Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1849 Page 3
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fever to raging Cotton ia Arm, and nierohanta an Waiting the receipt of the foreign new* doe at your port. _ Ptpartare off Otn. Taylor for Waiblngton. N*w Ohlkans, Jan 80, IMS. General Taylor left his plantation in tbia State, tn the ateamboat Vicksburg, to-daj; prooeeding thenoe to Marhville, Tennessee. He intend* reaching Washing ton by the 20th of February. Mr. Clay ia to accompany him. Bteaanahlp Southerner, dtc. BaLTiMoita, Feb 1,1849?9 P. M. The Southerner arrived at Charleston en Toeaday. There ia nothing aouth of Mobile to-night, by the Southern mail. Dreadful Hallrestd Accident. Boston, Feb. 1, 1849. As the ateamboat train from New York was paeaing Over the Providence road thia morning, while pasaing through Canton, a part of the boiler and engine blew Up, with a tremendoua noise, and tore off the head of Lucius Cummings; the engineer, and badly injured the fireman. The passengers eacaped unhurt. JTIre. Albanv, February 1,1819. A fire ooourred thia morning in Ferry atreet, Troy, ft oolored boy, belonging to the premises, was burned jtu ?euu. Western Navigation, dec* Pittsburgh, February 1, 1849, The weather 1b very pleatant here to day, and we ttave some fifteen or sixteen feet of water In the ohantiel of the river. The Mutklngum river is also in fine navigable order. Markets, Cincimniti, February 1,1849. Flour?There is no change lu prices to note. The tnarket for grain is also without change, either as regards prices er demand Whiskey? (he demand is Xeir; ea'es to moderate ex ten at 16.'?. Provisions? Sacon shoulders bring 4o. per lb. Sales of pork in bulk, and sides at 4>?c from the country The sales of pork are to moderate extent, including 850 bbls. at $10. There isa steady trade demand for sugar, and prices are firm. There is an iacreared demandator onffia, and half a cent advance is asked. Sales of 300 J. bis. molaates at 24c. a 20c. Pittsburg, February 1,1849. The flour market Is steady, with a moderate business In favor of the buyer; the tales, ho sever, are soaroely Worth reporting. We quote the ordinary grades at $8 08^4 a $3 75. In grain (here is no change, either ns regards price or demand. Prime white wheat is dull at 68c. a 70c. There is come inquiry for oora for shipping at previous rates. Whiek-v is in lair demand at 19c. In groceries and fruits there has been no change,and the supply is about equal to the demand. Biltimobk, Feb. 1, 1849. The market is unchanged The weather has been Suite inclement to-day, accompanied with rain and eet. The Weekly Herald. The Weekly Herald will be published at nine o'clock, to-morrow morning. Its contents will embrace oil the important and interesting intelligence of the week. Subscription price?$3 per annum, or sixpence per number. California mining Hoofs, warranted to Orear one year without repitilng, at JOMCS. 14 Ann streot. Fiuc Trench call dross Ueott, $ I flu, unuallj $6. Business [loots St, and warranted to wear as well as any boots made. French water mroof Bcots, from $4 flu to $6, at JONES'?, 14 Ann street, near the Museum. To Mechanics?-California._.Tbe "West Coast Trading Aaoclation" having three or four shares not yet taken, would wish to dispose of the <ime to respectable mechanics; Stems $UU each. For lur her particulars, apply to TIIOS. 8. W1NSLOW, 113 Wall street. Gold Pens.?Peraon* going to California Should take with them one of ti o celebrated Riohelieu Quid Pens, whioh are warranted to wear Ave years, are portable and eonvenientaad will outwear a oargo of Quills, or Steel rena? Void only by B.K. W4T83N. 16 WaM sk Portable Dressing casts, iiauufactured by the Subscribers, will be found, ?n examination, to contain all that is desirable for a gentleman's toilet in the smallest possible epaoe. The articles arc selected with strict regard to quality, and act warranted. U. SAUNDERS a BON, No. 147 Broadway, corner of Liberty at,, and 387 Broadway. If your Hair falls off, Is turning Gray or no, iun iniaiumo uupani is me oniy pnguivu remeuy; ?um i tithe bulb ii not destroyed, it will lestore the hair. For keeping itmoist, salt and rIomv, and healiog coarpea faoea a>d uanai. It 1 JU unequalled. Sold by the inimitable Hair Cutter, No. IS Nan- 1 Ran street. Tlae Han la yet te be found, who has taken 41a)'s Carohslagua, lor lovers, pulmonary, liver, and bili'ua complaints, nervous affections, or cutaneous disorders without 1 boing benefitted. Depot 36 Broadway. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKV MAKKKT. Thursday, Feb, 1?0 P. M. Quotations for stocks fell off to-dsys traction, and tbe rales were only to a moderate extent. The bears operate with a great deal of spirit and confidence, and apparently with the firm conviction that points much belew those now ruling, will soon be realised. There are not so many purchasers in the market, and the bulls seem disposed to wait the arrival of later accounts from California before involving themselves any deeper in the fancies Outsiders have left the street, almost in a body, and prices must settle down in tbe sbsenoe of some stimulus to sustain them. There it a mora active demand for money, and loans made on call a few weeks since, at low rat?s of interest, have been called in to a great extent. Tbe demand for specie for payment of duties, has already been large, and the probability is that for the n xt two or three months the payments into the Sub-Treasnry will be very heavy. The banks already feel tbe infiuenoe of this drain, and bave lately been more cautious in tbeir movements. At tbe first board to-day, Treasury notes fell off )i per , cent; Harlem, >? ; Long Island, % ; Canton Co., 1; 1 Farm rs' Loan, Erie Railroad, >?; Erie Bonds ad- j Ttnoed The wet, stormy weather no doubt had an unfavorable effect upon the market. Fancy stacks are j particularly sensitive, and a disagreeable day generally { depresses prices a fraction. The Manhattan Banking Company bave declared a eemi-annual dividend of three ana a half per csnt, payable on tbe 10th Inst. Tbe Mechanics' Bank, at Newark, has declared a eemi annual dividend of three per eent, payable this day. Tbe trade a .i tonnage of the Morris Canal, in eaoh of the past four years, acoordlng to official returns, were as annexed T? Aiic ann Toictsor or tiik Morris Camai.. IMS. 18(6. 1*47. 1W. Article*.. Tont. Tom. Tom. Tom. Charcoal Sit 1.023 (73 1,107 Casting* 74 126 230 193 Steel bpikes aud Hi ret*... <06 412 807 401 Plaster 7 IS 1,784 7.38 2.102 bomber 1,016 2 8S6 3.8 >4 5.139 Ship Timber 1,315 1 <>44 3,424 1,913 Wood, Bark, &o 5,004 6,766 6,0:1' 6 (10.5 lime SH.3 1,804 1 7H4 2,528 limestone 1,510 5.450 1,810 6 481 Stone, bend and Clay..,. 2 464 6.127 6.621 4.825 Prick 759 1,429 2.122 3 776 Flour Sad Feed 692 2 901 1,199 1.620 . Corn aad Coin Meal 9(3 1219 1,229 2.692 'ron la Blooms 1243 1.686 1,720 1.697 V Rail/ 39 ? 6.020 7 377 \" Figs and Bars... 5 795 11.366 16 910 18,566 Autre ?.K'2 17 073 28.314 45.922 A oral Coal 28,291 47.947 67.08 8 89,879 ' Mikjb'iiiiw. and Groceries 680 1,279 2.585 2.314 fc'JfSriM 215 99 1 4.139 1,167 Total 58,259 109,506 155 359 204 682 The Inrreaee in tonnage transported has been about tbe same each year, although tbe per eent increate was greater in eaoh of the three 3 ears previous to the last. Tbe transportation of iron ore, coal and lumber. In tbe pear 1648, exhibits a large Increase on the previous year, rw * uar? uu tvpvt* iruui me uuuipsu/ ut i?n .financial operations during the past year; but from the Inability of the treasurer to pay the Interest on the debt as It falls due, we should judge that tbe finances were in rather a desperate condition. Tbe stook of tbif company Is now selling la this market at (9 to $9.1. P?r share, and it Is a question if it Is worth even go much. The reduction In tolls, made previous to the resumption of navigation last spring, has probably Offset the advantages which might otherwise have been derived from an Increase of tonnage. This confin; have applied to the Legislature of New Jersey for certain privileges, wfciob, If granted, will, It is stated, tend to improve the value of tbe canal, and extend its ileld of operations. At present the prospect of any Important Increase in tbe actual valne of the stock Is very poor; but it is good enough for speculation, and It is probable tbat is about all it will ever be. The annexed statement exhibits the qaantlty of unsold government lands in the Chicago Land Distriet. cn the both of April, 1818, and tbe 1st of January, | ;1849.Cmc-af.o Lako DiirsicT. Amount?f unsold government lands In the District , April 30, 1848 acres 801 967 ... fjunt sold for ea?h from 1st May to .tlrt December. 1848, inclusive 32.738 Amount looale.d with Soldiers' Warrants from 1st of April to 30th Nov., ' JS48. Inclusive 127,981 Amount located during the month of Dtetinber, 1848, not yet perfected. about.. 18.000 178 M9 Leaving unsold on tbe 1st day of Jan'y. 1849. .028,288 A sufficient number of warrants > ir? beon located, L subject to pre-emptions not yet expired, to reduoe the above to a bo at 600.000. At this rata, tho publio lands in that dlstriot will aoon be dlspoaed of. Emigration ia settling to wards I 111 note vary rapidly, and the eyatem of internal improvement reoently adopted in that State, will aoon aaake U one of the moat deairable locations for agriculturalists in the Western oountry. It is in contemplation to construct a railroad from Chi" cago to Cairo, a bill being before Congress for a grant of land along the proposed line, to aid the completion of the work. It has passed the Senate, and will no donbt pass the lower house. In connection with these movements, we annex, for the benefit of those interested in lands in Illinois, the material polnta in a reoent decision of the United States Diatriot Court of that State, relative to tax titles. The suit was an aotlon of ejectment, Instituted to recover ItiO acres of land in Adams county, Illinois. The plaintiif showed good title derived from the United States, and possession by the defendant, and rested his case. 1 he defendant relied npon seven years possession, the payment of taxes during that time, and a connected title from the Auditor of the State on a sale in lSJtf for taxes, under the act of 1827 The Auditor's deed dates in 1831. Such was his title. The defendant maintains that he is protected by the limitation laws of 1835. If not by that, then he is by the law of 1888-9, "to quiet possession and confirmed titles te land." As to the act of 1835, the oourt decided that possession without title would not avail That the Supreme Court of Illinois, in 1837, in the case of Garrett vs. Higgins, had deolded that the Auditor's deed, unaccompanied with proof of the performance of the essential re quuues 01 ine law, conveyed no ucie. rnereiore, the defendant is not promoted by that law. The court alao decided that the law of 1838- 0 was idconstitutional and void, because it purports to convey to one man the land of another. The court further decided that the Auditor's deed; unaccompanied, aa in tbeoase at the bar, by proof that he had performed all the requisites of iaw authorizing him to sell the land for taxes, convey no title. Therefore, the defendant ia not protected by ' claim and color of title made in good faith" in the meaning of the law The oourt dell ned the " claim and oolorof title made in good faith" under this law, to be suoh a title as in law would pass the estate prima facie, if abetter title be not shown. That it is a question of law, and not depending upon the opinion of the oeoupant, otherwise the defence would depend upon the capacity of the man to judge; in which case, it would proteot one and not avail another, who might be more intelligent. The finances of Massachusetts are represented as being in the most prosperous condition. The annual revenue exseeds the annual expenditures, and tha assets exceed the liabilitias of the Treasury; six hundred and twenty four thousand dollars, as will be seen by the statement annexed:? Finances ok Massachusetts?Revenue and Expenditures. The receipts into the Treasury, the last year, including $6,134 77 on hand January 1, lt48, and $46 600 for Western Kailroad stock sold, amounted to $660,029 66 And the expenditures to 648,674 97 Leaving a balanoe, on the first of January, 1849, of $11,364 59 The resources of the Commonwealth, on the 1st of January, oonslsted of:? 10 000 shares cf Western Ratlroad stock, (old) $1,000,000 00 134 do. do. do. (new!.. 13,400 00 Dividends due let of January, on 11,T64 shares Western Railroad stock 47,066 00 Value of 10,000 shares, above cost 50,000 00 House in Hancock street, No. 12 12,500 00 Notes fcr land in Maine 1,788 00 -South Boston Association shares 1,500 00 Western Railroad Stoek Sinking Fund... 525,600 00 Making $1,651,714 00 The debt of the commonwealth is, tor? Western Railrosd scrip. . .$995,000 00 Temporary loans and intexeft 26,027 64 Balance of note to Western Railroad Corporation . . 10,106 08 Rolls and warrants of recent date, unpaid 1.815 04 $1,038,949 36 [.earing a balance in favor of the State of. $612,794 04 To this should be added cash on hand, l.nn.n V laid 11 inn aa Making >624,09( 64 Nothing baa occurred to render it probable that the State will ever be called upon to pay any of the liabilities which it hue heretofore assumed for certain railroad corporations. Massachusetts is the only State in the Union whioh can make such a financial exhibit as this. Its new railroad stock is put down at its par value, whereas it is worth one or two per cent premium and will ultimately be worth much more than it is at present. Its revenue for the past year, has been increased by the sale of railroad stock to the amount of >46,600. But for this item there would have been a deficiency; the assets on hand, however, have been increased by carrying to the credit aeoount a portion ol the proceeds of that rale. Stock Exchange. $13 00 Trees Notes ffs 1U7J4 60 Morns Canal 9 6000 do b96 ll'isx 190 Harlem, pref'd, full 91314 17060 U S 6*s'67 108 50 Manhattan Uas Co 117 8600 do '66 104 || 5 N V k N Haven, opg 93 7< "0 do '62 coup. 107 Too N Haven k Harti'd 101k 600 Ohio e'e, '60 102v 628 Canton t o 37& <MX)OMo7'l 102 900 Readli g KR 24 2000 Kentucky C's 10114 1460 Harlem KH 66 600 SUte 6 s,'68 102 760 do 65 v 16U) Fenn 6 ? 79 200 do bOO MJ? 600 State 6's, 68 102 11X1 do e60 56? 10(0 Erie Bonds. 7'? 97 100 do sOO 6634 6 ill. State Bark 90 100 do h%l 56? 200 Farmers' Trust 33)4 60 do bflo 56 V 300 do 3334 200 do e90 66*4 100 do .90 S3M 100 do 6634 860 do 31V 75 Long Island BB XIV 60 do bCO 3*34 2(H) do 2334 SCO do 3334 100 do blO 2334 200 do ebO .33 1.33 Erie RR, nor 01)2 100 do b3U 8.3)4 6 de 61*J 210 U 8 Bank 3>? Second Board. >1000 City 7's. '57 106)4 10 .lis Harlem P.B, pre'J 96 26ehe il.'i State Bk bCO 10 60 Farmer's Loan 030 3<)4 20 Erie BR, lull 51)4 100 do 34 V 30 do 61 >4 100 Long Island RR 8334 100 Canton Co 38 200 do b.31 lit? 1(U do bOO 39 60 do .30 2114 2(0 Harlem RR 66 60 do 2234 60 do blO 66 V go do 1>4S 21 )* 2C0 do 66)4 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT MORNING. WANTS. WANlED?A COLOR MAKER, ONI WIIO TDOROJQHly understand* malting colore tur tapestry, carpets, or worsted goods. Apply A. St K. 8. 111(131N8 & CO., 62 Broad at. WANTED?BY A OENTI EM AN, LATELY ARRIVED from Barope, who bae been lor sevoral years connected wish the London prose, a situation either as editor or re|>orter on a morning paper; unquestionable reference oan be given astocapability. Address "Newspaper," this office. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION IN A private family, as Cook, and would assistin washing. R? fetence where she now lives, at 163 Tenth street, where she oan be r?eii all next week. WAN1 ED?AN UNFURNISHED APARTMENT FOX A tingle gentleman. Address box 1,696. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PROt stent girl, as Cook or Chambermaid; has no oblootions to do either is an excellent Washer and Ironer, understands Bakins I well, would like to do housework in a pilvatc family; the beet of > c.ty re'ereoce given. Plesac apply at No. 4 Fifth street Jin the fancy etope; cai- be sees for two days, WANTED?FHOM THE 1ST MAY NEXT, BY A SMALL private family,* amell house, or the upper part of a larger ore fronting or cloee to ti-e Batt ry. Address C. 8., box Nt. JJ, N, Y. Poet Office, eta ting terms location, k?. Wanted?a situation by a youvo woman, as rcamhtrcrs; she is caps hie of Dressmaking ; has no oOjeo tion todo chsinbeiwork, or to make herself generally ujctul? and bee no obj, ctloes to go a >h"rt distance in the country. The Ooii ofciiy reh rerces given trom her laat place. Please to inquire No 62)4 Owen street, in its mar. WANTED BV A GEKMAN-A SITUATION A3 PORTER, 1 or euip'eyrr.oi t ?t lomt mercantile buaineiia. Aildroll by note. llOHeoteratroot. "Emlu." WANTED A MUTATION BV A MOST RESPECTABLE ytnngnoinan tod. Bouaowoik ; the moat una*, eeptio: ah.c refrteroe alt en aa to cbirnvter, fcc. Flcaao apply at 31 Era* ktort etrcvt A I idt OF KESPECi .BILI'TV IS DESIROUS OF OBti ining one hundred uollara from none gentleman of ineana, for which iccuiliy will I* given, ait pcteon furling diapieod to make ti e abort loan, will plcaaa add re mi a not? to M. A. V., an 1 left at the office of tbla paprr A1CC>0 MAN WHO ffAS A CASH CAPITAL OF (>\K tie uaand dollarr, and who would he willing to loaa It to hla duple}or upon undoubted auuurity, may hear ol a good aituatlon, at a moderate ralary, in a genteel hnitncaa down town. None need aneurr rnler poawaaliig the aotnal cash. Addreaa "Bnainere," offioe of J urnal ol Commerce. AT. BTfcWAKT V CO.. ARB IN WANT OF A 8 ALES man to takeoharge ol their re'ail lareatoek; none need apply but there who an thoroughly competent. Broadway and lando atroot. Boarding bol'se wanted.?tub advertise* w i'hei to pnrohaae the furniture and good will of an eitv Minted Bearding Uoune in thia city. Tha olaa# of hoarder* must be neltrt, and the location ndrantatcoiia Or wonld;hlre, for such I urpoae. a ready fnrniehed, convenient and woll aituated Uoune. Kelrtenoe exchanged. Addraat, " O P. Q.," box S65 Font OfficeBooks on ma pon rv wanted for wiiicii a liber*l pre# will be paid, at lib I),via on atreet. Lighton Maaonry by Barrnril Alio 'a Ritual, kmrgan'# Pamphlet on Mamnry. INFORMATION WA^TED-OF FREDERICK WATKIN3 1 Bowdlcr, late of Liverpool, England. The Mid Rowdier left Liverpool, for Now Vork, in the fiaafr of D-'W. and waa bwt heard Prom by hla friend# in May l*4'l, Irom Beaton, when he waa about rai lng to the Weat Indira aa mate of a brig belonging to that port. II the anid Bowdler la atill living, he can near of aotretlnng greatly to hie advantage, on application to tlia aub a< rihern; or, in eaae of hi* dooea r, any one producing nttiafactory vldrnre of the aame will rrcelve twenty nee dollira rowarl. on application to A. A R WALLER. 120 PeariaL. New Fork, or Da. BELL, Hull, England. BnaUn feat plraae ropy thren tl i w. a waek for three weekt. LOST, Ac. d> Oik REWARD?LOST DOWN TOWN, OR IN GOING /6>\Jfr>m Beaver atreet. aeroaa tha Smith F. rr?, to Hohairoar horn atreet, Brooklyn, a double riard Gold Watch, heaviy baaed, J, huaon, maker, Liverpool | irur holee Jewelled, with blaia ailk foh chain ai d a gold anal, with kev attached, Tha above rnrard will bo paid toTho Under on bringing it to Ball Brothara, 43 Ihavag ttrcct. i> Y. _ __ Afc) RF.WAHD IXtST, liv TDK lisr OF JaNlJ A RV. AN yf> & Oidei, drawn in fa ,*< r of D. D liadlry the amennt being %1i. <h? payment being aiopped, therefore it nan ha > f no uee to aay but tiie owner. 1'loaae oallat M. Dobria,' M3Sth avonue. HO> ft?B DALIFOKS1A. CTEAM8HIP FOB 8aN FRANCISCO. AND DP THR 9Af orwtiu River, via Straits of Magillaa.?The Steamship DUNCAN C. PELL, (formerly tha Qonriiat'l steamer Pol* sett.) Tory successfully employed in the Oulf of Mexioo. whereehs pioved horoolf a good and sublautixl sea-boat? boo tlio best of no obinery. new boilers, he .in tha most o. mpiste manner. dhe is t> | be fitted with inasis, toils, fee . and it it Oonttdently expected ? io will mtks the passage out in 7V days. The nutuljer of puts' Bars ] fen limited to SO, caoh of whioh it to be a Stockholder?slix'os ' $1,1110 cacli. It it oomiduntly expeoted ?he can be a-ad to great advantage, in running from porta in the Pacific or up the Sacra ' mento River. Several thai as having been tak-n. those wishing 1 to engage can obtain mure full partionlsrs on applying to I. B OAQEt. 130 W all t-.root. or to I JOS T. M A R UN 37 Soil' h street. j FOB ST. FRANCISCO-'711AQHE* DIRECT.-THE NRW t splendid s oamshlp Crstosnt 'lity, will leave forChtgreaon 1 Monday, 3th instant, from pier No. 3 North Rives. . ataaugors ( for the steamer will arrive at Panama in amide time for the ' lea" er of the 16th intt. Freight in specie. 1 per oent; morchin- 1 disc 7(1 cent* per foct No passage treured unl -et paid for. For < (night or pxassge. apply to J. HOWARD k 80N, 73Sonth street. 13OB SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA,?THE SPLENDID a A. I. copper fastened and coppored bark Samoaet. of 731 tuna register 16 months old, and now lying at p er No. V, East river, is now ready ta receive oarao, and will sail on or about the Sfiith inst. A limited nc inter of passengers will be taken. Thit ? vessel vas built eX[resaly with the view ts the aooommodatiou i ol pieeengcrt in tropica climatea being amply provided with t pat.nt port boles between decks, for light and ventilation, and " also with Emerson's celeb atod patent ventilatora as uaed up in 1 vessels of war. She has never carried steerage patssugors, and is J consequently free from all impuritisi. The peou'lar rig ol the I Bnmoeet, with double topsails, enablos hoy to round Cape Horn in > a much shorter time then any vessel under tne old style of i rigging. Persons desirsus of ten oving ts ban Fraaciseo. with t their families, will bud su the 8amoset a comfortable heme during 7 the voyage, and corresponding luxuriea For freight or passage apply to E. B. SUTTON, U'J Wall st ,ooi. Sonth. up stairs, J or to JOHN OQDSN, 110 Wall street 1 ... . . ? TinB Ram vbanpupm paI irnowi a raw apr wunin I JP live oak ship ROBERT BO W.N E, having boen unavoidably I detailed. will pue lively sail on Monday moruiug, Feb. Jth. She > will be towed to soe bye'eam. Passengers are requested to be * od board by to'olock. This vessel is in oompl'te oomlitioa, and " goes out in about ballast trim, and la oxpected to make the Toy- J age in IS months. She is commanded by Capt .in Cameron; t Captain ttailey goes out as flrst mate. She takes nono but cabin > passengers A few bertha remain untakou. Price, $15(J and I found, with a share in the vessel, and eighteen months' provi ? slope, Apply to the Captain on boaid, foot cf Kosovo-It B street. last River. I^OR SAN FRANCISC". CALIPORNI .V-T3E NEW "A 1" { New York built ship U 11AKBECK, Capt. Herwin, will sail d for the above port about tbo ?>tli of February, This lino shipia a two jours old, linely tilted up, and haa an exporirnoed captain. ' For freight or paseago. apply on board, pier No. 1U, East River,or <to _ uLNEY Ik COTT4BLL. 61 Mouth street. h I^OR PAN FRANCISCO, CALIFOKNI A.-TUE "A 1,' v . nearly new paokot ahip ELIZABETH ELLEN,flOO tone, com- e mended by Capt. Daniol H. Furmas, having most of her cargo A on beard, will have immediate despatch tor the above port, and li being a remarkably faat sailer, passengers by hur may anticipate li a sale and speedy passage, and to arrv.j in advance of any vessel 1 now about sailing. She pas a splendid poop cabin, with furnish- ( ed state rrom accommodations sad light, slry, and spa-nous soo- 1 ondosbin between dec its. where hot arraogomcntsareaoknowledg- 1 od to be superior to thoM of any other vessel now up. A few more "i cabiB and cocond cabin passer gers can still bo taken, the former at and the latter at $180, and found with the best provisions to _ be obtained in this market. An examination of this skip is invi- . ted, atpierl.l, Bast Kivir. For freight or pxsssgo, apply to K. KH'HARPSON 4c CO., 52 South at, or to , A. O. BENSON it CO., 3!) South St. J TOE BARK ANN WELSH, NEW LYING AT PIER NO. 1 2il, East River, w ill positively sail on Saturday morning at ; 7 o'clock, Paaasvgers and members of the N. Y. and C. M. and . T. Association, are requested to be on board, Friday evening. ' For california-for sale, freiuut, or chart*r-1 ho schooner ALDERMAN, now lying at tho foot of Laight street, 20 months old, carries 1300 barrels under deck, is : well calculatod for a company going to California. Apply to 8YLYANUS s. WaKD, I . 40 Washington, oorner of Laight it. FOR ban francisco?tub fast sailing bark ke- I oka, Capt. Jas. Molluire, having all her freight on hoard. I can takeafow sabinpassengers Ifspplisationismsdeimmeditntely, Apply toALLEN St WHITTLESEY, 21 South street, or to the | Captain, on board, at pier 13, Eaet River. She will sail on the 4th , Instant. . FOR THE GOLD REGIONS OF CALIFORNIA, VIAC1IA- J gres, to sail positively en the 14th of Febiuary.?Tho line fast-sailing, coppered clipper bark Goiliord, Captain R. W. Thorp, i has yet room for a few first cabin passengers, as well as a | l.niittd number in tho socond cabin, who may eocure state roome to tl omielvts, and will erjoy super or advanttgos to those afforded by snv other vessel. Passengers will be allowed to remain on | iUed a maj< rity do?) rait,) at a moderate rate per day. to afford them an opportunity of wearing their passage from Panama, before leaving the bark. For freight or passage, apply on board, loot of Wall street, or to JOHN k ROBERT OSBORN. Ill Wall street, o JAMES W. El,WELL, S7 8outh street DARK. BONNE ADELE, FOR SAN FRANCISOO.?A JD Steamer will be at t ier No. 1 East River, to oonrey the passengers te the Bark, at 11 o'clock, a m. 8CHOYER fc Co., S3 Wall street. Three passengers oan still be accommodated in the saloon. CHAGRE8?CRESCENT CITY.?FORSALE,'fWOPA83AGE tickets on bi.atd the 8teamship Cresoect City, for Cliagr ? They are in tho saloon, and two or the best berths in the ahipt, f Apply to WM. RAUQER, St Oourtlandt street. 1 1 STEAMSBIP CRESCENT CITY.-FOR SALE, A PASSAGE I t tieket for Chagres. A pply at S9 Lndlow street. Cd AL1FORIA?FOR SALE, A PASSAGE FROM PANAMA / to St. Francitco, in the forward oabin of the steamer of tho I 15th of February. Apply to " JOHNSON, WAFERS h EDWARDS. No. 74 Broadway. t OVERLAND TO CALIFORNIA-STEAM AND SAILING Vessel?Gordon's Passenger Line.?The l>rig Msry, with tho steamboat Plutus, leave on 7th February for California, via Lake Nicaragua. This is a perfeotly healthy route. Through in sixty , days to San Francisco. Room for tun passengora Passage with board on the roid, and tt,rue months provisions after arrival at ,, San Franoiaoo, $225; with state room bertha $230 Apply to W. ' C. Uhlhora. 106 Front street, New York, ox Vim. Goodrich k Co., 1 116 Market s tree A Philadelphia. IVOR CALIFORNIA.?THE SACRAMENTO MINING AND Assaying Association have purokasod the splendid and fast sailing coppered and copper fastened bark Magdala, and will have quick despatch. The association will consist of 40 members, and will bo joint ownors in vessel, stores. Ate. for one year. A few shares.yet remain unsold. None need aoply except men of irreproachable character. The company have selected the ser vices of the Hon. James C. Btoncalt. to act as Treasurer for the Association. The company will hold meetings every evening this W?ek, at Stontall'sOnfl, (si Fulion street, at H o'clock. By order, WM. BRUCE, President, 230 Greenwich!A California gurads. is the name or a regiment i now raising in this city: it now numbcri about SOU mombera; ' it is organised on tho niest fsvorablc terms for its members, and 1 is at the same time a united police for California. While it secure* the faithful rervioc* cf both officers and men, (if accepted by the general government, ef which there is no doubt, it at the same , litre hula* out to individuals the greatest indncoment to join the regiment. The regiment furnishes it* own cl >thlng and mining Implements; the government lends them to California, furnishes rations, camp kettles, tents, arms, amnnition, medid:es. and otl er necenanes; and they are to rtcoivc their psy from tho minos of California. If therois go'd to be had they are bound to obtain it in an honorable way by hard labor, and,when^>btaiaed will be ilepo sited with the United Statesautftor;tie* in California, for the be- > nrtit of the regiment, All wishing to join, will do well to oall sorn, at the Exchange note), 133 Fulton street. An enthusiastic meeting was held at that place Inst night, and was adjourned till falurday evening next, at 7 o'elock. The roll is open for iospootiou at nil hours of the day. KL'FI'S UcLEI.LAND, C donel. Excelsior association for California.?this nsseciation. of rnly twenty in number, Is intended to be second to r.cne, and will embark in the bark < lariisA which vessel they have purchased, and now lying at the foot of James Slip, shout tho 2wh of February. A few shares are reserved, for which a Physician a Chemist or Astayer, and a Machinist, among other applicants, are desired. For brms. So-, which will exhibit that tho whede outlay will be reimbursed hy ih* vessel's csrni gs, Ac , on the outward passage. Apply to JES3UP k FOX, 173 South street. OVERLAND TO CALIFORNIA?THE MEMBERS OF THE Island City Mining Association, am requested to attend a meeting this (Friday) evening, February 2d, 1"<49, at Central Halt, No. 1G0 Grand street, on bue iness of importance. Tl e Association will meet en Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings next week, at Central liall. Gentlemen wishing to become members, will please make application on the above (votings. FOR CAUrORNIA.-WQITNlY'8 CALIFORNIA RIFLES. ?The suisoriber having received a further supply of these celebrated riflus, dirtol from the manufacturer, is prepared to sell them in lots to suit purchasers. They were used by tho U. States troops at the battles of Monterey and Bncna Vista, withiwhat suocchs is well known. This r.lle cat be used as a carbine on horsebtck and on foot, and is peculiarly adapted to California, as the gamo is all large. California adventurers should examino this rlls before purchasing elsewhere, as it can bo afforded cheaper , than any other weapon now used. Extract nf a litter from the Bon. Jefferson Mavis, U. S. Senator, dated 7th November, 1517, and addresrod to the Ordnance Office:? " Tho i ifles which you issued to the regiment 1 had the honor to command in Mexioo, arc worthy of the highest commendation. I doubt whether as many pieces were ever issued from nay other Ordnance Department so perfect in their ooustruetion and condl- i tion. In accuracy of Are they arc equal to the finest sporting rifles. Their range, I think, exceeds that of tho old pattern mmkut, and they less often miss firs or want repair than any small arms l have Been used in service." (Signed,) JtrrrEttsm* Davis, Colonel 1st Regiment Mississippi Killemon. For sale by FT,ETCHER II KSTHAY, 71 Front it. PISTOL BBLT8 FOR CALIFORNIA AT REDUCED PRICES. The subscriber has on hand, ssd |r constantly manufacturing. All kinds of Pistol Bolts, Holsters, Knapsacks. Knife Sheaths, (Inn tilings, .in I let Fuiiohes, Ao, Ac., which he is selling At reduced prions. Companies, and dealers in the above srtioles. supplied on I the most liberal term* Also for sals, all kinds of Military goods. I JOSEPH T. BELL, 1H6 Fnlton street, opposite Churoh. < (-1 Al l FORNIA LIFE INSURANCE.?THE NAUTILUS LIFE ! J Insnranoe Company, No. 6H Wall street, insure# the Vivos of persons visiting California, with privilege of residing there and of making the voyage out and home, either by the way of Caps Horn, the Isthmus of Panama, or by Vera Cms and through Mexioo. i MORRIS FRANKLIN, President. I PI.IST FnnBMAW^Aetuary. l California.-"singers patent rock drilling ' Machine." for mining purposes; houses and atoras of wood or iron; Life Boats ot ooppcr or galvanijed iron: uheap Safes; Gold Wasliers of various descriptions; deep water Shovels, Cooking Apparatus, Ac. Ac,, manufactured and for sale by SHEPARD A co.. 212 Watw street. (CALIFORNIA SHIRTS?THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST J assortment of starts, red flannel under shirts and drawer*, Hickory and oheck shirts, can be found at M. VVOOLF'S Shirt Mai.ufaoiiiry 61 Maiden Laun. Corepaulea and othsrs are solicit ed to call before purchasing elsewhere. Leather hose for California?leather hosr of every site and of the beat quality, *011*61* for force pumps, engines, fco., for sale at the iowaat prices, by JOHN H. BOWIE A CO., Leather Dealers, 3D Ferry it. Suction Horn and Fire Baoketa made to order. (1AI IFORNIA SHIP STORKS-PICKLES. JAMS CAT stipe. Brandy Fmlta, PI ok led Oysters and Lobster* !Fiosh Meets, lobsters, Oysters, and Soups, henretioally sealed, can be futnbhed in quantities to suit purchasers, at the lowest prices, at 127 Water street, opposite United State* Hotel. Picklei, wholesale and ntaU. (1 OLD I COLD! GOLDI-CHURCM, ELLIS A TOMPKINS, ' dealers in India Habhor goods, No. 2(1 John street, offer to Cslifotmsns ttio best Gold Wiuber extent. A blind man, working with either bends or feet, may wash ont flv* thousand dollars worth of sold in a day. This is ne p iff?Callforniaus, oa'l and iwtmino for yonmclvsa CTALIFORN1A DAGUERREOTYPES.?PERSONS ABOUT J to visit California and dosirons to leave their liksneasee with their friends, would do well te sail at Brady's, No*. 2!Kb and 207 Broadway, where, by reason of recent improvements and ad. 1 dltion* to hisestablisnmoat, iaithful and trn* likeneuwa maybe obtained at the shortest notice. < CMI 1FOKNIA -MI LE CART3 FROM $2.1 TO Jill-ALSO. S Wngtla Wheelbarrows, Gold ',?aslier*. Pick* Crowbars Shovels, fpsdes, lifts, and every variety o! mining tools, fur ail* cheap at I-!> und if 1 Water street CALIFORNIA?SUPPLY YOURSELVES WITH DOCTOR ' J Brown's Animating Attentive 1'illa a safe and sure prevsntivs sgsim t Ague, Fevers, So., snd peculiar!) suited for that mm. ate, are com fond of the purest midirine* ot In'r ns c value, am: adapted to the universal prevention of diseases To be at Lr. Mrii?ii's,(V. liri,.'01'Bioonie ?. CAHFOKMAN9? DR. BOLTS AGENT FOB TIliJ SALE , i t hit celebrated 'tooth sole f>r pn "ill furnish the o on Uisrd ol tb# ve.eeIs to the paee'ingcr*; I* Mire nd got a few p'lials; ' e in t cu e giving no pain Prinoipt I ollle* 4'>1 llruidsray. I'rmo Jil. Fi r esle *t ibe |irtnoipal g*oo?iy stores, Ae. fUiUIOBNU GOLD TBMPRPO RET COIPAMId KA9V Iftn, MijtUperg l*i*eo(>in*,Golii P.calu, A<-, tor saleby AflVHKHHIITa. OWEBY^'THEATRB,?FRIDAY RVENIMO. FEBRUARY I 1, will be performed a new Srama entitled th? IIAUK i'E !> I WAN?Mr. Red law, Mr J. W. Scott; The thanto 11, Mr. Gilbert; OS Tulterby k Co.. Mr. Winana Willy Swiigers, Mini Wcmyts. After m which. Mr. Levator Leo. aud Mr. fl. C. Loo will appesr in ?h-lr *1 mil Variety Act; also Matter Eugene in the Frolics ot Puok. 81 To be fallowed by DOCTOR DIi.WORTH? l>r. Ditwor.h. Mr A lliibrrt; Mil Dilworih, Mrr. Gilbert. After whioh. Feataootne ?i Two Bounding Ol-ber, by Levator Loo aad Mr. U. 0. Lee. To eon- M ) tide with MARRIED LIFE?Mr Samuel Coddle. Mr. Oflbsrt' I' Mr* Yunnghnabacd, Mil* Mar> Tavlor. Boxes,2J? Pit, lIl<o>tii*; 21 3?l!*fy. lifc cent*. Dooroopen at 6* o'olooh; aommcno* at7. " r^DAMFRACB NATIONAL THEATRE, LATE CHATHAM I Friday Evening. Feb. 2. the porformanoe will oommeuoa with d SLACK hVK'J BU3AN?William, Mr. J. R. Soott; Capt. Ovois J1 ?ee, Mr. Tllton; Admiral, Mr. Para ay; Bine Peter, Mia* Carline; t* Black Pyed 8u?*o, Mia* Meitavev After whioh, the new local M liama. entitled ROSINA MEADOWS-Harry Mendon, Ma Chan ' < >*0; Mr. Meadow* Mr. MoFarland; Jethr* Baxter, Mr. T. O. R iooiJa Rosins Meadow* Mia* B. Meatarer; Mr* Meadowi, Mr* 0, M .hapman; Alioe Warren, Miaa F. Cordon. To oonalnde with the tr roe of ADVICE TO HUSBANDS AN 0 HINTS TO WIVES? ? I Die* 26c; Pit, 11X* Door* open at #X o'olook?oommenoe D ... a Dramatic fund benefit? seatsmay be secured i" at the Opera liruse, on Saturday, Feb. Sd. and Monday Feb. dr tn frtn, 9 to 12 A. M . on Tueaday at aame time and plaoe. and Vi it Hall's Music store, corner Park Plaoc and Broadway, from 1 B! o 4 P. M. ? BURTON'S THEATRE?A CARD.-THE UNDERSIGNED | th ugreta that an unautiioriied nae haa been made, in advertieo- C. nriita in tl.e pullio prae* of the i amo* of hi* friend* Moaar* Welsh co ind Smith, in connection with hia benefit on Saturday, Sd mat., Mi icd Inform* that tfaoae gentlemen will not appear on I>< hat oocaaion^Jfasneetlully, H. B. HUNT. ? M ECHANICS' HALL, No.472 BBOADWAY, BETWEEN A LFA Grand and Broome street a, open every night during the of reek?The original and weU-anowa CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, *> rganiaed 1S42, the oldest established oompany in the world; the th< irst to harmonise negro molodlo* and originators of the present wi lopnlar style of Ethiopian entertainment*; whose oonoerts in IIi his oity, for a period if two year* have been patronised to an wi stent unparalleled by any amusement in this groat metropolis. j)u 'hey will nave the honor of oontinmlng tholr inimitable Couoerts Oi vory^iight, nntil further notion, introducing at eaoh represent*- To ion a variety of new Operatio Burlesques, Book*, aod thelt of lew Burkina of their Voyage Musical. Admission, 3ft oenta. ? >oon open at 7?Concert to commence at 8 o'oloek. An Af- f. ornoon Concert every Saturday, oommenoing at 3 o'olook. Ma- v isgorand Director, g. 1', CHRISTY. Fc \MXR1CAN MUSKUM.-P T. BftRNUM, MAN AUK it AND T Proprietor; J.Oreenwood. Jr., Assistant Manager?Splen- JL id performances every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening vii t half past 7 o'clock Rayther particular tall!?Two Persons, ta ixtecn feet high, weighing 845 pounds. The Quaker Giant and foi lisntets, the tulle it and deoidedlv the largest pair of human in eingn tlio world ever produocd. Miss Eliiabeth Simpson, a dell- at ate young Quakeress. of 21 }ea a. Is nearly 3 feet high, and o'< reighs 3.17 pounds! The Quaker Giant, is27 years of age, and ? tauds plump eight feet in liia stockings, and weighs fn US pounds. They can lo teen at all hours, with Major Little- ? nger and Titiana, either of whom is much smaller than any in- I pc int ilistever walked aloae. Ureat Western. The Sable Brothers. jlB lodel of Jerusalem, Highland Mammoth Broehers. LivingOrnng 0f lutai g. Wax Scripture etatuiry. Madame Rockwell, the Fortuno no 'filer. Admission 2ft oenta. Children under ten years of ago, p, ""to- he ftlf ALU ALL a, 3ti CANAL street. near Broadway. CI fv Proprietors, Pesch A Lea.?Open every evening, mid Wed- _ leedays and Saturday afternoons at 8 o'clock. Boxes ST1, cents; H anisette, 75 eents. Gieat attracnon lor uns wees. M'lio Matil. * la Riviere, the most perfect model extant, will appear for a fow ?" lights Also the entire troupe of Mudel Artists, comprising soma J* >1 the handsomest woman in oxtetence. Miss Louisa Sinclair, the loot mplished dansouoe, is engaged; aleo, tho New Orleans Fo- bl lisle Scrcnadors, who w 111 appuar to night. Power's Greek Slave, ritian's Venus, and twenty other iplundid representations ot ? Ivlng piotures. <* HOt roll CALIFORNIA. PROPOSITION TO CAL1FORNIAN8.?THE BUBdCRl- / hers ate ready to contract to supply emigrants to Calitnrula * with their patont preserved; fresh cooked Provisions. Thai,a , ttI provisions, consisting of Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Soups, Milk, Jj' tc., are put up in cauniateis, rvtaining perfectly their natural ?.1 flavor, and keep twenty-ons years In any climate. 400 lbs. pre- En served Meats. 2UI lbs. preserved Potatoes, 50 lbs. onncontrated . Si up,and 400 lbs. of chip Bread, ars more than sutficient for a P icar'ssustenanoe, and cost but SI 73 or S.'ISO por week. Having ihem, the trouble and expense of oookg boarding house keepers, )r cooking utensils, are dispenaad with. In bags, thrown on the * ' woks of mnles, tlircc monUis' supply can be sent any distance, *' without roads, to tlio best geld diggings.- The disad vsutages or ?' alt provisions are these:?1st, their liability to spoil when eg- V, poted to the element ot weather in a hot ohmatu ; 2d, tho ditti unity of transporting them without wagons or roads, to desirable places; and .'id, that they soon cease to bealuxury, orevenpalatuLie, to tlioso w ho have lived better, (migrants crossing.i he lsth- -? mns oannot he oertain of obtaintng food ("even at enormous 1\ prioos") in Panama or at San Francisco. llad they not better c. take six months'supply of our goods with them, and have as ot many more sent round the Capef This willrclieve them of uuy contingencies they will otherwise be subjeot to. Shippers wit' find these provisions much cheaper, better, and more o wenient thsu any five st- ok, lor vasscla supplies, also excellent au<l pro- a fitsble articles lor adventure to California. For the Inspection X of purchasers cunristors arc coiistantlv kept open at oar warn- | y, bouse, whsro msy be obtained every variety of riokle", I'reserveo, p. Ranees, East ai d West India Conoimonts, Concentrated Vinegar, j> SonrCrout, [to keep off the scurvy, ] and every other article iu ^ the line. fu WELLS, MILLER S PROVOST, 217 Fronts!., N. Y. N. B.?W'., M. te V. caution Calitnrnians against purchasing | the above artioles tkat arc put up by frosh upstarts or i,o expo- J ri' rce, who take oocasione like the prosent to palm off goods that N will not stand. p C HAG RES?FOR SALE A PASSAGE TICKET IN THE ! jj steamer Crescent. City, Second Cabin Berth 129. Inquire of j n CHAS KIMBALL, at the Uffioe of Lovejoy'sJxotel. | ? CALIFORNIA?TENTS FOR THE GOLD REGIONS?CAMP 1 Tents made of a material warrantod to abed water, and put i ipiu bags wclghinc only IK pounds, will accommodate six pjr- ] ons. For sole at Si West strec t, up stairs. ? AUCTIONS. ^ LM. HOFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.?UNITED STATES Muskets at Auction.?L. M. Hoffman A Co. will sell, on ? Tuesday, 27th February, by order of the Department, 30,sou Unl- f ad State* Masketa. ^ VOA BALK. EitOR BALE?TilE STEAMER NEWS DOT, WI1I0H FOR H several months put hu been employed by the News Asso- (;, liation of this oitv for the oolleotion of ship news. ho. She wm to sulit in New York, of the best materials, by Joeeptr C. Coffee, in m IK4.V, it coppered end copper fastened, end or the following dlmen- ic noon?Length 134 lcet 4 inches, breadth '43 feet 2 inches, depth 8 lect 0 inches, tonnage 24V 18-ilfi tons. The engino it a powerful me,having a 34 inch cylinder and 8 feet stroke, and is inenoollent ir*er. Her boiler is entirely new, and eoet, including fir turns _ ind the expense ef putting on board, about (3,UlM. She has|two r orgs tanks lor fresh water; and for strength, speed, and othor Seed qualities, is believed not to be surpassed by any steamer of a; er class in our waters. Fsr further particulars apply at this r office. ti FORSALK?THE SUPERIOR COPPERED AND COPTER- _ IrsUned talk Alpha, burthen, per register, 517 tons, three / rears old, built at Swansoy, Mas*., and it well found in aails and \ rigging. Apply to the Captain, on board, at pier Ne. 42, C. R., or M to BOTD A U1NCKEN. 88 Wall strut. * TRINIT1 CHURCH LEASE FOB SALE-TO BE SOLD BY H suction; on Friday, February 2d, at 12 o'clock, at the Bar- \ ihants' Exchange, by Anthony J. Blecckcr. tbo lo-sj of lot 103 _ Hammcrslcy s'rect, granted by the corporation of Triulty church pi lor twenty one years from the 1st of Bay, 1844, with the usual co" runts of renewal, at the yearly rent of $140. 8atd lot is twentyIve feet by one hundred, on which are two substantial brick dwellng houses; one on front, tho oilier on the roar (not connected.) Pront houso contains ten good rooms, with patent cooking range, lath room?hot, csld and shower baths?will let for $W0 a year, nenred for $2,200. Bear house I four years built) oontaina six { ;ood rooms, with cellears under ihe house, Croton water, and let kince built, for SIW) a year, insured for 51,UOO. For further parti- hi :?lars apply cn the premises. t! TBI VILLAGE OF IIOBOKEN, AS A CONVENIENT ?! healthy, and pleasant place of residence, presents advantages g, it least eqnal, if not superior, to any other plaoo in tho vioinily oi >f New Yerk. Through the medium of sovcnl lines of ferry- o mats, a communication is offered to three different points of the ? :ity, via Barclay street, Canal street, and Christopher street As 11 u> inducement to those dwirous of availing themselves of the ad 1 rantages of a residence in Ooboken the most Uheral terms will bs P: nade, both In ths sales of lots and in the uue of the ferries, (ths ca :ommutation being as low as on any other ferry from New York.) cc rhe attention of persons desirous of obtaining eligible sites for ~ inlldings, is invited. For terms, Ao..aprly in the office ol Uie Ho- I >?kcn Co^Hoboken. of W. W. BHIPPEN, Agent * TO BEECH ANT TAILORS?FOR BALE, THE 8TOCK AND a fixture* ot a merchant tailoring and ready made olothing ittablishment. The owner has been engaged in the business for t nnny years, and is abont engaging in other business, and will dis- " fiose ot the stock and fixtures. A person wishing to engage in the mainesa, ths location cannot be surpassed. For further portico- ~ ars inquire at the store, 230 Greenwich, corner Robinson street. 1 TO BARBERS AND HAIR DRI8SIRS.?FOR SALE, A ' Hair dressing Saloon, which employs four hands constantly, s ind is ons of the best stands in the eity. Will be seld for $7o0 s ash, if applied for immediately. Apply at No.61 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Dimes, half dimes, Mexican shilling*, quarter i Eagles, and Bills on San Franolsoo, for sale ia sums to suit J purchasers by W. WARD, 1W Broadway. b MUSICAL. WILLIAM 8CHMEISSEB, PIANIST FROM BERLIN, wcnld be willing to aooept a limited number or pupils on the pianoforte. For further particulars please apply *t hi* residence, 4 No. 60 Llepenard street, until 10 o'clock, A. M. b MUSIC.?A YOUNG LADY, WHO HAS STUDIED UNDER & the first masters, haalatsly arrived from London, where she . baa been giving lotsons in the first familie", on the pianoforte, ringing, and French, is desirous to lnstrnct a limited number , A puptls, in this eity, would give lessons in the above branches in i exchange tor board and lodging in a private, genteel Camlly. Ad- I Iran L. BL, nt this office. ' A CARD-MR. OTTO DRESCL BIOS TO INFORM THE 1 ia musical public of New York, that it is hi* intention to _ ievote Idmself to the instruction of the Pianoforte, Thorough Bass r tnd Singing. Mr. D. possesses testimonials trsm a nnmbir of the ' most celebrated artists of Europe, such as Liaat, Moschsles, Men- 0 delsohn, Kits, Schumann, Hanptmann, Miller, ho., to whioh he -i begs to refer. For terms, and further particulars, apply to Meat re. SCHARFENBEKG A LUIS, Music Store, No. 483 Broad- , way; or athts resideocc, No. 47 Bond street. p CIONOR 8PINETTO, FROM GENOA. RESPECTFULLY IN ' Mid vicinity, that he will arrive with 1DU learned Canary Birds ia J a lew days which have been exhibited in New Y.rk and Boeton, during the laet 12 months, to ovor BkMJlMI persons. c TO PIANO YfRTB MANLTACTI ItEllS OH DBALR KB.? J A person who has kepta more store fsr the last twenty yosrs it Broadway, desires to take a store in connootion with a n anuiscturer or dealer of Piano fortes. A lino addressed te "Mu. 1 lie," at this office, will receive prompt attention. ^ DAHCINO. a! ANMJAh MAW)NTc BALL, BY TUB MEMBERS, UNDER * the jurisdiction of St. John's Grand Lodge, of the most a< sticient and honorabls fraternity of Free and Aooepted Masons, ai tsieke place at tlie Chinese assembly Booms, on Tuoedry even- m lug, Feb, 6th, 18411. A roMMiTTrr or Aim awoimknt*. Uhrs. M. Wilists. ?m B.Bnokley, I Nelson Wolcott, II,ram Greene, J .! M. lieudiiclis. J.Bond. ? Robert Ms. oy, AbncrO, Boel, hi John M Mm ns, Johulnnoe, C tbaaN Haiti* m, M m. II. Undorhill, ei M m. II. Corne l, John D. Harris Ptcfh. II Arbuthnot, Garret B Pyokinan, f Mm. i mtth, . . Henry J Beers, 1 Pet lei fieklc-s. p Tickets, each, whloh can be ha I of any of the above Com- %i mltfie, orathi! I'Ttytli elree* Members of the Ordct are pa: (I i n ularly r. nucstod to pro. ?re their tlrkcts previous to the night ip -,t the Ball. * IMiF.GRE tTTANUY PHRAS (JaLMU TURHHaKAPE VRB ol Dramatic Asso. laisn, will tots |l-.oeon Fccky ovemt .t, d feh'y 2d, s?. the Apolb. hoouis. Tickets (2, ilay be obtained iron B a; y of the members; John B T? lor, RS i'rinec street; Stringer* T i nvrsetid, 222 Rrusdrey, and atlheduoron the evening of the 0 ML w PUBLICATIONS. t NF.M CHABTOr TUB NORTH ATLANTIC OCBAN, .SMUM'. I Ing the great ciroie routes, botwe,u tl.o molt oonspteains points; oesigi-od pructieallj to srsirt .he navtgaterln shaping hfs f isrtett eoursn. By Andrew Scott. Just published asd fortale, c vholesale and, by _ I). BGGRRT * 8<IV, 2.19 Pearl ?tr?et. J VAI.LNTINFS lVlOHTKI) V *. I.K . i I V f. >, I,.\ Jl, n J rets and envelop s, for in'iist wholesale anl' . by S JOU N Mel ETA , . ai- " AnmKnKiiTa. ^ROADWAY^ THIATIE.-I Al^S^LUHR^RIK* tor.?On Friday Ereum*. February 2. will be pre sua'. ] i. tin miid romnntts epecteole. trorn Uw novel of Ales. On *?of VUS COUNT Of MONTE OBIBTO-?Edmund Oentoe, Vrw*rd? Count of Monte-Orieto, assuming tbo ohnreeten of A i-uggh i, Sii.nd the Orwek, en English Traveller, end e French LMtor, Hone HorroR, MlTVeohe Old Dentee, Mr. B?rurf; "oni. BonviQe, Mr. K. Shaw; Fern And, Mr. Fradcriofrii; woedee. Mm.; ilaydea, Mies ifelleok; Omreonte H e i T! o ?rese Circle end Ferquette, Woouie Family Circle, I loente; Oelisry. UK oente. Poor* open et half put 6. j 3I?,atbe, chambers street.?ymnTV n . ,7iT,T v1! -Tri'v \TT. * "1U *? p'?7?! Brougham's cem? i fa IK.?Ken d?n Crawler, Mr Brougham- o ?^h?v!f 11 j 3 8ir?Pitt ?~?loy. Mr. Johns on; Capi?nT(YnLJd^1 Rejo* Bobbin, Mr. Christian: Mm. f< YinN?n r3 iSTV rT?oonc'udo with tho barfcrnno sy.r, All, Jr. Hurley; K.^r M rfeS Ye' oil acted Author, Mr. Hear*; Officer. Mr. DuwUnc Mary Ced ?s Visa ei ass, snss? " * """ i of ITCHELL'S OLYMFIO THEATRE-rKl?AT BVENIVO W FX February 2?Tho performances will commence with tb. i ma oi TOM SMART?Tom Smart Mr. 0. W.Clarke- John ln sndull, Mr. Conover; Dolly Dale, Miss Mary Gannon:' Alien 1 r>. loomtleld, MisaNlcHnnon. After whioh HERO and LEaNDILR Ixat d r, Mira Marv Gannon; Stitoyman Agtia, Mr Nloliin.ton; i if cro. Miss Roberts; Venue Mies Nlcklnson. To l-e followod by ' _ e faroeof HOW TO DIB FOR LOVE?Captain Thalwick, Mr. G W. Clarke; Trap. Mr. Holland Charlotte, Mies Koto its. To 1 n nchidt with ROBINSON CRUSOE 2D?Marmadoke Snodrraas, ? r Holland. Dress Circle, 60 ots.; Upper Boxes, 26o.; Pit, 12)40. (t ?ts open at 6X o'olook?commence at 7. I MER1CAN CIECU8.?3ANDEL LINT M CO.. FROPBIB r k teas?Broadway Alhambra?Friday Evening, Feb 2, Benefit <Joe l'entlaad?Tue Ponies will h? all out for Joe's Night, and will the world astonishing Arab Troupe, with Mustapha of s Iron Muscle at their head; Bob W lllamn, the Ring's Jester, [j II btsad on his Ile&d; Haggles will "do" the Hope; Mr Stoat as rctt'os on Horseback, with his Blavo, Mr. Uanklns; Mr. Bands C, th Masters Maurice and Jesse; in addition ti whioh the followi mrsons have volunteered; Messrs. B. Wood, IL Conover, H. H irdnor, Bcnsge, Mast. Walter Aymar, Signor Korea, Mrs. Wood. r conclude wi'h a favorite Aft-rpieoc. Admission -to every part the house, 26oonts?children half price. ai 1 UNG'L'S LAST CONCERT IN THIS CITY. WILL TAKE H * plaoe at tho Tabernaole. on Saturd;y evening, FebraatySd, r programme, Ike., see future advertisements. 11 \ONNA VAN'S GRAND SERIAL (ORIGNAL) PANORAMA 01 ' of Mexico?Painted ou 21,000 foot of Canvas, exhibiting a iwof ocuntry 8,000 miles in lengtli, (presenting to tbes pootor the mostsublime scenery in tho world.) is now on oxbibiion { C r a short time, at Panorama llall, 5IM Broadway, adjoing Nlblo's Garden. Doors ?pon at 6?Exhibition to commsnos < 7 o'olook?Als) on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 fr ilook. Tickets 60 oents; Children half priee. FOOLOGICAL HALL, 37 BOWERY?'THRILLING AND . , J Interesting Performance by the Lion Queen, Miss E. Cat ?J un. who will appear In the Don tf Wild Beasts, and go through m r extraordinary performances, every Afternoon and Evening this Week. The oolleetion of animals at Zoological Hall, is If win the finest possible oondition, particularly the great Whita ?lar Bear, who is as fresh and as vigorous as ho was on the day e J i was eaptnred in ths Arc tie Ooeaa. Admission, 2S oents. til illdren, half price. pi HUE GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM, 639 BROADWAY, Bl- <>l L tween Spring and Prinoe streotn, and the only ono in this ci untry. oorutists of a neat number of life site figure* of Chlnosa, _ all olatsoe, several hundred Chinese paintings, apartments in 1 meos; stores and v ease la, models or pagoaas, temples and V idgee, specimens of Chinese raanafkoturos, their agricultural h id mochanical implements, lnetmmonts of muaio, lanterns, &o. a 0. Open from nine A.M. till III FM. dally. Admittance, 25 j ints; Children under twelve, half-prioe. 11 8PKCIAL. NOTICKS. S I MERICAN AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION.?DR. AN ' a. tteell w ill deliver the 4th Lcoture of tlie oourao of Chemistry ; lplied to Agricultnre, in tlie Hall of the Publio School Society, II rcer of Graud and Elm streets, on this evening, at 7K o'olook. 1 ( ifject?"Ihe Growth of Plants" Tickets for the ooureo (2; j rglc loctiue 2S oents?to be had at the door. | RATIONAL GUARD-OLD 27th REGIMENT.-TUK IX- ' ]\ emrt mcmbciaef the several oompamoe of tho 27th Regi nent | * itional Guards, who have been discharged, are requested to at- . id an adjourned meeting, at the Warren House, No. 7 Meroer a cet, on Saturday evening, 3d instant, at b o'clock, for the pur- c to ot making narar gcuieuta to oclebrate the birthday of Wash- ! ;t on, in suoh manner as may deemed most appropriate. ! ' 11. Members of the 7th Regiment National Guards, now doing 1 O ty. are also invited to attend. WM. W.LYON, Chairman. gt 1. Moanor, Secretary. \ ANHATTAN COMPANY, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 1, tl l lM'J.?Dividend?The President and Directors of the Man- h, ttnn Ctmrany have this day ccelared a semi annual divideud i three and one-lialf per cent, payable to the stockholders, on I ? id after Saturday, the 10th intt. _ J. M. MORRISON, Cashier. ! v aTOTlCE?NEW YOKK ANO IIARLLM RAILROAD COM- b N pany?On and alto, Monday, January 22,184!l.atrain of oars i tl ill run flnilv. SundaVH iiidfilititil lM>t w(K>n Nsw \ nrlr anil Hnvi r I nrnaco, stopping abevo Croton Falls, at Brewster** Patterson, ^ aolding'Bftcu Jackson Wings, leaving Now York at 7)4 o'olock, ' . M.j returning, will lcavo Dover Furnace at 1,'?, P. M., until c irthcr notice- 11. FLOAT, Superintendent. ^ LTtmCK?1Tnit BURSCHIBSH8 IIERF.FY GIVE NOTICE a .a of their intention to apply to the Legislature of the Stated ti lew Vork, during the pioaont tension thereof, fur an act to inoor- : orate themselves and their associates, with a capital of two milons oi dollar? under the corporate name of " Tho United States t Steamers Company, New York and Liverpool Line," fur tho nrpose of running a line of steamers between New Tork and ? iverpool, in England.?Jan. 13, 1849. , JAMES BROWN. I EDWARD K. COLLINS, o E. RIGGS. ? W. 8. WETMORK. v il/ 1LLIAM M. ANDREWS 18 THIS DAT ASSOCIATED v 11 with J. L. Cochran, nnder the lirm of J. L. COCHRAN It CO., No. Ill Pearl at. n New York, Feb. 1,1849. a yOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP.?S. T. NICOLL Ik CO, J* 1 have this day associated with them In bassinets Mr. 8olomon " >wr,send. The firm will be continued ssheretofore. < New Yo rk, February 1, 1B49 HO STREET CARTMEN AND LABORERS.?NOTICE-THE A L and laborers in the employment of Butler and '? retnman, street contractors, era requested to attend a meeting ? > be held in tlie Park, on Friday at 10 o'olook A. M, to take snou etsurcs as may bo deemed advisable. Citiscas favorable to jns- IF e are invited. gj ti TO LET. ti rO LET OR LEASE. FROM THE FIRST OF MAT ME XT.? c The large three story house, No. HO Qrcenwloh street; and 1st the store in tbo rear thereof, No. 91 Washington street. The n remises, from tireenwioh to Waah.ngton streets, being ovor : eenty live feet front, b; nearly two hundred feet deep. A pply to 1 ROUT. KEKMIT, 78 South itreet. CASTLE GARDEN-THE PROPRIETORS OF THE ABOVE ( -J well known summer resort, will let the same for the ensuing i isson (including 4th of July) fur evening performances, com- ' lencirg on tlio 1st ot June, or sooner if required. Any responsi io |#rson or |iertcns wishing to hire the earns, oan obtain further i ifonratiou by applyingon the premises, or by letter !post paid) , irected to the subscriber*. FRENCH it B RISER. ( J rO LFT-TUE SECOND FLOOR AND OFFICE OF STORE < ?9 Wator strtot. Apply to I , l>. T. LANMAN, 9 Water street J niSCKLLANEUllS. wvvwvrv - -WWW? ( Jl'ANIBU AND FRENCH LANGUAGES.?THE ADVER. , ' tisrr, teacher of the Spanish language, oan dispose of some i ours in the evening, and oitera hia services to Ladies and Gen ' cmen desirous of learning said idiom, either by private lessons ( r in a class. lie being from Castile, his pupils can acqtrro the { ght Caatflian accent, lie also gives lessons in tha French Ian- , isge. The meet satisfactory references from hia pupils, and ! 1 Jars, can be lurnisbed. Address "A. B.C.," taaoner, Herald t Pee. t L/f EBCIIANTS, STOREKEEPERS, MANUFACTURERS. } v.I and all otters in want of any description i.f Job or Cird t tinting, can have their orders neatly executed at low prices, by t illing at tho office of Button's Yankee Presses, 13-1 Fulton street, irnor Nnsaeu, up stairs. THOMAS E SUTTON. j ' Vf EIGNETTK BRANDY, LANDING.?2If> HALF, QUAR- I ter and eighth casks, of the old and genuine brtnd pale tnd doted, now landing from brig A brasla. Just arrived from Ro ihi lie, I i/d lor tale by 8. T. NICOLL Ik CO., 87 and 69 Front st. , ] CHAMPAIGNS CIDER, OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, IN 1 U wood or glass, for tale by JOI1N OLIVER, Bottler. 138 Fultontrcct. | ; Better than gold.-a remittance ok the pure Stuff.?The tplendid steamer Crescent City Ion brought u? all returPB from our shipment to CtHftlttil, in the shat*i of a j nagnllicort green turtle 1 Epicures, oall and see. Tho gentlemanly nimal will be served up in a few days. BROTHERS PERKINS, Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Grand and Centre stroeti. | LTOR MARSEILLES.?THE FINE, FAST SAILING AND C copper fastened Bark EDINBURGH, Conway, Master, will j isve quick despatch as above. For freight or passage, having upenor accommodations, apply on board, pier 11 N. R.. or to , BOYD (k HINCREN. 88 Wall street. _______ j A PHYSICIAN GOING TO CALIFORNIA IS DESIROUS J M. of accompanying a p .rty in his nrot'e. einnnl capacity, going y the w ay ol Chagiea or Vera Cru? lie would invest capital in 1 ho company, and oan give the highest rcferenoe aa to capacity, . I io. AddruisGALEN, at thisrthco. j ] rkOCIOR POWELL, OCULIST, AURIST, he, ATTENDS AS I i ' usual exclusively to the diseases 01 the Eye ana uu, at *oi (roadway, entrance 1W Warren street, where can lo had hie Yeatisc on the Eje?prloe 'D conti. Also, hie .Soil-Action Eye , '"ur.tain* fur rtrorcthcn.'n^ the rye*. Arntieir.l < ye* Inscrt-d. 1 DK. FIAH/IT. Oil UST, e.18 BROADWAY. INFORM* patient* tr at hi* othco hoar* ara now from lu*< to 3 o'olook, o n Mondays, Wcdnedaayn, and Fricnys. Dr K will Rivs advie* U o th* po< r on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays worn 11 to 1] a oloek. c [NNA1IELLKD FLA1ES FOR ARTIFK lAh TEETH, PA- r Ed tented by Dr Levett. No. 2'.V Bf edway, conwr ot Warren trect, are allowed (hy thoae who hare tc I tv-m) to pomes* un- . iiuallco advantages lor th* promoinn ot health, comfort and ap * S|?clmrna and i-rrtineatos "f the hiyhe*t charaoter. MTOCURE. NO C'HAUOB.?DR. MURPHY O* ? GOLD a .1 jtreet, is oonttdentially cennultod on all term* of private di*- T ssca. Recent caeo* of gontrrhcea he core* In two to ionr day a r ienititutional debility and tin potency suooesafnlly treated ?f i lr. M. No mercury usod in auy caw. or hindntaoe from but 1 eaa Oflteo MOold stmot; open trot, 7 A. M. to V P.M. u DR. RALPH, AUTHOR or TUB "PRACTICAL PRIVATE , Treatise," Its., S8 Greenwich street?oflloe hour* 9 to 11 A. . U 6 to 9 P. M. (Sunday oxoop'od). Thoee who apply In the early ; ages will he surprised at the rapidity and little inoonvooione* I (tending tbtir cure. It 1* ot lolly, however, tttoee wlie haren:t- j rod from a certain class of poople, wbo can properly ap preoiat* l > serrioea la stricture, from it* first, or Incipient, to it* more [ lrancsd and distressing utegee, (from uncommon advantage* J id a rery extrnrrs practice,) ho can afford a rapid, easy, and tdioal on re, whtob, he ha* ground for stating. oan be obtained ' c cm no other souroe in America. f\R. OliOVRR IS CONSULTED DURING Till DAY AND , \J evening, at hlfofflce. No. 2 Am (treet, (now No. It) in loa* difficult and protracted caae* of delicate dinases that hare | 1 tilled the eh ill of physician* ol lea* exper enoe. His extraotol ti opavta, Cnbeba fte , may he had at his store, in front. Prirat* t tfianee throaah th* entry to the oflloe door. . kylOST EXTRAORDINARY WoRK-TO THE MARRIED 1 , vJL or those oontomplating marriage?The Kir nod Woman '* Urate Medical Companion, hy Dr. A. M. Manrieeu i. Sixth edion. rrteetl. Till* work is meeting with molt astound, or sale* ?' M.IXlOcopwshavinf already hem dtspowdot) I.very lenalo it i |. <tUn* a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it 1* in- ; ? mded especially for the married, a* It disci we Important secret* , hloli should lie known to thorn particularly. Horn every female '' sn dleoorer the canwn, sympone, and the moot -flliiont re me- , g ios. and moetoertaln mode of cure In evory case. For sale at 111 j. red way; at the publishing ofhoe, 129 Liberty sivewt. Now York) i . It. Patterson, No. 1W rhesnut ttrcet, Phlukle!phlai L'.ttle ft 1 d., Albany; W. R. Davis, lloston. On the receipt ol SI. a copy I '] 111 he transmitted hy mall, free of postage, to all pe.vt* of th* . Inlted Statoe. All lottors must beaddreascd, p id, to Dp, .. M. MAU8ICEAU, boa 1,334, Nsw York city. Oflloe 138 Liber- f r street \ k/f ED1CAL OrriCR.?DR. JOHNSON. 1? DUANESIP.KjT 11 Tl. aear Chatham sttwt, so well known as the most sucicwfol I raetltiouer la Nsw York, in the treatment of venereal d.sea* a 1 ho Doctor's rapatatien for ekill la those old half-cured naiws that , avn elisted f*r yearn Is pro eminent Gleet, strict ere. uhiort ' pon tlmbt dy. or in the throat er noon pains in the head and I one* M'the lega, effectually cured. Coutimttenal woakwesa ( onfht omby^ asoret hahtt Indulsmd In hy youn* men, ea"Stw* ulvloM dramas and nightly smissions, positively prevented l?nt ?a*?*cured in four day*, without mttJnry. NhftlMtntiO. I INTELLIGKfWb BIMTHB MAILS. Important from New Orleans and Baton linage?Further Views of Uie President Klesu Nkw Cubans, Jan. 22, 1849. I have received some further information, thrss' ng a little more light on the views ot the Pros*ent elect, which may be of some interest to yenr Northern readers. 1 have also heard a great dsal f conversation in relation to Mr. Clay's views is ? turning to the Senate, and the probable charao r of his teelings towards the new administration. Mr. Clay arrived here a few days ago, but, incea'quence of a slight accident, he has been confined his room,althoughhe Has seen hispolitica! f riends* ith whom he has had'muchconversation, accordg to all accounts. You have, no doubt, seen some iwspaper stories that were published here, prossing to give a view of the relations between t-neral Taylor and Mr. Clay, and more especially 1 that remarkable interview which took place beween those two distinguished men, for an instant, n board the steamboat at Haton Rouge, when Mr. :lay was passing down the river from Kentucky, j spend the winter in New Orleans. There hu een a great deal of conversation in political otrles, on all those topics connected with Mr. Clay nd Gene ral Taylor, and the position which Mr. day will probably assume towards the incoming dministration. It is dillicult, in the midst of so lany rumors as are afloat, to glean the iacts and nth; but I shall endeavor to do so with as muoh andor and justice as possible. 1 am more and more disposed to believe that Mr. lay entertains some singular feelings, ol a vary jmplex nature, towards General Taylor and his n/-Iu nn/l iUaf thnasa fasalinnra will atfnnf Kits wwn. on and course, should he be returned as a Senator r Kentucky, to a more extraordinary and rearkable extent, than many at this time suppose, i conversation, Mr. Clay never hesitates to (press the highest admiration of the military ilent oi General Taylor. On this subject, he in roluee and eloquent, but beyond this not a word r praise escapes his lips. He never refers to his ivil qualifications, nor to his capacity as a stateslan, at all. Such has been the tone of the conersation here among |his political friends, as I ave learned from those who heard them. But it Ir. Clay speaks so highly ot General Taylor's mttary talent, and says absolutely nothing ot his ivil qualifications, I cannot say that he is equally ilent or significant about some of his old friends n Kentucky and other places, who were the prinipal agents in bringing about General Taylor's tame before the Philadelphia convention, aud geting him the nomination of that body as a candilate for the Presidency. I am perfectly satisfied hat Mr. Clay entertains a most settled hostility to dr. Crittenden, and that that hostility extends to dr. Clayton. Mr. Mangum, Re verify Johnson, nd some others I have heard mentioned. Hn orisiders that Mr. Crittenden, in his course towards General Taylor and himself, acted the part f a treacherous friend, of the worst kind; and with uch feelings burning in Ins bosom, any one cut nsily imagine what kind ot support he will giro te administration that, it is believed, will be conducted under the advice and by the opinion of Ir. Crittenden. _ There is no mistake about the accuracy ot tha lews entertained by Mr. Clay, as tar as I hare een able to gather, during the last few days in. his city. I am also told that letters are in xistence, which were written by Mr. Clay soma ime last year, before and after the Philadelphia onvention, which go the same length in relation o Mr. Clay's opinions of General Taylor, as well s of Mr. Crittenden, and those who supported hem in that convention. If such letters do exist, t is probable they will come out in the course or ime. The accounts which I heard of the casual interiew between General Taylor and Mr. Clay, at la ton Rouge, concur in strengthening the accuracy if the views now taken of Mr Clay's attitude tovaids General Taylor's administration. 1 understand that after his election, Mr. Clay vrote a letter to General Taylor, professing kindess towards him, and expressing a desire to call nd see him on his way to N?w Orleans. To this ?tter the General replied courteously, but gars im no special invitation to stop and visit him, ither for consultation or advice, at Baton Rouge. 'Ins is supposed to be the reason which caused lr. Clay to pass down without calling on General 'uylor; so that there is no probability ot the existtice of any great cordiality between them. I mch fear that the breach has been widened since, ml that Mr. Clay, while he will profess to maintin an attitude ot friendship towards the adinluia ation of General Taylor, will assume such a praise and distinct ground, as will make his action ven more detrimental to many ot the views and urpoaea of General Taylor, than if he were open n opposition. The cabinet of General Taylor will no doubt be leteimined and selected in conjunction with Mr. >ittenden, when the General visits Frankfort, on us way to Washington. Mr. Crittenden may be Secretary oi State, it he chooses; but it is doubtful f he will accept that po9t, for 1 believe his political muraee is not very strong, and it is now thought hat lie is becoming alarmed at the inkling recetvd of the sentiments entertained towards him jy Mr. Clay. Any cabinet which General 1 aylor may select, will be approved by Mr. Clay, ro this, there will be no opposition ; but I am psrectly satisfied that beyoud the formation of the :abinet, Mr. Clay will not go. 1 understand from us friends here, that the other appointments to >flicial stations will be closely examined in the Senate, and that Mr. Clay will take a positioa oundea on the views and principles put forth ia he various letters written by Gen. Taylor, previous o the election. Many ot the applicants for ofHoe inder Gen. Taylor, will, no doubt, be from that iranch of the whig party which were most intrumental in putting aside Mr. Clay, and to this lass of appointments Mr. Clay will be irreconcileibly hostile. In such cases, he will be opposed to ill r< iuoval8, and, in justification of his course, will point to Gen. Taylor's own letters on the subject. In the new Senate, there will be a majority ef democrats politically opposed to Gen Taylor's administration ; and if that body should receive the accession or support ot Mr. Clay, and put a step to any removals arising from the feelings in Mr. Clay's bosom, which 1 have already mentioned, it is very probable that no appointments will be confirmed, beyond the mere members of the new cabinet, till alter a long and trying investigation shall have taken piace, in secret session of th? Senate. Mr. Clay, I understand, will alwavs be courteous^ and will profess great friendship and admirationfor Gen. Taylor himself; but aa to his cabinet, constituted, as it is supposed it will be, of Mr. Crittenden and those leading whigs who contributed to throw him overboard, Mr. Clay is determined to pursue them to ttie last extremity. Hence, it will not surprise me, if, notwithstanding the pressing invitation of [Jen. Taylor, Mr. Crittenden should remain In Kentucky, and decline a place in the cabinet, or fear of coming in contact with Mr. Clay, at tVashirgton. If the measures which Mt. Clay may propose ia 'ongress, when he reaches his station in the Senate, 1 do not hear so much said; but 1 have no loubt he will revive some of those which he atempted to revive in the time of Gen. H irrisoa, nd that he will endeavor to embarrass the new abtnet, while professing to suppjrt hun, muck nore than the public dream of. I have heard nothing further of importance from laton I! ouge. Uailie Peyton went to von General faylor, a few dajs ago, in order to fini out what irrangeinents the President elect had made with fgnra to his cabinet and other matters, but he elurned with a considerably big (lea inhisesr. Ie made no discovery, and could ascertain nothing it all i I what he wished, beyoud the simple sutenent thut the General, on his wav to Washington. ntended to visit >ir. Crittenden, at Kranktort, in ieaiuckv, and there make some arrangements reative to his cabinet, before he went over the mouuains. I understand, however, that the General ins been thinking strongly of appointing Horace iinnt y,?f Pennsylvania, as Secretary of the Treaury, and he might even make him Secetary of state, should department be refused by Mr. bitienden, or should that gentleman take the A.torney-Generalship Mill, however, there can ha 10 doubt that the General wants Mr. Crittenden. b( ve nil i thers, to take,the State department, una here can be as little doubt that Mr. Crittenden is leginnu.g to feel afraid of taking not only that deariment but any, since the disclosures have been nade tel.itivc to the feelings which Mr. Clay eueriains towards him. There will be a terrible cx- , l< sion between Mr. Clay on the one hand, nd Mes-era Crittenden, Clayton and others, on the , tlier, one i f those days. The General has ths , n atest confidence in Mr Crittenden,believes him it be a man of strict honesty, ot great talent, but , e will submit to no dictation from any quarter, "he General thinks htmaelf a moderate whig; but t is very etisy to begin in a spirit of great mode- , a lit n, and be urged on by intrigues and cabala at iVHslnngton to a point or two beyond. He const- I lers that the letters which he wrote previous to , he election, in reply to inquiries made to htm r< tn all quarters, as comprising Ins whole political , anh, and broad enough to embrace everything conlected w uh public affair* I have every reason to I, lelirve that his inaugural address will be merely i recapitulation of the doctrines, axioms, ana K>stu atts, contained in his p ditical letter*. Ha

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