Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1849 Page 3
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986,79T. After paying interest to th< amoflat o/ 910,690, and reeereiog 939 381 for running expenses, two dividends woro declared or 4 for cent east, which absorbed $35 604. Tb? ou bar of pajsenrers carried during tbo year wu 299 ?36 Number of tons of merchandise, 101 814 Number of barrel* of floor carried from 8priogfleld, 41.ITS. The Company bare too entiAM,wblob, daring the year. have ran 147.091 mile*. There Is a bill before the Legielatare of Pennsylvania, for " the relief of the creditors and stockholders of the United States Bunk." The objeot of this bill il to hasten, if possible, the settlement of the affairs of thin Institution, nod to give those most Interested the benefit ef the remaining assets of the concern. Severn! years here elapsed sinoe this bank went into liqoldation, end it apparently is no nearer winding np than when it first went into the hands of trustees. The oatue ef this is attributed to the fnot, that those Who hate the management and eontrol of the affairs of the institution, are, aud all along hare been, in the receipt of large ea'aries, and it Is of oourse for their interest to kerp the business open as long as possible. They no doubt oonslder the births they ooeupy as being too snug and comfortable to give up, so long as there are any assets left to pay them their salaries; and if the Legislature does not adopt some measure to arrest this appropriation of the property of tha concern, tha creditors and stockholders will realixe but a email per cent of their claims The bill before the Legislature proposes to limit a time within whloh all Claims shall be presented, so that there may be a definite period fixed for the final settlement of all tha affairs. There are a number of suoh oonoerns in different parts of the oountry, in a similar poiltisn. Tha Korth American Trust and Banking Company, of this City, is one; and a resolution has recently been Introduced Into the Legislature of this State, instructing he Bank Committee to inquire Into the expediency Cf authorising receivers of insolvent corporations to compromise claims in litigation, #lth the approbation Cf a certain majority in interest of the stockholders. The ohjeot of this is, to bring the affairs of this com. I>m?j to n cloae. Stock Exchange UTOOOTrmaury 6's lick !> < aba Uanton Co b30 42 XvUJU do 130 in % 20 M .hawk K 63 SPUO U S 6'a, '62 llflk NJ HeadingR 28k MO# do lii((?4 9<N? do WVO# do '68, oonpon 113 25 N<r Si W*l R 37 V 6.U1 do 6'a. '63, coup lit >4 (Ml do 3774 2000 ?hio Gi '&t) 91 25 do S3 I SOU Ken'uckj U'l 1UI54 60 d) 38)4 3000 Brook 1) n 6'a 100)4 60 do 38* 3000 Iliinoia, '47 40 60 do law 30 16000 Penn 6'i tjl'X 26 do 39 2000 Reading Bonds 49 750 Harlem K 6N 2000 Brio 7'a 9t>54 100 do bSO HIV MOO do 9054 100 do MX) 61V 26 aha U S Bank 3k 20 do preferred, fuU 95* 21 City Bank 1(7 60 Long ls.and K 2d 10 Manhattan Bank 04 k 260 do 2054 60 Tanners' Trust SO* 3JO d? 2d (4 6# do 3*54 160 do b30 2054 400 do 30)4 100 do 2>K aw do b60 3754 50 do low 21V 100 Morris Canal 9* 110 do 2014 60 N T Oaa Co 126 10# do b30 2074 10 Matiaonfc Indianap's 139 60 do b30 27 23HT&N flaxen K 91 25 8t<nington R 6454 46 Canton to 4154 00 Kr e K 69 376 da 4.5, lew do new, full a90 62 176 do 4174 140 do 6<5{ 12# do blO 4174 60 do bSO 63 Second Board* *8000 U 8 6'a, '67 130 112 128 sha ( anion Co b.1 42 1MO do XI154 60 do llO 42 1<1'4M do 6'a, '67 90k 60 do (10 4254 10000 Treae Motea 6'a hS 10 \ 25 de 42k 6000 do b:u 111 260 Reading R 2954 10O aha IrieR, new, full 6254 100 do b30 30 26 do tw 6254 200 Tarmera Loan 37 180 Harkm R 62 1(0 do *60 37 WO do 61 % 60 Long Island R 1754 100 do 62 60 do s30 27k 160 do 62 100 do 275? 100 do b3 62 100 do b30 2754 60 do b60 6tX MO do bliO 175( 60 Morria Canal 9>4 100 do b90 23 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY MORNING, L.OST. flK&O FBWARD.-LOST<N TUB EVENING OF TUB 2STH yptJy' mat, at the Hotel d? aria, corner of Broadway and AnUiony street, or In passing from rbere through Broadway aad Grand to Wooattr air. et. a roll of bmk noiei. obtaining El'.Hi in ?6'? n tie Connecticut Bunk, Bridgeport, and one $11) on a bank in this city. Tha finder will receive (be aboye rcwird, by lcaring tio rame at the bar nt the Hotel da Parte. AHA REWARD-STOLEN KuOM TUB STABLE Of TtTE ?/WV/Subeoiiber in Morrinuia on the 26th intt, a ligntgrey floiae, abont 16 handa high, with long uiane aad tail, hoed rather large, and forehead clipped cose. auiall area. Ten dollar* will be even for tha rooovcry of the h dree, or twenty dollara for inch fi rmttion aa ahall l?ad to thr aouviotion of the thiol Weato.- eater papers plcaae copy. John Baa. Morrtiunia, or John Rae, Jr. S3 Fifth street. wants. WANTED?A BlTUaTIO.N BV A VERY COMPETENT p 1 rip with g"Od cm r?fi*renoe an Cook in a private family; Would l.elp at the teaching and ironing, or do the houacwork where only one airl ia ana ployed. Would po to the country. Fleece oall at 74 Slaih avenue in the hook atore. WANTED?TWO BOIS. A I SO TWO GOOD SIL< SALES men. and one Shaw I dalesman. Apply to Jamea Beoklt Co, In the eToning. Wanted?travelling /-Gents, to make sales to the irade throughont the ounntry, of an artiole w universal ace. Apply at 2H Bioadwey. WANTED?A MTUAlion BY A STEADY AND INDUS trioua man, SN ?ho h i? had l > years oxp trie nee in driving looomotiTe, and ateamboataid ttaiionery engine*. The beat of City reference can by given. Add r??a S. fl . this (flee. WANT ED?BY A SMALL a A MIL Y WITUOUT CHILdron part if a house located weat of Briadway. Between Barclay and Canal near Broadway, pre'erred ; immediate ly or by the tint ot May. Addreaa A. M., box 1421, Lower Peat Offloe. WANTED.?A CIVIL ENGINEER, TH 'ROUGHLY vciaoo in the highest branches of mathematiea, wia tea to Cnd employment aa Computor for tho cin-tructwn of mathematical tables, or the correction of nvtrmouiioal aad meohnnical Troika. Ha gpenks and writva German, English, French and jtaliae, aad will bam at uieftil to any at ablieh meat wneie difficult computations are to re pei formed with rcadlneci and ac curacy. Address P. P.. at the AW ot the New Tork Uerald. Wanted-a situ ai ion.fok a person thoroughly ecqnr-inled with the seep aid candle making business. The advertiser haa also hid tunon exportauoe in this city, in baying and ceiling, and ia confident he can give, to any who may be In yrant of bis tervicee, the muat satla'aetory references ai to ohacaotcr and abilities. Addicts P. W. H , Herald offlce. WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE PAOTESTANT WO. man, a aitaation in a respectable family, ia a good C??k, Wathcr anil roner. * l-a e apply at 272 Mott atrcet. Irom 10 t) 4, in froat room, lint floor up ataitc. fur two daya. iiirANT?D.-A SI lUATlON, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG to dofeneral boueework in n priva'e tarailr. (.Jan eome wall jeoonimi iirtid. Can he eeen for Iwe day* at .17 Booimvi atroete. Wanted?a store. or the half or a double fronted Store. SO foet deep, between Canal and Chambera fPrmU,on the wen aide of Broadway. Addreu e. L., offwe of rthle paper. Vf Cbambenraid, or Walter, or Nnrea vam*tttoe, and can giro the beat of re'ttense Can be aoea for three nay*. call at 87 Marion atreet.| WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A N EHt'BCTABLE YOUNQ woman. laa good oook, waah> r, and ironer, and can fire the beat of otty referenrea, and can be aeon at No. 9 Hamilton at. >io objorth na to go to the country. WANTED-BY TWO RESTECTABLE GIRLS, SISTERS? aitnationa in a reapeotahle priaata family. Ouo ia an M client oo?k, waaher, and ironer; the other to take oare of ohil dree, er would do chamber work and waiting, and aeaiat in waahing; ia an excellent plain oewer Both have unexceptionable city reference. Pleaae app'y at No. Hi Jane et-wet, between Vaahinttten and Vt'eet itteeta Can be aeon for ta " dan. WANTKB-A IITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL; Ia a aood nlain oook. and an exoallent waeher and ironer gnd undcrmaeda baking and livery capable of del ig houeework' and bai the beat of city reft ran re. Can bo aasa for two day a, at Wo. 7t Sixth avenue, In tho Book atoro. I TA/ANIID.-A PARTNER WITH A CAPITAL OF FROM FT $1,1*0 to $1,600, to take an Intereat In an eaUbltahed iri \ai and eating house, situated in tho loo or part of the city. Tho *,r*a(nt proprietor 1c joat enlarging hla buameao, and will not bo solo to attend to all hi*- aolf. tor any peri on wiahing to lay out tbo above rtatad capital to tho very heat adv ntigo, tbia ia a H ohancorarely offered, S one a?ed apply unleaa they e?n offer tha H abore am on at, aa walla* the beat of reforaaoa. Addroaa J. U., effloa of thlapaper I TATANTED-BV A RESPECTABI E YOUNG WOMAN, A TT aitoaiinn aa Chambermaid, and to cook, waeb and iroa, or H to do gar.eral houaework in a private family ; no objeotion to go a abort eiataara ia the eauntry ; bait city raferaaae can be given. H Apfd} at 164 Yl alkir at real, aecond floor. Can ba aeaafortwo May* H ./NOOK WANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WBO IS H a V/ a good rook, at d to aaaiat with the waahing and Ironing in a wmall private family. Apply at No. 1U1 Fourth avanna, between 11th and Uth atrecta. a YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL I l\ irivata family, to do the general houaework, or aa ohlldren'a H nurro. Ba* no objection to goa>hort diatanea in th? country andean gat good oity reference If required. Plant* call at No. *76 Oreanwten a I root. coiner ol Canal. H A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A S1TUAia tion ia a private family aa Aral rat* Oovk and Paatry Coak. The beet *f reference can be given. No objection to th* oonatry. H fjtaao call at 66 Duane at rear. Pan ha ieon for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, . J\ te do geaeral housework la a good plain oook, waaher, and irnner. in a email private family. Flea a* call at No. 7 Chryati* a treat. A RESFECTABLE QISL WISHES A SITUATION IN A aa private fkmilv, aa keamitreaa or Chambermaid. Will mako beeaelf guneia'ly uaafu) in any thin* that la rcqairad of bar. Can kaaaen A r two daya, at 2' J Ellaabeth atroet. A GRADUATE OF YAlt COLLEGE. WITH THE BEST /* teatimoniala of oharaotar and atuiomanta, who haa been ^H. raaaaed in teaching, la deairoua of a aituatioa whiaV effera mora active eipnlcymant. Addr? ao box 2.79.1. New York Peat Ofliee. A PREW?T HATING A CHILD, AND NO WAY TO PROiV vie# for it, would give It to anybody that would tak ?eod ennhfl*. It iaagirl, nine weeka old. Plaaaa call at Na. 7 Howard atreat, where all Information will he given. I TO LET. ANUBNISHED OR UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET, -A at No.64 Walker (treat, a few doort waet af Broadway, enit ^^E able for two ar three eirg'a aentlnn en ; or a gentleman and hia ^^T|fe can ha aeoow rood a' ed with two parlor* aim a bed room ooxa^^^nieatirg. with the entire uae of a kitchen if rwinlrad j referOn aee exehangad. H ppo MANUFACTURERS AND MECHANICS.?TO LET, IN A the entra of Brooklyn, poeveitinn given lirat of May next? lorga Factory bnilaingand lota adjolnleg, with large ataam ansine, gearing, and ahnp of toola, in good ooa?ltlon. Apply at 23 Mraaaatraet, Naw York. PESO LET?A CORNER IORTER HOUSE IN THE SIXTH A Watd; Stock and Fixtaraa for aala obeap, aa th* owner la Rotag to CaliforniA Alio, a great Pnhlio Honae in Broadway, Boor the Tbantre, to let from let May. A teat two aad a half otorj hotin 47 Demlnlck i treat, with Croi?n watvr, A*. May ix taaifr-m 11 t* 1 I' ll. Apply U GilXESPIE. Aaent 162 Paarl ???????? A Demon. BY JACOB B. PI-4TT?H VKDW 4HCUTLIRV!'VANJY Oeods. Utrmin Hardware. ??. -Sale thia dar >i 10 o'oltok at i be Auction Koon , 23 rlatt street-L (i. (aria* on, Auo' tioneer?t oi siet ng of eat', a ?'l hendl d hoes; pat o wit and rim looks: cupboard and till do; Q 8 and 0, A band and penal aant; tea trays: thiatb as piwder fltata tin'd ir>ut*bia spoeis. and tea da. ourryoomU. brat. candlesticks, tall aad flat calliper#; p jera; ball braooa, adsea; ac* h a apad.s aud a g morel assort u ant of hardware and cutlery, inm no. Also, a handsomely aaaortad oaak of tahte and packet cutlery, onnsiitmg ol Southern and Western 1 and 2 blade noukat aad hunting knlraa of all deaeriptiona with characteriatio mottoes blvd a Iko Alao a Tory selrct lot o'pattern ca-ds of cutlery, pen, Ceng cat and tecatar a knives gold diggeraaal Califs rata knives, tin Alan tiblekoJvea aud latka of -ham and white bo.e handles. ct?a bleok aad sell tip do., some with Breach forks; 200 pair carvers, sclssora shears, raiorakc. Alao, f'aaov Uooda and Musical laatrumeata via; Violins, tlutea ttfea jewaharpa Ac. Alao aiagla aad dounls barrel Bra, piatola, marblre, oarpenter'a and lead penoila, dominoes oork ksiaads. purees, tooth bruahoa, wax waters. naadlea Also, aivaral invotoes of goods not called for, via: Solar Lam pa. ( iran dotes, Mas to) O.nan en'a no, Alao. at 11 o'clock, gold and silver Watches of varicua descriptions, being the entire a took of a dealer The whole aale te be pemnpt?iy, and the attention of country dealers and oity retailers is directed to the earn". CI ?. KULLINB. AUCTIONEER.? HOUSBUOLD AND F Bar room furniture and fixtures. at 10)4 o'eleok on Wad uesday, 2hlh, at thv Broadway Boom, corner of Broadway and Grand acreet under leaiguroent a great variety of household furniture, all the bar room furniture and flxturee: Arm ohaire, Screens, Desks, Mahogany round and square Tablet, pine do., Glaaa, Crockery, Titled Ware. Bo, dated Mugs, Stores: Pier and Mantel Qlaaaee, an iron Safe, a very valuat'e piece of Marble 8tatuary Groupe, nor era! valuable oil Paintinga, two large rioh pitted Server", two Urge plain (ilvor Pitch ire. Bo. Terse oath, in bankable money. Large balk or valuable furniture.-*. w. Brown will tell at auction, this d&v. Wedneedty, Peb 10)4 o'olock, at No. 102 Broadway, a large aeeortmant of bandaome parlor, cl an ber, and di> ing room furniture, with a variety of uaeful house furnlehing articles. El. snow, auctioneer?by josepq uegkuvn, Thnraduy. Marob 1, at 9 o'clock, A. M., at No. 49 Wa'l street, the balanoe of the atook of Poter A Metier B Co., Stntionera Cataloguta will be ready on Wednesday next Term* eaab. NEW YORK BURSE BaZPAR.-L. F. Hough, Auctioneer.? Auotion aale of Uorses, carriages, Bo? tlua day, W ednaidsy, Ifc'tb, at 31 Croabj street, commencing a' il o'cloek. With ofimagea. J, II. GATriELD, Prepr etor. oiscic l.l.a.n kuub. CARD-B. HOE h CO, INFORM Til El R FRIENDS AND the publio that their repairiog shop ia again in full opsratioa nt 29 and 31 Gold street, at usual, and that their office for the pr.aoni ia at 45 Gold aticet, where all ordera will bo promptly at tended to. FBENCH LANGUAGE AND LITEBaTURE ? M. DE LA Plaoe, Professor ol French Langusgo and Literature, during the lent eighteen montha iu the Female Acadoooy, Brooklyn Heights ae known by tbe auooeaa of bit new method of imparting thoroughly hit own language in n short time, h a opened hie day and eveningclaaaesat hlsrcsideaco, 98 Chamberc street. New York for ladies and gentlemen, where his former pupils and others desirous of joining are requested to apply, from lto6 P.M. Classes fenced at private leaioencea P>ivate leasonsalso given at private domicile and at schools. Refer noes?Mr. Hyriu, editor of the Courtier dot Ktate Unit, Rev. Verrea, Ruv. Abbot, Rev. Baiid and W. W. Cheater. V1ne0ax.?OSGOOD and CROOK Ek'd PUKE WHITE Wine and cider Vinegar. mores toot of Twenty-seventh I trie t, E, n, Now York Certificates. ' I have analjtei a in pie el' the Vinegar manufactured by Mewe. Osgood and Crooker, and Itnd itto be ol excellent quality and strength. It ia perfiocly tree fn m ado teration, and ia consequently a wnolesotne article. Jamts R. Chilton M . D? t homist. New York, Feb. Id. 1849 Laboratory of thr Ooljoge of Physioians and Surgeon. New York, Vtb:oary 18. 1819. "I have examined tbe White Wine and Cider Viiegnxa ef Osgood and Crooker, and Hod them to be strong and veil flaTMied.andf'ee tromdeletar one tubatanee. John Torry lit). Proloasot of Chemistry in the C l'eue ot PbysioUnaani Su rgiona The article will be bent to any part of the city, by sending an opder by tia penny poat, stttlig the kind of vinegar wanted. GENTLEMEN'S BAT9-SPRINQ FASHION! FOR 1819.N. E Jt'KNCOEl 1), hatter, Iil7 Nassau a*rest, one door above Aan street, will issue, on the first nl Mar h the spring lashion tor gentlemen's bats, which he it manufacturing under hie per aonal superintendence, ar d which he flatters himself will be found superior In every requisite thet constitutes a beautiful and durab e article, to any hat ever off. red Tor aalo Is New York. The gentlemen of New York ere. by thie time, pretty good judges ol whata hat should be, and to their oritieiem he will feel proud to < ll'er hie new sprius hat confident that it it tin ne plus ultra ot taste and mont. Our country customer! may rely on reoeiving their orders for the spring fashion, dnr'ng the flrit week In If arch. F]"EA8 25 PER CENT CHEAPER THAN EVER.?FKES1 J. imported Oolong aid Young ill son Teas, only 3s. per pound; best od Java Coffee. Is; good Ci flea 'U cents Butter la 21. tola. Sd.; best rew Lard 9 coots ; goed winter oil 4s to Us. par gtllon ; new hioe 4 cents ; Edwards' oelebrated Egg Powders, onlv J oeuts a package, equal to ft cgae; good 2s. (Id. per 7 lb.; white ugax 4a. 7 lb; good M"lamei. 2? per gallon, ASA PARKER, 241 Broome ootaer of Ludlow street. STA1EN ISLAND FERRV.?LEAVE NEW YORK AT 9, 11. I, 3% and 6 o'clock. Leave jVandarbilt'a Landing at 8, 1.', 2 and 5 o'clock. HKDICAL.BbEWSTER'd ROSE TOOTH ELIXIR AND DRSTRIFICE. 1 he acknowledged eioc lenoe of ihaie preparations fir the teeth end gums are known by all wrho havn travelled in anrope. Sutfi e It tusay, that tho artiole, prepared by a former employee of the inventor, ia to be found up town at Mr. E. DUPUY d, 6u9 Broad*ay; down town at 183 Broadwjy. Mrs. jkrvis'scold candy.?theoreatqurjtions of the Day. What causes ailments manifold f-A Cold. What gives tho sweeteet voiooa cosmonesnf J ? Hoarseness. What spoils Borgl ese^s beet eadeuiaj?Influcnxa. What carries tens o? th'usnndi on r?a lough, w hat ill or Death atrorda presump tioo ??Consumption. What hi'eo the viotims, fair or brave 7 The Grave. W hat shonld the sufferer then eecure 7? & Cure. Bf whom is iender*d this gieet serves f-By Mrs. Jervis. Where la her Gaudy vended. say 7 - Number S79 Broadway. Hold woo'eaalo and retail by Mre. W. JKKVI". 379 Broadway, corner White street, and rold by Druggist* g?neta ly. PEBSON8 IN WANT OF ARTIFICIAL EVES, ARE INvited to call upon Dr Wheelrr, Oouilat, 'JV Greenwich at, who baa )uet imported a moat beautiful selection from one of the first manufacturers in Paris. Having arrangements for a regular tupply.the faculty will be furnished on low terms. No oharge for Insertion. Medical reform.-- faLacies of the faoulit, with the Cbrono thermal System of iled.oine;" tU pages. Fries |1; at 46 Ann street. Edited by Dr. Turner, of New Toifc. B.LOVG ft BROTHER. Private medical office so orange street, (Flvo P< infe )?1 r. LaBARD'H Freoh Mixture, prloe $1 per bottle, warranted to oure every oaee of private dueaeei or no oharge For sale at no other store (n the world. DR. CON VERS' IN Via .RATING CORDIAL, FOR GENItat Debility, Impotency, InoontUei.ce or Nootarsal Etniasiona. (to., ac?This justly celebrated oordial la now onnaidered the only efficacious remedy for th> ae aad derangements of body snd mind, caused by early indieeroet aecret haoits of youth, or inordinate indulgence of the paniova la riper yearn. The follow, ii g are aome cf the tffeou of thia vlo'ation of the laws of man's physical and suial being:? Protration, nervousness, dyspepsia, pain In the 1 sad. aid dimness ol vi.ion, weakness of the baok aad lownr extremitica, impoteney. or premature and total decay of virility, weakness of memory and powt r for mantal application, d.jeotion, aversion to ec.ciety, timidity, selt distrust, and lovo of ao.iiude. Vrut g and middle aged meu may here learn why they arc d? 111 Ingin nealth?why they become pals eye euukenana lustrelere?why they ore losing thtir youthful arpaarinoa aad vigor. This invigorating and ren*va' log oordial has restored sooies of persons who have igoorantly Injured themseivee by self pollution. N. B.?Com pun i da ol sarrSparilla dock and other noetrumi have no effect in theso eases; nor is the (lotion and noaaei io wbioh otten appears in wonderful little books ou this sub the barnu g with caustic, blistering pill* end powders, Ho., whioh nro usually prescribed to no purpose, procure this oord'al? it is the only anchor of hope for yon. You can nse a without exposure, or biodrnnoe from business, at home or travelling?and be restored. N. B.?Those involuntary nocturnal "missions which are so harassing and destructive, and prcdnotlve ol so much mischief to tho n?rvoua system, incapacitating the man for physicnl or mental exertioi, will be ipeedily removed by this onrdia). Mark! this cordial contains no opium, mercury, or any Other mineral or offensive substance to expose or Injure the pa tient. Eaohbottloof the genuine baa "Dr Coavers' Invigorating Cordial' blown on the glass. Cries. $i a bottls; 3 bot tiles tor $10 the halt dotrn, or $2U a dozen; important remarks the married and single, with ample directions, aooempa ring eseh bottle. Sold wholesale ard retail by J. O Yd Y. 135 Fulton street (lamp efre) ?nn Buiidinga New York, and by Dr Oonvers. at his office, 6&l3d arenue, between 10th end Itth etc.. New Y' rk. N. B.~Persons in tho country can have the Cordial and a letti r of sdvioa neretnlly forvarded to thsm, by add ros ing as above. Notioe.- Married pet sons whose oonjugal relations bava not been prodnotive. and thorn contemplating marriage, onasoioua , "*1 inability from causes above named, raoy confidently sAnrah Dr Con;'""? peraorally or by letter post paid. Tha nec'saaryadric *a"nd mei'?<?. tot th. gpo;dv removal of such disablHty. will be lately forwarder ,he_wnter e a.Hroes D ?rT pawoettcan be confidentially consulted at his ofics. 61 Day etr?et on all private diseases. Tha moat obstinate yield to his mode sf treatment, whioh is on tha ooaraercurial prineiplo. Btrietures cured ea the most approved plan. Tho vie time of solitary indulgond* aha also apply, with a oariainty of en re. (iflloe. 81 Day street. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO B* CONSULTED ON Private Diseases Glecta Strictures, Yen.rswi tine re. Ho., he onrts where others fall. Recent oases oared in tew darn Nervous and Organie Lability he warrants ta owe. Baa ma Londen diploma in his eflioa. Fa I ton street. DR COOPER, U DUANE STREET, BETWEEN CHATHAM and William street*, baa far tha last fourteen year* enjoyed a moet eatasutlve practice la pnvata diseases. Ha oaa oure the meat aggravated aases of this disease; and mild eases cured la two to five daya Stricture- -Dr. Cooper oaa oure tha want foot of strictures in from one to two weeks. Constitutional dsbihtj brought on by a secret habit ladulged in tar young man. Thin when too freely indulged In, beget* dyspepsia, wiakaim of th* tymbe and email of Uid back, oonhudon of the tataHoct, and are#sic.n to sooiety. A owe wanaatad In atari oaa*. at no ehacga We mereurt need DR. RALTgL AUTHOR Of THH "PRACTICAL PRIYATH Treatise," k*., 88 Onenwtah street?oflloe hturs I ta 17 A. ? 6 to 9 P. H. (Sunday saoepted) Thorn who apply in tha early stages will ha surprised at tha rapidity and lit tie iaao lvewiene* attend tag their cure. It li chiefly, however, thoae who hate aofIbrad from a oertaia class af people, who oan property apmsat it* his services. la strictnra, frem its first, or laeipient, te (t* mar* advanced and distressing stag**, (frem nnoommoa sdvintages and a very ex ten sire prwotioej ha oan aflhrd a rapid, easy, a*d rtdioal son, whioh, h* ha* ground far stakag. aan ha oMntnad ft net ? ether sowvee In Anurias SEMINAL WEAKNESS. IMPOTENCE, fco.-dr. EdLPffB Practical Private Treatlae, deeply laterestlng; tha oaly tnta treolment and can, with reelpee; moat or imn*. so ., ?e? raiiiw tall* given; 6th edition, 34 J pp , price SI. Map bt had of tba anther t# Greenwich etieet or bp pant, mailed fro*. IRFIUENZA. COUGHS. tOLDS, RBEI7MA "ISM. ErC.Ptreo** wh* an aflliotad with either of the above oomploiota, I een obtain Imwoc tote itlitf en" oertain can, bp tb* an of Mr*. Cairoll'e Meoloettd Sapor and Sulrdur Bathe, SM Broadwap. IbtM Batne hare taw in operation eiuce itaS, and bare been t* 0*nmetidcd bp ibe flut pbpeieiaae In the ottp. IMPORTANT TO BOTH 8RXES.?TBI* DA V PUBLISHED, prioc 12)* cent*, bp Fowler and Weill, 131 Naeeaa etreet, Amativcaeei, or Enleand Roo.ed ee of Exceeeive oad Perverted Bt xnahtp, including Warning and Adriee to tn* Married and SinSle, bp A. 8. Fowler. A. M. The objeot of thie work It to apro*d c formation in regard to the regulation and legitimate exerelee of ot e of the moet if not the moet Important faoaltiee of the human orgtnlution, the portertlon of which hae produced more mleerp then oefl pceetblp he eetlmaled 1 abUihed bp Fowler and Walla, 131 N'ae aa i treet. in Clinton Ball. TBI ORIOINAL LIQUID HAIR DTE.?ALEXANDER'S Trioobophe. for dpiag the hair, wh let ere, or epebrowe lojtantaneoaeip. a natural brown or black oolor. It it now three pea,n .1? .."l ?*nrlp one hnnared thoaeand boxoe have been eold of It el* ee that time, end It le acknowledged to be the beet preparation In the world for thie pnrpoee, importing te the hair the beantp and eleeticlt* of ponth. For aale bp A. B. k D. Sand*, corner of Pa I .on end Wltltam etreote Rnehton fc Oo. Broad war Tbomoe k Maxwell, William etnet; Monro k Taplor, 81 Maidan lane; bp drnggietegaaeeallp throagbtnttho United Statee, and bp tin eele agent*. S. k 0. A. WklOBT, We. H Soalh ronrth etreet, PhlladelphU. Mow rxtraordinart wore?to tbb ?*t?mi ? khoee oontamplotiag montage.-The Married Weman'l Privatajledleal Companien, bp Dr. A. M. Monrieoaa. Sixth edlMon. PrtaeSl. Thie work to meeting with met aetaanddag eotae ooptae having alreadpibeen diepoeed of.) Ever* tamale i* get Mag a eopp. whether married * unmarried, although ta it In. tan dee teperiellp foe the married, ae it dleotame Important eaenata which aheald b* known to them poeWoulaHp. knemplbuk inn dleeeeet the onueea, evmptone, and the meet eBIeient mm dlea and meetoertaia mode of onw in every oeee. ForealeatXB toad wop i at the pakUxhlng oflloe, 19 Liberty etreet Mew York; T. B. Pataerenn, Ne. WCheennt, Philadelphia i Uttle h Co., A thanp; W. R. Davie, Eoeton. On the leenipt of lb e eepp will bo trananlttod bp moll, flree of poetage, ta All part* of ttw United Btatae. All lettare meet be oddrnee 1, poet poll, ta Dr. * M UililKVili km l.llt N? rakdte. afbilibM. %Mv MAAAVfe O^o Y^H RAT kb? * "e 0k w? ^iavAifi?1i'vo1,?,!/?. the performaaoaa wiU ? ataeao. .* ,A, Q * MeMS? acmirai Kingston. Mr Utibar*; . **?* Mr. f. U. Ball: Mlaa Mortimer, Mlee M Tartar. Afta, regatta of ir>M aNI# JERRY, ON LITE III 1a- nD,*M?Tom OrT?. Mr. rberune Uy?r. Kit Iprig'itly, Mr. Thorna."'*: 8*m bwlft Mr. * iur>w: Coriattiiaa Ton. Mr J. U. Hall: GottaJbtaa Kate, Km M Tay'ur. To omoluda with THE MILL Of 1L DEHVON?Tie Uuknowa. Mr. Starenat Henri. Mr. J- H. Ha'k Boahamme, Mr. Stafford L% Route. Mr. Jordan; Louiee. mim C. Wemysa Box## Mo.; Pit 13a.: Gallery ?Xa. Ddort opaa at M 'oloek; oommeaoe at F. pHAWFRACB RATIONAL THEATRE, LAH CHATHAM V ? W. dtiiadey Evaaioc. Fetmxry 2d will laaotod the oemoly ot OlMP-ON t CO.? Mr. Mspeoa Mr. W.Cbapaau; Mr. Brain lay, Mr. Tiltaa; Totter Mr Brow: Mrs. Simpson. Mrs Woodward; Mrt. Bromley, Mr*, laharaood. After which MUSK I id CALI FORMA-mom Mr. . haafran: Sykeey Mr. Seymoorf Mr. Adal hat Pinlthroud. Mr. W B t hapmai; Lite, MUi E. Mestayer. To ooaoludewith the drama of WOM AN?Robert Shelly. Mr. McFerland: Jamee Greenfield. Mr. 1i I ton; Union Jack, Mr. T. O. Booth: Chalk. Mr Herbert: Racheal K*i?nd, Mrs. Weodaard. Bor a 2sc4 Pit, HKo. doom tyaial cve'olook?ourtain will rite at F1-^. Broadway circus, broad way, near spring st.? Wednatday evealnf Tab. 2d, the eaterlAiamenta willoommeaoa with adieplay ot alagant horsemanship: a loo. a beautiful caneofgymnastics by Mr. aandiand liiiohlldren, together with a periormanoe in the arena, by Moeari ntout, Ruyglca. Parai, Hai kina. Walter Aymar, Mallory. Ac. The wkole to eonolude, for the fourth tin* here, with the burooqno sporting aeenn. entilled. THI PONY RACES, OR UMON COURSE IN MINIATURE?Mow, Mr. H, Gardner Widdy MoGowan, Mr. Pentland; Pat. Mr. Bankioa; Italian Orindar, Mr. W. Aymar: Miea Dinah Crow, Mr. Dan Gardner. AdmiiMon M arary part ef the htiue, 16a.?children half ptiaa. 1v/i EC HAN ICS' HALL, No. *71 BBOADWAY. BRTWK1M ATA Grand and Broome ttroeta, open aeon night during aba week.?The anginal and weli-snown CHRISTY'S MINBTKBUB, organised IMS, the aldeat eatablishad oompas j In the world; the Biat to harmonise negro melodies, and originators of the praaont popular (tela of Ethiopian entertainments; whom oonoerta In this eity, for a period ef two years, have bean natroniscd te an extent nnparalleled by any amusement in this great metropolis. They win hare the honor or oontinning their inimitable Concerts every naight, nntil turthsr notice, intsodeoing at eaoh representation a variety of new Operatio Burlesques Bongs, and their new Burlesque o! their Voyage Musical. Admission, IB cents Door* open at T?Conoert to eommenoe at 8 o'elook. An Afternoon Consort every Saturday. oommiMdag at I e'olook. Ma nagerand Dtreetor, I. P. CHRI8TY. Noticr?tub cblbbiatbd monsibur adrien will give the first of hie novel and extraordinary performances on M, nday evenli g next, at hair peat seven o'clock, in Uie Minerva Rooms, 4t)6 Broadway. Among other oxperiinente Mens. Adiien will reform the euepeneiun of a young lady sustainsi hy the air. Tliia incomprehenatlo iuapenaion he hae perf rmed in shout <4(1 successive repreaentationt. 11 it probable that all ths people of New York will Seaito to see this wonderful experiment. CASTLH GARDEN -TUB abovb We LI-KNOWN BUM mcr resort can low be engaged for Evening smuacn.tin'a during the oneuirg seeaan. For further pnrticu'nr., and terms, apply at the Office on the premises, or by letter fp e'. paid) dirantet to the proprietors. FRINCtl A U RISER. GUNGL'8 BAND-MR. OUNG'L RBSPBOTPUlLY ANBounces to the pnbiio, at the eolioltation of hit numerous friends, that he is prepared to play with his band, or a portion of it, at balls, eciieee, or private parties. AU applications most be addressed to him at 96 chambers street. UALlhtrUNtA. IltOR BAN FRANCISCO, VIA COAGRBS?STF.AM3Q1P Creeocnt City-On the ISth of Maroh.?The new and plendid oeaan eteamehip CHB8CBNT CITY, Charlee Bteddard, master, I kfl tons hurtben. will leave lor Chagree direct, from her dock, at Pier 4 N. K., oa Thursday, the 16th March, at one o'elook. Paeeorgera for California will find this tbo most expedition! aed pleasant route to reach the Gold Region; and as the Creioent City goee direct to Chagree, without stopping at intermediate parte, they will, without fail, arrive at i enema in time for the Pscitio M?i) Bteemor of the let of April. The ateamcr Orni in now on the river at Chsgree. and the messengers ef the Oro?oent City mot the eeppcia and minor* at work en th? road from Crucee to Panama, en the fetb of January, so that much of the fatigue in crossing the Isthmus will, as doubt, be avoided. W? have liten informed that from JMIU to 60U mutes have mnentlv Lmd n,a,,.,a o. r.. - - to Chap tea and that the lath-nut will ba amply supplied hoteafter. Po-sage in tba aftar aalnon $ltO; passage in tha forward saloon, Sl'lS: paaaate in tha lower cabin, $1U0; passage in the steerage. $80. Eight cnVio feet or baggage allow ad each pastor xer, and ail do. do. allowed each ataoraaa paateiger Freight on aptoie one p?r oent: on extra baggage seventy oeata per Toot. Mo berth saoorad until paid for. For freight 01- past-aye. npp-y to HOWARD It 9QV, 73 South street. Fur California and oregon, 8th has hi ?the u. 8. Mail btaatnship Company nareby gtva notice that in par suanoe of thair oonuraot with tha Navy Department, tho aplondid new at d epaeione at antahip FALCON, t aptnlnThompson, will anil from this port for Havana anal Jhagres, on Thunder, the 8th of March, at noon, from pier 4 North River, with the mailt to the Pncifio. Persona wishing to take pawage to California, by tha way of tha Irthmns of Panama, will bnd it to ihoir advantage to avail th< mselvea of this opportunity, aa to the opinion of the undersigned, agent of thia oon.pany, means of transportation up tha coast of t ahfornia will be found at I'ai atna. It ta exp cted that the Falcon will artive at ?'hagree in time for ptaaengere to take the PacIHe Mai' ateamt ta of Maroh and lat of April from Panama to San Franoiaoo. Poranaa I avirg ticket* lor those t tea inert, should secure their paasaga immediately, in order to avoid disappointment. Boiore the arrival of the Faloon at Charrea on this vojigo, the rond across tt e Iithmna will be so far improved that nodargerordiflioulty nesd be expooted iu crossing. No engage nieuv mi |*iib^o^(j will ire uinuiDK ?u mil com pa yunieeainr BatnO b? sanctioned by the undereigned ; 250 Ibe. baggage aliowod 70 cent* |?r tout lor freight. Information recently reeutved at tliti office, will oonvinoe perecna about to ?leit California, that the route by the mail line, via Chagree, has great adrantagea over any ott er, in point of ejei-d, lately, and economy. The departure of the fa on ia fixed at a date to avoid delay at Panama. The petaer per Hat la new open. For paaaage or further partioalara, airly at the office oi the Company, ilH IFeat afreet. M. O. ROBERTS. Agent For san francisoo-io bail iuth marcr?the eUenmhip SENATOR. 7M tona burthen. Lieut. R. Baohe, t',8. Nart, commander, will pogitirely tallaa above, at 10 A. H., from her berth at Burling afip Sbo wae built in Julyla't, by Win. B.Brown, loq. nl thia city, to run on our ooaat, between Boiton end 8t John's. N. B? where the haa been wel> triad in aome if our bravleit nertliweat galea and proved heraolf a apleadid tea b< at. Numeroua additioua and altoratiena have bean made, at a heavy ezpenee, to perfect her for thia voyage, and her accommodation* fog passenger* are very superior. bne will go through the btraita ol Magellan, touching at Rio, Valparaiso, Callao, and Panama. Prick or Pamaok? State Feome $500 Attor Cablp, withouttta'e-rooms 500 Forward Cabin, crtw'a fare 4 0 Deck do 300 300 lbe. baggage allowed let claea pataasgera, and to freight taken. For further particulars, epply to WOODBCLLAillNTURN, 87 South street. For san francisco, california d1rejt, via the Straite of Magellan, the aew end eubetantial eteamahip HURON,? apt. Abm. kanckor. of 240 tuna burthen, 5 ytere old, built In thir olfy, of the beat material, copper fastened, ana newly coppered, belli m entirely new. and ie no wui.d-igoing thorough repair! for tea ervioo, and will pcaliiynlyaail on orabont the 20th of March. Uer aloon end cabin will be handsomely furmehed for eaae and comfort; and a mote p-otitable opportunity can not be offen d to thine dcur ua of going to California, hbe will be diaposed of by IUU aharca of block at $5U) each. The owner of each abare will be entitled to hla paaaage to San Franciaoo, and hia equal undivided aharo of the ship, aud all appurtenancet th-reto belonging, aad of the pr> fife end earnings f aaid ship after her arrival at Saa Francisco. Each abare of stock will (be made transferable Application should be made soon, ia already over one half "f tbe atock ia taken. Far perticulara, apply to AUaTIN k WATK1NS. No. 8 South stra t, npataira FOB BAN FRANCISCO AND SUTTER'S FORT, TIA Mapeltss Stiaits, wind permitting.?The fait nailing coppered and onpper fattened brig JULIA MOULTON, Waring, master, now lying at Pier 3U K. K., two yuare old, li fittiat up ard will aail the 1st Match. Sharoa $160 each, which entitles the holder to a thare in the votae's. and 18 mnntha prwvitione, mining implement*, fee, for which apply on board. Tna aesocia Won will meet every evening at Harmony Ilall. l7,Ceat'o street. FOR CALIFORNIA TIA CBAOKES-TUE SUBSCRIBER w ill deapaich for Chagrea. without delay, the superior very fast railing Baltimore built brig Col. Howard, Durken, master. She is 382 tor e burthen, rewly eeppred, refitted and pin in perfect order. H< r accommodations for paaaenrura are of the first close, having just been eomplotcd at great expenio. First cabin, SAC, secmd do $4U. The bulk of 111 barrels freight allowed to each passenger, tree of charge. For fn-ipht or pierage apply on board, foot of Devtr Street, or to Fernando Wood, 162 Sonth street, cernerof Dover. Paiseiigers by the CoL Howard will have the preference of parrage from Panama to San Pranolseo, In a vessel sxp< eied to sail thence In April n?xt. FOR SaN FRANCIStO.?THE SUPERIOR A. 1, 89IF SUSAN 0. OWENS, 730 tons burthen, 6 months old, and equal, as r< garde speed comfort, and sufoty, to any in the world, will have immediate despatch aa above, iler aooommodatinn? are superior to any vetsei up f?r that port. A poly to H. P TQWWSRHD. ix* ttmt, Ship &ALKM?FIRST VESSEL FOR SAN FRAbCISOOt* Sr.ii. Monday 6th inat. Ten additional sharee, at $ .00 eaoh, tor sale, at ten passengers at $ISo, oao lie accommodated. The original aharca being (160 and assessed to meet the daflotency: the abaieholotrs twn the ship. (Now York built) oae yoara'previ aions of superior qnallty, mining implements, tools, soowe boats, k*. Passenger* wl 1 be allowed to remain on board the shin one wei k after her arrival at Pan Francisco. This ship is very fa?t,oomm odious, and better vontllited than any v seel for California. Per si a ret or passage, apply on board,at Pier SO, e. r-, foot of Roosevelt street. For California -the splendid a. i coppered and oopper fattened clipper ship SAMOSKT, will potitivsly sail at above in a few daya For the bnlk of 4 0 hsrrela freight, or postage, at low rates, apply on board, at pier No.9. E R? or to E. B. SUTTON, 119 Wall st., cor. South, up stair* or JOUR OOuEN. IK Wall street. The Samcset Icings very test sri cr passengers may caloulate on reaching the Colo Regions In lfOdaya SAN FRANCISCO, PER SHIP LOO CUOO -?I7? WILL BE taken for n Ssoond nbin tioket. single berth, found, beddl >g and all. Ccstpiioe $'75,In the ship Loo Choo, to sail March 12 Awn * taT. H MCllOtlMlsKKR k Co B'eoult Baker*. 3 9 Fulton street. CBAGRIS AND PANAMA.?TBI NATIONAL POLICE (Jazette of to morrow, Kill contain a moat interesting letter tram Ma nchi Fallon, recently of thla city, dated at Panama, KM nit., giving a nut grnpt le, accurate, and detailed aeocaot of the manner of travel from Chngiee to Fanamn; the expiate* of the moe. with a description of the chigrei rlter. the road frtm Crooee to Panama and of Panama Itoelf, no., fto. Thli latter akoiild be r?ad bj every one golrg to California or otherirlae. Office 1H8 Namn itreet. F.r tale evary where. T~~ O CALIFOBNIANS?WITH AN IXPIIIMNCB OF It year* in preparing ttorea for ahlpt and paetengera, tke anb act bar confidently effort kit tarrieet to penona intending to make the voiage to California. At hiaatore may be bad eatlmatea for proTiaioat of every description, for any number ot peraona. from 1 month to I rear*. All ttorea will be put up in am table pwkagee to crctt the lethmat, or for the longer < nate, and ?ill b* war raaied to keep. A. KENr*, 118 Wail at, N. York. TB8T CBB8TI?OF bUPERlOR QUALITY, CONTAINING all ti e tare ohemioalt and appaiatut l< r totting gold, ailver. platina, quicksilver, tnlphnrat of iron, apel'er aoldor and aduU torattd gold bare, together with tralea and accurato Troy weigh la for wrigl lng gold, and a look of ioatruotionafor tietiag geld and collecting it with quicksilver. written in a pla n tlyle tot thoae etitlnl? nnacqnalntfd wita obemfetry For aale by tba anthor, REWARD N.KBNT, Practloal Cbemitt, 116 John street, near Pearl. _ PA WARE TIOUT FROM PANAMA TO PAN^IUNcTBCO tor aale. A gentleman having a forward oabm passage ticket Ir-m Panama to 8an FrancUeo.Tn the firat mall steamer, will diaprae of it. Inqnlre of H.M.LEE. ltd Maiden Lane.

FOR CALIFORNIA.?DUTl IIBBS COUNTY MIS*. FAMILY and prima Mem Fork, packed and onrod expre.nlr to. long voyages; Smoked Bank, Shoulders, Baoon and Beef, Bntt r Cheese, and Lard, Bean'. Peaa kiln dried Flour, and Meal, Riot, Sugars, Coffee, Tenet A a. for Mid, at the lowest ratot, by CLARK, rlsR. A 00. Ili Fiiitoa itreet. FOR SAN FRANCI4CO?#TH OF MABJB.-TilR SUB ttontisl and fatttailrg bark CLYDB, WU tent burthen. Cap! Owe B. Remrton, It now loading at Pier Net, 6. North Biver, and will tail aa above. The 01)do It fitted with atAteroomi ef extra ite, in a tptciont and carefully ventilated rained, au effort aeromodatii a* for pameageri of the vert ftrat order, Wily eqnal to those of anyveeeel which hea tailed for the above pert A full Inspection ef the vernal la pa- tionlarly requested, from shook who are about to rmbark for California The i rloe ef paeaage ft about one third the rate ef the overland and Iithmaa routes, and secures a oonvayanee free from the uncertainty In point of tfmw and the danger to health and property, with which all rash routes are nnavoidably attended. The vessel will be consigned to Keen*. WARD A SM1TB. for several year* established at San Francisco, who will give all needed InformntieB and aaaimaao* to nm ten gore. A phtefetaa will go ont in the Teasel. For freight or passage, apply onboard, at Pier No B. North River, or to * H. BOLPREQB, Jr.. 9.1 Wall .tract. P1BT0L B I LTB FOR CALIFORNIA. AT RBDUCRB Prtoea,? The tub. or! bar has en hand, and it constantly I aufeetaring all binds ef Hatol Belts, Hultter*. Igawaikg Erffo bantAa.On SNnge, Bnllet Ponokea, *? , As , tsai be in rnlMsg at reduesd prices. Companies and dealers la the above at tie mm, aupplied en At meet Pbemi terms. Aim tar (ides A In isnnlffnar naada AJKUCtJbMjEMVfr. D ROADWAY THEATRE.-E. A. MARSHALL. PBOPRI* tar?Wedneeday Byaalnft. February will be pyrfoemtd tb drained DON C.fcZAK DE HASAN-Charloa the Seoend. Mi Meoihoupe; Dob Joee, Mr. Pop*; Don Cieur ce Btaan. Mr MtHfBBB, Mita r. Railark After whion THE MUX ST "aTOH?libBrrB. Mr. Pop : Plana, Mr. Vaeho; li ta nc Dnval, Mr. Moorhoute: Jaoquut C'Mioot, Mr. Barnard; \d Mr. Maitkewi; Muelta, Miaa Tolbin. To conclude m.b b^ASllEH AND CRASHE*?SlBnhar. Mr Hadtway; Slowherd, Mr. ? "h*; Craahar, Mr K. 8h?w; Bona. Miaa dona Tetbin. Iiuri-.a he even.'o* tie MamTINEITI FA MILT will apeaar. Drag* f'lrolo and .Mqeetw, Mloenta; Family Circle. Jd aaatai Gallery, 1>K oeata DaertopaM >aR-paat t; eotnmenoe at 7. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS 8T ? vr<DNK-DAY Evening, February 3, the eoieruunoiente will eonrmwa with tba aew comedy of 1 MR FAST MAN?Skyrocket Ned, Mr. Bronaham; Mr. Dufthea. Mr. Lrnna; Triety, Mr. Hamilton; sky Inrk, Mr Jobnat"D; Mr. Brereton. Nr. MortiTar, Lurcher. Mr. Mean; Brap'em Mr. Rra; Soiree, Mr Panloc; Uob. Mr. Cbria tiaa: Peatman, Mr llurlcy; Peteejr, MtaaChapman. Toooiolada witliTBE KINO OF TUB PBAUOCSd -Artua. Mr. K. Warlaa, Foe la le-lte. Mr. Raa; 80)01 Tranqullle, Mr. Mover; O.Dout Know-aho. Mr Drauabnm; Fla-ianl, Mrr. Brouaham: Printx-aa Roretta, Miaa Chapman. Drcaa Circle aad Parquntte AOa.; Family P'rrla. the. Doora open at I Id eurtain rliee at 7 Mitch all's Olympic thbatkb? weom-dat eve bine. Fab. 28, to ocnimeiioe with HCE A.?D t RY?Lit Bap 8a*o Mr. D. Marble; Coloael Camphor. Mr. o. irk; Perolra1, Mr. Reynolda; Mr. Mariraduka Maaaikia. Mr Co n van Caroln a. M an Robaria; Louiaa Miaa Niobiueon. After w it 1 the fire) of ?'CM JBDIDAll-Curtia Chunk, Mr. D. Marble; t ri tainChuuk, Mr. iivary; Douglaa Double, Mr. Arnold; Rloln r.Mr Uirmtt; kiea Fanny Magna). Mips Mary (U<noa;Jel< 11 Pratt. Miaa Clarke. To onucludq with TUB KINO OF T i PEACOCKS Argils, sue* Clark i riorltel, Mlrs Phillips; Pen ie Jes?amy, Mr. levete. Dress Circle .Vo ; Cppel Bom Mo.; J >tl2Xo. Doers pro at 7; conim??o*?l 7K BARMJMS AMERICAN MD8KUM.-P. 1 BARNUH. MAuarer and Proprietor; i. G eenwood. Jr., Assistant Manager, '.olri did porfownsunes in the afternoon at 3. and in the craning at 7K o'clock. Four days longer ot the Quaker Giant and Qieaten. 1 hey are the largest pcrr-?aa in the world. The Giantess is 21 yesrs of age. stands nrarlyeiahtfeet high, and weight 337 pound*. 1 he Giant stand* plump eight feetin h stockings and weighs fi?H pounds. They mar be * en at all hour*, with Titenia, the Faiiy Queen. Groat Wertern appears in two pieces every after oou and evening. Last week of the Sable Brothers. Also on?sged, MraJorris, Mrs Mnnell Mrs Avert 1. Pete Morris. Mr. dispmsn, bo. bo. Admission 35 cants; children under Id year* hall price. N'Tick to Piaaoirs or Cni,on.?In or'or to afford rospeeta. ble Colored rerstes an opportunity to witnem the ex'ranrdinnry attraction! at prreoat exhibited at the Musonm. the Ma> arer has determined to admit tn e olaea ?( people on Thursday morning next, March Int. from K A. M till I P. M. Special performances in the I eotnre Room at 11 o'o ork Admission ssuiual. 11* GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM, 53? B BO All WAT, BE. tweeii Spring and Prince streets, and the only one In thia country oonbate of n great number of life Bias tigurea of Chtnosa, sf nil olaesee, several hundred Chinese paintings, apartments In bowses; stares and rnereis, msdols or pagodas, lemplos and bridges, specimens sf Chinese mannfeaturns, their agrtooltarnl and meehanloal implements, instruments of moaio, lanterns, bo. bo. Open (rem nine A.M. till 111 PM. dally. Admittance, 28 oents: r"biM??a nerier twelve. half.prioe WALLUaLLA, No. 3t> v.AMAI, SIKVEr, NEAK UKUAD?ay, open every tvonlng, at 7. and Wedaetday aud Saturday afternoon at 3 o'o'ock, with a oomptny of female artists Ethiopian eereaadora. and a troops of mn< el artists, who appear in a variety of select and ohoice entertainments. Admission, Orehea tra Boxes. 37H cents; Psr-iuete, 76 cents. VALIPUUNIA FOR CALIFORNIA.?T11E 2i> DIVISION OF THE CARSON Aarocia'ion Is now formivg, and will matt thia evening, IVb'y. 3K. at 7H o'clock, at Amerioan Ball Committee Room, Broadway, ooruerof Grand street. We go by voted to tialveiton ?ti onto by steamboat to San Felipe, on tho Brsios?thonco overland, via Austin, EI Pasn, the Hto Gila. aae tan Joac|iiin. Entire exponto of U.urney, two mulee and three runitlis' surplus provieiona. per man?(IT The diiil-i will be of great value to load Imm dry etroara pita to tho waehirga. Start Mtroh lithw hole Journey NO daya-then lit lor mining- ready at my time after fur or paditioaa lor rC iviaiem, now looatlona, ho Full ptrtioulnra given by D NuU'lli. Jr. I Front atroet, Proudest. For ban francis.o, california.?the sacramento Mining and Aaaaying Asanoiatlon will hrld an ailjourn ed meeting at Kui oa'l'a Hotel, iSl Fulton atraot, Thia Evenlsg, at 8 o'clock. Three eharua remain una dd; one alivre will bo diapoied of to an experienced f tiyaioian, and one ahare to a Mi p iiuperter. By enter. t? H. BRUOE. Proaident. SHIP NOTICE.?ALL T1I08E MEMBERS OF TBR NKVF Turk end Califoruia Mutual Benefit Aaeoclation, who have not paid up their now aeeeeemeut of (2ft by Friday evening next, y ill forfeit al> right ard title to anlp SALEM and cargo, Iko. By order of the Btard of Direotcri. J03N R. DODOS, Chairman. N. B.?Ten more additional aharca for aale. Apply te the boat d. OVERLAND ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA.-TIIE IINICKEKbocker Mining und Trading Aaaociathn will hold their ueetirga at the Northern Exchange Botel. B'oeclter street, oa W ednesday and Friday evenirga ef thia weot, at liulf-put seven o'clock prvv eely. The mention an requeued to be puaotaaL Al< poisons wist irg to Join are Invited. IjtOR CALIFORNIA.--FOR SALE, IIQUT SUAKES IN THE Call omi* Mutual honetit Aeeooiatlon. Apply thia evening, to the Prea'dcwt of the Association, at the meeting to bo held at Dunning'e Hot-1 corner Ceurt'aadt a id Washington str-eta. CALIFORNIA.?SINGER'S PATENT DRILLING Ma hine. for mh ing purpoeoa Houaei of Iron or wood, galvanic d iron and copper Boa's, Gold Wishers of various pit tens, deep water Shovels, t coking Apparatus. Quicksilver Kotorta, ho. Maxufaotured and far (alo by 1BEPARP k Com ?2 Water atreet. CALIFORNIA DAGUERREOTYPES.-PERSONS ABOUT to vioit California, and deairona ta leave their likeneaaea with their friends, would da well to oall at Brady's, Noa. 2 4 and 207 Broadway, where, by reaoon of reeent itnprovcmenta and additiona to bu eatabliahment, taithiol and true likeaaaaoamay ha eViawei* at tfe Iorfegf notice. LvjJAKTB? NORTH AND SOUTH PACIFI3, AN?3fftAir8 2 ol Magellan, Juel rtoeived, by tho Enrnpa. JUUI _____ D. E'iUERT A SOW, 238 Pearl itml CO ARTS OF C ALI rORNlA.?BLISS A WO CREIOHTON offer f r rale a complete a*sorimo t of North and South Pscitio Cherts. including ti n porta of San Francisco, Monterey, lie . on a largo male, of the latent enrveye; eleo tho largceS .took ot Chronometers in the country,all of akioh will he a Id on the molt liberal termi. BLISS Ik CREI JilTON, No.42 Fulton itreet, 2d store from Pearl. SPKilAL NUTILK8. PATBBSON OAS LIGHT CO.-NOTICE IS UERRBY given, thet tl e annual election ef Direetors of the " pater ion Una Light Company," will be held at the office of the Com panv. in Jersey itreet. in the town of Patterson, on Monday, the twelfth day of March i est, ensuing. 3he Pol will open at 1Uo'oh.ok. A.M., and olose at 12 o'clock, M. By order of tbo President and Directors II. D. 8TXEVIR, Secretary. Petersen, N J? February 27.1S?9. GtOVQX BAKE", A NATIVE Or CIIERHY VaLLEY, Otsego county, N. Y., died February 18; any of bis Trends ean lied bis wile, Margaret Raker, at 122 Mwtt strait, New York NOllCt-TbX SUBSCRIBERS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of their intention to apply to the Legislature of the State of New York during the present lessioa thereof, for aa set to incorporate themselves and their associates, nnder the corporate name of The International Art Union," for tho purpose or promoting sad intending the testa for the line arts throug out the United States. Nsw York, Feb. 2U, 1S19. ADDLPUE QOUI'lL, THEODORE VIRERT. ALFrtEO MAINOUR!1, WILLIAM SCHAUd. NEW YORK. FEB-DART 26, 1848.-EMIGRANTS AND nthers having Inggate left at my hnnee, corner of Liberty and Washington street#,sre rei|nes<ed to have it runived within thirty dayafrom date, or it will be sold immediately afterwarde at public seotioo, to oover expenses and t? enable me to enlarge my bui'ding.'. HENRY BlRK. of namhanher Sohlosa NOTIJE TO THE HEIRS AND I EG A L KBPRBSINfA tives of ihe captors of ths frigate PblladepMs.?All persous interested as heirs and legal represent*tivos of the otBem and crew < i the U. S. Ketch Intrepid, who were engage! In the re. captuie of the frigate Philadelphia, In the harbor of Tripoli, on the 16th of February, I8U4, art requested to preeent their olaims, with proper vouohers of identi onion to the undersigned, who is in possession of ths rolla, and preparod to give ail neoeasary inlormatioa upon the subject. CU AS. DB SELDING, No. 11 Todd's Building, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D. C. Notice-all persons bavino claims aoainst the ship Salem, f. ot of Roosevelt street, pluses present them to the Treasurer, on board, forthwith, as the vessel sails Thar* ili-. N. B. Ten additional shares f#r rale. Prtoe MO. NEW YORK AND barlek railroad?annual CvOmntaticn.? On end after ilth of March next, annual ccmn station tioketa will bj told at the offloe of the Company, No. 2 Ranorer atreet, to reildente on the line of the road, at the lollowtng rates,?To and fr. in New York and Harlem, $.15 per annua; Merriennia, $37; Fordham, $4(h William's Bridge, $45; White Plaint, $t6; Pleesaatrilla, $70. Tickets not transferable under any circumstances. and to be uaed onlr in the traina and by the parson named in tbe receipt which will be gtr<in for the payment ol the commutation rate. The use el tee time by any othtr person being, by the terma of the commutation, a release of the oompany from their engagement*. Commutera will show their ticket* to the Conduotoia In the aame manner at other paaaengera. M. SLOAT, Superintendent. CAUTION.?THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST ? oso tinting a note signed John H. Righy, payable to the ord'r of O. Waal iigton tine, and endotaod by A. C Tattle, dated February 6,1849, for $126 12, payable three monthe after da'e, a* the aw e war obtained under false representations. and will not be peid by mo at maturity, harieg receired no consider ation for the same. JOHN H. RJuBY, fit) (Jhatbam at TO TAILORS,?TBE SPRING REPORT OF FASHIONS ? Gentlemen:?I bare issued my Hprlag Report of Fashions: I told you It ebonld be su ern.r to all othsra; It Is >?. But. aa I liars recently entered this Held cf enterprise, and am a stranger to th? trade in general, I do not tak yon to beliora my assertion, unmstained by endorsee; and therefore aak you all to do me the taror to examine and oompare Von will pewelTe that my put* la the only nn? which offia yon anything original ?r deterring of notice?that it lain fact tha only ''Amerioan Plate," whioh ahall alwajt ha ita diatii (uiahing featara; and bowavar anporior it ia thia Spring. I will try to make it battar In tha Fall; and aa it ia afforded to yon for only one dollar, with Report and pattern aheeta, it ia oertalr ly an objeet to aava flfty oenta and get the beat artioia. Write tha addreaa ia fnR, and pay your pontage. Raepeotfully, A. WLEELBR, Reporter, d Cortlandt at, N. York. rOH IALH, For salt.?a grocery store and fixiurrs, in a flrttrate stand, and doing aa exoell?nt oaah buamaaa, aitnv ted In o?e of the beat looationain tha I7ih ward; alio, a horaa and wagon. Be haa tha aaia of one artioia whioh papa mora than the rant: heladeeirinr of lotting it immediately, aa he intend* to leave the cl??. Apply of CROMWELL T. WHITE, 1IU Riritg on oornor or Clinton atreet. Wholesale and retail drijostorb for saleIt ia aituatcd below the Park, in tha bnainaaa part of tha town, and la paying a profit of SPik) per year; no better location ont at Broadway for retailing, and tha atora la oapaklo of doing n whnl<u?ja toakieaa to any extent, aeoording to napital inraatad. Iheiraalaa of patent medictnea alone pay morn than aipanaaa. MOO oan be made from now till Nay I, alona. Prioa $ INJU ? $IUUO of which mnat be oaah. Addreaa boa 673 Poat Oflloe. OL'NTRY^IAT FOB BALE. SITUATED AT S0UT5 An,bay, on tha bank# ?f *"a Ruitaq rirar. about three qnartcra of a mile off tha depot ot tha Camden 4?d Amboy Itaii road and within one and a half or two houre tail of N >* York. Tha titrate la in larfeat or tar, turromded and et aded by old lortattMd'A and on an aminenoe (roip which there ia a beautiful andretreitenelveriew t f ioa ooaah, And rlref The ant. t outre kitchen, Ida honea, ha. ho., a,a aaw and aoinfata. There leagraTelly heaoh and aalt water boding within Off aainil'dl walk. The purahaaer may hare Jo, SO or 10 aeraa of land Highly n anured, and laid ont la lawn and dotted with groups of roe foreet treat, with axtanaira Rawtr and rage table garde In the eprlng. eumnier, and fall, a paraon hariag bnainaaa In New York or Philadelphia n ay be in either eity Ira half paat 0 ar 10 e'alook in the morning, and at home again by 3, 4, or 0 o'olook ia tha afternoon. The aitnation la ore oi iha baalthieat in tha State, old i ha honM (with the addition of aoonple of winga) would be wall oaloulatod for tha accommodation of rack aa aaak a retreat for the cummer, at anah ad iotaaoe aa net to interfere with their daily boainaM in the olty. For further Information, apply to JOHN C. STEVENS, ooroar of Collage Plaoa aod Murray atreet. A DOUBLE BEDIUM PRESS FOR BALE, WITH IRON cylinder for rati are, ia Ant rata order. Apply at Mm deak, la ti.i* omea. TO MERCHANT TArLOBS?FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND Flatntaaof a Marehant Tailoring and Randy Made Clothing RetaMtabmant. No. 29) Qreenwioh, aornar el Roblaaea atreet, tear tha Waahlaton Market. A renoa wiMtlag to engage la the bmdneaa, tka laaaMon la aa anaellant ana, aad oaaaotbe antpaaaed. Far further parMcnlara, Inqnlra at tha atora. I IHTELLIG?IICEJ|TJ|,Me MAILS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. Movements of the flew AdmniSk'?,atJoii. dt*. AC. dw< Washington, Feb 25, 184S. The Cabinet. The work goes on very deliberately. It la suppoaed the cabinet will not be disclosed till the close ol the session, bo as that the appointments may not excite the jealousies of members, and mar the public business. Gen. Taylor kept within doors pretiy much to-day, resting Irom the fatigues of tits journey. A number of hiN friends, however, were ndmittrd to see hint confidentially. The hotel h is been filled below ull day, with the quid nunrs and the diJettanti, discussing conjectures, making guesses, and debating them. The cabinet remains in itatu f/un. Col. Webb must go to .Berlin. Chas. King must have the New York Post Office, if possible Mr Munroe, of the Baltim*ie Patriot, must hsve the Post Office of that city, if Mr. Buchanan will agree to it. The work of arranging the offices l?..-i.. -i.i l /\ur/ .-i::- i io pi'iug on uiavriy, nuriviiigii uiu /jaL'K is entirely in iguorance ot the business. There is a might/ good time coming. W. Washington, Feb. 26, 18i9. Matter% and Things. Rumors thick as blackberries (when in so&son) continue to multiply as to the perionnel of the next administration; but we imagine very little confidence can be placed in any of them. It ia possible General Taylor has selected his cabinet; but, if he has, no |ierson but those immediately interested knows anything ot the matter. To-day rumor has it that Binney, of Pennsylvania, or Rives, ot Virginia, will be Secretary of the Treu- I sury; Crawford, ot Georgia, Secretary of the Navy; Abbott Lawrence, of Mass , Secretary of ' War; lieverdy Johnson or Bailn-Peyton, Attorney J General; and Truman Smith lor Postmaster General. Thie, however, gives the West nothing; and t we are inclined to think the appointments will i look mainly to geographical position. The West t will get a department, but which department your I deponent saith not. The great trouble in arriving I at any satisfactory guess in the matter arises from 1 the tact that there is such a redundancy of good * men and true to select from, that scarcely have J you selected one. before another, with superior c claims, rises up, like Banquo's ghost, before you. < A little patience, however, will solve the mystery; a and, as there is no other way ot elacidating it, we > muBt, perforce, submit to fate. i General Taylor has, as yet, held no public re- 1 ception here. J Mr. Polk gives hi9 last levee on Wednesday ' evening, we understand. It will, no doubt, be crowded; for, whatever political differences may c exist, there is no one here who, socially, does not ? part with Mr. and Mrs Polk with regret. o The piesent session of Congress will be brought 1 to a close much after the fashion of the last, with | \ hub rxcrpiiuu? mar, wnereas iasi session, tne " fierce debate of the concluding week ended in the ^ passage ol the Oregon bill, the concluding week t of this session will end with the rejection of the 0 California measure. There never was a time t when the power of superior minds was made so p evident, ns in the debate which is now going on. ?i Through the sublime oratory of the " god-like * Daniel," and the terse and searching eloquence ? of the great N nil die r, the apparently simple ques- i lion ol extending a government to California and j New Mexico hasussumed such a complex and tail- ( gled appearance, that common minds are com- i pb tely bewildered ; and the only apparent remedy I for the difficulty is, to let the matter alone, trusting to General Smith's energy and construction of the constitution, to keep matters straight. B. Wabiiinuton, Feb. 20,181?. The General Land Office. If little is known regarding the members of General Taylor's cabinet, still less has speculation to hang a rumor on as to heads of bureaus. A very general impression, however, prevails, that proscription, in its most offensive phase, will not be the order of the day. in other words, no one will be removed who has^conducted the business | of his office in such a way as to give general or j universal 6atislHction. In this view ol the case, the present C< mmissioDer of the General Land \ Office, it is believed* Will remain, lie has con- 1 ducti <1 the business under his charge so admirably, I as to enjoy the praise ol all parties. Th-re is not & a nu mber of Congress who will not bear willing . testimony, that during Judge Young's term ot c office, every call made upon nim has been promptly p answered?thus presenting a marked difference to p I some other bureaus. Judge Young, from his legal n knowledge, is also admirably calculated tor the office he now holda ; and, aa a proof ot this, I m?.y mention that the Secretary of the Treasury has never had occasion to reverse a single decision made by him ; a lact which can be better appreciated when it is remembered that he has to decide numbers of cases every day, involving the nicest points of law relating to land titles. I have heard it said that there is so much patronage connected with the Commissioner's office,that it must be given to some strong politician. This is all nonsense. The Commissioner of the General Land Office possesses, it anything, less patronage than any other head of bureau under the government. The Kegisters and Receivers are appointed by the Presidest; so are the three chief clerks, the Recorder, the draftsmen, and even the assistant draftsmen : thus leaving the Commissioner merely the appointment of the subordinate clerks, and in their selection it is well known Judge Young has made no distinction as to politics. Takirg all these matters into consideration, and also the olt-repeated declaration of the President elect, that he intended to conduct the government after the manner of the earlier Presidents?that is, select his officers witli reference to their ability, intecrny, Htid moral worth?the friends of Judge Young, whigs and democrats, hope and believe ne will be retained. O. Washington, Pa , Feb. 23,18-49. An Hour't Conversation mth Gen. Tuylnr.? 77ie Aew Secretary of th^Treasury.?Singular I Kmeute between two CUcmelt, fc., ij-c., tfc. | This place, in the heart oi the coal and iron region, is the residence ot Mr. McKennon, whose numx has been mentioned in connection with the Treasury department, under the incoming administration. In this place, at the houpe of Mr. McKennon, 1 an houi's private and confidential conversation was had between Gen. Taylor and Mr. McKennon, who was, probably, more instrumental than any other man then in Congress in framing and passing the protective tariff system of 18-12. The substance and amount of this private conversation cannot be positively known, though it may be shrewdly surmised. Gov. Johnston, of Pennsylvania, despatched his Attorney General, Mr. Darrugh, well posted up with his opinions, sentiments, and prejudices, to confer with Gen. Taylor, at 1 Wheeling. Unfortunately, an accident overtook the Attorney General upon his arrival at Wheeling, and Gen. Taylor passed through without kaviwr an interview with the authorized and confidential agent of the present Governor of Pennsylvania. It was gathered, however, from casual conver- j sations, that Gov. Johnston would approve the < selection of Horace Binney or Mr. McKennon for I the Tieasury department, as either one of them could suflicienily satisfy and gratify " the coal and iron interests" of the "old commonwealth." We have heard of a variety of mishaps to old ' "Bony Visty" on his route to Washington. At Madison, Indians, be had a severe fall, and it was thought for a time that he had been seriously damaged. At Cincinnati, he was so extensively hustled that one of his nether limbs came in con- | tact with a red hot stove, and, consequently, he was burned. Very few of the anxious friends surrounding him were aware of the circumstance. At this place, an tmeute happened between the " Colonel," Irom New Yoik, belonging to General Tay?1... onst tl... i.uiidn, r',Vl,.oui m,?..h.ii ;.r the Ohio volunteers. Colonel Mitchell is a favor- ; ite with " Old Zack," lor he has aeen him under lire, nnd knows him. Hsnce the course of the New Y''#rk Colonel must have worried the General, it he had heard ot it. It appears that the coach containing General Taylor and the ladies ol the party waa about to start, and Colonel Mitchell was making motions to take & seat therein?probably by the invitation ot General Ta> lor?when the "Colonel," Irom New York, simply inquired by what authority he was proceeding? ColoneJ Muchv" f'lf1reuPon Saluted the " Colonel,from New Yotk, by a side-winding manipulation somewhere unon the facial organs Colonel Mitchell took his place in the coach; and, as these men of war went on together, we are momentarily in expectation of receiving a telegraphic despntch from Blarfenaburg, that somebody has had justice done in the premises. The travel, east and west, through this place, ever the national road, is now very " numerous." Vft hear mnuy complaints from passengers, especially over that part of the route through Ohio. But what can be expected from a State that has recently abrogated all distinctions between the negro and the white man, by repealing what they call " the black laws," and driving from out the limits of the State the emancipated slaves of John Randolph 1 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is speedily to be extended to the Ohio River. Orskrvir. The Cabinet. The cabinet will not b? officially announced until Tuesday, the Bth March, unites General Taylor ehould eonelder it expedient, In the meantime, to alter his y?WTWwrraa?|?U UWWMWMnWKMMWMWWiaWWMWWMMfc TH1HTIKTH COHURB8I. UCOND 8KMION. IMPORTANT PROCEEDINGS. Senate. ? . .. WtiMiaoTOa, feb. M, 1819 R?l?f MU?n Ht It Heavy lowering moraine lit. Walee, Senator Irom Delaware, elected to Oil tne vaoeaojf oocaeloned by tbe aooeptenoe by Mr. Ciaytoa of a plaoo in General Taylor'e oabinet, look hieeeal tote v*ioralng. Mr. Walee i?, of ooaree, a whig. Qaite a thK>DS trangere in the galieriee. Several of Oeo. Taylo,r i eulte on the floor below. ? ? ? e oiTit awn i>iri.ot*ATio ut'-t., with the ceLiroiivie AMCNt^MlNTI. After the dlepoefli of a mu'0?Uflneoue peroel of morning buelneea, ^ A . On motion of Mr. Athk?toiv Senate took up the bill if elril and diplomatic appropriation*, with the amendments pending, among whiob are? 1. The amendment of Mr. Walker',- providing, under tbo disoretion of the President, to ax '' and tha revenue laws, tba navigation laws, the Indian Jaws, with all ot^f general lawa of tba United States, a'? far a* appll?! ? ?\'r th* territory of California and Vba territory of New Mexico ? 3 The amendment of Mr. Webater, antbcwialng tha I resident to hold the new territoriea in oo oiapetiei^ and to continue the existing lawa In foroa t?'U superfittdud bj aot of Congrosii. 3. The amendment or Mr. Deyton, giving the * temporary authority to the rtesldent over onr new territoriea as was oonceded In the oases of Ltuli^saa and Florida, butore the formatkea for them of a re* ulaa territorial government. The bill and amendment* having been taken up, Mr. Douoi.ats submitted ,that aait was more tia'aertaut to aet (ban to speak, at this stage of the session, be should omit any remarks upon this important question of governments for the new territories which he might otherwise be disposed to make, and be asosrdingly sat down. Mr. Ditton modified hi* amendment,so as to provid* ' That until other provision for ths government of tha territories recently acquired from Mexico, under the late treaty with that government (dated 'id February, ItSdH) shall be made by Congress, all the military, jivil, and judlolal powers heretofore exerolsed by the ifflcers of she Mexican government in the same terriories, shall be vested in such person or persons, and ball bH exerolsed inauob manner, as the President of be United States shall direct, for maintaining the lnlabitanta of said territories In the tree enjoym>nt of heir liberty, property, and religion; and the laws of ths Totted Stales relating to the ievenne, and its cohesion, shall be extended to said territories. Aod thi 'resident of the United States shall be,and be is hereby luihirlsed within the term aforesaid,to establish suoh listrlcte tor the oolleotion of the revenue, and during he reoses of Congress appoint suob ollieere, whose onimifsiODs shall expire at the end of the next seasioa >f Congress, to enforce the said laws, as to him shall eem expedient, said oflioers to reoelve suob oompeisetion as the President may prescribe, not exoesdiag louble the compensation heretofore paid to similar ffloers of the United States, or its territories, for ilxa ervioe; and to enable the same to be dona, the eura of wo hundred dollars be appropriated out of any money n the treasury, not otherwise appropriated." Mr. Downs rose to submit a few remarks upon oat itber constitutional point, and he hop?d the Seoata roald indulge him, notwithstanding the lmportsaaa f aotion upon the business awaiting the nation af the lenata. Mr. Downs accordingly took Mr. Webster to ask, ifer the position, tor wnloh the Senator from laseaohusetts contended on Saturday last, tewit:? 'bat the constitution of the United States does not xtcnd over the territories-that it lea oompaot beween the Mates, and applies to them, and that tka nly olause of the constitution which applies to the territories, la that which oonfers upon Congress tha ower " to make all needful rules aud regulations repeoting the territory of the United States " That Ik muld be inconsistent and incongruous, that the contnuilon should extend over the territories; for that, if t does, any aot of Congress, providing temporary reguattone for the territories, is an aot of supererogation, dr. Downs said that he should maintain the opposite (round, to wit .?That on tbe aoitutsltion of the territories in question, the constitution of the United States extended Itself over them?that Congress cannot assume any authority over the territories anEerlor to the authority of the constitution, and that enoe the supreme law of tbe constitution must exist over me territories in arguing tns converse af this proposition, the Senator from Massachusetts bU changed the whole ground of the North a* pleaded at the last session Then they contended that the constitution did not oarry slavery into a territory; nor they contend that to admit tbe constitution, they admit, perhaps, the institution of slavery, and hence wa find them persisting in the position that tbe oonstltnHon does not extend to the territories. Mr. Downs briefly argued out his proposition from tbe authorities of history, that tbe constitution does extend over the territories; thet it Is competent to admit the new territories a* Slates, and that Caliiorma must and will, perhaps, within a year, be admitted as a State into the Union. It appears that Mr. Bell was not exaotly satisfied vith the commentaries npon his speeob of last week >y Mr. Berrien, reepeoting the exclusive power of Contra to create a State, and so, after the remarks of Is. Downs to-day. Mr. Ben. rose, in exposition of the true meaning of 1* argument of last week, and in answer to tbe orltlIstna of Mr. llerrien and of vlr. Dayton upon the suposed assumptions of Mr Bell that (Jongrers alone has ower to create a State. Mr. Bell contended thet he ad taken no euoh unqualified position. His positions rere. that Congress may create a State without adrnltIsg It at once into the Union; that the people of the errilory may erect themselves Into a S ate, bit that longress alone can oreale a State of this Union; for n Itate, until admitted, Is not a State of the U oion. and lan only be admitted by aot of Congress. Mr Bed sampled nearly an hour in explanation of his argumen est week, against the consti uotious of the Senator torn Georgia. Mr. Bkshieiv, In reply, disclaimed the slightest tnten:icn ef misapplying tbe argument, or of misrepresent ng me remarks of tne Senator trorn reunessee; bat tie would not bow occupy the remnant of time of the >eision remaining. in aoy lengthened reply. With regard to the amendment of Mr. Dayton, Mr. Berrien, open reflection, thought it was not exaotly consistent with the constitution of the United States ; and if it Is presented, that the amendment only extends to tha extent of the precedents in the cases of Louisiana and hiorlda; still, he would say that tnts is loose legislation, *- larre honored in the breaoh than in the observance " With rerpect to the contested point between Mr. Websternnd Mr Calhoun. Mr Berrien contended substantially, that the constitution does and does not extend to the territories?that as an entirety, as a totality, it does not extend to the territories ; but that In certain general implied, or derived, or express provisions, It does and must sxtsnd over tbs territories. Mr. Berrien, after pleading this position nt treat length, objected to the anieodmentof the Senator torn New Jersey, became it does not declare that thn (-institution is extended as a panopy for tha protea;ion of the righto of the people over the territory. Mr. Day Ton thought that no legialnttve aot would bo necessary to extend the constitution over tha tarritory cf tha United States, if, of itself, it Is extended over aueh territory Mr. Ko?tk was understood to say that in the amendment which be had offered, modified late the amendment of the Senator from Wisconsin, the application of the oonatitution to the territories in express terms was omitted because of the different views of Senators as to its operation. Mr. Dattow. in reply to Mr Ball, melntataed that nis argumeDi usa doi oeen mmunuermouci 10 ia? dimbi which the Senator frem Tenersee would Mem to ?nppot*, because It would be ab<utd to Imagine thet the Senator from Tennxeaee would have oooupted a whole da; In proving that Congrera alone haa the power to admit a State Into the Union. Mr. Bsll. aaid that hie apeeoh waa not accurately repotted?that hit argument waa mutilated and miaapprehended by the reporters- that it waeimpoatible they could have reported him accurately, on acoount of the neeeaaity of putting their reporte in print the next morning. They had not the time to do it; nor had he revised the reporters' notes. lie would atk the Senator from Georgia if he bad not revised his own remarks. Mr. Bik ikk said he cartelnlv did. Mr. Bcll. thought that aa printed they bore the evidence upon them of a careful revision. Mr. BiaaiK* aaid the proofs had been plaoed in hid banda at a late hour at night, and that ha had very hastily looked them over. Mr- Bull said this admission was all hs wanted. His remarks had not been revUed; nnd the mleander tending of the reporter* and of Senator*, readered the explanations which ha had mads neeessary to ant bimevlf right. Mr. Usuhwood argued that tha conetitution of Itaelf extended over the territorial of th? United St a tee, and referred to soma point of Mr. Wrbater'e irgaaMl of Saturday, which ha detired to anewer. Mr. WxBiTea explained, that tha Congreea ware inklenient to the oonititution In their regulation! for the tarTltoriee?that tha oonitttation applied to tha governing power of Coogreea not to the territory Iteelf. Mr UinriwooD would aek what would be the effeet of an aot of Congreie prohibiting in the tatritory tha repoalng of any official truat to any perion profaning tha Catholio religion? Mr. Web?ter?That would be a violation el tha oonititution, which deelerei that Congreae ehali pane no act for the eetabllahment of a religion. Mr. Underwood (aid that wee all toe oonoeeeloo that he deelred It proved tha axictenoa of tha oonititution even in the territorial. Moreover, an oath wan required by all offlcere of the government, to euppart the conetitution, offlcere of territoriee, ai weU ae of State* Mr. Weriter laid that thle oath waa bat eabsidlarf to tba notion of the government, on the appointment of the officer! of the territories that the oonititution follow; d the notion of the government Mr. Underwood argued that thle limitation wae tee reetricted. The oonititution exieta apart from tha action of tha government; it axleti over tha territorial. ReepectlDg the action of CongriM for the territorial, he appealed that the people of the territoriee be left to decide upon the queetion of ilavery for themeetvea, ai the only plaoe for tha adjustment of thli difficult and agitatlve queetion. ? * . a a a ? Mr. Weritei ? Mr Preeldent. tha honorable member from South Carolina, who haejuit taken hie eeat, raye that he U prepared to lay boldly that the Northern State* have not obeervad but have broken the eompremiaea of tba conetitution. Mr Butlbb?(in hie eeat.)?I iald it: Mr Wkbiter?Vee, Mr. Preiident, ho eoid to. ft la no doty of mlno to toko op a glove that le thrown to tho wholo world ; It la no doty of mine to noeept n general ebaUaage. Bat if the honorable member ehali e?e lit to be eo obliging ae to Inform tba Senate in my hearing, on what oooa*tona the State whom repreeentatlve I ataad hero, bae forborne to obeerve or haa broken tbo compromlaee of the conaUtntion, ho will Ind In mo a combatant en tbat queetion. Mr. Bt'ti.aa? I Uke tbo liberty to aak tbo gentleman if. In every roepeot, eke haa auatalnod tha la we of tho United gtet-e v

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