Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1849 Page 1
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** * * \p? T I v ' 11B??ga? i mi i"W? PJjl 'p T" ' .;.!.;|i;. i|j 1 \T0. 5325. rORTANT IIWJ F.'OM EUROPE. ARRIVAL or THK 'EAMSHIP EUROPA. TWO WBEXS IATB&. TB2 FHESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN T1IE /FRENCH REPUBLIC. Jfce Choice of Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. FLIGHT OF TUB POPB. BDICATION OF THE EMPEROR OF AUSTRIA &e. &.c. mc. The steamship Europa, Captain Lut?, arrived, ; esterday afternoon, with fourteen days' later intelgenceXoni all parts ot the Old World. Phe sailed from Liverpool on Saturday, the itU met., and our adviees are to that date, incluve. It is some months since we have received itelligeiice from the other side of the Atlantic to mbrace so great a length of time as two weeks, : nd it is, therefore, sought for with more interest id avidity. Additionally to tins, the greatest desire has been .!! .! 4 1., 1* C a 1"> : _1 a . _ I ;?ii iu iruiii mc ichua ui uic nrsi i leBiueuuni eiec on in the French Republic, which took place on ie 10th ultimo, six days previous to the sailing of he Europaj also, to hear from Rome, the last rene of revolution in the Old World. Rut, after all, the only Continental new9 of luch real mipoitance is from France, where I ie Presidential election is the topic of eonversaon in every circle. Almost every return received i 0111 the provinces, shows an increased majority i favor of Louis Napoleon, and no possible doubt an now be entertained that the Prince is return* d by much more than the necessary majority f votes. It is gratifying to find, that during a pei iod of so mucii excitement, not only has the pubc pence not been disturbed, but that the proceedags, bo far as can at present be ascertained, have een conducted with the most perfect good honor. The following is the official announcement of he number and proportions of the votes, as they ad been ascertained in London, to the 13th ult.:? Total vumber of votes 2,394.000 or Loot* Napoleon ...1.727.000 ;?or General (Javalgnao 610.000 There are, as yet, not very many official returns rem any part of the provinces. Rut what matter 1 1 is not only that Louis Napoleon has the neceaary or absolute majority, but he is, as a journal ays with truth, returned by acclamation. Nor oes this eome on any one by surprise. Our telegraphic accounts, in another column, rill give the very latest returns. The news from Rome is of considerable interest, : ut (if not much importance. The London Timet of the 15th ult. says:? hare much pteisur* in announcing that the ' a?1i f the postal contention with the United States hat it lest hero finally tattled. and a draft of the correction Itself will be sent hy this day's ina'l to AidkiIa, tor ratification by the Senate of the Unifed States. iy the convention, a considerable redaction wilt hi wile upon the postage of American letters, and wo 'aft that tbe ill feeling on both eider. which the querion bad ocoesioned, will be definitively removed. There has been a terrible gale on the coast of England and Ireland, in which many American esse Is suffered. Cotton and corn are up. The Emperor of Austria, Ferdinand I., has ubicated in favor of his nephew, Archduke Fran s oseph. The American steamship Hermann, Captain >rabtree, sailed from Southampton on the 12th it., for New York, with thirty passengers, .10,000 in specie, and a large freight. The steamships America, Washington, and \cadia, had arrived out 'lie Flinch Ilepnbllr?'Tito I'reelrtnutlnl Klcctlon?The f of Lonli Itnpoicoii, The election of a President commenced an fjaadif, he iota ult., and the polling terminated on Monday renibg. Therein no doubt that Prince Louie No. oier.B Is cbeaen, bis majority In all the departments om wbieh the returns made np bave been received ring very considerable ; and although it would at first jght seem impossible to form any correct ooluion of be probable result of a poll of so vast a constituency, et the returns ere so immensely in bis favor as to Isee it beyond tbe shsdow of a doubt that Priooe ools Napoleon has obtained both an absolute and a elative majority. so tbat he will be legally eleoted, and lenaral Lavstsrnac will lose the chance of being besea by tbe National Assembly to which the choice f one of the candidates would be referred, if none bould obtain id absolute majority of tbe voters. In peaking in ths National Assembly, on Saturday, M. leisure said that thrre weeks would elapse before the fltcial returns were completed ; but as that term In1 udeii the time necessary for eunimlng the votes In t'gerla and Corsica tbe result of the election will be nown ioog before, as tbe votes In those districts will ot be numerous enough to exercise any important nfluenee on tbe election. Tbe voting In Paris on Sunday appears to have taken place without the Ightest disturbance. On Friday and Saturdays-me toilog took place in the Place Maubert on the part of be Garde Mobile, who ars enthusiastic supporters of .'rince Louis ; but It does not seem to have retched cere than a stmt row, although tbe guards were s< obled. Tbe contest lay, of oourse, between General lavatgnao and Prince Louis Napoleon ; the number f vot>a tendered tor l.aaierline, I.cdru-Kollln. an t I a spall, being so cou'pura>lvely ins gniflcant that they .csy be left out of tbe consideration of the result. The election returns of the twelve arrondiseements f Pare show the following result: ? Prince Lonls Nape'eon 130 105 General Lavaignac 7i 754 l eoru itoum .mi Re spall - 13 <*>5 Unutinr 3 SOS Ihtj farther show tha', taking into consideration he votes thrown away?I mean those given for Geneal t hsngtmier, Marshal Bugeaud, f,ne Prlaoo da oltiville. Arago. Larochejaciiuelin. Lonla Blanc. Daant da 1'Eute. Proulhou, Constderant Da Montrol, "gene Sue, Hyde da Neuville, Jerome Rooapar'e, lerrjsr. Marshal Snuit. Beranger, Abd-el-Kader, ana ven V'd ?eq (!), and whiah in all amount to 114? king all Into eonslderation, Prlnoa Louie Napoleon a* In Pcria, on the gross poll?which consist el of 60 031 votes-an absolute majority over all hla eomvtitors of upwards of twenty-seven thousand. In tbo Banlieu (environs) of Paris, the following otvs wore given-for Lonla Napoleon 62 400 Cavalgnao 1ft ?91 Ledni- Roliln 2 717 Rsspail 2,416 Lxmartlne ^72 These show a majority for Loula Napoleon over avalgnse of 33 409 votea. and an absolute majority of "*.0016 out of the "2,796 votea polled for all the can.Jdataa i We may observe thkt the votea polled for MM. La Ira Imlltn and Ha>patl. which amount to 34 935 In tba oity /' ParlsADd 8,001 in lha environs in all 8S 634. m<y ba i aid lo give the measata of the Rad party In the oapt'.M and ita vicinity; and that oonaenoantly tha Sojlalists. Commnnists. and Ultra Republicans, eenstliwta in aH little mora t'tan one eighth of tba popnlaloa of tha elty of Parl.i and lta baaliao It atonic ba onbtvd. however, that many of this party, aacrinotng inr own peculiar opinions, have voted for Loula Napolon {TJia Perla papers of the 14th of Decamber state, that 1 ie majority of Prince Leuis Napoleon over General avafgoae In momentarily Inoreaaing. The returns uhllshed In the journals of ye?lerday show that the ntnherr polled for him are nearly six times as many I those that figure In tha name of tha General Nor ' this all. The eatbuslaam displayed for tha Prtnee ? > doubt, for tha a.9nt of Napoleou?exaead*. anil has ' seeded, all that wks by hie moat aealous and senline friends deemed ^oselnla With the experienee the fleeting not.ire of pcsnlsrltT In Kraaea. It would ' mah 10 pradiet km wmJms nay S|iiili? f?tw? | : I R N R' MOR of tine discontent end dissatinfactacn will not again I begmrral; but there Is in the name they worship % charm that gives to the possessor of it a chance which no oih?r in existence would htve of maintaining himself in powsr. The oouimiseioner* appointed by the National Assembly to lospent and cast up tbe votes nave already rrmmecrtd their labore. M Armand Marrast baa been appointed president, and MM. Richard Arnand and Duce s, secretaries It was expected by some that in tbe crurse of yesterday the votes given for the prince would he seven times more numerous than there f' r bis gsilant competitor. This must, however, be an exasperation. The Krentment one of very best written and Informed journals of tbe day, publishes tbe following on the subject: " So far as we can judge from tbe Incomplete returns that arrive to us from the dtps)linen's, the suffrages were divided In the following proportions : Louis Napoleon .65 per oent. ( avaignse ...'....21 ,t" I.eriiu ilollin 0 " Raspsil 4 " Lamartloe 3 " It iscsleulsttd that tbe commissioners will haveocneluded tbeir labors on Monday next and that the National Assembly will on Wtduerday, prootains the President of tbe Itepublle. Tbe rfllclal return of the votes polled In the Depart the ( flloe of President ol the Republic, on the 10th and llih instant. ?a* ytsierduy derided at the Hotel (lo Ville, Paris. Tho number rtood thus:? For ITInce Lcuis N?poleon IDS 484 General Csvaiguac D5.654 Ledru RolHn 26*144 Rifpill 16.871 1.air art! no 3,8118 General rhangarpier. . .. 60 Marshal Bngeaud 68 General Bed* an 34 Louts Blano 20 F Arsgo 16 Barbca ' 8 J.arocbejaquello 3 Dnpont (da l'F.urs) 3 Beirjer 2 The number of voters Insortbed was 433,632 - of these 341.8 30 voted '1 liese let urns are regarded with much satisfaction by tbe public, who thus argue: "The noo repub 1cans in Talis and its environ* amount to 168 444 ; the moderate republicans and tbe friends of order, and tbe timid, who considered that General Cavalgnae's presidency was essential to the maintenance of tranquillity amount to 9.1 658 ; tbe republicans to 26 648 ; and tbe socialists to 16 871. Perhaps there should be edded the 3 718 votes given for M. I.amsrtine. rather to tbe conservatives than to tbe republicans of auy shade; but in any case they are not socialist, so that the account shows that the socialists form not five per cent of the whole population They are not. therefi re. numerically formidable,"?a conclusion in which it is hai (11 y possible not to consur 1h? re wss comparatively little fluctn%tlOQ on'the Paris Bourse yesterday. The fund* closed at Wednesday's prices only not because of any unfavorable d? ?i or impression, but as was reported, because the agent tie Change feared tbat if the upward movement Were not suspended before the settling day, tb.> speculators for the fa>l would, if their differences were too great, refuse t? pay anything whatever. Public eouflCei re is. however, on the inoresse. S< me charges in the lift of tbe new cabinet were yesterday announced, General Rulbierea will it is now raid, be Minister of War, and it seems there Is a doubt whether tbe department of Finance is to be oonfidtd to VI Patsy or to M Achilla Fould M Fallnux (a legitimist) is to be Minister for Publio Instruction; Crl Re billot will be Prefect cf Police, and M. Berger Trefect of the Department ef the Seine. The preaent mil latere are tusking preparations to vacate their official hotels. Gen Lmnoriolcre, the Minister of War, I as removed bis furniture to hta private apartments in tbe Hue da Bac; and M Rastide. tbe Minister for Foreign Affaire, ha* rented one in the Hue de Londre*. 'the sweep will be nearly as general as in February laet." It Is impossible adequately to describe the efTeot wbi.h the results of the elections w'uioh oontinue to arrive bouily have produced in the Chamber. All parties are literally tbunderstruck. the partisans of Bonaparte scarcely less so than those of Cavaignac A majority was expected indeed ceunted on with o?rtainty by all. but none expected such a universal acclaim a* tbat which has burst upon Paris from every quatterof tbe country All interest in tbe presidential election, as a contest, 1* over. It has cea>ed to be a contest The only question now is the amount of tbe numerical ratio of the whole population, by wboee voices Prince Louis wll1 bs proclaimed chief of th? state. None of the escalations are lees than four- firths, and tbe Depart, a moderate and impartial oraan. this moruiDg save ?i,.s u. m?j> prcbsbly have six-sevenths ct the whole. The danger cow it that tbe ' entraineinent" by whloh the people is now affected, the cry of Vive I'F.mpereur" may he ftrirusly rabed, and, if so, tbe most sagacious would ffnd it difficult to say what would he the issue Tie lstest accounts received with regard to theeleeHon s'ste that the number of votes known amount to J ,S40 <f0 Of these 7*2 01)0 are for Louis Napoleon, and 2rS.P0O for General Cavatynao To 10 P .VI., on the 14th. tranquillity continued Tbe latest election returns show a mejority in favor of PritceLrnis, similar in proportion to those already announced. Prince Louis proposes to raise General Cavaignac totberank of Marrbal <f France. A partial amtrrty Ik hi 1)1 spoken of eg likely ta be jti rented to tbe Chamber, either by General Cavalgrac, <t tbe ministry of Prinoe Louie It Isnodarstood lbs t It will ii't include tbe prisoner* of Vineenne*. Tbe intention of promoting tbe eleotlon of M Dnfarretothe Presidency of the Chamber, la revived, and will probably ba carried into effect. Marrbal Bngeaud Bade bia first appearance in the Chamber to-day. and wag received in tha Salle dee Tne Perdue. by MM. Tbiera and Mole. A greet comber of member* of ibe Assembly have to-day left their card* at the hotel of Prince Lonia. Tbe proclamation of tha Praeident will probably be mi de about Ibe 2(tb. M.Kmilede Oirardin aaked tbe War*Department for h i father. General Oirardin. and baa been refuted lie will probably once mere be in oppoat'lon to tbe government He alan aehed the office of Minister of iiaeare tor bimeelf. and as It was Impossible to grant tbie nqueat, tl-ere ie alrepdy a eoolneaa, whieh, in a day or iwo, will probably lead to an open rupture. Narrbal Hogeand te to be commander-in-chief of the army of tbe Alpa, brft ia to remain, for the preaent, in Patie 7 be new Mintetry waa formed with tbe fall approbation of MM. Thiere, Mole, and Marshal Bugeand Tbe aoldiers were marched to tbe polling-booth* in whole regiment*, without srme, bnt with tbetr officer* at their bead. It la raid by tbe adherent* of Louie Napoleon that a vast majority of tbe troep* have voted for that personage ; but on tbe other hand, It la eald by tbe friend* of the government tbat the reverse la the care; and tbat two regiment*, the 21st and 64th. wbteh each constat* of nearly 3,010 men, voted, to a man, In favor of General Cavaignao. It la difficult to aay wbich Is tb* tru* account ; bnt it la evident that the gcvsrnment i* apprehensive of an appearance of a schism In the army. for. on the present occasion, sontrar v to the practioe at the eleotlon* for representatives. the ioldiera voted at tbe mairles. ao that tholr votes are not kept separate from those of ether*, and It will ronrrquently be impossible to ray hereafter how many of the troops voted one way, or how many another. Tbe troapa and seamed of tbe steamer* ia Marseilles polltd on tbe Ctb Inst. There were for Prtnoe Lonia Napoleon, 1 064 ; for General Cavalgnac. 914 The other vote* were divided between the Hed Republicans and M deLsmartlne Previous to their departure for a foreign station tho votes of tbe erewa of two frigates, which have tailed liVIn If,. I..i f. ? ,1.. . f?,?. 1?1 -i-k. U.;r?.U .vm-U l?FD. "I" following *a? the etate of the vote* on board the Aider Louie Nap' leoo. 274 ; General revaignar. 04; L?dru-Rollin. 4. On braro the Prorerpine the follow. Irg Wiethe Mute of tie voter : ?Louie Nepoleon, 270 ; General C'evalgnac 170 : Ledru Rollln. 21 It appoiire that of 260 Jour o lie puhllebed in 70 departmenti < f Ktatice. 01 deoiared for Pilorw Louie Napo Iron, end 176 agaiiat him. Amorgrt the 176 who di elared againrt Prlnre Louie Napoleon. 117 reeloualy ropperted the candidature of General Caralgnao, 63 hive not declared any opinou, and 6 only are oppoaed to but A report war current among the adherent! and aupeport ere of Prlnre Lcnie Napoleon, that among oto. r np?diente lor defratlrg him war the dtetrlbution of raid* with hie name upon them to be need In voting for bim; but tbat, by a chemical preparation applied to tbe paper, Ibe word" " Louie Napoleon Bonaparte'* wonld disappear In the bellrt. bos, and tboee of ' La General Ku*< ne Gavaignae'' wonld be found In thetr place. The French are admirable ohemlatr: bnt It la difficult to believe that a strategy m of thla kind, even If attempted, could be made to auceead. It waa obvicua, however, tbat the pvpera, or carda, with the prinev'e name on them which were dletrlbated among iDe group* ?i.(i to tii* passenger* lo in* streets, were regarded with suspicion for the ground wii literally cotrred with th>m. Nearly everybody tieated them a* a weak lorrntlon of the eorniy, and threw then away wtib a gesture rf Impatience. 1 lie (irneral baa been supported by all thoee traly dserrus <f establishing a moderate republic, and tmirtis for tbe Immedlale return of order. Tbe Prions ha* received tbe rote* of the legitimist*, Imperialist*, til lea r let , and, In feet, all of tho?a who wieh to orerlbir w tbe preeent Government. a* a etep toward* establishing soiue other trior* cor genial fium ; beside* many that, will give ibelr rotes, such a* Cor*iean* and tome rf lb* at toy and nary, from the prest'ge of the taperial tu. me. Tbe rote* for Ledrn Rollln and Raapall will show the strength of tbe red republican* and socialists, though we ere n< t of opinion that the atrsngth of that party baa been urdlrldedly put forth on tbe ooeaslon. M. I.nn aitme Is not likely in poll mors than n few enthusiastic admirers The only fact that would lead as to surpeot the possibility of a result fasorabl* to Cavatgr ae, I* (he bitterness with ahleh tbe pre** opposed to him continue theIr railing* and charge* against the Oeneral and hi* friend* of n-lng undue lunn-uce to contri I the electors, aod tricks to falsify tbe retora* tine charge certainly appeers to be founded on truth, els: that the governmt nt delayed the mail six hour* on Friday night, so aa to he enabled to forward the Moe.i'fsfir, containing tbe speeches of Cavaigaac and Dofsnr* in reelv to an aeeneatlon made *g?>n*t the |?iaisussl,N 1*111 uuaaeea eu Uie W 10 NING EDITION?MOP be apracfirs of Louis Philippe. The origin of the projet is thus stated:? ** a fit r tbe nvulattiB of FeVrain a commit*?* w%i nominated bv 1'fi v||ji ) M| nov?r r inent. wider the ?itle f the Co~nmitt?' iT Na'li'tul Th'e ?'-mm if tee w?i r*? **?d re pert on si iuUitrdua's aho mieht bo enabled either to life (o. *ii>? *. pevou'ary couifMii??ti"U. or h nvvary w?*ro?, foi hiv 11 s m Fined in ?> ?* r*?n b iron feme at aav time PW'efitf t?? the TevoluticII of INN); anil the vlitnvi ant children of decn*M'l ] ?i Abuts in that cante were to Its included smouz thee t > he ecu pentottd. 'Jhla contnitlee tnadei'a r?n?Tt which wa- submitted to the p'-vernireDt In lait September- Oa the 19 h of that mouth,a project of la* tree p'caeuUid by Uenaral Oa*?i guar, et Pr-aidiutol tl e Cornell, signrd by him, and eonteraifned b> SI. ft raid. Mlrlalei of the Inteilnr. f r granting the pent'ow and rewards rrentrmctidi<l In the report. In the nrdioar.r o urre the pr< jett, hie all fiber*. h. fore loirg adopted, waa uhmit'ed to a ci uimiitte < f the assembly. Ti e emmit'eo seeing a'arte anuunt > f tt e public moi ev thua d-manded, required of the M . nillerof thelnteti r to supply them wtti apeoiflc liata of the ncmrtd tl c j at tier loTcral'v t" whim th'?e grants were to bo nsdr, with the gnu n?ta on which their oltlma seeervly tilbil. 1 liia dtirard wan met. by long hesitation* and delate M. <ei.erd at length retired from office, and was snoeseded by V. I ufeure. who pr. dneed the rep ired d.ieunaante. but ia dulug to ai| Mtiid that the govari ment withdrew the P" Jnot. The foliumitig are among soma of tba names that were included iu thin proponed lint of pensions 'drmnnd VGriait. SKI frnrra: Train t. ex Miuiater of Puhllo Wrrls./lif: F'icin, tOt'f; ti.o aim of Pep'n, the teiooiite of Fieicbi. SI'If.; Vigicrte (Montngonrd) .VK'f,; Joigneux (ditto), (9 I f. Dei temp, em den ntd to three jesrs" Impris runs-1 f r elritipg Fu-ile de Olrardin, MK'f.; the sister of I cent) to. who at timpitd tin life f liu'8 Philippe, 6<lOf., < oIBncan, oopdHinned to the ral'etator totbery aid pil ticsl i ffe're. flialf; and C'alter n rood uped fui coi pliciti with the attempt on the life of Lonla Philipie, WM'f. per annum." rerniona were alao proposed for the conspirators of of June 1332. and for the aocomplloes In the attempt ot Dai mee ngoinat the life of Louis Philippe, and, in fine, in 1a?or of all the political offenders and aecitnplirt-K of all the aaeaaalna. including Alibaad and Ki-nchl tlr.ce therevoluiion of 1830 General Caralgnao ard M Ptifaure deny that they were aware of the namse contained In the lint at the time it wan presented to the committee, and it In not dented that it wan drawn up by a ooromittee for afford log oompauMtlon to fullering rej ublicans. over whom Albert, the Burster, prerided noon af'erthe formation of the Provisional Government Some idea of the effeot proriured by thin publication may he found frnin the following letter, addressed to General Caralgnaa, lu the Patrtt:? ' r it ?If yrn signed the prejret of the dcorce published hy the jenn sis. grnMirp notions) it com | msrs sn the price of ansa's'i ation, evin though all trance may rates jou to tho Presidency. 1 dictate il at I leluae oUdici.oc to any government of whim sou may le the ctief. FABVlEft." '] he election for deputy to the National Assembly for Corsica term (rated tu the re'urn of M Louis Lucfen Bonaparte, the son of the late Luoien Bonaparte, and brother of the Prinoevf Canino. Tha numbers were : M. Lcuia Luclcn Bonaparte 11 97T Gent-mi Alright 10.Mid Gtnerai Arrigbl wan recommended to the electors by Jerome Bonaparte, ex King of Westphalia, by inn son NajjoleMi, and by Prince Louie Napoleon in oppnvitiou to \l. Louis Li cieo Bonaparte Lucien and Ills ' sons were always on account ol their nnoomproinUing republicanism, objects of fear and dislike to the other mtmbeis of the Bonaparte family. TUB NATIONAL ASSEMBLY.. In the Asremb y, on the 6th December, the attendance of un inhere wae extremely thin 1 be bill relative to the levy of 80,000 men for 1849. wee adopted without discussion. The net tf the ohaptere of the flnanee deparment weie then eat pint without iltrcu"-ion General Cavaignae, president of the council, ascended the tribune and said? V e liavo elready bad t lie honor ofcommnnleatlng to yoo a telepri phir < erpu oh ant ot ncii g tl n t. on the evening of tie 24>.h >>f >oiwobir, tl.e Pope had quitted Rem?, prmceiling to iltetn and 11 at tl e 1 i tare at tamer I ad h ft CI vita Vrcchla. b> ordrr of our and ssrac or, t< rtetivt on In aid at L'ncta Ida Holiness, ?lie, as the i t apt,till stated, had mmitert.d an Intent, on to proofed to hiatce In tmli r to leep the Assembly nu courant of whathav lasted. I come l.ire tocommn icme t > it the te-utt ?f the last dtrpa'ches el ieh we have Itoolud; Iu', iu order tlitt this news mi) he ctmpri-hetdfd. it is i-ecossary to tlaeo before tho Assem. t y the leiies of oerpaiLesiete via at d tent. It war on the ftjth u t. that tlir govt rr.uei.t forwarded to Toulon and M use lies the oidi is ttlative to the preparation of steam frigates, aid thermbaihstion of trw iw. thai dispatch arrived a* those two pi its uilv o*' ila 2f)t.h. M. An ttnreelle- left Pari* on the rvriii! g of the 27th and arrived at MaraeUles on Dooetnber 1st. Un the 2d a teiegrapbio despatch was received at llut p ace, aeo< ulcii g the l.ot tl at the P pe hud arrived nt'-neta w l ithe tin- Kinr f Naples hud at once re pa-red M receive him. On the receipt of toil intelligence If. oi i oiiei.oi, perte.vim. that U.u conduct preseiihid u> htm b/ bis ineiiuctiont Ought to he modified Wy the events which hsd t?ki n p see, i-mhsrhed. without delav. in a vessel beloncing to tie State, to prected to Gave, where the Pope was. Oa the fc\i Lii-v of the Id. the isj edition petpureil tor oivits Veodhia was silll ?t ntchi r ei Mtttruii e. Asmm sstlo gcveri meet was infi rn ed of the arrival of il e Pi.te st Oae*a It cane to thu con cluiion that tl e motives which ha? oa led f r sueh an exoeditiin noinnperrxistid it addressed to M da C< roe Ilea, who had aimdy Lid itl cimpel imltd the inn?.| lame and tevr-ng uluco t ,o evintaiufht to havei n tba rolicy of which hs was repiesonta tne. ireth irstructiot s, tracing mi to him h's line of conduct.? Itisoiiiy tint in mtng that the order was dv-pitch-d to the troops not to quit Mantiil.e. Thi re have been delays in all th-st I.# .1 o r-. - I ? ll-kcircu-q0'-* *? * era i?,?l,.....s the state ot the n meepheie. Seven 1 of the despatches reached uscniyhy pi,at, ui da- me even arvtved ly the way ot Bavoone ? 1 o it m np what . have raid, ti e Pi pe iott R -tne on the 21th, and . .111.,.!, VI a Unpen M. d'Haroo. rt. wt.oisdalso left Home for uivita Veeci i fits r.j tint d *re Pc?|e atGgctn; in tire, M do ' ' rne l?-r <U I mI left llorte lksln a Statu advice boat, htd aim joined hid tloiinoe at il r aeroe piece. 1 lie ex|? rition which we* to take I In 11 periuie fium Ma Milled, )ia? received order* n< t to leave the port A a boon a*, the ?oi tnunetit shall hiti r eelved other Intelpgri te it v? ill tste cete t? coamnnieete it to the Aa emhly. The Astenr ly afterward* rerUiued the dtscuaeien of tfr mi iuiatt-f. which occupied the remainder of the sitting. On the Olh, M. Corbon, Vice-President, took the cbair, and proposed itie thirty n>euiO-r>< tinoted on the previous day. who were to cot mitute the temporary C onucil of (state Tbrae were? MM K. Ar*go. Lacrosse, I.amartine. Bedeau, Dnpont de I'Kute. benard, Uondcbaux, Billault, Martin dn Strasbourg, Tocqueville, Havin, Parrien, Remnant, Jblre Sunn. Stout m, tirevy. Boudrt, sjbamhiiie, Cornrnin Bueber. Ltch'etnherper. I'arnot Rnnlatigular, At n ard Mairatt. Landrin Ferdinand Laeteyrle, Falloux. Vaulabeile. Baroehe, Bixio. The older of the day being the dlaeneeloa on the bill relative to the (espoosiblluy of the President of the republic and tbe ministers. M. Paaeal Dnprat asked that tbe bill presented on the prerioud day by M. Dufame, regulating tbe mode of proolaimtnglhe Preaident of the republic. ebould be first voted, and tbe other postponed until tbe dlecnaeion on tbe organlo law* 1 he AeMinbly. on being consulted. prooouneed the adjournment of tbe Intterr and eommeneed the diacureion on tbe former. The President then read the only aiticie of the bill, which wai aa follows:?"Agreeable to the 116th .rude <>j the constitution, the National Conetituent AnemWj ehail dt?iiia* and vote for tbe following organlo law*, via :-l Tbe law on the respc nslbtllty of public fuuer ooares; il. Tbe law on tbe Council of State; 3. Tbe electoral law; 4. Tbe law on the d*partmental and communal organlaatlon; 6 Tbe law on tbe judiciary organleation; 0 Tbe law on public inatruetlon; 7. The law on tbe organleation of the national gcatd and army; 8. Tbe law on the preie; and 9. The law on the atate of aiage. M. Dubois proposed to reduce the number of organic lawa to four. 'Ibis propoeitton having been rejected, M Baeoche mcred the adjournment rf the diecu'tiou; which waa likewise negatived. Another men-her having naked that tbe discussion be fixed for Monday, and two triala by and kitting be-log doubtful, a ballot enrued, which gave- For tbe trnmeoiate discussion. 329: agalnat it. 224 The Assembly aft.rvaide derided that it ahould diaeuaa the three first lawa on the Hat. On the 14th Drovmber, at three o'clock. M. <>oudcbaux, Vice Preaident, took the chair, when a ballot fir the election of the Pieeident of tbe Assembly rimnenced During the operation, Marshal Bu graud entered the hall, and received the congratulations of hie numerous fiienda. He was acoompanted hv (iertral Keiinault de St. Jean d'Aneelv. and hnth tcok iheir irate at the upper extreoiltj of the Colt Droit. The bal'ot gave the following remit: ? >1 Armand Mariart obtained 381 to tee. M Lacroeee 110 " Cental Bedeau 48 " M. Remuaat 8 " M. Lamaitine 2 < M Marrant war eoneequently proclaimed Pieeident of the Aaaembly for tbe turning month. It la not coo?id?re<l neee-aary to conttnna nor rainier of tbo proceeding* of tbe Aeeembly. Nothing of tbe eltgbteal intereet ban occurred. It appear* by the account* of the Bank of France, publictrd in the Afoe>?feut. that tbe commerce of Pari* la at ill lufltr'bg. tie ulcoounta baring dliiilnlri. U wltbm tbe laet week b> a eu? of fHU'OOOO ami the ?venue bilia hating Inert reed by a aum of r ttl.ix o Ocu TLe bti.licn in ibe Hank baa tuorrared by a-iino f .4,0CU.0t 0, and Ibe baak- noti a lu ciicu'at ion bare dl mm'thed by a turn of ftHrtOldU. Tne balance to tt a crtdniftbe Tienrv haa increased within tbe Wei k by a aum of f 3 CCO.COO. Highly Intnreatlrg from Ifnly?Th? Flight of the Fopet According to tbe taieat acc< ui.ta from Rome, the Pipe did not leave bis apailuirnte in tbe (guirinalTaiace ait*r tbe tnurder of Count Roeat. and waa ao tuaily treated by the poaeroinent aa a State prtaoner. All blaowo goarrta ?ere removed and be ?a< aurrounded by peraona anppoaed to be farorable to tbe new admlntatiaiioB. Hie chief aaeoolatee wera tbe foreign amharrkdoTa; and one of there Count Spohr. tbe Bavarian envoy. planned and effected tbe eeoape of tne venerable pontiff. Tbe Pope left the Quiilual on tbe ?v> nu g t f tt e'14'b. dt gnlred aa a arrvent of Count Spobr, and Tearing tbe livery of tba Bavarian legation Dreatad in tbe cbaiaoter of a footman, be notnted tbe bom of tbe ambaaaador'l uairiage. aea'.ed tim?rit by ibe ecwebann. and tbua ekioonded from tie Uuirtnat ranee, and wae oairfed tff to Oaeta. Ibe t.ount bad prrvlounly obtained pawporte for Nep'ea. wbitber tbe Pope aeceoipantrd btm. uot tn bla bin dbgulie. but in that ?d tbe envoy'* obap aia No one in home recognlaed btm and the lllunriuu* fugitive airmd in Caeta on tbe night of the '13th, without emprr encmg the tenet danger On bla arrival tbere mm infniinad tb? Kir fT tt Nunlffi l\t hia fliirhf. anil an. j ptlled hi' Vlejeeey that etraniere bad be-en placed at hla dlrioial ty tbe gotet amenta of England and Kranoa. eo that he wee teady to depart if bia pretence ceu-ed the King the lean ii><)Ulei tide. The a tie ear >a* given by the King In penon ?ho. with blslamliy and court, proceeded to welcrmc tne fugitive. The following account of the Pope'* flight from Rome into the Neapolitan territory, le futnebed by IQa Napiee correepondent of the Timti:? ' flitt t) eaeaaeeinatlou of If. Roeai. the Pope remained a olnaa ptittniln ti e t?u.r > ?l; end the Duke d Hero, era the Fmnoh itpieeeoiatite. wee c< mptllrd t? nadela tea ptlaoe, for the pur. V< ol aflndita <h. pii.ieouiiiiwi lot pnreonand Beg to tho ,o< eelee pi at'fl. Tl etaiten ot tho t,o?ev .ipetitwent on In ti o kipe (teks ??-. .,?w*ue Me ???*, aw* eeaad teei m, .mli, Ud , I 1IIK 11 (DAY, JANUARY 1, 18 ?f eoution not to d ctaud to that he vetneed eve* to rverive tbo i*|oiU according to iuvai table cue om. of t he otflrer?.f the cuird. u ata'e ot II tnge could nor |<*n? couth up, end the morn tier* ol tt e di| loti kUc Cor pa i> ia said, arranged a plan Tor the libera* tion f hi* Hulteem. <f mirh lie tuiu.eouie uitcuiioa tt'.iieatn'ltid to tt e ? < tint de t*|>?ur do mu iMM of Bavaria. At an ?fcT?> hi ur, pTtviotift y egtee t". the Popi rei <d l."?a private n om 1? r tl.e purpoie of ap| arwntlv onnferri*** a i' tho?entl*tn in 11 ?vi ju?i in.n t(1 and there ho <iitmti<*d himelf in the livery of the Fa%tri*n legation. I. a few luioiilea ?!?*? oar i ??* t.f the mi matcT win ailed, and tho <!t out dc Spuur followed hy the Hoi**, din uiied m hie servsti', dt ec? tid< d tl e prai d Marckm* en ered hit <ariifye iha 1 op- n ouu'itia 01 the Ihix alr?ii?ai<le the coachman ? 11 e ' ri tice fruoc edtd?ii<< *u?pic;on cnh?*r in t eQ tirinal or tie outward guard/, ui.d thapood old man stabled to trea t t tl t-air c f liberty. I u.u c liutely on utrivnl at t'o rem. dime oi it? Bavarian n buster, another tranepornl id ? ?? n de, lb? P? pc took ? fl the 1 very *u?t u? d drc* ?d hin self in iho in rat i< fctuine of the *? it ieter's ct up abv or aumi nier. and I#. do Honor buying a're dv ppveu i otaee >1* h'n inttn*h>n of goinj: to > h| lea. aid imiv?d p^sporfn fioro the nnv-rnoient. post he t*? ? uere ioon jir cured tie count and bU ?upp>ted ohao'ain to* It > l.rir plsce* tl tl e ctrraee. and then 1 m>i t'v cleared the ice of Home. It. ?us m> me time l?? f ire tne c dp* wax ilmco vend ? ? ol centre duu care u i.? mod by thoro in the ee* ret to say 11 ur tl o P? tit It ei,?rped io tin dev< t in, and onutd not ? dhimlcd. VI I.hi tie fbg'-c became li.own Uo rn?i?i?'ry wax i) hi deietiock, rnd . asl hear. drO|/.? cue ere d ."pat hod to bring I uch ll efugitive But u turtles- mefteiiroi fyird or tun new i?i vera men l i c- italcd in arresting the person of a i amhassv or, i-i d il.c fount de bpunr. wiih hi* rev. i end oheyge, con d the f r? n'ier it eafttj, and ???riv?d at U&eta. u la git iwn, the tier in It c N? a|o)it*n territory, m t far fr? in trrmm. The Popo left il e t?u rii nl n t?i- evening of the 'Jit*, aud arrived at Haura on tin 'ghtt f <ht26ih." 1 Le account given by tho Naples correspondent of the London c /ironic'*, which dilbra iu souic meabure from I he JoregMrg. le ae follows : ? I lie Pope hud btc . I'T some d*ve provi- tii to hit d par'nre itr ct y vwt.Ud M d- Spa'tr pre*c*u d nb< ?el? at the p.ilacM of th. tjhiiiiis). i?r<? i X[noco U rout d? sir* in reo bin Ho in n for tl *?| Mps-e i f join a nils ot d db|H*ii?a'ow ft with rer|>cOt to a prctenred n urine ?<eivi er u pri ecen t fin\ una and tin 'ouut ceTiujini. Ho ant in riduM inio the cin ir t, hu* the door T< n uii tu i per. a? d nivorxf p'csoi s MnttormtH Mi Uolrm^ con tii red to inuioli lyckwurds ulJ forward* in the an*e roi m. Ti irtmii w ktwirn M. fl? |?aur-ui d ?lie Pop* w?? a 1"?UR one. After tom? time. M d'Haro< ur' bp nr?din hie turn do uai dad Ian to he irnodvc d end teym ( m the uieu-(iin** ??tik t? the ) error ?ii the uite room. 1 hie he?t net fleet of drawing their attentioii fl a I at ? uh y?i. g on in thee Oinet of hie ll?H ai.d drew thorn eradnul'v into a cor? ?r, tr-rn whirh ihrynculd not tot-v>l ut are i,oirg on in ihernldMt Aft r a^mo mi u'm' con\? ri unor, n me m i v ent to tl u d- or a'd f.-okt-d in f he Pope h*d diMpte.'-itd hy a dior at the further ind, and had gone uvyy vi?h net^n'g mi bnt n limpto toiU'nc ptnwi g f >r the cleyiai* of H. de h|*ur. In pes iuv -lie l^eapo'iian fruitier a c)fti? u'ty nolo. Tic o n n a dai>t<f the ilace, after hivm* e* nun id tit iitieport i,f H dt-Sjuur, legated on ertioc tlcpua port of the onapfmii. U.dirptnr ?aid h niet'nna in a low tone i o tl e i flicer n> d it we a when thou* nr nent raw hiu full on hia lnn*r, that, theo'lnr fermne preterit hen rue aware that it was he P? pe whouai am ng tem. Hie Moline a i as itr ivod totally ni | M'\id? d wnh tl c iMiat. common oen-emrkM The Ki u to??t hiiu rorvinte, and every thug hccmbui) for Lis immediate ao ctinn tdation. Ae soon an the Pope arrived, a letter wa* sent to | Kii tr k <roinaiid?the Pope remaining io the Bishop's palace at Uaeta Two ngimt-ntN ware euut from \a pies by pttuiner to Gmi'a ae a guard of honor, and the Kirg. Queen, and the princes followed in another teaiL'er. The royal party ariived at Gaeta. and did NlTffif tobli Ho fines" in the? naval manner, by hissing bis foot. The Queen and prhve* remain* d at Oa?C*, wniiei idv ivlcg re-turne-a in maples in mw-ete p re pa ratii BH for th* reception the 1'ope The ltnm?a and Sisn ih Minicteis ut Napier went to Gaeta. and tie d pltn.iitlo rorpa at Romn evoept the Sardinian ii ember thereof, has arrived at Naples, with theoardn rls. Wr i'ai:n( t hut rep ret that tbe Pope, whilst lltiog fn in tVn tui buier.t ut ills own doaiiuloiiM, bits taken up tin reeldence with p>rh?|n the worat monarch now reigning in Kurope it itiven bin enemies oau-u to aay, etio lir filcnns iumn to fear, that he rep-nta htm of ti i! librial I)"-arurea he bas la'ely uramed to hla psop'e. The flattery and fawning of this despicable sovereign to the Pontiff baa nor. inap'ly b"n compari d to tbe ploue doir g* of Hon Miguel and the devotions or Louie XI lit France, who kept one confessor and two hangmen. Upon tbis subject a paper published on tbe spot remarks: " 11 em i* to d< uht tlir.t Ike lempcra' a- veroi^nty of Uto Roman Pent ft - at b en pint id in atriitia j opaidy h, the withdraw*I ?f Pn.t IX. tied ht-R-t.e tnwliiri >u< under tl e aliadow of tlie i < nil at d. t t f Mmntiia at <1 the aaearatii i f tbe Band-erae, t ib do n.i ctacj would l ate home it p ticatlv.' Malta would tavo hem Cititioeieo o dect r u? and diamfed retirement. Kilt Is has lUlin to toil in the in me >-nat * irh the dote icd Ferdinand, and title ail to but oue conilnaton drawn iu Italy, via.: ihetheap peals lo liute ft tip, aid flitigt d-iwiiihe saniitler to lit oroe > tit rlev and confiding sul jeco. This iaa most act ions matter, > ad tlie frin dsand ad in i rem of the Pi |>e are tilled with dcj-.c-Mou and cetpt ndti ? )." '1 be writer adds : # "Tliiryt rot ?n,ue, neverthe'ess. in the mnrt onmp'e'o ralm. No oi t wt nld f. i ( V > I at we mi ie without a niooarot, or and. r a Con ltiuie) i winch il at monarch diet v< wed Si-epa and tlitu tp a i j*l, ai d U e la'ter are said to be uiinaua'lv crowded." After Ike flight. of tlie Pope on the'jltb ulc , had beor me generally known, tbe mluiatry issued tbe folio jvliy proclen eiiovi : ? " Kotnnta ? He Pontiff hsa nult'ed Rome in oon rtptenoe of J emeu u advice. In these eultutii momenta he iLtnttt'Vy will not'a l i" ftti M-duiie-which th" tiVn o' 'he r. n-iiryivoi tie ctiiideire wlith tin |M|. ? have awarded In It ilemind All l).t nti ra-aty mcatum-a have been taken fur the preservation of vt .- am tifrtiia rrcantr ti too a. a i-r--ier[>. .i v a.uialei witl la-lmmedia elv n -nil .utwl. ahto-h wil. alt pnrmatinntly, l-i vol, all t'e r-ROr or the law a whoever ahull dare to vto ale the palate order, or who may att.ok th-t ilv.ta of the lit ret a Ail the tr epaand ail lite tl-i- to art a win raini.-n it tit r i rma at Ita ir 1c-I-ellvt> quarivea. ready to gbe t*-Mr -cr vitta vie ever net ii-mv le inquired. The tttieietrv id flow tinatlon wt tli tie - ht infer of let pm-rcntatlvea at,d tie St-unle, w I -ckc aurk nl.trior ea-nr- a aa < Iteinu-tai-oeH m?y r'-|utte.? h'.uuie cni f.deln na i continue to be ert-rii.) n' t-e miie-- you her r. a- d respond, by (lea nt fa t f aou , to t e calumnies ef your trem'ti" The government, bad Also published the following Ante gtaph letter of tbe Pope*. Add re seed to the MArquls Gircamo Sacobetti " Ma i quia ft eel elf?t* e eortlda to vonr vrel'.kttcwr pmt'etiee aitl inuiMy to ti f-rm lie Mtniai-r lisletti of our hi tmr'.ure. attheriin jc i im aid tie otktr tmniateia. not only in pro act the pa'acea, I lit nuth n.iretl.e |u rrona il e.ein, who were antiretv fat t isi-t of nt r tetolniion V* f tile tie nur- -n'rr--*' i? t> '? la'etj, b cauec, we cru r tetent ihaj w. re entirely ignorant of tur intention.?i igBeo 1 III IX Nov. Id. IMS." Tbee Trm)io, tT N'Aples. contains the following letUr of Ike Pcpe to t Ardit al Putrizi : " If there was over nt ed to addrves -i-.i wi'h ferve nt prayers. It <s at ihi* nunert. Una, I la>|>l.rniira varrll?ei->ns sets uf all kitde. at d en ten pt of lie u o>t 1 fit ft.rte tie to have rifteiiM- to tie Divine neicy. c'anre 'h ref.rt. rgr Owtdinal. piatera >o te tlleted nj?-tr iraycm am al' a> a a .od? nr. vera It? te, pen p lyrin , in-w b oo e a cttaeof ri?ptit?. To that led ve five jut fee 11 |owct?. Htcr-vr frt m ua onr ap-atolio I one d.ciit n, which I give with eyea htihei in tiara, to you, te all to tut irtr at s in pariiculor te> all wl.o prav f r tr?. "Nov. 24,1Mb." I'lUi IX." TV^OIInwlr.1.. .t . ?.U..eA .U.. I V_ tte rc{.? to Ike people of Koine u rit't II. TO THK ROMAN PKOPI.B. "The outia^e 111 lat'tr dnya oooiiiitrid u t iH>t *?r perron, &t d lie h ten ion o|?* >>)> iianifrpcd to coniiiio there acta of vi? l?nee i which the a minh'i. t men'- ininda with motin.en** of m ior a d m? dcrati?", haa |pTentfd), hmiwroMHed ua to arpavate oumlvea ten.p"r?H'v from our ruhjects ana chiJdim. vhD v< lot e and tvft ei a)) lore. The reaeoua which have induced up to takd thia imp* r'ant a'ep, --biAvei/ kiio*? I o ? pklun.i ii in to onr h ?r r?h?*v*? .-.n en ir<?ui Ike ppcvRpity if i vp ei ji.yit g free liletty in tic acni-e of the men il cutier of the I ??iy a* under the o rcQmr ancm by wldch wa v ere then i ffl'c td the Catnoiio w. r'd inighitateounblj doubt of the fieid m of in \ oxen be. The ?c * of M<d? en . f whihwe coil plain ran aiot* leatt ihut* d to t?.e mictiinVi-iis wh't h l a* e teen tin d v ai d 0 p vneaimre* that heve Ken taken hy a c'aaa if men drgtad* d in tl e f c? of I up- p? and the world. Thi* lathe mere rei ft lit. a* th** wratb of ti e Almighty han a'ready faMev on tletr mii a, an* an it?iH<all d*? i. on tr etn, aooner or later, tie puobl.m i t wb oh tr p?eicr|t<dfopthetn hy lit* c nr'h. V ere op> ive htinhit. in thoirma itnd*of there mtrynlded ohil dun. the nip r < t tic / In igl y. who p<roii*? their minor ?men man atei en ?t t fir f?e eft* t> of i utrelvva m d ?jw ?<? f our people But rtill at eani.nt, without betraying the no rr?i duti i iit pored en nr. vtfruit from |vnteatfti*p formally rguinat 11 fir aeta, u* we d d do rerbali) on U e ICtv day of November of p?i till mem ry. in prttei ce of the whole diplomatic?or, a who on that ocouion hiLi.ii.My encrclef' u* and br?v?ht comfort aid cmaolfttiow to < or ? ui n lectRi nirf that vio'ei t ann unpreoe dented pa* irfltpr Udbei committed. Thai pro!eat we dia intend,a* we Li'W do,openly a? d i iiMbiv to iepe?t. inrrmnoh at we veMH olIi toyiolttce, f nd l eoaiiae vie w re and are d-atrona it abouM K made ki>own that all pr* m*riii g? * mana tiny from a?'ch rct? of violn cr w?re ai d are df*ind ? f ail effievry and te/al|ty. Thia Irot*Mmjr it a rncea ar oi.moque? roof the niiben na Ulor* of thipcwtiked ?r en. ? nd we p"M.? h it from the Miyueati n of onr ciniclcicc ptimola'ed aa it hap Win h> t c citcumsfan ci in width we wer* placed: and tl e impedimenta off;ied to the exep fin i f our ?at red rut jet. Nt*? r* h? lee?, wo oimfhie nnon rhfi woat 11 i li that the coo ti? uu* ce ? ! theie e? ila mai he ?h rid ted a* d *re 11 nilh iU| p kp'f t! e C?> d ol Heavei to avert Ki? wrath. i? the la: Ruaicot tie Ffov? I l'r? nhet?^" Mimeiito Domini Davut, ei itt.hi* mor.f vtlvdii intjuu ' ir r rr?T th .t il ecit t R? me nnd onr ?tate? he n< t deprived of a hga' e* eentive. m o hare nominn^d aguvemiog comuii Bion, loo p* it d i t the loll? e ii ft f?? ie? no: . i.e. iiihi pi ' apirn e f p-i nfPK ifffifi^fff'T ^"WF II xer. II I riit |?uf F.ifT'fiiio narterlui, Mariula Berlin p. a di Pol' are. I int. ( irtiii Zif chi. "If ei 11 dF? y ?" tbr pa 0 n"*' rnira entr minion th- t?mi >nry d'leeiln if |eil Hp nf!hff?. nr mtn'fcd to mr eu j"c:o end et.t I'rcn. without eateptieD. the tuna nation-d t in pi ill. y i:i l ft d iifer. Fit'tl'.t. w? tfe.jie Hid cmmaed that do Iff and uiitit | mieip-lull lorfTeire for th* a<lety of oil* |.rjn.i, Mid il at tl e r?f? 'Itl* world r ?y to pirierrirt. e-f re ally that nil Plata 11 Kama wl eia and with w'en cMldt?n. "nr htart >h?i| tc wlniivir ?i in paieoi may d'ell the fold of (Iriit. Aid In the fn'Mirrt t of mir on'v as Hoprwrae Pontiff, v u thna 1 nuih'y ?i d fnwnwilj invo* ? the fimi Moinrr of aid iha I o y AI ortle*. Pe'er * d Pan', for il elr ixteror anion that t ho oiti ay.o Pule if himciuay be aavtd fr> ni the wrath of ttia Omr'jetM.i fli d. Carta, dia Not TK" "PIUS PAPA IX." 1'prn I ho publication of thla document la the Irafilial rlly. tin mpri.a war* Immorllatolj railed tn. gel her by the Sp oakar. and tat In deli ho ration all night. Meantime the nobleman named In the P.ipw'a proclaim alii n tlrdwlih ??ib (tbirln repudiating the appointment. Ptmroo Solatia and* Bsrherlol got frightmid at the unln k< d for honor at.dranoff nrer tho fiotiflor ?? f?ot they oonld Caotraoanl dWtlnclly Tofo'ed to ant. In the rarnoltv of Irreaponelble cowmlirlrntr. ?t tl Zurrhl took hlmaelf o(T to Bologna. On the foMowtr g mnrtIrg h proclamation front the Lfttif f'bamher to tbe population of the Pontlflnal 1?r>ltriieo w?a placarded on the walla of the town, and fotwatded to tbe proyinrra It rnna thua :? " PKt ri.AMATION. "A paper.ra'd tr hear tie Ui pr e Mgi.a-tir? and datedftrm tha CItrdei 11 flana. wenM anrnl 'I n ir'> of our Mit li try. a> d cpate a e'ote i urn Infer, the n entbera of wh|*h h tp no mhh lea in t ilit I hey wen nen eit ir it tlian they fled the a- untry. Your r? I mil lallTaa havi hrd thili aitent ox driwn to that P'p-T, end, 18 inteot n pi tlniiir nal rlyhie, to ariire pu d no.der toynn.t ttfinmly to khl'ili 'or tie eteicl a of ihelr h>gal function*, tl d rtiiapi (lot tf e inran-a of loye'in !> were w a met end Ifn-'Tfi .? 1. 11 r 1 h .n i < r 11 f>firrrgxism no ?' aracttr t ?i?t' nri> in the r?fir It-m tinrta aarianm a* it la oilh all ?"I ant! tin. al fn-ti r. In wMxh th* 8"Vti*lan ia inhjxot M a til ax Ma T?np t: airtaadcoara that tho tr>Mnt Miniatrr, ia tlit nraaret i f I r mm th?ll rrn.tlnna. ? ti I'urti ?r nrJ#r>, to xfr iala'ar ila ifti. rx.l thoointi'r*. t. A ilaptilntlon fm a onr t.dy alall loril alili *ai? on il a )*i T?t?'?n lo r-qin-a hlxratra to ' n a. J. Ha aptnr Ilopaa ta ina.ttd t? Join htm to tha'a. fiti'nticn. 4. Thx rational iiarclt thr.nt'xnt tha ita'a xhall ha i ai'i il it tokuliI bauura, and [-rattrTx tbaaaaaairdar at hitf arto." I ha Jilh* nrprnooaa otidor data Roma tha 4th Imt.. that i ha flap <ft>r ntlaxa air t tn iliat. ta Inalt* tha TrfP to rat urn to Roma. vara M. huatnnl Vtnntrrililrnt of tha Couroti of Dapntirn ; tha Abbr Nlni, a dt pitta; Prior* Cr rxlt.l a arc at or; and Mn?ara. Pla 1 at.d Attiahl tnpn>h?m of thr Suprrlnr Council. A <talr?a farm noma tf tho 47th ult , xtat.i that thr ht>b ltd rt:^^r'l,ciru.?.r'.'s that 49' ^? they cruld net continue to nit Id the chamber after the murder of ti uui Komi, who tu aleo a member for ibat cpy. Do 'he ytlih l'rol??ur Koiohl moved in the oppt r council. that ? pr<ivlii,m*l goverinent heins'lttile.I, to n able them to dellherate legally in, the absence of the chief of th* executive power Hit motion, bewever, was rr jested. Only six eirdioaU bad jeli slued at lion e i'nese wet e?dlancUi, who is upward* of SO year* of ?ge ; Orioll who tv 11 oooflned by illness; Ta*tl. Fraosoui. Barberini and Simnnnettl. 1 he letter did not actually poteens sufficient meaus to quit ihecity. According to letters from Bologna of the 2sth ult he i eiditia) Prolevate had published a proclamation, 1 i.f? rit;ir>ir thts ue? p'? of the (light of the Pope, an I stHtira that he hsil thought proper to assooiate in tie lit veri n eiif of the province General Zuacht and the Senator Zucchini. . ft r. Temple, the English envoy to the Cou't of Nap'i*. n'riv-il at Itome on the 22d. and had an icti-rview with S'elheT Ventura. The whole of the foreign nj'ntrteie, v Ith the xcep'Ion of the Sardinian euvoy, are stated to have quitted Rome. ftir. Tcti'plt eum.uiiceu that, he was the bearer ofthc ' ult iratumif England and S'rai Oe, concerning the ' Siriiiun question The articles ray the li.allau pa per*, ate D*arly those proposed by Lord \liuto, an 1 jO' accepted by the Kjcg of Naples. via: -Sicily shitl have a separate ado InU'ration. non?tituti ?o. army. 1 and navy; the crown of Slolly *bsll he united to Naples. should ri her of the pe'tle* ri fuse this ultimati nr. the question'* ill be decided by the aword?Kranee in u Li giniii. in iintsii.tog a siri't ui u'rallty li e Coiiiltlvliatial J-iunnl vf Ihr T*iu Siciliit. of ihe 2"th lilt . ennounce*, poritively. that the Pope has resolved te stay at (iaeta. The Ttm/in, of Naples, hov ver. steten thst apartments have been prepared for h m In the capital. The hrit rea boiglieie. Doria, SalvUti. and Ro.-pig lini av.d leveral ?ihi r Unman noble mm, have j >1 u ?d the P. p.' at It ii> Tciy acoiiDouly supposed that t.union E.unv purte. T'ntim- de Canino. in deeply implicated In the pri reeding" which have led to the Pope's flight; and it is raid that he will rrobably h? appointed President . f fti-lion un republic, if one should ev. r be const!tutcd. Seven of the cardinals have arrived at Naples ; bat si u.e hco< unte in tb? kreuuh papers assert that tan Pope had ordered the faered college to proceed to Valte. In order that a conclave might be held there, ia cere of his decease. ll Suzii'tKilc ot Mndena. under the date of the 27th, s?y*:?" There is a great movement of Austrian troops here Many battalions, aeoeiopanied by artillery, are note to the Iron iers of the Pont ideal States An Invasion of Rnhgna |* spoken ne. nlitinu/h not generally credited; but it is certain that the commissary of the Austrian army bas rrcetvtd instructions to hotd uitn telf in reaiinese ii r the supplies of three or four regimints. A report is ah o nurrent among the soldiers, that some thomands of Create are about to march for HCsisa and Carrara." Ihe Cvrrtne Mercantile, of Genoa, of the 7th, states Ibat the t ght preceding, niauy murders were oo nn ltt. d at I,' ghorn, but it was oelieved not induoed by political camel. A dvices from Lucca, of the 6th Instant, state that on that auu II,e toroier eeeuilig tua lowu Usd b-ten the theatre of Feilous disturbances Many persoos were wounded, hut Done it ? as b-lleved seriously. Node tsils are given tiiberas to the cause or result of these imeutei. Accounts frrnt Turin, dated the 4th nit state that the Satdiniau ministry hsd resigned, in oonseqiisnoe if a hostile vote of the assembly. It was b"ltev<d 11 at the cabinet that would lucored them would bit pterided over by a per*on who?e views are notoriously hrs'i|e to Anstr'a Siih??q't?nt nreetint.s. however, ?tate that It la not unlikely that the old ministry may IMMClNi 1 tie ton.hi din contains the following, dated Milan: "Marshal hi dinky I as iwrt 'lie municipal cuiii. il of oar cily to cur down nil tl ? *li ch n?l"iu th? puhho |irnm?nxda rt.ui a the otitic. Torc u uil eutneteil htm nut tn ii nint on an orcir, ttici x. cution of vMull ?ouhl iinpivertih the city, aire-tily 10 much ui. titisid ly n i tmr) eiaotloi.n. nturnnd tl -r full, winy tc| ly t" the municipal iiuanai As 1 urn la the Inh'.tt.t lev r tt.flcrio. tn inv a .hen, nn.t nl or-ew the city continuen in estate ot seqe. I tnjuio the muniop.l council to leo o'e all the trn autrouudiwrt ilircniitc, to whi"h I htce slit-ady diro crt ilsm tic, M' the 15th In that Interval nil il <i tpae mm the fail, d aott currod awav at the. xpunnn ot tl u i'iiiici'. Tie eomri chad ho liable to aline of tito t!iojsand livies lorettry t'ny'idclay. [SigucdJ "'RanrTiKV.'" Ilorr.e continued tranquil on tbo &tb Inst, luthe it. mig tit that, day the Oeputatiou relit by the ('haul boa aid the Munioipallty to invite the Pope to return 1 o Ri Dir. It tt that capital for (iaeta. At the fl tioir of the ( haniber if Deputies. on tnu 4th. M. Vtimnnl betirg e?pree-i d a desire to resigo the office confided to htm by the people and the Assembly, the Prince of f atrut. aitrgett-ally cunbittted hie reeoluti >n and i iy etl film tocrnv. kea Constituent Assembly eleoted by untvtT'Hl suffrage, which would be the enverelga judge nl the quistion at le. us bet wee n the peoplo and me ivr. r?. ?i?e.i<jont. afterwarde read a letter rem M. LunsM, reigning the Ministry of Finance. Mr hietenl .v.inii'cr i t Justice, had aleo retired from the cabinet the portfolio of Fioanoehed devolved caNt m.atiii.i, and tbatof Justice on M Muaatreiii. Important frniii Auxtrln. Ncviff coinitemole Inioorraon- ho h"??? receive 1 frrm Vienna. It appears that on the 2d of Deosmbcr, III* r.ll'ICI. r 1.1 on. lie ell tUUtell II) tiiV-.r O' I||4 lie pbew the Archduke, now Emperor, Franois Joteph.? lie lute h u p-l- l 's lull uriillier, brands C Oar IMS a a'tcii hie cla'.ms in favor if his eldest ton, the present Emperor. i i.e iat? Emperor Ferdinand Issued a proclamation, dati <1 O'niutz the 2d of December. In which he "an iioucetrM ri seine fer abdirBtinr the throve " The new Kmperor alao issued a proclamation, which emboli.. tb? pm rt|iel point, e'el-'t n in. ?n.ia'.ri?l ji-i?. piemtne. ae given by Piinee Sohwartsenberg, In the Cban.b*r, at Kremiler Ihe present Emperot was born on 18th August, 1830. 1 b? is En. pi tut beiuinauci ban fixed upou t'rague as hie place if residenc?, arid on the day ot hie abiiutKtif>n I e quitted O'limtr. to proceed there lie arrivi d st Prague en the ltd. at nearly midnight, whentbs news of his abdication vat hardly known tbere. Prince Sthaartleiibi ij; made an an uouuccuient of this lute]. Itgei ce in the Assembly at Kremeier. where It apprats to Isti cisated e n- derahle m-prlse. The F.mperor Ferdinand was born on the 10th cf April, 11 1.3; was crowned King of Hungary on the 23d j of hi uti niter 1880; King ot Bohemia on the 7th of feeptsniber, 1880; and King cf Lombardy and Venice on the Otb ot September. 1838 He succeeded his laibir on the 2d et March, 1816 ; he bar therefore abdicated th? Impirial throne after having occupied It lor a petlid of thirteen j ears and a half THE FAREWELL OF EVtrF.ROR FERDINAND. The pillowing la tba farewell manifest* of hie majesty the Kmperi r, to the people oi Austria, to the foiioeing ?0? ct: ' M e, rtrdluard the Fir>t, lir.?When we, after the demise nf out twine*, ii e in i' or rr?ui!? me i irx, r.;,?ni? I ondtttiry mice u t to the throne, ?o did we, impre.-td with the hoiiutiemu Important e ot t.urdti ire imploro Viol for Die naalat. a i.e.. ilTOIWI fiflM wancui mo. to; and to furtr.rr lie in. liiitt cf our A tie I Pan people, the oljeot nt ..untovernounc. 'it,I. looe and tl ai.kiiniit'.e of >.ui pe-pio have rtelily repaid the ceiraand tmuolra ot go vtrnmenti ttidiveu wit la ilie I ,?t ,Uy?, ? I in (Tilt'tt nl ett-n pti wer. made l. rtho of troubling )a? till i rfer, a no lu .1. In ui> nail ear mil an immense nuj ir.ty tl u?r 1' J'I. wo remindful of their true allegiance to the r mo. n'th; tru ft eloili, in tie nudai ot tore troubles, have a rati* f.eJ 1 or tiouthd heart, have time to u* from all parti ol me kitgdi m. 01111 it e pifa-'tire of cirrumatauret. t> e ex'ranrllnary anil no1 > n n |it o Trqui in rnt for gnat ettrrationa i* our Atate formr. e 1 iel. v e | roitirtd in ti e month of Match ol tr.ieyear, and whi h weiwvu tut. tt.iloavoiii g t" put tut. a proper train, nave pro ucid in ua the conaietioi that It re<|Uires y.unger and nr-opr 1 at da lieu cure 10 liuit,er eo growl a wore, ni d t > ca-ry it tl.iit.f), 10 an iiltaiitato, u> temlnaiio". Wen a 1 lure fore, arrer n aiurc itfleo ion. and le 1 a nnirietd wiih tlie bitl*r neoeaairv ililcitip aiilTidai tl rdeii-rimi anion to reno.iaoe the Imperial ihtoi e ol a t alt u to ot r ex el nut brother and lawful ancca aor in He go * en 11 ?m. the Aral doMe trinoo t harms. who has ?t net tiuly I jv. aid 1 at 1 lived our trouhlf a : and hereby declare. , e? d I aio rrr ared I y the entrv re or ef rha prweem, . latr.ii., tha' to 11?' Id, at son, by him ao called te the threne, hieKxeel- 1 It my tie Ai.'duke t tenoia Jiiapb, we rsuuunuw ilia i uj ; n. rial t r-? n of Auitrla. 1 "Wo tier lurt, re'enan all r* re?-?n of the State Irrm Hrlr oe La. and point out to them the new Regent, towarda whom they 1 e*e in in.nte limy ton*.In i.en a.?#ti* ?..w,ee. our b*ave army do w an,d oor .n,. fill farewell. Mind. fu1 11 i|.e idLCil'y ofthnr iath, they hero henna bulwark against 1 1, n. tr ahtoi d and trait it at 1.1 me ; and, lu lat'.r timrr, a strong ' 1.1 honor ol our throne, a pettirn of ruth snail.. neea, *.* I ci nru; a : a t< el 10 the heiet 11 on?rchy ?the rworo and buoator of ] I ho r fall orltnd in aeteral. tvti'i equal love and devu i .t will . tl 00 alto, rail torn d tl e nev Emperor. 1 ' r-nnl > vc rrloaie t a peop.e efthlaklcgdom from thrlrdaty to tie. end 1 ll Ihoir outier ami roiMii. treto. 1 . p.10 ,u?, .lev./, hi 11 1 el. ro the e orld do we r in?'?r ti em to ur ho ovuoJ nepbuw, I nt oi r riahtfol wucceeaor. eomo enn a * , n po.n'n *n the mercy 1: d j trt 1 ul.-r piouctn.n ot Uod. May the Almighty egain re- ' ti 10 to tho ni |?? Co I Mav he bring htclt tlie erring to the,r duly, ti d ti e 1 tjiiieied 10 tboir aoti'ta! >la> tic,pen low npnoga ot' wi llarr, and rptewu lilt Meiairg tu fitt. m *erur*i ovo r - ur eoinnirv ! 1 ' a wy h- alto tltv g'hon a d ei llgt.un onr auoeeaaor, the Empurl 111 tin J./tet h H e Ftrat ao 11 at tie may tu.d. hit nigo ?.,l . I'til p< wn.n with honor to himself. wtvh glory to tor hohee, II d m the aell bring ol the >ei pie n.ti nalea to linn. (. Ten in our roj*1 capital. tnnuita, ?ne Id day ,>f Dic-ratier. 1Mb, in the li utteoi.ili yoai of our Tog " "FRANCIS CHARI.M, "SCIIW AHTZC.UHaRU." MANIFESTO OF TBI NEW EMTKKOR. A forthor aanltewto has i>-.. hi* Me. jeaty the him pet or Francis Joseph tha First, Informing Ibtm Of his aOCCBKlOB to* U10 wuiuue, * u**0 * p ! foil ws ? e, Itsmia Joieyh the Firrt, hy tha giace of God Imptf * 1 of Am bis ho? , "hailed, by the abdication of 1 nr nnolo the Enperir and Kinr, ( Firdtcwad tl e Fiti' an . end with tt ? < 1 < ur father, t a Ate' cute franca O vle? "> t. now by rtrtoe of the pragma*, c 1 lan, hop, tl et.iown oa onr head: , "Me a. lemi y aaawitoa, -y .11a pTMni.t prcc'axtaUon to all 1 tleteop eof thin en p' 0. w a-newton to nhe throne, undor the anil e 11 Frercie Joer|h the First t "C. nvtiiied ot the lu?i ..ud nfthe rrrat va'ne ef liberal t inrtitntii 1 e. in con'oronty wi h the ip.rit of the age weentor Willi e< alldi nee on the road w l.ti l ahail ,oao to a uiiauae. | wid 10 a iraoii rnant ol tie whole tcowarohy; It ii oikii th., , laitil tiue It 1* n|o the hoao cf 0 ..ual Jua'ice tor a,I * peril nwcnn'ponfng th t etrpim. and In the eqnirtty of all iil?<?ni t f? tote tlie law. and alio I|? He n?r?ielp?Hnn cf the enn^eenta ); tirre'f the |ioplc in maklrg tlA law a, that the coua'ry, thns tfof 1'tand will letaiied to Ita auii. ai ireniina, powerful tu tie r I a t *iai dear and la tha raw stnngth wh|. h It will Mi|dlra. I* * III it tm Irono an ui akakaabla building amid the aUumiif i nr a?) ? a nam hiMlatu.n i r all ><? i?. ... d Hi-em vtiniu. t ll'l. a I Ml ftljr i"" <1?a< united f,r no oaaj omturlta undar tl a ki | lit of or'r fatten. V n aic rrai i??d linn 17 to maintain Inn fpleador of tha r?, an nadinin nhtd. and to prnrarae tha iatagrty 01 tha mo ran 1 7 iitrui tailed : hoi we an alto raaay la aamlt tha repra [ tiutltmol tic pai|ilf 1- n . - ! w|ii ?lu. tr a aid ni tint, ai d ?l'h tha good undemanding and harnotj ? liHh aili exlkt between ut and. nr (wepte,we ahallaueoeed '< in ni Inn* 01 a in igrnl su la | .Vtuulthdi g?? J .il u eo-.nilU oa>M? 11 all II,a ?ai o. at hi. h vuuft'tute our unman 117. We hare ' ad htary p itlalat trai qnnliiy ai d otrar l.ana lean d aiarbed In many |-tru 4 i f tin- ?ii p t"i final wir ? ji*? n? r?t?a in ?n,? pm oftlfim ? ;,t? , uvt ?w.'i1 .'l it in* .it fjt t v? lu? I K N N ^ TWO CENTS. ? ' a?s every where. Theeupm-winn of the reho!'iim, ind the reitfrnti u ol in ernai peace, are the titt e?n li tothoniocw* of ti.i yre t work dthe roretitnlioa In thisoourJe we rely with ronndrare ?n the wise and nncero ou-optratien >i n rrpreaoateItvei A^ull onr people. A'e r?ly upun then ocd rooee of the fVthful Inhabitants of llectunliy, wto, by tha la* a recently prumnhrsted with reapeot . lo lh? abn'il on ifiervitndi ?> d imp its <>n tho Sand, hare onto.- , sd upon the full eujo] rr ent of the rithtt ofcltisene. I \ "V? ara'y upon tin* d-vct'im of the fun tlon irlei of the State, ' We are a??ured of the ane'ent an t tried brieeryond fldolity * uf our (t'nriot ? eimy '/ hey willeontlana to be. as k'nlr pr-de. I rrsroie h?ve been. a pillar to the throee end an nnsbiken bule ai k to the country, and to our libera' it siituiiona. We h1 ull bo 1 u| p> t' toko every opportunity to reward merit, I aiihcnt dfitir.ctlon i>r olas,iornue | "People of Auetra? We naoend the throne of enr fatbere at a I |t i at < tlucel io iod. tiroa' ate thn dutin?, rroat, aro thoreapou- I i hiliit-1 wl i< h I'm. idcuce has ioipotc.1 upon us. May God pre- I irrve and j rot ot ue! I "Givm at tnr royal retldenee at 0 m-ite. on th.i Id < f Deoem- ' ber, lu thojtar if tho Lord IMP. KitaVi I' JCHKIMI. 8 tiiVVAKr/.RNBBSQ." J The New F.Mrriton ?The Emperor, Franole Joseph c f buries I. is in Ma nineteenth year Although hip X father, the Arohduke Franoie Charlee, who h it not yat f it ached the ginnd climacteric. etood betwixt hint and i the Imperial throne, he hat generally b-?n regarded I In Auttrla in murh the tome light as If he had bean I heir apparent. Ho wss the "young sqnlre" of tho ? Imperial House. and enjoyed at rauoh popularity as 1 cc Mil loll to the lot of a boy of hit years, especially I ( nroorg the Bohemiana with *ho?euianmrs and habits ho ba<l been eirly familiarised. and la whose language be war, at a child. exolumvely educated. The good t foiVa ot Prague utnl to be tnnd of nnrra'log horn, * ibertly before the Oca'h of Ke.l?or Kraax. the llttla I prince wrote a letti r to hi* grand fa'.he' In tho Oseoh B loDgue, having his band, guided hy hit B >hetnlan B B nuire; and bo v (lie oldgcnt'uuitn munhtothesurprlss B of his cuurtlers, ntavogi d to ansaer the tha B B rattle language. During the lite trouble* In Bohemia, B fl he held, tor a short time, the rank of Captain-General I I of the kicgdom. I I It bus been remarked that the young F.mperor al- I I ways appeera In publle in military uniform, and also I 1 when he oiTes audiences to deputations 1 1 Marshal Radetrky bat published an ord'rof the day, 1 ' dated Milan, 8th inrt., announcing the aocesalon of 1 the new F.mperor, aud calling on his army to show tha raire devotion tbat they had hitherto done in rapport ot the monaroby. The military exeoutlons for political offanoas still continue. An ex-lleutenant of the Austrian army (I.eseaynsKl) hue been ler.tenced hy rourt-mnrtisl t> twelve years' i in pi iron trie nt Id h fortress, fur li iving inker, part ia the late insurrection. Another individual, named Urban, hss a'so been condemned to twelve years' hard work. In chains, fur a similar offence The cholera m raging ft artuily at rre3burg. Intemtlii)t from Prnaeln?Th? Dissolution of the National Assembly. In our last number we published the meetings of the Assembly at Brandenburg till the SHth nit. On the 2Uib a meeting of the Assembly again toak plaoe, but only 161 membtrs weie present. The Assembly theretote stocd ai'jmrned. Simons' motion to oall np substitutes of the ablest deputies earned a )a~ge accession on the 30th, on which dey 1U8 members were present, and 13 represented themselves as absent only from indisposition or business. It was therefore deemed more prudeit to adjourn onee more ; end ou the 1st toe nmn'-er of members present was greatly inorea?ed. On that day 88 deputies of the Lefc Centre, who hvl arrlred frou s Berlin, entered the hall in e body, and through one of their body, applied for an adjournment un'il th> Mcrday fallowing, which was ae'?atived by 143 to 113. The eleotlon ot a new Trestdent was called for ; but the newly-arrived deputies refused to tak? nny part in It, and quitted the Asrcmbly sn maris, as they entered it. 1 his reduced the Chamber below the neoessary number, and the choice of Tresident ooold not be proceeded with. . ' Mr. Simons moved a resolution authoring the Mini* tiy to call up the substitutes of the deputies who bad quitted the sitting. 73 voted lor the resolution, end only one deputy rgeinst It: but no less then 82 declined voting at ell. 1 be Airembly was then adjourned till Thursday, the 7th Inst. In the meantime, however, the King, believing that the practical working cf the administration was lapcetible. resolved upon a bold step in advance. Finding bis contiiluanle stubbornly Impra rticable, he has dUrclved it sltogelher. and requested the nvtioij to crept a charter or.troytt (as the phra-e Is) by himself. Tbis charter is, in fact, the self same inttomed constitution originally propounded to the Assembly, with some emendations, mostly in->igii>flcant; the most important of which is the omission of the proviso wh'cti oustedthe royal veto in the case of bills which bed been thrice assented to by b ith Chamber* The ?. pouiitiy is sick of rgtiation. aod will proti My accept 1 tre loon, though not without some grabbling at the r mi nter in wb'ch it has been bes'owed. w 'I be decree < f dissolution is a > follows : ? 1 " We, frcder ek Wi lier, by tl.o srova of Ced King of Titus's, fcc. ahsve, tli. ,'uili i u * i.s rtiports of our .Uini<'ry of 8 atw . )* a IV. to tl e I-m 11? of t' e a jinitly oogvoae i tor tin pur. loeeii 'i-eacoidii g'a >:n, ill at.oa, rone, *1 o i'-' ' "in t sorrow, io ilie oonvteiuu tli it ilie i ..|r out isoors for will ih this As--mII, la- trrn c.i led tvclir cmsid, |rolan:'il without so. tiorc. rsent rpi ti ihn, Vhts ' f our Ovown. or with- nt trsuotiing l | i it II ? ?f lisie 11 tbo al'i n. ?Hnh is intepavMe from thiMi r elite V e, >htn Inro. < n the i ro,t, iiloa ot uur MiuiBiry of dtate, dr< mc set. 1 ? ' I. I he Asremtly. callcit tnrctbeT for t' J nrpiss of'eoacordi&K' ? Tor ati uti?n. is hereby di.solve d. "2. Our M nuiry of dtuto 1, chargsd with ths sxena on of this drrrre. ' Civrn trd s'rned with enrown hand, and sotled with ?ur tWDfctu.s, ihis dar. tLe&ih oi December, 18*8, at Fotedam, I I " FSF.iit KICK WILLIAM, " MAVTEL'FTIU "BKANDBNUUHC, " RBNTILKM, " I.ADEMiEkU, VON OCR UfYDT." 'SK' TWA, A decree rf the earn* dabe appointa the latter, who la a member of the C hamber (for Klbr-rfald), to be Mlnlaicr ot Commerce and Public Worte Count Balow la, at the feme time, appointed Director General, ad irtfart'wi. of the Foreign Department. Of the " Conatttntlon" the main polata are:? "FarronaUreedtm is guna iced he virtue of the llxbsasOnn. |ua Act ol fc p'e-Dher 21, l Toedomic.In i, Invbdu ) and the t nntrha.rnt of doth at d ci nil citio ol proper y are aboliahai. fiKdim of trlhious mirth-pie secured; lbs .Hjhtof thegnaral <* ucettcD of the people la maraotei <tevery Prua-i en m*> fr-elp exitiaa l.iaop niona ; freedom ot the press is 'oooedtd without censorship r r ! eoeirry security ; rnhlio tr.eeMngs may ho held in houiea ariih'Utrra'raiut. is t' ? open air by pun t-?t >n of the police ; the treiccy ot the j oat ia insiolate: sere.-xl Pud el piivi'agee ate abohai.rd ; the Kit i la rot r> sponstMn, but his Miniature are; theie are to te teo Chan ber*. the lirat corrp i> d of ltd mo in br re. to he elecied In the pn vini iel i frrie a> d di> rid r prevo'atirea, and to ( t for six soars; the second to coexist of 330 uie-nbeee, to he e'ecied itd.rretly by laieereal suffrage. and directly bp e rhetori ru tie seeitid d<"rrto, that ia, by elaotora choaen bp fractal rvffrsjt: no prci*rty 'leallflcalion required for either CI ami or." In another royal decree, the Chambers are convoked In Berlin on the 20th of February next: the primary election* to take place on the 2'M in t. and those In the ircood degtte on the 6th of February. An Income Tax Bill In announced. The ministry wax completed at the time when the Aeiembly ?a> dlreelved and the nee constitution proclaimed. Iltrr von der llepdt is appointed to the Kliaiee Department; IDrr voa Dulow to that of Folrlzn Aflairs: and llrrr von Pmueraehe is named f-i crelery to the Department of Commerce tail Publlo Vt or he. Tbe proclamation of the raw constitution seems to tare created but little excitement at Berlin, an J the lu nd* bare since rlren Tranquillity has not been disturbed. and many of tbe people appear satisfied with tbe Institutions promised by tbe constitution, whloh Is, of eotrre. bitterly censured by tbe paitisansof tbe lelt fraction of tbe late Assembly. Many of tbe deputies of the opposition proceeded to Brandenburg on tbe 7th Inst., to hold a last private conterence i. getber, under tbe presidentship of Her* vrn I'nruh 'i he question discussed was. whether ihey should Issue a protest against tbe dissolution. After some dl'cussicn. It was deolded not to do so, sine* tbe protest of tbe 6th of November was considered lufllclent as declaring Illegal every act of the ministry with tegard to adjournments, prorogations, or dissolutions of tbs Assembly 7be proceeding* of the Frankfort Assembly since nor la>t, are in themsslves important, but ore denuded f much of that importance by the complicated and' unstable character of tbe Assembly, resulting from be late and present ptoeeedlngs la Vienna and Burin. On tbe 7th instant tbe Asiombly was occupied n considering tbe fundamental right* of the German H < pis, when, amongst others, tbs following artiolss at re definitively adopted:? leery German I as the right of cit'sonshlp of the German em|> ie. tie n ey eserctw la every German land rh* rights aooruinp hi i im r>) n eats of iM? r gi.i. The risbt of clouting into the lra|?tie 1 Atrtmlily Is by no m|eial law of election. Every (iertuan last c right of s-ij mrnieg or dwelling in any I art oi the Imperial errlu-rt; the rigi t > ! aoqninugand dispoeia: or IsLdei jti ]?rty of every kind; or pursuing any exiting that ler ils to a hvtiihned, tnd scqntringlae right of local citiiciiehlp. lie tensity if lire of .tsl not ex st; and In caace elate it bat already hern dn lured. I j efliots shall ecn-n, provided siqt-ired private tlrhta are lot mpstteit by trvtniiulm'nt. Liberty ef en, ,ratu n n n t trrttrutedbs the lleto Etn gretien Srrs fpnlilln rmtpr,/Mortis) may not l e i-vijd. Th* matter of idcIiti tlon is tit. iter tte prtec' it is the cars of the 3 aspire. 7be law im li s no diflotenrr hettseen the virions orders (of the pro) le); all privileges artarl ing to pertUnlar orJere ore abolished. Me nihility, ss tu older, isabojleled. ellOerirauaam equal in the eye of the law. All tit er, so tar as they are not eoenee.od with an odea, are abolished, and may naves again be Inttodui-ed.?Ajest tii( noea, 170. , No member of a German Stat* can accept an order fkomafbrefgn State?eyes T2V; aoee 193 Theebligetion to serve la tbe limed forces Is tbe same far all; tbe sending a substitute la net tlloncd. 1 ha penalty of death, except whet pf earl bed by martial 'aw. or xlete admitted bv i aval law in oaata ot mutiny as also the po> irbmentot II I piiloiy, of breading, end of bodily 'hsitiasmask ireibellsled. > Ivety Ceimsn fas tha light of extrrartig hie opinion freely t j wind it mouth, writing printing, and pictorial orpiastio r-spce ntatlm. t Tha frwdi m of ti e press may not he limited- napendsd or am in, ltd, snder any eircnmttanrea. or in aay way whatsoever, by si nevenlive measures; either by oanxorship cornier sioai. ptyraent 1 ) I rtutlun, ststc-impmta restrictions itnp< sed oa i he relating oO- Bf s, or the hook-tindn. or by tha postal nrohimtlotat or any olbeg s-j ed meats ti n wu In tbs war of,fTee Intercourse. I1U (nioitliit ot tla w ids hv nrrvsnrlTs trasaaiW wan t rrtd rt? 5.W ***icat 67: and the word " impended k) AiS f?ir?' 181. J l>n i flirt r*? eesimltted bp tho preee, whleh are offloiatlp p-oaa ltd etrrtiot etail he i?ti>oed hp jarp. * law la itlalka to UN itm will h? eniet. d hp Imperial authority. E<trp ( trnmu hat fall Iil-ei t? or faith and Mudiua hniiiiii e< m[*IM to meral hit ralljiona aonetotiona. o mf la initio to at *oh him* If to aap rotlriomaM?littr. 1 Lit kite aaia wat curitd l>> 227 atataat IM J The ft ara which ware *i tor tat nod leat a ear I ma braaah henld rarur between tba German eentral power tad he Swiaaeenfi deration. In eonieqaeneaoftbewMwaptp g f (inn an tepub Iran rofujeeato Switiarland to axaitw " letnrbnreea In German p. hare bean allaped bp a pro. ?f the Swira f- Uersi oouuatl to rvtaora ?ll cbuov

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