Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 23, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 23, 1848 Page 1
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, rgi IT NO. 5316. Celebration of the 'iKNth Anniversary of tb? ILandli.g of the Fllgtlma on Plfmontb Rock. Tfie members of the New England Society of the city of New York, held their anniversary meeting yesterday, at the Astor House, at 1'2o'clock, for the purpose of transacting the general business of the ?cciety, admitting nt w members, and electing the boari of cflicers for the ensuing year. The following ib the list of the ollicers elected :? Preeid* nt? Mo*?* 11 GrlnotU. 1m Vice Prmdent?Thomn Kcaienden. 2d " Siutvo.* Dmpvr Jr. Countellora-John A 1'oderwood, Paul Baboook, Jobn TtouiBs. Kdaiund Cofllu. Aitmtaut Couum-llora?B W. Bonnej, Ch?rl?? A. Stctaou, Ueorge Curtia, Cbarl?a A. Teabody, Lather B. AVjmun, Hnvrj P. Pe?t, Ueurgt* YVurrwu. Samuel J. Btkla _ ^ Treaaurer?lomua i.. rope. Secretary ? Ej.hrmui Kiug-tbnry. TiiK DINNER. Tb? spicioua and aplendid dining hall of the Aator Houae, the moct magnificent in tne eity, and equal perbapa'.o an; in the world, preaented, last eremog, a I nil ai?t and, imposing r*u;i d'ttil Tne room Itself wad biud up with all that taste and elcgauoa for whloh Hea.-rr> Coiiiuau andStetton are ao eminently fainoua. Three long tables were extended nearly the wtiola length cf tne spacious apartment, and a fourth, placed trantterael} at the bead of the three, waa slightly elevated above the re?t at the upper end The nap pir?t?tlect waa produced by the taateful arrangement ol lb* table* and the room and the ornamenta winch declud the biard added a beautiful charm to the faaolnating scene One of these waa peculiarly aplendid It ooneWied of a pyramid o?'ornamental confectionary placed at the upper end ol the middle table. It was a rmitnKniiiioii ut the f*moua landing at I'lvmou'h. and tlieir dm*mbsrcat'en from the ship Mtty Mower, ia which they bad bo long been conAued on the then less kuo?n waters of Ibe great Atlantic. Among other cur oiities which deserved attention, we ai?o noticed a block of gi anile lrom the veritable Plymouth Rook, which occupied a prominent place in iront of the President's seat, and raised not a few warm and sjupatbelio remlnieoenses in the hearts of the ons and descendant* of those sainted emigrant*, now assembled to oelebrate this great event, more than two hundred years since ita happening. A spWndid band of musio was in attendance on the parly, and Its lively atralns produced upoa the ear an tffect iu harmony with the grand speotaele presented to the r>e; thus affording nigh entertainment, and lending an enobanttng excitement to all tbe senses. At about six o'clock tbe music struck up, when, to the cbetriog sounds of the lively air whioh it eohoed fortb, the numbers and guests marched forward into the hall, ana took their seals at the festive board, to the number ot about 2U0 Wben seated, it formed, altogether, an assemblage of gentlemen sueh as perhaps could not often be surpassed, though, perhaps, often equalled, for wea-th. talent,good loons, and respectability. The President of tbe society, Moses H. Urinnel!, Esq., took tbe chair at tbe transverse table, at the top of the room, and on either tide tf blm were seated the Vioe President*, Messrs 'l'hos Keasenden and Simeon Draper. The Counsellors, Messrs. Jobn A. Underwood, Jjhn Thomas, Panl Babcock and Edmund Coffin, with other tfflotrs and members. Among the distinguished guests present by specinl invi<ation on the ocoasion, we noticed tbe Hon. Mr. llates of| Massachusetts, and several officers of tbe Army and Navy; among whom was tbe distinguished aid of Ueneral Taylor, the gallant Colonel Duncan; also the several President* of tbe kindred societies of St. David, St. NicQolas, St. Andrew, St. Patriok, tbe liermtn and Krenoh Benevolent Societies: Messrs. I)epeyster,Ogden,lleyburn, '*? I)* Hiiala Wm alan nntinttd (Inlnnul Laily,,Ueo. Curtis, G. Warren, Thos. Silvester, aud last, though not least, his Honor, W. F. Havemeyer, i>q , Mayor of the city of New York. The press, the pulpit and the bar were. alco, well represented by some at their most able and eminent men in the city of New York. Among others Messrs. Tappan, Adams and Cbapin. 'lhe beauty of the seene which we have described was furthermore heightened by a seeae in the back ground, not without its charms. A number of ladies were there, looking on and admiring the soene from behind the platform at the head of the room. Two hundred and fifty wax candles, brilliant lamps, aud plend 4 chandeliers, projected a dazzling, uanciag light upon the gay company,over the rplendid room aud ?iK>n all the attractive applianoes. At the upper end ot the bail, ov?r the president's table, was nnfurled the original flsg of the old New Kngiand eolonies. It was deep blue ground with a white quarter, divided by a crass, in one of the angles of which was seen a globe, oif ided by a white belt, Into two hemispheres ? But it is time, after all this preparation, to come to something more substantial Accordingly, juet at the IIr. moment, when the tables were now ready, and heavily loaded with a luxurious weight of rioh dainties and exquisite luxuries, the expectant guests all being also ready, grace was sald-that famous prelude of olden times to every Yankee meal, and whloh sometimes was almost as long as the President's mestage, bat, vrhiah now (when used), is generally as short as a President's message ought to be?was solemnly said by the venerable pastor and teacher, Mr. Tappan, of this i y. And now, after this brief grace, the work of destructive mastication began in good earnest, and no graoe was shown to the various edibles, of riohest flavor, prepared by those masterly quarter-masters, coleman It Stetson. We will not weary nor tantalise our readers with any specific enumeration of the rioh things provided and consumed on this occasion; suffice it to say, that almcst an innumerable quantity of living creatures from the sea, the rivers, the earth. aad ibe heavens, bad lost tbeir Uvea, and bees taken and Destroyed for the express purpose of feasting the appetite* and stimulating tbe palates of tbe members ot tbe New Kngland Society, and others, on this festive anniversary evening. But not only did fish, and flesh, aad fowl, from all quarters of the globe, contribute tbeir quotas: also the rlohest vineyards of France, Champagne, the Moeelle, the Rhine, and other countries, added the enlivening contributions of the best Falei ian 10 enhance the joy of the evening, and add to the hilarity oi th? clts-lcal assemblage. The cloth removed, and graoe again said, The Fhkiidknt rose to give the regular toasts. These were as follows :? 1. The Day?To be honored by the life as well as the lip. 2. 'ihe essential prinsiples and habits of the New England Pilgrims-Formed and fixed in many moral bailies, tbey ' never surrender." 3. Common Schools-Fairy lights, which, wherever kindled, attract areund them the good and beautiful things of the earth. 4 The Clergy of New F.ngland?Vigilant sentinels, who keep alive the sacred tire upon her altars. b. Pmideat of the United States. Tbe President elect of the United States -A Tay1 r who fits the Republie. 7. Tbe Army?Uionoui in the triumphs of its arms, more gioiieus la the restraints of its humanity. 8. The Navy?Truxton, Preble, Hall, Perry, a sprinkling of Yankees on her decka. V. Tbe city of New York?May St. Nicholas and 8t. Jonathan ever ' dwell together in Unity." 10 Our sitter Societies - The struggle for free institutions cow going on in the old world, draws closer the fiaternal binds which unites her children and ourselves n tbe new. 11. New .F.ngland F.nterprlae? The alehymy which transmutes' ber granite hilis into Sacramento valleys. 1'i. Plymouth llock-The whetstone of the Sword of Freedom. 18 Tbe Daughters of New F.ngland?No revolution can alienate their sovereignty or our alieglanoe. Tbe delivery of these toasts was received and greeted with masto from the band, and responded to, as the oscasion arose, by some one whom the peoulUr nature oi tbe toatt seemed to designate for the purpose. Having gone through the regnlar toasts, the President. Moses H. Urinnt-ll, F.sq , arose and addressed the ompaay, expressing the great regret he felt at tbeir having been deprived of the pleasure of bearing the UMiel and oustomary oraMon for the day, owing to tbe udden 111 health of the Hon. F.. F.verett, who had been . ... 41I ' ? ? .nunrHinu In hiii intention, hv WU,a"MB) ?VVV.??B a sudden attack or lllntas Mr. O pasted a high eulogium upon tbe talents and oharaotcr of Mr. Kverott, and concluded bj giving too following toast: 'hdoard Kvereit, New Kngland'* aaoomplished Orator?Though compelled to forego tbe advantage of hi* eloquence to-day. we can never relinquish our admiration of lt? spirit and power." Josirn Bi.u*t, Khj , hereupon addroesed the company at some lengih. eali, witb animation and w.irmih. iht* hi,h talent* aad distinguished eloquence ol N?w l.n^land* favorite son. the Hon Mr Kverett. Tbe team wan received with thrse time* three. The toast In the regular order, referring to tho ajttem of common school*. a* created in Now Kng> lund. war responded to by Pa*tor < hapin, In language glowing with real and animation. Me pa**ed many treat and higb compliment* upon New Knjland and her enterprising noon, and waa greeted throughout with loud and reptated applause. Mr Tarr.!*, r.f th? cleigy. responded to tbe toast complimentary of (be clergy of New Kngland, in tome brief and appropriate remark!. A Delegation from the New England Society of Brooklyn hereupon entered te room, and mutual ?lvllltle* and compliment* were Interchanged, and the ruhtband of f?llewshlp cordially given between the eooletle*. by Intervtntion of the chairman, Mr (Jrinru II addretaing *ivur?l pertinent remark*. applicable to the occaalon. in a highly pleaaing strain of hilarity n't good humor. Captain M'lvea, of tbe navy, an invited gne t, btlefly returned thank* on b^balf of the uavy to tbe toast complimentary of It. Ilia Honor W K. llAvrurrra, F.*<| , Mayor of the city responded In a happy (train to tbe toaflt for the It/ of Now York; hi* remark* were, however, given In ao low a tone that it wa* Impossible to report them Dr Bea'e, Mr. Norrle, Mr. Kunhardt, Mr Kayburn, anil Mr. Ogden, severally returned thanks In a few brl-f and pertinent remark*. Interspersed with attic aalt 1 vely humor and sparkling wit, on tbe Mention of tbe several societies which they so honorably reproaented. Tbo Hon. Mr. Bans. of Ma*aachu*ett*, then addressed the company Inaalmilar strain, concluding with a sentiment complimentary of New England genluoand enterprise Tho fallowing volunteer toa*U were alio given By Mr. Noaair., President of St. Andrews' Soolety:? ' New Kngla.nd men out of New Kuglaud Not ao E NE MORN clmlfh ii Seatehmen, but equally attached to tb?ir i early hemes." By Dr. Bcalcs, President of St. George'* Society:? " New Eaglanl and Old Kngland?May all their fri-llng* toward* eaoh other b? ever founded od the solid bare cf charity " By Mr. Kvuhhut, President of tha German Soolety : j " The merchant navy of New England?May It long liuuuuun n? ruppij IUO nuuu; mu ppirituoi WSUIB UI tbe remoteft corners of tbe earth." M?rh hilarity, harmony, and pleasure prevailed throughout tbe evening, and a number of other ?o lunteer sentiments we'.e offered, until a late hour, when, alter an evening of rare festivity and enjoy, mrnt. Ibe company gradually, like all human affairs, vanished away ! American Art Union?Annual Distribution. Last evening being the time appointed for the annual distribution ol the paintings and other woika of art, which have been purchased during the lust year by the American Art Union, the Tabernacle, the place fixed for the distribution to be made in, was filled to overflowing. A great portion of the assemblage was composed of beautiful and fashionable ladies, most of whom belong to the highest and most resectable families of New Yoik society. At six o'clock precisely, the proceedings of the evening commenced by Col. Wetmore reading an address to the subscribers, winch gave an account of the rise and progress of the An Union, and the benefits which it has conferred on art and artists. FacDERicK A. Cot, Esq., then read the annual report. From the report, we learn tbat the experience of last year places tbe society beyond all peradventure. Tbe number of subicriptions for tbe year 1848 Is 16.475, belug an increase over previous year of 6,b09. Tbe number of subscriptions would have been muoh larger if the books kept for that purpose bai not been closed, wbieb was done when sufficient fundi bad been received to support tbe prcaeedings of the past year. On the first of July tbe number of snbcrlptlons amounted to only $701, while tbe value of the piotures hanging on the walls exoeeded tbe sum of 1120,000. Tbe cumber of pictures to be distributed was 454. Krcm tbe Treasurers report we gathered the following information concerning tbe iioanoial condition of this association up to 22d Deo 1048. RBCCIfTS. Balance from 1M7 $1,008 78 Cash from 10.476 members 82.375 00 Sale of Catalogues 1,150 50 $85,134 28 NTUIKTI. Amount paid for extra labor on engravings and transactions of 1847 $2,243 78 Cost of 479 prizes on catalogue 40 6IK) ] < 10 500 Impressions of the en graving of queen Mary. 7,890 } 50,195 00 Cott of 16 600 <ets of Outlines 0 100 I " 450 medals 1,116 J Estimated txpenee of distributing engra li gs and outlines 1,100 00 Esiimated expense of printing 20,000 copies of Annual Report 2 000 Commissions allowed to 393 Secretaries. . .. 4,812 C9 " " City Collector 980 47 Salaries 2,704 21 Insurance 731 75 Testsge. 793 09 Stationery 270 57 Advertising 404 2ft . Printing 2,30? 18 Kent of Gallery 1.500 00 Expense of lighting Uallery 628 10 Taxes 225 00 Geneial expenses, discounts, exchange, fuel, freights, labor, printing, Gallery, and expenses of Annual Meeting 2,814 30 5 per cent on the subscription of ) 1848 4.118 76 . ,?,0 Sale of Catalogue" 1,160 50 f Reserved to pa; for building Gallery j Balance on hand 54 73 $86,134 28 After the reading of these documents, Col. Wktmohk announced that the most Interesting performances of the evening, vie : the distribution of the pictures, weuld toon be entered upon, whioh announcemtnt was received with evident pleasure, It was proposed that Captain Eaton, of the United States Army, should preiide at one of the wheels, and Alderman Stevens at the otbor ; and these gentlemen were by vote unanimously elected to perform tbat service. Before going any further, It may fee well to explain this whtel butlners. There were this year 16,746 subscribes to the Union Small pieces of oard, numbered from 1 to 16 745, both inclusive, were put in one wheel, and four hundred and fifty-four cards numbered in the same way, and corresponding with the number of pictures to be distributed, were put in another wheel. These cards were drawn in the manner hereinafter mentioned?those corresponding with the numbers of the piotures, first, and afterwards^ those corresponding wiih the numbers of the contributors. A ticket is drawn from the wheel containing the cards representing the numbers of the pictures? the Lumber is announced, and then a card is taken in the same way from tne other wheel. The contributor whom this last card represents by number, Is the iertunate person, and becomes entitled to the picture, be it more or less valuable, which the card Urn drawn represents. ( i D auamon m uipitiu r.?wu mu aiu ohtcui, num? one propostd Mr. J*s. M. Smith, as an additional preBiding officer at the wheels. Colonel Wetmsre put It to the vote, but Mr. Smith was rejeoted. The name of Alfred Wheeler was then proposed, but it, too, was rejected. Kx Major Harper and Mayor Havemeysr were ibeu proposed, and on a vote being taken, they were unanimously elected to preside at the wheel, withCapt. Kat<n and Aldeiman Stevens. Mr Wetmohe?Is Kx Mayor Harper in the room ? No reply, but a good|deal of laughter, followed this ioquir Mr. Wnwoit-la Mayor Havemeyer present Ditto, ditto; and more of it. Voice?Mr President, I move that tha proceedings be suspended until those gentlemen arrive. This cnrlous proposition was tbe cause of mnoh merriment and laughter, in whioh the ladies participated, j If we ean judge by the great rustling of ailks and satins which followed. Mr. Harper and Mr. Havemeyer not making their ' appearance, It was deemed advisable not te delay J tha proceedings, and aceordingly tbe tickets were placed In the. wheels in parcels ot five hundred each ? an operation which lasted soma time, on acoount af the care taken to show fairness, but whioh. strange to say, attracted tbe undivided attention of almost every one of tbe vast multitude in attendance. As soon as tbe tloketa were deposited in the wheels, two young and vtry handsome ladles were selected to decide tbe fate of the 10,746 subscribers. The drawing of the tickets was decidedly the most interesting part ' of the performances. " Stir up the big wheel, Captain . Katon? give it another turn!" '* Alderman, another twist, if you please" Stir it up,1' and similsr expressions were, from tima to time, addressed to tbe gentlemen presiding at tha wheel.? 1 It will b? remarked below that John C. Calbonn became tbe foitunate possessor of a very line pioture, and that Mr. Kdwin Croswell, of Albany, was lucky, tco, on tbe occasion. It is due, however, to Mr. Calhoun, 1 cl South Carolina, to say that he is not tbe gentleman mentioned; and to Mr. Croswell, that he was slightly < hissed when bis name was announced, which contrasted . strangely with the applause bestawed on Mr. Calhoun, or ratber his New York namesake, for tbe gentleman j lives up-town. Col. Wetmore was in luek this time, too, for he came 1 in for an excellent painting Tbe announcement was rereiTed with a good deal of applause, tor which he retuinrd thanks, expressing, however bis sincere regret 1 teat some one of tbe contributors was not the foriu- j nat? iellow Instead of himself; whereupon a gentleman ouaeat band to him, proposed, that if tne picture would be an encumbrance to him, he would tak-i 1 pleasure in relierlng him of it. At this Col. Wetmore j laughed. bet cald nothing. Tbe following list will show such of the 10.746 eon- i trlbutora as were successful in getting pioturea at this dbtribnttoB.? ] 1. The to iaaion of the J?wa to Fardinand and Iaabella, by leutie-S. luUted, N?w Tori. 2. Ihe Strollirg Maaioian, ly F. W. Idmonda?J. C. Mcliuira, 1 Wksbiraion, 1). t. S. TLe Village Chnteh, (Moonlight,) by A. D. Diiraid?Miaa C. Krcdrlcl, Waierbury, Conn. i. Wamiington'n Kernel to Fort Neeewdty, by J. G. Chap nan?*. M. I etii e, A<at>aina. ' ft. U ai-lnngton in the Indian Connell, by J. B. Stearns?R. Bar* r?U, hutUud, Vt. . ?. 'lo ho ! by T. n. Hinckley?W. S. Wctmore, WinaicJ, Cons. 1 7. Treat Brook, l>y li. UulUi.sIod? K. L. Dsnlap, ZnneaYlUe, , Ol lo. 8. Children on the Ft* Sbnre, by J. 0. Chapman Mia* Waihburn, New York, < 1*. catakill Mountain Scenery, by A. 11. WenaWr? F. W. Clarke, . Ibrtfoia, lona 1 10. Butl-i < eucg, by J. T. Peele?Mre. A. J. Taylor, Jeraey City. , 11. Tl.e Naples l.ettor Writer, by a. B. Waugh? Wm. li. Hot 1 aim, New York 12 iJ?) Buata on the Raritan, by Jamea Hamilton?H. P. Fan 1 Brl.aick, )r., Kjractue. 13. Antonio and F. T. L. Beyle? R. W. Burnett, ClLciaaaii. U. 1 til,an feme, by D. Hnntir.gton?Mra. B. D. Greene, N Y. 15. Italiau fOLini Woman, by J. U. Utap<n?a?Jihn 1*. We^t, Bo*on. Hi. l.and?c?r? ar.d Cattle, by T. II. Blncklcy?B. Branier, Jr., Portland, 17. Laudectpe, by W. M. Oddic?* u? Julia Palmer, II rock port, IK Herd ?f the Senior. by 8. 8. Offocd?John A, Flab, N. York. If. Dter'e llrad, by J. U. Chapman?Ollrer J. Uuliaf d, Milvaukie. 10. Drawing Lote, by 8. 8. Otgood?J. R. IHoutom, Wilmlng ton. N. C. 21. The Traveller, by Walter Ul'by?lC., New York. Si. View in fct. Ijawrvnio County, by 8. It. Oifforit?K. V. Thorn, Bro<klyn. *;i Mo< ?e 11tic, by 8. R, C.lfford?M. A. Jnhteor, Bellelma, K.Y. 24. Lmdtrep'. b) D. W O. Bmtelle? K. O. hunt, Lexington, Kf. 2ft. !-iiu.?n< r Showir, by T. A. Hiahaidn?J. L>. Maiming, at. Can ar le'a, C W. 2t>. t l.ri.*t on th? Mount, by John Carlln?Jae. W. Underbill, Ntw Yotk. i7. lb? abIo?Scene near Snbiaoo, Italy, by J. F. Inneett?T B. V. B<rriap, New Voik. IX, Kivsr of the W aier of Life, by F. B. Chat oh?A. 8. Beardelcy, Coon. V.i. hurtled Deer, by V. 0. Andubon?John W. Monroe, N. Y. ,'tU. Moon Klein*, by V. 0. Audubon?John B. Warren, I*. Y. .11 View frcm Meet Point, b) John U Morton? U C. Oeeoh, A r>? n>. :a Cab kill Scenery, by Thomai Cote, dee.?i. L Kiornan, Mar chi.nte Motol, N. *. ,'3. i lite ? fd Hiding Hood, bj Mli? Anna Let i??Tbomaa jLRienton, M. V. W YO ING EDITION?SATU 34. Interior, by Remb-andt Loo k wood?Tha*. Jndaoa, Brooklyn. SA. Pairing Shower. by J. F. Reniatt? Cbaa. V uuui, Itii.der book, New Yoik. SC. Box Fiahmg, by I. B. Martin?Idwin Cronwell, Albany. 37. A Beach drove in Windaor Foreat, by J. F. Kenutt, Nl? l^ri Co., No 4 Fell River. 3K. St ec(fold. by Rembrandt Lockwood?J. 3. Tick nor Wright, Ceetleton. Vinont. X). Snow Scere. by Regia Olgnoux?Wm. Ilrowjing. K?w York 40. View on the Juniata River, by J cue TaJbo -8. W Saedeu, Brookhn. 41. Madge Wildfire and Jeanic Dean a, by W. J. Qubnrd?Thua. T. Bloi dpt rd, N< w Yoik. ft. Laudtcaie. by J. F Kemett? R. H. McMillan, New Yo'k. <3. I aidfcape. by D W. C. Boute'le?Mi?? J. <\ Tjler, N. O. 44. Wap Walloptn Falla, Pa, by 0. Gninewald ?Nulian I.atell, New Yuk. 4P. Bcere on Bear Cwtk, Pa., G. by Gninewald?Franklin Gerard, Newburgh. 40. Divir ? Uin. N. Y., by A. B. Dorand-S. W. Allen. Mobile. 47 Frnit I'leoe. by J. U. Wright?John Barker, New York. 4H. The Old Age ot Milton, by Idain 4Tnlla?W Ilillard. Itoatnn. 41'. 1 he Old Age of Oaliltu oj ?d?in White - Mra. W.U. Ujkrt, New Voik. CO. Naihan llale. Juat lofore Kxtcntion. by O. A. Bollard? 0.0. Bithop. beading, l'eni.?\ lvania. 61. 1 he First Letter, by W. 8. Maaoi?Jan. M. D w ;r, llarrirburgh.I'enno lvania. 67. Fiuit and Biid, by J. B. Ord?A. F. Clayton, Now York. 63. Sceie ou ti e buoti n, and a 8ccne noir t lar*i<towu, New Yoik, water color*. J. W. 41 ill? Wm. II. 1'aoru.N. Y. 6t. Landtcape, a I cnti)lvania Cottage, by W. S. Maaon?Albert ?neti? n. buupor. kaine. 66. Fiuit. by J B Uid?Geo'ge II. Voian, N'iw Yotk. 66. Ibcirint Peller. by F. R. Bpencer?Fuderick Kuupha, Co diptii g, N> w York. .'>7. Cot tape Siete, and Water Fall, pair w*tei cilora, I y IV, R. Miller? Ti.vttteid hami, New I ork, 68 Fiuit, byJ.B Old?Sle| hen b.Cbaaa. Newpo.-t, R I. ty Ipawich Bav, by F. B. I ai e?Haj >r K-aruiy, Norwich, Ct. (iO. baebelor'a ball, by A. Rulbeifurd?Stewart terry. Newpor', Ni w Yoik. kl. H e Mandolin,'y B 8. Oijeoi* ?3> v. Dr Smith, Charleaton. ti? Iir?i Ksruii gt. ly Walt?rLlbb>-Liom rd tie, Nt w York. <3. Landtctie, bj T. A. Riel.aida?Mr. T. S. O^remui, J<r?.y Citj. 14 La Carinara. h? .1. Cam< ron- W. H. Cc dfrey, Geneva. N.Y. 06. Peine Ltar LantingbtHf. by W. liar.?M.\ A. 8. Dan* Kewaik. New Jeney. f>(>. Marine View, by T. Biuh-J. L. L. F. ? arren. Mas* I 7,* on t! ? H.irf.nn t,? S U fl.lT.rrf ? V J 1..II XI Btuutwick, K. J. tn. I dump tr< m Ibc Mill, by W. Out? M's Vary I>?y, N. V. lit Pontfe Vtccbio, by G. C. Muob?Uotoukian DtTidaun Soy. fiat kill. JO. Snow Scene, by T. Birah?Robert S?nfoi.l, New Yvrk. 71. Land: capo, b> W. M.Oddu?ri tct Ueujy. Nj? Yoik. 72. Landfcape by W. Hurt?Silas R. Arni'li, Mo irov. Muli. 73. Luke 8c ne, by S.B Gilford?Mrs. S. J. L White, N. Vork. 74. bhowiry D?y by J. U?milt< n? V. Gilford, Fall River. 56. Valley of the fnn|uch?i na, by D. M. C. Bjutcllo-J. B. Betk, Willian>pp<rt, li. 7#. Landnaje. by W H. Oddlc?J. P. Waldron, New Vork. 77. Viewsou tbe Hackenrack, pair wate; oulors, by J. W . 11 ill ?J. B. Bmkenbridge, btanton, Va. 7H. ducat e, with cattle, by W. Hart?Dr. John Q. Allans, NewYtrk. 71'. LaLdicape, by A. Amlrtwi?James Roinncrantr, N. V. l-u. Got. WiLtbiop, Charlo* II., and the F.av Treu Shilling, by J. W. Class?fc pie? Sujdam, Jr. >ewYork. HI. (jueeu Maiy sipning the Death M arrant - f Ludy Jane Grey by B. Uuniington- Douglas rutr.iim, Marietta.Ohio. t-2. llawkirg, by J. W. Glass?James Krarer, N*w Vork. M. View on < he faratow Mountain in li. C. by u. Gr tuvwiM? B.W.fmith. New York. 1 High Bridge, (watercolor,) by J. W. Hill?Chas. J. Rosiiter. j? r?c;:j a. tt. Cliffn, by J. W. Glass?A. Benedict, Waterbury, Ct ( (>. 1 andtcspe, by J. J. Porter?Urn. Wm. Anstin, N. York. M. Bird fancier, by v-t arlcs Jarvis? Hon. 11. Hila Pen Van, New York. to. Lanoicape, by J- Glass?Tas. B. Morris, Atlanta, He t'J. IsLdscape, by J. J. Porter? Daniel W. Trusl .w, N. York. SH). Cattle, hy J. W. t lusa? J. T. Taptc tt, Brji kl> n. ill. Fkwen oyj kw kd?W m. L. ( '. Wnrreo, Saratoga i i<2. Magdalen, by B. P. Gray?Thos. Clarke, chilic'itli*. Ohio. S3. The Pawnbroker, ly J. Cogswell?Joseph U Trowbridge, Lock port M. Italian Landscape, by D. Huntiniton??. V. 8 < ddard, N. Lot d?n, l?nn. y?. MoonltKht?Winter, by T. Doughty?Themai8. Baldwin, lieiniocd, Va. W Blowing Hubbies, by W. Cogswell- P. Kontelth, Albany. ?T. i limoii f tn.rie, by Mifis 8. Clarke?Witt on A. I ox, ttuffalo. v?\ ttud;ugNatuie, by D. W. C. Boutcllo-John 8. 11. Talmad|e. Toronto. iK TJie liother's Prayer, by 0. A. ltal ei?Mrs. John B. 1 oe'.-, Oxford. N.Y. 10ti. Voyage of Life?A Series of Four Allegorical Pictures, by himssCtlt? J. T. Brodt, Bingham} ton, M. Y. II I. Luther at Nuremburg. refusing to rtiant, by E.H.May? P, H. 8pen),Bridgep?it toun. 1(12. Falls ot Bt, Anthony, byCharlci lanman?Miss M. BIo?ih in, New York. , 103. Happy Hollow, by James Bar*.?Miss Carol ne G. Gibbons, Msdicon. 1(4. My Grandmother, by T.n.Smit'i?Joseph Sill, Philad. 106. baT? the Piews, by A. Kuthcrord?K. M Crawford. N. Y. U6. Landicafe, by B.M. MoConkiy?Miss H. A. Emmcrcn, Bolcm, Mass. 1 107. Tiew on the Ragucnuy, L. C., ly CI ar>i Lanman?J. Thomas. N. Y. HH. Lardicspe,by B. M. McConkey?A. W. Cole, Salem, N. Y. 105'. Little Kid Hiding Hood, by G. H. Hall?D. Morton, New , Toik. ' 110. Veterans of 1776 returning from the War, by William Hat it-) - W m S. Bern en. Birorset, New York. 111. View trom Catsklll Mountain Bouse, by R. Havell?Wm. Pojtcr, New Y'oik. 117. 'lhe Hot Lamb, by J.;P. Peele?Waver'r J Lodge, I. O. 0. T. It utt itorO, N. Y. 113. spring, by R. Glgnoux?Dr. J. 8 McKo-iV, Mansfield, O. 114. liial if Andre, by J. B. steams?f?ier Uaie, New York. 115. tocne f so|.us Creek, by 8. R-Gifloid?? C. Waller, Ntw Y'ork. 1 itt. Scene on ths Hudson, by R. O. L. Lenorl?O. W. Ditcbal), New York. 117. i-un Set,by A. Andrews?J. E. Benjamin, New York. 1 IK. View ot tie Wnersof Leith, by J. K. Waterson?W. E. Q. W.Lixoi.MwYork. , 119. Landicape, by N. J. Kellogg?Y. B. Budd, Stuyvesant, N. 1 Fori. 120. Madonna, by Mrs. Wm. H. Lloyd?Qeo.C. Mason, New- ' pert, K. L 121. V iew on 8>iuam Lake, by Wni.G. Boardman?A. Civile, , Sew Yojk. 122. View of Fort Tioonderoja, by A. Andrews? De Witt C. , (Vulsh, Newburth. _ 123. ltitelicn C'mtle. with view of last Lothian, by J. R. Wa- , erstoii?Jiio. Mi mil, Willlsnuburgh. N. Y. 111. iiaj p> Bey, i y A. l>. bro*ere?8. D. Chamberlin, Boston. , 12S. l>ig's Bend,I > Benton 8. Cooper?J. Lilly N Y. 1.6. 1 ciidbaae by H(! L, Leonurt?J. P. Brown, Key Vest. 1 127. Falls, near Jackson, N. U., by Wm. G. Boardman?Mrs. 5. hmiih, 8outh New Albany, Ind. i,,u n I,. II.? w... 11 ? II .i... rn... ?i? *r rtrk. " ' li?. Moon Light, 17 A. Andrewe?S. W. Bradbury, Toledo, 31uo. 110. Git in T?a of the Capitol at Wathiogton, D. C., by WilUam ' MacLeod?kitsKmily A. Van Buren. Mew York. 131. View "n the baven, ntar Dollrr, Scotland, by J. R. Wateritoii?John Iweddle, Jr., New Yoik. l;;2. Italian Pcmerj- The Ruin* of the'Palaoe of the Coloana, . by C. P. Cianih?< In,a. S. Adima Detroit. 1 133. Indian oumner, Twiiifht view on the Cattokill, (a pair,) . by 1>. W. C. Boutelle- 1>. H Robert?on, New Vor?. 134. Landscape. hy C. Baker?C. A Btrrian, Now York. 136. The Convalescent, by T. P. Ho**il?r? J, II. Trowbridge, Ntw Yirk. iSti. Sun Light,by A. Andrew*?W. P. Dana, Brooklyn, New fork. 137. Summer Afternoon, by D. W. C. Bouttlle? J. R. Murray, Mount Mini*,P. Y. , 13K Drawing of the Art Union Gallery, by J. W. Hill?O. Ut- 1 ley. Mil Uletown, Conn. , i:.y. Snow tccce, hy R. A. Power*- L. H. BulKley, New London. 1 140. Bun Set Compodtion, by K. W. Hubbard?Smith Snickham, , Itatptrt, Me. ' 111. Meity'a Dream, by D. V. Carter-Harvey Hubbard, Norwich, N. Y. Mi. View on I he Iludion, by J. L. Morton?W. V. Dunham. N.Y. . 143. Columbn* at the (iato of the Convent, by W. J. Huhard? ' W. W.Claike, Albany. , 144. rpaniih Scenery, bv O. R. Bontltld?Eli Myad.jr., N. Y. ' 14?>. Crayon Study of Da\id, by Vincent Colytr?D. 11. llirclay, Newlurg. . 14ti. Jo?t Come Dome, by D. M.Carter?Dr. J. Jackaon, Boston. It7. View on the Saeo Kiver, by Samuel 1* Ctrry?Capt. J. K. Dilhr, >a. Volusteira. ' lib San* 8cu?i, by W. H. Burr?A. C. Runeell, Qreat Barrington. M*rr. 149. Ihe Young Mechanic, by ADen Smith, jr.?Wm. 8. Barton, Frtdeiickalurg. Va. MM. Ctntre Harbor, by Samuel L.Gerry?Chas. W. Burr, Froridei ce. lei. Cbriatin the Temple with the Doctor*, by Thorn** Ball? Mi*. P. Oagood, New York. 162 Cromwell* Soldier* lettroying the Sign of the King'* Dead, in lt.42, by J. W. (llaa?- I'. A. l* nailer, Isewburg M. Y. 163 Lover'* W alk, by W. t. Jeweit?Fortunatna, New York. 1&4. High Life in Copper Harbor, and Angel'* Whitpe , * pair, by K. H. tthen?K. L. Binn, M?con, fia. 166 Bom k'a P*llt. Schoharie County, by John L. Porter? Cha*. Can pbeii, New Yoik. )tt>. Old Fiahermin and hi* Dog, l>y Amateur?0. MoEltaiue, fltutula, Mna*. 1.7. Mooilight Scene, hy John Hawluett-S. 1'. Peck, Kaat Btnirgton. V t. 16f\ Landscape Compoglti'n, by John J Porter-J. T. Dunn, New Yoik. l.if Mmdowf, by J. W. Cloaa-Marcna Hunter. Nrw York, ion. II*}maker*, by John L l' Launua llobart, Hudson. lhi. Tt* Forraken. (miniature,) by T. P. Officer?Bra Zeha* i Smith, Newport, N. Y. I ll'J. Too Late, hy J. W. Glaai? W. O. Morrell, Angn*!*. Ga. 103. Hel? Eyea, (mioiat\iie,)by T. S. Officer?Ml** F. M. 0. Far- , re)!. New Y'ork. lhl, Batt'c Sketch, (Biidgr ot Areola,) by P. P. Etiggan?Ama | M. Knthtrford. altany. left. Jewiih 1 riaoner, by G. H. Hall?Qto. Breahtoa. Weater- 1 rille, N. Y, lt>& Landscape, l y W. M. Oddie?B. T. Col ton, A n'tovtr, ] Dim. 1*>7. Flammetta, by J. Crancb? F. I Chnroh. New York. It*. Il.e Laboring Sindtot, by W. Ltbhj?A. B. Stuaii. N. V. I lti). Campagna Bcete, by J. t. Kenactt? Mr*. Sa.r?h iieu?h?w, ^'eimont. 1 171), Lake George, by 8. R. Gilford?Jno. Johnnoo. Mobile. 1}I. View on Bank Lie*, by T. W. W hitley-Win.Bond. Detroit. t 1<& Alter bu&Mi, by Philip M. Whelpley? W. Cooper, ftew:a*tle, l?el. i;;i The Pnrtinp;, ly A . Woodeide?N. Fitch, Anbnro, N. Y. 174. Vli'W Iu >eiintylvania, by i. W. Whitley?1. J. Miller,1 Bioadway. 176. I tpheut, by A. Rutherford ? A. Cbeatill, Govarnorivillo, S<* Yolk. 1 1*6 !!< Ftlhmil, by 0. R. Bonfleld?D. 8. Meeoenger, Wo.(*uh Fifrares,) by t. W. Hlll-T. H. Riar, Mojile. l7t>. Daelil playing the Harp, by F. Behlegel?Dr. Sntderland, Sew Oncaim. )j?. bruit Piece, by P.Grube?Rtr. Geo. C. Chandler, Franklin, J noina. If 0. fccoteh Fiper and Highland Drover, (a pair,) by A. Mertia? f rtm.U Allen, brooklyn. IHI. 1 aidrc*!*, by W. M. 0<M)??Martli Oar*. Zaneeville, O. lti Ihe Coi.ttdai.te, by A. Wood*ide? Weatern Alt Union, (_ tlmi fati, Ohio. 1K1. I (it?dt< ?r? and Cottaf*, by P. Grain?Theodore De Witt, ?, V V. )M. I.andictie, by W M. Oddle? Cbae. Davlen, N. Y. ?. Ihf. Lot t liiio?(Miniature.) by T. B. om*r-Mra J. Lee, J'lM>!*V r? en the O'.d Bridge of Ayr, by J. R. Waterton?Jao. ,, " i't'-S arilKaie, by W. M Oddle? Anguttua Vail, Albany,*. V. ! *. Landwaio (>. <niff tittiu.) by W. Libby?John C. rbalpe, ? N. Y. Ibtf. Feme near Catnkill, ?y C. Baker-Datid Lee, N. Y. l JVH. tauwl in the Ltnn'e Den?(Cr?ynM by P. P. Duginn? tire Et in bni rr, ilartti rd, Conn. p IVi l.iau.ia, by W . M. Oddle?C. Bt. John Chubb, Waiditag r. D. C. _ ISi T<ne diSclilaviby J. F.Crop'J?J-D?*t. Buffalo, N. Y. IV-.?W ?'er Cekt ^lawirgf?i oit Folio, Tarioua?Cha?. M. ^ 'num. P-. Y. IU. M^unt Blare, hy R, Glgnonx? II. M. Barker, Rye. N. Y. . I'.A IjonflKije. by II. M. Oddle? # m. B. I'nuAav, Undton. ISti. Tb? Maude l'l?j?r?, by 'fhotoat Leclear? William T. 8ey r D( vr, Waieitoid, N. V. IV?. On at ere, Waur Color, ly Wo. R. Miller- Mirley f airm Ob u. c IVn V.ew oi'lhe Hudton, by (Jeorge Inn?M-^J. C. Holmau, Ik ton. Mil. View near Lyon'f Mill*, D. , by Wm. MeLend- F. N. ( l?n art), I'eiighbeeptie 110. W inter. Moonilflit, by R. ()lgneui? L, Bradford, Bangor. : til pi tit and War,by Ca'VJ lunett-B. U, Fcaeoden, >?ud- v nib, Mat*. r^- ? T . . ? RK F RDAY, DECEMBER 23 7f'2. Suimrt, H?t*?rm?a and Family, by W. B. ll??oii-llr?.Luddiiptm. Etl. Co.,lf. Y. ? ? 2i3 Water Ci'lur Prawiagf, Port Folio, Vanuui?II. N. In (man, Keck land, N. Y, i.Lituit Bi ach, Vy F. II. iao?? E. Cal uaoa, K?w York. Si A. keiired Life, by J. T. Croptoy ? D. U?ly, Lowo'U :u. Khirr < okr Drawing*, fort Film, Variuu* - Mix C. Willi id, Auburn. vi 7. < * . v*nn**Tom and Ilol>ok?, by R- I*. JthnBaYiry, Boitva. Hk u il. Arv ? L .Wa ua, Cliillicothe. 9*9 I f* A ?jij *. im'h HnHVv PflM*, by K. L. HlniiUlo?T. Jshnfcn fc Co., Blpghami too, N. Y. , ?'!. < Chickens, Lv J. T. Peo.o?Mrs. J. F. liill, Norwich, N. Y. if'*. r tumiiOrati r, by Iliniham?Mr. Duicmi, Savannah. G?. J'I. W< uided 1'aw nee, by Charlts Deau ? E. Bretiou, Providence. <i?. rott lolio of Water Colon, by V arious?B. Bra.ley, Bos tot. ilf. Western Fcenery, by C'barlcs Deal?Mary L. PIom>>e, Al biny. ilti View if New Ycrk Irom Uobi ken, by Joseph Britton?IL J. Liinon, New York. 217. I he Fair Muit-nt. by Edwin White?A. Belknap. N Tork. 21 f. Hi ui? Roll laying, by Charles Deua?Mis. J. M. Aider 'on Falnij ]?, New Voik. 211*. time o i tho Heidelberg Mountain, by U m. Dart?Or. D. D Ajier, Broikl) n. 22U. Homing, i y Henry Ary-Graham Orlby, Williamsburg. Til Flinch i in<age--Vt ater C'olir, by John Mact'arreu?A. Kn ptisan. Boston. 22*. Mar I )?i k ] landing -1jka G(or<zr, by T. A. Richards- J. T. Cuffing, New 223. I aekei Miip luuiga Pilot, by Thomas Thom|?on?E. T. 1a|'l<n, Ci>lun I iir, Ohio, 1--I. w eil,?*ken, l^.J. byT.A. Richards? J. C. Wells, N. V. 2fl. I Milt, ly J. U. Vt lisht?r, A. Alvird, New Ytrk. 2?l> fctne on Oiter Creek, by W m. Hart?j. T. (louse. Ph'la. in Green Island, Lake George, by T. A. Richards?N. C. Pratt, Ntw Ycik. 2iH. Vnw in Saratoga county, N. Y., by J. M. Falconer?R. . Bilden. Hunt' eld, Ohio. 2S!'. Si ale Ilil, N. J., by T. A. Fioharifi-E. W. f,., New York. 2HU. F'overa und liuit, by J. 11. H right?Thos. F. P. lloakin, Stneca Fills. 1.'lt. V lew ol Ediuburg, by J. R. Watorson?E. R. Snyder, Augutta, Ga. :.'i2. lonfeieion, by Wm. Franquinet? J. F. Fowlsr, Newark, v. J. v ;l. Ihr Ftsg Uunt (eomposikOD,) by 0. J. Brent-A. Winanta, P?n Yao, N. V. 3H~4. aiteri oon,by R W. Hubbard?O. M. Ilrlnhnll, New Yolk 2:ii Howir Piecu by S. Rouen?J. W. Brooks, Detroit, ' '.(h View 1 em Melrose, Scotland, by J. R. Waterson?Q. M Blake, NewYirk. 2.17. .V m \ gu. cu of Scot neaping from Loch I.even Caitle, by Wm. Frai<|i 11 el?r M. Weiuioie, JSew Y> rk. 2.U*. ? nice it tie Juniata, by H. J, Brent? J. Buckingliam, Brooklyn. d-'V. bunts if the Delaware, by 0. R. Bonfield?John Prime, Troy. HI. Hie Trout 8ir?air, by J. W. Hill?R. J. Brou n, New York 241. 1 ui ihcsi", I > J Doughty?1>. A. Galloway, New York. 2":' bivcr fc'cem?Wind Mill, by J. llamiltou?John Austin, New York. 24a. tails of Ttrni, by 0.8. Brown?Mrs. A. TayUr, New York 244. l.aid?ea|e. Iiy A. Anirewi? W. Hills, Aubirii. 24f>. View n:ir C hailtbtown, N. Y., by J. W. HiU?L. J. Wade, lltuimrg. .41. , nud Cain, by W. 8. Hmnt-lfn. C. May, Westuiiuiter.Vt, i.,. > afflcl'i IJudij? Mountain, l>y Jcsi.s Talbot? II. S. WjkolT, Brooklyn. ;nc> vii-w near the tutch Factory, by J. W. Ilill?F. Ryder, W't?? Point. ? ,, *?!'. ii- ?indio and Iha Pupil, by Elw n Wuite-B.M. Whitlock, Ntw Tort . ? . i:* . i ?uon?ie,by Regis Qigt om-L. llydo, Brooklyn. Ml. View Ltar Glasgow, by waaes R. W ateri'.un-U. reteriwn, New Haven. 142. Landscape, by Regis Gignoux?Mis. T. Van Vio'itea, A!blDVt a .1. View "ti t>f 8t. Charlie Fiver, near Qnobee. by A. Andrews -Mia. Geo, T. Phillip#, New Toik. I 4. CioisIl* tlie K'crd, ly Georgo Innea?H. E. Rnssel, New Verk. W ft. Fair's Cliff, by J. n. Cartel ty C. Foster, Woroeitor. Mass. 2M. ] amlwaie, by W. L- Sonntag? ? 11 Dure 1, Ntw Orleans 2(57. 1 iiiiuiiui* ai d Cattle, by J. W. Ilill - k. Walker, N. Fork. 28*. the All<ghanie?, by W. L. donntag-W. Mo Murray, New York. . _ _ _ _ _ _ 26V. Ktuoy from Nature, by J. F. Cropeey?S. . Hamlin, Prov. irtili. Kanabwa, by W. L. botntag?8. f. Handy, Cleveland, O. 2HI Karly Autumn Morniig, by Wm. Mac i cod?J. L. iti.ey, LiUnipt. by W. L. Sonntag?Mr. J. B. Cook, New York, sef Th<- May (Juion, by Lilly Martin Spenoer?a. 11. Maoey, Peochkttrile. i! i. Li, u tare by W L. Snnntu*?T. Bellows, New York. S66 Kmrai.(r to Eljnian Fields, lloboken, hy Win. MuLeod? B. D. Wannii, New Yi rk. IWi. LkLdtCkpe, by W. L. Sonntag?Wm. M. Ilawef, New York. it>7. Niagaia tails, by W. R.*-H>?a E. James, Urbannn, itli The CJuiet Nook, by Miaa Cole-Thoa. ltanter, Oxford, N.Y. An tncan Fall, (Niagara), by W. R Miller?C. T. Jacobus, Sew York. *70. T .e Mill Stream, by Miss Cole?H. T. Brown, New York. 271. Mjiiic Viewa by */. R Miller?John Stone, New York. ;72. The FiuuGtrl, bj Lilly Mariln tfjcLcer?AuoetU:, Jersey C'!?i llaiine View. bvW.R. Miller? MiiaM.C. Franklin. Kew Voik. n The Finn Arte, ly A. Rutherford?H. llik?, Brooklyn. V76. Rocky lliil, Imx J?r?ey, by (. B. llartwick?W. 1*1 man, Providence. 27t> 1 iu tto RivcrTei'h, neer Calender, by Richardson?E. T. Smith Broitl teem, N. Y. 277. View a ro>tTh>mplin, Newport Unrbor, by Geo. U. Miiod ?Oto. tur'it, New Yolk. i 27n. A uiudid Moruii-g on the Delaware, by ffm, HtcLood? n in. B Pi illi)S,Kaw Yirk. 27V. View* in Central Amine*, by Catherwocd?Mix K. C. Bti <im*D, Norwich, Ct. 2W. New ?rfilaistl Scone, by Jernee Burt?A. CUrk, Bait. SHI. Composition, by Raphael Boylo-L. B. Jamieson, Mont pelt^. iici venue, with pert #f the Trossacks, by Richardioo?Dr. W. Kisgshy, Eli label htewn. N. J. 2f3. ? o?i'. Sot no, by Geo. C. Maeon?A. 8. Porter, New York. 2M Vie* in Untrsl America, by latherwood?J. II. Cornell, Broeklyn 2f6. A :*cei>c in the Ilysian Fields, by H'm. Mao Lwd?T. . Uoi.ill, At. Louie, Mo. 2t?. Views in Central America, by Cathcrwood-J. W. Dennis, Stwaik Ohio. 2f7. Composition I.snd scope, by W. Libby?H. C. Potter, New if ft. The Indian Burial, by Eastman-Mrs. P. M. Brown. N.Y. ' 2HI. landscape, by B. M. McUonkey?W. A. Mason, Nsrwioh, St w \oik. 1911. | Dunmore. by W. E. Chnnh?Dr. W. B. Casey, Midlleiown, CiLCiiuati. 2'jl. l andpi'Sle, by W. M. Oddie?J. M. B. Davidson, Albany. S',2. Landtcaie, by D. W. C. BoulelJe?James Green, Wuroes,<r, Wats U'JX i.sndrrspe. by Richardson?H. R. Rcms.m, New York. S!'4. 1 aiiulah t hssm. b> Cliss. I.anmtn?C M.rields, Now York. 2!?i. bilent Keproot, by l>en fuller?. ?. Williams, Utioa. 2! fi. 1 erotcsjc, by J. A. Benade?Mr. E. A. FairoMId, Ogdens?ui|h N.Y. 27. The Roman Shepherd, by A. Edouart? J. n. Greene, New 1 I'crk. _ ilih. Terrier*, by W, J. Days? W. I. Kelfinatein, Philadelphia. V.'J. landscape, l>y J. A. Bcnede-J. L. Hones Looksville, lenn. SOU. Evstigthte, i.y W. 8. Jewett?S. M. Chureh, Bristol, R. 1. aul. Autumn, by S H. Gilford?C. U Btren, MobiU, Aia. . 2. Death orMtnttiuma, by E. A Uoiyoke?Thos J. M'Jiinay, {I tw York. I ,H ;i The Yiurg Jewess, by F. B. Cirpenter?G. W. Schuyler, Ithscs. _ ' 3M. r led Facing (n Detroit River, by F. B. Cohen-Miss L. A. y Smart. Flutbii g. New YorK, ::<I4, The I.ame Boy, by c. L. Blumlt?S. C. Field, Vickabxirr, 1 Mus. . JW>. Den Quliccte Reading, by Geo. H.IIall?Danl. Cotes, N T. 1 317. 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Campbell, PittifteM, Mim. I S77. Moonlight, by D lliintinjton?Newton Flag?, Quiney, HI. < J7S. Ca??!ier'? heti:rn, by Wuo'lville?A. J. Foater, tfalioliuM, N.Ci , ' .OT. Birer Scene, by I). IIuntin?t?n ?W. Human. Brooklyn. Vti. Koman Feita, by 1. K.lowart?T. Brvnnan, New York. I >M I 1.1 d> nod, by J. B I' MK -T itory, New Vork. I .VI Wood Somr,by 0 Bontiugi. n?J. M. (Jillett, Eiyria, Ohio. , JN4 Fi g'iah Sectary, by T. Doughty?Robert Pa>h. New York. 1M. Twilight, l.y D.' Iluntlrgton - Li/iy Utile, Albacy. 3nf>. H iuiln.f Guile, by T.PoUjhty?Ann M KutftertorJ, Albinr. .VH. "nry Vtiirtaltn, 4i<\, by K. II. May?Kxrehiior F.ugint Co. ' No. 2, New Vcrk. I V7. Italian tone-Moonlight, by D. Iliritiiinton C. l\ Sawjer, ) Bro<kl)n. iit?ar''? Studio, by J. Kyle - W. 3. l ane, Albany. Sr9. Reei llectiopr of licndmit IlilL by D. Iluutiugtoii?II. Con wuj, Ir diriclu tnrg, Va. ' iw\ View* in Ceuiial America, by Catherwood?3. M. Kier, I Pittilorf. i A iluict Noik, by D. IIui t ngtoi?Themta E. Dinia'i, New Vork. Mfcl Viewf in Central Amcr.'ca, by Ctth 'rweoil ?Dr. J. C. Morre, N< rwlok, N. Y. . Ki. Cat la* ill Fall*, by J. Wilfon?J M.8cot>. Baltimore, Mil. 'W4. View in New Jeney, by H . 8. Miller?K. U Nuvina, New -York. S! VI. w In Central America, by Ca'hciwooJ?John L. Buah, New Yirk. . Vri. Moonlight, by A. P. V a?<l ? Jtime* Ilall, Cincinnati. .1H7. Port tollo, \arioua?G. tJuiff, Now York. Tie Trout Stream, by W. B. Miller?C. B. Conant, New Yoik. It! v I iaiincaiie, by A. C. Ward?Louli Ratlin. Troy. ltd. koaellna In Uiv Forett of ArJcunoa, by Geo. Fuller?R. C. pov iia. New York 4tli. liHi, by J. II. Wright?J. A. Donaldaon, Brooklyn. It1.. (. h'iifte ol? I.ancim, by W. F. Yon Brand!*?Rev. L. Overmore, Cnnl ellaiid, Maine. 4<;i Fiult Piece, by J. U. Wrlght-N. C. l'latt. Jr., N. Y. 4''4 Tie Trout Stream, by J. F. Kenaett? U. W. Burnoa, Brooklyn. li t). J rave ling Knight, by C. Mayr?John S. Boyd. New York. 411. Stndv Nature. b? J. F. Keuanlt?IViwi.t l'nmnt?ll I'li ti field i. 4'1. S1?{? Cottage Scene, by C. Mayr?Edward ItrinkcrhofT, p Aktny. it 4-?. j he Fi?licr Boy, by W. Itanney?B. B'.akoman, Albany, a N. Y. j-. 4* y. I sniWcape, by Von Webb'r?Jfra. James M. French, A1 i b.ny.N.T. ? 410 l.sMlsesiie, by T. Doughty?A. MiLo in, Mr. Merris, N. Y. n 411. T?o Panther's Cave, by G. Gronew*ld-A. N. Uovorneur. v New York. fi 4U. If II. Beard? Carolina S. Boeb, New Bedford, Unit. 41.1 Wood gi-ene, by 0. Oruncwa'jl?lln. E. I.u/al, Hiiliam 1? ?treet, New York. 414 Muil) lrorn Nature, by N. J. Kellogg?C. McAllister, Phi- j) ladeiihla, l a 41''. biaeh Scene, by W. M. Odille?Jehn C.Davis, Riverhead, N. Y, l< ^4lt>. View on the Bndeov> by J. . Diinnell ?W. 0. Snow, Pro- % TideLec R. 1, | >417 ? ?il Beene, by C. P. Crunch?Horace Goodrich, Bchnec- . tady, N. Y. 4le. Lake George, by J. P. Cropeey?O.T. Cobb, New York. ? 41!>. Last note of Summer, b> ti. f. Uray?kd ward Human, NY. ' 42i>, Vto* on the x\ortii luver. near Dunderberg, by vt.IL w Ofldie?H. C. Blosfom, Cleveland. Ohio. 421. 1 lie Apple Boy, by IV. llbby?Miss M. A. Brown, Albany. it>. Fiuit, by T. cummings, Jr ? Mr?. C. Hasbrook, Flatbush, ' N Y. g< 42:i. N?ar West Point, by H. Havoil?C. V. T. Baldwin, Ouil- ol 'U4.4.^Moail Scf ?e, by F. <le B. Richard*?A. Snward, v v. *' 42.1. Feci: Homo, by K. Muller? P.M. Solienck, New York. r 42i'. Ttaiing. by VV. libby?Ralph t'haiin, Canauduigua, N. Y. ,, 427. F>uit, by P. Grubo- F. S. Faircliild. Albany. H 4'>. Fruit, by P. Grube-Miss M. L. Becliee, New York. R 429. St. Cecelia, by T. G. (Jates?Walttr B. Clark, Sickett'e a! "VaT-Landscape. by A. Atdrews?G. F. Riohardson, Liwell, U... * 431* Trouting?Catsklll Creek, by D. W. C. Boutelle?A. H. 01 Daniels, Boston, tons. 4.T?. Old Pines on Catskill Lake, by J Hamilton?Siln V. fmith, b; Northern! ton, Mail'. _ 01 43S. Mul, near Wathington, D. C., by W. MaeLood?Elian tj Howard, hew York. 434. Cro?Bing thcStrtam, by R. A. Powers?Gjo. R. Faubanls, "J and Jessies, by T. P Rciiltor?Oco. Whi'.lock, b; ^lo'viei* near Little Falls, by W. G. floardman?C. H. Cone, n 4:17. Sl.ip on Fire, ly J. Hamilton-J. \V. Da-temoly, Ware, }J Maps. 4.*. The Present, bt S. 1. Giflord?JohnC. Calhoun, New York. 4.*!>. Glimi ie from the West, and Lake Oeorge?Early Mormon, l< by T. A. Bicnaids?U. Carabier, New York. 0| 4<(i A Kouniaiti Uome and lTnratt!ed Weather, by T. A. Rich- n aiill?Jsoob Gaidner, PcMraburg. Va. 44). Moenbghtr-Sioux Lauding, by f*. Eastman?3. Ryan, * T'^'ivenlrg < n Uie CataUill*, by R. 0. L. Leonori?James Mar o Gipeey Mother, by Miss Jane Btowart?Mis John Grey, t, K 4*4^ Laid scape, by W. Libby?W. H. Young, Troy. ? 444. Rustle To let, by W. Libby?W. H. II. Kinney, New York. " 440. Bom h of Flowers and Fruit, by P. Nilif?Mrs. u. J. Beaily, "'J/fBonab ol Flowers, by P. Nilis-J. Vandwalkin, Ithaca. 1 \ 41* Sioux bieakiPK up C'aap, by S Jbuitaan?James Andenton, 0< Jr., Caiiandafru*. N. Y. R 4411 log l?ance?a Dsnee of the Bravee, by 8. Kutman?'Thos. Oft eer, Jsckionvi le, III. 'J 4An view oa Cattskill Creek, by C. Baker?R. R. Carrington, tl Nl4M. Viiwin Kraneonia No toll, by C. Baker?Jerod Mansfieli. (t W oosiocket, K.I w. 4')2 KaiUi'?Will Clove, by R. G. L. Leonori?L. M. Rii hford, Bit tbsmpion, Y. 4A.I. lower of Lanark, by C. Baker?John K. Gushing, New " Bedford, Mass _ c< 4A4 l aptais John Smith's Msit to Pocahontas, 0. A. Bnllard? Ci Henry Brndshaw, ZaiesTllle, Ohio. of Hjrrt ronrroLios msTsmuTcD. b< 1. O. L. Bmler. BufTa'o. 14 John Butram, Salem. ni 2. John Hobble. Caaanevia. 15. Kobt. Davis. Kainaro. .1 Jonicr H Holiusoa, N.York. 16. T. Warren, 1'aternD. 4 W. U. i. Ni-w Y?'>k. 17. \Y. A. U. llovoy, fyraense. j,, 6. 4 . W.Lanret ce New York. If. 0. Denmrst, Tlunkcnsaok. & I.uthtr Cay,, 0. IP. B. Ajmar, New York. ' ; 7. 1. I>jer, jr., I lovidenee. !0. V, a. lleJdiog, Newark. " R, 1L Lluyil."^ew York. "I. Ki t E. L. CievelaaU, New lb 9. J. A. Ktu'on, Tarrytown. Ilaten. tb 10. E. II. Rotertx W illianmbiirK. 22. Y. O Day, Aekland, O. W( 11. (1. O. Lanrir (. Albany. 23. K. M. Uramary. Ir , Bait. 12. M K.l'abot. N ow York. 24. Bev W.S.Chiid. Providenoo. F B K. li. Norton, New York. 2J. C. Spoar, New York. Theatrical and Musical. jjj Bowery Tiieathe.?The present w?!k has been an ki< jnfavorable one for every klud of public amusement* m the weather ha* been so unpleasant up to last night' wi *hen, though It was clear overhead, the walking was <j0 tttj bad. Notwithstanding all this. however, the dii Bowery has been remarkably well attended, and the I'b ;erfoimances of Here Driesbaoh. with his animal*, have -xcitetf the greatest wonder and astonishment. The a Heir Is certainly a most remarkable man in his line. K) Ihcre li a belief in lieland, we have read, that certain persons posters the gift of t iming down the wildest bone by merely whimpering crtain word* in its ear; Su indeed. It is said that there are still men there who fol- f?i low it as a profession We think they could learn a good to lesson fr< m Herr Driesbach, who, without any whisper- CI lug or mummery, but by the mere force of determined cl courage, and a thorough acquaintance with the nature en and temper of the brute oreation, bend* the most stn> at born and treacherous animals to hi* will. The laet fa scene in the "Lion Tamer," where he appears in the ge cage among all the animals, is the most extraordinary ever presented. In addition to the drama in whioh the abimais appear, a variety of moet amusing farces, (Iran aa. dancing by Clocca and Neri, to , have been niithily presented, thus affording an opportunity for the talenied company engaged at the Bowery to show themselves to much advantage For to-night a capital bill Is put forth, (treat preparation! have been made for Cbilftmae week, which will be a gala one at ibe B? old Bowery. Broadway Theatre.?A brilliant array of beauty "" and fashion graced thin theatre last evening, on the occasion of the benefit of Miss Adele and Mr. Charles elj flohnstock. The petit comedy, " The Dumb Belle,'' ?' km performed by part of the dramatic company at- ^ Lachtd to the house, previous to the grand musical en- pi tertainment given by theie highly gifted artiste*. The to opening piece wait a grand duetio for the pianoforte 01 snd violin, from "William Tell,which waa performed Gl by r? quest, and woe executed with a degree ot skill and 01 [arclBiting power that at once enraptured the feel- 0 ii ic? of the audience, who were loud and vehement in " UtV applause These respective instrument* are * slwajs admirably suited for performtnee* in concerto; l* but both, touched with the magic bow and finger of sit her distinguished professor, yI*-Id a witching melody Hr that leldom has been equalled in this line of art. The general execution was beautifully harmonised, and 'n lundeto blend sweetly, while the alternate pasiitgoa ' on both violin and ptuno. run over with such artinllpal precision style and linUb. displayed their extraordinary proficiency. In rolo, both were equally power- st ful.Hiiuthe kantasia frotn i'ira'e, ' on trie vloli v by i hi rles il . was received wiih loud an l continued ap- '? plauee. Mi~s Allele n? xt played the "Air Italian.'' ,b coir pored liy Meytr, sole, and tier splendid execution h' was greeted with a tonal of plaudits from the audi- "" Hence, which lasted for considerable tine. In ronM- c0 |Uence of sudden indisposition, it was announced '' . U. ? wi.. ~ ..i_? tisu i-.t ? i - or i fouict- ol detp rrgret to >11 present The ? Carnival "J >f Venice'' wa* the next plrce, by Mr. C. II. on the rlolln, in which he ?m loudly tncortd. Hi* aito-iUri- -v< eg power* and ma*tery over the Instrument., delighted he nudleuce in thin grand composition The enteral Dim-Dt*. altogether, |>a*?ed <>II *ucce*?fully. Nationai. Thcatrk ?Mr. Scott has bean going the ( onnd of many of hii favorite character* during tl e u >a?t week??uch a* Holla, Klolielieu, St I'lerre, Capta'n opp?all of which be played moat acceptably to the ludience*. 1 he production of thaaa place* hai given in rpportuilty to the manager to bring forward to vQ [teat advantage the really esoelUnt actor* and ac- ( f retre* who compo*e the (took company. M**?r*. Mc- t atiand. Tiltou. Herbert, Dawea. Pardey. Mix Meiajer, Mrs. Chapman, and Mr* Woodward, hare all li ne admirably; and, In fact, the doiag* at the Na- ( .loiial during the pa*t week *how that tt i* not alone f>? n'eitrangania and farce that tbl* company I* giod. am jut that the mora aarlona drama can be equally well ob< ?preftnt*d. W* per eel re that Chanfrau bu aealled W nn.Mlf of tome of tbe talent lhat the lam?ntaMe de- " mnotion of the Park Theatre let afloat, a* be ha* en(aged Mr W B Chapman and Mr C W. Clarke, who He performing at that hon#e op to the period of iu ieetrnction With thefe aece**loo* to hi* company, he * III here a *;rong team an 1 we expect that ihefe ? will be e?*od tim?-n ?t ih? Natiuaul for th? re*t. of tbe , na>on ' Toolgbf, Mr Scott tek^e a Vn-tlt, an I ap- n. ptaiK, l>y > i'ifi>t, as KictarJ ifie lhiid Mr. CUrne v Li D. TWO CENTS. ?lll b? th? Richmond and th? oth?r part* will bn wall Iliad A dan<-? by Vim i arlinn and a oonpla of noat r..---- ?.11 1 - .1 ujuB.un >-4u?,rouciuun iu? periormanoe* Braton'i Thiitii,- Noth*itbaUn<linx the mliwrt>! weather and the wretched walking, this place or imusement wm Attended by a fair and dMarlminatiag ludieace The manager, we are glad, flndt hi* effort* ;o provide novelty appreciated, and every on* go?s iwaj delighted with tbe humor of the piece* put npoa ,Le itage. 1 bree or four lacal pieces generally eom;>rire the evening * entertainment. The I'r Inter* Apprentice." " California ? old Mine*," and " Wbere'a Jaruuin' ' were preaented la*t evening. The am play ,* a greet favorite, and wa* Hubitituteil for the "Breech )f rioBiiM," at tbe re<|neet of numerou* patrooa of tbe >?tabli*hmen' Burton * Uen Morin, an ofH >?r of the Krench army wa* admiraldr peiform-d l i, every Lbiug iu hie hand*, l* done tip to perfection. Miafl Miapman a* the Printer h Apprentice. w?* the leading 'eiture of ti e piece, and acted to the life Km I* a 'telling actreen ami link-* the most of everything in Ser lii.e Tbe other two piece* h?r? keen played eeviral night* in rucceefioo, end we have often *p<>k - n of their mi rile. ' Vwuity Kalr" ha* been underlined for *?v*ral ilay* and will ro<n be produced The " lilah I'oet,1' Lucy Did Sham .Amour," and "California (Jold Mine*," will be played tbi* evening. Bhoauwav t'mcvi ?The preparation* for a grand di*play al < hii*tuia< here, ere on a most extended scale, and the little boy* will have a rich treat troai the tnterprieing proprietor in tbe *hepe of ainu.iemeuta xnd a regular rbower of toy*, which are to be diatrlbuted Santa Clear, in ptntnaiune. and th-i patron jalnt of (fotham, together *tih ilie company In gencal, will all make a grand dieplav. Tne -ut?rt.?i omenta tach evening ate conduoted elth infinite ability. Chuiitt'i Mikitiii.j.?To-day the*e gonluaea wll live two conoert*. vix an afternoon andevening on*, ['hey have been addtog to their atook of muita lately, ^nd give eeveral new ver*ion*of old tong*. that of Vlary llane, or ln*tauce. 1* i|Ulte popular During tae oomng holiday wee k we expeot tbey will have their band* ull to accommodate tbe crowd* who will go to hear hem. Nk? Ori.k*** SrRKiii'Fm ?To-day their elegant erlorimrs will *hine out, a* they give two concert*, u afternoon as well a* an ?)>uiiik ok, inelr inoiuilfi a nun,bur of tli? meat favorite tctnss roin Hit* mutt cclsbra'ed Italiau operas; and the Iralati{iD? ot the k.utopean singere im uigh'ly applauded 'glily Kwainu's performances on the bone* are also ny admirable. They have engaged the Tabernacle ir Chrlatmaa nigbt. Mu.oiii on ?White's minstrel's work hard at thla oure, and to some purpose, too, a* they hare crowded udienres nightly Thrir progiammes include all th? ?Ht Kthiopian mu?lc of tbe day CAMrnKiu'i Miisstbkls - The concerts of these pVisopbera, at the Society l.lbrary, am finely patronised, nd with rearon, as they are all Intelligent d?rkl??, nd. as Captain Cuttle would say, chock full or sol. nee " They will to-day give their usual .Saturday fternoon, an well as evening, concert. W? hear that hey will Hbortly appear in citizens'dress, and with bite faces. Midimk Bishop's Oraid Gal* Concert.?-This renlng. a concert of tbe greatest variety of musical ima ever offered for tbe amusement of the dilletianU r this city, will come off at the Tabernaole. Tbe Dttrtalnments will commence with the overture Huler ot the Spirits." by Weber ; next, a Sctna e avatina, from fcrnani, which will be fallowed by the tcitative " fcccoml," and Caeutinn " Ah ! Come aplda," by Meyerbeer, which will be executed with 1 the splendor that the moat refined style of vooalm can Impart, by Madame Anna Bishop Following lis. will be " The Voyage Musi sal," in different parte r tbe world, comprising the national airs of every inntry. This grand composition ha* been perfected y the most diligent and assidlous labor, by the great imporer Bochsa, in arranging It,so as to suit >e instruments peculiar to eviry nation represent1 In tbe performance, in order to give truthful feet to tbe music of all. China will be represented j the gong ; tllndostan, by the Imitative musie of >*d,rer? sibling 'be Pandean pipes ; I'erda. by ffutea, ivrely breathed into, and a lute ; Turkiy. by tbe vion, with three strings; Italy, by toe charming mandoDw ; Spain, by tbe castanets ; Portugal, oy solemn norals ; France, by the flourish of trumpets and ),1 of drums, in the inspiriting and (a heiic muslo [' La Marralialse." This will end the lirst pari ef le "Voyage Musical." after which Madam Bishop wlU ng tb? p aintive and thrilling melody of ' Jehu Anerr on my J '," wbirh to tbuears not only to the nat ves f bont y Scotland but to all whose hearts are sens tve d tbe huest touch* of domestio love and fcl citj. wi 1 * received with tbe applause it merits as a beautiful ompositlon. She will nextsing a duetto,' Du quel II," from Linda, by Donnizettl, In wnich she win be lidrd by SU- Pnelli. The seoond part commences 'lib Switzerland, in tbe celebrated air" tbe Kan* des ' < h** " Germany is represented by tbe lively tones r tbe p i born; Poland by wild strains of tbevioUi; ueria by the burn; America by tbe lively ?Uii tuspltiof national air of " Yankee Do die," Scotland by le pag-pipes, in tbe well known air ' The Campbell* e Coming," Ireland In tbe beautiful air, ' The Minxel Boy." with full orchestra, six harps and a military ind; and Kngland by the national anthem of " Ood ,te the Queen," and tbe whole will concludc with le French Cbansonelte of ' Je suit la MayaJere," jiDpobed expressly for Madam Biauop. If tn* musiii gentry ot this city can retlat the attraction here ft red for tbeir amusement, we wi.l bs much surprised; it our own opinion is. that at an early hour the Tabericle will be crowded to Its utmost capacity. Thf. Hohnstocks ? We arc sorry to Inform our rears that tbe last ooncert in this city, of these two lendtd muaioiana will take place at the New Musloal ill 639 Broadway, on Tuesday eveolng next. Kroa e rtception they have met with at the Broadway eatre, on treeing* when it aeemed, on account of the atber, as il fate has conapired againat them, we ex c? on next i ut-hu?j I'TrniDg id see an overnowing use Tbey would not leave N?w York to toon, but Tin;; oiber engagements to fulfil they are ob'l^wj to dIi tbemfelve* at prefent to one mora oonoert, whan i prt diet the lover* of good music lathis oity will re a jircf tr te>timony to establish the fact that tbey irw how to appreciate real talent when they meet thlt. Zoological Hall.?The stormy atate of the weather as notdeter the m a ny,v loiters who deck to thlsspteni menagerie Irom attending. Tbe llon?, tigers. eloaits. camels.. bird.", ke , are all in a fine condition, id tbe general arrangements of the Interior ara sxlloDt in every particular. Tbe exhibition will form leaolcg featuie of attiactiou in our public amusetiiti during tbe holiday week. Thf Fair ok tiik matintl'i Kamilv Ndustkia* cihv ? Weadvi?e all friend* of the poor of sailor'* milieu, (and who does not know that there are multidcsofsuch in our midst?) just to itep in at 184 Hktbem Square, and see wbat a few benevolent and terprising ladies oaa do, when their sympathies j.t? iliited In bebaif of the needy. They will there tin J Dple opportunity of witnessing a beautiful array of ncy and useful articles for ? b. Wtmas presents, totter with no meager exhibition of fair faces. Mutton and Gung'l are in Boston. Tbe Ravel family are In Charleston. Tbe>marai?cbe band are again In Boston. C Dibdm Pitt was la Naw Orleans on the 14th Ins' Felix Carlo is with itiee's circus in New Orleans. Court of Oyer and Terminer* ifore Judge hdmobCU, Aldermen femith and D?dge. Due Tl.?Jillrgtd hductiun of a Ntgro. ? This otnlrg. Jocrph Beit, a negro aged about twenty-six are. whs biougbt into court uuder tbe following olr stance*. On tbe night ol the 2uth Instant, between <bt and nine o'clock, as Belt and two other colored en were walking through Duane street, two unknown m came up to mem, collared Belt, bandculfed him, id tLiuftt h:m Into a carriage; they then drove radly in tbe dliection of tlm Kan Hiver,crossed over l)rct>klyti in one of th? lurry boat,., nail from theuoe ove to lirsTrprnd. They *topp*d at the hotel at r*Tt>ei,d. waiting for a*e i f wind, to put Belt i board a *HM*l that ??' going to Baltimore, or aome her Soutttrn port. Id the courw of Thursday, the nry ot run abduelion Waked out ikt Oiraveaend, and id of tiia whereabout* wa? brought up to town YwarUsy evening the two colored mea in whose cnmixay i vhi when abducted, waited on Judge Kdtnni* id drpoat d to the tact* above stated; upon wbtah, hU oner itrued a warren fur hi* recapture, and pat tt to the hai.(In of officer Hul*e. of the Third dotrioc, id t.fhcer < barlea Gardiner, of the 8 xth district woo nt down on Thursday evening. between nine and n o clock, to Oravtaend, aurceeded In arresting Belt id the f.eraon who dale* him. and brought thein up (be jutfge'* house thla morning, between three and ur o'clock ; the judge immediately got up and ordered em N>th to be taken to the city prison, and to be ougbt btfore him aaain at ten o'clock thi* morning, be paitle* nccordm<ly appeared with their ro<pective untel; the DUtriet Attorney appearing for Belt: and itr ?cme conversation between the counael and the utt, the cate waa laid over to eleven o clock to-mor? (this) morning I'ne genlleiueu wno oiattm him, >rna out to be >if. John Lee, ot Frederick county, aryland Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdinon>l?. Die. St?Suek vt Ih* Na tonal Saftltj Inturanee nwiji?*y ? Tbia cause waa returned, and occupied ie remainder of the day. t'nltrd State* Dlatilct Conrt. I'rereut, Samuel R. Belt*. District Ju>lg* De>' 21 ? At the opening of thn eourt K. Marry, K#q.. announced In appropriate term*, the Jeatb t harlea MoVm. Kaq . which took placa y?at?rday, bla r??l<leofe to thla nity. l'be following resolution tu then offered by W. y. )rtoo, K?q Itnolved, That, > a nark of raafet for the peraonal and proiiobal tharaot< r of ti ar'aa Met'.a i. I ? late If ?. At'oroay. I aaa jutt irit ui* to th? inter ritj and ai ility with ohluh he dtaire*d the dnila* of the ol!l?*a<>f rturr<* ?t?aod Diftrnt Aitoraey, el) Alltd li) him. Wat thia t ouri do uow adjourn, and that ihia oiutioD batn'frrd on tha minute* Ibe oonri directed the resolution to b? enterei OB minute*. and tbaranpon adjourned. Maswcht ^etts.?The Rev. Beniiintui F. NewII, of Shiuiis, was nominated f ir Conatrogg by t- Vim Hurt n convention tm the rrcmd district, bull ?;scir.b!t il .t I.) in. ou VV. 's: u :y

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