Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1849 Page 1
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^ TH NO, 5374. IM?1KMTS OF ?UB PrlES.DENT ELECT. INCIDENTS ON THE ROUTE. irrital and Rrc?ption of Gon. Taylor at Louisville, [( rod/zlhs I.oulsvllle Journal, Feb 12.] V. t tdiij m rntng, about ten o'clook. Gen. Taylor retch, d Nsw Albany, Indiana. Ha was hare rsoelved by tb. citissns ot (Sew Albany, and be great number* ftt m 'be surrounding country, with the warmest maoi .Ntationa A regard and admlratlan. Major Thornton oti behalf of New Albany, welcomed blaa to th# airy iii a brief and cordial aadreae, to whleh General 1 ayior replied In a speech of flee minutes, wall timed 1 and to tb* purpose He said that, ameng the services it bad lieen hi* fortune to render to hta oountry, the ftr.i bad bean rendered upon the toil of Indiana.In the Indian waft, and that be received with peoullar pleasure the welcome and congratulation* or the cltiiena oi that State. From the landing, the hero waa conducted, amid the shout* of the multitude, to the hotel, where he shook the hand* of groat number* of both teres, reoeivln* their welcomes and congratulation* with an ease, heartiness, and tact, which won ovarybody To a lady who came to apeak ta htm, avooopani.d by two ebildren, be said, "Art these your chUorsn ?? " No." she replied, " my ohlldren nre nt cburcb." -Ah." said tha Oaaeral, "that ia right; religion and morality go hand In band." An old far mar am se dier, who naa some lorry mile* romaot aim, ma 'a bi? way tbrtugh the crowd, and taisad him by the han<l raying, ' General. I have voted aioe times for President,. bnt never gave any vote with aa hearty good will aa tbi- vote 1 gave you. I lelt that I was voting for an bon*?t man, who would restore the anelant order of uings " " 1 belong to the old rehool " said the General, " and I win do uiy beet; bnt I fear tlmt I eannot meet the expectations of the people." ? Yon have been in many t'ght places " rejoined the countryman, ' and always came oat ancceseful, and yoa'll do It again." For every one tbat approached him, the Ueneial had tome pleasant speech. Kaily yesterday morning, General Taylor aad his patty came from Nathvlile. The day wa* like spring, and the feces of the dense, dark mass on the shore gleamed like tnirrore in the eunllght. A broad alley was formed in the crowd by the marshals, from the shore to the upper edge of Water etieat. The General app?ar? d upon the dtok. and a abont aeeended such as he had not heard elnoe the morning of Buena Vista. The General, with thore who had gone to meet him, peered frcm the boat np the alley in the orowd to where the Major of the city, Mr. Vance, stood to receive him. The Mayor addressed the General In the following words Si*?As the organ of the City Council of Louisville, and In behalf of my fellow.citizens here assembled, I tender yon the hospitalities of our elty, nnd offer yon n welcome to the aoil of Kentuoky. 1 know 1 speak the minimis 01 ice wnoie community. wni 1 express my deep regret tbat your engagement! will necessarily make your atay abort, and will, to aome aztant. deprive ua of tbe opportunity of assuring you, by our hospitalities, of the cordiality of tbia reception Still, 1 truat tbe terae before you will furnlab aome proof oftbeatneerity of our feeling*. Tbe Ceuncil of our eity, tbe old and young of our population, petaona of every oooupation and of every politioal creed -all have come out to nceive and salute you We feel tbat the clrcnmetanoea under which we are plaoed are of the moct interacting character, and tbat your present visit is no ordinary occurrence. Esteeming you for the virtues of your private eharaoter. gra efnl for tbe benefits of your publio services, eud filled with admiration for that disinterested patriotism wbioh has shone so consplouoasly fiom yonr youth up to tbe present time, wo could not do oth-rwte than give you a hearty welcome ; for it la with pleasure we look haok upon your past history, and bear in mind tbat yon were reared and educated in our mldct. and bad tbe maxims of virtue instilled into y our y ombf ul mind by a venerated mother, and tha prineiples ol patriotism taught you by a patriotio father, who was an illustrious example of devotion to tbe great eause ct eivli liberty and natlanal independence. When the gloom which hung over tbe eause of liberty at tbe commencement of the sroond war of independence, occasioned by the effort of a mighty govern* uant aimed to suppress tbe voice of freedom and bring under an jsctlon tbia nascent nation, aided by the wsr-eboop and realptng-knile of tbe savage tribes upon our borders, you, sir with the promptness tbat pioved your patnotirm, left tbe comforts of heme, and alth meuy a gallant youth of old Jefferson, rallied under ibe Bag ot your country, and with youthful ardor ruebed to tbe Jefence of our northern frontier. It is. air, with peoullar pleaauta tbat I recall to mind that Illustrious display or wisdom, virtue, and valor which baa ever distinguished your military command from tbe Um? you, with an inconsiderable foroe, repulsed tbe ravage fie at Kort Harrison to the close of tbe ever-memorable battle of buena Vista Sir, yon are now entering upon a new theatre of action In a few d*ys you will be required to enter upon the discharge Of lb* duties of tbe high and responsible post assigned yon by tbe suffrages of a free and grateful people, and we have every reason to oe elude tbat under your administration tbe bands that bow unite thisgloriom Union will be greatly atrengtheoed, and tbat tbe useful and ingenious arts of peace, tbe agriculture, oommer e, and manufactures of our oouutry, will be duly fo-titcd and improved, as belog far more certain sources ef wealth than tbe ilohest mines, and surer means ?t promoting tbe happiness of a people than tb? moat wars Ileal assured, you have bow, and aver w 111 hate. our best wishes for your welfare. and our prayers tbat yotr subsequent life may be as prosperous and as peaceful as tbe previous portioa of It ha* been eventful and glorious. Sue, sir, to say more would be trespassing, and I now offrr to you cordial welcome to tbe scenes of your boyhood, an J again tender you tbe hospitality of our city. To which General Taylor replied Mr Mayor The subjects wblch you hava taucbsd upon. In tbs address you have just made me, fill my mind wltn memories wbleb unfit me for tbs task of mak ag a proper reply You have alluded to tbe instructions which 1 received in youth from my venerated father, and have ascribed to the influences wrought wpon my early lite, the steadfastness which bat marked my Bub-iqueut career. I acknowledge the oompliment wiib gratitude, whilst I must deelare that a large part at tbe successes wbiob bave baen a-oribed to my abilU ties is due to tbs bravo and chivalrous soldiers, regulars, and volunteers, wh-in it was my fortune to lead in Tinting my native fitate?for although 1 was not born witbin its territory 1 feel as I was, inasmuch as my recollection* ot boyhood are all a-*eciated with the roil ol Kentucky, and etpeoially this Immediate neighbor lined- I ooulJ not but tool tne or days long gone rttiia within uie. There emotions bare been strengthened by tbe kindness of yoar address, and by | tbe entboriaani of the reception I have received from the eitisens of Lvuisvllle. Vou justly remarked that I bare been called from a service to which I bare been long attached, to dltoharge new. and, to me, untried dunes 1 cannot but distrust my abilities to answer tbe expectations tf my countrymen in so novel a character But I shall ei deavor to admini-ter tbe government upon tbe principles wbicb guided tbe earlier Presidents of the repuhl'o; and to this end I will dedicate al tbe tctrsyaod capacity I possess For tbe overwhelming kinonets of thisr? caption. I have but thanke 10 ' Ber you. It is a meagie return, but it is all I ean inske? accept from me, then for yourself and in behalf of tbe citlxens ef Louisville, my heartfelt acknowledgments tor this unexpected and generous welcome. Af'er tbe close el tbe General's reply, he took his rat In a carnage prepared for him, and wan escorted to the Gait House by a crowd that could not be numbered. For hundreds of yards the street was completely fllird wltb tbe moving throng, and all the doors and windows on both sides of tbe street ware radiant with fcitgbt and beaming countenance* 80 enthusiastic a reception was rever given to aDy man In this city. We could Lave wished, tn consideration of theOeneraCe arriving on Sunday, tbat the reception should be nf a more quiet character; but the aroused enthusiasm of the mattes wtuid have utterance. In the evening On. Taylor went three miles la the conntry to spend tbe night wltb his sister and other relatives Our citizens determlued to get h procession 10r ^COIULK UIIU IUW I.UQ W*VJ jvaiciua/ IUVIUID||. Kaipecticg their lotentltn, he rains Into tbe oity and .kon locgugs at the Ualt House before sunns#. THE DlfiiNER. On Monday, the day after the arrival of Oen. Taylor at l.oulttlllp, the citizen* of that eity tendered to blue dinner at which the following sentiments and tprtshts w?re made;? Oen Z?eb?ry layio? In M? birth a Virginian?in hie boyhood and early manhood a Kentnoklsn-bls glorious achievements upon hie conntry'e battle fleldi have made h'm ihe common property of the nation and Me wtedom and Tirtue will render him, aa chief p.gc'Mpate or a great republic, the benefactor of the worid. Oen. Tajlor'a reply to this toast, was as follows:? Vik PaMir>a*i *?io 0?TUMi.r:-l am sinoercly obliged to you for the complimentary toast which has Just been read, and lor the reception it baa met with from tbe company here assembled. 1 have not deserved the praises laeiebed upon my past sereicts ; and the susgestlena made In relation to the future are more flattering than any hope I hare found myaelf enabled toiuoulge. lain. Indeed, a Virginian by birth; but 1 remote a to tbla county when it was still a part of that ancient commonwealth Whilst I venarate tbe Slate of my nativity, it Is here tbat 1 spent the dtya of my youth, and all the associations of boyhood and of early manhood are connect! d wi'b tbo soonea which aurr,iDtil me. I baru alwaya disclaimed a large ehare of the merit of the echievtmenta upon tbe battle field, ycu bate ao kindly noticed, as Justly due to thw gsllant soldiers (volunteers and regulars) whom I had tha good fortune sto command. In regard to the naw line ot duties to whioh I tare been assigned. it may be uilowed me, who have spent mora than forty years in a different service, to distrust my ability to meet the eipectatlom> of the pnrvio .The Intelligent freemen of the Union hare signified their de-Ire to seethe administration or public aflalra brought nearer to the prmoiplea and praoticesof our first I'resl tents. II will be my aim to do their will, u/h.iaisr errors 1 shall c mmtt In the dlsebeige of thf hUh iruet, will be attributed to tbe head and not bo lb? heart; tor 1 rely upon tho rartinlity which eoni>?.'Od tho hightat atatluu on earth upon me, to eon ' atrue. in aplilt of erbearauee, my aota wbliat filling an office for which I had no arptrationa. 1 deoiined being a eandidaie for the Presidency, till a pence of dnty eonat rained me to jleld to the wiehea of the people. May I not hope that thoa* who conferred thW great honor upon me, without polloitation on my pert, will do me the Juctlce to beilere that I ehell euro them with na oyo aingle to tho boat Intonate of 17. TV 17. A _L 1 A MORN the whole ojuotr*. If I ahall be able In any decree to rquel th* exiK e a'iona of my countrymen It will mi iy oompeDiate uie for any labar or inquietude I nay lava to uoderao I again tbaok you for thl< gaoerova and entbnalaMio daniou?tmtiou; and, in conclusion permit me to t ffer the following aentimsnt: ? The People of Keatuckv?Unsurpassed by any other, in latelllgerea rlitue, or valor. The toll, wing t carta were alao glean : ? The Triple 8tatea?Virginia, wbn wlta'seed the tree when flrat planted-. Kent u it y. who nourished and brought It into bloraom; and Louisiana. who gate It trength and brought Itr fmtte to maturity To tha memory of Colonel W. H MoKee and Henry Clay. The Louuvlil# Legion and her gallant Commander. By Oen Shikldi ? Your Dietingulahed Gueat, Gen. Zacbery Taylor- May hia ad ml nitration redound ae n nob to the elory and good of hie oonntry aa hie riotorlta haee to her honor and renown. Colonel Bllaa haa engaged apartaenta at Willard'a Hotel for the Prealdent eleot, taaily and auite, with a r?qu*pt that they be In readioeea by the 23d Uatant. Lieut. Col. Taylor, the General'a brother; Dr and Mrs. Wood. Colonel and Mra. Bliaa. and Major and Mrs Hunter are alao ezpeeted to arilre with Mra Taylor, from Baltimore, on that day.- B.iUimort Sun, I'ti. 10. Accounts trou California. [From ihe Brooklyn Eagle, Feb. 10.] We are indebted to Mrs. Lozier, ol this city, for the following extract of a letter, received troni her husband, Mr George T. L?zier, dated Flag-Ship Ohio,at fea; having sailed irom San Franc>so, 26th ot December last, and containing intelligence as late as any received from that golden centre of the world's attention, asd towards which the thoughts, desires, and perrons ot thousands upon thousands ate rapidly converging it being currently reported in this city and New York, that Mrs L. had received a la'ge amount ($15,000) in gold f rom her husband, ana also ihat he had deserted, and gone to the "diggins," Mrs. L. requests us to say, for the lrifi rmatioa ol her numerous Iriends, that said reports are untrue : she having received no such amount, and Mr. Lozier being engaged in the performance ot his duty on board the Ohio, as late as January 8<h, as will be seen by his postscript ot that date, at Mazatlan. But to the extract?he says:? ' I bare brought to bear, all the means that 1 could must> r, walked iuto the geld market, and have of the precious metal, for whiob I paid about $ the 01.; it goes by apothecaries weight, 13 ounces to ths pouad At Mezatlar, tbclr gold weight is 14 ounces to a pound, and it is raid that we will get $14 per ounoe, which makes It equivalent to $1S per ounce; wo buy at $12 CLUU BC Mi m> V fl?, OUU IU. I IBM J Hlt&O M UIUV, BQH then, peibsps. a little on rsturn trade, be fee. * An OT?rcc?t, which coet only $7 60, brings $26 readily. No (fflcer hat been exempt from trafficking; none let the golden opportunity slip There are many alckly and cadaverous. looking per ona In San Fraoolaeo ; aome bare irretrievably mined their health They bare to work eo much in the water, that all suffer mors or less with fever and ague. That whloh la called the " dry digging*," la an upland march The " wet diggings," In standing In the river up to your waist, and every time yon stoop to gat a pan or spade foil of earth from the bottom, yon dip your faoe In the water. A new spot has just been discovered, whloh ia said to yield seven or eight honored dollars worth ore, at $10 the ox.?one person's labor for a day I do not doubt It? we doubt nothing of this great mine. Nearly every man in San Francisco, who, otherwise, would be very ptor. and many loafers, now talk of their thousands, end earry a bag of gold ; and eight dollars a day will not tempt them to work. Donbt not a word, for evary word I tell you Is true as the gospel. Every day it will be getting better for those who are silling towerk at their trade or celling. When we sailed, floor bad fallen from $$6 to $10 per barrel, and ether aitioles in proportion . Not a Mexican face is to he seen in San Francisco, and nothing bat English spoken. All Yankees,! and one-third New Yorkers. There Is n Broadway, a Fulton, and a Washington market; a New York store and all that. Grog shops, a few?drinking and gambling is the order. The greater part of the gold has fallen Into unworthy hands; bnt will toon be gathered Inte the coffere of the industrious, provident, nod wise Nothing short of a millionaire oan be a rieh man in California afier next year. A man will be poor with only $10 000. Crime is rife, mnrders are frequent; the pet pe' rators of some have been taken and hung A man living near Pueblo, named Reed, at d all his family, to the number of ten persons, all were killed, and their bodies throve* ,nto * heap, preparatory to firing tho bouse. The clatter of the postman'a horse alarmed the mcrderere, and they fled. There i* no government. The people are esJling. and have had several neetings, with a view el establishing n provisional government, until our Congress takes some steps In the matter. I predict that Col. Fremont will be the first oivil governor in California. Monterey is a beautiful filace. hut 8an Francisco is hilly, and in some plaoe* iiw and muddy, but It has a beautiful and capacious bay, whilst Mentsrey Is quite an open roadstead. Mazatlam, Jan 8, 1840. We arrived here yesterday, after a fine passage of twelve days and a few hours. We remain but a short time ; from this port going to San Bias; from there we will go immediately to San Fratciseo GEORGE T. LOZIER. [From the National Intelligenocr ] Extract of a letter ir<>m an officer in the navy to hie Iriend in Washington, dated Saw Francisco. Dee. 38. 1840. Yen wonld he surprised that in this region an enthusissm could l>e exalted by anything The gold mines in this neighborhood have stirred up the natives toagehamo activity. This little village is literally deluged with geld, and eoinmon laborers sre refusing to work in the mines f?r a hundred dollars a dav. The stcrlos told, yen will take it for graated must be all fabulous; but weie you to sre the vast quantities hawked abont the streets for sale, you would look upon the tale of the " Arabian Nights" as quite a probable narrative There seems to be no exhausting the vein, which is to extend over a district as large as Virginia. To give yon seme idea of the stats cf things here. I will mention the nrioes of s few of the necessaries of life. > lour lias torn selling at $30U ptr bbl . pork VO em's p-r lb , fcrntily 560 per gallon, and wanning, $8 to $8 per dozen, and most oilier things in proportion. lh? officers are brooming nervous and excited, while the ma deceit by the dozen young B . ot Baltiniora, la hard at work making his fortune, and will return in a )ear or two a rich man 1 raw Lir. M., also of Baltimore, and be ia alto coloiog money; be ia highly popular and esteemed, and I think is the tiiet man in the place. I Hurt J will not lake it into his head to emigrate. Gold hunting is a most dangerous amusement. The n oitsiity is real y irightfui among the diggers, and the poor beggarly-looking crraiuras returning from the mines hare no doubt paid dearly for their psok or two of gold. Interesting Kaval Intelligence. U. O. Fkioate U.niiko States, ) llumpt"n Kouds, Feb. 17, IMS. \ The U. 8. Jugate United States arrived at Hampton Roads ut 8 P. M. the 16th. after a passage ul <43 days fioni Cadi/. via Porto Praya, w lit re she* touched on the 16th ult. to provision ship. She liss been absent from the United States really three years, during which time she has br en'engaged in the mod active service. She litis 1m u tiie flag rh p ol Commodore Reed on the west court ot Alncu and the Mediterranean stations Ti number nl tinles snlied In both hi as liht- been something like 40,000. The number of deaths curing hn cruise has been bboul twenty, principally caused by the coatt fever while on the co> i-r oj Africa. The I' 6. ship Jamestow n arrived at Cadiz on the 31st I>cenibcr. The steamer Alleghany and stoie-.hip Kiie had nrrivc d at Gibraltar u lew days prior to ( hristmaa day. Visits were interchanged between ihc Janntti wn and ConbtitutioD within two day s mil ol the roek The latter bhip hud or* dels lo proceed dm ct to Tripoli, to take on board Mr. Miluuly, (or a passage to Alexandria, to which place he had recently icceived a dip omatic apiontm nt. failed <n the 18th uliinio, from J'orto l'raya, where the i'mismouth and liaiubridge were lying at anchor T he Yorhtown and Decatur weie on a eiuire to leewaid. On the 15th mat, while ?n the i.ciihtin edge of the gull stream, it Was obteived thai the n mperature of the water waa 32 de giees WHimer than ihe ;,,r. The (c.llow ii.g ib a. iibt of the oflicera of tlie fngsie Uiiiod ?'.a'fP, viz :? ( cnnKt'ur* (J?o C Heed ; Captain. Joeeph Smoot; lleut'.i-ahta, A. M. Kilty, Jao Rodger*. W II BroWo, R. Pitl}. sod >') Scott; Kleat Surgeon, T Dillard; Tuutr. H. Br'dRf; I'b^sed Assistant Surgeons. C. H. Wb?elwilgbt and II Mayo: Master, J Myers; Coann.< d'le s Srcietary, W. Wall; Passed Mldsblprren, J Brocks and H. Hunter; Clerks, N llenugues ?U<I t) Ingtahem; besrswatn. M. Ilall; Conner, H Ranklne; < aryetter, < rist Jordan; Satlmakers. Jaaies Frailer, Y rerun. It. Jieaidon, M Mire, U I). Ko?d?. The American tetsel Potomac hnd sailed Irom Cndiz It r f'ouih America on the 3d January, and ihe Ozaik for Portland, Maine, about the same tine. R. 1'. S. It will not ke amisB to add, that the Htmld h?a furnished the Ingaie with more Americsn news while abroad than any ether journal publiahcd in the United hints Ihc Weather* The thermometer at Crotoa l-alis. N Y., yesterday (Monday) noinlna stood at 18" below itro. being b" loiter then on m; di; during the winter At St Petere, Mlntwti, on the let lmt., the mow wa? four feet deep. The lnew fell to the depth of >1* Inohei at Norfolk, Ve., on tie DioretDg of the 16th Inet. 1 he thtiBM att-irr at Port D?poeit, Md , on the morning of the 1Mb Inet., etood at 31* below aero. At Buflalo, N Y , on Satuiday, the thermometer etood et 6fc below eero The thermf mit?r at Albany, an Batnrdaj morning, ford et lt? below aero There wee a eiolent tbander itorm at Glaegow, Mo., en Um lat laet w v fl ING EDITION?TUKS Baltimork, Feb. 16,184.9 7he Examination and Baiting of Hiomat Hyer> on the Charge of Participating m a Prize Fight icith Yankee Sullivan. Seeing it announced that Thomas Hger was to be brought before the County Court this morning oc a writ of habtat corpus, for the purpose of an inquiry into the cause of his detention, and, if sustained, the amount of bail required that might be named, I dropped in, with the view of turnishing the Herald a sketch of the proceedings. Before ten o'clock?the hour set for the hearing of the writ of habeas corpus in the County Courl room, before Judges l'urviance and Le Grande? an immense concourse of spectators not only filled l.n fh? rnnn. an.I lha h.lla an.l r.aaaanaa l.aW. wr ",v ,VV,H M,v ing to it, but a large crowd had assembled on the walla and in the streets in the vicinity, to obtain a glimpse of Hyer as he passed from the carriage in which he was conveyed from the jail into the court house. When he arrived he was greeted with cheets, but he moved on hastily to escape trie pressure of ihe crowd, without acknowledging the compliment; and being accompanied by a number ol officers, he soon made his way into the court house, tollowed by au immense number of persons, filling ihe hall, passage and stairway with an immovable n.sss of people. The crowd waa scarcely less excessive inside of the bar, *e every one that could obtain admission seemed to have availed h'tnaelf of the privilege?crowding up even behind the seats of the judges. Indeed, so large an attendance has never been witnessed in a court house in Haiti more before, liver took his seat beside his counsel, Z. Collins Lee, Kso , and the 11. ? Tk/f _T I I I.* J * 1 _ __ I IK II. ll unci l Ull'l.uur, UIIU KK'nCU HI COO I HUU c<mpo?rd an it he were an idle ?|>ectator of the scene around him; wbiht in his rear atood a number of fi lends, who were leudy, and willing, and able to go hie bail to the amount ot $100,000,' if required. lie looked well, and bore scaicely a perceivable maik ot the punishment which it wuaeaid ha had received from hia op|ionent. On the outet end of the brow ot hia right eye there ia a alighl cut, nearly healed and scarcely perceivable, whilel hia left ia all right with the exception ot being alightly bloodshot Hia face otherwise bears no bruises or cutB; and, if it were not tor the cropped condition of hia hair, Le would look aa well as he ev-r did. Tte rare was opened by /. Collins Lea, Esq., who slate d to tbe (.'curt tbat tbe objeot of tba piesnnt application to tba Court, was to require ot the State to ebon <n what charge tbe accused bed been arrested, and to produce tbe testimony on whlob the Attorney General deriied bis commitment. Tbe speaker then proceeded to apeak for nearly a half .hour's duration, ridiculing tbe ?flVrta made by tbe State for the arrest <f tbe parties. Mr. Riobardson replied, and sent his arguments "to tbe ropes" with much more faetlltj than Hjer put Sullivan in the Fame petition. Mr. McLane followed, tn tbe elde of Hyer. beveial witnesfea were then called. Capt. Gilford gave a lalthful account of the tamout attaok on Poel'i Island, tbe catastrophe to the steamer, the froien fingers of tbe police, tbe recape of the pertiee, and the billglrg to the city of O'Donnell and Thompson, the two trainers, wbo are still confined in jail, as the tro pb-ee ot tbe expedition. Officer ( oik testified to bis having received Hyei frim tie custody of tbe court in rbtledelphla, ant bevit g brought him on to Baltimore. He also testified to liter's having, in conversation with himself ana ctbeis. as well as to the couit in Philadelphia admitted that be bad fonght as charged with Sut liTiE, lid kid whipped him. He alee bad bmrd bin inert that be bad been persecuted for nearly mtpi jsars by Sullivan, who had intuited him and hia aged mother, causing her on one ocoaaton to faint, in bli ?Bert* to provoke hia to this fight; and that he bac fought him more from the deaire to punish him for hii repeated outrages, than from any other motive. An affidavit taken belore Justice Gray vaa also pro duced by the State, rigned by two men named Reevei and Sbay, raid to be aporttng cbaraotera, asserting tbat tbey had witnessed the light betwaat Sullivan and Hyer. at Still Toad Heights, in Kent eounty, on which, with the 01 nteaalon of Hyer to Mr. Cook, the Attorney General aaked the Court tbat he be held to bail to answer be I or u the Kent eounty oourt. An Irregular, running, and diejoioted debate war then continued about two houra longer by the counael lor Hyer. Mr Richardson finally eloaed the case very briefly, remarking tbat the counsel for the aroused bad admi ted all be asked, and tbat be would aek the Court to place tbe bail at such an amount aa would ineura tbe attendance of the patty to answer toe charge brocght sgaintt him. Alter a tew minutes consultation. Judga Purvianea dvlits'ed tbe dtoblon of the Court, which waa to the effect tbat tbe testimony war, sufficient to require tbe party to be held to bail, and that he would be required to give security for $3,000, for $2,000 of wh.oh bis own lecrgnltance would be taken and for tbe remaining $1 000 two good eecurities In tbe sum of $500 each would be required. At least a ootrn substantial men immediately stepped torwaid to enter bonds in bis behalf, from wb< m he rebated bi? friends Wto. Price and M m H. H. Turner. In a few minutes be eras die ctarge d. and with difficulty could make hia way to a csiilage In wailing, there being not lees than two thousand perrons outride e.f tbe cenrt house, waiting to ca'oh a tight of the lion, who greeted blue with tbtre cbrers as scon as be leached the steps, and in tbe very hall cf the rouit bouse. Had tbe case been before a jury, the services ef hia counsel would have n-ne b in no good; but being be fire tbe Court, tbey judged tbe case on its merits alone, aid put tbe tall as low sa could hevr been desired by Hyer himself. I must, however, give tbem credit for hating, by tba writ cf babews eorpua. moved the ca?? out ct tbe juris diction of the oity court, who are in tbe Is bit oi demanding wba'.ever ball the Attorney Genital may require, and would have, in tbia case made it nothing shoit of $4,t 00; as tbey have already ccn mitted tbe two friends of the paitlee-O'Donnell and Thompson, who were arrested before the tight took place- in ai fault of bail to the amount of f'J5iiU on the rhsrse t f " Intending to participate lu a oonteuipiat?d buacb of the fucr." ZKN'O. Piiii.jidsl) HM, Feb 19,1S-I9. The Weather?Death frcm Jrjvrtrs on a Itaitrmol ?i/jft ? Cilebrution of the Birthduy of Wu?li trgfott, fyc. The ice is eo exceedingly heavy in the river, a* to almost close the navigation; and the ahi(> Maton, was to lihve tailed this morning, with timely pusst i gels toi Unlit-1 mu, has had to rcnium at her beith, the city ice boat not having returned Horn liie bay, wbiiuer she stalled with a tuw on Fatuiduy morning Jette Henjuiiiii, the brikemnn injured by the accidrni on the liulumoie road, died ou Saturday eyttiifi is said, intends giving a sparring exhibition in liuliitiiore, nnd efforts are making to tngage him lor a similar eiiieituiiiineni at the Lb? rout meet theatre, hi this cily. 'J he wings are to celebrate the 2-'d of February by a dinner et ihe .Museum, previous to which W m. it Heed, Eeu , it 10 d? liver an oration at the Mutual buna Hall. The itoiigb and ltendy men ci It fruit* the butliday <t Waeliiiiginu mid ihe Faille i I Bueria Vistu, by an oinlioit. deliveied si he Clietnut street ibeaHe by L'avid 1'aul iirotro, Kiq , to be followed by a dinner. 'lie Cstholu-a have in contemplation the establishment ol a new hoepitil in this city, to be called ihe St .iosejh'e; end a conceit ih given on Tueecuy evening hi ihe Musical Fund, hi aid of this chanty. The Junius lend a helping naud with their celt bruit d sax horns. 1 hi rhilbaiiiionic society's concert comes ofl on Satuidsy evening next. Rovtiutiitii lor Cnilfornia. ILLINOIS. The St. />.bt? t/mtifi, ol the 5th inst., says:? Meters. Wot d, Hcgeis, and eomt hltetn other |>er? sons, lendt nts 11 Quincy, 111,, arnvt d here yesterday in the titaniti Lewis F. Linn, and leave today or to-nionow, in ihe steamer Al(>lion?e de Lan.aitme, lor New Oilcans, and thence direct ior California. onio. 1 .eft ihia city yesteiday, lor California, via Cbegtes, ail in good tpirile: S I KiarsFatiih, W K liankin Jos. Stambaugh II f I fRi.ger, Jsa. M Myers, II B. t.wing Putllp Kliitr Lenao baker. II li Dennian, 8?ml MsNetl. 11 F. Haefroek, J II Mart, Ohver Ltutoey. Thus Wll ten. F. S'MOe. Jas Miller, W. F. Ltgg. Oeo Loverilt Jt n. McLsVflilln, L. McLauabllu, Capt. W Forgu-en, V id. I'tlxlM. Lieut. Win. r. Kioe.? Cm Chronicle. hh.M. AJ.AHAMA. The fcltfinnrr Print eiou tailed yesterday for the Piazo*, vuli a ennpany ot GOgold trrkirti, made up piiii<:i| ally iu the interior, with a lew advenlurt-ra In m ihie city. We aie inhumed thit the le-fcdeie ot )t aie Cat t. i'.alcwin and Lieut Adrian, belli ot whom mud il ilie Mexican war. Trie cinii any ia admirably organized. It haa a aeriea ot laws lor iur control, and it* member* ate bound K (it tin r tor a per od ot two yearn. It haa taken aimott i vt rytlnnit erat ntial lor hii oveilund jourity, including pioUtaiouitl men and com'ortable juoMfciona lor the ait k. We let l aatiafird that it there to* old lobe had in California, tbia cump^iiy v ill be nble to pet it? lull abate ot it.?Mobilt llitaulumd 1\ibvt\r, Fib. 11. Tbrontt. aan ?d Morgan, win murdered on tha fioth nit.. In Woyno emiij. Mom nrl by tbrra ethane William*, la eoaatijuanae of a dUptrfo about an tciing land. IRE H 5DAY, FEBRUARY 20, Common Council. Bonn or Aldkbmcio. Feb 1W - Tbe Board met at O'oliok 1*1# eat? tbe Pren.deet in tbe ehalr, and a quotum cf niembere ia their plaeee Tbe minute* of tbe laet meeting were reed, aid approved after a (light amendment. i ftnituni.?A number of petitions, eomnuintoationa, be . wore prevented, and appropriately referred i Krjiortt ?f Commiiitn.? Tbe Flaenoe Committee re I period on reeeral mattera referred to tbem. and offered rrreluiione in fawr of paj moat of blllefor rent ef lota ured by boe* eerrtagee- lot to funding money paid on ! ieaiee wbicb proved to be dofeotive?and for tbe payr ment of rovoial billa due by tbe eoiporation to indivi' daalefoi wotk on oontraeta. ho. Tbe Committee on Charity and Alma reported in far vnr of paying tbe Aire Hou?e Vialtere g'l per day for tbeir eetviere, initead of $1 60. tbe eum heretofore allowed, the inoteaaed ealarica to date irom January 1, 1MB I The Market Committee reported in favor of directing tbe counrei tor tbe corporation to memorialiae the Le Ulotnem fnn aiiiKneii u tma All In (hn glint hdtVlMB DmV lid Versy stiff t*,ana to srset market buildings on the grtnnd to made. Report MMfUd, and resolution I adopt eJ. 1 be Committee on Arta, Selansea and Common Robool* reported upon the eubjaot of the petition of tba Mew York Historical Soolety, asking the Commin Ccuorll to publiih tba unpnbliabrd rcaordaof tba Common Council of this elty during ita early days. The oommittae state tbat many o' tbcaa minutes are la the Dutch laagueg* and thai they are now In tba oourae ol translation by a competent translator, and tba so clety or any of its members oan refer to the mans aoript volumes after the work Is oompleted To print and bind 2*0 copies of all these unprinted minutes would cost }32 000. This the eommtltee think would be too large an expense for the Common Counoll to asinine. Tba Cemmlttee on Straeta reported in favor of renumbering 11th atreet, and grading and paring several other streets, filling sunken lots. 8ui Tba Committee on the Fire Department reported in faror of ordering to b* built tire engines with 8 iooh cylinders, for the use of (be Ore department-said engines to ba built at an expanse of not mora than $1,100 each Report accepted, and revolution adopted Kane committee reported in faror of oonflrmlog sundry eipulaione and suspensions of members of tba dtpartiutnt. 1 be boat d want to supper at 7 o'clock, aad resumed buslnrts at lu minutes part 8. 1Wperi* ot Committee* were resumed. and a number of physician's bills for attendance on persons at (lath n boure* wete reported on, with resolution* In favor ol paying said bill* Aho, in favor of construction of atari in 30th rtieet, from 8d avenue to East river | Also. from lommlttee on Road* and Canala, In favor i ot making a slight deduction, ($0) in favor of UwyerSi i Rarbcn in assessment list for wurfc on Cortlandt street. Maine committee, in lavor of cunatrnetlon ot eewer in Ttird meet from avenue D to avenne A Same com' mittee, in favor of iiaylng John Maloae $20 for injuries to a horse. Seme committee, in iavor of oonairnetien of sever In tilth street, from Hudson river to b avenue. Same committee. In favor of returning to I Oso Jones $03 78, excretive ereeasnieat on property j tn State street; for eonatruotinn of eewer along Botvl; log Green to State street. Same committee. In favor ' ot cunitructlnu of sewer in Whits street, from Broadway to Cburrh street Also. In favor of eonstruetion ot eewer in Otb avenue. Krom Committee on Wbarves, Piers and Mips, in favor ot paying H. B. Bolsta $J62,5, , for rsjairing pier at tbe foot of Catharine street. ' Sane ronmittee. In favor of paying T. M. Klngeson $334.(2 for extending pier No 24Kaetriver A nam1 b?r ot assesim> nt liata were taken up and appropriately ' disposed of. ' Aid. ( aoLive moved a suspension of the raise, in oider to take up ibe papers from tbe Board of Assistants, In relai ton to tbe es< sbilahment of n wo> kbouae. [ No objeetion being mad-, tbe papers from tbe other { Beard were taken up The Board ot Assistants to~k ' faioreble action upon tbe proposed bill, with some ' sdjibt amendments Tble Boar! concurred with tbe > iionid of Assistants end tbe bill was elop ed, and d< uble the usual number of copies ordered to be 1 printed. } A tommunicatlon was received from tbe Mayor, In ' relation to alleged mal-practice on tbe part of Phtiip ! Ms)bee. Superintendent of wharves, piers and slips ' Ibe ri n muLication sets forib, among other things, 1 that it waa represented tbet tbe Bupenntendent bad >e<.s>/\> aA v n mi t> niva noil k Ann (smith inn nnarnfinna '? v?" ? "KT?-?vu. which were to redound to the pro tit of Maybee; nl?o, 1 Ibet Maybee bod charged tbe Corporation uotaln > price* on materiel* ueed in tbe prosecution of work 1 uidir bin superintendence. Tbe exouse of Majrbee 1 wae raid to be tkat be eoold not lira an tbe (alary al' loved bim by the Corporation. Aid Ira loamuT defended Mr. Maybe* He (aid that ebm there things were mentioned le him. he told 1 tbe parti** complaining that if tbey would put tbelr con p a nt* in due loim in writing, tbat be would fee to tLefull an? lair inv< (ligation of tbe matter. The** d<cinei t> bed aoi b??u furnished, and tbia waa the first intimation tbat tbe eubjeot waa under Investigation tu n re tbe A ajtr. 1 he affidavit ot Mr May bee wae read. It went on to state ibal be purchased orrteta timber for ptere, but tbat It war not lor himself Tbe pier at tbe foot of Cbsmherr street wee mentioned among other works. In relume to tbi* pi?r Mr blaybee staler that the 1 iei ?ar?*<l built be He al(<> eta tor tbat hie salary iaro i mall tbat be could not lire upou it nalers be were enabled to make something mote than that by his business Aid llowmivn offered a resolution that Mr. Maybea be. and be is hereby removed Horn tbe tffliie of SuperIntel oei t) I wbaives. pivre and slips. Tbe resolution wee utenimourly adopted Aid hi (km moved tbat Moody Camming* be. and is beieby app< luted to Bit tbe vacancy occasioned by tbe len.oval liom offli-e of Philip May bee. 11? n otu n wet laid upon tbe tabic A con niuniratlon was received from the Comptroller In lelatian lo a former communication from the Street Crmmierioner, con p aining that said communication did ii< t re | recent the actual condition of tbe streets on wl.icb eipeneiturer bave been mede. and explaining ile rame at leigtb Communication from the Crmptiollet In relation to the expense of opening LexiDgun avenue l.aid un the labia, nod ordered to be printed It* m t) e rame, in lelation tn expense of ex'endirg pier No 8 North 111 ver Adopted. Tbe C< mini tee on Streets reported in favor of altering the giade ot H'h avenue trom 34th to43d streets. Kept rt art e pie d and resoluti n adopted Un nn Iks of Aldern an Us KosaasT, the veto af the Mayt r, on tberubjeot of tbe propored la* ror the reo> r annai It u if i be Lroit u Aqueduct Hoard was taken up. 1 he Mayor pictures alteration* in tbe proponed ci eetlrii ( f t tlicere, and be think" that the salaries Of ihe (fliceisare put down at too large an amount Au.'ern an Da I*tiHaa?T rtateil tbat tbe expense* of tbe Board, under tbe proposed bill, wou d be $1,610 less iban tbey sia under tbe existing law. 'It *11111 a km tfek*n net hf iictuint and waa. with rligfct amendment* (aeptd. thus conptitutmg a new Board, feon e an aailDaiill ?ei* made In Ibe propound eaaiy ol i Diriu the ntgheet beiig $2 Cil'O, the commi>ni.iiri l< ntthr filOU rirb Bi aid adjoui ned till Mi nday ?tck. toikoor AmiTikT AiDKioitn,?Thin Board met laeteieomg. tin* Pin Idant in the chair. Several pa perp from tne Board of Aldermen were re etved, and cot, rum d in Heporta ?(r? uIpo concurred lu la Jator of lu-prorlrg ^r?d , fco , in 20th etreet frontlet to 2d a?? noe. alto il f??or ut improving several atrueta in ibe npptr part of tferity '1 to Bo.rd adjourned about ten o'clock. I'uilte Intelligence* Cum ti. inbir ..tjjdii - i tie maglatratee and cltraa 01 our polica couria ar? too fri<|neutly uada to will e<r rcene* In tbtir dally i rcupation. of a revolting mo beart-ie ecu g character, by the toliiaa and di?*ipatiriie r i p' < t fallen bi ma o na< ore, wblcn. in a great utaatre. baid>n? Ibe In ar'. or at leant it takea rnuoh mile to predbre an in pr.miotj Yesterday, boweTer. an iirfittaloii %aa n ade on tbe Court; tbe ruagiatratea pbutdnid tt a cla.k- fait pick and tbe otllce.a left tbe coi.rt-nrm (pi aribly te take a drink ) Tbe lory ana rela'ed aa follow* It appear* tbat tor ll.e part jtar. lark* tb> da, loea'ed to Ibih atreet, L>ar ItLth arenue, tare bteu erected and titled up iLto pi a la, mp.b'i of holging one en* eaob; cloeeiy mm d in ibit way pon.e 3 bOU cowp are daily fed on iwul ana mi ked, and tbia milk aucli aa it ia, retailed ont to cbattmira in various purs of tbe rily In tbia way unii e a numb rot milkmen beard Oirir ooaa and peter ?ot to il eir customers tbia ea'ra.diatiiled awill, in carte matktd Orange County Milk," In tbia way it ia not very d fHcnlt to acrt uut { r the alckneaa oc<iastored emiigpt children by drinking tbe impure nilik taken trrm tbrre direaied auimala. In tneae pbeda or e I alia ibe jocr caws are kept. h*d died tiyellur In ib'ir own filth, and milked, miikid, fcLd mliked, until ibe poor crea'uraa are otaw n down to ao< b a feebie aiate tbat tbey have been km wo lo piiiact ihe lam tew bropa of milk from tbe Ci.w. whlie lyng on ibe groaud. abe being too weak tc aland up. Now wbet lo do witb tbia eow? Well, tbe owner wlehing to make ibe m at oi the oaroa*a. ealla In tin jcbitrg iiu if whim there are plenty, who fninnb tie d am it meat ebopp around town Tnu butcker walkp tl ioogb the cow abeda and bid* for toe rations coaa Uat bare la len or are expeoteid to tall, . .. .ok...ani ii ilKeilutloiiP The Lltoa given i? fn ni Hi up to $10?ach. according to tbe Utirot tba beeluarket. At tb* prrtie attune.a? beef U up. why tbo cew be lie n pletly pm d aeu and On bunuay afterLion two of there p< or initkea-to death 11.u1u.aU wern i rat he>r k't li cated al ibe thedr iu 16th atreet. kb<l tte Jcbhmfr butclir Hry-nt McHugher. who keep* ble P n gbter boepe at Hohoken ??? called In by Kelts O'lMLkid t? pvirhaie ibe.r len.alnetor market. Ono 01 ihe | oe.r en a'nn a. belttte tbo butcher arrived, ok pir> d in bit itail where at* 1 ait been tor tbe laat four n tied 10 tie ai*Her The other poor animal bid irfuii d to give u.i re milk, bat y?t kept on her Itfl wi'b the Ml I pott ot tleetue if the Hail Ureat teal wia vbtemiiea, however, that it rh? wis compelled to walk tar el ? would tail and dta; en a bargain aaeetrvik and hicHughea waa to pay $ 18 for tba two. 1 he hutr her ? hj> a ed io tbe price, Out snowing the den and let beet to be on tbe mm>. agreed to take them at that pilie. If tbey turned out better tbnn bee asserted Niw tie yob waa to set them to llobaben wtihiut bilng reen. ae wbeu ibeta be could butcher I be n- up iu bi? venal rfyle, and btlng them back agata to tl e city tor tale aa ?<>nniry beef |'<> effect tbU ob Jeet, Jot n Ata etn ng a carman of that neinlty. waa npaped, who i| ree d io ran the two eowa to llobnkea M H Ct ?eeipue ntly. at 9 e'rloek on Sunday Light ) re parallane Were mwde to plaee the now bod tea II thi car ; He dead one wa? drawn from tbeihedand very li un adjueted i n tbe tart?aid low tor tie new on: the, poor creature, waa it*idled and guided from [ERA 1849. her >till by tbiea men, and with grant earn and alow m 'entente they rracbrd tan fart on which aha was to ha p aced to be drawn tn her l??i home; bnt before t*>ey were ahla to edjnat the rope abouthaT|naek, aha became faint from the Offr eieriton and diaeaae together, etag erad agalnet the cart wheel like a drunken man, and fell down and expired She waa now drawn on the eart In qnlek order, and the twe were covered with a Urge cloth and trotted down to ih* Hoboken ferry, foot of Batelay atreet; and while there waiting for the boat, i ffieera Hall and Beam, of the third ward, suspected ronetblng of the kind and followed the cart to Hoboken. and aaw them depoatted In the 'laughter hour# of McHoghea. The next morning, the effloera aaw a load of tbia kind of meat placed en a cert and brought over to thi* cllvffiraele end rrnv.t.rl tn thavlfllnlt* nf Washington market No sooner were they in this olty (ban the officers took them ioto custody and oonvayed them I us' tec Lethrnp on a charge of preparing mrat fcr rale, of an impure and diseased nature. On the am it of there parties, the above horrible and revolting exposition baa been bwogbt to light?wbioh skews conclusively what the mil'- drinking aad beefeating eitlaeaa are subjeet to In this city It really la almost enough to make people leave off taking milk, and rtiure to purchase their cooking beef The aoooacd pettier were held to answer the charge. Court, of Oyer aiitl Terminer. Before Judge Kdmonde. and Aldertuen Crolius and Steve na. frENTENCK F DAVID SHERRY. Pre. 10.?David Sherry convicted lasc week of man'laughter In the second d-gree, for the homicide of MoUulre. in Noilblk street on the 18th of Novsmber last vis brought up to receive ?rnt.oce. After a tew brief remarks frcin his honor the Judge, he was sentenced to be conSned In the State Prison at Sing Sing fir four years and thiee mouths,and waa than removed. Alderman Crolius vacated his seat on the bench, and hia place waa taken by Aldetman Kitr.gerald. TRIAL OF T1IOMAH llADDKN >'HR THE MURDER OF JOHN KEUOB. "Themis llsdden inuioted for the murder of Joba Keboe, in Cherry straet, on the 22d nay of November bj piimiuK uiui on me ocua wi n i Slung mot, * a pat to i hit bur Tbe prisoner seems to be about il J??b < f ng** fair complexiou. stands about 6 feat 0 In., and la rliiil tlj fcult. Tfce Clerk proceeded to swear tbe j< ry, in the progress or which the following dialogue to* k place between Judge a dmonds and one of tne gentlemen summoned to attend a* a juror:? FeuoFikii'H CoueecL? Do you know, or haw* you beard anything cf the ease which is now about to be trieo? Ji'soa? Oh yes; 1 read all about It, and argued the care pro and con with several of my acquaintances Ji'ucr? Where did jou live when the ooourrence took place? Ji-kOH?In the Bowery. Judge? la that far from where it happened? Ji-aoa?Oh yea; a long way. Judge? flow came you to read and argue it-was it to get rid of jury duty? J linos- No, sir Ji nor? What wcu'd yon think of me, If I, as a judge titling here, aat down and read e iat te statements in newspapers I > order to bias my mind tbat I might get rid of the performance of my duty? Vou may go down, air: yon sre unfit to be a juror. The Judge, in continuation, raid be was aorry to say that the admlnls lation of juattee waa eery much impeded by gentlemen reading ex- paite accounts In tbe newspapers and then foiming (pinions, to get lid of jury duty Thus wa tre (said be) driven to take the mort illiterate and ignorant persons in tbe community for jurers, while w? iuirui|Tui> kiiu cuuotiru |?vrm ui a uuvy bucj uva to ib* pu* ilc by this unworthy means The following named gentlemen were (worn of the jury:? Al? xatiier M Ailing. foremen; John M Cornell. J emeu N Browne, Tbillp Bensterm, Jacob Bruek, til es llurbntll. I'biiip Mol liene. Jacob W Goodwin, ( baa M Cbatteiton, John K. Williams, Henry BrujkIng and John L Gu>re. The atustsrit District Attor*?t then briefly opeoedtbe ease as it appeared in eridrnoe Patrick Kane was the first witness examined for the prosecution ? Llred on the 2 2d Norembvr in ('berry itieet; oocnpiei the whole house; know* the prisoner very well; also knew the deceased; en the 22J of No Tember, Keboe, Lawler, and one or two others, were in a bark roem Id n.j house; we were sitting round the store; it was between 11 and 12 o'cloo.'t at n'gbt; we heard an unnsnsl noise in the hall leading from tna trsit to the yard; the ball la appropriated to the ns? <>! ten hoc see. wit dub heard a heavy fall of a man; be sried oat11 boys, don't kek me;" thought the difficulty might bewiib people in the other bonae; witness got out in tbe entry and aaw n man lying in tbe yard; went over toblnj; found heliTed in tbe top garret; tbe next I aaw was prisoner a;, d a man named Csuipbeli in the yard, tbe sane of tbe man wbo was down war Drwit; l den t know where he is now; I bare not seen htm for a month; prisoner bad a lighted oandle la his rano; necoe saia linn very n?<uy aone to u?e tne n an ro especially as tbey were able to belp themselves, and tbe man down ?n belptesa; prisoner said to him it. was nine ot Ms business; he we* looking for his dog; tbat be thought he was in the building; liaddau moved into the entry, and wis in tbn act ol going up tiairs; deceased laid bold of bita bj tbe breast, aid raid be sbtnid rot leave the piece until ba knew whether the man tbat was lying In the hall was dead or rot; prisoner said be would, and tbat ba should eitbsr bare bis dog or a life before he'd leave t h-> room: they both than took hold of each other, and rushed into my room: tbey forced each other to a distant part ot the room, and Keboe was pushed into a ebalr; Lawler. wbo waa In my room, Interfered between them, and raid let ns have no noise; tbey continued, bowever to nee III languor* towards each ether, and ke b<? withdrew himself from tbe prisoner; after about a minute, de ceared r< ee from tbe cbair where be was titting; tbey were still making uee of bad words to each other; Lawier ftepped in between them, and prisoner drtw something ont of bis rigbt side pocket, and did it very quick, and reeroed to run it round bis wrist; after which be made a blow at Kehce. wblcb the latter receive d on tbe bead, and be tell back against the press; af'er about half a minute, be rose again, and eaugbt prbonei by tbe breast; tbe police then came in, and they separated them; the deceased received tbe blow on ibe left ride of tbu bead, over tbe ear; be bled freely; Ihe blood floaed down bis breast; cannot describe the instrument with wblcb pri-oner struck deooas-d; hssid It was a slung ebot, often beard o. a slung shot, but nrver bad ree in my hand; saw noblowgiveobat that by pileoner; cannot say whether there was a string to tbe instrument; thins" there was, but could nit ree it; be ran itupundertb* sieev* of ills coat; priioner was not arrested that night; tbe officers went toieok alter tbe other man and the prisoner walked away; raw tbe deceased reveral times before he died, and alro after bis death; be died on the ..'J of Decern- 1 b?rLtoi$-nenin'il.? Keep* a giocery and liquor atore Id Iketry street; kept a store of the sarav kind la*t ji?r id OIlTfr street. but I don't remember the numler; tt wae within three dooia of Cherry; lived there nine monthe; behre that lued In the rear "f Oliver rllwt; lived privately; was occupied at curing pork lot ozonation; nm?tiu.eB kept boarders; had none at the liter < f thin occurrence; had out kept woman benders at that time; never kept permanent boarders; tbiy generally came, m?de thele bedvand went away in Ue trot nltifr; eomeilmva made up Ave or six b?d?; a Wtmer Slight sometimes come with her hu*bind, VII not crunk the night of ibe aflray; th?y were all sltiii g rrund the atove. cbethDg about old time*; did tot drink more than aiz gUsies from the t iue I go: up that nemiBg; d d a?t dilok twelvegiaasee. or nine glasses, that day; all a wear I did not drink Sevan glft/ids; I diai k n.oia leer than brandy, n ? How nary in lanlly have you? A ?A huu<ekeeper and servant girl. (j.?Uo you and your housekeeper oooupy the lame apai in i nt ? W ? I guess I am not just 13rd in answering that. ( ot wee.L.?Wtll, I guess jou will be juatiUnd in anawsr ng it >v.- No. air-ee. Coumh. ? Oh well, Mr. Kane, I think you will be quite tale in atiauerlng the question. W.? Weil, then. It EUettmeB U ? M here deva the arrrant girl sleep' A ? l.'p el aire Q - lioee the housekeeper aleep out occasionally, at night? A - bhe doia not. u - How late doea the atay out at n'ght. A ? I ci vet knew ber to be out at all H ? How many beds In the room where you alnpt ? A ? 'I wo, and 01 e lor a I ttl? girl Ij.-Vtie you ?> ami Led by tbe Coroner'* Jury ? A ? Ve* air. I don t recollect whether I awore on thai anamination tbat the priaoner aald he would hare either a lite or bia d< g H?Wl.a took out tba light ia the hall ? A - I did. and the prte< ner bad one alto ; the de< oaied van about fifteen or elite n stone weight; he war a ve?y alba tic ruan , did not hear Campbell eali f< r tbe weteb ; I did not. to my knowledge, awear bete re the Coioner tbai I heard ' umpbell call the watch Q.?Did j u swear tefeie the Coroner'* jury that yon had a *ile ? A - No. air, I don't remember I did ; I aaw Campbell rane a chair, and make a blow at my housekeeper; witneaaput op hi* band and warded off the blow; he let the chair tail then and It waa broken Jihd Livlih riiftinrd ? Hearts at No 07 Cherry atri *t; ? ae at Kane'r bouse on thv night in question; rn i?p invffMrdnrraovuv lour jrnm, null rtvnt'W lur KiLrtiirr. h?.~*na eviuant that tba wit ohm k litDlotfil, ltd tba Judir ?>i derad btm < IT the * ill. ami tit com plying. ha fail * ft, which rr*?tad a tit tar tbr< U|ib tha cntiil room; an offlnxr wai tb?a direetad to taka tini tvrtod; and Itrp him until morning. Baa i Mill om? ? O fluiKN IIrmrn und rimmintd - Llfaa attbCbiri) atraa j *u at Kane* houae on the arar> i g In qi n t i< n ; tbara ??? a ?! > uibanna outatda and Kaia titl outaido tba do. r , th? rrtualnd^r of the wit Bias' ??. tin;f ny aaa ?ba pacta w> Kana'a. eleapt that h> taaliflad tbat K.biaaanl with bin. and r*toalrind w I b 1 Id. 11 at abil t; h. aro Kahaa o< ntp aln of Ma haai two w?. Kr af.arwai da, 'I a> ha I ad a bad b*ad*ch. and btf b?adaoia. tlr night attar tha oorurranea. Kaboa want to a dn getat'a lo Waablngton a'rant, and got a plaater agfdlaa to hla h?ad ; aaw htm whan ha naa oonfibtd tO bll bad. f ion ifmipid- On the r ight In queatlon only anw rt? lig) t and ti at *aa lu Kaan'a hand; wa* with tha i reaarid for aoma trm* at tar tha ocnurrnnea, antna tln.?a ha ?t rfead at bla bu.loee and aontatim.a not at ail; th< dar. an J waa not artiunkan man. hut drtDk < rear). n?lly a Hit!* krandyor b?ar hat n*v*r aaa I lot dmtik. did aot haar tb? prUonar aay ha would tarn hi* dtg or a lifa; think* he ahcutd hawa heard It if ?nah waa raid, did not bear ptlaonar any to Kehoa ta LD. TWO CENTS. - ? lT"5L_ lot go bin throat; eon ont nay that Kohoo i'rv?k U hood agalnat the proof; hi* rh >ulder atruck the praea. By tSt Court? When Keboe approached prlMM. It waa la a peaceable manner, raying tbey wera bo'h frlenda and ahoaid not fight; wltam pnrmUt Keh~e from going to war da prisoner, for fear tha difficulty irirfht bo renewed. CiTHmiKC Totthcll, examined?Waa la thahoaaa tha ntgbt of tba affray; I did not aaa the row eammonca; 1 aaw a rouffle oaar tba alaag abot with tba prisoner; aaw it before; ba rhowed it to bo In hia awa hour#; ba taok it oat or a drawer; it waa a little roaad kail; he taid ho oarried it witb him wbea ho waat oa hoard ahip; raw Kaboo after ho reoeived the blow; wltneaa wathrd hia head, and aaw the out; it waa pretty deep; ho did not complain at the time; ha aaid It did not signify; raw prironer go out at tba back doar. Patrick Kaok. Jan., emmined? Known prieiarr woll; aaw Kehoa before he died; waa In tha habit of going to Hadden'a boua?; ha kept an emigrant'a boardit g houae in Cherry rtreot; aaw a alung abot with hia; wit nana bad it In hit hao<ia about fourteen montha ago; It waa twice aa heavy ar the one produced. Ciott examined?H ? What la jour buatneaa? A.?My boalneaa la to lire with my father. Q.? Do you ever work T a i wn.fc -v,.? i a " ? - - I * """ #"* "i ??? ?"?o i can't I r?main Idle ? What do you work at ' A ? At anything I can vara a shilling at. U.? 1? your mother living ! A.?she la not; I won't tall you whether aha la or not? Counsel- I ask you whether your mother Is living or not. Witness ?1 won't answer the question. Coua i ? Tatrlck, why not? You have answered Ik already. Witness?Well,sir. Is nit that enough. C?.?Did you ever goto the polloe offloe with your father to make over bia property to his housekeeper, because your mother was coming out? A ? I did not. sir U ?Did your fathsr aver go there with Mr. Lawler for i hat purpose ? A.?I don't know, sir; my fatbar Is ou his own heok, he can go where be likes, and make over his property te whom he likes, beoause it Is his own. U?Do you write and read ? A.?Sometimes 1 do, and tome times I don't. Counsel ?The question Is oan you wtite? Witness ?I tell you sometimes I do and sometimes I don't le not that a fair answer ? Cathesine'Tottrkll recalled to prove whan aha oame to this country. Mast Ann Fmayne traminrd ? Was In ths room the night of the affray; dul not tea the affray; saw the e ung rbot before; the prisoner showed It to wltneee; he said If he got Into a muse he had It to proteot himself. Cron-titmintd -Saw the slung shot four or Ave months' ago; saw it the nlgbl of the affray. Q ? Hew came be to show It to jeu when yon Arst aw It ? ' A ?He had it in his band and I was curious enough to take It cut of his band and look at it. Q.? Wheie do ^ou live ? a.? who mr nine. ti.?Are you a married woman ? A.?No, Mr. U ?How many children have you ? A.?Two, air. Q.-Who i? the father of them ? W ? I decline to anawer. I.kamuah, examined?Knew the deoeaMd: attended him whllit be was sick; called to oe? him at Murray street about two weeks after the affray; wit* nee* wu put aridefor the present Dr. Post, (7amtn?d - It practising physician In this city elrce 1827; attended the deceased; was oalled to attend him about eleven days before his death; I at tended him with another doctor; there was a contused wound on the left side of hie head: there was a dleeherge of matter from it; the wound was on the left side of the head above the region ot the ear; he waa at tha time drowsy, but not ta a decided stupor; the severe patn of which he complal >ed had been removed by the doctor who wee firet oalled in; on Tuesday before his death, symptoms of paralysis of the rljht side of the face appeared, and afterwards extended to the lower extremities; on the same evening Dootor Matt wee added to the consultation and it was determined to make an iaetsion upon the bone, which was accordingly made, in the shape of a cross, bat we found nothing except a small oiaok, which we afterwards found was made by the Instrument; we then determined to wait for further developements; oonvulsloas and paralysis having Increased, wa could no longer wait; wltneas then trepanned the drcea-r J and exposed the membrane which covered the brain: after three days, the deceased became worse, and we determined to open iu? wvuiiiriiiiB, ?uu cipura iu? vr?iu iidvii; w? accordinipy mad* an incision lo the membrane with a lance, and exposed the brain, but na matter was found; tbe convulsions froai ttiat time began toosase, and there was a visible improvetneat in the deoeaaed, and hopes were entertained of bia recovery; on vlalfcIrg him on Kriday. wa found tbat an no favorable ehange bad taken piece; stupor and weakness aat In, and entire inability to take food or drink, and in the course of tbat night he aied, on the following evening an riatnlnalim of hia body was made, upon which a email collection of matter wee found between the thrae membranes of tha brain; the left hemisphere of the brain was disorganised; It wan of a brownish oolor, soft. and emitted a very offensive odor, the uaheelthy and decomposed part of tbe brain was in oonneotion with tbe part Injured; it was very evident, thsrefora, tbat tbe uvath was produord by the decomposition of tbe brain, occasioned by tbe injury received on tbe left aide of tbe bead; front the tea imony In tbe eanae, and from my attendance, I have no doubt but death was occasioned by tbe slung shot Ctois examined ? On tbe post mortem examination, I examined every part of tbe brain; I took It out of the skull, and examined every part uf it; there are otbar cause* tbat produce inflammation of tbe braia than mtchanlral causae; every part ot it wa* perfectly healthy except that part where the wound was given. Doctor Mutt txamined- I* a practising physician lor forty-tbree yrars, baa attended tbe Naw York Hospital ior twenty three year*, as surgeon in o'dinarj: baa spent fire or six year* In i'arls; raw and converted with most of the distinguished men mentioned by tha prisoner couDrci: i x tniinra inn ueoeasea; heard tDe statement. of l>r. Post, sad agreee with him la all the point* tfhls examination To tbe Coijit? I am lorry to any I bar* nodeubt but death mat produced by toe wound on tbe head. Bonn Diiilil txumined- lam physician; attended the deceased; be came to witness'e bouse on a Sunday eteDiDK) and wished to have witnese'a oplaion about a heaCache; wltr en arked blm if tbere was any cause; be raid be received a blow from a eluog chut about seventeen days before, and added that he was well for fourteen days afterward*, and able to follow hisusual buelneri: 1 examined the head, and found lite iltuatlon of ibe wound, which was mostly healed up; he eomp allied of a chill, and vlou nt pain In tbe bevl; from the history be guvr me. 1 told blin It was iuipontb'a to ray wbe'htr It >ii tbe rlT-o'e ot the blow or tbe Ino plent etipe of a fever; 1 rie ircd bun to gi homo ei d lop himself unlet, and ihet I would call on him ne xt morning; I gave blm lonie medicine, au I called next morning. and tcund hiin much worse; the history of the ca>e given by Dr Post Is correct; 1 agree with him Id every psrlicutar. Irrir Miaisnf - On Monkey he had a severe headache. and tound his rpeech b *an to falter; ou Tuesday, 1 found paralysis ret lo, on Wednesday, he was paralysed in one ride or bis face; on Thurs Jsy. consuls nns tot in; be retained his consciousn -si until wit! in a short time before bis death After tbe anamination of this witnsas. the nyurt adjourned nr.til luo'ulnck to morrow (this) morning; and tbe jnry was given In churge of fjur ofllawr*. alter the usual caut.on not to converse oo tbe auij utof'tiie trial. t u............ i. .... rjz ..... J 111% limn "ir.rti? ? mn t ??r- iwuur?in? ntUUUIll of ihe fatal fir?- ht Hmijiatrarf, I. i #nn 1'hursday morning In.', in given i.i the Utinjnttdd Inquirer oi J^aiurdu):?" Ihe house ot Mr Jonathan Miller, about two kiiIcb weal ol this Village, was entirely ? estroied by liie between tour mid live o'clock on last Thursday morning, and, shocking to relate, Mseiiine family, consisting of his wile, a daughter ol about l(i, and two tons of about s and 12 j < ars of age, were consumed in the flamea. The spectacle which presented itseli alter the lire was t uly aw till, and ran nu'y be realized by those who rnw it, or may have witm ssed a similar e.?ne.? From the position in which ihe bodies were found, i nd portions ol the bed on which they slept, it apifmtd that ihey liad occupied dillereiit rooms, as it would tenii they had not lieen aroased from their sleep; jierhapa they were strangled by the en oke before they nwukr or became conscious at danger How the fire originated is involved in mystery. Fiom a conversation had wit Mr. Miller, we lenrn that he left home about threp o'clock in ilie mo tin t' tor Nl w ^ oik, with a load of hay. lie lelt a small fire in the kiichen, which is eituated on the east end ot the house, and this b 'iur? the only tire there was ab< ut the premises, and lelt as he believes in a ssle condition, does not the fire could possibly have originated from it. The opinion formed by those- who were first at tlo* scene ot desti notion is ihai the fire Marb-ri in the centre of the house, as the entiy way and walls oa each side were entirely consumi d, and the tire was emending esch way from the centre. The t-1 .or of ihe upper room, in the west part ol the house wuere the lunily elvpt, had ihen fuben down, a portion of the root end wan standing, which evidently showed thht the lire commenced in the lower part ol the house. Mrs. Miller occupied the Iroot roo n, the two sons slept immediately adjoining, and the daughter in the buck room. And what appears moie strange than all else to Mr. Millvris, that the axe winch he invariably kept standing in the shed at ihe east end of the house, except when in U9?, was found lying in the turns near the west end. The whole atlm is involved in mystery and doubt. The remains of the uutortunate victims have been placed in twocoflins. and the funeral services will take place at Mr. Demon's, Trimming JSquare, at 11 o'clock this morning. Domestic mnr< ileny. William Wiiii idnuih bia rj#i oio?n out,a short t'nio linos, In a llmeito'ns qusrry, at Westmtustor,Ms. A Isrge number of tbs Migsr p'antntlans on ths Mississippi river, in Louisiana, woro inunimUd en the 8th Instant,

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