Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1849 Page 3
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The entire coat of th* road, depot*, machinery, kg < U pat down at $2,IM hW Th* not earning* would giro, if divided among tb* stockholder* a dividend Of boat three per oent on the amount of capital represented by stock. The bill to incorporate the North Carolina Central Railroad, wbleh paced ib* Hou e of Common* on the 18th alt., by 66 to A3 peered in th* Senate to It* third reading on th* 20th nl?. by 2*2 to 10. It* oapltal 1* g30C0.600. of vblcb individual* are required to subscribe gl 000 ( 00 and tb* Si at* $2,000,000. Themaln tea la to run through Raleigh and Salisbury to Charlotte, intersecting the Wilmington and Wei don Itoad near Goldsboro'. Th* annnal report of the (Massachusetts) Western Railroad Company, gl>e* the annexed exhibit of th# earning* and expenditure* of th* yaar ending Nov. 30, loan > - a liai - -X-- * - - ? *? ' *o?o, ma uio conuiwun vi ma siucing iuna at IQ?" time:? WtlTHB HtlLtOlD, 1818. The Income of the road he? o?- n : From passengers 661088 12 " Height 754,1*00 70 " mails, rant*, *c. 26,120 10 Total 1,332,008 29 The expenses have been : For road repairs . .164,660 86 " engine repairs 48 '273 03 " treight and pass oar rep'g.. 65.010 68 ' buildings, ho 35 010 10 " transportation expenses...308 711 41 " general expenses 38,181 43 Total . . 652,357 11 Net earnings for the year 678,711 18 From this deduot: Balanoe of interest 266,380 77 One dividend of 4 per cent ?n 40000 shares, SlOOhOO; 1 do. on 61,600 do. 366,000 00 Total 632,380 77 Surplus for the year 1848 $47,830 41 balance to credtc of contingent fund, Dec 1 1847 185,803 77 Total surplus, Not. 30,1848 $233,134 IB Of this amount, $45,833 34 will be required for payment into the ticking fund, for oleren-twelfths of tM.000, Jan. 1,1848, thus reducing ths available contingent fund to $167 800 84. The total contingent fund of the corporation is as follows:?Sinking fand, $262,200 62 ; transportation ooutiagent fund, $187,300 84. Total, $430,600 46. The total number of through passengers conveyed during the year was 33 731 ; and of way passengers, 871,863. Total, 405 614 The ineome from the various sources during the past year, oompared with that Of 1847, was as follows; ? 1P47. 1P4H. Inr rente. Doc r eat e. Passengers. ...502,321 82 551 028 43 48,716 61 lMerobandlie.785 34 5 0 6 745 0o9 76 89,435 80 Mail*, to. ... 87,668 48 85 120 10 2.648 38 The number of barrel* of flour transported during the year was 371,279 to lioeton, and 206,776 to other stations. Total, 678,016. The number of shares Issued by the oorporatlon Is B1 Ron. nfehlnh 11 701 la held he the Stete end 5D7M by corporations and individuals. The number of individual stockholders is 2.7bO. During the year many improvements hare been made upon the road. Near sleepers have been laid ; bridge* enlarged; four miles of traok have been laid with heavier rails; a new steam ferry boat has been built, and the road generally is believed to be in a much better oondition tban at the commencement Of the year. Twenty Ave 23 net ton engines and 400 freight ears have been added to the stock during the year; a large and commodious depot has been built at Oreenbuah; and about thirty-two miles of a seoond track has been laid down, whiok have enabled the oom. i pany to do all the business whioh has offered, promptly and, as is believed, satisfactorily to the publio. All the bridges between Worcester and Springfield have been raited sufficiently high to oltar the heads of persons standing upon the trains, which has prevented one elsss of aeoldents to the employees on the road: The depot which has been built at Greenbuih is 759 feet long,by 133 feet wide including 24 feet outside of the main wall, but covered by a substantial roof. It is built in the moat substantial manner, of stone and brick. The roof extends over the whole of the main [ building, and rests upon the outride walls only. It has no Interior supp.-rt, and is built upon Howe's plan for bridging. The eanal runs along the outside of the building, and gearing and shafting for discharging thirteen boats at once bare been ereoted. Such is the arrangement, that a boat containing 600 barrel* oan easily be discharged in two > ours, by eaoh of the falls, indicating the ability of tbe machinery for discharging merchandise to be 3,2f>0 barrels per hour, and 32,600 per day often hours. Tbe building covers 100 648 feet of ground, or nearly 2 6-16 acres. It is considered as one of the best arranged depots in the world. Tbe annexed report of tbe Mew Orleans Canal and Banking Company exhibits the condition of that institution on tbe 28th of December, 1848. The difference between tbe nominal and estimated value of the assets is accounted for in tbe depredation of th* capl' tal, canal, real estate and suspended debt Maw Oblbans Canal and Bankiso Company, Peo. 1818. Total Jitcimitfed Aitelt. amount. value. Csp'tal of Branches ! uncollected f 1.300,000 00 ! Less collided since conns, of liquid's... 476,('Oil 00 $824,000 00 $694,000 CO leal estate?Banking bouse 09 479 29 So. other property... 392 662 01 402.161 30 429.041 89 CoetofCaaal.bas n.road, he 1,230 481 96 Au.Ul'O DO Protected papei, old aooount 114,084 60 49,000 00 " ' newaecunt 656 687 40 370.687 49 Notes & bills dltc an days to run.. . 1.716.990 IS 1,716.990 IS " " over 90 days to run.. 101.609 06 140 6 9 05 I oars on stock ef the Bank .... 16.167 00 15,467 00 Drmettio exchange... $226 989 00 Pireixn H ... 037.615 93 8(1.3 004 91 863,604 93 i 3ptoi* 1,415,564 51 1,416,564 51 Total $7,338.510 81 $3.194 861 94 Linbiliiiu. Capital stock. $4.000,000-raid in.. $3,999.750 00 I.J HKVI R'M It Ml III , ???i? (3,161,750 80 1 B*l?i>oe? is favor of dlitant Basks 113.298 31 1 Dtpotiis pa) able no demand 1,6)9,237 66 Circulation?Old imns MO " New isiue ],IM,??U0 1,175,680 00 (JtBSlalaoed dividend, No. SI 2 89) 00 " " No. 33 23,084 00 25 9)9 00 Dividend No. 34, doolaiod tbli day 94 903 00 ; (6,SS2,629 90 froflt aid low i,iu.'i,9io 91 Total (7,383,610 81 The pioflta for the past year were (880.605 04; of which were paid oat la dividend*, (100 260 ; leaving a halanoe of (140,846 04. The aggregate amount of 11a. | hllitie* only exceed the estimated value of aeiets (37,774 06. According to the report of the bank, accompanying the above statement. it appear* that four braaohe* have been In coarse of liquidation tlnoe the paaiage of the net of the Legislature, authorizing their withdrawal on the 10th of Mareh, 1846. The original oapltal furnished them, wan $1 8< 0 000, of whioh there is yet outstanding the mm of (884,000. The real estate stand* the statement at It* actual cost, with all taxes and ' other charges inolnded. It oom prises a large amount of valuable property in and near the city, including ; the banking house. The annual rents of the Improved I property amount to about (18 000. The oanal, basin, toad, he , although still subject to the supervision of he company, are under lease to an enterprising civil engineer, at a net income of (88 COO for the first year, '(34,0(0 for the seoond, (36 000 for the third, and so on, inorsesing (1,000 for each and every year, until the person when It becomes the property of the Stat*. The rMiUliflS that Zhll nrnnari, ah&ll ravari Ln lha State on the 6th day of Mareh, 18M. The lewe waa made on the flrct day of July laat, and Ite term of daration ii seventeen year* and eight months; thus, if it .oontinuei in feree till it* proposed termination, the company will receive an aggregate Income for the -whole period of $730,333 33. ezcluilve of interest. Stock Kichange, jfflWO Treawry 6'* bMJ 111 <6 ?u? Uantoa Co 41 2000 do b60 11IX 76 do *90 41 ltMIO do IK'S M do 4\u IWO U B ffa, '86 ll?H 26 do 41M WHO do '62 U?M 60 de 4IJ? WW do '67 HIM 160 do 41k 7T?) do 11 X 60 do 30d* 4ljJ SUV do '?fl 112* 11W Ifioon RR 44 7W?l do 112* UNrtNBM *13*4 00 41*0 do eoop US 71 do ?l 14000 U S 5'*, '03 09 10 Hoo*??o?ioRR 27 1I?U Olio (Ta'60 1? 1US Reading RB 27k 1000 do '46 101X 1H? do 27* JBUO do 70 104 100 do 27J* ]CU0 Kentuoky 0*? 101 \ 980 do W 400 fooasltaaia &' Ho 100 do haw 21 gOCO do (10 80* 100 do flOd* 28* imq do 80* 131 (lsrlom prof full MM nA) do HUM 2oo Ilarlom KB 110 60V 1000 Road leg Bond* 471* 100 do Wl* jnou do 48 SoO de bio 40* A -mtlrier* MX 200 do hlO 41 | lV ?0 do M* 100 do tffi uO Brio, row bond* (Hi 800 do 4m 42 oh* Coam*ro* Strip 07* 760 do 61 IS rannn*" hoaa bl6 36* VAO loaf I aland KB 26 ?2 do felS 86* 60 do b30 24V Z do 3?H 1?0 do 004* MM T,i do 96X 16 Btoalngtoa RK 61 ? do b60 87 141 Bri* R ?, new 42M llSi de b46 37 100 de haw 62* 1(4 d* b60 37 M Sreond Board. $23Pll Pennr) leer (ate K1 li U ana Harlem IB b50 fil \ Sill Inrianartete S*a 64 10 da 6-I* SUOlrie tewh<nae Ml 5'i do 6?>? 1(0 v * k KK b'W hAH 175 Reading HR V\ Ml Erie RH full 160 6 lllll do 2 V ISO Lang I eland KK ? 1MI da b60 AO do MR 26>4 AH Farmer.' Lean 3sl? AOHaremRB bdl) ? ? 6H Canton Co UU 41"? .'<0 do I*'* 25 do 41 <4 HO do btw 6 V 173 do 4'V SO do 160 A 1?2 1U' Slorrio Oanal SdJ UIVKkTlNUMKM'O R l?f% (?V\ GH BVKttY MOKNUW. LOST. <D K RRW AKD? LOST ON TUB l#TU 1N8T. A S '01 TED iP *J Pointer P<g, with a chain on hie seek, and half'rained noawtre to the mime of Fiaak. The finder will r iooivo theabjvo reward, rn redunibc him to 170 flreona itrcet, or No. 10 Lo Roy Placo $A for informal intfaaid dor. IOST-A DIAMOND B1NQ, IT H SUPPOSED NEAR T IE -d iorner of Rroodwoy and Uuano otreot. on Saturdiy last. Any in*om ation will 'e thankfully roooived and remunorawd. Addteee'-W. U M ."2U f^reer et'eot Lost?yisierday apiernoon, tub esth i v at a n r, between the hour# of two aod throe o'clock, P. M, a $30 note, of tho City Rank, New York in Wall etroet, between William and Broad itreeta The finder will be iuitably rewarded br lenvirg ti e mat at 0.1 C. W. Throlng'i Exchange Office, 37 U .11 ?f?t W AKTS. ON DEMANDS UNE FKANCAIXE. CORBE BONNE. Er tan ant cnndrt. P' urvue ds recommendation!, pour use fnunllo pariiiMlidra. Ella paut m bien p acer. s'adieaaar an bureau, No KUbuau itreut, trcood etigo, a IT. STSRUNQ. <17 ANT ED?TWO BOYS. ALSO TWOOOOD SILK HALE) If men. and one Shawl dalesman Apply to Jamoi Book & Co., In the tvetluy. WANTED-A BOY OB YOl'NO MAN IN A LAW OFFICE. One having had aome ex|?o ienoe preferred Apply te JOHN II. ? tilfE 7* *ali a reet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, to do the general homework of a email pri vata family, or chemherwork la a aord plain Cook. Waaherand lrcner. The beat of oity reference can be bad from her laat place. Can be area for three day*. Fleaae aall at No. .41 Mulberry atreet in tie rear. WANTkD-bY a RESPECTABLE Y JU S(! GIRL. A ailnation to do aei.eral hnuaework or chamber work, in a email private family. la a good Wither and Irmer, and can sivo good relerence Iron, her laat place. Plaaae cull at No. kSj Molt atreet, in tl a ttore. Wanted?travelling agents, to make salex to the iradt throughout the oountry, of an artiale in univcrlal nee. Apply at 28 Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A STEADY AND INDUS trioua man, one who hoe bad i 1 yeara experience in driving locomotive.and meamboata> d ttaiionary euginee. Tne beat of oity refeienve can he given. Addrete S. X . thia tflce. Wanted.-a civil engineer, tu rouuuly veneu in the high'ai bran etna of matnematice, wiabea to flnd employment aa Computer for the o?natrnctron of mathematioal tabb-a. or the correct.on of aatronourioal and moobanioa' worlr. He ap?eka at d writti German, English, French and Iraliaa, and will hem at uaeful to any oaabliahment where difUi ult oon putationa are to be pei formed with readine>a and ae curacy. Addrcae P. P.. at the tA -a id the New York Herald WANTED?A SITUATION. FOR A PERSON THOROUGHLY SCilDMiTi ta-d With mtftFt A* <1 nmnHlaa mnlria.r fTL idTcrtUir hu kino htd muob exporianoe in Uiis city. Id buying aedsuiliig. and is oonlident hs can give, to any who may bo in want of his letvicaa, the most salis'aotory retereooee as to character and abilities. Addiers P. W. u , Herald oftioe. WANTIO?A SITUATION, BY A HE1PECTABLE YOUNO Woman, a* Chamhormaid and Waiter, in a priva e family. The moat un< xcepth nab e references given. P.easo oall at 39 East Broadway, seoond iloor, front room. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, A SITUATION AS book ketper or confidential olerk, in a mercantile housi w hire he misht also be admitted as a partner, if desired, as he haa some capital. Unquestionable references. Address " Merchant." Herald office AHESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISbBS A SITU A, tion in a private ftmily as first rnte Cosk and Pastry Ooak. The best of reterenoe oan be given. No objrotion to the oonatry. Plmre call at fifi Puane street. Pan be seen for twndaya A RESPECTABLE GlhL WI SUES A SITUATION IN A private family, as t eami trees or Chambermaid, Will make hit self genera'ly useful in any thine that it required of liar. Can be reen tor twr daya, at 2'? Elisabeth street. SITUATION WANTED BY AN ACTIVE YOUNO PHOtenant woman, as ( eok and Pastry Cook. She ean produce excellent testimonials of cbnraoter and competency. Hay be leen at 44 4- rard street, for two days. SITUATION WANTED, AS COACHMAN fOR STABLE man, by a colored man He hat lived with his last employer nleng time, end is discharged solely from his Mrvioet being no h ngi r needt d. Apply at his lata employer'!. Thirty-firth street and Tilth avenne, or to George, at 117 Wait Twelfth street, In the rear. IPHCIAL NOTICES, Masonic notice.?'the members or lodge or Strict Observance. No. 94, and ail Maacnie brethren in good standing, are invited to assemble at tha Lodge Koont, at H' word Uouse, this afternoon, at 2 o'oleok, in Mafer Mason's re Kin, tor the purpose of attending the funeral of our late W. B. mcsLnoy. _ _ THOMAS CUfflBEitT, W. M. tbel-pkich li. viti.t* ik'cretary. NOT ICS.?AT AN ADJOURNED MEETINO HELD IN th* Twelfth Ward, tha oitttent or the Twelfth Ward an reques'ed to attend a meeting, eernrr of H6th street and 4th avenue, on Tuesday aftenoca, at 4 e'oloek, to hear the report of anew eitycharter,nhioh will he presented for their corned-ration. By order el theoommittee. J. M. BKADHURST, R. F. CARMAN. American institute-an adjourned meeting will bo htld on Tuesday evening, the 27th day of Februerv, at 7 o'olcih, at the Repository, No. ,T.'!3 Broadway. A full attend of members is requested, as a site for a location will be detennit ed. HENKT MEUIS, Reo. Seo Atlantic door- antho*y j. blbejket will sell at auction, on Tuesday, 27th inst., at i2 o'clook, at the Merchants'Exchange, 41 lots of gr und at Brooklyn, situate on Hamilton avenue, and on Court. Clinton- Hail, and Mill streets. Lots all filled to the proper height for building. Sale positive. Merest tic anotion room. Notice.?the subscribers hereby oiye notice of their intention bo apply to the Legiilature of tha State of How York, during the present session thereof, for an sot te Incorporate themielvea and their associates, with a capital of two millions oi dollars tinder tha corporate name of " The United ate toe Mail Steamers Company, Now York and Liverpool Lino/* for the pnrpoeo of turning n One of steamers between New Yeik and Liverpool, in Mngland.?Jan. u, im. JAMES BROW7T, EDWARD K. COLLINS, R. RI008, w. S. WETMORR. TO LET. Tdlet-a furnished room. without^boardTto a single gentleman, in a small private family. Apply at 24 White et. TO LET-TBB DWELLING HOUSE NO. 115 CROSBY street, opposite Niblo'e Osrden, with or without ooaoh houso and stable, .extend ng to, and fronting on. Marion s net. The house ie desirably muated. and in good order. Can ba viewed daily, fn m 1 to 3 o'clock. F< r terms, bo., apply at 606 Broadway, or or W. M. Smith, 44 Wall street. kohialk. A DOUBLE MEDIUM PRESS FOR SALE, WITH IRON ovlinder for rollers, is first rate order. Apply at the desk. In : tbis ofBoo. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. SITUATED AT SOUTH Am boy, on the banks of the Rxritan river, about three quarters ot a milt off the depot of the Camden and Amboy Kail road, and within one and a half or two hours sail of Now York. The house ie in perfeot or er, surrounded and shaded by old i lorett trees, and on an eminence from which thor i is a beautiful and very extensive view it the ocean, bay and river The out- ; 1 onset, kitchen, ice honse, Ike. be., ate new and comp ete. Then j is a gravelly betch and salt water bathing within live minutes j walk. The purchaser mey have 2t?, SU or 40 sens of land highly n snored, and laid cut ia lawn and dotted with groups of fine nrest ueos, wnn einnirn newi r sua vegetsnie garae ) in the | Ifrlng, summer, end fell, e person having business in New York or Philadelphia n ay be in either city by half put 9 or 1(1 e'oiock I in the morning, aid at homo again by 3, 4, or ft o'clock in the afternoon. Tl e situation is o?e ot the healthieet in the State, ' aid the home (with the addition of acouplo ?f wings) would be I well oalculated fur the accommodation of rooh ai seek a retreat for the rammer, at such a distance as not to Interfere with their daily bneinees la the eity. For further information, apply to JOHN C. 8TCYBNS, corner of College Place and Hurray street. TO MERCHANT TAILORS?FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND Fir tores of a Merchant Tailoring and Ready Hade Clothing Establishment, Ne. 230 Ureenwieh, corner ot Robinson street, gear the Washlntoa Market. A person wishing to engage la ' the business, the leeatlon it an eio^lent one, and cannot be aas- I passed. For further particulars, inquire at the store. DANCING. v SHELTON'S BXASS BAND ?FOURTH ANNUAL M1LI> tarytadCisio Ball of Sheltoa'e American Brase Band, will be held on Tnesdsy evening, Feb. 27, 1A49, at the Apollo Rooms, ! 410 Broadway. During the evening the band will appaar in tbelr 1 new fatigue dreti, ana perform several ohoioe pleoes of musio j The Quadrille hand upon this occasion will be angraen'od. Ticket* $1, to bo had of any of the membera of the band, at their ' headquarters, 167 Walker street or at the door on tbe evening of | the ball. The floor will be under the okarge of Mr. Daaiel UnderhilL COIIEE9 DANSANTES -GERMAN BALL?JOSEF k7 Gong'l, with his celebrated Band, will gire a German Ball, at the Chieeee Assembly Rooms, this evening, (Tansday.) February 27. Dsnclig to cube ence at half t*at b oe'.ock. Tioketa, admit tit g three pereons, $2. ttiagle tickets can be had at the Booms OISCKLLANBOUS. QUFBRIOR BOARD IN BROOKLYN, WITH A CORNER parlor and ledro<m attached, in a first class private B ardieg Hours, without children, and bnt s email number of soleos boarders. Lceatit n unsurpassed, and oonrrment to Falton Ferry. A gentleman and wife ean be accommodated at $12. App y at lfi7 Adams street, enrner of Concord. Bowling saloon for sale, well located and doing a good busiaeae ; alto, A Porter end Lodging House, with a stock tf llquore flituree, and bedding complete. Will be sold atafsir valuation. Po?session given Immediately. Apply to rBU*, M \ v r- > sl ? w.. no. 111 naitHftu iirwi. Drawin(;TAU0HT.-1 ADlES AND GEVTL1MEN WHO re daairoaa of being load uc ted in the art of Sketching and Caricaturing, may acquire a compla'e knowledge ef the name, in about lU week*. by application (betneen the hour* of eight nod ten in themoruiei.)'o if. ALBAN. 4.1 Uey itmt. (tnn TO UNO ON BONO AND MORTGAOR, fflllU.Uvv in auna to rait applicant*, on produotie* real Mtat* in this city. Apply to 8 8. BHOaB, No. 11 Wall treat, in tho Croton Watar oflina, baaement. GIRANFOIIR, ROM* AND I.ABD LAMPS. CIIANDBIlera. Ball Lanthorna, and neery deeoriptlen of Lamp*, lot parbra. churohac, holola, ho? in gilt, bronao and lilaor, of all tho rrweat atylen, and of tha flneat ilninh. Alto, a San aaaortment of Tea Tray, Bouunet Holdara, Vaaaa French Brnnie. Stomal wholeaala and ratal), iy JNO. W. MORGAN, 1M Pultan atiaat, ona door aaat of Broadway. GBNTLBMBN'S BATS?SPRING FASHIONS FOR 1849.? N. BsfBNCBBI D, hattar, 1U7 Naaaan at root, one door above Ann rtraat, will tana, on tha A rat of March, the aprtng laahioa far gentlemen'* hata, which ha ia mannhoturing aider hie par onal rapadntandtnaa, and whloh ha Batter* himaalf will ba found anterior in aaety reonlalta that oonatltutaa a baanUfnl and darabe article, to nay,bat ever off, red for rata la Now York. Tha gentleman of Mow Tork are, by thie time, pretty good lodge* of what a hat ahonld ba, and to their oritloiam ho wifl fool proud to offer hit now eprtnr hat, eonSdont that It ia tha na plna ultra of taata tad merit. Oar oountry euatomera may rely on reeelaing their order* for tho aprlag faahlon. daring tha Aral week la Mareh. HSPPIWO. " , , NOTICB?ALL PBBSONS BATING CLAIMS AGAINST tha a hip Salam, Act of Raoaeaalt atiaat, plaaaa praaaut them ta tha Traaaniar, on board, forthwith, aa the reaaei aaila Thin day, N. B. Tea addlUteaal Miaraa fat tale, Filoa IBM, Bow amy THBATKR?TUS1D VY CVgNlNO, rEURUAET ?f the p-rtorniaDO?a will os nirriiee wi t NAvAL BNQAUEH'MS?uKiii kiuK'tua. kr Giitort Lieut. knh?u> ., Mr. J B. 8*ll: Ml? Mortimer, Mix M Taylor. After whioa toe mrtrav?tai r.a of K'M AM/ JfcHKY, Oh 1.1 PA IN LOSDON-Tmt Cn Mr. fhsmni Ilyrr. K.t SprU'itly, Mr Thompeia; Sam twill Mr. h ii r>w; Corinthian Tom. Mr J. 1. Hall. Ooiinthiaa katr. Mix M Tif'ur. To coaelude with THE MILL flf Al. IrfcNVoN?Ti? I'liksown. Mr. Stevenr; Hnnr>. Mr. J U. Hall; lionluu U1I-, Mr S'ntl rd Lm Kouu>. Mr. Jo-dau; L?o'?o, MIm C. w'nil" Boxer Mo.; Pit JJo.; UalJery 12^0. Dose* opo* at 6>t o'olirk; cod a eacr at f. pBANNiA1TB NATIONAL T11KATRN, LATE CHATHAM V/ Tumiaj Evcuina, Fe ruary V will m aim* tha drama of MA DELAINE OR I UB CUI i.D OF TUB REGIMBNT-Purplioa, Mr. 1'ardey; Audrtaa, Mr T.ltou; Gaa-aul Mr. Harkart; Madalaiue,Mi*i k. Maatayer. After which MOSB in CALIFORNIA ? Mite. Mr haifrau. B) Aery, Mr. Satmonr; Mr. Adalpbat Piliiahroud Mr W B 1 hainria- ; I no. M ai E. Maatayar. To ooa cluda with SWKBTBkAKTS AND WIVES-Chaa. Frank l a, Mr. Tiltop; Admiral Frankim Mr. Pardry; Bit j Laekaday, Mr. VP. P. Oiarmaa: Cur'ia. Mr Herbert; Envoi*. M a laherwood. Boi a 3Ac.; Pit, lljots. Doara apaaat (>j[ t'eioak-?ourlaim will rira at TV __ Broadway oihcu-t. Broadway, near spring sr.? Tuaaday ever in*, Feb. 27, tie ent truu amenta wiU oomITIAIlN* t?llh m .liaiJaw of alaaraw* ImweawaawMIw - I? - * * ? aoeoe i f (tjniraatice f>y Mr. candaand hii children, together with a prriorn.aiicc in the krone. by Moaara Stout, Ktigglee Haras. Hai kine. Walter Ayirar, Mallorv So. Tba whoia to coeclude, for the f-urth lima here. with the buraaqua a porting aeana, rnti'led. THk 1'ONY RACKS. OB UNION COURSE IN M1NIATUHE? Moae. Mr. H. Gardner: Widdy MoGowan, Mr. Pentland; Pat. Mr. Hankira: Italian blinder. Mr. W. Aymer; Miae Dinah Crow, Mr. I>an Gardner. Admiaaon to ovary part of the heuse, 16a.? ehildrra ball pries. Mechanics- haul, ne.*7i bboadwat, between Grand and Broome atzeeta, open every night during the weak.?The original and wail-known CHRISTY'S MIN8TKXL8, organloed IMS, the aldeot eatabllihed company in the world; the flrat to harmonise negro melodies and originators of tba present popular atria of Ethiopian entertainments: whose ooneerts Is this aity, for a period ef two years hart been patronised te as extant nnparalleled by any ampsasiont in this neat metropolis They will lieva tho honor of oontlnninj their inimitable Conoerte evcryftught, nntil further notion, Introdnoing nt asoh represents tion s variety of new O|orstie Burlesques Songs end their new Burlesque of their Voyage Mimical. Admlakon, SB oeatn Doors open nt 7?Conoert to eommenoe at 8 o'elook. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, oommenoing at I o'elook. Ms nagar and Director, a P. CHRISTY. GUNOL'S BAND-MR. GUNG'L RESPECTFULLY ANnuuncer to the, at tho aolieitatlon of bit numeroue frendx tbathe ia prepared fo play with hie band, or a portion of it, at balls aolieet, or private parties All appUoatione null be addinaaed to him af Mli hambereatroet NOTICI.-THE CELEBRATED MONSlgl'K AD HI EN will give the first ol hn novel and extraordinary performance# on Mi nday event- g next, at half peat aeven o'clock, in the Minerva Rooms 406 Broadway. Among other experiment! Mons Adrien will periorm the suapenrion of a yonag lady xuataioel by the air. Thia iiicomprohonaitlo aiiaprneion ho has pert rmed ia about 160 surceaaive raprcBentationa. It ia probahla that all tba people of New York win deairu to aee thia wotid-rful experiment CASTLE GARDEN.?THE ABOVE WSLl-KNOWN SUM mer rerort can now beergasad for Evening A muaemanfa during the enauirg aexem. For further particular*, and terras apply at the offioeonthe premises or by letter lp-at paid)directed to tbe proprietors FRENCH k BBI9ER. UALlbVUHIA. POK SAN FRAN CISCO, CALIFORNIA DIRECT, VIA TBE Strait* of Magellan, tho new and eubetantial stoamahip BUHON, t apt. Abm. laancker. oi 24U tona burthen, 3 veara old, built in thia ctiy, of tba beat material, copper faaleeed, and newly oopoered, bi ilrrneutirly new, and ia now undergoing thorough repeira for nea errvice, and will poat lively mil on or abont the'AHhof March. Her ealoou and cabia will be Iiaedaomelv furniahed lor aaae end notnfort; and a more piofltabla opportunity oanoot be offiri il to th ine deiiruueof going to California. the will be diapoead of by [UU frlmn-A or etock. at (SOU eaoh. The owner of each sharu will be entitled to hi* passage to 8an Francitoo, and hit ei|ual undivided ahwre of the thip, and all appurtenancot thereto belonging, aad of the prifita and earnings f aaid ship after her arrival at 8aa Franoieco. Each share of stock will |be made transferable Application ahonld be made soon, aa already over one half ef the a took ia taken. For partioulara. apply to a L 3T1N Ik VYATK1NS, Nn. H Feuth stre -t. upstairs FOR BAN FRANCISCO, VIA cbaqres-steavsbip Creeoent City-On the 16th of Maroh.?The new and splendid oaean eteamahip CRESCENT CITY, Charlea Steddard, master, I fittl tona burthen, will leave for Chaarea direct, from her dock, at Pier 4. N. R-, on Thursday, the 16th liaroh, at one o'elook. Passengers for California will flod thia thu moat eapoditioua and pleaaant route to reaoh the Gold Region; and aa the Croscent City goes bireot to Chagree, without (topping at intermediate ports, they will, without fktil, arrive at i anama in time lor the raoiflo Mail Steamer of the lat of April. The ateamer Orua la now on the river at Chagres. and the messengers ef the Creaoent City met the rappers aud minora at werk on th* road from Crucea to Panama, on the fcth of January, ao that much of the fatigue in oroeatng the Iathmne will, ao doubt, he avoided. We have bten informed that from 9WI to fitfl muloa have recently been ordered from San Juan to Chagrea and that the Isthmus will be amply supplied heteafterParage in the alter saloon $l?tl; passage in the forward saloon, $125: passage in the lower cabin, BlU); passage la theateerage. J SO. Eight cutic feet of baggage allowed eaoh paaaerger. and aix do. do. alii wed reol. steerage pastel gor. Freight on ape e one per cent: on extra baggage seventy oeuts per foot. No berth secured until raid for. For freight or passage, appiy to HOWARD Ik BON, 73 South afreet. Li OR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON, 8th MAR Hi.?Til K U. M. 8. Mail bteamshie Company hereby give notice that in per auaaca of their oontraot with fie Navy Department, the splendid n* w ai d spacious st-amship FALCON, Captain Tuompson, will tall from tins port for Qav?ne anelUhi gres, on Thuraday, the 8th of Maroh. at noon, from pier 4 North River, with ihe mails to the Paoitio. Israelis wishing to take pastage to California, by the way of the Iitbmusof Panama, will and It to their advaatage to avail thiniMlves of this opportunity, aa in the opinion of the undersigned, agent of thia oompany, means of transportation up the cotat of ? elifornia will be found at Pai am a. It laexpreted that the Felcon will ariive at 'Ingres in time for passengers to take ,. _.u. mauiiii ui run uu ist, 01 aprn rrom rtnunt to Sub Francisco, Person* ) avlig tickets for these steamers, iheuid icoure their passage immediately, in order to avoid diaappointmmt Retore the anivsl of the Falcon at Chains on thia ojtge. the road screen tie Iithmua will be so far im proved that no dei jit or difficulty need l>e cxpeatcd iu erosiing. No engage ment for peerage will be h ndina en tMecnmpa' ynnleaa the same be ranctioned by the undersigned ; 151) Ilia, baggage allowed. 70 cents fet'ai t tor freight. Information recently received at thla office, will convince paraonaabont to vieit California, that the mutely the nail line, viaChagres, haa great advantages over any ether, in point of treed, mfety and economy. The departure ol the ha con la fixed at a date to avoid detav at Panama. Tne pu/senger liat ia now open. For paaaage or further partioulara, apply at the tlhce ol the Company. Hi West street. _ M. O. ROBERTS. Agent IftOK san FHaNCISOO.-TO hail 1utu MARCH?Till eteamihip senator. 7m tone burthen. Lieut. r. Bacha, U. 8. New, commander, will positively aailaa above, at 10 A. M., from her berth at Burling Blip She waa built in Julyla t, by Wn. 11. Broen, Faq. ol this city, to rnn on our ooaat between Boston and 8t. Johu'r, n. B,, where the haa been wep tried In some if our heaviest northwest galea, and proved heraelf a splendid ten hunt. Numerouaadditiouaandalteratiamahave been made, at a heavy catenae, to perfect her for thia voyage, and bar accommodation# lor paraengcrr are very superior. She will go through the Btraita ol Magellan, touching at Rio, Valparaiso, OalUo, and Persma. Pmcnor Pamacic?State Reoma $800 a'ter Cabin, withiut sta'e-rooms fiuO Forward Cabin, orvw'a fare 4'0 Deck do 300 300 ltd. bar gage allowed let ctaaa paaaangtri, and no freight taken. For further particulars, apply to WOoDBUU, St MINTURN, *7 South afreet. For ban Francisco and suitor's fort, via Magellan Straits, wind permitting.?The fist sailing coppered and copper faatened brig JULIA MOULTON, Waring, master, now lying at Pier 30 1. K., two years old, is fitting up ard will sail ihe lit March. Shares $150 eaoh, wbloh entitles the holder toa iharo in Ihe veese's. and 18 months provisions, mining implements, ho , for which apply on board. The association will moot every evening at Harmony Hall, 17|Ceutre street FOR SAN FRANCISCO?FIRST VESSEL. -THE FIVE dinner ship HELENA. Lai d, muter, la now parti/ loaded, and will be despatched next week, positively hill or not roll. Thii abip ia a very laat tailor, and expected to raach California in four montha Peerage may be secured at ratee corn rpindlng with the ecccmmcdatioie. which ere of teveral c lessee, and unequalled by any vereel <ui ifUe p rt, Itieg welt vmtilaled aid lighted. For freight or paiaage. at reduced ratee. apply on board, foot of Maiden lane, or of NATH'LL. k UEO. GkHWOLD. 71 and 72 South ticet Aaecciatioaa can make favorable arrangementA A ekil ful eurgeoa accomraniee thin ehlp. 1SOB SAN FRANCISOO. CALIFORNIA.?TUB FAST soiling c iprer built eehonner GEN. WORTH, will eail on or before the let Maroh For freight or paeeage, apply to N. L. McCready k Co., 36 Sonth etreet; and Gullok fc Holmes, 182 Host etreet; or the Captain on board, pier 8 N. R., foot of Rector etreet N. B.?Three more membera wanted to complete thia association. Apply aa above. FOR C ALIFORNIA VIA CHAORE3-TI1E SUBSCRIBER will deepatch for Chagree. without delay, the euperior very faet tailing Baltimore built brig Col. Howard, Durkee, master. She la 332 ton burthen, newly ot ppered, refitted and put in perfeet order. Ilir aonommodationi for puaangoraare af tha tint olaae, having jnet been completed at great expenie. First cabin, EM', eecrnd do, $4(1. The hulk of 1U barrel* fraight allowed to eaob paraengar, tree of charge. For height or paasage apply on board, foot of Devtr etreet, or to Fernando Wood, 162 Sonth etreet, eernerot Dover. Faiseagere by the CoL Howard will have the preference of pan age from Panama to Ban Franoisto, in a vaaeal expre'ed 'o rail thence In April tut QDIP SALEM?FIRST VESSEL FOR SAN FRANCISOOC5 to eail tee latlnetant. Ten edditioaal shares,*! gAMJsioh, lor aale, er ten paeeengere at $130, oan be accommodated. The original eharea beiog SiMJ and aiaeeaed to meet the deflcterey; the abaiebolctrs iwn the ship. (New York built) one yean' provisions of superior quality, mining Implements, tools, soows. boats, ke. Passengers wi I be allowed to remain on board tha ship ona wesk after her arrival at San Fraaeiaoo. and oan now lodn en board without charge. until aha Milt. Tbia ahlp it Tory fart, oom modioua. and batter Teatileted than any t ami for California. Far atarei or peaeage, apply on board,at Piar 30, LB, foot af Roe a* rait ttrtat. FOB 8aN FRANCISt O?THE SUPERIOR A. 1. SHIP SUSAN O. OWENS, 730 toai burthen, S montht old, and equal, aa r? garde tpeed comfort, and Mfaty.te any In the world, will hare immediate deapatch at abort. Bar accommodation! art a*porter to any raftai up fur that port. Apply to H- P. TOWNSEMP. 13d Nee tin atroet. (CALIFORNIA?THE HAV1LAH MINING ASSOCIATION J of thirty mtmbtre, already organ lied ft r mining operation! in California, haradeoided on loorvat nt their number to forty, ar d are therefore teady to Retire application! to make up the addition. The aatoclaUon hat been formed by practical mm, and ia beltered to embnee in tta rariout department!, all the meohanlcal aaaiatanoe aad appliance! n<ceaaary to antUR anoaaaa ia the atia'timtnt of Ita object*. The achednle of the machinery embracee a ateam engine and holeter, n dredging machine for the bedeef rirtra, large gold waehlng machlner, pimps, taw mill and other apparatna that will do tha work of buu men; all of wl loh ran la anpeiintecded by one-half cf the membera if neoeaeary. The capital of the aaaeciatic n ia $im.(X:o, ar ftrty ihareholdeR at SNJU each. No member to bare an internet unlet* ha acoomRni? a the expedition. Tboroute propoeed for thianaeooiatlon, la way of Fort Smith, Arhamaa, to atart from New Fork 10th of Mareh. The member* w.II take with them auoh portion* of the mar hlnero aa will mable them to commence operatP na immediate, ly after i heir arrlral in California, the remainder to be ahippel by way of Cape Horn, keferer.oea will be reqnired. Application to be mtde at tk* cfllo* of i. M. Sandereon, Esq. S American Hotel, Bate'ay atreet, tbia afternoon, between .land 6 e'eloek, when a e< remittee will be in attendance to girenll the infermation naotetary. EZCELSOIR ASSOCIATION, PMR FIRST CLASS BASK ( LAE18SA, tor San Fraoeiaco.?Two ail am are yet open, for onaofwhioh a goal blaekamith ia deaf red. On* atata roam la alto Rteired, watch will furniah axcellant acoammodationa for twoladiea or a gentleman and hit wife, aa peaaengera; alao thro* other good paaaeegera' hertlia Various meohnaiaal and moroaatile prUaaaiona are ably raprcaentad lo thia aaaoclatlon. A phyat. elan aad aurgeon, of middle age and long aiperlenoe, whole, be Ida*, en excellent chaniiaterd aaaayer, ix a member of the xxeoelation. For shares. paaaagt, or fraiaht, apply to JES- UP A rot. 178 South a tree! TO CALIFORNIANR ?WITH AN EXPERIENCE OF IS yean ia preparing atoroa for thipx and paseenten, the tub act bar confidently i ff?re kit aerrlee* to peraona Intending to make the rotage lo f'alttorria. At hit ttare may be fad eatlmatax far provisions of erery deaerlptlon, for any ? umber of peraont. from 1 month to I reare. All atorea wilt b* put np in tnitnble pukagea tecretatb*, or for tha longer > out*, and will bo war ratted to keep. A. REM f, 118 Wail at, N. York. LEaYINWKRTH S IMPROVED GOLD WASUERS WILI, re pant* the gold from the grant latter I than any maehin* yet inrtntcd, end without watting the water. A leu every daicription of California toola. wag on a, mm pa, picka, horn powan, fcc , ko.. at tha agrioultnral implement and teed afar* of a. B A Li.EN tk CO.. I'd and 191 Water street. New York. ATEBT NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA.?A LARGR amount of g*M waa found t* be nail zed by tha Ml* of my Shirt*. mack mot* ao than In digging for It Pnnhamn era ra. quae iad to call aad examine the mrg* amortment of red Flannel t-hirta and DMwara; alaa, oolorad and white Shirt* which will b* told ckaapar than elaawhera, at M. WOO'.ri Whelaaale Shirt Vfarahckxa, II Maiden Laaa. HMMnaMnraBnuviamnBBramana AMI'BadUNlM. M ITOO ELl'BOLYM IIC THEATRE?TUEADAYEYBNIN Q Pub. *7. to orumenoo with THE MIuMUllT WaT;H? Crco, Mt Uolland; <ierre Oolarocha. Mr. Nlcaioeon: Nu otto. Mire M.tieonea. A It- r which THE KINO Or THE PlA''OCKS? r race, Mim < Uike Florieol Miea Pr.illipo; Prince Mr. Ititn. After which LOLA MONTEA? Count Mi lien If Mr. Nickmenn; Kibo-hki, Mr Con-rer: Rtiokwiti, Mr. Clark, Kaih. line Kloi?r kin Muy Oannou. To oenolude with I lit NTISQ A Tt.'HTLF-Timothy IXnilahon. Mr. Ilo'land: Mr. TutU?, Mr. Claik; The Uon. Leeienn Mi. Arnold; Mra Turtle, Mire nobrrta Brass Circle H o; Upper Boats HSc.; Pit 12>io. Peer*open at 7; semmenceat 7X. Broadway TUKATilX.?k. a. mabbhall. PMUi'MlMtor.?Tuesday Erenina, February if, will be performed 'km new drama, in lire acte. if RaTB WoODtlULL. ok Till PRICE bF LIBERT Y ?Leid Uowe. Mr. Mathoera. Lord Percy, Mr Mojrhomo; Doieroey, Mr. Dyot.t; Nathaniel IPoodkull, Mr. Fnoeriika; Colonel Burr. Mr. E. Shaw; Nathan Prentiss. Mr. Badaway: Frank Wovdnoll. Miaa R. TelMn; Rate Woodhn I. Mra Abbott. Martha V< oodhull, Mra Isherwood. To U? followad by BLABBER AND CEASHEb-Slaehar. Mr Hade*ay; Blewhard. Mr. Vaobe; Craaher, Mr B Bhaw: Mora. M<aa Roee Telbin. Brest Circle and Farqoatta, M> cents; Family Clrolo. IS cunts; Q all cry, 12H oca ta Doi re open ha lb past (; oommaBoe at 7. Burton b tueatbe, chambers stash1?tuebday Eruunt, February 21, the ea ertAioincnta will ooraraenco with the new comedy of THE FA*T MAN?Tbyruokot Nod, Mr. Brousham: Mr. Mr I...... Trl.l. Mr U.i.ilto..- Hh. lark, Mr JobnaVn; Mr. brtreion Mr. worthier; Luroher, Mr. Mrers; 81 ap'ein Mr. Rea; So u us, Mr Parsloe; Bub, Mr Christian: PnrtK an. Mr Hurley; Retavy, m'sa Chapman. To ooiolndi wit):THE KINO OF THE PEACOCES - APiUa. Mr. K. Warden; Poo Ir-ba-'re Mr Rea; Foyes Tian-iuilla. Mr. Mayor; O-DontKmw-wbo, Mr Brouabtm Fl?-is>-l, Mrr. Brouaham; Prinores Roietta, MImChapman. Droes Circle and Parquette40a.; Family Wrcla.Mf, rv. oil open at )(: curtain riio* itT, Barm:m u American nuseum.-p. t. barnum.mauagrr and Propr etnr; J.U eenwood. Jr., Assistant Manager. Spin did parfoMnabcoa in tha afternoon at 3, and in the evening at 7H o'clock. Five daya longer ol the Quaker Ulan t aud Uiautosa. 1 bey are the laryeat personam tlie world. The Uianteaaia 21 yearn of age. statute nearly eight feet high, and weighs 387 peunda i he Oiant stands plump eight feet In ha Blockings ar.d weialis pounds. They may he s en at all hours, with Tltaaia. the I any Queen. Great Western appears in two pieoee every after Boon and evening. Last week of the Sable Brothers. Also ungated. MraJeivia, Mrs Monell. Mrs Atari 1. Pete Morris. Mr. Chapman, Ac. Ac. Admission 25 centt; otiildron under lUyeari ball price. N-ncie to Paner-wa or orler to afferd respeotable Cnluied Person* an oppoitunity to witneis the ox'raord miry a'tractions at present exhibited at tha Museum, the Ma wgi-r has Ueieruitni tl to admit tn s class ot people on Tbursda/ morning next, Match let. Irom Sam till I P. M. Special performances in tha I ecture Houm st 11 o'oiock Adm't?">" ? " "at THE GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM, 639 BKUADWAY, BEtvroen Spring and Prinoe streets, and the only one in this eeuntry consists of n great number ef life site figures of Chinese, ef ell claseee, eerernf hundred Chinese paintings, Apartments in hoe tee; stores end veasala, models of pagodas, tcuip'es end bridges, specimens ef Chinese manufactures, their agricultural and meohnaiea) implements, instruments of music, lanterns, Ike. Ac. Open from nine A.M. till ltl I'M. dally. oents- ffiilMven nsiitr twelve, half-prion WAU.HA1.LA. No. 3d CANAL 8TRFET, NEAR BROADaay,0|>en every evening, at 7. and Wcduefday and Saturday afternoon, nt 3 o'c'ork, with a company of tiimalo artists Ethiopian ecreoaders, and a troupe of mo- el artist*, who appear in n variety of select and oboice ontorialnmenta Adxisdou, Orohes tra Boxes. 37 K eenta; Pari|ualte, SO onus. VALIPUHNIA CALIFORNIA.?FOR SALE. A FORWARD cabin PAS ago ticket, tn the S:eainer CALIFORNIA, l&tli of Marsh, from PatamatoSan Francisco, if liberal ad rates ia offered. Ad dices ' Panama." at thia i ffice A< Hani e for California. ?wanted-a gevtleman, oapablo of conducting a oomntny by one of tha overland routes to California. Ai Officer or Surgeon, lata of tlia army In Mexico, w ho speaks the Spanish language, preferred ? Address M. lit raid office. J3OR CALIFORNIA?dutchess COUNTY MESS, AND prima Mens Fork, cured and packed ex pre. sly lo hut oil mates and long voyages; linns, Bhouldtra, and Beef, Butter, Cheeie, Lard, Oil, Boap. ( andlet. Beans, Fees bice, Flour, Cllot Bread, Sugars, Tea, Coffee, a o. Ac , for sale, at the lowest rates, by CLARK. FlSK, A CO. T2i Fulton etreet._ SAN FRANCISCO, PER 8bIP LOO-CHOO.-EI2S WILL RE tsken l?r n seoond cabin ticket, co t $170, all found, in 'ho ship Loo Lboo, (e sail March 1st. Apply to T. U. |3 JUOON. MaKIK A CO., biscuit bakers. 219 Fultou Itreet. FOR THE GOLD REGIONS?Til ROUGH IV til DAYS, for fit) and found, by a now route whioh far surpasses any of tha present ruutea as to convenience and pl?*ure, having only nbi ut 700 miles land carriage. A meeting will be held this evening. and every Tuesday and Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock at the Hermitage Hall, comer of Allen and Houston ttroets. until a compel y of BOO able bodied man will bo organised in an a'sociallon, for tlio purpose of proiecding lo the gold mioes. whore the Eijactora of forming this association will demonstrate that sre ia no exiEtcrauon in this ?l,n,iu?, (CALIFORNIA ?FOR SALE ONE TICKET FOR ROWLAND > Ik Atplnwall's (Much) Hall Steamer. from Panama fur San Fiatclfco. htate Room. II. U. Da V, 23 fortlandt at. CALIFORNIA DAGUERREOTYPE!-PERSONS ABOUT to viait Califoreia, and dedrooa to lotve their likenesses with thrir friend', would de well to call at Brady's, Not 2t> and 2W7 Broadway, where, by reason of recent improvements and additions to hit establishment, faithful and true likenesses may be obtained it ti e hottest notice. auction. Els 8NOW, AUOTIOMER?BY JOSEPH DEQEM AN. . Thursday. Rsrch 1, at V o'clock, A- M? at No. 49 W a I tbreet, tt e balance of the stick of I oter A. M osier Ik Co., St* tionera. Catalogues will be ready on Wednesday neat. Terms cash. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER?THIS DAY, TUESDAY, at No. Il.'t Uammersly street, at 10}f o'clock, the entire con tents of the dwelling, oi mprtslng in par', Sofas, Chairs, Rockers, Pianoforte Centie. I aid, and Dining Tables, Frtoov Bedsteads, Dtess and l lam Buroaus. Beds, Bedd ng Mattresses. Pier Glasse?, Uirondoles. Oil Cloths. Brussels and Ingram Carpets, Stair do., Chsniler Furnituie, Stoves, Crockery, Kitchen Furniture, Ike. Ac. Sale positive. mkuical. MRS. JKRYIS'8 COLD CAN DY.-T11E GREAT QUESTIONS of the Day. What causes ailments manifold 1 A Cold. What gives the sweeiest voice a ?mint as' 2 Hoarseness. What spoils Borgt eso'a best sadema 1 Influent*. What carries teas of thousands off? A t ough. What 111 of Death affords presumption ? Consumption. What hides the victimi, fair or bravs 2 The Grave. What should ths sufferer then seous 2 A Cure. By whom is rendered tnis great aervloe 2 By Mrs. Jervis. Where Is her Candy vended, say 2 N um ber 378 Broad ? ay. Bold wboTasula and retail bv Mrs. W. JERVI?, S79 Broadway corner White itroet? and told by Ding*i?te tt-ncro ly. IMPORTANT 10 BOTH SEXER-THIS DAY PUBLISHED^ price 12X cento, by Fowler and Wells, 1.11 Naooau otreot, Anutttveneite. or Ev.lsand Reaedoo of Excessive and Perverted Btxuahty, mcludiig Warning and Advice to tno Married and Single. by A. 8. Ft wler, A. M. The object ot this work is to spread information in regrrd to the legnlation and legitimate exeretee of oie of themoat, ir not the most important taoulties of the butnan organisation, the rerverslon of which hts proouced more misery then can possibly >e eetimated t ublishedby lowler and Wells, 1111 Neman street, in Clinton Hall. Artificial eyb9.-ju9T imported, a large and snperlorlot of " Mireau's" celebrated manufacture which can Is inserted and worn wttjout any pain or operation, and as they move like the natural cjo, the closest observer cannot detect them. Dr FOWILL a' tends as usual to diseases of the Eye and Ear. at 761 Broadway, entrance IX Warren street, where oan bo I ad his pepulr r lie-k en the Eye?Frioe fill cents From tue columbi/s ion) emjuikbr, feb.r, ih4r ? Witter'* Balsam tf Wild Cherry.?We have an utter abhorrence of all kinds of pulTs, and especially each as are calculated to mislead tl e inhlie as to ti e curative virtues of patent medicines. There are. donbtlcsa many catchpenny nostrums, daily vended sod hourly used, which are not only of no value but absolutely deleteriius to the physical men. There am other balsams extracts, &< ? not embraced, peradvantnre, in the [harmaiutio arrangements of the apothecary or regular physician, that are. In certain cans, of more value then all the prescriptions ol Galen put together. Wistar's Ba'aam of Wild Ohorry is admitted, by the < Cncurrent testimony of those who have proved ite vlitnes. v> be of the latter class. In oolds and eonsuu.ptlon, asthma anil chronic coughs, as well as in other t indred diseases. It has beea used with almost universal success. In a climate so ahangatble sa this, saperinduciug end aggravating In the family ot'dlnesses above alluded to, this medicine has a value not to he estimated. None genuine nnlese signed I. BU ITS, on the wrapper. For sa'e, wholeiale and retail, by Messrs. A. 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Office 122 Libar rytttvtu INTELLIGENCE Bf THE AMIU. I INTKHESrlNU FROM WASIIIUatON. | Wov*mont8 of Hie New Admnistratbn. ait. dM. &?. Washington, Feb. 113, 1849. Lively Timet?The Newt About Ttwn?Officf Seekert and Poiiticiant, Ore , 4?c., fyc. Times are brisk, very brisk, in Washington. Al| the politicians are busy; all the cliques are at work? all have their men lor the cabinet; and such mining, countermining, and undermiuing, are a-ldotn to be seen even on in the advent ot a new administration. The Bostonians etnui the New Ynrketa?the Webster men vtrtu* the Southern men?the old whigs and the young wings are working away among themselves, for this or that individual, this ' or that place, caucussing, planning and plottiug, as it their souls' salvation depeuded upon it. They meet, they talk among themselves, they appoint some shrewd fellow of their number, whs can put in his oar, and they send him up to Willard's. At the appointed time they meet again, awaiting his return. Did you see the old man! Did you get a , chance at him! Did you put in the claim of'Mas- i sachusetts! What does the old fellow say 1 The | health ol the old General is altogetherasecondary | consideration We see, among the politicians here, j Prescott Hall, Watson Webb, a King of New.ler- < sey, and a King ot New York, and others of the acknowledged of (he orthodox, mixed up with a hop< It as pioportion of the small deer of tne wings and indescribables. Col. Webb wears (he air of a man who can atiord to look with contempt upon Horace Greeley, like a man who has played his 1 cards to admiration, and holds the pool in Ins ( hands. Verily, hath he a niOrt goodly counle- j, nance, full ot selt-sutistaclion, and of alt go?d ex- , pectations. Ot a truth, he doili ap|>eur like unto a '' jovial uucle, who, after a right royal dinner, doth h I receive uaings 01 a great estate bequeatned unto g I him by some deceased and unknown relative in the indies, (/mug him great occasion of rejoicing, und nothing of which to feel disconsolate. t( Tfie Colonel looks, in brief, as though he came on e to keep all right; as it satisfied thai he litis only . to speak and the thing is done. Kxtant or extinct, we consider him the most striking illustration of a man pleased with himself, that we have ever seeu. Hut it is grievous to confess, that of the original < Taylor men now in the field at Washington, the 1 Colonel of the Courier stauds almost solitary in Ins J sell-complacency. The heads of the whig party ' have taken the dress circle, and the original or tnde;indent Taylor men are thrown into the hack ground. Gen. Dull Green, Governor Van Ness, Chancellor b bb, and others of that school of the eHily supporters of Gen. Taylor, are among the invisibles The great obiecl now ot the orthodoxy is to thin out the heretics. The Tyler and democratic supporteis of Gen. Taylor are beginning to appiehend that they are to be included among the excludt d? voted outside with the outsiders, and left to shift for themselves. The old whigs felt that of themselves they could not elect their Dissident? reinforcements from the Bavarians 1 were indispensable. Hut having succeeded, [ and the services of the Bavarians being ' no longer required, they may now, and must now, J be dis|<ensed with. The old whigs can at leust thke care of the offices among themselves. If J It-It to themst Ives, they will nuke as clear a demon- , etration upon the lat places as even Mr. Brooks could dtinaiid. There would scarcely be loco- I tocos enough spared 10 stand as monuments of > whig clemency?barely enough left for need. But there is, perhaps, an obstacle to this desirable extermination, in the personlof old Zack. 1 Tl... I ... i iuc caiuiuiij jufi going out nuH been a busy day. The fcene-shilttis have been dodging in and out, with most mysterious whisperings?some look tlated, others elongated in the physiognomy. You can read the run ot the play in their faces. The interest is intense, lor the cabinet selections ate under the most painfully deliberate advisement. Reports nre as plentiful in the streets as blackberries in July in the old Helds ot Fairfax. The "ins" are in a state ot apprehension, and the "ouia" are lull ot donbts. Numerous anecdotes are told ol the self-possession ot \ od Zack. lie talks freely and fluently upon every tiling except the offices At the Re- i lay as he came on, it is said that he was ac- | 1 coaled by a young whig, ambitious for the seivice of his beloved country, who, having obtained the earot the old General, pat in a good ?otd lor himself lorau office. "Ah!" said the General, " I only have one, aud you are welcome to thut office, tl the people are agreed. Very cold 1 weather, lor the aeaaon, 1 think, sir " " Yes, but 1 General, 1 have lost money during the campaign." j "Very sorry, sir; bat do you think it will rain to- J night !" " l.ooksvery much like it, General; but r 1 really, if 1 have been too last. 1 heir vnnr mutnn " " Thunk you, air. Let us nil do what we can for ? the couutty, und we shall have no cause of regret, t ThriUy linking country tu tins neighborhood." 1 And thus, as report litis it, whs the ontrtotie young 1 man soltly let down from the lolly clouds of expec- ! tation to the solid looting ol tetraJirmti. It is well known that Hon. Truman Smith, as the bead agent at head-quarters, conducted the campaign with the skill, tact, and ability oi a true son ol New Lnglarid It Is equally notorious that l.e has strong opposition to an appointment in the cabinet, iiumor says that he does not desire a berth in the ministry; but that it the Webster men, and John Davis men, und George Kvans negotiators persist in their dibits to supersede him, he will take the Post OHice Department, as an uct ol sell delence. If rumor is right, Mr. Smith is shrewd as ever, tor in classing himself us among the persecuted by his br*thren of the North, who knows hut he may gain the equally desirable influence ol Messrs. Clayton, Peyton, Bullitt, Bliss, and others of the Senate. One thing, howevrr, apiiears to be established as a rule ol precedence. It is this.?That the services ol a man in the eamiuiion hut u<.i><in/l.iri/ to I he question ol his weight of character witft | < the whig jiurty. Hence we find Mr. Clayton in ! i conleienee with Mr. Webster, whose services in t I ihe canvass were actually disadvantageous to the. ' whig nominee; while Triiitun Smith, who bore 1 the brunt of the light, is left to look alter himself. ' In ali this business, Old Zack, of course, remains j ss the Dual referee, and we doubt not he will ju- | j (licioiisly weigh the MfWttTt merits ol all classes 1 of the party. We can now stste, without a doubt, what so I confidently we submitted a week ago, to wit;? That Mr Crittenden will not be one of the cabinet ( of Gen. Taylor. We believe, that the causes we , have heretofore assigned were of the reasons in- j flnenciiig Mr. Crittenden to decline. On account of the unsettled relations between Mr. Crittenden and Mr. Clay?because of the administrative 1 policy of conciliating the support of Mr. Clay < in the Senate, the Governor of Kentucky had 1 abundant argumenta upon which to act as he j ] has acted But we are given to understand, , that there is yet another, and m.>re masterly , consideration, confirming Mr. Crittenden in j the step which he has taken. Perhaps Gen. | , Taylor will decline serving a seconn term? i peiliaps Mr. Crittenden may become the whig j candidate in 1862 tor the presidency. But whether this is understood or not, Mr Crittenden has adopt- 1 ed an altitude of non-interference with the administration. which cannot fail to strengthen his popularity with the whig paity. As a member ol ths cabinet, there is every reason to suppose that he would have been debarred from fur'hrr promotion. In hia present position, he is er ntly available for still higher distinction* ' ? Has not only the lull merit of his .?, but has proved to thtf* whtff nnrfv timt nhnn^nnmanf t\f Mr Pi?* was to promote the success of wing principles at the hazard ot all personal considerations. In another point of view, we reaped the declination of Mr. Crittenden as removing a moat threatening obstruction to the harmony of Gen. Taylor'a administration. We like to apeak with the freedom of an independent mind. And we feel, therelore, free to re,*a4 that, with Mr. Crittenden in the cabinet, and Mr. Clay in the Senate, thara would have been no peace to the administration, and no harmony to the whig party, till one or the other ! were vanquished. Now, with Mr. Webster and Mr. Clay enrolled aa supporters ot the cabinet, and with the whig party thinned of ita extraneous elements, it is for time to determine ita capacities for harmony, in juxtaposition with an unpledged President ot the United States. W. Washihoton, Feb. 24,1849. The Cloie of the Seteton?The Trouble Between Com. Storer and Col. Tod--The Cabinet, tfc. The near approach of the termination of the present Congress, forbids the expectation of any vital measures being consummated by them- The civil appropriation bill still drags its slow length along in the Senate. The numerous amendments (O which it has been subjected there, may consume time in the House to confirm or reject them. It is deeply to be regretted that among those striken out by the Senate, ia the amendment of the Heuee to abolish flogging in the Navy. There ia a growing feeling in the country, adverse to the longer continuance of this barbarity, and it may be found that the sentiment among the representatives of the people, is sufficiently decided ta insist upon their proposition. It certainly would be hailed with pleasure by every true friend of the tailor, tid ?f humanity. The despatches of ourMinifter to R.10, respecting the conductol Commodore Slorer.corntntnder in-cbiei of the naval lorcea on the coast of Brazil* have been referred to the Naval Committee of the Senate Aa this is an issue between commodore* and diplomatic agents, the fellow comm rdores of Ctorcr are said to be making strenuous efr>rts to have the comnutiee take such action aa will favor their triudo There ia an important principle involved, and it remaioa to Ire aeen whether the Senate ol the United Statea will give counten tnee to the indignities attempted to t e caat by a naval officer Hjron one of our representatives in atoreign court. If Gen. Taylor takes the advice of Jno. M. Clayton in the matter, Geo. Evans of Maine, will be appoint* d S-creiary ol the Treasury. H. Washington, Feb. 21,1319. General Tbylar'i Health?Killing with Kmdnett. The President elect has recovered very much Irom the fatigue of his journey, and looks quite well to-duy. lie, however, does not receive any vtBtts for the present. This receiving public visits is a very serious affair, particularly where every man, woman, and child does the recipient the favor of shaking his arm nearly off. There is not the slightest necessity for General Ta>lot's frt< nda and admirers to worry htm to death witlt their kindness; and we trust he will not give more than one or two receptions previous to inauguration day. A magnificent b inner, d<sl?'n> iurc the stars and stripes, waves gracefully :rom Wtllard's Hotel, over the head of the old lero, who, throughout his whole lite, has so nobly telcnded them. B. Washinoton, Feb. 25, 1849. Arrwal of the Vict Preeulent Elect. Hon. Millard Fillmore, Vice President of tho Jnited States,elect, arrived in town I ist night, and i>r me luteival occupies the rooms set apart for urn ut Coleman's Hotel. One of the very fines aoking men in the United States, his appearanco ere in the character of lha future President of the >ennte, has created a decided impression in his faor, among men of all parties. He attended church D-day. We have nearly one hundred New York rs at Coleman's, including some of the keenes )oluicians of the State. W. Movements of t?en. Taylor. AT PKANKPOKT. At the Presbyterian Laotes' Pair st Frankfort, Ky., >11 lh< 14th inst., Gen. Taylor beiDg present by invitation, was presented with s meguitloieut oopy of the bible, and the Constitution of the United States In the same volume. In accepting the book, Qen. Taylor said:?I accept with gratitude and pleasure your gilt ef this inestimable volume. It was for the love or the truths of tuts grsst and good book that our fathers abandoned their native shores, for the wilderness. Animated by Its lofty principles they toiled and suit-red till the desert blossomed as the roue. These same troths sustained tbvmln their revolution to beoome a free nation. And guided by the wisdom of this book, they feundtd a govt rnment, kinder whi?h_we have grown irom threa millions to more than twenty millions of poop's, and from being but as a stock on the b irdersof this continent, we have spread fram the Atiantlo to the Pautdo. 1 truet that their prinoiples of liberty may extend, If without bloodshed, trom the northern to the southern pxiremities of the continent It the.'e wrre in that book nothing bet its great precept: All things whatloever ye would that men should do unto you. d > you iven so to them," and that preoept were obeyed, our royernaent inlilht extend over the whole continent. tccept air. my rlncere thanks for the kind manner la (bleb jou bare discharged this duty, and expressing igaln my elncareat thanks to tba ladiaa. for tbair ?auiifulglft, I pray tbat health, peace, and proa parity nay long ba eontinued to them AT WI1KBMNO. While at Wheeling, General Taylor wrota the following latter, expieseive ot hla aorrow in being unabla to Tint Pittsburgh, while on tha route to Washington: Whkklino, Va., February 'id, H449. My Dear Sir?I bad hoped, iu accordance with a promise which I made to you aome tuna atnea. to bs able to inform you from tbia plaoa of tha exact data of my proposed visit to Pittsburgh; but I regret that I am now compelled to apprire you of my inability to reaeh tbat city at all Tha condition of tba river Is such, tbat our boat cannotget above tbia point; and an Injury wbloh I received in a recant aooident, wili foroid ma from travailing In stages more tbaa la absolutely necessary. 1 abali thua be deprived of the pleasure ot matting my fallow cltlzena of Pittaburgh, for tha present?yet I truat tbat the time ia not far distant when I shall be able to offer them. In peraon, my acknowledgments fur the many manifestations of rs (ard I have received at their hands. J am, air, very reepectfully, your ob't servant, Z. TAYLOR. Hen. W. Forward, Pittsburgh, I'a. at Washington, pa. In reply to an addrese of \lr. Knox, at bta reoeption it W aebiogton. I'm , (.Jonaral Taylor aaid : ? I a in tnankul to the people of Pittsburgh and Allegbeey county, r their favorable opinion. I always Intended -ao ?xrerted myaelf? to visit Pittsburgh; but publio ooaidt-ratioBa. and a detention of thrre day a on the Otilo Iver, bare eonatrained ma to forego my visit I know he business character of your people too well to think bey would not exonse dim for preterring public duties io the private gratification of seeing ibem Tbe adibinirtiatlep of publio atlaira shall, so far aa I am abla and bare power, be conducted so aa to advance all tha meat interests of every part of the country. Be pleased to tarry the're eentiments to the people cf Allegheny oounty. at washington citt. General Taylor intended to receive hia friends on Saturday, and notice to thai effect was g ven, but ao much wan be fatigued with hia long travel, that in due time bills were posted at hia hotel, announcing his Inability to receive them INCIDENTS BT THE WAT. Tbe Yazoo (Mi-ilsslipl) WAi* thus describes the rcenea through which tbe President eleot has passed since he left tialou Hoeire : ? Can anybody oalcula'e bow many hands General Tayior mil rbake. or bow many times hta dexter " intruder" will be agitated during the month of February? flow often will there or eimilar exolamatiom be made ? " How are you General ? I am extremely happy to sea you." ' General, tbls is Colonel Brown " " Allow, me, General, to Introduce to you one of your warmest supporters. General Soiltbers." '-Glad to see you, General Smltbers; floe day, General Smitbers " "Ah, excuse me I didn't exactly understand the gentleman's name." ' Jones. General, Jones; perhaps you're beard [>ftbe name before " " General, tbls Is Maior Sprtg;ins. editor of the Buena fit In Battle Jixe and Monte rey Banner of I.ihetty." ' How do you do, Major; I tm bappy to become acquainted with you, sir." The Msjtrand the editor of the Democratic Jintagonietical Ft ognoetirator and Blunder hute of Freedom, had it Srelty strong during the oanrase, General, I tell yon ut Sprig ." ''General, I bare ns> doubt you will ba glad to know General Muggins. He opposed you, bat be Is a liberal democrat." " Yes, General, I did oppose you, but ." "General, the committee would bo informed when you will receive them," kc. Let's see. Perhaps 600 cordial shakes at Viaksburg, 1,000 en tbe route to and at Nashville, 2,601 In KenLucky, 600 In Cincinnati. and-but stop?there?that mill do?nearly 6,000 shakes, and only to Clnoinnatl.? Poor General! AT ?UMBKkI.A!1D. From seme misunderstanding, the coaoh containing tbe General rapidly passed by the oommittee of reception and company. thus defeating the publie reseptlon and other arrangements It is not our business to attempt to explain " the misunderstanding." The ' loeos." we are sure,had nothing to do with it,though tome of them seemed to think that tbe General hail no notion of having a " party eeeort." Tbe eeoort came to town la Jatin Oflptn style, aod la platoons, soma tan or fifteen minutes after "Old ZaoX" bod arilved and received itao congratulations of hundreds of our tliueas. The Oeaeral appeared to be suffering frrat fatigue and exhaustion, and he retired at aa early hour. The New Ualilnvt. [Correspondence of the t'ennayivanian ] WtiHisdTo.i, Keb. 'it, 184-9. The reception of General Taylor, la't evening, by the authtrittes and eitiaeaa ef the national capital, aas quite aa enthnaiastle aa had been anticipated. The crowd In the Immediate vicinity ef the railroad depot, from half-past six to quarter past eight, when the General arrived, waa Immense-probably not lees than five thoueand paraona being present Aa all the parooulara of the reception at the Kelay House, at the Washington depot, and at Wlllerd's are given at length, and with great particularity, in the Washington and Baltimore papera of thla morning, It will be unnecessary lor me to go Into details. Btovb'i alcture of l .an-ral T?% Inr in the rotnnda of tka Ctpltol,l?tnt7 ixoalltit likeness, though be does not now appear to bo quite a* arret or to enjoy e* robust health m whro that picture wax taken, l'bl* la probably owing to the fatigues ef hi* journey, and to the acoidrnt which ooourred to him on hi* passage from Clnclnna.i to Wheeling, from which h* yet gaffer* much Inconvenience, being deprived in iona degree of th* uie of hi* arm, aed oeossqneatly uoatrl# to take by the band the multitude who preai forward to meet Mm .... Krem the General'* brief ipeeeh on hi* arrival lack night at Wlllard'*, the defect in hi* enouolatlon, which ha* before, I believe, fceen frequently referred to i* aeid to have been very epparent. indeed, toe impediment I* mob, I am laformrd. ae to piece birn clearly within the clar* of what art familiarly termed stutterers, though the dtfrot wae probably laorrared lait night by hie natural diffidence and modesty and the peoulier circumstance* in which he wee plaoed. A gentleman ef Baltimore, a Taj lor man, and himself a politician of considerable prominency, who aorem pen led General Taylor yesterday from Cumberland to Washington, says that the General conversed very freely In rvgard to the policy of his administration, but without committing himself on the great queatloa* upon which he will be called to aot in hie executive capacity. The General, he eaye, stated openly and unheeltatlrgly, that Horace Blnney will be Secretary of the Treasury; and on hie way from the Relay House to tha Washington depot, stated also, in the preseoc* of Mayor Seaton and others, that no man would be orosoribed by him for bia political opinions, though he must necessarily. he regretted, make a great many removals The General dressaa neatly, and In black, though without nuch regard to taste in the arrangement of hie apparel. He la mote portly than I supposed, and oome* very nearly to what baa been deemed the bead Ideal of a w?ll frd a:<lcrmaa. Wit hair, white, and hd

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