Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1849 Page 3
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-wmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmtmmmmmm ? "" has been examined. It the name be toua < on the rolls yet to be overhauled, you shall have it." we have since received no farther information from the Adjutant General's office. We can scarcely believe, however, that it is a quiz; and if a geuuiue letter, tt shows how rapidly the passage can be made from Monterey by the Arkansas route. This letter suggests an advice, which we take the liberty of offering te emigrants, vizTo associate yoirself with a band of companions in whom you have great confidence?to organize it so as to have a captain of energy who can direct the operations?an honest treasurer, to take charge of the treasure?a quartermaster, to take care of and provide supplies?a doctor for the health?and a miner to see that what is collected is gold. Moktsbbt, November >1, IS 18. As Mr. Stookwell and his company of eight try the new route south, down the Arkansas river, this perbspe will reach you at as late a data as any naws from the diggings. 1 want to inform you, aod through yon my friends, that ws have no respeet here for law or honor? all is goM, but not all that gutters, for wo were all in n perfect rsge ot disappointment the last week, occasioned by an Irish Yankee who has jnst arrived with his cbemieal apparatus, and has demonstrated to us all. ?ho had supposed we bad oar fortunes, that nearly thrre- fifths of our gold Is bat n worthless mineral, principally Iron, ooppor, and these compounds; nevertheless ws have gold In greater quantities than it Is usually found Au industrious man ean make from five to ten dollars a day by washing, and pass the Inspection of the assay 1st. The nouatry is filled with siekoeis. prlnol pally fevers, from exposure, bad food, and intemperate hebits in ?u? uiiuc* ur pwocrr, m uen caueu fcfery irUOlt Ok MMiilt; U at an anormoua price, bat failing In oonaequence of tba greater portion of the mineral not proving to be gold There are many other Tela able minerals In thie region eelde from that of gold. I would not ad rise thoee who are oomiug here to raiee their bo pee too high of fortnnee quiokly made, yet, by prudenoe and caution, it may be done: bnt the sufferlag and privation to do ee will be death to many -an adventurer not aoouetomed to rough uiage. We are almoet totally deetltute in the way of provisions The soil of the valleys of the Sacramento end San Joaquin (are better adapted to gracing than anything aloe, its general character being light and thin. Me; ohanioe are sure to do well here - better than any Other olass who may come. VVe are full to overflow now of speculators, but we have room enough for all. If my mineral bad all proved to be gold, I should have taken the new route to llnole Sam ; but out of sixty thousand dollars in mineral. 1 only got twentythree thousand in money I have not time to give yon Lndeeoription ef tbe climate or the oountry; but yon nrill have that from Mr Stookwell on his arrival in Kentnoky, where he Is bound direct The thermometer Tangee from 46 to 80 deg ? extremes. Chilly winds are Cvalent at all seswons of the year sinoe my sojourn e. If the party suooeed, this will reach you in sixty dure from date. Respectfully yours, fco , H. PATRICK, Private U. S. Amy. Ho! for California. The repairs of the engine of the steamship Panama have been completed, and she made a trial yesterday. She is now in excellent trim, and will leave for Panama on the 15th instant, positively. She will be commanded by Lieut. David D. Porter, of the navy, a son of the late Commodore Porter. Her route will be through the Straits, stopping at Rio, Valparaiso, Callao, and Panama. She taltea a limited number of passengers, and will form, on the Pacific coast, the third of the line of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. She will doubtless reach Panama by the 1st of May. The Panama was built by Mr. W. H. Webb, and her engines by Mr.Allaire,'at the Allaire Works. The splendid ship John G. Costar. Capt. Durfey, will sail tor Sau Francisco about the same time. She is nearly a new ship, and was built for the East India trade. Her commander has made some ot the quickest trips on record between here and New Orleans. Instructions have been sent to the different custom houses, from the Secretary of the Treasury, to the effect, that as all vessels clearing for California will probably stop at some 'foreign port on their way, they must clear for a foreign port and a market. By this means the value of the goods sent out will be got at, as in foreign manifests the value is stated, which is not the case in coastwise manifests. The Secretary also sayB that the law relative to the ventilation, fcc , of passenger ships, does not apply to vessels bound tor California. The following passengers sailed, on Friday, in the ship MorriBon, Capt. Spalding, for San Francisco :? Edward Long. John P. Emmett, Robert Joaklna, James B. Jenkins, Dr. E. Spring, Dr. Irving, Leonard D. Nleoll, William Adrian, William K. Story,'Jaoob gchieffelin. Alfred Sohitffelin, Master E. Q. ?ohieffolin. Walter Cromwell, A C. Morris. Peter Meseroau, Jr., William Bond, J. E. Bond. Charles Hiffert. Horace Brigge, AlbflPt Booth, Theodore Magnus, Charles O. Lake, George W. Cannoo, J Stsrritc Smith, Benedlot Hayes, Frederlok Olmsted, James Anderson, William Crlohton, Thomas Booker. Henry D. H. Adrlanoe, Ephraim Daniels, Jamss Decker, James Craney, A. Anderson, Andrew Meyers. John Carlonnier, Joseph B. Psarce, Iraao Decker. Charles^H. Benton,'Melton R Stevens, Joseph Walker. Peter Donnelly, G. "W. Warner, Peter Bmrger, Cbarles B. Curtis, Charles Twltohell, Charles Potter. John Green. Jr,J. B. Otborn, William E Small. Cbarles D Shed, Gilbert Bailey, Amos Gage. Vinoent M. Page, Tryon Fisher, T. Vf. Hard, Curtis Bewley, Patrick MoGinals, B. H. Robinson, Daniel Bullock, R. L. Pond, R. K. Berry, H raaemore. M. D. Larraway. William S Moffat, Bartholomew Priee. Isaae Bartlne, Zadeck Beoker, A. H. Hall,Thomas L. Benham, Huron Blian, Henry Bowman, Williamson Corson, Peter Hill, John Lewis, George Nelson, Casper Mason, Aaron Fatrweether, Ebeneeer French, John BlundeLI, D A. Look wood, A. C. MoKinnon, A. H. Coffin, Joseph Castner, Warren Cloyd, James B Green, Daniel H Marshall, John S. War basse, Timothy Mallens, E S Sbsppard. John Van Doventer, Henry Sands, James Castner, William Steven, C. Hoffman. F Hickox, Augustus Lawranea, Peter Wendell, ? Nioolls, ? Niootla ?Total 100 The fallowing passengers sailed on the 5th inst., in the bark Keoka, Capt. Maguire, for San Francisco:? Wm. Hahn. E. A. Terry, C. W. Chapln, C L Davids, *Wm M. Adsa. John P. Corrlgan, Dr. C J. Houpt. W. C. Bnrobard, Lyman Burritt. J. M Condee, T. B. Kay, J. M. Warner, William Hall, Biggs, Moses Weeks, Tbos. Milterd, C. H Whiting, Mr Smyke, A. T. Kselsr, S. T. McCoy, Z. M. Chapman. T. M. Bostwiok, Luther Dwiaeli, Daniel Adee. W. M Willard, James E Humphrey. G W. Davis, Ueorxe W Seymour, L. Reyaoulds, J. D. B. Van Blaroom, VVm Young, Z. D .Fanning, ?. r. "Weston, larael Oreen, E P Weaton. 1'arsepgers in the ship Sabtna, sailed from Sagharbor, L. I., tor San Francisco, on the 7th inst:? C. A. Hatch, Ch?. 8e?loy, J X. Mills, T.J. Wood, Geo Howell, N. B. Roger*. Horatio Rogers, C. W. Howell Names of the stockholders who go out In her:?Hy. Oreen, David Hand, James Parker. S B. Halsey, Doyle Swteney, Hy Webb Wm. Post, J. MeCue. Daniel B Olover, Wm White, A. H Sand fbrd, Kdw. H. White, Thos. E. Warren. Sam'l B. Jlalsey, W. T. Horton, A. J Tabor. Jas Herriek, Aug. Ludlow. Gee. Herriek. Tbos. J. Olover, Chaa. Howell, Albert Rogers, Edw. W Halsey. L Ludlow, Nathan Dlmon, Jno Vanveehten, Peter H Howell, J K Field, John H. Oreen, Edwin B luburn Jedediah Conklin, J. 8. Van 8eoy. Henry Rboadee, Austin Jagger, Albert Hlldreth, Wm W. Tlneker, Thes P. Ripley. Jr . Wm. W Parker,' Andrew Edwards, John L. Dodge, M. D , :B.R. Oreen, Wm. C. Hatnes, Jno. Woodward, Jos. Case, Albert Jagger, Wm H Post, David H. Hand, Lewis Jagger. Jetur Reeves, Thos L. MoElrath, I-aso Sayre, Chaa N. Oreen, Oeo H Burnet, Lewis Sandford, Wm. Halsey, Salter S. Horton, John H. Cook, David F. Parker, John Ludlew. Total, 07. MASSACHUSETTS. There area number o! persons waiting pason no at dtita nArt and tKorp urn dPVPinl ns* r>nm. panics under way which are gradually filling up. There we have before severally noticed in onr columns. We further learn that a company of young men belonging to Cohasset, Scituate. and I towns in that vicinitv, sixteen in number, nave Kurchased the brig Planet, of Etstport, 120 tons urthen, and five years old, for $4,560, and that she will be immediately fitted out for San Francisco. The fine bark Lanerk, Capt. Woodbury, cleared thu forenoon for San Francisco, with 120 passengers, whose names are suppressed until she has sailed. Among them are the members of the "Nepoaset California Trading and Mining Company" and the "Roxbury California Mining and Trading Company." The L. has also on board, among her passengers, the "Boston Mechanics' Mining Company," and the "Norfolk and California Mining and Trading Company." Her manifest is of goodfy size, embracing two-hundred and fifty-eight articles of entry. The Springfield Republican says:?"A 'small company, called the Franklin Mining Company, hcsbeen formed in this town, and intend starting next week for California by way of the Isthmus. They sail from New To.k." The fine bark Helen Augusta, on the stocks at Newburyport, has been bought by a Boston firm, and Capt. Frederick Myrick, and is to proceed to California. She was to be launched yesterday. The gold excitement in New Bedford does not seem to abate. The Mercury, of this morning, erys the schooners Tremont and John Allyne will sail to-day for San Francisco, to be followed shortly by the ships America and Mayflower, and schooners Horace, Gazelle, Passport, and others. ? Ration Journal, Feb 9. The ship Cohota, of this port, of 000 tons burthen, has been sold for $35,000? destination California. A new company, under the name of the "North Western Association," has been formed in this city. It ia to consist of forty members, who pay itllYO,n?k Tl,_., k..... ha.oft the harlt 1 Irk *tl 2-10 ton*,which will be provisioned for two years. She is to be commanded by Capt. F W. Moorei. The bark Helen Augusta, for California, was launched from Newbiir>port yesterday. The following is a fist of the passengers from v this port in the bark Ilodolph, which cleared yesterday Andrew Watklns, Tho* L Mel.nlre, O?o. V Kant, C.C. Hayden. Geo W Wallace, tVm Bishop. A. P. Chapman, Win Cantelnw. Joa D Dillawsy. Lyman P. Mniden, thas K DoddChae A. Dleherson, Tho? If. obarta, Itaaa McClennaa.of Hasten; Wa It. Blanoh ard, Jinti B MUm, of Chelsea; David I. R?k?, J?bi D Bradbury, Edwin B Stiles, Chartal Stearns, Daoial P. Wiee. at Maldaa ; Wu. Slater, WU. H. Tabar, of East Boston; M D Plummer, of D' J?ahastar; Rufua P. Wyman. of Wobura; Amnsi P. Deanleoa, R. L. Leach, D. Ha sal ton, of Lowall; Harriaoa Eastman of Coaeord, N. H ; Thomas 3taaraa. of Sudbury; Francis Stabbiaa, of West Springfield; Jonathaa Whltmors of Alexaadila, PC H.; John Whltmore, of Hebron, PC H -SS la the Emily Bourne, from New Bedford for San Francisco Horatio 8. Rotoh, of Nov Bedford; Robert B. Almy, of Boston; and a company consisting of the following persons:?Wm. R. Patter, of New Bedford, master; Obed Delano, of Mattapolsett, 1st mate; Warren M. Christie, of Wareham. 3d mate; Joshua Beaton, James Wood, James Buckley, Robert M'Keaaie. Reuben Ashlay, Leonard Dwight, Andrew T. Tompkins, Samuel C. Jones, and A Lincoln, of Naw Bedford; Jamee K. Barnaby, of Taunton; Joseph L. Kennison. of Fairhaven; Philander Keith, Jr , and Joseph C. Crossman, of Wareham; Win. Castle, cook, and John Bristol, steward. In the Tremont, from Now Bedford for Sen Francisco:? Charles D. Cuehman, of New Bedford; Oee A. Simmons, Jr , Caleb F. Kuggle*, of Roxbury; Abner Pitta, Jr , Moaes H. 8ek?U, Edwsrd W. Huoket, WillUm 8 Pleree, Isaao W Reeord, Joshua T. Sekell. Cieor<? W Tucker, Henry Pleroe, Aumerla C. Nelson, Aipheua Oteort. John Albert Sekell. Edward R. Armtngtoa, of Vl ddleborough; Jno. T. Weaver. James H. Lewis, of ( all River; Cbas. P Ellis. Ebeoexer Leaoh, of Plymp ton ; Jno E. Western, ?f Lynn; Samuel L. Pieros, of Naoo, Me.; Francis Bootb, Adonlram Driggi, of . ? Travtltr, fti. 9. RHODK ISLAND. The following persona recently sailed in the Anne, from Bristol, R. I., ior S*ti Francisco :? John H. Comer and Oeo. W. Blanohard, of Boston. connscticut. An association, under the title of ihe Qumipiac Mining and Trading Company, is being formed in New Haven. They start soon for the gold region, via Vera Cruz, (he city of Mexico, and Mazatlan. The journey by this route, it is said, can be performed in 37 days. A company, formed in New Canaan. Conn , goes up tha Rio Grande, and across the country, from Camargo. arkansas. A company of emigrants for California, who contemplate leaving Fort Smith, in Arkansas, in April next, have obtained, through Senator Borland, a military escort to Santa Fe. The company will proceed by the valley of the Canadian river to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and thence by El Passo to San Francisco. With a view to afford protection to the emigrants, and at the same time to explore the country traversed by this route, the War Department has directed General Arbuckle, of Fort Smith, to furnish a suitable military escort, to be accompanied by an officer of the topographical engineers, whose duty it will hf fn male* PPnnnnniBoanoa on*! was .* WV ??r ...?UBV VUWMMWiWWUttW UUU IV port to the department. A circular from the le&ders of the emigrating party recommends the route as the most favorable for emigration, passing as it does through a healthy country, inhabited to a considerable extent, and abounding witn supplies. The road is suitable tor wagons, and it is believed that the journey irem Fort Smith can be easily accomplished in one hundred days. Persons with or without families, who wish to emigrate to California, are invited to rendezvous at Fort Smith, where wagons, horses, oxen, and all the supplies necessary fer an outfit, can be readily obtained at rtutinable prices. Freight and passengers can reuch Fort Smith by steamboat. All who desire to join the party should be at Fort Smith by the first of April.?Baltimore American, Feb. 9. Letter About Modern Opera In New York. New York Hotel, Saturday morning. Mr Dear Sir:?When I informed you that I intended te make my dtbut at the new modern Opera House, you asked me to give you my honest opinion of the present concern. 1 told you I would do so, and, upon my honor, I really intended to have complied with your request; but 1 must be excused m part. The fact is, when I got inside of the building, (which is miserably arranged, and in excessive bad taste,) and looked about upon the people there, the associations connected with many old faces made me neglect the opera, and think upon the " ups and downs" of life, and the strange changes that take place in a commercial city in a few years. Let me see. It's now about fifteen years since we had such a time in starting the Italian Opera in New York, and put up the old Opera House, at the eorncr of Leonard and Church street. And did we not have fun in those days 1 Most of us suffered some?the .6,000. Private boxes, eh! But, if we did spend money freely in those days, we had money to spend; and, what is more, we got the worth of our money. There was no humbug and bad management. We had over the choices1 spirits and voices that Italia could furnish, or money procure. The Italian Opera then, was what it purported to be. But the old familiar faces?the old school?the aristocratic families?our real fashionable citizens, and people who really have a correct and critical taBte, and could appreciate such music as we had at that time?where are they now! Fifteen years do make changes; and I pledge you my word that, at the end ot alto tecondo, I had to leave the place?I was sick and disgusted. I have but little to say about the opera or the performers. Trufli, poor girl, seemed sadly out ot sorts. The last time I heard her, I think, was in Milan. 1 telt bad?the contrast was painful?then bhe sang as she can sing when she is sure ot being paid, and has an audience that can discriminate and appreciate her excellencies. As it was, she seemed to do as much as could be expected to an audience that, out of the whole number present, I'll take oath, there were not twenty people in the place who could have discovered the difference, it she had sang in Choctaw. Her notes were poured lorth exactly as if she had an idea that the management had broke. The other characters were so so, all but the choruses?they were execrable; but this I thought nothing of, when I found out who they|were. 1 was informed by a person who sat near me, that the manager, Mr. Fry, (by the way, tell me, who is this Mr. b ry 1?is he that rgther conceited chap who took the Gazette in 1'hiladelphia of! the hands of my old triend WalBh, turned editor and smashed the paper? broHe the concern f?fry, try?XI is t&miliar?I don't know bat I have got the name mixed up In my mind with a Mrs. Fry?a celebrated female pnson| vis'ter about London, whose work I have read or heard of ; but never mind that.) "Mr. Fry," be said, "gave out tickets to needy young men, who had good voices, and allowed such to bring their relatives, or female friends, without Cay, provided they sang as chorus singers." Not a ad idea that. Trie scenery of the new piece was out of sense and out of date. The costumes were ditto. I was astonished that Truffi, who has taste, should have appeared in a dress, m the first act, that remmded me very forcibly ol an old heirlotm,?a dress worn by one of my great great f;rand-mothers, in New England, before the revoution. As tor the nobles of the court of a Span* ish king, their dresses arc not those usually worn by the ragamufhn banditti in all respectable modern o)>eras. Now, a word about the persons present. Who, do you suppose, was the first man I met, on ascending the stairs to the first tier of boxes 1 He was a a little fellow from Connecticut, whom I first knew sweeping an office in Wall street. He knew me at once. Do yoa remember the old cellar, long vears ago 1 Did I think, then, when I used to allow you to knock of]' the 4 <u>d 4 per cent discounts for two or three days loan on drafts on Boston and Philadelphia, that I was furnishing you with thelwherewuh to shine in sfter years, as the main pillar of fashion, and the patron of the Itsli an HrutPa 1 Ua A\ A nnt caom f A oninw f ha Anara II (MA VJIVitt i AAV. UAU BVVUI ?V VUjXIJ ?UV 1 u. lor he wu outside in the lobby when I entered and when 1 came away. He made hi* money outside?in the street. Only to think, in white kids and patent leathers !! I met a large number of men there, who I knew could appreciate Truffi. They were dressed carefully and in good taste. Those were the Italian, French, and Spanish barbers and kair dressers; Delmonico's domttttqun, and the waiters in the French hotels generally, they were at the Opera to hear music. I saw there, a German errand boy m my own store many years ago; the fellow had the impertinence to ofler to shake hands with me! He asked me into his private box. . I will do him the justice te say that the ladies in that box were dressed in exceeding good taste. His wife had been a dress-maker, ana she was there with her sisterB. Is it possible that the brokers now lead I the musical world 1 Why, there were more brokers in the place, that I once knew, than I supposed were now in existence.? I remarked this fact to a former cashier of a Wall stnet bank, whom I met in the lobby. His reply was, that the brokers aud clerks in dry-gooas stores in Broadway, the Bowery, Canal and Catharine streets, were the main support of the Opera. My friend pointed out ?o me a large number of exceedingly well dreiaed individuals, whom he said used, in one day, to be denominated blacklegs, but were now known as the fancy men, who congregated in haunts in Broadway, near the Bowery theatre and Park Row. The females with these individuals were very well behaved, and not gaudily dressed. The ladies who were with the dry-goods young men were evidently respectable people. In fact, I think they appeared more modest, and made less show ana rustling than the wives and daughters of iny old friends the brokers. But I am stak of the subject. 1 have heard this si me opera played fifty times in the most celebrated opera bouaea on the Continent, and I assure you l should not have reeognined the characters, reentry, costumes, or incidents, bad it aot beea for the mimic tad the bills. I must do the management justice, and say that they deserve a great deal of credit for the originality with which they have got up this piece. The orchestra was so bo. I should judge they were not paid more than day wages, from the manner in which they performed. I must mention the conductor; he is the most amusing character I ever saw similarly situated ; a sick monkey never made more amusing gestures; his grimaces made two little eirlB near me go into con- | vuleims? their mother had to send them nome.? The little fellow, perched upon a stool, with his litt e stick, worked like a beaver; he evidently felt the opera rested on his shoulder bones. The management should pay him high he earns his money. I was surprised to hear the sweet notes of a flute, which 1 knew I hid heard years ago. I loosed at the performer, and found I was not mis- ( taken. Ah. this is a world of changes! Poor, amiable Kyle, to have become ao reduced in circumstances as to make that exquisite Hute of his talk m suck an orchestra and to such an audience! Now is it possible that men of standing, taste, and respectability will patronise, or in the slightest deg're countenance, such an abortive, miserable humbug aa tbis so callaA Italian Opera is, and must ptove to be 1 Brokers, barbers, gamblers, dry-goods clerks, and foreign boot-blacks, attempting to give tone and direction to the respectable, influential classes ot the community! I am shocked ; my nervous system is prostrated, and 1 shall cut the Opera. This is my first and last visit until this bubble burst up, and the Opera goes into the hands of men who have some tangible position in the community, and who are known to possess a refined musical taste, and the ability to sustain it. Excuse me, my dear s?r, for trespassing upon your patience by my lengthy epistle; but you desired me to express my opinion to you, after I had paid a visit to the Astor Place Opera. Ihavefrank]y given it to you in my own ? ay, and alter my own fasnion. I omitted to mention the gallery?I was not up there. It appeared to be tolerably well filled. 1 asked an old acquaintance?a religious, respectable man, in one ot the sli|is?what class of people they were! He replied to me in French, " can*ult." 1 observed females, as well as males, and the gallery was nearly one-halt filled. The remainder ot the house, I should judge, was, at tie very least, one-third full?it was certainly one-quarter full. These views are part'y private. I would not wish to hurt the feelings of many very respectable friends whom I met the other evening, and whom I had not seen since my return from Europe; they might suspect me of being your correspondent, should you publish this letter in Paris?which, for this reason, I would prefer your not doing. Candidly?in the old opera time, years ago, we | naa our DUi.aing at tue corner ol Leonard and Chutcti streets. The fashionable musical world U6rd then to come to it, from the fashionable parts of the city. There has been a complete turn-about. Now, the Opera House is in a fashionable quarter of the city, and the great proportion of its frequenters, I should judge, hailed from the purlieus of where the old Italian Opera House used to stand. Yours tr dy, &c * . Mr. John Smith, jun'r, Rue de la Pan, Pans. Yankee Sullivan's Notice to his Friends. ?1 tie adoertiiemcnt la the Ilersld, of ycetcrday, was not worded asldesindmy Mend to write It tor publication. I did intend to eay that, aoc.rdlns to the rulee of the ring. I had won the fl?ht three timer; bnt the reftree thinking otherwise, 1 had to abide by bie decision, and the money ot my ftriende most go with that de oition 1 am Mrry that my w orde to tho gentleman, who wrote the advertisement for me were io diflurently conetrued from my latent and meaning. JAKES SULLIVAN. Portable Dressing Canes, manufactured by the subteribers, will be found, on exami< ation, to oontaln all that is desirable for a gentleman's toilet in the smalleet possible space. The articles are selected with strict regird to quality, and are warranted. G. SAUNDERS It SON, No. 147 Brendwray, ooraer of Liberty St., and 387 Broadway. California mining Boots, warranted to wear ene year without repairing, at JONES,14 Ann (treat fine French call dress Boots $4 SO, usually $6. Business Boot* Si, and warranted to wear as well as enjr boots made. Freneh water proof Boots, from $4 SO to $t, at JONES'S, 14 Ana street, near the Masenm. C 0 M MB R C I A_L AFP AIRS. HONK Y MARKET, Saturday, Feb. 10?4 P. H. There wu a slight improvement la the quotations for some ef the fanelee, hat the sales were more limited than usual. At the first hoard, Penney'.yanla 6'e advanced x per cent; Harlem, X; Canton Co., X; Long I aland, X; Farmers' Loan, Xi Erie Railroad, new, fel1 off X per oent. The money market is about the same as prevloualy reported, the aeonmnlation of epeele In the hands of the assistant treasurer of this port goes on, and the deposits amount to nearly two and n half millions of dollar*. The quotations for foreign and demestie exohanges, specie, and for unourrent money, in this market, rule as annexed Foamew Exchanges. On London 1(16 n H*X On Amsterdam... 40 X a 40X On Farts 6r27Ka6f2A On Hamburg .... 3i\ a UK On Bremen 78X a 78X. Domestic Exchange*. Boston par a X die Mobile sp. eheoka.lX at lis Philadelphia para X<he New Orleans X a X dis Baltimore Ml Xdis NorthCaralina...t a? die Richmond 2 a 2X dis Cinoinnah IX a 1 dis Charleston. 1 a IKdis Louisville I a IX dis flavsnnah IX a IXdie NashvtHe ? a 2X die An?.tn a IVdia St .IT. 01? Al. Columbus ? a 1 >4 die Detroit 2X a 3 die Buffalo IX a ? dia Pittsburg Xal dis Mobile (bk note*). 2 a 3 die Quotatione fob Bract b. Per Cent. Value. Amor-gold, old.. .IDS a 108 Carries dolls..91,01 a $l,U8 do do now. .100 a 100X Fire franco... M a MX Half dollan par a 100k Doubloons... . 16,00 a 18,10 Portuguese gold. .100 a 100,sj do patriot. .16,60 a 16,70 Spanish dollar!.. .102 a 103 Sovorelgita.... 4,86 a 4,87 do quarters . 90X a 100 do light... 4,81 a 4,83 Mexioan dollars. .100X a llX'X Heary guineas. 6,00 a ? do quarters.. I?X a 100 Napoleons..,. 336 a 337 UNOtrBBBBT MONBT. Bo't at. If Id at Bo't at. rid at New Kneland.... X dii par Mobile, up. pay's. .2\ die 2 die Albany,Troy, fco. X die X die New Orleans... . 2k die IXite N. Torkoountiy.. X die k die Ohio 2X die 2 die New Jersey k dn X dis Indiana 3 die 2 k lie Philadelphia.... X dis par Kentucky 3 die 2 die Baltimore. X dis X die Tennessee 8 die ?die Virginia IX die 1 die Missouri. 3 dia ? dia NorthCarolina.. ,$X die 2 dis Michigan. 4 die JX die Bonth Carolina.. .2 die? dia Canaan 4 dial die Geexgia 2 die? dia Wheeling banks are IX per sent dieoosnt Then has been no material Tariatlon In quotations rar roreign or aomMtic exonange, specie, or uacurrant money, and tha damand for altbar baa baan, to a vary 'lmlted axtant, for remlttanaa. Tha paymaata of specie Into tha Custom hooaa ara principally in Amarlaan gold, and tha damand haa vary Uttla inflnanea pan qnotationa In tha atraat. Small silver cola, of Amerloan coinage, baa baan in active damand for ahlpmant to California, and a premium of threa and fonr par oant baa baan paid for fire and tan eant plaoaa. Thla description of money will be found aery uaefnl among tha gold mlnaa, and wa hare no donbt those who take It oat will maka a aery handsome preflt by tha operation. Tha bnalncaaon tha Erie Railroad, for January, shows an immense gain on tha same month of last year, a considerable portion of whloh, of oonrae, haa baan dariaad from tba Binghamton axtanalon. Tha earnings ware as annexed NBW TOSS AND EBIE MAIt.S OAD. 1848. 1*49. Iroresss. rasseogsrs and mall $10,127 31 gia.HMl 18 $8,763 S7 freight 11.497 M >>,4(9 SO 8 682 14 Total $21,824 87 $38,340 ft) $17,718 11 The earnings far Jannary, 1847, were only $16,887 09Tha paaaenger and freight earning hare lnoraaaad In bant equal proportions. Prom tha oommrneement of ho running of tba regular freight trains, tha reeelpta from paaaangara and freight InfJanuary, ararago over $,000 par day. A bill to "authoilea tha bnsinoaa of banking, and provide a sinking fund for the gradual extinguishment f tha State(debt,ls now before tha Legislature of Pennylvanla, It pr or Idea for tba laanaof registered notes to tha amount of fonr-flftha of tha ralneef United 8tataa or State stocks deposited with the State auditor, said stocks not to be rasairad at above par, or for mora than their| market value. The dividends on these stooka ara to be paid to tha owners, with tha exception of ana half of one par oant., which la to go toward tha formation of a sinking fund for tha redemption of tha State debt. Stock HxCltAIlM* $16400 Tress Notes. 117H 426 abas Oeatoa Ce saw 12MXIU States 6-s,-87 1<?2 80 4a 88)4 600 N T Water La. 70 Nk 100 4a 804s 30 610* Obie t's, -to lutg S00 Ker ft Were BB St 1000 ladlsaa State Pa 80 100 4s blO $4 6? ln4 State >H'S 73 8SO Harlsm BB 64K 1J6001'snnsrl 6's 7714 180 4e sM 68H J2* ? ? ... Mg M MhaalM''Baafe"" lSJu 5 it US S3 !???&?? ?* & ? ku li* *? (N .? 6 Eft* KB oM MU m < mw a J, *" 5SH W <t MO m? M i, {? 100 ? Siff 100 4. MU IS"-^.0-- ?. g - - ? "TZzsrg ?? M s* so ? bit ?i2 i<o dS ?" M 53 *?.?&?* n "im* !2T,T** ? " OOCaaUmC* boo SB* * W iWIBTUBUITt RK9BWK9 IVERY mnamo, PAWT* MH fww TBB1T. it pj x. * !** ?*.?1V1 ?* ? } *. imM ttonfcn to toa s?iK(a3Swrtt8sas,JSc-51 AJMUMaCJAttnTm. Bownr THRATM*.-MONDAY ITEMING. TIE. It the partermaaee will mwmbmw with TUB LOCK ill (TU or BKlCKtlOLM?Ambroee Steilmee, Mr M. B. 01*1 he. Aahelt Mr. J. B Hall; Sehwartaenbcrg Foealg, Mr Win*** ChrttUee, 11.~ c. WrniM After Which the nmO oi COUSIN CHERRY -Tbi mu friniroM, Mr S'affufd; Jacob Prlsrew. Mr. S. Smith. Charlra, Mr Jamtl Dunn; t'nbn Cherry Mia* but Taylor. To conclude with the opera of the NATIONAL GUARD? Che?a'ier Renaid Mr. Gilbert; Aohellee Bonbon, Mr. J. Wioane; Fredeilck Lowaiae, Mr. Warden: Granada. Mr Rarwlek; Pnnltne. Mire Mara Tailor. Baiaa SBa.; Fit UH?-; OnUacj 13**. Deed open at E* aolcot: eommanoeat T pDANPhArS NATIONAL THKATRM, LATE GHATBAM. U ? Monday Evening, Foe II will baaoted the drama of TUB ADOPTEDCHILD-Mtebaal Mr. J. M. Soott. Sir Bertr.ud. Mr. Dawee; Le Mr. Tiiloa; Boa, Miaa Chapman. After whioh the drama or HOSE I.N CALIPOR IA-bote. Mr. Chanfrau; 8j lieraa. Mr. Peym oar; Mr. Adolphui PlIHehrond, Mr w. II Chapmen: Lite, Mi ft# E. Meet aver. To eonoluda with RCSINA Mia IX) WS--Harry Mendom Mr_ChaatT?u ; Mr. Meadowa, Mr. urfliwiNj tfvinp1 uuirr mr. r. u. dwa how oho*^ Hiss I. Keokjer; Mrs. Meadows, Mrs. G Ohxpmtn, Alios Warren. * ?? F. Cordon. Rn?n Jft cents; Pit, UH oentA Doors open at SH S Okot-OOBMSN li r. MECHANICS' BALL, No. AH BBOADWAY. BMTWUM Grand sod Brooms streets, open met night during the wot Its oilgbul snd well-snowm CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, organised 1S4J, the eldest established oompaay is the world; the first to harmonies negro melodies, sad originators of tbe presss? pope 1st stele of Ethiopian entertainments; whose eeaeerts la ibis oity, for a period of two jeer* base bees patronised te an extent unparalleled bp any ameeemeal In this great metro polls They will bare tbe honor of ooatuaiag their Inimitable Co uses ts rery algbt, until farther notion, in trod ad ag at each reprosaatatlon a rariety of new Opera tie Burlesques Songs and their new Burlesque of their Voyage Musical Admission. 88 oenta Doors open at 7?Conssrt to oommswos at 8 o'clock. An At Wrnooa Ceneert every Saturday, rrmmsnidng at I s'sloek. Ma nsgsrand Dtrseter. K. P. CHETSTY. A MEH1CAN MUS8UM.-P T. BdRNUM, MANAOIB AND A i roprx-tor; J Greenwood. Jr.. Assistant Manager?dplendid performances every afternoon at S o'clock, and every evening at naif past 7 o'olock Last weak of the Quaker Giant ana Gleatees whose short rasasement has boon attended with suoh tglnw pliant Focoeta llies Elisabeth Simpson, a delicate younr Utah arses, of 81 years, is nearly M Met high, and weighs 137 pounds! The Quaker Giant, is 87 years of age, aad stands plump eight rent, and weighs 80S pounds. They ean he seen nt nil nouie. with Major Littleflnger end Tltnia, either of whom is muoh smaller than any Intent that ever walked slews. Also engaged. Greet Western, Sable B rotters, Pete M?rris. Highland Mammoth Boys, Living Drang Outaag.Wai Ptatuary, Madame Rookweil, the Pnrtane Teller. Admission 88 sent#. Children under ten years ef age, I8H seats ZOOLOGICAL BALL, 87 AND 39 BOtVBRY, VV11L RCmaiaonsB fore few weeks losgrr, where the thrilling per form an oe of Mr. Brooke, the oelebrated Lioa King, ean ha eeea every afternooa and evening. Alio the wonderful performing Bltjibanw, Boiiver end B'meo, sad the beautiful Fooler with their Menkey Bidets, will be introdnoed Into too clro'e by their eelebreied and gentlemanly trainer, Mr. Lnngwo^thy, and exhibit the moet extraordinary fenta of nasaoity and high trclaiag ever attempted in any exhibition ot the kind. Tho oolleetton of aaimnle nS Zoological Ball, It now in the finest possible oondition, partioularly the greet White Folsr Bear, who lens fresh snd at Ooaan. Admiaaion, ? Wi-*7hiMran. halfpri**. VAN AHBURQH ft CO.. Proprietor*. Open daily from IX to 4 P. M. and 6X to 9 o'olook la tb* eenlni?perform an era at 3 and 8 o'olocli DONNA VAN'S GRAND ABRIAL (ORIONAll) PANORAMA of Moxieo?Painted on 2I.UU0 hat ol Canraa, exhibiting a view of oountry S.UOU mile* In length, (praaanting to thai pootator the moatiablioe aoenery In the world.) ii now on axhibiion for a ahort time, at Panorama Hall, 598 Broadway, adjoining Nlblo'a Garden. Door* open at 5?Exhibition to oammanoa at 7 o'olook?Alan on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* at 3 o'olook. Tioket* 50 eent*; Children half prioa. HOI POK CALIPOKN1A. FOR CAL1FOKMA. Via 1IIAURCA-T1IE Sl'LBNDIO ocean aUamahip Nortboner, C^tain Tnomaa 3. Uudd.lhe proprietor* (f tbi? veiatl, at the aarreat lolloitation of *u ntroua partita whodealre to arrive at Panama in time to take the C a Morula ateamer leaving there on the 15th ol March, have oneeulcd to withdraw hor from tlia Charleaton line for one trip only, and will deepatoh her far Cling ren direct on Satnrdavtho "4th day of Fabruary maiaut, at 12 o'olook a., from pior Mo. 4 North river. From the well known apeed of the Northerner, it ia oorfldently expeoted 'hat she will make the trip to Cliagrea in nine day*, thua affording amp'e time alter her arrival there, for paaaongera to make their way aeroaa the lathmna in aeaaon to pierent all poeailii ity of mining the California afeamcr. whatever may lie the atate of tho roadj or dilllculiy of procuring oon eejanoe* atC'liagiea. Paraegoin the aaloon ataie loom* $110 " ' L'war cabin 125 " ' P tear age and found, ordinary ahlp'a fare 75 In order to afford the grea'n t acoommodation to pa^ietigera, no height will be take-. Apply to kixirmnn tnaiTnv a. on .<> ? ? WW4U11 ? uu., ?[) i?au It. First steamship fur ch mihes.-the first class ooean etcnmehip CH BSAPEAKE, Capt. K. A. Mix. will peel, tively nil on the 24th February. On her arrival nt Cbngne, pee engern will be conveyed to Craoei by the etenmboet Orue, taersby Holding the patrage up the liver in cnnnee, end arrnng-raeata ere in pregrem to Torwnrd pneeengere nithont delay from Cruoee to Panama, at vebioh point tbey will moot the eteamer of ISth March, and find other meane of conveyance to San Preneieoe. Cat tain Mix will accompany the paaamgere to Panama, end having eroeead the lethmoe eeveral will be able to render valuable eervieee and advlae to paaeengore. Peeeage. $1UU, only flretolaea peeeengrri taken. SIX) pnunde baggage allowed each nu>CDger; freight or extra baggage L0 oenta per foot; epeoie, throefonrtbe per oent App'y to SMITH > STANTON,No. 1* Broadway. GTIAMBB1P FOR SAN FRANCISCO. AND CP TUB BA kr cramento River, via Stralu of Magellan.?The Steamehip DUNCAN C. PELL, (formerly the Uoverne.cnt eteamer Poineett) very eneoeeefolly employed In <be half of Mexloo, where aha proved hareelfa good and eubetaatial eeaboat? hae the beet of machinery, new bollero .Re. In the moat complete manner. Bhe ie to be fitted with maeta, eaUa, Re, and it iaoonfidently expected ehe will make the peeeage out in 7U day*. The number of paeoaogen are limited to 0(1. oaoh of whioh ie to be a 8'oohholder?eharee $11,000 each. It ie oonfidently expeoted ehe ean be need to great advantage, in running ftrom porta of the Pacifle, or op the Sacramento River. Several eharee having been taken, thoee wlehing to engage can obtain more full parUcalara on applying to 1 if O AO BR, 120 wail etreet, or to JOS. T. MARTIN. 37 South etreot. For ban fkancisco, California.-the united Btatee Mail Steam Packet PAN AM A. of ltb-7 tone. Lieut. D D, Porter, U. S. N., Commender, will mil for the above port on the Kith Februiry, touching at the inteimvdiata porta for froth provtatone. A limited number < f pateengera will be taken in the etate roomt and forward cabin, for mate room to Panama, $41U; for forward oabin do., $>W. Thence to Ran Franeiioo, atate room. $2fC; do. do. 1< wer cabin, $200. do. do forward cabin, $1 0. Far paemge apply nt the offioc of the "Packet Mail Steamehip Com pan v." 84 Son th etreet New York. For tbr gold regions of California, yia cba gita? Will take eteam and poeitlvMy proofed to eea on the morning of the 14 th of February.? rhe fine fait eat log coppered clipper bat k Guilford, Captain R. W. Thorp, km yet room for a few paeeengrn. The etate room* In the eeoond cabin are fitted up in hnndoome etyle, and the aoeommooatlene for eeoond cabin paa eergere are euporlor to thorn of any toomI that ever left the harbor ef New York. Peeeengrri will be allowed to remaio oa board the vteee! for fifteen daye after her arrival at Chegrea (provided a majority Cadre it, I at a moderate rate per day, to alf >rd them aa opportunity of eecurirg theii paetege from Panama before leaving the bark. For freight or paa<age apply on board, foot of Wall treat, or to JOHN R ROBERTOSBORN, 111 Ifall et.or jamES W. ELWELL. 87 Sooth etreet. TO CALIFORNIA BY STBAM AND S4ILINO VESSEL, via Lake Nicaragua, 114)0 a.ilea nearer thaa the Chagrea route. Gordoa'e Pueerg?r line.? fhe aplenOid paaaenger brig MARY, takee thia mfe and healthy route via Son Juan. The ateemboat I'LUTUS( built expreeely tor the Ban Joan river) oonveye pan. erngen to Miearauge, 18 n ilea from the Paoifio An agent of the line haa gone out to oherter n veeael oa the Pacific tide. It it ex netted that the pneeage to Ban Frai.ciaco will ba made In fid daya The Preetdentof Oordon'a California Aaeociation goee]ont la the brig Mary, and haa eonndtnge and rarveye of the entire route. Am ply on board the Mary, p er 18, foot of Wall etreet, or to if. C. UBLBORN. 1(16 Fiont etroot. FOR SAN FRANCI8CO, CALIFORNIA-TBI fine' AI coppered and oopper faatened paoket ehlp JOBN O. COS TER, huifry. muter. 780 tone bnrthen, will be detpetched u above on the 20th Inet Tbla ahip haa epacione oabioe. with furniehed ataternom eccotr modationi for 60 paaeengera The too cad oabin wiU compile* nearly the entire between dooke, whioh are eeven leet high, well lighted with otern window* and deok ventilator*. ead can he arranged to give eepornta aooommodationa to ueooiatioaa. A large portion of the cargo ia engeg-d and going on heard For freight or paeeego, apply to HoWLAND ft ASP WV1LL. 84 and 48 South eiratt; or THOMAS P. STANTON, 61 South etreet. (TOR CALIFORNIA?PACKET SB IP HENRY ALLENThe New York W eiMngton Mining Amoci?tioo, are now la an active i tate of completion, and nil p none deelrotu of Joining the expedition, era invited to attend their meetinge whioh ariU bo held every evening until further notion, nt tho Branch Hotel. No, Se> Bowovy. at 7S o'oloek. A few eabin paomugi re (having epl*ndid nccommodatinne) nan be taken, on application to R. F. Pari. een*No. IIS South etreet Capt. WM. H. KINCH. EtOB SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TO SAIL ON TBI JT 28th Inet.?The enleedid ocean etoamahlp SENATOR, of 784 tonehur'hen. 2M feet long by 31)ft. beam, builtby * H. Brown, Ecu In hie beet manner, without regard to exoenie. Berenxinee are 48U hone power, and made by Meeera II. R. Dunham R On., a eure guarantee for their aupenor etreogth at d perfection. The Senator wee Whilt for Jemee Cunningham, eixth montho ago. to ran between Boat on, 8L John* and Halifax, and hat been eevevely tried, and proved henelf not only very fact, but onn of thofiaent eea bead that hag been turned out of Mr. Browa'a yard, and hae hit certificate to that effect Her aaloone and etate roomi are magi iBoently fitted nn, for comfort aad the anmbrof paaeengern limltgd. The ewnen nave the clearer* of crating that ehe will be commanded by Lient Baohe. if. S. Navy, who hu a peifeot knowledge of the rout alio e thorough knowledge of eteameve and tho lean engine. I'm principal engineer t? n practical and aptrieneed bm. The this will be well fonnd for the pew*** Bad om er.two <t the owner* will go to Son Fianoiaoo in hor. whiah will eiv nn attention ud wmf'rt to puHnprt. For u?t|i omly, u bo freight will b? token, apply to WOOOAULL k MINTURN,R78*nth*L Improvement! and addltdona art now rnkiai to perfoot bar for till! t l) 10, SHIP ELIZABETH ELLEN, FOB SAN FRANCISCO -TO toil on tt'idneaday, 14th Inet-Thia t leganl ahip of M ton* bnrthon. oommnndod by Hon it I H Truman, trill oleor on Tttaaday oad roil oa abut*. Her cabin la the poop, on deck la very be* an fn). and a few more paaatngen ooa be tokaa at reaaonoblo term a. PI core to eiamlna the ahip at pier IS Baat Elver. before er carina in one other veaeel. Bhipeera are reqoetted to etod in their bill* of lading for Mgnttnrt to dap. B. RICHARDSON fc CO, S3 Soath (treat, A. O BENSON,? South el n. B.?The fine bark HOBaTIO, 3 ream old, la nearly loaded, at the ate pier, and will follow the B. Ellen la a few day* SUBSTITUTE WANTED.?THB ADVERTISER HAVING O am rotated hlmaelf with a minlni party, to oonaiat of ID meat ben, la deetrona of dtapnatag of hit internal at a favorable rate, at circnmaianoe* render it Impoaalble for him to laare at preaent ? Ten aaleen paoeaget hart been enraged In a flrat cltaa ahip, te aail within tea daya for farther information, addraae"nabatitate " at the Her> Id oflloe. before 2 e'olook, to-morrew, (Monday) atatlng where an Internew can be had. Gold washbre-a oold washer (that m a Gold Waaher) oanhe aeta la operatdoo erarr day at the United State* Agricultural Warrhenae, I9S Front atreet, where may be found Tent*, Sborela, Spade*, fca, aui table for pera*aa going to California, all of whiah will beet Id a? cheap aa the oheapttt. JOHN MATHER k UQ..19S Front at. CALIFORNIA DAOUERREOrTPBS. -PERSONS ABOUT to Tieit California, and deairoo* to leave their likeneame with their Meade, would da well to call at Brady'a, Not 2 4 and *7 Broadway, where, by reaaon of reoeat imprevemeata aad addltdona to hi* eetabliehmanf, faithful aad tra* Hkaneaaea may be ebtalaed at the ahorteet notio*. CALIFORNIA LIFE INSURANCE.?THB NAUTILUS LIPB Iaanraae* Compear, Na 68 Wall atreet, iaanra* the live* of rnnoaa rlalung California, with privilege of raaddiag there, aad of making the voyage oat end home, either by the way of Cape Hern, the Iathotna of Panama, or by VeraCma. and through Meaiee. MORRIS TBaNRLI^, Piemdeat Punv FaaaMAtt, Aetnary. LEAVENWORTH'S PATENT GOLD WASHBRS-THE baatarar iarantad-ta b? had oml7 mt A, B. AlUm k Co.'* Agrienltaial Wamhooaa and Saad Stora, LHI and 191 Watrr ikwi tatathar with ararj dnarlpNom ( tmplrmanta for Califorain. Important Cartiflcata:?Mr.Loaves worth - nlr-Altar aiamiatac tha earl 00a Gold Waahera la tha 0U7,1 hara ardorad 70a far at awn naa la California, and adrtaa all who wiah ta rathar tha rold with tha grrataot daapatoh and laaat loai to tat jaara. aad n.nlcularlj a* thay aapal all tha tand aad *t*t*L whrta tha sold Wackaaad. whloh oontalaa a largo par aaatora a? raid plat}**, and eianetor. cannot aaaapa. Wia. P. Uadar, pracUcal nflnar, ameltar, and aaaaytr. ' C^fMU MINING TOOLS.?A LARGE ASSORTMENT S*J"2 ? ba had of aha tntoorlhata, raoh aa aattoak Plana, nak Aaaa ShoTmia Epadaa, and Oold Waahiag fllanta'? **? Ala*. Camp or Maaa H mat para, whlah aoatoto acin.plcin entflt (for 1,9.1 A orS, or aa* mooter a a arbor) of u tonal la reqoUiia to ooak and aat with, inch aa Ma platoa. oaaap b'ttlaa. tin rnpa. knlve* and on pa. fork*, gridiron*, bytes paaa haath kalTaa. oaatoana, drinkingampa, pat ap la tha Boat tdn paetrraaaar. for pa?'aa h* mala or boat Thay an aald at vary fawpric*# hp J. bTwTnDLB ft CO., M Maldaa laa*. foot daor* baaa WllUaaat. OBOADWAT THKATBE.-B. A. KAHBAIU PBOPSIBD tor.?Ob VwAu Imlw febro.ry ii will ba pnmM THE COUNT OF MONTE-CRIBTO?Edmt?d Dulw. tlWt nHi Cout tl iMtoCriiH imbUic Et ohtiMtan ofttau. |K*r, Ha had iht Or?A. ? fcahah Traeollar. and a r?ob Abbe, Mr.L?ter, MoaaMenali, Mrvaaba OH Dum Mr. IwuNi Meat BoavUle, Mr. B. Bbaw: Vbnaad. Mr. Fiiiwlitri Mac. aadaa, Ma. Abbott; Haydea. Ml? IfaJUok; Caro?ta, Mm lehar ?? d; JtMt, Ml? Cunta. la addittoa to tbo orta.u?i giaad ilwto Berr Drteohaob, with bio trained'a will *010?. On? Cirri# tad Farqnetta. AU oentr; family Clrolo. tS oent* 0?"??7 MH eewle. Peace op? at ME|mI ?i oenaeaoea!7. D UKIONM THEATBB. CHAMBEBS ET?BET.?HON DAT 1T1 1 * tboantertaia?aau will ?a?? wltk IHlbU ANUACBMkNIlt?Tim kaftrtjr. Mr. ar.u.iu.e; j.r. McCaitby, Mr. Jordan; Mr. BullAtch, Mr. u Julia, Mitt thai?in. After which the firie of 1OO* PILUrMODY-Mr. t'T'.. ^ Mr Burton: Cap tela O'lcut'.le. Mr. Johnaton: Mra Hlliooddy.Mra Bmurhem; Mr# O'.^ctitMo, M?. intw raiw* .fj*" Cher?an. To conclude with Mr. Johnaton; fernaad. Mr. Mm; Albert Mr. Mortimer, Babe, Mr. Chrletion Mar* Cadee. M'? Chapman^ Ore- Clrate aad ??? fciuJ qSSS .win- uhoip bpbf at ost eeiook; curtain rim* at 7." MITCUXAX B OLTMWO THMATU-MON DAT VININQ* P*h. 12, U e entertainment* will oommenoe with tlx entitled 1C2?Philip Gabon, Mr. Nlekieaon; Francota, Mr. Cunoeer. Mad. LoronCe, Mr* Hmry; Itnbel, Mint Niikintou. After which, an extravagant Arabian Nlrht'e entertainment entitled CAMABALZAMAN AN* BADOUBA?Hue*, Mr. Nleklmton; Camaralxaman. Mia* Clarke; Badoura. Miaa Phillipa; Mannoune, Mla? Man Gannon. To lie follewad hy an origin*' faroe entitled the WITCH or W IN DERMBRE?Natty Prtmroee. Mr. Ilolland; Boa*. Mb* Clarke. To oonolude with LOLA MON TEA?Michael Browrki, Mr Holland; Katherine, Miaa Oannan. Dree* Clrole Vie; rtw Bn*. e Mo: Pit lifco. Door* open e'olk; oommenoe at 7A CARD.- DRAMATIC FUND ASAOJIATION.?THE PBI aiceLt Tiuater*. and Director*, be* herewith te tender their moat giatal'ul acknowledgment* to all ooneerned in furthering the intrieataof the Aaeociatlon through neana of the Benntl. oi Thuraday evening last, To B. P. fry, Ea-i, tor hi* prompt liberal, ty in ptraentirg tlie gratnitoua uae of the Aator Piaoe Opera llouae. To Meaara Coleman A Atataon, for their kindneae in grant in* a commit tie room for the purpoeaa of tie Aaeoeixtion. To M Max Maretaek. and tht gintiemen oi ti.e orchestra, for the groat addition of tbeli voluntary support. To J. U. Benrett Aa.|., far the literal donation of the large quantity of printing neoewiry for the oocaeion. To Jared Belf Erq. tor eimt'ar trrvioea. To the Eropiietora. editor* and mrmber* of t o preea senenllr, for the lidlv feeling by them expneerd. T<> Bdw.n Fernet. Baq , Algnor Pet edetti, Mgnorina Trntfii and all tiioee ladles and genUataan, net membt ra of the association, for their powerful aid. Likewise, to all th* ariieta and amatenra who, by thoir Joint effirta, produced no attraotira a combination. By order, JOHN BROUGHAM, Perretarr. Committee Room, Aator Uouae, Feb. ill. 11-49, Dallr papers will please copy American cieoub.?aandb, lent a oo? peopieetoya? f arewell Beiuflt of linn Klor. the Shakapearian Clewn ? Monday^Bvnnlng, February 12, the perfomianoee will oammene* ..... .o ... . ivb'.uc, mr n. nanus, with ht? elegant Juvenile erusis Maurice and Jmm will apiwar in their greatest of pna>urlng; Hi* horsemanship will embrace tho st*penduusand thrilling acta of Mr. W. Burnt anft Mr Hankin , aa Hercules and hia Slave; Bucephalus the paragon of horiea, will go t> rough hia astonishing w slues, dsnaea and pirouettes; tb* antir* Troup* of Ponies: Mr. John Qtaain. th* popular Cliwn, will apuear on Tuesday; the oomto sporting tccne entitled thu "ony Races. Ad tnlMlon to avoir part of the h*naa U Mots?children hall pifea. THE GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM. S3V BROADWAY, Between Bprlng and Prlno* streets, and th* only on* In this country oonabta of a great number of life alae flgurea of Chlnem, f all olataea. sevanf hundred Chin*a* paintings, apartments ha house*; store* and voasela, models of pagodas, mid bridges, apoeimcua of Chinsa* manufactures, their agnoultnra! and meohanieal implement*, Instruments of mnalo, lanterns, Ro. fco. Open from nine AM. Mil 10 PM. dally. Admlttaao*,? oenta; Children under two Its, lialf-prio*. HOt Mill VALlPUHhlA. Calirtirnia 4 001)8!!-CATHOLIC PRAYER BEADS and rrnxeea, held In great eatlmation ty the Indiana of California and Mcilco, for snia. In all their variation, by J. LA1IHOmer. Importer of lancy goods and perfumerj, 48 Maiden Lane. up a'alra. Houses foe California.?the undersigned is prepared to furnish Cottages of the moatsubiiautial oharaoisr at three days notios, built ofsheet ir-io. 1 hey are eery portable, occupying but Utile room on (hip braid. For view of a model oottage and tocma apply to R. ttANSOM. lt"0 Wall etreot. TO CALIFORNIANP? PASSPORTS OR PROTECTIONS from the United Stales Government procured from the office ol the Sectetary of Slate, at Washington, on tha moat reasonable touts. Fatly application should beteade. JOHN FOWLER, Jr., Notary Public, 124 Naraau atruct. New York elty. HI'KU AL NOT1UKS. Card.?new yore. February id, imd.-havivg l*en selected as stakeholder in the late contest between Dytr and Sullivan 1 hava deemed it necessary to publish the fob lowing deola on < f the teferee, which dicides all moneys slaked spin the remit in favor of 1 bourns Ujer. at d 1 have accordingly given up the main stake ot $11),UK) to sad Thomas Uyor john b prink. At tha eontcat between Thomas Dyer and Jan es Suhivao, at Still l'ond Heights, Bent County, Maryland, by request of both parties, and tha unanimous acquiescence of all pci sent I acted as rtferte. and by said authority, decide fat avid resulted in favor if Thomas Uyor, aooordl.^ to articles of agre.nimt. vcMKMi mm, rm.iHu> a iw. a Tan nuain&nu, Religious notice-a lecture on tbe re-wr. notion, in aocordance with the toaohinga of ths Holy 80rip. tun A and il.uatraMona of E. 3wadenb<rg. will ba daltaered in the Una Chapel ot tha University. on Waabiniton Square, by the Rot. Mr Wilha, at hair raat 7 o'olook thla evening. Than will be servioe in tha tame plaoa at hair ptat 10 o'clock A. M. NOTICt?THE SUBSCRIBERS HEREBY GIVE NOTlChi of their intention to apply to tha Legislature of tha Stateot Now York, during the pmeent aeaaion thereof, for an aot to iaoorporate tbemeelvea and tbair aaaociataa, with aeapital of two rniiliona oi dollan under the corporate name of " Tha United Statu Mail 8teaman Company, New York and Liverpool Lima" for the purpose of running a Una of ate amen between Now York and Liverpool In England.?Jan. 13, lhdS. JAMES BROWN, EDWARD Ml. OOLLIN8, E. RIGGS, W. S. WRTMORR. WANTS. WANTED?TRAVELLING AOENTS TO MAEE SALE3 throng*oat the oouutry, of an artiolo in univer>al uae. Apply at 28 Broadway. Wanted? bt a respectable proteseant oiri* a aituation aa Chamtermald and Walter, or aa ohlldroa'a nnne. ana to do plain rowing. No ohjeotion to go to the oouutrr. or to travol with 0 family. Can get good oity referent#. (Tan be ??ea any day neat week, at 88 Tandem atreet, in the roar td door. COOK WAN TED.-WANTED, A MAN COOK WHO UNDERItanda bia bnainau perfeotl); ona who haa aookad for a aaloaa prefkrrvd. Apply at fiot. Broadway. INFORMATION WANTED, OF YREDRdlCK VOOS. FROM tha city ot ToUnrtn. Uarmany. Supposed to be at Saint Loula. Miaaeuri. Bia father ia now in Now York, at No. 3d Chatham atreet, and wanta him to coma on 01 write. Southern lepera Will pleaee copy. MISCBI.Ij ANKOUS. kg IRP1NG-?CATT. J. R DENNIS OF PROVI nevpi u r 1U took peeveee "n boatd stcamvr State of Maine. from a to' aiagton to Now York, on Friday Bight loot, February 2, f< r New York, Bad ?u loot won going oa dtok about 4 o o.ock in tha morning, being about two hour* previous to her arrival in New York. Be ia supposed to hare been loot or jo taped overboard in a etate ot mental derangement lie wore at the time a bee pilot cloth eoei black woollen vest, with tils or aatin etiipee, and pair of datk prey oaeeimere ptnte De le about 19 yeara of age. about medium Mrs, and eomewbat bald headed. Any pereon giving information laadina to hie diecovery, or of hie brdy, ahall bo kandeomely rewarded by giving ialormatlon at thia i ffice. or to _ II. kJJ. KAKLE, Provideroe. R I. LtLOWERS FOR VALENTINE'S DAT.?TUOSK IN WANT J. of Bonqoeta, Fancy Baskets or Epetgnee Hlltd with ohoioa Hewers ft r Valentinea, will pleaae leave their urdera etrly. J\ J)L' NLA P. Florist. tilS Broadway. TO LBT.-TBB STORE, CORNER OF WATER AND Fulton atreete, now occupied aa a olothiag atore, would bo let, either ia ev pa rate lofte, or the whole together A pply to E. BROWN It SON. No.27 Fulten at. Portable military tents or maRiiii kei?u corqb Law, Eeq , ha* aecured tha oentrol of the patent right fur Oray'a plan of ooi.a rooting the above. Thaee tenner marqit'oe can lie carried by haad, tranaported by mulee or etherwiee in the mret compact menner. with tie tl&nred screw Joint r dR and tut) thing comitate, eaving both weight and hulk Tltey are highly recomrmnded and heiag u??d by army and naval officers, and are the moat advantages- for eapioring or roocnnotteriog turpeeve. Or e can bo eeen pitched, at the itore of B. O Webettr. I 8 Weetvtreet. or at C. Kaooueee(the mannfasturor) iron and braao laundry, Jarwytity II C. WEBSrER. Agent for the eale of above, 118 We?t vtreeb. DAIbCINU, M ABC NIC B ALU?THE TIIIB D ANNEAL MASONIC BALL for the Widows' end (hrphent' Aey'nm Fu?d, t f the Most Worehiplnl Grand Ledge of tie State of New York, will take piece at the Apollo Saloon, on Wednesday evening, Feb. M. A D. 1849 Tickets. to admit B gentlemen and Indies, $ I eech. Can be had at the Ornrd thoretarj'a OfBoe, Howard Uonee, <19 Broad way, end of the Trustees of the Fut d:?James Her dug in Broadway; Wm. W'llle. 25 < edaret: J no. Horepeol, II Third it.; Robt. B. Boyd. I# Wall etree'. ?hr ef the following Gvnnd Lodge Ooromlltee:?Fdward Unknrt, 17 South William: Sam'l Qelvton, 8k? Fine at.; Ben y Robinson, 70 William tt.; F. 0 Tiednll, 38 Ckerry et gjehn E. Ooodchlid Brockltn. FOR BALK, Broadway proiea-it for sale.-a j. bt.kbukir Hill Mil oa Mood**. Feb 11 the vaiusb's property. No. 940 Brniwij, lot 1U0 by 29, house 90 by 29, two end ottlo, good basement tad vaults frost srd rosr, built la the boot mantor, sad sow la good order. This property eoald be improved for mtsy birds of onslneM to great ad rentage. being la the very beet eltoatloa tor oabieet mat ere. upholsterers So The grestee part ef the pa re base aioaey oaa remain oa bead aad mortgage. Pur sale?tbi fixture* or a laror billiard rtom, coesisting of two Billiard Tables Bar Appeadhges Marble Top Tables, fee. For further parttoalars apply en the premises at BO Naemu street, or to J. B. ST0C FINKU wiae dealer, 4U Jena etrrer. FOR BALI AT PORT B1MILTON, (THR MARROWS.)? A moat drelrable country reeidtnoe, oomprialag a handsome eottsge, ooatainiag nine rooms kitchen, aad all eoareaieaceR etablirg for three or four horses eoach h<use. gardener's hones, lee home, aummer homes vegetable garden, well stocked with fruit trees and in the highest state of oaltivattoat front garden,ornament* lead the whole covering a space of 69 by 520 feet The aspeot is immediately fusing the bey, aid only Ave mlnnteo walk from the steamboat landing. Frioe, ML79U e pp'y to T. I. WOOD, em the premiers. To PRN01L OAS! MAKERS,?IOR BALE TREY LOW. A let of real aad imitation AsMthyet aad Tepaa Bteaa, at Ns 138 Reads strop'. hkdical. TIIRORRAT DISCOVERY.?LYOlk'BMAONRTIC powder for destroy irg incests of tli kinds aad his Puis for the de ti action of Rate aad Mios are among the great disoovetioe ef the rreeeat day. The Pile aad the Magaetio Pewder are porlbetly hanrless to hnmaa life?but the former will deotr y late aad Mica almeat inoiantar.oously. at,d the latter will crediosU Bedbugs Cockresofces Aats Lies ks. Ra. in nay M teat on, end la Ave mlnatas sppiioauoa. The most respectable our iSesteeeea ay . HUB, HI gmnwiy. DE. B. BOOTWICt LICTUUB Oil TAB OBNITAL organa, ud Whi of a work oa TiiiwI, Stttotorm. tad Ml tliiMii ?( pnT*t? gum, 77 ipiaooid platot. Bintt from tbo Boot on Modloal ud ItnrxioaJ Journal -"It may bo aM, fear Irmly, to bo oqooi to Kioord't or AtWa't work* oa tbo am fbmlly of ilnmi, aad flar anyurt' r to aa* thine of tbo kiad arm pnbllohed la thio eooaary." frloo, tW Aatbor of a work oa Bolitaty Tito, Impotoaoy, It, 14 platan-rri 00. $1. far oak at M Bn odnf aad of tbo aathor.JjM Broadway. MOOT UTBAOBDINABT 1TOU-TO TBI MABUBD or tbooo ooatimpktiat manttfa?Tbo Marrlod Wooua't Pill at* Modloal Dr. A. M. Maarlooaa. 94* tb odtttoa.PHao(1. IMowootlnantlag with moot totiaatlogmlm IMJWOooytmkarkmalroady boon dlayoaadot) Erany limalt li ItM a oowy. wtiotboc wanted at aamantad. aUheaghltla tahajnjmfMollj fat tbo marrttd. to it Malawi tmyoomat a* aula whteh aboald bohaowa to thorn yarttoalariy. Horn orory faaaak oaa dlmtatt tbo oaaoaa, wmotuaa aad tbo moat afltoteat ramadie* tad mootoortala modo of tat* (a orory oooa Pormloatai Broadway; attfcoaakMBdag iBii. Wldfctaotaoot,Bow Totb) T. a Pnttorooa, Na M nttaomat Moat, PWkdotpbta; Limit * Oo- AJtoaj) W. B. Darlo. iitia. Oa tbo raootpt of >1. a oowy sisarw arystaas-rx'sisl t ELBA UWCBAO. box U*. Nov Tlrk My. (MmlSlldhm nrnsLLMuavcifi iv the hiiia Washinotoi*, February 8,1840. The Prmient'i Mutant w relation to the Treaty ?Mine tola, etc. After tbe transaction of bustnesa in the Hnn of no especial public importanc , the President of tbe United States communicated a message, in reply to the resolution of the House of the 5th instant, calling lor certain papers connected with the ratification of the treaty between this country and Mexico. He incloses a mass of documents, such aa efltcial letters, and a copy of the inatruc. tiona to our commissioners, who were sent ts Mexico with the treaty as amended by the American Senate. Their duty was to get it ratified by Mexico, with the least practicable delay, and ts explain to the Mexican Minister the reasons which influenced me Senate in making the amenlments. This they were to do by conferences, and were not to resort to diplomatic notes, except when absolutely necessary. Their instructions did not extend to a modification of the treaty in any of its 1 provisions. It was proper that the amendments of the American Senate should be explained, and explanations were made by our Secretary of Stats, in March, 1848, under tfie direction of the President of the United Slates These were communicated to the Senate of the United States, and published by their authority. During the time the treaty, as amended, was before the Congress of Mexico, the explanations of the Secretary of Slate were known to them. On the 8th of May, 1848. the Mexican President submitted thtm, ana on the 28th of May, the Mexican Congress approved the treaty, without amendment or alteration. The final action took plac* before the American commissioners had any communication with the Mexican government. Oa i ha next day, the commissioners were presented I* the Mexican government, and delivered an address, to which ihe President of that republic replied. The protocol referred m w?? r.<?ura?a ??1 ? ? 6U>UVU lUVICIjr U an explanation of the amendments. The treaty was returned Irom Mexico on the fourth of July, 1848, and was then proclaimed as the aupreme lair i the land. Neither the papers nor the protocol were communicated to the Senate; it rarely hapena, in such cases, that all the accompanying patera are sent. When these were received, peaoo was restored, the first instalment of three millions was paid, the blockade had been raised, and our troops were on their return home; the treaty was binding on both parties, and, in a great degree, had been executed. It was not competent tor the President and the Senate combined to annul the treaty. The commissioners did not regard the protocol as a part ot the ireaty, or as modifying the amendments of the Senate. They had no authority to alter or modify their instructions, which were, is eflect, to procure the ratification of the treaty, and with the least delay to send it to Washington. The President says that he was convinced that the Mexican gpvernment did not regard the protocol as a part of the treaty. He then enters into an argument to shew that the protocol is merely explanatory. In the House, the chairman of the Committee oa Territories reported the Senate bill to give a Territorial government to Mtnesota, with amendments, one of which proposes that the act shall take effect on the tenth of March next. This is to give ths incoming President the patronage which will result. It is highly probable that this bill will become alaw before the adjournment of Congress. in the Supreme Court, to-day, Justices Woodburv, Daniel, and Nelson, coincided in the views of Chief Justice Taney, delivered yesterday, adverse to the opinion expressed by the other members, that the alien passenger laws of New Yoik and Massachusetts are unconstitutional. G. "Washington, Feb. 8, 1841. The Prtstdinl'i Menace?Alien Patiengert?Pubtic Printing?The Hudson Bay Company. The President sent into the House, to-day, hta explanation ot the "protocol." It appears to ba all right enough. It is a mere trick of diploma*? ?that's all. Mr. Webster introduced in the Senate a resolution, instructing the Judiciary Committee to inquire into the expediency ot providing by law far securing against vessels entering the United States, with alien passengers; that said passengers shall not become a charge upon the public; or, in other words, providing for the exclusion of foreign pampers. The setting aside the State alien passenger taxes as unconstitutional, in yesterday's decision Ot the Supreme Court, we presume, promoted Mr. Webster to taks this early step to supply the vacuum which, from the declared nullity ot the Stat# laws, will be created. The resolution lies ovsr till to-morrow. The Senate, to-day, have been debating two or three private claims. Among the spectators m thn galleries were the Chippewa Indians, in alt tho loyalty of grease, ochre, Spanish brown, beanf clawa, tin bracelets, turkey feathers, and flannel. The poor fellows have been shifted away from their old hunting grounds, and they come to ask the United States to give them a piece ot land om which they may live; and we hope they will get it, and go back to make the hearts ot the old people glad at the good news. We learn that the successful bidders for tho public printing ot this city, are Mr. Tawers, a book and job punter, and a young man of the Uniom office. Messrs. Wend. II and van Benthuvsan will lege $15,000 to 120,000 on their contract, and yet these new bidJern propose to do the work in better style, on better pa|>er, and from five to tan ner cent cheaper. We wish them luck ot their bargain. We understand that the British minister has again caused to be presented to the Senate, the p< pi sitton ot the Hudson's Bay Company, tor selling out all their part in the United States part ot Oregon, tor $2,000,000; this property consists ot torts, trading houses, farms, cattle, sheep, farming implements, See., at various locations held by the company south of 4!) dcg. The matter will, probably, be taken up in the Senate ; and in reference toils real value, that can be readily ascertained, if it is not already, from application, to American citizens residing in Oregon. We tiavo a fierce, wild, wintry day, with the unusual accompaniment of a snow storm from the south-east. WashinuTon, Feb. 9, 1849. Patent Medic met? Vintert?Far California?The Claim BUI?Branch Mint. The bill ot Dr. Edwards, lately reported to the House from a select committee, to prevent the patenting of any article or preparation whatever aa a medicine, is a kind of free trademeasure, although ot so intended, which, rather than close, wilt open the door still wider to every description ?f " curatives," for many geniuses who have the taot to gather roots and make medicines will aot be shut out by patents, and will be saved the ezpeaa* of procuring them. If the Doctor could procure t .1 l:n ... ?. ?-_i- i .-i I (lie fWBBngc vi a uui iu picvriu prujiic iruill lil*lBg ' any medicine at all, the object sought to be obtain ' ed would be reached. On the same principle there would be no intemperance. But individuate will continue to dose themselves, and it does net matter whether they swallow the stuffs of the empiric or the regular practitioner. Among the visiters now m the city, are Judge Forsyth, from Ulster county; ex-Governor Dickinson, of New Jersey: ex-Governor Seward; Robert and John Tyler, of the old dynasty; Mr. Lawrenoe. a retired merchant et New York; Mr. Croswell.of the Albany Argui; General walbridge, who in , " figuring around;" and a delegation of the Chippewa Indians. General Alexander Anderson, formerly a United States Senator f rom Tennessee, is to head a party of gold seekers, who are to start from Independence, Missouri, in March next. This has been one of tbe dullest days of the session. The House were for more than two hoars engaged in the consideration of amendments to the bill to establish a board of three commissioners to settle claims against the United skates. An effort was made, when the committee rose, to lay the whole subject on the table, but this failed? yeas, 64; nays, 108?and, befors adjournment took place, the bill wan ordered to be engrossed for a bird reading. It will, probably, pass to-morrow. The first section of it provides that a board, fsr the settlement of claims against the U nited States, ; shall be established, to consist of three commissioners to be appointed by the Piesident, by and with the advice of the Senate. They are to take an oath before a judge of the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, faithfully and impartially tc execute the duties of his office to the beat of his judgment and ability, and each commissioner .>> .11 r?reive a eomnenulinn nl thr** Ihnuiuil five hundred dollars per annum, to be paid quarterly from the treasury of the United State*. 2 That clatma againat the United State* shall, as heretofore, be presented to and settled by the proper accounting officers; and if, upon any such settlement, the claimant shall be dissatisfied, he may appeal to the coard of commissioners S. All petitions asking for relief from Congress on account of any claim against the gwvernment of the United States, shall, as aoon as the same shall have Seen presented to either House of Congress, be refern a to the board of commissioners. 4. The boaid ehall make suitable rules and regulations. 5. Relates to the taking ot testimony; the mode and manner ol authenticating it. Provisisa is made for the taking of testimony. If any per

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