Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1849 Page 3
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dabtora a power lattly niap'otad la thl# State?Flrat br (trlag I JW ud npw .rd* for redemptioi, whereby ih* rpportuoily bo nil Or04 far ? tin d?f**t*4. Stcond, by roiariag too danior of coot* Of forHlwnn. and poitui* P?? ?n tbo credit* r. Third, by a prorioioo m ?>a now oud* rnquirof mortgage* to bo rear wad, to proTeat therr bo on In It void. 6. Ia order to nil tbo mortgage. tho titlo and bo aiamlaed. a law par whodiffrn fr'ir ynar own nratlnon tbr no rity.and jr a bom boar tbo txpetn of hi* examination, If hi* yoina an orarOn tho othor hand, a railroad bond i* fro* of any oao of tbon oltjcotioaa A board or dircotore uanaot giro it winga to By 1W1J Lrgialattoa la powerlrn to tonch it?tbo tilt* puna to yoa and oat of yoa by a il topic tran?fer?It* Tola* mor b? rwolliod at a moment notion?at d made a tool to booonoa tbo moot popular teeortty arer offered to moaoyed moo. A obttoo rnob * rarely oooura. for an laToatmeol ia thi* day befor* tbo eommanlty, ia tho UaOton Rirar Railroad bond*. Wltbtot Beaming to drprrciata any itVer inrnatmont, it moy bo mid to (own advaataan* io k u will oeldom ooourwitbina -quarter of a century It la ? ten on on on too sagacity or our capital!*'* that curb Lama as ara offered art oalled for in this oommnal'y. Bevtn per cant half yearly, with the right of conversion into chock, on ti e ?ve of a pero<aoaot reduction in tho nta ot interest at thia growing centre of tha world'a commerae, iaaa opfor'unlty not to be repealed o'tcn ia Now York. Tho moiry tliua lent wi I ba applied to heeteo our supremacy aa a commercial city, by affording at a ooi neotion with Inat unlimited back coant'T, which ia >ho srurce of our wealth, and from whioh svery New Verier ia excluded fur one third of hie life To that vaal fndun.sWangers proceed at all tin eaand drew away ouraoatananoa Without 01 Foatiion; ai d wo cannot aunt our eyes to the faot, thai ttara are many, within <uru?n limits, Uterectod to pro cant tha eonatrua'ion of a road on tha boat r u'o to Albany. Tnis claaa of tnaaarobnay in tniireprvieatation, and ere suooeaaful in claaiag tha eyra af ethera to the truth. That truth ia now dswaiug on the obearv thiou of tie moat obtueo Misrepresentation lita parfarmed ita office, and left tha work untouo' ed by lie efforts. The frienda of tha enurprice haae hut io continue to be tlrm, and tha d'a'ntcieated wiil ci ma to their ha'p Detect ia impossible. Delay even ia in possible. Every day. eince it waa tir.t piojected, haa etreng'brDtd ita clein.'. A tbou/b the country haa paaaad through ti a triala and di.aa era of war ainoa it waa commenced, it haa gone on nnciaturbed Thia h.a been truly remarkable. Land now a hai d to thia work, mud New York will presently indulge in the anthuaiaam of a dot nguiehel fore'guer, who utiera hi- tortil la language, of railroads t int " they ara opening a vast Acid fur the iniprovi ment of the human race; an improvement, in fact, entering ell the relations between man and man, and whioh no one, be heeyerao a.inguine, can vonturo to hi a limn to." Tha money market ia now/or various reasons, about to improve, In the first p'ace, the oorn law* ua.e just iui> out, and to inset theexpaotod fall in prior, tfc local gv nsres were opened, and their produoe thrown hastily on the market, whereby the very atate of things van produoi d thattha holders eipeotod to troll A alight difTere- ce in the price ot gram inoreasei in thesime pr > portion tl e conauniption, in a county where oat lea* tham they want, but eat plentifully when they onu The nastioa ftom thia state of tlnnga baa cnirmei.oed in au iuoreaae of the pcioaof fcrnadatufle, and a do > anr for what we produce. Thia will ineviiauly hriioi menoy into the country by June, Tho demand for State stocks hue produced a snue of th ugs abroad. Which of itaelf woo d turn the |t*ro if cxchanyc in oar furor, especially sinoe tie state cf our money markot has been uoh as to mal'ii caut on neoe-airy in our importations. At horn', oauus ore at work which will make tne money aaarlet easy. A substantial addtti a to the valui of our securities and prrprity lias ar iva fiom tha demand abroad. Tha appropriation bill uiu it pass fie', ru the fourth of Miroh. and unlock thednor of the 1'u i Treasury, and send lato circulation what is new held there wthaa iron grasp. 1 lose ciroumssacoea aided by the returniiia ude soon to reach o' fr.m abroad, will giva not only ease but greu al>nidaueo to our money market, without taking into view the effect soon to be impressed upon as by tha ?rat of the series of arrivals of >pecia froiu onr new possessions. Oe forward, then, and take the bonds. Your prior ooovlotiona ef their veine may easiii be imparted to o hers, io that they will tiaaome Wide erread and inersdicsble. At thatmoment it will be loaad tkat you have, by taking than, a op only made a substantial aouuu iu your Torture, but that you have oinnented yourMlf With an hnprovmi'nt that will go forward to perfect oompletlon Without delay, aad one that will ooufor honor on iti f cinders and supporter.. NEW YORK. Bold Pens.?Persona going to California Should by all meats, take with them o.,e of tha oelebrated Richelieu Gold Pent, which are wainn-ed to wear five years: are portable and convenient. aud will outwrar a sarao of .{Hills or steal pons Manufactured by J. Y. SW'AUK.Jr, 15 Wall aOWlgi and Toupera?The beat assortment tn the oity, oan ba found at Batclulor'a Wis Manutaotory, No.4 Vall etre.t, sear ll rnadwa>; his sew invented Wfits obtained a Bilvsr medal at the last Fair of the Amerioaa lusMtnta. Call and sea befiue purchwing e:acwhrre. Copy tho address. Liquid Xlalr Dye.-llntchclar'a Llqald tkiStaatly ohargea red or grey hair toa natural hhok or brown sola* Without injury to the hair i r akin. This is tha beet arriuUlnttw market, and is appl-ed with baa triable than other dyea dotd wholesale aud retail at W. BATCH IGOR'S, Ne. 4 Wall street, Mac Broadway. Improved Magnatlc Machines.?Dr. Morebead's Gradual, d Magnetic Machinal ate au imp -riant improvemeat over all others-, -tuple, more portable eironger aud more effective; aco>mp>nic(l by >hr new uiauual for u.e, lull, c ear and xplieit. Price $ 12 0. rni'leto and warranted. Beware if imitations. Sola manufacturer, D. C. MORfcUE.AU, M. D., 182 BroadWhy _ Dr. Christie's Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, Keoklaors, and Mametic Fiuul f r C e cure of rheumatism, dyspepsia, and all nervous, dietarec. tire, ap-spl-xy a e. ( aliforniaus rhould provide thi mielve. with there wonderful curatives. Cola and only depot in tills city, 182 Broadway. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONET MARKET. Sunday, Keb. 35_U P.M. The acoounts received from all parts of Europe by the late arrival, have even thus far, had a wonderful influence upon the progress of events In this country; and as everything on this side of the Atlantic oon< Beoted with financial and commercial affairs emanates from the emporium of the Union, the impetus given to things here will spread all over the Western world. This is the grand starting point for all commereial enterprise; and we ooneider the intelligence received from Europe by the lait two paokets as being of a ohataoter oalculated to create greater activity among all classes, and givo us a greater supply oI capital for employment in branches of industry, that will rapidly develops our resources, aad give us strength and permanency in our pursuits, to an extent greater than ever before experienced. We have, heretofore, felt ' cverely the want of capital ; our most important interests have, from time to time, drr-oped, and many have drawn along a weak, sickly existsnoe, wholly for the want of sufficient capital to give them health and strength. This difficulty is in a fair way of being removed. The prospeot at present is, that we shall soon have capital in any quantity, seeking investment 'n the different movements of the day, and wbloh will nable us to compete with all nations in the principal markets of the world. The revolution in the political affairs oi Europe and the donbt and distrust attached to the present position vi tuiDgo uu iuo guuuunui u?vo oumpieifu as great a revolution in the minds of capitalists relative to Amerioan securities, as in the opinions of the masses rela" tivs to the old form of governments. The old dynasties of Europe are in a state of deeay. There is at present every appearance of permanent peace; bat there sire below the eurfaoe elements at work, which will assuredly undermine the systems whioh now sustain the different interests, and, in a few years, we shall see them all tottering to the ground. We do not look for lengthened hostilities between the great European power*?wa do not expect any open revolution within the limits of any European government; but wa look for a deep-rooted opposition between the different classes, between the different industrial pursuits, that will never oease until the power and prosperity of each are destroyed It will be impossible fof the extreme interest* of the extreme classes of Europs to become reocnoiled; there Is a feeling of hostility between tham, that has long beenobronio, butit has been smothered, nnd lain smouldering in the breasts of the oppressed. The flame burst forth in the shape of n revolution which destroyed the thrones of several kings, but it 1m* for a time been extinguished, and for a time all will be apparently quiet. The masees bare tasted tha secrets of power, and they never will again tamely suffer as they have heretofore. Thar* Is no seourlty for property in tha old world, amidst tha obaoges which are going on. It is impossible for capitalist* to feel that eonfldenon in the safety of their Investments, or for commercial men to enter Into their pursuit* with so muoh energy and boldness as when they feel no apprehension for the stability of the government to which they look for support and protection. The state of Europe la by no meant calculated to snerese* its commercial prosperity. Franc* la hopelessly bankrupt. The peopla eannet support any kind of government without repudiating the present debt. Every ether power on the eontlnent, except Ruaeln, ut reeoet to repudietlon, to relieve the people from the onormowa taxea which ere praaalng them to the earth. Independent of thle, the political complexion of the revolutionary oeuntrlea la by bo meana agreeable to the maaaea. Thay are dlaaatlaflad, and will are long ahow It by aome act; they will aweep away the ayatema the temporary goveramenta are attiring to eatabllah. Great Britain U by no meana free from theae evila Changea are not brought abont In England, in the came way they are upon the eentinent, bnt they are more permanent and mere Important in their effect*. The people of Great Britain hare an obatlnaey or determination of oharacter relative to polltleal reforma, agalnat which no power oan oentend. Their apparent indtlferenee, and their long vuffering baa Indnoed the government to adhere to and eaforoo meaanrea which no other people under the eun would have ao long and ao quietly eubmltted to Even thie mart end. There la a point beyond whleh forbearanoe eeaaea to be a virtue; and the people of England, Ireland, and Sootland, In looking abroad,reat their eyea upon thia country, and eompare our happy, free, growing, and proeperona oonditlon with tbelr own' weighed down with taxation, and the oomparlaon la by ro meana ealeulated to Ineraaae their loyalty, or increace tbelr love for the governaMnt under whieh they Uve. Such a eompariaon la more dangeroua to the permanency of European powera than anything elae; and to thia la attributed the reatrletiona whleh have from time te time been placed upon the circulation of paper* from thia country. There la a prejudice among the maaaea of Europe toVarda their own gevernmente,and thia la likely to Inoreaee and become more bitter. There ia very little danger of a rupture between the different nation* of the old world; there are too many local dlfllcaltie* In OSietenoe, to enable them to turn their attention to I ' tboaa of an external oharaetar; and there U, therefore, Mara danger of elrll ar Uan boatlliUaa between na tlona Of nil tbtnga sale al at ad to derange and destroy | 'he flnanolal or eommareial ayatama of any nation, the axlatanoa of olrtl war ia mora rulnooa than any othar, and thia ia going to complete tha daatrnotton of 1 thoaa foralgn In tares ta with whloh wa hare heretofore been nnabla to eompete. Tha affaot of thia atate of thiDga in Kurepe will be, to tranafer an ItnmeuM amount of eapital to thia oountry. Tha repudiation of the enormoua debta of nearlv ararr nation tha nn. oertalnty attending commercial transactions, and the limited market*, will induce those who oan gather together their mean* to migrate to oar shores, and lavest them in enterprises similar to those they hare abandoned in the old world It will be merely a transfer of place, with an inorease of facilities to carry on the same kind of business. Heretofore the emigrant from Europe have generally been of the lower olaeses. We bare had an immense aooession to onr population, without any important increase of oapital. Hereafter the emigration will be of a better erder, having mor, oapital, and consequently of more value to the oountry at large. There never was a period within our history when everything tended so muoh to Inorease our wealth and prospority, and as we beoome rloh in means to extend our manufacturing and commero<at interests, tbe supremacy of Great Br tain beoomes reduced. Our position, with all its previous advantages to [sommand and control the eommeroe of the world, has been muoh improved by the movements reoently made relative to California. We now find ourselves In the eentre of all commercial operations, on the great highway between the tsst and tbe West, and the shrewd capitalists and merohants of the worn out, impoverished and unstable governments of the old world have already exhibited an inteatisn of plaotog themselves where they can make their means available la movement- likely to grow out of the disooveries lately made on tbe shores of the Paclflo. Our public stocks have absorbed millions upon mil. lions cf foreign oapital; and we venture the predlotleu that, in lera than three years, nearly the whole of our public securities will be in the hands of those who have heretofore looked upon them with aueplolon. ThU will not only relieve present holders, bnt It will compel a large amount of eapltal to seek other employments and oreate so mnoh confidence in onr progress and in our institutions, that foreign capital will not oonfine Itself to our stocks but be employed in manufacturing mining, and in every ether branch of industry known among us. Our oonneotton with Europe, in a commercial point of view, will be gradually leasenod. Our intercourse mnst hereafter be oonduoted upon a different system than has heretofore been in operation For our own safety and protection, we mnst adhere strictly to the cash system. The tables are, indeed turned. A few years ago, Amerioan credit was a bye word in Europe; whereas, now, we look upon European credit with suspicion. If we require cash for everything we sell, and pay oash for everything we purchase, we shall not be so much affected by the revulsions whioh must, from time to time, take place, more frequently in England and on the continent tban ever before, until they have completely prostrated and destroyed those systems which have regulated the oomraerce of the world for so many centuries Our example, progress, wealth, resources, enterprise, and prosperity, have already done more to revolutionize Europe, and will do more towards destroying those oppressive forms of government, and those commercial and finanoial systems which have monopolised the wealth and commerce of the world than our ancestors ever dreamed of. and the change is yet in its incipient stages The annexed statement exhibits the valae of merchandise imported into this district, excepting that rent to the warehouse, and the amount of duties re oeived during the week ending en the28d inst , in e&eh of the past four years : ? COK.Ml.HCE OS' Till PoiiTOS K?W YoHX ?WKHKI.V IMPORTS IMS, 184 f. 1848. 1819. Free Gendr L$I23.2?0 $116,763 $28 817 Dutiable goods 1411,019 1.2 6,627 2.3Mi.49l 1,715 435 Total n: lite $1,116309 $1,32' 391 $2,427 557 $1,744251 8r?ie 72 COO vss.7<?0 5 4H 931 I.'iitiel rvoeived 3118910 308412 6 9.394 471,1)5.5 Kates if dutj 3(1 >-9 IS 1 3 23 10 13 25 1 8 The drafts on the Assistant Treasurer for the week, amounted to $C62.3f5 76; being $321 330 70 greate, than the amount paid in on acoonnt of duties, showing a reduotion to that extant in the deposits for the week. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for the prinoipal speculative stooks in this market for each day of the past week, and at the close of the week previous. It will bs seen that most of the fanoies hare advanced Quotations roa tsi Principal Stocss in tnr New Yore Market. Hat. Moil. Tun. Wtd. llu. fW. 0ef. Tieamiry NotesOV 119% 1 U9% 1(9% 119% 109% 110% II i% New York State 6a '60. ? ? 1<6 ? ? ? ? toio i>a 1us ? 10.1% ? 103 lot* 103% Kentucky 6's ? 101M 2MM ? ? ? ? ennay.vamia o a 78% - 78% 78% 7?% ?> 80% Illinois 46 ? ? ? ? 46 46% Indiana State ft'a 03 ? ? 67 64 ? 64 Reading RKSonda.... 43 - 44% 44% 43% 41V 47% Reading kTtcase Uonda 86% 85% 86% 86% - 67% Rsading Railroad 2(% 24% >8% 25 28% 21% 38 N orwich k W oroestsr,. St % ? 3 % 35% 86% 3(1% .77% Erie Railroad, old... . ? 68% ? ? ? ? 88 Erie Railroad, new.... 61% 6'% 61% 61% 61% 62 6 % Harlem Railroad 88 68% 89 69% ti> % 61 62 Long 1 aland 26 23% 28% 23 % 35% 26 26 Molma k - - ? ? ? 81 83 hew Haven 91% ? - 92 92 92% ? Stoningtoo ? ? ? ? ? .57 64% rancers'Loan s*'/, sa* so an so?. 37 Canton Company J9>4 !Wk SOX 411 40 >j 40jJ 41X Hurrta Canal 9 9bl 9% 9* - ? ?X North American Trust ? ? ? ? 8 ? ? A comparison of pricM current at tba oIom of tha market yesterday with those ruling at tha close of the previous week, exhibits an advenes in Treasury notes of iyr per cent; Ohio 8'e, I,'; Pennsylvania 6's, IJi; Illinois (i'a. K; Indiana, 1: Reading Bonds 2J?; Reading Railroad, 3'-,'; Norwich and Worcester. 2%; Erie Railroad new, IV,; Harlem,4; Long Island, 1; Canton, 2 Hi; Farmer's Lean. 2>t. and Morris Canal, X. It will be seen, by a notice In another eolumn, that the time expires to-morrow for receiving proposals far the first issue of bonds of the Hudson River Railroad Company. These bonds draw seven per cant Interest per annnm, have twenty years to ran, and will basecured by a mortgage on the whole road, and all the property of the oompony. The rate of interest Is high, and will no doubt attract the attention of capitalists, particulsrly as the seourity is undoubted. tnVERTI8EMElVT8 RENEWED EVERY MORNIN0. ^ LiOST.^ 4&K REWARD-LOST ON THE 19TH IN9T. A SPOTTED iptf Painter Dry, with a chain on hta reok. and h?lf iralnad, at avers to the name at Funk. Tha finder will receive tha shore reward, on returning him to 171) Greene (treat, orNe. 10 La Soy Place K> f"r informal ' n of said doe. Lost?a white ivory opera glass, on Friday one of the Empire Una of stages Flra dollars reward will be paid for returning it to 09 Front street. New York. DANCING. SHELTON'S BRASS BAND.? FOURTH ANvUaL NILI taryandCivio Ball of Shelton'a American lira's Band, will he he'd on Tnetdsy evening, Fell. 27. I.'-49, at the Apollo Room*. 410 Broadway. During the evening the band will appear in their new fatigue droit, ana perfoim several ahotoe pleoes of musio sr.e i/nsomie nana upon una occasion win us sugmen ea. Tickets $1, to be had of any of th? members of tha hand, at their h*adquart*re, lt>7 Walker atreet or at the door on the erening of the ball. The floor will be nndar the okarge of Mr. Daniel Underhill. rOH MLB. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUO STORE FOR SALE? It la aituated kalew <he Hark, in the haaineaa part of the town, and ia paying a profit of t? W per year; no better loeatioa out of Broadway for retailing, and the a tore ia oapahle of dniag a wholeaale bnaineaa ta any ox tent, according to capital invented. Ihciraalea of patent medicines aloae pay more than expenses. $ffUtl oan he made from now ttll Ray I. alone. Prioe $ISW-$IUU0 ol which moat le cash AiMn-aa box f.T.'t Post Office A DOUBLE MEDIUM PRESS FOR MLR, WITH IRON oelinder for rollers, ia firat rate order. Apply at the desk, in this office. For sali-iu splendid powlonia shade three, being a few of the only lot ever imported to thiaoonntry The following it taken from the ttoonaookat Patriot: ?' Mr Ilall growing on his farm eereral Powlonia treea, the firat of wfcioh w as recently imported from Japan. The geolai ia that of the Valanihua, or tree of heaven. The tree ia atnotly and beaa tifnllt ornamental. The leaf reaemblea that or the palm, but much larger, metenrii g. when full grown, thirty Inohee in diameter. lhe blossom isdesenbed as belogvery beautiful."?Woeneoct et Patriot. Alto, a < entnry plant. 20 yeara old, and a beanti ful orange tree, 12 veers old; alio, an exoellent grape vine; all of which will be aold low, or exohanged for goode as they must be removed this spring. Apply in the Reetaurant,oornerof William and Iteekman striata For sali-the sto.^e and fixtures of a comfectlonery, with neat garden end summer houses, in the Tillage of WUIiamebnrg. Thie establishment ia neatly fitted np, and ie one of the moat fashionable plaoee of retort la the village, and doing a large gad pr< fltabla inmmtr buetneaa. Wlllteeotd low, or exohanged for goode, or other property. Apply in the Reetnnrant, oorner of William and Beekatnn ttreele. TO L.JBT. To LET-A FURNISHED ROOM. WITHOUT BOARD, to w^?eh?glegentleuinn,lnu small private family. Apply at 3d TO LET-A COUNTRY SEAT IN WESTCHESTER?THE Cow a try Seat, with the Fwrnitare, now eoenpjed by the sab e titer, si Ins ted ia Westchester, one mile from Klngsbridgs. on the Albany Post Read, son I distent from the Harlem aad Hudson RlytT Rallroede For Asrther Information inquire ef James Crulksheah, 48 Omawieh street, or rathe premises ef M. N.BIBRT TO MANUFACTURERS AMD MECHANICS.?TO lit, IN the eeatie of Broetlyn. pieesmlea givra first ef May nextLarge Feetery ballsing aad lots adjoining, with large steam en sine, gearing, aad shop of leal* In good oeaditiea. Apply at X Brvedetteew New York. | WAITIi WANTED?TRA YELUNlT AMNTiTlrO^llAEirXtMl to tho iiM? throughout tbo o-mntry, of oo nrboie in univarj sal IIIW. AppH at ?!? RT.> <(? ? 11/ANTED-A SITUATION BY A STEADY aND INDUS | ww trioui Dinn.OkO oho boo hod Jdytari oiiorwn ein driviag locomotive. oid steamboat and itanontry auginea. To* beat or cilv wftinw u?B hp given. Addrnae 8. 8 . th'e Bice. _ WANTBU-A SITUATION. BY A MBiYEGYABLE YOU NO B oman, b Ciiaaiberuinid nod Wm Mr, in n pnvn fami'y. ; The molt umiceptionab e returcncea givuu. I'loo < ooU At 3D tut Broad nay. aroood tloor. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A dSSf EJTABLC YOUNU woman, lo do tho general I otuework or tb? ohtmberwork, wnal.iigikd iron'oi of * print* lemily; ii particularly food of childrou, nouid hn?* no objection to g> n ehort diitnno* ia tb? country, Good cify rofereoo* giton. PlekM osdl at No. 42 Bead* atjeet, corner of Broadwoy, roen No. 5 WANTED-BY A RCSPECTABIE GIRL, A SITUATION u Cook, Washer and Ironer. or to do geaeri UM or chsmlerwtrk No objection to go In the oountty. BuiUbut I oity nfcrti cog Pies,* call at 22 IBowrrv WAN1ED-A SITUATION AS SALESMAN OR BOOK. ketp>r. in an itnioriing houae, by a youug Oerinan. who ha* had aeierai years eiperieuoo. Sat alactory rutoruncj given. Addreaa I*. T., oflico ol tbia paper. WAMSD-BV A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION ti Coachman in a private family. He thoroughly under. Man !.- tho caie nf hot***, and i*a oar mil driver. The oaat ot'oity rtf. race. rloaae tall at 274 Pearl atrcet. Can b* soeu for two *>)? WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNU MAN WUO liaalate'y arrived from Europe?he ia wall educated, and an xcellmt areh' rot. Piaaae nddrrgg R 8., Herald ntBoa. IB,' ANTED-A YOUNG HAN, WHO HAS BEEN IN TTE tr fano) buaioeaa for the last ten ycitrs in a neighboring mtv, wlebea a aituation in thiacuy, in the tame kind *f business. Hag ?.-mr ?PO? ledge ol staple. aa well aa fanny dry goods. Satistao tory references given. Auv communication for U. J., at It Ureea Street, wl'l receive prompt attention. WANTED-A SITUATION, bY A KESPE'JTABLK WO. mail, aa Nuns Umerstaads the entire charge of an in lant; ai d. if raqa led, ran do fine washing aid imuiug Un.| city rcioreuee giVin. luquire at 243 Holt elrect, up sUiri, front room. WjtNUD.-A I'M vail UN AAH SURUMIN 13 DEJl(i iil i f going 10 California Ho ia a ?oocl ohem'it, wall ao quamtrd with tronunii, and writeea good hand. He would like to make ? me MlMgMMOt with a parly who ie g itig to'hat 'lai d nl proDiie." lie would rather en t.y the land route but ho'.Id not rli?cctto go ne round Hie llorn tie nn a I'unity to las provided lor. Addnei. DOCTOd. bi * i'77li. I'oat uflflce. WANTED? b V TA'll HESh EOT\Bl.K GIRLS. MTU A Hum . tha one 10 do eoi oral houm work, or ohamb't work: ie a Rood wabher and and t te other ae cook, waehrr.aod ironer Wi'l be erun for l?nd?jt?t No 21S Spriug lUceC, in tho i tar. Beet of city referenoe gl\en. WANTin-A KIT Li AT ION, BT A YOU HQ WOMAN, AS t! and lauodreee; ie an eaoelleet wather and ironer: and tiity reference (iven. Can be even for two daye. at I til i, ?d A vi nne. In the lanoy etoie. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION to conk waeh aud iron: or would make her. 'f g o. 1 ally u eful in a email private family, at general bnuaew ok The heel f city leferente can be givon. Enquire a. ItiO, 9 n it, between Third and Fourth aventiee DkUU UEKK-WaMED, A SITUATION IN a WHOLE ta eor ekUbliehment. Addruet E. 0., Herald otAoe. TO HKKl HANT TAILORS -A FKE dClIRAN, WHO HAS I oen for a long time in the beet ee'ahltabtae tint aria, ae I u'ter. wtehee a plao>- in thie city. Addreee " D B., caie of Mr. La Villa, No. 2?1 Fulton atreet. New York." TO BARBERS?WANTEU-A FIRST-RATE JOURNBTtuaa. None but a good eteany workman need apply. MEDUURST A HEARD, 27 Maiden Una. SPECIAL NOTICES. American institute?an adjoubneo meeting will he hi Id oa even'DK. the 27'h day of Februar*, at 7 n'olot k, at the Rejio itory, No .'IXi B oadway. A full attend inn of mem here ie ta ,mated. a a eit < for a looatien will be detennlted. HtvHV Mgtlj<, R . Seo NOII B TO THE HEIRS AND I EGAL hBdKESENfA tire- of the oaptora of the frigate Pbilade a ia.?AH poreoue interacted as heii a and legal reproientativee of the officjre and crew 11 the U. 8. Ketch ln rvp.d, who were engage! in the reoaptute of the frigate Philadelphia, ia the harbor of Tripoli, on the Itith of February, iHU4, are lequoated to preeeat their olaitnt, with proper vonohere ol ideuti oat ion to tie undersigned who ie in poefceaion of tlie roll*, and prepared to give all neotaaary iulormation upon the ?ulj<ot. CU A3. DR SALDINO, No. 11 Tedd'e Building, PeurayWania Ayanne, Wathinc'onD. C. NOTICE.?TUB SUBSChItil.ltS 0KKLBY UlVENOTlCia of their tutentieu to apply to the Legislature of the State of Mow Turk, during tho preeent eoasion thereof, for an aot to incorporate rheniaeltea and their aeeociatea, with aoapital of two millione of dollar* under the corporate name of " The United State* Mail Steamer* Company, Hew Turk and Liverpool Lino/' for the pnrpoee of running a One of steamer* between Now York and Liverpool, in England.?Jan. II, ISIS. JAMES BKOVTN, EUWAKD K. COLLINS, R. BIOOS. W.S. WtTHORK ACARD.-T1IE UNDERSIGNED IUVIN3 BERN KBwoved from theolllceof Soperiateodeat of Wharvpe, Pieri nod Si ui-i n the ex pario atutemanta of the Major to tho Con nn,n Council, on leet Monday eventi g, and my removal bavit g been put through both board) in euuh l a to aa to prec ude my being heard h- foie the Common in my oaradefiuce, I now atk the pibnc to euapend their jidgmenta ou my otse tor a Ikw day*, wbon I will m'? a plain, uov aruiebod etitemeoi, that will shnta that I have l>eeii a v.otluj to the apeuUting deatgnp of ccitain iudivtdu <la. who hero for a n unber ol yeara liv d and fattened nut of the department over which I hare harot-ifor* been p a- od. the put I n may judge the mnti?ee by which ib?y ate actuated, wh-ii informed that I had plana matured that wnu'd aavtd th< uaano* of dollars of ihe peple'a money from tt e'riatatii oar.ew. New York. Ye*. 2f>, IP49. PHILIP If ABIE. AUCTION. BY JACOBS. PLATT, THIS DAY, HARDVAhE FANCY Ooode?Iho remaining pert ot the nick of Lira do or, filer Lanipa, aid llotte.lte peraarUelea, Me; 1,. (J. Carriogton. Auctioneer J. 8 Piatt will m> I, this day, at 111 o'clock, at tho Auction room, at ahote. cone'ating al o of a general aaaoiiment ... a. ,i.. i?,.?t,,,, i. .. _ t ,. 0 usury dealers and rcUilern. Ron re. rc mors, S. c ,rr, and also 51) boxes the id oat Tacks, from 2 to limine a; llam-nsts *orew Drivers, Spad>?, Augers, 6 cases Lathe-r I! x s. with Mirrors, 1 o t, rod ocks, Rim Locks, furry Combs, Taps Mraiurox, Ivory Tolls Knives and Fori a. Spoons, Brushes. one oas-i assorted doi.bli.har'elleci Qun?, lira's and Bitts. I'owd-r Fliska, oi-o ease Knit i>gNee-d es. one do.W.'UU Milliners' ALcdlcs at them are a!s? the la'ei or < fstock at a l.aaip stoic, via. 1,snips Liianolea, Tiiera Flint 8tand>, Cologne Bettles, Solar Lamps. Hal! Lanterns, ten-IirFit Candelahr?e, Alahas'er Ornaments, Castors, < lunreye, biuona. thimbles. Parr Soados, fcc? in lots to M t j-nrckaserr, and to which attention is direct, d. JW. BKOWN. Al'CTD'NlKR?UOUiEBOLD FURNI tor*. Monday Feb. 2ft. at III u'elnok, a* No Hit Grand street, will beeold the l.-rniture of a family leaving the oity, con si neig of mahoiitny Solas I hairs, Ottomans. Centre sad Card Table", Looking G arses lamps, Gimmln'oe, liru-t-ell snd Ingrain Ca- pets, Oil Cloth, Bedsteads, Mattresses, beds, Bedding, So. LM. HUFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.?UNITED STATES Mnshuts at Auction.?L. M. HofTinan S Co. will aell,en Tuesday, 17th inst,, st 12 o'o'nclc, a> Atlantic Dosk store. No 28. Brooklyn, by erder of tlie Uoi'ed States, hhhp*' Uo ted States Muskets. tart <f which will he soil peremptorily. Catalogues will l>e r -ady, and the musicts can bo extmiutd three days pre victts be sale. Dl> na8b, auv'tiunkeh-SrohE i .is fulton st.? This Day, Monday Feb. id, at 10 o'o ook.?herilf s rale of the stock, machinery, I'Ot, fixtures, and |r parties of the Union Ftie Moilia, at Sing Sing, \> e-tclieater county, on the premis a at Sirg Slrg nneer the direotio* of the Slier ff of Wests eiier eounty, o neistiigof ateem engine m'oh i e-y, and tools of alt deee ripMon tnese ary for the n.?nufacture nf flhn aid out ery. A large stock et cut and ground flies, liniahi d snd nnlinirhed. Iron, steel, lead dko. A'an wagons, carts anil harness Also, the fur D tare of the boarding hou-e;eonnectcd with tha works. AUCH' N NOTI E-7his DAY, AT 10 % LO ;K. AT I SI Charhon, near Grce mich st, tha exoellent fur li'nre oonie ned in aaid hou e. nearly new, and made to order. Carpets li en only 10 months, vases statuirr. maiiel tmamnnta &o.? A'ao, ki'ch, tfurnlture, with wl>lob the sale will onmmeore. THOMAS RILL Auctioneer. Atlantic dock-antuqav j. blkk kei will eell at auction, on Tnoaday, 27th inst, at -2 o'oloek at. the Merohenta' Fxchange, 41 lota of gr- und at Brooklyn, situate oo Hamilton avenue, and on Court, Clinton-Ha I, and Mill streets. Lota kil filled to the proper height lor building. Sate positive. Map*at tie auction room. UdClCLLAlVBOUB. tdrpilOMAS HfBR."?THE prus BaS MADE TH.3 JL gentleman known as a suoceaiful pugilist throughout the length and breadth of the lead; and it is tberefere anly juit that bia entire abandonment of tke Ring, and publis appearance in a I moie honorable bid useful character, should be made knoea j through the same msdium. Mr Hyer is oou*eoted with the Branoh Hotel, No. 96 Bowery; and in that excellent house-former ly conduced by Jonas Berthtt. Ie<|.?offers to his frienoae-d the publio every eoafort and luxury that a well ordered eitab ishment can aflord. mmn eiunns Trie asniun dvdobs ns sianrova JL Gentlemen:?I have kerned my Spring Report of Fnakions: I told you it ebonld be en eri?r to all othari; It le ?. But. a* I hare recently entered this field cf enterpnee, and am a etrangtr to the trade in general, I do not ask yon to believe my aeierto n, nnanateined by evidmoe; and therefore nek yon all to do mo the lavor to examine and enmpare You will petoelTO that my plate la the only one which off it yon any thine original or decerning of notloe?that it it in fact the only ' A merman Plate," ? hioh thai! alwayebeite dittirguiahing feature; and howerer enpenor it it thia spring. I will try to make it better in the Pall; and at it it afforded to you for only ono dollar, with Kepnrt end pattern abceta, itl? oertaitly an object to tare fifty centa and get the beat article. Write the addrem in full, and pay your pottage. Respectfully. A. WI) eeler, Repertor, 4 cortlandt at, N. York. Grand opening in dry goods-j. m mather or tliat far famed Dry Goods ntore. 8)I Second tt opp >elto She nil, bmnt enabled to retire from hneineea, < ffnrt for tale hit exoel lent ivick of goode?leaee of tote, 3 inert to run.flxtnreaaad good will of luiintea. Poeeettion immediately. N. B. The goeda ean be hid at a bargain, and the etore it In fall operation. CORSETS DR PARIS, NEW PATTERN3 LATEST PAehlrn adopted in Parle among the moat faahionable la ilea more oomfortable and grnoi fill tor the form, tt well la for the liberty they afford in the morementf of the perton who makoaoee of tnem. To bo bad only of Madame Prospers, A3 Canal treat, npttabt, near Broadway. N. B. The ladtee will find a new sty la, yory comfortable for nursing. andahandaomo aatortanent of "or erta for kallt. newly arrived from Parit a* a v?r? tnndora'o prion WM. CROWLBT k SON, SOLI INVENTORS AND MANhtctnr era of tka ealabrated Imperial Pa neat Needle, hare new reonfyed an extenMvaaeeoitment from their maaufactory In England. Likewiee, n large naeertment of every kind ef Needle*, Plan hooka, Paarl buttons, fro., nt the etore, foil William street. New York. J oat received, and for sale, ten million beat London Needles, ratteble for exportation. Orders forwarded to any part f the United States. TO daguirrean a rusts-the advertiser Iff. itee attention to his fail alio Camerne? they are made of the Iret Imported flint glass, without regard to ooet; and are offered to the Artiat at aa low rates aa realty good ones ean be made for. Star platen Cotnpcnod of Bromine, a aeneitfee liquid, pate ohemloale, oonting boxee, bathe, ho. JOHN ROaCII. Optician. 82 Nasaan it. Hardware, hair beatings, ro?trace, ooil Log end Ox ChaiaK Bed Screws, Kneb Locke, Anrile, Vioeo, busks and Bingee, Fry Peue. Bteeljarda, horoa Nails, ko. Alao.all ilsei of anpertor 0 8 Pi lea Chireele. Ike ; Cutlery, Saws, Brace aad B tie, ko., and a oomplete aeairtmeat ef floo]Ualr flea tinea J net landed. JOHN a NEWBOITLD, 65 John it CARPETS?CAEPETS CLEANED,?IT WOULD BE WELL to examine your old oarpete before buying new, and remember yoa caa hare them cleaned and themolon restored at from 6)4 to 10 oente per yard. Oentaclothlogrtroyated at 91 per salt, Shaw la of en ry description cleaned, and dowses dyed for T6 centa. Silke watered aad military olothing cleaned _____ T SMITH, 70 Allenatrndt. Amebican pictures.?tbe first prayer in con grew, 1774, Price $3 the Spirit of '74. pPoo |1; the Leoliratlon of Independence $126; Bolton Abbey In the OlJen Time, $116. Published by JOHN NEAI.E, 96 Carmine etreet, New York. Poet paid ordera, with aremlttaneo, promptly <i united. a c/k ann to lend on bond and mortgage. BtPV/.vPW in aun a to nit applicant*, on productive rani aoSau> ia this oily. Apply to 8 8. BKOaB. No. u Well atatat, ia the Cietoa W stag oAoa, bneemeat. JBUftKJBMnVM. BOWEST THBATK*?MONDAY NINO. FEBRUARY ?6. wiU t# uM. fee tlM kut da* tnia Mini, the |tud rwuni tpeotaole ?( Till LAST DAYS OF fitiflllAlbaote, Mr filbert; 01 noua, Mr. J (L Hall; MMod Mr J. M. | h? tt; Lydon N. B. Clark*: Ap?oiJ*<. Mr. Jordan: Burte Mr. Hitm Njdu, lla VrnjK low* Mr* Wilooi Tb* pirfor , luoncta will oe > nene* with NAVAL EN') A01 HINTS? admiral Kingtion. Mr Gilbert. Lieut. Kingeto*, Mr. J. H. Un'i: Miw h?r Iuti km H Taylor. Afirr Nnral Eugegunenta TUI MILL ( F Al.DKRVON?Tl* Unknown. Mr. S'erena; llcnr., Mr J II. Hall. L?n>ro. Mine W ui Boa## too.; Pit UK); Gallery l?K# Pooh pt ?*lit o'oloek; coromawoaat T. rTMAJIkKAU I NATION All THEATRE, LAI'I OH AT II AM V/ - M?n"at Eveui.*. It ruary At will t* niton th* drama of MA DELAINE OK THE UlilGlJoFTdC KIQ1M ENT?Surpllne, Mr Fatdry; Andreas, Mr Tiltor; Gamaid. Mr. Horbart: liai* loin*. M>a< it. Maatayrr. After which MOjK IN CALIFORNIA ? { koto. Mr liaafrau: Bykery.Mr. Seymour; Mr. Adolphna Pilll. I 1 hroud Mr w B baruia ; Lie. M'i< I. Heatayer. To oon elude with SWEaTIUahTS AND WIVES-Ctiaa. Prankl n. Mr. Ttlton; Admiral Franklin. Mr. Pardrt: Bil T Laooalay, Mr. W. I. Chapman: Cart's. Mr Heibert; Eugenia, M a. Isherwood. Boa a JSe., Fit, UKo. Doera IfUlt IXe'olook?ourtaia will rite at F. | . BhOAl'W'AY CIHCl'S. BROADWAY.NIArt SPBINOSr? | Monday rvetinp, Feb. 16, Ui? anteriaiamenta will com. . meuoo with a display of elegant horsemanship; alao. a beauufdl t scene ifgymnactics by Mr. Ntndaaud hli children, together with i a rtTinruiance iu ti.o arena, by Meson Stout, Knyglea, Feroi, ' Ilai kina. it alter Aytcar, Mallory. km. The whole to oonelado, for the third time here, with it-e buresqne spirting aeens, antuled,Ttia 1 UM MACU. OR UNION COURSE IN MINIATURE? More. Mr II. Gardner. Wnldy MoUowan, Mr. Pontiand; Fat. Mr. Hsokii e: Italian Grinder. Mr W. aynu; Miaa Dinah 1 < row, Mr. Han Gardrrr. Ad miaa on to every part of the beuee. It#.?child rrr hall prioe. BAKNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. DAMNUM. MAnaser and Fropr etor; J. U.oeuwood, Jr., Aaeisietit Manager, >l>lei did ntrfo'-mancea in the afternoon at S, and in the evening at 7)* o'clock. Five days I. ngcrol the Quaker Giant aid Ulentds*. Tliry are the laraeet pep-une in the world. Th# Uianteeela 21 ! ?k? niiiii many oigntreoc ingft, ana weigna aii paanaa. i lie Giantstands plump eight feet in h? stockings mad weighs BOB pc ni da. Tie; in a v be en it all houra, with Tltaaia. the fan; tju.en. Great Wertarn ?ppeara in two pieoreevery afternoon ai d t veiling Lett week of the Sable Brother!. Alio en- , gsgtd. Mir. Jems, Mrs Mm ell Mrs. Avert 1. fete Mnrria. Mr. CI upturn, Ac. Ike. Admission 25 ovnta; children under 10 jeer a , halt priru. J Or* ' V. UN tt BIGh TO ANNOGNo* ttlAl t> k"w7lL < dire a aeries of Gala Belle, at the Chlneee Assembly Rooms I pile r to 11-departure lur Wnstii?g'nn, where ho "ill have the honor of peifi imind *i-h hie baud at tho 'grand Inauguration I Pall. The e< ire a will conmienca on Monday, Feb. 2d. with a grand Public Ball; 27th (bydosire). a German Ball; 2Sth, loan- t duration and Military Ball, in honor of General Tnjlor Maroh I Tbl Complimentary Bencht ball to Josef Uung'l. Tho juadrillea, I v aittca lolkaa. ku..,ed by the celebrated baud, Tri m the 1 cempoaitloaa of btmnss. limner, QungT. he. Ticket*, admitting I two ladiea and I ne gentleman, two dollars; single t|okMI| ono I dol'ar: may be had at tdit tooma during the dan, and at tho door I eaoh evening. GIJAOVS UAM^ks. ubau'l. naai't ltUbbt AN- | nouncra to tne public, at the aolieitattoa of hia nurnerona fr that ha ia prepared to play with hia band, or a portion of ' it, at balls, sourer, or bnvito parties. All app ioationa must be 1 addieaied to htm at m chnmheps rtr-et ' VALIKUKIIIA L^OR BAN FKANC1SCO, VIA CBAGKR2?STKAMSUIP r Creaeeut City-On the ISth of Maroh.?Tho now and i splendid ooean steamship ChESCI NT CITY, Charles Stoddard, i master. I NO toot burthen, will leavo tor Chagresdireot, from hur doth, at Pier 4 N. H? on Thursday, the l&th March, at oat o'oloak. i Passengers fur California will find this tho moat expeditious and I pleataut route to reach the Gold Htgi.n; and aa tho t retoout City i goes direct to Chagrus. without stopping at intermediate pirtr, i they will, without tail, arrive at ? annum in time lor the Pacitto i Mnl Steamer of the Istof April. The steamer Urns in uo* on the river at (Ingres and the messengers of the Ofaeaml City met the rapptisand minors at work on tli- road from Crusoe to Paiama. i li the Mh of January, ao that much of the fatigue in crosatng tht letl mur will, no doubt, bo avoided. We have bten informed that , from KHI to hit) niulos have reeently been ordered from tan Juan to Lliapn s and that the Isthmus will he amply supplied hoinatier. Farrago ill 'la alter Jiiloon $IS(I; passage in the forward saloon, f, IV6; presage in tie lower cabin, $1(10; passage in the steerage. $-il. I"?l t rnl ic feet ot baggage allowed tech pirsenaer. and six do. do. alhwedracl ateerape paatei gur Freight on ap o'e one per oont; m extra brygsge eevuuty cent* per loot. No berth Moored until i u.o for. For Irojilit or naomre. app y to HOW A HI) R SOV, 73 South street. poh CALIFORNIA, VIA ( 11AURE3?THE SPLENDID F ooean iteamehip Norll.ornor. Captain Thomas S. Hudd.? The pn prittors of thir veeaol, at the earroat eolioitetinn of numerous port it a who deairo to arrive at Panama in time to take the ( a iforuia etesmer leaving there on the 1.1th oi Mutch, hare fomented to witl draw hot from the Charleston Hue tor one trip only, and will deepatoh hur far Chagree direct on Pharodny oca', the let day of March, at 3 o'olook P. M? from pier Mo. 4 Not th rivur. e'rom Uie well known apecd ot tbe Nertlierner. it le uonOdeut>y expected'hat ehu will make the trip to Chagree in nine days. time a&ording amp's time after her arrival there, for peeeeiigera to make their way across the Isthmus in season to p.event all yomibi ity of miss'sg the California steamer, whatever may be the state of the roaoe or dif&oulty of proouring con vet nncna At < iiegrea Pn Mige111 tht seioimstaterooms $115 ' " L' vt or oabin 100 In order to afford the greats't accommodation to pauseugore, nofieialit will be take*. Apply to 8POFFOKU. TILESTON ? CO.. 48 South el At tve re.|uest of many Pseaeng is. the Northerner will bo detail ed until the Is' r I Ma'oh, when ahe will poaitirely sail. i/OK SAN FKAN Id O-TO SAIL 10TB MARCB?THE F sueaship SEN AlOR. ~M tone Lieut. R. Beche, P. 8. New, commander, will positively sail ss above, at 10 A. M., fr?m her berth at Burling Blip Sho was built in Julylat. by w m. 11. Bmwn Feq. <>t this city, to run ?n our ooaat. between Boston end St. Jcbn't, N B., where she lies hven wnl' tried in some f our hiavicst n?rthw-et galee and provrd hereelfa splendid tea b, at. Numerous additions and alts ratieas have been made, at a 1 eavy txjenet, to perfect her for this voyage, and her aooom- i modr.t'Orafor pat rsnger. are very superior. she will go through tliu .-traits ol Magellan. touching at hio. Valnaraiau. Celiac and I Feat ma. Hoick or Pasiagi-State Reonts J GOO A'tei ( ?i in, wlthi ut ita'c-roome 8<J0 Pniwaid Cabin, crew's fare 4 0 Dvek do .. ... SOU .'94)11*. basgage allowed lit clam paeeeogers, and to freight taken. For farther particular*, epp'v to WQiiIMU LI.IK MINTPRW. 87 Southatreet. 1.11 ik SAN F HAN CISCO, CALIFORNIA DIRECT, VIA TBI t. Straits of Magellan, the aewr and Mihetautlal steamship E1ChON. of 240 tons burthen, three y>art old, built In this oitjr. of the hi at n atcrial. oupjor fastened, and newly oopporcd boilers out r 1> new. and la now u* d.-rgoing thorough repairs for seaarrvice and will positively sail on or about the A'thof Msroh tier a loon aud cabin will be handsomely furnished for ease and comfort. ai d a tuore p oflcable opportunity cam ot be ofTsr- d to those des'r ne of coiag to C'al lornia. Che will be disposed of by 1UU shirts of stock at (M4) each. Tbeowaerof eaohshare will be entitled to hie passage to Ran Franeiaoo, ana his e<|ual undivided share of the .bio. and nil appurtennnoea th reio belonging, and of the yr< flta and earnings > f said shin after her arrlral at Sat Fianoieco. laoh aliare of stuck will (Le made transferable Applioetiun should be trade soon, as already ortr one half of the stock la taken For further particulars lai|uire at.No. 8 South atre t scot t d floor, back Iflce HOB RAN FHANCISOO, CAM FOKNI A.-TIIB FAST r ssi'dng c Ipper built sehonner OEN . WOHTif. will sail on or before the 1st March Fur Irright or passage, apply to N. L. Ncl'resdy Ik Co? So South street; and Ouliok It lio'mea, 182 H est attest; or iho Captain on hoard, piar 8 N. R., foot of Reotor street. N B.?Three mure members wanted to ooinpleto this association. Apply as above tlok SAN FKANOIDCO, CALIFOR N1 A.?TO 8AILON TUB {rat March.?An asaucietioa. toconabtO 411 menbera, have purchased the new and fast aai log bark RUSaN. Captain H B. Lmhrup. el 3(0 tone burthen, coppered and copper fastened, now fli.tcd up in a superior manner, with for oomf rt aud convenience. A trw st aieaare I at te be had at SAigi eaoh, including the veaeel, and comnlate outfit for two le&ra. Two oarnnntara i,.H t hluib. ninth would be preferred among the number An experlsoced physician has tc a engaged. Apply on hoard. pier 8 R K., font of Cost, ties el p or ti 114 Wall street. Meeting ho d everv evening, at W tetchot tir b unit, corner of Broome and Bowery. at 8 o'clock IjtOR RAN FRAVCISCO, cam rORNlA ? i*a8?4<;r $128, and found in the magiiitiomt saloon <1 toe splend < (hip Rami set, to sail in a few da s as abeva stopping at Valparvao for water. A few mora berths may bo secured, by immedlateappliea lion 10 IC. M MI CMS. 1 111 Wall street, up stairs. JNO. OGk EN, 118 Wall s'reet FOR BAN FRANCISCO.?THE FINE FAST RAILING A No. 1 baik PAl MKTTO, will sail on Tnesday, 2*th. Wants ti e bulk of 2.NJ bb'e. to nil her. Apply to lbs Captain on biard, at ihi foot of llovtr street, or NKSWITH A W AISB J78otth (treat. E>OH (AUIORMA VIA COAGKES-tUI SUBSCRIBER A wil despatch for Claries, without delay, the superior very fust ratlin* Baltimore built brig < oL Howard, Durkes, master. Rhe is 882 toi s burthen, rewly ooppciwd, rehtted and pu' tu perfect otder. II>r acoajmooatious for paaaeugers are ef the tirst else*. having jnst been completed at. great rzpente. First oahin. SSI'. sect no do SIU. The hulk of in barrels freight allowed to si h peiaenger. free of charge Forlrright or pisiage apply on board, foot of Dowr street, or to Fernando Wood, 162 South street, uuinel if Dover, Fiureiigors by the Col Howard will have the preference of renege from Panama to San Frauolsoo, in n veaatl ezp?e cd io tail thence in April m zt FOR C8 LI FORNIA-TBK SECOND DIVISION OF HE Data, n Asaooia'ion is now formi g, and will m?el this ( Monday) evening, Wedrerdav and Friday evenings of this week, at 7>t oeinok. at Aiuencsn Ball Ci mtnltiea Room, Broadway, corn r of braid street. We go hy vessel 'e Oalvstton?tbenoe b> s oat to can Felipe, on the Brazos?thenoe overland, via Aueiin. El Faeo, aid the reported go d regions of the Rio Gila and Ssn fnsniiis. Kzpensi of Journey, two mule', and three months' provisions per man. SII". The muss will he of great value to load from Dry Strain Pits to the washing^ forezpodl. Hot a tor previsions, to gather mat rials for winter habitations, Ac. We start Mateo 6-wbole Jonrosy ninety dave? than 86 for mini g?work and divide tar?t?gg |n voinntary divisions Full larticulars given by D. BOUGH, Jr., President, 1 Front st. LMlR BAN FKANCIsCO?ftTH OF MAR IB.?TflE SUB F sfsnfial at d fagtsaflirg barkCLVOE, 61111 'o, s burthen. Capt Gen. B. Eempton, is now loading a'. Pier No. 8, North River, ??d tsiu tail as above, lie Clyde ft fitted with etate-roome ef eztga s se, in a ipioious and csrefuliy vuntilated saloon, an offers ae' mi datii ne f-r passengers ot the ver first ordor, fmlv equal to those of anv vessel which has sailed for the ab ive port a Fksit inspection of the vessel le pa-ticitlarly teipiestel from tooes who era bout to embark tor California Tbe i rice ot passage ia about 01 e third tho rale ef the overland and Isthmus rou es, and secures a convcyaaee free from tha uncertainty In point of time, tnd the danger to health and property, with which all eueh routes are unavoidably attended. The vessel will he ooueigned to Messrs WARD A SMITH for eeversl years established st fiaa Frnrciseo. who will giva all needed information and teeiatanoe to pa sen germ. A phvaioiau will go out io the vessel. For height or passage, apply onboard, at Pter No 8. Norh River, or to H. BOLDREGl. Jr.. 9.1 Wail etrnet. SHIP RALIM-FIRrT VESSEL FOR BAN FRANCISCO? to eaii tie Dt instant. Ten additional shares.atf am)eieh. ornate, er ten passengers at $1/1", can he aroomaindattd. The , rigtnaf share* beiog$i8"aod assessed to meet the deficiency; tbe I siehelfsrs two the ship (New York built) one years' provb atom of superior qua'tty. mining Implemeata, toots, seows beats, fee Passengers wt I be allowed to remain on board theahloone ?ivk after her arrival at Ban Franoiaoo. and nan now lodse en hoard without oharga tin til the aaila. Thla ahlr > ttty (hat, otrn n odlona. and hotter reatilatad than any t a-el for California. For ha ret or peaeaga, apply oa board,at Pier 90, M. I , foot of Koeea toU a'rrat. rttiR CALIFORNIA? Dil fill KSS COUNTV dim, ANB a prima Maaa Pork, en rod aad packed expre^lr lo hat oil matea and lorn tojtiea; if an a, Shoulder*, and Beef, Rutfrr, ( heete, Lard, Oil, Soap. ( and In, Baaaa, l eae Hioe, Flour, Pilot Bread, Siuara, Tea, Coffee, to. Ito , for aaJa, at the Ion eat rataa by CLARK. FISE,* CO, 23-1 Fulton (treat. RARE CBAM'E FOR CALIFORNIA -FOR BALE, TUB tr.e I Oilth part of a flrnt olaaa ahip (to anil about tha I at of Wert h. I with a paeaaee and prerl* ona for a voyage to California. Price 11 Ml. Apily up ataira at Johnaoai'a Hotel, lid Fulton met r.aar Br anwny 0 CORE. NO CHARGE.?DR. MURPHY OF M VOLS afreet la oonBdenttally oeaeulted on all farm* of prirata Ma aaaea. Reoeat caeca of geoeRhaaa he aaree la two to font da ye CouatiMtlonel debility aad impotaaay aauaaaafnlly treated tl Dr. M. No mareury nard la any oaaa. or bind ran oa bom ham aeaa. Odlec Mtfleia aeeee*. oaen tvaae T A B. t* I P .* Ccalifornia gold-washers?a mew and m / t>r<<red article importer ta any la eae. OoM Biften, Rat rta, "Irk exee, Uatiooka trmbara, R hea hatrawa, Male and Ox Carta, Wagone, Braaaardlrea Wire olath. Alee, a general aa ortmcnt i f Ploupha, Cultlvatore, Oora Rhellera, Straw Cutiara to. *o, for aala at tha Agrien tnral Warehonaa, 193 Front atreat. JOHN MOO <8. (CALIFORNIA DAQUERREOTYPRS. -PERSONS ABOUT M vtelt California, and deairoua to leave their likaoeeaae vltta their blend*, would da well to ml] at Brady'a, Noa 2 ? aad Ifl7 Broadway, whom, by reaaon of reoeat improvement a aad adliioti. to bit aataoliahmeni. faithful aad ttwe Ilkaaaaata may ha nktored ft the herteet CJOLD REPABA10R9.-TBOSE OOINO TO CAUFORVIA * will ^ w?li tootll it th? ftdnter Md Park Plare hn* p*nti,ii"> the .W?rouriil <)r>ld Se|nr*toi?; an *id and ?rell rw d hia*. and ooBikrwed v** U>t oaJj pnaatplaa Lae ea la *iik?u?wNfeUj. AJtUMBMSni*. DIBDAD1PAT THEATRE.?E. A. M Ad SHALL. PROPRUSD Ht.-l|n4M Ewening. ftbraarr will b* airfornad tha to ('ran.*. in ** leti, of K?TI WdflDflUlli. OB TUB PRICE or LIBERTY -Laid HOW*, Mr. Malhew*. Lard Peiy. Mr Mo.rhou, e; Delauoey. Mr. Dyott; Nathaniel Mooohull, Mr. Traded. ks. Colonel Burr Mr. E. Shaw. Naihaa Prentiaa. Mr. Badaway; Fran* WoodnolL Ml* R- Talbia; K*?? Woodhn I. Mr#. Abbott Martha M aodhnll. Mr* Iahrrwool. To ooaoloda with Hl.aRUBK and CRASHBk?Slaahar, Mr Had away; Blowhard, Mr. Vaoha; Craahar. Mr R Bliaw; Boaa. M a* RoaaTalbln. Draaa Cirel* aad harqiutt*. tOoanta; Family Cirola. U ooatR dalitrr, 12J<o?nta Dorr* opaa Kal/ paat 0; oooBeaoa at 7. B ORION? theatre, cbambkrb btabet?rom dat Erasing, February 2ti, will he plaiedTdE KINO OP THE I'hil tx ks At?m Mr. warden; Poo, Mr. Raa; SovaaTiaii.)iiil!a, Mr. Meyer; o-Uont Know.who, Mr Brougham; Pie Hit I, Mro. Brougham, Priroru Koaetta, Mia* t'hapinat. tli* entertainment* to commute with the comedy of I HR PA IT MAN?Skyrocket Ned, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Huahea Mr. Lanna; Iriaty, Mr. Hamilton; "kylarU, Mr Juhnrtnn; Mr. Breraton, Mr. ortin *r Lurcher. Mr. Maura; 8 ap'em Mr. Rea; Booraa, Mr Parol'*; Bob. Mr. Christian; Peatman. Mr. Unrley; Rataey, Miaa Chapman. Or*** Cirola aad Parqaette SOo.; Family drain, Mr. D. 01 a open at 0)f; curtain rloea ?t7. M itch eli's olympic theatre?mon da v bvcnino, t't. i.0. to CI mmenoa with LaVATRR. the puydloj- I hOMiar- Mnneieu. Batman .Mr. Holland. John'.'taper Lvratar. Mr. MrUii hoii; Louie, Miaa Ntolinaon. AfUr which the k1nq DP the i'l A'NK ks- Argue,MiaaI'larko. tioriael. MiaaPhillip*: Prinra j.a.omy, Mr. Idtvaia. After whiah, FOUNDED on fa 18-Mr elliptic, Mr. Bollmnd; Captain Uarwood. mi. Niok* ina? ft* akoitio Miaa Roberta. To cmoludo with cama kalzaman anr badoura-Buag, Mr. Niokinaoni Cam*nizauian. Mita Clarke; Jim Sling, Mr. Ainold; Mann nunc, Mia* m. Oannon; Badonra. Miaa Phillip* Draaa Cirola n'o.; llppol Boaea k#e.; Pit l2Ho. Dooraapen at 0)6 oommanoaat J. MECHANICS' HALL. No. *78 BBOAUWaT, BETWEEN Grand and Broom* streets, ope* erary Bight during tha week.-Tbo original and waU-anown CHiUSTY-8 MINSTRELS, organlaed IMS, the aldaat eatabliabad company la tha world; tha lirat to harmoniae negro melodies, and originator* of tba proaant pnpalar at vie of Ethiopian entertainment*; whooa oonoert* in Una eity, for a period of two year* haw* boon patronised to aa extant unaaialloltd by aayamuaomaat la thia great metropolis. They will narw the hoaor of soatiaaiag their Inimitable Coaoert* trory.night, until lurther notion, (ntrodueing at aaob represent*, ticn a variety of new Operatic Rnrlcequoa, Bongs, and tholr new ItnrlciolllA of thetr Vavkm Mumnal lUmlaOAH Hit mhIa Doom open at 7?Coooert to eomjnenoa at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, oommanotac at I o'olook. Kalagarand Director, I. P. CHRIBTY. Till (MUCaT CHINESE MliaEUM, Ml IIROADWAY, BRtwocn Spring and Prinoe atreou, and the only one In thil loon try nontiata of a great number of Ufa niie tlgnroa of Chi mm, ?f all clauiHw. eeveral hundred t hine#* painting* apartment* la koueoa; ateroe and ferael*. modala of pagoda*, lean c* and bridgea, apeotiuena at Chinese manufacture*, thoir agricultural tnd naobanioal implement#. in*trnra*nta of muaio, lantern*, Ac. ke. Om'o firm nine A.M. till ID I'M. daily. Aduiittaneo,Hi *nt.i; Children nadar twolvo. half-price. CASTLE UaHDEN.-TUE above vvkll -K.N'oflfN bum mur retort nan now lie ei uturtd fur Evening a taumnien'adurug the coming aeascn. Fur turiher pariiou arc, and tonne, apply tt the Olflueoutha prcmiaea, or by loiter ip at paid)direct?- to lite proprietor*. FRENCH A DEI3KR. t/AlilPOHAlA. EXtELBOlK ASSOCIATION, PER FIRST CLA81 BARK ( Iakissa, fur Han Frauciaoa,?Two aharre are v?t open fur Hue ol which a geid blnoHtinith i* deeiird Ono atato r inn i* tl ureaoived, wMth will Inruiali eiccllent neeaminndatiuua fur twnludiou ur a gentleman *ud hm wile, aa |i\at,ongora; alao three i'lliur |iwd pereeogere' feitlia. meohnuioul and tnoreautile pn feauion* are aldy repri aonted i. tin* aaaouiatlon. A phyat tian una turgemt, ot middle age and long experience, whoie, be tide*, au excellent olituilat and ataayur, la a member ef the a?eoliation. Fot thane, paiaagt', or Iremht, app'y to J ES UP A POX. I7H South street. t'Oli SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA.?TilK SACRA nu inii Mining and Awuitiug Aatoo utlon will lio'd au ad j. urrnd Meuitna. at stoi eall'e Uotel. 1.11 Kul'.on atrout, thl* evening ut n ihtli'l i alt. Three Shnrta remain unaold; ono ttliare will lit tliip< Red of tu en capuriennrd phjaioiau, undone auaru to n atir carptaltr tl ULduubied characttr. Ryordtr vt'M. BRCdF. Pr ai'lant. '|tO CAI.IIOHMaNS- AMERICAN PROTECTIONS PROX cured ft-i m ti e Mate Department, Waahiugton City, on the tnoit rrait liable hunt. No American altiien nhould depart fur Cahlt ruth unprutitlutl w ith the vrupcr pruuf of t i* uitiaeuahip. jriitiu rum Eu ic Nnti,, huh in. 124 Na'sau street, New York. CTAPITAllhTA ATTENTION.?$1,1)00 GIVEN FOR ?5U0; > a'ao, one-hall the Profits.?A young man deriioua of going to California, would give a Life Insurance Polloy oil hla life for $1,'OIL if any one will advance him $500 for his outfit; alen, will give one-ha f the profits. Ph ate addreat P. B, this Ofliae, stating where un ti teiatew nan 1? had. batiafactory rotereuooeoaa l>o given ae to integrity of rhnrne'er. Ftit t /. l.i tORNI a ?TWO CARPENTERS WT3II TO BN. gage ?t h aome perron who will provide passage* outfit, So., t.r winch thty will allow one half the tint year'a t roflts, and pay bact the eoui advaated Batirfaotury refer"i ce given, address E. and f .. Boti lo Office, or at 108 Jay street, Brooklyn. Ct A 1.1 FORMA 8HIP STORED?PICKLES, J AllS, CATS UPS, J Brandy Fruits, Piekled Oysters and Lobatera. Fresh Meats, Lobs-era, Oysters and Soups, hermatrieally staled, can be fur Bisbtd in i|iiasiities to suit purchasers, at the lowest prices, at 107 Watersirvet, opposite Uniuid States Hotel. Pickles wholesale and retail TO CAlIFOKNI A.? FOR SALE-ONE HALF OF A FINE hip at d eanto of provisions, oonaianng of Pork. Beef, Bread, Fit ur, b c. There are suflla ent provisions to last ona hunilrvd men at least a year and are of tre first quality The chip aailod about a month since. The half internet is maun d for #15 mm. Thoy will be sold together or sepwate'y, oheap for oaeh. This offers a fair opportunity for companies that are (nine overland. Thoy will bo exchanged for a stock of goods or real estate In the city or violaity. Inquire at 1:6 Fulton at. I'O CALJfOBNIANS?RITII AN EXPERIENCE OF 15 years In preparing stores lor (hips and passengers, the tnb serker confidently > Hers hie services to persons intending to make the vnv ago to California. A t his store may bo lad oatimates tar provisions of every description, fi r any number ot persons, from 1 inonti roi years. au stores win us put up in surname pruKagea tocr?#the lethnua, or fur tlx longer < ouie. and will be war ran'ed tn keep. A. KB* r*. 116 Wall st. N. Vorlt. LATLBT NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA.? A LAKQI amount of gold waa found ta be realized by the sale of inr blurts, n uoh moie en than in digging for it hurehasera ararsquested to oall and examine the large assortment of rod Flannel bhirtaand Drawers: aleo, colored and white Shirt* whioh will b* told chca|er than elaawdirra, a< M. WtO'.FS Wholesale Shirt Warehouse. ill Maiden lata*. (t ALIFORM A COLD TBSr?COMPACT ROXB1, CON y taming Scale* and Troy weight*, actus, micro*) pe. blowpipe fco. Improved retort* hr distilling, qutokeilver magnate, pocket ct Dinettes, taieeoi pee. k o JOHN ROACH. Optician, H2 Nassau at. HKDICAL. BE NOT DECEIVED.?BS NOT DECEIVED WITU VAIN liopt- lay not the flattering nnotion to your I ul, that diM-aee will rnre itaelt; ee|crially if that dieeisi be Canaun ptinn or Liver Couiplaint. It yon would be reator.d to health yiumuet use the meeu* which nenevolenoe and a kind I'rovidetce have pieced wi'hin your reach. The great and univeraal t< pular remedy for Consumption, and >11 chronic diaeiuue is now fir ene in every city and important tow-n in tne country, and at a price, too, that ono can elford to |>ay. You have, tl.ireiore, lor neglecting to aavo your lite and health. Be not doolived wi<h quack aoatiuma. or any imitations of thiB valuable trediclae. An individual at Charleston, South Carolina, recm'lj purihaecd four bottlee of Sway ne'e Syrup; one of the moat oelebiatcd phyticiane told theeeceived patient, he must (end that ttt.cle Lace, sLd ixcl.argeit for Dr vt inar'e Balaam of Will Cherry. Be not deceived ; remember that it n l>r * ia'ar'a Batlam ouree; itia Or. Vt Istar's that bring* back the b oom *1 I 111!h to tl a chu t, ualre to the eye, atrei gth to the aiatcm, joy and glad nisi 10 theroul, and happineaa to man i it ia Dr. Wlatere tlitt. has seined such celebrity among the slek, aatnnehing the ? mid with ite i IT eta, and la reoommended by the beat phiaiciana throughout th* land. Be n?t deceived-buy nono unloea signed 1. ht'TTS, on ihe wraf per. the genuine Dr. Wiatar'a. For talc, wholerao ai d retail, by Mi sera. A. B k 0 Sands, 1110 Fulton a'reet. corner ot Willitm; 27.'i Brmdway. Irving Uonae, con ?r of lhaniiere itreet; Win. Burger, 3* Courtiandt street; and hy il.c Dni/gl u n-rml y. MEDICAL REFORM.?"FALACJEt OP THE FACULTY, nlth'he Chronn thermal S}?'?ni of Med alne;" 224 pig"* 1'rieo |l; at 4ti Ann street. Edited by Dr. Turner, of New .'nrk. B.LONOft B BOTH IE. ftjacmtjc powdah?fob the destruction of iwl cocbioachea. tod huge, flue ll?aa. mot**, an la, mosquitoe*, ni.d various other ln#< ot*. Alea. pilts for the destruction of rata nnd ni'ce Warraated without poison. Oart'ttoatea from the rminetit phyalclat a <>f our oiiy maybe awn at 'he elSoa. N. It.?Tl. in article received tha highest pre in lu m at the lata fair ol ili? Anu-nrim Institute e. I.YON,4 .Ml Broadway. Dlt. UUiVKK IS CONSULTED DC r1NU TBI DAT and eveuina, at biaofAoe, No. 2 Ar*n street, (now No. 12.) In thoae difficult and promoted eaaaa of dalioate d weasel that Kayo baffled the ah ill of phyateiana ot leaa axpar eoae. Hia axtraataf Copavia, Obeha, ko, may be had at hia a tore, la front. Private on trance thrnnch the entry to the office door Most extraordinary work-to tbe married or thooa ooutemplating marriigo.?Tha Married Waman't Private Med leal Companion, by Dr. A. M. Maariaaaa. Sixth edition. Prioafl. Thia work iamaating with moat astounding aalag (24,1X10 a o pre a hating already boon disposed ot) Erary tetania It getting a eopy, whether married or unmarried, although it ia la Sanded especially far tha married, aa it diaelooaa important aaoretf rhieh ahoald be known to them portieularly. Bom ovary famalt ana diaaorar tho ooasea aymytona, and tha moot affiatant ram* diaa and moatoartain mode of owe in every oooa For aalo at a Broadway; at tha publishing offloa, 12S Ubartv street, Naw York) T. B. fatter aim, Na. 98 Ohaanut street, PhUadolpUa; let tie ft Co., Albany; W. E. Davis, Boston. On tha moetpi of SI. a oopy will be tranamittad by mail, free of poetage. to ill parte of the Baited States. All letters mnat bo addreiead, poet paid, to Dr. A.M. MAUEICEAU.bos 1,23d. Now Yon eitr. Offieo lWUbactv mwi_ Dr. fawi ett can beconfidentiallyco.hsul.ted ai hie office. 51 on all private diseases Trie moot obetinata yield to hie mode ?f treatment, which ie oa tho noamercurial principle. Strictures cured oa the moat approved plan. The vti time of solitary indulgence can also apply, with a oermiaty af en re. Office. AI l>ey treat. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES to br LONAULTID ON Private Dneasoa electa St-tcturea Venereal l.'loera ?o., be our a wham other* fall. Recent oaars euro* la a few diva ana Orgatic 1 ability h* warrant* te eora So* hia Loader diploma In hie office jrd)d Fnlton >trec?. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR UP THE "PRACTICAL PK1YATB Tvestiae." fta ffl (Ireenwiah street?offloe heora 9 te 17 A. M., A to 0 P. M. (Sond?T aaoeptod I. TboM who apply la Um naif tagn will te aurprieed at the rapidity and little Inoo nrouiaan attending tbotr oar*. It I* ohiefljr. however, Ihoee who bare nt bred from a oertala elate of people, who oao properly apereoi te ?earrieea. fa atrleturo, from I?e flret? Inmptent, to in mere ranoed and diet rearing ttagaa (front nnoemmon edrnategn aad a very catena re praedoe.l he oar effbtd a rapid, eeey, tad radical mire, whleh. he hae ground fat atatiab eaa te nhtalaid Meat aeothereeeeee te Antenna NO CIVS* NO FAT.?DR. CURB ITT, 19 DDANB IT. met* net of the Royal Or liege ef Surgeon*, Leaden, aty te eonealted la treatmeat of delicate dleeatte. No natter hew (nag roo nay hare had gleet, aloere apoa the body sr la the throat tr tone, paint fa tho head aad boaea of the lent A praotioe at l-urteea yean, derotad to reaereal dlnane,enaMee Dr. O. tonne tt.e went form of thia dleeete. Reeeat eaaee ottred la fear data No moronry and. BOrtetaree eared la eae or two weeka with aoereelj ear pala. Then iedirldaalt who hare indulged la a eertala leaneene habit eaa peai tlrely te reetored te health aad ooiety. HHIPPISU. Nfi? TOHK,, lMS -TOCAPT.OEOBOB LUMT.OT the ehlp Ktnehon.?Sir. ? Ae an Irith emigrant and a pat engerla jrur >hip. eooompanied by my family, permit me to ny that 1 would oonaider mynlf unworthy of the n?me of man, If i din aoi a rail my tolf ot thia publio opportunity of npreeeing my ftelfnga of gratitude to you lor your kind. genilemenly. end goo*, roue a ltmion to myeelf aodfemily daring e long and diiegreeable voyage of fifty dare from Liverpool to thia lard of freedom end of liberty?attention Wat onntributed coaatderably towarda the re moral of Wen natural feellnga whieh emigrant! mnat poaeia leerng W elerd ef their hlrti eod their ehlidhoed It would be. ladtio ungratefe) of me if I did not alee admit the atteeden of your ohlef idfiecr, Mr. Llt>d,ay. Bellirame. air wltee I aeaureyou that 1 regret much the weet of that eduoetion that would juat BOW fUrnTeh me with wordeauffiolently atr -ng te eonrey to yon my feoltaga la the meaner my heart would dioeato. But thje I will aay, that ther oerer ahall terminate bat with mr lib. Bat whet en I thinking off Sorely I am forgetting mrnlf. Can at torn g fan lb, who hare experienced It?eae they f tget you I Certainly not. If they porneea the feellnga of gratitude peeteaeed by their parent, Ike name of Captain George Lent, of Newburr. port, wtllmeh* elongard leetieg la pieeeioe oe Weir rnleda la ooaolutfee, I hare a right to ear that I feel deeply indented to erm deamptton of efflrer. together with the men. under your command. Baring gaaa thoa fa*, allow me the nleeewre ef re malning faithfully alwayeyi ure, MAURK I tllNATNB. H M ?It glrea we much pleeenre to ttete, IuJoatioe to roe, the liberality I had the p leer lire of wltneeairg with ehioh you erred out prviaone te Um pour teangt peeeenger*, whoee reeouroeg 1 an leery to ny, wet* to btuiy man rate*. 1 IKTELLICKNCK BY THE MUL8. The (few Cabinet. The following letter from Hon. John Vf. CUy,on? ' * l? ?n i*viution tendered him to attend the festival of the Rough and Read/ Association of Boston, on the 22d mot:? n _ _ , . W4?mi?uT?i?, Jia SO, M4f. l... i honored la the receipt of /oar lottar. informing ma that th. Rough aad Ready Aeeooletlon of Boeton Intend oelsbratlng In Keaeull HalL (tba 'Old Cradle of Liberty,') on tha 2'id Kebruer* next, by a pubilo dinnar, tha birthday of tha Oral Washington, the anniversary of tha battle of a,.,, Vlata. and tbaalrotian of Zaahary Taylor, tba -ooad Washington, to tba Pre. idenoy of tha United States," 1 and Inviting ma to attend on that oooaalon. Other dutlri pressing at tbe time, will deny mo the pleaaura of mingling in your festival. But I think It an appro?nate occasion to ?ay that I view tba aieotlan of (Jan. "aylor, aa It appears to be oonsldsrcd by tba Assoolatlon over which you praalde, aa an emphatic approval of tba doctrineo of Washington, a olaar annunciation to tba world that tbe people of the United States mean to revive tbem. raatore them, and apply them again to tbe administration of tbo government, and to robuko any dopartura from tbem, as unworthy of tbalr oonfldence and support. In bis farewell address to his oouatryrnen, be pointed,sut to thsm clearly bow tbe spirit ot encroachment tends to oonsolidsts tbe powers of all tba departments In ons, and tbns to oreato, whetsvsr the torm of government, a real despotism Jefferson, in his letter to John Adams, dated Jnae 27,1813, deolaresthet the party whioh brought him into power, bad for Its objeot te strengthen the most popular brenoh of the government, (Congress.) against exeoatlvs enmacbtueat Tha same great prinoiplss have again triumphed la the election of Taylor, whoee character is a perfect guaranty to his countryman that tbe republican principles of the early Presidents a?4 fathers of tbe oountry wlU be tbe rules of bis edministration. Present my thanks to tbe gentleman of lbs Association for tbe honor tbey have done ine by tbslr invitation With sentiments of respect, your obedient servant, JOHN M. CLAYTON. B 11ammat r Nobton, Esq. Movements of Uetisral Taylor. AT THB KK1.AY HOUSE, MD. Oenersl Taylor arrived at tbe Relay station, nlno miles from Bnltimora, yesterday afternoon at belf-peet three o'olock, where a most oordial and enthusiastic reception was extended to bitn by ooaimittees of reoeption from Washington and Baltimore oitlee, aud by a very large ooncourse of persons assembled to bonar tbe dlstiognlsbea hero. Tbe oommlttee of reception from Washington reached the station at half past one o'olook, In anticipation of tbo arrival of (Jen Taylor. Tba oommittoo consisted of tbe following persons: ? Col. W. W. Seaton, Mayor; Walter Lennox, Jamso Adams, and Ignatius Mudd, Keqrs.. members of tha City Counoil, committee on the part of the Corporation of Washington; Wm H. Hunter, James Ellis, and Lewis Johnson, Eaqra , oommUtee on the part of tha Rough and Ready Clnb; and, on the part of the oit'svna of Washington, Messrs. F. U J Frye, Samuel l/?uKi>rr, rsiuuaui, iieu-ui?e I uuiipn, 3weeuy, W allack, Webb. M'M?ou? Kollansbee, Kitinan >n l K lousy. Colonels BUm mud Durnltug al'o oame oa In the train which brought the committee from Waihiogtoa. On tha arrival of the special train from Cumberland Kith Oan Taylor, ho vat received with the warmest drmonetratione of reepeot and regard, apraoeedlng In which none teemed to unite with greater zeal than the many lad let who crowded the balconies of the hotel. On the part of the committee of reception, Mayor Seaton addressed to the General a few happily expressed words of welcome and congratulation, whleh were reapouded to In a frank and aordial manner. It being known that a train of cars was eipsoted from Baltimore, the progress of Gen Taylor towards Washington was delayed to await their arrival Daring this Interval he received the attentions of maoy of those present, conversing with all who approaohed him In a spirit of free and warm hearted cordiality, which won the favor of all, and redoubled the suthaaiarm kindled by his presence Shortly after 6 o'olook the train from Baltimore arrived. consisting ef nineteen osrs propelled by thren locomotives, aou having in all about ooe thousand persons among whom were the Mayor and members of the City Council. At the time of its arrival General Taylor bad taken his ssat in the car wbioh was to convey him to Washington This was Instantly surrounded, and on the General's showing himself at oan ef the windows, shout after shout of the most un isntrcllable enthusiasm went up, white hundreds struggled to endeavor to get near enough to take him by the hand These manifestations of friendship the General was. however, forced to decline, his right hand being still in a painful slate from an Injury received in his fall at Madison. Indiana. In answer to the earnest and repeated calls of these who surrounded the car. the General oame rut on the platform, accompanied by Col. Blissaad Mayor Seaton. lie was then Introduced to Mayor Stansbury. the commutes of reoeptioo, and other members ef tha Bnl'lmore City Counoil. The desire to hearhlm speak being generally and loudly expressed, the General se far gratified it as to express his pleasure in reoelving this cordial and hearty greeting from the people of Baltimore. He wished that he oomd oome down aad mingle with them; he thought he oould with pl?a?ere push about among them. The little time he halat his disposal. and the fatigue he felt from travelling forbade this, and tb?y nuit therefore take the will for tbo deed. He begged they would ezouee him from eayiag more than again returning them hi* thanki for the generous kin doers whiob they had evlnoed toward* him. After remaining a few minntea longer on tha platTerm, listening and replying to the ealutatlene and gratulatlona of all who addressed him, he again retired to the oar. from the window of whiob he continued to ocnveiae with ell who came near him. un'il the train moved off amid the reiterated ehonta of thoae who surrounded It. The enthusiasm evinced by the oitiiena of Baltimore was of the mort Intense charaoter. and when Increased by the affable and saw manner la which their approaches were received by Oen. Taylor, reached a he'ght which le rarely witnessed We underrtak d that, in conversation with the oommlttee of reoepUon from our otty.Uen. Taylor stated that tfcelr letter inviting him to visit Baltimore did net reach him at Na-hnlle, and ha bad no knowledge of the matter until he arrived at Cincinnati, when It wao too late to make arrangements to ooinpiy with It.? A copy of tbe letter war handed to him by tha Mayor. ? Baltimore Jfauertcan. Feb III. TIIK ARRIVAL OP THE PRESIDENT ELECT IN WAMINOION. [From the Washington Whig, Feb. 21] Yesterday, at noon, a committee of the oorporato authorities of Washington, and a delegation of tbo I Hough and Ready Club, accompanied by the Mayor of i id- cny ana uoionei alien, proceeded in an extra train I to the Relay House. At an early hoar in the day, a large oonoouree of > ladiee and gentlemen had aas*mbled at the Relay House fiom the surrounding country and from the olty of Baltimore, to do honor to the President, and by the afternoon trains from that oity thousands earns to join i them. The Cumberland train, with the President on board, arrived at the Relay Houae at 4 o'olook P. M. and the | crowd was ao great that the doora of the oar in whloh be ?m had to be looked, to prevent his being eurround' ed by the pressure. j lire delegations from this etty,however, as soon as j It became known to the President that they were in waiting were invited Into his ear, and the doors were again looked The usual ooorteaiea were exohaaged by the Mayor's introducing the delegates to the President; ! and in the name of the enrporattoa of Washington, I be was welcomed ax the Chief Magistrate elect | In oonaeqnence of the anxiety of the multitudes to i apeak to the President, a delay in the departure of the train was oooaaioned. and in the interval, every person in attendance came up to the window of the car in wbloh be sat, and exchanged salutations with him At six o'olook, persona were seen wending their way towards the depot in this elty. in crowds, to be present at the approach of the old hero I n a short time the ... k.?.. a11*d i> r,..t .1 >1.. j..., ,i> ? 1 about two thoueand people looking every moment for the arrival of tha oar?. a report having been circulated | of bla eipveted arrival la an extra train. In the interval rocket# were let oil, illuminating tbe vlolelty. At a few moment* pait eigbt e'olock, the wbietle of ' tbe locomotive wae heard, and In an inetaat tbe ehent of the th<ueande who had aaeembled at the depot, ' went up In taken that Zee her 7 Taylor the President ! elect ot tbe American people, bad reaobed the ooofleae of onr city The laud mouthed cannon eeoa announced to the whole city the fact of tba arrival of the old cblvf. and roeketa were again cent np. Alter tbe neoeaeai y delay at the outward atation, tha train reached tbe depot on the avenue. Being ia tba thirteenth ear from the loeomotlv* great difficulty wae experienced in effecting a landing of the Preeident. owing to the eagerneia of the orowd preulng forward to get a glim pee of him. About a quarter to nine o'oloek, the Preeident raeoeeded In leaching a carriage, aooompanled by hie enlt* and the committee of the oorporate authorise*. Be aoen a* the latter procured eonveyanoe*. the carriage* drove off at a briak pace up the Avenue to WUlard'* hotel, the Preaident'a head quarter*-that ia which the Preeident eat, being eeourtcd by the Marehal of the Ulatrlot. On parelng the ATeft'ewai fVkig office, which wae brilliantly Illuminated, and from which wae dieplayed | tbe nalional flag, the ireeident wae ealated by nine hearty cheer*. The tide pavement* of the Avenue were lined with people rapidly moving to tbe head qnarter* of the rrerldent, aad the Intended prooeeelon wae thue eon i mo uogit r?o?>. m ? 1 orraelng ptM of th* coriego. Rocket* war* fat *(f * ! different point* an the Avenue, Bengola light* war# burnt-a, bonfire* blaied on th* mall and at othar placca. and tba flra -halla rang merrily. In a /aw momenta tba f'realdent raaobad bil headquartan and landing from bla oarriaga, entered th* bouee. Seon loag and loud aria* aroe*, oalliag foe Old /.met, and all eye* were directed toward* th* batec.mj on wblob tb?y expeeted him to appear Taa Major of tba city oam* out aad atatad that th* Praatdrat would preaently appaar. Aftar a abort Interval, tba mualo of tba Marin* Band, tandarad oa th* oaeaaion by (leneral Haadaraon, waa hoard la th* dlataaa^ followad by tba Rough aad Raady Club aad a largo roncoorta of oitiaana. Soon aftar it oatna np, th* Provident appaaradoa th* baloony, with hta haad uncovered bauaath tba folda of that flag whloh ha* 1*4 blm ao often to viatory. H* aaid :? (Jk/ii lem*n- I bar* aot appeared to make a apeaoh, even if I war* abi*. I hare met with aerioua injury, aad b#*ld*e I am fatigued and require raat. Taa bare my yiatitud* for the attention* whloh bar* been paid me, ( ' ihiee ohaera for Old /aok;" " order,order,") allow me to expreaa my beet wiabaa for the welfare aad happineaa of allot you. (Load ohaara aad ealla fa* Con-nel Bllea ) 1 he I'rt aidant retired and th* orowd di?per*ed, with nlnechvtra for Old /aek, and the pleating murmuring* on all eiaaa? Tbe (ianeval baa ooai*. Tba Preridant lor k* well, and tbough naoaaaarily fatigued by tbe paorlflca of parpooal comfort Incident t* ble |*'l?lon. and demeadad in pom* aieaeura by th* lauuaMe d?pl<* <t hi* frllo -citiavi* to eee bim and ra.utr Mm, b* dor* uot appear to bafe aullotad ttdoh*

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