Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HKRALO). ef?*>5- S imtkwmt aorimr of k?lton.?n<l nuui jamkh (vottooft ubmnkti, frdprietor. THV.DJ.lLt flKIULD.?tvo xlilnm., 1 cmtt per copy? ?7 ?r .influx t,\r HOILtslSU HDll'lObi it muim ?< b o'electi a *<, a?d <h*rrtf?t<:cd before breakfalt: !ae APTKK tfOOS BPITIU& cui? tic hud of (tic ncwihoye it 2 o'clock. THm. u aixtwc k., far circultrim on thu court mont, m pyMI.if. dfUcrf *r jnf erile j>cr copy, or m per rtniimui |4?r" rircul wion in eu-ope" arirf priii erf 4i? trench aid Ki pi hh. ill 6*4 rm.ti p er copy, or $4 per aun?; i ac latter price to include the potto go. ALL LKTTKKS ley tmtu, tot . tihtcrepcumt, or totth adner^'or cfcc mctfm* tjm he deducted from nUJU&TAItVt tmKf.SPtPNDBSUK, tOnOnininpimportd^ neteo,uAKHt4 frffu pny quarter of theworld) it need, teill 6c ADV^itrmk%VST?, (ton?d oony ewirwnf. and to bo publUud UUA* moeuint mkd ttftermou odjUoHt, )<it tedioMble |iricct; t* lx written in rt plow. leftNO matmen the proprutor twt retvyuMibU for error* xh nuonuacrwit tff) AlV'HJk t+keno* un"nynunH? coifwauttfcfitfww. wni %r*r i*it*4n i*# ji?r ineerti tb t*?Mt to nU'tonti-*1*4 rrjCetuil ebuiukviiO-ritutiit: ' PHlStUH* Of aA kindo .et-ted to<MOifnUy, and *** a*u?wwts~ Tim eftknjnq. , ..u ... h . 'if. 1 oftut tjuatbci bow?tjr*-8m?**?tl? wni-rftlril smaecntita-tctti op rut asd'huia*. JtaOLVWAY 7bba.tu, biofwf i miutpofiro, > < wjrton'8 tblatrtx, qwuoboro otcmv-vani r? *ai?mono-ctp^., . . . , .,. , mbchamgbr baui, brood w*y, istr Bmoim?ctnurrr*) .1, 'I I'll BOOin-T tTBRART, BA?U^ Wi 6*beud-!i*w Or 1UM Duiudoi. i ALHAMBRA, nro?4w?y, ncv JWaot-Bunx^ Lmt fc Co.'i UHtwAtt Cum. ' XOOl/XJICAI. BUXJ* ??W?X7-~VAH imiw ? Oa'i MjuUsEBlK. . . , , , .1, i M.I US IN UK MUSEUM. OSS BroMv?7?0nn>?8> OuBMMntM rAWOBANA BAtL. flwHiwwlw^TTDowaAW'* J?au+ MAMA or Mrxioo ?... "" -M ?N*w York, W?(ifi(iA)r, Ktbrttaif 7,1840. NcWi from Karojpe. The auxiliary steamer Small Sands, Captain Thompson, was to have left Liverpool on the 20th ult., and is therefore in her eighteenth day. She will be due at thiB port on Friday next. The Niagara, with advices to tine 27th uit., wiU be due at Boston ?n Saturday or Sunday next. ? II ill StarUlng AbolMlon HwrontnUla New Kiif Iand?Propouil IMssolmlon of the Union* Laet month was the seventeenth annual m?etln| of'^e fai^'oup Auti-Slayery Society of Msssachiisett's, which was held in Faneml Hall, 15 or tono This is the'original society, composed oi the'original ihoyers for the agitation of tlje abolition of slavery in the Southern States, trom winch all the speakers and orators of rhe Wilmot previse afid fh?e soil school have originated, add froih.'wfootie extensive mint they its ve,drawn their opinions. i For se venteen long years this body of men has been agitating the question of abolition in New England, until at last they have leavened the two great parties in this section of the country to such an extent, as to produce such results and debates on this sdme question as we have recently seen in the present and soute previous sessions oi Cuagreaa.1 1 "> I* another part of this paper will be found the principal official proceedings, resolutions, and d?< durations of this party, as they were discussed and decided in Ftneuil Hall, and from that rene rable aanctuaty fulhnnated, lik.? a firebrand ol anarchy, over the whole Union. > -i, / -> t From these proceedings, it will be seen that thf abolition of the tenure of a slave population at Ihe South, bt all and every hazard, is declared to be the .first and ultimate purpose of these people. Invitations are held otrt to fngitive sldves in those regions, and every effort and proposition is avowed to effect the object in which they have been en gagva lor bo roaay years, tftit, over 'and beyond these declaration1 and resolutions, thpy now come out openly and declare their public hostility to the continuation of the American Union, and propose to commence a grand movement for a dissolution of the Union, as soon as maybe practicable, by alt the means in their power. The same hostility is also declared against ail the churches in the land, and every party hitherto organized in the North is . comprehended in those denunciations, ' The principles end purposes avowed by this party, assembled in opeh diy in FaneuU, Hail, Boston, did not excite so much attention at the first period of their raectingB, until the demagogues and politicians attached to the other two great parties of the country took up their notions, anil made them the basis of political movements in the Northern States. The law relating to fugitive s'aVes, which has now passed the Semite of New York, itf Albany, and which is still pending in the Asatmbly, ib simply, as it will be seen, the mere emanation of the same doctrines and ot the same purposes which the great abolitionists in Faneuil Hall have placed before the world and teach as thetrcreed, in conjunction with the open denunciation of the ("nion and of the American church. Toe ppeeohes made by W. H. Seward, during the last summer, at Cleveland and other places, have caught the same ideas from the same quarter, and are. only an a Jditional step made in the progress of thiotnoeement, winch is already openly declared to be against the continuance of the Union, and for the breaking up of ail ties between tke Northern and Southern States, as they are guarantied by the constitution. Mr. Seward, who is the exponent of tht^se principles, and one oi the pioneers ta Now York of the abolition movement which began In Faneuil Hall for the dissolution of the Uuid!}?is now elected Senafbr to Washington from the State cf Hspw York, So we go. The original ab?htmnsits oi New Kngland, ?s we hare sera by their proceedings, have taken fresh courage' from the progress cf the,free soil and Wilmotprouitio increment*, and other preliminary msues, which are only gradually uniting to bring around a general cuneiltlimaticn "n tlu liuMt* mini mmiUr is openly avowed in Faneud 11*11, (or the dissolution ul the Unien. Seeh, then, is the extraordinary position in which the country now hUnds, on the brink of a new administration, which is coming into j.owwr ia Washington, in consequence of the lecent popular election. The aholiuoniau o IS'w Aitigland are congratulating themselves hat the prospects of a dissolution of this great confederacy at'e now within their ken, and that a prohability that General Taylor may be the last President of the United States', and rtmt tberr efforts. then agitations, their debatea, theft"ttiovcmcWfi, have forced, compelled, and driven both the other great parties democrats and vhige, into the same line of motion, into the same railroad track, from which now they dare not deviate until they arrive at thd same,terminus and r< mlt, namely, a-,diowJutiou and breaking up of lie Union as it has existed for more than tf>e last hail tenia:)*. It Is true, fcomeuf the whig journals ia tins u< ighoorliood, and elsewhere, are beginning to wake up to this peerless condition of (hingtor and are calling u|x>n the Legislatare, at Albuiy, to pause in its action mreiatfon to tftp Uwnow b' fore the Assembly concerning fugitive staves. Among the leading journals of thisi class, we arc, 14lad to Iiad that one ol ourcot#fupor<tfie?of Wall treat, the C'dltrier nnri Fr><jn(ytr, Hat , /6*t vaktd up Jiom a (lr?p dream, ah*ken oft hw slumbers, and has discovered, within the hist few days, the pcnlous situation, nut ouly of tbr whig psrsy, as regard* the hope* of R|| who look to share the spoil*, hut al?o the daagur to which this fair and beautiful Union is exposed, t any more encouragement t>? given to such anuconstitutional ana didbrganizjng, Opinions.. Oar cot# iiiiMpry dewoimcts, with great trrvor and with peifect justice, the conduct or whig politicises afd abtMTfmslfsttl, &bth ^ ^ijtuy and at WxeUingtou, who have taken part mi fnvor ad an eh opinions, and Who uit|cd ?ud abrtttd fd'e rtiOtf i.. rnents of the original abolitionist*. Yet those mim journal*, with * weak urns whrtch 1* iooom. prehtnaible, and an ^fatuauon which i? n0' to bo : undeitfbod, have brtfn the mean# #1 a^ing and assuring ill the eleoMon of W. 1L* die ward , t o tha Senate of the United Stutes?a man who is the representative o' the opinions, principles, and disorgflnizing doctrines ol the abolitionists, ol wnat ever section, which they have ever u|tfMd^a the North. r 10 L f We do not enter into the moral and abstract question of slavery?we do not wish to inquire cr 1 tb decide if if b* righfbr if *Jt be Wfoh$?we will not determine WhetHdr it be u " curse" or a ble9jJ ipg; though it We compTtrhtfib cotidltion' of tfi? I block race i^fhe'Soith'ifbHhd'lasfflftyyears, With that of the* freb Wd<&i,1^f''13tVtitftrt!ngO and'0the)Wrstilndiataiands, it would, not require a great deal ol sngabitytd ascertain which df the two con- l ditreos iB? ?uree or a blessing. Suds reasoning ' Is folly, on tnevevy brink of a volcano threatening the existence of this happy Union?a volcano eom-n posed of the various firebrands of the North, varying among ench other ir doaipfenon and doctrines, from Garrison, of Fansui) Hal), to tie warn!, A lL....a k..? nil la sUmasM. aMJ wll %Jt AlUMiy J UUl ?l& ICUUIU^ IU IIIC tllio cuu?Oil 11 engaged in tho same purfeurt of the1 'lame objeptjl " which can only terminate in' the mtef dbstrufctioit' of this lair Uuibn and It'appy.qpideidera^y- 1 Ig ?} nut time for (lie American people, of all shades of opinion, to cottta forward and take that ground r whith may prrservethlf! coiigtty 'la'.ihdt happ^l Union which it has enjoyed* and in which it ha* grown up for so many past years 1 Those statesmen, tiroes politicians, thbse editors,'who aTe at-' 1 tachcd to either party, exhibit nothing, but ignorance, weakness, lolly, and absurdity. What is to ' be done t " ' 1 ' " ' ' 1 i ; , i I I i"" '-i ' ' , .11: Tun Great Prize iFtoat?Intkrrstino Particulars? ProhaWI.K AWFUL consequences.? This great aflair corties ofl to-ddy, at Hatpe^s Feri ry, as pome believe, or on an island in the Susqiie" hanns, as others say. The excitement it has created is intense; the mrire Sty, &S it is not merejy 1 a prize fight lor money, but a fight to.nettle a b\t' ter ()uarrel between the two combatants. A brief account of the origin of this quarrel may not bte ! unacceptable; connected the, intense interest - which the affair, notwithstanding its brutality, ha* created in the public inind. "ii >mi.- . > i . / Yankee1 Sullivan is an Irishman, known in this city as the keeper of a small porter-hquse iuGhati, r ham street. He has been long famous as a pugi. list, and whb the second to Lilly, in the famous , prizefight between fully qnq McCoy, j^hvp.h ter( minated in the death of tne latt er., In England be' fought with the celebrated Champion of the Ring,' i as it is called, Hammer Lane, and "obtained <he victory; since which tune his name has been ."up" as the champion prise lighter of all Christendom.*? - Hyer is a stouter nnd stronger than than his antagoI nibt, hut is said not to possess his'science.aadskiiL He is an American?a native ol New York ; and this circumstance, coupled with the 'fact of Sullivan beipg an Irishman,.fehdsi a,ot s little to foment the bitterness and increase the excitement of this affair, especially among the low and vulgar of both those different heopTe, Who each, like all other nations, can reckon, perhaps,.tenbad men far, every honest and noble man among them, Hyer weighs over 210 lbs., stands feel high in his stock| ings, and is a fine, strong, welbproportioned map,, This gives hitu a decided advantage over Sullivan,i f who is a man of ordinary size, and not so remarkable fbf Strength and stamina.'/! ' ' !,t Many expect that Sullivan's end is, therefore, close at hand* if it has not already Happened by , the time the reader peruses this narratiVp?others, otherwise. j This fight, which will draw together so many thousands from all the cities'and villager of the Union to witpess it, qfig!nat?d m the following manner. It seams that Turn liyer had got it into his head that Sullivan was not quite so great a man as his friends betieved'him to be,and felt confident that he, himself, deserved the title pf champion, more than Sullivan. A little jealousy between the two wal thus created, and in this state of feeling they accidentally m ct one day at a porter house in Broadway. Taunts and jeers between the two naturally arose, till Hyer, exasperated, and binning to try lus powers, threw of! his coat, sad, dared Sullivan, then, and there, to the battle. Sullivan instantly "peeled," and they had a tegular " set to." Hyer caught Suflivan by the bead, held lum bv the neck tirmlv under hm arm end there kept him, thrashing him at his leisure, p.ll Sullivan was obliged to cry, "hold, enough.'* Prom this time, it was open, war and hostility between the two, ami Sullivan and his friends burned with desire lot revenge, arid to vindicate the honor of their fallen champion,, la this irritated state. o( feeling, they met ugain by accident in one of the flash houses with which our city abounds, and another "set to" instantly followed?immense r.y.w was kicked up, and font flyer again gave rtulltvan , a licking, precisely in the same way as before, getting his head under his arm, and then battering the poor champion at his leisure- After this*several belligerent cards were published by the parties, a bitter warfare of words was carried on'in the public papers,-unti^ theprescnt light, for a stake of, ten thousand dollars* was arranged between them by their several friends.1 lrhless the disgraceful and blackguard exhibition is prevented by some legal process, it.will take place to-day, somewhere near ttoe Maryland boundary line, South or North. From all we can learn dn| the subject,however, there is a probability of itaresulting in a general row between the friends and backers of the reppective combat ants, and iwrhapa in a scene of gfeat bloodshed ahtj mutder. biir ground for supposing this, is a report that those who have betted large sums will purposely create a row and break the ring, as soon'as they shall See their favorite failing, and likely to lose the battle. It bitch should be the case, the most awfal consequences may ensui", for the character of the pereons who usually take jpart in auch demoralizing scenes, is not ol the best description. It t thia fight do take place, it is to be hoped that it will be the last exhibition of the kind that our country will be disgraced by. Such'acenss are demoralizing and brutal in their oonsequences, and ought to be put down by law. If every State Legislature would, follow the example u that of New York, it , would be the Inst to s certaisty ; for the act recently passed by the Assembly, and now before the Senate, makes it a crime to train tor a prize fight, to engage in ono within its limits, or to leave the Htnte with intent *\ to participate in one. Tnii Presknt I'ou< g Ststbu ?It is now near four years since the estbhlialutaent of Uie present police system, und many have expressed *n?ir opinion that the system, at its commencement. whs bad, and would never answer the purpose for J w bich ita adoption by Mayor Havrmeyer was in- * tended. Fneh, however, we ate pleased to s<e, ib ! Dow cjuite the reverse; for each year the system j becomes more efficient. The excellent arrange- j ment at hrea, by which an immense amount of property )$ saved, speaks volumes in favor of the 1 system, Nearly half,or, we may any, three parte, i ol the fires are discovered by pohcemen, and a 1 Inrge number of such fires are extinguished by , them without the aid of the fire department; but 1 die moment the-fire increases beyond theircoatrol, , avd when the firehirn arrive, that ttiommt thepolice take charge of the building* and protect all the valuables saved from the flames, by forming a bntncsde across the street, allowing <>nfy fireman to eater?tbns shutting ofT the many thleVPs tyh? run to fires for the express purpose of plunder. I 1 be old burglars and pickpocket* are decidedly oppowd to tliis system, as tliey find tt exceedingly 1 difficult lo ptosecute their nefarious bumussr, or I to locate themselves in any one spot with any de- ' pree cl crlBinty, ts the Chief of i'olics kee^ men i constantly on the watch, dogging these rqguenday ^gbt, from one meetifcpplace to ansfier, 4>y v?4A h means a periectjtuoatledge ts o&tatt^d of jail thinjiaunts, locations ftdri accomplice* lelojifcing Ho thme thieves, many'of whom are pVfVatefy connected with men in business, who, lo the community at large, bear an irreproachable character, yet secretly are corresponding with thieves of the moat id a rigorous cha cartel,auf! ittf them, " ugde^ tit?|roSe,'| ' in pafeifig off tfte'stolen property* X strict wa'ch is kept on all the movements ot these individuals. In some cases, the chief has,caused them to be watched night and Hay, jot' four (fljf .^'y^l^'at a tune, and finally detected, themi Ih, same burgh* nous operation.' It is' by the adapWoii of' this 6ecret systefn fhdf tfie TqguejA tfic' city, to dt'piedati? iuMie surrounding counties! .im'i Much otfui; ib d?? Mru Havswoyeraatf Mr. MaMi lfor the energy and 1per#6vera?oe'be0tot(j,ed in peiteoting thisprfbeht system of $pV.b^' ,Xs /at asit hes gone, we must t?t,heh*B| everpdopted lit this city for the preservation O^fMr public peace, and thd abolition of rogues. Ocean Steam NavioatuNX?AMERTCAH Steamships ?It is conceded by all wii^ competent to foim an opinion on the subject, tfigt steamship United States is in every respect a strong, attach, reliable, and swift sailing vessel. The succession oi storms which she encountered lor seventeen days, on her recent passage, was sufficient to test the finest vessel that ever floated; and the manner m which she encouhtered and weathered the tiemt ndous westerly gales, which continued for seventeen days, shows that she is deserving of the many panegyrics that have been paesed upon her. Under the circumstances, we question very much if any' vessel could have done better than she did in her last passage to this country. Her delay was not occasioned by any defect in her hull, or any acci-, dent to iter machinery, as was expected; for, from the time when she left land on the other side, until the Reached JlalifaX, her engines were at work, without ail hour's intermission, go lur from that, she was, on the day on which she arrived, capable of returning to Europ i without undergoing any repairs of consequence. The , United States has, therefore, been tested, and has shown herself to be all that cftn be desited. In pursuance of arrangement:; 'lint have recently been entered into, the Um'ed States will, fofihe future, ply regularly and carry the United States mails between this port and Southampton ,and Havre, She will form one of the two vessels of the Neptune Ocean Steamship Company?a recently, incorporated institution?the splendid steamship, Franklin being the other. The latter named vessel ts m every respect a splendid steamship. She. was originally constructed expressly tor the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, and will, it is confidently expected, be a credit to the United States, and as fine a vessel as any other. She., has been purchased by the Neptune Company, and these two vessels?the United States arid Franklfn?will cany mails, passengers ar.d fre'igfif between the i?orts above mentioned. . Hocks of subscription to the capital stock of the Neptnne Company were opened at the office of J.' Howard vV Son, No. 73 Soufh street, on the third, inst, and they will not be closed until the whole of the capital stock shall : ave been taken. From the manner in which the a Hairs of this company will be conducted, this, new company oilers great inducements to subscribers. A sufficient amount will be regularly reserved from the sum to be received from the American government for carrying the mails, to pay an interest o.f seven percent on the amount'invested by the stockholders. This will be guarantied in the first place."; and it is on this principle that the books ofi subscription have been opened. Fdr further dividends, the money received for freight and passengers, after paying expenses, will be relied upon, and this we should imagine will be amply sufficient to make them large, and to lead us to believe that the stock of this company oilers great inducements for investment. The importance oi havtntr a direct utenmnhin connection with France is evident. There is a great trade between that country and the United States, which is increasing every year, besides that, there is every inducement for both countries to cultivate the most intimate and friendly relations. That country is to the Old World what the United States is to the New. On each, in its appropriate sphere, depends the furtherdnc of the principles of republicanism and self government. They are essentially the two most important nations in the woiid, and if bound together a scjopely as they should be, and as we flatter ourselves tlit-y will be, they might 6et the rest of the world at defiance, and pursue their respective destinies without fear of molestation. Arrival of tjuf. Soutiikrukk.?The fine steam- I rhip Southerner, Copt, llerry, arrived yesterday from Charleston, in one of her usually short pas sag^s, bringing us New Orleans and Mobile pa. pors one day ahead of the mail, for winch Capt. B. will please accept onr thanks. Police Intelligence. Robbed on I be Five Paints.?A man by the name of John McMaaus strolled Into the neighborhood of tha hive roint*..on Monday night, and was lodnoad. by the personal charms of one Mary Ann Harrison, to enter one of the dens of disrepute, located at No. 160 Antneny street, where, after a little maoouvrlng, the woman and a male thief, called Andrew Rogers, succeeded in eteallng from his persom a sltvsr waloh, valued at $20. Ofllcer Oardner arrested the two aeensed .parties, and lbs waloh was found by the officer concealed under some atones, whiera it had baen placed by Rogers. Justice Lothrop committed them tor trial. Stealing (i Watch.- Offioer Osugbam arrested, yesterday two women, by the names of Catharine Frarpan and Margaret Riley, on a charge of stealing a Lepiue watch, worth *18. belonging to John Campbell, while in a,hou?e of disrepnte, at No. 40 Orange street. The accueed wars committed for a further hearing. A ires t on Susjiuion ? A woman by the. name of Kllzabcth Baokman was arrested yesterday, on suspicion of stealing a gold watch, valued at *100 Offloar Newman took her into custody and the magistrate detained her for a further hearing Burglary.?Nome burglare, on Monday nlgnt, farced an entrance into the llquoo store' No 610 PesrI street, occupied by Mr. danrett, and stole from the money drawer *60 in osah, No arrest. A Dul>st<est Sailor.?A eaUor by the name of Tboo. Cower, was arrested yesterday, on a charge of stealing a silver lever watch, valued at (10, the property of Captain ChfSe. Justice Lothrop committed him, to prison for trial. .9vrr?f on a Beneb Warrant.?A man by the riameof kdwerd Jnhnaon was arrested yesterday, on a bench 1 warrant, iatved by tha Court of Se alone, an a charge of grand laroany. Justice Lothrop committed Mm to prison for trial . <. / Prompt Arrest ?The cabin of the brig Ua'veston. lying at the foot of Market street, was thread opan oa Snnday night by a thief; and white the captain was lying aalsap in his berth, the Thecal canr'ed off bis gold wstah valued at *160, and *160 In money. Yesterday officers Duflon and Cine, of the 7th ward, arrested a young man by the name of James Uunh. In whose possession the officers found the gold watoh and chain, ind*86of tha raaney. Jostle* Tlmpeon committed the aocuaed to priaon far trial. The officers deserve much credit for this prompt arrest. ' Court of Ctcneral Sessions. Before Judge Tngtahara, Aldermen Hatflsld and Dodge. John McKeOh. E?q . District AKagnsy. ?*. H?Tke (iron A /Hijuesl. - The following gentlencn w?-rs swovn la as Orand Jurors:-William S. niy, foreman; William Cromwell, Kranels Ddnoan, toege U Bail, Henry Krost. Henry (lelston, Tlemthy Jarrtek. Horace Raye. John Harper, Robort Hbydoek, .Bat Hatfield, Jo<*l Keller, Jaoob T. M?nr1U, Kllae 0. loonry Joeboa J CndtxniU, John WUfiameoa. l<owl? Doty. John MBfcniU". Janiea r inker top, Job* A. Soutotfc, Jrthti l.ewte, Mtrtr* 1l Taylor Hti Honor herenpon addr****d the Jury, and ?tated bat the inwo?(|Olf*(t Mm to call tfcetr attention to irratn matter* pwovlOrd by the ritatuto, and It war ont necer'ary to refer them totbo Imponatlre duty that devolved upon them a* to tba maoao* lb wMoh ibry thooid perform, nertal a datier. prooovtbod by the i 'Ututo After referring them to tba law# la.relation ko fir* limit*, ueury. lotteriee, and tba ihaarful py?Urn tbat teltratae advertlolng. be.. with a rlmw to pgo ,, rure patronage for houeeo of carta!0 bad de'erlptlf M, to which be calked eepeclal attention, a* being lojorimii to the moral* and the obaraotor of tB* city, ho concluded) upon which tho Orand Jory retired. ' faint Prrttnrtt ? \\ llUum Wkillaau. charged with obtaining good* under talao protonooo, woo hereupon put forward. bicriAM> M. Jdn-AAOt Mag tworp, toottflod -That , KS^S.*'" w " Tba Jary ftmndth* prlerner guilty, and eentenaed blai to 3 montbo eooflnomont fn tbo pbaltoottnry John U illlomr, (rolnrwd) eharged With otoallhg b bofre and wrgon, ralurd at HOb, tbo property bf VTm Jobnton. wan found not guilty, and aoqnltud Tbo Court a4jouraod over to thle foronooo, at II D'clOcV , t-.-..- ? ??? * ?> I". /TtfipftltAt'ltl* INrKLLtt^l^jB. / XHIKTOri ll CUNUKKSa, f uaO0ND 8KW10H. f Cknate. Waohinotoh, Feb. 0, 1840. rRTITIOn*, mjemouials, ho. After the usoel routine exeralsee of opening hod gone through with, nwinerong memqrtale et^d pn' titiond herb presented end inferred Amn{ the letter wee one bp Mr. Bell, of Tennessee, from e company of eitieene propoelng to entry the melt In oonohee bom St. Louje to the Paolflo. , Mr. Bftffcpeld thnbthe petitioners were men ol high < repeatability end ehemeter, end he theaghb thbt the > proi coition ought to be serioaely considered. 1 1 The wee fcfjjtted, to (the Committee on Pent , mac# UUtOM ; ! II'..' ' ' isiitk muliim ? tmaih" viutiM. Mr. Burisa, of tifiutb Carolina. eubasttiSd series of resolution*, pw-aed bjr ?ba 'Legislature 'Of the i Static <f flouth . Carolina . against the inlloitltki of th#' Wilswt proviso to Me mw territories, -and' alto espretsiog ths usual sentiments of tba South with , regard to tb? slavery gueetian. Me butler made o few remarks jo support of th?' resolutions ; in tba oootse 1 of wjbloh be referred to &outharawrongf.aDd exhorted 1 the NonU to forbear. . On motion, thoresolutions were ordered to be printed , ,, additional ?| u#?:0?? a no ''hal-lainl, i! Mr. Devi, of Mississippi reported on amendment to tbe existing lew en :1m bubjugt, providing for the addition, of tee, aitUtont surgeons to the medteal stall,of the United State* army, end eleo ten additional! chopleice, which wee, by unanimous oomeent, considered ail'.1 npnttd, ii'fjoniunos 1'ii.u. Mr athf.rton. Chairman of tbe committee on, Finance,' reported tbe annuel appropriation bill* for the military academy at Wait l'oint, and for revolutionary pensions. piieyocnu Of thk mkikait uhti. Mr Ntitni u'? resolution, off-rod yesterday, respecting the protocol alleged to be In exietenoe, to tbe late treat] of Mexico, tfej then taken op, aud, after consideration, adopted. > ' i panama hau.fcoad. . After tbe transaction of eMae further unimportant business, on motion, tbe ranaTta railroad bill wax taken up Mr Oi?t>Kawoon, of Kentucky, obtained the floor, and prooetded to addrers the Senate at some length, in opposition to tbe hill. The terms of the grant were, too liberal. Tbe, road would be one of the mort profitable ill tbe world. Tbe contractors would become millionaires by centrollisg tbe business and travel asross , tbe iotbmu^. , Mr. Foots, ol MU.sls'IppI, rose and presented the memorial of certain persr.ns, stating that they hnd obtained the light of way across tbe Isthmus of Tabusntepeo, Mexico Mr. Foote also submitted an amend-, ment to tbe "bill under consideration, which waa not read. The memorial was then ordered to ba printed Mr. I>ArTOK,cf New Jersey, then rose and addressed tbe Senate in support of tbe bill. He commented with effeot on the many disadvantages which attach to the Tebuantepeo route. I mr. wm*tsn, of massachusetts, replied to the arj,~u}ebt8 l?d bean urged agailut tbe bill, and made a calculation showing flint the profits of the road would not be so exorbitant as n?? ll*"!* estimated. Mr. ci.aiik, of Rhode Island, moved a j>o?.pos?*nent of the further consideration of the bill, until to-morrow, wblcb was agreed to. executive session. Tbe Senate then went into Executive session ; and, after icme time spent in tbe consideration of Executive business, with olosed doors, adjourned. House off Representatives* Was it i tv o ton, Feb. 6,1319. circuit court in western tibuiniaAfter the reading of the journal, and prayer, Mr. Brown, of Virginia, moved to take up his formtr motion to re-consider the vote laying on tbe table tbe bill respecting the Clroutt Court In Western Virginia. Several points of order were here raised. Mr. Wintwmth moved to lay Mr. Brown'a motion on tbe table, which was taken by tellers, and decided in tbe negative. Mr Brown's motion to reconsider was then taken by ayes and nays, and decided in tbe affirmative? yeas 101, nays 70. Mr. Brown then moved that the whole subject be re-committed to tbe Committee on tbe Judleiary, which motion belbg lost, tbe subjeot was Indefinitely postponed. patent medicines, Mr. Edwards of Ohio, from the Seleot Committee on tbe suhjeot, reported a bill for the prevention of patent medicine*; whlob was read and ordered to be printed Mr. Nicoll of New York, expressing ?the desire to have further time for looking into the subject. On motion of Mr. Vinton, tbe House went into Committee, Mr. J. R. Ingersoll, Chairman, and teok up the , naval appropriation bill. Mr. Vinton, from tbe Committee of Ways and Means, submitted an amendment, to tbe purport that a purrer be cent as a Government agent to the navat tation in California, wltb tke same pay as if serving on board a U 8. frigate. Upon this proposition, an Interesting debate sprang up, In which Messrs. Vinton, Bowlin, of Missonrl, King, f Georgia, Schtnck, of Ohio. Toombs, of Georgia, Burt, of South Carolina, and Ficklin, of Illinois, participated. The latter gentleman moved to amend the amendment, by making the salary of the said purser tea Instead of throe thousand dollars; but after a brief with arew u, anil ine original amendment was sgreed to. Various other amendments were proposed and oonsldered, and the committee were about to rise, when, Mr ScHF.ecK,of Ohio, moved an amendment, whioh the Chairman ruled to bo out of order. But the gentleman from Ohio was not eo easily to be silepoed; and amid .great confusion and some laughter, intersported with frequent and loud cries of 11 order," he proceeded to offer sir. different amendment#, cash of which the Chair sucwrsivily ruled to he out of order. Mi Sohentk finally yielded the floor, and the committee rote hud reported the bill to the House, and Mr. RockweM'a amendment, shottehing the spirit rations, andenbstftutinginlleu thereof the sum or four esnts eaeh, wae taken by tellerr, and lost-yeat. G2 ; nays, 71- several of the m?mber* singingodt" Let poor Jack have bis grog!" ts:i aoSAi-mr ci.ora. The question on the adoption of the amendment respecting Loeke's newly Invented telegraphic olock, wee then taken, and carried. AkTwurroMT, ho. The amendment, making ad appropriation for astronomical purposes, and ail the other amendments made in committee, except that respecting spirit rations, were also adopted, and the bfH passed. Mr. 8r unwell, of Ohio, then moved tp amend the title o* the bill, in order to bang a speech upon the motion ; and he proceeded in an attempt to answer the various speeches which had been made upon the bill la Committee of the Whole But he had made but lKtle progress before half the members had left tile Hall, as generally supptsed, for their dinners. Mr. Toombs, of Georgia, now called the gentle men to order for irrelevancy. . . The Chaib said that he could proceed In order. Several members wvre on tbs point of appealing from thtaderUtwn. Severs! points of order were raised, and a good deal of disorder Was reigning in the ball, when ~ Mr. rK*i?i.r.TOB,of Virginia, moved da adjournment, ' which prevailed. | dew York Legislature. MNATI. Ai.iia.ny, Feb. 0, 1840. BAPTIST HOME MIStlOWl. The bill rslative to the American Baptist Heme Missionary Society was taken up. and after being somewhat < amended, passed. rar.scNTATiow or mkdals. Mr. FiLLra, of the twenty-serenth district, oalled I up the resolution, heretofore offered, in favor of present^ lng gold medals to all commissioned officers, natives Of tbeBthte of New York, who were engaged in the late war with Mexico. He made a long and able speech in support of the resolution; after which, It was referred to the Committee on the Militia. rRNALTIRS. The Senate, In committee, then took up the bill for lessening the severity of criminal punishments ; and i lifter having made some progress In the consideration of the same, reported It, and bad leave to sit again. nomination or ckitad ?tArks' .i natom. arg. This day having been previously designated for the cholee of a Senator to take the plsoe of John A. Dlx, whose term of set vice expires with the thirtlnth Cnngrers, the Senate proceeded to the nomination, with the following result: ? William R. Seward. 10; John A. Dix, A; D i>. Barnard, 3 ; Chanoellor Walworth, 2. Gov. Seward wae accordingly declared nominated on the pert of the Senate. Mr Van Rensselaer wae also nominated for Regent of the New Sock University. xiKMrrioN or homr'TRads. The Committee of the Whole then tock up the bill pr? Tiding for the exemption of homesteads from eel? are or sale for debt; and after making .,omt progress there ib. roM una reported; when, on motion, the Stoats adjourned. ASSEMHI.Y. AI.bawt, Feb. 0,1819. ; new roe* n.0ATi*fi r>ar dock comta-it. Mr Oiibkrt reported a bill Inoorporating the New Verb Floating Dry JDock Company. ANti-aanT entiTion*. Mr. Mwrkt reported agalnet the prayed of sundry , petitioner* reeidlng In the antl rent district of country, pray!opt * etiepenalon In the collection of renta, j Bntll the manor title to land ehall be rettled. raii.boad i aoM ithtccii to aocimitta. i Mr. Mower reported adraHoly to a direct railroad from Syraooae te llnobMter. Mr. Borer, from aeld committee, reported la faror of i lie blU. i \ Both the report* and MU were then referred to the Committee of the Whole i ' ,ue*ee*M?ft* riber* roa wtw roea. i The V'H Heeuinagorareaent ollote in tfae, olty and harbor of New,York, end by way of Sandy Heok, we# riad e thlrd timea?U paeeril nii.i. iicreobt'can . . ' Mr Bnrve, ill Delaware county, aeoofdlng tb prerlana notlre. Introtlneed w Mil to t*Cu<m the rete (if late met te eii per oent. i ,| laeam orricaa 1 Mr Van Oai,? e, of Mew Vork. offered a reaohitlon In fa?orof reoaPlnj from the committee onCommeroe, ijrstt - '"miisslu aal'as-a,rsc " irila"*"tw*?*w'*:tv s.s'., jva ?-. >,* ' the WU reiettn to tbwtteelttaOfiirer at the Nor Tor The sesoladion giving tit* to debate, it (H laid OVSi uadertiie rtje ndiumtiom ofllvnateh and riukkt. . The Ilouse then proem j#d to >h' uoinlieti*v < I lilted Statu* 8'Dator. wh oh resulted io the nnmint ! tion of Mr. Seward, by the fallowing Tote:- For S [ wml 102, Din 16, Walworth 0. l&t The Seoele then met in the Hell of the Represent; tire*, and tte two hour** proceeded to compare the ^tcmtnetiofee- The majorities betas found to agrna 1 lavor ot William 11. Seward. h? wat declared to be dul elected Senate r of the L'oi'ed Status, for tha term ( six years, trrm the 4th of March next The nomination of the House f >r Regent, arrest n with that of lbe?epats. Mr,,V?tt Keu?s?ianr was* rlnred duly eleo ed iUgoat of .tlas N#V Kerb Univei ,1 *!?.,.s,;a a! t.o-rj .set* iao -Mt i*tiT wt ' ta.l t;a?r ayam,gaurte^t imstituxiok. j Tho Howe then weut, Into ooieiuittee. und toot u ' the btjl to gmpadltiu qhartpr of taefcajt River Sen of Icstltuticn, and having made pome progress tb*r*ii bad leave to ?H again. adjuiakt oaitraat.'s aaroaiu i opltimimirnilun waa reneired from the Adjutav General) transmitting hie annual report; which wi i! appropriately referred On auUon,the Assembly-then adjourned > meet ion of Senators . Ciucihbati, Feb, 8,1841. Proceedings ia the legislature npimportant t 8. P. Chase, free eoil, will probably be eleoted Sent for, if,any one i# elected. It ia thought that no elet 1 tioa will transpire this wiater. | The Cincinnati Oar ate says, an atteKnpt Is maklo < to divide the elty into wards, in puoh a manner as t ) 'ecure a democraticmaJerHy in the City Council. ! Arrest of a Itttrdtmwloc in tlx* liuqw hanns. Baliimork, Feh. 8,1840. John W. Williams was committed to-day, shares i with the murder of A. Jackson Smith, at the flremeu i fight, yesterday morning. The lateet accounts represent tha lee la tha SuaqiK ! bansa as formidable as ever. The banks of tha cahi ! are muoh Injured by the current. Th? freshet baa swept away some buildings en tt | low grounds at Port D p.^slt; many of the inhabitant ' anticipating further rise, have commenced moving. It la supposed the travel will be regular.7 'esum? tomorrow. A Tie in the Ohio Legislature. Pittsburgh, Fob. 0, 184V. A whig has been re-eleoted from Clinton eount; Ohio, whioh makes the House of Representatives a ti markets. Baltimorr, Feb. 0?P. M. The flour market Is dull Small sales of Howar street and city mills at >4 87,'7 Corn meal $2 76. R< ceipta of grain light. Small sales of red wheat at t 06 a $1 10. White corn, 46 a 47c ; yellow, 60 a 61 < Oats Olo. Rye. 63o. Provisions are .[iilet StnallsmL of mess pork at $18 60. Lard 7 a 8o. Orooerles at firm, and prices steady. Rio coffee, 6,a A}* ! Whli hey is doll, at 38 a 24c. per gallon, in hogsheads an barrels, City Intelligence. I.AP.GK FIRK?11UBNLM? OF HOJj's MACHINE SHOP, About 11 o'clock, last night, a fire broke out at N< 30 Gold street, in lice & Co.'s faotory. The fit oentinued long after one o'clock | and, through th active exertions of the Are companfds?whose effloler services deserve a tribute of publio respect, from thei fellow-cltlsens? the fire was eventually put down Adjoining property was, also, savsd,through the aotii exertions af the fire companies. The late hour, an the confusion which prevailed, prevents our giving fuller account this morning. IMronrisT Citv Rkfokm ?There are several fa portant papers now in the bands of the eity authe rltlea Atoong them are the proposed amendments t the city charter; the draft of a law for the re-orgs ni'/.ation of tho Croton aqueuot department; aud i draft ot an aot to regulate. In a batter manner thai hes heretofore been done, the police department of thi city. Btsides these are several reports of oommittees Involving subjeots of grave importanoe In this Us may be mentioned the reports on the suhjeot of fer liofswaam ?Vla f a?-I?I -a - Jj IK. KiirvK; >uu !<? ( innuu tUU J?n?j Olty several report* on proposed Improvements of grea magnitude; and other topics which Involve interest! that would be oailed great, as ooanec ted with the 8tat< sflairs of almost any one of the thirty sovereignties o the Union. In faot, the leglslaion which is performed after a manner, on Monday evenings, at the City Hall is worthy of more deliberation than attends H there and the interests of tho city seems to demand thatthi provisoes of the charter, as proposed to be amended should be carried ont. The great interests of the oom mercial emporium of the United 8tates, ought not t< be consulted in so harried a manner as mast neoessn rily result from weekly or semi monthly evening moot ings, such as are now held by oar Aldermen. Winter Returned.-?After a few days of soft wea ther, we returned te winter temperature yesterday Considerable snow having fallen, many of the omnikai sleighs turned out again, and the streets assumed an appearance quite like that which tbey presented * month ago. Mauijsrlvate establishments also appeared in the streets Tn? thing could not be agoompUahed with spirit, and atan saiiy hour in the afternoon, wheels had a decided majority over runners. Just ai night, however, the shy beoame oompletely overeset, and a meiry snow storm commcnoed. We are aot yel rid of Jack Frost, and he seem# determined to aseeri bis sday to the last The boys like the sport, and havi all brought ont their petite sleighs to tempt the I05 declivities In various parts of the oity. This return ol winter Is not welcomed by eur business men, who art all preparing f t the Spring trade, and are impatient of any impediments in the way of the prosecution ol buelnrra. Ail In good time, Messieurs merchants ; thi " Sprirg time of year is oomlng." Ran rait pbom Drowning.-? A man named Thomai Morgan, fell into the East River, at the foot of Covet street, on Monday night. Ills perilous situation wa? ditcoveit-d by a policeman, who went to his rescue and saved him from drowningHi m and Fie*.?A woman named Bridget Mooney, who occupied a kind of shed in the rear of No. 4fl Orange street got intoxicated on Monday night, and while In s state of inebriation, f.-ll upon a stove and art fire to her clothes. She was past helping herself, and before assistance arrived, she was so badly burned that it was found necessary to sendhsr to the City Hospital for treatment. Brr.01.4ss at tVHiv*hii.t. ?Burglars must bs htrd run for business in the eity at present, Or they would notresort to such contemptible work as that of robblhg the hoses of the boatmen at Whitehall, as some sooundreli did on Monday night The boatmen's lookers and store be xes were broken open sometime ago. and robbed cf ooats. hats, fishing tackle, implements for repairing boats, and other articles in the shape of mechanics' tools; and this operation was repeated on Monday night. The boatmen were net prepared to receive these visiter* before; but if tbey cell ones more, they Will meet with the attention whieh they so rlohiy deserve. Rrss Pavkmknt ii? Bboadwat ?The Committee ot Flnanoe ot the Board of Aldermen have bad under consideration for come time past the petition of Geo. Urlewold and maty other citizens, in relation to creating a pavement fund fot the oonstruotlon ot the llum pavement In Broadway. The majority of the committee have determined to report adverse to tb# petition, and this report would hare been read at the last meeting of the Board, bnt for the fact that the mlnorit v. to which belongs the chairman of theeommittee, Alderman Mtjnard are about to present a minority report. These reports will both be looked fos with considerable interest. Tbs amount necessary to be ex -ended In laying down the Ross pavement seem* to filghten some of our worthy elty legislators out of their propriety, and thsy seem to lose sight of the faot that the debt might be extinguished by a sinking fund, in comparatively few years. If the amount whloh It now costs to neve sod repair pavements in Broadway were but applied to that pnrpose. Everybody is delighted with the Russ pavement. Why not give us mors of it? Fir*-A fire broke ont on Monday night,in the second story of bouse No. 8 Spring street, oeonpied by Solomon Ludwtg, aa a varnishing shop.. The damage was very trifling. Suit-ib*.?Tne Coroner held an inquest yesterday at No. 10H Front gtreet, on the body of Miohael 8 Moore, a native of New Jersey, aged 41 years, who came to his aearn dj cutting ma mroat with a razor, while in a derangtd state of mind. It appear* from tha testimony adduced. that the daoaaaad nad been for some tlma paat oat of haalth, and at times vary flighty. On Monday afternoon, about 6 o'clock, the deosesed was aeon t>y hla wife In front of a bureau, with a raior In hla hand. She immediately called hla brother to come into the room, aa aha waa fearful he would killhlmaelf. Thebrotbe r came into the roam, and went towarda the deceaaad, and took hold of hla arm, but not In tlma, aa the fatal deed waa done-the deoeaaed having out hla lb rent nearly from ear to ear Medical aid waa aent for, but without avail, aa. in leaa than aoven minute*, he died. The jury rendered a verdlat according to tba above facta. Bbooxlvn ArvAiae.? It la stated by tba Brooklyn ,1tfrtriitrr, that poraone engaged In respectable business in that eity have mortgaged their prenerty In order to proenre funds to bet upon the reonlt ef the pugilistic encounter wblcb la to take place between Vankwe 8nlllvan and Tom Hyer to-day. One person Is mentioned aa having six thousand dollar* wagered upon the affair. The same paper states that one of the 8onth Kerry boat* had an aealdeat happen to it* machinery on Monday, during the snow su>rm,and, in eontequenee, got out of its latitude, in ahioh predicament It cat found by th* good steamer Brooklyn, which, after a somewhat severe concussion with Its neighbor, towed It safely Ipto dock. guperier Court. Before Judge Sandford Jlihkuvnrr Bauh hin - la eoneequenee of the sudden ill seas of Judge Sandford, thla cause had to go oil (or the term Before Chief Justice Oakley. Mnrlln J7 Jfovell on J William A. WTtHt e*. Marinut tV. Wevftie ? This waa an action on a judgment: the amount claimed far principal and interest Was about CO. Tha defease set up was a discharge In bankruptcy. to whleb the plaintiffs replied that it was obtained by fraud Sealed verdict tbi* morning. Before Judge V?adsrpo?| Hiltt and oltm ? ? fj-nrrmort and at km, - Staled veidlrt te-m< rrow (this) morning Cmiri ?f <IWr sntl trrmineh BfTore Judge Jot?J*, aldermen Wa'Aklih del Ste^ebt; The i oor met to-day and adjowmed. k The Vtelta^tkriet^rtie frrat PrUe Fight -TfeSM MtambokU Conine re-l ??* Bell<? ? TkO Kxctteinmt In. Baltimore. iiy <4$^.. i. Baltimore, Feb. 3, lrt49. All the preliminary arrangement* for the great ? prize fight have been settled at last, and three ir steamboats have been chartered to leave our ? wharves at six o'clock on Wednesday moaning >f next, for an excursion down the river. Tho steamer Relief has been ch artered by Yankee SulR livan and hifl frfends, the Boston by the Hyer partyi.ipd t|<? i'orti-mq iiti M an excursion, specula-! r' tion. Ah not less than two thousand p"rsoiis will go, at a dollar a ticket, it will be preity profitably, p for Rlltwrtis^i.' The'aronnd chosen fdr the roni,>j bat is said to he Boat's Island, about thirty miles I, Ircrn the city; and as the boats are chartered to return iftlhe evening, it will be> impossible for iht'm to 'go further. The island is within the It-: ll inns of tins isthie, and if they should return bp way ol Baltimore they will be arrested; conse' quently, 1 learn that they will be carried direct i ' from the gmund to Frenchtown, so as tb avoid1 passing through Baltimore on their way horde. 1 J Ity TKLKORAPH. < 1 baltimo a a, Feb O-S^ tAtIv Thomai liyer and Yankee Sullivan eluded the pQlisa tri and Ml the city, laat ovoalng. for Pool's Island. "Governor Thomas ha' arrived and chartered a steamk boat, whloh will start this evening, with ottf hundred o armed and pleked men, under aamznaad of High Con. ' etaMe Gilford, to Intercept them, and pretent this fight from coping ?fiin Maryland. They will aiao follow thorn into Virginia, ami stand' ready to hat, if called on by a Virginia tna^etrate. '' n.tTiuoiii F-h fl_* P M d ' * ,a The three steamboats chartered by r*?*? flghtsinbavs besa stopped by authorlttew, and oaptaini "bound oyer ndt to oonvey psrtlee op spectators. ^ Two military oompanles era ordered out by Governor Thomas, to go in a itsnmboat at 13 s'slook to night. Spectators ate preparing to start for tbe Island in carriages ; great numbers bare a'ready started. Tha *' civil pane are preparing to foltow in eaTtlagss at six' . o'clock. The figbt is to ooms off at ten o'olook, to morrow( . (Wednesday,) at Tool's island, twenty-six miles below tbir Tbe greatest excitement prevails in town. r, Baltimore, Feb 0?Evening. Tbe captain of tbe steamer Boston, chartered by tbe prise flgbtsrs at Baltimore, bas been arrest* 1 and beld to bail. The police ere on tbe alert to arrest othera d who are enpposed to be oonoerned in tbe affair it is ' generally believed here tbat tbe fight ia to take plaea , to-morrow, at Pool's Island, thirty mtlee down tbe Cheis sapeake. , 1' " Baltimore, Feb. 6?0 P. M. j Great efforts are being made here to put a stop to the infamous prize figbt; our citizens are in arsuat tha outrage attempted to be oommitted on oar borders j beneb warrants have been issued to all the polios, and they bave started in a body for tbe scene of nation'. Tbe Governor has ordered out two military companies' " wbioh will leave to-night for pool Island, where the '* brutal exhibition is appointed to ooioe off. ir Domestic mi see Unity. _ Tbe small pox bas broken out at Hsirtsburg, Pa. e There were two cases of cholera on board the steamd boat Melodeon, at Louisville, Ky? on tbe BOtb ult. The spring racts over tbe Washington Coarse, at * Charleston, commenced on Monday last. t Several extensive cotton factories are in coarse of i- oonetruotion en tbe Potomac, near Harper's Ferry! '' Franklin Olive had bis leg miserably laoeratad. a few 0 dsys since, at Pomrey, N. If., by being caught in a threshing mtchln't. j A man named Thayer bas been arrested at Uxbrldge 9 charged with having hired Knowltoa to murder Miss Arnold. < t A little girl was burned to death, at Cincinnati, n few days since, by ber olothe.i taking fire. Recently, at Baton ttobge, La., Mr Boetger, his wlfe? and two children, died ircra drinking water from a 1 well impregnated with copper, previous to wbioh ^ German and fbur negroes died Rom the same causa. Six dwelling bouses were destroyed by firs, at Pittaburir. on Mnnduv mnrnlncr )? * , Jehe Mead waa killed an Thursday laet, by a train i of oar* on tbe Baltimore and Washington Railroad , passing over him. The alnoant of ice shipped from Boeton. In January) ' waa 2 184'tone. In the#sartettpielaatyear^2,C78J6 tone. The enow fell In Philadelphia, on Monday, to the j depth of 18 inches. . j There were 127 deaths in Philadelphia daring the last week. i ; Aooomao county, Ve , haa been divided, the new i | county being called Atalanta. ' Tbe Rev. James Vaudeville will be ooneeerated Roman Cathollo bishop of the diocese of Ckloago, on the 11th inst. An alteroation took place at New Orleans, on the night of tbe 3dth nit,, between John ? Johnson, and ' Theme* Harper, in whloh the former was stabbed ta the heart with a buwie.knife | A bill for tbe full pardon of all thoee who took part , in the late civil dissension* of Canada, entitled -'An ' r sot for the (tuaen'a moat gracious general and freb , pardon," has passed both houses of the Canadian Parliament. T A lead mine has been discovered near Little Rook, i Arkansas. The average temperature of the month of January, I in Portland. Me., waa 17 degree*, degrees colder than the average of January for tbe last thirty years. ' A Mr. Cottrel was shot In Mobile. \!a.. on the night 1 of the 28th tilt., by a policemen named l'hiliber. A son of C61. Faulkner, ef Acton. Me., was bitten laet wtvk by a rabid dog. The bitten part was im1 mediately excised. A negro woman, native of Senegal. Africa, died at Mo lie, Ala., a short time since, ag?d 06 year*. There were 08 death* in Boston, for the woek ending Friday, the 2d init. The soap fsdtory of Mr. Loan, In Sotoervllle, Mass., was dtstroyed by Are about half-past 10 o'olook on Saturday night. The Cromford mill, pear Hartford, Conn., waedestioji d by fire, a few days sinee. Loss, 820 000. John Souie,cf Knol, N . H., was killed a short time since, near Lake Umbagog. by two oatamennts. A meeting was held at Little Rock Ark., with, a view to memorialise Onrgrvss on the subject of the construction of a railrotd from that place to California.? The road to pass through Santa Ke or ?1 Passo. Tbe extensive beok establishment at Coopers town, N. 7.. was destroyed by Ore on Saturday moralog last. Sixty persons were thereby deprived of employment. James Calvert, of St Francis, Ark., We* recently 1 murdered by a negro woman, one of his own slaves. There are now 189 OOo children attending schoel in Massachusetts, :i #80 01 whom are less than four yeara, old The amount collected for educational purposes, aside from the State appropriation, for tbe year 1848, waa $764 048, being $100,000 more than paid any previous year. A company ha* bean formed at Cincinnati, far the construction of a tol? graphic line from that city ta Sandusky. Then will there be a line extending from Buffalo, N. Y., to MUwaukic. Mr. Latleur, a druggist at Point Conpee, La., killed ' a fisherman, who was engaged with several others in assaulting hi* honse. Calvin Todd, of Rowley, Matt.. Was suddenly killed on KYIdav latt. bv the overtnrnln* nt .m.n k-.uu. which he" we* moving on a Med. " * Court of Common Pleuf Bafdra Judge Ulahoeffer. Krn fl.?Jilbro <mrf nthrrt vi. Shaw f Cartrr.?Thie t eenae wA* given to thejarytbls evening, and after a fh? rt eonrnltatlon, they rendered a verdict far plaintiff, for slxcentrdamage*, and nssesredthe value of the i property at $003 04. MAILS FOR EUROPE. TBI WBHBL7 HERALD. . t ?t The eteemsMp Canada. Capt. Judklns, will leave thla port etldo'olook to-day, for Halifax and Liverpool. Iler malls will close at half-past 10 o'clock title corning. The B'seA'y lltraU, printed in French and Knglisb, for clronlatlon In F.nrope, will he ready at precisely o'clock thie Borntng. its contents will oabraoe all the Important and interesting intelligence ef the week. OOstkots , Tt.o Latert News lr<m Califorcia-Mnvemnnt* front l*ew Totfe and oUoyrhera fur the 0 >id Heginn-i'rellmlnar} nrrang-m-ntibe- t Iwtea Hyer en< BolHvan retail ?e to their great fifth', wh'eh lake* f lac* to-day?Dabalt In the HcW York Legfalatme on ptlienghCog ?lhe Addrisa of tho SouOiorn Kemb: riof Congrosa to tholr Coa* itltuents? ll'ivemonta of the Praeidout e'oot? Mow York Common # Council, including Letter*on tie Btate of tho Roman Oovaenment?rroceedlrga of Congroaa?Intoroiting Account of an la- ' gegement botweea the American Vo'nBteer* and the ininrgent Indian* in Ynentan?Stat# of Affdra In Canada?Intelllfttne* from Chagrea and Jamaloa? Editorial?Theatrical and Local la. telligonca?Consaereial Affeira. Ship Nowa aid a variety of othoc in terooting matter. Single copies, in wrappers, eUpenoe. The postaga oh each paper Is two cents, to be prepaid 4 Caltforsalniie.?Uverp tbliiK In tine ahape mt * Clothing, lor wear or rpwmlatlo*, anah oa Fnitlan <!oala a fkmona anode. I'onoh. a, the rtal kriiwn Ulankeio. India KiMxw 1 attielea, or Mmki-y .'ai-koi*. M-nlna Ja? kola, Miu.nft Penha Water rroof H<nth?<-.??? IVirleior fl??a and Uat th ><igh not lea??, Fire Ddlar halt*, at l)Tt Na-mo atrr-i earner '4 ' lle?Vnrisr.

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