Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1849 Page 3
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Cr barrel. Some Western canal. In bond, changed nda at 25s Od. per barrel, wbiob is rather la war. Markets. London Monet Makkkt ? Tuesday evening. Deo 19?A reaction of throe quarters per cent has taken place in the English funds this miming, sole'v a* a consequence of the over speculation of yesterday ? The first piice of Consols for (be opening wa. 8s1,' to ,*.i *X die , whence they reoovs-ed to 8s>< ; rubun squently, however, receding to 87and rl sing at 88 to ,l? Bank stock left < IT at 190 to 192; reduced thres per cents , 88; three and a quarter per cents, 88^ to ;.4; long annuities. 8 11 10; ludia binds 80s to 89s premium and Exchequer-bills, March. 4us to 41s ; June. 38s to 41s premium The foreign stook marset was rather weaker this afternoon, the operati <as o' the dealers being far frem exten ive The transactions effected in the foreign exchanges were again limited In amount. Liverpool Cotton Market, Deo. 10 ?Slooe the sailing ot the Europe, the market has beeu'mo.t active, aid ptloes hare had an advanoing tendency On Saturday, the rales were OOUO bales, including 500 on epeouiaiion. Monday was a very animated day, and 22,090 bales changed hands, 3 uoo uf wuiuti we.e on rpeculstors1 account Today there was not such a unri inquiry, tuu iuo mi?j are esumaieu at o UJU bales Tin* folowing ere the transaction* of the tar*" dsys, Deo 16 18. and 19 : 15 600 \?u?rio.n a' 1\ a O'.id.; ^500 Pern am and Maranham, at 4ft a fi>;; 700 Bab a,at 4?', a 6ft; 960 Egyp.ian, at oft a oft; i wjj iSuiat, at 2ft a 3ft. Li?i?rool,rCoHn Trade. Tuesday. Dae. 19.?There 1c no alteration In tiie duties this week There hat been a mrderate consumptive demand fcr the leading article!) of the trade, and prioe* tf wheat, Hour, utu. and oatmeal, have not materially varied Barley, bean*, and peas?probably in consequence of the mild ?i*s ther?have been slow in, at about previous rates. Indian oorn was in le*s request aud the fee buyers tbat appeared bed a slight a I vantage. We did not bear of much bonded wheat being "IT-red, hut there were a good many taqntrUs for it aud the fear rales made were at Id to21 perTOlb advtnue Bonded Hour was dearer. 26s. bring realised for Western canal. This day's market was pretty we.l attended but the depressed accounts from vtark lane c itned tbu transactions to be very limited for all klnd-of free produce. "Vneat gave way Id to 2d. per 70lo , and Hour 0d per barrel and la. per ?ack. Indian oorn and cernmeal were likewise in very slow request although offered at Is. to Is. 6d per 4h0ib , and Is. per barrel decline. There was less activity in the demand for bonded wheat and flour, and few sales reported. 7s per 701b was offered and refused f?r American white wheat, and 26s. 6d. per barrel was aocepted for Western canal flour. POSTSCRIPT. Krasice. Tbe accounts received in to vn to day, give Lou's Napoleon a clear majority of four millions over Ca eignao. As a proof of Louis Napoleon's disposi'lon top'oase all parties, be has placed Lamerttne's name at o_e of bis choosing for tbs Vioe Piestdency. Dissension already appears in Louis Napoleon's camp; Victor ling# has withdrawn. Austria. The ex F.mpercr wishes to return to Vi>*nni. after having abdicated. The new kmp*ror refu es his permission The committee of Finance from wi m the minister had demanded 80,010,000, will not gre at more than 60,000 ooo. It is said propositions have co ne to hand for the vrrender of I'resburg Prague has been again the scene of blo.d bed, though not to a eerie us extent. Hungary. Deports have arrived in town this morning, to the effect that Koaiuth has been proclaimed King of Hungary, under the title of Louis IV. Spain. A new Carlist Insurre ti m ha* broken out at 8a'aXBAEca. A ministerial oti.-ds hai taken place The Ministers are stated to have tendered their resignations, but withdrew them under the influence of the Qnoen mother over the t^ueen. Nervaez na* triumphed, and the tailoring persons have been banithed : ? Alsrquis of Cumbres ; Ailers, Mast-r of II >r*e; and t.'olonei Vasallo. Gentleman in Waiting, discovered intriguing against the government. Ireland. LivFSrooi., W.doieday Morning. Deo 20 Aa the steamship Wasbirgton sails from Southampton. this afiernoon. for Now York, wo d?etn it our duty to transmit by h?-r a brief summary of the newj from tbe riatar country. Of the trial of Mr Duffy little oan be known, easing that tbe j udgas have ordered ' hat none of the prooeed Inge shall be reported until after the olore of tbe trial. This, aa a matter if course, has c iu-ed and not unreasonably, too, great annoyance and offence on tbe part f tbe proprietors of publio journals. Hid Vlr. Jus tics Perrin advanced a sing e valid reason for tbe ainusnal, and we may add unconstitutional attempt to gag the press of Ireland ; it wo tid. perhaps, have been better received, but this hs bas not done, and consequently much indignation is toll at bis arbitrary oonduot From tbe information whieh has reached ns. we learn that, on Saturday, the oomt was occupied with a discussion on the motion of Mr Butt to qua'h 'he indiot Blent found at the present city oommludon. The point on which tbeir lordships intimated they would give judgment, was whether the indictment in the tly ought not to be quashed, on ihe ground lb it tbere is 'another indictment subsisting agnnst Mr Duffy iuths connty. which indictment is yer, undisposed of. The judges sinoe decided agaln?t Mr. Duffy's obJ?ctions, and refused an application to rescind the order prohibiting publioaiion. Mlscellaneaus. We have nothing of importance later from Naples, Sicily, Denmark, or TurSey. A new line < f steamers is projected to run between .Dublin aud America, to be called to? S lammok line Captain Knight, of the New vv?v|d b*< d<-ol<ned on prtnoiple, to receive the medal of the Humane Society. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. THLKTIBTH CONtiUKSS. BKC'ON D 6Kt>SIl)N. Senate. Washivotow, Jan 8,1840. thi ortmmi. At 12 o'clock, the usual hour of meeting, there was no quorum present, and it was half past 12 before the Senate wee organised?Vies President Dallas took the chair, and the Chaplain offered up prayer. it All.ROAD FROM SAM FKA.VCItCO TO THI MISSIftirrt RIVER. Mr. Houston,bf Texas, offered a resolution fur the appointment of a eebct to inquire into the expediency of a railroad for military purp >ses betwe-n the town of Kan Krancieco, on the PaciQo, and the Mississippi riser. It lies on the table TNI SL4TBHT qTIRSTIOt. Mr. Hii.k, of New Hamptotre, presented a petition against (he extension of slavery to new States, and for abolishing slavery and the slavo trale wherever Congress has the jurisdiction. Mr Hale moved the petUion be received and referred to the Committee on tbe Distrlot of Columbia, with ine'.ructlons to report ft bill in the aaid District. Mr. Kino, of Ala., move! to lay the question of reception on the table. Various points of order were here disonssed, whe n the yeae and nays on the motion were demanded, and fltood aa follows?yeaa 26. nays 16. __Mr. Coanino, of Ohio, offered a similar petition tine question 01 reception ant laiu on tno table. Motion TO MAJOR R lis Oil OLD Mr Hai r offered a joint resolution. directing the Tresident to present a sword to the male relatives of Mijor Hinpgold, which was referred to the Military Committee. OARAOIAT RRCirROCAI. TRADC. The bill fcr establishing reciprocal trade In certain articles of produoj between Canada and the United States, was taken np. Mr. Joha A. Div, of New Voik. supported the bill in a few b!i?r remarks. In welsh he showed the advantages that would result, to the United IKatea ny a tree interchange of commodities ibe produce of respective countries. He considered the ra-a-ur? would augment the ifiteroouise, and extend the la ditties* Oi tr? oc >ir.Putin. a. o' Maryland. Spoke in opposition, and thought the advantages of the hill were a 1 on the side of Canada. I he United Sta*en would nor. get a sufficient equivalent for these proposed liberal concessions. Mr. Hitsiicn, ot Virginia, opposed the bill, and thought its operation unequal, t nu that it would prove very prejudicial to agricultural, and very favorable to the manufacturing interests. Mr. Nilh. cf Connecticut, supporti d the bill. Mr. rHai.n,of Vermont, offered an amendment to Include all manufactures of oot'on, leather, and wool. Mr. Wr?tco tt, of Florida, expressed hie inten -ion to vote in the affirmative. Mr Dowers, of I,a , eaid that the constitution enjoint d the peitormanoe of equal duties on ail the States The praotical operation of this bill would prove the leverse of this doctrine, under it, trade would tie made free at the North, while the same trade would be taxed at the South. He would, therefore, vote against the * W"- , ? .a .r a v,? JV1 r. MKTCAI.F. u; i\jr . c?iu mm voh mn w?n pxrum, i wectional. and local i n Hi charter He was opooted t a all such Ifgislatlon, and moved to lay the bill on the table. Mr. Dii wished an opportunity to answer objection*. 1 be bill we* then Informally paised ov?r. and inni unimportant business w?- taken up ier consideration, After which the Senate went ioto ?:??< ( 1 it r. sn.tlOlv, And the door* werr closed After a short time spent therein, the doors were again op toed, an 1 thd Senate cn motion, adjourned Ilouae of Hcpreaeiitntlvea. VV'skH i ki.Tua, Jan 8,18-19. raauMtPANT huiim I The members assembled at no >n the Speaker In hi* -feat, who called to order l it- journal of Saturday eat then read, and the day's business commenced. TIIK rsCHRCO CLAIM The Speaker almd-u to tne state of the rets on ths Tacbeco Kill, as taken on Satur i?y aud - ill chat tao error* were made by tne < lerk tu counting the. rote, which had been corrected The true rote, be said, was yens HP, nays hu Sit Kahsi i.ut. of Pennsylvania, said that he had Toted In the negative on tne pasiage of c)i? bill, but that bis Tore had liot been rero ded. 1 ha Clerk was then directed to record h!s ro'e Tha ota, a* amended, no? stcoa, jaas SP, naysVO, Con dieting motions ware htre mad*, and aauoh at followed. Mr is*wrn, of Oblo. mored to reconsider and Mr. I ollamkb, of Varmont, wished to debit# tba (DNtlOI. Xl. Kiiktt, of South Carolina, and Mr Tojmbi, of Georgia. held a colloquy with the Speaker wbo d* cit-td that Mr Sawyer's mot'ou ahould looser; on I ?< this "or not prints bill day. it saould do so until tho next private bill day coin- around. iibanch mint in now (oil. Mr. Nicholl, of New York, olfrr-d a resolution making the bill providing for the rsttblisbra*ot of a hiHDcb mint in New York the special order of the dar t r the 16th instant, and moved to suspend the rules in order to consider lbs resolution, and called for the v a- ?cd rsy>, which on being taken, stood ?yeas l'it nays 70 The motion was lost, two-thirds of the House n< t hsilng vo'al for it. lour ?oi tiii: iktti.ivisT or raiTATB claims. On motion. Ibe House resolved itseli into a Commit- ' tee of the Whole on tbe S'a'e of the Union, and took up for consideration ths b U for the settlement of priwisfa* nlaima aoainsf tha ffnwarnman^ The Kill br ?-fly considered, when the com ultteero<e Tno bill and amendments were then referred to the JuJloiary CnmMN. mexican indemnities. Tbe Hou?e again went into Committee of the Whole. Mr. Rockwell. of CooDtclloat, in the cheir. and took up ihe appropriation bill for carrying into effect the 12 h article of the treaty with vlexioo, for Indemnity. Without any final action, the committee rose, when Mr. Stevens, of (ia , moved an adjournment, on which the yeas and nays were taken, and resulted as lollowa:? Yeas, l'JO; nays, 70 1he House accordingly adjourned. Natr York Legislature. Albany, January 8, 1840. SKXATB. bills deported. A bill was reported to amend the eharter of the American Baptist Home Missionary Society. To incorporate tbe Niagara Falls Bridge Co. On notiee, a bill to regulate telegraphic companies. law libraries. A resolution was debated relative to law libraries of the Cbaneellor and Vioe Chancellor, and the funds in the hands of tbe latter. The resolution,, relativetto libraries were amended so a* to eall for a catalogue only, and for a statement ef tbe funds with the Vioe Chanoellor or olerks. A long debate followed. taxation. The resolution relative to the mode of assessing personal property for taxation In various plaoes, was suggested. After some disousslon, the resolution was laid on the table for the present. Mr. Geddbs offered a resolution in favor of appointing a seleot committee to inquire what alterations were neoessary to seoure equitable assessment. canal bane ok albany. The resolution relative to the Canal Bank. Albany, was called up, but no aotion was had upon it, it being informally passed over. ASSJC.UIILV. appointment of coumitt1xi. The appointment of the following ohalrmen of committees wae announced:? W?js and Mean', W. Smith. Judiciary, Mr. Bayley. Canals, M. Fitihugh. Commerce, Mr. Fisk. Railroads, Mr. Maury. Trade, Mr. Bower. Banks, Mr. Campbell. State Prisons, Mr. Brewsr. A petition from the Chamber of Commerce was presented, In favor of a free Health Officer. NOTICES or BILLS. By. Mr CAMrnELL, for a General Insurance Bill. By Mr Rome, one to reduce the fare on railroads. the health officer. Mr. Van Orokn Introduced a bill to make the Health Officer a salaried offloir. the aitoi library. The committee bill to incorporate the Astor Library, was taken up, read the third time, and passed. Adjournad. chancellor walworth. It was seated In the debate on the Chancellor's Library. that Chancellor Walworth had aceepted a Pro istrurruip iu t nwin college. Election for Governor and Llcut.doTcrnon Bo.tok, Jan. 8, 1840. Mffm Brlggs and Heed have been elected to the t flices of Oovernor and Lieutenant Governor, by the Legislature of tble State. In the Senate th* rote era* unanimous. Brlggs lacked some 888 rotae of an eleotlen by the people. Content for U. 8. Senator In Pennsylvania. HaaeisBuanH, Jan. 8, 1840. The whig membari of the Legislature from Lancaster county bare refused to go Into caucus for Mr. Cooper for United States Senator. The friends of Strong. Stevens, and Meredith, make oommon oause against bim. Efforts ars making to keep the Philadelphia members out of the oauons. Intelligence from Haytl. B.ltimohr, Jan. 8, 1840. There was no New Orleans mall received. An arrival at Charleston, from Haytl, brings information that the Haytien army, '20 060 strong. Lad advanced on the oity of St. Domingo; and the latter were making strong preparations to reoeive and repulse them. Attempted Riot? MillUsry Culled Ont, Ate. BurraLo. January 8, 1840. A body of Irishmen, employed on the canal work at this point (who arrived lately from the Wetland Canal, struck for higher wsges last week, and drove off this morning those disposed to work at the old ra'.es. A serous riot being antic*pa'ed, the military have been ordered out, and six foot companies and a company of dragoons, are now drawing up in front of the court house, waiting the orders of the sheiiiT. It la raid the irirh ira armed with muskets, pitehforka end cluba, and are determined to realat the military at ail hazards. Dculli or Joarpli Barrett, Bostoiv, January 8th. 1843. We regret to announce the death of Joseph Barrett. Eq., .or a long period of time Treasurer for the S-ate of Massachusetts, lie died at Conoord, on Saturday. Important from Baton Hougc?'The Views >f Ueneral Taylor. [Correspondence of the Cincinnati Oacette.] I), Koiwik. L)eo 15, 1?48. I hare just made a visit to the " white House, ' in which leeldes that good old man we hare selected to bring about a much Deeded reform in the affairs at Washington. I fonud Uenrral Taylor, not exactly in caii'p. but dwelling in a small house of as humble pretensions as himself iii the garrison here None except the bitterest locufocos speak of him In anything on* terms of deep respect for his excellent character, end in full sail-lection of his commanding abilities and talenis for tbe office of i'resident General Taylor told rae that he was alrealy overwhelmed with applications for office, so much so that it oocupled all his time uot necessarily devoted to business, to read the numerous letters, many of wbioh are long and teoivus, so that it is quite out of hit power to give answers " Besid-s." stl s the Qen-ral, "lam not yet President, and wls n I nm, let tliet* applications I e made throHgli the | roper de pa r i Hit lite, hdu if it it mailed ton-move an incumbent, lei it bi show i. he d. es not answer the Jefb-rsoiitua ataudard for aa oilier holder, and that the applicant do .s. for aa far at litt in my power, i in to ml that all tew appointments shall he of men honest ai d <?| able. 1 do not intend to icmove any mas from office liecaute he vond -gainst me, for thai it a freeman a privilege ; but ttich deeeeoralion of office tnd official patrnnago a. to ns of tliem have Uen gr.illy ol, to seme the election of the master whom they etr ed at llama it degrading to the uh.tracirr of American freemen, and will he a g ?1 rants lor nmoval <l Imrd or toe- The office# of the govetMi . nl : until le filled nith men of all paftieet an I at I ex | est to ttnd many ot thote now holding to lie lion-at good men, an d aa the new a| poinUis nta will of sou-re he whigs, that will inns about this result. Although I do not Intend to allow an in diw riiiiin te removal,yet it gritvea ine to t ink that it will be to rc.pure a great many to give piaoe to better men. At to my cab nrt, I intend ti at all luiereata and ail section# of ilia c nutry thall he leproaented, but sot at tome of the newspapers will have it. all parties. 1 am a whig at I Ita-e always bee., tree t. at knowledge. hut 1 do not be'love that thoso woo voiwd for toe, with met" l.e a mete |,sultan Tresidont. and I thai I t .eret'ore tr to be a J'rteieeiit ol the American people. As to the new tor ritorj, it is tow ine, and slaver) cannot etiat there without a law of Congress suthorlxlug it, and that 1 do no bultere th y twill ever p as. I was opp'oeti to the ao>init.tiou of tin t territory, as I nl.i, was to the aroiitsinon ol Trxav. I was ovtposea'o the war. nrd. although by o'dOupttioa & warrior, I am a iroaoe mail." Upon the auhject of improving our ureal rivora^aod laser, tbe friends of that measure way runt satlslled tbnt tbey bare a friend in President Taylor. lien i ayli.r wan eixty-four years old laat November He m now bale and hearty and In tbe full enjoyment afble natural etrnng intellectual faculties I bold my judgment toierably good of human nharaoter. and I must eay that I wax highly pleated with my ; interview, and left him fully satisfied nf hie aarHbili<y to blithe Presidential office with honor to himself and . our country I fully beileve that all data"* of peaple will soon feet ; tbe hi nelluial ot the prosperity and confllsnoe that will flu the uimdx of the people during hU admtniairatlon. Blertianlra' Verleiy Rlrctlone-rhr Anneal Rlrei.Qii lor tdheere ?l ih . .see lent rMeiety takes plaoi M-day, { from eleven till tw? o'clock, at ti e Mecuauiue' ilall, Br .adwsy. | Tin- fullowti g get tlemen are In nimioatiuii n,i the resuar tlv.k>t: ? 't r I tesidei.t, 1'iai uie tt. euaiwids, t-r First Vioc Prra dent. I hylva ?a I. ward; tor beeoad vioe Preside-1, l>aao Fryor; for ! 1 roam I or, Richard R W"unt; lor Aerrntary. Th sia? Kailo. (told Prrn. Tlte relebrattd diamond point, rd hiiiolian Ui Id Penr, ? <rn>ni<d 10 vtar llrayea s.a> d wholoinlt and n ten, hy b h. daimn, IA Waliatntt. Uold ana repaired, ejuhaigid aj.o made to |?ttam. I Illll'a liilnllii.le lii.gucnt lies liaou In fore ! Uh |'iituK) anW over t yosra. uier ugidy leetoa ae.l un vereaily | a[>,r<vid for lie many rale <|uaut'e*, siioa aa pr uhi g t e gin* Ml ol I he liar, pn vrnuaa arey, dunging r.<l to a dark I anhorn, ar d turning ine hair runlet loogst Ite.i auy ower I return. Boi l at 13 haaaiu encvt The Empire Company, Incorporated under tie act uf the Lagta'aiara ol I be State, for tnaaufaotunag Funrjr hoape. Parfum?>y, tod Genuine Faintly Medicinal loo*tad at 17b ay, baa no connection wild any other eioonru whatever, but do tbo bu? im>>* ?f >ha Com any on bhth commercial ai d h-nnrable prior pi,?, attaohirg their oral of innriora t'< n 'o ilrr e-uulue article* eold b> the ''oiupany ? tli a K?a r?i tre of core, b? m<h 1'Mobiu (luao't Onranal B tiw for dvrprpria lla? ' I iaimen' for ilea. * o. !> hi only at 176 Broalwat, under the Howard Hotel ? aw York Eoilgrantl for California. who wluh to make rI.e r Jouimtv *o, ano aoj 'Uro in, ihr Qoiu itegio aeoniufo> labia aa a old ueeap clad, nhonll aall at the New India Rub bcr Wait h uae of Church Mile k Toanpk'na No. ? John a*rea>, ai d poic! IM an ontSt of their India Knbber Qoode ?i>nt Camp Blanket Coat, W'adlin Boot*, K-d, 1to.. Ike. Stoiy artic.a ol ludia Kubbcr at tlie lowrat ptioea. Erlend Young, the Uuvrrnor, sells fine Frei ch on.I l-oete for $4 Ml. uanaMy go i r $7; do fin - naif bwt $.1 M< uanally $4 Ml in $S ; water-proof hoota from $1 .'ft to p, Ml onr fiieuda volar to i a'ifornia eho<ld get tliair bo >ta of ' Yourg, corner of kulton and Narnu eiruata. THID0 3TOS. fire Armil Eire Arms!?California It 1 flea, Obiw-o Htatra pat tin. abort I'aibiue*. auinoih an 1 r lied oul> id Inci-ee loi g, war'an ltd to about, with aoruraoy, 3Hi tarda. very portable and rxpmanly made for I'alifnnt a trade; abo, n full aee-rtu rut of air bariol ilevolrera. B iw'e Kuivna. Gune. double and einvlo, all of which air off red to the trade, and other*, at very low I rioen, by JOICPH k HART. 74 Maiden Oann COB 1118111 A f V A 11|, MONEY MARKET. Moutlajr, Jan. H 0 P. n. The stock markst opened very buoyant this morning, and nearly every fancy in the list advano<*d a fraotlon Harlem went up % per cent; Long Island. >?; Canton Co., Farmers' Loan. ,V; Norwlohand Woroeeter. l?; Heading Mortgage Donds l,'j U. S.fl'e 1838. Pf Morris Canal fell off Hudson ltiver Railroad, V, all others closed at prlcea current yesterday. The sales were large, and the tendeney of prices at the clese upward. At the second beard there were moderate sales, without any material variation in prices. The steamship Washington, from Southampton, arrived this afternoon; too late for her advloes to have any effect upon the markets. She does not bring much news. Since the election In Francs, there bad been a decided improvement in business, and prices for all tba staple artioles of trade were steadily advancing. Confidence was rapidly returning, and if peace and quiet oan be preserved, activity in commercial circles will soon be realised. In England a more encouiaglng state of things existed. The demand for ootton was brisk, and prices very firm at the advance previous'y r? ported. Prloes for breadstuffs bad reoeded, and the markets were heavy, in consequence of the Urge supply of grtin from abroad. Conaols bad advanoed, and In oonsequenoe of the accumulation of bullion in the Bank of England, tbe money market had beoome easier than had been known for years. The French funds bad improved, and the Indications throughout Europe, at the latest dates, were decidedly in favor of a return of better times. The annexed statement exhibits theeonditioaof the State Bank of Indiana, and branohes, in the month of November, 1840 and 1848:? Staik Bank or Indiana and Branches. Kctom Nov. 1846. Nov. 1848 Bills discounted $1.659,.V?s 40 1,617.622 59 Bills ol use' aufr 1 369.386 17 I,7'l.3'l 88 Nute, aid bills. IUS?inded debt. 677,i8i7 4>i 414,60191 biate bonds liaueu lor capitAl... .Hi ISM no Du. Irum Hasten, banks 370 3 4.1 87 814,024 72 Do. otter backs 432 78161 2'2b.o:49 61 Do. branches to do 68,68119 141,642 8b PankiDR houses, real estate, Ike. 34b 787 74 382,076 71 113 677 b9 ?11,186 01 StuieTicasury notes 419.310 1)0 271.1*6 Ml Cold BBC silver 1 (164,647 40 1,273.896 64 Notes of other banks 119,976 30 147,461 00 Total $6,510,289 70 6,997,937 31 Li'ilAlitif. Capital etcck held by State In various ways $933,861 27 982.104 27 SUxk of individuals, no 1,147 970 10 1,160 60,4 3J Due to Sol.ool fund 2.861 80 1,380 23 Do. fr jin Lrni/ooee to other b'chti 73,369 12 71.417 20 Do. uthrr bai ks 47.886 4 2 82 292 98 Do. to SiLkiuR lund to 89.63'. .'id 80 IS 09 Do. dert titers 409,989 13 423,614 73 Surplus Tuud 413.6o3 33 627,799 32 Piohi end lots 29.954 91 106 96 76 Circulation 3 346 6 3 00 3 6.',2,216 06 Totnl $6,516,214) 76 6,997.937 31 This le the most eitended bnnklnginstitution in the western country, nnd It is so intimntely connected with the oommere al operations of the Western States, that a statement of Its condition le of much interest. For the purpose ef showing toe variations in the leading depaitments of tble bank, we annex a comparative table, covering a period of fourteen years: ? 8tatb Bank or Indiana and Biiani'iibj. Cuintal. Ltllil. Sprcin. Circul twn. Dtpniitt. 1831.. . 81011* 641.843 7ol.?83 4 ?i,0t>5 12)2.49 1836.. .1, 99 778 1.8 0 9(6 797HII 1.'-44,020 1.511,611 113c. ..1)946,481 3,179 271 1 2'7 7.44 1 97 >691 2,738,4 8 18.17 . .1,487 126 8 3 AWT 1.048.7'4 2 215 816 1,0(13 292 1838.. .2,2)6710 4 5*42.9(8 1.845.8.42 2 95 ,736 4*1617 18 9.. .2695 221 4.581,486 1.02 ,4'8I 29e5:470 372,784 1846.. .207044113 3.610.243 1,092 963 2,836,9 <t 309,248 1841.. .2(28,176 3 Km 1)8 1.147.618 2940,4)4 261.986 1142.., ? 2 897,917 799 017 1.7.42 613 111,248 1843... ? 2 677.6)4 965 226 2,611,115 18.1.731 1844 . .2,1(4.923 2 088,103 1,12 .013 3,191,1109 29)744 lUti.. .2063,626 S0I8714 1 UKifil7 8 3 M All 4'H).?H0 H-47.. ,2U6.\J-74 3IO-7SM 1,038079 S.MW 4U M?,a?0 IK'S.. .'A1 62,010 3,4Jh lM4 I,<73.616 .8,652 210 462.W5 When we take into ooi>rderation th* period* of peculation through which tbi* institution ha* panned alnoe 1634,It muit be admitted that tha movement* in three department* hare been very uniform, and that th* affaire of tha institution, generally, have been ju dioiuurly managed. La?t year tha average dividend of the thirteen branches were 8H per oent ; and tbe State treasury derived an inoome of about $80 000 from it* stock in this banking institution. Since November, 1647 tbe re has been a decrease of $64,242 in the circulation. and an luoreaee of $180 9i7 in the amount of rptcie on band. There has been a greater inoreaee in the line of discounts than the contraction of oredlt throughout the commercial world, generally, justifies, it having been $410,140, equal to about fifteen per cent. Th* quantity of oertain articles exported from this port, distinguishing the destination, and extent of ship iLents to earh country, for the last five days in December, 1648, were as annexed:? CuMMsacK or ink Tost op Nkw York. ? KipOsts. To Aot.<ton ? Bristles, 3 ca?ks; lard, 00 853 lb* , hams and tai-^ 682 181 do; cheese. 060377 do; what ? bone, 12 7W do ; furs and skin* 118 package*; staves 10 (HO; beef. 704 tierces; flour, 001 barrel*; rosin 7b0 do ; meal. f>0 do ; bone dust, 200 do ; potash, 16 do.; apples IPl do ; pork, 4^3 do ; ditto 61 tt?rce*. To G'oagow.?Corn, 17.1 IS bushels; beef, 12tleroes; staves, 3 . Ob; lard. 10.708 lbs ; oheeee, 4,409, 7*o /refer, d ?Com 26 040 bushels; staves 2,000; flour 266 barrels; meal. 1 430 do. To Tmlt in M'lliirt ran ran ?Tobacco, 1 hogshead; nulls, 60 casks; coffee, 242 bags; pepper. 100 do ; beeswax. 1 330 ItB ; p-tcb, 60 barrels; staves. 25 000. To ifi a ztl ? $ lour. 300 barrels; lard. 329 lbs.:; flab, 3 200 do ; hats, 10 cases; domestics, 54 packages; cordage. lt'B coils; paper, 600 reams; tobacoo, 1 hogshead; lumber, 6,000 feet. To Torn on Stinnisk Main.? Fish, 2 800 lb* ; lard, 1,817; butter, 280 do.; cheese. 326 do ; flour, 100 bbls ; hams 2s6 lbs.; domestic* 67 psokages. To Meaieo ? Cert wine 20 casks; cinnamon. 40 kales; sheeting 24 do ; drills 7 do ; cloths 17 do ; paints 100 kegs; potash, 26 barrels; tacks, 68 boxes; sperm candles, 16 do ; machinery, 171 rase*; rice, 41 tierces; demes'ics. 31 package,, sperm oil. 148 gallons; lin*eed 011 06 do , spirits ot turpentine. 85 do ; pepper 3 bag*, butter. 2 106 lb*.; obeese, 253 do.; tobacoo. middling 1,1-70 do. To Si /lowfogs ?Chair", 13 dox?n ; soap, 200 boxes; h*ritng, 210 do ; candlee. mould. HO do ; flour, 80 bbls.; mackerel. 30 do ; rioe, 10 do ; rice. 6 half do ; fish, 4.1 20 lbs ; lard 446 do.; butter. 204 do ; wine. 103oases; oillee. 32 bags; dome'tiee 3 nacksgss, spirits turpentine 70 gsbons: lumber, 13 0(0 feet To Sjanith H'rtl Inilin - Hams, 16 018 lbs.; obeese, 2 073 do ; butter, 2 Mm do ; jerked beef. IV 778 do ; older, 106 ca-es, tobacco SI do.; tobacco, 60 bale*; wiek, 10 balm; whale oil, 1 640 gallons; nulla. 608 casks, ale, 84 do ; rice. 100 bag*; lice. 11 tierce*; beof, 2 do., bark, 27 higsbeads; candle* mould. 26 boxes; hoop*, li.uoo. To Dun itk Wttt MMh.' flour. 810 barrel*; rye do, 180 do . pork, 104 do , beet. 18 do ; maokerel, 31 do ; meal. 464 do ; meal, 190 puncheon*; starch, 6o boxes; OHDdle*. mould, 770 do.; oraoker*. 020do ; rloe. IV tc*.; drug* 41 package* domestic*. 4 do ; butter, 34041b*.; cheese. 014 do ; tea. 860 do ; lard, 6 804 do ; eogar, refliad 0 H O do ; tobacoo. manufactured, 2,743 do ; tobacco, 6 hogsheads; *perm oil. 100 gallons; wbale do , 383 do ; spirit* turpentine 120 do.; ?aisla, 13 case*; pepper, 6 bag*; nail*. 30 ca*k* 7'u Ituuh H'ttt friWirt? Uioe, 64 tl*roe?; beef, 220 bbl* ; pork. 84 do ; flour, 416 do ; rye flour, 10 do.: dry tieb. 34,boo lb* ; tobacco, 1 hhd ; caudle*, ep., 6 boxes; caud *. mould, bo do. 1'n HvedisJ* if'tw indict. ? Hour, 410 bbl*.; rye do., 100 Co.; pork, 47 do; beef, 10 do.; mackerel, 16 do.; meal. 200 do ; meal, 6 pun* ; corn. 60 buehel*; pea*, 102 do ; tloe, 7 tc* ; noe. 3 halt te* ; dry fl*h 3 041 lb*.; cheese, 12194) do ; butter. 2 102 do ; lard. 2,170 do.; sugar, reflued, 3 168 de ; tobacco, 14 bhdt ; domestic#, 7 package*; eoap. 60 bote*; caudles, mould, 136 do ; Loop* 6 010, lumber lOOOOft. 'in Imii.U II ett indict.? Klnur 660 bbl* ; bread. 160 do ; pork, 841 oo ; meal. 066 do ; beef, 102 do.; rice 74 tee ; corn. 700 buehel*. pea*, 374 do ; oandlae, 36 boxes, enap, 36 do ; butter. (00 lb* ; ohee*e, U.846 do ; lard. 1 441 da.; hmne, 1.000 do ; tobacoo. manufaotured, 22 041 no , tohaoco. Ill hhd*.; lard oll,4o0 ^all*.; bale oil, 3t8 do ; staves, 18,000, *h??p, HI do. '/? htiitth North dairict.-Flour, 072 bb's ; ry* fli or 163 1 o ; meal, 200 do.; pork. 300 do ; spirit* turpentine. 70 gall* ; brandy. Ain . 637 do ; candle*, ml , 64 boxes; tloe, lb tc*.; rice 19 hags; oatmeal. 04 do ; t?a. 1.700 itie ; toliaooo, manufactured, 21.562 do, le? tber. 6,1.08 do.; butter. 3 101 do Tb* movement* In breadstuff* bare been reduced very materially. Tbe shipment* for t-be period *p*olfled above, amount to only 4,283 barrel* of flour and 42 008 bushel* of Indian eorn. Of the*e, 1.240 btrrela cf flour and 42,163 bu*hel* of corn were exported to tlreat Britain and Ireland Tbe falling off iu these Item* has not reduced the aggregate value of our expert* to any extent, a* an Increase ha* beea readied In other article* sufficient to make up about tb* are rage aniiunt. fortunately our importation* have recently been limit-d. more so than usual at this season, to 1 'he balance of trade, *> far a* tbi* p >rt I* conovrn ed, bu not bHi ltt|t S4jnlnit ttj. At th* South produe* baa fOM forward n?wph mora rapidly thaa from tble port; but w* ar* fearful th* app?araase of the cholera will cheek shipment*, and teed to a reduotlon In our aggregate export trade Prloea of produce, with th* exoeptlon of our gnat Sout'.ero stapl*e. will probably rule lower than those now current upon the resumption of navigation in th* spring, and It is highly probable that th p i ents, i art ou'arly of breaiuoif*. will not be made from this port to any extent until that time. Mush depends upon the complexion of foreign markets In the event of the supply of breadstuff* in 1 (ireat Britain, before the next harvest, from domestic icutcee. being more limited than generally so1 iemated, ' a demaDd will, of courre arise but whetb r it wiM he to an axtent rufllotent to inflate prices to points where shipments can be made profitably frem this aide. ? a matter of much doubt. So far aa we can judge from the advices recently received, the prospect is by no means favorable. Stock Kxchange. VSHJC TVea NutssG'f bli lift: 4.VI sh> t'annori .17% until do blO lOe'J 10U Much Hkg tut XI do 1011- M Uurr s Canal HU IUU U BtVa. e.J 10..% 10 N f I s llavfn R Hi 41*0 do. '07 liwii 19 Aut urn a K HK H.lld lot0 da, orf 109 600 Cauton Co blO .17% '.no Co coupon 10i)% 60 do 37% woe Ohioffs, 'id < *? & o d > i.i *ii 40 fa00 do, 66 IIMS li' do ><0 .17% IM4I du, '60 102% 160 do S7% r?S0 do r.10 111 w III Nor k Wer HK .11': bfit'O Indiana State 6 s f>7 "> do b<? .1.% H? City 6's, '60 !'7 400 Uar'eoi RR 6?t% MUO Vaac trgMfO Ponds 60% l.Ml do bflO fltO h tlis Rk if AUiCrca 9 % M do loin 60 93 do 97% lto _ _ do bow 69 | Ill do IKI lililiuJKR LitR) 54 11 Merchants Bask 1 2 V* do UM l ii> Ut.nk Uf> '? > do slO 2(K 2ii Mi rebuilt Ex Bk W "I H'oaliigton B 4 6 '0 Nl Faiun-rs' .1-S 'J' Erie RR UOd OH I5H do !r.'\ h? do, now, full (I114 OH do bMI .1/', Id J do do b'j'J t)JV, 000 do bfiO S5?, Stroud Itokrd. J4I0 Treat Notea ffi IH'S IftH aha I. Island RR so J 2S4? lSwi) do 1 >'? OH do XIV IMM Ohiob'a, IbfO 9-U IUU llarl m US r>-'t .0 all. Can lull Co M Si \ fioi Etta KR l> 0 IWV Ilk) do 07x, *<1 lkim; Loan :i2V 70 do (30 !CL? Vial do ad J 02 V SO do 97'a 1U0 do S^i aoi Icng land UK i.'ijJ ADVERTISED! bNTS RENEWED EVERY AlORNilVti, Mi? r, au>. 1.4 IV t MILIARS Rld AKI).?MIST OR STOLEN, ON FRII. day afternoon, a *ewtouud and dig pup, all b suit except, two w lute spots on liia tore tawa?I aa a bare spot on hia bead * boat or *ill br i g l int to No. 6H Variok stieot. oornar of Lai#ht,wlll receve ti n ab< vn reward, and no question aaknd LO.VJ - A BLAI K moHKCO I'O Khl BO IK, (joN I AIN>ut about ih no bnndrod dollara in billa, inoatl/ of tho Pec|-1 ,'b Bank at Peterson. A libeial reward will he given to aoy ptraon who will deliver It to MeuiyT. Remain, 134 lbUi atreet, or t? Jamc Mxbbett Ik Son, 71 Barclay atreet. WANTS, ~~ Want EI'?a SITUATION AS UOOK. BV A RBSPEUTable woman, who understands It in all iu branches. Inquire No II North Moore a'net WANTED?6IJH EMPTY PORK BARRELS QUARTER OR lull bound, in ordar to hold brine A ppl i to CLANK, FltK A CO, 2H Fulton st^ Wanted?in a family ne*r alb.vny, a waiiei who thoroughly underatauda nit buaiuera. An Eur isnm iu would b- pre tinted. Apply, lor throe days, at the Irving Uouao, parlor IH'. _ Wanted-a young man to attend bar and toko oi argo of a refectory; ooe who la somewhat acquainted with (he bi a ntaa, aud oan give the boat of rvferenota tit to Hona ty Ac , can addrt is Q. at tbia office. IE' ANTED?A SITUATION BY A'K TaBL . YOUNG " English Woman, aa Chambermaid and Waiter, nod to asa'at in washing and ironing. The beat of eity lolercaccoan bo liven. A poly at II9 Bow ery, in the Shoe atorc. WANTED?BY A PBOTEVTANT OIRI, A SITUATION aa Cbamb rniaid aud Waiior, or Nurao and I'Ula Sower. ( an be teen lor two day a, at 117 Lauren* street, No, L la the leer. WAN IED' By a reapcotalie young woman, a situa'l in in a private faim y aa Cbaiuliermaid, Washing and Ironing, or Nurso and Chan forworn and Plan Sowing Tli? b at oi oity nleronce c,n be given. apply at 419 Greenwich a tract, second floor front room. WANTEO-BY A KKsPE TABLE GIRL, A SITUATION aa I aundrria or ( eunal Uouaework, in a small tainily ; N'o objection to a short distance la iht onuntry. i lean* oall at 47 T cnth atreet. Can be seen for three daya, up stair*, oh tho eecoud floor. WAfTlB ?BY A RBSPBcTABLE WOdAN, A 8ITUA II mill email privaie rainily, whs la a good Cook and W aa' er and Ironer, and has no oljactiou to cook for a respectable Boardlrg House Ilea the bent,of oiiy refeienoe. Be pleated to call a* i7 Prii re street. W AM ED-A HTUATION IN A GKATEKu FAMILY, AS Seem?trr?A or to take care ?f ohildreo, or to do Clumber mi ?W_ kvi Vdill ti if WaillMII l.f fllflrfllltii* u nil iiHiiaiiitw -ll>? eta.,a i e-r'r rocommenullum for atteution and liilelity. Apply a', 181 OtMi vueet, let ween Mutt and Mulberry larnei*. WANTED? IN A GENTLEMAN'S PAMILY IS Y IK cnuniry, a flrat reto took, none oihar need app'>; aim mint alaodu the waehing and ironing. Tu aiieu k ui.a a good and icru.antnt kiluatioa will bo given. Addrcuf 'V. /.."Sun I flic. WANIED-BY A KkVii.TABLE VOl'NG WUSAN.A aitUktlou u Children'! Held and Je>tni tiea.i. or >a Waiter, or 11 Chambeimuid an< to *anat in v, ?huu ei d ironing, ii, a private anil ). She haa the lieat of ulty nfurencoa frmii her I at pieced. > leaaa call at No. 60 Spring atreet. In the rear, where alia will lllla ll.ree day*. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A hKJi'S '1'aIH.E Yull.NO Woman, ea Num. or (u tike o >re of children, ae (,'heinliermaid, i oek, A aaher, or lr ner, or 10 do the ae wrul mm*'work 01 a email Utuily. ban no *b)e> tu n to go a eli irt dii-taooe in the country. The beat of oily rel-r a o can be given. Apply at ltd Wral 17th atrial, between klh and lUth avenuel trout room, a rend floor. Wasted a uii-hn up good character asd udorvaa harmg $21U capital to buy ont the whole or pirt of a b i g eetabiinhed ai d rrepe tun e Imeiuen, rmjuiring 0 ly prnp r |iereoi el attunlii n Iruiu 8 A.M. until uuudoWo, an I will iiinK* iibnie rent and all other incidental extenauu, lr m f>'i<J* 11 ?STN a veer, and no riaa. A line ludrenaed to Ihoinpaon, iloreld Office, will r-ocive atten tion. WAN i AD?A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN COOt, Huliir. atd Irnint, by a rexpectabe pr.ileMant women, who tlioi ouglily u i fluraianda In r bueioear ami la e lb at rate liaker ! it brtad. oinerwiie (,T am inrwork, and Built in Waahing ami Ironing Tie I eat of city rf, rercca can be given. Pma-e call, let two da.a, at 12k Twelfth etreot, between kift'i and Siaib tvanure. WAMID-A 1'AklNKK, WITI A OAS I CAPITAL Or fn? *2 110 to SibUtAJ, in a enfa, prolitable burn Hi alratdy eital lulled in Brnadwap. The atlve tieer la a pranti ul bnainwa. mai., ti e ooi rem ha* a good run of oaeli tnda and tha opp ir tin ty here olfeivd of a pmti ablo inveatiueot of t me and capital ia iuih a i neee reldtin nlfera. Andrea W. 0. at tnia offiue, with r, ul name, wl tell will be promptly attoudod to. The beet of raftrenoe, given. Al'kOi TSTANT YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A Si I (JATION ue L ook Would a-e e in Waeoiag and Ironing in a r vpeut, jii e | rivaie f.toily C-n bo eeen It two ua.v h, or link in vi .t, Akk&PACTABDE YOUNG WOMAN WW IS A SI PL'Atil n; oan do plain c #k ng. wi-linv an 1 fr ning, nod iremnl lioneeo urk in a une 11 private lam ly. The beat of oily refi-reiioe born h rlil employer. I'ieBie on 1 at Ml i'lf h it roe t, be two a arei lh ia and B. let floor, A GENTLEMAN W1IO BAT BEEN OH APPOiNTE > IS geitu g the iin-ana to go to ( aUf rn a. eia Vera ma, by the i nyei la, I e*i Monday. wonbl lm hippy to mu'ie an ur a mem ink for tha loan of from y.'UHi to $MIU for one yo ir. A oy prvon having ttiutamouni, wnl tlnd it *u lio, advantage to aduruaa a note today or u-morrow, apimintiagau iutarriew. Ao., to " VtraCriu," g x No. libit Pout Otlce. AYOlflO Man, 8 YEARS OP AGE W BO II as BEES educated for eon metre in the Ameiican nehaola and grailuuird at il e Royal Atheuauin of llruai lice, and who can ap nut aid write in Engliah, PfantN, German, Itilian, and Hp o eh. wialea to get a permanent place in a ominntclal arbmkinj home in New Y rV The bee', of refer nceagive . Tnesubaortler will oal) on any pereon who thull addrcue him label'*;? "aLPKKD I'EHKIN a, Cere of tha Oflica if tha Cyproaa if ill Ce man ry, 24 Bioedtny, N. V." y'-AMMITlA' BERW A MED RY A OR vTLBMAN. WHO O eoula devote three cveninn we Vlv, to utuily. Add rata, with n ferenea, ,-T." bnxW Lower roatOIAre V All ABIE AsslSlAN K.-A Mf)1 OP PIV* EDL'.JAlinB vary kind mam era and anonitnm?d to turn evorythtng to the beet ao>omit, wiahea Board for her m'Vicei ? An iuvjlid. A Inn. ill wiai ing to Monoualaa, or have the r ohillren well teught, wmld find her an ato-jiainit on. Addreee " If B thia nfll ia Tf.l OW MRS OP BOA D BOSS*A ?A YOUNG MAS OP xpenei rraitd like a aituation to take oare of one or two bond tioraeafnr none private gentleman. Tortna aatufaotory. Addrvev American, Dera d Offios. 8PKCIAL. NOriCKS. ACAnO?1H* COwMI ITS* or Ml fcAINA UH n BYOlent AMociation re tat to b i 0 impelled to apolor te to tlieir triri o? Ir-r the tnaullia ei.ay if the entertainment fiiri iarel it le Bell on (fidiieed'ty erenina leet. They b, g leer- di.tiugtly tn Mhte tl lit III! 1111,1 happened thr ugh no feull ?f too Com tnftlee, hut through e 'olel viol.tun of hlf aereament by tiiu far arm who md-rteok tnlurnbh the rapper on that n interna. %? AMIIM.TON VU. UN l iens, U.NLIaR I lie (IiUAND r? of ex A deimtn SufJien U. Peek*, n.adc their If th annuel la-g> t > auurelon ou the *>ih-net, to the hone of 8 cphen Van Nteiinrid, at Mount M >n In 8-juar#, llerlom whoie. af er boring the target in a toldier like irinnner, they rartook of n tnmptu >ua .itnner.tuol a* no ntk- r hut Old Store can eerve up with the uwUt ante ol hi- l et'-r haif , at whioh time the following reeviwtiont wnn niuilo nualy adopted; ? Heeniri e, Thai a rote of ihtnkt be tendered to Mim Elira Ana Oaii-Miak. for the proicutatio.i of wronthe to drew the targe: and hog ken-net d, That a rote of thank* ho tendered to Mr. Stephen Van * oo rand and lady, for the handaoote manner la wnioh they tatoiodlor it* comfort oi the ooi.ipany, STai*ne,N il. FSP.ii. Com minder. ? I LI, IA W W FREa* Lieut. Mh.IU.AN (ll.K LIBKAKY ASA.H/'I tTll) X. ? rtl R MK libera nt Una Ane< iniiun fneudlv to ti-e liakti hoaded I. i-rry Batea anil T. Sfuuner Kirhy. are re-pie.ted to in*ei at Sm ami 'a ttoloi, Fulton -treel, ioiinetlia<oly efter tho aJj mm ntnt' f the annual meeting on r-ieadnv tveoiua.l'th met OiPl .EOP MaC'ON ANl> WKAlBitN R. R. Otf. VI \ UN, Jm.uar- .'I. IM'J ?'fie Board ut t>ireotor< of thte uniptnr nara thin dij deulered a dindrnd of two aud -no hair d illara pit alure, layn'deou letnl Pebrnat} n xt. S-are'.uidei a on tin hooka "t I e age- c> at vha Hank of tha state ol New York will r jojire their diiHlo- d on t| p.-catien there By order of the Board /. II- TaTlOH. Trraoorer. \/| ahCltANTS' tXCliANuE BaNE-NBVP YORK. USO. if I SI, rtd - Dirid-nd-TI.e I'reaid.nt ana 1*. run tore et t<na II.i k hare deo'ated a dirido. d rf four p?r oent our ?t tha pr.iNta ol the laat aix n-1-nthe; Ana an additional diridend of fonr per neal. ent nf the ourplna prolta, paynmn on nth January, proximo, *. H jOUnhon, Caehmr (' i il'A h'l N mtsu I f. TLB lIMlKd.-ICN*,. II ,VK Pi>td. J 0" a copal t eiah p under toe of Ju?ppn at lart for oolitiiiiiii g the nu ineiw id Importing mai.olar titrtng. and dee.lug in lire Aimaoiarery deeoriptaon, in Uic Cur ri .New York. BKNgDlOr JOill'tf. BENJAMIN J. HART, New Vr rk, January A, 1R49. 71 M.tlnen l.ane. (1 (d'AKTMR'Hl I* NOTICE?TbE UN HE sSION RDM aYI -'tbia day eutrrnO into < op.rtnera op, uodur the ttrm uf dilla a Ti otri|*ou and will tmotinue the biteiueae of Imp rting and JnhMt a fliit (.room let. I h|unia, Wlnaa. No., and aupp-> ing St?ain eia, ship, Hotel, and Fmui-y Stoma, at No. M our .uted atreet. A. U. Ml'.i-S, It Turk. January 1. ISi*. 0. J. S TMi.MPRO *. Ct IiI'aR'I N E KSHl P NOT'CM ? A K JOII.N tO.N (I. \ I E OP J Johnson M Cu,) and IJt?r.u U. Oroear tin thia day ante rod into I upar'nerahip. and will cnrr>bit tnraa ae importera aad manofnrtniera ul ' eitumerj, Imb t 8- "pe aad PatiOT lleuda, at No I OnrUnndi atirat, under tha km of Johnan i ? Or-wr. W. R. JOHNSON. N Turk. Jan. 1, IStf UEO U. UROdAlL AMvsBHKnrro. BoWAKk THEATRE.?Till SDaV BVENINa. JANUARY y will b* |>r w ted, foi tha tod time, the (toot n.tor u?i bioau of toOADiCBA - Paul nus Suetonius. Mr. J M So t( Catua.Mr N B Clarke; Oaturlua Wr.J.11 llall: foil": din Mr. H'irana; Vcsic daMr. J Duun; Cardao Mr. J Qi.^a-t; t!nllita Ke. Mr . Tut-ordao. Mr Jordan; Claudia. Mia. Mar> Taylor: adiies, Mlar f\ Previoua to irhloh, tha ''omalv of TVRMnu THE TABLK1?'ack Mumpriaa, Mr. v?l.i'?i Mr. Kuildj. Mr. id: Jeremiah Bun,pa. Mr. J. II. Uall; Tin Ti, rnton. Mr. Warwick Edgar da (our. jr. Mr J. Oil in Mrs Kaiiiha Mra Wa'cat ? Boaao, 2S oenta; Pit, 12H; Gallery, l-'kiDoora. pc? at f.', o'lth di p llAMFhAU S NATIONAL THEATRE, LAM CHATHAM. 'afr. Availing. Januarjr W, wiU Ixi aota. tha drama of . .. ^A~kc*.uald Morton M aconala Mr. J. R .Soot:; Maior I da Baldtmar Mr. . a,dry; I (cut Charles da llaldlmar. Mr. Ti?ton; ( lira. Mine f Cordon; Ellen tlolJaway, Mra Roodwird; OuMDMta. Mra. B. Isherwood. Prori. ua to which. CONTENTMENT tl. Kit. IIE8? Christopher Strap. Mr. B. tha inn an; Sir Gene Howard. Mr-Dawes; I.ul. alhaNMh. Ml a P. ??/&? To I'.oaoluda with tha SPECTRE BliniS-OOk- Oratory, Mr T. U. Booth; Mr. >ioodcniua. Vr.Dawar; Mm Lar'nta Mr*. < hap-nat ?B ute# 25oo*Ue PI lVSornta Doora open att'ij< ,,'alock; curtain willrlar a?7. MECHANICS' 11A 1.1., No 472 tibOA l> a a V, IIKTiVECM Oratd ard Broome etroala, open every uik|h. dum* ma week ? li e or.gmal end well-known CHKISIY'A HIS jTrtgcS, < t rgaii-ed IM2 the oldest established com pan t in the w rid; the I lirat to hajmoiiiie nearo melodiea and origtoatoru of tie present I < popular attlr of Eihi. |ian entertainment*; wum o nocrtx in I this eity. for a prriod f two yoare- hare neea natiunited to au i extent unaarul'e cd hj in this gnu', tnatropolia They will hare the honor of oontinuing thoir iiiiinit&Me Concerts every night, until further nnto a, Introducing a: each r pruaentatinn a variety uf naw Operatio Hurleei|U"S. Songs. An. Admiabiou, 2A on,la. Doors open at 7?Concert to eotnmenoe at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon t onccrt orory Satnrilav. "omjieuoing at S o'clock Man-gar and Direotor^E. P CHKHTY. q'AbEhNAClii-THE DlSTINS, TllE U MjlNAL PRE a. i-rn?.-re on the 3aa> Horns, bavo the h.uor to ann?ii re that they will make their tint apjwaianoo in Amerlra on Wednesday tieniiix. January ! tt> wheu tbey wi'l gi.engrent Concert of V( cat and initrumrntal Muaio. Mr. Pimm uud "is aooa tl.e original aid ui rivalled p rb-rn.ors on those eatranrdi ary iuntrunn du. the e lver Si*. Noma and -vax Tn u iili'W p-rf >rrr annae have rihiti d the highest marfce of approbatio* from th'iae diatinpuis cd ronipi'Mrii, Meitrbeir Mareohnrr, Aulicr dpontlni. Hale vey. tto, and have l>e n houurrd with the presentation of aiiver nida'efor their p if -rmam-ra at tlie t on ervatoire Rnyule do Mi'iii|iie and the BBdltT of Fine Arte in I'aria. Mr. Die'in wl I I tm ruie hie celebrated Solo on tl e train pet." Hie Soldier Tired." Mr. lUnii I latin will ai*< prrform hie ad nlrnl !* ' ? fio-n " I.a S mnambuta" 'All ia Leiat" Vocal performers ? Mita Moriatt O'Coni or, Mr. II. Diet n. Mr. W ldieiin. Mr. Theml <re Diatin. flrand I'iaoofoite Mr. John Willy, Doors open at7?Conoertto 0111 n,euro at 8. Tiokota mi rente?for sale at alt tha prinoipal inneir st- IW and heitllin iiie Htp AMKUi AN circua.-sand a lent * CO.. PKoPHlEt re ? Br 'advay Al'smbra.?Tuesdsy Evoi-inr, Jan. 9? lha pcrtormano a w>fl commence with the new a id aptandid Chinos* festival, comprising lha whcla Troupe in ? pproprivte ooa. tnme. The Twin Pontes. Damon and Pythias; Mr. K. Sandaand hi*talented Children; tha beautiful lUnoina Pony. Sivy Fit; tha Fig! ting Pontea. Deaf Burke and Tom (pnng; tearful atd brilliuHt or In'ione on (he Flyl.g Cord, by Mr II. Kiiyrle ; florae mamhipby Mr. U. (iardner; Mr. W. Stout. Matter W alter Aymar, Maater .'eke Funds and Manor Mauriee Sauda Clown. Joe PenilMrd ? lloxra tkl centa: 1'pper Circle. ?* ocnt??ehlldren half pro*. erhinnnncea on W. dl a-lav and Saturday. V 2 l*. M. ZOOLOOlCAX. UAU* JO ahU dl ol> n AM . - . bin MAU n III cert estakHahniant ia now open daily (Tom 1W till 4, and Item 6)4 till II, P. M. The hall of exhibition is fitted up with ^r.-xi elegance, and the/jolleotion of living Uoatrr and birds is the laipsst and most nerfeot in Ameriea. A performnnoe ia given at <aob exhibition, lnolnding tha Feata al trained Elephants, Ponies and Monk tea Mr. Brooke enters a den ot Ldona and Ti rcra Admiaaion IB oenta,ohildren under nine half prioe. Saa loinlcketaSA TAN AMBUKGH tt CO Preprielots. DANCING. ^CaN1)1NaVIa.-THK FOCK I'll ANNUnL liAbb OF TUI3 hocie'y will bo held on Friday Evening, Jauuxry '2. at the Collisium, 460 Broadway, tha proceed- to be appropriated to benevolent. purpurea II J. llaneeu, A. t. Kmdhorg, c. V Funck, C Itometiimai d T V ilteryroeii, Couim.ttoc of ArraugomiuU. riVBE III/.ARHE BA I.I,-1 UH MAONIFII'EMT AFFAIR H J. to lake p'aoe thiBevenina. January Vth. at Mxger'a C moert UuF, 101 kliaabeth at. The Managers pledge themselves lhat no H|rose w ill le apared to nai * tliir una of tlio boat Italia ever given. Manager?, E. W. V. and P. A. MIMCBLIiANKllHN f|M K MOVAL MAll. SI'ICaMJOIP abttOI'A. CaPT. LOTT. ' M. will have the dock. at Jeiaey City, on Heduesday next, lOt.l igll, at 12 I'oleek pteuie'y. 1}aMM AO OEVTt TO NKw UAVaN. BY 8TSABBOAT8 ! 1 ruvelW r, Champion, and llero. one of whifh a ill loave rom ; Kiel top Ea*t Kwcr. every mun iig, BttaiayS axixhptvl, at 7 o'clock; and evory afternoon, Saturdaya and Sunda>r excepted. at 1 4 o'c ock: and every Saturday afternoon, at3 o'clock For further j nfoiinatn u. iiKjuire of J. ,*v\XT? >N 112 Sout h atrt bt. rvih Savannah -kk.u.ak link.--the new and M? very tmpcr-or?tcnraaMp Cherokee^ Thoinait Lyon, commander, will have on Rednonlay, Ihth inat., at four o'elo k, P.M,from tier ho. 4 North River. For fre ^ht. oi pnHSDgc apply to SARU I,. Miroill'i's li*I Front atroet. THO 4?R THhMC GKNTLLIfEN CAN bE ACCOdM()_ dMcd with nh>ai nt veil turuiiihfd hod Ho tn ,oi fheee* cond r.O'-r, *iih full or par ial Ix-ard, iu a small private lamily, livir gi p tOWlii i ? ar L'ni n qUAVI. A nous htatii g fWtioolast ai d atidivMi will meet with iina. odiate ath. atiou. Addrjaa" A I." at jfcdtoflo C^tNYFRSATH NS FRANCAISES. OK FRENCH T\UUtiT / on the orai a>atan , enabling (o ppeuk from the flret 0 s >nd, and inauiing eam and fluency to pupi e more adv .need, tut dell* oieut in I411 K Friva u tuition at h one, ftl per ni ?uth; dit'^> in claa cp. $2. tamihea and bohooln attendo i. I'l^aee addro^i Rone DE ST. Plf.KRB, i?at?fde PaHe 3<W Hroadwiv. riMiE Hisr ) Lace in an.n sTkeei' to .i >ori X ar d Sf.? oh in at the French ar d A mcrioan Shoe Store. 32 Ann H?rc4t. French boote $4 do fine calf. $\ moially M fin a $>; flfia' ro'f f>o"U tfi m SI to $6. 32 Ann Hi rent, near ff?|| iii. TRKOIFN, STONE SEAL ENtirtWEK ANl? HEK.vUj Fan ur, 2di i>road?vayt coroor of Murray atroet, up utaira Coai? of Aniu ei gravod ; laadies Seals. Signet Kingi, Pencil Cawe engraven with Arrne, fronts, Ac- Coais of Arms found end pxiut* ed tvom $2 upward*. Hooka of Heraldry itk JUU.iMl uaiaea. 1^. formation vivon in HeraJdrv. rro KlUh MAMiFiillUHr.Ki-AN UiY'/KH' N I I'Y IS J. now offered to an active person to hocoine psit or eole pro piie*? r if in 01. vert-> ry tn thitf citv for umkiuir St.-o o<|u il to t> e htt \ nglmh lilm'er, (? f whioh ample proof Mill he turiii lied.) by an impr? ved procos. combinlrg ? gro^t saving in labor and fuel, and a 1 01 e> thud biwcobt The ow or ha* the dole p ttnm n.nt, Si (1 will inske it a vauable inducement to any one '? vi ?g frum $2,< hff to f to invent. AddreMi box 2f?7ft Post OfHoo (^fblKSR'S SOlsC'l ION HAIR DYE. FOR <llVN<ilN'l k-j grin iiutr 10 ir^ original ooi- r in a f?w momoi t#, to a t?e Mittiui I* a<k or browa. The beauty in tlitf d ? -a the more you vroah it t* ? da kor it become#. To be had at 213 tfiriugtou afreet, private hot??. Ft III.H A I IO!\S. (1 T EAT MEIROPOI.ITaN PLBbICA 1 I?JN ?TJK oKKlf. J est and test p*|?r in the world. ** virabam'i Liona of the I 'l?,wn and New 1 oru oetieotor." 'Ike fir t uuui ^?r of tnia^r^U p*|*r will f? nady on lues-lav, Jannary 9th, loaded with ti?o loilowiog T'ch and VbluaMu freight: An iTigmal uovei oornp'et*-, ?Ltiued The Money Lennr'a Kerenge; To** ladiea' Diet r I'll? Itouer t f Beauty; tl< or ih? four, tiacx*bling?-0 >ngreaaioual Swindling; Tin Fancy Pimp The Courtex&n; l'??*tOl!i: Ki h-mmce of Uarlotiy; Chinches and Aln s llom.fl, iwIIh and to iva s The Milt of the K ocoa Vnt; True d?o-y of Hum and (ion.11 ng; t peiher with a full and grapMo report of the Erioa ball, at th<? I bint so ttoom, on #n* .'id ibHt.nt, also of the Fancy Diet* Fall of the Mur och Dtamaiic A^odation, on the ft'h iiihiunt- both of wloch will he found full and compile in the d? M-riptiona ot the Mil/ and Rout.'u i o.'rt OOatlOMM It## &o TI ? ai ?vf, tcgett er ai h nearly one hutdrtd other orirnilar | tides, will he found of a varim!*end h ghly i uteres ring- hirac or. Ci rtesfw ndencefrom Boston, Philadelphia B Itimor**, ^?sriivg. ten Brooklyn, and the Etn|*ire (hly. No person a mud fail of bii}lrg and readini* ti e lirat nnmb?-r (if no Uiore) O' tfiaptpr, ai d he a ill truly way tfat " (J-uham'* Lions of t >e V?wn* la th? beat weekly p#j?r published in world. Terms %l per a.num. cr half din o f?r siog)? rc|iiea, which may he had or every wwa dep t In the L'niteo Btatea All rd?r* ir on t e oonntfv mad he | adores*?? to C. O. (JRaIIaM, Kditnraud i ublisier, i No .? Ann s'.reet. [>l BI9ICAL. IN FIX t Nil*, COU C H8, COI.D J, RHM M A H oil. [ f oo. who sra 111 .el. d w tli wilier ot II u a KVt- co ui. ni'its, cm i III will lunrdiitc rdiet sod certoin cur* by ilmn-eiif Mr. i!mr?liV Medirax A vapor and dnlphur Ba-hs.3M "roadway. TOom | Ila.lia lave lieu in . | .ration ai. o* Ibi6, an J hare been the Or t p1 y-icime in the e tv. J DUCMW POBELL, OCULIST, AUBISi, Bo. aTi BnusaS u.nal rxclvuivcly to t'-e <1 a w? of the K>e aud bar. at 2-il hroadaay, entraa.e IH M.rre. a.rem, where ran be had lua Tr.ati.e on tle Kjc?price .'II rente. Also. Iks Self Acting Rye I oonUn a for it'euiitliriiing Hie evea. Ar MM .1 ev?? married. IONO l if t,. HRALi II, ami lAPI'INKt-.- Y(> tiDCIX'd 1 V.-ce.all e Cilia eo favorably known throughout i'cenxyt vania an.l Ntw i r*? y. as a oi-rtani cmo lor all diao.wa ?ri io< from india rrtinna in .liar mh.Ii aa oostiveuvsa, fever, feo , and nlw aiaraaea brought or. by expoauro fi oold or im|.ore atino.i.hera. aaaaue, ntura)(ia, Arc, a.e now oflereJ for aale in N'ewYork.ti/ CliAi II. Ill NO, Urugvi't. Bioadwjy an ! Jonn aceeer. N. B ?Tera-nk aVot embarking for .'aiif .rnia should sut tily al. maelvra ? Hh t.hi" leva nah'e me l.oine, Pm e Ml Oaata r an. Db. jtrpkur amtioutk ta tun aoe trFEtmjAi. preparation sold forOonorrboa and other disorder, of the Sexual Organs experience baa proved that it will radically cure any oeae. Tina dour able recult is obtained in hroaa two to ten days, and aa it neither creataa nausea noroffondathr palate, and renders naueeeaaary any deviation in diet or inter mption to oaual purnuite. aennd sleep, or hoalthv digest on, the nuimnue ia removed aa speedily aa ia consistent with the production of a thorough and permanent cure. Its in,clients area, tiraly vegetable, and no injurious oJToct, either oonatitnt.onally or locally, cun be eauaed by its urn. Prioe tl per bottle. Hole Agent for this nlty, C. B. MI'-O. 192 Broadway, corner Joha ntaeet_ Da. oil tiA tUav/.v k,ifg VAIivSllhiliiVu . iilSlClAjl to the New York Cotlrce of Medicine and rha.maoy, ana be coranked on all private diwweea, via. ?Primary or w ondarj Sypbilia, Uonorrtitaa, (ileat, .datninal V?eakneae, Stricture, Iko., at nil Office, No. HI Park plaoe. from IA. t. tot P.M. I)r. B. will not deceive his petienta by promising a earn In one or tws day* but trusts, trom long prncnoe and a tody In those com plaints, he will aave persona applying to him >rom the dreadfn) ounaequenoea attending imptviper treatment, or an Injmiieion* nao of memory Patients redding in theoountry. ar not wishing bo make personal a pplioation, ean have all oeeeeaary tnadioine and advice forwarded to them by addressing Or Richardson, It Park plaen, and aneloeing Hill tn all kueh aaaaa a enra will bg gwavawtead |titmum'?ii,. u .1 m.,^al ivl near Chatham atrex en well known s? the moat in umlil araotitiouer in New York, in the treatment of venereal diseases The Doctor's rapntaben for skill in throe old half eon d .?aeitnat bars existed for years ia (re eminent. Gleot, stricture, ulocra apon tiic bady, or m the throat t r nose, pains in the head and >onea oi' tiie legs, efteotuaky cured. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a aoorat habit li.dulgad In by ycung man. rutr.wns 'aaoivioua dreauia sad nightly eraiaatoaa, positively ; iveut ,d -teas', t oases eured in foar days, with out meroory. No alte-atior In diet, m or?v..nMon from baainaas Vf nM'i r,x ; a , ia i 1N VRY Wi>lUt-ro ftia M vKt'.iI) vl or Mioas ooutemplating mamagu?Tlia Married Womau'a 'rivate iMi tl Uonipomoa. by Di A. M. Waiurtooai Hi*th cdi Horn Prioe $1. Thiowerk It uieetin* with moot aa.-cundiat naiM M.IIIIU eop4ao bavin* alrea ly beau dim 'wid ot \ Cvcry female li tettin* * copy, whether married or iininaried, although it lb <?iil? I eepeo ully tor tha mamed. a> it dioolnaaa important aearrtl which olieald be known to them particularly. Il'.re'ivory femaW iu diet over tho num. aymptoni, and tho molt effluent reme lion, and moot certain node of oiko in ovary quo. For oalo at '2X> Itroedeav; at tho publtahinc office. IBt Liberty etreat, Now Votfe T. B. I'oteroon, No. |h iihcoptit a treat, Philadelphia; Uttle fc Co.. Albanyt W. R Do via, Koaron Or. thervwipt of 91, a aofy will b<i trananuttod by mail. Ireo ot pottage to all parte of Ito Halted Htatoa. All let tore nuiit no addreamd, poot paid, to Or. ' A. H M AlIRlOlAl/. boo 1.90*. New Vork ?W 'Nltoe 119 Liberty km _________________________ Da. KAiPU's KuIICaL PdlV.tiB ImKaiIv* on the nature, ayn pt nw. proftrrne, ?<inM<|i|eno-e, rave Ilea, and onrenf ti e *enlial ruene including maaturoatl >a a rietore, di rearer reeeii.Mili* venereal, (fiveu in no other eiirh)?0 AO., adapted to every individual, of both mini. Thla la the only 11 ily oeeiol wore oath* anbject, written ia plan lai omite, tho ro cip-o for all Biediolncalanhlnlly riven; It lolatrwdol t b. praeUcally uaefal torvrry one. ia every plea* -Mb edition ,141 puM Htioofl. May he had of the a'il?or, Kh 'lre-m?tet\ atroat. ot mailed fne t y pout Al<". "I moat ol n e i. n* aellaro le the II 8, K. riiuour Tdl "PR A lllMi FdiTdll Tfratioe." ho., HM l.reenwioh otrnet?otfioe hourtSI to U A M . ? to V P M. (Onnday exvep'edl Thnoo who anplv la tno early otaftaa will ha aorprieed at the rapidity aad lit do Inonavoulonae attendli o thrlr oaro. Uieoo'rflv. however, thoee who Haveeaf fered from a certain claeo of people, who eaai properly appreciate hie aeivioaa la otTkinre. from ita IVrot. or Inoipient, to (to more advanced end dlatraaainy atanaa. (from ni common advanta<K0 and a very entcnoive pracuoe.i ha oaa afford a rapid, eaay, and radical nora, e hioh. Ia hae yroond fv( otai .ojt, oaii bo nbtalaad from no itbor eon roe la America, 1 II will n if ?en jjni'HRnKsi'n. Bkoadwav tujtaitta.-*- * fa**ilaif};vp*ur??. tor.?Tnoi iti Bvoitiu, Jti.t w) IH49, wil be prinbm4' |1i lid *? k,) the ipn. d romaotto ??> fl?e aota. dn. ojt'n.d Iron, the novel of Aw*. DuitU). ??yfor thie Taei. tie, entitled TBI COUNT or HON Tt-CKI^'o?Bdranod Itnf* tftrraarde Count ot Monie-Critio aeeumiur >fl? chnrentor^ ef A btnuifKlnr. Siul-ad the Greek an Kuii'iah TYevelia.*'. ?"d n Frwiei Abbe. Mr. l/te'tr. Hone Hon-'II. "*r. Veche: old l>ei?"? Mr. He*, utrd. More. Bonrille, Mr. K. blew. Fernenrt, Mr. ?rtiieriulaC fcerredee, Mri. A'bott; Uaydee, M, V. iValiacll, 'Woo^t UtA leherwood Dree Ol.-o!o and Par<inettc. .V)m-nte Family Oirol^ ' .1 rrvtn: CaPree 10V ronta . fr?e o b* f * . ft Bdrtomi tbbatbk, ohambchb intbit.->?uehdar Aveuina. January V, mui He |>.a ed tie auucr<aful nlay el COMUKY AND BON? DumWy, Mr L/une Mr. carker. Mr. Jordan; Major Joe Bacetook, Mr. Brouahen ; Kll'h. Mri A. Knight The new Faroe of SLA^HEM AMD IKk'ifJC'*?Mr. Sin peon bltaher. Mr. Bnrt??: Mr. ("hrtetopher Cnnhet. Mr. Hmurham: Miee Dinah Dlowhard, Miaa. route Vfmr hicb, tha CALIFORN a gold Mi nes?Mr Brouee, Mr. Jordan) Old Bronte, Mr. Huailton; Ja.oh Bieeie, Mr Johntbm ; Thadjr O'Knedle, Mr. Bmacham; ilane Hotter. Mr. M yer, Biddy. Mien Barter ? Dree* Circle and Paxprtte, SOo.; Fata ly OlTcib Ibo. Dorrtopee a?#K?oo/ttla rlteeat 7. Mitciiills olympic tu?athb.-ti k d,v tvp. in* Jau P.?Heuetit of Mr. ?atnv~ fh* mr'n'tn rn'm avlll HinimeDOe with the Comedy of the yi'KtNSBUrY IKTS--Cued F i i.i ii,Mr. Holland; l ord Couth.rheid, Mr Nink'neeo; Coun:*-e RnndaJe, Miaa Clarke. To be followed by Sl.ASHSt AVO i:KAbOER?Sampron blather Mr. Uol and; h'iaiopher nshor. Mr Nirkinani ; Ruga. Mi"* Ko'eris. Alter which, A (HikNClS AT M? YOgA?Mose Mr. F. 8. Chantrau: Boo, Mr. veyno?r, ll .rri Cordon, Mr Arnold; J.ino, MmRnher'g. Toonnoliido with the new Farce ol the BUYPiTaN PdlN:F -ORV Ki Mr. O. N hrmtj; Patrick Mr Nickl"iiir; Amelia, M-*s Philh e?.--Drag olrele, .H>c. Upper RevealBo.: Pit :j)go. Ooort opeantAK n'elnob* B\KNl.'M'd aMKKII'aN Ml iEUM ?SPLENDID PER-' tomancei. every af'eruiiu ut 1, toil every orcniag at o'clock Mr Hales, the Ei.giifh timet. tho litrgort unci ne mui man living, twin* ovcreight feet high weighing or. r a pi irter of a ton. Ho will oe are, at all hours. toother win iliij it LrttleIIi ger aid Titenia ihe Fairy (J.eeu, li ,th of whom aro much smaller than (Jem ral Tom Thumb-, i.rcat Western, tlu Vai-er One. dinn. 'Ilie popular tnrles.ple opart Tin 8te*p Walker, w ii be ei aot d every att< moon and evuuiiir. Alan mn eel and mar be H-vn at a 1 hour*, day ami evening, u lem'.iful and coireoc ot.-ved Mi del of the City of Jaruiilem, aa it now s'and?, wi'h ovary building, met, lane. An. fen., an a o found on tha aput, <n iking a moat Interentleg cxlubiiioa t > every Jew ai.d Christian in oxiatrnc?. Tiie Uiahlai.d Mammoth llr-itliera Ijving Drum <)u eng. Wax Fcripturc 8-atuarv Madam Rockwell, 'hi For .uric Pelhr. Adrrlsa<on. 'J4 cento; children nodnr ton ynara 12K cent*. TMIE UaKATCHINESE Ml .'AEUM, :,.V RTOAD VaY, ?R tween Spring and frinoe atresia, ami tha ouly one in thia conn'ry ooralria ofaartat uu-nber of II''.. a m Chinese, tf all i-lames. eover.1 hundred 1 hineae pah H"gs. np.rtmonta in hoiuea; at. rea a. d ve.ueU. niedela ol pagodas tamp ei an I bridges, of Chin*a- matiultahnea, thair agricultural and nicchaaioal implements inatrum -nta of music tan'erna, ke. Ao. Open from nine AM. till 111 P II. dtiy. Adnil .tanoa. 15 ocn'a: t hltlien under twelve, hall pHm WAI.LIIaLLA.-NO .18 canal H h.1,1 I. NKtK Ulttt iD way ? Now Faroa! Nt? Fee a!?T o Ma-><gir naa eugtged an outiro ew tr .U|ie of Model Ar'iata, who havo jus- arr vud iront Italy numbering .'ki of tho inoat ho .ut f il formed woman in ha world Tho Thrie Gracia, litinn's Vomia, The (Iroik Have. idHannah In tho llatli, together with 20 ap e. did i llus< r* tioits of Livirg I'ic'urva Alao engaged igncr ?<Ma . th < great India Huller Man, ti I'vlher with a variety of other entertainments. Crohei-tia He??a, X % nta; Pa-,|ii?t'e, lie a. Auu-rio w. GW. PINE, AUCTION A UK.? GLKU V a I' ROiii* ?Ul>, a Mahogany and lliaok Walnut Fur..u ure, at No. hi Bmailwuy, comer ot Wall street, being the balauau of tna a to k of tiniai.ed wi rk cold toeh.aoup provioua hiiBinoaa?Van cm worn and Pine will ecll a? iIhivo on Wednesday, van. I'', ut hall putt It! o'clock. Mahogany Rosewood. null Dlaex Wul.iut I'ariur Hal. Cnamliar aiiinot Furuitu-a, ofav. ry variety ofa<y'aaud wbioli tho attai tion of deilera and hon-.k- ||-r, iI reip e. tort For par'iniiiara aee Courier and Kmiairer aud oatalogin a which wdl| tie readv en Ihe day of ae'e WMo'lHRUICK AUCTIONS*h.?ST. cil irtidi 1 TEL Porniiiiie.? Tfci, day at ID o'o ook. at tha it. i. arlea Ilotci, oorucr of Broadway and Leonard at re', wnl band all the uL gait furiii uri ooutaiued iu tha establishment Cata1, gn?s are r.ow pady. Barclay street rb'Idencb at auction.-anI ut,NY J. III.KG HKii wi I nell at pullo auction, on Thar* day, mil of January next, at I'd o'n ock. at the Merohan a' Cxoi ango. too va.uable three atorv brick i welling llouge and L>o^ (win twoatoiy hriiklwuk building.) Ne.Ai Barclay atrea'. facing Co; t-go Plai a. li ma* 28 loot br about M foot; lot ii by 10(1 feat? ii (eo from Trti ny Church. The parlor* am very large and e gnnt. anil t> e whole t oiuie in excellent order. U can mma n oa b ud and mortg ga, If doalred. Poiaeamun can be fcad 15tta JlMur-'m i. 1MIKM1URF. AND UAH ROOM PIXTl'RBS A T AUOTIO.V. * -Wedneeday .' lunary 111, at elmau o o oca i.M.,in E>Ut avenue, near .llet atrw-t, iu g od oner; li ofllw ohaira. tchlet. lie ku r-glaaera, l agu c le board, oyat-r atu.d, counter, shelving, r kog?. dccn.uTN taer (titnpi, oheka. o lr.ors.ur, pomrea, ftovea, wire* |i|iiom. a c. be. KOH RAIiK. bxih SALE?" HE UU ST'lgV BdlUR UoUsE AN1> I o'/Ne. 24 Ro*e atreat. Lot 28 x IU Uvuae, Z\ x 45. Turin* eary Apply to ABM.'iUhNi.hK 211 Market,cor. Maauon a'reet. TNOH ScLELOW. A NUMUBK OF SKVKNTEEN STRAND M. Ilrsldlcg MarliiptH, in good order, on tallica, and ready lor In tin d ate nee Imiuire at No. Ilii W ate. rt.rnek For sale at uobdken.?several hnb b>k;k Dwelling Uourea, anitahlo for get tlemav'a roaidon iaa, iu the immediate vicinity of the lorry. A In, Lott, a-nong which will be found autre ol the moat beautflul cituationa for dwallinga in ill* viomit) ol New York. Alto, smaller dwellings, anitabla lor nieo.h i ich and othiiv. Portiniia Ike , Impure ut the Uoboaao Coatpiny'aoRioe, kt the lotiy l*i ding, kloboken. o> W. W sniPPBif, Agent. SIAV1NU AND IIAlK D.-ESS1N0'M'N FJ i SVC. ait, ahed te the New Engl end Hotel, cor. c r of Rr mdwi, and Toamea aircet. Tlu rent is very low, and the ipiarmrly ouir iut will nearly | ay it. P..sma.iaii giy?u liamedhitely Tin a.aud is one of the lei tin Hie ci'y, and to any person wishing to pur ihta* tha reason lor aelhng will hcgiveu. J W. (.111Vy > N i\I Gt hodsei iind Band fur % hum ruit uuc- iTimiT I) freaking up Iuium keeping, wish to tiinp ho f their In mi. tui., c. paistiug of Selas, ioU.-? Ttte, Kron .n fh-dsie ola spring seat (Jhaita,( entr< and 'idt'I ?k cs. inaroia top* Qira id d s color Lam lis 1*i le^ Window Shad a, Ec , tr, also, cle<aur Homowood Pianos Forte. at No. 8 Prinoo atr. e", neat tne Bowvry. ; PtMiVIMONS. - DUTCHES8 COCXTV ITY 1'A 'KBD Meaa, Thin Me- rune anil r, Me,a Pork, Maai and lr rue licet, city rendu.ed Lt.rd. in In,la, t.u uinl tub.-; tlaraa, Shi.ulderm and bmuked Heel lor anlr hy (La NIC tT IC It Co.' 18 Falta-y atraat. SLElUb MOBAS?IHE soil 8U AM* -bkluS eUik M ttmconntry a Polar B??r Willi ,r?l hoed l,ie|cfcly ui P|u? and oannot lei niuelle.l A ap enuhl n nor. u-ut .,1 bast M. rg Blankn'a. For t*K by JOHN O. LORO, |ri| , ?. In Is 11 aNd i i Me A nl-Mtak. i I A.. I'D ..r. . >. Y lieal in mtrkrt. rut. op in urnk igea to Holt the fade, for sale il very much leas than the urea! prices, hy AlLLlAd >1. I* A it A A, Malt W hrakoy Distiller, hi Seventh avenue; Otboe, 41 Stone stre-t. Iwrf Hanicd. no: KOK CAMHII1IMU. IIOR 8aN 7KaAC18< <>, GAtlrORMA.? a?:kki'of 108 A'th January?Ihf fine f?*t iai'irg ahip livNlfiL VYftilb lF K, l'nn? mtattr hiviiK tho larrrr part of he nrgoeoavw| *oing ou board. will rail jb ahn?-e. for freight or pvvMipo, i aviiiff tine a<c?bitTi'dati'u p for paaneogt-ra, apply W tha maater, on t>??* rd. at f i*r Jd?, it R., or to auti,oaidi* rw r bovtril, lusaiihereet. VjlOK AAA KfANi I S O, C A LI ITU KM A. -Ta* SKW iNft r fattsa'liug pnohwt Bhlt tsAKAli a ELI/ \, C*p*.Aiti Mtor% will potitivtly Bail for tt o above p re on the JRh in# F<?r freight or p^age, with tupenor atate mo 11 aoo-.tiin ? at on. apply t* JOdtftfA P. IOMS% Si fill 1A CI A Li FOAM A BSAMAb'A to I 1 *G ? I IP * H If* / ing purol a-H d ti.o aubttaiiii I hi t A.i EMS i.Y o >pt>ered mi o? pjar-fiitoteiifd %?III nail on the Ifttt ??f Jami ?ry; J ?hi? Knave r. 1(1' barrela freight will be 'aker*. (i |iuarBg noi? hi ao. con modi ted. For fur If or parfi.olar* Inquire rt John (,'Uy, at It>4 tooth * reet. *r of John Wild. 74 V*,mj atrae . A tneot ng will ho held at Harmony iiaJl, 17 Oentre at ran 6. tv a evening at ^Kf'olooL. ij order of GCOHUE tl. L)E?VliT ?*?'/ J ?II s -'reai loot. JOIIH 0. *'EM>. ?re?*dr?r. JOHN ZlR .1 Kir. K Cluk HAM FRaNi IS f - Phe loa, Biltlaaiw oUmm*?MI| JT brig "Colonel Howard," 'K\2 t*?n8 regiat*r, Dap'aiu John A* Lsuikte, having a largo |> iticn ot her pviwenaera a <1 cargo ev gai;*<i, w ll have immediate d*-Hj at' h f -r the a-'-ove port. ' apleia btirkee'a experience in the Pa< irto fate. t *g?-Uier with th* tine an* iug quail tier cf hi* novel, ret d ri tha a very d-sairaUl- ooavcj*uce toth for gondaaiid paeengera. For cabin pa*!-a*e, having luudrtorne aooctLm* daiione ??r for f*oi{ht, ?pp)y to AliK.vli.AM Hf&hL 6i mi.M, fi7 Fn'ton *tr ei. 1,1 ' ' h A> t HA A ( i.M.O, . A I. i 1' IV" I A, A v ./ I I .. |V>C.) 17 Keyiona?The anieauid faet?aili;ig live oak ahip KOB-KKT BOR hi, oo"? mauded by f'apt. F. G Oanaeron, one of the abkvb and moat < xi^nocoed aptams out of the p??rt of Maw York, ncd late hrtt in commai d of the U. 4. frigute MaooJonian a ode**?'omk De Hay, during iier late loiaMion oi n?eroy to Ireland. The ahip ail) rail on or about the luth ot January. Frcderiok Jeromo* who diatii)vuu:l)ed hin eoif in aavligthe uvea in tho Ooeao Vloot reh. h ei gaged aa mate. A ekiilnl and eapenencod I'hveieiaa and binge* n aiwoiupavi?j the exfiodiiina, wnioh ie made up ef one but reapectable and vteady pt rietna. Adramsgee are netw offered raieiy to r>e n rt wita, and ou?,noc hut bo anri.^fbatorjr to all deriroua of jolting too A-aooiatiou. The aoip will nave a narKo of 3UW barrefa of floor. 4*K/ do. ' eel, SKI do. pork, At*# do. bread, I) oo. meal. Mi d*. toe. "Ji ao avnrar. MV do s. Ml do. bean v 3U baga of coffee, A bkia. of vi* rgar, Klnhda It) bhla. or mackerel, 10 do. of onion*, lb Ooioa ot aoap, A) keg a of butter,5 cheataof tea. fr'quintal* of codt.ah The ?hip ~*>d cargo will joiong to the paaeenarra, and each fwaennaer will bo entitled to 4 Strie'* of freight, beaoiee hie oaggago. It ia bt raved by compoteel meu, that tlie b^booe of the provieione when the voaael am venal San FraiKieeo will will for mere than the proe *?f the poamge. a A It ir Miippoeed that ti o ahip in that port, will he worth fr m S>' to MO.Mftj. To thoae whe wiah to emigrate to the (i?dd Kegiou, thij ITera auperior advaotaaea in manv rmiwiu F i N?n tre faat tillii k u|>. Mil- hertha th<>a <1 otinrnd without telay. w Fnrtnrther Ptrtirnlara, epp'y to the i upturn. on hoard too* ad Doyer rent. La t rttr f r< i?ht tahen on retaonahlo term*, win iiwaafifpnj nari, IWI |X(m MV FK.tNi Id u ?,aMVO iM \. in -> 11 iTu PHE JT ir.ih mtlan*. thn tupurior fit roiling oopiwr fwK-n-d, Mid cii||n?a" ?wo yearn old hork Virtoty Kyan, darter, will p witivt \ nail aa aboeo Pot the t,a>k of 5nv Inrrnio fought, or pttaore, hae i ? . U| tn r acC'inn odatiyra id ko h llrot auJ *mo> 1 aaoia, spp'v onboard,at l'ier N" V Pari Mirny, ot to NICd*I I'll fi >? ?I. HI. 77 Smith ntr?-Wur<Mvd ,M 11 no MA "u i r. . lut ttddtdisN offera for aalr, in iota to ?u t pnroha to WU of llw aboen eiikanwn H Sm na d with no maun aucoeaa h? thn tion ippi htgimant, at the'lerof Von'rrey ntid hum.a Vieto [loan I n ii ed i? a rarlono on hefenhttoa or on foot, ana no regard l>u tain* it la p-iohaily adai.tal to that count y ao tho if tna all laryr. < alifi rnia ad renin.ere thoald mil mt Una ta.Pi hefofA lurnlaning elrenheni. an it ooiiiMms all roifui'lto ifoa.tli A in re 3 iltht, and can ho alt rded n' aper than any ot aruaapoa n.wi.we, PiSfft r.? id m pn A V. 71 f'f'ai rtr.uM _ lo'llili SoLTa AMI kuurakd m>* . t...i e n* s I a.? All klnda ol P.ate linlti and ttolau ra, Tmealln < K uapnaelaa. hnife Slwethe, ljun Slntg" Ac. maoe a', iha ano " ? notion ap JtIM I'll T. IISlili, IAD k niton atmal. oppwnn Chnroh it reel, Una r*f? tdALIPtiHMA sV.Nt.SH'.a rtlfcNf t> it I??CIL.l.1 <9 S Machine, fur mining pnrpotea: Hi n*?a Bad itoraa of ana I a* IK n. ol.oap Sal'ea. Uoukiut Appifetaa Ao manufactured end fop rnlehy ? ItfAito M. CO.. ill df?twr tweet. CaL'TION.-PLKMl.NS PIKJIlAilMI a td Kni ata nneti'nrd not to paawhiae Uinae in imilwtiuu of inr pv tent, an tlie aw wdi he eoh-?ooii agvua. ail |oia<aa iaf pug ig Mia name Jly in. t l.iaeanni A Id at lo9 at d llll 'Vetera' nnlt WM L?\V?7l?Pi> tfH. ("1 OI.llI (ililU!?AuHfc nil..I II OiTlCldtM. r'i * V~yf * ?tr.N. T . la fntttiotf up own pact hot a of g >M i?at?. a lit ?Me f r p" r-ona(foil a to Blifor la, with plai i prta'd# iurtrua tionn, told of ecm cahtiea, and Can h? Utdntei oou ty any per i i thai can road LVxrtPMn or" T.irifsii FS OBurmtiiA. PtO'/i 6r Mid In ard. l y hoar> n $15 to $911 per woelt ^rioe at which bonrd way ha oitpiaad and moaio aotaadiu your i*u can. i?Take ulna ol Atlla mllrA rov-.Ht'a re.or rod CreaA Mdtta wf'th ai.l <?at$)ni fiflloa itrood a id 'la'Hey, wuk oiata aat $V1I Pioklaa and i.uxnrea PA. frtorti on rtrh r-ela $'A't?Total, SlfiO. Ihiam kee tmlW food, iw payday hir vnv >?at, owrtoioiy aam< i9iit *x h a lcv?r. The wo?r**i* u? a?iflVOrfl of 2 10* ?vlUioat bun r#i?tA pt)rf'??fc?y UMif A'4rtil vor and Auirciuu* qi4utioe f'l 31 y?*r^ IL?f ?%a be #?a* voted in t'njcrt on o? K? of wul. *. . w?.r rfie moan and Ktmanift of ?n? country. Ti ey rv?Mf?r Km t??v? of oookt, b*?ard i?* 1 <>um> lu+potw, too. imnfCMeary to U?# *<?*1 d?nr*. ItUd Aoill fo c< uv?y, *lthou% hakoiis (m nnulo a hvftl f?Al%^oof or I'Vfli iiy d?#Unot, and it \? not a? 4 > m\ ? e<? ? berf wten you ??-t il fl err, *i. Ito (irovlni?ua cam ct?#>4id oim yr?*r to b U?*io without boi? p Imbi* m rvtt lnik*^* *?. aii*u?ra?/ povuio ? ?r* roi *(* t y kepi opSn ?t our otnoo. and rculsroht* ?at? oil* ard ? 0 f -r tfanmilvM thr k*rd ot N-nid ttwy can ham at |8^( weak In l lifoima AH r.AiNl* * Id at their oj'.a'dtahiarni aru varranud to it^r f.^ ?tr> *? w? m*. ?|? Frontaji Slims h?k , a i'OHM.v. 1 lit>eg hi BuTf fSV u M WDOU 6 VTboUUc ?b.r? ktnwfroKry, 6i MaMtu UM, i

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