioa !'! 6(1 do i60 31 i 60 Del b Bw> Strip U7 1?"> do 3IU JO C< mroercfi Bciip W l*iU do hCO -'11 Is SOO fanners' Trust ?G0 Z7*{ 100 do tfiO SIX ).*4) do do J7?i do bnw .'11U III Ohio I.if. h Trait Til mi SuHlminH 9H1? 150 Uotrii Canal 7,U 775 rto 2H 28 Mnr'eir, preid full 1*1 150 do 1100 Harlem UR SO 200 do alO 27 H 200 do iro 50 10 8tosin|tto-> RR 45 SO do (30 50 ISO Long liland RR 20 XO do SO1; 200 do blO 20^ 100 do UTO .Wi 78 Irio RR, new CI J; 50 do ICO S0l4 25 do blO 62 Second Boartt. $S00 rhf City S'a, 1870 95 50 alia Harlem RR blO 50>,' 1(0 Harlem RR tfO 50 100 do b3 50', 1 2( 0 do lb30 50){ SO Canton Co MO 31W I 100 do bnw SO 25 do 31% i 150 do 50 35 Erie RR, full bj 62 , 130 do a30 59 CITY TRADE REPORT. Saturday. Bee. 2?2 P. M. A*hf.b?Are in moderate request at $5 87X to $5 01 for pots, and $6 12}, for pearls. In Cotton there is but 1 little doing, the continued delay of the ateamar checking the transactions. Fi.otR, &c.?The unpleasant weather prevailing this morning hat put a check upon operations in breadstufTs, and the transactions are ex1 tremelj limited. Of Western flour there rare sales of I 1,200 bbls. at $5 26 to $6 .'SI,1*; for common to good Mii cbtgan and State. $5 37>{; for the better qualities, do; | and $6 44 to $5 60 for pure Genesee. Meal is quiet at ; $3 oO to 3 C6\i for Jersey. In wheat and eorn no operation!. and reported quotations ot both remain abaut the same as yesterday. Rye and oats are j dull and without particular change, faoriaiona ? The transactions in pork yesterday reached 600 bbls., at $12 60 a $9 26, including 200 bbls. new pork at pi irate bargain. Beef is quiet, but firm, at $10 a $r> for mess and prime. Lard is more plenty, i and market heavy. We quote 7c. a 7>?o.; the latter figure for new. Saturday, Dec 2?0 P. M. The extreme inclemency of the weather?for it rained and stormed the greater part of the day? with the detention of the steamer's newa, had the effeot of checking transactions, both without and within doors Flour was dull at yesterday's prices, with moderate sales, ohlefly on Eaatern account. No transactions in wheat were reported. C irn oontlnued heavy, at yesterday's prices, with moderate sales. Meal waa lower. There was no change In rye or oats. Provisions remained quiet, and sales were light, at about previous quotations. The weather wai unfavorable for operations in groceries, and transactions were limited, i at steady prices for sugars and molasses. There was I more doing In cotton.and at steady prices. Aihks ? Small sales of pots were making at |o I7H | a f6 94, and pearls at $6 a $0 linstock on hand. Pot. Ptorl. Total. First sort?bbls 1.721 1,440 3,179 Second sort 400 239 089 Third sort 104 47 161 Condemned 10 J 7 109 2.377 1.742 4^ ; BRFAnsTurri.? Flour? The sales were light, and ; reached about 4 to 6.000 barrels, Including about 2 600 to 3C00 Oswego, at $6 'J6 to ff> 31'*; 30<J straight Western do. at S6 3?>ta; .">00 do. Genesee were sold on private terms; 160 do. pure Genesee sold at $6 M1*; 300 do. straight sold at 95 3"X. Southern was steady. < Georgetown and Howard street, Baltimore, were steady at $6 5?>4; 300 to 400 Petereburgh City Mills were made at $."i 6-}?; and 300 t?400 Ohio bakera' brands, fancy, sold at $6 76 to 6 87S Wkttt was quiet, and rather heavy compared with yesterday's rates. Corn?The sales reached about 16 a 18 000 bushels, wblch were made, Including 0,000 Northern yellow, at 72)?c.; 2.000 do. round mixed at 70c , with pareels of new at 60c., and 2.600 do. mixed at 650 , and yellow at 06c., with other parcels at abont yesterday's prices: sales of 6C0 bbls. wera made at $2 04. Rye?Small sales were reported at 02>^e: rye flonr waa dull at $3 12X. Hat ley was held at firmer rates, and holder* enkiil f,B a 7 Or. while 6Sn wu offered Rtceipti down I he Hudson u'nc* the Opening of River Navigation. 1848. 1847. Wheat F1>ur bbla.2,176 081 2,8*3 967 Corn Meal 4.116 107,93ft Wheat bush. 1,06H,030 1,787 >64 Corn 1,9'.(3 811 3 627.8Hi By* 492 696 3e0,835 Cotto* ?The *ale* today comprise 1,200 bale*, a prod portion of which wan taken for ahipment, and at ftmJ\ and ratbe.r firm price*. Livi:*r?OL ClamincATioTf. N. OrUnm, Mobil* and Uplandt. Florida. I'.tra?. Inflsrfor none none noae. Orcliniry ?l4afk* #l? ? a 5V Middling flalft 6 a?* tf art"! flood Middling 6'? * 6?? ?'< a 6*2 6'i ??? Middling fair 6), a 6)2 ft', *r>H ?V, af>S FMr fi'iaf.', 6Sa?>? 6*a7 Fully fair <o\\1 non? 7*a7X Con ri.-W? hare no change to notloe, though the market I* *earoehr no active. Sale* oon*l*t of 700 bag* ordinary grade* f.aguayra at ft1, ft f> cent*; 600 do Rio ftt 6 a Tj cent*; and 800 do Java at 8}{ 8U cent*. Corern.? *There ha* been a movement In the market, and *ome 860,000 lb* Peruvian pig have changed hand* on term* wa did not learn. Kmit.? There have been *alea of a cargo of bunch raUIn* (8.000 box**) damn^ed by sweat, on private tern*, supposed at about $1 20 a $1 2.r>; found do., In lot*, at $1 60, SO a 4.r> rent*; and 4( 0 drama-new Smyrna fig*, received coaatwla*, at 14*i a 14,1^ eenta KanoMT*?Heavy good* were engaged to London at 30* To Liverpool the ratea remained nominally the tame. Shipper* generally were waiting ateamer'a new* before operating, and hence rate* were doll. IIump ? Salt * were made of 20 ton* claan Ilainla (new rrcp) at $2(0, u?ual time. Until -Tb- operation* embraoa 2,MtButaf*Ayregi .. a t mi ii?m._m i..m?i ?i ? i ii i ii i ? : 21 lb., to a Canada d ealer, at 10 oentt; 1,500 do. 22)^ lbr. at h^e., IrM 4 per cent; 700 Curaooa, a* they run, at cent a, and 230 dry salted Mararatbo, at the fame price Ikoi ?The ileiranrt far Sootnh pi a continue* fair, with fsalee of 500 tons No. 1, at $20, own, aud $21a2150, 6 months. Luthi r ?We hare no ohunge to aotfoe in quotations; the sales of sole for the week reaoh about 25,000 eiile*. Moi.a .ki ?There h*a been a flood demand, and we report eales of "CO bbi*. new orop New Orleanx at 2.4 vnntl' l 'f,? hhila of nrlvata himill' HDd 200 do. sweet Cardenas at about 18>i o-utu, usual tine. On 4 Sales of linseed have been light to-day. though prices remain steady. We quote Knglish at ".I cent*, and American presaed ')1 a >:! cents Of selected whale there wen sales of 600 bbls. at .6 cento, which is bo-ter. Imposts or Spkrm Ok., Wii.?i r. On., aito Whii.croki

IMOTHD I NITSl) Sr.VTEf.lOH THE WcF.K KDIIINM Not > Mii>;k -7. 1S4S. Sjier >n. H'h a le. Bone, obit. kbit Ibt. Kor the week a,360 1,400 13.000 Prerioufiy 100,4'.)'J '270 400 1,903 iWO Jam.arv 1 to data 102 84'J 2H0 800 2 000 000 Provisions ? Pork was f toady. Sales of 100 barrels pi line were wade ut $9 2">. There was no change In Inf. Lurd wes quiet, nt yesterday's quotations. Beef t arns were sold at $13. There was no change in th< eft* or butter. Su n. ?Sali* have been made of 300 boxes Milan, fcrfh.i p'pg, at 7c., six months, short price. notice walos of 60 00(1 llis., at 7o. lor crmiiinn. and 8 a V.,o for good to prime. Wiiiskicv.?SaleB of 170 hbls. Ohio were made at -4)to. and 100 do. State prison at the same rates. HAUKKTS KLSKWHERK, STOCK SAI.K9. Kai timob k. Bee. I. ? "MOW U. 8. Treasury flj, 11"V: .'1800 do. '"d; mi Maryland Cg, <11 Vi [noil do. Deforced (in, >000 Haitii"ore 6k, 1870 '.'7; 1000 dn. If?' >. ?71.|; 46 aliarea Farmers and Plairtera' Bunk St\x\ 7 Baltim"re Fire Insurance, 0>4; 8 Baltimore and Chio kailr< ad, i7Hi b dn., '.'7 '4. fun Ann.miA, Doe. 2.? M'rsf Boar it $20(10 P. 5. Loan, 1'ISK' 30,0(0 Penn. 8s, 7#K; 2IIUI L'. 8. Troisury Nutea, 108';; MflChea ai d Dei. Canal Loan, 6a, 98; 13 ahan s N. O. Uaa Co.. 117; 178 (iirurtl Itark, II!1.,. Seru/irf 7>ix/rd?$069 Sua. Canal Bonds 48; 9U0 l.ehlgh Interval, 8VH; :? '? Wil. Railroadfia. 79',,; fl'HW Read inp Railroad Bo- da. I>7',. I(i0 Lehigh 0a, 7 shares Oo-ninertial Hark, ,ri(l\; 100 Norriatown Railroad, 11 v?; 38 Mine IDU Kailroad, fit >?. Bostom, Pec. I.?Rrnkeri.' Board.?5shares Vermont Central Roilrrcul, MX: 0 do. Fitclibura K&Mroad, 111; 7 dn. Boston asd V? orctster Railroad, IWSi; 1" Wcatc.n Railroad, b 30, 101; 10 do do Mil. 108; 80 dn. Heading Railroad, 11'4'; 8 do. Old Co'ony Railroad KV4; 1(1 do. Vermont and Uuas'i hu.i^tts liillioail. 4H)f; 111 dr. do. 4S; 10 do. East Boat in Co. 10\; 144 rights Fitehbnrg Railroad. $1 0(1; 8 do. do. SI 61; 120 do. do. $1 6(1; 11 do. Boston and Worcester Ruilrr.'.d, 3'.c.s 193 do. do. 33c.; 81 do. do. 32)io.; fri It'll L'citcd States fixes, lMi2, 108. FOUK1GN MARKETS. Kinukton, Jamaica, November 8?Flour?Market quiet, and stock moderate?33s a .'Us. accspted for Baltimore, and 3&s. for (ieoraetown and Alexan. dria. A parcel of 200 bbls. Kiohmond baa been moved at ' }'}?. Meal? 17s. a 178. lid. the highest ratss obtainable: holders do aot prt-ss the market at these price*. Woe?Carolina inactive, with a heavy stock, and is slowly taken at 17b a '20*. p?r 100 lbs.; a lot of 70 tierces, some time on band, has been disposed of at ICR. Butter?S00 kegs American realized 9d.; stook of all descriptions is moderate, hard- ,ri00 kegs Philadelphia bave been placed at ,S)i a !>d ; the quality of the late receipts has not quite oome up to the usual standard; the stock is light. Caudles are scarce and in good demand. Codfish is improving. Herrings source. Pork ?A better feeling is springing up for this article; prime has been disposed of at 62 a 04s and mess at 72s. per bbl. Hams?Ordinary American are abundant, and lule at 6d. a 7d ; prime are wanted. Cheese? Amerioan has been sold at 0d. a 6>fd. Beef?Small parcels of family beef are taken as wanted, at 44s. per half barrel. Lumber? P. P. boards are getting scarce, but other descriptions are abundant; W. P. is worth 72s. a 80s per M. feet; W O. staves and beading are wanted; cedar shingles are taken at 18s per M afloat; wood hoops aro unsaleable at 60s. per M. Tobaooo?Leaf is dull of sale; cavendish 18's and ISO's has been taken at 8>?d. a Od. PAKK rnEATKE.?MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 4. tha entertainments will oommenoe with tbo farce i f OPEN HOUSE?Villars, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Fostor, Mr. Dawson; Cousin Tod. Mr. H'alcot; Mrs. Mather, Mr*. Winstanlny; Fanny. Miss Mary Taylor. Alter which, the grand ballet of EV/ERAT*. l)A?Pierre CtiiiRoIrc. M. II. Monnlnnlr; Ph<rhusde '^hafaupira, Mi'ns Cornet; Claude Fro'lo, M. Groimi: La Eamcrjilda, Msdtme U"nplaisir, Fleur de I.ys. M'Ue Anna Bulan. To conclude with Gl'x MARY ANNE?Col. Albert, Mr Dawson; Ernestine, Miss K. Dress Circle, 7? cents, family Circle, 8U oenti; Upper Boxes, 20 oenta; Pit, 37>i cents; Gallery, ISW eonts. Doors open at halfpa*t6; perforiuaaosto eommenoe at 7. Bowery theatre.?monday evening, dec. will lue perfnrnnd the drams cf MUNGO PAKK, or the Arab of the Niger?Karfk. IJerr Driethaoh; Mungo Park, Mr. N. IS.Clarke; Ali. Mr. 1' utT; Col. Ijiidly, Mr. Warden; loliy Gaude-, Mr. Winaiia; Immale.', Vrs. tlorbert. Previous to whieh. THE ALP1>E MAID?Roau'.tn. Mrs. Ilerburt: Swiff. Mr J Wlnana. W ?'u r, Mr. Bi'nn; Dsme Glib, lira. Sutherland. To couelude with the comedy of THE M AID AND T11E MAGPIK-Oerald. y x. Stovers; Henry. Mr. J. U. 11*11; Evnrd, Mr. Duff; Martin, Mr. \V'ruins; Annette, Miss Wemyss Mrs. Gerald. Mrs. Sutherland. Doirs open at a iiuarter past 6?oommence at 7. Boxes, 25oout?; Tit and Gallery, U% cenU. CUANFRAU'H NATMNAL THEATRE, I, ATE CHATHAM. ?Monday EveniDg.Dcc.mber 4, will fee anted the drama ,r DON C.V.JAR DE BAZAN?Don Osar de Ba/an, Mr. C.R.Ihorne; Don J'te do S.ntarem. Mr McFariand; Mariulsde Snntai'ruz, Mr. i'ardey; Muritani. Mrs. O. K Tliorno. Aft-r which the populerdramaof the MYSTESIBS AMD MISIttlKS OF NEW YORK ?Mnse, .Mr. Chanfrau: Captain Tobin, Mr. C. Burke; Sykcscy, Mr. Sejmour; Pin Lite. Mrs. Woedward; Little ) ire. Mis* R. lleMa.ver. To oonc'ude with NATURE AND PHILOSOPdY?Father Phillip, Mr. I'ardey: Colin, Nis? E. Mutiyer; Gertrude. Mlf a ('I n | man. Doors open at 6>?, curtain rises at 7. B'xcs, 2So.; Pit, 12*0. DARK THEATRE - TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY OP THE J late EDMUND SIMP ION. E?|., for forty years lean* of the ul ove establishment, respectfully tendered by tie members of the dnmatifl profession and citiiens of New York, to the family of tli e late manager. The oommi'.tto who hare the dirootlou of this ti Htimenial have the highest sUisfaition in making known the readiness with which their fallow citizens havo p .rticipsted in it. With no less thankfulness do they acknowledge the alacrity with which the ladies and gontleuien of the different theatres, in this sr.d the neighboring cities, have responded to the several applications for their aid; the disinterestedness of one and ail as to individual position or pre eminence. Icing made hubssrweut touoy I ill of entertainments that mulit ssabiM tho greatest attractions. The c< mimltce are thus enabled to offer for the extended favor atd patronage of the publio the following varied, appropriate, and attractive pcrfoimanita, at the establishment over which the late Mr Simpson, for marly fort* j ears, presided. 'b Thnrsday Ever in z, Deo. 7th. 1MV. for tho oecupaacy of whioh the ocmmitUe have been mo*t liberal)*- met l,y tlie present lessee, 'i11of. 8. ilamlilin, Es i. Tie committee have, also, to aokoo*. ledge the kindly acceded aid of Mrs. Shaw, by whose valuable assistance they are enabled t j offer tho finest corned* In the Iangusge, with sn unparalleled csst. Order of Performance To begin at 7 o'clock prcci-ely. Grand Overture, by the Orchestra. To he followed by Slu-ridan's comedy, in five acta, of the SCHOOL I MR SCANDAL, with the following iine<iiul'od cut cf characters Sir Peter Tesile, Mr. 11. Plaeide; Sit Oliver Surface, Mr. Burton; .Joseph Surface, Mr. Barry; Charles Surface, Mr. U. U. Barrett; Careless, (with a song.) Mr. Walcot; Crab tree, Mr. IF. R. IliilcSir BenjaminBackbitc, Mr.Bichings; Howler,Mr. Mitchell; Moses, Mr. Povey; Trip, (on this occasion,) Mr. Dawson; Lady Tiaxle, Mra Shaw; Mrs. Candour, Mrs Winstanley; Laly Sneer will, Mts. Gilbert; Maria, Miss Mary Taylor. Altar which, the following eminent artistes, who have kindly given their valuable aid, with the liberal permission of E. P. Fry, E*<i? and T. 8. Ham blin, Eni., will then appear and perform the subjoined Moroeanx : Aria and Cavatiua, " Ernani." Signonna Truffl. A Grand Pas de Deux, by Mms. and Mons. Monnlaisir. ''The Widow Maohree," Mr.Collins Trio, "I Lombard!, Signorina Trnffl, Signor Beneieiti, sr.d Signor Rosi. " The Bould Boy." Mr. Collins? to wlich will lie sdded such other entertainments as nia* prove attrtrtive and admit of the performance bein? terminated at U o?clo< k. Doors open at half-past six. the curtain to rise at seven o'clock. The committee with their ladies, will ooonpy the pit. which will be arranged as a parqnette on this ocoasion, thus throw ing open to the public tbe entire boxes of the theatre. The I rice of admission will be One Dollar, and any additional sum will le received fey way of donation, enoloaed to tha Chairman, D. C. Colden, Ea<i ,28 Lalgbt street, or Francis R. Tillon, the Seoretary, No. 70 Wall street. Gallery. 2ft cents. Tickets may bo i obtained snd seats stenred at the Box Office of the Park theatre. The bex plan Is now open. Members of the committee, and other pentlemen who have subscrilied for tickets, will reoeive them at the Home Journal Office, 1UT Fulton street, 2d floor, front oflUa. Pleate apply immtdiaely. j-i UNG'L'S SEVENTH CONCERT, AT MUSICAL HALU II S3!) Broadway.?Josef Gung'l has the honor to announoe to tbe Ladies and Gentlemen af New York, that his next Conoert,ln this city, will take place at the New Musical Hall, 539 Broadway, on Monday Evening next, Dec. 4th, on whioh ooeasion be will, In connection with a choioe programme, perform the following new nieces, just composed by himselfOn, Susanna, and Rosa Lea, Polka?Gung'l. Quadrille, (popular American Airs)? Gung'l. Tickets fifty cent*?for sale ai the Mnsio Stores, and at the Hall, on the evening of (he concert. Concert to oommenoa at eight o'clock. No poetponcmen t aa account of tbe weather. Z^^HOOLOGICAL BALL. 38 AND V BOWERY.?THIS MAOniticeat estakHsliment is now open daily from ltf till 4, and l.._ KU till O m 11 Tk. -f?MU.I I- ? - - .ivi. V, > . M. - v? Hiiimuun IB mwu mi wiul gr;at cligance, and tteicollection of living Beast* and Bird* is the largest and moot pirfeot in America. A performance Is given at each exhibition,Incloding the Peat* of trained Elephant*, Ponie* and Monkies. Mr. Brooksenters a dea of Lion* and Ttgeis. Admission SB c*at*. children under nine half nrioe. Ben entioketsW. VAN AMBt'EOH ft co. Proprietor*. COLLYKR'S classic MUSEUM. 25a BROAD WAV-OPEN every evening this week. Performances at 7k precisely.? Dr. Collier's original Artiste, in their oelebrated Living Tableaux; Mr. Neiu will peiform on ten different instruments at on* time. An efficient Orchestra. Illuminated by Drnmmond Light*. Programme changed every evening. Admission. 25 cent*?parqnette, SO cents. Lost-on fridat night, dxcimber i. 1*4 a boat belonging to the brig Souvenir, while lying below the South Petty, Brooklyn, clincher built, painted I.laek outside, green inidce, above the thwMti, In the stein marked Monvenir, Limerick^ J AS. DANCAETE. IOf*T?ON SATURDAY. Till 18 TH Ul.T., A NOTE Of J M. Osthcim, endorsed liy himself, dat'd November 16th,at six months, for one hundred aid sixty-Are dollars, sixty-two pajable at the North River Bank. All per.totuare eantionrd against negotiating or discounting this not*, as payment of the same hss been stepped. A liberal reward will h* given if returned to Schnchardssnd Pebhatd, 31 Nassau street. Lost-on w ednbsday, in the vicinity of hudi on street, a small package of money, Vt/1, the property of a lnboringman. Tho finder will be handsomely rewarded, and recede the thank* of the owner, by leaving It with Mr. West, plumber, of Hudson and Beach street Thistle bam.-the managers of the thistle r !.? ? "lent A**oeiatlon reipeetfnlly annognr* that the ftrat Hall for tli* aeaaon, will take plan) on Thursday evening. Dee. 14th IMH, at tlia Aeaemhly Hot ma. Chine* Hnlllioge,No. IV* llroadeay. the pnoe?tl? to b? applied aa formerly t > oharluiMe purpo1**. *ni1 indiferiuiinately diatrtlmtrd amoagitworthy ot>. iMta ofd'itreii. withont dUtinctii.ii of M?t or eooatry. T(* of d?r of danrUg according to programme. Mr. Wm. ha* kindly T<lntteered to direct the floor, loader of the ?reiiei>r* Mr. William Wallace. B?p per. Mr M*Kerracher. Door* opea at 7; fencing will commence at 8 o'eloek praalaely TiokettSI each, to admit a gentleman and two lad.a*, nan be had or Minn, ftodart, Dunham k Co. 259 Hrovlwiy; Meier*. William Hall k Sot.*. corner I'aik Place and Broadway; the Hotel i* Pari* o r?er ofAnthony atreet and Broadway, and eliher of the oiuatgera. Til-Thoma* < lialmera, President. 70" Broadway; George Cat neiit, Vic* I'reitident, W Kim atreet; John Rnchanan,Tra>a?irer, 2m William atreet; Johm llague, 12 Dutoh atreat; Janet Foatrr. cc nifr IHth atn at and Hrad?ay;Jam.? M'Bear, 1KT 7th (treat. Jamra Grant, Id Ann atnet: Qeorge Bathge'a eornar of/7tk aal 4tli avrnne. A Cameron. Senetary, 10 Domialck ?tr"ei. Cat riagea will leave tf.eir oompany horaaa heada toward* Can* I *1, ondtakenpin revere* order. Cheek a aot tranafovb'a. N. B.? Memfon entitled to tioket* can obtain them on application to Ac winy. ODD MLLOWS' HALI. THE BROTBKHS PERKINS. AT the solicitation of nnmeron* friend*, reapectfnlly announce that they will devote Monday, 4th la?t??t, bet wean the honra of II A. M. and 7 P. M. to tke reception of l?dioa, accompanied by Gentlemen, and thor beg to add the wlah that, daring the hour* deafgaatad, no gentleman will oall on them without an eaenrt of ladie*. They hope, by the beanty and convenience of their Saloena, and their effort* to pl*a* make the oaUoa the* a Moa iaf aaaV '>u? a pr?lui? te foiUtt tuua, Broadway thiatrk-i a. marsiiaix, pxo?bietor?Mi inlay evening, DMemlM 4. will be presented 'lOCO* i MY Tlll'MB, or the CeYen League Boot*?Kin* rinle, mr Taehe; I l.erd Tlionv?? Noddy Mr. Bernard; Bobin.Mr. ? 9l'?w; Solomon, Mr. Ifadawaj: lion O' MyTVuraK General Tom Thumb; Brllgtt, V rn Ik! Urn,. P? III.. 1'rimnifflnhnnr Mr P..IM: Ciambalitta, Mr. Uaflot Previous to which, TflB DUMB BELf.E i ? \ ivian, Mr. loiter; O'gmiik. Mr. K.Shaw: Bin, HLrsF. Wal lack. After ihe remans, TUB ARCADE?Wi?ton. Mr. Hadaway; Mra. t'li td. Mr? l?li?rwood. Drtns Circle and Parnuatte, 79#.; Family Circle and I 'pper Tlera, Jfo; Oallery, l-'j' Do rs open ?? ?- v rforn ian<. to eommenca at7 o'clock. BURTON'S TUEATKB. CHAMBERS BTREKT.?MOV DAT Kvcti.n^, Die. j, will he played the comedy of PRINTER'4 APPRENTICE?General Morin. Mr. Uurton; M. Arthur, Mr. I Uiare: Joatph. Mine Chapman: Mm?. Mnrin. Mr*. Vernon: Kl'sa, ! Mr*. Kniiht. Alter whiih the riaitdy of tlx BREACH OK t'RD- > M13E?Cletirxrr Sudden. Mr Burton; Mr Jabber, Mr T. Joha { I etou; Mra Trupi'r, Mrs. Vernon Matilda, Miss C. Chap-nan. To ! conclude with MUMOAl ARRIVALS?Josuf Jing'l, Mr. T. B. Johnston: Mr Cro'ohet, Mr. Raymond; Manager Burton. Mr. , Jordan: Jenny Jlngl, MimChapman; Mis?< hapman, Mr*. Do wling. I , Drear Circle, 8t>c.; Family Circle or Swond Tier, 2?>o. Doors <p. a at paat C?enrtuiu t. o-it7. M^^HITCOBLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?MONDAY BVENil>K. Defemlter 4, will be pnwnttd, tin* musical oxt.nvuI gauia entitled HERO AND LEAN l)ER?launder. Miss Mary 1 Cannon; Fnleyiran Adha, Mr. Nlokiaaon: llaro, Miaa Roberts. To be followed fc? eomfrfy entitled QUERNSBCRY FB I'S| Gilea Fairland; Mr. Holland; ?'i un'.'Ha Kosedale. Mi?s Clarke. I , Followed I,r the ijUEEN*BURY rETB-Fatrland; Mr Holland. I Attirwhicli, ESMkRALDA?Claudo Frollo, Mr. Arnold: ijnnn';* ' inodo, Mr. NicVinson; Clopin, Mr Reynold*, Kttneralda. Mm ! , Maiy Taylor. To conclude with FOUNDED ON F \. T.-i Mr. Skrptic. Vr. Uoilar.d; Mrs. Skuptiu, Mi?? Kohort* Helen llurtrood, ! Mix- l'l illiin Doors open at haltpsst < -curtain n* i ai.7. ECIIAMCB IlAl.L, NO. 473 BROADrt'AV, BKTIVEEN ' Gnird and Broome street*, commenced on Mouda). Oct. I >j. and will ccutinue every nisht outil further, noft<e.?Tenth < I' week olHln re op'nitit. Tho original and well-known c;!RI'ArY'3 MINSTRELS, (organized in 1? r.'.J T(!K Flit .ST TO UAUMON1ZE NEGRO MXLOD1IS. AND ORIGINATORS OF T'115 ! PREBtNT POPULAR STYLE OP ETHIOPIAN ENTKKTlnaMINN <|.|,U> I. III. r?. . month*, were wneiveJ with suoh diotlngmched favor and patronage, have the of announcing to the ladies ami Ront"omen of Sew York and vicinity, that they will five a ?eiic? of their popular Concerts, introducing a variety of their original Songo, Choruses, Characteristic Danuos, Ike. Admission 25 cent*. Doom cpm'at 7. Concert will oommenoe at 8 o'clock. Au Afternoon t'onowrtuvery Saturday, oorameneing at .1 o'clock, f. 11., under tt o management and d'rection of I;, P. Oltristv. Barm m\h american muuvm.-p. t. barm m. piv>. prietor; F. Hitchcock, Manager. Every day and ovening thin week, commencing Monday, Dec. 4, IM8. Splendid performance* every alteraoon, at 3 o'clock, aud every evening, at half-piist 7. General T> m Thumb in the Hliade. The managur in happy to anlouice the greatest wonder in creation, the smallest human pair that we.rc ever seen alive, in the persons of Major Ltttleflnger and hin petite sweet heart, Titania, the Fairy Queen. She is of the same age. II) years, and the ustho height as the Major. both lieing muoh siraller than (ieneral Tom Thumb, making theui the meat extraordinary prodigies in the world, and the most interesting curiosities ever teen with human eyeH. They may buseen every morning, fmm II till 12 o'clock; every alternoon, from I till />; and every evening, from 7 till 10. Ureat Western, the Yankee comedian, will moke hi* first appearance in an entiro new Yankee molaoge, the Wersted Uomestead, which he has been engaged for ceveral weeks in writing, ai.d which is replete with his p?onliar wit, and laughable humor In addition, the manager has also engaged the celebrated Sable Brothers, a ino*t su|ierb and ?al 'nted band of Negro Siigern. Dancers, Ifco Peto Morris will appear in hi* originkl song. " I'm one of the h'hoya," in the character of Mose. Mr. T. J. tildfield, Mrs. Morrell, IMiss Leslie, the Highland Mammoth Brothers. Living Ourang Omang. Wax Scripture Sta| tuary. Madamo Rockwell^ the Fortuno Teller. Admission, 25 cents: ehildren under ten years of age, ii'K cents. NEW ORLEANS SEHENADERS.-ETUIOPIAN OI'EKA. company at the 8toyvecant Institute,every evening '-'1 WNk. Doo sopen al 7 o'clock, to commence at M o'clock pr. wisely. The c mpany eon?isU of Signor BOVJ, Sign or BANJON1, Sen., Signer BANJONI, Jr., Signer OI.E BULL, Signor VIOLA, and Sig .or TAMBOR1NI. Each evening's entertaii ment will embrace gr ind seen as Irom La Scinnanhal, Lucre tia Borga, and thi Italian > Operas, with imitation* of Jiisv 1,im<, Madame Ghini, Madame Ai Honi, Signor Labi.aohk, Signor Mahio, Signor OAHiuowi.Ma d?me Bishop, and ethers. Saturday Afternoon Concert?Door* open at 2 o'clook, concert st .'1 o'cl< ck.Thiscompany will appear at the HuWera' Institute, on Tuesday and Friday evenings, 5th aud Kth of Dtoeniber, and will give their Ethiopian Oporatic entertainment. Hp HE GERMAN LADIES' BENEVOLENT SOCIETY BEOS JL leave to announce to its friends, and the publio in general, tbat they intend to give, for the relief of the poor, * Grand Concert, at the Apollo Saloon, on Saturday, December !', IHI*. on which occasion the fellow ing eminent artiats have kindly volun- | teeicd their valuable servicesMad. Antoinette Otto, Mr*. Charles K. Horn, Messrs. Fhilip Meyer, Jules Ifocht.Georgo Bris- I tow, A. Ahrecs, tlenry <'. Tlmm, and the Gennin Liederkrani, I tinder the direction of M. Jules Heeht, Tickets HI cents oach. | To he hail at the principal music stores and at the door on the ' evening of the concert. To continence at 8 o'clock pruoiiely . STOl'PANl HALL, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND i Walker ttroet. ? Positively the last wook- F. Grain lit ?'o.'? 1 Grand Moving Panorama of Muxicu, illustrating the Pto- I tnresqne and Romantic Scenery of that wonderful oountry, snd tie glorious Campaign of the American Army, under the command of Otneni WlnfleM Rent.t from the bornbsrdment at tl.e City of Vertv Crui to tho planting of the American Hon 011 the IIalia of the Monteiuinu, now exhibiting overy ever, ing, and on tho altcrnoons of Weduesday and Saturday During tee pat nun of tho pioture, an explanatory lecture will be delivered bv Captain K. A. Carter, iaUi of the Mew York Volunteer*, who participated iti all tlie hattlw. Doori opem at 7 o'clock. The picture will oommcncc moving at a quarter before eight Prioe of admission, 25 ennts; children under ten joara or ace, half prioe. Unserved soatsoan be secured at the off:on from 9 till 11, and from 'i till 4. Liberal terms made with ichoola. C11NTREV1LLE COUR3F. L. I.?TROTTING.?ON MONday afternoon, Doe. 4, a trotting contest will cotnn off, pursa flO, t?o mile heats in harness. The tIMI areas follows: ?111, m. Modesty. I>. g. Libtrty, s. g. Youi g Comiiience, and b n. I an. armcr. JOEL ''nwmUN. Proprietor. A CARD -MR. FRY AND SIQ. BRNIDITTL?'TB* PUBHe w 111 be amuicd ti l?am that the difference between those two gentlemen, or rather their relations to tho public, is nothing but an affair of a Shirt. On Friday evening, why did Mr. Fry stand celmly beforo the foot-lights,!nmid the applause of ail admiring audience 7 Simply because he had on one of Mra. Henna's enperb eight dollar Shirts. II ere 'a the secret of fueoea*. Mr. Fry knowait Ilia reputation ttands upon an immovable buis. Has ha notbeughtawlwle dozen ot Mrs. Heman's most elogant patterns? In the words of the lamented B\r n ? "The mind's thestaudard ol the man," So coets do assert; But the siandsrd nf a gentleman Is a new and handsome Shirt. The coat in fashon may be cut, Nor show a speck of dirt: But still be la no gentleiran, W ithout a handaome Shirt. The man of black to black his boot*. Ills talents mav exrrt; Bnt sought will prove the gentleman, Ixeept a handsome Shirt. The hattar, too, may try his hand. The statement to pervert; Bnt we maintain a gentleman Must wear a handsome fhirt Tht point it proved?noroan mankind The truth e'or oontrovrrt: That the stand; rd of a gentleman Is a new and 1 acdsome Shirt. li!> Nas au *tt< t. Niw Voik. Clinton lull. MK DE NEUVILLE. AKR1VK DE LONDP.BS. AVEC duux Machines rir ult ires I i vetoes poor triootter la sole, li laiae, le or,ton, et 1e uts do tostcs licet to.i avec variations des dtuinit, desire ae M unir A un tgooMt n'cnmmcndablel>?ur former nn Mai listen ent |ui promet d'etre important. M. De Neuvilie au courant dot machibes mettra on pen de temi un? personnc intelligeante, an courantet oommnni<|uera las moyena de faiir le tricot tu lie a brfvoter, et toute autre tricot, ii ft sols par line de hf on. M. 1)? Neuvilie vent prendre des renselgnements j avant toutes relations, il ne relations, il m rvcevra<|neoex lottre* fiaaehrs de post a M. Noirtin, .'<02 Eroadway, pour n-mettra a M de Neuvilie. BOARD?A PARLOR TO LET TO ONE OR TWO OENtlemen, or a gentleman and lady, with full or partial board. Apply at 104 Womtn street. MI'SICIAN8 WANTED FOR TBI II. S. FRIGATE RARItan. Apply at the naval rendeivoni. No. 9 Cherry street. WVT ikivvn tuutniifii v didw nti * ,u i n the netghbtrhood of Market Reformed Dutch Cburoh, by a desirable and responsible tenant, v itli > small family of two | children. A line nddnned to "Atircrombia," at this offioc. statin* real name, terms and accommodations, will meat with prompt attrntior. SITUATION WANTED, BY A COLORED MAN, THIRTYbin yesrs of a?e, eitheraaCoachman or Porter In a Store; la accustomed to horses, and can give satisfactory references. Please address "Cornelias." at thia office. Steamship united states, for Havre.?this rhip will leave Jadd's wharf, east aide of Catharine Market, j on Tnerday, 6th instant, at I o'clock, P. M. Paasen^era are requested to be on hoard with their haagW* at 11 o'clock. Letter i kar* will el - ?e at the Poat Otfioe, Exchange, Hale's Letter Office, I pnl Kcayona (Journal of Commerce Office) at half past 12 i o'clock. No lettera will be received at tha office of the tinders'irned. Specie and parcels mnat he sent to the office before II o'clock on Tuesday morning, tshippor* of merchandise ami specie will boforniahed with blank hilfs of lading at tha office of tie urdmigted. CHARLES H. MARSHALL, sfc Burling slip. PACKETS FOR IIA VR*.?SECOND LINK - THE SHIP Oneida, J. WiUard, maater, will aail on the 1st Decembar BOYD k H INCH EN. Agenta, 8H Wall street. J STATEN ISLAND Ff.RRY?THE STEAMBOAT S7ATKN Islander will run as follow*?Leave New York at 9, II, 1. and o'oloek. Leave Quarantine at 8, 10. 12. 2 and I ' V AIUABLE PROPERTY ON BEKKMAN STREET.Hill he icld n'the Merchants' Exchange, at 12 o'clock, on | Friday, the 16th DeoemKr, by H'l'liam H. Franklin & ion. the Hcnsc and Lot. No l!l Beck man street, being in front 21 feet A Inches, in the rear 2,'t feet 2 inches, and on each it Je 1<I0 fee>? I/OR SALE-THE IU'ENA VISTA IIOWLIVQ SALOON, j JT In ronacMiience of the owner having other bnsioess to attend ' to, he will sell tha above saloon very cheap for cash. Inquire at Id j Vesfy street. | FS. FlSCHlL k von STADE. II PLATT STREET offer for sale Anuro an Live Geese Feathers, prime <|uality ; Rio Grande H^rae-hair,mixed : r"re enrlcd Horsehair. IV Trinmph," "Tribute to the Flrenen,""Re>?teIlaiidro*t<,llo," | "Out of favor with the 8u?j" 30 original articles; "The Kent I Collector." fcc. Abutter No. than unual. Published Friday, at . 4 P. M...TKIH Brondeey. BRAr?t'S GAM ERY OF l>At:l ERRKOTVK PORTRAITS and Family Groop*, Not. 2>5 and 3*7 Broadway. 3d doer ; *oulh of 8t. Paul'* Church, 2d, .fd and! th stone*. Hour* from 3 in the ipr-mirg till l> In the evening. NF.U YORK VOL1 NTEER* MOM RENT. -GENTLEMEN holding subscription lists lor the monument, to the o?eeraof ; the New York Vi lnn tenia, ore iei|u**ted to make a return to the Treasurer, on or boforo Monday, December IV hv re.iu??t of th* committee MORHM MIM.KR, (-ha rrnan. F} AIIRF NS, THE WELL KNOWN PANTS TAILOR, -12X Annetrret, has lately received anentl'erew stock of Fmey Caeaimere* and Doeskins- In all over ll*) pieces?whieli he make*up to order at only $4 th* pair?some at Hi. Aim on hand, a f*rg* *tock of inperlor black Freuoh and Kn^l ah Caatlmrra* and Doeekin* from f4 to id. Any on* In want of thla article *111 sare money bv oalllog a- .Ann street. DR. JONES. DENTIST. 7 BL1EC1BR STREET, NEAR the Bowery, ln*erts whole and half set* of teeth, nam newly discovered principle, and warrant* them thirty per c int bottar ard cheaper than anything of the kind made in tm city, mastication being tendered unite e*?y by I)r. J.'l di*ooT*ry. COMMA N'S HOTEL, CORNER OF PENNSYLVANIA Ave ne nnd f ixfch street. WaiMngton. D. C. ?The nnderug*<d bavirit beci me Proprietor, in Januar) last, of tlx" absve-named Hotel, at the seat of the Federal Government. ban* leave toa*cur> hlsfilrmla. and the public in genera'. that no effort on his p*rt ball be wanting to perpetaate the nigh reputation which th* house ha* heretof*** e?.|oyed among thoee who have been called to Washington. either on bnaineia or pleaaare The situation and earaelty of thla relet rated Hotel are too wall nndtratood by th* travelling public to naed any daeeriptli-n ot C'llosinm in a business cart, aocti a* thla I* Intended to b?. The nndentgned has secured th* *arvlr*a of th* moatcipabla aseis'aats, In every braneh of hi* establishment. and ha can confidently promise, to nil who may honor him with their patronage, the moat unqualified satisfaction, aa it I* hi* determination to kaap a Hotel, in coatradlatlncUoa I* a l>oarding hoaie. _ < w. B LACK WELL. f EISH AWPECOTCM MALT WHISKET?HIGH FLAVORED 1 aad superior quality, in paekagaa to wit th* fcad^and bette* adapted fat their pnmoee than aay lalb*m mTamT rtrrmmrh l*a than th* nwal rata*, by WlLUAMlLf ARM. Man Wkl*fcay PMHtar. M S*vsath?T*na?. 0?a*. 43 St*M li Medical caed.?dr.richard#on,4.ate (xjnsitlttng PhyaMaa to th* Naw York Coll** of Madielaa and Fbansacy, eaa k*e?a*nlt*d al hie Madiaal TWfio*, We. 10 Park rZZZL 9 A. M. to HP. M. oa all prtrat* dt*e***a, Ttr^qoaor rheaa. Byphilla, Oleet, Stricture, and Seaolaal weakneaa. Tama ?o?re?Paad . euia gaarantead. wlWwat VnUmmK HM?f M Mm *oo*titutiuo 'I I INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAILS. Washinotow, Dec. 1,1848. Ami of the Day. Members arrive slowly. Among those wh? ciime in lust evening, are Messrs. Went worth and lady, of Illinois ; Hamlin, (Senator) and Smart, of Maine, at Blackwell's, lute Coleman's Hotel. For the information of tl>o trj.-oll...,, ? I ?" puuilt, *rc U4TC to say that.while the principal hotels ot this city have been re-organized for the winter in good itvle, Coleman's maintain* its well established reputation for the comtort of its rooms, its table, and its general discipline. The question of an extra session begins to b"J mooted. The whigR will hardly venture upon audi an expedient, after the disastrous results ol|th?? extra session oi Ml, however strong 111 ty be the consideration of such a session, as 11 means of organizing the administration. As far ns understood, from the meeting of Congress, the democrats intend to commence the war upon the incoming administration. They are sanguine of a speedy rupture among rite elements of the whig paity. That is a small allair; for as long as General Taylor shall stand up to his Allison letter, he can command obedience and support. fenor Atocha arrived in town to-day. He haa a claim uj?on the government. Washington, Dec. I.1H13. T!ir Gold Mania?Letter to the Secretary of the Wavy from California?Reflection1 Thereon? Jsxue nf Stork?'lite Slave Stealing Cane?Improvements in ll'athin/ftim?A Br\>%arly Appropriation, fyc. fyc fyr. The California gold mania in again in the asceadunt, and bids fair to depopulate thin aide of the continent altogether. The account* of the immense riches to be acquired in tliia new El Dorado, instead of abating, are every day arriving in a more authentic shape, till even the most incredulous are compelled to believe. For several days past rumors have floated about that official despatches have been received nt the War Department, corro boruting all that we have heard on the subject; but as the Secretary of War refused to permit any one even to read these despatches, and aa we do not profess to belong to that tribe of correspondents known here as " the key hole genus," we refrained from giving publicity to mere rumors, which may or may not be correct. The Secretary of the N?vy, however, ha* very kindly permitted us to make some extracts from u private letter just received by him from California, and which contmns some interesting and corroborative information. The letter was written by a gentleman occupying an otticial position in Monterey, the Alcalde of the place, and the statements contained in it can be relied upon, just its much as if they were mude in an official character. It is as follows :? Mo*t?:hkv, Sept. 10, 1848. The citizens of California are very anxious for tha establishment of a branch mint in this territory. There is very little coined money la the country, and the consequence is. they are obliged to sell their grala and wheat at a ruinous sacrifice The custom home duties are all required to b? pa|4 in ooin, and this absorbs the little that still remains in circulation. The people are obliged to carry their grain gold in their lobs, corners of their pocket handkerchiefs, and in goore quills, for change, They want a United States mint, and have had many public meetings on the subject. It is calcalated that over two milllens of dollars ara taken out of the mines in gnin gold, per month? and this sum will be more than ipridrupled another season This grain gold is now shipped off In larga (|ii?ntitieo to Mexioe, Chili and Peru, where It will be coined under the insignia of those republics, and lost to the mutallo basis of our own circulating medium. This gold can bo securcd to our own oouulry only by a mint. Such an institution will bring th? grain gold at once to its intrinsic value, ami sustain It there ; and save the poor emigrants who get it out of the earth (rem the hands of speculators It will di more o cherish and sustain emigration, than the appropriation of million* for ordinary purposes, and will at tha same time swell immensely the aggregate of our national coin. The head of the emigrant column for the year haa already reached California They will throw themselves m maiir into the mines. There wllI also be a I large emigration from Oregon, and also from the Sand| wlch It lands. and there will ba a heavy tide over tha Isthmus an soon aa the ateamers are on their deUiaed track. When the wealth of these gold mines ia really known and belieTed, in tha United States, thera will not be wagons and steamers enough that aan ba spared to bring the emigrants here. Yon ara now all Incredulous?you reg rd our staterenti as tha dreams or an exoited imtgination ? but wbnt aeema to you mere Action, in a ?t??rn reality. It Is not gold in the clouds or In the sea. or in theeentre of a rock ribbed mountain, but in the soil of California, sparkling in the *un and glittering in ita atreama. It ilea on the open plain. In the ahadowa of the de?p ravines, and glowH on tne au mm Ita of the mountaina, whloh have lifted for agea their golden coroneta to heaven A* an evidence of the facility with *hioh it la procured, let one or two facta au<lioe. t . very pallor that now ahlpa from a port In California, geta hia $50 per month, and but very few can bn protured at thoae wagea. An offer of >100 a month would le re ?cted by nine-tenth* of thoae now engaged in tb? miner. They consider their labor there good for $-10 a day, and it often realizea tbem even more. K.veu the poor Indian, when you talk of hiring him. shake' hl< b.ig cf gold in your eyea. The conaeqi ence fa. we have no hired laborers. no servant* ; every muat blaok hia own boota Thla ia (fractical (Vmocraey ; no theory, do talking about equality. We are all on m level by that great law of circumstances which none can luriiiimnt The rounda of your ladder, it ia true, are of gold?but your neighbors' ladder runs just aa high. ?? * ? All the piize money Is in the hands of pursers of the Navy, and ia on ita way home, except 75, which baa been left here, and which I will bring io you in grain gold, freoh from the California mine. So much, at least, shall n'ach our mint We are proud of this mine ; ita vaat extent and riehness throws all other mines into the shade. It makes the fifteen or twenty milliona paid to Mexloo a feather in the opposite aoate. and rednoea even the expenaea of the war to a nominal fraction ?? *? Is not this description captivating ! Imagine, if you can, the appearance ol the California mountains, glistening in the rays of old Sol, not with eternal snows, but gorgeous, glittering gold!? Why, Milton. Goethe, Shaksiieare, Bvron, Scott, Southey, Campbell, or even N. P. Willis, never were brought to bed of an idea halt so sublime.? Pray, Mcttrt. let (>ratntrts cease to jaw any longer about the Wilmot proviso, or any othevproviso, and at once extend a territorial government over this delightful country. Establish, by all means, a mint there also, so that the Californians can have ths divine image of liberty impressed upon their sand, instead of compelling the unfortunate creatures to carry it about in goose quills, and the corners of pocket handkerchiefs. Senously.there can be no doubt but what large quantities of gold are found, and no one can say where the supply will cease. There is no reason to believe otherwise than that the whole vast mountain contain* beds of gold, either in a greater or less degree, and it is manifestly the duty of Congress at once to extend our laws over the country, and take possession, for the benefit of the Union, of these valuable lands. At present, it is a perfect scramble; if ihe land was taken possession of by the government and sold, it would not only regulate beneficially for the country itself the present mania, but would aflord a revenue by which the expenses of the war ronlii lie reimbursed. The amount of Mock issued go far this week on foreign account has been large. Some dMay takes place in the issue, in consequence of the great demand for coupon stock, which taksamuch longer to prepare than plain stock. The case of" Drayton, plaintiff in error, vs. the United States, defendant in error," which la being argued before the Circuit Court, has not yet bee* decided. The arguments, it is thought, will continue for some days yet. A good many improvements are being mad* throughout the city, in pursuance ot resolutions ot Congress. The gss pipes along "the Avenue are laid, and the street in front of the President's has beennaved. The old wooden railing, which surrounded the grounds connecting with the Departments, has been removed, and a tlimsy, miserable iron railing, embedded in wood, instead of stone, is being put up. The ex|>erisive economy of Congress is proverbial, and we are not therefore surprised to learn that this paltry railing is the best that could be furnished for the appropriation grant* ed?we would much prefer that the old wooden railing had remained. To he sure it whs a rotten a flair; hut still it looked more resectable, or rather less beggarly, thiin the ne w iron one. A report is in circulation, that the Hough and Ready Club ot tliis city, addressed a letter to Gen. Taylor, afrking it it was tiis intention 10 prnacriDenil the democratic ollioe holders; aud that General Taylor replied that he considered the letter as being grossly impertinent. We do not believe a wore of the statement. and give it merely as a specimen of the material of the reports Hying about. After enjoying severul daya ot delightful Indian summer weather, a change has taken pluce, and at the time of our writing, there la every indica> tion of a season of real December ra<n, sleet, and cold, awaitinv us The city if rapidly tilling with member, ot Congress. Nearly hII the judgea of the Supreme C'ouit have also arrived. Wamiikoton, Dec. 1, 181S. Airitul of Mtmhtrt?Cab in* t Making. 1V> are to have a lively time here thia winter. The ' members" are arriving in numbera, and a larger proportion of them the.n usual bring their wives with them. The capitol is putting off, fradually, its dirty face; and its complexion of white IHuut laughingly rtilecta the beam* of the riaiaf

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