Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1849 Page 3
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St L'?nis. Jin 30, 1849. i Important Dtcititm?pr^JuthU A/f-iut of Honor. I have heretofore nvnitonrd the pendency, ia the Supreme Court ol Mum:*, nt a question deeply involving the intetests of ihi* city. I allude to the dike case. The city commenced the construction of a dike, running I nun the foot of Bloody Island to the Illinois shore, with a view to turn the curTent ot the Mississippi to the Missouri shore, and thus improve the St. Louis harbor. The authorities of Illinois laid an injunction on the work. The case was tried before the Circuit Court of St. <Clair county, Illinois, and the injunction was dissolved. An appeal was laken to t&e Supreme 'Court ol the State, and, as I have just learned by telegraph, has oeen decided by reversing the decision of the court below. The despatch is us follows:? The Court dseidss that the F. as tern channel Is navigable, and a pert of th? common highway; that the State nay fill It up. so as there I* still a free and commodious passage left open to the citizens of the other 8tates in the main oheuoel. fbts channel being a part of the public htshwey. the owners of the land ?ould not obstruct without the eon-ent of the Legislators, and if they do. tbny erect a nuisance: that the Court osdnot MBc'loa a public nutMuae, although It if tatiafled the public good *ou>d be promoted by it Decree reversed, and the toju notion made perpetual. What such anuiBance wnuid be, that wub calculated to promote "the public good," is something of a mystery. We have quite a promising prospect of a brace of duels here to-day, growing out of the vexed question of free aoilisni. Challenges have passed, and the two sflairs will probably come ofl tomorrow. 1 will write particulars by next mail. akol's. St. Loins, February 1, 1849. One of the Duels. I promised, in my last, to give you details relative to the two expected duels to have taken place yesterday. With regard to one, I believe it is yet in abeyance. The other was to have come oft yesterday; but owing to what we call in the|West ** taking water," on the part of one of the parties, our goodly citizens were not gratified with hearing, this morning, ot the effusion of blood. The facts in reference to the latter case are about these:?Last summer an effort was made in this city, by some halt-dozen persons, to get up a free soil party. A paper, advocating the free soil principles, was commenced, and it maintained a feeble existence until the morning of the election, when, with the eflort which hud brought it into being, it expired. Among the getters up of this party and Saper, was understood to be Mr. Francis P. Blair, r. The gentleman seemed very much chagrined at the failure of the (no doubt) very well intended design to distract the democratic party here, and after "resting a spell," essayed the attempt in another manner F or several weeks past, numerous articles have appeared in the Republican, a leading whig paper of this city, over the signature of" Radical," in which the design was very evident, to create division in the democratic ranks. The rationale ot the argument was, that Hon. Thomas II. Benton was a tree soiler; that the Legislature of Missouri had oflered an insult to said Senator, by seriously considering a string of resolutions denouncing the Wilmo: proviso; ergo, that all democrats in St Louis who did not denounce the Legislature for such otlence, were the enemies of Mr. Benton. Preposterous as it may seem, the writer continued to urge this matter through a series of numbers of the Hepubliran, and denounced byj name those he atl'ected to think should take a prominent st<.nd against the antiWilmot movement, but who yet held themselves aloof from the question. Among otners who thus fell within the ban of his displeasure, was Mr. L. Pickering, senior editor of the It A mi* U?ion. The attack on this gentleman was, at first, guarded, but at length became exceedingly personal and oflensive, charging him witti being tlie tool of others, and striking at his credit, in * business point of view. On Monday last. Mr. Pickering called on the editor of the Republnan,and demanded the name of the author. It was given, as tnatoi F. PBlair, Jr., whereupon, in the Union of Tuesday, Mr. P., over his own proper signature, pronounced Mr. B. a liar, cpwitrd, scoundrel, punpy, and the usual et relet at in such cases. Tins led to a formal challenge from Mr. Blair, to which Mr. P. re juivu) iu cuuDiautr, mat j-'aai CTniia [? cuiuucu no acceptance, but that he was willing to give him what satisfaction he might desire; and, to allow him an opportunity, propose d to be on the square fronting the Planters' House, at 4 o'clock last evening. Mr. Blair, through his fiiend, objected to this, on the score that "some one might get hurt," and dwelt with considerable feeling on trie barbarous practice of "s.reet fighting." The friend of Mr. P. then proposed to dispense with fire-arms, and use bowie kmvesalone, from which passers by could receive no injury; but Mr. B.'s friend was understood to decline. Mr Pickering then, acting on the right ol the challenged party, to dictate time, place arid weupnns, oflered his ultimatum as above, excepting with regard to weapons, leaving Mr Blair free to use such as he deaired. To this, there was no definite reply, though the challenged party warned his opponent that he would be on the ground, and exp-cted Mr. B. to be there also. It was raining in torrents, howev- i er, and Mr. Blair did not appear, either through j apprehension of "hurting somebody," or getting | his pumps soiled. Mr. Pickering waited an hour for him, and then "adjourned." So ended this "duel." How the other will terminate, is a mat- j *ei oi conjecture; out i win duty aavisc you 01 uic important affair. Arous. Wood, who killed Sheriff Faming. while the latter was endeavoring to arreet him for hotee etealing In Michigan, haa been eentenoed to fifteen years in the State prison. MAILS FOR EUROPE. TBB WISELY HERALD. T The nails of the Amerioen steamship Hermann, I Captain Crabtree, for Southampton and Bremen, and ' British steamship Niagara, Caotain Stone, for Halifax and Liverpool, will olose in this elty to-morrow. The Wttkly Herald, printed in French and English, 3or oironlation in F.urope, will be published at nine e'oloek in the morning. Its contents will embrace all the important intelligence of the week?the news from -the California Gold Region; the latest Congressional reports; intelligence from the West Indies, ho., ho., he. Also the latest flnanoial and produoe market reports* and ship news. Single copies, in wrappers ready for mailing, six. | (pence. Or. Doda will give another Cotirse of three leatoiie to gentlemen this afternoon, a' 4% o'oioek. A oiaas arid alto meet at six o'c osk. The ladies at ten this morning. Or. D. Will lecture and ex|eri treat Io.morrow evening. Geld Fe it a_Pei aorta going to California ehould. by all means, take wkk them etc ef the celebrated Kile lien Ookf Pet*, which are portable and eonienient. and utU nut wear a cargo ot Quids "r oieul Pens. Bold by J. X. SAVAQC, Jr. 25 Wall street. Gold Fena repaired. Portable Dreaalng Cases, nariufhctured by the subscribers, will be found, on eiami atioa, to contain all that Is deeirabla for n aentUman's toi 'at ii> the smallest possible teace. Ths articles arc selected with striot regard to quality, ana are warranted. O. "AUMDlKB k SON, .No. IP Brcadtray, tern or of Liberty ?L, and 5tf7 Broadway. flratore the llalr to ?h? Bald Ilend.remoTn tho dandruff frrin tho 8. olp. stay the fallng off of the Bair prevent gray or red. dry or hareh. hy the nse of Rill s Infallible Onauont w' ieh le also sn excellent remedy for chapped faces or 1 f?Sold by the Inimitable Hair ( utter No. IS Naasau street. Dr. Sis?Shall I hare the pleaswre of telling you a $lfi o erc. at for $M. beautifully tlnithed? Or shall I m seams ton for a bands'me suit ot French cloth, at $25, or tho very finest lor f.1 J Artie Its ot dries alnady mada or made to ?*' "nude,ate prices. U. ?lgt'^^;-.r.,t. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONBT MARKET. Sunday, Feb. IS?0 P. Iff. ' . ' : .. nut week. has been The stock market, durifig ta? _ I more buoyant than for severSt ?e?ke ,?'?T ?PS' _ * arrtvaJ of tbe steamer Niagara, ctf Saadif !?*?, , an Impetus to operation* In the early part of the #e?k, | and en ?dv*i-ce In government and some of the [ekdJrg State -eecurltlee of two or three per cent woe realized. Meet -of the fanole* felt tbe effect of the uprward movement In tbe better ola?* of etooki, but not ; ? the same-extent. A slight reaction hoe slnoe taken <pleeerand qtiotartione ruled a little lower at the oloee of the market ye*t<>rday, than at the opening on Monday laet. The seller* at prices current when the Kuropean advlci a were first promulgated hare baen ahla to purchase at reduosd prices, and make a fair profit; while (he purcbaeere will be compelled to hold fore re. action In their tavor. before they can realize price* p>aid. Tbe stock market 1* in a eery strange condition. The prospect of a great rise in all kind* of eteek* never was better, notwithstanding whioh, the "hears make the most money. Every Indication Is in favor of an Inflation In prloe* for tvary speoles of >kcpetty; all the elements of prosperity are in a sound and healthy state; and a movement has already com- j meneed it the sonro* of all eommerolal advancement, which nut, u It extends, earry activity Into every branch of tndustry, and give employment to all idle capital. Yet, in the faou *f those things, the bearj have thl idnittl* a"d are able to Keep down prio*S for steaks. It is bsrd'y pnssihU for this to oatiaue for any length of time particularly as tn? prime oaura of tbif axtraotdlnsry stst* of things Is purely loeal and Bust soon. In the ordinary operations of our flnanolal policy, be rent red It is nothing but the present position of our money mirket that gives the bears the ascendancy ; and aa soon as the Independent Treasury not Is prrperty administered, and the dspo it* are distributed, there will be a oompleta roro" lotion, by which the bulla will be able to realise all their most sanguine antialpatlons. Tb# bear* era watching the movements of the Treasury da* psrtment very olosely. and depend upon a continuation of the present polloy of the SeoreUry, for the remainder of bis term of office. Two weeks from to-morrow oloees the present administration, and the advent of the new government will be hailed with joy by a Urge majority of the mercantile classes. They expect a changa in the eonduct of public affairs. Indifferent almost as to ths nature of the change, miej iook tor sua are anurous or a rair ana propar administration of the commercial and flnanoial systems, according to tba strict Utter of the law, that all may regnlate their operation* accordingly. It U to be hoped that the Treasury department, at leaat, will be free from and independent of all Wail street cliques and all stook speculating Influence, and tbattbeflnanoeaof the government will be managed solely with an eya te the beat interaata of tba people at large. The amonnt on deposit in the Sub-treasury of thU elty, yesterday, was about three million* of dollars; and as the accumulation has been going on in other parts aa well as thtv it is within limits to estimate the aggregate amount, at this time, aa deposit to the credit of the 8*oretary of the Treasury in the different depositories, at six and a half millions of dollars. Mora than two millions of this sum has been withdrawn from the channel* of oemmeroe dl reotly oonnected with this elty, and has, of oourse, had a depressing effeot upon this market. On the Oth of Deoember last, the banks of this oity had en hand $5 860,424 In apeoie; and, aooordlng to an estimate mad* amesg ths Wall street banks, the oity hanks had, after the oloee of business yesterday, four and a halt millions of dollars, showing a decrease, in a little more than twe months, of 91,360,424. If ths drain upon the banks continues at this rate, they will soon be pretty well rsduoed; but .we have no idea suoh will he the case, even In the event of the importations continuing large for any length of time. We are daily looking for large arrivals of geld from California, and silver from Mexico. We have already advice* Of Hhlnm?nta for thla r\e\rt nmnnntino th vam<a*?1w ana million of dollars; and we have no doubt the re* eeipts in tbia country, within the next three months, will be between two and three millions of dollars. By the arrival of the steamship California at Panama, and departure for San Franoleoo, we know that the line between these ports is established, and this faot enables us to form pretty oorreot calculations relative to later advices frem our California possessions. The steamers forming that line will afford the safest, chespest, and most expeditious oonveyanoe for the transportation of specie from San Kranoisoo to New York; and we shall receive remittances of gold dust from the mines, hereafter, by every arrival from Cbagres. It is about time we received large amounts of gold 'rem California, to fill the vacuum created by the large shipments of specie and the outlay required for tbe expeditions fitted out from this port. A capital of at least three millions of dollars has already been embarked in this business-of which, at least one and a half millions of dollars have been withdrawn from us in silver coin, principally of small denomination. This movement, so far, has had a tendency to tighten the money market; and we require this moment, at least five millions of dollars, in speoio, to piaoe this section of country in a condition as sonnd and as strong as upon the commencement of the excitement. It has been, even thus far. of infinite advantage to ship-owners and to many branches of bnsineis ; bntit has restricted onr resources to such an extent, that it will require full a twelvemonth to place us in a better position than <t,.t ?- TV,.,-.. ?k --- -- . ? .. mi|<u.niii uia> tor to bo taken Into consideration, in eonneotion with this gold movement, and that ii, the cost of maintainirg the army of emigrant* which i* swarming into San Francisco from ail parts of the world. K.e'icnntlng|that it will cost a dollar a day for food for the support of each individual in California, theoost of sufficient pro* visions for the sustenance of ens hundred thousand ptcple for one year, would he $36 500 000. Thin is simply for food, to sustain health and strength. This is a large sum, nearly the whole of which is to bs dag ont of the earth. There is no other resource in that country. They have nothing to give for food but gold, and if the supply of that material fails, what is the alternative? Starvation From all the ao" counts reoelved from the gold region, we can arrive at but on* conclusion,rwhioh is, that the supply of gold is Inexhaustible; and we have no j fears hut that many anticipations formed relative to the mineral wealth of that oountry, will be realizedIt is, however, well enough te look at this movement in all its bearings, and calculate the chances of suooess.? if there be as mueh gold in California as represented^ I at lsaat forty million* of dollars worth must be extract- i *d from the soil within the next twelve months, te pay for shipments already made, and those which will be required within the next year, of merely the necessaries of life. a urn auuvieu imoie tinipug me quotations or me principal speculative stocks in this market, for each da y of tba past week, and at the oloee of the week previous. ! The closing pricea yea tarda? ranged about two per > cent higher than on the Saturday previous. Quotatioks roa the rainoiraL Stocks in thk Naw Toaa Market. Sat. Mm. Tun. Wed. The. Frt gal. Treasury Notes8"s.... 107V 1UBV 1(J9V l"9;? MUX 109X Ohio Fa 1M.V ? ? 103 103 lin 1US l^enneylvania 6"a T!\ 79X 79 79 X 79 78\ ? Indiana'State ga.'.'.V/ 80 61X 6?* ? 63 63 ? VetdisgRR Sonde... 46,X ? 49 ? 4S ? ? Readinc M't**** Bomdi. _____ S6V ? Raiding Railroad ? it\ IS 24X 24', 24X 14 V 1 Norwich k Worcester.. 84 S4 ? S4 SIX 34)2 34 V \ Brie Railroad, new,,,. W X 61X SIX SIX - <1 SIX 1 Harlem Railroad MX 67X 88 87 X 87V 57X M I ton* island 14X V>X 2?'s 24 V 25 New Haven - ? - _ ? 9IX 91V ! Farmers' Loan 34X 36 3?X 35X 36V 34?? 84V I Canton Company 88X SSX S9V 89V S9V 39 39 \? Morris CanaTTT 9X 9X ? 9,X ? 9 A comparison of prieea ruling yesterday, with those current at the cloae of the previona week, exhibits an advance in Treaanry notes ot 1<J per oent; Ohio 6'a Ms Norwich and Worcester, Mi Kile Railroad, new' X; Ilarlem, 1J,'; Long Island. X; Farmers' Loan,M; Canton Co., 1. Morris Canal fell off X par cent. The value of merchandise imported intothla dlatriot, excepting that eent to the warehouse, for the week ending the 16th Inst, Inclusive, was $1,(21,458, of which $1,424,896 was dutiable, and $90,469 flreegooda Specie Imported, $17 337. Duties on imports, $366,819. Drafta on the Treasury, paid during the week, $191,462 88. This abows an increase in the deposits, on the operations of the week, of $176 846 12. There are several large drafts In the elty, which, we learn, will be presented en Monday, and relieve the Assistant Trea surer of a portion of his accumulations. 55 iRrrDTIcrMPETO SCSDWOn DITCH V MnDKIVU U/Tnniirau?nj.*iv t*?n mil I nuMmnvi I1OW1 STOLEN OR 8TRATED-ON RATURDAV MORNING LAST, e larre, black Newfoundland dog, eight or bin* months old answers to the name of Confidence; he haa white feet and breast had on, when loat, a large leather eoUar with naile la it Anr person returning him to the owner, at No. 61 9th avenue, or to No. .1I? relay street, will be well rewarded,and reeeiro thethanka of the owner. MISCKLliANIOl'S A OVKIl TIKI!*! NTS. COAL YARD FOK RAI I. WIT If OR WITHOUT A WELL selected atook of coala. Apply to No. SO fleekman street at tl e i fDce of the Varnish Factory of BErtNII A KO MA YBR. T0 BUILDERS OF CANAL BOATS.- 150 CANAL BOATS wanted, ahi ut 'JO feet keel. It feet beam, 6 feet 6 mohea hold, ' nilt and delivered between 1st April and 1st of May, INK), to be . ' New York, at Honduwt, on the Hudson River, or oa istheeltyo. ^-'aware er.d Hudson Cana' f'eraona espe tr.e m e ol the * ? fnrniahed with epecifi-ationa far esti rietced rtt bM'dl |t, can - by applyirg at the office of the mate, fti oefltfl er bj lette,. Wall street Informlaa of Waehlrgtrn Coal Con paey. No. . "ired until 27th Feb. their residenee, to. Estfn etes will be rw- Mog or deehnlng rusty. The compel y reserve the tight nf aneap. '*49. Some eny eitimete receivid. New Fork, 19th February, w. advance will be made, on eatisfaotcry security. A DOUBLE MEDIUM PRESS FOR SALE. WITH IRON cylinder for rollere, la Urtt rata order. Apply et tbe deek, la ti is office. TO MANUFACTURERS AND MECHANICS.?TO LET, U **- ???" D-- LU- e-eulnw at?ar. fl Pat fif lllV BSlL a large tact* ry bonding aidIota adjoining. with large et?nm on5'ne. gearing. and ah< p toola, in gold oondltien. Apply etN* A Broad itrfet, New York. WM. CROW LET k SON. HOI K INVENTORS AND MANfacrnrera of the oeleh-ated Imparlal Parent Needle, here nowreceirtd an oteraireaeeortment from their manutaotorir in England. Liken lee, a largo aaawtment of eaerr kind of Needlea, rian hooka I carl l-nt tone fco . at tho, HO William atroot, New fork. Juatreomved and for aala, ten million boat London Needlea. eultable for eipottatioa. Ordara forwarded ta any pert af tha Patted Htatea. , G1 III I) II AF.? (lot D LEAF MAM.'F.tCTORV, 12 HEADS f atroet, ohearrr than any ether eatabllahtnantin theoity, and warranttd miarlor nnaiita; (A 24 per pauhage. caeh, bankable onoy. Dentlet'agold kail t'M pat oa. Will remaea an nrn>ant the lit May to UJ Fraahllaat. J. L. WAVQB. wajtts. WANTBD-A 8ITUATK>N BV A^KK^PBOTAnLK YOU NO woii'su oouk Ido t*o<rl!ent cook niuer, aui iroMr. Bait ul city nh-rotoe. 'Iran sail ?t U4 Ciroilne, llrit Hi or. up i i t p*ir oi MHTS WAMED-A CLiHK. WUO I* COMPETENT TO TAKE oknr.i ofi H?o'.rmV i d rotoll drug it?r?. Inootr# kt 178 Uiveiiwi' b st*ant. hn'w*n 4 ind fi o'clonk, P. M . thW dgv. WANTfcD? BY A YOU NO *OUAN, \?8IVUATIOV AS tin Sis un<ier> rands dreg*- unking. ind t,M no ibJfci'ou to i t mub?r woik, nr to nuk* bcrsalf g'niertlly UisftiL iS.'.e but no ot jcetion to go > (hurt d I nnca in tt;? eottutry. Ths Njt ol eity nfcrt-ico giren fr m hir list pL?c?. l'lesto sppy 6J\% Groan s'ltot, in tbc ntr. \IM*TED- A SITtti'lIOV BY A Kt-,ffcCTAUl.E UlKL. ' ' ?i'h gotd (it) rncommiaditioii, to do good pliin Cooking, B' klrg, WusMug and ironing, or for Duom ud 'hirubsrwork; no i.tjtction togn in tl.c i t nntry. Pirate call it 2M Bowory. Wantep-a situation HY a YAKY BBSPBOTABLB yocng wrtnin, to do tdiimberwirk, it Waiter. Vfi?lutr and ir.'i.rr, oru rur.e anil eainsiieni; uia nest ot city luereuce femes to hiorsty, sobriety and perfect tieal nese P rase apply at No Sh Spring (treat, ia the rear; car he seen for tvr;edaya. WANTAD-A SITUATION BY A SOB BR, HONEST. IN dust Hons young woman.aaCtumheraiid and Waiter;oral ( hairhenre'd and floe Waaher a?d Irnser. or tstd Children, or do gentuel hi cat work in a are all private family; can produce the heat ot olty refereree from her last place. Please oallatNo. 91) Pitt street; can he teen for a week. Wantbb-BT a sob*b, honest. industrious you oft woman, who la willing to make hrrse|f generally useful. a aituatioo aa Chambermaid at d Plain Sewer, or aa Chambent aid. or to mind ehldren, or te aaaiat In Washing. Ironing or to do general houoewoik in a email pnvatu family; the heat of olty refrnnce ceo be produced from her laat place. Please call at SI Mat gin itrtet; can he eeen for three days. WANTED-TRAYELUNO AGENTS TO MAKE SALES to the trade throughout the eoantry, efaa article ia universal nee At ply at 2H Biondway Wanted, to go in the oountry-onk or two orphan girls, from 13 to IS years of age, to leers the Taney Flier Bix matiag. They must he modest end religious gtrla, el muial habile and good recommendation, as they will nave te board in the family?ncne othera need apply. For reference Inquire of BconllE Co.. No. 101 William street, or by letter te Water! ury, Ct, box No. 110. House wanted.-a neat and convenient house for n reepeotsble family, with par lore, bedrooms, pint rise, and leeement, aitualed betweau Broome and Tnlton treete, either East or West of Broadway. Rant not to exoecd $3U0. A line uddreaed to E. D. c., Herald Ofloe, will meet with immediate attention. House wanted-a ne.\t and convenient house, for a respectable family, between Whlt? anil Broome streets, a block or twocaat or west of Broad war. Bent not to sxcted $3*' for Tear. Address W. H. T.. Box 8.31 PoatOfltae Information wanted of Elizabeth gill, wife of Jamta Gill, of England, by Jane Pierce, wife ml Jccoh Pierce, alro of E? gland. Era. Gill will greatly oblige Era. Pierce by addreaaing a note to the Herald office, stating where the can be found. 8PKU1 Mj NOTICES. POBT-OFFIt E. CHATHAM SOu"ARE-MAlT^OREUEOri per u. 8. Mail Steamer HERMANN?Mail Btga will close at thia office for tt e t ennann on Tveaday, 2Pth inatant, at It o'olook A. M ; aid for the Bruiah Mail 8teamer NIAGARA on the tame day. at 3)< P. M. Letters and papera received ovary night fur the U. B Mail and Steamers, till ldo'olock. AARON BWARTJ. al goveuno e popolo di 31 ci li a. NELL'ULTIMA PUBBLICA RI UNION E DEQL'ITALIANI, resident! in Nneva York venne ananimamtnte adottato it tegueate Iudiritao?Ai Big. Preeideate del Govarno e Popolo dl Bicilia: Signoree Fratelli,?Abbiamo lei to cen tomma aorpreaa, nna pretesa Peliaione, pubbilcata nel Liheuo Monitors hi Pai kumo, del 22 Ottobre 1348, la quale aolennemante per la pre ier.te Diohiariame inlaa ed iufamaute, nou avondo mal otfenota alcnna delta firme che appariaoono in piedi alia steasa. Aggtun giaiao brovemente ohe fra quid uomi ve ne aono pareochi diNapoletsni, ed altri di poreone oh'erano e aono tnttavia aaaenti In fine acuta voler penetraro neli'opinioae politica di questo ignore Ctusole Napoletano, noa poariamo aatenerci, aiccoma en atto di giuatiiia dt far noto a tutti pubbticamente, eh'egli ha asm pre gedntoegede la etima non soiamentadi tutti nol qui resident! ma anchedi tutti i t'apitani, Equipt|ggi ed altri, ohe hannoavuto occaaione di aver aeco ltii degli affari, a ohe lo abbiamo per lungo andar d'anni at crimontato quaTonesto gentile e probogalantuomo, rieeo di caritd, iotereaae. bet.eflcenta e vero amor patrio per tutti Bieiliani. Ma 1 ooellentiseimo Slfnore, e Fratelli Stimatiaslmi, ci riputeremmo feliei, ee p"U aaimo qui limitare le nostra praci a voi dirotte, e la nostra Dichiaraalone in fucoiu al mondo intiero. Ma oio non d i nitato al maligno autore d'infaiule oealuanie degno ngiio ueiiuaue aiaa.o venuu tutti noi alia ooneaoemaohe n a It tier* private. ha procutnto di oontaminare, l'onore la buona opiniono itima di due dei migliori Sloilianl, oltre di attacoare U mioiitro del Ex Re Fardinando. Tod dispiaruremiatoal diapreuo aentiamo attacrate l'onore del noetre ottlmo patriota or dtmorente in ootesta Lroioa I'aleimo il Big Emmanuelc Sartorto, ed il Big Ciuaeppe Attinelll chee nrquifranoi. Hentiamoconfremito, ehe il prime ha curio pcricolo delta vita, ntrche iufamomente oal'-i rilato come spiad'un modoignoranteuvero, poichti ohi Ipnora i'oiigino cciio e tine dello ap'onogaio e martirio del fratelli Baadiera e compagni, ma nel turbine d'nna rivolutinne, durantei'ira, nn pcpoln uon ta e uon puo diatiaguure e freddameote gindioare il reo, t l'lnneoonte ed imniolerebhe auehe II piu onesto benetioo e caldo pa'rlota ; montre, ? non aggrava di tin ill perieoli l'altro MrU ben etcotdlie u-critevcle cittailino, e perehe qui, puo frcddanitnte paeaareiun giudiiiu onorevule per lui, pure lo attentato non minim quando el <erca mecoitamenle vul^erarlo nel peeie i ve raoqce, e per cui, u per It quale oauea pericohi la vita tutto. Agg'ungiatro flualmente die il fig Incanoato di a fieri dal Re di Napoli qualuigue tin la tua opinp no pnlitica, ha a-rnpre miritato o r ceve. In Mima ed il riapetto di tutti. Conch ndiamo in tint nregaadovl di coudannare 1'autore, di tanti e tali altri tradiirea'l, infnmio e ralunnie, a quel dlapreixo degli uomini da lai mrritato ed ali'ira e vendetta d'uu Diogiuato ed immortal#. N'ueva York, li 11 Febrajo, lM'J. D. L . WANNA. Piesidente. GIUSEPPE CRISTaOOKO. Vioo-PrOBidente. 11 Begretario. 0. F. SCO OBI DE C Ad A LI. Sit?A:r.nCABPATA.i c-itato. G. La Fatad'AgootiiiU? aaitiitc Fiat.oRomano?id. G. d'Agoatino, WatteoTrmaaelli, Fillppo Nola, Santo Mtzza, ''amilio Donnarum ma Fih) po Uonnarumma, Perdiuai do Palmo, VitoC'orrao.Oiovannaria Coiibo, Giovanni Cirrao, Giuwppe Cannata Giuaeppe Clia'adire Giuaeppe Ln Piccolo Gerlatido Karviglia, Ferdinanao Gaiufl, A ntonino Hallo, I*< rdinando lloi a, Qiovnnni Beuia, Salva tor lattl. I < n.enico Cannata, Gaetano Trojat, Michele Trojai. Bet edit to Card. G Le, D. La Wanna Giovanni Antoniao Pcoi-c'a. Carlo Beaeaiett, Alflo Columbo, Angelo Sacca, Carmelo La Lumia. AT A MFE1 ING OF THE CONTRACTORS. HELD AT Vauxhail Gaidtn, on Friday evening, February Kitb, IHl'J.fnr tie pttrpote el coi aidcrirg the recezaity for immediate action to cauae tie Corporation to pav tlu arrear-gua on eontracta, II. B. lloa'atirwaa culled to the Cbair. and J. B. Worrell appointed Be ctctarj. H htreupcn the following preamble and reeoiut:eua.were adopted:? Wboieaa, the coetractorr, t? whom large auma of money are due from the Corporation on sundry ccntmota for r< gu'nting and pav ing atn eta, and building aeweiv and varioua public improvement#, in tl e abai ncu pf the exeiutive i IlioWi teking me-auroa to collect tbo mm a by a*!o of property for aaiaratreuta, aa provided by an ordinance of the Corporation, to be made on the first days of Jul; and January of each year?and no aale having taken plaoe in the last twelvo months. or any action taken to brine on a aale?we, th? 01 ntrac'.ors, havirg petitioned the Comtntn Council to issue bunds prcdioattd on the sales, to enable ua to pa; our just liabilities, and that the Common Councl have refused to grant our leaaiu. ble request ret torth by petition to their honorable body Thcrel re, be It Resolved. That itii expedient aadprqtr for the contractor) to take anch meaeutea aa will oauie the CorporatSen to meko xme provision to pay the amounts due ont'econtract) made by the Btioet Commiuiecer in behalf of the Corporation. R< tolrcd. That a committee of three be appointed by the Chair, to consult leial advirc aa to tha pr> |#r and legal courae for them to adopt, and to report at their next meetii g, Wednesday erenin,", Feb. S"d, at o'clock, P. M. Tke following gent'emcn were ap- j Ednted auoh committee ?John Pettigrew, Esq, Jamei Foster, in., Mr. John B MetreII. On motion, the proceedings of thii meeting were ordered to be published in the evening Post, Sxpieae, and the Daily Herald, Itail; Tribune aidFun; and the meeting adjourned to Wednesday owning next. (Signed) H. B. BOALSTEK, Chairman. J. B. Monsnn, Secretary. f o. OF O.F -THER. W. GRAND LODGE OF TBI STATS 1 of New York will hold n regular adjourned aemi annual eeteien, at the Grand Lodge Room. National Unit, Canal street, to morrow (Tuesday) srening. at 7 o'clock precisely By order, BENJAMIN J. PBNTZ, Grand Secretary. NF.W YORK YACHT CLUB.?MEMBERS INTENDING) TO dine with the elnb on Wednesday next, mnst hare their name) on the lilt by Monday. Llsu at the Union Club, tad No. 8 Wall street. Hudson river railroad company?issue or Mort|?ge Bonds f r JSt'O.tW? payable 1st February, 1309? interest at 7 percent per annum, payable remi-annnally, on lit February and let August? privilege of oonv-i-e on Into stock at par until Bre years from date?in snme of E5,<Mi|i,(|,uui,and $501), aa required. Sealed troponin for an iatue of tke bonds of this Con pony, as described above, to the amount of SNA' WW, at not lee* tt an par, will be received at the office of the company till the 20th inat., when answers will be given to suoh proposals. Stockbolder), under the oonditlons of the original subscription, are entitled to the prelerenceon equal terms, to the extent of the amount of their stock, and bonds to the fall amonut of (took held will lie issued to all stockholders making appHoatioa, an 1 offering tcr ns equal to otben. Payment for bond) taken may be made at the convenience of takers during the present and succeeding month, or, to the extent of not exo< eding one half in April; and bonds will be Issued ss required, tire per cent, of the amount to be dopoeitedon the acceptance of the respective proposals. An agenoy commission, to be state! In proposals, will be allowed to brokors aid other agents, who inay make up lists for not lass than (A,IWU in amount, which are sooepted, whether for stockholders or others. JNO. M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. New York, February 13th, 1849 Copies of the form of bond and mortgage may be had on application at the office of the company. u VKVB?liia DVOinjBlDana OBUDI Ul I * nl/l IUk Aw of their intention to apply to tho Leglnlature of tha State ot Mow York, during tho preeent oooalon thereof, for an not to iaoorKto thomaelaea and thoir aaoooiateo. with a capital of two mil ol dollar* under tho corporate name of "Tho United State* Mail Btoamon Cempany, New York and Liaarpoel Llae " for tho porpooe of running a line of ateameri botwoea Now York and Cwrpool, la England.?Jan. IS, 184R. lAMItl BROWN, KDWARD K. OOLLJNB, >. RIO0 3, W. B. WBTMORB. BRITISH COMMERCIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. .16 Cornkill. London, and 111 New afreet. New York, aatabhehad in 1KJO; Capital $.1.1100 0t??California - The general agent in New York, hae reeeieail iaatnietiona, per Niagara, from tho Board of Director*, in London, to continue to take California rieka. Medteal examiner*-Joha C. Cheeaeman. Ea<|.,M 0,473 Broadway; P. C. Johnaton, Et<i., M. r>? 761 Itroeilwar. General agent for the Unitad State*, FREDERICK "ALMONSON. No.II Nawatreet. NOTICR.-TB1 bUBBCRI HERS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of their Intention to apply te tha Leglalatnre of the State of New Yotk during the preeent teeoi a thereof, for an let to ineorpotato their telaee and their a*e<ciai?*. under the oorporata name of' The Internationa) Art Union," ft r the pnrpote of promoting and extending tha taata for ibe Una ar'a througi out the United Biatea. ADOLPDIc OOUPIL, THEODORE VI BEST, ALFRED MAINQUET, WILLIAM SCUAU3. NOTHK.-TBE PERBON THAT TOOK TIIR MINI ATURR pointing from tho parlor of the Aitor Home on Saturday bolter return the ume, if nnt they will ho eipoted. Translating, -the advert her will under. take tranila'ing from the French, for a reaeonahle remuneration. Addrtiaa ja3. MaTRRB s, 61 Fulton street, Brooklyn. CL.OTH1NO. I T) ANTS, PANTS?F ABI&Nf, j]% ANN 9TKIIT 19 DMI 1 termined to eleer oot hie whole licok ud iharofire hthu Hmad tt. eric. ef M. $4 to U. .5' "^pwpo^m h??d. mpecd meeortmint ol Coeta. Peote. and v??t? m)Mis U AH*r. ??. "0I "ill *hi>b wUI ^ *oM below ooit, COi 9ET3 tit PAh.'*1 PaTTPHNS LATEST PAekl'D edCJtM 1.1 P?n. *"or^hel*fSift.?,hn,'ai* more cr intertable nWetftil J" . ? for the lb tony they itfortl io the norm emu 01 Jf? P?eno who makrene* of .fern To b? had oiTf 1 ? C..U.timet, ?j>?tair?. rrer Brotdtrey yf. B. Tht lad*** *'11 Una m newit/le, tery cuntortable for mirrire'. ^14 * IrlhAeclii,. earortaent of nor r titer belli, newly inlet d fi ttjl PArl* ml?yef> aodarato price. MII9K A I.. PU.TIL'8 C KI.KBRATKD PiANOPCMlW -TBB 80L. fipot ot three remowmed Inn in m rote in the Coifed Dtatei li et then oiteitoie of KkHKSIKO k Rt?A'h9lg(), 421 Broadway, two doom More Canal *t ])leM) WANTII). TUB PRINCIPAL MP A ICtlTNm iniihrd nn.tnary for tM'na lidwi wtrhei to hirem pieno.ln retheove for ti e tuition 11 pu|4le A line addreaed to W., mad kft et No. in Pnlti b etrnef, will recti re A'.'.nmtloa. BOWIRT TMMATRB?MONDAY IYKNIMQ, FEBRUARY IV, Um fniunuaN will muhm ?IU ThI La?T t?H OK fVlMi'AJl -Alhw-'M, Mr. Udbait, U>?>'ti, Mr. J U Hall; Medon, Mr J M. rtooit; Nydia, Mill M'oxjm I'rvviont to fa ta?l Dtjt of Fonipeti will t? aeted tho comedy of KAMILY JARS? Drlph. Ur. '? in?ui; Injury, Ur. Jordan. t*?rscUiu. Mr B'affrd: Ueuedirt. Mr Warwick: Emily. Mrs Wa'aot. To cou. c ude with tba oamcdy ot IHKTLE UUNTINQ- Mr* Furt o. Una .Mary Taylor B?u. Mr. U'iM", Mr J H 11*11: Tia dhr I.LDuelion Mr Wtaana "metrer, Mr. Jnrlan; Mr. Turtle. Mr J. Ilunr. Baiei 2fto.; Pit 1EX? ; OaUcry U>?0. DooU '|>oa at M o'clock: oats a aAea at 7. r^BAMKKAO'B NATIONAL Til It AT KM, LATE CHATHAM v ?Monday Bvouuja Ftrruary IV will to aitai, SIM-'SiN ? CO ?Kim|*on. Mr. W. Chapman; Mr. Hrnmlar, Mr. Tiltoa; Foiter Mr- I rew; Mrr. Simiaon. Mr*. Woodward; Mra Br >nxi<y. Mia. ltharwcod. A liar whioh MOSK IN UAUIORNlAMoaa. Mr. Ohaa.trau: Sikaaa*. Mr. Savmaur: Mr. Adotnlnu Pit liehroud. Mr. W. B Chapman: Lixr. Mia* B Meataver. To oonelude with ROSIN A MKaDOVFS- Harry M ndoo, Mr. ChMfrta; Mr. Masdowg Mr Mc Far bind; Jetbro B? <tt?. Mr. T. O. Booth: Rootao Meadow*. Ml** B. Moatoytr; Mr*. Meadow*, Mr*. O. Chip mu; 411c* Warren Mi** V. Cordon. Box *, tt Hot* Pit, U>{ panto. l)oort*p?n at Hi wiro* at J. AM IRK AH CIRCUS.?BANDS, LENT ft OO- r?OFRI*. tor*- Mr. jan** Nixon ond C*pi Do Camp, Kingmaatnr* ? Meuday evening. Feb 19, twenty diminutive Fouioa will b* introdnced Id th* Lilliputian rac* course; Eutisa. *iitilled, ah* Doparure of lh* Cruaadera; tioreemanehip. by Messrs. rttout, H. Gardner, Pauline, Master Sauda. Miatar Avtuar, fto.; Daaoiac I Bora*. May Fly: Sparring P in ies; ihpkl display ol training by th* Pony Cludari 11a: tb? Bwarl Po y and Torn Thumb; ground and lofty tumbling by th* compauy. Th* *nt*rtalnmawta will o*nrlud?, for th* tr*t tim* her*, with th* bur.'osqne spirting scan* entitled th* Pony Kai-es, or Union Court* in mlntatur*. AdmiaMon to every part of th* heuae. Ma ?ohlldraa half frto*. M MOHAN 1C8' HALL, No. *72 BBOADWAT, BBTWUM Oraad and Broom* streets, *p*n a vary night during th* week.?Tb* anginal and w*U-known CHRISTT3 MINSTRELS, organised IStZ th* eldaat eatabllah*d company in th* world; th* flnt to haraonla* aogro melodies, and originator* of tbo present popular style of Mthlopian antartainmonto; whom ooneorta la ihfi otty, tor a period tf two yeara, bar* be*n patronised to an sutontananiAlkllidhyanyamuasmtMt in thi* grant metropolis They will oar* the honor of eontinning their immitnWe Coneorta veryiwlght, nntil further notice, intzodnolng at eosh mproaentaBon a variety of now Operatic Burlesques, So age, and their u? Burlesque of their Voyage Muaical. Admission, IB oent*. Door* open at 7?Conoort to oommonoo at 8 o'tloek. An Afternoon Conoert every Saturday, rmraaniting it I o'clock. Manage rand Dueotor, K. P. C11RI8TT. BAKNLMS AMKKR'AN MUSXUM.-P. T. UARNUM, MAnager isd Proprietor; J.Uieenwood, Jr., Assistant banager. Splendid peifnwnanreaovery afternoon at J, and every evening at 7H o'clock, Most attractive bill this season. Two latml ror eon* in the world In cont*<|oen<? of the marriage whiob took place on Saturday evening laat of thooalobrated Quaker Giant and Glasto'.a, aad tbeiriUeire to apend a portion of the honeymoon ia thia oity, the manager haa the p'aaaur* to tofonn hit patrona that ha baa made a further ungagameut with this oolloaeal oouplelor a abort period. The Giantess, a'delioate young Ouakerees of 21 yean, la nearly eight feet high, andwoigls 3* pound*! The Wank or Giant, 17 ji era of age. standi plump eight feet iu hie Blockings, and weighs 60H pounds. They may be secnataU hcu'a in coutraat with Titaaia, the Fairy yueen; Great WetWrn, the YaiAee Comedian; The Sable Brothers; Pete Morris. Miaa Emma Lcalie, Miaa Josephine West, Mrs Monell; Mrs. Avorilhtho living On rang (hi tan gt Wax Scripture Statuary, Under e Rockwell. tho ftrtm e Teller. Admiiudon, 26 oenta; ehildren under ton yearg, 12>k cent*. CALlb'UKS IA. Li UE BAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TO SAIL ON THE X 26th inst.?The splendid ocean ateamship SENATOR, of 764 tons kurthen, 220 fsst long by JU ft. beam, built by Hn. D. Brown, Esq.. In hie heat manner, without regard to expense. Her engines are 460 boras power, and made by areata. U. It Dunham A C*.. a Mrs guarantee for their aupenor strength and perfeotion. Tl.o Senator was built for JamssCunningham, (Ixth monthg ago, to run toiween Boston, St. John* and Halifax, and has been eevesely trii d. and proved herself sot only Tory fast, but ona of ths finest tea boats that has boon turned out of Mr. Brown's yard, and haa his sertlSoato to that offset. Iler saloons and atate rooms are magnifioantly ft tod up, for lomfurt, and the nnmkrof passenger* limited. The ewnen hare the pleasure of stating that aha will be sotnmaaded by Liaut. Macho. U. 8. Navy, who has a perfoot knowledge of the ooast. also a thorough knowlodge of stoamsrs aad ths steam engine. Ths principal engineer is a practical and axperienced man. The shin will be well fonnd for the passage sod ons or,tw e of the owners will go to San Franoisoo In her, which will ensure attention aad oomfort to passengers. For passage only, as no freight will b? taken, apply to WOOfinuLL k MINTURN, 87 Souths! Improremeets and additions are now making to psrfoot her for this to) age. First steamship for chaqres.?the first class owu steamship CHESAPEAKE. Cupt. B. A. Mix, will pulltively nil ob tbo 24th February. On her arrival at Chagtea, passengers win be conveyed to Crnoo* by the steamboat Orus, t hereby avoiding the peerage up tha river in oanoee, and arrangements are in progress to forward passengers without dolny from Cruoea to Panama, at whioh point they will meet the steamer of 15th March, and tind other meana of oonveyanoe to San Frineiaoe. ('attain Mix will aoeotnpaay tha passengers to Panama, and lia vina croeead tha Iathsaua aaveral tiuihs, will be able to render valuable aervieea and advice to passengers. Paasago, $1UU| only first olraa passengers taken. 300 ponnda baggage allowed each naetenrer, freight or extra baggage 00 centa per foot; spocio, tlireofour tha per oent Apply to SMITH Kt STANTON, No. 14 Broadway, A STEAMBOAT FOR CALIFORNIA.?A MERCUANT OF tbiaetty ia about to puiotiiee a awift and pouerfnl Steamboat, of 235 tuna burthen. She will be fitted up immediately for Ban Franoiaoo. and l ave aeoummodati n for about forty or fifty rixeengera. Her oost, whou ready for aea, will be from $23,000 to 2T.000. Be it willirg te invent in the enterpriio $IU.oou or $16,000. bhares of $500 eaoh will he given to make up the re quired aum. For further particulars inquire of Captain Abraham Baucker, at White Ifa'l. P. S. It is tho ictontiun te pluoe tier in the moat profitable businnsa alter her arrival at San Francisco. 13ob SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?PARTICULAR attention ia rtque ted to the very hanuaome and complote arrangements for paaeungers on hoard the new aldp "dnmeaet," Capt. Hollls, belonging to R. II. Forte a. Esq., of Boston, and now lying at Pier No. 0, East river. She ia of 1,500 tuna burthen; the veaael nnd her acoommodations, speak lor themMivcs. For freight or passage apply to B B. SUTTON. Na 119 Wall. cor. South at. or to JOHN OCDEN. 116 Wall street Paarengers will pleue Mod their freight alongside, at PierNo. 9 East river. The ' Same set" will te towed to ten by steamboat. riORSAN FRANCIBCO,CALIFORNIA, WITH DESPATCH. 1 The fine, fast sailing, ooppercd and copier listened bark 1ECUMSKII, N. Hicl,m?i d, master. having I ecu newly ooppered and completely overhauled, will tail as above, and oan yet Uko a limited number of pareergcrs. liar accommodations are supo rior, and a skilful physician nccompanioa tho vomol. For freight and inasage, apply to the master on board, foot of Rooeevolt street, or to W. II. UOWLAND, Ag- nt. 153 South street 1~30R CUAORBS DIRECT?TO SAIL ON TBB 2ITH INST.? Tho new and anperiur built A I, brig ALEDA, Capt. McFnlea, 260 tons bnrden, ooppered and oopper faatenod. having superior accommodations for pssesngers, will be despatehed for the ahovn rrt on the 20th inat For freight or nasMgt. inquire of CLARKE Co., 121 Water street; Or J. W. EL WELL, 57 South at J3OR CALIFORNIA DIRECT. SAN FRANCISCO AND Sutter's Fort.?The aplcndid Bret class, fast sailing Baltimore elippcr brig ORBIT, Ed. Uunning. Jr. master, now load ng, will sail lor the eb \e p< rt between the 30th and 25th inat Price of passage and found, in cabin, single berth, $200?double berth, $160. Passengers allowed ono hall ton weight or four barrels bulk, of baggage. This brig ia a new vesiei, copper fastened and coppered last August She is well known as the fastest sailer in port lias made tho voyage from Kio Janeiro, 6,000 miles, in .'*) out s. and < ffero great indncemente to companies or persons about te emigrate. I or the bulk of 600 bbla. freight, or passage, apply on boaid, foot of Market Slip, or to JAS. A. FAN BRUNT, 75 fiontli street, corner Maiden Lane. N. B.?This vessel will go to Sutter's Fort where freight or raiser rors will be delllvered if requested, 13OH CALIFORNIA.?TI1E SECOND DIVISION OF THE Carson A ssociatlon hold a public meeting this evening nt 7,li o'clock, at American Hall Committee Konm, Broadway, oorncr ol' Grand street Heu'e vinTeaaa, and tho reported geld regions of the Kio Uila and San Joaquin. Entire expense o! journey, (two mules, valuable in mining as men, and three monthi' surplus proviaicna per man.) $IH>. Start March 6th; strive Urst wcokia J une, fit tor immediate labour. w. duluu, jun , I rront iirect, I'reil Itnt. HO. FOR CALIFORNIA -TUB LONG ISLAND MINING nil Tiadirg Aeeociation will meet tLia (Monday) evening, even o'clock, at the Brooklyn Gnrdone, when Ten more Sharon will bo diapcaed of for S*00, w ,ich includes full ownership of vessel aril provisions for two years. Fur further | imcul.nri, in iniro if WILLIAM B. ROWN, IfiJ Maiden lane, orCnpt. 0. CHaSB, 1-7 Fulton frt" t, Brookltn. IjtOB BAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNI A.?THE 8ACRAmonto Mining and Assaying eea.ciation will hull an adjourned meeting ut Stoneall'a Hotel, 131 Falton street, thia evening, at H o'clock. M< ua are particularly > to be runotual in tbeir attendance; and those who have not paid the balance of thrir init.alE.ent are it ;ucs'ed to make payment at tlila meet ing, By order of WM. BIUU1, President. OVERLAND ROL'TR FOR CALIFORNIA.?THE NEW York Perailer F. Smith Mining Association, meet on Monday, M ednesday, and Friday evening! next, at 7 o'elook P. M , at Central Ball, corner of Grand etrect and Centre Market Place. The Association is nearly full, and will clone the subaoriptlon b >ok on Friday evenirg, 23d inat Bbarea $200. until bocks olose, and If any are admitlod alter, 10 jur cent additional will bo charged. The Association take with them wagons, machinery, tenia, fco., food tor Ave montba, and aetd aronud oaongh to laat tho balanoo of a tear. It ia believed that the aale of tho wavons and mulci at tho Mines will more than repay the anbacription. Penona laairoua ol Joining, will aitond the meetings at Central BalL Publit bed by rtaolve ot tbe Aaccclation. Tlion. J. Smith Btn'y. Capt DAYID KISHNKR, Treat. UNITED PACIFIC GOLDCOMPANT TO BAN FRANCISeo, via Vera Crut and Maaatlan, in (MJ day*, under the eecort of Capt. Charier B. Iunea. late of the U.S. Army. Tlila Compear will embark la the Ana brig laabella Reed, Captain IF. Rogers on Tneaday next. Tilth instant, for Vera Croi. A few vaoaneieayet remain. Application ahoald be made immediately on beard the brig, at pier * Baa'. Biver. The Jeney braae hand, led by the well keowa Joeeph Salono, are member! of thla company. Retire eeet through to Pan iFranrLoe, with C months' provisions after arrival at iheplaoer, $lhy;5; ooatwithout provisions $IM; passage to Vera ernt, for peraona not wlaliing to tola the eompany, $10. and found in cabin fare. An experienocd Bnrgoon accompanies tbe eompany. CALIFORNIA GOODS'.'-CATHOLIC PRAYRB BRADS Bad crosses, bejd in |reat estimation bjr the Indiana of Cali i"rai? ui hcinii, i?r wt, in mi tneir varieties, oy j. uauauNIEH, Importer of tansy govda ui perfumery, Ab Maiden Lane, np stairs. TO CALIfORNlANR.?THE UNDERSIGNED HAS HAD much experience in tha preparation of Provision! and Groceries for 1od| voyage#, naviig bean engaged in tha he noses (or the last fiitaan tears supplying tha officers of the United State* Navy and vessels sailing for all parte of the world. Hii praotieal knowledge enablei hint to te of great acrrite to the Inexperienced In estimating the quality and quantity neceaaary for individuate ar.d aaeociat'ona All ar.tialea furnished will bo warranted to keep. A. KEMP, 116 Wall street. New York. PISTOL b I LT 8 FOR CALIFORNIA, AT reduced Price*?The gnbtoriter bae on band, and la constantly manufacturing all kinds of Pistol Delta Holsters, Knapsacks, Knife ?tenths, Onn Slings, Bullet Poucbea, fte.. ate , whiob he is tailing at reduced prioea Companies and dealers ia the abort articles, supplied on the most Liberal terms. Also for sala all kit de or military goods. JOSEPH T. BILL, ltd Pnlton at. opposite Cbnreh. Rifles, muskets, norths and jinks carbines Colt's and a lion's Revolvers double and tingle (June end Pistole, Bowie Knivea Ammunition, Holster Bella and everything in the lino, wholesale and retaiL at tho Old Stand, ho Catharine street, near Oak. N.B. Ships supplied with arms and amino nttlnn at the shortest noliee. JOSEPH HOSE, Jun. POKTABLEMILITARV TENT80R MARijIBEi-OEOlflE Law. Esq., has secured the control of the patent right fur Oray's flan of octs mating the above. There ionttrr marquees ran le ctrriod by hand, transported on mules or othorwiso in tha moat compact manner, with the flanged screw joint pole, and evtrv thing complete, saving both weight and bulk. They are highly recommended and being mod by srmy and naval officora, and are the meet advantageous for exploring or reconniitering pmposet. One can be seen pitched, at tlie store of B. C Webetar. lift West street or at C. Kanouse's (the manufacturer) iron and brass foundry, Jewy City. B. c. VVLBSrER. Agent for the sale of above, I |M West strest, EAVIMWORTU'I UPRCVRD GOLD WASHERS WlhL separate the gold front the gravel Taster than any mvhtne yet (events'!. and mtliont wasting * >? Wgter. Alsoevmyseecrlption of <. nltfnrrda tenia, wagons, pumps, p'^ks, horse piw ere, lie. to., at toe o*rlcultutal implement end ewd if*?tg or A. fl ALLEN, it CO, lc0 and 191. Wnter etr?et, New TnrV. /"1 OLD FEPARAIORS.? THOSE OOINO TO CALIFORNIA ll wl!1 do well to eell et the corner of Broadway end Park ) leer and examine tie Mercurial Oold Separator; an aid end well tr?d Machine, and conattucted open the only prlnelplea known to eirt aoeeecafliilty. /1ALIVORMA PAGCRRRROTYPRl -PERSONS ABOUT ^y to rlalt California, and deal roue to leave tliotr llkeorawi with their Iriendr, would da well to call at liradr'e. Nee 2 >6 end X7 I'roedwejr,where, by re* 'D of n-onot improreinonta end idJittm ? to hi cHUhllthmeni. fai thiol aod (me likeBoeeee may be ciU'htd at the efcorteet not.oe. ABIlilKMKIITk. DBOAIlVAY THBATES.?R. A. MAaSHALU PROPRIAD toe.?Mcada? Imiiin, YeWueo ? , "<U Ut proteatad tat rtuiBLtle tptcucle ol THE COUNT OF MONTK-ORMTO-Ed mom Dintet, Bitot ward* CobbI ot Monie Crtow, aaatmlac Ui oiianetrrt o> B Baiaefler. 81 a bad thaOrmk, an EacUeh Traveller, ut B Ftetcb Abba. Ml. Lotter; Moot. Momll, Mi. Faooe hrtitji to tlx drama, tit bnrletUk in ona act. oalled MT ; NKh.U BOR'i WI FY?Mr. Kiowb, Mr. Hadaaay] Mr. Soiuertoa. Mr. K. Shairt Mr. Smith. Mr Bernard; Mra ion erton. Mitt Bum Ttlbln Mra Brown, Mra. Watta. I treat Ulrele and Par (at tot. Silotnlt; f trail' Circle. tfotDt* flatter?, UKoeat* Duoraupaa Bt bait.paat f: cootuonoeatr DURIUbt THEATRE. CHAMBERS STdEIT? MOV OAT i "iantam February If, will he performaA tho corned? of : JOHN BULL- - Job llornbtrr?, Mr. Burton; Pereitrino, Mr. Moat; l>an. Mr. Johnaton; Mr. Pannlman. Mr. Mean; nir | Simon Moohdala, Mr Hamilton; Dennia BuUruJdrr?, Mr. ' ?rSaft*fK !! " lliornbtrr?, MiaaCbapmaa. Af erwhloh, VOUR Sl IN DaNOKK?Johntrr d*. Mr Hur:oa; Sotaptonenburc. "iat Cliapmaa. To coaelade with PIST1 MANIA, ORTQtMA.N WBOSAA TUIFlUiir-Mr. Plunpfey. ?' ??""" ; SPff'Mt, Mr Waymond. Ilitainhard. Mr. Mean; Mra .Smith, Miaa < ooke. DretaCircle and Parqnetto Wo.;Family v?r??. ??1- anvil a 11)1 curtain run* at 7. MnCHKIA'dOLYliPlCTUEATRE-MONDair EVEN I NCI, Fob. 19, llii entertainment* will commence with LOVE'S TELEGBAPd?Baron fimp-roick.1, Mr. N leUlnaae:Vrthnrde Bolbert, Mr. Arnold. Princees Binoche. MisaClarke After wblah CAMaHaLZAMAN AN? BADOUBA-ltiiag. Mr. Nlokinsoo; Maiiuiuua, Miss M. Qaanon; Camaraliaman. MisaClarke: Itad on re! Min Phillips. After which FOUNDEDON FACTS - Mr. shaptu! Mr Uolland, Captain Barwood. Mr. Nlokinsoo; Mra. Rkeptio Mi>a Huberts. To eonolude with QUNTINQ A TURTLE-^ Timothy Dandelion, Mr. Bollaad, Mr. Turtle. Mr. Clark; Mra Tni tie, Mita Roberta. Dross Cirola B#oj Upper Boxea Pit 13H?- Doors open at 6K; eennnenoe at T. GUNO'L'S BANO-MB. QIJNU L RBSPBCTFULLT ANnouncea to the pnbilo, at the aolloltatioa of bla numerous fronds that be io prepared to play with his band at balls, soirees, or private partita AU applioatiena moat bo addieaood to him at M chain bar i street. THE (UUKAT CHINESE MUSEUM, 639 BROAOWAT. B? tween Spring and Prinoe treats, and the only one in this oountry constats of a great number of lifts aite Agues of Chinoaa of all elasooa, several hundred Chinees paintings. apartments in hoosoo; stereo and vcsoela models of pagodas, templet and bridges, apeeimaas of Chiutse msnufketuree, their agricultural and meohaaioal implements, Instrumonts of maslo, lanterns, ho. he. Open torn aim# A.M. till W PM. dally. oents; Children nader twelve, half-price. rrilautn hall sf? ('.hand strkkt?the new evd X land Operatio Troops will give one of their eeloot entertalnmeata at this popular plsee on Mocday evanicg the performance ooniisting of Hunge. BslUda, Uleei Operatio Choruses, Laoy Long Polka, Ma For roll psrtlrnlere two small hills. f^LTlNO STEAMER.-AT THE TABERNAl'LE, ON WEDnofday evening. February 2'nt, will bo exhibited an Aorial Ship In full opt ration. In oonueotiuu with a ecientifio lecture, and liitiresting illustrations. The Model Machine, fifteen fact loi *. will fly about tho houie in oirclce, or in direot line*, by the power of iia owu maohinery, guided by its own holm, demon, tratiug the practicability of sailing through the air. Doora open at 7 o'clock. Lecture to conunonoe at 8. Tickets 2i oente, to bo obtained at the door. WALUALLA :ai ('AhAI, ST A EST, N Is K Ua6iu*'aY.? Opca every evening, and every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at il n'ohck. Oivheetni Boxes, .17H oontj: Pariuctto, 25 rente. 1 ho Model Artistes (,'ifi in uumber) will appear in a variety of splendid illustrated pictures. LALlKUKHIa TO CALIFOBNIANS - UNITKD STATES PROTECTIONS. These pa|ierr, so inditpentabie to every Amerean cit'ten goirg to California, whether by the tea or overland route, will ta procured fitrn Washington on the most reasonable terms, by JOHN FOWLER, Jr., Notary futile, 121 Nassau street,Now y>rkCily, CALIFORNIA.?TEAS IN AN EXCELLENT FORM, AND J convenient sued paeksges for Cahloroia, calculated lor Ship Stores, personal use in the country, a;.l private ad vesture. Tiny are au secured tiiat they are warranted not to abaorb moisture. For sale at tko old establishment of the Canton Toa Co., 125 Chatham street, (between Pearl and Roosevelt) New York. Particularly recommended for use at tho Mines, Black Breakfast Tea, a floe substitute for Cnflcc, on nooount of its portability, convenience at d superior healths i|ua!lty. CALIFORNIA-FKRSONS GOING TO CALIFORNIA WllL find at A gate's, 237 Broadway, a great variety of goods suit a. b'e for the above climate? Shirts, plain and fltured uuder Shirts, Drawers, Money Belts Body Belts, (an excellent article to |ircvontsea sickness,) and a variety ot articles too numerous to ; mention. CALIFi RNIA.?PERSONS FITTING OUT FOB CALITOR, nix, end who ere in want of tobacco, either for speculation | or private use, sre respectfully invited to call at our store, and examine a new description of tobacco, pat up expressly for the j t allfornia market, ft la pat up is half pound rlubs, with Ma on vtlopea to protect it from the dampness, at d packed in oonvo- I vieni mica pacKages. it in warrantwu to resist the decaying effects of a six boiithe' voyage- and It is confidently believed to j be tbc only kind of chewing tubaooo, oithot or line out, that will stand a voyage to California The attention ef shippers | ie invited to the above. JOHN ANDERSON kCO.. 10B Broadway, oor. I'lueet. ' TUB CLIMATE OF CALIFORNIA 15 SUCH TIIAT THOSE ' taking out our (Superior Curled Corn Dusk Mattreiies, or Beds with Bolsters and Pillow a of the sanio, will congratulate themselves; besides being oool, healthful, and durable. they are sold at prices within the reach of all Vtssols and private individvslo fitted out daily. Alio, blankets, shoots, ouunterpaucs, eomlurtables, pillow cases, and every srtiole lor budding outfits, at shortest notice and lowest possible prices. **11,1.1 Aids tt CO , 2R.'i l'earl ntrecr, 4th door nbovo Bookman street. C'ALIFOhNI A SHIRTS ?THE BEIT STYLE OF COLORED ' shirts for California traders at the lowest pricos, are sold at Cuion's manufactory, lib William struct, up stairs. A beautiful mticlo of oelourod blurts cut in his celebrated Paris style, sat table for all poisons wctr. at equally low prioea AUCTIONS. Drugs and dbu<j fixtures at auction?con. lietirjr of superior mahogany and cherry iront drawers, scales, counters, marble slabs, showcases, sodtifixtures fountains, eto ; the whole to bo sold at auction, at No. S10 Chatham street, on H ednebdny.l'lst Inst., at lUo'olock. LM. HOFFMAN, auctioneer.?united STATES Muskets at Auction.?L. M. IIoTiaan & Co. will soil, on Tuesday, 27 th February, by order of the Department, HO.OOO United States Muskets. ___ ~~* iaiFMHu. For aouthahttoir and bremen-the unitid Stntoe Mail Steamer HERMANN, Captain E. Crabtroj, will leave New Vork for tho abovo ports oa Tuesday, the llilth Fobruary. from Pier No. 3, North River, at 2 o olock. P. M An ezporlencod surgeon Is attaobed to eiob steamer. For freight anil passage. app'y at the itfiac of the Ocean Bienui Navigatiou Co., No, till Broadway. FOR SALE-TUB SUPERIOR. FAST 8AII-IM1 OOI'I'BRcd and ooppcr fastened ship Angeli-pie, burthen 4TI tons, or about LAUD barrtls; coppered eighteen months tineu. and can be sent to sea at a moderate expense. The vessel has twe cabins on deck and a roomy steerage, to aooommodato about li'.l second oa' In, besidoe ICO or more steerage passengers. The vessel has a lull inventcry, and eau lie seen at Pier 9 North river. For terms, apply to 8CUUCHARDT A UEUUAKD. HI Nassan It. TO LIT. Farm at kingsbridge to i it.?the farm for inerly occupied by Edward Cromwell, havir? upon it, a xocd, comfortaolu kouie aid ham, and a latpo orohatd of the best, kind <f apples and ehciTios. fcc., and cmtuiiilng abuit 31 acrM of up Innd and 0 acres of salt meadow.' Possession riven on the first of April next. For tcrire apply to Abrahe.m Valentine, in tho tow n of Ynnkert, about one mile from the depotet Williams' Bridge, or to A. U. VALENTINE, iC5 Front at. MBDlCAIs. Art ii11a of thirty year! standing.? Mr. Si tu W. Fowvrt? bib Bavirg btcn alfiicted for mere than thirty years with tie Astl.nia. at times |o covertly a.? to incapacitate mo from attendance to husinots, and having adopted many medicines with out any but t- mpwury relief, 1 purchased, about throe years since, of Mr. Edward Mnson. tour egent in tills city, several bot ties nt Wietat's Bsham of Wild Cherry, from the oficotsel wbieh 1 ebtrnlled more relief thsnfrorn ell tho mmrmm I had ever taken for that dislri(sir,g discrdt r- I have, by the repeated mo of your favi rite Bnlcair, btcn more free of pressure for breath, and oppression on the lungs, than I anticipated, and indeed oon ctivo myself cured of the most disheartening malady. 1 do moat eheetfully tender you this acknowledgment, which you will mo as your jurmontdictateo. C. D. MAYNAKU. Argus Ofhec, Portland, Meroh 2*3, 1813. None is yennine, unless signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper. Price t ne dollar per bottle, or sit hottlee tor five dol ars. For sale, wholesale end retail, bv Mtrsrs. A. B. Nt D. Bands, I no Fulton street, ctrncr William stioet: 273 Broadwav : Ponifoll St Co . I Fletcher street ; and by th> Druggists generally TOVBMALBIt?9K.& P. TOWNSEND S SAMAFAftlLLA 1b acknowledged to be the belt aud plcasr.utcst remedy for lunolccnmptlintatvcrdiaoovwd. The following is only one ol thousands of severe end chronic '-aa^s that tins medicine has cuied. For v.csk, Incpuid, sr.d sickly females it lix? no e inxl. New York, Feb. lU.lfid. Dr Towiitond?Boar Sir?My w I: hasloen sioi and unwell (or tliohut eleven years, with a eomplication of disease* that femalon are subject to ; she has had cold chilld and hot (lashes, rush of blood to t) e head, no appetite at times, night sweats and at times faint turns ; most of the time site ban been in a very distressing sitmatior; sho lie. taken a (rest variety of presoriptlonnaud me dioines, bnt she found no leliel ; abont six weeks since I got her a bottle of your sarsapariila, and riaeo then slit has had auother ; she Is now quite smart, and much better than *h# lias lioen in the last eleven yeare, and feels asdstys your sarsapariila liaidona hsr more good than all the remedies aha has ever taken. ABA II. COLLINS. 39th street, between the 2d and hi avenues. Principal efllte, 1M foltsa it, Dr. b. bortwick, lecturer on tor genital organs, and author cf a work on Venereal, Strictures, and ail diseases of a private nature, 77 splemaid plates. Iztraet from the Boston MeaieaJ and Sorcloal Journal:?"It may bs mid. foarletsly, to be equal to Ricord's or Aoton's works on the same family of diseases, end lar superior to any thins af the kind ever cubtiahed in this eountry." Price, SHI. Author of a work oa rolitaiy Viae, Impotoncy, ko., 14 nlatee?price, SI. Forsaleat 712 Hnadway: and of tnn antbor. V i Broadway STIUCTUSE?IT8NA11 RE, SYMPTOMS, Cf IXSC J FENCES modo of dotcotiog, the remedies with recipes, and only permancnt cure. No one p< esesring this work need long he troubled with stricture. 6tli edition : pp.312. Price SI. Msy he had of tire author, SM Oiecnwich street, rr by post, mailed freo. DR. 01,OVER IB CONSULT*!) DURING TB* DAT AND evening, at hie office. No. 2 Ann street, (now No. 12,) la those difficult and protracted oases of delioate diseases that bay* baffled the skill of pbysieiana of Ism ezper ones. His eitraet of Oopayia, Cnbebs, fee., may be had at his store, la front. Private eaktenon khronsh the entry to the oflioe door. R. RALPH, AUTHOR OF THIS "PRACTICAL PR1VATI Treatise," ko., H8 Greenwich street?office hours 9 to 12 A. M., S to 9 P. M. (Sunday excepted). Those who apply la the early stages will bs surprised at the rapidity and Utile Ineo nvenienee attending their cure. It is ohielly, however, those who havo sut fl from a certain class of people, who oan properly apwreer .to ervicoe. In striotnre, from Its first, or incipient, to its more mood and distressing stages, (Aram onosntmon advantages . a very extensive practice,) he oan afford a rapid, easy, a*d radical oars, wbloh, he has ground tor stating, saa bs abtaiusd , from no other enures in Atnorio*. NO CUR* NO PAY.?D*. C0RB1TT, 19 DUAN* ST. ember of ths Royal Collsas ef Burgeons, London, may be i consulted In treatment of delicate diseases. Ns matter hew long yon may have had gloat, uloere npon the body cr in the throat er ?.>>. I. ?fc. heed ,.d k~... m* tX. tmmm A. ?# fesrteon roan, deeoted to eoaaiaal diseases, enables Dr. C. to onto Mm worn form of this dloosso. Baoont mm onxsd ta foat dnara No mercery need. Btitataiaa oared la ana or twa wests with ieareely any pals. These tadiTtdaala who hare Indnlfl hi a | eertaln loathsome habit ana peel tteely ha raatorod to haaltb tad emote. Da. fawoitt can be confidentially consulted at hia ofltra, 51 Day atr-o t, on all prieale dims ana The moat ebttinato yield to hia mode if treatment, which la on the noamarcurial principle. trictnrct ourod on tho moat srproetd plan. The Tiotima of solitary indulgence oan alao apply, with a oeruiiaty af euro. Office, fit Day attest, Most extraordinary wore-to tde married or these eontomplating marrlage.Tho Married Woman's Trieste Msdleal Companian, by Dr. A. m. Maorfoean. SUth edition. Prise $1. This work ia meeting with moat astoandlng ealee (M.OOU eopitehaetnaalready bean disposed ot) Eeery taaule Id getting a aopy, whether married or aamarrted, althongh it (a Intended especially for the married, aa it discloses Important worsts which ahonld hoYaewn to them partienlarly. Bers eeery tomato ean dissever the oaaaea, armptoaa, aad the moat sfleient rem* elaa aad mostoertain mod# of osre in eeery caaa For talc at U Bred way; at the pabllaWngoffloe, IS liberty atreet, New Yorht t. B. PatteraoB, Ho. 98 Chcanat street, Philadelphia; little k Co., Albany; W. R. Daelo, Boeton. On the reoeipt ef Si, a easy will be transmitted by mail, free of postage, to all paita of Ilia United States. All letters most beaddraeeod, post Dr. A. m. m al UCRAU, hoi 1JH, New York olty. Offloe is liken ty stoat. ?I?^?m 0TEUMUC1ICK IT THK SI AILS. Washington, Feb. 10. IMP. TFi* H\ulton Bay Conpany't Property?A SmmM DiuHoturf. We saw it stated some days ago, that the Brt. tioh Minuter here had again called the atteatioa of Congress, or certain members thereof, to the offer of the Hudson Bay Company, to dispose of all their property in Oregon within the jurisdiction of the United States. It will be remembered that this subject was before Congress last session; and although gieat efloits were made by certain outsiders to carry it, it was postponed, or laid over for investigation. The amount demanded by the vvanj'u u; ??-v ?v?j j?? vvlOV lOU IllilllUUBUI UO|? lars; but untortunately the schedule of property t be given aa an equivalent was not made out ia quite so definite a manner. There was a shadowy haziness about it?assort ol Indian summer weather appearance?anything but satisfactory. Thera were so many buildings; but as to their size, See., nothing whs said; they are doubtless about the size ot a lump of chain. Thousands of sheep and catile, Sec Sec. See ; in a word, everything necessary tor selling up an extensive dairy and grazing establishment? and grass is both cheap and plenty in Oregon? all lor the moderate sum before mentioned. Congress, however, declined even to nibble, much less bite, at the bait, last session. What will be done this, we of course do not know. The transaction maybe all perfectly fur and proper; but even at the present moment, it is scarcely like Ca sai's wife. A gentleman, formerly well known'in Wall street, is the most active in tbe matter?he is, in tact, the agent of the company here, we believe. For jus services last session (ia lobbying, See ) he received from the company no it ss a bum than ten thousand dollars. Now what was '.his immense expenditure lor?where was tho necessity for it. iu a just and equitable claim ! We re [Wirt, it may be all right; but before any bill is patsed giving away two millions ol dollars of the money of the people of the I'mted States to a foreign company, of no matter how respectable a ttanaiwr, we hope the whole matter will be thoroughly sifted.. Let us know what the property is?whether it would be otany use to this government, and if the ,.rice is, or is not, exorbitant. If all tiiese enquiries can be answered satisfactorily, purchuae it?but not otherwise. Washington, Feb. 16, 18411. The Doings in Congrcst?The Cabinet?Tfie Meaturet and the Policy of General Taylor. Excepting a ft w spasmodic convulsions on tho negro question, Congress has been in a state of semi-torpidity this session. The Presidential election teems to have produced an incurable collapse. The business of both houses, and especially of the Stnate, has been listlessly pursued, or studiously evaded. They have made more long speeches than in the same limit of time in any previous Congress; but they have amounted to little or nothing, except a multiplication of words to no purpose. As far as the Senate is con [ cetned, everything remains to ba done; the Panama road?the continental central road?the territories?the boundary of Texas?cheap postages? all radical questions, ail of great moment, and all of them demanding prompt uction, are yet all ot them delayed. Nor have we any hope this session for any ot them, except cheap postages, and that bill, if carried through the Senate early next week, may be carried through the House in season for the signature ot President Polk. Th? others, as also the Sub-treaBury, Llivera and Harbors, ivc., must, from all appearances, inevitably go over to General Taylor; so tnat, it this be so, the following will be the schedule upon which ho will have to act:? 1. The slavery question in thu territories. 2. The boundary of Texas. 3. The Sub-Treasury. 4. Rivers and harbors. 6. A modilicatlon of the tariff. 0. The Panama road. T. The continental railroad. 8. A revision of the Consular system. Here we have scope and verge enough to try th* mettle cf old /acliary to the utmost; and the public miiy well a.WUt, with strong anxiety, the lirat indications ot the policy of the new administration upon all these important questions. They will all of them be pushed to some modification or settlement, or repeal; but, as yet, we are altogetker in the dark. The signs, however, increase, of a bold whig policy; and the return of Mr Clay increases the confidence of a restoration of his platform, ns that upon which the incoming administration is to stand. We learn tliut Mr. Clay will not be here at the executive session ot March?that he will Keep back till next December, provided always, that there shall not occur the necessity and the call of an extra convocation of Congress?an expedient ..... TV.,.!... ...,ll ?... ?.i, v>iiicii| nc uriirfc, ntn. Aujiui win uui auwpv iui the last extremity. It appears, also, that Mr. Clay is not yet pledged to the administration. Nobody exacted it. Nobody desired it: but the friends ot General Taylor do expect that Mr. Clay will be rather the advocate than the opponent ot the new administration in its appointments, and in its general policy, beeauEe it is expected that General Taylor will be rnther tire endorser of the acts of Congress than the dictator of its legislation ; and that in the i matter ot appointments he will give the whigs, at ; least, u huge majority of the places to he vacated by resignation* and discharges. But while wa have reeson to expect this, we have also reason to suppose that Gen. Taylor will have at least one denioeratin his cabinet; audit Jeticrson Davis or Col. Benton should be called to the War Depattment, there would be no occasion for either s.irpnte or alarm, tor it would assuredly be consistent with the programme ot the late campaign. General Tuylor is tree, either to choose a whig cabinet entire, or a mixed cabinet, while certainly lie is not at liberty to select an entirely democratic cabinet, it he would respect the expression of the sentiments of the people. Nor is he entirely at liberty in his general appointments, on the other hard, t<> disn aard the claims ot the democrats, for without their support he would have bee* defeated. While, theretore, we expect his cabinet ' to be whig, it not wing as au unit, we do not expect that he will consider himself aa elected to retaliate, ad libitum, upon democratic ollice-holders; and while we expect that his general policy will be whig, we do not believe that he will employ the patronage ot the government to coerce Congress inio submission. We expect his policy will be more the policy of Monroe than that of (ieneral i Jackson, und Ins administration more like; that of John (Juincy Adams than that ot John Tyler. We have good faith in the good intentions of General Taylor; and wc hold that it is the duty of i all good wishers of the government to give him a fair chance. If he carries out his pledges as well j as James K. Polk, he will do well; and we believe ' that he has the nerve to do it. Mr. Polk had the advantage of a popular system, and a united party, but Generul Taylor has an equal advantage in the ' eonfidei ce of the people. We had another dinner party or two in town i this evening, and a lion at Coleman's. We understand, this evening, tnat, in consideration of the expected pressure of quests at Coleman's, during the inauguration, General Taylor will take up his temporary quarters at Willard's hotel, near the west end of the avenue, lie had nut authorized a decisive engagement ot rooms until the arrival ot Col. Bliss, although Mr. Blackwell, the present proprietor of Coleman's, had been given to understand, by a letter from a friend of General Taylor, that his house would be selected. Col. Bliss, who was here a few days ago, we suppose has settled the question. With the President and Vice President both at Coleman's, we should have had such a pressure as to debar, perhaps, all ideas of'comfort to our distinguished fellow citizens; while, under the arrangement as it now stands, they have some prospect ot one hour's rpst in the twenty-four for ten days preceding the inatwration. W. VHIHT1ICTH CUNHKBII, SECOND SESSION. Mouse or RcprcsentatlToe, Wiiin.tQTOs, Feb. 16.1919. THE MRIICAtt THIATT? THE INDBMNlTV. The House resolved Itself In'o ? Committee of the Whole on the state of the Un on, (M\ Cabell, of Florida. In the ohalr.) and proceeueu to the ooaMlera lon oftbebillto provide for carrying Into execution. In part, the twelfth art Me of tbe treaty with Mexico, concluded at <>nadaloupe Hidalgo It approprlatee $3,720 0C0. for the paysn-nt of the first Instilment and interest, on the 30th of May, 1849, and $3,540,000 for the nme, on the 30th of May, 1850 Mr. Root ? I would be obliged to the Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Mean*. If he will inform a* at what time he will more the gag resolution; I want to Know when be Intend* to ttop the debate Mr Vivtois?This ie an appropriation bill, aadneerssarily Inrolre* the whole ((iieetlon of California and New Meilto. It I* not my intention to oloae tbe d?bate until gentlemen have expressed their sentiment*. I propose, to meet the view* ot the committees goners lly, to close the debate, say oa Tuesday or Wednesday; and, In the meantime, I suggest that we hare two or three evening cession*. I propose that the debate close on Wednesday, at two o'eiook. I sugged that we have an evening session to day. [ 'Oh. no! to-morrow," "to-day.") However, this Is not the pleee to make the motion. THI surest hl'HTIOS. Mr. StisieriTHr.s. of New Vork, proceeded to discos* the ijuestlon of the day?the extension of slavery. Congress, be oontiaued. he* the oonstl utionai power to extend It* legislation Into territories belonging to the people of the United Stat-s; and the csnsequenoe Is, that th*y have a right to exolud* slarery tbsrafroin

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