Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1849 Page 2
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p NEW YORK HERALD. , Rorthwut corner of Vuiton and Hum Sta* t: JAHJE8 GORfN>N BKNNETV, ' PROPRIETOR. t THE DAILY HERALD.-1 2 cento per copy- . *J yer annum, lie MUKRUid bJ)TilUN it ruMiitod at tfelock A. M . and distributed be/ore breakjaet ; '.he AFTER \ tHMt* EDITION can be had oj the ncmboye it S u cloth f. tt 1 He. WEEKLY HERALD, for circulation on tin Court I met t. it published every Hut unlay, at ernt. ji rr ropy, or JUI per annum; for circul 'lion in Europe and p it ed i> 1 p#r copy, or $4 per unnvL, the latter price to include the poii ! Oft. \ ALL LETTERS by mail, for vbecriptione, or with adver0eemmt?,to be post-vauL or the postage smU he dcdueUd from 1 tnoney remitted VULUSTAR VCORRESPONDENCE. cent atnmtimportant notoo.e elicited from any quarter of the world; if need, loill be i Mktrolly paid tor JDiEKTlSEMENTS, %ronowed every morntny, and it b* pmbluhrd mthe morumq and afternoon e*litione,)at reasonable priori, to bo written in a plain, legible manner; the proprietor tut reevoneible fer err ere i* manveritt. NO Sot eCU t" ken el n? nymoue coinmunteatione. Wh'tr?er u intended for inicrttnn m?it tx au /initi ated by the entire and mddrrei of th writer, -ot?ecte <arity for pub'icaNan, brtuea roar ntyo' tn$ good faith. the cannot return rejected commumtnl one. PRlb' l ISO of uU ki'de ai?-?t?d beautifully, and with deepatch. Ordm rrcrircd nl thr qffiee THE HERALD EST AH LI SII MRS T i, ope* throughout the night AMl'SEKENTS THIS KVKNINa, BOWERY THEATRE. Bowerr?Roapioba? Natal la. Ar.lhakti? LaTATAB Ut'l falfukmabcka BROADWAY THEATRE, BiAAdwm;?Roittb-OBI?TO. NATIONAL THEATRE, UhmthAm BqntB?Oltm no Dbtua ? IV AcorrrA?Th b Swim Sao aim. BHRTOIPB THEATRE. Chaabm Nnt?numns Ku -laCMAITID Iili-a lomi or Chufaua MECHANICS* HALL. Bmdni, Nsnx BrotBi-Oxion'i Innima SOCIETY LIBRARY. BroNnj, mat Lhiiu1-Ni? Obuant sebeh aokbs'. ^ ALHAMBRA, BroAdw?]r, boat Prlnoa?Saitdi, Lot k Ou'l ZOOLOGICAL BALL, Bowery?Yaw Amiuroh ft Go's, Mnitun. CUINK8X MUSEUM. 119 IroKlway?CHTNESS OVBIONTHS. New York, Krlrtay, Janurj 10, 184:0, Our Forri|>ii Correspondence. Our readers will find in to-day 'a paper an additional letter from our accomplished and able correspondent, Marcus. This gentleman is an American?a Wetlern man, of distinguished talent; and his letters are acknowledged to be the most perfect and erudite expositions of European affairs that ever have been published on this side ol the Atlantic^ Opposition, In Advance, to Usntrsl Tsylor'l Administration, It ia very evideut that the various political factions of the North and South, and perhaps of the "West, too, who were defeated in the recent Presidential election, are very earnest, and are struggling hard, to organize an opposition of a guerilla kind, in advance, to the incoming administration of General Taylor. This opposition is intended to operate in Congress, as well rs out of it?among the people. There are mors than ninety members of Congress yet to be elected for the session that wiii v|ini iu next jjrcemuer. J adding from what hae been the result of the fall elections, the chances are that a large majority of those members who are to be elected will be favorable to the party which elevated Gen. Teylor; and, therefore, with them, and those members who were elected recently, there can be no doubt but that General Taylor's administration will have a great majority in the next Congress. If the result of the elections which are to take place should be the same as that ?f the recent ones, the majority in favor of the new administration will be thirty-five or thirtyseven; but if, under the new agitations which have been set on loot by the various factions throughout diflerent sections ot the country, new issues should be made, the anticipated majority for the new administration may be reduced to nothing at all. The political movements which have recently taken place at Washington, under the auspices of Mr. Calhoun and some ot the Southern members, in reference to the slavery question, have probably us much bearing on the organization ot a new party at the South, which will be opposed to General Taylor's adminis- 1 tration, as they have on the avowed purposes 1 which the originators cf them have given out.? The aggressions of the Northern StateBof the con- j fedrracy towards the Southern, on the slavery ( question, have been exaggerated and enlarged upon, fur the purpose of furnishing a platform in the approaching elections in the Southern States, so as to enable the new opposition to carry a majority ot that section of the couatry against the incoming President. Some of the Southern members appear to be very violent?threatening, as they do, a dissolution ot the Union, and fulminating their direful purposes, without regard to prudence or moderation. The greater portions of those threats und fulminationa are, however, intended for Buncombe, and meant as capital to be i used in those elections, tor the purpose ot prepar- | mg the public mind to oppose the policy of General | Taylor; and as such, they are beginning to be un- , derstood. i The movements of Mr. Van Buren and the free t Boilers ot the North, including the odds and ends ^ of the abolitionists, who have united wnh them, ( have undoubtedly a similar purpose in view. The ^ otirtv which supported General Cass in the Xortli. a i? entirely broken in pieces, although some of the r individuals who acted as leaders, may survive the wreck of the vessel, and (lout ashore on sticks and spars, here and there, along the political coast. General Cass himselt, it seems, is to be returned to the Senate by the Legislature of Michigan. If this should turn out to be a fact, his will be one valuable life saved from the general wreck of the Juckson democracy. Others, too, maybe saved by their individual edorts; but on the whole, th# old democracy?tnat is to say, the democratic party which rose up with General Jackson? may be considered as cons gned to the tomb r.f the Capuleis, and must give way to new combinations and fieah movements of parties and measures. Mr Van Buren and the free soilers of New York and New Kogland, intend to hold the vantage ground of opposition to the new administration; and the movements which will soon take place, in which members of the new Congress are to be elected, will be conducted in direct hostility, in advance, to the measures, and purpose*, and]administration of Gen. Taylor. Tins combination will form another branch?a Nor .hern branch?of the new opposu ion to the incoming administration j What a singu'ar spectacle does not ihe politics j aspect of the country and of the next Congress pre- j sent! Mr. Van Buren and Mr. Calhoun, who have agitated the country tor the UbI quieter of a century, now uniting in a nominal opposition, as re i ga'ds their views, hut perfectly coucurring in the ultimate purpo le of purling down the ne v administration, arid endeavoring to do so, even in advance, each in his own way ! These movement! are daily being developed as we represent them. A new division and reorganization of parties are now certain. The new administration mint take a /ioiu<.tvafivo t.ii.iftnn in r?-i'rwni*r r?i flit* letwrv . and eveiy oth^r cuestton It mint take a positive ^ etiind hi opposition t? the dtstinionnts ot both sections of the country?the North as well as the ' South Of cou no those i>tie rill is, or factional s--c- I * tionists, although ostensibly opposed to ea h other, j k end utterly and irreconcilably -tt vnrun t in their * avowed fitirixwe, ?il f'otina k nd ofc'imbina ion j" in the next Onngreae, for the purpose of cin s jpp and weaken ng 'he administration of ttie new j t I'm id? nt. it w nl he we) i } >r itie w i,ole country to lo< k on their designs and th t> movements in this liuht, as t>y so doin# it will be enabled t? in et aud * cbviate them. 1 StfaMK* e le ter, received " in tin* city, from Cha^res, by the Falcon, at New ' ttrVaiie, men'tons the arnval ot the mail steamer c Cnl.fornia ut Pa?oiirie, |?revious to the ItOih It-c. ' W nr inclined to doubt ihe truth ol this report, j r 0* *|,e v at o? tfX| c? ted before the ?tb, having re- i J J 1 d n >r \ ?'?l r< !{'o, ? ver the tiri|e S tecl'l" f, ' i Wienie <u.ct?tUtl> dtt?yed a?r usual at ia**ai?. , ?. Barisakitt, and Violation of tub )kad.?Suppose the father, mother, sister or rj rother of any one of us, or of any citizen, at some w listant place in the Union, wa9 to come on to 11 Mew York city, a stranger, and on walking aloof it he streets was to tall down and die, trom some c >ne out of the many causes, accidental or natural, e A'luch cause death ?what would become of him, b icr, or them ? It is awful to relate; but the fact is low leaked out, and it is proper the public should g know it?he or she would be carried to the, a Coroner's inquest, )>ro forma, would be held over the body, and to all appearances, and according to all accounts, and to all the information to be got from the authorities, the body would be decent, ly mteired in the Potters Field on Randall's Island. But such would not be the fact ; it iB probable the bcdy would never reach the burying ground; it would be taken away, cut up, mutilated, and dissected, and the torn and lacerated fragments thrown out into the streets and gutters of this filthy city, to be torn by the dogs, and devoured by the hogs. These terrible facts ; this atrocious violation of the dead ; this indecency on the part of the | city government towards the city aud its citizens ; , these outrages upon humanity?have all come to ( light by the persevering eflints made -and made is 1 vain?by an affectionate son, to discover the body | of h:s lather, who accidentally died in the streets j of our city the other day. Officer W. H. Bell, of , the Eighteenth ward, was the person chiefly em- , ployed to aid in the search after the body ol the deceased; and the scenes come to light in the course oi their vain endeavors, the sights they , saw, the dark mysteries of the dead house, which Mr. Bell, and the son ol the deceased, together, found out in their long and vain pursuit, would harrow up the feelings oi the most insensible, to heartliem relate them. We think it our duty?a solemn duty to the living?to give this account of ( the secret horrors practised uoon the unknown dead who may happen to die in this city, away from their friends. What is most extraordinary in this matter, ia the fact that the public city authorities know nothing at all about tha matter; moreover, they care nothing at ail about it, and bandy about the child in search of the body of his beloved parent, from office to office, from place to place, with scorn, contempt, and neglect, without caring, or being able to give any information. Mr. Buskirk, a respectable citizen ol Staten Island, lately died suddenly in the city, and his son having come here to obtain his body, has found it gone, and disposed of, nobody knows where. Ia the course, however, of the painful research, it has come to light that the bodies of those who die in the streets are Bent from the Alma House and other places to be nominally interred in Potters Field. Out of nine bodies sent by the Alms HouseCommissioner 1 to be thus buried, <*n the 5th and 6th ult , four only out of the nine reached the ground ! Mr. tiuskirk, ( Jr., and Mr. Bell, the officer, opened six coffins at f Potters Field, in search of the body of Mr. Buskirk, and they found only mutilated remains and pieces of flesh?a trunk without a head, and all 1 sorts of mutilations, too horrid to recount. Where and when the bodies disappear when they are chopped up, no one can or will tell. They are left ' in the bone house at Bellevue, for a time, in the j care of a pauper?then they are carried in a boat 1 frein Bellevue to Randall's Island, and here they | are given to the care of the sailors, also paupers; i and the coffins are lef: for nights, exposed and un- j protected on the wharf, tossed negligently on the shore, and less than half reach the burying ground ! Now, if these were only poor people's dead bodies, , the rich might laugh at it; but let the rich, let all t men, recollect that the bodies of their own fathers j or wives, or of any stranger who dies in the city unknown, will be treated in this manner! It such a 1 thing had happened in heathen lands, among the i Romans, Greeks, or Turks, it would have roused l the living to a state of horror and indignation k which would have produced a terrific revolution and awful retribution upon the guilty authors and ^ connivers at such outrages. But we live in Chris tiun times, and these are Christian practices. a Generals Tayi.ur and Wool.?The attempts (1 recently made in this city,,by certain journals, to c create a quarrel between General Tavlor and Ge- 0 neral Wool, in relation to their respective merits * on the field of Buena Vista, have received some encouragement in other quarters. The Nurth American, oi Philadelphia, in its Washington cor- e rerpondence, re-cooks the same views, with the same sauce, which first made their appearance in a the columns of the Courier and Enquirer, of this * city. Such efforts, for such purposes, will be deprecated by all intelligent minds. The motives which miy 1 actuate these individuals, la attempting to excite ? a quarrel between these distinguished officers, will * probably lie revealed at an early day. It is easy to # Suess at them now. Selfish scrambling for office, ? or an attempt to play upon the unsuspecting feel- * ngs of distinguished men, may be disguised tor a p diort time, but will soon disclose the cloven foot. " r We are sure, judging from the private characters 01 >f Generals Wool and Taylor, that r either of them ' vill notice or countenance such projects to raise a w lisagreement and excite jealousy. The two jour- Jj' als, however, now professing, from an extreme gC egard for Gen. Taylor, to originate a quarrel of his kind are well known to have been, both of hem, bitterly opposed, as long as they possibly M :ould he, to Ins advancement to the station which i? le will soon fill. One of them struggled for months ? ?nd months, in every possible way, against the des- c, :iny of General Taylor, that it might bring out Ge- *t leral Scott as the whig candidate; and the other, J( jntil the laat'momeut, was a furioua advocate if Mr. Clay. Now they come, at this late * lay, and profess to be the only guatdians and the dl inclusive friends of Gen. Taylor, in support of his ^ miliary reputation, against attacks coming fr m he opposition press?attacks which are only con octt d and published for the purpose of being re- c] died to. b< It is a witless and miserable intrigue, and de- * lerves full and ample exposure, which we shall to nake of it at an early day, if it he necessary. " The United States Senator from New York, gj rV'e learn from Albany that the strongest efforts to ire being made to return the Hon W.H.Seward m United States Senator, to fill the place of the Ion. Senator I)ix. His friends are electioneering Fith a good deal of effect against Hugh Maxwel' di >f this city. The principal ground of opposition to iim is said to be that he was born in Scotland, and at s not, therefore, a native born of this country, Die fact that he was born in Edinburgh, we be- U| ieve, is not denied; but he came over at an early T tge to this countiy, and was educated at Columbia th College, where he took his honors. J1' The new Governor, it is said, is in favor of Mr. J, Reward, and it ap|>ear8 probable, from the circumitance of the latter having l>een appointed lately by ^ be former to the respectable trust ol directing the u? r an Rensselaer suits on the part of the Slate. There are many excellent candidates for the iflice of United .states Senator, and all of them n 1 ve think preferable, in aome leepecta, to W. if. Reward, who, though an able and talented mtn, ]" ind bearing a high irputation, is yet ausperted ol ? itch strong ultra notions that he would he very ikely to do great injury, in the present agitated tute of the countiy. to the incming adminiatra ion of Genera! Taylor. StRVKYINO I'ixrKDITION TO TIIB IsTIIMUS OF Pa- lh iama ?Aii expedition, coni|iosed of Majoi G. W |j* iughes, Capt. Tillman, Capt. Sidel, of ths a'my, ud Mr. Noma, of Philadelphia, with their Matsi rite, numbering thirty-eight in all, leave this ,,, uy on Monday, in the bark Temp'eton, for Cha- N' [tea They commence, immediately on their ar- 'pj ival, the survey of the track (.elected hy Mr. As- >n lit u( |! hi d roti'panv, for the construction of ih?ailrr hd to I'uneina This is the commencement t tf ? <( ? no>.< iiijm r? s'll for its sperjy | ? L. U.j .1 ??wat. Til* GOVKKMMKNT AND TUB Cai.i PORN iA P*Sitciikm.?The Washington Union charges us 'ith injustice and illiberality, because of onr giv- ' g a small bit of confidence to the rumors circu" 1 iting in this metropolis some time past, that ofli- ' ial intelligence from California had been suppressd at Washington, and held back from the public y the government. Our cotemporary at Washington is somewhat luiiry, both of injustice and illiberality, tu bundling is up with the A'fetiitig Pout, or including us in the tame category. We did not fully believe the atotes circulated in Wall street, and our purpose in nibllahing them was to bring forth an official denal. We are now perfectly satisfied, from the mo9t authentic information, that the stories in Wall street were mere inventions of the speculators, and that the government at Washington hare had do information other than what has been already published. It must be known to the government, as well as to others, that the California fever in this and other cities, is afford ng to speculators a vast field of operations; and that all sorts of stories are irvented, and every species of fraud resorted to, in order to increase the number of dupes, and blow the bubble to its broadest dimensions. There is good foundation for the belief that Call, fornia is going to become a very im|>ortant settle ment, and that vas1 fortunes will be made by many adventurers, both by digging and by commercial operations. But no species of commercial adventure or opening can exist in this country, in a moderate shape, for any length of time. The best evidence is, that the speculators are now at work in all directions, to get up expeditions, to collect money, and cheat the public, under the golden dream of going to California, and beuoming millionaires in a week. We acquit the government, therefore, of all concealment in its oflicial intelligence, and desire lta venerable organ to extend the hand of forgiveness, and make the amtndr honorable. Tiik Opera and its Critic#.?What is in the wind now! Mr. Fry does not seem to manage hie organs very well, nor do they play at all in tune.? One of his favored journals has been the Couner and L'ntjuirer, and the savage manner in which that paper now comes out upon the new opera and 'he artists, is such as would make an Osage Indian of the Upper Mississippi condemn it lor the cruelty of the operation. Benedetti, Rossi, and even Truffi?all poor Italians, who have been laboring and working for the season to repair the blunders of Mr. Fry, and fill the house as well as they could ?are horribly treated, while moderate and middling singers receive eulegiums and praiBe. This is hardly fair or just criticism. But it is none of our business?the cookery is in other hands. Thk Weekly Herald, lull of interesting mater, w ill be published at nine o'clock to-uiorrow noining. Tub Steamship Unitbo States will be due at his port to-morrow, or Sunday. City Intelligence. ColdWiithii ? Th* weather yesterday, was quits sold?almost as cold as the oddest day of the winter. Si'docn Death ?The coroner held an Inquest yesterday, at No 83 Pine street, on the body of Alexander I'au Buren, a batter by trade, sued 41 years, born in N'ew Y ork, who oams to his death, yesterday, by disuse of the heart. It reams the deceased was at work, tnd suddenly fell baok sunk on the floor, and expired tlmost instantly. The jury rendered a rerdiot that he deceased earns to his death by disease of the heart. Common Council. Board Or Assistant Aloammkn ?January 18.? This Board held a special meeting last evening, in rela.icn to the amendments proposed by the Board of Allermen, to the oity charter; the President in the hair. 1 A motion to go into oommlttee of the whole, was ak.n, and lost. It was moved to take up the dooumsnt by seetions, ipon whlob the following was adopted?ayes 8. noes 4. Hnc. 1. The lfgi.UiWe power shallonniinue tn be rested in a loaid of Aldermen and a Board of Assistant Aldsrmon, who, to .titer, sha'l form the Common Counoil of ths sity. The Board of tldermen ahall oousJt el one Alderman from each ward who hall be elected bv the people of Ute res pec tire wards for two era Tits Board ot Assistant A'dermaa shall oonsill of one issistant Alderman from soli wsrd, who slisll be elected in like tanner, and shall tto'd their office for ono year. Assistant Alderman IIiuharo moved the following mendment, which was lost: ? "And every wh.te woman ?f the age of twenty-one jears, who call have been a resident ot the oitv tor one preceding tny barter election, and who shell be possessed of property witain the ity, end shell har> been actual y rated and paid a tax ihervon to he City Treasury. shall be one ol the peopl. within ths meaning t this set and sbnil be entitled to vo s at any e'eotion for any of oersleeted undet the charter, and to all otner or, nftmd" After NDt few remark*, it *u mofed by I Arslstant Aldtrman Sc holts, that tb* charter be f icrrected in conformity with the first section, as pate- t d. Adopted, ayes 12, noes 1. ] The Board hereupon adjourned. t A oommmittee ot oonferenee, it is expected, will be f ppointed from both boards, when the amendment* to be charter will be finally agreed upon. e Police Intelligence. c Charge of Emheztiemrni.? Ollloer Kdwardt, of the t 'bird Uistriot I'olioe. arrested, yesterday, a young o nn, of the name of John A Laforge, on a charge of b uibezzling various sums oi money, amounting to nearly g ICO, from his employers, John Boardtnen A Co , No. kH Broadway. It seems that the complainants are ida-water manufacturers, and the accused was one )| r their men, employed to carry areuna the soda (l ater to their customers. In this way the accused is w barged with receiving bill*, on acoount of his emlayers, without rendering an acoouat The oase is t, ow under a hearing; and Mr. Laforge asserts that he in prove the charge to be one of malice on the part . I Mr Boardman, because be hat left his employ and ana to work for an opposition line of soda water. *' Charge ?t Grand larceny.? The police of the Second ard arrested, yesterday, a young man, of the name of dward Kelly, on a oharge of stealing on the 28th of n t-eember last from the premises No. Oi Dry street, a gi ild lever watch and ourb chain, a pair of black pants, c< satin vest, nnd a newly footed pair of boots, the fit ( petty of Mr Samuel Downing. On the arrest of is prisoner, the boots on his feet were Identified by r Downing as his property. The whole am mnt nlen at the time amounted to 1110 The evidenne 8 >ing strong sgalnst tbe prisoner, Justioe MoOrath in. milted him to prison for trial tl Jirtert on Suspicion ? A man by the name of Mi lael Ruff was arrested yesterday, on sueploion of C) esling >100, from John White, residing in the Fourth hi ard. The magirtrate detained him for a further earing. stealing Jewelry Some thief on Wednesday, eared tbe premises No lV& KIm street, and from one [ tbe rooms, carried off a gold watch and chain, .. iamosd pins, can eo bracelets, gold pens and various h>r attioies of Jewelry, valued in all at >260. No , rest " forging on a Pro t her ? Officer Shadbolt arrested ssteidsy. a man by the name of Charles (I. Nase. on a *' arrant isurd bv .luetics Mciirath. vhtnln h<* >u?Si " merged with forging a promissory nut*, purport inn to drawn by hi* brother Miwn 8 Nar>?, for ItM nam of J' I OOu This note he parried to a Mr Joitah I, Barton, o. 107 Murray street,on tha 10th inetant. under tha w Bowing elrinni*'aDc?? It seems Mr Barton fold to ia accused a span of horses for $700, and reoelved w lOOcarh and tnir $1 040 note, and for the balance dua *' te secured In exchange. Mr Barton gave hi* own note rbrquently, on the preemtath n of tha f 1 000 nota iiba brother, Mr Mo<aa8. Maw, It wa? declared at " tea la ba a forgery. Tha accused was committed to Wl Iron for Irlal. Jhrtit an 8?tpirian ?Officer Gardner, of the 0th ard. arretted yesterday, the cunning Bob Moore, or ore commonly known a* tbe King of the Klra Point* * irklee on suspicion of stealing a Udy's cloak, valued ; J?7 from a store In Catharine street. On the orb 'I* nee being brought before Justice MaGrath. It was iowd that tha oloak In question was found oonoaaled ndir tha bed of Bob Moore, situated in a little room ; No. IB Mulberry street The oloak wae found folded or } between tbe sacking and tbe straw mattress a his fact alono was enough to procure hie diesharge, as ec e magistrate aery jnstly obrsreed that a nooning r, ilef like Bob Moore would never ateal, nod then de hie plunder In his own room ' This was evident e| said the Justice ' apian to pr cure Bub'? c nvto- j n by tbe real thief placing the ol?ak under tha b-d th tbout tbe knoalrd*e of Beb " Taera I* no doub: )ti it that B? b is a notorious tblef; yet In this oa*e It I* rp sin enr ugh that a irioi ba? ben played a* Bob n , n cunning a thief to be caught with stolen property bi ble own room Boh was discharged from custody. a d walked laughing out of tbe court bi iJffaififog Emif ahi'$ f.trgcage ?A complaint was tj, ide yesterday, bef. re the sitting mad'trate by an lurent celled Sen nel Klaig, against a man by the i? inje ft Stohey keeper c?f an emigrant hoarding home j,, Wxxbltigton etrret. rbarftng him with detaining hit image, contrary to law. A warrant war Ixtued for bla trxt. la (o: AniiiicTiori ?1?? nj F. RumeU, of North Ad?ms, ot at-H , whm at rent el on Saturday, on h charge ol a.' idur.tlon The aimt wax made at. the Inxtlgauon of h t Hodge*, an < fllrer of North Adanix who acted for ml paiente of one of the xlidu ted partle* It appear* i?t tie pilroBer. ahotif the Iflih of Oeeember la*l. ab icted two ft-mal?e from the town of North Ad tax, and '' 0 wltb them to Troy Tbelr nxmee are Mix* Staples p* ed 5u ai.d Mix* La Belle aped lb Bo<b bar* hitherta At Mamed rexpretablerhar*oterx,and both bare reapect- T' >le t arenta rending In Maexaehmett* It I* be lered at tb* abduoth n wax effected h> aome jonnp men la <t nth Ailau x Itux>ell acting aa'belt bired agent and V a< It wax dnnetn prerent eoroe unpleasant dlxolmurx* 3 1 tie tiIrle ate aappoeed to be In Troy, ax they bare bean ?'l o>d to thie eity 'honah all ?ff"rt? to renarer tbem "> ie ibur lar piored uuxuee>xeful. The prlaoimr wax it OereO to fli rt hail in thexiim o? gfiixi, In default o' ' Irh be ? ax x? ni to prixon. After the examination he Vied t? pr< dure the abrtnnted flrl?, ami pay fT' tf * .. Un'ltr vtv i fp! fc.'m tlltaf/ T,-* Theatrical and Mimical. Bowrir Thiatii ? After the pleasing little oomedy >f u Lore'* Stratsgems," laat evening. Mr Larater Lee Appeared, and went through hie remarkable feate ef equilibrium, on the bottle*; and we taunt say tbet they exceed everything we have ever reen In the balanelog line. A glaea decatuer 1* certainly the laat thing in the world we xbculd think of for a man to balanoe him pelf on, but Mr Lee, with hie feet embracing the neck ct one, eeeme aa brui ae If he were standing on the itage; and. in tbie position. he play* with rings balance* nicks on his chin, and plays a variety of feats. inot only on one bottle aoee Dh rest but on one which terns the apex of a specie* of pyramid of bottlee and His feats weie loudly applauded by the numerous audience present The play of " Boadloea" was next pertr-rmed; and all the gorgeous scenery, processions, choruses, and other features of the ptaoe gave the ufnal rstisiaetion. genie further beautiful gymnastic performances, by the Lees and tbeir young pupil, concluded the enierlaionients. For to-night's bill we refer to our list of amusements. Bhoaowav Thkatba. ? Last night was about the twenty-eighth reyresentation given of " The Count of Monte Crlsto," at this theatre; and yet, the deep interest felt by the publlo in tblr great and megio plsoe of scenlo beauty and fascination continues, if possible, on the increase, rather than to exhibit symptoms of ccmmg to sn abatement or diminution. We obreivc, bowevsr, still increased and additional attractions added to the pirce In some of its parts The carnival sports, wbiob form suob a marked portion of tie beauties of the piece, end which contribute so gtratly to its general interest, have been etill further augmented, and an addition of new grotesque characters has been made, whloh adds very considerably to the general cbarm and entertainment of the whole The interior o the grottoe. the interior of the island, the grand ballet, and many other rich scenes, would deserve each fcr itself a separate notion, so rleh and surprising is tbeir effect; but time snd space will net sdintt of dcing juetloe. either to the able oompany of psifoitsers and their talented performances, or to the orama Itself, and Its rich and gorgsous sot nes It must be teeu again and again, to be fairly and justly appreciated National Theatric.?The little pieoe of "Olympic Devils," now aoting at this theatre, Is a most amusing one, but as the story of It (If story It may be called) la feuDded on the ancient mythology and fables, regarding Orpheus, Eurydioe, ho , the allusions and classical puns fall rather unheeded on the ears of the majority of the audience; still, as the dialogue Is smart and witty, the dances scenery, ho - all pretty, and Miss Mestayer, W. B Chapman, Taylor, and the others, not rery wittily, the piece goes off smusingly enough. We would compliment the distinguished young leader ef 1 Pinto's band on the way in whloh he performs "Oh Susannah" and other kindred times on the violin; the little Bacchus, too, (young Syketey, If we are not mistaken 1 though be has nothing to say, yet looks the obaracter to admiration. ' Waoousta" was played last night, with its usnal suoeess,and it seems as if the fiubllo grow more plrand with it atoh evening that it * [arlorDrd To-night, the fame bill will be repeated, the laughable faroe ox " SwIm Swains" oouoluding the perforinanoee. Buxton's Thkatrk.?Mr, Burtoi took hla benefit last evening, and the remit waa a houee crowded from top to bottom with a highly respectable audlenoe. Thiamuat have been a gratifying eight tor Mr. Barton, j not only in a pecuniary way, but ehowing dearly the i high estimation in which he la held by the pnbllo. ' The exoellent comedy of ''John Bull," one ef Colman'e , beet, waa played with mueh effect; Mr. Burton'a Job < Thornberry waa a piece of genuine acting, and met J with that epplauae which none bat a delighted audi- , enoe could give. The new farce called ' A Bottle of , Champagne; er. The Witoh of Windermere," waa re- , eeived with the utmoat acclamations of delight The j entertainmente conoluded with the popular faroe of i " Poor Pillieoddy" John Peter Pilliooddy, by Mr , Burton, kept the audience In roare of laughter, from | the exoellent and exquisite manner of playing the , character To-night a very attractive bill is offered:? 1 " The Haunted Man." ' The Enohanted Isle," and " A ; Bottle of Champagne." j AMtaicii Ciact-'i.?The performances at this place t of enteitalnment commenced last night with a brilliant 1 ten horse entice, which afforded the moet unqualified ? delight to tho admiring spectators. Walter Aymar 1 again displayed bis beat tlfnl boreemanshlp. Mr. Sands ( and hie talented children Maurice and Jesee, elicited < tbe greatest appieuee by tbeir surprising performance ; l and Master Hernendes was tbe wender of all who wit- i nesscd the astounding teats whioh be aeoompllsbed ? a 1 he brilliant evolntlona on the flying oord by Mr. Rnggles, tbe fighting pontes, and tbe fighting men, the t graoetul movement of the daneing boraee. and the o laughable afterpleoe. made up a bill of fareunsurpasaed tor ita variety and amusement: and whioh may eafely v warrant the proprietor in challenging a oomparlaon of this establishment with any en# of a similar kind in J tbe world. c Tux Distin Family.? It will, we are snre, be a sonree b of general regret that Mr Henry Dtstin, one of the ao- " sompllsh'd performers en the sax hrrns, is not yet * -ufllciently reoovsred from his recent Illness to enable *J :be family to gratify tbe public with another of their magnificent entertainments This young gentleman P las ro completely enraptured tbe lovera of aweet * founds in this city, by bis wonderful execution at the f ast conoert. of the air "All Isloet," that this plaintive ' melody might be Justly considered the echo of the j*1 public feeling In consequence cf hie prolonged ab- r .n,i ??.?? iv. <.n.u_ nr. . w. n [bat we t>t all shortly have the pleasure of announcing * tiis convalescence, and of intimating that an opportu- . Dity tl feeltrg the delightful sod Irresl. tibte Influence which he. with bis father and brcthers, and the an- I' -banting Miss O'Connor,esrreiwe with suohoommand- . eg power, will be toon again afforded to the public 'J Tim Hon iitooi ?An excellent. programme of the noft Tailed character, in the selection of musical r? [ems. is offered to the dilettante of this oity, for tbelr gl imureirent, to morrow evening at the New Masioal i,, rlsll. fioii Broad*ay. We hope this, their last concert, a rill be viaiu d by a large assemblage of the mnsleal u lenlry of this city, as a testimony of tbelr exeellenoe t] ts professors of the violin and pianoforte n, Chiiitv'i Mivstrhls, notwltbatandlog the cold *' ivenings, are doing a flee business, as nothing can b. ool off their friends and patrons front attending their 'f tuly racy and unique concerts The various features h t their entertainments have been so often descrilted > 1} us, that we can now only say, they continne as * ced as ever. ' Tnr N?:w Osi.RAWt Srstirincsi. with their tastefal '' Itging end besudlul instrumental performances do- " git their audiences nightly Seldom has such a well . rgacired band perfcrmed in New York ; and tbo?e "J bo wish to bear most elegant K.thiop>an ooncerts, will f" e fully gratified by a visit to the Society Library, any rening ^ rstirsEi.L's Wibhtski.i are giving concerts at Hart- |D >rd. ibte e?k They play at Springtleld on Vtonday ?, Dd Tuesday next, and at Albany on the 24th. 25th, ,0 itb ans 27th. i). Ma. Vow Bowiiurst.?This excellent banjo player, lc ow performing at tl.e Olympic, ie considered the sa reaiest ar'iet in b<s line, that ever hae appeared in this St inntry. He leaves, to morrow, for TnLadslpbia, to jlfil an engagement there 11 The Greek slave Is now on exhibition at LovlsvlUe Signcra Clrcca and Signor Neri are at the Walnut reet l hf ft tie Philadelphia Booth, the tragedian, Is playing at tbe American th leatre, New Orleans. of Oung'l sod hi? favorite band have been very sue ssful in Bofton and I'rovldence. They will perform , sib early next week 101 pa From Nassau.? The brm IVdruzn, Capt. Doritie, J" Hived at Ui 18 i>ort yt-ntfidav trom NaaHtu 'e"r By tbia vaaeel we received tiles of ISaMau paper* to ,^ if oih lout laolnaiaw wt Wc understand that (.'apt Jellieon. his mate and lurolifae rTr? of the bm l.ttanl. ahoM ?r?ek on haco on the 16th ult baa been prevlouely mentioned, re pafM-Bfjcti In the IVorasa The four man are nail cbarge of mutiny. having plotted to take tba lift* of apt Jellieon. ptevloua to the loea of hla vessel Capt bad toned it nt-reaeary to aboot ono of bi* orew at >e ttma 1 o tbrlr mntinoua or nduct ii attributed tba nP rack of tba vaaael. Shortly aftar tba Pad ran a lift Naasan. tha four man ?? rra detected In atealing from odh of tha pa-aeogera, H" id bacon Inn Insolent thay were pnt in iron* I'ho w" an wara put on board tha Trdraaa by tha United atee'C< neul with dlraetlon* to oalivar tbem to tha nhorlilaa hare, wbloh waa dona last night, and thay re put Id jail Tha Brttiab Wait India atoamer Avon, dna 23d ult, J id not yat made her appearance and mnoh aaiiety yai la talt fir bar safety. Tba Waat India and New tbi nrk mail" raarbad Naraau on tba 6th by a (oboonar apaiel cd from Barmuda oa tba 28th alt , in oonaeia oca ot tba hob ariiral of tba ataamar. ? CkarUtton 'at mi y, Jan 18 J n j fihoriar dijikamcok thi eyk ?a singular cute ST' 'curnd iHet week nt ihe (.Hat-Kow Kye fntirm<iry. girl, t f eixteae jeara ot age hatinit ajpled on ao- of lunt ot loaa of eight ot bar left aya, tba (nuii waa aa- ,|jt rtalntd to ba tba pratanna of a living worm hydatid ha ryilicrrrua of arlaaiiflo naturslii-ta) in the aye, oaa h. fora tba pupil, wbinh it complataly obstructed ha miMll auimal oonaiata of a round bag about ( * aira of a email paa from whioh on one aide aprtogs body v blch la a filament, ooualeting of numerous ,j. pye. ai d capable of being elnnga'ed and ratrao'ed at ? HMteile will The body euda in tha neak and ad. and tha la'ter la suppled "ith four lateral ?u ik?rs. II tbi* ?ae pla?n to tba naked aja In thla In tanaa, _ 1 it appaaiad Mil! mora ar whan tha animal wa? rtaWad If" r< V|hi ni'cioaoopa A* tha axlatanca of auoh * oraa- Hi I ir in tba iDt?r!> r of the n;i not only prarant* tliloi, c?l it ultimately dotroji th? whnla tax'uraaof tha or on n it ??? ra-oi**d to ri-ni"?e It by oparation Tnl? fu ia ?ueriMfi.||} affected Saturday 'not. rh? patlant t)(( hated wlb y#rf-ct aleadl ? *. ind tound her ri-ioa .< n ediately iirtori-d. rha hydatid continued to llvo ','.f 1 inr than half in hour at'er baln< mi ran tod A* ' ' Ij four almllar ca>aa are on record. lha nrm exalted "tit urb curtoaliy. and examined by oomaroua vial- Clu ra. both la) and medical ? <;ia?g?t? (Canada) Ctra- tot dt. fill Choctaw F.miohation ?a port? of CbocUws, 2 in number, under Htiifh McD'intld. K>?i , aaed ihn u?h Jack-on, "n i hnr way to the Oh .c?w '"J1 leticy ?nl ot the Mete o' Arkanaa* on that h Ina". He> were frntn Na?b'be county Another party of thl (I, utider the chaff of th? Ilea. T C Stewart, (har n II a aania d-Mipatioo.) took tha Canton ro.dto J olohiira a law daya pre?h aa y. There ara "till about it a (0 Irdtaoe In ihie Mat a principally In Ka<t M -an Th pi| hul It la haltered if the f reroment aaotinita* Tl.i alow tha pr?pent r"irifn?atlon lor tnelr ram oral, pv( Vfi 71 aarh) it will not ha inr ) b f ra tha paopla <.f lua *^u ata wl'l p< t tin id a populate n which faatli ratar la -| 0 i prawtb and a?t' unaat Mai.y of tho?a "ho pt??a'i pr, rr i ph tl la place waia inni-ua ly One lo.tMnp in*n ~ \, ';!'!? (M" i ) Sou'hrun. 1 Court of Gtntral Seaoatona. Be for* Judge Daly, Aldvrmen Downing and Dodgn Jenaa B Phillips K>q., AeeUtaot District Attorney. Jan IT ? TVial for Forgery. - ilnras# Corp ?u put r.rward oa trial, obarged with forgery la the mc >ad legrro. In passing five $10 counterfeit bill*, purporting ;o belong to tbe ilampabire Y1anur*otur< rs' Bank, Massachusetts. oa sevsral parties in tble city David La ni>on. being aworn, testified that hn la ilerk to Messrs. Cornell and Ammeraiau, dry goads lirrobant*. reeidli g at No. 003 <Jr-en?ich street. I'm irteoner called at ibe etr re. on tbe l JUi December, and >*M*d a ronnterfelt $10 bill in tbe purchase of sums '< C< illk bandkerobiefa Wltnesa banded biiu back, ia ' pr Dotes ana cbsngr, $8 60. Tba no's produced was the >ae that prieoner banded bim Tbia nota waa a forgery in tbe bank. Hamihl Kkllt, exohange broker, tostifled tbat tba of oou-e produced were counterfeit ones [Witness tiers ear rbown the different $10 bills tbat were passed by jrleoner ] 'I nomas Shassos. residing at No. 210 Fulton street, t estlfled tbat one of tbe $10 bilia waa passed on (i<m on ,v 1th Deoember laat, by prisoner, in tbe purchase of oaps. * and bo gave tbe prisoner $8 60 in ebaoge PuiLLirJ Bum grocer, testified that one of the v 1)0 note* wee puwd on him, by pri?oo?r, in the pursbase of groceries ; gave prisoner $0 <17}* In ohsnge. . John blown, of Bleecker St.. grocer, testified that * prironer passed one of the $10 bills on him, In the purobaee ef groceries Tiit ouoke R Weeks corroborated the testimony of . Mr. Boneeteel. Followed the prisoner to Mr Brown's, J! snd told him to give him (the prisoner) no change The prisoner made no defeooe, and the jury rendered " > verdict of guilty. It appeared that tnere were four P other Indictments, on similar charges, against the , prisoner, bat additional trials were deemed unnecessary . by tbe District Attorney Sentenced to seven years snd three months confinement in the State prison. titaded Guilty.?Hiram White charged with grand larceny in stealing a quantity of dry goods, the property of Messrs. Bookman k Titus, pleaded guilty to the snarge of petit laroeny. Sentenced to four months oonfiiement in the penitentiary. Sentenced.?Abraham Bostwiok, (oolored,) found juilty ot grand laroeny, was sentenced to lour years snd nine months confinement in tbe State prleen. m lit and Juty ?The grand jury having diwpesed of all the business committed to their oharge, were discharged for the term. pi TVisl lur,Grand /.err en y?jJ " Tauch Cats."?Charles rn Slaigbt, n well dressed and rather respectable looking : , young man, about twenty-six years of age, was put ! P. forwaidon trial, oharged with the above offence, in 1 ' abstracting from the pocket-book ?f a gentleman who | P otiginally made Vne complaint against prisoner, under i . the nam? e* Isaao Newton, tbe sum of $850, in this . oil), en the 12th December last. J lb# Amimist District ArToanar, in opening the case, took cocaslon to,remark]that this was one or those Q cases in whiob gentlemen like the prosecutor had been frequently drawn into a snare In this city by females, " and were robbed by men such as the prisoner, who em- 7 ployed these female accomplices to aid them in their infamy. Many men thus plundered of their property whi deterred from prosecuting euoh parties as the prf . soner, through fear of exposing their names and oall- P log; but the prosecutor here, who happened not to be " a married man, bad acted in n manner highly credl- i table to him in coming forward; and nn&rall the n .1 eh.. ?,ilS not (ul , j,a, I ( v* wu?uoi?uvrB, "* adj uimaeooe in ?f coming before ft jure to proseoute for the offence. ' The fioxruTon being sworn, ten tided?I reside ia ? Boston; I ?H in th a city on 12tli December lent; ih stopping it the Franklin Hotel, end was passing down , lbs street in tbls vtoinlty when I met Clara Wood. . [Coun'el for defence objected to the Introduction of , the name of Clara Wood at this stage of the trial. Inasmuch as separate tria's were demanded by the prisoner , and Clara in this transaction, and therefore they were not to conneetthem ] Witness, in continuation?I had ft oonrersfttion s 1th Claia Wood, and then went borne with hex to No. 26 John street; I sat by the fire; she came and sat by my sloe; took off my olothes ? " ibe desired me pnt my clothes on chair. [ A diogram, d ihoving the position of the room, and the ohalr, nbich was placed near the door of a small closet adjoining., was here put in, as evidenee ] My pooket- * Cook, containing $640 in notes, was left in my ooat proket; the notes consisted of one S500 bill, two $100 bills, and the remainder in two $60 bills and other *! notes; 1 dressed myself again: afier a quarter of an tiour, I believe, and left; 1 did not look at the large z~. netes in one of the pookets in the pocketbook, but landed her a three dollar bill on leaving, which I t ;ook out of the pocket wbere the small nstes were I? tept by me; she said she was satisfied; I did not look it tbe pocketbook until the following morning; I then I, nieied the money: she left the house with me; when I ipened my pocketbook to give her the three dollars, I zL lid not look at tbe pocket in which I kept the large lotes; there we?e $600 in that pocket; she was dressed T n a blue dress, and appeared very different from wheat *' be does now [The prisoner Clara Wood, who will have a separate rial, occupied a seat In the dock, and had an infant . ' hild with ber; she appeared mneh dejected ] *' Witness here withdrew, without cross-examination, rhich is reserved. Kubcst Senders, the landlord residing at Ne. 26 uhn street, testified that he let the front reom, seond story, to prisoner, sbont two or three months efore this ooourrenoe; he hired tbe roem until May, t the rate of $140 a year; the premises were vaoant , hen be hired them; the furniture oonsisted of a ohalr, ible. bed and other furnttnre; a female resided there lib him; very seldom saw him. only when he came to agi ay his lent; I reside my self at Willlamrbugh; there is closet off tbe room; never saw 8laight after this oourrence; some few days after this tbe furniture was iken away; when 1 let the premises to prisoner, he ' eve me a reference In Rose street, 1 took a memoran- lav em, but have not the name now; he told me that Imself and tbe woman were a new married oouple, nd that they would be found quiet tenants, f rost-namined- Afier they left, I found a loaf of i read there; the woman used to bring me work; I ooou- da; led tbe basement as a boot and snoe store; I might ' are be? n about five or six times up stairs during their ay tbeie; cannot say It there was a stove lnthe room; lere was a hre-place ia the room " Wu.Lissi Robisson, manufacturer of watch glasses, . siding on tbe same premises, in rooms adjoining ef laights, testified that on tbe night of tbe 12th Oeoem- md( sr, about 8 o'clook. he left his room to goforooalln n adjoining closet; on going out. saw Stelgbt going M, to bis ro< m; [witness here painted out and described b le localiiies ot tbe different places, as appeared on the lap Introduced;] raw afterwards a large looking man } nd a woman pass inte tbe room, into which Sla'ght sd gone; 1 then went to work; I heard nothing after d . >r about an hour; about half past nine afterwards, I raid some sbaip words between prisoner and two wo- m *n 1 hey afterwards left tbe honse. and went to- , ' ards Broadway; atilend of mine wae with me at tbe ? ne, I would know the second female if I saw her; . ntness here identified tbe second woman, named da- ^ ib Word, whim he bad seen on this oooaslon ] , Cross txumined ? A full week expired before I J ?srd ant tbinsabout thia afterward*- hoard nrlaonar stlnctiy after he went In thnt morning, take his ots off and go Into tb? clo-at T Johm F<> jeweller, residing at No 25 Johnstreet, ,j?b trifled that he raw Clara Wood and Slalght the night question, and a woman named Sarah Wood; they "n*1 i.t out; he lollowed them; raw Height in his own whi ? m that night; he opened the do> r a email bit, and on < en oloted it; went with Mr. Robinson, on leaving the tope, a* far as corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway; M w Slatght the next day on the landing, going down prei ma. Itqii The Court here adjourned over to this forenoon, at Bat o'olcck. Ban tha Common Plena. Befote Judge Ingranam. V. Jaw. 18.? H'm K />pn?uj vi. Uauc Htndriie and one- pre' rr.? 1 his weh an action vl replevin, to try the right wi properly In a machine fer driving spiles. The kintifl claimed the machine a* having been originally A ilil by himtelf. while the defendant claimed as be- tba agltg to a man nami A Kergu?oo, who bad been in elct rineiphip with the plaintiff, and having received it payment o' a debt oue to him by Ferguson. The ry lound for the plaintiff etx oents dama<en and six nts ccsts, and valued ills machine at f jTi After e jnry bad rendered their verdict, some Inquests re taken, and the court adjourned. FVti el.c Circuit Court. 0|()(, Before Junge Kdwards. Iai?. 18 ?Will of thr lore Rnmirinr Eiq ? nor e evidence on boih sides wa- closed >e-t?rday eve. T i>g Ibis morning ouun.el commenced omuining por, lu support of the will, aed ware followed by o iun.el the h. ire Two e .un-el ha?s yet to sum up ooe "<r< eaohside It is believed they will oon?uins the ing tire of to morrow ('his morning), and the causa ftmi 1 ptobabiy begiven totbe jury on Saturday morniug. ___________________________ Aft Supreme Court. whi OKSKHAl. I BUM. Prsppnt, Justices J one*, Hurlhut, and Kduvnd*. I? 18?Nc Ml is the highest cause oa the calendar I reached. No 4? a reserved cause, was takaa np ^ is morning, and in pert argn-d 80 oi Aurltre Cow it. Before Judge Smith, law. 18 ? Doggrti i'? Jimhi,r - I'hls was an action on uagment (iruiDci n ?n aupudi .lumior*' court, ok the e< do of prooedare w?nt into operation. ? deft ndant demurred, on the ground toot the oourt I fron i no jurlediotli n uad>-r t hi* noitr Upon argument 1 ?tin the demnrr* r, Judge Smith bold that ruction 01 of i of do did ant appy t" judtment* reo-iTemd bafora turn i aoda took effect, and oeerru'ed tba demurrer. ^ Conn Calendar for <hia Day. omuoo Pl*a? lot port - 380 841 448, 84k, 40, 46 <]<] 67 01.100 187 136 130, 106, 210. 211, 260, 111, IlT. ? . , 17T, 168, 166, 207 241 uw' 10tb iccioknt on tm k Hovhatomo K.ail.*oaj>.?On day rai? eday, ah the Housatonic train was coming fltt? in A.bany, when nboul three mile? this Hide ut , dgepoit, Conn., the bumper, winch holds one r to the other, nave way, leaving two pa.-smr earn about 300 yards behind toe. engine, and ir other ears At the lime of the di*connecn the bell void br? ke, at the same tun - ringing hell, when the engineer immediately stnpp d e**l e two hai k earn being under good headway, *| be >nstinck the loiwn <1 ones, which .nade <j ntn a mil, ronie what injllling the brake and the p at- , ..i ?i ,i.? tk. ... _ ...j wate igt-tjc conductor, Mr Fisher,toou proc irej an ctiHin trim n Imm houM*, and in nf-? iiihnth l?Mrtrd ibtm Ugrllier. No person hem* und except the hrakeinan, who wan ahifhtiy it i ii hiH hip, they proceeded, and arrived in city at about the unual hour. ooru ? l)|, |, 'ortiiaiTirih i r Miaaotmt?By the new census . ^ pp-aie Ik at tie pi.pu iltcn of > laeourl In an foil nr?: ablegate pi pulai ton ot t ha S'ata is C>Ml 97 I H?lfl u p> puis'ion ol St Lnnl* count j U 73 Sol prrpi ptrM.ftaof color in tba Stat* I 779 u lirr el tlto* 70 717 lal iim.bir of frea uhlte rumen *2t>* MWt a ?hit? n aiea in St l.otiix ooiiDfy J)6 9r.l nhir t.f dial acd Uuijib In tf>ata Tit 11 tef rf blind, 1*0 TELKtUAFHH INTELLIGENCE. TUlttTlKTIJ COMU111CS8. HE COM) SEvsiON. Bcmu. Wjikisi.toi, Jan. 18, 1818. Til a INDIA* A fl'RO rh I A T i o w u [LI.. Mr. ATHcaven cf Nuw IMuip'hire, Chairm?a of th* ominittee on Klnanoe. reported the I adieu approiitlon Mil from the Hour*. Several repirtafrutn standing committee* war* made, no general Importance MAILS bktwaln u. >. inn kobkkj* NATIOH. Mr Allah, of Ohio, olleied * resolution of inquiry, I tire seed to the i'oetiaaiter lie oral, at to what 000kota h?e beru enteiad 1010. or ex>et*d, fo- oarrflng le nails between the United Mates and foreign name. elating dates, term*, names of contractor*, and rofiU der.vtd iron the same by the government. < MKaoBAKJ Lai MS A resolution was ottered calling for information rating to e-rtain Cherokee cialms against the governent, which was adopted. TBKBITOKT in MINRAOTA. Mr Douglass. of Illinois, moved to take up the bill >r tb* establishment ?f a territorial government in le new territory of Miueeota. which wae agreed to, ad after being considered and amended, was pDetuned. MKSfAUK rloa THI PRRHnBNT, A message was leceived from tne President, by the tnds of his private Secretary, Mr. Walker. PKITaTK uillb. Sundry private bills were taken np and acted upon, . 'hen the Senate, on motion adjourned. Home of KepreaentaUwea. tiri'lLO HARBOR AND TUB ABL'sAS or raifiTirvu The SntAiBB announced the first thing in order on Is table, to he the resolution from the Printing Cemlttee, respecting the surrey of the itaffalo Harbor. Mr. Toombs, of Georgia, addressed the Heuee in rey to Mr. Hall's former speech. He said that he had ade a wrong ieeue; that he |(Toombs) had not 00mained ef the coat of the printing, but the abuse of it. m wished the publio printing well exeeuted aad well aid for. He did not complain of tbe price of printing, ut the abuse of It. The execution of the public prlut,g was not only bad, bat execrable. He wished It well one, and well paid for. The Printing Commute* ere transcending tneir duty; their eyee were upon serjtmcg iney Dad printed an immense r stent file* report, made up from scraps of newspapers Tbio port thus made up. must be printed, according 'o tbts Dinmltteo, bp the hundred thousand copies. He wu ir reforming this abuse in the pubtio printing Mr Hsnlkt. of Indiana, followed, and dv&ggei! (ae ommittee, and expressed hie regret that ;jr fooinbe ad not atlaoked the whole nuiiag Instead of three umble members of the JCamittee He was a bold tan, and ehcft^ hare attacked the whole House?a * Wotthy of his steel. He then attaoked vir. Toombs >r voting to print extra copies, by thousands, of Tapir's oorrespondenoe with the government Hs would o with the honorable gentleman of Oeorgia fur genisle retrenchment in ell things. He showed that there as a saving in printing for this Congress over the *t. He admii ted that the printiog had bean exeouted idly in some instances, but, in tha main, the eonraot system bed worked well. Mr btouHito, Mr Muamr, and Mr, Wentwostu iterrogatsd Mr. Henley aa to the advantages of the rntraot system. Mr. Mbssht said that the printing, as now exeouted, as a disgrace to Congress. Mr Jones, of Tennessee, moved to lay the resoleon on the table. The question was taken by yeas and naye, and denied in the negative The resolution was then pot upon Its passage and lepted. civil ADD DlfLOMATIC bill. On motion of Mr Vinton, of Ohio, chairman of the nmmlttee, the House resolved itself into n Committee 'the Whole on the State ot the Union, and took np te civil and diplomatluapproprlatlon bill, Mr. Smith, ' Indiana, in the chair. Mr. Mullkn, of New Vork, proposed an amendment the seme, in favor of making an appropriation for ? support of Wlsoonsin Territory, as the bill oonined one for Oregon which was discussed warmly by r. Vinton. Mr Duer, of New Vork, Mr. Boydeu, of ortb Carolina, and Mr. Thompson of Indiana, Johan, of Arkansas, Mr Lynda, and others. Some contended, in the course of the debate, that the jirltory of Wlscunsln did not exist; others took opsite grounds, and advocated the proposed emendmt After oonsiderable discussion, ths amendment was raited, when the committee rose, and having oome to > conclusion, the House adjourned. New York Legislature. Albany, Jan. IB, IBM. beported bill*. Mr. Wilriw reported a bill to amend the oh arter of 1 Truet Fire Insnranee Company ; and another linet the petition of A. G. Thompson to amend the ury Lawi. ( TtIK UIURT LAWI. Mr Bokbb introdnoed a bill relatlTO to the Diary re; bat of ite intent and meaning wo hare not been rleed. THI ELECTION FOE V I SENATOR, t reeolntion wae adopted, for the appointment of a t on which to bold an election for a Senator of the ilted Statee, to fill the place of John A. Dlz. whoee m will expire with the present Co agrees The day pointed lor the eleotion was the 6th of February next. a urneral insurance law Considerable debate ensued, on a resolution in faror a General Insuranao Law The resolution wae ipted by a rote of ill yeas to 3 nays n the course of the above debate, Mr. Bokee (are it bis opinion that the bill introduoed lathe Assembly Mr. Campbell, on thiseubject, would p iss that body. IMiUIAIkl RELATIVE Te PUBLIC ROADS lesolutions were adopted direoting the Commissionto report a bill in aaoerdaoce with the reoommen10ns of the report oa the subject of highways. ABOLITION Of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. "be bill 10 abolish capital punishment was taken np committee of the whole. ir Bunt moved to strike out the enaoting oleosa. Ir Ci.ipin suppoited the bill. Fhrn he had conoluded, on motion, the Senate our tied. ASSEMBLY. broorltn convention charter. 'be greater part of the morning was oonsumed In a ate on referring the memorial for a legislative enaotlt relative to the Brooklyn Convention Charter, ch was, however, finally referred to the Committee Cities and Villages 4 SQUARING THE TARDS " Ir Brewer gave notice of a bill whioh he Intended anting at a proper time, baring foi Its object the iinanm 01 ir?: aebte aue the creditor! of the Canal 1 iK of Albany. Hi* bill levlea a tax on the exietlog it j Fund Bankc, to tha lent oant of ladabtadnaaa of ( defunot Institution ^ MeKHIKD WOMIIt. It Johnio.i gave notice of bill to amend an ant riounly parted. protectiog the property of married BOB. urKRifTEitnitnT! or thk rooa. b*ll war paoio-d In committee of the wbole,'to extend time allowed to the Superintendent# of the Parr, i ted In 1048, to die boa dr. and taka tne oath of offlae. Viae Ohio I'roubira. Colombui, Jan. 18?P. M. be Joint committee ef the LegUlature report that d baa a majority for Governor, and la therefore tad. A majority of the committee axpraaa the dad opinion that Ford la clearly elected; bat the miit J differ relative to faeta. ha Houaa, to-day. have adopted the report of the lage county, (whig,) hie eonteeted neat, and vaoat:age county, (whig,) bin contented neat, and vaetltbn Clinton county neat. The committee to exe ne the alleged errora in the gubernatorial return*, atill pursuing their inveatigatlona; n report ot :h 1* expeoted noon. Cholera at New Urlrani, New OiLKtta, Jan. 13, 1840. 'Itbtn the pant two day* there have been 70 death*; fwbloh were from cholera. The I), fl, Sei.ntor from Krntueky. LeuiavtLLe, Ky , Jan 18 1840. a Ire election of a United Staten Sena'or f .r a>x ye >ra i 4th Vlaroh neat, ooonrn on Monday next. It la j doubtful whether Mr. Clay will be Indued to rei to the Senate. total Lot* of the Itrlflah Hark Helena* Boni e.v, January Id 1*40 ?e Britlah bark Halena, Buail. from New Fork for ray, with 10 Ot 0 bu bale o?rn. waa abandoned on tha lDnt..lnlat 30, Ion 88 30 havingeprung a leak that In a heavy N N K. gale. Capt B.. bia wlfn. and n of the crew, Were taken off and brought ? > thtl In the nchooner Virginian, from Baltimore Steamboat knnk, Nr. Pirvaavan, Ian It 1840. I ta nteamer Mary Ann wae etruok by a dr fling beet thin morning, and eunk. No live* were loit. i weather la eery plea-ant The n?<r has no aw pad falling, and th re l< now <>nly feet r In tb? channel >e?terda> them ?a< twenty. The Mew loikUtjr Uaardi. Fh11 ? u?i.rk>? la i M IMft a New York CI'J Ouarde arreed thl* inor n' ep, net with a bo*piiable mnepiloa They runted, up tb* day, the Academy af flow Arta tha Mi at, al meant Water Work a, the illrwd Collage and pendenoe Hall, where they were lanetm I hy Mayor i In tba emnlaa a eumptuou* eniartaiainnnt war red foe them at Oenerai i adae'ladat'emnideep' "* The Itaaieer l^aleon, N>.w Oai.k4M. Jan 12, tail, le Meamthip FaWn tain firkin th*" p?rt ("t N 5 ij f i m ft.

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