Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5364. rcujjo Aurmovric accuumi or m PRIZE FIGHT nrrwixn BTlft AND IULDXVAN By nr own *p? ?U1 Reporter. This fight, the preliminaries or which had ben Kittled some six months since, came off at the ap pointed time, Wednesday, 7th inet., at Rock moutn of Steel Pond, Kent county, Maryland, 01 the farm of Mr. Gibson, about 40 miles from Bal VAat finkt u u a ut .in Ku Uono IA hllnAi I1UIVI c> x11v ii^ufc noo nvu wj ui , an* hiwvi rounds?the tine being about sixteen minutes. Tbe excitement which has pervaded thespurtidj world, baa been so intense, that many, not patron of the ring, and who denounce prize- fighting in m measured terms, have been drawn into the vortex and taken an unusual interest m the result. Fi> the last two or turee weeks, the pugilistic furcr 11 Uie alien of New York, ftnUdelt.iii<t, and Hilti 'more, has amounted to a perfect frenzy, and w< know oi no event wtucU has takeu a stronger nolc en the public miud, than the one we are about u describe. For the Uir-e days preceding tne tight Philadelphia and Baltimore, the latter city more pa.tieulsrly, have been thronged by visiters of a dnsurip tion, not p?ouuar to tbos* cities. wbloh, mthougi celebrated in (one pellicular*, oanuot be term?< patron* if tbs prae ring. to judge from their exer itons to pcwvent this much uu?t ot event tacloi place. Ab eerly M Monday night, toe notels of ttolu mere were orowded to txoess. from Barnaai'e,ln Vlonu loent iquaie. down to .Speugler's, In tne .vim re a Market Oroupt 'if "vhoaiaer hitters" mod tbelr admirers aiiga he teen nt nil points, engaged in moet animated me euaeioae on Uiemetlu of tbe respective combatanti ome betting?some wrangling-and others, wbo bai no ether means, backing their opinions by battini neck ot hers heads Arrangement* bad been sends, and boats had beei shattered, by tbe Mauds at tne parues t < convey ttai piioeipnis,and ait ebo elnbed to witueM tbe affair to tbi plane designated for ibe eouastoa ; out on fuesday 1 was uscerialned tnat tbe aaihoiitiea were determiuei So prevent ibe tlgbt taking place within tbe limits o tbe H ale of Maryland, aud bad laid injunctions oi the beats ebartered, and beld tbelr eaptaioa to bail As Boon as it was ascertained tbat toe boats oouid no go, n rush was mass to tbe liv ry stable* for convey an*** by land, and large uumbece w?re seen learia, Baltimore, in every kind of veblele, all endeavoring n Math tbe spot selected for the tight as speedily a* poa Bible. Tbe authorities determined not to M thwarted ii their exeilioas to suppress the Oght, immedlate'y dr? pa tubed a police turee to make ail peeslole arrest ef those toppoeed to be engaged in the affair, par tic a Wily lb* principals, Suliiean and flyer, and tbei seouuu*, wbo they knew bad taken up their quertcr In IS* vicinity oi Pool's island, in tbe Chesepeate bay about twenty-Ova stiles trom Ueltlniore. aad within tb jurisdiction of the State of Maryland, foe par lie wbo ohattered tbe steamers, Hading tbeir plans trus tinted, determined, in dehancn of law, and in order ( reach the pines at all basards or in any manner, sac deeded, by bea?| tffers and by great eelistlatioo, li baring toe oyster boats to convey the many hundred wbo wished to witness the light to Pool's Island. Upoi this scheme being atoertaiaea by tb* authorities, tne; Chartered the steamboat Baton, In which they ptaiei two companies of intautry nod n posse of pouoe uffljsri wnb Ins motions to follow tne vessels and prevent tb meeting taking plsoe, aad, if necessary, to un force ii pretervmg the publii peace The first boat 1.0 leer wastheoue cnarteied by tbe Sdlbvaa par-y, ou boar *f which about on* hundred person*, 01' the gre* number who were noxious to go, took tbelr departure tbo r?u not daring 10 trim. their Uvea in no fretl kuk The Hjer boot tolluwed soon at Mr, riUk obuu Um *mi* BuntMt on board. nod in ber *?( followwi th? nwnknt with too m-utery. Ttn? took pi to between nine end ten o oloon on Tueedey eiouiof About 2 o ?loot in the morning ibe k?t on wnio *tt? tbo tailiven j??.rtj, eril'ed off Pool'* 1 Blood, an ooino to enobor About on boor efiorword, tbo Hj? boot own iu eppetreneo, ona om< to anabor eUo On tbo arrival oi tbo boot*, teverei wont on ikon on utodo up flto* ou tbo beeoh, awaiting tbo eppioaobia daylight, ond to upprire tbo eombotonu of impebdlo danger. Tbo droo oaro tearoely kind.od, wboo ? pose ol poiioo odeoN, hooded by Oitford, nigh eonotobio a I Boiunioro, appeared to tboir midet. Tboy bod ooai by iobd from Baltimore, ond then oroMod over to tb blood In boots. A scene of much confaolao eneoed ond greet tereaibli eg In every direction, ooino ntdia In tbo aodor baoboo, while otboro porobod toom<elr? n tbo biotoho* of trooo Tbo vflloorr woro partioaierl daeiruut of orrootlag tbo principal*, gaiiirt* ond tf tei tboy booing war route tor both individuate. Tooy flri wont to tbo piooo witcro Hjror tudgoa, not no being ef onerd In time, mooted tbroogb o window, Leevta Tbompoon, hi* tooond, tube err.?ted la bte eloed.wnoi tbo ifflotri mistook for Hyor, bo boing n nto ooou Hyer'e owneiM. Ilyer managed to loocb tbo tbon nod wot token to tbo ooaeri wbieb contained bi frwnde. * Buiuvan wot next favored witb n fill but bo otso ototped by o rut* is gu??rt. O tbo olorm being gtoon him, bo nroeo bonny, drone btmeell. ond tbroolng n olook ooor O'Oonnoil, bi tvoond, to ooneeal bio footnret. potooU btm into to bono* c-f tbo ufflooro oe tbo oerltobio Yankee hlmeel nod to t Seated bit own raeopo to ibovattei of nit frUndi By tblo time, tbo ttotmbuot Button, witb tbo military bod arrived. oe ono o eteom propeller from Pailodo phio, loodod with portont oaxtuut to too too fight. , potty of the mnltory more de-patched on anor*. to d< ttroy whet propel otiont bed boon mode, ond tok ohorge ot tbueo wbo bod boon orretted by tbo polio, wbieb tbey oeoordltgiy did. Tboy oUe captured tb ring, wbieb bod boon pot up tbo proTioue doy. Tb Cdice tfiion, dieoppolntoo in err tut log sulnven oa >ar. than tboy tnppoeed bed token rofago on ooer tbo prepelior, reeolvea to toorcb bor, and orroet them i pooriB,*. 1'bo ppriioe on boord the propoiior, belie rlo tbo figbc ot on ond for the proieni, t to nod down tb boy, followed by tee Bo*too. witb tbo military, la put toil; end while tbo wot chasing tbo prupaiior. tb sohoeoeit with tbo belligerent portlw* tor ted la to otb>r dirtotlon m toerab of o tultoMo pioco lor to figh' knowing that there would be no obeaoe oi loot's it<*nd. Tbey wont op tbo Cheaapeoke Be. tooie fifteen muoe further, wnoro tboy ouoa foun, n ploto tunable for tbo baeinoto In boou. Tbo iooo gotooboro, oeput wet talented to the no*; tbo ttoko* wrroout. u?tag tbo ret line* of tb Triieltfw ropot, too ring term.a end mooted of tb bow. nod everything uiodo reoiy for tbo cmbol gu.liveu walked up to tbo piece, whioa wot about i aula, through tbo taow, ond Hyor wot brought up n ooert Jtwotnow about 4 o'olook. P. M , end tbi mre woio *uinmonod to prepare lor ibe fight Tbo dty wot loientoiy ouid, and taow lay on tb ground to the drpin uf e loot, wmaa rendered tbo *!tu otiun OI tbo tpoutotort extroineiy uaooaHurtooi* many Buffering ooeereiy from tbo cold end wind About one hundred ond fifty portont wort oil tbo Wo. o prorenl on the ground. On Inquiry at to i bo weight of tbo man. it wot ot oortoiotu tbot dolMftn weighed ie?a then 160 Iba nua Mjar a a* raiau avkouui leu im i nry apprarwin lir; tin* cuudltion, but ion?*bit jaiNd bjr ta latlgu? of tba pronoun u'ght Tan age of Hyrr l boat 29 jirtn, and bis bright alx f<nt two mibti btillith u about 85 year* of uga, aod aa aland* abm (Ira feat mloa inob--? high Tna eoalraat batwaaa ttv too iloii *t? ftrj itrikiug On icioaDt of tbn artarM of O'Oonnell and fboiip for, >t barania necvarary to ohoooa i?g around* C-?-alry M'Clurky aou John Ling wara ohosan to goiiitao, and Jo? Wiarow and Tom Sura* aataotod 01 tba part ol Hyar. MaMra Way ana Col to a n-itod a tayiui, aud Mr Van Ottraod refarra Tba latter yirTiom to tba WBB' Boo meat of hostilities aai lot tba nru bad catar?a th? rug too lata to proouranottrr prr>oa to aotla hi* plana. stated to ta? ptrtie tbat b? waa not. aciju?iuted wub tba huuaau of >tO| flghiiog, but tBat, tf it *aa their <t ab, ba <*<>uld r?r?? aad ?aoaaaor to do ju.uoe to botb. I'oa nana to?i rti'PP>d, aad alt laureated too* tbair pmdtiooa t VfciHI THE FiOUT. Sulllrao toaaad Ma eep Diat into tha rlag. aad foi lowao it immediately attar He waa moo attar foiio<r?< by Hyar. wno waa boru* to tba nag oa tba ban* u Data a <; barley I'M eboien of position ?t< tban aroi by Soiinao, who war tue iarorita at luu to HO-ai takera. / rat Round.~ At taanty minute* part foar, thi gaaation at* aahad by Wioroa, Am yon raady T' aad being aniwered by Sullieao in tba aftirniatiya, tb< jaaa aaikad up, rhook baud*, returned to Vboir our aera aad wailaa tha oill of tinio When tba won wa? girra, ibay moard tyuiakly up to tha aaratoh; aai tfirr a f?w iaiata fieoi Koniraa, tba bitting waa aoaa nt-BOrd by Molllean amkiag with bia laft band at tbi body of Hyrr arbicta. boaavar aid not dlacvxafur Hyrr ?*? tba least Hyer appaarad on tba defennire raady to eoontar or r?turu. but not willing to lead la a oioja.nt tba blowa ba* abarply oa botb aidaa, ba mot rffrctira. aa tbry wrra nearly ail stopped eriueiu, aiuob roxuea Tba aoakilaalf tban ot<>at-d for th< tail, larca soma baring b-ea atak* d on t bat arant A traaaaadoua struggle adru-d. and 'uulraa war tbrowt braruy, Hyer ou irra Tba b*ok of Huihraa'a boat was Injured by the tail Tha ruruIt of til* round pu Ibv friends of Hyar In altaoiea. aad ga?a faarfai fore bodioga to tba bullirao party aa tbay bad pi-teed graal Irl aaoa on tbair farorita'a wrestling abilities. Arrowd Round - Solltraa looked, aa ba oamo dp, at If aatoalrbad at Hyar'a bereulean powar*. (iulltraa'i efforts to w*a tba threw in tba prarioua round bad. m doabf, atraiaad bia oooaidrrab y; but aorbtag dauotad, ba taabad at bia ppoueot aod made aararai attaiaata to rvaab bia faoa witn bum l*f< add right, bul la aaarly aarry laitaoo*. ba faiiad. Ha waa mora tun aa?aful howarrr. with bia body btoaa, and got la t?i oribrra. la return for those farora, Hyar gara b>a two tapa oa tba top of bia baad- aad a aarera blow wilt tba Irft baad, between bia ayaa, wblea aot oal] made gailiraa ar star a ba; aut a deep gaab from y abkh tba blood Suw?d eopioualy dowa bia faaa, ill >| bta ryaa aad Impairing he* tight Tha raaii tarsiBlasted with aa- (bar nliacb aad atraggle aad dalltraa waa tbrewa. H -ar falllag haariiy oa bia. A abodl gain barat from tba trtenda of Hy*? Third Round ? Aa toon aa time waa s tiled. both mar aeased agar ta gat to tba oar*tan. bat whan wtaala Mb-lag OUtanae aaenmed aa alt af mmUnimb. *? E NE MORN Vera! taints were made by Sullivan to latOM Hyor to i I lend. bat oil to bo parpoee Sullivan thoa let fly hi* ' right hand at Hjar followed qulokly by his left at th? naak, wbieh, r?aching tha intended plaoa, brought i Ujaf to tha aaith i> it u Bad tarn ?bot. Sullivan laughing at bin a* ha waa t n tha ground This evont, in turn, brought shaau from Sullivan's frlaads. and revived their spirits, wbiah had droopad considerably at tha r??ult of tha first two rounds. Fourth Round - Thia round waa quickly fought. Tha j want to work lu aarnaat, Hyer aaamlng auxioua to return tha eomplisent of tha prevtooa round Ha lot go his ltd and right lu rapid suaeaaatoo at tha bead 1 and faaa of Suhiraa. a few of whteh took effaot. daring _ whiab tiaa Sullivan was taklag libertlee with his body. Sullivan waa foreed down This tints Hyer did not fail with 8allivaa. hat same vary nanr atappiag an hint. a Fifth Round ?The man wars qmak at tha so ret oh again nod want 10 work In right good aarnaat. Salltvan tried to make hto left tali on tha head of Hyor, j hut foiled Ha thea tried the body, and in return reoeiead a heavy lett-bnnder over tha left eye, whioh iteggered him, and ha fall on his knaoa but in nn inz stent waa on hie feat again and rushed at Hyer, showing evidently that ha did net intend taklag ad vantage of the drop game. Tha round soon oadod, 9 hoeever, by Hyor giving him a boar-ilka hag, and erushii g him to the earth. ? Sixth Round.? kiahtiag on both sldas tha order of r the oay? no fiioehiag by either?give and take?Sulllvan taking the largest, share. Hyer rallied Sullivan to tbaropa*. and after holding him some aeoonds with hie back oa them, threw Suiitvan and fail on bin with * bis arm across hu naok. The seconds of Hyer soeiog I his advaatsgoous position, suffered him to remain on 1 Sullivan longer than the rata* governing the ring at and oonwiaeiabia leeliag >m exhibited kr tba kwUn ol both men Tbe lefeiee, however, decided that it j was lair, and tba light shoald go on. Taiegaatlemea I apprura heie at fault a* 10 tbe length of tiiua tllovwl to ibeetooods of the men on top to have htm removed, . end if courts was in ratbar an awkward predioaaeut ; breeniA Hound ? This *Ma ?bort but teirifla round. Suilivao struggled on at hu up-hill work, with grant perls v? ranee. it ?aa evident. not only to him<eif bat to | ail bla friend*, tbat bis ebanoes of winning tba flght w*ra gone lie bad owgaa to exhibit weaaaaaa, from tba severity of tba fail* be bad raoaiead. and was I biiedleg Inai; trom two gashes, wbiob were poariog , HiNW ol bloed into bis eye* and down bia faoe Tbe decision of tba referee, in the laet round, also tended j to make bin deep*rata, and be ra*bed at Hyer. lalttog , fly bis left and r>gbi. Hi* blows bed little effeat, wbl.e , Hyer made fearful ioipraaatona on hi* faoe nod heod. ( in tble ronnd Hyer al*o rtruuk Sullivan a blow on tbe I neck tbat Maggertd bim several feet, nod wvlob was f 'be most dangerous one tbat be reoelrad during tba , fight; la laot. be did not, to tbe aad, raaorar from it* tU'Cts. This round closed llae a m*j >rlty of tba pro i rating oner, by Hyer throwing S ill Tan, bad fating on bim in tbe way meat likely te oo bim injury. . Ei/ehth Jiuuna - At Hyer came np to tbesaratob this j time, ?e nniioed tbat one of bis ayea was blaok aad niueh swollen, enured by a rally In oua of tba prertuus , rounds TbU round was eery thort-only a bit from Hyer on Sullivan's bend?a elmeh?a struggle-and ? buiiivan thrown heavily on the ground, Hyer on him, toying bis great weight aero?t suliivan's breaet and r booy, at If endeavor! tig taorusn every bone in hi* from*. ! Mote requests were now made ny tba Sullivan party to bave Hyer taken op quicker wb?n bo wasoutbair man, g as tbat would glvs tbsm mora time to attend to him. , Ninth Hound.?Sullivan cami to the saratob tbla time, n horrid picture; bia seconds bad not attended to the u eleaning thebiood from bia faaa aad neok, having bean loo buriiy engaged in discussing tba p dots of foul and B fair of tba last ronnd, to attend to tbe mora Immediate , wants of tbair charge Tbe blood was streaming from a several wounds down bis faow, nsok, and breast. Hs . waked np to maet bla powerful opponent, witbnbnd J pro*peat before hiui, wkib as much alacrity aad courage , as it tba battle throughout bad been In bis favor. Hyar ? now began to ?ee his great advantage and commenced , wagisganaggres iva warfare He madeieverat desperate , blows with bis right baud at tba face of Sudiveu. e?ij dantly ueierminad ta dniah him as soon as possib a. t Sullivan parried and dodged tba first four or five blows, smiling all tbe time, and andanvorlng to pat in % a bit f r every niti af bia adversary Hyer at length ( caught nulliveu a icveia rap on tba aide of tba head, j and anotbar one over tba left aye, both with bis right band, bla left being uted vary little axaapt for perry. lag. Ha next tailed Sullivan and forced bim to the q lopes, where, attar adaeparaia straggle, each trying ta j injure tbe other as much a* possible. Sullivan waa ir burled to tbe ground with Hyar on him, who lay with bia bady acre ta Sullivan's iaca Tba aaaobda of Hyar 4 were again m no particular bast# to remove their ana, and another appeal was mads to tba umpires, * snd by them to tbs referee, who again da clCed JEeir, and at at at table time Hyar was removed y and tie men taken to tbair corner*, wblob they bed icarcely reached when time was again called. M lt?i A Hound? Subtvan begin to look fatigued; bis . hsnde were not bald as bigb as previously la defeaea, ' <tnft ha aainafl nnAasinnblif ftp hrunth vnliw M uab * lookedflare*,form dable. and fall cf tight. Till* round ' w?e commenced by ?a a-laok from duiiivon,und ended ' by aright handed blow from Hyer, witb tb* ueaai ' ground and luliy tumbling. t ElittHih, T^efifth, Thii trrnth and Fuurtttntk kouhdt, wu# ooiitttiyMti of unit ot ier guilt von bad new * to do ail his work witb bit right band, bia left baring t become o< mpletfly uaeleea iruin wr?ueD?t gir*u it by Hyer in tbe count of lb* ttgbt?while Hyer ooaid ai* bo.fc; aodb* kept tb?m nioring until a clinch took t piece. when he aould buri Sulilvau down and lay on ' mm until bit tecunda removed him, no matter bow long ? ibty might be about it} and criet of ' foul." ' fair,*' la were beaid at the termination of each round. JUJltmih Hound.? Mmil.vao Wat rather alow in get( ling up at tbe call of time, and bad barely reached too 1 teore wben be waa mat by Hjer, Who. wltn tremeadoua ' forae, let fly botb banua in rapid tuoeaarion, both ' taking effect on Sullivan1* f*oe Ha than ruabed in, . aeitea Sullivan, forced him to tbe ropea, and after n , rtruggle ibrew him bvarny and fell on htm when be train injured bim ao much that, by tbe timeliyer we* takeaaway. sulilvan waa nemly aotfocated; and, on ' being lifted t* bia feet, waa ao Weak tbat be fell baox tgaiutt the ropea Ilia brother and another per?on . then took bin irom tbe ring, claiming lout, nod tbia . put an eno to tbo tight. I he referee, bowerer, deeided ( that Hyer had won tbe tight 1 be tight laated about cixtron mlantoa, and waa on* ? of the tieiceat and moat deaperate euooun'ara erer witueartd. Aa noon at Sullvao left the ring. Hyer * ealkeo*r?rto cue oi Suliivaa'a aeeonda and atruca bim a biow on tbe head ; but a revolver being preeent* ed tobia bead, be deetnted from further aggrekaioo. 1 ba parfat. aa rooa aa poaalbl*. retnraed to their reipeoiive veireia. got on hoard aod made fer the aateat \ place to avoid atreat, all baada being apprebeniive of that event. r AHHK8T or TOM HYKK IN PHILAHglaPlilA. a ? PMiLtDKLrMia, Fob. 9, 1849. Lett evening, In conteqaenoo of information In re* 1 Nation to tbt recent tight, tranamltted by the Attorney , Ocntral of tbo Itmo of Maryland to Mr. Rood, our Attorney General, Jndge Par?oaa laaued a banoh war * rant for tba arre>t ef guilivan aao l'lyer. The oOoeic arieiied the latter eariy tbia morniog. In bia bed a ' Mllier'e Hotel, and after being kept in sua ody in ttte oity lock-up bo waa taken into toe Quarter doaetooa Courtroom, wbleb elmoat immediately boaauie packed aiib a cioed aoatoua to learn the eouraw to be taken in ibi* matter. > 1 be rauee of the arrest war briefly detailed by Judge Pit-one, who alluded to tbe morbm excitement wbicn * pieiautd in ibis comniuntty on tn* auojeot. * Mr. Haaleburat appeared aa tbe couu-el ef the nri otcr Hesiaied, In ti ouutiioo i>l the offense eom1 mttwd by bis on- ut. that goilivau bad two ig m? 1 LeUit, for many muuiba past, of pursuing h m wltb Itsait too oobtuni<ly. even carrying bu enmity to tor e? 10 outrepe lb? testing* of bis family tod aged ' other, ro t bet til* only reoourto ew to iWod dp 10 r tie own drfeoee, mud pu?lsb Its aggressor id a fair 1 tight. He expressed ib? wuliugues* of hiscliaotto ' piocesd at an hunr's ootids to Maryland to aay way ' otelalid by tbe sourt, or to giea ball In gft,UOO tbat be * eiuld immediately deliver bimtelf up to tbe authorities * of tbat HI etc. * Alter ale* words from Mr. Read, fudge Parlous said, * tbat only one eouisc eouid be taken by blm, aod tbat '? was to c. tt * pi lemur to M*y amsoMog prlion, " for afurtber hrerngoe Vionday morning,at lu o'clock, 0 ahen, If no requisition bad ibeu arrived frnui the Ksecutlve of Maryland, or If tba authorities of that Mate should signify tbeir unwillingness to prneeoute tbe ease, the prisoner would be dl?eharged He ' was glad to fltid. frem the antenna ing etrsao' sis peer pleaded by tbe o< unrel, tbat ibe ao eared had 1 ?u-h lea'one to bilng forward aod be boped they ? would pioduee tbe faeorable impression upon the pub lio mind.esiegaids him, as they bad .wrought wpoa * ht? own feelit.gM ' Judge Par so tie then ordered tbe aoeueed to be taken * In eurtoey, nnd In n sbort time he wae removed to prison. 1 hie trlendstelk about having htm brought oat on n I writ of babear eorpue to morrow morning. huilivnn ntrived in the alty th a uinrolof, by the vey of Li noaeter ned it Is raid rtartea f r New fork t by tbe telly tram ibis miming The offloer* here ?re now in esareh of blm, dlsbederlng tbe report tbat be baa departed. ' la addition to tbe above account of our correspond* rnt relative to Hyer'serrest last evening's Philadelphia I BuJltim contains tbe fol'ewlDg:? ! Ibe crowd tbet sorroondrd the conit house wee . dense la tbe enrrme.arS tbe rush to the room caused suob eoofeeion tbet some time elapsed efore order [ run d be bad, and It was not until toe Judge ordered tbe (llcrn to errest every person disturbiog tae busi. cess of the Court, tbnt quiet was restored Thomas , Hy?r wastiwn ordsrrd to need op. wbl.n be did. aod ( ibe warrant of arrest, charging him with n violent esrsuit sad hartiry upon one Jsoirs Sul'ivae greatly sadaagsrteg the life of sold Nubivan. was read to blm j Ho est ashed hp tba i.oart wbether he wae the person ro etergsd, to sndtfi be unheattaUngiy replied in the , -dh melee His connsel wes ih-n a>ted If he had any g is la relntlww to the matter. Mr Hsa eherrt ! store, end stared to the Court tbat be bad been In , rtiuc'ed by Mr. Hyer to daoy no pnrtnf the truth He was wiling n' eeee t# surrender himself to tha eutkrrules tf Maryland aod would place himself nw I dsi tbe charge of ibe Bears of the oourt, or any otker persons epp< lated far that pcrpoew, to be eonveyed to ! k srylecd by the first eoaesyannr. H? would give scentity to hty amount ta faithfully perform these eon , anions He ned aa wish to eeeepe toa responsibility d hi* lata eel) hat mas wBueg ta easert tu Usa laws ad Maij land. Mi had hew fmlewn teem cMy tdcCky hff W YO ING EDITION?SATO SbIUiib for the fwp?M of provoking i light. laautt pen In*ult bad boo* heaped ipoo him; bla family kti btoD injured by that mn, and mi kkoM Ubit la ultod and abated by him, aad tba privacy of oia bona* Invaded. HU aota bad baa a tbura of aalf oolbnoo, after repeated Ineul'e and iajnriee Ho aaked to be admitted to bail, aa ke bad bla family with him bore. We. B Kkbd. tfq , oppoaod tbe edaleolon to bail Ho thoeght iba only thing tbo oourt oonld do, would bo to oommit him to prtioa for eafe keeping, where be oonld bo kept for a reaaonable time, to await the reqnlaltloa of tbo Governor of Maryland upon the Exemtlve of thlo State. Mr. Rood aald the peaoe of the oommnaity bad been outraged by thoeoenao exhibited In the at reeta ef our olty for tbo lad two or I Oreo day e, arialng from the eentett between the defendant and Sullivan, and tbo worat paaatoue of tbe oominanity bod bean excited It due to tbe Inwo nod to bamanity that a atop abould be pat to anoh axhibitlooo Mr HaaLKHvaaT replied and urged the eaee of Faoitt upon the notino of the Court, who, ho aald, bad"' been admitted to bail under aimtiar otrouiaatanoeoi and, w tbe pnaoner bad no inteation of fleeing from tbo violated lawe of Maryland, aad would i mated lately go on to that State, in eotnpaay with en oiK-ter of the oourt, he thought thia abould aatiafy the oourt. Judge Pamionb atatvd tbet tbo oaao of Kaeitt waa a wholly dloelmilar oaao, aad if they were to take bail it would be ilirgal. Beaidee, Mr Hyer might apply la Mediately toaaoiber Judge for a writ ef kakrat c?r~?i before he left thia eity^and gat a dteebarge from hu ball. Or on bla paaaago to Maryland, tbe aame application might be made in Delawera with a like effeot. The manly admlaatona of Hyer, and the etatementa be bad made la eiteuoatlea of hia eonduet la en> gagttgln thia fight, bad oertalaly altered bUoplalon 01 the cm very muoh. aad ha bad no doubt tbo aame Impreaeion baa bean mode upon tbe mind* of tbuee prereat While o Court would be compelled to punteh tucb violation* ot law. vet tbe areompeoyinw oireum ttiLCM would materially sbstw the puaUnoieot i? be meted out. H# ouuld 4o nstblag more than order him into tho cuaicd; of tho k??p?( of ihe priioo for-?'? keeping until Monti) morning, while thn proMoatlog attorney, in tbe mean tine, iboald Inform lb? Attorney Oamril of Maryland, by telegraph, of tbe diepositleu ibnt bad been maoa ot bim. If ha ibould not receive an answer In a reasonable time, and no irquitiiion ibould ba aaot on by ,vl?ud?j, bo would tbou Uncharge bim. Mia condition at Ua prilon ibould not ba Hiatal a oouaict; bat It war maraiy a precautionary niearare to teoure bu> person, if tba liovernor of Maryland ibould demand bim Iba Jooga waamiormad tbatduilivau wan within tba raacb 01 tba proeaia of tbil oourt j but m no pariou ccuia inform bim of bit wbervaboati, no warrant uaa aa yat been uiued for hit aireet Hyar wni eonduo ed throigb tba Stata House Yard to a bask In wahlog, when tba oroad rusbad Into tn? llreaf, and made tr.e welkin rtug witn lUatr repealed bbtiaa for Hyar. Tba rxoutmeai la tba mub was intamo; but no attempt at rarouw was made, aa Hyrr waa aa eool aa a man could ba. and would not have ps milled it. 11a waa then driven to prtaon. ohe or the prize fioht inciorntjt. [Prt m tba PbilUdaipbia I'll: Hen o.y An Immineo crowd eauie r- ii.g by our earner about II P M., yesterday. eb ug >uu soonming afiar a vehicle thai wee driven I with eooeiderabla veil elty. Tba orowd aaami ae In Its enthusiasm. " Huiaat huaaa! huts ibe people. " What on earth la ih we Inquired. " Oo totbed-1!" ra >liia gentleman, who waa In a hurry to pick u that nad just taken a notion to pursue the v?l n own book. ' May wo aak"?said tuaiingly, to a third ' pedortrian. " All right!" said ho, >< I've a a fifty!" " And It la"? ' Hyar! Hyar! Hyar!" azelatmad a breathless orowd, aa It putbed by to get a glimpse of a gentleman wtia one eye la deep mourning, and his whole visage Indtaaling that, like a buckwneat ease, be bad bean on a ' batter." Tba trath waa oat! Tbla wwa tba hero of the prtae fight! And the people were doing heintge to bla victory! If ba bad been aniaaaaaaful, toe asms people would probably have seen turn baagod first, ere they would have shouted nay thing but terms ef opprobrium. Aa Sir Joba SeeBllag aaya: "Sojaeso la a rare paint; It bldea all the ugiiaeaa." fiauawas, Jan. 18,1848. Ha Market t, Encloaed you have a list ot arrivals and departure at this pent aiuce ray lent. [See ahip newt column.] Business ol every kind la excessively dull. The consumption ol American provisions small, with large stocks on hand. Prices rule low tor moat articles, without much proepect of an immediate advance. The sugar crop promises to be one ol the laigest ever reaped, aud many oi the estates have slieady commenced grinding. Annexed are quotations lo which 1 beg to reter you:? Flour, ftij, du.l; nieal$3tiU, in lots; butter, 13[c.; lard, 12c.; com, $2 per bag; peas, $2 do., in . mail lots; nc, $4; crackers, pdot bread, $34; candles, 144; Norlolk R. O. slaves, $40 to $42, in denisnd; W. p. lumber, $13$; and largo stock pitch piae $20, uomiual. 1 send you a tanti ot uuites paid on articles impolled at this island, which may be of some inure si to the commercial portion ot your readers, should you deem it best to publish it. [We will endesvor to give a portion ot Una tariff in tomonow's Herald ] Divorce in Nkw York ?The new constitution prohibits the interference ot the Legislature in divoicing hutband and wile, and turns the whole matter over to the legal tribunals. Mr. Cornell, of NewYoik,haa introduced a bill making some changes hi 'lie law ol divorce. Tnis bill provides thai continued aud hopeless insanity shall be a cause ol oeveisnce ot the marriage tie, with leave V IMV r?../ M..W.W**. ?w ...... - J M. WUI|ICICUl medics I authority must pronounce the insanity of such a natuie us 10 be hereditary and transmissible, and it mutt existed .1 least lor live year*, li the husband or wife joiua the bhaker* or auy other sect whoue piiucipleu are against the existence of the marriage covenant, and if this adhesion continues tor hve Years, divorce i* allowed by Una bill. It is provided, also, that where, tor a ciinnnul utfeiic*,.. defined by the revised statutes, use ol the paines is seuteuced to btate Prison for two years, divorce may follow, and this conviction 10 be the hret. An other Fire in Portland ?A fire broke out laet evening, on the corner of Middle and Caatre meets, in ilie wooden building occupied by A H. Putney Ac Co., as a hat aud lur store; llartsnoru & A.ulnix, BioVe dealers; aud Lynch Ac Stevens, j W 1. goods and groceries Trie building belonged io Mr. J b Uiow ii, aud was destroyed. Mr. Putney whud an insurance-of $3,U(jO, at Protection Cnice. Haitiord?stock in store valued at $1,500. Haiishern Ac Mulmx hud $ 1,600 at same otlice. Lynch and Stevens had $b,i00, at llartlord lusuisnca Uh'.ce; they had a heavy stuck on hand. 1 he building was insured tor $2,509, at saoie othce.?Eautrn (Mt ) Artur, Fto. a. Arrival op ihi barrisu Sio.ukr prom Southamrton.?The briiish Rirsmer 1> e, Cant Allaiu, arnved yesterday morning at Mobile Point, and .nchoMd at the lower anchorage. The Dei. iwo day sand a hail from Havaua. Tne siearner Creole, chartered to itceive the passengers aud Ireighi from the Dee, had not returned t?the city wbeu our paper went to press. To tne politeness ol Capt. Armstrong, ol ihe steamboat Cora, we are indebted lor the intelligence ol the arrival of ihe Dee. The Cora brought to the city seveial of the pscsengeis by the steamer Trie Dee will le Hve ibis morning for Vera Cruz.? Mobile Journal, Fib. 1. ? Gold in Ohio ?The Cleveland Herald of the 8d inst , rpehkieg cf it says : ? Yesi-rd.y we saw s piece ol tills hallVr oir, weighing about ,0 lb.? ut srly $2 ,000, accoidiu to tie tormer .tan ia d It was brought to this coy ' y one oi tie original disct veirrs, lor ihe purpose rf ascertaining what per cei.tsge si it was pure. It was carried to the acc? iHpii.h'd chemist of the Clevelsud Medical College, who, on examination, pr< uouueed tne uiirsilviii of it. entile purity tr o pa'pu'de to war ant the expense '.I analysis! Tne lurtuilste owner, scffictsuilv phased with so explicit a gna-rauty in m a distinguished chemist, wit drew with his treasure." This smacks vs ry much of a hoax. Appointments by ihi Governor and Set a n ? lease Hills, WniiHin, Abraham M. boneroi.tIiib of Hocbe.ttr; Mmh Tsggatt of B.'arta; .-suiuel Work*, if Loeepi>rt; to bi uan??-r? of ths Western H< u.s if Hetugs tor JussnOs ll-iiauusst. Nawtoill- WMMB|(lau M bralrlght. Joba K Haakatt, l>L* W Put" ? l>?i? S. I'hontr, Luaiiu Pitaia, Ultrlrl Mailt ry, not at in puWU.-^ltMy Kmcktr. i oiAcr. At A H. Political lHttlli?tRrc At mfleleip*! aiautiona bt-ia aubin a faw waaka pant, in dtflfitnt eitl?? ibf t..|lowlug mi a man ha?? bao >? v.ayrrr: St bmki Br?rty. Wb?alia?. Va ; W. W. Cn?attr. Albany U? : J bn 8. Huiebtoaan. Apalaohtaola, aib., (iaorna P. Jonati. I.-ilogton Ky.; O-or** ?l l.,o Ran, Mae?o ?? : Jahn R 8U>?kman, Matobaa, Mlaa ; Mr. McAifin, Mcbila. iluuitiilc Mltccllaiiy. Win. SebcflWd at aioltud tuloida, at Vallay Fallc, Rbida Inlaid a raw oaya ataea. by bangiag bioaalf Tba raw Dtill of B'ana and Dtynallly. at Naw Orl?an?, waa dmfpjnl by Urn oa tba auib alt Lou J CO too. Udh ol tba Ataman who a I landed on tba oaraclt naa billad. Tba Ca'-bollo ahurota at Tan brldbia. Maaa , w?? biohan lot* oa I nnaay tight la?t, and nearly all tba illtai waaatntaa. SK I RDAY, FEBRUARY 10, tHIBTIBTB OOM1UBM, UCOND ??. ImuM* Waihirotor, Fib. 7,1840. RATIONAL RAILROAD TO THE PACIFIC. Mr. Bertor, taring tho bvlMM of tbi morning boar, rooo and naked ieaee to introdaoe tho bill of Wblebhe gATO notion a few day t ago, providing f r A BAttoDAl railroad to tho Paelflo Ho raid (hot the Id on of a ecumanloatioa rotaoa tho eontlooat with tho Paeido war bo boh Idoa It hba an idea oBtortalaod by every grrot powrr that bod ifir bold dominion on tbo oontlBont of Nortb America Under tho Frenoh aatbmltie* or or Canada, !b 1M0, La Sallo bad gone oat with tho tIow of neeeitatnlng a routo aoroet tbo oontiBont Undor tbo dominion of the gpanlnrde. a oompaoy nad been rant Aorooo irom Nov Monloo, with a Toward of 88 000 to tbo tut awn who tbould ooo too Pto'flo. Tbit eapeoiilon wot la tho rotgB of Chorion IV. Tbo Britltb gooornmoat, oftor lepa'ed attempt* at a northwant pottage, ail of wbiob failed, tar nod tbalr attontioa to bb Inland pot*ago. and tboy had rafloat ozploratioat mode Aorott tho continent, and down tho Colaabia rirtr. And bo do a bt with tho tamo view of a comma a teallon with tho PootBo, Mr JrHwot, In 1805, root oat tbo expedition of Lowit and Clarke, over tho Rooky Mountain*, to tbo month of tho Colombia. Thbty ytan ogo. drawn by bw ttadlon Into tbo in rot liptuoi or idm *uo)?et. >ir. oentou Mia tut D? BiaMlf bad vtttUi tuiow imji for the yt*M in regard to It It wa* tbo greet quatttoa of a >mmaading~ tb* awwnw of Aala? a subject wbieb bad ?a?n n primary objaet at iba Wnutu nation* in ell time In tbo buiiry af Iba noiid iba irada of A?ie had at ?t>f? f?rent epoch* boon carried off by d<ff?r*at r?ut?a ? the** routa* bad baan changing for tbraa t*on?aod year*. Una more abaaira w*a now elaarly pointed oat, which would bo tb* float ona, and iba routa itaa through tba boart of North toortoa Thia to lb* lest nod permacaat routa for tba ooinmeioa af Aaia. Whlta naonly po*a?***4tb* territory of Oragoa oa tbo Paalfle, our limit# for n pe?*?ga vara llmitad to tba baundarlaa of tbat tartiiory. and tba only roaia wai that of tba Columbia. Mince tbo acquisition of California, wa btia a wtdar torpa, wad wa bava since obtainad ail tbo Uformatioa aeoeaeary lor tbo looation of tba road la proof of thi* daoiaratioo that wa pomeaa all tba nreaMary loforaiatioo, Mr. ttoatoa r< ad from tba rrpmts of tba oavaral explorailuaa af tba Rocky ?ouaiaia country. by Lt. Cel. Fiemrnt. bagtaniug with ibat of )M2, in which tba obetrvaiion* cl Lt Col Kramont deWruiloa tbo loeallty and eberaeirr cf tba Siuib Fee*. iobk 7000 faot abora tba taa, but ao gradual in it* uaoant tbat it u diffloalt to determine tba proolaa apot wbare tba land reoaJea to iba Paoifle. la tb* exploration of'43 anotbar peaa, ?c*th of iba Soatb Pox. wa* located. and tta obaraotar and altituda determined being 8000 faat ab >aa tba sea, and tie ascent 10 it spreading orar a wide aurfaoe of country. aad irom tba abundeuce of garna ia tba oeigbbi rhot.d a itglon capable of *eltiemeat and prottabla ruiiiv at Ion l.igh ai It* looation 1* amrog tba nunntaln* Thia pax de-cod* to the bottom* ot >br 1'iatla Hirai at a point wbt-re tbay are 7000 ft at above tba rea. wl'b a gradual de*o*at to tba Mixiiilppi Fr< m iba brad water* of iba Platte, Fremont courted *loog tba mountalaa to tbo southwaid to the three picture-qua mountain eovea, kttwii a* tb* three Para* of tbo Rocky Mountaia*, in tb* examination ot oibtr pare** Tb* darertpttea of tb?r* three park* eat* a*tda all the** praaoneeivad notion* tbattb* Rioky Mountain* wera tmpaaaabl* and uninhabitable. They prov* tbat tbata mountain* are partabie la many place* and inhabitable to their summil* la rami local!ilea routb of tu Mouth Pea*. Ha trad Fremont * description of tba Nortb Park, a airealar vallty ap la tbo mountain*, ot aboatthirty mile* aroond. aboundiag in grass and game, and some T 009 feat above tb* a From tbie Park there la a pa-saga into tb* plain* on tb* ether aide, and to this tide?a root* for an excellent road to tb* Gulf of California. 81111 further south, at tb* Middle Park tb*r* la another beaatital pa-aovar lb* mouatain*. w.ioo feet above tba rea. and aioptng away to tb* plain* ot the grant re- I glon atreteking off toward* tba Paoiflo. mo7ing dowa ta iba valley of tb* Grand River, or branoh of tba Colorado. All tbero para** lie between tbo latitude* of Sb aad 49 degree* north, In lb* heart of tb* eonatry. oommuaieatlag on tblestda with tb* bead braaobaa of tb* Piatt* aad tb* Arkanaa* rieer*, aad oa tb* other with the Utah aad Great Malk Lake*, aad tb* Grant Baala,aad Humboldt'* river, wbieb rnaa veostwardly tbgaugh iba Groat Baain nearly tu tb* Brat bill* of to* Sierra Nevada or with tba Colorado river, flawing ia a rouihwest direction to tb* Gulf of California. Hera, I baa, w* have tba eboioa of several pass** oom mandiag,tor ail praatioai parposa* tba rout* for a road ibropgb tbo osatrs ot oar oouatry ta tba Paoiflo. But Kramont wa* a at yet fatteflad with bia three expedition* to tb* Rooky Mountain*, aad the eonatry beyond to lb* Pociflo i aad iaet October bo *et out with so in* thirty young moo, children of tb* mountains, for tbo exploration of a route from tbo bead water* of tb* Bio Del Norte serosa to tba waters of tb* Colorado, atiil farther toaih; aad waaa this axpiaration ia flaiebad, we sbali know all tbat la to b* known of oar great territories aad their geography, from tba Roeky mountaia* to tb* Peaifla. Tt would seem tbat it wa* aa act of Providaao* by which Colopel Fremont, tavea year* ago. A rat solicited and obtalaad of Colonel Abort lb* privilega of aa exploration of tb* bead water* ot tb* great rtfers of tb* Mlwouti, and from srbieh beginning with tboe* thirty ablldien of tb* mountain*, w* now know nearly all tbat i* necsasary ta be Known of tba Roaky mountaia* and tba aauatry beyond them to tb* Paoiflo oeun Tta MMia| idea or Ik* bill Is I kktlnikl rood. W* ptopoi* ? rood tbat aboil be national la lit character. tor It la a work oblth 111 demand national resources A road or 1,700 miles through a wilderness mfested by lodiao tribes, could only bo Baoa by authority of a nation, and with national meant Ho would aerer giro authority to any lndiriduala, or to any ooinpany, to undortako auan aa enterprise Ho would noror giro tbem authority oror such a work, la aay shape or form whatarer Ha bad lepudialea it front, tbo beginning. All prirata and company aro totalj inooinpotout to tbotaak. Ha monld not make tbla load a company concern?a matter f> rsu ek j bbmg ana speculation 10 the sharee. Mr. Foot* bam roif. and submitted that tha Senator from Missouri was ont of order, tbat ba war purauing a alder latitude ot debate tliaa war reeogaiEcd by par* Iiamentary ueago In the introduction of a bill He did not a i?b toreo priraio projaeta attacked without tha pllrtlepe of defending tbam. Mr bLKTun moaniluia took hit aoat. and after an explanation from iha Vice President, bo wot permitted to resnme bla remark* Ha waa lor baring a national highway Irom tbo Vlssiesippl to the Paciflc. Ha waa a*,a<nat all schemes of e-aipaoloo or Indletduals, and especially againot tbota wku eon* bars and a*k to bo incorporated, with their helm and a*e gaa-sobemeo bicb would mate tba enterprise n business of stockjobbing and trading, and paper (baring In tne obaraa. Ha waa opposed to it to toio aad from tbo beglanlog. He was opposed to glrlog 10 companies or ladiriduaid tba inrsaimant required lor tba road, for mere purpuras ot speculation. Ha a aa for a national highway. He was lor a central route, giring it tba moat national local, ty, and ono wblob would accommodate tbagreataot numoei of pareons and the largeec amount of trade. Ha ihewed tint a route tnrougb to tba bay of San k'tanoieoo would aun-bine tbsse adswutagea?tbat It was praeltaebie. and tbat the capaeity wad oen<ral locality on the Paoitic, of tba bay of Sen k'ranouoo, as tha mam i ei mi tiding point, would giro to the roai tba aommead thiol ?h our country 01 tbe irade uf A-is, aad tne I'aclko ciasta, aod tba Islands or tbat great ocean Tba eaeiern tarmibuo of gt. Loots, on tbo other band, would at oneo aonnent It, and tataraeut it aritn tne radri sds, tirers. a' a takes, cuminuuKaiing wl b tbo Aiiontic. By tbe time the work war done, there would got be a gap left to ba oiled up? we should bare tba Atlantis and tba PaoiOc la eouiaiQDioetHia with each o'her by ileem power. Now la ih? lima for tba work. Tbo territory on tha root# it our own Wo bare only ibe Uaiab title to eatinguleb. I'bere are no Stwto rights bo individual rights, in ibo way. Wo bare tbo means?we bare ibe Iniormaiion?we know the nature of tbe eonntiy?tbe routes from wmou to choose, and wo bare tbe power Mr Beaton explained In detail tba re'eral a-ctious of tbe bill, particularly tbo prori* ton lor leoeretwg a track one ml>e wide for run. bing aa maay lines uf rails berasfter as may bo cabled, and for aeouring a common Logltah big a way fi r footmen, wagons, bo., free lor ail time to tone, alongside of the raiirowd lor local purpo-ei along tbe whole ri Uta Aid i he militai* nsimu mui ha ?iDi?d for protection agaiual toe Indian*; lid wt.b the preuorea grauiaof land ?UI*r? eould loik arouad tbr *e etatioue, and ivou pioauo* to* o?a>iM?ry nopplivr, and Ibue i *1 tlament* WwUid .priag up *IUU4 tun bolr Hue. Than ?> m |llt alau *tr-itotl iba H?i|Mtld ire* all tha way wb?oaa>tund nwdirgt aud tba* bring tba A l?n 10 au? P*e flo i-lliuu uitie* apart; withIn 1 trailing omiaiinr ol ?* ib other Mr B?otoa mad fit ui tual gieat work. Uionoo'a HUttoryof'h* Human Lmpnr. iba drrariptlon nl tha inaauion-at read*, giaued nf pared, bt<-h ?trat< bad from tb* aapitai In ? ?> u intuitu to iba rauioiant piorinnaa, and of iim Itlaye ot poat boriva along tboee road*, 1 y hiona baa *11-0 mile* a da}, fer ttiouranda if milaa, aould Do n ade trri iba luade 01 tba Human Kiu> ira. To#, did bot baiitva lo ?noe?ati' B tin tbara ? * a nnmaniuatwa Bot oor? l? a different aiopira. It la not a oougiomaration ot incoiigiuoua pari a, of diffnraot language*, nail-na and people. iu?ihd>, aud mana-r?, out a e< mpact ol on* language, ? f una goreramaat. atrateb11 ( Inn <c?an i? who, aa aid- an Iba abola laogth ol iba Mwriirippt m'ley, aod wub tba advantage* of I iba aita of DOOrm iibma aod wito tila graat ag-ul ot | itnaia poaer. the praotleabtlllla* and lb* mean a for a r< aimab'al mad abtob we poaewra bra not lo ba a inpal a o altb Iba diaadrab'age* ot tba K>mao* Tb? I iieaiiltai ot commerce d*mat,dtd tba road. Now It Miogbt apaanaga bf farioua roi'M, niltiar around i a pa Hi in iba lap# ot G-od Hopa. or tbrougb tba trraign natiooi to tba aouib ot u?. And it waa tba praa,ute of lhair i,?*ereitiee I bat luduced him lo adaoaata, 1. r t? d poiary uin. a rot road tbrougb a foreign nation (i Be Pat an a r?>? u> until ibi* great am trar road aoall I are been tir.n.trueted The ouild wan now born that aoaid In* 10 kaow there w*? a population of lib 000 000 in 1 fcm Ln on. How prominently, then, aland tor aid iba ntearrilira ol Ibia graa; bmlonnl bignway lit mil iary puipo-e* for purpo.ea uf settlementlui poiitir al poipoeea nod abov* ail-no not above all. Itl a* one ot iba graat ohjaot* of tba work. laatrumeu al la ail iba oibar oijaetr?for purpoaaa of acmmrro*. or 1 be pnrpoae of diawmg into UaUat aod float obanrel iba r< n.mete* of .teia latbta road required. Mr. Beau n ipota it tbia vaet trade of lb* Last a* bariog CI n<r< lieu ib* deallnlea ot ballon* from trie day. of So 10a r n d?? 1 Tyre and bldun. U* bra aod Palmyra, and Alexandria In kgypt. bad rlaeugiuto opuleuo* and giaad* nr la ibia irau*, ana Lad f*l *u waan tbey l?*t it Genoa, and V* Kin iuit < uu^UuiiaupiH tud riofi J ik lUa iiM ktbai.nk biWU*nl lattJB knl itlC | ???? ? ? [ERA , 1849. eoanud of but t put of the oommerao of th? w?t.? L sbon, IB ber day, bod proep-red from it, aad Amaterdom, Ib ft (Stall airtrtot rescued from tbo (Oft, hftd bosoise s leading elty among tbo notion* from, tbo o > ? mere* <t tbo Coot. It la tbla commerce wblob baa ma do London wbot It la?wblob bno given bar aneb mat roacuroea. ond aneb o commanding ad overshadowing powor In ftll quaitori of tbo globo Now, Mr President. ibla trade of Asia ond to* Paeiflo is struggling Uha o strong man, to breok tbo barrier* wblob confine Its naturol outlet; eommareo la atlll struggling with tbe groat Idoo of Columbus, of a passage to tbo Last, by going duo Wast It la In our power, and this was tbo tlm* to open tbla ehanaal. wblob would ooaaaaand tbo trada of tba Eaat la all tlmo to ooma It would bo tbo last and eonolasiv* ebango of tbo route of tba oommeros of Ada Ha appealed tbot while wo had tbo authority over tbo territories, and tbo full power for tbo work, it ibould at oaoo bo entered Into and completed for the benefit of the oountleea generation* toat wore to (Ueeoed ua Posterity ibould not bs permitted to ooma after ua but to reproaeh ua for (offering all these advantage* to pars away before entering upon tbo work Ha spoke of tba advantage* of power m the greatest of Inducements for the undertaking: and aftar a highly interesting apmh of several bonra, of wblok we taTi|twa bat a aoaaty oatliaa. ywt enough to elucidate hla argumert far tba measure, Mr. Banton Intrcdnoed hla bill, wb'eb la aa follow:? A Bii.i. to provide (of the la alia* tad soestme < ton of a eenirtl mlKod iron v t Peeiflu ooean to the MUeieeippi river, with a traroh < f raid road to iho Colombia Hnr Bo it teaeted. ho, That 78 pr centime of 'he proceed) of the pnhlle lend) I* Oivgon iad <"* ifori la, aid 60 per ooottne of the aouoi 111 the aalet of all other pah'io landa ta too (Jotted fta'ee. tl ail la aed thecoma bershy are. ret apiri aod pleltrd to defter tie ettoaee) o luetilne ana eusetmotUg a eentral aatioeal rail. rued fion ile Pactfle rem to ibe MlisUtippi river, with* branoh of raid road to tie IN lnmbta ritcr. f oo. 1 aid fee it turthrr emoted, That the laid eeotrel national rellioeditiall eommeiiee en the tap of-an Preneieeo, -t a suitable potatto eonect olui the ocean navigation of the raotSe, and tirnlnate at 81 Louie, la the State uf Witeourl Aed the Mid I resell road ihall con menee on t .a tide water region of the 'Jotumble r*vsr. to normal with ooeaa na? gatloo at that point, td tl tl> internet the great national (antral road at tome enlt eblo p> lat wait ol the Koeky booataloi. Bee. & And be It farther eaaaced. 1'utt the laid eentral and teach rear t itiaM be iron railways whera peotieahle aid ad ran ana thatl he ueoad imtted ex ethrrirlM eonetructed waste let eo prartirable nod advea'agtoua end s breadth of one mtie wide fn m the tn-ntlec of the flta'e rf bt-i uri to the Bey of San Fran Uou. ehall be, en < the enne hereby it. rrenrved end epprog rioted for ever. t<r the tract of mid settrel railroad, ana for meli other road* i railways or otoero) aa may hereafter ha nntbo rtied by tot uf roagirs*, end n breadth of one tboneaad feet ehall be, era ben by it, reetrred lei the hi inch road to the tide water ef tie Colnnibit. tea 4 Rcqoeeii the Preeldant to ley all the Information in hit pcaaerelun topo rapldoal enrveyt, uiape. ooartt. tio , with re specs to the leet rontee for ebete toads, befert Congreta. and appropriate sau.1'00 to carry the obJ- oie of thit otiun into effaot. f eo. 9. aeeronae the roede ere lotted the work It to com nenieupon them, vnd-r tliedlno Ion of the Preeident of the Cnitte btntte. to go on tit) completed. fee & Pietld* a fur military etetioneon the e roade and for tiicooratemtct < f iet tiers by donations of land, without portion i lat iperlScetlon. Sea. 7 Prorideefor tranepoitatim. byeompenlee orindirida nil. on there roede, under contract with the united Stetee. with certain r< etr stlons. ni reserves a bnrdred teat along both linen for n conn.ou l.ighwav, fr. e of toll or ebarge. See. 8 ATptopiiatce gllP.tliO to enable the Preeident to treat with tie Indian iribet for the exliniuishmsnt of their along the t* o rontee. On motion of Mr Bkwtow, tba bill ?u roforrod to tbo Committee on Military Affair*, and ordered to bo printed. (Wo rnppoea lb at tba bill le merely deeignod a* tbo outline of a plan for the oooildoratlon of the Military Committer, having It for them to fill up tbn required specifications or rraerratlonn-l T be Senate than took np tbo Wat Point Aeadomy bill of appropriation), and paired It And then, ntirr Mr Dig had certain Mil* referred, tbera waa an Executive aeavlen. Home off Heprennntntlvon. Wkonksdat, Feb. 7.1849. e e e e e e e the rrnniToniKi. Mr. PanTon, of Virginia, mured to (triko ont tbo flrat leellun of the bill, and he then cent to the Clark n paptr, which waa rend, propoaing that New Mextoo and California ehall be erro-ed into t Stain by the name of Caltlbrnia, and admitted tato the Union. He eaid that two waeka ago he moved to make the turrit* rial Mil* tbo order or tbo day for Tuesday la>t, bat prior orders Lea postponed ih*m With regard to tbo qnastlob of alareiy. be bad not attempted to in ore see toe eici'emeni, but bad lieu aed attentively to what bad been said Ho slaked himself on tha prtaoiple which he now proposed to illustrate; and ba hoped aod believed that eveiy good man every calm man, and every wise man,oi an partier, will forgot aeotioaal qoeetiom, and eoue loreaid on a question whiob reeommenoe lueli to ovary principle wbleb ilea at the foun aauon of oar government, whieh our father* mad# for a*, and that w* tbouid apply the vary rale* watoh ibelr fortunes, and oountry. and arms, and victory recuied to us a* the lawgivere. Too paper wniea bad bean read wasasahatitni* for tba but whiob bad already t?ea reported, giving territorial governments to California and Nee Mexico. The clause in the eonatitia tion did not mran that wa should nlant slaver* or Ireedom in the ItWIllpllj no. but tbnt ?? should *noourage and tear op sovereign ano Independent Sca'es. people kept tn territorial bonds, in under oppreanon. Our lathers inland?d to bring every American Inio the Union. It was a broad, wldo plsttorm; popular sovereignty resides wltb tits people The principle is ibat ihe trust witb us mast be surrendered at the Bret moment of ume. Before this bill euuld go Into operation, ibeie trill be a population there of twe hundred the m and souls, twice or ihrioe as large as any State ever was when the eame into the Union. IVbo Is there who oan stand back, and refuse to surrender the tiust on any grounds?personal, political, or tartisan? IN one oan, and none ought. The bill ut holds that truth, wbl?b Is satn and frit all orsr the earth- the great truth, that popular oonstlta tional government is the great sustaining machine of ths age, peereselng within It nil the virtue all the stieagth, and wiedoni, neoereary for Its ereatloo, its toliolty. and lis permanence He auomtlted t? no master to direct it* foroe, no king or ruler to oontrol Ite action bnt laft lie management to the people?the source ot legitimate power Let the people thesseelvos determine the chaiacter of their local Institutions. He elebed the question to be settled. How oan the nation be relieved from the perpetual agitation of the slaw quiiiioii, bat by the eneulmentot a law giving the power to reguiete it to tboee to whom it bolongs, and to mka it from thoae to whom it doee not belong? Uen and alii Southern gentlemen vote ngainet the passage of this bill, and say " we will have a territorial government t.u/sns ewiens slavery eball go tnere, and the Un.on shall be dissolved if u does not; we doa't ceil for n isily of Irlends lu legislative balls, but eall for a rally la battle's magnificent stern array?" On you ask ma, raid Mr Preston, to stand tntra, resisting tbsie grist printiplis ot constitutional liberty and freedom? W net 1 propose la tbe prinwiple of nil flreo govsri>meats. Oontleinen Irons tbe (North,will you insist that ths Wiloiut proviso shall be adopted, nsisns eeicws t V our acts demonstrate that there shall be no slavery tbsre. A gentleman the other day attempted to show that ihe people in ti.oe? territories do not desire ths institution of slavery ; and, furiner, that those who tie gong tbsie are opposed te the institution He said that a man who wletied to go to the territories 'front its heath has to tell bis propsrty and dispose oi his slock; young man without property go tbsre from the Nuith; ihe hardy pionaer from tbe West goes there, with no house but that wbitb is covered by tbe blue Heavens, and no borne but tnat which Is bounded by ooean He raid to the North, if you want this thing, lenra It to the gieat principle on wbeh all free tioverumento are it>rm.?u, and tbe principle* on ehieb oar liberties depend for perpetuation. We are bouad to settle tbe question befoie C'oegieea sojourns. To# territory teas autady cost mueb lite ecu tieeaura By industry and enteipilie tbe exhausted exobiquer may be tilled, new geDeration* will spring up and supply the - pieces of ibutr which battie and disease have taken from ns; but it wlii cost as too imuon if we do not. in n spirit of aonclilatioa, hold last to thosa things which have been given to us. it wni eott us loo niuoa, unless toe fa cibu wave rolls harmoniously and tranquilly to tbat shore in homage an* submission to tuat ttanfa d 01 uteri) wbtut has been planted ou it Tbe duty, raid Mr fierton Is ours, to- day, and ths obligation reck. 0?ni)?n.?u luiDk thwrs u ludividoel danger, tut m?i g?uii?aj?u iu?jf u? iwt toduttitnrofa. Lti ubt. Ihitt ?m B'ttrt #?IiIn ?il# and long lor a patriot to oi? ob at lbs praaant, om. L?t Utu luigrt part; and laolioual d.Iterances At the Noiib aitd tba South thara ara attr.inrt, hut thai* la a Allodia giound, a goat rrpubiiaaa part;. Ha did out mrau ot wbiga and democrat*. Toalr prtnolplaa aia embodied lb iota bill Tbare la a republican tiighwa;, en which wa all ma; walk la paaaa. If tbia prupuanlaii ba curiae, that Iba paopla of tbaaa teiritovirsere entitled to govern for ttnui-sleea. will gvr.Uan.taol the North attach tba Wlimot provsat 1 ha eiaota ot iba uoaati.ui.iwB wuian guerautasc to aval; oiala ait publican form ot governuiant dona hot authority Congiaac to meitwra wita tba lortaationaf a Stale gown incut lo ta; that Cougiaaa baa tba lower to pictciibc, la to dtolata that tha paaple abail oot taact lor tBtmiaiacs Iba aai; propotitioB which Hit; would piateriba, aobvaru Uc im priuaiplacof tha coaatltutiOB. '1 ha idea that tbara la a right to eaatrol iba attailOB or a .lata a' all. la a power wtiieb at*uoica to alur, amend or abang* Out tola idea i bat ikla guaiaulva object* tba conciliation of a Stats lo iLa action ol Congtera, tain prael>a oppoatltoa to ihv punclples on whiob m? sonetilution waa formed Ifcatwaa aguaiaateato vaeo State agaluat all inter fetensa It vat a guaranty* i hat aaob Stata that bad a rcpub lean Inn ol gavacnuiaat rbouid nat ba aubjaot to tba acnirol of the o>ber Steles llllktl'l or thi iouth. Mr C. Beown.of Paunejlvente, raeumcd tha apaaah which ba aoB.mooavd toa atbvr da;. Ha aatd that, ci' ca iba negroae tu tba VVaat Indiaa bad been fr??d, iba; had argeatreied Ha leaf tBat dae-nt a arc a, ho had tar u ubaratad In tha South, and who aama to fbtladalpbla, bad loat ttair good enaractere, and itna bad Uaona Intemperate aod ara Dot taiaataa af IV poor bonva. Ha lecouimeadrd to tboaa gent rnnao who mere in lavor at ratting all alava* fr*a. to look lo hit, tha to tbiok b>foia tba; glee libart; to Maraa eafora tba; a.a prepared toeojo; it. Ha aid cot thick ibet thcia wcr* in a<|uai number of iab<>rerc an;wttrc, better lad and otwlhcd than tba alarac of tba M. otb. Ha knew that tbi re ear* eoaw eaeeptiooa Ha ktgutd epainel p aoiog negroes on a aoolal and poll tiaai conaitioe with tba ablte*. aad cpoia of tha amalgamation ot raoea now gulag on in South America. ? B; niltg leg Anglo-aexoo btood with tnatol tba n-gro. an mlarii't rasa la aiaaiad Suppn-e tttara ba apraad o??r ihi? a.ioutr; a mulatto raca, wh; as wouid .aa ! n." a b?rt>ai<aa? o>. lainj diwa on ui, end ( ? f Jx LD. I . 1IMI TWO CENTS. driva aa offaa vo did tba Indiana. Sothla will Mtm> w. Tbo aagroaa of tho Sooth ought to bo odaaatodt good hooha ought to bo plaead 1? tuatr handa It *11 of tbrm aoald read, tba poopla of that oountry would ho aafar thoa tbay oro tow. Tbay boor what b gotagoa In tbo country, and miaaudorataad it. lataUIgaat MNM at ako good aarraata and wo alwara eoatoatod. Ho thoaght that tho South oaght to maW? tbo ohttga. tlon of arriago aa aaorod a? tho vhitoo do, aad that tho warrlago of alaroa ohould not bo without tho oca oat of tho motor; that nan and wlfb ohould not ha aaparatod from mora poo a alary motlraa. nolthar ohoaid obtldroa bo aapaiatod from tbolr paroata. Thio aaaaoa eommotioa artrj*k"'- Thooo fro lingo of nature ought to bo rogardod. A grant many of tho alavaboidoro do raapoot tbl?. That* art bad alarahaldare aa wtll aabad moa at tbo North. Thaao thtago ohoaid bo pat la the otatuto boobo. If God doalgaa tha aagrooa to ho froo, tbay ought to ho Sttad for fraodom ; If alaraa, tbay ought tc bo flttad for tho hlgbor ordor of slaves. If we let this question alone, It wUl settle ItMlf. After Mm* further remark* he took kla N*t. when, Th* committee ro*e, and the Hon** adjourned, nag* of tea Pnudent, lit BESLV TO THC CtLL OF THE HOUSE OP BIF*M(lrTA? tites roa the raeiOCOt to the mexiesm t*satv. Washimotom, Fob 8, 1848. The following is an abstract of the President's Menage, aent to the House to-day, ta irply to the call for lulormatum iu relation to he secret history of the Mexican treaty and the Protocol:? l bs Prsslgsnt says that he had declined when called npon by the lions* at lb* last session, to furnish a copy of tb* instructions to our Commissioners, b-seas* be lb*n deemed It incompatible with the pnb io Interests. He Sid not tolnk it preper to make pnbllo such Instiuetions until some time ia?rs?ft r; but as no wsa new again called upon for ttiem. in couueotion with tbe oirrerpondeno* and ntbsr matters appertaining to tbo tr<aty, be baa deemed It proper to oompljr with tbe reqnsst. Tbe instruetlona to onr Commissioners were, that none of tb* amendment* made by tb* Senate could b* modified They might be explained in oootormlty witb the despatch of tbe Secr-taey of .Stat* to tb* Mexican Minister on Foreign Affair*, but not modified. Tbelx instructions wars confined to this, and on tbia letter of Mr. Bnobanan's tbe treaty, as amended, was snbmittsd 10 tbe Mexican Congress, and appruved by both bouses. Tbe nest day, tbe 30th of .vlay. onr Commissioners were Intri duoed to the Mexican President, and addresses were mad* on both stdea In s mbrequent despatch from onr Commissioner* to tbe Secretary of Stat*, tbe Coamlssiooert si ate that tb* amendments baes been agreed t* and ratifieatioae exebanged, and eneloae a copy ef tbe protoeol Tbe proclamation of tbe first was made brre on tbe 4th ef July lest, and th* protocol and oorrespondense were not tben communicated because it wes not deemed necessary. as tbe treaty bad been ratified ae amend-d. and It was not ocmpstent laths President and Senate to abrogate It and restore war, exeept by a declaration of war by Congress Tbe Commissioners did not regard tb* protoeol as port of th* treaty; tboy knew that they had no authority to alter the treaty or modify the amendment*, nrr could the Pietidentof tbe Mexican republic bars regarded the prooool ae modifying tb* treaty as amended by ihe Senate of tbe United States, for no reference Is made to it by blm on Its Inal consummation Tbe i resident then proceed* to noiioe th* amendments of tbe Senate to the original artiole, and to argue that tbe cbaages do not essentially alter any of tbe guarantiee of righta. civil, religions, or political. Of that portion of tbe original treaty rotating t* TexI as titles, be bad recommended tb* rejection when It was submitted to tbe Senate, and it bad not received a single rot* therein. It bad been further atated to the Mexican goTernmant toat no treaty containing neb n piorislon eould he ratified by tbe United State*. Tbe meaning of tb* proioool was. that its rejection was not inteudtd to invalidate any lrgittmate title* la existence, but it was not intended to giv* va Idlty to tboie wbiob had been dcelared to be extinct. Without any treaty stipulations, suob legitimate titles would bare been secured under the constitution nad laws of tb* United States. Inrrgatd to the amendments to th* 12th artiole, though tbe Senate bad deoiloed to create gorernmeat took it woeld net prevent tbe trausier for bar own benefit by Mexico, in suob manner as she mlgbt deem expedient, tb* sum to be paid ber under th* treaty ? Th* obligation may be assigosd, bat wonld stand bar tben in no better condition than it it had remained with tbe Mexican government.?P/uladtipki* North fmertcon. Heveiutiiii for CmlforaIn* An OVEhCARD Exi'XDIflOiV TO CALfFORWrs.? The overland expedition to Califor nia, which haa been organized in this rity, started on their journey on Trim eday n?ternoon last, under the com Djaud ot Col. H. L. Webb and Mr. J una w. Audubon. When they arrive at the mouth oi the (Jhio, Col. Webb will assume tho command, and military discipline is to be enforced on the msreh and white they remain in California. Annexed ate the nam* a ot ihe company:? Col. H. L. Webb, J. W. Audabsn, E?q , WVtoo Webb, Henry C. MeDory. Erq , Dr Kearney, Jaoob II. Beehmen Maltbia* B Valentine, Thomas B Valentine, Jobs H. Tone, J Robert Lamb rt, Edward A Lambert J g Lambert John B Lambert, Joseph Lambert, William A. Matobtaeen, Otibert B. Whittle**/, Ed? ard W Or good, David Hndaon, Heavy Ceedea. Obee. Valentine, Cbai lee Montio*n Graham. Peter MeCusker, Andrew J. Mo Town. Ulvase* Doubledny, Whiles D. Molenacr H Brady. Jo. eph 8 Weiklaeoa. A up tutus F. Lee, J. Kearney Ropere. Jr., Ro J?rt Beacon, Jr., Liffrit L B?nson. Fsanois 8. wmthrop. Aaron T. bblpman. John Brady, Joba A Book Wilde-a H Decern b, Samuel H. Luoemb Henry StiUe, Israel Kmshow, Daniel A. Stiver*. W litem D Stivers, William J. Cree. John J. BloomCeld, F-muett Pewell. A Spaarer Crabem. A Clasen Graham, Ltmaa F Hlaklej, Nicholas J. Walsh Lake Demon. John Stevens James I. Emeslie. John H Plumb. Andrew Ml. Nevis, Hamilton J. Borden, James C. blemente. Itsao H. Williamson, Geraious P Davis. toward W. Wblitleeey, Richard W. Sherwood, Thomas J Hall. Jr.. Jams* W. libei weed, Fred. 8. Coomb*. John Delaney. Justin Ely, Jr Wm.B. Barclay, Herman Taliaaan. Langloa H. Haven Lewi* W Sloet, George F Van Bnren. John 8. Traek Vaoaneio Ayr**. George C. Steel. George Weed, John P. Caverley, Edward C. Webb, Jsmee Warner-7fl The following iaa list of passengers for Caltiornia via Cbagies, in ihe brig Samson, Captain "Wheeler, which sailed 9th inti Dr Stephen R. Ilsrrls, Dr. M H Van Dyke. Messrs. U Hart Is. J. D. Con, Baxter. H Patterson, J. W. RandaU. C. H. Randall Wm Com- teck. Farlose, Payran. Dr. M Andarron. Messrs Mars, U?pM, Chapmaa, George Sharp. H W. Kel ay. Barnes. BsneothraU. J a*. Patteison. K Trjon, 8. P. Deney. P. W. Wood. J. G. Paine*, G M.King. Jatnee F.King. James Me Veal, WB H IIT1D. A U HraCrMS, J W ragn. Jou??t Pv gh. ? H. Htir'ck. Wus. H >U O. MeKolght, C. LookBin. J. M. Tobln. David M. Tonio Robert Mo'Jarty, John b*rk*loo. Heorj ?b?rp, ivioeee Woodmen. J. G. Ricbnrdioa. 8 L Hunt, John Bulloa. J. T Mvion biovd, Klcbaid Uurnmm, j. p Hejnee, <J?orgs G. Olssltr. A Wiiirtfilt, Uitld Webb, Chirlee R. hrroerick K M HiiMid Churl#* PvooiiLn Cbirln JVnirej J H Hamilton. Jam** Froat, ? G Topping, K. C. Urven, Be?j?miD F. L*e, Jobo Heath. Riobara O Hrmnct. Mabert H Balden. William Mo Mult/, CbarlesH Commiiigs, Wm Melleain. Jimaa R Waiden. R K. BreirsUr ...James Sohmldt, Wm. H. Ssott.? Totai, TO. MASSACHUSETTS. The berk Pleiadae, Uapt Poet, and brig Emily B< uine, Copt. Poitf r, cleared at New Ueuiord on the 6th mat , for Sari Francisco. The Pieiadea look out the lollowingTMSeengrra:? Ambiose Viaeant. S-aburj Toroa, Themaa Raming| Ion and Wm. Hammond, of New Bedford-tat*!, 4. sooth carolina. We understand ihat a party ot young gentlemen, of enterprise, energy and character, are to leave our cny thia da), tor VJalilor .la. Their route will bn to procrtd from thia coy to New Orb ana by railroad? Horn thence to Port Latraoc*, in Texas, by itmniti?then to San Antonio de B^xar by stage, litre they will obtain muira to convey ibetii first to Chihuahua, and Horn there to San Francisio. Tne lollow ng ate ibe niniiea of thoee who leave : ? Join b Lrli'pa, K. K. Kd?nton, John R. Ml >t, Alexander Mlot. Wm. H. Wagner. J Ford Prtolaae, M. D , J.mta N Kdmoadaton or thUeitj; and ?., of utimaay We a.e informed that five or six others will start either to-morrow or the next day, t meet and join the above named patty in New Orleans, wtirm ihey will associate uieoLelvri with them.? Churtulvn C'osror, /VP ft. Moex Gold?Cast. Kidd Again.?We received the loliowiug note tma inoroiug from a subscriber iu Wate, iu ibis State The letter was written on Et gltrh |>M|?r, had all the appropriate marks of old sgr.aad became very lender on being exposed to ibe air. It is, ot coarse, quite a marvellous at'air, and may. jiceeiblv, give "rw 'HI m un to tha time-f.onored atunpts to discover Capt Ki Id's hidden tressurre VVe recommend to alt the owners nt land in Boston hatbor to keep a sharp lookout lor money d ggers on tneir preunsee, about tl ere daysi? Two young men bv the name of Shaw; while out hunting on Saturday last, about tour miles from thia p'ace, fin Palmer) found a glare hoitle, stopped wuh a 1-ad alopple, containmil h 1? tier purpoit ng to he wntt>nr>y Kidd, in Bi b'od, in tne Jfsai P01, to a gentiemeu in Naw York by the nanweffBuley, stating that he, Kidd, had buried a kmr sum of" money, (giving the amoum) on an island near South Bosom. givi> g he latitude^ and longitude, and wishing him, Bailev, to get the money and assist him, as moaey would make many friends among the rich; ana that he did not with the authorities to have bis JKiddV) body and money too; slating that he had nectra the messenger, in case he was pursued by ilie Indians, to hide the hoit'e It was found near an old path or road leading from Boston to Albany, covered with atones, in a hedge, where hey were looking fot a rabbit."? Bott m Truvtl/tr, Fib 8.

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