Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1849 Page 3
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Common Picm. Before Judge Ul?hoe4T-r. Jamtt Jllbr* and enarher ??. J.i.rpk S Skaw ft al ? Thia tu an action of t?pI<*1q It appeared the defew deute purchased from the plaintiff* a lot of oarpeta; the lattar alledga that tha narpefs vara obtained from the? by fraud, iMuad a writ of rapiavia, and took thewrbnok. Tba suit la brought to to try tba title of tha partite. Tba defenoe vaa not gone into whan the court adjourned Tha Frtxc rignt 11 l-Hy< r audi Hnillran.This long looked for conteat, wh uh i><> > od! lie rttrone ol tbe ring ai d otliera iua onriuit ete'e of e> liemeil f?r aume time peat, will Uke plaoe uo Wedree-tai 7io. ?nd toe mailt te orrapv vd to thia city, u ko ib at ' '? endc J. Tu-uodere <eo4 ?vw a'ix ieua to please hi a lww m fn?ua? and T'tro' a ?' II ? ??? op on that evening, a flee 'iurtle wnip it wh cl> he rrW .tit >,l bnth too ratable ero reepeetfully invited to at mil end pa- ake. Toe first round will commence at 8 o'clock, precifelv, J. O. DUTCH1B, 17S Walker - tree*, ?d 1 <r a Kiitaba h li Sociable*?Brooklyn City Ouarda?Snbecrlban are notified that ti e a .em d and thud of the kin will be held on U.e hth and 20th lur ant. Chevalier'* Call lornIw Knife.? Thin la a moat admirabla thiur It * ill I'tin a bulla o. (aft r you hive killed h:m ) chop the wo. d to ?u Dm oroook i with, ana perform il e operation or ph elotamv eli 11 d an eix-xiy o one within re ich < f its point. 11iev can be Ned of Mr. Chevalier, at 184 Oroadway. iie manufactoree them in th city. California Mining Uootn, warranted to wear one yar withont rvpaiiug, at d< > > a>4, 11 Auo etrcet Fin# French call dreee Bnou. <,| so aeaally $ti. flueineti Booti $4, and warranted to wear ae well aa ?ny imota made. Frenoh water nroof Boot* lfom $4 60 to $8, at J ON 153'?, 14 Ana meet, nanr tha JIUfVDIO. Klre Anne I Hre Arm*!!?Joteph Si Hart, J 74 Maiden Lane, sole agiieia in tin Uuiteu j'a'es fur tin s?le of ? North'a edebrated Carbu'S, (?ai by -ore ilih'r) 1 >j<l at Brveob, ar.d batter adapud for tbe '*lif rnla trtde than any i snown arm Tery portat le barrel, o ly 41 inchea, aud warranted to abaet 3> U yard*; can ba load'd wit- are tt npdt.. w Ui either j shot or ball, in any position: hght in wsirht. aud are highly valued by the United State* Army and Navy Fi r ?*le h *. by i Jii-E?H a HART. 74 Maiden Laua. 0 C?Ilforalani<?KvcrytliliiK In the shape of Cletbing, lor waar or riwonlati -o, auuh aa Ktutiaa (ioata. a fa- i noui article, Fonchos, tile real tf.ankota. ludia Rubber ,, irtioloa, or Monkey Jackeia M uing Ja tot*. Mining Fanta, Water Proof Sou'liMOttera frovieio-i Begs, and laat. thoagb not I laaat, Thim Five Dollar dult*, at l.tti Naesau a trout, oorner of Heekmab. _ __ _ ^ Gold P?iiIh-Heraona gulii? *? CoUfcrnlo A nhoold take witb them one of t> o oeiabrateo Sinbelieu Gold Fens, wbleh are warranted to we* live \ care, an poriaaie and eenvealent, and will outwear a cargo of Uuil-a, or Steel Pena.? 2 Bold only by B. K. Wvrs-?N. tS Wall at r, ? t. For jjnle Jwnt Imported fivam I,o net on, four >i handsome bint mm Fenis , Ki g 0 . rio ' tpmio i. and Italian " ' Oreybounde, to be at en on be tid t. e alilp on, foot of Flue , i tree a. I The Beat Preparation In the World for the $ hair, to stay its falling oil, or if it bar tallun off a-id tha bulb is not r italic) ed, to itatoie it, is Uili'a 1 lailible nt. and for keop- J ing the hair moist, aofr, glossy, and giro g a dark bue, or hoaliug oharped taoea and banda is une<iualled. Bold by tha inimitable * bain ui tcr, Na. Ill Nassau street, and fauo> atom generally ^ COM MERC: A ll AFP AIRS. j WONKY W/tKKICr, j Monday, Feb, 5_G P. W. J The stock market wee rather quiet this morning; a alee j, -were made only to a moderate extent, and prices were w unsettled. Some of the fancies improved and some fell off. At tbe first board Harlem went up 1% p?r sent., Farmers' Loan >f ; Reading Bonds deollned %, ] Canton Company J1 and Erie Railroad >?. a At the second board tbera was more aotlvity, and a " little better feeling. Canton Company improved X per oent. 1 The arrival of tbe steamship United States, from Havre, has relieved the publi mind and the under, p writers. She lias a very valuable cargo on board, whioh " will, when entered at the custom house, inoreaso the " demand for speeio for payment of duties, and eonse- J quently tighten the sciews upon the money market. * The importations for the week ending tho 2d instant, h amounted to $2,231,697, being about a million of dol- * iwiuni 1|I?U luujr 1U1 tin uurru-poi.tilug ni? lui ? year. The anticipated demand for ooin, for payment into the sub treasury, makes the banks very oautious, and they discount less liberally than heretofore. The demand for exchinge has not yet been yery ' aetive, and the rates rule low. We quote prime bills on London at8 a 8>? per oent premium. On Paris, M. 27>i a 8f. 25 ; Bremen, 78>4 a 78)? ; Hamburg, 80^ ] a S5>a ; Amsterdam. 4U a 40>?. The Canada leaves on Wednesday for Liverpool. ( The Butchers' and Drovers' Bank has declared a Jj dividend of five per cent for the last six months, payable on the 15th instant. 1 We gave, yesterday, the aggregate movement of the c, Banks of this State at three periods, showing the va- a xiations from one period to another. The annexed ?' statement distinguishes the movement of the olty and ? conntry bunks, according to returns madeto the Comp- * 1 roller, showing the condition of each bank on tha 1 .'morning of the 9th December, 1813 Barks ov the State or New York. , Ruourca. a N. Y. City tries. All olh*n. Total. f Xoana ana discounts to 1 directors and brosers.. $37 532,352 $32 201 539 $69,733 891 . Bo. do to oirtotors.... 2.9i<i,229 2,278,812 5,2d5,U41 f, All other liabilities, also. n lute oroontineent, of di- f, rectors 512,664 949.843 1,432,514 ? All sums due fro jx brokers 1,474 872 617.864 $.091. *36 , . Real Mtate 2,"?ti..72 1.418.816 8 478,088 1 , Bonds end mtrtgsfiss 127,111 2,627 864 2661858 I f Stocks 4,380,7/7 8,096.961 12,476,758 I Picinimory notes, other I thin lor loans and dis- 1 ecuute 78,"7J 76 568 161,650 B Loss end expense aeo't... SU6914 316,189 631,103 ? Overdtslts 88 474 130,6.33 161.107 | 3 Specie 5.^50 424 967,390 6 817.814 d Cash itrice 6,291395 661,077 6,934,472 ' r Bills of solvent banks on f baud 660,934 1.799,410 2,460,364 : i Bills ol suspended li'ki on fd-msLd.. ? ? ? 46.582 46.258 I stim'd value cl'the same ? 22,0.9 22,0/9 \ . line from solvent banks 1 on hied 2,941,324 5,821,9,34 8,762,934 | t Do. do. on credit ? 4Ul>,362 406,352 j Cue frem suspended banks on demand 29.695 283,930 S13 625 Sstiui'd value of earoe.... 29,395 35 391 64,936 Due from suspended banks on credit. ? 4,418 4,418 Totnlresources... $63,754,835 $57,527,311 1 Grand total resuurrrr $121,282,25] JJm ilttia. j capital .9 910 $29,180,643 $44.330 563 1 Profits. 3,281,060 3,374,369 6,035.449 1 Notes in circulation not resist! red 307,671 377.263 684 937 ' Do. do. reel stored.. 6,475.127 172716,825 22,521,352 ; 1 Due Treesury State of I -New York.. 106,676 1,930,630 2,037.308 1 DueCommiseioncreofCa- 1 nal Foad 120.123 885 532 1.006 663 Duedepoeitorsondemaud. 21,443,(48 7,703,184 29,205,21.1 Due indiviiiuale end corporators oiher ti an r.?l. 1 S. n...i tnr, 60.124 449 126 616.5511 ' ' ) Una bankem demand."'. 8 476,271 4,668,479 12.524.750 ! Co. do. on credit.... ? 732,3J7 7aJ,J37 t Due to olheis rotiuolndnd in either of the above headf aV2 <K>a f 23 637 931,729 Total liabflitire $68,764,835 $67,5:17,841 <irnrd toutl lirbUitiue,. $121 232,213 1 Thi? stati roent embraces returns from all the banks 1 , In the State, except the Charaptaiu and the New York Security Dank, from which no report* were received. Returns from oue hundred and seventy- ] nine Lacks and two branches wore received, being 1 one lees tbr.n at the last report. This arrangement of the reports, separating the aggregratee of the city from those of the country banks, is good < policy, as it enables us to point out more particu- ' larly the it' na most, toileted or contrected, and whether it has been confined to the banks of the city or of ] the oouutry. It will bo observed that the oiroaUlton J of the city hacks on the Pth of Deoember lait, w<u | $32,(>74 more thaD the amount of epeoie on hsnd. while ' the circulation cf the country banks was $16,453 501 nacre than the amount of sp.-ci# on hand. The loans and discounts are pretty equally divided between the banks of the city and oountry. j Stock e xcliange. I $700 Trou Notes, 6'? U*7U IKiehs r .inner*' Tr, btw 3.3'7 l 5m*) uo taw li/l'i US) d? 3.1I MO do 167 UO do stl 3'1)J 1 t lOOtMiUSCa '68 KCM 5i) do b30 .V.iJ jW) do, Coupon 10-l.'s) do 31 sf ^tlt0 Otic, li *, ?? 11M lit) N Ilav Si Hart RR 1U3 76O0hio7V 102 ?' Lutoa (Jo 37Jf 1 . 21*0Tudiiii.aStitc 6's 02 60 do ?30 37N J f SOUOKcnding 4'>'4 23 do 37Ja 1 3U0 do 47>H i s) Harlem RR to'2 22000 Tenii ?>'e 7. ^ 100 do e90 5M2 Ji* 0 do 77 Ji 60 do M)J Mill do Cl!d 73 lis) do ISk) 56 6 aha Src'ricaii Rnnk 1)8 7S) do f:no 5.134 24 North River Hank i'l 60 Erie RR. new, full 60)2 79 bud i Dak HI lib do ? ?, 74 Ame Each Dank SO do (43 60 >4 1 16 do 99 Becoii<l JBoartl. J.CC0T0 Tr*ft? Notre <7* 1(7V 26 eh* N O Canal Dk 70 WtO do Monday 107)J 26 Canton Co 31 260 (Is Kf ad ft K b3 24 26 do 38K 160 do. preferred 40 2.1 do blO 3hli , 36o Bsrkm bK 66 125 do SM)i ICO do h30 5G 15 do blO 38'4 I 270 do blO 7,6 SO do add 38)2 i 400 < k.3 M SO do fljjg : JlflWBKMOTS ttlSNBWBn KV ERT MOIiNLVU, , RRW4KD9. ; owwva dt 1 r|4\ PkWARD?TO k'AW.N .4rt'.K,?R3 AND WAT.JH <Jp JL*J*? D*ol iri> ? Wt frm ainea .-ailed at the store of the olwcrtbir with afutged ifd.r, and obtained a *o,d leror wa'ch, fnlljewelicd. gold d ai ajdg. l i balai co. mak. r? natrni, H. 1. tobiar; on lf? 'irf*r plats; nun the bum of i. W. More ?o the cap, , No. 8,019: also, attached, a very 1 e.vvy KnaliaS gold ctialn. Sour feet in lrngil. Fili.y d..l nrt will bop id for tbo r otvery of tne watch and .fain, and Hlty doi.aie b r Jeiaiulig the thiuf. Said man a'endeaum- ft vo fret aid in height, Urge bfick whisker* I and peiittul npjo orante.* I.m wt l be l^aakfulfj received, I ltd flu rowmd moat willingly paid, by Franoia K. Crump, watoli- i ttantr,S3 BiercVet atieot R . Y. ' MlfC/k r.F.W \UI) TriF. Siil iK 1)1- T IE StBSCRtBRRS. I 'lp ft'' 111 Maid, n Laaa. wae broken oprn between Saturday 1 lugbtnid M. ndey morr.iii* la-t and Ut following artiol.a eudeu, eix: 24 diwen silver pencil*, on rsrde 4)g do pen ho.dere; 9 do | gold rena and si It. r c?ae.?; 4 do gold wna. 1 Ho patent eilver p noili 7H doiilvtr pin ted Irnepo nr 2 do do epociaoiet: 2 do p mket , | kri?e?; 2 do innoi lueeit pine: 2 do g'lt bracelet*. Theabororeward will bo paid on rroovcry of tbc eamo. PawohroSers and | others am t' ifcaftd to stop ike name if ( ff rod for ealo WARD, riJK ft CO. J wtm. AMTlS^BT'T^tOTtiT.NT TOUNS A i 11 motion aa oook or ohambormald la * prtvat* family The J wet of citj nitnuMtna b# giver. PlNM otll >l4l lamtltoa u Hiwl,?? nd Seer. bnok r? Una be rtw f .r tw dnyi J, WANTED?A SPECIAL PARTNER. TO INVE1T A CAP- J? ltnl of from 12 to 1AM dollar* ia a> remblUtovd buuuew, gl l?*m tow* PImm nddreen bo* IM, poat offloo E WANTED-A PLACE BY A ERSPC.-TAdLE PBOTBS- ** taut QM, aa Cook; ia a flrat rata Bakae woud naaiat la [V Waahltg and Ironing. Caa boaeea for taa day*. PloaMoallat ? >7 Beth man at reel JJ] WANTRU?BY A BESTETTABLE YOUN 0 WOMAN. A ?? **ttu?tloo aa Chambatmald, or to do conoral honatwort. Iw 3au with and iron, and ia willing to make beraolf gonnrallyiiaeful *< r-a l?*t of City nfercr.e*. Plena* oall at 1NJ Ellaaboto etrott, ia I4 Jn laetrert Can bo roan Ibr two rata. or< ?. aw WANTED?A SITUATION AS SALESMAN Oil BOOK no ke*|or, by a young n>aa. The beat of relbtvuota from hia bnner emp'otera. PlotM addreat box A31 PoatoOce. or 9. O. I IKtiWN. 171 Orard .tree*. thj WANTED?A 8ITUAI ON, BY A BISPE 3'fABLE YOU dO C woman, aa wot au ?o. The boat of oity - * oo g van C ' If a?? call at 418 Grecnw^ atreet <'an be aoo ? thro* d?Ti'# Dl EK7 ANTED TO RENT, 1MMEDI aTEI Y. IN THE UPPER pr< part of the city, a two atory attie, or three atorr onuoa, with chi >1) the modem improvement*, auitable for a amall family. Ad- bo lieae C , N< w York Hotel. wi WANTED-I1Y TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN. A PAH- ft" lour and bedroom, with bath room attaorwd. wlt'i br ak- ?ai?t. and tea, and d oner on Sunday*. Location hetwwo Amity me nd Tenth atrteta It ia deairable that tbo bath room ibnuld bo to ttnohid, or ooatignoua to tho anting or bed room. Addreia lox IISI Poat offlca IIJ AN1ED-BY A YOUNG MAN A SITUATION IN ANY 17 vv genteel huvitcaa 1* largely acqnaiatod with o >umry met* X hanteIn this State, and favorably known to moat of the bua no a in 1 len of Cbnrleaton, S. C. Tho beat roforonooagtvan. Plenai ad- apt itaa V B.. boward Hotel. mil |^" ANTED.?TRAVELLING AGE.N S. iO MAKE SALES j>? vv on whoieaalr, of an artiole in nnivoiaal uae. Apple at 28 tlx roadway. tlit ^ ANTED-A YOUNG MAN ANIKA BOY, TO ASSIST IN ?01 ' ? m WIJ uuvuo ObuiD. iit^uro fO l/AQU BUWl| OOrtOr 01 f | Irveu MM Pa I*T ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG V ? v man, a tituation as Chambermaid and Waiter. " HI) pi?e gcod city rifeirno,-, and if willing to make herself geuevlly utaful. can be men for two daya at Mo.3U Mulberry street J rat floi r, froat room. [IT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG (UdL, TO DO Yv t bsmberwrrk and Plain Sewing, or to take cart of a ohUA P*J 1 ply at No. 8 Fil tii aircet, lu the ra?r. A YOUNG LADY WISHES BOARD IN SOME PRIVATE V ran ily, where bar serv.eas (( Tauol erof Muiic and iti< ging ay in part P*7 her expen en; or alia would superintend the M iu- ation of one or twoohild'en for a few hours I i the dev. Ilai A. ud.ed under tlie beat teWiert, and graduated at the highest , miliary in thle oity. Addresi W. H.. thisotttoe. Drug clerk wan ted.?one that is well ac- k] iiuainied with the wholeaale a?d r-tail business. Salary r ft 0 first year. A ddress Box 1610 Poat office. M SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK. WASHING AND IRON "f 7 log, ir to do general homework m a small private family, by J" yuur.g woman, wi o haa lived in the be*t Umiliee, and out pro. 1111 uie abundant teatimoniala of oharactor and compttenoy. Ad- wa re?# " Mario," Herald office. ere Ik ULKR WANTED?A FIRST RaTE RULKR MAY OBTAIN En LV a permanent situation, at high wages ty calling immediate- wa t on R. ?' KuOT II ANTBONY. No. 22 William street. qui [NltiRMaTION WANTED, OF FRKDEelCE VOOS. FROM sht L the city ot Tollmen. Germany. Supposed to bo at Baint eot i uia. Nnanul. Bis father is now in New York, at No. 3f Chat- wil am atree'.and wanta him to come on ot write. Sonthorn papera am 'ill rloase copy. ~ SPECIAL NOTICES. r O. of 0. F.-TBE R. W. GRAND LODJE OF THE STATE aia L? <f New York, willoommence a regular sotni annutl session ?D t the Grand Lodge Room, National Hall, Canal street, on Wed- be! - eday. the 7th dny of February, nt 7 o'clock, P. M. Represent*- tH ivce will pleaet be punctual, lly order, BC, BEN J. J. PEVTZ, Oraud 8en _ [RELAND?THE AMERICAN 8YMPATHIZEtiS?AN AO; ff!! L jonmed meeting of the Committee will take plane thia (Tuet '' ay) evening, at the Seventh Waid Hotel, Madisou atrvet. to oom- ??.. lfie their arTangumonts for the puSlio eotortaiument, to he ' tvon to Messrs. Bergen, Ryan, and others, to eoonmeuoe at 7W ., V ook. OA MEL HUq IIE v. Chairman. VOTICB.?THE SUBSCBlBEkS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of their intention to apply to the Legislature of ths State of ? ; lew York, during the present session thereof, for an aot to incor- Jp orate Ihemaelvea and their associates, with aoapital of two mil- YPI lens of dollar? ur.dt r tho corporate name of ' The UuiWd States ra tail Steamers Company. New York and Liverpool Line/* for tho urpose of running a lists of stoamcre between New York and ?ed dvorpeol, in England.?Jan. 13. 184*. Bu JAMES BROWN. r"; EDWARO K, COLUNS, *PI K. R1UG3. ~ W. S. WETMORE. Jt U/TLMAM M. ANDREWS IS THIS DAY ASSOCIATED ?" YY with J. L. Ci cbran, under the Arm of Yo J. L. COCHRAN Ik CO., No. Ill Pearl at fut New York. Feb. I. IPd?. ??( pie ^roriCE- MR. JACOB ARRSTRONO OF SI'ATBV ISLAND, _ . v will please call at 156 I'cade etr. ct, immediately k "TARD ?MY NAME APPEARING IN TI1E CIRCULARS * J of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Baltimore, us one of toe 1 el Ward of 1 nn te.a lor thiaeity. wvs done with mt my know- Th idge or content, having no connection with that institution. Hit A. H. SUCKLE. to i,y Iklt. DODS' LECTURES UPON ELECTRICAL PSCHOLOTY. b? L/ ?Dr. Doda will leottire 'this evening, February's and every vid verting dming the prevent week, at Clinton Hall, upon the m>et the itouiehing discovery of tho present ago, and will givo experiments fir rery evening of the meet wencerful and amusing char icier, of pot persons taken fiom the audience; controlling their motions trill; pr'ducirgany impresiion upon the n ird that ha pleuva; lakirg them totally dent, dumb, blind, ineopsib'o to p-in. tto., ,o.. whl'e in a perfectly wakeful rta'e. Tieneta 2fi cents, to b> "I id at the dcor. To oommonce at 7X o'oleck. .-* . D0| AUCTIONS. eia T EO. B. FOLI1NS, AUiTIONEER?THE STEAMBOAT j? JY NORFOl K, will bo sold at auotion on Tuesday, Keo lilh, at (t: 2 o'clock, at the Merci ants' Ex things, without ros rre, to oloe ? or partnership. She is 2M tons by register, le gthon d cklll T let, W)i feet brem independent of guards draws a|d foot in run- A ing une. 42 inch cylinder, 6 foot stroke, crosalisad engine, on ranted of locusts and red cedar, was rr-plankcd in IRI7. She is a he cmailiabiy auf-ttantiaj sea brat, originally limit to rnn on the av :h aar*akr, trom Norfolk ; has a fall inventory, and is in order wl or Immediate u?e. as BY J. IIRCBMAN, AUCTION EES.?WEDNESDAY, FEB. I I, 7. at luX o'clock, ?the Brooklyn Public Sales Boon, No. in M Waehlnsto* street?Tha entire stcok of ft siovo dealer. oon- ' fU| iailrg > 765 parlor, hall and chamber stoves, ef various aud hind ome patterns, llackuVa patent; and ahcnt 41) about iron evict.? < u, "'ho nno'.o to be acid for cash, without roservo. The attention of | ,? lonicre end others te Invited. Alio, a variety of now cabirot fnr- on imire, of the beet manufacture; and a quantity of seeondhaud 7j umiture. Catalogues will be ready, and the gooda oan bo exam- en md on Tuesday. ? Lm. Huffman, auctioneer.-uniteb status ( Muskets at Auotkm.?L. M. Hoffman St Co. will Sfll, on eo liiriday, 77th Fobrnary, by order of the department, 8U,0iXi United Stetee Mnsketa. ? ?H)K BALE. ^ FOB SAUK?TilR STEAMER NEWS BOY, VPHlcn FOB I ^ eoreiai months post hao boon oroployod by tho MewsAssojlation of this eity for tho oollectiou of ship nova bt hue was _ fcullt in Now York, of tfie host material!, by JcmphC. Coffao, in ft LS4C; is coppered and copper taetot.od, and at tfio folk,wine dimenliona:?Length 131 toet 1 mohee, breadth 22 feot 2 inches, tloptli H I?/ toot 6 I no bee. tounago IMP 1S.96 tons. Tho engine is a powerful ** ice.having a 31 inoh cylinder and titoot atroke, and is in mmilont jrdor. Ber boiler la entirely new, and oost. iaoiudmg-fixturjs S1 id the rxprnse cf putttr.gon bonrd, about $3,PtX). She hasttwo large tank a for fro?h watei and for strength, apoed, and other ^ rood qualities, is believed not to ho sorpaaaed by any steamer of 'J ber olase in our waters. For torthor particulars apply at tide #aice. BF.OADWAY PROf I 1TY FOR SALE-A J. Bl/dZ iKER I mil aoll on Monday, Feb. 12, tlie va'uab'.e property, No. 510 X Broadway. lot HO by 25, hvnse 60 by 25, two scor as md attic, oe t .td brsement atd vaults front ard'rear, built ic the best man 15 rcr, and raw in good order. This property could he improved 10 for many kinds of bnitnees to great tdvintaga. being in toe very oa I eat titration lor cabinet makers, nphclsttrera. Ac Toe greater oil part of the purchase money oan remain on bond and mortgapo. an 13OR FA !.E?the FURNITUAB OF A FAMILY ABOUT leaving the alty. It comprise! a fall su't fnr a two PJ l ory ( oure, 1# rnctly of mahogany, anil was raado to orderin I Inlailolphin. If riiepcecd of at onoe, tha house, which is 00a n tf the meet (irsirublo locations on Broadway, oan he had with it, ?* t a rsa'ontUe rart. Apply to Mr. Ciowen, bookseller, oorncr ot " 3s as it?| and Bieeehav street. et tj! Jtiuli I J/LF.-A HANBSOMEUNE TIOR3* SLEI411; H ij it has lem us-d tut very little, and 1? In t ie hesn orlor. For J "urilitr particulars, inquire of JOHN VP. RlTOfl. '? _ 257 Broadway. (TOR SALE-TWO LIU IT SI.EIUa3, ONE 10 BE SEE of I* st 1 ovan's stable in Mi rear street the other at Plaoe A wi heleiter'e et-Hc. in Cherry nreet For term" apply at 183 A1 Pearl street, to W 1LMAM L CORW1N. Will ho (old low. I El pOR SAUE.-TilE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A MBS f V client Tail'-ring and Ready made Clothing Fstab ishment, I -ft No. 23 Greenwich, corner of Robinson street, neir the Wasl.inr- 1 F' on e arket. The proprietor is engaging in otter business, and 1 "I priil dinporc of tlie lima The location oannot Co Inrpis cii, to a j '> [arson wishing to engage In the bnslMM. For further particulars, ir iiuire at the Store, i Ti I T,ii ? tl MUSICAL. ; pr Wl/l/WVCWO Musicalcarb?American drawvtic fuvd heme- | I! fit?Mra. Edward Lodor would iot.-rm her friends and pu- j . l ile that heman.e ha. been announced as seafaring at tint bane- 1 w kt, oonirsry to her rxnre.iFcd wishes, as notified to the C mm.t- I to, tier warmeet feelt-g" are with the eausa, but her irefeeaion- ! 0f hi position prevents h r raking any active part in the present ar 1 jq rartoment for Its benefit. 1UW Fourth avannn. I >. A GOOD VIOLIN l'LAVKR WANTRD, IN AN BTI1IO- ~ |i>n linid. To a omnpivnt person a food sslary will be I pn>d. with the rerte"ty of nn eng women t for tlx months. Ad- * Jrt ta J. D , at ti ls oflh s, with rtal namo and residence. Nona ** bnt a gr.od mush im ncd npp y. ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOB SALE?SPLENDID so Piaro, with all the to dern impyovemen'e, Nven netavee, S uLd will he Bold l?w, for cash. Alio, tho furniture fir sole oonmined In the house. com ieticg of s f?s, dlvnns, centre and side Ishles. tnarb.'e tor*, Prer.oh are gethle bedsteads. spring (Mt and I ntber chairs card and lenoy tabb s, fto. Re. Inquire No. Prinoe J street, ntar Bros dn ay. *1 MISCKLLARKOUa. i WM. CROWLEY h SON, SOLE INVENTORS AND MAN- 1,1 tsctnursof the eelebrated Imperial Paient Noodle, hare trwreroived nn extensive sesoitmentflrom their manufactory in "I t'i'al-iT.d. I.'l.e* ice, a large Maortraent of every kind of Noodles, I I fishhooks, ) ear) l attone. No , at. the (tors, 1ft) William street, m New fork. Ju,t received, and for ealo, ten million beet London If Ntcdles. raOshie for exportation. Order* forwarded to any pirt N of tbo United Btafea. Sy?) JOHN BTKEET.?PERPETUAL GLOSS OVERSHOES. t - T. < most teaatifal ovrrehooo are to bo fonnd at tho V Agency of the original Qtodyesr Shoo Company. In finish, they A i .Is equal to patout leather; in itylo, to tho flnoet dross boot. tr W hcltsalc siia retail. SAMUEL IJROOKS, Agent, tit JJ John street, np etiTn_ <t TO CIGAR MAN0FACTIRFRS.-TIIE SUBSCRIBER will b ty all kinds of shot's, en tinge An. fnroash. Apply at ci (too st 171 Front street. R. H. ARRENB1IR0H. n ( I ol.liPMiril S WRITING ROOMS. 29'J BROADWAV, LA J, S-* Fsrgi Umldlngi, corner Roedo street.?Mr Oliver B. Oo'd ? tn:th, (author "I (,eras or Penmar.ship," and for live yetrs the ,, hm - twttnl competitor for tho first premium at the American In- p Btiinto.) informs the elt'ieas of New York and Brooklyn, _ liis writing rooms are nownfon during tie day and evening, for , P i 'is nnd visiters Terms moderate a?d an elegant hand writing j in: ranteed to every attentive pnpll. Cards oontalnin* terms, hours tf attendance, fco , may he had at therooma. ^ VOfi RAV A N N All.-THE SUPERIOR STEAMSHIP d, A Clieroltre, Cent. L;on, will leave on Wedneaday, 7th Inst, ? kt forr o'clock, P.N.. fioni Her No. 4. North River F'>r freight I rr passage. apply at 194 Front street, to EAMURI. L. MID HI LI/. I TIE STEAMSHIP CANADA WILL BAIL FROM T11B Ji dooko, Jersey City, on Wednesday, 7th Fekgnary, panotnally at twelve iIS; o olook. BUI fUH OALITORHIA. ^OB SAW FriANCISOO, CALIFORNIA?TO 8A1LONTHB " iS'h Itrt?Th? mlereidooeaa iteemel.ip SENATOR, ?f7?d nibur'hea, S O htlUki bjr 30 ft. baam built by ? S Brows, w . h? bu boot manner. without regard to ox doom. Her nasi nee tfiu horto power aad mod* by S?n H. K. Daaham B CK in guana tte for tbeir superior atreegW, Aid perfeot on Tbo nator wy built for James Cunningham, sixth months ago to s bo twees Boetoo, St. Jobs* sod Halifax sad bu boeo Nnrdf I'd. and proved bexsvlfsst only very fast, but oae of the Intel t boats that baa boas turerd oat of Mr. Browa'a yard, aad baa > oertinoate to that eflbet. Her aaloona and itata rooataara ' tar ifieen t>y fitted op, for comfort aad tbe numhr of paaeeocera aitad. The etreera bars the plearara of stating that aba will bo 4 in manded by Lieut. Maobe. II. d. Navy, who haa a perfect know. | Ige of the ooaat, alao a thorough kaowlodge of ataaaaera aad the < utm angina. Tbo prlacipal angiBeer la a praotioal and aapo need man. Tba this will he wall found for the poaaage aad one t two' f the ow ners will go to Sau Fienoisoo la her. which will an- . 10 attention and comfort to paeaeagm. For pus ige only, aa 1 freight will ba taken, apply to / WOUDHULL B M1NTURN, 87 South*. J Improvements aad additions are bow making to par loot her for a i? to) ago. J TKAWSaiP FOR PAN FRANCISCO, AND UP THR 8A ! I cramento Rirer, ria Straita of Magellan.?The Steamship 1 JNCAN C. FELL, (formerly the Uorernaieot otaamer Poin- J ,t) eery successfully employed in the bulf of Mexioe. where.the , >vtd tareelfa rood aad substantial tea boat?haa the beat of ma. . aery, new holier* Ixo. in the most cump'ete manner. She is to 1 fitted with masts, mis, ae . audit Is confidents expected ?ho < 11 Bake the passage out in 71) days The number of pum igera > limited to Ml. each of which if to hi a S.oobholder?shares UUI each. It la confidently expected she ean be used to great ' rentage. In running from porta of the Pacific, or up the II to rail to River. Several aharee having been taken, thoao wishing , engage can obtain more full particular* on applying to , 1 II. GAOBR, l?l ITa.l ftreot, or to , JOLT. MARTIN. 37 South street J IOR CALIFORNIA AND OBIQON-8TH OF MARCH? The U.S. Mail bteamshlp Company hereby r\TS nouoe. tbet pureuanoc of their oontract with the Navy Department, the j eedid new and apaoluoa steamship Falcon, Captain Thompooa, 1 II tail from thia port for Havana and Chagrea, on Thurec ay. Hth t March, at noon, from Piar A North river, with tbe mail* for tho 1 cific. Portent wishing to take passage to California by way of 1 Iathmui of Panama, will ? d it to their advantage to avail 1 mcalves of thia opportunity, a* In the opinion of the under- , ned agrnt of thii oomptoy, means of transportation op the , utof t alifois is will 10 found at Panama. It i* expected the , loon wil' arrive at Chagrea in time for passengers to take the , cific mail steamer* of March and 1st of April from Panama to 1 b Fiaaoiaco. Persons having tickets for ilieeo steamers, should ure their paisage immediately, in order to avoid disappointat Before the arrival of ti e Falcon at ( hairae on this voyage, ' ! road aero a the Isthmus will be to far improved. that no dan- : ' or difficulty ncod be expected In oroaring. No engagement for j yuge will be biueiug on this company unless the same be aano ! ned by the undersigned; 250 pounds baggage allowed; 70 cent* J ; foot for freight. Passage to Chagrea, stateroom, *160; dodo. J ier cabin, onen birth. *125; do do. iteermre. found bed and ! wa'ration, $80. Freight on specie to Havana, U percent, do, to fhtgres, 1 do. M. O. ROBERTS. 1IH *v.t street J IOR BAN FRANCISCO?CABIN PASSAGE ONLY? TdE ' fast sailingoopper fastened aud newly coppered Bark TOU- ! N, Captain Samuel Very. Jr., will positively sail on SeturJay ' it?ran handsomely aooo nmndate ten or twelve cabiu pxaaen- ' ?; no otkere taken. Apply to < aptaln Very on board, foot of in street, or to J. HEN KV WILLIAMS, 119 Front street. ' IOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?THE 8PL3NOID A 1, copper fasteued and ocppered bark Saraosct of 73i]tons itter, 15 months old, and now Ijfngat pier No !' East River, 1 sow ready to rooeive cargo, and will sail on or about the 30th 1! it. A limited nnmber of psspongers will lis taken. This retail a bnilt expressly with the view to the aocomumdatinu of pas 8 igera intr>p'cal ollniatcs, Iieing amply provided with patest 4 rt holes between dtoke, lor light aud ventilation, and also with terson's celebrated patent ventilators, as used upon vessels of 1 r. Sbe has nev,r osrried steerage |paswing' ra and is oonse- 2 :-utly fro. from allimpnritiea Tlio peoulinr rig of tho 8nniosot, ,'l lh double topsails, enables bsr to round Capo Hern in a much 4 ,rter time than ai.y vesiel un let the old style of rigging Peris desi; out of removing to Sen Franouoo with their families, I II Hint on the 8am-set aoomfortable home during thevoyags, I i corresponding luxuries. For freight or passage, epply to E. B. SUTTON, 119 Wall it, oor South, up siaire, I or t.iJOllN OODSN. llii W alls tree t. IGR BAN FBANCISOa CALIFORNIA.?THE "A 1.' nearly new peoket st,ip ELIZABETH ELLEN. (WO tons, comcded by Cnpi. Lauifl II. Fur man. having most of httr cargo board, will liave immediate despatch for the above port, a d ng a remarl ably fast tai'er, passe-gore by her may anticipate lie and speedy passage: and to arrive In advance of any ves-ial v about sailing, bi o hen a splendid poop cabin, w ith futniah tate room accommodations, and light, airy, and spinous and cabin between decks, where her arrangements ate aoknowted to to superior to those of any other ve oral now up. A few j re oabin ana second cairn passengers oan still betaken, the j merit $31 0 and the latu-rst $150, ami feund with tbo licit, viilons to bo obtained in tills nivrket. An examination of this p is Invited, at pier 13, Eaat, River. For freight or pisiage. liy te B.i-ICl ARDMLN A CO . M South bL. or to A. 0. IfENSQN St Ci 1, ,TJ South at | IOR SAN FRANCISCO.?Till A I, CLIPPER BUILT SHIP i Beienft, Land, muster, will have immediate despatch. This a el if not exoel'ed by any in point of speed and comfort and secDgi-rs' muy rely on reacbing San Frauciaeo at eouu as hy any eel saiiiug in February. 1 ho ship is woll ligU'.td and ventllal. The captain ban great experience in hada, having made a mber of voyages ureund Cape Hnrn, For freight or passage ply te N. L. A U. URI JVF01.D, 71 and72 South it. ' I OR SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA?THE NEW AND superior schooner SAM'LM FOX, Mason, mas'er, will rail out the 22d Instant. This vesool is of 2M tons burthen, New rk built, oopptred and copper faeU-ned; boa eligant ttaterooms 1 tifteon passengers, and will take but that lumber For pas;e, or freight of MM) barrels, apply to the Carta>n, on board, at rNo. 11 North river, or to F.lfc D. FOWLER, No. 80 West street. IOR THE GOLD REGIONS OF CALIFORNIA, VIA CHA(rree, to eail positively on the 14th of February.-The fine t-eailirg copperod clipper barl. GUILFORD, Captain R. W. orp, haayct room for a few Oietusbin passengers, as ? oil as a lited number In the eccond cabin, who may so ore state rooms themselves, and will enjoy supi rloradvsntages to those afforded any other vcseeL Passengers will be allowed to remain on ud the venrol for fifteen days after her arrival at Cbagres (pro led a majority dmire it.j'at a moderate rate p-r day, to afford m an opportunity of securing their passage from Panama, bee leaving the bark. For freight or passage, apply on board, foot Wall it root, or to JOHN & ROBERT 08B0RN, III Wall street, or JAMES W. F.LWELL. 57 Fontli street ! 30 CALIFORNIA, BV LAKE NICARAGUA?GORDON'S ( . s-assenger une.?me nng ami, ana me iigm arart etenmatPLUTUS, take thla piossant and healthy route This Is 00 miles nearer than by Cbagrts, and with less land transit. ' lis 8th of February. Boom tor 10 morapassenecr?. Apply on srd tie Mary, foot of Well street, or to w.C. UBLBORN, lOfi I , ont street. Now York, or to W. GOODRICH It CO, 116 Market i , reet, Philadelphia 1 brough In about CO days. 10! I OR CALIFORNIA, VIA CAP! BORN.?DON'T CO aorois the filthy and sickly district of the Isthmus.?Tha ner of a brig is getting bar pat In pro tor repairs, new oopper, w sails, iio, laying her lower flecks out Into state rooms, berths d saloon, and building upon her deoks two spacious saloons, lich will be furnished elegantly, the whole combining oomfnrt Die tabio w ill be supplied with beat sea fare, d with as much fresh meat as will be prudent to oarry. She is 1 tail by the 20th or 26th inst. There will !>o exoellsutaeoom I illations for gentlemen to take their wives, as the owner and his mily interd to go in her. Frioe of passage and found, Tit? . I ween decks, in state room or ssloou, $125; midship saloon, I on deck, $175; after saloon, poop deck, (21X1, and every pass n- ! r allowed 6 barrels bu'k, as burgage. Barly app'.icat on will sr. | re the ehoioe of berths, Ac. For passago apply to FINCHLEY, I Maiden Lane, where the plan ana drawing of the vessol can be | n. _ CALIFORNIA?SAN FRANCISCO?THE FAST SAILING ; J ihip Courier, will sail on the 18th of Tatrnary; superior aommodaliens for passengers. For freight or passago apply to SCHOYEK A CO 7sifWall street. 1 All FORM A-WJC WILL DESPATCH A FIRST CLASS > enly two roars old, with 81) paesongcra, through tho rait* of Magellan to Sao FrancUoo. The passengers to base a are in the Teasel and cargo. For particulars apply to BCHOYER A CO, 82 Wa'l street. jhOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?THE SACRA ' mauto Mining and Assaying Association hsvc purehasel tin t sailing oopperedand oopper listened bark MAUD ALA, Capt. . K. Cresey, and will hare .quick dupatoo. A few rharosyet main unsold. 1 he Association will consist of 4U numbers, who ,11 be joint owners In the votse). Stores, Ac., for 12 months, one need apply for membership except men of undoubted ohn cter. The members are requested to pay the halanoe of thnlr intlments at the meeting, to be held this evening, at Stoneall'c otel, 131 Fulton (trrct, at 8 o'clock. By order. WM. BRUCE, President, No. 2J0 Greenwich at. IS OR CALIFORNIA?TI1E FA8T BAILING A. 1. COPpored and oopper fastened ship Flavins, Cap! I. Th&ohur, rently overhauled and put iu eomplote repair, will sail on te i th of Ft-binary for the gold regions. She has a splendid Saloon 0 leet long. 6 feet 10 inches high, light and airy and a first rate .tin on deck, formlrg altogether the best aoeommodation y;t IVred to,the public, and will be commanded by the mast alio ,d experienced ollicerti that sail out ot thii port. Bin- lias lnen night by an sssooiatli n that go out in her, and passeng.ri wil re as well as Uinaaucialion. She will have {plenty of tha best of ovisions raoked and put or board by a competent eommlttee. toe. Will a'ao carry a atnall quantity of freight. Fur freight l.-tumge *| p'j to the Captain onboard, foot of Pike I'rat, K. , crln tho orening nt Gunning's Hotel, oornor of Courtlandt is Wmihirgti n streets. h11kuark J. A. JOSEHUN 1.i7nt, U A9TAK, pl'r U ASED L by the New York and California Working and Trading Asciaticn. nil! pori-lvely sail en the 15th Inst, tho arrangement of ecstnpar.y wing complete, u-itli the exception of font vaoan a win h they w ah to he filled by n physi ian, aisnyir, ahip car Btcr. and a tin and cheat iron worker. An early application 11 bo nereoaary to secure either of tho a'>ove doaiiahln silnati no. Iireqhisi'e inoimatlon can bo given oa board at 1'icr No. 8East Tt t. In: for california.?for california.?tub Mechanioe' and Workinrtnena' Association for San uroisto. Thesplendid.copper-tastenedbiigJULIA MOUiiTON, 210 tens register, two yetra old, A. K. Waring, master, now It g at pfei No. 10, Beat river, will rail tor the snore n rton or out t'e 16th Fehruarr, in company with the bark Gall n do ? lit voaeel ia HA feet in length on deck. Ill foot depth of hold, dlt nioatly of white oak and will rarty iidiflO barrels under dock le Aaaociation will om aiatof |I 0 alter-a at $lS0eaoh, and carry ovlmnna lor 18months. App'y to F. V. AINbLIE, 1VI Front rcot, npataira, or to THOMPSON It HUNT Lit, 23 South atreot. to oomnsuy will meet thla trenin?, at h o'clock, at tin Second srd Betel. Narean street. jtORSAN FRANCISCO,CALIFORNIA.? J.100-FOR SALE. a firat clasedkbin potman tickot and fotinu for $100, on board tF.cnpleudid ehlp Robert Uowne. Inquire of Alvin Oatrnrn, 6 Fulton street. tho looking class storo. n. B ?Too Robert nwi e eaila to day, Tnceday, Fen. 6. JISTOI.FF.LTS foroALIFOHNI A AT reduced PHI '13, 1 he subscriber lias on band, and la constantly manulaetnrtag Ikirdt of Piatol Belts, Holsters, Knapsacks, Knife Hoeatha. nnSlings. Ballet Poaohoa, Ac., As, which he ia aelling at duced prices. Comnanioe, and dealers in 'ho above articles, pplied on ths most libera! term a Also for tale, all kinds of flitary goods. JOSEPH T. BELL, 186 Fulton street, opposite Church. JURE ARM SI-TRIALS ALLOWED BEFORE PURcheeing.?Double Guns, lose barrel rifled,) for $20. DenMs iOt or hall Ounr, twisted barrels and patent broeohed, Hi. ortb's Carbines; Whitney's Rifles; holder, belt, and pocket leto'a, rifled barrels aid awlrel rods; short I irge bote Rill -a; and variety of new and acoond band flie arms, lew f. r nnth. Cunt, o., bowgbt or taken In exchange. Waller's Uun Store and Shootg Gallery, (F8 foot long) 20 Broadway. f 1FLK8, MUSKETS, ALLEN AND COLTS REVOLVERS, V single and double Guns and Pistols, Carbines of different ah ore, Bowie Knirea, Swords, Ammunition, piitol and knife Pits. Ac. Ac , at the old stead. No. Si I Catharine atrsof, near Oak. . B. On# fine English double Rifle and Shot Uun, for sale obaap. JOSEPH ROSE, Jr^ s HEV AT lER'S CALIFORNIA KNIVES AN ONLY RE J had at bia store, 184 B-oadway, and at Tomes A Hons, and . W. Spies A Co., Maiden lane. Theoo kolrea are tnsnufhe* ir?d at my factory. Noa. 29 and 31 Go d street of Jersnp A dene .est cast atrel. and warraafed aupcrior to any aver made abroad atlome. They can bo rhor -nghly tested before pnroh-slnn. hero ller'a Calittrala Knife possessor In addition to all the aiUiiMa of the bowlo tmfe. that of weight netr the point; a very n'ial th<rg to cut tonr way through ac sppraL At I hare mr..fted th:i branch of cuilery Into my legitimate t ndreas. I proic to furniih merchants in euch quantities, and at prfosto mpde with the foreign arlcle. 1U0 doaon Califoroia Kniree, id bt'doMir L'eltr, complete, to ee'ect frcra. The kn'reafrom $2 - f.ic treh Belt, pouch, ah'ir'der strap, pistol holster, and ticket lor p. for $2 60. Americana, girc me yonr patronage. i ca'ifo?nia rarity?shuts MaDK bv A live a. Aflf, and cheaper and better than any hnnian being ota pply them. Also Tfi der Shirts end Drawera nt err . ry dssoripi n, at M, WGOLF'S Shirt Vfarehonae, 61 Meiem lane. N a?The Waif of the Shirts to be te?n at all honra daring the if. ,IOR CALIFORNIA?IIMBRELLAH OS PARASOLS ? . Persons going to the gold regions abruld not. om<t to tike with em some of those wery neeftrl ?r.d nonewory articles. Purchasers be supplied ia any quantity h? the manufacturer. 010. I. EYED, lay Pearistrost. Aiouuim. DOVBT THEATER?TUESDAY EVENING, FIB.I, TBI MJ pitnaira will mm bo do* villi dm drama of dm BEE. UBaKts Win ? Dmtii, Nr. J. M. Soott; Gwpard Mr. Burlawi Uaeatu, Miee Wamjraf; M argot, Mue Mary Taylor. Preview to whiah DNCU WaN-U..W J b"oi K Nitoa Hawk, Mr*. Qllkaii. After Unek John, the real Badoaia Arab* Altar Mm aifaaat'i Wifh, Mm Bad aula Arab*, will a? [aar la tha Saoond 'art of dm FaaMral. To ooaeiola with OIL BLAB?Oil Blao. Mia* Mary Tailor; Oil Perea, Mr. 8. Smith, Capt Balacda, Mr. Stephana I Donna Mouaia. Mr* Waloot; Brunott*. Mra Batharlaad. Baxat 26o; Pit 11K; Gallery, 13K oomta. Pacro open at 8IR a'alaah; aommamoa at 7. DHANF RAITS NATIONAL THEATRE, LATE CHATHAM. Taaaday Evening. Foe tl. Banafit of Mr Seymour?Tha per bmamea will waaaoi with the LIMERICK BOY?Paddy lllaa Mr. B. William* Mr* Fidget. Mra Chapman. Altar whiah he drama of ROSINA MBA DO WS-Harry Mendon, Ma Chanran; Mr. Moadawa Mr. MoTarland: Jethro Baxter. Mr. T. 0. loot hi Eoaiaa Moadawa Mioo B. Mootayor; Mra Moadawa. Mm CL Ihapmtn; Aiioa Warrow. Mioo F. Gordon. To bo followed by a >LaN( B AT NEW IGRK-Moae, Mr. Chanfrau; Svke?v. Mr. loymoor; Lire, Mioa Mootayer. To oonolndawllh A MODEL OF 1 WIFE?Hjnnolioti Bonuefai. Mr. Chaafrtu. Boxof26et Pit, 3Ko Doom open at fH o'aloah a am me poo at T. Broadway theatrb-a card-mr i esters bene. fit.?Mr I eater, with due deferonoe, inform* hta frmada aad he noblio. that tbe manwameat of the above eotabllohmont hu linoly tendered to him Weduetdny evening, February 7th. tor hi* Jonefit. when will be performed the moot raooooeful droit a oi the IGUhT OF MONTE CR1STG. with all itt original op'endor. 'or full particulate, coo future advei daemon to and bill*. The Box It ob la now open. American dsamatiqfund association benefit Thoee ladiea and gentlemen who purpoaa amlitiug In the meal muaic of ' MaoUth." are oolioitea to moot Mr. 0. Lodor, at he taloon of the Aator plaoo Opera Houm. ob Tuooday, Fob. 8, it 12 o'elook. w. MOORE, Stage Director. A MERICAN CIRCUS.?BANDS, LENT fc CO., PROFRIEfx. tore?Broadway Afii am bra-Tuooday Evening, February S. hid night of Dan Kioe, tha Sliakarariau Clown; New Arabian Entree aatit'ed the Bedouiu Cavalry, Mr. Dun Rioe will Clown a> three Act* la the Ring Mr. R Sand*, with hiojuvenile Artiai a liaurioewd Jetae; the Iloraa Mny Fly All tba Pontee; Mr. W. Stent and Mr. Uankina in their two Iloraa Aot, w Hemute* and ill Slave; Mr. H. Rnggloe; tha Flying Voltigeur; Maaiar Walter hymar, Mr. H. Qordnor, Mr. Perei, in their varioul Aete of Horoo mnrhip; the whole to oonclude with the Harlequin'* Ghnit. idmisMoa to otrtry part of tha houoa, 16 oonU?children hall pdoo. IYI EOUANICB' HALL, No.<72 BBOADWAY, BETWEEN mw?. uiaau auu uiuvura duww, vwu c*ui? uwuv uiuirni uiv woek?The original end well-known CHRIST V8 MINSTRELS, i irgauised 1H42, the eldeet established company In the world; the I lnt to buBoaike macro mclodiee, end originators of tbe present I popular style of Ethiopian entertainment*; whom ooncorM In this city, for e period tf two year*, here been patronised to an latent unparalleled by aaj emneemont In this neat metropolis, rhey will hare the honor of oontlnnine their Inimitable Cnnoerts (very night, until farther notice, introaaoing at eaoh repreaontadon n variety or new Ope ratio Burlesquos, Songs, and their lew Burlesque of their Voyage Musics). Admieiion, 25 cents. Doors open nt 7?Conoert to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. An Af- I ternoon L'onoort every Retnrdey. oommenoint at $ o'olook. Ma( esrand Director. K. P. CHRISTY. rABERNACLK.?SIXTH GRAND CONCERT OF GUNQ'I* at the Tabcrnaolo. on Tuesday ivening, February G. IB 19. PROGRAMME. kihst riRT. . Overture from Don Giovanni Mozart. . Wandering Melodies?Welti, dedicated to tbe Ladies of Mew York J. Gnng'L . Air, from I uoa de Lammermnor Donliittl. . Matrimonial Blessing?Lollop J.Cuug'l. sroo.Ni> PARI', . Jubilee Overture Webor. . Your Sweetheart?Polka J. Gung'l . Anx Armee?March J. Gung'l' . The News Boy?Pot Pou-ri J. (Sungl. TfII111) PART. toepondirg Alpine Spring Jubilee Josef flung'). )reain on the Ocean? Walts Josef Gang'). And by pitlieuUr requo .t, fapoleon's Midtight Review Josef Gung'l. 1?Sunset; 'J-The peasants return from labor, si-iaing merry strair.e, aid tbe ringing of the evening bode; 3?Evening prayer; 4?Nature gradually sinking iuto repose; 5?Night, and ncarirg the hour when Spirits lonro their Tombs; G ?Mid. night, tho Review, the Rmpernr appcare, when the depnrtod Warriors leave their graves anil anuemnle for review, Grand Parade and oud of the spiritm! review ; 7-Suuri-.e, Nature awahens; Finale?All the baud* are plsying in Imnor ol the dead Emperor, who. at the hour of midnight, kei pi his watih in the fields of Blyfeum. Doors will opan at f o'clock - Conoert to commonce at 8 o'olook ireoisily. No poFtponement Tieketo 50 cents. tobo had at the iusio Stores, and at the door on the eveuing of the ooncert. 1IU! FOR CAJoIKOH.NlA. HAUlOiMA CLARDS-TUKUE WILL BE A MEETING LJ of tho Guards t> n Evening at 13.1 Fulton etr ot, at seven clo k.P.M. All persons in tending to Join tho regiment aro repectfully invited to attend. By order of RllfUS MoLELLAN, Colonel. Ai.rn v:i> Vai-usy, Arttng Adjutant. NO'II E.-A MEETING OB TI1E NEW YORK OVERLAND Mutual Prntotivo Association for OaHfornia, will b? hold Ihie (Tueeday) Evening, l\ bi nary ft, 184V. at Duulap's Hotel, 136 Fulton smel. N. B. A person will bo In attendonot during iho day to give ail ntoo??ary intormntion ne rervrdo the route. TO COMPANIES GOING TO CALIFORMA.~ALSO Biavi Fouudete or Jcwtllera.?Mr. Joliu Drutngold will exh.bitagalr, ifun'd tl e weather be fatr.iils newly invented Smelting or portublo Hot Air furnace, this day. Tob. ft, from 1U A, U until S P. II, at the corner of Water and Beekuian streets. All persons going to California should not miss this opportunity of iv.tneMiLg its operation in fuelling Irate, o.ipiwr, or gold, utthj &i ovo us n od place. It can ho used in the o ven air, without the ai I of a billows. Thvy will ho for vale at F. Rollhau'i, No. ii4d Water street. TBE UNITED PACIFIC GOLD COMPANY, OVERLAND to San Francisco via Vera Crui end 34aiatlan,in6i days, under tic eioort i f Capt.Ctae. II. lnnis, late of tbe U. 3.;\nny, for the -urn of $189, including escort, horse, m ile, saddle nud brid e, tiro arms, blankots, camp equipage, A a., with 6 months' provisions tl'er arrival at the gold rogiou. A mooting will be held at the American Hotel, oormr Broadway and Barclay street, on Wedaesdajr evening, February 7. at 7 o olock, to decide upon the day of tailing. Applications to loin this company, inay be mads to i.'.ipt. luncs, on toaid the irig Isabella Hoed, at Pier 8. Eist river, from i" n m. m i . ai , wnviv, miau, Meruit, way oosocurou. vriii p 11 lively mil nil the 1Mb met. fAtlR CALIFORNIA?A JOINT NTOCK C'UMFAVV 13 now formed ( 40 akares, ti e stockholders mostly from the :ountiy. A few shnrrs are yet uo taken, whioh are open to tboee alio can furnish rathdactory reference of oharaotsrend respectabity: ?te others need apply. Riierce JJXiil, witch pays for the vessel, merchandize aitepio. to the market, passigo there end l ech, and 1H months provision! Full pirtioulara muy be hid by eprljhia at 22b Fulton street. IiVXCELSIOR AHSOhilATKN TOR CALIFORNIA FER J berk CLARISSA, t'apt. llabbidgo, lj in* n t Jamci Slip ? Th:e firFt class vessel has mom for about l,OA) l.bla. freight yet unengaged. and i? ready to receive it at the lowest rutca, and can alao ncreuiBioda*ea lew passengers in a superior taannor. A few shares in the Association are yet open to satisfeotury appl cttion. A refpeetafcle Miyaitian U deeired. Apply to JESjSL'P H tOX, 171 South strut, Gi ld hit,ions?we are forming avasso iation to proceed about the IStli inat. to ran Franc.aon, completely euniiud, tu proceed up the Sacramento-$175 a aharo. Apply to S'JUOYKB b CO.. S2 Wall stres t. CALIFORNIA D.VJtfERRF.OTVPEI.-PER30N3 A HOC T to visit California, and desircua to levv.i their like ca?es with thrtr trioudi,would do well to cell at Brady's, N >a 2'5 and 217 Froadway, whore, by raacou ol recent improvement! and addit'oi a to his ettablirhment, faithful and true likenesses nay be cbtnfued at the *hortoet rotlce. PROPOSITION TO CALIFORNIA N8.?THE SOB -OKIbers are ready to contract to aupply cmigvaute to Ctitilnrma with their patent preaerved fn-'i ouokod I'rovis' one. Tlisao Provisions, consistirg of Meats, Fi?h, Vegetable*, Soups. Milk, o., are put up in canniatert, retaining pirfeotly their uitnrtl Haver. ar.d keep tw( nty-oae yonri In any ol. ma to. 4'JOib. preaerved Meat*, 210 lbs. preaerved Potatoes, M lbs. ooaeentratod Si up.andp.o lba oi nhip Biead, are tnera than sufficient far a jcar'aswateEaroi.and coat lut $1 75 orS.150per ?e?k. I l oving them, the trouble and expense of tonka, boarding hnnw keopars, or cooking utensOa are dispensed with. In hart, thrown on tho hacks of mulct, throe months' supply osu bo tout any distance, without roads, to the best geld diggings. Tho disadvantage of aalt proytitoM are these: ?1st, their liability to spoil when exposed to Uic eloment U weather in a hot ohsnato ; 21. the d,iR eulty of transporting then without wagons or roads, to deitrsblo pla-os; aad 3d, that they aoon reuse to bsaluxury, orevonpalatablo, to those w ho have lived batter. BetlgranSS cross.iirpho Istlu mns cannot be oertain of obiatning load ( ovrn at Mormons prices") in Facrtna or at San Fran <iaoo ilud they not batter take tix men th a' supply of our good a with thorn, and hate as many more ient round tho Capo? Thla will relieve tbe:n of any eontingorcica thoy will other wist be suhjoot to. Shippers will Hid thric provisions mush cheaper, better, and more convenient than any live stock, tor vessels' supplies, also excellent and pro. titi hie articles tor adventure to California, For the of purchasers cannlaters are constantly kept open at o ir warehouse, where may ho obtained evorv variety of 1'iok'e", Prcsorvae, ftauoos, Fast a; d West India Condi rent*, Cnncen'rrto I Vinegar. Sour Crout, [to keep off theaeurvy ] and evary other article in tho line. WELLS, MILLER St PROVOST, 217 Front st... N.T. N. B.?W., M. t !'. caution Califorr ians agatot purchasing the above articles that are put up by fresh upstarts of no exjwricrcc, w ho take eecasiucs like the present to palm off goods that will not stand. CALUFORNIA bIJIF ST0RE3.?FT KLF.<, JAMA, CATsaps. Brandy Fruits, Pickled Oysters and Lobe'ers, Fre.h Meats.Lobttcrs, Oysiera, and Soups, nerinoticall* sealed, e?n he furnfahed in >iuautitlee to emit nnr-haaers, at tho lowest priced,at IP7 Water street, opposite United States Hotel. Pic ilea whole sale and retail. CA All FORMA HI]11' IIHKA U.-TIIR SUBSCRIBER IIA3 J on band, and is constantly hiking Ship Bread and Crackers of sll tint's. Mrrol.ints, ship masters and puiomera ctn bo sup. p.ied at thi old itand, No. 18 Cherry stiee',, near Frank'In sonars. D T. HR W\. Lit >V. CAI.I FORMA.?THE SIIB1C3IBER II A.S TAKES w the liak-ry 65 ley\t door to the osreer < f U>ec>i wlcb, and ii prepared to ,supply Pilot, lino Nary and Navy l<rvad and Crackers for California or short voy .g< s. a- abort, no. tine Utl AKI.nn J. HtKHIlt. i FOR CALIFORNIA?DUTCHESS COUNTF MESSnnd Primi Mire.lhrk, in Ibta.and hdlf (-bin, pot np in primeorder for California; prtr.e pork. ree?anr d prime beef, (rooked heme. ahoat ilfTS and beef, city rendered loaf lard In keet and to hi, hut tor, cl eet e, Pah, Wann. riee. augara. teat, otlLe, fto, of auperior .|Uility and in perUot ottlor, unliable for long voyrgc*. For m!? by CLARK. FISC ft CO., VX Fultonjatf*ek_ CAMP HAMPERS FOR CALIFORNIA?CONTAINING nil the note,n>mpkettle*, frylig pan*. gridlrrit* plate*, eupe, kbivo* and fork*, (poena, ko. ftc., neixamry for the oookmg end eating uteniili, an ugly pot np in portable wlllew hamper*, lor meeeaof four.dx or a greater number of peraona. Having bad mnoh ex parley ce in nutting uobampera for old oampaignera, we ere enabled to aelri-t rich ? are tndiapeeiable, without e nomakering with artielei that conkl bo diapetaod with. Corapanlee deeirtng Hamper* put np. will plraw 1?*ve their erdora ae earl; aa porible. SMITH. TORH.Y ft CO. IW Maiden laae. Ho: TOR CALIFORNIA?-TENTS, HAMMOJCS AND Baga conftartly on bind, and made to ordor on the moat icaiopable t nnr, ly 11*. B'tOffN, Sail maker, cnr. ol Dover and frnth afreet* Orderafr m adjacent oitiea will be punotually attended to, and artieV* ahippid to order. TO C.t LI TORMANS?PASSPORTS, OR CERTIFICATES of oiliiona' ip front the United State* government, procured from the Secretary of Sttte'e office at Waahington. on the mjat rcn*o?*Me tetma, by JOnN FOWLER, Jnn.. Notary FuUlo 121 Naarau atr.i t. New York City. LF.AVENWORTITS PATENT GOLD WASHERS?I'll E beat ever inveuted-to be had only at A. B Allen ft Co.'* Agilcultntal Warehooaa and 3eed Store, 1? and 191 Wat'r (treat, to,ether witk every deierlption et iinplen.ente for Califirnta. isportant Certilleato:?Mr. Leavenworth -Sir-After examining tho rarione Gold Waahera in tlio olty, I have ord' red ymir* for n.y own uae in Califeraia. and adrlae all who with to gather tho gold with the greatert deipatoh and Icaat loai t<> get your*, and p.rtlcularly aa thoy expel all the tand and gravel, while tho gold klarkear.d, which contain* a large per cent no of gdd patina, and einnetar, cannot cacape. Wm. P. Lander, practical refiner, imeltor, and amaytr. CALIFORNIA LIFE INSURANCE.?THE NAUTILUS LIFE Inmranco Company, No. (is Wall atreot, iu-uroe the Uvea ol peraen* vifiting California, with privilege of maiding there and of making the voyage ont and home, either by the way of Cape 111rn, the lathum of Panama, or by VeraCrot, and through Meaioo. MORRIS >'RtNKMN, Preaidont Fignv Ftintla, Actuary. California oold rigtons?AfKKiATIOiri for warded with and without an iirereat in the vewel WanUd, two carpenter*, one iraohiiitat, one fif?*ynr,a>?e otvil engineer, to Join an aearoiaU.n to leave about tbe '.'^bitter.. tlTAeaoh rhaio. App'yto SCHOYKR ft CO.. HJ Wall a treat. damcinu. Thrballof dodwortifs cornet band will tax s place on the evening of Febme^ ?. *t tbe Ap-Uo R m Tietete ore dollar to N. bad at the Apnltei at OuJaworthX tt?1 Broad* ey, or el any member of the bud. Amnmumrf. 1 IFBOADWAY THKATBB.-E A. M.tRS'IALU PBOPEIB * Xi lor.?Ob Tueeday I realm reoru.ry 6. win bo cnmt Od, Ibo ???d lomuuMo fiBetneia from the novel e* Aleg. Du mba 0* TBI COUNT OF MONTB-ctUSFO Edmund Duatea afterward* Conn t ef Moato-Criaea aoMmiag Km ohanobat* oI A Mb bod tho Crook, an BBgUoh Traveller, and o rnaoh AbbTBr.LnotarHobo.Motrod,MrYooho: OWDaatea He.lor G nard, Meaa Boavilla Ma BTShaw, Faraaad, Mr. Frederick* , Moroedea Kb. Abbott; Hoyden. IQai WaUaok; Cnroenta Mm pint Iaherwoed. Drooi Ctrole and Pnrtjnem, 80 oenta Family Clreia, p >1 aowtoj QoJ'ory t*H eeata Pooto opoo ol half poo* 8. 1 DURTONT TBEATBB, CHAMBEBB BFRBBT.?TUBSDAT ,,OB D Bveama February & tho performance will owmtaenoe with to \ tho oomaey taiiUod TaNITY FAIR.?BowdoB Crawley. Mr. Brougham; JoeSedlay, Mr. Bnrtoot Mr Pitt Crow ley, Mr John- extc ton; Co| toin Ooboroo, Mr. Jordan; Mojor Dobbin. Mr. Chrto- -i. Mon: Mm Bolnr O'Oowd. Mm Brougham. To oonoluda with * MONTii-CKBTT?Bd'ord Don too, Mr. Johnaton; Porooud, Mr. the Boot Albert Mr. Mortimer. Babe. Mr.CkiioUon; Mure eel. Mr. Meyer, All, Mr. Burley; Keeper of tho Oeile, Mr. Fletobor, Ye Dio- Vlll< Mooted Author, Mr. Mean; (nBoer, Mr. Dowling; More Cedeo, MIm m Chapmia. Dreei Circle ood Porqoetbe bOoTromlly UtroloJAe. <1 Pooio epee ot gfr e'oloeh: curtain riioe ot7. BtAfl M1TCBALL'S OLYMPIC TBMATBI-TUBSMAT BYE* the lug. Feb. 6.?BoitStof Mr. C. W. Clarke ?The performonoo Will ocnunenoe with the droute or the BOTTLE? Richard Thorn- sort, lev, Mr. C W Clarke: Bu*h Thoreley, Mix Clarke. After whloh, , ll'RMNG THE TABLES?Jeok Umnphriea Mr. Roland; dare- > Be miah Bunt pa Mr. Wolcet Potty Lark in Mlaa Clarke To be fol* anr| li utd by o drama entitled MluBABL RRLE?Michael Er e. Mr. d. R. South Mary, Mr*. Tilteu. To conclude with BOW TO DIB T< FOR LOVt ?Captain lhalwiek, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Trap. Mr. _ , Holland; Trink, Mr. Cobotot; Copt Boumsufa, Mr. Arnold. Tayl Clnr'otte, Mire Roberta DreoeCiro'e. Mota ; Upper Hoxta'iAo.; _ Fit. l .'Ho. Deere open at Sldo'olook?oommenoo at7. Iliori American musium.-p t. barnum, manager and c( m Fnprctor; J Greenwood, dr.. Aaeietuit Manager ?Splon- him dul perform en oea every aflorno n at 3 o'olock, aud ovary evening nt halt part7o'cloek (lreato*t attractions in America!?(Vo Will pertona 16 feet high, welching Hi5 pour da The Quaker Client and Glantma the telle t and decidedly the largett pair of human rUEI, beioct the world ear produced. Mlee Elisabeth Simpson, a dell- u.. . oata young Quakereen of 21 tea.a la uearly B feet high, and wtlgha 337 poitnda! The Quaker 01 ant, U27 yeari of age. and hlB e ttande plump eight feet In hli atookinge. and weigh! Nti pound* 'I hey oan be ie?n nt nil noura with Major Liltlefingvr and Tiiikna either of whom ia mnoh amalier than any infant that ever walk ad alone. Maguitloent entertainmenta. by A l\ Croat Wuatcre. The Sable Brothera Model of Jeruaalem. Bighland Mammoth Broebera Llvtrg Orang Outaog. Wag Scripture Statuary. Madamo Rockwell, the Fortune Toller, Ad- ,. tnlreion 26 oenta Children under ten yeare of age. 12 oenta M DONNAVAN ilUKANUHEKl&L(WHlU9IAL) IAM>K.\MA ""> ' of Mexico? Painted on 2I.UU0 foot ul Cuiu, exhibiting a turn Tie* of 01 untry .H.UU0 mils* in length, (presetting to then neoUtor the mootiublinie scenery in the world.) ii now on exhibiton Stat tor & short time, it Panorama IUI1. AVH Broadway, adjoin- . ing Nibio'e Garden. Door* open at 6?Kxhibition to oemmenoe tile I at 7 o'olnek?Also on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* at 3 o'olook. Tiokete Ml oenta; Children h?If price. Walhalla, 3d canai. ant set, near Broadway- out Open avery evening, and Wednaaday and Hatnrd it alter- Stat room at 3 o'olook. Boxes. 37K oeatt; ptriuottu, 75 oenta. Great attraction thia week, Thoontlre tr ope of Model Artlit* 111 tl will appear, cotnprhdrg some ot the haodaomoat women in exia- mat tenon; aleo Nina Sinclair, the moat talented artist, ie engaged. The New Orleans Kern ale tar-waders will also appear. Power's ?cl Greek Slave, Titian's Venue, and twenty other aplandid re pro- Date eetitatione of living pioturea. It, i THE GREAT CU1NE3K MUSEUM, 630 BROADIYAY, BB 88 ll tween Spring and Prtnoe streets, and the only one in thia a IT 8 oountry ounuista or a great number of life aire lignroa oi OhlneiB, ,1, |H of all olasBes. several Unndred i hit,use paintings, apartments in .. honece; storue and vesselr, models or pagoda-i, tomp'os and bridges, epeclmena of Chincan manufkefoitos, their agrlooltural A and moohanioal implomcnts, instruments of music, lanterns, tie. I1ri, sto. Ot*n from nlno A.M. till 10 PM. daily. Admittance, M ,, oentsr Children under twelve, half.price liOli ZOOLOGICAL UAl.L, 37 BOWERY?POSITIVELY TUB Last Vteek?Tim liug nnd Interesting Porlorinatioe by the 7 Lion Qutcn, MinaK. Calhoun, who will .iptMir in the Pen tf | lb tr Mild Bessie, and go through her extraordinary performanooa. belt every Alterueon and Evening ot this Week. 1 ho rol'ertion of aninale at Zoological Ball, ii now In the tin at post.,Me condition, particularly ti e great White Polar Bear. ? ho is as troth and i.s vigorous as he was oil the dav ho was captured in the Aret'o c/,,i Oerar Adr-l?ien. cento Children, half pries G1 RAND JUVENILE MUilCAL FEVMVAU?MR ?SRB. ' f Bradbury h Nn?u will give, at the Broadway TaHrnooh),on T the 7th and hut of February, the F'iret and Second of their Juvo. ' ni'e Musical Entprtsiomonfa for the season. Tt o Cxntnna. and . 01 , Flora's Festival, wl'l lie givin ou the ocoaaion, togothor with a ! ci (dee, collection oi Miscellaneous Music. The''horusos will bo | w,c fusiainod by a Choir of one Thousand Perforrners, uniformly lim Ousted. Tiekots 73 cunts. I , , . , ? ? fll TO LET. the TO LF.T-TUE MANSION HOUSE ON THE BANKS OF frOO tl.o Hmiron riva-, at Dr. Mett'l MMttf WMma Bletf I ii gdale, distent lix miles from C'ity Ball. Apply llii Bleocker ' meet, or of IJ. A. Molt, attorney at law, 75 Perk plaoo. j eitf TO LET?TtlB CONVENIENT DWELLING (r> STORIES : lect and bnecmont) No. 370 Broadway. Intuitu ofioUN JaY, , 20 Nessan street. I d'htl TO LET OR LIABE.-TBE WHOLE OR PART OF THE bltic tivo story bnilding on tac oorntr of Boekman. Gold and Ann I noni' 8'rfet-, Thl.. building presents a front en the street of UWfet, at d is f dmlrsbly adspted lor a hotel, or any bu-iuess whore rr.uoh , , ' room and tine light U ruiuited. Iniuire on the premites. of ; dec WILLIAM WHARF. i Bla> CTOUNTRY RS.lT.d TO LET?TWO VERY DZ3IBABUI : ?ca V locations on tl o Hudwn, twenty tr.iles from the oity. Appy plat to _____ ? K. StOKLEd, dCiiy Hu.ll Place. Apartments and furnished rooms to let. with ot I hoard, in a French family. No. 10S Leonard street.?Single the gentlemen, or gentler en with their ladies, oac bnve neatly iur j nishrd parlore, with ledrooms. and Froroh board, by applying at No. ICG Leonard street, five doort from Broadway. ] WO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH ] M * furnished rooms, witbuit hoard. In a bvautlfnlly located house 81u opposite the Bawling Green. The apartments are tarnished in a nut gcn'oel manner. For terms, fco., addrose P., oflloo of the Jonrnsd vvo of Ccwimetoo. i__ CLOTHING. ^ ?.3 BENCH EMBROIDERED ltOSOMS, FOR GENTLEMEN'S disl T linen ?Just received, a variety of rioh and rare patterns, at mpi their Unen manufactory. mes DMS I'ALMEK s FAKtL ' 47ti Broadway, New York. 1 "j*1 0 R()n CHALLENGE.?NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN WHO JJl/UV want their old oiotlies to look like rew. Call at the , clcenirg, dyeirg, tailoring and repairing establishment, at fid RIO Gold sticet. where you can get all grosre extraotcd from jonr dtc clutkee at tho shortest noiice, by J.B NOAH, 68 Gold street, two ure deers from Met . ' tflHl " MEDICAL, c T Enamelled plates for artificial teeth, pa- im touted by Dr. Levitt, No. 7(3) Broadway, oorner of Warren |or , sutot, are allowed (by thoie who liavo tested thorn) to poseoss un- , equalled advantages lor the promo ion of health, eomfort and is ; ,l * pontine. Bpctltocne and certificates of the highest oliaraoUr." 0|>li UNIOB1UNATE 10 II AVE THE TOOTHACHE AND NOT eX" ke able to gtt relief-lint * blessing II is 10 these who huva glVi tried it, to know that Doctor Holt's Toothache Drops eurein- tort i.fsntly, without giving the least To be hail ut tic ptia- v- , cipsl grocery rtorre In the o'ty. Price 2i cents. , r' ... thci Medical orice-de jobnson, 16 duank si rest jlb|, near Chatham a tret, *o well known at the most suc.-aaslti) practitioner in Mew York, in the treatment of vc rereal diseases. ' The Doctor'* reputation for skill in thoseold half-cured casesthai in I have csistod for years. ii preeminent Oleet, strietnro, nlectt (hip npon the body, or in tne throat or nose, pain* in the head and boneeof the left, effectually cured. Constitutional weakrt-ss, f?'jV brought on by a arc rot habit indnhimi in by yoang men, exu'iiue IPil lascivious droaxa* and nightly enirniotie, positi-jlv prevented u, ,] Hooeut casescured in ioar daps, without memory. No alte-attop , In diet, of prevention (Vom business * DR. RALPH, AUTHUROF TBI "PRACTICAL PRIVATE if" Treatise," Re., BU Ufoenwioh edroet?ofuoe hours!) to 13 A. M . tof P. M (Sunday excepted J. Those who apply i:: tho early 111" n ?ill bo eutpriaod at the rapidity and little inoonvonieuee sen -it. dieg their enre. It ia chiefly, however, thoeo who haveatif- ._ . - r .i from a certain class of people, who ean proporly appreciate J da i vice*, lo stricture, from lte first, or incipient, to its more *?r edit: red and distressing stages, (IVom uncommon advantages : ]enl id 11ery extensive practioe,) he aan afford a rapid, easy, and ??dl leure, whioh, he has ground lor atatiua. ean be obtained , f--- * ntheveonroo In Amerhia. _______ 'OBI DR. MORRISON HAS BEEN ENGAGED FOB THE LAST thlrtyyears in treating diaeases or tho reproductive organs. I'"" Dellity.eo frii|iiently comnlioated with Stricture, ho treats with part uccrra. Rtoont affections, particularly Gonorrlwa. be nun s In a tllll' 'i? i??. See hie London Diploma, in his oflloe. ISUV4 Fii't^n st? (p||| DK. GldJVER IS CONSULTED DURINGTHR DAV AND yvhi o' enlng, at his office, No. 2 Ann street, (now No. 11.) in I... t- o-c d fficult and protracted caeca of delicate diee isea that Kkve , , tnilhd he skill of physioiana of lesa expor enoe. His axtraotof i "'K1 .( pi vis. Cnhebe, ho, may be had at his a tore, in front. Private 18 a sr. trvnc,- throngb the entry to the oflloo door. ln | DR. CON VERB' INVIGURATING CORDIAL. FOB OEM- (" tal Eeblllty, Impotei(y, Incontiienoo or Nocturnal Kous- ODt siots. he., ho ? This jnatly oalobrated aordial is now o. nai.lorcd the the only elfiiauioua remedy for th'se aad Arrangements of body c0] sr.d mind, oacaed by early indisoreat aeor.t habits of youth, or ir.trCir.ste indulgence of the passions in riper years. The followiigareromotf tieeffeoti of this rlo'ation of tue laws of man's wh tbjsictil and sutal being:?Pre.tteti'u. nervousness, dyspspeia, H . intiu In tl.e 1 end. aid dimness ot virion, weakness of the btok and I'.wi-r extremities, Im potency, or preiraturo and total deoay of H?* vitillty, woekneas (1 memory and power for mental application, mr d<Jti Uon. avert ion to a.ciety, timidity, self d.atrust, and love of ao'ltnite. Y-ntgar.d middle ayed moa may here lea-n why thsy i . nto ie I ling In health?why they become pels, eye sunken ana 1 1 luilrebit? why tl.ev ore losing tluir youthful appsirauoe and ball vigor. This invigiiabng aid renovating corlial has restored jur, scciee rf parlor s who have ig-i'nntly Injur d tbcmselver by self poilot'on. W. H.?On. pour da of sanaperilla dock anl other i,<>H nostmnu lave no effect in these eases; nor is the fiction and con- df? icnie w'ioh olten appears In wnderfnl llttlo books on tbtssnb- |(a| jeof of ?ny use to tho p tienc. Youag man. II you would avoid ' tho l urrtit g with caustic, blistering ptlla and p iwders. Re., B**'' w hloh arc usually prtivtlbed to no purpo-c. procure thin oordiU? IDHI it is the or ly anchor of hope f.,r j> u. You nan mi it without w)| txporure, i r hindrance fr n, homo or travelling?aad be reit ud. N. B.?Tho:e inroluc>ary noo'urnal smiaalons a ' which are so harassirg and dss no'lvc, arid nrcdnotive ol as CTO1 much mischief t? tie novvnua s>s *ia, iniapaniuting the msn for J J idiyaital or mentaleaertio , bo ipeedily removed by this oogdial. MstH this cordial contains r.o opium, mercury, or any J11-1 other mistral or offensive anbstaace to expose or Injure the p?. fl'ipi tieut. Each bottle of tho genuine has "Dr. Convers' lnvigor?'fng the ( ordltl' blow n on the glass Ptlua f! a bo'tlo 3 bottlm tor fA; j $10 the bait duen. or $211 a ibes ; iinp.rtsnt re ruarka to tho "nu mariiod and single, u itli ample dipeitlocs, aooomtia, '.tog oaoh gTPI bottle, hold wholesale aid r-tail by J. O FAV. I.'tl r ulton (orf stitot (Iaipp sti rt) J*nn Buiidlnga N-w Vork, and by Dr. Convers, at Ins office. 65pM aveuoe, betwe n Kith and llth sts., New eu Y'rk. N. B.? Feri'orii in the country cm have tho C-rillal and ? k.tor of advice car-tully for?ard:d to th m, byadlrea ing ae S'lf above. NoUoa?Ratried poraona ootjngal relstloish.vvo not been prodneiiva, and thoeecontfroplating marriage, eonacinne ( rl of physical Inability frem sbove named, ra-y ontlden Jy eor.suIt Dr. Coaverso peractally or by letter |met pv,d. Tl e nec> saaty advice and n-udicire, for the s)ie dy rav.oval of enth direbtnty, will be selely forwarded to t! e writer s addreon ntt D. BOflTRICR. LECTURRR ON Tn? (1ENITAL ' nrviuia. and aothor tf o work on Venereal, Strictures, and PFU ail diseases of a private ratue. 77 splendid plates. Astraot from w. the Boston Medical and Bnrgioai Journal:?"It may be said, fearkasly. to be ei|vad to Ricord's or Anton's works on the same tioi family ordisooseo, and far mip-riir to any thing of th? kind ever r ubliahel in this country." Frloe, $1(1. Author of a work ow cop Polttnry Vlee, Impoieoey, Re., 14 ptatoa?price. $1. Foraaleat r-?, 2,f Brcadway, and of tnoanthor. MR Broadway. 1 Dr. jeffrieb' antidote ib the mgbt effrcm al i u' preparation sold for Gonorrhoea and other disorders of the r0D Sosnal Organs Long experience kas proved that It wlllr-1.. ...... cally enre any oane. This desirable reanlt is obtained In fr,>m two to ten days, and ae it neither creates nanaea nor offends the j Joh( pelate, and renders unnecessary any deviation in Hot or Ir'er I rnptioa to usual pursuits, sonod eleep, or heulthy digest on. the II?" nuisur.oa it thus removed as speedily as is eousisteut with toe .j ? production of a thorough and pormanuut cure, lis ingredients ' are entiraly vegetable, and no injurious effect, eithor aou'.tltu- | Mr. tionally or looallp, can In-oausud by Its no rrlcn $1 per b.'.tte. 01# ageni ror wis civt. n. umu, *** --,. .v.^. , *5* | ,m^J Most kxtraortinart wu-jottl iamid ')?* orthoM oorilemp'uliui! mArriiU'j -Tin Mtrriod ifiir Pl1t*U M'atetlC'impan'iir.. bjr r>?. A V Uaqr.uuin. Sutli mil- . j ton. rn"A*l. Thfi work nrrootitn with raoct .&t?? ,lu (iri.lW) coptr* l.itinir Wi .4 if.) Tttj fntrilr u or H At:'mi * cops *M?r i- *tr?-4 nr too tarried, iUh?i>sl? it ta in- nti< tArdrdeorxolahr 'or tho mArrlid, ?i l? diwi1o#-?tn,?iorti<iit wowi rhk-h ihould b? knrwn to thoin p?rtioiitrt). *ter amry foviikl* J r1 OA dlAw tor Ik* aympi"BA. Am! til AMI I'lTi lint rnon- Ihrn dif Mid BiMtatrUiii uoxi o< uurc in ?T<irjr s&du. Fit mI-i i?t !WJ |t M Pt .ndwij; At the ptiM!ihingofi\c?. 13 fii'iotr a'twt, N*t? Tor*:; T. B. ?'ittrT?nn, hi. lint hunnt utrnut, PhllidelpbiA: idttlo it r' ' Co., AHwaj; K . SL Unt il. BmUti. On the rwoir' of St. n . >>! , Skirt will ho truuemittad b? n.iil fr-e of Dik"?k?. to >1 |?<i? or i\? ii,(. United Alitor All letter* m<i*t hi addiruM, poll |>j, A. * MAUBICK AO, bo* iju. Viw t?t sly- Gflst l2?Lrb?t r?,' I/Iimi. Bill ??mrct??1?? ii in , gBniimal BTBIAWm Bt TBK 8IAIL8. Otfwtan ?r U.nerU Taylor for Wuk. ln|ton. Baton Rouen, Jan. 24. Irt-IS. eneral Taylor left here thu morning, for hit nation above Natehes, on the steamboat aceea No. 8. He will remain on hia pUntai until about the 30th. From there he will go 'ickeburg, in compliance with the invitation nded to him by the citizens of that place, and proceed on the 2d ot February on hia way np river. Hia neat stopping place will be at Naah>! e waa accompanied to the whart boat by hia !; and a number of citizens were present when 1'rincees left. There waa no parade of any , Everything waa quiet. The General bade arty good-bye to hia frienda, the boat went ofl. there waa an end of it. >morrow, Colonel Bliaa, Mra. Bliaa, and Mrs. lor go to New Orleans, on their way to Haiti e, by the mail route M^jor Garnet, who aepanies the General to Washington, will join at Vicksburg on Monday next. The General arrive in Washington about the 2Jd of Peby, as his arrangements are somewhat aiteredi vill be compelled, in consequence, to shorten tuy at the different places on his route. Washiaqton, Feb. S, 1849. kio Developement? The Mexican Treaty? Hu Gold Dollar. r. Stephens, of Georgia, to-day asked, but did obtain, leave to introduce a series ot resolos, calling upon the President ot the United es to furnish the House with a correct copy ef treaty with Mexico, and particularly those ?p* s in the original treaty which were stricken or amended by the Senate of the United es; and also whether there is any evidence tie Department of State, of a certain protocol, ting certain assurances on the part of this gelment, and which were not ratified by the Sei ! This protocol, or something like a copy of s embodied in Mr. Stephens' resolutions ; and t was not ratified by the Senate, doubts have en as to the validity of the treaty. So out of new discovery fresh difficulties may arise.? you can read the resolutions for yourselt. specimen gold dollar has been coined at the ted States Mint. Several were shown in the ise to day. It is about the size of a sixpence; words " Ur.itrd States ol America, 1838," outoi a wreath, are on one side, and on the other le representation ot a cap. with the word " Liy" on it, encircled with the sun's rays. G. Washington, Fob. 2,1819. my in the DiHrttt?The Indian BurtonUvtmdary Commuttun?Inaugural Ball, Qrc. he principal staple of discussion in the House Representatives, during the week, has been abolishment of slavery in the District of Cobia. Opposed, as we are, to the institution of miestic servitude," we cannot but think that course suggested by many of the geatleineu ri the Northern States would not only be into the people here, but dishonorable in the erne. As to the proposition to leave the subot abolishing slavery to the inhabitants of the net, black and white, it is one of those exht>ii8 oi fanatical nonsense which deserve! eely contempt. But the proposition to leave it tie while population here to decide, and it the lsion is in the affirmative, to free at once all res, without compensating their owners, is rceiy less unfair. We doubt very much if rery can be done away with in this district unauy circumstances, unless with the consent duty land and Virginia. Those States ceded district to the general government in good h. There is no one who will pretend that they uld ever have given it up it they had imagined rasto be made a receptacle for their runaway res; and although Congress may possess the nerical strength to abolish slavery here, it uld unquestionably be a dishonorable act, un9 agreed to by the States who first gave up the rttorv. It Congress will pass a law protubiting : blacks from settling here, every man in the irict will hold up both hands in favor of the usure. A more lazy, dirty, impudent set of ruin never breatnea man me tree oiacas wno at Washington; and if a clause la alao inserted he bill, compensating the owners of the slaves, setting them free, few will object. The only ent blacks here are the alavea?the others neither more aorless (with a few exceptions) i a set of vagrants. . he bill reported by Mr. Edwards, from tho amittee on the District of Columbia, prohibitthe introduction of slaves aa merchandise, or aale or hire, ia an excellent one, and we hop? vill pas . The beat way, however, in our uon, to get over the difficulty which appears tm it regarding the district, will be torCoagress to * back to Maryland and Virginia all the terrir except that occupied by the public buildings, irly the wb.Te oi it would go to Maryland, and re is little doubt but what slavery will be aboed in that State in a lew years, if the aboliuoawill only let it alone. The great argument lavor ot abolishing slavery in the district is l l>y retaining the institution here, the general ernment appears to countenance the peculiar t tution Give the laud back, ttien, by all means, I remove the excuse lor agitation. V'e made some remarks t ie oilier day with rn nce to the importance oi having an able head the Indian bureau. Since then we perceive t the Haltimnre (Hipper, and other papers, a?t that Mr. John Wilson, chief clerk of surveys he Land Office, will be strongly recommended the poet. The appointment would be an exceit one; for we can state, from personal observai, that a better head ot a bureau cannot be found a Mr. Wilson would make. Besides his many is experience in the Land Office, he is also ectly cognizant of the duties of the Indian ds> ment, having been engaged there for sop* f. He is a gentleman ot great industry, ingmce. and discretion, three qualifications cli will ensure his success in whate.ver position may be placed, as they already have in the hly responsible office he now fills. Mr. Wilson . whig, but has never taken any prominent part >olitice, we believe. lolonel Weller, the Boundary Commissioner, I his company, some forty in number, start for ir destination, San Diego, in a few days. The lonel himself is at present in Ohio. He has declined to proceed by the way of New Orleans, ere a transport will await him, in preference to ling from New York, as he first intended. He s to Chagres, and after crossing to Panama will et a government vessel, which will carry him to 1 Diego. Ircat preparations are making for the inaugsra! I. Gung'Ps band will bs one ot the great leafs. From the favorable notices which have apred in the New York Heruld, there is a great ;.u knur ikam Tknro la ti\ hp nil AllllftMirinn I, it ib mid ; but we understand that aevi-rai tlemen whose names have been published aa [lagers, repudiate all connection with it. There 1 he buch a crowd here, however, that hall lozen "monster hops" would doubtless be wdrd. y the way, among the most fashionable and eablr amusements, this winter, are the weekly a at Carusi'a. Washington, be it known to ail world, is celebrated for the beauty ol its ladies, Carum's is the place, par rxctlUnrt, where the itest display ot beauty is made. We, therefore, nally put all susceptible strangers on their rd. ladam Bishop is to be here on T leaday next. i is a great favorite, and will of course have a wded house. Washington, Feb. 2,1849. Tht Printing of Congrru. Jndcr the law of Congress, the bids for the lting of the two houses for the next Congrean re to be opened to-morrow, had not the resoliti of Mr. Pearce for extending the time interted the requirement ef the law. Mr. Pearcs'a ulution postponed the time for closing the ration of bids to the 1st of March. Mr. Came, suspecting, perhaps, that this was but a moveit to give back again the printing to the two ling party press* s of this city, had the resoiui of Mr. Pearce called baca from the House to, and in the d* bale upon the reconsideration, I'earce charged that Wendell and Van Ben,i>eu had not tultilled- their contract?that the :r was thin and interior?that the body ol the - was ot a larger sr/.e than the face, thus extender,d spreading over sixteen pages, matter which i r the contract wttuld amount to thineen pagr-s, n increase ot thirteen per cent of the coiapo>n upon the terms of the contract?that the r, insterd of being ot the quality ot five dola ream, was ot the sort?the ihiu and worthy stuff winch sa ils at three dollars and a half r< am?that the rule slid figure work was nil over three times thp surface r? uuireil?that work was shockingly done, full ot typogrsphililunders, and delayed in its execution beyond aaron. Hence he had desired to extend ths

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