Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1849 Page 3
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progree* In tb? mm, roM *ad reported, tid had l*ave to lit if kin. w as8kmh1.y. Amur, Fab. 14,1849. A petition ?m preaeotrd and referred, In favor of the removal af the Quarantine; aleo. one agelnat the removal of the Quarantine, which wai referred. HlliKM ItlllOtO. A bill waa reported to amend the charter of the New 1 Oik and Harlem Railroad Raw roll CITT CHilTIB. The bill to amend the charter or the eltj of New York, with iome verbal amendment*, waa read a third time and paaaed. coubt hittim. Mr. JeHRtoR cave notice of a bill at'.Hrialai the <'?nnaellor of the Snprema Co art to ti e nflldaviu withont free. tatk ranow. Mr. Eldvbror, of St. Lawrenoe eon it r, (ubmttied a reiolatlon respecting the State* priao >t Sing Sing, union, giving riSB l> WIWU), ?M MIU ? 'l 1 ???M "U? suit. NSUBAKCB. The committee next took up the Qe i' el Ineurenee bill, end mede tome progrett in the o alteration of the came. BINOAMrTON iilLIOAO, The eommlttee then took up (he bUl respecting the Tailway ftom Aubnrn to Blngempton; end, efter emending it toea to designate the route through Homer end Cortland, peaetd the tame at emended. NAVY STBKICT, BHUUKLVFI. The committee took up the b>!l relating to Nary streetJBrookJy n, and passed the tame, without amendment. Mk-eHAXICt' (.IKK LAW. The eommlttee lookup the bill making the lien law -of Richmond county applicable totbe whom State; and, having made aome progresa therein, had leave to eit gain. The Aeaembly then adjourned. Arrival or Ucn. Taylor at Louisville. Louhvillk, Cab. 11, 1840. The President eleot, arrived in this oity this morning, accompanied by two steamers crowded with people. He went to New Albany, where he stopped a few hoars; then orossed over end was re' oeived by the Mayor, who heartily welcomed him to the hospitalities of the oity. The General replied In hit atual happy manner. 1111 llltDM IIC1U Vim U1MB VI UUU1IU UVIligl kUTOUgUont the whole length end breadth, and the greatest enthnalaim prevailed; the windows and roofe were alio crammed with apeotatore, who cheered, waved hand, kerchiefs, flags, fcc. The Oeneral Is stopping at the Ka*t House, and leaves for Frankfort on Tuesday morning. It Is his Intention to leave Frankfort on Thursday morning, and will atop at Cincinnati for a few bourj on Friday, and thence proceed direot to Pittsburgh. We regret to state that John Anderson and Henry Nlobols had each an arm blown off by the firing ot a oamnon. Preparations tor the UcctpUon or General Taylor. Cincinnati, Feb. 10, P. M. Preparations are making on a grand soale for the reoeptlon of Gen. Taylor. Information has been received that he expeots to arrive here on Tuesday next Pittsuuso, Feb. 10, P. M. The wblgs are making extensive preparations for ihe reception of Gen. Taylor. A oommittee of reception is to go down the river on a steamer to meet him. He is expected to arrive here abeut Thursday, and -will go to llaltimore via Brownsville. Flood In tile .Mississippi River. Cincinnati, Feb. 10?P.M. Alarming accounts have been, reoeived here efa great flood in the Mississippi river. The damage Is eaidte have been very great. Ilol for California. Pittsburg, Feb. 10?P. M. Antrim's Overland Company for California, will leave In a few days. It numbers 200 men. They have chartered the steamer Oriental to take them down the river. From Havana. Charleston, Feb. 11, 1849. The United States mail steamship Isabella, from Havana, has arrived bete. The quarantine was kept np at Havana In a modified form, and only applied to vessels arriving from London and Glas.ow. Those from New York and Now Orleans being suhjeoted to the observanco Of wight days, if In possession of clean bills of health. Vessels from all other ports enter free of quarantine. Telegraphic Affair*. Washington, Feb. 12, 1849. The etockholders of the Southern Telegraph Line, leading from Waehlngton to New Orleans, held a meeting in Charleston, and agreed to aooept of Mr. Haley** proposition to lease it, provided he oan give the re quiicu i?u4Ui?/. 1 uc ietn is bw siwuil IOI UUM jeifl. {Extension of Teltgrnphlo Communications. Boito*, Feb. IS, 1849. The line Is complete to St. Johns, N. B. Several .communications have passed through. Sentence of miller, the Forger. Be,to*, Feb. 13,1840. George MUler, the forger, has been sentenoed to the 3tate prison fcr the term of nine years. Charleston Races. Baltimore, Feb. 13,1840. Mr. O. P. Hare's Bostons won the first day's raoe, and lloealJne won on the second day. The first day Bostons beat Shark at four mile heats, the short rnb; time. 7:60?7:67. On the same day, Hampton's filly beat Talley's Boston colt, two mile heats, in 8:48? 3:47)4. On the second day, Rosaline won the three mile race In good time. On the third day, Thirteen of Trumps was the winner. Tlie Southern mall. DiLiiiiuni, reo. ia, iota, SChtro is bo mall beyond Charleston, at Cbarlee ton. Markets. Pittsburg, Feb 10?P. ar. The weather le extremely eold. Six feet of water in the uhanneland falling. The banks are diaooanting very sparing-ly. Flour la unchanged in price. The demand is I .for consumption. Wheat is in moderate request for mlli Ungat7Uo, for prime white. Corn ia held at 38e for I -white, and 40o. for yellow. Oats sell at 26o. Rye flour *t $2 81*. Cornmealat $2. Bulk porks?sales of 25,000 lbs at 8* a 4c. Lard sells slowly at 6*o. Groceries? Sugar is ia good demand, and Arm at last rates. Molasses is in active demand?sales of 300 barrels at27e., 4 month*. Ciiveiivifati, Feb. 12,1848. Flour.?The market is steady, but not entire. Sales <00 barrels at <3 81 a $3 87*. Whiskey is in fair demand at 16o. Far pork, tnere is a moderate demand at $9 60 a $10. Sales of sugar at 4* a to. There is a good demand for molasees, and prices tend upwardsales at 26* a 20. Sales of seeds?timothy at f* a 7o. Skipping intelligence. Boston, Feb 12?at Cor. of Cork, 2oUi ult, shlplsaan Wright Bailey, from Liverpool for Now York. Spoke Oct fi. let 40.80 8, doe W 47 *, ship taut Jones, llowe, (probably Bridget) from New York (July 18) for Manila. Tneatrtcal and Musical. Bowery Theater.?The new drama of the < Locksmith of Stockholm''was produced last evening with nruoh sucoess, and we ean, with truth, say that it is a .most interesting drama, and as well aoted as it was Interesting. The story Is briefly this : Ambrose Spellman, (N. B. Clarke) the Locksmith of Stookholm. a poor but honest man, Is about te be married to Christine, (Miss Wemyis) who has refused many wealthy suitors for his ssks. On the day of their proposed marriage, Ambrose is employed by Ankerstrom, (T. Dutf) .? spendthrift, te make a duplicate key. with whloh key Ankei strom opens the strong box of the oommandant and robs it of a Tut sum. Thn key ii found wrapped . up in paper proved to bare belonged to Ambrose; tbo \ wax impression from which ha mada it, is found in tts ahop; and as ha i* found to possess money suddenly, (it was given him by Ar,herefrom for making the key) lie is adjudged guilty of having committed tbo robbery, is torn ftom his bride, aadsant to the mines for fire years. Thus closes tna first aot The second act finds Christine, after a lapse of flee years, married to Anhalt, oi.e of her old flames, though she atill thinks of Ambrose; the cbrletenlng of her child takes placr, and Anherstrom, who bas become a rlob proprietor, and settltd in the vicinity, stands godfather: sharetires from ths ceremony, overcome by ber feelings,and .meets A mbrose Just returned from tne Incarceration bshaaso vnjustiy suffered. Whilst a moot affecting cone Is peering between them, the neighbor* eons in, recognise Ambrose, and proceed to eject the felon from the plare, and burn bis house. An belt, Christine's husband, in attempting to stop them, receives his death woeod? Ankerstrom recegntses Ambrose, and i giving him money, bids him fly. Thus closes the seoend act. We will not destroy the Interest of the pisoe to thoae who bave not seen it, by relating ths denous <>iieat, which is most interesting The pieoa Is one which afl< rdsafloe opportunity tor good noting, which Mlse Wonjss, Clarke, fco , fully took advantage of, and mm n.urh applauded The rant or th* entertain iMiti went off on*!/. To-night, the (nm? bill will b* rtfutad. B?o*d*at Tnr*t?i.?Th* e*l*brat*d drnmn Of MonU-Ciltto," thowondarof th? stag*, in th* drainntio rcoctd of N*w York, *u performed laat ning to n r*rj brilliant nndi?no*. A* uraal, Mr. Laatar, th* *l*g*ntnnd fnttbful oomedinn, Vnoh*, Fradariok*, Dyott,Matthew*, to , M**dam*a Kauny Wallaok, th* *aath*tl* *etre*? Abbott, *pl*ndld woman, and th* llraly Ml?? .Sinclair, performed tn*ir different part* wtth groat ability. But th* gr*at**t atcraotion of th* night waatb* Introduotlon ot H*rr Drlasbaoh, with hi* beautiful animal*, which ar* admirably trained, d obey, Uba dog*, tha king of lion tamer*. tha Pom Hyer of all wild baaata. We truly oonfeaa that web tea aeear wltaaaaad a mora aateaUbiug exhibition of thj maatary which a determined aplrlt ltka Harr Drteebach, oaa gala eeer tha moat farooiou* aoi mala Tha Uoa aad tiger* praaantad to tba pablls by thia wonderful tamar are not gauat. meagre, maagy quadrapede, but fall aised, beautiful la tbalr form, all alia* with aplrlt, aad ao oaa who haa not aa*a them could credit the perfection of training that they eeioo*. Wa would mtim oar rftiun io -prep- mio me nroaavey tbtitn, and they will be rewarded for their trouble, if tble nay be eo celled, by wltneaslng oae of the moit talking epeoteclee In the world-the power ot men over enlmeli. Herr Drieabeoh U engaged for the whole week. National Tmbatbb ?Thia honae wea orowdel in every pert leat evening, end preaented e moat brilliant appearance; nor were the vaat number of people preaent dlaappointed in their expeeiatioaa a* to the new local piece of" Moaein California," which waareceived with immenae applanae; and the vagariea and doinga ef the b'hoya and their gala, our old frienda, Major Untea, the literary loafer. Joe, of Catherine market notoriety, and the reat of the weirknown dramatis pertorus, were heartily welcomed by the audtenoe. The ecenea are truly amualng?Mcse'e departure, hla anxiety to learn'Where'a the Ore.'" at the laat moment, and hia bolating on board the good ahip Humbug, brought down abouta of laughter; but when Moee, with a pale face and tattered garmenta?even that famoua red ahirt tn atrtpa?appeare on the dlggtnge at the Saoramsnto, and hia encounter with the nativea, whom he *' lean" in the moat aporoved atyle, the applauae waa immenae. 8ykeaey?Siae. and Jenny Bogert, too, aa Indiana and dlggera. were very funny. Mtaa Meetayer and Mlaa Milea, by the bye, looked very well In male attire, and, aa Indiana, were very thoroughly disguised. There la one aotreaa to when we would give eapeoial praise; her part waa abort and more pantomtmlo than otherwise, but it waa meet'Strikingly" played?we allude to Mra. Firebrand, the repreaentative of Biddy MoShane. Her abort acene with her eloping husband waa loudly applauded. AlUgetber. the new piece made a decided hit. "Rosine Meadowa" waa played next and went off well. The performanoea commenced with the drama of the "Adopted Child," in whloh Mr Scott played Michael with hla uaual ability. To-night the aame bill will be repeated. Bubton's Thkatbk, Chambkbi Stbkbt.?Burton'a beautiful little tabernaole of Theapla and Terpalohore, aa uaual, waa orowded laat night, and preaented that combination of talent and attractions by whloh the able management have rendered themeelvea deaervedly famoua aa the beat oaterera for the public of varied and charming entertainment* ? " Irlah Engagements" waa the Qrat pteoe played, in whloh the Inimitable Brougham displayed that peculiar rich humor and oomlo talent, in the Irish line, whloh rendera him one of the drat Irish comedians nf th? day, and far aupeiior to tbe several birds of flight Which have occasionally vlnited us with blgb aad fains pretensions. ''Poor Pilliooddy" followed, aud it Is needless to say, that hers Burton again aohieved a triumph. This delightful fares has of con been got up at the other theatres, and with great sueeess. but after all no on# oan be found to bear oomparison with Burton's " Poor Pillieoddy " Mr. Burton makes the charaotsr peculiarly bis own by his masterly acting ; it Is something like his Captain Cuttle, no one oan steal It from him?no one oan appropriate it. Whoever has not seen Burton as '-Poor Pilliooddy," has not seen the elephant par The burlesque of " MontoCbristy " followed, and was received with unqualified delight. To-night, as the bills will show, a still richer repast of hlstrionie eplourianlsm is prepared for the gratification of the publio at this lively temple of wit, gaiety, and amusement. Ameiii'ss Circus, Broadway.?The farewell benefit of Dan Rice, the Shaksperlan clown, took plaoe last night, and a very well filled house was the result, notwithstanding the unpleasant state of the weather. The pony races, danoiug horses, juvenile artists, and all the other great feats ef performances, went off with lenewed applause. To-night the prince of downs, InVin llna-m .III m.V. V.I. ?..? ? MIO >)>|niuuitg, >uu we advise all wbo wish a good seat to go early. The order kept at this plaee of amusement Is most excellent. Christy's Minstrels will, this evening, shine out large. They have got up a splendid series of programmes for this week, and the ever popular concerts, ' u la Mustard," will be given every evening. The good folks of New York never weary of hearing these admirable minstrels. The New Orleans Sr.bebadr.rg are doing their usual fine business. Knob evening they have crowded houses and lots of applause. The extreme care they bestow on their performances, and the soientlflc manner in wbioh they sing, oannot fail te pleaee the most refined ear. Donnatan's Meiioo ? Just now, this panorama Is of peouliar interest to all, as it displays most accurately the nature of the country through which many of our citizens are about to pass on their route to California; besides whioh, it shows all the famous battles of the late Mexican war. The explanatory lecture of Captain Donnavan contains muoh information regarding the habits and oustoms of the Mexicans. Miss Julia Dean and Hon. John M. Botts.?We bad some curiosity to know the truth of the report concerning the accomplished young actress, Miss Julia Dean, and the Hon. John M. Botts, of Virginia. Meeting a friend yesterday, whom we knew to bs acquainted with Miss Dean's mother, who lives in this city .we inquired if the family hqd official intelligence on ' the subjeot. From conversation with said person, we learned that a letter had been reoeivei by Julia's mother, stating that the report of an "engagement" between her daughter and the Honorable gentleman from Virginia, was quite unfounded, it originated Jii/ui iuo imv * vi bUD in'uuruoio KeawemsQ u?viog Deen enamored with Miss Dean's wctiog in Washington city, and having followed her to Baltimore and taero having obtained an introduction, gallanted her a few times through the city. The obaerving took it for granted that a'- match" had been agreed on; the city became oonvulaed? the telegraphers got hold of it? and the next day the man who slept with "John Tyler" had newapapertorially married the beautiful aotreaa. Botta returned to Washington elty, and Mlsa Dean writeatoher mama that there is not a word of truth in the telegrapbio reports of her marriage. We expect, if the truth waa known, Mlsa Julia refused, as she did a friend of ours, now a member of the New York Legislature.? Cincinnati Commercial, Feb. T. English Oteea in New Orleans.?Miss Brientl, Mr. Manvers. and Mr. Brough, are performing in the St. Charles, and have made a great hit in the "Postillion de Longeumeau." Mr Collins la giving a aeries of Irish Evenings In Charleston, to crowded houses. He ia well supported by Mr. and Mme. Brientl. Mjie Anna Bisnor is in Philadelphia. Dlstfn and Sena are alee in that oity. Superior Court* Before Judge Sandferd Gottlob Jlollelt. vs. Hatlow E. Si' , John Hook, and uveral oihtri.?This waa an aot<on lor assault and battery and false imprisonment. it appeared that the plaintiff, wbo is a Lair-dresser by trade, went from his tesidence on the evening of the 16th of February, 1847, to a tavern to procure a segar. Sill and others of the defendants were there when he arrived ; the parties were all drinking j a difficulty arose between Sill and plaintiff in regard to a debt due by the former to plaintiff, for leeches. Plaintiff ataerted that he owed him two dollars, while Sill insisted that it was not so muoh. Sill, however, laid down a $2 bill to pay for the drinks, and it seems the plaintiff took it np, and walked away with it. They immediately followed him, crying out rwuy luiri , iu ma puraun i>ua/ uiri luraa uuiucro, wuu accompanied them until they overtook him, at hi* house; they then erreeted him, and brought him to the Essex Market Tolioe Office, nberejhe wee detained for the night, and was neit morning brought before Jnetice Ketcham. Bills of indictment were afterwards laid befsre ti e Grand Jury, who threw them out. The plaintiff fought to reoover damages for a constructive assault and battery, and for imprisonment in the station bouse during the night of the 10th February. The defence ret up by Sill, Hook, Edwards, and Herbert, was that plaintiff committed the first assault, by forcibly taking the two dollar bill, and that they were justified la following and arresting him. The defence of tbe other parties was, that they heard the cry of stop thief, and that they were oallsd upon by Sill and Hook to arrest the plaintiff, and that they did so in discharge of their duty as police officers. The jury found a verdict fir the plaintiff against Hook, for $60: against Sill, $30; against Edwards and Herbert, $5 each, and found a verdict for the other defendants, against the plaintiff. Haitirr C. Wortendyke vi. Wm. Granger.?This was an aotion for slander. It appeared that the plaintiff entered into an agreement with the defendant to sell to tbe latter his establishment, at a dealer In Ice. The negotiation afterwards was broken off, and a bill wae til. ?1 by one of tbe partle* against the ether, for a specific performance of the agreement. The plaintiff nitde an affidavit in tbe cause, and Ihe defendant charged him with having committed perjury, or that the affidavit was falie. and that he would cause him to be lndloted Adjourned to this morning. Common Pleas. Before Judge UlshoefTer. Fin 12 ? R'm II Stmhler it. Lorenan /,. Bithap.? This was an action to rtcover damages for an assault and battery. Tbe defendant Is a grocer, residing in the Third avenue; and in May last, a number of boys were In the neighborhood of bis store, and out of ths number he eelHo'.ed the plaintiff's son a lad of 13 jear* of age. and gave him a severe flogging with a Lor ewhlp For the defence It wta ihowo tbata number of mlsohevlou* boj s. and amonget other* the (plaintiff'* ten, In the habit of congregating around the door* and window*, of defendant, uung gro*? and ln*alting language, ana that on the oecaalon In question, young Sen.bier nbuaed the defendant, nnd attempted to throw brick-bats at him. and to break hi* window*. Th* Jury bad not agreed when the Court adjourned. Dress Coats, French Cloth, and full Silk Trimmings, Spring etyle, $10 to $2 eaoh. Track*, *ame a'yle aloth STxfmehe and price; Blaok Seeki, $10 to $1; Orer Coate, $12 to 2; tloake, $10 to $2; finis, $3 to $1 ap?ir, Vteta $i to to cent a A lot of Item $6 suite. Conor of Nassau and Beakman itreeta. _ GEO. LRVIK. Valcntlncal Valentines! Call, Ladle* and Ccntlemen. and see the meet eplendld aaiortmeet of Vaieatlnoa in New York; Uio , i* enormous; the quality, rlohmee, and beanty canaot be surpassed. TURN KR ft riSBRR, 71 Chatham street. New sty lee, fresh from tbe pslater's hands, laid on the tvery bona Kiperlmentt, both Startling and Amudng, wtil be performed by Dr. Dode, at Clint>n Hall, every evening dnrlng the prctent wtek, upon pereo*a foil* awake, taken from the audience, who will be entirely eentrolltd at the will of the operator. Portable Dressing Cam, Nannfftetitred bj the euheerlbera, will be found, on eaamir atloe, to ooatatn ail that la deeirable for a gentlemen's toilet la the emallaft poeelble ipaoe. The artteleo are *e lee ted with etriot regard to quality, and are warranted. 0. Ml' IOIitt ft SON, Ne. 147 Broadway, former of Liberty el, and 317 Broadway. Wig* and Toopeet.?The baat aMortmcnt la the efty,eaa be hraad at Ratohelor'e big Maftufaetory, No. 4 Wall (treat, aeer Broadway; hie new Invented Wlgaobtained n ellver medal at the I eat Fair of the American Inetitute. Call nd eeo before per-basing elsewhere. Copy the I'Mpsss, Kir? Ami Kin ArmiI?JoMph<V Hart. T* Hainan lut, eele axon's ia the United Sum for tin ' Nutth'e eeiehrawd Carbinee, toalied ar mai Ballast lead al brecuh. and balui adapt.d tor tha laJihaela trade tian ana k..?io ami; \ery p itab's, barrel only 21 i>eh a. aad warra ted toahi ot 2M) yanJa. nan he lo.d.d with great ranldity with either hot ar bail, la aay p> attiaa; Uchl ia waiitnt. and ara highly tralaad by tie Halted Stale. am) and navy. For aala law l>? JOSEPH* BAIIT,7dHaideolane. Liquid Ilalr U|?._Batchelar'i Liquid Initially chit net red ar gray hair toa nttoral bUck or briwa eolor. aithrnt injury to the hair < r ablr. Thla ia tha beat artlala la the iraiket, and la applied with tree trouble then other dyea Sold wt oleaale aad tetall at W. IIATCiilLOB'S. No. 4 Wall atraat, Bear iiroadway. COnntKGIAL AFFAIRS. BONEY MARKET. Bondajr, Feb. I'd?0 P. H. Th?r? VH AAniidEPEhU BtAltdHiEBfc trv. Hs* In the stock market, notwithstanding the disagreeable, stormy weather, and quotation* for all eeonrltiea advanced. Harlem went up X per cent, Long Island X, Canton Company 1, Farmers' Loan X, F.rle Railroad X, Morrl# Canal ',', Pennsylvania Uvea 1X> Indiana IX, United States sixes, 1807, IX. The sales werejlarge, the Improvement in prioes having brought out a great deal of stock. The seller* are principally strong operators, and the purchasers the weakest parties in the street. It Is the opinion of many, that (untllfltbere is a favorable change in the money market, stooks cannot advanoe much, and that the steady drain of spools from our banks will annnl the effect of the favorable news frsm Europe. This, however, can only be temporary. The European accounts show that a reaotlon has taken plaoe in the flnanolal and eommerotal affairs of Europe; that activity prevails In the manufacturing districts; and that the basis of the Improvement is sound and substantial. Th* revulsion has spent its foroe; It has prostrated everything In its course that was weak or much exposed, and purged the commerola1 world of the moat corrupt system of oredlts that ever existed. Those who passed through the ordeal of that revulsion, must have strength to sustain themselves) and th* experience gained by the embarrassment and difficulties resulting from almost an att?r annihilation of all confidence, has na doubt taught them a leaaon that will be of vast tervlce hereafter. We hare no doubt the Improvement reported bj the steamer Nlagara will be permanent. Meney has been eo abundant for tuah a length of time In London, and the rate of Interest bad become redueed to euoh a low point, that a forward movement In prleea ofj merchandise generally, could not be much longer resisted. The inactivity and (inlet whioh had existed so long in the commercial world, could not continue in the faeo of a plethora In the money market, and the absenoe of any Important or serious difficulty in the polltloal world. We therefore look upon the re-action as being perfeotly legitimate; one founded upon the natural laws of trade?inorease In demand far consumption, and the absenoe of a sufficient supply of the staple artioles of manufacture. This Is the basis of the improvement, and there was every indication, at the latest dates, not only of its permanenoy, but cf its progress. The effect of this state of things abroad, upon com mcrolal affairs in this oountry, must be of the moot favorable character. The condition of oar money market* may, for a time, arrest any important improvement in prices for oar staple products, but it mast come; Lit may be deferred, bat a favorable change in commercial matters is inevitable. When Great Britain experiences any disaster in her commercial movements, we are sure to feel it; and it is equally certain that we shall feel the effect equally great of any favorable movement in her oommerolal affairs. We find in England the best oustomers for our most Important articles of export, and her capitalists are rapidly absorbing an immense amount of onr publlo securities. Trices for these, therefore, in a great degree, depend upon her prosperity, and whatever tends to Inflate them, tends directly to benefit us. The Independent Treasury system comes in for a great share of abuse from many stock speculators Of Wall street; but the mere fact that It Is abused in such quarters is the best evidence in the world of Its value and importance in checking any undue speculation, any dangerous inflation in credit, or artlflolal expansion of prices. It is, even under the administration of Secretary Walker, a kind ef balance wheel la financial affairs, and exercises those checks whloh have snch a wholesome influence upon the movements of^speoala tors, we would like to see this mitasure strictly enforced, Its most rigid provisions eloeely adhered to, that Its actual defects may be more clearly seen, and properly modified. No one can deny that It has Imperfections; and many alterations will be necessary before t will an swer all the purposes n quired. fa its preeent form. It is merely a bugbear, which frightens timid speoulators, as thoogh they were so many big boys. Stock Bxcliange. f16000 Trees Notes *3 H'9'i 1*0 the canton Co 39 I6U1I do 1U9W SO do S9W 126CU do b.1 llll<? 26 do 39* 600 U S OX lt<a 110 60 de it .19 W SCO do rS now SO do b3 3?W euro do now 110 d? :?w Si (<0 do, 19C7, b.1 109V H O de bSO 40 3d 0 do at 1II9V H<0 do i(K) 39 KOO do iS llflW SS do oS 39 i7> 0 F R ?'a 136.1 P9V 100 do M'l .19* 60(1 N Y City 7V67 107 160 Dtrlem RS b.1 S7H 10000 Ird 8'atc 6'. C!W 200 do il 57 W .KOO Alsbins 6's 63)2 100 do btw 67V 1U 00 Psun 6's 1210 30 310 de b(0 53W 6(2 0 do bS 79V 180 do 67 S 2C00 do 79V 200 do at 67 ; 10( (I Fro 7> 9C 100 do blO 6TV J.liho Men-harts'Bk 104 7160 do b.19 66 H Bank of Ida 96V 110 do s?0 67W 10 Lafayette Bk, Cia 90 Ml do b.1 67* 2ft Morris Canal (V 60 do eS AH? )(K> do AO do (10 67 V HO Fanners' Trust t3 16 60 do, pitf 01 >i 400 do 66 100 do 90ds 8> HO ro 110 SftV 260 Long If land RR 24 V 1IH) do ?9> :<6 210 do 60di 25V 100 do r.-io 66 2ftErleRR, now itk 61V 100 do itiO 66 100 Petersen b K HO CO do 3lV 10 N Y Ik Hart RB 104 V 3UU do 84?* 7ft do 104V 2 0 do b80 8626 Hold! oft RR 210 ICO do C60 3?iX W do b8 24 V 60KorkWorRR 84 100 do *3 24 ? Srcwnd Board. $36000 TxuaiNt, G's, b3u 110 200 ob? Harlem RR lira 67 V 41J00 do 106 V 100 do 67?, MtX) do h3 106V 60 do btw 67V SftflO) do K80 1U!'V 100 do Mftdf 68 ftOOO do .30 106V 100 do 67V 41006 do bSO 106$ 60 do llO 67V ll*'4) U 8 6'a 1867 110 660 do btw 68 COCO Peon 6'a 70 V 60 Farmers' Loon 86 16 oho Book of America 66 V 60 da b30 S^K 100 Conton Co b20 40 16) Long Iiload RR 2ft 25 do S9V 28ft do btw 2VV 26 do *? >00 Reading RR 2t\ ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY MORNING. WANTS. "ARTEB?A PARLOR AND BID-ROOM, WITH BOARD, in tb? upper port of the city, botwoen Bloookor ond Tantk streeti. Addict., E A. L.. ot thiooffloe. WANT1D?A SITUATION, A RISPICTABI.I YOUNG Woman, for Mini Homework; is o good Wuber ond Irorer; hoi good relcronce from hor loot plooo. Conbooeeaot 67 Beetmsn otreet. WANTID-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION in o private family, to do general Homework, or a. Chamteraotd or Waiting. City reference, if required. Inqoiio ot 174 Madison .treat, _ _ WANTED?BY AN INDUSTRIOUS INTELLIGENT BOY, a situation to attend a Doctor'* offloe, and rida with htm. Please roll ot No. 21 Marray .treat, from 10 A. M. nnttl 4 P M. ANTED?20 ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS. AT T Prima 177 William (treat. Removed from Division St. t teh pavmant. every weak. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A FURNISJBD ROOM, with beard, In a private family, witbln 6va minutes walk of the Cuatctn House. Terms not to exotod S3 per week. Address M. O. N. at this office. W ANTED?A YOUNG MAN ABOUT TWENTY YEARS OF 11 age, ?,r ten tee 1 addreaa, and having cm* knowledge of M oonnta a* aeoond clerk ia a hotel, In a iTnthern city. Apply by n?te, Id handwriting of lha applicant, adduioed to j. M. 8, box lO'S. peat cilice. ^ ^ WATER CA8KB FOR BALK, SUITABLE FOR TDK CAUfernia trade.?A quantity of luperior Water caaka, aiade at Sag Bail or, for tha whaling buaineea, for aale cheap. Enqoir* oa beard ah'p falaaa, footaf Kooaavolt mart, K K. Wanted, bt an englishman who has lately airittd, a dtnation aa Porter and Aaaiatant Clark in a warehona*. or in any eatabltabmenti haaarary aood knowledge or look- k? |>ln*. and write* a *ood hand. Can prodnoe oharactera aa to aokriety, hoaeaty, and **od moral babita. Apply to No. SI) Stanton afreet. HOUSE WANTED-ON OR BEIORB TBI l.T Of HAT, a neat two atory brick dwelling, at a moderate rant, for a tmall private latrl'y, without children. A (ood kitohan and baeo n ent lsdiapenaibie. Ideation between Prince and Mth atraete, j^the Immediate rieinlty of Broadway. Addreaa A. T., Borald /inn to ss.ouo wanted on bond and w J eAV/vy Mortgage, to complete Improvement* now beln* n tde on nninrnmtorod fee a tuple propany, In the rlclnity of the now (It* Ball, Brooklyn. Bald property, aa it now atanda, ia worth atoni $8,000. jjoun B HER. 70 Wall atreot. tiQOO BONUS I7A-THI ABOVE BUM IS WaNTED OOVfVF, immediately for twelve month*, for whieh will b* riven a mortgage on fnrnitoro worth $1,000 folly inanred, with the beat of refaronao and aooi rity, If required I'lea*# addreaa R. B. Herald Otioo. Board wantrd-by a youno man. in a private lami'y, within SO minute* walk of th* City Hall?ntllaa eharge referenea, Addreaa C E. W.. at thia ofllce. Atlantic mutual insurance company'sscript. Wanted th# Script of the above company, a'ao, that of other Inturance companlea. Bndnera Notea and Foreign Exchnng* negotiated, by i.EL. BOMHEDIAU, W William otroot, Marohanta' Exehaago. DANcmn. pOKOTBE GUARDS.?TBI FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF the there will Uk<infatee at the AeeemMr Bocae Ne. US Broadway, en Thoreday Irenitur, Feh. 1.1th. Itdeie 91, te be hi ll the Head Quarura.earner Hndeon and t h r'fi eineie, or of the followtaa committee:?Cant. Chaa. U Onroh, Menie. Wall* Baton. O. W; J. 8ti< reeod, Jama. Byert, T ? I*1!*"' 2> ?"???< Wat. UptffoTd. Koht. Mjera, John Coolrj, an<l Win. weUflt B* r>H?r of ? _ , r . . ORAS, L. UHIFRCH, Captain C. TT. J 1.Ft. or, V'f. | jll?TO7 M, WOT1CM. Attention:?uybh quabd.?the memhess orran ecipsan pijim-t. d to n?tu M -tSrrnff rw, on Wodoota?j uniiing, alb o'clock. Panolaal cttemlaaoo It r?inoacel. *1 BUST, Cimmnndor. Notice.?the sitbscmbeps heesbt qitb notio* of thoii Intention to apply to the Legislator* ot uu PLOW.., I Now Tork. during the proeent session thereof, for on vji t? In r per*la rtwmaaloaa and their aaaaolataa with a capital of two ma llcnt ol dollar* oudrr tha oorpoiata uaaof - The United ma-os Mail Maatnera Company, Now Turk and Liverpool l.ioo," f r th* Crpote of rnnalug a Use of t teamen botwoaa Now T o?k anil Torrool, la England.?Jan. 13, latflJames brown, EDWARD E. COLLINS, B. R10GS. W.S. WET MO KB. Notk e-iv tub sister or friends or william lawpton alias William Power, who tailed In <iic c. o >r rata Cnngrcta, in tha year IMA, from Norfolk, will ca I No. Ji?7 nuat bumi, uiiy win nrar 01 eomewing to tnetr Mr ? >'*? JOUN C. FEN EYCK IB NO LONGER AUTHORISED ro collect money for t a Union TraoipertaUon Una. A DEQUE. Agent. Pier No. I N I N OTICE?THE GENTLEMAN FROM HARLEM WHO HAD a Mt of teeth made is Bleacher atreet, i? ie<iueeted to oall tnd tab o tbem aa ay. MUSICAL. ACARD.-FRXDR. HINS3LER. PUPIL (??' MR. MAX MaretieV, reepeetlully bega to announoe, that La teaohee Singing la German and Italian etyle. and playing the piano, at not erate terma Por partieulara apply at hie reeid.uce, b# Fourth avenue, letween 2 ana 6 e'elcok. ORGAN PIANO.?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. ORGANIST in one of tha oliiirohea In the aity. ia dealroua to tnatruol a few more pupile on the Piaao, Flute. Organ, and thorough Bare; would he willing to mate arraugementa with a private Atmily. riring leaeona inoxchatge for board and lodging. Addraea Organ I t t. office ?f thia paper. FACISTO BE REMEMBERED.?THAT CONSUMPTION IS almcat alwaya produced by a o< Id that might eaaily be ourod. That Wiatar'a Balaam of Wild Gharry will cure any oough otoold, no matter of htw long atanding. The milder form of oooaumpticnitae'f, la alao cured by thia Balaam. Thatitiacotoeded by nany lawytra. cleiaymeu ted phyetelawa, that thia Balaam liaa never been t<iualledfor efficacy iu ail affootioaa of tha lunge and liver. That roorea now rejoioa hi tha peaeaeion of good Health, who, but for thle Balaam would hara been In their grave*? having been given nt> to dia by thairfrienda and phjaiciai a. Dr. Biadford knapp, ofCr< wn Paint, N. T., in a letter aayc? In ti e eonraa of my practice in thia rioiaOy, I hare teated in aeme good dearee, the good iiualitiee of Wiatar'a Balaam ot Wild (.lurry la pulmonary complaint*, and now 1 wlah to procure a eopply of tie medicine " UNITED STATES ARSENAL Da Fowt.?? Dear Sir?Baring need aerervl bottlea of Wiatar'a of Wild Cfceny in my family, for the oouiplainta for which it ii re commended, with decided beneficial effect, I ohaer fully adviae my frienda, ltd all otbcri who may need a it edieinaof that kind, totryit. 0. A.SUUWARMAN. None genuine unlcee lined I. BUTTS on the wrapper.

Far tale, wholemle and retail, by Meaara. A. B. ft t>. Sands, 100 Fulton street, oor. of William: 27S Broadway; Paulfolife Co., 4 Fletckar rrtet, and hy the Druggieta generally. AUCTIONS. M. HOFFMAN^ AUCTIONEEiL?UN1TE D8TATEB J-4. Mtukita at Auotion.?L. M. Hoffman ft Co. will aell, en Tueaday, 27th February, by order of the Department, 80,000 united Smtee Mnekcte. Auction notice and card-any business man hiring two or three thousand dollar! oapttal, can hare an opportunity of making a profitable arrangement la a ploaeantand luc rative Auction and Coinmiaaiuu Btitineia which oan be oar lied on safely and to great advantage in all ita branched With a longeatabliahtd conoern, a gentlemen who can command the above or Bore, can do mneh better thaa vleilina California. A line addreatd to TUOMA8 BEI R Auctioneer, Old Chtiroh, cor ner W illiara and Franktort atroeta, will meet with attentive. FUR SAUK. For bale-thb steamur ne*s boys, which for aevcral mnnthe part haa been ompliyed by the Newa A?a> ciation I title city, tor the collection of amp nowa, fco. 8ha w.ia built in Now York, of the beat matiriala, by Joaoph C. Coffee, in Itdft; ia coppered and eoprer fain-nod, and of the following diracnliotia: ? Length 134 felt 4 incliea, breadth 22 foot 2 lnofica, depth 8 feet ft incbea, tonnage 211) 18-95 tuna. Tito engiue la a powerful one, having a SI inch cylinder and 8 feet atroke, and ia in excol lent order. Dir boiler la entirely new, and coat. Including lix turee, inn ire cxrenro or putting on Hoard, about fj.lldll. She hue i? o lirgu tank a for fresh water, and for strength, anted, anil tther good quaUtlte, la bel'eTed not to b- turpuaeJ by any sloamer uf her olaaa in our water*, for fuitliar particulars apply atthlaiffice. Match uoises for sale. ?a pair or hand. tome grey buraea for nale cheap. Can be aeen at the a tab e ' in Crneby street, rear ot fia) Broadway. Apply Immediately. FANCY PICTURE, A BARGAIN.?FOR SALE?A FAITHfuleopy of ' Titian'* Venua," oahiact alio, finished in the 1 Igbest ityle of art Can be ae? n at 8. Johnson's Musical Instrument Store. 166 William atteet, N Y. WE ASK TDE ATTENTION OF HARBIED HEN. ANO of thoao wishing to scours a good reelilence, to theaaleof the bouae and lot, No. b7 South Fint street, Wililamiburgb, by Franklin ft Son, at the Merchant'! Exchange, this I'd o'c rrk. Peitirulars in land bills. at tlio office of the A actio a no rs. FOR SALE? THE WILL-KNOWN ANO OLD EdTAblialitd Grocery and Ld<|Uor Store, together with all it* stock and fixture*. Tbe present proprietor hating occupied it aa auch for the last eighteen yearn, tall* out on account of leatina the city. Tbeaboto is a rate chance. Apply on tbe premLea, 16 Oak street ootner of Rnorcrelt atrcat. I30R 8ALE?TBE LEASE, FURNITURE, AND FIXTURES of French's Hotel. Thia houie is too well known to require ary description of it. Any person who may deaire to purchase tuth an esiaHiebmett, can ascertain particulars by applying at Sit Chatham street, at half-past I o'clock, P. M., ?r at any Uma durir g the evening. For sale?tbe fixtures or a large billiard>, coesi*ting oi two Billiard Tables, Bar Appendage*, Marble Top Table*, It*. For itrther particulars apply on ti>* premie**, at 80 Naatau street, or to J. B. STOU fENEh, win* dealer, 40 Jabn street. 1.1 OK sale AT PORT HAMILTON, (THE NARROWS.)? A moat deitrabla country residence, ooin prising a handsome cottage, containing nine rooms, kitoben, and all convenience* tabling for three or four borana eoach he use, gardener's house, ioe houie, summer house, vegetable garden, well etook*d with fruit trees and In the highest state of cultivation: front garden,ornamental and the whol* covering a space of do by 33) foot Th* a*fcot 1* immediately faelng th* bay, ar d only 11 re minute* walk from the steamboat landing. Flioe, *67011. a ppiy to T. t. WOOD, onth* premise*. TO MKRCBANT TAILORS?FOR gALE. TBS STOCK AND Fixture* of a Merchant Tailoring and Ready Made Clothing Establishment, No. 330 Greenwich, corset ot Robins en street, near the Waehinton Market. A person wishing to engage in the business, the loos Li on is an oxoellont on*, and oannotbo surpejoed. For further particulars, inquire at the store. SIISCELLANEOfS. Till PRIZE FlQnT.-TIiE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE of Thursday, tbl* week, February 16th, will contain a fall, accurate, end impartial report of the round* time, decision of th* rtfere*. certificate of stakeholder, Ac., ho., in the oaee of th* uot nt fight between Yankee Sullivan rand Tom Dyer, whioh has created so muoh excitement throughout the land. Offio* 1IM Nassau street. Miming.?capt. j.r. dennis, of providence, r. l. tock passage on hoard steamer Btate of Maine, from Stonington to New York, on Friday night last, February 3, f< r New York, and was last oeen going on dock nbont 4 o olock in the morning, being about two hours previous to her arrival in New Turk. He is supp> sed to faavo been loot, or Jumped overboard in a etat* ol mental derangement. lie wore at the time a bine pilot oloth ooel blaok woollen rest, with tiifc or mtin stiipts, and pair ofdatk grey oaeeimero psnts. He is about i'J years of age. about medium eiie, and somewhat bald headed. Any person giving Information leading to bi* discovery, or of his body, shall be handsomely ic a sited ly givisgiaiormatlnn at thia office, or te II. A U. EAKLE, Provldenoo, R I. LOWERS FOR VALENTINE'S DAT.?TUOSE IN WANT of Bouquets, Fancy Baskets or Bpergnea filled with ohoioo flowet-i for Valentines, will please loon their orders asrly. T. dun LAP, riorint. B.tft Broadway. TO A PERSON HAVING CAPITAL, AND DESIROUS OF visiting Europe, M extraordinary opportunity feoffor d to make a fortune In a business which will be easy to tranaaot. and requires tut (short time to accomplish. All information on the uijeet eaa be obtained, by addressing a noto to T. /,, offlie of thie pap*r, stating when and a here an iaterriew may be had. CAUTION-the PATRONS OFTHEPROTECTIVEUNION are nntifiod that m. d. Manly is no longer in their employ, and is not authorised to sell bread from their Babtry, h> having teen discharged. The poblio are uorehv notified that all orders fertleir fitperior bread will be promptly attended to. Bakery cower of Sevenvli avenue and Nineteenth atreet. on JOHN STREET?PERPETUAL GLOSS OVER SHOES. && ?The moet beautirnl Over Shoes are to bafonndat the original Goodjear Agency. In ttslah thry ara equal to Patent Leather, in atyle te the flneat Dree* Boot. Wbeleeale and retaiL SAMUEL BROOMS, Agent. 23 John atreat, up etatra. MMDICAL. Drug store for bale?located in a flourishin* quarter of the city; buaineee wott eetebliahed: Stook and Tiatuna complete. A rate ohaace for a oaah purchaser. Addrrte '? * Ne. 1 1 oat Office. TBEOREAT DISCOVERT.?LVON'dM AGNRTIC POWDER for destroy Irg ineoota of all kinda, and bis rule, for the dartmctiun of Rate and Nloe. are among tl.e great dlecovetlee of the r.rcwa t day. The Pil'e and the Magneaio Powder ate perfectly harmless to human llfo?hut the former will destr j Rata ana Mioealmret instantaneously, and the latter witl eradicate Bedhugs. Uookrtac! es. Ants, Lice, fee., Re, in any si tuat on, and in five minutes applloatiua. The moat respectable certificates can be reen. By E. LVON. 430 Bread way. INFLUENZA, COUGHS, COLDS, RHEUMATISM, (to.Panoaa who are afRloted with eitliar of tbe above oomplainta con obtain immediate relief and oerlatn core by the uao of Mra Carroll's Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Bathe AM Broadway ? These Bath* hav* been in operation sine* IHiS, and have been recornmeadtd by tba first physicians in the olty. Medical office. - dr. jounson, i? duanestreet near Chatham it ret, eo wall known aa the moet seroeerftal practitioner in New Terk, in the treatment of vrnereal disease*. The Dee tor's reputation for (kill in thorn old half cured oeaeethat have agisted for yearn la pre eminent Gleet, stricture, nloen upon the body, or in tba throat or no#*, pains in tha head and bone# of tha lege, effectually tired. Conatitutional weakuem, brought on by a aaaret habit indulged tat by young man, causing laseivions dieama and nightly amtaaiona, positively prevented. Recent eaaM cured in four day*, without mereury. Nealttrntten In fist ov mmkei from bweireae | |R. B. BOBTWICE. LECTURER ON THE GENITAL 1 " organ*, and author of a work on Vanareal, Stricture*. and ail dieeaae* or a privet* natare, 77 aplenaid plates. Eatraot from the Boeton Medical and Rurgioal Journal:?"It may ba said, fearlessly, to be equal to Rlcord's or Aries's works eu the seme family of diseases, and far snpericrte any thins of tbe kind #vs? published in this country." Plioe, flu. Author of n work en BoHtary Viee, Impotecoy, *?., M ptateo-prioe. $1. For sale as 2)3 Broadway and of the author. KB Broadway. MOBT EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO THE MARRIED or oho** oan temple ting marriag*.?Tba Married Wamaa'd im?m UrdlMl flnmnaaian. bv Dr. A. M. Manrissaw Sixth ?H. Hon. Prteojl. Thlowork limaotfna with moot aatonndtogaalaa (94,1100 oopfei harlot already been dirpoood of.) Bvery tomato to Cttina a Oopjf, wbeibor married or onmArrtod, although it to landed eipeoieUy for the married, u it diooloooo important oooreta whiok ihonld bo known to thorn particularly. Horn orory fomnln ona dimeter tho onm tymptono, and the moot eOoioat not die* or4 mortorrtain mod# of euro In win oooo. For into ot SB Br adway; ot tho publtohing offloe, 129 IJ tarty itroot. Now Yorkj T. B. Pattaronn, No. 98 Choanot rtroot, Philadelphia; Little 5 Co., Albany; W. R. Darin Borton. On tho raeelpt of f I, a oopy will bo trmnamiUod b? mall, ftee of poetago, to all porta of tha United State*. All lotion mnet bo addreaoad, port paid, to Dr. A. M. M AU RICKAU, bon LSM, Mow Took oily. 0?tal24ldb? _________ NO CURB. NO CHARGB.? OH. MURPBT OF ? OOLD itroot, ta oonfldonttaUy eeoiultod on nil forma of prtvntadio mm. Rooont mm of gonorrhma ho ontoa In two ta font darn Conltitational debUity and impotanoy mooooofnllytaoatodbf Dr. M. No morontt mod In any onoe, or hindrnneo from bnif urn Odtoo aaoola otaooti woo ty T A. 11. to 9 P.ta Dr. ralph, author of thb -practical putatb Treaties," no., 88 Oroanwich (treat?otto* hours 9 to U A M? 6 to 9 P. N. (Bnnday eieoptedl. Thorn who apply In tho tarta rtapo wlli bo mrpotao^at tho rapidity and HtSo looonrontaMt ittondlDg their onr*. Itlioblofly, hownror, thooo who tattoo* mod from a eertein elan of poo pie, who oan properly appmt At "*?ootrtaaa In itaiotaro,from ttaBret, or tnoipteot, to Remote advanced and dtetreeaing etamn (from naotmmon adrantagae atid a rory aaMnHre praotloo.) ho oan afford a rapid, oaoy, aud r?.ll.-aJ ouro. whiob, Ia haa around (ot geailug, e*? bo ibtaiaod SftBitPO'^olloopn 111 ABWtlifc jUlllRKMRIITt. BOW KMX THKATKK.?TU BSDaY itinik9. fib. It, tho mVii iim will roaonnuatioo ?1th TH LOCK IMITH or BTOCKOOLM?Ambraaa Steilnaa. Mr N. B Clatka; Aahall, Mr J. II Ball; SebaarUrnbcrg Faaaig. Mr. Minaaa; Cnriiiiaa. M<mC. Wamraa. After whioh iba oomed* of COUSIN CdERtr ?Thoaaa Pritaruae. Mr S-afford; Jacob Priaaroaa. Mr. K dmitli. Charier, Mi. Jaaee Dnnn; Caoala Oharrr Mum Mali Ta>lor. To roLolude with tha opera of too NATIONAL GUARD?CIm- i va'ler Ran aid. Mr. Gilbert; AoheUee Bonbon. Mr. J. Vliaoa; Frrdoiirk Lowaiae, Mr. Wardaa: Granada. Mr MTarwiok; Panlina. Mira Marr Taylor. Iloaea i'So ; Pit Uj^o.; Gallery lHJio. Doom o?a? a? a clcck; earn iieaoe el f. f^DAMFKAU-B NATIONAL TilKATHE, I.ATE CHATHAM ' 7^ "" Ji'todaj Bremen Fao IS. will baaoted tha draaaof Till I ADOPTS u ClliLD- M lob a jl, Mr. J. P. Boot*; (Sir Bertrand, Mr. i .W L*8,d" M?. Tilion; Boy, Miaa Chapman. Aftar whiuh tha drama <T MOSE IN CALIrOR rlA?Mote. Mr. Cha-frau; Blktaey. Mr Sejtnour, Mr. Adolpfatia PiiMehrood, Mr VP. B. I "fa*"* " *"""* T" oonoluda with ROSIN A i i " ?"?<"> ?* Chaaftaa: Mr. Meadow* Mr. 1 u L i u T- Booth: *oai?e Meadow* I Mra Meadow a Mre. fl. Chanraan: a line Wama. T.',\r. "J""1"0- B?? * i* centum, llHIoinNL Ibdereafwa* ex odock?comtcer ee it 7. MECHANICS-HALL. No.471 BBOADWAY, BETWEEN Grand u>d Broom* itreeta, open every night during th* week.?Tho original and well-mown CHRISTY'S minstrels, organ!ted IMS, it* oldeot ettabliahed oompaay to tho world; th* But to banaoniae hdo melodies, lad originator* of th* promt popular atrl* of Ethiopian entertainment*; whom oonoert* la ttiii eity, for a period ?f two year* hat* bow natroniied to aa 1 a tan t unparalleled by lay amnoemeat la thta mat nwtropoUa They will nave the boaor of continuing their Inimitable Concert* ; every, night, until tortber notice, introdaolng it e*ob lepreeentn- I tion i variety of new Operatic Burlesque*, Songs, and tholt new Burlesque of their Voyage Mimical. Admirtlon, IS oeata. Doore open at 7?Concert to ootnmenoe at 8 o'clock. An Atternocn Concert ever* Saturday, oommanoing at I o'olook. Maaagorand Dlrootor. E. P. CBRJ8YT. American oiruub.?sands, lint * oo? psoprirttra Tuesday evening F?b 1.1, tlret night of tho tarome Clown. John Got tin. of Pit teburgh. t*a ; Srat night of tho Kuigat* of Palestine; Mr. R. Saede, and hie ohtliren. Maurice and Jeiae, In their inimitable performance* great exhibition of musoular tore* upon two borax, by Mr tt. stout and Mr. Hankioa; the daubing Juvenile rldar. liantcr Walter Aytnar; elegant dieplay of training by tha pony Cinderella; beautifully ?z*culed per for rninu* of tha dancing bora* Buoephalos: act of horsemanship by Matter Maurice Saudi; aolentitlo rxhtbltlon of tha Sparring roniet; the oomto sporting icen* in titled th* Pony Kaoet. Ad jolwtnn to ever* nevt at th* hen**. IS rnnta?children hall priev. IAA1U AN D FESTIVAL AT NEWARK, N. J ?THE LADIES Jl of the Unlveraaliet Soolety intend holding a Fair and Fsati ral, or S e al Loire, o> Tuiaday Evening and Wednesday alter noon ard evening. Feb. 1.1 and If, at the laanrao'e BuildingA Market street, below Broad. A variety of uaeful and tanoy articlt A bookr, and r< frtehmentf ?f all kindA a ill be lor aale at real eonable rricca On Wedneaday evening, the Feativrl or Burial Levee will lieteld. Bupptr will be provided for all who wieh IA and pood rpeakiag may bo expeoted from Reva Mr. Chopin, Batch ALd Thayer, of New York. Admlaaion free?aupper ticket*, 25 eeTtreach. I 1VHB OIUfiAT CliiNlKBA MUsEUM, MP BKUADWaV, BE- I . twoen Spring and Prince atreote, and the only ono lu thif eenntry ooneieu of a great number of life eiae tiguioa of Chiroec, xf all olaeaeA aovaraf hundred Chinese painting*. apartment* la hoaeea; etorea and veaaeU, medela of pagodas. temple* and brldgOA apeelmeua of Chineee manafhoturee, tholr agricultural and meohanlonl lmplemeata, instruments of maalo, lac term, *0. ke. Oiwn from nine A.M. till 10 PU. dally. Admittance 26 eenta; Children under twelve, half-price. HOI fPOtl UALIFOUNlA. A STEAMBOAT FOR CALIFORNIA.?A MKRIUANT OF thiaclly ia about to parol one a awilt and pie erfnl Steamboat, of 236 tona burthen. She will be fitted up immediately for San Tranoiecn, and faveaccotnmodati n for about forty or fifty rin* antra Her cost, * hon ready for aea, will be from S'il.i'iK) to 1 til,I,ill llo ia willirg to invert in the enterprine $11),1*11 or | $ If,(?than e of $600 each will le given to makn up tho re uuiivd eum. For lurther particulara inquire of '"aptain Abraham Bnncka*. a* wbitd Ha; 1. r. S. Itlatlie lakaattontaplaaekaclk the moat profltabln huau f?a alter her arrival at San Fraouieno. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA 1 IlAQRBS?TlIE SPLENDID ocean tteamehip Northerner, Captain Thomaa S. Uudd.? Tim prcprietore c,f tide veeeci. at the eari out aolioitation of i u mtroue parties who dctlre to arrive at Panama in time to take j tl e I a Ih.mia ateamcr leaving there on the 16th of March have ; ei.naented to withdraw her from the Charleaton lino for one trip only, and will despatch htr far Chagrea direoton Saiurdav the .eir u?y 01 renruary inatunt, at 12 u nlock M? from pior If . i Ninth river. From the wall known speed or the Northerner. It la , confidently cxpeoted 'hat ihe will mako the trip to Chagros In ' nine da}i, thua affording ample time after her airital there, for pafiengerate make their way across the Isthmus in Keason to I prevent all possibility of missive the California steamer, what. ! ever may be the atate of thu roads or difficulty of proouring eonTeyanoca at Chagtaa. Passage in the aaloon atate rooma $190 L'weroabln J 25 I " " Steer ago and found, oidiuary ahlp'a fare 79 In order to afford the greate t aooommodation to pa*>eogers, i BO freight will be taken. Apply to i SPOFFORU. T1LEST0N It CO- 48 South at I it OB BAN FHANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TO SAIL ON Till ! iBth tnet.?The splendid ocean etaamship BEN ATOR, i f 7M tooahurthen.SIO teat lotg by 30 ft. beam builtby V? m U. Brown, Eaq.. In hiabeat manner, without regard to expense. Ileruneinea I an 400 Iiotm power, and made by Heaen. 11. k. Dunham Ik o. a , aura guarantee for their superior strength aid perfection. The > Senator was built for Jamoa Cunningham, sixth tnouthe ago, to run between Boa toe, St. Johns and Halifax, and haa been eeveroly > tried, and proved herself tot only very fast, but one of theflacat 1 aoa boats that haa been turned out of Br. Brown's yard, aid haa ' hie oertifioate to that effect. Her aaluona and atate rooma are i magnificently fitted up, for oomfort. and the nuinbr of paeoenaera | limited. The ewners nave the pleasure of etating that she will be commanded by Lieut. Bache, l'. S. Nary, who has a psrfeot know- , ledge of the coast, also a thorough knowledge of steamara and the ; eteam engine. The nrineipel engineer ii a practical and experienced man. Tka imp will ba well found tor the pannage and ona cr.two < f the owtiora will go to San Fianeiaoo in her. which will ensure attention and oomfort to paatongcra. For pvas.igt only, aa no freight will be taken, apply to WOODDUU. k MINTI7RN,87Sonthet. Improvements and additions are now making to perlect her foe this voyege. First steamship for cbaores.?tub first ci.ass ooean ateemehlp CHESAPEAKE, Capt. K. A. Mix, will positively rail on the 24ih February. On her arrival at Ch?gre?, passengers will be oonveyed to C'rurea by the steamboat Orus, thereby avoiding the par rage up the rlvtr in canoes, and arrang'meats arc in rrogrese to forward paseengere without delay from Crneea to Panama, at which point they will meet the steamer of ifith March, and find other mean of ooareyanee to San Franeisee. Cat tain Mix will accompany tha passengers to Panama, and tun ving crossed tha Iafhmna several timet, will be able to render valuable services and adviee to passengers. Paaeage, $11X1, only first olaaa paaaengcra taken. SUO nmnda bim? !].?, ...f. aaienger;'freight or extru baggage 60 ?>nt* peTfoot; apeelo, Uiroefourth* per oenl Apr'y to SMITH k STANTON, No. 14 Broadway. CTEAMEUIP FOE SAN IXANCI80O, AND UP TUB 8A tJ oramente Rivtr, via Straits of Magellan.?The 8i*amakip DUNCAN C. 1 ELI, (f?rmcrl> the Government steamer UolnnM| very aueoreefully employed In the Gulf of llcxioo, where ah* proved Leraelfe rood and aubetsntial arabuat?has the beat of machinery, new boiler*.kc.. in th* tnoat oomp'ete manner. Hie ia to b? fitted with meets, anile, k? , and it ia oontldently expected ah* will make the passage out in 7U day*. The number of paaw.ngnr* are limited to 60. each of which ia to be a Stochhoider?ahare* fl.m?) each. It ia confidently expected the ean be lued to groat advantage, in running from porta of Ui* Paoifle, or op the Stern men to River. Several aharca having been taken, theae mailing to an gage oan obtain more full particulars on applying to 1 if. QAGER, 1*1 wail street, or to | JQ3.T. MARTIN. 57 South atreot. FHOR BAN FRANCISCO?TilK SUPERIOR NEW BTE.tM*1 ip IIAKTFOKD, P. E. Lelevra, maater, hav*ng beon unavoidably detaintd, will leav# on ThurMay. 16th leatant. at 10 A. H. A few berin* ar* atlil unengaged, which may be had by applyhg on board, orpoaita tbo tobaoou warehouse, or to ALLEN k PAXtON. l.M Front itrset. For tbe gold regions of California, via cua- i giea.?Will take eteara and pofitiv.dy proceed to aoe on th# j morning of the lStli of Fol>ruary.?l'he fine faet earing coppered I dipper baik Guilford, Captain B. W. Thorp, ha* yet room for a > few paeaengera, Th# state room* in th* aeeond cabin art titled up I In handsome atyl*. ana the aocommoeatlooe for aneond cabin pa* angers are to perk r to tlioae of any vernal that ever left the herbor ef New York. Paetecgera will ba allowed to remain on board th* vteael Air fifteen daya after bar arrival at Chegrui. (provided n I majority desire it,) at a moderate rat* per day, to aff nd them an opfhrtunlty of secarteg their paaesgo from Panama before leaving , the bark. For freight or pacage apply on board, foot of Wall i atreet, or t* JOBN k ROBEBtOSbORN, III Wall el,or JAMES W. ELWBLL, 57 South afreet. TOCALIFOBNIA BY STEAM AND EAILINQ VESSEU viaLak* Nicaragua, ll'OU mlloa nearer thaa tbe Chagrva route. Gordon'! Paaaengir Line.?the eplendid paaaonper brig MARY, takoe thiaaaft and healthy route via San Juan. The etnemboat , Pl.UTUS (built expreeelv for the San Juan river) oonvey* pisaengera to Niearaugs, IS mile* from the Pacific An agent of th* linr baa gene out to obarter a voaanl on th* Pacific aide. It t* exrented that tha passage to San Ffanciaco will bo made in 56 daya i The President of Gordon'* California Association goeajont in th* ' hrig Mary, and baa aonndinaa and aurveya of tli* ontlr* rout*. Ap- : ply on board th* Mary, plar IS, foot of Wall atreot, or to W. C. IBLBORN. 106 Fiont atieot. IS OR SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA-TBE FINE", A1 coppered and copper fastened packet ahlp JOBN O. COSTAB, kuifry, master. 7M> tons burthen, will b* deapatehad aa above on the 20th mat. Tbia phip haa ppacioua cabin awitk furniahed atatoroom aoeoarmodatlore fur M psaaengen. The aonead cabin will oompi in* nearly ih* entiio between Cooks, which ar* aevea l**t high, wall lighted with (torn window* and dock ventilator*, and can bo arranged toaive separate accommodation* to association* A large portion of the cargo is ongeg'-.d and going on board. For freight or passage, apply to H-iWLaNU k ASPIW WA LI, SI and 66South atmt, or THOMA8 p. STANTON, oi Boom itmi _ | SUIT ELIZABETH ELLEN, FOR SAN FRANCISCO?TO i ail on Wednesday, 14th lad?Thia decent ship of Cell tool blrtt?4 commanded hy Faciei H Truman, will olear oa Tueaday | and tail aa abort. Btr cabin la the poop, oa dock, la very beautiful. and a law mora paaeengera can bo takaa at raaaoaablo terma. Plaaia to examine the ahlp at pier IS Eoat Hirer, before engaging ' In any other reaaah Bliipoera are re'inoated to aend in their bills of lading for aigaaturo to day. B. RICHARDSON k OO, 63 Booth atrret A. 0 BBNSON, .10 Booth at. N. B.?The line bark HORATIO. 3 yearn old, la nearly leaded. at do aarre pier, and will follow the M Elian in a few dara FOB SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?PARTICULAR attention la reium tod to the rery handaomc and complete arrangemrnia for passengers on board the new ahlp "Samcata,' Capt Hoi lis, belonging to R. B. Forbra E?|.. of Boaton. and now lying at Pier No. V, Kaatrlrer. Bbn it of I,SOU tore burthen; tlia reaael and her accommodation*, aprak for tl.omte.Tea For freight or patrage apply to fi. B. SUTTON, No 119 Wall. cor. South it. or to JOHN OCDEI, 1IC WaM atrect Paaeengera will please aend tketr freight alongaido, at Pier No. 9 Raat rtrer. The'Ramaaet" will to towed to rea by steamboat OR CBAQRRB DIRBOT?TO SAIL ON TBB 9BTH IN8T.? The new and snperinr hniit A I, brg ALKDt. Capt McFalen, ltd) tons harden, cupfered and ooprer fastened, hariag superior accommodate! ns ft r praacngai a, will be drapa'ched for the abort 1 port on tbe 2Uth Inst For freight or passage. Innniro of CLARKE it Co., Ill Water at root; Or JT W. RLfiLU 87 Bonth at OK CAUIORMA. BAN FifANtiaCO AND dl, T TEH'S Fort, ria the atmits of Maaallan.?The Sr. t elasa, fast anil- ! in*.'Baltimore clipper brig OKBlT, Edwd. Gunning Jr., Heater, will sail for the abore port between tha 15th and 9Mn foot Will take hut '*> raifcnjera. aad 100 tnnafreifht. I'rto. or ? I ?ud fi.ut d la eelln, ?ani. I'lMcnters allowed % ton weight, or 7 henele talk of beggtge. The Orbit l? a now vessel, ooppar fu- 1 tcoeJ. and neulyooytered lest Aunut. She ii woll known a* tho I faetcet nailer in pert. Shehu made the voyage from Kir Janeiro, | HOI miles. In SU day*. For freight or passage, apple oa board. foot of Market allp, or to PINCUl,IT.7d Maiden Imao. l/tXPRRSA PACKAT TOUfl AUR EX. ?LI VINU3TON. WILLS SU A Co. will <toepatch the fait aaillng brig ABRASIA. Cap! Atklne. a veitrl'ihalhaa made tho passage from thie port to Che. Gee In thirteen deye, on a previous eooaelon, on or about the Iflth etcL t> with eteau paohet aooommodaUoae for Maty pem-ng-rs. An experienced Surgeon will aocotnpany the vessel. i'airtira having Ueteta for the Panama Btoamer, next month, will Jonbt lexa xrriTO out la time. Freight reoeitred for San Franeieoe, a* the vteael will he ccatlgued to Haven A Livingston, having a permanent Agent nt the Isthmus, who will attend per.onally to forwarding ptaenognrn and freight oa their arritaL The veeeM to be eat out will croee the bar, and deliver her oargo at a eoaveaieal pleoe on the river. She baa been chartered oepeolaUy to got forward the ear pine teggnge which the eteamere have net taken.? App'y to lTVINGSTOM, WILLS A CO.. W Wall it. f|'U OALiiFUANIA rAS4BNUKRA?PAS! PORTS PROJL enrod?Cltlxea* of tho United States, ahont embarking for Ca'ifornla, ere reminded cf the eerioue laeonvenience they may be Sable to la foreign porta if en provided with authentic proof rf their rational onaraater. OtrtKsatea of oitiataMilp or or pan porta from State aothevttlea ?r from the JndioUl. or tho mnaleipal fnncUot erice of onr country, are ant reoognleod b? the officers tf foreign revere mente. Tho boot eeonritv agaiaet tbla, In a peetport from the Decertmsat of State, at Washington. All other Information fbroMod, aad the aenwary domteomte frocured, aenenal, oa apallaatioa to THOMAS A. OAMPBBU* Cnrtem Bonn Broker, ? Pine 'reel, on Heir*, next to Unatom lions*. ALIFoRMlA COLO ItaSHIMA?ALL WHO OO TO OAifornla to waah and oullrot gold from tho earth, should go to IDS Bo* km an or 49 Faltoa street, mad select an aeoortmoat of Bteee, Copper, or Wn*n Iron Wire, or Sifter*. PI oka AN Bo raw en t not ri ?pv>r? wm. I AMVUMMnnT*. I DMOADWAT THlITt*.?I. A. MISSBALu norUM* j D tar.?t'n Tua?ea? Iranian, Frhroar, IS. will ba anaaantid TIB OOUMT Of MOMTI-CHUTO?Uawil Daatra, afta* I ward* Count *4 Moato-Criaaa, ?aili? Hi* nharattaaa at a <S ana. riar, Mnbad tto Otwak, aa CnrHab TravaUat. aad a Pnach Akba, Mr. l estrr. Mana. Mortal], Mr. Vaoha. Old Outa, Hr. Bar iard| Mona Baarillr, Mr. *. Bhawj Portland. Mr. Fradarteka; Or. aadta, Mta. Abbott; Ilaydoa, Mlaa Mallaok; Cuwitti, Mia laSaaWood; Jana', Mira ('amax. In addition to tba or'? ?ra d cffaa'a Uarr Drtaaha-h, with hla traiaad anina'a wll? ?r" *-. I raaa Ctwlo and Parqaatta. SO orm; Pamtlr Cirnl* IS ?? * Bitkionwtheatre, chambers arair-ice.-ra* . Brewing, Fahruary I.", tin eutrrUinmeata will etmaaa Mlk tl a ain.edy *r Till BnK ?CH OF PRO USE? Kb aiar Bui da i. Mr. Burt-a; Mr Jabber. Mr. T fjobaitnn: Mr. Bndam. M- Kt miltoe. Matilda MtaaC C soman. Aliar Which the Wl* aa f MONT?--CRJHTY?Ed'ard Dan tea, Mr Johnston; Faraaad, It Baa: Albert Mr. hortimar, Babe, Mr. Chriatiaa; Mary Cadst, Mlaa Chapman. To rornlude w th TUB CAMFORNi Ola > IIMf-Mr. Rrouia Mr. J- tdatt; Old Breeie, Mr. >l? IMu Jacob Brrrao, Mr Johnaioa; Middy. Mr a. Dowlinr. Pnaa Clra'o and Pirqoatba Ma.: Family Cirala, 23 oanta. Doara opaa a* rtlMlmMihi Hat ?7. MITCHELLS OlaTMFIU THEATEE-TI'ESDaT BVH aing. Fab. IS, u a antertaiamanta will oummanoo with tha drama of rBKMIDNlOUT WaTcH -Jaoi|oaiCuoo. Mr Holland; I irrru Dalaruaha. Mr. Nlehin*i>D; Antii a Dura1. Mr. Ara <ld; iauliiro. Mlaa < larka. Aftsr which CAMARaLZaMAN AN* balxloha?Hung. Mr. Niokinaooi (Jamaraliaman. Miaa Clarke; Medium. Mlaa Phillips: Maim'una, Mlaa Mara Gannon. To l>a foliar ad kr LAVaTBR, TmR PHYSIOiJuOMHT-Mnnaieur llatman, Mr Ho'laad; J?ha Caspar La rater. Mr. Ntokinaia; Ltuiaa, Miaa Niokinaon. To aonoluoa with DBAF AS A POtf? Tri.tram Pappy. Mr. Holland: *ally Maaaa. Mtw Clarka. Draat Ctrcla, I0o. U Rozta tSo: Pit 12)40 Ooorsopon 8K;odmmanoaal7. American musium.-P t. bahnum,manage*and Propria tor; J Greenwood, Jr.. Aaaietant Manager ? Splandid performances erery aftarooou at 3 o'clock, and arerr amnion at half paat 7 o'clock Laat waak of tha Quaker Giant and Olcnteit whoie abort engagement has been attenCad with suoh trlomrhant tocceia MlaaKHnboth Simpson, a dalioats young Quskerraa ot'H je?-e la nearly H font high, and weighs 337 ponndaI Tha Quakar Giant, it 27 yaaraof ago. and ataada plurap eight (hot, anu weighs WW pounds. Thar s?n ba aoon at all noura. with Titat ia tha Fairr Queau. Al-o engaged, Great Wettsra, Sable Brothers, Pets Morris, Ulghlaud Mammoth Soya Liriag Orarg Ontarg. Wax Ftaitiary, Madams Rockwall, tha Fortuoo Teller. Admission 25 oanta Children under tan rears at sasl \7% ceota FEMA1E ACADEMY. BROOKLYN-JOSEF HUNU'L AN. rumors that lie wi>l give a grand ma rumontil conoarl at tha nbnve p ace, this (Tuesday ?v ning, Fe . lath, whin one of tha lieat se ecled i-n tv i auhuiitlet, will be prosao ed. Dooranpeu a'7 o'eitck, t oncirt to onmmenoe at H o'oloek. Tioketa M coots, to be had at tha door, aud the Book atd Mua.o at rets brio kly*. WALHALI.A. SB CANAL STREET. NEAR BE1ADWAY.? Open svery Evening, and H odnraday and Batardav Aflamoan. at.1 o'oloek. Bote* ;(7)?o.: I'aninett , 2V). Muniment extra attraction'.?The Fetnalit Artistes. 3d ia number, will appent in tome ef the moat anbl'ma and chaste uiarhle statuary?' Tl Hat a Veoua." Greek 8'ave." "Rape of the Stiliinse," "3*ppho,* together with 20 ap'enilid repreaentationa of living pi: tores b' the Modal Artiatsa, together with a variety of othvr ploaatug ontsrtail trenta. ITH'TERYEAN SOCIETY.?TBE FIFTIETH ANNIVRBI j taiy Concert of fliia Boo ety will bo giveu at the Apollo Rooms, tills aveuiag, (Fobiuarv 13th) at 8 o'clock proeiacly. SAMUEL n. RO'JAINE. Jr, Storetary. tlU i run 1/Al.iMHt.vlA. FOR SAN FBANCIB'iO DIRECT.-TOE SPLENDID COPpervd and copper fastened Itrig JULIa MOITt/fOM, O.K. Waring, Matter, now lying at the loot of Roosevelt atreei, I! R., will aail lor the above port feu or ahi.ot the 'JOih February. A fjw rl area can be dtrpnaed of, at 41 hi J each, by applying to F. V. Alnalte. ISO Front street, or to Thon.taon A Hunter, I I South at. The coirpaay will meet this evening, at 7X o'clock, at the Souoitd V aid Uotel, 87 Nasran street. T1JE UNITED PACiriC COLD COMPANY?OYKRLAhD to Uslitorii.1. via Vera a'riis, anr Mizal'an, under escort, of Cap*stn C. U. I nr. is. lata i f the Usitad States Army. at a oust of MM). Including I orae, note, saddle. bridle, with six months' pro. villous after arnvsl at dan Franciauo. There being but a Caw vacancies op*u. Ihora wishieg a safe, sure, pleasant and o'icap louta to the Gold Kcgtoua will avail themselves of this opportunity, as the linbella Reed will sailln a few daya A band of n,uetc tecumai lea the party. Appiiuatinnt for pierage to ba tt ad9 m board the Is-hella Rerd. Pier 8 East river, where ''apt. It Die may be teen Irom 10 A. M. to 3 P, M? until dgy o> nailing. IjVXCKlSIOH ASSOCIATION FOR CAlIFOENlA, FBI -d bark Clarissa. L'spt. Babbidgo. lying at Jamet'e Slip A fur sbi rer. entitling the o* ncr of each l<> one tw entioth part of sold laikaud all her appurtenance*, and ample p-ovieion for two years, fir sale toaa lafy applicant-, It being intended that various mechanical, at well aa pro'eaaional and mercantile Individual*, hall l e huldera thereof. Thia tint <lias vessel has been aewly oi J |?red, and put in brat rate order in all reapoeta About sight peirenger* can be accommodated in the beat manner. A physician cf high leputatian will be e member and an bark in Uio vrnet. For a bulk of 1,000 barrels freiaht, passage, or aharua. apply to juasur A FOX. Izm South itraot. IVOR CALIFORNIA?AN ASSOCIATION OF FIFTEEN Diembeil, I ava purchased the fiat tailing sohoontr Qanaral Vi ortb. liavs p-ooond proviaions aod every thing ia ovraphte or eg furial ins, and by armo'ntion, they have determined to incraaaa tho aharea to 20, and take leu passengers; to a>y ptraon wirhl'g to ji in an aaoociailon, wt h a capital of hivil this is a ohauoa seldom to he met with. Apply at the otlice of 1. Neahouae, No. 170 Broadway, or at Henri Gullok k Uolinea. No 182 Wist a treat, or the Caaptaln on beard, foot of Clinton atreet. Mechanics* and workinomens* association, baik Galindo, will meet this afternoon at 2 o', at thn Second Ward Hotel Nassau street. HO FOR CALIFORNIA AND TBI GOLD MINE.S.-TIJB Ophir Mining Aiaoclation, having purchased the new A I last saiui g copp> red and ooppor batoned bark Ophir, and having made amatemonu for ail the apparatus aeoesaary for successful mining opcraiioae, auoh as at/am enelna, approved gold svptiators ten ta, boats k c. It c , together with provisions to last eighteen months after arriving at t'>e mints, will have <|uiok despatch. Thisssscolatlrn will consist ol thirty persona wnowill btjoinb owner* in tho vessel. and all other property owned or acquired by the ctmpany. The abates ara $700 eaeh, a few of whicn remain unsold. Firsons wishing to prooeed thus oomfortshlv provided, will do well to make early application to Mesera O. it I. Sherman, !'7 ' athame street; Fetgusou it (Sherman. 84 Broad street; John J. Hicke. 2tW South street, tr to the ctptain oa board the veseel, iylrgat Judd'a wharf. The association meet every eva .lag this week at the Fait Broadway Home, at 8 o'clock, corner of East Bread way and 1'ihe street By order of JOUN SHERMAN, President. Notice?California guards.-a special meetlngisosllod of tha Field and Com pany (tfllcera this dav. at head quarters, LIS Fulton at real, at 12 o'clock, of tho California Guards 1'unctual attendance i* earnestly requested. By order of Rl/FUS M XEI.LAND. Colonel. PORTABLE MILITARY TENTS OR MARQUEEI?GEOBOB Law, Esq, has secured thi control or the patent right for Cray's | l?n tf oces ructing the ative. These tenner marquees can he catrieil by I,and, transported by mules or otherwise in tho m ttccropsei manner, with tie Hauscd screw joint pole, and <v ry tldi g c< m| Uto, saving both weight and bulk. Thar arm higldy rrcommirdod aud teang by army and naval officer^ and are the most advantage) u- for esploring or rweonneitoriug imposts. Ore oan be seen pitched, at tlie store of B. G Webster. 1 8 Writ street, or at C. Kaoouse s (the mannfaetarer) iron and wnn ivuuuij, normj i-uy. IS. u. W KIISIEK, Agent for the eale of above, 118 Vut rtmt CALI FORNIA C001)8!! ? CATIIOLIO PRATER BE ID* mud croaeea, he'd tn great eetimation ly tti? Indiana of California and Mexioo, for mi*. In all tliolt varietiee, by J. LRU MOMRU, Importer of fancy (nodi and porfumory, 48 Maiden Lane. *p tialra California mutual benefit and joint sro k. Aeeooiatien.? Notice ia hereby given, that tbo sp'oadld and fast aariingehin ARKANSAS, 6.'?7 tornregtewr, hasboon purchased by tbia association. ard nearly icady for aoa. Meetings of th? AiacO'at.on will bo bela on Tui-aday and Thuradty osauingt, at Wea ry Ball, 78 Allen treat, and on Wodreiday and Friday e?>nIr gf of thia week. In tbe basement of Oreen itreet Methodist I pi copal Church, er-tnmorcirg at 7 o'clock, at wbioh time it in exfroLd that thoee whoharo lign.d the eonotitution will pi/ tho of their inbecriptinn. Mombara of the Methodist Ip acopel Chnich, and othera agreeing with them in aaatimenr. wishing to join tho Association, c*n do >o a: sa d mee'inge Otfice of the Aaaooiatii n, ISA Fulton street. vtlLl.lAM HILTON, Pr> aidant, pro. tea. Important notice to California ehiobantj ? Mr. Robert Alhrr'on, who hst Joat arrired Injthis city front Pan I ranoiaco and the (.old Llegiuga, in tho short piatage of atxir d:ya, intacda tn delirar a Lootnie on Friday craning the Ibtk last.. at tbe Tabemaclo, on California ard ita Mineral Wealth. Tha Leeture will embrace a popular view of the Uold Region ; the manner of obtaining tbe gold ; ihe mode of life on the planers; tbo mannera and oaavoma of tho nativoe; tho extent of the mines: tie taoilitiee for tbe storage of niorchandiae; tlie way to avoid aiokneaa. tlie boat mate to Hen Franoaoo; in taot, It will he to the cm-grant a until lite guide for hia moyemonta from t. a tip e of leaving the United Stawa. 1h? Lecture *111 oommonco at 8 o'clock. Ticketa for sale at the principal Uotela and at the be ok ati rea Price .VI cent*. TO CAI-IFORMANF.?YOU CAN SAVR FROM WO TO tlitL t.y Hlldmf ll.S fll.ttlhf *nn k.,a 1*1... ? to liMl thu cleateS ard r<p#l'?Jai a small ooit, at abort aotic?. Good olotMng will spoil at see. No. 6 Murray atreet, near Bioadway, it tl.o piaco to go and rot remodelled, by a. cotmtoa. IjtOK CALIFOHN I A.- WANTED?A SITUATION AS Tradesman'! Clerk in ta.iforuia. by a ynune man who has lad much practical eaperenca in tuiinif, and oan give an doubted reterenee at to inieerity't ehamoter and buaaaaa qne II Ilea tier a Addrra A. II.. flara'd rlH? L RAVIN WORTII'H PATINT GOLD WASH SAT-THE Watever loveuted-to be bad only at A. H Allan fc Co.'a Agricnltuial Warenotiae and Seed Stoi*. lH'aud 191 Wat r street. to?atlrr wV.h every description tl Implements tut California. Is pot taut CertificateMr. Lent en worth - air - After exanti nlng the yarivnt Gold Waahcra in the oity, I hare ordred yunrt for my own oaa In California, and advise all who with to gather the gold wish the greatest despatch and least has to get pen, and rtrtfcwlarly at they expel all the sand anJ gravel, wore tiia gold elecksead, which ensiling a large per eeutite of gold p fita, and cinnelar. cannot eecape. W in. P. Lar.dar, praotioal red ME, seller, and aaetyr PISTOL B I Lt b ifok caLIFUAMA. AT KSDJCtD I rice*-The aubicnker haa on hand, and ia ejjatao'ly mannfactuiirg all klrda of Pistol B l a. ll lst'r*. Km|?? k*. Kntfa Pbeaths, Hon 8 logs. Bullet Pood e?, Ac Ae .which he ia elltig at reduced jr<c?e. Cotnpariea and dealeraln the above articles, supplied on tho moat liberal terms. Also for so o, all kiadt of military goods. JOSEFH T. BILL, 188 Pulton at. orpoxita CV'roh. California ? tkilsons going to California will find at Agate'e, 237 Broadway, a great variety o' gnoia au ta. b e for tlw abiva climate?Shitta, plain and tt;?red under SMrte. Draw ere. Mot a j Belte Body Kelts, (an esrallrnt aillo.e te pieTen t sea aiokueea,) and a ratiety ol arttclea toe burners*! te men Hen. (t ALIFORMA KLBBFKCO )L>3? I IOBT COuOR.?TRS-B J good! will it ind e his her de-tree of neat lln any ever offered tetho |ub'ic, and are welladap'cd to troi ical l inatee fsrpwt lng high its store engines. where those made in the old way become stilt. Fricee moderate-liberal t l -count to the trade. HORACE W. hav, Mannfai turer of ladia Rubber and (Ititta Peroha, It I'mirtlandt at. TO (.'Al.lroRNlANS.-TIIE UNDMRBI'JNCD HAS HAD mnoh rxpesionoe in the preparation ?f Provisions aed Are cerioa fog lang voyages, bavlig been enraged In tl.e hualnea# lor the laat lif'ssn j sera supplying the offlwre of the I'niiee fitatoe Navy acd veaaels aai log f t a- Fparta of tl e world. IHa prsetioal k> owledge enables him to I of great strvi.e to the (nexper eoeeA In astin.atir ft the quality aed qnantity neetsear^for IndividaaW It MMClMmnR. Vlll lurnieneo Will n wwciaim WW k??r. A. KIMP, 110 Wall ilml,Ki? Tork. (t Al.l V OHNIA DAGUERREorTI'RL -PERSON8 ABOUT y to riait California, And deairona to leave tholr Ukeeaeeaa with thrlr frleadr, would da wall to oall at Bradr'a, Noa 2iS Ud 2U7 Froadway, where. by reason of recant improvements and addition to hia estahliahnienl, faithful aad traa llbl assess aaay ha ebtaieed at thoaborteat notloe. TO L.RT. TO IBT.-TH1 BTORB, CORNER or WATRR AND Fulton afreets, ?ow oocnplod a* a clothing atofe. would ha let, althar la separate lofle, or tbo whole toge'her Apply to B. BROWN A BON. No.V Fulton M. Toibt- without board, two spacious parlors. partly furUabed, la a private family, with privilege of hot. oold aad abowtt bathe?eera and tUgea paa the dear?reference required and gWea, M Fourth avenue, oppctlte 11 th itltat N.B. A terra nt wcmaa deearei a good plana To lit, to a MILLINER or drb83nakbr. pabtop the hooaa SIS Broadway, Inquire am the prumlaaa am the Sd flatr. efbtrS o'clook, p. M. TOrrORTSMBN.-A THOROUGH BHIDBNOLUH POINtar for as la, two yaara old. hardworkiag ttaoach. ovefW. ai d under eieellent command. A nntaaddreaeed WBCOLOrATa at thta tOloe, will mftt with immediate atteut'en.