Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1848 Page 1
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; I TIT NO. 5311. IDDITWNJL EUROPEAN UTELLIliKNCE RECEIVED liY THE STEAMSHIP NIAGARA. HERALD CORRESPONDENCE. if. Ate. dir. Our London Correspondence. London, Friday Evening. SUMMARY op T11K forkion intelligence. The great event which occupied the attention, tlmo6t to the exclusion of all other topics, of political men?not only in France, but also in a jedser degree in the other States of Europe?the impeachment, in a word, of (Jeneral Cavaignac, tlie President of the National AisemMy, and the candidate for the Presidency of the French Re. public, has taken place; atid the result, as might htve been anticipated, was a complete triumph of ihe general. After a most lucid defence, which proved that Cavaignac, when put ti his mettle, knows how to speak as well as to fijuht, and which astmlehed hi* audience, on the motion of M. Duoont <! l'Etire, amidrt t*ntliuriafttic cheering. ao l nrie* of " Viri In Rryulilique ."'the Ag-emhly pa-B<*d to the order Of the day v.olit (. which ruoe a< follow* The W*tf> nul A??Hinh!v, rer?i?tin* in its t.riler of the day of Jure 2tf, dfchriii* Gerertl 1 nvnirnec, the chief ?f the exa tnti< e power, has deterve 1 well of hi* coautrv, patsci to tho ocdjr tf tho da y. The reeult of the vote wa' an follow?:? Numher of voter* /H7 A 1?1..?. Olll >'cr the nrdtr of the day motive 50'i Agiluttit 84 Majority 4<W The immediate result of thi* vote was a rise in the rentei, mod a similar upward movement in our own fund* This will snflloe to show you that Oavalgnac if no mean competitor ; and though Prince LouU. on the trecgth of his uncle's name, may have many votes. Cava'goae ha* many supporters on account of the flimofS he ha* displayed The appearance of the capital was a threatening one. and a large f^rce was asceuibled in the pvecincts of the Hall of Assembly. I enclose ) ou the debate in full [It van published in yesterday's Hn aid.] Cuvaignac's system of allowi ng an inkUtrecMon togi-o^ to a certain !/.? before putting it down, instead of nippirg it in the bud. is severely com mwnted upun by some rf the ultra journals; at the pre. sen t moment, however, everything 1* turned to account by them, for electioneering pnrooses Many persons are of the opinion that this triumph of Cavaignao will tellg'eatly in his favor , The non.president party {g however, gaining (round Louis Blano. Proudhm, PUrre I^eroux, and their party. stoutly oppose presidency as being but another mask for royalty I am of the opinion that the month of December is likely to be a memorable one in th? annals of this most m*rmrable year, and without wishing to act the part of a bird of ill-omen. I forebode the worst. As it is. colli ionetake place dally between the Garde iV?Ai7*aud the line, and the National (Juards Th? very members,when they meet, oome to words and even blows Two rn?mbora of the Mountain. M Proudhon and M Kelix Pist hid a regular set to lis one of the ante-rooms of the National .Assembly? the former flattening his adversary's na?al orgsn and th? other planting a well aimed blow on thaso elalist's lip, which placed him on an equality with the floor, with which be fraternised Otherwise, there is but. little stirring in France But all parties are preparing for a strnpule. The assassination of Connt Rossi at Rome, which I mentioned in my last, had used enme sensation, wh'ch was increased by an attempt at Paris to shoot Odilon Barrot?(this may have been a mere honfwbreaking affair). Two sho's were fired Into his house and his butler mortally wounded. Prince Lonis Napoleon has at last come fairly for ward and issued a manifesto, which. If he acts up to In the event, of his election, will h? all that can be defired. But promises and the fulfilment of them are two very different thinsrs (The manifesto was published In yesterday's Herald ] The assassination rf Count Rossi was only the prelnde toe popular outbreak. The i -perial city has aotnally stormed the Pope's nalace. and the Romans have dipped their hands in the blood of a Cardinal '? For two boirra the people besieged the Qnirinal : the Swlra inside kept up a brisk fire upon them, and the Pope was compelled to give in and oonoede a more liberal ministry Cardinal Palma. the Pope's Secretary, was struck in the forehead by a ball, and killed on the pot This revolution at Rome, thlj delaneo of the authority of the Holy s^e. in perhaps one of tho most trtklrg signs of the present times ? the infallibility of the Pope ha* In fact been denied, and th? remark I beard of a well Informed person, thit Plus IX. would i>? the last of the Pope*. in perilape not *o ImnOisible or Improbable ss It. mavarpear to It i? not so'ong Ins* Gregory XVI died :and who would then huve drestnt of barricades In the napi'al And nuns pointed by Roman* araln*t the gate of the Quirinal? These re right* that would have rejoined the heart of Henry VII'. or Luther, hut whioh are a source of deep eoniideratton to the thinking men of the present era. I nod you a lull account of this revolution. The new Roman ministry in composed as follows : II a m re i a mi Fnreicn A Cale'tl Interior and Polioe. Lint'l Finances. BerMni Commerce and PulUc Works, f f mt ello War B*rmini Pul>li? Ine'ructim. Tfce Vnivert, a well infrrmed journal on Roman affair . *tates, hut Joes net pay on what authority, that the Pope ha* fled from Rome Tbarestof Italy is quiet, though th's quiet r?s?n?ble? very much the silence of a chursh yard Rad?tiki hold* the rein* of government In the Lombard-V>net an kingdom with a gra?o of Iron, and hi* sceptre is the swnrd Parle Alberte ha* not carried h's thrent. Into execution, of again taking the field. The partial rising in the Vitelline and the Brlatixa, on the strength of the revolution at Vienna. blazed for a monpnt, and then died ont The restoration of the Imoerial authority has at once damped all hopes of the insurgents. Porto gal is In a rery nn*ettled *tat#. The latest dates received are to the lflt.h November. Stldanh* I* asserted to have tendered his resignation on the ltth, hut retained offlne at the entreatie* of the Queen. The Miguelite movement s?em* to have failed. There has been a change of ministry in Dnnmark, as follows:? Cenpt Molts, Prebi lont of the Council, and Minister ad iiitrrim of For? jgn Affairs M. H*r< estlrth, Minister of Jnstiee. Coui t Sp- rnecu. Minister of Finance. V. Ran* Mibl ter of the Interior. Prof*" for Minister > f Public Worship. V. Zalh?ir?< v, Wini'lrf of Marireirrf interim, Ciijnr Oer.ral Blnim, Minister of War. Pro<e?e<>r Ctanssen. Vinin'er with on' portfolio. Some six months asm. the unpolntme nt of Connt Molkf to the head of afTairii mLht have had a ureater Importance thnn At the prefect moment. The Danish w?r. or mom properly the war of th? Duchies, has, however. terminated. and Germany haa suffered q'tit* pnoofb in ber eommsree and trade to feel InoMned to recommence bullying the Dana*. When she has h?r fleet she will doubtless try and take her revenue; hilt many years must, pass over her head before that day crime The new premier announced that they would endeavor to obtain an honorable peace but should oontinue the preparations for war L?tterifrnm St. Pet?-*hnrjt state that the eho'erahas jnsrie its re-appearance there with (Treat violent*. The intelligence from Germany may be stated shirt, ly. I might enter Info a wide Held of conjecture as to the future, both of Austria and Prn?sia.hut cr>uld only arrive at one conclusion, namely : that the nnlty nt Oirmany it far more distant than ever it waa Austria refusea. io r'atn IsoiruHse to nbey tlie Frankfort Parliament, and Is internally divided. The same maybe atd of Prussia. The Kmperorof Austria has removal his Parliament to Kremsier a small town in Bohemia. A Utter from 11at place sajs:? K n ( Msirs, Vot. 19. ISIS. Ore linixire I and tweity-feren deputies fr^m the aimtrian people to the Liiti are alreidy here is will I at the pr acini' nf tlie bureau. Pie?lrtent, tmolka arrived in omnpany wit'* Fu-ter I ahner waaoneiftlie fir?t. deputi* who arrived here. About thi'tj Ave n < trbers of th' l^ft are a'ready hers. They have r sob ed to vote nnanlm uslv a?a nsi adhesion 'o 'leemany and on the whole to testify no symovhy whatever for Prank. fort Parllawtnt. In another deliberation It was dootdel hy tm memlcreof the Left to n'?':e noa'lnaion whatever to f>ee?eitj cf <Jct-.b*r. The hall of tho Assembly will tie onmoletel hy the 2Vd isstant. Thi deflorations are simji'e hut handsmte Tho Ministers re?ido at the Arehiepheopjl t'als-e: tho Ar'hbl.:hnp himiedf has retained only fivo t wcii The iteno(rep'vo [>rotoool and the report i f the s ttinvs iro to 'hi printed a? sunnb monttry t- the Avtrinn Vorra^oiutmlen. Twooomparies of t>? innpe rial n<f'uieata are lo tsrrison h?re ! two\nies are sistlmod in the environs and one oompa'iy of gronvlierj will arrive here immrd ately. The f,srd?tuim is so onranisert in the Peran dietret, that in cas" of an irruption Irom the *?*ynrs. whose out. poets are ort* seven leagues from henne, it can be immediately ailed lo. Th? m?<*nf Prussia hai remored his parliament to Brandenburg. A letter from that town fayn : IjRAsniiiBVBr., Nn?, tX Aetlre prepjraMena are heir* tarried i.n it title p'?r? u>jii< r the Jtreo'lon of ?ho Architect General, for the Hireling of tin V?ii n I Aa?emhly, whleh, Int. what may happen, will he op t cd hy the ?. Inla'ry aiid ootientint memliera. at !> A. II.. ufnn tfnndiv next, th? 17th The pl-ee aelecte.l f(,r l.nHin* the aittinita, la the ch in?tl for the ita'hrdrnl atiua'ed in t.he jnertcr of the tiwn devi*need alu-r tliia anciontrdilifle,which. onginallt creercd In the llth eentory win repeatedly dearojed, re erected ot r*pelmd h? direia 4nt rr, prlncea elector*, and Konviana, nn-l', nftcr filltnn into a FT* at Hate of dec-.iv ani ?cRlect dnr n? many year*, it waa lln^l y repaired hy the late Kir g. v ho'alao aaaUtcd in f-c reparationof t'10 dwellinrt nl II ecani ita. which chut t round the oMt?nr?and walla on el'her ^de ot the ptincipil entrinco. Tma eit, ia Ir\l liai nn. thin* ktrtkirK in IUe*torn?l or Internal appeai-anen It la of rnd briek and of u odurn architecture. and la tint, to hcompired in point of beauty or antiquity, to the chmch nl St Catherine altu ated In th Niu tadt purler*. which la remarkable for tne hemty of the tci eena i ?er t'.e >?? pri' |?l entrance* erected of hnr ?df'Med hrlckn of variona nolora in the rn'ited flothlo and lly'.an Ine ?*> le. 1 he pert of the cathedral whem nearly |i*l innn am at erotk la the ehanei I, at one ind <>f which ia a linn organ, previted le the chapter hy the l?te K'nf. ehllet the oppoe te or rnrthnaat eurenpy ia terminated hy lire windoea .f painted orrit'mr tailed ?'?a?. Thehcncbrat r n emleM n?o in ? ade'Ion fr "ni the en? the or*an loft The flooring, raiaed about tw?l??f?ct fram ?h?p e*m> nt t?artificial. Upon il na a the tribune 'or Preeldenfc V e? Pk lident a. d Vcre'ar ?. na well aa that for cr.?tnr*. To the right of the P erdent'a tribune ia th < gtlleiy for >he diplomatic keay; 10 the I- ft lhallor th? puhlte vm-M. while the rptce n->rth W?rd? ia rri?r*? d f?r tho mititfto. IYom thr e ?*lle?ie? oconpy b# *p?o? form* d ty the foet ard Utaffct portion ofthtoioMk wnlNl ?? oorrr? d red ehntm n ; the fl ?o.*1n* V* e irpettd i stoves ait placed with the g??o?l intonti-jii of hcadac; the E NE w MOI | ci !d eUitine, and ier* era bem* *D*{Mnded,is the w ngnwDg it, Mi-tr-ii trie autir nice promoted aT'rra'?n?*u < (ti.D'itite r?*ou 0 and 'tftcea art) bring eomtrncted under tne fulae ?rd the window*, int;r*tctod l?y thin tl ><?r. will ll?ht both th* chamber ah ve ??nd the ro<>ma bei eath. The AroMteotGrtieial haano doui t that ail will be ready by flnnday sight 10 that no impediment * ill be Uirown in tv>e way of the men'.in*- mv? the lin|*diinentfl rau?d by the iccnlwrs thenifelve*; but. to judK* of t> < demand for apartment* in the town, and ot the prices .?blvtd, it w< nlj app~ar'.hat NX), in lieu ??t 4'*1. deputies intended to ?-ep?y to the mo nonn. The pnr cipal hotel ( Brandenhur/) will \ e tcriif itd by Miniatem and i*tfioial pernm a. Tlio ?own-liou*e ha* broil pieparea to receive f??rtyor Hfiy deputies, and the remainder uill !<> <* - t* <>ms*'ve* at varion* intiH and in nriva'e dwelling At V moirotit thistown ha* assume 1 an airof bustle to w hid. it t as been a BUanK'T. purloins, lor oonturiet. a id tbe inhabitant! ate laying their liesii.i together to >ee ho? t ie y ma) best profli by the political windfall, which pr >m>sus to fir >w into circulation a lew '.hnusand dot ars. as s na? cornpensatioi far the thouispds ?bich have been taptnded since the r volution in naintaii.iug the nninerou* manufacturing poor thrown out of work. Bmidcnhi rg oonwiBnseveral manufactories. principally of tloth, lrsthnr. at d cotton; it* popula Ion in?y amount to 17," 1 inula. it is nnt lort tied, bu. it ii enrmuodei by a unitoim wall ni'hout Tl e *treets ar? wide, the house* very airy ard ehetrlul. and the aituatiou ?llogether pleasant in ft. * w atV'r. At the i reset,t moment it is n?rri*' ned by two hat'alion* ot infantry, tun ripiad on of culratsicrs (Emp ror Nicholas), and a bittcry of artil'cry. The troops have received oriiur* to hold themselves in read i.e? to move en the risen if required, and should evil-lis[oied pep rnsattempt d>M urbane-. Wrangelwill at on< a publish, liie stale ot sifgo. As to the ori(io of the town, even its biogriuhtr? do not ame. It dates as far back, hoivevor, na the lllih c5n tuiy, and wn? d?oldedly ticrtnan. and r ot Slavonian The most r*nwrkaMe otjiet in the nigh street is an il >*jil aandstoncat-itut) ( f Kolai d ?tfc fin>' us Orlando? wtuch s'a. dsat the corner of the town hall, rwi rd in h?nd and oqulpp d in aomplo e armor. This rat"*, tie miccc,M r o> a similar wooden elflgy dato? from i ha Mth oi lfitheenfnri. It is an einb'em nf the ri<ht nnjoved by some itief <>f hnldii.j; courts of sppral. and of judnin? onmi'ial'y with out sp|*al At the prment nmm'iit, ftolaud's lie id is cr>wncd villi a lump of home leek, whose red au'nmnal tints and round fom sive to it the appearanoeof a cap of liberty. Aatran^eco inciderce. Th?? ri'rmentatlon excited br thn p*?cutinn of Blum ftt VlrDtia by order of Prince \Vrioill?eb^ra<'.t. is aubsiclioif. Tbe Central Tower have decreed him funeral boDom at the expense of the State. So much for Germs n unity ! 1 be Bu-Kber ftuard at Berlin ia completely disarmed. The Brandenburg ministry still holds its o*n, and tbe PnrltNiuent is to meet on the 27th. Tbe following- according to the IViener Zcitung. la tbe d?finitiTe list rf the new Austrian Government.? Prinoe Felix Soliwartceuben. . .Pr?'n\ir aud FjniLrn Affairs. Coaut Francis Stadiun Interior. buoii Kraus Finance. Cnol Icrdon War. Dr. Baiih Jufttice. M. de Brnc-k Com nore? and Public Works. B?ron IhienMd Arrioalture. C?ui t F. Studion Eduattioo and Church, ml in. The Bann had not. loft Vienna upon th? '22(1 Operation* bad not commenced against the Hungarians, nor will they probably commence until after the "271, on whicfc day end* the terra accorded hy Prince Windiscbgratg to Oereral Vloga and ail other imperial officer perviDg In the Hungarian army to present their si>brai?ion in default of which, they will be declared rebels, and treated as deserters to the enemy. London, Friday, Dec. 1?7 P.M. The Deaths of Lord Melbourne and Mr. Charles Buller?Sectttton of the Hon. and Rev. B. JVoel frim the Church?auctioneering News?Theatricals?Bttnvard's Panorama?Skipping Lite'lipence?Cholera?Sporting?Corn?Mom y ami Railway Market?General Intelligence. The arrival of the llibernin, on Monday morn* ifig, at Liverpool, afier a run of eleven days and a half from Boston, brought the confirmation of the intelligence of the election of General Taylor to the Presidential chair of the United States. A very tolerable notion was formed on the arrival of the previous pteamer of the probable success o' his election, which created a slicht degree of satis faction in the money market. The rise in the fund* war much more considershie when it wax announoed bb a certainty that he had been chosen, and. as I informed you in my )a?t. is it considered to be an excellent sign of the stability of your country. Soon after the mail had left London, on Friday last, to convey the town letters to Liverpool, to be pat on board the steamer. the electric telegraph brought the news of the death of Lord Melbourne This nobleman was once a political charaoter of some importance, having been repeatedly connected with the whig government when in power His mmt celebrated official campaign was when he held the office of Prime Minister from 1885 to 1841, a period of time Involving somi very difficult political era*. It waa during Lord Melbourne'* premiership that <{ueen Victoria ascended the throne of this country, and. as a natural oonse rjuence, he mny he supposed to have had considerable influence In fashioning her Majesty's mind to a due sense of her position Be'ng a men who had never shone hililiantly in the hemisphere of politics, he created few enemies and many friends. Possessed of an ample fortune, he conld afford to be independent and aliow others to seiie the crust which he himself had refused. Considered upon the whole, Lord Melbourne win a man of contentions motives, noble notion*. an 1 ono who will cut anything rather than a mean figure in the history of hts country He waa a conspicuous figure in a trim ran action brought against hira bv the Hon Mr. Norton. The lady in the case was Mrs Norton. the celebrated poetesa. Aa the matter was fully Investigated at the time, and occupied the attention of one of our highest jodicial tribunals, by which Lord Melhonrne was pronounced not guilty, it would he unfair to make farther reference to the ca?e. than to add that., by his official friends, it was asnerted to ha a political rune ontherartof the tories, to bring the government, of which his lordship waa the chief member. itio ' r'pur* mbck the accession to power or Sir Rebut Perl, in 1841, be retired into private ife. scarcely evfr even attending the Hoase of reera ?ben tbe most imoortant question* were likely to be discuwed I bare to record tbe death of another political chancer. wbioh took place on Wednesday last--that of Mr. Charles Bullar, a n 11 rh n<oje talented, but les* conspicuous, number of tbe government, than Lerd Melbourne. At lb* t'me thai Lord Dnrham ?m Rent to Canada, Mr Ruller accompanied him as First Secretary. Their May wax. unfortunately, of brief duration and Mr. Buller scarcely eame, prominently. b?fore the public, until tbe rein* or government were oinfided to Lord John Russell, tbie la*t time, when he wan made lulge A d vccute General, and one of the under secretaries far th? colonies He ha* since held the appointment of Ch'ef Poor Law Commissioner Hardly any member rf tbe Melbourne or Russell administration knew so much about the st ate of our colonia* He was therefire. in biph repot* with hi* cnadja'nr* In addition to hie capa-btlltte* In thin particular, he wn< a frequent contiibutor to the Edinburgh Quarterly Review. and the Glohr even!eg newf paper He died very young, bring on'y for'ytwo year* rf age The Hon. and Rev. Ilaptist Noel's secession from the Chnrck of Kngland, may now be comcinnieated to you as a fact. He leave* the Establishment. *olely on i be grennds that be con?ider* a State Chureh objectionable TheBi'hopof Londnn, hi* diocesan. ha* intimated that he Diimt r sign hi* cure immediately. 1 mention tbe circumstance of tb'i gentleman's ne ceMion, to show _>ou the entire want of confidence that exists in F.ngland betweon tbe bishops and their clergy Tbe former Veing elevated to the Bench. In cotMderatlon of *on>e politic*! influence ther or their connections may poefess or because of excellence la f.smphleteeri*>g or frcm an alliance with ari*tocratic t (rsot*. are plaeed *o immeasurably above the sph?re of tbe ordinary clergy a* to be unapproachable. In multitude* of cssp*. the diocesan doe* not see clergymen *f?er tbe ordination. (save at the triennial visitation.) where, of course, it i* impossible to notice every one: con*#qijently. there can scarcely ba that intimacy b? t ween them which the interest* of the Church Imperatively demnnd Of late, numerous secession* f f mit l*ters b*ve been made from the Church which, In two thirds o' the cases, might have been prevented, b*d there been ? closer bond of fellowship betTeen the bishop and his clergy Yet these are the time* that propf aitioti* are made for increasing the Episcopal staff. on account ot an alleged paucity in number*. If is unnecessary, no*, to pursue thU painful snbjeot farther, bnt it surely *honld he a warning to fio'e - vvurn.iiirii mr imUI HI OUT i niirCIl, *hen it b^mm** a plain litht. that some of the cleverest act best Intentional men are dfserting her. It leaves room for those who arc inclio?*il to condemn her ways, to spesk ont when, if she w>ire nUoed under anether sy?t?'m of guidance they would be prsduded frrm find ng * fitting opp?rtunity for censure^ The eltcllon tor the West Hiding of York?bjrl| j,,, not yetterminated The csrdldates are tr m' ,ua Bolt of their time Sir Culling Kard'ey a T(>ry fair'chance. a, Mr Denlsoa gave ye luWoeal '";,c7';qw?tl?i' put to h h7 ,Jom? of thw ni* ' Roebuck decide Z will ? c.'ee. WU 4 ' sieved that JLZl . t, ?i h Wh Si' ?' KarJlej (?h?,* fh r'.^.tlot, in^ ?" > Smlth) *"<? Mr ,,*oi"nn' the r?2n \ " k*TOh and State with n'lestlon? <T a similar ??">e?.<.y. ar? ?a(J stumbling block- Now yr Hosnr -)(l c>> manage to satisfy the electors upon every _,p(n upi.n ?hlch they may think proper to .itn hiw, for he has a wonderful knack of o >in rt .itop with people of all shades of political opinions. Whether the Yorkshire people will be satisfied with his declaration. jet remain* to beseen I *hall enrnmunlcate to you the s?re>al sfa?e? of this exciting contest, lie inhabitants of Mskcard. in Cornwall, are looking out for some ?ne to succeed Mr. Charles Holier. The th*atr-cal world is brisk ?quite as much ?o as can be anticipated, oonsldering that there is no particular improvement in tha social condition of the Irpltah However, it la by no mean- going backward. At Drury*, Bunn has advertised two new operas, undtr the titles of ' Kenllworth1' and " Quentln Durvsrd " b"?h adaptation* from the novels of Sir Walt?*r Scott. Krr*i the strong manner ! which they are ca?t. they will most probably be sujcosful. The Kthioplan Serenader* have made public announcement of the plea**nt trip they have had in the United States and wil' appear shortly at the St Ismes Theatre 'I lie other houses have not, put forward anything very new or startling since my last The great event of the wrfk has be?n a prlva'e exhibition of a panorama of the Mls?lsslppl and Missouri rivers, by Mr. Baavard. at the Kgvpttan Hall. I was fortunate enough to ba present at the Hall on the evening tha huge mon*ter was anrolled. The Kngllsh press speaks universally In It* praise, and It I* unqneationafcly a wonderful performance. speaking monument* for the perseverance and Itdustry of the painter. It will ha exhibited to the public on Monday next. Tha artist speak* gratefully or the encouragement he reoelved when In America The William Ilubeek and the Yoxktown packs'. W YO WING EDITION?MON fbips bare arrived from New York, th? former wl'h two barrels of tpeela, consigned to out of the city home*. A new company has Just been formed, for the purpose of endeavoring to see if it is possible tn light Loudon by eleotriclty. An experiment wai male last ' nij'ht at the National Gallery, whioh succeeded. so far as tbe interior of the buildldg in concerned Whether the scheme can ever be made practicable to llgSt London simnltan?ou?ly, 1* a matter of considerable doubt. At the same time, it hai the appearance ol aa anomaly to Und tbe town supplied with brilliant gas lights, hit that men must walk throughout the metropolis with ladders to light them. The papers of this morning announce the commission of ft very dreadful murder, at Stanfield Hall, the seat of the Recorder of Norwich, by which this gentleman and hi* son have be?? shot dead and bis wife and another lady seriously wounded. Tbe murderer entered the house, requesting a few moment's conversation with the Recorder, which ?beIng granted he Instantly shot him ; the son then ap peared and met with a Mmilar fate He then encountered tbe two females, at whom hf firt-.d and ?o severe has been the injury that Mrs. Jeriny'sartn has been amputated A man named Rush has be- n apprehended and committed by the coroner's warrant to take his trial, bail being refuted. Circumstances are stronuly (gainst this person, but the nnly assignable reason for the perpetration of tbe horrible deed appears to be. that be bae been engaged in several law suits with the Recorder, hut wa? always unsuccessful It is therefore probable his had luck may have urged hiin to oommit tbe crime. Tbe time since the unfortunate occur rence has been so brief, as to enable the police to get fcut little evidence t guther The pUce where the I murder was committed is said to bo the birthplace of Amy H( b?art, the heroine of Soott's h'etiilwori h 1 am hspty to he able to Inform you the cases of oholtra Bre ileoidnlly oil the decrease Official reports re not issued no frt-q nently. nor do the people H-em t > be talkilg so lruch about it. It ban disappeared a ho to a great extent among the shipping follca Only one cafe ban been publicly Noticed ; thin, however. ?'?i a moat confirmed case of Asiatic cholera. At Edinburgh, ai d ludetd at every place, the cases are getting t'ewsr and less sevt-re T>'e weather we have had during tin In ft week ha* beet warmer and more rainy tbaa ucual. wbicb makes it rather surprising that tha dl? ease i-Uhi d have grown less. The Marquis of Northampton ban resigned the Presidency of the Royal SorUty, and has been sunoeeded by the Karl of Hossu This is the Qrxtatd most ivarned s< ciety in Kurope. comprising the most eminent men in the world. The Karl of Ross* is noted for his astrirt mical research*!, and is now in possession of the largest telescope in the world, by the aid of whloh several important discoveries in the eoiencu have been made. The Admiralty have come to a resolution., whloh was pasted at the last meeting of their Board, of introducing a system of railways into all the donfcyards, for the transmission of timber and stores to the water's edge. Mr. Ward. M P.. the Secretary to the Admiralty, has the credit of the suggestion, by which he estimates in his ri port that a considerable saving will be made in the navy estimates. Although the alteration will re quire the work of many bands a grant of only iX'Sfll will be atked fur to introduoe the improvement into the revnn principal dockyards in the kingdom. Kilteen hundred sketches, the work of poor liaydon, the celebrated painter who committed suicide a year or two back undermost distressing circumstances, were submitted yesterday to public competition, fur the bsntfit of his family Many of the etchings w^.e toe work of Ms pupils ; hut the lot only realized the small sum of fifty pounds. The Leamington steeple chase has been the grand event of the week in the sporting world; and, after a good match, was won by the Knight of Gwynno The Liverpool steeple chase is the next one on the list, ot any note. 1 be corn market is dull; and on Monday (the chief market day) grtat difficulty was experienced In making sales; there was consequently adeolinu of two (hillings 011 the preceding week's prices. Tbe money market has been severely depressed,in consequence of the Krecch proceedings in favor of the Pope, but bas a little recovered itself, and prices closed to-day in this order?consols, 67)i. Advice* from Rome of the 13th, centrallot the statement in the Univtrt, of the flight of the Pope. It is quite evident, however, that his Holiness had propoeed letting big capital, and had even written, announcing hie intention, to the ambassadors of the different foreign potentates. A Neapolitan vessel was off Cevlta Vecct.ia, to receive him. The Austrian Diet was opened In due form at Ki unifier, on the 23d. Our (rlth Correspondence. Dt'blin, Dec., 1818. You will be glad to hoar that another batch of state prisoners has been released on bail from durance vile, and, amongst the number, two American citizens, namely, Messrs Ryan and Bergen; the others ore Messrs. Timothy Sexton, and Edward Trenton,"unci Dr. West. The Americans had to enter into security to leave this country forih. with. Mr. Dennyham has also been discharged from the Cork gaol. All the political prisoner^ whojiad been confined in tills gaol have now been liberated, with the exception of Mr. William Pennington. Mr. lla'.pin has been removed, at his own request, from Naas to Kilm&inham. Messrs. O'Brien Meagher, and O'Doherty are well ; but Mr. M'Manus, on Sunday last, was attack-d with a bilious fever, which was at first supposed to be cholera ; he is however now quite well. The further argument* in the writs of error on the pait <f the prisoners Meagher and M'Manus, were returned on Saturday last, and as all the details appear in the public papers, which jou will receive by this mail. I beg to refer you to them for particulars. A very curious clrcumstanoe ha* occurred in the Corporation * The annual election of town councillors, In the room of tbope retiring, took place last Siturdiy; 13 ward* re elected their former repreMntat'ves ; there were contents in only two wants, which terminated to the advantage of the conservatives The Lord Mayor, Jeremiah Dunne was defeated in St Andrews ward, by John Lambert, the chandler (a conservative); and Mr William Tbos. Kelly, of C?nciliati'>niHall notoriety. ? as defeated by Ljnn Curen. Mr Dunne not b-mg a member cf the < orpuration ceased to be LTd Mayor A meetii g < f the Corporation was held on Tuesday, to dircuss tbe subject, when they were of opinion that ued>r the act constituting the reformed corporation, there in no provision mad* for such a cut an the present on*, mod It wan therefore (irmly believed that Mr Dunne did not necessarily vaca'e hi* position a* Lord Mayer This, however, is nat the tact; for by tbc Amended Municipal Act, 6 Ac 7 Vic o. 89 sec 6, provison is made for such a contingency. However. Mr. Anbln vacated his seat for Patrick Ward A ne? 1 election took place yesterday, when Mr. Dunne wu elected. The Corporation are to meet ag?in to day, ] wb"n it Is supposed that no opposition will bo offered to Mr Dunne being again nomma'ed Lord Mayor i Another society has been anoonnced. for the pur- i pose of sdvovating an Imperial Parliament la Dublin ; ) It srjles Itself " The SJocletj for promotion an annual I sitMog of the Tmrerlnl Purl'.aineutfur eoouuntiog Irish ' Business." Public woekly meeting* will, it l< said, i take place, at which, in addition to those parties who i have heretofore been prominent is reported that Mr. Butt. Q. C.. will become an advocato. It Is now generally nnntidored that a change In the intotnal government rf Ireland Is In contemplation, and that it formed one of Lord John Rus>ell's objects J in crnlngto Ireland, snd l.crd Clarendon's protracted 1 stay in kugland the abolition of the via* royalty i< one change The following extract from the \nnual 1 Paillsn ent Society's report, will convey to you an idea i I of S'tne (f the rounds for such a change In alluding to the I.ord LieutenancyA court tha'll Tiot a ] court is the substitute for rojalty. Victf-r^yalty, so constitut* d as t? h?sglKakit'fl nnrealUy. j* not oily net the regulator but is actnallv'.q itself th? dlstrl hut. r of society. It is and ear. be hut the centre of Intrigue, the fftcus 'bat co'.'ects and renders Intense the emR^^i|f,n of the spirit of sycophancy and place"', which is the direct opponent of that intle Veodem e and industry by which a nation could bs elevated into prosperity and wealth. Its Immediate acromnanlment is a host of persons, who in the absena* of ?n aristocracy, lead the people and asend through a course of asitatlon i nto the heights of office." On Wednesday. Mr Kitrgerald. Q. <5 . apalled to the Lord < haneeliorto supersede ihe commission of hunkruptcy In Mr Duffy's esse, on the grounds that there was no petitioning creditor s d?bt, and lhat Mr Duffy bed no committed any act of bankruptcy which j tides the Issuing of the commission The motion was adjourned. It appears that the person who was Instrumental in the commission being issued. Is an attorney of the lane of Diernan, who was employe! by Mr. Dufly to defend Mm in an notion of libel, with th* express ucderetat linn that the nosta expendei out of pocket should only be charm J him In the e*rnt ?f hi* beii |( ronsulted. D'ernan has proceeded a^tinxt him In direct breaoh of that agreera-*nt, for th? whole costs, to which, under other circumstances. he would be entitled. Order* bare been receded from the Admiralty, to lay down a submarine eleatrlo telegraph between Holyhead and Klnu>to*n, and for puttlng the wires In c>tnmunlcatlor with the existing ltne< of railway terminating at Holyhead, on the Kngllsh coaat, and on the Irish coa?t at Dublin. On Wednesday night, by command of Sir Kdward Dlakeney and Prince Oe^rge of Cambridge. Mifs Helen Kmrtlt appeared in the chnraeter of InlU. in th? ' Hunchback." which she sustained with her usual ability. 1 he houte was very ranch crowded. Our Frtnr.h Correspondence Pari*, Nov. 80, 1h4s. The present week h is been one of unusual excitement. First came the in terpellations of MJules Kavre, proposed on Friday to the Ministry, relating to the abuse of official influence in electioneering lor the Presidency. On the next day came the monster debate, on the question of the June insurrection, which was revived by General

Cavaignac, with a view to profit by lliia rimp de 1'arlwvunt in the question ol his election. Wha' RK H DAY, IS, J deprived these twodebatta of theirchief interest' ?f wai the univeis'il conviction, that, right or wrong, cj a compact majority was prepared in the Assemb'y ? to support General Cavaiennc. Hut this end was a, facilitated by the remarkable bundling exhibited rli in tha inanngenjHnt of both dtbate*. The Infelicity ^ In tba selection of M. Jules Favre for an attaok on any u< gov?rnment, on the subjeot of the abuse of nffl ilal re influence. was glaring. M. Ju'e* Ka*re wm secretary "J to M. Lrdrn Ilotlin, in the memorable ilnys whioh preceded the opening of tha Ansetnbly, and *s? the chief cr agent through whom the eelebrated oirouiarfl wero got JJ| np, the notorious commissaries Rent into the depart- {0 menta. and an abu>e of power In election* practised- pr theratofore uoexampltd. It was, therefore, with an ill graca. that M. Jules Kavre got up in the Assembly to j/ charge another government with abuses, b?d as they V were, li-ns ferioue than those of which he waft himfelf J* formerly an agent. No one doubted, and no one p, doubts, that General Cavaignan and his agents m and friends have practiced all the abu^e th?y ^ are oharned with. Thus, It is oertain that pulling t( biographies of himself have beea written under hi" p ruparlntendence, printed at the publis expense and J' circulated gratuitously by millions in the D>ip?rt- mt meats It is?ven certain that a regular mmut'aotory <' o( libels, conrtating ?.f printed brochurrt, caricatures' and other f< rina of dumlnr have lif?n established tin- i <ler the govirmnent ajrainst tb? candidateship of *1 PriDoe l.ouis Napoleon. Three art) likewise printed in 'mmrdee numbers and sent through the Department*. 10 The machinery of the post-office i? ueedfor the cirju- 1" latlon of Ihese electioneering publications; and all the Kent* of government in the Departments. each as p0 Pre facts, Sous-Prefects. Mairies, anil the whole corps ai of raunlo'pal functionaries, are used to Hive them oirculation All 'hi" and much more were brought forward by M. Jules Favre. but was of course denied. A JJ! government must be bungling Indeed if it cannot execufa M>cb matters in a manner to enable It to din- eT guise them. The House gave the ao-by to the motion 0 in ikt> Usual way by pa-sing to the order of the day; "J hut rot an individual in France believes the leas that all these abuses havo bren practised. j On Saturday the great debate oamo on, provoked ,, by General Cavalgnao himself The question ?i<, *betber, in the ease of the June in?urre3tion. Jj he or the Executive Commission, which then t formed the bead of the government. w?i to blame? did the June insurrection alluded to gain head < by the negligence or inoo<np?teocy of the Executive Commission, or did it gain head hv the reelect or incompetency of (Jen Cavaiguao or by his wilful di'obedience to the orders issued by the commisei. n. {* The debate wn opened by M. Rarthelemy St Hilalre, * f n ero'nent man, who had been Secretary to the Kxe- va outive Commi'Mon He delivered a written address. which was. in fact, a history of the state of Paris ante. ,H cedent to the insurrection of June, and of the affairs wl of June np to the appointment of (Jen Cnvtignae to the dlctatt rship. The aim of this document ?t< to prove that Gen. Tavnlgnan had neglected or wilfully VH dieabeyed the orders given to him bv the Executive j', Cnmniin-ion, be being then Minister of War. These * , of ders were, to collect in Paris, preparatory to the insurrrction. 4.1100 troops ; and ha^inir done sr>, to pre- |n) vent the formation of barricades, hv dispersing the in- C(t, surgents at the points where it was known they intended to collect, before the barricades could be farmed.? Gen. CavaipDao, it was afllrmeil. did not nollent this j number of troops, and did not disperse the insurgen th hut allowed them to raise tb? barricades to obtain pos. jj, session of a large portion of the capital, to entrench y" themselves tbeTe, and to assume a position so strong as ? to ereste an unnecessary effusion of blond Thl? was )n the substance cf the address of M. St Hilalre, which. (;(1 however contained a va?t quantity of interesting und ,,,, imnniiani uiTiprp ui u?"i?ii. v ^ Oen Cava'tnao replied in a sp?ech of three hours, wj| delivered with remarkable temper and ability. He endeavored to show that the n?ce?sary numb?r of troop* j.ri via available; hut contended that it wa? not alvl??t>ie, Br in a military cenm. to proc??d, by the dispersion of the t ^ Insurgents hefcre the formatiop of the 1>arrlo?.d?s an Ihe Rovernment required. The ?pn?(ih nf Oun t'ava'n- _r van was followed b* a vehement declamation of M nT Garner Ta<e* one of the members of the Kiecutive 0? OlBmltelon. who wan followed by ? still more severe mT attack on him, by M. Ledru Hollin another moniker en of the Executive rommlssion In fine, a division wm tj)( called for. when the opposition declined voting and a ?0| vote fsvorable to (len Cavaiirnao wa?. of omr??. pa?s- n() ed. The most remarkable and important incident of j this debate, was. the final breach declared between tj,, (Jen. Tavsiirnac and the ultra d-mocratic PM-tv. hea'l- ^ p ed by M Ledru Rollin After the speech of the latter, ^ Oen. Cavaljrrao rose and declared. In mostexpt'eit and )t emphatic terms, that an ahye? was onened, which was ?v\ final snd lropa?sahle h?tween him and the nartyof the t Mounta'n represented by M Ledru Rollin He da- |r| elated that it whs imposeible that any reconciliation could lake place between them. This debate was oommenced soon after noon, and wj, was not terminated until midnight It waa evidently jB provoked by Wen Cavaifinao as nn expedient to pro- ' mote bis election to the presidency He kn?w that h? most obtain a vote of the Vasemhly. no matter what the merits of the discussion mitrht be. and that such a vcte cou'd not but. tell to his advantage in the election. . The effect however will not be unmixed, although it ' will undouhtedlv augment the number of suffrages In pri bis favor. He will (tain many votev which were doubtful before, owing to the suspicion entertained, that he would, in the event of his eteotlon join the Mountain. IS l This is now out of the question. He will lose a consid*. ?e, rable number of ultra democratic votea. After all. hi* elahorate speech much credit as Is (riven to him for the the roaoner of Its delivery and the ability of its composition. am has frrved him hut little In carrying conviction to the ret minds cf the people The jouroala of tho moderate Jon party now take the thing up and srMrles are inserted, irrni oay in uay. 'n(i?i?n me muiin mmnilLni oy jj,,, Oen>ral ra'aignao in June, and circulating his olaioi fVC to the Presidency. * On Tuesday, a manifesto ?m issned by Prince s Lents. This l? generally attributed to the pun B),', of M. Odlilrn Bairot I tin however raid to b? concocted j,4f by a committee cf the moderate party, under whose nM admire Trince I.oui* act*. You will perceive the adroitness with which it in .fl signifitd to tl e electrrs. that the Kaderw-of the mole- ( j rate party, who in faet inclnde all the great names of 1 France, would be willing to accept office under Prince ? Loula a? President, while it Is well understood that n. they would refuse it under GeneralCavaignan Thisln *Vf itreifwtll constitute a powerful claim for all f<o?e who desire to maintain order even though they be Indif- | ?T fe?ent. as tothefoim of government J . It Is still considered certain that Prince Louis will i have a large majority. The increase of Gen. Pavaig- I Dae* minority may probably bring thoelection into the | Not hands of ihe Assembly, but at present this result 1* not likely. The peasantry, almost to a man, in the ru* j i a I departments, wl'l vote for Prince Lonis They are I nil of them the immediate descendants of noldiers who " rougbt under the Kmperor. and the name of Nan^leon 1 tali?m?n mora potent than the official influence ing aulcu Gen. Cavalgnac can bring to hear Besides this, red Prince I.oui* will have a large support in the oomtner- pn rial clafse* and in the moderate party in all part* of the hianre. 5ft ( An incident took place on Friday night last, which dec was at first attributed to pollticat causes, but which do fcet cot *i pear to have arisen from them Tho chateau of M Odillon Barrot, in the suburbs of Pari*, was attacked l>y burglar* and the window of his bsdrooui broken into. He happened to be absent at the moment. but his valet was severely wounded, and the burglar* es /*,?/ rased. , /, The return of the customs for the present year.whioh have lately appeared in the Mnniltvf, show a terrible 11 lallii g < ff in the commerce of France since the r?voiu- ^ lion i f Febtuary. The re. eipt* in October 1847. were 12.037.010 franra. while for the same month in islfl they J were ouly 0 090.000 For the first ten months of IS47 | j^0| Ibev were marly U2.0f0000; for the samn period of 1848 72X00 000 -difference. 40 000.000. frill The importation* on alm<st all article* continue to JIC, fI.ow enomiou* diminutions; those of notion, howi vtir. have a II'. lie recorded since October The exp irtation* re al*o nearly all on the wrong side, exjept those c|?| articles which are entitled to a bounty; th? amouut or wbirh has been doubled; Bnd lastly the *hiopln<r <hnwi pi'? in the enit of f )etnb. r a falling off of a million of tons. I wa Revolution* are eontly Iiurir g the lant week. extraordinary effort* have lieon anc made by the agent* of KOTrrnmi-iit. to g.'t up manife*- ci.t tatioo? and addre**e*from the National (iuarj to (Jen. Cavaljjnac; and you will nee tome few of th-**e reported in the London journal*. The thing, however h*? been * " a signal failure, comiderlng the promise* and threat* the ? hirh hat" been brought into operation to etimula'e it n< Keoollect that there are in Parle and the lianlleu op- *" ward* t f 160 0( 0 National <iuard*, aud in all the twelve *rrotidl??entent* of rari*. a* well in the Banlleti. th*ra are the machinery of the mairienof nrrondiH*em*nt*, WH the n.utiicipanty, and the police. to opvra'e on "ill rrt great body ; yet not'above a few hundred*. 1 n"" been induoed. and they, with great d fflculty. to make pn any manlfef'ation of ihi* kind Indeed the con**- '"K C|U?-nc?* if the *y*tem were at all *ucee*?ful, might be very reriou* ; for if the parti*an*of Uenl Cava'gnao ?'* were Invited and {permitted to make prnceihion* and '0l prerent addrerre* at the Hotel dr* Varennet, on what *'> principle of common equity, to nay nothing of demo l ' crane freedom oould like manifestation* be prevented N* from being made In faror of Prince l,oui?, or of M de h?; I amaftlee, or of M Ledrn Hollin. or, In tine. of M. ,hl Rvpill, the MllOlllOf Vineenne*? Nothing, however, prevent* the*e manifestation* u" 'rem being attempted hat the signal failure and Indeed utterly contemptible result which ha* followed the at- ?l' Un>pt* of tbe partisan* of Men Cava<gn*e ooi '1 be plain truth I*. a* I have a hundred time* already an told j< it that ttaa eltiien* of Pari* are averea to all the l'? candidate*, and to anv candidate whatever. They to n?lther de*ire nor wl?h the re.ublln Itight or wronj, ?ri they ascribe to it paraly*i* of commerce, the proetra- at tlon of thl* great capltel, and the rain of the (I nance*. ui Vou will see, by my report of the boura? and money tw market, that the fund* still keep down. The "< thiee* tremhle between 40f. and 42f., the Hue at tuatlon beiop caused not *o much by political aient* a* liy tl e operation* of apeculttor* and tlje *b maa.xnvre* of gambler* What 1* on<"??le4 In de tbawiibb of tu? .s w?ia grsat Miatry, nooe aaa foiataU. Ikt fiMit in IIhj vka ?HI ad Iwliili M [ERA L848. Arm what may happen within th? next thr?? month* I I vrrylhinn Ih uncertain, and the moat noisitatDus | ' lajge* may ha the result nf acoident, it* wa? there- I I ilution of February Itnelf, the fall of Laoiirtlnc. and ' ie elevation ft' Cavaignao in June, and the hMh I rent of Louia Bocap.irte to the Hummit of popula- < *7. I I o America the aversion of the French people to a i public will, no doubt, sound atrau^e; but you mnet I >t confound things by the aimilarity of names The ] public nf the United Stated hears no ana'o^y to that 1 ttlch it ia devised to ^utabiish here. It ix no ex trillion to pay. that the government of the United ates. at present, b-ar* a much closer analogy t > the >u?titut!onal monarchy of Kuulaud than it doe* to a republic about to be established here. I nay about he established, because it must be an utter delusion Imagine. that because * piper constitution hai b.ien oclaimed through the departments of Krance, amidst mixture of applause. hooting?, aud hlssei ainidu 'i*i of fiei la HrfKihtitjur and f'tve Nayolton, and I'me enr\ I'., and Vivt la Count dt Parity and <i has araignac a has l'*dnrmhlie National*? I nay, it would the height of absurdity toalflrin, that the republic ti lerefore \ M. h l Public opinion In k-*pt down in irin by CO Old b^onets in the cupitol, b.nidsa an many ore bristling around it. They who desire to overirow the repub'lo, with a view to establish no.jUllim, i well an they who desire to overturn it with a Tlew > re.erect a throne of one or another of the several i t-ndtr*, only bide their time an i wait for a*? npp irmity, at whiotj either, by the ad of the C ha Tiber to < returned by a new election, or by the aid at the my, io which divisions may be sowe I, that thvy may icouipli h tlieir purpose Vou may, therefore, expect mt your foreign news during the oiuung year, 18J9, 1.1 be .juite as stirring and dramatic a* that, which have transmitted to you during lha eventful year tiirh ia now approaching to ita oiote Yuii will have seen,by the journal*,that (Jen. Oavaig. 10 pent, on Sunday laxt.a telegraphic despatch to I'otin. to order four frigates and a brigade of 3 500 troop* fail forCivita VeccnU. for the personal promotion of e Pope. This was a moat adroit electioneering m;ivuvre, of wbich I may now explain to you the purre and manner nf Itaexecutlou. Hitherto the clergy. irt in nn r f 1 ciiIbp H,.. ,...riwh 1, . .... ........ 11y opposed to th? candidature of (Jen. < aval/naj. ' was, therefore a great object to him. to ra ike siine up de theatre, by which the votes and influence of ' ii Important body might be conciliated. The late i ents at Kom? produced in opportunity for thin, > which General Oavaignac availed himself, with 1 toosinion skill and tact. Intelligence had Arrived ' Ht the Tope was imprisoned in the (^iiiriual, by < e insurgent*; and on Sunday a rumor was spread, at lie hud been driven from Koine, and w?i at Olvita 1 Itlbhk <len * ftTftlgBM, without <?aitin( for the I ntraiiiction which was almost cure to arrive, availed n>s?lf of this report and sent Instantly an order by 1 Irpraph to Marseilles, for four frigntes, to sail for | vita Vecchia. with 3 600 troops. This move was, . 1 >wever, not known in I'aris on Monday, when, in the enipg, in an official journal, there appeared a stateent that the Pope had been driven from Home. The ithf'lic party therefore, just as f)en. f'avaigaao exct?d, put questions to him, on Tueaday. as to what rt he proposed to tafre in reference to the nituitlon the head of the < hurch. Whereupon. (Jen. CaIgtie difclofed to the astonished Assembly what he d already done. and. moreover that be had sent VI. Courcellrs, a person very acceptable to the Churoh, th full powers to Rome, to command the toroea sent ' the pcrronal protection and freedom of the i'ope, d to fend him, If necessary, to France. (Jev CaIgnsc. with equal adroltne's, ti"k care to avoid ring < il'enre to foreign powers by any political Inter- ; ntion in the Tapal States; for the instructions of , <?e Courcelles, were, distinctly not to meddle in the | ternul questions, but to limit himself to taking I re cf the person of the Pope, protecting it from vioion, securing its freedom, und offering him an , plum. )n W'edrefday, or rather Thursday evening, after le coup tie thmtre in the Assembly, a telegraphic patch was published, with the news from Civita. rchiu, dated the 23d, that the Pops was untnole-ted Home, * an fri e. that the new ministry was installed office, and the Holy City perfectly tranquil. Thus nets) Cava'gnsc, by a measure in itself unneoesv and which, under circumstances, will not uro I) IfRd to arv consequences, has secured the gool I ,1 of the church party anil ba< unlisted imonn lii-< I ' ctlocttring agents almost the entire body of P snch clergy. unlets, indeed. some of the more shrewd T (1 sensible members of that body should bid through 1 e trick and disregard It. An fT<-u* has occurred here, whichhue been without ' cedent fur upward* of a century. I'aris in wlthtMit ' i Italian op*-ra It opened, a* I infoimed you; but, ' Id( to the absence from Paris of it* usual supporters, d the Impossibility of paying its expense with an ' pty treasurv, it has been compelled to clone, aud F ere 1? little chance of Its again re-opening thii sen- ' n. unless, which under present circumstances, li by mesnit probsb'ie the government should sup: ly it h tubvetiMon. The Academie de Musiqua has muoh " sumo proFpect It* average nightly expensed are '' 00 francs, and Its receipts 2.000 francs; and this " i-t, in a short time, amount to such a balanoe against " as tn leave it do option but to follow the oourae of n ? Italian opera. ll *bout 10O more emigrants to the new colony of * iria. men women, and children, have arrived at d vrc, and taken their passage In the French ship T 1 I.V. ready to tak? its departure for New Orleans, n ence they will proceed to Texas On Friday eren- " t. M.Cahft. who accompanied them to Havre, took aternal leave of them. Pakis, Nov. 30, 1848. {J The Pant C>rttrtc and Mmey Market. '? Jusiness has been slack this week, but still, J,' cei have had a tendency to rise, bavins lm- m >vtd nf arly a franc since my last report. Thia u ill attributable to the discounts, which are re- * *ed every day. uninterruptedly. On this account, sellers for time have become more oironmspect, r, 1, f.nrlng to lie discounted in the '-parquet," have K Ired to the "coulisse'' The discounters have been Bed. probably, to put again in circulation them- M rm ar>rt of the stock which has been delivered to '* ni In this manner. otherwise there could not be ' lugh for continual discounts of 00 0(JO to 70,000 j" dcs of "Rentes," for more than lSdays J*" peculators are occupied with little else than the s as to the election to the presidency The dee of Saturday engaged but little attention on the *" me, because it was well known, some days before, ff' t General < avaignac was sure toobtain an ' oidrt *" four motive." as to bis eonduct in the affairs of ul ??, and this result had already been taken adv-iue of by speculators "3 'here is not hing to observe, this week, as to the which, by the last week's balance ' tt, is shown to be Dearly in the same ponitiou as 1 preceding week As to commercial affairs, they I" altegether a dead letter. I subjoin the prices M Thursday last:? 31'crCl-. 3 Ptrlh. B PrrCti. Vm,?du It ink 11 (OUJ IIaMa) Tftior,Bh&rti. ' .23 42 MTU ??.."? ? H? 1 24 42 30 S4..V. ? ?) ? 13.10 1, 2fi 427U fiWS B5.ll) 13diact. lH'i , 27 42.69 Ul.-i M.M ? |.V.? 1", H.S5 C-'i.l'l W ? Hi" * 49.; 4290 63 ? U28 - 1H7.X0 S' he reason of the discount of Dons du Tresor hav- ii as appears by the above statement, been so much tl need. Is the passing of the measure, by the givern- ti ot. for the purpose of indemnifying the holders of 1 ai se securities-giving them the difference between ] t ne price at wmcn tney were crnsouuate'i oy trie ? ree of "th Inly,) and the average price of the m\r- ii betwrrn 7th July and the present time. d d Car Slut^onl Correopomlcnrr. ? STt'TOARD, November 27, I34S. J 'itical Prof/xcts in Germany?Incrented Unpopu- n irity of the German Parliament?hi fhttsolu- c| 'on Inevitable?Some Details relative to the )i rienna Tragedy, $ < . fyc. 'he murder of the member of Parliament, u bert Plum?the present rei^n of terror in Aus. ' d ?and the "legal anarchy," if such acortra> s tion of term* be admissible?in Prussia; the pension of the press, and suppression of ali ,, b?, socieiies, and meetings, at Merlin; the irr?- '? nsible behaviour of the Prussian Cabinet to, j rd the representatives of the Prussian people- j n I the acta of the National Parliament and Kxe- ! ive power?all occurrences which your readers j already awara of? ths?e facts have. at last. produced ti nsstion among the people. which will lead them to g conviction that they have been shamefully wr >nged ? 1 deceit fd- that a bold game has been played o h them. which any but a Herman nation would long <, ce have detected a nd avenged. It Is concded uow, || a majority, what a spirited few predicted and ai- c > 4 trom the b> ginning. viz : that the National Con- r itlon at I- rankt rt is the mere Bundestag of ill-fated t] mory. In n new dress, served up to suittne new e*l- f icy of the March revolution In I 813 a* the Bundes- I o : itrelf had been the lullaby with which the excited > * lion was lulled to sleep In 131 > and 18:13. It Ik now n ar and undeniable, even to those tru?tin;. sanguine H lis. who fondly and d> voutedly believed every word tl ich the piitces and their creature* spoke. that the ti Ion. io mueh boasted of, ?o happily achieved >/ the ii .linr.yl ( onvi ntlon and no jealousy guarded by the a yonats and cannons of the Central power, i* not ti kt union which leads to liberty and gr?atnes?-but n n ui Ion of the pilncea and d?oa?tio interest*, the a ton at OiiLUtz and Potsdam at llerlin and KrunH r t?the union ot section nud peculiarity, ever at war n Ih Itself and against Itseif and united only when the p a men cause of ibe ooinuion country Is to be defeated u d crushed. when liberty I* the enemy whom they op- b sit. The Parliament at Frankfort is staggering on ward* its gr*v?. with a wonderful rapid pace ; bolder s d bolder, tbe blinded majority throw* o!T Its maak, r id shows its principles up in their true coior-i to the * ideceiv?4 and aatoni'hvd people Tbe breaah he 1 'ceo tbe members of the right and tho?o of the lett I )e (alas' but too few In number) is daily growing. t id has already b? come Irreparable, so that a departure | tbe left >ide rn matte Is inevitable an I has a reajy t reattoed to take place, in conrri|t)ence of the I at" I e*?e and vote ou the Truesian crown i|'iei.tlofi N*o > ill tllkl, W b?M,U?-UiU*W.W Wt I -kh4 My tnm ife 4mm, tot ' Nbeld, * Ui, U i LP* TWO CENTS. itinketh already !" Morn nanculne than ever. an 1 ith a heart beating for j>>y ?r>,j with golden hope, I have welcomed the glorious tiling* from Berlin anil Vienna, from Potsdam an 1 Frankfort glorious, for Lhey contain tha blesaed that now tha gr?at rt and oio*t potent enemy to lib-rty t ? a republiaan form ot government. the only true ' n? anil the only tine calculated to advance th? lnUr"?t? of the people, ia conquered and crushed ; I mean tha love of th? paiple for their prince* and the nrejud'O** In r-i(?r l to the divinity of their tnl'slon Th'? Illusion la fast being dispelled by the burning of a Vl-nna. th? legal murder t?f a Hohert Blum. the sy?t?matlc oppre?alon of the oaopie In Berlin Wha', though the bloodhound Wladltohgraetz rule in Vienna with an Iron rod? ? what, though thi? peaceful Inhnhltarfs of Berlin be ovarflooiJail with fl<',000 troops. their pr?"se* ab>ll-h?d their eluba forbidden their meeting" supp-*?B*d, their National Parliament driven asund? r by foroe of arms?? what, though at Krtnkfort. too reaction ha* a stronghold In the majority of the l*i?iHam?nt, and the Central ! ?eiuti?< ? ?what though it may send an overwhelming military f"'roe to stippresn every expr^ssl^a of popular indlgnatlrn In every little town, while It ran spnre but two comuiiimioBers to treat with the legal rioters, murderer* and robheri In Viennt, or only a Hitunniiin to negotiate wi h tie haughty III' of (iod's (irsoM.'' who la trampling every human right und?r foot in Pru?sl*t what, though all till* l>? tl*? ea*e ? Wh mn?t not, therefore. lo?? ooufare; we must not let our aril or be ilimi nl-h<'<| or our hopes daiupenedlet the victorious prince* glory In their triumph, and exult in the contemplation of what thevhave achieved. So sure as every drop of blood "hed by a murd-rou? edict cf Prince Windtsnhgrutz. will call a n?w champion of liberty to the field of action ; ?.i sure a* th# piteous cry for help, uttered by the innf-o >nt ohlldren, bi lpl?"f virgins. an?l unoffending feni'ilns. on whom the soldiers committed virlence, r?p?. and mti'der, In Vienna >hall echo in the hoaim of every trua (J <rman, ?nd rouse the spirit cf v?ng"anc? ; ao sure, aa thu hrleks of the wounded and sick, who were burnt to lenth by tli? ruthless soldiers wl'l prepare * terrlk!e lay of judgment for thoce in who? nain? the atrocities wit.' committed ; tn sure the National Parliament md the eiecu'lva power ha?e hIvctheir own dea'hwiirrar.f. In coldly looking on without cnmlngr to the ild <>l the outraged p?opt? ; so *>ire will the coalescence if the irin^es produce n clorer and mom effective bond of union between those ai;al ft whom thin non piracy in operating ; no ?ur? h*i the day of liberty 3n?ned upon the benighted nations of Kurop?, which *111 bring terrible vengeance on the miserable ruler* who have ?o long defrauded the people of their most 'geretl and holy rights and privileges I cannot give you any new* tr m Prussia. lu'er-stinit ?nd exciting a* they are, for I live at such a ^Ist-anne h cni the pHncipcl cities there, that you must receive tin m at a much earl-er period than they w.mld r? a h V u from my pen. I n tne session of Parliament oa the 22d. Xlmmermann. cf Spardon proposed a bill to Head two commissioners to Vienna, to lni|U<re inte the rrimes roinmitted at the surrend"r. and bring t'le pirpetrators to pinllhlnill. In thla bill, the rdtovini; rao'i wero fet forth, whioh make the blood curdle in >8e's veins to read The proprietor of the b.xth house ind Ma wife were killed In the fo'lowlng manner: the lands and feet of both were cheeped off, the breast* f the lady rut out, and the maiined bodies of both ewed between two mattress* and committed to the lauies Tbe Ode >n, into which a great number of rounded and di?abled peison* had lied, wan set Are to >y the military; and when tbe unhappy vlo'.lms enleavored to fly, they were p'evented by the soldiers, intll the burning metal-rot f fell In and crushed them. In several places, especially In the neighborhood of be llundsthtirn. (Dog's Tower) the mutilated bodies >f Indies were foun 1. with tlielr bro*?ts out oat, anil ho belly slit open. Wo nen girls, even children were Inycd, ravished, and brutally murdered. The soldiers ilui dered and robbed In the r.pen street in broad day'ght; some four hundred houBe* were plundered and hen ret fire to. One of th" captured x'.ud-nts Ua 1 hia ongue cut out; then they tore ofT hia lips chopped his lands and feet off. put a cartridge Into his rnou h and lied it. thus bursting his head The ears. nose*, hauda >nd feet, of others, were cut olT . their eyes burnt ont; ne non cui pi?cr meai irorn in-ir >nu inui hey were tortured Mowly to doa'.h. Many houae* were hut. merely to prevent the di*oov?ry of iuoh birburl?ud to obliterate kit trace* of them, Snob are i>oine of the detail* of the *leg* of Vienna ; nob the inhuman. barbarous aot? at ?hn? irrnral the heart Mcken*. wh'eh characterize the ?urender t.f ? city In tbo nineteenth owntury ! History rill place thi* event by tbe side of the niO'it app?llinif lreds t f heatbeun In tbe dork middle agea, tho'wh ra iny M-nturirH ofprogres* in humanity aud civilisation lniervece. though our soldier* pretend to belong to an mHjihfencd nation and to a Christian people. Wlndiscbgratz has r> ruivfj the <>rand i.'roM of the )rder of St Ueorge. for hie heroic dee I*, frnm th? f'.m< ror of Itumia; and Jellacblch. that of St. WladOinir. ['he mlnibters are not yet appoint*J. Amkiucan and Frknch Trade ?We find In our >raerlcan paper* dome detail* concerning oertain detections <f Con^re**, whinh. although of aaolent ate, ought not to be pa**ed without notice in France, r they especially coneern our Interest. W?- h ivb 'ready mentlnned the r?a'ttu?*? with which the S?cre?ry ot tbe Trea- ury Mr Walker, ha* decided that in ttlniatirg the ad vulorem duties on tho*? French prouctlons in favi r < f which the National Assembly had ftvil ? fitiint a r?Jtiortiitn n the nmount of tbi* preilum ?bouid be deducted from the value. Tm* an rtlcle of 100 francs value for wbioh a prime of 10 ?r cent bad been accorded, wmild only be a?*e? <ed for utlts a" of 9Cf. value Out a far*r to Krench cornerce urn h more Important and sl^nKI -ant than thi*, Rd been proposed, and although tbe dlaouclon of it d to no inmiedia'e result, it is well tbat tbe French ubllc should he informed ot it. ina<much aa It will ot lie ln>co<ible tn develope the di->uonltlon* then anif'sted, so a* to form a commercial treaty favorable > the in'tre^t* of both nation* > 0 u altt r the revolution of February a letter wai ritten from Pari* to the Searetary of th* Tre?*ury, y a citizen of the I'ni'ed States ^r. tJeorge S'lmn-r, ljlieftinu the expedient? of reducing the duties on -itain Krencb proOU itionn aa nm^tni of encouraging rencb induairy. languishing under the etfeijta of thrt orop?au crifia, and thin giving a practical proof of itpaiby lor the French republic la it* hour of *ufrii.g. Tbe letter w?* communicated t.> aev.-ral irerican *t%team*n. and It" r-um;?*tlon brought Itre tbe lloure of Representative* In ths forai of a gttlative proposition, by Mr. Charle* J. ln^?r*oll, mccrat. and seconded by Mr Holmea. whig Tb? ilea *tre f u-ruf><l?d BDd the Hlscu*don commenced; it the chairman of tbe oomoiiitre of way* aod insane ade objection* to any change* la tbe tariff, iuaamuch i the expeme* of tbe Mexican war were weighing 1,011 the na'ion He demanded that tne proposition loiild he laid npon the table, and this was dually voted r ee to *5. During tbe dlaruasion Mr Mcl.ane propo?ed a* at* mendirent. "that from and afier the 4*h of July, <48. a'l duties levied hy i xisting law* on article* imnrted from the republic of Krance th* growth aod aTiu'aeturi' of raid repubtlc. Into the United S'atea, *. aod the fame aie hereby, repealed, provided that be dutlea levied In Kranre on Airerirau uro luctioa* f the I nltsd State* he at tbe aaine tiuie repealed" hie amendment waa aet a?'de. hut th?re reaalt* 001 tl.l* dlacuesion nnd from the liberal conduct of lie honorable Mr Walker tbe proof that It would b? ?ay to c? me to 10 underataud'n* with tbe United tatea fur < r. arrangement that ahould conciliate ths iteiiita of ihe people cf bcth countries. America Is ,e um at Important market we have Our naoufacirea of ait end luxury en neglected at tbi* raoruent Qifi)(f tia. meet, there with a constant demand Our winea which have now (alien 'o a<> I >w a price, e much liked, and would be taken In large juan'-iea. could a cooi'd?ral>le reduction be male io thta utj; t< r the eo-t of transportation la le*< from Bureaux end I ette to New Vcrk than to Pari* Oo th? thirl nnd tbe pn dwctlon? which tbe II oltej States itnii-h 11 a in exchange, are eiiher raw material* which 0 not grow In Krance auoh a< ootton or lard and ilted beef and pork, the uae of wh'ch ahould be enniiiai'td in Krance. and which would aupply on ou r ante atd in our large town* noariablcg food for th ihotirg p> pu atlon If. theieiore the two government* would broach this latter, the objection* and ob-tac e? raised by ths anufaolurre* of ** to the reduotion of utiea would 10' hold Iti tlila special ca-e The only ifflculfy would be one ol revenue for if the l.'oited tatv* 'treasury buve need of it* re*oure?s to pay ths cf the Mexican war, the Kreoch Trea-ury li lore heavily burdens d Hill 1 bla. however la but % nipornry difficulty. nnd In every ca?e it I* our duty 1 point out what can be done, and to make kaoen le highly friendly diapoaition toward Kriac* which xlata on tbe other mile of the Atlautic ? furit Jour a I ilet Dfhalt, Xtiv. 10. The Corn Trade of Kiirape. [Krom the London Mercantile <ia??<tte, I'ee. 1 ] The pr?iu trad* la cnmp'etelj paraiyred hy the manned arrival* of on< rniousl.v lar*e -ui plie* of f <r*lgt> rain floor and pulse and price* decline, week after eek, In the Brillab niarKet*, not fr.>in an abundanos f home grown produce, but from the couataut, Influx f foteian u-thIu By tbeolllciai aocount recen ly pub ifh> (1 if the Import* Id (treat Britain. it appear* tint, urlcg ibe month cr Jinx -lib of Novein&er 3<J1 B19qr*. t wheat, an 1 2'28 052 c*t of foreign nMuufeotured lotr.aere imported. ami that duty waa. within th? (.Din period, paid on ?06 7?20i|r*. wheat. and '251182 ?t flcur Tailing ail Kind* of jrnin and puliw toether, tbe Immenae quantity *>f 7s>fl 188 .j oarter* wr? i reived and duty ?n paid on IKj8 09>) i(u?rter?,exoluire of the floor ab.?v? mn'iouel Cau an? a irpriaa, berefore, be frit at the prvaent depr?aaed ttateof th? rade ' There la certainly no Immediata waut f'orthe?,? irf e aupplica, and general opinion being opp<ia?4 to rlre no ote la Inclined to buy ru<<re than neoegtry for prearnt uee Stocka tn gianary are oonM|Ucntly accumulating; more U prea?ed on tn? It*lent market* than tbe con*umph?? demand hu take olT and the Kogll?h grow-r i? e*erywb?r? ndtraold Huh-rlo the bulk of the foreign imply haa h'en from the Bjltlo. and from Kranoa; ow, however, receipt" ara beginning to come to and front America, and in a ahort time we m ty ezp?ct rrltala from por's lying eaat of Gibraltar Aa * ample cf what America t? likely to do. we havn only to II attenticn 'o th? Inipiru into Liverpool during th* reek ending Nov ,|J7. cotiaialing of 12( <nKI birr- la ftoi r, 6.(00 quarter* of wheat and upwarda of AO,QUO '>arral? rdian corn Hu?in?M haa. aa may raaily be eoneived been (jnte proatrated. and the prl fa of wh?*t, irevliufly mucb d? pr??eed. bave further recedad 2a. >er quaiter at all the leading market* In tba king torn. I he rowing cf wheat baa b.en ?'e*dtty p">?rei-i tree ? ur laat. and f*riin>r? have bean tn.? tnuth oevt. fit u Him ? ... v tl t") ; c " * r in my |tuUtj , bat wt ki now apprjtcuiut >?? v? nm