Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1849 Page 3
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Murine AfTulrS. t Ti n ? ? ii ir W i > 111 " * ~ ? U e hire reoelred the following cerd from the . fti-ere of the ateamthlp Waihingtob :? CAmih Jon* Johhiu^ Jh.:Dkak Si? We, the undersigned. who's good fertune It hu been to sail under voor reuamnd on the steamship ' WHsbingt in ' o-tuuot part with *ou without tbue publioly expressing our himi-re regret in being epsiatrd from e cODiroeoder whom, the longer we be?e known the m< re he her commended our lore end teepeet We beg to c ngratuifn tne owners of (be ; packet ship Viotorie" u. h?nng procured the eer Tiers of such en no -ompllshed gentlemen end eble comuiuider And, de*r sir wheiweer jrnu inijr be, yon have our beet end waiun-rt wi?he? (Signed) James P Noyes. chief oflloer; John H >iare o'def engineer; W. "W. Hfncken. purser; M W. Me'hews let ain't engineer; A. (J i enable let do do , V R reny Juo'r 11 do. do.; J. H. Rogers. 2d do. do Dau'l K Ro"e steward L' S M Steeiuer tt'e-1 lugtoo N York, Feb 20,1849. Arrival or thk Soimhi?i*b& ? l he mail steamship Southerner, Captain B-rrt, arrived early yesterday morning from < )t> nlt-sinn, S. C. She left there on tht I7jh mat., at four o'clock in the alttrnoon She eiicouniered very severe wentf if on the pHf-sase, and arrived >itl the Hook at 'clock on Tuesday night, itmoiis her passenri are the H?n W. O Dawann, United States Dator from Georgia. nod daughter We are indebted t>? ih- iteotl uiauly officers of > ? S. for the latest (Thiiriesiini papers, Aic. The > stern mail had not reached that cny at the hour t? die Southerner'* dens'tore The exteuMve tlourlux mill <>l Smith U Fa'rohUd, at North Bloomfleld, N. V.. was destroyed by Are on Sunday last. Tiicopltolue Klike will deliver a Uecture at Clinton bell this em'iii upon o? re L a I exo'te nonti auoieat nad 'modern histiry of Menn ri? :'p sh< wri u to* wide dltT-renoe that exists latwNn that nod aia?:rioa) I'sjott.ilogy. llr. Dods will experiment. Vour "fhrliii-'n soricl) ?tilth Season ? Tho oc'_.uiit id re.-pe' ?i il' ? h. ">n as euibly wiU iako |l*ce at tho spo t. H-.iru-, on Tf>Uf?day eveniix next, Harth let, 181V. By order f JO'I* MILLS, President. Cottages Tor a*It ? I'll one tour newandhand. ume Lot laves, situstcil un N utn svouue, esact'y opposite the Institution fot the hurt 1 het aro on 'eiss around for 20 years, at $.'H> a lot; aid u ill bos bt f< r "?sh, at $t>5u esoh. ln uite of J. il. viL' Kit. U2 .aual street. fire Armsl-hiie At ? !?Joseph <St Hart, tmyorteri, manuractarrr*. an- d - i-r, i., .vary description of file A rate; aiao ao e ugeoti* tor t ;e f% North's celebrated Carbim a (call id by some Ball's fhe, load at the breech, Ai d Are better adttp ea for th* < alii, ru i* tra'e than any knows arm. Very portable barrel, 01 ij i\ u chea uirmted to ah?ot 2UU varu*. < an be loaded wit'i greifc r?i? d ty, with either ahot or baU I ig-ht lu w? iph'.an > vr highly va nod b> tho United States army and nary. For bale low, hv JOfKPH A H \KT, 74 Maiden lane. Gold Pens?PeriMiii? going to California atiould bv all nitsJina L..k W t't t'i.-m ti ll nf th ? tAlithr^t .tl Richelieu Onld Fend w u h ..r? *?rrai. oid five > ears; kit portable Mi conven ant and will ou "ear a . ruu ol 4111'Is or Htiel p?nf. Sold by j. y SAVauS Jr.. 1.1 inllHtro*t Uold Pent repaired. Dr. 8i1? Shall 1 mve thr pleasure of elltod you k $16 oterooat tor 514 lieiiitifiiliy uouhedf Or aiikll I media e yo for k handle nio ?uir ol Franc . oloth, at "SiV or tha vary finest, for S3 ? Amebic of drtia alukdv made, or made to Otdor, at moderate price#. U. U CL,\KK.K, lift Williamattest. It la no Joke about thnn Five Dollar Suits ?1 hey constat of a ' loth t:?at, t a at'mere Pacta and fanoy Veat. Alto, a penaral aasortment f cottioa auitabla tor men in erery tatlon In life from $s to f.'ui a auit. Juat give u? aohauoe?If you want to buy any sort. f olott iug elth< r for wear or speculation, or If you desire to fall, we will buj. Corner Nassau and Bookman treeta. five Dollar Suit Store C 0 M M I R C I A L AFFAIRS. HONEY MARKET. Wednesday, Feb. til?0 p. ma The stock market was more buoyant to day, and tha bulls era gaining strength At tbe first board Harlom went up >4 peroent; Long Island x; Erie Railroad, ?#w, x- Reading Railroad fell off xi and Norwloh nd Worcester x- Ail others olnsed at prices curren* yesterday. Money is gradually getting easlor. The payments of drafts to day at the Custom House were bout equal to the payments on aocount of duties, so that there has been no Increase in the deposits slnoe yesterday. The 4th of March is eo close at hand that everyone will wait with patience the advent of the new government. It in the opinion of the bulla that no change will be made Injurious to their Interests; and the bears are afraid that tbelr only prop will be removed from under them We do not look for any Important improvement in stocks generally, until af. ter the 4th proximo If the steamer, now nearly due. brings good news, government securities will improve. The annexed report exhibits the condition of the Harlem Railroad Company, on the 1st of January, 1849. This gives a condensed statement of the capital stock, liabilities, assets and property of the oompnny, and will be important to those interested: ? N?w Yori and Harlkm KiiLkotn, 1st January, 1819, Capital Stack?47,776 shares,"Id $50 saoh, $2,388,75U 00 30 ooo " pref. red, " 1,600,000 Oj liahilitit*?Dover Extension Bonds at 10 years, an interest at 0 per oent 107,655 98 Bonds, No. 1, interest at 7>$.$362 300 05 No. 2, ' 243 110 00 006,478 05 Snndry Private Aocounts 21 067 47 Profit and Loss 22,04 9 60 Total $1,040,389 00 Property? Railroad, 80 17 100 miles?10 miles of double .track, depot, lots and bulldiDgs $3,708,404 19 Equipment 178 744 25 Materials on band 12 140 44 Real Estate not used for present service 04,7i0 00 dsicls?Applicable to payment of bends (not for Dover ExteDs.oo) and private aooonnt? uncalled instaimen ts ou preferred stock 639 055 00 Sundry private accounts 22 632 67 Cash ou hand 22 803 05 Total. $4,64 6 389 60 The final estimates for the Dover Extension ars not Inoluded In tba above statement. When these accounts are added to the above, the Dover Extension bonds will staud at $161 OOO, or thereabouts, and the road Moount will be lnoreased the same sum The othsr liabilities of the company will be discharged, and the aeoouats olosed, as the assets are realised. The first appearance of this account is net so favor able ae it appears after an examination. The preferred etock is putd->wn as being all paid in; whereas $630,065 are still outstanding, whioh will, when collected, pap off the bonds numbered in the aooount one and two, tbe private accounts, also named, and leave a small balance en band. The instalments due on the preferred stock, deducted from the aggregate) would leave tbe total liabilities of tbe company,including stock, $4,007 334 00 This sum, in faot, represents the whole cost of tbe railroad, real estate, equipments, ho. This, then, being tbe oost ef the road to its present terminus, it is very easy for any one to estimate the amount of inoome neoessary to give a net revenue large enough to pay the Interest on the -capital. The receipts at the Philadelphia office of tbe Columbia Rsdlway. from November 80, 1848. to February 17, 1840, were $36,606 36, against $30 360 26 for the same period in the previous season?showing an inorease ef $3,306 10. This is a link in the main line of the publio works of Pennsylvania, and this inorease in business looks very encoursging Tbe great case which has been pending in tbe Court of Anneals in Virsinia of the Bank of the 18nlted States vi. Steinberger's Trusteee. ha' tit last b- en decided. B y this deolaloB, the Western Bank of Baltimore reselves about $40 0C0 ; aoma preferred Individual*, $60,000 ; and between $20,000 and $8u 000 are divided between the Farmer*' Bank of Virginia, tbe Bank of Penn Town hip Philadelphia, and aome ot tbe other Baltimore hanka. About $180,000 have been releaaed by thia deoieion. The Preatdent of the Baltimore and Sueqnehanna Jtallroad Company baa recently remitted to the Treasurer of the State of Maryland, $3,000 on aoeount of interest on tbe debt due by the oompany to the State. This la a large payment at thia aeaion of the year* wrben tbe oanala arecloaed, and la an Indication of the .growing proaperlty of the company. This remittance makes $20 000 which baa been paid to the State for the fiscal year commencing on the lat of October last. Tbe annexed statement, compiled from eflloial returns, exhibits the movements of the leading departments of each bank In New Jersey, on the lat of January, 1840:Baaea or Niw Jcasev, JaftoaRv, 1840. Hanki. Circ Hprrie. jx titt. Dite'tn. State Bank, hluabeth 1<i.i90 is WJ i>.i,l4>l .1117i??# Slate Bank, Newark HI 3*: 4V 721 146,tvi 62M74 Selvidcie Bans 164 .147 JS.iMW 27,166 ?a?77 "Tienton banking Compaay.. .IH...WU I 'ft -u ? .V>1,119 Newark Pkg.ami Id,ur. lu. .iIo.46-> S9,2,i| l'Mijn 726,1.W Borlinaton ( aunty Bank. .. . .V'.H.VI 16,4.'6 36 9IH lift/271 Stat* Bank, llamden I4J.743 49.:1>I IB' 464 4d/,i 92 Fmra' a M<cti.'? Rk. Kahwsy. h>.?i4 13 eAU ;i6,370 1*1,690 Union Bank, Dover I29..-'W 3UHP2 41111*7 176 424 Tnnieton Bank 6.-.9VI 101*3 67,29 > 131473 t<m. Bank ol New Jersey .. 67 279 2 ..HiJ 27 "W I.M.7II Saaeea Bank 147 .79 l.i'H 38030 112,3 6 H.olsoine' Bank. Bnrllneton. In ,7'H >I i,-:I 39,799 ll.ll.M j-kpit's Baal, Pat. reou .,. .i3* 6iW 13,128 l'i?6 1 x; -id Salem banking Couipuoy..,. t?2 %H, 24 7.12 31,992 93,4' 2 Siate Bank at Morria 6,9.17 479 l.itlt 12,820 Cumberland Ban* . 7!' iu.4 29.ii.jl 31,399 9<,4?4 Seobanlti'Bai k. Newark ... lid iitl 41 146 174012 0l'?8-7 Stale Bank, Ntw B imnwlek . 1*9 7l8 4".6il Hl4P4 *16,179 Jlorria loaatj Bank... ... . 7VL6< w.SoJ villi 141.678 Herb' k ""a. oauk Tieut"nli/1,2HJ .*! 666 61,679 179,6:9 Farmer* k' Rank, Midaletown Point 64.7'0 ll,|l'-6 4<J 723 l'J',442 Orentc Ha k 4,V"td 1H,397 lUI?8 102.6.68 SeOiOiMt County Bai.k 4.6,746 H 1"6 16,316 46,it'll atal, $2,423 UI4 693.7uJ 1.66>,990 5,493,399 J Three sggrrgate. oonTpar. ?** tt~ ?f P",Ti0U' j dates u annexed :? Jan.'44. J*n.'ifi. Jan '47. Jan.'49. Io.n.and JUcoenU... $4.?54.7a> *'*>.?? Hp,cii SI6 7"l 4I1.7M "".'J9 Ml 743 (ii relation 1,?7*ltt5 l.WIM 3 ???<?? VtfattB 1.19V,?W I 44 '.MS 1?U...U W4B.W0 Compared with the mmmeut In January, 1(?'T, there bu been a decrease in the line of loans of $347,36x, in I peele, (6 416; circulation, (17,671; and In djposita, I (101,763. The proportion of apeoie on band to paper ' ii circulation according to the latest report, vac a* one to foar. The aggregate oapltal of the above banks amounts to (3 600 700. The excess of disoounte, over ! and above the total capital, vat $1,093 299, being more than fifty per cent aa much again as the oapltal. Slnoe 1844, there has been a very great ohange In the position 1 of the banks of this State?a ohange by no means favorable The Committee on Banking, in the lover bonce of the Legislature of Nee Jersey, l^ve reported that the adoption of a general banking system, similar to that in operation in this State, is inexpedient, as it tends to a rapid inorease of banks and banking oapltal. The renort urires unon the Honse the neoansitv nf : guarding very strictly tho bauklog system, and prerenting the increase of capita employed in banking, exoept for good and auffloient reason*. It is about time the Legislature of New Jersey adopted some measures to present the establishment of suoh banks as the Plainfleld, the New Hope and Delaware Bridge, and ether similar institutions, and, if possible, gire her banks generally a better oharacter than they hare for some time past enjoyed. We do not wish to be understood tbat there are not any good banks in New Jersey?institutions judiciously and properly conducted?for we hare no doubt there are as good banks in that Stat* as in any other; but the existence of snoh concerns as the New Hope and the Plalnlield banks, for suoh a length of time; the impunity with whioh they carried on their swindling operations, and ths difficulty experinced in getting the Legislature to interfere and arrest the movements of the parties engaged in swindling the pnblio, have given the banking system of that State a reputation rather detrimental to its oredit beyond its own limits The liquidation of the affairs of the Bank ef the State of Alabama and braoobes, progresses with as muoh rapidity as olrsumstanoes will permit. The annexed statement exhibits the amounts collected at the mother bank and each branch for the six months ending January 1st, 1848 Bam or tin Stats or Alabama and Bbanches.? Collections raoM Jclt 1,1848, to Jan. 1, 1819. Bank of the State? From debts classed good. . .$ 10 Ml 70 UU. Oil UOUUIIU1. HI IO do. do. bad 2 974 10 do. do. unknown 161 88 do. not classed .... 0,207 27 $ 29,622 08 Branch Bank. Montgomery? From debts claused good. . .$107,061 14 do. do. doubtful.. 2 210 87 do. do bad 8 009 02 do. not olanaed 7>29 06 $126,210 62 Branch Bank at Mobile? From debts cleared good. . .$ 23 609 09 do. do. doubtful.. 9.749 87 do. do. bad 12.054 16 do. not classed 60.345 49 $101,759 11 Branch Bank HuntrvUle? From debts cleared good. . .$ 6 214 93 do. do. doubtful. 1 797 33 do. do. bad 2,704 32 $ 10,790 03 Branch Bank Decatur? From debts classed good. . .$ 21.38* 13 do do. doubtful. 6.729 79 do. do. bad 0,043 94 $ 33,102 8e - Total $300,667 98 Tbe aggregates of tbeae are as follows Collections from debts olsesedgood $177.8.36 54 Do. do. do. duubttul . . . 20 21169 Do. do. do. bad 31845 64 Do. do. do. unknown.... 151 88 Do. do. do. not olasssd.. 70,482 41 Total $300 657 96 It will be seen that collections amounting to $122,721 42 bare been made, in tbe short period of six months, from debts considered bad and doubtful. This looks well for the ultimate result of the operations of the comnils f loner and trustee. Debts due most of the banking institutions in different parts of the country, which aro in a state of liquidation, hare been paid up much better than generally anticipated, and the improvement going on In the financial and commercial affairs of the Western and Southern States will give the trustees of these Institutions more faculties for winding up their affairs. The oirou'atlon of the Bank ef the State of Alabama and branches, forms part of the State debt, and the collections made from the assets of those institutions, are applied to the redemption of this per. tion of State indebtedness. It Is the impression that the amount realised from the aggregate assets will not only redeem all the outstanding notes, but leave a ' handsome balance applicable to the liquidation of the State bonds issned to provide bauking capital. Stock fCxclmrifge. >71X10 Treat(Ts JUxV luft N k ? N H RR 02 SOW U?6's of '62 1041 as do (30 V\% 6000 do 117 V 2'> Mad * Ind KB 120 1610 do 107>? 2ft Canton Co SSJf 2100 do coupon 10ol4 37ft do 39x 10 UU Indiara State 6's G3 2ft Nor A Wor RR 35 V 4IKO Beading Bonds 44 V M Heading Kit 2> j 40110 do Mortgage do ftt.V G(X> Uarlem RK 69 11K4 0I'enii'a 't's SOU do blO 63 i 1(410 Ohio 7's M>V 100 do blO 69V 2W1 aha 1 arrairs Trust .VV 100 do 69V I 60 do ilO 3-V 21-0 do b3? 59V IftU do S6?, no do b30 09V 10 AH bk Brooklyn 9i ft'll do SO ds 695? 7 Karon RR 41 600 do 69V 10 Hut.tcn River RR 67 600 do Sl2m 5.3 i ISO L IaliLd KR (10 2ft'u loo do b60 COV I 200 do 26V 100 Lis'and RR blO 26V , 1(0 do h.Tl 2ftV 200 d i 2ftV ' H'O CO boo 2iv bU Erie RK, now tilV 910 do h30 2!?V Seconal Uonr?t. $?I0 TrNotes6- H 9V 100 she ilorris Canal 9V ' 160 do 109V 100 do b30 9'J 1100 Reading Bends 4ft 00 Harlem RR A9V lo she Maron RK 44 C O do blO 60 ] ftO Canton Co 40 ft) do b60 6tlV I Ml Fanners Lcaa 6ftV S(X) do $3 fi'V ; 60 do 36 100 do 69V 1 2(0 do blO 3d 7-ftO do bft fc9V I 60 do 36 60 do 69V I 110 do (CO 36\ 60 do 69V | 60 Nor ft Wor BR SA* 10 Erie KB, new, full 61V 60 do 36 V ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY M0BNIN8. WANTS. WAN1ED-A WARD ROOM steward for the re. cilving ahip North Carolina, at the Navy Yard, Brooklj-o, pay >24 per month. Feraona desirous ol a good situation may ! apply to the eatirer on board, any morning before 12 o'clock; but 1 nine xecd cfler who cannot furnish the best testimonials as to hoi esty, sobriety and capability. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, TO DO the homework of a respect*lie private family She is a good plain Book and an excellent Washer and Ironer, and oan produoe the beat of reference from her last tn-vloyer. Please call at No. ; 119 Tweltth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues. WANTED.?BY A RESPECiABLV YOUNO WOMAN A : situation * Cook. Chambermaid, to assist in washing and ironing, or to do general houiework in a small private family.? Best of city re ft retire given No objections to go ia the oountry. Apply at 44 Pearl street To be noon for two daya 1 WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TOffffll girl; if a first rate Cook, understands Baking and Pastry perfectly well, the is a first rate Waaher and Ironer, the best of 1 oiiy 11 urer ce can be given from her last plane; nan bn seen for two da) r, if not snited. I'lease call at No, 147 3d avonna | WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, 17 YKAR3 OLD, WISBE3 I to bind himself to the Coppersmith, Plumbing. Carpeuter. 1 or Home rvapeetable trade Can he well reoommended. and 1 will be seen at No. 6 Union Court, between Eleventh and Twelfth s'reets. University Place, for a week. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE women, who ia willing to make herself lenerallv naefuL I Apply at 246 t-eennd street, on f* third story, back room, bettmiTHHiBndU. Wanted?by a respectable vouno woman, a i situation as nurse or stm|etro?a, or chambermaid. Would Assist At wishing or general house work. Cad b? scon lor throe days. Apply At 173 Hotter street, up stairs WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNOj WOMAN, A sitUAtiou as oook, (AmericAn ot English style ) And will Aid in washing sr.d ironing tau give good oity reference for six jrsrs past. A respeotabie pnvste family preferred. Apply At 724 Twelfih street, oorner ot First avenue, (Mr. Geffrey's store,) for wo days. WANTED-BY A RKIPECTABLE FEMAi E. A 81TUAlion to attend a hosiery, trimming, or lace store. 1 he advertiser is not partisular about going to a situsti- n immediately, if not perfectly convenient for the employer. Please esll at No, 8 WI its street, l'ne?cep?ionab!e references shall te flven. WANTED-A GRANITE CUTTER AND 8ETT&R, TO 00 to a Southern city. Apply to A. A. DENMaN k CO, foot West Jfith street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUXJ wtman, a ai'uation in a confectionary or a fancy store, who has been aupiaintod with the business. Uood reieteaoei Siv<n. st M bridge strret, Rtooklyn. Rttner A note to I 0 .. or personal interview, will be promptly attended to. Can U- scon t r u week, il not engaged. Board wanted-by a ob.ntleman. wipe, and child seven years old, ia a reepjotaLI# privtie family, or nhere there ate only a few boarders One large room, or room ti.d closet, will he nsjuiT*d, eit er furnished or unfuriiirhed, Id a central airuatii n ; west side preferred The gentleman will dine at home only on Sunday. Address F.'R., Herald Oftioe, stating errns end lo'atlo". _______________ FFACTORY BOOM AND POWER WAN TED? aOOM EQUAL to 100 fatt by .VI feet, with a go< d power, it wanted for a With neshop. to n.a'nutaclure heavy mschiaery, part sf which innst le on th< ground fl ior. A convenient place down t wn preferred; must te lu the city. Persona hav rg such morn, may app'y by let'rr or in person, to J. L EfNOSLEY, 5 Wall street. <t ^ (UW I WANTEO.-A PARTNER. EHHER ACTfTB jP9* jvl/tr or si-erlsi, with a capital of S.\00ll. in a hosinoss that will pay such a profit as to return the oapital inve t-iim eighteen mouths ar d alter that pay frotn to $4ll,lkJ0 per si i um. as the advertiser can show to any ors who has tha capital srd is disprsed te tabs hold of a safe and profitable busiuosa. Address M.O., New York Post' Woo, etetmg where and when an irtcrview csn ho had, which will bo strictly contt.lor.tial. biiippinw. If or balk-tdk m 11stantial bark mary ellin, burthen IrtiS t-ni ons yoar old, neppsr fastened and recently rheatleid with yellow metal, is now being now fitted with maete, sails and rigging Mai s very fast, and ia soar? ear pact a first slats vnrsel. Apply to CapL Hewitt, on board, at the foot of I Kutgsrsstreet, or te boyd k il [ NCEEM, 8* Watt fit. IfSt.x. wwvw-- -u. NOTIOBI. . , , TuB SEW YO?M ROUGH *^D UABT CLUB, BT* M. tablwhed Is 1HI6, will orlebrate Washington's Birthday, sad the Battls cf Barns Vista. by a publia dinner st Vauxhall Osr den, on tha 224 of February. Tickets c?n be obtained by making application to the office of ".t.e Eveuuig Mirror, Vauxball Garden, a, d of either of tlie Commitb e of AtxsniremanU. Dinner will be on tl.e UMe rreciseiy ?t 7 ./elorb P. II xtot.ce-tht c11idbss of tub twblftu *4b3 ?? requested to meet at the J*"ge room orsr Mr. Carman's tare, corner of loth avenue and lidtk street, on Thurjday ere ..log, t,teiHs instant, to take into consideration nuoti amsnlmmta of tt. e chsr'er of the city aa will tend to the improve neat of ths am*; end eaeh other bunlneH a? may ooma befoi* the meeting. Tub jndefendfnt citv reformers or tub vru Mard, hold a public meeting at Na. 19D Madieon street on (Thursday ) evening. Let all fnends of rsform attend the prima ry n Tub membbbs of Pythagoras lodge, No. m>, of Free and Aoovpted Maaona. are respectfully invited to attend the fune<alof brother Henry P Frasse, of L >dg* Union Francaia frotn tui lata rewdenoe. No. 1*6 Fulton treat, thia sfwruvou, at two o'clock. R? order ol the W. m. F. Q< IET/.E. Secretary. 10 ofo f?TfiBB.W GRAND LODGI of tub state of New York, adjourned on Tuesday evening last, to meet on Thursday evening, tl.a 2M of Maroli, at. 7 o'nloak. By order, BKN J. J. PENT Z. Grand S wreinry. COLUMblAN FNt.INB COMPANY', No. 11-EXTRACT from tlie mii.utea ?At a meeting tield at the room* of the Coluuibiau Engine Ciuipany, No. It, on Monday eve, 12th Inst, the following preamble and roanlutinne were adopted?"Wlioreaa. it ia In oontemplatiou to make the ataiiiant enginoere aaliriad olHcera; and. whereas, then are number* in the department Squall) aa competent to fulhl tha dutiea of tlie offioe (and with, out pa), oonwdering it a pout ut houor) :ta the majority of thoa* now holding such positions therefore resolved, tfat wa. ea a c c.1111 ?i y. di dler pprove of aDy such alterations in tho regulations of the department, believing that the puasaga of such law would reeult in moat evil consequences to the order and well being of the dat artmeut of which we are tuamb ra" Hesolved?' That a 0' ir mil tee 1m appointed Iron this company, to oonhr with o.tier members) f the department, and tako sueh action aa the majority ma) think advisable against tha passage of tuoh law " Tho fol lining gentlemen woro appointed?A. T. Cochrane, Robert Farguaos, John Bauiu. U B. VENN, Chairman. W. LAUDER, Secretary. First troop Washington ukeys-military and Clrlo Ball on Washington's Birthday, February Wl. Irtl'.l, at tha Astor Place Opera House To prevent any disappointment, tlie Ccmintttve would statu that gentlemen holding tickets for tha above named Ball will oonform with the following arrangements: Tht t in eonatsiuenco of ii being impossible to seat the whet.* num. pany at two Nti of tabiee, aaataUtd in tlie circular, it will b? no otiiary, to giro comfort lo all, to net three instead. tito company arriving tirst will be provined with tickets for tho first sapper? those aintriug next, for the second?and thos* arriving last, lor tho third. Tiny would also state that no main person over ton > art of ago will no admitted without a ticket* all ohildren under the above nge will bo furnished with Supper tioketa, and bo considered theeanieaa grn?u poroont. Alto, would havu it understood that no money will bo received at the door, exoept ai the oiroular ao companying theimtleuiou's tiekote provides for. Military gentle men are particularly requested to appear in uniform, without oidearms Captain J M Varian,Chairman; Serg'tQeorgo Jaoaka, tturg't * illiam flibard, Alfred Broadway, William Lalor, Willirm Banham, Fbilip Head. Wil ism Robins, Bryant Lawrenoe. Joseph C. I'almer. Joseph G Browuinr Philip W. Ruinains, leoretary. N.B.?lbs drivers of II carriages bnngivgoompaay to said Ball are reout steo to a t them down with tho horses' heads to the Kant, and take them np in reverse order. Hudson euvir railroad company.?issur or Mortnge Bonds lor (AiU.UUU?payable 1st February, 1BW? Interest at 7 per oust per annum, payable lemi-aunually, on 1st February and 1st Angutt?privilege of conversion into stock at par until Ave years from date?in sums of SS.OUU, tl.UUP, and $V)0. as required. Sealed proposals for an issue ef ike bonds of this Company, as demriis-u above, to the amount of JdsW WW, at not loss U an par, will be received at the office of the company till the lit'- f, Inst., when answers will be given to such proposals. Btookboldeia, under the conditions of the original subscription, are entitled to the prelerenoe on equal tsrms. tolheextout of the amount of their slook, end bonds to the lull amount of stock held will be issued to all stockholders making application, an 1 offering terns equal to otbert. Payment for nouns taken may be made at the ooavenience of taken, during the present and su.oeeding month, or, to the rxtent of not evo'eding one half in April; and lords will be issued as required, live per cent, of the amount to be deposited on tlie acceptance of the respective proposals An sgeney commission, to bo state lis prop, sals, will bo allowed to brokers ltd oilier agonta, who may maKo op lint* lor not Iohi than 2.1,000 in amount, which ore accepted, whether for it oliholdnr* or other a, J NO. m. HOPKINS, Treasurer. New Tor*. February 13th, IfiS Copioe of tiie form of bond and mortgage may be had on application fct theotii"C (f the company. NOTICE.?TH B SUBSCRIBERS HEREBY 01VK NOTION of Uioir intontien to apply to the Legislature of the State of New York, during th? proaent mission thereof, fur an act te incorporate themselves and their associates, with a capital of two milllnne ol dollars under the corporate name of "The United Statoe Mail Steamer* Company. New York and Liverpool Line J for the tnrpoee of tanning a fine of atoamen between New Yetk and Jverpsol, in England.- Jan. lj, 1SUI. JAMES BROWN, EDWARD K. OOLLLNS, E. R10QS, W. S. WBTMOHJB. AUCTIONS. SA11 OP DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT AUCTION? Will be aolii ut public auction, ty A. J. BLKBOKHR, duotioi,e? r. t ti.e Morohauta Kxci anfo, o>i(Frhluy, Pebruarj 23,1 849, at 12 o'clock, M? six lota (each 2d feet by 93 feet 9 inches) at fol Ion a via: Two on south aide of 34th street, 200 foot east of 7 th avenue: two on eonth tide of 23d street, 3d11 hot oast of Hth avenue ; ai d two on north side of 22>i a'root, 221 feet, east ot 7th avenue. Sale peremptory. Title indisputable. Sixty per cent of purchare money tray icmaiu on mortgage lor two years at 6 per cent. For further part culars see map* and hand bills at theomoe of A. J Bleecler (a t'o. 7 Broad street. Anthony j. bleecur. auctioneer.?valuable Real Estate on Ninth avenue and Thirty-fourth s*r?ct? lly virtue of an order of Anthony L. Robertson, Et p, the subscribei*. executors of Louis J. 'limoUt, deceased, will sell at nublio auoticn at the Hercnants' Exchange on Friday, the 23d day of Fetniarv, 1349, at 12 o'clock, the two story frame House corner of Ninth aveiioe and Thlity-fourth street. The lot is 21 feet 3 inohes front and rear, aid 100 let in length. Alto, the two atory frame House divided in two houses, with stores The lot ia front and rear 24 fiet 9 inches, and in brgth 100 feet on eaoh side. Also, two lots cf ground fronting on Thirty fourtli street, 1U0 fee* wost of tlis Ninth avenue, eaoh lot 25 foot front and rear, and 93 foet 9 inches in length on each tide. PETER A. IIEGEMAN, ) wxtontor. LOUIS j. HIIOLtT. S *"<"""? Large and magnificent faintinos, suitable for a Church, Parlor or Saloon. Anthony J B'oecker will sell atanetion. on Thursday. 220 inst . tt 11 o'clock, A M? at the salesroom, No. 7 Broad street, without reserve, to the highest lddd'r two splcnd d Paintings, by tiie the grest misters, Guide Rcni, and t-nido. of Bologna; onn of them repree-nting Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's I earn-the other a magnificent representation of the Iruitaaad 1 eers of and America. Tiie sale will be lor cssh, to close u consigninent. LM. HUFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.?UNITED STATES Muskets at Auction.?L. If. Hoftnsan A Co. will sell, on Tnssday, 27th ins'-, at 12 o'o'ock, a* Atlantio Dock Store. No 28, Brooklyn, hy crder of the United States, 80 000 Un ted States Meaketa. rart rf which will be told parempfoHly. Ca'alnguea will be r ady, and the muskets own be examined three days pre vions to sale. DD. NASB, AUCTIONEER.?STORE 139 FULTON 8l\. Monday, Feb. 2*1, at 111 o'clock. Sheiill's sale of the stook, marhincry. tools, fixtures and properties of theUnion Filo Works at Sing Sing, tV cstoh> iter coun'y; on the wremites, at Sing Sing, nndir tl e direction of the Sheriff of Weatehester oounty. consisting of stesrn eig ne, machinery and tools of all description necessary for the manufacture of files and cutlery. A largo stock of cut and grennd files,fiiished and unfinished, iron, steel, lead. Ifco Alto, wagons, tarts, snd harness. Alto, the luriiture of the hoarding huno connected with the works ^ FOR SALE. A DOUBLE MEDIUM TRESS FOR 8AI.E, WITH IRON cylinder for rollers, in first rate order. Apply at the desk, in tola offiee. FOR SALE.?THE OLD ESTABLISHED DRU3 STOKE AT ?54 Pear! street, netr Uroadway, now doing a good busiu't*. An excellent situation for one who oouldjoln tie practice of medicine vi'h the drug business. Possession immediately. Apply at 161 Fulton street.. Dr. Folger's Office. A LKARE CHANGE?A FANCY STORE AND FIXTURES ii for sale, very cheap, if applied for immedlatuly, at No. 173 L'snal ?trret.|?i'J TO MERCHANT TAILORS?FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND Fixrnreeof a Morohant Tailoring and Ready Made Clothing Establishment, Nc. 220 Greenwich, eorner oi Robinson street, near the Waahinton Market. A nuraon ?rishin? *.,, in the btiunru, the looation ii in exoiSlent ana, and"cannot lie furpuwed. For further pertJculara. imioire at the atom. GBEAT CLEARING SALE. AND HIVING UP BUSINESS C. SCOTT It CO., in ooneeifnenoe of giving up their hoMiiM, it No S37 Broad* i> * ill icll without rcimrve,their entire troth nil valuable etock, conoieting of a corrp e'.e assortment of Laoee, Embroidered Co lire, Robee, chemieette Cares, Velle, Handkerchief#, (ho., ho., at a reduction of froru .10 to 50 per cent under regular prioee l.aliee are reep"ctlully invited to cell, and may depend on having euct bargains aeare leliloui met with. CIOAL YARD FOR BALE, WITH OR WITHOUT A WELL J eelected flock of coals. Applj at No. SO B'ektnan atreet, at the office of the Virnieh Factory, of I1RKNUARD MAYER. TO MACHINISTS. OR OTHERS WISHING TO ENGAGE in that tine uf business, who can purohani the toola, ooneteting of lathes, vieea, and othir toola tece taary to carry on the bnainett successfully; located in a gord place, and dot eg a gued hneincu. Aleo, a good trauofacturirg branch connected with the br,alien The proprieter not having capital, wisliea to dispose af it. Address uni t* to A m. O. Valentine, 2K1 Delinoy itrejt. TO LIT. |j? ARM AT KIN0SBR1DGE TO I ET.-TBE PARK FORX m.rly oeonplad by Edward CromwetL havirg npom it a aood, C' intertable koute and bain, and a large orchard f tlio beat kind of appleaand cherriee, fco., and containing about 30 aoree of np land and 6 acrra of ult meadow, poaataeion piven on the Srat of April next. For terme apply to Abraham V alentine, in the town of Yonkore, about one trlle from the depot at Wilhame' Bridge, or to A O. VALENTINE, IMA Front at. TO lit 1AM I INO HOUSE KEEPERS-TO LET, THE LARUE hooee No II Barclay atnet, which oan be aeon from 4 to 5 P.M. Rent. SI,ft 0. end un'iaoationable aeourity required. Apply by note to No. 12 Warren ttreet. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A NEAT THREE STORY Hotiae, pleaaantly iltoated in the vicinity of St. iobn'a Park. The rtnt taken la biard by a ainall lamily, ooniriit<ag of a gentleman, wife mother and child. Poareacinn Immediately, or on the lat of May. Addreaa B I. C.. Broadway Poet Of6ee MUSICAL.. American musical fund society?thi. office of the above Society it at Mr Vanderbook'e Mnaic Store No. 47W Broadway. Oflioe honrt from 12 to 2 o'olook, P M.. daily, when app initial a formambeiahip and poat oominunloatlona ?ui h received, ana tbo general cusiueea of the Boiloty traneaot ttSjlby JOHN SCHRRPF. Seo. A. M.F.8. Thneeme'pVetu who niheoi ibed Ui?r?i?? to the original I1M. re reqoratad to call at ouce at the offloe of the Peoretary, and pay their intiatnrv leee lit order, JOHN C 800ERI'f, Sec. BHAlVntKY k NASH'S MUSICAL ACADEMY, NO. 411 Broadway.? Hwirt b. k N. will commence a Qlte Oleae next Thnreday eveiu: g, at 7k o'olock: aleo an elementary oleae on Irodey evening, atTX o'clock I'll veto lint motion on the pianoforte aid eirgirg, at til per quarter. PI ASo FORTR FOH^BAla-roVBALE, aTInRTONED t'k octavo l'iane, made l>y one of the beat manufacturer* In tie city: only three veara la uae. at <1 a* good aa new. Coat RSIVlt will be enld at a hargxtr. Aleo, four richly worked tupeatry Chairt. Apply at IPS IlummereJey a'reet. aiiHIKIiLANKOVR. ^VV%^V\VWW.VWVVW\rt."WX \e.v\\ wvwvwwwvt SHOT,?1UE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, OP THIS week, m w ready, coitaira a deeply intereating chapter In the life of MrUn Jenett and Richard P. Uohlt aon; horrible dnUlla ot too n.ttrder triala; the MoultAn divorce caee In Weatcheater Co, N.Y.; Fxvcutiona of Perry Bailey in Dvlaware, and Tyler In Ohio; Mi vementa of tha two Piiie Fighter- -villivan and Hyer,with a review ot the eoeditktal pardon of bnlllvan, with all tie law on tl a auljeot, Ac. fce.; together with any qnantity of exoitiog crimknel newa from all parte of the world. Offloe 1M Naeaau a treat. For aalantUQWlMlk USTRH TBOlUCED PROM RWBRT MICE IN PROM thiee to eight mlnntea?Anthony k Emenon'a Double Aoting Rotary t hum will be exhibited durlrg thia week at the Ana rican luatitute, oornor of Broadway and Anthony (treat, wham a churning will be made daily at 13 o'clock. The public ara Invited to call and aee one of tha moat aimple end valuable laborraving me< hit eg ever Inveattd. Gold map.-gold leap manufactory, yi iieadi afreet, cheaper ihaa any other aetabUahmontln the city, and warranted en peri or quality) JA ? per package, oach, bankable money. Deo tufa gold foil $26 pet ea. Will remove en or about the lat Mey to 112 Franklin at. j. l. wauoh. SmTtB k butlnr, un murray 8trrrt, wholrealr i-ealera in Pi* and lalt. Flak put up axpuamly for tha Okllfbala trade ^ AaUBBJURIk. r?l,BDAT BTwnaa. ? DOWB\ TIliTU-^^ Tua L^#T ttAI 8 ** M, tin I Ularmean* *''* ^t^Joiaacnt. Mr J 8. Ua!5 g/POMt-BIl 4**jS?VSu. JJ? Si. ?.? Urk?i ap*oI?*s Mr. I Medon. Mr. J M. .Not**. L^V'JT" mi ? *. Wnimi to Jordan; Barb* Mr M * "? T"^ m'm * ~ J tin ! * ' Dtte'af Pool v,u w|il be sotod the national urninn celled BOSTON BOYS 6. * i'JUnNKM BILL? Mike Mali reII, Mi ' Jmu Ni ? D,1**** 1 S lli 8a. o. Mr Winni.e; Jo.. '-P*10?:J1*JSS^S'JS? U",U*1Mr8 Smith: Lord No?. I#. Mr. W f* Jordan; ! Ctoll Mr* v aloct. Ro*ee '.So .; Plli'Jfrl Doefg op. n at 63* a'cioek; ooameaee at T. I nBMiri dV'l national TUB 4TEV. 9^TK CHATHAM 1 V - Ti urwu* Bveiur.g, February ? WK " ?>?"? thei farce , ol A LOAN Of A WirK-Mf. Mr. rv"d?/:, L-1Jwt, Mr. W. B. Cbapmaoi Alniionae Bum wojfwJfeA Mil. leherwood. After which M03B JIf <?A? . . ? ST How. Mr. Cbni.lrau; 8}kreer, Mr. Seymour, Mr. An'olphua PUliehroud, Mr. W B Chapman: Lite. Mis* K Meats? To cobKind* with KOSIMA M ea DOWS? Harry M ndea, St fr??: Mr. Meadows Mr MoV arlaod: Jethro B> star, Mr. T. CL tooths Be?i Meadows Mia* B. Meatajer; Mrs. Maadowr, Mrs O. A ^P; I man. Alice Warr n Mia* P. Gordon. Box a 38 cent*; Pit, a*'* omta. r>orr?*paaat?X*'*loob oenaarot at 7. Broadway emeus, rboadway.nbar spring sr.? ' Thurtday evening. Feb. 21, the eatcrtaiamenta will ootwDieuc* with a display of elegant horsemanship; alao. a beautiful aoene of gymnastics by Mr. Saudi and hi. children, together with a performance in the arena, by Mesar* 8tout, Haggles, Peiei. Hai kins Walter Ayirar. Mallory. feo. The whole tooonolude, f< r the third time here, with the bnr eaquo sporting eeano, entitled, TBI PONY RACES, OK IJMON COUdSKIN MINI A 1UKE?Mote, Mr B. Gardner; Widdy MoGowan, Mr. Peutfand; Pat. Mr. nankira: Italian Grinder. Mr. W. Ayinar; Mtaa Dinah i low, Mr. Pan Gardrvr. AdmiaMoa to every part of the heat*. 2Nt?chlldret. ball pries MBCiiANiutr hall, np.itb uboadway. bbtwrrh Grand and Rroomo streets, open every night during the week,?The original and well-anowa CHRISTY'S MINSTKBLS, organised 1M2, the eldest eetabliahed oompany te the world; the first to harmonise uorro melodies and originators of the proaont popular style of BthiopMta ontertainzneute; whom eonocrt* la this oity, tor a period *f two years hay* been patronised to an extent unnaralloiad by an* in ihk vmi ..imnih. They will^iave the honor of ooutinaing their Inimitable Concert* evory/wight, until farther notice, introducing at each re premutation a variety of new Operatio Barleeqaee. Bonne, and their new Bnrloeque of their Voyage Kuirieal. Admiedan, 28 oente. Dnore open at 7?t'onoert to oomiaanoe at 15 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, oommenetng at I o'olook. Manager and Director, 1.P. CHRISTY. BARMM'S AMERICAN MU9KUM.-P. T. BARNUM. MAunverand PmpreUr; J. Geenwood, Jr., Aeeietant tl a eager. Snlrivlid peifosmaucea every afternoon atS, and tvery evening at 7>e o'olock. Moot attractive bill thi* eeaeon. Two Larireet Per aona In the world In conaeaineme ol the marriage which took plaoe on Saturday evening last of the oelekrated Quaker Oogntand (lien lata, and their derive to gpend a portion of the honeymoon ia tine city, the manager liaa 'he poaaura to inform hie patrona that be hie made a farther engagement with thia ooilneeal ooopletor a ahort period. The OianWea. a'delioata yocnv Qaakereva of 21 yean, ta nearly eight feet high, and weight 337 pounda! The Quaker Giant, 17 yi art of age, atanda plump eight feet in hie g'ookinge, and weigh# 5iM potimla. They may be aeon at all h< nit in oontraet v-'h Titaaia, the Fairy Queen; Ureat kt eat* rn, the Yankee Comedian; The 8ahl? Pro there; Pete kf?rrie. Mire Emma Lee'ie, MiM Jcrerhine Went, tfra Moeell; Mra. Averill; the living < hi rang Outapg. Wat Scripture Statuary; Madame Rockwell, the Firtme Teller. Admiation, 28 oonta; ohildrtn nadir ten yeart, 12)4 eentg. W A LB ALL A, 36 CANAL STREET, NEAR B <UADWA Y ? ffprn tvery evening at 7. and every Weduavday and Satur day afternoon at 3 o'olock. Extra attraction# fur a few night*. A double troupe ol Model Artistee (3d in number) will appear every evening. VAUirOliRlA CTEAM FOR CALIFORNIA?LEN 71 MMBN W110 UAVB hJ been endeavoring to form eveouiatlnua are invlt -d to attend a meeting if the Uuiou Screw Men. Uoa evening, at DunNp's llotel 13o Fulti n etnet, at 7X o'olook, and inoorp>rate thornevlvte with the mi et efficient, ?afe, And npeedy Company now in protrtee it oomplotirn. Amorg other advantage*. the Iron Government Steamer Governor Maodowel, thr e yeaie old, hae been pureharad. ol I SB tore, for tho Sacramento, honida whioh a home having aeparate etateroom for eaoh of the metnbere. An expcrienO'd giologiit, ae-ayiit, mining engineer and pnyelnixn have joined tinco. Via Lake Nicaragua?through In ilxty days. 711RST STEAMSHIP ruK nil viigr.v ?til WIDOW,., .oa F ocean steamship (' L3 Al'E.tK R, (Japt. e. A. Mix, will positively Mil on the 24th February. On her arrival at, O'hagrcs, pasaengcni will be conveyed to Urncei by the iteamboat Drue, thereby avoiding the pottage up the river in oaooee, and arrangements are in prefreas to forward pawnngers withont delay from Urnoes to Pana'ina, at whieh point they will meet tho iteamer of 13th | March, and find other meana of oonveyanoo to San Francisoa. Captain Mix will aooompony the passengers to Fauama, and havlnr crossed the latlimua several tlu?ee. will be able to render Bcrvieea and advioe to paosenaera Hoaaitfc, $100, only flratolaaa passengers taken. 300 pounds baggage allowed each am etiger; freight or extra baggage bO cent* per foot; apeole, thre> fourths per oent Apply to ' SMITH * STANTON, No. 14 Broadway. 1 FOB Ban FBANCISCO.UALTrOKNlA-TO SAIL on THE 26th in it.?The anion d id oooaa atoamahlp SENATOR, of 7M tonaburthon, 2.0 feet long by .30 ft. beam, bniltby Yt m U. Brown, Ken., in his beat manner, withent regard to expense. Elercnginos are 460 horse power, and made by Mesen. U. ft. Dunham Ik 0*., a aura guarantee for their an port or strength and perfection. The Benator woe built for Jamee Cunningham, sixth months ago, to run between Boston, St. Johns and Halifax, and haa beensevevely tried, and proved herself rot only vory fast, but one of tha finest sea boats that has been turned ont of Mr. Brown's yard, and haa his certificate to that effoot. ller saloons and stata rooms are magnificently fitted up, for eomfbrt. and the nnmbr of paaaengera limited. The ownera nave the pleasure of stating that she will be commanded by Lient. Roche, IT. 8. Navy, who has a porfoot knowledge of the coast, also s thorough knowledge of steamers and the steam engine. The principal engineer ia a practical aud experienoed man. The ship will be well fonnd for tlie passage and oue or.two c f the ownera will go to San Franoisoo in her. whloh will ensure attention and comfort to paaaengera. For paas.ige only, as no freight will be taken, apjihy to nvmuuuiili mmUKN.Ol aouttlil. Improvement! and addition! arc bow making to parfoot hot for this Tglga FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?TO SAIL ON TUI Drat March.?AnaMooiatina, to oonaitto 4(1 members,have purchased the now and faat sailing hark SUSAN, Captain S B. Lothrop, of 3)0 toes barthon, coppered and copper faatoned. now fitted up in a nperlor mat.ror. both for oo-nf rt and convenience. A few it-area are pat te be had at (SO1) each, including the vessel, and complete outfit tor two years. Two oarpentera and a blacksmith would be preferred among the number An experienced physician baa betD engaged. Apply on board, pier 8 E. U., foot of Ccentieael'p or at CI wall street 130R CALIFORNIA VIA CHAQRES?TIIB SUBSCRIBER wil dop * Ci for Chagres, without delay, the superior very faat palling Baltimore built brig Col. Howard, Durltce, master. She i* 3.'t2 tor e burthen, newly cippred, refitted and put in perfect order. Hi r accommodations for passengers are of the tirst claae, having juat been completed at great fx pent e. First cabin, a-)', sec nd do, SIU. Ttie hulk of 10 barrels freight allowed to each passenger, tree of charge For freight or pissage apply on hoard, foot or Dovtr street, or to Fernando Wood, )6iS >nth street, corner ol Dover. Paisengcra hy the Ccl Howard wilt have the prefcrtrcc el paiisgc from Panama to San Francisco, in a vessel expecied 'n yil thence In April n-xt 1.3OR 8AN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?FIRS- VESSElrTo sail pi aitively on Saturdav, -ttfi instant.?The A 1 copE red and copper fastened packet ship JOHN 0. COSTER, Durtry, aatcr, 7?tl tons, will tail as above. The accommodations in the e?Hn and second cabin are ppaoinus and comfortable, the between do kn rein* well lighted and ventilated. Paatengeia by this ship are re<piepted to have all their freight ard baggajo on board on er bettre Fiida*, the 23<l inat,, as no freight nan be received aft r date For balance of freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans pier foot of H all street, or to HOW I.AN D la A8PIN WALL, .11 and 56 8outh at., or THS. P. STANTON, fil South street. No(c.?Shippers by tliis vtaiel are requested to send thalr bill* of lading for signature to the offioe of llowland It Asplnwall. 13OR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?PARTICULAR X attention is rnjue ted to the very handsome and complete arrangements for passengers on board the new ship "damosct," Capt Mollis, belonging to R. B. Fortes Esq.. of Boston, and now lying at I'ier No. V, East river. Shd is of l.&OU ton* burthen; the vessel and her accommodations, apeak lor themsatrds. For freight or passage apply to E. B. BUTTON, Ns. 119 Wall, cor. South it, or to JOHN OGDEN. lit! Wall street Passengers will please send their freight Pier No. 9 East river. The' Samoect" will be towed to res by steamboat. J3CR SAN FRANCISCO-TEN SHARES FOR SALE IN Till fbst sailing copper fast, lied thip SALEM, now lying at the foot(of Roosevelt street, Eatt rivtr, whioh will positively sail on Monday, 2fith instant. The shares entitle the bolder to a share in said vessel, necessary mining in plements, and provisions for twelve months. Prioe of sharo $'JUD. Apply on board, to T. H WBATUARD. FOR SAN FRANCISCO?FIRST VESSEL.-TIIE FINE clipper ship HELENA Laid, master, is now partly loaded, and will he despatched m a few days full or not fall. This s lip is a very last sailer, and cxpeotcd to rsaoh California la lour month*, l'ssrsge may be strured at rates torn spending with tho acci mm' datices. which are of icveral classes, and unequalled by in) vetevl iui trthe p,rt, Meg wull ventilated aed lii^htvd. For I freight or patsage. at reduced rates. apply on board, foot ?r Maidon lane, or of NATIl'L L. k GEO. GHI8VFOLD. 71 aod 72 South street Association can make favorable arrangements. A akil ful rurgeon accompanies this ship. For chagkes and tub gold regions.?tub fine packet iclnoaer SPLENDID, Raker, muter, having been fitted up expretily for the auuomwodaitnn of passengers, wl'l be dopatct.ed ae above |toritirely on the 34th.inat.Tor paaeage apply on board, at Pier 8 East Kiver, or to FOaTIR fc NI0KER9QN. 25 South I treaty For san franpislo, direct.?the elegant nest very fat t eal ing bark RISING SUV, i? now fitted out torn aeloct company, and a lew peraot who oan give respectable reft ret,<we, oan lieoome connected with them on application to the aub. acribtr. The objectn cf theAeeootationaie to mine or trado, or an)thing that may tend to their advantage In California. Tho Biking Bun ia bnt four n onths old, and has made butone paaeage, and that a winter one. which thoroughly teeted her streogth and aailing qualities: and being new, aha ia free from every objection, atd im urea at the loweat rarer. She ia Juit coppered, and ua reaboat canr.ot bo aurpaeaed. Tho muter ha* greet experience in the Paeiflo trade, and la a very careful navigator. The vernal being ore of the faateat cut of the United S.atea, passengers may rely upon reaching Ban Fianciaco in advanoe of any ethar vessel aailii g durii g the month of fob. The vessel hu a line armament, ann her draft of water will enable her to aaoind the Sacramento to tie mint s which will give the party a aafe and eomfortable home nr.til other arrangements ran ho mode. A phyaician of much experience, and ail yeari eervioe in tbo United States navy, aattarhed to the expedition. Further particulars may be ob'a'ned cf ISAAC T. SMITH. 101 Wall at. M. York. For california?first vessel-tub splendid ai clipper chip bamoset, will sail lat March. For freight (4C0 barrel#,) or passage, at low ratra apply to Jt. B. SUTTON, lit Wail street, op stair*; or JOHN OOP EN. 116 Hfall street. Fob ban Francisco, California-tub fast sailing oipper built sohooner GEN. WOKTtl, will sail on or before the lot March For freight or passage, apply to N. L. MeCready k Co., 98 South street, and Culiok k Holmes, 182 W Oft street; or the Captain in board, p ur H N. R , foot of Rector treet. N. li.-Three more members wanted to oompleae this association. Apply aa above. I/OR SAN FRANCISCO AN* THE GOLD MI NBA -TUB 4 snbetantial aid fsaUaaill. g bark CLVDE, 830 tono burthen, ia now leading at pie* No. 8. Berth kiver. and will have Imm-dlate despatc * tut Ban Franoiaoo. The Clyde ia fitted up with state rooms of extra site. In a spioions and carefully ventilated saloon. Her carpenter's and painter's work Id now o repleted, aod. trom Iter fine seibng t|ualittea it ia believed shr will make the peaaage and Smith, Ion* established msrohants atSsn Francisco, who wiU take charge of any merchandise seat by hsr. For frsight or pas sage, appl, to tba captain on board, at pier No. S, Nor'h Riser; orto 11 IIOLDKIOE. Jan.. No. 91 Wall street CALIFORNIA. ONE HUNDRED DOLI-AHS AND FOUND. J The ship COOK ICR ?ill sail) tail lo a few days. Can ascommodate a few mors ptwsogers. As tie Conrier will be the rat resnel to sail, parsengern can Itts hotel expensee by soon ring a pasta?eat once. Apply to SI'HwYER k CO.. Ml Wall stieet or t? the Certain. on board. A small amount of frsight wan tod for the Courier Insoraros .1 percent Gold BEPARA10RS.-those going to california will do well to oall at the corner of Broadway and Park Place and examine the Nercorial Gold Separator; aa eid and wall tried Machine, end conetructed npen the only principles kaoro te wsrk saooeesftilly. California.?teas in an excillent form, and convenient alted penkagr* for California, oalom'ated for Ship Stores, nee In the oonn try, a- d prleats ad restore. Th?y are ss srenred that they are warranted net to abaorb mo taints. For sale at the old eetabllsbment of tho Canton Tea Co, 12M. hatharo street, (between Pearl and Roooerslt) New York. Parilonlarly raoommended for nee at the Minea. Black (IreaklWet Ira, a flue substitute for Coffee, on aaconat of iu portability, oonYenlenca a'd superior health' quality. California hipstomr?.-pk elrs./ams,oatiups, Brandy Frwlta, Pickled Or iters tne Lobsters Fresh MssU. Lobsters, Oysters and Soups, hermatncally staled, cna be far siahtd in < pi an titles to salt purchasers, at tha lowest priori, at 1ST Wa-ermet, opposite United States Us to I Pioklee whilnale and null I aMVBmmmim'n. JtOATwXyTH*AT?i?r ATMAJ SHALL, PROPBIEAJ tor. Vi Uirfu Ifeuiai, Pebniary *2. will be prrettuted the I ?*w hietortca! .Oan.a ol KaTI WOnDliULL. OR TUB PRICE ?* LIBERTY ?J""* Bow% Mr. Mathewe; Lard Percy Mr. Movrhowat Delano*.'- Natbaaiel Wooifcufi, Mr. Mr. R. Shaw. h'a1 has Pre.r... Mr. ^ Mia. K. TalUn; KlU Woodbn I. Mm A r.7if M nodhalL Mi ' I?l??rwood. To eoaclude tii'i tno Abbott, M?r?h? W o^halL Mi. f Hr pUlteo<tdjr> tU. Utd* new Ibrooof FlXl* FILLIOODW Mr( Mrf Abbott. i?L cLu'^JtaUJtt^So r"al1' olrfll<k * MBt,( B-BspesTfxrtnsr&f&M APPRENTICE?General Morin. Mr. Bartoa: M'- Ar? . " Mirtuner, Mr. Bitot Mr. Hamilton: Joeaph. Miei Cn After which TnUR LITE'S IN DANOER?John Strco\?. Mr. Burton; Sohpenaenbnrt, Mr. Johnatoa; Krtkwita. Mr Raymnad; Jenny. Mil* Chapman. 1o conclude with tho bow pl .oo oaDcd j THE MAN W HO SAW THE FlUtlT?Mr dum| ley Or Hamit. | tiB; f?|Aif??t. Mr. kaytnond; Ultemhard. Mr Meare; Mr 'Bothered, , Mr Mortimer. Paddy Whack. Mr Br >u>han>; Mra Smith, Mill Oi ke Droii Circle tad Parqmtte 60c.:, Family Clrolo, Me. Dcori opto at0)f curtair rirci it7. MITCHELA'8 OLYMHO T11EATRE-TUUBHDAY EYE nim. Feb. S2, tooommeuce with the utw oomedy, entiled 1 HE CUSTOM OP HIE COUNTRY-Achilla Tewraend, Mr. Nb'kinKiBi Handle Htbba. Mr. Conorar; Timntheua, MAlter Ed ad*'*! Iaabella. Mira Phtlllpe. Alter whichCAMARAl.ZAMAN anR BADOUBA?Hub*, Mr. Ntektnaon; Matmaonc, Mita M. Gannon; Hadoura, Miaa Phllllpo. After whieh TH E ?ITCd or It IN Uk HM EKE-Natty Primroae, Mr. Midland; Uapt. Seymour, Mr Rewnolda; Rcaa. Mlaa Clark. To oor elude with THE INT1SIBUE PRINCE?Don Ltaudor, Miie Mary Gannon. the lafanta Furlb"tid, Mr Cotrver. Droaa Circle W'o.: I7n?e? n?-~- . 16c.; Pit 12H? Dooiy open at 8K: eommgnoe at T. JOBfcTGKNU'L'SSOIHElSDANSANTKS.-JOSEr UUNG'L ha* the pleasure to announce, that in ctmpliaiice with repated solicitation*, he will give a scries of Gala Ball* at tin I hi rare assembly Booms, yvirr to til departure for Vt'sshingt n, where he will have the distinguished honor of performing with his l and at tho Grand Inauguration Ball Tliu Sorrec* Dansan teg will commence ou Monday evening, fob. % with (by partieu lat deiire) a German Ball. On Tuesday, Feb. 27, a Fancy Irruaa Ball; (a o, stumer will attend at the Hnoroewith a variety of olraracter dresses ?nd dominoes.) f'n M ednoaday. Fob. JH, Grand Irauguratinn Ball, in honor of General Taylor. On Thursday, Mnivh 1, Josef GanpTa Bonofit Hall. N. B ?The ipiadriUts, waltiee, po'kaa feo , porlortrod by the celebrated band, under the direction of Jt ref Guug'l. will be Delected I'retn the a< mpoaitioug of Strang*, l.nni er and GuwgT. ho exertion wi'l be spared to rtndcr thcte foiieeg tho most trilliant and attractive of the mo. Si n. Tirkete may be had at i ho Assembly Rooms, during the day, and at the door on the evening of the bglla Gunfl'L'S BAND?MR. OUNU'L RESPECTFULLY ANnnunoea to toe |>ubiio, at the tolicitatioa of lug numeraire fronds that he It prepared to play with hit band at balls, soiree#, or private partie*. All applioatioua mutt be addrenaed to him at M chambers street. Tub great Chinese museum, mv broadway, betweea Spring and Prinoe streets, and the only one in this aountry oonauta of a great number of life aim figures of Chinese, f all olaeaes several hundred Chinese pain tin an apartment* In honree; etorea and vessels. models of pagodas, temples and bridges, apeeimeue of Chinaae manufkoturea. their agricultural and meohaaioal Ili .dements, Instruments of mnsio, Ian tenia, Mo. ko. Open from nine A.m. till lit P m. daily. Admittance, v oenta: children nndsr twelve, half-price The grand musical festival, in aid or the Hebrew Ueievolent Society, will take plaeo on Tuesday Evening, March 1.1 at ^he Broadway Tabernacle on which oooa< mud wju enure nan mi upera Troupe and Orchestra, together with the llohnstocks, will smear, the whole under the direction ol Max Mutctsieek, leq. Programtnes (embracing piooes never before beord in thle country) will be isiued hereafter. uAurutuu. I TOR CALIFORNIA.?ASSOCIATIONS FURNI3HED WITH nitable vessels for California. by the w ay of Cape Horn, tho i Strait* of Msgellun, Vera Crux, or Cbagr.-s A tlrnt etas* v sael j tor 10 or 70 persona read; fur ?ea. to dispose of in shares lnr Call f'tria by either of tl e above routes App'y to SCUOYEK St CO, h2 Wall start tt. under ti e Sean'en's Hunk. VXCE1SIOR ASSOCIATION FOR CALIFORNIA ?1 III J-i barb CLARISSA. Captain.B. K. lisbbidgt, lying at James S ip. A few shares, eutillir R tl e owner of ouch to one twentloth oi the said bark atd all appurtenances and utnple provisions for two years,yet for sale to saiinfuctory aptdlonnto, t; beinj; intend d that variiuo niouhanical as well us protestional and inerouutile indt- | vidusls shall be holders thereof. A ruspeutahle physioiau Is i desired as a nenils r of tho Association. A reepeotaolo hlaoksmith might mate some advantog-ous arrangement, by callUg on the subscribers. This lirnt eltss vessel has been newly copperud, and put In fleet rate order in all respcots. About eight passim 1 scrscan heacei mm'dsted in the beat manner. For bulk of MA) bb.a freight, passage and abates in the Assuvution, apply to J ESS UP Si FOX, 17H South street. TO CAIIFOHNIA.- FOB BALI- ONE HALF OF A FIVi hip ai d cargo of provislona, consisting of Fork, Heof, Broad, f Fh nr, Ac. There are sufflcient pruTislons to last one hundred men I it leant a year and are of the first quality The ship sailed about k month since. The ball interest is insurtd for $15.nil. They wilt be sold together or sepiratcy, cheap furoarh. This offora a fair j opportunity ft r oompantee that are going overland. Tltoy will bs exchanged for a stock of goods or real estate in the uity or vicinity. Inquire at 116 Fulton St. I Ca1.1f( rnia.?persons fitting out forcalifor, i oik, and who irr in want of tobaoen, either tor speculation I or private use, ore respectfully invited tooall at our store, and 1 xamine a cow deeuripiion of tolmoeo, put up expressly foi tho t altfeniia market It la put up in half p >und slabs, with tin on velopes to prttact it from tlio dampness, aid paoged in conve- i riant sited packages It ta warranted to resist tho decaying effeota of a six montha' voyage: and it in oontidently believed to > be the only kind of chewing tobaooo, either Cavend ah or tine ont, < that wit) etand a voyage to California. The attention of shtppora I la invited to the above. JOHN ANDERSON Si CO., HXt Broad war, oor. Finest. | C"T Al IION1A ?A YOUNG MAN WISHING TO 00 TO J California with a firat rate ovarland association now fitting nut. wanta some ono to tit him out for one hull' hia saruinga. Undoubted reierenre con be given. Address U. ft. K., 41 Robin on afreet, atatirg where an Interview may he bad. PASSAGE FROM PANAMA TO BAN FRANCISCO ?A gentleman having a forward oatin passege tiokel from Panama to Ban Frinaibco, in the steamer California, wishes to dis poeaoflt. Address A. P., Herald ofTioo. PATENT PRESERVED MEATS FOR CALIFOitNl vNS.? WeOa. Miller and Pr >vont invito the attention of oalitorniana to their patent proierred provisions, consisting of meate, vegetables. ami pa. milk, Si*, which they warrant to keop 21 years in any olimatu, retaining perfently their natural flavor and tiu tntioin i|oa)iiiea. ( snifters of their pr visions arc constantly keptopdiat their oWee. for the it spection of purchasers. Too envied reputation they have so many years born in the m.tnuUotine of their articles will alwaya be sustained. Warehouse for their 2CU arii' 1"s of luxury, oonsiatiug of pieties. preserves, lotiooa. antidotes to scurvy, tec., tec., wtoiu oatal gves may bo had, 217 Frmtitreet, New York. I^OR CAi 1 fOKNIA?DUrOIIE8S COUNTY MBiS. AN B A prima Mass Park, cured and racked 'ex pre oil y to hat oli mates and long voyages; Hans, Shoulders, and Usef, Butt r, t'heeie, Lari, Oil, Bosp. < andlcs, Iieau<, leas Pico, Fiour, "Hot Bread, Bugaif, Tea, Coffee, a c. teo , for sale, at the lowest rates, hy CLAhK. Flat, te CO.. 22i Fn'too Ifmi. (CALIFORNIA DAGUERREOTYPES. -PERSONS ABOUT J to visit California, and desirous to leavo their lik* leasee with their Wends, would do well to oall at Brady's, Noa I '6 and *7 Broadway, where, by reason of recent imprnvemontaand additions to hie establishment, faithful and true hkonaseos may be obtained at the shortest notice. LOST. LOS -TIIEGENTLBMAN WHO TOOK A CLOAK BY MIS'ate, frcm li'l liamhote street, on tho evening of the SIR inst., Will phase return the tamo and receive his own. IHKOICAL. PERSON8 IN WANT OF ARTIFICIAL EYES, a re INvited to call upon Dr Wheeler, Oculist, I'J Greenwich at, who has juat imported a tuoat beautiful se'eetiou fr?m one of the first marofsctursrs in Paris, flaring arrangements for a regular supply,the faculty will be furnished on low terms. No oliargo ' for inrortlon. | Medical reform.-"fallacies of tub fa< o/v, with the Chruno thermal System of Med cine;" 224 psgoa Price fl, ntlC Ann street. Edited by Dr. Turner, of Ne-v 7"rk. U. LONG te BROTHER. | DR. B. BOBTWICK. LECTURER ON THK GENITAL ! organs, and author of a work on Venereal, Strictures, and all diseases of a private nature, 77 aplenoid plates. Extract from the Boston Medioal and Surgical Journal:?"It may be said, ! fearlessly, to be eqnaf to Riootd'a or Acton's works on th? same tan. ily of discuses, and far imperii r U any thing of the kind ever 1 published in this country." Fries. tlO. Author of a work on Solitary Vie*. Im potency, ko., 14 plateo? rrieo. Jl. For Hale at I ?12 Broadway; and of the author. WK itroaoway. Doctor povfeli, oculist, aurist, Ac., attendsa* usual exclusively to th? disuataa of ilia Eye and tar, at 261 Broadway, entrance 1>4 Warren street, where can be had his Treatise on the Eye?price M) cents. Also, his Self.Acting lye Fountains for strenethening the eyes. Ar> itioicl eyos innortrd. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO BE CONfULTID ON Private List-sees. Gleets, Strictures, Venereal Ulcera Ao., he eurts where others fail Recent coses cured la a few days. Nervous end Orgavio Lability he warrants t? oure. See his Lon'lendiplosna in his office, !S"4>4 Kulton street DR. FAWI'RTT CAN RE CON FIDBNTI ALLY CONSULTED at his office. 61 boy on alj private diseases Tot most obstinate yield to bis mode <f treatment, which is on the nonmercurial principle. Strictures eurod on the most approved plan. The rictims of solitary Indulgence can also apply, wttaaoerainty ef cure. Office, 61 bay strser. ___ NO CUR* NO PAY.?DR. CORB1TT. 10 DUAN* st. member of the Royal Collage ef Surgeons, London, may te eonsnlted in treatment of delicate diaeasoa No matter hew long yon may have had gleet, ulcers upon the body ci In the throat cr a ?>, pains in the head and bones of the legs. A practice ef fourteen years, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to acts the worst form of this disease. Reoent eases ourad in fonr da; a No mercury used. 8trieturoe cured in one or two weeks with soareoly any palm Those individuals who haro Indulged In a oertain loathsome habit ana positively he motored to health aad Society. NO CURE, NO CHAROR.? DR. MURPliF OF S3 GOLD street, is eonfldeatialiy consulted on nil rorms of prlrste dis eases. Reoent oaeeo of gonorrlicea he ouree la two to four dava Constitational debility and impotency tucoastfully treated by Dr. M. No meroury used in any oase, or hindrance from hois ansa Office MOeli eteces.ASISA tww *i U.te I t S DR. JEFFRIE* ANTIDOTE 13 tu MOW EFFECTUAL preparation sold forGonorrhms and other disorders of the Bexuel Organs Long oxperieuoe has proved thnt it will rndisally oure any oase. Thie desiranle result is obtained in froso two to Un daye, ano M it noiuter onra nor onuuur UK n?'ot?. and rendeve oaneoeevary any deviation In diet or inter rnption to nanal pnreoita eound aleep, or healthy digcat on, the nuteanoe If thai removed u epeedtly ai if coiudrtent with tb? production of a thorough and permanent cure. Itn Ingrodlenti are entiraly vegetable, and no lnJurione effect, either eonatitetionally or locally, oan be oaaeed by iu nee. Prion (1 per bottla Sole Agent for thie city, 0. H. RING. IV3 Broadway, ocrner John tbwl I SEMINAl. WEAK" ESS, IMPOTINCE, ho-DR. RtLPH'8 Practical Private Tm'lee, deeply latetueting; the only true treatment and cure, with recipee; n ode of lirini. ho , he., faith, fully |ivet>; 6th edition, 342 pp. piioe 91. May be had of the anther. BSOreenwioh etieet; or by poot, mailed free. DR. RALPH. AUTHOR or THR "PRACTICAL PRIVATR Troatiae," he , 68 Oceenwioh treat?ofBoe houra 9 to D A. M- 0 to 9 P. M. (Sunday eaoepted). Thoee who apply in too aarlf ftngoo will be fnrpriaed at the rapidity and Uttla ineo nvenleneo attending their cure. It It ohielly, however, thoee who here anf tend from n oertnln elnae of people, who oan properly apnreoi ?t * Ma aeivioea la ataietnre, frem iu flrat, or inotpient, to (to mort ' advanced and dtttreeeing atagea, (from anoemmon ndvnntagee end a very axt*naive praetioe,) he oan affntd a rapid, aaey. a id radical earn, which, ha haa ttroaad tot otattaa. eaa ho ebtoiaod (Mm no other oemroe In Amotion. DR. QLOYBR IS COMSULTRD DURING TUB DAT AICD oveniaa, at hlooffioe. No. 3 Ana etreet, (now No. IX.> ia thoee difficult and protracted aneaa of dalieate dlaiawe that tfavo | baffled tho thill of phyAotana ot laaa aapar onoo. Hie eatraotef j Copavia, Cnbeba, ho , aiay ha had at hiaatemlB front. Private 1 Menace thrnneti the entry be the office door Must extraordinary wurk-to tub married or thoee oontemplating marriage.?Tho Married Woman'* ! Private Mrdltal Companion, by Dr. A. M. Maurieeac Sixth odi Mob Price SI. Thii work la meeting with moot aotoaading eale* 1 (94,1X10 ooptea haying already been diapoaadot) Every lemale id getting a oepy, whether married or unmarried, tDhongh it ia ia handed oapecially for the married, aa It diacloeee important leoreta which ahonld be known to them particularly. Hers every female eaa dieoevar the oaaaea, eymptona, and the meet efficient rem* ilea and moetoertaln mode of oare ia evet7 oaoa for eale at tU Broadway; at the peMiehimg offioe, 139 Liberty etreet, New York; T. B. Pattorooa. No. 98 Choonat etreet, Philadelphia! Little It Oo.. Albany; W. R Davie, Bootee On the receipt ef si, a eopy will ho WaamalMod by mail free of pootaga, to *11 parte of the Halted Ma tea All let ten mart be ad drome i, poet paid, to Da A. M. MAURICRAH, boa UN, Mow York oitj. Office lliuher BMMi INTELLIGENCE BT THE Mil LB. Wa utirsOToN, Feb 20,1^49. Cmltfomta?A ntxu Mtrvrmmt?MitctUu*tom fVagmtnti. A new movement was made to-day, io tin Senate, in behalf of California. It was a curioaa thing. Mr. Calhoun said it was incongruous ta stick a territorial bill into an appropriation bit' as an amendment. Cut the exi>eriment has a more important feature about it than its incongruity, l' persevered in, it may be carried through on tha shoulders of the civil and diplomatic bill, or with the proviso added in the House .cause that bill to bs loet, and the ptiy and the mileage of the President and members of Congress to go over to December next. j>ui 01 mat we liave no apprehension. Co* gross always take care of themselves, it they do nothing else ; and atieraome useless discussiou at' Mr. Walker's and Mr BeJI'a le'ritorinJ arnendments, they will he cast out, and the territories may go to the devil, tor the members must hav? their money. Lieut Drayton, of the schooner Pearl, which carried off. lust spring, from this city, 170 slave#, on mi abolition expedition, h.ia been granted a new trial, on the indictment of kidnapping Tha plea ot the prisoner is, mat he acted as a cominoa carrier, and not bh a kidnapper; and if the in anueer* ot the schooner can prove this, they will ba released on this indictment, but still subjec' to naswer tor aiding and abeuing in ihe escape ot runaway slaves The t>ty is infested with pick-pocket* a id highway robbers. Within the lai t ten n.ghts is many men have been knocked down, beateu, .uid plundered in the streets. We learn that the* even attacked the carriage of the Russian Minister, last night, near the Assembly Rooms ; but tinding the inside vacant, they [Missed on. Pockets are pinked in the canttol, in broad-day light; and such is the alarm which these lawless banditti have crested, that no man thinks of walking ofl the Avenue at mght, without the protection ot a friend or a defensive weapon. The Mayor is organizing a special constabulary force, and it ia much needed, for the effrontery of the brigands has increased,ta ncreasing, and ought to be diminished. W. IMPORTANT DEBATE 0 . CALIFORNIA. T111RTIKT11 COfllUUKSS.> session. Senate. WtsMinu ron, February 20,1849. After the disposition of a bucket full of abolition petitions prevented by Mi. Hale; and other petitions lor a railroad oontraot to San Francieoo from Point Isabel; for the abolition of the franking privilege, for an inquiry Into the the oapaoltiee of eieotrioity ae n moving power of machinery on the applioation of Dr. rage, whloh wee referred, on Mr. Benton'e motion, to a eelect committee of eeven; and after varioui reports, Inquiries, and resolutions, the bill of civm ann litrlomatic appropriations, On motion of Mr At hick ton, was resumed, ai the nntinlrhed butiners of yesterday. California strfpino in for a hiaiiso, Mr. Walrilk, ol Wiaoontin, rose and eaid |that ha bad an amendment te etfer; and prooeeded to speak ef the necessity for some provision by law for tbagovarament of the new territorieM, and or the objeot whloh he had in view la the amendment whloh he proposed to submit, of providing some regulations for the benefit of tbe people left without protection in the territories acquired if Mexico. Mr. Athirtos rose to a question of order. He dlfi not consider this propoaition appropriate to the appropriation bill. Mr. Footk explained, that this amendment was similar in its cbjeot to the one whloh he had bimiatf proposed yesterday Mr. Athkrtun thought the amendment objeotlonable; and would make Die objeotlon now. He desired tbe Chair to decide whether the amendment was, or us nnt in (lriinv The Chair desired the Senator to etate bis point of order. Mr. Athkiitoh stated his point. The amendment wan notgeruialne to the bill, it would be as muoh IB Older to submit an ameudment for the admission of a Slate into the Union, an it would be to reoelve this amendment for the vatabllnhment of territorial government, an a part of one of the appropriation btlif. Tbe Chair decided the amendment of Mr. Walker ta be in order. Mr Hale? Let un have the amendment At thin stage of tbe game, Mr Douglass was seen te I be moving industriously among the Senators, apparently giving notice to his friends that the time had now come, und that this was tbe manoeuvre upon which Calitornia was to be carried through Congress, 'lbe Senate were very sensible he was awake at onee to tbe importance of 'be subject. Mr. Walxkr said, that be prcpoeed to amend the bill by a provision that the President of the United States establish all needlul rules and regulations regulating the collection of the revenue, oonformaole te the constitution, In the territory of California, and to appoint nil (Ulcers neoeseary to oarry into execution In that territory the revenue laws of the United States He Ucki d with great anxiety to the aotlon of Congress, la elation to the territories. He desired to do nothing in conflict with the efforts of ths Senator from Illinois, (Mr. Douglass ) who had done all In his power te estnbiirb a government in California; but nothing had been done, and the session was drawing to a close He therefore, in despair or getting eny municipal rsgnatb ns asked that the revenue laws, at least, be pnt in force tbere, and leave the establishment ef municipal regulations to the people tBeinselvre From his Mate, from Pennsylvania, and other Statee. vavt numbers of persons bad gone to tliat oountry. and he felt the utmost desire that something should be done far them, aDd that they might be sec?re in their lives and pioperty by, at least, a portion of tbe laws of this country His motive w?s a good one; of tbat he felt certain whatever might be said of it here or elsewhere. His only object and motive was, to benefit the aettiaca and residents oi that country The amendment, as moiliHeit w- h.*j ?-o Mr. Ball rose and said that by ba<l an amendment to tbe am* ndnient. to propoee, and aald that b? Intended to expiees bia vi??? pretty much at large Mr. Atchison desired an eiprertion by the Chair oa tbe ijueatien of order Ml. Bail, was aware that be would trespa?s on tha E alienee nl bia trienda on both aidea of the chamber, by is amendment and bis remarks th-reon, bat tbia waa tbe only opportunity be would hare to aipraaa bia oiewa on tbie interesting subject He would send hJt amendment to tbe Cbatr, to be read. After tbe reading ut the amendment. Mr BtfiLan aehed whether ibe Chair had deelded tbe question of order How oould they be prepared oa au appropriation till for a rote on tbe admission of the Mate in the Union? Tbe Ciiaia said, in bis opinion the amendment waa In older, but be would be glad if there would be an appeal taken. Mr Hale?I appeal. eL*. Mr W lh?i is -1 would ask if a motion to lay tha Bttie ndu.ent on tbe table be in order M.r? kal Sarato**? that will take the bill with it. Tbe Ciiaih- Such a motion oaauot be made, as tha Senator from Tenneraee is on the tloor. Mr Ball wan about proceeding, when Mr lli iLKii arlted tor tbe question oa the point of I oroer. lie would bowev?r wnnaraw his point of ord-er. | Mr Bkhaikn-(low can the Senator from South Carolina witbdi aw bis point of order, when an appeal baa ; been taken? I think not 1 Mr. Butlkr- Does the Senator from Naw Hatnpshlro will diaw bia appeal? Mr. Halk?No. air; I appeal from the deslsien of tha Chair iLd do not withnr^a It TLa Cm* IB-Tb* Senator from South Carolina hu a right to withdraw hie point of ordar, eren after tba appeal Mr. Halk?Then, air, I appaai from that daoUlem alto Mr. Calhouh?What la tba quaatlonf 1 ha Chaib? it la upon the dtioiaioa of tba Chair. Mr. Calhoun? I do not intend to diaouaa tba queatlcn at 1*1 Rib; hot wa ought, to bare aoma prineipi* to govern ue in our notion upon auy bill Mr Jefferaon laye it down that when tha Chair oannot deotde upon tha propriety of a motion, it belong* to the Senate to daoida open It I appaai to tba Senate, that If than aver waa a oaeeof incongruity, tbia la ona Mr Bull?The Senator ia not la ordar ualaat thaco ia an appeal Mr. Butlbb? There la an appaai. Mr 1 blab?There iaan appeal Mr. Calhsvn?If ever there waa a oaaa of ineom* gruity tbia la one. Mr Bkli.?Tba Senator la not diaonaalng tha appeal. Hla remarka are not in ordar. Mr i itHoua The Senator mianndaratanda ma. I waa apeaklog to tbe appeal Mr Jefferaon laya it down that whan tha Chair aannot decide a motion to be ont ot order, it la competent for tba Senate to dae<da upon It. Tbia amendment ia inoongrnoua, and entirely ont of place. Mr Bbll contended that any amendment, even t? me pniirf cnanging 01 in? original Dill tee wholly different measure, eu entirely In order. ThU woo n brood and valuable principle, reoognised In every legislative body Mr CiLHvue insisted that upon an Interpolation liVe tbla, if the ( hair could not doelde agaluat It on aceoont of Its Incongruity. H waa oompeunl tor the Senate to reject It, aa irrelevant to tbe objeet of the bill. To entertain tbe preposition would be a waste of time. Tbe appropriation bill Iteelf may be loot; or, by being adberra to, Senators may be ooeroed to vote for tbie Incongruous amendment la erdor to cave tbe bUl. He boped tbe Senate would reject It Mr Phuifs- I desire to understand the queotien. Mr. Bull? Does tbe Seeetor deeire to dobate the question before tbe Senate? Mr BuTi.xa-Wbat is the question? Mr Phklps explained tbe two points of appeal betas tbe Senate, as be understood them Mr. Burma said tbe question was,upon ths first met ion. Mr Phslps considered the decision of ths Chair to bo errsneons. Mr Yulxk statsd ths question in its progress, and then raid as tba Senator from South Crrolina has renewed his point ot order, and tbs last appeal therefore tails, tbs question now la, whether ths amendment id in order. Mr IUli denied the right of the Senator from South Carolina to ronsw or withdraw his point of order. Ho cited a decision of tbs lost evasion. where the Vise President bed decided thot It woe not ont of order to Introduce o hill for bis own amassment. Thot decision bad been sustained by tbe Seaate He denied the right of tbe Senator of South f.arollua to renew hid point of order, end toko ewoy bis {dr He) la it up**Mr Bsll raid that before he bad dona, not o Senatot on the fleer but would be soUsflod with the slngte

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